Newspaper of True American, August 31, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated August 31, 1839 Page 2
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" i eshamber o.if CoEmmeeree. oIrrI roEi FOR THE TRAR 1839. I'i ce Visa Pireshh.t atteW. 1. loig].e I y. . cos4 d. .In, . AMte Esqi. Caamiiee ,,f Ai,.pla for 183g. Ja ne litte, Jl elle H. Loverich, HI. t 'annac€kl Aldijsh Fisk, SP.O. vt , '` i~lllltlmll TIonll in, S Abitrdion f the month of My. J Udn Ieddletan, Johl (, Harrisoi, II. Wt. Huntiuitt, ln, Williamn flnpkine, aeh Hydtle. Jr. 1'. A. Hlardy. Joachim lohan. GrwtI Eac.alne nr ia.ploaseeve.y day at 10 E'clnek A. di. Is dse everdav rlit 4 P. IM. The L..h .aWI (via lovinolun, l...) ia etn.el e'eryr Mauday, Wedviuday and Friday, at 8 u':l*ck, A. A1. Sdauesevery 'uesady, Thursday, and Saturdyl , at 5 IF. M. ?4'fe .niuiwe Or River Mail is closedeverv Man tiy, W/ulneodav, ui ntlolv, n 3 P. 31. Is sent _,kret'u l y'ystealboats. ,'rrtve, irregularly three a or cuast Lail it closed every Tuoisdy tIi Fridas,'ht8 P Al. I sleat anld returned by mlmhnato. heI Afasndria ol Red River Mail is senl irregu Iy by teaslnbots twicet a wreek. LOUISVILLE Ol RIVER MAIL. Manda,, ) .ednesdsy ind Claoe at 8 o'clock, P. M. t a COAST MAIL. atalrday . s Closesat 8o'clock. P M. ornuruay, - CARROLLTON HOTEL. all .AVAUD has'the hlonor oFinforming his friends Iad i the public in general, that he hlt taken the Itreit rrollilon where hoe.runnt he will receive *ealltd his old froends and all Iov.rT of encl cheer. 5tiv ersutie. will be handtotnly prvoiled for by iaN a u little notice beforohasd. Fte i willing to enter ne n agemenos ith famnilsee or ildiiduals desireue NOpasing tlhe untmer at Carrollton. m.n NOTICE.: •.ew ArmsIemenlltocommence let AuAhael 1839. NEpW ORLEANS & CARROLLTON RAiL ROAD AlWlnd . ARRANorRMNTU FOR THE WEER I)A.Y: From Currolltos. i Ftto Yew Orlen,. Hom art 4 o'clock, A. .MlHorse Car ast 5 o'clock, A. M Loamotivae 6 ttoLoIomotive 7 8 P. M " I m"ati ,e',atc. CHW, . Isrs eltIIn rhre;rd. The 5'eril leave and t tile mare hnrtv ish the o .m ek dhay tnt I 8 'cloek t t . r he a Is hometiv o ill lre a e C arrolltont 'y kourc, illrenluntit6 o'clc, P. l.and Ne Orleans. owoy hour 00 thonr Id horsetepentanu wottns in ote of te poyinotnl Lenrtke T erip f iJacesd foret uer I o'lock, A. M. 1C do * ran sanely. AtO o'clock tbby held o'. msnisetoiea by tile Soderm nr iutrpvide thes o'clock, lP. M.Ie.pi us ttle ostaduclo hft ploetvin dCn srcet I n toa' t k, lthert it lieuae therot9o'co P. lI i s paL tiLear that asetreqeste ta e e areoa will nt Ot te oir to snjn the peea llsas, alrsao in oae of the mcn tdis SbrOeut.el.New Ordnsc Crrltil n Riod d Cos.ny, 1 AC N'ANL JOOURHNE STREETIICAI'SON jauly4th i839. - eChle fEg. N. 0.4 CaE C NEW ORLEANS CANAL ANt) ItANKINtO CO. l IE tIr enrtenttbot Rebecca will r9 o'ei theek a n Sest tl pertulrly requst N tCo C entlemeay nill ncpt It ti Mondays) po hio or tt n the o kawhen Ldiow Dtepnart at eA. 81. Retun at e 8 A. 81. jl th 1839. CifEg. N. O_ C.i. " P. M. ." I . " 51t I'.M, " I P.. . r And on MIONDAYS:- Itepart at 10 A. M. I Retunt at 11 P.M. " 2 .1 I " 4 P.M. 51 . M. ' P..PM. may 28 B. CHEW, ('aih. .'* c0 .I. nlaW, ctael. N'eo Arrangenoent. NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD. Tb. Looomotive will run to tie Great Prairie; comt •nmosing on the 251th inet. as follows: WEEK DAYS. Departure, Return. A .1. . lI'. M. SUNDAY. to La rIeurhe'a Barou. to L Branchu s 6 Al 9 AM 12 A I29 P\M toLaBratches 4 P M 6 P I JAMES H. CALDVEI.L, Iagle.t Dates. Chrl . Aug ........24 Wshino Au...... . 2 N.u lark. do ........... Clcinci.n, ,do ..........3 Philadelpir a do............p I Louisvie, o ......... j2 Phltdshimtr do............ St. Loui ..........3 htsnaah. Au........ ...I I.tiverpool July .........5 to ) July .... P.ri. do .......... au.a, Au .. do nt.. . . oJ.,doo do ..I.. I Nakilte, Aug. ..........25 Itoa, Jute......22 PO'i! OF NE1 W 7 01IINS. CLEARIANCES. August 299, 18I' 9 SItumar Rodney, ogart, Sabine River, Muite, August 30,1839. S hip Auburn. ConnI.e, .at York, P Lsidlow Pehr Dis, COockett. Jarvi. Peanscolb, Mluoter Shbr Aleauder, Leab, P.onacola, Mastoer 4 AKRIVAL8. i Aug 29,1839 ow bout tuadasn, Heation, fa the Englisl Turn, with ship A Girard. It .Ship Girard. Gross, fIn Rath 27th nut, to maoter i lteamer Lvaut, Laursnt, fm lBayou Sara a August 30, 139. Stenar Houma, Claiborne, Pm Alexandria latmee Veloeipele, Wrilght, En Notchitotheso gtamer Naples, Rmad, fa St L.ouis. EXPORTSd. NEW YORK..Per ship Aburn--.Cargo 237 pigs lacd, o285 suck corn. 5 hds thobaco, t0s his flour, h bales o enatt 91 crates e wareo ad I boa planes PINSACOLA..Per rshr Davy Crockett--Cargo suudry small t ot pottloes., rd, nil, sugnr, crackers, corn, an all, aour, bread. eoree, pork. i ..............Prr hr Alexander--Cargo 5 I hits hky, bales dry goods and So his potatoes, &c. IMPORTS. No arrivals from sea. and consequently no imports RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE Altexadria..Per steamer Inouma..Cargo 90 bles cottaon, 01 Laulshtk Tkomnpson Tulk1itochOs..Pwertt.umr Velocipede-Careo, 93 bales cot ton .tldwells Ilicakey. 0 do, Blair & Snattereld,25 do A Le doas n co. 10do Kirkmnn, Abernathly S ltuon., 20 do Let. both * Tkuon.20T Barret, l cask rice, L G assiet. PASSENGERS Per steamer Vocipade..R V Conrtes, ., P Crain, A Gilbet, t JI.naat. J M'Cleur; J Anthony, W Armour, alld Willhut WV Jonest. MSlEORAND.tI Sivers atill lon, and uo eignol l Ic. r. W. COLLENS Ufited ioteta' m o.,.' Aplaithediil the Federol Coort ot SNew Olrheas. 1 OEFFICe No. 1011 Ct13110hRn S'I'II.E'I, (E xchanao e Ilotel u toldingo..) `AID orunoisionor takes ofidlviio unerr 0n,l try cr tviueaof thlle Actsnoft:,ooroso, paoond i I Ir Ftebr,, aep. 152.1; tltlurch 1817; sloeJ.dliriuey dAct o1"1789 g and tiler ae of Congresll ili s cah lleUalin still 0 pirovided. go Said omlll ssi laior has cosilrale cxp rienc l ; annu tuss t5 r l c, alption onit certifieate lo oooll lavo l sttaol lthe svereat scrutiny of the ableot Lwoyarn. II aprill 12 I mthreu in Ellglalnd, or Atuerieca in the ile ta Centur. sy. J T nSmith, Cout oarative View of Anoieot Htistorv. Lonsdin's Encylopoediupd. ofiardeilneg, l.ouno io:dltio 01 Sit keoeoare 7 vuols. royal 81o. olleudid Bosaton Ediiuo 00 ": JiIINSON. hu July l:s. Sw. Cor. of St Chttleo a o c onuou os. COFFEE-31i hgs a,,. g.oFfg.,,n.e, (,r s-o , y r U a:2 G D()RSEY, New Levee ¶ HREE srclnd haud glass SHO4W\ C,OEwS fur cosnters, far sale lowby BI It.OWEEIL ,& Co, mav 29 No 1Ž7 !CmA E j URN BHUU.I4S-I1511 doz ion oer. for tsuia. etv t 'JJSlt 16 G 1.t 41 .1, 44 Nr'Lene I ARU-141110 hego looP Lsnd i0 sttoro. aol hoen oill 1L4. 4" ItOIlSEY, july "1 .1I New Levee - lb)± I .--.."ol csks aupernor (:iftllatli 1t . euredl in stort, fr sgal b 4 . IDttRSET. tuly hd 41 New I.rvee. ---- ---- ----ce W .BOOKS--aThie Crntppyt,' a tale by othe O'lla- 1'1 L family; Memsoir of ecelerantol Wnoten,hby G R too JamtesQ; the Ntval Ilistry of l le U States. b ve J .nuiu'orul:ooper ~uthtor .,'ahe Qpv,Aoe. , tai Sir ppalpn, by Aineworth ; Phreltlogy i thile fm all I Ju, Jelu recrivea d har oale hv AI.EX. l'OWER,49Canp tt (o !^-------- SI tI$SISINfU snila.-tonchsk Coulerv...2lseuxes Whilr Pot Jltl--h. 1oo ingt nrhonckr C&,,. ouxrkld J C t1.0 Ce. ave never reached 'their ldestination tovu. A any jformatio consersing dtaese iukagos rT wgjtuibfullyp eceived h.y ma S G5 fll.ANt'I4 , Ins _____ ___ 33 tGrn'ier St. or ARWRORNAbhEN" iS--lkiaretodhPglo4JJfsa .JE ..Oumitltet Par samule only b) Ree. & D'lan u wa m ., P IsJ o ,u th'o MNu eet t,,. ( h. All th aeeoaenteo Eatumon t f thoe ,ooast elol ,t jP rh did h .srremsa ,,I oallhInh.loy Irtoo Europe, Asio, pS) aj " Mn, a t ,tIr ., oon, rtry. - 4 p/AJ ard .otr.s a t days willl.s kt.en o alot t t-ti & Cl. No,. F out lacrer. lo at 11 a lalgo tad extrl.ior i. I"tlllla aIo01 ll ooiper s I "'. •Ti, Wnre ", oh,,i, ,00 to,a,u aIctsU,, shioh lII- oatl;r 11,h are, tnhstol~eqonu. m T1~HI TRUE AB.R1; A: FAITH.YUL AND BOLD. fficial "Journal of bg *llh jtt ailUt." PUB 41 HD . Daily; Tri-Weekly & Weekly. 1 ',e 91 Igt 1, 1 41 1 s : SSATURDAY, AUGUST 31, 1839. V REPORT OF CHARITY HOSPITAL FOR YESTER. DAY..Adtiited l., oflwhichk 5 were of the yellow fcvr;;. Die 9, up to I past 1'. M. We are sorry to he obliged to sltte that the fever still continudv on the increase, and is iore insidious and mta coal th'anl it has v.i t been. We beg leave to draw tile attention of A lateurs, to tihe sale of the el eto of the late Baron HIlckett, amolng which are two guns of Robert's Patent, one a. musket ani the other a very splended double barrel fowling pices. The sanil will be made to-day at 12 o'clock by J. A. Beard at Batks Arcade. Bitumeapnaventet. Th" btiumelnt paveoment in Bour bolt street, is ftat going t., destruction. They were yes terday repaiting several large pitrhes, but in all appear ance it-will hbe the labor ofTantalue; for in many other spots, the work ofdeacomposition ai visibly in rapid pro. a grscs, and will soon require to be repaired. The'Louia anabitumen, as prepared fir Bourbon street is, son. sequently, adecided fitilure. It seems to us that the a great error is in the use ofa vegetable matter so liable to decomposition as our common ta,-which (it is well 'known).rtotwith great rapitlty, when subjected to the constant ation of moisture and heat. l'hi, forsoniL, was intended as a substitute for the asphaltum, found at Saysel, r in the WVea lndies. This asphnlttum it a volcanic product, and, as migho naturally he expected, is incorruptible, as such mitoralh generally ere. The experiment made in Bourbon street, will eonmpel the municipal authorities to return to the woollen or hewn-stone paving--none but these two will answer the pulrpose. COUPPERS & BLEF.DERB. E.Ianrli, No. 78, Canal street--biinself or partner al ways to be found, day or night. W. W. King, 34 St. Charles street. L. Madeline. No.5 Camp street, near Canal. DI. B. Earrea, No. 8 Camp street, near Canal. Leeches can be obtained at 6j, 121, and warranted at a I, at the general depot, '6 Barrack street. ''THEFTrS, at One day as Col. Lincoln Stanhope was in Kernsington, passing through tile High street, he naw n school bho with a satchel on his back, looking wistfilly upon the delicacies in a pastry cook's window. "alut, try lad," i, (said the Colonel) "I suppose you are in theoptatire - Inood." "t'es, ir," rejoined the youth, "uand I hope it yIou are in the dative case." Tile boy got a shilling for a his quickness. George Grattan, oan Irish Attorney, who died poor, was buried by a shillingsubserlption. Some one asked Curran flo his shilliAg. "For what? lie exclaimed. "To bury an Attorney." Here take this pound note, and t bury twenty of them at a shilling a head. James I. was very witty, and had an many jests rey. dy ananyman living. When a Scotch courtier comn plained to hul that the English termed hIli countrymen beggarly, "wait a little, lman, said Jam's, nad I will make them as beggarly as the Score." Soon after his English accession, he wnas lul of a cow wllih lhad Ilbeen brought from Scotland into England, but not liking her quarters, had f muod her way ack into her own country. "My only wonder," said Ith,: King," is how she contrived to get over the border." Patrick O'Sulliven was recently conmirted at Aleuths ofsomedelinqirincy, which omlnpelled him to the pay ment of a fine of right shillings, or six hours resilence in the stocks. Cheering the latter, a fiiend passing by asked him how he happened to ec me there. "Och, sure, said Paddy, and its earning etotpy I na." "Earninag Inoey, and how can that hbe?" inquired his coupassion atecountryrman. "Why d'ye see, I've run up a score ofeight shillings, and I'mn working it out at sixpence an hoar." NEW HOOKS. SOr.OOhN SEESAW; a nlovel, 2 roi., by J IP. Rnbcrt son; at C. Johns & (a .'s bk.ture.-Thiis iaol lans. inag work, wilenll in a strain oif tiLse. It si eks tt cast ridicule oe somne or tte prejudice of rrMiety--it teaches how elbective are tile efrnrts o a ran of cornrect condct and gonodsense in overcoming tile disadvantages of birth and poverty. Seesaw is a character drawn with great force and effect. CONrTlNt'ATION OF THE I)IRY OF THE TIMES OF GEORGE THE 4TH., editel I)b John Galt, 2 vols.; at E. Johnls & Co.'s.I-Her is a hook ofcourt s ondal, telling about all the little things whiihs show that kingsr, prin ces, queens, &c. are like other people-weak, ,icious and false. The author is anoneynooua, but his work was thieogbt worthy oftlle care tofJohn Galt. It lets us he hind the curtain cf royakty, and among other things, gives many details about tlhe Queen Caroline alPtir. All bear the imprt.e of authenticity. 'I he author must have been irtirmate with the highest circles of tilhe court. Died yesterday morning of the the prevailing epidem. ice, IMr. Mary E. Botts, consort of tile late G. W. Botts Esq. On Saturday lust Mr. Botte buried his eldest son, a lad of14; on Wedneeday he was himselfcarried to the grave, to be immediately followed by his wife, who died in tile agoniraofchild birth. Another child still lingers with the disease: Benoeolent.-We have been informed that a certain cupper is this city lefused his professional services a day or two since, until the poor woman gave him three out , of fice dollars, to cup her husband, lying sick with the yellow fever. If any one will authenticate this fact, we will publish the name of this kind hearted gentleman. ldAsmuch difficulty exists in finding cuppers and nurses, we suggest the propriety of their advertising their names and residences. We will publish them in our paper gratis ifsent to os. No, 15 of Nicholas Nickleby is received by E J-.hra &+ c". The Buloallnion t lla the following so a samlple of Hoosier srorie . "Wlhen I'lt atlotIne I etvp ill the ('th:knltlke di,, gins, n Il,-e ate of Indirn t. W re raivs. atnligh t iy cae Ifleal thi-yeor. I reckn ni.-h hIl Iur tho u ssanlhnshel=,nl naldsrinkling oftcrnt o atst polat e Ianad 9 galrtde llan. u ouLllld hear wew chII glay oa rou nd i ellrsttlvle t, ithe crops were so ravh ; all that's whaI goe rise ta tIle stois thoUt ite It thnUkeis, It, l c orn growa . itl d; nIIIId 11 Io pttteCs. I'l he skilned 0 llve if cver I saw tny n lik l it.Wt , a Jllon ofI Ithevr nwarl t nigfiit, I ylou'd , g intoi little patcI, ol liv acrescose it thie hIoCse, anl Id yotr , ertv on,c v; collhl hear the tarnsnl ovng pots,,aeo qrreli.g '.ad i the old oes swearing tt lthem, becitr tibev didl't lay Ial gandsit ltcrowdn,. I catlclatc y.tu dtd't r suci crilln Iof thesp parts. "lhv a oneday oneofour,le ltsh v"t es •aner at hove, t iof hgsbetter tian hlalnf I nite, ioi they ry n sq elll, it theohld bully was ter iiim. e little te $I . bed hii toe and fell down, anI was never sta l aler s" wards." ;Y i - - - - e At Albeconwy, Caervonshre,. there is a tnom--tin. with tie foillowing cnrionut insc.ription: "'llce Bete e or hd f Nich, h,,,,he, o ,f,,nw ,,v ;, tw , as th e } e-and,"ll e It child of it, f llian I r, W ilhIu i kt's SE'sq. and Ali., hlie wire, and the rather of envenl , twentvr cltdre. Ilie died le twenictlh day ,f.1ta0cl, 1e I37.". • TIIE It"R9T 5lItII' FtOM < taj'l' lN. I tile, Ate gust cotltndertl Ie '+r o i ' llce1nrh 's Iln_.-' zico', t is sorted that the first ship whih s"aild t'rol d ti Boston -It I Iill, wt.o Icllitt i t o irt' i .hip vnld il 'os tlnt, [Il?8S or iTii;, and was ,owned part in Illntun and part ill New York. Site uas comlllandted ly, Jamlns .lu Seeen,who nas cntlain of tihe hil) of aor nreiced i. I'ltlovn'h harbor, in 1779; and it it beliete I tlaint , t tak herfinal hdeparture frvm New Ylrk'. 'tl he fllhwlng year, Mlesre. larrell, Broan, Hatchlta (oihrs, ihe ohip Clttmtbia, ('apt. Kendriek, attendedl b, tle Sttio Wlh'alltgtlottCniapt. (trae, to tIe N,,t t-Iwet cotat atltlhemn:e to OChito. In their votge, ltey vtie iletl lnalh o the )reron,, aoil tile I'aeiie,c wlic ev call Colutmbiaioftr theire-,hip. hits was a lontgng vage. -SIhw aad Intlane. wereengaged in the Cljhi t a e; the folr enWas the fir.Itlevrlcan1Consl al Chli,,a. IHORItlD MASSACRE-Tw,, vsaDno t, uND eurn a rTv IDoNS KILLED-We Iarnt from,,, iov.rttr Lucnus sd andnathlerr kenellIan. wIho coitte I assenges tile |lor, last vrnillg, that Iwrlollhllndrd and tWenltv I li'Ias Sere kiliedl in tIle upttr couttry ohmt the 1t Illt. IThe facl-, s tlheyn were elre he a ttitig l.+in el e la who waa at th treaty.ll anfrP , tllhe: T iolu ,tt hadl iltiItrd i tlhe tiipI.ewas It In, tel tlheil at l. Peters. Ibr thie t r hlllae f alkinllf a trlaty lf an everlllatag f ir,,dslipI. 'rite t'liilt,, wnso naseltllIed ne,,'rdl.--IeV -Itie i, f p,+r wal,.Rl -ra, ke.l--nd lhte pnrtld Spl;,rentl go.dllI Cre,,,l,. A I,r. e arty of the" Clenppwah won.canaatn elo a' tile Falls ,f.t. 'nitn, ni a atmll r purtee t.ay P I - Lalivill, a.l t henlyIo lltlrl oftlte Siotlux. \l lI eilt v Slolll- peallhnanlaa . pdvlllonpl'd Ihev Weer. ot rr.-r,i i V the i cc na rte ,teneI laheir '. nltherv. l'h',, iii mediatelyrallied, hut bifure the battle terminated, tile ChtPllewa lost 150n t te Fnlls, and 20 ontheSt. Croix. The ,rnmber of nioux kilhd on tle occasion, amouuted to about 50.. \ye do ot much %,uder at thle otl htlit. - that has been exhihteild by the denuke and Foxes angainst the.siou if tlhis laUter tribe h as always been as tnreo h. 7reus asi they wee.on the abuvauecaion.-(Buurlingtou [IownJ Peutre, July25. SULTAN oA H MOU.. Tilhe deathl of this pt teo I te. ie intellhgenee oft whih was Iulblished yesterdla, oIan ilportant event in view Softe aate of t he arl e . lect'-onou Ioclfn,efa stlldzI ,ione o Wtgen cctllcd ted in c eteltllon willt llPe p)tr.t tIstate of.filTir ill eeropo. Ado wits an Pxettunrlinry tool, in so fur na Isc olc.nel lnelf eapable of coc-eicing und of uncd.rtaking extPn.ive re .ocit;bu bicoe wash not efloat clu of exutaordinar.o i nu t1 it.. ocrOtp liot geiant ro. -cltt.' Iliccinnorttluun upnt old cnusto ,-n, though uillc R- ig ut impnrlove -"olte, do nuot .hw icccto hacve pccsesCed o .ery deep knowledge cf Ice ell tnoct-r ,f lis people--I St all aeet) his Ilccs jecsle to tr i n ttis u with it. they weltttel uriginal--int the emcnntipn tf the gen conl s)prit of thle tn ottic--olt)e itllcttnllble ennerllCeS icllhia truly grentmalt itllibshe te ilwe e instui ,vn. Ity aycocd icc tetlc occtlcying tco whchi, ohlttcclt eeemt to to liceticgfco ri ctll enlseltc hct itced Idllcy anticilpating It cnlltlnltll houg a attllod'givittn enr Io te eeltings of thei. geet tiess. ,'ltltlotol d wlt ceithler n Ililosollher i eor ao mlll f large eotlote.Innsi n ill lty way. lie. to non clte lnother tlleln oI :.ur 1nen ful before hilt i the R kllnwledg" of °elfu I arlein bllllrvl'nmelnIs, itlo walnnrl e and acll t l tii(,tfiri . liZ,. e wt. td ttbehtold his to n people enjoying similoar blessalgs, ndll fier tlis wi.h it ho.ervesrllen , nr. titt like a co)niec, ie -took the itn hy Irelvenlellt tf other stales o a lie tw them externatlly, and enldeavored arbctrlril, to engrai tlein u oltn the na. lion. He moue t.o attemlpt tIe nasithilate tlhem willt ite geni llltfispr f. |uheurietIasuti rhe dei talflllllll haeIlit Cttll lth ellclhtu l bl In te c cl rdtee n t chie ow fi ncy I1c1 sur clc c h lcn es in c ln ever t e Ii er ntr- ledot. ccarbitrorv i plcer ill tile hoands oef th IOrt unliaritol despot is eftl'.tll l mtnl l rd- tile) tllllhlluenr Iol trgreat endh elyIV Wllelt it is exerted in) Ucetrdlluou with c. tihe general sc)iit of tile ntlitou--a ci trrth lich dcepots . are hepinuinogtoler. l Ve.We arlit n Ltu Ic howneve., let t greatenr nlt o than tlnlhtlttl could I ave dllnc In lch n nmure thin Ice lion uelnccillclilced for tIe r, cnovntiol of he le Itl otncnl race. Thely are tn exhlnuslted ueople, i eto apable tf reejtlt lsceucn , t.\ el senk ot tint in view el l tile ilaldipgy whlichl nmo tare fc cl of rncicng beweern It ekio eonc Icf a nation nllcl Ile life of it nacn-uscih.. he illc tchtcth their poitcdsccfi cfcy, v otih.cnllc Iltito, cld I agoe cd dcuh. l llt thile Syste ltthcftl, the p'inci; Sof actiont, tiU a word aill llhl ukui tle l c hc in)tleclltUaL and llttllLharcter of tle T I, llhvte hell develo ed Ilve.e xpendecd tiluit frcealoc w,-llc igh Icst all eellentls is ol vitalily. IThe energy wc h cellthr relieion once in slpired be maro.notf-no,t. trllehse eloudied in it, iccs octnk ilundtr tile evils whiclhhe smctc regligin g.nerated, fld s el toedlland rutlurted. rtIt has been soid iof Cloinwrll tillat,lortelnlte ill most lhiugi Ihe was in nonee cece sc tlcc l i Ine icarcticulnr of I t hit death--for he tcto saved llc elvr In. rono witcessicn then dissolcution if his gctcoronel, ccc hic l c ould no , c ve-suh sinted minclh hlng r. 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(alnn, 'raelcr It int r nd Jont Black, far ar' sid fl ,llld I .... i lllilt st-o P iscllar it Th-i a. liitlan..v, rres e l fi ri roan ii tghe lift of Chal.les Into i bouindlin to1 k .lii tIIe ear, ii $1200 S\\illinill i c l irs, arr. ,l crll gId wi., th stealing, bound d to criinl ilncrl ill $101) a T nhr Coenl in a ll .nev, ac11arlm e lnr an ssanult and I hre ts,i bound int $10" t, ka .l. 0 Ib rllte ad \VII Jill On ll i drr nii charged willt alealing,bound a1 $5il0 to keel ll l. , at r Alt. J t, arrete I Irr l o all be ina strct as a scll. picioa l'hnrnclgr, onlln tlc.t- d .n Iatn Tllnict a r e5 nas Tlhmar ic oran, rested f i fiting ti i I discturbing tie lia :l.(, hound ke ip ithc ie.(P i. $ 1)1) en Jolln(;Ha nhul a r1 ,nI elrd f or I te realenini a I's ll ire n Ar Jc lrW ni ,l rnarrested lound I ilag ilc the street, s-l e icHtmiton Ct dtnan, alreid ta d n, lina i n ot bei .a a ad kh--Patnr Mia', Snah (O'Neil, nail, Martin And tharlle I't rd, arrested ai dnna u and ssi. Il I p ersons-- 3hme, Martin anl Prilchtnrd cml aittvd Los Ur 30 dIly,A O',\enl fir 3 no,,hl ion lltrnlla d I iBnlenI , i.LI s ad fOr disturbin i tll pece , dis cirUs. rdlllllll" th-d e.v:30 dln, ig lienhi Cri itil,ary nsld ianadIying on iie stral, di- onmm Itt f "ur d3 ys Rllr r in Frald'k iLoic, Siiin Morannc,. i M. acin lta.r-., Jlia Phlips ani Wiilnialll Clarke, arT ocled ikiiia l leei cianou alics.rehg cI. Yelert Piiker y in -rr l " tlsanll iin. nnd striking a. P ',o and p i.ctl ta t i h ,tlti, disch la t " Pal ,r n t i iil Itnl r., noe as d Ifo lighting an d di t r,-ills- InII, l(.,, at Gha. Slthrn.a t lark. JoIn Smnai ''hnncin Ii ley and .tI.lii.l.c., alias Ilill c archl. arrested, chargn d s wltl rr lllnll n ui l .sl nr ii .t, ni-. al it Ir n l in- gf a \ci iY k lTk-n larkei Rilc ni lll Iurleb ab nd l I) cInrit I.of Un aied .tliis iali ilslrirt ln- trt- thr gc ve l in t- e to B trl lre e oft hill c lro( ( e orlr theire nppe uallee. p'llrl. I, h b. a l nu allrdlv I :llst iinsnat, at I3la ks' -re:ng dll. ,tr t illnr sre nt: i ln d IIp nltlletles ttt ll ai. e t ) e .tl ) ,1 , llt U o e RnEl 1 roB t I li U. o 1nemu. e o ri ale i t ac ncatoun nu, ding fn o pi. - a 3g - s; inn leian-iagild inn IiR , ono Nery lie-ny pit g old tmit and pair of sh al'• an o, ti lthe store of tae I llellioneer in aClomlll nii slrci-t, nar tie aie Hote;, atI I, g nllanily ofwtarine 'pa1rel, b -oksa ht.d t ra ciei, ang "' Ilanao(·iI . tLOUIx',AjA GilNI) R1:1. I ''A1 IT ANt) ST.R) I. O'rTI'IE .. Lra'-ing in Nn Orlln , bnvn I nunrilVn of a lanw of .a. (C1I.)1\\EI.I Ol.\KEY & PRITCIIAIlII, Proprlietoasat nt d ll c ndh saleadti corner Tanal aud Ri al, sta 1;7,5 '5 hit $c iacah. I)rawl ill I)aet her NY to 75, 1'i kcrawin hallls. Tlhle drawing eli'etod within onl hor. 1591 prizes, of whiich 3 art real estltte, 335 sIIIIIPh oIf -lock, and sev,+ rut of tickets It thle two mllillion )ltter,. GRAND I.OTTEItRs (id.1 iee) :Aid cocucsidaed)l OF 'I'WV) 31111tti.N- OF D ItLAIIdi. 1(111,001l Tickets,i ', it $ !.$-.011i 0011, 10,000 pri .s-.full ni, int oaf .ain mi .li on If dlollar.a ad stlm'lhn Ipr o tl s t l IIIC Ihe on. $, .20. Anin, Il c rikearia tilka Vaerandai, St. Charles Tiea. tie, and thie St Charle Art n -ade buihlings, :c. &c. t In iafew dnys tickets tai he hlad. nug 31. FATI.-TI NOE.l'IEs--Dl,, ofr tife Times at (;I ieo. dli s,' aCliic, by J.Git ILady Chanltt, Bury, at, J1 ,illn Seca, by J PI Robertson, author ofl.etters at k cnraguTy. Charlcs itnleni, or the Two C'lerks a lomnaterial e. i . "n Ni,'t:lehv No 15. Illz' i slel i h fiI No 0. l IJac nea. (ii lll, lllill o 11 ,1 Ol hltll. 1 n ltl lnh:ll '- ,\I" lq i.,e, he lllllo Ter. iSkioth."s: fl.oadh. b, J. (;l t, IthI lor ad omR-l R odl, t t laitil s. I n"lH u ilal, t-- l, i. ll. (, "i Ii.' I. hI) t n- .ii i Tlw ir; iiy s ,Itiil. i . , l i--a Itll ) . S t C.i-ha ilh d . 1ti V I"; I; 1"' Itcii ,Nn--i-rish "-t, tit t-eI I--, l iil :d c'ity l - \e~ l lian .-( hereby '"ti', S tt u ,n . I - I 'ii i ;i l 1k. i niinin0l, wnia mire) il lli, tific.-. it, l ii asi .ri I " i l.-,l lltm I ' III. I i . l~ e Iv . 1'n l P i i Rlquelt+.. hIer nI,'oI. k nilt hr wIt d and II gl n ts I tlia , Ill -I-il: I I :-- 'llri , ait I .is. Cl(. i . e i i-tll uI] ,II , lda -,d iH a,. Ia m t n ut o lv, h i t it'oIIt''-m Ibei at.l h a ;t itatl , ba d. I ci - llhler h Ii - n t tlf32 'e Pxi-ling ib ei atll, I iio to i h e er y di-sohce.l, anl tmi t ia c ,b l-nc ot q - in ,, thJ oo. , I - S g. ,< , "lIA tl.l':S ,\11 t'II. \ , pO) , , _ New' 1b (), In , %:o_. 21 ,11 ,7!Il din;lllolll ,l l 'l t Iool · In declk",D, el pr i, i ll. InIt tt.-talllc ,It% " itallr , Ii ~ tr tm . o niii it I ci nli t, dl e i, f Itl" s id c( r it cu it 'tor I tl t ,, la a . oi a ie ii I .h l ii dr , i, llt I l,'T intI, Ill ItII llt,l,+Irty lutrllc % ar of Ihe id nde lRo" ',l'll i, ' I1l I . t,-li-"t ,. l( I.I[i ' Itca'ts C ri" Iltl; :tl 3 pln r la P t, s r. . t ill, - ( II IF. ,l l l -' i sl J S"r tili al} or'er tr I , Y n t qI -ll I Y In N- . c lti - 9j; . nclti a ; t r inikdn, ere . iiprii 7ns l 't lie tl+ o C I. Macdr. . an. c'n t . ,6i Iud tnapt. Tphe i,, x--ranata -d II tst auld imma,, ol i" oI dci.,!, ,, 'I jnog nlnr i the it Old ono t Chelat - nI t emel. ct i P n gt Itin) a Pll r. ,,,nf dr ( Ciimibm-l)ri- elicisastl-si ,i li , iiiiivt, cnur P ii.rIV Y i. . r r ide ,,f ilrj'n iI., enia iiii,. a i -elia I$# . 7 r I'InFlt t. l 1" lI Ie h p,.iIJc ,! p er U h / C O iU(L IRIS--WASHINGTON GUARD). New Olesnr, A agut 1, 11139--Attend meeting on llodsv next, Ithe 2d Sept,at 71 o'clock, P. M. at the Artmory, witho. I urther orders. By older of Capt. Jordev, _S Ml. CftOOKI', Ist Sergt. f A C'i;,' T h nD--:, f h, VYounng olen' Honw A1 nrd Aesl.ariotiaon of this city for andl i hehnltn tihn sac, ret,,rh their ni nere itlanks to oi Preeideitarnd )|reeltrs Lf the City Iarkot New Orleanas, lor b. lil. is er donlation of two hundred and fifvy dollars, made to h Iem by eni' instituine to procure thenecesamty re q*isitslfr 'ihe sick ad ver of this city. SlJH HN HleEt J , I reasurer. ag. 31. It. a FO1L I'Hi A'I'AKAPAS IThel anm-r essel T J.IOCHICHI, Ca!pt illet, will lnave tile Lovee pposnite Custem-rouse atl, on Monday .t 2 ept. at 1" if. .l, Newtonu nd all interntedhite lnid ta on ite R.vtla l'eehe anld iterwick's Hay. Freigiht t will oisole itken for St Martinsville aad forwarded at Ithe expelnle of Itile tweners. Apply It I'ETI'EIt LAIIw LAWV, 66 Cuanp et. aug 31. j ARD--800 kegs leaf Lar in I-frsale-y SU31 G It)fISEV,44 New Levee d (Ie I iMPAIGI\ig CI I)Jlt-100 bhaue noston Cide l Oin sters, for sale by G DiOR~IY n Oa 44 New Leve.. a NFOIIMATI)N IVANTFI). C I11E wifolrflMr. Benj. T. Wells ol Borlrni Mass., k i very desrnolls ont ohtaling inr nntion rnepect illg her Ihuisnd whether good .r otherwise, he was in New (reans innB8:6or 7, nan worked nt tli pillnilg he ha noh e n heard fr. Any informaton will be .thnkfully received at 33 Bionvill street. t ijIE,.1c ltl n erii i il jtint Wnt 2ha - imptrial tee, landin from ai C(lonareen, for sale e by nhl9 . J TIAY1I'IL: & I't,71 ll' I Collgaree for snae by J TIIAYI:R , (',, an.'9 74 Po'nvlre ASSIA-IOIA I01int3ii Cishin, I idling, .d I, lntav h j U '"9 J TIIAYIEIi " Ci, 74 I'Pyilras It IN A8WAI ',., OStldny last, he Iitl, inSt. Ironi th',Sb.crihjr, a linhit,, oir (irill' Iay, kuownl fby the an~ f .\tlilY, geld oihoit rie.liltli''v are five filet fur or live. l s Inrhr l, i Idh lnul' ih.ihr. W hen lh e "f le had on ni wlite ro ll)111 lllt tand pnotlllllon"i;l u h rll ip ii otherll . Clohll ng . twih hhn. iri il hllllmy pllaenll.n ll trhe C'hertlinv rrwii rd will h. elhl p n illt y Iterson. IodlEingbn i Ii i i' (, l" ICril- lghh Iti n Iho . th n'e T"cllneigloaa Slreel.g naL'4thlll it I I)ItEVItI"IIU.: c'Ir'. 1' I a s( ilipt iAi't'Y, catt IFanfer isl jack, diharging oli g .t e St Joteelh St .l. knii li (olnsignees will plesarlrend toi tit rePrilt of lheir f: 4of ]goods. f. I'Elt LA I IIA WV , l27 66('nnl m at. ound ulHIll, IS NI(K EHY.No. 15.-SRolemlun See: l r a s,. a no rivel by J I{ibitxn, author Olf Ltte, a lld ,nu P a.i .. Cn tinn tie of th e Dtll of ther hTn s. ttf (G,'etehet IV. ,+liet4 bv Jo(ah G it Esq. i w l.- ti n New liorr]ir tiea, t)i ietlatyiv lb h t er, v.a I. It:k, WVith ,ariou.sitdll ardblnhlr , boks. just received rold fr . le Alx. A II . _nttg y27th9 -_ 4t9 (C amnp st. D \INT' ()i an4 E i tr..ejlc.t nrccte -hd fomn lj P d 'lpkis, Ne~v York and lllalt1l, for wvholesale or and retail t ltt prices by H IO)NN.A'II Ier ,Its AIII 41 I'c hllail tilo lh ( l it 'lle Shlli Cnl,lnet, 'apt Linlel , .fro t isi, ]cig disCharei "Ff ep .llnrgiIio the mOrles Colton IlPu's. (-'e. tsig . lll 7 IP.,e llUIt d to the ree7ipl of their toodt . ba' L II. G C\I.E, Ilt I9) 93 C tmlltlPnr Streetl. Sd . l 't I" t U eTel R --n s m a ll ira re ltdr in g p er ',lilp ,ulb.... froJlm New York .....ll Ifr . . Iby tl[S G LANRCIIAIES, ou ON1 ! Cl I>C13 ki bngn tf pr qttiity ndis- (A 3 (irm riers itce Li l 'i t0 boxe, Aoblini l $ So t ll n ltore for t Jity l 7A I ii74 Poyl'l0 l s Stlret A Il hI ,II ei l e-0 poludAs ip m n t I, \Vhlhtt e .erl 4 in lttl, nge . aillu.+ from A I 5 to re s lt su. u by Ith subseu bls+, agents for It,, n llillnlnl furioreu JARVIS & ANDRIEWS, joln l y 9 C u rlr $r C l lo lto u & 7I E hlu p ito h ts ts i fOutoI.T1V.\\ ICNCFFI.--I3(1 blags of priima quality .l fr sole . .Y A TRIERI, n j 31 Gravier lnd Ill t\'lN StOAI'--1b3iAl wn s...... . far ealt It i &t J P C IITNnIe A 73: all st gIt] Iy I m N i l petl, 'tirr her 1'108')V I 1sel 11 1 4 I, mp ta r SI or .att le by A 'T'lIEr, litty 15 3 (lirtvitesl k t c litSll ti fleeGt. tAISIt -i 000 h oxe storeitt hI o sale b13 AI T i t I e r dt , the utn " :34 P joiy i t-r Iply 1CO. -1,11)l'].- -Iilll , Ul-. q.ior (Ci clmn i all - .- red, ill tore lrta n r in re i tir (I )OSEi, 44 New l.etee N K AlSt tlN4tblo Jans fiesch tMalla Inla n-, -iur i te se le I l tt e Iei ;r j ill | 14 "3 1 G ra v ie r at I or I nAf1'-- O1ell s li't qtonlit, hay, morix iae by y jill 13 mTI'Ish Iri i.AilL l,6 INl tp ire. -n - A ID0r 0 kegs superior Leaf't .art in stt re, I.r h 1 1ou by G Dae., J8 44 \pw lI.,veet r tly t lt d G. I)OItSEc e,41 "New Iever PrNKa! IdK!! INK!!T--Jusl received on, I ndr , tdozen 8 Cele ne i tllt, rtranted a very s atlriorartn ie l vD 1 \V11 FILTI' &. CO. N Y Stationers' 11ll, little ly ChIrlret -it tt INDI.W (LA S t Landi l ttlg ir ,5tl,,i ah r reu I tail by IT 310\N.1aer , 01N, a1 t tt rat t 'ti 'i.dittc a .t t. I t. tINStEEU D l1t . & Spirity ofa Tlrpentive, a it s ly 2 7J of tin..e,+d Oil in pipesanld hrrels-- 10 Balrel en- S rll rits of ''ltr plrei neforsldr h,v J.IRVIS & ANI)RDWS July lth Corner of (C:llo olt & 't'chlltlltotttes slt Si lti , lrls trai tet oil t orstlt:n a il, tt rt -h Ito By 11 I tPi il .I I., r ur te IlWhltN l ll lll h li l.t4m T'N tttili rit tItt , et iati, agfr . i Iatenie r att ) sale hi 1Ill3 A "'l'lllt lol :3t (iryti r st t I ý'I' rec ivtd till ,ge .ll rialitl t Ir Inosum i ;,lt k t i 'Valtlio s ptt/llt eres; inlr .hlt t I of i liue qalily. 1 8 IExchange Ilo elSl Churles At 15 lll"1'-1 Ilfot lrllin us i n Caron. it 4] l,,i sireetl n few 4] urs Ito l'o nll tl )o-. sr ioli giveu imme 5tedll y. Apply tll, A i0it ,l, x" 1i AV It, aill i. '2it in t i tmllnr C nthtlrt A ,I 'lN rti e ' l'nrniut(r' rapd coi v ain L itLo 'e ,il II r-i i r-I t e ttlcitl s sott)i hertlnt Ir tu,.i It isd nt, p glen to kd elIi, it i tswett Satract i t (i1 ita in anit amrt det be' -ltlrllu l its tire nlleeel alrv..+ It, by prote tehd )rout tie . hettt'ttal. h wlallsed tlgtrlnel2 icr s"tn l . t. ill. A trllttl tcter i n nollllw clo lilnire ia I iNplh, r "'Iw ,ol.thcr tti t -i har r i 'nnna itrarnt&m the m alr e it-t' ratr a r,, , prea tira nos "flt ttitlt rite;.. p Tilt gttn;, t ttt.itr lit atine \ lt a ,t r trie Inmit',t _, dfurer, 9 tr A Ptei.ttit t SteCatnit i o e lielirigoratoi,t n t iili , t" - ll t l tre 3 p tt l, ttt n inn tst talei o f p n IVl It Ctt taNll,n Sp I l1"tr-l-i-ot t n' t I ' i. .go ,I-,'rS lertat in .tnal.,n Iu ] ll llwer, iii t2 ",(i . " " " tat chtelilurlhe ons liracit , a wlt, i n i~ h it i ic A de .ori ll n e. 3s t' (aylis o rf. lz-, le i!'lto euer in New E:l lld, or . AtrrliL a i tllllle 11 , Ion ,a. i1t'sil? ('o. tnrativa View tol :lerirft n Sir IIIr IIO. Gioll', lll lr , i I eallt London c p r , bkeels : tle 7 vt)s royal 80,el eganllt e4]itio)t. " E. JOHNS &Co juitv 17]t--'w. I rSt Cre &. CO mmlnll , sl . I INI, IIIIltT'., (,IOV(ES &, SUSPEDIG:N J .llit re(,eiv,,4] by lIte r-ivls .IIll asso'tnment of llrbs C'rwavts, Stumotnr stlcks, lovetr, e la S,.pcn-. d. , t~ the HIunI... -....... a rne t (ohaorf . .. C ..... C ...o N. It. A rolplere essrt nent of Writing Desks, I ri,,e i," ca.. . , .......ble eaytg ........ in .... . wood stri, d ther. rn[nli B & ALnAN. \.u\ I 'B IS I teo lni1Tedilla n been losng ur sedt . bollll hereand in the norlt in usutl mllarle. with a brlrcs , will effeetually pre. v,,nl se.trvy, a,,d word off Ihatl xcru litt ){ti.g pain. lIe tooth alc'he. Prepared wily 1,1" T. I". Wringer, Sll '.o 1')Dn. ,At to Jriel|rson Collier, and .old who,lesalp an Pai l Theatrical Noici. i. Those Ladies and Geritlemae engaged with James H. Caldwell,New Orleans, are respectflly inforlmed that the THEATRE will open for he season in all September next.--Persons in negoeiation will apply to G. H. .ar rett, Esq. New York, or by letter to the Proprietor, New t3 Orleans. lt The Louisville Journal, Cincinuttli Whig, New York Everian Star, and the Spirit of the 'times, will n please publish the above three times each. By order a oftthe Proprietor. tGeo. HOLLAND, Treasurer St Charles Theatre. N. Orleans, 22d Aug. 18.19. If. It FOIL NEW YORK--Regolur Packet. it Orlenos Ilne of Ptockets. To sail positively hn Friday Evening, 30th inst, T eL ftest sailin, regulr packet' ship LOU on ISA, Jehlnoc, mester, hraving halforber ear the o engaged, llsaila aabove. For baaonce SI freighlet r paseage, lanvilg elegant eoeomae.datieone, oIply to IfeluCnptoie o i board opposite the vegetable larketl,,r to A. COHEIN, ag29 90 Comlllamln slreet. S COMPT'IOILER'S O'FICIr,.r SECOND MUNICI etrd n 'AIn.tPY. . New eerleaun, g9th Ageetst, 1i839.' AOREEABLY to.a reeolotion ofe the 'l7l ienstantee I ete -will adjudicate,.et this oftice, on Saturdtey tee7he ,Setemlrr lexl, at tl2 'clock. to the hlghoet biilddr, r. selsrote leoses el ole reeflowing slide fir tile sale a o Oysters, rm tile 15th Seplehlber 1839. to the 15the April, 8ll4t, viz : tne at tle foot of Cnal street. (OeU , (iraveler One *e t'oydris " One (irod will One Jlllila nday e IRofllgnae tOne on te, Ieevee nean tle St. Mnrv's Mae. flet ket. Toros--1, 2.3, 4,5,6 and 7 seoneeecrelit in sat dat isfarelorilv codearsed uoes. J. CAI.HteUN, h aug .l9 Cemptcllter. FOIL N.EW YOttK. New York end New lOrleaes Line. To sail on Ifedceedneyl8h inslt. TIns eRlegeant Packet Sllil AtUIB tN. Cept le(ornell, will oail as aloveee llhr freiglet or pnssege,h Iltvieng hle llloluoe ulrei.eo cloeee-ee re. datioseppipy o board or to. PE'TEItL'I.Al)LA, a. 2 6(6 Cnmp .st ss., FOR NEW YORK.-REGULAR LINE. rleano .ine of I'Pakefs. v elhe ceperel an coppeellr fltaslenet PrC kieeg et Sheip , 'UIA, Johnso Master, will le ein.neditirely dleslelepch-d. Fer freielet er e lassnege hlaving superior eCCel)eonled~llOile, applye thtle haptain oe bolrd, ewo liers belhw tle Vegetlhle Itnrkel or to A C)IIEN, h atI a1g8 t 9:2 Comlnlm st. -lee --e -ieeT e N --,e ,ti_ i.-li ' h,.o , in the e Pinn -estery, ovel thle et TI' lt 1I vie & lelroler chi rlle te lere' Seeee llezi an (ee eeel1;ee i SIee . e ulllaiSt. 1 in+ of" twoa 'occcnrlelee , i olne l ln ,r Iwie 1e, ee o fire h 1, - lg eind weelee ll eeeree lee l rT I 'eie.ree of na ki0 e d e le s ses-o, beegiveu _ant __iate__, lr'tereeete Iaeely e I T. It. HI1 lilt ,de. trmlhe.r, i el, l etll ,l al ill i (ete e lle t rlast l eee , . A o ho e lee ee el e t i Iyillll d E eli I lcy lll[x I' 11iill, "Ii el' onel ___1__ 4!___(____________ J ' .C hnl . '. 'l'al e \n loll V I;u I) I, JlyR ucs 'u I..ý .ll uthor oIf i,, I I L.'ln('ut, I c |{u b'r ý. r . &1. aug ol2 2,1 d 97'n fit, rtel. r '11E \31:KILIC\N I,()UN(El;II I , C )A N E t.rr o in !' nt Kyd. 'rh,. Pira'te of the Golf, c. A,.r ill on 1 vo lllll l ' r Skettlls in London bIy thIb Authbr ,, toh ' (; 1 t 1 t . 'IVr ) l, i+." I" l Ir" 13.l h noi Mir &A . &'P. in' mlnin,,., New Po.k,1t1 IbacII n I .2lll IIIIIIo " At Aluo llmVw. rI lld Iou d ntll Il n,, s: lilll,+ ll Ju-r liHe( ived by A\ex 1' 1 '\" I It, flp 2 dl 4"9 t,, -t.I -r 11.- tI11[ - 1 0) lkarr.l :,h .u ll, h r, i som e, for . al' by t 0 1 .. 1: 1'. TIIE LIBEL CA IE. I U BI .IS III ) '1111 IIAY\ , mud Il llth ,t 1 ' Cmlfning R ,m of l T ii,, " .II ,l \ ri, ,i , ý1tr (I', .re is Ilt,al l uIi the priulipalf( k .Stor., u corret Helllprl of 7he IT oll'Ito -llllr (llll ,oli , to ll'Y t ,I l h,' ,a tlla of l ouisitan vs.Johin Gihlbon, !!:3i,0 nI li n I cllh r ,f the Trie irlllarIInl, beflor the Cria al Courtn fr I , - be.july I N EoVlV P1 , Hlli-Jakst ,,','T,,d a (ilu1 ~-ýyr ' EllW s i in r F E" Ir i +, of n !I i e o od ,'a r g,,.,i z ,". Onille ity ianld t nly l,,,, i , T T lm.v I I 11. 1 11 ', I l\.t' ,t O l ln allllntnPi and l.:rtll . A!.I:.l ' 1\ . I f r nlOni l i , stlrr i ,oe l ,r n ,', for . l h, al I , I( IZ I R'--\' II %.-I -lrlc .l \o a) , I 't e1 u rnt,, T Co)nli ,tiels Io llltlll (ll IIIII 11trl+ til arIil,'h i i s li n ll le ot IIot le. ' l i llel 'I lP rr N. I. \',o ,, .. .,oa I, I H l,.at x +, spo ta)1'l0 Lrep ired i h II Rlilt, llud ant l ,i I ' ,m i ,' r. Ona t 0,2 nod "dvar,.t Td . 1111T4J,+ hu htine rl I,. +.,n, . Ch , pI , t tlteeG -e OfFll l iACC' O -,I. , 0lll x111' ,l I. F Ln II 1 lll , annd c IIIIIP lne d ,llnl, i + 5F3,1:,", m llllsl T .,n:IIl. l. ly robll h.. oliI [alnde iI h l ,II rl y II 'stIn- l' I 11III NA ll,I " I I11 tt 1''o,' nfrlllh+z a & o Te ll itealulu. m e0li: odVSin afl, III the Punld h ol h 8iii 1 , ~er \L,,lmr, . I Ill lumil ,. ol|redll 'xtrc. lllly huw ,il d1 Ls IeIn F & Co, jt Illey No. M C olm on t s ior . , Lt.OI 'OllIq 8. albve thi e ,hh )too|, stlrltmhd l r, t 'i II,,l . neulltllll, rut "idll n ttllll r wh le ,le ,,r ri , by H, IBOgN B ~i I ---LOUR- 1 klII I nll rfie,45)oh fine, folr wre b j7 1;+ II Yll , )ll,, IA New leve 2 tlll d . do. do..J ust receive, mil tor stle by _jtd~v.II . .. N,1C~t (ulistl~ OTi'O CIICUIlt it .. 1 PR INTiE II) 'lI Ilrt (;r'lpratl I.i " tyl'ltito,and oa sutlle iutsurpF, nssed in Ntwt ()ni.~zAn or Uelse O ORDERS left al('tusOtrlrl u uI t itt St. ('ht rle . E , hallnt e, (Corner of (irarier Se. ) or at T' I! It I. AM RI. l ,\N'I PIRINTINt; iiO'fil-:, - rner If l) t r all d i ti ('har:l e F StI t s, tr'lu bN e r- it rorni (llI tt slttti u t lit jptr -ly - attt aI .t ,o 4 f \tll i:l i l l NL I 1. -1, t ,1t l.t st! 1 i.' 1 *1" (: o t .tl :Is, Il ,l t ti , h ; + 'll ' s i tl ' rts iij t t n St I t 11 i t jfthe t·lIu i,( Ih' nr y 1 .t I r, 1 1 (lI.. l 1a 1 1 .I NItII h '- SI ',bL IIi . ('h l{+h1.,-, I)t.ut it s a - i.t. I S I , - soltr Ito ,\tae Ir aidded . n ýIr 'o. I. I o:. asl l tl ++ ,lI { I,,lllllPIII I. Just retivde im rl I ale by ALE:X ' t 1, ani ( did.h Il lt) u t t.et1 e t t tt i 1i in i t11, ut tGrattr tre -tet. a .lg. 2Iolllll in.s1 I vL er leXI, 1 . I I IN.dl r et Iouse, .l 19 ('omJNt rII EIO l, A ly " i Ejl I, II -t it (" ,I hh I nLI.I t i *tg fr, ih s ta rith nrtic ; Blake's lhd(t o ph lnr . i; ,,tttel lit-il oull; ollll ltl' H 1' t 'miai+. lltillmtrv. " JAilllto w I'4111 ) . :\II, I (' o Il t.i I)EI"lR II'oI TO'RST . I.nlllli fIl'R E rlil ri It f'w mote of thseu li! a I idV 1 h fw r e i l b - "ered low ftir oslth alilt h lUIiluutsiI rlu ilila le WIoi Ioo stniei n Itillii ille -ti'lc t, m IIg.9 IIGE & Inil. I nl'i. Rin' E U UGA 5. 1 bit Cl riliess sad ndt mn f uT, ia ., li sateti B Jy II'III;JIII: TNEV, 733RWN Cos june qna NoiyJ Coain ii pi INTs nii VIILRNISFJt-4 ky- INoi J7 - 'i'1 l ;i 4 , r, vler si j I l; ( ; I ) l) l l . Jl':Y " .4 l N e I . e v t e I lni lea I-. IWilled .Lowell; clItoni, 3 cases bd:l kki strip,?sL , )Iu lingp S n hlil . t I 3 ouis, fa- sale h 1io119s " 111111G ! I lla +I& o. 131 dlltll ine ti 1 2 i IDORSFY, 4t S wN.ew .le. j` i S & J I' 1VIl(II'IN Y, 73 (:lllmp of 1) Ily, 4 Irr rcookv bruwn .lorry 1Vilr; iii boxes le a do supllllerior quality Ibr salo by d S&J 'J P WIIlTiEY, Y Inuv 3 73 (.'anle s pllulrt :5i (lllir. \Vltil i-; (.. ilial ii npll .lip Vnll 1 nr ti'illh LWo :+i1i.llo v Lot "K . 1 1'.l.. The DAILY Paper is neatly printed with small type on an extra, double medtum sheet, at $12 per annum, payable somi annually in advance. 'rTie TaiwneKLa- Paper, cantaining 'he readilg it matter of two dailies, $10, payable in advance, where no city reference is given. r The WeEKLY TRUE AmeaRCAN, made up from the dally papers..during the week, will be sent o sub. scribers who pay $5 per annum in advaneo, and In none other, unless an acceptable city reference is given. Subscribers respectfully solicited. JOHN GIBSON. NEw ORnLEANS, MAY 1 839. ), 52'') l\ IES Northern tlvy landic g flie o Ship le L. ltuian, fromn New York far Sale by A COHEN, agt 90. 90 Common streret. - EN(GLISi TELM-ItEi'oltr i at Caiveteioea.. lJ d illne ('tlle lt tI Qllells Bennch, in tlie Bail Court, Court of Colilonl Pleas and the Court of Ex eli ceier. , lele first Nillher of the lnove work is thin lay re e, ceived lly Alex Iwar 49I Camp etreet,wlerte thera Shers of the Bar are resllectflly invited to call ant e. eh ailio it. nu0 F1YH IAIILICCC1EET-2ll00blh for sale by jG &J I Vlll .VEY, 73Camp t I AI -(00 krgs leaf Inl in iline oresale by Ri 15 ( I)iiKRSEY. 41 New l.eve "AMAT'I'RA SS;.Y,a H, aila;d lllss, amal,, FPe. 'l .L Itheranl Mnaess PIillows anll Bolsters, warrante.l if bent materials and fir sale at the loweeria h prices by Win. R. CAIRN S, aug 211th-6t 53 Bihville strce LA:lAltrNE '1PLGRIMAGE Anndtlril & Merlto--a'lhurelh dictionary Kiigley'n ocial t'hclr, 2 volunmes p IKell'en tie Chri tiin year--Lealie, cookery or Hlite A t Sliolileil' Iliiory fit E.iglanlu . A noe suapple icith many dlier very valuable works, this iay received anid Ifor sale by J22 A ProwAr, 19 Camp st BANKS, &e 150 reams, Amli"a Dove mllill Ietrcr paper. fin 250 do io, uperfine tl0 C blaa collmereaiel post 150 do Creenll post et 75 do water linrd past dn 91 do ar royal 1du1 '20 ..lo mIiediuml d e Allo n kit err, of It r s dii inity, and will e 111. VIT't1111 .-50carboys Newton & Ilibh _ C I I'< h HIII( i CnIIlpaly's il of Viaiia! aallpari 1 or nri. h, fItr i i nlll llr t r ilt If I Vt' Il 11 kVIaS i& Ii) 11 11 1111le-.nhi Drrng -is ie ,ly 9 ', nn'()\1, .1 "l'l, i'l.< l ,tsi l I 1_ _ I"I'_ _ -_: II_-_1 1 _ k_ _:_ _ t 'o tuw idt1i t in4 , ,,alla 'i I I li Ihrllra' lay G a aIIaa &II. ,Y, at. I laER laa I Iaui It tl1 Nlw I-vri Ne Ni,anlni es -ý %'O'I"-N .llll;: --7(l,,ck. ,1 s p rio" ('Invin li ,t i,'u J rcl iJ 'orr, fipr sale by G I}OIISI', june 1. i 4 I Near.' e .l~1' ,H itrK". h,',F - (:'Nl P'A-tlli', t ,n '1ý h'1Ir 71:1p. , 1 n311 , K rh q, . Irn. un l ",I '.. largr" "Id fi,'.I rntc ,,¢-r,,retl,,i f;,i .vnlr" 1.". by ~ .L|JEX. TI' 1'1 l li{ reIv '1 ,149 Pre~p <h,.l 4 jr rillF\14 (11 . ( ii '- "', S t;- ri d : I'r '. ' ire. 3 ,n0 vrl rri ' , -~ff r. 'nrr"arir., I fr - er ri, " ' J P Vt i I I'.\ I" j, re/I r I : ; I1 r rvo t ' C'r r ur rri ('.br r . ,rflr ,- ,W- l . ,,,I i m Ull es - o 8it ,tl t,,xe ; al,) l, re .l , :. . , rt: ,hlw of mh icrilw ý, t rll I Fnrr t hr iena 1 l 0 ('erm Fr r r F 11 "I r"1 . rln ,d rl ben I & 111)RE1 1 1 o oll le M rirrr'rrrr , t r rr cenir a torIr, e very rx ,'I. ,', ly tl-.', i l':o o! , , ..I.rr u ,h, lit. r1 II Ie O NN rII r,, i ju ly I I ' r, ire :*i3 e i d '1'<, l ll i'o Ii l : RURiEAI 1)1 1\ '('I tN' D'' ,s Pm11 PIERS lIE LA NOUVI LI r 'o'EAN ' e Io.,o , '. " l ,s rihses -rat uln e d,.l r vep _ in lpt ,'l ý , I t ULLu. i :hrl~l ,m {'l" . i Io t L ,p its, ,ir , - -do I :311Fi t I. g o ,., p TR' ,lt ai- e- reti re u 'de orlet ' lr:urr '111a I iee or r ie jns rorer re Irvr irraTIcrr'r. - - -1-,. irl lt is l.,rhA Lor r retel eerh.s Jmsot r r.eceivedh n 'r b Sr i i l .:1 ',lrr d rr -t.i C ,I I'11hi Iltu i l I. Irff jrIll , m IF . lihE).l , , d Inlkinge ,Wull' roe orl RI ve~lr r1-.s, aii1( Ulf nIOW piapalt lI)rrg.ier'I',lre r1i11riro1 creep I'oV I'ls-'ia orrivc l'ere'e'e, l l lJur re.'r&ll\i tire.'v PIERS D)E LA% N UvEI,ILIE-4iII.IEANS. Ruie de inlel, No r1 ('A)iTAL, N 30ee r 00.lI Par Onlle nnrndl lt'nit.llll ,'l t ('Marlal~t de1 ce ('ol[Ipa Ait ur me EIrd~n p rr la L.glslature , fet imeroliu Btas a surer c 0 tro des risque.-. 1lrrratnnea at lu Ilouw., at ih soee rroel r c cuvoir der PLleh a rt ' m r, p '; e t TRACY, Seeretaire. I`mil r i rDL!T r & .elp)er -,e~e cic', h erraii Ire , (eleh 6,11, " o lid h 'trl, rluh ri nausup r r lu seed, N.. EC g hland Cough SyIvrup, &e. .'c. Laninihg an,) for it Imlesn e or retail hv i ~ ~ I I31" y}iN A IE.I., Jul 2 01h IDruigist Ttlhaliilonlas tr r `TAI.UAIIIJ,E F(OR I,AwYVEIIS.--2d vol-lPeter's DV|igulll-13ili Voll. I'lnur'e Repel Ia. Just received lind for mule itt ~E..IOICNS & C Jo. r all.3, N .. .....ew* O')leil/I Staioneiilllrs Haill I ' l VA`-N'.• CA OM L llO, 11i. I'S rrrneI d fr. i nulupr'e J ] extract orthe IIlwaern, a very Wilolcsollii ule nc e w ildh in olperation uud plaaeu ii n iielllect Ihe oi cot Ic'erlai p reserver of healih, a miute stilll el|.t'lull cure of | "r gesdlmn, nntl ell stelllllIit cunil dun s;" alld it i It ii rulll cmnsri iInce. pulrifies tle tdour[ anrd a pro~v, ure of the w ullol svstem,." S Just r~eceived and for .]ihule..ale and retail by - - "-I S i :.-. 3juI y 0Oth coir. 'clhaillt sl s~r Niil.i l oi i v.l. July '-10111 ear. cITlrlhptt itls I ,rI Nr , Ith vi t rs . VALUAIIBLE EN(GLISNI IEDIIIONS. .Ill A|'I'i',.I]S \Ve Iders of Geolgy.V l C ollin sworth wnlrk s " t0m0 r at11 worksa-\V verlV , o niall) p,, rtats Parlty'i Il.epnrV Cnb i l -(- oI -v' wor ks. Lan | l-d 11 ! o no, lI val.--Sir C'HI'"es (i1,0,llfso,) (;ulsld uh Autl f l nlll u lhlrl 01--S i 11 (s1&t1l' S1 K<rim; s ) itory uttf r f lillrllollfill ....1. 'i:1' l ,i 'l.ln-1( , ,1101 0', \ +, i ' i nop i i l ris l tI u N i his day ll', civ 'd 0/ ll id ;, no111 I' ,;llll lI E 'nIld i l oli L ''IItl l . : d lllilld set t II ' ib the \(i1.1511, I tlI n: l, l .ýI: l' utno, ltl.\ ti ll 0l1 II .Il, hI l ,, M\V lT l ItAl'ui , o lh' r l -,U, \''hr ln , ' H', " 1 a1 1h I+l b 1.umn luh' ), ,I I l, I N , . & II i . 11 11. ''0 I liiid' h,1.i 'l . ` puF:r1 1 ,llel.i ,mlhh 1 1( rt el . 1r1n.l I-ict ' ltrii+.l I . td+ i+r1 I, 1+ liiy l lll I ('i' IN + I ' -li - The\\,,rk+ f et "h' il l"+ (; 1," ,:I ' 11' '- r nlIlhr VIlt, h-l I u I'kl, c . " I ll.ll. i _mco I l ilk , ' adI I an llilla,- I I aI,I ' 0llaiIIIl. o l ([pA F18011 Jalnt, &no I000 ' I l " et r +, [ o)il CO II t1'1 'al EA, \ i ~ t •'urntnl, ( i l m"l , (), r :illell " n'1 : ri llll' |,-f a ns. I.m l otn,l n 'l o a Cl a d Po lnilh l rsh b Onona~~~II IItn oN \titFt,.EIIC 1' t ICE, 10 1(1 as 17r I|'ir]dlp otlln ;.; * Inn o ((),oa n ll , ndl I'Il enlnt r r 1 r,1 1 ool inul, l uIni mcrl, a, bll byy F rll (a c k V a: +, D rh . I 'in ao hlll Ilildhlhr, Inkoer 1t ;Inhlii iIIN:I'-InP ( l'hrn.Ill , 1-0 10a11 :1-8 il0 l Sl Paller +'ll othe;r trrltlh, Ier.llr Ir CrsIs BIe t, Pnrk'k,, Iltlr-' +,,l +ill I) l . + .. IIC Zll * Rll nle sinlelo hurrmlle, ' ll): (:Ull," I'll--; Shot Bel t'; IPowde , l' and1lr oll F-i, i ; I)tllrlln ; It . l n t1 ). D ikilng C ( p, Prer t, ssilo (intp and ('a, )ilhhhr; Cloth, Il ir, Tooth; canld ll 'rnsl,re.s Orris l II ('-ilari e 'oT h \V usb! Sl'otblllll~o ll 'l'nclet ill Sh tavin SI1r ita,) g"at vn. l ToihtPo dr Pnm l' I merv B ;lg. It r- v'Tb CtIn maP s Powdhr I'ltlt and Haose; (lilt ('limns, Senl, mll d Keie ,s; Ear.rojs \Vuis- l ll kle; Ir ','Ite; Beatl+Netkcnta'. ' Bells and Itis4 Shell wist; idS e and Dre...... C OIIbD, ; hi ai ) atldition to theiri'fr ror stack o (alUI slakes their assortmlnest very eImpiI otr, anl)d will hie sohldd arw and on liberal terms, at the sign olf the Go en Co nb. " i°5-tl 70 Chartros street. rosy 14 S .J P WIIlTNIY,73 Camp I'OA'I'.S con+u have their Blills struck of, +In one or more Colored Inks on Plain or Colored Paper, writh t fine, h, r Sale cheap by O FEI.T & tu,,, , V ýrnrinler, h",11, ,'4 ( .nfTr, b, M I.SS ISI.EI"'-In hlf bls, lor sale ,v , .'.. I (; I+))Rl} ,E\'. II \t,"~ I e n, SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. r I1i. brought to the Pound of the 3d WI rd, Cd Salunicipalitt, S A Ity horse with black mane and tail 4 feet black & branded with netters snuppnO: e rod It be A oil the g th hilnd quarter, bc.teen 13 and II hauds 1 Igh. A Roan horse wuth while frife and banded with let g rrn iplliosed to be P1' o nr Itono I lo It li ind junortr t13 hltnds high A dark brov n Maret 4 feet la;ck and branded with letters Y Fn tihe right lholder und about 13 hands high. J A dark Iloan Mor. cult brown mlaneand tail 12 hands high. . A atoy Mlare ni,! with n nreipt black Inane, Irotin tail, a blkck stripe uacross rr slultdars a whlite stripe Iw lTinTd Iher earn, 4 feat lck, with lt letter suplrased to I l)rn thealeft saolcer,.nlrr t 14 handor high. , The owner of said prtrertly Ii lloease call at the Poulnd gtn ward, situated rt telcuorner of. Ilolirs &Annnonciatioln, altsv. ltv p.r nrttj oy EtIrges atd take thim away, onlr bmlur Satirdu. 73th epleslme, 1830 when tlhrv will be nold rt auction by P (e i illotrepub lie a tctina mrp. J L WIN'Y.EIR, Newo( trlrltlla rnau rntll, I sl Lieost. N'I' uIt inenu alu lrnjer du 3me ward '2de mu nUicr ahlte iun aoinmux s (e.eas suisants : Uns chuoel bay a crinib at gneue ct r iods o eoir, ii oat rlampnu dn- lottres quo 'no suppose ltro A. A Spur In honchoilh ncle, so mesuro nest d 13 ou 14 o- sanlnsa. Un clhoal roan, avoe face loanclho, etampd do - Ilottro quo Ion suppose dtre P P'ou sinr Is asncho gatlllhO--sno il'sor e ct do 13 puanrise. n lite jnrntet, conlutr brutno, lo qoatro paltes noLrce--elle oat tirmlboe dos lnctree . F. cmr I's panic droito ra Incsnro cot do 13 panuies. Uoi poito jrelnont colcn r roan oIltl.d, queue o t rnf ceibro bruno Sit, oasuro cst do 12 po.unlos. . a Unt mule coulua r bayo, criniebr, nore tai s, qua brune. rat notiru sur Ins .lGules, rain blance der. ribr, Ioa oreilles, Ins 4 ia taIs unor, otnlnpue d'unn lottro quo Inon suppWIn Iro D. our Iirnlr grlnchn -sn nesure out do 14 panunos. Lee proprieo airee vro(rnt b on p a reclaml r su dh pot du otto district do Ina de municipalitd sen coignure rues rn obin ct Annet'ciation t proui, veat lour Iproprlotl, or oen oa himos dpansos, avant le sluodi 7 eoptemobro 1837, quand its seron vendus a vencan par P. G. Guillottoencanteur. 0. 29 J L WINTE'R, lur lieottnant. w Oy E nl.E brought to the pornd of tle 3d ward Sd Municipality the follorwing otray ani imal vio: A Lua5 Iloroe, it l Ilack ononn and cropped tail. two hind, fitlhrrks whiite, a sunall star on his lace, fifteen 1'lto ownor " nsaid propoerty will please call at thIe pnrndl of tim 3rd wm.ri rnd Monicipality situ Iated! It corlner ol Inii, )nod Allllunncitiuon streats, Inpro Iatroirty pay chalrges r nod him awayon to Inlorot Saturdaty tih itl, Seltrtbtnr, 1839, when Iha wll Ito uold at aucnult by P G tlslllotic, pub. re nalctoit, ur. oro Orire An. J. L. WINTILR, New Orleatns, Aug. 29 hI, 1839. tst Lieut. New Orl ians Aug. 29 Ih, 1839. 1st Lieut. S:i. bronglit It til e' l :, fli otlI., of rl'te d Nil 1ý nliCllltl- I, 11 oI)\V nrig elinIs, riz : i, t l l h.\ t ue I l ll l ItI' JlkAll lltn, IbtUI I9 years esage, any It. bhlul. - t 1i 11. l luwell. i n illl <to lhtr Ititd Jhni albout ten years of age, inl of il, t it i, o g M to . r. Clrin-. .\ 1· el ll 'd aJulrne, al)bout IIlt 18 y year s of ag e sil+ I ,,l . Il lP fiIl', iPIL:iiiiIt II n \ ilt I iu 1tull nrrnti Sbuit 18 yours of age, I h Th u r lli l lii slaves Ill plenae cull at ithe pri. ..i il I I- tiatlimty, pruv t prolperty, pl y earges e l tk,, i h, i tinat.. " i S AIIFARPlliJ, ilg (' tuitn..t In ut e ti t ande MI une i ut lI .I - I c nI, v, ,c i r tic t , itvt ur:r Ca,' l ht + Io llli ` AI t .I1 N t gr(t d'environ al-ii , if. . II. lIIE R,. 1 ttlhiuainie dIi ir horde 1 inkr't u tttket up by Atge It ilt orfs Ise ri Nigiti, mitt t(r'iieiiii ri f 11ro Iii I, 1 lieg - ctli.i"nlldi Ian.IZ \ I,'TII, eye, and'eviro itth e diou t ,-. a oliitiidltli tl'l M aIor era errli+. all j llil. l+t Illllle.lICIuIHi ft"t c d'nridlroe 1 1l n. t11 l d1 nly ,. l Ile, II r(llli e r~ h+ ape Ik , boa1 ri)tiS de +'enit I I'Il 1' i.-t alu, kna trorv by o~trre le . ainh alil I !r'. -ou- ii-+-ittP - ta fIll" i lt I r dl)l uit .l n.tli/ t." Ispia I l :IlhE l u y h i l a iI : tu d inthe posses - lI, Ir, l itllr l rt vat ritur l finir e r la e ropritd Mt r pitr lles .r1i Lel n .iy retlr s ut fifteen hands i ~h , I;tid le- whithk itd b:lid utt it eye, ant masto, II ci IIAi tEll, ('eitliulre ilo W alch. 1 "MH .er A Fr:n l ip i ih i it 9l2e, trimteipu nlite Sclpe i,ýrt: r hl" ti rallni, troue iltitrt ea rLo inosit t illlitr Iu ille . Iir ,l g eill i ell u tl i irrat ludit srr. - i l ralldlltt tl t Chval blryl cl r plll gnllle au e do-auteur h u, I i itt e tit tl lie oi drr ritr - Zi n niaie &a. rlir , ilast al'n depl arrutte rNo. G31. It t irupr p ,auf va ati ottl w prpriqueh jy 25 1 I IIARPIElt. Capltaeie do WnVle. ua E llgrrynd lhval bri, I ati iltitl do haultier, mllltlill 1 m A rult.l A tudre vumhais H innll llh hre. I' tie;i a n e tt.n i tl ati rttl r n un II -erea iV ne to hi lutir l .l pa 'r . ll a lutli llo Itn lliltlgt r pu ligoe. jy '25 11 S III S llIIthCttis du WVIe: Indi- ; i rp ..hip Ale ,xnder fr io i- ire n, i, tli :41 1agnezine t shiptili li"+ faunii \ f l i rr leI rt d b i,' jttih 1t" I ii JNIilith ,3iireejerse S JI' WIIITNEY, ui-Y .:I 73 Camp o1 - C+ il tNill l'l New Ylrk, fi r sale y poly 1 :1 I'II.:'AK 1.AII)LA W,6G Camp st t ) II M ltl Nuprlinu.N in lie i pingr order fur , ulr ,e IlýIJS IY, n1 alr 44 New Levre E IF-:e hall barrael, Fettiily ie ileef for sale buy T . )lA RfSEY, ni9 l'hr, Lt it,No. 13, lateip 6eri., , .Ilrryatt'n Phuom ship. For Sale b J? =A TlOWAR, "49 Cmpst UNITFE PATES OF AMERICA.-StaIte of Louisiana-Faris andi city of Now Or~ians lIe it knownr by thin agreement, madel and conclud ed this fourteenth day of June, 1839, before me, Iloratio f)uvis, e inotery publie, duly crmimissioned inl raworn, ii oand f- r the perish nd city of Now Orleans, that in cnnformity to the law approved by the legislature of this state, on theo hirteenth e March, eigliteen IlllundreTd and thirty.neven, entitled 're. ttcl to aulltorizo lillll tid ll)nonymu s partner. shlipl, at frir regulatinig the steiC;II" There is luhereby flrmed a lilitcd lartlnersip which shall be re-glltetd ill ianneo r and ltr flti]llowinlg, viz: 1. The inurle and style of said partnership shall' lie-" The stenlutor Brilliant Association of New Orlellns.' iOr n ins." i o This assnciation is formed for the purpose of rP, irtg ith steamer called hIe lril iant of New 1 Orleans, as .a pRasseger and froiglht boat, for hire, oi tie wators r f Ltutsia a, or others of or on the Si Coet of thLe United Staites. 3. 'the amount or the capital stock of this asso. Meltier is thirty two thousanrd dollars, divaded into Slty shares of eight hundred dollars each. The. +, wh,,le of wthich capital has bcon paid in ready mon+y, s;id amnountt being the pirice paid by the. I al:r altr nltllllt iiel.,rs of said associationfor. tile original cl, repairs, and altoerations, made to. 4. TI nares of the, colprtners in this oseaci- tiro, ;ai the amount which they have respectively contributed to this iitmited partnership, are as fot lows, v z : 1. I)Dunan F. Keilner, of the parish of As. rnonll, fitr thren lhares, two thousand and foalr hundredI dollars. $2,400 2. Henry Me 'all, of the same parish, for Sthrt shares, two thousaid and n our hund rod dollars. 2,400 3 John slidell,of this cily,for three shares Iw thousamt and four hundrod dollars 2,400 4. Clistopher Adamts, Jr. of this city for three rshares, two thousan anrid four hundred Sdollarr. 2,4f01 5 Wihliaim ltamilton Avory, of this oily, for three shares, two thousand and four hun dred diollars. 2,404 t I. John S. Preston, of the parish of As c tenLsion, for throe shares, two thousand and four rhundred dollars. 2,400 7. John Stephun David, of the parish of St. James, for two shares, sixteen hundred ,tollars. 1,600 8. John S. Armand, of the parish of St. James, for two shares, sixteen hundred dol. lars,1,600 S 9. Paul lHebert, of the parish oflbrrvillo, for one share, eight hundred dollars 800 10. Aaron ldart, of Pittsburgh, for seren. teen shares, thirteen thousand six hundred Sdollars, 13,600 $32,000 . 'PThis partnership shall ooIlmom nce on the day of date heIreof, and thie operations of tihe sacnme silall terminate, and tie conrcorns thereof shall he wound up at tihe Oxpiration of twelve months frao tihe date of th is act, 7. There shall be appointed by said aoslolllton I upon the omeeting of dtiy tive of the striokholdars thereof convened in the city of Now Orleans, otter two days notice in ope of the publhc gaOette of said city, a board which shaill consist of three directors, to he chosen from among the stockholdors of said assoi .tion, and in like manner dlore shalt be ait agent rplpointcd for rhr same. I t hIartt tuIof It drlors of this Institution, naih he Ill lit la I.wer.,l c authollrity to ,,ak i spOe

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