Newspaper of True American, September 7, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated September 7, 1839 Page 2
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*w.Oerlema Chmber of Commrer. OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR 18:39. Preident. S. J. Petler. First Vice President, W. I.. Hodg, EsPq. Second do. Jnt. A. Melk', Esq. Cotmminee of lppeals far 8311. Jamestn Dik, Jaes fl. I.eve'icll, i1. C. I'amnlack. Al ijah Fisk, I, P. O. erble, Nnalltel Thompsom, Cnmmittee of Arbitration fJ, the monoA of Allty. John Hedlleston, John C, Hlnrrisoe It. W. Hntingtaun, \Villim HIopkins, Enach Hyde. Jr. P. A. Hardy. Joachim Kohe. Mail Reglktleins. The Great Eantert Mail is closed every day at 10 o'cleck A. H. Is due everyday at 4 P. I. The Lake Mail (via uovington, Ita.) is closed everv mnay, Wednesdayv and Fridaytv at 6 o'cllhk, A. I. In due every Tluesday, l'lhursdan:, and Saturday, at 5 M. •,. TA Louisville or Riser Aail is clored every Mon dae, Wednesday, and ainlnrday, at 3 P. M. 'is sent Il returned by steatboats. Arrives irregularly three lnu. a week. The Baipos &urn or Coalt Altil is cloud every Tueeday nm Friday, at8 P. M. Is sent and returned by emamboate. The Aleanedria or Red River Mail is sent Irregu Idol" by ntemnlonte twice a wpyk. LOUISVILLE OR RIVER MAIL. Monday, ) Wedne.dey and . Close at 8 o'clock, P. Mi Umturday, ) Coast MAtt.. Tuesday and launsday n Cloesut Bo'clock.P i. CARROLLTON HOTEL. Ii and the publi itt genrral, dIat he has taken the Hotel at Carrulltoe, where ho trusts -ha will reeeiv the calla ol his old friends and all louver of Saud oheer. Pivets rtles will be handomlely provided for Iy alvn lle notice beforehauti. ie is willing t. enter .no arrgeresta with fomilier or individuals desairus l epssing ith eamn er at Carmlllon. nI,0 NOTICE. tArraeonement to commenrce tat A u uast 1839. NEW ORLEANS & CARROL.TON RAIL ROAD m nalRt ARnaa enTa FORnt T P tWEEKo IiAS. ew Cerrollton. FatO uo n OrlealS. ome er It 4 o'lock, LA. .Jl Hrne Car at 5 o'cluck, A. M Lenmailee " I.oentrOlive 71 - 8 " "I " L AnBDEMr NT Oh SUSApYS: Thne arn will luueav a the atltE hoursau itn tLo ueekday. nelw I o'clock, P. Al. when a Loutllutlve will ltaveu.errutitai meeery hor., uantil8 o'cluck, P. t. and New Orleans evily hour untili9 o'lork, P. At. Aft'r 1a o,'locku a laorit ut trrcn unhthinltted by tayitu S dale larfner the Trip ifratlled fo tter tr I utclock, P. M. 10 dot. tarn will ihe rharled. Personsngohlg by tie Sterl, Car must provide tllemselvu r with Ticksls, alu t ae cdo.atar t a Ipotiveo directuia a ut to receire oney in lieu thereat. FEor the aeaolaatioll f itretoll itiring Ctlrrollton. it the 5 o'clock ..r. and who oay ot wita h to ,uamin there Ul il 8 o'clock the aer that t no hertlufure.Itr Carroeton at 6 o'elnok,ntillrelallill u atil 6. o'tclock, thereby h oweitg them ona hourtotelltoytle .Plreatat walk. ill oue ofa the mot lbenotoiI Oardetsa in the Utited States. TIlE JACKSON AND L.ACOUtIRSE STREItT CARS Leave the hL.aud of J,blekturll.trt l t ti o'clock, A. At., Catal tieet et ft o'Ulotk. tlllll rUt tolrly. At o'c:lock Ily will eommelle tolutte reach a.ld eveRry alt hour utltil 8l o'clock, P. M.,exceptine that inltead of tleuin Catoa street at l ao'. eloak, tie ter will leave there alt 9 o'ciack P. I. SIt i parttu'arly requested that gontleme will not puat their feet upou tle euslionsa, or .toke itf ltle cars, wheua Ladina ire present. Olee New O]ealts and Carrollhos Rail Road Company-, jaly 26th 1839. Ctiuf Eag. N. O h C.R NEW ORLEANS CANAL ANI) BANKING CO. P HE Iran Steamhoot Reltecca will leav te heBasint at the tlhead 1f tita New Canal, every day, (except Mondayu) for the, an flluowr: I)epart at 5 A. 1t. Ilteturn at 8 A. hi. .. 4 P. M. sl..M. I 9 1P.M. And o MIONDIAYS: Depart at 10 A. h1 . I Rturn at 121 P.l.. Ip'. I. 4 P.M. 51 P.M. " !t P.M. may 28 II. CIIEW, Cash. New Ar rangemeaLt. NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD. Tlh Lonomotive will run te ret Pirie; cul 1 nesting on the 25th inst. ns follus :- ]WkEK D.ty", Departure, Return. t '. . It tu . 1. SUNDAy. to La l.unlehlle't P noou. ItoLa Bran Air 6 A tt 9 A M. toLaBraunches 4 I' . l Iu P I JAMES 11, CALDWEI.L, Bngust 9hhsi,de9 ' resetrvt. S C h lr l +1 0ll. A tlg . . . . . . . . , 2- I WY as hl llnln e 1t. A l . .. . . . 2 3 Now York. do .......... It '2:3 f; rto". to ..d .... _3 Philodel)llb.Rt li ............ .; I I ouir ville, fi . .. . Raltimors ,o.............. 2 St. I.Olns, nilE ......... 2: f 1vallamJl. All'.. ..... . .. J: I I.tverpoul July ......... 5 R lond, ('least) July ....31 arl, do .......... 3 Botull, Aug .... do . llllanll, do... ......11 NalviltA ....Aug ...... ".+ Hlvre June ..........22 i r . . .. . . . . . . PORT1' 0F NEW ORLEANS. CLEAKANCEp. Sept. Oth, 1I39. Ship Luii,., Jlhnson, New yor,. A Co.c ihr Alert, Keeoody.CallltncpoI J \Y Z acharie 4 c& 8chr uMat Muria, Rogor, St dlark,, Masts Se,,t.6th, 1839. Stearr rA Porter, IDnrsy, P oo St I.oui. Steamoer '. uskm, WVoo.l, foo Vicksburg. EXPORTS. NEW YORK..Per ship Loxisa: cargo, 974 pig Ilead 20053 ags , 5e , 1 I loos, 41 oI l pio Iron, 06 bl'. cattonn,201 buxes manfactured tobacco, anud CANPEACHY..Perarhr Alert: cargo, 10 bis flour. ST MARKS.. Per chr Mount Maria: crtgo, 121 bales tny, 2093 lacrk oat., 4e9 rcks tcorn. RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE VlAekhurg-Per t.onmer 1'ukn a cargo, 16 bleis eottpn to A II Wllace& co; 5doo Burie. W imtt & cn; dno do Slor tin Pleasant. & o; v3 do d, Jno Dlllco; 131 do do tlennrtt, SFerriday & co; 13 do do d V P' Itrowl; f ddo do La.lbelh nld Thompson;-4 dodo ,Morritt, Jalmllgs & co; 14 do do Moerr. field, Pearsoll co; 6 do AJSilnl Asher co; 4 doW Bortge; 5 Sdo Nuget, Turpkl, & Atl; 4. do S Wright; 1 box Indie I Bridge & kn; I bucketbltter N & J Dick J co; 50 calks hull. .,nd31 6tbls pork to Jan GOoodin. St Lore..Pcmre.smer A Porter: careo , 9 coils rope, 33 bras porkc, aldo orn meal Hdden. I}0; 11 brLs flouroto order; 1 r3 sack. oats K W codU; .0 bbll pote. .n A De 1ssul; 3:17 scke be.r, v) bill poltoes. 14 do oaiolls V V Itei in; 20 kegs er S Peter. il aied; 595 pigs lead E A Ilridge; 114 ls lour xdfOrey, I.arn,, ad Smrall; 2 h to IaLoe I do stone wore uSAti &co; 47brls flour G Dtorsey; 54 rlanppl. order; 4 doa IoWll, 130 brls apples to order; i1 bors lhstpy Il.mer & Kebertlon; 7l hhds ha.1s & H0eoLhaw; 2 lhdi tOncn-., to Ierguslo.n 4 Reoed; 30 .sack.s ots & 199 do brl, and IUldrles Owaners on board. I'.PASSINGERS Per t A Porter.. Meossrs Ree.e, Blok nyddy, ..l,..ll, J B Dtaiel, A 3"hyrlee, F J Carprntla r. Perst Teak kila..ll.esrs 1'L L'dr, .dmondld. 11 SuelJl. Will Do ae, Lure.n Il olleand. SNEW VBOOKS--"T.Ie .'nt ,ippy,' a .te i O t Oila iE totally; Ie'mlloirs of eel el r at ed W o) m en, by G R J P rmeJ Esq; Ilem N.rcl Ilitrv o f t he I' St.tIsP IV J Fentlilloru Coq er, allea r f tile spl, II. " Birb k ,Dredts and Maerriagee I,v 'ri ook Esq. No.: Jlck Shepprd, Iy AintlII ot; I'hrenoogy ii the ftme u!ly. Just nad Ier .ale lv ALF.X.'bWER,4S9 Camp , t I ISISSINti Cot0s0.-1 rusk Cutlerv.- ,'Boxes BrPI-dle S l athller, cO;hing to 'Schllanek & C,.. murk, d J C aDiut ni es d . C o . L aVeot, V e r re a ch es I rt e i ll l a il li ahbove. At, illfOrlllllll , in ce-nitig thles10 paksges will he thalkfulily 1ePit( d Iby ARLOIR OR NA M ENI S --aore aod b-au itI erivdfies, Ihr rsale only by Recs & l)' t Pl-.oh'-. Mouseei. All these oarnaments cosil ofI, the 1mat splen. pid vptcievs of orthlionlogy from Eurpe, Asio, rie, and our own nountry. Approved noles al 60 days will be taken ol LOCJKE & C,)., No. 8 Foutt I.evre,tha ve in stern a large end exlenlsive aseoltlllell of (toC.pper a I rn Ware of their ow lltaliuoultu re, wlhie IlIvv ,BAr ' Ly whles s, mn,, ":8 4 1 INFilttLSAt' 'IiIN WANIEIx. TI HE wifetfpr, lenj. '. Well o IBostot, t1A tveery desirro.s 'ohhtotinig o inormation relpect . 64tg helr haubond wIPietiIer go lor otheetee, lie wie i .ew Orleans Ill 18::6 or 7, aud vorkeil anilt painolig .t8usi.e; he as iln thle Clharilvit Hoxplel-ecinree tlihe has not eer. hleard firrii. Any itlil.irtlio will 'lbe ; eohkollv reeoived ot53 Iieevillg Slretlo ei S__--_I LOUR--7 barrelo iew whvto Flotrlueliui . dir etemboel Naeles, for *vle bi " L auv o 3I. (; I)ORS'EY, 41 New Levee. A egs it lee( sd, is.ntrejob ;le v j " 31 G I)OSEI.,44 New L.vee ' M JHAJX PAIUNECII)ERJI00 bhee. Bosto iCider, - intore, flur sae by t ItOIOe EY. , L 8 1 N.,wlevee , r, BAE Nivilt iare- . loodiog irta SlipI 5au Loum, frou ,ew York'fur Sale bv ·aug0. 90 Coualitio street, NGLISII 'rzait) REPOURT oS Cseii dii nniit. ardint e CCeuxrt o 1Cm Qmo 'ae Iahnd h. i Cotlet f ail e first Numho r of the ahvo wore is thiebb re I S toed y Alex 'l ooler I9J Cialmp irrtv.wered Io llellll" of tl.he B ar ere r elelhtly olis il to coll iotl ex titre it. an . 1 I ARII-dii e h·galeafvvnlitl rvtefnrealolv 115 t; l)+, . .4! \ L ver Ih jflk t Inl Iti . C, '0 II+, u F- 0'0 l- -i cIi t re e TIHE Ti'RUE AMERICAN. FAITIWUL AND BOLD. Offirial Jurnct opt the 27 1Iunicipalitp. PUBLISIIED. Daily, Tri-Weekly & Weekly. NI.; ' OIII I, LEAN : SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1839. REPORT OP CHIAR'ITY HOSPITAL-(Yesteday. 6th Sept.) ndmitted; 17 of yellow fever; 18 deaths up toe o'clock, P. . CONSUL I RIST. This individual, against whom busts of' indigna tion has resounded from one end of the union to the other, has at last found a champion in New Orleans, in the shape of a correspondent of the Courier, It is not surprising that this should be thll spot where defenders of Trist should be tound-he has connexions and alliances in Louisiana whose duty it is (perhaps) to do all they can to defend him. There are ties in society which are often stronger tihan the calls of patriotism-this is natu ral, and it is useless to rail against it. It is howevr, abhured for any person who acts merely from mo tives of personal attachment to a friend or reln. live, to expect that lie can impart feelings similar to his own, to the mass of the co mmunity,. private endearmentsshould have their course, but public justice should not yield a tittle. The correspondent of the Courier as far as wte are able to ascertain forntm iis article, rests his de fence of Trist on three points. Is,. It is imprope:e to inflame the public mind against Trist by hohling public meetings,. and writing in the newspapers, because COngress will nveatigate the subject. 2d. Mr Triat Ilhrews himself beh nd his dignity -noble charactor, unsullied reputation, antd all that sort of ithing. 3. Party spirit is invoked, and the democrats are called to the rescue. Now, as t to tihe first point-this is the first time we have heard that the press should be silent on the subject of thle-conduct and character of public .0.cers-this is the first time we are told the right guaranteed by tie constitution to the people preac ably to assemble, and to petition the government for the redress of grieva ces, is disputed or con deimrned. True, Trial's conduct will be laid before congress-and we hope congress will do its duty faithfully and impartially; but we hope also that the people and the press will be allowed to express their sentiments. As to the 2nd point, we will allow Mr. Trist all the dignity, &e. of a Spanish marquis, if lie wish. es; but we must be permitted to respect equally tie dignity, noble character, and spotless reputa. tion of the American Ship.Captains and mer chants who appear against Mr. Trist. As to the 3d point-wo deny its correctness in toto-the proceedings against Trist partake not in the least of party spiri. We see that the pa pete of New York, both Whig and Loco-foco, have joined their voice against him. The nice. ting was composed of men of all parties. If it was a party measure it would certainly not be con fined to Mr. Trist-certainly there are many other locon-foco consuls. Why do they remain undistur bed ? If party spirit was the motive of action, it would certainly be evil ced against others as well as against Mr. Trist-would it not ? \\ hat amuses us tile most in the article above alluded to is the readiness witll which the writer acquits Trist. of all culpability, without investigan tion of the proofs against him. lHear him speak. ing of the papers signed by Trist found on board oft' thIe sla h ships: " If" says he-- the pa,,ers found were really signed by the consul, no doubt that hr was not only authorused, but it was his duty to sign them." What! authorised to sign papers for a foreign vessel to prosecute thlu slave trade ! What! can it be his duty to sign papers for the commital of a crime? Does not the writer know that to participate in the slave trade is a capital offeince, by the lats of our country, of England, of France, &c. Yet, he says " no doubt " it was all right. Why ? Doubtless because, consul Irist did it to please soma Cuba planter, crony of his. In. deed, if D. complains that Trist is condemned us. heard-certainly he shows an equal readiness to ascruit anm unheard, and to disregard the evidence and appeal of hundreds of individuals of the high. est respectability, some of whom a.e of equal rank to the ' ,noble, ;unsullied, virtuous, high, ionora. "le, and unblemoished Trial." The desire and pe. titian of thile Captains and merchants are net that Trist should b. condemned unheardl, but that his couduct should be impartially examined by the pre" per authority. As rr gards his private reputation, and his ron duct previous to his consulship, whllave nothing to do; but it should not screen him fromn a full trial on charges brought against him in so tangible, and rospectablea shape. As to his fair reputation as a public officer up to the presentation of the charges in New York, we deny it. We have long ago, heard erious comnpl'ints against him, the archives at Washington will show that years ago complaints have been submitted to the president. Many merr c hante of this city will boar witness to acts of great egleoct, and even tyranny. The truth is, that American citizens and american trade have receiv. ed greater protection from the British Consul at tavana than from our own national representative. This is painful to conless, but the investigation be. fore congress will prove it to be true. In this city there is a general feeling of indigna tin amonig tlo merrclhants and tre imaters of ves als wit h rr pect to tire conduct of Trist, and here will certainly I c heIld here, as soon as thie ep denlic is over ard thie business season conlrlnlices, maeet'ing to express sentilirent siIriiar to tione tiundered liom New York. [ Cutssssssicttecd. ] In none of Ithe CouIutIuin tionUjll. Compllnblentalty ( Tor otheerwise,) concerninghg ilse tericatn Cu lsul I this city, lhave I seenll hat he has heeI charged ith neg., lectilg Ith duthees of his oltice, by a tenleral aitbsence tfrol it, nlli althullgh the Vice C(-ult is Ihoroughly t sa pible of dilspa chintg Ihe! gssenralls, yet there are illlancee whicll l qtlirtre absolutely the itpernal al tedllllace of thlle cosul, w resides ill tile uurbs and is iot to he seeis ti Is businesls Ipot sotlltiltmes flir tweeks,. I Ihavn knownl anl instace of his bing s ought fur Iy usn n mrlct n Captltil, i rt of twh o dtas--shis 'n as Calpt. Mlurray s of the Americad brig~vyhl's of N..York. Murray twas utsi+td to put ulp notice, Ilt, ing a snall reaurd for thie ipersonal services of this wsorllty IlsCe otinry fiart a shu i t tisme ill is fIice, tlld to) paay ny sie who would cInvey him back It his skulktng place when h ai. husinces shtul.t have been dispatched--se is lllv r Gnd of presenlilng himsclfl' whenll Ile otcuiou requiles that it llhould he in lull unifurm, which aplpearl to nie to be iorte like that f af I'Prtu:le e t bIelemln of tlle old, or paIlst age, h tlla thu of Consul of the Unile I stttes. C(.ptain \V'Ird, oF the New Votk plakeit Ilnpid, was namelld a ulle ,I lte wtllesues laor the colnsul, in tllp ie : fuiosaaltirof CaIpt. Abr'm. 1 indell, of tihe Asmerican brig Kresslenl, tl.ton ithe das istn whichl Ward intended to halve sailed. asd s . fisn tmtsI etngtged in lithe issiness i of tie vessel, il s.aking up tanld settling tlsheslttj's ac iount, lie tas wailred upon by armed soldiers wMolse clllllll sion was to con t I hitll foerltlith to thite lice tof the Adjt u t Mlnjur or thle Governor: \Vnrd ulbjscte I to going withll tle, as if I werer in their eustndsl fur Slme nIisdllemral r; but said hl e would take caerriage i and be there as seoon as thley wer.-'l'hi the s-t ditrs would Ilnt scsts.t- tat, nllr would they allow hmlto call onI is co-igll-eis to advise thei hllere hte Ightt be unlllld in cuse of silg wanted; but he was lorced to musch through tlse cilt, out ir to ie oflice of the Adju lulll Majtr's, under alllll- a mlting sutn, slid thati too, in custlody of "tso armed soldiers, where he d as detai. edl lllle th three loullrs,as iat nwhen the businiess s tIhe ship ost rt quired :s presence. 'lThe lqulce of I .ll , tis s e detention f lihe vessel from the day on whlich llhle a- to iate sailed, until the day ful IO~llog. ThIe s inll tei ee es f lhe ConsuI naginslt capt \iirlellnew n euuched of the part of the Ca l-l, ctrls Ii , l ,- st ,,, t s b". t,t f st s ithe tr tbus e -l- jts n wil ss 1,Dr \Vaiduf!-and ths .estios1 pil to thei t.. such as had been formed by the Consul and were writ len down in the form of an interrogatory, and nothing could rbe admitted in their answers which might appear against or unflavorble to tfre cause of this noble high-l minded functionary, or hirs protegee, Wt. Bell, the. male of Windle, and instigator originally of this affair; aild although two of these witnesses, who were maslers of Armerican shirps, could have said enough to have condemned tins said Bell to states' prison, fr one of themr ( unboknown however to the eonsul) hlnd beenrt obliged to discharge from hia vessel this saaer Bell a few months before while he was acting ( on board ihis vessel ) as his malte, fr drunkenness and matiaouscon duet. This occurred il Buenos Ayres; and the Cupi tain he had been serving previous to ltis had also dis Scharged himi for the sone roeason-huta our worthy re presentative chile practising law in a petty-fogging country Justice of Peace court, where he, it appear-, had been admitted to practice, siter he had eabandoned his former occupation of country schlloollaster in Ne Jersey,had obtinerd some idea of the law, sufficient to enable him so ton arrange the interrogatory by which hisi witnesses were to bl examined as to preclude thenifrom all possibility of saying any thing which might in any way injure hinsause. * Mr. Ttlict declares himself to be the protector of Amt erican seamen-He oaught to be-but a few observu lions ill show how far he is sincere in thirs matter. I'erhaps it is not generally known, in tire U. States, that toi arrest an Am. sailor for any offence comnitted on board his ship, thile Cptain of the port here, at the re quest of the Consul, requires an order from hIir; this order has never been refused, lner are the circumlaaneso of the case inquired into, Lbuts the order imtmediately given and a fee of one or two dollars exacted and re ceived by the consul for it-asd poor Jack, (always foremturt-in our country's defence) is piniuned like a pirate, and ca t iuto prison, perhaps unjustly, where he lays until it saits the pileaure of his captain or mate I cull for another order to take him oout, and lor whlich I believe another r e ;s exacted. T'hese tpoor tars are exposed to reickneos and death, tdll no enquiry made as to the justice of therfartetl; the great object is uatwered, the fee is recovered, and poor Jack sufficr. This alone produces some Ilundred of dollars per annum to Ili Corioulnte. I h! monrstroll! The cloolumtelrt of tis office-'tia presumed, and no doubt correctly, do not fa;l Ishort of 12 to 15,11011 dollars per annum. W\hlt a pity ihs could not be enjoyed by another Wr.. Shaler, a man who was anr honor to his country, a proectlin to Amler. ican ettizens and Amer.can intereet. One highly es teemred by the atllori ies and citizrns generally herer and whose death was bhiterly la lmented by our G(overn. or and Intendant, antd I'articularly so by Admiral La borde ! There is another shamefui abuse practised here, and of which the American public no doubt are ipntat; and tie aothlr is-N. P. Trist, Erquire. It is this:- Wihen an American vesoel is sold in a loteign pirt it irbe comes the drily of the Amnerican ConUl, or consul agent, to exact and receive fcol such vessel or her agent, three ltlltis woages over and above w hat Ionyr altredy lie due, for eac:h sailor wro may be edischargei fin such vessel; of this amtount one month remains in Ihor Coltrs ol the Consul for rie e re-ief of distar-ed 4metican sea men, the remainder is for the sailors thius discharged- ITrhese sanilre must go to tie house of one IDaniel ( or Paddy) Warren, an Irish Landlord who enjoys the exclusive pl ivileee of receiving and harboring Amte ric n saiulrs in this city ;.and without whrse permission, no Anetricana Captain can hire, employ or ship, an Amern can sailor on a board of his vessel, without laying hims~l f liable to a penalty of $5U-and this Paddy Warren is to be the denouucer, and for whicfi salvice he gets one half the penalty. This privilege was granted to Paddy bWiar ret. at Ia qo icial rearquest of N P. T. our aorlty rap. This Warren has been enlgaged in this business for sorme fifteen years, but has had tile exclusive privilege only since the administration of this discreet sand redc pectable ad tcaote of seamen's r'ghtp, he has laode and is making an iunmensity of money by it,and it is be. lieved by the generality ol American citizens here, as well its by the natives, thatr lrtl'rist participated in the profils of this mist barbarous business. The poor tars, as before csid, must go to Paddy Warren'a as their only resort :-and it not unfrequently occurs, that in a row, or dispute, severnl of Ithel are taken to prison (when well charged with the crer, of which Paddy always keeps a supply, and dnllis out plertif:ly) at Paddy's request, for he has great inlloeunce witll thie flrtionarist who ofliciate in this businees, and from these potisona they are shiplped by him, as best suits his icterestt, he making cut ucll accounts as he pleases, but always ao as to consume all they r.ay have had in his hands, and tire advance they ship irr, they have not the choice tf ressel or royage, hut must go when and whlee hle, Ieir soeereigad.etates; nd many times destitute of monety 4 clothes for their coinfort,all having been cnsumoed ai ile under the fostering careof this protector, and prolegce of31r tTrist. Instances have occurred of American Sal lors hlving been shipped onl board GOinealoen against their wolls; lots of Aim. Protections are alwar a to bir had of Paddy Warren, which have been pilferedl frun Atn. Sailors wihen in this den of infamy, lPaddy Warlen,be sides vllhat he sponges from the poor Scilors, r ho al though imprudent, are among tie most iseful of oulr community, exacts from each man ihe ships (and all must be shipped by hihm,or under Ihis sanction,) a ,c of from i two It four dollars, which brings hit ai immense re venue. l'tia ditiicolt to say whici of thie twositrlionn are worrth Ito tmoar,-the Consul.te or that of Paddy the I.ndlord, but, as beebre stated,'tis generally believed that both llIrticipate in the pecuniary advantages resullt ing from this system of plunder anu rapine carried on by Paddy Warren under the immediate protection of the Consul, against the poor tares of our coutry. All the foreign functionaries at this impnortant coa. mercial post, are men distinguished for their talents and official dept rtment except ours; he would be a disgrace to she king lf Timbuctoo. rSr Trist hoante of h:s i.flence with the Executive, is aware of his power in sustaining him, and of his claim to his protection, and conseqlently says vauntingly tiht all which can be done to remove hIim will be of no pur pase; can this lie fact? much has been aiid,'tis true, but little has been done. Every tihing set forth in this ecommunication can be proven by Ameriean captains in this trude,nnd also by most of the nrvellers vho have visited our island with in the last four years, to whot the writer of this refers. One flet is that the authoritiea of Iavana will rejoice at his removal, .l well as his countrymren and the inhabit ants generelly. Hluvana, 24th July 1839. Since the preceeding observations wuere written, the following flor Ihave cime utlndr the imlnl tdite notic'e of Ital writer -i-irlt.--'The ctok of Caput YItug of the Alllerisi shipi Junior de.erted from oIn ihoard, aLnd pro baoly wtithttt fi krctedge of this autlhoroed tyrant of Aml. emulner,. W'henl the Am. .lhip New )illtln.t, Copt ftlrnlllhry, wn r:eady for ia(, Capr. '. t. lent I btoard the Orleltnallnlu itnquird il hi.' cooik had shippled ot hoard, giting his nmite, etc. I'apt. Ihlladurv replied he had no"t, nottrwithitanuding w hith ICupt. Y'g eaunuit.,d all Ilinl llihi tucok oll hllA d, and eli. wtas hilpped by thell La.ndlord WaurPII, bulunder another name, an, d with a protection Io curresponld. Capt. It. had It numllber of p.lsutengers, t at alnl eady to sail, and reCqullested Callt. Yolung to pernit the coouk to go the vtoyage. C(ou. Youir, partly ou of frietndship fort (up. It. nhtd partly to avoid incurring llhe displeasure of our nlllllolliedl it Ipres'llative, cl llPse d, and tIll rldrd hisi aut ir. Sectnd.-ll. It. 9l. Su.r vyiug Ship Thunder, clme intuo this purla u few ils inl: for uppliien and lwhtile sill- lay Kerr, ine of herrewr desertedl, he sailed with oull him. n Sundy nllllllintg 'il inst. the Am. brig John C. Cllhoun pItluntldr way fir ('htrrlestotn,whentl Warren anp.eared n onatd in his new ly Ia quired tlicial c'alpa:iy demaIndling this deselter, Capt. Iullett rthl him Ibhe kntcv notline of any such uaul. nor did his a I le, Inor wai aniy lsuh mn ol bloard. Paddy illisteld there was and inl ct knew whe,re tllte man ws secreted, went it his hiding place rnd toock him. Now the caltain of the J. C. Calholn a11 Iis iallte let IWare they ware ignornllt of tll Is mIan being oi bollll, nad ,!ontle i they were. 1 lie wer, not creditehd; \Vur. i'tr wnts believed, and the brig atilpped, andr tihe inPt of onle hllulirt d idollars was extactred-t good Sulnly illl n ing's jo lit, tlhit worthy ltn It.rd, who, the preu.utnplion is, lhl then Illllln coi c:e ll e in board tll Ca'lhoun Luni, k , tII tIn ltain olr inal.l, tby ille outl of hisi jol ierLs, f.r the lpurpose of speculltilon. The public call draw e u.hl illferllnces from these undeniable a:ctl asi it pleases, nld the "xellllutive llay bask in1 Iha euns'hiie of tlel honours. which the protection of such a functionary calll ireleet upon him. The current saying here is, that N. P. Triat Etq. is in , rpossessionull certaiun arreta which it it ilimplorltant It the present Ual-uini .tration should lot be livulged, nod sthence splrinlgs Ihi di d cled claim to the ioltlioun so c.t. piously Ivihlledl upln hii by the Executive. Tllutriluors of t le ship it,. Egs., lwhic were art, tented to aild ullur bl ur trihun II a Ithe request uof N. P. Frirt, have been I.t.erated by nordr of tihe Captai General. IANKEt:. N. Caroulina, A ug. 1,1839. Doctor Koct k is iaiirmed Ihat the cardsl e ptilued for hiet llve benll readllymany day. since. i)t(-iN 5it)E-.--5.t1 ctauks stllurlt Cinurtuatli i 'cu ud l tu . b,t lit ktal t . t -e. lt I n l , At 11 New Leu.,. Af)AMIRAL SIR ISAAC COFFIN. We have recently noticed Ilthe death of this eonspi. cuoues indivdual, hy birth an Am ericaL; he never flr got lis natise country, nor the relatives and fliends he had in itt.IhI the year of 1829, on board a steamboat going from Providenlee to New York, lie remarked, as we were just entering Long Island Soundiibout 8 u'clock in lhe evening-" I now wisll to see if my memory is correct" (ctlling to a young friend of his)-" go on deck, and asceriain if a lig'lt is in sight-the young gentleman retrined and said Ihere was one, a thae right that said the admiral is New Lolden, now go up again and see if youl can absurn another, lle returned and said Ihe saw one (n ithe left-sthat said lie is G till slalnd,--g again and see it lheie is nit one ahead ; lie leturned and said these wIs .ne; that said Inis S)abrook,lthen he ub surved that than lights lte knew perfectly well, when a midshipman in the British navy during thlle revolution lie further remarked that a short time previous Ihe had purchased a Brig in Buston, and sart her to Quebec, anid lsat from the Captain down, lihe whole crew coui pused his relatioss, or ins Ilia own words, (the ioflin family) that lie had give. tihem molasses ind water to drink and pIUilpkins to eat lie comlplailned muchrgainst oneofh'e nearest relations in Blstn flr having reliusod toontl)lriLue either pnllikins i)r mollUsses. I. -" AYOIULAI;TY OF NEWV ORLt.EANS. riillE price of flour to day being $6i70 per barrel oucc luding to h tiariff, tle bakers will give 2 ontees of bread ior ten cents. during the week bhgin ning onil Moenday next, the 9th Supt. The lonves fsec oltd ulritynr of ele for ten cents.shall weigh 25 per cent intert., tbat in to nay, 4J ottcees. .ept 7. C1. GENOIS, Mayer. Ari. uIPPI.N, n as Irishman, killed tis Sbrother in tispariah--wlst' t e tl ja ilnd lie lnes ninee broken out. Michael Kipela is abiot 5 fLet' It inchee high, blue etr grey eves, largo and stout bodied, thnt33tyears ol age-n bad countenence, and in tide habit of d]rinking. I will pay $50 Ior hs delivery injail in the city ofNiI. Orteas. JN I'C. WAILKEl, s7 SlRritft of tilet Plrinih ft East eliciene. i"TO ltENTl,everaa l ' llttriTeeirett A ass lloaset in th btrigihuurhteod ofr ivoli Circle I.. i . A pply I o fhit John Hollin s corner of Dj od uee trt lgdoe L ttlicir. te a 1t 3tiiiLE Dp r No Ir Nho lthr 'och T ker Ship ItLISA, Jioltrn iMaster, wrill leare the, Lrvce thiseveoin.g. For ereight or la.tage .t ., o A I() EN. sent 7th ee. t eitonlon st. -" 1ANY Ii ltS-r ttocci antd .i1uhlfoslh ``I T It IIYI) E& Bro.. sept 7th. 39 Commont ci r MIagtazine ts. YOIUNG, EN'N bI ieWAll [tlittASMIiA'ittN ofN ii SEltIE Men ber till attend is monthly t eeing onl Srednesdac evening, 4th lost. et 7 o'ehk, at' their hallin Banek'sArcade. By order. mepet 3 J' II IrEEDLOVIE:, Seely. CITY BANK, MwNert Orletan, dreg. 31, 1839. rmIoll ovnardofl'lirctors l tias Itt itutiurate this lay detilred i elti-aenElnlanl ivlel of Fourae per jcent. 11 t capital stck tf the trott it ihie tlat six mlultul+, )lyi T lblt to the at1, ('kl|odders, or heil' fecal re ' rtseetaulves, oft or after .Monday, the. 911l Seppieolber nex, I It J PALFITEY, ept 3 Cashier. 'l'Aý'9i F e i i" I UIol' AN.e-ieaicie finiet ctli'h nPalt isl ad city of New Orlens. --I teeby cerify that etne tin8th "183l, jtigi al was etrred in thi court it thetuit of Marie Lanittee .nntaer vres Cnris Ie.oiiette, lher tetend, ini the worde and ftgeres 'ol lan'tig, to twit No. 1e,781---laric t~nmitte .a. Cet.n.. oqentu, lter itoltsand-I Jerer: I istordered, djcudg. el] and dec'ted that(it judgmen t of divorcehe ,entiered betweeni the eparties ; tal t e ionds f atiimeony here Stoeirae existing Iitween toe le alnd tley are hereby dissolved, and that the defldanlt pay the costs. fSgigeed, :IliAtlRlls 1t (UBIAN, Judge. New Orleans, Ace. 2, 1839 SJuedgmneet recordedil Judgm.teetrtket I), page 59. t"k l'testimony wher r iel haehere nsetoy Itd tnd anhxeel tee seal of the snlid cor, t ihe ity ofii New Orl OAP Ih ot thee 28t dtay of A etst in tihe n eer f out lord lne llonusoid eightl eeere,t an ir -iery nitil le t sixy. nefitreh n anr f t arle d red t o e oeitea -Mtest- " J. 01.i1E, Deputy Clrs. lug= 31 3t I TaT I)1 I. i. i.Ulaeisl-N oo I-ito e de Pritesta u polr In pa roisse at Ville tie it Nitevel ue tri.lns Jr. etatifietlpr rcese oirtot lelte jin, 1539. j.e;l Letnt a et. rend iarts viete toor necnlc nli iue de ,Marie Luiittt Laelert v. Ce rlAtis Itet tir't, oe l olt e, later eaisnctsrei clifife raive's: No.' iltl--Marte I.lauitte i.umert vs. (Coeane llnott otiane Sel. o--l)eret. ia et ordenon, edjucld et dleter qu'unjugemo ti da divine r ent. yes petnsuit e rrgi.+e, sl, lee liens th.. tllcige'rtiiaalee ort isenit eu'eev sointtc it o iee s ten ta ee- presentee dissothte t f lu Ite dvf wndho r In is le frai. l e the(I ipi It r ok r " O(Sig T) I IAtLEtS tAlt'RI.Ne t e. 3Ugneret n gistra e aD miloltid joiletate o I) ptnge I'll ii(i tlo qut~i J'ai . ) os.+ rmi signatulre et l s e,t ie Indiet r o hu,11 1:1 cill e do No ,elrt' i trene. ce "8 et, j r d'i t tl 'arlne dil e s tia r i I it cent trr.ltr lletil'et tim,i t Po tm sltart I~nlitrie. amore; de 0'i rleill tlle des Eht rs U l do l ae3t3" J. ci LIAct , lhcit. e'r ii .t'it. Sby ti.. J' 1T11.\91:it \ tile,'na,7tld~ _auc_ 4 l it t dra RAN A,- ,on Som, l 'elo toet lie Sth ins trolim I,- ,.tllbcrlb r, it \I il titth or ii rt e i , 1iknown v thle irte o \it lit' Y, agd I ne . 'iJlleevi _nar',,tvefeotefer i ve it es hc, dark ln slt hc ir. i tcc i t- iitI1i' c at c ilv h tdti whrie roundal(b lt anld pataliloln, ; l. int he Ihas other Clothing with him,it, bclttle tille pate orate cideht .l The hteee reward will hie paid o axny' person, lode ing foirit p I risoll or bringig l.oot to inl Setie Tehlinpioouln Slrc. nag 24th i111i II IEtIIUX. TO RI E {INT,- :t C toltlilg hate" Io i-ni thl 11 e. s iory, ocyer the scan. all' I tlltd. &lailr,.oer 11 corncer of Magazine led <n, n s coit. ihg of two n parlitrenta, in ol. of wi h i,+ to fire tlace and welt ,dcltited for t tilioe ot noI kio d - tioasestior. gi ven inmnediately. ForI' tr.i aply to T". It l 1 I1 : & Brohi-r, nag=2.d 39 Conmmon cur M1agazinc Sts. etIiUFFi'A 'S L-S 'L':('l'I' 1 ii'IRIE S No,. I, 12,13, awl ,i, an invoice jost receited. Also lhe Eclectic Pimer and E clecic Sitllie Betok, fetr sale by A Ix. TI(WA R, ,tg 22d 49 Camp St'treet. jATELY received from Bordeaux and Parit, complete assortment of Freneh pewter Syria me, furnished and put up in neat boxes ; alno MIaw's injection aparalus, direct from London, a most conveenent artinle ; Maw'a corn eradicator, vary exteneively uned ini England, for sale by 11 BONN \ BEL, july 11 cnr Natchlnz and T'chapitoulas sts D RJilUlGS & MEDICINES, PAINTS & OILS Oil eef Virriotl (i Corbnvs RowIad's T'teic Mix ttre'20 cases Coryenier's Chemticals 20 cases tlpltto eelt ("hit ler 3e' :tl nces, Elcgii~h ohi-tard 50)boxes iltaneitido 1is kehg Eisiote Slt lit l0brl.el,--Alum, cit llb arrels Apoithecaries viols 911 Im,-es Whllite veid pnel 501S khgso-do-It 1:180 itegS olirted plihls lOt ktso Spirit.. if TI'rp intee :.U htc a s tli do) Y.5 t ,nuii lera Celgaut' ' Starc 2n . bores \Viid o genera.l c s eorollet of laedicileae for ane o he most reumna le tars n t ct JAI-VIS &t AND iE\'S, Wl'lt,1stole Drauggists, corner te"iletmile && chI t eleime e st .. J 2. ()luer f:,ltr7,,, ? F ,:re.;..-- l .,.--+e Can f,,,,O-r..... C:A 111 T,% I., $3 ;08d., 11 anfi I'ie'rit tonthe Charenr of noisf een Sran tlest I., th" lecieislrure( Ihy hve file ptiv lege of takinlgMrine a ntd Raer risis, and are iow ir .eeea to wrt.eeveelt eelle t ic ii t july27 7' I -TrtlCV, Sec'y BUIIEAU ORESASUllANCtES I)ES ro)a PIERS iDE LA NIOUVIEiLLE-I,11 ANS. I ' Roo do eCtup, No 21 tAPiTAL, 300,000.o Par ace oruocddioune nln Chlerte do en Com1ap gcOlt ccordae her it Legieature, i eel permin dean- I surer co tre tre risque. Maratinms e du flnuve etat ie wotst prlets h rtcevoir des app'leicos. E I 'I'iRALY, Secretairc. `` EiL"~ ' eL'1la & ii ynectpodaer, inoogreen enter, k7 Swall', vtrlllgrt morw rnoti t era i-d dei' ntist'.d GolId fin I, Gold lairf, I.tettk mos ard in seed, Ne., Eng. latod Cugl.Sy'rnit ia Ac.tie Landil l nit l foer a 'l'lsale or itelayin e tey jlyt i'h01h i IrL elgi lt lbftdulI snteren iiige"t,*lti ,e '-'ot lie v}Pee Jdac emenetd antificrsd, i ate-S, re . JOIINR A Cnn. aug 3. No~italeteen .tuittiitaen hell1 !J x&5t"tiiel" "-":",:seltreit n plaptre lievete letie, aV~ nub cct yelecttn tua eel lsed gtnlleee il ereetnil rtieet ,'ette cvitltlei .'tir ,ecl st ert ten prte'.eo L b,~l'rithf eu- iIIlltI diriil' r t1'- d 1U l iuieltetel urlesa terihiti sltt dlta diritieletrmy f i -- Kit glee', rocoiialeteli"c v,, esii halite ;| tle, it'hri~ la er- .is kr lottie &o "nieollett'n |li'hitry eel' l,.iinieeu tAe iew telei nIVieltliil enito ti~ter nary cal sbh~e raohks J.2 " A TrWA rt, 10 Camp nt Il0 TAI'[ tI.I ii 1 COUiNTING It.UO its 150 teannin Icot.° eDoccecIit leter poper, fnee 2511 datit rev ulerli te till do hhea eaOllneecinli pnat I1,)8 Ilee ~ t Iie peltte entI. uer linted poolt do 10 eta tire,' ciii d & till} de finle 20 da ce~ivil tee, : gel h~, ,cloe a ellh1ti~ielleet~ llotitn- nt'ee n "e en tettrt it'o, no.1 nih1 a'e, Theatrical Notiee. Those Ladies and Genllemen engaged with James II. Caldnell,New Orleans, are respectfully informed that tihe THEATRE will open for tile season in aII September next.-Peresoo ill negociation will apply to G. 11. Bar real, Esq. New York, or by letter to tile Prollrietor, New Orleans. i' The Louisville Journal, Cincilnatti Whig, New York Evening Star, and the Spirit of tIllhe Times, will please publish f tiabove three tinles each. By order ofthle Proprietor. Geo. HOLLAND, Trerasurer St Charles Theatre. N. Orleans, 22d Aug. 1839. If. JAftiES IAST ' NOVL-Thel G milenran f hie Old s Sclhool. AITsle in 2 Voulree, by I P R James E7q.r auhor ofolhe Hluteoueuol, tie Ruobrr &r. &c. - Jusat lrceived and for sale by Alex TOW AI,. lug 22d 49 Camp S tteer. I(. pt Kyd. TIle Pirate of lie LGulf, &e. &e. in one volunle. Sketrcles in London by the Author of the " Great IMe.. lench ald Bar &ce. &4 in2 volumnes. New PoekeL I.n(l i l2 volumres. Also Fomeward lioud and Ilome aA found. Jshl Itecrived by Alex TOWAR," aile ?22d 49 Carop el. SI.stor u brrrels fresh y superlin Flolr, ill r ore, furalby G IyOIISEY. 'a 44 New i.even THE LIBEL CASE. -UBlISIIED '1'Tll IDAY, and for sale at ti Clollnting Room of llhe True American, St Cllarleo Hotel,and at the principal Book Stors, a correct Report of the late Interesting arnd important srit of tihe Stale of Louisiana vs.John Gibson, Editor and Putblirther of tithe True American, before ltie Criminal l ourt for Li bel. july 21st [1 ' Tihe Ptcket Ship St MIAIRY, capt Foster is ldischlnrglng oposite St Jllosepl St. . ttl tloicipl vity. Callrigcuee will Ileaseaoltend to the receipt olt ell' grotlls. PETER I.AItlI.AW, e1 76 6 "u"apr s e 1V ILtIlOI.AS Nl( I.5.Iy ...l-.15- ,e.. I.Iw; a Invel byJ IJRoblinson, rltr of ir LUer, l Par . Conlineliuu of e Dry f tle T hsrrs of G e . eited y Jtn Galo Esq. uro vl - New Itigrarlricul Dieilototuy iy ithe RIev. J I Iikbe Witll v riltus olatdlnrd books. just received and ta r sale bIy A t hl'l {VAI. trsllg 71t 401 i:i l st. j G JORSIYi4iNndt:owelxjrot receced frrm cIn I-delphkiN INe., Ykatld oJsoira, or wlalealnie or relll l low prices by I IONN Aug 1i7ir __ l'_ 41'rea;iluulrt sl1 1itha Sit tbtel, :prr Listeli, ferra dlischllrrginhg Olr ile Illa Oiletllrea C CtoI FPreirt Cn siglees will llease a tled to lc rrecripr of lir go.eildr . cI1r(r1 It '1"1S1n - smrll bbi larit r ding pet 1lo iuhueu fror Nh i a w Ne rk, ar d fiwrriule ha ril S G i I.ANCIIAfIt, a17 3"3 "rall idr 4 t,.l SmtOAP--'10 boe.., Ro bbiu,, Al Sne , tl tille fir, July t Tha cr \'It'IIab lel. & ConUtor ., July 13t, Pydiati r I itt ;( ll'' .EAl)--:311,1110 llUlds llparll d Nu Itlr .. SWhim I ead, in pac kages, srrord nte a i'5 sale by th te eobscri ers, agenls foru rr,+ mear ul tr c, JARVIS & ANNIiRIWS july 9 Corner COiloatt.a &'Ihirrhrpilrohs ala AVANA COF"IFEE--450 bags orf priorrrilt lt june 14 "itiraviors 1 ItO\V' N SOA I'- 3110 b ates brlowan rrIpt lire ealeiby 2 - S &J P WIV'I'INFY,773 Clllnp st StIANI( II)OIKS--Ar irriav e of suler royal Illrr, diglt, deniy sd cap blak toorks of superior Iuslity, jesl received and for st le itv Jl8 A 'I'OAIt, 49 tI S AV.'OONA '\Vi - AI. -9r' alrl a .i rtorer f ir rle iy . '6lItti i _miay 15 31r:rovivls li o tsalel m A t1 ti' r latry a5 34 tti erit red, in strre for sale hy j01 (i II I..RSEY, 4li Nrw I.e.ot, )AISI.S-4iL0 boxes fresl aluluga Rlisin,,-la I.ilie ty A 1 TItwI ji ,' i4 3I tctqnvrer st rl A Iit-- Pllli l ilr rf t qulit Ill v, ir ali --h a july 13 I 'r 'l'ir t r l.Af)toet ,66 , 'f.\ill)-:T tlteg+Slo Lnrr I Tnrr iu stair,- · JIl 4t1ie [ I I l '. l it elrr"I , JI A c tl I r i i, L 't 'r f tr ' b y .ru' . I. '.w I.,.v,.e S(:O'I"iEJV ('II{Iclu1iu% a " I 'tIN'I'ls) teri/lr I/r reG rt+est l'/prdrrlir.r , rlr rIen .ryle rn rrellslitsstd itn NtEw iltI.0A.0,~ rl- it rs r.r a alC/t(etr R S, lie,,oR 1 in t. (r'irrl Ex huler, (c,(rxrrrtfr fGraf er r tc r) rc 'r' I I.'I': corner , |" l'ol dr:IS inld St Chmr:es Sitc, t,, rill be, XtIt-llXN11 3 s id tiui ll prime l.:; el ill Sloe tarSlerlr-d h, . . 'IrrrAr 12trtC July red 7 I'iiyd/nli, l t itit"1 - 1 i{ y < t; r oshtl nd r\rd r cru, ,u ,aeelrr |J for sale by * 13 iilSl+:l I-IilEitlI thrirk o, oa i.r.r -rr by i t In i ara i R(s iheli iu,,r illr. liotns ir.ler ,at pl , it l art',tr ttl e i l ire added I1isto, r <.. (hdes ouI he I,I..t dtht . tf Elrll obeihm; rl'ro flc l's Drlellla m o It rrlrrrr Ilitr,'ei , rrr r c, I all I. I june 1:2 rIrX T 'ra r R, I!1 atrrfr st EW1\V ST'I'A1AARDWOIRKS.-J. ''-. "t ith, -1 rlelria-Ier in N.W Eigolanrdrr abaaritu in lll ilth Cr illi v. S tiilr's (or mpmrative View .l A ui ',, IMir trv" l.oulez'o llEo I· lup'( d U Gll ah uf arllenil, I.ngondoi Ed. '. GelI'Pr l'eha, a i lel di' S ondo copy.. Slhakeslurare 7 vol r",yal o, elegnotl redittiu. " ,Letttr JOiNS & july tIta 3w.t cr r e St Chr rla & Crear ............. L INEN $liiirc1', cd.LOVit:N & SUN E:NIJLU Just rc'eived by late eciclt, a cccccll ccoltct of Sfiiric Cravat, Sutaca stocks, iitcvrcc, and cnLIpc'c derv, at tihe Bazitaa, corcer of St. i i irlea aid Cccmmc streets.. N. B. A ecmplet naacrlctmect of Writing I0l·-li Dressinrg caves, portable allllving minese ill nR rose wood rutler. oiyi BUSHfl & ALLAN. OllE\'1'L A.-Ili W AGNEIVcS LIQUID OEN'llA.-I, bveent ltc ucetld. RutIh heIre ad lcctilce mirdc with 1 Illitllrlll 911rcess· lot clemisilir led ivhitmllin' Steaic, cclld creventine the I IlIacc, I, rscrvio the gums, l( l rtrll:il Il i- et a t'i, and reliving In ll ini i disuses 1ioiich ithe moutcct is a c tic culler tihe c1111n iccin cctu -cle tea tpctclnl, mlixd injn win gccslul of pure water. Stc l st cli C tocc c Iiy cecv 1 n usal mnicwis a hos1t wil r iclolly ).r silt ccirvy, and wrd mu fftlhat cc cctic,1lpc, 1,111, IIll.- tulh ache. Prtpartd only Iy T. IF. \Vt'ge, c' cccn Idcc. list to1 Jrcflf'ers on Coitecil, an old wR(III h~sulllle a n tl retcil by CAIILE'TI'ON c& Cu. 31 CiccItIa. fit s~lr caci ls c, r c nn8vyrr ( Orlelli SEGAI "I'O:iACCO--"O 'tllbe. ccr sale by 8 ~ ill i . I, IfIlit IIav it icVl II lettercl paper O1·FI Tiill. rllllalitiesjjust received um)I)I f rr xnlr. ou ucco1,:umlduti s terms b y~ J4 A 'l'I'\'AIVAR, 19 ('amp I1 F lNfSI{i:I) Oil. Sp cirit; o l'uIrtlcctcii e, aby Li of Liccecd )ifiiccicpcccccbcrrlcac -lo Bti e Spclicctc c ficcjcettitte,ict smcil bcy JJt.IRVI h %NlIl(DWS, July Cii Corlnerof c ot onnuI &t ttct nlltttc & a t (I itelOit Ortl.-...tccctcced bcc th ic!. ci cC dci J 5 ltcl astor cil far sailte law folr ccc Ic 'iy cI lic 'CAI c I~ Icru t 1 cc cmatittr W iactch ii l ctltmtcttc 1 (V ltkN-1.i10 bueliele indiný Arum fla~t .,iii anlld lirr J sale lv 1 m13 A ·(·I1IRI( 31 (;lnlvlrr r J U ·'ret ccivcdalacrgactorce,,tci cctccccr stcks of ctttocc pacicccca, ltitct shitttt ccl Ctint qcutitc clJOfefiP & , cl3 IEccrlhacge llctcl,Sl CtCl as at V I IIU REN I-A cccoCrrtaleclwelling hose to Carolt f drlnr street, ic few ticorc Aiccc t c ccl sci posses.,iol gilcts immctcediately. Apply Is 1)01'1.E I! II IV I I FlItl(ilI.RATOIcc 'Phis ic a -v nai cc ccc li cc ý1;ie mit 1''unlniilre, rapidlly rootinllg igl ll ( 'c(, in n.I r tl cccn cs well ac ttlthcct lactudccs. 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The D.uLY Paper is neatly printed with small type on acxtrn, double medium sheet, at $12 per annum, payable somt annually in advance. Thie TRIn.wEeLr Paper, containing lle reading matter of two dailies, LO, payableo in adlvance, whore no city referencre is given. The WaesKLV TaUn AMERICAn, made up from the daily papers, during the week, will be sECa 1o sub. scribers who pay 85 per annum in advance, and to ndne other, unless an acceptable city reference is given. Subscribers respectfully solicited. JOHN GIBSON. New ORLEANS, MAY 1839. 'rPEElI. PENS--Just received ta i'ewgers ( illota SEagle, and Perry's double patent sleal' hens,[ or srlebv I)A DIJ FELT & Co., tm25 NY staltioderirs IIl 4I ChIIartres at I iATiEs'I' NOVEI.TIES-Diary of the l'imn. of I ;eol. 4th, 2d saeies, by J.Gailt, Lady Charlottea. Bury, etc. oilomnn See.naw, by J P Robertson,author of I.aterse on Paragune. harnles Vinceat, or the Two Clerks. a co~nlnrcinl tale. Svdney, or vicissitudes nfboth hemniephlerne, a tle of the 191ht celturv. Ni:klebv No 15. Itaz's s.etellr, No 9. James' U(entlemanat of the Old School. lnglahallal' Alnericalll Laollaer. Sketcltesof I rulldu, Ibt J. eGrunt, atithor on' Ratall Recolleetions. The Phantom Ship; Chevely. by Lady Iulwer; new s tlpplies. E JOIIN, & CO, f aue 31 2w cur St Charles & Can.a aon sta. LOUISIANA GRIANI) REAL. ES'AIlA ANDI STOCK I.O'IERIIES. Drawaing in New Orleansr, by uItoriav of a law of la. CALI)WEI.IL, OAKEY & I'ILITCIIAtII, rprrietlrs anld Managers. 'TIeketd in1 tile Ist chlas or inlrodaatahry LotlPra, fior sol,. il corlner a utlnlatl alo d ' ItoValn; 17,53.5 at $111 Ih. ll)rnwing ill Dl)ember; Nos I o 75, I I rwn dlls. lThe drn ilng eflihteld within an hiur. 1291 prizes, of whicll k orere realt aot h, 335nla rea ot sInck, n1d Levee Srul of tickets ian lh l. wmillion hller). GIRAND I)O I IrY (2I an Rd ctal oulated OF TIWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. I t r',000 tTi'ike ls, t $210, $l 1111e 00,I. 10,10(1 prizes-full amlount of two millions of dollars cllhele prite anl selling price Ioftickets the sanI. $n0. Allollng Idlan lriesn tare al.' Verleta ahl , St. (illllrle 'aThea r lle, nal tilne t Cllarlem Arataile Ilialilngp, &c. &c. In a fi,w days tickets calln e had. Suel. 31. a atn ITE l LEAII AGENCY. PUI1.I nulmerihers havning retited the ntaneatt of L l, Vhih` Jel, ifom Oeth lrhest I blllglgSI Sl le ameIIn' I 'ethrio e,ofller itllasloleall oats, coutllntrvlan tl dIntlelrs, lt ithe Itawest ml trkyll rice, mtai n !rattaal ii 1t1o It n goll tltn article its .nlt Ie allldllI I theoile . J.AIRVIS &. ANDIlll. 'S, sepl 3.1 t NoS 1 &3'Nahi phitulln. At lnI nlld 2 li ite t : (llan ; 1 + itr l 'rlll'l (ll ee. r tailta crOlannd int tnI; Bllna ao.; lianeed (hl; Sirrn1 1 r COIMPI''ItLLEIR'S OFIIClE, AEtICONDI lUlNICI PAInITY. New (trl.ann, 'eIllh Aon.nt, 11139. AGPIREEABLY tte reso Itioa i tIhe ii11, ittnrt, I Iaill alnjtninute,at this at in eaa tinl .tl irdan tltn 7thl a .elte lllat tr iixt, at 1t 2 n'clotk. to Ile Ililllga si bidderi sellltrotP lese tlnt folltwinig ati I Ullai In tie i linstl, ro, Iron the 15th tephtt be" 10132. tn tn i 1511i Atlril, I01A1, viz : aOne at thie foot oif CaTlal narent. (Imn , (revlr p One " li l'odrs " O ie a" Juelil t ( L co " P llElll lims . r)lp on e nthe i.hvr, opus lis a.,(1. ' ' Mar. ket. Tetrlns--l 2.3, 4,5,1 and 7 lt)tah - lledl" i rlnlli iattorily alndrsaed nuins. J ' .II . t N IV & 1VAUiA 111 LitI (.nIhI.v ,'1*k ernt, a .f tint d tt llarl tll it eho t.)llnlah at . it L: Ilit (i ' (tia. Ilel3d ,da any le ntd aLnh ll l atrel lll ,,¢tI 'trana n n i.. reketcnhesa 1' Io l lil t'hanrlnt:tr-, lI)netanans. . Id I:s satvs Il w 1 n to addnled adn s"rtnlll ll ta nn t llt a rIt ' . If the Allnienl l; by IIa'lnly L.nrd lIt.'..gI ttlll Lt .' na I Just recenved 11nd or sale by AI.l ''tla.\R, - 'r( an l.;N T -c- ll luril,l. iintier, ti ati it,+ , 1"-I 4t"t. atithecurnorrtnt la'l'ach.,nitanla. atn Jataj. I a fon r-s anal C at .tttoy stre a. t le ee t. t, ti ',i le adlat C aItItIIIIIal P t llt . jIi)i v sinO 'liin b lan'al i nI n aInal I . Mi. - H alls c, No. 19 (:0olliH n :sutrs',.t \ ;pI'? h+ jo alnn alllh II I' iaa'ta la Atn tin ('a. . ! .+ . Sll si' .:l.l*iX II\Ili .llý._.,,,l,'..1s ,. , Si entit, . ; lhk I'", l'hiol ths; tl . t. ' n, l\\ ihlls ,,lool ,,r (nl) t nr S,'he) :dlo k. '-t ra'ia " , hv i f RI llll 1r 1''1(~1 1'· l1111 I.. 1 onpl 1 o..~ ýIo ,SI Low, ' E:1' TL t:"w mnlr ofi./ I1I IIr ''Io, nl le I1'- ~1,e It ,ill 11v .1-l )41 41 ,'1 i H ill t -, It ana,'.5 31twn , (1l-'...l I CJ~ '(IK-l: ~~liInlIi Irlna~ll I1I) 14'Ii,:C (4 Iog . 1V, $ %,,,4.4 L 1;.1 RS-,ill bs-5 Ils I eil II I I",:tll ýn_"nr" for -le~r '4 Il 41141 444lll4l &:mvl ;l : 2.II. 4.4 l\\4 1l "Zil e ', a S t J I' Q '44 1 14y 7:441 1 4, II $4,444'3 40i ,,nI.4 J7 .\'1'1.11':11 :ill ,.,,,,,i; i;,, .t ' .Ili 1; II~\\' II$ &I :1' I WIIN1I III "4 1145 %1A4,44'4',, -5 , a .4 1.1 ,4.,,.. oil VALUAlI ENLIJ l'l41'l'I0 d 1 hale, 1. I willillrl I.lnnllll ·S I1I[ :3 ·I i"l lll ,Illl io m il, upe", Ina-ling Irn111 01111"I Looi , f1r I/CI 1 inn,14.4.o,.,', joly X11 11, K --510111 1"t l)" 1, 0" n11/h hl 1 " 144' S .1 4 4' l4 11'.1'i ,N ' 'IP 1, II 441 4' ( lI Iii .1 II \ 14...a a -. I b.,4 lt44 4144 l 'I n k ',,. S . 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'l'44i44'41'...'.'.- e ';an1 uas1lrilll il4,4'- i //. .14444 '1 lid4444'. l., I os44 hi44 ,,1 1 ,' 4, 1'r(. \1t ~n4ll4 4'144,44 ni r"'Igl444ika.;(ille,.,n ''4nd nu; i4'4,4 1se 114,1, inhe a, d V(: I.'S1,, 4,44l444 \ 4:,4,4t\I "4,4444 IJ'.4"44K4 F'reuch B oks. (-orp ele \1'1, k, of 'nltai1r aa'1n d anu. ,11144444 I444444'4, a) 4 ' all 41144,' 114 44 1 11a , \'irl. ii,-, Iloly 1111,', '1 h e11 u, 1 Alit 1, 1....... h IIrIo1III I til),Nar n N polon (illlfo ',h~ (.li~I1u 11,1-' aIa,,),. 111,1. 3-4 b 4.e , Ila 4144444"444') r 441444444 ()A1140-80 (44441 us1a, Htoe"I io ,I 51r . Ilrluno r;CIII 44 tad 4' ToolI 444' II'I'NI4 ' List in.- In., i1, 1'4 ll 1: "lill:III II ,` i l.lliYI ·n~ ty Spanish. HO ICII I II Ia PoI1 I~l.ope, de I iIII~l,,',ltl. I1II1I %V4414114, I Iandsqs'oallrr (;"n n'llll. E he \Vnrk1 0I' Set~ttl i irl,, I~a11ile KoernvI)P 0,aneC..rrrIll,,',lIakuis of I'iiaa,-jailal P44444444r,44444 A~ ,l -.m te"( of 1'il' Ililyl cl I k1 I iol Ti. N Cll ,: al IblT1 deprk/. '1f 4 044i fes.'ary,a cIaI v b 4''4ia 0,4 (flI4I444 a*T It(i4'.C AIEII4IT IN~"- JI"I-144E, 4'444444,' 444Ji~~ I'llwclr I'oD (K JII)IIIS, lu.13F4'41114EF-44 cal'S 1;;' ,1,;'i't 1 'iun sI ýu-lll. of ergnu* u te, oil t' I .,clllt: ()PIii of :1Cknl(·I 'S lý (Riter,) il of I.011"o SI1P, ltllil it '1".rl? (1111 I)TSil I'ortu iai, Oil of Sabine, O cud of"1'h) tlllll Oil of · *(lll 1'rusl. ,Landing and lot oak, ItrPI Il I/1N l3L a 17 ''1'r Lcor ,ci Ililr lruko s R t. IMMONS Cl IIAKTT A-. CO, allor cllre now receving fro A on board ship Orleans ~rn, L~ Engl, ishl (hr, 'n leery Andrew, French and Gen it Our ,',,,I.; Bark. (aovlnu u hards Che,,ann, _l-I od 23-11iar1 Ili Leather, oaid other traverll ng I, *111si (PT CaIr,; MeltI fucerI, o eaul' ,wil D ellng ';uI; l 1bbean and Nail lras11e; Onoo aid Cldoiue 1'111 Wa,11 Eardrps W is R at kleo; IIrh crle .;]tell( Ns', bb, ,' SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. AM broeghlta ira Ioliec P'rien oI w ild Mu I' 0vi..ipohiyn hebight youlette ma. ,omued ANI)El-o 5ON, ellllul hI or dl yrSlu 'luoge, ollvuho ho hoe. "'lhe ownr will idense call, prove pIl lel v, 1w 1 llvrgesand luke tiamnl y 1 S .IIAIPI clt, i (lIt il f' tle Wonlh,. iilt, leer'l 11O5 IIAIII'1 l1, leerlo, odaohk bloy Slud Illih4SE, oIbot 14 r 1. ISn Ihigll, Io ind feel whlile, wilh ol acar or clt on ine 1helh. The olwle'r o ,l' lli ellol will ilces eol 0lu ll t h11e pound, prove Ilopllty, I'iy olroo auned luke killl uI'oy o h ur belmre Sulllylrl, Ille .1t loot. o11.l he w l usold atl oauclion l (illll, abl auclio0er uell Cl I rALeIC '1)5lIA.tImleht. selp!5 PerT r AIPEI. W AS broughlt to the iound of thu 3d ward 2d Municipali y A Lay IIorne,wit ablack honlaolondnil o nil nlarnded wilh I E on tle lelf hind IoIdlalolerl hblle I 11111t8l ough. T'he owner of said property will please call at the pound of the 3rd ward 3,d Municilpalily situ ated the corner of Robin lnd Annunciatlon stlreets, prove property pay ehlirges and take him away on or before Saturday the 14th Septe..ber, 183191, wlhen hie will bh sold at auction by PG Glltottell , pub. lic auctionner. J. L. WINTER, Now Orleans, Sept 5lh, 1839. let Liellt. ,r E hroglht to tile 1'ound of the 3d Ward,2d VS Illlilcilal't, A llilv horse wrilhl bllack anoe llld laiIl j eerlback S brauedd widh iPleer.a *1P i led to I A on tlhe lull Iliud qurlter, bhtoCell I:1 ulld1 lllolldo hIagh. A Iton Iollrse wilh wllile f.lce lnd bulldel with I. ter Ip.edi turlbe IP .'r to Ihe h111 It hind qlarerh Ad lrk hlmrl oe lrc eI feel Ildek a0d I0raud1II Wilh" leereu Y l'oo tile righlIt hoihelr od oLLeoU 131 hdo,,I high. A dark Rtou M5or e.tu bruw Inlalu aud tail I haIlnlda high. , I rlle More 1 tle n itll , erIrlll bIt ICI mt ne, Ilro, I. Til, a Ick .lrip.ouc.s l rer sll 'lers 0. white1 rille Im - lind ler rru, l feetlck, witheIlloiter I u llllposed tLo AA tLr on llne leot shollevl rr,,ol tI h1H1uls hthigl. 'unThe 0s111r1 Solle ,r;t.ry unili haoseS 0.111,1 11w SI'ou'vd of lltt 3,I waro,, nsloatcl o| tll,.c eoreer of Ilul ill oer eeAIIIIII lilledOll IyloIIIIlV ' r rut e l lrgeO1o1l Iplle oIrclilll awll 1Ill e ilr eten luldll ~ Id oll Se IoI . Ilr 11139 ; ell IheV wil rE sl l eIt UU11111,0 y 1y (i unlllel lll. U lie noeli jcueer. J I. WINTEI., New I rleluone h7n m'l1II, 10 l ieu2.e UNT da iculell al Bolyecr dl 31no ward 2dre Inl Ib nicolp nilll looll ls illOlllU 0 plr(iove oirull Ilt: i ehleval bay a riloit Oge oU 4 e d O etupis nOr, ii esl tcLullll d, lIures 1111o l'on suIppo flaou A A o tla ollcre geoete, 00 nl0aure ust do 13 ou 1,I Leo clhvll rorel, aree voc d loallh llene rcolelr do 1e1re 1(ll Oolllllllllelll. e {. I'U 111(l11 tn rluhoIlaolhn j lvlChU--s- oilloie.rLet d3 lt a Id 3 uicllllle00 6. UtIojorropreolc, oour lnropye, leellalro paolee Ivlolreo--ll oaet etellllllce dh 7lre Y. F. aour I'lsr Senule odrollo rea IInrou ert du 13 lullleuor. Ulne'p. il! JIIlIrI L coLEUr r rll 1 1 0, l. li tO Oa rel'lerhe .r'ouhlo sne ono1ll dh Ii ofth?.es. Ulle inlll cooluhr bhoy, erilleoe Iluiro 1;1 C-, quo e r i n l 6ek 11 ale, rin hleavo dur risr, ler e orodln, iou ' 11 toe ,olr, e o.llllle d'unea lotiro qoo ''on 00up1s0 dIre I). sliot i ponlo g tanclo -nol Illonollro et de 1I1 penulen. Ler prolprietaile voldrool h rno nreclomer ale d- pot du Svoe'diutrctt vi la Ldd IlluaiCiloihtd6 en colgnure ruoo ltlu i et Anoeelciov eol tproui. uvenleoar prorielr, orec pivolll le dpensens, ovaLt iosooedi 7 ulpllhltTr 1837, lanoiod lanse roL vcnjus ;I 01llcn pr uP (;. (;ullotlo el;onlteur. a. 29 J L WIN'rEIt., iullitonalt. 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IIlil, i1.IhRl, i'- ii i--illl iil!_ ii w lsr ~ U UNIED SATES OF AMIF:RIt:\.-State o U Luiana-Parl.' and et of New Orleanosl edl tfiis o.'tetli lay of J.11Ii, I3f. bel'urha toe, SIlormt I),vis, a not;ry u1ini:, duly wluoisaioned :ad s e\ort, ill ato l lir f llr i srish, tnr erly of Ne SOrleans, lart Brilt to ,lirua te i , 1w aoof rNv by 1111h r,,i uralniof thio Tit.", 1o t1, tl ue ituirol Marcia irughttlo huduared d thirty le f e rI Ullitled a n ;.rt to auiuuou irzo iiuitd .i:,1l n,,uiiruiiiuli pltner. O ips, and for r'gua teog lhe toor;.t" ''there ir erely frmd a hitcd ea'eerhll which haoll be reguliled int uitiloer ;ilii! lro lluuotwuug, vif: 1. I he rotor roi stila of idi trtuerohip alialt bo-"- The fteat.or itrilliuat Asuoau of how .w' Orloens.," 2 ''llIs arneiotion i florho.d Ir thie parpor oft rul ilott the stearnur alled he Iaril ia t Sio Newo O()rilln, no a ptorelgnrr rnd1 freiofnt hstt, for hire. I o the wailes , f I.,)uiti ai ur osltr t of or a,."o 3. 'tu anootlt nf ite ailii stnoir:k of tlhiofra. inlio~l it Iltirty two lhuusaiil dollart id lded inbu foly ohlioni if night hlundrfd nuulira ouch. The olhi." onf nlioh fe:liral hoI he oarn id in reaul I0ll.y, s,,il arldlll ut h,fiog fIne Ipruco pid by the hf nenolttr allilllifi1i,ri of o aid as ooiotrionfor fthIre hiri;l:e no, rtoitiro,unl a Iortllollo, Inad ito saitd us nillh ilotn ntrllllunlt. 4. Ti uIIIoe of' thie or: hIlrrs in thi asLorfal lion, ani tI o l tounlll wich thly lfoun rrpetotlvel colntributed to thin limitenul fartnerofiip, turin i fily Iowa, v'za : 1. lounan F. Kenonrr, of the parish of As, oel0ion, bfor thrco slares, two thIoiusand and four hunodril dollars. $2. le fi. lonry Mo':nll, ofti,e osame arisll, for three elnaes, two tllousond and four hund red dlnfons, 2,400 3 Julr slidoll,of thisr oily,fur thlree ohaleol two thousand red four hunidred dollars 2,100 .1. Clurttto hller Adatlrs r. of titls city for t iree ohares, two thousantf atllld four iundred dollars, 0,4C$ 5 Wil.iam Ilay iLtoni Avery. of thlis iety, fir three sharesfirc, two thousaud anti four toun drod diollars. 2,406 6. John S. Preston, of thre parisih o o..d Cenllsinll fcir thr~oi shard, two tllousaind and four ihuidred uiollars. 2,400 7. Johln Stphon David, t. the iarisll of St. James, fur two shareso , sixten Ihundrod tollars. 1,600 8. Jolhn S. Armand, of thie parish of St. Jlanies, for tton rfr, . ir, sbtein hundrecd dol :. -1,6M i. paul lboherl, of theI parish oflberville, for ione abare, right filmidr'i dollarsf00 10. Aaroun Hart, of Pitttburglh, for seven, teen ofaros, thiroee tlouono-ad six hun0dred dollars, 13,160 5, This opartnerohii, shall enloleui no o0 the day of date ihereof, atd the operatios of thi e amas hall termilateo , alid the coneroa thlnroof shll be wound up at tim expiratiou of twelve mortrlta front thie idate of tlis nut, 7. Thero shall be apoltinted Ilr said assooatuoq tipot the iuooting of alty five of tile stockloldenr llroreof colnereod in tile city if Now t)rlfnaIr olter two days notice in i f ott of tile illio glalettel of said city, a board wtich ofiaffll consist of threle. oruot r, to be cllosew froilt anioiu g till stotkholders of oaidf oareci,,tioo, ndi ill like linoir herr shahs. h- .L ;ig1 lit ollil aiiltod for h1," iliO . it'l1o board d7lof diit or.f itl" iris ili bars folti powrr,oo eo iuuthoriyr t. iiqk soo tlg

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