Newspaper of True American, August 27, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated August 27, 1839 Page 3
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rules and by laws as may not be inc~:osistant with Sthi act or with the law afore recited, upon whiuhi this partnership is fiunded and specially they shall have power to direct the mortie of runll ing id doat, and regulating her voyages or trips, tiomes of d, - partore and return, rates of charges, &c. The said heardehall also have the power to investigate the accoeunts of said boat, as weoll thro' themrselves, as through the agent theoro and generally to sutper vise, control and direct the couro of the employ. menit and the administration of her finds, and to that and they shall be authorised to giv' all fitting and proper instrulrions to her agent, offcre and others in the employ. The dtrocto a shll also haveli the powers to fill up all vacancies (for unexpired torti) ntising in said hboard, fromn death, resignation or ihohrwise. The agent of said boat shall reside in the city of New Orleans, and shall under the by-laws of said board, collect the debts due to the eaeoeciation, and it any there should be in sRit in the name of said " ocistion, and also in like manner disburse their nds, for neecessary expenses and claims, and un der the like directions keep just and true bonhks of the accounts, dealings and transactions of osid es eociatien at the office which shall be. seclected by the said board in this city. 8. The directors ofsaid association shall continue I in ofcee during the toer of six months, from the day of their election and until the electio of al o Iew board, and sush na v board shall, ifpossih'., he elected one week alter notice, as aforesaid, and prior to the trpir tine of the term of the clder i Nrecedingboard. The agent shall remrin in office at the discretino of the hoard, and the board shall determino his coinpersation andt the manner of pay. iatn the an. e. lg the sname. 9. At the perind therein before determinled for the expiration of this co-partnership, the afflir, thereof shall be settled, and the same liquidated and wound up by the last board of dlirectors of said aseociation, or the sure vor or survivors of thlem. 10. The persona so trusted with such liquidation shall cause to be made a full and complete balance sheet of the debts and credits of the association, and they shall well and truly discharge and settle out of the funds of the association, consisting of said boat, her earnings or preceeds, the lawful debts ofsaid association, and when all the debts and claims of and aganinst said association shall have ,,been fully paid and d:seharged, they shall make a just and equal r, partition among the stockholders osaid association or their lawful representativee, pro rats, of the stock respectively he'd by the.ln of all the re .aiening funds of said parteorship; and for the purpose f elffecting the liquidation of said concern. the persons who shall be tihe liquidators of the arae shall have full power to sell said stream boat and her aipurtenancen at public nuetion, afier advertisement during once a week in the rusual manner, at such eredits and on suchl terms and cone ditions as to ehom sIall appear advaetsageous, .anI shall have also full power to cause to b discounltedi without recourse, all notes, oligattons and credits whatever, belonging unto said associaioll, whe. ther arisint out of the sale of said boat, lcer rnae angs, or otherwise, provided such dicoant may not I he moade at rate exceeding ten per cent per an nuln, a ovese to sell without recouerse nd at public auctin, asfer the usual notice, all ]iles, claims iiand credats, blolnlging onto said association, on such terms as they may think fit. 11. The drvid nds of profits, if any there shall be, made by said ann.ciatissn, shall, after paying all debts, clargs and vzpenesesad, e declred at the enl of every six mlonths sicceerdiig the date thereo f. 12. This act of association is expressly ibased upon tile aforesaid act of the legislature of this Stats, approved the thirteenths of March, eigIhten "e red and thirty seven, nnd the aforenaored embeors of this limited co partsucrs ip hleriby declare that it is their intention to avail thllls.lves i (in making this association) osf all the privileges and immunities in the raid act of the legislature contemplated, and specially of the privilege of exemption fr ln responsiblsity for the do! ts and obligations of said sseeciatioi beyond tihe amount of the par value ofthe stock by tlhem as.pectively held, as contemplated In the eighsth secstion if sid act, and all privlledges granted or respoise 'hbies imposed by said act are to he taken a eoll slcrs,rd as embodied herein. 13. The said co.partnorsrlip herte, l t t ii city of New irlen as ai tbh place of doirocil iof c .i ii . sociation, and determiine that the illaster r iri lrl en said boat for the time bring, or either ollhtu shall be the ngents of said inl, no fir as to sign bit'le ofladssg, to hind thil snail amic astoil for goode received on freight on biard said r sti.camr. 14. The stoekholdoe in said assscl.atliiO shall have t ight to vote by proxy at all ,lhc'lols for directors, and to appeir lby proxy at all Illli:tsi g duly colnvene,0d. 1 shus doneui l w rIseel iiss ill th sliiCs on the ditu as above, in the presence Iof l:,lrtholsl e l V ls ani Thoodsre F. T'ihmemanl co e,"mptut nlltse.. l domiedied in this city, who having;s signed with til parties and me, the taryilI, lOegis'-sitgnedl Jioi siLdie, \ni. i. Av roii leery etr all, John S. tl.v,, U. A i.m, jr , J. Arsast. Aaron Hirt, of the, city of Pttshl-i, I' ly , i Aleghany, StaeIi of 'ei u, Ivs i in:, sent presenled by ies so, .I sae lt, ol f Nel ) - raens, as per rIcr at n h tu u ,, l x. Il [ IAARON If. ART, Iy Ia'tr .J5ll :.l IIAllT. i Duncan F. Keneor having lint ith,,- cy pls,.It ilo te ssiging. os here represenitill by hJlsr kont,., as per letter hereunto annexed. iDUNCi;AN F. KENNIlR, t',r MINOR KE.Nl. Paul ellert having fit the cily pr,%n';0uL , igoongheire rprlirscontd bly ltcioCII ls r ilui sriri ns per letter hercunto lannexeoi Ill). L.AUDIUTlER, I',ur PAUL ItIEllhT . JOIIN S. I'RE.TON, By Isaac T. Prestonl hsi attorney in fact. The words * fLourteenth," and ofi Jure, 1839," interhlned. I halls, Thleodlio F. Thleinemann, lioratoi Davis, notary public. I certify tue foregoing to bie a tru,' copy fromi the origtl uact extanlt on iay current notarsi l i -i guster, ia faith wheresof I have hereunto signed imy name and alffixed the impress of my seal of oilice. -New Orleanss, June 2lth, 1839. : Sgnssd, IIORATIO I)AVIS, a18.2w30d Notairv Public. IS UNIS D'AMIERIQUUE-Etut do I, J ouiiane--Vi I6 et Parotsse do I N.uvellc. Urleans-Co quartozittme jour du mtois de juan do ran mil buit cent trento neuf oto o o'xant, troisi. eme de I'lnddpendance doe Etats-Unix d'Aondrquoe. Pardovant Horatio Davis, notarto public, dor commtlsaiono et ,assormentd dana ct pour to , rille t paruiseo do la Nouvello-t lrid.i s, it i did covenu do fbrmer uno socdtd limttde, c~mform6. mont aux dispooitions do I'act, de la L6d2-latuto decet Etat, pased lu 13th mars 1837, intitum "Un Acts pour autorioer los Socidits limitdes et anony oneet pour lo gouvernaormn d'icllo.." Uoo so. cidtd litmildo oat par lea prd6aetd. formle, laquelle sers rdgtde do la maniore ed dans la formo souvan It, savoir: lo. Io nom et le titre de la dite Socitrd sera: ,'L'Associatioo du lateau t Vapeur llrillant do la Nouvelle O.tane." 2o. Ctto asorsoci tion eht form6o dans In Iut do aire navigur le ba oa t v ,peur ntouraoto to Ililt Iant do la Nouvullo-Orlean,, colome batcan doI pasaagus, ctdoe rot our lto oaux do la Luiiacrne on toutes autres cauo do. Etats-Unis on our cotes pa Etas Unia. 33 I.a montant du capital de cette Ass ci.ditn olt do tronte dous mil c pionsres, diod on quaruato actionsdo bait cent piastres rch.qur . La totahte do susdit capital a i66 paydo en cmlptant par les molnbues do In dito Associati,, ci-oaplcs nommdus, 1e dot montantt tant lto m6me quo la prix priutif du usdtt bateau Ilrillant ot les d6p iues ptur tI porations et amdlioratioons ftates au a ..dit bateau 4o. Ies naom dos associds ct o Imoontalt qu'ils out rospectivomont port6 dana cutte sooctdd mitde oat comim. suit: 1. Dunoan F. Ilonner, do la parotrse de l'Ascenrion pour trois actions, ctux millt quatro lent piantres, 0,.400 2. loenry McCall ote la tusditeo proiss, pour trois actions, doux millo quartro cant piaatlro. 2,100 3. Jolint Slidsll, do to Nouvolle Orld' ans, pour trois actions, doux mille quartro cent piaLstres, 2,400 4.' Chli.tophor Adams, file, do la Non. elle Orldoano, pourtrois actions, ltoux mil Io quartro cent piasties. 2,400 .5. William lHamilton Ar ry, te to Nouvello Orlaons, I our traoi actiont, deux mille quartro cent piastres, 0.400 6. John S. Preston, deo n I ntot so de 'Ascension, pour lrois actions, de ux tleto quartre cent piuslres, 3,400 7. John Stephen David, de la ptrnisso Nt. James, pour deux actions, nalllo six tit piastre.s, 1,607 8. Jolrhn S. Armard, do la susdite p- 1600 roisee, pour deux actions, mi;lo ix nt 1600 Piastres.t 1,600 1 i9. Paul Hhut b t, de I't paoiss , d'Iber ville, pour tne action, holt cent plUest,, 800 10. Aaron lUart, do Pitlhurg, pour dix sept actions, treize ralo six cent piastres, 13,600 $32,00 q50. Cotte soc:ttd commancer lto jour do to doa- does presentea et s. opdrattons as terminc but o1t se affaires ort sa compals seront ,alaneds t clIs, tt I'expiration deos dous mois qui ruivront ls date do prdsant acto. 60. A uno rdounion do cinq membrr do I'A. .ociatinn, collvoqtda d'aprobs uon annonllC pubhdo Pend.nt doux oursn danas uno dus gaeottes du cotte tlle, it .sra nomlnd trois Directsurs, pris pirmu le actionnaires, Io.quals Dtreeteora con:poseront a bureau d'aolministrati n. D1. lo mrmo mautioro I aort chtisi un agent pottur to ,tn socii!d. to. LoP uroau dos Direteurs do In dute A-soei. ion aura |.lein pouvoir ot antor td do f'airo ot ntrairea acu prtseot acte on I.. lot prdcitdu eln r blirdes rigloes ou rdglemtono qut no seront pas vertu do loaqi silo clte soeidle est dtablto. Its ao1 root Is droit spdcial de regler la maniicr de t~iro t navigoaer tole udit hatenu, ddsigner I cours do mes I voyngrs, to mope, no soot dptpart ot do son re ll tour, ~o'6tab ir Its prix,, &r Lo Idat buleau toorn ausoi 10 droit dio'xam nor tes comptes du ouodht batrau, suit par lu oo, tulle, ol)it SpaIr non a:gent, t g6. 6ralmllent de s rveiller, con 1 Ir6ler et d oiger I'umploi ot I'.tdlonimstratioU do se fotdos, et 3 co but ilt oorn aultro, A donoo r Ies in. struetIoos" qud'll juogrtu l'ngentt. ial offitrclr ot , autrIs ,mploy6u tdu suedit t:ateau. Ls dirlsctlroen scrunt palreilltrilollot altuoroi6 orem g plir 1 so vaeances (pour to tu'mps non.expird) qui d pourrooo ourvenir d(ans lour rmbre o, oit pl r mu)rt, d6tnsrioan of nutrlommt L'ogeont du 'it Sb:oteoau ro6ailtra ;rla Nouvelle O:(laCo, et su;oanot los n rdgleeus duo ousdit bureaur , olltctt r:0 tlo doltes . dusct a to seid, or pouranivra i ol roron litige ano ,f toml do to dito socift6 ot parrlllement rdglora les d ddtbours do p0a fonds pour toutes dripenses n6ee's d sures pour Ithire fce t luarres rdelamrations justes; l t eon c nfioroitd6 ux dits 6dgolemnr, serort to nus r dos livrocajuo:rs tt exacts dro oempton, roa bratioun 11o tra. sactUono do to Asooi;tion, dauns I'oflice qui srra clnial danns rotte ville par to olit bureau. 90o A I'dtooque d6trmior do pr le pr6 eo t ante poor la dut6o do ectto nnci616 dernitremanen' 61u oo par lto mmbroe ou les tlmenlros survtvants do dit bureau. 100, Les personnrm a qai ora cornfi63 la srs dire loquidalion firont un 6tat complot rtes dottes et de- cr6drtet do ln soci6t', et es ret tenus dt " rdgler ,'t do payer bann et flr.lamo nt toutes los r jlostrs detros do tla doto nsociaton, lesqulor.t dot '. Sscrorn pa:y6d do fontld dto la dite oci616, 0r coll copoa. ldrl dit I ateau, ses gaino oe I ndlice' : e quand Is, tites d 0lts ours t dtd paydos, is r6 portlront d'une rn nitro ju e , t tquitable entr r Ils act'loaires o0 lours reprdoeotans 16dgux, au prlr.tao do utlr actions r, spec ives, .t bhalance l ds to lnds p.n rtenant a dlitr e unsceiatin; to ifin t' d'. fl'ctuor toa dtore liquidation, t o persooneon ui seront rcharrds de la ditr' I quidoation nuront pltin pouvoir do vle;d ao o sutd ha rnu a vapoeur, seo ag1id et to apparaux a I'encan, ap O o0n avoir Sdonod avio prod.abln p tr~idatuot une 0 emaino, lon lo o atani0re uoa)do, a to. crdrts ort a ttelles t olditions Squi I. ur parairoeon curnvo abl , et ilurlr t aussi t pliu pouvoir d,t faire acorompter saoI recouro tous 1 not e, olltligatio. et crodito qraulcorquos opporto. onaut a soe oc d, soil qu'iols proviotnen do : la 0 v. 00o du lit bateot de cos b.ndlices ou nutr, mont, a pourv qu le tioit eomlptoo ip. sooir ptn ait ra un taux au-doessudo dix pour eont lper an, it rtonmo die vendro s1ns recoras oe. Ia Iellcan, aplrb lus ovia d'usage touo bi'lets, r6fcllno ~ton o crt rli appartenant a la dite soe o6 aux terloes quit s f jo geront conrvenble-. 0 12. Cot u'to do soe;ld o(st oxprrarCment borda sour i toe nadit octedeo lgiolatourre dro net Iutrt, tIaprouvt6 I lo 13 Mars, 1837, et IcRs soci0t0nrie0ci dsu. t nt. ood16o do ceott soot 6 liutotdo d6clart t, par in ] I prdsonteo, rquil cot do Ilur iulnt)tiou ['n tlouanl. Irr ett lcur'd1 dot se prdvalotr do' lts rivileses et in o r unio6o,'oo Vouloo a d t( le dto it o tet to la t 6go lt. rire, et Opartiturlloro ormt oto g privilege d'tlllo0plio Sdoo toute respoonsaoiitt pour tea dettes et obligationo ti do In dito sei6:'t udodelit du lonio ant doe a vatour (an p air) dot actions posored,1 o our clLtun c 'euxl c om o r. II :st prdvlo d taro 1't l htlitoo l0 l' eCI 0n00 Iototh. a t0 , ei tous oprivoro ges ao'o'oord.l rou c r Ip ejl l:pbi i oa oitllooloP par !0 dit otoolo tivrolt B're C00 llil0 ' 3 C n ~1110000 itoo oror thoS ns h, pr(t ont . t 13. [.,t df re, s, :· 1t6 a it par o, p oltu' ,s 'a ill dto la Nouvo it (Orohans, p0 r auton doorloltil ot.• Iclre que lu ca.pitaine on coollltni. du s it ' atcuux, pendant qll'le s:ront eolllloys ool, oto Iul des deux, srmnt oes agents , I ite la t oe atiell, c o ,et qut n leerne la signature des coetlmrenl 01 1 obigorornt la (lito sctd'6 pour tlos marchandiseo rerOues A bord du ouo.dit batoos. 14. Los at.ilollnairs do toa I(ile seef,6t auront 1I Sdrolt de rotor par procuration d5an toot I sIon 6lee-o tions pour dirroctcour ot d( soto :ltor replr6tonto r part proclluretan doalllR OUt t: lI(unon~ datUIbot Cull. voqu6,'s. F.ot rt po.so6 en l'otudte. A la Nouv 1llo Or eoos eo's Irna jour, omi oiot an qri d'so.oell )oprsnco o ttroItleulo Vao tL '1 h6 tro F'latvus Phrne e oano, t6 ooi or(11111 111or 0 t rPIle virle q , outt sig~, c,,: h, p"r 1 rt i tt I t' " h ,,. Oriional o gd--Joahn Shlold:i, Woo. I. A:ory, I henry McCall, J ohu S. DaQld, C. A\,laor, . . S. Aronant. \ar, Ihalrl, dr la vi Ie do l 'tlll urlr, come)ln! le , Al!\r'oor y, 6'a:1t (! Paiton, IN ut', rot r ao I ls p "6. n ltlo r rep areI ntt r to 1o1 lio, Joo. Ilolt do la Nouv ilo t rld tin., d',tprtolot prou:r ratn: ¢ ,"i .elllllxoo. AAIR IN 101ART pour DInroarl F. [tt'rorn oaat quttld o , lo.l .vait (o "Igot r, ,ot dtn, i. p. i dell6 llih . 1e.1i6. ner 6 par 1..0 en0 oi .,, par I. ttore c1 "ron xd'. po1 " M11N0 IIINNE : t Poll Ilohrt ayant qu.t'6 tt v,,lo av itt d,: slor, to I .t' re'or6 rntt d; n J Lts ,' ropr t r p r I1, rllt rd ,L o u. oito :r paor lttor co at tx , 11, LAI. : 1)U3A111. 1, pon I'.\UIt .It iFtIT. ' tIo it, " 11 t ' l-tlt ' t 0.00I at . Fit I!, 1011N a xRINTON, r .\At J .r trr .I 1i V.\I.I,+., 1I ill F. IIII.0IMANN, t 1 11 \ I , t I. I I F,, N , t tl' .". four .peat, ,t,,o tot ooN.u ,o rl -, n- "2 ,' 1]t:1t l. l l l : · .; , t , ,, . , i I 11, l 1 , 7l t ),)m:: ;,,0,.. ....... . hil~. 1j . A ' 11 ;1 ;, 1 toLr,, rii ,i 1,"ltor at o i , 13jo'l A. 1:. 1 ,. '111 ' 1 e"e s ut : rl ln ek 0 . IL.f lt. 'I ',rl"T i O It )ll ololo1AN.-Io lr',t Jtudrt ni t e,):O O:! The ce-lo n ,ftho ie -,b lo.t-' g o n ,,r t ot , .e. o ,I ori e.,ll I lon l. I I ai r l, t d ltoa n oo k , I ,ft r. I A \lA ,zlola, o ltColo'lr hd tormro tlo JA ,tl ri da t Icf.lioie- 1 Ll ts~siovn - e .It, de1oi" i to sol to dtle ol e oan Illtd optldo tor to Iour, por io bFaOo ooado sosooorsonieesid oeroaoaqast noO ts MIall e. e otllloor. pobtili, t"on Veadr di 0 Ao 0 preoaI.oi, , t ppoiartd to rm mttnP0 - t do d--it ccdr cutte ii l ,ire. Par ordre drte Ieor, 2ro( Jultl, I1:19. e . bLE BLANC, otfp grof. Dima oek & Lnfouta ai lieu en I'6tud do Mr. A1 'w[LLiA\I R. CARNI i 'ý liil I 1?. C IN WI, I..P(· LOUISIANA W.\~AREI hOC )M 01VFJN . :., 'I:tIIF-T e ( )I [1(41 \\ ,ll IIOIII 01111r·l~ 5 llANIPA I NI' (1IaER l l IIy IN ,Ifi in stye", Y1 AI.I sale by C; Dll~1 1·, tli (L , ( s 3 "COF-1. few ) ,,l N, !ll pIIS I ' 'TI N I' ill'S' 01bbl, In ding 1 1,lIlml' - [ChI l,,i l be c ', lo 11i11, 1. I t 111f4,,1N 7____________ (v ali l Il(l Fl EE-7' rug ll,,v rn (irlnl ll store 1~r 1 lbl ally21t; 41 N- 1.rrec" LJ)Ih l lE !l lrlU l"·* iE-'- 1 laudin g lo o. wunL host 1 :(,-ox fo r sale by A S Ii.,'1 E 'I ,dun:: 1:f ii (ii avsflilldn n :~r l~ir cll~i, 1 tl, 61 by 1i 'I'ICII II, S1114 : ltrlcti il th.'Iipwt in0,5,1r; C ha,,j,, th' e nh In)); AII·1 ) F1.· 1. L ',ly 1 I Ltll(nl 1' Clil HallTC June 1: -J r(1T· ICI· -dtiI1 hai 1 tIUII slsi ý,\I) K "ALI' "" n' bodes lint qu nlny \ultrr,,. 11m GRANI) ILtEAL E'TEAT LO't'Tt Y ()OF' PU OPERTY fa ii"10 1 u_ d. 1 i. ..r.a.. . ils.... f,) it 1. 1t. ', I. II l lt,. |:l' 11C L , '::)) I" JA1('td (.) VIL t", Fla. Under i all hq.tlhte ,up r 1' r ( IoIIa (C mlll siaion llPI tp plolnt ed fi the Lrgia, ,iv. :A\.lotbly of I"hlrid:l. IA d C lcIT 1& li.1/ " .'1' ( , Alanagers. 10 1,000 tickets, at $1. -ch.leb p 'c " $1 ."0) 000. sYI.VES':'l & to. I l t, l ,; u I V YOlt'), po i.d in- trh lal. dio ll, r I. I lllll ' -IInd Co, ,olid't.r d llInk'I it N alr I ll0 ln I I1 the tnOme ,l" l, ne II u OoI' lll u)ll y ,lll t J. |I.l rlll ol( O ,Cu, ll ,C I..i~hier o|'lh, (;irizel'l B ounk, nd . lIu htmint s - Itu ll' ,' -bier ofthe C.on ,litailed I ,unk, at I rtlslr e IP the I Iv'a wiillmliond 4 utnlh P, i rn umrtntbered, it, 'I'r,, teee,, fr hte seturity lt Ihe ortotn s prize lhol In New }'ark the mtnnie:' will be depo itwd in the I.lnll it Ioulk to the ral rht of tib a bove IIlIttId .) (l1itV llInll. of N+ew t Irlhu'n. The P1',lie re re.l.rred I thI r art, p,,d bIef uoe A. lnzIre u, E ql . NOT. I. 1. ill reIlation to the poi prtie which en,ralee thlre leps t io prizts In t ihe Lottery. COO Pr111Z>'., an follner.: P iz e ),ln t n l nlif ,' t i h rit. , o v hri k fentlll lllf, nc1h' rl n in., i) ,', hil i lc l ,' " I -ll.l iI1 0210+0 1.16 frt l 1; illlt.s- (olln I .r,.l I ,r re rt, .Id ll I eiii t I nlr.h Ie,, ."a.ehe.d rent ofl T *17(lll 1 prl a n'nttlll nollid bePing1 in oti in t stil' f lnihine p'ut , f tile Prz r j ont. Iir tl sited at $7 0,000 Irize I rfIlnCt I " lIe" 'aIt s lt, bik ), f e rlyt.. ,.III tI. hr,', h locl , "- t"nd ll"d nwa, anon IIll ! irC .l 1'1.m 0 ' Ino rll 141 It et 11 Ich ,'h n Clh lapI p t.l andlhe : in tlI ImU t t intl" Ipnllr it 1 1t0" city, ni rilnr lly e Fi hn.+reaed to tlll Ie t ou-arl d dorl llar.' 1 u a rtl. ,imnr ed at . $500,000 Prizeo- - thr allltrny brick duti;ld I , n. II an Nei)z start, ,i l i )g ll. l fi Ih~ ('|g I 0l 1." I t l2i . 1·h + oh u tt .iclt, l r 'a.dt. at $ =0,0.0 hndrel lar :tir dnl t $20,000 1 Prize-TI 'l. thre sw. irk d, lli,0e ha al. , d . I. .I n aln.r' $20,000t r lt $20o, 00 IPrize-The tho rt, bli CkdeT ll din hLn ,,.n, It pi( , a ' IteZ urn O t ' Inki atraitby 127 u"1n - d pth ret.c 1h & tl r l t it r . t 1 I,'tttn ,d t $1 000 SIPriz.e--' l'h Ihr ! , .e h' ,i- ~2e ll TiLnt w .i" t , o1 0 , h rni ,eil . i . ,i ltHl." , 0i1 urn, 1 i I'.rt. 7 '1 ,'l )!r+ :t1 I'. n ll tnd 'I:' , 1 , t 11,1 " I'tIl 1l 1000e S I n 1 l ( ) i I h ," ! llln 1 t to h ' ,I d IInl C O tc. . 0 hullr, t I tote, i 20,00 ) - 'I 2, (0Qio.. (;att ig"n nf '.,l ,.tt , l be) , 2+In . a tr I " ' '' I h tt 7f 'o o' ' vi +, ,l , lri'da, at $15,000 1'r!+:"-Th'2 show,) 'lana v hr'k wl l el ! .t~ I I o.AI:Iol r,ie, p , 00 '.r·- 1: 1 , r. t11 gl crt n t'"l l o itr. , ll lor t, r o ,l2 I ll'ttl on 1k t "0'l, 0 1111 11 I5. 000 - m .1.. t i " ) c.-.IoI tIN, aeI r l L i l ,,o I I i',l,. i' , 00- r . I '10 I-+" I "m I ,) e n- 50,I0 - .1' z .-- eht o I tr" 0a li of : o . , 1 -; IIIIt . 1- II .1 l iN - , C llll ., to, n r II tt ! II01;' 2 l, II n p ill C in. ) . < in it' Ihap l in , another; "r I t rl 1 a, - . ','h , n1 , d l e 'r o . Pr ') -. ,Chhe rIh' ,. 0, t -z- "". I f 11 - , I Sa 'hun l*F M ,d t h , ofo1 '1 1 r r11 11 N , d".. e'h'. y t 'h..'h, le ) ,000 NIt 10, 1 C 1 ) hiederlliuC r' i , lll C i Iy ofr a a, t t I of 1) kA1-l.d a" ohcl Id)1 , tPo tat!b Ino C et.. .-h l I i rthrI IAel, , Th, t I l rr II, pl IS' i I h IIll t I tC l riI. 1 a1 ! , iC It e prl o .· 6I. l Ia ,ll fl ), r CCI. 1ced, I a"1t t I. e 'id . " i II.+1 -Cl) i C )l I ,eI ,,I wIIl gI. . C piC V.0lll ilrlei at rlrt t.oe ,. ,i n,, I, I l o thIer tII r lt ree. er , f3 t -l0. it Ither CCItId, I) lCl' a I - . 1 r!, hr , I, th, , 1 I, ~ l i ~.ll o t to111 11 • e -C O C I h lO (hAll fiI to mae odaym t fly th im v i n -d. Null' '111l1 II Tnh t , , I IIIhI )o.Cr ity il ll tl'Ie Acllltl. r they , SllIll lor it Ill t Coo,h ,:'u'S,, Alm. h y , C fil C rth IoCl h iC.l, A . 11l n il ,,lt rch iall c lll, II' C ol , tha i IoC i br Cl.,l Cr.t. to t, e groC, I th1 aw r .L 01 liopub . a,, I.--'"1 ,it lrther Icnet- dI, That llh pe lontl, abens notvo hu tdll .'h;"CI, ;aa .,!it fCriClt gI- Co pur ehot hg ai hgold. th.I I n''IoC '.C, ad or teorlon jo alt -ICl, d .tiZ, e,, it " t o he, oinirni l n. ( lS. r', l l hav been pa th. a 1l the .1 In he l il ,' 1-' ha- v. , ........... ItI1rh oart ed I ha Ir onit, and the tC other three.. l.ur tI~ho tone I of MCI IC .CsCixtwCIot -a alOleel llTI'ne - 'I ol sh prIo, ta o IC,r meaic aelo,- CtI Olt s, ... I' i ubto anail , :trnt , ,ft ,,,l JRa)allin. O1 ll (ai,\l aIte ,,, I ,: 21 ICI Ay bi C Ce , Cful-N e' . h 8.-R.:l it furher I{: i ,OilC t ahl' i', IperIson lll.ide, tihe Iln hl,", If ,·et v I)reohel i n Lulo ,I ,tralllnlor< whol iin y I lf-il:g Ii lf. , t, il t Io h .t',.'l and Idiotll. them th1'!allt he will I,,' r ,idt i, f w II'IV. III I.C ) Ii T . ( t, lilrl o ti.l"o- horeL,. I'Peront rl lll. 60 lt r it l i ni nzliln:lield, I l nI A I'ld.ollvl C, , 31o 'solh l,-, or he cote. c\Lana Iherel nlt. t wilh goal l all I'n o'er ," e ,cl. o. th. , II, I." t Il t, Ittall itd aitl Le l,-r, .,I ii I- ,ll', ,lLt, . Itl;H lant ,0oe , L- giing onll d a-' i oi) lF l ti: i Iilt Ir 1 i. l it I i t caI I e. i Tr i iAprl ittor A lti t ts flll t 'I tt ind c lllen|t fI r i vi It o 'i 'I m ,d in ity ,tt t ' I t t eei i t hilt'lt ttk ,l Joe I'rtsir, t-, i evollide -ll th e ll.n-r; e abrwt h liae teof rIt NAt. . l ti f Jll , The 'IIr n - dlichor us air. hilos h oll, l ho tlln othe air le l lure ,k,: II the grtlle 1), oil m--Ilo:o" 1, otreating ,nd Ii, f ,flmr tal,*,hd with I' r, I -,l l e.wi I, Ciev lr g lve o l lillnd],abll e o kill t l the wanl d ull'sr i l 'sarch Blhi ir .h of li rl alel a vt l . u i ,. I ' :or pll ll 'll rl l I ll n in -tio lr'I,:3 ,I"" ll hit Ilo. wh knlOtIl lle hdllllll "f ,d" log his f etlll lnllllll I.u .C nolt that loi lll* , n n -l lln. . - l ltc the I it .wil) lton r hin illl i a all. ei. ,lllld otn n Prairiey of cheg o lne oft11 en- a, 'meable plraces, of ritv 'i ,rl t". urt;nt llr' hi win,, ll, Chnrr &e ._i,, g + .... 1 .v.\`I ,1 - .t. +, f'l' .r+' n +/.,[U eLC., ,,;I ^!) . . . t , ,x.i _l x ~ F ., .. l T.l .I .i . . ... .... bHIPPING. - 1 _-- ~or 1 urope. II II . l I'urrkerql vl' Ia. immedl" Sý' ý me devI l nitIii. t3nr rniglanol 15i lhd. mci lii LI N.18 .111(119, k The s!-ip 'l'l1 ?.U3IAH1, 9li91.., .naslerha.n :t+ý4.i a hn lie pý. 111 of her eur.: P13313d. Forl 11 C CA31319(l( & (3C. .it "' . 3 lliink In'la . '1111 Ist iilin( 1Si pI* Irl, 1vi 11 receive Ii".p trlt. t.. L VI- II (; iLL. nfl-o i lii t 11t I.nn do i ne x iiiml ii1. ini, f ply The l,· tirrl 1l"-. a n t .aling l ritidoi ice` 4111 il-ol F vamp, and v viliu~il recerive illlmodl i uccummlannr.ln, fur 4 cabin pass, gee' ui' I1,Fl r y o 'nnnnIInn1,lnn4I:npnrnnnninlniilml -i(·l LEVI II nnig -5h:3 ('lxr.,.,- ,.ret. 4 T{Y 'rIb .1.1. .mi n,111i,,,i, N1l, \in.. Ill iER,li July 18!11 L. II. 01\ALE1,!3 (otlnno o a Coastwisie. J.(nl'El( , Cipt, Ilrr~id, *ill ".·clive l? r i au 5t 3 Co,,llo, street.(. Ii 1 " n111 I, ('apt. urk wil he ready to :!nil ce.rat g13 ,!. For nll ck al.111 33rl Ciii D ig C "to J rf Il Illlll rli or to L~~i lltr al. H. IiAr ilfn Jul1. III, 1193 ('Inn m n c:IrIi . iie (m n 'i I118 n Ni R IIl.1%A I11-! I (ll,ý I {{.___ TT wl Inii3 I'uvni,,uin Iae 101 I , u -i it n all l iud I ma caen . . or I.' I X11 u noliuilur'i+upliply to 1l 1 ný;,". 15111 0 ',n Wt .k'or tie la-terior. FOR IAY(IU SARA I Lreulitr Packet. , , _::._ir_, , nptlea.lid 'a+T, J tre lnr t matnehri i:. iT willl Iew Orlpen irtrve \ed1t n 1dn iI A. I. 1 r ma1 linav Soan I & oery ! w lordl v at ll ee k 1. 'A1 inK ag Inn ri.n- dtIn an P oil a- p -qlASIS & It'll!!It I FOR NEW YOI1K. lnA NE\\ IIiE of pFatckcts but been established to K

runll hrwleen New )rlean anlld Ne.. 'Tork, tof comastaffive l ·.r t rate ships, vi : Slip St .ltlrv, It \V FoItarr, master, l" R.puhlican, J Ii Russell a Aaul urn, Ii P tlrfey, " b - new buildig, 'iHle 'r.;hil, t wes uilh int New a aIrk expressly frta]i a i trade; ir: 1l a hlel ht lr uliht of wlter., alllnd will nid ie I slllJalet t[ detentIoln a I[hr ll ar. Their n collllalldtionsl fIr a-sengeri co perise nall that mnty be required for lllll rl rlld nvelll. nce; and their " i innlllll , rllill re e l i of exp rile,. Until the ahips now buildig are j c , ihplllted, to first class hips wlill supply teir pi' gteate t punctie.lity will be observed in the tiin' of nlitill, lad every rellsonall e atcc mmolaal tin eX i nid l to i hla ra s i all aad ipl engerxl. n or hlrlshl r I rlr' llllht r. ip ply to :l1-srs. Johnson I P Ji .ndeln, No. 86 ull streer , Now 1 rk, or to S)n.. _ P'll':,tt L,All)LA W, +i Caunp at 1 FOIL NI:W YORK. ITlI.II.:S' IINE OF PACKET'. r"9 1 l l L pu it:ntlly L V , .ldI \lllllr fiOll eacllh pa rt. 11 'his Iann to acket, have been icreased :o atrv Arkrtnsas, I u ptlill E S D eali h I.Al abama, :lptain t: C lieray, olti-ri.i ('ar I aii n ,CeItrai vl,',.sb r., ('a,.tuin J Funker, lanlthn, 'a tain \nldla. 'asnxhril' , tI t:in \ ond.t. ( ) -r -itaai e. ( 'alp t ln I .r ai it . ai. .lp'" Ship -- l'atvi'in V11-dhnuse. Ne 'l, l'hp - a-- CptaIr Nlchl"i. . ' Ila s a-ill iof ie lirt elms, -opperei, ,-e I- . t, c r e { ma'lde ) b~a tlii C a ir a b s ne x Vol-' q ll nire tl[le, nid w illulwtasexort theLmseh,.ea t+ d',, . + to "t 'it'he, willai a y- het owVed up .1 nd a the i. W il I nilly adll a advriaiad. S .t,1"X IIh, iii.,. l' kutvi rill mlwanna he lirnim.,bd, oand ,t .liin l p, tl t. ithe, comfortn anl l nutiifaltioin iL f SI';,, IP of thl e c lit. is fxed at $1', withilt wine ' ,r ho... " partic tlars altty to A COillEN, mIt:`: L 90 'Comhna street I ships are not I lrounta' lo for breakage of h ,, hollow' are, mlLlea or granite, n operae. i"f til +r ril[ ie or steel: inor responsible for iii piackaae " Lrel pain t ari bonrl, ill leg u reguhlr a ia l Jttladtng be t")11 TAI'WV'W Y)IIOK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets.] To sail raule.rly as n ,dvertised from each Port. It. r I l 11 lia isl thits tml:l)lnaIt c,1ImIosed of the follow. I ll ihis, .i utiti more nilew, sea ela witll I.e puolllit at arll aIII d s ;ti lllk- i ia 11i , IIIIher Iwelv iall, at whichr 1 S ll .f (till i.n diso l a tllpnr.nd fi m t hii i rt ra y a iey we .k dtria , i. ypat,r tlu.ia i ilf a iii. prOalm t faailities f for Iaaa irt r i ll-th la l .iid ti utlw t ratei ilffreigl t. Stilt I t iio, eCaptain lTrak. " is.t.ipur i, 1 .orhe a. a r l ui.a vi le " Allen. a .Sartaoga, Ilatawy. " Itunisvillt, t Er lridge - SShakespeare, lalamer 'I'T e alnse ships are all ,,f (I," fist c:latss, coppers E L .ll r bip ra fai.tred, lr a li'.'It waiter, and 1 r Jbult in ., w 'oIak eaxpnp.l fiar l ahe tado,wath elegant acolunlllllllthtiii ns for [ill.enla griSi i a n r it i1 riinin l t ilby lo ari 'rl ,I t ueli a a, a lnd i astr i a TI a ,ricie p~f ra.lal in fixed at S r0 Willlllt win,', or Iiq!lor S. n Apl l sltb in v1Iery th, 'lr particnular ill t .s idlt , i d i vr, alte tion ii e n to ,,unotl theu o rhit- aa ill tI all lim IIIo ttwld lilland down the river, I init t Ie gL.lttcs IUada . n r '.. l'rvd a a tIo their adty t S5ili N A 1 i h, Ier heIal m bny r Al"t1 tcles of thesr. ,lns r .ill. err r 'l,., warta, Iral. t i i lr S ,lln i w rSana marble, or granit re, tvll 'rtl ' m)11 tin, ruanS ia a r 1i tleel, l r leatlr, Iebrcl -ar parikn-,es aent by or It put ao alnul- b thlaa.i l s:, rapAlls. r bil- of a lilg Irera l 0k:, 1 11 I nan.l, Iln1l - ati lla ue Ihleririo l x irtl.e u. For ,r inht or } sao r alyl I£R E Iw - ),l'- )t1 box esa a lia. , $ pn , i n i ora Sale by J TIIA I.R ' I I'o. ! J11 v 1tih l4 Poldin Street i\Vi1itch i1 , ll lt is -inae rrr, n anrtuI iintn o5 . o 501 Ulll., row bledm fr m lig (I l Kilhv, fott sIiC hy the nu|s(:,ibll's, +- (',s fir tha Iant l' e .' rerat, J.l\tVt d r ANt Irla eS , jEly 9 Corner Comonl in & " 'ellh, slastxt ll- AVAN. C,)FI"El7--Ol0 bag1of primbe quaiphay P ir i ale Nlc y A '11tI 1 . p, ,ll.\lu . II K -A: ivie of nuper rnal, e. ildilllllm domv and epI) b etsk 6 h Ifk iClirl. lualhvy, just renivelt atnd lur rah, le 1II.13 A 'k' r \i.,l9 a nap st - - I-Ai - , -%V .:T[-i-'Al.i.-:-.51 Incest . n ".-u e,, fior ,lie by A TRIER, I many 15 341 (iravirat I for sale y t Aiy I;rIla R, Jarm - 15 3a (itllnirr a 2 1 1()1.. \,!Ip 8--1,l(' C(skl ....iri Cilrinnt0 .-ll. ; a j dl iin more for sale Ii (1 tit IaR gI.a, 44 aNew I e"tae [[ ,It r ý-[ ra lay ra:fIn6-l I:r .0 in 1.r,- 1, .I sal, by A TntlaI, \I IIs .al li aravinir lota `I allki.,I . rs lrrtr haylitlra,, lit 1.x1 ju 13 O 'llrilai I.A-, I .-aa V, " i (d ' p s a AilRi --,.l kegs superior lI euI ll" IrI o, r . I sul by G "l) lS0t0:Y, .s i 1 Ne'w avee !1 U ,l~ li 8K!.\"-- ies t,,h8 hldlng Ilrl"l, x l,'nhlll t t1rer Pfor alle I y (i a1t(arn:n', Sai. ri a 41 Sew' l,rveo hu h,l).a Whts 51W soak; s e !lwoll Sid'; .50 ea~k III.1 .* * 1 1 x It:lt kA llI l of ther w ,lll"u ,h t,',;.{ hly i 'ruolbaor VIhakI . 'l'oin v, ry valuably., .. . ' l i - fie[,' I lln uinri anlll will be f'ri lzow d ii ;about 13 tOlrllllig, lllb lu l 'l~llll ; I)IICIc V ) 2 per il r!. 1\V1 nt 'at ltLIrl lilrory w tt I-l,' utlo colored Il I 'ill lore .1rrcallln, a motl lueful wolrk,jolt re 'riv1d ail ot,'.le by A TO(1W'd,4'lCmp t 1 T1411iA il.- 1110 IIUc, and lle SWVAX-Ihroi 1 :l1van,0 I ioraleh y i II Il INNA liL., y' Ibr sah' --by REnDg ll 1 io 'I w'lol, aII' 7 Hank I'lpr, --li h7'a I 0 "1 &, 11"1 i I.II, OIUIS WUIJKE,, "a I,.I.ItiL''l.' I I Jvil I nelI & CIng Lto' ni I I'I'JOin J n'try tc (11111 111 I ILh C(el olvh-s. FL i J 'I et fhook C (old's t .olk lo., l e il TyIh1'31a I r... 8 voI I l rnergue'- !:Ik I: dI ' I.(' r Ini Co ti EIIoulnI ; u' art ofI lllr, oig \ tr r ollt I ll a k : Ire rIdeon the 0l' l eJru.I l( 'r L ani d ilk' WIIIm, lllt d all sta.dard I ' o,rkl'll 1 S i - i )or1 AIbi! C till, II' Slt i(ll t liar In (111a0 1111s.1 1 1,4 .,1 I. 1 .1 Irllolrry it CYY yIl I .'Ot N'lT'l'll f BlIl L ingt0 n, idlh-r I m hall , il vols. I eIl I n ,o alid tih AIrtill Inntll by I' V ook NoTho. ine, wL1an Jol 31i re, t, ilh illuotmt. r J . I. t lll Fre'shli n: lll ll Iir Val er i o oa b ir .ri t-t.h nrl by Jonhron. Pew 11 k.: 1 Vllh I, rrl led poetry from ('hurllC e toI Nickloby, ,i o 12 I' t.r'I'N Skrtr1010e No,i t aloll :. may :1 2w ('-r St C'harles &: Crll"lunon stns A'ANl Slll , ii--7 boe Hllavana 1,vht1U0 Ugoll' A4 d de ilbd Owi 4 o lanoyng., Aolor Iom o N f:I' t & "Jnl o pp h l'l'Nll.l', 7il : i'lrlnltp nt be kept 11 g dICK"LES & Coo, N OrlfonI', SNew C fol'k Ntcr oilo (cloll:te. fo orr . (old.h SlllIOl IAI.l. lll Wit N, o 9.lagazine st iy ll : LADIES. ron 1 ali . C Sp. IJ 1Ell A IllJMIN,tI.,SPP)RTE ills new instrument for the radical cure of Pro 1 laIlus Uter, lodr alhug of thlllne olly-b, by e t, rnal application, OuperOrel ig l h uIe of the 'l jocttonable prrsnary, is confidently recommended to the nalrieled as thoe meant of a pirfcet rstloronr to health, it never having flld iof petrltr-ning a curti, even Indler th oilst agtgralvated lrcuwianl ceo. It 1ll rellcivtd tohe doclIr , d approbatioln of pital; D1 r 1 rny, lectlrl r to St .2rtolotloews; Dr Gr nfil lh, lecturer to WlV,,st'ln8tll .r Hisllital: Dr 1Ramsbotha.,, lietuer to l onilon hospital ; Robert Ferru.on, Icelturelr tlo Waesht Dorl ho.lspit, al ll; Dr Sw a tlol 'llc. i turoro M1t1iddlexl hospitail. alid arnlmor ntrouchIIOllr to Qlatl Courlotte's lyi; in-hospital; also, by tetory Duavie, Coqestg t u Inu,I.lI, LI., MlrrnIIaOn, rgeon Ketlll tl es.o &c by Dr M111orr1a, pro-ldelit of th1 Aciadloemi Roya Jo M.dicioe, dttri, and Accouch.r to the gltuchI' S' ; prl oti Vcllplean Mirjolin, Pault Dubois, l sot anll d ithers-and in Yoi'rlk by profissor J IV Franciu, G S [hd'ird, N II profis. ilr of Illl billry itl the tuiversity of the rify of New York, prolt. IA:d:li-,h. aoild Francisl, U Jolli. ston, lprnl-deilt Couny Mt Soci"ty i Laurens llull pra.idlnt rluel wci+ly tatedll' N York, pmol Jos McNaughton oi Allany, proI't Mroh, Cyrus Per. k t1, Dan.e-Drs 'l hs Boyd, Gilbert Smith, l IIo a(k, Stearn, Ludlow, Lllsallll,, Power, Gray.Oln,l Valn R s.alaer, and nutity other distin. guisl'd lphysicians inl the U StLaes. AG 10hull, Office 4 Vosy it, Astor ll ouse N| |,York. IL? A conatant supply of the above instrun ent , with Dr Itull's improved 'russe for her'rid, will be kept by SICKLES & C(o, N Orleans, A G Carpenter, Natchez; Stooll & Marsh. Wood. villdc; outh and Mallory, lMemtnho ; \' P . '1i.;n. son, Soiterville; Hall and VWashingion, Nashville; Mc 0airay and Hamilton do; R L Bliss, FloroneA Ala; J C Spotsw0_'otd, Athens. t J4 A 'FR[R1,34 firnvierst I INEN SlIlRTIS (Iloves.&Suspenders-JuIt rel A eeivei by late arrivals, an aiass tinent of shirts c,'vat., stumnin r stocks, gloves, and +uspr hers, at tits jun 19 4.1 New Leve II AZAAR. Carner of St. Charles J¢ Common street, AoLSl! & A1r1r.l 1 would respectfully call the at I 9 "entibn o ci Tozen r ed trllro to their complit It seaortlnint o! iheAtlmh n tl' lin,'n -hirts, do limbric, wto linen rtit. itmhiontble linen trouts: ]inen e vats in great v-tnr,,ty stock,; of every dscriptio"n: fut elastic anl cotton suspenders: silk, cotton ind thread tloves: g,,luti hoskin gloves: umbrellas and canues gold Also,-Spludd tasusonlent of [odies and gent"'vri tin, dei ; s, tdrs inh cuce, port olio,, periumery, cut fery, ind rich fancy ligod . I ,.;r fur rale on actcommodatinh termn Iu nd+o t unc mnig t'mn 61 tou 75 Keg+ of [.etad ground in sil uf dstl'rent q u rtit a. 1001E r D. . lutob T.inaned (Iil a purearticle. 1 il i rts of T r enurp ta , 5 t'animers of 50l lb. tach Martcaibo latd+am 2 (lanisteri of :' 0lb. c:ch Bermuda Arrow root. 2 d,z. patent scales tor counttr. I eroa.,tssorted Spulasia, i doz< asunited nil rking lushes round & tlnt. 10 dos. pitll and whirr, wash Brushes Ii nIo lod inek An cricats 1ispeusaries, 50 tgio. 3h, tchel <of the t t q~tlaliy. And a variety of , th .r Ultici toe o 1 Hn -o to be July l0th c it. Tchapitoulus and Natcoz .is i I.E +1:, 'I'' tit '.'iul I- el, nrlIin., i. l ll lltt,+topt _ Ito onolida nn tie rinclpu. n oa tIe arinnnlllna lera l tio-nl of thh (iil IagIillneTr in-i Oap Ia pOiint Of view, fir tie 11-n- of studennt anJ thoeln whlo ali1 be , out rm e a bark in tile protlahiiont. ll.untratild b cnopperr plats.', and internpereTld with variTou IInohl taa|lens hvy John `%liliatnn rivil entinealr fannernrl Pranninanr of nlechann - i as in tie itaiRo al ilnstitultin of (:eat ltnir iin, now Pro fenanr uf Nuatal I'hiloophv and Ct'htniastry in William & Maary Colhn-e in Vn. Fonr al.I bV .15 "SA A'ITWAIt, 49 Camp sat IE.jS'lANt,E OnN N.1tlFII.LEC, ftr $U00 pay. aiblt Jy m a7, tlr aale inn - J8 A FISK JOHN V. CIlDS1 , ENGRIAVERI AND CPI'I'It-PL.ATE PRINTEIR No. 3, Camp S2t. VI t..", .nvrri unt priant to urder, nank notesr. 1I1tn W of xeliiingo, bills of !thding. tiphmm.tx, metlea. ilc a ',I vi Y i:ltln tqtrd ·, notlri,"I, lolnlsular ullll| vor;inli. bous cu:td, oluor plato, siver wars, .e.o -nlwa.ys on - Shand, an asortment Io1' silver pttd anil brasn door j I's trds pr:nted from pt..s alrn aCy elagr-av-ed. tAt " - a In I E1 1 YTi ;Il-IA. S"P. FIF:I N & t(i)., No :, Ma.azninenstreeit, e1 . are ei- : their unp l.ino on Fall and \Vannter (Il'tiningn , anid nall e tntm I c,.ive t '-ahi nl nn t n e- - Inlrly throl lOll t the l'sealsoll. ". heir na orllntnll ont IeIn - !rnge 'will ananle them Ito supply m -rehansi f(ro Ithe. c fit lv, at to +horre-t notlce; for salu wholesale & retail, on !, * iur nou ctug lermls. FU1 RNITUR I,! FtURNITURt E!! t house, it hre la l lniBane N'ew York and ah, on. Pers-o. itnl lt l wa llnanof or Irnur n oi!Ct] da wi ll to ca.ll,nli <'b] , t "heir ,. t;eles from one of thl.L best and c large sttan k na.a a' tina nt1 . IV R l,.ttINtM, d'j 5 tn'la-ilita a N I--t lli.n lalnr attention paid tn packing find slhip ing, N tl rinannn, nr, ":1 ol o ap n ise. dlit-a w 1 t I,+Ot-t )11, In,,a , t r.o.e. V, rt n"y,< inspe,'ting 1i ,I .an i t L( ait thl Ilowesa t a lrkl't prc.' hby J Iti 1aitS1:' 44 NI a4 a Lncvn. ( IJNNY ItAG -3,000 in bul.i and Ilndalne., fat =1 roll t by ISAAC IiliDilE &' Co. Illlny 2 13Il ..1 .1na st )Il ''I I-- I TUBS 0 lBath Tunt, alu rtnal! siz.e, for t) nt.lna reduced prieca , I, 8. 1.l.I; K! i . (ao. Ilmat _3 " I'rollt l,++ et 1. IU it- tilli e lt., liland ng firom ,tr1umoni,,t :(ldolpna-h. I - IFor ,le by A. 'I' K.EII, miali:.yg ;l frnvhder nt -¥UNNY It.\G`- iftPD0(-I for i.Iti t7 . . . 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( of'lf',at, U . :d (. ne on the aaa 'trnaan', riher tar Bounlty I.rllt nat IoallaY, a will h ffr d,,mk k .n an1 J pn mptlfy ttoulidrd m v,, ,:hý:r fbr llll r'esldent, nr rral tit. s ( f l exihs. Ahtlrea frorlt e Ul it-d raalrts--l'irt oa' IItnstr . to th, cr. o~d. Ilicker, jr. (I'exua J st Ollice Agea" NEW OhLI.EAN8 Stram and Patent Bisrurt Ba.erry-W-latrs and lhllmon. Nn, 819. ulorl, (near th nruulrrhnrtrain Ri lli nand ) Prlar a:d Navv Iroad, Soda ana d X'a,.rinascat, Sugar, [lutter, 'l afr, and Watnr Cra+khars. .All tlie :abnv article' s arn wn arranted to et of t he fira, qaarityr.nnd ,) kiap in any climate, being |cotpkl. .ly kiin dried. A hi, -_il ,id corn meal Order len.t at G. \V. r'n chard and Ta'rat, Jr. corner M'g.lzrim and In'ydrals .Istret, will receive { promp atentiton. SmalI k*!.s put up expreely fer ran rnl a lyn. n 15nnr v II!- - 11, 1l :aL . t .t-ff a n a' u'' r at R te AL , t 'ly, c ntaletl i o, hainn.d, and frr ai,' Iv 'ft(I tJhI'E, BROWN '.('. june ?9 INo l ColitlIENE atol i iS: Il F-I r aan hall ( iai rra tIr 'rtr o If l wi rln Yr*l S,. " orX' Bt f r [' ' a .v " 1 p N . l l t ' , 0. .u r, o 0 , ,ll t .r I ,, , . frd n l. s i, f tl, ,rh r , s tale hv a Trr i& c. .131v i mp ine I" e , V .-Nt l'.u .\ xLS --3 .,, n· h dIr. , f ;,,,lifF a . St HG vH 2AN H.111 33 MA% in,,t i l Irafhinalada Iltiarrl al.t ia, h , aaa 1ata a i , a lo It'll X'IX t l' barr..s cii alaftaa, d a.h j-'alt an tarn I a lur Ban A I it It . S " 4i !N'wl..v er 1 lD at ai',, ar.e ~f-' In., i, t i r. .Il. l lJfi (; "1f IIR) i , ln New L evf e L itnadn--' n . abrad ., l . fr ' ,, i, . lf:y , r 1 ,An Tdi", 17 it, . p D rt,'oro1, fnr ealant r ull, , - Civil Xr f If. Wif -i l ai., r a a air Tul i, o . 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It R L.A . )1,, l2 1'nmp sti a Jt TOI 50 keg rr O ht !utr, n S tad 0 i" lliTlt'Y 0a r at;o * @At (I 5) CaN ks h ld o atad Sa rol derralo for sale I )tl.) A- r ,-u iAlrt-tr.r i.trr .t or l,;,-- t, auga3 71t l'udr.uat I.UNT'S II"(.ToIrES on the.r hi-rtro , of:robmr:d n land Jaetb. bv the tRev. 11nrv IBlunt. A1, I. a '. theerpulo, Lt etmea oil the histbrv. ++fJsuor t; ri "t and St. 4 Jtost prlihlled l'orrt rranlalmr rf tlrt Port. fillioar sI Nev. ,, I)I). of Italu imunt: rti , an r.oirr JIa- I-. ceivedand forsaole by ALEX Tf VIA lI, l .rK t'I ý t gr I rl rt ,,,ii from star i hoa t(;Pc FIrtr O tltlltoirrr rtnIr " ionr ";r ( I) 11,)), ', 4' <t N w I.e. ," nn t :) ] " U (';1"1 ,,lr.r'', f IIA.r 111'A 1\ t:ID tI-' 511t x'I fr nhvle o' I I Irit " if ti r-tr1.r al lrrlrraot r .vi tt r. th i ., 0 , lc' e a f ew r .la, 0r, ht ,, rrt I II f r- t r.1; , 'rv r;;t 1 a ; .rlsrrttr'rolrl rj' irr. a t 1?nfi,.h- 11-t:,' ,f Ph' ,,' r "h,' . o 0 t 1 . a i l.PtH U fbil I rI ai r, : ll.lla t ,tr+: ,r. 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EA f I I' lT) ( ' -For thr r, torart n andt rt,;hnr f tlb " Itl.l , giving health, beatfy n i e, hl itt ts t 'l ,No,. 16 'harttrrp , art ; I li It L l olrrrrSr r r rent, titg prr r f1h.' o l , lwing -i ,. 27x -20x'0i + a ,t 1;i^dX3+- t1.;lX2 . rL . al . . tdf ,,vehope, ,lare! w e1 l r, t11r'rlit r o,r'lll Wrol » rt r Pa r, ll th,, ", lro . rte tr l r. l.anohlr frtrla rorr Jortrhin • ttrro Pa. ral, hlt a rond rrr sal' by A IF:X. TOttV lIt n'v _:h r 49 ('amp Street t I tl IA l! I--ri !!-h, s r llft , .rt o n * lL :n do sugarrr a vhrl rrirriar, im TI i I' l 00 , tatfr ' hair I utNE INi !. 1 I ffMOGEo t, III rrto E ('tIo I lIr. , 9 lroo i "tar. rr 9. 1 h deVIl FELT &. Co. N Otrtnr-' M.11,1, (I SiIlll~n I.I~ril I Fll~ib \..ii~i~iC I~i...fl~llt·lr Ari tL? ,Chr,,.,.ll .,r..,,. uro.., Idi~rrirt-lnr l Hr. rr~lrt AS I if, EAT;:~411 r~':·.I liNk. ,r..r~ lihLrI,.111L 'rf.'i * C-:1:~ a ' itilir i'.irrj r· i; Illri.rAINft sn, iN t 'Irk. 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