Newspaper of True American, September 3, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated September 3, 1839 Page 3
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rules and by laws as may not be inconsistent with fl this act ot With the law afore recited, upon which. v this patthership is founded and specially they shall Lo have power to direct the Imade of running said boat, and regulating ihr voyages or trips, times of dr- c parturs andreturn,Jates of charges, &c. Tile said' P board shall also hal the power to invcstigate the f accosnts of said hoati as well thero' themselves, as f through the agent theroot and generally to super- s vise(control and direct the course of the employ, ment and the administration of'her funds, and to that end they sleall be a'tthorised to give all'fitting and proper instructions to her agent, officers and P others in the employ Theadrecto ashl allso have the powaers to fill b up all vacancies (lor unexpired term) snising in said lboard, from death, resignation or otherwise. d The agent of said boat shall reside in the city of New Orleans, and shall tinder the by-larca of saic d board, collest thI debts due to theassoc1,ction, andcl i. any there should be in suit in the nac," of said tssociation aid also in like manner dieburse their d funds, for neeccesury expenses and hlains, and un der the like directions keep just and true books of 1 the accounts, dealings and transactions of said as sociation at the ofie'e which shall be seclected by F the said board in this city. . 'riThe directors ofsaid association shall continue b in office during the toerm of six months, from the day of their election and until the electiol of a oew board, and such new board shalll, if possib'e, be eleectd one wonk after notice as foresaid, and prior to thle .spir tine of the ternm of the older preceding board. The agent shall remain in office at the discretio of' the board, ancd the board shal; determine his cnmpbasation and lthe mannoer of pay. in5l the same. 0. At the period therein before determined, for the expiratlion of this co-partnership, thei atlffairs tlhereof shall I4 e setiled, and thce saran liquidated, and wound up by the last bocard of dire.ctlrs of sa;idl association, or the survivor or survivors of them. 10. The persons so trusted with sucah liquelaltioi shall cause to be mnad a full anrd comp. le Is h l, ,r sheet of the debts and credits of the ae<socit in. and they shall well and tluly liis.hargc asi ertasl' out of the funlds of the anoeciation, cisess ,, said boheat, er uearnings or pre'.'c sI, to " Ofsaid association, and wisen ni : . claims of and against said nssvcilai n i.. , vý, been follly paid and discsharg.ed, thsy shall iel. i just and equal r partition amsost t:,s stock!~I u .! ofseid association or their lawfoil reprert..l,:v.., pro rata, of the stock respectively lie i biy t,,;; .,f all th re nlaining fndls. of said partn:erse . ; .snd for trhe purposoof cllecting the lquiati,((oe l oe i d concern, the persons who shall h thie Ilquidators oel the sames sall Ihave ltll power to sell salid st:eemn boat and her ai.purtlnances at public suction, after ndvertisoment during once a week in tihe usual manner, at such cralits and on snllc terms and lllesl. ditions as to them shall aplpear advanta.geous, sand shall have also full po.rser to cause to b discounte!d witllout recourse, all noes, obligations and credits wlatever, belonging unto said aueociation, wlhe thor arising out of tie sain of asid boat, her ,;arn ings, or otherwise, provided such discount emay not bea made at a rate exceeding ten per cent per an. nun, or cven to sell without recourse and at plublic auction after.tle usual notice, all toles, claims and crelits, becongit g unto eaid association, on suoch terms as thoy mary think lit. II. The tvinl iad of profits, if any there shall bo, made by said association, shall, after paying all c debts, c'targes and expenses, he declared at the end ,of every six months succeeding the date thereof. 12. This act of association is expressly based elpoi the aforesaid act of tie Ingislaturo of this t.teat, approved the thirteenth of March. eighteen hundred tnd thirty s. von, anti the aforonamed members of tils limited o 1partnership hereby declaro that it s their intention to avail tItmelves rc (in making this association) of all tihe privileges and immunities in the said act of the legislature :1 contemplated, and specially of the privilege of exemnption frem responsibility for tihe dobts antl obligations of said association beyond tihe amoount of tie par value of tlhe stock by them aespectively I held, as contemplated in the eighth section of sarid act, and all priviledges graunted or responsibilities imposed by said act are to bo taken anid considerad as embodied herein. 13. 'The said co-rparlnership hereby elect tie city of New Orleans as the place of doricilc of aid i. aociation, and determline that the master or clerk on said boat for the time being, or eitlher ofthem, shall be the agents of raid association, so flr as to sign hills of lading, to bind the said assorcation for goods received on freight on board said stearulr. 14. The stnckhoile s in said association shill have tile right to vote by proxy at all elections tfr directors, and to appear by proxy at all nleotirigs duty convened. Thus done and passed int thi offict. on ther date as ablove, iI the Iresence of ltartholrewc Vills and Thelodre F. ltreinrlmllral, compll tenllt witnesselis, domiciled in this city, who having signed witll the parties and rre, ithe nIotary, Originat--signm d ohnb Slidell, Will, II. Avery, leunry McCall. ,lbuo S. David, ('. Adrtms,jr , J. S Armant. Aaron [iart, rof the city of Pittsrilg, county Iof At eghany, Statti ofI Penisylvalilia, is to tihtie ptr sent presented by hl, svoi, J,.so Ilart, of New Oir leans, as per 1 rcutatI n lrer unto annexed. AARON !iART, 'Per JESIlS ItART'. Duncan F. Kenner having left (ie city previtous to signing, is here rer;resenteld by Minor Ktenllr, as per letter hIrcunto annelt d. INCA, N F. KRiNNIGR. P.,r MINOR KIGNNHI. Pa.ul II bert having eft thie city prvmus o algning, i. hcrrere rpresented bly l:rnard Lauduatr, as per letter hereunto annexed. l1D. LAIll)UMIER, I',mr PAUL IIlEDERTP. JOHN S. PREST'ON, By saarc T'. Preston rit attorney in faict. The words ,i lburteenth," and nr of Juno, 1839," interlined. 0 Valls, Theodore F. Theinemann, HIoratio Davis, notary public. I certify the foregoing to bie a true copy fromt the originalact extant ih tmy current notarii. re. gister, rn faith whireof I have hereunto srig td imy namne and atfixed tie imptres of my seal o. rAlrice. New Orleans, June 20th, 1839. Signed, IIORATIO DAVI, al8.2w30d Notary Pu'rl;c 'rA IS UNIS I'A.MItRItU UE ~ SLouisiane--Vi'Id ct Parotluas d tL, N Orleans--Co quartozme jor dot mi s . ja I Pan tmil huit cent trento ictl o t xi n. eme do I'Independanco de EBtatot-U, i' "n. 6 I'ardevant Iloratio Dtve, totarl ment comlnissiuon ll serot:t I, c ville et pareisse do aIt Nov,,\'. .td, convenu de former uo t ~o,,n 6'6 ,',' , oant aun dispo-itt d . . . ., deccl Etat, pus.6 le 13th 0317 . Acts pour autorteer les . 6 6d .mud, t moeset p,,ur to golv,.r, , " ci6t6 limitle est par les . o ' sera rdgl6e de to tlan or t.., te, savoir: In. Le nom et le ti.l' d." . d , ,e : *L'Associa aio lu t 1 t., a p, Ii' ,,.. Nouvelle U Id4a1s." 20o. Coatt assoec. ti n, t tltild dAt I, bu faire nav guer lu i b,., eau a v tpctt not.n.. i, i lant, do la Niouvirlt.ic 1 ia , c, ...,,. bt" pasaagelt, ntde freto ur Iti o, nx do 1.: L, it -t..., on toutes autres oaux dos EtatLs.-Unit ou sur cOi, poo Etas Unis. 3o Le montant du c:apitl do celto Ass cti iI oes do trcnto deux IIIIlit piastres, di id oti quaramell actionede huit cent piastres cheque. La Ltotahtt du susdit capital a !di ptytiu en comptantl, par les membres do in dite Associtli iIn i.aprts nomnilidms, to dit montant Otant Iq ti1nme quoe prix prirnllif" do susdit bateau Brillnnt et les ddp uses pour r6 parations o amtn6lorations faiteis tin susdi bateau 40o. Los notls des associds et :a monta, t qu'its ont respctivemeont portd dans cotte soct6tii limitlo cat comia suit: 1. Duncan F. IIener, dtie la paroltso do ('Ascension pour trois actions, d1cux mille quatro cent piastres, $2,100 2. Henry McCall do la susdite paroisse, pour trois actions, deux millo quartro cent piastros, 2,,00 3. Johia Slidell, do la Nouvello Orlde ans, pour trois actions, doux itlle quartro oent piastres, 2,400 4. Chri.tophor Adams. fils, do la Not. eollo Oribans, pour trois actions, deux rail to quartre cent piastres. .2,400 6. William Hlamlton Av ry, de la Nouvolle Orlians, pourtrois actions, dcux anille quartre cent piastres, 2.400 6. Johul S. Preston, do la Iato sse de I'Aseension, pour trois acitons, dcux millo quanrlre cont iiatres, 2,100 7. Joun Stepion David, de lan proisso St. Jamesi pour doux actions, miille six n£ent pitltres. ,0q 8. Johi S. Arniard, do la susdito pa roisen, pour deux actios, unille six sent piastros. 1,600 it 9. Paeul Il.bbet, do la paotisse d'Iber v:Ile, pour une anction, hint cent pistres, 800 10. Aaron Hart, do Pitsburg, pour dix nspt actions, troizCe tillo six cent piastres, 13,600 $32,00 50: Cctte soc:6td enmumencera le jour do la da'e dos presentes tt tse opdrations so termino. ntacatseo aft'airets rt sescomptes seront ,alance6 nt cloes, I'expir ,tion des douzo nmris qui suivro t la date du prdsont acte. Go. A utIo idunion, do cinl miobret do I'As sociation, cntvoqtit6 d'apr.s une annonce puthlide pendant doeux jours dins une des gazettes do oitto vill,, it sora nomni6 trois Directiurs, pris parmi los actionnaires, lesqluels Directeurs eoniposoront to bureau d'admitnistrati .it. De la m6me manibro i sera cltoisi utI agenit por Ia dito sootid'6. lo. Le bureau ties l)ireeteurs do la dire Associ. ntioun aura ilein pouvoir ct autortd do faire et 6tablir des rgtles oni rnglemoens qui he seront pas contrairos au prseont acoe on i In loi pr6citte en vertu do laq ellie cettc socidte est dtablio. Its au runtl droit spbcial do riglcr nla anitro do faire navigler I .eusdit batoeau, dd6igner lo.eours do seeos voyages, le temps do son ddpart et do son re- - touri d'dtablir les prix, &c La dit bureau aura aoussi.le droit d'cxaminer les comptus du susdit bateau, suit par ini r1bme, suit par son agent, et gdncdraoloment de sorveiller, con trbler ct dtrigurJrmploi et I'ndministrutlfn do sos fopde, t a co brit il ser r 'utrors6 d donner les in. stra'itions qo'il jugera I'igairt, aux officierso autree remplodyes du susdit lltoio. Los directeuro seront paroillmnt o uitoritids I rem plir'Jes vicances (pour lo tripis nono.expiird) qui pourroilt snrvenir dens leur rc.illnre, suill par mort, dmrission or autroment L'rgcnt do dit bateau residera I la Nouvollo Orldans et orivant leos - r6glmrens du susdit'burean, colloctr;ra le deirres dues h la socidid6, oer pourseivra cnlaes cn litigr n nomr de la ditoe et paroillemont r6gler laos ddbours de seo cbnds pour touteso ddpenses ndees saires poer Jiiro frce a loute, r(aauntionrs justcs;i; ct on c nlorni aux dits r·glnlilllrlr , rr nt tI-i lll s due livresjuoels t rxarto dit. c"lllnys, hr i'." o tra so acteionso l; dlte Asiciat i rI , Jr ll ',ti: qui sere choisi ,rans c tte ville par il it I mr,' .L) ]! Do A 1'6dpaqlue d6termindo r le .rd 'Ci pourla durdu lie te t sh .ti 6 Illrrll.lll(ll dill el par lo lellmbre ou ]ei rlrll len survOvnrrrtldo di bureaul. 10o, Les personnrs It qi 'rai co,,fid I : dise Iquidation fironr ui o iott crohri trr r et di- crdtits rh li saoI t , it s r i tnu . r6glor et do payogr tbiti at lidlth ua,,ni toite. ,s justor s de ttes de la dip'e e ti oci:tlion, I-qu ' . . wroote pdyryes odes indi de I di 1.o , cmpOlllnlh' d c trac t" -,, : ; d ' i , e, quand tes (!l , ', , , (. ',. " , l o i : ii.: ,,, i, r <I ,. ii ... d" |t.,,,.u• ,- , ,I' : , ;. , , , , . , .. . . irs act i i Jpr ii : J , t ,i i , .. . ,¼ - ! 12 Cot ict1 ioe soieid'ti expiesmenr r 6 i s lre i. 'sitctrr e lrier- Itod' r. trr' iiirr liotat, apprriev6 Ie 13 Mars, 1837., iir scirtrrr srci deus no.i I- s r d.' ei . rd'd hIr 6 d rlrrir, per Ir , S pre eesrr, qr'i- i tN di lar lttion [ii t crtor elrr.ldid] rl si r6val r drc trr r lr il s privilege Ic. iirnirnrrd s vr hli r l o e l acr t Ici . l ar h - li tr, ei piriir l rrlh rrrlrrilr du riviltrge d'xr' iirri ll dir nout reinpcti rahiilid pour J.ile. tecs ci irblig iti 'rn t ie la ditel .tor.1dd ,,u-dela du mlolltanlt de la valour '(an pair) des a rtions p-sd6Jhes par chicun dcux, a cornatl i1 est pri v n dl anI s1 h i t ii ne(ll sI'ction dL editl. d acte, et tonis tritlileal,8 accolrd6, 0J rteslp ilsafbl 1lt,, s JillmJo ie par le r lit aitr rerridrtc JA t rc el i.ldiillce co eite i lorportd tden r1rdilli pridsIntes . rdi I 13. tLa shte eI td(I 'lit par lets prinitea illerit erd Ill N iivrr o r r0rlans, lonr Stil domicieI et d6. Scl1 are qellre culriteid diii I. Or is lti ort I 'atexlli, I pendant qr'ti s sJormt elrorrtn s tin s, d e I'ie l r n li doLx, irront los agents dec i lrrt ditr T rii--iitiirI, eIn ecol qui oilcereo la sigrilltreo dies c(lol nileienl c I,1. Sobligerwnt llr ditc socdId pourt1e lea rearchadeidirs I L ereu I a rir d i lo s i . d i t Ih a t e ei r oue. i 1r . Lrs actirie elellres dJ ll dlcte soIdldl noront h di Sdroit doe voter liar procur ation dlin routers els a - etions polur dire teoirs eL do sithirroi repr6isellter lar t e procuralion duos oulls l]a s idu.n iols dI1iiilne con. i d tairt rrase iro irn'dtudl, t la Nouvello Orlias t les mtlec jour, li iiit allc qlie dossus oiprdIsenc I y do Ilartheltmi VaNls re Thiddre dFlotvi,, Prhiiier d 1aiL, tiLmoaios doedi llrdi d ;ri ce0ll villo qui ot r i doe g6 ave le part is er loi d irot ree. 1 Origical sigir -Jorhn Stilill, IrWrit. 11. Avery, blnry tltall, Joh an Ir )iavd, C. Adarms, jr., J. s. 3 Arnlllt. i - Air IItari, di la vi ol de 'lirtr!,- r., c mritrd de i k Allighanyr rtat tI renJsslve Isd r sentus represenlid par sot dll ..h . [lart do ir to Nouv lle trtldrS, ro pr d ]a p rocurat Jo ci annOxde 0r !A tAlrtN IA0T poor JESSE IIARJL. ] Ill )rnean F. Hrnonen rynlt ruitid Il vale vnitiL do or Higllntr, est dais lats Id entes rptr6senId par R . si i non fill pa, r l ttre cL illllli x('t', IJUNCAN F. IItNNEN, to poutr iMINi) IlENNIN: old PIarl r :, ,rl tirlo nt i vli vililt dr silllr, is, rot r rlrtdst!lrld da1o lire t soerie r pr LlI.II;lr d tLeeuo Ir l lle lr pr le :rttit ci r lllle' x . \Ji fi.J1I I llER, ,', p oir PAU, \lI'HElIRT, ; .JO IN Sc P JE.;TOiN, a tor ISAAC J+ IRE; 'T'ON, t..q tcl ir·6 d x ritirr. rUII. VALL;, I1 O F. : IIIINI'MANN, I rllRATh J) AVItA, Nolet Pub. r o rl e co1f,,I. Hignl6 HO(R.\TIO J).\\I,, -r 17a-,1Ir s--l E -iN. A'iF lCu'r.. SE; Aty I it NAiIrE ..i.t I 13 jul et. E. J. TRI\('Y N , . cr J7| oblb . ;q K - x I 'F.,Iww u t! I.Ul':oll e ,s. In, C1. · ii i~ii 1'11 . ~ lI nN'l'' "e1 J1.;, '1,) '1I .II I 11 Il 131 jI]I1 ifllT( 2j *iII j The cession ,:CI1 .11. · theit ·t" 1 : i, , t:1 illju i, :ýIn ,.. ;o: t, ,sr il N,,. (fi 'no. a OV11 BEL No. l6 Chu,',,si. t,, has Jo''r EEIt SK' No- oe inigra RM i,,, ro ell! I Itr tl \i 3lRIn,2,l 1) AVO)N O(Ill54,l.,Ouk ok ncinatocur'o', a,,ul2 4eLve II(Rl-7 o III )ALI 93 omo1 s 'al~ Whik11 50 caski,.ol.. .0) oh, aleo'- 515sk Ijoi'roa "hooIders; Il1 ca-ho u~s.. ro 11a1 ]10S ItI 111111N, 7.10_0017 I0lWoRFISK =4lulrrl vi.J retified, Ind To ell 2(1 4IN'wv'Iv'e 10 hmsdsanl ihoalders, 'vit t' loudi,,gpo' Fla~t bool. Io sa et by t. IHIIIIEoY a I th IlIl, ginghaotih, Ieut and-oo prevo'nting ito a. Iling o(, old i (XII 11LI IS in m131 No. 161, boo", 'I t r I \II( 1'\'F: At.,:\u lvIc tot n~ irp n aol in ae Ith falladin'o rises'-' 4-5a6 llwye, edu nI mll tM II. ni L I ' 11,1111 N h& C e, £o :uRN iIQ IIIOs 'tga ,,,s . 11, Ii, ,o 'JO 11y 1,' 0IN l IlI W &C11 Jil)9,U-;%C nt s. o.9 ell' u, //1U \ II.0)3S=50du i m tean fr al n rol l iU10W IN ee bHIPPING. ror Europe. - O )ll IVERI'OOL,. The A I and very fast ssling ship SUPE RIOh)H,t'aptain Tucker, wdl have iulnedi Iate h.pihtch. For freight ol 150 hhl. tobacco nrjlasagl for cilin pauuri'nz r, allply tII Ja20 I. I (SA .l 93 Ulllorn i t F(it Li)\)ioN, The shlip TI' UMAll ,lidden,.l mster has a large ip rtini of her car::o eulgaied. Fli - frr.ight of b alanui, pjdly toi I 1' CA.AMAICK & Co. jnly 40th.' " Bank I'lul e FOR PIt RAlffA:. -- 1 T nfast Sailing A I Ship :IGA, Ca:pt. Smi h, Ihving the wh de of her i cargo eugag ` ed, will receive denpatrch. or',. p.ryal e haviuil ' "landsolne uc co iotll smio s, qpIly S LV I II Al It, leal. [1,· ,t: l]. I.· i l It i l' · i ,'.i- i II.illt I til lll'h lP A ear , i hl,91 1 ,:1 s 'i l Ailen)ler l s trmbet. ,il I T.,rJhio t .l t ml)' teR, t'esday "i fir :,IIc . Il. fordilrut ·h Ior wa gee , ttlitt b \oo r.+ ' )1 (I "i r~~ i i 11' 0 t I .. .I i'itji.:. II * I,' j : lllll e , .. 1 v-.u , , ,ll t "+ il o 1II'80 1 I11' ,l, i. It i ' . c ", l .. ... . I" 't. ·,lh . l"ir eT r.i l i S , ,_ - I.,,ur,. , .- I I 1I ' l'",E, . , ' l,ii h I lr hd 'n-.t'r J'tc i nt no I la(llr lor to ti"I,5 a.l) \sIN &.WiI lTAi.l, . FORl NEW YORlK. \irtw )irk \ . rbt- Len Pr A / N E I. El:af' pt ku ts has b een esaw blished to r11 n hiw.wen New r Ii-, a I r iL .Ni Yornk, to , nsl-t ,of tliv frst rate, ships, viei: i .t hrv, It Foster, mX aster, "" Itl~nltl dliv , J (I' Rusell "" A ql II P IDurfey, e w buildl lng, Piri 'hlsoe shi ). wreil` built in New, lork expressly for this 'ri traldr; nr a .ig ghll drnugh of' "ater, and will not br. tibject todemen( ion al the Ha '. Their hit'Otildtions I Pri firn pnýslnRels comprise all that may be required hlr comlirt ld onvl.llent llce nlld their cllnlinil de rs ne 3 r c i: t teed i toto first clasiis llips illl Iut ply theirm i II *'r lls te-t pIIne1 tailitlV ill hIe observeid in tie lr ttlrthrr itllllars lll yh' to .|,'- r.,. Jllhllnlloll S l.owden, No. 81 Wall strees , Na s1 aork, mor t r o It ja I'I'TE L, IIAIe tW, iiit in Ip St FOR NI.:W YORK. II0IMlES' I.N: OF PAi'It 'iETS. F (10 sll1 unetu hlly etve Mot day osnt each pnt. nbe 'h'lis .in" e t Pt ikel ,i ve hben increasedt o det ve enll firsLt cLa- hlllnpc,, onllllilnR o t shill .\an ,rdll e, I'illlllltlli \,ood. her: Arkan.a..., 'aplin i E m Ihnt nii , ..l/ ha a is, iiilill I' Ierill , 01 Urladvn, (Crlptain S `rlNe-, l mirk.smhr, , Il im n J e ni:lllltr, lantlhear, 'nptain \hl' y. iir r l l'. : tl I ilill I I Ii. ti er. LollzWIr. (.Llllt*,il *'r'tlr~n'l 'I I b (llel (e 1 'l.lplllill I,\oIIs. . e Ship ---- Iat it tnodhouse. l.ew t' hr ---. ('pnl l Nich is. . i et T.'.f Ill, -ill - s1 n all of the lira It' l,) < ppcre d, rll Ifi ., I pl .'r I t' ll'ed, andi wer11 er1 jIIII llt 11 e\s York ex it : nd ahtll ll otl-Ill), (cl'Ot.i II hilt II Ith t lintll It,.. pict .l . .In, ildedht ' ('llp liins well ex-h n.rl t, e nIh'erlulXe' i nIt h ai nettn;i'rt themsi] inelves I r., 1 1.. t e ,l l nts b e towed up n ei h, · I h ·, I 1, 1 ,d .Iw , " ,lllllll .llli a v rtied. IS ," (to1, ,.-th( .llll aIn , 'O V iio p. OF bhut wine ii S r,.,. iti, , 1i A , \, t'c t ll le f. brekage noI to ,t~l~ ii ( , F , litiiii t innti i' ll ,n . i l the ,1 t ,. I-t ll llllnlh Noe s . lii it regul:. bill of laditg be I t i ll I, Ii i __1,,_ . __ __ Vork _llO _P ac_ _.] i o,• ,w. , , .In SI li till n 1 0 hllg l I . I ir I 1 . X,. .ll l umiii 4- I tk. sn i 1. 1Tl A I( t l U t (COi CAP-is receil tic cns i bln XID FLTN I' S1ttir ,I,,a,, .. I" -7 . I ,. ,. . . . . 1t1n f Padphti fi l a tnm . X1 Ill lii the1b e tte niett ie ele the V tt e it11 inMt, t.l, i ke rht. Lii h n , ti-l o br Ihyl t Illa ,Il th % I tlP XId' ll, N 1" , J r X I'r lrl Ilt t iet tl e t nt', uI n I c :: li tilit It ..e lniii II U le.I, ii, e liBs S lil:'lei ef t nni;--3i nglanthit ex-t - )i i n Kue t ft , t uil I fllh c . .hn, yitn. · C if,. by I ; O " L AN(I. ANI'I 1:1), :i l . Hr:lli ,r '" i ..\.- 1, ll, 1.\111i -I00 bills iunding )'):,,o,, Ship-, I ef m i Lt , illt l Ite st Iitnil, I. r tl. , frm the ilvl ae - 1 I i ditin i .1V, i71 ' n : it Kyd ill.) Eii, -.: b rrin e il s . l. f i tlea hist e I, n sleri. Y iw (yi Ill.1,tiEl, c' ilel t i 2e .11 n l ew le .t e t * ;F-200 bris,1 ; - ,-: ne a, d a hal- fr;i-. , i,, ;at th e etc iuil ton,fi sale by i "II '1 i ElY R, )lt l 1j , 13 " 31 X( llvierl il EI I.I.lI) ,i, t 1 t e.le O oilll ll0 - l or l e es frlai Itl, I,\ 'I'RiI I:R, It nttin ae1t 34 k l raviercs 'luH "se I 'T rlT.liiN'li li. iil' li-it t'': tFl ilRPI' t etl. _Ir I l Phc lic are reTh 1 e.till le l n rlled hai t the illol. nit ! tidlcl s Clan he s en anlll lla e or sal t. at lc 5 t Il ". I iCo. 1xchange Ioel, S it (. otllel. t o. [ iilr 5 if jnlyCO!ll CA--Jus, recei.'d Ina case- of iret I t lahi ect rd Ct apt btn i h plin a itd rll'.l, a very fit'li t' DAVID FEINT N " Slltionl 'ls' Hall, W jtin i 12 21 FI.;hnllre s sks ker. - -m-a--- -- only 28 1, by1 '5 ,.J P WHITNEY, I n- i '. a>",15 7:3 (a p S Io Londonti the Ilthor l'llo " Ran Ildom l Iecollec htlil, of the [ IlpleHose ufir Coonllliisý ---ln;raitu ;-llte Anmericatn )ounrer i John nlttll's I el lllr, wino Piclures ho ialch; 10111i l) ,tra.ti of the lbit Author'; COoper'- Navlli |. II of tor" C lleveleh, by L dy s 8. (net ll Supplrl e.s); re K 'd. '['ri'e I l , u nuri,,i 'E.Ib il ,% O. e e jollt ".!5/it ''' tI , (*rect.| GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPERTY Situated in New Orleann, 'rO BE DRAWN ON Till+E ita DECEMBER, 1839 IN JACKSON:VILLE, Fla. Under a t' e st pellll teltlee,, uaaa t tie Colmiaatsnaars tp tamtedl by Ile Lagiaative A,.ttPmtbtv af'l..rida. atDtltllt & ItA'ILTON, Managers. W 100,000 tickets, at $15 ecleme price. $1,500 000. Selling Itiea $20 pr ticket. saYLVESTEIL & iu., 56 0 Ir dttay, NEW YO8RK, Sole Agets,. 1P' The rpeia.ptst of Ihe satle oaf Ihe tickets will be de-' ,-ithed in Ite C:lalei, Unitn, ('.arroalhl , Citiazen't e ...onsolidtted lallaks, in New Orleansl , ill the tne. of 8 Ituis Schmidt jointly with J. Il. I'Peru'at t acuallv fr Catsher oftht Citizeln's Balnk, and A. iaudouin t tnalh C ushier ofthe Consolidated Sank, ts rrust.e., as per act passed be use A. Alaur eau, Esq. Net. Pub. otahe d May 1839, att lite propelalies lttite Ired o the ahove mentioned ' gentliem' n unitaeunaered, ,as 'rt atee, fIr ftle neturity of tlh lo luante pize hol dterat. i. N.'a York the mnll t iee will be deptl.ted in tlhe Ihla...[ linllt ti ile t mtedlt thIe above tamed b ('It BIlnk, of N"w t Hrleeot. The Pulhlie are l'l+rl'rrd tm be aits ptlsed hefoe A. .a ttlilarel, tEsq. Not. P ual." re'II.t n ta the i )t perliees wlich ellbraue the reslprone prizs in tihe Lottery . a 00 Pit' IZE, , as follows: Prize- -T hat n . l enld , ht lr ree otm v brick building, known -, ile \ h('AI)E, in .113 az'inle -It r t, i et. lll ring 210(, f,,t 5 itn'h1 4 l, . a . l tun.h t,,e t. 141; 11-,- i; ioehP on tb r rviv.l et0tet, i t- I 1 ta IIt it ,, n,' , i . he re nt I'$ i;,10 ' Ile nt , sh hI o llo -i .i' , ". I ' '... . I ' p at ll tI at - ti i tta,, i I, at e . t , ,, it, , t $ , ata. aa ' a a i ati t'a-ll , 1a11a ll t , l w ll' i 11 t , lr I l, I Ir erize I. Th I th lo -t' orl)l, i'. Tuwi" l 1i1d" iul k, ,t, n' ' |11' ,; , ,., I , .,t i +'t+'d ait a a t o, t I" l . , a11t. Intilute l tat $500,0011 i I'tz.a--'lthi, taiie staI Iaa 'tt dw-allitl, houfe, No. :31 "ni Nlthe . trl't a. tadlPinig tilt I rilTadti, rptihte t tll ' at h nrmelld ,l, E tiu't.a l at $ 0,0 0 N.Prize ne all, taal -t I r , dw-ln •: rlhi z drrenl , o ,'I lctdr e 111 "t ls+Im hu i te ,r1 dl" r Ino '.sattinat, d at $215000

-riz'- , T haie t' Cantrl bricaak two ilt , at $0iuse, aa, $','ahinin 00No ll, 00 Pa a tlehil , rat llt Ia ' eclial'I a t 'l t - o r,1deallcls, i $ stiu 2ted at l$0,000 Prize-1-'he d'hae Me house '. o. lrt east come r' fBaoslller, I" k Itlld ('t-ltltlo - oruse Ha, a Ilst lc, at $ Ol1i 10 eaPt, 50 bIP olit llla ft, ItOO a trea t, tt Iat .l're, t -nt ti 'lt I lhIt sI'l Rnr; renlt, d it fIl. P'rize--llnThe s (w)ll g bn 02 4 ol tho WP-l1n ,, 00ria, ih mrtr e bla , in sre . mea :n l'ntaa n tatm i r ' tIaan lltaara. ti.iitifl '1 ,,', 3ris ,t 7 e inh tn i'an latw ou 'a .,fa it a t F. aklin. street,, . i by 127 le,,r101 hlht sdepth O r C tin t111 it)I ihouse - t'I; rI'le( ttl uI 'teen rl Urt ulie anti 1 p ta l ats, ltat- t tlal n by 127 ret I ill hes i ll ide pth; ra nt I i o o at $1 tet20 per a ttn r a 0ll. a .i drit-f hirill h F . C ralal fa nk tck, at ltrtze--it shares ti mtlnlerciatlflaank stick I I0ah Na. Prizei--1 (it.h'r'tteahani ta t' ' a'ra derIt ' tial k stock, at $110 each, 5,l ( i0 ittrize t if 50 " i.t' I'txehIngea aaaa "Crre f ta a at ,Mechanaa 'i ai nd Ii a 'ta ' 'dar-' :'aaa0a) ' t ae<" u s,,nvil[,, Fla. :l ).il, 18, 9. ma y 1 i It"P1UIILIC OF 'I'i :XAtS. Dr TiREi't It) DEi'eIIEST. piti City of llioutol, 17th July 1830). Gri IN ipursuancet of a reqlilremeit tif ailw pi .ted by i titRl 1tounre.s of this tRepublic, apl.rowv d January Fcr "lst 13!, makingi it the duty of' the Trelasury to ' l; advertie nld cause to be old the loits in the CITY IYad OF CALIILOUN, o a day by himi fixed. Notice intt is hereby i lveil t-ilt thu lots It tlu City oi Cahoun t Bihl w il be, utlitred at lPub so S lo, on Mon day, the 18th 1) lr div ll N'lveltl r extII' bttwetll tll' i hours of Te'L i '' o'clockie A .ald our o'lOck,l P M, at the Capi- Di Lol ol tis IRepubie, upoll thile terms tt t forth in Du tile tfllowing ttlreats til'lm tle lt w above mont- pr, tlolletl " . , t Set,.4.-Bl hitlirtlter onacutd, Thd. tt tlie lots i NI' s:lid town shall offbred an:ld sold for no aIbor cur rto rllecy that g'hlt. .wtier, aud.itt' puper, or thie pro. p imllSsloary noteH.. Of thll·i golvl·rllllllorim . .Mee Sc ti.--ll .t t ilrt,.h.r ... ,'l' T...t the aid oa8 kh , t lit ', ' -ol int l, tti tt ,ttt. t it in-ll, viz: Oilte tt ( rti pairt toi I .. . ou ts,\l lll.d the other three. r forth t,, , In ii . , I,.:.:III t*IIIs of aix, tw,.lve aid atul , t'ittttduil'et-Vi t) ht, " 7l --- I n , '"r t nu:tl dti Ttlait if Rty i Y y ' , o.V of tho ue I t - rrld i .L U II, i ·I n liiii " Iralit yV w.ith th' A c t, h I or th e y O ·hat i or'lt, 11 i I -l 1ne i um lll- , y ll l may l hl UV IilV prevl I.·r hlil ir ·1 t1 v $ IaU o tti e Rtetoubt "it it' .. t B • lit. o r . ,ac d, That ti l ,prsO ', LI, it - -t ''it the tvt ie prtvilegt ofliut - S ' ti e - . , lit : Ptrtstt , ltl i 1111t . 1·! .... ; -I'·ii so) soor', as Lie II '' dayV to da ,until· all i (' 1 t~l~ ,. .lllti.(l(11 hi ust onid of 31atutor all" , r i n l ira Puilslllll ["- to11 M.til. or" n , li \ ,.,i z , ,, ,e a vt i i' Io tl llllll, \w ll ( • -y mayI} he ..l onl 11 the Gen rlHrt AZA·~~··~ Ii. ' i', ' 'tt o" " all tote' tutu- bitti' ttiamter-i , ! ill '' II i. tlHJ~1 11(1'Tr1 \re lt.ineCIc , of N. D O r . " i 1'[. ]- , ist. l, uiini w el ay f U sol' ·e. Jil, i t iE i l. Lhi. .t it IIAZA Rl. JoHNerofSt. v.harl & CoLnnon streLb , . ['SI! & \11l.1. wo,Id rseetftlidh c all the at| p L i lllli~llll (I(.ltl itZlll- illIld '4tI'tIIIKLr-. tOi ,('il.(l'llll d.'i,' I ,1 ai-~,1;hn,-1:; Ii;: ,'.lH. izt'tl hll,'ll" 1 8rts, do eveniric, "rl 'A11)111 I't tlll· I .1-/ -i'llllt lit' [[lltlll /·'F)ilgltR illlt'll I' ;- 1 t'l laI : ik, ::: : i rir Jill .il K,,· I I , ,tlhlll. I·Ikrlllll llliltc Sll'r · Illldrl . Ii,,t l<- I l ea ,lbrI anald .i, IIis i.nt Itnin '-: bba .,o tt,' c ,-Is el,l-lltl tlt . (.11111,ll .ll-111··1·Itll.: SilL· C~'I·)lll illll IIIlrt'lH[ i ·I' .[{}.csl ;:l·1il. Il~l):\lll ffiA). '': IIIIiI't'IIP. ttlltl Cillllea $I,)ld ! I~lllledv "11~ 1.(111 C? ld knt\ S p -5 n,,idt lssor[itment of btlad t! lnd -.enlqts , I " TI<I;N I'--:iti. hat i t' Ce a , slip -z,,, w1iI1 be s ld, l hi if' t nll fllrlo lln l te 1 l'. .lle y. A p J 1E,. B. 1 II 8IIJE , i i Ii l nl:-.we, wme. in pbr 'asks. h| aire, Ills: " Ia k 'l I -JOHN V. CI[[h -, c ENK1 Ito.1 iPl-LT ititet tieI ltill.. \Vi ll. I' Ut lo : illt-lel.A'lrrle Ioi IVI" tt o ',o. :, 'a l t&p S t . i t [ 1l I·ullgralt anld rmliul to lrder, hblk tiie. htII - r Iv v o exchustae, bills of Indinf, dillomas, edrtant ile ollld v\isl:ne carll uds In-I riI , c lar d ro.lolling. IF. oluus *,:als, d..rI1 hIII:c:- , .ilY er w1'Ilr.. L.e. IIllllli' LIn , hand,a1 an lslllilueiit .I silver [.hlt~rd llld bra~s dIU~ri s ' p:'.tpa. L iat s prlt ted Itrt yieln te Ite alrtady elgralveot. noveo) be ... .. \ itk S ON SII.K. 11 , COM<%PI.1i; rl, al.<ronentll oif \Ie hest works ontil he 4I; t L i t Itr ef h \lllho .r rt tll-al fill ur teuln u h i, a I Dluldlll- r i silk wII nd il o u t" I D'lhmwter ' silk lrlluri t's mandlil. lI C tlare oail ihtl ullio hrr t tv. lit | 'l~lllli. tniiieii' A' tlit t.\'i lLottierice. |KenII irit ks silk gro~wers Izuidh; i'l W\<%" ilnirh ,on te M<uhllerry 81il .ilk 0,llqi Rolierr sl. lllsilk .t . I].(1, 'i re ] tIw e'·llllaer ofSt. (Chlarles & Col)lllnllltll I 14l,--5ll 'a.wks lihlie Cal.l lhl! Inice, laiihinig ar(nlii .Schr Il ljtis..v anld Ior salle by t u Jr'I'IIlAYI.;R, & CO. :ee g. 71 |Poydrsastreet on lIE JUI Chltad 'r nl Hllvaal in cask, bar*l. teli iitl Ileijll hnbll·) fr dllY Ib .. .. . ii LIORN.\IICi.. wit aly 13 ( `ir Natchel l&i. Tchllilolitants is tIlOUR--91 ihls. New h'lleat Flour.halndirke fisll L tcambloat lrrilann (fro St Ir l ooik) Ior~ avle c . Gr. |)ORSEV. II Nuw Lt'vtd. SCI EN I'I FIC & NI lc(ELLA NEOUS WORlKS AIILLINTUON'S Civil I.'nineerirag ririrrts MeehaeoiF'a Bulalulatur The Coechologirt's First T'lext Bflook Colt's Ilrok Keeplirag lli e,'nee, do daa eco TytIer'r Unlioeerasl lh.vrr,9r' ,l ,-e vl, Itllorraergu e's Slk Cul'lllisl' i hanla or Count Dauaholl; tile art olrcan a ag Silk \nrmsr r (:lark,; treataennohal n nualr'e '(reead'ul 51 , Worm, aod allsandard ea oraks tc sil. rt jcre 13 Sw crner St I : earc llf a & lllal N ?11J ''''acu'e-o.r,, Na 7 Hank Pl7tu.. 1I i E I AD\trlid & xxlil"'.L I SI" jly 11 1'7 GrnvIlr ' t 1LASeJ Larl-dic-a Specia' jarc, viecr, pacliaFrg ." battles, ticrture j ars, 'ee IaictdrCd alnd ten ca. S al of every descriphoa; 5'10 bxca' later wildows, fr salre by II O()NNAII., r j_ ly 11 cnr eNlatc h lz : 'nl 'l l,,_,l ,irrrs t c co INDIAN'r arl Cvw,,.'c Pf'NANCEA, 'Lttear ! i atholicon. I ".n cc ( 'lu aah, P Flls of every tescriph ,t amn. amltll+. such as. TJnlalo, firandreth's c Peter', Moffriat c'a, e ctt's , L N's, S iltherr, I)yaLot P, tregory', .ce. cuu'Ltal y on Ilnd by 'tlll" I iLNN.\ IEL, ju y I 1 car Naitcelz and lTehaqlitanht+ sts xl 'a ~crr ir II -. a ... . . I ll i jaalitca a. ' o -r cI) c .I - , i l New Iev I Ia ' .I1IIII a'a,'cca',I lab I lii " 1. iN' it's-U' \ ,\:' H1 \(; rl0N. -. . , .1111 &Co I aa ,,,l ,aa a,,,,c Ia, th ar:'U IId 'L/ vn ,h l +".) ), ll..tll |Hi tl ill, i I lr(it . llllUI.( h It Ifile 11 lll -i , lll "", a , I. 0:.i )llwll·IP I'1·(·1,le (:l <il'nll e m· .1 ('P.,li·llflll1tP4 I = l u rt.t. , ()1J ,,tl l YI1 ~i. r,.~ - Illt I ,.x stullls 1u - ' i L" ' Ill _ I - I ' a, a r' - a, -,, ' l. dinr, , hu cc,", ildI 'r-, "cc' '.1 ,, ,.,.. , ia.. ,,rc. (,1t lr,,z t ) rl' lI t 'r-C Ill" ly i e ,s i.nii-.-rti t I "''"'' araatcle t IoNe, wi r I t I I a' ll 'llh ea I i11 ill a a" t'il al 11 c cra lltl iate I alle Teasuw l hsa',~ l u ii tJ ltl , +l. s o. twu ent. Iti rt 15 . Ii0' p il ; In,+il" 1iN71, ' l I. ala , i & C t r,'+ lO~ lt el l-IHI.4 .il~l bu elilln Is , fllv *tltt.h ; II.byu-. J I, 1 1v 1 1 '1 r p t i h les i n , t , d rn u .- t_ . r . , ''a ', ,, \ JIx V i ' l''r' 'rl". I js'allb 'a 3cl-ll aca -'. llll, ,II ealll [rcs irt h ll ill v tel, e ctal~ 1111 r .8.111, 11 SIit f llo. ·If l~l.l· , il. l-iSO.lPlflt B ren-I .fi.' ( lll (.Illl~hl'l ll;'r d)I'I 1IIIII1 th~-~lll+. ,.!..,+iluz,.u 9+ Ii'h- rl i , cll i I , ,l' l m I ill , ll t Pi, Iv t lol · chea - ir l £h + ,trl - +-ll ib t ( ll rlll it' 4,, l\ iu. 11)1 -I SaI , raecaa,,,a t I , r 'r a .c Io i x-I(; o c IR I, -Iat . , r .I ((I :lll III .'lC, ,II·(· I l.l te) l tilP il.(ll (llu (It`I II,+ a III· .V i ln f ii Ilin illa ~ ~ ~ I Iinilr·· Nt a ''carp at"" l rt IlAO Ira u le 0 kb d and rul ei c ar Aei'r'Nl~l 5r~r, a' i, a cca l ,",Iu~l rcol,'re ll , ( I JIll N I I I a'. 11.1, I t \ & IN FER ( Lt) i i 111ill 1 O . i "ly It'i'7 N.a 1 aa. . 'tI 'OII' I .Ntl, ag htra , 1 Cltin, and wil comi intop ..... ,; . ,ieipin ;t = L;; " I, , I I I ,,' , aell lla'e 'Th lath -l ra in,,,, ' lllltl s dell u a'aaaclaa ra '-a' l'l aaia.'Va' - (l{& Srlu.l, ontll accro nm nain Ltelr m ~lis . `ll~la --.Vlld'I(I.N];' .\.-tTl~i{'.ll,,l) FII+l'-l..<+ei,--llCS , 3 --.~ lFURN1ITURN! IFURNI'LTUIEFl - El" ra',a',a'dc at.a l-ccacuira F ritt W r I to, th a'm,+ 'Inrg* ' ill i'hn 10 t lhh hlrk andiHoL onll-. J lr i'l, n itll", r ll,'lalr a i" ' inar N b, cr1 ot tc ,',lliha l ll 't 'al n'r ! Il 'i,' i Et. . .a ., e ost .il r *aIr""a -re'ks c-al thr c-a i,,ta . NI it ('N IIrl h t-Psllc.l tia ' , atecajc ab itA 'apackcag cdcla, tilt "J'. lr "~l' · ]'! ()·i i il lll ~TI III~* SI lln. I (Iltizhl ft~' ' h liti A1 : . IiL1 a i11.- OR} T ER11 rIhl, H ,aI a ar a al'tarum"n la -r ala ,rlae l c'raae ,,r F as tei rallag ',i Ithe NN'oc , ly cc iAraa' aIr i llasr, s U a It arSar'a.aiaIg t a, e h oC lc ax ai rea"ary, as caci'dialy recYosdl taL t' aflIcerea acilaceaeaccei l aai-ea ir'ator, tr,. to< h \Vlth -, nvr having, felailed_ t o 1fi pruth rmhIII C are aOe uneierlahecmcer agrc",.a'-e iru s eer lI r ce'aaa2,a Il[ ( l'.-ccc' , a lait Icailcar ,r 'ra t c asic celclv s th ,ac uldcc i t, l.a 'j o Iai ++. ,r 1sly C o ero o t; ,,, tnjs. I o 'aii t ,J.aarne ('larl,, Paeiran, i ale" Qareea; I De Ariae'all. Lca'e t eeo on ~rloai'w.try taa bay' Hlos iair;l Dr Rigay', lct'l''ar i . Sa lareorl .arl s Dr G "i\l, lccce', to"lt aiaar ll' iae [ ; Dr yPF'crgua clctl crel c , N"c't).aict , .lyiragaha a ctret, ccl; lIr Sac'ea.maaae n,aee"aarei ,o Miaullcee a c'aih a It (ao'lccoenr ac~ecuchaur'atoaaaeentCari'otte'slcag; n-opt l; res by liccay Davie", nqet c lardlalh , Lee, \Il a'rtceaa,c Tr- ea lacatlec, &e lay )IrM rrea'll , area'a.'aanaial lathe' ANcaalaa Raaayoaale ia' re ai' , ( l ' aer aaaal a ealc iac r rarriac Iuclt" S rat):-I- aa arl -ocr" V'lpaaaa, Matjeoaaa aaul Dole"s. ticso eeaaar cila-rt-and inNc Yoraxby 'r FaUtceJ W'racIIia [ lia'.'erNiaM lTl t. "a" cf" laT-ci'a at t',e l avrccs ity 'I' it'ae Vluy aa t "el Yalr, i ','t 'h. la (lo--i I c rai- land a'," r hi U. lan. aee plrtee.t cu t icauca 1 1 altc.'icr,\ Lauans . I l,. i a rsdn raaa sela'iccictcabnbaeN Yctx, cab/ as; 'xcN aala-- .reetanh \laaaan puic- M-arc h,'na C ih Pcr ltT , tihl rt a, itis haL flacakia s Laaaicaaaa'c-can,NVacel , lPaaar,'' Grayon.' 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