Newspaper of True American, August 29, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated August 29, 1839 Page 2
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TRUE AMERICAN OWFICE. I STa connection with this Otlice is a W6NDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE UrN 'rT;E flN'hI' Im Pausn bleta Blank Checks CatalogueM Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices Auction Bills, W~it Forms. Show Bills Steaam Boat ills Circulars And every description orJob Worlk thall ina' y be requir Oew.Orleaat Chaambr of Conllnerce. OtFPICrERS FR THE YFAR 1839. First Vice Presid,'st \V. I,. lisp ge, ".q. Necnnd ". d. 'InJ,:. 1ere' E . C(oemittee of Appeal f., 181 '1. • nles DiIck, J lc r It ', 11. C. C('mmack, AbIXij I: Fik, P. O. ork, Sit nll T.n, Caomill ofl /rbiratios ' I: ..l .I n y. Jolm Iledlstc, J.. Clc IlorrIon, t. W. sllsntisgsnc, Villie:: Ilcikise, Enahsllyde. , Jr. '. A. lardv. Joachim Kohn. hailnit.lisuin.s -ona The krires Easrt Jr sMil) is chd v' day at 1) o'clock A. it. Isl due e'rvtsv s t I Ip'. M. The lake !1fil (vin C'c.,in n. l:, . I. irl.s. ) teery Mndsay, Wednesdav sand Friday, l li oi'clotk, .h Iat Is due every I'ueads ,T, 'ltorsdc, nld Jaatulurd-, il 5 P. 5,. The Louiarille or River Mail is cloed everc Mon day, Wednesd v, alc .Inrlsnv, at i '. . Is stlI and rctsacrtd iy-.,tluamlot.t. Airivcs. irrcclesrls three tiges a week. The Bayou cSar or Coast .Mil itl ei)c evr''ec Tuedasv dl Fride tit S 1' 31. Is setl t ad rtsurnedl by steanhboants. The Alexandria (t Red Ricer slail is sent irregu alary-ste is.:lctul nl.ets l Iccs- . isk. MM UlWILL.. UK |IVEIR Al.XIL. Mondttla, ) WedInesdy tncd } Close at 8 o'clock, P. M. ssturday, e COAST Mtt.. Talle'li ant, Closesot o'clock. P NY. CAIt ROl LLT N IIOTEIL. i. VAUD has the hinos r of ipflncinc fient Een the paIlic is:i gcecil, tant he lhss tsken tie Hotel at Carsllhe.-, where hot trusts hbe willreceive the Cails of his old fieiclns ltnd nll lovers of sOesd cheer. Prit*ate prties sill be hlnssd eselv Icrciled for by winga alittle noaice be Isnsatd. It- is. iling to enter nloarlrngelments ll Fallfclies or ildlvidutals s ofpassing thell sumr c t ctarolliro . si0, NOTICE. Arrangs eetlnt to oet ne.c I sl AlAugust 1833. NEW ORLELANS & CA&IlltOiI tTON RAIL ROAD SUMMERt ARR(NGEMEiNTS FOR THlE WEEK I)YS, Orom Carrolltol. s FsOsl c ew Orleals. Iomse Car et J o'clock, tA. rsr C:r I st i o lek, A. M Lovomouve y II cinloloir e 7 " ItI) I II Th. car will leave.t ther . ie.. hoet n" n Ils wt d5yk " s tl I o'eh:lk, P. t. s ena lm t,:r .o l ave t'Irre I t every hlolrcc:llll AcoI', lk '.. ai NeW OrleaCs seely hoIur euntsl IOnclosk, VI. At. After 10 olotk a horIse cares cn he obtaine.. Iby ayic no tn for the Tlrip; if calld for after lV.'claek, P. 50 dol. larc will be charged. Perosegoisg by th c fr ilest psovidlh thsilsc vesa plth Ticket" as ti eciddaLtot ilsr lasl et dircctios eil to receive moey ill lieu sthereo: Fcr the accomodation of porscnc s vihiting Ccrrollton. is the 5 o'clock Itlr, tind who alcey int a I lto Ionail there ul lal 8 otcock tile cip that Isls heretol:re hlft Carrolltoi n ct 6 o ltek, wl.ill 8" llcis until 6i o'clock, thsreby c lloin g tilln Nno hour to elljly tle Iillllalt alks i oIne of the moLt beautifel OGrdls in ths , ijcied Sctats. TIlE JACKSON AND IAC(-I--I)U E STREET CARS Leava the hod of Jeai ksun strum t s 6 o'clokel, A. M., C.alll streett tfl o'clock .:lli rcln hstrly. Ai C 5 .5'dclk they cill -ommsllsce to lacs t lecl sls d ovyi hall hellae, etil e1 ,'ciock, P. M ,excltil that ill.eslud of-I.eavi: Col stree at SL o' ciack, the elr sill leave t{la re ai t c'eie:e I'. S. T"t It Is a:rstslarlv relll:se+cd th5st gcltlemen wile not ut their feet upon tle culiOllbs, or smsoke in tsll cars, whlel Ludses are prerscllt. OIce New Orlealls :sld Cairrolltol Rail Road Cocnmsay-. JOIN 1AllPeSON., july 26t11, 1 _0. Chief I;ng. N. ( 5 C R " NEW ORI.E-.\ N ('ANAI. .bNt ilANKiIN( C), rI SE Iron tleallllnla t de':'::: wisas leave ie Illssis 1 lt tise ied ,t i'- iI: .,'w ('l:.l:: every dayi (csec:t Mitndas ) ltlr Ithe, li fll " D lar{ tit 5 :. 1 -. ]l'tllrll ut 8 A. 1. " ic 1. , P. 1. it e'.5,t. , t. And on ( SNiiDAYT:- DIepart 1t i A. 11. ii rn, s tirn 1:: 1tP.MI. ' I', 1,t " -1 '.M. may 28 I. CIIEW, ('ui. ++''+ .Ilr m'a .v on'e . NASIVIILt , It. R!)A1i. ll-o I.orrlllllivr \\· wall .:I, to lle I; eel I Prairi ; cum. 8 1 11 A.\I' 4 1'. i to La Illl; Ii A o!Ii to La11 1 e to La lcl II I 9j3 (I 11 Fl I' ,I uuqo S:Ill li. (: IgullS F., II ougn P-il 18 2.1,..Y 3: 1,111ul 31 .118 1,i P roiirM%: (iF 55111 ()1{1 F l\NS C rl I)IIINLI. ý11 E pries of 11utlr day' brine1111197,i 711e3bas.a Sh rYnldoln..1. h 1 1',ll u k.I er, will g i 1',,' Sd.r, o 31.. , Jo lII....,... nt=. dnrillIh ' week hr.. - cent ,1 o,", ha 11911 I. l I Ium c .. aug.:e4 (. 31EN 79, 18321r Ship ll..l.l,,,.g lp. , n 1iu 1.. a, hnt A uC...d.II &..1 Ne h. L.r , o.... .. C,,2 Cl d .., 91139n~nda . .....l: Hou18on ('Irfxa, July.... ill I' I x5, d"90 ...........:1 Basta,. Aug ..,, IS i 1·11111 s, do... ....... 11·I Narhr11'o,July ..............1, Ila, re Ju,1a ..........22 POWF' OF NEW OR)ILEANS. 81llll'S If 7 II)l crh·r Yew Tire, ·.(;m? , 'ra mll;l It;,, , Ilurr r~ Aa l',i Jh.1, Ears, lp 'r ulr l 11 ln Schr I) %%'ulT llttcb, 31lo I o, Muu Aug 2S, 18.19 Ship 1821:Illa l Ryal, 1871.)2lter,. ii Apd..,lle & 1 Brig Runllnru, \\'llrBllar lln J 11' Z.lcklario & r.n Saidr CreolI,, IlNl ',. It ironlag S co Sp schr Colollin,, Iturtrobe , Il:ls:: nnJ,. nre&r Sehr Colombiai . N,,.u, Pi.1 I's,,c, rI. Jakb. Behr LUnL, CuI!,C, l:of.:. J Clarkes AIt I VAI.-.bI.IC)' A u 27, 1899. Su" ,,l c1-I111t 1< Cenurr. J.. S .........lhcr l r.ui ,"r..u,.,1..u,.fA6ML1, I.-rJ. l 1"15 Iy - nur, lul i 1911 III i . pk 1 d I.3u 99 c1 , e.1 arr . IINSuiN. S kegs'31>; II .-:t . Inapl 5..·· 101111191i, Ji lli 0 IiJ.I IIII _·l lsl II :11 Lr)t &C) V.. I'ROV103:N(:1":,.l'l'r aellr ('.,IIIII I.I. .(:a*r, 729 r u, ke lr l W1b ANO..L',r re hr Iuol l -- ,,e1 1 955 hale. a obllnsrr :III h,.J _ luu, du nl...a5 d. fill I ow . 11111 1 g M SS REE-InT 111 I.IOMC 4ay. 9 .nre..1'rr lllI1'.Lrr I IAt nn Ruocr .('arn I Imces Arkan... Rlr cr.. I c, t, and,'r .\ Inl'u. an-No r.;C.rro. II 1u51i 1u4 iu Americany eel nets oily 1 f : t t a ur 555 th'e s), ,' . il ll f ~lllul· T. TW. COLLENS f ried A' trx'.1 , Appoinwil by 1:o I Fedtlrl~l )'ollr i l at N4-% Orllen lla OF(I.:LLIIII. 1(9 '111115 t4'llRLI:lgL, AllI) (:lnulllixili u-r l Itkr· liidlllill miller IIII1 by ary,18141; ICI Alare It 11:17: Ile Judtrliuur Art sf 114;!) prnVL led. Said l'ulinnlii.inner Ilk' C nnmiderellle rxp,·rirnlr ; aadatuea 1 li r s nl (,11115,55 55,1.1 r(·lt111,'llfE 11115'1, 11R_ alood ii '; aarcrrsl ,,:5'u tut, ul the able., t I:tr very april 12 I ~Nortlllurn ill Ls lould, ur .1 I(.I icL in thle IUtn Century.. J T nll11h, Orm 5nr iltlr e View of Ancient hi story. Londoln's Elryr Il~lpsrlli:r . of ;arrlr nille,Lolullllm t rtimln fillake speule i vols. m Iynl 2:15. slllrodul( lu·11,1, Ellluu July 1511l. So'. C o~r. or St Chat lea .>r ) 111111o1 rts. a22 ti D(1Ri(J,' , New I~cr ee 1,11{ ~E ausun~d uullli col-e8 Sht111' (·A\h~o tar many 29N 1 ,151e ESSE~ REISEF--n h-llf rhl., lrnr ant~ I -v 171 ma 14 t II()H51:',,4. New ICevo ju4 I 1SwLvr 1 x\,.r l .-":N lr c pr~ ·rlrrlllr l cllllla TIE TRUE AMERIC.IN. ... .. -.i ii .i---. .. . FArTHEUL AND HOLD. lfficial journal at te sb tkitaniclpliitn. PUlLISNI D Daily, Tri-Weekly & Weekly. Mf W OEK LEAN:. T'IIUILSDAY. AUGUST 29, 1839. Potilrsfield, 28th Augnut, 1837. Ileintr nenl s, 16. Thr Sieknes..-.Contlrarv to the opiinins ,f imany, the severe thllluler shwer~eSufnday last I.ea prodn'ed no good effl,t. at least t: tie iunlaclieated. T'el sickneess has visibly incrensed within the last few illys, and ireto what we hear, tmore new cases occurred on Monday and Tuesday, thann on any 2 day sinaee tit e commence mint of ltie epidemic. Indeed, it spares no one; neitlher ieumles or those who have been for severr'l years in the country. Among tile lltter we have lost several worthy friends; ands frllily who has resilei flr a long lile ill Molbile, of which il -ce tilt ehildren wes cre oles. have allitben taken with it; the fatther and I child have faullen victim to it, and the wife an another child are lying allost hopeless. In our own eafubliihment, our fortemiln who was Ihere in 1837, and six ethers in our employ are now all down nwith the fever, so that we find it exceedingly difficult to get our paper out. The New Albany Daily seaking ofethe laie elections, says, the whigs have ,ben taken by sura prise, but hoat beaten. T'he party has been caught nap. ping. The great eliculty lhas been that we have been contented with tie bare statemetres of our friends that all was well, while tie opposite party liav. taken especial enare to sEE that all was wel. "For ourself, we feel all confidence in the el rortion of Indiana to the whig cause, but we feel equally aonaib'e ofthe necessiy offthe use ofthe means. If we would eat we mualt .ork. We have been worsted by the inflllence of local cauttses, by inactivity, and divisions among tile wlligs." A mIeting is called for the purpane of organizing the Whig Party. 1When the horse is out of the stable, it is timet to shut the door. IThau it ever is witl our party. When will they learn wisdom, Uniteld catl active, we can elect Ilecry Clay next President, but divided and neglecttfl twe shall be obliged to auffer lile misrule of the democrats for another feer years. S.ews.--We learn fromt yesterdny's Bulletin, that the Ilon. S. S. Prentis hna consented to aerve as a candi date for the Senate of the Ii. S. Ilirjee he le'lue Anmerica:l of tthe lth iI.lndl Rip Vian Ilinkle --The lee of yesterday announces tile withdawal failn Canada, of Sir John Colhourne, &e.-"aelastS .lnday's American. The degre of I. L,. I). has been conferred on hlenry Clay by tlhe University of Burlinrgton. Seeour i;aper of week bhefoire lat. Nev mauterial fir type, published in the Dlee vester. day, in the American in June last.- l'ake rup Ilntllerable. A parcel of chaps, are iu the prateice of perambula, ting the streets oat night, singing, yelling and quarrelling like so many indians. This at any time is a great nuisance, disturbing quiet people of their rest; but nowv, when in ahnost every Fsquale, permtns .are lying sick, and requiring every quiet, it is iansfitnable. We understand that his lion. Recorder Bolwiln has given strict orders to arrest all these night brewlers whoever they may he, and give them lodging for one night in lthe wachhouse. John Slidell Esq., has received tihe appointment fromn the Pireidelt, iof(hargf d'Affuires, to the Hlgue, in the place ofA. I)evezac, about to return. Mr. Pic, wh tol yo tI that the Bank of England ever did charge saic per cent interest. Try again, it only chargesfiee, and the highest ever charged was 51. We crave the indlgencaee of our aubscriers both lfr the small quantity of mtattec in our paper, and any irreg. uii tity in the treanmission of the paper. A friend is L.ondon has sent a larg. collhection of British JIurnals; mnon:g which we were much gratified, to find see ral ntuliero of'Clel:ve' (GazClte of V.ri, tr.' It Ilha attained t the Ceeond volumIe. It is an Aoleri+ can paper publi-hed in London, and intented to rnlight en Johnll ll, as to the American chalacter, ior a nsti rutiros, laws tand dlistiory. II conuhins no small portio of satire ipon Engtlliill politiec, mannners. anld curtuIos, antd hlold in defenc.if vankee land. All idea aylll be frned of it from this fcteone tnam her (33.) cortahti severe stricttres upon the aevaltel of IIritirll factory children; all article in defence of untv r eal slffrage. No.. I, historicat l sketches of the Acmeri ican Itevolution,severrl pilece of Amerietn petryv. A letter mto rs. Ttolltpet, being a secere critic on her hest aerk ithe Fnctory 11oy, anrd an ilcidenltal conlpalison be twee Ecngli-h frtory slavery, and American negrt sic very. Scrnps from the Fcr West; advice and Llution to Ameriene travelleres.- many other articlea ecorresponding to the genius of our country. It is ably and spiritedly cool ucted.-A t its head is the Amerlcan Engle, with thlle mottto If P'luribus ('cum. (;ov. Seward had a hearly weonlme on a late visit to Ogden.hburg. Q.'Fcoreign papers by the Iiverpool--we have receiv edll or uulal very large supply of British papers, which will be found on file it our Reading Roomt. Zehetlre Kendall, the fellter of thol Post Mlaster Geocer al, died lati-ly, at l)usltable, Mass., in thie 81th ear of Arrived in the steam lship ltiverpool, Charles Kean, Signor Guit clio and a ife, and J. W. Wallack. L'. S. Iank Stochk was solold thle 19th inst., at New Yor k,flor it 8 a 10i. .1 disease has appeared in Auguata, Georgi, of which five or six hnve died, similar in its character to the yellow fever. The catuse is supllposed to be, a quantily of bacon tstowed away in a back store, that had bccone utid, land tsomle dlamttged cltion aced int all open lot. A.r Irisdlwoman by tha niame f Ellen MlcDoanald,in a tato ol' dlliiutn with the yellow fever, yeterdayyelu !edl lie r gloardialnn and cut her throat. (CIIIIM. lt 'A T EI l ] 'lhat ca ll tile re.son, ulnder the admllitraltian of ir. 1c.Quen Im our polst lice, that depo-is, ate hereto fiore, re not takel liont outll l erclaute and placed to Ilte tcticit f theirreeeeettp e altoxes, and It Iih.eiy ae thetl the itouble of pa! ing for their Iltleta as they get thetni w lich it otenl two or 3 titles a dLy, and at periods, t ,: clhen change is ere diftiltult o libe gotten t in every cilty in tlhe Uition, t o tlly o~n nl kiow lehdge, IIIm ill rvr,'y townu l IIavtng te I nlt claill t co( riai illl poI tlac, I al credibly irlltfould, thie uccomlaludt.ionl is extended to lmerchblll.. 'I ic qts uetlion ivtltres Imuch rostery, whicilh you ats a putlic jlurnali.t ritegl t io know, anld Ituidredl otl ti PrC, :and 1, as a Co.l.tnllt readter of your paper, anti suf ili"ig rom lt111 noeIl caprice,or what .els you cllooe to call it, Iel it desirt to be cqtuainfed with. A SUBSClRIIER. Lte -Y'e'.terday's mail puIt ust in possecnian of New York palers up to 1901,cttlainiag thle arrival oil itht dtiy iof the etctln ehip Liverpool witll idatets of A1 gust irt. Ciotlio had ijlprledI alel, Ihald beenll .. at full ia tenny higher asier tlhe siling of tlh lBritish (lteete, EXTItACp . cIf rte gcaae rlhl raiuy weather in A galt ,n I Sap. tl clll r, obicll will t llace Ile cruepl iII itt Uc firttuntale plrilloo, iI it any coltpel cle balk of .fegllunl to ltasuc ie lte(,dtc n tuhct, .hlcll id elquivnrlerl cr ii rtuale.o elp . ite iticitIts; all, III tta.M tluerltlu eltll hl luit l, it w tl l'tl ain cud It th. t dril el o lflcle Ihr icxlurlt Icse qiettlye cottutne illgo ue. 'Ile bank rf Ef gland tt exha-tedl I its owe .,,rts I produce ,, Iatrleslnt tlltll lt ll anll d I tlli tiella it II thlee abla of doing n l ý gooll(h rd or mIuchdl illjury it, ,ol'rlmeric i )ltlttl'n . .alta t Itlir cllttallll ItrP adeatl ll tl lpera Ii g ller tilao ,hel ltc Itriiielltldtecac.tlei. Cottititetoe totetd at six pene farllillh iow reoiuat ReeeaPence t otiltg. i.+ FnP-OL, July 29.-\., 1 th very figaeral liedairv far eolan Ihrougholt tihe ia st ee hl .i rmfti tlIrne r ands cxputiers: tof 10e tearkert nt ib.'ing frely lttltet1y ho lder,, prices 1tVe gratduallV riseI SI h d c lperl I in the Ameticin de.crijtiore, aIl al ecugltdurilcnthe last day r buyers hate had t greter r lui.-eyet Itle ntarktl close. se daIly i3 t•h a',oe lvunce. Egyp tilll clilrtlitoe tie t e reely i11f-ratI, ecd L.acftrtlterdeclieedl d far lb. Blaze ia gli t d.tmrr ad atll advaalce of flI .er Ib i pretvious trier. In tltIra ad extentivt briles.d Ite beet dclct' atyl n advunce f d to d car been ubtninted. 'I'iThe alce at clue the IIek amIoan to 41,441It btas, iceladil i 5,514 r AmericaI oe peculatia,. and 3,509 Amatiean, 13u Iec arl t,,, 17l )7 larachadt , and t 2Lj Scarta fir expor "a \\lI I.:re hld e very fair inllqiry cte-day. The ies. in is itmiuttet to lil bahlers, conaiating of (00 hlart?, at 8id to 10d;400Saurats,at 5,d to 6d, and the remainde b Anlericn, withouat ny change i prces, . ''oTaken a npeaul.aiia this veear, bales 211020 do ,It in l818,, 85(i0041 Decrease of import this year a mpared W wiihthe sanme date in b3aH, 276,1. LI Increase of stock, 19,170 )ecreanse of quantity taken fni eonumnp. i io. .1911,320 PI'crease olquantitv la tkr fox 'nr, 9,620 d CO I 'U'l'EI) 1 S'ttiL`'K. July Ithe .lith, 1:39, 53,4701 3a 1peiod ir 1838, 584,311ti The Corn ILats.--( the 31st July, Larl itzwil. lil in ieC Peora p ireseanl'd a pltiltr Iot ile total re i11IPORTA NT. 'ltr. Loan-A printed ,irnalr nppana's cn tile EIx cllnlll I,,,ho k", dated, Eoaudo, J ,.lV 31st. 4 o'clock, 1.J MI, Ctlot.gichw,, hai.,,irt tlid t ,Idlnlillif 1 ri.ra'd ,h;a " I'h.e tl hl ll t I I.(. Ii,,,, alt?,, l (, f lhia too Of Euglnod havinlg nI ,cintid with theil I'lk of France fr a Iat iof from two to our nl, linls sierling,. to b drawn for from her.a, ihad n l a, to msideaublah discussi on, '11, effect w'ill ha toi cause It return alo specie, and givei an nimpetus to conli:.erce." St. Petersburg, Jnly 15.-1-'yearday, S unay, the IIthi July, the mairring of hiur i ,Impriel' n he liuclthes ictla'in vuilnn , It lis Iligi,,esa Dhuke h xianl iam ol Leruerht erg, wau c.elieled, at tile \\inter Pal tce,in thie pIlieCr lift1e I)perial Famil.. 'Thhe Emsperr has d. creed lthat they shonld fix their reaidea:e in IRusia, and has onlfernld ton dozen of alo' peril Ilighuesas ifll th le eyoung Duke. Tho Argyl a nstelameril Ii '1 lansaangl R onl boanal, enl adlltolluched at ialllr , F'erry, ctlllll'lld,, e take ilalre. puasengrs . t .'o euginleers wea e killed, and 7 or , pe.r sonls bdly atinel'i. i he pelketa Slhak.pear, and Garr ek liad a beautiful run out to Live. ol. lliney mantters are curious il England. France.--T'le allprehiided diiturhances at Paris Swere rin lled ills ,ne ire uure,l ,, the: le:iioll o f til Peers ill rl'rencll, to the il ri2oners ,n.haged ill Ih mnlla te. lnd whllilh it will he Ieenll is ddhl ,t ellti01y Isid more hllhilt'tlii tlie erroeois news lI y the last arrival represened it , I,,ea. t ]The l.iverpuol male her last trip home in 13 days enid n 17 hours, laving ean been detailnd 15 hours in the channel. f A victor, hand been obtained ~by tlie trIolli of the e n oflllll, llllllalllm h'd by (jan,. O'Donnell, over d Cahrera,the t'arlisl athiel A vol.s destrulctive tire had nCecurred at Alan hster, hv which the warei,,ie of tile lesasra. hllihan, Lod, ast., wnas dewtroyed, and datuugei sustained to lthe allmoulllt of Adiiral Sir Isanc Cuflln i, deal. Hll dieJ at Chel tenham oa tile 2Std o,l J uly', it fth,, age of f +llr sco)re. Th tCalhedrahf'Ih ig,di,a haa, agll ,edifice,,has een totally destroyt d by tire. I)llnil Webster. otteud11d It public discourse of the Eaglish Agriculhurl zS viety, at whirh he made a great pecl'ric, which en I:ve in haur ElIgliinh papers. It is brimtll l Iof ptl imlism. 'hi ',,, Tmkiush in r,, of Svria is defitcat. The old t.lirn died Iann ia i t JuaIni , and the aOtIng sultanll uccedro llllUnedmUtevyt Ilse therolle. I'is tirl step wuas to sille for ,lace to thile victorious Ibrahim. WIL.I. IAM 11. 'RIC.E IN PARIS. A frienlldi ,e.,lly frllln tile lFrench nnIltL inforlnms ns ilatih' ii'right airticular star If lucnlocism i, Vit linl .1. Price, t :l r, is nhil ing lh dazil oRing tihilh borroda d lustr I i alltie gy sa loots ~f thie gay't lu , in uIlie worl, iae has Itloly IrrCl aied niopr e . ni retreat, it hatltir villa atd ground bii, ani x inu-leea fronl Paris, while Ilho o)ccttple, s hs t luI Id'rmillICU tt all n xl,rlitl rtlll, aI tre nlhd ot in sn ilo i .t .U llioll ale piit. tihe caapt, Elyseen-,hi grut niIre waiil tall hr -rleao ther [,e . olrltucrtled. I'ro loco nl l leain hlneveii n l)re been ro brecillantl Ir t r.:otl. iln Iu ttJeigUn iimcprlpbdis. Olyv think, Vye s;ulls iof+ St 'ii'a,,nany, of 'iir "delmclloritc", iai allduir bieing dolnii eiled ill thile qurhler of tie Irench Itomese atdll being called ua tiigu. ' Ihn i ial 'he mans crlol ies of t nriaie. \'Il v o i- anaih li a Irpll at tie It thllllleri I It a r il t' han: iti, stl i ill' d reirie-caltic ve Ill Ui llp tile lign ty oft he uuilile. il e iii', did mlie s~na is thliti 1ui1 lord ithe ina ohlo c,', . \11hi'l e e.egant Colri, Les :ll d ric is hilt what is tl ]o,.,lofuc Then will cOallt tihe expit. n tiono all lll, Ia culiar privilegea a'd Ifiinne, Ijl e d iii, tlhe oOlliotng Iicii iof tie trih-'a , h olld 'c i a 1 r;o( alIte, be alhlhde tlheret. l, the as, a1it eu lll gro d Ldea ahi .han alinar V, anh l'rnci whuo Ilo ifig way at ll giria n 'rin.wo coittiage' hlad Ie. n r,, eiei 'ciI - nu ctel with, i iIitd d uil , I f the nid stlttus l ll. i l a e fth se o built fai)r .l1r lh ' :e, an l lli ll ,,a t he IloriliII Sownrtwott. Thc hotter wnrs alblenl, but It'IPrne wasn hiris hr ig v n. ' . re io "a ahowever, eVei al al n- d ll ~ll yilll iih a1iorle lIIot, Cu i ll, u, a iu nlllly llltiu l eniiK , ik , i llow Oai Lnotloftlluaiu-all l dilllner 'a rtih , irea iii Itna d Sesaol b-tresn\· rors..I.ll'rict. tatlked very )atrlotrl tly' l'gainlh t I',haal, hnl Itr, it(s , ihachaurl llenuet i ho CI. l iac Iirone frinti, ith th xchaun.ioa-- d'll bet vnt tiotte lfwine lhat Oi li ill'lic a [ mi d t re, mcI ii Sluck'd rll:er hl i'k, a pi otiiicted li tr t tne iim autation _, n_ w s ih td thq _ e mn_ rk retracted. IB utC ol Enquirer=..... ..- . . . ijroccrcftgs of eogrciu. SECOND MUNIC IPALITY T'ucsday, 27t'l August, 1839 The ',0uei toct agic eatly to adjouurnsiee, pr . reut Ileal. Jolunia i rlttl, R(,ea'cldr, Alderllsen Sabthvell, Frerrt, Gl,,yd, Hall, Peters, Rogers, Sew. ll anld \WhILuty.--lcs'rs. Lockett and Yorte ab sent sinn lave. he 'Treae.surcr sublmitted the followinig weekly statement. Sil'i) Il' \It' hll I P.tlITY. Wr-EKL.Y aEPor oF rle 'l'EaLttit. D salrursd since leliot 20ll ;n11 D c 13,c17 II; New Oloans, 27th Ani . 1839. Lieut. Winlter ofiBred as his security, Mir James latnss, who on oc.acoptad. Mi. Pytchoc olcesed ia sis security MIr. Wiiy 1ni li0 Fcet, wlsecit nass accepted. A CoaiIIuniocatilon from Mr. Deacon, was laill on lse thble. A Pelition frocs Fire Comnpany. No. One, wheole. upo0n, ot motion of Mr Whitney, it was IReolved, 'hat the petition of Fire Company, No. I, ho granted, and tle asuracyr be u it Iories d to whoa the hacquat in froentof thcirengine house, laid withl Sone. P'ctston of 0Ien. Brown, laid on tlis table. Mr. PIters, t hairan' of Finance Coommoittee, reportcd thlo tol owing resolutions, which were adopsted. Resolved, I hat tlhe Comptroller be and lie is erehy autholrised to adjoudicat, without limits, to tie hIighest bldder, in coformity with existling or dinances, lte n liilowing stands for the sale of oys ters, via: lone at the foot of Canal Stree', One Gravier do. One l t t oydras do. One" t( Garod do. Olns s 0 Julia do. OineI near tlhe St Mary Marhet, on Leveo, OneI at the Brt of ' flifnac street. Resolved, I lat tia Rltsolution adopted at the last socoling, Iproidngr to tile apssIpntttit'l of *(ioacdaoan e it tlhttstore, be ah d it a s hecry reploal ed; pro-l"lon having bocn ptrevlously made fLtr the r' of tiloe duties pIortsing to such ofic ue "' d 'O'ie llne gentlc"an nato reported the quarterly account ut follector of 'axes oo n 'Taverns, as cur reet. Mr. Cdne.rll, Clshirman of the ConLnitteo o Streets a.nd Lunlings, reported ith t:itowing: tREPORT OF TIlE COAIhMIt'rtEE Oi Streets and Landing.. Resolved, That tle aurveyor be, and a t is r her - by authorised to calue to be repaired, the nuarly done to Lte bll ding of Poydras .oarket durinsg tin storm of Sunday last. Resolved, lurtiserltore, 'TIhat a lightning rod be pl.acedto the usummit of the Cupola, n I thatI a Zinc Floor, wi it proer declivity to carry oif the rain solter, be Iid t tihe interior ot said Cupoin, in order i to ptect the plastering ieiow it against the tuoneos tefectl ol' eo rain wissell snow flisto ro' tihe btinds, tProve;d'd That thl total cost of said tork shall not exceed i e sumit of $300, JAM.ES II. CALI).We ELL, Caiairsaun. SAME .1. PIETES, titNiN. W\lt INIIY. Rnsoilvedl, 't .llt tIo nsurvtyor hb, and hC is here. by auousorsed atcl thcted tlo curur the space ons the leveI in fronts of the St. Mlary'a AiMrke, of a width equalPs to thle width of Said Marlht-to be cleared r t all ositructisns, to I.It properly gradedL. sandl shelled as a wtal leading tr said lMarket to thle cro.swn o the I,'ove Resolve i, n That tiMr Na than Nichols Ite r ired to re orve t hh earl deptsiL d by him on the L'. err, tlundr tie autthsorasiot of this Co'anelIt bIy ersolutioa of 30th1 January lst-with lls fihrearl days icon thissday, under the pehao lty , f lsine fl'50 per day for every day therlca er sad earth or any portionl ol't ls l remain. Resolved. That in tase said arthls be not r. noved ovtlhC the tuo presctCihbd .y the precednLg resolustuIs, that the Cllptiroller be autisoriecd to sell to tie igihest bidder said earsl, after iLtn ays notice, as ; lin elnslbrance on tile Ipublic cay-lhse Ipclrhaser being bound to remnove th santo within live days, or be sIable to thse per dieslls tise lorc Resolved. ''lhat the Oyyter Staind now in front of the St. lary'l Markiet be e rheiovsd flhy feet above its preslet hIcation, and ithat tie utelc of sald Mtstrket l te nremoved o, the upper side of the helled roasd ordaineld by the first resoluton. On motion of 3Mr. tRodgers, it was Resolved, That the Surveyor be, tand be is ictr-e biy directed t have Ite, property used by the Carroll cln Rail Road Company as a depot, and the vaeant square o tpulste, III Itarouso street, imuasedlately I banqoqlttcd and tlre saiL squaro encloECe, .a.ltt bly to existing ondihaneos. On mlotion of Mr. WVhit:rey it was Resolved.'lrat ro Bridge or Bridges bhall bo nade bry any c,-rsie or persons, from tIo Levoe to hea lnd bars or Itltturo in front lof tie municipal. ily except ander the stperioteudanco an I permici. rion of tihe Survayeor, under a penalty of twenty dlolars. 'The Renolution in relation to hawnking of oysters breing in order, on motion of Mr. Petcrs, it was withdradwn. O( moti.onlt the Corcncil aijoerrlored to Tues' day exr, tIre 3rd Stqlmrlber, at 5 o'clock, '. L1. JoilIN GIBSON, iScerCtary. 'FOIL NEIW Y()tK--ItR'glrr iPacket. Orlea tIe rf l,.k't'. 'If sail positivelY o-n Fridor Ivenrinlg, 30lt ii t, - Thie f.e' siline , ceg.itlt lllrcei h1 p L"r ellt - 3.< P i 51111 i· i 1 eI n(II. Ii j u ,i }111 1 11· . (:l Ie 1, Ji,,, mcster, Ih vnrg halflof her er err enguoend, willoail n- abicre. For hblan.e Ierelelger rIe' telneeOn h, iOri' ,lern ir 9t neener datric ni lle r lud' c ,ni at er tllrllurd onilrir ite tr t he vegeetbl' larile, llr to - - l , nlr nhll2 90 Cernllnelo selr-er . COOIPTI'.iL.LOIt'S -FI:(ll.e1 SF1tflrit~il MUllj% IneA Gie "'' Newr O)rhl'een'c fOrte Ancrrcr1 1839, it( I ftr t - lell rrell c r' l i oltlwlnllr llllll tie " hi e cInl or etcecrthear, ri2cc ark ro tiretriect.cril errcrrccc ircerccite c'id entlecncco gacert willc Jac sI .ietc.,rlle w re tIler l rei o rPOttieleer 183.0 to re 15tt Aicril, i~lnr, niz : ()e lit rie fot l olfr Clt nil peltret Orrean (illt c i r rliv lcr h ol l, Jo • r n li i n. i w Yok )vtineW r n he lirit'ofd h iewl (ie*. " Jlfllgmte " (lliter eln cit. It re cntiiiL e 'at alh re'. ~lcrdr ble. 'i'reonte--t t.3, i,5,r irnd 7 oeelu*heredie" in soct ifnraecrcilI oi-loclcrle I eo.nIi J. CALtINI,'UN, Tiel e Ci' al Noticel. h'lieete ianlice enll (jalatleleen o llrer ggPi encilhr Jonet II. .relP illt Ne (rlen re. , irc- re.icrrtull y iitf c lrrf re ' t ice 'f IA'rott c ii Crilere rth, r icneOn c ciil Sr etrcctcnbce lsorxt.-- elsonn hp i-gr e ni th. will epeh, . IS . lnar' rete, iq. Nearw 'ork,ecrlth loe tte tire IPropotrietr, ,ew. litienck'. IIUP" l'on Itoicovilie leorenl, Chrerltil elio 'lbi New 'lrel-k Eve hic oSlro, lllld thr clirit clt tc' fill rce. will Iph'nI t P IIrI e o ewr uoteee t t ere t lelldePa ok dh DlS order irh I'rIietor. e. I()I.I,\Nt) , 'frresrer ,.t Charlra Thleutlre. N. t Ieelr lnn 2 l2d 1 . lI if. tlisellilr,,z,ilaf nP ~lesieIhtt t11( rlP~l lq 11t9 I lll I~Pre-.· (:ln -irriec t ittml cetc tie is t~lIt it t eecel ecee" thfir gocr . te llo o e ire i (pl cllllll ce e l leIP' r yl l Ir IYl J. A. Ilrlll';\ · 1 l'l). il(B 1( a )lr 1'rlllh .l h en0110 TEA - ll llents hlani l a from ipe 'I Ilaer,' ' re l ccecors'er !.o ll c ilc c le c Oc t 1 clY if 1 I .t l' l liie b0181 I en - i i Iii t lit i ; 1 .1 tie ie r rnect Ot ( tlrelllelll n , e Rll lelr>ri l Ih eor rec t 1 i lllc llc e ter tie cr i a cc tre,' ieruiei ecro i ro l Tc e ee 1 ey .l icc tricrec; care eleeehir I.r u+/,t ftrei.+o cnreow tree' c,'e; or,'dnai be. l,+C.n ' reIdl c ell.ll i ne ilc'c-y hlr leln tillr ce as i O1. n nlel1 n iiuh t I 1i)ilnr w71 VE rE( o e cI eccecl cr ecnre nei r ll c r p e ,r ,e c .trl i l.ce , h iil(''eal' il~ I,( lllll] le t![ .... lip Ilie chv (h~t , I.l. feid ciec node ocr e obni' can, eroutr'o ete iq nilllely 71'W tli. lple, ,% t h lr rthpe0 ung~- 01)11 ('lrthl Illli ( ;~milailp sII

erulc II Tc l ricee o r r n t-h rir eoI- int-il,, 'l c '( tlll c1 0l 8 N '11'.t l i kti dcrlla cef l r I co it cii Illc r i a io n re'pm lceIolioit odi o I erl ec, ec iicr.' otl li r,,lir'rce' ic, w and Ncrnerrcoceo critte cneiekc ottie terg aF" ll- .q-2i terror \"21 errsiesrnerrc almtecrc' iI'cer~ecci- era-T .li +ic bc e' eret er i cerce Ini hl f 'lt c One cci erccct nl+ileec can1 ice 1 I-iV itXi.t 'a T , . iV It.1ll relhr~l\ ~I IK.all! by ,I T(·- IIIII.I II ·T ('. )iL I\l l 1. 1111(1 1I 9lll'll 7+|I/I1 Pfivl Irl~l' C e -- O ,]tc, +2,ice t. , 'ttl I-i.& t ',, 8 00 I 3-II·\ l i i t I~+: iX :iiib: . ......... .. ·Ille~~i(·IN .,\\V.l\',iln I I 7qni\,ln· the~~. I1tl 1ira i 88800lll . t 0 I o i lil -r IIIfI rert 11·;1, 11. i i hi' I',lia'l.l :. . \I{I) ·II, , +,v 1 a .l'llr u dnr hl.-tv ilil. \ I~it1 t.J Ir'l I r I:ICSI I .l..v lt r~Ll'till ilt:-'t ""''I~~I·r()l ;~~~.~ lltl li; hil.~I ~Ith' hlth~in_ ha:lkr . rIIIII hi1 lil 1( il/ 1 )1';\1"1 1' ' . ( iciecl.l,ol " tllcl hc to Ire' rie ccc'., t (cciccic cc ('li cic , ciwcc tic-ie nl t oI h er , ccc I 'cb-ceou cci'e h.' (JI .,iie \I.;, l) l tlllll,. . hIllllllll · im fl h.,(l~~i II 11 a+'. 1,f I TOiml, ccic etc, per critter-cc Iilii t lin 18 I'! .I I'I cuiccie ccocceci tccr I rc ccccc icb ec. Icr I i.NNt tl II,.IiI ,l r ,-t,rcl iirt J - ,'ec i,0c,, [7 tie,,ci tl-icl ', r iorrecccro ic " e - i c~lcc c-ccccce-er , tf , ctl <it,+ tic t ilJ Iccc :ix fn \I !cc Iccte ccce ecct ti ,,toccicl ccc foli. 111+ ii 'l, lll t r rtome-] coreri,.' irtrocec rot -to, 8i ..'%.'' ic V\I8 I jtiil0 II~i-i . . . .. .. .. cr t' "' 0 1.1(1)li ('1. /tr ),o eiu thn It dl oi\ whe nid prr i ý . puty,' n,'olrul , rrcl'rved tro Ifr t holl,", di ~r relai If I. l)4N (VA., ig 23 4:1 4I'.1 tpitoll .l s treet. 1 Ll.( ) I-- 1044I4I 4 I4.4,p4 rf, ir 150 d,-0 ne, fo4r sal 4 , y mM' gl NYu ' dtarie poo~)4 n .r) '0l ;hre a, -[ ZI7 4 G-I 44 1l, , II t 14 ],e4 & C 30 to 60 I l .l'l , h+: iv \ l' I r~ · rcrll lop.,. , lh, s{ 1-V I 1 1 + hll l Il1 ';11 cn. t 4 ' ill). 4 i ' 4 g C 4 511 e4r4') g4 , 44t,. may ^R II !'ront I.cre s 1:l. L 4 'OI)ICC - 4 bo s. ForsaleT ,b b4v" ll I4), A. &T ill: , 4 4,, 4,, , 1, 4v,). - ..s'4 , ; ,, , - ,.4 0 fell t a pe ndo. do Jt l r ,,ivc ,j rd and Elivud h n S-Ti (WA , ":Cmp atI 444444,24 4 ,i..,tI.'..,., julyll_, INo 9 Co nteee I .l I N l' ll 1'. I) wITilA ( r1,-- l trs. Erpsd tion- - :nd no s/lc unsurpasse d in New Oll ANs, or elslll O' oets :7l e at ('utrrr o ve ft ,o+vr in. Si.(harles IEx Sr, t / rr (:o r. . St.) or (t 'R4I r I : I ;f 1b h ier ; Iip . r Nly 1rl i. qua I N ' j i l r'i N 1 red t 1.ilF, 1J4 1% T rI PRINT~I l . n, l 4Ir . .. .. .th a / I( di ( n. i el~l. - . , . . i 4/ ' t 11 - i ll Nr l I ;i , Ido ndi (. t , r II i ErIkIrICII, AI\ -co j1u 1 1 N4 C nt 1114 4 :.t4 4 r II,,'44 47 t,' lth 4I' 4I) d, l I)444h i l, h4 l I:e,,t l.oir] tIy l.d lld (w,, f',, 4N N ,)1 I ut 1, I' 4l4"4l E ttl4' O('o. l I Fill,',nt ir.o S e4i. 'l"oi's Fa A -\ -, t i r I o o" !s_ e I tiow m I b' N o t ,-~ F li vlh will Ibe ,t F ,,l.r ,v o ir t. lll t e rnt [ ' Flll llrlr r1 ,iere Wll et I t' ' o XO, gol, I t .4,4. , 4'R-, ot - ot No ,, r 4 o4 ,' , ,I 4 - t, it r 'uri jit ,4.4, 44I4in , , 1 i4,lh & Co.. , ltun ( i e i is roio ciod .mitiT r v I t ra h r I11 li-t" l !i l Ihi ll n nl.. rd , in ot o ll ool i reri ' blsy 4) 444 A44-44,4\\44 (1. 144 444 l 414N44- L'.444 4') 1n l ) l- li " ,9 4"l m 4 rtm 4 4i wr i t ,,bI \ I l 0 i b t 11 , I N , l 4- t h e \ , 'h l.. ' F h- dir.e 44 'e ,0(,4: 4 44)--'r stlore 4, u ,l e, 14in .i xlle))4ille r d .t 2dtil ', .l 4lh 4ll , ' 4. 4 ', i ll T ) N 11,44. 4 11 5( 1') , 44444444 '.4,") ,ol0 )4444 4,. so. lle l IAo . n ' 4 4 i N llhr ',,0 4 ln 4itr forF4 r y w l- 1" J1. 1 ' \'rit Ct 4) .44 4) 4\4 I, I 4: 44 ( F.'. rla 1'.:K-su l o:rr Iy' lt.I :P i, ,. l n ol r ,AiIth h o. - 4 - 4 ) illl l" h L ot 4~4l .44l ,4 1i44 c444 4 )c44 id 1 1 w11 (4· 41 , t 'it 'l 1 : l 411 4l44 p im)' 4i4 N- . oli. .ll t.illll ,llt l \ [[ 4.Ion1 , fu ll yiil4l F .ll 'l. i )Ig 41nr I(1 )444E0f IE 1 1 1w ). ] -' h I o 1'- IIF+ III'' N ,44) '.444 p4.4)4 t 4 4j . & ) I' 0,1I1N I v1''. tP4,4).)4.444. h 14.h I )r- 4 i4- 1t I.4 :l4.4 f, lr 44,4 4 e b r p444t, _r4414 nI) I0lu4l)(.',' ( . e (4.4131 4hl; 'er) d!,;" ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE 2d and 3d Cldates Consolidated in one of the Louisiana Grand Real Estate aLd Stock Lottery. [tAtahoried by virtue of a late of Louisiiaa.] CALDIWELL, OAKEY & PRIT'CIIARD, lManagers and Proprietors. I' EAl. FSTATE & STOCK offered in prizes a P anloptina to $2.ni10I 100. To be diotrihutled in 10,0011 priries aoung which are the VRtVNDAw, thte bT. r CABOLEs "'HK'hrR anod the ARCADE BUIIDIN o on Camp Street, Iteing the d unda 3d class consolidated in one Lottery. d 'rie managers and proprietors resppetefully annoonce to itle publio that they have b onsolidaled tteir 2td ntd 3d clast itto a ,4inole Lottery Into be drawn in the cilvt of Neo Orleans, on tie old tods of drnwineg tatroks and Prizes. In a few dives the Schetme will be presented to the Pihilie, cotoilnigallt the remainder of the prperty in fended for teh 21 nd 3d un loassesat itlt one c olida ted Lottery amouoting to $2,000,t01t. The qu ttillti oflickets 1011,000 will be numbetred fro n No. Ti ed in one00,0. Price $2ii .. .. . 2,000,000. Nothing addihional will be pt upon the Sehete prite for tIheexpese of 'rhititg. fcrOifte and dsiotoants it the Sale of't'iokece or other eootigenoes t ali of which will be paid by she proprietors thereby redoeing in g 'rte Tiecet No. I to 1ttions to be paoced in one wteel and tt ie eorreeponding tickets respectitg ttte Prizes and Blacks plned ointo another wteel. 'ro ecry nomhnr from one whetel, i ticket from the Prize aod lohmk whleel shalal be drwu toI deiuonsttrato Ihe regCu taritv and eaoetntea with which the 10t,0011 tickets from encli wbeel shall oe drawn. Fal:h drawing w ill be neder the inspection and aper. vieion of at least two of theJudges of Court in New Orleans, and to be opened and sealed by them. iThe firstt day's drawiing of this coosoliotad Two Million IIotterV will take place at as early o period a protlclihable, itmlediatel) after the drawing of tile 2st CI s0, 00 tooeady announced in December next. oug 27. ft. FOR NEW YORiK. New York and New Orleans Iine. To sail on IVednesday 28th inst. . 'rhie elegant PacketSbip AUITIIItN, Cait SCoonell, will sail as above, ir freight er ., passaoge, havinf handsomo firni-hed 0nc0 - ttntiotseItlty oil board tr to. PETER ItAII)LAVW, a 2 t66 Camop st. FOR NEW YORK.-REGULAR LINE. Orleans Line of Packets. r. The copppered and copper fastened Pae immnediatelv despatchdr. Fer freig'ht or passa0 e tving ltperior accomodnlon,, apply oi tle 'aain o board, two tieta below tbe Veg talile Iltrket ,r Io A COHEN, atlg 20th 92 Common St. S TO' IRENT, a Counting Itolm in the 3d 10 story, over the steor of T R Ilvde & IBrother ong of two sepertmenot, in one of which s a lire pace lll well adted for an ooicto, f any k tin ; iosassoci gives inmmediotely. For terms appfly to IYT.R. II1)E & ooag22lo 39 Ctoototto eoe liltynite Moe~s. S1 t;I;FFVIY'S I ACI.FICt. RtEADEnRS, No,. I, .2, 13, ,od 4, an iavoiee just received. Aio otht SEclec-tic Lrimler oid Eclectic Seltlig lok, ftoe oAle hy Alex. I't t'VAl. nll_ .d 49 Coallmp Strer, I SA P:S I.An' Ni tt'il,1'the AuteotrnT of the (c11ot Ntewool. A 'l'a in 2 Voltore, hbv 0 I' R Jaoes Itq. author oftlie IltLruenot, the RhblHr &r. &o . Just IIeeeived 0ad for sale by Alex TOtW ,\t. lu a - 221 49 'alnmp Stelr . Oºltl HE AMER ICA L J AOUNGPIt y cthe nuteor S !'lipt Kyd, The Pirate of tle Glf, tChe. &c. hl Skeohet s in London by the Autlmr ofthe i Great le t. New Iocken L.neon in o, ioloatoes. Also lholeward Ico und and tormlnl. ftour lnl. Jo.t iloceived byi Alex Tt)W.\R, eolg 22.1 49 Cntnp 1t. 1I1 Z--Ir)oI0 bzhrri-le frest oorr fe Il-oo r, til Sstnre, fuTr sale by ItirSiY, a2' 44 New latvr, 1 4 lOwtt.9tttio. 'ew lt!Tieot t Floor, 18 looc t ot c rteoamdoateroitnito (troif Srt totst or t h. I a a22(. 1)ORSEY-, Itw Lev r, 'IlTL LIBEL CASE. [1;11.I IIFD S'IIIt I)AY, nod for saole t It Collting loom nCf th True American, St (Clorlhe llhotllld at the principal Ilook e tor, a correctlleport of iIt lte interesting aonld important ttitotf theP Sltle of I.oio iana vs.John Gihson, Editor ald Ptldlith,,r if, the Tl'rue Aneriean, before the Criminal Court for Li beJ. )sly 21st IOL IStIANA (.RANt IE) t, I.'t'l'Af 1r ANDt STOCK l.OT'"I'IRY. lB' intohoilv tof tile Scae oft the I.Ooli.oAtt 'oilo oOft Itoo la ootv ;,ed thll Malrch, 18. Tile al CIlasR or Ieotterr will be po.Ioivel c ra-vn ill the city of New Orhleano Irior to Isto Jnnarv-e,*oo oThe pboiie re reslpeetfulle inforoed Ih tickets in oRteILY ORo.IvD .LOTTEdRI, Are now ofLfred Ibr It le o bye tie,- Solrilers Ill huir ,oftc ', retslecr of C ntllll:ll sld R;vtIl sreet . Ie citren oeti e O'it d or art' eulars to lue )oe"ilg billto i ad5 CAi . e Wd 1 I.I., K1 0&. IS-'Idbo 'Col 11e , rv n22 (; I)t()I(t..Y, ,II New Ievt," 0 ] IoOtoKS--"T: e CroPv, a tale hy Il., r tic r0 ottil'0 'oioir ofee rtro 11'o . t , i \\ I, I' io.o oaes I'ooj thie Nnvatl ,liatnre of ct ' C e, v J "tlitllotttor.:iCooperl, lollllr olf toe' t'too IIIS nl)ehnls and Marrilagest Ilhoe k slo No 2 / .Inlck ."h,'pnrd, by A ; IPhrenOog,' is l'. IsletI fIy. Just receivedl aod for .ate hy "A I.EX. 'IO)WEEIR .19 (Catopi s `d HISiKI?1'-. hnSit itrort- lo co lowi-ke in to oro V tfor sale by 5G D)iltF ttY, hog !I 441 ,... I.v.,,. i'rts.ction,foreale o by et I)o) 40I'o , ' jneJot 4n 4,1 Nw I..v ev , Pa lmtyra. Pro l us, r I.etters from Rome. ?.meriean ýcenerv, a al:lendid work, .1 QN'or. Reeived ()loe \Vld Flowmes with biatitltiul Colouted l'lae!Ps. Th'lle Childs Itrawing IlBook. Iton Quiontte in 3 vola 8mn. with lluttrolion., Received and for sale by Alex T'OWAR. july 15th 49 Ctlnp street. IS 1IN(i G.,od.-I eask Cutlerv.--.. Boxes Bridle l I.unther, coming to Scbhwanck & Ce. marked J C I)lnis ('. have never retacld their destianion lehe. A ly ilnflormlation elncerning these pntckages will be thankfiullly receivedby SG I LANN(IIARr,. July 111th 3: Gr3 ier St. P RLOR (IRNA3I ENTS --Rreland eau tfu enurlsllies, fur sale only by Rees & D'lannge and ".t P'lutgh's Mluseum. All theseornaments consist of the most splenh did sptecimenrs of orthinology trom Europe, Asia, Africa, and our own country. Appleoed notes at 60 days will be taken ol wI LOCKE & CO)., No. 8 Front Levee, have in store T) hlarge and extensive assrtment of C( pler Iand Ti, , ure <f their own maulufOcture, whlich elttv flr low by wtah btsilee t a 38 Jttt 6t sll ttotn jut& tt bldett lI hitpOrleans from New Yur, for sale ly "t 13 ,S G IL ANLFIAILD, 33 (tetraee. I I IESI tUTllTER-A smull invoice lat(ding paee Ilm hip Auburn frtom New York alnd f. r sTle by SG, ItI. ANtCIItl)s ti7 33 Grei1V dir ae as t ` 7 N i , W t nding, i r . h -n neai ; errs l til bl y I1 Itt)rN mA i l , lJ if I.;nseId Oil illipea udel barr els--0 t tt ."l aSpirit' of l' aosle bl JARnVIS & ANRlIikWe, I tlil' nl . b Tl ine 'lru ur l o -u ll;: i;-aat july 0. coner a uaIht. z an Trlel Clt.mlas s IVIS -i a.l'k I--Just r-coived a fine assIrtene t Lnewi Irilti aper, o all vniona size, s far tile city and c unitry ptures a nTie for salt by rut I)l ALIX 'rOW. It, 49 '"tll, ,t WCi'l-'l-Jti Planin (rro anrtualn rul a sup S loPt tlf writinteg pa r, rtled alnrdl I , fr li 1 on aIvnnlanlo ermteams. AI.lX TlotiVAAt Itm v 1 : _I 9 t't. I t1I t l IOlK--75 bes, mllea and ilrne, for sale hvb r julyi1 (; . a a )Rae e t , wltl'eI tLea ee' N OT klW-c-\VILLIAM BIELl., N 16, CliItrulls st 1 eutntiiatnttuin mamufatcturu n t article in hsli ii e Monrt notice. (hlaress noadereal t. N. It. W\Vatltlr. Jewelrty, Mtils Btx1 ., Sietlcleahs lle aored in iotmost flitlhful manner. Old toll ttnd SilVaetr autted. mtat I ... .. .. O N-- LK " A COIIPLI.lE aissnrtmentof the best wrks on ltho Sethlture eof the Mlulberry and silk worms. rendth on silk worms. l)'Holterge 'su silk eulturist's mltaaal. tlarke on thle llullmrry. CoItla'i maalllll flahe sar lherry tree. I(ledri (k's silk growera guide. Whitenrarsll an the llllberry and silk wornas. llobertsa on silk &e. EJOHNSI & Co, jai w ttrner of St. Cltarles & Comnloall st I 'ICl--5casks plrimo Uarlilta Rier, landing lrtnnt SchL r D) Hasy nad forusale byl J. 'I'IAYIIl. & CO. . 71 Pluda.rlra.street I1E JUICi, landing frem Ilvanas ill casks, lur Srein atd detmijohna, tItr alt by I BtNNAIIEI., tay 10 Cuer .tlchaez & laltlhite tlus eta D RUGS.-Just laIndig Ai ltam Mesinr, a aSltly tl nlnrlods. Ilitter and sweet liquorice rott, lilt tliel, eseae t 'flergRtttnott, ea=cdnace il let l jtielt, ettl natl cnnary etdl, Iannallnt, lllke, tail Ellttal, lca. tlahrides, briltltotllte orenge flltr. water &ca, far whuleaalo utal retail it.stoee of II I()NNABEI., ns'iJ oe Natchaz &els -lttnltitutlaa st -GREAT' IARGIAIN. F,--OR AIlE e five thotsand acres of lia, til, I..NI, I eligltly¢aituatad in the. Perish tI ()lttthitt, near llanrte. 'The land ia uadllPr eltrenta ly htt tstd ntlotnt lelatlltrullN.ts t trrlmlt. ,pplv tt tt i TIOS The D.ttIL Paper is neatly printed with small type on an extra, doue:a ilned nm sheet, at $12 per allnllln , payablehll IItaRlnlly in advance. The Tnt-wEEKLt" P lper, Contlaining ,ha reading i matter of two dailies, $l10, payable in advance, whore no city reference is given. The WIeCKLY T'ar AtERItlca, made up from the II daily papers, during tile week, will be cent to sub. seribers who pay .$5 per annum in advance, and I to none other, unless an acceptable city reference is given. Subscribers respectfilly solicited. JOHN GIBSON. NEW ORltl.A.S, MAY 1839. 252 III ALES Ncrllhrer lay landing from Ship R Louisa, fronm New York fhr Sale by A COIIEN, augt20. 0 Commona street. ELNGLISH T'9Il IIEI'ORTS of Crma deterarin. F edrin the l'ort r ir f tu.en's IBench, in the Biail Court, ('ourtl of Coumaon 'leas al tile Court of Ex che first Nretrar of the above work is this day re eirvedlly Alex 'l'wnr'ol9 Cinep slre'rtwlrre tle airl hlere orT the Bar ire repertl'nlly inviterld to call and ex-s amlile it. ia .t I YIIRAUIJLIC Cli.EtI\'-'t0rtlds for sale by I1 j6 S &J P WillI I'NICY, 73Cramp lt SAR)I)-I00 kegs leaf Inrd in strir firrsale by I1sS5 (I I)IllSIfY.41 New levee MA'l'I'ILASMI;MS,,f IIair,.d Mlre, ialc, Fun Ilhelr andi 311r. I'illw"r atdu Iolltreras, wrrrrnt I if best renterinl alld fir stile lit teP lOwestca r h IItreir by Wt. It CA ItNES, "ag 20th--6t 53 Ilienville strce I L A A It'T'IN I 'S Il1,G 1t .,,IA Gl1 E( - Itarrtford & llertnrrn-''harrh's dictionary Kirgley'a Secial rhoiri, 2 wel ame Kobler en he lhrri'uian rear--leeslies, cookery I e l trite ' 'trrrltrt's Ilistory ef England. ai lrea illivry with niuny other very vuhlable srks, this day recrivr.alla n ca f tiler by J22 A I'O\WAIi, 49 Camrp st fr0 -I ' I;'itNlis, CVlNINl'-ING itOMi , iBA NIKS, &ce I 50 reall , Aleis' DIve inill etter plaper. fille 511 Ia Ido solelrfia o0 l corn.e. .l post 15:0 do .r.ralin post Ia l lrtli" ·le pll a7 do oter lined past do riot r it reirii'er ii writing A0 do i, l''in do ' ;( a p, Ibank folio poIst .All ofwhic Irr of It ver anperi tr qualityi IanhU will e sold low, to (:close a coansigntllll ll1t; I 11j.l ' l"t 'l'IR )lh-' a r I ri vs Na ewtrar & I lirh S ,on'sII r' rClll l a pllll nyv I;,l ,f \iillilT ULTeri or artli. l e f lor ~ ia r aIp aa f cIIIIel. , f sl i july .t tca r l'IpmnIn & st, 'll till 1- ' keg i.i sht e an id 1 Stern. .r sri aug 10 44 New Levee ICLY Sl I . by ,111,1,, j I ly 11 r ' a p, h I. t,.. ,r' ,,, 1,, " , 1 11I.i l ' 1 it: 'a, liar' ' l 1 .1 r lai` 1l . Ni t! 1 i.. I( t Lii ii 'ar. i 'I,. i l,r . '"" 'e -:ttr S I Ir . \ u l\ , II iuasrel. i l t' l .,Ir r , I"tr. ,l I ,rnr.1. li r ' ilt' I( ,,t'rl l , 111 l, i l i, k , rn'i, , " I', rl,, ~1 BUttA'A 'I'r I,, ' taIl ' X P '1 . tg '1'M PaI'r ulne .!i: n a lh ("lr, l, . ('.m a Wirer coltre die"s t"l· \i -Ir'1tl ~,.+ It ljl" uv, , 1et ila sont prt.tsl a ret vuir des :!ppIhcat:il q : ,I' IA( 'Y, Secretaire. t aa .:111.'a'l' 1 \ pat. J, r-, ta"a a ".+ a.,t+ il ad ( o ug h , ra . a, I .l n 'i . tt I,'n , Landing and for , houle,. , or r+tlal by II' t( )NN \t11 I , jill 'llth Ilrtuggit ''hapiti(ns s. ri t I AI'l l t i't 1 I \ilt a , 1 -' vol Peter'si Jult receivl alld al Ir ale iat aulg 3, Nl.e; : ( l' tttll x.l.lll t er H I a I . (IiI(II II IIIt.EI'it I 1S aa',l aadfaoa . i pi re' _ I esclti of the II,.wl, Wlin vry whrh,+,l tlle tilli:h e Smild in l erlation 'nd p'a,n t hel Ieat thaoi.ut certi pie erl l o hal tl , it r Iat e tl nlld rlTllinl a re of Indlil gaellon, an a ll sioitn h c L cI Iplaintl. and nL + tl aia 'irl e puritittes the taoud and it pr, enture of tt Just recoiled alti e fr iho'saI anmid retail yI II l lt iNN ll It , ju]).al. hh . a.. tarltaapjata at n I \a1,tl ,, hl,,l jI AHi.--lllI I ea ltat I d a, -taort' fir +l.a h ( a8 )1 i)1SE'Y, II New L.eve VAItUAihl't II NGLISII EI)I'lONS, .I (Cu allineY a orlh wo tk a t (iithlaa , na uaor ,a a a-ii l a. l'aal l nIl 'lllt' orks--\\'lnvlrrly, iniily putirailts PaIrrv's |el.o1ndt , h -t'1per's works. as, i :: 'r, t 'e . I3 vl -- Sir ('satrlaes (allllllliS (iolllditl th Atniated Niahlrte--. ithll I Colntges Knox s history of the relblrtual n r J.I. r teie Iud and ,ell I a A '1' \':t1A t a1tr '09 tlttt -te t .o i aes a t., Ia th r rlv-d a Imall aa, ','sr t I;rut' 1'l111l1 It+, e nllll lll,.1 ( tiche,,-lllitp+' WeL uIp iht hte I 'ttt t a.lal , a at l' a I\1 '11 a' at ..!,ill; It i Iia i i Ia rat .' Ih , 1,k11 +', . t 'aa t , \', t )aaa t tllVaaa ,' atoV . I t, alz , I', a ,a. i trl ta, l dtt . Ihl'aei , ,l dr. lille iillll hlnud 'l% .1' I'11 id hh,i I l ItIhrI 'r er, P, I' I , " l In -ll r "ioll +11,11. l lll t I ill It rt a , I )e ta, l igoelll' , II- l' iu. iI"rl"' \ladtt Il, llll lllhFil I)tý, Oillloouliwl , girllllltl - I.lw I a'l n unli-h.--I vi.nullh , i+.1 r l in 1 lI )ledlrtl, Intl- w Liter:,t , I v it, i i, , l Sth (I I ,,klullld· lll \,iv ,, ,l > ,tn. t P .lianLi l a.-- tI' n eil"ai'at ri e \ I. e r e I ,, -aa tati, - a n- dllli vih,- i - l n lll ,t i 1 r. It t·, - I1 Pll' i oil" ll ll lhol i +'.o d n -,li t aIlaal tI ti al"I 'l "t a tt N I .' InIt .t t tat.. a l tllat ala -ti.. I' lll l\ l "b l. I'a ' i. l li r .' I'lt , . t .il. l I'm it ,t t 1:hl,.· il \.,,",n : I'll no" - work l a'r t c zI l ~i a i ,i. a' ! at I? 1aarlalla.l ttt i l- ,. t , ltl , I arati. t.a tdiiual ' ' 'd, . ' .l . a tII N' ti 17 aa h I l t al tt 'a t 'alaa' i a I, ll ll¢ II L ll oahlt ('hni o-.ll '. I-1 nu ,3 : mill'l lilglea Ar lla a . aI . -' a , "I t liat' .,. t hal. I. aa' aand Piua l I t"lata ' Itaaa I' a -. aa' I Ia la' ' iaa i aa. 1i 1111 Ii,. rj Per it.aatan i ' ';1 n Ia I Iii a a . t Ihh- a i rl, , t i a• ' a'a: rie l V ll ith '+lh 'll ld Iti l ele i t I'+ "r . . e.'. " tll i· and: roh r i 'uw o ai; El lirt v I,..; IvF rt 'a'i.. ( +i1i. d <r I Jliil- , I ', 'm;> 1:,l :Ih i. . ,1 l ..'a It :lil"l i, l I hrll. , 'at h It h.'ikla' t(a h i ll lltaa'a' n \I e l' ae s t al. tIIthills; lltilt allt . ," tol Itre. a'i aI Ia.t a tetau it. I tll tat..i; ii'h, ad itiotllt o hlr I .' Itrl 'r itI (,1l Iialn ! tlnlakes their il t utill irl vPry eoitllll i , nd t | will Ihe .ldiL Iow nld 1,nllilb.·r ierllul ,t thir siglln of ihe (ahl rl olb. i-t 711 Chartres ar rea' t. 11.S--t'3it0 C 't 1iAh 1 31r 1% t ll v IaI S , J ' N I a 3 I M cti 0 INI BOIrTrl Ii".i haoa Itl'ill /!/r ( arla Ir'll/; i aar aa aa I \'sara (a lllataadltn rloa aa ita l a aljlr ' 'iliI e,. )l Iatltr rtl . l aT' aiia " ~ "it t % lnrallleTalt r i 1J -11' c a llllrll. a lirt'' ni 'arn I' a I~... t, F :It'laa '' SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. `X EtI ltabroght to the Pound of the 3d Ward, 2d A linr hoste with btlck olnne and tail 4 fiet black 48 hIn e ll'e ,.i h ,.ttherI seup1posed to It, A A on ftheleft hiud qlll lter, bel.'scren I, uand 11 hbll ds high. A ltonn ol .e nith I t t lhu I teecul,l Iounded witll let. t ler I er l'r to le l'P oI r It ul the bL It lind quarter A dark brow'n . ttre 4 feet Ickhel nod lbranded with 'Itletrt F I'llo Ithe right tehtlceor an d Ihllout 13 hande A dark l oi n M ltre c t brtown lll lIn d tlil Ill hans A toav tatre ul hwith it crept block none, brotn Jhint her tote, 4 fet bltek, wilth t Iter snpposed to be It tt Itttt elh l lthol.:erc, ttut II ltttctde high. - oThe -wlrt of ttil tt ttcrly will pletse coll at the unld of he i to word, i teatd t the oorer of Roln, &.A. lllcintlioa SI, sl e. rolelt' ,ty chlttgn slod take hil lWOlOll hetisr. ulurd l t 7th Setptember, ]139 Shenll Vill be sold at utltlioi by PoG (Iilltitepub J L WINTER, New (Jltrltos,ng l 7th, Ist l.iea . ONT 6'6 mosnt an Broyer du 3mo ward de men niclltalit ale otitnttx. l6paves suivants Un chovial bay a crinil et gneuo ct pieds nirs, it clt dtanp6d de lettres que I'on suppose tIro A A pur la hancho ganche, ea llnesuro et do 13 on 14 saulnes. Un cloval retn, avoe face blancheo, etsampde Ilttres quo lou suppose itre P P on scur In honelhe anclihell--at Illentr eat do 13+ paumes. Uno jurmient, conlour bruno, les quatre pattei nolres--cll est cetttulpo des lettros Y. F. sur l'e Piaulo droito ra uItlesuro est de 13 pannmel. Uno patito jumtotit coleur roan fone6, queue et ereeiore horuolo! an eesur ceot do 12 pialle S Une mulo couleur bays, crinuibr noire tail6, quo brutte, raie noire lsr les 6tule, raen blanllce dor. riere les oreilles, les 4 pa tms no r, etamp6o d'uno lettro quo I'on suppse ltro D. stur I'tipanlo ganecto --s Inosure est do 14 paulltes. Les proprietairee vo dront b on les reclnmer an depot du fone district do la 2ot niunieipalitt en corgnure rues Robin et Anneeciation et prouie vatlt lour Ipropriel6, or en payont lee dlpanses, avant leotnedi 7 septItnbro 1837, tjuand i's seront vendu ivo ollan par P'.G. G(uil otto noenoteur. 'a. 29 J L WINTIER, le lieutonant. 'F RIE Itnrought to tlleo Ioud tI' tlto 3d ward i 2,l Munieiipality the tfllowing stray ani mtnal viz: A I y Iolrse, tithtk tItlllt'leltte ttlatr opptetail tl Iwo ltindt fethticI whittt o onttl sltr 0It i hiet , fifteen 'T'hre owner of said propertly will please call at th e tutul oe the 3rd weird ,el Municipality situ ated the corner llRlbin and AtIttUteialton streets, prove prIole'ly pay chllrges ind take him away on or befolre Sturdallly the 711 hit tlmber, 1839, when he will Ie sold at auctietl by I'G GUllllotte, pub. lie auctiotl or. J I.. WINTI'IR, Now Orleans, Autg 2I h,.1839. lt L:eut. I Itt' , br~ , ght ito h '11 " her , ,,T e .e of, the d ti V 5 nll 511 55 plh h, he Illw, so+¥~11 n s1, vi . * A ' t IIll.elto lt'Iu .Ic' ,l II, u 1tt ll ctttt SI y ear ns nage, s uy se hlit et Ali l 'eo. tt lltell. t n A o /lth bllu IIIr 'w l Jelh , :,I i Jel years of age, sit c ly 15 b 'l+0I++ Itt e, h911 lmt.o A tlll'fttf,, e t ,c ee. tal (lll , Ih rl rh. aboif t 2I. years oo'u a ecott'ltt teo' i II,. t n', o lit g titl t111t' ,td .1' , I ne il t tel nll r s olf lge , S yI . soy.,, ,he ti b I~ I on i"te oend tilt 1h0l'tt- ii h m'. \''ehe ga,. s 'b," (l.e ,, i l :.,, c ll t the Ir iosr '... ".+ ,l . _ II5 ' .. . . " ,,,l..r,. ,,,,,,,, I. .Y 1 29 ('u laio o1111 nf the Well' ch. " r.... ., ir e ) e d" \ ll. \l l el de l ni). Sl ,, ' r t '' tO e.,'tie 6o anlle dlin. olne ýr ., aeoem ,'' II I tZ\ 111i 11, ge("' dl'environ .," ih :d i ·, ,l1h4d mII s \hir pI aus. d Iei, . e el"-, . m.,.' .,lIlt 'III I, tg, l' l, e tvieon I2 1.r".e. , , , c,11 i ,,,,, , ,l, ,e, I prl a v m ene, a r, h fIIT('r rice II: t ll t,". r ,,.. itil. lA|PEI, J li t'nl'iltlihe ,hI I Gande _I I I I.t1.--5\ nl., oII pll I8 y I ll |ellS'* retI tlho 'l , 11e1 h ,, Ii11,5 ,,ll hit' , '1: it 5. : lillllll ill Islt BpU l.os - l, Iit:. I t I,. chl o., I o,r ibul ftit,'n hande I,1 t't. -b _1, i" ,, l , \ ll- t l l illt E rl t D e , tt slso f r. i'r \,,'Lii. Th,1 nI i -l t e lrl tlt· ,ttt ' ftrll t fttr l l tltpr 'l O proper=. t ['I, fen clll _, + ' , , ; t .tit II vuy . 1 I ,11e ,1 , li 1 l 3 1 11 nI:IIci, Iesll tt oI thte 31\\ 0s , I . I l tI' ltiiU t 't lltt llt, tf llttIl. ir pfll m oin I it etr, I trre , tl Et, a ' l i te . r tts iedlt M u.i pIIHI 1 1 , lit. 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I1 Si IIAI{PER, Caprtaina do Wtatch UNil P) 'x ATES OF A1ElI(C i.-State of LU Ioisiana-PI'arisi and city of New Orleans- oe it known by thisu ngrem, ot, mnade and conclud. ed this fourteethl day of June, 1839, before meo. Ioratio ilait, a Iotary public, duly comanaissioned andnsworn, in and for the pa:rishtl nd city of New Orleans, that in eonformity a the law approved by. tile legislateur of this state, on the thirteenth Marci eighteen hundrel and tttlrty.even, entitled "an act to nuthorsz liited and lld anonymous partner. ships, and tIr regulating the samte;" There is i hereby formned a Ittited partner.hip which shall be regulated in ininelr alld fitrm filiowing, viz : 1. ` cIocan a.nd stile of 'aid pnrtlnorahip shall be--' 'hI+ steamor lie.lliant Association of New Orh+a ns."' S'hTlI ass,~iation is firme,d oir the pepope of' rcIn. ily tile ,tlarl " calld he ilitl iant of New, lt , ant, as a piiaes ,gittr iandl frfoht boat, for hire, I oth s h ta', r I[ 1, lvlsil :a. or others of or on the COa.t of "o et':aatfe Statntle, :1 Ti ' oinll t of the capital stocki of this aslo. ,an10 lr is thirty two thOint1 dollatrs, nd :ied intno '.oy hare. ý,,f eaht hundred dollars each. The Iwlhi o1" wh : ep:tal hIes been pid in ready n'.,l .....611 ... 't b i-i ig e the price paid by the prre to'r ,;IIII d cIIo I ters of raid assoeiation for ti t . , - ,,,tral alterations, made to 4. I' e le.ItIuere rs in this sanscin etit, ind oir i oi i utw ii t they have respectively rlo t ut I v i - ina :t id partner -hip, are as fot atiw,, v z :-a 1. '1 a F Ke, r,of the pari-h of A.r f, nl-l,. t hu I , ] .bores, two thousand andl t+.,ir h to ,bd ,ti es. $2,·100 i. he'ry 1' a.1, of the sael , parii , forg 0 l h o I s ~, I t h .u atL a nl d I t o u r h u n d - 3 . , e ,,hll,t this eityv,fr three shares t, o t'ur ie hundred dotltrs 2,400 2 9,400 s tii ItItI , I*IIIlIII1I ~oeytf al city, Si nl ai -t anulton Avery, of this city,40 cl lr slilharel u, twoI thousand and four huan dre t1I oll .rs. 2,400 SlJ.hhn la. Prestlon, of the parishl of A ,.rnstm, Ibr Ihree shares, two thousand and nltndred dllars,. 32,400 7. Jol ttlho lavid,.of the parish of Sct. James, fr tr o shares,i sitr:eo hundred 1,600 H. John; . Armand, Lo the parish of St. Jlames, fur two shlure, sistecel hundred dol tars, 1,600 lar. Paul IlHobert.r of the trieh of lberville, ,6 for one Share. eight hldrted dollars 800 10. Aaron Inrt, of ;Plthburgh, for seven. teen shares, thiiteen thoutiand six hundred dollars, 13,600 $32,000 5. 'i'hi cIrlnedeliip 11ill clommence on the day of Iii It rci', ani the operatious of the sanle o-hall terminut,-, aod tlt- roncerns thereof shall be would l 1t the eiitpiraion of twelve mooLths from t!l e of]It t' 1" tll:.tct, 7. 'l'lhera sllt hIe atlpointed bI t id aianesl lton opIo' n Ithlllem iog (f oly 1ice of' the slnokholdera IHrof onve di in tie city if New Irleans,t atter tv days noticee Ito one of tho piihlc gagetteg of sod city, Iai o: whlil shall iconsist of thireo tr l.,to , to be clos.i firom miting the sto:klioltlers o1' sid :l. rilllllon, land i oll hli ke I ollL l ur :here 1ytl '"" anI .edt app ooteld thr :h e same,. .I' o hit rd t u t lp titurti - l h s ifortlt tiOi il il it ,,w'cr.c, it' ,'ltt.tre i to lhak't i tlot