Newspaper of True American, August 31, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated August 31, 1839 Page 3
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rules and by laws as may not be inconsistant..with this act or with the law afore recited, upon which this partnership is founded and specially they shall have power to direct the mode of running said boat, and regulating Iher voyages or trips, times of dr parture and return, ratesof charges, &c. The said board shall also have the. power to investigate the accounts of said boat, as well thro' themselves, as througlh the agent theroot and generally to super vise, control and direct tile course of the employ. nrent and the administration of her fands, and to that end they shall be atlhorised to give all fitting and proper instructions to her agent, officers and others i theo'omploy. The directo eshall also have the powers to fill up all vaancies.(lor u:nexpired term) arising in said aboard, from death, resignation or otherwise. The agent of said boat shall resild in the city of New Urleans, and shall under the bh-laws of said bnald, collect the debts due to the association, and if any there should be in suit in bhe name of said association, and also in like manner disburse their funds, for neecessary expenses and claimns, anrd ln der" the like directions keep just and true books of the accounts, dealings and transuctions of said as sociation at the office which shall be seclected by the sold board in this city. 8. The directors of said associatlion shall continue. in office during the term.of six months, from the day of their election and otlil the election of a new board, and such nw wboard shall, if possib'e, he elected one week after notice as aforesaid, and prior to the sopir tinoi of the term of the older preceding board. Thoe sgentialH remain in office at the discretio iof the board, and the board shal, determine iis compensation and the manner of pay. ing the same. Ing tie same. 9. At tile period thercin before determined for the expiration of this co-parttership, ithe alfairs thereof shall be settled, and the sanm liquidated and wound up by the last hard of directors of said asacieat onm or the sure vor or survivors oftheIim. *0. The persons so trusted with such liquidation shall cause to be made a full and caomplete balaore sheet of the dehbt and creditsl of the ssocitien. and they shall well anid truly discharge uand sett;e out of the lunds of the association, consisting of said hboat, her earings or proceeds, the lawfuitdealts ofsaid association, and when all the debts and claims of ant .against said association shall have been fully paid and d scllarged, they shall ,ake a just and equal r partition camong tihe stocklibllers ofsaid association or their lawfill repreecntatiate, pro rata, of the stock respectivnly he d by thenm. of all tI re , ainlng fnmls of said ptartnershipl ; and for the purpose iof allirtingthe liiqlidation of said concern, the persons who shall hbe the liquidators of th, same shlllt have fuI'll power to sell aid Htet.a beat and her a.purtnunclaes at public auctiosl, alter I advortisomnlit.durinlg onceo. a week ill ti iuult manner, at euch credits and on oluch ters, and coe. dition as :o theiiin shall itappear advaiita.rnits, .rdl shall have acoi full power to causei i II) dlastant,, d without rpcOcuse, al not. tilihgatiols andt l:r.dlla whatever, belongitng atit, sid a .oe:.iito,l trI' ther arising out of thie al: of sld boat, hir if Irnt ings, or othl,rwiser, prvatided rsuch dhaieount may t lt o bt amdel at a r.uit exceediOng tote per elnt plir ai InuII, or even to sell wihIut Iecoureo anlld ait public auction after tlmo usual notice, all nlteos, hlt.ttilnd credits, bulong'ing unto said ausociation, on such , terms ats they may thick fit. ,11. The dved rds tof profits, if uuny there stitll be, nade by said association, shall, afitr payinllg all debtst, c ,urges and expenses, bte d, clareul at the edl of every six tionlthls eccteloug tIh d tie tiherelof: 12. This cot of association is e' based upon the aforesaid act of rlia legislature of this i State, applrovod the thirtooeuth of Marcah, eiglhtenau hundred and thirly a vn, and tlhe aalbrenalucd lamembers of tlliis liited co partnorship tterelty declare that it is their intention to avail thcmLelvnt t (in makitng this association,) of all tI.lm truavt s t and immnnities in the said act of fie legislature contemplated, andil specially of the rlvllot iu of exemption fr m, reeolnsruility for tle Io' to and obligatione of said assot:ltiomi beyondI tie alltolltt of the par value of the stuck by thl:l, ansPlt(.ively held, an conitelupntd in tihe eighthi setion f at id, act, nd ll ll ririlodges grantetd or respotnsabi0ll ro imapsedby said ,act are to be tk.en an.ll coLdercd as embodied hereini i 13. 'he said cldarltnurshpi herheby Icnl) the cily . o. Yes' itrleians a he r ,htea ti d of tottaici ofau ,. sociation, and deternline that tile mutatir ,r ,.l, r;,r unsaid boat for the timea boiang, or either t l'thttI. shall be the agents of said assiocation, ,) fllr aa I, sign bi Is of lading, to lmcd the saud aeso atilonl 1 goods receivecd on frdight on board said steatetr. 14. The stockholdo a in said ossociation sh,lll i have thie right to vote by proxy at all oV,'i )r r directors, and to appear by proxy at all nllaltin, duly convened. Tihus dotne and pasIed i th.l .lrice. oa., h, ilt' as above, It tile presenlce of Itarthulonme, V.ils anlld Thsodero F. ''hrllleitanll,. coamptent,, domicaled in tllhs city, who having lsigned wthi tile parties and ilm, thi lnotary., Original--signed Jh)in, St.dlcl, \Wat. I1..\, rvr lHenlry McCall, Johnai S. Dand, I. Adlans,Jir , J. Armant. Aaron Hart, of the city of 'ittnlat-g, .county ofi Aloeghany, State of l'oltnsylvalia, is to I)r, sent pr:sented by iris son, Jssae Ilart, of New (Or loans, as per I rocuratton her untt o al('xed. AARON I-I, I'Per JatE I.\ihRT. I Dunlcan F1. Knclner haviug I-lt the city ll.oenli to uigning, is here rlroeented by 31lm l nr, as per letter hereunto annexed. DI'NCAN I. IKENNIEI, ',r MINORt KENNI ER aul'o Il.bert tIaving e'l't tIh city previous o signing, io Ireire r esentod by lirnard ;ilaudulller, as per letter hereunto alllltxed. BI). LAUDUMIIIR, Pour j'A11L tIEtjI.IlT'. JOIIN S. PRESTOiN, fly Isaac T. Preston I is attorney to fact. The words " fourteenth," and " ofJutcn, 1t83," interlined. H Valls, Theodoro F. T'leinenarnn, lHorat:o Davis, notary pubite. I certify the foregoing to Ie a true copy from the original uct extant ein Illy current inaotIi re. gister, In fathll wheoreol I Ihave hereunto stgtl:ed llmy tnlme and asliaed the ilpress a' my seal Uo t i lice.I New Orleans, June 20th, 1839. Signed, IlORATIO DAVIS, al8-2w30d Notary i PbiBe. SETAIS UNIS D'AMERI(tUUE-Etat to [, E Louisiane--\ i I ct Parotsso do lr Noveolt: Orleans--C qurtozrlelo jour dtu luts de, jolu de l'a nlil iuit cent trento noTfa ti so xaain troisr elllme de l 'ltllr6pedanlce dies Etats-Unis d'Amdrrinu. Pardevanlt Ilorati Davis, Iaotari publuc, du ment collmmisioonn et serllloeto dns tat pour lt villo et paroisse do it Nouvelle-tI )r!taSs, II a .:6 colnvetu do forlmelr unell . rloci lilllt, con)llforll neont nux dispo-it on l t I'act do I L., latur deo cot Etat, ipus- lo 13tht mars 1837, i,,tto u "Un Acts pour autori-er lea Socidifs l lltrters t taltorn-V" Icse at pour to gouverollmen if'clot ." in so. ckl t limlild, ri t paI r I s pr6rsenidf torrllen e, ,l, ll scra ri0gldi til it , t. ed dI a(Jt i. It r e SiiIVilnr to, saweir: t o. i u Itu .t ii Il,'o do ln di: . Sto .i, 1 :: ,L'Assoclatioi, du lateautt.a t laper Brillt tic n t Nituvellet O linsr." io. ('Ctt a saci titn rst flremi dIans h' btut d1t Caire nav guler a bi: cau it vpeur ulOhllltu 1t IIo-t l.rll, do la Nouvccll.Orleans, cIIIlote batt-'n, paj sageis, etlce frot iur lea n tt 1 llllo :llll oil outes autres eaou des Etate-uliis oil br crtc pars Etas Unts. .o lae mlotait do capiti ali d cett Ass cili i eit do trente deux iil t pltitrl-, d1o ait ll lllall nations do 4uit cent piasres cith.le. 1O tt,llte d.Fosdlt capital a i;6 pa;y8s tn cotultanit par I, e moir bres de la i t e Asso inti it riaplll, e I tllllll -, lo tt ottaint o tdnt t c t e i nrti i u la prt x prhiltii du suslit bateau rlrillah t et les (1 Ite s i,, t paratiionl o andll.i ratiol to te1 ,,s t th i.:ut 4o Les Ioms lies as*i-rL~ Is a1,li -.l qu'ils ort reectiveolenllt ortO dall cote lohr:ut hltritia est co nmte suit: 1. Duneato F n. to ec de l.t parw:,s de I'Ascensinu pour ties aetionlm , Ll?. Maille quatre , ret piastres, i t,10 2. Henry McCall do la ssin itn piroisse, pour trois actions, deulx llllla quartro cent piastrec, 2,-00tI 3. John Slidell, do la Nouvello O)rlt, ans, pour trois ictlonlls, deux IIlleti quartre ,cent piastres, 2,41 il 41. Chri-tophcr Adams, files, do la Nit. vollo Orlans, pour trois actions, deux u I;l Jo quartre cent piastres. t.itIt1 5. William Ilamnlton Ar v ry, de la Nouvello Orliano, I our trois action., dcux mille quartre cent piastres, 1.to00 iG. John S. Preston, td la pInit sce do ,'Aseension, poir troins ctions, hacux lnle ,luartre cellt piastres, -,t100 7. John Stephen David, dIe la proisse St. Jolnes, pour dcux actionsi, mille six cent piastres. 1,604 8. John S. Arroll i , do lit susdito p y Sroisse, pour deux oltiolns, nitlo six Cent piastroes, l,00 9. Paul Itbeit, do In pa oisse d'lbcr ,:llo, pour tine action, burt cent prestres, 800 10. Aaron Hart, do Pitsburg, pour dix oopt actions, treii rmcdi six cent piastres, 13,600 $-32,i00 o:. Cettlo sn:tod cornmeneera le jour do lt: d a dos presnens tet ate opdraltions so termuine. ont ot ses alffiros ot ses comptea seront bIalanes ct dos, t l'cxpirtion dos douzo mois qui suivro.t :a date du prsoent acte. Go. A uno reunion do eing nmombres do PAs sociation, convoq ida d'apres uno annonce pubhldo pend.nt doux jours dans tne des gazetten do cotte villh, it sora nonml tLrois Directaurs, pris partmi les actionnaires, Icsquals Directeurs comtposerona lo'baureau d'adminiistrati- n. Do la indme manllire ilsera choist un agent pour la lht seoci 6. --o. La bureau dos D)ireateurs do la dito Atsoci. ation aura ploe in pouvoi;r t do faire at ittablir dos reigles oil re.glonons qui no seront pans bontraires au present acto ou a lo lot prdeitto ell vertu do laq llit ce relic srcidt est 6tablie. lts au F iont le droilsapi cial do rdgler la taniore de, u ti ' navigalor I audtl bataunll duasignaur to cours do sus voyages, lo termps do so s d6part t de son re tour, d' tablir les prix, &a Lo dit ubmenu aura aussi le droit dltxanainer los aucolates du aaIl ttouait tatOu lnr IlIi nlldina, suit ti[ " O 'ar l son i, tl gu i:lelllallng e as rveillrr, coll ttalor rt dltriser t'ealoatui at t'sdssissiltratioua tdo 5e tfollls, etit Ca ilt ilsera nutr,. r iat dollltr let in. slrletuiont lUa!il jllgra l'ogoat, laux otticiers tl tres, Illployda du suadil lOItanll. Los dirlcatours arount pareillclelt itultorirds reai plir let vaclances (pour to tralpas lan.expird) qui pourront survenir. dans Icur nsmatbrr, soit tar mort, ddulission ou autroanst L.'agont du Cit blateaou rduijaru t lo Nauvallo .Oorlsl o a u;vant lea adgtlolala du -usdil bure;lll, eollcltora les dltles Sdles iL la sucii16, or loursuivrra ca.trs en. Iilig anl noln de li dllat sohidtd at alaroilletlent rsglsra los ddlhours dt o Ionds pour Iolutts dh0enaes s1ndeos sailtre. pour s tlraire rt: Ilacates rdtlaations juIstes; L tn a nirlrahili ax diti rdgleelas. , sarent tllus dao livresjusaus. t exacuts d. comsaaIs, oplraalions t Ira sad:tiauas do ditoL AssOciatian, dans I'sllice q u ri sr clois ,Satis eatt vill. par le lilt htlsroas. Dou A I'palllutc ddl.erumindo It! e iilf ollt aIcth pour Ii alarda do cattlo socidid dorlliroeln blui oil par to imlo n o les lloulbres sUrVIlvlants du dit tlbo, Les praorsonns ia qli ara cOlfia3 la ba s disc lquidaltiot fiaronat ul 61at colplott des rlttes el de cruithts aIt la srocadt , It a ras trIus dr rdglerr et de psyer bLesn et fitlln, nt toulltes lIa justosa clercs 1t la dot.o soecialrna, rlequl Iles t ot ae, alwront lply6 ..n d... ilids dic l dila to s 3ciid, so complsill dll d;t 'Ltraiaaa, se aiins et daadtfico: a luinld Ices liles ilrou td16 lpaydO, i s ri d partLrarat d'ltllu iI ni iaru jus o L llquitablo antr les acitlonaires on llurs repr oltalas lIgaauax, no prorta tie cur actionoasas rsc iaes, la batll asIacs des loadl up.,anrtlenalrtt la t dite assucitliona; at aln d' i I~t oer la dtlt liqsattation, I - llerus~aaneas tu aurrat ah.arg6s do la odst i qaidotioa nuraot phlin pi.,V OIr de vh, Id i lo F110sull l.r Ixll e vaLpleur, Rla igirs t at ol aplrltoa ux Ilallcllll illp b avoir ,llslnLsa avia prab.lisbh! Ili(alll st Illal selnllaile, aO tl iaiaillibrl usalde, tlt elrdlhts at a tellos o orudiion.a q li I. tr pari retlla coavlbln;tb, t iurloort nlllss Ipllailln pouvoir d tira eso lllllltr slllr arIecoura tols 0 st asthligaio a at lahts qu'cab..qt s apparle. v, utedu do lit Il.teaa, deo er. b ndllices on attlr nlllil. poryV, qu. Ia lit escopllsO nt 1il Oas lait l un Ito aad'll o-dlld (ix itour eolt per an, at Cael t. lrla . s1 . 1118 r0 11ll. s Itl it 5 'osa.nca., l r ltlrO Ills avis 0'usg:le tro s blilets, Isla onisii el cr61li s ,I ill tlnaat a la 0hto s,, dtG aux teoraasa qu's a IJ ukr!rrln~ ' e llv elnh.*e"" S10. (C(!i nIe( dc st"1I 6:Sllt exolrossdmunt barsd sir too ssalt ;,It. d l 1 a h.lslt dll at tat, a.IpproLruvi tt 13 lars, 13T, /t l , i dsau, at inl d* e1 i -,,Ic. ;6 h1 t1 , d1 ,:hlIrmll , par I ,s al IprL:-enl e-' , I1II I'nl r (, I I,.urT Ilil~tllllltlli [,'11 Ill STil 1r1111i111 (.[ llllnll lllll i1..' tt~illtl4 ( lls- ssltst. sc. l .il I io ure,. et plt r'h ,,r - o , .r t ,hi Irivitael. d'vx,.t le ,, o .l.ll. !, ri' tll ,ll l'I. I ,)li Ill, ( hll's-,lc .dtli..illl~liS i ti' l. ir I!·l ,I:.,: <,1;: iil. fitr11 ,lu)111 liI(:II l lit V·I.LLTl I . l tls ll I l ,,,s s,:,,rlds iot 1 r b, .tl I C'lll ip-(,! I ILl" Iiii" l~ll., I'll ill llloilet ri.[rlin +miII:+l] i c, Ill IIICIII ll'1 Ilil lY I4 ' rd n j l lsOtt. 1l. I. r llas t',I a . lit par h' lIiI s ii: s i ll 1 ' ll, I i llv l I ()rllai: n , I sIl doIIlC il IL da t ,ldr+,'I". qu . h ' e::H I ,in. ,;, 1 I 1nll l u du ,lit ah'aut , ,l dln·llll~rf r ','?; >'ol,lI tI pl~liel , lois, on1t ]'lll dr,, i ~ ~,,', l oths ak.,nils du I t dltla,-~it~l n I:,, ¢lnni C, I.L 14.l"·l~lllrU II*'s I:(lllllilSFll·rV'llII i(I i oh tll: lr r,, I t lij: :=,,e~l,: ',; pi,, r lcUsn Il-llC IL IC ., drontil. d L votl pis vii..wl aton . daI aes lsGe i [ |" I,!:. itetlllllll~tlt, I!l ·Li till~l bO(l.t . mille rlll II. i Il *].I i'.~l, ll dLlr l 1i"i.llcifl lih l dI tin. l( 11 115 lll 'Sl~l C(h':- I I i 'lil .. l Ii lr. I~irl~l .il' n i' l e ,h ire r: i r(+'.li h r ll'r ll ni l a -J n s i l , l . i ll:, ll], c ll Il A vilr ll, L!: Ij IIII'.~lll V ,ir, Iiii (,t i~1l1(1ll. ( slil.,leI~ 11i1.~Iq I)I Illil ll,,rthehnnn uiii "i';n:* i.l1 Tli.,llrt Y~tI:IC (hl1il. i111 ,'iig:"YC: av,:*' h. ]Ftil- 1,i rll,, h'· 110CI t etl. ilil'rlii.1l .l lj ¢--JI)!III 5/h1l,'il, W irl1 1. II. vr v, SrAri i ot. t\;h rn I :,:i , ,1 I, 1 Vl ,' dX I'llt,, rg, C ooil' dry A ull 1i', .,, :l t rd." Iu n.,h'v.m,. r t I L n I II s I 1, n "t r "prs , l, t 1, s ,r l oes fi: .h".., lrart d L a. T' ' I IT v 1 r , IL r1T1.'1 11 Ni NimxNN: I` 51 0llrll ' lX lION++ I il'l ll ll i r , R , I (i . I ' I III XIV1 0l"0111. 1111' 1 I) N 'II.N .'. IINll INI: N, 01r .\lTIN(), II11:N\I:.: d Pat l II 11 ,+It , 1 t1 I si M l '.t In v11h, ev ,t d1 u . I rlFP, 1+ re r l llt . lies :.. :,I ,l: r Ip lli II e LUl " p)a r ytrLut o l a; on du.x, .,, - III , 1 'l.\ )1' I I:l , ' I ;)1,101 ' I I 000 T.T..i'i lh " It . I | iT l' l, , I13 N ' S ol 110II '11 , pil ur till ..\ \: J1 . l'T : - ' 1)\ ..,,": car1e 1 . F' 1 r," . II V.\1, ,, II, c 1i). F.n I II. I ll opiA N , ltl \TI' I);, I IAr t Ih S, 'Nlt, Ib. a PI,' - ITO Luwt L o ro,... lor noiorj et lP ull rd,,, SI'so (b\ l t tli X . I{I4 pllot o l oIr,II It o n ouvir ;,.nl ,ynlr'i 1 d i Ii r ,, II ,II I ,t or1d 1o q110 1 ay l I llo lllc l l LTo I h 1111 Illr u dl " 1111111 d, o 1 Al ) 13,pH1,ll ..II.I TI r li"r 1,. 10 V ol( ji . 0 . 111111.o T." )t I:- . o.1l) it1. a rl irti 1i. 11:, a Ir f r ie e Ih, byo J1 -1' - : T I, Il i .E I''t," it \t I6,ur It,. \.. Vli'lde M1" i1 ; I -1\Ir Iuiicit ITleI tDct 'I : a0 iITT'I N.II o I'Il'l l. ko 1 ,.i11" 'lh,40 , I 'll e I .n ' o 'II 1 oll * o ol a o 'i' ,r te o1." 1U looro " pray )h vi l l11 'i+ 1 tl, I I II i-(l ~ll, 'lll' d I., t I: ,,I \ .-o , r.uap . I +nter l ir, )enoTilih s absent' F r i ,1I . 0Ir ll., , i \t, oT~ir I ; lco, gIn l 0t0l, 01 ' 30, 101 'll ur l l 1 ,ll L n I ll r 1. . 1. , I, ii l I II bo- .V oh li.ooka 01 I. l ir l lrlL Ii.TM . 'Il.i Jill , 1f :t19. i Edward Labnt .c-- cn t r"s -rda , i- rs-1 - -]i c. I0. 1 e11 I o ti . I)l rck .'. T ifI t a. SToA T 7' dolo i.Ob.y , _(lno ri Plrlier Dis 0 Io llEo Iors b crol 1 lor , a le 1c i lotur; 1s8 r t 1 .h· b le i re --y; 5 c1 S s H cs n sides b e us s d ' 'ht'rll~li ll. i -u , 00c i b rres i tti il lll llNll 0 mll 10 1 l eI r IhI dll ri , 1 lor c t dle c(a1 nicr0 do. I)hiul ocl0 ,1 0 bLl' it o liod, l en I'it.'l d e . lri. A0 0 o al, fiO 10 T Lloor6i thu min11, l rtin alie llwt ot jndli rcsl coilrt e sal+ p rsonnt 't ties propeti tds l 1 p1 ur r __,,i ____tr ht's _r__ails _bs __uL _ d1.1 i',rs I lil Nol . .hill hurt r l 3 t). h'. 1J . a ~it,,ol ce0 1 pi, l, grrl. odr'110 0 bo ol o 1-uo y A1 .X Tm o IAs \1h II" I '.l \ I. (':\I+I100011 II I 0 lt. noI cNA. \\AlrL. ne I· I -_ - \\'I ki.oo''.J\I:.. )11j .wIo i 0 . Not I Il'htl Iti 'N ti , IlO al N&1 Io. d ' +li , I, i ',obl o, -rim y,'l lo'. o\ 1 o 'olb, jo ,ho alo le J I 1h1,1 1o.1' d b.. TI 'liNoo1, I I ; I) .3rI (a l 'avi wr .t / II;"). (; IIllil S !'; ', )It rw I t ."'. SHiPPPNIG Far Europe. FO I.IVI;II '1)01.. 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Iont a4'E .'t t aI Eatlte 1-Ld Eha I lagatatat C Iaplb h ilU ln J 0 il' 9l 'rl ' tial ti tagl. 041itabh , tat Si Eltatal; a l," DA.\VID) !"'1:1 , N I :ý.iti nll-.+' l hill, I j lln E E lK a E a:a t ( itat t aatlll,\' )It{tt a ol', I r.,t' ; ii-, E lt ,, Ii tE Iatoal g l ftro I' l'',t ship . 4ilbaL.:. Aa, Lo I ap t tel i, aptain . . b . .t l .....ctia-Zaaaha aa e lttth 'atattr ket. nly 1 a atll o a a El t n 'l I ;-v -ll " I. r I' not 5Vl,, 15 7'. u sl'lllll =IEl-la t 'hl'tIthleir ig le od It ; k lfk. , I, a lllon o I a tllat l Elol a o tfatad. wial lltalala,,' tlta el tz tl el allae, a\o l ', Ib h li a'rl r' P 'Eket aEE., hlvlecthnfllr sale by U `Ii)RSEY, ii0 N'O 11.i: i1, E I.T'l'.S A : LOTTERY OF PROPERTY Situated ill New Orleann, PTO BlE I)RAAWN (IN 'Tiu1 2', II.:CEI:MBER, 1839 IN JA CK'SOV VILLE, INr. ('.1rier ll ( 1111.1111elllllelnollt'e ~I llh; ('JIt e C I l,"'i4 hIPI B tr up p. luted bL the i.'gi -I eli ..\.- lnlyh of Floirida. ,C"i.ldili' & 1Al111ITON, A laliogPrs. 100,000 licklet, Il $21 ' , l: I price.' $1,00.00O0. Sli di p $22 oil,.' kir . YLIVIES'!'EIt & io., 1,6 i'ird,,ri, NFEW YOR1K, ',de . t ; . "to . " Ith,- ree0.i, , of i t' e .lilt: of the ti.r t. . ill he r , o o i l lid o ill 2: , lu , b ion, (nrar l 'loln, .(itizer l' ol ld I. n liŽd .C.i dt jorlli w ith J. It. Perrault el lly 1 li" 2,ier 2f2ll. o ; lih l' IBi+nk, 2 ,( A. lllA "I l in a" all~l+ iushier of the l.nOl2 ,iotinto Iil,, k, ai s'Trusti es us per act p -ssIel h .ul: .\.. 119'll nrl l, IIRII Nuo. Pn ub. 111i Ill- d [ May 1I:!11, alnld te p 11112h,- , trllll er d Ii o lhse t e mlleltil l e otllh,,inllllClnumh$bere$d, 2a 'rt slteew, fir the security , I the furtutlate prize houl dens. In w,',v, York the nmonie. .,will he depo-ite+l it tile lllo x k to h e,,l it tl k abIurve totI dl r C y 'IThel l-he l ,li " N t rredt , th t 1110 In' sdl l bh) e A.. lanllrat:ll, .l " l1. Nuo . PI ll,,. ill rIPll li to the i oll pa.rtie" whall rcPIIIII h.i , 1, 110 I( i elllote lrIts IIi the lin PI IZEl', a-:ill, hv,:1111 P'rize--'T'hurt o . lli', tit l ,re stov hrick buhddol;, known o. th,, \l itAlItl, il \b,'assuel stw n-Iti ritg 22t.2' rent 11'$.171100 ps tinutman, d being it~, te n11 Oii20 Ionh I I 2 p tlltt f the It, rent ' will, i'll .i,,her.rh l lr hll m tre-ed to lifty (hbo -anel dollars ,i2r Innalll . l ll. r I li. l ed ' 1,It $71 0,000 Prize.--'Th t11 Olent (llr :tot" , r hr k huih!. ius kn;lo.n l la the Il ' II )' 1 I .1, Il erly Il hIo 1, tel, 2 t.d 11 t EIl' l nr hor ol'l lllll] rIi ll I ',l)Tonolllll'I 't .. I. ! +.e, .2.o'nioj.r , ' to tol02ll0ri I'lhll lt - on ,li1,p .1, I ,1buil d 1, Er,, t-D eur It, $'':,0111 , 2 ll2 l l e2lilL' llll tie 1011l :1utrlr,, ' part to thirty tOL-luld doLl't''tr $2r 222 ill"In. 1,2 ti,. e$12 l 2 t ro 011,(, I Prize.--Th, Ehree stray brick d+.t.Ili houl/,?. l2 o. :il) , i y iitlho l. hl-3,"1, 2 d dluini lh, trad, r,' ted tt N2 1,,n-h. ,1 ,ollIar-. .qlllllttl ,+ l t $ 0,1) ) I Prize- I h 2 1 , trv ho1ek dlh,' 12. 02 ih' 'l," ' - I rl t, l rllli l' mI ckill., I ll r 'e. d o nllt- b l til ' ll o $"1 /10 11 l'rize--'1'h0: Inn . .E,1 l,, k dwPelliZ h l-e..o Il;, :lll illlls .10 19. ,1 N 11Ir b,h+. . lr, llld llof l llt, h.i~" ll rd dh:1, - lt I 2 t , li', lk122 22 2 hiko .n r.1 0 22 , .t- 'I It 1, ,Il ll7 l c .~0. l"f .l lo i itl (in l- , , ll I·.: l-," ýlll ýlp for ,_I t ll- 1 Il: l hIII I ,,t r Iw o t ou I , l +lla llllre, im |i llrlll oil "I'rl 11I.- 1 bI ,I 2 (] re111 ni 1, t,~o r, : t ck : ar l t ,l',:t,. I1, i in. te h re bob, b', d,1 1 Il,, k, 1:-I.I·I?· 1I :!,101 Fu itii, :i! 1'.11! 7 i lnlc on (('t .i, I9 1"I-I 7 t. hP itch-, Frll lll~ l -ht el, t : ,,h,,o- -1 '( " .lllurr ll wet teal tif - l

1'J,11 - I1. ter, .lWol v blil.k tl 'llli 111 "Mit, oo ,.:(9 ,,. R,.y ! - I',t,"I, bitr "f I~l~z r or 15 ~ ll~lllllllll[+l o 1 lIiIt . 1 h0'( 111',1 t, I i'o ,,. t n H -l', t 'r +., Il:, t ? "'7 h., I I (in -I,- if, de Ehl rl l rtt l':.Eir.a t+++l :it $ 1:,,111)01 j 1033li( 3 , 11, f ' ' , roli ,l i t) 3l30," 3 will 3. ' it i!n C i, 3llltl,)rlllbl Ii l ,.l oth y h hhllk ill hlloll3.rt I r~ l : I" lllil. i '.. '1:(. i~l..Z,- tlr lallk Wl~l. beI drl wn,~l.· i ltllli a] i t c *rlzll,. 6rll tt ll I l· , 1.IIII ni" I" ' h~ lt. hal ll " t. IILIl SV oil!() 1 I 1 (f/ o'( ' r. 3 3 l-- nt. + r1·ip1 l ly , ot rN,.w 1 ll . 3 re.,,r, , l' the t1ll11e Itnh r1)- llw II( (','F illli Ttoin+,~l" .l~ .C {'hI rl+ hi ll{ 1I11 (.,+ttl .·:,, ll .lll P,"., lll d Pit \ el 111( h lr, -r e tx+ 43,3311) &I 33. OI.33I3.T 'i'., Nownr.ln+ - . ..33tr.ll l(3olol ,,'ill b pe provided, to+ talko t Flril, d trh paP<enge-. as anyv hI deairoto+ to wit3e.- tie .sl0033,e. F 3la. pril.3 I383 . ma3v - rm~ut,.. o :i-33-.-s..... l1EI'3'II.IIC OF T'rEXAS. 'trIois. Ry I)g3.\T3EmannT. City ot3 lilUSton, 17th July 1i30) N wpulcrstnct of requiremlnnt ofly law 33osed by 0I 3 ol3i3s o3 t LhI Republic, approved J3nlary I 2lst, 18393, ,Lki33g il the dioty o1f the Trea1r3 to i advertl.l, il3 3d4 iIau. to be sold the lots Iul th t (, 3, llIY 1OF (ALIIIOUN, on a day by hin tfiled. Notte i Is Irehy glvl ll th;t tile I, ts ill the lr tC V I Calllollll I will be iltbr3d 3t Puh in' Sal3, oi3 Mooy, tly e 18th i day uf NvIerI or nI oxt, bewIeo the hours of Tl'on o'clock3.A A I. .ol FPour o'clock, P A1, at tle Cpi.I tol o13 tilos 1133lic3h, u)Uo0 taba terms sot forth in theol33lowll'g extr3cts firoll thoe law obo. Ino, tione ls " See.l.--13 it filrtlher oacterd. Thtat lto Iots in I i 33aid to3rn shall 3b3 ofl1ered ;an:d sold for no 'the3r cur r, than gold, salver, audited paper, or tho pro. loissory iotes of tills govrro3ent3 . S9, ti.--lo it itrthcr enacted, 'Th1't thu aid 3s 0 K"all b3t so d on t3i followin3 g ltermos, v: 3 One i ,fou3rth ij3rt to, be laid down, and tilte otlr three- ( forlth tau in eqrll.l istalment of six, twelve and g oightcen months. ', Sc. 7 --Uo it lfrther enacted, Tl'at it' arny pors.n who shall purchnso nny of those aolbresand hs, shall f ii to tbicka paymant of tha sevm~l m- 3 stll3nllnts in cn,0for3lity with this Act, h ar tlhey shall i 3r3rfit all such .uas ;. s they maa y t lav pr3 vi. ously pa3ld, 0l3ul tile lUts purchased by such defaul-3 v ter sall rc3cttoa t3l3 gover3ll3uut of tihe I0el3ub lic. Sec. 8.-il.3 it rt3rther coaated, That all lrso, 3h33s Jiol 33xc3 pt3 t, 33 h 3ll h 3ve 31e pr Ivlhe 'll of I r chasitng anid lholdltl the maialI. ututl the Premidcnt i unltil l lz+' to i l u-ll nt nit ls to theitIl so +,,toi as L::e '1'3n,33 33333 li Cl:ntU e frlOlll d,, d a3 t3 333 , llnitil all of th3 hl, ' h. hav3 333n d 3sp,3.3 ' 3 1,1,1,1tlll ,3 ' 31 ,!, 1 ,otl, 1.3 Iln It l 'I'.|:l..l T II, IsI i' d ill, dr tl"l i hos aLd lin Pass 1110 Ulst· aglr " l, it y, 33 l3 I'O I Its It3I3cL33LI pl,3l iLt'la Lln, w \l)tl~l~lhl\ ·lcHII t. Lhulrli* )l·Ill ~c, Cl~ 1 A lP/,ln ial thec city may be sCCn inL tihe GeCnIl 'I'hm >l.tverll ;Ipl s in tl'is I pb:llhlicc thc t I' 1IIrm o OuI , I llt'In1 L P c ui\l alllnd l Truel' Am ICall, of |" ()rii3 ns, 3,3 l p'3 11. 3 s3 3 Ill3 l tl' l t30' 3Ily o3 3l33. J.L11ES II, NTA~Itl 3'l, ,3 333333333 333l,333x b'uocon 333 3333 (,,3 ,eIoi3ry .f 3h0 Ti3 |.v',t,' (33,3 /~f/'%'333,3333333333, ,33333/e 333o3(33333.3 3,3 ''ii r \f / . I I Ives my t Imon . stre t slr t l + 1111 \11~ i l-ll,\ . ItII rl..l'I'l ~ilel )) )11: 111· l . ; I·Lr-: 'lltI lr *"t.l II+ll l+ li i ~ ll 1 I tI .+, l.~1 1- ilt ,'rl . i t'+\1 1 /%I II.I:t (.li~ll i ih - *(·t(l-li<)l t',]t' ci,+l l I1 ·I H1 II- lllll': t i* I i' ' 111 1 " 1 I t " -+ 11 - - l, I+' tt % i i+'[, : .l It'k ii I ,' ~ L ,> ~ l ,L+,l: R ,I !·'.I 3 3,lil t' ';i'il" ·1lll'~I ··, 333 . 3e 3lll ' llI 3 3,er 3, ci ll 3,l 3l ,3,3 4 4 111·.\ 1 - ;1;. 3 .3 . 33I 3 ·,e,,,,, r, . i33'333' I3 " l·i 1p r w ill b ld I.lee. .\ illr ? t J.\[13 , 1 ' S . I3I'.'E1 . i .,.j.; -2:; . . .. . . 71 a p t'u ,L t - 4 ii 33 l\[ - '3.'qMtl 3w3tc 3', ca~,k, h3 3 ,,, 11+ wtr ale h 11 l "+,\ w < i ll k. ,lyi I\ , 3 ," ."'2 7 lll . I33 3 JI l 3i3)3 , JttN V'. Cli 3, . 3 .. E till.VIR .i I '.111 ) F lll- l1\ l I'IltN'.Rl'Il .33. 3, 3333p .t. 1'~ ('k~ l I, 1; li 1.·1<'c tI II l It ll illd (i-lhl, Iallg ·lh- i!ol. I ll. 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IIt hi received the, dcJidld approtbatiotl of Sir Istley Cooper of London; Sir llnjillin C nrotdl ; Sir Jaitts (lark, 'llysioian to thIe Q(ueen; l)r Ashwelli. on ttvitl.-Iltiry to (lay's Hot. pltal ; Dr Rtisoy, Iecturer to Nt iltirtho~ulomws; Dr Irtttiith, lecturer tt WVetTtnlit'tyr lospital: Or Itrnsb(loilht , lecturer to onlt it httospiit tl ; R+obert lFerguson) , ltcturer to W estlilllstlor lyingill hospit, l;o Dr'r wetialnto, lecturer to Middlesx hospital. and senior tacoucrtor to Quetoo Cotarlott's NulItg; t1t.-l ospital ; also by lHenry Dtvles, Cotulnti t , lilundell , lt L t:, lrerrlo , . 'trgeo tt l etos, & byI Dr lMolrrcau, pre-idett of the c..adcle I lIoayalt i| MledtlLiine, Parls, ailnd Accouchr to the )Duchess -I)')rlanr ; prolit.sors V Ipeul., lMarjollhn Pauli ubllls, a, sotn iland olllri-- lland in NeX Yiork byi pIroli'sorJ \V Flranctl, G S llH dl, rd, 31 I, prolbs. sor o tf tulwrii ry I tl'te otiivt r lsty tof the ciy of' Newt York, prottl. Dlfil,lBt, ia nd F rtncis, John-. ston, president County M-tld Setr'ty, LatLurens hulI president rned society Stait of N York, plott Jae McNaughtos of Alban, rot Mo' ar.h, ('yrtis Per. k ns, li;eto--l)rs 'lhuso I:'tyd, (ilbert SrIlh,j Ilosack, Stealrnos, Ludilow, Ih.rtlll, Valht,, Power, Graysonl, Voil R rn.ilal r, I llil ally other stilll gtuishd pllyst.icti, to th0 Lu Siatlo,. A U Ilull, OlIioo 4 Vessoy st, Astor IHouse N York. U.j' A constanllt supply of the atbove iustllrlllilnents, with Dr Hull's iwproved for Ilhrna, s il it kept by SIKLES &t ('o, N Orleanlls, t C.lrpenlltlr, Ntlehz; Stoet & tlarsh, W\ood. vsile; ltoth anod tlillory, 3eltllt pit s; ,t I \Vllii,.a so ,, Sootervrtli'; ; aI1,I a tnd \Vt,lin g to ,, Nshvlillt e; \Ic uvtty andt H , t oito d o; IIR L Ill,. Flooretnce it,; J C: Spot ',',o toheI I T K I'U ( I',\ Iial 1 1 l E s :H"i y .il 0 I rII lrtt ._- ! ' 11 ,li. 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IIII It aidl' ll 1 Iv I'rv f lnllll o+ IfIt he frileI ,,, i l l `. 1I, i L -ilr'nl pllllrl, tl by u lll i ttlle l perrev ,1 1 , " 11.. Ii , % r1 i,,ll',i, '1111x ir tho`,: d1 es will Lo .n II\ TIht +" jil"lilp 1/1(· .cL,"t. -,lh1u1.ra , Idch . e 'l'h et masl h will " 1 .ll ,ll , r~ I 111 --0ý,ý 11. 1 nhl+ll lh ( nt t on I I e ll ll'+he lv rl, llb ,~11111:,"I .,' ir:, 1 i, x.1 1 i % i." II I.i. , o r I lll ll" wll'ukil! this U I,, , 11 , ) i lnti the ,lIP I1 1 n l..ll ll g I ehli bo.l TI ." 1ll. ,1 .t llal:t,'l i) F i, I ' fu rs tom alhlll ghu i.;!, , -111''.. 1"' I l,1brellsll id .lll .+11 obtll ruct nillols n h tlN 1. ,v!: 1 `.ac Iiiiit iJ1,k1.1. :10. t llhlI~luPfi"iinmdulgleoncetl '.,,1',", €I i,) ,!lUh.,t 1r-wttle the . t, to itseIlatu ir , s ro I'1.. 1,tl ,i I 1",iii 1 hi.t xho 11<+ arP .ut,j t to'iddl. rely- x , d-r,.c .1'1 I r'd -lltl 1111. 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IUsllue.lillll "I, telrl1 lil0, ii Ill |liolns., gpeenl holuseP ati di 1.tjg olut a fl,e1. g'r Luihlb 1 I tII~ (ble of .oils Ilil l rmi'lll~ Iial B. Ilu 1a.il1, r~11 0011..11,l itll Ile' wI ml k: 1II 1 Whll~e xdll .ed n titihe.r I.,1.1 ~,r I~,ll I I e rl, u1., wiltl ill-llllllillll. for lirrp| lill. Ihr, m,,il ''| p tlll iln_, plbtll'll£ I 'llalh nll, trailoin aoI f1lll ~ I1ogI 1 te rep,. ilirI with I I'Flriltlillll , ftlh Ibeat sorts t. oti,lll ra l lnt g illln 1 |11 op l itr. Jul.I Ire, ived anId bo .nlr llv_ ,el I.!:X, 1" ' l'+1 11~l,

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