Newspaper of True American, 3 Eylül 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated 3 Eylül 1839 Page 1
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_____ -~ - -- NI\V' OR(LEANS., TUESDAY MOIRNING SEPTEMBER - 1839 v1R.-v I N Terms of the Nets aper Press of New r)rleain unaniutOuslV agreedto t all ad ljourned rt.,il o' the t'rprietlnrbeld on the 13il, of March, I :,7. SvU·scIipTrso. Twelve Dollars for the daily pn or asntin, ipyatlle seoni-aunutlly in advrnce : ter dollars for thle triweektly country paper, paytble ne aur in advance, whtere ni city refaerence i given. Pive dollars fr tlie Weekly; pavable iv ail l ti ee. NI a tdbeription will be discontielted until arrieCrages re -ettled. In case of di-coltinuance, one week's uotiie to erriungy muat ir iwnvaribly given, previous to th spiration of suiscrlptiom. AoveRTtntsn.-O(tIe dollar for the first nsortion, and hlllf tiht price for each elth ulr t rt er: .nt material nlteration Ieron thia origisal cdvertivelnlvc will be elarged as nlew ene. YtAitLe AuvrteTtlSit.-Merhanlts sled 'il' ers, arty dollars fit English alone, and eixtv for hush Ihen lgsai Banks, Insureree Onfiees, inl other siteid t pthli nstitutions, fiftly dolvern in Etriislh inly, inld gllhty for Ioat lntnlege.;; Ship and iltetlnh.eil Iruc set, or Ceolnltti lru n i ieeleni etxty dollart ill Englishl ie, andeighty for both lanuguagel. MAtRtRAEsn, OItTU ty NOTIceS, nnd artie.hs call ilg tile attention if the public to stnles i' r o, lerty, oatls of tIsellegers, Ielltleftt,&c. .&. willt It ttll.'.ii sne dollar per square fur the first itiion inl euch int (gage. COMMNICATIONSn, or Advertiseiminzyt, itl' i iraelin .l nature, wllell aduletisible, illli be eIr irgr.t double, a l in advance. A deductin of twenty-five per cetr. will lr t made tn Aucatieseer, Slcrfs, ILegilteri ii' \Wills, nid Maryhals on sales f rctl astate, published hi itlbt Ittllllutut s, and .lU per teni. in EInglish etuloC : Iir per iet. Cnshs a:t ether prdotetty. SADtVETIElrM teTS n of il,- dirit- line of 1::iiinlt of the adverti er, lchb as Irgal, lthrilei, Itillnl hIlt ionl vales, rulletiwv slaves, dIlti tllitllltlIh', . fir( wVill be elt rgod lilr re, tcl ., llll t "Ic uri:ii + y rt -t.. Aovavrtv~tIvtiiN ol }itito tt . It stillo b publi hed tite iontas and it 'iiltrle ttartiirl'l lio ltt ertiselnr t s of htiitkrutl: +s ir till t ,. ,i;h, n any case, inlesll paidh for preioutls It, ielr-rtiout, sir patllt lae , r l i r Ited t\i rIt.s lll pt't'e o in town. 'l'natres anid other til:ttte i ut tItIIIt I l'IIIi ItItvterii+hite daily ittie te.ean. to Ii. atli'gtuh $1ltl flr t.iglieh it Zont, andil $1 in boel .,ttguiteis. All annoufrle nents " u : ltl Ih, itr sit petltee otiet. till ti chenrted doltethiie plice ric f utilr it hettisC 'Owing to the immcusr low... 1 .. ....itwd Iby e.,,e,,t l,;Xt.,' proro ietor+, tlere have Cte lluc {l t1" it. 1€,t(l . t lit Ill , I" wtaaineth on a unt a'lf af)'t.'i tl l ll afll e III;1,teat kniwt (sHat fir al n tl)Cie:a.t t) (l:Ii ch tthir--ttey ili-] gatins thie selvee Vtiet it t I terii.i ior pittll fir t li, toignud) ,i, t'. Ire Sr. It tiVES I'. I'. tig \i , LLIdDEN. WVt'ekt y Press ,- -\V. iete titu ,treiet. d, augree to a hide ty thl above eitlritiui, nstle Iir as they tire aplticiileh tt weearlv apers. <digend) A. It. L.AW.VItNCfl, 144 N ik .crilptons are v t tken ttr less ltan (; mouth+" .ettoers leusti ll CIases, ibse post nnhl. "--B BROWG'E SPRINIGS TIIREE D.1 I'V JOUR.'E Y FRO) M EX It' OIRLEAN S. IE pro rietor i, tll' th tlllilshlmcnlt h! the a lca b rr, ohl l'rt u inlhg to hli s friends 1 0- 11111114 : it ge relal,tlhtt lie witll l in r.ihd.ilae by the a lt ' t hla t f liart receive viasitaret. liet will ala st l ,, r th, I, aetit of thllose at a dlltlce, hlat theri Ille ha eI et la.' im n lreml nl.x made anll otll.ersM lloi'w Golillg t4oto11 il! i.llcrirher to a ne, ih II little], r lnl lober OwnI hrrllntfre, a ad at thte sma tll tih lll muach t11t1.1 . F ntnilial l an he cl om modated ' ith1 good CIIIL - I.lil I!r ar of the tcharacter , w1ttCls, foe it i ge',rtlt, ta.tiel t. thata ctare not li tie S..ih ern mtati e. All the n Usem nt rl I ilollt i.trgll.i fueel att WVatritg PtIlll', wi ill falllundl al t Ill I I ' Sptacill t durilng liltle ol e I lt . 'L le h so l,*l lihcl wlll lil ll.-ill" m, f +hli; (,, . nrtalytt\ II retllrninlg ti a I t ..a'iln llt hl kn r h Itea h,,,i .lf. . a su pollll rt giv* 11 hiill I l-t sr1;1 o'1' mid 1,0llll .1 1)hv 1i,1 ,.-, r tloa, t lltlt ,,,,tl Itlali hl l i l',nh in lr l in, !1111 ev'e'"!t! IL " the xactOllllllil,llnri t lls. $ t,+ ll,'lit I , gaI1i: Il 1)11,+llm,,' c~ h goods, arc Iah ,1 l , 11 11, C "l.h, . 11 .. . lo!lrth, is addlllli t ' - r i.,, Ws.It't;L giat loav aS lil t "I.,' I +,I t ,l , I 1c 1 'h Ic., ll, doIl . ,E 1 . ~ i . Ias gatoed. Ian's, 1n j 1 1 do / t ,In , : . 1 . , 4.1 1 4 , -+ DrIIr, art all! w ,1 , alll lll ba L, 111 I l s 1 - llll lll leather lolIo ir nn1' , hra-s nl . .l ; I lmt b nl*l b .ll do, lisorted s tan 1IIitl V :1, - t)yhe-; I,1.s,',,' a,8,! platul b itu,;ll. h Coach, " It l i 1111, .c, - JI:. 1 t a lit at ,111 11 , me t .' 1 11 111, crap whal ,,ps: a,h ntrlls an id tur.at1t tles; . r ut , I e', 1 r I , straps and worstel rnl l l ; ' nl il t I; blind br.dlea . ln ; i , ;1 and h rte atnd ule ta, ll, ari . l l t, l,,I s rocco, buck, shlleet' i I i",,:+ 1 1. l ; i,. nil brass and steel bridhe bits 1t I ev rU 11 . rlr ria 1t plated. brass and elcla r; iura s ot tvedrl Jth ,1 111,.tt plated, brass illld ste.l sr-ltlti J at ·tv'r. de. 1 i1 't'agettler with ta cmplcle as=urtlena t of ever article i hthirlir he y ., i e$l - t!a ,y which tha I oiler for sale on rllllq, 'riley wilt alb~ cn'i: e to r ovive Inrough the year, by p.,aekels Irml Naw York, ablpp;s to keep their to1ck mpIllIl Iand CuIn drle, tiaIi:1":, .VI)\'tll)S.l . c"a, 18 1: C ai ll i t it.JrllOl l hN t , 11 ) I) ieavill' ,111 .r ., c-l fines Ill.; ptlte iStc 1, the treatnmont ' \1 t 1111 isaea ,Ii till is d.l"r. L. . Dr. Ja.ltaca, flol..i leit,.l ehto aplll y IIr'r ii Itol - iale in Eolrope, devaoted o Il. tre,,tmo m l Io sllLaases, aud from his . 1' .'t l, calt a 1 . iln rhat l natictiar I+' (i c lat , tn a ll ll ,I Il.' t safe, att.itath atd uiIltlea e. to saeh itpr.ot.i aa I ie Ital d wlth nc y""'t t ot ' i'" l n, a ,ii.: --at . liutt rrh a, I ,faa 1.I- , ":t11, 1 , ('t, 111111it,., 4h'11 1, .t e lli a atl Vtakilt' --, a , I+t li,, i-tb III , lhl_.r .ol Jtoins; hiAs disease. Ieent ealast' ealarettl ,twt In t tw a ai, ,t.,dt'- wllta't thi, sile of ercnra , intarraa th Iro hi,, r alttrt, lio in alhat od t . o I it ll I A medicin t toa, pre ,ll8I \'ener,..l !a isran 1anr Cb it lained of Ilr.Johnsli mi . i t it IriU the Ieilptie of ti'i llaron Larry, a ,aelhratetd ir,''n h u.l l on, li I wits uaed by hnll drlinl g Lhie s:'vera lta t' c i t1n, aI l hilah he served as ' llrgeon lllli. al ii a It. . 'raet ih rnl ll. aold ,t ar. Joba-an ait ti olive. Ho' e perons having a..y lNae tioia.otf l eIra. ,l Ilitea.,,', atn I v1111 t taking sea vovtlage. or i.tli '4 ti te .eic. .tlll , ld d, do well by giving tc. Jlhl-ll a. atll, ilt s pai..r m li enes Ior thenile h tr l 'r e n t ti-l L cllsi'lo. a. i ble t I i wilt writtea directionLis fit t lii+r i-le. i OIlMecojaenfrcta 'om the atlllan g until til.'a tlllck at iglht. All INTl YN I )Y+'tI3 i t I'll I', i . Dr. ht"rra thv, th. a . g'e at 'at oI g,, liis - rg.oi it t ioptaiataa ii thai ,iite-tellit.e l i the dliseaa thalt aIl. c mankindll riginatl e l he, stomIliach. Trhi I'lixir ;L.s used baa hia l wail hcl, most lnpreo dentllled uce. i is privat a ld pubhlic p i.nrit , IM"r Ua.' .c .of foriy Louas fat taetit a ltttaald,,. , itt,,tion o,, f tha e a to. l natiot Io sclasla 'retataoity tail It In'l.ta, alt il all cases where tatlligestion or a cative hablit it l~anld to estat. eThis mtedichile ulislst not 1e nllnlheled amonýg the host of quack IIustrnas now 1aLt loW tha, pilhlitc, it is ttile solte invention oa'the ablest and ctost scielili sur;e.o Europe ever rodtuced, and ath, secret of prtalriaa.t it wa purehasied b the lagent for i Vaay laure snlll. It i agreeaole and pleauatt tlo ah li te, . ats tI a mild toIer i:nt.alwaya keeps ithe bowelse Ir, imparts vior and .trengtaL to the syst e n, ' 11 ht erfnliuess to thl Ind, anud a few hauttles reauoveia tl i most .lined css taof tlysa.psia t.o ladigestlaion, aiiul 1aevlta at re tur, ai aany lIuture period. N':ta clt tit Augut, 1.rel. Ssa:-I-conIIe co tlnefiading l. a edtaelaiy life, I have been troubled, lmore or lesa, with l ,.ldigesti on i"r leaars; or the laust three y.ears my stll.tlineigs havei bieetinsulportahble. I have rie'd R'vcatl tply-iciaUl, andanambaaferaoaackla .t 'edit'ines,wit' ,tiany benefit. I despaitired of eeah obthining alc tleratat'al was persuaded by many frieinds o try hbernlaetI'a lpyspleptic Eliair. 1aI l now finishedthe fotult hot tie, and kanoiw inot how to expr tess ' a v, nirutiolafl iti. wonderfulv'airtes nus l the mirtlte it .a ' perfUmed in reasetorti me h.. ltat 'ealth ' lihh . l i1atch 1 hlttr my bhanks he' tie bhlesah-ia you have c !'redl y re storing Itte to aattt rrhealth. I remuin yesrs, . . "''t\.X s LAND) 1'1 Ia'-:J AN AIIS'TILT otf lth origina'l tite of retord in ]l the general land "lier. P'ied in u'eordhcte wtth a rerolution of the Ilotte of Repramentatives, for sale lty 4AIE'X l 1(WA e , I 49 Camp at HIE MO l .liOIO IS.. AY'S ILINIMEN'I'.--No Fiction.-This ox trtordinary clemicl coIorit~'itinn, thle result of science, and the invcntiion .·r a colobrated medii cal lnrl, the introdl: II of which to the publich was iovected wit.' the ccOnmiuity oi a (eaRichied bequest, has aince gainld d reputation unparalleled, filly sustaining 1iti correctness o ' thle laenicted Dr (ridley's last confession, thlat ' ho darelc not tic without giviog to Iosterity the beuafit cf tli knoledgec on tis tu ulijoct," and Ie tlcrefcor, biquciatlcd to his fliond iand attondact, Saiollloli Ilays, thie cecret of lii disicovry. It isi now usedl in thu crintinicl hoslpitals, and thelo privlat practiec ill our country, first amtli lcol 'ertainlcv iul I1e cnru o(' the PIIliesh, iand sO xtlc nl aivoly anlIl h. 'ciually as tc, lItllti credulity, unlea wccer, it llcn. care witnc'sc.ciol ELcxtirnally in thic ollowing cocnploamt: For I)cr.coy--orltclincg ccltraccrdicry ablccorptpli: at cncn. All S;collilccg-lt.,clincicz I I lrn ic a ft.\c hour llheumlatin.--Acilte c)r iclronic, giving quiccc eaen. Sore Thront-Ily Cllc-ers, Uticers or (Co!,ls. (iroup cndi Whoc,11 Cccc gh-E-lxthrrccliy, andl over tico (.he.. 411 lruin.o, Spr:cinc, and fllrns---Curing in a few icacrc. Sreccitloccd Uh''ri--chelht' r Iiiscc or cc lony standitlg, nntl :!ver .u~srl's. It.. operattions ulpl.n ntiaIls urirl chilhhnn inl roehuc ing rhe alllmlllitc swrelul:llngs, alnd l sns thln c ullghsl anlli tihthlnens of tlh: chortny iolanxatiomn o,[ the partb, taha cs It cll s crlcri:cicrc: beyond u CCi tlic cc. c jhiU ' ci cQ'tl nIc cc'lliicc''ii' cic gI ca.'c iclllll iilicn llor acl n rk of t'llUitc wcl.c I av x sitii a it in tile IP11e., i to , it aees nu cachit iilcrn Till PI'S--The i ice .1is reiaudet to any 1nra li who willc ci c I .cilc.c of lHI y'a Li iiictc'i lo9 'the b'hi, and roticrc the uipty bottle wilhlit being cired. Tt 'ho' ar t. Lhe csicitcc crder.o cl' c cI c)rtopc'Ltor to thiciiie Agii'ti; and lint ol'c cnly tco1. ac lcd l so l nlc it Oc l c' I.c. c'. acc1e u 1iiccccsl'id . \V. .nigl ht in.e.,rt c,;rtll· de .. h any l hngt',, but ~'ii11 c111/ilcttc'ctc...clcIII.ccc( .liP !Iicccylccc(i-tcIIcI-l prcci r the iiat t l i . l e c ccli cthe artichi., Ichcuhi c hibit tIII eric "iilc t, lllcha.ers. (AIJlI ON--N,,nc' ccin he gccnuini withiuit a .cll itd onogrcvc d '.ci lll , on whIccl ic ci n amclc , ' c alaoth cl c lithi' Ag t'cs. StitityMtON II (S. So1,l wi , ,'. ,' cn :I r,'c'lil, by (tt 15 T1'Ic 1CK & Ir,%Vil ~ril l t l,,i lll~ 1\ 111 31t. llf~ ili |,o)+, bi t so W hoh )l-.'n A..Int% erner oif c nlll I L oI T I ci '::y1· to isIi ltc ' ,c l by tcc It \t' itc cci".n ' c l 1c'c ( ,c1c Ici pa1 rt . te I ifo. w 1111 ' ll'r i h :t I i i hll 1, • 'hih 1 1cc' c.civ i k,, '..ih c h. ncoa·, el "a l im/ll I N; I ii in ..c in ciccc ci r cliii l ic ' p i n i ll. c i li Iii c., l i ccl i· I.c1c.. ii .iicii cciii'.l~i c ic I) c·ii bart i ' ''l c h w i ill c l ie i. I c cc ciii le' c' c i c cc. uci. cI i c illh . llll% ll rlllccI c c ic cc Ici cc an.d 8, of t I, 1.' I e l; , (,.A ,, Ills; ph1l\,i r Iccccccc. i i c\lll c hllrtlll£. ,,'i hc l I :c ls llc c all yc 1 ccciinIci ,rd lall{vadI l tl br' a(.. i.. u d CI lh cip c I c llllI 'li llc c 'llclll( ' Vi i pL ll! OI1:Y II bi; c-it'.' : 1 ll il 'iii. 'iicc i ' I -i I"'S !. .'lv,]:ll c111 I ill{,li Ll b 9 iP. lll /]l;{\..iis; hD~ilr ~lhi [~lilt tllllr · . ll~ 0 .\clh ll. In l tl tIN . ~L:~ lc ll 'ccci.'.1 111. 'ic.' ,'ci' rH ,' d c iii 'i~ir ,. i ii', lt, ilcciii lt h~liii ic ' li PI . ni'1 1 ¾ "tihi , ;'c .ci'i' ( i it iiii1111 'cc hiH -ii' % i !,ii/1;1111 lr~l~~ l, l,, ·(.I , il~ll , IIJ lop xllj ,III ,,% i U !:li Irlll il'cc'. ; IlnlrHt , l.' c c;i; c ul i i clccii.ll hi cc1 . .; .l)!;i si"."l!.I lft [ i i~l.] t., itro',lt di' ci'l'.ll 'i.; ' I I I,' l ll ! Il)cc , Ili' h il T . i shI L llel· t hiilou\ I l l. l tl hl . , ll,·ion, T:uns h ,I h e , 1 l .1 t1: h ,,, ." noll ', t hur }. t,, \Tlmh, can h, h· ard, n 'illm 'l)+! I tl' roads the s k , i N ' ,cin ,; t_ r h,,I ,, i,<: t n ' t. ' . inu . .i , .,,, m dc' I.c m , tacicY ii'cc c "..'. .icc'iciIi. ccci .. . ... . .. .. ,liclc icci ,,l S . ice ,clc''c tctc , ccc tic, k ,,. ..,a ",, ,,,r i ,,~,ty ; c o n n e c i. , h ,: . i "ccc N a. l , , , Cha.. . ccx it . a it ,h, IteIin 0cc. ci I'd cctiih. I i 1cc.1iclcc.c1 1c 'in' c.1 ..... Chti c ,, aid Ia . . .l' .,iie hlccl cictic IcT'.it.....'cittc saic. lc. ...i:csc po't' ' i s, a s,, -. t , [ l i~chI i f otmlt I i -Nh ic 'ill h c'c'ct cil ;l'c icc lc ', I' V'. to M a ligh two h lr titdIcccci ut.. T + tloiIh . Clbiccle S *I bst- unell , e Oi n t oi~ tt~l. *'1 tgllo <,t.ile, 12i} oi i 111 l~tcc{c'1 'ci)tit, ,'''ccii I 'iltci-c' IuL it ' ii'[t~ ~ 'iu s t h tt ' C h. . 'lt )n, ciln i Tim., ' i i l. t S hi c'I, i ie 1L! in' tro l ic 8 p r da; .i cccilc s ic.: k3er, mero i (Jlth : uly stal c ' c ccrtit'lni c ic' . c tho sh'el, sIeii ru tei ql rnc) itlid haptlip i..~. re iied and )l ii , havei.i ci'ciicy 'i.iilc.h l cs'g c Ic'' i'.c' lit fll c ac thc i cci. 5li s, } strilhrsm ul lnits and iofUI .thlecl li ghtrer 1sul a i o t"" .wat'e t'.r ro t, ,envi. 1835 I puYitisad i mel~~llt's h nty {)'t.,i Iddy .M 'iTh, 1511e nherld t'cic"'c' i. .1cc I c.'c ' i aircc1c c .11i I iAtI ii' J \111:K'.-; ('1.I-.' 1'11;:I11:.!. i,:d o, Ito, \.IV ·:l'l .T l· ('It Ic;'Iat II, x. it ii i'tr'* i,l. I,h. t~Nix (·ItF(III' ( (,r L-a,,,, ti w I1,.nor, by I."Ia I'','y Ludt 'lll ni Si ,I IC ,a Wu. a o I I 1i) ii n lIirn Iiii L : P lc r , ,\liII II;1.III UIII·II Il~l lilliN, &I~ (".? Age..?.lll 11t I,1·I Ilf rjllticr - of .l` l;·l,, t: ull of N ichol.,, 9 icllw v, N Ii ito 1. Jit.. '1.1'p Nlf t i thapalit, Iol1 \Iblil'td.1e t nt,' liaqaitrI~ 1 ,'1 ril kubc[ ~ ~ ~ 1 Cxfx 19o CI.p by''ucIrma '.lill II h \\' n rt 1 'I'll, Il /UII rhe llj of Pari s. l/ ii xv xi' llteig uix)xll 1', Arv.-.-ix...xgy..,' it'-o ! tbyi i, ' I I I c lv ukv ,"not, C aptain I:I Olit] ,ii C. , l.1 routli ch l' li 1:11, by y(( (ll L1'IVlI·I t.e c I:. J. ill \?, $ . I'nt jnly 3\.Itt -:l w. lll·r of St (b.: rite & l11~ ill ma t : t'I ,'11),\(J 1(1-X I S nl l\'uulltingt I nn'a 1' .nriuli-t ( , ttlll h n Inc ,unite of hi. pu lie .t c.llll( Dmlnl r duil:;; l hr : lie. volutianryll ar. I I dinvaluatr$:l_ U)1 'itch will b bedyut"dfo I iu\tnn ]lu ua lnlp ur of every rlil,. Iriruu; nil editor s of the C ily amlX~l couanv aper, wll cou T( ' t th i rvvucnt(jIjec DEAFNESS. TT RCAIIAN INI'A3.II1.' 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I). hv '`'` Wd 'i"m """'""''¢.'" i"hl. l IIHI i- , rll·ii lh-ll,, l~l n...s t. cl re| rlll rti.[ ! fll( FI i pi n 0II ..siii; 0I U 1 I tll l 55uiiiiyins iie b:e :;I r -nI l llrl s'll i n i I .\t.H'1· 111 1i; .,. ll hv )oIoirl~llv IIl ii~,. ~ell z oII~ 10 · l)1 I Vl.I ' I - t' I l Dl i l l- t irI h in l] ii i Ioiit ii inl-t, lll.llfTi 1 r lu' t III i d1Ilt llll mIus se ll vlh slll i el t advalllh l (l on llllll tl ltlitl ylel ly the thell lll ,,f Iur ,.ur.--l. n~h. ntti (ou·ir I· I. l~ Ii.,l i ii 11 I Vtl ih. ly'' - nslllh i )l-ll llli i/ii in t1 tii l . l iii "1] iii n V 'iii qt"l N . 1. i ' \ll xi h lll1 t'l 1. 1 % 1 11 i .sl :l el a - I - breltlll u t'', fr l l 3 ` 0 ,' it s l o ag o i r l . iTi.lltI'..i I 11.,I 1, - > 'll hu le l J "cks n . 4ll d nU b d I L I. 4 . 11 "1 II. :' tJlT· . i. 1,r+, 1·h~ ll,- i ·II 1' ll-l l . ·ll ·l, ,I ;I \ . II'h i· i I . +.i .l'.'- ;i, Iii ·l, i ii,'I i ,li' - iii llh. Isii i III hii rear us :6 h L i ~silts -siiiiwisiiiis' t, l. . -... in... i.. n I . . lid i I ii, s l usi ii s .. t= j l + Jlll ..l ..l~ ,,:'I ' .Iv . I, llll I.II+ I m- lt-i- ii'' '-'-I -r " 1, . bll llll . . lliNi O I+ P Hl I[1 II llA - r b I II IIIII 'II 'i Alit', n t1i -ii ii, i i ll. li.i 1li5.E kI I nLIs , rt he I - i i ll~l l - u iIIh$ iii l in I l d i .. t as I Iis Irtuirn:- cIrc led·'' \\*1~.. me non ~i uProe pa e .IIIIn upon:II i Ithe IIn Ful, Io uIl, f IIr' dI lisi'l 5 1 ll I .,ii ninii niiiil t iu iis, n uir , isi d ts i i\ e Iil I.'i tirlti'ih ii :{ ' li; i itl i' mot i lnljl -I it re ne Lu adhv en lemen utfv d~o. . I11I) O :l ill .'I;P)' I.lli in- t " ,l "ii i t u n & rtlt ( bl,:,,,,t, ,,, , ,.'lll Ir']h,:t ICl'.+l~lls,%PL :III1* larl lt le 1 hll ,1 ie i Ii l, <u i llr eatiolnc i xtrai,ll., . l ie iiU )iE ITlll I IIIIII'.. .'.'f l I:. I". I +' 1.\.\1".\1o /le dldr Thel bui'e t .rllir n iii1, I\b~lr leddeunilviii whoui r i'a h lenti ' Vn Itr iIn mI,, ; e I ulo u. , llollrP t. : 1r .1 ..hi i llll l. III11· III1 lilll. I\'hl'illl' l * II)iO ltill CldU · Lu t 'l,'- ,, No 17 Rumta' eVl rI.,t, ap"l19111 I.: T .CII111 111 nIu(Jl[ '. l:1. I l'H CtitIl, i or Ule I 4. (l I hl.r :·;irl pkh,',+l ;,1} 1, (ll ,,l \\ €..It,1"£,lO oI ,.0 dt I~ jllreill illl . d,,, ill lll* 111 Iiv l10 L)II· P~ )( Iu ·l9 tl" ~ II i'ili l.,'vclt FIT(t 81!11 "i4 Xl,+N l. ), '11.\ll:. l~ 2 i. ;e7 ... . pI. I!E I-I pZ MA y . . . "TIIE TIRUE RICHESl OF LIFE IS IIEALTII' VEGETABLE [I E KNOW that health and the ability to v labor, constitutes the wealth of tle great mass of the pooop' in this, as in 1im t other coun. tri.s. 1To preserve, therefore, that beiath by natu ra inIani is a gr nd, moral and p litica; scheme In o. fil which, requires on utmost attention. The unlpreoeen(te popularity and ,Iiversal ap. alprobaltion which this medeicne as achieved throughout the United States, tile Canadas, 'Teoxa, Mexico, and the West I .dlies, fully justify I)r. Peters.' in warmly and oensc ntinusly recomlulen

den tlhe]m to the lspelal uotice of thie afllited. Peters' Veleabl; PI' re to te 0 saist, aIII t cfrc. tual and 'eomI. o,.,lrl remedy lit diseoses of lthe Iu eolllt ollll.t ittt bI, eerheve:r heull discoveerd. Dr. Pet.r,, Ilhe oventor of thtis ilnV.dtll.t, imell. cillle, ilfrom hil klIOll.:tedge of the '.alln system, derive' frulom a; long sd extensive practice, has arrive:d Ito) coClui(oll, that the lgreallt alndl pri. mary causes of most diseases is a d,.rangemlent in ithe tituelins of the liver, or in other words an in. creased or dinanished secretion of'the bile. So well is Ilils undlberstood, tllat it is ellllmn for personst Io say whceo trley lel unwell, thatlr they re bil u., U ',eaniL. Ila.t thel y lav to' o luch. bc hll on the sltnae,. itsl the other band, lt bun tile flow of bile' it dimi.tst,'c. tii, process of di es inn is imloe rtlitelly p.rtlirmlll u, tu patienlt lice ueses weauk land em l ell d, bt:ies Ollurilslllrment tlllllaillled i thl. od take'l irntILthe ct mchi is not proper y ex tractlld, tl d te L fordl is ejcIted iln a cruh stlate I)r. Plhrs is confident that thie falou4 flt'gean Theory, so called, that, " impurity of the blood i- the casel of all diseases,"is a great abslarrlity. Ev. ry ,one a o reflectls on thle subject a inoment,, will perceivehatt .llpurity oftlh blood is a sacon. da y notlu primary complaint--tlho Iffect and not the cause of disease. Wthen the finctions of the liver are deranged, and the flow of bile increased, it is oftn taiken up by thie nbsor ont vscsels and arried into lthe circulatioa, a.nd becomes miag ed will the blood, as in jaundicee, when tl. patient sho0ws it in !;is countenance. No this impurity of blood is cauosed by an increased flow of bile, and to remedy u t, you must correct the secrotions ofothe live , and reatore it to a oallly state. lIr. Puiters has spent ochime ii l experiment ing with diilrent vegotab'e medl .1nes, for diseases of tice ihver; and now ufrs ofr is Vegetable Pill, as tile best, iost convenient, all cheal'oest Imedi. cIeo that can be prepared for general use. Dr. Puterrs fl.tttors Ilimself'that his long exOeri. IIen:ntillg wltll vegetable medicines has enabled himt to discover the trule ond only substitute answering :li thie purposes meorcuri.l s without any of their atte Illt evils. One great quality ofhis veagetablh fills s tlhat they hlave toe alterative principl10 co1m bined wit their cathlrtic, or operative qual ties, so holt. they not only clean0s0 tihe stomacll and boweIs Iby purging, but they regulate tile I ver, change to Ilmorbld sl.cretitll, strengthens Ilhe dli_,eatve or _ns, iprfy the blood, invigorate the lrculllalt, n ie i tule anlld energy to the ner.. Tl'hey ;I,: mild and pleosant in their opeloration, and c Ivey 'lllLtnt Ilmnoellate conviction of their utility from the first dose, They can o taken with safety by pe!rsons fofy ,o ; anld the feoen, the inl r.,, the lnervous, atnd til delicate, strelgthem. l by their oper tioc, hecause they cleat the srytcnl ol 1d Id IImours. qltt nC0ry irr nta bl1y, a.d bly prolduce soud health. ''The Vegethble Pil:s are a sure remedy lor Jnun. dice, sick ald tneervous headache, dye epsia, costive. nes, s ickness ouftol stomlach, heartburn, all bilious oooil.,ints, lovers of all kinds, and if taken at ,h c 010ue t will invariably check their pro. gr'tss, llid s.ave tilh: patient froml a protracted and dang, oois scickness. They are in;valuable ill nor vous and typecondrical attectiens, Ins- of appe. titl, and t I complaints to which felllmales aullo a e subjeclt. ThIy opratea a a mild and speed, purge and ae a stai and certlil calteedy ter worms in children. Since 1 have introduced mly Vegetable Pills to tle pul lie I1 have received Ilnumerous cortificater i oft ir euperior llffcaey in curing dllseases, also, many letters truIe r0espeetalle plhyicians, w10ho uvue used them in their practice with the best! sncees,. i mlight publish a small volume of certificates, but counsll r it ,,llnocessary, as the medicine will recommeul itself to all who wi I il:ake trial of It. 'the above pills are in boxes, containg IlI pill each. Price, 50 cents p r box, DruggIlt tand country inerchalnta can be sup. plied, at twhhost e or retail, at Dr. Peters' princi p Is, oce. 0.. 65 Poydras street, between SMagazine a( C t 1111 sts. New Orlncns ALSO for Sole by G. N. Morsiaon & Co, 11 Canal street : PP Blielin, druggist 112 ohl Levee, Ietween the two marbets : Mr. Brochier, druggist, at the Wtlashiegtoe market : C .1J Trinchai, drug. gi-t, corner of C nal & Itorbonn streots: G A .ed &t Co, drugestls, corner of Tchoupitoulas & Glrovd streets : J Rossi, druggist, Latolyette city. mi (1 ALLIGAIOIR LINE. Mobile to Augusta, via Florida. Leaves Mobile 'ruedays, Thurs. days, an.d Saturdays, per ite sp:ndtad sttatmer Chamlilltot, (ex. tep inll c so of st rtu,) to Po scnla;l thnce! per stc.lm;acr Lo Roy to La (iranlge, and the co fulr ownc post coacitn via Marian ll. Ho.tbrilge, Pmt. deron, h Hrrn, O'to w't..m ti P .rry, to M.tacot, G.t; toee via .\hildgoevill* irl i Sti, t, o War. rentllnll, tI, co per rail road ears t .\lllugruta. lTh Ch p on is in sdplendid torder, with lnew t pper Iot) r', eoppere,'' and c p'r I:stcned. T'ihe l' y has beeno tthoroughly repaired, her C:col dlllllll lioL s ire la iandsomlle ai ay bo. . Tlh" Iitobli ititl Santia Riu Sondll, nlld (Itotia. watchie Bay present the tmost o.teresting staon na. viltlinll ill the South-- eing at the sanletime periticlly land lookt:ed. i I 'l!'Tn. are not slurpass d on any ro.lUot in the cUl ttry ; tihe .lravt,r, to a aIt, carelil anlld attlen 'The bridges hlerletolore d:angleroulls have b len nie ly buittll., o tila r high d.aters tdl lnot inter lt-e T'lho ei llting houses Ilave nll nattrly changed, and are now us good as t any ro din the Boitth. It is g,'terallty knowan that thie txcellance aind lardls, ' lof e roads eoabl: to the teals ut all tea suns to Illtke groat sptoed. hileir sIttoothn.i RI sIt. cures thtu travie or frotm the ordinary ftatlgu of tr.'-cliag. 'ihie Linet is now c rrying its passengers from A.g.sta to Mobile in ftotr days and twelve holr,, or to N, w Otloans inll nlr days and ltwenllty hours. Goitng to Augusta, the line is six days nd Cevtn Itors. t Th" time actually etiployed in travelling "s the t aoan as i, tohe otier direction, but the diltfrllnc of tian onl tihe ute, is caused by ba day beinng 'oat in Pensaoola, widci. however, is tell repaid by thas op ortunity it givol'ae oati. g thle Ntvy Yard, tle old Slpanish kortts, etc. T'lhe travel us tit o sti:ps at MacoL, and again at \\ atr toution. This arrangement will c, tatinue till the travel taurn.s northward, when thl ioe will be the s ute froatm .oablu to Augutat, as it is in w in the other direction. This Alvertisement eontains a plain statemtent of Ioetsa, the aeearacy of which the proprietors gaurattee to each passenger in tha penalty of his sLUtage fart. lMalps of th Line may be seen at the Exchange Ilotl, N w Ot rleans, and at the Mla.sion Hlouse, Mobile. |are through from MbIile to Augusta, 847 50 The lil: extends, by abranch to Tallahaseeo. it Chatttahooche, t o linl connects with the stearnolat carrying the nail to .1 p achicola and St. Josephl's. Ittlice at the Manasion Ilenuse, Moble. t1t7 O LCOST'I' ICK, Agent, Mobile. SIC t.--3U lt .es ritce, r s iae h J _ tV -i. no'_ A .'l'ili ht, 31 rl(vier ..=t Il PIC t .8I-l.IV IS-Jau-t rtceivet a t peri.r L tatiele ou'lile prestvcers at the IiBzaar, li Cl:--10ti;.,.h ; -itta toaita Lione, lnaltig frotm ship Peruvian, fir sPt HTe hV 11 Sa ,J PWVHLI'INIE, 7I ct'attp at I' lElI N il- dtmli t'nd RonIatttatt Bite 'hf bt ,atr 27 1:":i11) I ISA ItTVh'l'O)\W, 71ak I'la,'e I'1- .l1.01 aA\. ) b. E--aUIl buxes ilprm Cuondles, S a.7s'rled hbraos, for Iale bt aid s1 I ItilItim; & t('o 1;d4 U\aenazie lZI''.Itl CjoANIeIIot-b ba.,s, luaht n Ilts ..t,: I.. \'i,.eburr.,brT n'r by .\ I'lllrtt. AJA ItLSON's sPECIFI' OIN'l'TENT' g'T..e groat eelubrity of this unrivalled C,ntn. position, esperially in tile Northern States, learve the proprietor but I tile need to say any thing in its favor; fhr it haa been .onerally conceded to it, that it is bayond all collparison the is at remedy for external complaints that has ever been disco. vertd. Indeed I , spced and certainty of its ope. rati se have the appears cen oflmiracles; as ncerrs, w undsl, corns, fever tores, childblains, white swol. lings, bilte, piles, spider a,,d snake bites &c. imsne. diately yield to its apparently suparhunman infla. ence Thus if properly applied it will remove an inveterate corn, or break and heal a hfe in fire days, will allay sand perfectly cure an ulcer in two weeks; ald tile roost dlosprate casesn of while s,*lling lhat canl be imagineds, lave I(we destrolyed by it ill ess than two mointlhs. In tie bites of poi sonous reptiles its uflcacy is truly surprinsig , all cvsn inl thle Illt fa rabid dog, for if applcd in all.e, its powerr of attraction are so wonderfitl that the'y will at olnc arret the poison, and thus pre. vent it f ol pIervading tiaesystoln. It in likewise greatly superior to any tlmedleine heretofore disco. verld for the ichahd backs and limbs ofhsorses, fitr totters, ri g wosrlls, chapped lips, sald in short fn ,very axtornal bodily evil thlat msay fall to l.e lot aolman or beoast. ''lisa proprel tor has received at least a thosand cartiireatrs and oth r documeents, in fat r of his " S ,tlfias:aOmttlnent," upwards of a oundred of which wero writtnoo by respectable mmbiors oflthl Faclety, all breathinag the samte eulogy .nd natislhlttion. Pro ard a..t 129 Liberty street, New York, and lor sile' atl 5 lI'sdras r trset, Ntw Orleans. a ' 1 Isi)Xlsi ilk' isl a FAUL.' CINE. TI cOltN'S Compoiund Extract of Caaiais a patilla-A --, rttai i adtano test flLetutail iere-t St, r d.scovsrild Ios r ilwi', or f A nlisosao'loea, liactl atritsaa hit sio Pnaiis in thie isack and h ins, setrusaa, wrtakier, aitectiusa, klditer, grial, scorbutic snltlll lm , c5 c. 1, l. s1nlts. ,ahlioa of a medliine pnssesilng the useft and wtivle iitle oflass tl llpe now ialeill to the public, tile proprietoriclll. has ut to I clertto tile lumlerlnus reulil m Ield.1nlllS It-U l.k ed l oil'tll nlle ·1 m ll llirtlt ('I' " it oIl_ .hell I't:wuhv nlt Esolpe, Iwirnitg that it wilt le dol.) al0pr't's istel slwhen i tnatsrits are lmor In|ly known.l 'Tlhe llaisi of l opsitilia, sotetensiv'ly used,tlsas lst mtncli -f' its credit Irom ithe dislike which patients aorlaierly 0.xpris dI regardnllgdits i liml~lgtsble taste, distorbancell t lp I h l le ,l l in t. l e ln . tcl s as t d s to me a c h , SI it s bl e r t ut o f o r lll.lcilce, \whell ulsed ill the Silfllanlmtlory stHage. 'The l'oriellr hins ade a Ulllalysis of the Ilallsai, cliarasl'r slg tlaulil le IloreactiveItllities wouldltIher) le nlllll more roueltrted and molre usleully administelred thall isn tIle precsenlt sltte. T'he above Ased cil rcmbines isi gredietl i whlic are ill the highest repute amots the most scielilfic aond lartled il the prlTfcssion. E:ac drug ill tile comosition of thlispraleaurtion increases t le ellimcey of thie othlleer, orlhucing all operation trilv atsu nishi.g, tosl ~s1rpasing the most sanguinre exaetistioalls plosslsillgatit he sae tillc e the advantage ol its einlg amiministored with perleet sueelss in the difi'renit stagiE. of the aboves disease. The most eminent iphlvsicianslmol surgeolll of ti present lday express their dtcited all iIOitsot i so.avor of Soonsaiarilla, whilst its use ina tite l ospitals and puble mtie ie l it titutions hlas Ile iin, :a still cOllinuesa very extensile. It was a t lt'i or'te retmey wVith tile celelbratedl I Abernethyl in all l venereal alltctionsl, anl in obltiinat t eouserpcl tionlll s, arisiisnglla lll isordnlred state of lthedigeslive flntiotiis, Ilavilog it.ell submllittd to tile test and experience of peli most celebiated among llthe a culll, thler Ilave expressrd tlheir satisfactiohn ofl its extraordli;ary ciltfiay inl every case ucidor their alarIe, ho aldoltlilng it moth in tlheir cllblic oti al it*ltractle.T, T'e.ilol etstiolsl will lie insuturd lhereafter. Prepared lly J B Thorn, Chemlist Londonli. Price .1i ltper pot. 'T'Ea'I'TMONIAIS. From A II Salnml, Esq. R 1 , S;:rgeon to thll St lTlhoainIl Hosald,s and Le.n . onil Alnaltomy. 'T'l trial wllicl I mate ofl our prellalntl in l acitrty of cases, butllh ualeanld fel.le, in itsaealllts Ilaat pr sio so highly favoturasle, thIat I do snot Ihtsiiate in iprmioustaingl it one of the most vnluahle and ntlicacious rIlnclias e.CI' oloti'rsd to the pulllic, and one wilch, Iasist experliie.ate, I caon ilace evenry) reliaee, Illilsl it dieto ill(IdnCe tie s:le unpleasant e llcts usalln ex Ip'rienccd fromnnl colpiba. F'rolln I Ila tyward, t R C 8, Physician to the St \Iiw) h'blllie lDisllnllsay. i .kar .is1i aleastre in adding my testimny to tlhe :lhabl. prop.'.5os of orur prepalrtlon, wishing you the claectss ona so I1llls, in an anple rewarld ilr tile labor and expens. incurred in brinllgin it to sullch com pilete perfectieilon. I l'ni e ti C\' I nper, FR I, SSurgeont to (ily'l Iln pital 'iThe uniftornii lucess whichl has attended the adniinis Isaisg yasar Inerllincinleanig ni0lslients ailitl'lti wiib Iltlialtlao disueale, has lully satisfied aie thtlst it hat olly to be known to in truly onlveated. IMa ithe lsnccrs to l so well desorve, amp'l and speedily orrpa ls tfor yollr snllh:sbloe pirllatlion. PFroii Sir A Cltn:t, FRS !' It S, ¼. Sn. Ilaing beenl indlced to try your Extrcet il strer I isesof siolellt onlorrl.u.a, whichl had lilhertnto Illed everl priesrilption administeredl hlv Ier,l hing rIaund sutre' and speedy- cures elleted by it, is a few iiays I ieel m) selfin duty bound to state that I now in ny Ita aI e tice botl public and private recommend and l1e naon other. Front G; \V Blair, M D, Physician to GCn)'s li 'The strict test which I have given your medicine i amo.t sAt patients, and its invariable sacces. lhus litr, a wiill nidE'c mei to ie'severe in its use, alsil a1 l'dee is liltaat n ct ofjllsic and of duty to add lily 'feble testi monial incommendatiaon of itsvirtues. Fromn I C Thomnpson, Al I) F IIS L. Ir.eturn yol imy sincere thanks fir lie vallable pie eant of t'our Extrn t for the cure of Giolorrhla, I feel grla fl that von have at Iast lbrought a mediciln ilnto use w hic will aranve a desidelstuin long son.t;htfor1. inll e Ioerliea:l wmorl a sure, otspeedy ans ettiectulll ire ill casts .it lhe albove class It ooirls megirrst ileasi.Pre ill pillllislhilg to tbe world Ithe valuable qnallitsiaol'yuar Were it necessary, the proprietor eould here irenish nmlnly tllre lestilmonials eslally as comnmendatlory as the mhole; but trlsts that its great succelssitlerto ithe ere l& expense i wlhich it has beenp eplrell, will proveiti greatest reconmendaltion among a discernini public. One rccommendalion this plrelan tion t entys above all otlllers its ts eat, poioa e ftrnm--plt np inl iot-th malse in which it nay be taken, h)lng hoth easy Iat. plleant--ils tasel tilatlare, with no restriction it Idies or ensnlilslcellt lirlam hulsiness. Travell esareialle w aul find this medlicine highly Iselil, and onlht nrev to ie pir ovidctld with a prepa'ation pssessil5 g the ad vaninges 1 which the present ont connllill Accomp'islsa ng tac Medleline is ist laphlel enislata It.f ol'lbe iill'rrcet stages of tlae iwt' ast , t il' o r Ii11 - l la:r cii l0, co ltaii tng ft l I a s h tll ln sass lltl sa1' SICKIF: iAc lt). i 11. l i 3 w;-.t li A ll Uo l sltra t. "ollel' abl.laRy oi'rllo n iile Fli lleatlers, lhaltand filla hfulmnd I):we.ll's lldielour Cl'll llieltl Its h al!s nrithas si, hr ian the Iere-i slanlolal' cl Aladicill ket book Ml ot n a . O's r.r--I 'rwkll' ro.g book Ihla's Isnlteil States. assail I l5a5r aspply of the absae tair's just rl.ts' 1nd oi.ll foir s ale oi1 t 'lsam' abys I"-A 'a Towan, 49 Coonsas st i ana'+ .l.ChlPiht, (corsehr. 3. C. Wicks w' ,le i ii 'st rrepecrilly iilorn his frim i itll llll in g , neral, Ht. t l he as I bIa d iti corl f h' reer ane. er t _nleral as orllnent iof upholsll trry an1 i pal r hanging. The. fOlhhlowin. col ril ces It part of his sucltowhicl, le oiffers for sale at w hoh le or recan tl the most cCCornmodatin terms, Sviz: I FIlh dvelvet n.d ratli paper, lateer styleri; r nhall c,,.nm,*n and corlcmsoe, Pnllodelphilc gI.zed Sanid unglazd do do do, French landscapesr, ire ilccardls, hhl.cJc, &cc. Ido velvet andri wrcrted do d,,. llreonllze do c.elors,i silk fringe and gallorons ofi all qu rlltllliCes, piS florns nlld pricesl, worstd irlrges as :srrlied pc'tCer, plain and conlored. Swi-a olllllin, laest style plain and colouued, cotton dsaprery olroCIllr s p iil and twIilled, ns-orrr d colllrs, new st leol nellle work for sofa cushiollns, tnlItool, l clr ers, d·e lnew styleof bell piullrs,- ratelr d li ures la nd plain, gill window ornnmlellt of all pasterns and sizes, g;Ilt agles batul and spears, icutrirs,, & &c, glass knobs, casters, hbir cloth, figured and plainc, a larco assortment of toys f r children; I rge silk cord and tassels, worsted cord slid tas. ef , n a genrral assortment of uplrnstero nar d papcer Ihl hmtns, constantly on hand and foe sale atI til SlOwest prrics at Nos 41 Ro..yal and Ci4 Cu-trco D N I',-Person in the city or ol c the coutntry, are respec!ull) invited to nail and cralllmntnr tor a Ilhemelsc!ve Carpets and curtalis mode In the 1 llrest Iodcrn style, rooms prepared at the eSlor." eat nollce, anol all kinds of upholdeblorc work nec wihr nlatress and despatch. oct:3 SACt)N, l.Alil and POdiK-IS1 hhda Cimciuati o) cured Sides and Shoulders cIcliI kegs tirrt quality l.arnl 10O brl- lions PoIrk, for ale Iby r apl 1 'TETSO)N & A4VOIPY UZ:rirvier st d - l:I .hil .l1 Itd iiaugrncr said-.ccnira--4 r ac e " ciln'l',ctrke gout arsnable, 5 do Iqccorice litroa, and lake alnlnlll:, anld for sale btV JAILVIS & ANDIIREWs, al3l corner Comlmon & Tchrrl irnlliirSir etra I I.!.tIARI) BIAI.LS&I. I rn'KS,-J us rreacd splcndid article of Billianrl tails ecud IChcs. Ul811 & ALLEN, irl FcInlanglt IHotel, ear It 'iharnrl & (onlonal -lt cc j )IN'r:Ktt'n IN -Juet rsceived tImn mfrs Ic ict'huieh'icr a large invoice ofJohooo and rla. Iutl' Iuo. -.' bokaardjob inl, sodl lir erile by u': .1 I5 rrW.t Ii ramp -o 1 jliu. IIDIANIS PA N l.E A. aot~lrae 'or. tl' .tclle l andl Tcthoapilouta alie. F a() the turn ,f rhlrmatism, serflh.kt.' lkng'ls atid. ealtr einl:.a i orlptouti nt lt, ntlatjiat er".' e, lctthemlt,ayphl litle nlndl tucnrltl diseasrt Fartitularly uless mitd psiaet i ,'yth"lI'll's .,tltAe atte I a,.ortte.d tthrst aind aetrilc, Ulenr' Ul 'ry ell-nI4.nlll, feveer nurse Sa llllnlt ea slatKI( , 1ltU ta,i pi-.a , h.d, eurv, a.leis. chranic ca. yes erc' ip ,-Vaal blotcL."e. ed aunt ernr y of c·1) mneeu. ag' Ydi·Doa, Crt lire tt . elh, head .are .re.,eli.ig lioatany neri,] honet,. lllll a Lilat, ti lhh, and atst,,ialtedat.hing bIrolnt variatiun, ax;.:etlouu o f h liver, chroni nll; nmalim the kidneys,. e and .l:eral deaihty e.tu.d hy l tnrpt i icteon i tlhe reecse of like s!" n, It titeaulat iy ,a... iaa. in r naecttin ttha C wootalnti f hl, -ich hlhve bLeen I rllkru down h, lmjudieloue I r+ttllllmnt or juvenile irre.plnarltl. Illllllrsler it i re ,Lw e'.hded ,I all .th*oe ,J*ases which nsur.e from titll.partiae o "iNL o hunYI, orI L 1 0. +J l, Ul the hYYI, olf w Ubt·.er llname or Mau. of the aboe romplainttaay r.i qie Nme sertr tcfltel n lit ualp aittin+, acllh tl. rlralnle, .l' the s. ee will dictater;It; ton flu a g."netll rellhle, or fianteahhl to rramoarth - mia.e thi \tlAfs' IA PANACEA will telerailly h.e racad at- - Gbirnt. lintytrule It is tTO ITUR I p U lLIr.,., to dr~mlitinn to rexcel it lellr prl.tii.l.u !tllulre thll: vat l.ahlal' it tel·e by r tit lle At.ll tf htll.ty, alh I or u II new rell .ediald agenl, in t hortl, ao arrliv at iler.lctnt ict Il ,r.ciee by I~tics of art buer--wlirely overlookt ild aegise t. a, hmeaeth their oteae, tita liteih aid Inhlulllteal toate ot nahe. ll ah aia t eAlMgy haianured tolsprnll out ufthe cmrlb lit every clime! A. V. muchmllhore true is it that waih,, tl, Aelnt.:r Pkyaiciai lbLnk i ta'urhlll ea utltle. ['r iactIe ulAhla" a.e:tllltuu ad lae .nrv arti'lo, pelltl.t.tlly hlleagiag a. they are tt hed dticlee aft'tahiUa ,r filly, lie l allrrunlltlltd Il i Ia tea cueIaty witl Ialt anihem. a iarofut, Of ilt.d litUl P ato, cicta to.a.swertmy indield u all d.,;lasr,or to iti'UI .lly 'i.ralt iiarder; and yee hlie iainornnt oa'tlhttr virtuet . n lt . ur. c i a;,dared to t iWcatt awaetieirua theal,]i-rit r: 'TIi ' ctlrcta, of egelaalae mrdiuiat .o the hystem are ten Iorery--tllP.s of lniitealt Itatiag. 'rle tfmer exttethler ea ecta.t dll pc.a-s idll- latter, meriury i lpartlcullalrtattc lae.iy;l a pe1 tae a lhadt, de.aatl.c.l. tht lI, .lli.aad uadelmi tlll tile cohlstiution 1I't ow and anelre 'Jh'e.lcgllttnliaty, elirierey, ta1d SAFI Y oi ' r"et'eltle r, vtmedia .ver initer.l, am In" a ie tilhtu a by colraiatc g tile ant a.itt' .aittvce whll thle m,,diJia, rt,tohprint it inaerellome dialitjy ualler lrurown lllati tile Iltdiau praclit e with ttatllfth, bwhito Who, in. Aeltrta, httaanct kanow r haead tpaol'r itae,,..ltat.s waar-,.,n t me dteepict. uupraa end it gta 'I iait ld, ic i llby ..e I er eci'llb remedis d aear, hs elaS - t.i.:l~ h aid acd a't...isttuigcuesaet~arte the Metette ltnllrllr, h+ fa da,ll tllli awtli hIts oat ten tdir rtld a llt tht . ioI.rnt-l eas,* andlCm Iiy ild . it l w hlnin I nl d ladtl fale hie: 'lsltetaunllltn dltaea,,, cni at tbl, tlau,.t aotl.ltctiaet. ,4t ! hronic dl,.aic alnl!gthiroa? 1 VIt. has eva lrheaed of an I, ,tl.. with llls Inntlltllnun hlok.uke fleh rlened by alltreetltlct J tAd aan a ih~hl exit ttat tini . i lY ellinU eof the IIt age f l ,ill meast o iift i1 blabit e tihe lll utlaim is to, ti ehletlly owing I tilhe ue . gul aii.i saure r.edla which hh aldldcs l'This aatiahiig dff.elneca, in laseeala, e a ftir ex. c ulpificatian ofathe infilte aapericrity tof the simle atd I.I ie elanll of cure whch Git ll haeerl.ted for the bacru i oft, ihlrdren.l oer thuoe whith lhe pride adtd the art etfau lI, e invented. Frira a longresidene caaog a portyon f athnaariginalia, hallt.ant s of this coultry, sud an intmate acquaillance w sl acnth i caca1tae adau a iCrll" e ~i their must t uteet..ul-rae ,. tulnner.,lhe proprietor uf.The ldians' Vinaceaea' aquie n. Ikuowledgale ofumeof lthe most pwerfulaud favoritea r.ame.. Fronl thee he selected Such us were M. ont elfira ... dial "l pruypriate, a ahter various eapelma e t lut tea t thei.r ,rn - pits cud tnsF.llth, ha hes eom nlcbied Illrtin iu thie forn hlere i", Heuted sl. the tllmot perfect and beneflclal fur the FurpOLe f, which It is recoanllnndd. The plrotprietor otfer this prFelratinn Io the public, a t. the eI uuoseionsuie- fIlitt e is paclllg aitin their rtilte i.t nliy eaphble ot reh.tyiug matny iof his afllicted I'iltl M-.o. whuo nrn, iutlerlog Under the y*rlous ehrollic and ubeiiii, i, itatehic it is apylicable. Tauch itwil p t,. i t iaealculatile value as the nlaaaa, and ill aluny Ease the .a. ni Iens, oI'relicvliug tlheir aUtlTert*a, and re.ltatlngtr la tha.i I lure to Ilealtll cnId hllpillacae. 'IT'i is niot nffor. as a i , aInill rPiedt, th.t mlay irleaLcae be equully guod wilh alt,. other.. flow iftone, biltt aaa, whichl it caaaahittatating halo maenty aalrome aaeaa in wt eh all the usual remedies all. 1 'a it has daae rteateldl yie and tlte Is the repustatan it Itt , ,f., itcied waioetet.r it tons been introduced. tIt b olay tabout three yeurs .ine this pr.eparation w- u Ia stiade ta thle puic: but in thtll l.Urt-.paee uif d mei,. . hlunred of pertona might Ihe fonllldh who sal oldmonoly it, -late that they lehlose that their lives ware saved ly it. :l I U.m lst cua as aftel ildey ad tried allat y, ha ll per apt a l:.t.i .i clnlnne ramdie. iU vaiL. llerever t t is known it, rfl colnlg into une, unll hia s affods t he mlue t ta ubalalntial a ad , . mlncillg pro ofo its meratl. 'rhe value olf the Itsi lcen is most collepienoll In theseO ,. acullillag yplhiiliic and scroftlloui u.tNetita r, whih hide d. ) ail uther relmedies, fii fillrtlcularly in hlnt cast, where ItI curi ataa 1 aw iao t l dyti av ueadal ai Camllsp dialrld. . g p.a-.. the heli", a .aaeaa,trw ulc.ars.a, detaa.ea.c. . t.t. e t .ge. tlfu organs, e. Tiche itcl:Oec)ptjot.t.ineOl.lld in .1i a..-a Iteant llrely erallculmr ti.. dlle, esnlr I1 I cit'i'a oe lerCUry, . - ovatesthe eonmtitulinl, and leaves itl, platiolt .ound lUd c+., In rieumaltina, and in alt ertted sure throat, its hpupy efil a t alt not ecssaa part-eattvl, aini.ttnost inalediltt reliet 'l'ukae ia pruler doeat, tile Indlana' Ianacea open, tpe r. , ; alterative and detergent;U a dild...orPle.dluretli ad lacauit i annti-spaamodi and alla.dyne; nail Ia ,prer easau, as a Ha . i uchitlll ad aaulla5togua. Gelrrellyexepriea ed, it e lcries nll dlae aecretionsand excreltol., gtivesalou b to the itl caEh· It I ec:ltea actial ia thegtands is a aratcular i ctuta. Petit thdest irietltdeas it operations may te ua.deert,.a.. 'hil metldeille has been fond highly taeful ia msny Lamhi " gullnu die,; not here craiiefd tlld it hes heen aaed wite 'ivonderiul sucecess a. a Spring cad a Pall purifer, by ta.., w h are .Ubject to cUlai.ntal of Ihe ehsat, aad whlose - St lnltiou requnlreI Ie n Ier vi ict Iu t ,tta will do wel to ua *taa .,r thr- h.lttltes in duta. htaenaver a diaet drink I i cunsldel'ld necelary Ihit Poaiaeaa, Lake tin a simlt dtle. arlll aisaweral it, il nauch leao tilll at lea .sneae, Ind in a far m,.re a.+lonble Inannvarn, Ilha tie wlnmun digs drink. Thefulewting certifiate, a oato Ihtdredle seilm, wlr. ih mlight Ihe oe.. td, aregcll ie u allo i he effect a +.h ret F'auieea, in the various con plints ta ahereia tllet, ,. a frooex~h ibi in thelUOst:tisctll .e or)'aarP, ts-ll.. , . o aer the lyrup c i .,mo t te'. CASI:s OF tIIII.lUtM'TIT' f. C halleetll, No, t)uriln the lat witerandptillg I waailliicte .. ry eatiert aild dictretillg illeanlttt-m, ocrasiond b, e i l'd wetuher. l now talke grheat pleaurne in .eta' hutietillh, t I.dlau' 'ianace restored me e to p Ii and t cuclidelltl) ttealall.liic it to all Similarly a JUIIN FERLGIS '- « Charteslona,Ma., I wal seized, ablout three years alne,i:lh a di,, natlm,ettused b) takhhg a ctere cold, whi e uhi ene olf mercury, anid Wlllh his disabled me I. . Ilearsrlyeverina.. Duringathispertod I hate I,I - uetr : It tile Marine Ilospital, in thic city upwards of i I"i",,r and eallrly lthe aulae lenglh oa tile inlhe alcilu, t lie e tatl mlid triad alhlot every rcemedy, with littl.ebleaal c .t he ,.lt ol Fehruary- lst, at that time tcarcly ablle to eo., -, lt .pun crutchets, l.icoamaened the a ee aleInetits' Pane , -'"a. .lhie othlt I fouandm)eelfeutirelyfreetrmpain and 'i. lah. py to state that I catndermyself erfecly well. Wl. TUCKER, 18 ',;: bet a:. CASES OF SCUaFUItuUS ULCEIi. New Yoa, .et. Iin, Ilev This may certify. tt in the Fall of at4 Ic Wl , d a ith a hwgllllle in nly Ieick and lteel wehich aferwlrds f .lonted, .Lt becaulelargelehatlly ulce;a ill my mck. Alter trt -I s.ver. l phyteians ti a n, daitant, e g, I etal tLPhtildelpha ,rio p aaad Intyclfuedre tehecrl: lofDrs. PIhylia cad Boaael ... at, rt'pleted alvatians ti a ta ca t, l cat. o lone, ,.era y c o cr.iehi,. Atlerward ltauk twellty tellec uaf Sel:1'a el., adllelghthttleecfp.ltleur'e Cathnlicn, wlt'. n, rn,'etel te..cfit. Despatitg oflife, whiebh had eaw beao , hathera to In, I returned to lypareaactn New York, icn W.' , gad t myIf up to a lingerlig death. Ilearig of the gn+, tluoems or the l udladIa' Pcacaa, how.aver, ii cases similar to fy o* e a w us irsuaded to try it, as a last reamrt. Tu my ciat pse, ltc uattisiactietclcn, aic fauuud myyself rt.,ady re coverigt and upon tltkilg -even Iattles the kera h,Jr ,. and I hocame perfectl well iu thecuurrlo uftwo mouthl, and h;t lec :ialld eo eversaiuea 1 e,tke thil tatellent ancd eu I, pulishihd, fhir Ihe haLleit of thote ehao Ire fulleritg u.der le ieilar erctfuloua or eaplh tle el,.tiilec, that they Inay kh.v waahat h, cured "le who hai oi,.. lit nl eeery tlitg budt dchd , hi. conatider, h, Itcu.ced hy thethabc taeec Wi. IWINMIA. l hnefa cto., July I2 16.1. - I rwa. a-Mted fullr yla~rs i ih ahi uhear in l.,. ig. eeaades Sally tcclmpealed with ayt, lehlliatlaetl cOllm uuri anacecesit SL itethlleh. g unillhle ai adjoit. iaedVrnl -Uacaict Fhyclrnle ixerted tkeirhei li uua t, het. it; tp IIa rauaeenta i neit Iwi. tenle., tileautale ofltle l.'di.c' Plaaeae mdcds tentsd , ure. MtttAIt(E'I'T .t 1l:.''. tIea Market st. *. I LNe.N' l.l''Itl)(; l'tl I'l llVtct' i 1 AL I:C, 5'J ,11~ gltin,. oIit. Banks' At. ilan t (Ii!IEENE tal.ea Identare in annaouea ilng to him il.ieala the ciliz.ea a1' lewi Orleatns, ltht le he tat le- gll,, llllel brough t Litho. ao alpar aill. cliper platc ,l' ll,t l nll r t frilll lIle liin iliti:' Ilte art ItIe' oellytt t pieh e l e ,:ton axtnu all t+'|rre eitrutel, ) I ai, t one hall'lhe expeanc. o eltgru' ing nald nearly as ,hehapItl I, type trifling'.a arýlhilm'IS cieliIII i'iruhiTurs .eit otat in thlcr at. It.,td IIlllllani'il a lv i'i tny qltilllilv ittt u h iew hItlt ,ntich.. Pill+ they n ll Ihere,lx e nif+d thenrr iat hfat unl ' tt;llll lhec nlola rtrl.esl,,tla rule,l.n i+..lOtl htOt,.n in tlhiZ i ls'iCv ( Cteiitllel.eaall d at-rll hig lietelg ar lie!' , i..s (urdsI . +e, 1.-telbs l.i.nticr, iaillcaiiwell be elliill e u .t lc 'ii' i!d eee el'a-cilileuie. N21. I, e d:ecIc S U--Ilinnk nlllPcq nctl~vqXl,'Citle. Blltld cirel re, p'rinted l -at.)( houlr', tmliC,,o" lN 1 \I' NOVL 1 tie-. ('Uaer Inl ot, l)a el it 2 vols. Ni tlaIo Nwi'ahy Nu. 14. J~ork riln-psark, 3d. Rl.c .ed and f,, al hl," ALEX. IOWAR. op -('a £,at80en (-lUNNY tiA4:S-S0 halts. _'Rnl~hol,Gunuv-Bugtt~i 0, in store alut ftie ky J T11AYER ,& Co. Jnl. ,'d. ;1 Povdros at II I1.KIA -u~r l l~llI i.itodin o,,eforsaleby J) ll (:. 1)IIISEY, 44 New Iievee. 7 AIIU-I 110Ui .140 01111i.r Irt lard, lir 8.£ by Julyi1t 4lNew l.oaCC ý EY N.3~ I-- llEa"esDll hIrls at the ineliwei '9 1 011.e for sale Iy (1 It IISEI. 11110 44 New'Looop ) 1'7"IITR & tI. IU-It'll kegs lard &50 do suiw El rio, tlstrn butteo. ter makle 4 uIlyI6 Ii. ii IILSbf', 41 New I49os sale nt 1":JUI111l &CO. aug 3-11nk 1or. F ('lmrleo V gumtno£ ae. (UG' \I' ii0t Iulk i ; buleho unono iia l in acutre firr nc Icy J TIIA'YER eo CO. aug 3 _ 74 P'oydras a sho. 1 I l% 1(.1 o'AI'"R5 rcam Ilnardao ý pr, nlr azure und for sae by in) 14 J IIA'1oEk & Co, 74 Ptyd155ot *01LA(: '1')I1iý-'60(1 yard .Ragging, laudigfrit shlip St Lawrencer, fur silo by umr &; _ s'JP 11TNF.Y, 73 Camp st J l'1.\\ LII' H I .I.L', tIh erlrblttd Pla, B cheep0 rdi, n vud au, assortlment aclfl molat 8L. Ihrtrd acting 111038 E JoI1N'S & Co, ,0Ci .w- corer C 1to. & Comon alp firr gale by (i. LURIISY, jun.l I1 ,:I4 rirv:rr