Newspaper of True American, September 21, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated September 21, 1839 Page 3
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$100 IREWALRD. -L "I'., satjdresoed to tile ubseeriler.ecodtaining ltour Hldnrerad n Fifv I)ollura, hao been stole Itheir lio in tile ]Pot Olae, ill tilis city',is. twolll00 notes of tie Commercial Bank of New Or ilea R. No. 250 nanl 393. 'f lul note of the Bank of LI.noianae, E. No. 996. " " City Bank of New Orleans, A. No. 1037. One$I " " United Staten Bank Une 0t " Consoulidted Aessecnltnt And j20 i.n New Oleats mtunieipality note. ifty Dollars will be paid for th detection of the thief, atd Fifty Dnllhrs for th.l reecrinof the money. JARIVIS A ANDRE.WS, * 2l1 corner Comnnon and 'I cloupitoalas eta IMAYORAI.TY OF NEW O()RLEANS. HE price of flour being this day $(i ;l per barrel according to the lari, tte b;kkers will give :o of bred Ihr teelns. ltli.- lng the week begin. ling oil Monday next, thle 3d inttult. The Ionveeaus second qualityn.or of three fr lolln cents, shll weigh 25 per cent more, viz: 40 ncoese. 021 C. GENOIS, Mayer. MANSION IIOUSE IlOTEl,, 1ItE inle:rsigned, Ilreent Ipruprl'ietoren f Il wiell kntlwo eda llishlnenl, called the mtlniot Hewne, situated in Obrapi: vtreet, No. 119, love thie hllor to announel to tle lublic, thot thelr gree teot eare and at tention will be dedienlted to render cotnlurtoble 1wrrsotn who imny Ihvur theme with lheir patronage. I he ad wovntges iPsclteed by the house lior travellers, for its localtty,eonvenietce,&e. are so well known that it is oneceseeury to enumerate UE & FULTO.. (.esEY FUL-N. sept 21-1 r T O PRI NTEIIS-tIan ' lillaaring reduced prices will l heaftir be clharged frt Irinting l'ypes at tlrce's New York 'Tvll Foundcy. No. 13 Caambe ra street, and We. d City IfailPYlce: Pica, 38 cents a lb. Smhnall Pica, 40 Lang Primer, 42 Iteargenia, 40 Itleviar, 51 Milion, 66i ' Inilpareil, 84 Agate, 108 Pearl, 140 Ornamental Letter and other type in proplrtio/k ThenL aretlie prices iur a cl.t lof mx nirilnutl libut we Obiih at thiiitill.a e i renautlle honrt redi nr.asll pur el,laes and will llhareilre mluke u diina.(uiin(` r5 Ial CCel for New York itacle turnes t ailla. daysl and 10 per aent for casl. We haveli r entliv .de. to our iormer extensive on aortlelit 7m 5 kind o and sci isof iraaillietl let tar, utdlraciag ucilo-,nrd, extra-cuiLclle.d, extendedc outlille, skelcton, sluled, i-m..aneurnI, iieder lthinlfa Ced black, &c.: Ill)0 new we.rn, and a grllat variety of a dreeen"el, frlming alt.ogether thi miosat extensive and alegal enrllllnueti " Yrinilg 'T L'lla illn the Unllited ).arnie and absolutely ar nlunicllr d llnll. We alnso .ur. winlh ae'ery other a.n.:le thati is a ecclnariy for prmling oI·ce. Printers nof ewaspairs who publill sh tlis dverlic e melt three imaes bt'inretlli. Illt io Novemnbdr. 1839, soai. ding as one of tir pulllaicill-. will ic-ui.ce payl.tni when tiley purclise from thei Foudr5 fulr tillln ia lhe amount or aliir bill. (;EORG III RUCE &Co. New York,Aug. 15, 1839.--sl2-3t C ASTOR O1.-10 brl Ncl I whirti Cantir _1 "I' sIpelrior quality, now lnllillg in)d iir .le ly JAItVI4 ,i ANIiREWS, e21-tmnis corner uof Conmon & Tchlnupitoulal ate MANSION IIOUSE HOTEL. LOS infrasoritos nuevos proprietaries del bien conooido establocimiento nomibrado MAN SION HOUSE, a.tuodo on la calla de Ia Obrapia, Num. 19 ; tionen el honor de anlnciar at publico que sus mayores el'ucrzos y ateneiones sn.n dedi wadu . eaomplacer a Ias personas qle lee favorea can cOn sa patrociuio. Las ventajae que posea di.. cha case para los vingeros, tatllo par no locelidad, comnodidad, etc. etc. son tan conecidas, que ea ina Oil enumererlso. i slet--ly CUNEY & r.FULTON. MANSION IOUSE HOTEL. L ES leusignds, nouveaux propri6taireo de I'd tab issonent situ6 dons la rue do la Obrapia, Be. 149, coalnu nous lo nom do MANSION HOUSE, out I'lonuneur d'inforinr le iublic, qu'ils leronttouls ealoirta pour so rendre agreables auz pe.onnes qui voudrotl bien lce favoriser de lour confiance. las comlmodits qui'fflr colttae lii. con aux voyageurs sent alle collonuas pour no Apointju ngr nacessaire d'aau iaira ici Ic detail. 21 sap-ly ('INEY & FIULTON. SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. i TAS.. b-rou g!t to tie P'oilce Pritnlu ate 2t 1 Mu- ItSI Ssnir igllty a briglht ilato tItu ouail. nn.d ANDUl It.* tur 8O", lborut 2 orll v t. ar o o ac., Ieys he os lee. Tile re owner will please cl l, pr e ppl, pI lages and KI stket ltal toyt. It .1 1 r lttIl It, t'orl o a ul'tile \Vnld " lpllt S P oe r tl II I ll / I . "e r illlltlttl r t allr l d ot . I 1 tllhovis o a ,Id (liren alreMnBr, a ttyl l tm t II St l)ud H l', bt o,1.1 t or 125 Il rnds high, t , SI..t 'lt whiti,, wtlll o . o, r .r rut to of thlem. 1'1." ,wor . 0 i0ld horot tt'. o i ,h11u n culll at Ot I und, -ob, a,,: ,rt, I+.- a e00 ltk . I th way tU ' o o b o,1 o i ,l 11 , l I h 1 , nal tou e ln o w ll be -old at. n tI;l I,, "r II 0 1 ., It , . , alinoer. r (t i ' I i t i I•,i ag. 'of t ' Vt o a P t i(l' ,. I ', i I tl IIA I'llL. ltI. SIOw , ' ill ll o Io L to + ll , i tl t i n year d vifageir ol tl r 1 e t ln t ola. ir . le ,tIotoloo Oi o. t ' rPE R, t oulao tha c;on' Jollt, ,,it ell yeara of age all t Illoot n Mr.. .. A'togro t oollut Jo lia oli 1t t ll m or llr U ado lltloc pole all t l g to . .r . ' r.o ,loto 7 0. tt l onr t utA bitlilttil d3 Iuraont, bt u II yeArs of aie, ThaIl wnertd ot si lad..,' er rllr t. ,ell at tloe pri an i ol'hnd car retto N. 73p. trNpy a and take t lnh awinady. II cod MInAIp li , aung "r9 ('a b 1p n oltlhe Waulutch. n mI 'i',t aaqeo-. ,a goooectr ovn' a rotl - b.0 aocr clan olegr aas tpot Anli rnIIeNY, cgo eIlt 11 ans Ic ant appeltoenir A Mlr Alcrtit. .N UCo aegrac m ao e Alln( ur.IS tItITII, age d'enviroeo 40 nos e di-ant uP artenir A llt r Marni. s UC jouoae nogre noait AMICHEI. agoe d'eoviran 12 no ce dit libro. Les prtotittaresau d ic Ilts escluves, sent prijt do ecnie Ice rattlrer ell layat leo fruis. II. S. HARPER, Ri J 15 it _ Calhoins de la O arde ST- IC-t-Wo a oak's u, ty ttne Police o tse ond ~ iulloieip.litv on the htlh iht : foundthitnoaisea TI a fI, o" t ulolllnt Nepro litot hlall tin gag of said Mu nieilpalty, A Light . ay fioraon er l a -ot rens aesi hill, two hlillal legs cliot., ald blilld aof oey anud aleo o Cart No 731. Tlhe owner is reqneted tot come f ,rnrd,pruve preper- j Iy Ra charges and lkoercofl eo away. N, I ()rlator,Jal 27t 11 r39. 11.S.0I1 h tKpEIt. Cptae ofe thde Wottdl. SVIA . ArrectI par l Palc " de Ia ucoantlds N0000. t r ctuliltd ll 9 corantl trouru lmiatr le Itaiolls dll gro lltOrrol, qni tt fi t .o furcatn duolit Ala. it ticipalito , tIn chorl bilyt. caln tra itul paunles de o loat, Io deau jatlllbs do toorrial blinu, f aronle, - cnoi tu'uali cnarratto No. 731. Lao proprietairo vadoratis Ipruuvor e propriea l FAyer les froaioat Io l retLirer. II S All RPER,Capoittilte de WVtlLh. b' p MMNE non dcpnto dlo aS catslelunicipdai. n grand Cheval brat., 14 oauttes do hauteco aans marquen. Ie ,lpr,1rialtaro voodrais biots lirn. ctamsr ao dapat rail Barrolnu,entrn Ilovia &Girod d'ioi i Samodi le 2 Auut, autr tnlant i cora vooduo N Ic dit Iour I'ar . a Glillotte cotantour publiquo. at jy 125 ii S HARLPER, Cupitainn d Watch ()'FICE O OF THE F [IIEMAN'a iNdUHVANOE IU or NEw ORLEINo. Tifldte ,coe-ultlller of this Clalplay are. hoo lby no 1 tilud olltt tle Ill11h ittoctlulellot n their olack is dao Is nad plblce toil tkha ilt of October nell, la the office of Oate Cnltalln. Iept 12t E I.'I'RACY. --sINT i -o.odc.-t ,lan Ca--,tlcry2 n.axi Bride - 11 l.llolero coonalgin rto fcwaunck & Cio. oarkhtd J C Ilinaiea i Cao.. bIse vcuer reaochtd tlletr dlntlllionatl nholvO. Any iltobrto tiun ,lotaeerlleii tgehs po.hkagca tsoll bo~thcubfuoty reoricod by8 G BI.A'NCIIARiw ,iuly li ." 33 Gruvier St. i wit fedfMr. Ilettj. T. Wallsnl uBostou. Malo., Uiu very dewirotl oft olitahis informataein nrapect lag her Ionlbad whether gout or otherwise, be wan ill New Oreoaas nia 13t or 7. at woorked at thb lpitliln tlninn he assbe i iln Eloerity iopittal--siaae dlnn tli ha not boecajlctroln. Any infoillmuttio will h ebsk falnl received ot 53 Blinvcoillo stret. cag 291-2w -V-LUAULE ENG4tEI* DITIONS. SAR'I'fiLt4'S Wond re eof Gcjslg. C ullangowortls wosa Gil4ouc otiseellcoca wrksl laoUltl workso-o-Wclooy, (loal,).l-letrait Parry's tL.gedlry cobintat.-cuwptr'l works. lSis Hllgg'o toles-0 vneaib-dSir tfllatl Grandiscn {.ol~dIrth Atilotod Natua--.mitl on Cottages iusa a hittory of tho reflrmntion LI)avenort'a blograplical di(tianarv She Ac. iltal raeiva d od(a fr tle by A TOWAI. A527 49 Calonp tt tIroan the Salceorih'elr, a Mutloou t r Grila bcy, h known by hie nllale of ARCIHY, aged about eigltetu yeartcvo fcet fotur or v inches hiih, dark bushy ltuir. Whoc hto left to had oil a whit Il ioundabnt uoalU noaolauta flt Ion Ito other Clullting witlls hit., which to maoy Iut on at tleaoure. The aboue reward will Ie 1taid to' any perlot. lodging hlno iun riison or brhgiag bitn to tile Stulo ''chapitoulas Slreet. augll41h M II IlEVEKEUX. NTIoE----AII peranoa, hootog ciioltn agaiost tile Yeilll r.ll''s olward As.ocialntin. ar requclted to ifel.ot itheo) ti illadiot 'ly forosotllinatio, to the aub airlbor, courr o(tCoolton and "cl i'louplpIIlUlaa telrt'lsl. J WANDUREWH, tl 0 'I'reuauror oll tlla Asaciatnll K otE, Iorultlltl to lit pouid of tlto 2d Muniipa llty, tileo lir f ylloi o y lt aitals, viz. I Darh btwll care, Wull foal, Itlind ol'- olnen y etar tan her face, 13 lillltla higlh. •h e owaciu oof tail rotltlty t will ldcunae call uat th lonolI ftitO 3d oard. "l .1 .naoipuhty. sjtucta at the orlnear oftRoLoo uil a AtllAultlaltonio streets--trove prot poerty.tot p hy choRes ld taku tIslo away, on or Ibefora tilo Scý ti tlrhtai 2 I , tohen ic ithey will be sold atauca in loy P A luill to' luli ,: up a ,l ier . s 41 f L WINTER 1st Lient. William Shaw & Peter Trudeau Creditors. i STATE OF LOUISIANA--FirstJudicil Dis Striect Court. The cession of the insolvent'a property is accep. ted for the benefit of their creditors: it is ordered that a meeting of their said creditors dtlako- lacee at the office of W. Y,. Lewis, notary public, on Thursday, the 19th inst., at 10 o'clock, A. a., for the purpose of deliberating on the affairs of said insolvents; and in the meantime all judical pro. eedings against their persons and property are Waitness the honorable A M Buchonan, judgo of the court aforesald, this 6th September, 1839. el0-3t P. LE BLANC, Deputy Clerk. William Shaw & Peter Trude.u vs. leu r Crdanciere. E TAT DE LA LOUISIANE-Couricr du Pro mier Distr ct Judiciare. l.a cession des bions par lee ins Ivahles ayant cdt aceeptde par la cour pour Ia hindfide na lours ordanciers, it est ordonne qu'un assemblde deadits cr6anciers sit lest n l'office do W. Y. Lewis, no. taire publique, Jeudi 19 du courant, a 10 lieures du matin, lI'effet de ddlib6rer our lte offiuiree due dits insolvablee, et Pn msme temps, toutes poursuites judiciures contra Icurs personnes at biens soe sue. pendues. Tdmoin I'honorable A. M. Buchanan, juge doe a dite cor, oe 6 septembre, 1839. 10s--3t P LE BLANC, ddp. greffiar. ITAIE OF Lt)OUIIANA--Pnrialh Court cf the Parish and city of New Orleans.--l ereby certify that on June 18th, 1839, judgnell was enlered inll hi court ii the suit of Marie Lamitlee I.sihtert vs. Capreir Itoquene, her heehaad, in thle word al ligllres itel. lowmg, to wit.: 'iNo. I 1I,781--l1arie Imlitle ew. Ctpriai RItlqere, her hushand--lereer Ir t isnller., ldjoud. ed and decreed that a judgment ni divrce he lllaered lelweeu the parties i har the Inde lando natrilonv ite etitre existing belteeen tnelIn be ad ItheI are lereby dissolved, and that he defede lant pay tie c;ln. Signed, CIIAILI.ErK MIAURIAN, Judge. New OtleJen . Aucg 24, 1839. Judgmlent recolrded i judnlte 'u ruocket 1), rlsgb 59!. kn tetimrolly whereof lI uae eraeulllo set loy hIlld ai asl.d the seeal of the svaid cnlrl, at le ity iof Nw I)rhar.s 0m thias 2lh ti ly of August, in lhe )year of ol I.ord one thousand eight horlllr end t irt- ill, odll iI tid Aixtyo.tfurlh eart of the iadrcpeaaoelec l ilie Uileedl Saten. J. OI.IE, Iepuly Clerk. aug 31 It 'frA'T DE L.A I.OU[rTIANe.--.Cor e Pcnr oi e lpoor iu perisece cEt ville de Io Nouvelle t)rl1(ns. J. tifie pa b r celei iruCea quoe to 8jllil, 319. jolg. llpntl i't reedtdilals elte oIu'r dnea Ileu cho de tlarie I.sallte I.eLmbert cv. Canlio Ioqletth , Sic, n .IorX, danes lta aol cehtot:lifre rlivan.: No. 11,6gI--Mrie I.uillte Iunllert vs. C'aprci l ClllllluieIs e l)oox-Iiernl II et ordollt illtjllla."f et dterete qa'lljllgejllmelllellct i divllrce Plltrm e allre] suit enregi+lre, sun, Ila liens Ie ionl sge ci-levnU ex ienllll cent'ella oiirie ei iif colll dr creprieoate liolac i ile It, ,lcboulderir paie Ice P raie Novelle Orleae, lli 111in 13. (igse) elIIAII.ES MACl.IAN, aoge. Julgmenl eerrgictre al dch:kPm de jlgeoena I), llge 3). En foi e qnoi j'i nc)lyoS ce igntlecirc le s(:eq I e I dite colllr, d ololr vit ii,, dr Il Nolloa ll ()rltecllm, ee ill else. jour d'oout ltah, :'lllnll'eo lie oreie oJICillril Illit cenlt trellci neuf et done In oiultote quotrieli,: .olle det l'ildependaece den Etate Unie. 31at It J, Ol.Il , lieu .e:r, ,t IE19 'i. ";T el Civil ; lgi1,etriu, bellg Itil temlpt 4 to consolidalo tile prilcllles of the vmiollt4 opera dioS of thle (ivil IItillr iiinto one point of view. for Iue ofe it uderns and ilheO. who ilay he atbou e to em bark In the profesiut. Illustrated by copper plaice, anl intelraprerd with rarilnlc neelotaMlle, hby John Millington civil eleinr.r formerlv Professor of Ineehin. icsin the Royal icctituoicn of (;real Itrioi., uow Pro. fressor of Naturarl Philosophy cnd Chemisrv in William & J2,Ilery Vegar,.0V. For cole by I ArEl' Ni)VEI.TIESI-Di)i rv of tie Timee ofs 1J ;eo.4t1, 21 series, Iby J.t1,th, I.Lay (+Iaerllte Iury, et. .olomon ceceaw, by II' ltohersee.aothor of l.etters on Paraguay. Chrles einteet, or the Two Clerks. a commercial tale. Sedley. or viciitudesa ofbotb hcmisplheres, a Isle of tile IYth centory. Nicktleby No 15. BLat's sketches, No I9. Jaiil.' (oinlheual, of tlIe Oll SIehoal. tlgrnltham'c America I.otl.cer. Skethes of tllodoln, by J. (rlet, catlhor of I alltao ln IRetelr Phcantom Shill; Cbevely. by I.dyv Itulwer; new l'hie. E JIaIINS i. )O, erire't9w cocr CSt Ccilic .. Comllonll c d. tAM|ES'S (Scntleuma's latest Nioltiecs.-J ies: -J-The rentlenn olo the oil Slchol; Sketches of bo I.ondon, by the author of Itandolnl Ilecollectlon, of the . Ilotue of Cnnumns ;- Ingr1 h ;o l --TIhe A rcn li tiger; J lia i,,"il,'o +.ett,crt, with Pictures tointci ; lIez\ .,; ir Johl 'rvlr's P'oket I.Srol, lil0 Extracts if the beIt A ithorli ; Cooper'. , Naval his tory; Cheveley, by I.ady iulwr, (new su plies); Pre- e llrltiolll by itller, it iew editiot ; Chas Twlyreill, (a:aIf Iyd. TI lielgunot IEl JOIaNS 5 Co. b nug 4th _w h l St'h.rlus and ComllUonl ot Pr~obf , or La ters from Ito' e. +.*lllfo {'4ilt .ceierv l a spl'nlid work, _l Ni. Reteived Thl, Chihls I n Hllclll? loolk. Ifui, (ouo' l x ll lld s ilUl. , ilh l1lumlral i . R i ,d ..nd fr c Ale, 'l'i iV. I. july 1Uth .1 lamllll .tee rlIE AMERICAl N I.OIJNG(f:Ti i, II" Ithuior- ~i di • "'pt Kyd. The Pirate of the . (ilt, &t. ... in k'neh'; ,in London , lithe Author of the ' i . Ietch and iuar &S . d&. in2 volnI es. JNett Pukt l.ib i' 2 lolumes,. Alsa Iltward I l n undA Iod oe a fou . lsug 22 I 19 ('nAp .l . ?IIHE AMERICAN A I. IIA'NI Rll li po.omitll In Us Uelf u r r lloinaw edge, for th ear 133, evll l d c i anid fIir snle by I)AVIIt I+'1';I.'1' &t Cto, may ii2 S i tatree st r SlIIKEillYt, No. I, fli, e lst I i numbr i onlle part "' M'lrrytt's Ihanto ship. Ior sai .2_ A '511\'.1.It, 4V Cat;, s.' N IC .iT L,\ S N hICK I."lOl . N o. 15.- Sul -unlr ,ee . isaw; 19 novel by l P Robinsonl , nluthur if l,,tter- - nn paragouv. Cotinuation o tl" he Dao Tl ') vun1es lf Gerle the IV. c ctid ble JlIn, Bolti . in i vii. New Biogr aphieal li ctiotnoiy by the Rev. in I, llae. Vitlih variius rlandard b.lks. jut Ireceivid iUil f'ra sale by Ala Ie 'l't) \'IWAS I. eugil7th 49 Caol ,t. ( 1iEVEI.Y, or the Mhi of Ihlonr, by Lady Lytlau SButlwer, in 2 volse. a Richelieu, or th Consp liracy, a play in 5 acts, uto hick P ere added listlorical Oles on the ls\ dasca of Ehliz abeth; Cromwell's Dreltn The lDeath of Nielo, ITo I he author of the Ladv of Lv.y ons, l Pelham, the Illslwned , &c &c, wi t alll thed iuew works oftlhe day, for sale Wbyll juo re ce "ALEX T.VIWAR, 49 Cllii A, it X11\V & A VAtLUABLE t OOKS.-Ililuorv Sketclhesc I f thl Stlteriaen wlo tl iuricshed i ihtlie, igu ifm p GM n. e Idhe tlan ch in added r ly l a and oi ( ailvanacdi, ty Hery Leprd ilughat i '2 vols. Sketches of Public CUlaracuter.e, liseoursos, anl Es ays to i hll Is added a dioertultid oi tile cltien aE landf the Aciet; liy lnry Lord Brougium iu v&c. .ii. Jnit received i holur sle ory AilEX 'Il'ON AR, july2lh _rIi 49rapitluinp streCett d L Se Iord U S Directlri o thio luti uti ir. hive thi i day dtaurd, hitter and swnualet iqorice rf Fout, lir per cuient. one:e o apiralJ lno, eo alc te pr Ihlu joluc, lhest si andtcanaiury sey'tntaimianna, uike, andi small, canuthi iideso Ibru ione, rpanble SfloW t cater c, for whir Irall re retail tives. on or er on II lONABE., E,i'y9 re N.. tche& & Tt.'leloai.lae. at ISREAT BARGAIN. F AOR NiE file thoualne acres of fine, rich LANI, eligibly situated ithe Pollarish oi Ouchitu, near Mu.nroe. The land is offered earre lury low and on ti advantaeous sterms. Applt at june Nui. 09|0 Common s'riel. S EDLtTZ & SODA iaowders, Coogres l catder pr Swaint's verlcfuog arrow root, vertiis3 iurderlist's Gold foil, G-l leaf, Blackd iuitlad in sed, NeB Emlg aLd Coughi SyripC, &c. &c. Loading anti ftr wholesale or retail by II CIIONNAIprIEI , july 21 8 Drgist.chapi, st rLeveet CITY BANK, Neo tOrleans, Ail. 31, 1839. 731 SHE Board of Directors of this luatituoi,, have tio is t dLy declareIN a eAli-anJual recivied of Foewr pgr cent. n0 the capital stock of the rot ollf Ie l andt si ioniths, payable Io ihe shckhoilders, ir their legal re neal. R J PALFREY, *iVAN'13 CAMOMILE PI1L preparedlfreota pure Sexiract d'li fliwern, a very whaolea ua itediuev mild iA opsraion id pleent i eflcct th iioS cerain presr aerof alel th, a sale and effectual yarc of lcsi gestio i ad alA l Stoaln h coirsplaiurtaln asid Ira nur c tis ilaee paurifiesi Ih blood aid a prorverure of hell wbile b iertet. r' EIH BUT' I.--A rsmll invoice ladig per F 'kSSi Auburfi fruit New Yerb. endl firet rby S ItLANCIIAR d, Jl .13 (iravier llset. 'EAl lD--ililllg oS lead aliding lroni steain is i- Rienzi. aad for sale by a2i7 J 'rHAVER & Co, 74 Ppdrac st "' RAZlERS CtJPPER--hiO shcie-tot; 11i ti 614 inch. .1 311 to 110 lb. shlieet of Braziers Copper. 111i00 - rishns3o tl (I lb. Rcoilhg Coliper. 5111 tshees Sto sIl do. doJsit eived cud Ior sale by L 13. LOCKE & Cio. may2 8 8 Front Levee It )LAYING CARDS-Just received a few -gros Sat very saporior French cards, soie vary ihii and Sine, for sale chaeup b SU FELl"' & Co, g inll N Statioeners Still, 24 Chirtres I' ESS BEEF--l half bL% tor sole iv i lt may 14 G lHORSEY'44 New Ieve IAD--ltl l kegs leaf lard iU Steiicersale ly - al15' G DOflSEY. 41 New Levee S'"Iý'-AT'IS'RASSES,uf Hui.liad MAsao,also MHir, Feo t 1¥1 tler nud liMoss Pillows and Bolsters, warrunle.I i best miaterols islid for sale ot the lowest ca-li irices by Wi.i. R. CARNES, c aeue 0hh t 53 Biotvilleatrc V'EA O'T"'O OIL-For the restoration an-d growtof 1 lira aloi, giving health, hucanly aind preventihg its a alling of, so.lJ t WM. BEtSe'S m31 No. 16 Chartres st -S nJISrL\6l._ 'a.VFE.i -0i4-out' Iicting Wheele, @ ii of cmprnved consecraclton, it frames complete, for a. sale' .b" J OTT, Illjay -4-fd. 'rivoli cirele n''A- R-D-30 Bilte and 411 Keug ptnan Leaf Lard in [/t'Sare tersalh by J 'rHA V ER d- Co July 2d 74 PIydnae r i. GIRAND) RFtL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPERT as Situated in New Orleans, TO BE DRAWN ON THE .lt DI':CEMHER, 18t9 ip. IN JACKSONVILLE, PFl. id Under the sauprintendence ol tilhe Uolnenian' a ll no ponilted by the Legisnative AsaemIblyv of lolridla. on 1rCHMIII'' & HAMILTON, for Managers. lid 10(1,000 tickets, at $15 icherne pricr,. $1,500,000. teillling price $20 peir ticket. i ISYLVESTER & Co., 156 'Brordwc, NEW YORK, lSlle Agents. of C Tile receipts of tiee sale of the tickets will he dIe posited in the Canall, Union. .Cearllllon, cilie'tis lond Counsolidlerd InnkP, in New (O'lean., in tll, .nt, of t unieSehitidl'jointly wilh J. It. 'Perrtult neially C.lshier ofl . Cllizen'lls Ilnllk, nd 1\. Btaudouin ac tuall %'shier flthi e t (Conioidnted Idnnk, an ITrulees, ias .er act assed hLrore A. MaIurea, a:rlq. Noi. l.Lh. tI he 911 May 10:9, nl lhe plroperliei iitnlnserred lto ntrile tbove llltinlnnl glntllenrll ln.iafaua recd, io ra 'l'rastees, for the security oflhe ilrlunle prize, hiol Its tier. Io e New York the onllie:, will bie deposited in tihe SPholenix I nl k to te. ciredit ul tlie above inllled 5 City BUnkl of Nrw t Orleaus. to The Plillie are renlrred It, teim sact passed befine aa A. Manull au, Esi. uot. IPub. in eelulinl to tIhe pro e. rtier wlich enltruce the restpectite prizes in the l attars. S 0l1 PIRIZi, as follows: Prile-'T'hat mglllnificent tre story brick huitding, known as Ite AI(CAiD.E, he in hMnanodlenI eenlttlenctgLurill ti 2., feLsrt5 ijclit,+4 linies otn anoasinh tI. i 1406 feel (i incle on (iruvi.r tr'eetl , and lt01 ifet It ionlies on n 'achen I t. liThis buihlintg produces neow a is rent of $:37,0t0 ilernlllnUnl Itoii heling i tile tOtnlt|lnotlrithiln g port nf t'e i rits, oplohitn thee a nks, ande in sIllt illllll,+dillate n^,thbllltl rhI od f" thi e St. Cllmresr tud tie City Hlotels. Its rellt will, in very few vera hen inrennaed to filly lhonlalnd dollars nler nlltnual. tihneiteI ato $n7110l,000 Prize-Tht elplenilt filer enlp Iv rick nuild nl iug known asn Ihe (CIIY lIti'l'jl, ittrllierly B IlIhIoIt.e silulaltd Ii t tile eclrner ufCntllp alld tnCilulOnlt tio ttnenasl nri ag In t les t e l (f'nn llltnnnnn it, nnd 1411 liel IIt nicn non Cnn. .1t. 'Thin buIilding reCtm ntow Infor $250.Iti lid being in tlhe mot centlllrl parr of the cite, caen hortr IIe increased ite thirtv tnousand dollios ter aon H. 1 1111. Eiotllteni a $50000 Prize-The three story brick dwilling lihonor, No. 311 on Natchez street, S adjoiningil Ihe Arcade, rented alt In e hlnndled ditlliri. alintienie, at $:001i0 I Prize--The three slornv brick dwelling hionuse, No. 18, iadjining No. i20, o le Natciez l treet, trrillI nl t w'le hr bnludredl dollars. I":l].lnij 1 ittnt)'000 I Prize-The three loerv iNick dwellinl ihouse, Nno, Iill, onjoinin' N Io.19, Nantllreznl. lellnd ntl It nvul, hin n redn d llatn lr , .l nlnlnlnl n le t $')i,000i Prize-'lThe dwelln holl. N, .n2'l ni.:ni - S east* clorlln-r l,if lllill lll and1 ('ifl[ l it lrlllt y ,i in n lre n, Ii ' pl l tilllll in e lllllklill 0lrell e, by 17 ilnt i n'l i'l , llhelllllllln p d lrpa l s treet , d ll i i. teel hundreld dlls,,, l $elill.l t $20,11011 Prize--The dwellCg heoure JNo 2 .elrk h iwe.t r.irnr of lnasin selrlnlk nletlt e trieg :32 feet 7 inelle on liMun Trt d2' feeI 7 i stc ktenI Frnatkl n sreeh, J M houe shtreet; nachd 14 fiftree hundrend dollars. I:' nntned st $20,000 Prize-=-The Iwo x,1 V brick pwellir horse ' Nu.:t39 ln tItyal .-treel, hetweee UrsIhe aic I h mwpintl orfr pth, I par arilt g ) feel 0 inctlleslktl ,tIRyl N.yIl of v 17 feet 14 in lie ill depl lh rellnt s ellat $i121 pe; r inioenu. Estinnntee at $15,1100 i Price--2n0ohnerea Canal lennink Block, at $10t erach, .'5,100 I l'rize--lI1I shares Cnmnn er.ini Blntk Stock $1 tI eeacih, $. iiotto ofI Prize--l50 nsIharet Mleehaniert a(lni Tra.C ders' t lnnk sank, nt $(111( eachn, t5,ItiH 3 Prizea rF 1n 00 ohure each, Cily Bank, IO0,IHt 2 P'rizes of 510 " ' Eehalqge, 10,0tii u prizes of 25 " " (ins Light, 5,000 '2 Prizes of 15 ' " elhnnicr' iand it ''rir s lT'raders' :1,1,11)H t0 Prizes of tI1 '" " Lotinin sinnMte, 2ll,10l ill Prizes .ft' " " I liln l.ih, 'l2,100 200 Prizes o ' t n tnnk nofitlroea, 2t,iiiti "()(l Prizes f I ' Union tH. nk nf Fllrilda, 15'0O It hilnll ie nt tins nntn tnh wilneitlar of prires of blnlk ntkn, either to rtlke tlne stock itself or the par e vue theetolin n'sh. ii11)l: Cie' tt1100i N1(. 100,(1001 lickets, lilllll ti II0,iHllllO, will me put in one 0whe-, and tr1 0 riz.l. with fin, hlnnkv, in anolnther itn every tnnuber at nrize ,tr hhttnlnl tlie drnn. ,lril a tle prle.s are det n,'lllined, henn' - illt. h hi bo ,I'Uhtr of i,,,,U here in tile lwheeIl--bllllke. tOrders fcnrlthe aIbove .nttlh.' y ill hI. ien'ninlel ni tile in s fie ullnnder tne Vln'e lllill, enorer oI °i. (Cllerles indl C llIlnlo t.Ireeln, Itlnd lit 7Non. IIll (h'halnrs' strlt et, Nlnw t lrleallull, nlll lnrl lrloll iy hlrwllhrdd. t()rter. hnull: t!le. nlnllllurt . )pnt pii. 0l, tlll lllnlnl renll nitlllllln les er 11i " llin Iler ul'ln k'iet slqunirln d, n nddrinnse'on'd t, i; I 1 1 it I' & 1tA O i Ii'T'ON, No'" irlonecn. U drwin A. afi nconn,nn lle, Fin. April, 1Il!. l I AZA \R. cs Cornecr of S1. ('krles a Crmon v street, h Sx ll A N G I. I ' 11 r IJ.: .. cD t 'SIL & AI.I. <, cci rca1c I:lillv call the at f• I1 Iu tu I a'r:ll cl rull lr gc l . t 1d bhhlr , :(1t lcclt lr l. lll I', '.l, litlllell~ ' inl'a l -hutlll I,, t unbrIl Sbcn ru.inUs. I ,-hi I,b linen Iris: hiden col- I II nlr : milk, (c lttnlll Ia ditt II1t.rlllt o [1114]¢ b[lil',. IndrIl awl, ers .1 "n~llrlc. Il -ik ha tke'r-c' hul'-: hock lll iealc cua vat+ in gre at vuuwi. : stock: of every description: gum ll pit p rel ic tcll ' u", iprai'end,,rs: silk \, cot n ud lthread ,e h- ves: lotll.he , ," I.l , : millbr llas udll en le gold \l inl, - i d :le did ,, llllllll ro'la'Id e and gents wri. i rl".l .,+, ,ral ta.e,,c pcllioii ] hunderU , caut ; liry, : ld rich fllcy c l.. - 1i I z T W. COLLENS _ Ulnited States' ofhmm slenar.wyr (IDELA LOUISIANE-Cour d, DiIIe. - All) ,'onllni+itll·. r lakes altidnvlcc under and by rvlrll, oitrife lets ol'Co ngsf ,, lpawd 2 tit Febru ry I1I Isc \larch 117; trct Jodic ireS.Act ITI.9 Pge coll tre, - aof cLUfnc, ill ullc cession de prond prid e . Pae yant ccep pr ed. Said p:oulr gisioner dlas crduncier -le ep t drieee; and nses If rllas ofcaption and Cle'tifiealt i[hich haev rsttd tilu suverest somblcr y of die alet Laciwyerit lie E TA-I' DE LA L-OU ISIANE--Cour do-Di trier du premier District Judiciaire-S. 1H. aPage contra ses cr~anciera--la cession des pro f pridtes do S. IH. Page ayant 6t6 acceptd par I• n Cour pour I'avantago de ses crfanciera --11 eat d6 1_ er1t(qu'une assomblfe des diis crlauciers air lieu a au grelfe deJ. BI. Marks, notaire public, jeudt I1 17 d'octoblt prechain, it 19 houres du matin, afti do ddiilib6re r surs affaire d: dit Page, et en attcn. et dant coute procedure contre sa personne et sea pro. u pri8tls sent auspcnduce, J. P. Caswell eat nomer p,, our representer rle crancier aibbsens. I T moill i'honorable A. M. blachaan, Juge do la a, dite Cour, co 13 Septeombre 18. 9. th 17 syp P. LEILANC, GrA. mor. P ATE OF I.I)UISIANA--+'lrsl Judicial I)istlric t 1Il S n Il'uce'l propert, arllf leul, .Ince ,ted by ilthe o, urt foi te ro l t rrn is l 're leditrs; It i ordered that i ui a meetieg of his s aidl erditors, ilaIke pla alt tIIe I 5l Uffice o.J I hlarks Euq. 'IIlIr, Public, lli 'hrlllcII, I tike 17th of Oeolaerrnclx, clt ii C'lock A. M. for lter o lurpuse o udeliberttinCg on the atrins ,lsai, Page and ) i ll hiue le dim t le al tj e iciri oedi gaiaet histlIF cereon sad pro prtr, are stlyed. Ii) J aI e I oII dIq. II . eIa .pliiaud to rloresen tile hcu rccditcr iS this 'I c i .lcess 'li. l1,... A l ll,,.i ..c.nn, jllge iof ie Court afresaid, ohius Ftmh r~rlltll'l., 180:1. eto 17 117, o I'h.III.ANCv p. h 'lerk. STATE OF LOUISIANA" Comllllereia Court of New-Orleands. ia No. 1085--Justin Castdnio (in actual custody) i vs. his Cr ditors and tile Creditors of J. Caista. - nie & Co. lcr T IE Cre Iteors of the petitioner are notified to S Ihe and appear il openl court on Saturday, the 28th day of September, 1839, at 10 o'lock ,. at. rto hllow cause, ifanly they hIave, why the petitioner ne should lsot have the Ienefit of tile laws made for fin the reliefof Insolvent debtors in actual custody, and li- in the meantime all judicial proceedlings gainst vel his person and property are stayed. lIe b. Kennieott, Eq. is ppilnted to repreonte thle - absent creditors. Br By orlder o tite Court, N.Orleans, 7th Sept. 1839. ED. GARDERE, h10-2w Clerk' o ETAT D)E LA LOUISIANE, Cour do Conlmmroe, do la Nile Orleans. I No. 1085.--Justin Caetanio (on slot d'drretation. l. centre se cr6anciera et lea crduancire de J 111 Catanie & co. seT ES Crdaniers dau petitinnnaireo sent notifida Sdeparaitre cll plains cour samedi, 2b oiteon. ec bre 1839, gl. l1 lurer du 7 m1tin, pour montrer lea causes 'lls nl ont, pourquivi le pettiionaire no jicu < reit pus du bhn rficidea loina rites en favour des debiteurs insolvables on itat d'arreetatlon et en mfmo tellllpa routes Iourosilo tesjuliiaroecontre s. JIervonno ot se propriflts delnucrollt susllendues. 1i. Kennirott et nonull6 par Ia cour pour repre senter lea cr6anciers uabsents. Par ordre deo I cour, N.Orleane l 7 spt. 1839. ED. GARDERE, ca. al0-2w Clerk SP FREEMIIAN & C;O. No.' 3 Mcgazine sires ccere mow leeiving per tile Pncketl Shits iroal SNew York, their sulpplies Ii Full ned tWinter Clalhileg, f land wil continue tl receive regllarly by the paokeri its Ihroughout tIh easoll.. Their'l anc.lrtlent being large, will clllmprise every article ill heir ille calculated l or it the Colitrylrade, ad will enablel 11iem1 to fill orders rPI, ImlrlMncllats ill Ile iluterior ut slllrltest nlotice.. Fur fcr ele whilesale sand retail on aecollnodaling tomvn. o12 'U J UST receiv.ld larIge soertaetIn of UtlfIer stecksu Co of various palterl; lihlel shlirts lof ine quality. 8. GOSSIP & cn, mls Exchange It'eltIl Clrlfs . S HT PPING. For Europe. I L,0 II ViIt t. )i I., To 1 Itl on Satunrday lte 91st. rte AI nln tlat tailing Shitp CAil9.\F' Cpltt in Linuill, will nal on a.,lurdlhy lnext, nh aovin helir cnrl. engaged, and gointg onI hltlard. For l)aaaag, llvil.g Ihntdleoino onttllllllloda tiloa apply to ?17 ;.:,'v II 1; l.l1..9 Illllllma nl At. FOR LIVtlIt'O II.. SThe A Ifoast htnlng Ship GiltItlD, Cp. Itain (rlnRl, having molt of het curt', .en..iged, w-. illret eive immelitatdesiml h.|. IF'ol ifreight od l l bales, ColInll or i rL ige, illp l' I nn ,l" s17 I. II (V.1.1: 9I.,I:-.o., *i..,.. The A I udl verv lout ousting chi p I'l'+: . .- rtte epatchl. Flrf Leightllt 1.11 I5llti l ttlltact l air nlaage faort callin ptpelllt erl,, lljl t Ii i). I; § It il , ,,.ll9:3Co mo st . The s~hill TI':.UI.lII1, t b llen, InTer has lt lof balulm",l . 1ld I,. e II : 11 C.AIM I & 1o. ed, will reereivt e tl,'os t t. t t i1 ur lpassage having hlnlldsulle uclll, /nl.lioui, ll I ito I.+'VI 11 (;.I.nI. " tug 41 It alt IO mm , The first tltan t nolld It altiling Ilritl I hIlarlue El tI.(;U-, tt pt ('rawtlra l t n IAtk 010 hallm eltllll allll w I lleiv( illllls, h tpe despatch.1 For ter pall.: hli avilln allllllds ocomatllatliuoll, for 4 cabin plOasseng II111 I I14; III I, 1 FOR ( TIU';f lNRL1nlt(. + " Fihe A. Land tuperi r Asi pt ',In. It.t I)Lt-RI havillng hltllldollle ucco.ttIt ,ltt titlan alptl tttll July 18th I.. II. (UI.:, 13 Coo o mln FOlI II tE. The first cl'st un d fll sail n. hi, F. "i , Capt. liadi;oln, will receive t nelllli In Iles. pnt:h, hlaving hier clnren."o gl. . . Ior pn ., il hrmdsome c m,,.n lali l n l tply , x3I.fEVI ii I;t A I 1:. I:t(",., ,.,,, _,t Coastwzse. NEW YORK ANI) NEW Pii i 1A' 11."ll:. HIIS L.INE will . . c u, ...n..l .. .. ,.,eve I , ...i ,,ich r w11 succeed ra,.l oth.r in Ihr, tilloih t rnge r, vz: ch Slip t Ma rv I t. itiWk , oter. iii h'l'. I, ,hip Anlbnrn, I'. :otn ll, roarer. New hip Marykinohln, It \h'Cerlen,iniler.t New ship F.ih, Lon Thee ship.i are F il,- ,l f t irl chii -, hi'ave ' nO altions fiUr pis ien a alll nlSulplall d fil , -idt ollveailence, allld ably conlllllllll l. l 'I-lie greatei pnclieius.lV will hei .. vled ill d le. I t I in plai' all dver-ed ald d i l rloil v ren-i Id I le :iun.i moatatin extended to shippeles and \farceng, so. For freight or pnl~alnag. qli '. ,s21 T~ E TE R I.I. .'ll ,in (U'a-p t V 1VVolt!;( E N VI VW ORLI.I N, IINE. in AAAA ine will be co d v wih w will succeed eaclloll her ill ltle filll ng order, tz. i thip ti. Mary, It W Ii, tiaa er. Ship TroyIt. It I)ockindtrtT. oswoor. Ship Republican, J S Wilson, inster. Ship Auborn, : Cornell, maetr.r aa New Ship Fralrkfi rl,J (i Itu iell, iua'-ter. New Slhip l ary Kinlgsnllld, It MIi: C(rrell, Imaster. New Ship Fairfilcd, W 1. Ly, MsllltPr, Tlose Shlils are allol the first clul., 1 havle cl: l nlo-l lf datlilllt for passengers unurpa. slld trll'ol+ll l aLd conIIII- j venience, and ably callnlllnulded Thesgrelaes: punctuulity will le sartedi i r ind slalll ing thelem a advertised, a nll ev rv iiw' lrlliblen' -lnoo daltion extellded toInllippers and l ad erlll'l r-. i-Ii FOR NEW Yol)K--Ieullhri Packet Orleann Iioun of Pal'uckls. r 'l'o sail posilively on iatutrday, lh . 'iTh elegant fast ,ailing packet ship 1('1 ) NEE. Knight, mait,-ir, hi, ig part i. car A .o i.maged will still alsove, FI r the rle in iuinder of freight or poo'og", htving elevant ajicci V 'alitiilts, Pfi ly o thi e ca ii l io ii hoard, ol. -ih. the Vegetable aurket, or to , 7 1 ti1 sepit t8 ol u unn t FI-lI NIV W YORK,R olnies' Linie iof ia l c .t. To Sat - n .llouday thel :id insl. l:l tlcor ellIng d, will roil ,n nllli'l+. I lo b'or oilt+ ba lnc P ill ihlryo i' iI, oir ptluolLe, all 'ly oln lIurld opposite loln r lstreet,ol)r In pl a 17 A l)11i~i No. 90,cinaoln st'e.tal. FOR NIEW Y(, ItK. A Thle new alld veri font ..,ili-ll 'i..t·lg ! II' lIEI', (C'-p/t. Sti k, .ilt t.. reads to Sti na n feri'w dry, having the cerenets 1 rto vi ce ~. engllatedl. For the ulk i l o 1ii lllllll . i I l p's l n l aviJe fahpelaoo onitlr to Idai . I. tl l, , ' " July 18th 93 (',)h. -uo , t iti- I bit FOl NtRF 1I K & : ICIM..tNl). n \ i,1't lTT'lT I~alll lllz, hti le hler ciogs Ul , . n lg,'d call lk' a ihtBek La'i nI II om' BO 1 l1tl hhd. if lllllledilll e application~l ' I lH., nr i1l. i olr Ip .uge lapply to l.I"VIS I t; \ E. ane 1.9: I(,llll llql st. FORI NEW YIt RK-Itegulatr I'ack,. trle ins Line of l,,cket,. 1'n ail thlle day after oll.ll lrlw. The ftutsailine, ieglahu packet i hip LOU- dl IS.I, Jilhnason, unastir, Ih.ving the gieter par au d of her uarg ellngaged, wilhaiu l n,. aioi , Fi o bala l t Il freiglht ilr pllaa ga, havilugi leg t a cclll lllll- i datioli, apply It lthe (Caltain oai boalrll uulpu itl lhc , Vegetable MIarket, or to A. COMIN, siept t 90 CoInInnlllo Siet. d. The first claes and lillt sililng Schner th J.\SPIER, Captller Id, will receive d-er I patchb. For freight or passog, ula ly o, asulg 15tl 93 .llnon street. FOR NEW YORK. a HOLMES' LINE OF I'ACKETS. fc SI O sailpiunctuully every Monlday fro ueaa Ic t ll. 1 'Ila t.ine ei " Pockets'hot ve h-rin iceised to'it leuiu - en first clast 11ip, ltliianitilig of Shipi Naushille, Capitialll Wuod. Arkansas, taiprin E S ilhnnlli, Alabama, Capuaill ' ' erlliy, at eOrle . s. Captain Sa s , Vicksburg, ('Clotlhin J J:utnker, of Iua tion, Captuin i l'rtulllll. L Ocareo 'atlupaiil I.ii ilt. At Ne. Ship ---- ('Tiltill \\InuIIthuiiiI.e el S rew Ship - CapliaNich Al,.. at The llate ships a oit a ull ofhtah ei - clIau, ra'uplreol. andl cl upp'r alalene, ald were built iin Ne i York ex o press t ir iIr t tile--they ire o ii'iht -tran iliu ki" we tt , aond alluouat invaraiua l cross ihe Ir iitholal deite;i- 4 l l.oi. ianlck are etklllll a lll t !i (i plill~ B a ell o x- d4 a p- tlP ced a i lllthe Ii lld, and ' s illt i a! 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Te'ltr W~VEKK.LY 't'llrg AM.ERICAo., made lip from the daily papers, during the tweek, will he cent o stl. scribers who pay $5 per annum in advance, and t monone otlllhr, unles an ancceptable city r,,frence it given,. ubscribert respectliltly solicated. JOIHN GIBSON. NEw ORLEANS, MAY 1839. TIlE LIBEL CASE. I it I 1.11" 'lllS DAY, and for rule at h S o' i ofll t g . ol ' o l"lh. Tre" Ami(nRcno, St Chafrlir Ilote,oId tY t]i"t rtocipal l o k . or llltot1 a 'o e' Itf lrl of he bIlate i lal'(.nIlig and iln ,otant int 11111 the S:tane of L.ouisiinn l is. John G(;Ifo,, EJditor sod Publish-r of ite Tue Atnri:an, before the Criminal Court for I.i be. july 21.t + UFFICIE: F I)1 'Ill+ I II{I':%IEN', INS. Co. If Now t)iireI,,, . r I I ot S h ckholder< ie here,, isn, il h d thl t t he hllnt I I[stL lllell; e on I lr lllrock + doe nil p i il eP ·ni i liflh "of ogtll , 1:3,+, , l It sI t f ollrl' f li| l in .pIni y. N t E I.tTIt Y,t"Ity " ".. AN1 D X l ol ,, r,, . tr,, nu II -tnon -111, at I ..i,,.I i ,i lr,- % rile ,s o l.lli , - I Nt 1 1 J' ,. %1. HI Hll l,., boll tl rnll,.-slr+,+, e t, l' . r-,[Q recl Ii d p."r vhi,,'-utrint , l l i doz. .. ' to . ll ir nl l r , ri'to or.Il o . ,.ilt \bot, lA , -o . - tirn h, tf iugtro.- inle,-It |.:iir ool )lli klell l l tl, Chal n, . "l'h,+ inl w sl wl'l , 'Ilo e to 'X llliiw !F llie o 0nt :t o l Illl llt·:ll. 1'. S. Othl l (;old ail ilvrl I lllei, a id IIpl 15 IJ \1,1,ft . flt t l'i t . i 'l 1,i 'Atooc. i P. IILII+MAN \,. CO,. hi 3, Sttg ll ig e l retliI S. are reI" eisingll th+ir .1up1 liws of F ll and \Vlier $C ting ,, lldl ill r'u t m tl - tl l' mil, rllp JI+L ll leg - larlv lls.ohoul th, seas,, eel."ir ortent ben;: Slor- w l, l ubirlel. ' thl * I*toe cul y,v ' t l orcli Iritio r ell , tll the c l r+r lloee' for ale wholevnllh :, rt aril, on nuicil ull g ilrlll rnl . TI O RIllENl', a Countling Ioni i Ilie Iild - rto tro'v tr i, oth', r t' T It Llydt&l & rther a cor"r,,lr oa .ingzine and Coion Ist onisit, i lng l u two " a i' lentl i .ll i ellt, of whih i+ lire plllaie tanidl we l at allIa a td r Ul l otrser, f+ aIlly kidllld ; i J l; l " it i " 'i f" It. I blL & Itri *or _td 3. Comtnon cot MtSazine s.t_ o ' P IrthC I - -.I t Idtellt i ghlourse, witht lltltst Svll . ar thell corner ofl Tcllapioula aind Josep-h J; t iie siree t S tot, tl iv .str' n .evee ]treet, i'between t ienville n1d C.,il'tl-·,-ono t tt u to ele,'i i y. ln |llic," in Gr i h'-treed. 1'u;+-evlon '.in Ibe given ihunieditlely. Also. roml first November next, a two story ware ItUse, No, 19 Coma ona trett. AIpply to jiuly llhII C ( A IIAIACKi & Co. ", fTO NI', Sev-roil ,"ull Tenrnlent & I P Ap ply to. Il Juhi o Rolliis icorneIr oi Delnd Snl' e't and i ivolicire.l. . L.ATEiST LIt'EIRARtI' ! I'1Nt Is l,-f 11 n hi , d ler in Italy, t2 vol. Sa caol Bruno and1 thu , Alnientbyilll I' T Iook 'The ltRromn Joe StMiller, with illu-tralions Lit.,,tl,' F'rehhmano and hi w t-,r Its, by t ,rr, wchines hlhy Joi,'ou. Poetic \1 t tnh, +e.e' ted potrs ro l ('huner to Nicklehy, No ; i tion'a Sketen, \t 7 'n ld , ' .IOIINS & C. may 31 'tw (or St Charles & ('kit non sts Mc(CUIt.tCII'SI COMMEiRCIA.L DICTIONARY'' t I AIt i' I 'fih,- nenw Aerhit, etdion oVfk l l -o 'Veihnkr.o. T ocn vtrv vtlhly wo,k wl . clot Iplete i t-n parts at d wi! ,,'r ftri ihed it about 18 i- yr it'i Natural t li ry willt beioutgiful colored plates. ' Ii, Young Mhrchant, i. most saellll work,joll re toii frt ioii sip , tfor otlte .ytr Il II1't1":1. KIPPI,\N, n, Irtsh sman, killed his (""et I n1 hell it high, bhleor gre eyes, hrge and satou boudled, n'ooi133years of age-a bitd o.auntanel, and in ftih hali of drinking. I ",il pay $t11 for ins detlive' itjti ini . f ily ot N. o7 tSeriff of the f 'riNh of E[st I'elic.ina. REPU'BLIC OF 'TEXAS. of 'rtEAsL n DEPARTMENT. el; City of Ituston, 17th July 1830. be IN pursuance of .. requ.rement ofaI law p.esed by i, ot',g.'I.r'e of this Republic, approved January of - a1st, 1839, making it the duty of thle Treasury to p o advertise and cause to be sold the lots in the CITY all '0 OF CALHOUN, on a day by himn fixed. Notice fo is hereby given tha t the lots in the Citvyf Calhoun eo will be olfferd at Pub ie Sale, on Monday, the 18th tit day of Novem' er next, betweoen the hours of Tenl be o'clock. A M. and Four o'clock, P M, at the Capt. ad tol of this Republic, upon the terms set forth ino m 'r the following extracts froml the law above tmen- dil tioned lsh - Set. 4.-Be it fitrther enacted, That the lots i wi tostid t.o , shall be offered and sold for no other cur. wl rlenty than gol., silver, auditedl paper, or the pro. at, mtisscry lotls of this governmelnt. In e S: 6.--B it firthbr enacted, That the aid 'ots b Sshall be so'd o l tre following teres, via: One na fourth part to be paid down, and the other three. alo forth to be in equal instalmonlts of six, twelve and er eighteen ttonths. te *- See. 7.-Be it further enacted, Tlat if any person who shall purchase any of these aforesaid be lots, shall f it to make paymant of the eveal in- I de stallments in conftormity with this Act, he or they of shall forleit all such sums a they mayayhav previ. ously paid, and the lots purchased by oueh dCfaul- 1 tcr shall retcrt to the govcrtmotut of the Repub. SI lie. In Sec. 8.-Be it frtlihrtr ntell, 'l'hat all persons, aliens not ,excepted, bhtl l 'i.', 'le privilege of pur- dt chasin:g and holding the sm.e antd lthe Presidenti (i auth rizted to Itssoeputents to thoe st) tlt o n as the at last in, stalhent shall have been p'd " et The sale will continue from day to dlay, until all ie of thei lots sha'l have beoo disposed of. ul Calhoun is situated on the .ast aend of Matagor- oi a- du Islaond, directly on the Mlain Pass Itto Matagor. Ih da Bay, and fromt its advoantageous position, willI jd probably become the irincipal commtercial city in ia d. Western Texas. A Plan ol the citaytity be seen in the General of Land Office. of Tihe several ,opers in this Roepbhlic,the Comier. ol ts cial Bulletin, Pictyuno and True American, of N. oi Orleans, will publish notice until the day of sale. °t JAMES II. STARR. Secretary of the Treasury. in T 'FIHE LADIES. elll 11111,1'S: U I'F RIO AlIl)OiOMIN.1AI. SUI'PPORTEIt hI be I Flls new isotrumeont for the radical cure of Pro d l lapss Uteri, or Fallistg of the Wolhb, by ex d - ternal application, superseding Ito use of the ohb jectionable presoary, is cofidently recotmmtended a. to the afflicted as the means of a perfect restor .tion "l to health, it never having failed of performing a d core,even under the nost aggravated circumstan I p cees. It Ihas received the dehided approbation of Sir \sttey Cooper of London ; Sir Btjamin CoI . Ilrode ; Sir Jaitles Clark, Phlysiciano to the Queen; t at Dr Ashwell. Lecturer on uoidwifory to Guy's lios. :h pital ; Dr Rigoy, lecturer to St Bartholomews; Dr ; ry Griffith, lecturer to Westmin'-ter Hospital: Dr tOs RaItbotheam, lecturer to I ondlo hospitiol; Robert 11 Ferguson,lecturer to Westninister heopit, al; Dr Sweatmtan, lecturer to Middlesex hospital. and senior accoucheur to Queeo Charlotte's lying;; also by Hulry IDalvies, Conquest a tll Blondoll, Lee, Merrllano, surgeonl Keates, &c. by , Dr. Morreau, president ol the Aeademie Roayals "te .l Medicine, Paris, and Accoocher to the Duchess t I)'Orleanst ; professors Velpeau, Marjolin, Paul tle Dubloi,Sa son and othiers-and in New York by s ,rofaesorJ W Franocis, U S ledford, M .. profs- a nw, or of mtidwifery in the university of the cify of tll Now York, profi. Dolafelod, and Francis, U Joln. the stoe, president County Mod Society, Laurens ilull 'Ite president tied society State of N York, plolf Jas re McNaugohton of Albany, prots March, Cyrus Per. kous, Doane-Dre 'huos BUoyd, Gilbert Sltith, i till Hosack, Stearns, Ludlow, Etssam, Vache, Power, il- Grayson, Van Roenssalaer, and mtany other distiu. I ire, guished physicians in the U States. , A G Ilull, Office 4 Vessey at, Astor [louse NI oir York. are n' A countant supply of the above ionstruments, Swith Dr Hull's improved T'russes fir llernia, will hp s be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, AG Carp enter, Natchez; Stone & Marsh, Wood. oit, ville; Booth and Mallory, Memphis; '. .P Wtlks; the son, Somerville: IIoll and Washingono, Nashvillc; goe MhcNairsy and Hal, ilt'tn dot; R I. Bliss, Florence II Mt C Spotswood, Athens. Oeur \SItA--ll0Matra CInai, Inding,and tor sale by C o sut J TIIAYER tCo 71 Psydre SITNI ED SATES OF AMERIIC .-State oa U Loieiana-Parish and city of New Orleans o Be it known by this agreement, made and coocluld ed tils fourtoonth day of June, 1839, before me, IHoratio Davis, a notary public, duly coormmissioned and sworn, in and for the parish and city of New Orleans, that in eonfbrmity o tholaw approved by tihe legislature of this state, on the thirteenth March eighteen hundred and, entitled " an act to nuthloriszo tilaled and anonymlous partner t ships, and for regulating tihe csarue;" 'There is hereby f hroed a ltmited partnership which shall be -regulated in manner and ltrrm foillowing, vi:r 1. The namen and style of said partnership shall ba-" 'hr steamer Brilliant Association of New Orleans. ' 2 This association is formed for the purpose of runoaing tihe steamer called Ihe Ilril ilnt of New Orleans, as a passenger and freirt bhour, for hire, In the waters If I.ouisia-rs, or others of or on tile coast of the United States. 3. The amount of the capital stock of this asso. ciatirisnthirty twr Ihousieaii dollars, divided into lirty shares of eight Ihundred dollars enuch. The Swhole of which capital ars been rpid in ready imoney, said aneone! bing the price paid by tile hereinatte.r naried of said associationfior the original cr.t, repairs, and alterations, made to said a ealrn rot Brilliant. 4. The rnlmes of the olpartners in thin naercia tilon, and the amount whiclh theyv Inve respectively contributed to this burited partlnership, are as fol lows. v z : I. Duncan F. Kenner, of tie pari'hl of Asr cension, for three shares, two thousand and four hundred dollars. $2,400 2. lHenry Mle'all, of the sarm' parish, for three shares, two t.uusaod and lour hund red dollars. 2,400 3 John Slidell,of this city,for three shares Iwe thousand and firr hundred dollars 2,400 4. C;hritoplher Adams, jr. of this city for three -hares, two thousand and four hundred dollars. 2,408 5 Wil iarn Hamilton Avery, of this city, foTr three shares, two thousand and four hun tired dollars. 2,40r 6. John S. Preston, of the parish of As eensiore, for three shares, two thousand and four hundred dollars. 2,400 7. John Stephnu David, of the perilsh of St. James, for two shares, sixteen hundred , nilars. 1,600 8. John S Armand, ol the parish of St. .. ,ane, for two eshlresr, sixteen hundreddul. lars. 1,600 9. Paul lIherl, of tihe parish oflberville, fr one share, eight hundre.d dollars 800 10. Aaron Blart, of Pittsburgh, for seven. teen shares, thirteen thousand six hundred dollars, 13,600 $32,000 5. T'his partnershilp shall commence on the day of date hereof, and the operations of the salme Io sall tertriiate, aio the' concerns tlirreof shall ber wound up at the expiratiun of twelve imrothre lerm i the date of this act. 7. T'here shall be appointed by said association i ipo itihe ila 'etllrge of any ive of the stockholders thlereo convened in tile city of New r)rleans i alter two days notice in one of tile public gazettes of said city, a hoarnd which shall consist of three 'i directors, to be chosen fromt ameong the stoickholders of said arsoci tion, and in like manner er ore sha. be an agent appointed fr tile sanle. I he board dilof dirtors of this inrtstution, ahnhave fu'la power,sl c authlority to mak e such rules andhy Iows as may not be inconsistant with this act or with the law afotre recited, upon which this partnership is founded and specially they shall have power to direct the mode of runningsaid boat, and regulating her voyages or trips, trires of de parture and return, rates of charges, &c. The said board shall also have the power to investigate the accounts of said boat, as well thro' themselves, as through the agent thereoo and generally to super vise, control and direct the course of the employ mrent and the administration of her fonds, and to that end they shall be aithorised to give all fitting and proper instructions to her agent, officers and I others in tire employ. i The directo ,shall also have the powers to ill up all vacancies (hlr u:expired term) arising in Il said board, from death, resignation or otherwise. The apent of said boat shall reside in the city of I New Otrleans, and shall under the by-laws of said I a heard, collect the debts due to the association, and 6 F if any there .iould be in suit Ir the name of said association, and also in like manner disburse their I funds, for necessary expenses and claims, and un rier the like directions keep just and true books of the accounts, dealings and transactions of said as sociation at tie office which shall be seclected by the said board in this cly 8. The directors of said association shall continue in office during th term of six moniths, from the I day of their election and intil the election of a new board, and such new board shall, if possib'e, be elected one week after notice as aforesaid, and prior to the -irpir tion of the term of the older preceding hoard. The agent shall remain in office at the discretiu t of lthe board, and the board shall delrmlinu ;,is conpeonsation and the lanller of pay. I ng thie same. 9 At the period therein before determined for i the expir.,tloo of thlis cu-partuership, the afrairs thereof shall be nrttled, and the same liquidated I and wound up by thie last bard of directors of said assocaation, or the surevor or survivors oftheol. 10 The persons so trusted with such liquidation shall cause to be made a full and complete balance shreet of the debts and credits of the association. and they shall well and truly discharge and settle t out of the funds of tihe association, consisting of < said boat, her earnings or proceeds, tihe lawful debts of said association, and when all the debts and claims of aoti against said association shall have been fully pair and dsceharged, they shiall make a' ist and equalr r, partition among the stockholders ofsaid association or their lawful representatives, pro rata, of the stock respectively he'd by them, of: all the, r.,aining funds of said partnership; and for the purpose of effecting the liquidation of said concern, the persons who shall be the liquidators of a the same shall have fall power to sell said steam boat and her appurtenances at public auction, after advertisement during once a week in the usual manner, at such crudits and on such terms and con. ditions as to them shall appear advantageous, and I v i shall have also full powrer to cause to b discounted Swithout recourse, all notes, obligations and credits whatever, belonging unto said association, whe-. ther arising out of the sale of said boat, her earn. I ings, or otherwise, provided such discount may not a be made at a rate exceeding ten per cent per all-n num, or even to sell without recourse and at public auction after the usual notice. al notice, otes, claims and e eredits, belonging unto said association, on such terms as they mry think fit. 11. Tahe did, inds oh profits, if any there shall be, unade by said association, shall, after paying all debts, c arges an l expenses, he declared at the end of eovery six months succeeding the date thereof. 12. 'l'his act of association is expressly based upon the aforesaid act of the legislature of this State, approved thie thirteenth of March,. eighteen hiundred and thirty a' ven, and the afrorenamed rmembers of tis lieuhited eo partnership hereby I declare that it is their iintention to avail tlemnselvcs (r mankiig this association) of all the privi;eges and imrunities in the said act of the legislature counterrplated, and specially of the privilege of obligations oi sid association bevaod the alouant i of the par value of the stock by theor aespectively held, as contelpl ited in the eighth section of said a t, and all privoledges grainted or responsrbrlitu ie iomosed by said act are to be taken and conasidered as emhbodied herein. 13. TI'Ile said copartnership hereby eeet the city I r of New Orleans as the pltce of Idoncil or ai di us. Sociation, and deterinlie that the master or clerk on said beat for the title being, or either of themI, . shall be tlhe agentso ot said association, so far as to sign bets ofladlng, to hind the said assoC..ation for t r goods received on freight o~ board said steamer. 14. The stockholdo a in said association shall have the right to vote by proxy at all elaetions fIr t/ I directors, and to tpplr by proxy at all tmeetings pi a Sdutly convoened. S t'hus done and pastcd in this office. ao the iate .,it dI an above, u the prc.lnce of Iartholotew Villt and ,a i Thleodere F. Thriaeuannn. Coltpetenlt witnesse , a donaieded in this city, who having sgned with the ta r partiesa nd iie the notary, t. ' Original- signed John Sidell, Win. 11. AverY, ttt Ilery McCall, John S. D.vid, C. Adanrs, jr, J. Ii !rmant. col, I Aaron Illrt, of tile city of Pittsbuog, county of; er r At eglthany, Slatt. of Pennsylvania, is to these ire aIt, r sent p'Ir,:seted by his son, Jesse hlart, of New Or r: Sleane, as per I reculationll her. unto annlexed. nen , AARON IIART. i Per JESSE IIART. Duncan F. Kennerr ihaving left the city pravioua In lto guing, is here represonted by Minor Kenner, all Y as per atter t.iereunlo am rexed. a DUNCAN F. KENNEII. ,,, P',r MINOR KENNER. li Ia Paul I1 bert having .eft the city previous ao ie y Signing, it here represented by Bernard Lauduamicr, " as per letter hereunto alnex Crd d, if BD. LAUDUMIER, y Pour PAUL IIEBERI1 fY 1I JOIN S. PRESTON, a By Isaac T. Preston hii attornevy n fact. i,e r. Thie words fourteenth," and " of June, 1839,' ti, interlined. r, B Valls, Theodore F. Thecinemann, IHoratio a. Davis, notary publie. I certify til foregoing to be a true copy frotin N thle onginal act extant on any current notarial re. gister, in faith whereof I have hereunto signed any ,t, ni .. and alfixed the impress of any seal of office. ht ill Now Orleans, June i20th, 1839. A Is, Signed, HORATIO DAVIS, cc d. aI8-2 O0d Notary Public. pr Wllt Ar. LdEAtI iAUl1tY.NoV. - t.; | tt1:- slubscrri.ers having e.nited the agfreiv il C0 \\ hitLe ed,atltrolll one ofthe ar.esrat aal eitt OalalO"l faetorlec,ofler it to steaoboa~r, coultry and a t itt dealers, a the Ietwaaltlartuel rices, ahd warrant it to Ie aou ood all article rias can be ound l Ihe city. by JARVIS & ANDREWC, f sept3 lil Neal & .Tthiu naaaeI. a 1 adam i sL wlmsr nlsffrhs Irom 1111.,111A14. DI-FAWES -A ,eb ,A-'5 1 OItsA,*II )hA. n AII.,, AI'k s 'I uciF. II{Rftl'A'J'IsN OI l"El AIDNI.YS, Is.ADDh:RK. Uu WII .' A.' I PIt()sJ'RAIE IlAND, ad ill Dk.Il.AA +E- 5Iu th'1'I/ d KINARILY I'ASSAI;G:A PAINS IN 'ill. r)LJl4 Gtt.IAV.,* V L.Ubbll5b7g or oiiloll l ImI, or Is,c.I Dislslty IIhIse usnured that thlis vulund.4 nit, di,,e, ;.t all till, . ur..,lad Y lpr.'tlAy s A .iCeMIs iltlmve dsiq,,e-, ,.:l,, r.r, r tlsul slty .otheir, i.s d tinvlrrldy improves lia t.swt ,titlltl slr ies d I rslt ht lbeJ, h, inll resttrel to vlegtr toh~s p1:+r.. I17. .'l v*. i.rll itjlll" e A by Jt Iss.Pt or n spr str rlsrl sssl. s'Itst.. I'i .tilIs u; n h cun, iared n it, .lld it bsls s,-i;svly rlofil mtws) tblus r inl Il~ldli~lm11 allr rfil other mrirf J lilp ", al P. le d. i.l" I t 5.5dlly 5.l)srsledjllt ITlp uset Io 11 "pjt. ms . ~.s....Lau;eo Ili+'ll'liP.'--.. llr br lp. It ss, ' s,) stsl. M .-r ' m y,',. " i Iln w hssjts lI ts uttsle Its- lss Iux t ..+ . .it, t tssss - I t i s 1ss Ss 'so s Ass., ,d1 , ss i . s s ss s . ,, Irth of thi. worlll' ill-s ndi p th. Cia ,t ,,id . i I d," .Anler it-ic,.t. nlld h lll mlr a n I I o the s s tP i- ss I il s1, r s...tnal,!sti s'rili tes lis ly to its s ,'Irsh l-ss sss : five I sulldr stl p lt ln , rs . Ld hIn. bst tllne, tilltsl:- , s Itslseld t. -lAe wll ,hrulprduce .,ny rtlsldy N-i.. so "t.l'. Sp,.lI. s, 5sut t. M ist thl, iio further usths.l .i5,sist [ hi n ,ary, "l h v+ rsrrlel~dY l,.ol's~p,.c.... ;S rsts n to s 'ssPs l s n e u'tilr. h~il, ll n id er U re hiul [l . h.ti l.l. I1- l t , i s . ,, h a .ti h -l. lll itI1, thu+) w are ,ii r llrd Ill mlllCh -ll-l rly l t n,"" iloo.h' 11t rPVI hie5fsre llsls ed, mlld tllnhirss.srsl h-da;l .l uu, =Iish., ,llpre. ed. I1. 1.1:]'. M. I. "l[pl:Ltur er -low bl d4 ",ry , of Hlh,t l r»lh-'> I .. }ll",. n )." Dr ('lalrke has pritl$ rcrihed Yotllilld- ril,."+ th -,.lua1 ., I++llto . ll st 'istslbuhsrltI. untsir s -risls i i i i t'iI, ,I . ti''h blyhiS ld lstPhsit" w rt roald in IiUsl- l1... 1i1t sh :,, lh ,ii irl. vl+,o lly ol-1. Irtnl, (Ihe.n ll-ul+*, Ipnl ponlu,+r otl'lh f l ",;ptllln. .lll iv e l tiu r+Ul, It .. r+nlt"nl dyi uoItuul~il.,i, -,,01 .:lear l ,t ht 11,11 tlurtse Ibssr- |nss.ssgt1,ts- Issrnts-s. I'EilosItii .yxs s lJ.s:) ItsPl P. Ile (;rel'l# hrrllb/ ctrl ll;ex dam's 'I', die +. a Tf oll - Alsis-s ,, P s essssIsisssy sIm s, an-d norIh., ..,l r.lh .I l is a'-,i's ojsstsssshan-s Illy st i pus's ,'s (s i s-5 ,.5~ hl - s Is'ls-sho ylss , , Ils s i bt,- d k ' ly i 1.. ;a;('u n |,l i r; I. t .1 Ilt Sst'5ssts ~t'5] *5Rt5S AND [Ml tR'TA.T '1"1 l TsE pl's.Iiss'sl) tsll11 VI, , A 'r i.:.t'1' Sl l.t11t \-o l sIor s. 5 I 5'', . uli, Ib m+", 1 tlll l A Str'5 nlnt.- isl'. ll, lll, i rstssw lht - rIst-ti, ,,s ll,.ts ls 5llsls5, l \sI sssstssssI s;ti sind ii- sl lY h Itljl5 Ia , i-.','. :eh , 'i . on. ois' t ls nll lnl"- d ,sss I ,s that s ,ssy ti 'ts s s ,"".s , ' t. " sl llh I lcb.'t, isssl ll-anss h t dr Uol lllp . I , .1eu r 11 I " cgn llll trpu n, l+ m l . itua u lcr~ l o i i .h I u 11, 11 sh . i u t.+a aItn !b , Ih,' ou 'f tilltt dlthc llyl 1+(1,?11111n 1':n. ,, ,In. drUI) lu)tl':r bl. Ssstl llr. h tsh, , tsd-ss fs ns s Ls' llb lo.., t i + it , othlll l a pll aretl hlrlolllyV Iait ,1,,oilny' f l the Eunltitltulhlt"n· I all,; 1 is lluh y ii11 Aills h' s s'Prld toshis. dr.,s ' s lsoi 'rnis . i 'Ets ils"s I'11 I "YIN(, SI',CII1 I" 'll. ,, p I ,,a lla l s h, ts5 5II5.5 5 .5I5,55)pdv rel5 . 1s s .., ,i.r , .) r fo~r th,"' lnllu.l"l i lltlJ l l Ipto .:1 core 1" I,. I flaII .. . u uIirhlino, glh ll t u dl rlCi· lisll.. . oniliI , lrlcnl .... o i~-.u ni r ".. atlllrclllm ni'thl, klduey..l. l ra. l, hlo he l - ,:el, -h11 a l i'lu I os ii'he .i1 iadder or urelhru, alls id s th'edi l e or thi e s l rl ut lry 1pas ,,lr + , 'l "prli perlll ll ,l cl <'ur i Ie I ., s ace of thrllr, .1s 's , bsl's.'ss sI .'I l , ,i'.,I sri s, ill.h s .t r t eresy ,,d ratilty. 'I ht,' certx.inly with, whirl. they ate c+..I U ally .a lili-tll· re!nd eaulhe nlEllltl. , I 1 ll y l Vtilt i .'ll 1 . +'b. lpec fi, p l- l , ut py .'r t fl,'|P il l-t r ,.neoll ,U , ((. pla ! fytIss' s 1 s d+iitlll'ln l 'grP thlwlleitn ""ofl h * 'f. lry nut , - ly rlltols etl l dl5 ,eis , .ut re r.ll l lll 1 1 51v 11e 1 te ,Ii - rsllt luislion, . I s the hody', exI lellll LilYh l"lt ll hu sh , ~ .svs thei to mildCI 11L )) IT I 1IpeIIIP LII· ( as to rootU Iris, U~ill '5trn s os'-,' Itser, tn ~ m a d I I ''.. Sf 55.555555.ll nlo n lee "riu r nor any other . ll . I5 out . s to ke WllhnU t tli'i.hgh1si t s u-' ,hI'sl l I h.r 1 Tssi,'-s i,' t itll I Ii i i 5 r lllll i"slllel , fl lla , or bini I ailn : , *I II-u e useIlsll lulllt l t IaII irou t pb t.tllrt, ull l i, I t i h ll 1-i· .%I ,", thel i',llL AtvI III p lerl i.d .h I t lh I I : I.: - I 11 rl 1y exis.t, it will be iwell to hast, r-.e .5 l , I. for L' . 's| l Pill', ho whenPII Itake!!rlk ll ell+ # ilolll-." e ha.ll(. l, it" n. p .a . i r ll 1. it . ti Its a cerbll p ,i s1111'st. is- IIu s fl tiro.ills s te. siJ)]la t ise',: ul i¢ a'd etrty. is +rsr. 'l' try+ +.l tr wssil ssnts s. Iwirsss 'isss sdts' ,lirs sts ,l .. r.Ie lft debPlh l ltes 05.i g fromIt .l," s i i ls h llsst Is J , ,5 clllllm isaie aiitll stll sll, ss ss' tt s ti s't..I I!il .'is ,Iti u .sIi Ilo a uumn~l ..llr l> trllll io" Il or ll+,11. ;, lyon., and h'illr IIS va)t Ilt a rll thP i lt le Pi lllng tllll tilltl, - , .. , l , ,, tut eraki nndll+ r,1 t l 111, bollll 11he e! +., ., ,(+,u sIlnool l 'l'.l ,I" Ii a·ii i nlelltl, Udlllu l tlnlll ll llenl ttrv, ar ]+r.U I nn: . Ili~ll[ tl l~r + + c lf ..r 1411 Ilrurl I1III ne toll Ielll y suct alrpi pý lr oa e. a li~r all pl liemr.. ' 'hu idea of theird n 1111ilii, a.... ,, . .%, Silsthss sllsi f sls ls l ssts+lnls iiis l hcl t, ls Iit's,+ , rtss t r L 's tl- i thlrou nn had , and the net,: .,"rty o~r lo tle" 1,,I,, it.,n pDRlF:ASrlStBSdl'.,I)lil IIVn~ld IA'.1.RI; 511.1%k of e, r :l+ l.l.the lk,, t1 th I Iea , elm xI...ha ."£ u ll t irlll s d "ll alrt ltll.,,I h. t dr h ,. 1 .% r 1, StI'Ss'tytsss~s~s.5o',ssl s5Assf Nltliltssll, s i sss U iss,.f p sstcltsses ,t rsssss lsssi ss yrtsi sti1s oilherll .IIIII.W nt li % llf~ ll,. lKo +r ill hP1 +II i,~ lllU 411 iiIr I++IUI Ill 1sss':lst lt lllsss s sss ss .issss'. s h.l, th tsIs rys's Vgis tslsllsk t utii sr ris s .is i s. ekr s i,, ,ss,'r ,5,,'i gple ll~lla Iilarllcl i, " e+ll, iri .ru III) +iO111. vllel-,; .,U ,111 n. ,ssi1tsss'tssisirv dts',ssii',lssssst· slsstsn~iltssssgsisdy.llI~~~lll pli Ds. ss... ss.'h, sss,, sssss...... ...ld ss's~~ is'o lt ss..... ....... i l is,€. ...... therll enUlll lt l loI tchl l tll: .t'ol r ulr. n1 l Ithi - ,-utr nl.l ,,1. o ],'ill I,'1 lle d..'esilss fllslys Ilslss e : p ,': I5.or) I ll5 5i ilnb d a .I re.iml o Ilro ll, lld. or tlt~·r lit. . r til itss, slss't. ss ,lss lrgss is ii e llss si . frte ssusid " . sgs 'lsllie PIslls s iit io'rtls y as d.ns is llss t Ises1ss, s sts r r n.q tru, , fssisssissstsss.tssstssitisshssbusssssssstisss~sss., aets,.ts~t lo a Its. en r sssi~s isssiy l O f~t titsss ti urrss55i 15~5'515 tha b td '. li s, slssttOl'ssi s s' l f s 5th . ,r sa ll s isss'sisss s eyomll si i s scisss is,' tis , state ss ti, h t is tsssss's'sssy, sloss sb..'s a ilia.,...Li lo. i. -, situ a pla iltshss' ..t'sin ss, iss s ,s anw atil..tes uuy Ienlthi or it It<. T'u be hb d Ol 'll ly N o , l tO mlll hiou et u rd lt t, N cw l Ib r h . e , s ROIit s SORs S Uki s Ds by Us's IIY' GF+ IAN gs RRs PsIts li. i for th, efl' l si tual extirpatil'ni sss is s 5. tsp esl's' d s y s , 1o111 t I h+;.cypihilitc r tinleaset 5Id the sI , lt s dle tI,,dn r 16y. f'r om the ilnllrper teatulell. V'ith etchl ux iven, u [.eat ..n vl* Ilell7rad a syrhllti dif eli , with $lollsl r ll taOlllt t . lem n Pl N rakerls , , t.. con |llllt hl uiswor lh k uWC Itg by s llo ilts whis' ;)r h,,, bll rutfet .+r* It Ibis Jedr ,If.Iunad deva~at itrng malady, DIr DUvll ..lly, enllintt, to direct h,- utteuItLLo 1. !iose Ill.. order aiur g f'Iom the too free ,alll l llrlu er rrim lllllultll g le 1ll'tllt+ la w li lt rh h t Ill y ol III, I 1ll l. n allI Or.u. I'rail of llarvtIos sis'ts ls,,i b. ut s ld.i 1oi ilh s sd t1 rsl,'. asll is lerls'alsl dll s tb. +,s ofs s slah.d d s1 ths.ll di,,,r ts nl. ,lltlla t rlehi hty nod llid icllvWluy l weer the c4nn.qurua Sl bano ri e. "ur hahlls, rxtslv lLrink. g. or any oth" r ..o,.e hy w Ich theb p ers Il" th o c stit.+tioII bIee nll. rllpl , ll llt-, oe rs firm, sfelsud ,spseed resssss sss or uns tollds aIs 'lslrlls health. II' tia !slllnll' Jloy Ir[it, Il g ll'" To ia 1.I1II1 1l slis the, we. nerntls d lea,., sss llslsss Iothe U'.I s sllsflllls s ois - I trtele, o , I yll ei lse.,f that s h.dly' pi oi.. I. rt ly,ss v it, I li, Ihps,,l, +;tt11111 o1: all wi I. he gi reet 1):it'p Swridoulr became ptnro f,.ssor at l yslell lli irn t, t he 5 o 5 rr5 'd a.1ll sahl IAbl i beul llt upon II-aP nId y the ,lIP.;II* ofIWI h1, grand Pnniea 1or the cureof his deplorablss lesPsllqs ill hd . etr dll dslscovel sACss tits ssreastir ancsti; It wss.sought al'er s ss h dts Ih, td.t ued wit h ull de iating s .c . .. , i) IS ifnt m s is- uu l lll. d in ti ices cases of the s elicates1IsI t'lllp nlll,,' t, for t.e sI 1 . i, wh ll 'h i i i,' h la l e e n to tlln g er ie bra ,. Tl 1 ' o f t lrle s P I ll, tb r r. oaIt (irrllniany olyu their spe ed I'ln 11 al w,,,,ll onn ltllll t alv Irv country'. TIhP celrlninty 'ith which thtl . erc ro,~te loaill a tln sin lnissr h iicilSss he I ei slsedt Ih lly lss td1 isd fie ,d lags ise lg '"Yoo~oh' w' a JstsinYvi ststsisfs-rsssute p h,,bla, dssss,.'s1s ' Olssst ss o ise lls s ils- whIee',t dur ssght e it i).pl.ou o C,'fsss , t ." s ntSrtmtt d. 5V at m,1i . cili ca1ill i llnri, tha lib* t t wll, h hetl. g+ n ouch glier,,l an sl, hcili u 1till. liy.1e,. HP rb , P sIIt.r partle h of iiisldiunlt polU),Iurlt:,lug ,/ th,,r r ,egn"l.s i N hole muas el+ they llnt' ely renllo+,: the dise1+., bul rend~il, hu y thenr actlull, [he dltli'r*'lt f~uull ilma " 'he hMJy expel iug the grssrr hUntl-r, l~l, n1 Ii man11r sea wild irn,| 111 ioi't,:ru bltlr alto, Ina.. thn llltl crptlcl,a 4Of theira, o"y lshlll ouidi ilnrqiulaltd Iio'., i": Ith etIiellherrl n+,el mercury u€ paly other onlrol, talz iy te tllk.l-i w lIhio t i |eshglhtevt lUi tpieion of dl-covery-they rm illie ill- re~trnlllt tf dit, Iu o. time Or Itdirle. of Hluil,os.I hot cocci aculiPhete lor. rith. outl the least exzposure to thel p ,urnli. Ait aii) pier ld "whn thbi sig htest .supicIIlln ay c~xlxt It ;,II bC e l O, p It,a, ' reaur to th~e h'ygell herb Palls, fortwhenI lake.l hrero. toe dlH.rsu hn- nl,"Te It. uapriiPlll , "l~e , i a x 't ~ ,, t "s tal,u IIIIt .ttllty rInlll r.,,, th ro,P,;,,,7, ..... I' ..... an,, , .+,.0,,; .,,, o h ,, o.. r ++ state i m Ni<'lrll nlly lPeron.1 111ve hiero, whro, vi" i Jlg the prol prleotr, froml the. it-,- of, airl',ury , re'ider. it i'peralively .e t'leeltry ill rau+Lu1eel ith,,- il' llbb n lonl1+ that d ngero.+ m neral t+|letl . iludlclmlsl3 Itn llm l leredo 'J'ilos*. pill shuubl I'orm ii i rttol o~f aT] ulrle irine chiests by stn ,ilea, In111t, ;,nl nog1 1 lii .'lrr t" ,. 'ie toll~ ed byv xay p re) It Ing lea io15 vlylg+. ctr jourlney! th l tie u o rllettl. ro suah, it,,, ne, ia r heat nor cold wl i~il nurtb ,ir quuh y , ir pvent th0 ir duotire e qt oin the, mis #i uiiini. Suohl at No. 96 C.usttul h1ouse ,t ,New Orlean nTIL MOS'I` I~lPOR1TAN r 11CM x DISCO C.liYIX iii~~t l 4 n,l.,d.* I~arrt~lr e da~InUfi~lllard h,·llI~. .f...,.rpaIUC1j.I1Pr L lp-,,,,dB· ApplyI 'all Nrlla Yb C a't·rrni. I',.. tll 1 llllh Na I( Ha... l ha.rrllh p...I~il~sl* . .1r~lllu l 41. cls~lu fa J .h.*rl4..l ....dIII nl.l.nll·hy Id a';P.4. t~ lta-(i. pa·rp. tl~tU Ccen raicpr'l h.4'.irsg.4.444 Ii..r illlr~saY iaa. 'hey a. aJlar bitc, a sii. aaOiiyae · IIATI~L k-I..,.-.r,, bIr iPAvs IlII Al P1VllllU iii UIII FI'll-ll [-1:1II, OSlU *~l 'a e -nia''' 1.-acln a lrpyraa.a ia-..le i. Ia- I 11 ..,,..,,a1 Srulca rtI at,.aIla.,,e,,l.rrr 'llt.. 1a a10· Nat, IU.lllIJ Ialp" ll~le ul aaba i..4er*I a".la;.;.. ?'fr-. I hn-,r tlap paa-aai· ~ haOTII ""'"0 aC1I .gh..Ill(i)O1II·Clr~ ara rypa~aap..l Ilr t...4l llrx ift.h-,a1 4.4*.a~.P-.aIladigrl.ln..a aieIT-ahua., biatlira. pai.reIa~- al4d .,I.e ,.ler,, l .4 na, Li, d 'JaII rlgr. th.'yara·ArlllIpa~lll.-i rl.ilIL· )SO lr * A)aI4raaltlairral ll~l·Yh)(· IyI·IL qel·i'a4lJ.,I nl..irdr.. da,4,,,,t~rllslll nf l.~~rii'.n~ )ll1i tht44rr,.i.4.a(i-treP.fild bet ati~ Bro rlgaIr. Ii'gi.i4....areJrd.. .g ·Ia.1IIIir 1.1:.p.. 1(d .re,.g~n,.rab 'a1I.4thIII -rhPI'Iai.il111 11( .r·1cii.I.irnr.ra1-,a1.ri,(··li ar er· te s 1 II· Lr naaaar-jianadr ls~n*. Na.. (livaa· n at~, l~lylr u AMERICANy PRINI I Nil , pd i.!...) It'ka'l~l tMPt4l~rPinC· · Ppa'. wia4rll deI1 aja)"'. aw~ltl an PaI en1lpale Tni 47·ul k'uslllC~ie 34.· 0eala-an sIT~uE 7~lcuni A!I FcltlC S IIifi tlllr ax. -'

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