Newspaper of True American, September 19, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated September 19, 1839 Page 4
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BUSdIUESS CARDS. I d1 lir ·i.;, ItI N. MA >K'wur."nr C/or~tu 6,loaAlrbrerntr NilCR OR '19 'XV~~l~ RKSIHg AGAI'LT P11W Ne1 VIli0,,ln.,, 3!, . X(e:1·.y in!, cOPI'l.".jr , I) lb. d,-, : 1l1r rre 1 1% ii;a : be supplk1 ut u,".Lur~uit al _____l_ '61'_r, ··l,,,tI,, , CJAMPULJN & COOTPER, @M0011L5 A.NI) 1)9' XI R) IN IRLOVISIONS F NI, IIRLE) . N.·. 79 nnad StJ i a pJ'..0 Nr rle 0 an.. 9..lý1nu'???1 iV ltO nep.'.Iup a .16,25 _ _ plll Cnluiy stnrspo i p. lr 5. CH rMPluJN & COOPER,- LOU ficANA7 FUIRNITURE' WAREROOMS No. 53, Uiooo ille rerot. `J TILJA1I R. CA Ito V, wocold resperetullo in "V firto hiefriamlialnd lto pcbiic thtot h.e1on santv receiring form Now York and lBostun n geid saormeot ofFurniture, ouch as tenachogy cliir-, pay Ledeteada maplo and olainted chairs, meopic and sherrv bsdsgeaoi, mholto nv and cherry taices of oll d acrcptioit+, lgnruu-, *lilets. secretary-, writiug . ks, weeolroi rca of oclhoo~ l cod cherry, wash aoies, lookir's Cf iceo,- teooer. hrbdding,&C. &c. Nu. Fuiiouice puokd 00or taenspuotatioun ith great care. no1 FASHZUNAB3LE CLOTHING T,\ VLOR S& HADDEN, Mo. 1.1 CI'hswmse gotreet HAVIE a cuostant- p Iocrew crticle , Ptoat'ino to ootleetinoe droege. 0 tle latcut style, at.New Yook priores. dec 20 ORLE7ANs LITHOGRAPHICo PRINTING E.OTA 1t1.1SIf.11 ENT No. 53, Magazine Street, copporitc Rlanks' Arcaec. 17LL.4-11 GREENS, PROPR~IETOR mrI RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON HAVE opendl n iclleT in New O-rlean, posIesnin equal advalna t es wih hl h Io b se in Nw York, flr the pulýrose ofeg.r I '.in, an I plirlining M k Notes, Icodls, Bills of ERei:lu e-, ( el tirel1:ers or Depopsit C~he,'ks Ianld other i r tn;pr 19 p.leer., eqre linfi security aint Forge:.ies; urd havoor ImLnie i piiin pit vsiion for he safe keeping of all n i l,,iis nld ip iressmnns entrstn ,1 to th eir enle; tlh eir s a pE 2.l l s e r eeb ' i e n fore f a;ver fire hun h -ed l hlankrnc in., llllln l, and all -rders 'ill h e ted he en dI -il ti.tdr, anl ,n i thne Isuli trllmS. 0)di' , conIuer if iiun & C&(nnal niree;. jnl tf S BUS & ALErN, NO. 1, EXCIIiANGE IIOTEI, ,rner Iof. . ('6t lr/cl s e. ('nmmon s:,. p II'O, I(T..' , 11(a,1 Il,.lr-a u "rEW, 1J F -li.h I ('u er), nlos. .' (l~ e S hirt-, bis. , nlinitellun,'! K , l l '< , Iiai oi-. r~.e uI tnor skol ( 5' i T !. lld ..,Noh 1 I, ; ' I rt-rs to, Im i, In Iyre DF \I.IN' II IN -,7117 RI \N Ie' ' CRO lWN ;. NO . (l.anent.rr & ST F E'T. o .i Nr v( I JOB 1 tN I -NG niEElilly IIA IN). 31IIILy Ni ('lf lt tPLY EXI.'LI:'Er I) AT THE OFFICE OF THE S1'. : rmI.I: , II :'I', NI:.L\it I' o.)" , ts. . : .P".*.'.'7.r .: ,!tt, <i; paper, for sale bY 1( li,,ll 1'Ti': -'! Ii;d"e (7l'J l, I 1,rec ma,11 tnv S sh e ,Ir, _: , :nil ;r , ,,, ,,,I ,rha l::,9,,n i, r 1 n,, I l 111 ii atI I (: I: I r"n, I ' - :',"'. . " Ns. " . . ' ^ ' 'r . ." " n .1.TII 11 . 7 nvdrne 1. (Ski., iHs t l 1; 1,, n·, . I t anr: \', " .r g hIIIn ,,.n l L , ' 1 1-' 1t 1 "., 1'- i . i', . " ,: riI l,, i ln I a11nd V ore ,in· ~ , - .ý 1- . n r: n ( Iii l un- u-nin sln pinll ; i i it ,rke of ) 'umphrey. Tinh n, i ,.i I -. ,n , ie ' I I t I ( I, topper t:;r.h',,,~ i1 1 . ,, . , "I, , I.lhl, lll lll l'd bF Ilolwn oin grte .t r , n , . . NI -..F . !,, ,. cJ' 1 e., I:,l ',ll llI r r, w illh.N : I,;r,, I ,,I,, ' " t i :, , ,:elt ,ol he LLa tIr, ; s.. , , 71:" L t'.," e; t r " t oms ly Vid l fr : , T'hr ir,,, `, '. " ,:"e 1 :, Id o,h n th( ,i : o 1 < . . . . t ,- I i - n ' rA d : n& t iJ Xe (l rta f '.! l r , l , , , ,l i( l I r :: ,_ , l t el ' ' s j beU dilt l .,d ilI, ,r l-, i,,:i r ni;n iui ially iias gohn. w ill ill 1 :.:s ., b: sl,.::: .r , T sharr o f patron. ano eis s In n ,, "n I t. i-i:, n n-;,s r!, , thrmgan Iv, a in comlcl ll t ~.;t, -:, lll, i ,,; . rr e i(.'Ihl,, to rec{iv, and furvl:ard g,,,.!. I,. e ! i,l(,t a hUII Ihe gnn ll m der. ind ciiildren eml nt , whlio he w iiill dip Ois uio J very I[ i rI"a', pb' rli n s,. Nll ie 'hll lle ils s11 in-i 1te I n eto 1l 'l r lI It ,,ill have the~r wzshe. otr, e d, (,Ito I, S SL;,t)[ 1 I:nglhh dl,- 2 1-4I 1 . 3I0 "2 dil d o 4Illt lllh , rta . i l i ,-e I '.. r illn ,; so b a norhl amrt(.ll t of Ur + r 1ru and 5ttoldt " Vor ite . d ,o J .ln 1r . .1 h110 n , 1 t P i r tl t'r lohr l;o !i Ioettou lroh e do .--stui .oore u coununmot, th I2 Le ,·irlo r, It e Itr tll \sirtue of urn rit. ',lr r'" tl!,4 and ro ;I 3. '"al rtreet. Nloter knwl n r.- I-, t Il . ueor i to c eiscu n for godpag orl in p a nt ,idl rnbt. It ee i ctceld, ha- rtinetdte hel r Ic tlece and rcotnid onda ti ,e o l, itrpc t ulip i11 Will,, for thle lOW r oi c of S1, cntols el :h, taiain i th t ,tio, tu .ll hIt e e ", pitin - o blou o SvelvWr t, pl, i re (Ito irtt,. or ncl' toiher rtiy n nn d ' herbtk knoit' atint u't lhdI.d. n Urlu h . t-.'-- uuo ut t reltg pul n rv arcpi ai ntl . Tlie ie t r titIhle l te lel I t ht rler it hn Cli Ihe I ro-i .cmed, tint a iht.p nei the e nti'lrnce atlind reom u au.rcta-j treit onf reo rtirn fily',' n , e tr, tor the ric r of caughoon e -d, pa-in in t u tiJe, t ill e, sitting of bloodt , Livenr tntlphtiu t ,':. Tuuh rit mayi rihve in our plltice f'rl t'lY Ire rihed 1'ri (lar l S.r's Indiaun fUl.l nr' of*vorr it , d Iiollrhnlln r with a dlcido.d goB.l eotelr: rnh;en irlihrrelne, lioni, ilr hknown Alsit e ftlh. intltrrihlr it i r nl tll frlllm, antilrel.aron " [pr - .rir-ll',, r+mt eml il llali , i t il a llnr il w a • rtirollj bn l card : thse ,,lNr ,ti .. .. t,n I Ln.. " wh ich it i re I o llnl-ess in+. l, b rIeI Iand su11 ,Lneel . t l'l, t + . ) terwheade'. 0 I.HII lu/I I' WI1. SISd , M. t). Lt : I lIN E1A.3. M,. If, h lerlwllt<ew of tie Ion:ritllrl aledjee .ltonrcitron. iotloen. O-tolin vr e3. sael by J. , 1 .&: .NI)JLICW il'Il- i~ 111 .1 I htitnitenlt . i-s Sal". Iv IEILIlO(;ELNi: I::.I.s.N & (:0. pIlVa:y Nor 19 t'tri r; . COAI.-l. e e-rtn,. . t' h 'r,.tt eetinrn,-.l) , ., Ihand n lare ti "lmllvn (" ' Ct-.UPr end id verpol coal., in bllk. ,I .!ler- r-r lnlnloI , w iic thrlpy offer for gale ill le' In flilt illnllnt r3. land ani Ohn Nr'h, C,.,n" '. Lr- oiri asiel .eth bfeut in {C-, ,itr.n ihrl and sere,-iel, i ! e ll, h"g~h, r uh, .,i'n,', h ,'r ta,,,'v n~-, I ," h ,+I (l -trn Ict r ', , ;,r *. i olivr, N ' .,:i I th.',I.t- ot -el ? . J, ,, 4 1' LIIh. E\V GOOow c-tmmn Flam & tm urruw n'lhr ing from nrIIII rdng il, * \'zmoo, uNchrrI rutcgc -14in their line, wrhich tsllrc t hi tiu tirk .n' 'rndmakesthnie imtsrt nl c rn I lew 4 Vc'f mdnwB l·nndpli,, ,ie hm& iP11 Ir,! lucllk anld dresin ut-cowl -~ orn do o!'O!.ill dr'i(ripllill' 1 u duidin r'ckrr, 'ilkiaci "nn71r11 "d l:;ctic ""tnrcc, (.II:!1 . ". filP rlactic snspcnderc, loco fllS1trn mid l Ililiftr Inutchrsli i anidlitz powdem:, mks ·pull` and I~oxrs, luiln, lm'r'pi Ipocket hobLnn, unaa lln, inrle bok,, ell, pin al, airndv nimnanao rsin n-na, binnad ,n,,''-n , pilibCn ru rInal i-ead, Lranin ancc~c :ml ni : i:: nealit- ,,j unlnn'' inandcc la, cut na'alna I,-.',,nI atlc',,, n till iendan, n'rdnunads, belg a ndi paI a n pi--, -nl ;u I-p, r w.i t crflui sl*, c rehot burrll+, hors', I :rel. llpu i:!k ll and t "iliar a'ntol, ; n-a ak,,n, i-alc a ,~i dia.unI,,nnilnaaIIcr c, I anld BilksP . cc' cot's, c16'. :tea, pin j;ki I 11I i I.. ,·PI.X ]III BI+ sand aibaoa, wa is ti I nci,,il, , l'a ,-,i hai, ''''a '', Inl ia a-aad pinase piamntun Ij. aana i: In nnaa',.-a,,na anal,'. ;lenable hlo ir oils, s lu i n ad frirlcl· ýlltlL ,, fall des-l~l cr'J:ptin, Indict'P PaWi aaalc~ona' 2i nna1na drcin, :uses, l e t r~il~ , brlk ii$ cll ppu? · in nl, far illH r'liar hu ne, prataga! a niala a c dame-d! n-hot tunar Khl " and eilccc polwil ens'+~, tooth orl r owl lv or ulher arti-e Ims amof mord aat r"lnaanle hurmanaim n a bn tnnrai, dning ienS~nmld an irnar odnpn; N U Shell ombsl repair:dl Y LE & AY,-ltous .,g, a,.ltio, o-tas. D Painter No 3 C;aromdele street, two doors Irom (anoal street. Imitations of the following woods and ma0rbles, e ecuted in a mnsterly manner. woouds AM aLEB. SSMahogauy, E.onptian black anod gold, Oak, Gialla and Antico, Pollar Ido, iOriental or veed antique, Curled do, se, Curled Maple, oo, one, Birds Eye do, DI)arb (y;ranite, Satin Wood, Poionac, Hlair Wood, Dove or 1Hudello, Yew Tree, Italian White, Coromandle or Ill:ack Si:nmlnod lBroctella, loBe Wood, Attri tan Grey, Ash White Oak, kec. k ko. Curled Elm, Specimenos to lie seen at lthe shop. Painlts, oils, gliss, coipal varnish, . un htand l.i for sale. to - i RON,STEEL& IIH\IVY (Got)O)D-11at, sqluare Sand bundle iron, well asnrted. Hoop, scroll and rod iroll , ail rods and plough Cast, German, shear, blistelrd, apring, sheet lid Crowley steel lHollow wnre, cuit tld wrolght nlits nold sllilt Zinc, block tin, mill and grind stones, s:ht ketLles Chain cables, alchors, hoo.s Ox, oIg aI 1 t(race (hains, corn mills Anvils, 0i0e, Iillootorsreotdllr0 s Wire, sleet,plgn arnd bllr lrlad; hot Coal, and cooking stoves Ames, iIowland's aud ( ther spades lnod siorels SHlook and plte hlinges, door and wiindow ho(oks tCollins, Ih1ts, shlilPS, doll lllo:r I .s l'alr'd ad 111 ailla Eon ilge, lin:c ntoorwine olt Id shah Ing OlOer; Naval stores A fudl assortment of hardware and ship chandlery, Slway5 s on h:nd, ald lwhlich re nl're 1f:r sale at whole s de of retail, on the most ftlEorale tCerms, by miS LAY'TON tk C. 531 Old Lever. IOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER S No. 1 (':lo le rert. W (holesuh' Orer in oits Ol, V)rni(h, Iru-he, S11I:I \indltv l and I'i;url (ille,, \1c. ,v. i FASIIIONABLJ ClITIHl ING. I[N. O!t, I(' ne trc' slrrel, Sfor D, - Ol r h, ~ li,,. 'ie.n,'l l -.. i " oAVIl < ( c oi (0l hnnll n rt :.- rllt cle pip t, n-I I thl-I 1:1:1 PQ In I I)ut ((It'll 1 111(1 \.NEW artirlh F vr fplwsruo Irdl,'d wih denr, ll+ , a(n olled the C'o'l'rmope i h,)o s ls he1d r1-eied, iby the rnn, .( mll l n t nll.i .h .l :l rtii n lln i kn I0 t lL luan ,..,r ,I +,I) s d ls Ihlu : tl"c i,,;it ':'" ! t I ih t :lar. Al1i nir. IWlt hrlle '1 'I- Ir11 eo i0 1 o il ,n , 1 n o F i: :, v1111 L- I In I llrla.l.r;lolon\iil r. boto'c hh n. Iloe or l llt < lid the i :t : T'1' F (l'I(IN'-, I'ethr ir he ox }IIIIIIY, 11001 !b 1:, Ir.1 : 1,r r. I ", In," Itn, (n;·l il l I I I ll ,I1111 1)1·1 I~:.. it to 1I1I rntrrii`an Itiil1 ltr. .1 rr:, r: _": 1111.111 i In , II'·1I: ;u~ 1: t ~ - 't I' I"I," :I!'I'I'I in .It 1 11 Illl "il~ l (.iiii· Q 'd t""' - r, t'," 1 r rl, I r v" it, ph',- it tlt tlrr ,.,. I, t!""," ei I·ilii r Ii " u i. l I,~ i in " T· i hi · 11111 it;," it I - `: t li· I I II " " .,' ! 'II"" I Ilii /l .ll (;1 I :1 11- , l- lilllr\=i:, l llll .1I'1·III _ i. -"t tt ,",,,,:ýI '1 P(' I. :l)Iil· ;t1" ,'1~ I ,' rl11 rI r ,1il ro ' r n ,r r ,I i, iI;",lm , :,,", ,..,,,II· I) 11,11 1 I", rL rr i (',:r C '~ii) I~ nt:~t n~?1 I,'I I r:," I,,,,, ý J· -I., , 1 t :,IA li '11.11,1, ,\ _lit111 ý, ",i 1'u '.., / .JAI{X Lc & A.NIiLi'V,'S, 1lIl1f .%I .\1N IN i:"'' \li. ihg i.i1,1RS IN '.EDICIN"S, PAINTS OILS i) } I. l '"'lf':." ."1.\"L) 1'L'L : uI'(/., Is s, .-i t .1t: I "l .1. 1 1 91".\ 1| '..1 1'.iil ?'it'M. 1 !0rge 't 'Ilc 1' i c, ' rl ,'l., ', c .,r.1 .It ti le groa tln . rD :. -MITi I 'll & C .,, r. :l,:tctfully tnf, rmii . their i raendds t hpR ilo l -be p I "Iner+l, that they oeuvpy IhIe new brick shop, 210 oT n tal' ,tnam. h slrect, whler they koip c'nstacntly on hland clopper, Tin unl !Sheet Iron llel r,, of ;r'ly descriptioni such as coppr .i'!s, hoettles, and p ipe, to bath. ing to , and i oil c'ns, of, all sorts oii d izces, anl d all other brass Iasting dlone i at hinrti:t noIllci. (Grate halri o!' everry d i, iptii c, wich as stC am. boat stirupe, ihog chai'si , screw It'I , ti Ii other kild ofstcrn mboat work, iuch ans cililcney, breech. ev, utea1im pipe. l.They i ll idso do all kinds I ol out dor work, such cas ci', copper and tin ri.olig and guttering, &e. The ablove and all other kinds of work in their line of bus esr, tly will execute Ii the shortest notice. l i , lI' 7 S'Nlii 'i "ll iic ' r ll'rri\ lot'l'i ., " 11I well lo,.wn wnti rl ill a' p a rty opr h fIc r n i iaiii 'i, 'l cii' tht l 'l ' ;iiic o i" ,,,i, hi . e of Mr. John a |el l su !l. 'm h^ r t li, osn-p r , int h ,ceoll rly l ronsriderably impl ve Il by ni'. litnh l ine ii:.ini ro ullll I ll l i r n. l inrd ro',,l n n". pl o ;I el tlent d Iu thlb' hnnh. (;rent r .olle, htrr ),he'on Cl e ,rt. Th,, ore i, reifty fil i. r,,+Hn 1rn "f ILonll+,a olrl l . " g'lop Tloicir i II tii r io Ii lbrl. l+, liip llll. : 'n'i for rlrii n, p' rnc t. & e e.tir-in , n th,: oll.1 "ithin a fiw bo, rs .oil, n ,, w.;,'hh ,r,- (';It Isitmd, 'trip Ilund. liorn il-i0: ,n0 l he' lf h toai':oip i L eth-r H el' rcf t h, | ir h ill! tueli . () i il. r' , oily c o t. " b. O I ii rii lh'hr c. o Jl in: i rel aol call onI lI'aulr u h .orri ler*. h rvt I ti. r..;'It . [1, r l hI, 'loldresI tJ!" [, t I (.nrr h,,and n:ll ro , ,h tli.,In l - I ;, n ,i a, r: I cr '3 £ raso i , o Io if ci i it 4 . p l. I hu ·i.011+t,, rl ohotil :l ot turewuud and ailiha, In .. | ip iillil llip ilI p gB . ie - ii+ri on r r ll i, li"ii' ." Ih ile fted lii-i' " I h1. \1 I'.l. c .i1 . bP y lll l ia thl' r fi. l .f'oII I c J i I I"r h ' i ..!' , ' r S h iyi ely r al' .'r ur-, l .aict' d ' ,o i li I o I n l l wa tlr ir fa"s lo h , ,be d '. "pr,,e liar nleh n .lthe o . i Ihara ; ,I t ' , tI r lti' No, .rtua:ris ma y -'ti i1 : nr ralt'r rd : I-__' l e' , hbol- b ,- , , . .h o, ,c -,,ro ruitl. i - ,, pr ;i Er ,r lio arol o ,r ah' ;- I) l y, Lhi.' fiiont c:rlS'c; loii"n T&cr a.nd i ." , 1 ' ,!., hi, 11,,- .herr or,,,"'' \Vul k-, & c \ ' +. I r e' i .li, r ".I,." v ,\[,pALE\. I( i:: :, j,,ur ".+' :t "'"T " il Too t & Bsltimore Packets NEW O)RLEANS AND AITIMORE LINE AFIt PA'K E'ITS. This lian will cAnsist of the frllowing vesscls, which ive been built or pulrcllased expressly lr n the tra lk, viz: Ship sieaman, Capt. Miner, Berk Mary, Nickerson, " Irad terry, nrw StOeves, A olAomon altus,, LA lthaml,A flrig Arclhtect, A' ;ry Theso vesisl.n are of the first lass. a hand. Aomiei tirlaihed commAmlationr , and are of a light draft of water, so as to admit If their rcccivinlg and I Adisc' rginri their crgetr s in Baltiumore, at l/e city. "i Freiciht wmal be taken for poIr i tlhrl.h Chesapeake i Si or James' River. and lirwarded by tio agentls,l Mesrs. (C.ARLKE & iI.LLGG, at Unkll ci oI r,: i I lonsi'ls an gO tls shicpPewll bei aldvan..d wh, rilirid. The roi i f passage o Iic i fied *t a iiI, d I am ple I . stares ol'the b st gulln tly w tll be pr eyvided. sete; n up and dowa the lissiseilipi lli bo taken I on all occasions. FI'ur lfreight or passage, apply toi U GEO. 1I WEFORlD, FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets ] 'Ill : Ships composing this line will sail from New Orleans and Now York on every other Mon day-commencing on the 20th November-and to insure the punctuality in the time ofsailing, tihe line. will hereafter consist offive ships, viz: Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 20th Novemlber. Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th December. Ship Ilunotville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the ]thll December. Ship Vlcksborg, Captain Woolhouse, to leave on the tat January. Ship lissisnippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. The above are all nw, of tile first class, copper ds and copper fastened, and upwards of 500 tollns burthen, are of light draught of water, being built in New York expressly for the trade. 'lhe price So passage is fixed at 100 dollars: thleir cabins are fitted op in the most imnproved and convenient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the cnomfort and entire satislactilon of lassengers, who will please take no. t ie that on berth can iel secured until paid for at thle lfltee af the eonlsineea. These vessels art, e).olanded by enptains well experienced in the trade, wln will give every at tenliol and elcrt tlheleselves to aeolnlnodatl. 'T'hn:, will at all timten lie tored lip and down the Missis sippi by stenamboats, ,ld the strictest punctuality obcrvev irl the tilie of sailing. The owners of these shiius will not be responsi. ble for any lotter, parcel or package, sent hy or put on bonrd of tlher, unless a reglar bill of lnaing Ian sig:td therrelor, at tle counting hlouose of the agollt or owlners. or firther particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COlIEN, nov27 90 Common st : .t, U ltll.:.. - CII.I flI:ýTI N p \('KIC'TS e e' fIll ' N ulltl ll lll 0)( hll I ullrtlel. wllt , , I I e ae.t,' an ldalaitls a,,r p a:ssttn, ant. TI v Is, I are r nlmlllllll lll y ! ap I aillljllR \ '{.I eX ýI, rI n ",, t :i t I lrti aLre, swI will ' ve evenr at tar , I. ava1t a 0,"r, Iht mrelis m .i a l a sli~l.{'-.` : . h , v i a i it ia , .ta t ' riat : tsr , a a , ,, , ta l Itr nIr a- at t.a, r ' :l he I 'i l i a " . 1 5 I'a - e, v n ' ,ma- i. Ti," I ,I l t i , 1 1 ir , . i h r. C eh t r l. I t e, dl a nr . a 1p C 1 3. I n 't arfasnic :I;, .\1 oIi:e ]. I),,.ll UIa l l. li Jr,, R.1 , r.\l l ; l sm , A.1 libers, ! -1r P ,r I e, , lu r Itsafe, ran ply . r.\. lAntEL I. M It t.Ci Na a'"n l .t! ta i N i' 11111GLO ioPN-o i li b A mII)OI.CIrms 'I`'* littil rt illt i s 10 gz n t R~I.lI+,TO I A.ITNRA LL' huta__ tutO01 uiFI. t- tih le Il e t i Aerm. Lt n\h l . nhrItlntt U it- I fe r rr Ii h n oe th rg ta eittit Intl cii Iefaen lmitit bI, i in. e+'h'lbist+ et int' e n T ii iNch' iN, ilt i h 'I ehll r lni he a .+]u ill nl' h t heto ab v " ie ss w t roretiotr -f llo,, 111; I(1hth.1 llt1, lt itlV Y(IlIl+*r]H· ,- ~ +I;I 1·~lI I~C' 1I l11(ll Jl% lkril d l ; C.Itohll i t I; li~lltl(.1.. llrh- il , h ageah m l'lSll l-ON & AsPINALLfit (t O .|t ;''iN nD I`O IC fItl "llI U ItL'hA petlle ift tu thFet rio r A1 e' [ I'.o y I tr +th n theII dig t iv. !~il l~l l " corllillllie t ¢.hnrh,,. P t'+.ll ft~lllrlli II eitr'e itii. i I ilt tr(I . p13 inlretiiii .l ..... it 'S 1 AmIP*c, l Iow anA LL S In i •i itrigitti cTON-i" uu cITtUttri,-ph e el y .Lo) welld c lnv it' cIl Iety, tilCn lh t+t r ii ley Arll, t r nlilt ielltitll i:i l'iefierrri - teIiit l c III, t ' .ird , r, 'c'il a thi ity l thiell ete in dte Ine iili vittili it Ii· o"'i tit.!hti n ii purfi .ct c reii e,.i m ii d Iv' agne A, .OL!J,, I lii ag, nt I ifo X Oliiirtl, liea ns W a Is'h eblt letit , " l thu, Ir l lu It melhiO , tor(i f c corner,+ i- nt ,, lllIP, lil iLi iltie u litlt C rir'e reet l h~rl ', H+II- all 2+' lr Irnl)+(ill·l at't I,,)11 IlitIt . -t IlaVl" Fo "" i tr'"'I.€it Agen'ciT' s tapptlyl t io - ~ ~"at jtl I I)it-5 l " t1 l .i ; ,Hlll V. I %IT \ . t I 4 P I ti'. Stl I i -, l l it-,t i iiii I , rrii titic ts i ft o e 1 w I Hu ,in:s Il h]loresn. ll chrri nce ( l sct . (.` Is + i l\'t Imen "om s mul erianges wl:l a lso be11 kept l brl) I lire- at modernI'TLy :1ricesi 11fI t~ilt (!lmlt'tI,,r. It li lt l a I tl l :,!f 1 11) I,,tt lr.(;hi, a, d ,I r sl. ily. fbund neer~ l~·r in plinceslwi l a lsobe111· fIIIC·larnIshed [,,nd )l~ q a tot the b,,rder<. T i e win esh :,H l Inin] s . n llla till,( it\l,'lt] lttlll :It \\ UflTityi It st ~il n ;,l ht~iit tii,. ll ; 31;,, r,, dtr+, t l,, inin.ard t.(:~m., wh o ta l e twso I,, l,. a. h tlattle ill I I nt, i i tyllIt),w 1 ,1 ill c nl thitlg he e ,,( to++ et ll riLt-it l tiri u l-tt ilUt- tlf t 11.t l Thi r r ir tIhe will elvivle, (E1ry sit le f I,.ate+i., ; th nt d Ih, eCr..eb tx Ipriti n ti t l +et I t ,tt'rit " t i t th '',u lil c itiii. aliredl tiyi ill -t aote- tii Ith tlf ilo uitei talre toolld , ii'not ul.r.:t' , e'l a tLil. el rl tr Ii llt v e . Tu, iet ilel hi -. letl l reet'i l ue larlg t na l It tiill otth IlG vlle o ir tlit e tiicIrlalrn l rle tI ei(ii te.lilld Itr. lit t-in ueith ttigieet-rei ' re efrcott' 'ili(al. nr l -itleeu tie abiutlt r II a Ilic ttltttr t e lh ilblll~ whIc thel1 1 wa~ iter bual tiis rxmt t' . ll iter. et.r e .ll ,et (tiu l ntilt t , nt it- n eit tu unte rtet V'.lXP£If+.+)L . 41111· 5I:X·I.. 1o%'II U.', \·l ' l~ lu~,t i I']\;" 311.r\' 11 l l.+\ .\tl(~l '( ll )IA. ~l· Ir ._I lliIl 1,(q1'1 11~ ll l.. 1 l jk l l+)+. )li li ( ItR'[- l 'llOV l, r(ll 3h, 'r+,V.ill'r t~ill' ]+h'l~llplO~),ll .I:Illit' (\IreteIl(l;~n nit)· rtteis l, i-sti trite l it-itt htille r t iht'etl Peit ietliti nd t I l ti I lal_''l+ t iutticO ieih t t ulll itttlt'l te~o ttiet' tug-v."r'l ti ' ,li d~sFeb ci,0:8 Intl Getnl e ttlwatin ltut'tuto ranemrsfrt titlrecuhl iet lulurli tftt will lurcte i flu, 1~ lTli i!i tlh-~It h 1 r il I l c l t t III h u11 .11 r Ii ,i' - i h t.I I t-i leet It'rU, iilh consis tilteio let I.O : st f th hor mes houl l , nrist,+ phwed l Gneo Whirml 'sl. - Sii'' I Wt C haittles E h I e- . Ii Ft ie llu.eetli --'lt i fttl e lit Ifit, t'(lieti -e Ii -It- t lt, 'it I nteh-itt ii t a ell thie l lurie , di At i P r tl ehlrte lr J e orthtre err-ired th ee firs l't +,i·l~u t ir.l-t ,I· a fly.I ,' wlr r ci ttif rui n -t , i ro ifi leletc t i n ola, the ma, i hi,+.+ofhut Chanpr llll hi+e |l'it, l l or .el e nsly, i fithh : l it-w w 'utir,,cit+ +(luctty i l eidbtte idtehlut~le iili ll' , ,v px ll~l ii .ie .,ll~~tl.lll-t.lllttle JIA .\MAtIM`I. U"' IN.%'c Cf1.ltA) 1N Ut U 'IIt received aril ; 11, ir sale hor the Ilu~lel r single bllltlv, ;ilsol AmctImt and F-m toilet Alt-il!' l powder ntlx and boxmX .4"baying anvil tol~ilet eu.;me (.ZII v 11,111 I a ,ii Ik ctrli c. corpI . In" it Ili . l, c -; c Zr, e jIVE 111111 prlpaltl'-, lard', -gt able :ilt pmu.'ut, I'rC·' de fiercer, \Ikimt'ida·, lug voila r, ro il Iraq ,cater.,il I'm ' J;*,; Cets, \lrseills ierln rrr i t mk ,vegetn 1J`I t td : 1.J- l1, fl, lRh III at, IIU I Ildi tooth I1I? i by Stmmo~Itl, 11.'"1&r, n~o li 71 C A te, ctt c 11 : drl; llw tisht lrt ,fr aeb Royal Colipen of Physicans, London. IF 1I1 origlai cetable Ilogelan Universal Mledi Il clue, laao.lrvl by aV lMiskin, Esq. Memo er of he lval Coallrege of l irgeons, Licentlite of Apothe. 'rn r'sonmpany, Fellow ar' a olt Court Society, Surgeon to the Ilo):n Union PICsiaon Asoeiation, Place, \aatelon Illidge, adil Perpttual Pupil of Guy' atil St. 'le:aallas's Ilospitnls, London. h'lhis vasna:ble nwdicine, the result of twenty years' expl.rivte and un paralleled success i tile extensive :rd la cygllh reslettalaer aractice of aile proplriety, ltro wised bi the iellaolttat nllaaInailitt, nsl isnow introdsced totlh. aoierl of IIe Amlertiran public, at tile earnest so liCtaltiont * a l lnumber of'entlelten of long alld high sInltintg il the lprofession. It is hoped, n at a llinai I nrvay step, to chelk tlhe evils anIl fatal cousequences arising flom tehe use of t. numilterouls and deleterious noshtums loistell tdprl thl pollic Ihv the aid of tfirienated prI oft fmirltaalousvuev-a, :nold otilear IPaulds, byoa set of I rlenara'l.y, unprincipled .pretellndelrs so totally ignorant of anaLli:ca science, that it ilmpossible tile moanstrous latusiona ala ally lonlger go dlotot with itae intalliKent people ol'this euntry. 'lThese pills, mildl andl agreabtll Ill their naItllre, shldld Ie kept in every bfunilt in cases fs.nlden illness, for, by their promapt admtiistration, Schole aaa, cramps, sans, Ia-cos and other alarming coml asila.t, ichll to. en prove fatal, mat l be speedi Screildl or plevented. Il tali, l:l tlhose who valllegnod ;i.lih, shold.ld nose. be without them. Tiher :U. soh' in picke:ltkls at P cents, $I nod I '_' chc , hoy erl:ve yesI ' Itathle drug.·1!t bnlk.,lex, anId ven h ref Inealicinu in. th tgerller lith. c nslnloniall of Ipros lal ils aIl 'rin le fl.le aG irn, minall geatleme.: Sir Asvtev (tat;;r, J lAhera.etaca .lames luhdaal, .I. It., W. Iloal, M. l)., .1.Astona Key, A. IFrampton, M. 1), ,and nuros oll as.. TI' oigilllaat matay h.e rseen possession athllae Seneral Agent, by hlOm the mediciac ias imprled into this Aountry, stan to whaom all appllications Ioragelncia must be mndue. JNO. IHOLIIEIN, 1'29 Wavcrely Place, N. York, Sole General Agent for the United States, &c. For sale by alppllointueot of the original rpronrietor. by SwAvN £ IIoorano1, Druggivts, No t11 Cani street, |aenea* Agent slor Statthee of Louisiana. jutl vn H EPItY It LEE L& co, No 3 lagazlae street, are r tnw receiving from ships Nashville, I.ouisvillc, iKenletlk), Eagle, and other late arrivals treon the " i"ern cities, large and new seleated assortlelnt, Boots, Shoes llnd Brogans, consisting ol'gentleln's lfine calf anol Moreeo boots do led oeality; do bhll'd, and stout was pegged boots n various qualities; mleln's fine calf seal andl Molroce hOP- IpIups and brogans, buckskin sloes, brtogans an sllppel S: men's fine e:l' and kippled pegged sloes and I rogans; tIo boots; to solt kill and wax pegged shoes Sad Iroegans; gentlemen's best quality ealf sewet shoes, ltsogans amtl Jack I)owenings; to calf and Aloroco t teklle oh.s and lrololsI; do cnllf, seal and ierecci: I tldian shoets nrodt slilpj s, ltdo calf, huff ame seal wa;gs a new article; lo Iine calt , se.l ald morocco iuluter lots; lioys', misses'atl ehildren's peggel and sawed b ogans, allnd soes of every gqalit atmd kind. Also a general assortment of men's stoult waa aIl it tgaieo:ms ml shoesl , togethelr ith lO10,000 pail gr'o Itst quality, r.ssettl loey.IS, nailed ill il I tlks, iallu expessly Sfor plinltation ilst a gti a a, 'lnell of en's l line anl stout kipl rlsst hrtag:as. t e alrtiel., tI lt :rt ge Iqultity of in interior 1IIt.t .r s)t tl :I1 x ll nligals. Ladies' linPeral, .al, mrlnoeo and gainl welts, i, pimp sole slhos; dlto fill FI}lcll ee llt o ll kidl I i Sonlld slippels; dor* I.shoe.,~ wlth a:td itithortl It - It calf, el lt stout leathert hoottte;s t o Pirluell, t h 'I fall kindls Inull qualties;t dh lstillg boais;o titlli t and Itoxedtl blettea. titsat' lastiltng tSt, .h1= lt it gans. Chilhhlren's colorell Morl'eo anti lastillg Ill, as aand boots, ka. icentlelieln'slilnetlaslionaele blahck iilk hats; Io bluer o Ildrabl betaelr do ll a superior quIality; do imhitation its ram do; broad anill llllow brim mene's lille drle :nl hI: k Hassi sholrt Illliel llts, a Illrne artlicle. Youths' it ;e size halts l lit lle ll t lllities: It childhren:. l.:ntb'sand Ittl's blackteI lltal two ttl hat, of v.arlit Il I) ps, with genetlt assortment Io ba5ls' alid Iles ea.l calls. 'I has ; assonllle will he rellenished thel arrival eatp ipcketsromn Ithe more :lelldclllltiCs, all of which Sil I bbeso lo aceolnniatingl t nsl . au) 1 -If I NO MERCURY NOR COFAZYB N88 18188888,1, N',-. 4I 11,17. 11118 111111111l~t Ir l!·ri Illc 1I1~ll F)II1) 1888111lll il(818llll 1(18811118181 illr· g,~il· 111111811l to~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~18 11i88 111')e·rT~i l rillc~lIi IIrgiF 11 11 \.' fIv ill)e 8'Fl III1 LI'II I11 ll 1II ( lIl 1 I: 111.1,18r till 011,1.rll~ 1·tl icl r :r( l1lrli rllI Ir\ llF 181111 1·:1 II1 II,· IlIlII 1188 11 111 LI,~~ ~~ 8~ "'~t? u~t '11 II % 1181 Jli l lI~lll (!) 8188118 II rL''88l:'(l8Tl'88lil.~ 8181 th~~lkI~r II1II illlIIl~l/l~lr~I 8 lp,81 111 ;lll Illli ['l~' 1 a11 ?11 [II. 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'!'ie steantboae are tile best for the service, and thle tlivisatiol presents aire advsroanges than canll be fouton ulons any stiablnboat route ill thle Outh The grreat improvenients in althe rats havie been produeed by Ihe .oistrlcetion of fifty miirs of new sroat, by the pruapriators, viz : from LoGrasn.e os LaF'avtclle Irv,,e, an arm if Snnoia Roaa Ilby,y to Ilryanl's Ferry, o thle Chat'nho~io hee river, ren tIilts nbohvr the Cownerdl, or 14 nbove Celdar Ilhll', twtereby tthi inavigaltuin af the river, snd tie coo sequtenzt tdetentionlsg, snd more rei't'' tt e it cot velllent crosane t tile Cololh( ul, sre notirely IvItou'l.dt nond a rine road from Merianlna thrde; a o H nI rl, i .tt,' e ha rln hndt rt vi'tu hI(l tinh ei e ii.' , le'senic n the l ie tance about 'orty tisil, aund i' trtasing the facilities more astho nucie a tder AI ,i. r. .ranth liie of twro hlr stnLosa every oh . d..y Iten I ki'" vwlhl vina l' .rry L" s Mact II tit ''isl Inoiui tise lille ti Siua'atuth ellt'uo l)lrhen. 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Ollice .tl Manus.ion Ilhtuse, Mlhile, nnlCuol. lins' Ilolel, P'ensIln, wlhere &e fe', nut he secu rei. ,'S'OCIKTON &, C(or. nv I baa'lrte Instructalon. W ilblia Sa i110 tende'rs his srvicCs to the cil, zens ol N',, (Orleans as n teacher ,fI' the pianl, forte. .\irS Ill\viln, b leen emlnpllyd several ,curst o ,acrhl r ol nmuic Il privater IIaniaraha in B . lln.l ;nd l + av', a tne f leiaata lahiaata'rieI<i ta' ' v 'I, Ii',i , ' r lll a ll a ' III eI al t I aII aIalhl, a -jl l a i all'd', a I" - i" , , t,,' ,,, f 'r laa.v Dr Cl .pp, M11s's. S-, .... . A. . .tII . . rson. & ;;al s. Sr e s.1 n . apply a , ,' hb,' stl a r, ,i Aturn ,, r I' 49 Callnp1 t o, ) r,-rs and .al-rlrrd r,'. . v ed i a a' , el .' a IIaa a , h ,, . II "r , 'ae ,' s for, , . i reel a a do it stl cth, l rim Iate hur i ~. 1 ! -l a a l, A, I , A or, ", . , Aallor\e aa 'aaal 1' I , E AN I 1'1.1I Ia. l'laa1 a:N1 . 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I' Eltl' '111 IlY--'-'a olo.. e, Ia .hl r I'r, a lorido, aaa on, lalr, r alaalaind l'ln e I1a o r wal.l' a of vr el..l I, i lm nd dl- han., so P, I a lla l a l-,a ra h:a lla aaata ill r kill .. l tlutl .)t. crc:l s il t a, ,\ 'h IIIu'c ,.'aeeab' h ill: I la l,,a:a aa l - filc o 1 ' a- la- l +d n t r' all,;'ll aIi aa .at. aa d I'al'-,'a rr'aa ,II'l alda tlr ll' la + h ta d nl",], 1ý. ' . ihi tl c e m,.. i ;N, rl ll. ll Io1 •.11:\\ 'l ,I. : 1'--- IO . ,I , lil!T l, ,,dIn t - l!i(nlll l - u , ',11.1- ll_ ,, " p i iia d crll i. l, oip,, I l'a l'. l.: 1in, . ·111o, .+. ll ei. 1r ery Mlii'.1 . 1 a'll aI i 11 il( . I e adl. alain all- -ila"b r ld'Ia 1,'la l' Ic" y ' n 1 r ,aala in l-, aill- a111l' ' I : '-- ta , l.h ir. I, -I ,-la al''a ' a ,, lltl rth,'lllar, c:,1. :hu.- t, 1 tl pl',t, coon h a ll, Nail, k:l iml,', . , v uidI 'aaal Iaaaaal aal ca l ing e le of ench , ti nnm1I .a a aIe,, m mh a r , anl , ,",n r 1 .1- alal crow, ga'l\ l- nl· 1I- al aor:, l and,],... ard -aaa.aaaala b ria'l.~ k a la I . aa ora a.- , a tl l a b.--- mlnthlll iI- s l l id lt. II ild I ll. 1 l 1 1[ o .1-,rp . 'nw , an S ll . a n .aaa Ia. I aA tlIa ' : ',l, -, Iall. naippla. it c o. ' llil -, -hl blltllI dt-,_! .'1 lmLa l's. It--jn Ia Iti '*'. -ll l lý+ 11 ul, Indi. a~ brad oi f da i lh,)h leill-lnd, bell'II alnd ,:l:,'l l ..' 1'11r· l111l+ 1·,In n h li - - -, kil rai-+, anddl T " t ;n, " iIllllll+, tIIll'i lll Ilrl~ les, Iln.tit -ii[,-r lc:'- r, · ,+U'1 ,nn d co11: ll-Ll i 11 11, 111 :t I kclll book~ anll - ld ld1 , of n, ml. ' ilh li a .+ illlj l| ,lid I'it ll.o .lo(-,c -h ,, t ,,,t-,ilnw , dols. i l .ln l l 'llo I r ,:I, 1,w hln 'llllý ,' lllllln ll ltu rI , lu I tidllu'll l d . o tr' ap .l n dI i s .. h.,, + pell I I, , lh o+ , ,I -ld\Lillrl Ii".khl e , .l ciil£+ ,]I, , .dl+ I l rl lll: illll-ll -,l ,l I ,llll-, l ll ll llllll-i l b, a i fnds, .1c,",,'n alto~dutr:",1':· II.)(iJ)·llnd~lt 'e ýllcl.l ' h,:-; d , :- l,,"'_+ | 1l·ll ,,l ,, III a :,lw 11-r'l e r i :11, th llc T la I,+, a. h,,ll l Ih - l -:, , .II v Ie ,ol ti ,r l.vnI t , Il) aL "+mIu rh'e, .I , I" ..l'ilhrll c ;l 1I thi , 5.11 - l :\1, , 1 . I b( ·I· I .' i+h ': *I1 '' j% ~ ~i+ ,]+,1+~,+ i,11] 1i'i: l1 lI. --I"An~~l . l,5 , 11 11p e : i l:. Ir : r.ll t ll, hil n : , cn-I: t l , m- - I,: , l l in s.t. (\ !:1';? 'i -,!; I)l' II., .i)l'I.lil I" IIII H i l111111 11.l . II. , ,_ ,r l, l n ' II II .,,r, , lIu up 1 r . r -I, : II f r I h i rr\XII : ;".. , ", ; 11 -, ei l ~.f eur o t 1 " e Il P'. rt :,l ,. r, a,, i, ._l ,,": , '', rl, Iv, r , I I A .' ,, lo , I.r s ,by Er li-h ", t r ,, l l - re'l} l ll I rl tellll ll 1it ) cIII" i. i-¢ ..ihl lin t ,~ i ,pl ý I U I, llI. tl ý v tll ltr !l l' ,:Ii m llII, tI a ll4- sa i.,' ii r' o t sll , l l ii adli t .t , i rhl i ;i tI Ilii Ih1 ., Itr'll.." ' r v '1 1l every .i.ll + I . II c it.,,i . . I I ,, litr 11 lb of::rt v 1 i . l eh. ..licd 9 .n ' ace c.I =1 q.tlual i y. , aI i , ll.l iI ,li ed ir ,t I h ll Ill sIl 0 Te lll PUBLIC . e aid.i cigi d. h vll al .g -1, studll h". l r.. 1ce ellll r , illi tc f . id lll llt f Cla: rleast . Soiiti ,Cacln, -I a I k ndi .r s ea r.1 , iorh assci~s n c, ill rlie ac tiNsc. fi dieinea I i n ll i ur j i, i ' -I, .i I IInr le e ri. riha ilie ladries t -d genitl s r ien filiac the o I st p res pt ntte 'tin will be fi to ie calls ) isliel,l ;y 'ie i iadc; and also oI-u - 1I sl lerice,,s the e 1: to t1emi, having ate :ded them ,,," : a1. Iu;a i Charl ; I.At I, I: , s lT .iit i s at iinlias plls a Ie i ie co poso 1 ii\ n rcitltci , i t t sad st l e cell s, be ,- , atndi, : .il . the i g Iia est se css,, t i .ic.. ti , to., c. Ic a .pe.n ca, be gien. y at N . 1 ziiia sero rt. JNI 1"I'LOIiNu. . ot ..- ..i a ,a . e . e .liin l. e, un11, , rl-l nd It re; i u l tnll wis l be c ar 1 : 11 d" "' I il , a Il V IIc lcy s,, i enl eli cy. a il , a.ien . o1 ilec. 'Ih'. 3 ihe llllsib eliy l . iell on ii' il, l 1A I i., :I_ , rt e- l' t of h ,mis+ ts lit+ t:v .re , J m 'III J 'e lI, ti i qur tii, - and ilell lo tev Isee l r s Il TI PUslIi.-e s ill eare lat dera ill dl III ii c tudi d Ileri mlllll un da lr. Sc i' s,' lf C'lrles tohe eol,tla Cs it i nlli id, al o n. yale rs Ii i, ll cthe tc oi l taedacicani d r gerylln , ry iu til Icidio I tlie iifu l e. lti lclaee s iad llge ccmn ti. Cle most proe t le tlca tion will i es paid to tli e ca wll ice ol[ri or slad , it ing well a qire u d wiy h eaOsc Tol PUBL I,- to -'Pha, e havinog tl d them )gt aelt haron , anti i il i ck ills e ar er tilea as'posistio n i ,Ithe p dercic nedi n The elnde wrgey h siC they hoor iaoi er laims hlsl nle sot r cities, aiell bir !taedly. re assreilcs canl b given. A pad ly atl N . 166 t1a33os prompt' tei w'llE- ll ead ti le ncratl, ofKealls: , h11ie ,y Nov eade;l lland Naslsn, elis stCo r iees t tieele tc eIlalrrns(,lly to tlll, hin' Rodn eyw las ditss lve i T he l a11:p r s anti l i d iells airin g te the o ti The n). l rrs isr ,'o , tiet \,ith direeons, cai be har~elld .Ith thl" u'dira ndcig o Ti e e id wh . a llows: of son Ila()brri lu' Ca., It [otebearri aci.,l alrrsa el. Somie forward awill mttke early settlielent and thusa hIcwm leais. will pleas- prbeeut them eeithautdelae. L.EVI ( IIARRI, " IIENRY KI;I. YA)'. 'a%, Orllrnnl°, Jilln 'i", 1337. D OLBWAR'S Scirene cfPenmiciccilc receivechip d fcr stale t their peraranciii Wriing Academiiea No. 8 lintrec arire, Neic Orleans, 18'9 It, ilircy Nec' York, Dcuiplliie St., Alciulc. It is piriirllnuiul dlcsigced hir priv;ile lerniicrs. Had tndic CanI llgld Ccuenare invited t cacll ouultxaimn the. Pynte111 fltl' tirettlsrlruu iecsp1111e are civen at s loll )l1lllrr5 a4 miry pllit the convenienc, t ll nd t iai11dinsty P.d- wo pefe jtccicc r ieccleci e casatteir Inref nattecr ". 'ý n its %Iell inact' 1.1 3!ML lt'lLtorFttt. IROWAND'tS TONIC MIXTURE, FRia FEVER AND AOUe. rF EN years hare not yet elapsed sinee it was first regularly submited to the public; but it has attained the highest reputation; and has sup. planted every other nmedicine for the Ague, whtrev. or it has been known and appreciated. Already has it been carried in every directipn throughout the United States, and still realizes than could have beein anticiipated by its inortu slnguine frieds. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, bat restored t, health and vigor through its agen. ry: and they now cheerfuilly testify, at every op Iortunity, to its dclidl.d andtl supreme efliccy. 1; is comlposed of such iledicinal principles are calculated to renew the healthy action of tLhe stom acli, liver, and other importanr.t digestive organs. the loss of whichl harmonlly is the i tmmediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produl. cos an entire ehange in the condition of tle system, and certainly desrroys the native liability to relap ses of the affectioa. When the Agtie is attended aitll any other complaint, the eUnploynent ofe the lTonic Mixture will not interfere with the treat. nent of the other diaease, hut wi!l even allird asn sistance by furnislhing strength and vigor to thn body during lthe course of treatment. Th!oso who make use of this medicine may be nssnred lthat there is no Arsenic, Barka, Alercury, or any othler article in its composition unfriendly to thoe human constitnution; being entirely a vegetable extract; and they may have additional confidence in tihe use thereof, when they perceive that it has the er feet of a gentle laxative about the time half a bot tle full has been taken-in consequence of which, tlhere is no part of the medicine left to linger in the Iowels to cause obstrluctions, and other evils, arising front the use of many of the remnedies now offered for the cure of this affction. It has been used als aon a preventive, by many who were sub jeet to a ieriodical recurrence of ile Chills, andI it hlas invariably warded ofl'the apprehllended attack. Obserrr! The Proprietor, filly satisflied with the lnparallcled and univ\ersal success which has co)n. Ittitly attendled ta punctual and regular use of ite 'lTonie Mixture, in all cases of lever and Ague, tiiels warranted in engaging to refund the price to tall thiose who have taken the medicine in strict tic. cordance with the prescribed directions, withou t havinlg bent perfetly and lastingly curld. The'l rubseribiers er the wholesale agents foir the Slouth \Vesltern Staties, and lhavo now on hand six ty iant s of thin medicine, which is warranted fresh tal utelll'uiin. For sale at the manufilaeured price:r J Ill\ IS ,H AN 1I WSi, \ I hiolesal I)rttegietsc ii · , soiors t f.. 'it chompt e tisi cs et . 'I x'i'Y KIIKLIANI repectfiltly ac t,, to her ti.'IIns and the publcic gone. S it it I, is prtltepared to accolmodate thei clit .,o- estailocitnp, and ho1pes fr ,on it r a, min, to rend, r visitor. comlort ale, Itl rccive ci cn'nlntlutt' ,of' fortmer fivors. Sio feels confi. lent tit pcerS.tns visitllg Ctovingtoi: durinlg the tmmll r Itonthasr , eanot fitld hrlltrraeCnOllllll tin; than l.sii tcit aitlcrde themi , on itrt ,beral erlll. llor hiEIue Is ipl,,autly i iat.edi, and well supplied with e ,very c Iiot'tv It" Ci ; tlhe tar is urnte.lhd wit thi t il'ai icha e i ltrli rs, it e. Ilt eiort,chel pri mises ',lat lthllll.g shlall b onl her part to gIve stie sialist.tetiou t1 all itho inay patronize ti lississippt and l.,tisiant a Ilotol. Je3 IIL-[,OaLi WAREl, il01) StCREWl , SAD IRONS, &e. / 'IIIE IliTWEHl. l W tORKeS COMPANY, No. " .38 Water, near letektan street, New Yoi'rk, have received tihe past tansicne, and are cOnstiatly ree ivinhg large and eaxt'niv, addttions to ItIre el,,k of the above in goods, which now cosiiie3ts "of ih1, olowing asrtsttmt', suitalel for the southtrn aindt western martkets. Hoillhow twiarc of saplntleo t1nality, consistingtc of about t1500 tot, vtz, ,ot, of"22 dii'mr, t s?.' , fr ,',, '::1 to gallons, b ., ,Is, 11 s.,Z ,, ftrom 3 N Ito tit ll,,l l, , ,i h , litle" I I iz'', fron 3t:i to I, g'llt It.i I h d ,e ' li,, o r 1 i l )i , ,s . 7 I0lbr1 e tit :ici s , ''a K tt II l ft do 1! Spid r, do rt 1!NHI, 4 doi leiii c c I altl lie ii.i, ,I \1 ,i. "' b yio'+. fr m l 1 to 1 3:l ImIch s. Coit dh. ,, 7. ilit'.he, \v ] . ,:•rew-, , L) 01s+ 91i tro.',, iro and milIr-, frl ,iatitc. Nia, :co hir 3:9 tcht, No', 'tct 1 ca i ,I it elar. lAihly iam till , anI d ll thalll JaI ne'i imllc rlt d t ttt t i i us. I i Irn aons, a ry l .d, in e'asl's o[f wlint .:,1)0 lIs ftrl 1 T ,1'- a t1d hattor's !roar, a:,· rt 'd 11, ils' for ll 'mlL:tiont,,s. steanIbhi ts, c hurches, & imade, to lr air,d Also st,:,1ti:nuts and tither mn<,chinery made th The aibov' a -nsoriolentt of fnods iv patrtihularl% reoi it , ti1l atttt f WI shrol m-rmlitr , nod arre, olnt-rd Orr sl:e at low c .ic , ai n i on e i- most lib ral terms t ; it is i el St l, h, Its ,i ,! Ir .I ind t host Ias. rtlirnt evi. ot."led for s,,: I,;" .lily 11:X '. rl i~h-h!!,"ltt in ihl (;,i ~ I St t, , 3i,"tc lsi* ' v. l,, h rt ar,!,, a r,'l"ld . l iI m a il, .,t ,i, ,l rm ',i iii , i:.. ittll dr rl'r t ii e. . <t 1e:, id b li , fI ',Its t lll.\l h h o ,v~~i It:, llc ii i e All ords e wlk t ,le es r,, ' -i i eih scrlltl , t. ' ionPl. n Now YilN, 1 I'-3: I i jci3i ' 1 l ~ll ,, .I."n"·l'l ue l, r, h ', - ig i (,Iiw, u i~ . :,r, sI~ "l ,'I "" tlu ., r el ,, ,+,is r A t,I n Ir,, , I eIv I II' H lt t II' litF i ti tt, lae itiar lleh bl i .,ch + le r ;1 ',+t ie ,e, t t r h,,ar ,,&'o.,, fho'o . 'i '. . t ill' I nai , i rt toi l , i ,at , t i f i tti, icc i, , 1t:. _',ct 1, t .ii t, 'tlcue,, t ,, Ir' c' r'actl.l•t. li',,ar ,h ·'C. . 'i Itl+..C 1A 1It,+ o - i' , ir , and l d i| d cI -r: i sh n . w'l".h I.... ,htie, tls-i ,:ate, htcline, su'pdil " i'ta. o ci;, te a - td"" a Iv nh Ilte Itit;,, lat I',, o 1 s --. hc e e sI ol ns t hr ,itll.',fu {hiutd il G R( It tors", ~" r iaz ' y t, I)a c lolu n 'f, Th 111 bovh, i tr- .1alt o t,,i1 r former sh," o , ,o' oi W. &, nS, Ih'cls r,, hsrt ileh ivrycngleh har ul. ahill f," ,!,},, ! esn.rn~ is , , the lian ,, L~isAStI.: Sat AElltA'lil',\ toAd;" dittlkl :Ili (Chlarrs stret., Nraw Orleans. --T117 l:I.. .(\'NT & C". tmtnertrs of Prench {'V un, I.:,hsh Chinnad lEarthen warP. are nv opening new nid rich iatierns "of breakftst, dina t and ti n s at ies, toiler sets, pitchers, t''a and c,]'e cps, t,,po.t, sau ars, eronin., bowle., pla@tes, d bIltb1, cure see, wash businl at.:i ruwets, aloot halhs, etc. et e t Ich cat and plhan French and Anmrrian .!asn wanr- ttole a e thuapaute.', leanonale, jelliter, clarets, te ine, c-irta ermital enir iowle , dit'e nters, It I h lers, -pre telv,' dutten,. e lerte., pitcherslaanitps, oLip shads and glaases, candle slha ,los, salt col Stiver plated, tronetd and tritania wares-catn tors, srtands, calte hbaskets, 1cand!eslicks, lraench"s, spar'ins, ladles, coller and t'npnn.t,su~ngr, creams, lamps japanned trays, astral stands, and htn'tgin lampte, tinle cutlery, German silver alpont and lurrk*, to etter :aith a treat variety of artticlea Itr fantly inta. Meraehants, planterr, htttels, an l slt ePtant'nam, tuntrisiied wth tgouds at the nt ca ran-a sonthle pric.,nitI p tacked r o as to be conveyt d with Isatly tt any part of thle country,' Als,, npollare-stes' glacassare. nova T, t', ,lttr " M ,et larsan ats Ind l a'nn err. NearsaInthts,'slanhets, isnnelr, tnera', Inwll shltirtiaa , checkt, I lnena,., andltr r .hiel, &c & e atevet na', awl ltar ale Inw by the aubascra bet. TiT l. r'TA C. at, 'tt'tat nl5 and thalat. t MAIl ARtta. ao.v.,.,t Northern lail, R laea trvv (llv t 10 A. Al 'esery Malil, ne eery undy, W dunniny i ('l oserv r'lv ndavy, WVedesdavy I" ' X ItI'"tt l OMA It "( SI'IMS OF A t VI., )1'.: I, l'l'RI L ItlnlAN'od \. ifala xpreMail Ivl, lv1va,, U a t! d New iork-leaine Aloil, dhail l t 3 P. 11. NortlhwAr New Yrk dily at t1' P. Al Acuatlhvard. , rriv.; Arrive Northw'a rdnl. Iist.e. lTie HRIturn'g IAantpCovery,Alu. 2 p1. 9I1 'n 31 It ih . I vu(vlva (PGt. ll4 Atl 9i 34e.m Alillredgeille. tin. I:II 144 24 p. m (:u n ciia. 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