Newspaper of True American, August 31, 1839, Page 4

August 31, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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*Uuirgss CARDS AMP1, Ii 4ftldnmiire Broker 4 C""mi on J.lerchan,. t Vie. 25. r'stP at or the Ibte.enr. J.. P.FREEMAN & r0., No. , "I ahtLltr .II~er(( I1 AVr nauatnnll,· unhand a large atipply of e~lelh inte, .aklnot.rd kir he co'unry trade. Their a,. Bohent~c hailtf lure, merchats rrii te cuntr: AM occan Uh'i h 4RkNS Tai Caompaan ma.. acre parad an take Wsw tittgaa. Wan?). 18.14. £ L TRwY.·5~c apaUl 4 ~ l·(JII..JxOjll C. HAMPLIN & COOPERt, QO800£Ks A I)~ PIW·'(VSIONYS "a. 71 and 8Si Deltli aterrt;Natw Ielenan.. ~Zhip adi~ ~rreaiiy ataura pml ap. alan) IU NITUU W:,ii~la rUr OOMI. WU7LUAM~ II. C4IINE4I orzld reapeetfalgy in YYI.rrn his fainnleeeodrtl arlabielra eI1 here eolln ananal, rareavtagfrara Nea Yank a~nd Iea~un a gand aenantareart nfFarajtualn, aned an maratrogat r'hmden arOina, ,d-taada1 maplel.l Iandpanted rhaira, mnaple antd abaite bedneaeda anlaaahcv and heler., taldien feTll daedparit~ar, ur~araur, *'ilean srltl~, aretetar dIa~ka, waer~n'n ra e maeanonay and chevanrm' a'aalda attirin gllaaea, rather-c, lrrdding,&r'. Ac. Nil. I'anaatnre puakad (nrlerrnportatwa niti great sara. noevl 3 WASEZONA3·I lU OtoTHINGO -· TAVLOdr& HAD)DEN, tlAvIr aeaeazaaanl'ltlyFn~r a·I rtlnper· Sr~a,,,l pear-efn~' I'sy 244lte~svl.P ~c 0313h11U~HooaSITRGRUZ PRINTING I:>'l'A 4C(r~lA M r.N Tt No. 53, Mlag~bin& tret Oppaei~l~lnka' ArIE·AO. IVILIALnJ URIr-.bNk, PROSjIIETOR BANKg NUOTE EN(;ILAVINO; RlaWDOI.WRSH.Pacsr HATCH & DDSON ~~ IP~AC. ul~rd ·II ,RieC harIrnet.. NeeY*~,,k, ferahaptnpaaaanntganer-i,,g an 4ir I(UCiti'g Nh. ~Irrr-n, lirtae, Dflrpa c Idnhnecr·.,: I'eejirne aritil lrprrr-ite?, Chealea nad atlr e l~raapnr-atne, qrrtsnera' agairt amaaagia,;atrd lance t44r-e eatrp~le Itaraeiaiarrr tar *heaheatir nad O)ilF Aaro ca ·*15d OIIrrtPRearreaetr-eU'r. ad tat teir tsr,; tllear rli rJflir~ cll lts o cr flee Arcadatl I'llil· iltrtrtaairra'r, and all ·red.. ari be rxeanaatd wirh rrrrrrjtitsrah tlnlr, rri ~ntrernol maflaa. Office, aeeur at Itnyal &e Canal alcei.. Jai (f ,BAZAAR. BIS3O & ALEEN, NO. 1, EXCHANGE lHOTEL, C~orer of St. CA rles and Common sfa,. %oW d ' to.i.ANS. MPOI.' ERS and Dealers in Fr eclh a,d Eugli It IPearfuntr;v Dressi.Cai .atand Prtanle lke. Cute-y. t.iuty. Gloves Shirts, btlack, Lutlbrt ln, Caneeland Fanev Articles. t KT EN.'TUII Y, Illhois, an. ., Iaink nu,. fra sle by A 1'I I:II, may 3ier t - Ji,:WI.tgY, AT WIH .EsAI.E. - M. ItELL, No 16 Cl:hartres lo, hIis hi day ri W ni cid a fillanoltne-llt of Wt h1,c, Jerth-. o at tle lhw.'st market prkie. nl, i g,+ I)EALERtIN AMERION & ENGLISII CROWN GLASS, Wu. 3 CaoRONELFhr STREET. oj JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DESaRIPTIF TN. IPEEINLY,HAND..OMEI.Y AND CIIE5PI.Y EXEIl'TE AT TUs OFFICE OI THI True .miuaerican, dT. CHIARILI:S STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. mn23 11 .H1,ALL & BII )WN,' 96 agnzine at al hulas ..ritt: h sal rn: a -ollr 1 broelwn hea.ting., Ilauditg fron ship ('larlrton, forna .le by ll I IlllfGE & C, I AC N-d0 taeks I lm.. 10 nu idstl, and 5 an. S hohlers, in iamr for "ale by July Sd. J. 'Tl'HAYt.K_ d Co. 74 PIoytdrnes fit. LOMBARD & CO'S Bnolon and New Orleans Li e of Packet SIIIps.-- ThsI rirw line el ship. baa been expressly btilt to run between the abnv, ports, and will be Ifound of suitable draft l swater: aecotnluodationa for passengers, and evory eflbr will be tad to togive geteral atls action, 'l he hne is composed of lthe t'o lowing shlips: Cherokeo. 415 tons Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 4011 do Lemist, Charleston, 374 do I) Eldridge, Colulb,ana. 625 do G Birker, Seanann, 2410 do J [Iw n. Blomthay, 625 do D ulupirvy. The above shilps are all now, of the first lat. copper fasteted and seopperd, conmluanded by nlea 1fg{rea experiencs , have large acontlmd:ttllull,. withl a separate ladies cabiln; every att ltin ll d h I paid to pa-aengere, and the vary est of storea pro i vided tor them. The packet, will bh towed up and down the Mn, ai'ippt, anid the atrictetn punetuali y I served itr tIe time of sailitg, and shlul til, reg Ilrro vtsel. be detained in arriving, other ships equally as guod will in all casea be substituted. A share of patrLo age ia auivited, and the agnta pledge thelsoelves to aeaomttmdate as muchl as practicablle, Ito receive and forward goods Ity a id line at the luat mnader. ate oftlrge , and to advance all eapen es on goods shipped, if required. The shipa will leave tile lst and 16th of every month. For flreight or passage, apply to, tile agenlt. J A SiF RIlfIT, 82 Comlntun at. N. B. Advatenlentn Itlide on cou lasignat..te to Mesre. A. C. Lumbard & Co. nov'2 I RON ROOFS-'ll:e sau',eratbes hntv p oeturn at great expt nse, the rtght of pt ling on trll: roofs in Iths EcIy. They are adaptrd to piu I1. buildlngs, warehousste, atnd private dwtlnllln0etuiii snlltne at once creoaplieas and dlurabltllt, aldt are parfaotl) fire and water prtu.f 'I' rmes In,. be known,. and a llodal eesn n, oulr est ttltalllme, opposite St. ,lary'. Illtorkev,Tc *ToII.In.t'ae uct 2 E CO ; 1 E C n EIX:HCNIAG u,, littL ...... . .Jfsy Alu .d t \ltf',t,.. .2 l nievi rni t Duaitta;n t,,u S· Piitllp,kee. oat:oealut .In s illln Ian , tealive s aetatttlell Ofb os aia organo:, uns CloaersttlNew Y,.rk ntoaniflctulre. I.r elln., Iud etllluren of al uto ,a.e whinh; he will dlepos. ~I at very ni odelae prieve. 'amilies ol lhs to q tttancll oCn sedlne atn n.rr wi 'I h v their awshes Sttended d to t . S 15 litL R fIILftI' Lt. t--5 hbttl, 1f 't a.e , aeh; 411 ke.., 1U0 " 2t111 do ft Englillsh do-5 1-4 bble. ll " " 101t Paitt ltruishe, vari niz els; I caan Verttllici; 5 bblaCopal Varnish; 2 Jatpan I " Coa.h 20 packs Gold Leaf; 50 do Silver do; 100 do lautch letal. WNINOIV GL u1:3s. , nerican, Erelish and Frenl:h ittlt boxes, various asies snd qualities. lotuan t.uwu do.--0u boxes, calsignmtlet, will be old how Als, a general assortment of artists' eololrs alnd .rts. for sale by A 'u SCA I E.-, No It ('uual trect. N I. Alabama notes take, at I r aSi tI siatsi I notel nt.l received at 10 per ceut disconut forguod., oru pa t oufdebts._______ j I Ie THE1l- Genuine Indian Balsam onf l.ifvvsrt-nd Ifh.e. 1Ututmt.,is put uaf in botltt. at thte Ion price ,f S5t aeuts achninltaoiiiug tlhe strength of iies OlU llees i l.vswoetlstesi lea the irtuea t mt yotv lher ts and hear kntow l an amo e ltlia llheicacua in culrnu pulmanary eomplaitas. The u rialled success which has attended the use Iof To l oav it mao c neern. ThIla i to certi'v that wer bavre t, otrprartice freqtently prescrinedtefl 'rn Giae. ner' Illndian Bala.tuafeltohrwor a d ilt hur,l .end hlt e deoiledguod effeet we an ca lrufov., ftir, Ithe knot. lode of th mtdhe taeral d i me frollod and e Ie: ellt lll edsn xipeutron. reeoauoleoa it on a sulllril preparation. or ' ihan tlaeliono o.le ilutigas fo r hfchalr tf is c of the Botton ledical Aasociutin. Boaton, October 25. "aab1 JAIRVIS &c ANIIER1W,t CUtL-fiThe esulaal.rrs s hand a large supply of Cuannl and I.Ivlrpm c. In bulk, of( supernor qualaty, wao tn they:. ft tI sale in loto suait puruhasrr.. Also expected ih tU e eirsn errivls nf ,rto I, land and the N.erih, C hrnn hk. Lrhb'i anet Pt. M.eno~ Coe al. Ir.kl et matd s. re. :d,l, I,., n h le ta, uree I ' - ta " will t. U '.. b. a -r . :. .... ... ap stairs, will se spoutpptlyf atnIU I eet ni &" A SOfiI. p. oW U( n \ - p l-tar.0n tlart & ce erp now'n, cavingi from ol hoardi s Yazoo, a, +pyrator:!t, rndlrig Ccancrdia, frml New York, ra greatl &Yriet e goals in their line whielh together with their Ibarnel tuek on ll, nmakes theirasort entverv. plete. T'hefolhwir ge.ompose sprto viz: Iltw'ist,',1.. r ide, uellk andb ress~'ll; la bnr. do o u all descriptonsa I i dil rubber, silk red worsted eloseic Crtera, cmmoon & file elastir suspenders, orn folIcFU Ill oo ( itr maltles, ibilllt Ia,ewders, Iowder pult and Ioxes, toilet powmler, woEket oeks and callrts, needle Ilmrkr, snll, pearl, i'ory and t.)onr. rseel rtses, licad rnaul rneAts, psineo eal leCidsa, nreklers tol oegligees, bead ckcin btl.ael neekrlces, ciut glass alld plain,.eed,eilrree Ian gilt I ndls, Indiaesn eeans, bellauarl plumers pistol ann largpe Iw err flaks, slat helts, hroe, l it. aket l duel etlselashtle ela single tbarrelled enso. Itacie kriveo, ndrl dirks. ar'itrrs,. e.ars, acket khieesr erard chai,, and ribbllse, wais bklll er l ihs te, hare, r l rIllI)lcomb, iunteb, sleer, Iete, tr reel adeehtitr lerrslege, C.aologne, FBlmdatr luvrteitr, roase a yilr hayerir l',a-sori t essellres, and e tlructs B! llssnar, bear, n 1111i,tP. 1ll1 \Vutrd'h ve getable hlir oils, sla r tll td et r Ii rees t an l des erielionar ladie' arl frellr +lrrrrs' reek ald lreoinrg tales, hair rierlets, l'r e-ites red l raids, Icier faster rterd mlusieltl workleIeans, la, liere ra E ilt,, slllt llld a vest bott's, peant(orl biar teery lo, "to il 4cStudds, o Id od silver penil cases, and iweezer, platel roel ilt hlIcket, iinial ore do silter I rans atrelsttcl I ..tntinl s, hooks a il eyes, Iair tplets, titettlc It ritll k and reditnkbm lIlarkiag, relioc ad,reildaed nd plain o rcussiOl cala liellr teiee, nitalte eln ellrs,gold llt sill ster lace In d fr nge, ltter p1laer, gane Ifo.a ridir0ng weils, walking eraerelrleera re.dt lion geoed, rlalctrd nol diltjberellr &.el wi " Tee above, tveletler i.T gre a rt arttete i I ms are t ord at wlmlesale or redteil on aeeceomdaetirg N I hlrll tombe reprir.d rYLIte tk Ileeo, regre, reel er-ereeerrr j Painter, No 3 carlusdele mei, tst doors from I)tainores of" tIe Illorwieg woodrs nrl ndmubltes, etn erulted s a nltrte., nmanller. Willt)Il MAaH L.s.M Male hare, lE qgtllieo rltck aedr gold. (Oki (;hlll :rld A reieo, l'ollardee , ll tiorierllt or ruled rir!l ien Crleit'ld o, Jasper, ri tds FIye a' , t leerb y I, lra 1e, I air a cI. Ilee trr Itreletlo,, l'en Tree, 1tolirre Whlite. (:oromnaedle or Black ki:eree:- crdl Iltr-aetlls, those Wfoda Amlterie .G lre-, As(r \rel ites)Ha, c k, ka (11 led :lI, lle'cillt l ts Il r he seerl at rlt e slrr111. tanilSe, nily I I¢(1N, <TEI:I.& Ii:lV4 Y (l)(tl)hS--ltlt, aqu:,r tla lrl rlllld t ee1, ! e, ell t rsort rrd. Ith,,I, miesl aml Irto iroe, rail Irods lotll olrmrh Cast, Gi-rtmn, 7iter, blile·r·d, sprihg, shiet am (*rowle isteel Hlrlnw ra're, eitt ased wroellrle erils rld sleikes Zitele€ r k, ktlill 0a.d g/Id stel slt- ketetles Elwl.i (lilies, xlbellor% LIbreS 1, lo g , d Iie r 1I.Ir r 111 lllte nrr l 5 t I5 Alrilsl s, i t tI lllcre racdr.l lrl l rrow' Wilre. shetlr r ei ri ll' rl lralead; o t Ant;res, I lnrol a tll'S r tr , lerl arfie'l- l leer :lal r arlltlS throk med pllrlte hinrges, doLor ,I er,. hoelrloks Ian l y 11, hOts , | tills, 1o pta, l ndrelber,- x I l a,,d \I1, ilh1 s 'd+,.ge, le . l serr ll twar e ttrrlt ard rlalhiregrellet c'.r'.a;N eselorrsre A full :l'tlie it ' Ioass e :11,1 ship 6m dlert oe4 I,.\ 'I'e t\ k.e o. I, e t -ar ltrea. ______. iIem& en HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 1. (: s1p s reet. Wholesale )eh l i uh m:i tl \ d,.,..,nI I'i. "the f;ile-:+ . v \ e.. ill car sn llydele by 4 4II4L0 . ill, 4.44 lt I , mar '9 !Il 11 ~gnrii , 'l i St I -FASFIIONAIII BL CIOT ING.-- r 4l O. 6&ir, t:harlllllc. r I t lrlr r 6rti v . r ,f t 4 t ' .,4 I4+,4 .i.I.. ie l ,V le IT. 4 :AVE '" 44n44atly 4n 4il 4nd 444 li4r4ricl 11111nlert 4il tII g i s Bloll t t e li enll'I . th PtI lllaud in th i e- i ll hIlnain d oeld lit-hlmorli e t hll ie wi ch1 lte ftid li thle . aN illhed tld at he, y.'4 " . .4I4.4 . ...... . I4I4.4 Ir'4 t I.4' 4 44. . . .. . . hl thl llr oll hich, Ull,+ "I + i nll"lt J nr es l it ill lthe sl, isllU ) 1'4ie 4 o1ie t i l I\ e ull e tIll vllr. ll (iprour Iwho4 hia4 ill ev lwlt 6 IdI4 g l'l 4 , conl L w illn:1 vl 1 h l rIIl:loni IDtl(l hP f ilh H .n lt s- t i e iiohrl. llinll t1, - Iur'la sl i el l llll hlp l, lll.,tilve lld l l his li t e lve s Ia dl-ld Iii . Hiillnl iu ill , IN i r l,'. I i h.ltld. Iy h I tl':e (I b Iallr +1'iaql 1 t i- Mile- look11111 ntireyillli. 11 i i iI, 1 ie iii. tl 'elrll-y I thu l I I11 + l\ t .1 Il llhH ' l h lll: I t-1III Illh ;1 ,' linly . used iiLV Trllpri. Fa r sill - I. at li nl Flllalc tornell, eof ConXI(,,landI I n uiltI Cha'leu s s treets, Inler Ihe E~l l lh gt Ihlel. irih 13 '" G.9L ld F' I ' I' I ' Th: t.1 ,,',e i +lit'l,. I'illr':es u ln ishell relIT tiltn ied wa'rrll tlel tiileo :113 i . 4llll)tl l this e ,, tll;, rl l4 l lnli . ipf ulll in ip r, s hralive Is,' thi t . i, . bi lea l i ne m rh , i ther other it io thP t1 ,inl ri cll plhitic. +%prr, uehouiits. vli Ibee l mahde tIi iEl eeiS ill all oe lit c tppe, nld ti a s coIer h i, ltssl ki 'lll, .i l p1 l e, t i thI Iillh. re a , h d illo c s , oI all oliu allll d v lll , loll la hi lll k botle ot stilrup hgl tai st w"ilerew d ite' disr aonde tnlllan, i reld e,i thaillt w r , ilt ll at RIicoI's., r1equa ilth ru , loc a -tro > g IItI e thIIt ius+l lss Tt e l I iL l llh ,l hr eyll¥ illlsJ o do ill a lil I k ii llut deolor worllll• , 444.4444lir44 .init4 44.4444,,4i444 a.444444444 .l44444' ll44 i &cllr. Tlhul .blve aidly all otr .Irer. ri , d oe k -1 h l lt4i r li c4 bl' u.r Illnss the 4 -4 y il- 4 thcc 4 lll4 r clt Io hi lt Illrlll t leuill ilc · .1,11,d) tl ei lll I lltloi It. i i rivalled 4 4l . ll ll4s4. I it . ilt 4diil 4l. lll.ll i Ii ll. l 1 4lng44 ll4rl I11ii i i'4r444t4l'4 . nI o 4l , l i n rs4llll-4 . 1444 r JiC 1 i' . 4 4h l4. thh ¥ 4 4 44 4 4i u 4llll 4 disc4 le.4 ' 're c blllltll i tike t oll lli twe0AVIe;I &l ;onIliII'\V. . lnr 5i l' _ ,nio, , nod 'llt hui ,er. + 44444444444444,4 44 44 4 4r44 444,444 44 444444444 !us I I.I.r --'s is n s ret ivtl Ieii, r nir mils, h +O allp. ll lll ll 1 1.1, lI; lIN, +ls, tll N,,i, i, -414:4/4 T I l44 41 4 P i4 ' lll4i--J4 ut 4 4c,4i44 d 1 i f,4 w a, iel eli rdt hive wll .risdt Wi ie rle,, e u d I, I ter Ia lr s cll am i - isT nIo, e iow d to ti. >l. i II "I.I1) F'DL 1' & ('o I ." S"t.ol ' r-' I I l, II I'use 1I r _ `1' h rl e. t JARVIS h \aNdIliI&. P\-, F .l1 1,l lI.Eh \.\.l D 1 l t Ih ll, ma Ca rner ullmnon r : nIle T h n o pitoulu Itreets, NA'IIlA.\ .AI VIS. S Tr n IllE"l I 7 r· their irielll and til,' puilhe i elllr.l, Ill.o Htur , w h oits th ey k p eon y oii h a d ( , ,4ini4.44ilh4 to ren Ier the 4t.fac 4 444d4ryd ,4 a , anal sunv ,ie a enda oal tc i [in l - .94 hit4d.h , f44, , nl i4d7, 4444 I.4l,4 r ; 4 ig i- ___ 1 tthe nr n' ihe I' .s'1,1 + '" tel, i i. & ANII ll EW Itlly al|,". ( L hiC.I:N ".ES P A iN I S''1:I!MtIN I Ae lhrgled t4444 4r4 TI' 4' E1 4 , 44 , o. ,| {'.r4 -. a4ll 4 .4 . ,ecw,( r, r44,4-h fir us 1"v 1-,.r. 14 4e4 4 " K' 4i4," r' 4 h4 lh f'r l , n 4l4"4. 4 4e boi hhl .n: to t'4 4 hi4g4.4d t4lI444 I": J 4tl 4 3 & '4, 4,. 4'h4 4rle4 -14 j,,4 . 7 4 4 \ew i.444 , . , ' "4.4 4 ,44 ' Tr& ' l44 in Eg444 44 r |1,;i 14 . I 4 .44 ,c 4 4444.44344 , , -4 4 4 4.4, 4 ur f .;e hy A44FX. 'l .:4\ 4 41h,44 4. 4 114444444, 1,444444'4444444444 44444 .44 -...... -=.m mm__ml m_m _ _ _m_m__.~; N roti dr altimaore Packets NEW ORL'ANS AND BALTIMORE LINE Ulk PA . h . r. Trlis line nil st tle r elaowing ver els,I ,rhhich ave Ieene bu:lt or purclased exprenssy Ilr tire trad e, vil: Ilisa ra~mn, Cupt. Miner, Bavrk Ma.ry, " Nirckerseo, "' trad terry, new a Styvesoa, SNlhlnlin Saltuas, ** . Liaihan, Brig Architect, *' Gr. y. Thian veeralla are of the firs, clara, h vae rand. otnw furii.laed CeiiniindUll; lllo sa , lald irrnofla light ,Iralt of water, ai r s lita "atri at lf it-r reri-vig .'aaa *Iehlgil the ,r~ lllI, ir eraci~s.l B vl i oe : l.'e ,Ity Frarilllt will bu alhke. ibr ola r anaa tie,( Clpe.rl, .tblt a r,r Jllnea ' Rlicr, and ii)rwirlcard Iby aInaa ag..llf , a Wea...r. CLARKE & KEtI,Larij; . alt ltalliea,,er-' xl·ellre. €1 .'ltude shIlpp d wil ts :tile.Ill 'eid winlll* "a qrral. "rl.eia ait E tr (aiaaga a liatJd ir $6.O. te,ple vitares e l'tlle b at alllialily aill Ito pr·vildcld. Sa taiao a' '"aa dowwn the 3lissisaipji will be taken joil an or.;al lolla . Fer freight or pIrassage, apply to aEli. IiJIDrFORD, nora27 22 Itlinvlle et. V'cl NI 'W YORK. (Loisinlna nUd New Yorl I e o' Paekts ] a1 1 r. S ea eiar e rantP h 0tht t lina v aeri wl e. ', N ',nv Orlr.aeaLd NIai Y,lrk 111 l'vrey otIhcr lhnI) il ty'.-rnrh.ill a' , |erlig tln , .illa Ph N aav iilllah.._..llra in itrrartirha trr'Irrrtlithly ii ahllr' I rri t fit)lll a g, t in' Ininil lt'n'rl.i'c h~rrre it~i ld'ia, curare, tint 4irirlr eI''', (urrptaha tcrabr, to loana Wi thi 2thh N rerell aIar. Ship L, r'iv, a., Cptair PElaaler, to leave on tihe 41th l)aCelrlracr SIrip Iltrrraetvlar. Capt rin Eldr ,pr ta lear. on aIth' Shipi V sr'laiurg, Caprari Wrodharuae, to leave i,. l~ll !el J III·L~rt/. Tile blaid llri! Ship AttraierNir, (plauil Davis, Ito leave oan at 1t1. "rf itri~ltri ry. Tie , bh.i e 'arc ill nlriw, f tlie firt claas, eaailr ii In cI e r ' L t le , lid l v rds ill 5!i0 illr at air'I'' I" O{ Illrl "rrtlr'rngha at'lrl 'la'hg r ail n1Na.rtlnrlhilni r'cea'vriscal.rilh, terale. T'..teiar. 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I. is eontlllpot!d l of .uch modlcilal principls its aire c.ditlailted to renew the healthy actison of the eso-l. ita, liver, and other ismportant digealive orgais, thle loan o'f whioh Illaraolley i the itlnedllialt causte of tlhe disllenan. 11 is alpprenlt ni.n, tliast it prodeu. neots ln etire eihange in the codla itisn of the Systaem, Isid orl.rlily dnll roysi lo nallive liability to relhap vlea of llh uttliallili. t ean Ithe Agile is asttoended withl ay othlr i:tleisaist, thse eplltyhletill of the 'rIsis Alsxiii-s will sat sisterliro with tihe treat aall iItt sa lisft sattller dl lasella , but wsI I evell utfiord ls. :ss.. iloe by lIIrtllallinSg straglh allsd allgor ILto Iai alaldy (durilnga the .reat1Is Is trlatenllsllt. ThOemto wisl, asis st,-s ol tiii midiaise maay be uls red thl.,t aI t-r is II. Arsenic. 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