Newspaper of True American, September 10, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated September 10, 1839 Page 2
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. _,4 . . m. -- __.. ** -e uw-Owlem Clau r at CrnMbmc, ertcaRn roCll TI T AR 1839. T PreePldent, r. J. Peter- - F i VioePreident, W. I.. Hodge, Erq. Sere i do. Jna. A. Meil, Em1. Coaslire of Appapnls.for 1839. J inee Ilic, Jme i. Lvejich, - . . 'nltltncck, AhijhlFisk, P. k, etho e,nmle. Thompon,n - ComomlIee of Arbitration mfo, the thb, of May. Jihn Hed'lleetin, John C Ikrrion t, U. WV. Hlotittimn, Willininm Ilnpkin, Hyde. Jr. P, A'. Hardy. Jo.ehim Kohn. Mail Regalatlaem. The. Greil Eastern Mail is closed every day. at 10 o'clock A. M. I.. due vrdalnv a1 4 P. M. The Lake Mail .(via Corintoln, La.)n is closed oevry Mondky, Wotlneeday and Friday, at S 'i k . 1l . Is due every TIuesday, Thurdpay, and Satlrdav, ati 5 P. `1t. The Lpet.etTle or Rioer Mail i* loed every Men day, W.dmIdav, namt Stnrdna, at 3.P. M. I sent " na returned by vtamnboats. Arrives irregolarly three times a week.. The Bayoup ara or Coct Mail is closel every Tureday and Friday, it 8 P A3. 1n sent anld returoei ly 'by lteamhboto. lat The. Ale.nudria or. Red Ricer e(ail is sent irreg+u teamlbontl twlie a week. S LOtImVaLLE UK RIVER "MAIL. 8c Wetntday and Close at 8 o'clock, P. M. lMaturday, C- S ) s. di COAST MAIL. CARIOLL'TON - VAUD haithe honor of informing hii . ient . id and thk publiE in general, that he las taken the a Hotel Iat Cnrmllt., where he Iruet. ho wil reei. e the acdl el his old frirnds nnd alnil lovrer- of cnml' cher. rI rinvte Itltiea will he handnoutely prolded for by Ii, ivin lnlltle notice beforehand. He in willing to enter . into Io.menta with familien or individuals desirone t it tfpsheina the suitmer at ttCarrollton. . nil q NOTICE. efew Arrangemeitolh roatonence Ist 4uoust 1839. NEW ORLEAN, ti CAICRROLLTON RAiL ItOAD eMMER iRR*aN.t NTs FOR THE " iM.K .YSl .1 ,lonaar nt 4 o'rlek, A. M.jionr Car at SN.'ch.k,A. Alt Loomotlvea I " t.ounai 7 r i P.M 1 o a h o. te nt "t "0 l e tr In I te "i d e-ant I o'eloek, P. M. when a Loconllaive wilt Iravet1rro4ton ery the untiln o'clockP. Mteud New Otletns tvety hour raeth, o blokl P. N; . After 10 o'~lock a hope careen'bea htaied by payieg 5 dole Inrlnor the Trip; itholled fornuer iko'clock P. M. 10 dolt sart will.l b charged. PeanonkGoind by the oteam Car mst provide them.elve wthTiko 'm'haei t ondutor has positive directions int to eateiv toneyl in lieu thereof. Fer the ¢omotdation of persnona vitlitng Carrollton, in clthe S ocl.Ik no. and who may.lnt wish n to reain there an il o'clock the oayr that as heretofre lefnnt Canrrolltoc at o'clock, wlhrematill uutil al o'clock, thoreJJallowing theml one her totejn y the pleaant wanlks in on t of the Luoltt -rbrtsarl Gardens ito, t aitel Stttet. TIHE JACKSON AND LACOUROE STREET CARS L.elve tle hel oft Jnekon street ut o'clock, l A. Mt.; Cutllllt tret at y4.o'cloa. nd run holnitly. Ati o'clock they will ,ommence tb leANv cai ahS every hall A or, until 8 o'clock, P. A+,enxeeptln that usteadl of leaving Canal street at 1' clock, the er wnill leave thee at 9n o'ciucl I'. M O5- It is partleulorly requested that geutlaenn will nlt pnt their et Ilo the cushions, or eNoke iu the aIn, wh(o Ladies are p leellt. an an A llt tOme iw Olel aad Carrolln Rail Road Company' P JOIN IIAMPSON,. DepartPat 5 A..M. I 4Prturn at B A. M. , In A. H. I, P. Mi n ,.. . t. i PC . M o. "9 P.P" M. And u:t MONDAYS:- Dtepart at 10 A. M. Retura at 1°I P.M. 2 P. M. [ 4 P.:M. Cony 28 R. CIIEW, Casht. !4ttI A aittteiittit NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD. Ilse Lo~onlolive will run Cu tIhe Great Prairie ; cnt tneletiig at the :5th inti. as ulio's:ý \ew EEKDA 9. ieprlaure, Return. 8 A. .I 10 AML. 4I I'. 9 1:M. SUvNDA. to.tIi Irlatiehe'a [invrtt. to La lranches Ii AMA 9 AM51 12 AMt 2 P'M 5aLoaBranches 41 P M 6 1' P1 JAMES II. CALDWEI.I., augus Ot th,1829 Preildret. I,R1ee Dales. Eh.rlutlnu. Aug ..........26 Woahinstnet. Aug.. ... 2A Nle wTuk, dua.......... 03 Ci eitai.ri, dI ..........23 Philndutttitdoii ....ii ...... I Lauiasille, iu .......... 2 Satltiera J2............1 SIt. Louis,, ug.. . .23 *ash. Ag . .. 25 ~Liverpool July .......5 Iltttattt (Ta.Iu) July...a31 o ... 3 Bles.tu. Aug .... dt.....ii I.itiltt, do......,.,. Ntahville, Aug ...:.......25 Hat.. Jitt...... 55..22 FOiRT' O(W NEWV ORLEANS. CLEARANCES. Sept. at h. Blarque ;lMay, Ilammtu d, Baltimore, G itedfuord AIIIIVALS. Sept. th. Toboauait llndrot. Ei.Et I, rotl 3 W pus; prtttdeiteo sea light;, rtued othe city with Spniiah barqua Macriana. Am. tnsiA',atur tlttbuarlah; veft the bar 8th, 2 It t; rupotst nt thintg in sight ii the offlig; I attir in thh river. Sp bhaque Mlaritan; ratrte, froi Vern Coral, 20th Aug. to Cuculu. I aeyrc A An. A Aiixisdcn, LintttGeutaaan et ,tballat t to masiet ttitr Sairah. Hlughes. lltatiorda, to olartercrgo 1t : mulc . Staanttr Ettp a., Rcaeit. St Lt[uit. Steatic, Gen IIanrrow. Love, Ltuisville. Crtorat 5% ilmiiglton, Guly, St Louti. EXPORTi. BALTIMORE..I'er bnrque gIpoyu: ctago, 410 piss ltait,5l hdit. 111. stheep kite, hhtbl* salttd skiina, 154 bblt portc. 853 hhdt. IMPORTS. VElLA CILCZ..Pteratiath baitqu aleiaa: ctargo, 330,tif in repcie tt F Ti.; Cunlu. L2eper r A "r, ACap. nsille; J $1 Cattllenu . J 20 Zaehoriaijet 0 Ithinclltttiviinit lEr; I ' dt I.iPdt~i A-u; aiud 45 1.VT'SiON. ot Alichr lalender .inlttu, btltt.t, Vi order. nlIAT(i OO I).\.. 1'er ecbr Horebl, Id mule., t o master.~l SI(OIVN SO)AP -3111 itti't Imittn itrop. lip rnly by 6 S&J P' WVIfIIN.i):I Ciii I.ANi tIKi t61a6-ill iutvoice ul rettir tienil, it tiiit, deo aitd cap ttiHunk Lucka o sluperlio juulilV,jitut ri.iieid liiidftteale Ily 118t A TItWAII,49 Calip =_t H AV.hNA A RVEI.II EA'l5.-51 Ilax* Iaia ii re, fur vale iiy A 'iltElI. ttay IS. 31ttnavieitl UILESI1 MA\lL.'iAGA lt ISINS-tISO hitiat in elaorn mlay IS 4 Claitt 1 A(:CIN tllI .SJ-ilil ctast 4ul ritcr Cinlcinnlatlin I rted, its acrut tar aule lv jit (0 IxRSEY,.lINewt lit'rP i HiiISKEY-%1ii b~se~tfld itteStle by r~tt uie ' (I . IaOItSEY.44 Net. Leyea~ bAS 6IdlitClarifiedaii no niiitt fo-sl s lIEll9It.t0 -.ENE, lltOhhN&Co, julie 2! Nit'J CoIti at (ARS-6Lii tac stuperit r quality. hrtliii and P 0 sa~le by S & J P IWI'INEY, 625 7 Cutup , ii MIESS Pt ilK-tO hilt landilg frolni =eall boat Ca United Stares, ior atti by 37 A TkIEI L t Graties, it UTTE' t-Guslntalnd Wtesten, in .'to fir sale by, B rB lji t-( DOxt SEY 'It Neit t~evan D lAlEII.S-T talesn 4.4 Lu.twell ovilaudei halea 4- Itwilled Loweall niltrtt. 3 cavau biuckatkht .trip.a.,laalianding fnromhip AtlLI.ttii,fdir sle by tty9 I I(IIiliK: Q& ii. 13lhlantteiti at P ORK.-Buitl hhla niesa anl da jti, at this pe c 1t lio, for sale by jitee 21 12 IIOR EY. 41 aewlete.. ASH OA K -500011 feet aeltears, ti sle at iy A . j S & J P WHITNEY, 73 Catip at CRANIIY t WINE-3 halfa ail to tr ecatki hitr dev, 4 tlr cask brown Sherry Wine; 36 boxes palsl dt dlaaupertur qualityifar saleliy S do J P WHIIINEY. aaty 3 73 Camp atl w7lii cit I'nI he titan2 3l4tC. ttjera jNi Ib.I.J Oil. & 9piriteof Tcurpentin cc supply IJ ofI LincecdI Oil i pipucsaid barrels-10l Batrels Spirits of Turpentine fcrsle a iby JAR'IY & ANDRI3WY, July 6th Corner of Uitnunc &_ Teuhpiltculc bte ASO O!l.-Rcncjuod byv the Ma 1.l of On - C 5 BDrrls cacier oil furglalal IcW fr caob By HI BONN ABEL, Dro at 1 " nuance Nath urecl oliaupir ( l N-l 1 Iuchclt taudiuc froin flct boat cud l I uJ ci by wi13 A TRIER 31 (irvrec Fi J UST recuicid a lageg asaorinccenuol cueccr ntocek of vcrious ptlrruns; linne shirlt of fiie qIality. (GOSSIP kci, nl3 Enhlac ge IcicISg Clcrle ii 7)110 RENT-A uornairiabic. dnielling haute in Caeec L drier nlrwr, a few rdaume lion Canal si; pospes~ino givnn iurcundiawlo. Applyiii IIOYI.E4.9iAV M0.1 3 Cnrorrdelet st t1 LNNY BAGS-441100. 2 aud : bushelsar sale bri NL' H YII.&R lre. enptib. i39 Cunirin, ccr Sicguziu is LOU3iR-599 brle ccni cnhecr. landing tronhsrenm. AAPorter, irraciby (ItDORSKY. ier1 8 41 New Ievee F LOUR-5 Iif bela.iiijprrlic in cro., forattle by uut8 ti Ill)KRSiRV 44 Nrw I.ce." JARD-4diilbuIseaf.el a r ro n r ir *ite Iby sepal GS UHi) L$.Y, lI N-, iirrs TIHE TRUE AMERICAN. 13Y dJO ýP8J. GLBTIE S(lON. rAIT R.U.L AND BOD. Official 0ournal. of the 2 Jltatnidpdllitg. PUBIIlSHED TO Daily, Tri-Weekly & WVeekly. NIFrW OR-LEANi he TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1839. n CHARITY IloertTLa, Bth inbt.--Admitted 26, yellow- n fever ,deathe 8, upi to 8 o'clock.P. M1. hil S9th inar.-Adlittled 18, Fever 12, dentils 9, lup to half pst B'clock,P. M. gi The.weother since Saturday hae been exceeding ly warmu, the sun prodigious y hot. The thermom. lI elor was yesterday, in a. fair situation, at 98. At 8 o'clock the night previous, in a cool place, it was It 82. 'TItesicknesa was not abated, although it is possible the numlbor or'd atis yesterday was much :i ditnimslil. Saturday and Sunday were terrible days, therO coild not have been less than sixty intermentson Sunday. Y SAP great was the panic occasioned by the fever in tobile, that the publication of the newspapers e IWas reduced to once a wee't, and the Customhouse e and Banks opioned for businesa bit for one or two y lisu.a during the day; tho inhabitants.wore flying . in everydirection, and the fever prjved nearly or quite as'fatal to the old residents and even the natives as to strangers. D . The ma I failed again yesterday from beyond .Mobi!e, fromt which city neither did re receive any M papers. We learn ftiom a gentleman we met yesterday, just arrived from St. Loutis, that that ci y had been visited by a very destructive fever ; our infotmant was in too great haste to give us anty partienlars. We publish a connmmunic.tion front one of our lye bonevolent citizens, on his way to the North, ad. on dressed to the Lady Directorrof the Poydras Fo. ot. male Orphan Asylum. Although the sum enclosed ol. is small, it is a beginning, as the donor says, of an ves. institutton, that, is much as any other, is entitled to Ito be classed among. the most useful and beneficent. in We hope the example set may be followed by some eof our millionaren and richer citixens. .1 . . tea| .. . . . . S. S.. Prentiss has commenced his canvass in a( Mississippi. The Raymond Times says of him : h " We had never before an opportunity lo listen. g Ing to the silver tones of his voice-of witnessing his graceful and nervous gesticulations, the anima- of ted expression of his countenance, lit up as it is an with the noblest traits of the human soul-nor had we before enjoyed the intellectual feast of wi catching froin his own lips, the rich array of ae tropes and other ornamentwi h which he decorates of the offspring of his genius. We need scarcely say we were del ghted. th Some of his old acquaintances inform us that he Ie was not, on this occasion, equal to himself=and, b1 that in order to elicit his power, he needs an op. f ponent. Be this as it may, we could easily per- I ceive, by the effolt on Saturday, what are thecap t bilities of this brilliant and rising star of Missis sippi. " Ex p de Herculean "-Hercules is known w by a glimpse of his foot. Mr. P. is the only orator we have heard since we listened, eight years ago, to the voice of Daniel Webster, in the Senate Chamber at Washington. WVe speak notes a par. a tisan, but we speak a the wnords of truth and soen lierness," when we eapress our balief that Sergeant S. Prentiss is destined to occupy the same rank with such luminaries as the llenry's, the Currans, the Clays, thie Websters, and tile Broughamse names which, like stars of the first magnitude, shine out full and clear above all their cotempuraw ries. Mr. Prentiss addressed the people of Ray. mend in a speech of about two hours duration.- I In reply to Mr. Walker, Ilis opponents letter, in which Mr. W. makes this point, viz: that , the whole banking system," (state as well as National) is founded in fraud, becanse a bank a promises to pay " more than It is able to do. No Bank can keep specioe enough to redeem its issues, and yet be pro a fitable to the stockholders-and hence, argues Mr. W., these a pron.ises' are made in fraud, and the whole system is subversive of the interests oftrue religion. After reading from the letter, and sta ting this point much more lucidly than we can for want of room, Mr. Prentiss, in his usual style of I happy, artless simplicity, referred to tile spring on I his right hand. -a Fellow citizens," said he, " you have a spring, whose gentle flow supplies the wants of your whole town. Here, yourselves, your wives, and your little ones aue accustomed to drink, and in those cooling waters you lave your wearied limbs. True, it is a modest fountain-yet its steady current is more than sufficient for you. you know it--you have confidence in iltability to continuo that supply. But, suppose some one of your citizens, suspecting the inherent ability of your spring, should recommend a " run "upon it and suppose every man of your town, with bucket in hand, should commence dipping therefrom to hoard up the I recious fluid in h e own private re. servoir. Would not the spring soon be drained; and instead ol pure water, wouldl you not present. ly scrape up mud and fi'th ? No, fellow-i..itizens --you would nlt pernit such madness. You would punisi such an experimenter. Let tile spring alone, you would say-we have no fears of its exhauso tion. Tile manner in rwhich this admirable simile was man:aged by Mr. Prentiss, in illustration of tile principles of.a wsll-regulated banking system, will at once occur, with all its force, to lthe mind of the intellagent reader. Vesterday evening consideable exciteaent prevailed inl Maiden Lane, inl consequence of a mant named ITho. ats Malrtia, a crpaenter s In leaver strel, hlaving been shiot by olse Elootlldort, wlo keeps a hlose of ill nlle near t)ean snteet. It ilplpears, from Wnlli we are able to learlln, thla a sister of at tlli n'la lad, in thie course r f the lday, been severely bilten by a dog of Ehaendorl'a, which wasn el on her Iby oe of I'Elsendo-r's womlen.-- i Martias, aceomlpnnsied by tso or tllree lother lerosone, r. reed vith an axe and blndgeonswenl ao t t Ihe residencee ofel Elnealdorf, inttendlng ta dsesa rovl Ils aog. After a short tiae e . te ass met lilaarsIalue ttrsllhe b stae dog, I who seeing whist the in tenitionso of Mtlattaill ia cln panions were, stated Ilns determai.tion to delend Ihins dug if they made any atttenl tt o injure him. Mloasina lilted op Isis ane with Ihe ilt, enlioni as trike Elatendourl, whenss Ite latter dsecw forlh a pstoi anl d shot Malosi. Ocvetul lshot ssi extrarled lv I)r. alnrLI lasl evening afroa llir-' tin, ,sia l il doing i aill. Elln,.dorf is in ljuil w aiting an ilvestigation of the isatler.--.lbal ny Adv. By the Spanish barque Mariana, arrived yester. _day from Vera Cruz, whore sIe left on the 20th of August, we learn thlat a revolutionary movement I had taken place in thile interior; and that it was correctly reported that a new persecution against I ilthe European Spaniards woula to the consequence. The beautiful aul saleted a.hlie. Shaw Illa sued out a haill of divorce froma lair husband,for brutal treatment, - and threatening. to asl:at ler unlessa se broke her en. gageoiesat at the Bowery, where she receives eighty-live • llilars per week,forono year. Mrs. Shaw by her y sole talenlt supported her husband, who isa physitian, - for shle last few years. The papers are salking much ald about little Miss aM Alaywood. Some praise her overmauch; others speak rather disparisgly f ller talents. She has not drawn tery good houses. iThe New Yorkers appear to be theatre usad. r Recorder's Court. SReports of Day Police and Night Watch. S el r. 7lh.--Jaoae I)orsay, arresed for t.isturbing the SIeace.-bounul ill t sslsoucmpS-.O0. James Ilhlaod, arrested ill a vacant oausea-diseh-r g, d. iJohn Ars-lrey It. Clarsey, arrested under suspicions tit aicu;stance--iseclsorged. I Robert blcNolly, arrested lying in the street-dis - nchsrged. Sept. 8th.- Daniel Green, RrlJdget Green, J. Green, I'. Fitly, arretrod by Capt. iNrper far lighting sand dis latrbing tthe pae-e-eaeh bound in dhe auet of s3II. Johln I noa,, lDaniel Flesin, Jlan I.ahurdone, sr rested faund lying is the sstree-discharged. Charles Idly, arrested tar heating his wife-hound Jo-tr p i eell, It. Ilearl, sirrtelcd for li.htan inag the I wttc-di -. POYDRAS. ASYLUM,. ht a meeting of the Managers of the Female Orphan Soeiety held at.thePoydrna Asylum ieptember7th, . 1839, the following aconymous letter was -rbed before the Bornd. w . STAM RoATr NonasA, tayiog too, I earo.Red Church, Atj:-l", 1139.5 Ia To the Lady hanagers of the - the Puydran Femaleorlhaln Aslum. j aHonever nmxious the doonor might. hlae been n to proceed on hii voyage, yet ho thanks the Lord for the accident and delay which ham affirdet hitm an op. Imrtunity of doi:g what lie has ofen thought ol, but ali waysdo.hyed: lirat, fron a false btohlulneme;,nd eeo c=c rntlly, from the conlideration of the limited meanso wherewith to begin. lie hasoften pitied the situation of the poor or.htn oi after being protected tharurgh infoncv, and being virtu- no hualvr eductend ndl orrielelat the years of womatnhnil it is iminediately to be taken out and moarried by h rich stan withontl cly thing to pat in the balanes agaelnst his great estate--howevet gratified site might feel; and it lhuld she mnarry a por noan which sehould ust lie & reco~mendel, it nmight be an is very inconvenient for them bhth tto be utterly destilute. t:h!lrefnre tlhe danr C i.esr by this establish a Mseeriage Portion Fund for a0 uhe Female Orphan. unt pray do not despise tihe enmall ibegnnintg, for small elginnting have before this come to no lare entling. It is asnmll seed well plantel,'dhich loder your care shallgrow to a Inrge g d sheds tree ' tnder wlolue enreotlittgg birlnclrnI. irgir.a hall lit and b h clg rnisiies toGod, when weand Ihe gerlraino t shtll have passed away. and the fent thereol f shall he Ie their portion, and tile partaking of which shall add d strength to their virtue. d Dear Lady teiesreeooee I have noew committed it to vtulltrrere-watch and tend it well-and the Almighte sliare you all until you have the pleasure of seemng it or prool anl grew. I hall cnlnsider icneo f ily own ehldldrel. l, and as uchi it shall colle in for its eqoul om m lion wilh the lille ontus tlat God has hlessed mtne with. to May Alnighty Gid bleas+ and prolspr a.1 whroshall contribute to the sntl e-small or grelt-'s tie prover of o the . ' ORI'HtAN'i Fitt NI.". The Managers of the Female Orphan Soriety, re r peetlflly avail thenmellvel.of this publinc inetleod of re conve illg to the belntvolent nnthbor of. the above letter, the acknorwledgemenlt f thieir receipt of its enclosure of ad fifty dollars, and that they leon accept, with much plek. sure, the trust he has conlfided to Iheln. lThe Soniety ny will add its mile to tie ' Marriage Portion Fund,' and the ltanatgemras t oecordially unite wi.h tilhe genrotm ,y originalor of this Fund, in Iris prayers for its future n growtlh. t rThe 'l'rraurer oftthe Fenmmle Orphan Society ne knowledglesthe receipt ftlwenlyefive dollars, Ibing a donation to rite I'oydras Asylumn, fromn John MI. Ilach, to ahom tIet thanks ofthe 31nniaern ner very res mect. for fully offered. ad. Fo. All the flutele in New York are oited to ovenflinwing d and princip ally with southernerr . tDurlig Mr. Cluy's visitino lose than 600 were at tile Astor House. The to city is very gay, and there is much of the bustle of busi ness. Iot. .me The Commissary of the First Ward is informed that there are a number of dead rats are lying in Poydraslet, between St. Charles and Carondelet-st. in and in the lots oppoiite. The stench for two days S: has been most inlufferable. ing DIED, -o Of the pevailing epidemic, on Sunday morning, the 8th irt, t is Mr. Rorvs TrLa, Coiner ofthe U. S. ranch Mint. nor In this city, yesterday, Mrs. BARAII ANN SI1A.LLESS, of wife of air. Edward Otty, in her 97thyear. Mrl. Otnly wl of second daughter. of Captain W.Shallesh,ofthe Royal Navy ts of England, nd ticter of John Henry Sallelc, of tihe Govern -ment Department of Vnn Diealsn' Land, New Souit Walest. may dr. Oly still lives in land of strangers without a relative, thogh with many friends ith mtar frisodimrt oldoleh him. under hb mit re fortuno; as both the deeansed and himnelf have at all times nd, by their amiability and correct deportnmet won for them the op friendship and esteam of all who made their acquaintnlce. CUPPERS & BLEEDERS. E. .arli, No. 76. Canal ltreel-himself or partner al ways to be found, day or night. W. W. King, 31 St: Camrles street. L. Madeline. No.5 Camp street, near Canal. M. I. Eerres, No. SCamp street, near Canal. Polly, Cupper sdI nlleedeIr, at n ndamll Dewhurst's, coraner of Gravier and 'fLeitouln sIts. J. A. Donnelly, No. 199 Royal treet, near'Orleans, I at M. 3letge'a Apotlheary. LE.EClFt:R --Mr Sarah IDougherty, No. 58 Conti st. Up stairs. Nraen... Clr Oaendino, a well practiced nurse, resides 166 Malazine Itreet, near Girod. Elizabeth,nCamp street, next to Judge Grivot's. Johanna Murphy,52 Julia street. \H idow Madame I'Anglade, 313 Dauphine street, neat house corner Ursnline street.* Nladame Vve. I'Anglnde, rue Dauphino 313. Leeche can be obtained at 61, 12j, and warranted st 23, at the general depot, `6i Barrack street. Doctor Kak is informted that thle Cards we printed for him have been ready many days since. STATE OF LOUISIANA, Commercial Court of New-Orleans. No. 1085-Justin Castanio (in actual custody) & Co. vs. his Cr. ditors and the Creditors of J. Castanie & Co. F tIE Crealtors of the petitioner are notified to be and appear in open court on Saturday, the 28Lth day of September, 1839, at 10o'clock A. at to show cause, if aony they have, why the petitioner should not have the "enefit of the laws made for the relief of insolvent debtors in actual custody, and in the meantime all judicial proceedings against his person and property are stayed. H. Kennicott, Esq. as appointed to represent the absent creditors. By order of the Court, N.Orleans, 7th Sept. 1839. ED. GARDERE, sl0-l-w Clerk. ETAT DE LA LOUISIANE, Cour de Coitnmerce, de sl Nile Orleans. Na. 1085.-Justin Castanie (on slat d'arrestation) contre see ordanciors et los crdanciers do J. Cantanie & co. LES Creancters du petitionnaire sont notifies deparaitre on plaine cour sainedi, Sý so, totm bre 1839, a li heres du matin, pour montrer lee causes 'lls en ont, pourquivi Ie petitionaire no jiou rail pas du b6ad6fiidea lotis ititca en faveur des clehitouls insolvablaes ell dat d',rre.tatola oa e timo temps toutes poplrsuites jupiciaroscontre sa personae et ses propr6ides domlnuerent suspondues II. Kenieott ent inomiat. par la cour l our repre setter leo cl6daneiers absentts. Par ordre Id, la cour, N.Orleans, lo 7 sept. 1839. ED.GARDERE, sl0-Sw Clerk. William Shaw & Peter 'l'rudeau vs. their S'reditors. STATE OF LOUISIANA-First JudieiI Dis trict Court. IThe cession of the insolvent's property is accep ted for the benefit of their creditors: it in ordered that a meoting of their said creditors do take place. at tlhe office of WV. Y. Lewis, notary public, on Thursday, the 19th inst., at 10 o'clock, a. a.., for the purpose of deliberatong on the affairs of said insolvents; and in tlo mesantime all judical pro. ceedings against their persons and property are stayed. Witness the honorable A NM Buchanan, judge of tile court aforesaid, this 6thi Septemober, 1839. s10--3t P. LE BLANC, Deputy Clerk. William attaw & Peter Trudoau vs. leurs Cr,idaniers. ETAT DE LA L.OUISIANE-Courier du Pre mier )lstlr et Judiciaro. l.a cession des biclas par lae inslvables ayant dt6 acceptCo par Ia cour pour la I 6ifiaco de leurn crdanciers, it est ordonnd tq'un assetrtblto des dits cr6anciers sit le on I'ofice do W. Y. Lewis, no. taire publiqua, Jeudi 19 du courant, ai 10 heures du matin, at lrffdetd ddlib6rer our lee offaires des dits insolvables, st ait maltn telaps, toutes poursuites judiciares contre leurs perronnta et biena son sus. penduos. STdiioin lPhonorablo A. M. Bich atan, jugs de Ia dite oaur, ae 6 septembro, 1839. 10-3t P ILE BLANC, ddp. greffior. I.LOUl-413 bhls new wheat.Flour, londitig I from sloombt WVilhington, for sale by. s10 G. DORSEY, 44 New Lo ee. LOUR-31O bilm freshisuperfini in store. for lj4 ale by G. DORSEY, 44 Levee. .OAP--Iill hbxes yelon Soaps, bIranded rianger & SBlrigham, Ilot n,, laudieg frm brig Ecalsi, for sanl ly I.EVI II. GALE, l "i 93 Coammon t.t. C ship Elizabeth Itruce, and for safe by sli LEVI II. GAIE, 93tmtonann sat. "7 Pnocet shlip A pass, Dinn, ititeire, feaita New York, is dinharging oppasite tih iwlint. Cunoiganeesa will please alenl to the receipt of thir gooda. s8 7.NO'I'ICE.--''h brig Esco.te from Borston is dlichangling near tIis Orleans Coeton Prees. Consigin. rot are Iarticularly rtqulated to attend to the receipt of their gota!a on she Ltvee. s5 L H GALE, 93 tCosoini street. "7Phe Ship Cabinet, t'apt Linnell, from Boston, is discharging opposite lo tl )rleasa Gatton Prosr. Con. signees will Ilease atatrnd to thoe receipt of their goods. L II. GA.LE., aug 23 93 Common stret. Q]' The Packet Ship St MAltY, cap Poster is dilchargiog optnuit S lusept St 2and Municipality. Cnonigmeas will plesmsuaaad to the recipt of tChir guals. P'ETERI LAI)LAW, _7_ 66 Csmp st. SFar NEW O(tK, h.-P-Iee- Ship I. ltIlA, Johnson Master, will leave the Levee tlhisevening. For freiglt or iasge apipy ta A CO(nEN. lt i t4 ., 7't Colo, OUI rt. Pr um 'ur mnalay's Edittle.. The sickness we are sorry toIsay c.ntrinues with un. It hi abated virnletey. Indeed, from the best inftrmdtion boe we have obtaincd," it Iha.greatly increarsed. ithin the in it leatlthree dayse; The deaths.all told. will average .a Iu l least fifty per day, notwithstanding offllicial reports to tihe contrary. The weather continues the .ame, hot saut,crld nights ii and moernings asd occasional showers, with fesllh braee -es generally fromn tle North. g Business is at a perfect sland still, and money so give scarce, that it is with dittfficulty even the hetter ptovided or,can always ohinin sufficient to go to market. For al our part, yesterday, after paying our workmen, we had not enough left to take a ride to Carrollton. Accllnar.-The Naslville Rail Road Car, returning and home last night very steady, stink sar Messra Stone P & Kennedy's Hospital. it is supposed that one of the A cross ties gave way and the force of the entilte comning Hot urpeo the Iiling sunk it. No person received any inju- J ry, and but little occurred to the trains. By a private letter we received yesterday from Mlo-. re I bile, we learn that' the yellow flver is worse in that city J than Iere. It is thought filt the whit, poipulation does'not exceed a thtouild, of which twenty five die daily. The auihoritiea talked of toving the Custom o Harn, Banks &tc. out of the city. S' Frtom Augruta the accounts are appalling, and the n epidemic in likewise raging in Charleston. Flhmg.-On Thurrsay morning at about 71 n'clock,a a fire oe out ir it wooden tenement in Melicerte street, next door to the corner ofl amp, and destroyed that building and thie corner louse occupied by Mr. Forgay. Weo nderstand that Mr. F. was insured. Mr , Fruits of Abolilionism.-Colored Criimiunls.-It in of instructive to cast an eye at the Seeaiorn on Saturday. a i.Out of .lgkeeo sntertcee anti ermriciioos, frr essaults,c l.efts,'te. Io le.i thanri.hL r ore f Ilie cohired race of p1 ty free negrees, i. e. tie expenses of one half the business Sof tlhe lower courtsrl a,al thIre attendant on eostly ptis . one, retillrree oll trnkey a, Ac. hove to le. ncurred, Iby our city and state to attend Ill litigations aaud rime ofa - re part of our. loiulutica that constittutes not ona htuns dreth in the thole census of the State, and not one e. twentiethof thatl f the city.-N. Y. Star. Mltasn.--'he Whigs of Culberland colunty. Maine. t their recent cnllventliont, elected \VWiltirrt 'itt Fesnen. t. Iden of Portlsnd, us theiri del-glte to tihe Nirtiontr Can veltion at Harrisburg. 'IThe following resolution was unanimonusly adlopted : ng es(olved, That Daniel Wehrter, our first choice fin y' the oftice, f Presid,,nt, havirg declinled being eonsid,'red a canrdidale frr that offi:e, our Perenrt piredilectionsa re Ioe r IIENKY CLAY of Kerotackv,-bnt that while nx. tipressing that preference, we wisl our Delegate to the Ntinal 'onveoie n to tet in reference to, allr tt oo ti lions, accordnge Ort the dictates of his own judgment, tP ed hlavig in invw the beat interests of the whole coutry. c in Capt. eim, of the Nicholas Biddle, from Liverpool, I t. saw th ulto. lat '43 28, long. 47 20, at I1 A. , the steam hip British Queen, frot New York for London, tY mwitndN V, sail standing, studding-sails below and aloft, and undler a good head of steam. Pr.tmpt Payment.-The appointment of Doctor Da- f rid IDale Owen of Indiana, us U. S. Geologist, was it. f msdiatel subrequent to Robert Iatle Owen's deltet in "collar" Boion'o cohgressional distrier. 'The Doctor, however, is an excellert Geologist. ; ADMIRAL Sll ISAAC COFFIN. We have recently noticed the death of this conspi- I a cnous individual, by birth an American; he never frr ts. got his native country, nor the relatives and frienda he ve, had in it. Int the year of 1829, on board a steamboat tis- going frort Providence to New York, he remnarked, as met wewerejust entering long Island Sound,abut 8 o'cock thein the aveing--" now wish to see if my memory ts a. .corret" (aolling to a young friend of his)-" go on dock, alnd ascertain if a lirght id in sight-the young gentleman retlaled and said there was one, on the right that said the admiral is New London, now go up again al- and sen if you Cull abstuf sonther, lie letlrned and said he saw one on the leit-that said ihe is Gull island,--o again and see it thelr is not one ahead ; he returned and said thete was one; that said he i;d Saybrook, then lie ob surved that thoun lights he knew perfectly well, when a rr idhipnmn in the Ilritish navy daring the revolution as, he fur ter remarked that a short time previour lie hiud purchased a Brig in Biartoo, and sent her to Querrc, illn that ftrfnrt Ite Ctnplain (lowi, tile whole crew cnm at. posel iis relatiolls, tor in hiso ot, turds, (tile t'.fin family) that lier had given thvem molasdes antl water to om dridnk and puimpkins to eat he colpilained ouch rgainst oneofhis nearest relations in BosItonl fr having refused to contribute either pIlnmpkins or molassto s. Ii. tnet Kentacky.-The Frankfort Commontwealth gives the cnlglreawntrutl retrrlls cvrltlilvle. tot iof t: irtellthere tihe lrces Itali two, lloyd anr tlutler. 'IThe etltte is 22 whigo and l( Iltcos. tlinttltltt 1r1 llrolber ilr irr hosre ld at tivwlirgts rle acertained to lv B9 h IIul the :IIcos 35. ' lie troubles itn the Ciilelnllrtti itrdieta colr'ge are re. newed. The couroes, there'loe, will not be rersumed this winter. [ Communlicaltedl. Mr. EDITro .--WVe bieg leave t. call tie ahttetion r,, thel proper nrrtriciptl authlorities to tile drtadful cendi Lion i the ttavetlllctl of Julia treer,, especially hetween Ilaruune and Ctircus street, It is so very bad as to be almost iomatabie libr carrlages or ither light vehicles nitld thRs inn atonlrrer precluiteo ur'retizenes frorr tie onlry beautitul drive withi tihe lirritas ofithe mroncipolity, the torw shelled road. d to At the iresent period, when 'e have scarce any day, anusente, land when the whole cOnlmmUity is ead. a. ts dened by the prevailing pestilence, no innocent pastinme ter should be forhidden the palielits and long suffering res n fr idents. If as is reported, the municiplality has at present no and covtract witr aony etrson for the rtraeiritg of the pavedr tinst streets within its litrritO wi)eioe thav Ot chviousyI ne-. cersaryan arralrgenrent may e no longer deledrrl. the MIANY CITIZENS. Enmployrmet for Loafera.--A proposilioo has been !nde to tke tlhe nlllcrs of New Urlean, lnow in pris no into the 'exian Navy. It is hoped the authoritiea will assent n it. Is there no wily by which they could manage to ahip, for bhe snae service, the Ioafera there. iwhoe are at large? If there were, irt is thought the teai ans would have to build more vessels tf war. Baltimore Sun it is itl Ibis wery tlhe freedom of the press is prostitlu tet t eolmlly, foer the ake of a silly pnragraph pre tending to a witticicm. We hadl hitter take care ofoer own laters. Texas wonts nonI e of them, . Her popu la:ioo, for its noollbr-, is quite pure ieo any thly can boast cit. In tie rotnle city of Baltilore here .he Ihe above paper( generally corlectly edited, ) i published, Ihe Tenx.i liovernmleet is giving 0 ,ploytment to a large b iv rltf necthanies, ill th construcettl of somn hanlf doenl veels of .ar. And tihsc are. tle ritera ellltill ted as pihblici upinitl ill gratillde llr this i ri ( erence its i to Baltimt re. The spe ltlctibilly of that eity relpudile, we are sure, all isuch discolrteoies tI a irdt e a sitl.r rerpulie, cmpllosed of socit!: of the best blbud l uaur land.--Sltr. Proel Itraycl'a Plices Curreoctrept.7. COTTON.. It eeeiredl Silco *Oltei uott.1t24 otole, mnkito tihe total rceiepts to daor 577.,61) ealte (if aitielt t 753: tles are ifl the newr rlp.) Ex orted this oeek to liuvant 1:12 bale., New Yole til do, roeton 35 dot; inl al 36:1 tnler; rmakille *l Raddition TI eek oef io1 bhle lieaintg it balance oU hea iutludinl all on ohietuarnl Ieot clteared of I1,245 bales. 'itle aarket ha ees to rather quiet, this workb, but few lay eeeriltillng any delrpositlin ti onperte, atrl the only ton limited etenell..,enerelly fcr reolnitance to the North, or to ill slnll ordern from tle ilrtrl eiitt nufaectrlrers. Thlo de. lrnd Ie Ieas, e rlcillllty, fr ille bletner qualities of uew Cohen, ii lilnlte ll etiels, and for thene full p)rices have teen obltaied. Our qullotlllal rn. ellibit thie rrane olethe market, s neerly a. It an Its staltedl. It Is lnot prchable that any trane octiola of importalce will take pielace util fulrrhelr newro froe EcJrwpe, twhlh ale y be Itrikele for ill a aw days. Dlite try the Gr Wre e.l .ale to lhe I24th Augusta will be due tlare Ile nhout tell duvn,and It ie pooSlbll thitt we may have ieternledt ateo ldatelr b Iti) herrival of llcle or more of the New York inltpLc resthiplt. .deontinleeeoetallbuve accunmulated a omre ctnio arale saupllet uf new cell,it, which will give buyers a wider ranet for operatione. the sale. ofthe week e aktoat to about 1200 ialee, thle por ieu'aro of which we oivc a flluwe..oiz: of Iouisialln and lirllsarippi old crp 61 tiale, allt l crlln, I9 t 9, 8. 45 436 lcl. e9.r 55. l attyy_ ...0 c 51t, I. 52 ( 71 Of the new crop 61 hledaeea,11ecro.cO lcnrl ndI .01 t0c03 . .78c ..lt7,14 erncll4i O, 12ig0 It . 46 @3 ll4,t4(,} IC, eladl4,nll crte. tUGAIt..Ln.eieall..'Tile haaietlloe ittll the city, hoL tello liclited to aIlll larcetls. t prices so Ilng rurreul, viar-for in ferior to roelmo 4 (7 5. c ells, for prtite 6 s 61, land for o - prime tenta. %'e new cf nceo.1c0ur plaiot.1ea. voellaugaTrn cnlltrinulae lutliulied doalaud, without chabge lOl.AeSES..nlrtltl sates frolt the Ieveerare made at fere mer rates..ay 31 'icncat. Wet have beard of no ales oun plalltation. 'OltAt:cO--Tlhe tranactio.s of Ihe week have been eon Aned to a few staill ercelt. utd thate, principally, electione. The rearo allt order in marketor, hbut he lirmited stueek on aalerelldoeleit d.iclt fitrbuyer a tomekeoupthe assortmentr which they roeutLre hbelers te litmited buliness which we orw report. it will be reen. by thIe few sales whichl we notice be Iowthlt irice are well suostained. Tielly r res follow, vlz: 2 hhd rt at n16 CelltS. 2 secondll at Ilan !adXet9 coitrst 2 hhda. lireta t 4 cents, I4 ieeolds at I Iand 6X n t 81 cs; 12 hhda irsats at I:34 rents-all setaotclis; i hhd fcrset ut 13 etna. 9 recnd at alld 3 X at 9 cent ; I ' hhd X and seconds at 8 and 11 cents. FPti)UR-There hai been no demand, this welit, for rhip mert. aod the transraionrhave, coerequecnly. been onlnerd to the wants of homle catsnerea. There is still considerable stock of old flonur. ad parecelolf new ae arrivinl aluoet danl ly. We coneider gr14 t6 50 for old end 7I for oew ia rmnll prrcela, the fairquotatlos, i tie praeort state of tle marn PORK..There ieonly the most limited demand, ad prizes anle aboult the sama at heretofore. MIAYU RALTY OF NIEW O)RL.EANS. SlE price of flour to day heing $1y71 per barrel aoeeurding to the tariff, rite bakers will give :e oultes of bread for ten cenets, darillrg the week begin ning oil Monday neat, the 9th Cupt. Thile heaves efarn. ndO quality,n or )t three for ten cents ,all tiweigh 25 per cent mofee that is to ay, 4l0 ones. rapt 7. C. GENOIS, Mayor. VOlt NEW YOt'K-teeular Pcbket ltleana .ilim of Packets. S ,To sail Imaitively on Saturdv, 141h inst. i'r eleganm t fast sailing pecket ohiep rCO NEE, tnightc, inater, having part Il herear goet aagem will mail a h crove. For the rcm r of frertrhor p.eage, bahurinlg elegant aecmn lrodletior.a. aiply t llltecaplaini onac bord, Ol.ras1ite the Vegetable Mtrker, or te A COHEN, selpt 8 90 Contmo ;"t LEGUANT tBIlLOOC'I ES- 1'ilWiam Dell, 16 tChr 14 trces., llnes tlis dny me-reivcd a srail aleurlnlenr Ilrge en.meruelled anr InlUj. itrcualcl, . ert tlp in the erln itII MICHAEL. KIPPl;AN, an Irishman, killed his Sbromher in this prithl--was cotnitted tn jail, and e hasn since brnke out: Miihael Kipplao is hninet9 - feet Ill inchen hich, llneur grey eyes, large and stoutr -boled ;ahl 33 yeera o" age-a bid countenance, and in ilic habib of drinking. ' $5 for his delivery injail in the ciy o N. Orleair. JN C. WALKER, , . .7 hellrif of the Parish of Enst 'eligianM. pel ' ' RENT', i "Coiuitilg iRoim inn de 3d t1U ltory, over tie scitn-of T R Hyde & lBrother m LsI o ernerof Mngoaioe aisl Common Sin. ecnslels it ing of t. o .apnrtments; in one if which in a lire pliee, ndl well anpltcd for an efflce, of any kind 'i ooniesiuoI dci given immediqtely. For terms ly & Brother, 7'. Rt. H YIDE &Brher, t , ntg22 39 Common our MlglaaineStts.. t TU RENT-0A dwelling houie, wilh itnblrs fiIna 4e. a thecorner of Tehapimoula and Joseph aLa inc screeit, A r story store on Levee street, between Bienville N and Clstolliouse ntiete. . An office in Granoer street. Pooneeesm ean lhe given jiemrdiatily. Also. frome firt Nonember neat, a two story ware Houe, Nn. 19 Common street. AIKly ti julyi0th H C CAMIMACK &Co. C i STO RENT, Several Small Tenements & ti SIoure in the neighbourlh.ald of'Tivoli Circle no SApply to Dr John Kullins corntter It Delord re etreat and I ivolicircle. . F1t0 KENT-The ltore. No. 7 Bank Plc Apply Sto ADAMS & WlllITAI july II . 7r (;atver st Y LATEST LITERARY! Ipi COINTESS of Blleoingtln, Idler in Italy, 2 vovl. o Pascai Bruno amtl Ihe Atonement, by T iiookl The Amleriean Joe Miller, with illustritions Litile Freichman and his wateri loi, by Morr etchiigs by Johneson. Poetic Wreathi selected poetry from Chaucer to Wordsworth: Nickleby, Nl o 12; Ion'aSketclbe, Non 7 nod 8 t K JOIHNS & Co.. may 31 2w Cir St Charles & Common Itn McCUI.I.OCII' COl MIERCIAL. IDICTIONARY SARI' I of the new Amerienn edition by Proefesor a VeNltke. Thitlivery vluinablwoEk Will beol rotn plate i ito ponlno and will be fornished in nboult 18 amonlth. Souecriplion re ice ~ti o prer part. Wynla t' Naturalt istry with lbeout colored plates. l'he .loug Merchant, a nmost useful wtrkjust rre h rIo r.LING'ION'So Civil Enlineerinil larier's Meehnie'i Colcalnlor The Coniimlogiit'c First 'lent Book rColt's ll*.wk Keening; Belmrct' do do '~ I ler' ni veral History,2 nout. 8 vo I) llonergee'i Silk Culturiel' Mlanuoel S Clolint Doillilit; theart of rearing Silk Worms Clarke; Ireaniseon the Mllbelry i'lm eneid Sllk Worm, and all standard wcrka on silk. SE JOHNIS &Co, I jlnit 13 2w corner StCI(hIrleoi dli Cominui Ail Is ri Amerien Flower (igrde.l- I )iet7lrv, cotol re nl Iprati-al direliois for the cottlre "of plans the flower garden, it house, green hIuse, r o i1 pnarlour wiidows for every mnonth i tile year, witll a di erilAtion If tile ptlanti tenet resirtnile in esel tihe ntuOe ofile aoil tnd the stltuinn ,iest lr.pted tto theirmgroiti nl, the prolperienel for tranoplontitig .c. luotructiono hefor erertingt a ht hese, green itollse, nd laying o t a flower cliilon,nei al t ottl of moiCs Ioat congenial tiothe p tais conntaoedillt i ute ork; to wl le dapted to either Slarge orsmll ttgrdens, witll indruWtions or preparin the soil. proptegting, planting, proidocing, training inl e fruitilg the reap vite, with descriptiors ofthe best Porte eifolr cultivatin in tliopen air. Jst leceived and fo in Bsale b AI. X. TIOWA, or p.om6 '9 tup otrpirene YO)UNG MEN'S HOWA RI) ASSC I ATION iof N O. T HE Men keres ill attend ia nonbllvy meetig 0on W tednedoa y evcnilg, 4t11 ist. at 7 o'clock, at thieir ph- all i Bank's Arcade. I, Border. lv- sept3 J fl IIEEDLOVr. Secy. ie COMPTROLLER'S OFFICE, SECOIND MIINICI tot PAI.ITY. Neiw Otleane, .9th Alcoort, 1839. 0a AGREEAB.LY ton reolitiou of thil 27.l1 instaint. I c kli will edjliouitlea tiis otfice, on Slturday he 7lth to Seplentllr, at ii o'clock. to thin hlighkt ildder, on ellarote oslesse Itlte fIlliowing stinnls foLr the sale o Ovniero, fromt the Ibth Sepleiber 1839. to the 1thb og Airil,1849, viz : it Obile 0t tihe foot of Canal street. in, (34 ianviet oi One i l'oydrn d One i(;tmrd One '" Julia "t ad One " Rflignnc One on ilte levee neno the St. lnrn's Manr o ket. Terme-l, 2.3,4,5,i tlid 7 monlmbserdii in sat isfeitorilv endorsed notes. J. CAI.HI)UN. ion ol c 2 Coticnpoller. hod NEW ORLEANS tr S2team and Potent Biscuil Bakery-W. tera nnd lIIillmotn. No Ll. 99, olreu (near the Po.trhilrtrmi (tail hlod.) t Pilot and Navy Brune, Sudt and Wino Riscuit, Sto Sugiar, Butter, Midlford and Water Crnckers. inst All tIme above article are iwarrantced to be ofthe nod firs qualitly, and -o keep in any cliiu.te, being completely kiln dried. Also,-Kiln dried corn meal. ike Orders left at G. W. Pritclhard ond Tagnit, Jr. ters co-ner Mig'azine and Poydras streets, will rcceivi a.2 prompt attention. Small kegs puot up oxprenely for e a ilily use. l5nov I. T'TFR. 5 kegs G,,henlrtuiter. olltitc intl id for ol re. eij y coid J P nIlnilNEO. 1.1 Comlp i ied I F--)FF-lc.ioi adlI. O.hin brk a alid alfl' brls at Ihc I) ittspectitn for imitbty JI19 U 1)1ORSEY, 14 New I evee Sott I.ANiIFR'S WASIIN(I'I'ON., Adi. A e ,ies of tbis celebrated erugraving,.till oni n ltrtittioiii, in gil t framei, tir- le aton inE . It)IINS & Co, is- J28 2w corier St Clharles & ('Ietmor.stS ,, lu lasiN-lu0 pipec IIllnlled lint, in ,ior Iy IIand for sale it J 'I'IIAIhR & cc m1i3 . 74 P'ovilrae st re.d I OAF SU1AI{.--1Ii0 hl, in tiore for sale iy le IJa ug 3 J'I'IIAYER, &CI(. 74Pnlvydrnest iec- gTURN BOI.OMUI--i01 doz in .ttire anil for rle by .iiu2"_ l)_ i )tlE:EY, 41 New ILeveec too I()AGANS &Sc- i caue.s, i(Inmistiug of alert' calf, 0ed J1liltrUcii tn ad killip rlgniivs, bovs yulviltiandI i- cldre's gobgs ntie ll t ' li iniers, kc. llliding firon 'hill Ntraollglr, for sle by a13 1 IIltl)(;DE & Co, 1341 tlngoziestc *een EIt SKIN-2 bides lnc Idilg irot steni beoat tein os Iloiterfor slevb. A TlIER, iio on9 :14 (Gravier st ulcd ACOIN `DES--I50 citosks Cincilllti eired i tre. B tore, four sde by G l t)ltSEY, i- adl 2 44 New Levee EXu(lt:1N(i.--oui Lodimn, for ale byli 01 7 L H GALE, 93 Common sa r IHE subscriber l ofers Ior sale 150 bils F"lar; 150 bI blb Wailskey; a, casks Inaon Sides; 50 0casks Incon 0 houlders; 10 casks canvassed lIams. opr I TtlOS 1B 1 U.IL.EN,74 Camp s J A IES I.A '1' NoVI, L~'i'be Gentleman of Ilhe Old cluol. A 'Tale in 2 ' Volmnes, by G PR James : eq, author of tile Ilug aenul, te Robber &e. &c. Joel Recefived nod .or nale by Aleb TOVAIR, nun :* 49 nCan Sl.emt.'te L o U 'I b. .cud -. 511 canak aurobarlar CiLlooal l a LI cUred l.Mlur, f .aulbe by G. DORSE'', tiry d 4 New Leaver. E1VW 'IANDAIRD %1 O llb .S.-i J T n ti --al 'i-e Nllthmealn in Englanld, or America in the 1i U oenlury. J TI Smnlh, Comparativero View of Ancient History. Louudlon' Eneylorlnpadia olf Gardoenigol.loaol Edtio.j Sll kespeare7 vola. royal 8u. splendid BItlon Edilian E JoHIINSON. July 15lh. 2w. Cor. of St Clalea t Commoon ea. )IIl. OF V'I'RRI)L--50 crb.lys Newtoen & Rich L muolls chemical coopaly's ai of Viaiolb, a superi .or rlile for eaonnaclurers, lor sale bly JAItVIS & ANDIIE\S. WVhoolesll, Drugenlso july 9 car Caonauuon & Tdhaln LI la tet SI1R"l'r1--100 kegs Goalen andl \, slern, in store 1Ilfrsale y G DI)IISEY, aug I0 44 New Levee (ONOlESa ho AlIatI .1A ga-anine ; rlaole, received direct lfron th. Spaiags by II II()NNARIEL, seprt R 43 Thapilou'as at fioAMAllIll.-N , II)INn.Y, uoll IE: SWAX-from I Havana, for ale by H IbIINNAIIEI., nay 18 (CUr Natchez and I'alapaitoulh lis i GLASS Landing-Specio jars, vials, packing battles, tincture jars, con hundred and ten oa. seo of every description; 500 boxes for windows, for sale by I1 BONNABEL, july 11 qor Natchlez and ThItapitoulas st k'_' SACKS fine Liverpool Salt en board Ship I4I I'antheoll for Sale by A CO)IIEN, aug 20. 90 Comlnon street i AVANA UGAII--37bLoxea s vana whiteasugar S411 do do browua do lanlinag, four =ale by mb9 S & JP WIV I ITN I' Y, 7:1 Camp at IICKLES-20 kegs andl 4110 loxel, reuivilg Irma, SNew Yolk pler ship Ocoeerfir sale lby Smy hSIALL 5 IIBROWN, 96 Mlgazine st [ IME--1U caska Tlhoaoston lime lainag, and I for sale by S & J P WIIINEY: mII,12 73 C(amp at IORK--80lll0 s l pl'rime, & r O now inspectinL Salnd fur sale at the lowest ularkelr prices by JR . l DU.RSEY,44 New L.erve G UNNY BAiS--J,30011 in hblahs and hundles, for nabale b ISAAC BKIIDGIE & Co. may 2 131 lMagazine at (' IIAMPAIl UN CIDER--I1a boxes fior uale by djuly 7 IS 0111S0EY, 44 Nec Levee W AGNEIR'S LIUID ODENT'I A.-Hsr beeran lng uaredl. Ith here and in the north with unifornl su-cess. tar clannin i.a ld whitening he teallh, anil preventing the toaothache; preserving the gaums, parilying Ihl breat'l, and reliving moast diseaeses t which the mouth is liable in either the adult or infant -Oane tel spoonlal, mixed in a wine glassful af pure water. and al appled to thle teeth in usual manne. with a brushb, will effeclually pre vent scurvy, and ward off that ecrullating pain, the touth ache. Prepared only by T. '. VWanger, Surneeln Den. tisl to Jeefferson Oaallr e, and sold wholesale and retail by CARlLE'rON C& C. SI C lal at. f agants llr . nneer's Odntlica FURNITU'I' EI FU.NITUItEIt J UST received lU a I.oulsiona Frliure \YWare honl , a largI , New York and ta In on. I'erinas in the wanl of rºlllturs woild do cph toI call, and select lheir aralials alIhln ons fl the beln ad large astucka now in the city. W N CARNY, I d6i l Rienvillea I N B-Particular attention aidl to pukug and hip inl FJerailun-, rft op fcualten. 4adf---w ThI.-D.nuv Paper is neatly printed,. with small owl .typ on~', extra, double -itred um bheet, at $12 tak per annum, poyuable smin aentpally in advanoe. The Tli.waerLt Paper, containing the reading matter of two dailies, 310, payablo in advance, whOre no city reference is given. inr The W.EcLY TaRU Anealdan, made up from the big daely papers, during the week, will be rent to. sub the seribers who pay 35 per ahnum i. advance, and puo to none other, unless an acceptable city reference on is given. Subscribers respectfully solicited. nol , JOHN GIBSON:. NEw ORLeANs, MAY1J839. , Theatrical Notiec. wi Those Ladies andt Gentlemen engaged with James H.I hi Caldwell, New Orlenns, nre respectially informed that ail the THEATRE will Open for the season in all September pr next.-Pesosue in negociatii.n will apply to G. II. Ilar- or relt, Esq. New York, aor y letter to the Proprietor, New he Orleanso. li [9j The Louisville Journal, Cincinnatti Whig, New t Yurk Everingt Star; and the Spirit of th Times, will - please publish the above.three times etch. By order ofthllle Propietor. G;eo. III.LANI), 'reaestrer St Charles Theatre. br N. Orlensa, 22d Aug. 1839. if. • hi TIHE LIBEL CASE. PUBI.ISIEID Tills IhAY, and for sale at it Counting Room of the True Attmerican, St Charles le [0 Hotel,and na the principal Booik Stors, a torrect Report hi of the'late interesting and important silt of athe Stae i of Louisiana vs. John Gibion, Editor and of the True Anirican, before the Criminal Court for Li 8 bet. july 21st td OFFICE OF THE I. iRELMAn' INURAANCE CO. P OF New OiEI.AN S. S IN lF. Stockhohlers iof this Compu~lty are hereby no- it Stilled that iti first inotnloiot on Itheir mook id duo Sardtayable ont tie Ath of October next, at the office of ii tIe Coplan_. _ .t____- pi 5 CITY BANK, New Orleans, Auc.t31,1839. 7I1 He Iniard of Diieeitrs of this In.titotitin have this g dovdeclaretl a seei-annnal dividend otf Fotur per cent. in tlhe capital stock .r the profit o)f the h, t six cintlhl, o ynhlt it lhe ,t h, k ,ltlere, ir their ndtl le k prerentlallier on or alter hllilt, Il rhe tlth Steptembler net. It J PAi.FIEY, eept3 _ _Crshier. f tleeofrthe Firernanslotol rati ee CoTmray of JOrleans I i .n No. 'i CUnilltp Si. CAPITAL., $30011.09. r ly aitn atuendlenl i ti le Chlarier l' hii s t'cmpally o graiLed co ier I.ila litire, tihey hloa e iet perivmilete o re taking Marine aiod Rirveriisks, nd tire luow preT iL to receive a cpliiraeicoe. a july97 F. L T'R CI, Seety t BUREAU DES ASSURANC:ES DES-PO. the PIERS DELA NOUVELLE-(IRLEANS. I rr oRue do Catp, No 21 aln CAPITAL, $300.000. inn Par one amenddloenr t o Charts do ce Compa Sgatle aecordre par la Legialoature, ii eet perniei deans surer co ire des risquee Marltimes et do Fieuve, at ils sont prelt t rcrovoir des aplplications. OE L TRACY, Secrotairo. - PIIAIIlIKt CO'TAtiE " - L I IIUtC'I'OII icretttsbie best ecccllchnents to tlic l' friendes, the public of New Orleains lc d t c at l strangers who uvllc crmsicg i few caIys In tie ilv, and informs themtcat he will lie ready ic a few dcsc Itc acetive tile c ut that ceasant c reteat, ict P It A I It I I CO'I'T A I;,sitrated c thie li.ake chore. I'rreon travelling either from Spcringlield. I)nanldonidle, ot Madiislnville, or tile city, c-a there meet with good £ eelltr--ltic a cuclnlcdactiuc and Icliite alntion-and ill paices Iey way of tic Nashville Rtcilroad ocan lie . ner ved in a rivate nd phenecct rlloll, Ly giving oe dac'ic notice o their intenltlll to cane. lThe proprietor doubtls nt that illducements for ar vicit wiiicecfcclccd illthe Icciclllccrccge tic c.lltlge prer s ecnt to the invalid, and there weried with tE he t, duet, and boustle of tce city. The pure nod de elici, air counsttcl flolilng eitiher from tihe tlke u r the grtanrt peairie-the one rerliesitng and the otiler IccIed wiat frugrasce, willrever give rntlingled deirlight tlo tie wa dreer it aearch either ofhealth or h lanscre, . F. Proctor lpcales therefore wcith nc fi ent cc the tateroeage iof tiote whil know his in etod iof er llcg Iai liends, and dn.cbths Ot iat ot e strellers vliltil tIle city.wii cc ii alhoncr him with l c lci. 'i tnds iniching ic Prairie ('oltNge tll of tice ncceimt l.eceUhle places of re' cort in tile neighic thctc] of th~l'eciv. '1',e Inc riete r grllalllctec lc Ili h .ins , i lltl lr &e. ihall ime oflthe lau-t e llcoi entunr : fit le snlllI tittlo he will irdevo his Ilttenticclln o rcet t he I tie eOr liest delicecisa iand viacnds cc Ic tile ca l I hi table LOUISIANA GRiSANl RIEAI. I:.-T'A ,'E ANDi S'idIce + I.OTTI.1' li Es. I)r a' ie New )rirnlCL by tcharitc C law of c .e ('AI.IIW:I.I., I)AKIY & I'SI'TCIIAIDf, cr.priceorth ald Mnagcrs. Ticket ill tile Ill ccace or inte.ntc c rtrv Loter, cc rc srie lat ccolter 'anlo anled itcy l il; c 7c,.c,1 ilc c iii acucb. irebs inf iII icc.c ellc er cll I to 7c5, id dIc el;wl cIcllctte. The drenl icctre f 'ii Ni'criLthin lr. 12 ,riz., of hich, hlc are real cine, Arc5 llhares ol stuck, and teve ral l thickes n the tws c illh h tery. aGRNI IOTTEIY (i d and ce on-cic I ccd) OJ Ic0,ccl0lc eiis at cc Ch2i, $O c, in ilulCt. IP,chi i rie es-f sill cncclcct of two cilliotiec o ill d llrse C enl pric e and sc lling pricer ol tickets te sm ILe. $1. tre, t C e , cot ale cc tce ci iiingsc, c -&. In few days tickets can be hrl a. mccg 31. [ ISSINtl i , iilc( -i cask i Cc lerv.c--' 2 i ors riilcc I l I.ascthsr, conb, to icecicwck & Cccc. ilead c C Iinoies & ('co. hae never reachd their de ii bsi.vl. Ay bic crllrntion coccerli cyg tilleee pac kng,i s will be h eiuikfully ceceievd by S CG IiANCIIARF,. July 6lth .:i. Caie r :_ INFOF]i1A'FIcN WVA N'l'l-. r IlE ifenfMr.ienj. T. Welilcc Boston, Mscs., I isvery desiros efobtccicing icfermaticc respect ig he r hisband h ither gccd or othcrwice, wa s i New Orleans icn 16 or 7, ac eorkhed iat tI e einticg bneines ihe was in thi Chariy hrnrpital--sicnce ti on he us cot oeecn ieard from. Any iclnc rmction will be thankfully received ar53 AieRvil.i st reet. aueg 29-2w "l LTU .S-Jlis landcng firc M.Sie " c c 0-cc f j ulinss,h iter and sweet liorice root, lime nice, essece oflitergmot, essence nl lemon juicy, hemp sdC~lrcccsrysrrclsltcest:1i IchIreIt cce Ii)esciccecdtee and canary seeds, uilnar , ilaket and sclral, canwhrides, bri nstoae, orange flow water &chflr wholesale and retai in store of IiItONNAibEi,, Sm29 er Naschez &'l'cyhccnlilocic stc GREAT BARGAIN, - OR SALE five thousand cOies of fioen ricl iANit . eliglely ainteds i rllthe Parish ly Wchitic nier Monres . 'he illlh i is tfered ectrecely low i ad on ndvctntgecOU tcers. Applc at jace ec.9 Nct. tIa iCentnn serer. I CtitN 5' Ccasks Sidee ccd stcccldccrs r cc lt july lOiI eti Nec levee, ulOOilSe-Cctioges c f C lescuabcieo bcc icmpel B Eilglilsh cdiicns of elceicaei, od Vltl bcccclkccrccclectilcelle.r, tlgi.cectig lcind $cin.,c, c u isib'red citc s ile icrtd rh Meserac Ceerry &l ihcrt ee Pileliu ; c y had iei r c sore, cccndc ccrdcr fcccc retspucibli etcrol wi ll bie ircciily illt.ic by cc treir igenlls, I u JOHNS & (cc J111 3w cur rSt CIhrie & C'eomcn etc IT AI..IILE i)R-,,tVit .I0.--cd noe l tc'cr c YliigSit.-13thI Voli. I'lcr's Recrlle s.lll Just received sad ficr cl o at nng 3, New Orleans Scr o Hll!tcr l·e ' )." LA-Aii'rt. e-t PI.(lRt i tE---K-. . eccifo nri &.'v .ilerflOcl-i-t'rc-u b's iic-ioiar e Kic.gley'. cucelil (iLcir, ii viluiiP Khile Ko die i'chi-io cyear-- Lesliee,, sookery IHlumce ' Scnnlllclciilocrc Iiitcir c hlf Ec leml. cA new Sulc Y with many cther stry vcaluele carks, this day received ncid fcr sale be J2: A eTtOWArt, 49 Calllp st .WOilRKS ON SILK. C OMPITEI sl lice i Oi tlt he bs workc on tics rcllcln of tie ihlberry acd silk wcrsc. Icandol cn silk worcnt. Itllo' u a kllucccergccetc silk c mcicnirccc ciu. Clarke n it Iia Mulberry. Cobb'ies clcictial ia the nlbiherry tree. Kendric.k's silk growers guide. Whiceccaric on theii Mulberry nd dilk wormb . Iiobertson silk c 'e. EJOIINS & Cs, 162w eocrercf St. Charles & Ccconcc el -I liN'eS il Civil tlcgiceeticc hecng cn acttcecin 14 to consolidate tl principlels of the vascicccc ocacc tims of the Civil Ecngiceer into oce ccinct of viw, lir che cue if scudents And those. wite co cie cIblll lm. bark in the professinc. Icllustratd Ic co-per plates, and interspirsed with varlenu nscficl tbic y hy Jctln Milliagtcs civil engineer fccrcierly trcirec.sor of iechul ics i the Royal iccsictuien of Greet Irinic, ncw Pro fecencr of Nosnci Picilosophy and Cheuieiscry in Williem & Mary ICollege of Va. For ae iby J5 A TiOWA R, 49 Caccp et VALUABLE ENGLISH EDITIONS, ,l AR TKLL'S W onders of Gc ology. SCullingsworlh works Ghiibbon's iciseellanenus wores IRcccna's works--VarCrle (mlc)cCplrtrahs Parry's Legecdry ubinet-Ccccw ter's wores. Bcs Itug's, teles, 0 clsin-rir Chei'les Girndilsot (lcohlsniith A cnihtcd Nature,-S- ith c n Cocttges Knil s heictcry oflthl relfo lllticnc lritesntort's bicigrephical diociccnccrv &a &Ar Jest received and for sale iy A TOWAR. a.J7 40 Camp Et %JENW S'T'ANDARD WORKS,3J,T 'I. Sciiih, Tihe i1Nsrthener in New EngilndI or Aci erica itice [0th Century. Smllh'nCollpneraltiv View o Act-ent Hiscory, Llle.nt s eyclopasiredi of Gardening, London Ed, Sir Wtr, Gellsa Pompeiana, a splendid London sply. Shlkespeare 7 vels royal Is. elegsnt ediitis, Sc JOHNS &Ce. july 27th-.w, cor St Charles & Ostmeso atc. L 'et;UFtI'EY'S VCLECTIC READERS, Noe. i, 3 arcl 4, an invoice jtat receivecd. Also thr atO1tics l'rtuer gem4 Fcselc pelilliog Bosk, fer sale bh Alec, 'INeWAR, aug *5- 49 Camp st.t t. OMI,gttr tCPELLINiI BOOK.--Srile-yiytAil C mili R ilake's Philosophy ; Parley'. Washing tin; Onllera t Prcnnuncing Diictinary. \\ ilth ntchcr cfrotber .clhool Ioskthjust received by ug Ei - Ac hfir '51 AR .19-Caipsst SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. lAS/ brought to the Poice Prison of the 2d Mu Y nicipality a bright Imulatto tan. lullled AN.DRI-K SON about 21 orl2 yearn of age, says he is fee. The owner will ildese call, prove lr. petty, Ivy ch rgedatnd take him away, I. ' 3 AIItI'Et, Caept in of tile Wa.lh. septl. Per' llOS htARPEFR. W AS trought to the P eul.d talt Ad Aiulocipality, ritlated iln llronme, IbetwCele Ilcvl and Girod streets, a dark bay Slud HORtIE, bhout 14or 1 hands high, two hind feet while, with a sea'tr orut c onoe of them. Theaowndt of said horse will plenne call at the podnd, prove plopstly, pay chaeues adtl lnke kite away on orbelbre Saturdoy the 14th inst. n lien he nll be sold at auction byP GIuilllotte, tpbli auct onser.. H S IARPI' , Ctipt.oftlle WatcIl. sept .) Per THUS 'HllARPER. WIX A& brought to the pound of the 3d ward V 2d. Municpall y A bay Horoe, With -blacek moanoeud toll, ld bronode with t I o the left t llnd quartert bhhot 14 hands high. The owner of said property will please call at the pooeld of the 3rd wartL pnd Munlcipality situ ated the corner of Robin anid Annunciation streets, prove property pay charges and take him away on or before Saturday tte 14th Septeamber, 1839, wlteri he will be sold at auction by PG O O llotte, pub. lie auction, er. J. L. WINTER0 Now Orleans, Sept. 5:h, 1889. Int Lieut. I lrE.brought to the Pound of the td ardlilld. A Ilay huro with blank.saoe aod ltil 4 'el. tnek f. bradet aith let ters apjttosed to Iha A A on tlat Inlo hind 1 titler, between 13 old 14lhtnds tigh. . - ,A' A ann horse willh Wlhile face and blandedr lm h. lel ters vupplsed to be P or It ot the I It hindt"uarter. 13 tlands high' A dark rha n Mere 4 feet hblack ad branded witb slettera Y F o tlhe rigllht. holder eatobont 13 hidhis high. A dark Roan Mare: colt brown nane and tail 12 hands higlh. A tIny Mores Aile with a crept black Inane b ion n t Il, na lok stlripe acru.s her hulohers, a e hite atripe b I her ear, 4 ieot baek, witha tlolettr anllIO'ed Itt L U to the left shaluiteebout 14 hands high. Ti- owner 1' at It i tottrtyv o ill tlsle ca ll at the Pould of the 3d ward, eltuated at the lorner ofi olfiii Atuoineution oat,prtvt' proltymt,lay eltlrgesoal alle ill 3 awaytonor hbefore Salurday 1lIt Septomlelor, 18tl wlhlle the will he ould tat as ciOl y 1' I. t uilottre,pub i lic atntciteer. -J L WItNTERt, New t)rleans, c ll t 7t1, Isl I.eut. ONT 6td tlond au Broyer du 3mto ward 2de mo nicipalit6 lese aniltaux pave auivants in Un cltoal bay erinib et gnene et pieds noire, it ' ceat dtattp6 de lettras que l'on supposo 6tro A A pur la hancle gancbe, na mesurau st do 13 on 14 Un cltsevrl roan, avac face blanche, etampide lettero que lol tuppoe dire PP e It sur o a hlanche gnuachlo-sal ienluro ert do 13 paonies. Uoe jurnlent, conlattr brune, leer quatre patte . nouras---lle est etetSpbo des Ittreo Y. F. sur I'Pa tv pauln droite ra itmeure csl d 13 pnlulmer. of Une'polito jumlent elerco crant tolc, queue et crenliro brune i olteur eat de 12 pun.lle. Uino mule ooulcur baye, criuibre noire tai!d, qua y brune, rate noire our l·a 6paules, roae hlance der. Srisre les oreilles, lea 4 pa tes noir, otatmpe d'unne lottre quea Ion suppso Otre D. our '6tpantlo gancho 1 -e Ineluro eat ddo 14 pauntleao. Loa proprietailes vo.dront ben 9 a reelamer su a' depot du 2me district do Is 2do mnusicipalitd eno s coignure rues Robin et Anneliation et prouei at vust lour proprislt, or en 3piy0n lea ddpanses. avatl lo namudi 7 eptenmbre 1837, quattd i seront vendou a encan par P. G. (uillottou ncnteur. - . .29 3 L WINT'ER, er lieutenant. Ii . ER br.u.ght t- to 1; u Policle Illato of lih id ,tt 1 Y. nicitpality, tihe ldtowing t "les, tlte ti : A nAegro lmtan ltiotlled J lckm, tltb)tut 81 oears fnget nvay lie belolguls tlr. II,lwell. t A bthulen to ,a named John, t bout ten years of ago ,a, 0o)3 lie helanrluot Mrtl.Jole-. A negroglrl nalnted Jole, aloutt Ilt years bf age,auys tod obabelongot l lr. Velstn. nil A lseo girl oeined Brlluunnt,ltOlit llU years of age, 0. belo lgsto Mr. I, rattois. lt 'll owners' of atl sltate ill w lhpase31 call it tile pria. on of the 2d Mun eiplailty, provel pirole, pay3' cltargea r a tke then away. II tlt'lAth, ant, (p'T 6t' nunenhos lit goul, di! is bSiondae Motnici l 0 Ipo ti lsr estctlaves uivalu3 , .oilr: Put Uue ntinIl rete nolnull A llF.I.I, nri,+ dt'environ ril any s so -sa eplm tle lnir a Mr. Ir, \trllali O. s. tttetllt t'ol t 4Ni'l A 'lttttlV , 'llga do til ans le die. olatp t.ilI nrtet ti Mr ii t 1 i.3 the U ne rosie ru1n2ni ItP.I Illl'1, ,gel d'environ It'sIlos ntel di-anlt tlppartenh A IH lrrito I lt 13 313 e l c(sgr i tUil i 1 Itl 1 33I. g ,' 6 d.' 'l virun 14 ies !,r.n e 'iti ile i d I eeu*c e l , sunt pri.s de venir lea tetrer ten pay at lea trusts. Snll ' IaliUitn ine de , In (1a'I de i- t:lT1CI,.~' -1slb as taken 3,I3.0- 3' lft.a of Ilthe ild 1 1 333itilruiliV l0 , 'ehn ii l : it lll iln ; 111 ll~~4Oh O"ll Nerg eI,,,l3 Ir3,, h I0" i 3." 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La proprrictalru vool ·lras bhion lore. eil claoter an depot rul .rroonentre I lovia &Giroed J C d'ici a Samedi le 2 Aout, autr toIent l1 -era venduo In l lilt lour plar P. a (tuillotle enIenatllur publiquo. 8,- jy 25 II S IIARPER, C.pitailne do Watlch U NITED SATES OF AMIEII: \.--State of L Louisiana-Parlst and city of Now Orloane ite it known by this agreement, made and conclud ed this fourteenth day of June, 1839, before mte. Horatio Davis, a notary public, duly commissioned ond sworn, in and for the parish and city of Now Orloans, that in conftorlity ,o the law approved by the legislature of this state, on the thirtounth Marcls eighteen hundred and, entitled I"a act to authoriszo limited and anonymous partner. ships, and for regulating the same;" There is hereby formed a limited partnership which shall be regulated in manner and fornn followiog, via : 1. The name and style of said partnershlip shall be-'" Tihe steamer Brilliant Assoeiation of Now Orleans." K. This association is funned for the purpose of rulnling the steamer colled t e Brl iant of Now Orleans, as a passenger and freight boat, for hire, on the waters o f aLuisia,.a, or others of or on the coast of thte United'States. 3. The amount of the capital stock of this asso ciation is thirty two thousand dollars, dlivded into forty sbares of eight lhuodred dollars each. The whole of which cttaittl lho been pid min ready ioney, said amount o b ing the price paid by the hereintoter namled lltmembers of said associatiomnfor thit original coot, repairs, and alterations, made to said s'eamboat Brilltant. 4. The names of tile copartners inl this assecia tion, and the amount which they have respectively contributed to this limited partnerbltip, are as 'ul lowa, v z : 1. Duncan F. Kenner. of the ptri-)h of As cension, for three sllares, two thoasand and four hundred dollars. $2,400 2. llenry McCall, of the same parish, for three shares, two thousand and lour hund red dolltrs. 2,400 " 3 John Slidoll,of this city,for three shares 'we thoesand atnd four hundred dollars, 2,400 4. Chlistopher Adams, jr. of this city for three -hares, two thoMsand and four IhundrId dollars. 2,400 5 Wil ian Mamilton Avery, of this city, for three shares, two thousand and foua han dred dollars. 2,4101 6. John S. Preston, of the parish of Ae cecnion, for three shares, two thorusasnd and four hundred dollars. 2,400 7. Joint Stephen David, of the parish of St. James, for two shares, sixteen hIundred dollars. ,1600 8. John S. Armannd, of tihe parish of St. James, for two shares, sixteen hundred dol lars. l,600 9, Paul Ilebert, of the parish oblherville, for one share; eight hundred dollars 600 10. Aaron Hart, of Pittsburgh, for seven. teon slltares, thirteen thousanld six hundred dullars. 13,600 832,000 5. This partnership shall commence on the day of date hereof, and the operations of the lame shall terminate, and the concerns thtoruof shall be wound up at the eipiration.of twelve mouthst from the date of this nat, 7. There shall be appointed by said association upon the meeting of any live of the stockholdors thereof convened in the city of New Orleans, after two days notice in one of tile publio gazettes of said city, a board which shall consist of three directors, to be chosen from among the stocklolders of said association, and in like manner hurn shan t be an agent appointed for the eame. I he board d7lof dlrtars of this inttutionlln a lnhave fulls poweral cc authority to make such rules and by laws as may nct be inconsistatt with this act or with the law afore recited, upon which this partnership is founded and specially they .lsall have power to direct the mode of running said boat, and regulating her voyages or trips, times of dr-, parture and return, rates of charges, &e, The said board shall also have the power to investigate the accounts of said heat, as well thro' themselves, a* through tile agent thereot and generally tp super. vise, oantrol a.d direat the course of tie employ. ment slid the administration of her finds, and to that and they shall be authorised to give all fitting and proper instructions to her agent, oflicers and others in the emplay. The dr.etor.ehall also have the powers to fill up all ytcancies (lor u:nexpired tertm; wriing ite

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