Newspaper of True American, September 19, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated September 19, 1839 Page 3
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S'CUU Ml AUNICIPAL!Th NFH ICES. W AS lm::gli o thr l',lire, t':i.eeo l lie "Id Ae niolpalily lri~gIrt I outta ott,. nntoo ANI)Elt( SON,tabout l .or It yet:s of uK, ,anuosrhi i+ tlee. The. ownerrtill plea.:caI, prote propo t}', povy tttrgoettnd take him oway. It . ilert'It, t`,uplaill of` tile Ware IIIR;II P 1 1II11I((l IllA(:iPElll. W A A raot iclhtto ' fees- I.,ittIr tI tuicoputiy, situatetd in ttor,,omt, Ie, enIrvn n ~rr strroet, a tllk toy ttll[ IlI) .Id et,, 14It 1or lomd high, tle Ii/ feet whlirr', tilth Ia se.r or catt a one of theet. 'rthu ttrer of eail Iterse wiltII-n ula h pound, prove tololerty, utot ct ttol o antd tkeh Iiho eey 0o or bet~re yutirrd.ty Ithe Iath irot. wrotto lie will lo sold at auction by I' It hullt, b, nqpt5 Perl'tttriJ Hht-t 'Kit. "."tEIV.troightj Ito ti~re Police ftioos, Ilto 2,1d Ate ~nielelitlv , e fllt witig slues, Viz.: A negro namo uord JnCketti, n 1 yearm t It e, saysheheblaluntto Mr. Ilowell. A mulatto blot ttIme Joho, abool teo yetors of age says he hetoore to Mir. Joutoe. A nterogirleonaed Jeer, oaout 18 yetrs of ogao, eve thi belongs to Mr. VmIttto. A;nega girloetoertd Margttolt, aout 18 yerae ofoga, says he brlotge to Mir. I- roooir. Theownttrs of raideiolaveo itt tiltro. coll t the 0 rin. on ortho 2d Atun:cipatljt, prrore proterttt I"yy ottrgeo and take thee, away. It t1Attllt, aug29 Ci,, taoit ofttlm Wotcht. 'NT 6t1 amten6l Ia geole dIe in Secondde Mnici. palit6 les enolves suivantl, savoir: Une inn lainro, nomon nl AI)I.I. nigec d'environ annue tile aninntennir fti 1r. Mr. Anthnio. Un ntgrei ei ftt6 ANrII NY, Ign de ( ans le din ent apparenir ii Air A Mtrl ilo., 40 acg ndnse rnii rli,. Ill,;iTl, agnl d'environ 4 0 wllilea dianlit nlliil iinih nll t Mr 3t rnun. Un jniie in Igra Inii MICIIEII age6 d'environ 12 ub tee dis fibrel. Les roitaire. ds dii enelave, suit rrs de venir le rotier en paysante Ie cmris. It. S. t AIIPE.R, i5 Anjlilnicilll en, Ind (Miide N JTo'lC/-W-ie taken UI ny tlln l olin e li the I2nn I Muncipalitiiy on unhe toh in;v : fuiliin tr il is lion ro rolii a nonnn, NeroI fri ni diin ots ofiiit ull nicipality, nA Ihit /Ib ayoin, o in ui finifti Iienli d higt, two hhind legs dwhi., rid blhid ilon eye ilo r lso n Cait qNo 731. " Theowner is reqncterl to comie forwurde proprier ly, pay learges, iiad take ti iiin y. New OrleannsiJnl 2tnli 1039. IS. .IIAIIPKIL, Cnpintin Of Ie Wantcih. A VIS. Arretn par la Polione Sdo la recounl Mu. 11cipalitd In 9 conrant, tLoniO entrn ins mamia dot nognn marron, qui & fui dea forct i dndit Mn. nicipalitd uan cheval bayn, cair quinzo paum dtein anut, len denz jambes do derrietr blanc, ct morna, -nsi qu'ua charratta No. 731. la proprietaire vaudrain prouver in propriete payert lee train at lsl rotienr. II S HARPER, Capitaine de Watch. oM -NE ait depot nde i S. conid Muni.Cipnia. an grand Chmaal brua, 14 panmn do inliauieUn ea-e marquee. Le proprintair.a-.oudris bina lire. clamer anu depot roe Birronnh,entro lCvi & m Girod Di'ici i 8oamedi Iav 2 Aneut, autrennt i era venduaon In diw Iour par P. a Guinjllotte encntour plublique.Ma jy 2 IeS h S HARIPER, Cal pitalie do Watch OmmICE OF THE PInInMAno INSUIANCE CO. of NE. On S. HliE Stockldehlers of tils Cm paiipnoy in arI hnniy no. _tilddilalh n the 10ih inslalicnt til the;ir .tink is diue and payable on the 5ith ol (tininler nliot, nill tih, nlice Of .ll t~ll 12 J+++l. IIAI 4' . j50 IS 0I Good-I inask Coill r in ,, Bridleo i¥] Latilher, coingi tol icnnlnionk n. isnkrdJ Cn , Diainnie & Co. havie nIever reaichenIn their d,. iior ahnve. Ainy inltrlimnion ion tonnernnninn g tho-in e. wilI linhlitnkfully received by July Milfih _ :. t. INli+t+ll'IlI N 'V.A..T'I:I. T¶ I I f :ill , .f i i nr oI n j. T . \ Vi li .n l n .to n , M insi., __ lem ery dne~irultl folroltniuinll Ilinlrlliltiunl respect' inlg her nlolll whehrgoi d tinl onihnlnrhrwi ', h' wns il Nnow irlcll in 1ll:I3oir 7, ninnl Wot-ked o ili Inning tlua irou nu;lnen .,n ,i i nl Iha(nlnnv Ilsnno t -io I n-- rhea be ha lotini hii r , r m Anrliln t . . i rnl nll llie rill be thankfilly rnoenivod it ,i.3 lil l m ln- n~ lt. niug 29l-f aw VALUAlI1.lEF ENG1LIWII I)'I'IONS. 3I Aliti fL 'S4 4Vdr4 " ti r1Si,4 . 1 Culliuesworlh work. 4l4t.4.4on'4 works--\Vav.rh4', 4 ll44I L) 41 lilis Parry's Legendry cutlin..t--11 " hoe's w . r rks. sv lh:.ýg'r t ,l+,·. ft v tls-- ý,r {'llirhre (I;rtlllllhllll Ia7 44t " 4 4 'a.11 , 14 _ - ýA N .\\VAI\il , u , u!l v I hI\.1 . h11. _;_h il-l. oIr lt4 h,,o. il,.ilr, 4m \ill. lll ..r 4 , '.,4 ho v, known i . ,ll hlit ,Iiie ' Ir l l g1 i Ii, agd a.II, i t dlhrk hu4 si 4I4llg . \4'hrl tlh i . .1,' t 1h ,441 4r 4 4li 44 4h4i, rlund hollit ull l o aII I I . ;b:II; bl t II ' 1 1 othellll r (C rllilng wilth hilml, nhichhl e y putllll l o at pl ,n allrl. . ''hv Ulh ve Iwar will del Ii,, tma IU ily ll lnll$ t ;1151N Ig 'li ll r brnilg li4g to the 4l l t. ' 4'th 4ll lll4 l- S41re4 l. l ,raliiti _ h )1 11 t illlllllll t:Vml l li.· ti l nrel l then i ir llith l t h+ fo, t . ,l l ll k blell l (Inlll" li - s cribe4...44 1144444444444.4414444141. o 4 il' n st root.. alin o4M 4ll lry lot4e1 : , illT tI .." h. ,. it l el. 4 ill g al :14 . m, dqll i.thtly,mr of ,llore I :r l 'l ctlls. e nts ll weigh 25 tire s 4' l l 4. 444 '. 44444144' 1 0, ,. , 444. . 1l 1'. I;ImN,1S, a 4avyor. "NIAA I4I.VA'I 4"S 4 4.4..-4, 4m41.l Iih .s Nikhbv . Il, l s letche, No. 10 mnd last. 'I'h a t II v l A dk , o r l'44, , 4 a 44id S k etch es4 o f the 7T!1, Iride at P'rt Ebdward. Jloh u tlainhy Adams' J~ brlueof the lConstltution, and all i1 e n4u44elti4 s of 4 ti d 4 4 . E J14lll N. 4 co, 4 1 ".9br,'r .4 I harls & Common . 144 CtOMP o'l' -llrl '. Ollt ' l :l11t'l, :.l,;lil.l .+IU .1 I. N.l w 44l4l4n4i4 , 44i4l Sept, 1839. A (IRI:I"AI II.V 4 in r4 solutoI iI the lthl insl atl., I S 4I. 4 ll l , j4l4l4o4 ,a h a . ,"li. , n Slltu rdao the 141h 4 4p-'tmbr n444t', 4at I o 4he highe44t bidder, lseairate, lee of,.I tw ,, ,.. i Ioui r, ad il. r the sal. ofl AlO orr , Inll, th l th p.l, lr, 1 l, to thllle Aprlll, f1it 4, 11z : I tl e" a tha fo.,l ofd I 'un l trie. I l l'4 4 ,4(4 , ' ' 4 i SltimildT To. FIuhl lt N o o 1 Jlli1, 1839 NFORIMEENT i a lu 1 hoouran t, j' ldh, I. v, lic e ull u SIa. 4 44-14M our lnt m& --l I, 4x 444 4.4l 4 ' 4llla crl.ilh eIIdlp". 4 B4 4 l4 Ibaux 4 lt4 r 4444 I 'eml4lc4 ment. 44 NUn do do Uri i t. 1839. OUn do do EIEN g a , rstn du 10. Un oeur Ltres, depu to 15rcl6 ste.Mbre 1839y, jonditio'a -1u 2, 3 4, , £ 7 -savoir crddit enbille ptedosds ao la rut Cacna. 3Unop JOHN CALIIOiN, Cotleur.r. 13 sop JOIIN CALIIOUN, Contleur. SP FIEEMAN & tCO. No. 3 IMagazrine stree ae now receiving rr the Packet hllips lCrll New York, Iheir supiplies ef FaIll ad \Wirter Clothing,. and will corntiue to receive regularly by the packets throughout the season. ThIeir assnrtmernt being large, rwill enmprise ery artirele in their line calculated lor the Country trade, and will enable lielr to fill orders from Merchants in the interior at sholrtest otice. For sale whoeleale andr retail on eccomllnodating terms. 012 ERE rougl tt t ite iind el thie 2u Munieip V lily. tile forllurwinig strayv aeimnls, viz. t D)ark brrnt are, with l.l, bllnd of one eye, a star on her ieee, 13 hands Iegih. 'lheowners of enirt prrperl.t, will pieaee call at the pound ofthre 3d ward, 1td Ii rrrrieialitv, rituate at tile .corner of IRobin and Anrlnuriationl streels-prove Iro rtv, Ipav chatrese and taue tirr rrels nly, Oe or before Ittlt Sepitemter 1839, Ihell they will be sul atutii on Iby IP A niuilitte public naectir.ener. S14 J L \W'INTER let Liruet. STATE OF LOUISIANA, Comtnereial Court ot New-Orleans. No. 1085--Justin Castanie (in actual custody) vs. his Creditors and the Creditors of J. Casta. nie &Co. HlE Creditors of the petitioner are notifigd to I he and appear in open court on Saturday, the 28th day of September, 1839, at 10 o'clock a. M. to show eaune, if any tIhey have, why tire petitioner should not have the bInerlit of the laws made for fhe relieoff oinsolvent debtors in actual custody, and n the meantime anil judicial proceedings against ibis person end property are stayed. JJ. Kennicott, Esq. s appointed to represent the ialent creditors. By order of the Court. ..Orloeans, 7th Sept. 1839. ED. GARDERE, aJ.,--Ow Clerk. ETAT DE LA LOUISIANE Cour de Comrmerce, do In Nile Orleans. No. 108,.-Justin Cratanio (in stat d'arrestation. centre ses cr6anciers elt le oeranoiers de J Castanie & co. ES Creaneiere du petitionnairs sent notifids deparaitre en pleine cour samedi, 2b saptmn bre 1839, A 10 hnrmes du matin, pour montrer len causes ails ain out, pourqtivi Is petitionaire no jiou. rait pandu bendficides loi faitoes a fareur dess edebiteurs insolvables en dtaL d'arrestation at on tnrme teoes totee poursuites lupieiares onute en rtrre ~·'nte' rep ~ ·` William Shaw & Peter Trudosu Creditors. TATE OF LOUISIANA--FrrstJudiel I Dr trict Court. The cession of the insolvents property is accep ted tor the benefit of their creditors : it is ordered that a meeting of their said creditors do take, place at the office of W. Y. Lewis, notary public, en 'lhursdaoy, the 19th inst., att 10 o'clock, A. a., liar tirhe purpose of deliberating on tile afloirs of c;i insolvents; and in the meaotime all judical 1"m ceedings against their persons arnd property are stayed. Witness the honorall. A M Buclhanan. jldge o the court aforesaid, this 6th Septembnrr, 1839. 10-3t P. LE BLANC, Deputy Clerk. William Shaw &, Peter Trudoea vs. Icur Creanciern. ETAT DE LA LOUISIANE-Courier do Pro mrier Distrct Judiciare. L.a cession des biens par losins Ivahlen nyant tud acceptde par tol cour pour Ia hbndfie de loeurs erdanciers, iltest ordonne qu'unn assemblo desditeH crdanciers sit les en I'office ie W. Y. LewiS, no. taire publiqua, Jeudi 19 du courant, a 10 heurer du matin, h I'effot de dtlibdror sur lee uffaires des dits ineolvables, et en mtaore temps, toetes pourbuitee judiriares contre lours personnes et bions saon sue penduos. Tdmoin ]'honorable A. M. Bucthanan, jugs de la ditr coulr, on 6 septoimbre, 839. 10s-3t P LE BLANC, drp. grefrilr. I l'A'IIS tIf I OUI$I AZNt- ~nris h (tnlr .t il Jttgtttttttti'ip t Npt tlgewtltI,,hL II,cnl~~lr h~qett, ite 28trllut, ittvt II Attl,.., itt nln* l jbPIN· II tile Iria: IOUl I1IANE.-laIl,,,,tll~lV 1k. 0 tcruri~irttetwe~nt,tilkdllt N,,,,,,II IIlrP Inly 1i) U I IAILtI. d IA~URIAN~, Juttgt. lstaid ~ lll 3I ~ n·, 2. Iv IETLI.III R Ihlp. (1111·11 tralR. FlE3 3.19 &tt E~nl · oB fit Chtttln~it. &:, I'ttttttP.ti. l j A '1I:s'+ (;rm lr'ma ,' Il Nuyrwl1:44ticP .-- .,,.a : S -I-'l', e lntacect nl the ui l;hob ; hker.tle. of Iolondol i, it the llhor o" Ian, ii l 'm I c leti, o' i, Ilionl,' of ( 'lwa n - u rdaitl;Itr a ---'m Ainrw+,n S.nouurIff r, .huItt ýuritt)b'x 1· rtr.. R illh 1l'h lrCP+ to, 1el', rh, I , , '' npr . , a t" ,, d ,, h II'" " d 11 " 'l 1a+. I"l r, I re K y .II 'h uttl l : r or St ('ha rl," a neld (' tll l HBo u )O'il ,,\ll. \e11111.i. 1 --:-...a.n., o Intirr-. I, n 'PrIih l c/r I .e It,. fr ll Alarr, ItIs. `. llr lllllll ".'('r l m rV. "I .lhlr umh,. ., lrk,'=1 NI.. I{*'l',,iv*'d S)lli \ dII I .e P ltl bllllutiAu.l A: kell..d .II.,i.. 1)oll (444l4)lls Ier: 1 3 , u1 }tlII. ith I 4l: 4lrul ion. jul v .l.+.;.3.1. ,Il ll .Irr,"r NSklcllbes inll NI.,ln .l hy the Autlhr of tile ' Gret al . tr oli-." lenc:h nod linr &r. &c. in:Z volmave. NIw P.'cket I.ctttn it.. 2 vhm le . , Alka IoI nrww ed IISottedll hd a Iw totni ,, fOIIo n.I. Jut IRcivedby AleA x TI I WA' I , au 211 .19 ' Cca'i p et. 11l111I. AMFI(ICAN . \ALMIAN.AC an(] IRpoumnrv , Uc. efl KntI i wllege, for thel y' r 1 11, IcTteiiv Eq gNed fliert ph l icby I )AyVL iFLT & 1',,i mIiiy u A132 ChllaItre+a In I tIjeLhl, iNo. 3,a tt ile ci 6 number. ill npirt J.' rryit tt's P nit . oe hitp . ..r sle v I J2l2 TOWA 9 Cn, 1 tor. iikuw; ,i noveln i by J P IRtou so ll Iuthor of ltIr t llPaIigu , .nt iuin of the Di'ary io the Tim et of rieor t ItVe . edited cy John Gall Esq. in t e, nl. New ell .rIlhial Dictionary by the Rel. J l Iw laoke. WVtn vuriaus Nnd ord bo0ok. just received an far it' ne disal e by I ALex It)WA.i i. n1Ug R -. JcII 9 i(Ag' lllt it t I july'0 l+h m the M rn of llunor, by Ladly Lytton tichelitu,dr tther Ollls irai i irt itry i 5 e ~rit 1 thi, ttle addetd cIl tsori. n.l nles n tte ltritde ta of Eli.,' nhe c d; (fdc c n cewll' l crl ., ir.n T"eil etlthi,,cit , biJl.icl hct uthor ,iofthe I.tlcs l ,,cti mn-, PP .tm, the Is al II I, e , wAIt. theI iew wOR sl fthtlie Iacoclcre c ale b Ficit\I, june Itg Aiyitt Xcd t ite P ,. I, 1ci c a p O tu lcitie. 'tll `llllill a i rdle x lotr eil ttnelyd " Il l lI o, tihl tte 3d, A l lh illddd re ark p ty+ jaa dix, Nt. a109 Ct.o,. I o. , k(i .tc uld i ofi, Cili, P licich crctart Iist ur.eed, Nra EI' Lsv. m wl li hl + i d ru iial on1 tihe er IHIIII IW july 20,1e Anie _ l)r ior g IrC llaputllll.i inc vol. CInTy .l 491'uptetANK, 1' ItUG -Jnat b. Nec f,,,,lel -ict, u Ac , I hi: f I lr anondi, bit Iiter td Iswt clit ctriu. Itr i lile ui dcydee cie nlcc.itlll-col eceit Ilniled n i lle, Id t and cell ry seeti nlitcic tlck i.tllke p, cfi l tilcl c trle, brintlille, iiltly se Iiot wr wltillker &c, fi r whoi eiat e i nc I re ctil ii . store o f r II I.e9. l ctAc1i.,le e IAt. T I J I'ALFtIAIN CITsep BANK, Ciie --sep L 3 .. . . . . . . . . .... . . VL'AN'S CA1 IOMII.El PII.LS pre.pred f.i-rl p.ur 1 extrract oif thle flwerra, a very wlolerosne meicrne mild i operation and plesent in effect tile o .ost ecrtain agesion, indl all stolach &olplaits, and as t nuurul aconlsqunce. puriiec tie blood and a. .pr.ver.. of le jinl I SiifiUf'F- W-twiti eainr lmlicg pere I Ship Aubur from New York, and firr ale by S mG BI.ANCIAeItD, a :33 (rainer ettet. LEAa -010 lif g oi f Iroad ading Iron stleam las A Rienzi, and fors aloR y a27 J THAYER & Ca, 74 lopdras st RAZEIt.S COPIPER--110 shee, ts; 30t t- 6lU inch. B 0 to 60 lb. sheets of Braziers Copper. 10)0U slheats30to 6 in. of 10 lb. Roofing Cupor. 510 sheets 20to60, do. u at received anod for sile by S. LOCKE &0 Co. moyay -8 8 Froll tLevee )LAYING CARDIS--Just receiled a few grho Sols oery suprior Frencll cards, sonMe very trhin tad fine, for sa cheap byr I) FEIT & C1, niI) Y S._tionere hrll, 4 Cihartres i: ESS REEF- Irhalf ble, tor sale cry lay -4 aG l)OR5"EV I' New I.rle ARI--frl0 kegs leaf lard in stole ftor ale b o at5 G( Dr)SEY. 41 New Leeer A'T .:$ SES.,f Hairand Moseales Hrir,Feo tiler and Mos Pillows and Bolsters, warrante I beat matercalas rnd fur sale at time IowestcaARl Irices by Wm. . CARNES, aug 20th t 53 Bieanville srrr EgA O'11'O (L-Fur the reataration and growlh of the Heail, giving health, beauty sad preentig its ailing of, sold at WM. BELS" mi1 , .No. I6 Chartre ast "r t " li i- Ire, Wheels, -" P[. ¢)I | =:)r , , r, sclan",: iplrte, for ',oydrse St GRAND IM, %I, ESTATE1 LOTTERY OF' PIIOPERT I'(N) BIE DI? V N 0. 1'11.: 4II I N:UIAMIIKIIs, I3 *IAV LI C'sON VIILI~, IWAr. i IT(I1 r i; ' Iirl, .1 iii ken mil ii nI0,00d lirkilte CmI.t $ iene, CUnreel $i, Cilimeenlil miidieImn lliIgI irijl"I) plrr tink, a'l lV iNU'.i"Elt & Ut i., lot; Ilrmttd (nat, N EW VITHICIK, po~itd li theUtu AlUilne, reone, Ciliemnj.N.Pd. iCn inlid )nly BIank,, inNeIw I rellien Inthe nrnod In lanis Schmidlt d j gllywIhl-nJ. 1. Pearrault emdl Inn elccn, Atr e Iireerily hunk, awin A.Ilafling o ne In Nihii Mayk Ilie aonide mill peropertislrnd in sii, lPmne"ix Ioo nio inn iedrt ftlhe Inhv nam d It laity lnlike uNlNew ilennee. The Venuei nre rnlierrei Inn th neIs puearl mifni A. lnmanrrrnnn I hnl. Nit. PIuk. in reminlis n th Iprop lrtlen whniehn Clien-lm ite renIeelit. irizes in lhe .00 I'2ZES .. follw.+, Priz, III ,,ttlu.. ere atorybrick ..lddiiag, know an IIIa, IIC;AII)P, treti, 5 inn ,h 4 lineaami )tgaaaa i. 141;llr Ii int)E 1,1,l. ,. ie nt r , tea .rsp i (Ill-ilt·11·1 al,,.,,, , adI1I lla. told 1111 feel 11 imy lllhln odu N1111h11. NI. 'I Il t'.,. ld ag .1 Iem ll thweIt rent of $37,11 1111, l It an Ium, IImilha, in the trawla Ille inting port .'f 1., city, all V Ipo-Stel' IlueeIin k, naillf~ l in1 thle Irllr l diner. '"11,1' 1"1'1(:11 I of, 11 lI St 4, 2 t,,a2. and Ihe ithoes Its erns will,: Ian( ver Inn 0isos1 b. inceoad I lill y I· 1( Ilol, d dI ( l1111) Rt pll~r lullC E1 a t. 1 , tu at $71i0,000 Priza-"i'hn vlei'nnt four atom y brick build.I inn known . I· I LaIIIIteli at $0010 liunlrrly lirh :I N ( talel ni l tail81(·· 1 I IIIt. nnnsnring1 Il~lli,', Intl(. l l llll'l N nod 1411 I, v I III owl".. III (:loop t.~ 'l'tnk hoild mini lent...u'v fi illl,--a and being n t hhrle mn~lr I~re cutrul par of the city, run stlurmle he in~rYnncd (comely srto, relllr l do llars br to,. Milo.lllrz E ,tinutredl at 500,11 Prize--l'lle llama I looy brink dwe~rlln 71-,nliog if.,-, :Anode, mend at 12 I:alti,,,at,,d at $.5,00I 1 Prize-Ste thee,: story briicik. ,t,, tl Natchez street I, imood attwe,,, hundr ed do(1 llar, atitded t $mllll 1 P 2ze'Pe tre 1., brkwelin house, N, Ili, njnining o.19, n Natrhezn. renlv at tweve hund red du llnam Es1,timIa, at $20,000 PI"rizet.Th e, Id,,llnkI teanni,, aoe2l: artb front nu liI~lr+i . ·I I"ic 4r, feat Iran, on tnPreen hnulre do Ln. Illalllmnted at $20. 1109)() 20 Iriz.e-a t1 ` (L l111l house. No 24 "0,1t1 w-l , rne o Itnsa stret, ttean uring 3"2 het 7 in· rl~llll (I Is in Basin at, rrea I, hundred dollars. 1.I 111·1\1· 11(chl ned at $'20,0001)U ' )ttt)I: 11' R I % LINI.( I U ,, IIIIII nrn1: k Ir :1, I tll r ,:k,. wile pln t n on e x llx l r llU tul p.'r rI.n, I fhir bl nkl , e i. nother iotr Vlq?.r u11urrr r IInirs as i o llrl. 111w r w desiron w ne t ," toll' + :II, dl . Ir 'i- lt [+''1 the; bl l r Pet l Io llll oi v n| er e V:I ul t r of St. Ih lutrlett n ()l'lr Plmll i+ the IL l 11 w.tbt, res,, cui lly ll h,+ re thl e or u',I Ill -"rln"n d a,:l[ rlit ll . lad1 (' rtres a reet, Nt eW a "t I,. , ,I i .. .. I.. 'ilillo' rVlllt.lnlotm pe )r iey cuult +I'( 1 ( II nl l c, - l. l el 11 i l rl I .) [ . SI3IIll ,L IP.P\,il.'lTPN, ;New (Orlean,. r n. otnllf 1l;ll be provided eI s tnllk: ha Fhrida " a e e "It': Hll ` IPl ... ... .....' h*I+ dt.sirous . . . ......% . lie II'k.-tv ,:lb, Ppla.. !. 1839. n v I IAZA .\R. ('orier fplSt. ('/hnrlte ' Commaot, irett, ) I 'slti \ .X\1.1,\ nolk I, 'fl rs. e tllltlla cull f tcl he np I • tl lllel aIt (eilltr0ll.e I dI I .trunk 'r- It lIo"ire(: plll) )lV h asanr tlflllt'll+ altlf (;euthu',nt' Ille,'nl -tiP,.', do t'tllll r 1+ vo lt"I h d morn . lin-hiJlL: + flt 'i troit: Vet en: a lc - Inrn: silk, eotto,, l anllld lrlllr i loude..r s)hirrs anld trawers: INl LTc and silK ItuotLikeillhesll: blnak d ; filu tc r., vlat ole reat vric.ty: ". ,h, Iof Co b t- "i ctgilmllsoevery t elastic ansl CO ¢ 1 an 1 81-,. suh- s milk t o.,)Ib a trrehrea glcvest: gents h okic, acnIc: umrIIllas and ctats gl l llslllnlted. AIl-,-pIlldlly 1 cd srt, , n"1 cldlea, slid gents wri Ialll L L PrIng bak,&.io uth' u ,crr Cpull rl e, poiaaOnrv, cat T 'W"OOLLENS Apointed by th. Federal Cot rt at New Oritang. O'FiIC:S NS . rtle1 1hat IIP(N STRI'ET, (l':xlh . ..,· lintel lb ,uhl icgs.) S AI) (':tallllcs,.tlr rikes alfdllavits llalor c 11111 I I vtrt t tlthe \tIt: ll'al.r,H paerted 2 fI1 Fp r try, IP52::; Ilap P:rt.h 18i7; the Jadiciary Act '.t 17819 ta cef acIt.- tf Cul)llgrell*, ill :ech carses made alld provided. Said t'anlpmicsi:aer lhas considerable experiere; and i.a fi.rm o cllttlltill tld cerl-fc te which havles istau thte s.veretl scrttiny of the abi Lait Lawyers pril 1Q 1-=ll l .I \ 'I'I N I'.c 1 .' t .. It Il-, ti a ' ol Sulerio I pri . tug iptt Ie. r of tli Ibll..wieg +ieas. i7"4'2--fix31i- .Ixa3:i--12x:3?-Itj x21. I':.. h1 t .Il Fpnvewlph, Plttra. wa'l d t.,l :lllllllt til ln ll lI rt,'line pc'aper: l tIhe v-ry h o s at It., Lo odor, fr.m Ilona:' J,,Peltufts f • r Pllil adIdl rlia uIdI hr salte b Al:::X. TIIWA I, j l '23,14 (411 C llp Strw"1 (, - ,+ . -.L.:-- lld IdIlls lIout' u.Leur S:hu 11t1dlsn r lttpIe lllOlsses uol finrl+ tlecieernte 1OU . P ill, oe Itl t t,"11p I Itt'iENE IIl)iP'N & ('C. i Jlh 9, 1:9" U' lli sp. Pn,. 9. I Cathlolica , BIldIm t Columblia, Pills of every deaorlptln n; I-lala ice, clhi an To' atoi , Brandretl'n Petiersa', MonSto's, SaS'tt', Lee's, Southern, Dy'tot Gregory, &e, con:stantly on Ihand by II BONNAI1EL, july II cor Natclhez and Tchbpitoulaas le LINlEN s111'1,, OLP)VES & SUSPENDERS Jllst ret- ived by Inlt rrivala, an saartlclllt of Shirts, c:arvats, Stlllllllrr alteki, tilovel, and Ssanpc1 dera, at ltce illBaar, curter ul' rt. (.llnrler ai Coalitiiol slreet". N. t. A coalet Itasstrlllternl of Writing Derks, iressin ccsl, aprltlle .ltarnvip casea in roan watld & athe.tyti IPI' IIU & AllAN. SIlHRHilGEL'IORS.l I.anding from ShipS I uais L wi a mre iofl 'lth ,c Lusel'I articles w hich will Ie I.: tlered low lilr cashll i the L.uusiana Furniture Ware IRooto, ;,:3 iz.vdle slleert ug. 1 Wn. I. CAILNES 1 111(.9J,,1 lading , re II aliU pl otiya white wax S(Illat Jell3, (Ilam Arabrirc, 'Tanarinds, Cream 'Ttar. nil Soda, Slts l'urprotitt, Pearl Asll, 'laurtn rio Acid, Chlorid Soda,, Ihall. Copavia, &c. tor saile by II BIONNABEI., jul, 13 or Natchez and Tchepihtlas s. Al-i' I'lTlbi; ellat 'aat Tubs, ss urled sizes, for l t) salea reduced prices, by S. LOCKE & cto. VtayUi E 8Front Leere B iOOKS-Calntigus o f valuable botokE r iRepoott Ercglish ed itin to" shoice, rare, and vaaubl books rhitc re hl.ogieerhig a tatcieoorallce i Philadelphia; may e ILad ;t our stoe, ndonrdels from rolMon-ible perseus & ill br : promluly attended tioby us their Agenls, E J,)IINS & Cu, JIO 3w coo r St Clrles & Comnon stt I)igest,--13th VoIl. Peter's LRepnrts. Just receivea d and Br sale at W r. JOHNS & Cor. aug3, New Orleins StntioteorsaHlll SaolLdfurd & Martoen-Cthurh's dictionary Kitgley'o Social (:hair, 2 vnlumes Kible oft the Chritlirn year- Leslies, cookery Ihue .&. Simollet's Itliat'sry of England. A new aplywiI with tlllrt Iotltcr vtry valuable works, this dau received and Io site by J2'2 A 'lOWAII, 49 Camp at WORlKS ON SILK. COMPIEI.F'I, of the best works aoi tht tculltre of the Mulberry arnd silk waorms. Ilanxdol, on silk wtorms. D'louaarge'rs silk e. harist's mnlaual. Clarke oil tire Mulherrv. Cobb's manual ol the Mlulbrry tree. Keutdritk'a silk growers gide. Whitemarsh on the MNulberry and ailk wormts. Roblrtason silk La. EJOHNS & Co, j62w cotrner ofSt. Charles a Comaulo st N E1 W STANDARD WORKS.-J. T. Smith, The CeNotihener in New England, or America in the 10th Century. Smi'st Comparativr View ol Aucient History. I.ouden's Enetclopnedta of Gardening, London Ed. Sir Wm,. rll'e 1Piktpeiatn, a splendid I.ondon copy. Slakespeare 7 rlts royal 80. elegat redition. E. JOHINS & Co. july 27Th-3w. odr St Charles & Commou sis A .OWAR. 419Camrp I b! !PPING. i~YC \l I',I' %'a Sol( rs Sel. da the "fl l. Tar A I lit11 I 16t. .ilili u Ship l: r 1. \ 1' :tlein Ll (tunllll will ni a ýtovn r i 1016r I;r. It l( Irmur ( RPO(Jl ar T at I·IIIIC1II will rrr~riv it uwdiala dolt wb. V.), t)· I·I)I li s yll to 17 1. If A1 ,3 o mo nrvt I (r It .IVE UPOl , 1Ir111,1'nrrin ·lllkl rwil( have i ilt I IýIII I.(1\1111.\ ,~·; !:( ll llll* I' r tit 'Ill! 1.11 rl d -I - v, 1 Tltn In t l niliut A I p imiil,, I. li I, : IIII Ill ·(1 Rurg e igpg e~r "LR , w I~ill e 1e 1 d 11;11 ll:l, llll:lt rI') ()I? to 11{\I 11 :1 ;A 1.1:.1 F't1It I, IVI"II{ III'I) I t g' ·I foint .+ - d.i f-t -ili 1 I) 1ili-1( .I Io·Il m an d .v iI(·(i~lll ll n" ,"I r iJ urli-cl?' Illn irn E ilu ll 1 u r ln ;11·e l il Il,. llilll lll* 1111 1(1. 11 I-I":VI II t"Al·l: 1'I fl·1:1I* IIe 1. I uu ~rrrur tii \\u, IliC )t.\\{1{, 011.10 "IIIIIiI,1 , will .Iulvedk l ll"l(·, For ' a-nl .I Illy 17111, itl~i Il~lY1( ,+3 I.I?\1\ II (It I.l·: , I:1 C1.11.1111 .11 . Coastwise. N 1V YORkK ANDJ N'":1{ M01 N I IF T HIS line w~! ill bre (·(IIIII IPnwl I rot -even .hip 1 Vlliiel wL ill nllree d incl. nlll lsl in thle li,lll lig (l t,'", ) 1.. I1 Ship'l lepnrahlic JS U 'ilstn, .tler. Shpll~rl Kfg.Iwrd waser Ne'w Ship 1""ranllklllT(,J G Iltnr?;ell. II; NYew Ship ' \Illr Killgnand, It .11, 'rn·.rrente. netr NwS ip uirfieId, WV 1 Lynn-tr Theme Ship- ire alint the111 first eh,-si, Inllvl· nren·I)III1I(I 11at11(119 lnr pn..en,."rs unsurpassed lrre (i~l~llnnfitn IIII1 C)I1· vend.lilcocc ;II1] llly r IIIIIIII1dIIBl. '1'h ervmes: pun. t Ilality will he nh-'ruedFl in Il·~panl~h np then, u- 11*IIIlY'·liPI·II. and ) vr~rv ,en+~u drl." n, rnllllll~n FOR NEW Y )I.K-Re."~I, I'nIk."1 SItIIIn L I I'afue It v fn nil push Ily nit S ln,,dqv I d i, s Sllh'nt I:I1I Fnling ,.It ki;tt- li,, (W() n rllll tngell) lll t (I ll cslail nI1 Ilnllrl. F- thc~ le re.I it miler lnt heilr~·l, nr pa-ge antv in ,r~ _mept II- I '00tmu tt I-litlP11 tglK ol iel. t. 7',, Sail nn .Ilnxr/rty Hot, L':hl bal. J htl 11-. lit:.1. A-t , i I1Ilrh I par ofIwr ,"~rrr n..... - c,:d, will s;,il ;. , IIII\(· Illlpnlsil", II·(?·I I(II nllll· oIITI ~I'II·· new and very V (;-- S.,ding S, hunneICI cart~ Ullgllell · ··I1IIIh· balk 1)1 11111 barrels d lr IIIsS* nIC III(/e J, IIIO' ilT 1 on lll illl to . I. I . t i:i~l d11.1;,1 Jolly luill , :1 (: .',ninon .rll. P1· \VI1II· lir-II'll'up Ilinti n, Elnllilir her -mgtI~ M , nen ed ,">n, lake to leelrk Inl11 ( t h en, ti ll t~ 11 11 Ilk hh it mine, II11I· : /llliclllinn h," nn, 1 (.. !.1. f 1(· lelln .or osi g''~ !1y I ( VI 11 1;11. 1 Ll I It hll n, ine o '1111 iNi Too--tr~i; Illu IIoIV alter Ill-IIIIIrI)(Y Ii.l "I'lll , TeI1LZI ·I.1II "t ,hip 111117 LiLter hvirr i, eriguIrrl, wll ral v p %ciiI For cv tti i, n1 Ivy viv 1i 1' ( ýij in o 1 Iroied iillolitr th iii iviiiiv, Ivvlvv lr v i .;' 11 1.II NII FORK NEW YORKK .\i re I,,4 \ N '· I)Tilll (IIIIN·: . . loon, ll I":LINIslol Ileckets I. ba n eInt llliPvl to A ran lr blr ·lIE :New n Iolrl lerrl lulll N 11 11.1. 1 to furl'n.* l of liy ·lr~n i te ships, ~t ia: ·Ie ~lllr l il Moor,,tI111(:II\CII IIC IL \\' III uT tll rlll iaster ,l·( Auburnc~·~. s, 11 I ' a lllm· 11 t olrl? ;:~ i trial, nlr - a a lC, lht I l.(lgl. of lrt tll~l. slid %% III nr ol11 It fur in-neets cot n, rise al Ihnt t xv he required fi Iuru of rltlit rie llle l IJIILII the shi 111 now bui JIIIII are cu:"t leu :ol, twu lied chase >;ht x well xuppiy ret pine The f! irs class and fiIbrt x'iling Sc·lllllnnr J.%S1'ER,: Capt~lllenlld, .will rer."iul? des. patch, FI·ur freight ul- passe f. n 'lplF it. 1. I1 (,A1.1E. i stcl jll ::IC IIIIII)I h~lE.r long 1t11,I, Cen .:, tet FOK NEW YORK. 1101 9 I'S1 LINE, 0ll I'A('.. fr9.'. . silo N.n~,m//.. eelryo O11I. e Ir'Its sa, oo e 1' io et Im $e hero inc d l ,f'A le-ýobn,g', ost'o.,j, IooIn )rlot too, Coooaolll :lhi'n. othip , niltlle. ('a, lo t uon . I.okn.vo, C aptinin 1": 5 I),nnl (koirnop, toptoin In.$"lls, I-itrks/,u, , ('ttllluic J 1'uaker Oo,,oo'el, Catnio. AAA 'v. ('otttoin Cp Woin T'rou Vlne,r Ca opt Loins oto. torr S ilp, ,fnl Ii nit lX"oon,: e Thorhm shiptt OneI Ftdill ofR IIth it, NoaIe, 'botier prennoivfur tllin teed,,-they or.' Itriu\ * ooIft I t, t roo, ad almostl ItIue jol ri enCos the or .lthunttt Odo, IIonIt' II It I preae no th I.,ntdttloill l,ltnito eet titre,-,o,. to uceoum· Zodu) I Thee tr ll nln lltll he lowe d Ili and II ,nooPft I ito first nua IsC r will olwue, hOr itrniICo· ) noI nhorirof thei. ini t~t. ed lt $91I, oilh It win Fonr I to (toc o pel olr nalpply to\i, A III I:\IL. 911 Ci:.n~ si~ opaclp t o ini Ito n oin trill (Iii og to sigond rhetettin, ith Ifi.'io ofth1 ageobo. FIR NEW YORK. [I.ouiiinmtnud New YIirk L one of PaIces !'o il rae~tlnry aosIrlporlid titI/t noy/ t tAor. ITe! IE lneo it. too thioo .. ceoIin,osc inofi t Ilo all ea rly day. :nnll~i In n Ilr o luhrr lI all i' loll, n 1:1 will alluo ot'ooe hying d ispnll"-hr broom this poll everyI·IITV week tdtrig tie:l 0 inr, Is nltotg pit Ithjilmolt for tranopurtutiul,, and at 111 lea:,,t run,., of ljpijlt. :fhip 9o:cuoo, Captain itrask. 11 1·l ·11m·. Looisi~le " AI1e to. $holo~e. IhoI'ownv 'I 1tdnptrillro l t 'flatt aoveY~ sionae nl ofntlo' fit clasitelpoind Coll Irlllll'r CI- II'IICII( f a lie h( lllllt drn el o wIulI11: sailI built ilq, oo itmk ejpitsott ft r tlhe tradnepilocil fin 1tnouodtoidnd fot pa.nngerpiti, and pom~ e ead nod x,nfrt tile liuAnri tol-ni t The price ..1' passagrue isi lint-,l lot $911, w hthut w nos or liquorsa HIIpla* tmesC in every othe1(r pllrltiCulartilll lie provided, :lid every attention Lit en to p 11(1111111t the fllltltl will at all tiine lie treid alp lnd dott the rivor, and lte greateot pooluololy nohnlrr o lo to hir day of sailing Neitler the no rnv or e~n cnin of theme nn n els ill li, repothlnsible lfin jetnelry, hllotioo, r io s meil e rpolted wnio, brookin it( glass, marble, or granie, ontlrlag on tin, rust of ige t sbtel, r for ony eller-, parcel ior peknlc toeot 1,e or put ,,t~on had fThtil, i.untless nguoriLtille n iain r loke,, fion the nooe, tind the nn hevfxr-e For freight or passage., nll'·1 .-. nll:s it IITl..1. IN 'n. " Fo' Non ~EnI' Ittl li. Ii i 1 ____IA11 ISA.1 Jehono ..Ilues, oil! l Inect thlinennlong. For: tneight ppl 1u) A I 01;11 N. FI) IVE ýI iotl. Ii-~i 1 "npl t I)( aa l I b ,.ill bI1I .. I1I1,· dtxi c r,., ilallJ ,.. bn~~ h i"ilI~ ,. m.rea. ,u a ýd. Iý.. n3 ,I, 11 (; \1. 1"'r S 'a .,,n1a. InI1 III 1.·.l ,.or the Interior. _ 7 li A ' :l l"ý lir u- ,i r" r -t ri ,,r I wnll~~.1.,r 1,~ýt,/ a s- ~ -.: ýu; urduý ,' i I:,~ I l· A . '.I nrT.:, in,. . ,-1 ,I~ nul 1, n itpi i,. p" ,,-,, "vapp I,, op. lt, Hut t'e +I) 1 & rvrr ) U I Thec I).,,,y Paper is po~rl Io jo,.. h r'ihtl 0'_ p-. .1 t)'p' o, a, 'nt, dough nl l u ý)' I , t, at . 1211. il ll per mmumI"" " 1, .: 1I"a'W"II: m: llwmally i~ il:dv orr.' '1'1,11 1 `110 aIitor.o.r 1 I/P0. cm.l mui g p o I" adnig oatter of two.,d,,hes, 9IoI, payabheII, a'.ilce 'I'i W yV lll~''ouo;Antr~ac~c, mole up Pc... tic~ daily ipaper., olrlicthct~ek,.'iiiio.-el, Iooeil,. Ito noon ii..o , ni, lmai, .ic pt..hlI. ity r, o i~renc JOHN WIlS ON. N: u Outr~ta ikt 15\Iv P. THE LI EL ('ANSE. 1'. ( urrIel - Itonill l tht + h '[-ll t \155 ' ,t IlS, ý t ( hal1 t 1" ithe i ll' (lloble-li e w ill IIII ot lI:...I ,.ll][ ,.f lln+ S tollett' ++I I tml jdlittlil) ... Jthui (:lh,.,H, !":d t,,r n,*,l 1'tllll-Ir r 1,I" tihl+ 'TrIue .1 n.utm.+l , heflmle 1!, ("rim+nI++ll ('ratre f,," L.i b ie F I lii.I 11 lt1 I tL tnil F: II l i : 4 1: l. N - N. . Ii.' I l\ l. :11 , .S ie olhhrs :I , h 5,-/i+' n, l t . 11 J 0E l the 11l1lh fI[| ,' fI.'I HI ll \ 5 5- | 3 I .. , I - i i . n t-I , ( 11 +il , Jul I: 1 I. "' . 4N 1' 1.1 , 4 . 4 Il 11, Ir , t llt l .t IIii,+ It - tl.:5lr t d lltl tile \ ,,their 'ole fll . ln",y \\ -n int io I'+n. l,,l tt., I:neli-lh, 1,.51 v r5l t, t tihh hII Im . .\di dl .rs hoo "++1.',.. u ,,].t...ol, 1'' It-i J.\] I .l lH I .I 4 44 lil; l ,4 hi.i; l' .rILt, . Ine."t, hl ti llir - ;,, .,*iv tilt i0-11,4 44 at-a -it , i h,,ti llt tllaf i i t it ll i ttltl rl ll, t h . "lit tits'. t I,, i IeII " \ ,,i .-lll -+-'ll. IT 1 ,t<he-, It ,tc-I 1 i le ,ll. . m·ll lllll , ].te . ·,, ll-, tI'llit- , .l , 'hiltl ie il \ t· ll n.dl tI.) " tI hn , ; x llllll lte I i lt+, l ,' lt lt il. 1'. t . i )II t i,, i iIt ititt r ~mlhd. III, I. It it , t-a\ I ,t \ n it c t:I,: II l 11ti... ,iri n_ tol d , . e i et+ ee t n t. . ' 1' I v-- ,, - '+IX,... mr .. ',,, ...l.l t , i , , -lhlrr llt l if llll nh lll.,, i t ' "nl- ifI ;.rI .¢ l 5ll1 "I, 1n lt tlh miltl I o lll t I r 1441 I t I..·h .I , tl' , tI , , 1 tI Nlf ll ll( nexl l o - I, lllr tt rm e j ol ilib IIi NI - i - l tilt l b n. +t a, v r thi -t+ -h fl' i T : I IIl, t i& I her I , ,t I . llft lt t i l l lt l l- l ' lt--a ll ll t Iý + ' llt-ik tr, el . , I r , tlle Iqltr elle li " " t,-o , i o r5- l ,loea i W I I ii iti tl/l+ , lii t it,- i it, ikt.iiit i,..,i i ,h CS. 0fII 15,1,e 11 1 it .n I\'. Poor l llrl tly 5 I t . iii.., 3: l n ,1 1 lh 11 55t0 c, m .l'l) T o kll n. "S '. -i -u l " I'' ( II· I 11( -- \ d . ll lir h ,t , 0 .h , I l Sic . to t 1 Lee Sket Nhe l to iI , 1 lat] lit ltiw . OIlill tPl-t IIt, )l';e , l 1] t iN 414 Ind .4l 41 )lll 1 ittt iltt l i-t- - .\n I(I1t,1 555 tll. ier retr.l'l, 1' lo, ,,n <I I to hr" . e.' i 5lll 5 ll r, 1+ o Al-'. 1 I . . 111. l il-t - 1., · ~ lher t i.ll t - t1t. - r. re IiI,), Illl I I N ., a f t ll 1 1, tll hlt.:I fýý '-c Ilut\ u- ill tit,, thI, h, h d l d ' iidi i ittet t Ie I tt. - a I 'i -, litir,l iiI. I . I- n ( . Itn -hn o .ut itt..n ,,,t t t ]di,'r l l, , T'h," \F .lllll.·ll JAe I \l Il hr lll lll . It, [5CI |,i t," h'l l t,,,Ii ll , II I It l- 15_ lle l l iots, I,. J TIri tl s- t," \\ - ,,.ll-(,*, i 1,,tr 5 (' nuIe Itilll ] h t Sic.'kh.h , \,tu IS ; lls,',, :"+kith he+ , X.. +7 an id i Ilnet lr t'tl IltrlP; m ludl l "v1 Ill" lllll W llW I illu n lt Ill ;i 11 1· lillll llrt I' llllhl\ ll - ' (hr7m- Jit tll . 115 1'.5 \V.\ I.+'I, !nn . . ..._________ - _ t r RIEPIDiIo' )I.F 7TXAS. C('ity of IIusite , 171] July 1to 31). N Iplru.sllceO of : irqlllttreol[l t dIo;y la \pssed t y (i` lottgr'o of this l~jplloubie, alirloved Ja3uat.ry 'hit, 183), rlltking it tile lduty co tile TreoaSlry to adverlio ioo deo u toIos boe loold be lotot o il tLe (ilY OiF ('AILIII)UN, oi l dlyy by him fixed. Notict il hertt ly o i.t lln hltt t tlt e tlo ts lt t i t (l 11o t " l (olt hoto n will be+ oilbrced at Pub te sale, (n Mhntay,y tile 1Lth dliy of Novern I ollr linext, o1t t I h tttt, o.tftv, ) To ol o'lok A 11I. and I+our o clocl, I' 11, at the Capti titey t N tolth ttt tllotItt .lotlltllttt' I(.trit bottloloC III tlttoibottttgoooteon ttettttte frt t I l.ilowinlg extlraets lfromt tLe latw ablov\e mi1n11 t lolledl , Ste.4.-lie it f"rtllr totaoted, That the lotst in satt ton shall be tliotll od wtlt too ot otthtlr cur. relley thano ghOldl. rivor, audittlt paper, or tOle pro Isory Itoteo l oF ttooib gooVelllllot'lt So... 6.--I0 it fltrthelr etlactedl, 'lThat tile said 'olt thall be sold on the followtng terots, vto: One fourtth part to be paid tlowo , alld tle otllher tlhree foorth to be ill equal intallo unto of oix, twelve olnd cightle l tlonllths. -t Sc. 7.--iio it torther eltaltdt,. That i' o any prscol who ha llttt Ittaoltot ol toLeISo albres.lid lut t, o thall f tto i tti' ke t lltyitllll of to e l, lto:al in sta:lhlll'·lls in cOlfIo)rmlll ity \w. ith t hist Act, Iie L or they shall l itlit atll tltch sutt t ti ltey mtoo , Iilv pret y|-. (lusly palai, and{ thelo"hts ipurchald hvby uch defanul tor bloal, reto.rtl to the gtovermtuLtLt to1 the Iiepubi Ito. Ste. S.-Be it flrthoor eotictld, 'lhai all pIrsons, slions Ilot o xceeloo-'d, ollot halt thttb itrivtle ofl pur clalintgo aItl hlthlilt ItIU stlo tlot. tttd tlte Preoslenhlt io tooth t-tIlt to ooottpoteotoo tilteo so tto ao tibe list In, stahl enll t ..hall hawe lbcen plied." The o.lo will ctnue ollolll d t\-o day, il qil ll Iof Itie lot isooa i ioloov beote ollstlopood ot ('itlhlouln IS EItuateItd o(n thell end:ll orl nataln r. d(l lltlotd, otltototly oni the .laiit Ploos Itoi) ALtaotgor. da Ity, aod forooll itlt advneolloOlO s IooFsitliot , wtil probally beoooe th(t princtttal t ollottetcttl eoty ilo Wes..ternI T1exas. . PlIn f the city oe oy be in the Genorol T'ltt sovtoral Ionol.s o in tlois IRelptlllic,toll. (I'llolltor . c~ial lIulhniilIe , Pic i! lilt and True Attie ican, of .U; Orli olls , will pubt hh nlototo oooo l ' he ir ,y o t o all . JAMleS II. S'I'ARIi. Secretary of the Treasury. To THIEl I..)ItES. I: III I.I,'s I Il.lt0 l-\ I I t l .. ii tTE lRl F1111.i ,tetw tor th' radic l cur ' [re I Jlitll' UtL'ri, tor .illhlg -,1" til \0omitiil by I) (tx 0rotl ,olttoot ttil olt , o etoLtLt O the i00i0l ot ll to obP j'ehtot lob' irt.otare,, it o'tooidt tvl ro t o'I net dh' tI t1 til l leteo d t; to'e t ,ili. t ,1 o I t II I'tCI r,.*t r ht il to htl'l tlt, ot nlever o hao]ilotg I<ll',l'd tl lor rtltit i l ao crlii o'vei ilolilr the lot t 1gr0l + a cirtcttd umll ltal coo. it hlts ro'tltetvl d th' ohoebIdd aolllroilathon of olr \stlty C(ool. 'r itL l ndotll ; ir I jtill lIill t lroolio ; Sir Jioto o 'larook, Pli\'It itto It to' (4 ttlt'QiU I)r Ashwl ll. Locttll on tioo walttoo t rt toi (luy's flol. Lilal; ltr llgi)y, lht'turtor to teli rtoolhl titr Irli th o tecturolr to \ t'- tIttot-lier Ioto lralL Ir r iott llollt a i, l etur. I r t to to..i t llo IIto ta l lt Ilobert FiergluI n, lectulll to) Wie~ iSitant,sitr yiniillln JlhSpit, al ct; t vrollElto It r t o %hd'lt.t o ee x ho. litt.I to sltl o I ' ttltco hol r I o (oolt t t oo lol e t 's lying; At-ht itoltoalt tlrr y liry IAisto liotqut st lllot htlI'll, Loc, 'I1 'errltoitooi uotll. 0'0 li-to"i., &t.e loy i)r 3 l orrelou. lll-l llitt tot o o ade lltte Rooy lo Ji Mod oltl'h , lllrm ioo oo to hlll'llI r to t lIh }cOhets lI'Othaitott |toottlrotto Vl!Itt to, irjoj . Paul ),lboota sot totd otlh'ro--o iot Ncw Yorkky llltoli.'otrJ W1 FlralVl'o , o .t Ild 1i rdI.I o l t lroo ' s. oor ot oolootvld'ry ill tlte otieroioty ot tfoe oily ol Now Yo.rk, lrollf. ldelotiOhl, told I'Fra'ni Ie Jotl, . ttol, ttt-rtdeid 'ont Couty 3ol N. ',tyt ILiotrnoo Houllot pro't'oidtto ed ocloity State of N Yotk, etoto JIt MlcNoultoll o Alotoioany, 100000 )itoorlh, ('torus Per. khlot0 I)ootte-I)rt 'rioo .o td, ltlhbert tootith, Ilotock, oteart,, Ltdlow, li ooaot, Vch~eh, Powr r(iray.sootV Vi oIo'oioalar', ooid il.i otto lher diotino gottoshell lthysiciaoot ioo the UI ltatoto. AG LIull, Otiioo 4 Voo(ey at, A.tor louoso N York. hL' A tonottaot suopliy of t'f above inotroloo nnts, with lir Ihlolts onptorovotd Trottoto foor lhrin, wt l Ito kept oy SII'KLtI'S & t'to, N urneins, o (0 Utrlonttr, .Nohhtz; ltn t & Marshi. Wood. wl to loth and Molory, Metmthto; \I I lk o oool, oo oriles Hlot l ih tt loi t -gtooo,. Not.vnlle; h ui ''ott.-y acd lH.tcltto do; 1 i. Il, illh., re (" tpototwoo , \twhI A.1h.; o1.-- ,st - I u h,.. L i., 'to It. .ie ) S '" .lT hi i1ti 0'to? dr ft....... I+ i-f+ia -t----- - _- -t I ' I I F D SAT E S O F A M E RIt-Ll" \ ,-t-.' t 'i U I..lul'iina-Piris. and city of New Orleans R1, it kwn,, by this agro lilt, made and cnrle ad i l this ifourtrolent day of Jullo, 1I39, -before Iln, Horatio I)a.vis, It notry pi ubli, duly eornii..F.ned art sworn, in nd for thte parislh , nd city of N.w irans., thatt in corintirmity 'o tihe law applroved by tile leg il htrl ofr this state+I, on It flle lthiirte rnth .1Lrh iihtlllee hunldre.d and thirty.l een, enltitled " ;rit i+.t I o aulori lllii UIted and Aunony ouil patI It . hip., alid for i gtilaonr the nig, 'll';"' ' erllor is Iii-reby trhrnld br united p!artnrnLip whloh shall he rc, ialhd iino a ll-r and form l r l'o.w np, viz : 1. ''The il :ii und style of pa nerhir p sha.llfi fttlTe oteanwr Lfrifliant A'soiiaioni of N. et `I- This nasociation i formed f.r the purpow. of i rln ing thie steamer culled he irtI ' rt f' New I Orles, ast a passenger and relllht Ioar, for hlr, on the. waters , f .iouisia. i or others of or on tthe icoat of the United States. 3. The alllOllllnt of t111 c:apl)ital sli:l of thlis aslo. rlli s's is thirtyL two thousand dollars., dvcd iIllt l lty sthaes of tight hllll red doIll lll.allr C . ''( whIi.' of whlich :pintal nlo hi., r il. p il -n rfllidy I n,'~.. slid , :mo n I inll tilt pr:elr pi by Io!Ih herel.itiiha r lllllld mirll ts of said as+sociatioi n lor tie original coa , rI pair aud aiterallon, iiad to I 1. o'I'h! nais of the olpartnlrs in thn .ssncia ti, and 'the amounit whf h they lave rtspetivly, riotributed to this iitiited partfiorship, arte us for lot, n, v z : 1. tllllna F. Klnn r, of thi iparihl of A:\ i : -,ll ', f. r Ihrl airEi.', twiI thouinI nd nli r f i uno dred dol.lars, r".L, 10f(I 2l. IInry o . all, lof he onllll rish, fo+1 tlhree Mshlres, two thut+and and lour hutd re, dollars. 2,100 3 John Sl l dl ll,of thi city,for tlree shanfre ioo thnoo:nd and four hnlldrd dollars l. ,100 I. 0liiistoipher Adalot", jr. iof th..n city fEr Ilirel. ihares, two thousand nil floulr ihuidrid d irlairs. 2,400 5 lii il lm Hamilton Avery, of this city, fir th!ree shares, two thuusanl anld four hul. dollars., fi 1 if. John i . Preston, of the parish of As etlsliorl, foir three shares, two thousand and four hundred dollars. ,400 7. Jhn,llr Stenphlin David, of thel parish of St. Jamel , for two nharen, sixtUen huIndred tIffl..s. 1,600 8. John S. Ari\tnd, of the parish of St. J.lllllam , for two IhITareo, oixl 'll hundred dol. lars. 1,00 i9. Paul Ilcf ert, ir the parish oflle'rvillo, fir one sharu, right nllllldrld dollfara 00 1It. Aaron lart, tof Pfttsurgh, fir oseven. ten hllares, thirteen thlousand six huldrtred dollars. 13,600 $32,000 5. 'lhis partnership shall commence on tile day of date hereof, and ithe operatnll ofl 'it same ihall terninate, and the clt crns t ner hereof shall be wound pll at thl' erliratll.n of twelve Imontlhs Iro ipe date of this oct. 7. There shall be apapclted by said association upon the meetincg of ally tive of tIll' shtckbdlllcrs thereof eonvened in the city of New Itrleans cater two days noltice in oneIl' I he pllbllc gazettes of said city, a board which shall consist of tIhrl directors, to be chosen froml aong tile stockholdlers of said a.ssori tiolln, and in like manlner ihere shal'. be an agent oappointed for the roaln'. 'I ha board dTl s odIrtr of this nstiltution, abnhave fu la power,sl ec authority to make such rules and by laws as may ntt be inconsistat with tbi- act or with the law afore recited, upon which tins partnership is tounded and specially they they shall have power to direct the mode of mruning said hoat, and regulating her voyages or tripe, tites of d'-, parture and return, rates of charges, &e. The said board shall also have the power to ine:stigate the accoents of said boat, as well tllro' themrelvs, as through thee ugent thercot and generally to super vise, control and direct the coure of tile plnll:y. Inent and the aminisitration of her tilnds, and to that end they shall be authorised to give nil fitting and proper instructions to her agent, officers acid othertliln the elmploy. The dtrecto a shall also have the powers to fill up all vacancies (lor unexpired termn) arising in said board, froml: death, resignation or otherwise. The agent of said boat shall reside in tile city of New Orleans, and shall under the Iby-laws of said board, collect the debts due to the association, and Itf any there Ihould be in suit cn tIhe nane of said asoLlcntion, and also in like ilmanner dtsburse their ulllds, for neccessary expenses ald clails, and un d,'r the like direetions keep just and true books of tihe laccounts, dealings and transactions enf'said ;s sociationl at the office wielich shall be soclected by the said hoard in this city S. The directors of said anaocintion shall continue in office during the term of six months, fromn the day of their elrction and until tie election of a new board, and suchl nnw board shall, it possib'e, bhe elected one week after notice as aforesaid, and prior to the et\pir tieon of the term of tihe older preceding board. The agent shall remain in office at the discretio. of the board, and the board slhall determnine hi comlpellsatlu l ,d tile Ilmanner of pay. ng the same. I. At the iperiod therein before rh:teorrined fur the cxpiraltion of thils co-partnership, thie taftirsc thereof shall be settled, and tilh same liquidated and wound ui by tile last bhard ol'directors of said assnociaton, or thile survvor or survivors oafthen. 10 The persons so trusted with such liquidation l ahall cause to be mlade a full and cmplllete balatle slleet of the debts and credits of the associatiton. and tlhey shall well and tiuly dischtarge and settle out of the ilnds of t he association, emtsistingit of said boat, her earnings or proceeds, the la I',tll dblts nfsaid association, and clwhen all the debts and claims of anal against said assocition shall bive been fully paid ad dishllarged, thly shall make a net and equal ropartition ameong tne stockholders ofsaid association or their lawful representatives, pro rota, of the stock respectively he d by them, of all the re o ainoag funds of said iprtnerstlp ; and for the purpose of ellecting the liquilation of said concern, tie persons who shall be the liqteidators of I th, nanr:e shall have lillt power to sell said stelam boat and hler altpurtenances at public auction, after tllvertiseann't duling unee c week in the usutal taner, ait suclh craedtits and on tsuch terms aned lon. dltions as to theml shall jappear advantageous, atd shall have also full powecr to cause to bI discoLnutcd without recourse, al, notes. obligations and credlit wlhatever, belonging unta) said assit iallon, whe ther arising out of tihe sale of std boal, her carn ings, or otherwise, provided such discount may not be made at a rate exceeding te per cent per alln surn, or even to sell without recourse and at public auction after the usual notace, :.11 notes, claims and credits, belonging unto said association, oil such terms as they may think fit. 11. The divid, nds of prolits, if any there shall be, made by said association, shall, after paying all debts, clarges and expenses, be dit lared at the end of every six months succeediin the date thereof. 12. This act of association is expressly based upon the afnresaid act of the legislature of this State, approved the thirteenth of March. eighteen hundled and thirty s, vet, and the aforeoameed members of this linmted co partnership hereby dlclare that it in their intention to avail tthemsnelves (ic making this assoct.,tion) io all tiho prnviveges anlld ilnmunities in tite said ac;t of ithe legislature contemplated, and specially oft' the privlege of exemption CrtmlU responsblihly fir the del Ia alnd oLligations of said iassociation beyond the amlounte ofl teo parvalue oflthe stock by tl:em aespectively held,, t as collte lplatd ni tihe iglllth srction of salid a t, and all priviledges granted or responsibilities iloaoscd by sald act are to be take an.l coll nidared as llembodied lerein. 13. The said co-partnershitp hereby elect the city of New (crleans as tile place of domucil of'l aus. soc:liatlon, anti deterllne that thle masltr or lebrk on said boat for the time btllcg, or eller of Ithem, shall bo the agents of said assoalclion, so far an to sign bI is of lading, to hbnd the said assoC.ation for goods received on freight on board said steamer. . '1 The stockholde m a n t sad uassciatiun e.ll lhave the right to vote by proxy at all eleclions ior directors, and to appear by prox} at all meetings duay convened, I has done and passed ill th:s office, on the date as above, ill thel presence of Bartltolotlnle VRails and 'Theodore F. Thrilllnoann, eomlpetenlt lllna ses, domniciled in this city, who having sganed with tIe parties and cIce, the notary, Original-signed John Slidell, W'n,. II. Avery, fIery McCall, John S. D,,ved, ('. Adams, jr, J. S Armant. Aaron Hart, of the city of Pl'ttslhug, counay of AI egltany, Setait of Penonsylvanma, i to these i'pr senat presented by his son, Jesse Ielart, of New Or leans, as per I roculatlocn er, unto anaXneax. AARON IHART,' L'er JIESSE IIHARTI. Duocan F. Kenner hbaing Itcl the clly previous In signing, is hilr replresellntd by Mlilor Kenlil r, as per letterle r ercunto nllnexed. DlUNCAN F. KENNER, Pr MINOR KENNER. Paull Ib erct having left the city previous to algnlng, c- here represeteod by Bornard Laudueicer, as per letter hereunto annexed. BD. LAUDIUMIER, Pour PI'AUL IIEBERT. JOHllN S. 'PRESTON, By Isae 'T. Preston hi. attorney in fact. The o ords" fourteenth," and "'of 'June, 1 f39,' intetrhned. Bi Valls, Theodore F. Tllelnemann, Iloratio lDavI, notary public. I certify the foregoing to be a true copy fromn thi original act extant on nly current notarlal re. gister, in faith whereof I have hereunto 'signald mly name and affixed the impress of any seal of oflicu. New Orleans, June 20th, 1839. Signed, IIORATIO) DAVIeS, ald-2nw30d Notary Public. II·: sllhderil~ erl having te )FI'II' IIhP at;.ner ..I iT V I ile Leadt, frome one 11) the IrTt".l tll( Il(·P II;oII nceto .r o~olleT it to nlrallbh,,tr ý 1.1·:II? and eft, dealers,. at Ih - owe\r t mat let It prlcve, aid "o, tit o i t tube a, loud tanuarhcleascanbe on Im .,r, JARh &' I \I RiW1'ý, SPECFJI LUL IU alr q( II 11,*'I' I1 .I`E r~l rn(, lit PA LI U Al. I 1:"; S' iJ- ultcl lt, n+ ll\ RICElt HICItlM'.1 , Ci A·(l(·i .III lt. I li 4 INACCllll ;IItII PAMSA1'h ItI;I'.1 I1" KIt 1:1$ 11C5iN I 1.1 'i Ia Is, S - It %. I IIir Wl·1 Il li'i: I1I.A\ I1. curl ,Itl 111 1·11 1 111 111 11(r 1 - i I' YAI III I 'AA$AAurr I ,,1I S I N ' 1S S . 111 ·) 115ý IIt i l 1 11u. Any., u 1· lnl.u l JI It )· W 111·1111 11 1 .. al · 1 .11 1 ,, r·I (1 'o..·ll, li . ·.- "I' "'.'l. llulu.r lri l ·. " lil,, ·, n \I llll r .al 11 t'lll ol11 CIII I .II (·IU 'ii ll·lrl · 'iII . 1 11i~ I' i r PIr'. lld lllrl e" tll 1 1.1 111 11. 111111 ma r . 11111 (1 tuna .T·I SIss-"I.II '.h. s r n~".,.'ss'i , 1 L II· J ((II· l u is'.. I . I ' il C I ullNI I nll ru I.. . ,r cnll..I. n. u 1 ur~l~""x rrll n ·II YIII .II II -rl I (· sl· ·i( h.. )) 11 ( ) ", ,I INil .1;,, r ill ,tr llF Illlllu C l l lll .1 li ,ln r ul r ., . r~~~·II III.I r " I1 U*I· 111" 1· d 11 111C11 u ·l~l. r r r ..Ir 1 111·11· 1 , 1 I·( l rrur4 ', lu llue~«.I nu~u Y lhr11,_1 1 I lrr .~I rrsrrra II·1I1·11-1 IIU IC em111r (·1(1 111 u. - II-I ... .I r l tlli I, uu1 1111 11 )·) Yld-. I Ll d ll l 11111. 11 r· . 11 11· it 11 ).· ).lI lrrl. ýr "1"'1l u r. Alt,-, Ih r+ uu lturt h I illlJ III) )1 r,,:. 11. 1111 ""I IrTPrI rr·rxr(1) C.I Y lrl I"lllillU It. ,,t 1. u r 111111 1· I~~~rl~ ·Brrr .~~. nur ·nard, I,. thrr F ,.,· li ,l,.,,,,, , ·. ~,,, I, ~nI II. IllI )IIIi,. )·1111 l. 11111 1I) 1)111. 11.5 51 11./ ll NT yr, n'it lEIllAJ (A RI i1'm nit :1''Iiln' iinru ivy:"'" niu, nlu mn li :l -, 1 liiiur: ii'ii 1A .miniiei. inmr in..lof ,'i '.n , ,i' b l.u , -,in , 11 . , I I 1 ,ý. , ouIlllt., ,l 111 1111111 ·1imin'i con,In..m, InIII nin'. .in:g''( I 1 1~I. x"III· I-huIII y fur t, t h., 111 and..I·.J 1. l: tu 111 "r r."ul~l 1)l.rure. ., nx 11,1 I I Ihr 1 -k.1llur"ll·- 1II Ll~i:, ," 111 why . I hm, I, l ul' 0 1.1 (rl Jl I ,, in ....... nnun ,w rt( I1~ I.·1I(1I .U1 1 1, h .A 11. he- ii 1 1'u ', Ir. .. 'I in . I lnly , n .ll ifL II ... .. ,h nmm,-r l·1 11. r.. l d . 1 1--, ,I. AinIinmy. ,ininin', n .Iinn11. n 011 In Y b I in iningiinin n.i in.111ý a F.".. j '·nl I)(·)1(1I) nd drenIY Of 1l· v 11.11 1111n 11 ) 1·11(· · 111 1 I:,Ilc clhg y.,vulh pur. iljl rlll d to (ln"Ir 1lrl·· 11111 1 ·111) cu .. C. 1'l.:ii It ' PI'ItL YI'ING *I't:Cl~11: 1 l;lr jinmPrln 'lbiiu n m. b., miniinmin,,g tin in.-..i.inini.ini, n in) r,,u till. ,,, raw ,.,,, ;, an Mr-foa~l rurrl·Il .rur .".11 rl.., .i u n11 trr ,t n 'iin, ." rn" . .ini. , w n nr " lx ý nllf"l·11 · Ill III kldll.), yr.l "I· 111. 1.g. I., ..1.1.11, ,I"I . "rl, I la iunul' II ll I'rll dl~r url urrlllr, 1111 11l,1 I....1 .1. 111· ·111 (11 "LY Ilil.IIPur.,IU( ' , luridly p tllllE nI"I1.l . ' x per h r. ·· 1. lpev n l' Au. l, Ll ul~"" nII ll lull limn,,, ý., ý r lw ,.I,. , - ,".ll y uu, I .n · illt "'1'L." l In 11, xinmm ~ I hr. n. 11,I ully ufi In 1.1. Ir I rrA, rn11 l,." 1·ol` 11-1 1111 11I -1 b y hol inin'"inm'-mmi ll'. in,.ini rn -i n ',,i r lurin'll.rr. 1,,,. n1, ,".. Iv 1I·II((·1 ti ll-lUI. (1(11 1·1 but r _111· by 1)11111 u, 1111 1 ,"1, ltlý", rntiullllrtlunII ( Ihv P IIlI , (· prlIlnII Ihr c ylu.·("l hull)I'Ir· :o Illllln ( JnIIS( J lr .n rn1A nnlnll lope. trln 111('11.1 :,. 1.I. 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