Newspaper of True American, September 3, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated September 3, 1839 Page 2
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'W.~alt1esismC E1u o ew of 4)oenmeree. OFFICº=R FOR THY, YE4 183G ' 1-'ieiitlnn, 10.. I meta. FMI t Vice Prtiai4,*..t, W. I.. ladle, Es., enaa~tl I.t.. " in ". A Merae, Esq. tlsr'hareee of Appeals for 1839. ". Janea 1t0k, Jotas ii'. Lanevech.' 1!1". l 'atncak, Aleaje Ir'ts P ')lor ,I '4aaael 'lltnoapatati, Lenxmaifte, oflitrntuwa f gtue'ast&o o tfMap. Side, tI Intta.6aa, John C. FHan Oit, ti "t'V atlt' ,n, Wiltihin Hopkji4 . LRt da.411o.Jr. P. A. Hardy. 7ti6hnhlm Kohn. ..RU Bexula oem.. 7 GaItoS3t~t $aa(era Wail is cloted arery day at 10 .61dine,!. Nt Is ditcnevvrgd att 4 i': 51 roe Like .Hail (vinan nvin~qanLa.) ii cldoed evary Mlialany W\dtn 8daj and Priday, at 6 o'clock, A1 6 I dux en..ry rlerd,.,, Titrsldy, and Satarday, at 5 It 11, TO. Irtaiaaolle Iof Ritr Hail is closrd avery Mrn:1 atty. WorIiaadaa nand . 'icmad. it 3 1'. N. Is -,lil andnctttrjil Illtn cwlndtn: r Xrinr. Ir rr-ul, ia tbrne (lagnx nrrc nr C.* n), Mitl it: c:ncr~i rs,-lc' noid Flr', .bt. II' 4I. '!s sncu au.', rv*,tn? -iv hniatcan~lbnne ,t. The .UierXradri, a' 1r. Ri,,cr -Mn~i ic sLit i-!eg - iltay ly attlm nl, nlhl rni a ,"k. 1.OflSVISPIL o iltttaER MAIL. .Wad n a ay a . BCo ao'clok, P. 1. Co.atr MAIL. racstan and Closesat ao'cloLi.P 11. afp.a I) hi e h onor ofindinvId rde-no 3 end lthpuhiie in gi..t rat, tintha heh taken the :Wiel ait COrmdlti,, where ho trusts he will receive theSeHa of his old fri, tid all lovers of rold cheer. Plvet. perties will be handsomely prouvided for by oiving4 little nltice hnfirehand. 'He iwitl-ing to enter Imtoltrngeinseta with fanilies or individuuils desirous the urinmet aent .rrotlotn. m nit0 NOTI(CE. MlAw liArrthgeinteto eImnetnrhe lt ; ugust 1833, NEW 'ORLEANS & CARRONLLTOND RAIL ROAD U- ,, .ItMMkt ARR.iiNiOtnTS FOR THE'WIN K AhtS. S'"Pu'et Cartllton. [ Fnt iNew e rleans. Car et /4'€luka, A. ,Hote Cttr ae. 5 o'tl-~ck, A. M S. M. * - . P.M, S tLNttO CtNT r W S VDAvI: . TheI earn will ltsesit e li. elne hours as In the week t ays ettla I 0'slnek, P. Mifnh .o Ltoeont.tiive will : eave Cartellton eecra hnelr; dnhtl o''tb, P. lfeaud New Orleans eovty Iour weielo loat k, P.t IL l l10 oslm.k a horm ear'in n e nohtahtatd hy pcyin . dot .-JI.owA ldeh ip ifelted foranfier i o'clock, P.Mi. 10 dol Inmtv~ hehlnred. r etoive.loe r i lieu i thereof o t loc , ill re i until 6 o'clhock, thereby l ill them one heuretoitlvIthte plee.nmt wntlks ia oi of the mt t a'lden in the Uited Staten TIE J.iACKStN. ANDLACUnRasE STRtttTC.tRS tltt e.hlt hae I of Jackon street at e'o'lock, A. M., Cullal 1t eit t 9 lla}.ir.i hid 'rue hotlrly. Al to'loatek thity ill onllleclr to leaIv eti. and evry hall haur, untU ha oclock. P. M. eeepthei lIIt inateald ofltenvi. Cn.eil soeteat .1 o' elt ek,the cr will Iaventhore at a.o'cinck tP.M. h it ,- pat.letllr lv requested thllt g.ntlneaiit will tlnt put their feet upen 1e tctshinen, aeor smaok in th.ear, wln Ldalus OiMc NCW )arlnnIs atald Carreollton Rail Road Company. JOIIN lAlMPSiON. Jly it th tP39i. . Chief thng.N. i 4 C.A id NEWV ORLEANS CANAL AND BIANKi NG CO. \IIH Iron Sinteul nhoat telctaca will lcuve the ilasin I t the head nf the New Canal, every day, (except Mohdaye) for tlhe Isake,as follows:. I)Dlart at 5'A. M; R'eLturn t 8 A. it. 10 A.M.I t1' P. } i. , . . Pb. I a 4 1,. I. " I'.,l 9 I1.31. And on MONI)AYS- Dfepurt'tt 10.A. it. Retaurn t ti1 P.M. 2 P. A.. 4 P.M. 5 v P. , IP.M. .we 28 ft. CIIE'W, t',eh. .Aeir 4rrangement. NISIIVILLE RAIL, ROAID. The l.n.tlllllttit e will run t .I : i :: , .,.::. uelei lng rnt the 15tht inst. en tt.h.o . : WEEK DIAS. Deliarture, Return. B A. I. to0 t Pt.. 6 1'.51 ueR..ty. tO La ilanlticen Bayou. hi Itals Braanches 6 A Ai I , A it 12 AM I 2 PMt toLaBral:ehes 4 1'P I 6 . I' I JAMES II. CALDWEI.L, august lith,l1839 Peeident. S - lelteel lnlele. Chtluneeao Aug ..........26 \Wa.iington, Aug ........2 New eTrk, do............03 Clcitnnlati, do ..........2i Phllaihdelph ad............. I touitvle do ....i......i Itlllniere dn............ 21 I St.laui, aug..........3 Lteennah, Ag ........... 2. 3 I .irerpool July ......... 5 hiOUllte ti.-a ) July .... 31 IPri do .......... 3 Htutolln. A .... do...... 1 Loudoll do .......... i Nhlie, ug ........... I Ilavre Jullae..:........2 POU'' OF NEWV 0)1RKE v\ Shop Po Laoo.. leooelo, Boot',. S' 0:. {`. lIlp, ith ii oo, 'Aol'Se, ' 1.": 00h ll Hogerr,. )loip:g. P Me,. ..,: r Alt It 1 ;: No orrivll. todoy, by the river or fom seo. SOept let, IPO. -Ii smo Rohiloo, Jr. Jordano, fe Bayou Sara * Sgiusolrllliist, Hart, fm Bayou Sara Sopt. Sd, 18:00. 'Tno buot Grompu.s Cl ok from the paojseo, bring loowed 5.0 nrhi'loluoloh, reotlurnd with brig Albono oood seh Ilohey I40hgoepneoo Ian 00,. 014 o'clock, p 0. R',.ort Oooilog f.-. Shoip Colombis slill on S byV bar sd obip Scotland in. Sidd do. o0 Ibhe28th ult. Ship Riohchond, lte 00,'ohip, oent * Sir Albin. Bxton, .0 days fin Dosette, o J Tcuro " geh, hroonry. Cbor.,fooSlJosoooh., to ototer. l tbr LCorican, Lockwood, fin StJ LouIis. EXPORTS. SOSTON..Per ebip Stboduie..Cargo, '08Oacks corn,. 05 bole ,eltonl OO i by bides, xdd5 boef do, 70 ho. :0,e. I PSI pigs lad flOBILE. ro.' -loop tielool..Cargo 100 p. gogion.35S ceelo rops. 4d.Iods0ar,' teace 1i big So ur:.0 do pork andO hoeg bilto, $T MARKS..5Y0 sh.h D oga.e..( bingo 50 hWs porh 50 hI. Hour, 45 p. haggiog 50 omil ropeo 15 losblmolar en,,.l5hd, btcoo, 50 kog. lhood, 1lO0h bhi ocot " Ibis opso'oceti RECCIPTS O1 PRODUCE 5t I.ooi...'r steasoer Coooieeo..Corpgo S6 bio .ole o.oo, Lsubnosh Tlmso'plon. 181 meob.k su, 0040.1e & Ilobllturn, 7this loo.CGso eDoosy, b 3'77 bito mur oo l s hcks corn d bran bhlph lend, Coooooly a Elder, l11 bolca buffalo rubes J A No... 15 1. poetoso. J Voireo & co. 16ok-.65 olochiloo. Coopsr * Wagner Se dooiex cickens I' 1'oo.0 hooead s.heep 400 pg. okiekr . andduoksJ F Collr, sundoy lots obiokols, Owersl on boosd. MEMORANDA All the upper rivers aro reported very low T. W. OOLLUNS Unite'd Slotate' it0srt Alpsl olool by 1i10 Federal Coor 0t Noto Oplron,. OFICE No. 109 COUMION SIRKICEEl', (Erchalnge Hotel ildooing..) Q 'liOOO'dOmflOr takoo olfldaoio lnder no.l bl olo,.rrn," otoh Acts of Cooogoos, panned 25oh Folorot soy. Slos; IstIloroo 1017; oileludioiooy Act oflCOS aotd odoll aoct of Coogoreoo, in such cuo.Po ooode and prooidled. Soid (o:ooooiooiooner hoo considersll l ercrie and ntoice 00 sto of ro'oIlion osod lOrrbljoolO 00chh~ slhadl the severost ocruoloy olfitare ubleolLowyers. spjrit 12 N N ; V Sý NTfAloD) Vo(SKINo.-.o'I' oooioloo 'I 7 h 4 Nooohooo Eo o old, o r oo :iselo ioo lo Ilillo J o9oool th, Cuotpo.otive Viewo of Ancienol !liototo. .ooolod'on Encvlopnrdin 171 IIT( rdlnhie~l~oln I:illio Sli kiosoTa 7 voolo. r'ool oI,. lslleod I Hoelfoo: Editioto F. JOHNSON. Jul iMill. ow. (or, of StCller, oosCon onionoo*oo. jOFFRiA-: bogs !l!luulooogoeo ,Intf fo, lrats Icy . a2 iG D(lRIINl,,No Itevee T IllREE seoonood Baudo gboooo 0.H410W C:.piO; lor counltrs, foroale low by R lIROWEIS & Coo, ntav 211 No1 17 Cnultp st IIIIUN 5l000,jIS-bo:o oooe inloooNo Iforsale by jut" 16 G 1,t TaNL:Y, 44 Nrwl.eve Vjolo 16 lCli y~oo4oo~o 1Al --oio0d1iooooileotbrd ooosoore,oanoo for eel JCJ4Y (G I)OSHb.Y, ly 11 144 New Loeveo AUoo SLDES.-.Ion caskis joerior Csolcouuoo BI cured in stor, tfooslo by C. 10RSEV', Jluly2o 2I 4New Lgvec. JEW hOOKS-"0010e Cslieoo 000 .ole by ohs' Otisa Iaf ilo; Mculooire of celfooloolt WoooooIov G I1 VI rqla Esq flit Noosal Hilstory of l Ci(. ,toote, et J *etluinnae Coopar, Ralhlr Solis o P o he '' Mlttu J(erlL· and Mere)c~~~. ete, b I 11.,,k Esq, No.5.' bJust . ivedod for oaok 6": ALEX. lOWER,40 Coo.i * l5.S8NI:(0 UGooln.-1 csok Cutlero.--A lio(oo' (aridob r t helSor, comllOg io SOb ck & Coo. mrko d J C dined Cs. hsos never reached Their oslobinnio dogm.. A"sv inflsnomtOon chooeruiolg Itheoo poooloogo I wtlpib lhamloktlly oe ooivjlp Sh ·,S G Ri.ANUFTAR~e. ,Jsl 1Ylu _ _ S:4igronies St, aRRoOR ORNAMEN'i' -Rsreandhheosooif o'rionosiso foor sale oooly by Ros" & DAlMange spool i Plioooob'. Museo.. l s All thrseorsamoens cosigs .I ehe most epgon. *lq gpo001001sns so nrlhinolagy from Europe, Asia, .Afrso. eslr ,our ow0 rooo5fy. ;Appooasrd ies sl Odays willbetaken *ol i .OKF & " C·,.. No. b V Fos notv. v, hoo. in oltoro large a ndoeo soeei ss-eoooooeno of Cuoier fnld *0 m W oo f stheir oooosoooooooosoooIoIooWolo wichli nflir oy otbelosol,. ooy o 8t fit J RUJE AMICIuAN.; . ralATrtpm AND BOLD. Wtfficiatl fournal of twe 2Sb flttcipat(tR. PUBLISHED " Dally, Tri-Weekly & Weekly. NEIW OR LEANS, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3 1839. CHARITr ITlonPITL.--IRepert of esl(rd.IV, t Od i,::i S0 ad., ited, ycelow fever 1., and 5 d'ath- pi to 9ct The 'd,,lr of th. Fler-h, side o, 'h: i, " !,lllno n., ' tO1i '' .ieCoi 'i C C' Ort, el'ouitirses r , l i tmtl i ,,t' taxpte tl l'b lit 'e th c R:e m r prita,.,:' 1 le f lun qi u rtar, :he city, ru, a s .'art g .ewu, teas muth ,t a t, ý ,- pr,, ",t , t itot this Siat,,t to ty. throp raton of r. ,g the reinairks atis all, is Cl the "purpose of corrc cumg simply What we couceive to be a few errors ,n the Iohowing paragraph, which we have exiracted from the learned article. "Thlis quarterofthe city is, as every one knows, the " most thickly populated part of New odlermns, end it is that in which tihe yellow fever ha muitdat less ravages: this fact is incontestitly to be attributed to iti oppliet tio made of tile system of treantment which we hIve Sabove indlcated. There is, certainly, in thismcanici pality, many imore sick than elsewhere: but at leas 7 out of in are sated," re. r We will not dispute that 7, and. but 7, out of Ii) are saved in the let municipalit, antd 8 or 9 are saved in thile secnd; but- we deny that tl ere are more Pick in the 1st municipality than in the L2d or 3d,--on the con trary, strangers, unacclivtated, generally reniea in the ) and 3d mniecipalities, whilst itt t a well known fuat that the first is settled and llthbited by c loih, and old resideutl, oad consequently, we -hau not bIt thr w-uge in oaying that in the 3d oiiinitpal:l.ty, ther e three three to one taken with the yelb.w Iever, inpropoltio, to the population, to what there is in tie Sart munieipiaity, and four or perhaps live to one in the second over the first: yet the deaths in the second, elousive of the charity hospital, the patients received in whicli are btcugt frotm all parts of the city, are not so creot, for at least 8 or9 as we should judge are saved oat of every ten. We state this as a fact, not with tile view of in sinuating thuat all or a majority of our physicians tre better than those below ttown,heeause stdre of tile very best physicians, who have a hirge praelice in our see. tion of the city and who are among the most fortunate, reside below Canal street; nor wooul we be willing it state that our cliate is betterr or the sick are matelial Sly blenefited by the very superior eleaelinesa of our section of tihe city. *t'e believe that the American physicians are lnore succeesful in the treatment of the diseade, because they are more energetic. W\e believ. also that ranch, very mnuch fthile alleviations of misely I in tlh seconld muiicipllaly is owing to the benhvnueItt elTurts oflthe rh itanaai. anu d tlowmnd Associalicn , it, to thie great care. and attentions beitowted bi r eitrcirill generally o:i the ick of all clausesa , iult tihe rich it the very pouteat. The reccpticn af ,lr. Clay ai Netw Tork, i, -aid to be Iiipreecderatcd forl i eatllhiai.-l evincedI, anud tit- iol titens y oflcin heir wlvoseorted himt into Illow. The Courier and Enquirer, says that tie concourse of citi zens, in carriages,on horseback and on foot could not be estimated. Every thing in tie city in tihe shape of a four wheeled vehicle was in atteadance. In itretno wieh at the starting place, uore titn an hundred carts were drawn up and -followed in the procession, ani were afterwardsjoined by twice as many more. Tl'hroulgh the whole extent fi om te point of lalinie, a distane of Sotarly three miles, it was one and the sumn time., a dense loving manssof horsemen,c carriages, earlen andit citizens. Ever window throhou thraeghout whole line taus occupied.,actlemation was from every heose, and the wtvIIg If hb kercrhiufs, and cordit al iihntilon greet , tr - ullttelsmanl as he passed. Flogs were " '" : L ii hdingli . IThe tlhed of the ' i, , ,. " i ' , ~ , .i -,i i, teor iloti se, three miles, Ibeflrc a uTrge part ot it we,. airmed at the point of start ing, and the carriages were frequenlly three or four ableast. In the park, Mr. Clay reprlie to an address by Mr. Seldon, It IIeo evening he visited the Howery, wI hich elas very foll, and tihe aud ce received him stan ding, with tiree cheers. 'rThe whole reception, prtices. aion and all, wits purely civl, and proves that lecry Clay is the iman of the people. i tIr. lo.rr ft diedrt his residence, Worceser, on Mon day,tlle 19th August, aged b1l. Th'le Duke of Wetllington, it is said, on tle arrivall of Mr. Webster, ii, London, called on him in - lrlvate"I way. a rctn nacned Samuel Drew, ill PI"b., thie dii gin i werll, tuck vl ' us h c .... ... ... i c c--wLat was ap o,,, ,, :"tie ,stro.l Exeter' N. ;i., hads vero arrestd hor puoluining money Imro letters, passling i!lruigh Iris otitice. All old maiin ih Illiois, twho had had several horses stolen, upon seeking, found them lied to a tree, and waited the arrival li a person who cacte to find item Swhen he quickly rised is rifle and shout the nl dead, who proved to be Ilia own soc. From a nr icttemt nmde by the Ctmmittee oftll it ish and Foreign -ailnr' a iSOclety,( appears IIaut within the shoit period of lour moI ts ulld three days, previous to Alri lust, thlre had beet wrecked ole hundred and sixty vessels, alll o whose crews lhad polised, which, averaging the crews at tell, will Imake Wifll lives lost. Tho British (iovernaleit proposes increusing th army. The Gouvrnor ics anpoilted,, iu place of lion. G iorge Eustis and tP. A. Rlo.te, resigned, George itu bridtge and tlliunzo lirllllty I-Equites. ti lie judgie. if the cc Iprmo Court. lBoth Iun xcep.iouiable allpint t.... An invretigutioll is goilng on in New Yo, k, itn relat oni to the cotlullct orcertain of the party officers of the wing Sing Prison. It is cotmplained that thie prisul.ers have been cheated of their footd, made to work at trades ex cluded bh law, and cruelly treated. The senatorial comtoittee, a majority of which is loco foco, are, howev. er, as usual, stilling all correct Infrn tin.ll liU. Lawruenoe Switzler was lilely killed to New o Itk, w.hlilein tile tt if' kin o r Inlll llllln d onnlllred witth a solu fllntain, when th gas exl,odcd alnd broke bothl his leg and causled tt s dreath. Tihe Louoioi.loli.n ColenolIrm., inll enrl, cuTrespotlld elce belween John A. Ahl:rl tr ( o. d Mr. C. e itncll the Elrdlrttr, in teluaton tol a Inlt It tree of tie ltlcrlnr geovertnrentrjru ette it n, thle lhw tof r"eb err it.t by which law, merch trdise is proth.bited frlml Itlt e sel t to re thinl pieces, in the ineerier, in the power of ll,: LIIe trttliste, under penalty of ertizare. 'h'le l iconl ult do Mr.3trrle aold other llcl, ants is, tlat no o.tllh l iull, of this decree was v, r. publlll ed- le T exlcll tl,li sal, lre. Pratt:, has retusd lto give any soliisir ury ntil weor to thle enqriries of r Hi ie, anr .dIr. tiny)O, liter diligent reserchi, is uof opiniontt thit hu t cal notice San ever givtl of:this dIclet, alll lilta a t i s ize a e ulll nde'r it tr e c l e ,l ull e n t l .. l 1 e g l . A .an who cal s hll l gerer a ly DCr. litter, hat iwho has t hundred ali..e-, has reeletly lurttedl thel attention of the prer., by lntoe ruccesralul ille , ts at windllling. lIe was not lonlg sillce in Saeatlallh, tlr recettly at New York ant lately at cit Inutti.-\\1 learn from the Cirrcinnati Wing of Ithe llth, that ilt wile arreeted in that city on the 17th inst. on a charge ol having conmitted a robbery on ollard tile stettblat I Echo. The robbery was coallnuitred nealr Mpllphis. and Stle lcts lbeing strng agiost tile Doctor, he was selt tojail, to await the reqlisit on of the troverlor of i ell Ila Ilir's Ilunk. an~tlot nlrlny paperse, such , s bonds, rreotl,..znluct c. was lfnld a reterence to Governor I E1. tIfO'r.1o.t. 1 tr.\.11ll'Y.--The Secretary of Sthle Treasury gives nrtite ill tee liticinl of thle 2d ullo., i tuat tllreltl instarlment oflthe Nr,'poltlan Illdelnnity Sutnmuuairng, as is now ctmputed, ,r $2.e0,417 4ti, will Ibe paid to the ulniranats on application to the Bank of America, at Ne.r York, on or after the th tdty of Srp., tolaber ext, and at mrh placesr as that Bank lmay do sig.ate. A Mrr. R.ack, wile was warmly pressed during a re. Aient electiou contest togive a issto e a l, a eertain caindli date, replied tha it wa impuoshle, lince ie had already pronided tr vote Iorthe other. 'lOhil i,i the ealrlidatoe, 'i election mottere, promisee, you :yno.,u . .n fur ntlhingt.' 'If that is the cae,' rejoiuJ : k" 1 prout ise you my vote at oue,r Whlien Dan erosaed last frola Dublin, the sea was very the rough, and the great precursor was extremely disceomr- ' posed. 'How are you my man,' said Mr. M., of Liver a i pool, lbetdig kinlty over him.'. 'Inbrnal sick,' sighed Iast D'an. 'WVll, then,' rejoined-Mr. M1., 'l hope this will th convitrce yiou, how little good, and luis much ill comes cao of being agitated.' tat har Farley, of Cfovent Garden Theatre, who pouessad a shb much larger quantity of nose, than nature vitatly ise a-O t6ws.upomn n individual, contrived to make it mre enor tc e -mous by his ihvincible litclimeant to the bot itle, whichl i also beset it with rniera:ds and rubies. To ail I to hlis s misfortanes his face was somewhat disfiureil by nrdt lhaing a regular pair pfeyes, one brinel black and the he other ofa reddish hue. John Kemble happening one sin day to ilbserve that Ilis eyes were not fellows, congrat- the ulated him upon irh circumrentane. The rosy gilded "m lipler' delnurndel the reason., replied tile joe- Ifi ulargenius, ifyour eyes had lwen marehe. your none ie would certainly have set them in flames, and a dreadftl whl eonflagration might have been apprehended. vi We learn that the yellow fever has broken out in the hi Parish of Rapidee. Ilr. Jerome Bayon has retired from the L.uisiani. en.m ro, Ci~sere Fteotrsi:m.-Ocroeinaolly persons em Ce. Sleeto d r ffice t e ec fellowsr. Now hit llte are tlie very kilnd tllt illuit rnot to lie snred frnao their fire-sidha. levler fellow is a kine of sreer frog, lo tilkes Ilih eo or frot Itie lout lhirk; lie is a ie speelsa of iu paorty man, wh o will ral of it, hoves andl t fihe- and iderly Ilrs taeler; wh h will lake ia' hllre- pe alld tive .n its ,,e .urt ii the r lleir inerelrIw s ae rite ti all tile ,'h'valio cild a lldcufrtart Inhis own imtatIe Pelt o ii nerrer tie reta we, relerr lthr Ithse ir I~le Pat i sta a mr,lccarndlr id s nlnnielr--r who, ill ranllr vos C uto I ot when t y ilea)tr eirl n whrIn i llrey IreioU e ar i le tihe nO i. eec-, io i fire thion ser illlpaitnili., weto r mnuch prel lhe orne wllro rld Ifi frl- sr hie in t.r I fr wrlrrk and el tdid rirrk, to rilt' elever ftlle wo I oU e ti.rd arl doa iidinotuhing. h. Prlities is a Ilrslll nt ir reqaire hard merclrs nese e "' el delerlnirnrirln uoyirldinrg inrgre, a knelledee of 1 human itule--itre r eath tlud rwekitsell. .iks tile Sglllne of lrurlt, ue persnual mton tluke nlovs ola the Cereqlered board, till ftrw kniow lo thte py te -air sc-teiiiulll -. tiesirtI, I nteeird fot'uch inler- t is not olierll Ith) are Ihouighl try the llaese Ill he tlrrlfellore Sl Herald 4 Patriet. T'RIIE OrF TIlet: WeiST.--ThIe 'itrrbrig Guzetle of the lith conlainr i the suhlijuied totieroesf tiRn eaied ing waor-l e inirareal riniruvement nrowi irn-ogresaaond cf soon to Ie rIlonlller . IlTeir bearing ulpoll the tolde IUl Blltimute wohel esl colleted will t e ialt lcee appa rent ro tile alera.r. .'leo tie Canlal to tide, the Ilalii I morre and iUqitehatna Rlailread, and the Cross Cut V orrl brtriten l'cnllsrlvIaie niud Ohio are each cotal iltetnI ill oIroelinra Ilo, tlllg save inaottetiion ti its iiwn interests und r irosrll-eroo ffllOltee cull lprevelt leal tirle c. li rrlin rc laretrr rgelv in tle urnse lof tllehe - Ft rt', Rollld o'lrhP Ifriter weee, 11by llleih l" thlor e e ha rls of illp roeid comuniualln ll.o . h Pltablle org r tell r savr:--'l'he unruni g f ill is likc It witie-sto the tonipletio1fi tuworksiuf our-ril lnl irovenil which e. r city ll tr the waole rimioweaehlt are de. 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'I' h, lr i larl l r _" ri , i lt ' ,o tr i- i aird till hr , \ ,n;r Li , . i. o c - lrire r I tri r i rheth rt ale hatl t lwir , to , t:,e' io tie I II AJIZE, lA. Aug. °6. 1839. n riniv'dl t l1imc, izcu chr. Elz.a Jlnea t l'a it aeolu lilut aoa--Calrt u lflera chg ase of toree hnursoff tlhe lzardl, uller lrine illive shololit her, two of w IIch taIruck her lmyillsail bellw tile reef. ie ihad been stolaen aid r"llt u.awlVy ,: Ib two negrer wio any tb ey heaog th ,J. olr-.vtholl mlack \oVatear. IlheY r0u lte Eliza JEin (lhaliu Illir caaalt re certain,) aillong th hbreaker. or tih Soul ll pi J ofIoat ' laed, jupellla overboard and les. lIll apedlll Slg alia Palmetto ot Cut Island. The Eliza JIlAe aloter tIhI ditfiLully waies gao ofl u af wilh sol dla Intre,--tlhe, usto.,,-h,1us gig w.vs stoK R by the 0 nmk ery, C.arlyiaagatil hila tllo r., and thall o wal nle xp eilion as wlli IiIad baI td l -, belit ar the n, I rnes were starvedI d first alndl gve tlnitoRelve III, ln'hey were brOUt eb lll ill irons bly tihe,, I tdo' lji.'l t1:111 IItI oAl le l o rIe aOwn eyr. C(ali. o. . kb l -etep t menlpishae r. Eliza Jan e t Fler hal." a,---.evll Ihr fr taiallll oial liO. ath g ithi hrte s.-j l ,tert, o n n r d ts Coun it ovnr alo pyofay Edotion] Ow1 O inaaala If,, ty , it 1 o , 1e1, ma illana'a tle r lcknemei tr lti aer a attald lll ualllt.l o lls oalln uaIvrolle e Ill piled ton pu ;mstinie i apt. ..aauoil 1ior W.ekll , utiln In eA deth allof.'r. H. J. PICKEIIaOa, or Foreimaa, by Ie al revaiiaglep.iitiae, we AlaA sustained a greatl los r. ir. P'icering uLited to great a bil ty ir his pro fesaintl, uladolbted integrity and the mast urbane oaln. nuer aaI l, lll lelllAillt Aly djsaiiaulltt, IIi, was torualerl cuodiclllr l l.o thl Old C1 loualtrmi, uf Newa-Yrk, altld by birL , we Ielieve, an Elglia.mtana We have received fromh th chairman of the meeting lll h aship ill.oa aers, ship o ell er and others, I eld in N. York, ia lelatiull to thle ondc of N. P. l'rit, Unital d tateas Couu'l at IlVoan, i opyof It nemorial to fro n fius c e, 11 ad u shl 'tiption liht for the purltse ft" aaiding am utainin tCali Abraham i it-de ll, jr. in a SstIt gainlat eri saiaI''rl SI. 'Tlhe .oenduet. ,Cf tons !, I Tri.t hies bIel most n:ulntouslv baias and ,lprcsi r. tI A or Ia ,llaraiaa .illil dll, m ster- anl saalllr- vi.'llgllg tile I irt of aivuas , andl altrinlenial t the ihtrte"L,' (If" t:I:e (lIeriemll Icn) e lclllnl +. \\'Ie would gc esl (tohe eX leuie ,y1 of I I p llaial rlaalty la t ', be l.a kil t I hl Ou 'l y ol t el, sold ll, nut, nnli ln " itely,owil) it, t mai prey. t1 f.g' e llt'd.+y te a st yIl ,,ir Illg irth bltS are 1 nt'r11 I m, id ,lh- tet hll.liaal s Ilion r le lll IaT w a reg n ul S ll,d andit g in their v ic',a lit dP a l ithe . call. o ll I te at ' i II: t lll.` , e a l re it rll, ,l..d 'it l~r,- tO e n ,l , 1,c t,: . ll ;rtbnl vit 'a o .a a.a a', . , ' ,I jic h . II , e . o . . r . :., .t n .'a' I 'I Ia I.rll la e. r In r n . ' ee I 't - ahill. ad .aia.. c oh. a na au1. ...a.n o. l ......t ,ot No lislld year.y ;ru then tle o. 1 t ir . Aull tItl I 'a killed hi a w nal, ia , ai ns i rog uln, ,ll SAIAIIIA',, bly LicLig Ilg ala lay all ahdollaial. Eleytnnned ...l llld, ulal, ti ba.l lori, All I.II 3d',y bea taIkala a . I'lhacla'alt l li ally'y Aliafat . tt,,lk.'L he I AIIgA''A yy l.. a I J r mllesll y ,"er n. .t. n thel .l"tl I'll l ri.ha al' yied his 1'e. , OU, ' a . r , l ,am Cur a al. by ' I .D-teg, ll++ ii lfl h n l II lllu EIy a eoII yo.l Ii . w. . Her, a 'lS n e 11. 1 ae C .am ruine rs slalaa ti a, y i', u'h '' e igo A,,: ll, or AI.,ld i ealln llca r aide r ltoyln , a , a laa- t,'l, t ll ,ho outh Tlaal aauhlel . ,lol th c l a 15 .... Oc l ,.b lr. W , dFlou rida,, i-- il ll,,pnlial, l..i.r, ailhy. d h.i,,r t le a'aaa, r Alte . Aag .qala i, by whia 'h ve .,o.el tl ta ie'al 'll .aIaytS of ialll al a ill, "ia+II aO 171, illt . \e Snt, y llrn~t or pru,, -ion% wetre, cupture~t, put uu board the Santee, and taken, to St. Augustine, where they were put in ceofin.ment.. It is stated that Sam Jones the Seminole chief, paid a visitto Lielt. l'ompkins, at New River, on the lnth I itet. He evinced strong itdignsation at the conduct of C I the ttdiann. in murdering tlheoldieri of Col. Harney's Saacomand. to t in hi Iho n , thait he Ihad fitnd theI white man at was his frieitd, and that he would never ogain lift his handiaodamtet hen. le h <n seet a rotter to find sat f thtatsee f'tha hlsid o.trder tft (Ct Hreohy's eren. " and oos roon'as hIn teLmrns he is determined ti punnoh tie murderers. lie sya he has nto nen wi I Ilti itt y present, lbt ttt. sent tl.eOtlonttg th1e connt, ond in tihe It itcrinr to collect the t rranole., and let theio tntile their is strength,, tht ohe mry more, reaily overtake them. He t "llit~h, oru the nre ome white men cotnetaed with them, [od that Slndy thie interpreter. excited tlhetn andi told e them sonle lies. He says thnat he hao known Soady e ince heo wa a bov, and tiat he is a treacherous rtocnle t. Ithat e Inhas not th sense of a whvite noi, lie hot tot tlhe a ocne tfon Indino,'he hat eol the senor tao negrEo. TIhat i oe had bet r eating whlite bread with, n white mia, otn if ht does not take aore, he will make him eat tturle yet." ate sree with the editor of the News. wr,, he save: "This is all glte, nd look capital on paper. But if our aoftlers are wheedled into a rolisane upon tuch stnaemnsts, and siaet their vioilnLce, they ill find, when too late, that the Indlan is now, as hot Iaheee. ntreopherousrascal, only waiting forohe ftat ltivorable moment to ste rite a blow." to "It i agali.n, ottiase tha editor, that am Jolles ha. offered his soan, au an hostage, that en will pefrm his tronlles. "'Samistoo much a man of the world, thouuh his moves ments iuve eoCn timtea to Flolrida, not to know that even1 mere his own arm detelted itd plunging the kniho into a whie mall''is healrt within te area or'td e piskeet , o it owu son would iEtl es ifas thaough te were a cueelltute oat tIe Gortreels Mn. rat iLelesaritd hy ettleslnnn who had n itervlra with Shi, Ltth :.. efslit eie , r siteet httlhl. n mild ito ld nevo.nt orunlenanee, very esnll ttlfet, lntp boey Itntdt hair nearly all t rey,occheiolly isterosersod with a few blnck cls . tIliotlse rrey Ils,.hs hnll dwn in front of Ils ears, withn beautoful wave itentUloall m t otioo tor curl. ite has a Rolte on ttl the top of his right i lor, tile uiter Iart of wlliah Ia it he si rr pertoeru of Itullle hsell not. I otplrxisn 1gl, t. mlo "wearll nlahio. lyes Ismlln and will iieo Iear ikt.taze of any oS e. Ilit rnice titl fe ait very di-tioat; drtese tain. "The elltinte. ,flt. Aluaotitee, viowlng tbe condort of I t. tV. K. ltl.ltt. 7ith lltllfitlrv in the capntlre of the Indllss It iesnnlnltl i tile oeihiiITttllld lefforlt Mellon. oil letrning the I "e r nrrificace tl;ol , f:,raLcy, t. qziln l as till ius.aner of prolnlpt r anld snldtereliteelllrU. nl ellterlallttg the hlighetooet Irerl i forseroerett ellilolttly ,tretetd to aclose of the wes, held tntettli tg ant li,td,,v Inets, ti. ptstse i retle titteo, tenttioitllg hlilll s'e.d. ats an altpreciaton of thletlr high osiorisat ofhis conduct." [Charleston Courier. CoeCUPPEnS itLEF.tEtS. hE F. 'nrl, No. 76, Cene| street--himself or partner ul Swyos to be forlnd, day or night. W. V. .Kilg, 31 St. Chtarles ltert. L.. Alodeline, No.5 Caop Ptreetl, nera Cenal. of AI Fo. rres, No. SCottp treet, near ('ansti. SPyne, Cuopper and Ileeder, at.nadaone Dewhlursl's, eorlr oilof Gralvie andll Thllulitouls tits.. SNt'tnn...ClIOE Oxedine, t well practiced nrse, reseideO 166O li, laegazio street, near irnd. Elizoltetb, ( ntrit 'treet, tlext to (;cor e Guiot'e. I.eethes cit he ihtoatned alt 6, 12l. antlwarrantod ot e 23, at the geeral depulot,.i . lrlnck street. FIOR NEO YORlK--Regular Packer. tirkteara Line of Pneketa. 'T, sail Ilse dlav niter Io.molrnlrow. 'Tlle raHt ailing, a ghu pak hip LOU .A, Jlhn, on, m tster h til e greater trt t hear earao d, will sail n i aIIIve, r IItall n , , I treigI lt or Ia tsarage, hai Ie legantll t ii ,eeir ui. - dat.m,, appld to lht ,r apinia 'i board ipsit[a tie Vegertable iiutket, or to a. Oil N, sept2 _ 90 Comollnan sareel. . I i I \ it . .i ite firal cla r and la rt sailiner bhri FA LIE, ..P . llt. C . I cd lnl, wli el irlnneitiir e drs , vin er rt e g ed, or p astsage,h .vig hlnlel .Tie are om'll dm11111dOllil alpplV tol s( I.LEVI II Ii E 13 Ca,ameoon Ut YU t(. ' r - I tirl\ t A.\i- ' ': \ T! NorfNiO. ti 111 1 b-ra wi ~htendi ', r r '[ll r mtreetiig n D 3 'trrne day trr . at 7 We lock, at'r-ir 't a, , :-";1k'.+ r nd . lyv order. II .II L EDI-OV:, lXS'y. ('r'I'I'' 13.fg , N:er I)rleAin., Ailr. 31, 1839. ' . F. 'r ttd of l)iect i- ao thi Iln-tilutir have this t ,lyde aloed it aenli-atiiaul dividernd otf our per a',i. I 1t : R fa'tala ,ta tek ,.f the trafil il itle lait nix t , , - ' *e r th itekh, r,!,,, r r their legal re. , , ",t\:- I rir il after londidy, 1hr I9 ti pteeihorbr roc rii 3 PALFIIEY, tr __ _ Cashier. I r $ ° n , , ri e ,,, h a tin " rece i, ve d th e ,, g r o w e v f f ,-t.r+- , ,lier it , amblh lts, counlltry and it, dealers, at lh wt nutl, ',, prlices, aid warrant it to be as goUd S It (. II. I i d Iaerl ill the city. a JARlVIS I ANI)DRE:WSR, Sepit I. flln No I r .3 T hllftlitnlllln at L )UI>A ,1 (;RAND ItRAIESTAPFE AND r I)la ill in )Ne 1 )l, e lle , by lJllAlnily of a l wi of ,Ila t Pr prIett r+i tlit' anna re. -+ale i eorner I trnal a rnd aoa i t- il 7 ,5_'5,u $ r .a l , I t rl I e ,- 1 . ee il ,i,,, ri,,e . 1or91 ,triea a . ,,f r a <.+11 1,h e t-lII i :Itud o:f1 oth rl,. he T-m ilp er+ nl l el v ,,- o tar,' i t ill "iPr.) ' it , i rI-r r r r t .r lI usI, (11('++'istch, No 9,lit , ,. I t 'ng fl it' , l it- i, 'etarrlltlh. rr i 'r. nrlrar tea i - 'ta,., d s... . ýr . .' "lrr Ien . t...... r tn r .llgt :..... r c. 'r In- araw dll .iketa r can Ie ieri. t Ro n 31,. au3' 1'I' NI)VEI'I'II:o I- i:,rv if tue 'thia C o. LJ le. lthi, 2d ",leul , bI t J.l itr l ItIv ('hnrltrll e Ilury, etc. tt lnon 1 reet-:wa by 31'J tlbertlohea.nthor of Letters Tu LDraar ear t aguta. earie a hainrlettriaentiII tlar Itol Two Clerks, a Ctimmlerteial i dhe i olpr viti eii iluldet u dfbiol a no erle, a title of e Nic tlebv Na ii. ltze's r IaLtches Ni 9, Jallmet' llentle lani of Ithe jOld tetrcho nl. Iangalutaa'.r atie earn Iaauner. Skrtrthee of laidoll , 11t J. iralll, aithor ol Ra lldor The I'tmttatu Shipt; Chevelt. by Landv lalwer; new sIpplis." I tIIN-a & CO, t iU.I Ow cI~a rt (lrarleta & CamClllnr atit. TAlI.'. jift l0 tIl I N-i-a'ri ht t'r rtr ine IPalila nlld -'it,' r of Niir ti)lrh.l as -I rrette rrlrtifv thlt in Jllne Ittthh, t9., tritlr: PIe, wea, enutread in ia i nll it i~ he ort if r1 riett itdteel .I rLtt rt aa itnr in itritleata, tler hl.rhtllalt, il the arold and fig.rlr Itt I iuaw tr wit: re n I trrr-t i, a? I Iiilt nrr ('ntljrl etarlitiei, heirtttlirjttl-- re.i:tarris ordernr , tj di brlwerell tle rI t pl a.l ; thlr t11 e tL ra tia, of narilrnaOl tv rIr. tardlre exi . i iPbePwn telell hi( and dlry are rtereriry li- lvell , nlld thl lt he dllI rdilll lia n I tia l lt AI I., 11M IUItI IN, Judge. NewS I) hIara A -. 2.1, 1839 ldad'te,,taiu recordred ii Iadgmrntlltdeetei D, page 5.n. lri trhto nriy w IIvI el lnlet Ire )e t lyand alU ixed theP san o, the +anid cort, nt bae tnv af C , Orrteran, an thir atr d iiof Au.ti, in hbe year nft rai l one thou~nnd eighhntlhunretirtrd tirlrrtytnrnea in ith tlixty.larth yrpnr o. the aindte lender.e i ihe lniteed SJ. Ol.IE, lepllty Clert. alg l1 3t EC T'Ia U1 L laU.fil-i-INl,--t,.- de Paois Te Llllite Lalllla ert vn . Cat rae tillrq It re,si n o fii .i dllnS tes ilaa, ea eilltlffr irlerivrr: oII, 1,6r l -i arii.l Ir anlile I.auAhert vn. Ctap'ai. la.ouanele anr ltpoIxI-I)errePt lest irdlan. adjndaea eI deerele qa'n ajgelerlt lde divorc ealllmre ar.a s sniR ellaItnregi.t.(, IRe liell de iitarl,1~P ei del·vllllt existent Pnull'llX Fio nt ll t o ilts sen ull r ie ri-)n,- le ie n olllar r q lr e a r 'idv arbindenr toni le+i 'r.ia. ,mllllellr O)rleans, ., n 111 18:i.9 (hi tel) ·'/I A1t IMi...1 tIlI.\l Naiiea Ji rrenlll ranr gistre oa doa b tre jageeaeIIaa, Irpage a ti far d.tqti j'tai ntprtni nta r.gaatrir et leerarrlle ! itle'it c rital,ra'tt ville de ti Naurelrt ltalertria, ee 2it c e..ijo r d'.,ll Ie d· a e ii e ll n oIl eo re a.tiener ii ttll lr llll li el el. t d,. n iiuf i, r t tl artte qu atrierm t n inrl dej :3!l i. I l IIII ep. (irrIfl r. a. price fflour htodat r t -iritie e 5$i iear barrel t ir,'-,l tir the rund It -> i ri, trera wll give : " il o, it ofhrli It 1 It - 1.,t 111,t 111a d r th" week iege.nL. nlg ntl .odl' ,ll l I Xt t. fil at F .ll +r i'e ll ll. IfFir - , I litll 'tie rif ItIef,iLlr 'ell i: hlets. ii lla w "ihll 'i per at a tIIir , aat a- r ., 4o ice [(\- j4I te,i a iaI l e telr it'rdiig trea 31 1it ', i .i Nt e'e. :1 .hlF'II N I- ID,,,,It Tii ~ ,,ta tr Catle b a a "1 C U)()115 "l, .-14 New l.rnev 0 t 11 .\MPAIGNE CIIDER1-I01) ber,,Le noIII CIde-: ain tore,ror sale by G I)OItIaY n8 41 New Levere IN-Fr1tuI t I'i IN IV aN'I'EDl rfll. T ife of ir j. f-..- oa tnlta, ltlass. J-a- ra~aeatr . y o ', ,ifornationaarespect, I d irtit tilinb " + ' t '" ! .t .53 It -r ille 'trlea., "''atll .1: e by J TIIiER riu all 29 4 7'v£llalr1 2' 5 II t. OO I.I -it3 R,:1 VAD. 1o IItN tilAtA , an Siiantlay la[, the 1Ibt net eforh . h the ,a e af aI I-i ,H agen at nai dar h, tar-hir ltreifo t el or t vi e es hh, ' ay te.e ii ,llllllhmlll ill pelito '1h - ",e "I l. h trtlithi i -tr \I V tt lx - l-re, -vi tie ,tor a of I ;t , v,a e ate r ,h I ".I . I, I D & lrather '111 22+d 39 C ellln c t [['nan Illa I , . l -. tilidbFF. 8'S ECL'ItICt IL.\DF:Ilt, ao. I, .I , 3, 1i od 4 an anvoie oilt ieerel,. Attn IrPe Ecleeir Prinanr and Ebuleaic uaillailaettue k, for fale r y " A i ~. I , I\V At A l atl. ?3'1 '("£/t re .I 1 Theatrical 1YNotiec. Those Ladies and Gentlemen eongged with James It. Caldwell,New Orlenns, are reapectlillyt informed that the THEA.RE will open for the season in iall September next.-Pernoon in n gooiarti.n will apply ,o G. H. I. ar rett, Ksq.. New York, or by letter to the Proprietor, New .Orleans. . 3 The I:,ol,sville Journ'al, Cincinnalti Whig, New York Ever ine Star, and the Spirit of the T'imnes. will e pleaeo pubnlish the bpvre three times each. By order oftthe Proprietor. lieu. HULLANIL, Treasurer d St Oharles Theatre. N. Orleans, "2d Aug. 1839. If ;t SA .:e L.AS't NUVFPL--Tht Gentleman of tlc Otld 1 Schlool. A'I'nle in 2 Volhtlnre, by ( I' It Jllles rq. surltor of the Ilucueno. , tit Robber &. rrc. Juet Received aoRd for sale by Alen T()WA It. ' aug 92d 49 Camp Street. .rIllE AIMER(ICAN L.OUNGt R bI 11ra'luthli,. 1 !'apt Kyd. The Pirate of the G'if, &e. &r. i.A one volume. Sketherian London by the Author of the ' Great Mle. Binclh and Bar &c. &c. irn volumes. New Pocket lneon in b vcrtumes. Also 1orlewarrd Hotlld and Ilome on'folelel. i Juit itecirved by Alex 'T'O)WAIR, nug ... 49 Cnamp t. Fl OUR--10110 rrele freosh sulperfin Fleur, in store, for'.e, hy ( ty(ISEY. ea.' 44 New. Lever.. - TIlE LIBEL CASE. UBltISIISHED ills DAY, and for salie at th C ounting Rnoom of he, Trie Amenrican, St ChIrile Ilotelarl at lthe principall Bok -tore, a correct Rel;nri of the late i nltereesting and imllportant stnit Iof the I 1aire of Louisiana os. John Gibhesl, F!ditor nrl P'll'lishr of ithe True Americon, before the Criminal Court for Li bel. july 21st S 3' The Plrackert Ship St MIAILY, enplt 'osrer is discharging oplloile St Joseph St "d IllulniipaRlity. Conl-igolee will plenseuttend to Ithe eceipl I their gouodei. PE.'rE t I lI.AW, T? .Gb Cirnll se. .II'lte),:ti. KI NIIt'Ki .. I. No --SCul..-un Se.. s eec: a nrvel hy J P llobinsnl, naethr of IC.'err,. eln patoa.Il.e ('nlrtiuutriltll iof the irer,l of the 'lilre' olf GeorCele t IV. e.lited Ie John G' c I;,q. in Y vql.- New tllegrnlhicoe l)icblinre' Cly ile Rlev.1 I. I iike CVitlh vari e ta elndlrd lrrksh jlrst rer'ivr anri d rfir trye by Alex 'rIt)WAR. ungclh 47 D .NTp. S, Oil ulI I':ssan,'ejnst reC:I,Tv - IncrePilel iL hIdelphki, Nrov Yr k alnd Iostrun, flle r hIrle urIrr retail rlw prices by II li(NN Ang r711, 4 " I,.la Io t wll-l e it.l'ho Shiit (Crrlriet, r' lrt C rinrell, fro losu r s tdieelrrrging'oprrosie ihr rrlerenr Crtr Trrr es . rr o signees will please Sltuil u th tile rceipl rf their goodrrr. I, iI. i 1 '. n : ntg e_9 93 Commonntltln strelet. -" lhip Auburnlroro New York, ned f6r rrle 6r ", A OAP-9!11 boxes, RaLbbi,,, $'I ,.lia iui fif ehr S 1s t YIi I .( Ii 1.t , SJuly 71 I r l hite :.cad, in llekrge, ol lr .,drla 5 l to 51111 ipoUnlds nlw. ~lain giiL. ll in hig D i ,we Kil,) fir eL io eby Auer , re.rr rr lJ june S lrrLvieres Cr ItCROWN SOAP-311 C oll s blrorwe rrlr fir reele err I( S& J P \VIIIT'NI' 7 (.'Ilit -tI. K R IoKS--An irnvoice of riper rr l, Iml, n IU litnl dItl reV and ll t llek )or . lksu teiO lunliryjirst received en tlor soie Ci ___18 A 'relV li, it -inlrr it " 'I folr atec by A 'I'M i'-r , lr fl y 3 31 I;:yV, iI L L t511l C:lt Ci.,GA- itA1Sii 'e-rir ltn Ir r for sale b). i )I ) ,CirN .I li.-- 1lall caskrrr r Illl (lr, llr 'li it l cl Sred, in store fur sIeu by e, j6i (: I)IRSI:f , ,II Nee l.' I 'e 'ý sale hy er I'til ,i je tl l r, t:lu 1 trIi r . t i -A Cr e1l'-tIlrt, r'th lhru r slr e l v jilv 13 PE'I'i Ilt Ili 1 1 e, p i Aibi- llr. l e l-g.,rrl 'prl.rc ' t l' Iu, l,; . hi, -I', r I V sell rvl y (,li .,: ' i er-'Sl, l i t ;'i,, Ill i "I. , t '( -I -- n "' 1 - 3I 'C Il \Y I'IR oA". '., 7"1 I',vd,ha; ('0)'EI"'43% BI gP iTri tICS '1l Si a i* . ll it , , a, " a l a l a l,- 1 , l , . ( ' " I 1 a i ,t 'a a t a ,'r T a I1adu l iiillulalB iltl th ,u th f L Yalta, 1 )1,11, 1ai NI",, Iulaaaaaul·J huC, p~'~\il I I, aI,, clah,,, .ila , i la tl u 1 l a onu ' 'l II 4 .to lelr .III ~*H I~I}~I I IX I \ II. IIt I S h ukt spear " vol ,,n,. . 9"I"I NI' I %- I ti ) 1,, 130, 1K,,j .:nI \ ,I+, -"al ' P fou rtleh ,o~~l ll·l i · lr~r ll~ I(; ) ltllSEl, :! N9iti' ",uu Ia u,I au,,, I.,. j luly w,'ar, coa Ca I l " 'W llht aa meclll\i lulue ir I all i Slallr l h of Nel~ ol] b. lhlaa .f I, Oll-sr a Ih e lhzllnl, thl. llim ol .d. &c &, ., llf: L oI (.) ht*III tauaii1 I N. I. at aolle, a tret f \\ irn-ul, tlkal ur Emg ca1 6p AlI ,E Thavin it ltII (1(r & t AGN e rn I nl la a I I 11 i Ce tury. ngue. ohheen Siith unifi(or solmlra~tvor %\alisi.t Ine hntrin. aa hetIne a ab iL-is nig etmat %e Xiis 'N I'th um \, tp na+ IInt II, Ihr, + p1 , N I l l Jr \%'t~a 11. G ell+.lrll n ir e IlIII t I. 1 ill ,,1III II I ( ' t1lil' ,'.I( lis me s tu hr I'I llllN Iq & t - a in I ti h- in tl ant -I u ii f a Ct r illlll l 1. g iei to u ew r . ar as 'u in usu t ranne *~,, w it la e rri. lm, til t fl .+ic llw Iiv l)+ .Jlir b+ t+l 'tl tts "gII llrCtIIi !IVI¢ tll Pl·l~l auvnlacunay, tadwrofta xrnanpa .Prparted nlll - ily l F. WLailg I r. t l .I nI)u Iia I satit Jaeisrl nsn C. li ,, a I n N.lli Il. A AI I~`~ l.llptt maslrt.,.lr ++r C~illn .- i-k I -- - --I fin ],.n. n , t h :alla,,i,,,u, IrNal t &rll S i llllil t ju lt n acei v-u si d th Itr,, atlt I ,*lid pie+ i~nllnl2· lt/ t~llhrt, h, p ,.vi attTu a At l 1 tt np at I 1tIIS & AND~illW JI ly l, I t u ahnlr oCI nuu & Tulullrl l h art O ('Il Itr I Il b II a l iS i if Il I[L.'- l o ) rll ,r.l llllllL IIIl dllhlph lll l e1; h¢,i, I 18111 II tw ilth ra h,,, l, , ,wi r , , , aisl t,,v. 11ii t r t ii Ill' AlN , X rti l. l i h or t,-cuuInu l P I .J'2 us in,,'als allnllt~llual m13 ixIaulinage Ilaul gi e ai ilnr-ediatI a a i y (.ilt V Ir Is, , it I ,n h tern1 , a ell .. 1T I ,L . II iorn aai- I IIt ,'lrlmepcl unri sweet, Il~surv d s in tea elac, th I l Th ll crge atris o aaamire an iti, n bl 'lieulu+abel 'ii, a.'ur a f- wiii iula r n i ha ioatnatl raer , Ianli ui1r la. att-ta,., Rut;,-. aliit, ,,a [ i,,. I I.: T .: .., ,ii a ...... . nliii lle r l ie ofuiaearitl.eId egre my l? o f1rplp nacnHolt inglt at, y tIa a -,t \ N . T W Ionmimii iiuia Illl H,. aiaJ fIn (V I Cll1 b n3 1i3Nd 1,rr. tIITilGat Wialnag.tua0a13 Huia; in a hel s il,+ o f '/'rove ctitIructin ir, r' I rre t al2iaa-4 ait aIaL ' Jllannauly 1 lue ",IltuaiIalia tuaaI ia. T ciilhI jitt .a,,I+ " ' aliAl'O i-clu a ' ) I I a -LC tdh Pu, alulieaia ,f l iI II tI i\. NAllI I. . ..!' I ., Nlllrl l~'b i I ,131' in lllrtltN - I tint1 ln -I ,, , , lu I ',,nI ati a.-t, IIa, t I..\ + , 1111111 I~ i,~lr: In ile iiiutal l e tin~~l u iala ,,i aii I L. 'Inh, hy l l| AT[{II e ':llIV 3 U: ( ,l,.rl t 11 t C 'n'i' ilodaillll a alaeliia,.rt, iilln fa fill ll' ml: |' .'x ch.,!,~· ra~ it I o, 11ha1,. I j Ii1 r--.U.\ ollb rlta a hlfita, aail- Iia,. faaa !i IIt)tiiSrtY, -14 beta Irn; ea n I i (X)lSd'lX.. 'IItEiS-- hiO nt (I'iatia. g . Whne la, . Ieall ,' t r a1 , it, P1naaa ettil tiurl , aU 'lt teba g rtri.In, ~ lihr, I l A itb tlll~l-,i, i1. 1.:o 1411i,, foe y - o ho ,;,t I. t The DAILY Paper is nliOuly printed with small . type on an extra, double metl.lm sheet, at 912 hli per annum, payable ,nmt annually in advance, ' Th''l. TRIwaitLT Paper, containinig lh0 .tadlng le mattner of Itwo dailies, $10, payable in advance, 1i where no dity reference is given. r The WER.L.y TRUn AnRictAns, made up from the le r daily papers, during the week, will be sent 'o sub. I i scribers who pay $5 per annum in advance, and fi to none other, unless an nceptablehlcit reference is given. Subscribers respectfiilly solicited. i JOHN GIBSON. Nrw OR.i:ANS. MAY 1839. Pi 252 ] \,ES Norherne ler lnill( folm Shlip hi Lo52Luise, fi'ol New Yor" for Sale t sv w A COHEN, lic oau 0. 9 Corilmll street, EN(Il1l TERtM RIfIl)It'I'S of Cases determin, E d intl ne. ( ort oef (.er's Bench, ii tle aoil Court, Court of Colmnloi Pleas and the Coolr of Ex chlequear. F t first Number of thel above work in this de. r. crired lly Ale' I Tlnwar .19 C iatp street,where the iei m-. pi i her of tihe But are respcthi ly inviled to call and ex- si Iline ii. 1 .1{ ''I\MIAI L.ICOIF\''l'-i ibl0hiIfore (creal,,y In j . &.I C ' I' VIIII'NIY, 73Cat, n apsl S RI-600i kegs lef lnard in tole lfr sanle by n I B15 n I)liIe:IVS'. ,Ii New eve Ie 1 ri , 0tRI'IT A: Se-N, I if oii a td ,ccss,nIls, Ivn tI 01 r r iln| dl O 'in s lW cll olsters, warrtonlc,- atot ef Ilset illlterials d fr sale ai tile lowest rlah pfrieos i- .g' iVm. t.CARIt NE, ng h 201i---lt 5: lilctcilie ue Iri lTlhlTltti l..-I'Ell. -T"ari'lT ,, ld gi-iterlil elneor- In ment iferiting paeI r rel l c id e dllai, for salt - is olnudventaioiu termin. AI. 'X i'OWAIR, " may 39 '19 'amp st S jolt 17 (;i , IS ,1 4I, e ow I Le ce cl" N 111''1 t:-\\'li.l1i-.1. I l,--, No I6, Chartres " a t nti ic in nlotfclar, t articl? in hie line t 1x shoe hlIer. ("hialrS.atleaerale' N. II. C\'ilrh,nl J'w'l rv, 1ic°i Boxe, Spretailce reppllp i i io illlot l IIh1' moi nner. el4. OIfh luld .dll "".r 0lltlt11| nlllV; : I . nd l'll Pllf i l Il-ti'r','l i doll ill nute t si,"I i eis, ir Ir ate t hv l " licl e) II IT & Co, Ii ll . N V statione'rs hall , ('hratr,. st It RAZ-ER -l 1eii-ii0 orue 31 I ; il iinic ii ;l I ,i i l) I. I .1e , Ji e ,l" I eel i el i'opper. 1(r, le P -fhee, :Ill to fil ' il 1 ll. ' ulst r opp. e ) sheet 1 ' 11 to l(i .i doo do. J iust rteeiVthd Ind (Or sale Iby . It)CK 1: & 1 . mI' 8 8 Frunt Levee It I\K! IlKlliiE!!\I!-;;i.t rei,Ced ci on, hmndrIi Ii e n dozet iti 1 lll eP ilk, .ndlanited a very ss l-eriorarticl r ) I FI'1IT &, o. N' S ,1i,,n*ers' flall, jl-le li.5 Churtres sir -r k 1l,1 tV I.L. S Iaadian,, for wl( , , ,sal or re. I ,r 1L IiIg i I iie-lc -" Tit-Clr "-ý Cl S i ·:l·,II ., I . ':I '.ý I)11 %I"iC ,:, : 11"' .t).\,l l \I a-',. -t l 111 Il·U (oleo,,- 7911w ( lrhI an n lin l UI u ofthe : 711\ I nl1,;{). U -I1 & C-e:, i -, 1111,, , u" l I 1ii ni l I r joi :Ls i . tý,.ilht r i .i1, 1 a 1 ' ,'clock. to the Ii 'h,,.i ladder,! vy. I (l l l-' 1 1 1, I t n n w. ile 1 3 t h I e t ol:! 1 r ]0 '0 1 . to lh e 13 t A , il, I I'r11,iz : el ,i ( i lle ft e a sr t. i ()ledrs O_ e Jtlie' (Ina " Ioi.gnac " 1, ()ho on the! I.,'ves len,'ace bt. \ lort's )ar lic- ket. ', 'rn,- l, 2. I, i5, 11a 7 Ild i ll-CI t{ll " I ell 'ii isf,.luriil, nuke. J. (.\1111I It . 1 I1 I Ill o .' llli ' o l ll hII . illl, lllr l ill e II I , ( i . 1li," :ill, to, Il hl'h io n0hh'd nll' n lll+ll'il ( (1II il(l , llloll ol l I ,r pi, d l'" l e, ill" h. llr\ I,.rI It11, o .. ln into "-)! < .o.: " .. i, 1 ,. , ' 1 1. ,- It ll ,,t ., , -- 1 m1 s11, ~ , , the" e.,imlw, - ,f 7l- \,i l, I1.r 1i, i,I , il t , . , I I ·il l l llll oI1 ' ls. SIJo.t ev l ,ll tail. .'X [ - - tr Al1,.(' lt llrl l, l h T(i)6 pt, It `11 1 I P I,11 , .h e+ I . he- I'. la Illh,"' n f o'iai lmlluo n ilu.t n ph r 11'o--r..ioo.i ll i eil t c,·ll e ui l trll)l kt I • 1 1t, ',1' It: i:!:' ; tI : VO\ I'() . , ,,,, h h . h, , :hI ýi_, . . Strell Inv I;,r i. Ib . Ir tliv 1. l£. r llu " 1 ·u Ita1111t \\.1 \,m - I ,i,. 11 11 - U tL 1 . , 11 , " 5 -t', 1 1 · ,1 1\v ! ,,, lIIp. " 1,\ : u .44' J 1I I 11 ,Il -1 II II, < 4' w i' 11 1'1 1'" 1.1 '. h ,t" I , r ,I t w i 14.44 4 4 4 4 4 4 & J 4 *\ l4 .1 I I ); 1111 11 ) II' (11: k l, ll,< i 4 i N, . 1 l l- N4 I er," AL; TxA l 1,,, :i I,,, ,lhl) ITI.ON. S tt . bill iillIn h or .mujp by 11.\u' an 1; Ia I)I-h I' \t, lNr spta n.' p1: \II \'in \'Iti I:-:1II --- I l tratt iC uSl 4l \'I WIlT '14E ) I I' OL .F V t1 '1 ;1 'l l -. '.f ) c u r h , , . N e' ,1 n t & ll 'hI , )4 I 3 l lllllV I 4hr lll4l4 444'a 4 ',l " \' l il,4 4It 4lllle i t 111 . 111,, r l l'l I ,lit d' - llp - d I .lei, b . 1J4'144', & -\ 4I)4I4:414V . 11\4h44h4u4h. I i .l jilr n -) h Il ,llll 1 111 Tc 11i111illl:T - t ltl{1 lc l l (|l " '1| I(.S ; 4e 1344 _ (4 4N4444.4w 4.' 4 , VALUL EI,:, I'ENGL II I' ll)NS. \ ;hllf r:1 .L'. I· 1'1,.l.hll :ll llll l rll l -ih-tf 4. 3ar 4 f 1 Il nn ,'xll wl l :-1 r '. -\\'a lh, (lrlt 1 ll ,11:) p "r1, nIt 1':OV,1,1 1111 4r Nol, '.It ' I 4)ll 4 t-- ola wllr rk- 1, S: ,,'+ ! 1,h"s, 1 Cl- r (" r (:rnntliswin j ohllnith .1,,nnrd·-\Sl milltlltl ll t tltllh g ell s (·ltll. K"xIJ. a. hintory il' thr . le l l, llrn 111111 )Invrll polll'l;rt'+ )i c ll II t.II1 ..., ()il c l &l . . ll . ir. i4 A' 4 4I ('4 l 441 . 7" iý Ir s nlt., lil ts l tir . ,Ise nrsr l cve x1111 n ,1 - e"lllll t.11 Ie.ral ,,ll -1Itllilrand i" IIerpal l et4ll,44 e tr 4 y 1 41 4 44t. ( - 44,phlt 4 444 ..n444 I - "l-. It, nI lll,(" , . 11 nII (tr ll (l I ; ;i 1 cl) "1, Il.. W oi'l+-(, I 4l111 .x", 0 4 \ 4l44rllll44 . 14 4 4 I. 11 r I 4 04l 4 4i4i 4'4, II l 4li4h4 l4r4 I'l i 'Id .4.4 ,,44s 4 + 1.h (A14 1 -14 Ii,,n, \orc in, Napo" h ill( ill li 'as 11),+tluiv, ll ne , l +f \h ,1'd'.- lu 44. (. j( lll1 li., . /." I 1 41 4i4I I.w SI',u !i-h.-l l !t lllpet" 0I.Rr11 lll nll 1l illn all lIrnlalt ,h, l t.l+h , 1 IW Lih llray I'Ii ln'r 1 I, ( rani n 4 . ... 34h4,444 I 44444k4, 14u4h4,4l N4.v4 , ! a 4d4I4444 Iu4I4 in --'li.44 444 .i44 4%: r ) i+. ll4l4,< 4 4 il)4 i 4 ii4. 1I4 tho'r.1 l"-,h \\',,lrin .ft'him, Ir ta or, fnrlni," t""n,, ln, krl, I144,44l l allil ll .r) I lll4 l3)l4lll4, 1444444 444 4 ,4 ai o l "lll itn -;r, mt llrs t. l'tatl. . 11 ill r,; Ou Il P 11": 11 ,r. 17 1it Np pvcr 1:11 ,,w rhl, tin o l ,l i Il l t -iarl ' i le Oi klc olur 017 II B1 'NIII.,N 4 ,NA4 4 N4E4.4. l ll.l'lOl8 lllTd- & lT l ....rr. n t -re ctivinL.gIro o brlt n bard shi .dli nsr , Entgle, Ili h ider, ti'( ok.r )lUili3il Ihl 4; ( 4l 4 )m"l 44.l 2 , 1-41 4id 4 3 441 in4h .i al4444 Bulls; 1,:, 4II3444 I ad1, ' b l e 4nives; I luht'r an, othe r I velli, Urella-in- ('I,.-;.- ,lh l 44 rc4. 1n34n44 34. ( ' 4. ll4,44r; 44 il4 4 & l i, ''144 and Niltol ltiixth; Orrism ta ("1,, 4I 'Tooth 14114 • id4'roih4 t I lhr; E liry 113 -s 4 I 1444 • 4 T ulil fells andl Itulnes; S 4ll ' it4; 4 i4 h and Dr)rssin4 444kP4 their o'rtllment v 4ry 4 4plele, iand will b44 .4 hl SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICIES. ITERF brought ti. tie Pound of the Id Ward,2d'Mniaitality, " A tiay horse with blnck mane nld tail 4 feet bIlack $ taunlalol wilh inlttl r itupiolsed Ia boA Aon thle Ilts hild qIuarter, tlieteetlllen lad I1 lilandn hligh. A iuna olallrse wiilih wiri dLCe and braided wnith let. iPr dto IUaeP P or It on Itho left tid qtlalrter 13] hliarato ili A dllrk braIo Mllre 4 reet bIlnek and brallded with letters Y l, on Ihe right eholder arid about 13 hands high. Adark loan lMare clt brow ll lanand ail I2 hands niglh. A Ilny More !ai ulc waitir a crlritt black molle, | toil, a tilnck otripre ric arai herslulhlerla, a arhbn atripe It. hind lier iolaS, I et- lack, with Ilelttr aliplroaed to e i) li tllhe rrt illllherliahlOt 14 hiandn liigh. 'lThe a oller of sailprolrery will pleate calIant tho PouIl ofIteI Id ward, ett116ed at the COrllar of Robhn aAilllalon ioion nio,proarl, urlarae'rtiyrllrcargo and ulse elih nll riiv llr Iefiore Soarlllril 7it a )lirtelbor. lED wallen rleay will be hold itI unltioi by PI iP Guillhtlebltr lic iitlirioateer. "it L WrINtTiAdRs l'lew. Orh~llnl Iiilg 9"1li Ist Lktee. O£N'i lid menidie au Blroyr di 3ne 1 nard Ida .ll tnicipauird lu aanimaux n pavrasuivanti t , Uo clltival bay a crinie et gneou et pinds lolrs, iI clt tamulpnd de lottrlleo qus PIon supposeo tro A A ipur nla htlnheo gandihe, ea loosuro cat do 13 on 14 sallllns. Uin hlovial roan, nvac frco blanchlo, etalnmpde ltttree lr IIoa Aon puiro 'tr PP oIln R ttr la hancho gallcllhe-si inorur eat do 13 pillllllcs . Ullecjurlrmeht, conliur brane, I! quatrO patteios noires--ello at otoilloa dona lettroes Y. ': sur l's* lllo droto re minaouru Calt de 13 paumnsal. SUlno atiLte jilrlttilr coleir roan thitled queUo at craUirira brltli I mourc irl do 12 pnuimeos. Und mlule caalcur bayc, criniare noire il 4, quo brulle, rn:o nira er los dliauln ra, i blanco der riere lea oieillao, leas 4 pa ten noar, etaLiten d'uno lettra quc li'on suppse Arlo Dour I'dpurlo ganchae --so ilollra esil do 1 r4 anlllls. 10 plrolprietaoied vo drollt b cn oa rclimlar Lu d ipot dll limo distriact do nla lldo onllriciplit6 aIIr coiglur raietl I nllin at Aniral-OiatrIIO n It proUIse vanl ittlr propriletd, or mlli lllylil r lr n dpanslas, av;tll I hntllil-dt 7 napletiLbro 1837, qllanlid in saeronl v acls rIa ecn pir P ,(;. Gulllonu cenioantour. a. 211 I. WILNTIlRt, lir iteaenollnt. I I 1 MrlI ltrnoglt totho poanollnf tIla 3d ward 3 2d Al Mulliclloaliry tin flolowing stray sal A . W i: laob ariad roppe il. two ruin fi-hlikri wte I il. 5itrati n.tL¢ onl hid la ca, Blllbeon Thllo ownor if sou1 prrparty will ploase call at tille pIorild of tlh 3rll c.rerl Iin Municipalily situ utad tilr erlir oi t Ioll i ana d Aliilullcintlon aloreeta , pirov rety p iiy rpay r chrgs a nd ,:,, him away on Ilr lcloru Saturiay tile 7th eclI r, 1839i, when Slie will h soldt ill nuctioir by PI ; Idillottae, pub. lic auctlnloir. 3'. L. WINTPIR, Now Orlans, Aui g 2"3 h, 1839. lt Lionut. I tit r.. I t i ,ii ,,- II on ia r 1 i Ithe rd lu r z 111..11I 1llllll 11 Ill' ,h.Ek'(,,Ih .I,,)II1 UI )Cears iffage. Til Iii1h rii' r tie ri-ri oh ria leeI, ri n , i niil Iiiti hh ot Ilt'll Jutl nun, lltlll 1 y earn or ago Ill ' Iii Ihlrirlllr (! ii h l ..hlll . rr :i;2rrirlrrrtrua enta01J5 A orIiIIIi l (l)lllrltll Io o w.ritrllr barllite, abo tll 2. years f iil hl t,, *li%. -I1 [ ,, !1111 1- Iii Iii. ll·lllgl I1 ·. . a~ou11. yoarg agensys a \ ".', Cirl 1 II allltrirIrontaliruat 18 yearn of aget so he In .l gs t lr. o ran ol ,. 11 T ol' iwrli~s tul ..lid Wavs i ll' p111 IV cuC I ll at te iprie i i.i ll lii , "11 ,\1hiin b cll, l lat , i l i t! IIbt atll, ll I ltllI LllkI, lh1·,ii a\ .ll' I . Ih I 'F g i' ." Cpltoll .rotl tlhe Wlillch. I t NT air invert - a i ol h ,I hi .~: ecllndl r lunici. 1.7 I1~ p ll l saIvo.III~ Ub ~ uvoi: tIar iohll.iriuc r i 1ot I l tlh rilotl irn o I* aN i iiih)g II11o1 ian nuliIs1. gc d'environ aIt uI rrirur tl a Xll ll hi . Ui. ii"Lee nluF lllli III lhIt'lge6 d'tto viron •:Iii Air1 or tli iiii1 . ijurrrlh Iii! 1t <Ii ihrirrar no e noi llflt n ag dcenviron 10 lee I.l- iriiurul riciduir ioil iii, ,i oi tirihr da venir lea. i r~li'lr ir lh l lIc 'h. II. S. IIAIIPER, " - ri .( 'illanwt dl a (iarde N ,n 1, 0 7.1 nir Porle i-f he 2nd .~ I~l I~~)ll il~lll II* 1 ,I.I [11 t · lii - ;.hllll. i11. (if Pisa ld tI ori-.liliiiiir .l IirCl rllr Iphrei -o llU iftlen bandn h h;, r 1. ildg- hit.a, a llllll dii1 oone eye, anI also ii t Iiii orira. TI I-u i Pi!, Itao o nltlu fortiaorJ,larove prorper i . t ti Itit., l t.( ;ain of aItre WIatch. I VI-I Au ii r, li ,ht . ii ire1 ·-ond- M,- ni. I iuil i i I c..llt troirvra enIta lea mainl IIi g i t i rIi riioreotn duidit Mu 1.p 6 -i a teval rliy, chi r, irane paumies do idth tiibi du dlrri, , htant, et tirorna, n i i No. 731. 'I~ · 1. ( l :irl, \I~lll· W ll Ti prrlr Vir rlta proprit6 i _, rh, l i t. n--an-, r u-llli. 1 ,. II.\li l Ii, ( utiti., de W itch. oJIn g:1,111 C'llmal brull, 1,t p mo uiiil h( aUleur, . l~lll ', ri.iri' ltlrIt t re IlviM &Giri d di i ii o 000 lr lo11a, r ntr inent it -cra venodu i·~ I,,1 ii)11 1i iii ]l i1 [' ,i t;.ulul.urlitrrirllrllr Publiquie. jy II I tI IlI I. urr. i i lii I l e'l 1t \l9 Olhl v.t Ill(i I:-. lat11 h lattuI laoailrtjo 1I.I. nl n,ý bh, . .h.,, Alr. al,, Ir.ntu t HrrI men , sa o ,,, y ·A TRIEi, Slh'tt 11 a t azine' Ic j ,Ieh1( I "11 1 i ( . .11 \ . 'I. \,11 \ I , l33 (,ravb r . S S;, f~tI tl ,\ltIt h tr ati traor II bIllCCtt t', I lalntding fromt ship , & .tI' VtIIITNEY, a*3V :1 Callop et JI lull Itl' 1t I II)IAA. ,i66Campsat '1,'(11'1--1;!1 hrl. · liar err i. ne ellhnb i) oirdlerd I in sine l ( IaOIt `tEY. , ' "4 4 , N e w L . v e e I D I.El--:-1 1 Irnll hark.-, Tei l Y .r*·r Ileev for aote. I b (;. I)OSEY, jnly r tlth 44 New Lever. I At.t)N 'III:s--I..ll.) a (:illno( mlUtla cLred, to m1117 ""-1 \ew Levee It1 .ill ta, \. Iala t In taet titume 'sit l t rr.,ltt'. I'hu :n l hip. For tal bl y J2' A 1TOVW It, 49 Camp s! SNIi'Ein) oAvsas OF AMERICA.-aState of ! Loiriana-Paris and city of Now Orloans Ite It knlowna by this agrromll.enat, moalle and conclud. ed thf ourto.nth day of Junl, 1839, before me. Iioratit Davis, a anotary publie, duly commissioned and sworn, U ant d tor tile parish nd city of New ()rleans, that i contlirmity o the law approved by the legislatura of this state, on the thirteenth M larch eighteen huandred aand thirty-seven, entitled "a tact to nutlaoriszo limited and annyVmous partner. ships, tand for regulaltng the soamn';" There is hereby formed a limited pirartuersbi which shall be regala;ted in Imaniner ai d firml following, viz: I. 'Thean end style of said partnership shaell I:--', The lsteamer lrdlliaot Associlaton of New l Thi. s asneiation is forTaed for the purpose of rll infg thle teanlr called Ile Itrl lant of New O(rlans,es s a pa.nelnacr and freilght boat, for hire. a tihen th ale's a I Laiiat a. or others of or on the cnatIat of lah United SItates. 3. The amonunt of lao capital stock of thin asso. Stiatio n is thirty two Iholuand dollars, dvtded into I !':ty blaarea of uight hundred dollars atch. The whle o lf which capital laas been paid in reedy aaonaa aalid anmount bhigl the prica paid by the hIereinaetlr na;urd nmrnalers of said associationfer the original crt, rrpnire, and alterations, made to Itai,I t eamlmal Brllaat.I. Sl. 'TheI nallaeas of the eopartrnrs in this asse.ia tion, and 'eo amont whilch thely have respectively contributed to this limaited ptartneralip, a ar s fol low's, v z : 1. Dunean F1. Keanaar, of tlhe pari-h of As. acansion, fiar three shares, two thousand - aad four hundred dollars. $2,100 2. lHenry M31clnll, of ther same parish, for three shares, two thousanl ad ld tour hund red dollars. 2.400 3 Johllht lidell,of tiai eily,for three shares aIwo thousand andl fithar Ihnadred dollars 2.400 4. Chl iatopher Adams, jr. of this city for lhren ,hares, two thousand and four hundred ldollars, 2,406 5 Wil ian Ilnamilton Avery, of this city, for three shares, two thousand and four hun dlred dollars. 2,400 i. Johln a. P'reston, of the parish of As ensionl, frtllrne shlares, two thousand and Iouar hundred dollars. 2,400 7. John Stepheon David, of thea parish of St. James, for two shareo , sixteen hundred o~rs. 1,600 8. Alohn S. Armand, of the perish of St. Jamos, for two sharce, nixteen hundred dol. lars. 1,600 9. Patl Itoberl, of the parish oflbervill o, for one share, eight hundred dollars 800 10. Aaron.IIart, of P'iittlburgh, for seven. teen shares, thirteen thlou.and six hundred dollars. 13,600 $32,000o . Plhis pairlnerstlip shall cominonce on the day of late lhereof,; and tilua operatioas of thle same ithall terminate, arad the concerns thereof shall be wound up at tile expiration of twelve monthlls rom thae ate of this act. 7. l'here siltall he anppointed ly said asnocttions uapon tia meating of any tives of tle to ckholdesj thrceof convened in the city rf Now Orleant alter two days notice in o fn of the public gap;etl of said city, a board which sliall consist of three directors, to be chosen from among the stockholdrlm tof taid association, and in like manner thoer aheL be an agent appointed for the same. i le board d7lof dartors of this stealtUtio., s talt have f la powerol ac n thorl!y art I n, h., a et

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