Newspaper of True American, September 17, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated September 17, 1839 Page 2
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aw.e tesan 'binter or cmmeeee. oIICERI POR THE YEAR 1I9. PePmident, S. J. Peters. First Vice Preidett, W. I., Hodge, lq., . cond Ad. d Jn.. A. Merle. Esq.'ilde of Appeals for 139. J:ames Dick, Janes II. Leverielh, PH. (. 'mmntck, - Al ijah Fisk, P.O. Sorlb, snmueel 'l'homp.rn, oCSuitbe of Arbilreaioa fvr Me monta of M,0y. John Ilied er.n, John C. Herrriso, .., W. Hnatinct.e, William Hopkins, .helch Hyde, Jr. P. A. Ilady. aloehim Kohn. Tie Ore R 'natern MN.iie closed eveyv iay st 10 o'cloek A. M. Ie due evrydavn at 4 P. 1M. Tie Lk !ii (via C'vietuuo, Ln..) i. closed every Moenday, Wedeenvy and Frlsy, at h o'cl.ok, A. I. In due setey I'usadey, 'l'huradav. and Saturday, at 5 P. hM. Te -LMniooUle or Ricr Mail is cluoed every Mo-. day u Wdmuday, and ol tn ay, at :1 P. 'l. Isn andretured by strattboata. Arrives irregularly three tiamne a week. TAe Beloa S ra or Vnil is clonsed ewrv Tuesday ynl Frida)-, at 8I P 1. Is sent and returlned by tnamhoatse. TAe Aleoaadrin ot Red River M.Iil is .aet irregu lua by Oteamboat toice o wcek. LoUISVILLE nit IRLVER ,51iL. Wedneoa, aend } Clea at 8"('clock, P. M1. Moturday, ) Tuesuray and Cloaeealt uo'cluck. P M. CARI1OLLTON" HOTEL.. AUD Irts the honor of inerning hli.i-i.u a nnthe puhlic in generel, that hu has taken tire onh-a1t re."ltnroot. where ho trusts he will receivei llnl[ O hinold fri*nds ilnd all lovers ofoud Icheer. l pato petltieo will be handeotnely proviled for by itV. I'lleo mentice 'befoehnd. He innilliag to enter taear"*_ ieats with families o -individuals desirous fdpuaelitg the aumthee at Uarrolltou. oM20 -p atg the atsummer at Carrollton. m20 - NOTICE. u Arramg.ment to commence l et Aug .1839. NEW ORLEANS & CARROLLTON RAIL ROAD eMKER ARRANGRMarTTa FOR THE WEEK IDAYS. Peaa Csalotton. FromRNew Orleaas. Hoe I at 4 'alo.k, .A. Hoe Car at 5 o'clock, A. M LaolOUlva Locomotive 7 `, 9 8 " , 9 " 10 11 12 M a ~ p 9 CaANIaaMa T rO UN aNAYs: The ereawll leave it the ame hours a in the week days aanl0j o'eloak, P.M. when a Locomnotive will leave Carrollton a herntil t8 o'claock, P. M. and No Orlean evoery hour M S'eltak, P. M. AI1a o'lok a hoLe ear can be oltalned by paying 5 dot. Itnebre theTripl 1fal led f.or tie la'lohk, P.M. 10 dol. It will be haated,. POmaaragota by the Steam Car must provide tbahemselves mtbhTikohet, a the condu.tor has lasitive directions not to reaty moaey in lieu theraof. For the aceomoadtio oa pearsons visiting Carrollton. is the 5 o'oloek ar, and *lia-my not wibh to remain there of tit 8 o'lock the ear that ha heretofore eft Carrolton at 6 o'eotk, willl remain ontil 64 o'clock. thereby allowing them one khouftoe ythe pleasa.t walks ill one of the most Oeeatjf ifsI .tri it Gs United States. THE JACKSON AND LACOURSE STREETCARS .eavatthe head of Jackson street at6 o'cloek, A. M., Castl tat at . 'eook, ad ran hoatrly. At 8 o'clork they wilt commene to lave each and every hallhour, until 1 o'clock, -'. M.taaceptme that instead of tleavir Canal streeaat C o' clock, the ir wil leave thereat 9 o'celk P.M. 1 It ie partiularly requested that gentlemen will not put their faeet upon the cushions, or smoke in the cam, when I.adis eve prelet. Oace er Orltiena Carraolho Ralt Rtad Companry, JOHNS IAMFOPON, July 1Sth 139. ChiefEnfg. N. O4C.R NEW ORLEANS CANAL AND BANKING CO, F 3HE Irn Stleambaot Rabheca will leave the Basin Sat the head nfl' the New Cnnol, every day, (except Mlondays) for the, as fullows: D)epart It 5 A. M. iReturn at 8 A. M. In A.M. , 12} P. M 2, o1. . 4 .M. " 5 .. " 9 P.M. And on MONDAYS: Depart at 10 A. 1. Return at 124 P.M. " 2 P.M. 4P.M. .54 P.M. 9 P.M. tty 21' B. CHEW, Cash. SN.e ArranCemoent. NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD. SThe Loeomotive will run to the.QreajPrdirle ; corn. eleucing tn the 25th inst. ns follows: . wEEK D.t YS. S Deparrtur, Return. 7 A.M. 1 10 A M 4. 14 I .M, SUvDAo. to L Brallehe's RnvBayou. , Lao lBranches 6 A M 9 A M 12 AM I 2 P M .La Beranches 4 P I 6 P M • JAMES I . CALDWEIL, atgust l2th,1839 Presadent. Ilea l IDates. 'herltooe. Sept..... ..... 9 shiipton Sept' ....... 0 lNew ourk, ..... .... Cincati, ... ......5 Phhldll phtal do ........ I L.Ollisville, i, ..... Ihlltim re do ............5 1 St. Louis, do ......... 6 do ..... .... Si9 Llverpool July ........ 5 : N eat . Sept .... "' .ondo,. do... .... II .-I5"vle, Aug ...........31 HIavre Ju............ PO IT OP.NEWV OII EANS. CLEARIANCES. Sehip pt 14, 139. Ship Add.ian, nouell, l~ienejoell, J II AsbIridge hbip et M3lrv. I,08er. Nrew fork, P Laidlaw Ship('.he ,,o e l'..tkin1.n. , (llht. Master SSebr lirt .ltai, IlIrdy r, tL Jlehi,.s II ll St Alark a. Septme I., 1639 Brig -.r e aA . PItursll.,m. Ilfrnlok.. 1 ,lnrdn.0 AcVr .beuaTdOah, Po thr (lalve ..tu , ) dr Ilatl AlOIVAIS. Sc l 14.1139. Towb hou Tger.CIprowtellm i. Nll 1i: I.r.te., wed down OTbrL Atroidl llll Cawprll returllod ,e tlo rity m ill brig Ptotland tid Evpeit. i.elrl tIe br or tie lotw5; Roel.orts 5lrig Po,'tlond, Joesrl., 50 dnya foe, Purtlad, to J p Frotl cthrEverett. Fn. fA SMrsneilles ilh, July to A I.anear September 16. 1539 Alsop St L.nirs W.rton, Plii.adnlphio, Ship Huntsvillse Shaoy.. New Y,r.klr ,1ln yo 9onater galRqe N ot'hea, ltrtel, t.n. bllul o Nerllez iii Piro, Barrett, 22 dys fro.m Btun.n, to umater. EXPORTS. HAVANA..Per h.ig.Perseoveraneo. .Car.o., 3930 kegs lard, 140 i|0 hulelC Butt ll. 114161 flour. liALVESTON..Per ichr olbo., sudry small E ehandze F.W YORK..I'er s.p Ilusnille. CCargo assorted mor blllldu e. SOSTON..Per brig Pam--Curo I.ito S " RECEIPTS OP IROI)UCE. Ohio lnd Mi.iaippi liverf reported very low; no good reY ea to eprl rriv.a." IEMORINDA f'oSingflrom hes onteior. :[.IIWN SOAP--300 oxes brown soaoi, for salo by J M&J. P W IITNEY,73Camp st .- 1K e t8t.KAu invdioce of super royal, to diu. dremK and cop blaok books of superior Ilotiy .jtusrceived sd for sle byr I18 A 'I'OAR,49 CaiLop D t LA ANA DW.e EATe.--.33 (boxeso in store ARfurssb oLi , A TRIER, fJ aleM im A TRIER, oag 1 34 saoraier '0 iiiiiilwH ksogA1Seoe t Ineioo , in -ire Siv imIndE-ll Aply superior Cifcin.ti oA . Si. iSas tomsd ur ste l G DORSFY. !! Nev Lte,,' -75 "0IS IflK b tl. d SolJi, Sale by tJly 2eld G. DOIRSEY. 41 New Ltew.n JUGRtZ-S Mbls Clariied an ldd ugr sFr sale 5hy IIEERMI)UENE, ROWNVN&Cs, jas29" No 9 Con a. *4)0'ARS S o ses poeriorqnoo'. r'ding7gd ,%-1d & J rW illITNEY, a ?73 Camp nt fEAS YOIRK-R;0 klo Istidiog from siamU bot _ -Ullnitd Stare, for sale by Ji A ThlER3 34 GraNer .t ER-4ilml and Western, in ston dfi sale hiy baled 4. twilned Lnwell cLtosn, 3 .anes Iotlp.i osyl 1415UE G &Co, h2o Mgonaeseso " RuK.-- bUbla ..ess old do 4riwr, el. irrye. eion, fwmrserby 'jsune G IOIlRSY.f, Nt v Ievne. 'i RH6 I.- SLM t ashti sure, cur sale by t & .J IPWHITNEY, 73"iamp et. BI¶A MIW S WINE1-3 half owl 6 qfecas braoi. o d, 4 i casks brown Sherry'Wine; 36 togllep solu aJpersr quality ber ale be 8 &'l P WHITNEY. may 3 7" caw sr A. 'I'RIR, V13L. cKlK OIL &o Spinio fl'urpoenine, a ciloly IMau4 d Yru, p il is pi~p, d teu'ela--0 bltivele July 611 Congmr (otlomlmoo & T.cbpitoeeas ose V 5 ilatrsls ras ae sr siledslw for oca h By H II ONABEI,, Dru u Id1. eainer Isa.soxM ao l 'cbhipit t "hV lb ells ATRIER 3L Gtraesec JUlST rec,.iv -d a legeooeorl.mentnlf osmosrer msbk . .variou "palter tls b ics shit.r ef. 4lsality. G(OSSIP & en, q43 Frlumnr Hoerl,.St Clmos nl ----mEN'r'-, m"f.e.Illohle arwellig rltoue in ee"d I t rlr a few .10trear aro m ('alt; rlNM-t(.on ti'ss imsntodJa.Ivu Alply lIll 11tl'I.K 4" WAV ml .. :t :s llrltltJ' ' .d t THE TRUE AMERICAN. " PAITPBVL AND WOLD. of Official Journal of the 2a $Iauniclpallit. PUBLISHED Daily, Tri-Weiekly & Weekly. .E lV R I EAN. : TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1839. 0 REPORT OF CHARITY HO0PITAI.-(Yeoterday, 16th ht Sept.)..34 admitted; 25 of yellow fever; 7 deaths tp to 8 Ie. 5 e'cluck, P. M. e. 1. The Native American, of Washington City, of the ft 31st, contain folt'r colemns of matter, in relation to the doings &c. of the ('Clonization Society. Among the v rest, a letter dated Vicksburg, July 6th. 1839, giving an Saccol,t of thlle organi.ztion in that place of an ausiliry society of females. . As long as the Colonization Society confines its ef. forts to the peopling ofLiherin with the free peopfle of color and the tmanceipated slaves of out country, we can have no cljctinn to it. h is not only a very lou. dable phiuanthropy, but it is fatriotic; but when that no eiety or any other, attempt to interfere, in the domestic p relations eisti ing in the south, between .Mster and se. vant; in a word, when an atlemlpt in made to meddle in b the lea'tdegree willh our slaves, then we think it he comes so dangerous, that it should not only be dicoun Ite tenaneed,but immediatfly put down. We are very se orry that, agnreably to what the Vicksburg corres r i pondent above allitded to, reports, we are ofopinil Ithat te the persons composing the uuxiliary society of thai us place, have exceeded tile charter of the society itself. The writer says"It is delightful to observe an increas ing concern for tihe religious instruction of the slave population, among all sects of chritianns throughout the $ D southtwesterncountry. No field of better promise is opening for the efforts of true and Judicious christian h Mlinisters than among this population of the south. The Planters (with some exceptions) are disposed to en' courage their servantsto meet on the Sabbath, on their t respective plantations and receive instruction on reli- p giouanubjects, from preachers who enjoy public con. a fdence. Several Methodist ministers in the state o Mississippi, are devoling themselves ezelasively to the religious instruction of the slaves." 'Then we can say yt that their exclusive occupation is calculated to bread it dleness, discontent and "dissention, and should and he n viewed with suspicion, by the police of the country. Again. "The Methodist colored congregation in New Orleans islarge, and comprises three or four hundred members of the societywho are not surpassed (as I was told by their preacher, a very intelligent white minister) Sforthe exemplary lives and chbristian spirit, by any r 0 church in that city. Nearly all are slaves, tot they have d en been able to subscribe about $2000 for the erection of a church-that in which they worship, being small and inconvenient." at Tthe above paragraph is a lie, and a libel on the 'ill churches of tllis city. The contregation if, thereby is Smeantcotmmunicants, is not comprised ofthree or lfur hundred; there livesare not exemplary, nor are they ist imbued with a christian spirit. On a Sandly after noon, about two hundred negro fellows, and wenches assemble in the church in Gravier street, Cufft lik" dressed up in tawdry finery, the cast off clothes of the whitles whom they have merved, honestly got or stolen, in with canes and gloves, ribbons and laces, and yell and pt blaspheme by their ridiculous and absurd notions, and contortions ofbo dy, the god towhom they give attributes to meet their own crimes. They leave the church and they go off iln groups, parading the streets with most fantastic gallantry, or frequent the little grog shops to talk and plot mlischief against their masters.--This is the truth, and therefore, but few, very few exceptions to the picture we have drawn. The churchis I common nuisance, nnd as such, has frequently been crmplalined - of, and ought to be put down. Ifreligion is necessary to our slaves, let them fre. quente our regular chutelhes. where they can do no mischief, where, ifthey are susceptible of comprehend ing or learning any thing, they may be tanght their du " tly to their mlasters, while they learn Ito serve their lGod. Exclusive asselmblies of the colored popularton, are t undeniably dangerous, and we hold no man to be a good 1 citizen who encourages the,. We could say much more on this alttrlt, but have notapace; and besides, we have gone far enough to ex Scite thet indignalion, and horror of all bigots and fanatics, M and expect to feel the phial of their wrath poured out upon our honest head. Our Sunday's articles of :th Weekly,yesterday, were fill oflrrors; reason,becutse, we write with achicken'sI claw instead ofa pen--and our new hands are not up to .5 our fashion yP. 'A Subscriber," is referred to an article in aur Week' ° i3 ly, for nanswer to his qneries. Mr. Gregory Byrne, was on Saturday elected without opposition, Representative of the parish of St. Bernard, t in place of Mr. Artlur Forrier, resigned. Died in this city on Sunday morning of the prevailing epidemic, lion. Victorin Patin, a creole of I.ouisiana go Representative of tlhe parish of West Ratlon Rouge, anid ir President of tle Citizens flank. Cptl)lniun F. W. Moona., now comoanding the Texiali ter Navy ,(atl .formally a lI.ietennt it our service) left lthis place yesterday ill the schooner SIheandlukh, for r S ; . . Thie almoult of lew I'otlon received here on Satlr day anJulnday, was 1376 bahls, great for tilhe sson. From our GeUeral Correspondent. . SLoctO'ILL.E, Aug. 7, 1839. Dear Gibso,:-You can have no idea of the drughlt that is prevailing in this section of the country. Draw a line from Chicago ill Ili nis in a south east direction through Vincennes on the uabashl, and thence to the Ohio river shabout Evansville, and on the east side of this line as far as the Alleghanies, lies bIe dry region. In tilhe greater prt of thi tract of counitl, they have not had rain for the past four onthll.! All on tie west of this line, and along the hanks of ilie lMissisiilii, the crops of corn, hemp, &c. are most flourishing. In tile greater part of lndiana, tile corn crop is ln itter failure. In Kentucky, thle grownt is iearly in the Caine condi tion, while the heallp crop will be eery short. Prices of bale rope and bagging are already tending upwards in this city. The tobacco has sufered in colnnnon witll other articles. Those beat infoemed, any that the crop will be short of what it was the last s 'aoen. You, no doubt, think that mercantile affairs are at as low an ebb in New Orleans, as in any other pait of the country, but beasnesured, that you do not feel a tithe of the pressure that is hearing upon thil commerce of thin city and her sisters in thle nesa. Thisi day began the return oflills fromithis city. Some twenty or thirty protests for very large amonunts wnnt back. b This fail are to meet their engagements on Ihe part of the lner cheant in the west will fall hard upon New York, Phil adelphia gnd Baltimore You will ask wlhy is it that no effoirt is nade to protect their credit? The money is not to be had at asT RATE! The Banks will not discount a dollar ofpaper, though ih1 offerings he guarded by the beat necurity thecountry can aifurdl. A terrible distrust prevails throughout the commuinity. The Banks have led the way. Drawing specie is the order of the day With the Louisville, Cincinntti and Indiana Banks. Cincinnati suffers her share in the troubles now nasanil ing the mercantile conmnmuilty. It is the frank opin ion of men here, capable of judging, that a storne, the like of which iha not n ien experienced, hangs over the radtingilterest ofthis sectlan. It will extend to your city, Theeriver ialnost impassable, Ao low ir it. The panopect is that we shall not have any high water to rea t:lr naigation before the ensuing winter. All tha prog.anticn are precisely similar oIn what they were last .ear. Nature leereelfalJmonirshes you of Louisiana, to keep and haild eour NtNshille IlRail Way. The great riv.reneautery inaded.uate o the trade between the Obioeailey and New O(rlens. It will take,in five years gimewetrdve molathsto do the business of the year in, fn your city. and that too, with an uninterrupted conlnau. iicatcinewithetnl west. I do attpe then, for the interest of Lwisiane apd for tiue sake of having N. Orylens II bethe pgieat eal-lpot td daLl;simlneco territory, that podr gurtertmeatr will wra . gleect de Nashville work .nel winter. Nae is lthi aU . I have eeonverted with severalNatchez menand they say that,tih road shall neverl eib their~ear e, go neatl i Peanel rier, if the company should lorfeit the right to carry it through that aection as now granted to themn I bhwe na doubt that great eforts will be nmadeltoldl tkhe wrk ia Misiai~ippi, if theeontpauy tthll aegelet to use the privileges it ha in jiaseaion. TI.e Gas and Watee Buaniag Company is in opena titn. Merriek ofPhidelirldlia in emplem I ill erectin thle Gas Works. The i aptny has the right to deal in money, share. dc., and by this olecrmeui, has lcady,. declareld i. idend on tke capiaul pald it. . 1a iaatioat onl the Portland It-il LBad hal beesI raised by locraee f dheStuprenme Coine, and theearsnare now rutning frome town to Portland. I anevr naeanch a mineralle pie:e of worklmai .ip in my L.. Tie t4ed, of which Ihere in a part, and fiished from Iexioglta to J'rankeir, i tlow an a piar Will this i beeton. J .ie.l. probnh!e that the road from Loeesville to Frankfort w 1 everbe made, asothe L.exingtnn interest in the Legiuls- 5 tare in suffieient to prevent tile fith of the state (on. being pledged to raise the money, in revetlge for the Ilurse of the L.ouiville interest against the South (ar. elina Rail tlold. There is ni arrPeement of view in this stlae in relatioon Internal iolllrotvements. The great contest here, it, Ihelate election. wae bet tweern OUlhrie, Loco-fmeo, and Johnson, Whig. A large numlber if Whigs on the iocsnion deserted their party and its pir:eiplesto utiain lMr. Gutlhrie. The plea is. that Mir G. is an olicient public manit, and devoted to L,,niville inoter.te. And in nearly every case where we were defer led in Inhdial,. a similar coulrse of conduct has characteriEed the corst, of the Whlligs. lWhat in to bIeexpeeied trt party that will in the haul of dlncer snerifie tihe rerat principles oflthir fiith to a petty re gard for nen? Itlt they have donle so every where and in youir own state, their conduct lent winter weas immtilar. Thie anti-duelllng freeling is on thie increase iere. The small majority that Graver got, is the index of that feelihn. And lere, again, the hligt lurned their backs upon their great cause to carry out their opinints upon a minor point. If tie election were to be holden over, Graves wotull he left behind. To this any encourage mlent for t generolle anl brs e rerereseentative to vindi" crte bilmsel anlt his constituentsl from the insults of Loco-, fo(c blgunalrdisnt Vanrious are Ihe specnulatins asn to tihe enndlidnte for the Preeidlncy. I will inot troutble oun tith any of them. Tihe fieling ol'the pople were anare wilh A.r. Clay, balt it is the demangogue'wilh his insidinns tongue, that pours poison ilto the eCr f genllellou public. If our party wele ollty purged of this pesifterous and diicon tented cl+, we mlighllt get on., t 'ke droughtt.entilnues. This morning the the ierm .n eter has falll :O degrees. It. I. r. A n lnsing inicioi.ltltcolled Ile othltr dav, o board astettllmuut bounod ttl. IloIll mtmew Orelmts, Iletweel a Sgentlellll aond a Itolliai blackleg Wio Wmstee ,enged at a gltleulpuoer. o'lle betttlg upiton lIlt. e rtn up olu T8,00, when tin, geatlemtamo eltibllted lie tour ace. " oau certainly hli the strMngest cards, but 1 iilin here is a cdoullle tht cll oake thle Iemnuney," aid the blackleg, makfing u tl.oli,,n for the bank-bills with cit hIand anld drawing a owieR knite wios the other, and, pointing to t .e Inscription, 'Hark from tk T'mbs.' aI think you are millstaken in your ealculotione," retort ed the enllltln, coolly pocketing the imoney and di playing a cocked isolul with tile ineor.plion, "A doklef oeund.' ilh discumlitlled had't anotller word to 0ay S The flfevalier U' Argaiz, the newly appointed Mi. nieter Pleniplotentinry foon the court of Spain o the y United State., hitos rrived in tlelscily, and loken udg d inogosat alre Ulriclhes. llta Clievalier 'Argeiz uc. cetlds lir. Culderon del Baron, wlho is epouinted Iti. nitel plenilulentriy to Mlrxico. The l dparture ol Mrl. o.oeea d ,a .narca friont ot- United Stateol to oeepresent hto Most - thutle Majesty near a neighibor d ing'republic, will leate a n naorttus, itcle of friends to regret tlte lors flone walo i t rqualiy dlltinguished for t diploattic ability ttnd for sotiol virltue.--Globe. r I'Phi, is ihe otly otole ever I took water willh toy y rum,o" a tile fellow said veil hlie lumbhhn inat the ,iver druenhl Correspondence of the Journal of Commerce. I.ton, Jtly 18tr, 1839. Transatllantic Ieate is still at ligh preastre wtiih to, and is likely to Ierso ftersnitime liOt. tne fwat witl res. pnecti to the agent y of asen, which has not biefre been noted,l desrave c statelnent. flv it, one is turse sa ra. pidly feromi England d to he U ,ited Sates, and contrary wis tlhat all uteness is given to the oserr i the traveller, and he cvees dlfereaces and eppracitesa alon y ile l lt' itaellea nlt thie ctllvn s. '>l Is ra s. plaltieI it' a Iisuddet;- t iaiv we aire ilied the unbroken forests if .It.ericva; to .......i.... .. t iCl pictaresquce I scene ofe IIglhnd. S l eakinl aof stemt. o.0.e cioo npetlntions are still itt Isbayilee-C heire, tespecting Its apllialilatio t the sea, whicll peraps illav e of sfevice to yu '' . eeoeraphical piositon of t ' ghl d i las heade it ne'essarv fra her to adolpt that clnstrllucion ill her siena ships, whielh wuld enable thel to an tend against the hbos Isroue weather on her coasts. In tle ine df steam, bIet a stmall aortiin here is aptplied for the purpoaes of river navigntion, and as in tite Unitedl Stales, you have as yet constructed but lew vessels of ateln on the oceane TIbe erperiene ol Englandl in it Inast be of servrce t your macsilists. It applears to he now clearv saettled, that the advantages of iron sbove tlmher Alhip are so gratret ttat befre tie Blritish (HLern. oGreet Weern , and the Presienrt, (now bhitling.) have done mtoche service,th y will he spearseded. I earn annex an er. Hl eos.) l' ooden Shitps. Iron Ships, lIt Tiamter tO ~ 'ls on. hI. power. 'I'ons. I pwer. Irln . 700 ship)00 1617 60t1 Coat mlfeachl sdhip,' £ 311.000 £ 7,000' Coat ofall tie shlips, 43i.11011 56011,i01 Olutlay oeat lase, 15,ly10o ,osne Coals antd eolltiitgencies, 26 010 i11,lO a e 473r,000 £ 573,1100 ware and tear . ~ 384,000 £ 351,000 As the entii itt of tile iron ship, and also the Iorse power, so fitr xteelds til t Ithe. wooden the neoimA of slne anrmer rnt hl tfelir e 1e Iv i,,,' reatere. The col-t parative cost of ships ot'slqnal size is a' followIs Wood ships 1St-0 toas, with machinery, £ 7O,000--£ lp tr In lrosl do.ta( 15(1 d o 608asU-- 30 do In reality Int irotn lship tItas eatlitated woIlt be 2000 toellS; i tile t i silt if tii hull oIa f sush tll iron shit wonillI bre aut 500 tons rless than thle lship :on-truast:ed of wonsl. A good deal of interest is ienw rexlitd by the stuc-es that as stteaed II exaierimeIIt If hl' ArCihillPtil, eounrer, raved by tula hlriontal aspiral screw as applied hby Mr. Smith. 'he aptliCtioni of this prineilla is diferent froml that bly Awhie the HRobrtb I. itotjon iLs oiesvd--en isll yoi enters-ol it is considered to be far uaperior t ith. Pita pierliilytnce of the Archimedlea hllicsteseby lg, about I0 iOiles per hour, ad I miles wih the tidle. I understaIl thato she is slortly Int l v ln a-iit. Iae e aIllltmea ihe dimleosiens of tile Al Length . af at vart• . 105 f et Itreit Ih. 2 "0 2.-0 a Itel ih of I ,lhol. . 12 5-10 ,e lMrthtc, iln fiu. . 230 ledsgithsfepigise itin e . n38 feet 1d 1i, s=el dr.. t1l feet water, carrihet iB ree lnste, namd osail. ersh vr binlilein. Lellth ofstrloke 3 .sli.ue 310 ttrokes per titi,,'. siored o rslll.l. Jdl N.I.d o I It e ito thi e great fare i elli it titllr luteptl i. c oal riltlli rn tfc1010 , It e retvIrn ll all l- aitt loet urt, wxeiilli a.with te hoi l ow i ngc letter. rstlporl, Atte. 19, 1i39. (Oeullment-\te -W -or thv i s ,totmt eard of the firy tati hasi delsoliel Ilorgte t rl of yilsr city; Frot recent sall.irlge ill tLe suie- e 'vay, ws a.e taughl to Cslt 'ouit -oir rps tand gt-nbrit .id, ai the iotise i osfer Iti.s -,llllll ii estefillly erv irell d.-Uel , - l re sri t presentlirilnsiitatiise, ti, gives wa ld bi e raer e stest-e timon thall lrue cherhl vet we will du what wecaln. tiThe antlnte .t1 Ientrl has hlnl hlt in n seall pirt xrlpledd. at d t ,lle Oft nllrt n e ieiIvI cln llP iti replacite it teg . ti lea seetfnlly to alow u toa arelrn t tlou\ra; Itiriit tatle hs ilch Issj than yours mtIhing to vollerwise Woulid by al'.ey, lnjd I I aorselvrt an'id Io yllln. -It is iour slnret vialth itit gal ledslt nnd kind feelings stay be per oli lleiluwan'd btween u1. 'I'ruly an, ren t el tfal lI VItIr risi-ds, S.1. ID . CIAI.I1imUItNE, JOSnEPII C. NOY.En, I()IIIENZ) SAt INE. [ThPi dlonation was gratefully receivedl by the stf feerr..] Arhannsas Totllo.- Ti. cive tiut r ileids at tle norltl aomle ilh-lf the ilaltre and raid growtli tif ite cropsa in stie partefil lriertil-state we ie-tisn the fa-t of which we lave Ih', ftls*st- evilsence, Ienl scotan whieh woe plansed t-l ' a ]olsnti titi ill ielarke csunty, on Ihe 9th asa ilO ttofApril, was e fa lll bloss., on hIe 5t lb ,ft..,; a+t hell: wver like,, Irnn, it andl exhibited ntnirl u,s lthe i4thII if Juhl , st lierge at a baun's spg. TIt,-re il hr, thi s year. front I:e0i I,2.000 hales of eat. sit raisel in til saleln nii-shiirilttd oil tlhe Wasuiihav, where Inslt vPar, iinit exeeeditg 1C0 istisa was plroducId,. --\ta re t. ol that u ti.e lowest caeulatioin Ilhere will nt h less Ihtrlta.fro 4 t1o It ititts. stuch grein raised In thes.tlltle setion lfl the tcoalnliry llit year at last. 4r4saesnsa(ibLoe Ratk) sasrs. Ark'nsas orn.--\p leere yeaterdly shliwn a stalk of Indi.on corln raise I in ohob neo.hhlbrhumal of tis city, hi-hie ifexllhiited in sew PnscleI Id, w dohl ctle ply as llish the harmer+ hllt rhi . th ml {11 ) n In hd. m< aet Ile.n Ioar fertile II ti au. The slilk 's- etit h 1t in,,h. r. ie, t ch'nsfirrelr. n. when rorwnini IIIdII IIavP eIe aretold hll at ea,r,: stnlk++ oIf tlh- <i . ,+r,. ' . " ncells t oncomionll is lhi- 'ollmtrv, buth l e . t Ied ne r, -ore eel with one se lsrge.--." The Army and Najvy Chronicle espies the fbl'ows ing front tlhe Albany Advertiser, and subjoins its own very sensible and appropriate realarks : From tite Albany Dally Advertiser. We observe under the hiead of Military Intelli. genese, in the last Army and Chronisle, the follow. ing singular i:em : "lest tregoona--Liseute. W Eustis, II. S. Turner and P. Bearty loave bee ordered to Frsance!'" ,Singulaer" as the above mey saean, it is never. tleless true ; and, moreover, these officers brve sailed in thie packet shipVille daLyon,for Ilavre.We did not fIel at ihberly to mention thle hbject tof the I order, but inastucl as it appears "singullar" to otlhers, it imay hI, as well to state that the aboae namedl officers havt been sent abroada it is under stood, to study and examine ate the IFrench and other European sytstems of cavalry tactics, laving had little or no experienc in tils anr of defenee ourselves, attd as dra sones imay now be consider ed Iprmanently a compotcnt part ofour military force, it is the dictate ofl prudence snd wvtdom to profit so far to ws can hy th cxerience of other natios.-e-Forigneel, it is well known, are fre quently sent to this coulttry to study our systet Is ol r ilroads, canals, and penitontiuries; and it ise firtlher knton., that office s of our nevy have visilt. ted Europe Io acquire a practical aequ ntanece with thleir modes oa' steam inavigatin.--It need not create -urprise, Iber rtlic, that we |herlld desire toI know sittething of cavalry tactics, beyond tllat es.ilePll e n ie acquircd witlh a very lilitd Iforee in a sonfined fit Il ol action. SEX'TON'S RHEPORL OF INTERMENTS., Mobile 1I september I Sieo our last Gthil Sept. iclusive: b t-cpt. 7th D Shock ; slave of Wm. Brown, Jtaies Ilastllon ; Lorsidesu, black ; .aealding , Inlgpe t a of Mrs Mahoney; J Dunlap; * Mr Robertson; slave of Mr Stanley; M r O'Brien; Mr Watsaon; M-e. Siper ; one unknwn.S-13. Sept. 8th Mat Justin; Infant of Mr Mar.hnll; Mrs. Rolston: Mrs O'Neal; Mr. Hammond; P. Kinney; D Mahoney; J Muns; Mrs Bryant; S Stackpolo; G Roux; glerman) Lewis Cohen ; N Ga dahan; * Mr Lee; * slave from Creek rond.-I.;. Sept. 9-Mrs Brumberg, Jacob Most, Miss Daily Peter Maylin ; Peter Kelly, J Wolff, Cadet Roux; Mrs Turns, David Ken-edy, Infinl of Mrs Wil liams, Mr Austin, Mr Aliern, Henry, from steam er Ploughboy, Mrs Neathereottl, Mrs Charlotte Mvntz, Michael Garland *; James Ferseyee ; John Sweeney; Charles Low *; i man unknown * ;-20. Sept. 10--Int.nt of Mrs Murphy ; Infant of Mr Peters; Duncan Menzies; David Lwincot ; Infant of D. Goodman ; J;oae M'Can. Jack Sereney *, Qhomas Connor* Wom. Hpun, Thomas Card, Ad.. dison Tufts, Miss Longett, two unknown from the hospitai. Me Mary Croley; Mrs Martha E Jones-16. Sept. ll-E.Iward Brooke, Michael Flannan, Charles Mil er, Mrs, Susan W. Smnith, Mr Lake Infant of Mrs Worehair; slave of Mr Ruses, Infant ela.e ofMr Howell, Inufa slave of Mr Fellin, Mrs Mary Ann Daffy, James Clifford; Mrs Ram, Mrs Nile,J. C. Hawmend-19. Sept 12-Patrick Ford; Miss Fallen; Robert Burns; D)ennis Calohan :John Fithgerald; Mrs Al if vra Morehead; Mr Garupie; Mrs Aycook ; or e unaknown ; Mr- -, from the City IIntel-10. Sept 3l-slave of James Ashton; slave of Wm McCoy; Julian Rosswell, Peter Mudzue; Moody Perir; Eli Collins; Spaniard name unknown: Gee Dixton; Thos Dossey; Infant of Mrs. Martin; a man unknown; T'hos. Carmistie; Mrs. Murphy; r Mrs Mahany ; Infint of Mrs. Ryan; Isease ludson -17. DANIEL ROBERTLON, Sexton. Intermens in the manlt of september, up0o ist evenling. the 13t:h instal. epl. ................................. 9 3 ...... .......................... ... . 3............... .. ................ 15 7 .................................... 3 T .................... ........ ....... . 3 0 ......................... .... ........ 1 0 ..................................... ito...... to .13................. . .......... 12 Totl.............................. .... U00 Ther marked eith a star sre from. the hoap hi. Recorder's Court. Reports of Day Police and Night Watch. Sept. 10, 1839. Mathew Riley--err lted on complaint of F. Johnson, bound to keep the peace. Felix Connoly--arrested for assault and battery I bound to Criminal Court. Patrick Eagan-arrested for assault, discharged. Frank Wright, James Morton-arrested found lying in thie street. discharged. Michoal Murton, Mrs.Murton, Cathlerine HIealy, Margaret Coffiold-Found in a house and taking possession ttueref wit out consent of the owner. Michial Murton, committed for 30 days, the others discharged Wm. Clausley, Sarah! Callaghan, Mary Forgards, E.iabe'th Marsh-arrested under suspicious cir. cumstances, Clausley committed for 30 days, the others dischargoed. Sept. 11. James Hankrot, Patrick Toure-arrested fond 'I lying in the street, discharged. Thos. Coudron--Brought to the high c nstables office, charged and with assaulting a citizen, bound to Crimoinal court in $300. Jose Rivers-Arrested for an assault and battery, discharged. Thos. Josee-arrested as a suspicious person, discharged. Panhart Smith-arrested for disturbing bhe peace bound to keep tile pence in $300. Catherine Kerne-arrested having no place of residence, committed for 30 days. t Thomas St-w.rt, Susan McCuire, Margaret r Burnt- arrestedt fr disturbing the peace, each committed for 30 days. Mary Itlall--arrested for disturbing tie peace, committed for 6 months. James Quinn-arrested foaund lying in the street, disclsarged. Sept. 14. F. Eagan, A. Mishas-arrested for disturbing the peace. Stephen Euser, L.Thomms--arrestad found lying in fiel street, di-chsrged. Catherine La:.', 'Titine Mitchell-arrested as dangerous andd su;ricious persons, each committed 1for 3 montihs. Sept. 15. John Riddle-at reeted found lying in the strcet, disaharged. James McDonald-arrerted for an assau t and disturbing the pe: e, discharged. ( 'l'EATRE.-It is thie iutention of Mr. Caldwell to pen the I nip Street Thealtre with that portion of his colanyu now ill tihe city, or the vicinity, lld who are aelilmated. A tollerable strolg nlnner coallllly call be folnd. It will consist of MJl. and Mrs. )ebar; iota Cowell, Keppel, MIrs. Smith, ilisses Ilinkir, larsons anld Jones, Mellssrs. Page, Archer, iudchtt;, Iand salo e aothers shortly expected. In addlition it trose and others,fillers up, thle w intr cal ptat gn ill the .. ,. ht rles will ope en i til the first Il e. cembeur, w ith .lr.,:lld l rs. Blrrett, John it Scott, Inur eris i'earson, Ilal Alarkle, 11r. Ilalsa, problably Mr. and AlMr. Field, (formerly Miss ltiddte,) Mrs. S.ewalt, (for. i merly Miss Vans, and others now in negotiation. As stars, Sinelair, tihe beautful ballad singer iad be here; a .trolng operatic coeurs consisting O1' Mr. itsr tgo, of high reputation il the north, Jones, first tenor of uerta rlepnutatioll, Madalllle Otto, and others. Negotiatio, s are igoing forward with tile Taglioni's, and liss Cushtmam.--)uringtie season it is possible that '.lldedllhf, liss Mayfield, Charles Kenn, and some of the brighter slare maty pay New Crleoan a visit. The -,gnrenntis aret not all yet completed, but el'itnotg ii known to ioritde stie belief thia the stock l company will bet very grood, and the numb r of st anrs i abtntllatt and variol s. The lcllhe-tra will have mlany acceseions. Jeanus is the leader. n inacsmr ch e as ie lives or health of iny of the per fImer'snr. cun lie iepossibly jenoprded, we can but slpplutd r the resolution t Mr,. Cahlwell in opening his thsatre r as c.'lyl an Octuhbr. Our ellizens, re+-ident arnl ac. cliatled, anid Ilhse whll hvte serap.ed tie epidemic, olr passed tilhe e'rlllld ordeal, are in want of sIlmeP au lue Ileliot to dspel the hIorrible ennui ocatfsioned b the 0 excersive dullness tit thie cit.. \\ a Ihillk tie theatre I will at ibis limlle Iprove an ail tI;vr anid gol crazy ith eullli preeriptio .-~ e doul t r i tii, 111.l te Flld. ic artlico's willn ordir it in pltmiful dtose. to invalids aned ther srent patietso. Frao Inthe Ile. [j'AVe hlo rralertresd tat trisr ratreer'mo feIiow cit.,JJars H. CALDWELL , Es., lies ill wl mIll.liý. nln disorder contracted durlne a recent visit to 1. Mbile. We trust it its b a orelator. Whly did you not nseertain , whetler it was but a ru mour, before you dragged the tme ol a'eitizen ilto your fctllleml in a illanner to alarm his absent friends? h!r. Caldwell has baen indispo-ed-fimr two days, a sever cold, ecaught since his retuern ihum thile, at ,more. ie is nlw ws I, Iand was confined tI his room L hlt two days. ,' eam errsUL Vas.-James V:. i'aldwell Esq. as' well knolw at from the 'aturdat's heahll rpelort of the lee, was grieevous~l altiaeked with a malllignanllt mall dr. Fortulnatelr br the life of this most enterprising and esteeied eit;z.n, a non-licentiate friend of his I I lled to lsee hitm, and, nilly impressed with tile dItui ger of dhi" case, prescribed olslersatl old sherry wine. i"lht lirst of these imedicaments were ioout prueureJ, fresh, stit andi fat, tfr) Ip othecary Brady's, in .t Cllharles sires t: ltl ,th'r was ollld inl one of the glar ret lteoms of t , soribonld, anll slier taking i drtme iro it ,l all .te w or thrtee ldSzea of sbe patin,, hie skil of the phy ,eil an hlie irC thet y of tl medllicine w.s atrfiac.toriry drrnostrrtt d; I fr the , ie s tt urr.. fro t his hod rrehgth.r.'st .tli llrrrhe,;, nd entertaiii . ed hist ri.els r i his ustl.l horphrm.le r old hind-irui,, manner; ind i i, n we, I ab -utt 5-l w,+ik its nI - te. t atllltncked with ll iam inllilnll i dia se I.- -d Uesll U p tt piiet ii:o i to Il- '., lice ltiatl .-- ' " ... " ' rase,, au ..*a., lU t r wl , a .it , sherrn w i T'iheoulter sa .n Mr. ttallwell is achtmasted, acd swalks tluh sheer willhl oit r, ia c. ltnw mulch you know about it--e vniits J1. bile anld walks the streels without fsarl,s everey sian iitould. ,t ble is not acclilmated. if tIltesby you tie.t Ire hIII had tie yellow fever. lie has never had it, sad swears he never will. "iThe Ihe, in its mlllber of ) aterday, alttlplts a des eription ofl Ill Aurora Ilorealia, lthich appIared on the 3d instant. Wake Lp, elan. The Corsair and soarllr other papers have been ruater severe oil our friend J. J. Adams' poem of the "'ha.r ter Oak." Mr. Adamse, howsever, ha- Ihe consolatioll of being justly appreciated hy et lle of thlle knights.of the quill. Smnleel Woudworlh, certainly a very good poet, and much smret capable of judging poetical ef'u sions Ihson eiter of llIhe editors of tIhe Coersair, rays, 'A more careutl and deliberate perusal of his bouk (Admtns) ihas fully and amelt consfirned tihe mpition i hiclt I Iteni expressed. I Ihfact, I hlave oliecoveredt striking autd subllile beaouties waluci I beaore overloohkel, Againo "as a Ioet, I have endorsed hin, but if ainy I teblhbe expressiin can awaken an appropritle feeling ill tie re::rding public, irt being aware that ansy apalhy hris beet anuatesnrd. I -iall delight in the service (a m ore act ef r jutie) whlih i ,lave rrnolered to le, snitho, of lthe Charrler Opk.'t LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK ip. Slutljoritp of tote state of 'luluaiaua. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PR.ITCIIARD, MANAGERS AND PROPRIETORS. LT The First, or Half Million -Lottery, and the Second, or Two Million Lottery, are respectfully presented to the Public. Tie HALF MILLION LO TTERY will be drawn in-December, and finished at one drawing. Tihe TWO MILLION LOTTERY will bI drawn on the old plan of Blanks and Prizes-Numbers in one wlhool, and Blanks and Prime in ahother wheel. Both Lotteries. under tile supervision oftwo Judges of Courts, WILL BE DRAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. The HALF MILLION LOTTERY offers chnnecs to 1,291 Prizes, of which 35 are Prizs of Real Fstate and 335 ol Stock, besides many Prizes come posed of Tick s in tihe Grand Two Million Lottery, affording a participation of clanccas als to thie holder of a Tlicket for Prizes in The GRAND LO ! TERY of Two Millions of Dollars-10,000 Prizes!!-to the full amount of $2,000,000, of which 107 are Prises of Real Estates Only 9 Blanks to a Prize!!!-Simplo Nos I to 100,000. 100,00,01 Tickets at $20-2,000,000. Scheme and selling price the same.. Among the Prizes in these two lotteries are many public anid priltce buildings which adorn the c ty of Now Orleans, and are thr pride of ilts inhab. itants-the Verandah, St. Charles street Theatre, American Camp steree Thoatre, St. CIarles Arcade (Buildings, mitth Hctol, Dwelling House., Stores, Building Lots, and many eetire squares of Ground-hbesides Stocks in Banks and other institutions of the State of' Louisiana, amounting in the whole to TWO MILLIONS FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. All thi Real Estate and Stocks offered in Prizes are owned by tahem end in their possession:--ho acts of sle, with clear titles, are eetoed in theij firm. and recorded in the office of Adolpho Mazureau, Notary Public, and onfice of conveyancan, ready to transfer to tLio olders of t'rizs Tickets, exempt fqimn incumbrance: .Tho property is set apart unaltertably to that solo and aoly purIrose, and can, in no event whatever, be conveyed otlherwio by the firnllDhp, to tlm holders of tire P rizs Tenksts. AMERICAN CAMP STREET THEATRE LOTTERY, CAPITAL $540,000, IN 1,291 PRIZEs! Will bedrawn in DECEMBER NEXT; and in order to gratify, at an early period, the purchasers of tickets, t b combination is adopted for this Lot. tery e nly, of I to 75, whereby the drawing will be completed in a few minutes by the drawing of 19 Number, front the wheel. 67,525 Tickets, at 810 each--475,250. - 1,291 PRIZES!!! SCHEME. CAMP ST. THEATRE AND GROUND,' Will be prize to the hbolder of the lst, 2d and 3d drawn numbers ... . . 150,000 That substntial foulr story brick building called Armestror'sn hotel, forming the corner of Cuup and Natcchez streets . . . 40,000 Prize to 4tl, 5th and 6itlh. That valuable five story brick store on Old Le vee street, oeccupied by Messrs II e & W Hop kins . . . 35,000 'Prize to the 7th, 8th and 9th. IThl elegant dwelling house and tot, No 74 Inoval street, occupied by C W dGoodrich 53,000 PIrizce to the 0th, 1 Itt nd 12th. 'Tlhat two story double dwelling arnd doore lot in d Mt. occupied by J hM alt . . 18,000 IPrize to btlr, t, Vod and 4th. An entire sqlare ofgrollnd in fulbourg Anolrn cia0ti1n.e.2 1. billnded by Liberty, Benton, Mel preclle and 'T'rrpsiclnr sets. . 14,000 rizre to ist, 2ll and 51th. 'Ilrat one story storre and lot corner Camp and J llia street,roccapied hy SMr. 1. I.lloaierd for dry goods. 12,000 Prize to tst, 2t and etih. That one story atore and lot corner of St Mary anid J olin t,. . . . . .. 10,00. 'rze to Istt, 21 nod 7tt. A certificate for 5)111 tickets in the two million lottery, at $20 elrh . . . . 10,110O The fortInate holder of this prier any) realie the IbIppy rlstiny to ohtain possessinon, thIroug their Ileditmr, tft' the rlneciple rortilrl if the various splendid prizes in t wo milli n lotterv, will bhe a Prize to lst, 211 and 8th. t That large Ibuilding and extensive lot in the S city of l.nftvette, t.lubo'ng Lr. ,,ladic, ofr Watlrintgtonlllll land 'hiPi a l 4. .'. 110 y t111 feet .I.nlll Prize to 1st, 'd anl 91tr. A certificate of 4'25 tiekets in the o rr 1111111 lottery, $(It earh 5,11Or PIrie to ]slt,2d and 10th. That one story dwrrllelug ouse :nd tt, d 11. g Nayndes st. next to dolllre lot corner ,of Mel plerre . . 7,5110 Pg ie a to ar, i and llth. A certilrcate iir 1. tickretn inl the two million lottery, 2at ret.,m, . 6,:010 t Prize to Itrl and l lth. A duelling horsa r llr ,I tol Victory st.J.3 M. lringr fronll Ilt l,rminig cro'r r oft I 'En fghirn st. G0200 PL, iz, t I st,3rl n3,1 d4th. A eerlilir'uctre r 3tit trcketo in tire two miflion d loery, at $112 noh 1$,000 Athr lod I'rllll rr a y d1r')t cI ua1. P e .5,J11 Prize t, 11n , 3: d 1and 7rth. i A eeorrihcatre 1er 270 lirkl,'r in tie two ' tillio tootern. lit $ 11 ertrh .,llh a lottert r t $2. .tnh 4,,t10 I|rrze le t, 'id t ld ;ti. A two story dw, llin' ht ,,'tr ' ar'ri lot, :lid I. on It'lrltlrie rt tr , tI , c rrol ir.lou of Victorsr otP I1,0111 lr 'ize to, Ilt, :3d alnI !li,. A deirabnletl lot1 on TI'I p.rr.,' n . 11. a.lldor. cri ti th' corner tot :rf .S rr I .. . :3;.110 l"tir I t, t1,3ls nl, l In tl er . 2 An eligibly .ituated lUihi rc loit r IRli.ioir'utr r d i i. 5trlh lot B ruol ,ntI t-l r'orr ofi St. 1't ns , ..1st, 3,d S d ti),. ii pri r- co isting ri it r er litit, alo fr.r 1.l0 tick r et ill tie two l:nli ,n hltn!' , ot 211e. cih 8,000 st iOu entire uar'lee of rrrlon r ti l'ohourle Ar a. uniation, 2d 11. bout rr d by (' erryl i The Il lie. Ch.snut atld 1[ Irat5r is.. 2,50 ' eizr it lst.1t1 anod :.. V A desirable buihlindg It, 2:.. 0, corneer of Mo rn reap and Modtenlt scs. 1,90o Prize to Istl 41tl and rtIh. A Idsiranlie bhilding lot ', trt on Mlontegllrt st. 3:1 M. 4th from \Tl re i St. . 1,1110 'k Prize to let, 41h and 7th. r rAn atllre sqe 1rl, r 2d e t. I, unde'lI b 'v tCliT i crtr rt r li ll 111t ni t l . . Itlf) is A Ire - ltJll ii iS l l r1I 1' o rL o u illt O, : illllllld. Iriz , I I. 4 . 111 1 l r!h,. . A rrrr ofl.rmI tr ill " i. rlr bounldej by M0. 0 d it' Pineand Cl i-c,+ . 1,0111 re I ri . i to let. il 111111. Ali li , hi, beIllhditl hl , tilllltlmur1 livllllliis, citv of I.nfuoet e,1' teI rnl I Waic n gt reer t :d Illt froll Cllipllllr.i n r l e r 751) Prize Ito Isc, 4rh aid I Ith. ,l A ulldingt 1lot1 o.rgro, cityII' InIt ofiVee,. 3 I11 i on Witll.lll. i'n str.e, anml Ith for 'rmll nr re I 'lpw t re'l t he, 75 th 'rizp I, ' .t 4 r 1'21e . :, 1four bh il li lu I r.. ( iiii nllrl i rty of ul 1 ler1 i , 4111 f llllln l coll ellr JeI, ,r. I it -toll $01l0 entch 2,810 Ph rize o I't," 11111l- les, 5111 tlUd lth Ist, th and I r-itlr , ',th r.' 'tlr' , $l '00 L.cll, r i I lilng ,lt of or d l llllnluted 1 t, It 8 01 fIa m l0lt i'lrer eVt+lrU'.elr$eo., $30110 r each , ),5800 I', rizt to It, t; and Ioth-Ist, .thtand 11th - r-ci, 511 - t2:--,it, 6th und 711--lntOtkd r nl trt--lst, lh ndtllr IIa 9glt. Flur prize eacrh a certifritaltr in tt;° twro million tltere, 3110 lickrt .r,t e$10erIr ,10 SI'i to 1 sti. itll nod 1It--lrst, 7til ant I t ll-at,l 711 andI 9tI--lst, 711, aud 1011t. Two prizes, -n-it a erlrlivatoe or 125l tieketo ill th two it'illion , i.: .'"5'1 tic:ker.s, at $20 nrh ,.,000 Prioe to lsl,rG rItIh it !Ih-I atr1, fohnnul 11Ith- a Fiver prize-, ilh rb shay'es iof stock in tlh IPo l<t'bh:tlailm tuilrun I comnlpa.y, 40 shllares, fit $10 t eatch,-1111 Prize ti 1st, 71h nil ll-II II-st, 7th a.nd 12tl1-I-'t, Slth Reldl hhb-laIt, 8th and 9th 1. t,8th 111 d 111th. Five prizes, ernch 6 xlwrat1 o1f 'ontchlartrain railroad stock, 311 ilitr'es, ltit r1tr1 At- ,0) Prize to to t, n It and 1 --1st, 10th and SI h-- I st,9th lnd 12h--I at, 9OIulld 111th-1-tts, 91t and It11. I .-ri 2, rd nl d 4th-2c , rtd adi 5th-2Il, 3, lIt 6th-otd, 3d ad 7th--2d, 3iad and ih en ir r , each 3a shares of t sloa k in the hlnk of Io iltniau , 31:l sho tro, at $ 11t , a3,t1e 1 21r, i aOli 1I2--- ,11,411 and 511. -! . h d thr- ', 4d, andi 7th-Si, 4th ao.l '1th--2I, o41 ,,dt-2d, .hhith tn-2 d atd I$1th 41, o i. Si I y-tl'r, Iri r. r, nclt o nil tt ..rr i. lt.e Prinz1- I, licke[ ell 1 - " ' 00 I' . orrtr J)ri ,ti-k-ri,t rrt ti, ' 5,.f 001ir aPrf7h t hic dt-s -avil. alyhre d 1rill dh a,:a I2 il-l 7r h a. 1n,2r ' an.d it hd S Tintyllr. treId and tt re rentr Srie8.,h aI ir1 -t lrizarrs rof lticker-s ini rhe to ill. 11d,. n 7ri, -h In th and Sib and tnh. S)lat0 Iterelrleic nce, oihr llrr nix t priz,' , t ire FnIr eco nrrteiei ertrt rir C ortt... ,cr etiRflote filr riks, intlhele wo i l til lien I lerrt, t1"-t iicktro or $20 •. 05toO Peirms ttickots Iatocig aey ithre, drne 6Otltl-4ttrl and 7te-5t Ranld 8pri-lll ained th tror I NewIOn',lt gt lig and Price It rtd e tar nod Iounrd er llrt . . $lI(lt OF TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, 10,000 1PRZE sI AMOUNTING TO TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, P DRAWN ON THE OLD IPLAN OF BLANKS AND PiIZES,-NO CO)BIINATION NUMBER. 100,000 Tickets, at $2s , - -- - $ ,000,000. SIMPLY NUMBERED, 1 To 100,000. Tihe scheme and selling prices are tie same, as no additions or reservations are nado for ezpenMiM in this lottery : those contingent expoenses will operate as a larro deduction frot tihe valuation set N h' the proprerty. MODEI OF DRAWIN(i.-The Numbers 1 to 100,000 will be placed in one wheal; and the Nams number of Blanks and Prizus in another wheel. To every number drawn from one wheel, a ti6ket fromn tile Blank and Prize wheel will be drawn, until the whole are drawn. THE FIRST DAY'S DRAWING OF THE TWO MIL LION LOTTERY, MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. 4r Each'day's drnwing under the supervision of two Judges ,of Courts in New Orlearrl, and tholwheels opened nslid sealted by them. 10,000 PRIZES. I. Tile VERANI)AII tndI grounl, vaullled at $500,000 Tis valualtbl ilnd s lendld edifite is 6 stories high, and presents a front of 1iI8 feet on Saint :tiharlt street, stid 108 feel on Ct lllltr n street. Thie trieipai portion ot t f tile front tofthe beane ment story ecoltl ristesitr large bnr or collee Innse ;ttlnd ight stores, all two grlnt eriies to the hotle, for whichti rtie aithn, r of lle i t-p , ln i eddific s designed, onl as muIch is now oeccu pi ed by Jleesrp. King {& Meek, in lstyle which renders it tile rmrst fbiteltetiri htiel iof Ie lour; and bed roomn. The prerent rellt over Fier $ r011tO l ti per Itnn -um , I nd b ecom eer irte 'rent 'ed fly Ireoel:irr ini rthe rleaes to $3:,:lt500. T'lhe stores ia n te Ibara, lrn t ,elld rs il slscerr till.' of autgtrn lt titnr tot $4,0110 11t t ihe t f Ultntu t boi rr ofthis t rie. 2. 1 '11: 5 .C I. ( 11L :S TIIEAT:I'I'R AND " iilt-UNI, with tie se'rn-ev, mthim anry, wardrobel , ri sic, &e. corItilt le 401 11, * rhii, mll ni lieie t l l rcll ture ilt s io a front of l i) feel on S.1 t'hnles street, with i depth.: front of 17it feet on tr Art ir'e'lr- Ar i e. lh eu l t aind cronr nlodltions t i lhin ' olresp- nd .with Ile n ith de o- its extlrlor. The Irandl ,olemn is 25 by 1!29 fret. 'T'hi lot ur tinrs of btoxes are sit, lrtllltl ted t il t ' x inni't' ,nglt ries; 47 of illc boxes hair: ollundtlr+ mll r aglllng ritons. Iit the t er nt"e ofg the dol r it pet n ,h(1n oll nilriec ht e l i,,hher, 12 III 1e II hrlglht, :311 elet ill 'Ier mrllllllur1rll , i t \aleiiohll r I,5ll.ll PIa*. ill'nI "lll 1 6llll Ig llli ht s, tre l ( i+t e I , it 1. 'Fill. wb + , Ptlrt llers n lllyl' l Ir und nor n l l l b,, tlali- l for : tenar l a .:$Ill, tl00 per I n itt. 3. II I'.1th t E r. R I.II 0 l l l i, 1 S, IL.VIT' S, NI ( lLtl, 11I, al 1 " :I n llrtle lI ; I ,u Sl,, rl ihnul bhl.'ek tiof r ,Ie i the rehi,, ,.tL leelt fI, t on Camp str t,1t by 70 deep, t11.1 in t, e i C h rl- , rt r lt e, 4 atorl :r hic h.I. Tih part is o rtulpieId uit Inr t ,, ,lle. . , rI+1, anld mtorens on tl el't 2.l 1 OnIo. aIr the t-k iget bulherd ro m-ll int " I rlhl'e l 5r 0're r. tt I'h llplartr s lll'e a rC. divid ed intti2o 1h 1lt ll illlo rot', l it'l' tr-. ' eIth i+rhulr to l. lle ' Itr t t ,, + pcr 1 i. Ph'h r lair'' m 1 rl lit "re 2n,' i ,t.l '.e - Irht r i, 11h1r' tli.r ltr rnilhln , l io o )err ,- . '+ sureri, om' by th e ik pluneu'", lear ll n1 1 +71. T'h lIl tr fllt/ ry. nIt ,ir b lll hou ll ei Fr ,d' stret , iI w aslt l l ,' I/jt lltl l s tl , ri alll . c i re Is" r ,f .round on. :li ,11c0n ;. lt l . a tlr, h Hlll ,' l t, - . art lI t:'Ill, T h ntql ua. r . . " . . . 'Al , tl lll 7 I. Tee , nirg . d ,Fa l .of r n l_11. h-1r. l1e, trt+ l, lS ' t . alCli.lllty, air l. n I I 8 r ,by lreetr .' e tell in. II . , IItI i It-, l tlll tlI ie, . lltllt i , l T, er c -t lt l tir1re I.. t'1 h t et t lU re 1r ol - . 1, nio, . Vel n iteele 11erd Intlriil ull t rrtl 1 'iinht. h llu tllhr ti e I b n Illd.d " r lelton. :*Sl . . ..T 95r'Ir1, 11110 II1. T el el lirl e a I tnlll C oi f l ri tallt t oni , I i tlOln 1 s.Tl, h , t7. lll tll IIhJ oofl i. . 'tnos. , iI oni M ea S I h1 Tado n r ..e iit I CII a i' l ul t o 11 ,11 oll i 1roll si ter, it omr e I trir'' c titt. r i ''reire . '1,riifl I r l , t·1 r rer trlll l Rl, t lll ltt' I xt 11 I he I l. Th lle su1 rlle < f itreof d ro n I lnTh l n enrt lr' rt, i.n| I.iii yII ' hl , Oll l l hts, )ljC , i 11 y 13.. I 'ht. e~iillV ir .qlllr I-I11 I inn mrl ir ti trly tlllttel hiii ' ertt r , s l11,000 1. 'I. T , llc lmr (i jlh' l.rllloll or' itrr il n lt leniiii hnlchd E yltterp1 h .-e I I, 1,0t1 1 t,. The n, tloritev r . .gr- .. tti .ront r r ll, t . d mtillpmadt o ithy Cornllnr o1" laull I. Tie r irtnre f qare d of on.t ily Htreetn , tmi ine,( hlow, ofn !!hlly, hllllld sibr ,i ll- o -. led iy 'ierpe nli d n 're li ntet. , 19,1010 13. fle enirl s q.r ol-Uldfin r uit onon 8tla 5i I u le n estr ii l e.f 'tbeil- t, mled en MI et eln slIbrtre l by t rl ' eet. 11,1110 .18. llThe lon ltor I ldl i 1 an l ev g lron lone Ililt , III1 eunictree r i i llvr lotsi t erlr 1 ha s lstreet,:· 3 i by 7 e t eirt t r ,000 I1., The s nul're of grouti nd l' Thalr al treetI Id t ntue hi hl le, h nf I.i ,' y lby i iit Ie., I .ene i n 'e I.eit er n . lt v street I ,i010 Sd . ' f ~i rill of I -11 , yitlt e, fr ll y ii 1O ... rI rle, lT e reinr st reet- l nrrtld lln lh i'e - ithe 18ll. thltee suall .. of ground nit +0pum tII S 1. 1et !d he n orm r oIbui .lin re16m t, hrnmled U" btlhl , Telle.l, f tr nl IeH Ito hd oIlyta sumf 111i410 I , 'l ie e ilte of grounnd i 'rli' la elee, n t., Ile , tinrr tr nirir sr e et ,011 .0.d ''iello w aed Intreegl sfom R ob i s r ee , ing 30 by 105 eetp· . ,5n0t ter' t i r l st te, rTr i chrtt td ree 114,011 .2;I. 'Jlh o~l lnle 19 pruillii onl J;'lia -sl e l0, ii( I Iii 'l'Irr le e rtlet e' triiriietlnrv oltl, e. lll'lre i t 21. The .quare etoy' e.riud - e nenecd ri'ett m ter t, 1 i rot, nnh y I 70 . l78ettt1lll 0 r Th. lle rll tne oi . Ni lell d on Tl riir ostrteet, 0 !d m, l Ii.n3 10t.,limuned Itv T rpsh .ulhcb and Ie"ner tni e tr . . 9,110' 23. 'The oqne soery irilling In litlin sreert, nlwet tr tle ee-rree itStOnce ttret, n •taininig slrtrker-, u ni5 eig `ft:et Iiiv t t • ,00 '. 'tire Rsquaire of rol'rnd rur Mri |trlllperle :I n ' rneh r street s t . . ,001) n,000 21. Thlie t. r hirrtllrr . il l r' (d o ' smtrt e ri slreil re h ny leetr: 9,1000 1l. 'hle o rsuare f ro"nrrd on r nliietr srrret, . cd tet4 l Nhts, hotnd d he Whiae and te lipo leln ireylretr r te . re -,. s ry ,.ue u ilnn o 0.l'h ai gsrer t, on iJurlir etre tser, . ulled I.i v beig :it Ir l 'eilr 0 ernn| . ereel, t ho te h78 ' dtrt 1,000 23. 't'ilr lille .,rc of hhn'' g irnd ot ,lleii1 1.,+-lme iet .iitcll n li re, Irrnreu t r Ib u . I l Ja.lh lll lrrlrtr rnt, r|rii rre r retlt. -,'i 000t Ju lier r stre , i-d ,n . brig lt i l hret , rrtt i ,d .i 1, l'i, t b S i M.l .PI po ln 9ratr -Pt+ . . ,60011 e, Theln18.ti eonedrolltf i ewIehe s'reere 60 - eri "ott'l tireree, en. -tee a e , t 6,00 40 Thn qtnvef ecntrion ytneee street, iel, ihe heedrrthyoinernehoretoond S t t" n, 3 t 5,000 ri. The -Iuarke of grtnd n letleruhe nitree', id 1u. l 18 lote, heonded by whrite end eaelr 4n , '(lde tet of'ground nt Nnew et etreet, ieg. bine ertiheit lot froerRring threerrenee tiet . . . .5 5,000 43. The square nfgrortnd aen Trata m'ae'l. 2d i. otf 18 ines, terenired by Chlnro, S iir retrirrnd adMnlin st,d 5,000 d'Ehanv hieng stret, t,1 t. 2 hy+ 100 feet " 5,00t1 a'IEsogmer l slm ins, o m m. uy ,nlo lees 5.U11p Two m~dions r fdolara $ iMp CALDWELL, OAKEY & PR1TCHARD 11 W O,lDeuD, Aug. 3Uth, 18;1. . 45. ''he portwio of i squnre of ground on . Thalia slrcel,2d m. of I lurots, bounded by loanRel and Claro streets, and other pro I46. 'rho ot of grnoud forinig the crooe.r of Aponlliond''nooootihoron sioeii, 2d n. of32 by 127fe.i . . 6.000 47. The square of groinnd on Thalia stert, 21 in. oft 5loin, bouuded by Mnuuoel,Clraando LF'licity struels • . . " p 48. T'he two story brick hosne and lot on Woatshilglin street, city of l.fifyetle, being 100 feet flonl Chltlewa street, mid having 40 feet front, by 201 teet in depth t . 5000 411. 'he slquare of grount in l'itino street, 2d oi. of Ill otsi, bounded by Malrtin an ld Mtelpo ionene streets and Engle avwnole 5.010 50. 'The (ilo story luilling .nd lot ogmrund oni Nnyades itreel, being til d lo fronot Tnrp. tichore street,hain'ng 32 by 127 feet 5p 51. The stqunore o' ground in Erratolmneer, d nm.of 13 lots, tbounnd by Martini and Thalia til. o IstrIets ,iund aglby v gle u. . 5'ho l 5·1. The lot ofl giund no Apollo street, 2d In. (o isil," lhuInsidoone ofdJ F'ilod Eq. being I lhie I t Ino TerIjoiTeho re sre eet, O ail olng 2 by 127 Il . . 4,0100 ,i. '' lt oFarf g rond no Irrton streer, 24d , of It; Iris boy Iun ed by Engle venh l,t hrin aend \iho gv1.uet . 4,0410 5ts. . loi 6t g loundl o lApnl~ Plree, a2d n. bering ild Ihl th.t oetl 'i'ortoi hatre itreto hivoing t.Sl Io'ff o*'t . • 4,000 li.. lo. of ground on Apotll street, 2d no. teim. to' 4ltl fri 'i'Torpl.iT he streent, h oiig 32 Ilbno treet . . 4,3000 St. A lot ofgrouodol Victory street, td m., hiving 26 I(b 1112 l'i. ndoinl t1llg Ioe tt forini olg Ihu st3i'lJllbr 12f eellih·ll i-[d e u . 3.50}0. 11e. mo rneof ot'igltoui on Iere.t 4,000re .57. A tutogn d 32 by 27 feott, b Ih Jing IIth lith lotrf th, I, lll t iotwh ilor i.i i, t be ct. eir of" I',rl.ilhe stlc.t 4,00 ;.l1. . lot iofI ,ouoI on Atpolino iorl, 12 by 127 ILi Iii-o, toIlo udlt tolo Iltloil tlo whIch forno, the caretl ,,f le. pom~eto ..tact, 'A In. 4,100 511. A l1oi of d o round ollo street, 322 by Jtetlsp rooa sreet too Ihoihott 3d ,00 ISln, caao\llg I ,,. lomld by Soh e fd ·,Iaal .lrtreaty .4,1004 61. I t o ro tullll 'ao n ot i ll eIptoeu.l treelo nIext I (. I. torH t' r etll o - toi I Apollo 01100.322,o 127 boel,2dl. 3.5410 It0. , o r iof' grounid on 'l'orphonl¢ trteot', which ltrnlll lhe \ornetr ofNa, ales·T t at l }t ' ,1 to.,12 by f 1 tinut, , o l ih ilrh ms the n h ,litl b .llu u steIrt, 1.77,u 12 lay 127 h'e-t . ... nl;oI..\ n n. ' o if NIIId onainii' iT c ,hr 00 S t1. A lot ia , ot......t,:,oi ' to o io . otr. noel, ,eing Jpotllos I,.tr l n ld ihi, alen i1 In,.o? litr Itijo lto . :\ oLitalo II . rou id , ou iI It I, 2 I ots Sboturllnd bIy t.l,.rly, r.n to,. hrulll ld Cl·io Int. A .rt,,It'o O1150t)llllt l Clollt' 1 iil I' h 00s l. ndId by Eagle, 61 ..'1 in. IVtII a , Iltotn ion,", 2,502. 1h l.t : , o l'taono., nt iing 1i los, bo uulei.11d ot ,hoi, iblts I .. roy lud brouho 0 , . A t ellrI.a qolrll tS'lailllr II Ibotulnde b1 odld as \Xn e ,and s.r thecrlat e ''h0li strei et, nemra 2,wstrehi y000' 71. 1A sIuar, of ,i ound, coll ullatilog 1 IInto boundedn l by , aloton, lhloenriy and Thai 1s treets 2,00 bnoy ed oy \%'unlolt, brrulg nod ('honerry stn~cl. t2,00 7 . ' rA lon' of ground, lllltlo coinitg 4 oin o ol lholnod Ily (TIti, olpo, IIIIIu oIIIud Mttrltin 7.1.. A ri"Bure ofIgiounlC.oontoiihg 10 loin, F Iunded bl y Chesniti, 'thliu, fpruie and brut SIl tooeIod by Chtc a utrt, al oft, .Slltor sod Ulio street-i .. . !00 71O. A lon Tol rofground, eonlniirllng 22 ut ,bounded l.l. y tilat r, ealtoo, alnech sod Clio 7.,. Api sqare ofgronhl c eonaining 16 lots SbomIIPld Jy ocltroe a i i ltlch Ir lltP 80 0 18. A Isl.are ao .g rnOld eOlltaiing 22 Ile n8oun.ild by olc ,, ran, ll eter illr Clid .. A t.iAlllncef gro.mlal onotoinLI U it o iol Soodeud h , Wll, Mlihnh.. i li'i, .troll.'t 1,100 10. 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A riel~gulor .llOlllle otfuro.,dolnt tor r- 000 ofJfoob In 'I halhll tnion,t .." ' 800G f91. A teritnguhdr oon le of grnud Iwounded. by'1'etplisich'o e pool ,aodl,, stre.It . 3" i 2 1. A irilaelnntroqnooo goond on.uded. by Oolo.u,olonI ude o1 Marif otonila C10 8004 "93. A tri.nglhar sqnre of ground bonuted, 0by Clio dttiii i ealo totoi ."- 9010 "9L.. A equaie of gOwld mnoNiiii.g, letts h tonded by sAphite, o+n sn Piod kin e and odooan'el - - ' 80G lI. A lotf ofgroolllrl no Oh' oingltf ertte. Lih .lh from lohil oholll 1orll ilhih onlsr so 0' Chipptwnpslroeit,leiti g 't-by lfeii no 91h. t of n .touod ion. Wo lWinogo otetn htiol flh, 511h frollu tfitni whicf formo the eourhot. I it' (Ofippowe oIreel, boiog lfiby 25 feet . 1 250 97. 7. nqunore of g.rondf oto:toiog 12 totl b tuul od hlt oplo, Eulofiosyne, PiFinn d aoep, pus s t reets 5!10 91t. A 0ria70l'tio" Flure of ground bounded hy Chillenlut ainId '1'1ltl o1ltonen . .a 410 99. 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