Newspaper of True American, September 10, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated September 10, 1839 Page 4
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BUSINESS CARDS. P SAMUEL 'fTuIY, AfmýetrAndrl Broker 4. C,,nr,,n,mt tiercAnnt, "dý l.It', 3G. ,('nap A.-Far the present. J. P. FRI EMAN &'CO., i o rbl • .i ,VOW| Sai .lll elfo fir fu. 3, hugarnote enlte, A" onastntlr "l hand a large aulr|y of Cloth tug, Thalruleled fur the uunrry.,trade, Their ns. aomuens bhine large. mnerchant tom the country can be epled at tile hbortes.t notice. NISURANrE COMPANY at OF NEW ORLEANS. at ThO Company arn ow prepared to 'take a R QSS AGAINST PIBS. OF-FICELI No. t4 Muason'. Uuilding, Canal eteer. Nt E L T'RACY, New OrItMn, MaIy l. 183E. ,eertnrCv.   T C PP',. Ibr o1, ro l er f byr ". ,. AII E DEVrEllREIJU Ind 6 .r·nalllo lOvk at fHAMP, IN & COOPEIR, No$1Lp and .aNily stMrs put up. mret 5 L" I--"Lt.T . . ~IP rll 'P1 l a Rn OOHS N .u. 6 Bieilville gtr,.e1. 7 IILLrM Ct. +.ES , w efll rslpetftlly in V irn htl'Prloed. lnd tlo plnblie that lheis con aly raneivion frodi Niw York and Boston a goad nat;fl.l rfitutre, sutt as tahlogagny chnirs, b.oah.s laiedda mople und pIintred chairs, ndple and mherry b+dijenbtnl mbhog.ny and c!arrv tablles uf all Et"iu rda, burtneoov. n'..te, aecletaryr, wri ng -t, wnrdru of maognfauly and cherry, waah ar , lonkiat gl,,toey , reragle ra, beddins', &. &Ce. N t,. Furniture packed for tranplornaluat with great careo. 1hv 13 .AliISIONABiL OLOTBIING TAYLOR & HALDEN, xi.. 14 CUhayoren sreet HAVE atunotoltbuptlia' f vceror anticle tltrrntntin, Sto. a uaoi dross, bfitthe latest style, atNew York Pmes F dee 21 EA1BLISIIM'ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Uppaosite Ilankti' Arcad,. I'ILL!..JI UREEI', PROPRIETOR .... ............. . n...... ANK NO1'E ENuIRAVINU 3AW'DO1 WRIGzr HATCH & mDsoN H AVE e.otend .i a moree in N.w rleral,.. pe.'nn.ig equal dvantagen wilh their house in York, IM the p uase ofengreving and pintiEng Bonk Sintes, Roads. Bills of E dchange, Certillees of Iheponite, Cheeta sad oltherimportant papers, requiring security against P'orgiei. and hqve ntrle ialple piviosionor bteMafe keeping of all pltis nnd imprcesinn, etru ad to their care; their eperi.l ns emtbracelhe Inites of over flive hundred bakki. institulionn, and all rtrdvri will be eaecuted with or..ipitudtlr, annifn tthe nsual terms. Office, corerof Rovul & Canal nireet. BAZAAR. D118U di& ALLN, NO. 1, EXCHANGPE tto'Tf.L, Corner of S. l`,. rle n and mnmnio eta,. NEW OIDLRANS. MORTERS and Dealers in Frrnel i,d Eogri-h Perfuma-rv; Diesiog Casens.r i al Portale l,~k* r Cutlery, Ilneiiy. (loves Slhirrs, Siocks, Uiiirelnse Canes, nd FanevoArticlen. o , g ENTUC.-. ...j. als n-, Inldiai Ilhk, itrtao biy A 'IREll, m hoy 3 71 (;rovier li Carolina, -- 40 o 8Lnit a. ELtl,, No ,6 Clhartres ci loa thiD drng re se evd a fill arsstnlltnt of VIcheIste Je~slr, epoone, Spafnckes willd (nes Ware, u llry will bhe oiff r Tole shi low ile Inarket price. nn l I IiEALEItS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISII CROWN GcLASS s Xi. n CAnosnueriL' S dRC t. -n. JOB PRINTING. t"P EVEY DlOCitIPTIONei SPEEDILY, HAN tIOHEt.y AND CIt EAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OFFICE OF THE Triue n'Ilericcun, ST. CIIAtLIEs STEI&FT, NEAR POYDRAS. mL'3 l all HAL & B'lO 2. !n Mtregazine rt S ahetinos and °5 niesa ,Jrk,,n itn 4-4 Inr own sheetitnga,l laditg flme shipi Charleshlt, fir csam by all Itl IGE c.& ( ,o. Casks Hmtit i. Io du. Si de, and 15 in. a Shthlery , in Storaltir .te by July .l . .. I'ItylAYR & Co. 74 Povdrna St. L OMBARD & CO'S Boston and New Orleans .Li , of Packet Ship.--Thit neti line ol hliis has been expressly built to rn betwoeen the abore ports, and will be found of nsuiltable draft of water: aecomilodntioes for ipassengers, and evory cfurt will be inadelo to give generacl Oalin'ation, 'lIhe hue is composed of tile fir loning shoips: Cheroukee, 415 otons Capt. J liardieg, Carolina, 4(11 deo S Leotist, Charleston, 374 do D iEdridge, Columbianlo, 625 do G aDiker, Seoaman, 240 do J llowes, IBomnbay 625 di, 1) Lonplrey. Tiel above ships are all now, of thie first lass, t copper f;lstencd al ooppired, eomnlandcd blty ina of'great experiteoo, hlave large acconlmodations, with o separale ladies cabin; every ttllentio will be epaid to paengerte, and the very ,est of stores pro 'Theo packets will hbe towed up and down thle iia isiaipp, tand the lstrictest punoctualiy oservod in the item of sailing, and slitul tie regtar vessels he dtaoioed in arriving, other ships equaolly as good will ill all Casese b bubstitutedl. A slare of patron age is seliciteCd, and tite agents pledge tlemselves to Snaclomodati as inmelih s practicable, to receive i.d forward goods biy s id line at iu ttitos mnodor. ate clharges, and to advance all oxpnen:ea on goods shipped, if requireld. Tih ships will nleav te tle ist and li6th of every month. For freciglht or passso.e, pply to thie noagnts. J A MSFRRITT, 2 Cotinitot et. N. B. AdvaIeuoienteos ittmd on coSngillln..ts to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. novn7 at a ogrU n e ll. ne, tIh- right i,1 p'tit,. on irtn ruls iii illis co ilt . 't'hu y are e dn ptd t,, tlut It. nnlltllnn at ,,nee c, .v jtale.+.c antd durltlllthr , aind are perftctld fire end won.r prof '['.rte ant , Le kiown, and a mdel een at iour estlnitishn'ott I opposite Sdi. .lnry', nrkei, Trhn iltinti is. eol 2 E It (OG'tGWEl.l. ,' Cr k t. Al).i i,1 W VIII'I'AIf . Jul "ii? liel,. i+cort L SO'E ;i.)J l, 'i 54 Chitttr ottetl, Iluwe, Domatint aiti h'hllp, keti.e eotso altlly oil hsid an ixtetroivon anO.nttllln t ofebots ail h brogalu., nild sltie,of New Yure notllfclouroe, fir ittn, wonl and ctildrlilu of all iLtrr, owhicih ho will despuse ul Iat very ioiieolete pi ie ir Familtes o hitu a, t iinotoanc ono sending I.n orler will hlltve their wishes atteIndted rIo I, . S]E:;OUIR. III1'E LEA14-b- bids, I 2)1 Ibs act,; 411 kcOg, 1110 "" £014 U d 2. 4 English dIo-^ 1.4 bbln. 10 l) 100 I'aillt Itrufhos, various size;; i bbl, Cupul 1Vranish; Ji apon 1 C UUKC$ 211 pocbo fiold Leaf; 50 dIo Silvoe do 100 d. Dulthb etaled. WI\NIDOW (;L.tAS, Anerican, Er~lishl and Freoch 144104400,0, varioua sizae anld quatlitirs. Buaton tLruwr d4.-b00U boxs, noaleigo,,04.t, -ill be old low. Alsoa, i aogeneral asortent of artists' o',Iours and cole, lor tale ly A W ICA'l E6, Nil. Alabanm,,ta neokc , at p rCtnld Mlssai4rip motes nlvI'0recived lo t 10 per ent di4rcount for goods, or pi a ttf ldlts. in Ito r11IE Gerroiro rndrn,, Ilalnrtoof taeorw;ret and H oe. hnool, is pu4t4.a in bottles at til, loa price of 511 I Metat eachl, 0n44t444in tf1e4r.tre44gl of tbe, ccounces of j I.ivenrooenil, i ie tl c ,tr ulrra ofttany othllr ronts antl herbs knoonosnort;,lthe lzdc. . as t" lcatciuuo in curing pulmoaaryc ymnpnnltlo. Theto atinalled success 1,11el, Ian attended bhe 14e of this inestairable bloom whererer it has been intro duced, hlat oblrtaoed the coolidence and. recolmrendu tiens oftespectoble pllhysiciu0, for the cure of eouohs, celds, pain ointil aide, wont cl rest,omtartiog 'r lIoadJ, liner comtplaint,&C. To wltom itooay concern. Thisiasto certify that we have at our prattice frequently presreibed blrt (10l uaer' Indian Itloajln o4 Lioerworl a d IIoorl,',d, wit!, adeideddgood effect: wo can thlrefore, font the know. Iatoe of the materialo it is made from, ontt tbsevoatlnna and a x Ieranee rter oo medl t a nall40eri0s " t ne io4 tr tlnesaeoctIarionsf 40 l44440f,,rolhich it i re rntaeadea. AL.DIE I' WItL 4 31., AI. D. CALVIN Eis I.I A. l). aletber of be Ioolostn Medical Aooociot;on. Ilototn. ctkober 25.. ale by JlfI'VIS & ANIDREWS, 1,1. 1 1 to ' t I - rrnla t. «i'Nt1'Y4 Wbt r i~f Iol'ot Irtonl, received O,,4j0 I4anlv14y litI'0)I0ILE, 13::'u11N & CI). tnmy S n9o ' r9jti s". CIJAL-loo n4414n4444.Oa h400 ..0 a~i hat~d alttgpes4p,4ll~ TCaoenlar.4lcLioeep.e6 cal. in Ibtlk. .4 suprerior quality, 0441414 they offer for noal, in la's to ui 4 r4h,4 ,e Ale-n Cperlte 14 Ithe lftne erirla from EP22 lnd tell t're Noelh. Conn-'. Lehhi anl Peach, I.(,e ",ti', f ,l, hr-ben ord arrernedl pot op in It 2hede. cal n lrre (' ,...,;:" us. -a'l -P obhie', Orb 45 irt .44 eh. r-tit e, N"- .., - 1i4411 a L1..ten.4.... i pt~t.,l) '.ran.1. r~r'b. B.A1- A SK4L'LEp. NEW G.OOIt-Simmlna Hart & no-ar naw're cL l rining fromn on banl ships Yazoo, nain Sar naga~ tuldbri" Conncrdia, from New York, a "reat v"inly nlt goods in their line, whhic togethter nthb ttheFlt foret stock on ln.d, maken their assort ent very!. plte.l l'eloline atoing an:plnea part,vi,: elltniot, .,,r'.";d, tnuk and lresint leansni n n no oeenll dentri tions, In- N die rnbber, silk aod worsted elastic garter, adtrnon &. fin elastic stspenders, lo uoteo anid Lerild r ante es,n ieidlisl powdrs, pow.l, r ull'sa nod alxto, toirlt moul der, IpOl et ,anks and .aullets, needle.onoks, shell, pearl, atnod and ntoroeen estd cses,l head ornatlnents, plaeinco ral bends, aenklaucs and negligees, bead chains, bead aeeklaner, ent class and plain,need,aiver rantd giltbeads, Indlian eoal., blls end iphllnes' pistol anoh largepow ner flasks, nlltt blelts, horse, bet. loekat andc duelling ilatios; double and ringle barrelled ean. Bonnie krivres, and dirka.s. nilsn,, snsleror, pocket nives, tard clainas, anti ribebon, waist bu,:kle, cloth hair, tnoot nail,comb, 'runb, shoe, plate, floor and dunting brursne, Cblngae, d Floridn, lavender, rose anad ay wauter,aanrtell esoenea, and extrc.o .teecasar, bear, antlqi e, arid .ardl' vae getable hair oils, shaving lnn toilet a.ape of all .de d criptinns, ladieat tl getlenr d sdente k; and trnaic s reases, Ihair rieglets, friztten and ,raids, plain, fancy and amusical work boxes, plain nand gilt, finurd, coa anll aest nbuttons, pearl and iervy shirt lu, e Ii st.adda,.gnld, and silver pencilcases, tuoulprekbn and twneeerr,splated and gilt lncketu, niniunre do, silter, Iprs and stetel Snimbles, hooks antl eyes, hair pins, anhitnaisn fruit, blk n d ordink, elh, blacking, violins andl guitr, ribbedlh tad plain aereussion caps, linlu twine, ncentel entah. Sllls, gold nsd tila.r lace stnll frnge, latter paper, gae b ige, ing 'inilns, walking canes, phnvltngcatda, fin En, Ilatand d gilt jinellr &n. line above, together with a great variety of othler ati lee are ofierelat wloneale or uetlail uon ancounudating ertie. N B Shelel combs rpaeirdt i-E' I Y, Hlonae, algal, atil t)rnnato s i Pninter a No 3 Caranndlet m-eet, two doors from i Uatnlst a%'. InImitations of thie fallowing wooedsr s marbles,nl Saeeotted in a nilaoter ItaI non InnaNs. Mnnlnhgary, Egyplt I.n blank mnnl gold, h Oak, iialla annd Anltio, Pollarl do, Orienlal or vcr atiqtll It Cnrlell t, Jasper, unrletad Mtnnpnle IIttnul vuline, Birnds Eye n.o.o :u by Granite Satlnn Woodn, IPotonnac, Ilair Vonod, Iiot o' Bolnrlello, Yew 't-ee, Ittlian VWhlite, Conl-mndnllle or Ilatbk hilllli nonnll Ilrnetells, Ilr, Wool, j Aei'an nteey, Ash tIhite Oak, ka. k ke. Curlteld Elm, I Slecile.niln to in uean at the siol. aainets. oils, glas, couial lnrnisld, hc. on ietunn iad ilor sle. ml 'ltON,T'I'EEL & HEAVY tl(lttD-lla-tt, square Sannlld bndleliron, well aLsrted.t. hluop, sanolllannl rod iron, nail rnds wlld tpltlnnt C:,st, German, slnear. blistaerd, speing, lLeet ad IT CIU'nowlcn stel Ilnnllnw war'e, ctat n nl wrnnltt ntails antd snikre n, Zill, blnock il, sill nid glnllnld ttlunes, salt kettles Ct hinn cablesr, uniclhOr, hinna On, tlrg t it triae cinainin, cirn mills A Aia ilt, ilees, t o-nn mers snnllnallnows Wire, slaeet, pign aenti lr leand; aliot . Cnd, nland eloking Sntirnel nt A Itlnlnwnnl', arti .thonr-aues ansd lstovels Ilook and llte ingesa, door aln winduow Ibooks olinns, nits Shays, ainll tiler taxes l-r'nd anld Mnluniilla corndltge, linnes and twine Illtltnll atllrlllilng Clpllelr; Nn.dl stores Painnts, linstedl nnI ndspelnm oil A Illl aslsontnieit n nl atalwnre snll ship ehandlery, always'oia Iandl, u dt whlicallnla , tf-nd f'-r ialreatl wllnle sale or reltail, on the tnnst faU.anlrl lt'rms, byI m4 LAYTI'ON k Co. 53 011 i.eve. Stlltll'it I' I ., a N NN. HOUSID AND SIGN PAINTER No. I e (:n`mp street. Wlhlesalea)n)aer in Pains, ),il, Varnisles Brueaheeslat Il:10 II hndlwnn adl4: Pc urn (lsSr. &e..\a. SOAF qual ie-. onentiv in .14 t-tore and frxtale y StlAltl.4. M itIW NE, tnar t9 91ii hilgaitie at FASHIONAIBLE CIOTHING. R OBIXVNO.l/ 4' GOO 00D I.V, !N,. -4 C(:hnrtres r trele EN. O Uu, r Itlh lienv.le. f AVE constantlv on hand every article allpetriln illg to genthun'nl 'n d'esls, llaulds in tilt le·l tln . cashl at iiednuidt prices. DIEAFNESS A EW artie ilrp er.on ouled tratel with dieai'iie, (calledl Ile thEar 'T'ruetneti) just hee received, hy tile tae It' a hie.l, tihe slightei aftitclttion oaf"iv Ilu llain voietic dipnnctav caavevaetd to tile ar. Allt auol wha hati ever tleern oiigeti i. calversna ia iith :I ver d ua IP"'"OnI, nntllI he foils mell,l;le ol the diftiulltl rlnli - hllrroPltlell ex Apielined both lrele and leP ill d eivilla o ullllrllllall i u alllic'ti. Ily thie oI.n ll I i G:ar TruImpltn this oelioo is aelni e tie lt in itp. I ne th ep ii tical al e iala s I nndu lltllol'tilelr tubs at :r laningt ued li Itls rllllari. For R al at 'I' F GUiON'S, Fany anrtore.corner Iof . mlon and St tharlies streetat nl'ler he Eat ltnage lltel. fieth I 1-,,+ IN I-G l it.'e .ld LJtl l'1 T111: 'EI':TII. F l tlEestu l lile, ai reilutntiOtll nat itnotl t.t iiilltenreti na de luld hor othis erien tail tl'endy ot eprin, iOd pre accreTive ll hlle teethIr, has ieduced lle subhcribher tiler it il iite Amtri'ciantt llllltlt. Arrelnlgeaiettal P itli eea tlladle to s plllllr IIttII ihll t f It l lll p arel vailie lntid larili ill lle ut'i-tid ltls, ,n ia in to plac it ithi the rearh tt tlhan anlltierit" aolI likelg it suFlr Ihis illa haru~aiug of all aeht., Tooth-oahhe. ,hellle applied illtolntdita ttt directinll given on brttle, it bl a never tittiet itt a nlttd medtitate atnd itnallt relinf. It anlst irnsts tlhe dca'v ilt defctiiv lenth, aad relievex thatr oe alenel aThiehkir freatteul oaller a l)tOllng tooth lll.I8ies The nptirps'iull rellled are 1 nllt:lc ilnUlll ,rr an IO Ul h.:l'Olllt; amlll ihi large lttllllher of lerntlla in dlt'itent nettl:liltii ti i O llnStifrsthat huve alrirllvsexplerieloleel silnh deli,,lfi, and salttiry etlitut lrOlt tilne use otef tie althu are reitn to hear (ttare thplaic giod) their ta i tiltitony its ee-d rivalled q.altitri. It ni all Itndia, 'renledt t itained ingtllilrl i otllJ aUIPinx Ictdly and tai lie retirlial. .Ily tlhe ci iieiirltltid as tile tluttt valuable dicoevrrv " redman of the wnodls. I'tlea $l or bottle. nSold by JAJ\'Si &. ANI)REWS, 4OIN Mlll--rdrs received Iinr carn tills, h Sap 17 t liAl.l. & ItttttN,tti lMagatine a SOULEID LE.A'ElLI Ai l'TAFILt-Jus tIacived ai ew aner olf Clll and Wile wovut ruled I.tter Paper sol, v ry l p iriId. Ir JAa Vi I) .IIL'I' F E.LT . C. N'Y .,atioerrs' linl, junep 15 2o4 h'lrtre st JARVS ANII. ANEW WS . WIIOl+EdAIE AND) RET'!AII. l)r Dl.lIA S IN MEDIINES, PAlINTS OILS DI'E STUI,'F' +'I eD ItLV\"DO W U1..SS, Curner of CO]ImIImon aad T.hoopitoulae streets, NEW UiR.EaNS NAI'ITHAN JAMIVIS. .JOlIN W. ANIItEW,", A large apply a Garden Snlav. wanlnanted the grtwtl, 'N)REvW -Mltli & cO:., rtesipectfiiily itnfrm their frielsi and the pultblic in enerial, that they onccupy the ntiw Ibrinck lhop, 219 ''Tehoullitonla:x ,tlrat, where they khep oennsntanly oil hand Copiper, Tin and Shlleet ron Ware, of ,every description, isuch as copper stilils, hittlec, and ptlps, till bath. ing tu s, 'I'd Oil cans, of all sorts and leni, and all other bIras clsting dole at shollrtelt notice. Grtu hlrs oft cvlery do-crlpitiol, stlch ni steaml. Ioat llilrups, hoit cblltala, sa:ruv otllts, itarll othel kindt oftlaulltIll work, auch as clhimneys, breech. or, ateaml pipes. 'they will also do all kinds of out dnor work, suchll a zinc, copper and tin roofilg and guttering, &Ac. They and all other knldl of work in their hIno of bulsines, they will execute at tlhe shritel ttotice. din"27 PIas :RIr uSTIA., \his. ST i tt s l lltli tiitlN n wit 1i late i" iti 1t1PI fr the a,i:tlSll, ut ell r ie ilta lllal ,llut il ,i ,ielldllCu it a1r. J nllu . tletulnlml [ ii . Cnlit i. ~lhlxeeitllnn a been vtI colllsidelnhly inproved by andiiind Ihlldimls j Inniliiince reo .nll h r,n c .lll ar tlll el;l i ll II ii W liangabausl . Fteunt i1irnia h ire.rt. I lau s i .rt i liiht fife iht- . Irea- tidr nt ull and oll ie t nUt h i ea s urlhgd iantr- gl. I e tla ,t . It it , i il l I. hltt l, t nat s in o,d all :ii rmgi lillle r h uel olfl llPi fCur eotishu lid l tll &ll.P Pxlllrt -I ,.i ht I .ln ll. 'lln ce i t hIt ith Ir el i I ne l ellll I rl i f tt , .s if nalu n tili icf inyn il tJil fu liAI tiy1 4 ll, I i E t rln Ia nle aillr I h il, l s ci aV r Iha i n diiell , hfnip I allnnd, Il ll Int l . ll l lt e lll llallu . A Leserfu 1'a. is kep ulat lihel t i llr hP l-i.xl a . la'u tel, NU. w "l ich still reentane na llTatlll an j en 11 1 I - i a i lil'rgl Lý hnl. -.Iý,... ... ,,, -'I-. 11,5 ('lit I'-Ffl.-I 'TG ..... gin lFt shrsll rue? hae,' i'l't re,.ised t harler itenm vl i and ir rr s l ia helli tine enl of r'ia ' teIt rll tinilnr il ;-I alll oai 'itte.-i tofc.twnd, i Ca t l h a ,arlnrh aoo+ Ilarizv ae Ptots ofnth lrichest roantd x d nhul. har n ll ir itporiht Pa ln flln d do, an trel n grated n i llia lr I' I tei tr & i. I'o. f lri.,t ll il.. l _i , __ otaves, ort. of a llnitluprit r fin i'h iand ja twhich fat canlee nniin In O dlsir inn regard n i n tlihe beauty of their to yA.. aI'dl tlr a prof r fmui r re 1 ll1e01 E Jl IlNS & t:a, r,. Charles .t. tJ4 tlnl eit the Via erandah I . Exchaile hinu l hlnganalr, teri etrat r, ini palitl. dl 614 galn Il Swalrr thes ;tiia lln Onlar orle hAv . Aln,, a Ara J Pla WIIIaE & T\cl:' in ECagypl AiL hl.h. Ftrsle by ie. 'iLI Emetahd II Bael fr ule by ( iItta' iA tO 1i, in; Ivolt.ny Ilae Criel artien U A lAii Re+nrchelle, inqu t-ri. coc nern. tn S tie ein'u| hur'tWritcs o&f the Ntluh tei aent Iidli, first rlie Adin l'Eh. d ad Li't, y ady - I Inf Crichton j.n+"'.' 44 Camp s Si Tiels d L Baltimore Packets ' NEW ORLEANS AND BIALTIMORE LINE POF pl PACK E 'S. na This line will cemlost of tine following vessels, which have brei built or purchased expressly for e the trade, viZ : an d Ship -eanamsn, Capt. Miner, nil Bark Mary, " Nickerson, t1 *Irad Ferry, new - Stevens, p " Solomon Saltus, " Lathamln, . rig Architect, * Gray. , Thesn vessels are of the first class, have hand. some furniehod ccomnlodations, and are of a light i, draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and at . discharging thleir cargoes in IBaltimore, at lthe ctil. 1 aFreight will he taken for portls on tile Chenapealke Il or James' River, and forwarded by tile agents, I Messrs. CLARKE &KELLiOGG, at Ilnaltinare: I Sepenseson goods shiplped will be advan'red when vl d required. Tae iriier uf pas,agle is fixed at $lt, ei eI ample stores of the b at qality will be provided. < k Steam op and down the Miasissippi will be taken a on all occasions. h For freight qr pasage, apply to i GEO. IIEI)FORD, t a nov27 92 Ilienvil'e st. FOR NEW YoRK. ° t ([auisian i and New York Line of packets] It m 'Il; : Ships conlposinllg this line will .al frnil New OrleaNs and New York oil every oiltier Mln day--cnniaencing on the 20th Noveniber--and to insure the punctuality in the linme of sailing, the tin will hereniter cannist offive aships, vis: Ship Y.,ion, Cuaptai 'l'rask, to leave on tile ll20th Novermler. Ship Louievi!le, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th Deemieler. Ship Ihintsville. Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th Deeenlillr. Ship Vieknblrg, Caplain WVoodholue, to leave on the let Ja/iuary. Ship Milssiseippi. Captlain Davis, to leave on the 15th vvf Janary. r The a:bo are all new, of the first clans, copper sd i ald copper fastened, l ad Ipward olf 50 limeons hiirlhen, are of light draught of wIater, beilng builti in New York expressly fer the trade. Thia price - fn passage is fixed at 100 dollarb: their eabise are I e fittid tip i thIe moast in proved and convenient a ~plal, avd finihed ii meat lld Ilegallt sltyle - ,.. Ample stores of the first qllality will be provided, b Sanid every regard p:lid to lhe clllomfort and eire satisfactiun of pseiielllers, who will please take lno lice that no berth crvi he aaeured until paid for at thie ofee oii the covaiidneee. These vesselsei ar ecoilnllded by captains well experienced in thle trade, who will give every at lelltioil and voert lthelintlvel to aconinindlte. Ty,,," will at all times be towed up and down the Missic- p ippvi by teaovi atde,. .d the strieteot punctuality C oilierveid iv. tihe title of naiiing. Tihe owners of these shi:.e will not be responsi. ble Iar ainy letter, parcel or paeckage, sent ly or put on board ofthela, iunless a reglair ill of ladinlg 01 be siglted therefor, at the eounlting house of the b" , agent or owl ers. For further parlieouiar apply Ito J D BEIN & A COHEN, i novl7 390 Comnmon atl Al, '.v OR E: \1 ,N &CilARI.ESTOL N PACKEI'T. 1 Iv ita. liVeoiv oirv sisIII r o vense-,li , ahl,, lira l Ir e vs, vopper., av d, I ppe , r ItsI l 0 ee, ,nd of :,h, , o 201 e s hurt e,, a w"~~ i...,ds,ne atl.".i..tmodations fll , lr l" ees n e,.t , t ie tx ' ii rl! Ie , i, l , ,, I. v ehll , , te ve , l, pl , nlI I v v .. Or, nI o iI it e ovu, ite Ililh anv. 15, ,..f ,vei i v, iv.. ,he t" wi .ovlp, a e i,, i,., iz : : IlrIe C ombivi..vl.J. J I. "l"r oiln, maistter. it lri A hiivivvei ,J L) ,viv', Itlltavir. ti Bi lr ar. g, r I ilill tnr J. A litrs, irre . F,,r Ir.iht .ir nrsn. e, tpl tIt J.. 4. BAREI,.1I & Co, ( -Com onllll I sl. N, w Orlleans, or M C C MI d, f r.·.CilI, elne. ,rd r I Ir n C vin hi* nwr ,. I , CII0OO1C.iA1"s Ind llin'l'a aler I.n I ee il . o Ve ul' t via ln llu'i.eeltril, hok, iea ni nvel Ivi ts2 l'Ih,. riltCr,, .y the (1'ilav Fvvivy i XCHMar NE t i Nw Itnlfhm. . II r It Ili v irl i t ail iri , ael o1,1ir ti l e Dr. Bird ; I+ohll Ialr,.2 v tlime. lt l ie Irahlti l-' tliii ; v iwii v 'iii ar Ih ih I" JittN & iio. c I*i XCII NGE I ON ilts I- t--I:r ril- ha- i r I iihiii'ltl.: , 111 M iiiete.t ILUSlT CON & ASPINALL'S (11"4OMPOUND TONIC MIX'I'URE.-A epeedv and ecur Ifor the Fever and Ague, remilient andi intermnittent feIvers; prelparetd froimt lthe origialll recipe. Used wth cll ientl andil ui Sversal success III 1832, by persllll of itia highesl t Srspectability iii this city, as stated ini tile annlexed certificates. This medieciae is highly rrornmientlded, and has boen extensively used iii tile above diuaaes with a such distinlguished success, thlat the proplrietor of SI the recipe has been indluced to otfir it tol the pub i i1 lie in its presenit form in the hIope that it mavy ie wIl the meanis of relieving many of tho9e who are vI suffering under the scourge of oun ecoultry. It is l n a medicinie possessing greatviItne, and when used according t tthi directions has never failed ofat i effl cting a cure, even in thle moat obstinate stage v of the disorder. It is not at all dis.igrceuble, andI Ipronsr of the weakeot stomlech, andi children may v take it with impunity. II strengthens the digestiv organs, creates anl appetite, ilndl seldom reiuiretsa inuore thani one, or ini ulatinatv cases, two blottles - to effect a cure. Thetire is Ililther imerclury nor lvy arsenie in the medicine, nor any thing injurious Se to the humane constitution. 'file prlprietors are ,w |so well convinced of its efficacy, that they agree lor to refund the price of every boLttlu which has boc I taken il accvrdancl with the directions lind has not effected a a perf"fet cure of the fever & aguef. at A. OLIVER, sole Iagent Ior New Orleane, at his whol.eale and retail drug and inaediole store, courner of Bienvlle and Chartres tLreets. For Diatriet Agenecie app!l to ie5 'T. W. SMITII. 48 CIoni I._ 'a a PEN~SACOLA~ AIANSN EIIOUSIA NEW CITY, PE'L1\COL.(iA. rj131|i' l , ttlrric irc|r iht;rg, t~ur..rtuucr it, e e rr!.,l ftc Irituctrut rrit r.;eie ll;k tll Lc [cnillirhlllellrt II(,lll ll TI hir, ithe ilate hrpr ietrt will Ibe read lu rrt.cit, e i. Neuertv ale It strttrili n rpre nte trill le.tiund in l l' . U rit 3irtrierre i ci. r ew rtitul rrI : t rrru itrr rr I J irrbig it t rtrtrtrsll tll.eihi w itl t uilrUr birlu re t ctl-u-I e e il . I Iteuru nicrcr r, Illcr d I wi ter i etln bieproied lticct ri uull c. icei |. wilxuth lite l tbed lo ttie . l 'llit, whib r lu d hieurrltlllll hi. tMa U l(lo t dva nl tl iaReC , Ci RI rols ae elld Ulirrlalppr w+ii l~l l~l le kept t'.r hirr 0.t I.,*IIH1 errl* ri: , 1 Il(I Wi/il lllld row bolnat, ))1th |,cl.l~ios. nlna,. I helllB IICI lnl ( i.•o I l l" ul~lrt'ler. 'l I( illards ll i lllPd IlllL.. Hll.{ll btowe toh beel qallelry, nl. d t crta litre i ull lrl l TIu irt', a carge iruncrln t' ti rieuet ntre , whchr till uirie lrbuu thie ite r~t i l rv. il. Frtederict Iiatr, ntarte wc urnelly kept uo loin n ri t rilute bflitlltur l r ur, ri l hi lllule r l Itr rc llr 1 tite r tile :r,~l'rlehlir, llktll H vlltll ll:Ih Ilill l:Oliild~llllI:v n5*tllle.. tile n wi l al t Idfine u,,e Ile "l-a e llt le acll yn gllrt tler·\ w~ihl r~l:.+il .+ rct rrl'( r uti, le ttrltrllullrr; u tiL|tbcr l) xl;t:ts t e tti t lttl;tuul e AitP.iuu.l Ti& I.l IGnle an(OIe illn Ito ansge roos luer hll krnueu tu) t'urd ut irui. ciuednCa tecrI niu h-r{. Tiu Iirutlttltlt'lllu ttite getcruhtrutl tre ttrDe Lt r tctitrli .tlllluul rilie, htheu iuctl' rr s rtrerellnrlllr' n hd nlatlrlttt ly ll-r tin tht,~l \tllllc lle' a~cllllld 13th+'ctlollld( I reef ,..+ Illlxllll trh l elle lt ttl o f tih e f iurrr rra i Ir e neillgltl t r lrr . rt'riirrrti tlt tr tt'-u t T- Santwl , hc Ithe Mr0l'ilel n .huu ,ietlpl h -,qX.,iL* Irt inrrr uobr lttltrerr rrT cT loree ihe-r'r Irlti, clretc + felllth v elle dchli rltfl t sul alller r t lrpirl. Ib'ro i rate h trwill rniihu lru tr t'lo u oitlerrle la u c d li. bile, e Ml ih urrti h irtil a P itt c li (et (trlietILe frllll lt the Net Ocineet cut. I N Ahd11+ il N I| AIJlNI.1). Iltt ter rI re 1f tir, 15:11j r (e'ical n le w hrt tItr rie ) rr r rt igrt lelit l t Ittlet rlicAercan ar h rh'ii'clheret' 'r-trjitrt wtettcrr, tcter. -I t,,y' ,t-.' IO. T .(,IIw,l.,m, .I~r (.l:'I' ll ,R rh'AII ='i,-lk.,I. Kiirhu, i Mlluir A h e; 1 cT c " cr, P It [lea Itl-u l, Ill.ll. Oriurrtu. iAO h--l ree l cll , I re i cr rt-terll trlulltlil-cr(itrt il, peettt -cur tir eltr to e ilrnr llt i hlh, E Ilc h lillt t %hKirt rrntl' oiilecj, i rchtc el Icllch elge. eIG TPeuetuhloler rttleNirlltun larrfrlhlr-lh Irhrlrhl tir biciR clie r tc. , trr ea t h e entice itn rtitl. utrh i'iltlturrertt tt'trt ,triter tioE t tn . 'ticr. Gee nthusrlreetnhehtrn'er CI~IIPUBre · Is( +irf ,lly. l tl Sl l.e -trilel tlh.tll t le r illt 'llr I -ll -e Afill .~r ;I,leria (I ip ill r Ii lines Ii Iii) irlllllLI:.l p"r~l l obieltIe, ircle tirl Illr f(hthu-e P f i .mte tet, Ib.Tire nrctrt Chrtteirtit c huut eu II.ih .e t nulhe Reiplllhlilit·J' v|Iillnple ll'lir nlhlh h)Ir l'elll~ll. trrI. tre ,rra wom t it in [EAN MA~IIE FARIINAI'S+ COLOGNE WATPER 9neJl;Q r t'enrcclcehillur thercltr Crii I.EIIP cerr jeer !rerrcirerhtrrulhfttcrrhe hty rtie thttenrt cc itrgh. hrrtrte.- SAleo Artnrciuerrttirli V el trlriee -h' trliter, nlttcrllicc • {lot lld lll YP, @ luo lllt u ilall Itlld ttli et SlleP i torlllleri Ivil 1 bal r lick, nf ruik ci' (r'. - lrlitn tlc t erllnlce, t-er llcu crUsk, kepllhtc.c, Wlr) de. regerut lahttie er oit tinilttltt jrcleteede pet-ct', Fhrtritie. ilrreriue, roete irn cuterate n tlle , Air tclh cil T hl ( thhrhi tre l cc tlllllt r ecr , ceilhirc , ruolh, ii trtrnl leir ge rhr erer'tit an cc aithionecc euhithtll o fu~itionehme itecti cttd dclie ecnrbtaire! jeuel-r. ,fec-cclc Icc nr whleleei r, c. tell I iSi.MONS, ilAl'TT &CO, jity jrt711 (___ Chtittr~rctctuurreet Efltdrilia, hIlutliegl fceetu .hiphuc el eet~llif..r stil, by V1lIcrte, for C Cl it--IN !! G IIA+iAM+.. CC it ll,vanl 'otl le of Pltl.tranis, Loulon. Vi3llH vrigi-,l Vegtoble lljgeii Uoivernsil M.dli ilie, poier l ho- by WV Mithin, Eml. .Nlencie vI' it. lic*..l College of Stingetmi, lieemtiate of Aplthe-. san?-s't.i,mqmlyj , Fellow ,,f llh Urm yiSoiety, Seogeon so lhe llrinl Ueioni I'.nsioi Atsei.lim, leoasser IPlce, 1~aierlfollridkge, mnl Perpetual Pupil of Guy' anl St. Thoe.mas's llospital, l4nd1on. 'This vn.uable medieit.e, the result of twenty years' exltrienlee anil umlnarmllell succes in lih exteinsivel andl hiigii ere.veltnble lrcatice of ibe prolpriety, patro imedil by itie loeult-v ool Iohility, o.idI il now iiit'odtuceit to the notice of the American piublie, at the erneslt so lieilatiou *f a number ol'geiitlemen of long and high msimling in the trofession., It is ho ledi, as a Inelism nory itel, to Echeek the evils and fatal coosequieles arising fliom tie us of the nimerouu and deleteriomll carusnmlt lnisted bilwo the puklic by tha aid of fabricated proofsof nmiraeulouscr,;e, and other fraumi, by a aet of mlercenary, tonprincipled. Ipetender mo totally igovolnnt ol mtdical science, etit it implssible the Iorlstrous UdIltin oea any longer Ino down with lioe itietligenl leIl te ofttic oointrv. l' es,. pill, milid oiliigruecile Im their leitth'eanol ii Ie kept ini e.eci fabilio it oe. ofluelden illnell, fo, biy thlil promlmt ndoiiuiiite.lon, cholera, eynsmpl, Asmslrmn, f.i'1 us .nd IIher lni-.:iiegr coilntpiail, which lra oeten prove lital, iniv o ,c sl+eli I ci eeltoirp, inevetedt. n lct, all those iction vaie heal, shold never be it'iiit them. ltaco ore sohi in pecket ant 51n eeti. $fl cI $`' eci, by evle IeosleC eatie dluogils, tIkstlt.l., alt vendaorof inedien.u iii tl. liteIlri Stei ll i I-Ei Csctallunu, wvit SlEmi lsctreetinl, togetlner wlth enltniiiall ofl perolrivolal alili trlion thile Illo ig ienu.eiiit gentllemien: Sir Atlev Citilo:, J AhenIer.i,) Jones Iinnd~I, .It. I)., %V Haeck, s . i).. J. A Ion Key, A. Ilavllnlilo, ho . I)i, and llunierns otlher. TIhe originils ny t{` ie o.n Ii se.lsl.lOll of the Ceneral Agenti, i whom i' fne mdlieie is imlprtedl ilt thims r.lltnt., sitlo whelll ll applicati iIOns lieblli.e tloal nlpule. I.i). o1101.Il:IN, i29l WnIaele '.Plae, N. oirk,. ticle ficeoied Agent ner the UioitLrl Slalet, ec. rFor ale he apoilltoietit of the oeigiinl ipeo a'ietor. Iy .Ait i~ lltcmilr Slll, lll)g-Igil, Nill litc stIret, tCi-c'ri Ageol , iiar Stictlier iif niliivil j.iJ lio i ll ' I lt I Ko ,li c , wbio p s, n re ei ., - rw rucnivia f'rnut ships Nasnisile, I.ouissile, Kcnl.rick, Elgle, ,ii ollther late on'invl ror.ui :thi " 'n."ern eili' niln'gcl.ali Icw seleteltl casollollel, Bool, illmoe. olld Id itrogilm, umnn sitlhl ol'g.Illeoln'sl flSe cllf rcll and Ml ieo lourn do Qio.lil.; ldo bllSIFd, an toinuall wx pegged hlts o cariolmollll onliesa mln.'s Cinii cenl o iii v .ls in \llon. rbs.. all ,.ps iot llrooia, Iai kslki boes, lavg c ais n hlnte s:m mei's une calf oni kiltep, I loeged uones ii:l I lrogalll; Inh; l;o i cloi t kil hip l ewx tIeggeeld shes i t bregans; geontlemient's best llltlliy eall'seweil rnIls. I'.ogle d~ al Jecllck inweings; do clf et d oI UI) i stkle bisc and hrog:ll r s; l CitfPsecl .vilA II .llli.

cI rdti mnshbe i t sll it O lix . do ellf, boll n an sec wvc-, o i n e i tle; rlto tli e ci ll, se . ll mr d m lue I o Alnl ll:a.. irok;i oyl', ises' mlly aetlvl:iellr.i.l l re I an l sul bIo ,ins, and aci ls of el erei i iinl ki.d i t, Alo n cgel.iil tecvvuuictev' I vti, tlllvlll il : ci t'iLt h rlulelit ln Imice t e gib , 1 llt-g ... c lll h i lI11i ' Sgl-o l iimtit ; liliti, risu-l h lioivii:ttls, naiuledl i tll,nl made exnprssly for iplaeiiclvv the; o g-ovl as. i ullollll ofic slll o l .t oIi k ipiti lt i1ull c i.t in arltie, lilll ii lig qeclllll iIntv i viinleuIi cl III r seslulnl wax billrol'galllll . l.lieti' line calf, seal, nuroeve .1.11 gl'tlll neil, .i.-" pcmp mlll' sIoem; ito ldiU f 'ileictiNh \)ltenco iuIIdil 1l'i. no lo isillli s In;i- rov IeeI , ciii "Ini't withi tII-.i b lucalf, seil ui lout ileilethelloule.i; tv' Prulclla is.i, lfall ki..s miudtl ulditiel; di ilclllinget osu- vlit lltlill.l ii ndlunr Ino Itele. .liem' latiiog sjowing slotisi. OiL ,gui. C.ildreni's coltredl1 arie. ail ladmi.g liiv.. enllesmeue's inefuurlluiounhle lhiclkcu iit;I ; iLo blacI in lilcb heacerlv ti-ital ca suieiillvoer ; Iio iouiliiiii II ronill c lltvsI I cll ll nic lll. i n-l- ell.n i li ll i , ill okitm.Rtia m hori licliic-.lcl. ,c 1 heir nsctiele. - i iiil to ;e nize t e ll enhtvi luvililiiv; , tohlhi," allie m, I )'i black g Ieiii Is.iii weoi l lliv ol fllil Iapwihge l sn tofb)t' o i hl l l elti m Ii llolll. I C oi- o' lllli w Il ti t ml l hl ii . clll v ii ',1 i ,,I :II 1 1i + I dIiI b .eitc ll l e)i celclil l l lll-i- tpliill.. l llI I' II- ,i x ci lll- c lllh o o iei I i m l 1,' llllml-d l e i l lli ' i , h , rlie deilor i mei a iltlirle. Ie flh lh, c bh l i l , s - I, ll" i hee .ie Iy iiiiled l-- I ; . vii 1 i. llitdelir tl+,i.l Il) m to he peeiebill f eix ve e id1ll iii (ih :liN, cli tIA; NV Iay [ln a1) IrI ll iii ii'iunt, m id.ii .bleh l -w c rhi ic ipr iewenll titln Oli ntse ..lllt of lil, ell..,' et. I slo ton t le righl idu e i iiliethr lii. 1 iiiii -i iii Ii- ma e l cOfid, ielyv nder thi cue of tiue.., u,.ri-u tio be perlicl-l. cured J-u IIN u 'AN.11 feb il Iy quite well crtr i e to lle cu.-. evil c i t,- .,r It h l'hle will l]od a t,, ,, -,'t r Iur libiv t phl .. N''w" lrlnn. Fe 1,1.113 . I ;'I3, f I vK. Jian I 'AIlLIteiiionentiiiin i th nhooki iog n e 'l. nth j lo.ia 's e ul 7n le r-i.,i ,i~ ROiVI. 'il'TS T.IBLE.i: I I ,'i(Rir:I T: •ir s ll ell lanIS 'w N'yii, l .1i~ Alt'l:,[.. 'l llulr I.:Jhn lar f1 ore itin ase re hnlr s fo Bo . cii t.,a , wii h th'l e ,iepi ie 'rn ]eo , t.i l Iuihn st e i ll ; sim it led. ei ot fin - tlrei c ln l 'r ilTn ee witlln; e se n i enti l eL m isen Esii it , a Ii i size loit lieI iA''' luatiircisriemik n the hInk i in mienrlh the mooklnev. 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L'- . l" h lt' a'll g i . ... . h 6 , t . r I siti ll i a.. i... . ' Ilren ni i e i nllll ll lll e llti n neI tillk'' iiini nlia i 'tiii.Ii inln i c1ab lei c hlleci in eknIr i inllnl tit, n- cet n • endi anlll lna11' i Ie l' i lo rik f iteli s I ext tl ii alli irinuie i ,gii nl t i n,, if n u uso l h l ut l l i I e ote mli ide hnti li l of siei l iiIn ihii tl" i nlllllhl " illl l; 'tiini o if .i m tumi iscu, iingeclr, Ise li. lill)so it rlplca fio iii ci t iiiiht ime iiii.niulem in tin a 'ini n i f prtuli iii. di esidrtur t, :elt and Sgn o ity llof it tusb heo tri,'d :rod iiI,eed i e iirin ii a l ihlei.: Lk and p i i. li. fes i I It e iIy lle l l ci il l l l t l erfi , li. " " u e er l ti es l'ell ll(r ,. lh t N fl'l ex uel:l C, ,ll p tle h iAl* h otv ',a 1l it : It siI l.r~lt l olthr So." l tlth 11 ilT I l " l'. · of c lAduhlll for am;l "l ll. Pll"lI , m.+l, . till, h, hll for b auk itlllull.+l, ;iiniiElll1u ,:iu uhe L. ,k is o da t svlll l l nn li - i iii .ll lltj cii' ,lLe n as n i, ill lHr l I l: : ' i\c IliT' li t c i11iicu 'dm ,iiII; I llien li i w l.., l lt i m th e I I rh onk" ish Itr lo .ld ,l h tI l ,chat of o z I n' R s ilu e I lta ll Iti .ih iuiaid .iof .III .U.ders ItI~ isnrnrmrr lll iu nteih t, In i ts c ankg't n.ihlc ! itll lblaro l~t, ul l td h.I a'. t. i r l+s, In' lr : lJti ' ,h )' acre nluld , eve'",h l, r ine l o tlll .lu· a ,:l !uld most u r;lrlr m t'l.,t mlll lI, jllltl tii tlll."iitiar dllt al s I. iI'i' Iollll , S ' e l e eesin l fior l ,it .l, hi , i .+, , Li: i isitd llnU - c. mi, icea, iyiitoiii inl, I h u h .its n i huin i ell I:d ll, i its sa i llg . 11111, lia Il. s i :I'r.r,, el hiM the firm eultill c., ite i'u ,, ttn t ilt ma i 1 ir ,l . in ai Ir • S " , Iw. I rrc lllls el lll. in I nI I'. ,lllnl ,e I0 a eell l dII II t. U ~lic " .lllcl, leirasp .I e ,iit.un ,iii lt asleui ii i iiti c id ii . lltcI i h P l-i'dei 'I ollit lc l it . i ,,` i$ ic co) i e n. i il elnl rlUllr I IIIX I tll 1 "llo. ,I . 1hil'",', il:tl 6l,6lul(.,. 'ic Ie,le idtci h'r Irh'+ ii'e t lln 1. w .nc ii 5 enc i , bn c u i i.I i" Ii i t lii e l illuuu :niii lici l I, ii . ic l i I ejiencl + . r ciii,. nt i'i iilU.d m ti.. im,k, c.,, m:r " i uiii tut3it uI" ii u i . ii. ,i othat t o , in, it w ,I v U ,,,II, ,Ih,'lit "? ;,'. " ,I nul,, i, h.u llnud ei di c .sili.u.t lie rnii .',i l i,.im , i he l .llrng tem . c lc ' n i n 1;,:,.1ii ie n.,kili, ,llhe lin. i i u ill,+.c -, lh:,t ob.i ik I lh n net l hlll ml' i linlr I u lli u iuii l -l ciiim l ,n u in . n'ii h i x,i .,Ii i ,i allm ui l..-. SlI, s." l lt Inimi, h..i i t ,ti .r:m e bc . ih ,I ciii-. ii. a. iii rll, c Ii ti, tn t lie ul t amci ll t - : imlhulctlc t. tkiitha.i l, ihol miii'ler •' t ri r r l .un i . iI cmliouly ucdn i " an, ~ cthtion llli i" iif pa tc iiiiii:! wold, aiiiine.-f nin ai . a ,ihx. r i, tin ln a l'i e r Je'em niiiei t. ali i:n inl in. a ' i imhd t t afpl' l. I h'Ip exe laiiis. 1ii i s..npm , f . Giii mand 1nim,l . a iavia I. I. ,cianc uc . iih ti llllc l and hltxPlla did , ext lie - .llel lil- w Ii finO Wlll' &lC ks nh l ii st:l inlt,' Ii.ur ?I t;OSlip & C'l. ýt ('Ivr;t, d Tot,' TIe FLORIDA LINKg Froam Mantle to Augusts,Ge '. leaves Mobile every day at hr Nee ; du'clock. pm lper U S mnail trast N for flail'a Landlne, above Blakely.--Le' nce four t p.ast eachles to Penesac.l-- henito alattnliotllt to Lngrnl.ce, wherethtn thtlond e is resemed-thence sit vnH MariannaI and Rltwnsville, Flan. B.liibthidge, Pinderin n, IIlwl:lnsville. Snunndreville & Llis. e vdleto Autiuelr. Ga, elnnecting reulnrly willlh o the rlil road care to Charleston. and the ste llll t ackeli a. Niow York, Nnrfolk, Phil deolehia, etc. ':leatealmboatsaore Ihe beet for the service, and tie navialtion presenlts more advantages than can he found upon ally etenmboat route in the south. esrn region. The great improvements in the route have been produced by heo constructiln ul liftvy niles of new rocii, by the proprietore, viz : froll 'tlGrange oii SLntFaevlte RBavn, an arm of Santa Rosa Bay, to It Rrynnll'o Ferri, on Ithe Chllttahtclire river, ten" , les nbovte k th, Cowinrl, or 14 nhbove Cedar Ilalff, wttereby the navigallon a' the river, nld tile con- i'ne dotentioias, and mtre rl'eelntlv the incllon |ve ietrl icrosiig aIt thie l'Owl.ld, lre' enltirely iI 5vtiled. ni e i fine road from, ilaiinra in r.e,1' , 1aliabridr, i,,s. i ad i. lhe rondl(bitlll ro..d vi ,.Iill;h ll,,ehtin l , le'oel il. theldilnice about ftorlt i:iles, and ir'triaoiig the facllitis more than oAle'.r.. - eneh r . Alr,. r. .ronrh ,n iof two hrPse sarge* evern .lhei ..y t ,i II, kiitevile,r vib Pi rr" to Macon, (t: con'llllelinl pilli the lillne to IavannahDIII anti Dirien. iL". A mail alhamle'oat dires regularlv bhewere, o BItlu ,icid e and A,ilac hi.'lin. 'I rnv ilt rs wishiilu to reaseI a ,y I moi m Chtattnaboeslee or Aonial'h - roln. ran Itake ltopr o at at Brownevtvlle. Mobile to P.'iae' lu-- nrd Ron-e.-Itring the litle ocellped tl the rl'ptt' re , it ,', th. protre . frc ilf the Florilda Ine will un it lit se ,ii hlit hllere p.lel ·nhel every oiter lily ietwlren Mhl, I t.,,d Perlla S P a.e errs will leave 1I *I ile at 3 o',le' c p it, in ,te U S uetil bi+o, And rmeroned lt, lt ll'e Lind ' i , wherie n hilUr hlrse toachl will a ti w tiSing ii' Ie v . elul to t 'he exitilelit I.I + of Mi . Cho llilrl.+ Hall, I 1 4 mil diiltant, wi lre they will fid I plensan i ccorni uI ilonion lr i the leight- lenliVln ti l mlllllring Iillly will .lrri e In Pensaclu:l eairly i. ,e VcIuii , I hus eaviiilil.g the dlsueollr rt ofl iet' t vl ll n li O. iat Irh" lanlsion flume, Miolili, neIlcol. !ins' i.le!, PelS. ,lll w'lhere se PI' ni bie sc vu S1. S'l'f,'h"l'o N & C'o. nv l Piainlfo1rie Ioltliulon. i, iliaim m ho , t, .e,..- his hi rtt8ei tos i tthe eiti. z..os 0I1 New Oorle:in, nsl R tel ,ler of ithe pInnll lorle. .lor F l.vln hllero mll .yt,.l-d several yeans ..s *, llhler It I, ull , in privnr nll n llll ie i, II B S: nll, H d; . tI : : . Il of the t Hoe il ' 0 ,,ina litri r. eC In tI Il. 1 1to I ooterd to II t, R. Vj i) Ci pp. All, s o 81', s.. & A , r, H-"-t r-no &.;nses.. A r-'I ocl, rI tH . al p, . aU I 1' bio i ,,, re --r of Aihx.i,. rT w'He .4 J! III+ t . I r' 2 1 Drugs and .Jllddi'rirs. J 5 '-- v ost has I .'. .led l i ll,. II . lhi. cityI. hor Ith lls, tm t'u+ If irlans c ,l it n g er' al W, hol,' sRlI I ,Io - busion ss. , i n is . rei eivin n t lull nupl, of 'rst.h nod glenui r otrlIs, whichl t , wsill sell n t i:.erl etrm Tocl I' torui.iists, t,(d tho ,.I, 111he lll!lr l 1,i oI.% -ri iioi, i.r I ho oS lllll I lln. r", ho w -lI . r ilt !nleerl.e 's Plhllh n- have never be, it r b I If 1,',t. bhi. ei'. li "I" nltous i. Iot , *, r' I . in ,e r l s . 11, aftek . i!1 . I I,. III ;¢ ,. II .; l., -f l V lll '"e! ro-h, ' ,I :hir "h oI f , i , t t. rt ,, iv , i , Ia " 1,r e :ioi-'II . I i -ir - tin 11i iiiii.'Id iiii . 8t iii 88. lh r ",,;+ a e . 'I I i 1111! i tll olll'n l u -o iir o 1 . -.l- i",l hiiir IIi r: .,: oollll l rI tlr l Io rV, ,.r Pll'r, o rr I -ml. chloryII r 1 hkl- , I"e i-ti - rtt o o ,'ilo-i - iili, "oo I- stort i, " ,i Ii o ll f-v-otv -ok n,- i--i 111 :,:ro .'.ilk, I1."l. II .r.l lWl' " m1i. ioo ll l ldrs, it , I l . , Ai lackd Icramius knlt ii, ot rzor noii orsdtaihio1b r lli he lit ' llll l " ' ~~I tr., p illl i - Ivor yl cI orII . Itf Iir tlr'sli pllll, ti I, tiieti-i,'l t..oI iclkPt, It , : r " " ' i P(llr "rll IIa. l!'IlII·11 ll I2eP'.,l Ull * l r i+.i ' -it(2l'l 1 oitoii'-r itio 11:it, CI. ieI r, I , t, , I o priplil el c a ,I ihrn li ca ('t -l 11 .I r . Iw 1)rll ll'l , I s rllll, kiall , cll sl in ,' I , - r Gratn1oll FIIIIWIIIaI \Yllrdll o %PL'|Ilhlllll' Ifl- iI J*% 1 , "l .· t tIII .l l llllr i n rl' , r rC , ll i ll s t-, hOtlol lul I'h.," iv toil. owlldr lli, o rli- ,odll t r ,i li. Iih ,,p i ll 4 hi rl . :iid oioioi.oli. iolth i ooiiut lpi-r oiltio t - 'Io, ii it iiliti iI 0 r 0 ,ii i8 h ii. hl-{s,. lo I;.o --uto , I oir,, ~l r I, . hlt. ides, lolltll, uhlrlP eolllll- s . i, .re.hd llr, nrloI e ,.rI. e .Ie IItvoiIr t l io2o, ofr i w.1, " he oi l co aii- t lll 2 t-o h iiiv sl ii' t I, nl rhi I Dnlltl rir". oillll mt il l lvt , r a i, , V 1 411'ýI E$ - T V AIsFTh r, l IlInon t vnm'hliot:,-luntrlh l l llril-ld i ni too + iI lll. r I I . :o r.lP ic, illl rla tor a I l iii a Il iri tu r IC n heO 8 0lsiwtes1 hute tlul? m ho. w l he or itl re lllllL. 1$- riclll is . io oi rll to, Al d io, iTwith ot c i IoIt-l fora eioor ton pl e TAl'l'lh1 N I Ali ell r I i :nl , i :v'r1' ;it1.1: i1-Fe llnlc a ll ll.lly rich hio1( burllini*( dud iIre wor l.,x 's ae t'lrwan i nl lll, 11 tONN. I 2 .+ 11 t 'IItI |llll..lll n 1 Il. .. a inr tsll, nl llll aii t ll ger.n idIipenl 0rt, w ll'wi8 , t lith nh ii ll l. t L I. tl.-oo l i Ii0 I K a0 , h 'l.-l0 ,t l a l .. i l-to, s yv ioto k I.08 voli. i is nIII .1ot o-+ I1' hr l u2ý Ill: 111111111 a'1 k tlll.V, IIIZ l+P Iii' colst+ w . ll', Io ii n i tt ,.lanhl \ rtl ll IIclllllll l? tole, i . t. hllillll II l'Lhv I1111 ner3II . C 1 1.1"11111 'tl , t l %p rl)..l r )ll .-Il,., l Ol r I, & Dllll. I ,.i ll sel l eli 11 e d 1 if v Er . 1, .11 . o . 11o, - to lr l, tot., rl' i Ave i lt - ir.l , [ol ti u .n 1 lr rr+ - clet, oto l whi.i h still wI0 I ,oh li , 10er olh COOi. n'e cur; id-o illd ill cre~ht. IIuIm I c rs) r., t"h, III [ o. 4ill .l t- ,ttr ) ,totolrrii d ll.-IIi foIiio.ioo ib -- I'tio Ii1o1.- uo-1 i ,-too,1 1 ' Iooi-t ' oi l-l-'r toI v in e-fi i - I nli1", TSL.. t :llo tll I'i r ao i 111 r1 ll l f hnet oo ii-. I o l ,l-rio . I. " il . Iwell lie 1,,1 fil . I nd .. le U E ,uror,. . o, rl- , ie , , li.l ti, l t,i 08 s a-rp 00o1 . i e, toud; l s1,Ien I~.; up ls llt l , r l 'llt llllu t ri o llo r a il e,' r. ne r moud is Ir1d t III1 111h. - , & Ir s 4l Iv s · ct ic 2 -Io \ i l til - ru purr winer Inier - , eli n ri -ak ae 1 0 ll foq wale l . or r1t hl , Ia ls "c s io .t e , - l ntonollh, stu I'ht a o. I srlln h .io r ll.or , ali . IIi I IrIe. st to tll h e *,.. 1o tod lo the i lr . 'il o"l. iFh t lll, C Mo tio tIu ..L I d..ul he iyn ts ford il+ i' , l lode , s a . r" I i-, t. t Ii --r t hei su c 1 ), i o (t0 oI -1 ,i l l-l.d lltt,. &o.l l i i itti o ·,lih . i tf to- · ¥ l 0 , it Je o la o t o -Iv en. pl- ,o, lt h, n1 6 .1 nr, ih .0w I n ti l . iiio fii It I ..v II. ,it 8- I ' ' ' , II. " , lsolo 11.y,1 I llt Els L I' III.o tr I il. st the uII to1v in i ll wso iorC. i 'd li il , loll -i ",fr.1o ma - 'tt111i - -t- .a I.0c i lo otni boo. 'lo I'lrst oooso fl 8-08-0 without ,- - \lo otlt It hais t 1 soil I u too l It I lloo l-- Sl': e soy losoto t.., "1 Ol i II'(I SI:1' 'untoit, Isole on, lIs I1g oltt- Illy, t"qo ir,i Io i tt),i ti oiin ott I 0h It,',,, (oioulollgl Olllo L iis 'llo I Iot ,,n . o, nloto:torLs \ :o s i.. Ill. 'h l s .'1i lll .uoln 11114i r i h I' , ll.0 , r e iil m ll. hC0 loIs i ,o ,ln1 ,dio- -0l00 noIot.orcoi.o0, oI sih, t.ilit,,oh-5ll0, s Ioot t,I,.1 I s. . -r 8 a -l ", "i i Io n ,o itoo' .. lo t s ri , 1 ,I:5 1. Ii \ L1 l, ·I -ut ille , +-,j .lib a I"e,',l,. l s.,r ow ii llst-nn lun oto,, ilioioo ftlo, o ( i''rte ;."t.1t l rIt.tiuoit, Kof tllo 1tu^ ., 0 r0 If t llns, litlhs l l . intIr 11l Ii101 lot- noi8. I n 5 0,1ie,,, r.-io. iiii ohItnioii , I .lil . cols rit o o D ,1'.l ooit n ,'oog "toe s s,: t, , ', V o ,o.t , . odI . aIC l i t, i ll nie 'd o, 10 hlot ,2 ti;:1oe S ls s o,. .l, I, t itllioo.o . & lon , N f., . i h, " . I P ,ioso os msbs ssis fl h r.o" se l 1 s ' i iln i'Poli+. Iornos ,., r.P , 1 art, 0 il .;". .oIuog o l .r t .s . s ,- i .-I,10,1, 1.e , tr uo 2i. I. i. siy. oo, sO-t.,uto,: . 11 , l11 t l . Ib for Rlk, at their penuitnellt Writing Acadlemlies NwcL No. pIl .tree e rel1,,Yw Orleans, 189 |Br'ndway New Yblrk, Iatphtiti ci.. Iloblil. b e It is priculaurl) desined ftri private learners, and [. schuole, end is calculated fLr persons of all ares. I o L.adies avd gentlemen are invited tocall and eamille the swraem for themselves. lesees are given at aseh hIouPes as may suit the T'e ennvemcicnof all, and to classes formed in any phrt of tiLe erle. L.nldie wmi prefer itcan receive !esnnns at ltheir own ref sillences TI oPe nm peel e e ur o lofletona ne desired a ntteali - ·' '' " ' I s ell asttieY wlsh. p, .AtJ B'ItOTHIlit. N ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FOR FaVER INn AnIc. -ln EN years have not yet elapsed inca it wa Cl first regularly subitted to the public; but it li hIas attained tile hlighest reputation; and hls sup. tal, planted every other mnedicine for tile Agae, wherev*. a or it has been known and appreciated. Already ten hIas it ieon carried in every direction throtghoet tie the United States, and still realizes elre tian caid Fro c ihave beenh anticipatedlby its mon. sanguine friends. We Thousands of persons hiave not only been relieved, l but reatcred t, hle ith and viger lthroughl its agsn. Ner ey and lthley now elieerrfully teastily, at every np iuortlnity, to its de.idcd and supreme effcacy. I: is tompoeed of suac medicinal princeiples an are I No elculloted to renew tie healthy action of ithe stom- I acl, liver, and other important digestive orgens, the lose onf which harloany is tie imnmediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also. Ihat it prqdu. r coea an untire chilnge in ithe condlition of tile system, 5e and certainly destroys the native liability to relap- ar ase of tile affictioa. W\hen the Agte is attended ine with alry olher rumllpltint, tlhe empliyumenit i thie by T'onic Mlxlual will not interers withi tie treat. clt menit of the other ediense, Inut wi I even ailfrd an. la slnta-nie by lurnishinllg strengthl and vigor to thie gni hImly dilrillg Ilhe course of treatent. TI.ese who ni, nmake, nso if thiii nediecie lay be assured tlhat fn there in no Arseir, flarks, Mcirury. or any oalier ii arliclo in its elatptaitioa satrfiend v to thce thumanm Sellnitutliln; being entirely a egetdable eztract; d and they mIay have additional confidence in the use thlereuf, wihen they perceive that it lhas tie ef Sfeet f an gePnt I laxative about the tille half a bat. thr tie till hall been, tnken--in cotnasqtence of which, ci there is to part oe thie tnedieine lef to linger in cii i. tie Ilwal to eanse obstructions, and other evils, a arising irom thre use of lmiany of the remedies now ofilired fir tIn cure of tIln ailietion. It lhas been , Sused also asa preventive, by iatany who were sub in jert Ito a periidical recurrence of the Chills, andil it has Inv:arlibly wirdled if tcle apprelhended attacl. Obarere! Tile Prapiitor, illly satialiled itlh tihe a tnparillOed llad universal sicess whinch htas Cvii. sntantli attelnded l punItuaiul andil regulalr usle ol the A Tlnei" Mmxtare, ia all rases of Fever and Ague, n-ia warranied in enggiging Lo refand atll/ ice to all tIlIse who have tlkeia thie Icdicie ill striii(:t ivC 1i I cordanle withl the pirevcribed liriclttitis, tallhout i 'I perfi letly nal lastingly aired. Ro 'T'si. lb.eciber$ llr th whle I-Ivic Lageitt fr thet A SOlllh VIsleulll Slatles, aidi hlave niow ol hlad sv ix- i ty rai r.s of this medicine, which is warrailltd fresh aud genuine. For sale at tile Illan~llactred lIricus i J.tit IS & ANIIlEWS, Ar, Whlittinitle ttritugisii, J nov97 ror Couinlllon Ii'c Ttu olletliti ii lr t.i Alasnjbsilll lit|i I.iunlmtl.matea IloteI, I19 MAI RtY KItI.ANI) respeltfully an. Inetllise ir to i.r itlrendtu andi tile Ipublic iLntIi I lily that she Is prl'pared to acolmmlodaile thtei et j le :lov eltt ahll hnlll tell., alld ikIitIote frllll h t r' at l- ti rltiti r viiiltori eatilntbrtbiile. to re ceive I iOltllllUleiaie f nfr llllr fmVote. She fIt'h elnf. Ilint llnt per uls ventinlll Covinlgl.)l dllringl e |Il 'Ieo r mlolllltl, lllto linld bettcrr ilccllllllti diltii l III earh olbrlffI them.ll onl more ll hbulr. lermll lh ,r cliii, v It I elll , ite atllla ld, aIII d wetll uplidlll wvi itivern a--i-e ;I thu hilr a ilrsnllll d bi ll Il -ot tilehtm- bsllprIti ri . A u shiv rI.Hh" Irllllou -. I t t- ig ihal ht waiiti- ti.OI hi'r l Iv .ri ti p ii It - a tcteo to ai ll iiiin - ,i a- t l ii i I, i simy so' L eter 10.01. 3 liltIN-. ,t:. - i- bt, i, Lt I "\flilll.. (I ll INY, N, 3 .. .:. ' ,, ,.r-- .el ..i.-tri.- N· 1i.,' iiiar -'l-is - lit-it ti P osl,,.. nv r, ,, I 7 s. 'rl*.r t 1 B:B oo b l etlln. , ei li-ii c{ . tilt-i-tidAt i,..tis b I th-p 13C t i. , e Irtc- i 3: t. Iii n i- lll- l.iI t kII , p o: r n.l l 7 sh rl1r 1 .,,, '1T'. K-'ttl -c, Gi t li - - Skih, . 5 doil i j , i,,,rs • ( do '"'1 Il Flat SpId rs . 6 *Io S, , d pidl,:r, :2 do , () iitiI,...r . . . ,| d,) I",rte l)m , . ii ,Ii au h \l..oln box"·· ro 1 1 4 to .| 3-4 i,,t:hler . t li.rg dr 5 rt 7 t.y. iivi Wo*,d .Por, ,w-, 'lll 00ll!grois, iron nid lbrass, f'r+,i ti m Ilh, tN. 3 ta 3: icllih, NvI, li of a peullrior - 4,1 sity ilnd finilsi, Illid less thaln J nllle's ililmpOrted at p,'ice,', ie N.I Iroi., a~esorted, iil eallss of anlotlut 00 lbs ftr v rei'Itiiatunrll iettalcnIi uic 'rl'ihr~e nnd baltter Irons, assorted. i ii tvsghi ,gllu, I t1l toane, a stirtedl fro th I 4. tt i 1" 01h. - l Bolls for Pliatatinistnl cibots, chaiu chltr e . &c 'I madea to order, SAls sleanicats and otmer I aichiery maide t,, , arder. Ir The aIbove asaertmnet of guooid i partcl arly cd r ieomnld.d to ili atclmitnla of aoutl rlln ainlld i SWitaerl ittruhalts, c nd ar oiltrrcd for salv ,t low I rie and uptn bye tnt t liaeral termsi ; rt a ii bo. t aved lo h, the lyrg'st t iana r egast asortmet ever ,tlcin for salh by ctly io etaflihnit in the UJnlted Stat,:e " . 1erchanh., hy forwardhngT a' r,,quie.t bylll[ mai~l. .iiive+ a prin eld circuilatr, withl d,,.erlllll,. of goot,+. at ricelllnad tlermls, P'olin wluclh io i|,+Vllloti isl eyerr allide, farllished by retura of miiiii, All ,irdtere will receive iatnedilate atteatio . New Yelrk, 103. yp3 . . . . . .. . . . . . ... I i D)' E. Fn ye, For c lor ll l t e II ir ; F Helrarr ()I, Rui..,. a. e:,'. +.r eese, p,.n in rn, 11sehnel '. F1,, ele W .s'i, .ln., ii.r p -irl p-I, d er, lII, whA :-,. r .,Hi, I as, F, v 'vFgeabl r'5ul _, ,tr:o I,, ra , hip s.lve. kr' s -, o ,I, h w a h, "1' h rotll ,erll . rific,. rlank, it ,wr wath.r, pia der puf'. nnd bo.x*,. A . rI ix: -harea,, n.l .ly puiti, to, Iur ~nnr,, ',.,', Pre'. S .IIF E . FP . IS FIrcFsFoE lh Ih in,,, I dr p.". II',I a .,i- -, . h-h dr . rsl I ' E., v 1,' F, lill llh ir ir! I't , 'v i .II ' ll l r y Io Flth . p 'rl'I n .,,' . 7 f o . r ..&. '•y .. .I. '1 RINC(IIlI.Il, S,3 ,...a. t (,,, I and-i, ,. t _ " I. - hn -drlabt l,-i h a' ,rinlm. llir. I i E r. Itn Eu= ltenw . ..IhlF l ll l. ' . hip t .l. I, i. h 1r -Jr' hy I I+,l.PP ; . & . 1 . .',. n,.,7 131 1hg, zin . t r; 1 1. LIL-.r h!<. W aldulg I'irn, -Ieren ambo hanla, Ia ulng', th male by (I jI I ..':', NI(11l 1 I \mr li '41 e\ w IF.,.e cr r cup l: 'i ho'. li hlders; Reit r, t i r hlnl ne bins ills I \" ', Illo tt's c v r,'· ill |.a11-1; o 1 hel pen ; VIo lller d RIosa ,La d In.lln) er 1 1Ker oi I. "ail l u ipt ioll, l1 n, j ,,"e I l, i 5F k, .IF ,'t r pII ii n1 .ziv i la .{'in .'F F iFlk Iingnre pard e. ,ib to t ie F ra efl irF. '.'llFsls e Fld lb i tFEni' . . . .. 1III II.I . ' I ..... I.+.. . 1 A1 the 'FF1 . 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'F iF F F 'IF S f F...'.i - .IVF , 5.11. I l ni "iu F .le . , r ideFF .h.o, ', '" F r i FoS s a I . "iE s'. .dc I' F FeIFF-S;', FaIFl stEhI .asF SFll ce5F bars, lilo'r s, and, kIke 1,.aF as F, bndC CVn ykd Ir,'l'll, F, FF ..FFIIli'FF -.aF I'v Inra.. l'.,", .' s-rI:I . jFE' F s.l FF, td Irallv, I,r I .st n I.w,' l FEFi ',lI iair', lr(hanr.i a', planter-, i nF F' 1 is, Id N-"'v. chvll. llrllibllet w'h r+l,,du inhen, i .t .'a" L'nii ,ble rlc, , s nl+ pa' ked en, n Is, h and I .c &. r ,evF! and for sale ow Iby tIle sFubIl:rr.; hem RO'rTA & Ca. 1 ! Nurthen. -i1, 1ta'e Ecsc rv- Ito , l11 II1. oren Ml Chocs ,er, day at 194 A. S ,Wesera Mail, [ )ue la vory ,,.l.y, Wedcesdny b , the Fridgy, lIe ,, '. 11. hy c-n of the Cles' every Maonay, Wedncsda C.oasd, ~aod lSaturday, by i9. P. SI. The Lae e Aa every 'l''ella , Thursday, a Tke l.,ke rlail " lna5 1 •. , vi Closae every Milony, Werdnesday TIMES OF ARRIVAl, DEPARI'UI(E DISTANCIE &e. of the Express Mlail, bewia MSooile cml New York-leaving Mobile daily at 3 P. . Northwar New York daily at 5 P.M Southward. Arrives Arrive N*lg rahmro- l Disalnce. lime Return'g Monlgomervl. A 1on. 198m 's 3h 12 m. Coluilbhun,Ga. 111 81 9 31it.a Milledgeille. Ge. 2 133 141 2 p.u Cohlalnil S. C. 7T am. 163 17 1 Raleign, N C. 54 215 22 12 \Varrenton, Va. 22 m. 55 fil I'etrsba . ag Va. F pin. 83 10 9a. m Iticoma, Va. I am. 21 3 61 'Fredericksbulrg, It 67 7 II p m Washingtonc city, 2 pm. 612 ij B Iletimoree, 61 38 4 0j Plhilarelphia, 61 am. 100 It 2 New Yiorkn, 2 pm. '90 i 4 2305 143k. or 1d 23 I Nortwanrd. ,Comint Soulthwarit, the time. nia tiue Ides; br~ings Into amt17 hours. W'l'EN t'OI.I.Ans Ifk*vA itijj-- f ANAWAY fr ic 169 t:mnoodeael comer of Ilevie soreetr,on Iea tlight of 30 I of Auglut, aod was acen ',e text nmorilg in P"dros etreet, a aegro Imy nniedtIAkI.:o, about yeaenrs of ageo, an 5fe or thereabouts n eriglt, very block and bel eel iulled ient in Ils iaspeech, oate af hia lg, i3 ure, oensioied by u recent hurt; he nad Ill rtwhen be went aan Ia white ca'n oln lillen she l tretad wbile olltln I ,itollminn. Masltcrs if vessela nerl siaest boats are ooati ianel a gDinsl receiving or Ihtrboriog saicd egm, re well as all Iother nerslnls, nit lbl IIIoslt ri r of Ithe ltw will ha enforrcd agninaict themo. 'Ie above reward will Ie pale fcrderlive-iag Illro ill, liy of tlhe jnils of eliter o ate munieipnlitnls, rcc ath(i.. C..delct, coter of Ilee eteaet, .- ........ -------seic- _ mlir JT :-I co ,'lctreresilli lteretoibre xlating Solter lite tiea of )tIhboi &i G& eroatmro. na.aulre iaasolvred. lThle subcriber will liculiate tie nltl rsao ir Cerllrcern in thi city', and reqllres all pli sonrs in4eb - I ticoblak i rnltlttI hiia Illvy und all tlsrelvinyp clinsi, tajiresccico lnta foraelllsscicIt. nrg 8-, t i(IA RIl ETSON CAP'IAIN M.AR A.A'T' N.VEW NIOVELS iRlc/iathe Reefer, by tile aulbntr t1 Peter Simnple, t in 4 vols. ('cnminra, or a ointer st chb:ss dlaiTietrI Lowe . tyrn.i by Capllini lltaUil all, IRiyal Navy, ". y., in I va.. ornT R tadcin, n romancerr. vby Aliaa Cirnllricglira, I vo .,lrhpparrl lire' wrilca Iy Iidrlself, io 2 rais. A C(ompyrrarlir Ilisltoryicflrty, Itonoaite'l from oricimlnl Itllah, ry Nrtllltciel (ireere, ill 1 vol. tuo micrcg NO. 7cicf ll lrper's Erisilc librerey Vol . " I i (l'tce n 'rw crml lete I n ll iiifrcin etiliaa of I ituIrc " Ilacalroiag'rs 'orks. Roger's Icnracrcari el EoIs/ch icclaounry, n I Vol, 3vo Aougrta's i'crcrrh roid En./lish Ilictioccr A u i --Ac Ir w mlo clre cciie ocf Ci c rclllee I 'er e-clicgy " ieh c," Ss rve cr'cctfcccccc c .c s ccc ore rcic r c c a ity, uilrn cclccci ca. Ilcilii; ] clHl r.-l i cccl t l-" iclcch (rilltcri's iccpnirccelcetlllielccncJAlcllcccd lclcra wvighle &.e. &(r. &I.. Jcuce irivred, u.ld frlr sale Iby IlltI II ENJ. LEVY. PINN(O.K'S It()II:, &. INNOr('!Kcc 21(11Vlslt EDIT ON OF ;ol i cmit cc' c Abridairent of lte Ilistriry" of to which is preiixed ai Ieccrir tiiit itlheetcily I.llcccn Ilitcrvlt Irc it glc verieiy fo voonbleilafar !iiii 1 I <~II·II "Ibrl ehm,,. tI m, wolrk, on li+e MallnernT IlluStillnrlllcnil A ccliclliti,' of the Iwr om c ; WI Ilcc u lPr( l. hicgracjcciccOl cllcl cIiatrrtirl Nllce; cmid Irael ls lll.iarmlxltlllllml s cIic 'ced cl' em'arlsctiom. II. [la'mtrl 'w il h, tlhir t erlernri -ccn o c w m cdcfcr Albeirta n PIN,'.S( .H',, lIll rulc~l l'ditioml of lrt G+ .ldeoii Il s rF i+ '1"~lahll iialll I c ith nV io of J dllilar. ('at* to tei l - it- lltu Gic-crge .cc, withl a crIcccccr llc II c thc) t ea i,,.cL \\ ilcllc rlclclls for or auKtlll ar ice ccI;IoIi lr' 1,IIcr lm . c ccc tic e r a 'alwa ic a llat i tliar rc cc ltclhcl dillr iglclcc , ftcilc i rlo, (r . llclllll|o' cf ladse mI t,!+tll ++l"",mp ,"r.,1-. u+ .l ITI.+ tl lelm·i" t tr11 o i 1'opttltn, cxlrhtllltory hmn4(.{q iem ~ll. ii n flu, rill Ucsll(l, rrlrlawlll~ it.roa.. Iegcak Al c ti' lplr ll. 1'um+.itrtam.+lt.e.&e, dlluntmrIralv toniy eoge.. lidvs' i.c'.tcicra Ac.ritc 'Aiicstccairdlc cccrigime ci riicc NrlI'lc . iTrslce c;llc th'e ' of e tub+ , .XlmrInrmn "1 ltll, with adI1II: I IinI.+ amt im; r(l1,1.nT Iuii ""lll l utlll t~n 1 ct cr a c llmcac l p rlcctr i tcl sie A i iiecImii.~ i l, l ,aniet ., N ,h11,11 red '.c ci1] :cr ccsle t;v 2 , cKI' aN uililt | trlillrlt 'ActilI. till[Alltt Ii . ll+%Itl'}"nml.'IL',l (IA.{'b,'+Ip ',+. m,.ltit. -+I1 wt m~r itl,p ien x., r il "ii i1 r+ttl.iltll;Hl ut) v:,riuW l ,,dlr+, ,. ,. ,', IS, n .l ,u+ ..,, t', .vl,.,, lh lfti,, l rvdoa I~rul',,p,' )+iH~ *,l," a ld n ll' .lh*' i m ( o ,,,, i,I. . rlr111 cccv -!W clicclc hcc ti'-- , ilcl}ic)l'lc- , ' ith iccccc cclccccic , .ii I htm c rc n~ly 'll) ' ilci ,ci , cc-r-' cc rjccl c I .,I , ( i ill -c 'l'iy I I'. V n 'a t ci , I ha ci rf c " 'c l ..mllu£1r , ., I1, .Jr ll l,+ "n ,mrmm'. " , dwt*J +l" \,.b r V I,, t • , r||. ' i. A I 'I. t. , I c1" l ,lr . .. ic+r :ice o , cccc cc Mlic Ic-c' t .. i, I,",&c.c occJlclccc t' viIce ,cm,.. .e ci 1',1'. 'I 195' 1 l i i t. tjnrm, -, Fe I~ill !r "Ilc'c\cccl-c.i;lcllc I"I'cccccc ca,.c Illi ' ,4 (IIW l I rj1ill: Uaaa r-Ia n,,t hall , r I n ,,wl+.d bv~r M r J +'i )..a '+ ',H , ]tF Ir . I' ll r lr, . ,Iam A1 a l ,laa ai 1 );r o)I CB l'lllP·q; lil .:fLzlll. * IC e RtrlrP ... ,t he* 1 f 1w)·~ ttcrhulu zed , viz : l Pre 0,.i, 8,.i ) 2 a nr l,r I e P,, Y, P In VI, ak r ,: b a nii l wIt I 'nlla. ,na alhPane 9lJr'' .ll' ye1 s tn r llJ gl br) ed, t, uck ,hea,: a a-i. ,nl Jhltti. ', II':l];rw'.Eellt ,.IIYIICnein ApP;ellt:cl--I i iia ml n lI iiiera, r I ii, l.i ll yla p- als n nr Ina-r. .,c J , ,t hi' st,-lllalrhh, . n I.IIUBI ,:uQIt II z.n.I· I cuta. .,vau. a eruptl insal. c. Caspe ib . letri F10d f;xtract o1 I ar.'q,,.rlia f --nlrL h la n i aal ai atlll' l al aal .e.a '.tll';l ~ ~ "'ulll lsI Illl'llt' a d llllu,; b lrltlh I au ia i i11 n aIaag ia.-ai 'ih, lnana I-ll~li nia-a MarinannI'I·ia Apjnaaj.,.,a Iii ' i h a-i Il.-alna ala-l.liaby , n ualal ain ! pat T a-h q laaa , . - iPrlian sle ll ' n .n alnik land jinnr ir nin.l t lp lal nn n A eewi~ in. , , ; . I n, a d., ny i ib, a -i. ),, in . T~rhe n,irribe wl rule dfle isesi*rrnal ta r the I tla ali- l lll lllla Viai - linaiatga I -l titinia l+nnr ntl nn a ail lle- hiat.lae rit In la al elrr r-ah ai I, -, Pa. ii Ia a . ,I Ia J- 51-IVIl' l a, ho (l 'hi · inrl laarl , llr t en i a. ~Mrl i M lei, Oer r a w h a l , a + laaii" l "an d'a, il la,, t a all inel -I . + 1I;, I\I".iI ~( rI'.' TO'.i t~'~ "I'I'! I +," r ~ .cll l tt... marbo thing, hermsand u lary baan iaa of Par n Ronson & IIIydrauif;ltie o tn c lao Ig f i tlir , togt haellr 11 "e Ih l · a inudier a ls .s mta o "j'1 IIIZ IC. i IP h - lh ll+ XVIh.+ 1I~ ,t '1,.P . ,,r.i,,II I'. Il·1 it. b.l,, A as t ed a n Plain rte a nua Iron 1I·1II1 II ill ·i • , .+ ..r;,, o ,... ,,r+ . a ll - " + " - II of I' ' no"ll t t at io aprll t ih r t-ta. rill i L I aL Nt WRafRlitK, .laa-a-n m l'l 11t .gl . .l iadi, r atllh lo aapr a Ie in - ca IOai- n I aa-ltu'mivhlidiaa re aaaaalala ; a+, r, ,, ,.a i' l "lWl t a iIII,,rillh al-iaaaaa I i. iaJal-hla- ,,i a-, w tho b wlurns . ims +e i "e a nti -a aalall alat alluot:, . ah lmhallj o e ral raa e ; . Ju ft reciv;edl a and or, b an . dine.,,.K.Elt. with0 d'.hledri cl Booke- oui." Iln thi si d. hi aa. l.n l l-+ .aiy + ai ftIh ' i iay.r lil-r aib i .t ,,it T OAll 45w9 . lilal~la- '( - h a.l allalatI $. llll lan- l l iaa nh ilena- i ah:ialial aalallnaiella-. il.+ t {i rl. I+i; na-a- - iai rni .fa I i' iab h 'fi. a lm-na allao a -Phi al , ll i.. I i la I na a Ill, ar ig ai | larnav nlia nl ..ilnai i ah."i.i lld g alln p1 ivr a f nlindaa'ialIthaa l;lallt, a ans ' t ial• g lie Hi nail aiiaellalaia-- vahiini 'n a -al m-ul a- Ial-la-r an eliiii aaalll ) lnn i i+nal+ aI iai a a r l llama illdIii- lal a. l altn , dlan a-i Ia a-almwda-illa H- naal (.it. n rII Ia. ma at n il • ti a-i- alhr Iul s Illl lrs ll Iiaflltalaa n-rl-i tnien naail wnu lllly- lie -a.,n, at lIieIia l 1ainn. ",ti n m hat rni l a -a-i-a Apathea an. a in ahi viiy it A t(I: &' A' inn I)RI, , alu anl, la-litnlllal i )~~aiaa faalll~do Tialan. ia-danl Xliii! ARI- ( IIIMNRV: PII:lcE WaV.a-navoua,, .'x {.tanii4lllinntll nnl tuo, aflannata a o~-lltn atlnne. TV " .lahiaeailaana arn aIaWra-nai11ag I a1aa ilhn r aa' -tnr.a-i New 'drk, aal, will Imia' niennnainlyna. lihnia. a+ gai.aa-a atisanrtania. Ilt| Marln, l Mat tin Pin.,, aa a-a-iar- lw mirana nIia i anaul . a tiL eita- i rnn. iai i.h. at iha+ iia-a Egyti~-pia, Iltiahn, laiha and Ainlnla-.leaa ldai aiha. Ama, aiiiinn lnlnn PT ti. i., and in a-ane Sitiaiaa- nan'lId-?dald mii llaa nill mailt linteh-In nana-nbin ,t~ianiga, hlvanilla aiid lannadary a-olana-, alas-,r at!{ ,n &. Ityral-alin Ciaiaam a.t.. a- nameo. i g tI-al-nir ga-tianah wvitha a tlihnadid ena-naavat t nan. manumtd aiid pliiin(raftian aia Ruaaia lynn iaLtna afilma- manawsa antld mIIaa appr-naea l~attta-un. a :a-ailaniig dan in lan aneata-l t anennae anl atc tla aPo~ nla-ne, ama Plienh vlan- fa-nt rate wanlaiean is 'A1t - AI, & Svito, ISlf I•IPLIS NIEW WOIIK,&ia,--The Ama-aienn ih,laaild, lay thm aatlha-nf"A Vaear in Spiainn" in Nalhle lt)-mlaof W~olnmen, lin a-al-a I ']'. Ylamng Wnfe-'a (lanka m llaamaal ].I.I a-am niil daneatar duties. a n-nla .aJus a-a-ana-na and oa-nala lay W,.a M'KE+Alv. j II in 'J .\h"a-d,'al Baaaaan--Lan~ia an Plihiaisil <I ", +.xTPOWR I 9 O I

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