Newspaper of True American, 19 Eylül 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated 19 Eylül 1839 Page 1
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ThrcE 12~ CEnTs; o.-I ~ ·1,~ Iz -1Voj ..-VI N o. PIE1CETNEE' ORLECANS, THUIRSD'AY MOR~N ING, SEPTEM~~BER 19, 8:. Ternms of 1he Xeoos raper Preo tof NVot Orlentoo ulntninlnuslrl ngrcr'l t~ t no aIi~llllnuiLI I 1Pr~iil( rat the Iroopritoo , ld -oit i the tIh Wt of h Marh, 10;1. Sutcoooo'r~nt -looboto te Iottlloo for thej daily pit Sr annuooo, p00'yotblo noto-totolly in oto.ttto(: Ite dollarot Air tiot tri-weekl co1untry00 I pet 00ybl to one00 vear in atolce, whtoereo ti0) i o'lt'oooreento Is givoen.-' Fire dolltotb -or tho It F kle; otootlo t. looanoo. No atbooriotioto will Ioo di..ontt oootoood uttoil orrentOOl err settlcdt. tn 000e of doi conotinll,, our, week's antler into trittoq Colnt noo totoormototwee0,0, ooteoittttotitt ait~tioj~n of otoorloton1000. Atvrnrln.tootototo dtolltror oooooret tor o too.rst tn mattrial lterlatontrooll' Iooooorgllotol rtottot'o wil e charged11 ns neIIw Ilnr. YooaRtotr A utooorttto~oto.-Nlt hotol st ant 'root ero, aoty dolltr, t o' 1too; ioll ott ootoo', ,o ott b00 th' Ior tt - public instituotionst Iifototdoll~oro int 1"ooolj~obtoly, toot ttgtoty toor lototltIn aloooostoy ohlip nodooool otoo.,otot Poot ars, or Cntuuitoiooi I Ittttoi1t00O Ojoly tootbtoro ino Etogliobo no, ondeittotltfor btooo Ian nrtV-l M Rn.otottotor, , tttoo NOrTitc0, toot ootirbtootll ing tion aOttentiontt tot thleo ptlioo 0.0.0000 00 to"ropttrty, one dollarln pct square for the fir-it illsrtim1l in each falll gnoot'ottot00o~ tsgtlte.C&.ttto~tt~o Coo eo11toroKo0 0,tor Aotttortosrtnrt'otstt of aoOy sun suit in advancet A oeducttioon ot toenoty-five porroroo. will Ito' moiltot- too Aucotionooro,tthorllo ,Itto t io t ot ot o\'ilooo.nlo-l tlarthn lt on alof of roetl toaitatut00,tlittbr0l in both O nlslnl and 50 per centl. in Sngljsll loner: 10 paor cenlt. Oil nnlts O tother propeorty. Aoovv.ttrisctroi not of th000 ire0 t lito of t 0 in001 of the adverotier, suot 00 legal, unction, 0000tt plontto ialt soles, ronunaway slaves, stray Iltlimul.· &c. &c. will be cthargedt foroclo. atto1 t' Atooottorooo:ot 00000 00,00 0000000 t. ot to tom, will oc ipublitthellt toot h, and ' h rgrd Ror-lin'ly No udoootooofinonto oot ot krtttt will 0001000iRhr11 n any case, t'otss paidtot looe uns illtnscrfinl, or Thoot gturonlot d by at ootoo' ottsibl peo n it tot . Tplnnlrer and other plnnpR of lllsselnlll, Illloerliaiul dailt or the 100000000, 00e ch0rged t 1t t 0o r L" t lis l a lone, tnd tintt in tothtt lanogttoto. All snnounoooott'tttofo coooiattt ftor ptolititcl ottes will be charged dooblet the price tof tothtoradettiseo alents. aotOwing to thel immotort lotn susttainedt toy newstnptpt prorpietors, they totoo haeoce Ott the ctoteltiotn toot Otho names of persons whOse oaountst ttoot toot boo'n ptoi within one montlhf teor preetntation, shall lo e eude known (so tf o l o ottprcr-ttabey oototi' gtisgttrttemseol not to adetOOvise or print for suct *drtituotnlsto nless ijo ctoe ott advance payments. (Sigoed) JJ. C. . It: So. IttJMES J. ttAh000N, r. P. 1REA, J. C. P'IhENI)E.R(:AR1' .totttN tI1t1iOtN. t.t; MSttI;N. WVeekly Preto.-Wo. tl1. otllootroboigtoooot minr tot obiote toy tito alove too t~oiuno , ol o ar o s thly are opplrolott to (t igot paers A. It. t.\AWIIEN CE Nott oulootoripttiooo tre token too 0nn shon to month. ,.otters musto Il 11o ta-obe Dust Rooooo. - ARROWGATE SPI.NGS n. , TIREE I.:1 r'S .Jl NEI' FRicoU NE I1' iR lEANS. 'ii lT IE prs triit' r t. lhii , llh ft t ,i l I lea-ti l i ore tc ifs t| llwl'l t hl)- tI t .icll ,|-i udi t C i ii )s (: tin l i, it generlt tl t le will hlci i rm ii ecshy the firsi dfytt f MaY ts t recsiv vkitert. Icwill llii .isct,-' fior thl h.'- Ihd n e t t o f th o se a t a l r e, th a t th I, e h u g 2e h,,l' n I Ir ,' I impA r tmmentsti l. i a idth ,rs niw .oit. oi inil i I' sapid p tire. t If.. ru . gi...... uhlh .ill ilh'l h thii h'i ute cntler fto arc.nnll at" It Illr1o| rgtr hT Il t r tin lt tlore who plnr ln hlve lr is ochd rol h thb cin t builin.. . i ear tf he Ihali ett' r c t ttuc i w' e:i ri , i r ii l. iii t I C cIIlt . icr tttte.s. All ti s ia r 4 found lat \Viitoring Iht ees, will ,I o ndilll it i llths. t 'I' I" n bent m sic thlat this pnrti ii" ih r lctsliTr Ihiilcllr ' s l pr ing during the wholl.e *11.e i+n- ti~. n rel llritt g hi lllslc.I lhlllksl e te very thllcrtt IiI ! t aipa'iit give! him lIV-t ))' n amt1 Impes by the l ra - r'i filmS tAl at v iii. Ollllt ll Ib i Illll. 1li'iln. )Ill r Ixolllli \I th l - I u l' l l r I) Ih , ll,,Ol n, 1 , ' sad\ii ii, II 1.1 cii i ,l i nl,+rth, iii ad- l tu ',,- r ,,,;",,+ r - i,~t k, m . exti ac n ti 'atl . .I ..'l l .c ' .. '-,'d itid .t i.,l.iii I A llll. lll. h i' l , , hi ". '1i i 11c1i ,d ,, , 't ,, , ,i +. d ., I'., do ' d',. ho '!o, u y)ra) Cur U nn,, ,", rl-h i ' t aado ,I , bai, li It~s Is rlrl II tiu, :, hI, - oI ton~ r lll ' vi: le dther ilob ,r ooks l, 11 11rhPu" n1 . ; I~ . lc d: I lt ` a Ite : i t a do, a ,,n +,'llr 1 ..s , ',rl r ! t, it-; hl " . u t all l, pistl, b ts; rc,, ch ,,, lk,",l, . . ,t I, h+,tlum 's , bit er ,p W h ly ). ! , hl. o , , u t s . d lle t ·o ll B ald l lo l hlll i "I r girthis . .... . . ir., . ....u;! lea her: ; trenik I) trallp ain , w t,,1,, I ' , i i w ; chanIt ,1nd. 0o,,.l i( Ilt el l, l ,l,<dI turdl,"', and thns-; . ,tehll culla's , ear and .rs n I lie t ir~ . ", , l ,,I ·II1II sa; III I e r cco l, huck. I .r. , ,,,, nllll- I hnllalo *LoL ; phlatd •s plated. bra'sd n. tl s'c ,I "'t ' I o eveTr, dtrrrllltltll : ! th plated, ura nd anll ,+vel me LeflIt i ul f verr dr 'rc l l) ' ofth r h.,, a:l. ", + ,1 ., t, n l..n r er sl .(;I 'l 'h.+ ll ,.,l , . I. , ·l I ' . 11'· ' ' t'' 'It .i o I " , I ~ .\ " ,. 1 1 ', J 1 t. J01l NS IN I , Ilr . ,( I it its, ;l ..'tll' l"" ut--r , ucr ol *\ I I ; ie ,ri, i ire' T h t i n t Joi . hJ r l h fIlrlo . iii u il I-I11¢ o y sill II- - pVl n ao ll y wn"p , If : .re to , IV .. te real. i sea l" r'uLI ,b ut" l-aferpe iit oi 'll 11-, iiI i lare ii l1Ii I tl I t IIe I ill Ihat Ilnol 1r okiir L IIrell ' inth III i trllletll ll R Iu n tlllut i iullldwittar iruhr o. te tIll o ilt l s.l, ii:olo-l I I Anll, UrnerllaTr .om4ni) tlelr wi, elrhdd lesticla , sr Eruptionios o te Sisi, n.u. "h n rm t lr'it i o in the Jhints; 'br And the ulllll latrot llltlo 11 aie iei generally followr hil dieeo.ue. Recent d:i e eured ill iw .o or Itll n ititret io l tliy ni l aUe of S.lerolry, iteorretiiOl trotll Imosiness, or altro t lion in tl I ll ne ol 'lir i l. 1' Aioledolne tor Ipresent lFtr real Ilinanre crn I orni c rained of IrrllJohll. I I i Irulll tlh reciple otf the liaroLiLrry n .slratellrtt' eia fiingeOlllnl a trl le, I lied by in h t di ulori sg ti erll lUlll lio lur in h Ilic ll he i erved'b .rOuon rrou luerl. inm. r lh l ire h lArIti. . nold bv Ior. Jotllle.tll, lt l uts oltice. 'Iiu ll; i lrri1Oll hantig anuy fU.tion of Veonereal liuaruts, tlol IlIt ut taki sell layngenge or irtll obilnl io ll 'nyolltl wutlld do wall by givi ll )r. Jointon it cll, ts Roprliser meli nines for loir t tlre i t e tiiolrits 11 t i c ian I Iit L witlh written dintl tlond orii their Ilee. (lce olpen uot 7 isi thle turning until e0 rmloUrk at iglht. lDr. hoit'tli' th i 1 reitt,,-ft ii" ,.li+!l s llg o is W:t opinion thai niiittreths of tiler dlasies that ofeI mnykind originate inIt srltrithvcr. TI'bi tIlx ir Iae us nd I y vl l . with hi e most unpl)recedlented sulCc:ess ill his pritoto ond pblic Ilrll tieo for .sI redo of forty years, flr tie r f.otIrl if he lfolloing disetros: Loss ofpt)etite, Flatnleoty Iltention or the. oi toi - coh,l'uin i the sile, Ileavioresof tile rled n incli natiol to slteep Irregularity of tie lBonei, antl in al cases where lndigestilun or a oeustire habtit it found to exist. Tbi. noedieion to le nlnt t nutrlleed Alnn ttheithostt ofqtaek tostroins now before tihe btlio, os it itlthe sole invention of the halest rnd mlst oeieltiife srgeoni Europe ever iprodunlel, nd Itl secret of preparint it mnr pturchased bIy tbh aItgletfr a eryilarge rm. It is agreetr:le ltnd pletoont to tle raste, ntta its a milih oler1 iett.always keeps the bowels free, ittlparts vigor rnd trengtt to the avstlm, rnd cheerlflness to the lind, and a few bott:loesrenloves the rotst cufirtted ioes o n L)Vsltepsia or lndigestion, and ipreveoario retulrn at anty uturc terid. New Yoor,lth Auguot, 138. 35 uMadison-street. St:--lntoo quirtcneeofIadoing sedlentary life, I hlave belen Itrouled, mtore or lessb, wilt lolirligestl for lan rears; tor tie lIst three vers rrut ll Teringa have beeninsupportible. I Itve tried srverul p.hyriietlns, and nttnlberof qu.c k :ntdicines, withoutl derivinAt any benefit. I despoired of ever obtuinitng un perlnlen lo relief, unml resigned mnyself tnthe mlat hopeless despair was pertuadted by lnny friends to try Abernetlhy'so Dyspeptic Elixir. I have now inishled tho fou tb bhut tie. and know not how to express nlvI J aeiration of its wonderful virtnes and the mlro:le it'l i perfortled it restoring m1 Iti that Iohealth whilchi I oghlt loot for. ever. Setnd me hlf a dozen bottleit so e end except my thanks fr the blersites you have o erred by re storing mi to Inrfect health. Iremain voura , COB M(NROE. A N AvIBSTRA(:T of thte original litlies of renord in t tile general land office. Prinledl in ccordalonce wlth a rseoitalit o tihe House of Representntiver, pos rtll 4th May 1838. A few rIpies tuot recerved and Jorotlly ALEX TaIWAR, JS 4luC:oliet .II1" M10 RRIIOI I) [TiAY'S ILINIMI.NT.'-No Fiecion.--'This ex " tr.rordinary chemlnical colmp,>silion, tlhe result of nilenlce, and the inventio,.l o. a cel!ebrateid ledi' nal IIman, the introdUa .i n of which to the publice was invested wit !lhe solemnity of a deathbed Sbeqiuest, has since gained I reputation unparalleled, fe illy sustaining the correetnes of the lamented UDr (ridley's last eonl'.sseion, that " he dared not dlie without givii, to posterity the henelit of hi, lt knowledge on tlis subject," and oh thlorefilr, : bquoatlled to hiis failend sdll atteoldant, htaonlll it (lays, the secret of his dislovery. It is now used in the principal Ieospitls, andl the private practicet in our cotuniry, first naul most c- rtaitly Ifo the clre of' the PIles, and so extee steivel anol , c rlly t by s ll credulity, Iunecs - where its its celelr wiitnwllsedrc Extiernilly in tih: t following complaints: For Dropsy-Cr.atinlg extraordinary absorpti"'t at ooee. All Swellings-Reducing athe iin ia few hours R Rheulmatisln-Acute or Cllronic, giving quict ore 'Throat-By Cancers, Ulcers or Col s. Croup and Vhlloopig Cocgi-Exte.rnally, and Itver the Chest. All IIrumIes, Sprains, and IHurns-Crting in a ley hours. Sores and Ulcers--Whetllher fre't or loee -s .tanlllg, and iever sores. Its operations Ilupon adults and childreln in redeo tiig rhllaunatic swelllings, and loosening olUghl andll tightness of tihe chest hby t.elaxation it' the partis, illhs been surprising beyond eoicepti.o. the il lietnonl relllark of those rwho havel used it ill the Piles, is " It acts i;n e a charm." ei 'TIE I'II. S--'I'ih price, l is retlanded to any or person who will mee a bottle of tlay's L.intant ilr the Piles, nl rcetulr the emlpty b)ttle witlhon Ibeing cured. Those are tle positive orders of the prspriecor tn tthe Agients; and out of manIly thLiou. es sands sold, not one hRs h,,en nlllueesX(il. . V Wu might insert ceritlcatlu.s t.i any length, iut prefer that those who sell the articl, hlluld ie. her Ihit the original to prechasers. he CAUTION-Nonle can hbe genuine withollut a de splendid engraved wrapper, oil whlc! is mly uIlme, ei and also that of the Agents. eli SOLOMON IlAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by COMSTOCK & Co, New York, and by one Druggist in every town in the Union. For sale by the Whiolesale Agents, corner of Colemmon & 'fI'iioupitoula treet, anlld by the Apothtecurien generally. ie3:0. I c lvrC?1 11nl.. ll N II 1Oi llr~il l- H Illln .n.l (i.'h,'l.'...'-t''C/ (I (lrlllll\ .4l 1 IPfl n~ lnalll9 IIII ~lI 13~ 111/h I~lic4. Ii~ltl'l~ I)'IWI. r.1011 1ll(('I',, n I' . 114~ ''I;~ llrl :\l r·e~ ·I l,·9~~;1: I~·l~r i 1111(1 .· 1II. ill'l IlilTI1I. ' '· 14. '~1Iil l I ··) i I· Illl; I -XX.'fll. Iik* f\r '.fl alt. I' ! 12·.(91· LI I)(·lll~ rC: I~lill~l~ll II1·1II.. I~llll(S ( 1111 ~(···~ 1 1I,,', 11 a 1511o* . (;Illl~.'a r 11111 FARRE ·--ll. l .it''_1yI.iI .J''tI..'ppetaI.N (;,l'.3. I srr ~ri" Ilil Ih1811 .'ig 'II.1 r~~iic l\ a I.' a I'.e.g'.y, 2..';.'. : Pieai.'lItIIv1ai itae. -11 TI,.111 ' II '.at rl.,pt..i.. Ky.!.1 II.1. .111 li Riahalic it,.11.· 1 Ity hat .' .'. 1··1 ll 111· ~·~1 I·,~. 'I~· I~ ··" ::·~K. · J~ Isa, &1 ~1'.'. I ONUM, F''S, of Washington's Patriutirsm, with a fo re similh of his pu 'lie .lc e truno duringithe RcE. I vohltllllorv\1'tr. 1 Ilitho volume *:|1 tnl7 each. will he s auhl ait chtf prirv,tllhe Irocetrd of thlsq pihliralin,l are to tie deolutd for thle ot.t lu t :e \Vahitgto Manuootl Iaboir S9chtnl trod .h.hol Orphaa's Aslhnut. Thi ialalo nationtl Work uuhtt to be in the hands of evtrv A ooriccl, ; and editors of the City and Y country rppert will contribhe to that bhne aletll object by giving thi - dvcrtisemenllt 1a f intoertion. E JOIINS & CO. Agent, Iug. 6th-1 mI. Cor St Chlrlehs Ctmt'Lmlnl .t r EWV MUSIC-O, Native l usie; 'r.he Contvent Il a! 'O Il' a ranting, rovill ILel'; Never Deolpair, b tdolot' Vou rettetrtlttthetnttitol glade in thal Ilrtml V Romtance; The White Hirse of the Pep pers; Thou totlleo and I Love tlholo art tlear ll', slng tby iis, S e rid i tlhe grulltl Romanttic O1ett .tomilie; (lod Nig-I The mceting lli pl:lting;l t ar noit fir sp Itillng on fickle wio..,h It ILousell; Come, otme , Ihou art in soo row; A Lllh o tnhe Ocean waver, byh II oussll; She watched for him; Fo me let fall a tear; Conme to i m at morning;O'er tie watera by moonlight;l 'Thre's no Ihon like my own, trranoted for the harp y T I.nllrre. Royal Waltzes, by A.\ Fleche; (Loueot Vicrtori', Ctoltrl Quntlrillte. Ju-. received and for sale by dt9 B C.ASEY, 19 Camp at 1FNV mimici lIf l lo-.-Alf .--un .isia u New Medical I)ictionary, in no Super Royal 8vo, SVol.--ltltglioton' oT'Iherpeutiet nd IHum n Ilhyli ,t nlogv.--!)att'i ot Fetttales, I Volhume.-Ebules Tltra. d NeW suppllies Jiust receilved by Alet TOOVAR. aug !I 49Ctamp .treeot, iI)%5. FA , I ,SS. (- t ['T'I'A VI\fl:V;IAIiil,I-, AN IVNI,'ll l l, Itltt lhE[)Y - - I,'~ 1)1:x.11 . ,\-K 11. :r if .lCe ",'- hirhhIlne ItPIHl }tl t lly 1I hllllllltll h," litnnirir rv M), II llu n hlllhlrr"I r,,u ti- ,lll+' \yl'-tllnlnl r I)-, .r ..p: ll'+' (l'orli"rali· o(' f I f.' I11 y 'I)T nIid o ) Ilr ,I h. ,, 1 t.,+l.,u . ,' h ,n l' l ). hrr~ hvt1l1111 by " rulylolr., ] I), .,-llrl th,+ I:lnIh-,; (1,L lVY lhlnlr nl t nodiL ,.. t ill;lfl t bhr, r 'l ,lc l l~nl HI ,'~ I+, ,+ :ll . l, :II rllr l u1",+ll:dll' M l l(· II 1P'ir u, w,'ll ;uv Ir~lll . ih, ' I. lll/.... l,,, ll:,lhrC'.thlll·lll l .r 11 r.Ahr l++ thy l.r.A.-il'y (',lipr r. I) i. It r(iu,.· / *, }r lll llll+I . , - •.rI 1 ,.A "tll. t, ,\..4, i ,tl· ,+l lli lt n ll~l ll llulllll, Il'l'r - ir to ,,,llr I,1 IIlu,ýr "l: l ,,I w ho , ... . I1 , h'I. I tllrl r T'.ll lllll'Udl'd it. Th'll. f'tul," u 1 , Ii l 11l I , .tl hllluh,, Ihr,, u n'llll llll' l ll( I a ;,.i-ill'lnx Ir " I: ll,,i-. :11 1. -Jl+'l'dx i (ii rl · h P hllr(-· 1 lit. Ii ltl rl+. ,, ,.r. lllli .lu ' ll I;tlrrl {. ."I ill * lllllrl'--l,+ IIrl · -Iydu It I IIIPli h vrIr , ;111'1·.111 In illl ruler, I ,,)I r,'" ",", ., r II·· flll "t'1( o \(· lot lr l liTr rll ,If 1 ll1. 1 Lo(nurnr llu 1or 1 o lr t ll hl" l C. llll+P '| lIC +PI'lrIIu. xilll(I··1hIII \II'J tll. (;lltt . I,+ffellhlll+ .l + 1· llr(~ l t1 oll dlr ,rrltah , l" i h 111, h, I. l,) IIIt ( ll? , rII+ lh ,lll'll , ll· l: th+' rll,+ , llph..r tal " I . ++, alhl' Ir n my iJ+.ih'- .,ll ' ll.~~~. 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In o , l c lit ,, ,, (F'rui,, i , ) "16 m .Pm rJ -ti red mi Iii llhrn m t lu h I?'IG ,wut n,, n ',: :!II ' ,):::',, of g111 one11 W t hl .+ :,,""-, : 1, rrl m ,',Is ,Im f i(t"l IIJriI'y, mnem mi mlliilt th', mlllmwing cmii. m I, 1'l' m illtilev Jii , IIm'lnlltm mo illsl' + IlI'I huri h, MIHr: h ntcr, " If'nlIr} b l'e )1ll "i rl r 1,'I' u,l cltlll nl ,ti t 1. (+41E In ll iii) +e,.r 1 Ilall{+ I ()I- ",111111 I, I"I ".. ll{ ' rll- mii ul.tmliimml. . ,li n hII' lilm . i .l .(P II u r r o nnl+ l .' p ul I. htm r m imi l iml niru. y ...r ahnlunt~ whimihm , tll han I le ),li+'+l In u,...t\ ,'Pl,,'IrniPrl Al nri.,t, {I.. 1"Ily+r i l,r iu x r' whl riIm m 'i l n l. h Iil.m . 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' iii i oIi Ycl7 KEiI',fiiJCamp st : ''uETKei.--Cm. i u z.r . ... iffie cuhicit nic'. pjctuiiiiiic c .rci tllt I i. l ien coi Jl.J ltllll iP 3'ttr|oI 11 ir~ l ~ mll~ll )lllt I J n lll lll Ii1+r I ti IIllnac illlll i 'l I II Ito l, ci ir a lntil.n i r1c ll 1u licea h c iiinli ui i llill tile ir liCrit i' c cii 'ciiilcl u i u ir ic ii ,, piin eih.icucl iOi'tcccc di i'l,.i, illtll Rl lalllllt'lllm, (i)Tr k i1'1 110:I eepltrat,'· dJitilltlII tlhL*)·:r ul o cci-,rntllr cIc-lin e i.rcpI.. l h ic illctlli- nt . s n liil Ic nllc ci l ill t rid ,r ItlPIi+I" Il ll h c'iccliicllll ii 1i+1111 +|llllllr Ihii 'ri 'dicierl-ll ic iln ltcl£ ililclr ... icc- ll c cirluc i r nersllSil lllln tlr ,'ir~ ntlrV wzto r·Ps~lr tIJolr. e ,1 Al ii. c-l'ci. in c~lc'urii The r,,iiii ,t ilh i.i v. is I)r \\ilcc'IPII.iIn'c cco whccm ccl I a( h-irci llc Lclr c ll-hic lllc II 1I11: i e iiIllcu. cllc Ii r (lC I unePIlnll r \ii o Ii niuuiniicri . 1IiI, \l J .'III+1 c ii T I , I;,: l'iaiu -c'r, a of the th m t hr r Ns To prserv, thrl en that healh by ata t ral `,na K is a grand, moral and p Inticchmane evu r e o teitil w hiclh, retq tire. ot it lll .lO i tte t . tli(nt% . raIthe ut reei ehe ttt i popul arty and u' l Itrtei l ui . c Mexico. and the V,'.t Ial. , fhilry justi' lr. i Peterta' il warmly a, .! c,, '. ' cti-u-ly re'lllii 5 , dtn th:t'tt l let t o . e l lih r. Ptert ,th je b .in of thµ v .t d. 't 1.GEjnL s: derive, fedm a iicc' d i xte ive ,re rtehe', hcci arrived o I t tI e 'l-lt h l, n at t ilel t ail Vet liary lbo tisti t l s is e; I., -ruefa Trll t e ent d i r the ofu elions o, the live r, ,r in oth er cwi'.s an in. K i trea:sed . r cf'tisht d ttu r ite tf th lie i eh wei e fl e et i w llhi ll d, at qdthr Ii anti u t i an C IIelleln. r iI ,erson. p to s ay whI • n pyth I ael unwd , that lhly are I tile tomlaeih. ettn the it helr ault , tes tin flow t.e of le is diite tue cll eiln ll:, il a ,e of dLeI c :lee iS,' ld im erfti.ell fl pertlr t tllt. lt t iine e': t c t no- weak shilet oihxinandleciaVcdb fly"" lnetitelfe irt etid Iti tret , i nd the lm d i s "ctled int a rli elly stat.c e Dr. Peters is ttnfident tilhe uetf us Iivgeane . nel theory, so aled, that. impI ry f the blo l in t tt fr i tle canuse of nils," . s i lIreat absurl diy. h er IEvlry one wi o "rflcllll s Oln te suject a ill oL t, I c'1 will peer , ceivethat impurity of tli. b a nieiion.I day not a primary ctlnidaint-ithe ifi e ct anid nUI i tlt thi, iase i t disease. "l.l:en the ll n ttions oftl e i tre: li iver r d r a Ing. a ndlle e flow of bit i .n ceg et. , h ;' carri' d into tile ci flet t.ioe l , ftilct tl teoine lil ig ed i i wi hu the blood, as it n jaudeie, when t tele paitient, i shows ie in hcttisl cuntn mei. No*' this impurity .dl t o blood is caused by nl omereas*itd flow of n 1fo.r oft ehand it l r iemy t yon li stc ir rtl ct ths ct n tione tit ofthe lilve, and restore it to at c ee lthy istate. e Dr. Peters has spent mteh ut lme ivn expnriment- ri ing w ith dily erent wf get nb a eiedt .ies, for disu oses of tie hvur; and n-w otiors his Vpr oe table Pitle , ion a ti e best, ol t coletvrle entl, l ilcclel ailnt edtt l e i. ithfine t bLa e in i t. tll i t pr' tl lc cll ci i . . . .i !+ cineti Iia cat e eu aed is e n"j ev rl un n o., IIta.ex D r. Pflers s c fl ti himshf thit his long ex c r. nrtil ll we th ve , getable i lled c neis has enabled hi tll t i discover thcli tru e ni t d ti ote I, u sti tt ' ' e ail s rllret " pt tll tile lr l t(es e liter ri t t e i with tlt ai y off te rlrie ltte dant evels. Omle gri at quality l'ldis vegetabb lu bml d with their ciathartic, or crativo qual tie s, ito that they not onlp y ci llea nse tillt tiOlt h ani d re"Il tIaowels by ptlrgin, ullt tlde y regufate tm t gIer, ct cihau'e+ tih Inorbad secretinm , strengthena the ( I+. chrcuilt n, i lnh gvt to.nie a Nd e tiergy to thue er..t uy ato mihl and i[leastnt in theitr operati oni It and c nvey ith test inllnedl ate convictlin of their r utilety fie tell first oitse. Theiety can taken pe with sletrV by p ersn)ns ona!,y 't e ; anpd rimP fen-, Ie tile w thirf;i, "the vergol)r n u tel de, ch ter , d i e 1b tlf syttelr ;t adI hfllluow fs, q Vu egt t abry us Prrita- 1val Ifiltl, tld i.var ei ; y ea rn.le .t and h lt.i.t. h eE Th ee Ventabl prepare a f ure rge l dy Lio r Jlll lnetS, ewiktltss i'"tl ta)l t hite tril ern, all hihous pi! tc dplaico ts, ,ewe s t f r u ilt knlys, s n d t llt anse in g at , t aliiI Lhe (urposes u",lt ; Ill a wihoblV loeyC k th eir pr(- I t atrsse an' svlvete atiegelt trul; a protra'thi d e nd It e gIltea n s cd that .ltlnlley . They ar& t invtlt ble in l c ior ot) bvons e d w iytoh h drir al acla a tnr , los. of appe. t i yo aubljlt. They . o. 1 . ..ra e ans e. a i td o a nd ped purge b loel 1 hp vg intlr, uttnr, yll' Vreguaet hel I'P r to ' m rny lettle:rs ,ro, n rt·esL ct r u e ad Il scaueg , wit not but c trsi,1 r .t tnecedarvs ag the tnedice c ill at n The abnve plds are in btxes, opetaing lt I Price, 50 lents p r box, Druggists and cnueh try ilmerhantse l canc l n rihe p. do plied, at wholes e or retad, at Dr, Peters' prineni fe jp l1 olieP , no. 65 Ioydras street, between lMagazlne i Snad Camll sts. New ()OrlollS ill ALSO for sale by (;. N. Moreisnn & Co, 11 in Canalmtreet: PP Dermlio, drugllgist 112 oltd Ivee, i: between th1 ttwo imarkets: Mr. Ir-oh ier , druggist, e at the Washingto'. market : C J'l'rinchalsi, drug. i-t, cornler otf C nal & I our!bon otreets: G A SlReed &a Co, druggists, corner of T,'loupItoulas - e G ,rod sctrets : J Iloss, drnggist, ILad; yettacity. I llli li . . . . .. . . .. . . ...!n s o ' e'c o n i, ritlna l b h u ALLIGA I i)R LINE. In, Motile to Augaust., via Florida. ph t ,lt r Lheaves M.1oMhile 'L'uedays, Thurs. or l " y d: , ar. l Sar aturdays, per the "'t ;'' r'' ld alenitrapr C htapion (oex to caopt in .ser or at rail,) to Pe saEola ; thanc: per sterner Le ICRy tor Lr (;rangn, and thr co four i gorse post eoaches vta Marriana, It.tubridge, Pin- tr derrrn, Ierrnrl, ()lot w','r. ad P lrrv, Io MaRon, i ; tiheneo via 1Iiillievil'e, anI Spiarta, to \aur retn, tile, rP per rail roiid ,rs to Augusta.t Th'le ( Iamp.'l is in splelard rltler, with new e pper hall r, e,,pperied r l a pper flstened. Tihe le. v hras Leer thorughly repirdred, her acmolnudllltollls re, ra h' lloaim'" rI. anry hI . The beau ilul IIanta l I-:t SHond, and ICtnca watchie flay pre!ent the tIIIIat n-erItarrtgt t na.r vigatian in tihe Soutih-.:ctng at the s.unnute perfectly land locked. 'I h" ''Teallrs Ireo Itsuriariaei on ary route, in the country ; tihe drivers, to it tan, caret'ul and att a tive. 1'Th bridges heretofore d'anteru. llan. b en A newly iuilt, sthat irgr ll i e ar doa not intlr er I ri ThIe oatig ilhouses lavel II ,-Ien sty clhallgedi and are now ar good as illany ro td an the South1 i It its geerrtlly klnown lthat ther excellencr and hardnes of ihl oroadcie eutta u le tre els t all sea- ` eoes to rmake great ;rl'ed. ''heir at taooth'ra se. I t cures tihe trrorr or fraom tire ordrrIary tlatgur rof stage travelling. T'lhe Linea t now e rrying its p:es-ngers frome Augusta to Mobile in toer dya end tr-welver Ihour, or to Ntw Orleans in tiour Idaysandtti trrnty t Iaours. G(ingll to Arugrsar, tha line is six daywh nidsr en hours. ''Ih tone a rclellv employed ine trlvelling is tile rsa alt i t I tihe o her directi on, I ti the difurence of tire au the rr utl, is caused by rr day being loat in Penarcula, which, however, is coll repaid by the op ortrety it gives ofs'ecirg jthe Navy Yard, tl c old iISpaItasl Frte, etc. The travel er also .loops rt lacon, a. a adag l i at Var. I tenton. 'Tias arrangetmlt will I IttItue till tih travel trns n.r orthward, w.rn tr trinr will be tihe Ss to froe Mobluhd to Augusta, as it ri ne'w Il the other directton. 'hllis Adverti>enerr t conttins a plain srtatemellt of fact., the nccurrey of ail eni th Iproprittors gauraetee to erncli panrunga r Ito tt: penalty of h I stage oare. Maps oi'tllo I.le n may he at the ECx Ihang Hotela, N' w triacns, and at tha Ma r.ion lHouse, Mlobil. Fare throegh from MI.brie to Augu.ta. fi47 50 Trle ir:, extnlrs, 'lr a ratch to Tal'lahiaussee. - tt ('ihattllairoch, t ie InOe coneiits WitLh tlhe eratlllllllt carryring.e mal to .\pa arhacuOl and .e St. lascoir's. 't pice at ctie Mla ioln House. Mo' lr. itr i ti i,,r)S'Ti It , Agent, Mobile. , . R t. 'Ti ii' ii, all I ;rnvhir c. lll , l'Itir.W':lllt\ 1',I:S- : I Iendl lnIt , rier Soine:e aft It ,, .e e, rs at t+ I;- r, i: " I 11'- i+ .a.'k< l'holmn llI Lort , i dllthieg fro, i1 lha r .t.a \ " 11\ ItI r ''t .7 hink rla,' r 1i1i,-i1i ' ,i rhalir' rr-W-.r, l .'r- ,, rrrr t.r:rrlg ferrr I.i/ u-,ýrie bm l hll-Ir ale Iiri a It 11 i Ii. lllrrrr , 1. -at , I il U ro+h,, % '1triul e 1 ta. teil - l b , h ' i , h ,,i, j l On I,,LI ' 'ia oit re - ? AltRI()N'S 'V ?il'lllT[I (JINVI` YS'MF 'I'r Iral golp.atll c lbriy't $~l a~raar v~lIian haIl 1'' 1IIC. Sll· i1 ':I' ll· ~: ~lll ci..rl illl t "xvrt lv.v nl~.1.ll~ 'jlTIIII: nll I',II vI·a. U' *.p al(ll·( al~l( I\.ljr· 11\: il li'p'c it at It'~' "I i~l.t''..'',L :Irr P~III III /. tll v ill atl vtlv" af~lrv.'' I ii, ' a 'in''itt Lllr 'r· vvrvdy i.ITIitvvivtU',L irk"l tii'li il·, "tli IL )0I) i ' X 'v.1,.l U .II)IIvII·) I~lrt II* (I i vIi ;ll( 1 vi1 ckT., a . I)t liE niL .h, ,I I |k to o h tittttt.,m of a u • ki ,n .ot ,g tht o i sft SrI acti,.e 'hTttt in o t . t ,,., , t o th t o t:h pn b , UIll)r 'tl l - t 1 .l-, ot hi t tt i ll o o t -l t o olts crodt e rctllni t hi di rhk thit h lltll PI ex tess o bi t, Paie n s.' Il,. llit h: ' nhll ,tolollelll i klol pl u t.i, tojetllo gao r ' ll tortilOl eptttn th on pt tionot tho ii'ttt tot illl:fichn e. 111. ,, hL'll ll ill A h " lll:~(I1, l lllll l:' ..t e " b IJ·h , a| iliv oil luo t t l totiI I tl n eI, e II t t ll ellll ill tLe ,I'I I11, I·eh · I II T l 11 t oo=lt I, vIýI " lll loll t-ill.. I mostclk ebrtedamongthea en i thelir ibaseex 1111 Iaj)rNi a s wihhlntih :Ir iltl l,H II IIob o re l'eI, ,1 11ca ll '.In be Lo'dot.i 1 i1(;1oe ill oi rl.Irt I 1n i I.isi llo F1o. AI Hi r IS :So , Et .It . t, greoo, to to xlp O ltesill4 e -l i' lgll itsll.l',ll. he b . all , oil i v b ll· piot e IIo t ootr I l Iho s Ii o i ist lllo- lnfo i otfi titn eio h(lt,1 I. I( tiro,: h l'l hIll . .l IIL r 'o.tlont It:, r mad n:1:111. 1tilfo lloI"' i.o. hIo.t- ill h vair t I be l hos p hi tls d l i t n lu., l i al" l yC s r ,tlo c h ler lnl ll .c eul r in h le d mtllllm o 'i lllllti lllm jlt , os," S tientotr t : I I ', S o hl I' olt l'ldi. l,' h llli Il r lugn hl r s IInr. o t hi, ll., it lrotl, to n it'll o ttthe possessin at th h"e In liah; l ik ado \LlU:I fil h it iu lhi r u.cncdllerss ia llr perr huchse th ill srtageis oflthalbove diaeI 1 t npsg p,.t. probation it, eptense inu inm al~ulil, b gin its too scn thne principal hospitalsE, I poll. a t l.ll . Irm ao d ti C noper, 11 i, S geon, u to es tin' ttoole k1owt o to to t t tiol otoet . :,l totex er cet mo tsos i ellboesa vettt,oop, fm an speedihe reat ou otrt evalo o itleoo tp' tSt( 11'S, 0/. kF ttike iogatisttio tttn i tt itt toat too ttt, ttin ettot' caseI:ne hl e r ll o lllll e", ll had it hr bl ledlo n 1 I'e .I[ m llc i h hld ty l Olloellipel tolstllr t t Ill) I n tuw s p. : i ir blict ulII l ,l l lpri vate pa cll n ll The s . " ul ntls usllhe ne t ne strict the t wehfichr. 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