Newspaper of True American, 21 Eylül 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated 21 Eylül 1839 Page 4
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rte 4 . ei'" ,l ` Otil A'-4. `ý + ; sr tgcgiahry, fit a. Ther ar rhR~it a ýt rca I rt Ne ,t 1~tolhL to_ i, vR45I cý4 ANy sr i" ' E ORL F ANS. a This o(ptomppv are ooy preoared to take a s £UA l'53TFR ' 1I" NQ.2 MIunon'aXuiditgCanno) Otrtet. e E L 1'IRACY, b Ostains ~Jp.15.183R. 'ýrcrrtarv. I.IEbi- u1 la 11 Cri per fur I aie by 110 `ANSt2 fL, as 'NR ISIONS A NI t 1 S :EED,*rdtk*lDre~·. / ®itl sd !'ntaily korei put up. .nor LI'OURSA7NA 1 'URN*URR ARURi~dsO MB T WNo. 53, Bioenille orieet. ILUCAM-NR: CAIINIS, woold reetprffitll in Grt-hto frinaud and hoe tuhic that he is con v rnreiring from Now York and Boston a god I rtment.ofFurnitnt.e, each an mtooganv choice, tbedteodd maple nodl pointed chairs, mnaple and 6errv hedeotud, mnahogany and ekhrry tables of oll orrptin,, boreuu±, tlmlrto, tecretorvo, writing ks, wordro).en of mahogona and caonr, , ash »a'ntdo, looking ginssra,feaohers, bedding, &c. &c. NBI. Fotrnitre paoked foe tronrportntoun with greatt 'nov13 FAUHJONAdLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, Ne:. 1 Cbawtesri Myrsel STAVR: a nootnotlsupply rf eroo, ntocl ceo-tat odoo too prntlooooon drees, of the torest otylo, t Nrw York _________________ dee 21) SOROIBANS LUTEOGRAPIC' PRINTING lI'TA BUIS))I MEN)', No. 53, Mngazine Street, (tI'o'oonitr tIcoolto' Arcade~. IPLLIA41 uVnt'okv, 1IIOPRII 7S'OR S rrt ANK N OY' EN GRAVING SAWDlON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON I AVE opeond on ,fie in New '.iean a r,osseing eqll hdvantalges with thleir hseail nNow York, Cr thIe ul,) rllo ofet.grving alnd prlnting Bank Notos,, r.. F,. Dt' ills: I F" E chano e, Cartitlo'os of l').'olite, R : T.eio an0d other imnplrlioll [nlper, nqulnring security I ":.,iet I n n'geri7 rl h n adeot.nplep ioison otr S-Itfo koeelingl n l o'lis ald impressiaons entr st .- i to teir coae; Illir SlI1'i et n ene bnracole Ie notls of f -r toe hundred lankbo iniollluonri, and all oIrders ,..i Ile vxrvlled wio' i)ollpfitlh, and n tho usuo l 0,1110. Ofe, corner oII..annnI & ol urireo. BIAZAAI 4ZUSfl & ALLEN, . NO. 1, EIXCNIANGE OTI.1, sli .rnPrT of St. rices on r C Tmaoo xsi.. NL:.V R(1.IAN. S 1 'OR' 'I:tS ond itmdoer., in Freo :f ng'i-h I•'eotfll rv; Io'iln i1fl',rII i P.n oral0 IDsisks .110.!c-'v, lLingy, Gjlovs Shirts, Soolks, LUnbllaos .li raIc by A 'lRilR , . _._._ 3 i . rn vier ~tj S7 i'- . 1 .. vo 1 hlrtrest, . s I hi Idary re- i n CIIved i ti ll .'Iolr of VaI c e. JIewio rC. rI g en, uel',t 41l tgles Warr, Ih ar w igc ,"r- i r I)oAI.Elih 1 IIN N SIRIC E\N ,& iNOLI:ll CR(0WN CIAS ¼S \t:. 3 do D ' ri li JOB PRIi2 NTIN1)G Imh1 t11e v it' .reII Ctiroitr). i laUs, + The packe`Ito will , lit l upland dw, n the Mi; oro or TIEfl 'p . nd e *Lrncrjraat y i )" ;tI o 1 "' l'IIInS . - lI)'I, I h 1111 I.g . ] r,,l I -- d ht a in' in I ,n . , I r i u a1 I D rIdl shll -. -l r ebondshi l:+ 110r.fah tino S`()I". lit'd- r 1 Co's -e otsn and emw (,lve.,s SLi c of l'ack S llps.--'l'i. newr line of ships1I n:t been x resly ii il, t rsio lllllt:nell to lli abover I I,,rle. anld w It bet )Ill lo d lll ll r (il'te o1 lll . ,cm oipnt iolldn lilnt s l a eer I of vr pail be: II::do to) give " general s.' is"aeiiO il, i hn rl/l() is uolnposnd ut'iho f., ],IwilX ohild: horotLke. 413 tor01 p al,1 J1 iiagrJintg * ACarolna, 41 l d11 S lmnis, CI1harl.toni, 371 do lri , .CohMe b:as :, (iL ad "I ,,ker, 'dln i ;I) IIUnl lp . rJ ilreat elp:eo:c, haIlto 'rl 0. Ie pllllllnodTliIl I -with a S enpursula ldies elbi, ; t ohiv ri ih ll will heo paid in I).l-r -!LA ;:i( ;,ill L!.l t'i:rv " -t titd ,stores l pr o [ ovided thir se, •ln lio a:kn t wi!l in e lieiI ntl andliy wn tihl0 1Ms sssildin, and tle ~xulicest plrl ,toawlily if served in ate tlma ofroilion, a hn d h the ruefil.r vTslols be detainwed iu t arhow. oter ohpsr equally as mn; ,voill l r mll c0sl0 bosltuh stilIhllt l. A PIlard ofr pllro-0 I ago i l solicili.d, oonl 1i 1 g Illclidlige -i1.t llhius 'l.'o It .oyonlnololt tln; n1 l ool ,s prclicaholt, , treceive and forwaErd gotol y y id iinmuo at ilno l1r t ln1der. ate chanrgos, lnd to advalce all 00pInsea onl goolds slhippod, ifi rcqlirtd. T'e 1 ips wvill leave the lot land 16i11 of every ,month. Foer :,igllt or paIsnfa , apply to thel agent. J A MlFIii! IT'', 8 I..1onllon Ict. N. B. A.lvnoa:lllO lnonts t.ldo 0O clls;glllt t 1 to Messrs, A. C. Lomlbard & Cu. no v27 -t ngruin R(-. ,u . .-e . II ll, right 1of 1ti1 IlltIo ,lt Ildin, u . ,l;l ,,uOei sno pr v1 le d,07 ell0 , l , tl noulllbi llu ;t e eh lne a ness and ll l llru'oh v, lnid are pteIrhctly tlre and ltllor roof. 'I'rerlll inlt *,e knownI ei:, l l.,dol o.. it ,llor oe.bloishtono, lopposil St fit. 1.ay'. mnl , r,'il,':lli )itt las e'. out 12 I.t ' (Oln>t EI,[, _ & C, fIx Ii IN)7Fk.}[ ftl.'. iiJll 40, II , ortt !rd, IId lyll lb Atnl , AU ." llS \\lill'P!alO 1.,, 1h0e11 of ,lolv Yoer ttillalnu'il or doll e. wonl.01 n 11 w!1 lini+': their wished1 altendel l; L d SEt.,()t!R , 111 II" 1.1.1 -t Iblol, Ill hos ret); 40 kegs, 1000 " t4!A d..;1.4 bIl-. 400 I ll CPt l att el 'l pecks (:old [eaf; 16lt do 1111h Welil. AVI I1)O1 (.I1.,8, Almericn, Er FtV' . 1 ad Fr-O 10100 hazes, 'unous 11110 aed q uali111 . 11110t1n 11,11 du.-O11O bhexe, cutoigltc, d, ,tili be old low. Also, a gernerl asortmlcot of rti ol' caleel end Lt, fatsaltlt y A'W SC.%,I E+, No 4 anlstet N B. Aloltooo,1c0 talken lat p r, oll sloopr oltes 'l a received al l 11 pr oot disncout fior go', or in pu It todlt. _fdt_ jI Ito rliiP euuo a Indian ITalautu o .iverwhit a ul ilfol."; 1 hound, is put tip in botllelo at ita low pcrice to, ht cents ouoh, coemiteing 1110 thctrgit of three nacotts tcl Livetwort, hoo lce ilia tittlurcat mtony otlh.,r rolts and1 herhho known tot altoog theltdi ctlas ototCrtto it curing pulmooaryttttlophoolo. Trht u tloeailcd sucrees wohichl has nite0ltod time oac of this inoooesoola alsoam wltotocor it he,1bee 100 o tuced, hion otlatoed the conftdeoce and romoan ,luo.o icone of ropeteblr 0llyireianoe for the cute of rotghs, celdo, pain in the ide, wcoot of real spitting or Ileed, liver cooploint1& . To whome itemovyconced. Tlhis i to cortiiy tltet too barh in our practice frcq'tootly pceocribed Mrt (arld. ner's Indian Btaltootof Lirvceort and loorltoun"1, ,ith dcdcidcddtoocd cfect: w c10 o00 tlerfttp, frontt the k1100. lodge ofttlle tmoterinla it ie tattle froot, aied thlset 10111n .j0 xterwuree, reomlmllenl It a00 aellberiel lccpo~tatimt or thoose tilcctionto of the longs foc thichlt 11 Ire onuunded. Ai.ll11 I 1Vtl.1lo01l, Ai. D. CALVIN 1L.I.1S Ml. I). imlloeo of tItrs Bllston o Mcdical Assoojioon. IostleO. O:tobtr 45. twlcht J.1fV1td & ANI)REnw', It. ` n,littot Il. Ith tocited al as sr saly INIIIIC'O.1', 11tIt'tN & CO. CUtao -Iu eteltru t ltbi htve r1t11t ot! ucl hland a I~inR ali "'Q"Iv ,f C;I:,I' I AnId I~ltvrrpo+I coal, in htltk. ' 1u,'ll"'t lt.l'Ott , whirl th ly) offer for nabr to It. ', .itoo r-s s Alea ron I CrlIo 1, It i 11-1 cr Panel, laou11n~aiu C t'. h an "t anid e':rr . oral, ý, tip in h.0olt1.a.t1%t s.1. It or lH y i. l * --,'1 wit ".;h i ~t ! 1 l '], .GOO -IS-Simnons HWartts co arr. nowi.rei l Ceiridnitrxl'(pt gcard, Yb4,a. Scene, au d Sitreta f U ^l rirg Cplnlcrilar,&cjln NeCW. l It , grat vr al., I Inue tii rink, w|icl. tehr' with theiIlheatal erdH1. l ak .I t I nd e s ih i .ir b e a e ut' cIet i d clte. stfu'l nlng cnditla a I l l't, i : eli lwiti. ., '"l , ak ad dre.ainssiarte, Iis da,roitnll iuveltinea, 1i- NI eu rltnhber, d.vd elv; e a,,n.Itrr. oanlaicn & a n de r ib b o n s vit al:, w a is tu , c , h a I ri n 1 to o th r nO ilac o m b , (rum bhl; h ,dt rint e .l 0'rs a, l nd atd br usox n l. vi'Io.r 1. e , ackoet- ol.seand nainit, ,hcirlei b ick n Sllpnitcl, w Iury ia uonr t' eck .td cap, ihý lorn:,, cun b ovktle, neklocui Ian 11,yigOet head cfoiushbrad ierkl ita , c ot ela.. ad il:ii,cc;. i,,il v.r-atl diill neads, itdiakn boa,l, belli cd Itc.e, s; pisol andi Irln. Pna erfnakes,,hot bLN, hone, els st...'eeh dodo .lilln istli; double andingle barrelled ieos c o fa ie knives, and dirks., slliars, plckct knives, gard ciaLini,i and riibons, aonist buankles, clhh, hair, tolo, cllcoal), orumb. i oa, ainte, Pc anid dii u lstin i, r Clolhgne, Floridlava dr, rose andl byv wnatecr,asrncrtnd cene.nrs, and exlaetr, Maecnssar, lerr, antiqne, and \V rdnv ae- d getable hair ils, shaving mid toilet snaps o falldes- F eanes, lnir ricgletafri-zatis and braid, plain, fancy and Gi masknl wnoriakboxrs, pliin nid gih,ficcnred, ciit and lat betiar , pael and ivory sitt Ido, osirt studda, gold and silver pencil cases, toablp:kas and tweeners,plntedi and tilt lockets, riniamre do, silver, jtrasa and steel A!timblse, hooks and elves, hair pius, amitalian fruit, blk a and redink, Elne blacking, violins and gaitntars, ribed Iand plain percussion caps, linn twiane, scentedl euih teinsgold and siler lace and fringe, lattelor papelr, game bag, riding w'Tipa, walking aicacs,pla)ngcdeat, iune gold, platoed and gillt jkticlra &c. l The above. together with l great variety of other arni -les are nofbred at wholenalo or retmil on aicoimodanilaig i Painter, Na.3 ai inlela st·ccr , two doors from iiii Caaistre:r. imirations of lthe fillowing woods and marblesa ad anEted in a masterly mnanner, all I wanla An I BaLs. aihRinOny), gvptlinn black ald gold, Oak, dGill antd Aatico, SPollad do, l.inantal or aerd sianliqe, lt urtid do, *lasper. Curled Mtaple, I Blood Slione, Birdsil Eye Ddro, y l Gaite, Satiln wod, Wlood tolac, I laar ooand, Do ave or llBrdella, Yeiw ree, i llalial While, , Conlan.lie or BlacO Si.ina ai ld li.C.ael.ia ark Hose Wonl, Ai Amci CGreiy, Aslh il lte lak, I &e. Va . &e. Corled 1I":m, G Specimn s to be seen at the sihop. Paints. ils, glass, epal arnids, tc. on haIdl nd for sle. mi 7I.HON, T.ELE . & IIEAVY (;i)OlI)S-Hat, mlnae iandl bindle iron, well assorted. iHoop, scroll anld l rd iron, nil rods anad pnagh Cast, German, sliean, blistriidi, spring, sheet andI )N Crowlev n steel iig lollow warc, uat ani wronlght nails and i iiikiepi ark, Zinc, block tin, mill anl grind stones, snil kettles ices Cllai cablea, anchlors, Icn cite Ox, log e, i traci e alinias, corn mills laty Aeils ,ices, Hin-[ llernellsdebllowsi Ior Wire, sheet,pig and baLr lead; htli ist- Coall, lnd cookiag stoves Sof Amnls, Rtowh salltl H ol,ther slplaes s,.l shovels Ierns look iad pllle oiiiges, dlinr :lad winlldow iooks jsl Collmls, Ilunts, Sllnpn, andl onlher Ixes l'ar'd anlld a ll lilla corlldage, linles and twine - tlnliand sheathing coppern N:cal stores Painta linsened ld sperm oIInil A fuiiassortnlcnt o Iardlwarne aiil shlip clandler, l v oil nays iled, n ial which nl: ele altered a fer sale at wc lll sale ;. in itail, oil tie nillt fiOalcic it('rini, bh so4 I.AYTlO h Co. 53 Old ,.eree. S HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTERI Ilin, N,. 1.2 Clamiit sic.,. "d l IVh.'.alc f)enler inl I'aint., ()it, Varnialles. lrushe% · ,l ,il:;) \'iild,,w and Pic:ure las &e., 'c at 1F SU(i.ill-vairiiaus qccili:ien. ,ccait:mtii iii or st .1 F t,1rc and c i.r sale by SIIALi. A" BIiIIWNE, mr ace " li 91; .aigneilln st FASHIONAMLE COf OJ'HINC I RODLPj~hOJ%" A' 01 kIF GO D 5,, eso. O Ri Dcnlr i J ic nvile, I ItT AV Et constctly on IehclllI.RlRi culcicl cylll(.lthil- t noer nnd ost l ith ionnb.l e at e, which they nr,,lr tbl IIa li I t ccld pricecs.c c cc. ,c I -- i I ;3i i iiI • Ni'\ F cartile' i- perll, s ll iri bled witi daII s p n vice ic,, P, cti h s to t h h ar. . r t l haIlir-. :blll t )I ( 7d . +Plll1tlf'0d 1('+ fly t tn - · tl i . Ih 1 r~ 1 ir l ' . i . th i lI " "1 :I iii " :l :I t . I( 1 h ,1,i w r, ii ,Iii .Ic ' , tq Ru1 ' ., i :t ,+ ,,'ht £Il, it ; , Ri h i' I 'i ll. i i ' ie' 1 l dlii ' , I ',-,,,.v<,,,'.,,,'n .'r,,r ';,,.:,,:l,,l ,,,,,t:; .g (r;I,,,'t,.. -.. :t; . c ii ,, P'11tIc , hRii ric ·'R1R civ ... .l.l ...l r :,n t h ,<t : t . -ri h I " - i .. . . .li .' n I I' tsi rl.l ,.i,,li. I'd ' i "r ic ' illrt lid cnI i r hi' r i rI e (Ru e tic ' c I'i '. !c illi c I )t1E W S . rI t F I: ll o Ilr F' cl,','R * t .l I 1, a' R l R l Iti P l 'd 1 o ; I R TllF LeILJ" h i" | 1n i Pimilrlil l e l b ri·e n : i ,II1I1Ir it lh,+L :\n[,+rT+a )Ii~l~ll . .%rrnnz,1 I ll'·il:('l I+ hnY D h 1ollllt + I i ":iliR I .'I I I LI I t 1 1F N Iljll.ipl l t litie, w £l.d to'++.l~r· a l :i . 1it 1F lit I It i il F1 11 .1 cii,, i ' hl II; I' I hh i t ilt l r a s ol bill u+ ( tlt'rI· lne aikv r l, ed It]..+l' Iletr Ina.per lven r~,cclp ll ied c llr RLii t ir''RtiII r1 iCV n I in ii &Ri, NY "c cR ilel, I 4ItVN & AN I'L \nv 8 IF1lh Ii AI'lIF AI t i THLF tL i' Li't11- IN t**,h aI rs4n ",c t111111 11 -,.ttt,., I\'hh'h's~l.l f·ly(T uutil/lO MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS I ii. l( q,[p it I Itl'.l. llihll itllr, it.l '13,,' n (U~ l ,J[ dtli,+ult lll f t e SThe fi+ l.Fs I NI 1)i. ' 7 Lll .lii .. I. l ,llS Llo. ornerlp 01 e Ionno Iadc~ TeouII~I.2' Icoloulus stre N.1iiiF IN JAVIR RuiN1 FF FNIliiiWH. N IF)KFY "NiIT'l & Cii., rcc eciibiiy cilcet1 tRher cind Fid te pulic i ni l e ecrti. tiati itccc cccp y the necw hbcr i~ck p, 219 T~cecouitiiethtc Sslreet, hlltre eh ccy h ,e eons talll'l on Flnlli iCpper,I cit n tanr Slheet l t ir rceR, ci " vcer dAcrit ticnll,' R lccc i ilcs cl ee lll l tll l, k. l el , clld iRRtII e,I titt IRaRI inl+tl , all -il c i, O R all ert r i tI zee, enrRd 11i o'I the(~ rdC rasCastingC d~one at sholrtest Inotice. t (re. ihr1te of Ec'cry d criplin., tllR , ce.ih R s St m bo 1t sitrl s, hilr cioc uc, crce LRtR!,R In ether I I IRcil c cRtmo oeiy l ,llit l cnh cci lcilnrltcy, rl cclit ii at'Ic ll .iso di e -l iit l R f oiR t door i Rork,i I u ,u_ -iaRc zicLe, copper a.R-l Iti . rt .-linc itnet gutlirict,+ 'k Tey t he oe and all othRc r kic) s of eortk in illteir e oft l c busincse, litcy s il'l cecutie ca the r shortnse noticc. ded i L.i W iii"rl,,,' R., ll . h RRt li TI' (in RR, RRRI)r lrR RcRl'RIIII Ii FII)Cl'c ielc~c'cl RII FRI lie ~l ) 5(l\" ~lr) [+'k l.l.T 'i ('. " \" Stalli on+'r.'l) f~in' II1t L hinto i cl icilc" ,r ic'i-in llRI Rlh,,rt..; RI tcr II, A ue r ic clt f'rI r lRAi i ll' R i i n' uit cl iRR cn iF +i 'nlru ' o'ietlic1. :i'crl l . ,htiii e r uiii tRl ..11111 ct iRR+ct .Lttie Vh IR iR e R'I F, iilh, R ' Ri+ iieti e I InW l Rk R cv clrctF II FIr'utlful iic ndr, I A -. heier frg ien d psnat dw bar the Eh cunrl, rin etl, N. . alicR , ill c rir "e nile ors l s , ('I ccc, t b r oFile ry(J cr+itiic' ' it Rit gs t if. o i'ii I ctIRR Wi I .A1 us I ot l "stbhCriu % be. chavl[j st re..ivt e! lr ship. , r rl., o in r CRI'vre' a in ' w 'irlrr t.R'It'R tl R Rbilentis, b trCiR -. nIent wof I ln o nte s ll nitckanidsii' ot r, ilr or guay Irsot~l Pini ~ Tlupih Piiclent;Ir~endolI ·ld o. u lo hch fac. t c, r l ia!\ nothing to esre ir ragn rd to the bRci, if their i oiei. ,. n'l';loy ur, bo, powdll sothrs of wr L are r kspect- i thi |ino ovi d bus ines, theywl ex mt op ight t l o LRONhrl'il I ' FiL'. dLJR I 7 wa \ :c J i).c a r r lll,. tt )rl.L, -c -t. 1 Pt ' lc Pil tw R VcR nwR er nJ rt,' cciccIIIce hchi.t Ih R ERcle iRERiA; T'tct? ctR J·ltc 1 c Lc huiencl ti iccr.a(r Lth c " h iec eecdtcdi I cgahllc'l i,,,rv i N+;iO cra bli iill by H lr d ,r ilir nl inl - gtct A" c , l ea rch.e t, bil ciard ' i ntttl, Iic l ,llers S o rthite P''iccicc cctccl icc llc e c tic t llf lllc h eR'i,I1ctd RRw ccc I' i'I erL'E Ta'. itR IIci cgyi l rec ti. 't 'Rst ,. i cic ' A i ie n r lc l clii RRR iLe I HLads 1: Il~E am ,r Is3r; Cble r lll e I n Wrl kshtF·, ,l, I l eillll~ I l Jmi ll, eilc t itlltlt I hcattticl g ie Cerjcc ihv n Cllcft Re tiic ,4+nr u I~c for~ YIhlroti ,m n,, tlt,o o% exeurins, tho Ihur, l+- 1 ri t ic ee " het R'RcR,, ii' + f fh fc.i.cceic.d Ic Ciei cbR s'+'~cncuiec th tcihtnc iRR lt ' RRFRFll I~a lcirf aibr1R t,'hRtc F ( ln s i~t azd hr . -l l $. Cic en~tl i t r cal pcc t'cthe c ct'&rFh i" E tch I~o ' IeliiV i. w iAt~hcw I cr~lO LL''iFv JAIetl 'e'-e. ~ R .'i ,tI'O N ~Il;.I. " ', WAJ7LM N 1)1 Ji_,, Rt ........i..ic.... iRR'dIRg "CR1 c~l."iii-c S icIt Wi IiANt iRl~J~lP It I R. | itelit ii| I t'ia[ ,f ti cl.]tt ho i . - i~iCu l S~ol I'o.,l f! Mgte' ... Rh, ei,t,' .. .. .. .I .... ' ...r , h IRm iac [ it f e~t.t + +leR R tce iti R g to(esl.'cc .Lfec',ri Fem cc elentivt e r 'ttRI'P &eIt ; iu++ic h eec , !reR l . Ve n t- I c ei, Me i t h cci c'. tieI te i I.', . 1 r% -. Fllltll' L 'l it ' < I~tll. tiiltl| ,ic i t il|~ wlttr irt '.9 g~lil.,h, i tI i, \'l iR FL Li 9 italc & 3Latiunorio Rackets li * h tiltv NEW ORLEANSB 0n oi U1.'lt1081O LINEi i i r, This :i3t will trotito of the following ves.l, 'I' which nave been boi.ter lurehias-d exprear:.y lr etih tile tra I, viz: Shift Daman, C plt. ýlmer, iled B b.rk 1 itr ,, c N i kck r 'on, . e b o'a Frry, nw , Stevens, hial rli" Architect, Cr (Gry. 't•'i TI IIse vr.s.l. s are o the lfrst e. as, hanld. Is.nrii. omu: nlorni. ,d ,commel .delianm, .anol tre of alirl proof draft of water, t, as to aidmit of their renoiving and i nere discharging their carglls in Ililtinmoe, at lilt city. oi Freight will be taken for ports on the (hisipro a Ivlut s or James' River, and itirwarded liby toe agrnts, Iepl Messrs. CLARKE & K E.LLi t:G, at Baltiomore; i "th' expenses on goods shipiped will tie advancl ed when i Si°' Srequired. The price o' passage is fixed at $60,1 iiol aolple stores of the Ii st quality will Io providedt i. fl Steam up and downl the Miossisippip will bU taken l.clt d ol all occasions. ln For frceight or passage, apply to htr SGEO. ~EDFORD, Unit nov27 22 hoenville sk. togel ,- . A F'OR NEW YORK. ten [Louisiana and New York Line of Prackets] tis T'liltI Shlips composing this line will sail frum nlF0 NeO Orleans and New York on every nther Mon day--comlenrcing on tlhe 20tli November--aid to insure the punctuality in the time ofsailing, the I linue will hernfter consist of live shtips, vie: be, Ship Yazoo, Caltaino lrask, to leave on tie 20thll November. i Ship Louiovile, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th Decellber. Ship Iluntsvillc, Captain Eldridge, to leave on theL 18th Decemnber. Shil Vicksllurg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on .oil the 1set Januarv, .o Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave oil tile I .c ilthi of January. ric The above are all new, of the first class, copper iro Sd anlld copper ftaloned, and upwards of 500l tons Pcli iurthen, are of light draught of water, being built I,,o in New York expressly for the trade. The price ii of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are d ire fitted up in thie mnost improved and convenient a lc plan, and finisvhed in a neat and elegant style Amiple sters of the first quality will be provided, toe anti eviry regard paid to ilhe comfort and entire etlsa ntictin of passengers, who will plense lake no. tice that no berth calln he secured until paid for at' tihe otfce of the consignees. 'These vesel are C comanlled by captains well experienced in tho trade, who will give every al , it tention and xert themselves to ooimonndate. 'i'heirv will at all toies be towed op and down the Misisai- pl, sippi by Ltelrllibo vits, nl the strictest punctuality ob erved it; time iitm of sailinig. b The owners of tllose Sll.s will not be responsi. IV blin fotr fi letter, parcel or piacklg., sent by or put on boardnl of them, unless a regular bill of lading t be signoed lthereor, at the counting house of the b agntc or ownvers. For irthier particulars apply to .J D BEIN & A COIIEN, Kt 7no,"7 90 Ct.....on icst .:i SI' U .I i L\'i & & il ciA iliTfjtIN .. vCIieS 'e 1'- :11 iare ro'th I ,,,ull . l nrv e sltlll ni i ai 'le tI h Itit l t llrth-, ton, w oill de e nlr, lt cI le onlit.. 1n, , s, 1r , thenl ,selv .. l, ,l e, Cr orinl darl, f 11 sit i shippt r . '1 heI w, ll i hto cid ll nst tlll ii wIIt l ic ,ls-os-i pi, ant leovo N,, ()r!,a ,n or before l the tit! an, In i ,f rvery noi, otl. The folloh ir, ra 1 u i \.ta i'on.Chint-oI 0 r.'i n, iater. I S it ! C iipman.J. 1i. fi-ot ]t n, cister. ti fin- 1I n 1 1...\ . . .1. IDo ne . . . .. .. to ' in , i1.. : r \t'lti t.t.e, i. A, ut s.i ni For tn"o ht r lba 0:u,,llyli i Ji. A. BARELi It I & C , h I ( it Itiit:1 I. N m': Ot-Nillens, or Al. i ci -- lt Mr--cil eCh. , .1m. oi Cl ct I1. 4444s4, LI 4.I:I 1" S C I ' , IO O I.C 4I4F 'T'" I4 n . '4''~ .n I I.rNp4, 44 v4 T'he C4 rop4 4 '4 ,v the (' luma F4 , [ ilh4 ti: Ilor y IIli- ,h 1h lJe r , i.,l cin 1 Ir. Iird ; inh li'ay i v hom ,s t- i It" shid ruw . l.e ' hInlln:e.z 'u t ] rn ru' :tn;+L'nltan kiI; i',ulw r'Ire , 1, ih1 , u l I ' i ~PIN ( 1 'O'MF I.ND'TONI' C "lilXTT' IL-.- -4pee4d4 ' - and "t. 4, 4n r, I ,r t 'hi 4 Fev-r a4 d A 4er, ll.enllittlo l n1]<t I+,o Hit lfbve.s; i-reo rlmd rms f tle original rc ,,-. U41tl a eeIe'i] ,t rod niii verS'4l 4 r.e4 c s. t,. I1'S32, by peIee s of the hI.llgl st r.speelt bblly il this city, :s sItelcd in thls annlelli l certificate; s . This medichoIn is li.h,';, 7 oeenoin nd ed,l,, andl hI% bee.n erxt ln~iv1 y sieid, in the ,tolve tbl users. wIivot h lach dil igulnhed heu . s, that l he proprieltor ,i ti ie44 4 i ',14 ll lr t' , o f t [444 ll4 4 Il '4 4 4l44 4:t4 t 4l4ll4t44 l4 , the meet,., of rol c, v rl inane rf hee ilu art, Ilwe fit+P .t [' I r : Iw a .k l l " 4 I4, 4i'4 a . 4hilr4 en 4 , 4 i.rg:.nlll ulld r t e ll so.f .l t le t olll try. Id t is,; , nlId IllneO pos -L. inllll" Creil, vitllo . ll h l 444444rd4t44.4 t, the dhrectit s h, , 1+[,\ r 4,ll4d ofi o t etl:t a o use, itv- in ,. th a . m ast , bstwoi hnia s of the th a ob r. t i~4n4o i aI i d I.,;e re, n llll larsoenir l the weake' t i toie r m , a, chnhlort, n n to i. with il lntan t ', hI strel.n. thouh the dp ier, s vr, o g. an, cr'ea:ltep.. sii hp IIVpllps , 14n111 b itol rt'ltld f+ ortllhlllr .I ll t oitr 19i obst(I IInut(+ east s, two) ' bo'tlb'b 444 444 44l44t 4 . 4 4t4 4 . 4'4 I ro is l4 it ll4 r 4re4l4ry 4 lll4 4 r s well clonvinled of" its cffia;ly, thl .t they lgree r to ret lindl the pret of every bottll whiich has beell taken in u aetl dane l tlll tWlh the di'eetons a1 d blan not eifnte.d ei a perlecL cure of the foev'r & agne. A. OLIVER, sole agent fur Ne, w Orleati,4 a4t his 'wholtesale and ret:ail drug anI111d m dltiie store,I curner olf lie iand Charlre st "euts. For DI1tritct Ate+'ne ap ply te ji5 T. W. 1'11Til, -8 Conti .t. S 4sllEll', h 41. .I l .i4l.lliON HOUSEIl ]t 4 h :l'4 4 i4t, h, 4 t4 4 ,r4 riet4 ,., will be read4y to receive ti4 tis . A. ) [ I t 4he lst , 4 .4I 44e4 t.4 ,4 N 0 . 4 4 I n\ l ill a'lllh an c~ tly inprov ltletll t ill be fR)lltl , li 1 le trrat,, n:+ ments of the A n+ sion | insl+. Newt and mI i ore IP l'tP l .rit o s hI thinm IIl-uses will be t uill, nd Swarm b th- will bhe pr+ll edt at ell tiers. A stalle I ',ill hr altl;o.hd to lh,. house, with good aunonuunoda t4 i: f.t4 ,r hr'1 me n4a4 l c4u1e4l4 I 4e, e l4 i 1 4 in t+'e Ihores and4: trral gelll.l ill til h" keptlit' hrire at m rttc, prices, I ' f 44 he 44lst4 l 4 'lle . Iillill llld 1 n h i, IICIII4rnl4I4I4III s r tu n dl :,I av :ering places, will :,lsobe furni hed, and so em,!uOtted :s a nt to interfiere with the oioflirl k' I noId lohI r l the boarders. The wines and lquor.s Dill , Ii uI ,hr tw-'t i n. al ld tnr P ii lltn It all s+1,p.ply of ' 'Fredrik ltunar, who formerly kept so I poplar - a hotel at \Vashinclh t coot, will condact this fin el tr to thely ill r,,e i , ,':t oerl po, -ile a1," tttIl to ; and thereby, Sfacts t-at r~iun col is the largest i n al station of the ( 4overnm4;lli th' 4 ei' l ral r4ud4t.rto4 1fthe GI( el' suadll I ron; the s:lhl'ity o cl its llte relreslhed ,constanlll y dn liug th e s lnnl llll m h· n t "¢b y the o holest I ree bloa h °l r (ot l ,lie l'de hie i (' o tf Iflle b iy and tIh neig llhbo ringl i illeanolrl-nd tliU er IIle etm ellale ad delltic tv of ltlie I5h viith wheh the was is,, ehound; amnd its poxiinity o I lel hl t t, ,,it In , rkets, .ivte Penlo ola1 i,- ire-I l ,rier over tlih oiter ilaces in Ilhe-e latitrdies, as n healt~t hy ad [ ~t ihlithttf l rl!llllerl l ir,"l. First rate boast will rll . ltwea en 'tharnvola atld l1o b ile, nd will at Ie im b a1,1 to tke ihe passe-g'r N IB ARNOLD. " ennclF I h, 183. ef rIli+es n adl Ih r s the pllr"tris1 , e llt( ll itne l ,.i E- vr Sewell T Tahyr, hn furrlr prieig lFor l . ida tor, 4 f 4Ta nf4rl4 , F4i 4 , 4i4r ( C n oh , (l44 4" pi4n, [N., 44.4 - t e1 i, . lt : Thalesd T +" ch c l. e h t. Iet of MaRy. (God +tat,' w:i 1 all aE n bI. ir't+ieh o' Ithe .al.ertl r- to ibe' ;1 i undrltc. i lake Iasp en-esl-tron " Mobile, in cas . of the Ktalir: n| the fnall . Th teaem..b atlChampion Ia1e.: lob.ile lo rn ea etnil tw icre ft v.' k T _ - _,; Iv_. RlEAN MAlIlF FAitL';+\":4 i-1OLOGNE W.r,\T:R a 2 r el-,a it, ere o this e "per C.r I wate r, j s-t tI reel-ied.I:lul hr .ole Ihv till- doz;::n or iinl s 1. oiii . SAlso 4.,:.orican i i "dl ' ,'''t r",i!ot p ,wderrs, powder l r balls, wij: .d r e,, ,(stu:,, e , e lem, i en cxtruel o musk, l ok ,i.ioh, \ n' ,t'.'s . _" 'talhe hair oil, poimat hi iler ilihuld roi t. v. (;. ortenrm o d Orris tooth wash, -I .. .. I44 44iti 44 44 l , 4, 4 ti' 4I' 4 ..... hi e .... . d 1 i I h44y [I 4 44I4ON 4, IIAI44'4 4 4 4 44444 i 4l'4: 4 4 () (4 Chart44 rs stref. 4 ly 'El (Itllil .'-- 1"-Ili.e2 -l|,t. rltl - dir - billu ,hills, bndin;; from. : hip I hart, +it,, ie s.le hv ,44444 -l444'44 , . . .." .. d ' ..... . li' e 4 t'u4 , j' L', i 4'o a", i tgai UnaliV h i'tlot n l' k M 1.hs1thbenei44t, h liautiti, tsq t yas IIi' Iloval CLillcri " e f i 4ir ra .lt i it lotae of Aiaetlie- ts e Sln\Q's o sl~y. I a!hiw "ji.~h Crnlrti.Sioceitty S)ioitl eoo : sto'hte |tcofa I I A tiic loilil ll, I 1t tie iilstii' ii aua'iatl'lfi Bor, od l l ] o d h if G ati S i.iih an the o ec.l'itat, i' hol.. , ai a i mt t a Ti iifsf. cpmira, loait i iwi, nlti r r.ati s, y ct at o f p e;allrlcl l, tacia rllpIkIl ' ,rteners iillth etot allas ean i ciii ii ithl ence, t h.. at ii t i pof tiile ii thito l ontro-s h. a itsed r illnrl s(Lt ll hi e ll )l t i nlic e h3uimillo l incaied icolte atiel. nl ii, .ie ,:l, eaia la lie , tl thei e ian t Sota conqdni nititt wl uc i iit ol aial t t a iiutty igoa oad a ciii,'; iu t o n Ivi c o il ihttid il ia iittll eliit I ii tlltlo" II Iici tiare pSP il ttIiitialiitagiail titt Uit e Sthlaltc s h i it l t r i t.k ii t ah e ,n as wth old i al hr ioaed wooI""fs of nilnle~lltl~ls:lSGc,.' :HiIl ¢.ltler I'l:lclds, b|) n Pet of p IIi iil..i.Itil... ulill ) l~ltt ctl ll i..,tlellle l~r s ga tolall)" ilglffa t nt tiI he'li al seille , th: it ior posilm tCihn InlnlstiontL i Inter illl s. .h l ld beket ill eveI'\" fallilv· ill eases f itetl caont en, f io- ii theirioai.r li a trimotallon, C jthisi Siontorit itCnindi to whoopallsiliitatiosoaiints mah ole r a, e l' . INs, lar ll e! ,s W a e nrl y h erP h rin N . Y r ki n iolt. g it a eintai tai A tent i 'oa o e ic itala tahteis S catti Iv etlaellc Iaty,.tiieieaa IiI ii NI...|I thoo w. le t ,~ak I . it, iI lIt Forh sholdeu~- by ap int hnt o the. orhgin" prorietor. i1 A:iketis a, 51Ao.t I )oii Irpia .Scl, by caiel atesleta lnb'le d '. gg st, bo.,kselle1', anld vedor oI" .edlieu. i. I ll anilaoi Stites oi t' m ll: . ans, with oot aiots aieit io tit ; w~ithl: esltllooninls of |mll'l'sriona~l =ability fromr Ith ie fAollagillg ient aor le aleec Sir hastlev Coiler J Abr nul hvlcl , .hmles, I11lundt~ il, n. 1)., '.\. l};ek, MI. )., I J. A 1toll Lkey A.I.'rampton,No s iand IstmeleOaS otlhlms. Th'le originall s now( bL seen n 1) 9eSols ssi lllfte ( lientne-]lt h1a .dmo shI ip he isI e imisPotllento tll cthei tiai, tald to atim ail t applicatia.s taor:lgenati min ni stlist be in e nne. JNJO. ltil.ttEtN, 1il WaocrltjPlace. N. Yoak, t Sole Ageot far tice Uniited tiates; Ut. a Fo r ale apY ttioatnlell t of tile igialo l r oprto etor. Iiv Sw*ou U IltalcIIaa, t)lollogiis, a Itl C tnal street, I .ala IU aIfc Stlallie aOa LouiSlant. jotl v8 331 IttIlY 11 Le.E.1 co, o na l, lagazint atreet,ae re I1 r.nw reeivingafi'omsli shis NeaslFhlle I.onuisville, t~iiikit Esagle, ail othier late naivt:ls Iratn :li i)r -ter citAa ii intga a .c ItaLtei seet ed soatiit nl entai a TIo;i, ilos Al, shoes toat1i tBrogans, at ntllsitii. ogf g lle ln' s i n' fllae calf alll Mor oeto loolsa ito '2 qtlliiy; cdo hll'it, and sltilllt to peggei t tioois it €; IncllIIs i~llto calf seall fillilI .|l.Oacl allap alntuals an blogans, uclkiahia siae, togi ll saipte: men's tlle c:disf nlol ktipmci agd tgg soesalla i I allgi.nis ao Iloot; ao stollt kit insttt tpilsManotraco it lekle ihoaihs nl colloaii aotl;etand aItMaInaori ae t ciian o hoes notfl sli tal. ai i c bl ilk a ti se atlclg to id b , eleW arl ver do fine e:dt; selrl :illl q lit;C o qurnitetio otri; r aoys', tbiss'nd chilurell'l i euRtet a i l stae d led, blO Ra silla shos oIt'eiSiLt t'I nao in atiii l ki nid. l a Also a gtsrol u.fillurient oiu nali sti i soll a hai and oiaiti tIroguu 's ai.i hio. ra wogt uh with k . ti rioi r I s sn k ! Ila lllle ess cxps e y w o rl rl e n:tl i sn 1 h , h a g r re d l o r ali; aalck xperoacthetroepaiectiaieditgalofhitan li .lne llb u il oi fnl e m ili sti)II kl iilssitt lllt1ii. aItll t -rt iw wrultaw 'e r u'.tiy wrnn an il vZro 'odl n'iri sieiittlll "6"axfcie:lllitii ire lallis' fine call, ronlt ria (lrco .o"illl gulieolta tanil cit. piia polet shloesl ril lill ut' lell ec .l olll'.o llllJ khl I·11 tiiilalltslippers ; lli r(}ai sloii , s hoot, :tl a'i wiLhO L a iiiii l etluf, aaul u llll stout leaiit her ii (lti S; ie a ruIia ella slll'le Sfa Iakitt suua (tu iiio ai ito i:astillch t i o llt a :li; l. nit h""I kttaxnu tl uoi tuia 1u l s s' helm, i;esii'i ll shlius:lic bni L)R3L~l ChljIhlel|'S color~ed) ..Io,¢{.¢o ttll '~lisllngbroLI( 'p Ita aidtb iotai, ie. G:entlerne',ls fine fashionablt, bl:leki silk halsl; dlo hint'c.. soill. 4iiiaiube~aher ho ul iialoliiiruiou,1:ino *i'u.'lcitului II:iaae size ha ui i ol t diitel' l Ilaliiii is; hIie chil ri.u'i. C1a lits. ihitti iiiiii h nal. alSl|11' ioiii bo.e si lll at e' s .le l h|.:neE k WtsIglrlc h lslu :IYamedIIIII hi..% all~ oi" IChI1 ' . il I Ii. sohll oii HCe~, lmlodatim. ; l erl U·IS, nrlE I --II" NO MERCURY NOR COPAlVA .i.. ... lt Oi "t ' ix .lt It liIt IIg a had the m ist' I allo t I t I anI . I secret dficn so, t'llr n ]cll 1h I hav a plhid l- , ,te- col ral d(octor tla r a it re, and t hei did not e111 nla ut r, Itaw iart on thll bove date put Il v telf unHder the c Ire of Dotor t( Ilntet, plld I exlwet him to cure ale. Since that time qui the diseasett, gut wrti , so a to break out in arge uer itttl e t to the. nnmber i1' ,ix or on v. t leh , andl tileover wi y atpc, tand 't re ttrtad , and nt J0bl to work at he dala preIe t ti r on av tollut of tht ll, tiae; at rge . a ltehr t gel the right side of tho throat. I u , . v patting my noel( confidutl v lunder the cu'e of l )r. llneal.," I'aria, bI to Ibe prletlyv cllred JO IIN IDEAN. ic f .1I y lt lat t 1 ) CI R Ti I.1'Y t that le utia ', m etenthm ,,t dise ise is tin t11lalk Ilr. linet; ult d nm ooer I aslllur, that tilh Ilnrdi- ill illne I lilte t kll l all ," til ' Idt. aItl 11.11 1 1not illlllm' 11 I" IW:IIIII it all11 tlheretlil. I nl& io, all,1 1' Illh, ulli'r'). toI In t.o"I. tim .e n d a p p ly i. lito . I 11 . l , lt 1 1 l l I Iluei i' ' :!t l eit ' 111 i it '11atr1:, ' I , tllu li a . . t, i ills IT II', t \ S 1 I.' 1 InI, .%-]]7)7 ']]' '-/' L n i 11..'l+7./',! !'r. 1 ', . -x 11:. ir," t", 011./ I. ,.,,o n ,.,.-11 o1 51 I- J t a, r (l0 , eI'a-d atl· 11~~~ lib ' llt" l' . ,' _a Itl I . .. 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Aildl teirill h I'Ili I hi initllllhillv ( l" . Iollwd mill l ln i i lo iItp llle L i tom sive t: e v all rk, ir,! h ll exranlil" :I'tl i ry unniLe•nlllll ll II : t.i of t ahe ,x:o : a io, orl test. of call'y editliol it I lr .s pat e itt te. . al la e ",I i i lih..t, hling Il hole is i '-trv.w'1wl ,o, tlisihvri, nll sh( t, h; iositive ' ln..o :ne(·: em1·11 tet, t n-il d hlllit s l orn hil ri li d I ll hi vin+ p, af,1 t ldi. E(.Ialv sly lt, ll " iill it most w do ict fll h ook iln the " mast Ae' Ii. I t:rll le Ion iI. n l nmen iI gI re I. L niIk iof l e!l llxill te . nt, whichI a. .i1e lihe beginninhg o meat..h.., hes had tht stle t it - ad hiuer i van r +l " ol tcut , f t ;0n- 1): umbul r o f editors; I t, a l o tl' n e Ilnah'.a , I e llt il r, a is l; I sIt .a ilo itin ti h I ltiletlrtI, atI t tai artd stall : , hhilt ] % b o, ivi tr l and - pree d in ialrly :l Ill t: i k :hll, 1 bl i sli .lt+s in thle Unor , r in lt . i .t s, " a d 1, t le hiln gri n k lly" darirnth, i tl un liw rhc;a1. l t i, i lb tir-f r , . I ", 1t ut 1 v+a t't t' tf ;he t ett a l S -" tI on, bI hls ll s er tl i 't a, at h h I ar t F -it Iata a a b !dlly eqt.lll e cg d ht t the h! 11,e'r, o .l 1 .:.t'' It' f n ail oi , 'h t . I imol k.ils in ki:i .i!o tttali , a :t hitd irellli r.aa ea al' ! f lall 1 st'vt.' ut'at taah, t S 'at 't' tialtt " ' r at' of a' e|tlthil I atit h.s sno li 11e bll ,",t,, ilr e, u , s, a a 11y1'e ll• , wel i t1 lmal , by ., br I elll mllS f Iht. stih it llrlln S f lou Illlefle I i in selll tttal.s, l rl a it i t aa tz it tal v at, tle It t It is m it' t'ar aell kl a o. that, h, is ietttlv It eckt tat ittaalt, 'atta hla ihta t'aa'tra'gt'aaatlli ia ll + 't tat'. _letti d.' it his. lhlliinls i it + d ete h lt, l'lll t k t r ii l it l, :tht hdi a e-e n . cest. il .or its us t, ltlle bteen rl , xt s l t it'ini al I aLi otl, he t o el illna' t incet d, lliave ilb i itt ldt t:ltn ta lll n a its ity sa tings, that, Is'. l t"it a still. , lilst heia irst ,dlti ll r w:aas.sil lr.c. e il leeout of 'Ii.i, e a grvt' nt u ei1r of s. etll I n lhand copies were mogihit f 'or, ,t e to i ' i r t distnace. o ild p 'reasedll :,t ,lions pri et., a ht'h v couhl ol.ce hsion" S aill bo l icked ll lat fro'lt I .l ll ll. ,r .oa , anli asome persons hate riet . y dcl .ed notl instaetl S oaldL "oated thattI ul pi $oil $5 fl ra copy, tr I t ottto I hlail ft r lt s, ittat tt atad al tldi'idilal hnin tIh lamtr in.ouan prti, e'ldur , Maing ttt tlhe same It ito, xhi'itt satli' l:tltt proll o s eiil li'a'atasta aY r, rt'l hat111 to hhi I it was t.r'i that lmoney :ald Smore tht ugh tit e tat ing ofalia t ea v a a laltatile thaie, he being :i tery ri'h nummll in '.,blic .ltie. ajIt is l akcwis worth ata a t'mia l indeal proplr -to "\ s lmp'e J'o, tl a t'cat islJlt 'ta l lla ta tatle Utao'k g.elA lly. , d l: pvi . altly lt ,.. t ik, t tand lnl oria nce 11 it. + vty i n.I- s, tia>t Itd this v ,+ oh r iti like bi on p)repar I,' e1 in the . a l rh:it" r i lo' e, ll the " ost competent r.. un dr ly i n r i h i hor tion of proof sheets, it t..old, a ilmno tt o at t tcol t i'n Iha". y insth for rh 1 lps i t': explai' . st o vu h t I tils a:,, iatltha e ta"-i :n tIhnn, wa htheir ninI. u :trtt% exI raht i - ,lin h exainthis -' mit e,1inh tt o ter t lh g donrl bei fi , ti y lll reh (ho >R url)litilil m) cn.sL tnt!i kept in a place olf speelfa sthi y, i xcept whilt, d l ' it in int' e . S est wirhe. ull mtl t is,ifolow the p fiv t,,, abhlhe, inhthis -- filll as in thl e tt l pre ledi. ,. l iliiios, ,iail ln mulel i.. 111 ihterest tabhls wter- holromo.vl in dolllus tolln cents hie 1i , enlanhl onai , hiu>. h lisot' xt.nsivet'h a, risoliberally n, eatronisu tl, it has ant yet so it.i011 as paid a ith interest. l's, tee ieaiy loss of iaraly four thousand ii l ilaus, heside' la six years of timin on 1i r m .99.1 1181.,0, ssti',ii.a tl Ilo'lr tl ei, : tix of TGthl aanies, ar.ising lhlielly tloam its publih - liton t that tinimt-, at ai ulll i idetr p ce to s Iy nIthing of c1 omapensation or profitlfr allhost a life-time 1.f(rtie, toil, il ald slcritie. 11 here.lre Ihe antlhr still li'os on the 'isen+: ment and get lrosity of the puhlic fo. acontiiiu: a. ..fllnce o' prlerenc l an ... .. 1", i. S .afe. l y elto Prin'ciU at ol tl'illrs in the Unit" d States. t -t ,':x +;+) 1;.-I11 ý ,,, 1. . t 'harbl I.I l TIIE FLORIDA LINE flOI Firm t 1obile to Auguist;Ger. or leaves Mobile every day ait three Nea Y n', lock. pil per U S onil taoo Itis 5 for tnll'., Lhondie, ohlive lnclity,-! c.c' '- h schol, host oeache. t,+ Prseer, .-th nrn stamb so ' laudie: viet a +i-kinlla Hnti II-aw .v ille, Fil. Ilainl-rii'er , p iln t aI ,+i w n, I i ,w ! : n s v i l ht . S a ln d i orsV i l l e (. l . u s . / r o i v e n Ville it AIgro t ., (c , i tllcrnne linl. rcilhllirly with ft ,ache' ' A"lNow York, N.iorfolk, Poll ,itdlirhin, ei. T' e atenl, lbnoat, are the beat for the Fervice, a.nnil att hle lnvignrt ni presemnl more advantates than rnul Ihe found Upeon any strulllbnat route n tllhe suthh ert. reinr,.a The g real improvcmrtnts tin ite olte have iceti i produced by thecin.ltruction ol tifity iilesa of new rji iroand, by the lprlprietors, viz : from I,nGr~rne on ci f t InF'avotte )v ouiii, n rii or SantIa Rostn srytto hasat t iryc.n's ecrv, on the Claticnhoii'ii'e river, 'teni plant Silttes aboo e i i-Ci.ilinrd. r I4 ohovwe Cflar tltt,ft; r itJ wherveby the navianion of lhe ri ter, nodi tihe r,: l e it Icii tim diri nlit, arni d m i're re rentl, tlre, incon thoU Iveimnt cros'm nl nt the Cowford, at, entlirely lnve avoii li, andl n linle rllid from Ma|rllti lnu, dier Thl t co iilin' rid lo , i nstac td n f ito r lindahiouIt itr' via 'ut i C'hlintinhotlche, i 'lsr'ini t th tdisnnio nrouit fort} byt it miltes, and ii'rtr sinig tihe facilities more Iialoc at Altro. rl.n loch lineaf tWoe horsoe sinl*s e cry c u ter tly ain I Ikins'velle, via Perry ito Maren aIh, . a ulnle lilng witilh the line to Savlnnllllh antl l I as Doricii, of if]] re A mnil cenrmboat alies regularlVy IecIwen to Bainbridge and Apalichicoln. T'Iravcllrs wishing i l to reach any pointl on CihllinltiolciPe olr Apalacnlti cola, enn tankPieolotoal t Blrownsville. a c Mobile to Pecnsaola-I and Route--During the wth time occupied by tie re'nlars olt unats the proprie. To taor of the Florida line will run a line of four nOin t, horse post eaclches every otilier diy between Mo- stro tilteand Pensacol. bdy e PisssenLere will lelve Mobile at 3 o'aclock, 3 p m le, in the U S mail boat, and Iproceed to, ill's liuand e ine, where a lour horse coacll will I a In wailing to aotic conveyy them ito tlhe excellent hlouse of Mr. Charles coan tHall, I 1i4 mile distant, where they will find and s pleaslnt necolllnmodations for thle ,ight--lecavlg use next ltorninllg, they will arrive in PI'esncola trly feet oin ih, evcliingy tihus avoiding iiti, dislcomforlt o le i nioti irLoclvllhic. tiche Oi le at rth. Mlansion louse,. Moiile, and Col. tie s lins' Ilolel, Pensncoln, where ciaR . mi Ist b sei tPc i i rei' . t'-TO c:'KT' IN & i.'. niio I ait, I- iaro aHurti lstrut'ilon. uan ;, W illiam .Sl h lte dl ers his services to the citi. ject tor zola of Newl' Orleans as a teater of i he pla'n,,t h ell torte. Mr S lanvin. ti'ee e ,pioytdi several c c areI .sa n leacher o, music in private flamilies in IIBoston, y II and also Iii sevlr:l at tlhe fe tcr,. illlsminiaries in st, stn Scvilllll Cllllll but lho e I to IIcrit itheir confidet nce. or h Hel ias ieriitted to ifer to Rev Dr C1,pp,. Mevsrs I'el Sic'sono & Aver od,H 'iih rcni & ,Uti'. all t F.or ICterms.&i ollse apply it Ille booksvre of core 0 AlcxandterrTwe .4 C('lll.t ict' Ilha Drugs and .tlrdician. So. :Is; J 6 ,,rvost h all o ratd himsell lo this ciryior l td c the I trpos. of iransnctllln n nlocral \ ho~ls al e tlud t Druln h I.llu ssn . liHe is Inow relrl'lirlrn a full ulpply" I ' tresh i and ,i aP ric h's, t iii i ic hl , will sell o- -i lieral "ern To" 'i'a)' irul i ltsand tli ir 'ose fl i t' iia tenr, Itlo'hc siciav s, t, 'c. i' ti s and pll t rrt, ti'! he wicllt rfer ii enle ntei s 'u i i ts hi ve neveIr beti lo or . l r- li lloffered in tllll ii' v. I lls iellllntil lll is to I u I n strict ie it' imate i sin ss,. t hi stociok till .1, soon, be conmlel, n t n iw a ", kl ,wi ll hte ron all Si i r l in I ri tts. All ord r Ir hin tieu c heIrv d III als ",ti n II 'l lllle ill I" llocf lv coIt* .flier.,i cc of ",,.t "2 No 39Camip st leh ie v--iii-~lt-i-. 'l cc1 - t i-i't-i'i I ' ll-'i cll ic' '-'ik ic ti.111 tcomb, 1 Chartis st T sub-cribers hove re r civti, hiilr itian to thPiirpr' I o s .tork on baiond it ritll ,ii cet I a c rooit , hhccdcv' i'_a+ti i' Ivic thtilir v iz: 'hthn S olmbs i' m rl' a I nl f ll ll lwer w'Il', ,, leverys ize, ani gl e-, I"r i rltin Ilit ionir i ti i ' Cohll o coue i x lra.t ol f I llliol Io im t k I %@ y dl n rlkhoon i llosd olIt' IInl I t, e er, wIl <iin il r \Vllnr s of tRetiyII Ililn l r n o.'I l t t- ot' 1 h ay, I)', and mI1- w il o w~l~er lnti r of - vI y lr ,:n .i l s n'dIi h s iiiisiiiie , ii' t'' i . I '1 t tli" hil htlt t lll ithJ tl tn tli it ( Ir iiI S ptio' n.i'tlllll, e h ii''' lllli n ei l ' x wil .l ll ''il.'iit t Il it ii ISCIt! . ' l l.'i hF " '' iii ,h+ i .,¢ muh (l:hih. i Ia, v h, ups of ,l t i, pkitd, c sh, ,Niln , :. in u t .<, aIIon rani., :1, ,~! , : ''i 'hii,- cit 'iii h ,u-'' ii. , , d to]i patmIIIi ri i i l '.il l,' r Iimli llll oloi' wah t ' . rI oi. 1 tai ___ __ _ __ __t____or _ o m__ t h e ._ _ o r m l m l or i o - , it, .pit A'I op seat% i iltL r V+l -l', ' a i t err',".-- ',"ll-' l .l r. t , . i It usar t nr, , ith -t i <w l ,l' in - ,,it I.n d oi t nnnl , tII1 ! I-+,1 . B ll ll lll ":s -t'lot ( ho h', ,I ,,rroll,,x,,l ,t£1l .-n , at d I . t i l. .tit o , comb., j il ,, ,u, l r' ,liar ~ni i, e I.i1),Iu n l:l: 'h ,r -h n. I 'll.lF lllll+ s :t e :ll ., l toh ll'[ t , d ,'l- , ,',Io, . I "I,.,- 1 r.,ll , , , ,h rl . I '.i , ,' - D ( 'l J l- :'I', ' I l ' ,-a 'I tlx r, oot-. ...., t ,,II. Iui .l. ,,o . :t nulil it,, i ilU_ el~ a!); ]" :, .. .. . 7_ '... . \\-III,](,-II ',' I)lU. .ts,: o llt)l" I I~'i li l llltlhl 1,t /11'11 .ll1 C.:P. N. I i Ii 1thole-sb., Irug yg ,,,-,' , .mn on , .-- f - . - N1 1)r IN ,r ll ejle t Iof ' l ll' li 1e, I'ut 11 1. I 1 l1: I1 , 1i II ~ -l.; , hll I pI, ur,,st I' eachl I', . 111r111, r .. II s' - .,:._ t v rI vnric ty lor the t,,la ' , '."r s. aI. bI NI -l i' , I' I ; iiiI) V (lit h i l t.S - I'N rs'. R b-c o r, h1, o .i; i1 ',i Ii e'i hlished a iarniih Ih tNl\ntr. In r ti . I Itlls, i re d ly t s· plsy hll) 1 I iter II It. ll I t Ih, ptllt illn ner.lll ,l by s hllt alrleot'' r rrlail. ili rit, ' se r llt odr v i ,ll l', ll the g a inty f hi nprduets supeV r .u m ny elll , illhlll Pl Ihll.l oin t 'In ' ec 'l'ch . t'vIIetlcm e-111 1:1itr .i ll'I ( glo lll:t I. I .nlletory iIH h'en at I I I (h a n e 'II p v ` lli- ln- t II- kl d ill i'.uropt . 'I II. dl-pl l:, t el all at the clller of' NaI ehe' a5 nl l Tehll o Uu ito LL. I .hall be ioe;le ied with a fail s;Iile of anv vr:I-1h I 1h\y mIl wish I try.- . Ami .pgI Ithe lie h Ilalr l the coalrh tti. IF1, won.c lrll d .; I0 H 1ci eroi ii t hol inn water. The bhck varnish for slom,< Iul -team I-e ,him nies. Th'e ltnsliarcrn v rn.ish wtilhi-t t ,1,.li 4nitt Ik lt-r -iv ni -ini- Ir t -i stue t e- ii ndepen II itric. II i3Is, te t i ttti ttt t N.ii II., -le " I t)tSlY, ell n. 's lt -r Si r -'1he cases e1 a,'t - p t jl'0ul lI' artcle, jtlst ireived byit oet 3. RIi " inIt & D'I.iANitf I Camtp s oll-sope t ii -tinntiilnroitl yIr is ..on,-e sleFIt 1,<. made all tn t ,ml p, II, ie ti. e, a d it r ey h by 3 IO1i"UTI' &IIA ' 'l'iTORlN, 63 ..i.-r- s, |. .:I llT "\R-DIN si:.:l) - I.he - . o!. ..,,.-,o to .i itlo xpres, hi l orat el c ihenktie to thie pmi. lie for ti!o lber ,l I, iu rly t l li llelll o iit l n ti i o eelo proitillp t nitn iern Ittin l- Ill he ie aid in C iii til e I)ic " hli ' EIt't e hu hies. In thiors iii at e. l ic iti" pro prta -I . I It -red store, I t CorninonI lrlt r, . . h . anl s l'eilhl, N l ll ('l r f ,ll y llm h lul 11 ' v' ai'el; nihedr nesis le lletteimi I ed , 1i aey ohlnil!I thIl r..,nhtry--lut he asor. rs tie publc thail hII c inn the nles ig eovry l e ep.itnloit e of the s yd seeI e s, inte the di fterentl coinl res of IE ope aenl eti l an Irespect eile nu tseIes Cot see it s enl II. tln t ia Snltelled, nynt he lnlch Aeplthny atne. 16u M . lid The publ itbe ml i relyl onlind i it lull aIll srt el--int i every uicle a I Ite e, one l II ,re geetnu Ol TlcE PUBLIC.-The undersilhnd. havIling SI studio( under r r. Sc, lidt of dd lharlesto, to Ici ltrer his ,prol es-io nal services rn this clity. Sile assureso othe ladl e and gentlilen hal thi e motll t prompt attention wtill be paid tot Il calls which imay he made; and also otTers hns etorvicts to the e sugar h louse in Charlest.d The.likmousanti.bilious pilrsoster the composition Spritodced in this and otelr cities, has beetl ateinded lith the greatest success, to which theo bst of -i rerences cosn be givoe. Apply at Nu. 16i6 Slug,,. ino street,. JNO. d tt'LORINI;. yhT m)TIC---dhe partnership ofl IKelle, lueson &Co 1of New Orlean"; Mausln, Hlarris &(C.o., of Natchez; od Mrnis, Bllvey &Co., of Iwtodney, wal dioilred tn seas1s ofay list, by hllNe death of Sdmuel .t Mluson, 'ue of the prtucrtas il the t ter . t he undersigned, a.riving pTltnert, will he charged wito thi sttling and cloeing said husiaes atoI: allde l Cthorie wl :gtest d ites, te seile of the busi o fs i o" of Ma son, Illarri Co.. at N]tlieellr trllra rri., Ioel. ! r Cs.,at II, dnerl tu, d Henry Kelleyf , will arhea( to he scttling of. .ley lshLhe b dieat oK , almuon & C., sn New r nlIo The names of the several firms will'ie 1 usd n it, li rsidni, . .onl ph 'ithncld ilheItlld to said bims arc nnmcstly relowst:d having claims will please presenlt thenl buison lelay. !e &. oi.,at I ne . RY Kl ill a. h t FtOLNEAR'S Seierne of Peomanrli n received and for sale nt their permaneiit Writing Aeadeolies utr t No. Chatacre stcrlt, New Orleanu, !o 1 lrsiurroay New York , d rhine or., Mrobr Aic. Wes It is1ariculahry drnoniged fill. private learners. and ro tshce l., and iS canlolenlad far p r.oels oelall ,_,cn. d l.lldies id gcentmleel roe inlvited ioall nird trlnhri1e tea utenorre ee 1irl T1h ey| an y h ltecsti, iat ove ' Les ns are give"f at m led c linaelr . rnciar sait ter ecalult en e o o ranl ad tio lalseh tcurlet i r. y .rit et the elwv. loadieC oe pirefer. it eCm reOeiv 'ersnn at their own ref an enire n en econt1noh m saatto " ".:" " h " s ·.io ell an thev Ag eish.l ocr01' . . ry. tlllrrr 'l'lre i. ROWAND'S 'IONIC MIXTURE, I Fe.n reytn i AOl GU.. C rw[ItN years mve niot yet elaIemid since it was n -. first regularly lsubmitted to tile puIrlle; bn t it o isR attained the ligherst reputation; and has rll- cp planted every other medicine ree tie Agure, w hlleev. or itJfas been known and apprcciated. AlIady it lta, it been carrild in every direction tIlrougiout Ill Srtie Uliclri tts com toill rnrlierd tor thoI Culdn ri.eo ron r anotieinpgatrby its lolr.tsllglllll, leirriad.; iThosands of persons havel iot only i t encc re iidll, in but rtlreord t he:,lhhi ear vigor through its n'e I- N S y.o and they now cheerfully testhil, at every op Lor (l ity, to its doidrd oendi clsuprelme iefi wchy. I is opll"esnpe of sheoi mredicinal rjllCi oinasi are t i c earle.latod to renew theo healthy acti, of the slm- I ' 'aoh,liver, and othelrr imporltanot dligesotivo organs, the loss of which harlnony is the imrmediatr crllera Ino of tire disease. It is aptirent also, that it Imrodue 1 Sees an entire change in tile condition of the systemrr rand certainly destroys til native liability to relpp- I ses of tile affeetion. When the Ague is attenedi ie with any other complaiurrt tihe ompioyment ol the ii . Tonic Mixture will not interfere with the treat. I moat of tle otler diear bt will even afford oasn. il stnne by ferrnising strength and vigor to the body during the course of treatment. These who make use of this medicine may be assured that rdl thero is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury, or any other to article in its conposition unfriendly to the humn an le constitution; being entirely a egeltable etraet; Sand tbey may have additional confidence in the use thereof, when they perceive that it has tile et ri fectof a gentle laxative about the time half a bhot. I tie full ihas been taken-in eonsoquonene of whieob, tl re is no part of tie medicine left to linger in al. the bowels to cause obstructions, and other evils, ar arising from the use of many of the remedies now offered for tire cure of this affection. It has been userd also as a preventive, by manry who were sub jet to a periodical recurrence of thle ChilIls, aid it ha rinvarriably warded off tire apprehended attack. Obserse! The Proprietor, fully sntislicid ithl tihe nn nparaleleld a.ld universal success wvlielh has crl. raIrntlv alttnlerd a punctual and rcular use orr the IC tTonic Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Agule, rri'leels warranted in engaging to reflnd the pirice to all tlos0 who hIave taken tie medicinle in strict ie-. ncordanoe witr tire prescribed directions, without I lhavring been perfectly and lastingly cured. ' The surllscribers are tile wholesale agents for the iSouth \Vestern States, ond Ihave now ou Iarld six , ty .. careoftlris mndicine, which is warrrtrldI freshl ;Uld a genuine. For sale at tile manufactured prices JAI\l'IS &A ANt)ILE\VcS, .r . env?7 eon COalnnn hk'lflilo llld10ll 41 1. Ilimis.aiilipi HIul Iiuiussiilntit llitil, RS. MARY I[I L.ANI) respectfully an. p nounces to her friends and the public gone. to ially Ihat she is prtepared to accomnnodate thllt at ine laove eslalismenii t, and hlopes fr nn ler cl'.rtions to render visitors coimfiortablic, to reccive i continuaenen of former Iavor. Shte tibels conti. lent that pereons visiting (ovingto'n during te I lelllnr months, cannot find better accomllnodatiosin ie tha;n shlo canl afford thelll, on Iere hblioral terms. LHer houseo is plasantly situated, an.+l well Supplied wil.h every conveniene:l.; the bar is flrni .hed with ithe ioit choice tiquiirs, &ac. in shorl, lei promises i '"at nothinig shll tol wantihng on Iher palrt to give itire .aotilfction to all who may puti'nze. the I isisi.ilpi and L iioinla Ihlne . ei Ia Ili.l.U\O WAR'IS. \\o) S('REtllci, SAIl IRONS, h&e. /t 11iE IIOWIRLL. W4\IRKS COMPII'ANY, No. i 2S3d Witer, ilner Ileknlan street, NIew Yiork, hiav receivedi the pait season, aind aIe ii .stantiliiy I receiving large and extensive idtletionc to the sltl.' I of the i.lnoe goods, whieh now conis.oit of the , ollowing iaortment, suiollll for lthe sutherllnll and westerll lmarkets. IHollow wareI of superior quality, consisting ofl about 151111 tos. ViZ. Pos u it 23 l e t niz ., fr ln `2:, to 50 galloni , til Kettles, 15 s riee, frotn 3: i to i311 gallon l, n. kaetlt, 1,5 izes, from 3: hi in 1tl gllon.n II .ki tep .s r i lv si dilltrent- izes, o Tea inttles. o ,.k ii^. t,- . - 5 " rln ,u FI It Sa d'ers • Id Cov,"rr d S.p-tehr-, '5 d] Si ir i- !,. , 4l i t llt |(' rl It , iii, i Ii ll 1 n ' i t i\i,r d ,ic tl.I , `n ,0()1n,) goo-s, irtc :,:c t 1, 1ii , Iiln il : ; i,.I , No :lIo 3:. mle h, Nli o, oi a ulpri'or 1 I o , anl d tllltlo , andi t ,iic lII I I r.I. Ie's. l i le l ." l ye, I li-.,l !, in lilll Il (Ii tit 'Ill .lli s ilr I - i wn . iii 1i, t II lt 44 11 ! r,,' e. .... ', P'ri' o ', : an ; 1 h 1) Ii l : t )ir i,', i 'm- ar 1, 1 ' l | . 1 i t Siu,~ f i ~ i l L. t-.c,.,ll iYtl. Il cIIt lgteen III,; ' i r. I teen/ I' tr he .r. eilllmle. i Ielllt lli - I ... l l ll,l' Eh uen 'lll I- ll I \'curll Ji rh ili lli r I 4 I : iifH - , lt ri,,ir N lh InciC .rhi andI N iip tin ,,n.rt t, al tarri,- ; it l+ hr. i >te li it he the latrge t Iand t aot ..oriI it t uotr Oil red i,,r sal: he al y , ov t i iie 'l lme nt ill the [:,:': d States. M e tl' a int., b VinirvarI Ti :t rilinest by mail, .lii tm ., plrin'cd arlcular. with l>.cript ioflllllln I( -ll, " n' d,. inrnlihhed bly reltu:.l '.t' ailll. All orlrs will re ive t i llol.lildi attention. Nw York. 1;I38. J3i - 1, II (;Ul tl ' s Io, lf lnriice, nll ui ugluc.,i e ',it11e ,il Itc te., p o, ln ilr I tll g l O nca u tin -ll .-l V e .nc I-kin. , lie r I lrii t le t g il l i c tr, I, iII 1, t ra ilU1 l r l, . et 'l l l 'll r l nll, se, i i ' l i , :lllA is "er wa b cr, i io ioiwr p oll s tatd I, ig c A g nit 'll , fleelgu i ; IE a e lt er a IciI t ill si l t i i -r i lu l, i m 'I lla.)l r le,.;" . -i, r " ( dol"~ev, e"! .ls'ti ciiln ltc le. gnir iio; Holis rlo-..ic, I-ic ticL il , 'c, u ' C..i 'i "1tr iiiotllle. &c.l f'~ le a t iit ri , Iitii i c l.ue foiier nik of i tion e. "i I a1. i t.l r lr i iic i, : i ir, ilson ou lii or . lii'N IAT' & Clb . Ioipllllniir eFcencl Ii. 111 Chion nod t:1ea lzc. ote cli , nitnnl ies ie cn, lt iler ci sesrs, tHur lit-n, Ii n I i r o I tg·l '1, tilt el.,by ein Irs teel e olsgi el , n "~. . ,l Nw .eve h1 -I linuli S ri r.-. Ae n, e iar ianti xtroi 'n, ai,,l-e-of It k, t. < S.. leathc r, puhrelihld, nir hund, hace just S eeh'rl a g erv eel xta l vhe nset ol" l ni " t.i, non. tianul t S l'cul lillse c a . iliii'su b Ie a la i , he.e illlcai', lmlee, I'o 1ecI, l lk,Dn ritk I e:d i ntoier n d Ixne r, .. r. n, vi atI i , to tim . erd i tain anll s nited s dalie et hions teill I e i ddc' oiko e tn tnt the Iid- e C, trl\tilONaS, ItllAeTT (c(cd.--ienoti r.eeiihtg-ie Sc i l - shipe Ilul .. I j hood trae, nMerr ll.ndr. n, cod1 pndol. sitrnseh :,t ie'mns.oabln h a head avindeai.r!a: S Iietlce" bet ad il okt pistilr ; p laic , ribil ,d alc e st i il lsen ,c s; cai hnt e hit ; a Fe iss ,crs, cilczi i alc S t (h e f hilov i ni' c. rtic al ue r (termtlr eloc I o tllS io Ni , , hi . Violi ierirg; she l , it ory and ir n .onil ; i aftorl ; Iak, hct,'ulnd lerthier c uirsis; ik ir brninka:, eeiion and i s + ack rirglets; negro pesll; t kri\ l Ia d LFr.inch colonie c wt 'ie. e o rlt-i) r*tii asto er i lf tieeoi e, n; mti7 ,i. II h d earres nil; re rt. ble desks and d l' .. eases past in kng; sc, t oiet le.; rii vexrenes Inre a s-e ior Try-- -- SEGAT&Co mot rs o Frn t N. c ll t es ll C i aecin ie c l l tnid heltlibln iiaie .",l ed Nn'.oo ani iteh , w i u ien toilet :and tavi,; sops ttiletl i f a' l. d , : ,s0l e lle w au s i ba l l s ; s e tse d s a mti n , ,s h i ow l e ; ,II pool stands; screw whhion; fancy bead chad oiws id ne ek:hlaes billiuirdl hale ; paIeket buoks al|d w lletts; R icrn m ho es; itz r l .tri in an rd A noli nl glum on ela sic wo io - le.t es,garters do; Bell ns luifor jetches; lil evo pencils; crevrms, &.e. &c. ° The abiovee iu uhldislolh our fosiier stok o" ifne. whoIesale or entl; as the scgnl of te hldn Combl, c.-a o, , ............r... m!8,' ty. V{ nvnI ltnsh China and Earthen war°e, ane to , llin,_ r and tea s>rVcek, toilet a cts, ihthest r- H,a C.o r nh,, c'"te se ,Wal, sugli si creo e nd , bt wles, e plmemlum diahes, IImnsd, wash, basinr an: canto, R ic, and i.rk o lalt rin F'r' itch a nn Anmriety glar s. Sorn hle's, m i reuerve d,shvrr. oelr,es, p i'tnrr lF. , h nm ds, le nJile sli ced , a nd _I: res, candle ,ha iltor, ..,It c l c. f woth elnft. Si vl r;raoted, nronze'd and s rennia enortF--au÷ Nfor,, li o,,'r F land s, cake bankes, eandh-reicks, . f ie h ir-in , clhllepk, liont, cul iery, (terillan sliver siolo n, vs: so le pcriese nn-; pi, ked sr F as ho be p th y u d I ,),.t. .,r..tor f aoal quto, a :na'i,,. .t MAILA ARItAPN.tki ti ,..' i . ..l.l fl. C Clues Everv li) a ilt 1'A, M , icrthern Mail ,jv, c rv ets : Al Iyry f* the Cs e every l)l nv, W.ed rIle SaiO, leand SNIlnntrdy.l, by !, I'. 41. t line every v'PueqevT ',Thrsldav, a 7 "rhrlfl.'ed Sa rltnr iv 5 P', 11. via Closes evervy lonlay, Wedrnesday EXI'lESt9 SIAIl. 'TI IES OF ARRIVAI. I)PA R'T'IJltF I)ITANC( I c of the Flxpress Mail, hetve'ac Mlnoile nitl New 'lrk--leavig Mol, ile chil, fi :1 P. M. Northwar New York daily at 5 P. M outhwanrd. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. Time Itetur'lS .lnntgamerv, Ala I pUi. 1911 m's 23 h I In.. t lilledgoville. (. 133 1J 21 p.e +'omltbti. S..C( . 7}pm. li3 171 1 n ,Itlein, N V. 54 215 T I2 I arrenton, Va. 12 m. ;55 `l t Plter- '. .. p'. I8: 10 s ". .m i, l Tllnlnd, Vn. Iam. I p W. lt3. d lrvd.vrickhure, I1' 17 7 hi p al R ti B r, " j :k 4 14 New orthee. 2 pri. 9 1 e i' 1:r1)r, 9 113 I,. ,or 54 `J e Northraird, Canine ~.tethwarln, the tiellr ii lbear I,. I el+, being.i days and L7 hore r. s ... ....... i n'l: + I,Altei Ihl: 1A' 111. l) rANAdWAY fir.ll .r 19 Cl.aroile let, corner of Ilvie i, o i ther in uth Iornin In 'nvdrr sturet, a npgronl boyi naied ('IlAIlall,, .ham t 17 year. if agn , it h eec P' or lharei utes iln hemio,-, trset ltlerk t , t mld itent in his speech o of ilee is ArecE, TH"iOnd he by arecellnt Ihurlt; lie had tin clln he eail oav II whit t. cattlon o lirnen shirt mad white olllln P taltdrmla. pb. .lsltrs of vessels and siete lacats are aealiotid a ha gainst reeiving or harborim g Slid negro, as well ao all ho lother persons, as the ulstl rigour of the law will hf Senforced against them. T'he Iabov reward will la piea Sfordelivre'ing him into any of Ite jnile of either of ill mar maunicipalities, or atl 169 Carondelet, corner of Ilcvi. an Sieeet. Impt hea;rt.______h copmSIrshi p Ieretonari oltinl ha N ulnder li. firm of I)ubois & nrretso, nanc beer f- disusolved. The llbatcriber will liquidatle the afroirno at. tile concern in this city, and reqirea all persona indeb. alt, ed to makc paymlat to him only, and all those lapvil in clnilma, t present them forsettleaaent. it, f aug --71 II ARISRETSON. aW CAPTAIN IIAR.YATT'B NEW NOVELS ten Rafllin the Reefer, by tlhe autlhor l Peter Simplr, A. Lh in'2 ela. it Ct.minips,or a Winter at Schlases llaifeld i; laows k Srtvrta, hy Captain Blsil flall, Royal Navy, F. te <i..n Ivol. l.ard Rolden, c romance. Ibv Allan Cnnirnghnm, l v S"heappard Iee. written by liiamself, in '2 vls. tile A Compeediona liato iryof itnly, tran.leted from 'e, eriginal Italhn, ly Natheliel (;rreeno, inl I vol. for to i ring No. .79i of llrper's Eamily Library. pc. Vale. 3 & 4 ofll t new complelrte and unifiri edition out of 'Iaschinaton Irvine's l'orks. iogir's French cad English I vol, cre i Va ee'aci' Frencek rid Englisah D)iionira . Arac-A few mnore eClicatf'a'ilhrenology ix- illirnzi."rlirce.slvelrvea'.(i naleretfll.rriorqll, . all iv, aitli,, itillird 1aollvaaf2 nl4 nead22 J, Jest rceived, ii .n for siae ty lt. : ENJ. I.EVY. PINNO'IK'S ROME, &r. IIN)INNOCK'S 1.11PRl(l)VOfI Ell110n)t OF 1 (; oh.llnitlh' Ahrideboeno of tllo' Ilstiory of to 0 hli-hb is prelixed an Intrnlolouio n to the o o lllly lIo lian llitolor, noall a gretll vnriety of vfn linole inl.r llltiolln added lthro gihlllln thII wo rk, on tile 3lonnner Iioolllooltoli. 'nal ol A oio lll ioltiiof:l ol i o 11i11o111o; oils) Ior' l ul ltiirbon ty u i 'oot r i . o ah n i+i t otiem ,net a piorson ropionulls expala try nn e.! Itietoril nl Netet; sell lq( te lion,( hr ex ina!tion i rat the . o f rh el . Secti.n. In . hlutrt tl h hrllllrtiu~t n e. . l tir , ot.lhld , by A lbernI l I' I I' iCot+ h I on l r oo' Edoioi n o It ohl) o i n itdi 't ollintury oi(f I lll Ilsl[II the 111o f l\Ien of J pait / clll (part teo hi rdeath r d" le norge .F , wltIh t 'I3l (oioiloPiol N otI Ia I:ln 2. \\rlb lili u sltilo i t(er e nInlllatp i It[ the pill ,/it' l h en l . i, t i,? I .h n Vlriety4 of vilhl J iLlif. l ili, ldded o holl'lllt o io,'ll l( work. of tolle of oii tilil ill . e- o -,ianteio Illl ti l e inl n II III r, lo I 'ti l . TJ x lat)l tor u l.l:e lk., ltet 1 o oil the rill IIIel, ll illllllin di I'rl tt· ' ·tOr 1 f tile ,..'. .\l .t o iner pLI o ,'o otittl i yo, o ioo. lltetIr d i oy tilly po1ol it L0T' 0L0e00O 1tO A ntoio'It'oiy,oif and on Aooridofeio of o iio ih's Nro',t T o'ootiio o'oi tie Uoe ill' o!ilolhe. No And riehnt l|itio , u Ipil addition anrd it )r laine t oo is a latiOll ,,l'I + ,I.tUlnUl l p o jrl oolothe Aalo ny i 'oal J p i"ori , .l' i t o lilt r|' I * ri ll ()rlra l '( I llN j ll\l'(.1('l l ,\t PCi ll( soI ' "i- ('l..ts.oool' \I. 1.IIIu \II.x . j X_ I- l. F+tr'?' , ,II,,l ,i ho Pioil. Il'"n ,n , It I), with illel . ll'. i ('I, n L",,a v 61~, I)rot on Ir ean, ,. a na aod w., h, f v or t+ tel , o.: " p11·o .(p1 I t r [4, by 1 'h:';.t,, q r +. ,,r, ,i . v r i ,,mrI ; v i ,t, o,4, lnm I+, t t "'l h -0r r', o 'l J,. .*: d oll. o i": 'I'T h v0 . li,, I i IIi 0 II0 0 00 00 000 ' 1 I,' i't-, h. TI: l R Env 1'.1,i's tlt,".,l Nh ,ill.i,.,: , , r ll tli h'qi ' l1'1": 1 : l l l': ' 1 111,t ,!, t e............. ... .. ' ).. .e ... "l'hiili- MI, "o,." ,,'. I,,..;+t v '4, n".wi' ,,i,,. pin, I oo ' I tr+ Co nl~ hil,. =) o .1". .i0 rt nil r s ull , , , . Srroo, a i l% ' +\ . t -: C(+. . tIN .lll.1II ,i~ l iNlI ,-eit . P c 's ento 'w -hn.0 I ) ' ea. l, , : I"., " +, -, l.+,,I ~1.. iM:,. ~ 4,. ,rt .hr",. I h , I:'f ," if'. 4 ' h.,, ' \o ., , .". 0,,r'l'- i , P l, le 4 , + .. .. .., , , .,. ,,,, . ·!, `., ,, h he , l,,x, e , I t l iil' i 'T ill ll ,d i ll l l i, i ,e ,lit s ,in 1, treatm n Ial ,,,i r e n, t e I ,'r i nil LIdl i n r.". I'~~11, he ub rh~ý'er yhe whole" to ar/n ts for t"'. he111 o- ti io r I ' einsei. , i il r Io b,. e, t ir he I, t' 1 It lln ,+n ..i;. ,41,i ,21, 1> 11 l 11.i l i lR i , It L+ 4, , ,j . ri h I o rs oo i Ia o w. roio', I' o , . i:o, . , ',o linlhe i )rl ,I, l' It, , ii, I l , h'51,1~ t'" l\nil :~i , h,,," ";'- r tmi. S oll r' !,"i n h, e , or, and w .1, , ', I kep ons nl onr m'ad el,' +o h e bet E Inti , I':- l0,r0,05 .o Ir.ih,, , . r1,p f rllhii AtJ e ll, ei , Marlnl Tmk nI1", r, . i ,h on , o, min hi ul, ,' ol, n i. ll t 'n olitel ,ali l e t ei n , s , , 1,rlt, al ndh nd,,",l m at,· l .y i4, on,ll, lsft oi i rl lii R io lo& Iloo aiit C0.' .0 nll lll i t. r Ii nl!iiii. . chh o,'oit, o-, oooh 0 0I 'oo50h 0 to oi'oo h-Oooi.ilo I 0000 0,-"o00 00i,, , ioibi ii'. hi ,l o io. II o-oooolo "o Fhr a lte of hae d ,est , .n m i'r.,t','e rov d A, Vonn. I ' .l ll h ell e nil, del·Itlr el~l ll l· , vlli, lli 'lr, i$, cix. IyeI tol itell+.. Q 'll [llr i,:13. .i ,+, ,,r11 oftlrell at,, %1;iiing.£ ( if t dlo, sanh, ,) -o . n i t he llll tet p. m ,n ,i nd, a,,I V eg roa itilt.llhEt Ioti I eo iI CII I t rillli o aL lllt o o. n t It ,it, lidlrl te, it l .oiioo inktoo wi th the IoIyiooo- n to ', eell iir h ci the 000ell0 I-,reon, it lid. I pr 0e0, 00l0h0y t ll h Ihoir l 'iA ioi ll, n Oain,e i i oe I0 ,leioi ' 0lrlt l o )nw li, nI ,l rl l I. lllt oonrt olo l. Te.he aon , 1 d ew r i, inio .moal bNg. Sllan ,e i gre c etUl rl, h o h me, W y,,;l straf tIrf'KE . t 11, i" o Weeli ooo ilio r ,oi roi q, u .,hoil logt s aiu tll h " t,. x1· nlll, io. ae t 1l 1rll1 n, 1t 1 I tI reat to iii ii' r, le loo t iin oll o-llie lei'n w ll o it lloleio- cl cla [ ooio 'ooo n oit i000tioa botol i oo, s ooo oih oolos ioe oohe b y osem itol oh, oclp e oi o er ltfi oon oo.oo oooo o l ol preoio Ipl iO.U oeo d otIo o ll ol no' I I l i j a .h I'o i o t t isab I'll- toa , i ne,'ah n u ll if;ty' lutlesl r l + c R wherea b4, ind nof freg l ot~ oclo f th Aglooro ;1 , ] pi 111t ' w ilel spn liom st un murk hesnate to Ih oh. a ietoo reatooor oh o i llo c ld'- , l- ilol Io nl oia sle' 0 it,0 its too it- y foo r oo ito totoio elon oo 'o'-,iii o o M ix t iritog olp otoo o.oed t o lo I .o lliooio , p oco " to l ilt onti.In oooo tooelnt ooonlliairo odio-iooha lo'poooon ailo dlftiorto fioe air pte npo yocolooly loy rDo ai-f iolt frlrn II. irino oo Loo hO otoliO rO s lot Obeo-O, ioloh ilolfrel ue ntl y deno d Ot's 'Ill s ua. e o iollyo , ooilntll ool( to laIonth ooo psb oI- 'iti;le ton, I of tisthien. l ti e h re IdPlw offered. t11 nln ,r Ii trep , io . Ity b lo r o. . orolw I neIon tern L aitn+, will bem ill lo ll b lie .I. h lee a. is', he al h iu pr Ilchh . ' 'nm lh e hlladl . lt r i oleo, . I A" osbhnoeari-e inab e t ioo itl iJ I IS & AN EW,| t'I I ot 1 lar y Cola.hed th c manon o & 'Iohlu llllo so, ioo o 00e AhIBLE Ct1?ninNEh PIEuCE WAnuienos., i en. Ceno -oolse s street, Olfll o ite lio peatoffce. T00 Ttonnio oritooare or rone iine g fron tloeir fete 0 pi torie inr No Yrk, and wlill keep cnnatntl. on 't'o e ld ri a goe neran ansoneth "oifMallo Mn otle Pioogle 00 u erid wookmanslp, anod o' tbn latest ptnlterns. uof I n bollelst Egypian, Italino, oiss n e oraoe Stoo.o, ooldd nd oln sill nol lintel,, i00 soorial Innings, - o e.olr and wln ontary tonoe, plyeor hai g oar, togen thr n ilh 0 nploooi' nssortm ent el aes ofhernr w eolanthood most approo edl pottern., madern -- ne be it heeatestoannt erannridl ath A One rteat i trhi. Alony hane ionnn att onne oomo nn to etii ud a' 0 IN & STROUD. fI ar i:, SoN, )Wn K, & e.-The Aooriooas i. Eglair, tobygethr wth onA J aYonroinSpnin," in Noblo 1nl)edoof Womno 00l 2 onolo the Yrong ofeife Bank, a mannool n oorat t-hu 0 nnst no hioes .o ' ho h foormle by rW.t. wo'KleN 0l01 Im l,o",eoo w ioo.i oo I 0 looi-ie..ln. a - , ... . . . .. 11 Ii - . .

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