Newspaper of True American, September 7, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated September 7, 1839 Page 4
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BUSINESS CARDS. HA I1ITE L IIVY -v (i sr. Rlokr a ". , 'irniaon .NlerA,,,L, I. V'. "RI'ey NIM & (20., Wb..awle C£yl&ng t, . uItk) 3 g.3 brurllnesro cl T 1 A VII cctr nt. ,tI, on I, I 'tn'upply of Cloth j itt ;.ulrnlItyt! t'u th country trae. 't'heir an. norlaarnar Ia. tIare. aarclra,, frn,, tahJ counaaay can be attp Elie f .rt te ..hureIt notice. a:(1 INSURAN4)E COMIPANY uO F INI\ UI1.EANS. Thin Com p rc nae now briared ,o tak. RIMS AGA1NST FIR3. Naat4.Us caccc'..~8 Ns.R44 lluasott' Huiding, Cnnal sre."t. iE 1. TRACv, Nerr Orlennn May In. 1699. Nerrtnrv'. All H )EVEREI!IX,' naarit 4 2Eft'hegbitoucterat CHAMi'f.1N & COOP'ED;, GROCEMI4 ANDI I DEAEIICS t IN iltROViSIONS3 No. 79 trot 22 Julia rsccre, Nre Orloana. - Qr~ip ttnd Its": it., stores pu~ up. mnllr5 IPENITURE WARED1ooMs No. 53, icene"l,, .rc, l. W ?1LLtM It. CAIINEIS, wanial rd a e nful in. tran lkae friccnl andl the patir thlat Itnis con MIoll reaeivang fmrnatNow Yoant~ad latinctu a god aUawattken of Furniture~l, such~l as Illsl~nra u choir,, tarot, IPetI'lod maple and l·R~ntc~l rhnira, ttutple and oherrv Iae'tetni-, natnz.annv and ci-tart talalrs ufaIl dnaalpniauaa t-u', ,"ai{Yt, ccrclamrvs, ariaa.a dunk, rin!r,-r* of icanlynnr and cicrro, wash .facnIo, lot-kirng gfic-, r,P tlttrrn acdding, fre. e. Nil. Furntuare perked fur lr..nsponatinn ilth girat core.. _ 1.,10 PASHIONADLN CLOTHING T'AYI)I11 & HAI)DEN No. I4 Cthnuaw. n Mrcd IIAVE ,ca s nai y n Ip niatanrtcvl. rnc rrnet ta geatuttanwra dres.,,,f ,th intlent ntylatIr, at dN larara at,.,. Qt *W.UANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING IEt'TAIILISHL NI CNT, No. 53, M1agazicac Street, (ipparina Ilatuth Arendu. RI4 1iP:AA, 'IIOPII:7'Olg N UO'l S( ItA VINO AleqOaN WnRIGnET tHATChl ti eDMON ftr the irar nIt, fcrariig n I pr ut6 Intnac Niet,. )bIla., ItIlsa Iof, C'trttflar'" Iotf epneitr, Cbe,"k au-1 ucorIlu'r atrnulrar pnl,,lrN, ,egeauring ''elite Canaka Cutg clite ,r; 'tia Iaila e rn . rme c'vieiua tf a It, ia l t chpa c; Ot,,ir etin i enas accllr cc Inn e ct ,par r, ite hin rda.-n,; a-i, illrc utii , , and atl orcdrf rill Ivr c-retid will, nIcaptitai,,, anaalc Inn the lruaa~l lurin. fin.c , cantr IItcvucl & C,,cnIutatei. L'.l A -II BVSII& ALLEN, SSn. 1, EXCHANGE HOT+EL, este, ofSt. (A rice aund Coacaon stn,. NEW OLICANSI. T MPOR'EIIR and Dcalers in Fr-ench ni.d Eacglielc * Perfacaar-; Icthrnin Cna'n andc IPortaIle tank,, Cutlery, Ilerircy, Glove, SIajac,, Sltckaa, UIclantlla,, Caae.;erld F'anav Artileti. '15 KENTLrC'K , IIi oir. one Ildjnio Rank O\utao, or taleh byA Tf.I E, Nlt . 3 Co74 (r vieIRT. o JEtAT 'I.-, AT O ICE OLA THE. W T. (IA'LL, No F , ST .lrET, NEAts hr I 4Da re-. S rived nI full[ as.olrltenl of atchelr, Je elrc Ppoe gol, li ctlslg orm lip a Ware, tiI ey will e ;br. ed it b Iw lw: A al'keiL price, iaf ' IC, DO il. 1 do tls, 'Io I.EAI.ERS IN IOMERICANRD & ENGLIStI CROWN OrleAns Li u. of Pcket Sipo.-Tts oc oET. of ships JOB PRINTING. hs o 'prly boult to DCRITI ieto a th bo ports, II, ilAND OMlEL ANd ofite PL drfEXLof( tor: o aT Tio Or paIoE , Try t T b ite t inericar,l a '1'. CH,\etLLS STREET, NER i'OY drigAS. m 63 5 do C Ufrk dir 11 i IL &, 41 do 9illo ,ag.e t llhroatlfa5. n 2l 45 ot!s Ja kslo ll mo o- h wllrow F lwrt gl n i s.i rm lil ClI ioI.Softi. fo ir t *a , b l all I IilftII(E k & Ce, COMppratRi& Co'S Beosedt avd otnew Orleanii e ofLi eof Packetri, ps.--Tis, olv , lilr e of o o iops, has bell eiprtsAl buailt to roll b tteo y o I tti will aboe purtl, ind will be founid of suitable draft of water: t uceo to pnatila for pasthng ers, and vert of ftor pro will be laode to give ganeral atisrdation;, The i thle io of nlogs.d of tlhe oul lwingta rogll or: L 'i i ruil cou 415 tone Cilut. JA lard of p r r is soliitl, 400 de ts te halrgon, ad371 do odo I Elridge, Colul, utalia, 6'25 do (; Bfarker, lhipped, if rq do J llowca, Iloulia)n. 625 dl D luuiphrey. a Tie abhip. t sill are tiell not, ofd the irst , lavo I oppt. Fortreoightore irs orgo, op 1rydtoetd by ontor I ntolMa nrrla. d A lli ovIehrd d iCo. lI at gre at Iex olrien , lhe rittro a tln lodati n it , weith " t , l'r)t* adms cab'in; Oevery attelltion will be aitsippl, oird t ale re, tstd iunte t lity ol served int thio e t of railing, anld siuld the odgula vorssels be ducillsed in arrg, woaer Iip rooqually ars lood oilla i all co. o a odel ubltued. A shoare of patronu, ago is roliited, anldr ' agr ntr pledge thelol lves to .torlnodat ans nuch as practicable, to receive and orw ar good by id line at tihe utll amoder. ate charges, ld to advasce all epell-es ol goodl shippd, if required. S J A L" IIRRITtI, 8t C;ollll at N. R. Advanlleelsuets insde on cIunsignIulO..ts tno .,ers. A. C. I1.nubard & Co. noval tu. :hnk, latrt'ioliler, and private dwtllin;and Stlu b Io x ,,1. €n enrlpel s ead durn bilnre , all d are IptrLc.3 rite anld water prellT Terrns In t Le kolt o bl, an a dl oelsrt en lt our estaaf'll lli ei , Sll .u ill S!. 3ar nst itra 'Ike chaprhltoln l st. ucS a 10 t CtGW EisiL aAr Coa 1J I i• .d a t1 aa t W It l ' J)this lill ne nd a.b | dlial n .) w Ieeer i "t his b l Ihltll ui , s tlrn l t . l ,tit:, th I iri eral r d relist loll can:en iV itcos ,,t 0 l ao ic r. : t ,a : i. r t e 1, uun d a; "Cr) ,, o :L' a l ,,,,' , - . Iasial Ni ll. iiio' ,l ',, di b . tr a Iatairllla irrn . 5'll d e ,I tlambh l o, to o sora ,n . hfrwiratlA saacri io. ii f5 Lk:, f -. i, : , , ll llia tch ;tl ; ,1i kn<s IU0 "" " Als i frreaxpooitfageyoiaior lf Itd Iian tefatriall loe lot , o lerag'. od fla rch o11aiiu , h n.t!, hral ir f1t4 b r.. tll i o11 " l ,lll.4lrll u-at 0l iru,;hi l ar rsa tlri ror, or f.iaOr ts Sile tsa t te totOe, i tory tr5t rattatt olta i ui 'aorb itlld ttit ruo' i r Ih isLatl ota itGo ld itloetif; ii I t ti o C, WINIOo.', I V ( ei l i t.IS il Am ric r a tE eh Oi vlitdho 1oird boit lr alto t ield 0u ,l0 ad qualillta. lood olittlu tir ' loll r d.--500 bIl a, Oas !t alll eritir ill be .%ls f n, a g lilerol ssa urlenl t of ertits' ell andg ohl, tx l sal l orat 0 0 f Veof l lA o t,0,. lo d . o lh baaia aioloes rake, adt fo r, sad hrsisvierit Imles o 'fa!.a recelved atoit p etI di otni t I f ir goodtirllo loitaoortalfao os IndaOO llo iratag tofar toitiola as it, te. at. tlaohcuei. ctiug the strength of tL ull ou, ues. if ierTo skll O mll oni l llhe l itu lia as lcaciuus in eunlll LulmhonIr aii orth ft.fl Mdo soio th I i letl aide I!alhaln i wherever it lett beten inltro d lihced . O o lilt:ed t he co. iice slid r&Nl l t i llllt - tiano of re fi ot ble pln", i 'is m ll, for t ie curt of roug stl colds, tin ia the side, nout of redal, rpitiuhig I blood, I v:ein ie our practice frequently prscrihed ,Ile Jaod l" ne r's India u l hoalal n of Li tverwortl andll e telr loi toidh o tle h ol't fl m a t 'er ai l q it is m rd' o itar i t b eiaf iout r I 1s these itfla tion of tte lungl f ,r which it is re Asr ALVtIN I ' EI.LIS ri. Is. . Memlbd , of th r loh l oi Medi.ital Aeeciaeiuan. BIston, Ootuber 4S. .s•elt by J.t t VI 6rt AN IIItti S, lr b )rn . ( ln rii' l 0 re' ta i it .tlP sis j lr- 1y IILIO.MUGE.`, 3;:'W.VN & C.'O. may 3 tsn 9 t ',,nti v'. -- COAL.-- Ins Itrtrr, ta t,, , hatd a tarse sapplv of Ca-n, I and L'Yv.ri.l 0,1al. Iq bulk, , f s,'-r: 'tr qreI,,v. vblhb, llt y ff:r for 4 O!e in fo' tr i te , at pu3ti llr' A l i o a l It L!$d by thi e 5 .l ! al+.i al; : n.f m nii lIr'nd adthe Norrlh, Canr.:' lehrlgl, ^. Pseh i ltouuesiI COa,, |,r,"! e. evril Icre. neti, piut upl in Ord, is left at Ii,r l eI::'c,T e , , N ,S fei, i' t, .. c'" , . l N EW GOOl)0 -Simmons Hartt & co are now're I eaivince fron on heard hipa Yazo, an,1 Sarnlogii, sndbri Concordlia; frpal New fork, a great variety ot genls in their lin, which togethler uwth their fora ie stock on l.nd, makes thair asni eiait verya, plate. I'he lulloaing eanpnde Imrt, vir: ell twinyt, s ..r., lde, lrck and ilressi.g .nclal, honl do t all deseripila, I n din rlubbrr, silk and worsted rclaltc gartere, enimon & linc elastic sspenders, Incao Fre a mil Ieiaer natchees, oeidlitz iowaein, oierte aind blts no le pna rlowder, pocket Illks and . allots, needle iookn, bhell, pearl, ivory anrd.ueruco card caene head ornamensia, plain co ,rl ienda, necklaces rel nerlisees, tiend chains, bcand neeklaees, cat rlasn and plain ,eed,silvrrnl gilt beadas, Indian hads, biell and Ielunr,; pistol nid large pow r flaks, slot bellts, hlrsea, belt pocket and dueilin iaelals; doubleand single barrelled guns. Bowie knives, and irks. scarisor, shearr,pocket knirves, fard chaini, and rilbons, waist b,:ckles, cloth, lair, tmts, nail,comb, Crunmb. alic, Illtc, oiaur ndl d Rating brushas, Cologne, Florida, iavender, rose atd bay wuter,acmarted eaeacs, and entrncts. .:cenasr, Iear, antlaine, and Ward'l a. getable blir oils, shaving and toilet soapa ot'all des creillinna, ladieri' nld gelltlelanlta' daesk nd idr.sini eases, hair riegletrfrieatti atnd sbidd plain, fancy and workb hoba , plain and gilt, l.gnetd, coat and esil bltttons, pCat natl ivory shIbit d, shlit atudde, gold and siler pencil cases toothl eriks ad atreezers,plted tad gilt tteket!, ninillure dO, silver, bIrass nd steel thimbles, looks and eyes, hair pin, itimtation fruit,lil and red ink, lihe blacking, violins and guitares, ribbe anti plain percusion e see, lihes twine, scented alush ltea,gold ald silsvr laer and fringe, latter paper, game I hag, riding w'dip, walking cancis,playag caids, lit. iold, plated anid gilt jewrllrc &r. The above, together with a great variety oflother arti lea are offered at whioesale or retail on accommondating N R Shell eolms repairnd 1.OYLE k MA lhme, g,,. igil Ai lanlalnla Sl'ainters, No 3 nmlea stlrit, two dlanors fromi U eali sireet. Imnationl of Ire following awoods and mnrbia,ax eeautel in a maslter'l) maier. htlaeg:ity, };g) ,ptilt blcak and gold, Oak, " Gialla and Antieo, Itllhnl .In, Orieltl ior verll anliqne, t Cuarled lto, i alsper, nrl,.led .Maple, )lond S.'nte, lBilrds I.Ir .n, I i):Ib. UGlanite, S:lill .\nO( Il, !l'otu:ac, IYew ''irc. h Ildiii 1Vhtitie. Cutionom:rlle or Ilack ,Sim.: and ilh.retella, oA w Woia d, ! Ameici anlre, Ash 11 bite Oak, ke. lk k. epaI Speiwltl to lie senil hin I lo t 'a. Pailnts nils. glass, copl arm.ish, Lc. n hboed alefor tale. TIION, ST1'EEL& I EAVY IT(iOOl)t--loat, sqaare I s aild htndleiron, ell assorted. Hloop, srol ll ad rod iron, tail sods teal Ilogh naltllds fnat, Geinan, nshear, blistlred, spingl, sheet andt Crowler stesl hilow l arel, rcut andl wrought sn;lils l sike Zite, block tit, nlill ailn g'iIid stones, soa keorles ( haill able, alchol'$, hIre. Os, tlog oII dl ;e tllaills, eloIt mills Amles, Iowlind'sl nll olthelllr spades a. ashovels llotk atd dlte Idnges, dolr otd ws'ithw hooks (.ollits, Il tst Sil pS aI othller axes IU'n!sar d d milht corahlga, lines and twine lltoll :I sheathing coppelll; NmNi stores Paints, lillnsed lIllllll'llll oil A folls amoiro'ri' of hluoralre anol ship ehandler,' alw.n a on tIellal, al.d which are )i. rstIr f:r s:alem y whole: Sole or rsllail, onl tile lllost f 'ivordilc telrlrs, ly ms LAY'ON hk Co. O5 Ohl Levee. ROBEIRT CI.\ NNtON, HOUBiB ND SIGN PiINTER No. Ii callp lstreet Wholooale Iealer in I'aints, Oil, Varnishesr, Brushes, rn3ill W\indow and Pibclure Gliss me. & c. . rearl 1odaaotIr'too soo 55.5 , f tIAF sU(lt.OlM-soohio ' ralliiis, otlonlianll. in A Etroe sd tronraleby .h ALL artill tWNE, nolar nl 91iro' GO AODn ofe U caSHIOAL atmaneTd pice R OI,..S1'+ O. St'G O . Pfd, In'N. 0% Ch trter s, h (Ine Dootr loioel lr . IisiVilA o caAVE eonstaly nIl holod eery articlee sitjirrior I1 Ala to tPsotleltrn' dress, nlrode in hs alast mon' ser on and ios fhionull sible, hiic lthey otl at r cast ,sec ra eed prrals. d dee4--ta:J8 A NEW' srtitlarl hIerso lls troulhed sith deaonec, It (nllred tile ar Truolnpetl,) aor just blon rereied, iy stilre re of m li illt, olightct andrl:tio oaf tlhe hloe an voice is dtllnetiv ca:retd to the tar. Aaly olr s whe hIlts ever neen obhlgett n colnvertrse witil a very d,:a lerorslllal e fortl riv eal ellr rsi tile diclst and rll bhrrooeaso xateoniP erns' otllhi y thesttelvs sind tilt is . divi slsn o <atirtatelatslvaflctleld Iy tile uss lilt n Ear Trtoet til nllJerti aiaerltirslo tlvhilate. Iolc most retlica.l boa ala e. sda, theodaa diobcf"ctai rhaoiu s arng o.od uisTr el.Fors Tle atI Ti c F GUION'S, Fancy store. eroner ulC. meon antid St harleis reetas dialldr ,ltr Exlctnoc IltltIt. r feb 3i re r n +f t ' TAit U I' A' NR mB.dL. r I('OL m T nlE TEETH. I "l n tslMlialld srepuctttis aid srostartlt tllarsr an SsCenod fr thbia efli, toll remedy ofpoio, Rld pro" ser alihe of tile ta w'il, h oo odllrd he retberiloer offar it to tiltc Aaiclrciio li+tllili:. .trsoltgeletltn IIar bett toads to sipply a1.en1t1 is nit the irineitlol erlie otid alnt c iti ithe Utnitd Slles, 0o to to Jlsce is ithi the resci l tlsae alt'ring anl likiy taoio suer tis snlo lorLasing of oll aClhs I 'Iolih-aclle.I Wh5en applied atiriSag to dircctiLos iven on otrtle, ito . oever lai.ld inillo'd iioslrtitre end nlaollenct selhf It aoll arrests tie hwar In ise faetiv terti, slid relivos that sorreness vbic'rn freqlltetl roedirs a trltng tooth lseach n tanlTe onplianiol nod reiieador Sheatya'slaros 00are o sptvryodetscritiol seutchdP are ilpplrt. hll, ikeelit , tnd p(it an lletalnr blath tie Ige c iuob r o peseons in'enrst sostican at tt collntlr shaot Ilose slr'ody experieisrd sucll dslightfu ttdtlratotary effects h'.m the Iuse of tile Ialohl, are rotad, t h ter (rus Isth pulic haod) their t50its111 so itos Sritalled qtalitles. It is all Ildill rcntldvd, tllaiael cilogliatlyrod srlilll'to'dly, onll io. hrt soorg csh sinclrh aas mi ae, coertdy and tn ro heg regatr h. g h te Tileciiisd wlrid a0s tl t k vatluabloh cdicoorkr hiredman f tihe wotllrf . shor~tllstotsll. osllll7 Pssiee 1 Isr hattle. Slhl Ilv JAILtItS & ANI)REXVF . Hilt ( w ill nt"aaoonsd 'I'ct ihlitouls phtst (OlrN MII.S-lirdler tre'ired ar ra oits by I eopi t117 Sli, & ItlI(owv N, 9 til agulzine a nl d T-to|.end|.-r riheI pluce ca --J steada ,eiel7--rt* re5or.15 5.115re Itlet IfittI-) ant foseuntoesat! co( ti. 5n.r f htcadIe sad wile wovl ruled letANr 'atpr (I T' IE slls r re'd, tIr werts i h' I) .t'VID PF!' & rT . ,N'Y 'Sationrs' lola, j in 1 24 ('llharlat St 11 "- poK i V---t V -Vs-7-- JARVIS & ANIR'E WS, W 'lIOtlAE ANt) ItETAlT l)tsARLltS IN S hDIrINESr, A PaINTS OI l 151 b SdT'UIE"S JVI) IA.),OlI" GLAlSS, aotrsller of tomalltl ond T.lilspitoulas streets. n1 w Oll/.EldhS NATIyIAN JAILVIS. JOISN W. AN!ItEW'9. t Iarge uyply o Gsrdedn Sriers arrlttitesds grswu'l of? 137. N tt' RFW -MI'Il & CO., recpsctfirily isforis - their frieds ansd thre itlis in .t.EnIroI, shot thley oOlclty tIle new brich 311051, 9 Tol'slloupitoulsa atret, whlere they keep constattly on astod Copper, 'Tin and Shert Iron aren, of ervery dscriptint, slclh as COi|er stills, kltlecs, 0d p tops, itin baltI. ing to a. oil cons, of all sorts astio zes and sll sliter brhss casttig doer ta slorteit lotice. Grat hors of every do-criplilil, socel as leasm. 1o0!at slitollr IS'or 5l1l:illS 05row ha!t, aslll othll'l Iad ul'slo¢so.taibaal'wosh.ooshaschiooeyU,hbrosol. II '1 0l'he wlllbieo ,ltit tl kinds tlgiltl ri ItrCII, I &n. & leley ,103 t aao d all othser kin ol. ns orl It sltheir lim f busiar's, r thry sill exccate at thle olthortssl sottte, d,.1li7 | '*asN C::lr~. **I.IAtl~s. IF1 [.wells lllllltl'atrlg pall' lvei ac itsoa far dIe S\Ir. Joh~1 l cl Me ouev!l. 'i i,+ t sllll .ltnrllnt lIa* berli ral cllV laishlr-b'\ iryleqloved b u~l~lilhl~ad~ blllldi~l".-.= vea~l~lit oUIII It lieill elll lr lllge d f r +iltgl,.1 .1( +el i n l lllr. I,'hl A lOOIIOI an r~ali, lrhoilliIts1Ia orl·l XTillslRatdIln bIt.It SItsJnttt~ tlrldrtol jtlsc 11.lra ll 11 snlti0 lsae~ll 1,111111' 1 alr · · r 6P( 111 l llisiP.l dCrI sale , ~l d 1].illsl Il~mts afre prr~videld and all elegllllt bI illrl / +f nlusil: h,r coti:lilt Iarlr. exeur-ioara n Iilclodll|. 1 I Thlo cost of it oliih I;lts iioalilnhttIIV i~i ferolisfiholl* llte illtIed ll.keIlel· ow h s c'ortl hIlttiltl iolands, ll (e tIIill a trw ltrs ailstololiCtsltill w hre CIII Islndll, llp Islaltdt II-r IS h I el,lul t11111 t'le 'l anlt.r.' Idj sltlrterlItngi.llItilottltthen~rsolIhe Eoreisog Us'" tel . 10. u hiclt aili reel' e i ' oila ttalllill.l liONNXI L' u\,'l'I':LIIAN, 12 I sltcl Exlaltattgs Ilatl.rl i ijun I IIxehI 5 e113 lisl el. IE sab'ribe , rrehojual rerseird Iersliiptj ¶'rl _ L om Ilrvre and nall,r hr:ll a belliiia/ as.+lrl I merit ol'ioeofo 't~s ceol.iltilg ii ;--Piaeillos, I'ieol,,' i Ifts ionood Coarosnsio ;ld risil Ilnltabgsy asad. i[ / llurisoaltll Ptoaua aIihu lrlheotr ruoeoloallal Io .rollrl prt'll oailalloaledd. o if 'lilne'inoslroo rnta srr oll rntuafe ured h Ithe a tII~iai, 1 55ITe,5 r. olIs ellc clrhlr hlhish o'lied ac lreatn rfes.ta fisol" +I, .ih,'05r0 lqls el &Knillaslolr,, swhich es illi Inoatr li'll tlld tU Iersira ia rlgnrd to the beaoty olr ir Ilolls. fIelty lsi,elsl. tt ll Iso ltalta lltloe lhltie tii ltlIlighlt tl Piaon ,MhIlt ar trliTiil' I. new alrticle. I' JO5lllN & Cs,, St. Chltorh'a tl. J.I ollnilsrohln Vt'oorhlldhb & Lxoahalrge hltll I) EFIt lIs.EIIAT I'Otts&Wut5'EIt 3.. 1.9--6 ila." It hogtla -reflrtatralsr A poiost'd doli. (6 1 galoll w te r iarl ;9 9O gllu II,, di t,,u Cor sale tle n,"' + +.J I' t~l1lIITNEY, 73 l.+allp_._ kltRtdol',h. For solo lbs 1t. 5ltl'.It.oR may. '211fitl ~r B '' dI oll al'o no'-nd 50t| hhl .i Ir"'i;;',+ as oh! II Beef, fr aI'yOISI ', _,,e XOY.7~i:;O\~I 4 i ',+- I,, Ij tic0 Algir Re-arsht", c0tli5tl i inqatilrte aouerll. ai tlslu e 51,,0tsul ,harlstc*t af tlin 'rhtit aclerdcn i hlhas flros aeries; Indtan Talon and I.IXl+,ti. Isv j H'soy yur·'rr, aostho: ofCrvelr tlo thsnatlti. cs .t the 9t!is,-i:si, &e ' e+ a o o E I tlsh' dl 1te55l0' Tassels is Eg,,pl An I. it Fl at'It r+. .h, Ir lo tf. alt I'-lrnI 5 , (tlhltlal r dII lIi aI' I Y i ork & daltimoro Packets i NEW ORLEANS ANn IALTIMORE LINE . I PACKETS. This line will consist of the following vessels, whic have been built or purchased expressly fliw the trade, viz: Ship -reaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, "m Nickersoen, SIrad Ferry, new - Stevens.l " Solomons Saltus, , Lathslam, Brig Arclhitect, a Gray. These veesele are of tie first class, Ihave hand. some turnished .ecommodations, and are of a light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving andi discharging their cargmoes in Baltimone, at the city. Freight will be taken for ports on the Clesapeake Sor James' River, and fhrwarded by the agents, Messrs. CLARKE & KELLOGG, at Baltimore: d expenses on goods shipped will be advanced when d required. Tme price of passage is fized at $i0, ample stares of the b at quality will be provided. Steam up and down the Mississippi will be taken l on all occasions. m For freight or passage, apply to • GEO. BEDFORD, * nov27 22 lienville st. IFOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets ] Ti ,11K Ships composing this line will sail from Now Orleans and Nert York on every other Mon. day-counnmencing on the 20th November-and to insure tlhe punctuality in the time ofeailing, tihe lin- will hereafter conist offive ihips, viz: Ship Yuzoo, Captain Tl'rask, to leave on the 20th Novelnber. Ship Louisvdin, Captain Palmter, to leave on the 41h December. Ship llluntville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on tlhe 1ail December. Ship Vi.k.otimrg, Caplain Woodhouse, to leave on the let Jamnmary. Shilp Mtiseiippi, (sptain Davis, to leave onl time 1Stl olf Jalnuary. The above are all new, of tie rast classa, copper da and copper fattened, and upwards of 5!lIm totis bnrthen, are of light drought of water, being built in New York expressly ir the trade. Time price of pasmagme is fiaxd at 100 dollars: their cabins are re fitted tip in the most improved and convenient plm,, and Illihedl in n neat and elegant style - Ample stores of tle first quality will le provided, Al and every regard paid to tile c.anlfrt and eutire satilsfactin of pasengersre. wlm will please take no. tiec that no berth cal o se rcured until paid for at the e of tile consignees. 'l'lTose vessels onr' commanded by reptains well experienedlr in the trade, who will give every at tenliiol and xert thlirmselves to ncommlllndate. T'Pihe will at all times be towed up and down the Missis• silppi by steamnllnmnts,. the strictest punctuality olberrrvod ii. tilm tiimn of soiling. Tile owners of these eili, s will not be respondi. ble for any letter, parcel or package, sment by or pillt on board of thml , Iunless a regular bill of lading be sigined tlhrelmr, at tihe cantlinig Ihomse of tilhe agait or owters. l"or further partienlars apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common st N* loR,..rA ~SA&CilARI.ESTON PACKETS |his lt~ine enomre s -i f r ve.isi all .ai tll n frst .nslPI copppP rdi and .itnper ltll. *r le , ind tot 2boWt n00 Itnun lrthenl. Wlint malills oneI ne(.on" rnelnt(ionlllS f'r p++ssellers. iThts v nnsnt nn r ire coinnll.ned nv aprllet.1 wl rl* n 1y. ii Irn t ree, wroin Jill will gIve every at m e, n and ,x-r t r mselvi n itn me.nln,,'. tin shlpler r-, IIh,. in l I tll)+p| l ii+1 1 n b ..o 1111 hliatl..i pi, lndl ,- v.. N.S" Orhialls ,n or t et l . lh. 10l .no an 15.1i f nevru n1mllt i'. lh' fnllniiwl,. tesrt.iteInn nn p *ite hit , vit : llrin Ar'hi,,.Cntt i I r.t inn, maSitr. n iuC *P.ln s, J II. Tlomtllsun, mnilerr. lrtg Albtnern, J. i).mnlen, mnsrPr. Bern lingelr illl tins, J. Alliibetn tSt+n r., F tr Irentiht ,nt putssanentnplv t J. A. BAR iIOI SC.I. it C~llllllOl n. Nt1N Oirenlls, ,r t I C M.l'.,;d.CIhIs. n,n. ,+ 1 I LATI"P I' l.ITlItit .11 SC 1lUI.C't A l'I'd tld:II. 'Jules n cI. cl..tlnt. 2 vp ):. llll. l lartleeu' i terbr+.~lk a 11era nlllvu il~~l '(Is • ~mli·· c elnlllalel ,.+ 111111n it'let Crop;, py thie O'titna Fttnily ilrlur. 'a, t, P uIlfln)t III hilt , linkl tlinth), le'nilhn nd tltrriuge.n lr illtnn- i.l thn lian t vhnl4nis Iegrnillatnt iapJlllsnti Kit; .iulwerIt liit din - JittiN & tn. iorller Pt Ctlinllhs &n (:nlhlln . X XIIAINGE ON HiiiS'I'tON--fr ale Iv 1.~~ ~~ J ll~r'.J J i+.l:I'I;,11 M'agnzhnl· RUSI'I'OiN & ASPINALl'S CO 1POUND T ONIC MIXI'URIE.-A .jpeedl anid cuotain cure Ibr tile Fever and Ague. remittent .ttid internnitlent fevrar; lrep.ircd frinn the origalllal reelpr. Used ,.'Il emoillunt andl n.i versni success in 1832, I'y Iperlinis a time hligilsl rlspCet:hbilitn in this city, as stated in thle aniesnid :ertificates. Iedicino is highly reronennded, andil has bren extentively used in thie above diseason with cth distiianguishcd succes, that tIne proerietnr of tli recipe las bIeen induced to offer it to thle pb. lic inn its piresent form. in tle hiope Illtat it nl3y Ime thle means f rolleving many of thole wnlo are tufflriltg cnder thie scourget of aou centllry. It is a nlediciin pttsesring great villus, and wh used accordning to thn directiots hIas ,ever failed of Ieiffectilng u clre, eaun in t l aost lo stilateu sntage of the disuornhr. It is not it All diangrerabln, atd imrone ntf tihe nneakst, nd children inay take it with impunity. It strenrgthens thie digrativr organs, creatues an ppetiten. and sldomrn relllirs more than nto, or ill ohntinate easesa, two bottles to effect a caire. 'There is tlcithe mercury nor arsinec in tim mediciine, ant any thing injurioui ti tile hnlllhan conntitulion. Tile prIprietors ar.e so well convinced of its eflincny, theiy agretI to rcfand the price offevery bIttle whinh han been takanin nccordane withc the directaons and ihas not eficlted a a perfict curn of tlae iever & egue. S A. OLIVER, sole agect fir New Orleanis, at his whoilsale and retail druig and medicine stora, corner of lienitrlli and Clhartres streets. Jor Distriet Agncties apply to je 'r. WV. SMI'TII. 48 Conti st. A Ml PENSACOOL, I.ANSION IeOUSil Ni \i CITY, PNS.'ACOLA. rIIE llaubscririhanving purihised ti lease tnr d Iir .IL niturelof tli well known ast blialun.ent, frm Mti T I lir, Ih late pro itipirietr, will ie ready nu recsive si. terytu Itile ti At il neat. Nunmertios lnd iolyt iiprovelellmet will ie 1niund Il ' tile irran-elenttts oa lith inulllsui t IOn lllle. Sew uanl! emrelun cullolnl~aItaludo.uii." b usesi will beI Iluill,.ind wan] .1. ntnwi Ine prnntnilnil at nil ininnrn. Ai nitinin' 1 will Ie ltlul:lltcl to hIln ilnte, wilt gi ol agccu lllll ha tion t ntur h nortses tlI carriages. Ii iatl rate rlllre and . eirrlnges. will alo be kept fir Ilirl at inllllernt. ii.ri, 0,i, l tinul o IItunl, nwi th . 1 nll llllnt l ng lthen flin " nalle oilltitlnt n. li tli sll ll n l lla m IitIl ItIIIIInt I CI + l itaItilIe f-nUnnt nliCriit placei, will: nIuhber iniahniie, illrll FII(('Oh~Jl·tIC·I~i n11111t 1ll I h.rlrF w~ilb lll 11( llll11;lrl 'nd et 11ln ul the Iblo rdler>. 'T'he winle lndlh lilqulllan .l b e of tbe besl €u.liny, and oenllsure a nll ntltlily nl ic., 1 cr(O Ihs lsire nnly Ieu ardered, whlln l Wiln lri~n . e th I il r1 in httnryi nun initnuntyicsni nit pthnereb ix twnliiennnii rinntajtienitinntntitinine lowint Ilrlner nt nte ni nft r ti tu . th t u I| Irb and .rir;k Ilhel..,r, ahe 1`.lncrey ktwl1 delayo p he mb kin-i nit wtin thte awuted tlrnnridttani inen pmitic a Ith1'. lbt W authi,,·trt CIm re, 1V ivll Ie nnlr c l ui 1£ Ih . lt re fi rlne titI rtL l ru.nlln "intrll birgc_ intl, e llll nltitel i ts di IhflIP d Iihl l ig of tl . ut rirrlll. t his aitd . llr'nll v. Ibal ° InI n evnill T tine t.tnrs n Ilradcible Iauenin i aind latITl.v inThpie nninnntn ll i ntull it.. tnt i hihi lP ne is ,l litlVe, 11 willeti a h'll, timPle h Eietoripli n l"p·r*e '"1 ai f tel t;lhn l I'ntlh n(. i i b eleas h a rs l l iual ilntillni IInti "t (nov'rhlll; |be gell gur rcndCZIIII s *1`the t;lllol'or ahi I ni;a file d ulmerin, on inn el te retrn or tir t lleslun llt '1 " iu. thle +llllllllr r I111}11111 byF flip JeI F re*P 'tfl~lll : Ita r tie ;ult uht !ienuZlt ef It e btln nnd IlIs uleighteari., e- itr d ritre.wn illt i lnte orntr pl.uroilt lican v ol ' In :+ to I I,+ hest JSlolllecl'll Ill~ltrket+; .+ic I'ell~nellJh tip+ r.n I i tenurll over ill nlter piunei iii Ibtre lahiluinlea, asn I i hl tll l tlld deligttinil llltnnnimr rIeitlnt. I l.'.rsi n llrat oasi ll ru l)(.lweesn I'lil;;iclla I Iu S ~ld. - i pll. utii hillatuoi tini..s in lietn takt Ieoi.ptman.n tfolll llea Sn ur trlan EIamnin. IN Ii AttNtlJIl), I I h t-.l ll.le eb 1t,1 . -? (isntlleun winnlinii ttn in ange r lPiiie fi theil Iinvilnecubi utinadi tPnlninnntbevr iiiefsa sd ttletiesnlll .Glitr,.cd tnnle tnillrnintnr, I n 'enpacl|u 0.r AInMr e ew in Tas 'l our the forilu~reo e l .(irllr .5 lemans. ene "1 "r~ ia,+f,, Crtl, F',,lr(:( 'Ulh1111n l e lll, B c ll I.,:PI.,l.'. ie n lun, in lkh IrrST 't'nntlnr, i Poh trieatm, iet .,t Int, k p it liad' vegeteble Isair ie~~iln pin turim I' --. i hltle I :ir , tr rative etnmr roe an iignn tnn, n . it ti. int-roeitnh l, les, ii iuinen ut iru hVltitn nu'n ;I~~icc,;7t J!hartrear Eltre et. n .nl IIRn I Int.nile I i(in tnnn n lt: Ia . Irl I.' 'l'r. (ller+- dPilllc Of \i~llkh).u :Ihe ["lnl ri~l ·,. ht vl . : .Mul,e ll~ tcl Irllt |* ll-v*.r -t h,.~r d,lr ll·r -· , lb lt ,t in l la , i . tin i l utt Sil ' hu, llr;.. '. TheII· s l,.h Clllmlnln h hNntinii 3b:!it hr Pnnit . co~la h,+';c ir we~el; I;.I, • : i~ lunint him... lr of ti l ' ll n rnie (iei'Ir I CP IititnI . t u-I tInt. rc ineIInInI .1`r innl in thet l IIn te ir in gh: I . u lllnl.nt - A~nl,leol Ame F~Frican . l |" vell, h t-|et .,wlelr, p-.,erd h.l. nl iiii l nl ltlla.,ill. ti lt .ilet a llt +'Lle vrgcll b+ ]+. mlk 11" r~siPI, '€l~l ~ Il c it er n+,, lnc in n.k ket.l ntinh ti i inittlitfl lanhientinn tirnt; o i, tetomu Iomrt~ ail. jr+rse .lr~torbh! tloell hlr, rose nnd r b t, aier uni ' m elee e rv, etrnntt'le it r ,, u I t t " •lct nn h plnalnn hiurtl'n om'gnablelrlini und, ioahr+an wlr,btanrsnie iuatttiwinntleiaa wr tern, in "nc ~ln~tn n e1 tbiOnintsn ria antic' enalt) ma nnliiiitn" t nirii fr 7abinu tinllrtn+. atreda by cn.m. IRI ..- I t.L le .n- II lii I-n a.t u.'d ~ Im',. tic .I l)!itnt I| ]t t.tfltcc Ro.oil t:oliJle of Physieons, Londu,n. i"lli o.'ig: natl Vegethle ll geion Univer* l Mmli cie, pnsa'red by IV Msskiae Esag. Maemser of I It(.n Collge of eugrenms, Licentiate of Apothe cart 'st .Ianv, IFellow of ; olt Csort Society, Surgeon to, lh- IIvol Union Pensionl AsAiotieln, Lancaster Placc, 1 ssiet eine Itidge, eand Perpetual Pupil of Guy' asl St. 'lTho,.e"us's I Ilospitsls, Imlon. This v.alualee metlicine, the result of twenty years' elYwrience and un mrlleltl success in the extensive tin hig:hhy reslpatable platiee of the rlopriety, pMlro ihwd Iq" he fis ealty sal nobility, a.d is now introluced tot.e nIotine of die Asmerican ipulic, at the earnest so lise aioin .a number otfgentlemeo of long and hight stantliog in the profession. It is holped, o a lreclimi 'tnas step, to check the evils aoid fatal eousequenees arising from thle uos of the tnumerous and deleterieoul lointel .s. prr ptklic by the aid offabricatedl proofs of milraculouslrets, and lether flams, by a set of Inere.naty, utnpriteielel prjetesnters no totally igno.n.ant of mstdical science, that it impossible thie monstrous dealsion lan any longer go down with the inltlligent peole ofthis countery. These pills, mild andl agreable iso teir nature, shloild be kept in every family in eases ofsamhlen illness, for, by their prompt leminisitrtion, cholera, enrsps, psaems, fe'·*s and other alarceing complaintu, whllich too oiden prove r1tol, tenlm e speedi ly eured or plreveMnt. Il fact, all those who vale gosl heilth, shdould lnever be witltoe them. Tihey are tel' in p.nkets at o. eetl,, tl nutl $ each, by every remspco il th'rsggist , Mru,kseller, ando reloerro mellicin in tli lUnitel Satetestl i ise Csanllas, with copiemos dttectiotns, width estsllolias of professional abilitl fllrm tle following emilent getnlemelt: Sir Astler Condme, J Ahllerneltiv, J:tlaesn lilntell, lM. 1)., NV. levk, 3M. ID., J. As.ilt Ken, A. Frmlpton, M. D)., and numerous otlers. The origsmsl mnv le see n O possession ol'the ttGeneral Agent, by wholtllhe mtledici in ietpm.rtel into this oeneeter, ali to whom all applications ulirageniesi must be made. JNO. IIOIt.IEIIN, 129 Waverly Place, N. York, Sole G(enertd Agent fier the United States, Ue. For sale by llmpointlment of the erigisl 'proe trietor by S~nt U, lDreeK.its, g Nn II Caoim street, .nese'e Agehttlfor Stasthee of imnuisinu. joltv II itRY It LlE. F? co, No 3 .ligalzl'e s.reet, are Sr.-ow receiving from ships Nashville, I mlisville, kwen.tek, E.agle, nal olter late arrivals tolmen :It S'-thel cities, a large atd new seletetll assorltlllent bsin, Etnoo. , Nhoes land Brogaun, nsislling clil'glltlleeallen's Se elf lln l Morocco oleets dIo d qualiye do hilltLl, anll stout wao pegged nlsts . oarioes ltiesits; men'es rlinte olt sea til nid .h e telopsntote lirtegns, buckslkin, il'.teytneses astypes: mt e'sfi s e c:lf eale kipped iegged sotsesset! I rogoes; e lomeeits,: tio setit k l sad wsj pegged lteaho s Ill Ibrl.nsi genttlenmen'. best'oaplity eall'M:weel slt.'ii t itnagnt and Ja k 1)owuinggs; do ealf and Morown I iEcklre sl'.s and e IntirogtIans; tlo collf sea tl SUlMvmere I c iao sthoes and slippt es, to calol buell ete seaos waoegs, a l.ew article; !o line all, se.l and morolcOco lsiiute S ts; heyn', lisses' tnt lchildlren's legged land st i itoegans, neld shntsnof ei)r e quyinlitt atill kilel. Also a genelr te sollltom'ent o meln:I's tonwlll an Ill jli *.*a bIrogais aid shoes, together ;with ItI.l{14 paih, It Iloealt qeualit, rusette brogants, tniled inl i. I seks, maeo expl resslo for plaotetioet ust.. a goodl :ec. I lntlll ' of n ' li' le andl stout kipt Irllsser l hl il, i Sw articl', t iat a e lll quantity oef tll inrior qualll rt siee olld Wee l thi l taonls. Lalies' fine tell, seal, morocee and lpgain welts, an, l po lt l e sel llhoes; Idol e. ellh Morlco atll kill l ru neisee l stitet ; le rtin shet, wilte toal withotet heels; i. eallf seal and snll utlil eiather tllolul'l+ e litslille hiSliit,. I lull kie nifnsete n alitits; r o insitoe heigiensl 'e e :ito , r siasoal foxed bootees. e lisses' I;slting plli,.eieil jletl , o gnsts Cheillen'scol'ed lni areeeand listing o io gsto melln boots, te. i entlemente'sliel'teashionablle llock silk halts; 'Io Illc't sn t.irh enverr deo l a siipertioe uality; dol ieitiejtien its ram lo; lbrold llnd nrrow blinl men's line dra( all lt LHk Rasiao short Onapped lists, a new article. YVoiths' I:n e size hlltl of dlitlerent luaaltieos; do chlidrre'. .lll 's tnllll iy)' blaelock nod drab wool Ihats of various lia ples, with general assortment of boys' stdll ioc's ai, rieps. 'It has tsselttentll will lbe replenislred l. Ie alrival o! rep Ih aeketsl'oni the lnolse llllleditie, all of wliICh

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Illte P:8 i n, Irt lei, h l es' llstitlillit stid Iq1-¢l l'Ob i" l It ci,y re seon1unphc IbandiiHowben iteets. llnet i- ,it house tirlh 9 o'cbiel., .4 aI, notil 4 I' II. 'hey will tltl a t aledotor hor thile i om ,. ain Jrltr N 1 11, 1 73 ravier stIreell I1 nuII one wants to stee IIE,. calll ESou In !il'i, Ji Ii.].. I c. . . • "w ttrlnni. Fel |. 1P:l c ih I I Iuv Jt PUi UI.I.rlIlC/FROM afEREUTTI Y)I;R 1·I!E ParT.t . i I l" I t.h I 'i.,iit, l. e ROW)I.ETT% 'I T.tlI. OF I..'I'Eli.'q'l`: 1.1 "'h't'h i. m~ .l :l;lh..U~~ ~·.Arl'gt I'ivnl. ('.]rlda.l~ hL lou . ol ,lenstir. r Ihods t.l' itti-thiue lvtse ime i ,m torag.un... arle'f h:.d or lulb of" grnt~s. whene itw e altl d at tli ;lletlt datesi ,i t llt i nllll t lt iti : iiII i sr vuriotnus a ol-llrtt Ihesidhs us fl lI i colllete litlkill 'iltle Tn el, tthe i i Li thlit c i. - l te ctrlri-sell . i tt lil fi gutres call [r llhltc withiiil tih stme c lesi1 euld colmlplss, ald size oift; lpe. 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V +rsalghbly tie Pr"iorcl] ai ho,,.lkesr,' it the firlded Stales.. Ti l.'-, r f..17 V IIt" A\ I... ust l'h".1 I, ." THE FLORIDA LINE Fron Mhile to Augustn , Ge Ilaven MonhbI+ eer' dlv at three S ','l. lck. p m ier U S mail hoel tir !lnlP. L.tditng, nhbv, iGl.kely.-i ete. .ntr S-lt cn.c.h s to P."-esar', th, e n ntm o ti' t '.. 'gr r,,,where htoh •i 'andoenel i reennied-thencen via .;arinornn and H'r.,wievilll, Fit. Bli"hbidre, Plindrton n, 11t4o insville. Snundertville & Lolir villeAin AuguAer., Il, e*,nnretlil i;eularly wilh the rv:il ron, corn to Chlrleetton, and the nlleal. saket. e, Now York, Norlolk. Phlildelphia, etc. T '1,e stea.nhllatle ae the bea' lotr ile aervice, and rhe rnViglrninn presents more .llodvntas thaln onl a oe found uplon any stelamboalr t route in tile utllh. ern region. d The great improvements in Ithe ro.te lae been it prouticed by tilheconltlrnetinn of fiftv mileeof niew it rnnr, by the proprietors, viz : front LaGrangte n iI, L'verete Bave., an arm oe Salnm Rocla Bay, ti, Itrynnt's Ferry, on the Chart'hnri ,cire river, le A e ilesiabove the Ciwlnrd, or 14 nhove Cedar Illuff, whereby the navigalrnon oi the river, and the cai.. e, orlcuent detenltilns, and more recently the ineon rlvertient erosming nt the Cowlird, are entirely avoidlred, nd a fine road from Marianna direct Ii' o Bai nbridge, isatead of the roundahout ro:d via t Clinllatinulcre. lessening Ihedilnenre about forty miles, and irreasing the facilities more than o nce ta idy o Alr'. . ,.mnenh line ofl two horse talgr every tI thI hd..y tun II , kineville, via Perry to Macon, (, i t(Inrnctillg with the line to Savannlah and s Dlirret, (el. lie A mail Iat rn, im t 'lie, regularilv belween to Bitlihride ind Anlntttlinlan. 'I'rnvIll, rs wislling Sit -it irnt : y lrltt ino ni i Charetlthohee or Apalaltt | olI. +',ril Ikllt . I,:ghnlrt at Brlr wn., ville. lihbile to I', rtnsrcula -1 .nit Rore--l)uring the tltr Irelip oll rI , the r ayirta ,t ha.s , the prlri lr. S ilrs lI' thfle Frida lino will run lin el hri et, horse pltrr coaches every otiler day between Mi. le la.d Penllneol. ie -'"PssrerrrS will leave Mioile at 3 i'eilclik, p m, In, in hhr U S mtil bni,i nod proceed to, Illle L.nud , in,, whaere a lAor horse coach will -e in waitinge It. ciInve. tIen to lith.x. ellhenthoinirof Mr. lCharles lll, I I 14 orile dist n!, wheret, ltey will firid " l at oatisnsl ft lcc.odnl l oln lor fil.' onight-leaving i next tiurning, ire will istrive in l'eioncli eaorly lt i llii it vetug, ilhus uvoidini. thl ditomntAortIn io S O,,il" .rt IIhe :;.lllrlon Hlluse, M., i'll, rndC ,1. ih,' Itr, liensvinlt, ihere sone . . ot be eervu t", , "liT 'l i'TON & ',.. ni v I aPlm r Fle 1,,ns1ruwton. \\ ilhlll $ ,,.,'1ih t, :t. l* his P. rvties I tI the t,. J sts it Neua' 0ttla: ,a a it tearnir I Ihi, pattII re. .r S s l:.;. l eI ..,,;.i y s' ',h y'd Prverni 1 t i's II ,. oer t. d , ",If.: to Il. v 1) Cn It. O ,b-. . Sl & A,', n . II.., r.. .l. .; at , -. I,' ar er's . 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The soltlscriohers hale re ceill ll tm linlll Illt therir prvillllu Atock ni h(and, a fill nnd eitil rt n rollrlliinl t tf arti le li n helr lile via.: i C ilt0,, .erftllll in, Jwellrv, hlrl hiCs , lokin ti eglanra, filerp nrlicle r,.. t.;.c rnsirting in iprt n a fllnPo: ('(M II(S--iort,',ae ro.ll, wrurlht andi ilain tit hkwist, qi'ille Iltlu, II'In rolli, l arels it lt', Irtil, i" ' l aind neck, rrzil t hiin ilinmrrf evers'etyio atl lmongt whicl nir sollr ,lxjien alpaer*, Ivory rlolmllps of every C"'I1 r.ll nelorll llrl ofl,'renab i mi A l ricnu.r . I'RI.IF ntIhi.'-- I b'lh e, I.VPIler i ns l,,rhtes hliexl - criptillo . cnmlhl llried Collgne, extlrat i1' IlFrt lllno, crenallmsol to'ole vI .eii hle hllair nIil, eaiirs 1lII . all n nailet tt der, iearl i di r . I I plls a il . iJohil lNin nI a nd t rllls orri anit rlll.riall Ital waIh nitsl cIIHIlll'. ithl nils llgr ll.": Ou r kllltl alnlf ait aitelip'. 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'( Inl c ltUrdel asdh Il ieaintd 1tiisrcla, hitll, thililargai I ! iproLmpi anitllation will a s.ia etid tu nillte lla wliich a" aliy tni iiade lla llCtulo neltelu his til .arlls. t Ilna " 'ilu,,rs Io l ularr , leill well clrqllx111od will, the It .retlsam cih basun as t a ttenall ,vig attuindd th o inl a elin lisouialtl ly..hrtu. I .llts' hueldt i ihsaud pin las santerly h reluatiord SI, Y. tils,'-r Solllu tt, +1 i th 1 tl "lrl oulo , e ai bfiut i1l _ .irldit ill ll. ad oplhsn citiesl lll s l h le iatteldled I- .Oiriii,. m sl bh g ive . Apply at N 6 %l a. DOLBS AR'S ScLience of Itemnaaalnte eretlvd,.tl.d Sfor sale at their permanelt Writing Acadtemlien No. 8 Clttren stret, New Orleans, 189J itoadway eNon Yirk, I)a;tphinv st., Mobile. V It in p)nrticairly detigned fieu private learners. and ael t-lns, and is calculateot fir persoils of afall nres. I.:liena ad gentlemen are invted toeall and anmine tihe vysteml for themnelveos. I.esnns are given at el Ihtoue ass mev any ut the corneenieere ofail, and to classes formed in any parl ,tf the city. Lallea whl prefer itean receive esnso at their own ref nidences. SPerea payinver o nr e oflelson are esired o atten.-''" " "' i i ell o hey wish. ROWAND ' TONIC MIXTURE, FOa FEVE ANDn AGUE. tTEN years have not yet elapsed since it was a first regularly submitted to the public; but it has attained theim highest reputation; and has sop. planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherev. er it has been known and appreciated. Already has it been carried in every direction througlout the United States, anti still realizes tmore titan could y have been anticipated by its most sanguine friends. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, but restored to health and vigor through its ages. cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op a portonity, to its decided and supreme efficacy. It is composed of such medicin I principles as are rn calculated to renew the health naetion ofthe stom d ahel, liver, and other important digestive organs, the loss of which harmony is the immediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. cos an entire change in the condition of the system, and certainly destroys the native liability to relnp. ses of the affection. When the Ague is attended ae with any other complaint, tile employment ol the Tonic Mixture will not interfere with thei treat. ur ment of the other direase, but will even afford as. .sstance by furnishing strength and vigor to the body during the course of treatment. These who ntake use of this medicine may be assured that - there is no Ararnic, Barks, Merrury, or any other article in its composition onfriend'y to the lhman ,, constitution; teing entirely a vegetable extract; td and they may have addiltonal confidence in the ,g use thereof, when they perceive that it has the ef ly feetnfa gont.o laxative about the time halfa bot. I tin full has behnt tnaen--in consequence of which, there is no part of 'be medicine left to linger in 1. the bowels to cause obstructions, and other evils, a rising from thie use of many of tihe remedies now otlbreh for the cure of this affection. It has been used also ie a preventive, by many who were sbh Sjet to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it has invartably warded offtthe apprehended attaca. Obsere! Theil Proprietor, fully satialied "itll the un,, parUelltcd and universal ruccess vhicth has cim. stantly attended it punctual and regular use as the 'Tni. MNixtunre, in all cwice of Fever anld Ague, tIelns walrranted in enlgging to refund the price to all lhonse wilo hatve t.ken tile mledicine in strict oe eordance with thie prescribed directions, without havintlg be-en perfeelly and lastingly cured. Tile subscrelwrs are the wholesale agents for til South Wesater States, and have now on hanld six ty caeist of this lOedieiin, which is narrantllel freshl l and greuinOe. For nale at the manufactured Irices J. titlIS & ANIl.Et\-r', Who.ttlesalte i)rtoegiete, I I vor`! roe Cotetttvvttbrhtelteutlitt~~attv-.t Minalansilppi aind Louisiana l oiteIl, tlIlS. MARY IIRKLAND respectfully an. S nounces to ier friends and tile public gene. ally that she is prepared to accommodate thema at e above establilshaent, andi hopes fram her szertions to render visitors comfortablc, to receive Scontinuance of formner favors. Sho feels coanfi. Slent tilat persons visiting Covington during the ucnmer months, csannot find better accommaoodations than she ant afford threm, on more liberal terms. Her hlouse is plsneantly itua.ted, and well suppled withl every convenienet; thie tar is urnishled with Ithe nmost clioice liquors, &r. in short,ahe promieti "'at nothlling shall bh wanting on helr part to give Itire satalsaelion to all wllo may patronize tihe I lisissiplpi and ,luisiana lIntel. je3 IiOLLO-i-W WVAlE. -WOOD StCRIIEWS, SAD) IRONS, &c. 'tllI. IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No.n I 238 Water, near Bnl klen n street, New Yark, I liave receaivedl tihe past season, and are c.nstantly receaving large and extensivo additions to thi selatk i tile above gooods, awhicth now eraoniats of tile allowing a..nrtlnoenl, suitable for the southOrIn and weustar n m.rlets. I lullow warae of asuperior qualily, consistinog ol tlatt 15(l1l tans. viz, Ptes ' 2-a datltaraant nice., trao '2:d to 50 gaat!,tnr, Ketlels, 5 i zat , frolt 3.5 1Ia ) I , atio,, , t.etala. 1.eait. front 3:a It IS galatow1 Bd.,.p.mrs orti)vets, 7 dhff ;r*,il .Zs, Te. Kattlet, 6 at ikh't-, . . 5 do FIktaSl] ,rs . 6 a de tL varetl Sindcar , i. do )ridtdlet . 4 tin r I , . ii le "tl ', ton . x` 1ro I1 4 la 43-I4 titehe. (' ,, ,, ~ ~:,, 7 ,,,c .,-. 19,, .ri N.P w , 24a ttttI fl ernss, iron ald irate, from :;4 lit Nt- 3 ' 3:$ llctiw , N0, t-.I af a utperaar - t t11y ailnd .tatl sI d aI os te a llo JallaeO's impot rted Stat Irune, nacarttd, in cast of sltol 500: bs 'r 'P.llhtr's uInlt hetto'a ttaet. tvsrteatc. Sash weItghlts, l)0 lullata, a.esItled Lfotta I 4.4 to' for Piaitatltoans, eteamboats, calurchee., & c. Snlade to order, Also alsteanlbate and otler mtacthierry madet to j rder. Tite abave aesertmrent of goods is particularly reoaealnnddi to the atteattiat of Soutlhernt and Weestrn laerchants, and are offered 'or snle at low prices, alld upoin tile iaost lileral ternmsa; it is he. lieved to he thbe largest and best assortment ever oilred for sale by any onle estabtishment in the tnllted States. Merchantts, by torwardilg a request ly mail, can have a printad circlar. wilth description of goods, price and terms, f*on whichl no deviation is eace maide, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receives itmnediate atlention. New York, 1833. Je3 i. IV Gletnn's I~erftumeries. - led I)n Dye, ior eoloreng the tIlr ; hear's Oil, Itlsietna benla's rease, oatIIaIIIII1,l Mlchll'as 1Frla cle 1lbtnsh, seierioa peartl powder, Itlta aiatsi, orent •I rests, v .eltallea rallte, tato ' l rse,. It scllva . kretasle looth wa slls, rllholllt ernltrlice. l lranll fl wie twater, Itiwder ptffn anod boxe-, A u, ta-aa charconal, nearly Iiput t in tour ounc vials, I'reo. an stitlts, ealtoantec kretnst1te otOh ache dritas, teaa d ataest'tt E talci air,-setac eotatat Inahan hair atlt, e 'l l · a val rwryo oI l perhl n,' rl..&- . Vet.,r seil ,y C. l. RiNCIIARD, o ' 3 ,ornl r ot Go, .I ,1od iH ,ur a .se act eclaa-tattlt t F A'"--1:t e-drab Rtussia hut.nritoac apetlitiaa l a rilt alid IloI crtawa tbllnllillf, ttt ll hip tar .lehy I Illlltati - .%.,, 7 131 legnarinae at a1. lit -- S h it Itlla g 11toi -1iamti ,,a l l;attla ta ant tat onto ale by 0 InttORT, 41Nao- lace ceived a very ,axtansive selit o' n rate, e ol a tale tad Itiosrt -ra ivs tai fa t -·i c . c*tretiptin I'ean, .ci Itahilk, alotl Opotar mic lics, : IJntrar, SIii •ra. Elt; "l'l.+ls & .%C.' Ac. whacbra ter rerre ltrd t exhibit to the traiac loralries. ferms nand coneitintan ill ta mata e klOt n at th e titlla. alit Ji t .1I1 IlI L ltll 0 Nt.9il atmamotaen . 1t\t\l'tt"%. IIARTT&& C().--.revotw wtaecivieg tper salip Ihuta ill o, a I a ,.h, l t l le- An atrata, Hligh atndle, FI earllta anlad ,iaetti;ata iCi:ullt iatVineCtllrtl,: nterhclt itald ,ocket aistols; alit, ribbad nl saalit cussion enplll; cap haItioel's; reioss I'b, Ilzor. enll. res; a;illott's commreitl anr othelr atel pena ; Vie. is; Vlilah stinlgs: shllell, ivory and boan omblll; waeii'et' k, head alal Ieathller ietrsts; hacir Isids, fronlt andI aek lintillas; negro suin aot (;clll SI aa aadtbetthi eehlllcoo a sate l, Itow llllls laceasseli oil, illitatl l do a ne t it eltd Ie1rs1" oil; |loor'labe desks waslid iessinl. usles: pa|st l lhckiag; statilland toilett gevlkas; rticex lirl'ors; ol el glass andl \ieaws; Ilmlan helaase lls tltat:e ihllt m a S ccoartl; whlliliwia e; toilet a ld haviu s)ls; tlll Sodcl'r, c smeel wa:lsl balll; setlledl ail etshinea I mal sanrisIe; nrel.e clllaiOllS; faloc Ite ad ellaillS illlt naecklsees; lilliadl ballst; lcket books atd walelts: ire Gtai oner1 Iezor strllapt; fine slid eonveon ellitm aolastic alsspenlerls, gartersdo; i Hells luciter natcheslc sil Sver peaeilr: I;l'geyos, ~c. &e. S The above in sdition to oute ln rmer staeek of ltte. trtitles, mnaksealer alaltttaclaett vealr c taalslete. oit sal wholesale or retail; ta t le sigt ofathe (Gotalen C(natata, ta gr llttc11,oe slree, I asll.. (Juih\A t.l.A.vt " & K titla. ,c ALt-. ci t tul'E ]6 ( N( f-rre l . strU l ot tr.ra i rw Orlea ta. |r T\I. HP!'::(CAN r & Co. uneporters of Fre,1rhi * Clita at d an arlhe- wcr ea-. tat t. tlhatt 11ntatec sllta rit-h itlleratln af brclakl-al I t I ,it anatr d ia. rcerwea , lifert s'ts-st , 'ilTc ., :,,, (. l}'+ "IIe ,.ut,% :i1[3 8 5 1 111+ . 5+l+s rPU lI1..1 t (·l-t P SI e, If ·a cups, tr·rlzlts, sugrs clrearne, hOw10=," S tlte. dihlmae, ra-i.s, wathl It'lletadit a11 Iiatwel. t a..t tin- s. at sal. . [a ,"I '.lll. ri,;, -+ ,,,rlal (thlr,' [,ltv[ I1)HI t1IeS.allPig. It al a-at a teat al:-tn It-h a davl Attn rica tf e n a..1.- . a ,al s h t int lrit. I tttta m atIca., jatiena ta n t. aaralatttt, Ita hitae sI ,Ois wattrisa. +t - 1a-·iat i,-'' eite rlhes, laticirst'lt n ens d ll ,p ell ad' ta,,d ghl-sen, tanllte 5la "or, Jlh cel a 'r .oteti and hrta'nia wrnr-a l ir', lql r elanlld , enke achll e ., candlestack ,trl, l m or s laui-ns,<af ta aitti lIao sttatgen -s .,E., me r,.n1:+ .isl),dtnr- a In,+ . v tatr I I.en srdial a- tst~rn apaadiieiGitrtoainitsnttaati tan ta i,at-a teina saI ecry t erc1 slv a rin t . b .r inante, i'ntttaer-5 Itt h, aaaa ha t.,, -a tat lt S at . tat-an 1t , . .'. ..+s ,,,a . h1a 1ten b atn. a ' , r, s *lt.. e , sntl .. o ,.p,.,ar er,.,, e' g.h s-worc. nos * li.. tri ethanse sat Plonceec. N'acro ,' ': "le hank . tievenrhs, ,laseyr,!swell d shir is,'*, eh, .*,li.,0,s, roficates, lanalkerchiefs, a&. &ac ae tansr sale tow hy the retsesi. utarrTA & Cc. r,). *. .+* € i,. 14".: C"ll~av,,v = . . ... Sil~ I)IIe I':vtr I)nv nt I .lrl Warutern Malao, r lies Ear im sv aWe I A. M l (ra r th Iae .il't otlv , W nes day ii, yolalt 9Il CI,,~t'o err7 (allarln, (Vdooada Tihl, ae I (ar e rulnyrt o Trl . dayal. . . I,, eve~r y da n ; We I'. M. 7'6r I.akbr .~nl ad ntsnhrtl..,i~y5, '. Vi C(c. s every lMoualay, Wedlneeday TIMIE OF ARRIVAL., IiPARI'IJlt{E TITANC3 &c. of the Express Mlal, betwf'rt Motile aad New Yblk--letina. Mlolbile dJail,. at 3 P. Al. Notlawlar New York daily at 5 P. M outhward. Arrives Arrie Nonhward. Distanc. Tlime keslael ottigomewry.Ala. Orm. 198 t's 23 h 19m. Colutlaiu, Ga. 114 81 94 t Milledgvll. Ga. m. 1 14 2pm ," ..... i.s.C. 74 m. 163 1 10 ltaleign, N C. ,54 21,5 . WVarriton, Va. 1 m. .5. SPetereburg, 1'a; I0 pin. 83 10 sa. a I ltiaiticbahlVa. lam. S1 3 64 d Predericksburg', 8 67 7 I1 p lVnalingtoaucitY, l n. pm 6 6 i llaltitoan . 6 38 4 6 liiadelplia,Bu r 64nam. 180 II it New York. 2 Ii. 8 8 - 1305 1431 h. or 5d2 Northward. Cumin0 ~oathlward,tle time is sia hbro less; lboing5 days nd 17 ,ourn. T'EN DOII.ALAN IREWAII). SImANA WAY ieo 1(69 Cmronderlt coroner of IleLt Il, otrtetr,,on Ills nirl Of 301It of Auogrot cad mwa seeu tld next uoarurp itl I'nodrase tret, anle ngro y aunled ('IIAIrImI, abut 17 year. of ago, aed fee or tltereoibolt ill hrio h ,vry b ck, na I hs n in t' iumtletinhii srpercht, one of his loes is sore, ott aimnw ya kyaretet hurt; Ih lal ,t wli.n hie t awaR y t a hvil. i. Cotton or lita rlir atIRld whitea Iti,,n itninllm. a. Mastrrr ofverools ail see:,I boats are aeaotiirrrrl a SCninat reciving or Iatrlrorig said negro, as rll a. al otheer prsons, ot Iaet lltno s r.iuo r of tile awr nill I,. enfore al tno 7lnrnl. T E amlyo rwr . ilJ hai· froeliare:iag bthu int, arny of tie jola of tniianr ol tho e monic'ipalities,or at 1l'J"Car,,udele coraner of Ievi uicest. rlEp PINNOCK ' II E P)1 lI I IN OF n t al nerthrli frtn of labrilOm & Gnrritoe It nnoth, ile.loe. 'hire sutreilar will liqntidato the affaao . tili ctaosr,rin Iti city, 'i d reqtrirrs all prlaona indeb. iie to iakr payrent tt Iin on otfl, au al tll oselavinp blaitos, tonirostitato fur nsetllelt n nttr. aag 2l--t _____ II (tARIIETNON S CAPTAIN MARp.lYAT'l"N . NEW NIO'EIo l SRatlijn the Reefer, by ta n aauthr ul Peter W iopllr ' A Sin ovols. ii Cummrint , or a IVirtir rt Srhl!si Htiifrell I., Iowa, iltVrTi, by Captaiti Iaril Hall, Royal Nnvo, F. laird rtodta, a rotanor,'. Ii' Atoh Caltatio.gaml t o. *.':heppiord lee. orhit,.it3 Ityliiioelt;n al vatlt. i1 Compieioorula, trInetslt from origi talhnl, Iy Nltlliltltirl lireeos n 1 vol. ltr Ir, etiug N,. 79 of IlItrier'a Eatmilv I.ihirirr. Volr. Ii 4 lrfthiha1,'w toitll t'it nl ifni',iir edltlita ai of It'nohitigfaa l'rian'o II'oras. Roger's Frcudh nrod I.onlirh I) 1 vil, ite Xiogeo', Iire",'o adn EnL'IioA Itiremotiore. fiatw iIlltire Cllit,.tf CttIteI'a 'i'brenlDogv ~`"lielllzi."'e .arve. or's i·IIIIII,.,.se .frllllr~i,)r llo· rtw rie Ii ' l f',t I - - I)IN-NOt'IK'S t)MI"I, &e. I't'Ofl.'t(',4 IMPR~I~tVI. EItI~'I'I~ON OF a (I (itttimttihl'rstrtlgttttmett of tho ittl-jira f at Rtottt hich tor reottx in rIntrattrt'tion tfotiltale .ilfo II Bo11111 I)*lOrv· nll.I Il Itrril rsrieiv of vllhnb • il;Tor or rOtrotttitalthh rrt.hi ah,, in-tlita ill Mnanen, V, Illrtit ltiln u (1I lll li tiiili*.. rf theP JclCln l tt wiilbt a I ltorout heIo~tIio lirt',l t,,t~. ri* tol NilCr t ault eetitt 10ll' fitr 'X'tlllll tlitltl ol r thaPlttn Olt (,tie i et'ij )U . IIt Jul~trli~l] ~iththirV Pi~r~iC~iltittoil tlalJl Aftirtoa. to tl' d .. tttth ir tt. t I t:'iill of. llrtllaltlo.i IoI tllry d)l I, llllll t)t' illl It" iillll itt " Jlllhlt (tt'tt . r to thue (te:t ofIlli~e71llll II crx4, )(,W II I ·lilinlllliD l Io Ibe yel It It;:. \ a,t li~r i,',tioaatin ul tla eiia ei I J rhtin l.etttit ittille·r a vrr lof it (t'Illlu iKElANn 1 IloUr I11I.hh1 lhrl)ulh,)IIIl~l, IheiOrk. ('ol~llsi~li OF table Il `ill' l (•lif .xllll~l~r l l:¥ ..ltve(.igll Itiidllk II e h i 1 ero ('oi mlS :111 x1.· 11lllll·tl*. T . n ll r It111 k, o:"1· the plll l C tI '" (·u lllllilIP'lll tiU, tlr* CC hC !IIIUP Ill,, IniLt.. nuo lhle Gr;IY1' I:1.P-'n:'rd -r A . rtI(OHYIonlv .dn Aori~lgmee 0.I. A lli( ·lt" L,' ll' ,. iieii ll ' Y1 ,II ( ! l'1 1 ti 111' l III (llUYlle .( kl ll~, l .. iii l'C lir lll Ih 1 1, .ril ldl~lllloliCU ItiIIIUt[ ilir veutl Ilk rw1111 .\1 it1tirol,. LIeIi JIllfl ret:lcr l { iillll fil r nll~ e i,,%' lll.l 31'KI EAN i1!n ov .!I Orrll· ( )I'(· .li. .I t1II Jl~lnlllll fl. i tlltAil,.r.rl:. ll. l i hI v I'illllp ll, I il , 1i 1), with g u ln i ,i.' i,. I lillililllll: Ir-iIu i ltl lltt i or v rillU . e l, &r. I, S nll ,', .h. ,-, t'o .dc. .illt t'rY I rvdo Pip .\rl i·: ,a ., i erf1 'l.'1 ' u:itet. (::l· J ',I l. . £hI.h Ir,. Ilia u n , \ l. , tn ,I i li ll. so he l e lr InoIlll.llt p o .ts o f th I'P . III DI R."U , with the appenliti x if i .G io ti t r.nlel t e b y t ' h I nr l . h l 4 l nlr l, i ! . i )f r nl l , v o l u n e s nn 1!tfif l"I art.'< -is ?'l .' ? l ,aarvr' The I, % dill a f I If1llt','ill,.' I;INl 'l e". h. tiloll ellf, . .\IC .l ,* i lllil ,InDr oI Ih II h fil r. 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