Newspaper of True American, September 7, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated September 7, 1839 Page 3
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ralue andby laws as may not be inconsistant with thi act or with the las\, afore recited, upon which i thin partnership is tlunded and specially they sall d have power to direct tlie miudse ofraningauid boat, and regulating Iher voyages or trips, tinner of dr. parturs and return, rates of lcharges, &e. The said P boardshal also hlave the power to inavetigate the acceunts of said toat, ce well thro' themselves, as through the agent therloo and generally to super vise, control and direct.the enorso of tile employ. a ment and tie administration oflhcr fnadle, and to that end they shall blie authoriesd to gidir all fittig. P and proper instructions to her agent, officers and P others in the omploa. Thedircrto ssalstl also have the powers to l fill up all vacancies (or uandxpirad term) aniing in eaid boardl, from doaIthi resignatisn or s.therwiso. a The agent of said boat shIall resilo in thie city of New Orleans, and shall under the bh-law inf said d board, collect thie debts due to t eassocination, and if any there should Ie io suit in ho nanes of-said a amociation, and also in like mannaer disbarsir their funds, for neeccssary exlen on aed claims, cld una der ithe like diretionUs keep jlust and true books of 'e the accounts, dealings antd transactions of snid as eociation ait tle office whicth hallh be scclectd bly P time said board in ttis city. 8. 'fhie dirctorseol'csaid association shtall ceollneti in offico durisg th, terse of six monuths, frmn tihe day of their election and until tihe hlection of a d new board, ant retird e sc n ari elilt, i lposesibcre, be electsnd ine wiek aiter iotic as ftslreanis, and prior to tile e\pir tin'. sLt the erm of tII sOler J preceding board. 'T'le sgest elci all reiniis n offica at the discretio s of tile board, lul the bIsoard shale determine isis compensaption andl tile msu ner of pay. ing the sens. 9. At tile period thirein before dcturmnined for Ithe expiration of this cspi.,rtnerlship, tie affair. thereof shall be settled, alun tine sama liquidated I and wattnd up by thie last bhoard oflirectrrs ofsaid e esolation, or tile surv vor or survivors oftheim. 10. Thie persona sob trusted witlh uch liquidation I shall cause to be made a fuill and comnplito balance sheet of the debts and credits of the snsociation. and they shall well and tisiy discharge asd settlet oatof the lends of the asirocialtion, consistinti oit amid bost,. her earsings or Iroceedic, the lawfuil dtlsta ofsaid association, and when all tie debts aind claitns of and against taid iasociatntin shall Itave been fnlily pain and d'nschairged, they shall miake an julst and eqial r partition amtuong thie stockholsers I ofsaid ai.oiation or their lawful replesnstatives, t pro rata, of the stock rensectively lhe d by tIhen. of sll thie re slining funds of nsid partn rehlnip ; and for the purpose of elffcting the liqnidastiou of said concern, the persoas whno shall be the liqnidators of the sanme sitil hanve fill ipower to sell said stenam 4oat and hor npurtenancs uat publie i Uelaction, alter sdvertisesent daring once a week ill the usual manner, at such credtits alld on islch termis andi con. ditios as to theio shanll spltear udvantntageous, .id td shall have alnso fnil powerro cause to b discounted withont recourse, oll nlstes, obligatIlons antd credits whatever, belonging unto al eciatio,l whe- ' thor arising out of tile alsin sf Oatit bout, her arnn. iugs, or otherwise, provided suset discount maiy not tbe mlade at a rale exceeding tel per r cent iier an. aln, or even to sell withlout reourse and at publie auction after thie usual notice, sIt notes, claims and credits, belonging uanit said association, on such terms as thepy mty think fit. 1. Tlne dvidsndsa of irofits, if any lthere shall be, made by said asseilation, shall, after paying allI debts, charges and, e declared at thie end of ecrery si lkths succnissg tlse dato tIhreof. 12. This act of association is expressly based urpon tiO.ulnsresaid act of thie legislature of this i iateo, asptroved the thtirteosnth of March, eighteen ndrld and thlirty senn, ssand the nnaforcnamd snenmbera of this limited co piartuscrehip hereby declare that itt s their intention to avail ttemnselve. (in making tlni association) of all tine Isrivieegs. andsimmunities in thie mid nact of thie legislature conteplntceld, and specially of tie privilege of exemsptnon fr.ln rcasponsilnhtsy fir the debts asnd ibligations of said assoeiation beyond thie namount of thie par value of ltile sitck by thets anspaetiveliy' held, as coentenlsled an tihe eighth nentiion of saild act, and all iprivildlgos graitid or respuensibslties inaosed by saol act are to be takoe annd sonsniderid - asi embodied herein. 13. Th'e said co-.irl netrslhii htereby e!ct thie city of New lrlieausic as ohu staci of soiCnil OFaid t a. aocialion, and dIeterruione that tie master or clerk on said boat for thIe timue bcig, or either of tnes,. - .hall be tie agents of saeid asspclation, so fr as to sign 1inIs of ladisg, ti, heei tihe said asnsoecUtion fr guotlnir,.ceivcd oi in frinigistnis nuboies said stoatiinsr. 14. T'ise stsckhls n s in said asso iiatin a.stll Ihanve the riglht t vote biy prxy at ill rilclious Inr dnrcctors, and to aIpptIr Icy proxy at all mieetisgs duly convnoed. 'Jlus done and lass . ins ui s lisciinn on ire dllte is above, ill tile prssi'nnn' td Ilinttsolotnisi'W Vallts fled l'Tsheodire Fi. 'T'ltsLnl. lnI; 51, (comtLiten.sLt wni 'Ieosnle, nolnnsescl snL t£Is nscti)y. who h.nevnllg ai uId WI ltitnhs pa.rtis. a: lrld {, terlt.lOll.l ir vl1,· 1 1( ill·I · I st.tiesnidsin'. l i-- IIst d sle, i .!I, \V'in. 1i. AverY , Linrty Mnislail, ,hus I. Jnid, C. AianIsjre, J. , A Armant. Aarinin l nrt, nf tbin. elly ,i l Plinsh e,, coulnty ni si ns11)+, Stint ist insilsat , m s it h,.os pri'o .nit pr ,l ly Il, s..,.I . tl ert, of Ne.s tr .AI'l', a. i)L'rll i. lorl-lllll,+ll h¢.r Ul}L , iIllll . Xl ,{ icanaprr I1A.ltN IIA ItT, Per .l N I'H.FIAIRT. Iica . 'ins ri 555 y55g it hne'' prviu t clau ,Ll I' (ll Ie r iiiil, t 1 tIlo ('lllJ i sl ln ll tllL ",I' I:III',I I( IL 'I:II. rtlr~~l,(11 111 ' I·I .rll L ll' ]( ll rl',r mrt +ie: s\IN I". Ki'-NN"tt. I- r MllNOR 'iN1{R. l's, , II set tl llna g 5tl'i lhe , s£y nrovull mll . 'I S i., e,'er, pr.l'ti .e'sit.l y l' rnssrd Lounitdunlle, a.. , r n :ltte li e lrclnn - i lllll m ) ii .', Ills . ilt; : tn' ." L.ltei . seur 'lAIlI Ell VERT. hitiIN a I'RF. TiN, Ily inse t T. Pin's ins i- attor0ney sc flin t. '.iniurtent, ad " o Jone, te39," I I iL, T''h entinre, F. 'LTs'Linissaosnn, Hioratso I c,,retmins rnnrgm'.,ing to be a trus copy from the: ullgmll act extalnt onl iiy tcurrenlt ,otur~al re. ,tst'r, t '.tnh W nertnn I ,ave hercunto icgned mny nas, asnd ;insed tsa lien r,'i s of mu y iseal of s flico. Nrw ns tinslin, Jsune th0ti. 1539. t ig. s d, II NltA ryO tI). its, als.2w30d Notary lPubhe. E Louiiane--\'i: et Parotsac do tla Nurvil: Orleans--C quartoziblnt jour do oats. do join d, t= I'an mt l lit cent trenlto nuuft lu so xunt, trotisi emc do l'IoIdpendance slua Etats-Uoni, d'Am6riqoe. b, Poardovant Horatio Davis, iotarle public, di- s,, nont conllmissiocant et i.sserlllent6 dlns at pour I , D I illo t It roisso do la Noovelle-t)r-lodI s , it a 616 t iIc nveu dI former uno soe6.o d li it.6r, co nformo pt I .nt aux dtspo it ont do, l'act d. to l.e_ -totue so toe o:t that, pas-o lt 13th maro 1837. t,:ttul6 t 'Un ju AIt, pour autotr-er I,' Socita.s hloiontos it oaiyli- 0s rIous at p ur to gouveronoo d'icllo ." Ue o. ,ac co 6 l, nitd oeelt pillo oes oid6tri- ctroo6, Iquotlle o err r,.-gl ,e de Ila laiiere ed dall la iotml sutvant lto ". I. ' omt it tit r. do Ia dioe .oci,,d -era: S '."l.' . .ciatioll d B.lltaotu a 'apour Ilrlll t do ia Nouvtelle O Id(1an." S o. ('.ttl assooni tion sct liorrud dllns leo bLt d i fare inv guer la b.I! cau it v r oitllutnd le llBrl ant, toi lat NouvolltiOrlta0ns, coinie batlac o.o Spassagest, ctde fret soir los elux do la Louisitale S tit toutes antres caux des ELctit-Ultis on stir cbte pes Ftis Unis. 3a) Loe niotant do capital do cttel Ass ciatin est do I relt deux ntl'e pliostres, dio i:d on quorante actions do boil cent piasirus haqoue. La toltalit do asudit capital a dtd paydo en cconptant par Ice ieanobres do la dilt Assoeiati an ci.nplos nomlands, tole dot inotant 6tant to mni6me quo la prix rix primti du susodt bateau Brillttal t e los tdp, uses pour re 1parationsa ua liliorations ltatca t s asdit bateou. .Il. LoIs toma dt s assoocis e io nlmontaht qtt'is outl reseectiveloont portd daills cotto soeo6t d Illtdli ,ct colnl tiV tl: 1. D)uncan F. loenner, do Ia parol0se de l'Allaision pour trois actions, t.oux untille qatro * t tipastres, 62,400 2. Hlenry McCall doe la usdite paroisse, pour Irois actions, deux millo quartre cont pilatres, 2,400 3.. Jitoa Sluloll, do la Noovello Orld' aolls, iurt truis octions, doux millo quartro cent piastros, 2,400 1. Clhi.topher Adains, file, do Ia No 0. volle Orldasi, pour trois actions, deux mtil. to qoartro cent piastres, 2,400 0 5. Wolliant Hamlilton Av ry, de la Nouvello tOrleans, poir troisactlons, deux unille quatre cent piastres, 2.400 (6. John S. Pscatot, do la 1ro's se de I'Asceinsion, pour troioa action, deux uilte quartr centl piasores, 2,400 T. John Stephen DI)vid, dto Is Iproie c"t. Jamles, pour doux actions, tille six it . , Jot S. Armard, do la ulsdite Ipa Slroisso, pour doux actions, milile six cent i . 'rcautl I6Iblot, do I pa oisse d'lbor- 1,600 v:le, pour One actionl, l it cseni pilstreo, 800 10. Aoron Iart, de I sburg, pour dix tcept actionu, treiza uitillo.ix cent piastres, 13,600 $32,00 io.' Cette soc:dt6 counencera le jour de tola le a'des presentea t at a oporations se termine. ontot as afftires et Ips comptes seront balane6s ct olts, A I'exptr tion d do douzo muis qui suivror,t tola date du pr6sont nte. Gc. A une rl16niol dip cinq meoibrees do I'Ao sosiation, convoq ict d'dpres uneo nnon0 e publlbe pendant deux jouro doans une des gasettes do coltt ville, iit nrio numt6 trois Directours, pris parmi los actionrqires, leqouels Direotolrs composeront Io bureau d'adinilistrati -n. Dle la mnme manisre it scra eloisi uill gent pour la dito socid i. to. Le bureit dos t)ireclturo do to dito A'soci. ntl:ol ara iolein pouvoir ct do faire et tIalir des rbgles ou rodglooensc qui io seront itas uA~'traires iu prdsant acto on 8 la lot pr6eildo on vertau de Ioqt olet celtt socilte et Gtablie. Its au rtot.t I droil.fycial do rgler In tlanibrn do lfire naviguer loe Esdil hoateau, d6signerle couas do ses voyagoes, o temps de son ddpart et do son re tour, d'tab ir Ices prix, &o Lo dit buheau aura aaoai lo droit d'cxoamnor Ito comptos du suldit bateau, obit par Ini moooe, suit par son oaento ct gd.dralement do surveiller, c00 troler ot dlrigoor I'emploi ot I'admibistration do sos funds, et o do but il sera nutro).d a doeapr Ioo in. structioen qu'd jugoro I'agoet, ux 0 llci. r. 0 autres oomploydos du suadit Iatcoao. Los directourrn sll mra trtoilct tnllt aotorids h. rom plir le vacaancas (pour lo temps nori.expird) oqui pourroot 0u0rveoir dans l*eur nautbre, suit par nmort, ddoiosion ou autremant L'Ugeot du dil bateau rosidrtnt t ht Nouvolle Ortdaos et suivant les rdglomens du ausdit buroeau, collectira leo di!ttes duos it la socidtd, cr poursuivra. colhs e litigo ato nurm de la dlte socidld ct paretloaermot riglura lts ddbours dou res flods pour toutes dd1peosc nadcoseo saires pour thire orhe t toutel redlbnations julsts; St on c nlormlod aux dilts rgluromens, seront tit ns dos livlesjusocs t exacts tno colo ttes , olhrations c trtansoctions do la dhto Association, daeo I'ofice qul sera choino anss cottlo villo par Io dit tureoa. Do A t'diooaqe dtdecrmino0do aI leor cr t oute pour ta olur6o tot catto sociodt dertrio're-n-d Blut oil por ]la tlloble ou le r ieluo bre.i survlvants du dit bureau. 10o, T.e prsonn,.s ae qui -ora eofie, to la s die loquidation tbroo t un o tal coae plet dos dettes ot de- Crdtits d,: la soCIodt', ,t o rt,'n teonUs do rdltor et de polyer btn ot sfialmont toulote lts juasteo dettos do In dite nsseciaioon, Ioqu, tloe dot o s.0rol p ly's des oe 'i ds do la dire sdt oei6, so olltpoosaooL doo olto: atoau, sas gaisla eo Lododlico.. o quand let dotatlotnotos llro t dtd ;oIydoo, i s red portironto doloo 0I niotro juo e ,t ttquotahtoo ootr leos acotonaires oI loers li ooux, :0 prorata doo iour o ctioo u r oo .:c i,,oo , lio h,, o' o , liinds l to lor ; oirl. :,1 t 1:1 atstlo , h.o "o : It ,li' d'. tI' ctnoo r o hti qo I orn , t 0 .. .. 0 00000 serooot othoooorado I t ooto qoidobo',oo ,oootool otol pouovoir do voo o I 0. , io. hoi t ao.o va pt o 0 , 00 ogriLs ot t iorox t I'al , to t'otoc Ip.oe ,r dosoi avis prdtItaltle pondaut oi. soemaino, e la maoniore oo!tde, a tots erddlts ot t tellcs toeoditions qui I. ur poral ret ololvoealtb s, ct surolont auoi ploai pouvolr d 'ftiro esOlptctr s0ll0r0cu000 tol0 not s, otbligialo o ot aCdlts quelooocoIootooso npi.rto. uant t lt soc did, soit qu'ils provio ,lccoo d. la v'llt du dit obateno de eoo btotdiicea o0 autro mettlo pouorvi qo le e lit ompolleotieo 0 i0 pils lai00 & u0 taux au-dessu do dix pour citot per ao, i0t 00 me lie ventre sal recoulrs et I'ollcantl, apros los avis d'utsage to0s bilclts, rdetl lunions ot cr6di s apporteoant t la dite soce otd auox terots qu'i a jugeoront oonvenablote. 12. Cot nctede soetdoe exprea ment e aaorodeoi stooo r le s-.sdit acte deo la Idglsature do c0t Ittat, itapprotv6 te 13 Mars, 1837, ot lts socidtaries ci dessus I0om0 nmos dt cotte, soeodId iloloitio dcdlrolll, pr let prosontes, qu'il oat do Itor inototioo L[1 tooioiant cett soci6ot) oic sn prdvuloair do toas les IrIvileget Set immuonit(s vooulus dains to dit acto .e la I6bi-la. tore, et particuleomleno t dou privilege d'n.zxoooptioo do touto roooolnOlatdlto ptour lea dottes 0t oIltigations0 de ot dite oorididlt au.dulo oi ootiotOllt de Io valeur (an pair) deos actioos pasPo)oteds patr chacu do'eux, comome it eat pr0vu dans tla ouititmo section dudlt acto, et tous privileges aeord6s oo reep nuabilitodes ilupos6ee par Ito dt acro devront btre conioiddrds co00 m0e incorpords daos lo prosentc. 13. Ln htot ooCtood 6lit tar lts prodsentcs la villo de la Nouvo Ic Orleans, poor sou domicil et dO. clare que lo Capl)itaioe o ecommis du ldit ateaux, pendaot qu'ads cront employs telos, on t'uo des doux, seronut lo agcets do la dite assoelation, 0n co qui coclerlo la signature des connaisseooens ct obligoront la doite soiod16d pour loo moarchandises orsouoa ht lord du ts-.dit bateau. 11. Los actiolaairos do lo dito soci auoront tole lroit de voter par Irocuratioc dans toutes lto dtoe tions pour diroctors et de so fai reepreeloloer par procuration dnlls outes les rduoions dolmnoot con. voqtides. vFit ct pand on I'ttoad, t la Nouvelle Orldans les ollsmes jour, nloi et all quo dessusooel ldrsenceo oto BItrthotetoi Valltt et Thoodro F.ltvouo Phiene I onllnU, tOEuoins dotouo ilis n oellott vilht qut ont e-ignoo a tc Io e parti et mout Io Iolt.iroo. Original sigod-Johtu Shdtoll, Win. II. Avery, Iloory McCall, Jotohn . D,.vid, C. Adams, jr., J. S. Alrolaoot. t\aroln laorl, do ta vi Ic du Pittsburg, comod deo Alligltaoy, dotlt dP Pllollla Ivllil, est d1acii It orid. rooollts ontorepresent6 par s000 0Is i Jtt . 3 Hart do to Nouvatllt 0orltdoioo, ot'tpr o to rooorati ooo oi anoooxade AAItON IIAIIT tour JEM.JZ C IIAI1T. touncaoo F. tlho oen oyant oulaod ta valle oio.oolt do sigoer, cst daoellls It.lr6oEltl.o reirCoolod par t ealo OIIC t tio, tiar 1 oiro e0 00I0I0. X I. DItN( AN F. IIi NN I.N, ~~pour AlINO.; IlIN. IEN: PaPut Ibet ytoo ti qohloio o. l vOlht t v to t do .oooo o'r Ie0 rollPr0t.ioot dollto, o o prootooetos or IoIroooard loul. duiuer par I,:tire cs ,tlnex&g. ½ 000000001000)t11o1o to topour I I. ill;Ill t 1tt . It.illN , Ill:'TON, toor i0AAC J. ttti'o; TON, l+c t.Ilr, tiN -1.o boo/11 (0111 111 ' 1t 1 II itj I. 1t i It I,:31.\N N tilt 4 o1t1 0 tO tit \ . t. 1o 1 . _ N 0000l ( t oll. (,lolt o too o t lV. lic O l tattn , tol ,oin I I'. t tio toolll Tio II\V P., 17 21 . s I l. n. | inob le 5 a , il burea dll 1 , II :omllpallli lll' r 13 jul el. A I . L. TIA *'Y ,'erilre. 4 .1 1 it-- .ell brl-. _-i r l, ii -lrh lie .ale by Slu, lnl I.lulh I -. hi- ( Ii , .lr- I il!1 cud t h .,v Lesle of II'111:" Ill I.!. Il.11 1 \ --I'I Ju1 l icial )I<:ict II 1ý" it fbe·ur tit " Ieat i,.ii 44. , d l I ll * ,I 4nr i rto. d a m,..u..t ie l lp , hl hl Ih c ltr ".iI 1 . 3urcall, l.Y ~u Illr ,di l . 1 r;,l . eih. 1a 1hh ar l;l A'o o t, I' a,, - o i l .k. \ ',, hu iao )t ih ,,I ,to d, hll lr olle i 1 . t, on l I ,1, i t.," III1o l IA l ,r ial Ir ', ' e11 11 -'lll.h a - hI ii ,11111 iiii ii , I MzryauotIre. ppubic, le V t."enedi 30 Aldu 1 ci: e' , t . rsr... du. ti .....nt. ... .e il .. d. i t -ll--.a!.i ,:lnaI-Mo li 1. " 'tl ". . , , r .'k. "T' [odx',vard L f,,hutu e '.,;-'r, t ,,.. ,;t i , ,' et .. . mli . Ft csr u,IHrs: , t e tll.ll dllda t, o atou, ,' ur-l uitor NT' TAT d . 1t l.t,,u. .,re -C..,r IL. PrLn. .,,, i i ji c I ilre s Il ir . , i.ntrs, p ir d,:. " lropridt " ,'In-, lv:hl o nu ., 6 Mr; I n . i L. is e noa - aid piO di aps crian t l. er ,,s c aio er arbs, ult , dla Ps r ordroe de il eralor, or Jul rt . d3. ck i Laft I'. LE BLANC, de Mr. A. reWILLIAM u . CARNESd 30 Aou' LOUISIANA WVARhE ROOM, sr A IEOI,'S: etL enll.ttelldlnut, touteNt lpour-uitor. uO -ciirs centore sa perot olll scl skecheroprid of 0 ld pont, reo allter lesof oand iers c lle n of t he a IuaI of L oalpus;--·u h;--To A- o ricn -,W , SII th..l Loit' ltit PiN S, 4.CRN S lu 14. sot!oNo.D, 1IoJo., P....t La,.r, 1 i Exract of the blt Ai othlloroi; CI ooIer Naval his Ir.; Cheveley, lby Ladly Bulwer, (noew siplir.); Pre-. )0 .o'ion, hy Coller, a new edition ;Cha Tl'yrrellt, Capt Kydi..r tHuguoonu,, n JOIINS 3 c0 . aug 24tI4 40 tLo St Chatrlos and COlnlllon o i r i iIK IIY--I10 lturrtlem roctiied wlikey in ore SLO.UrSANlo by (1)0J1EV, aug 9 441 New Lvee 0 juie o'- 44 New Levee INDIIW ULASS Loudlltg,,i wNhulesalo .r0 e tail u ly It II44NNABEL, DO o7 ' cIhapitchulse at LIoudOI) CAP--Jbt t rec ived tw craes of blue 00 laid Record Clap.bolh plain and ruled, a very filen 0rticler, uita, ith fiLr IIoll.r. -O r Ptoo tI by 00 DAVID F1.'', N YSlatiol,.rs' IHall, julln 1 i2 '4 CIaItresso 101 , E trc - akel l he i ual a. Nlaply thtie o Captain on h.oul,. ole tier beluow tle Ve gelable Mar :6 _ ket. liay pO -t I IEln-, csk hmu a on : C als T rII N y ul Kd. FTe SALEHo . 73 Cump .t Ltg0 BLS. la- .Eilr;15 c5urili.ed aSugor 54 IrnF-00 -doCe ri IIct .20 hria b ,lp', at y t IEIIDRO4ENIC ItitiWN &. Co, jiuiv4 1 N.. 4 Cuoni ,43 ACON N IDES--7Oaks uk ,,lt.rior Clollolanai ca " Lrecl. il, sor0, orsa0le by II)ORSEY, '00 jue 15 44 New Leve. 00 CIOO1. HtOOK<, chbipll lhuk Iluok, aii ce.p alnd s-let tr I Lrppr iui4l., c. &c e., wlare iiild iorst rate lir aonoloniol fur solo l0w by AX. O man : - _ SHIPPING. FOr Eurone. The A I end very fart sudIne ship sUE 1311llICn ,lain 'I'nlc er, will Iluv u ul lltedi al' 6.pat.u. k FofeihtIt( 161 hIdsuiI 'e fr 21 neng ,,Ie for , 6 cuhin p11e llrrt, olI0. III 1 IAINII)N,.93Comn - ---__. --11"-1)1( 1.13\'11()3, -' I l'hr ship 'I'I:LU11,,lI , lilirl, Runner A it large portion ol f her cnr1.. engnlll'dl Fatl flight o f Irnlancr,, ljllll In II CAI9IA(' K & cs. 1k F IIIIll Tile los ,iline A I Shlipl 1Io A, ,',pI. Snelilh, having thee. whnte nl' her carg o heng eg-pllp ee will receive desptnen~t. 1"or 1 enlace having~ Ilulalil-lll uce:rvnnenri llll°, R1II to- I.I:IV II UAI.L:. I sa l 2 IIh !V I CII1I' Il ,1 h e' lirsI 'less ,sd fast ceiig IIri~i~h JI11Woe lopls6IIII fuiS, ( (I, raw rordl n l ake 1 " 2111 II I lof collltonlt will rssive ilssnedi u(' .1-le ewh. For renal, o4 ~r lot-ane halving handsomell~l 0rcl,,1 ,d,,lmo,., or 4 skbin, passeng5rs, oj lll'ly lEVI II (.ALE. nag I:og h 1,11:L Colmln treet (helI ('ril Il will have9l(llR·tI . For passag havinlg Iland-l(llllle nccotn odI n apply III .uly loth LI. 11. (;·rAl.l:, !13 (',,a lolls' R '(IR IIAV'It ~i(. 'I'hrfir~~tcl-r isnn Ils ilinO. Il(j I A I E, Capt. 1 1"uhson, w ill re.'.eive immediate ll) lee e '112111'gd For Ia::UgeJllrinl 1"a111 ln.,n1 " ý u .11I1 L , aply oI I [:VI II (1 1I.111 I:Il unllln I i J i ^i'E t, ,o li Ior II ll II III"I ties iLII to,,41. 111,0 El roo 'IorA, aI d I.iil." ·:c i.8Ind c 1r.., ollereee Fll NI r: h(IlLk ittlor I sa++cll okot ua. v Imeine s rnperiltr nl:co llllldld illi or uppl'' a hoar(l d elpn11 cite Jsetlle Ilon kt, or to 1. 11. I L, F(lv I111. nt (V E tc I, : 11 1.11 'Cf· 'I'Por ftrnt ch(I( nee Ifent erilior.Selman'' 1V111 .:Y 1'I"1',1:apt 1Ilettl r., lo IvmY her egole~ FOnIeel nAO Illak ek line, ill Irum 80 t olr passsg e .os Orlo. ooIry 31,l, Ido I. 93s! A.mmon s S. A SC 0()NF.IIt nlhl,11t 4 years n ll) 91 tens buYJllrl lien IIII io 'melds(' rater. or pa~lO rticu~la rs upsogpply to 1. l11:: Ill'1011 ro il11 !1A lIIIAIIl~lll F()11, NESW VIIKK-Itegtr llllr I'ucket. O )rleanls Line o f C 'aekLtl r Thle fast Bailin~ Tegull l packet ship LOIXU of her'nren rnPeuowl, wi'WilI satil an ellnvc" For IILL1+111'e 11 Iteighe 1+1' )1;· 11ge. 1 11,1 :'Il 'ea,:[' ', vam;, · II Vegemhle r iilhet, olr to ( 1(1 'S sepl'l: 90 Common~l~t~p( F or the Interior. s ý FOIL IIA~clil -.AI1A Regnlnr Pancket. 'I'hr 1'II splendid 'w e'ns'' s~:r teamboat~ll 11(111)\Itne Ilart Illuntar, r ..?.;'..,,will 1,:nae New Orlrllll.every Wed- Ile·dat t I ll a 'clock \. 11. for Ilavyno Sar~a & every Satmdnv m? a Ill o'clocke A. 11 (mine Ire eon-I downlwl onl f h:!5 ,1 1115 & 1II TA1.1 FOR NEW YORK. 2 - .'uit ' Iork \ w ri a nrlroo.. i e 1 01 4 NEI. LINEol'pat kels has Ies established to 200 . runl berween New ilelts and N1ew York, io i0o S hitj Stt 11rit It 1V Ftoster, natsler, It S ehpublicatn, J (; Iiusell bu" S \Auburn, l ] I~ I)lrfiv, " vl -tnew hnilding, T'h ,er ahp, ook . uilt in New l ork expressly f.r tlis III tradel';ar Io a lighI t drotgbt ofau eland will not lil ll s e ' ,bet to lete'lti it the iir. T'heir nicon idntions ever llr t'it , l.l'. Iel- ir le all that clyI be rlequired ftr t+eI c ul/llullltlill a In IVIId eo IIe: l; aItld Itlh u 2,anclllt r lld or e Ketr r IoleoIt (f ,Xp ril'inl. , e l.lliJ ibihe hllip,- tlnoW Lbuildiog are '', ,i reted, tnr o tlhst M1sl s l npa wll ill slluppy teir .fF r , , -: gtn - I tnctuaITay will ,be . -erved in the Con r ni,,tntot i' tt ll nn'l i -I---I - 1.11 111-1 t"t, --,. ,, l N- IV c t-l R hllI .'oil+rdl, . l'ia linoll tl lllI. j ,|rk nt..s's, palmuin E lI": te nis, 21: "'I:IIJ :", t'pua1 1 " hi r ,o Vilkslbur , (I nlu.ll J I'lJ nkcr, ifthI Ir , I'-a I t nlll l . I I tI .atnshrille, t .a ttpt ' tt . t I wis :. lo .utr, Truinl da" Oe¢+t/zltte(. l ttllt l~e itt, tnt .Ner Ship ---- (' ,ltin i iI dhouse.n thi te r thip -- Capitn Nichol . I he ~ba -Ill .i , m I ie all of the Iirl t cles, on tred tl it ia t ,'". i'i-rhla tttla , . and tllhrt l ilt i .Ne ll fork e lx pr ''-.1t th l I it,· l,-th-yi ore R i'dinht fIrlluw ll f wag eati S ;. l aitr ilnirsabh Gcros, the bar without deteu- ret e-" pac+ket s are cmnIiladed by C p(l inls well ex- m in il llh i IIi a u. 2 A k ' ' a Tl n ori' . .. I'i, init as n tntl.knm Inkelntittt111 dltt'itti' ntn l for nl t ' nt' in n d i i e y onit- i tt ntn rtstti tt n ;tttti oi f hie i - tjiiti t $*' , without wine t ' it .. i ian .lnrl ' A l (ol)l,"N, I,; u.. ,,, Pil ate not arc antt" lIe for breakage of elsI, * ollw wireli, arble or tnitie, icooerage. of tin toe i a or pileL ptt ,i hiArd, ulls a reuErbill gfhldlUt be nil " sic el theetilr, alt the .tit., uof hse an ent , ali d p i .. .. . L, T ill: , ie i t ish iits ittltit c",c iit tlt i" lit f tllnw- : i tlt ng ill Y e 1el. a / eitl,.illnnnnltltti i tn, n " In'tIPii'll tl Wtll d4 ni alllt iday akinn .," ntit, tlsIhr bie v, i fill, ltt i,:l p Si lll all . ei ngis nttad i s'ir i from til prt very . i Cweek Idrinlg lt eaur,sthu n i a o nll pillr t facilitnte, for tra sportation and at the !utwlsl I tale ,fseie ht. S ntIllpt l aorpallll ' l 'rtL e'k. I II lot&Aisvi.le "i At e ltin. ci t ine Insta atinIi te og a ena ) i nI Il I ti I '. ()e I i " II mndtilie, "° Ic:hrhlge T h abovl e i Si l sare fi ll if i titln liat ttin, i icoppered i. SI fid r toipr: tr t,trd, olf it lit ht dlnauht of watler, and bu.i lt i nNw n Y uik epiiet-tI fr tile Iradewiith elegantI e lt I1 Sectllo..htahoo ifa Ia: n.'l'. nCt nd ntruawlled by little, I th e e rice t' f ti snncin it n ixed litt in0, whnith t wnen, ,L IN gi nuor, Inmlustotnlle i in eser other particular ,will t b re n onhided, and ever, uttention ii t.en , it i mnote ltse tl Scindn rtul intn l-r I'na.lnen to i n tnilln tah lin:e. I he sLAin,s w il ni i i nnt"- n low up nf l, dt wn the rwver, t and n be greatest luctu:lt i e lb-ern , td is to theiteir day otf Elaisa t -ilinnng nig n c Neither the owrier8 or captnhin of these vessels will e Il. Cor8r of. Charles AN CommARoI sr.een, I e l rb le tior gra illhe, ano l geo ll in , rust fil ion pl i I .t it f nr he l tlle. arltnattle line inrOnts: i reofexpr eC. - rah Jirt'reight or pDstage, toYt,,y to n : iy kat 10 1 n in n Idii i I an i t l enw I :" : ",:; i_ J A ES It HtUI.I.IN, 74 |ralltps I . vate iin? u t vnriu l: rtik i olnever dsrittg n: . st-at re- moured. St ttiit i de tkti, fdre ui n cael, poA Alil. pr luer, I liNS! & A'IAA'.Ilh-li regpectfullei call the ata Ir o leKurall frim Crell d rtlg+ toI rlte oatplet y l ie, l oll t ntlenle's PA line10 hirs ladingfro m e rhip, te r Jh n rwllbe sold f lo w if tli le len frolls l Ihe leve -- tr silk, Ht'lltn nit' eriano ln i's a ld dr allwer th I tinrie n antd t ilk niandkerd hie: bie et:i an finity P.a iieiullaled. p t Al,-Slendid I Ol"rli-9 Iet o, laldn andig gens rif N de Iks, dreN g , port ol-iod, perfuutler cut tevVn Ce n Eclaih fnniteld.i tharln s n t. osner5 f NRI , - INK ..! N K!!! -J u t reces ved ng - -- -. I oEns 8 "nce ink, rn a very I pD, St Johnwill be sold how if taken |'rein t levee t oedozen 8 ounce tilk, warlranted a very sup~erior ,tttlcI . iGRAND) IREAL E:STATE LOTTERY OF PROPERTY " Sitlltld o. NtW' Jt n-to, TO lIE D11A11 N ON 'I'Hl4, It I l.:l;I1l11.t, 0;:9 IN JA CKON' VII.LE, I"?o. I'nder Ite s ll l emto llo 'ltlooo"e I lhe 0',,..o .ol--,:il. . j Iloled lby Ihe I.lri hlive Assoemblo I. oiloridIh. ballnagers. 1010,000 ticket+, at $1 cltheme price. $1,500.000. Selliog Iiro'e $920 per Iockot. SVY.V1'ESTEIL & 'o., 1i6 llrnodronot, NhW YORK, T 'I'Th,' reci.i,t .to It, t st il' of (tie ;i3kets w ill hl le totllted t II t1he 'll ll. t olliot. ( IITIIIIIoII ('illZ I' IIIId ol o.-olidollle.l IS.IIIIo F, ill \ew (O 'leaun . i 111111111th o I.,omi S:outi.hl jootih wIhl J. it. Plerrnull o nlly Ciloter oflhe Cillntn's Ittnk, md 1 A. Illhndoil oc tualhv i'a-liid r oflthe (;(11+tidtll edl lilllk, is l lusI ersI 't pr tt net losso lot ott- A .loooorlotoo1r , Esq. Not. Al1,. it e 2dl a I1!b3l;.g, Hllll the {"rolllpeltm+ lrnll+ierre+d Ilit thie hotve imoentionoed orlgltl Im0n tminmtred, las l'rnttees, for 1he, cecuriiy ol the lortunulate plrize hol dern. In Sew YIork the mnollie will he deplorited inl th Plmoenix allolk iln t lhe tr dll ul thle allove t net'd l ('ity ankls of Ntw ()rleaur. 'lThe PFIltnie .me relrred to the acts posteld lhelle' A. ,laztlretn1, E.q. Not. PlJt. in enltinh to the ptop perhies which em.brace the respelte pirz'a in thie Lotter}. COI PHlIO, ls follllows: Prit--'lilnt Iol0tgilicll IIt hIols oooy brick 146 tiret oicincho to ( rtoi., olotlae, utll 11II Ibfel II int'hes o - n. the++ i.i.'1lti huildol g nl.rlT ll + n-,, u1 rent ol $:17,11H0, MI.lottng in tie lllost l ltlllllo o Ig tlltO ' f t ' c'Its, Il il*-it'. lhree· Illlllks, nnd Il I tlh. om 11111 dish' n+1,;lltlh rhocd et ilhe nlertased to filly ti;ll-:clio " hdooll pr annun. f:sloliItd 1)l $7. 0,1100 'ize c llt rlol t ,tllnt f ltllr Ait , brick t I mIt tug known ' 'b I '1 o "I Ti.l ttie tloeerririr o mp Mtlllt' iot .I. oll.tltri lgl 1 tt' t I o3tl IIn 't111111114,, s,t nltllol 14t loot Ill l lt 1 i11 CoIIII t I 'lol, t ruildlolg 'cot e oow fCor, * t0, andll a ll llll i t h11 e-I Co il Ipirlt o' I:" y, etot her . e incr..ll llhl l00y lO lllt olll do!:o r- +'tr '1. nu . -li t -loolo'i ih o ilot. $5011,00 Prize--l'h tehree hcv bricek hlialin. Ileho '. No. :Il0 oin Nlllltez si oer, oljolinhog Ihe Arecade, tl',lt .ed a It hlllll l oll 'olholo. ootiirl t $.0,010 I Prize--'flre lhlee sltol'V trick dlwelloing hlolle, oti, Itll, t itjoioio g ll.1No 0, i Natchez street, renteal at Iwelve hundred dollars EIhtilttdolt $1101111000 1 1'rize-The ihree toro lrick dwoellihoe hluill , +.1, Iler 1iill i l oi l INo. III9, Pr e lleizt. r II0 l t e1 ve ,.I olo t .l fd Iuldredllllls i>,tn'l tlltl $,~2,ll00 Prize='-Thlle dwellio house Noo. 2.: 'otoh ensl corner . if ll 0in nt td ollm lo' hIiiluuse tit eltt, n o. ' oit ri 4OI leet I nk17 tlln ere , toy 1217 lieotl o oh tl Io lmttIhloo e tlr ; r elit; d o 1t fio - ol hU rel ollot. .tiottliolotol o 2 $20,.Ott Prizei--'hde dwo Nlolr ilk I 2w lii4 hIlllue oweo r.n r gof Ionio altreet, Imealo uring 21 feet 7 inches on . .lini A. , A fet7oincheo ool Froklito lr'oel, by 1t7 leIto 0l intc'heos i depth l ren - titiloodocte .lree.; renoo d o11 litleen hU tdredl $ lliri. a tiln ted at 1520,000 Prize-'-hle twoa r Co'l ilak sdwliiok hIoue No.:.1 t on Royol -treo", l.e en lroul inoo- ' l I lr o1ptl oIotroeto Int.o - Prize--l511 sharesl Counel iaol Bk, tik $101 eachl, $"d,100 Prize--'.l0 Iso., Commoerciol Bank atu1k $I 1)O eoolo, $20,0170 * Prize--l50l share ictllh,tloic,.' nd t 'Itrao derf' lilk soock, tll $1010 Lolhl, 15,000 3 Prlotz llf 100 ore, llly an k, 30,0101 0 'rizes of i0 " o i' s ExLhaniPt, 5,000 2 Frize olf lI ' " ehlitnhoi' il 'T( lttero' 3,000 0 P'rize of+ Itt " " I.toliiiliit Stl tlo, 211,1100 I(i Prizet ol o " '' 1 1.. liglht, ,1,01111 fOOPlizeoof O(I" mI lllkofO()rlPnno, 20.0111)( '01 Plriceo of 1 " " li'ioto Ifllk of F'lorida, 15,0)00 It ohnll hIe lit thoe otono of lt' winooor' f t rio'e- or l tok ostoo,ko ithher to oake the mock htoelf or the par va luit1elreol hin cusl . 11)1 1(I' IOiR1+\0IN(. 100,0110 lickeot, from I to 1110,'10, will he put in one wheel,andl 1Oll priEz',', itth thel hhll , il, ano l hellro ; I every inumbelr a prize or blank will Ihe . untI nal oe prizes ore detertlllined,.ao I .ine he hd'l n e of n1111111 bere inl the wheel--blks. )lttlers for the hlovo Iottorv owill 'be re(eived tt the otlile llunder th Veroitth, corn. r t o It. in, rles and rnConluon streets, ono ot \.. 101 hi tr ( es ot.Pt', 'tNew "'ttlo +, and prompt- ly fo rwirth:d. ( d r. rtt to fror io h0 toeroioitikeoloI quio''q olir oo .)'lO111) I' & 11.\\ 111 1.0 T ., New ()rloano . .\ -tiamoootat will Ie. lt llp l tlled tol take 'o Florlh0 l0h pneseh'eis ais Holy te de.iroi h to witness Ie _,', I ,,n+ ,, Fla. A lpir , i'," 9. r i" I REPl HLIC OF TE'';XAS. City of at-,th July 130. N pursuance of a teqoremcnt oea law pnsted by 1 Cl'onorse of this Republic, approved January 21st, 1839, tmaking it thei duty of the Treaosury to advertiise at.d cttlso to bi sould tie lots in the CITY OF CALIIOUN, on ,t day by hint fixed. Notice is hereby given that the lots in the City of Calhoun will be oflbrt.d at Pub It Sale, on Monday, tile 18th day of Nonvom er next, Ibtween the hours of Ten o'clock, A M. and Four o'clock, P M, at the Capi. tol ofthis Republic, uonl the terms set forth in i the lfllowing extrlcts fromt the law above llenn tioned " Sec. 4.-Be it firther ena,-ted. That the lots int said town shall Ibe ultfrd and sold fIr no othlr cur. rottcy than gol,. sliver, uuditel paper, or the pro. missory notes of this goveurlent. ISo-. 6.--Bu it filrther enacted, That the aid ots shall be so'd on lltl followiug terms, viz: Otte fourth part to be t,aid ,wttt, and the other three. forth to be in equal istotalhnents of tsix, twelve anid eoighteoen months. SSee. 7t.--Be it further enacted, That if any person who shoall purchase any of theie aforesaid lots, lshall f it to make paymant of otoe seve;al in- rI stallments in conformity with this Act, he or they shall forflit all such sluns a they my hav previ. -.ldy paid, and tile lots pure.usoed by suefh defltul ter shall retert to the govermttut of tie IRtleub. e lie. e See. 8.--B it further enacted, 'ihat all persons, aliens foo t excepted, shall have the privilege of pur-I clhsing and holdinll the it alidl tihe. Prolesident i. utlh iedli to ltllut lt'l etis to tihetm it nll v n h Ite I t + ,. 8stalmenlt shai . ve b llc ier ,. " Too s.ile wiltl c inttt ' ttrt e d ti it it.y, iii 1 allI of thit lots it., I! have itt, n dtsposetd .t. - (Taihoun ,. Ittd ol the I i;t oed ,f 11ataror da Is'at.d, threttly ,o fit'.11 tit Pas it tot M.dtigor Sda Bfay, and from io s .dv mtatous ptilson, \till " it probahbly becomne fthe rnclp.,l commelrcial ilty ill 9 Wasteri Texas. A Plan oI the city may be seen in the General Land Offiueo. The several tnpers in this Replhlie.ifhe ('otttter. ft cial Bulletan, Picayune aond True Ati.tican, of N. Orleans, will publith inticeo Ittl the day of salc. JAMES Il. STARR d Secretary of the Treasury. To TfHE LADIES. , IIUIU' II IfitIt A.Iflff INAI. SUI'fIIRTEIt to HIS new instruet:it fitor tii radical curIe Uf Pro I lapsus Uteri, or Fallltg of the Womb, by ex 1 ernoal napplication, solpersetdinll the use of the ib jectionable pressary, is confidentllly recommended Sto the atlicted as the means of a perfect restor,.tion to health, it never having fidtd ft perforetming a ci ello, evoen under thle imot tgegrtvated eireulmsta ces. It has received the decdeld approbation of ll Sir \stley Cooper of Londono ; Sir Benjain C SBrodio ; Sir James Clark, Physician to thie Queen; ' ' Dr Ashweli. Ltectu-r n t ,nidwifory to Guy's floa. pit al; Dr Rigoy, l'tclor.r to St Bartholomews; Dr re Griffith, lecturer to Westtminteor Hospital: Dr Rl.tsbothant, lecturer It .ondolt holspital; Robert F erguson, lecturer to W\estminstor hoIspit, St al; Dr Sweatmat, tecturer to Middlesex hospital. and senior eaeouoheur to Queen Charlotte's lying;; also by Henry Davies, Conquest i Blundell, Lee, Merrtantt, surgeon Keatos, &n hy Dr Morreau, pre:aidoet of the Academtie RI oyale at Jo Medicine, Paris, and Aecouchltir to the Duchess te I)'Orleans ; professors Velpoon. Marjolin, Paul ic, Dubois, S son and others-and in New York by " professor J W Francis, G S Bedford, iM 1 profos. SaI sor of midwifery oi the university of thie cify of t'l New York, proit. JDelaield. and Francis, U Jlan. and stot, president Cunty Mtd Society, Laurens HIlll old president oted toniOty State of N York. pof. Jfti M McNaNglton of Albany, prote March, Cyrus Per -kns, Doano-Drs '[hos Bloyd, Gilbert Stmitth, :t" Hoauck, Stearns, Ludlow, Klssant, V.tche, Power, Grayson, Van Renssalaer. and many other dintin i. gulshed physicians in thie U States. A G Ilul, Office 4 Vanacy t., Astor IHouse N er. York. ipY [i. A constant lupply of thel one above truments, hip with Dr Ilull's imoproved T'lrusses fr Hlernia, will h:e be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleanst, sale If Carpenter, Natchn; Stoon & Marsh. Wood. n vill; Booth and Mallory, Mfemphis; W ti Wit..i . wee ston, Somterville; ilall anld \V,'asotiigton, Nashtoville; .-m McNairay and Hltamilton d.,; t I. Blasst. 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New Whit, l-ndh g fro 1 -[ aI 28tteanin !estima,.'k (from t Li ,.ni, trsal., by tt (hi. 11) N· II (. tI))i" .Y,i N41 w I ee. . 1eA.N. pti hi 3 lvt) lt i.ll n . II I.I r Ui I I n,: :2; "74 (Camp st. , Ik. l :'-- wl'e M1alaga wh.,il ,t r ,ss in store, JOHN V. CIIiD~ EN 1 RIIAV', I .IN') ','I''l' I 'l- 'llAT" PrlINT('Ili •IT ll nra,, nd tnth.. drb a.ote.,t1, I ]: il and visin,.1 card, 1 t riii 1 , NI i llIitr. tt l eo;gtianiI.i h il )III P~lis ·ll~· Ili~i&fi Pr (ph- IIII'NI'nl' .lit.sll rd r ed froI',m plute:' nlread|y e agruvedU. ) 1 .-75bhis in laid )ll <o scale hvewC Levi I· Z.ul:.'17 L""" ;'' LII.I I~ll , r.I I~'. . ( . 1. lil. I.i I ' I ll ' .l,- IIiI I hIIrI ' res - coal neelll IIP h nIlalnd'l'lrtinr lln arti,'le illIlls lige :-hlll~ll'P. ( lll'.'P l (Dohl ltl Ni.' ,ir yE II.t\fr ib.hi. I J Ilry li!))oxi)) SIIth'la feir I'll Illl+P I h Iht.+. 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W I l ran-Ds(, .11rt hlWifel.dll rIt'ek , lo il I (;r t lvarl ilsit -lll, I'uP1es )1 "71 E I~ll 'ZL1III (I.LLd n I.~ il |,,I ~ lllrlltlltX\ iipsl ('hir l h'nnlll diltlrlP iiI('l. ll ll ge; riveUX I.ralae, I.ndhille, Cn Jul i ln and Mus" t a.ilti fimt iil "ihl r a rg ato s e* u J iih ll tl . lenil "l'.lhh (]'ilr11 .\IIC lt I \V0 , n e 1 acindlr~unl ~sl %11.. ihers.Ale, inule ,e Vi rave. ,llllli on', gI nuin',11a lr hite a I l l. n Ihiorund l ltilritauxlineldre, aCiunni b rwahr, alnde I Voderv t1-iqd n g ,e.uin ,, Whnle .t d a .,1 A.\nthel and __ K irdawnswa er. g, i Illonlnl I llTolrlr il ll i Ir. il't H l llordlellli. t'ltlll F~lllr Itllg~r oega.11J~l18 CO •ln i BiiE'dlrllll X h Ie IB~1 .,ll'lllC~k illtlgt l r.~ l.·-~) a !i 31h--lnm car 1 Chlllr · sr ,% , 1 r, E.N'UCKI.Y, Indiana, andldlinate .,m ,y--.,.. I 11 l of anid tdescrilplion f,,r .,,l,, GEOfCE C. CIIILDS, ArroasnY AT LAW, II. .afrld the urllretme Court, and the I).rtr I ( o l is, tof hlrrrisburg,and inlll of the udyire en l1 cltllrli s---t- )telie ilt City of IHrurston. (Clati s (i n the govermle.n"II t, eithe fr or unllllty Iand I or Inrllvt will bel utndernlak, n an l prromptly attendedrl tlu Pilrl Ifr Irll resirirt. n-ir resietlll ufre 'l'exa. Addnress r'l.l the United Stats--City of Huulrtoa. to tIle care of .l ticker, jr. ( l'ex P t O ic Agen New Orjranrr. 3,n mnr 2 NEW ORIOEANS Steam and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Waters and Ilrtirncn. No. 9, 3alurreau (uAar ite I'tcarr rtrrr n Iit,: toad.) PI't alld Navy Ireetd, tetlt aaLd Wr.rVi ` B Hirncurt, Sugar, Butter, Mlltird and Crackers. All the above articles are warranted to be of tile firs quatlity, arid to keep in any climalte, bang completeily kilo dried. Alsr,-Krln dried corn meal. Orders letiat iG. WV. Pr clhard and Tagt, . Jr eorner Magaztie and Poydras streets, will receive prompt attention. Stnall kegai put up expreecly tir a aily U Ins. 15af e. f) fnery, con-sijI t ivt .r llldr ri lert Ic n B 'e lc r fi Ie by J ]O)(I. SEY . X XI|'1A\GE itItt -lr, E, fN,r.a It '--- &y jjl 12th 74 P Ldrl street - Ill A, ,lbRICA. ALuIA.'.,t(C unl lrposaleu yu I. iitiunerI I A V ANA V .1 ,\ 1 S I.1 1 ý.-- 3 1 6,1 0 , d if f er ,, nt ,l u lili e '. til r ` atl er b rny A '1 1 E ,li , I I lr ed, in r tr, fl r ale by i t I)t l KE Y Ill1j'.1 .II New lrvre I ra Ja ititLtitt r A 4. 1A JUPIC f i tAS frt it & Iam Ai i t tI fI(qu ll bi. - ee-r-i b axe.p r I 'c l rr e it dllird brand, ir sale riy r i h e irR ta ryru Ill ty -2 b r l i.,3 iltllk i Ike i li\'rlI I.Gr I.I ILt.--l 60 liellerr t i 6 inhe s i -I lli Anl from sir reo, i,,r I y In & toy I t el e 7tA 'c \lulii i lh tlstr, tssrl ted, Irrlllrrr l .Irr -' i o 1-2. F'e's .le b' S. [.OCK &F, . o. (it , I, 'IIISIt-r-ytI'- IOJ burreliittlilld I sike n l a ' ived lur idle Icv (I iI')( \KSfE t.e' O tN frtM.-ilrly dl ill s iitr, frtallso Il -i "' .'rert r r irr l IaItei E 14 New I eve IGra ItIr IOUS.r MIOLASISES-4r 1 arrela a.lore ftrsale Iby J TIIA tERt & CO, wi g3 71Ploydrust ' . . . . . . . . . irrrerr SiLUNT'S LE.CTUIRES uP the hi-tOry of Abrahan I and Jacoh,by the Rev. Ilnrv Itilut, A. M. au Ithtr ofLectures on the history ofJesrus Christ and St. Ju t published select remiailns f the Rev. William evis I) t e llh nore with i me Lir. I I t . re flceived t erd for r ule by ALrX 'I-OWAl, i S lAN D, in n Ir .g Storr, all assill t It llc ng irend a d Ih e ngli, AEd writing it air tind. Ad, d ilx 31, P s ice. junei 12 I [Ihv ndirn trnsr t trekt ahip Orlein fO rs alerr I, v A Ct III' tN, ulene 9r f N ra & Co iinnt: rt O Ier t it i (I. rTITaE.i -: Joiltst 1 Co-Editir rl 10 NgII Aihl ill n aie itA per I tlei e. Civil .ide uf Louliulp. It rh-i article, of guo$ quality, js r.icied d f1 JmIe I No 41 (j-ll er l j Ii 1ME-hv omaa lu 1i % tl N"P , f sal lilt iN Alit-J a maNE . ,v I . 73 Camp it. tOFFiI ill,' '1'11l F KEIIMi, INS. Co. f \Ill: Stockhohler r n r ied thaI the math a I s talehn otn lheir tuck is due and payable n th fth of irAuguel, 139 t hEtthel of the F - pagiv.i 1itN .lDEý--il ca-ks Cini iniuei rlrrt Ill, ej eat rr by G )i r tir Eti , J 18 44 New leve _IIlSKEY-48 talc landing from Stein hei june .2o.1 Gr 1i11KSEY, 44 New Levere E~SS IEiL.F in hall bbla t te inspec tio flr n su e by itIRwEY, a ilitiy ' 41 New it t nevee -( _IIAI'AIN11 CIDER-1t51. 1oxs far ale l.' ýi lcC(II..1L;1IS ME(3131ItCI IL. I)ICTIONARY111 1 volls wihill maps anl sluphlee n wll II '.nvdtO u %:ells Pomli, Sa 'vu· aes. Ilni ltle listl of, ' PhiluosIIplhyII. \Wilkiuso .Al inir.. and.CIu tom. of tihe .ncients. exp lUl h 81) In t l plI u ors, 3 olu se.8v . eiedand Ib r s0le by bAlex TOWVARlt, ll uu;3 49 Caip t. outl IUST IECIEIVE) IIper Ship SIrllas) ala0 ne I slol or, It S llle1en( of StI el I'lns-Oi illtIs H lrrllo- l lnuercii ' 1" Engle &. Perrys 1Do .ble paelet, and I'1 t .pri.g PeIneIs, vi ,hbLo .+vral arosa oj " Gii ll.t Fine p b.. i hlxes. Sold by ile iros 0r l rillCog CallI bo 1). Veill ,, Co N ak NoI 241 Chartires Street. '1 F-llUl-10tl a bl e l rdo line, Iur altle y CG l1O)151I'', 'ri .I1 4 New Levee 4 P ) O R K - 5010 arrels Brimtle -ess and 3, . (.. P'or -k in StIore for Sale y J TIIA VEll &l 'o 'T July auo 74 Joaylrus St Tl IU(S--Jlst lulndilg . ,Ifteh -plyl r fhite- wIx1 tItlaea Jllh, Gum Arabic. 'I'ulllarinds. (Clensn i T rrSlr Sh oa, S ts 'l'urpetutine, Peart l A. sh, 'l'amall - a 1r: rie .cid, Chluride Suds, liala. Cot. .ia, &c. tIr vale by y' II HONNAISElI., july 13 C. r Nntch.z and Tchnitul+ s. .10 )U ,I L L.:',il i.-Receive fom,, ''ac. ship .. ~ i ci will be Sold low for case II\ o 1(1VI I) FE. I' & Co, july 11 N. . Stationers Iull, 24 C 'hartres t S I 11-.-llli.0 .c ,ks Tb homalsin li tn 111 u., d 1111 II for sle by 8 & J P WIII''N i )OIK-- 'in Isrls '1 ) prime. I& 1' now ilt+ectinuc at - n !,r :ale at the llarat m lrk,- prce v JH 1; II(St:Y,41 New Le ' I ! + 'II 'I' 1'I" -I I 1It1. 1iI'uha, n* ll fs i[ rnth , P LR iaISby iAA IIliO E & l.l aile at reduced lprices, by . I.iCKiE . I 'o. I v loum t lever lc LOUlt- ls., _an lr osu sliua1t 01 l ih. 1· Fur sale bV ,% 'I'ItI';It, niit 28li 34 Gradier st ,I I I*-- TItr i i'l:ii-.I Icd r4eri us.o.r-.. me t al writin i papelr, ruled nl d -lIlin , 111r ni ' IIl on| avantagouu- et'ul'U. ' AI.EX T1) \I \ll It, i i , 39 t',3 Cut'u p s ! I. NNY 11.1(l8 -2,0i00i fa r sa le ? 0 i f"; .... j13 S,_,J P WilllNE. . 3.,:SCmpl t SlOt IAll I.-A very likellly llss , 1llu I I i e I e1 a ts alge.t, gool c ,d ,po llerht l . ,l .l d iro err gu(ld seamstrel , Iand sIold wilhnut fl -.lll I t. u the Comiamg atoom oi 11h+ Trua Amenc. I j h I I 4t I E.ATES'r LIl'l'ERlA r 1 ( 1N1 Nl'l'0bolf llio.-sinlglo, Idler l Italy, vol. SPal ll rtruo 0.al0 - AIiolel, by1 T Iliik The A ri s Joe i'lle 1 r, with 1 illlstratisl l ittle Ie111h"uila an i water lute, by Molrr I etc Ihinl,, by Johins tin S I'soetic WlIlhl, 1 .elected ctrlly from Cha.ucer to N.ickleh, y b l· '; oluz's Ske c ,bNololo, o.. 7 s- il 11 0 imay 31 w Cr St Chales & (l'o alul I -AVA.IN\ ,It.Ai l-37 ixe ilsa w.tesugr.1111 S 41 do d brown do lan.ig, for sale 1 by mf0 S& JP WiI''ll N t.Y, 7!aimoiti0lot l flICKLES. 20 sk(g aglol0 oxe 0 ree iving fro0n0 Nlew I soblok ior sip Ocontee, lllrlla by -, n ly IIA.LI & ItRIIIVN, 96 .Magazine at 'L cCIl. LOCII'S COMIIMERCIAL, ICITIOINA III P^A&l. r I ofle f111ew Aoierlioaiol hi Il1n by l'ro1f1or 1 1i'eha) . 1j. Tiiis very valuable w1 ll0 k ,ill he coil plete ii tei parln and 1 will e fllrnishedll in aboul 18 c otu.lih. ubS ltlioa1n t1race $1 e5 per earll. 1'10ll' .1ouail o Hisory wyitbloeuiaul coblored e,.ired anid far sle by S '12 A "'liW\VAI,49Cu Coaltll 01s r iAl.lRtINl,-, IHONEY, aUd 1IIIEI \VAX-Illla te- I lonvunw, fur S1ale by II I.OINNAIIEI., mtony 1i8 I or Natchez and T'chnpitolnia se11 I Si .IllI. TI.T &III.SCEI l. EOIJ-S -ORT r ILA I, I.I1G31N'S 1%i IullIeIO ering II. al 1 'iI Ier'sI e'h1 s CalIIclotr lThe CIllholllilgiIst'1 First Text Book el (o's I(look Keelingl; B lnetl's do dot ' I 'tler' Ini1eraal Hiatory,`0 vsI. 8 0 a0 (l'(tnn10111rg0e'o Silk Col11liol"o tiltllilo I Count Daodol, ; the art ol rearing Silk lormol C('larke; ireai,.e1 n the MulbeIrv Tree anI d 8ilk ode Worm, and all sta1,idird works on si,.. K JOIi'.S & Co, le, t , 13 ] w cor ,er i S t C ;Irlet l and C ,oom mon a to ADAMS & (11)010. u001 lulyII i.7 (ilail ei.t / LASS Ln Tnding-Spoi jars, vials, packing | bittlls, tincture jars, inte Ihludred and ten ca. of eveory description; 530 ,oxes for wiuuows, 1. fr sale by II BIONNABEL, " july 11 oor Natchez and TckapItoul s ol 1, i -01 MCS Sfn Lireoo1l malt an o ars. Shi0 FFECIFI X1111.1 lll': A 1.1. whn ar ,. L fllll ll i' n ;, .I. ýI. I I1ý ...: ' 1-1 xsll IIr llr n, I;1151 11: 111,1. . LL1 1. 1' >. . LII11 1 ll ~:1 111 ulltlt :lAllll'rlil\' Ili '!' )~(111: Kll . " .SS, Ili,, I lr II I . l,.lll ll IleA l, l'tl;S' nrt:A'I'I: f pur .l\I1, a 511 IIIý1. .'i.- 5"i t'r" 1111 Ieul h 'u I t'rul (: , lllllr* \5. .,15. ".., , r 1 -litl ýl ý . ltl Illil 5 ;1. urn tau r I l 1h.51 ithi , ,.· 111 .1,1,; x,1,5.5." .. I al. llu5 i I ullil. l 6eallh illd -I or. rp IIIu iIIu(r u lhl(· I, r., 1I. .ll",IlU-(III 1n Le cuxlpurv-( iN II ,'u... 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