Newspaper of True American, September 19, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated September 19, 1839 Page 2
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NeW Orldamw Chaublor of Cenmwer. ')FFICEH:H Felt 'rlc VAH 18.19.J Pint Tice I'r-id.. t, V. I.. II , l .', (.' ? P ·ttrr (I Ipp0e ( ' I,9.k late 11J:..H."A It. Inl·Ye ichll Commuitee of .l itrllio, f.r the monf t l.h oft y. John Hi1ddlctI ,,, J,,oi, C. HllnS (1. %V. H nligt,.n, Wivlahfm II.ei~kio,,, oci Hyde. Jr. P. A. Irdy. Joaehim Kohn. alnI Regulaoamm" . The Great Easolen Mil is closed every day at 10 o'clock A. M. Is due evrr)day at 4 P. M. The Lake Mofl (via Covington, La.) is closed every Monday, Wedredaoy and Friday, at 6 o'lock, A. .L. Is due every Tuesday, 'lursday and Saturday, at 5 T. M. TA U Lohisdille' or Riier Mailisclooed every Mon day, Wednesday, and rntnrday,ral 3 P. mI. I sent aad returned by 'stambuoats, Arrives irregularly three times a week. The Baoou Sara or cast Mail is closedl every Tuesday ond Friday, at 8 P 31. Is sent and returned by mteumhorts. The Alexnndrin or Red River Mail is sent irregu -bº eeameorats twiceo.a week. LOUISV.LLE OR Rivinu MNAIL. Monday, ) Wednoe.ay and Close at 8 o'clock, P. M. Saturday, COAST MAIL. uat.brdy, a Closeont 8 o'clock. P M. CARIl(OLLTON HOTEL. "LVAUD has the Ionur olof nfrmin hi frds J nd the plhlic io general, olt he hlo taken the Hotel at Corrolltro, where ho trosts he will receive the calls of hio old trin.od and all lovers of tood cheer. Privets parlis will he handsorn.iy p"ovided folr by iWing a little hittice bfirehand. He is willing to enter into arrngnments with farmilies tr individluals desirors Sufpasing the summter at Carrollton. m20 NO.I'IrE. .Nvw Arrangcsmcn to commence lit August 1839. I:EW ORLEANS & CARROItLTON RAIL ROAD SUMMER ARR. NGEMENT FOR THE WEEK UAVS. From Carrollton. Ilums New Orldsa. furs. Car at o'clock a, M"I Harse Car at 5 o'clock, A. M I ve l 5 y " j " U ' LuoLs inre rs " " "e 1o ,, " r o " a i II , • ' 1'2 " M (" " ! M " 2J " J -I 4 . 1. 5 a ~ r . .RRN..MENT FOR OSUNDAYS T Ia ears will leave 10l th ale our. ils II the weok days º.t1d I o'clock I'. M. whla n t ,co n i ve will IeaveCurrolltnn r 5.Ud *tl o' lor kU I. i .. 'fter I o'.lo.k a horse er cte be oIhtinil hy Iypasing 5 dol ofr theTrip; if.ulled forbafter ol'cock, I'.9 I0 dol I. ill be llnsrgnd. 'r.osssoiln by the Steam Car must provide themselves Sh Ticketsa, tie cold .utor I t1 IOsltive directions. lo to Ior the ccolmodatiol of persons Uisiling Csrrollton. in s ,, 5 o'clock ssr.and who may iot Iw ll 5 to eon5in there ui "$ ,L o'clock lhe car t.hat Ias I hretofr. Ihft.uarrollo. at 6 l' ,ik,s wsllre,.nssh until l o'cloek, theseby allolwing thesl ~... hour toen cy the pleslllt walk, ill one of the mo rluif/n Orucns in th United State. Mo tIIe JAClKSON AND IACOURSE STREETCARS ,.ave tle head of JacksOll tUree at 5 o'clork. A. MCU CIlal .lU,l65 et d o'lok.b, all rllu holry. AL 8 l.lerk thes will *5IlnIICe to l .eVe epch ld every hal hour, unil $4 n'csock. ý. d ,exCepluin_ that instead of leavi C(:;allnl street at 4 o'0 ' k. ht car wuill leave thelre at 9 o'eilck I'. M. rT" It is 0,ll.r'arlr (ed| cated tlit gentlanllllll will net put "' . slll' thr clbsilunl, or sloke inll ti car,, when Ladis. diie New Orlel,.s aud CarroIollt Rail Rond CUompany, JOllN IIAS.I'NSO. sly %th 813, Chief Eng. N. O 4 CL R 58, ORI.EN\ CA\NA.I. ANs BRANKING CO). r'1 l E1 1 I ro p ,S.nnt b uo n t I{ e ! .eec a w ill le a v e th e t eB a s il :T E tile heand il' Ifl' Nl w ulllllII evev thihnv, (except lMolmt at 5A:1. 11. I:. tur. e A. 3A . 2Pj ..\1. "I I' . 31. . 9 '. M31. An! os: MONI).s Y.: lep1rt lt. 1 .I. 32. I1tlr. .t 12; PIM. " I'. 32. I i'.31. '"ny 2. It. C11118\', ('thl. U''cw , h,' 52l. -llllliv 1 w 11 rtlll It t . I(;re Pir, i, cu" ltl .U el.,g ol'n ilthe Lh iTh.t. ios, PdlwS: - w EEK DAYS. I)el' lrrl , . turn. 8 \111t. 8 1.31. I .I . . 1'.1.. 9 " 1n I,. Ioi I, I.'s IItOUS. S, 1 11 ' 31 +,,,.2 lru3che ' I ' I" I 1 J . V.1 S II. CAI.I)W I 1 .I.. 8- ,s 1. St. . . P s ,r d ...l ... '. . -.. ',, . ,ll na . .. .... L;:l ,r e , . .. m ., .. 9 $t. I do .... .... 9 ..,sa. ah. dn. ...... ..U: t.) ,lv r snol July .... 5 ., po. "l .... ) log .... B' P ..... . . ......."n'13 Il.,eton. - lllt' .... "! I.,,aIhI l ln dn... .......II NatalvIIla, \ug. .......... Il are Julle.........22 CIEA A NC IS,. Supt 19, 1830. T.rig Il-tHh is. Alaly, llhruldr, V ortl I, ROlllatn k O -le Ir IfIs(st V;'4-.0 1 1 oll. r 4ltesuer Vieuu, Pautersustr oSt Lu l I tt nstero Sept. It, 1830 :Ship Orwell, Gw, L.ovrrpool, for ioverpool, e&br E'iraket', Fol ,lth, Ior Penllaol wfurd & Vernu A It iIVALI. Sept 17. 1531.. Britin c .... e, t. .yl2. ..yo bo,, Toob i.l.....i., tot. Mo ' er r uprn-art Conwaoy,3 d.3. fl-a, Galveston, to the -chr Mat' o . lloolsh gto .ii,)', fm Key West Sept I, 1839 ; .VERPOOL.t I , hp.ovylwell.. Cron. T2lk'alei lon, . IPT Oz, P Rh. eaI 5OObItt rnt Ii,! t r ' , oio. C anwyl.Otol). I.. , (iolVketOn, I , 1h. "Pter eary tt. Qtl.dlol 1 u e , top ldo Hr urpy, iC i t t IaT, IOro u ILt KarNlt lerg. o l a t s ao l , lo. e.I I t V (Ikey J ir ho. s eioy d tUiltERt1I.. I'dt AFIlit, kt. rs&ii !9do 'nto dy & tc , 119 3 bydoot IIo OG AItoo,,,I, ,o u .t'oool htet ttdtto . ro llm leothr let'I nlolo ..o.9 ,r I: A , a er leoth ..c r.on 56 bls bre od, I Io L ,Ir , e d II,9 rlllr , it do t PO ,ld,. 5 ,110, oll9.t , ke t dui.- lr0 + e llr do r n, acta Lhln ro pe gu fr5 la h . Slr, ..Pl r 1 c , r t.I Iiour, s oI urd ige..C ,4,,ohrl o t olk m I lll.3 m la T lo i, leuu J, 59 to toWl tt, 5l tt ll ld lo:, M oltt. oi of otatoeoIy I dio, iklrecu CLo.llly , du llt, ' ld oItle It tht 30 d, u fo ra-l. oeo. t lal . o Im io ot. . AiOtM &o ua3tO u Fo bll ,eow a Deules, and26r plle owllar o C S Pul IdlN Alroeaoro i NO ,etOer lfo ineo..ol, orMl, Moralephy. Wton IcGrgr, 5 du our t st L'uu.rel'er letouo r t. lomlt. Cn, l1 o ily R oth lad ioldy, -'il y in d a allot t FkI:Itoo, Thomolo o N ahn J 7 ak brn lllK 1 l1co.l,75 hie'upy WC Flu orence 2 hl joist..., alit i 42 hugIoo3 doo fooo . 51iltt u c ser 9t :o att J D Slatt,, poltates, itNSi Louo tte sohl. 9th tidt. s plaotr on olo Per sOum opr Ntaois or; eaors St arnlt , ood tells ouf rpy oor McWei,-EY,73 SCop CONI A T'OWARd C A ANA ,IS tTIee i A" .--l oroto toa IR. . . y A TRIERday BROWN SOAP-230 boxes ,brown "all for saleh by jS . SJ PGW _ )IRSEY,73 No iayet 1IUILA K O--* An invtote of seller lyao,'ma --ualit, Gt- recerived and luo sale by JB A OWA & R. WiltCaN . *25 " " ' " 7Cosapo er s. iL r saie by A fRooIER y 1 3A-TIIER 4(iravGerst rSH ,1-1.1' , t A 4. LoeS e ttell totoiiin dt r re Lo osale - o 3 to e l ,ll 3 . i, stay 15 . 3o ityvilr J ACK.--.11S -I OUl m asksmd d perior, lhinclu l co-a i rd, in store I.r sale bIr j6 Gnet ( IOR5EY, 44 New Itte. h. ltt felatUSb i, old for sale bv rul.j6 S& J P WHI'TNEY, 7Ne Le3pt 4 RAI.OY a1 WIN-toi C sdri atolcooto bot - bdyo 4m ort Ir on heyWie;a1I.boto psle o Si 6 oo r a upolpetor r quati lity Ifooloa . sale by P WIII'NEY 25 73 Camp st EGAiI lOAtCO--es Io. Fooor ale lb .7 A "'ER i.ravi t, stripes, lending friw ship St lii o s ole jh THIE TRUE AM IE1RICA N. FAITHPUL AND BOLD. Offici3l Journal of tlh 25 fmunidpalitf. PUBLRIIIEI) Daily, Tri-Weekly & Weekly. n ORL .EAN---- THURSDAY, SEPTI'EMIIER 19, 1839. REPOItT OF CfHARITY IIOSPIT'AL--( Ye.erdy, 18th Sept.)..tO odmitted; 5 of yellow fever; 3 deaths up tos o'clock, P. It. TEoAos.--ly the steaon ship Collmbia, which left oGlvesto lon the 15th, we have received our leeUlar file of Texas papers. They contain very little cows. The officers of state were renot ing to Au-tin, the new seat of government. Enlitlents were mllki:lg, Ippa rently to serve against Ihe Indians. About 80 hadl just lelt for the frontier, and it was contemplated to keep a considerable force in the field in case of Amergency. The Indians, however, were quiet.-oll uston was very healthy. Th'le elections had jst closed; among thore returned to Congress is (Gen. Sam louslon, late President. Provisions of all kinds were very scarce. Flour was selling at 75 per barrel. FLoRIDt.-San Jones lihs pid a visi to the Ameri. canamp. He pretends to have been totally ilnorant of the massacreof Col. Harney's troops, and savs those who were guilty of it, were a parcel of rebels from his authority and renegadoes. lie lop,,s thle war is now ended, and will give hostages and go out and bring in his parties. It is said that Mr. Peinselt has given or ders to take hosages olld let Sa.n go, but he waluns Chillo.Tunkennuzze to go w:tl him himn. Hlisetnamp I meat is on the bordetr of the ever glades. Osran-R. A combination has been formed by those who have been ill the habit of leasing the stands on tlhe Levee for tile sale of Oysters. trheir object has been ton mnonololise this bsiness, get ti,e stands at a very low price, and sell their oysters ut a very high price. But in this, their nefarious attenipts, they have been fliled; for the Couneil of the Second Municipality, as will be seen by the preceedings of that body in our paper ofto day, have wisely moved that the stands shall not be leosed at a less price than they were last year, and that unless they be so leased previonJ. to the ist October, the stands shall be removed, and the farming out of the previlege of selling oysters on the I.e'ee abolished. This alter all, is perhaps the boea plan, fir oysters will then be sold from the boaits to lirmi,iles and ptl lie hol. sea, and retailed fronl shops py.iIE ai licence to thie lu inicipality, which will increase the revenue. It is a shaii e tllhat oysters, so ilentifll in the city, slhould even be sold higlher than filly cents. Now then cannot e obtained under one dollaror one dollar and a half. and we have seen tihem sold at ten dollars one hundred. FR1OM JAMAICA. The lainket brig Goaninielift, arrived fromn Kingston, Jamaica, on Tuesday, whlnee ei e e sailed on the 14th elto. By tie politeness of 1r. James For, of the St. Charles Theatre, passenger, we havre een pit in possession of very copious files of the lito al Gazette and of the Jamaiea Despatch. Tihe Island is represnented as in it mtner deplorable sit niation. Anything like inalr wI s almost abandoned, and the planters, diseusted with thie appnlentice syater, were careless, and without energy. Inuen was held by the puncheon at $1 25 and retailed at $2 50; Coffee 374 cents ; Sugar at 14 cents. Society iwas completely broken ull and the blacks hail almost complete nway. 'They are admnitted to all places of iworshlip oir amlnsenent on n tn e(uality with tie white.. Two blank judges were seen trying a whit man Ifor his life. The Islalnd was on te, plint of a revolutinn; great agitation pIrevnile,, enl nmeetilng were freqntly lned. Sir Charles 3eteralf as t' sncceed Sir e.innal ,lnitl in the eovernement rf" JanlUia. n This newl i nd shortly expected arrival of Sir Charles is baled hv the ile. piatch as Glorinns newse. Tihe inhalitante of Spanish 'Town ee a mnaking crenc preplratriln for his arrival. rihe pIapers complain bierly of thei pIrserllioln oi nil kinds.oniO.",lited bh' thle governm Inenit onmicers. Seer. ral indictmentsi fr libl Ihave been iieeenlted Ieglinlst thle pree. Thle papersnnne filled with reponrs of trinls. iThe abol itionines ne hard at work, and have frequent anti.alnvery meetings, breedling thlerleby the grelatest As all instanne r tie finl o.i-erts of tile apprentice I system, we extract the fn loem inlg from the D)espatch of thie 1711h July : eltinrto1r n nt fi i berine pl e ion has ex re a eind it-if o St. Itorl hv'I . 'i'lne tI, wI ie i( .rcrlime as- idr.t Unoim e Rs ;"1 Den-- atch n ha he'l t' lle ,elnlP d e l mn l . ne; . ' :M, ninr.' reni fien tillt+ers toe nke h lle e olnd rnes ; h'l v rn. eln , sntning ne hlnt rhea r,re f hrred le t h * ik o the il vr, ahl l 'th acres Iprime artlei e te.V \it il n nl woanl 1on11 enlt; 1 nt. e p tndi g tine Ve-t rn oin Sea rin on lnst, tit ot i ierbor, nt ex r ,e .s nrn ie it nfin enr hilt nin tihne Gon. pirrenr Indi n n set n nn tire, id ,itn e nilenl iine in larens of prnnaeenures." 'The ef lr fni.l are ier te ineeni ij.n tieo se is n hlmost t er quarter oel tl,' In relition tIn Ih Iill ienl tdnlen i, n tile Ilrilinih rPaleament bhy MIr. l.nmln.iherp, the )ienpn h nn r" i Stillna more olhoefious thean te first, onrinpndie. the fmnibniof tine I astoill oef ties Io land; nll we Cell not eneolrnge tine Ibrlief Ihae ' it will ever pssr the Iouegti ref Coenion. i iinonves n .rioels c n ifnfifonrcoln of ni r legislative righin . In effl t inelh doen it remoueln toi li Ihe first plleei ii a ihill ol pains n /ndpennalies--.or ilte lnc a s uonless l ns pas suhI alnd tlucll lasn, ill ntie eipllss trll i)f cerlTl O(tein in COllllend, Pint Io ltlh . .rojn Clonies, n tin il; nl nnn Co il arte sempwenred in to lperceide their fn ti nsr If trbe Gov. ernnnannt insist nIpn sucn h iterm, if they deitermin tlltet .ighle oshilnl OYnerCoIIeP Rig/t, of ewhit earthly aie in eich a furlhPr wan-tn of eillme -lr aGtnrnmenei will ihve nlaws ion t ,nnel ino ollenr effeet, where in the nteenhlly of scinltinitllg tIhnem ithlr to Ihe Assellllll or a Governnr in olneil, alPn their pirpoets elln he loor., speelily Ree p~l bbed, hV Idaeill.. tlhleminn rlecord in he Sieri e arye's tnnite, nn deci l.reihg innn inn m Ii, ie fn nthe l moient tle forle lnd autiorelit of Inwm. ti'lls cin ite Jno mistaktee as to thie Ileaniig of trer till. II re cites that tlere is it nIeessily fir lown fn r ts reglnation of lontract folr Ilired vi alll. in ngric lture, finr tihe prevention of aagreTnely and nillnegal ccUin aion ,f indsd and leatorderr in CllloncPil to ll et plrposes I1ld abeen senl I the Crolln (:lolie. It ithn goes nn to enacnt, that holld i.s, inll onl) erlnit with sinl orderi no lie inl forer by 1.tnh (h:toler einxtln he iovnernr antl Ceuncil shall enaci Ihem, n,[ nrlsl revise all sucl acts onf Assenlly as more have expired, 'the police and pro cers lerva, for innecre nt odl previso, lint they shall not impr, se ni rate, ntdn, eor d aty ve only sofar as il may be eit r ei e ianllos n.e il r forfirte Il eln. force OnIeII nnce of tihe Plri netnts, or as I penalt." 'Th frlicil in thee pxltl if slccr from Jamaica, fron the let nof Auigust I33, to let if Augrnst 1839, is 4701i hiogsheaed, and more t'le 10,000 leses than tie preceding year. Tie deficiency is the crops r te pnrlsh of T t. Jaese, in duties une, Ior lther last year, amunles tin 4 t13i~'i. 't'here ire twenty.-ne parishes in the Island, sad the deficiiency ill lie as ge tin either of tinln as in St. Jarns rellive t te, ir exleln t and slrength, aad it is ealculated thne ittan loss Bfreninoue will be In 1838 there wos cleared from Kilgarinton,i,40 Is non gar, 4e7il iluecheoaes rum ; 3,120 cur+. Iimenton 1,310 cwtnI coffee. I 1 839, 7,7110 suonr; 2,550 rmen; 1,410 pinlens; 200 coffee-so that lthe deficiency in 1. 39, is, 1,700 hdU sugoar,.i.1iti iut'r, nmne 1720 w tls. pim oie and 1.110 cwts. ceffie fron KiJngsmn alone.a A pnrel e o Abolitin n ooaucdele, who re ceonantnly preachinllg to the nelgntee or hIuuLrcse, hcn.e nucceedcd in .oLn.eing Chean(,I etu purchase Anmerican riner flouen Nay one of then,, a fe'ilow nanned Rapi, I'hillipl.O, ont only prevents those hte neehes to noleto buy anytlhing A nmefica, bailt reuses to eeeb katdi, nr rube ner ie tprermise eith Anelrieansn 'hein pee chnpn the Phillip. ic, Plmlnlt, &e., fron m Eengland, are the TPhoanapons Fr*ln tile Royal Grnzet e nlearn t fdeor Alnjallid 'isited Eleutheriaon lhe d haeto. Tcnua Is.nv tn.--Bv a enlic,,,u+|,y itie Gani'elme, e learn tat Ilhis island is cnipirativen y quiet awl ien s pernus. Thecrups looked well and things weren gong en smoothly. - The lentoftlie Ziegiea's nmetin tin reeigenaten en Saeinrdy. We Ira tIcp ehc, thle lest efllat c~it O gentry--be resides inn Cunlp mrneeta--ere us word tenupj n;e pnper; hile pour anl-irnunarte Miss leiley-ypo ,Were tee late by edaeny-ll l.iU l erec y j on ifee Ionllhe nnh e clnbseripena ninlrPewee'illeI* l nou ff, tAnL+ int ine to h. b cnlnpelialuce. cr paper whether you will ser not? hill co it i--poall gIde icesrvceltoner<nu it the.' The eenaerenti.nn eI" Ne, YVnok in ayg en innieore LI pwO.ii inllnn'icipliiern intalxeo. Pennlipe nash. Inle lin cr inunicipahieio Wnlld hlketo douabn tIhe aJonma aced bal helen (Ourexehancge lint of aoly s, large that, with the grmeaest wish to oblig, wi arel ci opeild ta rea+e tit. hall Iia Inlllic ll. Ill, de ,i ta i lr all l exchliing . I'P . sides, n allllit i" I thalu p tli lli'i i tinsar re oalt ipers thllat ta.oIthnl twoi threemLud five dollars. We shall erxieOc lvnt for thie litre,all Iapiers with i whoml e exlh ig shall mlnke Ilup Ith dslfr;re . Tile piet and sanctianillius New Fnlami l and Noi York hacips ine hl.ollliig i iire gallant; hardly a paiper comes to Imhln.ia we lhid a case or twot rcenrded of thleirfring tie Iies to their over. The yaalkei s ae in high glee. They had beeni very llh dolwn ill te llmlih fIrinne time palr, in fearlil nlticipatiiin rfa short rpll of la!h. Bil latterly the mackerel have 1made Ialir ailpplranell in great ilnann dance. Two hundred baunelswee takeln in one dlyn solmehere's downl no iat a plnace called U.aoucester. A flloaw ecllldl .Pen i.has lately been senten ced in onel oflthe courts of Ialdann to pay a fir:e of five dollars, and four iruanthn imnprisomulnt for whipping his wife. This is extortiouatl and oppressive. particularly as the gallant PIeas pretended to have whipped his wife by rule ot' criptlur. FUNERAL FARLE , r. Ti. iies, recall Ihore words. The precession you nitnaesed, was the flierI of a hackman; did o llever see ile refoiree was it not approlriate? The hanck, butl one wre emllpty; the mournerswere those wlo droe the hlcks. )Boarovi PAPEas. Fort ll,' hlst two monlth the Bo1a toll papers have beail rteiiei here with the gre'atest ir regularity. Until Friday our latest dates wrer only to the 12th Augcut. On esaturday we received to the 23d. This is 20 days frotm li ston. A mail arrivedyesterdlay, and broght daltes of the 5th from New Yoi k. The papers coltain a great deal of rending iattler, but scarcely an item of iinterest; not oneof the slightest impiortance. An iabolition soi'ity was lately formed iat Whippec anry, N. J., anlld a rl nllitlon almost unninillly adot ed, not to vole lor anlly ian filor President or Vice Prei i diat, n ho is et in favor of the imneldinte abolition ofi slavery. The saucy iacals-if they adhere to thseir resolution h tIle ill lose their votes, ihant's all. :rom the Iowa Patriul. Queer Craft.i\\e saw I ing at our Iandingan Tuea day Iror illrneeaingular Inokeig water craft with "Be lit,W V '." seine:d ,i her sdne. tnexamination we learueel that it ctalllllird i Yaukee aait, lurlerly of oVerot, who hlalte lelel living for the last two Vears up inlltieml-ll lsses sinlg ti e lo omrivre propetensities anld, withal, the ihgnuity of the Uu versrl Yankee Na. tiot, tie helter of tile fatllli e on atsruted this tnlniature ark, in whi:er te placed his'tai v, sald et sail for some lllce , l til l it esM et riveer. T'Ile fati iv atonsited of eighl the ter iad nteher hrp tlts one or t'wo sUnS tld iPseveral sp e alnU ll tidy Uking naidens Tl'hoev had irhrty of lr;ve etuck oe leohr d, iecludieg gorod lookilg cow, winta rtne oltd loly said afforded them ahberdaecee oef ikind rea eugh to make buter every other day. 'lha vessel erilld r le Ist, on whie was rgged It s uares n oil, tied ire I l ed of whoiel fleatel t Alericaleo i, wro gt t ile fair hands of soer the deteglders. Tih lnside ofi thle eabin or hoise was very tateolullv t lean t llld la Ili thie is thre nraifrt ei ts a parloulr, hed rciolll eolainhe g four erths aen na di ting l itelll. ri at e ey t Pnforl ed tast heir trip tius far hod llll very i.n rlt ued thrt tha rve trhe rh proe wres, of I. , ut i,'It le mlec a de , e .eeerss attend threum, Iappy ,rset atr forr l .-1 Fo, 'rllih stoldier, olt nal eepkro ,,wo ailed a te ipe; :e-mo tot re rcive a Ill.lthe d ,I -Teail r ecin. 'ie ICetreo no bret iee re i all, ernt tl l :' l te : e e l at ea1lrr trnlle e roee, eth sohlierr ia tit tra ice, ile ci c ti te ihab eo iould 'ne atto rd tle interv. IIt o ff eri lo r er tl'tter tds Ietrl of t le atct, al Br t e reheenre tiiet ieet . Til eri t eir t all , we llte, t a ccill , oIerlPdd, it s lis tl to ('lullil, taeie feleile id eeeellllllelto. ein eoIeeeereied ly tee ,annunere teot that tine seldier t Witnll t wosas dlress hitd just inherited a lortuner of tewo ellicis ol fraencs. WHEAT CROP OF MICHIGAN. Tile Detroit Free Ptees estimates the Wheat crop of Mcolli;anrl tihe lreonet year at 6,700,000 bushelser of whih !e5 000,000 bushels, it ays, mnay be considered a surplus, for sale or exportation The naveraige product per o' is estimated at 20 bushels. hile Eritor of tie Free Press, who nas recently travelled roxtnsively, in tioe State, say : "Ve cotrad ait resPit ith opinioe , wlhi iI was et. pre.Osed by rearlci every traveller wc tmet eill, thlat Ihtere is no otlter population o1'2r01 000) in tee U. S. who haree so ioay acres of landi unlro intprvoe•oiolt eas ter tleoptu of Mliehigan. Not ollly fareners, but lawyers, Iaerchalos, tand residant si,; eulatore, ilave raisod thIeir 40, 80, and its mally itaoin c, tllee ro tihan 100 acres of wheeat il prelent year. Crote ee, at re ley, buckwheat and potatoes, have been raired ill buudance'. LUTiHER. lie awoko, all (;t!erlilaey and alfi Europe erom the stcholastil: lcp of ignorancae worse thsan deatl lie took int li hands Ii t thtu e oae i i aile ofth lasasic eiaUl, li; nieoved to his great WorkI not ----t, the florian mwod U1 lltlt. aed-eft recorders; lie grasped thei irere Irruelpet'molher lonerte tilero odiI old Saxol Irole which our own isder .evdehd. Iere elaeagell f o ht icble tihoragllt aid highi reslve,--and blew ;t Mlast that shook tie nations from Ittia tel tihe lirkeysr. Sovereign, citizUen nld Ieaellatt, started tIt the Soled ; and in io few strrt ypeitri itlt tr e ,n iikt, iwho t IlirdiLtorel this breed fo a pious callireier the estreets of Eisenaechi, now ai e lll.g'r sll:ITry--oar sustained by victorious ar. ior, ,eanatrearatend by prilleOn, cod, what is a thouelltre liitlles tIerr: trI'uclous thear , tihe brigitestr croac it ('llrlretreia revered os e sage, ahobore. f, ielr, istilld a '.lir iuel pirent, at the firesidea of n ho"ll , t hI teetiei l tloile a d grateful conlryrnen, (Gcverl:or ICartt' 00' .0no ()Clit r--Peel a quart of ripe tomatoes. --eliug ianI1d ell et I ler eleWII to SittellIlr r o abolt twenty taiele·S, \ t I ilT ais le mll water as well curer thrle; e alope itre m1h lS very fie, alid throw ther wIn e"h c.uubhI or ad and e ehiep of fresh bat ter--rad al ben n.early tdne oheat ue foplr eggs, and : tlr t hernl ill I;,r a lte, e ;inute s, and serve tile onle " Jgsoratce read rrine.--Tiha coincidenre botween crelle and IgUorreeve hats been ofter reneorked, yet te Ilta;rerVer hlsee SO palpable an evidence of its treuth,a in a cltlloe prisrieistituted'betwlw n somle et thie c uetrioa of Eenglane acd Holiande. liIt etrwiek.ltire for instaeisee, there is one crliniual to cuvlry 3. i terro,,e. hi Westmoreland ose to eve. ry ddil. Ite l , tee lirt nelned county, there is on. py oeeu echorl t Ieveri 1,156 inhabit its. Tuill io llalotd, elled wleet eonLtrast is presented. Trhosr, ,tll I:de cttld) aellll accordiie g o sta tistical telblec, the rr liteu:,l e.i tl, r t1 crimlein rt eonvcetiolS is io n tllt of veity lithtit iharhitelrts. Again, by the y''lr tr36, it aplrll lirelt in Ensla d, out of 29,994 i t'er. eetllillnllltl.e tir rvioltol s of Lv etihat yer,L tihelt cPrle oee tult te xe!s, 794:1 who nousld neither read tore itet, .tile] 1.,335 whlo aould read i:ri wrilte buit ileaperlietly. . Tile two classes toIPgeher olake 2h0,276 whoic out oft ',794, milke 88 evr ellnt l tile relerieilris whor are uneducateld Wih. will deny tihe ononexion oferime and ignorance - lb hiOgttou gle hroe. I)elar/is anogecrous.--May is cocsidered b) the alpersttiraus as aen uuluLety month to marry, or as tie Sertehtr ay, c uoecannie.' A lady wes cotsr. lt er Aeprl, brina soicinteed by lher lver to name thle lay ill tihe fulloeting monthi for the wedding, replied thit May was ,ret uuiortunate mosnth and bo lg askcedtl Io e eait it l Juuo, asked if April would lOt auit just as well. I -- --.- - - -_________________________ lVroctc¢ ýinti of cotnul. SECONI) MUNICIPALITY. '-TuEseay, 17th September, 1839. The (Couni ,lU mt pursuant to adjournment; pr . sect tla. lleosima Italdwin, Recorder, Aldermen Cal well, 1ererel, (;loyd, Peters, Rogers, Sewell and 'The JierTa n' tiJe preceding meeting having been readsl~J d ppiee)tl. 'I he two following weekly stattements .of the Treasurer were eubmitted. sI:Ct'NI) M UNICII'PAI.IT'Y. e;1i-Iy I.EI'taT oe THE i RatSUcerFR. Icy Italncei ltIt lptr, 2,5617 13 Ae.nltl l ltece.ed citte, 15,554 58 surolars 18,1_2 7i Ueheed 12is terek, l5,ats 1i5 Balatce, Dollars, 2.857 113 New Orleans 17th epe . 18 39 TIos, 1.00, Jr. Tr, Mr. Peters, C(hairmant of the 'Commitleo of Finance, reported the ftl:owing resoltitions,whllclh the rules being dispensed with, were taken Intil onsi eratlon aud adopted. 1. Resolved. Thatuntil the oyster stands here. tofare pereieittedl by law on the L, va in front of this lunicapality Io leased, all resolutions and ordinances restrcling the sale of oysters within the Itmots or this Mut ucipality, tiom the 15th Sep. tember tn the 15th April is each year, are heIrelby suspetuled; it eiog hereby prolhibted to cell Iye.' trs at said saelds, under a penalty of one Ihlldred dollars, recnteaablu In any ecurt at competent juris. I diction, Ibr tlhe aee.t of tlits Munieipality. 2. Resolv'ed, That in case the said oyster stand, be not leased previous to the frst of October next, for at sum eq.uln to that produced last year, by tto the lease ofu;aid steads, the Survayor is hereby it strusted tocauseC to I reimoved, witllout delay, allt the butdinls aend shied as O Le LLeve, is froit of1 his l.uusapaltly, heretolfore 11ad fr vending ysters and il trot. 3. tResolved, That in case sid oy.terstands le t not teaisd as. It hi're provided, prciousl Ibehe st o'Ocobnr next, the flrmning of plalqc t(ir the ex C ]siove rIle uftoystcre, witllul thi Municipalta mbi a'n lifeid. 4. Resuolved, That tile colmptroller willil all prib:Lion oflthe Finance Clomnitteo, h llllod II i+ hlerey fully autllorised II liol.t the oyster stinlld conformably with the condition of the s"scoud reo. elation. Mr. Whitney offermd tie following resolution in behalf of his colle..ucns of tie third ward, to whom theil ujrt ihad bcon referred, which was tollheo up ao.l ladopted. Resolvedtl That in ordilanoc.n,,woin forceo, pro viding for taking up stray Ilores, mules or horned cattle, shall apply to that part of the third ward of this Municipallty, in the rear of Mgtaziine street, except in cases where said strays are reported to tile police by inhabitants of thie ward for trespasilng on his or their properly. BENJ. WHITNEY. Chairman, EDW. W. oEWELL Thie same gentleman also) offered a resolution in relation to takintg batture earth, which o infotionl, was relorred to tlhe Comomitti e on Streets & Lanld On motioi the Council a-ljourned to T'usn. day next, the 24th Septemcber, at 5 'o'lock, I. IM. JOIHN GIBSON, Souretary. DIED, Oto hoard Iho frig Ginoiulolt,uw tIer passage foron Kiiigs tun., Jemjic, toNiew Orleato, vit. Turt'. Isltid, in hit. 22 iii noit h; long. 71 tot ccc, Mr. RALPH PAGE, ogod is,a ative of Eugtoad,eod four.s years ie member o0t1 to St. Chaolrles Theatre of ttitcity. Neeri huiborne, Ale. o, the 7th inlst, Mir. EIIZABETHI, wife oIJAMIES DlOa, Eeq., of New Orittea, formuerly of Cadten S. C. New Orirant pepere witt please copy. Otyrtllow fever, yeierday morniong, CALEB E. DAVIS' aged 15 years, of IRutoti. Mie,. is 1)'t'ICE-T'l's member, of ll the Young Jlen', Ilow illd Assciation, wlllt lease a-tend tiepecial mee ting, o their Hal Noi. 60, tIagai.Ine rtreer, o ri ILs eve nog, thei9thiat luseve 'cck, I p. tuit ttittitol nuendalmo is roriuetedas buaeiotrfat of suer Itnce will be Crought before I society. s'!) D S RICA 1DO, Se ry. . COolant article Ionpeitrod ini Ilse tee of tilt 911, instant, -ign.d by C tIprlange, entlin_ that i certaint Ctleber hadt hlell, tIprtiner or Henrv hoo lel. I ant, thle onlp ersron li lt 1 know o f y thus ono al in fill,* iity. It istrutto Ititiri tIr employed Id.i . %nlet, but neer was his partner, and if I ant thle person intentl byti. C. I'arlange, Iiie boundieocall hiI tim;hI, be cause by his putblicttion tie has sought to deceive tilt public. . CL.IlI Elf. New Orleoan, 19th 'pto. 1839. 4VIS AU PUBLIC -Done P'Atoillo du 9 con. rant, on article a paru eilgd C. Parlange, desant qo'un certain CIdhor a, done Is tempo forlto 0no ocit ieeevoc MioeOr Henry Palet. Comino jo mno troovo lo sool do cc noon et quo j'ti 16eL at oui encore clletoyerpur Mr. Walot, et e'oyant jomoic 6od son arooci6, jo dioloro ouvertemenl quo C. IPratungo ost un mtrtneur qu'il a par Id ipblicatoo de eon artieclicrtlot t indulre Is public otn otroor. NellcOrlS itite co 18 teptoitbre. 19 iopepteber L. CLEBERT. tOiOGtN.gC BRAND)', Ac-Hal f o ipes "lgo t lupt 1,r·1111: pipe- Holland sit,: bribe purl andl illldenl · ottou. muting from shit cluejee, and lit ttile by 819 SrG iI.:INCHAIRD,.D:I Crrlviler st OtttN-2o00 boo, whtite core tr oale blo bý j 819 A toter litcII,,oo1ti), :3_ioi~ I 1N7'I I A C lourd ,lan wl tca Iwoit", , cent~, Ilnl leti t'r, to rerve il l to. tOe I, l l o u Ho o it>_ Noo n, toti, ap l to teL lIiIl .In n t its Porte . 'I'e sit a Si oto tol otelitooko ~ tr, uuil nonlue batlr it, honest nodI well ken-IIii pornnnII can obtain it Ai Ind ofabo~ot I6i would be. plel'erl~ed. l1I' Ap'ply fit this office pp A(IGHINI; AND BALE; III)PE-35B p8 Rentuckv' C(ottuo IBogginggt '511,nil, du Bale ttol, fior saf by a 17 toG IILANOHAItD L3 gocvicr tree. 11~L)ttt totototo bitt oj, Stiifilt,, ii .1ot1io fIu sito for 11 s 17 (I I)ORSEV,',4inew levee Il1OUR tottibhlo Ntw WIhiotl Floor in rot F by s 17 (i I)ORIISEIt 4tnewS e eve ETA' DE LA LOUISIANE-Curo , de Di,-1 tricl duo premieir D~istrict Judiciaire--S, 1 . Paie eontre smu cr6ancitiro-Ln cocsion dts pro prloo(t6 do S. If. Page ayaoO Std occepi(o pir Ito Cuturpuitr ttoovttiigo de too crdanciers-11 otl t d oi 6t6noitoi oI aI-ltol0 dodedito cri;noticre si ie :u t ,rtii d it. i. Marko, otoniro tootlic, joodt I t 17 -tot tout, troooi" tfl to 19tourCt dto itoijotil, u,,i dl, tldiloottib r eur oc ufflireo dr ilit di Pog, ut uou ttc11 dtalttute t proctdtro coutrero peorsoiae at orsot ro pridt1s sntoutuepondtosto, J. P. Caswuel et nuttootir poiOr eronROoter let creocjiere olitOtln. Tdoooin I'tuonoroblto A. M. Buitooltoiioi, Jigi' do ; diito Cour, co 13 Soplombro 1839. 17_cop P._LEtLANC, (Ocellitr. P.\' 01' I. iUtoIAt A-Fir.'Irtirl ,l(ui~t- lot,, Prooso-,tit htoio., cedtiors o-'totttt-iit (out : ootII '_', itioeroti havioengi trot, ii,. itoo f} fiot' (',it f tr iii e b, tefij o f loosi t .li o i ,,o, to too itorýrelta ti~ht oo .0in if hioo ~t. sad ,c',,iic r;;, du . 0ný lurtttu it oo' o tl,,ot t It Iltt,,rc 1; i,. t rnittt o iioo S. 'I'it ýrsn t , _ o t tl' I l; Ier 1nextst 0 i, t t Io.I 10,' il ia pntpusr oil dl · ilrr u toot ,it thoioit ,tO 'aid .0 ucr; , III penes and lrnp rrlr, sue stuv rd. 1~ll· ) .1 l'1(;\1.111 1:,,1" I is otpuiiti Ito rlprI.scIS ttoonrtttttoi jIo toin tot .ii:, 0 7 i i7[ t I . ter!. T eTII t'icat d Notici, -'N. e Iadit. " nd, 214 ntlAyin. 3321. wf1. , J:, rte IL itoldl tell, N w Orleanilli lespetl lly it.molt I I1, he '1'n l:, rlt: willl e opietni2fo ,d it thy in a lli O'pteIo i FX 'iir HI.)t t922t., J.- 1'l,) Lou' i-till Jon, 1121K111,ienni W gNw Yi ri t it ll l l.t I ones, il StCl le ''e rN. (),lens:, ^d Aile. 1339. f. L1NIT .'RIRTOT fC~o eenn ('Hurlltll, bourt ol Coltetitllo n Ithe Cotllof lt:X T *t . fis Number f 1111 above work1 is this dot r e itellrs i'd th i on are repI.lyiv edt al,, 112111e i it. it it 1311(orI tKSi I'le Ctoppl; a taitt bitthr O In ii G (unity; .%l allliir of eelPehruleI \ .01;1(·1 Ito, (; It A Jiclllloitllot It(Iooi:tf Istlrl&Ei BI LgtitN,1,i 1~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~I JiIII,.~I'neruthrurSy & ('it j 114 ACI'IOnAiIIESand M 011 Igitli' qIitII, Iitq. NII ukI e ppayitte y Ainowlotrt; ntilt I-st litil foe ity. Juao receuved bured d a i r tll i 1.,l ttc C lake'' Pro ilorotl ly ; i I1i," 11122 Wull toll tO o itoItitI lamltttdici i l it l·(it Willamtmbr ofoc eSchol Bok i ,, rll e~ted b 00g 21 2 A eixtiti 222 1 Ji prttiti- 49 ftt,.Ln . tnutOr, A ltA l'tioitre. Nolotesiqllitit a2l cl(sit ItlgIlIdtro 11'ukt~f IalxrA lIer Donlanictolr Iluulo ILtlllilT itttieint iithliitilyi tliTOS3edititton,,Irnnc ul, ityl c iie, Holy CllINI tli. SliriitsotHuolioiityi~tl lionJ, No INmiRNapolol , it, Jitiy Miit Ctror, Itt t)itti& airi, U1l1ittos eI , (1utRIli~h-Il ch j pl ti assortmet lin lili 111.21 1112 3111 lo~al, Law, Litenlrv. I)ictillnairie, ( Iintuoul~nl Soll uol Iyo tsoks, Adlallu lt tIdiltilyd I it Latins-C-(nla sicr.Ptris & Leiuie edition. tile mosIIIIt ap-r roved D~ictinaries, Gtrnamati .and1 lnnly taly books. Slpllisl.-- Lonl Qttixottelllppl r de 1'eF uall Ildries, Dice tionuried and Grannnumrs. German.. tolellt Wo~rks fShleGeie ore talir3er Veld,.,laentoirhgniir Cotaurtn, in Cig finl ea ituu, .illli tlln tly. and pl iiiIIn IEarM At, assortment of French & Eoitsl titels : all ne arks of merit regularly received.. E JOHN rO , & ·) q. n '1311h, t nt. coo St Clint].-, ' it, 1no10 ' I L SL A("1'IONAIREESsont nottlllgttel" It leuvib tote paymentu do beurn actionls cot den ect paynl le 5 a u , no bureau do Lt aollllognll. 13 jail et. E. L. TRIACY olvcrolalro. ((\ L~cl111-59 hotsl new wllaot, Ilrlding t omsl- Steamer 1 :1 orter, loot, ole by ti DOltsSE). , sl·1t 8 41 New Leveee E 'RIGLII 'J'Olt"=19tig in a newa nd usefuil nrti 1 I~le ut nlrnitllre, rapidly comingII into0 use, in) it r thern as well its southearn latitudesa. It is designed to teep ctml and sweet, once dishea inl Ito cllinusrv do vtotem SS tis re necess~ary t (to I prorecteII fruit, th lent of the weat·arlerllurillg the WIIIm1111· ne'i'(ll1 Thell Ilelritaerrtor to now conidered tI inldispensaballe articlle in the* ecuorllml oferery good housewifie. Thell grtmttlity oIf fo-lo it FrulaclJ tn Krim tB s w'lIelr, will inure 11-11, pay the cas~lt of lhl· article every cony.r The subscriberlr is eorllt nntly rceivinlS fro m be no-l furlllrer, Refrigerators '(di~fferentr prier... tt'e·r, Air A Pullen. ZljletlllellJ n, Ile Itefrigeratfur may he seen at an ny store. 5:3 Bietivilll· or, my8 t l W It CItRNES. I~INSEED OIL & Sjtirits of TotpemiyeIII~eu U p(111l of Linsee~d Oil in Ipil4P11nd blrrels-IU Iintllll* Sp'irits of T'urpentine, for sole byy JARV.IS & 1NDRDIVS, Ju1ly 6llt Corner of Clnlnlodll & 'l'cllapilltl,,. Sts ((')HS--lj5(l hbullrlr alldiný Irmo oat bretni;ti lur ll color y ml31 A TRIER :it llituvl, · F J UiT receiv.d d lomgeasotrollleull of gunner srl toCks of various patterns; linen shirts of tine· quality. GcelSI I' o,, mn13 Exchange IlllY Cha~rles o deleo street, u f ew dams~ Ironl Canalll oi; pllliPP.liln iyen·I immediately'.lg Ap~ply to 110YI.E `" 1,% 3 Curonldelm it, UT 11.R-EK-- lj kegs oshenl and 1W'est o,, in .rare, 33 11 Nevvl.cvrrr 'LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK a? Sutajorftd of t~e state of ~LouIoiana. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, MANAGERS ANI) PROPRIETORS. Ti. The First, or Half Million Lottery, and the .rcond, or Two Million Lottery, are respectfully presested to the Public. TI,e HALF MILLION LO ITERY will be drawn in December, and finished at one drawing. The TWO MILLION LO L TERY will be draw on the old plan of Blanks and Prizes-Numbers in one wheeool, and Blanks and Primzs in another wheel. Both Lotteries. under the suporviaion oftwo Judges of Courts. WILL BE DRAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. Tile IIALF MIILnION LOTTERY offers chances to 1,291 Prizes, ofwhich 33 are Prize of Real Estate and 335 of Stock, besides many Prizoe come posed of'Tick,,os in thie Grand Two Million Lottery, affording a participation of chances ale, to tile holder of a Ticket for Prizes in The GRAND LO I TERY of Two Millions of Dollars-10,000 Prizes!!-to the full amount of 52,000,000, of which 107 are Prizes of Real Estate. Only 9 Blanks to a Prize!!!-Siiomle No ,. to 100,000. the full amount of 2,000,000, of which 107 are Pri 100,000 'clkets at $20-2,000,000. Schem and selling price the same. Amongi the Prizes i tlhese two lott rieo are many public and private Ituildings which adorn the c ty of New Orleans, and are the pride of it inhsb. ita.lnts--th Verandlah, St. Clharles street Theatre, American Camp streer Theatre, St. Charle Arcade iuildiege, with llctelr, Iwelling Houses, Stores., Bddiugl Lois, and many ontire squares of Ground-beuido. Stocks in Banks and other institutone of the State of Louisiana amounting in the whole to TWO MIILLjONS FIVE IIUNDRED TIHOUSAND DOLLARS. All thl Real Estate and Stocks offered In Prizes are owned by them and if n their pousesnion:-hlo acts ofsale, with clear titles, are vested in thoeir rm, and recorded in tile office of Adolphe Mazureau, Notary Pul,0, and office o caonveyances, ready to transfer to the holders of I'rize Tickets, exeormpt from incmbrano : property is sot apart unalterably to that sole and only purpoe, and cn, in no event wtever, e conveyed o wi by the firm th to tie olders of te Prizs Tickets. p , n, n event w tve, be conveyed o wi by te firm th AMEROCAN I - .. AERICAN CAMP STREET THEATRI LOTTERY, CaPITAL $540,000, IN 1,291 PRIZES! Will bedrawn in DECEMBER NEXT; and i order to gratify, at an early period, the purchaset oftickets, the combination is adopted for this Lol tery rely, of 1 to 75, whereby the drawing wi be completed in a few minutes by the drawing . 12 Numbers from the wheel. 67,525 Tickets, at 810 eaeh-"675,25O. 1,291 PRIZES!!! SCIIEME. CAMP ST. THEATRE AND GROIND, \\ ill be prize rtrthe holder of the lest, d and 3d ,owonmtrs r. .. $150,00 l' atolrttiot four story herhk buiding rnaller ArlnAetotrrn,'l htel, formrng tle corer o'(.tl'p and Noatchez streets . 40,00 Prize to 411,t 5th and 6th. That valuable five story brick store on Old Le. vee street, occupied by Melssra II &t W Ilop k erize to the 7th, tlh, al h. l . ,0. 'IThe elegint dwllllng hose salrl lot, No 74 looyal siret, occupied by C V Gimdrich 25,00 rrize to tie 1lth, I lit call 12th. TI at two story double dwelling and double lot il 2d AI. oceopiedl by J 1 tlal . . 18,000 Prize to Ile Isat, 2d and 4th. All entire sqnare fgrouid ia flatrorg Annurrli. rinltiln,'d I. oitlnded by lilarty, Benton, lel tlellcre and TI erpsichore t. . . 11,0041 riz to Ist, 2d land 5th. That ,er a*tory store and lot corner Cat p and Jo tit ltst,o.ccupied by ,lIr. 1I. Lauthier for dry eoude.. 12.00( Prize to I t, 2'1 and lFth. Thnt one dIorv Blore and lot corner of St Mary Ald J IIrI t. . . . . . 10,00' Prize to Ist, 2d and 7th.. A .rehlltiCrat ltirr 5110 tickets il tihe two illion htirire- atott $ r2 ad . . . 10,00 TIhI, tilrtnnit, tloler ofthie prize may realize tio hutrr dor.ittv tr olbtirt poseassion, thIrugh tlheir mtdil., of the principe portio, of the various silendid prizes in the two mnillion rize to Ist. 2'd and 8th. Tlalt rtr. Im tliurg and extensive rol in te city olrl.natrette, lot bo rg ivoaudais, corner W\Valshingto andl Chilprlpwa ets. I00 by 200 t . . ... ,0(1 Prize to 1st, 2d and 9th. .\ I:erlil, ! oe 415 tickets in tile two illionl lhr e '.) I t i$ r b . eo 25,001 r to ]st, 2lnd and lOth. IThat orr ~tirl dwelling liouse aond let, I1n 1. Nayrdr I. ol, netxt o doubelrr t elarrer of Mel ! p iii,,il'' i7,501 l Th 1.., _ sld a l t Ith. lttrtr" I frii) n'.rI rrcth, 6,51t I' l, ;o i ,l [ . L i LLI 1 j lt Il. .\ d , 3 'lh - ,..r an t o. t o et3d .i st. 3 01. h<,l . ',i tiv i lot reorrrlig eanerre of lI b' . ', ~ ' _'. 6,!01 1' z t t r. ,: l a l l ite 11. r t ]t r < i r i 1 rlar h 6,0001 I'tz l III . nl 3,1 nnd h51,. .\ l rt I r : rrll ri 11 NaIy.rIe e 2d \I. being the t rllil o, b Irln, `lelpollln s . .5011 Prize to 1t, 3tr mid 6trr 1i. tr t e I tao, thi rnd eth. . rrrtirllrrlr l Ilr ' O tickn g ill n I llvlt millior t)lli t, it irt rIcL Sif(lh 5,1 0(7h .41 rrtlirro ir tre .~ tirkelsa in fr two Mrhra on I'lh ' 0, iI . rc h.ll . ,thi,5il rI'l; :: to I lst, :.h rnld fllh. Strr1, -t1.. I.rli r l lt l 1r e lndllt, r i llIt . . It'l I lh ' ll I. lir lilrt te clrrll r lot orri VictIrr I'rlizr t. Ili,3d and 10th. A ol Wio,!l ua inti:ll srid b h.u g ,t.-, it. :;1ih lot from thrto u i curf La of St, I r z . r I r r I trlst rh, Id tr , lir rliirh. pzi , l-i rtn r rof aI rrtrtili t 'er-r 1r 0 t ick .I- ,, I,,. Iwo . hillho literon t l , "r11 :i,01!11 '1 .i , I I i. d nl haha l dl." il ()F + t, r clr s e o fe gr i ~ I ill ef ".l ol illr.i l 6n lllll ,illn,2 d 11. ho lu d ," to, ( ll [ , ) h a I IIIII nllad stn llt - t 5 . 1,( and trizo to Irt, 'lth mad 10,I. .i d b ll illlill I, r l, l. 1r . c .r i re lllf li l - Irero~rn mtral l lret e.. 1,90it r 0 re rt rir i rrririlrrg i ort, i , r 0 r arer r I'lzer ttr , I4lth nt d 1 ,].-irlil h. ii ld ngih t "Iii 2,i feel onr Il ontrgol i r . l oi . t1i rr or rlo "rr, totn. 1,810t I'ln Itn t .llh an il l. I r ze o I et, ilth and t 0th. i 't irrt , Errai a are red nll air o. 1 I,614) A prrtrcrrrtaul.rlqarrerrrgrorradrodilrrttol C1n. t riz,, Io It, 4nhd litlad , 9 hnon . Srilll',l olgrolnd in d ,t hoended by Ua. piT., Pi*r alnd Chlio sia. ' ok in l I' er l to t lr, 4i a atd IOnh. \ Ot ltr ir e iruia liro Irt, faulttitrrr I.irar h , cJcrlrf alferee,.lt,.re nr o 'oashiegtostroret, S rtI i' .1oi tCllittwt rirret d eIi5t rize h i let, 4rh ond i ltl. A miidi,. Ii fgrut dt e tl y of [.t frelear, 3 I'ttr ttl IVt W lll 'rrnton tlrel rt, said hI 4tilr I ttti.r r+:ri ireet r o 100 I'rz." hi Is r, 1,1h and 1 01h. F rlll tll .i tl t .n ll rllll, el trr ofLaf nv tle to )1o ig ft oellah on- -or.u tirti. rt t i. 4th fi-nl ,t e n,rlr J rv +.voi eilrate It $ IIach ,100 P liz^ t,, 11 .t,5nd 111 h--11 ]- t l 'bhfi-lhl 7h- t-'Lel -r rrt' t r"lln to n tei-, 3llo0 Fo+.,ur prizes,++ 000"hrtifrrrcltr int ti two illioo hottere, :311 rirets, I $dlier-h 6,000 I'r l , to Isi tlta lirndl ,8th- I t, 7ii mrrr tillh- t. 71h and ri -lots, 7th ll nd Ilt. . "T1t lrriztes, telrh a rerti lcair, frt lot 15 krtela ri ti twre mnilliou lotetrya, 2510 ticktsn at $20 ea.I, . 5,000 rie to lsot,6h I alidli_ -ali,O1 antI II - Iita prtztr each 8 shares to aitebk in ah l'oeetrartrrin railroad eomparny, 40 sharee, ait $1110 each, . . .,000 ItZr ti llot 7tl ard Itlit-I-n, lts and toth-- Ot, ait od Ih I--lat, 8it and 9Oh let, lhh aid 10th. Fi., -rizes, each 6 shares of 'ontehartrain torilercl setotk, 30 shares, ait $1101 3,000 Prize to lat, till and I2th--lst, 10th and I ]1ti-I st, 9Ot and 12ti-l-t 9th and 10tIi-Int, IEighl lrzes, each r certificote arS0 tiekets in tIe to nmillion lottery, 30Iftiehrta, at $2lroeh, 8,000 !ut-2dI, 3rI ndl 4th-Id, 3d and 5th--2d, 3d .nO utr-.d, 3d and 7(1i--rd, 3d and 8tir Tee er.z,n, each 3 shares of toek in the hank of l".turiitroa, 30 schore, at $100, 3,00 2'rite m 2d, :rd antd Ilith--d 31 ndI Ith It, 3,1 ard lr--2d,4th aarl 5il-tI, hield 6ti--dri srland 7it-7td, 4th ana rIth--"1 411i and .,lh- , rt. ...,.t tanth. .1.I 4-r h or, 4th and 9h d nd th- dd, 4tt and lh-d, ad 11th.. '1' ylllv prizes, each a ertAllfncae Ihr 25 tickhls in the two miliion Ielerv, IH tickets a $211 110,00i I'riz, to tlie2ts, hat h anI 2lh--d, 5th atnd anth--d 5tl and 7tw--d,ft i res I8 8h- ,,5th ndI neth-e-d. 1 ihnd lll0h--d, 5th ald 11 th d.:5t .ll ad 12t--2d, ill and 7th-21d, lth , LJ8th--',, lhh andll 9hh--2d 36lh ad 111ll 211, h un and Iolth-2d, 6th and d2l-2th-., 7 0th e .,I :th-Zl, 7'tih and 9th--od,7th and 10thi- .,I, 7lth unl I lth--2d, 7th and 12th--sad 2d, 8th, and 9th. Sixtvyl hr.c prizes, oash one slhare in the ()R.talln elisllrule co llpsny,63s xhmr.s, at $5 3,150 flilet, Io lickets hlaving lhth and l2th. OnI ht1llllll' d and twenty six prizes, each a (.e,titi..f,. flr 10 tickPlt. ill the two mllli' n l-ete,' v,, "26 ti,+kel., at $90O 2 +5+,200 l'Nlaze. to tickets having ally. three drawn. tllllllherrr. O)11', hl lcadre!lad twrlAI+ -xix prirzes, melt tihr e ++llr,+ in the New t),ill tll s ai lighl nlld balitki,,. t+.+nllxtn , :I7R s ,n' i..a, +t $39l . 11,3411 1',izc Il, thle etalt ,ll . ;,r 3,1 ald 4th. ()1,it Ihlllldred And tWenty-nix prizes, enac'h is s+hare. New Orleans ga. lghtl and banking 4 cnllmny. 255 ++hare+, nla $3', 5,360 c lPrizes t ttli 9th and I0th, or LOth and I I lh. Three hunldlred and filfeen pr ices eaeh a cer. tI fate ,il'four ticekia is Ihe two milhiolli siso Itrl, 12,90tic ktll++. nl $ 'i 25,200 f I',izes t,, 4th and 5t -i tl'apd 1tli-6111 and 7h-7thi and 8th and 81hl alld 9Ill. 2 j, ~ hll llulrled and forty-one prize ,eatch a. er. tileat fr It tlieketl, iln the two million lot tr"Iv. I",5 tieltls st $20, 2o6,460 . Priier to t adlld +-2dl aln h-3--tld alnd 6t1h--llh And 7th-SthandAIk--6th and 9th or uri rl 7,innllnh.. ,,Y"t #+++lrc,I an+d fnre#? I#.ou+nxd dollarr. $5.10 n00 RAND LOTTEMR, OF TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. 10,000 Prazas AMOUNTING TO TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, ORA sN ON THE OLD PLAN OF BLANKS AND PRIZED,-NO COMBINATION NUMBERS. 100,000 Tickets, at $SO, - 89,000,000. SIMPLY NUMBERED, I To 100,000. The schemo and selling price. are the same, an no additions or rervatlon are made loreslpeuses in this lottery: those -ontingt expenlses will operate noa large deduction larom the valuation set on MODE OF DRAWING.--Tle Numbers 1 to 100,000 will be planed in one wheel, and the seam number of Blank, and Prizes in another wheel. To every number drawn from one wheel, a l•ket from tile Blank anld Prize wheel will he drawn, until thie whole are drawn. D, THE FIRST DAY'S DRAWING OF TIHE TWO MIL D' LION LOTTERY, ooo0 tONDAl, JANUARY sh, 140. D3 Each day's drawing ,nder the supervifou of two Judge. 00(1 of Courts in New Orleans, and thewhe4ll opened and seaemd by them. oo0 10,000 PRIZES. I. The VERANDAH mod ground, valued at $510,000 This vnlunhle and splendid edifies is 6 stories ono hig, ad presents a fronl of 145 feet on Saint Charles street, ne d 10Io feet on LCon rou street. The principalportion of the frot of the basae 00fent story colpriae u large bar or coffe house ad eight bstores an o tw grind entries to tro hotel, lr which the re minder ofr i.i rplendid dinfe1 in deeigned,inml a ouch is now oeul 3i 1 ed by lensrs. King 6 Meeks, n a ntvle which renders it the mist fashionable Ihtel of thI Isoub; 31i0 persons ea art oe limne be conveo ently accnmmdudated with drawing rimen, por ()l1 ours ndil bed rotms. Tile present rent erse· Ree $30,0(ll )er unnnlum, and becomen, inl re tnwt yry 'rvsion if the leanes n $38,(00. "Tho ho)stores On htwlrasemnlnl t eeo drr its ande lble of autgoelutltion to $15,000 to the fIotunate bolder of this prize. 100 2. TIlE S'T. CIIARIES TIIEATI.P ANDGin , arnlie, usic, &th c ryomp lleie 0,01 3 rhi r. gniiciln s" he fro.tll30 o el on Sti hrles rftest, witu i nthe & front b of 1711 feet nn Nt Cllrles Arendh. '('he eo pnci· to lind ntOulmlnolldnlione within uorrdelspo wnith J tarc gnitre od f it. eatenor. The grand saloon is 25 by I19 feet. Thlbe four tLhrin of boxes are oturminontIed with extensive gulle toories ; 47' of tit. boses have luottoirs or retlritg 4 rooae. In tle 0entre of il0a dme is usupo "1 d ue Inlgitciend cllo ehan ier, I2 felt hi l 0gho. HI0 31) feie eitl'llnllirleuce, weighing 4,5)0)1 lllb., k llouned will 171i gas ligllt, aufd clat 01(1 50. 'I'hb arlrr II The scenery tied m chinery un re u ne que nn te e arouilheit, alnd the wardre is .n gnifiene t d'i0 The w be a ilnliiehmull cold now ie ler d 0asd for 3 y·ears at $3,lll i011 ,,r nnum. 3. TI1": S'I'.CIIARI.Eo N . AtI'.A 111T1,. N DINGS, ATS, AND GIOUNDI, vale8 tiedll . 150,01(ll A l,cautihul block oflthe Corintlliam; order, 54 feet fronlt ti. aup strlneet, bIN) deepIt, frrnt 011 .,It the St ('hiirli's An'nl'..stotarl l h . The lnower airlt is oecl ph, d hy Ihe1r rtoYl elli p ,,, IetlIs, anlld lllllates on tlhe+d flotl lire tle anr q0 gest billhrdl room . ini the Imulted Stllt,-. ThI upper atonies er, divided into "1'l Io, -in nt.(nt ,,,illparlos... T' l l w ......n fir .,5,00i,0i .p.. •. I. rl entire, *1 tr,, of gr'olld 2dl. r -i' polity, of eighlteet uIihlding Iwos or. lDread's lio street, huiii,)le y JlMelp tlln I Hlerculeh, and Te'rprsicllore street, ' . 57,000 5·. T'he. I~ltire sqilnrtuI grond don Irvnde, 1i(0 wen, t2d t l 'i)nl ,, r ,iv e tllnlUl t Itl d ing lois, I liniitlellitsl r, He 'nluIa tied T'elp I ,ic'hor,,.rl e.t": ..,Itou ft. The foutr story brick'mm,ir N'. OIld I.e-c Le e 't , i In "ip'dil, Ironltg also coili I t_" i to,, siz'lt. , '311,001 '1 7'. Thle li Itr story n-w rick lit ll ng" house 410 oo ('trolndl'e, stnl''', 4 Il, lnit'ipl ht, fortmtg 1, the morenu of l irvive'r strnt.,t11011 s Bi. Tit,,'o "111n gi, olliroIf crolintil on lDrived ll sitr et, .,) nltunwtipll ot, ' o " I li I ts bot r. 5nv 011 ild by ';nterp, rind Ilercub~u sltr* t, Ia d It,, t It' lf ite llul ull . . . . .11,110 !i. '1'b-,1lihrlh ' s por e it ln liereitltl' (III slre-t, 'td Ialllllieiplll? h + It , of i Ilt; o lebo nd' d I)· Mel eporlilin~ti ollr'e it~kc L• . ". lL3,11(I| I1I. TI' --ellr, emu llr rr e f of; iinnnd n , 'i ' lr 1 enmre , 2d1 nomnh, il lit,, of Iii lor,. Oll,lsard tby l ib 'ollr ,e, Terp ivll ltee r'.tr , u, . .'".: ,000I I I. The enire stllll re e Arlellr I,l (;razie~r street, 2,1 ilunh'iliulily, elatjining )i h lots. h011 ,OL ndel b, --M10 h, 1!. Tlhle r, ,,f groun d ti,; Mlelo sire,,,,'' ,l, t i I plllllnhllllllllr, c'-f . Ii ls, bli)lane. i e delll and 'I'e l-ore 1 rtreers, .11,111 I ,I. I It., ett ir," tsqtnn rt fd grotnuldnmi M1el1, I nrenes e,2t, 1 1t, 2d U l trlle p it,oo la ig Il lilt" 1 h Ionud'd be lelt'n in andi 'erI s 'b re stleets, 111,1170 I~ 1.1. '1'h"" entiire squaore olfgrounIId on IBelme e .irel, 2d ntunisi mlily, eontoiutg 111 letsi, 00 lrounded y 'I' hurllaichl, L.iherty ,lad E .aot Ii i15. The two story ho usl e andl let ou Nelw 00 Levee street Al 7 Uitci:ipUlily, corunr of Robin strees, :0I by 10.5 hI.s 1,(1111 Ili. Thle suaur+of gmrlunl on I I t+ iles str~eet 'id iltlimieill!rdn , ot 9 lot, bloUlidCd.hy Il((rcs- e Sol lee, [luterlpeanti IFelicitv streets 1,a1100 7. Tihe .1u'ire oif ground on IHe ltllo siren, It Ld Inutnnripulty, of 14 Iot, blheltl Ily M1e. pmitene nul Iiberty streets, and hbe line of Ilia , 5)1 other proiperly " I1,000 18. 'l'h .ale H u rnllnn IU grou tiMle ne tlree,, 2d Inunici Inlile, "fIl Iola, bounded by a Liberty, 'Terpsullltlre and tin aid streets 11,000i 00 19. ('hi squure ,,fg iun oil l'I ahn treet, bl :.1 liuiici pl tul y, of I6 1el1 bolunl iid by .M llot u.ene, Ilrtllurl etnd Liberly airee s 11,000 h 211. 'h' i,, r,ullb·ln r square of gru dlon titr ".if s~treet, ,do. of 5 lois, louunded lv Wk.te b, md I Elwe p~sh' to 10. " IO00110 DII21. The ourtieory buildn lagnd ground on Julia wilet, "'d nt. llt'xt to tIh coloer of CaLtllp k slreetl, of O by 718 liel . 9,1,l50 (02. 'T'e Isqu~ e ouol eorollnd on Thalia ti e sir, et "rd ill. l Itth,,n, b161u unded by *%lclpontuue, Jacob 00 and Iloiwuld stres 9x,011 b( 23. The rone story building on Jnlin slrees, next to tile corner of t Maury street, eonlntaing Lt a bker " arin.l g 2u5 by 78 feet 9,000 21. Thle fit unre of ground i if Melpomelne b) 10 i off1et, Isot uuIoolnded by IlTwarderpsicshore and Jtoh trome 2d it, ,000 tit 2~5. 'I'he square of ground on L~iberty street, Vol tit, of 13 lot, bounlded by' ·I·rpsichu~re, Hon'. by 0 ard and IFelieity streets "90110 26. The square iof ground (iut lellntll plrtr, by 2d in. uof7 lots, bounded by White aid Melpu mlelle street 0,300 by :7,' . Ti one story b'ilding an g1 rounld on )0 Julia street, 2d ti, being 3d lut fromn C.lmlp b nlreel.,2 by 78 feet 8,000 all 28. The square of grountd on Melputenn stree., d it. of 16 lois, bounded by Jacob, Solils til and T1ersicliore streets 8,000 Cl HI 29. The one story bluilding andi ground Il Julia street, Sd nl. being 4111 lot from Cumlilt street, hiavilg 25 by 78leter 8,11000of 31). Tlhn quare of ground on Thalia slreclo "d nt. '116 lots, bnuuded by Jacob, Solia and be Melpomene streets 7,500 031. The square ofground on Thlalia street 2d hi. of l8 Ihits bounded by Maanuel, Solis and by dllli'uliehue dtie.,ell001 32. Thae one story building nd lot on Noa-. by des street 2d m. corner of Terpsichlore street 6,000 33. The sqltare of ground on 'rerpsoe Je et eel. 3d i1. of 18 lots, bounded by Solis, on 0 Muunsel and Melponlene streets 6,000 31. The lot ofground on Apollo ostreet, I Jet in. corner of ,alpolpena street, 31 hy 127 ilt, feet 550fi "15, The square of ground ot illllmnene 5,500 street, 2d of. of 9 lot,, luut ded by Ilowurd, Ja- ( cob and Felicity streets 5,500 of1 36. Thle lolt cfground on New Levee street, 2d m. next to Rile conecr of Rabin street, 30 by 105 Iiei 5,500 . . . 37. The square of ground OU Thalhn stroot, I 2d nU. of 18 lots, bouandd by Clare, Maullel, by and Melpuluene street . 5,50M 38, telot ofg round an New I eDo, eereelt 21in. being lhe'3d Ins from Robin street, Inyv in 30 bhv 105 feet 5 ,500 byI 39. '' o~f rouml on Errata' street, 2d] hi, 1'11 Ifinn, bounded by Clara,'l'halia bli 1 streets 411. Th'hP lot of .round on Nayadoi street, 211 Bar ni. Leine the 415 hit frm TCrpsichore ilree", " i tlaving31 hy I27 f t 5,000 Chu 41. 7'lh' square ofground on Hercules strreet 2d In. a1 5 hm., boundd* by white and Meopu. a 00 nleneelr~ets . . ,0 42. ']helot ofground on Nayudeo street, 24 Will ii. bnlng next It the lot forming the eorelr alt Terp'sichore street, and hliving . by I 43. ]l~ieR 8(qunre OffroUlld trl T taiia nlreet. .5,000 '2d In. of 17 lots, boutnded by Clars, MelpnmmeneO and Mlarin slrml .,tsI'r 41. °l')le lot fgreulid, 'orrier'of V ollrr and 5,0 d'Eulghieu streels. 31 m,. U2by |Oi feel " 5,(14' CALDWE L • e.'e, O,#earnr. Aug, 30ri, 1839. 45. Tile portion of a square nf grotund on T'lTia n reet, 2d to; ol 16 loitr, bounded by 1tounrIl and Ultra streets, and ether pro perly . 46. 'he lot of gourndl furming the corner of Apollo and Terpaochonr streets, 2d nt. of32 by 127 fet 6,t 6 47. T'he squareufground on Thalia street 2d ii. ofli lots, bounoedI by 4auneel,aClara n Felicity strset . 5,000 48. The iwo stnry brick Iouse end lot on Wuashingron etreel,eity of Laf.yelte, beiig I1W0 feelt floll Chipp4rwa street, and haoing 40 eelo front, by 200 set in depth5000 49). The square ofgroaol In Talian street 2d in. of IlIola, bounded by lurtin aiindMelpo loene streets and Eagl. avenue 5,000 50. The ione story biilding and lot of ground ty Noyndes street, bleig n Ih d lo from Terp. sichore atreetl hsviag 32 Iy 127 fee 5,000 1St. The squlore ofground in Erralt tsretco J all. of 13 lots, bounded by lMairi and Thtalia Sirenuelta,olnd tlales aven.e 5,00 2. The lot ofgrrlnd on Apoll, street,2d in. l tpp"oolt. the resdence ofJ Field Esaq. beingl lie 3dI lo from Terljpchore streeo, trod hbaisg 12 by 1271eel . 4,000 53. 'b'l, quare tlgrooudl on lrrloto street, 2d tn. of 18 lute boaunkd by Esgle uanete, Tbalia land Walnot streets 4,000 51. A lIo of ground o Apollo, tseert, 2d sd. beiig the 3d llet iro, Terpsohure saleetl, vring 12 by 127 fel 4,000 55. A lotf ground o Apiollo street,otd tn. Lehie the' 4II freL)'itrl'o ie hr streert,lboIilg 32 by 12i7 kel 4000 5B;. A nnlotgntaondon \'ittory street, 2d m. i.vinig 2 bye 111 2 li.t, ndjolilng tlle lot furing the enester tnfIl'Fgbnl h lr tierc 4,000 57. A Int of greolild 212 by 1":7 1fir, being slit 4th lot from t tat whic lhh r.s c he coreer of 'I'erpsillnre street 4 58. A let of ggrnsl on Aplollo itreet. 32 by 'S ie t ILLhe 2ld lo, Ironi thalt wlibb firrm oie crner .lelpuonletlle eree Ld . ., 00 59. A lot of groud .i Aiollo slreelt, 32 by 127 feelt, atUiljio) the lot furilliig hIIe eeruer f Sto llooele treess . 4,000 i4). A 1orleni nigromtld ini'liello street, 2d ot. eountuamg It Ioshebuaolvd Iy .oh"l and luunllselslrecht . 4,00 61. .' ltt .if grcvtl n 3tllMnm e,, street, inxt to tlto let htrliiino the 'niter ot f Apollo otr.vli,;Il,y 127 1o, et.l n.,i ti2. A lot of gretld no 'rol'r.r'o, ro reer, 2d t. h12 by 127 '.',t, hisig the 2d tross that fclh forlim the comerr ilNcdee i o.ntd l 3,700 h3.. it lot ' grounIll oICllMI etro oneseet, 2d il2,91 llloIs lt ich thwo mIoI te colner of Apl.llo srel,elouig 32i Iby feet 3400 sil. A square of gounilld on '"eponbhoe, stiel. eloliltaIIlg I Ilotl, IuIIod1,I by J aItob a1d 3,0001 it:. A lot ofground tn telciea, -tir'l, olint lhe l fi roi allitr wullhe, lriit tiltcn lt,ltr of ! Julll, street, and havillng : hi Il'y i'et 3000 l;b. A aqulre of grenlllll oollt Il. IllJ ltls, irlniled by Cherry, Errltal, l'hleetll ail Cle slheetsl J t7. A .lcre of grood e.annig In oihided iy Eagle, Melp ,cnio, litX. , ail opsalittraetis21 Ii:. e squrentor.gond,, conoitaining 18 Into, llded by ,''.llh. Iy a t helV ald ' h rralU sIreld 2",500 itt..e.n aln5llitialtn lhUti- nlllltf f@no e Id 51, teest Iuo'hllqm.a olroel, - t itol L·o4r bu aerIt, L'orer iit 2,000 70. A elourc ol filunol, ocnlnii igt ] lots by "\alha, lherry ani l Ihlia r ree i. 2,111 71ii. A stl.qri oi giinl, cnohmillo It Ihla, l ).oodi tl Dy 1liaullt, Ltlln atil th erIy ,tree.+ 2,000 `''. Aeigiiono Grondi, inc,.tiniat 4 hits, ,.llll ,l 'Talltl, 'dil all nodl lJaobl.sht 16110 ;73 . . ill re 5 l ciloou m ll lll. t lll ' ti e 10 Io , ullb,l d by' I 3 lrtl, no e In, IPIW ld .ila rlll 741. -'la llrP In r ie i of g I:llln l tilail I I I I lot +ltII l1ed 1,v .jhlC r - it,'l'l ihuti, Apll t't"r field I'orly - Sr. 14700 7ii. iui l uirsif i rlnonlll nonliiulnlo 2'i I1. IIILllletld b, Cleiilu, ..l.ut , .prlune ell d rlio 1,2* 7t. A sqtaereof grouald, cotuoliai 72 l'ots Ll..nnild, b ..pruc, n Lurtuto, L'piolh alid t:Eb stree 1400. 77. A eqti.iten ;llriid nollrineig t6 late bitiided by $pany sad I'lalia slltot. 78. A slluae 11tof groliuni ciaouli iag 2L ins Ilin.led by P.aeh. r.rre.o, ,Pete sod Clbu stet 1 4700 79. A quare of grounnd cOnrimnin 18 Iuts blionidel lie \Well, taold ii d na iht tieintit 1 8o. Thoteilialtlllar ltre ef ,ronul l ounl. llte Itlereules tnol Melplo,.ntneslreet tl WI A qtuare of prenollll1 eilhatillg .1 bir. Ilulnilnd bly 1lalple, Clio, tine anid stullilo.p r'ees 1,400. W. A ttlllare ofgrou clll..nluilaihg 8 luto undeil by ChJierry nld'T'haliu Let1,ct 1,.00 l3. Aaqooe iofgr.andll eliltitiig 10 lots i'nded bIy Eagle , '.tti, Slid ulllltnt trell 1,700 81. A tquare ofgreund a.ntainiag 24 Iots boundeli by Mlile od LDenis streets, and by le New Orlneuras cnl .1,200 85. A square of grcund eclntining 19 laul nranded by all, t'l.o and Mple .tireels 1,200 U6. A squanrI granrou eee oiing 10 lot. ueulded by elch and Eorato atrenta B00 87. A eqtte ufgrounAd oi,.tuining. 1o lante nunded by Clii. Pear p'aceh etreelts gt 88. A equare of groend eoataining 15 Is lilded bIy oear, Cllo and Wall streets t00 89. A inasglgulr qaae ofuigrounid esouded y Bention, Feliity and Ulerpe streets $6 90. A trisrahglIr bquaae afernulid at the eone ier af Jacob and Thti.ln streets l0 91. A Iriaoguliar eqo:re of grr.aul bouoded y Terpsieboare and l wers streets 00 i2. A trilangular qure of groind bondedl . .MelpI"tnen asid Martin etreets tol 93. A triangularsqiare of ground boundeJ in loid Pe cil streete *o 4.1. A square nf groned eontainig t10 less candil by, Venue and Pins streets sd the asess , 00, 95, A lt of grouad on Washiogton strees ie 4tb from lhat ahieb forns the cornee of :lippewn steoet, being 40 by 125 foet 9G. A lot of ground aon 0.etiagtoa street tin the 511t flin that which flriei tlIe fChbipipewa street, being 40 by 125 feet 750 97. A oquare of sruclnd contslaing 14 Iltl aunlldd liy Matpli, Eoplhrasyne, P'ine and Yen e streets ,f 98. A Iriangu!ar istqre of ground bounded y Chesnnt und Ehalia streets 0 111. A trineulcr seqlate ofgrounod bounded y laicPl and Ilrratu streeto 400 100. A lot ofrouttld foruing the corner of fsey and Wahinlntgon stieSe, having 25 feet he frer nd 115 n the latter , 10t. A lotn nfgroanll oroillngi lte corner of ercey and Fourtlh tielta ina te aaon square, oaing "5 feet on the formter and 115 feet on the Ilr ., 10), A let nl grmund on Jersey storee, 2 by i5 letl Te 7Ih lirm the lot tnrming the caaner 'Waahingtoo streel i 103. A Intn ofgrond on Jersey streest5 by 5 feet, bhing tir Bilt font ,tie corner of Wash. gins street 104. A triangular square nfgroulnd baund Cli tllnd Sprune streset 105, A triangular sqare ofgremond bounded Po'er ad Errnt slr enta .106 A triangular suare nfgroulld bounded 'Calliope, Pine ard ltphrosyno street 00 107. A ttian tllir square ofground, bounded fsple and Venua slreeta 9,370 prizes I share each Gar Light 1se tnkdag Oomp.ay slee k, a i$0 201,100 200 prises, 1 shaar each lerclont'. Esseg atge tttakb, 1t ,75 177 prizes,t slarenet Oean l(en tatuose h00 t)iaiiy stck, at $5 +3 0,50 III priesl share each tercalt'oa Insranetg tlplly stack, at$30 1,000 oi prizea,sha each, h R as Ban..k orn v rnnr 2,300 y steKan Porsobssea , Rail 0 ;'priseq I e are each, Pmleh1rr~il raln .I ad tonpaony uatekhat I00 , - ' I IrlznI ehare each, Wletp Manrise Imd 'i InisrancIg aotnlle) lo) sk, ns p0 .0. T'uoe illismeo efin/toot *1 ;L, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, MurNAiEuc *ND PhOtPtnreol900

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