Newspaper of True American, September 3, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated September 3, 1839 Page 4
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NESS CAR ~ C~?zr~ nxar IF n··rit;,, ;nerrhnnl, & CO.. ,.\ 3, Ilnu,,Aj· sheet, I - i A rretnt I hand a' Inr pply ofCloth 'altl(. ral«nd ttr i r or rh" cinrry untie . Their as. I )irt .1 te te'0'rnl,»hni front lls qapntry O.P *I l riel~rot Ilolire. ht)\~ cii., ,L;S COMPANY Or' NL"'r ORLEANS. 1hiftampesnv are now lresebnt to tals ~US AGAINoi FND IM~4 M 0aQci'u Ii. .tiegCansl start. E LI TIACY, ." s.'u Ia s I ii.1:1 Sceay Ri'IkR t'O llbl i C,. r fiuaIe by W Ii IHI VEREUX, -· _ tL~t2 Tiehapitoula at Ciib! ITL N r COOPE II *UtcatoR A-Ats sFE.A.r:ls IN PROViSIONS AND F' :El',~ Ui·. 9 s ad 2 Juiie, ntrett, NIw Orleans. ______ . .Vtcniyusersa pat up. mar 5 *~wUI'IYvuRE WANDROOMS N's. 53, 131.11 .Itestre~et. SU.AM R. CAlt.\LIt, wtuld repsectfllly in. f ti hto ori'c>ds std the pubsic that hesis con risani ei frm Nuew Yeorks Y ad stnets a good atntFusnituri, such qs miahogany chairs, tase adsaple ni, i painted chairs, inaple and bsdsteau., sntnwI ny oud cheePo tables or all burs , '-letsecetaryr, Wrltia I rrar'r~l' s of '-iratcv and.,chorryi wash Isthitre elaciss, ,"thers, bteddin;, &a. &c. Vwaetur~paoaktd stir Iranpuostatui with jesse V*UUIONALED CLOTHING TAYLOR: & HADDEN, 'N... 14 ('Isisartca beareel WAVS at es ruesilt spIpleI rf erers article prertaeleng 4e- 'a dress, of. thi. latest etyls, at New eork dl.. M2. ei5as strToorapire PaRINTIN E 'TAiH I,19SM1f EN T, No. 53, Agazine Street, Oplrite hatka' Arcade. WILLl.1AJ EI .E', PROPIIIET'OR "L-' '] I'" 1 ENGRAVING Wp WaZGHT HATCH3 & 33303 A:V.Ii .peon l k fie in New' OrlealI. Poeeessie aeltl n Ivant.e with heir house i New York, p,+rlt, g lFrmvillg rn pritigll Bank Noes, 6 o xchlge, Certicaera , IDeposits, [tW I NI other i tnporlAt papers, reqiring security anege·i.s; arl fate nude ample pnvision for kiler k'l|.. o allt lua les uand ipresseono entrust e ihr ,: 4 li;ir ,re'i , ,ns elml,rumlclhe notes of hOhRndeRl a o meill a isttions, and ll rlers w•ll he bnatlnoad with ir.ioplitutlr , crt d o the aneual Me..& Offiee, Ihicrf Royal & Canal stres. _o_ iof BAZAAR. r3ISH c A=AN., NO. I, EXCHANGR a oT'reL, .E,"'ear of St, C1. rlasnad Camnonl Es,. TNEW OIRLEANS. PfORFTERS and Dealees in French and Englisa U Perfm-rv; DT)'.ing Ca-an and Poarlble IMesks (iha,, Idmliyv, Gloves Shinrt, Stockl, Umbrblla, Cw , s;.ml, FncvArtielrs. d5 ~TlACK+RD, fiIin.i, cn'l Indiand ank otesan, for ,.lat by oA TRIER, nty .74 Greeter at JiE.Wr:IlRv AT IIUI. R-1LL.E. J .J IIWI.L,., No NI, Cbhrntes ,.t, s ethin dna re wY eined a fell easoflntnt of Watchn,e Jewelry, Itn. )j.ea ltals and Gla-s Ware, tley will I offerh C1he , l.wer, mark tl price. ar d 1 DoOVeR40 e & IA is DIEAIEIS IN AMRIltCAN& ENtLISHI CROWN GLASS, 31. 3 CanoadLar.r T IrnTr. o JOB PRINTING. OF EtVERY DEdCRIMI'IO.I l' l mlto.Y., tI.ti,tIl) ll.,y AND ChIToAPLY EXECIUTEI AT TlE OPFFICE O THE True .a4lm relnorg. dr. CIi.tRLES STREET, N.AR I'OYDRAS. 0to3 PriT - 1asted and oalatr n led , for soale by a1 SIIALL , BI.O v N, G O lago.ine at aheatinge and 25 baleo Jacksan fin 4.4 brown sdtenlage, landing from ship Chnrleston, for sale by __ IJBII)GE & Co, t C: N.-iOfCaka lI na.s 10 do. Sidae, and 15 do. I" holdars, in Stor foIr ale Iby ity sdd. J "TIAYEIR & Co. 71 PovdraSt. f O1ARI) & CO'S Boston and Naw Orleans SLi ea of Packet Ships.--Tth e new line of ships bel been eapreasly built to run between the above pmts. ,and will be aundl of suitable draft of water: qa0moetudlationei for passengers, and every effort will bh node to givo geonral satislactioa, The line is nrmponad oftllo In l avinl slthis t: Clatrokle, 415 ton Cait.J tHarding, CarolitEa, 40(1 de S Loetist, Charleaton, 374 do 1) Eldridge, Clumbiana, 625 do G Barker, Seamean, - 240 do J lowes, Bombay, 625 do .) Hlumphrey. The above shipa are all new, of thie lirst alass, opl er fasteled and aopperod, commanded by men experience, have Isrgo accnmmodations, With selparate ladles cabin; every attention will he I'i, It pasnengore, and the very tost of stores pro ,4*d for thoem. ' The ipEakets will hbe towed tip anl down. the Mil oImippe, ald the strictestl ptintuality observed in tllihme of ailing, atd should the regular vessels ke detained in arriving, other shipe equally as good ,wil i l ea ase e substituted. A sharo of patron to.iat ieited, and the agents pleadgeo thenelvea to M mle odate aa onlch as practicable, to receive Ii .brward goods by add line st the imost coder. oi .lhargee, and to advanlce all expenses nit good. ..Lbd, if required. T laips will leave lthe let and 16th ot every eebth. For freight or pasnsage, apply to the agents. J A MERRI-ITT, 62 Colaman et. N. D. Adlvanomenlt miade on coneigonieats to Mewre. A. C. Lombard & Co. ndvI27 IRtON TJP) TI sufenacriT cse itnProcured atSgaat cxptine, the right of pultilng on iron rsmlsir this city. They are adapted nt public buildings, warehousaes, and private dwel.lin ur,und emtalins at once cheiupless and durability, and are ptrfctly fire and water proof. 'I'ernls may be knowt, and a model seen at our cstnblishnlenti, appoja e Hi. Mlary'e market, Tehapittulas st. oe'tt E b COtGSWEL, a.Co OXCIIUANII te '1111. Il1i..e.'All--tor nate N bl. hy ADAMS &s WIIITALL, 71t G7 Graviarert SS SSIt..JURL'R Nu b-4 imrde street, between Parstsin and St Philip, keeiscIutrintll"Y )it tnd Seltnselnivn ns.nlrtill oflhoIl anrtd brogana, and tan.l*,nl New York manufatll are, for menll. women ant eidldIren of all pnee, which hie will dispose of s very lamllrawa prices. SYetlltiesof hi. .q ,inr n.c onraendinann rer wit hitve their wishes lattlendced to 1.5 SC.;ILOUR J111 LEAl -I-- . lbis, h.lew lua rach; I kee Y trailli il o; EnPirni tb - l i-.,t blP. l 00Ite .tibide.apal Varnish; J i1 Jlapa ' I " Coach " .t0 packs Gold Leaf; 50 do Silver do; 30It do Dutch Metal. WINItIOW GLASS,"Amer.kan, Er glish na.l Frenah lllO bnroe, various sizir and qualices. omt. laown do-.-VtilO buxes, otaiginmelt, will be ,bllnw. -Also s led er .asonriellent of nartis' enirytra wald iota, Ior sont y A W SCAR Ed, No Iii Caunal itreel. X1 i. Alabama lotes rf ai at p r, and Miseiesippi 5oa L 'tl,. received at ll per acet discount for gatls, d tip . a tof.dobts. je I Iw If.i~fE Iremone lahn nalaaufl..lerwnt iald IIalel rj htad,ia pint up in bottles nnttan low price of 0 oba ehncoatitagab the strengthl of three ounces of ammort, bellleni the rtuea of masa u,.,aer rne aaid betiosnoown saUn the landiat aas enalfaetiaa is curing y eneapltias.te L r a".riv'lle success whiich his attended the aue of 1*hlocatottnble. leam.n wherever it hba been inatr laed,. hlas l atttidthe confidence alid recolnlnendat hin of resytnble tihysaiiana, for lthe cure of conghs, stils.iSm a bhe ide, nwart of rest, spitiug of blaod, liyee nmplaiit, &c. whom it may concern. T'hisis tcortiv that we han oar pranctice freitiently proscribed Oh Ganrd iikadie tBatlsam of I.tvenrwort a d lnarhnnd, ,with *s goldgnOdseffelt: ae ian th,:refrP ,fraom the know. .I ofit t nhe mterials it is nada from, anld cbsel.nltaon Mi xapnio 'e, reeo nOltdi ait as il eltrit pr'nparation " *tt atlnetions e f ls ltleln fir rhiehll It ii re 1aoadee. At.]I:. [' .LI.]AIS, M.D. CAtVIN E.I.Is m. it. Meiember of lta! Blleto Meditcul Asaciatlion. bOto er .J t RVI & ANI)IEWS, M S -. it ant and VlaIta.titnla n a .ie I" P irihla~f: t sIWM , & ie t' .ur I u 1oyEt NNro.tavto t ie ...n,, e,. .OQAL-hna tarn i... .i.aI.. .n a ++I I d large supply of ('Canel and fIiverpln,.l coal, Sbulk, of superior qtuiltY, whisth they offer for i.le in lon s to sut. purchbaers. a a*io nprnted by the firert arrivels from Eng. d sW el1 1p. ob rth, Cannel Lehigh and I'eate qlOnlitl. hbroken and screened, pt taup i rfsb~sdlsirprestyI for lnmlly uf.--nll ot whie trhas wsill drpoea ti n tile asnit mo-erate brrmi (Cd.r left at their uffi:e, Ni. 53 Ilienville ot S pstairs. will tie pruompil aritlesd ,o st3 UB. & A StOJL'TE. NWW GOOLQ --Siminomo Hlntt & eo ar, now'ren I\ eeiving from on benrd ships Yaioo, anid Saratng.l l dhfig Coneardia, rorm New York, a treat variety ol goods tn heir liae, which together with their former stock on bLad, makes their assort, ent vey-. pleto. the following compose n p.tirt : ell twist, ,,rl.r;de, trek and deshnlgncob, ho'n"do of al deaseriptions, i . dilrubher, silkand worsted elastic gatters, eotuntnn & lone elastic uspenders, loco foco annd Lucifer matches, illitz pewdero, owderpuffs and boxen, toilei powder, [okelt hooks and wallets, needle books, shell, pearl, ivory and mrocco card cases, leand roruamenteplain co ral beadi, neklasen anl negligees, head chains, bead tklees, cut glass su .inoan d ,eiver anr d giltbeads, Indian berado ells and plumes pistol nod large pow Jeiloks, ha belts, horse, belt. pocket and boiling aianole; doble and single barrelled guns, Bowie knives, and dirks, scissonr sbeers, pocket knives, guard chaJns, and ibbon, waist btckles, cloth, air, tootlh naicomb, rumbh, shoe, plate, floor and dusting brusels, Cologne, Florida, lavender, rose and bay water,saosrtrd essenres, and etraete, MaaeOssnor, bear, antique, and Ward'a oe getable hair oils, shaving and toilet soaps ofall desn criptioon, ladies' and geatlemens' desk.t and dressing asen, hair rieglerto, frilarit and Iraids, plain, fancy and musical work hboxes, plain and gilt, figured, coat and rest buttnae, pearl and ivory shirt do, shirt studdsl, gold and silver pencil oases, toothpicks and tweezers, plated and gilt locket., r'iniuture do, silver, brass antlotieel thimbles, hooks and eyes, hair pitnsa, imitation fruit, bl and rcdink,ehoe blceking, violins and guitars,ribbed end plain percumsion cape, linen twiae, scented cguh. lensgald and ailser lace and fringe, latter papier, game bags, rding w'tip, walking, placng ca l, in. godi plaAte T and i . j tlweldlrv &e. Timhe above, together with a great variety of other arti le are ofler at whlolesale or retail lnt •ccomntldating terms. N B Shell cotbs, repsaired i O LE k MAY, House, bigt, toln OiUiiani.nta J Paimer No S Cavrdlele street, two doors fron anal street.e mitatineal of the following woetcs sind mearbles, ex eeuted isna maierly manner. wtooo nonses. Mahoganys Eiyyli. bleak snsdi gold, Oak, Giala med Aticeo, Pollard do, Orietitl or averd antique, Curled do, Jner, Curled Maple, Iteaxnl Stone, Birds Eye .lo, le ri Satin WVood, Plotomac, Hair Weol, Ii)t oer IlUlrcllel, Yew Tree, IRdian Witte, Corondatlle or tBlak Siotia and l'actella, Ioae WooI, AImerli ll (Iiey, Ads Vlite Oak, &e. kh ice. Curlted Elm, Slpeciinaens to be seen at the shop. !tints, oils. glSa, eOll vaoninsh, le. ot hautJ toilor sale. ml IIRON,STEEL& .IIE'.AV .lOllti)l--lht, sla:re onid bhndle iron, well ausnorted. Hoop, scroll and rod iron, nlil rods tnd piloitgl moulds Cast, German, shear, blistcrad, spring, sheet aid Crowley steel Hollow w-re, cut and wroltitht ,latls itd spikee Zine, block til, mill ald grind stones, salt kettles Chait clables, aichors, hoes Ox, ln cI, d0tree Cotios, earn mills Anvils, ices, Hitnmersa tl bellown Wire, slheet,ltd ando b:'t lead; ellot (al, attid'cotlkltg stotes Anlest'llownlatl'o tlnl other spadmoa nd shov.cls liook tidl plate tinges, door and window hiooks Coqllinl, Iluimts, Shrps, tand ler axes l'tr'tntd l .nill cordage, l liet aidt:lllt ine Iolt ad slheathbig sapperlll; Nattl soltes Paints, linseed tdt s|1n'm oil A fill assormnent of ladarert o andt slcp cisttiery-o alwayls on hand, and which are -nlrrd I' rr sale at whole sale or rIetail, Oi tIe ImoBt ftllvithllC tertiis, Ily nit LAYTON & Co. 53 Old Levee. RiHER'I' CL \NNON, ROUSL AND SIGN PAINTER Whoblesale )ealer in lI'aints, Oil, Varnishel , Brushes, nti3o \Wilidow td Picture Gloss e. & c. LOAF SUGAR--various qualiics, e.consatlv in cltora anid fr sale by SIIALL 4I BlllttWNE, i'9 .. Magazinest utar:: 'Jph magaznee at FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBI.MS0." d" GOOD IPI., UNe. 65, Chartrers lrrel, One Door bltoiw 13ienvile, IAVE, constantly ont hand every anrlicle appertain . ing to gentlemen's drnss, made in tirt eat inan. nor and moat fashinnable style, a hich they offer nl, cash, at reduced prices. dee4--1t38 I)EAFNES. . A NEW article for persons troubled with deafness, . (called the Ear 'I runlpet,) halis just bean received, by thhe e ihich, t sot g artoolatlon of the I u. nma voice is distinctiv conveyed too ihe ar. Atny one who hats ever een bihgell to canverse with a very dei peraon, most he foliov senibn of ithe dilliculty and em barrassmlentepcerieteed buith b tiiemselves and the in dividualn so iatmiiiuuctn.aii itlicited. Iv th ue r oft n s Ear Trumpet this objection is entirelv obvinte,. TlIiC most sceptical have alw nys a. aandoed'their droubtt al' r having used tlhe Trumopet. For su!e at T F G.UION'S, a Fancy aore.corner of C..mmon and St Charles streets Undar ile Exlhange HItel. felb 13 MON'I'A GU'ei B./RlJI FOR THE TEETH. T lltEestahlialled reputation snd constar.tlh Incre;nail Sdeiaoed fr this e'tic.tual retnledlv l'plain, and pre servative of the teeth, has induced'the subscriber offer it to the American public. Arrangements tavn beea niade to suppely aledts i all tihe iirlncipol einn Iand towlns in the L'nol d ditates, so as to placeo it itl the reach oit those suflaleig and likely to suaier this mos hartasing of all achton, TIlntI-achle. When applied according to directions iven on bottle, it ihas never fhiled c o afordil ieciCndlite and muaent relief. It also arrests thie decay in defectiv teetll,and relieves that soreness tiich'no freq.qtetl) renders a strong tooth ausless The apjplication ndil remedy are simple, innocent, an not unpleasant; and the large number of persons in difl'rent sections of th country that have already experienced such dclightfu and salutary effects from thIe toe of tie ilem, are roeady to hibier lior the public good) their testimony to its so rivalled qualities. It is al Iidian remiledy, obtaineil eingioerly and ineapectedly, enitl mII be regar. hd by thie civilizedl world ai thie tmot valuable discuvrrv redlmn of the wmlos. l'lice $1 ler bottle. Sold by JAIR.IS &t ANDREWS, tir 5 Cor Common aind Ttilapaitoins ts. tiORN MILL.S--Orders Iceived fr orn stiills, by Sapsll SHALL & RIti)\VN, lt6 Mlagazine a UtLED) LETTLIt l'APEI--Jtat ieceived a few R cases ofbluo alid white Wove ruled Itnter Paper some vary low preitd. fir sale by DAVI D FELl & Co. N 'Y Stationrro' iai I, juno 15 .1 Chartres st JARVIS & ANLIR\V-WS, WIIOLESALE AND RlE1'AIL. DEALERS IN MSDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE STUFFS .'IlN) WL.VI)OWV G /lSS, aorner of Common and Tcihoumpitoulus streets, x \ OIRIEANS. NATIIAN JARVlS. JOHIN W. ANIIDREWS. A large upply o Garden Sedsl. urraunted the growth of1837. AN DREW 'MITI & CO., respectfully inform Stlheir friends and the public in oneral, tilhat they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Teoupitotlnas street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin anil Sheet Iron Ware, of every deseription, such as copper stills, kettles, and p ntips, tin bath. ing tube, and nil cans, of all sorts and sizes, and all other brass saating done at shortest notice. Grate barn of every description, asicli as steam. boat stirrups, hog chainea, scrow iolts, nau oth:r kind ofateamalbat work, such asi chimneys, breech. ep, steam pipes. 'They will also ido nl kinds of out door work, uitch as zinc, copnper and tin rooling and gutteriong, &c. They bllove and all otlher kindi s of wnok in their lille of business, tilhey wili xl cute ait the shortest notice. (d1o27 NIV\V Iltil''lOat)N o('l'l'IT.L, Ptss :totocac, Sri,,. F' I ll well ka naoo t ou t riooi i placeit io nowill o00e0 fo r tIe -l. seesoln, Itlndor tht i Ioi'nc lo ! Ott oioooits .,dI uce I f very tonsiderably improved Irv o-l-iivnu tl bu!dingns ,I lning rna , [ta nll ani , lIlnol cd oott, ;n Itin o alita s, emude to render the pince comfortablo and all VIc. -1:1 resort. 'I lure .rr Sity fi;c lll nsll fr Ifmi dlies, antill cn v ahioes ot houses arranged falll':i,,gb,. -,:nd'u.n Iiu. satil, atiled lohil bi tsl ar provided, ii ed all et git blid 1 'hanl perl of it w hied lie ieu buintaly i I fr.lll of the ihotel is l-nd locked hV se rnal Ibnllltiful iillands, ail withilnio few Ihurssail, unnon which'h a (;LIt sliaod, Ship Island, Ilorll [slnIl, solilld the 1IhIIIu (lils. A Letter lIla i o I.eptr at tie bar of lie ,xchalng 1:o' ntel, N. . t i . ti hl win il e ally +\IcDON.'. I L SV \'ATEII.IAN, june 11 Exchaege lintel. \t,\' IIA0-S Fral)i- PARtl.S iE tiudscrittors bltve jtlot receialcd oper shi' ('ohioo frtro Havre sit] oi]'r fos,. tic I .,o,,uiful asolr innt of i'iunofotis conlsistlig li ;--'iointiuos, I'iohs of Ilosewood, Cnroctua slid richl aooltgany ot. niood. oilorizolttl 'iaoos of illt richlest rus l wut aild t anho Senli upright Pianofrates d do. i 7'heteiistrunl euts ere all naoontlltto tred by the eelelbraled urakere'' L'LEY'EL i·. clo. of P'ari, all eon.. liinti oelave, arl,! nc f a mitot n saprior fiish oiI cc IJelefl ealaresiv fLr tui I 3lMessrs aIleyel tKallreelln.r, which fict can leave noling to desire in regard to the oeolay oftheir toeW. 'ThI *amateur and profissnrs oflmusic are respeer fully invlled to call aul elamine the semii upright pianos which are elli'rely a One article. E JOHbttNS & Co, St. Charles st, i oeplphite the Verandah & Exchange ttelt R EFRItIIEATORrL d. WVATER JARS-6 ma h nganv refriedratlo. "' painted do, 6 14 gallo water jars; t i6galiniu' lin totttn te a for s ole iav - nýY iS e J I W HI'ITNE Y, 7:f' Cnulp ts IlOT iKE.aI)--Ici n lls., aindiug f iaoot ball'o alibO C Rudlih.l Fur slalel by a. T''ItEt, mayt1o :14 nGrtaer at iaelBtneeC,fowsale by (t DO i t SF.Y. julle 7 4 1 Nlrvll'vee NOVELinsvolsi. by iHarriet Martinellu I Algie et are hen compilia n n iiq ririga lltatrn ing the mlenll eharacteriricas of the Nrmt ll .41leritLn ' ladineos. Sit; series; hndian "l'ades and Lg.gnds, by i )ieery Rowe fSauoleraft, asth lie Travlc. t t he eu-l . cee oi the Milia-irpi. &e. ke. Also, a new supply of Stevens' Travels in Egypt I I Arabia Patre. tie. e e Hlanoah the Wanderer; Elvire,hy Miss ley:Ue Ernest Mlravers ; Alice illy nofl.yons; I arelenl; (iiclhotn i LMie hberwood'c s \'orks, & ae &c, itrd rclei.1d and or sale by ALEX. abtiOW l, ajliS loontec' B EE-¶2 hal ttlatmcoatuod.10ittoa i itp7~' Y eork di laltimore Packets NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist of the following vessels, which have been built or purchased expressly for the trade, via: Ship Seaman, Capt. Mmnor, Bark Mary, " Niekerson, " Irad Ferry, ww Stevens, e" Salomon Saltus, . Latham, Brig Architect, '* Gray. These vessels are of the first class, have hand. some furnished :,ecommodations, and are of a light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and discharging their cargoes in Baltimore, at the city. Freight will be taken for ports on the Chesapeake or James' River, and forwarded by the agents, Mears. CLARKE & KELL(GG, at Baltimore; expenses on goods shipped will be advanced when required. The price of passge is fixed at $ti0, ample stores of the best quality will be provided. Steam up and down the Missiasippi will be taken on all oceasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 lionvillo st. FI')R NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets] I'lIl Ships composing this line will sail tirom New Orleans and New York on every other Iaen day-colmrencing on the 20th November-and to insure the punctuality in the time ofsailing, the litl will hereafter consist offive ships, viz: Ship Yizao, Captain T''resk, to leave on the P20th NOvelnber. Ship Louivvi!le, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th December. Shipl' nltsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on tlhe Si...l.December. Ship Velreg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on Ithe it January. Ship lieaiasrippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th omf January. The above are all new, of the first clapse copper 4h and capper faiocned, and ulwarles of 5l10 ttne aburthen, are of light draug ht of waear, being built in Niiw York c pressly fir Ilie trade. The price of passae is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitted uip in le larist i'proved and convenient plan, and tiaisehd in a reat and elegant style Ample tatres of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to tihe comfort and entire atlefactiata oi passeongers, ailro will please tale Io. lice that io a rthl call be secured until paid for at tile oaice of thle conrsigpnees. Thl'lee oreels arar commandled by captains well experiencerd iI Ilie trade, wht will give every at tsltioa anid a'crt tlihemelvea to aeommndate. Ticre will at all timres be towall uip aid down time Missis sippi by stearhoatnls, and tihe strictett punctuality observed iah li1 tilmn of sailing. T'le owners of thlsc shil will net be reuponai. ble for ann lettecr, parel or lpaekage, sent 'y or put on i.,ard of thile,, iunless a regtaar bill of lading be sigidi therefor, at thie counting house of ithe agenltor owl.crae. Fior fartmir particularr apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, h 's li.n e consists of ,tnr vessel, nl A hoa rlostts, r. oirr.-r a a i phi. r t:IL .I. 'ie ant d of ', ,,e, 21t(1 ,.,s burl;,e: ,. wi , l e ' a s rie n roomlll odatll niS fir p.tsengee s. r'lt ,e 'sisR ' In ore nii, s iii iodn d i ,i ca o p'l lns i ('tr l'l(nr Ir il li earle , WI, w 'ill give every at to hlill, un 11 l.xert IhIIII seI es i o nrolliiairrrai. ,I( sehipler.. '1hre, wrll I iawed ip and dvwn ihr Miastcis p)i, Ind Ilrve New Orleans n or before the 1irth anl l111 oif every mollth. The fAllowinlt IriIs ArIbilan, Charlenas (ordeon, master. Bi:i C ,iirlalirli . . 'li'orn pson, rastcer. Brig Alirena, J. Diane, Inaster. Bar Rnger Wa illiams, J. Allibers, naser. Fr eIright ir pnseae, saipley n J. A. BALRELI, &t CIl, GI Co trm n i. New Oricanm, or 31. C il ,rdcli(ni.Chrrsl n. cit 'IiEnlTEItty I I.A'PE.T-~ LII-- I - SCI1OOI.CIOAQ " Ilndi"Ir lee ntld ae I.reenlll, o va 1 .liMs rlartineau'r Ileerbrrok a rcr novel, ie vole Jlinmes celroblatd tllmen The Crolpl), !ry the O'lHara Fanrily •tarre a:m, tie PIhatromo Ship Ilork ; Ii lreh, I)erths and lMarriages l)r. lird; IRobi riay,2 von uey a New suplry CatfJrie; T e Ilugunent Ingraiamir; Claptain Kid i ulwerr'c Iliclerlhu E JOHN & Co. corner St Charles & Common i JI/ martt "" Itltil)ltE, 13 Magnzitre Ft RUSHI'TON & ANPINALL'S COMPtOUND TONIC MIXT'URE.-A openly and ertsin cure for the Fever and Agua, rermittent and intermittent fevers; prepared laron the original recirpe. Used wirtll enmien t ansd ui vernal succeses it 1832, bIy persons of tire hIiglhest respectability in tlis city, as stated i n the annexed certificleas. This nmedicinc iat highly rero'nmended, and has been extarnively used in the above diseases with such distinguislhed success, that tihe proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. lie in its present farm in the hope that it may be the means ,of relieving many of those who are sulfering under the scourge of our country. It is a medicine, plossessing great virtue, and when used according to the directions nhas never fariled of effecting a cure, oven in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, all persons of Ito weakest stomach, and children may take it with impunity. It strengthens tIle digestive organs, creates an appetite, amid seldom requires more than one, or inl obstinate eases, two battles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic irn thie medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its efficacy, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordance with the directions and has not ffl'ected a a perfeict cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at his whholaele and retail drug and medicine slore, corner of B ierlvle and Crhartres streets. For District Agencino apply to jes5 T. W. SMITH, 48 Conti et. I ENSACOL. MANSION IIOUSEI NEWC CITY, PEN.dACOLA. TIllE subserincrhaviag purhseh.d the laa.e n'ld ftr Jl_ ourreof this well known astablisltneott frtuta llt T':vlur, tlh lute proprietor, will be ready to rereive it - tell bY the Iet rl' iApril next. nltimrous anrd os ely improvements will he found in tile irraoaeelnIte ts of' tlhe iaiiuo Iionsc. ,ew rad torE comtodliots bathing Itcusi will be built, ntrI warm b Ils will be provided at all hours. A stable will be Ilattached to the Iluse, with good accomtltrdtla lionu ftr Ires l llri caerriages. Fitalit rate hordes r nd carluges will tlsol be kept fiLr hIire ant Inolderatu ,rices, eelld ll F lllOl Ia boats, il lth persolln to mlanaage Iheall f rlr t tt u. rt. -rwnt-a Billiard ntro then anuOUeor tm lsutllt fihuli atI .aleriugplaces,ill ailsob efurnished, al.d lclhoa uct.,te :is int to itrl'ere with the elonuirtr and quietol Ilthe barders. Thel wionetaind liquoan i ill he of tIl I.: ert lItv, and tr ensure rI oil atpltlp nl ie+ it rcame Iwlv h'a'dlred bneu ordcred, ! ahiv will aur +c ulShl tll ltbu . "t a1 l1,v. j ir ]'redirick liulrnrd, lho formeerly kept 1o popi ar I hetel tit V\'uhilgton cuilv, will conlat this loo el for tihe irtprietcr, ,iria, with luch id,conlidtetly ssures the visilore of lst )ear, idl his -friends geeirlrlyl, that they will rcerive ntery possible attentiou; and itcrebyl Sexp;c.t. t ie.o0trltihnal stacltion. ixe lotial dilttlltugl Of h t I hotiue rel too wll l kniown to need i letagt. cied itheriplirn on re. Tue facs tlel Pe IacllSaco is thl largst tnalval stlation of theil (iGoeeerment;o the generul reudeonous of the (iol'squad. I i'o; the is.lnure of i't cillate eirersed constamuly dod tille the s tllll r Imo tlr s bi tihe, clolest I reec. lll rilte (;ulf; tIe hronty of tile Iay antdi thle teiglborlll fi-it i it0h thillrr r lth ate s a oll liir aln d it s prl xinit to tlheI bet iSutlerll llrket, give lomaocoila tIe pr - lerlrCe ovr all rother places in thi -e latitudesl, its u ilthy al d deli.htill summler retroelt. 'ot tata. bouts will 'ru elreeu Pensaeola utd Ih, Id, d w il a ll ies lie at l. to t akeI: tihe pIasseert.r frmtliii Ni ' O, rloons boatas. N BI ARNOLD.II Prnen:ola, Feb 15th, 18:t8. I ePIIItPIIet wi.shiiig to engage rooms for thei fitlarlier ., I tt lit+ -co thile lrpri.eirll ,t it I ltrnln llilr , ..r Mlr Sewrll I 'rTaylor, the foroitir proprieto', It :ita (r, leans. Refereones. T' Sanfitrd, , , ,I:q, MrC tulhm,, .McA.lpii, Esq., I.1. Kibby, in Mlub le; S 1' Taylor, P P aRp, Eaq, in Nst. Orleans. 1' S-A letter lb.g, to receive communielntions fir Spersols t the -lave hotel, is placed at tico Whitman'a oice, 1 St Charles Exchnge. FLORIlIDA IROU':T FOR NEW YORK. rl' Travellers desirous of taking the Florida toute, via PentucIta,to tile North,are iff.rtmed that l lirtt rlate botras ill constatnlvt run froml. Mobile to Pensiaenla, letving Mobile anld ensacolra every oither dlay iler tle Ist of tlny. hood stages will alh;ays be provided tl the ubsllrrilerto It in rcadlinets to take lalstlagers frou MInobile, ih ease of te fatilure of thle boats N A crNOl.t. Thle rteamboat Champion leaves Mobile for Penia cohl twice( a week tIhS? Iv I AN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER L2 cae illtlre of tllhis Ullerlor Cologrt wateir. jilu received artl id ftlro lI y the Iozen or oliutrle Iolll;. A.llso Alnelicaon inild Fre'nch toilet p wcders, powderl rusllo rllidboxrrt-,rritivignitd loilertlll,.nnrnes.nel wnash balls, tilk ilf nsret, contnetic coild treatl, toeiac ot auittl, keiphlila, Ward's vegetable llair oil, poitnatutal,!, seenmt de perse, Florida, ltvetdart rose and n irrt waters, I'reat :l's salts, ituerseilles pterftller i ll trtnkt. vgeter. Ilet Idllirquid rouer, Chloinie and Orris tiath wasel, cloth,bir,tolith, il and flesh brushie; together with 111 alitiolnal sluply of fthliounllle brl and shellI tilabs uald jeiary,for sale low at cahole.ale or rl tail by SIMtIMONS, IIAIRTT' &CO, ju!y 6 71t Chartres streit. L) L.UE DlI-il. -inT11al.s aiototn n lign blu i ,hills, lauding flon bhip ('iailehron, ler ale by I al(I I RItlD(-GE & Cu, SIlts,furot JON I1 :li .. en It( Royal College of Physicans, London. rHE origndi Volgetble HIljloan Univetnwl Medi t elne, popared l'ayW Mitin, Eq. Memtin r of ten Itval College of Segeoni Licentiate of Apothe oary's Comspny, Fellowf u"liti Court Society, Surgeon to thie Ilyoly Union Penslhl Asoeiatioo, Lnocate. Place, Waterloo Bridge, nod Perpetual Pupil of Guy' and St. Thomas's Hspitals, landon. This valuoable medicine, the result of twenty vears' exwrloetnce and uutaal-leled success itn the cxintsive and liigle enpreealbe ptraetiee of the propriety, patro nlinel by Ilte fOuity cand nolhilitv, and is tiow istsoduced to tie notice of lhe Americann ioblie, at the earoest so licitotion of a nomber ol'gentlemesl of long and high standing in the profession. It is hoped, as a prelimi nayl step, to cheek the evils and fatal cousequentces arining from the ust of tin numerous and deleterious nestrumls foisted spen the poblie by the aid of fabricated proofsofmianculousleunessnd other frmuls, bya set of melrcenary, tunloinolpled pretenders. so totally ignorant ol m-lieal science, tlmt it impossible the mttlostrous delusion ean Any longer go down with the inltlligent pople of tths country. P'hose p.s, mild a ro d agaieahle in their nature, honild he kept in every family in cases ofsudlen illness, for, by their promptl lmin.stration, cholera, cramps, palts, t'er ro and other olnsr-silstg comlantito, wlhich too often prove fatal, olnr be spaedi Iv eoredlor Iprnvellted. In faet, all those wha vhlae good Ie-ltih, shtuld nerer be without them. They are sol' in packets at 5it erts, $1 nod $2 each, by ever, respec table dlnlggist, bntkseller, and vendor of ntletlieint ia tit United Slates t.| Ie COnadas, with coldotls drections, togetler with: estlanonials of professional ability froln the e slinenst gelltemen: Sir Astley Cooler, J Alertethy, James Bludlssl, Ni. D., W. Hlck, N1. 1)., J.. Aston Key, A. Frampton, M. D., and .snaerous others. The origilsls may Ie seen In paossessionl of tle Genleral Agent, by wilos the metoicise is impeorted into tils en tslry,y nda to whoru all aplicationls lt ragajaiet alust he masle. JNO. IIOI.lEEIN, 129 Waverly Pilace, N. York, Sole (ieneral Agent lfr the Unlitted States, U. *t' sode hv appoinaatment of the originol Iala tt.alas. by SWAtI 2 Itoeesn, l.aSlggitts No I1 CtttiI bsleat, L.enes. Agent afor Statthee of I.u.lisinn.a. jsl vs D ItllY it LEE & co, No JN Ai'Sayine st eert, ar vaw receiving frnom ships Nastille, i.ouisville, elllltekIs, Engle, ai. other late arrivalls froma :Ihe :.-tlher citiesla large and cnw n serleledl assortment lhIris, llooto, Shoes adl Ilrogutlva , nonltilig ofgrelltsenttnlit floe calf lnod 1..laaOe tetolts do J yqsutlitl sdo bullt'd, ol stout war pegged boots o variols qlallities; mllen's fino call" seal Iandi Mlo-ocet roll. pumps nid brogosan, buckskin shoes, brogans lll sllppe as: menll's fine call anlld kipiped peglge sihssl I Irgns; doi boots; do slto kipt anI w:lix a egged shoes te tcle shoes and brogans; slto cu seall to \i.ll e I elialn sh aes ll ali ntll g s, l a c:ll, butll att l ,se taInes a liew atlia le; dIo t ille eallls sei . it ol l san ats n a-tCC ttlll ; Iotsn Iloys', nliseOslollehihlrall'+s Ile` elge Iand stield b ogllas, iad slhoes olrver'-aqualitas s kiidl. Also a general asslome.let o Lit:Ile ' stlll wax and roos llaogllns lld shaes, together wieg ll 1tts- paiais W .:gro best dttality, ristett brogans, naileld in t l I nks, malals exnylessly for tcllcatation ut!,e; i gtl :aus. I 'lt elllt of lsllIssa fnlle anil stoat ki r t isllstrlta % gsas a, te artic.., l at! a qurg antiltyof1a m infec rio1`tss c ic r ti[.lIiiilld wax brngallti. Ltadies' fite callf; seat, lantmorcc "d gral ill a etls, andI lonlp shoes le l; enclh calds r;ceo and: kid ian nsa alillters; Ist rat sltas o es, talh :at w " titla t Ila I-; I eslf, st al t a ad store l:thterll'r - tol I'ra itna; .a-. St kia s aa ena d lulitiehsli; u .l ast o t ast t n gsitla salt :i fates! lbtateEs. - is. es' l sLint l Sitgs a u m aot .gats Chilstse's colored Morce and. sa.t in i .-, ., aLaattn boas, &c. .rentlemett'sfineltishioes.hl. bla:tk silk hats; do Mleat to Ildsab beteser do tl a stulelrio tl:dlityi dya ild ton Itl ruam do; lUrl ibntl Idnarrow Ibr'iml mllelI'a linle dIIllIb:, ft: ek nInssi short nspedl hatsl, a new arlticle. \'anltst It ;e size hats ot diffAere1t itatliiss; dt a liol1`e'. ,l.'n'n sal bI:)' bla. eitl dratb woeal Ihats tf a:lani. heles, withl gnllral onsu ntllll I boys' na llm 'l i 1Is tssoatment will be repleishaed hf the arrival at e.u Ih paiketslrom the anooe analed cities, all of ahlical nilibe solon aneeomnmodatlite t esrs. Lg l-t i tuullne l ot accoumtoullatingl tter . Iug t-tf NO MERCURY NOR1 CPAIVA iew t'le lcle, Noov.lI 3k837.u a fOcT n surmonethsa and lhd tile aIhtlule tor alt he ontf lOert dieeaSle, rl C dier I 1elvrl apli'd to is, e rl doctor fl cure . uelad tuil t le h e, u ow it t e oil tile above date l Ine t~ In m re J tInler Ia r te t hle o ' I)jt Iluet, aunl I expet illu tou cure n Niec, e hliime tie dieu e got Wotree si l as to brwuk lh t large a t'r1 tOtoie number of xu io ciglt tutca h leg, I LovII etr ,n face, ani o lre ln tho nt d notable to ourtk el e pee t tim oil ael counlt of the iase l arcIe leer o I tile eri t side of ti etthruat. 1 thi ll th IG ttr" ]Velf eonfidently under th elt ou ier. l uele , r. I'Ir, "o to be perwfeetly curted Jul1ln Ilc N. feb 14 ly AI l i se C ERTIF nt the ubi,vi nearly;l ed dipellye is c qoite well aunrd to Illn' O m*II not lhe l, fin"d whic h lu tllnhk I)r. litlet; a nlc tu aless [ s.scre thl,I t ti ledi :ie I haea n kmen iuabre II lhtu cll ,l Iutit lj cly ileaC t t ltl t all therere Inuee , f adi il . 11113 e b .0 i t lueenoutie aurl alply to Ir eA. Itu e, '2l8 Ctio dteeel,er xeeuw s ) liupliinu.od t ollr,,el tIoCl',.. itr liner ln1123t hoe boek 3in 3.oc o, o u : parthe by ,ill fild a t w sd-,:trr ihr thi d (.Oi),[ flhll. If aully ouent t u s to inte I, cl, l It a t th . I a l'ic ie t.i ?,) . I1,2 .N. \Tcw (irl*unr. FelI, 1k31. ftlt II Ih k I t '1 ins, tnt its :,l cikhan asl~u, · an I11I I ·l~lll US0T 'UIChCyi I Fl I ttI't , TE-'-~FI I' ii s.l ] i~ns' . x hllr ntuc Hgi ne, l e 'i, 3 n1in 1cirts u l that,, e3 , i" sav IIrlltbWI sET'e 5l T.esae,;e o lar; / ei'l:lt " toe t lt tlhbe lue t it th I ,fbl, o . ultil t p h , o,, a.., 'in eornm s :ti.. lle ilte or" eado l i . *s . c ltll Iat rli r ente tute rtlarll , tI11 u ,uvtll ,i tl e s,:.,l e tltentextugtttellalttle,~ ttcclluell to l tleo Ilrs Ii~ euuc miz~) ·o uu ln,,tu ·ott ll to,, llllS ~ 1(~(·el il',ob ttl tl tio gtohe satic orll o 1el It 3 a r e 33.31 all pi' n ericl ell ,It te st e htl 3 call b u ll llll l, hai itit fiewistrttace tl, l,,ttut luoe t etilrusue tu l Ihulleucd ttil what or itql likl lcll tti ll .1113 I r s tcu sall e r nlu e wlitlt , e llti l ill the Illt e m ,lre candusiterin the wpc. an ferad pi fl le ttl~ , lull' ti lnleitlt · ntile oi lltt ittluIt-. 3vll oxIt ft Thichttioyntit t h ,sime uw'in i i ctuO tIioiouhit u til e te ll o lei lativ e act elns )tefi lueI f l, S,'i'll. !~ lir ,, ., 011.3 113, lIt 1 ,0t111 1 l3 woiaac tto 1 c ea tht in ,uttebeh uesul tre po r llcuiutuu~ltw, iulllrcu·nll.l,,lntl'lklluucltit~ ~u llo ,,gue1II eolnmenditle e nl ittleet c i tll.elIIlIl cole, oct1 i tlb tnl rftstnel teirlh .tohi. lell t a ills Ilte ricll uc, u tallfei ulnarle 3 u lu ns Btlinetu , tipfl t i ntet lu o alcu e ui el o lim teu rOll toe i )Ise ot ite w1o831e2 n . a e t t tt sit Oucs xl lC olutt ColiCi ilo~i llft~1t113, liui utbem uirtllgeur umt tlltero 'Iu l exter nouli xnnuinn titen i teiufaitnlitione, f th u lenal huecin cu, the I iei till adverise e tln ) conantlkinled lr pt itn a l.e e i fI s tesit nutetticty- at buie follu , :it ldtuu b i u len ii it itlll stll it i thw ilretel eulu luit i ,, et m1 h Ilt l b inll0 - ntatiale t te lllaiih tl, fln o lCnt, ,ilo tofu ike t h lle oo I tenit m t lcu t, o I an kll. ll lli ' thlt,, g rilto odi oi t hi - upedlr tiu le ts "ee t tinr f seer 1 t cc". h1i cthlll tI L entll yeudmtu i mt anetiu e, h ualhcnsn xtu,,,l, nat ii be,,l. 1 oi yI il n tmleon fro~mlr trlll o r nt sithulll :une i nclt, fi, s tiuce o thn o nn pieg t 'niit c cirtil e flu tret ite tileirst n utiil thationi ti e e , lut a u. rIt e o s i f dis mnt e t anre genetrn t y of the T iae I G(I An oltll n hIu:h Itof hresh n ande.a rnr1 Irt t 111xIlet 13 bI ti h1 sai t rit ,ti lt e bohinlers in the fold tate Iileli" l lee r llT ii Ies willetilt i 31311 is * Imid,'s a conv enience s, Iltilta CllonJic bo 1tthno o,- o Sol~ion el al.()me 13i tile n t~los! eomet, atll | I,I c1 C·C~lcl bus nl$ ncc el· | Sllit! |)uhhc of)ll t jls I* ho1 haI1 e n: ad g-~ ,t,· tC~l t t It e Wl 'k, it h I l I h l l . h n e e e lla tinn efoll llnas133 ie iu Ie'3,11 c1333 ]r31 the intla~l~lhi·lit oftle .,eulllr rl:U~~tll ·"itj~.aly adopted iu eo- ,Oi1 th.I~(.(LI Wol [1k Iin(I) Pllt, t'X :ll Illt i C'1. llllbte midl Oe;Ihtl i hy titiI lctt n1n te, tIle tlell ia, s e I 3 o 11 t 1 . hu,,nehlSU " l Ii(Ce I. 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'iuc Ilh bil; inette egiui l o r er va!, I,:t, ha,! th,,l ill ~ ,, ,,~i -ii , t heflll yet'fee rol l.lilr l ti1It h-~l~ll llll(.l~l/lI" lli~ltl)Is ! iit.I nt,l' i one allti th le nlti* :is i l h13 3 l. 313 ll 3 l3 13316~t1 3303111·ii~lll 1C 031cl,, I t 0333k 11lI IIL:.I alIitl hh s tu-i ll ii Ii tl0 III 111r.1110 il l .tcIh1 tilt ,e hlIk(I ,U hi ,lli' . i ll,, ; It,:ll~ i lll S. :ticiI lot lil t ll lile .ot lll lh. ll,, t tuctu,h,liutthtlseitil.e oa,ci in,,,,, I l 313113 33, tlh ltl' illltlll.ld I the 0313 V 3 1 :r.3 I33 acc ,',i l ,l tit Cu € lellr ~ ll ccl l .tVl a t o l pic.tle c .ls h i':,h iirle e.]~cll lu ltlnlt uI teiiiii I lllltl.L:t I s l III I hlw I.' 1k11,k0'11 :ll i d atCj~ lll li. vns ln lu.t EISh 11~1) ~ (i llC thl .'I yl-:IC l6e ...eL Ill pat011110,H nibt-8uoftotheu~u s 3'1ri,ce ,obucnuu: vifrll it'i a nen r ito i llilasors. il tbultIpleoxir lio l ttcu8uc Iu 111 ~l,,e 1sntle iltl· rs isllle i1,,¢.illl k|e't, fi,. 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PIatNi~a hsb or11 tlt ltn iueh l PI([ e~lllluotlls ultnlthi' it 13wn l.I~~iiOle uf I',f h t Wnl. 11l00 1 elall.ll~ .cl lsf-frlt THE FLORIDA LINE . From Mobile to Aungsas,Go.. leaves Mobile every day at three o.. 'clock. pm pher 1 8 mail boat for Ilall's L. lndan, above Diakely,-thience foor p (at cachoa to Pensueae-s-trhener saesmhontt to Lagraee, where th land toutale is resumed-thence t via Matiannaa .nd Bonwaaville, Fin. Bninbridge, Patlderlw ,n, I.rIIlvinsvilld. Saundereville i& Larir. villa ta Augusta, (;s, ca.naeting reoularly witit the rail roan cars tI Charleston, anl the rsteam trackeae a Notv York, Noreolk, PIiidipllRia' etc. T'e seateamboav atr. the best for the servie, nud ithe oavigation presents moreadvnalesthnn aenn be found upou say steasmtboat route ira the soautlh. ern regiol. Tile great inprovesments in the rotee rve abeen prodneed by laer cosetruetion al lifrty iiles of new roand, by tlhe prrpristors, viz : frOllm LaGralle oU Lnlar"l'ltc iatou, aet arm of Santa Rosa Bal to IBrynta's FeIrry, o0 Ibe Chattahoolcheelriver, ten mtiles abave the Crwionrd, or 14 above Cedar Illuiri whereby thle navigatioen ol the river, and tile coa asrquellt detelltionl , and more recently the inlon evniellnt crossing at the Cowlord, ire eatirtly avoided, and a fine road from Mluriaann direct to Bainbridvj, instead ol the ronundabout road via Chltattahochee, alscaenirra thediancle about l'r y lilesa, antd irert'asing the faciliies more than Ailr', r ,,rnnei line of two hrao saragers evrcy rIahar d lr..eyn , a w kioivtille, via ePtvrra' tia t.o a'ra. fi aotnecirlng with tile line to nvatlonah al ar joarica, Gear. A mail reanlboat lalirta regularlv Bainbridae alli A i'alaclictila. 'l'ravt'll'rs wishiae to reaui anly pont on Claohaalah caahee ar Apalatlhia cola, ctll nlllie sta.OlmlBoa atla Brrwa'vtVille. Mobliie t, a ltaeaaln--I.tcl arid Raoute--')iriai thea lilllie o acupIa caa ii by a ll rla trs aat taatsI, tilaa propra l . atrs raf thle llarida Irae will vUI a laia aaI aour htrvi paa va-laelaahtm every othier day btlatw'ean Mo. Sl ta ,d Pensuainl~. vl'l leave c3,laile tu 3 ti'el,'ck .p ra, il thle U 8 mall boanal, ad prceaedl to ilall' Lland ine, nallare a tour a ltoa' coach wlla a a in twaivlaa a I t cver vtv heml to Ithv ext.elltilt hoauv of AMr. Ch,=rl,,+ lt, I la 4 maile diaanal whtere they walld fial lavsaat aneconaaaaodatlioas for ataa aaight--telaavna' IIaa aIallllarlllla tllty till atri ve irl l)anal aall. ab .raly eill e n. i r lla, ahus ratlnlll trlt ditconfort an I rinh I tr.a a elli v. . O1ita' atI rit' arcllvia ltavause, la ih, andi ,. lirns' ilhea , t'ens;lloain, where e CItIa 51 ht i b e Lt r,-'. WI'OCITON & <'.. niv I fli rar traalttt'tttt'var io et+ rctl( tat It \\.lllain111 onl s tllll l den!,rs his selrvYi.Cte to the. (:eml, zars of Ni w Orn' latn as a leaclr t f n he b ia Ia:ll rtle. AirS Itilalra benl anatipl-yryan tavratl tvallB , t e la rchl er f Illtar ic ill privatl. litttt Pr in Bstonan tar r , 's'a 'l v ara n ln the ietaln tm inart i s in ian vi ' a , a'at'r l tar>t h lap'elits ml ria lht 'i r tartar lIo l elli ttd t a ta f tr l i R 'v l)r Cl 'p., .la r.o Sta'o.t & Avr a , le .It rtrot ann at'a . -a ca r ieatns, Oa alrvam aipply at tate bIakst<vre rar an Alhxaridera T t wert'4euCanr p t tatat 1)'rgs and .Jledirl'sr. -o Jh ,tt.a' t hIa ed htr'tt a nl r hia a a itr tt tala I'rurrarra oar Irtrananctirty at atir ral \VhI ,hI ah DrL tla It' is nowa ecitvini n lull sta ll i rat act a Ir I 'atar ii tar a na' trait Ira, at Irarla a tri l I I! 01 tr1.h 1 illld 1. rit li l aI rta r s, rat ch ra "ar ill St l [ i rll riin al llt l l 1]o city L ll ruinI)I·F :, .I A htll ". ol 11,1 . llllt' r , I,. ~l~ ph\ Sl ltinu Irn w i l .fi r+: he Ii ,ff r hin'ci tnIs Such n- hav, inev r b . hIr ba , ll' T rd I lt n hi . i n aIIIn at a l ,it a e''t Sl Ie.'a itrte ba i ltar s' . II ' startk ,i ill tarti a tat, t ariiJ a n', lll lt n Ia w wra' aiks wt ill ''a ra. daol Itbuala.ianar. Alliaarvarv, ataralrt ''thatncr,llasaall, iot n l Ir..h llt'0 i- ci tr., r a all'vi a t > Ihel wa illIra Ia,. .ptlly attalanda It. N, 3:C9 .,n a at -TIllttiIlPA Lr RETAICi.italIi ANti VA c IaI1Tl Y S'ITaR'(E--at the tign of 'la' gohltnt .ombl , ' ~l hlz at.r-les tel-r . The sltr- l. rinir' l J'llthav r e- ceivtd, inla lliou ato thieirprviahus ttalck l hnatlalrr.a fulllt atnd COrlmle -a aeaOrle rat of arthls ir' thtir lin; v : combalt, eItlc ' .lcrr. Jewell", Ir'luihes, hlokinar gIltsatr, "lmev lrtitcles, % ea.naait'eting in purt aafc lhoa : C 17 HS1l.-torhise shltll wrouilht al inin tliiiuck twistl itilled t It k aont c ruu d cil, rer , a slant l l u aaa . liit I ranr d eka il 'ti zll ria a co bra i.f every devi cri til.L allllnl dt Ititalitare soini Mn,'axianl Platter-c Invory'icol b prtfevartl Idnsrititon, haer, idrevsia snd packert t, togkra I tr witc h aita generotal s.ortiaenttoffPrtuand Amnlarinamh PIERFUMERY-Coho'ue, Lavel.a r, Hlorido, honey, Ibuy, roses tand oran..e' flower wafers f fevery size ad 1 I"; ble arlls, cIltlsiltnl of r- il u a ,d C .trta ctona i tlatlnt a jant onh all nnsn lt illti, .lr aito gnini nr -kr- arc arnt 1en1rtttii 1 aatlaa, wVarC tl rgtathlaia' bit IIl, an oas Inll iqtua. I latlcn-lta ailaeI gt olt, Naai i tat rrit' CITllnid odetp)KwdNr ,er Lpowderm)an b'r iii n ard b tsilo tatle Iaraca rI aardrc tarrE y Alatl TIha amnrnil IAt crllil ca ,(,;'it aa l, orrn lln e a rilla a tiota tltia LF:r 'l,l ll t'--rsar , Cain e lats tnIt nr , tr hhat FIeT? st.l·l, iitlili lillff of whi~ile·~ llld e . orlil~~ I(X·llhldl.tll r l arin , hI , ' tr i l viha re e, hrateIa iln ia . f ir :.a .ar-- r vili|' lalaIllrltr tat hn I tr nn I aia airtr.a, a tarita I a .tllt'' l t :! 1111', 113irv~ lhhn ll i·(jil- lin - tlai'pt it' I t at itl uataal I ar t airil- a II 1a mI ' thSl-( rltI. r i lt i a .it r 11t r 10 t ru h.h rti, . lart, '.h Ii , . Lhral i a rt, ria a r lr, lo ala ' ITt a cler~ ll~I ()K. t I;.A:41,].--Ta ralarlana sti a illan g .lrt. rl.l~l~:,., a ani niac I trl iah t tl - h11 l, x+ irlth . +; nr ti+ f+t h+.r, lh lldmi no illlitltjll r:,,+l.i(il IA .i I Uit .\ hlilll. lAI iti'it .llllr'l , -I,'rtU\ h varly Ia'ri'h n'tl 1 nl ain I rli a nd h at"-k ."'t, - atn nlca.o tillttnl. tinn'l lLatiroanat'aoaltbtn..,. atl-d li lle il t atrii ta .t I I ltll rrlr i ll' , irrtt l "t' r atll I lI al ttl Itll' . nh! h le, Ro d lt ttll,.lt t'a l 't, , trail crsll 1''llb llltltll lird. !, ch)+rt.,t~l.=and].+-,, + h u.l +ti,1 tiarailanarrin aaar'n'nan' aural, ' i r l i ntra rt l . a' a, t I't'w i'i ra.rarara lahar.aa iiartar naacva raa qintl ' bhrr'a .L t lanait~ ottrat atrot ra+itvtl'e anvl t ararall rarn Ir;.rll-,lilbo .Itrt.;lil car t'ttP., a ti. tainr at' ta rtar h'im t arira Alilirraaa r C al ltat arl anll i altt al't lt , rarrtatimIrurarar - alllesl', Iairahrnn' alatad Ilawkin' t r 'vanara cairn 'aria arallatalnhrr hnaltk, anrna marllc na-n iar-a'klala 1 ~t],. |ll ltat'v aratc'lar'n ar-tad I~larttrn. tarrailra ilath +Iutu rir-rorra graet ato.tlt altar aiiari naterataoi tarltian l Ira Ut.artarnt. lcrraar,uld.trnai', aiaa aotarac.tidll. ak.m. vntaarla, Ivenkaaatitn~'alaviiii cr-'w~al-r',octrttitc lm, alt, talld atrink ting call Ira¢ it ana ttttt 'ttlt rc nt ' at atlatra ar-n, nra o'w i I b wiar la hvdr 11l iIr alllsho'it ii~ca ld 17 Spcro (il, in casks alld bIhfs, for ahxe by JARVI$, & ANI,.,:\.a, Whalel I)ltllgg sta, corner (' 11 i and ichap la-i LL t r ,, I t' n ti- t \\. ir, P.ri u rt', s .- A . I.II(.t 11 colo ue,o, put up e.xl res-h IIo lil, l., .1 i ,e; ;;.Iso the purest 1TF c h P r tlt r ,ll 1. r im!,* ,' ev. r) var~ ty for the Imi'o tor sahe ht el ttlE. & I'LAN. - B INIS Ii ES -The duscaiber, ttttit g itt U tta' h lisa h d a arldnih Ilnllll'ctorv II. ew I ,tic'ls , is rcudy to supp'ly . the Isainters and the Ill, icll in genleral, Ify .ho aletliah or retail. Ilie pricea re Illllrrr ti, l nll d the 5ltality of hie producl superrior ioany crer brou;:htt A - al u hl i s v m mri t o; f t l hi s k i d i n E u r opr e . 'l 'h o .s e d i . p , ae d to call at 5L corllu r if' Natchez ald 'IT.hol,llul. *ae, Shall be pent:ld wilth a fair sumple If any vatnish they ala, 1 hih to Ii tiry \oIIgsI theC vurulllihl l l'l uro the a'ct N ihl, w m irrl dllol t)o h:llellll. rI.I lT I ll )illil talentr. The bllack vanrllish for lores. aur l l l-to l [, linie- . The u Ita Iparent varnish withoul t t i-:I, I{ -'I ,IH'I -' nUI nndingf in a~,ta s. Ihtdepe i,. ta N"'.:, "It re air aL IIIaom lit a.1,a R I _ _ & - " t , A i t "I 1 a aitiiagi't aitiatlii ' r 'u stl.-iland i,, a ly a sOG 'IT I ifAt Tif' N. ;: .. . 1 . ( iý l ;.: I RDEI N ,:":t.D -- , . ,. - o rxprs hi. s r ,tc h t . .l.l t :!, " - ," h. . he. hhural .llp;p rt heIt' ,s a cse d .",' ate c n ori: r , 1 - hils eity. P6, I s i(" ; p :I o I I T , e .1 17 C lmr ,, l- l . . a ste r . . ., , t to l, ,, h V n. . !i." ; ll yllh it . e I ra e o( I "u e. lll o II ,I:.,t l.,U 'i'' '; ' tist'I i - .t ' , -- , 3:nlll.. , o, .lIIp I...fill ,I 'I., ll itI i ll,., L' i iiit I dy I a.e itr tod Ut IIt I ,' . . I . . r,.,l % i. d- ,II - Ililol - , l&lv. ,o! l lil._"c i. lo , , tic . t ,- eI-'..n".'l ,dI e nu s,, rl,.". Iii l ,.. · 'D , ,. : 1l',::m" II,, ! ,,dt, aInglaud , S,,,o r 1 , ,I I!," 'l l N ' It S'tll PUBLIC.- T all risb sI g;rl. . iaVg, I s tudit t ulld r lr. Sl. ld t oa.55 t. r, h ri, si tSi. C. lar l ' r, tald for ia sle yalrs la, ll rt"a i!t " iat ri practict of al dicil.e atnd urgtry, e e,~1 aor Sto o.r 'hris pr ,sional ry ericea an t hi cit. , Io asturera the I lfadies v ad gc trle men titt- t tlte i m it o'Ialpt attlltion lill be ptid to tse call wic may "a made; and also otfera fit arvict it tithN holdar ofi PlavU, einag -Thel uadrLilnad wila tie itsatasea caataaon Ca tltata, having aittiadad thae in st u iar ouse i Dr. Clar l.idt of a 'fir IhBaous anti.hilioui pills cuter ehe cottrtoption South Coeor Sttolltae, Killl direc tios, can be l had a tie uadarsigned. Tle alRlet whichl they hall to duof in this nold otear ciutrie, has athis city. i ths tire grteste ande, o wgetlemen thai. the st o rofmptrec attention ill beiv. Apply at N. 1ls which aitto etroct. JNO. 1'LORINIG. may te SmadeU; Iand also offier his iiel e to t&C hovi lurr oflatves, bei d ing ttllg oftd with tihes; d.erettli ass th lin theof e havly, iattadoed the O in 'at' rl Us ati.iliou'nes o tater thevral Grmposill L 'Protiisor Stiotltte, with direction, ca be t imudttetd in tlus atad other cities, has been attendef th thse sdgreatest stuccessi toare ch teit e best of f:i crtncrwrd can be given. Apply at No. 166 a.. n t Cine artet. JNOt . he , tLRING.ta nle oew Orlat n-; ateson, a urris a l o. u'aNatcea;, t lavin telarria will attaelld t itet eatiag oithe buin css sed in liqidlationtttly. 'Those iadtdted to said firms arc earae-tht re.qustej Icoaa forward andmtake carly tetticent; and thaao. atating claims will please prtsent theft nithntLtcl.Ž T OLBEAR'S Science of Penmansihip received,and . for sale at their permanent Writing Acadamiesio No. 8 Chatres stret, New Orleans, 189 Broadway New York, Danphine ot., Mobile. It is particularly designed ftr it al learners, and schoolsi, and is cnlcnlante fcrpersonnef'all ogee, Ladies and geitemen a ire invited to call and entllhiec the system for tntemselvrs. Lessons are given at sach houaes as may slit tihe convenience of all, and to classes funned in cny part of the city. Ladies who prefer it ean receive !ssonn at their own ref sidence. Porsonas pavin! cn o rseoflrsons are desired o atel,..."-''t t+ s a ,ell--ithiey wnith. T -JlC BILOTII IR. ROWAND'S 'IONIC MIXTURE, T EN years have not yeot elapsed sine it was first regularly suobitteod to the public; but it olhas attained the highest reputation; and has stti,. planted overy other medicine for tile Ague, wrlcer.., er it has been known and appreciated. Alrendy, oas it been carried in every dtroction throutghout the United States, and still realizes more than coulldi have been anticipated bhy its mot sanguine friendts. Titousands of persons have not only been relieved, but restored to healt h and vigor through its agen. cy:; and they now choorfully testify, at every olp portunity, to its dechidendand supreme efficacy. Iti is cotposed of such medicinal principles ias arc calcnluted to renew thie healthy netion of the letou acll, liver, and other imtportant digestive organ:s, the loss of wtlic itnarmlony is tho immtoediate em-cseo of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ ens an ontirn change in the condition of the systlrl, and certainly destroys the native liability to rclep ecs of Ilth afflction. ltWhen the Ague is attended with anty other complanint, the employment ot the Tl'oic Mixtuae will not interfere with the treat. r mont of the other di-eaop, but wi!l even aflord as. rest.ince by furnishing strength and vi'gor to tih body during thle etrsce of treatmont. T'1'hso who make use of this medicino may be assured that there is no Arcenic, Iarks, Merrury, or any other article in its comnpositianl unfriendvy to the huIan Sconstitutiin; being entirely a o egetable extract; iand they moay have additional colnfidence ill the use thereof, when they erocaive that it has the c y fact of a gelle laxative about til time half a bLt. Stie fil has bIoti taken--in consuqtteno of which, thIor is no part of tite tne:dicille left to liigc:r in the bowela to calluSt obtrultions, aondo other evils, arising fronl tie use of manllly of the remendies now oltbred for the cure of this alibction. It has bcin uist.d elsoes a preventive, by In.Iny who were sub jeet tna perioedicit r tecurrence of ti i Chills, nd it Shais invariably wanrdd otiil't aptprehended aII tac. cItatly at lltnded a punctual lld rdullrl" t:us ,o the T 'unid Mixture, in all itsesci ofti- vve anld Ague, ticlse warranted inl eng.iging to r-efund oclthl-ice to all tuose who have tae ion tile ietdicinou leL strict aci cordace will the prescribed drrellcions, witllout hlaving been i-rftctly and ila..titgly cured. Thei subscribers arce tihe cithcisale agents for the Sotith IVstern Staties, ani d I ave li on hand six Sty casts of Lis mtediicinte, hirch is warranted t ritsh and genuino. For sale nat the mnanu!ucturd prices JA.1IIVS &'. A NIlhit i-VS, V7 -o senoin Iohr il)r .,,uri - .+Issas.stpp, ;and Llna-sitstl Jlotel, , , VI NCI N t,4 SIRS. IMARY KIIIiLAND respectfally nt. ) nonctes to heir friends anid tihe public gu-t. ally that sheli: is prepared to aemmenodacte tha ti tl ilbovt o stabl lrlshicial, Imld hopes fr lnot her xertionsto reeder visitors cofiltortablc, tio receive I continuance of former tlvors. Site felis tecns. lent that peronas vinitigi Covingt-on durinll theit rtnmler mnonlths, cannot find buier iccmlnlnudtions Iher house is plaesanlly situ:,ted, and well supplied with every convm\tencet; the bar is firoished with Sthe ilost choice llqnolrs, &.i. it I short,sc ilrolmis ",at nothing shall h: ctnti oni her part to gite itire satisliction to all I\lll I may ipatroonito the lississippi andl Louisiana l otlel, je:3 t I(O+LLOIW WAREi, WOODI ,c'REWi , SAil IRONS.. &ie. 'ISIIE IIOWELL. WOIRKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, nri.r lBckcclnma strtet, Niw York, hlave received the past seiason, andl ari contstantly rueceillng large and extenliv' additions to the st!ick oF thle allbove g.oodst, wlbl now cotlni ts oif the ollowing assortLnllIa, suital t l tor the Iouiheur and Swesternl inatkes. Sllollow itre of superior qiatlity, cousistinig ol Sabount 1500 tots, v:z, Pots of 22 dill.treat s;? s. From 2:S ti 50 galhons, Kottlar, 15 szces, ffo, 3:-' it ,30 gtllons nitll-s, 5 oizor's, irouIt 3:'+ to iI gallon;, I tkIlepants or n)\ ,ll, 7 dt11;"rt ll tsl , n'o'tta Kettles, (; di That Spide'rs tirlddes, . t 1 ', i',re Dogs, l1 t o .a.lon ta es from 1 1 1 i i 3.1 ltr. i.. rt -o.5 t 7 ' IV, d Sortw"-, '2 1.1 ' 1 ro s, ri n all '+rI, 'l n: :h inth, N .. : 3t i i ' N t , v iat u;,cr-o - t l' ii A i, ire . ,to d I. ronl , u-sorf"d, r0i ee, o ah+ b ut ',il)II,. f.,r cti titncg. Tal ,or's and hallit , . Ian i-,.a rc,. Sashi wn'tight, 1ll0 to: , a: notted lirion i I ti Ile.,s for PIho, church'.:, :t.. made to ordehr, A!so steambts ltand otl;r 1achinely made ts Jrdor. r Thle oabove as citment oft goods is patrlticularly r d rco ende tlo ti attenlltionll of Sotiollll "i-icstern merchants, itand atr olrted fit r ic at iow prices, anud upon the most t l teln. ; ie i 10. i Sivend to b tite .lrlgeto t aii l i ,.t al ortil Cit ever otlr'ed for s ale biy y ont u otablisin lt in the fored .l tles. t M lirchlants, by forwar ling a re.quet by tnail, can have ia prin'led crcular. wallh dt.criptn ,, f ,"good+s, terms, lhich nolil deviation is e\er ilide, firnishbd by return of marl. All orders will receive iLnaledI:Lto attlention. New York, 1838. p3 1 I' (ait.-ts 1J tl-neritci'. Idi:n Dye, lt r c,,orii _ ,, I ,r ; ic:r's tl, R,"s,.l lt ei,,' ,let,, po'l mll h11:h . 'c l"it' Ie\Vr ll t, rntlli, +,It p,,,rl Ii ,,%%'I I.I w aits, r e mll ,.I osel~s, ve',, hie routge, oti rMci, hp salt , kr"nl,a ·tne rol· l wa- i t, c .I til ,!+r lilcu,, oranIgt i tlweer watetr, po, i-der pil- acd ha , A rt t, i h:r onal, i tl t u; l ' I i~lS+ P lrn rls " I', k ll' l ',,lil IIIIIL: I ll~t+ 111,,iit I, il I 't ' I'.. - tCl .i CIIAlt I F t tATS-I rnse- drab tt-i- hi. I, ritu t iti. I broatd brit aid low r.lvii hn li- bt ,111i hip ,4, i., % lihre n ,' !.t c it- ou I I Bi M ; t"I c I,, i ,7 1111II , ,i Ic,, Ft \ iI 11I iI S"hu r , +\: ,ul-- P b , .ulxt , .,u u ,, l, V W. el. th ch;r, "Zeliv. ICh , h+ ic i , lved l . ii % 'ti~.llN & t - ' Il -c-ti: . (')I lill ctlic it, lcinnh, 1 1rlcr m h buiv.. l phs1Y1 ,nil i w . iit vo l ptt li o t p or l ,:· '1'h in' ib wll d t U plld itl l+ : i' i I<. made s llo t ' i c i ahn' t,,,'l. Iltr oltoec.. i Ittlceicit t o ict n. it-ic tic- e ok ui s I tt- .,ct hc tich e tiil-c t c i , ih x i h' o h - --laTtleolr niti-elias rti-!i t c- tit olt C ,i :tc t i, l t~elltl~ l; llt+i~iltJ h h't:.d ili~ll¢ , ct O '. I T a1, "-.-,b - .i.,, i . i Chil lrrus si.r. .r.wv, (1 ira as. l f.f1, S udpIL' NT, 1 "I ,. L ·i"nari,, of French SW d .lI d h l n,lni a a 'ri t ,I . iara, ,ning and [t, i s rv s, i I r ll al lai er e la-e , Itrpg, s, 'ia, ' rs, etamsl ,I Iai S19Ire., dia hes, lure,-s, w 1tvasi basins al- owurs~ ,oo hIahs, etc. ,le. RI ch ,ut and plan Fre, ch "';dI \indri,,n la . w ,ar - ls, i hIaIr o iail, r 'al ir:0 l , a rd, ll.h. t'aell eIR, .lo re ', , w in ' . a o rdit a - ' I , W n Jwh , ' d c n is te rs. Iim p shado iand gl'l ses', cau .I shat lo , saIlt cel bl !v r plted, .roizd t noI d hlil=tania warleS't,. nla ftorl, liqnarr stands, cla e htl e's, i na Ille Iia cis,l rg InO s, I.I111 S , Ih I d t1-,iia l dlr, a lla 0l-n a,1rig t, n ,In_, lintmip-, fin, cuailer, inriranir ver spa al .and irks, i , rill IIer ri t IarraE p larl of17 ,il ior ftanalty use. Alrchants, plan''s, bht' le, and ';l.un hots, lhrni':hed w,:h g' d:,hos, tell , rraile aarie's, a pal kra d sr as r o he invei I iI, Lsai ,iey ta ti/ part of Iia cou a i i t l .bi, palr bicnro 'glaassuara . ToI iL - a' ria i1 ,a ihan ., arl i n ier ,. Negr~ cair hs, blnkita-, 11 I" nsI se 1h s ,, m' e: inlu checks, lia as, r Ialu ar k t " bIIA bAlRlAN(iikjnoko by n~apnl e ~ Oiiiy j We!p d ne ( \rln ml Inc'U aroot tleeday, Itacinredoy, T jhy mola koAIa'illso~nioby5 .II C~in·, \I~lpa nvr lundniv, WrdnedaJ, TIMES A HRIVIll'Altv'I'Ui0 DJSTANCb i Yoiltl.Rea~ nmobIle daci: lit 2Ia. 81lra.y Noiar Ne Yr doilyna,' 5 ill iniihid. Ar Ne '.loaed. cvl~ 'lime ~r, etun'6d 8llcTyoolh' (in 2 1332AI. IiiP 2jI'W p.TA FI di. Itiio, Nl C.pca bjil 201n4 niii 2l NH f ot nn, b in, .C Zjwin. 1ui~l~·a Itj 10Noth t. har on a.1 i. 23 6 Arii YNoenno. n.ll jan. 83~arcli 111 tleli~j itllroitiriobntyArg 8Iln It ' "7 11pIZm. I lnrioogbuinnoy 131 In. 1 Itj ol~ I I'iitodetpiiin 13 nlun. l~ll II 1311 11:1'Ri"P Ii.r orl~n tol 23 JO 1 5Hcllnll\o a, ZIllllahtl, T)A 33 V.A~ne(? I l4on 1111 1 Conoth non.oflm in i aooo'ienitoii Coliolinil iwln iolion· Inei no iv LIi old~e iit i orF i~riloon nllub tllol rioiiililii?'t b'.rs firi ir-ingr hism iii, Oann' if lii'otin :otli o Iei, ii iiiipt rno i,~n Ilitti nig( oilnlcion ,,n Iiifrl sled.We i)/ llc ;lI II oopo~~nnRilooIon~tiia i~anitrio ajin g Ir I frl~~l ii Iliotinin~r &ll. (ioolia0 nldronbeer -d iilaiitoi.,t Ilii, 'iltn oritioer m Ili tol nton i ti ottol~nb~ rat' L lii~l olo illo a lilaliv, aol roi1 alie nllln piniiiealebu.. d nlnal~ In noio rmlinni fnrootli o~laiir alla~ cO~le IIrola tIN 'II 01tH * OA'R'l"S NE'. NOVE ILSYWll Poltnlllj I/EU' lieajt byl't 'Ike iii larii I'd'. .dNiiiipl,r &a 001 b~dl\(: ·lCll iolira~llV ltuo1loi~ijnj l dm'ilole uOL ! rli-~ivniiis, to· t plain findllolel, Royole Nioy, Fr. Na t f I o/i, loon toI humr.~obv ofII II n/,i fiiIliio Iil/ kioA tim \ Iiii oo.lli:\A rl of Iillo NVIitorlilg tiltli lh e ilo, tl l1enlltnltI nl ee i~tl.2inolio ihIP il. lEVY IVi miii,·~ Ict· m\.iitI, oi,, noi.i llto f iinni iiifae(Is rliCnl"liilar lIiiiiiliiiii Il :Iit,, onmk h lui tlnllTonme mule 1IIi ,O.niii ,,i i;InIoiI'.mi I':lloimi ·III iot iia.II. oi~l·a' Ihtiii,,3b li I~,, li, Clion. n i iliriealob "li la.' 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N"lu Plhl''I" rvc , 1,1ecsia A ,;,rient__ i ,.I. a22222l. and 2.2,,'l . !,, 2:1 1, P Ir 2.i22 a rs ndis t - l I u s bardCo ,! ,-, hendaseh. I: 11 li l , 1I IIIaIIkllgtl {ik -'"11'r. " [guls 1 .d lExtro ,,I . Inr::, pnrlI. f l'ulllih, ll III . I l , , lo a l L:bt , rne. .I i \' : .J1Nj , 1, l 1.ln.`, 1 a ,od iV'f-rle , ; lrllT h ae II a+, h. I v,,d ,r (), ,h: , .c.r . 1' h ill ll,.- N S PI I(,1 i' l 2ruo oIrli tinglll ,l fi '" e 'l t Iba r IP t 2l'b 2 w sn y I-22 d2 r pi 1L i i et n o b lo esb I' s,, , 1 2's rl-. 1,", 1111 ' ili 2i,' ,rln. o th w ashcra t ,,,wd r iull' and ,ii, ',, l reoll .a isc l tied and € IIIi i 2222-2"l'2l.l22 l ll llllhl l i Iii, ,([ense. I1,, "h+ I r-I Ii " I, "., ,:, ,i'.= ',Iacnssar Od, O ld. Jid ," 2222 ll22o1 I 2 2 '2 j 2 , il i , eliety loi i ].l. :r ,t "ll II"I Fr .. i olnlitr iiblll· t I +i rkllllg ink ill ll: I h c , a.n `.I ' Fr l o l and I ], ,' . I , ,i!. ,I L ,l E IH::I E t iC .)NE tI 22 2.2 a,', 2.\ t ree " 2 ii' te' ssh'e 'IIIl, .oflee. '1 ' ,u 1 'l' r"I. 1 l-e , ,n,, 2 he2vn if t he 'rl'otlir atil t.ric .l' 2l " r Il , Irll ill, r, h costnl i It tre in l .*nd t .r inci ir t e 2 lil al lrtl n .lg ai eer o2, .uerirt, w kmd f+ie, b o 2 2lot I, l,2t,,cids ,la tiaons r' i 2 Ill' the22 S ii t Egw., I nc Iiti l ilh nh IIc. itiol tal ' " t vliie; Co2t21'e i c+ ip.'r i C,5l, eit i.d ,ia l I t spa ica n srg l 2rlt '. 1A l1l i.I3l, 1 .o llu.ers, at ind r ve5 St oe, monl ded I d l pe + Itla in ni lls a ld tlntel., mtill t int h at s n d, bouic, ndr, icvst . Ifretie o ris .oma > Ilu r no 22 "lmlnlu r til, li rtI rastan 'ta olo lc esile Ljenlsofe t e Ir t h l t1IoIgCo 'l ia lloothe several orn OWl C i|"al-'non. strea tld aplil'elile th e oa sten. [00 - isl NItw Yorkt o, tilok l tn i n onytoatly ore l . ree oral In al elie lif I al Manle Py W ' disease. illld of thel beet Egoy ptia'n, Italian, Irish ebnd Alh oi cl Ic sIoelb. Als, MoWal, , I ote, ' onsw anrd Grae Siset, le teldd ll a lit d , lain sill nd linte d l.e nali le i+rings, Inc t lis oid bo . i a .ry ten nt, plsfoer the aris, tle iell &s Iydrelie Cetuc ot i ad lprllt.o h i ble to air, tegctl r . ith n. i ple did o. ctly oent a vic ins T ll 'tl c llsee t a ,ploh e G he rateos ed Mixturea ien lrtes etflna new r a:.n.db Irlc,1 , opros d plc it I ll, ll Seg dose ie te-s lceat tl ],ncr end dest tute i're e v fsie. ti.hed ity llac fist rate ill orktien tg h' Io, ,iJd .lli tt n'e whlIn , h I ,l rrl. ly deis d re o thelc I.., : n 's~ fVer tluc lo l b il llllb d I . h ,'hlldd ic U tiucraorctla t, d ·st h sp t2 r nr Int ael ,,l ll r ce Is byy t II roEA , at 2 '' lihi llp 'Iii . -'.i2 lie i 'ald ll',ei| ad lao, II untonlhose street, app osite thn poet-of lee. 'torie, in Ntw York, o and will keep constantly

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