Newspaper of True American, 27 Ağustos 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 27 Ağustos 1839 Page 2
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?UWUANN raANu ewFrz. to connection wiT thij Odik s ea SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE 1`113 T It. t·RIYTINr t,1` p wl~U et (BDhn't Check. t. Oabbgu.. Uile of Lading !a g Dray Ncciiper , ý 1f~aiaes Auction Utilk, " dims, I Shbow Bills *t W N at Bills Circulars had every dreeriptioe .4Jnb Work LIeh sa be Arreair ow-tieim·n Charmber orC,,nmmece. OFFICVRI.aCn nr&, YVR& 1818, I'Pryie-et, S. J. Petrr.. first Vine Presidenti, W. L... lodge, I'sq. Second do. in,. A. MIe'rI, FEnq. Commtfee of .Ippeafr n 839,8. Jam hTick, Jnone. i. . eveeich, t. C. Isnmnnoak, Abijkh Fisk, PF 0. Sorb,. 1*onel i'ornponnn C .migte ofArbiration fm,. the monthf of May. Jhn& Heddilneto,, J~hn C Homern, Al. 8k. Huntington, William Hopkins, fasel. Hyde. Jr. P. A. Hlardv. Joachimn Khn. UaIoi Regnuladeec. T Grean Eesteen,8lMilis elonedl erey dav at 80 A. MI. In due,1`vrro`oy o4 I'. Al. TIe Lake Mil (vinl Cnvineton, L·t.) i+ nosed every M y Wesdnedv and.PFrid r, oa 6 tt'clock, A. 1l. A M. ary Tues , 'I'euradjr, and Saturday, ,t 5 .. * e Lesiaeitle or River Mail in cloned raer, Mono Ay otrd ndrdae, at :I P. Mi. ,Issent Itreuredbysranlrboat. A~rrives irregularly three titan a weak.' The flagon Sara or Coast Mail is doserd every Tuesday and Friday, at 1. A. Ineoant and neturned Iy etenmhnnhe. the Alit nndrin or Red Rivoe .iail is seat irrege. Iee$ by steamnnboots tice a .eek. LOUISVILLE OR RIVER MAIL. Wedseeiy a8d Cloeao n3 'clock, P. M1. bateiday, CarAT MAIL. iteDoynd s Clon t 6n'clrk.P A. .""day, CARItOLLTON -ARITEL. I ed iAVAUD Ieu the h mer ul'inr'mi;ng hi' fliende J and th t pblic in general, t'th he as tlakPn the irtel at ame ltfmn we, hre he crutei h, will receive Ihn calls of his old frianeu and all llver. of e ond cheer. Pivate parties will be iliIr l d for by R.viele|ttle n-tlice befncdhaned ic it willing to enter nate nreumtedete with faimilies or individuals desirons tftpaniang the eu'lmer im t .a rollnon. . m20 NO tICE. .tme' Acrrangement to commence Ist .augat 1839. SNEW ORLEANS & CAIIROII.TON RAIL ROAD SOITMK AnRRet nEeaNTS FOR THE VEU I)ATIS. Fron" Ceerell'oe. i Tqm New 'Orlells. , e ar t 4 oea' k, A. !... llte nrat 5 o cl,,ek, AlM S " 'h. t . n " ot a ,,r wOtl ,n , d , R. R a C o:, 7 T'".- 'n rt R t Thn ea cnrll leave at th,: b. me hah. nan to 1th week days iit I Oe'clrk, P. . , whe a l.ncmetive will lave etrrollten matny hul), ult8t 'luke. i'. Il. and New Orleans evely hour . .silo rrcl ckeP. 51. Aer 10 o'etok ae hne rcareen he obtained by reaine 5 dol InbnathTrip; tfealled fturafter 2 o'leck, P. I. 0 del. Mta.ti IIe charted. eetmsngoinn by the Stenem r must provide themselves th TLkela a the condu..tcr haE pOAltive direction not to rtoae mony in lieu thereof. - Fnr the aecomodatdolt of peronsn viiting Carrollton. in this olclk ear. nfd who may not wish to remain therea u tt 8 o'lock the ac;e that in/rheretofore left Crrollton at 6 oche. ill relnin mltil 684 o'clockt, therteby allowing them no a boerelejtyt th plenrant ewlkt in oea of tha most nta .t Gardeln in tIa United ltates. THE JACKBON AND LA(COURSE STREET CARS L ttthe hnod of Jackseon street at O o'clock, e . Ae.. Cenal -at l0erlutnek nde rue horly. At 8 o'clock they will • nemnee to leatt each and every halb hour, until P n'clnoek, +, ? . M exerepline that insted of levitll C. lnlra teet at o'-e. Sclck the etr will leae tnhere at on'ci.nck PI. M. : It is particularly requested than genmlenen will not put ItheLr feet upon the cushions, or snmoke in the aare, wheu Ladies are preoe.. Olnee New Orleans and Carrollton Rail Road Company, SJOltsN tAIIPSON, jey jul.Sth 1P39. Chief Eng. N. O S C R 96 NEW ORIENAN (CANAL AND IBANKING CO. " I Hl E Irnn Steamboat Rebelcca nil! Ieave the Basin at the head nf tha New C.ananl, every day, (except :MIidaye) for the I.Rke,a, fIollows: IDepart at 5 A. M. Return at 8 A. M. P. - " 4 -P. N. j I'•!. n 9 P. M. Amine MONDAYS: Depnrt at 10 A. 1. eturen at 1I1 P.M. may 28 B. C11EW. I n.h. NeA .1rran;cmenl. NA7 IILI.1: II. ll tAD. 'hth Locomotive will run to tli Greatl Prairie; eum menciaegn tahe lSth ior. an folo.wn : Departure, Return. SUaenaY. to Lat B'enhe'e BayoU. -L.f e Branchrs 6 A 91 9 A t 12 A M 2 P 71 tio La Brenehen 4 6 P 51 JAMES .It CALDWEI.I., august 2lh,1839 President. IAYIat.L.TY oIr'IO NEW' IIiR EANS. 1-flHP. price of fnlour tn day being $675 perharrel 1 iacectrling to the tanff, tile bnkers will give :n Ineaen ofafbreed fer ten ent. lduring ltbe week bg;n aing-tn l|oedav next. three lth irnst. The Iavet ofaec eluoquility, or of thiee for ten cents, shall weigh 25 per Dtennt noreI thatl is to uly, 4) otetoc g f mug. eA C. GENOI., Meyer. Sletest limet., iChrhtIee. Aun .........171 \Velcanetnn. Anu:..... 17 Si ner urk, de ........... 17 Cilnnnrti. do ..........20 ilFlhltdt ph:. dn............I 18 tI.oe l ille, do ..........21 . a hl ere dn ............ l Ist. Louts, aug.......... l gncnine Aiuenl;l·... . .lrmrul July " .......e tente. Act n I....... C III L o, Wanhetit. hi y ... 1 tre Jun. ....22 e .Ws ainm- I FOUill' OF NE\VIW Ot HU,: N, . bCLEAARAN¢Ls6. Aug.ut 26,1163i. S Sbip Telumah Glidden, I.ol:n. H C Cammack bwrq.oer..;... Cnr.forth. L.iverpool, GOtceuIhO Dsca Sehr Cad de Rulloary, Iuti..., Pd. Liard;.. ARRIVALS. August25th, 18J93 No arrieval to-day, by the river or frmn sea. Augutt 66th, 1839, flrq uelary.,lammnod,, da d.yfs f ola attlmore, to Geo Ildfurd ®n Ivanhoc.A no , 7day rom Itioava to Forst II, Roy ,ilamr Patclk lt nry, Shun, fro .lrkburg i teaurr A~t,.u, 1:l el. hlln St I oi .' "ONDON--e'- hki T.lul,.h. C ...o 351 h Is.nd 31 .s o. bIVISPOOL.6er . l P In i" F.el"r..Carm') "12 hbs..acntn. 162 tirll. , w'do , I tollv lustl]:, r * cka. oif SLV.N. -2'eI .. co: ai, At ly..Ca-go? 7d b:. d IMPORTy. AVAN.t..PorP I,, IrtlhnaO--;Argo 4J La su.gar. 32,000 10 eea ONn..Per I:I Co rokeof'rgo In oit.s of i to J '+l ~ ' Turo ALTI.ORE. For harque lary..C'rgo assorteld merhalm. d2 he t,.sutndr)y COIt.eO R HECEIPTS OF I'RODI)CE 'cke lr.t.Pr teamor Pat,irk Hln.ry..Crlgo 1:6 balee. iftl.,Uil Par.tAnm.r Altn,.. ..,,r-o 1 hlo. .kr.I .<,J VUD.yir yl. ptrk k. . i" nrk. l, thtllll .. Ihldden , h.ll, I ai dnrwbanlita J A la',r.ll . I,,.t I bbl do d ( S. c, "6l ldtbacon Pritchard a T.,I t. I h,,x Illol+chl.dlm Sl 8onom %t I Rhharkd, I Jt Blbeee ' to. I1 13 h; gpotate, J \PI.o, 26 bI o b 1an. 137 dotlnt. 16 bh t lour, oellure, lt, a I*l., cabbugo ,C,owtmr on Ibtrd. SCONSIGNtEES rborquslolwy.C. Redtord., Whtiti , Florio N otttn F aeuhbnirda.trmtln i MSlMyon.l. Duhi, .. Rlehardaon..w',l ; traa W o'od. P H KlIly end nodrd . Pbr hrilrh..k rll. mll lbai r& co, A 31de d ,irald,. , +.lte, amuteraad order. PASSENGERS er blrqe Mary.. Reldy, neice and eo't IESIlORANDA Aton left St Loni on Itah; p,,umd W I. fnlit on... & 74.ple' .r.Ud. Met il.tlp.. ct ig Eddy;.lll.d llald ufO,lean" sloatd No.l,;3 -d init..aet Metenr,, ,,t66. 04th A l PI'bl" a 25h. met V.,l2llk at. Prophhet' I.tand. nlter i Ljppc f.Ito tlppl Ohio itoer lua and fatling T. W. COLLENS Unite&d Staie' a . ' Appointed hy tih Fcdercl Court at New Orlkanu. Oif'ICA: No. IIJ 1ofM lOl l 'S'REE'e', (l.xcllunge Hotel BDt'dings.) AIl) Cotncti.ion rt(akes at1dciaa under and by Dvrmu"f tflhe Act. of Cne.grs, pa.'psd L iii Pkbrt It. lloat Mlarch 1217: IheJudi't'ary Act .f I;9:: hel er acti at Cingre.., in euch corew made and i and Cnmmianioner Iha ennaidmrahle expraencce .4es1t1 rtwo sat ation uuand cerrificate hlve pJa ths evre·res t scrutiny ut the abnset Lawyers, . rnthoCnpu in Lulaudl or America in thie Iorn tutlrmitb, Comparatite. View of Ancien llislorv. .onda'd Elooy" n otpaedi ntf(iardteliluLt.e, .h I dtioc - lleq vuels. mo l 8:!. -pIlendld 1o.ton Edition t I'. J)liN.,OjN. ly 15th. 2w. C('r. of S t(IcatruIlc ( eta. OFFf...-- . Doge H.ovnn g. ..P. r 6-,IiI"., l.r .; r I,; i~ a^ rjtjdb)r. Nan. I.',e, 'F TIlE TRUE AMERICAN. AITFVUL AND BOLD. Sftitlal Journal of tbe an Ltnk nitty. PUBLIHEIED Daily Tri-Weekly & Weekly. li.x OR5 I.EAN .%t TUESDAY. AUGUST 27, 1839. We claim tatn indu geoce of our patron liafr the utn interetiinl appearance of our paper thiaa morning. eeraerl of our friends are ill with the fever ann, we are in dulty bond to Live thcnl a lare arliron of our tilrme O)ur for ma tland of the journeynamhe nnal others. employed in the olive, arlsno airk. L'rdat" these dif fienlties we find it na easy rtak to bring oit a painer to. day. The [Weatch.r, !ic.-For several w ,,-,kt we hate had ncarcely ai davy ithlnut rain. Sa0 much rain that accord ing to he theory of lmany the exiitalnce l tithe yellow fever wna ipo.sible--the weather was generallly tern - erttte--yet wen ave had nllad rill hwane the pideric On Sunday a chang, in the weather looank placea-we. had rain as untal, it is treti. otl it was n.o-tnopanied with very violent thunder and vivid flasle, of liahten ing. <erranl claps of thunder were a, as to star -le everyone, and smake buildings. \e sanw a strata o tleclrictn1uld fill upon the Exchange Hotel and ldecrtd the,]ightering rad. Yesterday we had no lain, and npa pearances seem to indicate a permanent change fromt wat to dry wrarther. What efi-e thin will have is daubtfull, yet it would a eem from correct reports that ihe aicknecs iodrereainag-yet from the many new ciases wititn our kaanwledge wct are afraid the contrary ic tie The Whig I'otng mren of" the City and Coaarey of New York have invited Mr Clay to visir that city. Mr. Clay in hit answer state: " It in true, that I have not been able to aroil, duringl amy present journeyl, manifet-taurion of the regard and kitlness of Irty fellow cite'zrs. I have Rsucceeded how everin adhering, ailahout deviatin, to the precise route which I hnd marked ont at the commencemenlt. TIhis is a the last in the setins of placens, wlhich never ha;inz seen SI lea desirous to viit ; and now it is any wish to ranch homer with is litile delay na may br I'racticaale. 'lThe ctity of New York being directly in ih routne hv hich I shall return,I eaanort deny ma.etlf the, snatifaclltio of meetit g such or f lai fe llow citizens there as chse ct favor me with aln exchange of fr:en le at luattion.. I hope to arrive at tilhe city na \ednesday the h21t intt. and I intencd to renuai:l there during the two caccediang days." The I,, z pendingl or J. F. Millar vs tlhe Coarpora ti In f ile! d \ti aluniliplity has beeln decided by tlh It Diistrier Court. 'lThe jury gave it vardict of doatge I far $'3,tlllntl red C lt to lllllatdtl'. Thei Cuse of n utln was hret iiacemtninlinca, by realallltinlld o 'th,: (tmnrncil, ol the o;cerationaa the S. ta mil of lit* plaini I llT. beh ow the city. An appeal wdi he, taiken to teie lSupremea SCouat. II.C. C.amck Esq. ha bhan aippointed Tecaurecr o! the Mint in this City in place of Forstll lisq. removeld. l 'the packet .h p St Mary, arritad iat t'lie port nn S.n Sday IrUa New York, wus rohledt dalJing harla:e Ilsace Sby a part of her crew who are noaw in jail. The dli n covery was made by the mate after ship had :ntered the SBelize. dt Coinage.-The hna een I'oincd at the severl Dranch II antst t Ithe 30 Jnne lr-t, a- follows : Gold, Charlotte 6i2, 95tn1,00. a" Doleneyan 67,1!47,50. rSilver New Orlcana 223,11,OO0-making a total of $353,157,5s. at gearln)ian lately uarrived at New York, .it n Col. unhus, Georgia, who hllad pefiarml hias jurney of 1110 miles at the continued rate of tell miles a llllhour At auction, on tile 14ti ilstant, a parel of a\taeaPItth ]etts 5per cents, layable int 157, were sold for 9cE par Smith, the .anoo iours h.glialh robl.tar, whoi served fiv veans in the tc'ing Sig prison, far rbhhing tlhe New York City ilank tetn years cao, taof $87,10)li in a very atstl.nce mannter, has berIa laetly a rre-ted i sllollcti , lond sOlteln - cad to thrce years hard labor ir ;aother a roba:ry, cam tmitled on a Mr. Goddard. The .ieut. Governor of Norva Sctia has ordered two nmpnllies of the tlulitary to t ark on the reat Eahtern a and WaeHtrn roads during tha sumamer. Since lre adoption of the Constitutio, (aConcrres hiras been convened four tirnrm on extrardi,aary occasion; in '97hy idlluma, lelatiag to the wmanr witi France;in 1,,t. I d '13 bh Madison, on motivea relatingl t he warrr aIn Great Blit.aci; in '37 by Van .ten, on account of the war against the Banks and the commercial credit o1 the country. TEXAS. By the arrival of tho atnnm ship Columbia, wi learn from C"ol. Cnr.l, a IdeErger,PI who hah recently rturned frol a tor as far as St. Antonio dr hrexar, fhat Ihe states ofTamanlipta., Cnhuiln arnd Nuera Leon have de clured themsrelves indelendant oft the Republic of Ilex ice; that offieial documllenl nnln, ing the facts, xare received in Texas, pnrviousto is daplartlre. lHenry i. Fontain Enq. lihs been appointed Judge of the Second Judicial District Court, in place of 11. C. Franklin, resigned. The rteam ship Cuba, lately slranded off Galveston, has been repaired, and is now fitted up for the Bayou trade, and is running to elouston. St.&tistics,or northern morality.--A brutal outrago was committed on the I11ih inelaat, at Wilbrahaam. Mats. upon a tfemale by tw. Irishmaen, at midday. On th, 121b instunt, at Htarleans, N. Y., a disgraceful riot took place, in whieb oene man was klled. On the 14th, in the Northern Libertio., Philadelphia, Andrew alir;tra r allemprod to kill a man naemed e ltssell T'loe mtpren, t ilth a butcher'a knife,; he stabbed Tl'hompIon aI the left side. On thi same day, in the city of Brotherlylove, a li!e b'ack bay was runa otcr by a dreny. The day befire a littregitI was run over by a e'ray. A mtan by the nam of Ritner, was murd.rc Il in Cucr tog counlty, by an frish;na named Ne PaIl ker. A persrn wa- found ulllrd ired. lying on the planks that C'ter file rnomnon newe,r, Blrston. fi lld ;nvenral mortri a n tds acun lhis btody Band 1i it lcFar'intz, of LBristol, lMaren r t. ('o, 1 cornmitted sllai ie h b itrrlg Ii 'ri .islf n. tw aye ago. tAbdhction. \1lt.MrCivn .an tarr ,. il rNew YIrk for attie.rnpitg to ,itarn off a chil of I)r. .a...rt. SitoU \1'r irotuath ran tf fl' a w' l m 1 .1 , to el.cape 'rmn bh1 w-are' k .ran. rf Two !i tie g'rle ar[pIed bacmre a Ires ma.oker'a run, Iin Delanery-Blret, A. Yurk--one of the ua.tng a;rle canuo oat,end n ilhput pruvucationli, slit the carr Ifone tiiei waith hier sci.enrs. Clhrla., Q'im, a negr, was lanly arrst "d ia Natw York for having tolen i a watch. 1 A maen oatled I o l was arrersted in New York nn tle 11Ih tfr orass'.alting t" menuitlll o axese. A Ioy 's arrlehld oni the 12th ln a tNw York for sett ing fire tote els,. An Irishi we imi named Ellen ieuiren, was arresteI foIrnt-ing a [l', firome >t a it ntry. Jothn ' \ 'e'trle. Itrksha. bc'n cheraing the chbristin people of Bahlimrt . A r.oulg 'trValn in New Y"'.rr indu'ed a ynl'g geIn. tlcman stepenti the night witn h br, and I tllra nlo/ning robthd him frf$6i. The above is bollllr oete halr l telr rClluire antd tllurel coaltnitted in two days. We yerttaudr' noticd tihe 'xerueian or Jea'n Wctl. lioam, rn clored marn. at I':tdadelliat' ,e11 ."alnv Il. t 2rr,'lok ht' wits taeill dnian, a d fr t i nIt 'd , cnnveved to aer.lpair patl oalaht r li, . taair a r'r of the . ,'dical Flrulhy were annlolllb + 1 to w}, lll l the expeli aent. t lruiavni +m DI.e hra , v odor af e dic recton of Dl ilr Kil 'l, tsihiun oe thie Pri i.r ' hsena exporitlulrtt a tire l anfirnedl by irs. IHnrer It and Mitchell, aiiheA bv Dr. II re, a nrll'atd acenrita account of wchich ai' he publ sheld in tI Elctri. i. J arnal of erdiicibo, for Sipteulttr, tdit*: by I)r. Bell ah l .t as preaent re Th 1'bl tnIe-y wt1r t'fle ofr t mpst poll.orTul ever Ised irlia ,. aner,.r :ll nt' anry IIln,.ac.aheeted cl ' it t 1"af llel urrallged tvi llt: th e re test rare+, ltl~lttll(t rl-lIth wer:z anfinfllitll rlupectrd frml thle t hla'lr:m21'ti tllst I it itd r with it. " Ieipi a firt applying a hk glaalirt'.pntecr '.f L, lb .ea rheI hoy, ali nat.iral repra rtion ief. p 't'obraed wth ith s1+ii audlihb lller lun s uaon1l:lll ngfi it, adlla llte ftsl IIf xn,,ti.tationt.,t rll r hiainsia rllp rer.. Were f rt itn r ihatR'etdi hl.!it .;e. oia lie arll.i iiutes, aiaprt and freely bled. ,+ith 1eo alpp,i a t:un of the gnlvn iv+, i nI ro w e r, itrn u h l h a v 'e hee o r ," tm ed to I . ". 'f h e T p p /lies ' le lion of the ntbr.rv to incised pruts fl" tile h, v and the It, is roe',llpl loll+'e :a, [ to be auOrO puwerful, (i .a 1ouch I .o) tts the ontr rskin. I Sparks of elatecicaty lfea thI .alhanlie h lkr, r ' Ia r i e to , ,I 1 - -nt a .'te di.r th, r- , d ru tty th , I t ., rune1,11l ult.- d:.rr'I_','. I .n-m ,t'-. !. a rr , h m.ra - t" t ay t Smedical nea preaent in'arnmed us they had never wit neessed before, in aitiler applicationn. When the galvanice influena was directed to the ex t t iticts the nwa strong nlueeulnr contortion prd uced hbut nclillg equal to whatt lina betie frequetl ty w inc-ed in othelr inctllaes. 'The armn ' n ere aise 1 and lthrown - c.r the, and the figelS Eottatied and expa+drd, b.ut wuth noll Ihnt v.tettcne that Ite q iabeen nook lor. Wihen the thrce of tie battery waits pplied to the fa.,e, all tihe inI'ele i I litht regiie weret thrltwn inta action, hit eve t here th, ef cit .an lnot very -riking" Electlro -m.glrti+m ",,'-t rIobR) apl);ied but withrlnl success, ra no a'-liblr Imprrssien wau exhihi,ed, UIllon attn xminltion tie neck,;t was found that it had hat been dislocated in the fall, which wan three feet. tor Ib i t hei tal o a rrow receivd oArn injeury: tIl theiftlredh.d oltlr lln alsn .lnatiltl which tgave nctlse for lie opintita aIve Xy csied, thlat hia oily conll have been nastorotd to lile if cbtainad a few taminate - sooner.m li body tewas nmuc enaeciated, and upon examining Ii lutirg, "eteral uIr tofeg r iet were fitundtl, the eleotc if whllt o w So utld son ie enaded his.days in a natural Pl souder. ITWO U.YIn LATEhR PIrOM ENGOI.AND. iew York, Aucuaat 17. iB thi e rlivanl of tit potk't ships Vemallnniter apnd Onltit.J, we have our Englilt files to July 15th, imelu ItoliVERPO. COTTON Ilnaer,. naturda,. July 13th...Thin week st marked Iby a very coaiderable decline In the price of . t't ti, the i tutanti e fii+neatetlln eseripctinu were yetaer lyI to Id lowerntha tLL neif( tlitacy Liet. On Thaurealy T'olov: . W:ipressed oftion re ut tat even lower later ieatome dithclirt fIll tId petr Iih.. having beenil tome iutsltnee snItitntetd to, wIhin't It tactedtho ttenetion of buyers, and a cuatidelnabe nmOtlll ul'liatlniee+ ws tdone. bothll y eunSlniner andl icxplrtu·r. whie ystorday, helders appear less anxuil to d reah, ainld the Itlrkel closed enith firmness te yptiean con ttllure illvry llmitd dlemtlnld, holll barcly wupalris former Tore,. it iteeZdl, I'ern ilntd tatllia are ileavy eat decline nfit per ilin.; elarohllnltlt i i fair de;llttd att filntr t rate. Lu. utat fe very freely lfel, ndn a deduction o' r d per lb. th, in. olniy Oetancet, eeln ttllllnited oitia.t week', quctalntiu.s. The not,e of tel, neok etnluullt to I.4tiUb.lin teIinclUItg 1.)J Aeter rinlll II slclnol. , and 2260 Atelleca, 50 Aaint alld MU0 I. ItL.ul.ul fr explo,. Wit ntle Iohall n aoa I inquiry for notion to dnay. The rlea WI unlcatti tie 0il holes, n , ly all Anlerlcan. 51 orf hlck ale an i epeructlnon. Ilotlirt have not met the dimnlnd very freely. anid the i l i ic lleofnyeterdy Ihiothe ri nbttite md. ITlttllOil ectnlhrtiuit tl m yecr. o01t.13 bales Doi ecr f nhaipota t bi, pacr conlrareal wil w Stha atti' L ote itn, I 1:Le,. 1,re 0 ,lcl eale of stu,-'k, Koe Dwcra so of qultity tokll for consume . tlte,, 00E,'200 Joty rIt li tho. left, 54R nao he S:lmle ilertu ii I&'9, 497 400 I. ititiN t ONti1Y 0 IARKEP. g heIore hae Iht e c ollideail tll i n llr I m h oinls thal Is al t n n hlturdy, but prlt "en thtve a notrid at ritillly. IOnl AlRn d Itices hiae fallett, iand are 14t, bhetng -idth na han yester day. Tl he sIa' of hn.o t St tis ilro dt hy th+e slank, a. very ox sllvsiv r, .hll el I lhle olw.unt Ip . ..m,"tas pI r ant id, w ll'h, t' at ie priec, 14 in ealtntl toacatnlofll fj151.50. Very little o ll, ill t ne ipelll M l etrklt lod riders. geieu.lyt. are ftl .tlE sT)L Oeer .rdu,, * fitlle i y liltte duitg e F'romn til Celluriltr. .'i +'clock, Tle oullh ofEllglet d Ina, jit iraned the fr. it-allk of , Jlnt l'lh, I39P.Notice is hereby givoen lhtt the Hovetna .itont.e a ofin thel plc f gand wita ni ti iln:ll to rlrl c vr ordn'a lit. tho lturchne of muluitior, lter IIf ablen I Itboh tha cInt lrtcted der oth net 3 oGe. I ie lo.uo\ irdllynea xt. Jabl 7; t nlo'clocre. urch lendes to be moade ltlll nin mlley, or In :t prhenlct. rucedad nllluit, a or lot Ic, taehac £t0,tot0. anIc)y or rock. It'l'o i:lothIog ol tiLe attlY lit the Ifat year, coat £019.1. I. S lh le Ilukool Souheralncd nhas ben appointed Lordl l.inlellml, ll 1 Ifl:? ot·Ollnt I Salaop. in the reem of the lh' lEarl of P., w"s, l , rce£'zd, the icile, t.ittia twi gU shl Ilp pon the principle ifwir atol, lt Sttpiniig, hu h l ate ched Iront the ' tInnliouthlock lard. ie cIes laid duwnn twelve I It ta trotlll i+ct l c da Olehr. Iljr te flt iftili cdicus if tinrtlti i ohiln lo't i l tllw ttt ol hlr tatsi, ei det.ltlli. a tII le toe , ii att poretiin c, their P ulcooly, khiowua undtr rhe . It ,tlllti it"lhlioDd uit, wllih is Int be a rouahl to tnliiie grtt.lin to Ile enitent ofliour millitns cnapital, A.ttcI: lin iii deltwrminneion, tie lank broker Otlnde , t e tltlllll llltllr ,t ',.lerdt ybIt ltriia le of c i tft nnt uii ie fIr, hltlt . :0,(I1ti Iler ]uniIIot, reraeacting a capital of l' 1tI.t1,tI. Ituder: es tei uitoic utnces, it isabsulute lt rc, ittic iltat tihe hilltk tIcUtd reduce th r amount of Iter eeo ttclle i lntrtfinc.'c, we Ihlli II atio nill deny the t.proprtV of lee.ingg h-mlod f i of e.,ti.itg her obtjsct It is, utI.IubPellV, bleltt:r is acte ue tn the market hy the opeltn ale it cIib'th sicuCllittC, tlhun III alttelpt ttlcona tract tihe .clrre ntyep l individual ltedtit, anud relfaeiag the cutotllary lclatOmllntl.llOn rtqllilel by tllt Iraliote ill tut,t ill rejcrini large nlals e.+ cifoId for dilieount. SThe bF'eorigc E.ehangueuvxlerddav colllinuted to ex ihiti uay)ptationofweaknesskc , the eate bCinggcneralloy quoteiit Iiwtnr tlhan oi tlhe lreceding dae (:'llellS, three lpr celltl for IAccutit1 92t. 'l': ilmlnlPnse etlilioll tof the Clhartisti -as treated witi great laullet ill lhe :ollomtnR, acd the iahorie inb-i .irct dincaoel lo Lnord John lausnell and thers,. arguing c c.lInt. and n dnllCcisivotay every one of the(ir groevanees. 'Ihe prtyer iflile peiiltionero, however, was sustauilned bl only 46 voeec. 'Thei French (;oaern entc is about to etlablialir wo new ti a.of fpackets; one between Hlerne aed New tcrk, and the uthur betweeu BUordeaux and thu Gull'of Mexico. A \eo.,l a'nvement Compnny, with mart of thie conyl ttiulll. and lIobtl lit it pial ronso.ti hlie lltail atahlilehld iii LoI ndn 1iii Iti cittitiliioi :l:iitiittiil. A caITinrgriwi in to, lands iinnctteely at OVhiv hall. tlord loriugltanl gatea diater Wiesdleadi to Mr \1'lbster \ Iiier. i .1. fine boss foe tin'," (Bustphorua) a tla n alprcintles ho a iginthn lh,-i c r ter tilk thetm to ('onstaltlltillcr h. "Vite d ii'I hi you ItIIlll;hlaool calillle fo eldar they allnt ,itiett bankl um ," ca' ahe htlicanent. ilor t nitd Iu iI iconicet owhen the clowd dltatim:d him ol hi way to ihe [g iotten Noni lout a milhirrkknuows what it in hi pars citli a in Gittld; h ttmic i u.aoteil i lh. It'wa said It hell sha drown S"l h1,e I n .ita Itceh t stir a rce this spot, "as thi tre 9 stld \11hel' it malo th hurricane ctOottlini. cu r1' eInt p e n gc" as thd Ilien said to 'he blaek Itg o hens.le ludn't nti thing else t tfork awn. to "tleia i ii noevore bItn I ,me," an the cbhitd said, in kin i namlyt atll hoe wipiied his noe taoo h.ard. TIuE .SlEtOlc O.-'tlr' lalloniag celtinadllum was made byi a gniltla.atIi ill rew Poeit: do g, 10, hvneut 9 and ran o'clchk. e'ithiln thc lest half Ihtoui :otleteld 41 in,,teort moving ae frollt Aleat.iitu t5 to 50 :lfegrees tllbluve t horizlta, in a Esoutheri+ directin, alltd dita1.icearlng betweea tlti, po:nta of . . S·:. W"1..n S. ,. W. W' e dteml l it proper o slarat that this AtUgllst ianwec 0 oftiortemr wlan ipedicotd by Mr. Eldwnard IHerrick of aPN,:w Ilraven, llnt s since, pltblicly and witl entire fIftc tt'iii. 11r. 11. hatt iiionesilgtnd the subjectI to an exaiot and Ioeni.ecnnine h hoIbB notct e surnamsed by l 'r-fecas . un.ttc..ado oaanelf. RRecortder'e :ourt, a Report of Day Police and Night Watch. Aunust Q4th-John M erri., arrested os a euspicious Ier. c, c:lm:itr,+d for 30 lays, not being able to find voucelrtc ct hi good conridaet. A man l(nam unknown) taken fron the corner of Girod nd I..ev,;o etreet,; died before he reached the • ctnkhhousec. I rI' ia n , 'rrentcl found lying ona enoh, could give nn acccnt cl hctnt lf, dihacrhged. .lag cccl--I trav Jnen Yclcccg, Michael Rilev and P Mcaldwio, ci.ted fur ditnureing the peace, diecsrhar Jothni ,t atsad Jact.b Bcate, arrestcd found lying n n the stilt waUlk. ''bomni latllawat , arrenstel fiur threaotning a man, bound a tnlep ,Ile pI;ace, in $300. a Fcon our Edition of SUNDAY. The report oft the Charity llospital yesterday is 16 aduatted; 10 of fever aid 7 deaths up to 8 p. m. Yesterdl,'s .nail fr,m the North arrivtd in due season Sih dt iecs to tlh. I Jti but t',he pipcrs contained no newes. lTh orclm :lhip L.iverponl hade not arrived, but was I innelntryll Ixp'c,-td. A cone.idlerabl: decline hlna Ibecn "clbnilrt d rlion the Now Yf-rk marker, U. States bok wvornt dnvwn to I ptr cent. Ti .elvi ecs icrtm England by thie produced no i chancg in te g-n ral lmarkets--('olton and fl ur were both rather ull, witollut manerial l'hange in prices, alout 9 1) Iha!re had been null. Sti mail lcm the north arrived Iyeterid , acelictlnotl, l'y w'iiclt we werc put in poses nion of 'cte Y'ork paliers to the ovening of 15It inat, icelus:v a n1 Carlestonof thI e lOth. S The l.iverlpoo: Ihad nit arrited. IThe Quebec M3ercury, antcouncep Itha tir Jnln Col t- horne Ited been relicvld of the Civil gvernent of Can. ada, and that it was oft i o;tionala with him to retain the SCommand of the frces; whilc:i he declined, and was tol cm!I.rc for EI:ng'an a soo:l as his aucre-sur arived.- l' The C'ol of c:ltredlln, llatclc y a mtaraors:u r to Madrid, is Ipoken of .s thcc new Governo-. S~tcckc bitl unpctupcd fr tilcdcl.i previcuc: U.S. BUnk ,sales at 1110091. No change in the Cotton nnmrket. The I~hlli i :isicppi which cleared yesterday fur N. Y York tukles wl h tuc r tQ] 6,l1, c ac specie. The l.nuisian Advertiser taixes tho council of the Second M\lu nicipalily with want of benetlence and moa Ucjuetly Ito ; ,c r n: less thatn 0lt dollren are expended r mohly fior lie, reliet of of the poor, besides which ator the last I.c' ting pow:ir was given to each oif the Aldcr mCentcc edil indlignt ,cik topice to the I bhrity Ilnopi r sl, flor wlh.h the Contntel would pay at the rate of t seventy five cents a day each, and the Recorder and such Aldernmen ate besides authoreoed to give ordias to the .lpotbceariet for n ediinear &ne. t.t can lee no want of pIhllanthropy ill refusing to aIIlpoit Phlt scitns at a salary to attend the poor, .hen it is ine tI.iri estci,.l dullti and he corable privilge-e The City.--Tle watiher t ill continues the same tli ian, rt greit sllowert, anl occasional north winds. Tie sicLknesos hai; somcit abated, at larst, aes we are incaltctwd by a.eccrul phtsicitns, there having been bu tiw n'ew cases vestc:r lay and the day before. We think Ih,"ser, this Inay he attributed rather to the want of subjects. Iht ancei is aioit.l at a a tt) i ntill,rvery thing, every h dy very du!I; nt e ne st.r.cnre, that wv enmost bom to To think there s it 'n or n cut rillr. i t lhe ilt. The Lafaye to Gazette is out against the Great Real Estate Lotteries-Hequotes Statute law, but forgot to open theConatitltion, and examine into the question of vested rights. The Legislantre had and has power to grant privileges to draw lotterice; it has also the powet to prohibit thenr; but once having granted the privilege to a company or indivtdual, it becomes a vested right, and the legislnoure cannot leprive the parties privileged of the right thus granted to themo. The Lottery of Cald. well, Oakey & Pritehard is drawn upon the privilege granted to certain persons in tihe parishofSt. Chlarlos, to raise s certain sum of money for the purpose ef building a lyceum. Theqretn contest. The western elections are over. We begin to see pretty clearly how we stand. The whigs are triumphant amidst all the carnage and loss that ans resulted from the recent confliets in the few states in which members toi tie 26th Congress had to be elected. The wligs have gained one in Alabama; held their own in Kentucky and North Carolina; lost three membersin Tennessee and four in Indiana. But two states hrnve yet to elect their members to tile next Con. gress, to wit: R!hode Island two and Mississippi tIwo. These we nset down as h Ihg members, fir we have eve ry uneurance they will be so, Then how does the case eta d. The following i oan accurate statement ,i the political complexion of the next house of mreesentas tives ofthe next Conereer: Whigs. Lowe Focos. Disputed. Maine, 2 6 0 New Hlapshire, 0 5 0 Mlasanelhniette, 10 2 0 Rhade island 2 0 O 0 Connecticut, 6 0 I Vermonr, 3 2 0 New York, 21 19 0 New Jersey, I 0 0 Pennsylvania, 10l 17 1 Delaware, 0 II 0 Virginia, 9 II I S. Carolina, 2 7 0 N. Clorilinn, 7 6 U Georgia, 9 0 0 Arkanar, 0 1 0 Miesouri, 3 2 0 .ouisiann, 2 0 0 Illinois, 0 2 1 Oii ,, 9 II 0 iMichigrn, 0 1 0 M.ryland, 5 3 0 Alabama, 2 3 0 Ttnne, see, 7 6 0 Kentucky, 12 I 0 Indiana, 2 5 0 Mitis'sippi, 2 0 0 123 Ill e Thos it will be seen that the whigs have one hun .red and twenty.lhree meinbers agaissst one hundred and eleven and Udieputed. Of these eight disputed membere, the whigs are sure of tiree, making in all 126. TI,' five disputed members from New Jersey. may bIe sent luck for a new election. This Is the most that canl behdone, .o that in any event the whig harve 12 cloar mnajority in the house, are almost certain of 15, and may have 20,.if the seats ofthe 5 disputed members from Now Jersey are confirmed. This will give the whigs the speaker,andl the control of all of the committees. They will lay bare the corruptions of the administra tine. It will be found that there is scarcely a public r ffcer, who is not a defaulter, and thau too, in most in stanees,to a large amosnt. Then it will be seen, why the revenue from imports, postage and the sales of the public lands is not sufficient to support the government gentry. Then will the a-tnunding facts be laid open to public view, of the enormous detalcations of the public officers, and their plundering the National Treasury, he exhibited to open day and the examinarion fthe people. At present the Nationll Treasury in deficient more than FIVE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, to supply which, Treasury notenhave been ro issued, bearing interest There was outstanding, more than this amount on the first ofthis month, according to the Report of the Seere tary of the Treasury. But no admmniatration can stand in this country, Great Britain or France, whon the op position possesses the majority in the popular branches of Congress, or ff Parliamont. It must go by the board. We' question if the whig house of eprepsentatives will allow the re-issuing ofany mere Treasury notes, sad. dling the govenment with a currency etaling an inter r at,and only redeemable by being made receivabil in all goverment dues. It is completepapercurleuny, and han no specie basis. This is a fruitful subject, and tray lead to much sound argument and demonstration ofthe perni:isus trnudency and effects of the u b-trcasury scheme. More hrcrefter. Silk Culture. At Ger:mantown, Pa., Mr. Ostler brng 1 w0,t]00).orons niw feeding, and Mr. Physic 1,400,0011. At. Chnmblerl,lrg 1.5,0011 uulticaulia trees ale growinl from slips.-At Coiungton, (inour oawn state) Mr. cle Donald Ihso one hundred thourand trees fur sale! mis hivonus bull rec.ntly broke into the multiculis plan tation of lMesars. Ilunter &Maesuar, near Sunbury, Pa, and munched up $6011 worth of trees--Twothooesnil trees, from last epring'ns cttinge, were sold for 50 cents apiece at Norfolk, in the early part of this month. Persia. In January last, the king of this country issued an order that every family In one of the provin. ces should plant a thousand young trees.-lle also or dared that siob ggars rhould be tolerated, except the lame, sick and blind; and that all his attendants Should be dressed in the European costume. Loss of the ship Cornelia of this port.-l.ettern were received hbre yeetorday frtoem sluno, saving that the Sship Cornelia, Caiptain Cushmaml, from ila'aun, with a cargo of soua,, bound to Asterdnm, run afuul of a wreck about J31 miles to tihe eastward of Naui.leckt, which stove in her bows, and sie noon after sunk. The crew look to their buate, and have arrived at Buston. 'lhe vessel and cargo was owned by Mesnrs F. Ge(h hard & Co. The cargo was insured in Europe and the vessel in this aity. Juurasl of Commarce. Correspondence of the New York Times. Sorato a Springe,Monday, Aug. 1i2, 4 o'clock. P MI.-.-r Van Iluren arrived to-day, about one o'clock witlh exceeding quietneso. lie camo up in a separate Irin of coars e rnt Troy. There was no reeopcon, of course ele had sense enough etot to attempt a repeti. liond ofcerertoinoal. Very few knew he Iad arrved, until he took his place at the dinner table. os soon as Mr Clay heard he was on the groutd, he went and called on him. Their meeting wa just tuc. h as might have been expected from the character of the two cten. dlr Clay was eaey,femiiaorandgood.humor rdin hit addreet. er Van ituren pot on as great an oppearancct of cordiality as he could aesume. In Ihnor of the occasion, I suppose, the black band played national airs du ing dinner. M r, Van Buron and Mr. Clay, tllough for aport, took wi:t and soulfwitl each othir. After dinner tie draw ing room was filled with the elite of tie clace. Mr. :lay was evidently the favooite, and threw Ilis Repub lt al Majesty coi jlely in the hack ground. \While I am l tiieng tlte Ccewe isg.tet on-I oee hb'Pth r. Clay and lr. Van Uuren whenever I rieo e oy ees from tlle plaper. l(en. Scott leaves far New York hy the seame convey ansee no the rail r.ed by wbich lan.d this. The di"lingulishld Mlr. Legare, of South Carolina, or. rived today--:nd added to the Conservative str.:ngth We comuler well here. Mr. Gales, of the Natu:ional Intelliencer, his oea co. plieltd lady and daugihter, arrived tu-day. Theatrical Notiec. 'Tlhose Ladies and Gentiemen engaged with James II. Caldiell,New Orleans, are respectiully inTormel that tie TuHEaTRE will open for the season in all September noxt.-Persons in negnciation will applyto G. I!. Bar rett, Esq. New York, or by letter to the 'roprietor, New I Orloane. L The .olisville Journal, Cincinuatti Whig, Now York Everingo Star, and the Spirit of the 'rimes, will plhawe publish the abotvt three times each. By order ofthe Proprietor. Geo. IlH)L.LAND, Treasurer St Ciharle Theatre. N. Ollrien, '22d .'Aug.3. . If. RAN AWAY, on Sundy laot, the Ith inst. Iaom e itthoscriher, a 5tnlattic or (;riThe Ofy, T known by the nameo of ol( Y.. aAIY, nt eighteen ycarfivo feet four or five inches high, clark htahV halir. When he left he tiad on a whilei roundah tot and pant'aonrn; but he has octher Clothine with him, ch Iicih he may put on tt plea.nre. The above rward will he paidl to iny person. lodging him it prison or brilging him to the Store Tchelaitwulo. 'Street. noa 24tt Mi II i)EVcREUpX. irP Thn Packet ,wip ht MAReY- cur- Foster it disechnrgitg opposlte St Joeeph St 2nd Mhlicipnlit. I Cnneigoneeo will pleaeattenl to the receipt o' their guorls. IPETTEI LAIItI.AWV , al7 66 (t mp e'. NICIOL.AS NICKLEBY. 0No. IS.-Solom ie. i I saw; a noel by J P ItRoinson., utholr of lettere or Paranaty. Continottico of the Dlarv of tie Times of ituge te IV. edited by Johlt Galt Esq. it 2 vol. New Bioigrapicol Dictionary by tlre Ro. J I. BIlake. With various tandirdl book.s, just received and fr f ale hby Alex I'tOWAIl. oug_'fth 4't Campp ot. D.AINTS, olil and Esecoeiej*t recetved feom Philn. _ delpio, Now Yo.kand Bulo.ln, or wholeanle or 1 retail atlow prices by ti IIONNABEL, Aug 27th 4:1 ehhapiloulan st. pAPEhR-Fnoolseapofva.rinur eal liie ruledi pd. inb SI.etter palter do do do re Packet, commereiul and Itl.l Poet Roval and ouper royal cartridge paiper Irn moneger's do Crltton sumplin2 do Printing Paper, of all size, suitable for city and csotnrty papers. Also, double medium, imperial and tuper rope aI 'roting gPreues, for oale by ALEX TO WAC, at jn II 19 T'imp .l t ANNOUNCEMIFNT IF TIlE 2d and 3d Classes Consoltdated in one of the Louisiana Grand Real Estate and Stock Lottery. [Auathlried by virtueof oa lw of Louisoana.) CAI.DnVE.l.,Ol KEY - PRIT'I'HIIARD, Mlagers andd PIroprietors. I EAl. F'TATE d& 9/TOCK ffred ill pdirie.o o aaoutling" to $2.1011100,0 To he dialrirh I 'd in 101,00I pnrizes anlollng wlndh are the VRHvynAH, the T, I CHARLES THEATRE and tle ARCADE OiIt.DINGo iln Camp Street, Ibeig tie 2d and 3,1 clens crllltidated in one Lottery. oThe managers and prprietdrs respee.fully announce to the puolic that they have ecoeolitdlred thie i2d anI 31 clast into a Singlae iotiury to ie draw n in the city of New Orleans, on the old n.udu of drawig hBia.ks and Prizes. In a few dovs the clhemne wil be prerentet to the Pidlie, etoitnile gatle remainder of the prei ertye ino teldled for the 2d cdd d loluoses ppat intnsotmi eaiuoiida til e.ottery amounting to $,0ot,00i . 'lh qualtitly Orfltikcts 10o1,000 will be numbered from No. I to 100,11O. Price $"02 $.. ..$,ion a0,0on. NEcthieg additional will be put upon the fSllee prie for tile expense of PrintingE. irt tliie and Iwsisolnti in the Sale ofl'ickeet or otther eltitigelteec.- al oI hifel will be ipaid by tIlia proprietors tierebt reducing in a arge per celite, the t. uurtins set Iupon tlte proptlty. *vIODI OF ADLEU IYrlE'. Thi Tickets A0. 1 to lltltillt0 t. be placed in one whoel tid titi eorropeenting ticmeto reopecitu lie lPrices and Bliaks plneed into another wheeo . Tobvery nnmber from one wtllel, n ticket iroit the PAriz, nll Blank wheiel eail bhe drawte, o rae lhe regu larity ar d exnetnsns n lils which the IlUt,OllI0 likelt efrem seni wheel shall he drawne Fai.: drawilg wiil te nler the inltelion acnd sup er. viNion of at leant two of tiheJudgns if Cottrt i Noeo Orlean omad to bie opened and seiled by them. The first yov' drawing of tIbis oisoliatiOd Two Million Loatter will take iplace nt ac eerly a Ieriod ano practicable, itnm'diaitel, aiter the drawioj of the 2et CI as, as iieculy annotunced io Deceiiier next. aug 27. it. FOR NEt'\ YtilLi. New York tnd New iOrle;su Iline. T"o il on HtSedutsday 8thl inst. 'riT eloentat P.ciket Ship AUtllttN, Copt Crullcl, will nil as eloee ifor fietigt or ,pnn.e, ellviCng Ilttldsomiide fttrlli+iied f i eeoitII dutioneepply on board Or to. IPETEI I AII)t.AW, a l22 6 Comp It. FOR NEW YORKI.-REGULAR LINE. Orlctle lineof PacIIkets. , The etptreed cni eupper fantened Ple. kit lhip 1 +UI.A, Jolhton taster, wii lie imtllPdirately deu)llltchid Fer fr-iilit or passage having tip.erinr leciulOdatite, aIIy 11. to it Capamin oa baird, two tlieis Itolowv tihI Vegotehln teltlet or to A CIIIEN, augl 2011 __ " ' Coimon It. T"t ItENT, i C.enting oons in the `id story, over the Shrm of T ut u lati SL Brller II IrI er of MI]agaziee and (Coiat[ S;) t s. conlsist. inag f twe 'alanrtlente, in Illie oif whiih ic n lirie ptae, and well "dallited fir il olivre, any kid; In .ozsarsmlr. given imaloediutely. For terisatplt tIi " T. &+ Itroetlur, nglt 2i 39 C., tnii on ctr Matzinei Sit. l; IIUFFIh'n ElbI.t II itFt I).Itst., No., I, Il 2 3, nll 4, n3 invoiet nut reivd Ali Ihe Eclectic Itrimcr and Eclectc Si 9llto Itgiitk, for rule by Aex. 'iWAt, alt" 22d .1i Cfee Str; ol r l. IES lASIT NI iI.-I-'The ,eintlertt orf the lid n tchtoll. A TIh, ii 2 \'hilit, e, by (i i' R James Esq. aulthor cof tiIe iiuiiiue th ItIeRobbr &Re. rc. Jest ttciei eii an] Ir silc by Alex 'l t\ \ u It. alug 21d .t) Calule| Stlreet. ,IllE AMtlEHICtl 'N-uliO'It, It,,, aib ,,,--r i, So:apt Kyld. Tiiu Pirate of the titif, Ae. Re. in Olne vollul t.. SkechesI in Londton hy the Autlhor of the " Grest hit.. trotpolin." leneh anid Bar ce&. c. ini voimes. New i l+k.t I.nL:i in. vPnlmte.t, AIoniltoHmeward Bound and Ilimce ainrfuifol. Just liRccrivede Alext'ieWA, .ut 221 49 Crcip it. Ijl.)Ol.--lt-tl harrirls freeth t orfinrte Flour, in store, for sale by f tOSEY. o'2 44 New L.,vn I 3t 2. i - -t- -.. e , r. TIHE LIBEL CASE. UP tI.ISIEI) TIlS ItAY, and, for at th Counting Rloom of he True American, St Chllrlie Hotealan at tho principal BIalk OrC, a corrlect Reprlt of the late and iportant ullit of the State of I.ouisiann vn. John Gihion, !ditor and I'Phlish 'r of the True American, beforo the (thriminal Court for Li. be. july 21ta LOUISIANA (.RANli IR:A1, E.SiATE AND) STOCK I OTTE-Rliit. fly nuthlit t of the S3a .. it . L .na isiaI n, ie irte tifa laew e.aIpnvd Pih itlatc.h, I SIC!. T'he tat ('aa r i.ottery will I.e nivph' 'rn,.n n ahI tIt c!a"l of1 this TRULY C.C.V! LCO7'aI:Ry, Are no v f le I .it mll, h- th I rs at thIr (lliceR , corner of Cal al lld Ileanl .ll.,t al Ic f rellla iR t m alllllr I tlia t t th e tnin. N I'cn BCHK\S--,The freal''," a tab, Lv t', t'll rai f itnely; ,llMea itt+ a f e ,,"iCC rt.I ,€ W ,,, ht (e lI J taennli ehamtpee t attha r I ft.v p.I Jack ahm pprd, b, Ainswntth ; I'hrenolc, io the fin m Itv. Jutat 1cuived and for .il'e hve ji ALEX.' ()\ Clt ,49Camp st IEa;ttSK Y- rls mtfn,!, I. at tttt- int V for t ale hy )i ))I0,', aug 9 I44I Newv I. a , SI. rEF-tt hri C piC.a ,2and C a20 lCull clCm sa e, at the inJIi ctiint,fura Ia biCC by ,itIRS 1iI junel __ " NI.N lear Ej)CiPUL;IIt iVUltK :--Z( l CCiC, or letters Iron Probus, or Letters from 1o. re. American -CCenary. n et hendid inl, k, 1 No,. Received Our WildI Flowera awith hCeautiful ColCutd PInta. The Chills I lraving Bank I)on Qaixotte in 3 avoln ma. witll InlutralionR. lReceivedl nd for sale ICy Alex 'I'CWAR. july 95th !)9 ('amp street. . ISSINiG G(iods.-I cask Cutllerv..-2 Boxes Blridle C. Leather, coaing to chwanck & C. markehd J C Dhinies & 'o. havea never rtearhd their dealtinaion sheve. Any inltormatilo concernaing these paclkages will be thankfully received by July 16ith 33 Gtir St. P RLOR(ORNAliENTS-i-tre att m t-n 1anf curiosiaties, for sale otly by Rees & )'langa and Ci Plntch's 1Iudeum All these ornaments colnist of the most s;ilent dil specintlens t rlhlnlogl y Iromln Eurlope, Asia, Africa, nald our tat n isntra Appnved notenat 6il daye awill tCe taken o L LOCKES & C.L. No. 11 Font Levee have in store n large and exteusive useortnent lo Cpller and 'Ia \Vrta of their onu malnulacture, whica Iev t lir low by whrlesai te. eta" 21 EIttSII IIUTT F- T n inaat itea tant laaed ev IhtipOrlaeans frtm cw tolrk, for ltle by jul? 13 S Li IllANCIIARDi , 33 (ravier et ILlSI IIUATTbP'I-- mal k oringe nrding per Ship Auburn from New York, and f-r sale by C II ONCIi a. .lt, ,107 :3:1 (;ran ier sheet ,,ý INIt.\\' GI.AS8 I.undntg, 1i6 ¥l.,i; +s';; +T til y I4II\NN tl I , a N7i ' 01lpi-ou lC st. a lf I.inscad (ailan npiesund aarreD--t0 Bair-lI Spirit+ of Turpentine, ftr tahl hy J.aIVItS & iNI iwDRDWS, July -th Coaner olf Co(ntolln & hp-ILn! m t ai lOut- 50 hbrles Ine !iatr atr trale - nue 15 tG I)OILtEY, I14 New Levee ( 5 Btrels caster nil Inc mll , hltn fvr dfCh C By ti II CN. tII!IL Drueist.I july 2". crmeer Natche ant l lI1 Tht;.lllas N NPI.:V. PA[. R--Ju.t rl- e- tC nr, arsrrtmCenl Itna ,riatin" paiper, )fll to vamllh ia a,zea teus for the clity ai c, unatty papers, aandr isan h I natty 0" ALEX Ttt 'A1 Rl..1) Ca.+ t ti I IJ sIti ofNwriting paper, rule ad ,laiC, fa aar a-lt I on nrvantageoueterms, ALEX Tt. E OWAR, m_ "te"- . . . "mntp e t 1 ) e O K - 75 b:s tnens and pr mm R for s ele . . Sjul 17 (Li i )R R , LI 4el iNew Levene i)TICE--\VII. LIAMI Bi::LI.., No 16, ('hartrea st t-tllai ,e.ata allltafeturt- a article in Ili line a Nlitot tlnliee. ;llCllhlmta nder:,, a t Ie N. I. \WValch., Jewelry, Music poxes, Spectacles rep'ired in etha moat faitlful naanlater. Old i.hl ndt SIIvare*.attd. tav Il WORKS ON 811 K. A CO.l PLE'I'E naorntaet nf h habest works ao thu - aulture of tho Mullrry aund silk warmsa. 5 Inndnl on nsilk worms. )'llontergne' silk eoalurist's lmanual. Clarke an the tllherrv. Cbih'a manunl oftho M1ulherry taee. a rndrlic.k'm sill: grower" guide. W',itenlard in the Mulberry tard silk winrl. Robertsane silk &c E J)IINt S & ('n, a 7J62w earner ofdSt. Charles & Com lnlo tr SIC E.- ---P col sk primP Car ,lins Rice, landling Irmett SchrD RHusvand farsa'. by J. THiAYI:I, & CO. P g7.1 aI'lydrs street E L IME JIIF:;. la ting fronm Inaana in casks, har- 1 rels Altll eemjchne, Ior tsale Cv 11 RnNNAEI.., m maty 18 Cor Natchez & l'ehapimulaa sta a D Ri UGS-Just lan in lnn i hIlnn, M ,sn; . a - uppv of altnonds, hiltter and sweet liquoritO r-ntI ( uiene.teeenfitecragatnt, esnn itlentmon jlC, hpnlp and canary neadsl, aneta, fluke, antl Cmnalll, nlhan rirte brlmsaoae, ernge flowIIeat ter le, i.r wholenlan and retail in store af It tI)iNNABEI , m1) 9 ror Natche h & Telanpitnlltas st GRE.AT ItARGAfIN. OR SLE five thousand acrese afine. i,ti-h IAND, P eligtl v i ituatel lIt the Pnlfle nl tucl-h tl, near \olnrtl.. ' the nd i t -Tered t extrl nly low and tn advuntrneeou Imrnla. Apply at.ll june 2') N:1".) t '<,C ,,,C n4rC. C t. The D.tLY Paper is neatly printed with small type on an extra, double moad Uut shcet, at $12 per annuat, payable suin annually in advance. 'rite Tlt-WEgElLY Paper, COMtainlig 'lhe reading t matter oa two ildalies, $10, payable in advance, where no city reference is given. Tihe WEEKLY T'RU AMIRICAN, made up from the daily pnpers, during the week, will be Ecnt to sub. scriburs who pay $5 per nnnum in advance, and to none other, unless an acceptable city reference is given. Subscribers respectfilly solicited. JOHN GIBSON. NEW ORLEANS. M~AY 1839. 252 BALES Norther line landing from Ship 5 Louisa, fromn New York for .aue yie A COHEN, outg20. 93: Comrmon street. SNGLISII 'TEitRM tEeOl)tt'I.9 C:atsedtrtn. dA edin hir Court of Qucen's lInch, in the Binil Court, C(ourt of Common Ple'tlull the Court of Ex chteuer. 'rTh first Number of Ihe. bhve work is this dae re crivred y Alex '1l'war 419 I' .atII ) utr,+.tIwhere the innm here of tIte l tor aore rs lcotlelllv i tvioed to call and ex tam ine it. " itO mI VI)tRAULIC CEE.7.T-20llhbls ar sle tby j6 S &.J P WIIllI'NEY, 73 Ctamr at [ ARIl-fl0 kegs leaf lurd in statr lir snale hby SA .15 t(i D')lhY.41 New .even SArlt ASf '..f ,,e , if I hir ard ltoe,aleso, Fen tbe ruantl Molot n Pillows and ail Isera- wucrrahtee if test Innmterinls rrd fur sale at the lowrrtrea I prites by We. It. CHINE, aug 21fth-- t 53 Dlfenville treer 1E LAlAIttTtINP'S I'ILf6rIi\fiF:- Suon lford &'. Marl ton-'hburch'e dicltionary Kiheleyv' Social Choiir, velures Klerlf ,r Ithe Clhri trint _ear--Ieallie, cookery IluO . te 1 IIIllett'a Ilintery rf Enelanrl. rA riniew atpp wilth unny t hler very valuable arks,, fJ22 A TOW Rf, 49 Camp st rui TP TlIT)Nr ii.- C ,iff'TINo - rtet)lStS I BANKS, &ke 150 renur. Aanimn' Dve emill letter paper,. fne 250 di, do snperfine 150 do blue cormu eteril post 50 do white do 150 do .reren vnt r 75 do ter lined past do 150 d lrrferiiite eorl writing 1n do fine p do o0 do nal 'O do nlbliutm do d 6 0 po bnnk folio post All ofwhich .rt of a ver sooperior qolity, ane will e sold low, to close a COllnaigr.rlllnertl; V m15 A 'h(tWAh 4i, r('oil a LIIL OF VI''ltttt ,--t.ii tnrelarr- Neton . t. tinh l I fer'r hnoi n e ni t lll erll rif t f Vliit, a upn iJerl ,r uttla feor nlaful~lllrrrir.e fnr salle Ir JA IVIS & ANDR lEWC'A . ff\\'hclrnole Ircels S july 9 car ICommon L& Tdhlapilf . tsi b-I "r' l keA.l Goshean unl , ter, j auo 10 44 New I.rv3e s red, in e tort , i i t sai e by (A I . ll iF ,V, june 1 1f .4 New L.v.edr C) ( .i )L -]O:Kl , cheap blnlk hoiok, noll e,.p amll n I. t r paper, f qo lls , & e. & c., ei I tr. r ef a d first ratr assortnm'nl flP sale luw by A uEX. rotA , meay 3 4I 9 Cfualr p e reelr . FL.AG(i STONESl I --.or tIs l aru- Stoner landing . fromn ship St. awwrencr, for hc, ll'y may 3 73 ('unsp at LATELY receivel ftnoarnHrldijax nid Para, u complelte assortmnlnt of .'elltcll lpewt er Syrin es, ftrninshed and pilt up in t eat boxie s al 's. tMaw's injection oupralla, direct from L.ondon, a lmot convenitnt artile o; elaw's corln oradicator, very extensively used in England. I;fr sale Iv II BONN i EL, july 11 cor Nitchrt ard TIoehapilo I, tt 1) lit1;." & Il':I Dh-'INl V'. :l-I- ' 3 , ., IJ.e J. )il ofVitril II Nl ('nrh & o rO Itowand' i'niii \h rtunri 'n -i se e , lnlh tle ,1 (tQ n ," :( a ttlc +. S I:,nglich li d n n re i 51bx's itlllmlli Ill 1 k ee iE llf lll al 2t Ihrrela--rltln 10 barrels Ap,.theeario - 'rlkne h Whit Ite(! por, 'fit) kcr.i--d, II .00 krgs (ol,lorer) Ill ltIH l0 k,. ,Spirit+ a f 'Iurprn~ in," :,II i t*Is C olene' l St ter(h vie hIatr W ith ai gellral ala rrmel toif llorh ws,"+, for -al, as alo n t rclmostrusnal le nttIr l I h)v A \ rho tinle I)ruogi+tr , cruneu r on:1a n:a 5. '1 ,,l, + t ... Volv. t tor I t ri' /ie .'iir it ne ii o",ee irir ,, ".r rot,, le ,t. T f.e , ho liU Ria l 1 ) l[,h '.1;', l . PIERS I) LA NOUVELL- tII.EANS. CAPITAL, 3.1i1,1 N11W . Parant a*on{Imn ale Chartn dr co C.atr g ae nrri r Cord6i . pt ,r it - , gielath r, it iot pI I i, s it , o; sullr oc.r lrcters riqrr r eMar tltlsea ft du FiCuv . et ils sent prits a recfvoir hdes aplhc:ttI lns. ei I 'Il TRAC(Y, .ctaitre. r EIIIL!'Tr/- `1,1- )1 p.,, ,,,, . 'n... . ' ,, nn.. .,, S-talee vorli!ler n urare rirat, ii rrn-t -odla dIon- -t'i ( m1, bo ild , G i h l ea s, I la c k m u .tua d N ,,,,I 1, l ' - n. Lndindg and fur la holesale or rrlll by II I NN Il1 July 2f th Drua gilt 'l'chapilonin s rl. ,6 , L .U.h ;I',- FIII- I. -\WY1 l, S.--2d vul P ee,'s S DAig st,-13th Vol. I 'ete It epI rtos. Just received Inod for sale at e. J)tHNS &. Ca. ug3, No,, I)rleans I tatle nar s all mild i n e l e r tio It ll nd - .,ll n tl el *[ tiil e i a ti e eI l l ro l i preserverof hItlrth, ar si . ? i- d l llretual rn, e /it Iire i , getion. nlld nil t*Inli.lul coPeeir /11-rnn rl l rn t illa tui u i conluoc el nee. purifisa the fiiroIl and al prel rl tiurer f III t Just receivrel and for wholtesall andn retail hv j~ll h t I;INN IEL, juy_-0fff _ rr.. Teh.or 'i lac, u a i r. ., ., 4 AKD-n kegs 8 li.nrd, I,teraa la VALUABLE. .fNisf I ii1)11ioNs .j f8 I , I)ftltSE .u-r ll anbaut 0 Al.'rl.lI':S \Vnd,"rs of i i,,olov, ra Culli ngsworth wa ,rk Fnntaa's a ork --\Vatvarhi, (asalr) p artathn f'a ary''n grlrtannral: nl.t-('w pean 'r attarkla. .an Gohld nish A ilm.nted N:ture-- mlntith tin 'atOnta gs Knox s histt rv of the ltr;armlll ation us ave r n port', hin gr lhict dictionar & e &<. 27 .-t~.49 t'o'n t " t\ H IPn . I., I t.ChI S. a Ir, st. l, ltr thi a yl r e clI v,- d l ia n la o .tr. ut l-rge ,'i. Iked and .ai . i n .t up inf the l,r Ftvln. j \i: t*Nor Na ill 1 '. [) F-1;F; i / r,.,f "t d. d'.,brntt , D t o ui-'s, (ill .ý:i+., L.,w nor Medical. I gli- f .-t-l c mpltaa a ti) i.F a ll l ,r a ,, , 9 ,r, ll Il t i % .iteri r-, I'i-l. fi " , irt n r , Sc~h<,{d ( e,,ks, shin(ntl!d Nn,(I. r d lie, s.. Laa. n.--(:a, it-i Paria & It- ' a -n il edii , llh nn' p (tar, n . Thlte \ lrkt of St hillrr, Gnlta th, KoErnf r, .i 1 I l d ar V tIh . , l llr a irls ,f t usanovt (e i, li All as...tntm nt o Frenlh t: n!gih Nou,(a s: all -.w work, of merit re u'arly rective,. nu . 13lth, Inm. cor St i'ibrl.s. ( o ln , sts Iortugal, tit of tS:hinrl, ( l Tl hyme, (il of S. au. Fra an. adingnl ka r slfartl by IA on had ard ship Ornn. Ear loa , IlihaiR'r, ookerT Pelry Andrew, French find Gerllu/tll I cl ty ,anrds;; Back ammon Boards Chessmen, 21-4 and t23-l inch Bit ard Balla. 8, 9, t0 and 12 inch lade lion-in Kniyes; CoPsther ani other tiravrllion )to rico g (me 'gos: ionh Pncket, dlnreia's' and )ruallis Pitolan; I "oll e nll sngle harrelhu| Gun. (alne ligs; Shrot Iclts; Powder en' Pistol Fha kFi D ram a lnttlel an t Dirinki ng Caps; Perea -ion Caps anid Catp toldrsi; Cloth Iatdtr, Tooith and Nail Itrtush,+s Ono +land Chlorine Tooth \Varah iOar h Powder. Toilet ( nd ~Shlvirllk SOII , inlfglt tam nuety; Insl lair Betaids, t IhtMd Flinrte., IaEur, m1oileT I'aowder; Eerv It; Ivory Tub Cknohiona - Pa-tent "hdes ar Garters; Gunn E"!astie SIupender;T Powder Pl an anid Bres; Gilt Chains, Serals and Kes ;ar-drup-; Wanist tuckile+; ; Itrm..I· ts; Bead Nectalnr;e AChis; Gilt ind Jiiterecrl era.; Inrdian Bewda, Blells uild Iluimes; Slhell Twist; Side fud Drenssile Combs; whichin add.lition to their former stinek on band. makes their ntstrtllllr'nt very coaletel and will hle +old ow and on liberal terms, at the signs of the Golden+ Cnmb. i+5-tf 70 Chartres street. Sn O -- 80a lon Fetnsh ctar , oIIIV I I " J P t III\FNr Eh , 7l . Campr l'TEARI BOATr IILLS. UL1\V rNI(i, .\a'I-S', or C(-1 I'PIna oj'(a ra\1i aJ I:(;\'? S an Iha-etheir Milsl ruteo f iit ue Ir more Clrnred Inks oil Plain or CoaIredn Pnapr, a iln, Lrspar'h, a'd o% fanorblcE Terkms, by leaita , hiir; ()Pnnlmrs Int'rmUaa AMnEIlICN IJbi"ICE, ('arner oi' a'nodrnj and ir. n('aaries Ttret n a i t vr l ran flap rior :ri neh d ,rda.,, i nmi n gi a , Ihiin ri t, inc, Fill tk' aewl bfI a ; i Chiv & ', mllkrn f r n att-i(n r hla ' I"l . ar tn,, t SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. I EI F. bro:ught to the 'ound of the 3d Ward, 2d A lttai borse o i It blacki ane and an Iil fret block 81 hIunded, tlh litler. supposed to ho A A in hablet 111111 (ittllllllt , hltte, nll 13t a dl 14 Iband t lglt. A Iotano htol! withlt ll~ ftchilett andit blaoded with let. tore t-'t tlpe.d to bh' 1'P r Itoan the I It ihild quarter 13J hIelst Ihitb' A darkt btru, u ltore. 4 feet Ib!l.ckn lud branded Ivith letters Y Feti the right ehulder ur:d about'13 heAd bigh. A dlnrk Roan More. co!t brtown mone ond tail I honds A Ilay Mare Yalle with a eropt block mane, brown tail, a black stripe ocaIcrs her othohlBtIs, white stripe be Ilitd tler eorc, 4 feel Iblak, wll t Iletter supposed to be t 'o the left tail, or, nollut It-to t h l higlh. 'Th owner l saidu pro eretS will llease call to the Poe 1 It i :i rlttted, sitnated at l tot i t reer of tolin tttA I tol ln oitiu e v, prollerl ,It). chnget a t d take him awy, on or botr ny luhrdal" ilion ellbelnber, 18319 when oiey will be sotd ot oetioi by Pt o n tiiliUtterpub licalattitlnero eo J I. WIN'TER, te et ntrle nat lug Mitt, let Lieut. SEI114 brough{t tie Police I'tisot, oftheld Mu 1n ic lp u lit v til e I;f ' o win g sln vo a s v iz A tlte ott womani nieId Aboillt, ahorut thirty two y;-'r, oflrt at o athite bIeongs eo iir An onin. .t let.oi II a Illllltrt Anllthonboii soixty yeare of ae t. Ie llangt to g o mnMr. Alo rlds. nA tIgrn nloa ed tl'lir..eth, about 40 yeCro of ago, pecs sthe belngs Mr Motrris. A nregon Iey noued r lichelle boltot lyenrsof age en , teo it freo. 'rlte owtersc of aid slavesR will ploese cnll at the pril, tr e of Ili3d .\teileoalitv, prove properly. pay charoge tlt teke theataoway. " II Ii S ARPI'FtiR , ntg t1 Captain of D la wrch. 0 % RE'l' rtiu: lel teht A iht pehe do ia frettle bdlr Y pellto toeic ielt-aaotitu lot, eienvooir: tUse ttutt e'tto noml6o ADELL ageb d'onviron tins so It' alor roteir a ,r. tlr. t ntonio. iUn t. oWtn m b ANTIIONYo tag e do GU nas le die. nut apprlttelir t ir atMorris. Ciat negeere nol m "tEl.I Z il, tI:TIl, ogeb d'environ ,tO ntis eo di rt nlet porteir k Mhr Mrritt. UA jb.tto . o..a. laIIcIIEI, agh d'tnviron 12 propi'tairne dt's dile eselaves, sent priba de eefir its IPorrer et oe frteis. II. S. HIARIPER, J115 Coapitaine de It anode ITERE brought to the poued of the 3h ward V 2d Municianli-y lthe following stray aon. irtll vir: A Gry pne stud hor boe ut 12 handu high so:tr tyle andi lNeft eye pposedl to be I lind. A browla horse poney with a few gray haire on Shis lace, fore net black, about 13 banid high. A, roeuintlrt Ica t ile striped on tile breast and b.tek f the ceelar and ddloe n uatreak oacron both -hroldtrs altd bratlddl on the loft tind quarter, 13 ardtloe high. A bay horse mulla 4 legs black Ad slrpt on the lt-es nullpeoledlfoat. the cotllar, boult 12 or 13 bands h1igh. A soretl eoroe blind of the right eye o small star ;n Iia ficon wilt collar atod sallle mrks 16 hands t 1ighit. ILL n NiMere witlh wh rto fce 4 fetloeks white and pall Iof' tle ..ind legll.,oar 00 thl Itark from the' si dle, hr irleds q II ten the tight hind quarter about 13 .,r 14 i'ands high.i A" lle b mihrn p,.nu.y with a mall star on his e d pr.adod l n tll:e rit h rlle t hotldteor, blind of r<~hl eq," aid h,,tw,.n 13 and ule aoon, chgh 'I'h," owt-rt- t o f t 0id O proprty will |niii e aoll at Ito p od t' thie 3rd word 2ndc Mouniipaliy situ - a td tile corner l R(oihin and AttLnuoeiton streets, Irove r ,:ty pay charItgers and tlu tmhcm awayono o tr bIttort S Iaturdy tisI 2.ith August, 183, when theIy will bo old at auction by P G Gtitllotte, pub. lic ;luctlio or. I J. L. WINTER, ,dotw ()reaosr Aug. 13 h, 1839. lit Lieut. I :Ot.i ,s.--lelttalend a ru loept u Irtoi.nie doltrie ido lt Sunldo Munitpaltt. too Ic i animi ux est Ut lt lion gi, di- 12 paumes de haut, borne de In .t' ich al brano, uyantol ql neqrs poils grls t Tr i Asti leC qear es piedi noir, 13 peautoe do 1!t Itallel br an, mcrgqt .i r e rpoleo t sur Is dlo, p .r Ic (llnllr vt~ Ic rIele. unrt mia qua i traers l eh :o ( n' I bl, uh,Ct Iina q-tI br IteCUts d iaucho 13 ]):ambl, . d, Ihaut. t.n hrutt btt, r Its qures itr do otinir. marque d.• -.i " elr rue a 1i ..tettette, otr 12 at 13 poumse It it U cl, eval loz lm, Itont, do l'oilot droit, toile m r tt t ont, iarquet e cioliur cdu c ell 16 posutes de ih . ne t t..... litooti I.ane, 4 piede & portie det d" lt jalmbs tc ehritrer tlaoc o orquo sur le , 1 , 1,i t o. I. er n o itcoe it, de 13 a 14 I'ut ',Ilt ti.,oval Illr, ton rt steo st e to front, atalS, 1 ur ]' ,I e ulc dr~l t blt tte do tatel droit, de 13 -t I I 1,-ces tie hah. I,,", pirrtet tItL- et tirlt v h d t los reclnomer en plr,.tnut Iettr pretlrlruf- au d pot I'uoncoignuro (1-s t,:,", ]t,+ . t't A n tltttt'l'ltlt n d'lti, an 24 soat I n t ItIthl ore,,t , ldtn lencan par P. Si. t uI Att tr cl.e ultlol pr tt th'uie. cttilt"y li IItt - tt etR., c ,,,, l atee tdo fthe maid 1 0 ) 1 . 1 0 . l ,',' 1 on if,- '-.I+ : ft rln tl e tel-porues st'lk£ 1 ,"\"17 , * , It .'u t'ittnt.eatu ogt t aidI o n I , 1. tt tick flotp e l rtctltu t fift'ten hMdsl h1. h, ,+r t h1,0 .ln,;,. ,bt:. ,tln blre t rly, , a d a dals. 1 ., ,i, ., to ^ t lei to t, t i, tiard,ptove p'oper. ..II Out li'i. t, olt ta of Ite WaVtch. hI". AMet- ptr it PI1,,he let' -eonde tMuni. . icti, 9 ourtint, t'tro leaR tainr .d n Il.I ma nt, (i11 ' t lid, ti o ti tttrctnt dul t eMu.' n .p.o aLI h,,vat bay,, e.itero qUllote poumes de lot a, I tux jamb te do deto e blkae, to mornes, atsie qt'ao tharrette No. 731. L":. Irnlprietal r vaudrais prouver onx ptopriet4 payer It; ir1ac ,,t lns rletlrne . 1 II lARPEIR, Caitaire de Watch. OVAi KI\'t t t ..t.S ' Oc1tt1.1., No. it e'tatreea street, hao this do. leC+.ived , varnlet ot'.'U\ :,S, sctinle lor gets tI"rmewn's u, t 1,>'y eitl ha off,,rcd fare low tto r 11 MlEN -i n l depot i tie. la , anoode Mo "iotpelit nn gland Chral brhuc, 14 peumos de hauteer, In tis mergers. Lo propeiotaire vondrcis biea lire.' ro mcr ar do p itct ,t- itrrecno ,entre |lovia &Girod' ict a ,Samt d, le o Atet, autr:ment il era vendtm to fit tir r ar Pc. a (itllotte rncantour publique. jy 25 It S IIARPER, C pit.ica do Watch j N l El) nA''E OF AIERICa- .-8tate of LU anI,lana-Parn. and city of Now Orlosne. Be It known by this agreement, made and conelud. ld tlls fourtoonth day of Juno, 1839, before mew loratio Davis, a notary publie, duly commissioned und sworn, in and for the parish nd city of New ()lrihas, that in conforiity o the law approved by tilhe egislatur of this state, on the thirteenth Marelr Seighteen hundred and, entitled `*an act to ailtholione lilmitd and aonnvmous partner. ships, and fIr regulatlng tile oatne;" There is formed a nimited partnership which shall be regultled in manner and form following, viz: 1. Thle namno and stylen of said partnership shall h~a--" 'T'he stonamer Brilliant Aseociatlon of New Orleans." 2 This assonciation is formed for the purposeof un ing tile steanmr enlled he Bril iant of New ()rl'rans, as a pastrenger and freight boat, for hire, Sann te ants rn L ,nruiia a, or others of or on the anc:::t ,af the UrnitefStates. 3. Thel anlont of tlo capital stock of this aseso atlin is thrt tlltat o ln tlonsand doltars, d.vided info * ity shares tof tght huandred dollars each. The whl nof thihal capital hats been prid in ready money, said amount bring the price paid by the hereinaltero named tamembers of said associationfor the original crtt, repairs, and alterations, made to a said s'eambnn at lrilhlnat. 4. 'fTn nanme of the copartners in this asacia tlion, and the amount which they have reirectively contributed to this limited partnership, era as fol lows, v z : 1. Duncan F. Kenner, of the parish of As. conrion, for thlreo sllares, two thousand and fonur hundred dollars. $g2,400 'i. henry McCall, of the same parida, for three sahres, two thousand and four hund red dollars. 2,400 3 Jobhn ,lid, ll,of this rity,for three shares wan thousand and four hundred dollars 2,400 4. tChritopller Adoams, jr. of this city for thlrclel elares, two thousand and four hundred dnPars. 2,400 5 Wil lam Hamilton Avery, of this city, for three shares, two thousand and four hun-. drnd dlollarn. 2,401 6. John S. P)reston, of the parish of Ae coansiln, for three shares, two thousand and four hundred dollars. 2,400 7. John Stephon David, of the parish of St. James, for two sharles, sixteen hundred dollars. 1,600 8. John S. Armand, of the parish of St. James, for two shares, sixteen hundred dolt ar." 1,€00 I. Paul Iolaert, of the pariah ofIherville, for one sitars, night hundred dollars 800 10. Aaron hart, of Pittsburgh, for seven. tonn shares, thirteen thousand six hundred dollars. 13,000 $32,000 5. This pIartnership shall ncatoonce on the day of date lhereof; ana the operations of the same hall trminate, and thle concorns thereof shall be wnuldl rp ait tile enpairation of twelve months from till'. aIIte l this iCnt. 7. 'Tllershall le ap taintoed by said assootatisM Ilip n iU Iencting of arnv live of the. tockholders tit r:cf conivened in tile city of Now Orleans, alt:r ; no days noticu in one of the public gaettea of said city, a board which shall consist of three diraectar., t ho echosen fromnn among the stockholders "of aidl a:a's.i ctilln, andll in hke manner there shall lie an11 1'aott tappotinted for thIe same. Ia hatard riTlmf ,lators of tlia inelitnthon, S,,i h ,, I, f ,a aoaar a..I an antheh l!'y r. anilk elI cit

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