Newspaper of True American, September 21, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated September 21, 1839 Page 2
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t4Ow.Owe..n Chinhnwe rf C.rne-e. - oFIICaRe COO TIIK .TAR18839. PP ,sdpet, Y. 1, Peters. FirstVioo I'reniddet, W. I;.N.nlge,. Eeq. aconud lu. Jnx. A. Me'lee FIeq. C'ajlitlee of Appeals far 839. henae Limb, .1xi e ILi. .everel, H.C, Cammn~cek, Airijalt Fisk, P.O. Aribe.'l '1mpcec, ComnalUe4e 449t.lrrz4,. fi fikoe rnw* o/'l dlity. J _ Iq eitUot 7 ; lbai Hrricon, 31.:1'. unington William Hcapkiavr TEnueh Hyde. Jr. P. A. llardy. Jetehim Kobti. _ . Q en ,1k!iReg ulntian.n lie Gren( bA :hailnt,, cig.rd eveey day at .l0 uct hltn'A. .I Isducell en riv at 4 I'. 1. The Lch+'Enil {ia C'lininotnnI i. I+ closed every Monday, We ºgsllav rind Friday, at G lc'ch*k, A. 11. In due every l'irliadnv, '1'burady nd dntsaltrRrly, at1 5 P. Al.. Tah Lccnien&1 or Rive, hnil is ckww c leon tdy, Wednesdray ned cicrdev, nt :1 I. 11. Is xci t and retained by trneamhpat. Arrivee irrcgulnnly three tilu. a wek. The Bnpa wair. or Con ottai is clos.idCeerv Tunndaycgnld Frinav, 1ut8 l'il. ia cent nil returned by ceumboae., The Alecmdrino, Red Rirer Mail io until irregt. . r by eteuOtbcta cke. n wCek. LOOIIYII.LLE cc HIVER AIAtL. Hondac,,' Weduodnay end, Clohe 81 8 o'clock, I'. Al. ~CdesT MAIL.. ?oenIov ad M Cl .eout 8 o'iu .kP A1. fI AU bacflD tins tlm Zhoir ofinfirr hi- firent .J andthepublic ijt gentera, t lb he tas tokt't Ithe Hotel at Cclllitur, where ho truboa hu will roeveii .thentllaofbioidrri,.tdeastsl ial lovier of etti cteer. Prionte partici will bhehnndelea'ly prctidid tori y Fivingalittle tttieaebeforehcnd. He is orilliii t.,enter Inte arragotnent nilli fattjities cr jodiciduntic tieoirnn ofpoeaing Ihet tumne, tit Carrillitn. m29 ."" w--.·5 ,. cur r. al l A r railltlilll. IIILU NOTICE. J1Mai A angnuNL to oeonoueo 1 hI .frirusl 18:19. NEW ORLEANS & CAIRIROLLTON RAIL IROAD SUMMKR AORO.NORIMNT 0000RTHI WEilK uDAro From Coll~on. Florn New.Ooiro.. fEosir.IA4cltnik, .A. Al.lKorea Ctor tt5 o'd.nk, A N Loostvoe 6 Ltomoniio t 20 It"" " ' Id MI I !' P.M 69R P.'I M 4 l "I " 9 phe A niin~t 22 tO .. 9i i in nno., IRRANGE14CNT FOR SUNDAYS: Thus can wll Ieav t the same boorsr as in theo week days Sutl 1 o'clock, P. M. when a Loom11tiv will leave Crrolltoon every htooontit8 o'lonk, P. M. and New Orleans every hour nailS o'lockr; P. . After 10 o'clock nb onioton be otlained hy ouyino5dol. ItotiftotheTrip; ifotllod for afio 1I2 ocluck, P. 1. 21 dol. laws wil be chargd. htoontangiu by the SLeamt Cor mnst tprovide theomselves with Ticknto, to thn OOldurtor Ihst opuitivo dir01iuu0 lout to receive mosey in lieu thereof. For thnito nomndntini. of persona viligo Crrollton. in the 5 o'clock .o.ond who may Il't wish to r1101 iu there all al 8 oB'lolnk tloo ar that 11a0 herctototll left Carrolltolllt 6 *'alnoe ll remltin usotil 69 o'clock, tlerobo allowinlO th1em nee b tn.pytll y t t plli 1nt1walks in olle 05 No most k6coiF' (rDuada. is th o ite SLta.e. IHE JACKSON ANDLACOURSE STREETCARS Lenva the head ( Jtokbon stret at6 o'clock, A. M., Calnlt Stret at 6t1 o'ellot,od noht..poorly. Al 8 'lokllk they will commence to hat" eOi h and every hall hour, until 81 "lTloil. P. M.,onenptnr otht instead ofl lnviji Catal stretoto 1190' cloc0k. thear will leave there at 9o',,'ock I'. M. lIt is partllle0'tly requestetd that goltliololl will not pot thjir toot upon tOie Euthiolto, oramoke in Llhe cran, when Ladie. are preent. OtiTo Now Oideaonhall Cbrrollton Ralil Road Complnl,., JOHN HANPSON, JuIy 2th h IPSO. ChiofEng. NO C R NEW ORLE INS CANAL ANID RANKING CO. P H IE Irln ttranlhont Reloora iwill leave tIhe Ionj T at the teand 1' li New Canal,.eovery(dOo, (eXCIpt I Plondavo) for t,, I.nkonoc follows: * Dpato tot 5 A. MS eur IIuoo t 8 A.M. 111 A. A:. ' 12}29 I 0 a I'. Al. And on MONDAYS: Iobart at LO A. Al. I Reliril at 129 P.M. 2 P.M. 4I'.M. t P1.M. may '8 f. C EW E '.mh. NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD. T'Ie Loonmotivj will ru111 to1 Greotn cPI'iniiie;i cm tuenniongontbea25thllst. on9.llOwo: N'EEY DAYS. lopltrure. Return. 2 A. A. 20 AM. . 4 I'. M. i I'M. to 1.11 li oii''o flniaou. 21, LaBranoohes ii A A 9 A 51 12 A I 2 P M tLaIlBrOnaulch 4 I' M 6 I' 11 JAMES IH.CALO WEI.I. aulgunt 24th,11839 IPresidnl,t. Latest. Inono.. ChllnrlanoSop ..........12 11 ntinpilo i SipO........i New York, do ..........: I I CiO.';,oollo, to b . PhlltdnlphO o ............ , IjoliYII1.. d ... 4.t Stoltime ... .lo. 0. 9 . Ioill., do .. Ii SootoliB, ,o....... d ...IDiverpool July. r1 Ilsottoll (Inooti Joly....II PoJolldII lO.····· Hooon 7nss)Jul ...:i Prin d. ...........3 Snntuo. 2 i, do. MNahville., Inure June....o.....o CLEAIIANCO0. SopI i9, 1639. Sllr HIenry, Clrkoe, St Iork,, estter Snpt 20, 1838 Ache Dreamoo, Klokeyo, forthe iruioot roior, llrynnl, Auclin 31 co ARRIVAL12S. p Ao1 S01,1 20. 1033. Stenamsr Dounker 1IIiI, Pooe!. mnoulih ofOlli Sohr Buckeye, 11 uon.Olioays onl Goaliltoll XI'PORTS. IRAS03 RIVEi'..Per r1hr10 DiO l..Coogo 27 cuten hoots' ahem.and rogans. 00so10rl0. luto cllltlilg, dory good, nldll nfil, dand. SALvChsriN..p t011'Oiitfo d. lollol fI . D -l oli S~iIeibO:.11 AIEM~tltA~ii.6 Oh000.] hoyb stilt. Theatrical Notice. Tbhose Ladisa l andlienleen vnpage'd airwih J IIeS D. 'aldorlll,ne.O Urlean i.' o n retlullra inilru',l that the Tut0'ars will open flr 1411a-ni alSpn~le nIxt.-Peroniu is n agneitnr will ,ljp, l.'to 1 I 4.1ur Pelt, Keq. New York, or l.y letwt In the Pronjprietor, \e Orleons. a1 Thlol.luisaille Jolunalsl, l'nEininaini Whig, New furkn Evolin loe, andn thle Spi it ll-f 'rilTnos, will plese publish Ihn uouvc thee ',litnes 'mlle. By oredr aftlle l'npieor (so 1OI.NI,'oes.e St (Inhurls, 'T'lnecale. N. Odeonll-, O8d Ang 1833: lr. COGNAC BI1ANL), &r.-llnlf pipres."l) .luv btnnd. pip. Holined aso l,,; In plor and nIolnira wihte, tlodiug rom slip(l uanulor (IIa'. ,1'. ndIt i.t. 19 1G 1I.A1NCI AIII,3 15nviei r CiN-0 lhite. conir fr asle, by 1N9 ntth (8IIII (NC ll)11II I8 tI t I' "" ""WAN TEl)-A '.er, intelligen nd is l ol Iad er-n toe, iad itonei I Ii..llh t and a Iella kn l Inprsun cnn Obtainiit A lad fafnllll Iii wuld I, lllrfnred. Ifl 4pply at thi satia B AGiGINi ANi. 114' l('(iF .350 i1 p lsnlnecky C uttu.t arging, 3:i lctil' do . Role Rlle, for al,, by ?1 7 ll IILANCIIAI I) :13 gruvtnr strati F: LOOJII110001 tin aelioicn ior, lir ionikr [' a 17 G I)ORSEIY, l4ene lven.r. F LOUR-I 0otl ihi New W1 Iuont Flour in stor.e, for stlad (Vby 8 17 ()i)lDSETY 41 ew levee. *IU tiiN '1-A ot;~lirioll.. olaclling:InPose in Unroll. defer street, a few idos tiutt Calul 01; poosenuion given immedniately.. Appllytu IiOVLE;5 MAV~A 3 Crundelet at BtI.F 'EI(kjl L4)0 (lnnhoian and Weserni. in store, f1 ur sat by U DORSEY, 2'1 44 Newa veas. B1)Y OA- I ovR rwnsap orsle by k is&J 1' \V1IITNEY, V Camp st ' I.ANK IIR)IS-Aana ilnvice of npe..t rall el, Who .di.m, driny and cap blank ltino or auperinor - olity,jiiai raeivd and for nole. ha JI8 .A 'rOW oU 49 Calor el TYYINA IrYE la.Ti r.- 5 o1 ill Sin..., Li fralr soleA lItIER, may 15 34i ravierni F 1e81i4B 0l3I ALAS. l('a}n1 101 boars in slurs ilrb 08401 A'IER, rosy 15 34 Gravier 1 AiCON 041 lElnIl 00 ek. 0uper105r 1 liltlciI cu ,LI red, in store fur.. aule I, A.. Li S. JRsr, ,44 New L.nve HLIEY-7., lBla lierti Sfor SoleC01 by _ ru__ a ,d G. (4 )1)14*1 4lleo I.evee. S JAG S 6 bllis Clariljal llloaflllgrer, flirnale by y IIER WioLbNE. BROWN liCo, , Sioi9 nPUCmniiat (pARSO.450 oars SSti5relr q aliay. !a11dio; nail Co \1 able by & J I' (lf'IR 'EIE, ___5 ___ iCoip a iMESSt rORK-dib aiiwiding from 0001, hsLunt 1VE Uniled .Stars, lor sale bIy _ _ _ _ A TaIER 34 rrs U T'I E- .aslt* ina 0 44rn, in srlt inllaladle by B j6 G D:)ItSIY 41 New Ievua. M·L i",lc5-5 ba'e sn'c 4.1 I.WPIIl; I 1;;I;U;IrT.j D toles 4.t twilled Lc,'low ellotll, 3 can.s.buckakia .ipao ,luasliag from ship St ii lin fnr al. by 8,59 _ 1 11Itic;h & I&ln 131 oriaeine at rWRK.-650 41110nes alnda d11 prerl., at 4ite ine .7 14ri, furo ole by pin nlls .lt 4 1 :f1'. 44 New I.ron'. > 3l1Uj KS-5Ulnl Crrtal, 6 Dore, toe smithyn A -j6' S tl:"d P WWI'I'NEY, 773Vnpl llslt J R1ANIDY . WIN ,-3 uh~f noalit 5 i .Wk* Inb J reonhybr4sr nllhi-b ..n Sh 'iurlil;, 31Lxelillol dda uperior ylblityahir wit l~a S &'J P WIrlNEY. ,ti.a3 " 3 slllp At -- --A r Fo as. 3.4 Gobe. FAIRTIHUL AND SOLD. Oflicat j.ournal of tle 21 WUnilcipaliti. PUDLISHED Daily, Trl-Weekly & Weekly. 1 E5 OIl LEAN M: o SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1839. IttPORKT OF CHtAItITY FiOnIPITtI-(Yesterday, 11Mtht 8apt.)..1oadntitttd; 14 of yeallw fever. 4t dathts p to 6 e'clook, I'. M,. Gen. Gaines, finding no uttoe for Ii; sord, and that e Ctagress w ill not act upon his Rail Road and Floating Battery systeat, has recmorsn to Ilia pen to wile away dthe tedinnm of inaction. Inn late Memlphis Enqtlire, hlr ecullpies two rotlnlts, in pourilng out thle bitter in vective against our fl,low citizens .ies-tr. Iielhard Relf and Beverly 'brew, in relationt tio teir agency in tihe nftl;rs of the late Daniel Clark'. Th'ie new Chathanm Theatre in New YoTrk, is said to be one of the mout splendidly decorated and well arranged tlheatres in tile UnIttd Stat.n. . .The cnptanpy engaged - is numerous and well selcted. Celeate opened in tile Bowery on the 9th, and has ipt . I itively taken her passage in thlt Britiah Queen. 1We e shall not therefore be de.igltted pith hier pIesence again c for *olne timle. r Prna ice of the ILouisville Jourlnaul mnd Professor In a graham, the atut r aof'Lafitte, .&., it is sead, conlltet plata a tour in Europe. They will neither of thmc causea a blush to rise tan the t e no f their cuntrymkn . ) E nROPEAN.-By tihe nortlhern ttil ttItrived ystnltday frot New York, we have paper ul that citr to thle eve ning of tle 10itl Thie Grat Wesrern sleam packet had arrived after a passage of 161 days. Sithe left Bristol on the itllt h ulo. Tihe Great W\Vestern and British Queen arrived' after prosperous voyagen. The firs ton the 14th and the second an tile 151t. The one at Btistol, and the othier at Portsmouthl. Tile news af tle Great Western was re caived in London first, and allowing for the difirence inl the run, site beat tile British Queen tt elve hours. We n have principally extracted our news froma the N. York r Star. READING ROOuw.--Dy tile Great Western we i-lve received cop:ons files of papers from all part. of Britain. a It will be seen by the late nws titat a rumor is aflnat 6 that Queen Victoria is about to sarry willth Prince n Albert Francis, second son tut Ernest. reigning lake of SaxoeCabourgSaalfiald. 'l'he'Globedeclares itaihoax The town of Alexandria, i lively, says thie \Whit, and rather sickly. 'iThe raver :illing, and steaabua:ls SunablAto pass tile ralids. TttrE CITY.-Ihe sickness which had abated ver anuch ait fw dluy since, has again becona, as d,ilf iut Sworse,than at any previous period of thI efcslln. Thell number of new cases, we understal,t on T'ihursday antd yesterday werr.very great and of increased mla!ignancy. LoUntoVtLLe , .Selt. 3, 18391. MsyDear Gibson : Since my nothing of momnIPt bas trasplired il the trading con, unity of this city, to relieve tle pressire ei tie money market. The circulation of tlll Bank of Kentucky is now reduced to somn, 17 lulndred thotsaml dollars, having uldergone a curtail off hunt. dred thousand i Ithe last two months. It is saidl th the whlole circulation of the Kentucky banks,throtl h - nt the state does not exceed 21 milliios of dollars. 'The sue sstem of ldrawing In has been IITursd y tile Indiarn attd Ohio bunks to even a greater extent. I find, ulpon enqoiry, that the cause of Ihis extra slmrte ning of Ith circulating mledium, springs flom tile dis trust by the blllnks f the couole of 11,. Via BIlrei's goverenmlent, and frotl the colltitll,'d demand for specie by protmicuous holders of 5, 1O and t2 dhllar hilis. The banks are tihe driven to act on the delbtlinive by ian inimical covernmentand by tie condoltr ofits friends in their direct attack upon the credit oftheso inslitutioos. Added to this trata of ,hinge, is the open pr(:oclnati)n I i tis section of ile union by the loco IlBo capitalist-, that there are too many merchants for the hiu iness of Iouisville and Cincinnatti. Thus are tie honest, lhsrd working awl upright tradets, with small menuils to be sacrificed by the mansloth dealers backed by a leg treasury- get eral govetIcatm . The truth is, individual credit has bees, is, and is to be nolcked by the party in power anid their mlyrmlidons, untii te prosperity of the community lshall ave received a blow ront which it cannot recover, except at tile r mery of tlle adt)ministra tion. Mr. Calhoun's July exhlrttlion It the capitalists --that it is their illterest to sustain i . Vu IhiureI, has not lallen on barreml ground. In the mean time the agricultural itterest, enriched by thie scarcity of pro ducts for the last two years, is rrayed against the com mercial interest. 'ITh'reselt, I greatly lear, will be the uttewdestruction of all banks, the estmh'ishmenlt of li subtlreasurv, and ilte re..election to power of the coun try's enemy -lMartion Van Buren. Nothing but a determntition n th rt fe tloft opposiion, akini to that of despaier, cal save the republic. So tare s I can jldge, and I have acesl:o s to theat means of informatioon,the wltigt of ile we.t have bIeen at last roused to a sense of theirh daigr. 'T'he,'e is the ulmnuot zoel Ilierayed. Defeat fnowv n.y nerve us fbr victory in 1810. The nomt e oif thle tttoveitio, it is tuow believed, aill be Ilyett Cle,. A ihvw of the 1iar risoot pnpers have ade" a gloat .fuss, mt d t ve urted Il clliotls ,Il th, (;eneral with reuliewSdl uarlnllf, itl, noun, of theIll have signllidfed thellir intention of nllonllllling Ithe lmia of fIle ('onvenlltion. T'h] l ( o';lI Ularrisonll ill of fl'r fIo i: tpedjl ,ent, if MIr. (lay is choisen I li ire been assured from sources etitiled to iseat eldit. 'Iilte ligs rena to have adopted the neetlliment pretty generally ' Victori y or death, Iunder siatt hit iltder ai In l'ry (It " Thia ito e true Itelhie.t A day or two -inice, I visittited the ng.:m, a ll' tanllfactI ry in this ri. e. It is in f tl Iop lraltio iiid turnsI out s50. yards of blaggilg liar dli li r do, i opt oer Inoms at work.h Soie years since a factory ttas elected at Richmotnd, in this slate, to IItake l.ahteiog by uic chinoero, but it failed, ino io<rqlence of cutting up the fibre of the ihmp in order Io spie it. Hu: the n ti ry i usee in th Iotitoville fic tory pe, er6e0, ihl filte in its perfeettkn and ot is el s olti hly s tII t t il t i l e ma u. ficturiig of cotton. The co- of Lmaking I, lging Iy, hd is from ll too 14 cents a yard. ll Ity thin. chio e the cost is redueod tl 5 lle at yard, l sildel a [better ertitle is tirlmed out. Ilie intllieti is by a ,ir. Could of Iostoaion. nd is perftect i itself. I have totakl notes and will .nid you ii fill deocripltto ilia feiw dats. Loui.ville i e o i tniotiprotg it it Ihe ilte S Louis is. Ilad it not itee for the liee ate eriesl nothiing could hliav arrested its protpetity. It thas, howtver, reeivetd i check from whichl it i not likel very s to reover.-ot. A change in the mnoney policy of Ie gieral ;go' rn. ioent will remove the weights tict now ktep dnt n ib I slrltigs and tine titis city will ave on to het hitte des tiny,-sllhtof hng thle metropoio f tke wear. lcfn Ifo. I ever,tllhe hard nmoell priniples of lithe me in power bye Ihe older of theo day, lS. Ioais will get I stalrlt t at no thing cau arrest, for that place, nover having enPjoyed Ithe leavening in fluene of credit to a very c high decree, is reody to start ih tho race, under the Bentounian ord.r o things. In the internal trad le of this graltl bi-ini coinuil ehauges are gradually efflcted. Trhere. is oil, llech maty be interesting to your readers to kenow. Soome ive years ago, Havana green fcell e was tie chiefalricle olf lonsulaolps i this seolson. Te amolnllat tihoe then hoe c'ntinued to he prettly miuuch t sam, but the deand for thei Rio Cotfle has mirl than quad rupled. It is fow even more than that eiljoytd by ili loavana green. In other twords the natlrall i crlee ll' conllulption in the tIricl of outfee hIa' oentid its If tpoo the Rio berry. Thle coinsequence is, arranigeiimeu I ihear, are oade to i apaort direct, troogh your ity ceoree from Ri Janeiro. It would Ibe well ir ste o your elt'rprioie g housels to go into tlt un tide,-tli Li. I sadli'e, for inetanee,-for they would not be oaipelled to go to New YIork for their cretiits. lThere is a mineral spring high t oil Sall river called Ithe Parroquet opilng, kept biy llr. Clii -nl, tlralr , a merichant of ditianction iere. It is Ihe relort ot 1ie gay.aud the invalid. Snile woillerlnei are vinilers. It i 23 nmiles from tie city. Since the 25th t f Augus. itte weather has been so cold here, that fires have nou t bee amnits, It is toll just like I Nsovember. The river continuesu aimost inipassa!e--or lit oltler .words,-narly wadetlde. News isjust received Itat there had beenti as light rise at Wheeling. Beforethis reaehiea you, you will ihave eee thie noti- i itilatlonby the aeteconventio of the candidates fir gov I erior, lietul'governor, atd Electorafur President. "'they combine the tales: and estrtgth ofthe whig party i this Il slate. .Every wlig inKentucky is deteriied ito eet the brunt ot illtle ino 1i40 with arestlution to do or di. r J. Birnemy larlh.II haI rithuued lhe eithorhlip of lh i City G-aeile in this towr. It isfavorable it Ihi arriesoni The Jourinail is getting .o0 with its tino ability tnt tiquanc ,an, , .joyving all iin elnee iirc rlatin. I, j c a hsul in the ranksofethe whig party and a terrorto tile eaoemy. Its fearteas edit, ro have incurred, the displea' sure oflthe whigs who voted for Joames Gulltrire,a lnotl ritlus Vit llurenite, for tile selate senate, because their paper spoke the truth on all liocceasiot. But while the Jourinal adheres to the ,r'ntriples of the great i'ihig canuse, which it advorera so ably, tile patty will cheer it on to the ouuurgitng ofthe nenemy, as well as the xplosinog oftbeahe er n tmoag its own ranks. M. D. erions Rumor.--The Cincinnati Republican, Sept. ad Wau a-Ve learn frll an Indiana paper. itat it is ru tlttred Ilito tile statte tIes reeetlyv lost $. ,i0,)It.ll0 by ter fund conmmissioners, throngh tll agency of a broker ill theenst. Ieielt tnvs, tihe fonid toeotlnisittPer placed , ,nd s i* f ll le stal e Io the abov e an lutu t, sigue e na il talu hexttlted, atI tile broker wat tit oblain he fuade.--t Seems le did so and fniled, and I'lflt the tiaed commis. siotlte ttinttt a og to I.t't. 'Thin Ins ' massiblv be onntioonvnn ttore htittte ititne Itn l it neer ,etimehng mo~ire a lhtonl : Icoerrotorttte it. re Inopte lit" the sakh if IllordlUll, alllldtlle adtb llntc llline le Ia Illf r imt lrovements, tlht tttte rep)ort oarv p rotv ntruet titll'ttl defaleatiOnsa aund breaches of trust ore so (ot.ttion niow tl-ays, ithat i ft lld ... be s. rpris.. l if toe rumor was soon ctuI IC If tlih iis ti l e e hleitte ic te-' to the Van Bureni succe ses ill lltlott . Wtero. Ie mollllnly wenl to is easy ter thle ,neCaps-eon.,( to loll.--[ lnr. Timu steamer Concord arrived at the landing of Springfield, parish ofCaddo in this state, on Mon day tho 12th inst. withl a e.rpo of Ipryoviiln ani groceries, consigned to G.IW.Airay, having nladea soi fi passage frolet Natchitonhes. The certiticate of ier posioeagurs and 1tre't- g vo a detail of par. ticulare which will lie highly grctifying to tuose interested in the prosperity ol this flourishing place, and renders it now certain that ia direct ultereourse with N. Orleans through this channel to the heart oftho Grand Scttlemelnt, whichl is but 10 mltiles fronIt tihe point of land tng. TIe fteility tihus aflorded the planters of tie interior for exporting thleir produce will be to doubt as gratifying to tlthet as it will be ttprovilng to tie town. ARRI .I , Ot 't1:il' tiI.E:c'I ; Wt:a'r N. Tle sl clont at iGloat Weotnert, Coalt. Iloakins, It. N. Ilrrii ' Iia orii tlll'lli i I ::bri+lOi h It lae han e bue t tu,|e2th AI glt, hxvi.t in the i ' lBt tbh h.eoll out r .r 'I ie ittelligilttoe aitIoget. wears ' it favoralle a noect. Irsge manl ioll'.i 11 .t nmi e teon trec ive Ir t the illok if .liglnt.ld. To i 'lle st i tht l 2.11 " e " N\o ihau the coll tr- innll t Exeinnhecr bills us goiig IIoI Inurle avuurl v, hea. , Jil m ll flh s ei P rlt.' nP d ith Ib Itstintie ihotalahin' nt nolint'n 'f its itn'n.onn.i Itt ntt .serhldeat iov ntheday, byeilryo Irtog e I oo ir'a oilfice,I tat ottli , tboa tt t1t}tttttit rtnonoine to ta be t Iled, ltnd Iy the cloe ln busilless ta atlot noun a n tcl'Stu( to be reduced to 2UIh,IItIOI. 'o mnorrow is tile last d ot Ibr letitill i sulacrttion tllo tile Btnk; but as Ior. tenring I.tce has received o much well t tule as sistnae romn his dependent anks inh England and Ire land, no doubt xists ill te eiv i t that the remainder will lie taken. 'iThe fllld ie, been stit allvy, and tle trallnsaetion in l n r tl, el' conideralte. on'llls were, withill tile nearest sit de, tile nsame Iis sterly, r ai ng Offal 91 ad3 eelletle tir noiney, adtI 81i tI afr aecouna tBunk Stnack li:4 to 5,i Inlia t oaei, tt 7n Exllcquer.. bals i2 o o to r 2 p a.Arulniau. VC tlon nins lllh till n e anme ill trie, rather afalling Moff ill t liddlilltg ti lint e of A tleric hn. d Exporter.I ,ae ip rehasig n o e sinider al ynle. Titerao in s are ivorahl fla to all I art and the aur. vest ing goad. I.oeoos, (aotllnd Even irn, A g. 19. The o.unversin u tiot xeheqcr bhlls by open rtn- I H'liiltilntn Ott t Inl' blook i tlot kilng very sc li; re ress., Therearvelllln ollo e nl linai 1 r rllt e alit he , tl it illtlt e l Chat nut of th 3,500,00(1 abc t 10 -. t01I have betii to n,l a nd tit su, scripltiIs oeII tit slen tiaive ail.rt gonie, hoone be lln I anl, liost wit lolly jlbers miid sp Urws lit s eli coask wlc anlde{ wo cin'he e lrlan t ll l t d o n' : ls " n lln 't o r e i n lhle n lu nin tiah e lich ilt.e plice{ ill tIhe a oIItIk, als cll en 1 , e o pI ot tar th l Iile to heitun o k i tiilt too av enntxpecnl t tl t o nl a t Inb he colnlng Sniot tin ll o to1 he a ,mnoi V' n1to'o totll , n io o M3m'av io been tonon mutton i to idav In thne at onk in ltkeit it allt lh nhk is lUllt n e dtto llldt iuvne bieen libht rnl i til ie discOlin t ofio' tt IIoIln l t pp.I e ,IIII l a rger unt O llt, a' whic u 1 ie Il-lellesen · t le t diao Itlion llltllot IU.DO)\ ,ltt.: 11,\V ,MA1IKET, Fridah EveningAug. 22. "r e stlncet sfl. n e i innIt.? n tttn ti tlO e o hulnt ellnr of Ihe Exchequer's foad nlao Irtcit hasto not icinluene d te vah . t fngilgli tieo nia. ti nonals or-, lon etre , a ot ie l on lle th. ll Ittt Stiotk in owr ioer coaeotece if tlhne tnl 'ao ent t l hottlllf l ttt lll y linllttg ftntl itd e tesscn 't~llto iate the reotnll n nl ii1o t l lon of Ine liltonds of ate ua o" 1i37, which intoatlt to lire ntlliin ofa gil C'ntaol e9nit,1 5-i 'to tnunnneyand l 5-2 hA vers for the Siot instn. antd inr r in Oh toher eoleaall t92 1-: to 1.4. Ion hneler Billsu are 16 no lit porenn ila. Theree prcent iiucd d 1t2 to I-J tihree !n I i ali perrcent di tt, 991u - Io a-3; sid Illr.n ll Ia, t abllf lrci llnto l e nIllan lies 9 : 3 tio 3-i: ltng A unnnni' t 4 n enl7-i ton 14:I.; R k tock 1i l'-to 1ta": Idia S) I tank .iLItSo47, and the liod n5 ill 7 i I , lli l. l inn in Stntk E xh n ll nga ho t 1o tran ton Ill 0 io tsenl, onecuidig ao loo the atitte, bh t tie Two o'cnlock. Ctonos ae so'oto al ittlor fornter etttotnl'ons letive Spanishi Itulds o e 0 ):t n toli 3 4. IBtsilets is litited. I.IVEI(h 0i C'L t i'Ihft OIARKIi'1'. v\'t nnttinlla In ilto ahe bl' denllnd for eu I noinnd tile salt's to-i ', llln llltt ootIIIIt0{ nllhig etot isn " i f 4o 0 Brazils P.n.'oio I 1lt 11},h :o u gn itiont lI I-2 to 1 I1.,2l. 11 tttaai naln'e dtotoo I ln . ....onrat n11 ca . Pric:s areol , th" Ltvr:tnoo, An.t ,-. I 'eh'oee iadaneraetetr.aive iaquiryfotilrco to.I dti.', ,di tint.. ,ttl rott;e o t.... . Oti .....t on n' eao o y ,1l hogan of is Oltlnontl., expillters houve taken between 3 ansid 4,0oi0 bIags, AIot'nl't'llo . ]te-idos.e.-.t'.olnnnih, htnitness tonstss ofrbout one tihousand i Ilnteilns, front id. t 111 t-lodi 100 E:gyitiana 11 I-41 to 121: snl d bttl, Nlll'ai ,t 7-11,1 to 6,1. The ilholet runon tin. otory tirmno, witih a ienldentcy o, iAgust 2'2 Tie Inaolket nennieona l, he ll ry nlr , naosd relti e intly ex lorterl , nioll tin r er hti ,l. ,al pro iotns q itottiona. ihe oals O i'usdin y wae 350,1 b Itle s, intcluding I.10I good a l kolernol, lo expi-t oillt Wednesdav be sies werea 711110 boies, ono l on i bout 31100 weae tlaket li o texpe O nlll ind 7olll 5 'ily ine one neon sond, co slling of 450 1'e a ul t uoon t 1 --Ill oo 27-.-onl 0 tbalc ain 91 lto 5-n: 01 oorI ionhln 8 3-4 t9n : di til0 Egypliaun I Id t'Io lh011 Surai t 13-. Io ii I--ld; nod alan 400 Amerieco Liuerpoal norn Exchange, August 23d, 3 P. M. -llaving had fino atn settled weather since Man .day last, rOapOlg iu the early parts of this district it tow irogressing navorably, and if not interrupt eld by ae relrn of rant, harvest with au ,oill be ga.I teral il tih course of nexl week, when the ateuntnuc of tine it.nry previously dono 'awill be somewlhat 111 cla' ly anoornto iotd ; tnthtllitb ilo buyers appear dit.-ccliad tot alt freely, and thn trale in cateon tillll 'TIsday unoytil to day, has bee rather Tine arrivals of English and foreign Wheat, iith a nt II lla ttty at lerih, enotltrise 4925 qlarlor0 ainte {ni lenrt o lf'u.tnd.ty ant; iutafolter Gralnt froam abroand wt.o hetnoll froit itl and with lio abonvh exception, the sUppliei coastwise and froit, lr 'toolato'e to 'i: I j ''l duty o: \VW ot is reduced to 10, 8d per qarter, ai I lur "tL 1i 5:d per barrel, and on Pease to I8 per qoartrf itl thtieprospectooftheformer rgoing downL . to 38, ro It waeek. (il other foreign ilrouhlc; e tllu atl r. .ilnl o varied. Infl.lvned' by toa contiouanec of propitious w oither, and bul li w aectua buyers lit the day's eIllkCet, t!e trallSaCtllOuS il 'lo teC were uninopuri ill ; andll thouh!l SoeU ~jlders refuse to preen bu el:-, others, alon the contrary, evilced a greater deree to ellct sale:, and a declinell of 3d to 41 per 70b Is. trom the cu rentL rates of 'l'uesday was partially cstabliahe t. E"o ah and Irnsh Flour, although still very searce, hardly titatta m d late pries, and all doe eriptius ouuecting I it u inquiry ; Foreign was Is. per barrel cheaper, The baleg nearly cleared of Barley, good salls were inll f;Tr deImad, on the fill tserms last q oted.-Malt, BLants and Pease continued to move oiff very rpari gly at former quotationos. llaving ie Outs la rllt in, and fIoe offering froml G;ral;rlte, they were neverthes:ue in slow request and by nio dearer. Oatmeal, upon a limited scale, was ite ttrn lower. 'ARIS LOURLSE. Aug. 21; half past three o'clock, 1. 71, List prices; five per cents, 112" 6ic.; tIhrc per cents, 8)I . 60c. IRete de Naples, 1011, d80; B i'gians, 711. 75c. Aug. 22--),sllig to the favurable chalnge in the ieolther, winch has dlninished thle apprclen lon rcsectling the Ihalvest, Ilit eolltiinued action of the jobbers and t pecultors, illld sotlle inexpect ed ussitalle on the ptL uo tile Balnk of Iresand, thie conversmei of e1'xcihrl:r--Jlls is ila, i.g better plogress to day. Snee orders of large iamount or tIlvestlient n it iave altmo arrived f OUt the country t and the report late in tile aftern on ', that not ioire than 1,0011,00 d1. remalined to be lended. The Blritllll Qetn eattittee Cr t captui. Robertsa mlade hIe appear:ance tlf Ryde Picr, ol l'Thursday morning, at eight eo'lock ; having mIado the run lfro New York in 13 days 16 hours. The Great \Vetelrn left N. Yorlk about an hour before the Bri. ltsh Queen, made Iristol on Wednesday noon, and as tile vyage is about 50 mtiles less, silt perforllmed the distance from port to port in 1d htours oles than the Brililtsh Quee ; but the weather was floe the whole way. On the hotmeward pa-ago of theo ,. Queen the former was to leeward, and her slmoke was visible to the lBritish Queen for two nays, and was lost sight of when one had roln 384min, and the oilter 396, a distance of 11 Iiles ; but tie Grant W\estern retained a view ofthe competitor's smoke. wilclh was to windward, for24 hours longer, and l lost sghtlo t cwhen 3'e miles a hload. On tIe out. ward voyage, thlle ritishi Quoen completed tile di,, Lance ii; 18 hours less than the Great Western, t.t to then the witd was w\holly adverse, with a head sea Sruniong , still, considering the grout distance tr- h versed, the similarity of speed is remarkably coin.. p cident between these splendid vescels.--Hamplolre Telegraph. SpaInc-Don Carlo anid his troops, under Zaria tequl, are in the Vail y of U,.zasn.l, watching the i moOvetne.s orf thie hl'islinos, who hlave ostabiish. od the hoc o " Zublri. France-Th-'l'e French King was to proceed with his t.nlly Aug. 21st, to Its Chateau of Eu, near Dieppe, to pass somne time. 'Thes Duke of Orielans and wllb had visited Bordeaux and mot with a cold reception, soch is tir cotmtiercial distress is that city from tile odoous duty on colonial sugar. An 1O imtportaot pamphlet ias been pub.ilaod by Pr.nCe Lolts Napolouo. advocating his claims tothe sue.S co-siotn oftlie throne. Anutloor pdiuphiol entitled n Sthie Crisis, a review of the Pinuoo's work and sue tainilg is pretensions, has been publiated, seppos. oied to be written by Lord Brodghamn - The' Paris ir joturals are severe upon I oth, and boldly accuse Louis of being usider the idllulence of Russia, wit, the imperial fnmily of which empire he is said to be amojiop t ho ally himself in oarriage. 'This rumor, rrI and thie pardon of. Barbes, by Philippe, havre. me damponod the mepub'ican feal for the Prince, it is sand. The aplpointment of general Baudrand. as the I. special envoy ofKing Louis Philippe to the Sultan - Abdul Medjid is, Irom the silence of the official m' journals on the sulject, assumled by tihe Opposi tion press as indisputable, and is, in consequence, the object of general and severe eomment. It Tarkey-London, Aug. 22,-Letters from Coms. . tanlinople of tile 31st. u t. confirm the accounts previously received of the aceeptanee by tihe Porte g of the mediatiomn of the Five Great Powers in set ,ling all differances b.tweon theim Sultan & thle Vi e croy. Nevertieleus the Iladji Saib Effendi. necom It panied by Anselm, an attaclao of thie French Em* bassy, was to set out for Alexandria, with a splen did decoration for Meahem et Ali, and with an offer n of the hereditary governmenlt f Egypt, and its de penddesmes, to the Viceroy and his family, provided he will consent to restore Syria to the Sulita. f Clot Bey, the first physic an of the ePacha of Egypt, arrived at nlaroerllre on tile l;.th inst. I At 2 o'clock on the 17th inst. the threo decker SMontebello, with Rear Admiral Lassosse on board Ssailed from Thoulon for the Levant. Late intelligence from Constantinople to Aug. 3, estates the rumor that I ralhin Pacha wias aboutto enter Koniah, and that in conseq .once of Russia o preparing ti act upon that movelment, Admiral Slouiessmn had ordered tilhe Frenchl Admiral Lalande to hold himselfin readiness to enom the Dardanel. lee. The young Sultan is indi.posed. Time Russian A Ambassador hlad everal interviews with the 'Tur i kish minister Kogrew Paehlo. A report previiled that tile I'PelmI oftJanioa had ris dlite suunlard ol revolt. I'he relmrrtee ucellelatitn of Itoassor by Kueechid mloh r is t eid to ti cci lh't e l . 1Pince MAilomsh lad, since, t'ls c ath of his noi Mil 2im, for Swrded to tile Pte la AI Hle cilnn to bme re-inst med ill his 4 imoveeoncm'ent. SnIl mew Irom Miltn, we learn that mi ehemeaet Ali is rei reJt to have leiar ld to tiei. :lropeani 1 t di nt hle 4did it I ellan to dIlelian t'e 'llrkl-ll flet t, and that it wlle at pverfect liberty tu retmarn to, ICoantatilople. Let Ite reort llmtmema itm!lmlllllce Iliu tile Illolealle were hveiglitn.m m trlsmipo.s in hiat timamimi end it 'mmagallrmen. 'lTh L.mdolln 'l'imes says that King Louis Philip is seoding a coufidenial agtell to Cosilneo il p (mll onenter missionii which he did nolt deem itseomedoent to iatr0et Io tihe aeeredited Ambassador of Franceto tile Sublime Pot is. Parliamenl was to he ierrogued Aug. 27th. Algiers.-Tohe FtrenhgovernmetI, it would appear' are m bkinmi a formidable exredition against the Bey of lruni, to be eoommnoded by the Duke of Orleane. Thery demand of the Bey to give up his frontier tbrtross kept and mpay the same tribte he did to the Dee of Algiers. It is niear that L im s Pm lip t Iirmimtimeti mie lgt o aging tmhe whole African coast of the ileditermmean, and probably Eg rptalso. whe thiy thave auguentced their etensione thes fir. France fi el shielded and neuuurarged folsi in her rebellion againm tihe Smal.r. Now sve altlle u on ling i' Ia laomveir ha bmeen indcemd to amdopt cociliatory imeaslre, al the teuntanme of the \striaor government. Prince 1lm ternieh, it apmearsv, iham otailled a concession which was Iqoleuftlv iflie d rI tm the Kig of I'rcsia. Ilmhe rmnored imnriage of rQele Victorica it Plrince A Ibert of Saxe Cilmimerg, hrtrve lbie a fooli.lh hoax. Ti ahe elnaln har d frmredi to re lly ti Mehnet Ali's pa cific letter lltilm e mive dciion i' thle rive graYt owlers should bie know. It is said the i mi tIa io w!hilmg to Joled Syriva ed o Eg m l to Ir l iim im, ui. decllined to liitmlims tile Grm:i Vizier. It wa reulem t el I t l friz 'Plc'a, tihedefeunte u I'rkvshlgeneral,',had, with .1000 l tvmImmmegone over t I olll Ihrhll, ll I'rellneh olmev sition Jrlloellsl tihlatllv com e nlll tile : resIy with lexir('. The whealt awrve t. in tne ,ith otm Frm e wimtilrmie t a c nlent, o t 1 hbread inl iar had fallen. Tie rmrllal distri:mt Idj' iine 'r uln are -aid to hIll e i' prvately eelelmrated ilm e leasti Io Naoloo n mitmh laimces, bonfires, \o;. A fire in file mirest lfomndrieti x (ltrneml Ie heI desIroy ed 11,000i worrlf f em im hllllm r Itis fiold very dilimiult to find sumoleient crews fur teI F'rench llee t i o tile I.revl i, r;c. A lthlo Savnn-e' lh ar l irench gmeremenman rl sreem disposed to fltter the bohlianists, or .cquire a earnc ter if great imprtimmhe . At the di-tribviiui ,file prize if thie grani course of the Rloral Cmlllge of iParis end Vemrsaileis, wh.icl took pIlce at thell Sorhlmne on ImomdI. ill IpItenev ofi the King eaId lmonl flnilyo , the rmze hmmiCe er l cn gaieln md bm' al Ilmlmitmi fromll mammImIviI lmtillmemm (iirverd, and ltie firot prize of natmral mhilosophmv lyi Phillipsa (' ( d ard o! arrae tl. ln RIot l aIl Elttarmli , Illlkiml Anl sim dIor m it I m dm)n, htlJ leIt o rwitm iii AeIIaItmhe fimr (hmmmrmmdllmillllmmmm. i lvll it d itlti Ifil'c h, the :alm~li.cmlimmr at mim, mimi mlim shc tly to irrm iiii. ''ke tllr f'oaa~rltrsl t wrdlen ,rllertrr , pl ectiim n, and i im ctlnllllell I riot t In t fo et dl e Io the termlls of ,l'Inlelm I All. lI cavp lchinllrli mlee flrtec, iAlexanmri is to Ine attemked. iThe Caeltmil I'e imi if fli 'erkimhi hmlml mwa wimtinmg tmm. hr dimeimmimd li tmie :1ve mmiv, Vimeimm from his e oaend, in artier torepaeir to m1a!ta wimh him trea. suter. The armlv of lon Corloe ire gmarmllrm revoImling iagaiL il the I dion i(; .ipral Allorimrm,. t'he Itoseiis,mvmhicih sailed fri nm Nv Yollk, thie 2'th Jtm lcarrived aFl Imi',', . mimmcl/ L, .v:mld. ilvmmllmlmme All ierole, Jiiiv 16, a letver to tim ll, yo g Seilcasdmclioimmg ini' flip. vi : oivergim tim iom rrn mellt ul'g , emlmd mIemmaeLnding, in addvtioa.d in per pelltllle li tihe mimerr o i rcs Iem mIswi 1emII ,icere)e . "M.ALTA, Aulgp. 10. "Thl Conslll ofFralnce to Imel Ir F:lreigno A lirs. "The British smquadroi m arrive o, n tm :m m m ugmmslin thre he, if IRescbhlkll, al t c a nchorll hllr wilhill a few allie mfldnmmlri I.mllml,. limt iimteilil. mcm m m"mem, I hrmmrh g t lhere (m.iltm bIy tlhe IIIrul tiie rleminr, Y Ad-m Ilirnl Stnmfinir."m tit. Rie'r plan, of Fundimng Erkequer Bills.-m ) I tmiv iemmiming of tmum dm, 'Ir. lit ac exmilmimem to he Cloe se uConlmoennns ien ,mlmitter, his ploa o fi hdilmg ExchemIqer bills, el mdifid by tlhe i eimImsOaIemCms mill results o P Ithel .te, ri lelnilrltllh Ih. willrequire nin art of, of Wll.mih the Ite reoio llod "y bil in thtIll coannitteewll tiorlll tile Im ois. 'Ik: fir.t reslution iv melel'ylv to ot.m inctat tlm t pal t f n1,," mint. i sore wmieh colmmeime ini rhim arrllne.,melil fitr £5l),m 00i with the lank v f Em Elamnd,h derlearini l h."t the Imoreha sere nreentilmed to 101i. 50. 10d. Tlmhree per cent l'ol sl, foir every Fcvheqmir bill o 10110/. Tihese(mond remolmtion dPclalres tlhat .miiIh pernne ns may li willing to conlrieml for tile imvnvining:i 5ii0,)llic. oru nv pnrt llemremf, shme l been iilml forrrviveryExim qler bill o 101 tio 110 l(iCon-oii; And Mr. Rice Stantmd Ihait hm alredv waswnrme of iitlendeld vII aclsatc tmhis price to tlme extenIt o(1 7000000/. l'Ime third reRmution ,iimiirel Ihrat if thile two fermlmr th,,quer bills, whmeror shall re..ui on it certainday nmyIbe exchng.ed whimimo (imer a eimmim lii, not mini thln mmm lr IIi IImImmmmmm f l llmm l ill innm ie ell,.O a rsp iellmaingIle wam,,limt riv mnm u i I am tmimhFe eramge unrie, of mi me a r ionlil then p rircdinc. 'I'llsbi l ml m.r elm . o m-itmimm mt hiv tr imir flr his ]iva ou! Ireleml (i.'Jhortr Rill wmsiel m.e. ,hmi, rred. /lrro/'decr's C.'ort. Reports of ])fn IPolice adld Nimhit Wretcth. Semt.. 16, 1839. htom S'PIceerr, iem, mr tl Imrevlm.mmo ime beoiund lo .-rmillaml ouvrt l $mm ). 'Ail t '1'h1na0 AudrPv, nre,.h r' ,I Fora lt ci oand battmery fellied to keep llle I nneC ill $50ul. Jacob m llilmA mgmlllgi amm.IJ m Pe 1merm c, nrrered fo,, ;Imei mogvI I) mallI (,llllllli tel for: OmIm) rs. ism Immovrt in $.11). ~illiamm de ldtmml'r ele oce q R'lt +hl wih di.halmrgedi. lion ,Wciom . mm ii tave. hmim From', 31 tIm,,ii, Niehol.dsv dmlerll, vrresmeI for cicll emm saltnd immrrel, discehamrged. Alollsar mifiervo, eneemIrr d imi ilemirtoening rs homml oe lhme, 1 me.t iil ,dmiii. ] eiv Otitmeor . itnl I'hna mmmmioollanelmrrsted eamdornti lyimmr its ll mime !tII di 1hrg ,I lMre Simeevim. erresvid limmamd lyimg ilh, time -. I__ ur OBIT'UAR1Y. Died tfyellow f ever, thle p~revailinlg fipldamir . thtie city of n New Orleau., in the 24th y,,,.r of her a~n CAROLIN.E, wife of Frederick W\il'iillrall 1, loI amlouneingl the dealt, oftllii, younlg and amiablehl lady,. it is 'r / Ilpo·"sillo to suppioes thre expressll. of penitentn griel'rilr nr Iteruntillmly end nlor rolprcsa"ltle Illacxirle Irl'·ut of a sigh" to y tiro melmory of one std-relrd loo larger citric of r lldl. by It hermnany winning vo ices. · 1111n11 Ll victims to tit i fell destroyer, [lie barbed ,craw olf death has out beenl pain lei to a a nicier 01,1ecL, our his triumplh mourn complllete, thn inl laying Y low",th " interestinlg subject of our obituary nlotice. n1 Thle deceased had kit thertty of New York, about eighteen months lhsince, f i tinsl ruuthern a I.idBIncr, with hopies as bright J aos her ualivYF skies, and promises us f air us Iter ow~n loveliness tl -OIIdcarillS uerevesr knew nl, by a continucd currenll LTgnal mess, all whro cave w i thin the sphIllere of her e-quatlllanes . But in x )I1IIf space ult'imo, the hnlpas of the husbansd- the ·Ifett l, ion of friends art severedl, nodl thre nothingnessrr of ublutlory attachments vanish, mYII.Blderayev."re 1 tpenutit o inltiuUt atilt x ?;dunt. Educatedle itl all the orcontplll~h, cuts of mod~ern refinement, t to a mind quiet anL pd ae nI.IIIFe to al the blandisbmentlvuffemolle tnlluoulcc~usha united thle lu are lurscsslo n of unaflfectedi goodnessr J and inl tire entry l,,y effort to wi lld ritet thle fmdoess of her friclldr. thle rlluitive lustre of her characteor -be autifullyl exhibited.- It was noL thre Io'ito.y goodness~ thaut .bone fontl t in her ucrustolled ,Maurls it cullrihute Ilcr rhure to tiro Itfe nnd L gaiety urnI large andl cottt ling circl of friends, b ut the inlbred homagel of imr vinousr ut theslirirle ofdaly, whlich farmesd tine peerless dladeut of heor character.. SAlthough cut down by a scourge which leaves etdmttga mlonuments~ of it glary;-absent fl roms thre homue and affectiutt of childhood anld youth-the It everiry of her disease was mit t gated byesrery dli iio t, atteiott which llllnllity could lie slow, mud while bar asltc· repute in the reat ch~larneul house' ataditwice front her fam~ily anld relatives, it willhlae aotb both in; refectio n to them to learn, that as in lifale sir, wn · b Wait gors honored." so in death she was "bly rlmrnsga , mourned."' SElevated In her principlles and guided in thle conduct by the'. 1'retiltings arm pure and g Loltentlt tiiUU religion, and to Etfldia_ in the Meerit, of bet red~eemner liir liar an comment, th. gr ave badv on, tenets-,.d thfose who are to fol low, ca .look witlh reli" pions sodetshering hop, for thatl nteetttg alien ,,this nortal .hall put on imnmurrillll." and loeire thre reardn far thle just load. efect. LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK 33 Mautjtoritp og tte j tate ot aoustaufa . CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, MANAGERS AND PrOPRlsross. S IM The First, or Half Million Lottery, and the Second, or Tro Million Lottery, are respectfully presented to'llt Public. Tie IIALF MILLION LO'I TERY will be drawn in December, and finislhed at one drawing. Theo TWO MILLION LO 1'TERY will be drawn on the old plan of Blanks and Prizes-Nunbers in one wheel, and Blanks and Priz esin another wheel. Both Lotteries. ucder the supervision of two Judges of Courts, , WILL BE DRAWN IN NEW ORJEANS. Tihe IALF MILLION LO II'ERY offers chances to 1,991 Prizes, of which 33 are Prizes of Real Estate and 335 of Stock, besides many Prizes coms. posed of Tick,'. in tihe Granld Two Million Lotlatery, affording a participation of chances also to tihe hbalder of a T'iekct for Prizes In - The GRAND LO: TERY of Two Millions of Dollars-10,000 Prizes!!-to the full amount of $2,000,000, of which 107 are Prizes oftReal Estate. Only 9 llanks to ir Prrzer!--Siorrplo Non 1 to 100,000. 100,000 l'ikcts at ,20-2,000,00(0. Scheme and selling price tihe samc. Amonog, tihe Prizes ino those two lotteries are many public and private buildingsa whieh adorn the c ty of New Orleans, and ar the pride of its inheb. Sitnts-tthe Veruanliah. St. Charles sltreet Theatre, American Camp street Teatr.e, St. Charles Arcade rllrirdings,. with k.tels, Dwellilng Iosses, Stores, Bllrtdirn. Lots, and rrnny enutro oquarea of Grourd-besidos Stocks in Banks and other institutions of tIlhe State of Louisiana, amounting ia the whole to TWO MILLIONS FIVE HUNDRIED THOUSAND DOLLARS. All tihe Rledal Etate alll Stocks o. roedM zuPrice are owned by thlem and int their posession:- lie acts of sale, with clear titles, are vested in their firm, ind rcurda i tie t lioa rofie t Adi hle Mazureau, Notary Publrh , and nflco of conveyances, ready to transfer to the holders of Prize Tickets, exempt fromn inctleulraer: Too proi erty is set apart unalterably to tsat sole and only purpose, and can, in no event whatever, be conveyed otherwise by the fism thmn to tire hildars of tie Prize T'ickets. AMERICAN CAMP STREET THEATRE LOTTERY, CAPITAl. $540,000, IN 1,291 PtIZEs! Will bedrawn in DECEMBER NEXT; and in order to gratify, at an curly period, the purchiasers of tickets, tl e combination is adopted for this Lot. Iory 1 nly, of 1 to 75, whereby the drawing will be completed in a few minutes by the drawing of 12 Numbers from tile wheel. 67,525 Tickets, at 910 each--8675,250. 1,291 PRIZES!!! SCIIEME. CAMP ST. THEATRE AND GROUND,' Will be prize to the holder of' the Jst, "d and 3a drawn numberst. .$1,50,000 That substantial four nsory brick building called Aresitronr's hotel, irllnlng the corner of rltulp alid Nalchez stareetsa 40,0011 Prizer te 4th, 5tih and (tll. That valuable five atory brick store on Old Le vee street, occupied by SMessrs II & W Ilop kins ...... . 35,0001 Prize to thie 7rh, 8th and 9th. That elegant dwelling lhouse nalu lot, No 74 Royal streed, orcuried iy (: W (;ordrieh 253,00l Prizeo to the 10th, Ii th i 2 I12lb. That two story double dwellig pnd double lot in 2d t. occurpied by J 1 I lll . 18,000 Prize oril te Ilt, 2, rr 4thlr. All entire sllrlare orfground ill filbocrg Anlllln- Ir e i:llir ,'~lrt I1. Ir-rruterl by tIilrberty, ierrrrrr , Mel lloree ordIl'irpsirh rts. . 14,000I P'rizer t lat,d oirand 5th. That one -tory soro anld It orlllal r Camit aStla Julil strelt,ocelll ied by 11r. 31. . .tuthlr l lr ir Prize to oIst, 2d id 'th. . That one story store and lot corner li 3St M'arvy 1 anl Jl tlita ots. . . . . 10,1101 e P'rlze to Ilo, id nlhl 7tlh. a A crrrilicate r lir 51111 tickets in the two millin ilctory, rt $ 0( iir . . . . iolti TIm fjrl ilate hoIIIr oflithI prize iay relliz tile lriirV dc alillV toI lbtairllll iosr t+ssio l tiiri ugh their ICnedini , of the principle portionll of Ihevarrius splendid prizes in the two million lottery, will be a Prize to Ist, 2di and lth. That llrge llilitl. ad eaiiI xteni ivr lot ill the ciity i i cf. i.Y l, ll iiiOrlilrg l(ivr lh all,+ irle ·r 6 eel . . . . 9,000i Prize to Ist, . and cA cerith aiy of 421 tickets in the two million Prze to Is, 2dml anti ih. Nayders st.lex to doilh, lot corner of 1. P l l 1,ize tro I lr, I ucilid I llh. A certificate lir 3 ,' licketse il the two mil lion luct rv, i I111 e iIch, 6,500 trile iii lrt, I dilnodl1 i'll. A drl| lilg h o,Ine nlld lot oil VI(lrorv st. 311 N. betig 4d e Iroi tt forlning i cornelr of tIREi. ghien s.l 6,i20i11 l' iz i to l t, 3 hi and 1th. A ceerlilicate f1r 3111 rtckts in the two i lcillionll itt ory, t i$2 allcl l 6,0010 0 I'rize h 1 si , ii and 511h. A lot clt rlli ririi oartN i t edit1. bring the 1 third lo n fr t1 5Lll. 1 ll .ii' ..501 Prize to Ist,:hi ur rirr o I. A eeet tlic r.teIi 7ti rickerts in ihe two miliiion hottery, at $ .)11 to',I'h; 5, 1111 s A certifeicate or i.: tickeIs in the two million lo ery, t $'' I e' h , 1,.110i 'rize iI Is[, l3d i irlll :11. I l two story idw ll li ieii lot, :.i J 1.i on )'lt rliierin it. lri t the eierl r liot of Victurv PIrize t Is, :id wllr 9th. At dsirabil Ilnt oIr p1ichr" .rtlii .Ii . ii adjoin ltf 111.' corner I, I Yitl + -t. :1,00 11 Pize i , I-1t,:11 au td 11 111, ri eliglly -th i ,' r trlir ulh oi ,l te. l . t.'S d ie I. :ib ,Ilrl Inilln hiti oi of ll i i tlli il Jain e..l . . :,-0 1I , 'Prize toi It. 3dh a tliltl. ih A trier i.o it t " it it . I, 1- 1 li 0k ,isr ill lh ri ro liorl , ti .l $. oI8. ,ach ,0 I Prize ito Ilt, :hI iti f h II. nr enlire splre .f grot,c i,id Illr orilre nnlI Clllin 2lll ll. 11 lmmlllm l .rd b, ll, lt V, l Itl lir,, Cliii, t In d 1I :rrlnto stn . . ..111)0 bi Priez, to I-, l1i, and .ll I. A desirable, bluihliul lot, :d, \,' i. Irlltl' oIf.\h11-o ireallu a d r lltllci i oi. 1,90 110 b Prize to t, i4th tnll hhi at A 1-irll.le bLo ihdilu lot 2 ,eel o0d I. b .llnld llat P ,l : i, i i. 4itih lri irn \hrlit, it. 1,810i Pri-ze o Itl, "Ith and 71h. h i ll Irlo m t'i l or n e i r.lllll 1 1ai "in. tlntre. , fy Clio, rite, r llIInliirtadN'lirre..r . 1,600 61 S Prize Ii st, 41 nll i a tlh. Ia I' i nlri iainrtir '.er-ie , end i e liit lenin.m e I iipiw c.ri·Il , i ll . . ,/0 ot tA , bi l'ie In l~ltl d nll g I t l,.ir. ld by Mlii . :19 .o in tlll, u a cl lii e. r "rt , I , li ) I I'rizr I ltd l -111r, h d 1 e0dr , a .i1 e Iinl g t'e ,lietsrf erI , Ir ,ritratre- lnet ta Ifti env of Ltr ', ri.te- I I,,. .,I t i\V'i hihgl-ie rrnet, 2t 3d Ihll fr ' lll (Jhipplal.,t 4le. 751, I r 'sizi lo Isel, ,til lid A h ld einrg hlot irfl cinl e ie+I liroIean ftVie , err1 eIrr l e W iahl nton II l ,, i anthl n Il, I'orir tart 1 "ll tll ili r.rerri -I 7-0 a Fouil buIllidlli lts of h +l ullltloi , i il oSt I ii rrtn lat :it10 t 11i fli t « rPil a oin he rth e , s511 t oitbr , 1 1i , $2 c1,0t0 o I ire htoerter Jer rv o-eeiita $'illi c 11thu 2 t,110 Prizet I ist,5t and Iclitrh- lsae,1 rI ilr 7ri °, Iot, 51h ii l hi-- l, .-.i II . t 11, ,$l 00 an Ilx b,tihlilg hits of cirol ld, iL ualedll se lIo 6101 o tntel, I1,0r1111 t I izr to I'ta, ihilll and 1t- 1 i.i t Ihlt n titer v, 3110 icb kets :.d $ 1ic cisi . 6,11100 J Iri ,. Iit Il e tlhlitlnd 1 -11 - t l, t ilt, ai n tih-l-I.i.7ti and 9,h-lst,7lh andt ltrh. nt Two prizes, t acl i cerllotic i,, o 16.5 tick cts in the two mnillion linet,}, 951 li-kets, al $'210 5,0110 sn e Fivet prize,.. vh:tl I hae's of SloIk ill a ll Iteha ct, hi lroa I eunlrm tY, 4i shirr , lt 11111 each l 1111 1 . 4,1100 14th-1st, 8111 Mrh 11th- 11, 81 stthillld 9)lh2 itl, .il a-id l-idi. iett Prize tI Itit, i 1 1e d 1ti -1s , 11,1h anal all I4lth-I .i1i b end 1i-st, 9lti n- 11td,-iar, Eight prizes, eac r crtifcrte o3 rlil. etl ilr the an tirm teili i irt lr, re 01) ill r kr t ,t $ i $4 ih, 8,000 Prize to lout IS I -ll ild I, il--Isl, 11t , nod Ju I1 tih-- it, d irnd 111h--2 1,3l ri 5thi d li-d,3 str iat aSllt-ir i.Id:- I-n 7111t-21, 3d stI ll, 8Ot Iunt irzes, r, h 3 lshares ofii rc k itn ltie huill It Sit',i liiiluit 3 tll-Sri , ofitlirrird 1Si- , Sir 3,0,0 Prize to - , Sild alrllh t ill- I and tl II- n 2d 2I, c1, d it- Si ari-d ii b-an d - d,111 411i and 9i-2, I 4tI and 10th-2d, 4th and de1, Twenty prizer , rirora eretith nae iar 25tickts tir iti, tira rrclenieh.oectf nrr, at $5th O m Tutnl tlirt trh e ill r a erii. llr el 5 the iinklt S il, I ulet tt lililr-111 e lr it ick 1 ~2 $, 10, 000 iri -Prie 3 tl2,1, 6th a2,n I th 111-2d 1 4 h 1 a tl 'll 2It,trc, a tli -- It-beigh ci beni llh--aI,rd h 3ill a6d ith--Sd,-l 7 i ad t-- 24,I,.tlh and ilhll- .in.. n dh-2, h ad 11 thand' I Sil ntire e pIrizes, e eurllae eiiare in tlcde bOciri lesuriine t olm,3n7.tlia e ra, 3.k t 5 3,11150 id Prizes Io fetiprkrb i hvid l.rl - and d. btn ro runner N1ewhD eteec a17111--cd5 hii end bmllnbi Sd t lu-+rI, 51hl r ltkelt, , lh 2n 5,200 inn Ili.r to tickrets havin g t.. 6hllree radI lit Tnelnaireria eIlentsiner ,b n mr d clo l yl r il k si he- , l rsh nall Ith--nl, 7 .3h eler,1iSOtikeboUat$e. itt 51,3,0 rifet uirnd h- ,7it iLind 9th- andt 1 slind llti. SuI FL Iyilearee bird zesi t ieblrt nir, itt . 4 tIrn, 1~iS icketsnat $20, . 5,2000 de Penie Ihd lot arid wen-s lx iiire Sib-li nod Prites - lt antI andt-S and Ir3-llll aridit SS--lltl end 7-t eldlly-six alld wh ire hoendreltdfntey fhetnoi. della,.r. I. TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, 10,000 RIZZES : AMOUNTING TO TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, RAWVN ON THE OLD PLAN OI BLANKS AND PIIIZES,-NO COMBINATION NUMBERS, 100,000 Tickets, at $20, - - - $2,000,000. SIMPLY NUMBERED, 1 TO 100,000. Tile scheme and selling prices are 'the salme, as no additions or reservations are made for expoenso in this lottery : those cunttigent expenose will operate as a laru deduction from the valuation et on the proprerty. MODE OF DRAWING.-The Ni mbers 1 to 100,000 will be placed in one wheel, and the same ,tmber of Blanks and Prazes in another wheel. l'o every number drawn fron one wheel, a tieket lrue, the Blank anld Prize wheul will be drawn, until the whole are drawn. TIIE FIIRST DAY'S DR)IIA\NIGI OiF TI'l T'VO SIL. 1, LION I.O'TI'EI tY, 000 NWONDT, JANUARy 6th, 1840. Lr Each day's drawing under thI ll rllrrilrllt of two JllllgeS e00 of Court Ilt New Orillll, rad theltheels opaeed tid sealead by hem. 10,000 PRIZES. I. The VERANDAII nd groa d, valted at $500,000 This valuable and splendli edliice is 0 stories 11 ighl, antd prsents an fliaont if 145 feet on Saint Chllarles street, and 108 feet on C'trtrn street. The prineipal portiou of the fronet of the bse n0(5. ent strly eomlrisaes large bar or co,l houseaa and eighi'storrs, and two gran entries to the Ihotel, Ior whicht the reittinder of thin tpltndid edlifice is deigned,andas seat, is now octe I l 10ed by Mlessrs. King &d Mlr'', ia i styale which renders it the nlst fiionable hlt I;tle of tihe souhlb 31t lperson acll at onils lie t e ltlli ientlllly ac.taln daled . lt dilll rollnttr par 000 blrs alld hed roomt. 'Tle retPInt rt'lc IIvra gls $30,1001) perallnatllln ild I..cooe. ivreS Iy Irovisions in tlt Ileaes I, $3,51}l•. T'le ti0 tresa on Ithe lbaer.llllrl selllren i siutcerltihlt of sllgentatalion t $43,000 to tlhe filllullaie holder oli hit prize. 00) i ''IIF: S'. CIlAIlI.Ert 'l'III:ATIII: ANDl (IIIOUND, witht the srru'elry I'Irr, erv, warderobe, lulsic, tei. r'tple 4 lt0(oii Thi magnlicieelt ltrecllclre las I frcont of 130 leet on St -ltarles street, wilth a epith1 frnl of 17tlfeet on 1CltCarlrs Arrcdel. 'lTle enlci t anll accommodadliolras w..ti .res I. with ite magnilude rof irs exa l rrlr . Th1e grand salooar s t by I'9 fit.l. 'I'be lir bies if boles are saurmountled witlt extle'neiver glla' eripes; 47 of tle bhxes Ilave I, oll,irr1j r rellrtlg ronomr. In file aelltrt of tie IdIo, r t I'It ' In d tra magniflcieutclnh deler, let "ri eirghl, 0 311 it reet irt aire .W, erighinirr 1,frllblr Vi illunetd with 176 gas ligits, nitr 'art $111,? . TIhlle stenery nlel I n rel ll er art . inr' P un 1quai ll d it i tlte onhielanll nnd the warrlrr, i. Irllra nllrlent. t1 ''le wlr~lreetaltlislnerlu trl,ur l nlld t i Icw " l serd for 3 tears at $31,lltNi i'rr r IIIIIIll. 3. THE1 S1'.1 C a.IRI (3S A1 RtCAl~ (It101. )500 INGS, BAI'S11, .\INil GltUL'I, vcla tie·d all 1"i(IIlllII A brrreautii'ul brlorrk o' he (',i'rbririarrirder,,I, ifeet froll t ll l sll trlelr I'l, ir Iii drir tr ein t ?lii Intl. 'te t'lt C rl 'c A recaly, I.cria,,,' igi. i.'Flu lower port is occupiid I hv tlr rooms, huge Iletrs, rtlld tl rllel'es; r tire : I rrrrrIt , a t Ill )l0 gestllilltrnl r mlllllr in fIt, ,tllrrr di'r tars. 'rlie tlrnd pa rlnurs. 'lth r lwlol' rrrsa Ir.r tl5.i2i011 Ier i011 annllum, I. I'he enlire pq llltre o. rli IIa , IllIlh a i Imlift, . f eighltee l oi ldo haIii II s ,I . IlrvI..ds f I stlleetilP lnd by !lllpulllll. IlerRl, nodlll 'rp her trll e tll -lrei V . . . .: . Sri;101 '. Tie tire sq fare oi r r'r l ll , n ir'lde. I lrluoe , 2d nullni t,1y tt, rrrrtrrirrrt II l ,l' l oIs, I lr.erlrer b lty trlri, iere'' ce liI'"rp chi re s esll e . ; 3... 1' i 6 t ''le ilt r story Irtllor lre, .rr • 0te ti eve stlret let, n i lr, I[ n1tnlt " , r e·tllea l 7h Ihtcn teree r 7. The to jr story new. bck, i",elin b'ooze, II i llo i Cn rhdelet slr,.;.' 2d Itmi i pi lal!, o iliating ti t rnrier 1,fr (,arii er tlrrrr. :)1),u1rr 8. Tlhle etiiie ag anlt, id" groiliil on Itl .adi:. street, 2d n u iicipal it .( u' ot I3 lo ~u l. 11 l ed by K'tute.... anIHercures trerte, Did the lifue 1,' tie fnublol . .. . 2~,ltll t. Thle enlire sqrell giro' u t d a a ll I lircllhta st0 reer, 2d Idunleiplllit, rf Il Irrtr a, r intrr by Srl l llra l'tne rree etI . 2".'1,}1}l1 It. TIe entire squnrr ofnerrrrrr 1,n Irrt err u trle it, u..r I r nli! y 1li to lull, , . el rtr d iri ,I Entere. 'teraptieloreelareesrr r. 2rcr• l ,r00 11. The retire squnre e l grlrnllr In ltravier street, 21d ittnlnieirllr r, crr mir i I llr g llt 1l houneded by -- . ,00,10 I li. Tle enlire slntre of groand oa lrentrh etreesld reutnipalty, caittllI.1 Illr tIs, bron o( dled by leberpe and 'I'errpsihore cirtes. . 180.001 I 13. The entire square of gruond on Melro. mone etreet, 2t11terri ipUltireitivnoainitg 16 lots, boo ianded by ellentn and'Veerpsiebcre seteels. 10,0(00 1 14. Thea eltire sqllure nof groellle oil Il." slrel, 2d munlitiIllliti, rcrnlrinrrirg 18 lots, o00 beunded by 'I'erpsictlue-., I.illerlty aad rl'at.rI streets l,( 0'1 15. The two story Itree antd ut nt New SI.evet street 2e d IoL ricipilitl, corner if ItRbin rreua, :9 by 10.5 1tn . ' , t 1,010 1I. Thle qacre of eirllli 11c ll i'.s rsreer, Ld llulnicipallty, If l Ib, I.eunided hr I ecu 51r iCreeerrenlldrt Fatlilrit, eet,.. ' . :,It 17. liiae sq re q t g'ulaaI o, Irt sre, 1 eunttn ipalitlv f 1 h -, rll rllllllled ly ,Mel roenar sttil Ltlbrret' starrt, crd fiIe lin' of fit'! tliter llroplrly • '. II 1:{}0 I6 aTh et squire of'ertl rro nti Melrrrere street, 2irllt iet i obit ' ofIII,, ilal rr, b artrrrlrrl try' ilires, "erpsit r etlh lre'n IhI,, rr i strr cl "t l 1111eII ito 1. 'rhe stellaree. ,f ,ii',' I 'lTir ib srewr1, 2,1 iluniipirtlv, cf li. ,ti., houndeld by Mellen i.ene, tloceerl and erlt, lr, . I 11,ti I .21) The trtutlgleolr eptr )nI', lb a gro un Men tIoI ltree tercir. gtttrrrlil,niuee hon d let, teIa irrdr, trrritttertere0 nilý h Etterlperte .itsi li 0lt I IIIf 21,. ' lrh rne story builditir attn ge r'l Iru ir Jch teeanrrdadt.aeerltocrheec,'enerlfcup h aheret, a Il'2 a by 78 "r' Or.00 a'. 'I'l'r qure of c rouslld a lr l t l d re li,.1 Iot..,,bond ied by lwr'rrtprre, Jacoe ttli and Irolltastreeadti. 9.r100 bI 23. Tlht one stnry iatrllnlld in Jerlin slreet, nal tia lohecnrer a uiit Ier stlerrt, cull e,inlig a blkerystlle having 2:. by 70 felt 9,000 4.'Il'he lsquare trf cracund en Mlloers r'cl ,e b 110 strret,lflaots,henrdell Iry Ii\urdtacdletlreicir 23d . Thenqsero t gacrnerle \bie Inde ct Me 00 a a114 Jseliestreets, 2d •l e ,001) 25. The slunt,r I I gdrdu tlrpiberhy tllreetd 0 d i. o03lrt, houInt d b' t I erpic , elow. O n icittte , I Oalreel,25 by 711 i'ei . . .,(I00 20. 'lore quare 1 ground a n eIt ne slrc t ai 24 m. od7 .ts, Ioulednl la by ite eal Melu onanesl'erh 71,59e I, 27. Tbeoane teory buildin teeld ground oi 00 Jtlia street, 2, Iat. be.lg 3.1 lut tracllt street,5h byiin e h ;l bt2, 1000t o. T'haquaerr ofground o a in t'ee, d dn. o l'f 16 bIts, bounid haby JaelS , Solis ai and' 'I'ernhe astreets 0,000 ( to 2. l.Tle ote stoary buildia land grenlload o Juliea slreel,O d 1i. baneg 4th let freor Caimp a, street, having 25 ty 7ri leet 8,1iot1 tn :13. The aqulare rfgrairund tri "tairer street, der ,. f1 r, bo Ilnded by Jdcob, Salis ad h M nelpee ld e streets 7,5000t 0 31. Thle tlnao fgrolln tU Ialllia strte.t, 5 2d1 m. af 10 hIta, bondeday .Olueecl, Soliseand olelppomet ne etare 6,0011 30!. 'I'h ~neneatlrrrrbaddatr: aedbl,t ulg,,'v. h' des stret,2dat. corerao 'rlaienbre street 6,000 33. The squnre af ground o I' ralte lrche e t elretel. 3d I. at 18 lrtt, irunde d by Su.ti, to elletI and elellidctaae acretes 6,000 34: The lot nfgrualld ci Aptllo street, Old Jr in. orneer ef Ileolpeoteer n street, 31 by 12 Ir feet 5,500 I 35, The square of grounad oilnca ree 5,i0nne street,2d an. f 1 lot', Iounded by Hla urd, Jn- II coband Felieclney lrcls 5,,500 at 36. 'Iitett !fgrouall one New Leve sereet, rd it, neeltt Ihe; colnerinf Robia slreed, 30 hy 1 hI feel '5,5'' Ir, 37. The equaereef gredoon eThalie street, 0 d da. of 18 lhe, bhounrdd by Clara, Tluuel, ay elnd lelpemtene streets .5,011 38. Tl'hs lolt of grouallc New I Iyner street, b a. abeine igte d let frtom robin sthreet, Iree. 0 eins 30 by 105 feet . 5,0 by 39. Thea quare frcground oil ereatl street, 2d at. ellO at, h baunledl by Clte, n'liMli lcad by M relelare atcre ,5,01 4dl. lThe let 1' geretud oiln Nnaydes astreet, 21 ,1d i . i being the 4io lit te lemTerpsichore etree', alvin ur3 by 1te7 fead 5,0011 .l y, 41. Thbe lquere efgroced on Terecule street . o lts, ebouened by white end Meltlm- ,' 0 neo nstreetes 5,000 42. l'hnlsn n rguend na Neynrd eVreet, 0: , ttr. being Irten t U the let frletting t •l teonirre 'l'err~ichess atreet, cad bleniag 32 byv 127 p 1) 'art . 0000 43. Thenqers l~efgrCe,leaI,;IThaoatRtrasa, Ila 2415. if)?~ h~tt, heart~ed Ity Cicce, Oletitirni'ee end Manria SInre , , 5,000 Fit 44, 'lets ent geeed eastee~nrle ai' Vine~rsa enid I dtnf'.anii ntrensi5 3.1 tt.. 23 Iry 108 fret ' 5~i 1. Two nhaDltis Djdoitarl~r a **,j)A CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, Ne ug. 30t, 1P39. iIASA.r AND PI;(.FfILT'ICf, 45. The purlinu ill' n nt uire of grntnal on Tihallia slnrl d an. nal Ili lut, lbounded by ltln lllI n.a art C a+nlaareet, Ulal aillier pro lerty . . . 0,0lo 4. 'lThe lot of grounnlt lfaniinlg tie corner f Apollo tilld 'nTerpiahore screets, 2d il. oS32 by it IS? i1.l . o00 47. 'Tbe siquae of nigrad on Thalia ectee, 2 .d i. olS luta,. bounfed by Manusel,Clanr. anl lelicity strnnet . . 0 48. I'lie Iw story brick hluss and Sil on 0 WnslinglOn strnet, oiy Iof Lnfuylte, lbing ll0 feelt 'an ( hlwplnnwn streel, siad hiving 40 lent front, I 90(11I lnet ila depth . 5,100 [49. 'The square of ground in 'alinea street, 2d nt. .f 8 lots, bounded by Marlin snd lMello-n. lnel lntales andd Eal avenue . 5,000 501. 'TSi onu story building and lot ofgroad H Nnaavti.a :,treel, bleingllihe:3d lot frro Terlp. nicihorn;n stre'l, bying 3t2 by 127 .et 5,000 51. T'lb' 'agiare of groutnd in IErrato treet, 2d in. il' I:l , Itn, bolnded by Marlti and 'rhalin liu nlrt., iida Iaugle navenue . . 5,100 ^!. tahe it orfgrunnd on Apollo sureelt,d m. (apn'il thresidene eienof J Fieild Enq.) being tlc 9dletl IoI'rltti Terpsichore Slr eet, ndal Siing ! he 1b27 fei , - 4,0119 5'it. nT," square of ground on Errnto ntreet, 211 in. l 1 l'tt Ii, tntided by Eugl avenue, 'Thalis nlatd \%O lttnt tllreets . 4,08 51. A t.t of gronnd in Apollo cnreel, 2,1 na. kling lite 3d ll II 'ilm Terl)stIclure atreet, having f2 h 127 fnet . . 4,000 55.: A It of tground non Apollo street, 2 . Lein aLt' -ti4t nlfr in l a'nrnithorenalrea',Savinig3S S1, het . 4800 511. A nlot ofgrlund on Victory streel, 2. nO. tasing 95 Ilv I! linvlt, adjoininag the nut frl lting thit cottater o l' gla ,lgtiaioata reet . 4,000 57. A nalt l gnoulnd :l by I27 feta, beitng ISn I ht tliulll taiunl which Iorma tIe curlner of 'l'richalle street 4,010 Si,. Al let o atiround in Apollo lreet, 32 by I27 ta,-t being thn!.nd lot irnm ah awheic h furnne tIe 't'ai ta Slella enIaIa eet, cam. 4,00 911. A lot o lrlund n Apullinaaree, 32 by I lat, :adjoininlg n [lie Sailot ning te cornar ai \Ielpo... elae sthreet 4,800 b. ptinugritn ian hanlta ntrena, 2d It. cIuitniiIn g 11 IIt t ,n,ltttundeid by alis and t31ttttnrelntrnt-t . . . 4,t)0 lt1..\ l . ,t gnotr elal lo a lneI l lnnlet street, Ine t h, thl: hit Ibr nle tine culttr oitf Apollo atth'.t.:t2iL, 17 t'et, 2Sit. I3.500 tr!. A sot lof gr1Ioul 11 o. Ter ,sicc· tlree.t n2d . IS by t '!7 a lta l, L. ilj th' e 2 tIront [hat x~hnch fontl flt-' riauer ai Ntay des trenet 3a 2OD I;:4. 4, tut ,-, gratud o ,letontnene street, 2.. itn.,'I baal. Illtat whiciah Inaroi sane coalaer of .ottst, ut-at't, being 3.t by l1. fret . 3,500 alt. A n:tllr' f i.gatliadl r Terpiicbllrne ntrtl, Cllltallliat n) thnirneg t ls l hded b)y JElb nnid -ii .Ail b.Stahtatatre it c,,, v: rio. A oon (o)flgroul anI e being tile h .ill tl l I tl bt h bore I l+r lie u.lnfer of ,Al J~n,nl , sllt'l', :olll ho,% lilg :112 by% 1-7 feet 3.,000 1,6j.A re u( groulnd eouialt l u g Its I,ll, ,Inuiod d Li (h,'b rry, .,: auto, Cb'li o llt Road t..e, tel9 2,500 in. A squa nre it grtlld n t llllillilln g 17 I'i,; nninlthdd Ity Eagle, lellanaie," \WititIa lnlln rlSItia it . a atlai )S i lil, Aa.,qunre af'ground, entnaittig 18 ltai, Itllllttt ed lay lll'tnlli 'itai u, CIherl y till Errolm i9'. A alnol{-antdelinlh iousen aadhalorarouna 51 Itlat titt 1 l)aaaUaL a.aueti , - foot la ticourlla alre+.l vii'ltnt+e nI . 000 711. A .qluart a l ground, ncnltaining dl Itot boillded tIV \U tlloa, Cherry and a'lbalia crrels2100 71 itt i t are n of gronld, ontian g 14 iull, Iulouetyrln OY Ilnt, Esrrta andl C.'helrry streets 2,p000 A'a. A .qinre of ground, cntaaining 4 iots, bntlated bIy SThlit, Sanlie .oi Jael.b strnetl. 1,800 73. A- tin.iir o groinld, conlaiillg 10 hla, uhundnud lIl tlarn, lMelliulelc anud Mlatiai Blrles .1,000 71. A1 ll ilre ol'guntlnnd, contalning 18 bil., bluunded lp Cltnalat,'TalaatBl, nrune cad Errn io "[r"318s 1,500 75. A iginoreP or gronnd notlintiltng 2 lits ibolilded by Ciledlu, It'.iat, Spute ntd r lian ntree. ttu Sil8 76. A asausrenrgrouad, 2n2tnining I2 lets bontdedll ,by t pruee, Enrrato, Peseh and Clie st anl , . 1li4 77. A squan re.f ground eonaining 16 lut buunIded by Sprucennd Peea h r raheets ir 78. A natrare aif graulnid oltaliingll 2 lana houlnded by Pooch ESnss Pai and Clio 1,500 at9. A .. nllOl of grunlllnd COtletntinae lots elided tlt, VI ll,6ia i aaCllie alrl'.a 1,00L 80. l'b ia-itrilllt.itl- linairea ofgrliund aimI d. a.1 ay llecltla "ni d ntl lellltt . o etaa reeta. elO5la :;I. A '1ieual, of ground wana liauig `1 lots lbitiindda I i luep3 , Cliu, Pain nld- Callille a In-nu 1,400 S2. A\ 'aIlllare of groinl cunta leaihg I8 tite ihounided by t+'ilerry tieid Tile~in siie . i,'+0 l83l.aalteai bn tAlta-ny nalld 'Slania eamean 1,200 1.3. A ItiInna ie gronnnd ninaining 10 lans tattadndt lay Engle, Ianali, nlatd abt lsta treat 1,.10 8.1. A iaimrne n.fgrouatl c.tatining 24 lots I oueIted by Mapli a uada 1 mlatclens, alld by ale New Orleans ciartl e1,200 U5. A ollnuaeareofgground entainiang 10 lnla botund ead by nItl, bnnal atS M alte alrneta 14200 i. A snuura e o grond oinelniniag 10 lulna lnanllded Ily Pelch a nd Enrralo altreel 87. A -qeult ufgrunnd rolltniniag I leots buuntded bly Cli , 'Pear and Pint sareets g00 til. A -olt-ne ti' gruitd.llOaaniniog 15 lots hnuanded Iay 'eira, Clioand Wnll lreean ' 100 119. A Iretiaultar sqalas ofalS anal lnoalntd by llinlun, Felitily caid Iialpcr .n 0 90. A Iriaigular qnnmanS fancratl at the eer ier ofJttnb attd'l'kealt slreels 1i10 1. A trinangular sknt re olf ground baasnted' lly '1 erl.siellhoe and iollit streets 800 92. A I nqalae of grontd boucnded by Metlpuiitaeut nnd Mci rI l street . C 913. A aniniuteula cquan of ground Ilbndedn I'ljn liot al Pacnh l streets 810 94. A aqllanre of gronld coniifing 10 lots hlatonileIl by Mlaple, Vdni ad anal Pil streets n lln t II P c a n a l " 93. A lot of groaunt oha Wahingaln ta ee t the 4tI t trtm tha t wic: h faric the n eaer of 'llipp, wi street, beinl 40 by :lOifetl 750 96. A Ilt nlt grnd o'n Wasaltllotn alreata beilng Ihte Sit frn, lalot whinlh foarn tinst ncurir oft Cbipewa street, bieing 40Iy 1.5 Let 7l50 97. A square o lgrond nooananing 12 Iila buulddiad Ity tlde, Euplillonea, Pine and VF. tilst lreetsn SO 9i. A trinngu'ar quasre of ground boundead hby Clesunii ind TIllal stree, 400 9'J.A itaingiulti eqilaae opgonanlLd loundedl by Mlaunonel nandt Erruto istrncet 40 100. A lot of graouind frlin thle Ianorncr of Jle sy unJ Watntilatrua slrnalncn aatviung 1a feet on ale frnlrne, nd lln oin lie jt" 9 101. A nlol o'gronnd funnti0 thn ecrnnr tf Jersey anl Fourt stinnta inthe akMnn aqualre tinving .5 feet ol tle forla anud 11 feet on the latter50 103, A lota ail aond on Jeruon street, 23 Sy 115 feet,-tile 71a1 tronm the lot al rfoitigle a orner lo Wnashingaon streel 300 103. A lot ofugrund on Jerey Street a5 by 15 feet, being th 8th Shom tle corner of aValh. legion street 500 104. A triangular square ofgroannd boatnded by Olio dlal Sa)nnna tren , 3., 80. A triangulanr sqlutle ugrond boulnledl by Peer anti Errat slreqes E 106. A Irinnlarlquarn ofgrnI(ulla blaadeal ly Culliope, Pine and Eupllhrosyuna sareaq 06 167. A tahulannlr lqulnre nlfIronnad, hotaLd by Mlnple und Yvanie streetsi r 9,970 prizes I ahare eIeh .na Lgt oth nalkiag'enlapaan ny toelk, nat $3:0 . 8,100 200 prlzeti 1 sltare eanh alecehanett Ei, cnlgie nc .tok, at $75. .t ~ ~ ~ ~ ' 60 " " ' e~m , 8fl 177 Iirize, I har aenla Onean lnnaaz 1 anainlnain caunIk at $50 8,050 60 gnri-ta,l tornenaelvnMeroltmlaa aanuanee ointaliniy ailekn " 11 0 , . 1800 46 i', I sliatae nla EabaPnge Bsnkab eon, palmv sn kli, nPO . 2,J300 3l prines, I 5hAre aaenhl PFtnhbrarlni, Rail SllitS iin5nulpuny slakn 4t 200 . ,00 t0 IreTeen, S anlan ennli, WenOgnt Ilaiita Pnail Pint llsuin llnn r olnaal,-nu stoiaeb,'alnOlO , 500

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