Newspaper of True American, September 10, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated September 10, 1839 Page 3
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said board, from death, resignation or otherwise. i The agent of sail boat shall reside in the city of 5 Now Orleahbi and shall under the by=laa. of said board, collect the debts due to the association, and if any there should be in suit in tie name of said" association, and also in like manner disburse their funds, for neecessary expenseos and elaims, and un der the like directilns keep just and true books of the accounts, dealings and transactions .f said as sociatinn at the office which shall be scelected by I the said board in this city. 8. 'The directors of said associatfioi shall continue in office during the term of six months, from the day of their election and until the election of a new board, and nich n. w board shall, if possib'e, be elected one week after notice, as aforesaid, and prior to the expir tion of the term of the older preceding board. Tiem agent shall remain in office at the discretion of tllh boiard, and the board shall determine his compansationt and the manner of pay. ing tie same. i9. At the period therein before determined for the expirition of this co-partnprship, tihe affirs I thereof shall be settled, and the same liqluidated and wound up by the last board of directors of said association, of the survivor or survivors ofthoni. 10. The persons so trusted with such liquidation shall cause to be made a full and complete balance sheet of the debts and credits of the association, and they shall well and truly discharge and settle out of the funds of the association, consisting of said boat, her earnings or proceeds, tle lawful debts of said association, and when all the dehts and claims of and against said association shall have boen fully paid and d'chargcd, ithy shall make a just and iequal r,.partition among the stockholders of aid association of their lawful representativee, pro ratas; ofi.he stock respectively.he d by them, of all the re aiining funds of said partnership; and for the purpose of effecting teil liquidation ofsaid concern; the persons who shall be the liquidators of the same shalul hove full. power to soell said steam brat ind her'appuoirtonance at public ouction, after advrAtiement during.once a week in tilhe usual manner, at such credits and on such tormos and con. ditions as to them shall appear advantageous, and shill have also full power to cause to b . discounted without recourse, alLnotes, obligations and credits whatever, belonging unto said dssociation, who ther arising out of the sale of said boat, liher earn ings or otherwise, provided such discount may not be made at a rate exceeding teil pueri cet per an. num, or even to sell without recourso and at public auctiou.after the usual notice, all notes, claiilns and credits, belonging unto said association, on such terms as they may think fit. 11. The dlvid ads ofa profits, if any there shall be, made by said association, shall, after paying'all d debts, a Oarges anld expenses, he declared at tie end . of every six montlls slucaeddinlg (bni dta thereof. F 12. This not of association is expressly based d upoai the aforesaid inct of the legislature of this c SLate, approved the thirteenatl of March, eighlteen hundred and thirty s" von, and the alforenamed nmembers of this limited'nip hoerchy declare tlat it is their intention to avail themsnelves (In making this association) 'of all the priviegoes t and immunttities inttho said act of the legislature f contemnplated, and specially of the privilege of exemnption fr in reeponhlblity for tle dolets and obligations of said association beyond thie asmont of the parvalua ofthe stock by thern aespletively held, as contelplated mn the eighth section of said I act, and all priviledges granted or responsibilitioes imnosod by said act are'to be taken and considered as embodied herein. 13. The said co.parlnership hereby elect theeity of New Orleans 0s the place of domicil of said as. sociatiesn, and determine that the master or clerk on said boat for the time being, or either of them, shall be the agents of said association, so far as to I sign bills of lading, to bind tile said association for goods received on freight on board said steamor. 14. The stockholdt a in said association shall have tile right to vote by proxy at all elections for directors, and to appear by proxy at. all meetings duly convened. Thus done antd passed in this office. on the date as above, in the presence of Bartholomlew Valls and Theodore F. fThrinemantn, competent witnesses, domiciled in this city, who having signed with the r pasties and tonl, tle otary, Originat-signed Joha Sl:dell, Wm. II. Avery, lenry McCall, John S. David, C. Adam, jr , J. S. Armant. Aaron Hart, of the city of Pittsulnrg, county of Al'eghany, State of Pennsylvania, is to these pre. sent presented by his son, Jsse Ilart, of New Or leanl, as per iriocratLion lher, ulnto annered. AARON HART, Per JESSE IIART. Duncan F. Kenone having left the city previous to signing, is here represcnted by Minor Keinnrr, as per letteo herebunto ainoced. DUNCAN F. KENNEIR, i'r MINOR ItENNI It. Petl IIl, Brt having ltef the city previoui ao signing, i. lure rtpresuned bny B,:rnard Laudumnier, as per letter hereunto annelxed. 11t. IAUIDUMI ER, P'nnor PAUL IIttlER'T. JOIIN S. PR.TO()N, iy loaac T. Preston is atttrneoy n fact. The ,soerda ' lburtre.Lth," and " ou'Junu, 1639," interlated. It Valls, 'Iltodore F. Thllaemann, olur.otie i)avis, notary ipublle. I eertify tih: iorigoing .to ie a trao copy from the original et extatnl tion iy current notartital re. gister, tin faith whirool I a Ihave rieunto taignd ly I ,:,,e amt affixed the llasress of h oy scal of ultieu. New i)rlealn, June 20th, 1539. Signed, IHORA'TlIO DAVIS, ald-2w30d Notary tPubitc. E rAIS UNIS L)'Atl5tRIQUtE-tItat do I, Louislane--Vi.16 ot Parole,' te la Na.uvellu-. Orleans--Co quartuauino jour du inis deIn join de 'ani mi[ huit ient trento nul t ea to tnxaut. troisn ene do I'Indnpendance Inn Etnats-Un,, d'Arndrique." Pardevant Hloratio Davis, notarie public, do nenst conllnlisiona i 't alnserlentmid dlns at pour la villao t paroiase do la Nouvello-Orld6.ns, ila did convenin do fIrmer uno socidtd limit6e, confeormd. taent nru distw.itaons do I'actn de la L6 inlatour dle cot Etat, pand lo3 th nmars 1,37, intitnlid ' U Acet pour autortaer lee Socidtis litnitiocs et anoy lues et pour to gouvernoainsen d'icelleo." Une so. cidt6 lititdo esat par leo prdsentdn lfrmdo, laquelle sere r6glde de la maniore ed daus la onneo suivan te, savoir: In. Le nom et le titre do In dito Societd era: ce "L'Aseociation dou ateau , Vapour Brillant do la I'it Nouvello Od6ans." 2o. Cetto associ tion eat formlds dons le but do - faire naviguor Is baeau av pour nomml lt Bralt I lent, de la Nouvelle-Orleran, conlne bateau do L fansagets, etde fret sur los caux do la Louisiane el on toutes autres eaua dos Etats-Unis on sur c6tes M ion Etsa Unis. mi .u Lu montant du capital do uctte Ass. ciation v eat do tronto doeux iuil.,(lastres, diild on quarante actions do Iuit cent piastreeclhaque. La totalitt du eusdit capital a did paydo en comptant par leao mnolbro da o lo te Aanoc!,ition ci.aprbs nommnt ds, Io dit montant 6tant to Iome quo la prix primliitif ti du ausdut buteaul Brillant at les ddp neon pour r6d lau paratiuns aoull!diratiolns fauteos al sdit bateanu. 4n Los nIlo doe aoreOC.e. at o montalnt qu'ils oat respeetiveieulet port6 d ans cotto s.ecdtd tiLild est ct t oml suit: " 1. Duncan F. IIounoer, o tola paroeseo do I'Aseension pour trois actions, Jcux mrille quatro ,~itt piastres, $2,400 1 2. loenry McCall de In susdito paroisse, c poor trois actions, deux Ioilli quartroe cent piantreso2.,,,00 3. Jllobi Slidell, do la Nouvello Orld ans, pour trois actions, dcux mlillt quartro I cent piastres, 2,400 0: 4. Chii topher Adams, fils, do to Nouu. ' volle Orldano, pour trois actions, dcux noil- lo tole quartro cet piastres. 2,400 5. William Hamiulton Av.ry, de la j Nouvello Orleans, Iour troisactions, deux mills quartro cent piastres, 2.400 6. John S. Preston, doe a patlosse de I'Ascension, pour trois actions, deux oaillo quartro enit iasulres, 2,400 7. Jolhn Stephon David, do la paroisse o St. James, pour deux actions, mills six cont piastres, 1,600 I 8. Jotln S. Armalnd, de Is susdito pa- I rises, pour deux actioons, mnille sie senet piostres, 1,600 9. Paul Iidhset, do la patoisse d'Iber villt, pour nse cntion, hult cent plastres, 800 1 10. Aaron aort, de Pitoburg, pour dix lept actions, treizo millo six cent piastres, 13,600 $32,00 50. Cotte soc:6td commencera le jour de la do'e des presentets it es opdrations so termine - uPtatl see aftaires et sos comnpte seront tIalaneds ot dies,*- I'explrltion des duzo mtais qua suivrout la deto du prisont acts. o6. A unet runion do cinq mombres do I'As S.ociation, coivoqudo d'aprbs une annoneo publide pend ,nt deux jouru dans u:ne den gaiettes do cotte ville, it sera nomen. trois Directeurs, pris parms ose aetionnaires, losquels Diroeteurs coposearont Jo buroea d'administrati n. De la mOme maniro - 1sera choisi us agent pour nl dite socid:6. to. Lo bureau dos Direnteurs do la dito Associ. I ation aura ploin pouvoir et autort4 do faire et dtablir des rbgles ou rdglomons qui no seront pus controirs nau prdsont noat ou i la leo prdeit6e en vertu da latq ello cette socidte sat ntablie. [is ou ront te droit spdcial de r6gler la manigro do faire naviguer to susdit bateau, ddsigner lt cours do sos 1 voyages, to temps de sonr ddpart at de son ro tout, d'dtab ir lea prig, &e Le dit buoeau aura aussi leo droit d'oxaminor les gomptos du soudit bateau, suit par lui ib6mo, suit 'ar son agent, et g6odralement do nurveiller, con triler et dirigor P'emploi at L'administratiot do seo fonds, et a ec but it sera autroisd a donner les in structions qu'il jugera 1'ogent. oux oficrn aC gutren enployter du susdit bateaon. Les directeurs seront pareilletnent autorisdes reoln plir leas racines (rpour to tetps non.expir6) qui pourrnnt sourveir duns leur nomnbro, soil par mort, ddmission out autremont. L'agont do dit bateau rdsidera b la Nouvelle Orldans et suivaut les Inr lemt:o du u;alit bureau, collectrs les doteso dues It la sociCtd, or poursuira colles on litige pu nom do In dito socildd, et pareilloment r6glora les ddtbour do seo fonds pour toutes d6penses neoes. eiroes pour faire face 4 routes r6dolmations justes; et on qonformild aux dits roglemens, soeron tenus des livresjusrost exacts des eqmrpteu, operations or translactions do la dite Aseociati on, done 'uoffeio qui sera ohoisi dans cotta ville par to dit bureau. 9o A I'dpoquo d6terminde par le pr6 unt note .pour la durdo do carte soci6t6 dernibremrenr d1u on par le membro on las minnbres survivants do dit bureinu. 10o, Lee personnes r qui sera corfi6d Io e, a ditollquiriation feront inn dital complet des dottea etd doe c.dits do la socidtl, et a rnt tenonus d rdglor et de payer ban et frdbloement toutes lea justea dettes do In dite association, leaquelloes dot au serone pay;6s. doe foods de to dito socid16, so composnnt du d;t I ateau, ses gains et I 6ndfices: or quand le ditos dettes d urJ t did paydes; i a rd partiront d'uneo minitro juse a t dquitnble entry len actionires on oleura repr6setlano I6gaux, au prorata do iours actions respec ives, to balance des flndd appurtenant lato dite association; et afil d'effectuer to dute liquidation, I,"a personnes qui seront rharg6bs do Ia dite i qnidatien utoont plain pouvoir de vend o le subdit ba one it vapour, sse agrds et lt opparaux o I'encan, pos on avoir donnd avis pr6alable pendant one semaine, do Ia nlanibre ustde, it tolt cr6dits at In telles conditionis qui It ur iparai rout cuovoenables, t suront aussi plain pouvoir du fIire eacompter ansr recours tons not n, tbligdtibos et c~ridta quolconquos epparte. nautr lahn soee di, suit qu'ils proviennont de la vente du dit bateau do ces bd6fiees on autternont, pourva que to dit esomtpto ne soil pas ai it 0 un taux au-doessudo dix pour corut per an, t tetme do vendire sae recours ot I'enean, sprbs los avis d'uoage tous billets, r6cl rsna ions ct crddi s appartenant t toI dite ost to aux tormes qu'i a jugeronr convenables. 12. Cot acto do suleotu oet dxpressndment ha6 sur lto audit acts do t Idgislature deo ct .tlat, approuv6 le 13 Mars, 1837, at ls seoei6taries ci desous uneo mdc da cette socid6 Iuiltdeo d60larent, par lea prdsentes, q'il cot do leur intclntion (en Clrfalrt crtte socidtd] do se prdvaloir do tous lea privilbges et immunitdu6s voulus dans to dit acto , o la Idgi-a. tore, et particulibreument du privil-go d'exemrption do toute reoponsabilit6 pour leo dettes at obligations de ta dite rocid.d au.del o du err ortlat de ta v.alour (as pair) des actions pusedddes par chauln d'eux, commne I .eat provu dalts la touitlume sc tioin dudrt oate, et tous privrldges accordds on reosp naabilitdes impos6en paur l dit acle devront etre consid6rds co rme incorporas dne Ito prdaentes. 13. La dire sec.dt. Olit par let prdsontes ' villo de la Nouve to Orlaoon, paor son daoricile et do.. clare quaoo o capltaine ou commis du ditr lateaux, poendant q'ils suront oemploydo tels, ou I'un des deux, soront lee agents do la dire association, on co qui o sucerne to signature du connaissemrens et obligeront tola dite aseid:6 pour los marchtandises recu Is o bord do sus.dit bateau. . 14. Los actionnaireo de la die soci6t auront tole droll de voter par procuration dens toutes hen-lec tions pour directours ot de ao fairs reprdeontor par procuration dna lootes letoo rounions dument con. vpoquces. Fait ct pased en I'dtude, r la Nouvrlle Or'd.rne Ice trldies jour, meoi et an que doear ol paosenrcu do Itartlheoleui Valls at 'h Iudre eFlavius Phiciuc Ianns, t6euoins domi ilides n oelts villo qui out sige6 avec lea partis et Inoi le notaire. Original sigor--John Slidell, Wmi. tI. Avery, Henry McCall, John S. David, C. Adams, jr., J. S. Arrant. Aaron Hart, do la vi'le do Piltsburg, comtr doe Alligluhany, tatl de Pouoon vanie, eat danse la pr6o oontes reprosen6 tpar sor fils Jasse: art do la Nouvello Orldans, d'aprbs In procuration ci annex6o AARON IIART pour JESSE HIAIRT. tDuncan F. IHennon yant quittd .I ville ovant do r signer, oat danu lee prduentes reprdsento par Ron.. a n file, par lettre ci annoxdo. DUNCAN F. IlENNEN, pour MINOIt IIENNEN: Paul Ilebert syant qu;ttd In villa avant do sigreor, est reprdsentr dans les prseontes par Bernard Lau. dumrior par lettre ei annexde. tlo LAUDUMIER, pour PAUL, IIEIERIT, JOHIN S. PRESTON, pour ISAAC J. PRES TON, sot.e chargd de faire. ( B. VALLS, IEll'OD. F. THIENEMANN, [IORlAT'Itt DAVIS, Not. Pub. Pour copie conformso. NouvelleOrloans, 0 juin 1839. Signd HIORATIO DAVIS, 1t7a-ps-Ir. No Piub.. LS A'TIONNAIItES sont nottiii qte to unevie, me payment do lours actions est due et paya- Itr le 5 eu , au bureau do la compag ai. iul 13 jnil er. E. L. 'TRACY .eer.ltire. o A :':\'( F I 11 I' LOllSIANA-Pl trih ( Court of rie t Nt ) I slli d rii iiof owt lrleansI.-L eI eN i lu r m I Jht il I 3ti , Ith. 3, " j ig' nI. wa iteread in tis 11r pia Ju dgoaf ih bt Ih.. t ofi , \1 e rde I I.I .tit ke t Ililll ) pagl v. It1lllO i oih, hirh h ln,, in the, world and G l, -l Srio'd, (11 1A1 3 1 J. 3liJIAN, JUtyCler IN', omr i ll, rAi: ,n. I , 1--Ilar, 1vI3 it le 1r. Capraine I lantt,', her huslrmnd-I hoero' : I t j tlr, ao!, udgl Ie a olo ,de110 I d tIh t it j-olll t olllll r illiorce I,; e1 tlered Ie t lai I hfl Ilre ndall Ihtcl l e oll'r llldn Is IfI llilll l hlIin e. h irherer 'o pu Jous . louquet of Inn (pou I lere. doiro e erx n b w en I nrt ills tc ell r oI . t l I . rl'le' i-tllc .lali hll h at i,II tll i ail tP ie I le.,s r l Sglllle C III.IALS 11(U RII IN, Judge. N w ,lIleans, AI I,-l. i 1, 1I83 Jutgia e Corelllll r i ll g ld ollllent cke I pae 5Ie. FI .llll oi', hlllll lf I ih'lliv he elll h a. n l l ll 1 I a r ell l ld l i " lslo l l E it h s t i l ' l rl f i t tll h e clh ol'I NII I f l llri% llol tlh - lOott~ii uvl l ,ltlot-l, I llt lthe t ilon 1f iii l.lnri Ic e f llIi- l hI a rl rg t1o-Illll¢ lI tll hlrllf eo-ine lll ill .SltY,o J. lLLI,,, Deputy Cler.. r tolHr I se IIelri(igt ville de Itl n u\nvelh (Irlriii llm J.e llltihe l par gTIs p ,.le-, lllel tIlo: Ir joi, 1539, jud I. lit E L a g reclt eiotin l e e irol ders Il an lls d alrite I'an idl l. j'Onih i a lliir v lo t tlll ailllr lll crn, ciie la uopll he assortment, No. I IFe-nc newt l.enSil In dilhella anailo cil e diprete qu'u I nn ne 1xcell t I i1110' llT @11 11P I+R ir i lle rl· , I- II, t ll , III' a td Mow's injection aparatus, direct from Loadon, a most conveaniant articlo; Maw'e corn eradiaotor, l vary ex tensivly used in England, for sale by it ' .)it'II & OrltiA pIoders, Cogr.'ao malal1, (IIS B INA gEI., LJugeineut e oregistre au l eo ket de jugeHOn s , "page ti jul foi de qui j'i )r ppos t 'a sig aptire et lo seeu t VAN'S ('A AioMILEPh Lprenredfromor 11e cla ditr e l prll ailis tl vill de I I Nouvelle Orient"u , ce Io e o oIr 1111 who ll crorg tr riol dby I I lOdAEr flr tlr S lllll j i ir i Illl' ,l'a Klie l tllr f eir l llaeUg iil llat Scentllll t notsnr ii, oei oi,dir utfl ao r Lllldolm acllllle d :V1at 3t J'rir, . OLLI. ,Del rGreriller.d es, furnished and put up i I neat boxes ; aEls Maw's inection aparatus, direct om Londo, very ext nrively uled in England, forull ale by er Cjulyo, 11 cor Natielllli z and Thapcjlllll real l rga w ill th eNFIa F Ill00 o Tlhlliy Ilr lrna t F ll S&retil, lcoml nl owderl s Cogrtig ss aer. 1 iSw iT's er nille arrow rll in , vier. alrion dd- is6's h0 2o3d-it, o-Id lI1a, Allack mustard in eedl Neup. Eng. O bnd Cough qolity,.illp, &lc. &.8e Laddinll anod for sale by ALEX.tail Ty a july ti.9 Irggst' olap mtas streetr j, 0 ido sugolr Liesar It 2- d ii Slneifi~dsna fr et t t fona, leiery n a Ily ItEIO G EYE, BROWN &Co. ui Juli 9, 12r1tir n.ud istin Coliti st. Ner. 9. I res Cerlrhlicoi, Balm of Colulmbia, Pills of overy ro descriponl anlld tna, such las Tomnalo, Brandrth'a Peters'., orfft's, Scott's, Loe's, Soauthern, Dyltot 1. Gregory, dic. constontly on ItatNd by t I hl BONNABEss io july 11 oor N rtcl es and Thoapitilaso tri NEW JEWVE1,E12N'. n i h'll h Wlo it . will ile ietred li thsr i.ia or I, dlairo iail n nr thal livr I wlfoanre ore Ka ithl lis ociy. Ale 5i11 dolen and IiMacassnr , f ll I oter ret frotas oir ditl a lclt . -e eater io(ln Mary F ,ll i &loat 1 Clie. Juest received unlli P. o . l Osale lir etl,lby II Bi NNAl. 0EI,, tllirta Cranitrst, umtliamer ctacks, Glaves, oaid Sulsllcl dsep, 1t 8 t tzaTar, crlle St . liharls u and 0 tCoiiii pUi N. I.oA ofpll t a nasu artllent whf h riing I)e ~k,i fi reed low tifr eaCh aApllia lalling aeas rnitun Wareo lit ilo rS 53 IlieIVi UllH street. Al. S I " joly 13 IN'I'I'El t I' , ' 'lllN Ci Il. st bHIPPING. For Europe. FOR LIVERPOOL. l'The AI lid verey Fat lieing ship SUPE , I{OR,Caeo rtin.T leker, t I h ve ieu l alelh jte vapeihei., For freighhtofl51 hhdA loAbaeo. oir Ipsage fori 6 cain pateengeriiatply to J2,i 1. l GALE. 93 C(mmon at FOR LONI)tN. rTihe ship T'LUMIAH, iGidden, carter hen I large ilprtion ofrherearpo eagyedl. Flol . freight of balance, apply to It C AMMACK & Co, j nly 211th. 3 ank P'lace Ft:11 ItIlE5itN. The last Sailing A I Ship RIGA, +napr. Smil , having the whole of her cargo eugag ld, will receive dePl itch. atur iespuoe having hate lsolute ucecaeihcationa, adoily to r LEVI II GALE. aug 2lth 9tCoutllllll ll t FOR LIVERI'OOI,. o The first elasen nd fast toiling BriiA h arque hoeEq I.S, Cn it t'rawiirIl nvilike O110 iles onf eottnll and will receive iniaedi lte' leialch. For terln.. r irrsaF're havinig hndsamie iaccolladatiaOs, for 4 cabia psnellgere, apply tI n ViLEVI 1t GAIE, 15h 3 C.. . no. . . tlreet. FORt GO I"LTENBUIRG. S'he A I. and cnlerior lhi it Wtll. tA )tER, Capt 'rileC will havde iah. iFoar ipassage -havillg hladol t llle acustlldliolnti apply I Jlily 1th 1.. II. GALE, 3 Common stt FOR IAVRE. The firtchtsdatd r sar cilini hlig FAIhE, Cnpt. Mawdison, will receive illediaterr des tchi ihviing her cargo engagued.. for passage,hlving hIal ao a tcclllllntdaion, apply tl t .LEVI'H GALE, 13Coemonrtct . oa- twise. FOLK MOtIIILE. The first lcieas and fa.t sailing Schonner J.\SI'ERI, Capt Ilerlld, will reeive ins. patchl. For freight or Iuesage ar ply L II GALE. ag 15111 93 C nlllllllll street. FUIONE\V YiORK. i'he new snid very fast Sailiag Slaootere C(oMET, Caeit. Sltrk, will lie ready to Sail in i, fCw dy.s havin g the greater let of LOeii aerao eugeiedi. Flir thet bulk of'400 Ibarrels ir psshag i haviceg sluperior acoamioadations apply al Iioold y ,ll site .etersoa st ir to l If . G ALE, July lhth 193 Coimnle) SrreIt. FO O NtIKFO)tK & ILARIICilANl. T.lie firecllar and fact s.iling Schooner WOI.COclT, Capt Hinz. having her arvego ~ ingtagrd ct a take a teelk iInd of iromt 80 ton tiil hlah, it iitiiit elait pliaation hie made. !,lor teriii iir pasage aIpiy ato I.VI II 1. I.,r ol.i . 93 Cormmioniin STt.L F1:1t SALK, A SCII(t1)NIIFit abhilt 4 yearsc111, 91 A , toll Ilarlheie and in coal l'le. .rdeie. For icartiularc a ipp y to , I.I (?I.E, anri" 15Ih i13 CuOllllllO a 1St. I-OIl, NIEW YltLK--Itegulr I'ackel. Oirleais Iiiae ,,f Paciketa. T The llinlt sailinig, egal Ip:kP spo ilc ) .I)ii - 1 1S t, Joh-ii, ImuIsIi ter, I evilig theI greater herl lf hier e.rgo engied, willcail ae ailove. Far lialorli, I freight or iassage, having elegant Uccoit-cieIt" iatiliilS, apply nl Ilia i'aptatil O1 bhard oppol ite the Vegitaili- ia.rken, olr to A. COIII"N, aepl 911 Co(mlni llcePet. For the Interior. FOIL llAVOU SARA Regaonr Packet. -r ll l The spleditd passenger steaonboai -- l Rll.I.\.NT, Jeae Ilart e iaster, __ will l,_ove New Orleans every \Wed nesay at I0 o'clock A. M. lbr anyac Sra &every Sialtrlalv at ItI, 'cleck A. M takillg Inu ollesl dolwl n Stiiiilyi Foe freiglhtl or pasage apply to Cpti. Hiart ol bhoaril ir to fi1b,5 ADAMS & WIHITALL FUOR NEW YORK. :\ira luork d A\iete Orlearou Line. 211 A NEW .INE, of pocket ha been emtalalirhplled 201 run between New OTIelenn end Nu~N ]'ark, to const fllflve first rale slhips, vila, Sh~ip Sit. Merv, I 1V Faster. mlaster, b '" Relp'lican, J G I;.esell J `'alc SAubuOn, 11 I' Uurfey, n- w bkuilding, 'Teme olito werebuilt in am2,w lrka txpcreaO lIy r tfahis a tnlule; fir : of a tight draughtll of water, and will no~t lot I'v' forle IgeI'I ofpllrise ll that only1 be reliredll fr be -couoforl veal r·lnvrumentlr; andI their eouncn: OrIer are 111 IIcII ll(:e. Utlardbe aip nowc huiletp ly l Lo i no p 0Cc laO dam chipa cadl caupyeir U,,ti '1't " ·Llreete-t puIIctuI will be I sItrCee in tihea It It ,.udens Nu. Ill; Wtalltrcee-, Nowafork, orlto n"ll·I PETER It' UNll I Comp I iait FOR NEWA YORK. 1101 itE S' INI" OF P ACtKETS. re1it 'otl punctually 'lery ito,'du faun ruaac pua t 'Ths ,itýo akets h~avele lo'eunreased to otlic Slu, oxhellde. I allaln Wood. dýl eArkanss, t'aplaim L' S Ilrrnie, ad it~aban e lal ,atpin ' lCBerr, o lrrkrherg,. cI'a{,taii J Leauler, ij .1'aahrnl/r, Ca tail et mlod. del luairun. Cuptnin 'Pro unit. . o' Ocaare, Captalin L~yonls. to (knealree aptai~lo n Lean itt. Lit Tete lrhp C-- t Wooioae dhousae. i brew Ship - Capten Nichoals. Th~e above shils fir;all of the firot clas, oeaperIce' nlll coper fastened, lmad were built in Ne oc Yok en'- a faaessv for llthi rade-they are of light d1uh fllf w1 - r t-r, and allmost invuriunly cross the bar ,ltllhut deltoe- In lion Theser pockets are commandenld bly Captains well ex- al tfeco ae d 1 tile il'otft , d ciilcl alays exert ll rlb ow elnOti ldown the river. and will p'oaptly Rail a ntdvacriaC'd.1 i '1laey hloe Ilhaadaomely fluniselldalcclaltdetllrenII ti alrlur of tle lirsltqaulitr yill always befurnisherd, nud everyaltltentio lrad tolthe comfort' dIsliaaliol f p passengccrs T'tle pcice of the cabin is fixed at $80, without wine at or liqllor. Far faurner rarticulars apply to A COIIEN, cImarcl 90 Colmmon elreet a 1 l'Vile ahips ar not acouneallale fIer breakage of i 1 elan,, ballia wmore, marble or granite, collpecage. of tia ni oc ruat of iun or ateel: nor reasponsile for any package or parcel lput lln board, unlesa a regulac bill .fladintg be a sigrled therefor, rot ll clllre oficleagr . _gen __. FOR NEW YORK. a [Lauisiano alld Newr York Lire of Poeketa.] Ii T'o sail regularly to udeertird f ran each Port, I I l1E linle is at [Iris innocent composede of life follow- d ins ships, but '"" count new vessels w ill bie proton at p wi0 llalrlo 'aone being lpltlllllhel oll thir olrlt eerIl aeek llcring tlhyear, Iltlh Oltidillp 1ompt f1cilitie flr tclelaltpocalioll and at tie lowest raltes 'alfe h Ship1 Ya,,oo, Colptill 'Trask. Oticoisai llpi, Ilrebl. c LI.UUivi~le Allen. Saoellllga, Iattll lalll'w . I lluuslollle, 0 Illlrilge Sh~akespeare, taPllller { 't'he abolve shlips are all of lhe host class, coppermed 1nd1 su 11er tiltrlol, If a lit dlroghllt If lellterpad built ill N. w York rexpresaly fur the traded.,ith elegllt . account t llloilrnlaecel ger a l lllproIlllldllnlllbyallle The rice 'If 0arager is fai eldt$0, wiltollItl wine, or liquors, conf1111a toles in every c thc albc 0ll.lll ll r be I- dlled, nld every aollelteion givrll tllolllllplo ath hp "ll uf, al tn1ter lhittowetd up alnl downll tile rivler, and tle greatest llallalallilyobserveld as t Itheir day ill Neiler tile eneace or vllatnila of tllew vesrels aillt clie reslonlll e foe jewelry, blullian, Ilceinlll stolllnea. il., aera, Illl pl mare, breobagr ofglaoss, Illol lla 1are, marbllle,llcgranite, collolleagil allti, rutl of be111 or steal, or flofle y letters, parcelor plackbaer curl by orn put o boar of theta, unless?. regular b~ills of ladingR are - take, for thir aallle, lad1 tIe value lerreofeallpre ed. Fo~r freight or passrage, applly to 1u:21e JAIES LBHUILIN,74Calmlpl O FOc I.IVERI'Ol)L. , TIhe A I aad fat sailing 0s1i11 CABIIINE', ['aopt ,Linell, mill bave immerdiate despatnh, Iaving thie gceater part cftlar carego eogeged. Far height o1'200 bales aclltlen, or 110sa110, apllly' to eu L I GALE, 93 Calcloll street. BAZAAR. Coreer of SI. Charlers d Comama sareet, EX C 000AN00 11 110 flUSP& S ALLAN wauld respectfully cull tIe at , Ia l al,,, ofrcitizens anldl ranges tathleirlclcmplelt '' ll lrlet lclamet'a linen abirla, dl cmllbric, 's wit btarnIl lront, faehionlble linen fcuula: linen l oa - at lare: cilk,cottlln and mlarill undcr shllir andl Ilrawers: cattlhric find silk hanldkerchiefs: black and funcy ma- rlts in great variety: stocks oalevery densritllction: gait lasti'llrafand cotton suasellders: silk. cotto0 11111 nllreaod gloaves: lgellaRcllakin gloves: ulkbrellal and canes galol moeunted. Anlse,-Splendid assorlment lf Indif s and gents vte i. t igdesks, dressing casea, tart oliaa, perfulllery, cut. It Ilrylld rilh funncygaodc. 13 EFRI l:LATOKg-'hirbic Ia new and useful 1arti1 B JA ele of fcaitccre,rapidly eeoinlng into10 e, in it r 01ll ther as wall aaLsah a tactuades. t is designed to beepaacll acnd sweet, auco dishes in hee culillary Ile tfetomll ma era ar a nocncrv to be protected fcom tlhce h eatcofcte weatherduring he bumalmer se ason of 'tIle Rrfrigeratca is now coall idered an 111iapelsalble It- article in thle ecooma ofevery oaae hlouewife. Thle oqnIcelnlily of fnod it {protects fcrm thoe weather, aill mlore Ilan paythe cost olf the article every year. VI, The nulllcriber is eacnstantly reeeiring fcom c lcoies , facturc Refrifgerators ofdiffrent prices. 't'he Subscriber iaappeinted Agent far ler anuffaa - corer, Mr A Patten. Specimenr ac the Refrigcracers 01111 be Been at lly store 53 Bienville ct. at ,ityi cf W It CAINEI. GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPERTY Situated in New Orleans, TO BE IDRAWN ON THE st DECEMBER, 1839 IN JA CKSONVILLE, Fla. Under' te saperantendent'e ot tile Couaissioners a a I1.i0ted by thle LegialutiVe Asseably of Flurida. SCCtMITO' & liAMILTON, Muangers. ( 1001000 tickets, at $15 heme price. $1,500000. Sellilng pice s2 0 per ticket. SYLVESTEIL & Co.. 156 BrUtdrat, NEW YORK, I Stul. Agents. Jv ,'1"0 reclel,s Itf the saue of tihe ickets will bodle Iu'itld ill tile aultua, Union. Caraltat, Cilizelln's l nd Latslidated )tl ltkt, in New OrietUs, in t.oe ila f Lotuis Scbmidt jointly with J. B. Perrault aclly It C.tahlier oftle Citizen's Bank, ansd A. Baudouin ac- 1 tually Cashier ofthe Consolidula d Bank, as 'I'rusees, as per act passed I.b:re A. Mauretacou, Esq. Not. Patb. lll ll" 2d May 1839, and Ihe Iruplltles Itranererred to tile a thve mlentioned geltlml enl ati ncUmbtred, as 'r't stees, for the securitly of thle Iftunate plrize hol deIn. New York the monies will be deposited in tihe r Phollellln II tothe tedttt to ille above tnalled City iBantas Uo Ne t, )rleaat. aThe a it arc rerred to the acts passed beine A. Maznretau, Esq. Not. PIb. ill relntion to tlte poop ecrties which en.brace the resetl tihe prizes in the Lottery. COO PIIIZES, an fullows : Prize--That magnificent thrle tltury brick buildiang, kolllW as th t.1 . B('A lli', ill atogdin,.lleeot, nlao,.atrilltg L6B feet 5 inclae 4 liiai'ot>1 MagatZite at. 146 fliet inches tn (lrUvirt!lP leet, ulnd III feet II inches oni Na.chea st. This builling producet tt w nt rent otfSH7IOO Iper auolllan, Uatl bing illt thle mIot ourit l.llilg patrt lf h cltv, opposite+ threehnlnk. and nl tlhe iamnn dite -n-le.hor'hol f thU St. (Chtaloe Uall tlhe I ity Htotel. Its rents will, ilna very few veIUrs h ittclUened tO fifty thtltosaaidf dollar Jttr tunlt. ICuitnatedtl at $7 0,000 Priz--'t at e e lant four slot brick bluild. itg known as tU hlo tl'l'Y inT'E:L, iOrtterly lBithoplt Hotel, eituated at tile corner otft ;amp and l;clno on s1t leaeuring 1162 Ilet on 'nlamnmma rl, eand 146 tet III Inlclhae olnCRItamp t. 'rThis bulilding trett at'now fIt $25,01), tile most cenltral ipurr of tie city, call shorli be increlsell to thirty ttnousalld dollars per an. numtaEstitoed la t $500,00 Prize--l'e three story btrick dwelling housen, No. llt ona Natchez street, adjlninlg ile Arcade, relted at I2 IaUmd0alt dollars. .lliltulrtll at $0,0l10 I Prize-Th-le tilee story btrick dwelling holseoa, N. 18, ad'jining No. e.0, o Naltchez treet, rettled at twelve hundredl ldollars. Estilatllled liat $20,010 I I'rize--'l'The three stry brick dwelliae hotEat', Nat, I, atldjainitg No.19, lon Naat'lhezot. rtla'd at twelve lttaal rell dolla. a Estimated alt $20,000 Prize--Tihe dwellne house No. t23.n rtlh east corner of Basin aind (:ustllll Iltlese streets, leale s ritlte 40 le t fillllt 1 ainha sBa treet, 411 Fel flst oin Fankalia street, by 127 Ie tlepub on (atlltallllhlltle Salreet; ralletd iat fift teen lhundred nti a t. t Estialt llallltt $211'll Prize--Ilble ltwolligp or Ila o Nesll24 .outaeah aaiaag bt2 taet 7 inlaches on Ilatin st, :t' fe-t 7 illalaea aan Fr'ankliln Ftrl't, lv 1"7 let 101 ilches deptllll aan l('at aundred dollars. Eesliaated l at $20,l00 Prize--The two storya brick ldwelligl hluse No.339 oa Royal street, between ULrsaline and IHospaital atreeats,meas uringl 21 feet 8 ianches na I(oval st, by 127 foIt 1j1 in ate in dlepth; rent ed at $1(020 per annul. ated at Estimaoateat $15,000 Price--3O0 shares Canal Bank stock, at $101) each, $55,000 Irize--le) haresoN Commercial Bank stock $1O0 eachl $20,0110 l Prize--1511 slares Mechanice' and Tra der,' Ilankt $l0 eaclh, 15,1H)0 3 Pries o.f 100 shares each, Catv Bank, :30,01O 2 Priozes f 511 Eaxchange, 10,11a0 a Prizes o 2 "i "a Gas light, 5,000 Pizesa ... "l M1echanics' and 'raders' 3,000 2( Prize of 111 " '" Louisiana State, 210,Ia01) IO Prizetio 'aI ." t ;s Light, a,110t 200 Prizae of I " alnk of Orleano, 20,al(II 201a Prizestuo t " Unioaa Btabk of Florida, 15,0l00 It hall he at tile option of the winners of prizes of banlk stockas, either la take tile stock itself or the lar ctlue thereol in cast). MD)I)I O1t, IO)RAWItNG. 100,0o0 ticket, fromt I to 1,Otl00, will lie put in one wheel, and ll tOll riz's, with tle blalllks, i allother; to every number a prize or blank will be drawn. until al the p"iz.s aare dternaiaaed, lealving the ballance of nul boera inl the wlael-bloabks. Orders fr thle above [totterv will be received alt the r tili. ce llnlr the Vertandah, cornaer oaf St. Charles andal

Co:lllll streets, and at No. 1114 Chartres street, aNew o) rlrune, and prlmptn ly forwardled. Orders from tile cotlltutry. plt paild, otllatailig ratmitlances t r the nuln terofticketa rqoainl, addressed ttla NCHIIMIDTI & IIAMILT.ON, New Orlenna. [ 7 A strnatOholat will be provided to take to Florida t '-ih passengers tas mlay ho desirous tto witness the acl . amville, Fla. April, 1839. tmay I REPUBLIC OF TEXAS. T''SEAsI:V D)EPA'RTMENT. j City of lluuaton, 17th July 1830. n I N pursuance o ai requirement ofta law passed by (Coongress of this Republic, approved January 21st, 1839, mahking it the duty of the Treasury to advertise and cause td be sold the lots in the CITY OF ('ALIIOUN, on a day by him fixed. Notice is hereby gvent that the lots in the City of Calhoun will be olfferd at Pub ie Sale, on Monday, the 18th day of Novem cr next, between the hours of Tenll o'clock, A M. and Four o'clock, P M, at the Capi tol of this Republic, upon the terms set forth in the following extracts from the law above men tioned " Sec. 4.-Be it flrther enacted, That the lots in said town shall be offered and sold for no other cur. reney than gold, silver, audited paper, or the pro. missory notes of this government. Sec. 6.-Be it furtlher enacted, That the said lots shall be so d on the following terms, viz: One fourth part to be paid down, and the other threeo. I forth to be in equal instoaltenta of six, twelve and eighteen months. ,, See. 7.--Be it lfurther enacted, That if any person who shall purchase any of these aforesaid lots, shall f-il to make paymant of the several in stallments in conformity with this Act, he or they shall forfeit all such stuts as they may have previ ously paid, and the lots purchased by such defaul ter shall retert to the government of the Repub lie. See. 8.-Be it further enacted, That all persons, aliens not excepted, shall have the privilege of pur chasing and holding the same, and the President is authorized to issuepatents to them so soon as the last in, stalment shall have been paid." The sale will continue from day to day, until all of the lots shtl! have been disposed of. Calhoun is situated on the East end of Matagor. da Island, directly on the Main Pass into Matagor. da Bay, and from its advantageous position, will probably become the principal commercial city in Western Texas. A Plan of the city may he secn in the General Land Oflise. Tie several papers in this Republic,the ('omoer. cial Bulletin, Peiayune and True American, of N. Orleans, will publishll notice until the day of sale. JAMES H. STARR. Secretary of the Treasury. 25 It)O.Il.AItS REWARD. SIRAN AWAY, , Slunday, laut, the 18th inst. - Iron the ý lubscrihler, a ilatlultt or ;rillf Iov, hknown by the nmee of ARCHYI', aged about r igh leet ycaos,ive feet tutr or flie incies hligh, lark bushy lel uir. Wthet he left he Ihad ert a nwhte r,tndabtullt anod ptantalonst; but lie hlas other Clotltlilg with him, rwhich he may plltU ol at pleasullre. T'he above rlwartl wiltl bIe od lto allny erlsoll, lodging hIll ill lu so o r brittgitre bltt t tiestrol e itnIi'chatltltla Street. nag _4i I1 DIEVRIECUX. 'TO 'IIIE LADIES. "ill IIULI,'S UI'ERO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTERI miIIS new instrumttent for the radical cure of Pro rl j lapss Uteri, or Fatllhg of tile Womb, by ex I Lernal application, supersedlig the use of the ob jeetionablo pressary, is confidently recommended to the afflicted as the means of a perfect restor.ttion to health, it never having failed of performing a cure, even under the tmost aggravated ciroutsntan cee. It has received the decided approbation of Sir Astley Cooper of London ; Sir Benjamin C SBrode i; Sir James Clark, Physician to the Queen; Dr Ashwell. Lecturer on midwifery to Guy's Hls. pitnl; Dr Rigby, lecturer to St Bartholomews; Dr tGriffitb, lecturer to Westminster Hospital: Dr Ramnbotham, lecturer to London hospital; Robert Ferguson, lecturer to Westminster lying-in hospit, al; Dr Sweatman, lecturer to Middlesex hospital. and senior accoucieur to Queen Charlotte's lying;; also by itenry Davies, Conquest t Blundell,tLee, Merrtman, surgeon Keates, &e by Dr Morreau, president of the Academie Roayalu Je Medicine, Paris, and Accoucher to the Duchess SD'Orleans ; professors Velpoau, Marjolin, Paul d Dubois, Sa son and others-and in New York by r professorJ W Francis, G S Bedford, M I) profis. sor of mtidwifery in the university of the cify of! New York, profs. Delafield, and Francis, U John. atoe, president County Mad Society, Laurens Hlull president tmed society State of N York, piofs Jas McNaughton of Albany, prois March, Cyrus Per. i- kbns, Duane-Drs Thtos Boyd, Gilbert Smith, r- losack, Stearns, Ludlow, Kt'Eam, Vache, Power, [o Grayson, Vain Renssalaer, and many other distitn - guisheod physicians in the U States. A G Ilull, Office 4 Vessey st, Astor House N le York. te i"J A constant supply of tle above instruments, re withll Dr Hull's improved Trusses fr Hernia, will bhe kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, -A CAG Carpenter, Natchez; Stone & Marsh, Wood. ville; Booth and Mallory, Memphis; W P Wilk;n. , son, Somerville; [lall and Washington, Nashville: McNairay and liamilton do; R L Bliss, Floronce Ala; J C Spotswood, Athens. GEORGE C. CHILDS, ArTOHNEY AT LAW, 'JILL attenti the Stupreme Court, and Inh )itlrirl SC.uourt ofa Htrriaburg,udd some ,f the adJalent Eaunlire--a-tiR e It the City of H .lnton. (lainis ol the governient, either for liounty Iull or nllllley, will i re ll rlkln alll pit'illply ltttelnied tu ,ilir lt fr non r tsidlens ol r rr.eil l "en it f i'f lSr . Addres ilolll the Unliled Mlates--t'ilv "of Houutos Io the care olf . Kicker, jr. (iTexas 'PustOflice ACge New Otrleans. illlltltr JOHN V. CG II DSi s ENGIAVER:i AN') C(nP'IEltR-l'I.ATIE I'PRl.I'LEiR No. 3, Camp St. W and print to order, hbnk noes. 1il,01 of exaagllll bills if llaling, dliplnnll, '(1tl. il and' viaLkntAe i:ld.s. ultri 'i, cnl llalll r Itllllil house aials, doora plantes, ilver ware., -c.-lw. St hand, t assolrtient of s.lver plated andt bras dolr p ",tts. IP Cardl pr:nted from pltes it lreadly elgrarl d. ýl t E -l -iL i1+ .1.1- , no 16, h or,,, N. II. \oit,.la. J(weirv Ma1-i,- oxesi , Spetlclte repaired iit the lllmost failnlt a iI. r.a Ol( tiId atmld advcrn.t,,tat,. tay I - -- T. W. OLLENS - A i it.i ed ,tl& nt "Ar',' Appoinhed by thle ["edral Court it lew Orlrettl. (Exatnge Holtel I lllding'.) S AII) r'monm i.oi n r ulkoa Ititda'+iix Illlder , al,, I II ary, 111'; t I lnt arth 1817; it l i t ltry Act 4h 71. rll o Iat ac t otaf ltnI gi'., in tuh cases matiC and tIial ( tttnlllllll i nrnlller aIH lraitPira l rxp-ri eln q stod the taverta acruliny .il" halest Lttwyus WILLIAM R. CARNES, LOUISIANA WARE ROOM, mally 1I N.1. 5:, IIIENVIIIl.-Sr. tr W IavhLFA DR .311: (IOINO.-, A'A.l0&(( 11LI JL Oil ,of Vitriol oil Carobooy's I{lrunld' s '1'lnlis ilixtureP ·! vase., C'arpenter's n (Cbeical., 20 ,aie c jll Coo1,ooOoo'oC~oo,,dooo; o (0 0 40a ,,,,, Suphr.of (Oo~oioone43011 ounce ]. I (o ng lb .B a'turd 51)(Luxes Tatnuuin 15 keg 1(00 fruit pur 500 lo gs-ldoR- 3(10 kbgs ý4 ("l"r, I pai,0 000 0 k :1. dto do00 SLO, ooo(o Ij Colgoato S.tarch .0 ('boxe sb Illu3 raoalatbyJiiIS & .050,20. OOloloorolle Itloooor, currier ,oo lltl\ &1 cI 1. olio(ot serene. Je. 13 1 BANKS, &-f 153re o, ae' Doveo mill lettr paopefn 751 do do su *lho o0o no 1511 do bloc' oooooooo'iol post 513 do f ito du Io 150 it,, Crean posta 75 no now, (ioooo punt do ln 110 do ' op do il `1.11 do fineornyo( do,1` ooo) medium do 60 po bunk Olito( polt All of whLchoarewof It o0r qosuperior (qualiy, find will e sooldlow, o loseoa cnsignmogont; by 1 in', .6 Al'oloVAlt 409Cam INO' N OllII', O(iGooes, & Suspenders-Just re Le w ivo I by siote arrooivaIs, au asoo 0t of s 'hito by 0rav 000, summer stocks, gl ove, andl -00.-00(00 or (tho Bazaar, oeoooer of .Clourloo0 and (Carmen strooo n.L'2 (RUSH & Al I AN. LO(10KI .l- C(,o No. 13 FIono Levee0., haoe in s0or0 1"Iin is ooolargoe nd extensiveoo'oo o atCapOer n(Oood n Too re 00oooof the0'ir awn manufactoure, owihich olor uOllr (ov wholeono'. rnoo 10 I AIN lS~ilL,&c.- I'(0 00, oolooorraiooooooo & al utters fo~r salle oil acratllnnlllllinl· wears~ 111 ciikr cnataiuning from 613l to 75 Kegs of Lead grouml to aill il of i dllT~rnt quaities 2 d'o.o B0(0tified Aich 5 CoooooogsoOuo bof 51 oo tab 1arog nboof ~ 120 Calnistersb boo 0. each Be. rljoo' 0 A0row root. in] 2 doz. patent settles for o unter. 1 ros*.lsserted Spatulas,11 2 Clue.. assorted marl:king# Ii rushes round& Oat.lll ii) dozls. paint rinI whie wa lo o lrus s, 0 3 doz~. Saul'` is half batltles. ll) etas. Lamp G lasse~s wl::P(Itl( ', 1o02 His os,ooood oobo (ooiul o oo'o 1(0 g(ns (00000000 of o th o b Ies oqulityo. do. ( alsamoo( of I(Ioo bo iooooo )Rig 10o0 ((oooo ~ooooo lo'.o'( 00(0, An (0n varielv o1f sills0 0r (rticles ( too ooyooo 'u it be t oned. 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Flo(jr s.ille by U; I(IIIbSEY 47: "- 013 444 -4,4 ev_ 11dthe i nila , 0 g hlth l4 , Ieat11 I Ia d reventi g its ill4N431 . 1i Charters t I4T1 '- "I\Will.+11.5-41 set Hoisting h-i\'lle s, 44i rif improved constructlin, il, I 7ai7ll' , s 4mIrt, fot sule IV. nl n 2--4tI d Tivoli (ircle I .1ItlI-31 ]lhis and to Res . irine Leaf Lord in i 4 Storeifr Sul eby J TII Al it & Co 7uly 211 4-4 k71 yd'ruds S7t 1 b 104t 244.\l 4t 4 'lii,, I4'774l444,44447d h4 4l4t it,4 uu4 1'2 4 J 'I'ItAYEl1 4%,2, 74 I'<,vd,7 7 ' for siae ly ( I4l47 4 7 4 , 93 44 New I.eree (I IIE'VEI.V , ortllh l tn f HIonor, by Lay Ly ttIon t l / llcwer, in 2 i lt . bit bl ,,i'tt III: (t ' llir a y U i , l lai it 5 rt-t s, ci t ,,ii lui mle addedn Ililtric l (ldhsI Ion Ib.n;tp days of Eliz- ran, The Iha lt o Nelsoln, h ilv ai tlthor ofll le I.l" n v ofr i. , onu, Plelhni, the I )ieon nesl, &c b,, whitl all the khe nIew wolk's 't'lte day, Ir sale by auv ju ... I.., AyLEX Ti )WAR, 49 CamLp ,t . ". l W &Y V kAL UABLE U(i),iS.-illlitIry kitt'lei 1 of l he I tatett'ie' lle'ii ll:h(I|alt d in thei eii lnhit , J,, o. tlt' 3d, tt twhlch is addel d reiElrks X' il hV llrty ,d I t Ia, ays to ti hich t s addt a disserhation on the ellue'n tic t d lthe ,..ciint·t Ilv Htenr Lord 1 ruugl~anl in '_I "olS. , july 23h 49 n('lllll street ' OPULAI. \ WORK :--Ze.i.,i or i iers firon l m i Prolltic eor Letters ftmnll R,ne. ,:.merie ll ,"'eorl.r\,', a splendid work, 21 No:. Reeeive'd t ,ll \ iltd Fo ter t with t beat tti ittl oluu Il' tlat'ets. iThe ( Chtils 'Ilrawing ilook. TI Receivei d ind itr eale b Ale, 'II\V. t A july J5111 49 Camp street I S1THE AMERICAN LOUNGER hy lbe author i it Sapt Kyd. 'The Pirate ofi the (Iull, &c. .e. in lle vollmP. lea Skietlhes in London by tile Author of thile ' Great': .e bi t ,rol 1 is." tag, Bentlc and Bar &e. &i. in? volmmes. t New Plcket latlna ini 2 volumes. ct AIlst Ihm nit't'rd Ilulcnntd Iln tIm ni at foiund. Itlst lle viAlex 'I'OWAR, lingnit1 49 Cente'c-. d 'LHfE AMERICAN. AL.IIAN\C antd Reptsitoravol SUseful Knowledge, for the 'year 18fi3, receitved and fi r sale by DAVID FELT & Co, S .may 13 24 Cha( t S" A '11OWA ', 149 Cnalplt s l. icil.te NI 1K.I.IIUY, hu 1o.-Siollnoutu ie.' . 2' 1 ....... novel Iby J P Robinson, author of l ..tter ~ tc onl Patng'l . Cntitntion of the 1i)ary l' the Times f (Georgle the IV.ehitied bv John Gallh 1-q. in '? vl- -es fNew IHi geragphical l i liei nnllty by tie lev. J l Itlake. i aVtlth various standard buooks. joust ereveal and fur ; I aleby AleT'l'OiVAR. .Ug27th 49 Vamp 't [:. A (eo. inth, Ianies, I'y J..,U , Lady Charl,,' .. Ihur, ell'. SIolomon .e-lw, by JP R.liaoatemonthlor ol Letteri u~ ( · I · i tl Ir Ji£l'li tilt' : CIha l. VInent, or thle +Tw.o Clerks. a Conlltl'ti re tile' S ','n. r vici itudes u both hemisphires, a hh' of ltu tilt I etl t'ltlr lry. ni t t . Nicllebt v No I1I. EJiz'l siiutih, No 9.i 1 ni 111es' t, ,l 111nll illI Ih 11d1 S O it . 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Jl -f)'hie .nte.lllan i ofthe olid SdliI ; Sketches off d Io dltl tll, h oo. oIhe lllhllr | alldhlln II,',.ll enumt of thell ihe Iar. z keu'c l c, i.- ; lier J o1111 ' "l'yh, r's Poc·klt la'n,,, ltliII I:chrat is of the best Aunhor.; (:Coopr'- Naval his- Ifn hinn; C.liic'n, h by ia Bt.eIel (te; Pllhlce lies); y re ,+lll'.i,,l, Iv (', per, a new editinn ; (luhas Tv'yrell, Capl Kynd. )'lle Hulguvnul: E: Jc)ll'.S - t"o. 'tug 24th 2,v. tot St('harles aImt 11111 unlll 11.51* tIe d in iaet(e r tre f Qeuete leeenctht in Ihe hbil Galullr, [Court of Cotlllnua Plcalsand lhe ('Iltt of Ex fh e first Nmnnlr of the alcove workI iS this ant re ceived by Alex 'l'vawar 49 Cl. tlll si elrtlet hl.r·l· thliet ;g il hers of the Blur are respecllully irll'lle to call anll ex E:W BOi~KS--"l'he Crullp," at lale hy lhe ei'll. ra f mil'y; lMuulolars odf eehrltted \\'il(iill l'u l" lR P Jaoloe Es. ; the. Naval History of llt U Stat;s, by J Vellllhllmn t r '(111er , auther ofil Spy, \ e. * BIlilth.,L)entlls and Alarrhaes, 1ff TI Houlk F~elq. Nn.2 Jack -heppard, by Ainswortll ; Phrelloggy ill the funi\ If. Just received ard for sale Iwv ALEX. '1'i.)W E I1,49 C'aro -I si'CIU. N UL-." - SPECJF/. ,UlJI'Ir'Lt.: A LL wil are, suR erilC "roU I 'III 1'1)4:1. DItMEA4I < sulh us (0. [I1t(Il I( ' (iI.I " I:Il ·ý1 NI'NI(:· I'UIti ld ILIAI4'I tj44l cF4 I 1 Ii.\lIr ." I11..41) ?II , UltEI''I IA,1444 I IIi.)lii A'Rl'1: (iI.A IN I. 1 . I Dl l ;1 1-' ,11 L I: I 4l41 fthe 1J - IIINAIIY P'A1441AG4l44, t"IN). 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