Newspaper of True American, September 14, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated September 14, 1839 Page 4
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BUSINESS CARDS. ' NSAIIUEL1 'IjUL(Y, .*gqgAsgll e Rroker 4, Cnn isaaon .IThnnl, itnminn A n rrchml ur dr a. f8 m .1-n i 3 " J. P. FR II AN, go ., 17 AYE eoiatnaitle nha~nd a lre -naapp ep f Clail, ,ir t 1 , kakl~lted for th,, cuunery trade. Thelir ng. bssWppilnlhilarge. m:rha n front t. e cou1try ca am `e tamp Nett at Iha ehartasl ntice. I RI YKniI.Ne4 N!IsURANE COMP:&ai OF' NUIla ORLEANs. Thin Cnmpany are nowllisnrael to tubla RiggS AGAINST 133 No aa unnaa Bililling, Canal rier. N L TR(ACY, ! " ,4A"Inum. 111av 15.1398. L rllTV I My 12.) IbY. i 'errr rnv.I w nIl Co 11c a 'Elrli ral. ly h 1.l1'opinc :Y allsXneet i. CHAMPLIN & COOPEI, ROCEMN ANDl DEA.IKERS IN L'ROVISION AN!: A"NEI), 'e. 79 and t Jalia ctrnerel, New Orirniar. __ p 'nsi Hlilv atormin Ilut up. star 5 1.0111SIAN';i PSUNITURM WARNUCOMEds No.. 53, llirnvillo etr,,.. W l.IJAf It. CANNES. , mnoilt reoperTUtu. in mln hie friclda and theo i,rbltic (lint he i cot = z" nreriuq frontI NoW York anId Relict01 a goodL uomor ofFurnituilu, sulch as mahoganyv ellniile esfi.,ll Ut'ital enaple and painala d nhnii upnple anld iyv bodaiteai., malhgmny and ceer. l, ltroo nill bsesipiara., bureau., '.ilerl, , CI etarlbr 1Y I1I Mals., wanhtri a of mahoggany and cherry, wash uislie, looking giln arorfenl .e i rl, e.&. NAit. Fiirniiurn panked for troanporaio., with! ginat ears, nov 13 S'AUHIOYSABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, Ne. 14 CW rswga Street, HAVE a5Uautauteasuply if avorn arlicle pdlralniag !orulsansn'. dma., o tlhe latent style, at New York ~iaes.dec 21) m, "UURORUsuzO PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, stria6y u)OEEEE, PR OPIETOR pert BANK NOTE ENGRAVING UAWUON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON HAVE opend an nffioe in Now Orlean smeenning equal advantages with their hounse in New York,: !r the putrpwae of engraving· and printin'g Bank Notesq Bood Bills of Exchlange, CCertinacater uo Liponite, Cheeke and other iapormant papere, reqhiring secnrity tata l'aorgedeesa;and hone made naipie pinesin for Skeping ofall fhiues and impressons eniruntk ad to theirisie; iheir eleeio.eie embairelite nlnes of onsi Ave hundred hnkainig ineiiatuionn, and all orders will be eaeuted witlh eruinpiiltde, aal en the neual aense. Office, corner of lIonol & Canal siree. BAZAAR. NO. 1, EICHIANOG HOTEL, oarncr of St. (h`rhiesand Ceommon its,. NEW OICLlO~NSP. V PORTERS and Declare in Fireon.u aod Enclielh SPerfounnrre; Dreseing Cargo andl Portlale Menke, Cullery, Hoeirry, Olonve Shirte, Stocks, Uularnbllan, Csis;nad Fanev Armicler. 15 ' ENT CKY, Ill,. ol, unal Igilnd IlanaBk eAulie, I.Efnr sal lay A 'li IRIt, igy 3 74 rnviaaat iiLYAT AV~liULIp- LET- _ W 31. ELDL, No 16, Chartrea et, bhas tli Inv rc. o i ed it funll aassortment orf Watches, Jewe;lry, nnun, SlHeatuc·ee andl (;lase Ware, thery wvill hle oiler. t,1 Othe l loas I irbret price. 01,1 1 IDOVE.51 AT hEAI.EkS IN AMERICAN & EKNGLLyIH CROWN GLASS, No. 3 Coaconarrar ScRcET. .aj JOB PRINTING. or YVERY 00CS01r1Tan, IPEIDSIy mlAN0InElELY AND CIPAPLY F.XIEClPrEll AT THE OFFICE OF THE True .afDerieaun, ST. CIHAILLS STREET, NEAR I'OYDR.AS. nm2S b.-P =--,.Ti oi as-. t ;lIeIte r, pa ier, for'se b - 1J .)lielgs nd 'S lales Jncklioe fie 4-4 hrown abheeting, hlading from ship Charleston, for sRle hb alt ItlBtIl)itE t&Co, ACoN--i0 Ceiska Iolen. 10 dou. id.s, and 15 deo. Shleroer,, in Stolro Ir Sole Iciy 2d. J. T'ill Yll &t Co. 71 Pedrns St. L OMBARD & CO'S Boston and New Orleans has been expreonly built to run between the above ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: acommtodations for passengers, and every effort will be made to give general satifaction, t'Ihe line is composed of tho fu:lowing ships: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 400 do S Lemist, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Columbiana, 625 do G Barker, Soaman, 240 do J Howes, Bombay. G6.5 do D Hump roy. I The above shuips are all now, of tile first lass, copper fasteoed anld coppered, conmmandod by tlene oflhret experienee, have largoe ccommodatioens, with a separate lahes cabinl; every attention will be paid to rasaeollurs, and the very vest of stores pro vi eds for iethel. 1'i" p'ckeet.rill Ie tllwe.l lip t d down tile s li eissippl, a, e tme strictest pllnctuneliy oleaerved in thlhe tiMe of sailnl, slid eeshould thet relg.loir veseals Det daiottd in arrevig. eother shieps equally as good e ill n cir a les be .eIsittaOl. A shre f Illatronll 4ge is seiaclted, Sld ilie agelllI pIledge tlhcnmelves to atneolnrllllloas ans tnleh s aracttiealee, to receive and forward goolos hiy ai id linll at the losant Ioder. ate eharges, aeln to oadvanc all oxp1letea oel goodo sjipped, if requltired. Tie shipes will leave the lst and G6th of every moath. For freighit or plissage, pply to the ogento.. J A MfbRRITT. 82 Comtmotn at. N. B. Advalosements n;de el cOllSigetllnoe..t 0o Messrs. A. C. Loenbard & Co. _nov27 -itON t Rcie)F-' e.1 aseeeeerlbers l.,.-e p-ee, eelre it igte.Lt sxene, ee I rgle ht 0u piteetet e ieron woofs in tIls city. 'IThey are adplced to pulalte buildlngs, warelleusee, and private dwr.llinles,and aeelnbin at ones etleapleoa sod duroblhey, neied are perfLetly fire and Water proof. 'lrern olav le knowl, d a model seen at our establilhmlent, oppoaite e.l Mary'sl ienrket, Tehapi tlnles at. uCtt E B COGSWELL.&Co -4XkClAnGE O.'i ' PllILAhlha.La'aIta-il-ur ,ato bCiy AIlS &d V WHITAI.L. .120 67 (iraovier. Lt-1-,-t-8 tll, No 54 Conde .treet, ber. eel, Duenin and St Philip, keeps constantly on hand anL extensive anselrllltuenl of boots and brogano, and sltese,of New York manufacture, for men, women and children of all eres, which he will dispose of at very m oderate prices. Fainilios d eof i sqiilencee on sending no ,rder will have their wished attended n I, S SE(iOlUR HI'E LEAD-5 bbla, 150I Ibb eaela; 4I kegs, 100 20110 do tl25 Engliel do--5 1.4 bbls. 400 il Paint Bllrusms, various sieas; I csEo Vermillioe; 5 bbla Copal Varnish; 2 Japan " Coach 20 packs Gold Leaf; 50 do Silver deo; l100 do Dutch Metal. WINDOW GLASS.,Amerionn, Erplilsh and Frenoh li0 boxes, vntans aizes and qualities. Bosteon rown etc.--00 boxes, consigeemelet, will be o.dlow. Alsn, a general aseortuent of artists' celotrs and ooli, for sale by A W SICAL ES, No 46 Callial street. N B. Alabama ntees taken at Ip r, and Mississippi noeMw'Utl received at 10 per ent discoout for goods, eritpi n tofdebts. je 1 Iw I ofhlte-rindeianBalstnofLivnerwlrtn andllore 1 hound, is put up in bottles at lin low price of 50 ceta elach, aaae.iliag ile strngthl of three ouoce tef Liveswort, besiles ti e irtues el lanv otloer roote antll lerbs known among the Indlsns ias eflkiecious in euriu pulmmary eomplainto. The tnrivllnlleal niacedrecwh Ills lean attended thl e tIe of this iseleimablo .Itallsat wherever it htas veen intre dueed, ieas obtained ti cenfidetle and raeollnenda tione o llssetnhle plhysicians, for the cure of rolgIll. eels, pasin n the side, want of ress, spitting o' blood, liver aeomplaint, &e. TO whom it may etmeern. Tl'lis is to cerify that we hlaetn oar praetice frequently prescribed frs (Gard ae'e Indihan llsm of LLverwort and lloarlhouted, with a dnladd good eflet!: e can therelore, from dIe klnow ledel of tle laterals it is mado from, anti cbservatlOe oex perineree, reeommendit as ua sugeri preparaioi or thnen llections of the lulnsr fli which i is re eaimended. AI.BERI' WLI.LIA.IS, M. D. CALVIN E1.I.IS M. D. lMembe.e of Elta Boston Medical Associatioan. Bolton. October 25. saleby J.RVIS & ANDREWS, ib 19 Ceoli tn elntll t ed l ieitllllol eis l albely IIEIRtIOIE.E, BlOtWN & CO. nmay3 No9a'eneit. COAL -''ite sebecrebero have Ecn.elttnie) oti haed a lares suppliv of Cslnel and L.iverpedl coal, in hblk. of senereer qislet , whikh they offer for .ll, in lut to sait purL-haers.. A,.', xpsrieet I hb" tlee elst anrivals from Flng Ien|d'nd tlhe Noreb, Ca ttial. Lshilh ntd Pesch Meulllteii Cll Ie,lrken aled screened, pla ue iti h.,lltellearl "afrlelv fetr tallile uso-el o, tsile' tler" will delest s eeI at th,.: ,e,,o we.eeee ,,r . afeee~eeaetatete o N EWV GOOIN--Simmons Ilortt & co are now 're caleeving from on beard ships Yazoo, and Saratogl , wnd brig Connordia, fina New York, a great variety oft goods n their line, which tngettler with thlir t frner stock on h.nd, makes their aseort ent very-* pilate. 'lhe lollowinag Con~a e a iprt, viz: t ell twit, ,.,,r:o4nl, tusk andd resinoolho, Inoo do tol'al lescorptio , n In dia rtbber, silk land iorsed elastic nsrters, ollnlln fin elastic Iserelelers, loo lifo anod lucitr mntches, ledlintz powdern.dsr lae p lnd anoxestoerilet powder, pocket li,oks and n lletsr needle boks sell pearl, irorv and .olroe ocrd iraSa, red orintoont, plaioin o tal loeadd, necklaces aoll ineologe, Ihnd eiOolon, bead necklacer, cut glnoo and ploaio,sed,ail vero n gilt bends, Indian beals, bells and plu0e1s' pistol aund large pow er losk, helht belts, hrse, belt. pocket and doeiling -istolsn; double and single barrelled gon.s, inowie knives, and dirks. niasoors, ahrars, plcket kllivos, goored chains, and ribbons, waist buckles, clot, hnair, tooth, odilcombl, Drnla, tall.e, prate, floor A nd dust n, I rson*, Ciologne, Flnridn, laveder, rose nod hnay nwaerntorlldl esel-e*. and coxlrnoete Mi:cr sar, bern,loooo, ti, aod Wonft' ,- v, getanle hair oils, nshaving nd tolet soalns o nll dlea eriptions, ladieo' and genitlon Pos' desks and ndressin ecame, hair rioglets, friznttcs and! bhroil,. plain, faotllcan musical kwork oxes, pltin oond ilt, figured, coto and rvet iattona, poerl anll ivory shirtdol, shirt edalda, gold and silver pencil cases, tooUh baIks and twIezers, ,lated rnd gilt lohkerty, nillinllllre do, siler, trss ond steel tlrimbles, honks aod eyes , ir n, ilulion fruit,blk and redink,'hon blaeking, violins and guitar,ribbeS nnd plain perasioon clops, linoi twine,, scented cnlh eons,gold and silver lacn ud roingeo,lntter ape'r, game obags, rlineg 'wipo walking cerane, plnyugcatde, r fie o gold, llate anl, gilt jiweiry &o. S'lhe above, togtether with a great Rvariety of other arti Ivs are offered at whlesanle or retail on ucntcuodatilng termR. N B thah olrotlto repanird lcOYLp b MniA, ont, h ign , aool a tt rnlil SPanter., No 3 Cro Oadele street, to dolors from Uannl strree'. Iltlatlion o thle following woods oald mahblits, e d eclotolla il naretrl) Iannller. 0000 0.0 tII.tLEO. Mahlt~ gy, Egrlptiton bllack ans d gold, t lOak, I Giailln o: d Antico, Polldn ln, I O()rieoltn or ver ant iqe, t Curilel do, ,tIsier, Culnelocl ple. Imlllnor!d Stone, irins 1my)e do, Darllo (t;oill, S:tl, ugod r.c h itotmllaC, lair WoIol, Ilve or Iblldello, Yew Tree, Italian White, Amoromandle or ilacn k S tianno and Brloeella, t Roa Wood, Ateri nan Grey, Asi WldteOnk, nkc. I tn. Cuoled Elm, Specimens to he moee at the shop. Paints, oils, glass, oopal varnish, tk. o hkt nd ai for sale. ml IRON, STEEL& IHEAVY OOIDD)S-Ilnt, sqoare and bundlle iron, owell asorted. Hoop, scroll and rot iron, nail rods and plouhil moullds Cast, German, shear, blisteOrd, spring, sheet nod Crowley steel gIlollow ware, cut and wrouglht nails an spikes Zinc, block tit, mill Rilld grind stones, salt kettles SChilain nables, anchlorts, hoer Ox, log no:d trace clhins, corn mills Y Anvils, viees HIlnmersond bellows Witre, lsheet, pig tlnl rto lead; shot Cena, anti eookig stoves Antes, Iowlnl's atnd otllher plndes alnld lshorels ;,Hook ntil p hte hinges, doorp no d window hooks (Collins, Ilnnts, Sharps, and other axes hl'r'd and Mallilla cordage, linies tnl twine Bolt lnd shleathing copper; Naval stores Laints, linseed aond sperm ooil A fall assortmnlt ot of hlodware anll sllp chandlery, always oill hotml, and which are ooilt rd fr sale at whole sale or retatil, on the most favorable terlou, bI t4I LAYTON & Co. 53 O1d1 Levee. lRt)BEItI i CIANNOlN, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. i" Catnp street. Wlholesale teonler in I'aintt, Oil, Varntilhes, lruslheso , nl:10 Windw and Piolurle iuls te. &. h T OAF SUG.ll--variuu qnualilios, .o-sttllotl h i I I .l staro and L r sale by SIIALI. IlItt)\VNIY . mar'1_ 0!Il 50ngazitoe st FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. A GOOD IwI,7V. -IN.. 6S, Crhurtl'w Slrmel, One Door bL)ow lienville, [.I AVE constattly on hond every uirelr, al,, tlin i lug to gelotle n'o dress, mradl in tile best nnt. tler arnd oll(lt flohionldal style, inhir they ofo lillf cash, at lellred prices. IdEAI:FNI:S A NEW rtirle for Fersons troubled witl dernetli, L(celled the Fnr'Tramp%,) has just beCen received, bv tihe ue of n hieh, the slightest ar-tioulatiao of tile huo llan voice is disnlllctlv collvevreti to ile ar. Any ere who hlas ever twee obllgltd toi llo eoerr- ithl i elry dea reronl, lllUst he fully senlle fl the dificultr i lld o llo - tlrrnssnllllotnexpetlieled botlt o lthelrelves aod tll ill divirhloloI. uotnlolrtualtelV alolictl, Ifl thoe non ofdt ot Ear oTrumpiet. tli objetin it Ctirclv Otvi-te. I rte mnost scepcanl have alavs iat d, ourd thneir d ullotsa or having used the TIrumpei. For sale atO Fal'v store,orurrrr ofClll oo o ad St Charles streetst Utlder lhe Excttllage intel. fhh 13 B.IL.J)T FfO11 TIHE: TEETI. T HIIEeetntlliler d reprtotioti t nnd Cnnotal.ll Itrer re ;n demlllunl for this efrttual relllrelldy ofpaiol, ad lr t ervative of thell telth, has indleed the rllb-criber offer it to tile Amellricanl pllblie. Arralgr lls hav been hoide to ,upIv a'gents in all the ,rilril, l eitie alld tolw 1. ill tihe United Stales. Ro .as to pIilalce it ithi the relth lo li hoe suffering and libely to dllull this note lhrorstirrg of all aches, 'fotilh-oeho. •Wtrn applied ccorditng to diretions give on bottle, it has never failer to nolird irnanediate and moment relif. It lo rrst ile in rti ttecth, ad relireves nthat tteoneso hliel'so rretoilerlt renlers a strong toottllh useless application and renlody are sillr;ie, ilnunent, all not tItt )leasantoo nudr thle argo of erseens in different sceticts fr tb counltry, tllat lave alroead experinlced iech delieltfI and salutary effects from tile use of tile olal, are ready to hear (for the lublic good) their testimony to its fli singularly ond unrexlect'dly, ndlt l ir lblR regar ro Ir by tile elo ilized ,olurd as the w'ort valuable disovery " riledlan alof tile woodl . ftiee $1t er bott. F.Il Ib .IAI S & ANDI)REWS mr 5 Cor Ii n io ind rt anoitol -. BORIN M11..ll..-Oders recei for orn ills, b ) Od E17 SII.\,L & IItI) \N, 9ttt0 (a; zineo I.rLEI) l.FI't '-. -.t.ll' I' ' t-.,loter i'rd a fcew JAIRVS & ANI)r .WS, WIIOI.rLESALE AND IIE".tIt. I)tI. FflEIS IN MIEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DOE STL'FS .N)Vi) WIN.VJOIV GIL.ASS, tolner o. tolltmton anI ..oalu piloulos street, NA.I'IIAN JAIlVIS. JOHNIIW. ANEINItI'.VS. A large n lply o Gardoen Sed. o arrantoed tile gtrowth of t3:37. Nli)REW ,MIT'l & CO., reslpetfully tnlrmt their frietnds and the public in uoneral, that they occupy the inw brick shop, 219 Tclltoupitoulas street, where they keep constantly on bland Copper, 'Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, such as cotpper stills, kettles, and pomps, tin bath. ing taut s, and oil cans, of all sorts and nizte, and all other brans tasting done at shortret notice. Grate bars of every description, Rmic aos steam. boat stirrups, hog chalos, screw hLo!l, and other kind oftoteamboat work, such as chimnecys, breech. ern, steam pipes. They will also do all kinds of out door work, suchl as zinc, copper and tin roofing and guttering, &c. They above and all olther kinds of work in their line of business, they will execute at tihe shortest notice. dec:27 .--....N.W ItilIfTti(l-N 1l011:.l, -. . - IPss CiRtetreas , .I'os. Hlls well known watering /lace i, nq.v open fr the ear' llt , ndell r tile illlllledlUr uit p)rn rr inlltnt r l eC it AIr. Jolh Mel)otnn!l. The et.atalbltifltet ha. been very conusierably improved by adllititnt buIlldinl.s lliting rom, ilail room. billiard romr, tite in atllrs, stables, andi bathing Ihrore. i (hreRt extlioar haveIr hio ell mtide to render the placl eoltrlltrrilrle tt ll resort. There arm fifty fiverount tor fuoilies, and cl veniulloult Oloulluesrrangedl tilr. hglcel -ellelnlen, Filn' sail, ntid fio.irig trats ore provided, nodh or e.iglt band of llruSic for entiin tllo rleS. & exetllr-iolrlo Iti th glf. That part of it whlirh lies imtnediutlv il front ofthie i Ihtel is rIcked by severatl lhnPalifutl itod,, all witlin a few loersnif, ltlollng whhi.h ire- ('Il Irhlandr Ship Islandl, thorn Ilnnd,rand the ti'hanrdod rs.r A Letter tag i krpl at the i bar of the Erchan.g Ilo telN. O. which will reeite i'trll etvona(t. Mi'ONNEI i. tr . ,VAT'EIt)lAN j june II Exclhano Ilntrl. , NEW PIAN'lO FlIttl I'Altll. TlliIE subscribers haror jrltt reer'o e rr lo t it, (']mr e, i frol IIvrc alnl t)ioo .r "or srrn a i lltlr U l II lls rl ment of t'ionntih tes con-i.tihg in ;-Pi'ious, I'icolos ' I Sof lotsewood, uCllrlta t ilad rill ahri ganyV wnorl. I',nos oftle richellt rro,',orrl a:ld alho. I g ottl y. I . Feni uplrict PinnofoitesIn d oIo. '°l'he-e hl(Iruon donlo or, all mnfi,.: ;.red h tihe I celebraterd lmakers 1T I'LE'EI.& tro.o, of I'aro,,all er., ' taill 1 ..colres, era of a Irr.t rtalrpriolr rfllisll hnrl so- .i feletd Ir ertolt frrfirratre Monrsn 'Ilsrvel Koinlreotr, I, which fact nin r'ave noeting to desire in rogard to the beauly of their ont1t. 'Theantolllursaln profpessors ofrauaic are respert.l fully invited Itr callt anl eoamrinte the semri iprigI.t pianos whieb ureentirelv I nle nrleil . itt E JOtENS & or, SIt. ('harlet et, J opposite the Verarnlrih & Exchange hotel EFIIrEIIATOIR & 1 A'I'I:R JARIS- 6 I hogaov refrigertoure, 2 painted do. 6 1. gallon water iars ;'19 galion du in i..,re. for Male by mnr3 _ & J I' WiIi'rNEY, 73 Coeaop.t 1)1I.O'' HltEAI)--I) bbile., landlra fort sttretlnoan I Rudrpih. For sale by A. TRIER, nmy g 31 (oavier rt ! B EE'-- hullf bbth lesl ard _tithI - rlr tttrne t B ahd Il Beef, ffr saleby G I)ORSI.'l , D)E-.KI.IItI )1K. A NOVEI' int 2v ol.e by Hlarriet Martillr 'n SAlgic Re.oearches, conlprinin i.nqiir eol orn e I' ing Ihe t,'.ooal characterioica of t he Nntir Ameritan IE I(iliann, firt seriee; Ithlirn Taleo srid irgenls trbv el Ilenry itowe toleornft, auntilo; of Travel to thieo;. al ota el Ihe Missis-ippi, &e .e. ra AlsoA, new sutppl of rtevens' Travels in bh Ar.bin Pootre, &o. " CIlinr.'iht It, O' rrandi.r.-r Elvina.i . y l -y : li Io : l, ,Ir ` at.. tt . t it or -ale vI ou ,- ALEX. ' WAI., N Toornt d& Baltimore Packets I, NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OF P PACKETS. This line will consist of tihe followig vessels, which have been built or purchased expressly f'or the trade, viz: Ship seaman, Capt. Mmlcer, Bark Mary, ' Nickerson, SIrad Ferry, new , Stevens, " olomoelnl Salltus, Latham, Brig Architect, 5. Gray. These vessels are of the first class, have hand. some furlnisahed ecommu ndations, ard are ofa light draft of water, no as to admit of their receiving and dslclharging their cargoel is. Baltimore, at the city. Freight will be taken for ports on the Chbesapeake or James' River, and forwarded by the agents, Messrs. CLARKE & KELIIGG, at Baltimore: expenses on goods shipped will be advan.ed when required. The tprice of passage is fixed at $U60, ample staore of thle h t quality will be provided. Stea;sll ala sand downl the Mississiippi wil be taken on all accasions. For fraiglit or pansaige, apply to GEO. BE DFORD, no2,7 2n Hienville st. FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets ] TiI'W: Ships colpo.insg this line will sail from New Orlreaor cnd Now York on rvery etbsr Man day-'clsmauaecing on the 20th Novei'ililr-and to insure the llpuncuality in the tile &IR11.uiling, tlhe line will herenlter consist of five shiili?, via: Slhip Yozoo, Caiptlaii Trask, to leave on the 20thi Novemlber. Ship I.ouiovi!le, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 41h Derembser. Ship lluntsvi!le, Captailn Elrildge, to leave on the 1 lth D)eaemrlor. Ship Vlckslhurg, Caplain Woodholse, to leave on tIea lot Jaiinuaary. Ship M1 iaisilaipi, Capltain Davis, to leave on the 15tll sf Joallulry. Tiae above are all new, of the first class, copper do and copper favotned, and upwards of 500 tons burthen, are of light draught of water, being built in New York etxpresly for the trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: tbeir oabins are fitted up in the most improved and convieient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style. Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comfort and entire satisfactian of passengers, who will please take no. tice that no berth can be secured until paid for at tilhe ottlic of tilhe consignees. These vessels are commanded by captains well ecxperinced in ule trade, who will lice every at testion and exert tlemselves to acommsdate. They will at all times be towed up end down the Misis. sippi by lteamsbhota, and the atrictest punctuality observeda is; it time of sailing. The owners of these ships will not be responsi. ble for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or pat on boa rd of themn, unlesl a regular bill of lading be signed therefor, at the eounting house of the agent or owners. For fuerther particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common at N5Nw ORI.IEA NS & CIIARLESTON PACKETS 'This lie conrists of Iour vesels, all ao Iale irrl eCIss', o pperrl aend copper fast. raS!, andal' saut aIa a200 ns 2 lurlheu., wsllh llallaonds one el l llnllildatio s for Isseregera. ''ihe.e v .sl ;iare aosal tlanll.d Is" captainls w , o era s!'"I' TI i, tl.rada , wh. will ,alve every at te:inlaas. o rs.l s ro elves to o a.oiams dast tesl elilpper. I hel will he orwed ip anti dawn alss MIsals,,,al I, Iait I rve Ne.w Ir leans *'n or belore ihe Ilt anlll a51i f every msllunt. The flllawnllg VCBSsei+'II L'°I)l)+e 'Ih'! Ines, via : lira, Aralia,(Clcrlos Ita rhon, master. 112 a- lli.J 3.J1. "lThaoapson, master. li.nat ha aas, J. l)eane, masnter. Bar, I.,.'r t ailliaso , J. Allibers, nstsaer. Flr Irele hl aIr paassarc, apply Ia J. A. BAREILLI & C,,, 61 Co(mio st. New Oilensn, or M. C 1-,;rd, ,'at. Ch il,+l ,, . OFI I aA'I'..'lT LITERARY a SCIIsOOICInAFT' d T I' lodio'lleo ir.l oo eeno 2 2s 3lia o artinoe u's I)eertrsk, a, nes noel, ia vols a.Inre a rlehalea t \ lllsmen The ( 'rai , !,v the O'llara Family Aleaaulaat t' halltoloShllp tlollal ; Iirlhr, Ileahs l nllalld lerrtage DIr. Illral Ioballl Iloyt voelaaaesv ew fiSlupply ufJiallles; Tihe Illgusene, a lgrollaham;'C)lspiln Kid; Bulwer'n Biehelieu IE J)HIN & Co. __ O corner St Chlalles & CelnUnl -. _ . I BIIIIGE, 131 Mgagzinest RUSII'I'TON & ASPINALL'S 'iCOMPOUNDI TONIC lIIXTURE.-A speedy J and coal taii curn for the Fever and Ague, remittent land inltermittent fevers; prepared froem the original recipe. Used witl emninent and unli versal success in 1832, by persons of the hliglest respectability in: this city, as stated in the annexed certificates. " This medicine is highly recommended, and has been extensively used in the above diseases with such distinguished success, that the proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. lic in its present form, in the hope that it may be the means of relieving many of those who are sutfering under tihe scourge of our country. It is a medicine possessing great virtue, and when used according to the directions has never failed of effecting a cure, oven in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons "of the weakest stomach, and children may take it with impunity. It strengthena 4he digestive organs, erastes an appetite, and seldon requires moro tihan one, or ill obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the humaan constitution. The proprietors are :tsawell convinlaced of its efficacy, that thley agree to reflind the prie raof every bottle which has been takal a inll acc.rdanc with thei directionsa anld has not eflbtalnd a iperf. ct cure of the fever & ague. A. OJI.IVER., cole agent for New Orleans, at his wcholehanl and retail drug allnd mnedleile store, corner of Ilienivllle nsd ChLartres streets. For District Agencies apply to ril. T. W. SM.%I'11. 48 Conti it. IPNSACO.IA MALNSION HiOUSE NEW CJTY, PENS1ACOLA. T l 'l: sui 'riher having pur ha aed the I elase lind filr I Ilire l' this well k hnown e tlblilshenl, froe Ml 'Tylir, tIii lirae lprrietor, will he ready to rercive ti tes hv the Ilt ef April neat. Nlntrouas and cosrly improvements will be folund in thit arrilnclnl en of the Mtlaltion House. New IIIId Iwor cintediins I lathing houses will be hbilt, lrl waurtu b th- will be provirded at all hoer.. A stnlle wilt e ti : led to thi hIiuae, with good acCotleiiudui linl:s igr i ris and carriages. Fliits rate lhores and arriangc will also be kept tor hire at iuoderate prTice, tnlld ail ltd row boatl with pereolla to nlone i thel fur t h, use f avi et're. Ililliarded ad ther amuselet: Untill, fiund t attering pIlaces, will aleohe Iutrmirltd, and e. coltnted :is not to ittterferre with the Cotfllrl iad rluietof 'te boarders. The wine eand liquors wil! I of thell best qality, and to ensure a ll applolv o il, a eare has i lready' been ordered, whice winl asir Tlhon tlhelIt l o May. iAN Freltrick liarnard, hi frcrmerly kept so popular r t lotel at s tle ttltis cie, will condact i oe tel Ib tle prolritetr, who, with suct aid,conetdently aessrer dthe visi1rs of lnst year, aid his friends generally, that tliey will reeiv e a ery lusaeitle attenrtioa; and thereby cexpelcts to gtie .eceal stiilnalinn. jte t local adnlitages i o the la bIole are too werll knoll t 1 need it hLngt. cned deseripticn .ire. 'l'le fIcs itlat ,'resnctol is tlee largest ntnva station of tile (;iovrnnllrtt ttle general rendezvoeus of the (Gulf squtd. r<)ll ths s:nluklilv tlite elimntce reeielsed ronatlm l dlu lin tilhe 8ntutlnelr mnonitti heb thie cileet I rr:es frolll rite tinlt; tie 'a.tutit of the bat atd the neighiliboring ivlanld andl rivcr; the albundtnce and blicacy of the fi.lh withl whlh tiles waters eIaund; tand itl prcIxiutii to th,, beat Soutliern matrkets, ive I'eensacola tlhe re I ietneeI. onir all otlher places it Illnthlee itiuler, a a hIailth, nd delit ilihtul uerireti reat. I.rst rltel bellnt will re I betweern VIiehcolaa nd tie Iilhe, oitd will at all limai nelable to taLke lth I frunl ttl New Orlecnaubte. N It ARNOLD. t'ti.ucitl, Felth 15ti, 1838. D tie'lt.ettna wishinug to engage roma for their ftlllilre, ranll eddr.·so the/mroprionr at Penancola, ,r lir $rewcll'!' Taylor, the formner prelprieter, at Necv Or: leans. Ret,,reneee. T tuaitiril, :,q, Mr U Colein, ft MIiAlpin, Esq., Lt. ibc, iin lullb i; ST Traylor, P 1' UR., Eaq, in N,"%. I ' S-.A letter Ibag, IIto receive coettnli*i atitins fir ,er s at Ilte :lhve hortel, it plerid at (leao 'ltitnlnen'e ofilce, ,I St Chrles Exeelnge. FI.tO IDA. ROUIE'0 F('R NEW YORK. l. TI' ravelleri deireus of taking the IFlorda rnete, vta IPeICelnoi,to tihe Noirth, nre informel thalt lirm rate hait will costitlatt rlt n frait. Mhoile t, Penstietl, letaving lalbilh aed iensacolae cvery other tiae after the h tt of tev. (;nt. stgea will alw.eya e provid ,e Itells Slller;lr to lnte in rtitiea toittee passengers ro Molbile, in case l tile failure of the hbats N 1 AtiNOitD. The etnletlaat Ciampion rleave Mobile tier Pen.e rein twie a wtek fTh o' Iv JEAN MARIE FAIINA'S COLOGNE WATER So eases tmere of this ulperior Cologne water, just re'eived sod fur male ho the dozen or mingl. holtily- 'eAlt Ameri,.an ladl Ireach toilet powders, powder rlls and bonesn ltirutlig aad tiilet soaps, enectet weale halte, eilk If rimes, cosemetic cold cream, extract u musk. kephllae, W\ard's vegetable ,hair oil, petinatiin irrelri de tepors, Florida,lavender, rose and bay waters, l'raecr:i's a, ilMarsreillee perfumery in trunke. veget. tile r itd liquitd nui r e, Chlorine and Orris tooth wasl, cloth, hair. tuaath, nail and deshlt brushes; together lit, n addlitioinal sepply of fashionable teri nud shell conlht and je elrc,tirsale low at wholesale or tail by S"IMMONS, HARI1' &CO, jlly 71 t'0 hartrecr street. l ti It ;ii.t' --lti bales elliii-tei--dijn ij ll!'. :, tea-,ro, Alip t'h',r tie tl , fli r , i le .ele 1 IIRIDF A C,+o" , , ..... " . S. , in coaes--:. dozen white Wroo IRoyal College of Physicans, London. UIH. E origaal Vcgetable Hlygetia Universal Medi eine, preriainle by V Miskin, Esq. Memlaer of tln Rovl Ceollerge of Suseonn, I.icentiate of Apache cary'sunmlpay, Fellow ao Bolt (Court Soeiety, Surgeon to the Itonal Union Pensionl Asociation, Laneasner Plnce, Waterloon Iridlge, and Perpetual Pupilof Guy' land St. Tl'hlas's Iospitals, Londoln. Th'llis valllcllle medicine, the result of twenty enars' exl'rivnee anld ul par lellel success in the extensive laInd biglll irespeetlale lraeictie of the plroplriety, pltro nised by tlhe atelltv slill nabilit, :lad is now iltrodll.ere tothe notice of the Ameriecan inblie, at the earnest so. linipatioa fi' a number ol'gentlenaen of long sand high Smanling in the profaession. It is lhoped, as a prelimi nary step, to checlk the evils anld fatal Eonslequences arising erom the Isa ofa the nalmerus anal deleterilos laimtralslltl e Ioiet I.tcn the pehlie by the aid of fabrieated proofs oflmirtalouasers,a and other fr.nuds, bya set of I scea llll", tunrincipledl pretenders. so totally igneralt onet di.a seiencee, that it impossible the mntnstrotls a delasin aell any Illlger go down uth tile iltelligent I, peole ol'tlis eoletry. l' ieser pIills, mili eId agreeIable in t eir nature, should be kept itn every family in cases of smhlel illness, for, for, by their prompt adlmiistration, cholera, cramps, spasms, fe"rs i and other alat"naitg eaoianlaiets, whichl too oitlei pirove iatal, islay be spreeli ly cured or prevented. In fate, all those who valueegola Sheallth, dshould never be without Ithem. They are sie in pteeket aty 5re toatt tl nlil $2 eQeh, |ly'every' I'esiac table rliuggist, boeksellae', andl vetndorof evdcliie ii tie United Satter a t be Ca:alnds, witll colrious dlSrectiols, . tagetLer with, estuncanials of prot'fesioltal ability filaas taie fellow ig eailllnitl gtaealletllee: Sir Aslley Cm.aer, J Abernelltv, Jemos Itatatll, M. I1., IV. lhank, -I. It., J. Aston Key, A. remlptonl, iA. 1), and nllnemroa otlers. Th origiallls mnly ie srl n possession of tihe lGeneral Agent, by wihomn tiie nlleiii is ielmporte ilto thlis renslly, maidl o whIom all allpplications lfoli'geniiCe Smustl be nlale. JNO. IIOI.1IEIN, 129 Waverly' Place, N. lork, to Stle Genieral Agent for the Uniled States, Uc. 3 For sale by apploillntment of the l aiillnd proprietor. bly aSw AI t nIHeran, . hligg'its, No II Cantl street, I I-.ltri Alelntlfor Statlle e ofLouisialll jt vlN SINIltY It LU . & co, No J alagelear nstret, are sa [ r nwrec .reivi' rinmschips Natshille, I.oisville, ilKetky, Elgle, a d ether late arrnivals aIio the." e :."llerlal cities,. .ialg and new selerted asstalatent I.isf, Ilools, llhoes ancId BrogautIn, an onsilting nl'g",tlelllenlln's l ellf anll d Morocco Iool do ,a quality; do bllPal, anld stiit wans pegg;edl boots an anriollllnllies; meni's lell illl c sati acnd Nloao'eca li1oe. pumps1 I Iand broganlis, bulekski slattes, llroganls an, hlInppels : men's tline cal alnd kippaafi peggced soeslane I; ta bt.lts; do e1ail kip aIdI wax pIegged shoeai aId brolgnals gentleenllis best qlulitay cltsend shoes, ,olaii ns nllea Jiek lt)oweilngs; ale calf anal -lorenco 0 i'eklteshoes anl brogans dol ellF, neeal snll Moroeco: e I adian shoes andl slilpers, do calf, buff ann seal weigs, t a new aIticle; do fine calf, seal and morocco qullate Iots; lloys', misses' and chilren's peggedl and sewed , bt ogans, ani shoes of every quality and iktitl. a Also a general assorltmnent of men's stot wax and peslt broIganls lalld aboes, together with 10,000 pairs It gro last qualicy, russett broganls, ailed i lith Ilnks, manle expressly for pllalnatill usei a geonl as. ci ment ofll en's aine nil stout kip ruaselt lrogalnsl I s Irtiel, clll a ag.e quantity of an inferior quality Srlsntenr nlll wax rblans. SLadlis' fine callf sent, morocen and grain welts, atnl . prmp sole shoes; dlo fine Frencuh Mlorocco and kid 'run bI calf, sea anl nd stout lealther blootees; do Prunella slban. i. t flll kilats and qualities; do lastiig ll'lagais; o iytilrr SLManad Icleal bootees. Miliaes'lsliliagsEtig lllht eIaSlllal g f heavs Cildn's cleoolled iocrlteni IIt laiSg I hII tb-o lg.sandl bnots, ke. tlentlelllen'ineflt shionable black silk Iatsi; dlo blnek on Idrab beaver do nof a suerlor qualiy; do inliltation Is anm do; broald .ll narl't brlinl mct's fine drahb tad Sla:ak RLsinsihort napll ed l llats, c new article. Youths' laje lizce I1ats h 11 litlereti i ialilieSl ilti tshihhe,,. tltan bay)'c black rnlld ctihr wotaal llbs of n :ltiei slu pes, with general assortment of bo s' and ie ani's 'This assoltntent will be replenlished l Ithe arrival olt rr hpacketalirom thle e e lilnleat cities, all ol wlic wil i. soil oil accmom tingt et _ ai. ll I-,f NO MIERCURIIY NOR COP a : SNetw thlcnne:os, an/V, l/, I837. A BOLI i s In monts ago I had the minitrtune to gut 4 rmtdoctors litaculraero slldlthey dd.u ItCute le, so now i on thle abuve date I put mysel.f enderth cale of i)oeto I Iliuet, lld I expeCt hiim tt etre ie. Silnce trl ti le the diseaee got worse, st s to break out in large ulcers to tile numlber of Pix oTr eight oni e Ih leg, n al 111 over my Inee, alnd ore throot, and not ahle Io work at hr I presaent tilml onl atoutlllll otf Ithe diseae large her oil .l thle right side of tile t[rbo to. 1 tai I|lv t i lut InI,/yelf con elfidentlv under till enre of Ir. IlHuet, , 'Paris. to be perrlely cured J(llN DEAN. o I) CERTI'I rIlH thit tlbe abov,,e Irnl'ned disease is quite well ,urtd to Iny own gibtisletio , lhr wh I t I thank lir. I1nit; and mlllreraer I anslre thai tihe Ie di cinll I hab e tak, e nll.. s tile lit, and Id not injur mIy. nealtl t I all; thereTore I advis., ly If lB w snflbr''r. r o loge lio time and epply to Ill A. lhuer, 123J Canal stre nteet letwe ien ia t up 'itn/. I rlo , ll oI tr'ei. I r, lluvl is at Itluai front 9 o',hiik, .t i, unlil 4 i' I1. rh/, wilt find It trdotr for thi complaint 11 a J r1J N I/IAN, 1, (ir.vier streent - If anlly onle want tIo see e, cll ait N .. (i it Nw Orleans. Febl I, 1f3fb. eh 4l Inv JUSt'YUII.IanE R)d'H .l n' 'RE.OT1I'OE PL.J 1 l~. dy .ne bit/s h ,/i i n Lae ROI)tETT'S TAlil.fe: tc INs'i' s:: 'r: i T O hwlialh is nr-/ aii ed mht Avnii il e At ilang(;:Iiii a oi storage, otet- of hbat ror bill, o gtIs. .iwn t h ad chased at it/etnt dantes, -i 'litf-l'lel lt nteliits, t I Iit varillusan otis; beaid,'r :t and col ih'ete Il.alkiog Timte Ta'nes, tile htt that can 'he coIrievl I/n the fi gures can pr suce withintilltt stnile cnnti s t , t i ssi ily and eize oni y pe. of An adverlisenent in the hook is in tt.erl the illo,n 11. ing wornls: be T'Ihenig/ih disintinio this wik hasl rciel na throlg i ae tile aten legislatie acts prefixed Ittil title t ge, s 'tC t is hommendtioa n i tselt; so lelmllnon, i anrld no edncll Id sire, th , bthinge is necessrv nmore 1III by ay ni of al of veiiseitnlit, to givee ennkon-ttlne vi,, ofsor ne of it, pe ego ltia'ities:its frinatanee, ltilr Interest hs t eleonlp. end el from,atn eompreid wil, whart is equtsv itntto toun. f teen selsttef lleulalion, exalntiued ill tile Ires th irmy five tihes, hand pritilel ironl tireo e ,lates tesd/ , thillmyty-ne timtes, from all wohih fit st be. evidellt ' a even to the skeiti (e'ecinll, o u p.snt l oFthe ise caileflopofin tepreawee)thl t t/ ie-nek /rst hre - tettically infallle, i d in en o fire ,ti on of 'this hetlif wl pentilm lit to ha-t i .ed miln. It idoltrs, ins afw do .e sred olf nlie detectioll fe an errol OFa a enln t itlll.t it.treti ree or fifth editioe, as texprssed in the pIrenlae, rakling five n Irlreplarminlsa uIreCd flr the same cll'or 8incetl hve Il n hs pt tlieli i n nt/le ic t I uS0et . no. ()n f It'lt In(,e t ,,irculas a find l ts of/lin tall es ins in t hn .:a ir.t . o l eil I ne l'iti, , nll .It AIIIIIIn , w i r f er l ys .li tio ,on , r ,in "r nh e I n o ,lea . ieuit, w ith ro h ll, o , hllle aslle :i illllld, x c:yllal b xcele si III,, I . yi ty aod ease i i'h/hiIih the iie csl east r found loth exlterl of gtsn, ral t illsitleas, i/il.lllt ,itiliil It'mtIIs is l l . In'oi/, l istnt-li llC e s, essll tial, that itlltl esthll:l l ion ti l'yst eit thl e i lti / l n oieillllltt l t and llll t.i s t i B y nlallell maallln l a p oli , si- who hlle tom l gibr o tof sthenork, it ias iteei istiJti8,ilasihn t Ih honoiatle S a.leletlioin itft/a "tnlllnntl on )ie" Aid cnliltslelneiig t'rilletndll ltv of n It ll/titidt o t .tit t ir anon td it fuIr c" "lIIsiin.11; n a Ol'k· I tIhe 1t·lllln;:ditllyl:V IIII1ilhel'l anlld Air VU .ie y e 'the *'xarniomtirm , int( to ts " . e very e it it- ias /ihe tic l peS eot c itlttindinei hig the n hole, is i y l at 'ete1 t Pllellll ils l t ' ll- , i riltle I n he nlsit ie ill, all t ln It-s hten hen d it. :1/nt emAihalti iue st tenit i d Id sWince te bllgi-l illno il entin, in.. hk l tllnh 'e IiI sed nbcatisd eatiits nft tnti in ti/. tnnte l.iuIen of (Ili.aOl.s ne, no, nlt olle halt Iie Illmtit!llT, ix is it clallt ahlOii, in tihe .rIna inrindr, noftirt :chnd ba,/e "A it ,lt/e Iit:iht'itht/e Ied, aor tiltln [ ai l llln ba:llsk Ind In n/a 'cs ib ftl ak i. t a xenrlantiosgs ih/e b/n o is aaot api/,is lth iou set. it, i/te nielt, ie' tiitein l iit/he Intiotittit latrge taf nitthook. tr1 i iia bI .i,5.-l t i/,.lrl,.sct ndi.lin eyt a/i/ti ob," hat I a''rlinge i t te Ibok is tnitin as itt1 hhe Untt t in h e I It i smi irieoV te itr well k. wan that , ,iuits "e arnl rateek, I it haIs so onlitlldelectedt laeri- errrc , Ie :,ie• t t/ e weer i ltn ,et/ nilh nti ci:/lltI i tt itn o i;e-'llllltis i tlI an t n it te lte ingi essit- fori it, ttsx v ii e. eiii ext sivel insisted a i t - o ei , niice, . n ieeI.s its ad1snt/tet , ago, its silly i slayings, thaa, /et[ 'sagi, wthilst the firfsedition Io /inr ct.r l.el and netnI t lrita,l ii - it . ll ull imli.r oi siteollI a a halld oles er lll lhl lilal, Slll Iat Ii gle t Ilislat e. al'- td I et/ttll ir. 1t itltiOllta a-periC r allsty I,,,II .1 , ipi Ol$ i/ Sally I icked p t fm t It/e it ntpr ci t a atn li nlile n/ltlls ha Ine in n/t ael j v / andelll islac Io. ulll[leqe/oloelhatl-n wtl it t iiyoi5 ii1teil pe xttt(a' for a ellilt) Ifnottie hehll t il-a ItEr ilall an iaiillivhidal ,i i ite laa er ierias/i Iarthi- l:,.ly Iit ng at the gaina enatiimtl rxhibitrd tlntiixatury nrnii"n, to s tiae olin e in t aci/sitilit to himo ia was reit /oianyeth tiht Isne titted tioe tliht.i tihe it ing ottli tiit erv valalst titUO, hte buings arety rich nmanae ine l.blnofitce. Ino ilt isikwis wantay of oat-be hti d indeed pr ope /o n i ar e e, Ihat s h is Ihe nature of igille wol k g tn tlei in aspe'ially whel of tihe txlellnt allll imlioUitanie tit fr these Ia Inis . h ha l a tlhis honk i re its il retio ti//oh I ilr.i ti's ell in tihe usuall llllll llel. vlnlllo , I" the most complletIen c-dlinltola ill le woi ld, a llnl atiirnorda s iit"itta inost call/ittlly nilldtcr t'iigown iOlln'ctni)nn llf Ipii. a/eetI,. it wuhld, ilmatl to a eetai.h. itve Ilbio iotaliiF ti fl re le, slaiioanl dear ,t allt- ptiierb s thIep efe dariiall at, lalllI explahns. lltl a i lt I ain/d vii liallle iiiave Ie. o, steleoo l"l' Itaes of this .nlkl-heel nltae, tllt t Illt elnn, ti lenlh , witlanner nllmerus lan iixtIaxn/llinal.v elilsila-a ed tiolts.taglhi fire'n for Is.r gielltg c/unit feo ihyalasIa (by s /tlhnertielnmll) t iii lantl" keip ll a I liace of IeeialI etaftl),exninx olileuitltlitiinlig. Atllle direelis to In bulli shtlui blalllnksal dstatule i Io I at .ast wih luseful notes a Ibllw tife alot.o, ,,lch, ia' tn/is - filh asin i he two ilteeediil' etlinions, n l/otailil niueth i in feltlllitoll eOllerlilllg I Illy io /lwlli In llu8 ofconnimed st iua illter at tee days tf gl aice, i se I renmitta only tIo remark tha, nolwib.' stading tnie fJc uniomonlv nostl i workt, fhieh W'aSeli i hed, heainre sitinlterest ables ii,,:. iilolentid i dollrli s ani d enllts bc uyeall anabln:llmac, llst beell so exl'llsivehy oald so liberally n! patrollia'dl, il has IIot yet so mulch as itil wilth interesl ran tee he.,y Jogs of a illll. tI1ou lh1Sald, II es des n sx vear"lll ltlme [from 17'9to 105, siituilieil ont I[eliers edition of 761x1 colpiesarising ehiefly iroin its publl ica t lioi at thatSlt une aloi Uilts uer price, ) to say' 1o Ing of: r anei ilaerifice. l herfltore ihe anlimstllo reilles oil e lliaeenl-llllm alid| gelinl./ly ofll te pluhlie Ifr a Cniuilon sie of prell~rrt . llc f ai.d I "tlOllr'.I r lmsle by ihe Nrim'Q al Ianhrlle, in the Ulitild Stales. i ;0 lJ er ship Mi.i-i~Pi, from \epI Yerk, a ores ! sotlrln,,l ~f1 I',1I,111 It ifles amtl hl~tl Pi.shols. far ; le"at TILE FLORIDA LINE Fromn Mobile to Augusta,Gee. a leaves Mobile every day at three o'clock. p m per U 8 nmail booat for IItll't Landing, above Blakely,-tienee four opast coaches to Pensnoca'-thrceI. I*'emhleat to I.Lgrrue, wherethvland olea iereosumed-thence Mva Iari lann and Ulrownsville, Floa. Bainbridge, i' arndeer, i, II tw: insville. Sotundersville do L ois villeitn Auguser., Go, connecting rertearly wirlh the rsil road cars to Charleston, and the steam packeb- .v Now Yorks, Noriolk, Pilaidihlhin, etc. 'le steamrboats are the beat for tihe service, and the tnvigation presents alnre advantagesa than il She foondl upon any strnlboat route in the south ern region. T he great improvements in the routelreve been f rouced by the construction o lillfy miles of new t rood, by the proprietors, viz : tfro, LnGronne on , Lrl'vayetre Rayou, an arm of Sanita Rosa Bay, to SIryanl's Ferry", on the Chettanhoachle river, ten Similes above the Cowlnrdt, or 14 abole Celar Inlll, a whereby the naviganorn of the river, and the con tliquenot deteltiolns, anti nImore rectorly Ihe itllnon vR ~Iient ertssiana lit thle (owlord, r ne entirely avtride, l and a line road from iloarianun direct Ito I nbio ridlge, iletead of Ilie rtlonrdaboutlt ro:d via (:hnlahoochell . letrenine tlhediitnne ablout forty ":ilee, nod ire:rasilg the facilities more than a Al',. t. "ranch line of two horse stagIe every J other day Ihot Il awkioeavedi, via I',rre In M.racno, ., cU nelllll nl Wilth te lie to t Savanlile atn as Darien, a A mall stennlhnat Mlire reglntari bhetrwree Bo Dinbridge and Apalaehiroiln. 'lIrevlilrrs wishing to arealh any pOill unl Challttaholrochee or Apalachi coll, can tlnkr tsteornioat at Bruwnevillte. AlMohile to PI'insraelal-I alrdr Iorte..-)orine tihe linle occupied by the rtpllrrS t hr ts, tile prortie. tors of the "Florida hoe will run n line ol lfor t h,,re post coac:ies every other dJay betrweeon Mr ;hl nod Pensaa:ol,. PnI'senerrvs will lenve Mile at 3 u'albck p m, , in the [U S mail boar, ani proceed to iIril' Ilo.d in,, where n iler horse ecoch will ! t, in waiting to coarver thal to the rxellelt eireoarlrf Mi. Clharles hall, I 14 tmile dhistan, whore ml y ! will find a pleasantt aecormodatos for th, r o.tb-lenving oi x mornintr g, they will trrier in I'f,",r i enarly i the mvennl, r, thuas rvoidirrg l' a iatrsaatfUrt ra aahr i r vI t or Oali e tr ar Mah ra 1 i,, o ],,usr. 1 i..i ale, tndCol. lins' !ld el, hetsea ols, . here a tl most ire ir'e ift.b'OIKTN & . in Ir ° Piano Forte i.ltructltotu. s Williamn Smtn lenders his services to Ihie citi, zens ao New Orleal s as a leacher otl ,he piano d forte. tlr Sltavinlg beent c nplylyed several years as a teacher of music inl privatet families in Boston, o and also at several of the femalce seoninlarier in its isvi,'iity, cannot but hope io to t eril iht ir conflidonce. lie tis permilted to refer to Rev Dr Cl.,pp. leasrse Stetson & Avery, HeInderson & .ai,-es. For relrms, t.c please napply at tile bookstore of AlcxatderTTwer, 49Curopstl o act 2 Drags and Jhleditiner. J . *.Irvoa st has located hitt seltl It this city i or the purpose of Iransactingl a teneral W\holesaleI Drag business. He is now receiving a III'l pp"l of Iresh and genui ,t ortelel-s,e lct Ith wrill sell on liberal termts 1'o city drnaggista. nd i hoar of the intterior, to physicians, ltort nhaots and in pl- tters, I he will offlr indluceento s such as have never be, n fore been oIfered oin this city. Hllis mo ntion is to do a strictly legiilnlnt e business. Iis stock will sooll bl e lo pletl, od in a few w'oks will lie rea. ,Isy for bosiness. All orders Iro m III, ii o. ntrv, lnd sfrlom mTerChnmsl of 1i i. .ilty, retCivllng such Uorders will he pr.olo tly altInded to. t "II2 No :39Catmp pt III)IESAI.K ANTI RitCIC'V\1A t+tll ANTI VA SRIITI1'V SI'()IE--itt the sign ttf Its golden conll,lo, 'IcI'arlres sleeat. T eClrsbscribers eave re. ceived, in a :litiloll to their pre.ilo s stolnk on hand, ai full and col n plet n.,sortonent of artitl ns. their line; via: tcotnhs, prtio -ry, Jewcllryt , i o shes, i aking glasts,o C()3l IliS-tIo oisn sh ell, nl t r i muzl lt p I ,ltlin ti.'r ,twin t, qiilled back, long round, dressoin,, siti " paol, curl and neck, JIr-tilianll .o s o feo every des riiptliot Itlnml gst which ot re some nl exi'nn llatters, Ivr1)n t combs of tevery dascriptilon, born, dressin anid lpacket( , to.tlhrbr with a.lI general assorlrnt(pr( ah ind ot . l.n at. f oEIIFUMI'rIy-Colone, olaventner, Florido, honey, Iohay, rs, e,tlla ottnra.nela er wnfa rs osa f eO' - ir ,so - e eno:l d s le s criptin l, c ltmporated Colotgtle, aetratl olf itrl;rnam , latry souIs lJofll koill os, tHeln aItlet ill n IIt ti t )t creral ssot, tln\VerIti l' . t -et r ll hair oil. hI r. en an iliet orowder it, tearl ) nll tderi, pow t p till- 1a ) r ..p r n elli2ll o, til e l Clin ll, rInst a d chilrin , ooth wlrsh 1 oand i te.ll with tl ollg ral a Ii' Itm uln , of Jilli'G' .ll -- ile lhsrlil u t I nI t an d lttl ftt ino lll tits l hi, se'ilto c, b( d l ,t a "n tt oInlIo Al I, ni .-e ll la iilrdl'l l, tit!n D Itle cthio ot pon f an rrI , o a-i ! tve f r.i t nd wI nhle trinlhed glies ftill aln, oil.+: u .ki i si tr, I lir ot aot r i lout itl o ls It- Ia r'il l olirl. r s ,I lild t r r,;S - t I l l ,inrIo i' i w rl al'lln hhi-rnn hll r. halld,, la tie llrte, p l', motif, o Nail, lha ',lt , ,ole aniol ces~r\ o( 12 m tih l -n oei t tl I tInt nt tI* 8 Co ·I.l)1) aINI lll L; t$S S-lel"l--( irno olllliitill oilet iKas t, i ot I tootllillr hi l 0ll . 0l-lsn deitt-I li llt , hlo l Aml lo, wltl h It . atiti o el'llt klr Is t -ilS t.1111 rll,, , a I"tt A:tNot-s Nt t .\'ot n IIt1111 1' Ailtn 'll.Io' - Irne ln n rt- roir ,lli r ,l te l l, ' =*. ul n Irn s aillt e.e lll s a e, ry ri l''s I l flv t in ll ,vly f o lth I tli, l.t, I , idi t llyk , rordl. o h (· ld tr h m ei Illnt ill, Il In paublll i( ' L lll, ea l p ylated tlw il lll Ilo adril.,w ,ud II , lr it l fu 'i' t',lltl alnd cl, raw drivels.tha tool! rl r n' lIt'anls. I os tt It nelln Itoy ie ll itt I llla Sill of l ifI ery- kind, hololll 'n i hlnt IIPt~ald) J .i'tlllA all all lev 1. &TF a i l lll+ b 0 ne dles, tlln osilver - d.tIo ale 1 and Ieot e litu opon Scurd, encit, rass. , ll alying mtrd i ena" "l , Ieen Iae and11 Alneri lenll nnilulululre, dolls, in/itnthin frti sii t heuxes, prilnts of various4 kri, .,/lllhl,,'rl) 1|omllnerl-'s, Sl mlal LerF 'd rs, illliI lir lllew a d ewkiu' razor rli'a s and inefHr e hllchou 1,ttirk , th llat, bea.:d lir"klllnc , It, wlih .ter Ieo ouyin watches, arl Itio lel()i wde r t~lu-ks, eln tnd place s. l ed blul I gllsr &,i llc ilvr dt , .iini t. aot~e al l i ltiers, nd ga rtloers, painta td sword o-lrn l bont ltlillnon bo ards, ditO e, u Tli llllpS) .l)jewl cha I iit oullthlto osbt Iest lli drinking ullp, w mit t greal oro- y - i other ars l to d 70ttot-t - oare,lt iiios-, Io nlelmoill Ii ,ll e r ats tno llo ls, ir sale tliel or e \'lli nell ;i hr I h til ;S, c lrellr C uli*llll ll unlli l in is Ia-t a s re -. tre o I It toi . Cot l-c il -rinI lininstlllio C ot i I t ,tr 1o it.r-I U - lA u r,, t C.oI I,, . I. u l , Ih l l ret\ il dt e;t a ,lto the I oUooloto " Io.t- no Ilain~ r", ,'nto rt - It-lm, ,evt ' I . sclry for the h , . h uIt s 11 inn I eI)'IAxni. n eist: .\i. e ioý' rsl ir e f nil. l 'r lll - I:- i I-i stio n h lle n dr ld I yr IIrantf tljla r.' lin ew (Me tta., ist I ratl n , l it o til lt t i, eours U.ohe tibI i h c in g q .er i Ia y Is lloh a h tol P r lcLeIv. I ,II add i l r I' .t,,h reds nt b0 totci tayl " olto toin ls ot e v-it ,ier min o inay o t I rlll lo h I l h I os li 8l. ' I ,l II e lng l lt lio t I e' hi tI, oil, l , t i the k id= t llrTh rel a b ee l y on o ia n:: 'I fxll ia' ti hl nen rl fll k ki,, i Iqur,) . 1 ht osu e ,,d c ill- t to eraII at teo IC r oll rl iN atlii nltl Int -Lool, It.iN.o ,a, ,hu0ll he lle w.fllLIC.-Thair s' d'ph! g,,f any varnish c-ottlh t'd t id. tolo )i tro. Sn mol i lll tt lh itho s to r I IIp ! crS Nitl ,r , ,lrl h l lna d ar t oom yItrls ei l ll illl a illt walt r. 'lt Ie ollk vrihe e ol rl l s nrtrdl tn-t in hLoo 't a hh i les. The -la lsparelln va ernlm nllll,.t lt el,& too. al ni on nll II Itt.l l loo loFinh ent- r noIt nloe in oh raee I DIn q e1n , -I n t I Newtll . r I .I e h i -tt .ou,,s lilan-itet ur tilU oa te r tle, cast i tin -totine art l nc &- ,.rv ita,, li, non a rosotso a tofe.lsr 3. ml I I& d a'I.- iono, iai on a tp s, ol . i-turld -rt i-nlao ,' e.l. .t.l .,e inioo I tole -t ltr.a taprodu alln dt anolnl n tot ao loi, and Ie n-ro ne by i with toe tldre atneis o succe, too iii totct to ot tI0 i Inlolcr gaofil' be IIAnt TrItlo ali.i No. 6 it6 ltI . -in i sreIet . \i JiN.-l -l'LOI N, ; I S'e Ls o of xpl e n t es tf IIlls be irntu !I ' ;,il c to r ille pi l oI t le unde lrsigneral su i oint he lt ils, citud sine a e roo meo Crin tleto uines 0 t 0 cityis , lis eenl s i le prol nriet.rtof eih seed storet JIn i-7 eodlllto -,otl heto-oa avit c; bei lr is a pis e eua ns , ,deo ll l ny hlo. in l as coihtry--ul he aSSi d, a flhtr -ng)id lhon his c , ectioans Oli et ory depCltre oi.n ut , Ilit so d i ia Clrtei. of anlly bood itl U tad oi ller t l ts, laie io. Sp.,rls s.ed., plants, & r. ile 1'r o r ise lno-I e xlP+Je ive and relpectarea lauraeera s atl sea Islor its riai ai,. itllalld estornglnonCl Cdi a.nhd als llat Clano laerm slu, ,-at d it tail at all lhlllra. sto lIon n lltsw, a.s iL it hila II It r alld iecaiv llo ,itiot ait lllooits pr, C aIle stou , large ao ivtat oal f l.,r h i, alp d tlh reail lie '-hraorh on 1838; also, etliooa 0t111i I-lilt lae, aotf all 'flat. The uolhet may relya ti indina g a hill as. aftaII i of every i na red e i' eioe wliol Ch n ',)ellty etan Soonth irotlina, nd Iallar sne lears llsr arssistant in to w ffar his g rotoessional serviae in tios city. flue asures tia ladies and Applylaei thNat the unogt proils t attention will be peaid tN the ealls wiNch inay be nmalde; and ansoie ofKloti-s servic tn to e nholderofielavos, being wrll adquahited with oieda ldteases conlmon to tChona, having attnoded tAen in e sugar rot-se in Cttarl-ston. The faImoulis anti-bilious pills altInar ta oe o lmlposlion a, Professor Stnolletto, Carith directions, can be ead of tile undersigned. Tahe eNlbct which lhny hsve0 Sproduced in thit andi other cities, has been attended hotf Now orleaao ; Mhasoi , Harris &nol., nf Nateliez Nd IlarrisoKelley &Co., of Rodsane was dissolved nei Claeist of May lastd Coy theidearth eo Sirnuel A Masonr ai ne of olhe olrnners o t C o firnass IOLBEAR'S Scienee ofPenmanship received,and L for sale at their pennanentt Writing Acaemiee ic No. 8 Chtres street, New Orleans, 189 BHiladway New York, Danphline st., lMobilc, It isre, panit rldesigned fim plervae learners, and o sell )ssI endi. cnkolated fir persos ofd nl ae s. Ladies oad g.Mntleme are invited to call and tlraine the ivsnMm for hemselves. I.eeains are given at sueh holse a ro sey suit the eronveuiene olrel, and t, eelat formed in'ae y pyrIn of the city. L.naies who prefer it can receive !eveons at their own ref sidneoes. pPrean pvine. o Lrste of lessons are desired o alte. "''"".:t. e at -el aellthe wibh. .3YaK Bulau'HI R. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, Fon FEVER AND AGUE. gT EN years have not yet elapsed since it was Sfirst regularly submitted to the public; but it has attained the highest reputation; and has sup. planted every other medicine for tie Aguce, wherev. er it has been known and appreciated. Already lias it been carried in every direction throughout the United States, asd still realizes more than conld have been anticipated by its most aanguine friends. 'I'housands of persons have mout only been relieved, but restored to healh and vigor through its agle. cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op portunity, to its decided anil supreme ofltcacy. I: is comnposedl of such medicinal prilciples as are calculated to renew the healthy action of the stolm tiac, liver, and other important digestive organls, the lose of which harmony is the imimedate causen of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ-. ces an entire change in the condition of tile system, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap ses of tihe affection. When the Ague in attended e with any other eomplaint, the employment of the Tonie Mixture will not interfere with 'the treat. r ment of the other dimease, but will even affolrd as. eetoance by furnishing strength and vigor to the body during the course of treatment. These who make use of this medicine may be assured that there is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury, or any other , article in its composition unfriond'y to the human e constitution; being entirely a vegelable extract; d and they may have additional confidence in the g use thereof, when they peremive that it has the ef ) feet of a gentle laxative about the time half a hobut. ,tin full has been taken-in conmquenoq c of which, there is no part of time tnedieine left to linger in I. the bowels to cause obstructions, and other evils, arising from the use of many of the remedies now offered for the cure of this affection. It has been - used also as a preventive, by manoy who were sub ject to a periodical recurrence of the Chills. and it has invariably warded olf time apprehelnded attack. Observe! The Proprietor, fully satistied w ith the unparalleled amid universal success which has con. stantly attended a punctual and regular use of the Tonie Mixtore, in all cases of Fever and Agile, Sfeels warranted in engaging to refund the price to all those who have token the medicine in strict a-o. f cordance with the prescribed directions, without having been perfectly and lastingly cured. The subscribers are the wholesale agents for the South Western States, and have now on hand six I ty cases of this medicine, which is warranted fresh and genuine. For sale at the manufactured prices JARVIS & ANI)IIEW.4, Whmoleele l)rlrgists, _nov7 cre Coammon in '' ellolaitoulml aslreeL. Misslasnippi andi Lonuilsaa Iiotcl, KRS. MARY KIItKLAND reepeetfully an. S nounces to her friends and the public gene. ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at Ihe above establishment, and hopes fromn her exertions to render visitors comfortuhle, to receive t continuance of former favors. She flelo confi. lent that persons visiting Covington during the Snimer months, cannot find better aecommodanldtions than she can afford them, on Imoure liberal termns. hler house is pleasantly situaled, and well supplied Swith every convenience; the bar is flrneished with tihe most choice liquors. tc. in bhort,ehie promises , sat nothing shall beh wanting on her part to give itire satisfaction to all wvi)i may patrouzao the lississippi and Louisiana liotel. je3 t IIOLLOW WIARI., WOD CRll.c iWS, SAD v IRONS, &e. a 1111E HiOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. - 238 Water, near DBeekman street, New York, I have received the past season, and are constantly receiving large and extensive additions ito the sllcI of the above goods, whirIch now c'tlllimst of thm , ollowing assortmemnt, suitable m or thle soutcher and I .estern markets. lollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500) tes, viz, Pits of 22 diffirent sizPes, bon i:8 to 51 gallons, Keltles, 15 sines, froIIm 3:8l4o 30 g.llmons, Kettiles, 15 izem,, frem 3:8 to 18 gallomi. Imtlthpaste or Ovens, 7 dtlifrent m.iazs, Tea Kettles, 0i d r Skillets, . 5 dh Filat Spides . f, do Covered Spiders. 2 io Oriddles, . - 4 do Fire lus, .. •G ,i. Ib Wagom boIxee tfrei I 1.4 to 1 3. inches. S(Crt do. 5 to 7 inchels. ,Wood Screws, 't.)000 grioss, iron and brass, fromu :H ienh, No. 3 to 3:9 inchlm, No, 2 of a slperior Ip.olity and finish, and cles tIhan J.ltnm's imiprted Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 50(hllb for S retailing. T'l'lor's aml hattor's Irons, assorlted. Sash weights, i00 tons, assorted froml i 4 4 to 2016b. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. n made to order, Also steamboats and other machinery made to d arder. mr The above aseortmnent of goods is particularly i recommended to thL. attention of' Southerrn and W- estern mnerchants, and are offered fir sale at low in prices, and upon the most liberal termsa; it Is be. lieved to bei til largest and best nssorlnent ever offered for sale by any one establiseiom nt in the United States. Merchants, Iy forwarding a request by mail, can have a printed circular. with description of gaoodts, pricesa id terms, from wltich no deviation is ever made, fIrnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immmediate attention. New York, 1838. Je3 U . IV Gl;rim,'s I'rfrfmrris. Ildinn lye, for coloring Ih'e l ilar ; le ir's Oil, Rus.l.lll Iear'setl reeer, pn 1' inii t, MiIchIaiw'. FLre ele W asell, superior pi , arl plidrlr. . bi,, whle,,erel' n i T, me, r hs i ve. eabl i rim', , o ii il ri s , lip s lv',e, i kreI eatle tellU washt, itn. , r i"i , ,,, oI lll' i imi11 ,wrt water, powder e lll- aht imi I .ion,, A m ridenl I, harcoal, n.mtly piut mr ini I u, r m om ll e m lm i It m r .+ " II "u sal Es,e , ,e, kretsl",.e tl hll leke dropil llllt tiru ll.e oit lI h IIIdressin rlum t ,llii' 1 mhll r o11l, e im a v matll iy of other i.erilr l ri -, i ". F oir 5,l. I by C..1, TlItlNCillittl, o rt 3 rn , r of C-,i ,tnd Itolrlou v mis II AlT--l:13,cae drab ustin, hat, va.rious llllliiire . broad bli.l., and low Iro:mwnitid in.lg fm ship St. Iliitr 'mr sale by I Ilit ,,'. I. &C., nur7 1:11 .tlimgzitn tit I ollbe, m ia r sale by t .; It()L;.lY, I W.&S. IIAebr, Olrill, l A, n1lioh .omd hare jlmeI recived a very e mtolaive set ead I .mlr Cmsivieng or: I'Irlie mlsel inPet Kamlrs; o km m .,e sribe late poln I'oekel, 1)1m anil Slear poild lioires,; Itmzors, or. Ege lg l Ttode. omi&. .., woii, tllilv aenr im o exhibit to tiae ivn tIore t m onemma mrric I llit o1, ,itl be iad kniown il thime i!nlu. tel6 J. Ii. PEIN& At i mlrl% ..o (tmtlttoimi mc. N-Iml- (;.jt0.joS. lllIIIMMONS, IIARTT& co.--Are mwe recimiomg wienrdenr, Frweeen (;ertwne oeilet hdc;. In apslvletrarl oer ehlm nticl prhket aistala; mliini riibmtd .dsSmliI t eulioe saulpq; eew hlullrsho; faiSSnys, I:lZOrcns, anUl n sies; (cillina' callemimealan othmor steelmoeksa Vim. nols; Violt ustrings; matel,erm ivor llm Il)rll eO m tci s i il'lrrS k, ead ancid levote-m areo; cbairlmist. frnoutiemmi eater. itowlm'sl maeeasn eeoil, iemitaion dlo; antiqiue tmInl Iaenraoil;m Iorlble dekos mnlmmi dlmressrn eases: pastt bleckinig; stotieneod toiletgloosel; coemmex mimirmori; Ol a reelo'tet; wtiitr Iwille; toilet slid shav'inmg nnSiop tomilet ao'mder, elemismtir wh obllia; seemled mdiu etlshlom SIpoel stetu; acrew ertmmslions; fammy bey d tr hil anti necklesa; billittl limlam 1tarl Ihim;ooka sadim tmlmetts; I (ermlmon Ihemrtemi lznr eammio 'millm, nll eolunllltmm cmiii ol-etie mt nilei'e, gartetittii; lrells Iimeilur mateles; ail-l, Ter aboveila inaddition to e o. foirmIer stlek of fuoc. srticler, makes our assortment ere c mnpltlte. For slI wholesale or retail; as tlme sig oftle (;oldlen Comi,, o IhClartre street. 1IIO. ' 36 Chlarren sireet, New (Orleans. WTi. ISEGICAN' & Co.. ..porters of Frencll I an.l Inelish China a.d Elrthen, ware. nr' no..v op.eninr new and rich ptllera of Irel.rlP.fs dlnirng and rea services, tliler acts, pitlhr. , r anrd c..fle cups, trepars, sugars, creamsnr , .owle.s, plnles. ldishes, tlreens, wansh kMasins an2i cwers, font batllle, c. elte. Rich cut n.d plain French cln .\Ir ricrn ,g!sr. ware--2ohleta, cehal paigne., tlllenltnde ., jeliiers claresE, ines, cordials, centre' bowle, doculters. tum blers, preserve dnihea,ceelcresn, pilchers, lanaps, lor.lp shade and glasses, candle shadol, sllt cel lers, etc. Slver plated, kronzed and britania warer-c-. , tore, liquor stands, cakoe huskers, candlensicks, branches, ;spoons, ladles, coffee end tea polll, ugar, relllllls. Ianps japanned trays, narral sanedrs, and hnalging lamps, 6ne curlery, German a lvser ep.,ne and lorks, together with a gretr varlely 'of rticlrs for faltly use. Merchants, plnterr, hote Is, and leallbollrts, furnished wal good orl the nlot rlea nlsonnblcl prices, and parked rn n It. be culveyrld willh salcry lr any part of the canllry Alser mplothecuries'glnasaore. nnoo '',r t'n.lntry ,lelhn'r a.nd Plantcr,. Negro rhl,ts. , hlnke.r,, II llllrl , Ilaoeys, |n eIll ehlrltJriu , lhel kel, hos ns. eol ce , hllandknrrchirle, &c & c d and t or sale mlow by he snb..l e n. rIto r i'l.% , ". rr. tlrlrn 't I'toial o r nt'i .tltt,. t I ,'tA il, A iti, J..t . " Northern ail )Fl Due iverny Iv Ie I. d ('Iets E[ ry t.vy at 101 A. N1 -" " D oserey Sholody, a Wodte dlo " te Alo Friday, by ,, I'. M. Iy rtinY of t- Closes veryv av, WIrti1%-da centI!, land attUllnlnly., 9.1'. 1. ThelakeAlMail(ar Iete 'trtt'atlThrjday, a, I Sat, n , b rll5.,l . l' 1. v C la Clom·ne everv Monday, Wednesday TIMES OF ARRi VAL, I)EPAI'IIIItE tIISTI'ANCE It e.ofthe Express a nil, Ietwh"le. Andile idlI New York-leraini Mobile Jail- at :1I'. Al. Nahothnr New York daly at ,1'. m1 ~outlnlhrd. ArNriv, Arrive Norllwanr-l. D)istaa-.r. Titer tlcttn-'g Ieon Agnnlery, A1. 2llltln. 198 l 's.l :1i 1r ll. SColanbo, Ga. 11 81 94 3 lan M rillegnvivlle. On. Il3 Ild %1.rn Italeigi, N C. o 2 15 2 U Warreemon, V,. I m. .5 Al ni y l'eereitir. Va. 10 pe. ts:t In 10. t. t ItihNtnmol' V. I 1Ott, 6 d Fredeiiekh1%trg, it l7 7 II p to. Waehiiagonecity, 2llam. f61 i) 0 llnlltoaet: f.4 38 4 11 I I hlildelpllin, 1 6t n otm . I II o New York '2 poe. 98 8" 63111+ 13 h,. or Si 23 e Norlthwalrd.,ird, the ltile it six hour I. Ir_.; brie llas v ttl1 I 17 eIurs. T, TEN tttiI.AttS ILCW i HI It 7 ANAWA Y frlt, 11(9 (:t'llnr dleclrt trtn' of Ifern , l oireelta,nn Ihe ni.hl of 311t1 tf At t ot andIl tInl rseeon ; t next Il'ttnllilg int oylo a stireet, t tltgo ity IIanle CII'AIII.I 9, iite it I 7 yeatrt of age, nall f r orolreherlttout lt hei-hit, irv lcke aid ba sito hooe illtlntl in hir speetlc, onlle of h Ii og e oi. e, r e, i oelr . tn by recenit hur tlll hd nj wlh, weaI 1 y 1% whits, L. ritt on ot l il l llr lli s d whie Cotllln :illll[I . laterl of vessels iandl stean larase are eati.lltml it S tgintcei reieing or lorhig a nid olicg l, a wel ai Itn S tllerl peronl, has It nnatoi rignur o I te ltW will It. liCrdrllorientg iln inti 1 o ter I" in osf c usillier of f1l ittiitcii %palitii, or ill 19 C" irl,ill, corae r if leviti fr'I ICm --'I'ir cl.o i,,iri l l en ,ti i e tioto xtoting 0 1lIileitr l lll .ire Itof lohis & (; nitsl heai - ilisolved. "I'h (lli.rril r will lit u lnt hi rso Lh. lra llr ll I1treis t hin , ri req, u . ur ll I etnslt hldei 11 | ito make p1y% l iai o and tillot t lslt I e viole a c hlobtt, pisn,1ot % lie., l foreilelrl.nit. S nalg 8- t I It iAIIIItiSfi7 N C(CAPTAIN lMA0lR;.A'rI'I-S NEW NIi)V-I.S 0 Rat/iLa the Reefer, by Ilte liltlltor ol IPeter Siilllplc, in 2vos. it Cu, min~rs, r a WVinter i t. iShiL Ili.i -lildh ,ti ne . SlVtaI, y (' ,toi ll asnilll ll, It.oy.l NS. I-F. lrd Rodto na, a roionutev II.1 Arltit1 ('tnniini haiii I v Sheppard ee, wirilten hy liiiiiolf, in tstle. A Compenoduitno llittorpjof oaly, trael.ated frot '. oeiginal Ithnlian, y Niilltiaiiel Greene, in I vol. for o iliI No. 7 of Iln rper'f a IElltily I.ilroe. Vls."1 & 4 of Illtn w enmlilete nd efltli torl eililion t of IVashinglon lrIinr' II'orks. Ronger's Freach and English Dicrtionary. in I l, aro Nugeal's Ftretch and Enagis Dietionaryl. Aia s f--A few rnlore copiesir Coolie'a 'lPhrenolegy t"ientzi,"Large e eerveyor'r.naloi assenfs petlor nr a ity, wtllt ais, lillilll ill ea . . 11 I andti ]-2L iich i (oillotil ittproedlltlelllir I'iein,jpttIeP d fiiO r irt e tihta &r. ec. &e. not received, l.ld o:lr f IIe! lily I. t31 B ENJ. iEVY. 6'INNOPK'V I{OMI,:, &¢. UINNOCK'- IYiIIIt 'It I I fi6"tliil'N eF A ( Ioldulniilh'a Aliridilnlrlt of thIe l ,lt llt r f t untanl ilianrv o tned a crel v of -ifl rot a e itii % ioit addedtfi "int li b ll tIhe woIn "k, ii tihll° .AIn ltao I1 (l ail, 11o1 ii ldlltIIec i llll olf ih- |llllll llll li l Iiilt enitlrou hiogrnl|)hivoldnt tilt nl I',lt..t,. s ali , I e a I iI1I-: tilt llllltr i -tttt I tt it'jtlf,, l ' It . hlusruledwith tilrl. llv ,. lralr ,, il l woI o dl, by Alherlon I lN .t l( K's IlU rlal llell Edition of IO/r O uih ill/' I linlor of'l an'dli1%ll , III1%l lilt. 1 i8 :r :fl Julius 1 ;coin I nl ll' iii I d I d o fl l o llrget . di with - it Iii, I I e tlb It 11213,7 \,'ili qiiraliu. Itr ix- tii zI li, tei'. i iIeach ees a o1. I.- h, aa lv. rIlIav of a1111lahh i.Inn. f itsilt i, lt It i-Illiv ii , llo ftII 1 . t iii ui l nIe, i ivt. ' Et·lo:.l ri r :lIt ll1 . ll'. l It a-d nn'-- " r kl, l r u voti , r th'll l , '.. lf l lt,,.. I filn ll [~ i -" tlilll d th nddllllill.. pol d lllpr Alll 1 III. I-1 rr I.ttI. i ti fill itr e:1,, I,,' 1 91M I :9 ' it-lo .n t1111, ,,111 11". ! JU' t I 'l.1l it I, hrtt' ] hlyl.ýr m ll~ il 1 1 il I1 I L (lllA C l:,tn, u l,.,.,I I I l 1lh I' ,, , I) 11 , ,,,"1, i i i'ii I ll) oyilldl t. l , tie h", 'd' D " .I. I'.1o r.. dliot1, S ci t ti l l a . -I',a ,, i.. , ',,,. nr', (- ,.i1 . olt f iloro fit, ill. tI- ItIn e dl , 5Ii.lli l. cI it 'IItE 'Sl s, I itllrhe i i if ' ; i', t " g T, II ';x. 'II. ii, m ,' I IC h'-I , i t'llll i t ;:t.dl" t. -I11:.1 t. , ih , 'ltil : ' II, t i Thl n 1 611 f , u. "6ah,,h I ih,,.11 ia ,or ,,i " 'I i , it ~ " IIa ory , Il I r1"" 1. , e" ht, r,, , i ~ , ,Ji . I , ,, ,, 11 'n 1, kll-ti. ri. " I-t.ltl1;o fir 7' I/CI r ",l ," ;.,e, h,I l;] ¥ )11v 1 11 11,, i ,, il I .... r I If..ol"t i . r i y i.;l ,s , )t., - a lt. i-il:. - 'I l 4il -- . ll t. It lr ',,r t 'o F oerlll oI lt otl rh 1- , a-- Itl-l,-I , It- o S f-rih ii1"d A- o1 -t to t c' r t•i-.t t'o, ,, .. (.II I t:,r I.ol!h" 11FhlS ' t "I l eI , II an ar, , ,.li I of 11, I roy 71Y of Ii I,. ,ro .r roal, l 'I it'1 h , ,H rp 'tk i1. l Id D lle he tlP.<ll ll i II ll. l'·r ,li di s Ir . ,'l 11nn . o ir ure t i t,,In rl' : ,l i r te lrs, lie 1', m '!m owd tre, htni, . g "e -,]ltt,,inodi ir[,,,,est a . (Itel u for V('.lII tI et-i l hI. to t11ileld 1it ieit :,at Islf ul , t'1. 'rvr..e~ l rt-t,,tlntan- Ab'e reo:el-lt oroI, a Ilsl iin , tl e It nt (in or ne lit lire. ' y erv .1 tl Ie - vlilt- l l c i,.. I e- d If che. toW i ,li-q lt ,.i tl m , . til ta,1IIIfb A t llc, l t.illot - 'ylet fa. tie I, l.It i.tiri- i t ullle, ..eli. ttdjc di ll t ilf.'1e.ln rletao ' , I t a i:l] I:lrlt ~i f r arreait ltl -arlla 1i PIhu i ren l , lll,,- n ,ei' 1itl, It alt .l ,o ltia, i ,tc. S! wain's 6'a nnodr illlliVl.ll ;lld 'l r l il*;,i ;lllll an n Ptli tid i.,q,..rIe - jttiint-li in fvtr lyd tpo... ,ta i t. cPt' ,y iN t Pr loooe .I. r v te ritol ~o n tttitt llio.l,. . of t ltle ori,, I , 1 It. t or. , li- . t ,r I, h1 1.1 I'rrhli, ', ,' norh, llln,. ii , .ll , l,(i~ i i I1I' "'r ", .'. .. , w dl'w , er l-oll, nn lll, ,lil ',o I. ,,,i, , , r, i ,,,i .,1ii Il ,I ,i iltht" 1, l ,,\. , ,+ Iii I + t"1 1t 1. ' 1 ' ol ceJi V'L t:ol ' attl l .aceibt l",alu e i-lu Ie IIn - ,alo roti a fee ,u t1 i -ri ,lt i -tire, s a ,Ii " l",v .l ~''- 1 e, -ar, a rt , l , t , ,.I qI. . oiI " .,i l++p '11. il b +i t ,l ' , 1.1 r Id_- ,hla il o t. -"i n i , l n y tltt , i: ,. , , .i r tvI III \ l j T '.15 & tIl'' I ,, - - S 1i't l llr /111i , I 'll..1 ih lii\b iilh , r oll i Ihe r~ )'~ly(le--- .ll~- Ihl I i i-li 'i tl [!JARBLI. UCHMNEY PIEUl W.kirM:nnalt, Custoonhouse street, apposite the poat.olmee. The eubscri. , ore rnow receiving from their faed tories in New York, and will keep constantly on hand a general assortonent.,f Marble Mantle Pieces ofsuperier workmanship, and of the latest patterns, made of the host Egyptian, Italian, Irish and Americ:an marble. Also, fMonuments, Tombs and Grave Stones, moulded and plain sills and lintels, marble facings, hearths and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Roman & Hydraulie Cemseat and Plaster. i g H[air, together wvitl a splendid aosormncnt ol b ass miounited and plait Grates and Russia iros rates of the newest and most approved patterns. Lettering done in the uearest manner and at ttet rte:t notice. They have first rate workmen to i"-a work. 'Ai' " AIN & STROUD. ,IDt1.1 :ltS NEW WORK, &c.-The Anmerica0t S Engltnd, by the authIro' "A Year in Spaini," in Noble Ihc rlsnf Wonmn, it 2 vole.s The Yo..n Wifo'e Bolk, a manual t eiral rag nrlrs elnd dl,.etlie duea r.r Jusnt rentrIar.l slid renle Iby RW31A. I'KEtAN. i l'" ..... .,,,i ,ti nj:,tr.d..,,, rd ,, ,, " . ,, .... ..... '" ..... . . itti",, rht;, ,,,

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