Newspaper of True American, September 24, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated September 24, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 12, Crs. NLW ORLEANS, 'rUESDAY M)ORNING, SEPTEMBER 24, 1839. Terms of the Noctspnper Prress of New Orleaa intanimoui- v agrcd to, oiodlutouno Ineeotinl of the Plropriertors-, It Ii o it. 13tlh of .lrcb, 18,7. SuocIprtetaos.-t'wolve DIollItrs fLr the daily pt ofr suntnl , payable setlli-: ttll llll in advul ce: tell dollars flor the trio.weltly cotlllly paper pflyale one rear ill Allvtnce, wllhere ltt tilto rolftelltee it gi.en. FPiratllotr for she \W hsi; toVoIlol ir. alvace. No a thbl.riptio t will hbt diiscoltilled until arrenrageo orec mittlet. Inl aore of di continllllnct one, week's notice on wriltnt tIutl to iaovarabl.y gi.entt,.previous to th ltpiratio rof stlteoription. A.trVstrt1so tt.-()l dollar rpc slolr for Ite first oe rtir,n illltl oIlothlt price flr col snseqgh ct oroe: wr)l mterial ultraliou lteu Ilit o.ringial udvertiseenlt -'ll bn eha u ,.1 as n ncw one. Y.o.ot" :\vorotos r.oo.-ltrrchnts Acol n ro'ers, artly doll.r f Etiiet th aloet ndtel sixty for both ain gbtteI o laks, htourdtise O.oo,. ther o imit phletoin liutoiont, tifty dollars in Ettelish only, and tiohao fttr toth loettgrg'e ; ShilrntI a itatmbot.t F'e tir, or Oomottoiinon in:rcllaolt setty clollir ito English no, ntoo eighty for bott Itaogoagoefl. AeRRIotes, OBIoToIt 1 NOTICE., c ootl ortllos call fhit tt elirtirorl of rite It, if to otales of property, s.onao of pasoercof., helelite, &c. &o.e will nm elrotarl sme dollar peol slare for tloe hrstl lsertitlu ill each ito CuelrtcArtontoe, or Advertlioermlts, of any peroin aI nature, wihen ndonioiile., shall be cltrged dotblu, tnd in ardvnrlce. A delutiolrof trwecntyRfive pe.r ent. will Ibeo made to Auctieouors, Sherllo, Iltiontro of \Vill', nold lanrhnit on H ules of real snateo prnliihed in both laengSues, and 50 pltr cent. in Logltlhh alooe: It pro' clnt. oU oalou ,f "qlhwr proIperty. Auvcntrlssur.r 'r ot of r h direct tline of I)minesse -f the tdvertiter, truc.lh t legal, nuctioll, ttltl plattm ion sals, rotlloltv o shlttI, rltry oi:tll,.r. &,. will be coltrgoed for Solt.oirtoly, tattd tI it th roliltary rot.. Aote rt s :rto nts tot p or;oifiet i t liat , till Ie qtrhllohed tolle mIonth, ,uod Irrlctd lrortliolllY No ooivorltor:ttmttt of Imtlkrn)tot il, wil he pull lished a any c.e, Ilolesi Iai flt preoviotls torllsertion, or plllrtent gtl.tllteeod lby t r.tnttil'le iprson ill r town. fftoatrer ari rotlltor itncro"i of t.cotortottt, Iovertlisrto daili, rit the oetott. to he chorgeot $101) ftr F.nglito n .uoi, sud $1511 in tlle oogooesr. Al ullatotooellllltcltr ill' c.f lio t,'l for , titicnl omtenr will be charged dou.lh. the pioet of .tl hr ldvertise tOwing to the itumeo o loss se.ttained b niewpantllr prnrlpietors, thee have cave to the croclo.ion ithat the mo.e of periooo wlose accounots have t ot been irid withi . ono month aore ptreseutation, sltall he omade klow (so far sn prttecable0 to eaolt olther-they ubli -`ets! themselvt noet to iadvertise or print for ouch 'lintrlet u nlets i csioanse of adtance payilment. (iignond) J.C. li.E ST. ROMESi J. IIAYON, I'. P. tiEA, J. C. 'ItIENI)EROAST, JOilN GIBSON, LUMSDIC7N. Wlt ely Prese.--Ve, tllr nudersigned, a gres to abide by rite hbve c ntuditions, as tet ats tiley are pplicable to tseall r r pilpers. (tigontd) A. Ii. tAWRENCE, ? Nt il rscription s ore taken for leos thar G moutlt. Lttears etrust, ioll Ils r.erl, be orost naid. EU bRROWGATs .lINGUC-- nleoe rcry clillltv, ,Lt ll llllt. TIIREIIE DA 1W J OURNF . F ROM .%'1 IV ORLEANS. ItE Iol rroietir df hist ettltilitlloent lis Ithe plee Stre oftt o tit tt tie ict otl I s tiand toe public itglelal It.,it lie wil bile i reaillteiot y te o Art t Vday of Mrv to recncire viciter. lie will Als o mate for tin I ctIit of lhse at a diloteelll o t theret ht: ve been lre imitnprineototaontdc, iln hertltra tow lgoillrg 0 ranod In ropid prorreol for coo lctiUtt oholo wil nobotleu tiec aoiorse. too actnttttlatt a urottich laoger nttttt trto Itrr frnle , l t otil I h Itollll o title It Io o t a. lnilie enra lie oat:lllllnto llattd ln I itll good r , or tlnre wh prIobtr cr lto have t lre icabias I ocinhed froth the rnuilli luildin g. o It in eeme l -nrIn t.ry IIh rv nyth ig fn wi nt itI lt of rh.e c rltositt.. rl tem w:,teso her it ist getteral y slieved tlao tlc y nro t ur itll follr to III ill L e tnotl ih orll Sctnre. AIll hr.o IlnuelnIII hl ur go erollc l h.o ld Iallr W at eriteg lol "e ilt 'I,, c.lll a lr l. c a to. kn e.ic tint e lr l h i e l Il countylll l lll , ll t t h-sco eot trod, oJil oI Ibe i ohttloti at lteo duict o the ipwrinlr drl g oll t lie o hp r ot ten- t ri. o it r lllrlll t Ilio Iollt iolllil t11 tI t *. ir cI tlry lit e rP l ooitL r' o,.. ,l 1 in I- o oo, tco.eo., lo haler i by thc exPr t io ln r I ll h, . htn v' h.: e x) i ,, t,, I o glilll l dll l l. t I1 |1 C X Ie hdI l . th iei o0eril, l l 7 oii i n - III r nI It L ii: l pillrlllno ' IIi ligt l. l uen,.iir. J ). C LAM. S \ItlIli,, 11' \l1 i,,--I lh . o.. .crier-,, - L .Cl ll ac l erer 3n w h1l.. :'.,'e dK .re ii ell ddlery i add ii, o ii,,r 'r o, r olr emutn whir hi teoe t oittct r.t vizri ( ,,,dr nai o. t tiI,, .Iis As'h' 1 alddl s, n., oo, , itt, e , A oitt Ie. ,o l to t i ' orf O ntt o 1~, u., L Ilil olo ot .i . , i e tllol o l)i l ooorol, irot nt,,! w Olm, o r 0 do IIolo totell r u.sttct l. iso , Iottt, . b' t: 011 1 toillllon hm crl-p ihipor: oi , . oorall , c, cu- lli o n ool lher |irlhi nII1ed ecS* i ales; cllll.l.. III.'[1 t" ; hs ers k n itr,,0 rotlind osotto nnd lintes o lton s . n's, i tor b olr l hlltk II I r. Iveve n ,llr1lh l i',lu ilhi'[ ; pll elll lbrats tel otin0d VlilllI bit illh n rlile rscrplilll plotLd, trall .ti r 3O, lrl toeryt doscrtpitloI plated, ,,s,01 a.nd steul stirrups ol ovtey dJscrip. '' ot, l , r I%!l Im' Clllte S lrnee nt 'ver)' isr i. io li t Irhon ~I llll.ll h IIotI I.t hloch thyo iler fol r sole tllorto.i l, co O;Ol ll-,c t ito t i tot 1 Ott .00.000, th Thaee o r, 111 to't' l,, sn i hllts i1ot ,r, h. .l r.ltlho tlo cttoooo ii it u t 't 0000 tO ,t o " ,r r toil ii o l f'tt :. otieto- Mottoes cllot ii o ,eo eloro Ill ,., C lln l at. 1i la," ,, u11 ell its dill; r.. i f , l. Dlr. Jl iax, ll,,,, frog,, it ,oktv~rll ll : o I" :many y r, lhes-.: r ttioto I h tIoet te, d, i, C o,,t to to',f rh, Io i ,,lte, i t\ e' alt trlti r. nr. olanc f, o 1 , of t' . tll~icn, eul lt.ll oCt lln ti o. lPl I,,'drti ro Ptee lo itt Ihh , i l,,,' -l l oI' oit,1,.l o, trlltllllc with t IvoIo tol . Ib.oolt. ,i.o lto0,s 0 icM, t. o t i Semd Inail Weult X lkaeLIv .l'lli sith,: I idecr, IdIlntev., Ctrtpilm, ,,n the Skinl, S "hle 't'hal, tain nll the And the" r r vnut te vnloroosYl ollit ge.rally follow his dicaoc ro -. rl itoet c e oi ryti toth Remus aelo s yolr r I i Iwo orl lcee diV. withnoLt the awo of .lle.e llro, it rtcr iono t l ..*ll0 hIt.ilt.o s, or tooitlln c . nroic oflivilg, A medlcinIeo. t roieof Vron.rto..l t)ineos can e e oi;r Raitted tf lo r.rntiootooot. Itoo feor rite retipeto of rhe iottro I.roy. it o lebr,tctoi F"'rootloth Sturgte, oltld was orat it, looihrotnooring 0:oe -,ceoal ctt Opiibioo in whitch he seoved eootorgnole Gi.itttro in oboe Mtleth Atestm. Mild by tor. Jotiooom, at his ollioe. 'Ihou- pereoem htying rou efootrio. of tncotrtol Diseaeo, ntod nttoht cakhig teto ,,t,.,.vetrt or r-,vie-t tto ilretonnov wouhl iglit. Iaeekind originse in tihe stomach. chiti Elixir was usled byI him with the moslnrt uIllpreePlldernted RLcc.sdl ill is privrte 1and public pInrliee titr uIvwardo of fortv ve:Lrl, l tlhe rte lt.vll it it. thllio'i t Iliseote.: " t tIft n i iaei s , f heitletitv tiLtllli)ll oi f ti.e Stotn llch,l'illt I thi ,idell, Il t.vins rof th lt e Lnd anl icli allilln to slep, Irregularity of the ;n.uw l.l, and ill all casens whelre lndigestion or a tovtive habit is found to 'lris Illedlicine m1tl Iot le i umen eiid amton tihe hoill ofl ntcrk Io4truI1s nw I:torc tlld Iu:ic, as it is the 1ole ilnvention ii til. lbllelt andI mIst ienttic Iurgeon Euroill iever ildullced, and tllI secret of preparinglll it was lUI'rel| ed by thel. ago tfir it l. l y Irge allln. It is agre..l tile tan I ttt .tt'l to tril e rl h te, i. tr Its a lieoitoper ientr.:lwarie keeps the bttoetlo trt, impartst vigor tnd tarengta to the systemll, uttd cihellrtillll.t s to Ithe u iet 1andi I l li httle tirre rtve t ihe lit lconllrlmeld cases )yellll'pl+i:a or Ilau;gh'eti, )ll anlland prevetllltl return at Iany tuture pIeriold. Nolw Y'ORKImal,7th A\ug'Rt, 1138. 3 i 'irtittiso street. t tAr:-In Co.n(IeC e u.ce:ll ading it II L tlllly life, hlave beenl trllllledl, ,re or le0, with Llidigetin for t.n yealrs; lflr the lIlst three years mly asllbirings Ihave been islppolrtib!e. I have tried ,sveral phy-ic.ims, and a Inmllllbler.of (ll:ck .edicines, withltllll deriinag anlly beneflt. I desauird .f ivr olbdllhlnng y pl' ert'm anCntl ielief, and resio.lel mys'elf w het i h ()lo,. deslair wa per.lladed by maInylll frlellld to tryv .berllelhyl. l)ylapce tic Elixir. I have now linished the fCm th bot tIb. told know nut how ho Ielxpre tInoy t ?nirrtitll of its wunderful virltlue and tire ntrucle itl Iht pbnned in restoring" !emllsllut which ! I. - nilgt tfr eer. lellll me1 hult It iIt1.1c Ibllll.o 1 e alll| etceplt my thnnk for line blesilln.a rou have ca e rredly. re I remllllli r.ur.. '.N .11[Ia'Ir\ (:T o'iblh .riyinal lilsie ofretard in 11i 11. g"eneraL |lllad Ati'. Prinlted ill lnclllorUlleL. ltth n raeolntina of lln 11 ,t' o"1 IlelprL.cntative, pow eedl"Zth )1ss-,1831- .I I t ' r.l~ie- to-t receiv'.d and fo .utle by, \I~f\ 1'()\1.11(" 1 Ih"ZMORfIIOIDS. H AY'S LINLE! NT.-No Ficlion.-This exo traordlinary chelmical compn,,sition, tihe result of soeioence, and bthe inventian of a celebrated maedi. eal Iltanll, tile intarodnl,. an of which to lthe publie was inovested with lthe solumnaty ot a deathlbed bequest, has since gained a repultation unparalleled, fally sustalning it, correctnenss of the lamlented Dr (ridley's laset cnnfession, that t he dared not die withlout giving to Iosterity the buenefit of his knowledge on this subject," and ihe therefore baqueattaed to his fniand and attendant, Sinanlon liays, the asecretof lhin dinscovery. It is now used in the principal hospnitls, and the private practie in our country, first anl mosl certainly fp tile cture of the Piles, anld so exaten nively and onft, tually as to batlle credulity, unless where its affee.s are witnessead .Externally in tile allowing conmplationts: For Dropsy-Croating extraordinary absorpti'a at cote. a All Swellingf-Reducing thlema iii a few hourn Rhunmatisnam-Acute or Chronic, giving quick ease. Sore Tlhronat--By, Uicers or Col In. Croup and Wlhooping Congl-Euxtcernally, andl over the Cllet. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burnsa-Curing in a few hIours. S Sores and Ulcers--Whethen r freeh or long standing, and frver snors. Its loperations uapon adllts aRl chlildren in reduae ing rheannalic swellings, anda loosenina g cntglhs andl tighltnen of thle clnet hly nlalxation ot' tele larts, has been slrltrising beyoand conatcption. 'lTe common remark ol thof u l whe I have usand it in the Piltes, is a It acts ;ke a charm." TIlE P ILEIS-The* prien, $1 is rd.liandad Ia any person who will utne a Iottle of Ilay's Liuaient for lthea Pales, and retrn te empty bettlo witlollt being cured. Those are tin posive oricra of tie proprietor to tlhe Agetns; and iut ofl' nany lthau. iandr sold, not ,los has btCa n uh sccCd'Ia l. W- V might insert certitlh.atas to auy taa.akt'a, but prefer that tho=o who na-Il the arLilco, shoald an habit the originat to parehnacnrs. CAUTIONTNo' n can be genuine wlthout a splendid engraved wrapper, oa whicl i mcy camce, and also thain of the Agents. SOLOMON HAYS. Sold wholesnle and retail, by COMST'OCK & Co, Now York, and by one Druggist ia every town in the Union. For sale by thea Wholesnal Agents, corner of Comnmon &. TolaoUpitoulas street, and by the Apothecarioe goenmnlly. n:ll JORRIS S& Ce. No. 311 Cthtalran nlrara', tale onw . receiving a lnd opelllnag the a la sl spletdidn SLI seatial and inabsalnal a stock tf Clothlnaa theyl have ever exhibit'ed in th aaa· rke, con sitani t ita part of tla e folie wina a arnia les: hlaea, lua hlack, jln blackI, lnJn aroab n, citlrne, olive, loendn nok? and golden olive fr"ck nd dlrees coase: heater, slablc l and arrindt an frock cnals, eleganlly firnish ed: aancy and Plin i la ck ca-inl re a nd chah ntalonns; anealinl anad frencoh fancy anad pl:il mak ana ioaln veasa; real locea market conllorls; english and Irach faaay and plat srns aend hdkts; chaleons, silks.wcih ani tnumoelnstic scl aenders; chanc i lac inaa, laia'as auol, welh falan nel, silk InaI cttoen ti, sherts and drawers; lne htnn and n e ltton lhirts, w'tha linin Ilaonl Pliain aaald runlld; Ivi' r y prl rl and plain hlndle silk IIna . arelln a ; iaalt's"' prnmiuaa tlhave.'- .sol , a hauaialol neaalaa h, lIanhare kld, for a eatddina,ae balc, ac.; Seraltltiahi nslk and randaa a hdkls; pain, lizured an, obro', ored ItilC aa a ic do. ; nilk, , lm , ,.oai a, Ianrina. a era ntllln. a nlar ld n rot n and whllr oil l h all ha ;a a al aa)l i of w ah' ' o er lw I' r e 'ah.a aaI aaa'aa llolat . I lta I' taa ''r r a .\ t laa , Iiav. Ic e i eaaaacIcala"n wad n a I ne an n 'a ' - 4 liud iaa Cal'aiaanaal a''a ala ai-an ,a' pt¢ . entaanmtaa hv't t''a Ill h tt . I V bid V nd Ch. , i o, 111 de d rl llll a il" i 1 ires , nld lhe '''ala' Ia1'1 aaa (P llp ci I aaaaa'aa a ll1 1111111 F(lliltll)lcl blll~ill 9I'e/ tll [', (lO.ll.llldh!,c l) ,lr lllljll _: a I ll laa d :a 1 'aii pa.i t, d hlly Ii Illln y oI l .dy is. melll fortl, b'm. n t 1p1. I. (it,,, . :I1,ll hcyo iln vIt'4 frecklesia a sIll a --rn aIIlla ata l l Iil'i, IIa' I1 t, t hitIl tala rIIl ,l Il n~ l'-ll l, II I· :~ hP [l'l, 1111) jlll ( 11 1 / 1( I ',y 1. S, ',, rnm I a lall l o .h. l l a ao a r '.il , t Aoi. 3 Ciratac 'le) )1n 11..5I ll h ,,lll l% 1·1 i , (" l~~' ll1 14 l 9 II tr cm I iS, Arl lln e ml ) It ti1'lll ig.l l lll h',it*.' It( r I) A I le bll a all ,, Il .aaetll,5te sin oln'a tll n iaf Ia HA, the arrlnl l~ , 0h'eI m S Goin h hNew. "l Orle jvn ' perth t ull~biatar a l' l IIEat , Ia:t o daalaIIaa la l 1oac : 11 ta IIta a aaeamnlaaa ts i , aper Pens ,,le It l, 1t akd ar ahar bile is inl nily Inllher Ill g tIhrlot tll o111 r. Insl , In l he lr aterec o aaa o'thr l ani eaiaa' i anaaaaaaa I a rath l a aO-a a'ahiaroa'aaaaa', t~an at m alcaalc aw aaaaca Ies ra r uS n u rivela Au ,sla in ti- l , eh I t, 'aill, tla llg ll allWetat · I er andaI t any se*son, unles m unteel eeclus ( ,ole shil',i l a c lar. Iara a a' t a Naa ew a'a oaa IS aaa ia aa', c ,.arni a ' I har aaoae aa. c I. A' aa t ao cc It 111. irn Mob~i·II li5 ~l~e. ( IIL A l Alil)lt |ii T Anil..~lll (lr~l,¢t tin emConches~ amlll Driv·ers are not) surpass*Yed Il ltI'A I-', Mobnl etl )itl''is%•i.lli~.I ll a' soh lllIoNt intee:, naturll nks, cc he saun a laa intula iataailg water naiaaion'e, lace Ila e aa dco'aala llll oldai.o, dalaal tile navecr edl. u rt.u inl, cranmora. auod c tls Calaluanllaacl, t . o ntetllla h tlat l ah l rltlo l\ lanaevt YSta, t:1:ruelerls em rea IIh New Yo~rk f~~rom Ne~w Or~leans, uEr**un It s rs·-Wlshinrlt. city in aal. ' oi a'Iloalbl' loochela, c luDrion, hw Ilnln e an Ia.u ianae taila l e h a rila'aa le la lloetl lihr i 11 llt o hor ea:ches·. ST'OCKC 0).15 & co. I ) l.liNE, ] \I:Illt otz. I~L · , lll IidrnC e ctt' ''IIa'raaaaeal autucamatiotaa'la-oecatn'tlaoeaal',na~ha Iiaitant Arwr ~ ~ ~Ir4, tothinn I aeiolaghernn a oll'liaata lia Teiene,i a Olaaa an natucnl'oila, h laniler Cherbatiagae lCi.nlo d dan aa' acotnacean oak 'Isie;; biic lllles to ~ Augsin Ioldth 'Auel te s to..d e Cl' haist r Oiloet • aiG l Ii neclda In iN"a r IhYn allana Non lea an T~ioaae' nmwliaaa aa""-O'ea'iogacaa nMilemt 23 H Ou Faaarla Cln t, laaa aee n, Ilaaa' t a tiln noeit to CAnW, 3 5 ,' Et.'aaaa-ieiaaacA 's't'aaaooraCha.tllkta, malnt Iaao'laSnlthlaO Oalca lRatar woa illeaak la' ' illtln -ae to .illth e itli , a aoteaa to Ierar thea li t 'a taef o:cbhes, eh. " l 'I'Ole m 1'Od..$ Ha L ao.i a..a'enlk 'n tatellan i te lhe 'atra. Iov.n5. sIml rot tl as e hIush pl\.iyi r h." od IL a I hat. h teata, ceanalt'carea o t hrh ea,' \hStaat 15il nnil t hatteao h om aaI'olata ltalIn, i mit tedbyniiw ave to hehansnto, I 0 SJAtttES'jaa'.IaRREl anaatheraNVI:LT I hCharle s Tyrrll,nr th t Iler [ l dyI Jaim- tl t CThvely, or tlhe Man I1 hinlr,.by Lslj h:ul' I' lad le velayn, or thle W\o.lI ad of. Ilor,· Lordl I roughllam, Sketchesr of Pub~lic (`lhlarneter · vllis. canrle ti o Nalte 'an n ak tm ' f Nicholoa Nicet lc .hr, N Ia It. .Jack S nldpprl' r hLo n a 1 i. e Il t1d kuh12sro a nacn , y Irro' n l. aNe It . al Olatata ln'Od In. h 'eilte tlillii!lt o'ahrlaaenoalve Ilh ' atauctkenowolaatlaat Itaa' Letaia e Pa veaan'oa lnloe nllI n dalerof I' i a'a cett iiieaal (ala a~ialnaaanecleent oa'ata.iaa-ghiegtagdiaaalait nnh'alfe alalt petneda inlnlat e toa a a yl,aa lila y na-a-ilt dl a nd a have Ii tIneAca le Iltacillt. a l'lrto a in ahca th olhy n eno P t', driFtaaad caaan lcanaaa nraaalntettlan eae allale'on fo 'Iaena aolain Kaleda ne Iahlalt lirs a. teal by ott wo'a itaucupasnoed tl~ccaath it tam han ailetaar aaaelt' i ci eloteltie ba ty anlinds el'y. 'T elgslhranaal LOII. JOHNS.Y, & Con. jGlyeori tah.a lan heeila'oSt Charled CoIIItII.n t JA31ttisnaChaos.r'ttRltl.lE, call aitiee Nt)VtI.I'T[FtPM Chnarlen 'tac' It.l, r alan lia ottle ataat,d tan Jatata''. Ctlaveooe',, on atohle Mia It''001, Ianl |ted3 ttaatta tLndo I"hocatoc, en" abe \Wo.anaa'of Itoclial Utaevootny." Lnrat tinatagtana. Ske.ctae<, taf Putlalie t'r lta ,,ronaa'l' . IIi .t''ticat Skacictan ot' Slaute aaauna ihaaiint itaaf. (tango tat' 'T'iairad,. vd ''to Nicholaas NicklIntan, Na. I te It'. Adean ~lalt'uetndothrlann ael"ae ohara,'tr, lay mentald. tcahotoSinfnia't', h Tcennann. t'anl M o. KAlit: Theelarhen ft'aric. t Caaaeealteanoa,aeniwl Naanet iaiivots. Fnoaucia'a eg tlicat"''ro nI'naioanaguay'Onatol.a CPinnia.tu by Siai lale. Ther tlitagaae.nee l(}a'a teatn K I, tt Itictaeetaeeby tluta.wer. neat eelalalinn. jaly 30th-A a.3 no r at Na Chatratno &5 Ctataliattal nan M ION UM LX'l'fNl \ Wniingloll'a Pallliiutilll. with a fIFuc rtile of his pa lie Au:ount, during 11 ' I'e. velltilauryv'nr. 1 fiah. volue $:1: 1o;j each, will hi sold~ at costr price,thnl proceedsl of this pu~blication are to 1~ be Ievahtd for the use~ of thle Washingtl~on 11utual Labo~blur Schooll and Male O rrphan's A s~ylum.. Tkistt uly natioal Wo \Vrk otlgilt to be in Ihr handsd of co.... Alnrrilcan ; and editor of thel City and~ country pnpetra witlpnnllrihal! e to thalt benevY(IICII objectC by gi'ing this advchincmect a fit in-ertinnn. E, JOIINS & CO. Agent, mtg.sthIm. Cm t Charles F r (Crlnllln F NEW MUSI~sC-o,. Native. 31tsie; Thre Convaent 11 a IL'ma rlag ingr avitin lade; N A kr Despir, b dulltyoll rlmlrnlhar thle binuruifnl glade in heIrut Itmnance; 'l Te White Ilnrlse f the I'rp plrrs: i''lll comell and r) lLrla thou url neanr Ille, ·oug by : oiixr S e 'I'h meetin j a lnd apting; t Ir·, nlot fr epriug !)t fickle winQelby if Russeall; Comec, come.e, that art in suel row; A Lireo on theR Ocean wave, b. y fIt s:L(e1PI; d!;.' watched for hima; bao me lIe hill a trer;, goaai to m at marning; O'er the waters leoltl,a nihic; uIhu'sr lika yrv i~rwa, imirylrd iar tr larlray;.lv 'LyT sr~ iknyal Waltzra, by A Flelir; Qaira Vicliriu'.a Clart Qaudrillen. Juatreceivrduud frrrzlbv 119 11 It C.As:Y, I9 Cunlp at N w MIedical h)iririmnarr', ianr ijrrpr IRiia Rvli Val.-Daaglir-aa'a Iharrperrticr anrd Haim~n ara vi ,logv..-lIar'na Fr maPlr', I ohtiar.--EhulebTltern peutic*s 2 volume:. Nra' aliilla ri Iririr-d li Alc Ira'tII illR, I)EAFNESS. G4 UTTPA V'I:GE'I'AIlII. AN INFAI.IIBLI'I RI."MICI)Y FORl 1) .ANES,.-h-' IIe e greatsucnc r which hsa ullttd edhlhllle apphrfl (llu I" lhi, valu';ble relmleldy ill SlxiI lllllrlndrt Bel-a ill flIP th \Vt ltlusLer Disp .llrnry (ler disloarex of [lie e)'I lllP ealr) far .hlch l,eltees P:atent ho buee"llobtained by Taylor, JI D, frolm theo l+:nglih Gllve rhmlltlf, andlll thile sllo~ it has tai~·d front tLhe Italy.] Academly of medicare. in P'uri., as well ns front file following n rdiceat yrltlllmmt ir Abvrnll thly, SirA~tlcy Cooper, Die 1[us I ox, Carts-x, Drake snitIII I, Sc. pllig, Aulrirt, &1. mIiad Il,+ wt r lll·Ills. sal + t ItOoIII interionr to llolln ill lliOdi .eal nei(llr", Iw t tlhve used sollnl'recumuoIrll dled it. 'l'llTne f ,Cn oftlh. tiu{tt V,,rtnbiii+, thlrouhuout France alnd (+ermllsll , (cantl d .it speeeP j 1atroduetlellll into ulllOat p¥ery :,nlllltrty ~11 l.:llro )u, alld rldldres.P. w,,rP pIre+sen1ted to Dr TIy hor 1'rull all patrt-, inn rtlll~ + IO lhe 4.]rllltlc Th'e certalinly itll h lih lll. (uLIt:I V'gict wll lll l w . conllthu lly applied can I by IIt uty thalu~aldr. Sinc.e the re+,, hlli ,ll of" 199, their lll njCel irs loui. PIlillippe, King of thl Frr.erh, ntd l.eou lid King of the Il+Igiallir, colrled oa Dr Taylor Ile titlt, ti lllleo rary +. AUrlat tIo their mllljLele., at It r.ce Ol ii s, fPIor[II the natnv reIored to li-raitI. oPr ([it~crwlsll~cl~pl. hy till+ ntplicalthm,+frn l'h I~ on tied (InnerI +'get al't ili4. Th'lese prams, ol'R)yld [.avor will hls hlo pes IP. Vtl ldlet t to enllollurgle .aI rll l are n eltrtd withl dlrfller., artl g frotlll lily canue to e i)ply hts remed•y, la hnu~l",hi Paris mild ilru.+el. the umt~lber cured byp hLla isi int alculable, its wel Ila till t, prlhcipi clteS ul' tlhe thlree kingp nr te- DIubiii,, 110 more: or Ices draft a wer retina ell tit llha l yl i'ttO , nnr ol'hditl+. Jllar.c had b e ur, le u f r~l u er. h,, of ripc .of llllyn ( Frllrlai) ti16 could letltlrC f helrileti H(rlnl~lyffl - ll~ltel'+,+lCI1 hi I ir r lta 1,+ I er er, dllrhlg wliclll we.l..t , in lthe=llt fohl. llt,~ lhr lw a ii ti,,h l o l h I oflk France] IFar IraoT of iii Ielfcale, wr u in r.I alll the following rasesBIE Ill. hoell 'dlllllP ru ) al' rlom colll, thit hreoluld in t hr a h ain oflonIIlI fifteen yll rd, dirtlaat. '1 Irllri t9'ecti ol Ind Imes gr 6odu-U 1tll lhaly t IIIIIae~ hinl t for In hotlber of 'trll, heorinl whelh, w~ltara o he '),ikd.t m+oo, r lehal lar+ o Arithic'. sad PLtqilh,l i, who, n.! lrllll fo ta1 rlh t y thing IhIir flll il .kill coutd suggest, wnhnetl Ihi lrI.r".tllhlllr, w o rrlleeL Dr Millie recllm [ f .l ll hls td" o l hlllllld i!. ap ie '1' llll; (-or' lll \-PF~lg t n ,1ir, I,'P t rlal lp to ltll Lt, 11u1 ." use.1d w oPI h 1 lo" s hl,l"hno-- he could ealrl. ioill. sl vi rIlh diIl. 1' 11 ,«" L .'I l." of llri. I¥1,lli Iacv Lo ll+ I Drr lullrelr of Edmhurg. ep. rayr of if..! (:11i1 Vrgrtailir-al t ,Bly o. acts. nr wcl1 at, l. it.,- Iaullllll-1 rait it to he A dllrhlity ul rlt, v of rI eiallr hlooth-Iedhy nld, h ed 11 'l1 cn h:ulBtel . to do mi thi gao dallh ' l l ,bell lrl'l'o re rlrc allll llud it to .'lrlllcrl tl+P III'lll'. o1 IPu brag, illen i o III WoIpi .e; lhl of olllr., In', ' will ip Io llwilltlll h whll Ipl:ly IhILve acIlus a Ito I~ It till. vnllltlll , tlL v t1( I ry. I)rtJ, l J lP+ of A I hall l!, ito Il t r ,dhl tIii In h1tter to Dir r'nlC-lo r -llhl ll a y " ,Ivilng ,.r yl, " ,,. fl' 1puro p ,I t, ll l Ii tlo: (iutltllý\',"rtr tl.t I h,'ll i itllln .,llllilllln IRllll)Jy fllar |)Urallllt : nI Iil fRn lll ro lllln-t lll's y tur.. I ilu , havegra rldly folUllnd tha aue to two I.+lth'+ pre,!elll'l 1 per[.'rr cu~re-andl ill cO",l anl anll~te a gru¢lltl thlllrllul +a ( llP who l'l1lr Iin i- llr, Illl I iar , IIIrII* II'I IP .+. fulr many y'Parl,, ; rll+ded w ia I r nil f rom ( the rlsi end It, peculiar sounlld rPae hllllllll k dinfllll Ihlll IPr cl+ ' II d (ithl the rillnginlll f fe! .; all ihe ~eryul ~ wrrll+ rrlltlr . Il and till: ilndivhluarl restored Io hearin tl bl y th axe ol'lhol thle+ Ilttl,, A jllliciu lla Ior ;tlllolle" Iol" I'rlr pprnking o+ IDr Tllyior'l Galt,. Vegta,+tl~lh says+-I hlave, eollployedlt all Illy haltl nold tal ellts to findl oult nt urrfu"ll poigqlt.iationl furi the relIef and turn cstl[.D e illl d I t Ul rll lnllnllnllty ilrn tiat I hnver ll iert foullnd Ray tlhlg sl good, ro t"te: ,lllJ .o e.ic'lrll·" n. Dr Tay 1or' (Guota Vegcnllalli.. You may de, )e~lll upnll itl .),s he, f" r 1 hlve o"lln esx irlelld il, llhat it posensues every rirlue dlrat car jutlly ble t-c i her h IIi I1a nilllmlh lllr: , far thatl dthlre.rli g Iit ihntilnn. II rr thin youll haive1 a hmedicill of IupllrlltlYe .Ilia. cy andnTll ll a11[ ilt,, a ei(t. Mist S A Norton i, M ele End Road], wrl rlll",any years a lmiclC l ,ilh da.JllPa·e+ aflr Inylllg OYlery thllll i .he r.-Uld h,,ar of, nnll hnr llhvescitll couhl lrre.crlbeb ilt l bottle of Dr 'Crl? lol' (i ut la Vegethbllilis r,,llr v ,lb d herelllon;Ir ratl. all,1 bePre. lle ullad the Ihlrlld oule shel. was l;er"ectly rl,,tred to ike .renro of her Thie IMorallhy, , [,',1ril.lon strret, whn watr a liuten.1t11 inll IO 49, Itellglllllr·III, W:lax tItrmLl d al. ' hI I l)11111e-f1t i \%'.V erlo,. andl hr rralllrllldle ro ever -llille. Aue·r l he ai c if o1.o hurltle it M r n're ¢ir(h·llnhrw+'ll who hov d hrr 1.1 yearsdll. rPriv d o (Ulr n pl V.relf'lhliMlt'v~l I w IIO }>r'l, t l lured~lI~ ~n. ~ rli Lhe +ense. (f h~rxting wn, galte c:{r, rid hb- rilsiog 1s botlllsl. t lb LCII Ir lfllllrrltltlE W YIIIIC'~~ eIrO~tl tl ) h'b'llly " itlltlll . [l To the agvd whni sir Ishot a anoIllll llly afllicted wlll dlnlflP.% q tallllyt " t luned theP wirstofea.t.,l.l+ hll in ou i1hop of re ovc had Ieen nIllllllalld d or derlPv l I'ro,,, olher IiIPrlll·. To iho.1 lllbetrlr Pi whll IlarfiPetal arming routod1, tllhis prp i rllllllll I1a 1\1.It Ifr. veutinalUahbl e Ull r wi ' rre the,,,lll tol hearT ii· t iii ii1111 itC.~ l l e ltlp iii i[ell. Ileillltfr 'roln le"ll; ., ail arLt fins,"111 emlllrl oalle l s , ll , at n Iw i I E frl~lltIIltll .r 114 lr I (I(ll rl~l.lllllllll~ll~llllnll UWltll ii ill thll. happy r lTrrtr it pr I,lll",'. Iby rlrtrl.rlllu lhIhIn In [lelrlll. 9hu ilal n hen+lsll ro iilu lu lltlr u i a |11 t L dJe1I Ur lll tat slll e ou alI w saIe lland ido[l! oBi aglnlcy al No 96 ClOrltl New !)1,- caein - i,+ r[Trlo TIRUTH IS- -MIGT;-IY AND WILL 1I'RFI. AI [.. I 'r i, n !a+ t tllat I1:O.( 11 aii Sir .r .trilfa Bluond Pi1;r h ,a hi,", to)ld ihtll he II P I :iul aI t '11 I. . It I " n t-, ha t-- ch it ' h r,1 : «i k ii ,i 111 illllllalll. F'die l Ire]:lllCea tn ,lllitp s tillt 1,a d -s l: Ir , thl I.iI.I'II+ OU· 11111] hill l ~«l'r't. li.h 1 Illnack I1II1 .l thIelr alkl i ;Le I cP a." by ,'1~1 wh ., mll t' h·1 t'. urn It ~i I-rct- '1'ha n! al ,11.. k are hii B,..n,' t 1 Iia i I(,.J : airl ',rt' Y .i f(,,ll roili r. «l i« k "e. i tl i L..lll t ", 111· I rulsl ~i ce,. r ('frr'(..t ~ e~"t,)r li,:,i,"^ h t a Ijtl. l-lha qn,. k, a·lln{,..+, - s Iu. 1 f ttt l+ l ill]t=I ) tr . ll Ith-,n1oI-:f., da a,.r r.,thatt u -, ,n,1 c ll{r t ,II,..I' . poI hi"l, vii a d ,Ixoc to usll ,+ prr ar:*t;,l n,, hllllr (I,,, puhhr, r me ,lthll+;2 l nl" c i ......lll .l.lll . ' , -u [{i ,t th~y-y.l 'latil y Iar 1-t [ti. t e I+lt- 'I IhtL th+ qiri , k, slad Ii'<.l· -1 1 .,, ,nptir whio* 1 ,, 11 .': 11111 illll i L lll t 1111 111." 1 , , i,,1 l 11 11 , - i [11i 1+11. 1 awillo., Iii I . ilh; tlts kuo, ·. n ,t !1,,ng o II . " ,.t nI'1 m. rd o k'"'t I: ' -',ahiu, Ji t r. [, t-+ i t'i ,.' ba i h,tl.. ii4 . o i .P flli, 1 « ':- -," altl oI w ho hrl, e r ' trl,",-s r. Ju-t,{ ty I , r.IdaJ,111n1n 1. 1(11b~urly-e ( ,li"rh t,. h o, I ii , , k.l l i", ,., {llhil l |(h IIP -llllhtll+" ll*''tlll i I.'V II'+ I' U- . llla ffth ll -Plll· IroIt +++ g r!l ~r lea+J ; Dry an h,.hr ;i 1 i , o tr; fl1it u'ru {,,"x tl,,;: t lree .:ad of 1, e~krnd'I rr ~r . had ,, Jlll~kllP'lh 'j111.+ nd Dry1.1 11 1 ll'}11 I(. hlpel ,11, rrell ll; I l' rlile l ·,- (1.r ,1[o 1. li, 'llUtn llll t,"ill :la l u,. ll llJo[ 'tol , lllF B l ,,r, i,.ng ohe ih, InwardI far,.,. 1,., J t,-.-tr y,. gl.nd, of tlw rey, in ke rlln ,I,,n1t tlllth 1 irrlltrl. c .ro aI-rl'llI,& c FIi ulrincy: Ill]Jl: lllloll; l'di+z.,,t l 1,.u1gh-i \\ll' 1 ot' n,' , !.I.:v rr 'll nlo lllllnt Sour cra :Lc udaioll i lt . all' El.-hl , o" th: .t) t1;ll i lch; Wllaterbr.l.II SC. R TECO \1 1H :N IL\T(HL Y FAt'.1 . It i a flrt--T'i1' Il, l., only ri.lolpr t.i. .,,,d'ullr f the 11ll ll l11 1hh ,11 , 1111-, ~.. I i P.;il 1hv Ill e l a-ll 1 . l l . w (it KI Iratorl 'h r. h-,;cl, ('!.:£ trhln.!tLcl... 1,0 G hrou Dew-. '~, !!are, ! J.alnn-, uli, f r, (CIx,, *:. r. SisiI ', act- I , S ra. n ]arl I,, bl)lld iplll. tirl: PIIIaIet loy I iii Ilh+ pr, 'llve r .[ IoII + o .lay ..I, ltl , IIIa.1 +er ttlrllll l. n rP tOl- i Iiildt Lye ItLTllra · ihrl mllh lllt the J Staler. (See dit, lZC 1 1- k noII dt'll.'llre /it. to Crllllllll iiiJaaf· 1 a melrcury or anlulll pro. Ptlt· l 11 ." I· It,, I. I Ir--T~la~y naytl he tnlkrn Ih', Lith InnerJcl dcate, and nti all agr; r itlioll,, rr.Ilill lt ol'oc llllalbun oa Ilbtlla el.s; Wlltholu fLer olllLklnko tolthl; w IalIhot chalfge. ofI dieter retll-Iliut frols i ht i, af.lrt--'lhey will lnot hy thiri operatinn, wahich Iany be mayd or hlr,lah a, most o" thne )urgatl.elllmdlclnes golneo i ally d,h.. It s a n lct--ThalllIh,.y rl. the moI efetctual IPUIRII'IERS OF 1111: BLOOD). rse RI'NOVAT(IR OG TIII, SSTEM 1... r1 .hrolverr,, Ihe IIIltralr, at, thel o Icl.l. ue ts ur syptu~llmlh o, uco, E .I t S1r1. 11 It . a t fIacl-That -elle' , ir ill I ainnle ilae ew l lnYO ItlPy ItEtii .lll ITh tl( IIdlJ, , Ihw IheY dIldl III1 prollluc, . used thl e |l. l- "11 I'C IO·1,11. t llll ll l yllll Ilf +tIll)Ill I~l'trl be[.reT C~lll~lderFLd I1L.lI h , ai !'+ile--HI'Itoll .)1,, :\ rll" ".l:llr.lI+rl!l'l pi11. Iiiil IICln~bl~lh 111'l1ll(' +l,,11"'Ul1Ih1 Hyr1 ll{. ll.'ill.. dpI ll/ jl·,I l',l~iUlliL I' 1i¢*I'To a lr.11 al'th fr,, om ,h. ra olt-,,. ~ , r n i It, IIOO w ll-r . l, lh'u r' BL body. f.;, Th. ! Al ,k Is in, .llll.. atlii, I c ri all',tIhe WIat puro f 'r. l~lloo.1 inake. Illu·,.i. [ ,lt. A~l~l- I. ll lll illu $1· lr. rt IIhc,,ll . 0 Ih.l~l~lld. ;i; ;11}1 ll ,iil!.l-l;;ln 1 ir~l-. ["+)1 lll}ll~llnl O·l[. hl¢. Moodo 1I1 nthl Ier wiirlt r oolru ircrl lllllllo {I bulnrr Il!1.., ll rr hn lbody.. a1d m..llt {a dthl.-.ul ll1 the s Ca.l:pll,; thlal ahta,"llarllates with tll . Illo. I. i w b, S 'LIII. Vrgt.tlllll0 jnrZallrvea~lln l rieali~illihitit thtl blood. J IIP &LTVIofdLt I,hll i""H kndwn to . e onk e n1rthe gIre! ý- c ore rrl lll,~orl c L.\Ail:PIt:I · I. s wrt knowun to bn the urns, rli· , [uil per if ."lell, dIIIIIJi Il. of lhIt"IIIhIII sl'll·deedIll Catlnlr?. 11IL (:) I o rllt re aal IoIgIs.'I i.s 1 srl thIIIer it uhIIIpn .II 'II n e n w t IIb II ll ll wi h a by t s)· lb re ofI.r t l ortIIpgIsloI Jar I{nnlalI IIIlIIu lIIIyrips, S I aCI·FI'y it is nilonednIIt iIIIII IIt f IIwell kvooll IIIt C gLI,' 11ith1llolII bIIIII in;l~lII ll I bIIbI'llIIIIIalIIrb'lI IInIIu.i Snrsnpe~tia rr IClaud I'll.. 1Vllllh:· cnlrrulririblaIleenl I1 I lLL·1 ILiI IIIIIIfI idI I the1111 lod bylI l ItIheL-..p i ll.. 9l ll, LIF I ll lrpIIIILI,LI.I.I: , IIIIIIII· :rll, U· Ih r~ 111111 LIIIy IL l ll)lIlllIL LLIIIIII. l IIt gI ju; ~ ~ l· l lIII 1:01:lII, LPIIIlb IIbILIIII· LII LhR p L IIiIIIIs 0 I"I, I.IIIl.lII-II bIll, Il-met rill yl I . htrit bL d btiIll alld l bduc t pIIII I IIystet. retnlerIILgIllonIII .lo ;.s" rIlaa, -iIaylllLbI IIIIte L lm. II"I mIkingL,, I III to linkL yIIIIlIluI ol 1111 ILILII L IIII or di ll. hy in I bIny . . in sIoit.I rr ion. t Tb! A oLL'IIItiaII LII i,,,II ll tCI vly IL rLl ho,,iI I pIlLL P bL L ,to lLiobl Inll5L'LrL · dolILIIea aLILIeriLIerIIndolther I in. rmm the clrcvusat atrre ofthl anr..apanlln being inttrol vcea B k,, I or Ito lli III Iniotl, I Ibo g ln to ILII IreLnlke, 1 most "vtlltultlly \·lk: lhe piace of all oFIhIr & (ilnttla lof Jilth Ibo nmgnls Itatro elicited Irro LL lestimnial fron phy?*ieiilus and -titer.,· whllch ;smrnpa ll the Ilrettllunr mil ure ,llfid:·IIIIY rrCOmmrnlrI Ir' in ThPLIII t1I IIIe'CtIoII rrrrlnlln, rry·lpl:+!r s loo dos, Ilhealllhlrl . disenn. rs of the0 liver spinyl, over theo region of rho pan~lt andl alomnc ll, inwrard rrr in bald mutt, of thI! nun hll. loUt runth, nallllrllrp. indigestonl vwalt n'. ti,,, mllr eruct lln v mid nedity of thle stonnthr ulcerous sores· of the Ilrln. throat and boldy, Earlly eruptions1 n11 Ilotrhni Itf Ii " ~kin. dry and walrry pimlple. and pll~toleC ufftlc tare -~d Irndy, ft[."r an1d 111,1%.)1m 1 iFPIIIIIP dl, herd cuing of the gla filt~'tl of til neck, to in gramsr I tinlt, he. stomach. , ighai liver cnntpll¢llt, wntarbntsh, rindl all the eonshltutmnn~d diseases ploolused by otercury' or otllel rain. Alk any rrspteelr-lo physician the. qIIeltinnl whit is the ;,tutu rtiiatciuur put lieor of the blood ! his anti, or'~ Il h nr Suflico it to .ny then ifall physiciallr recommendl it so ulli vere~tily, ullot better c~vidollr r stn e huvo o f its ilnruhl~ble properties! Numerous er rtlic+"oc Il.:ve been recrlved and references can be·givull to i ,Iuot n.. ,tlrtllcnr rf til e meet retlli'li lble motive, rr tlrL'rlllal 1'y nm·:lietou, Sol'] wholesale "III retail asi NO 96 Custutu l/nUIe street, Ij· TThobe LfCLltl ( sub krIcIeitism, s rmfntl, eruption of0 the skinl, .srlllsn o the glands, :.,'curial cltseosnE, to may -r "ure uenny advantages annld :u al t ioipo"koluu, by app~~lyng a above. I'` The nttrndiog 'lln'u ,iau mn~tv he consultred from N t.1 1r .1 Al, and front t i 5 W and front 7 to 10 in th YL'llill + 'I i Il ..\ Ill iIiir l, ch!cit'; ++\at tve :ºnln Rll I(II i.. h3hi itotll ' ,+f i . 1'n:12 1 ýlllrl'H l jes t llllishrP~l aid tar Ente I'} 1111FtiT&(n "i16 :'i+ IIlmfllrr " LUCINA CORI)Al4 . Lt... E ORD)IAL 1, PiIUI'11 li I,'E'IIL~il 1) .AL'.\ lioUlt.--The Ilhlire( St'lte. Arcnt th~r the ii ittni Ik llu llc rl'd l or II. "xr ofle it leve, Iwturnllt his gratIllef ncktllu wh~ldl tilllleht( f rllrllei .l Ort +rliltl i I1'Ill:l: L·lli·I,'! ii nqari t'nti i it-' int-itint ni t'- . illiY t+l nial+ wht htvho I..enint nt hlni iinini h.ltt thi the nl w lrralst t llrm lni t in v tIdrat il+g Ili· nll adve:tise lut' t,+;t hlltfl pl ib+! IIemqP t td"I tllo, c" I1.,RrIs rl~l' +.'h'+ ia net heh tllltlw le '1A itsi natlri, hl, - llh'l epliitly Irl~lo Ihlll ii t 1. )1%.. ·IIIllitll' I~e Pb ntttt di~ellwcrv? , aI'"edilv I'PIItIt.I.·I" titII virIlem+,.I, WICRe theCy Iil~tV heeu, erllultlrtl.l Iii .,+limel4 II1 l~l wrwbe,~C nndl F-b,+tlln I.rl~Illlls r ·ll r. rl r tt+ (llle. :l'/; lrllt futt It'hlP ilh'l\tf 11tll im ll ii tihe nnti retmedy en- i -itillnr' d 'lr i tt riemnvF l of nilllpotIncv in r llnal n~ind l tttrr tnlltl-t in ll lnle ie, iw"tig tl . vIstl'h, invilterallng- q allrlitie-s, it i* nalso hi nhly ilt tI lil ille~llillt'n,.ll:P lf'll~O ltrilll·'I ,r jllI)]tm'Itry~ dirlchnrce lllrenin I nthrntlnl: crllptilns n ftrlli e silnrl, laul a tiu, lus tl rdler h I ,- i ,i siietv may t nltt lh ntel . tnei nitlttnnnil-dnt lnh- tt-~il .,ni tllnt ni-. tiniIg litettf.r -in etti.liptiii'd nint er (iti htlt hAnini r(h- in Ihteflhsi x i llllI(.l P PIttIh. HI the" redu,'ell ptgCt oft which is l, a than one ,lf the piricet cttarnd ,d fur Iti in JuIIN WINTElits EIOIttElW'WFIE, ,1, ft. E lli ld Staves I'm Nri l r.t Tilte:,lave ,omdicine i. tir Pale' at ,, olc-llte .and retail INo. tla¥titrt.eettntwennMagnzittn.nd ll i ttF.ITTTIFti'Itend nfhnihi tin rnla.f rne, mInllat l-tloning ti the hllll:ln tnam. low ulhrnut ly the Io, ,f it cIhanies tnilht ttI1ti Iintanc, finth prom tIrel I.rin ls on t-hen p nd p ali n fe o ; ltett ilictlt nu ses mlant to recrl] :It heitlh ttclr o reil, trll . on mlletilnlme e.tnI tot nte rllt tietv to tvoit thr i lt ennlld lanlee'r ot I their Nr unil.tne: the rlltnilltt or li tl.eir lives tr con qlln-ntliv spont ill trtiteno1e nt. In hrlle t, llI t evpn the I tl,++ , ,l , I l orry E il t,+ il t.' L'I o.11orIS111l+ tltlln Ir I ii vo l njth i nalll l)I n('~lltd hln si tt~lp. he· hllr fi'm,.l fallin.. nf~l',m thr. fir t p li tit i tlll nlit hfe lttltht rtltorr it ll lin. It likewvim, pr'odutes evebrows an~d whbktrs; proe.'ntls tihe nla r Iron, turnine .nrv, r,. iilrl n tlnlt ii tine tte'iira it f'roul .(.llrf; .i ttl ll u rrt'ti ;ite. 'OI tlC tirtl ereFtatility in stt-dtirt e lintof Oleidgeg la lm, arl .howN n hv the p Nrnr ttien. SHedthefll,-ing:--i l R Ibert 'hlrtln, iiq, Ilt' Maior i ltnlnl Inl n ha,+ certifief el mary h- seenl belolw, to, thehtlh charat ter~F Jif h lll 'in illllPlltl llieH. ter Thf unrTrddl I Ih Itlerrhv e '"tifv that wehave used the+ lidlt of t' Wm;hia diq,%ver.d hvJ.. Oldrh|de. and hnv.e ftun it highly aerviroublr, nt only no a preventive, 7S aisstl the It [jilin t311 i aItir, 1but AIno iertain roste r I 1T. LII.T.11 T XI TCTIER, tior, S Met 'nthodin t Ed i-iitr. in Georit tit c'tnre. t-i tt iNrth -iifth tn. .! f IN P 1" 3u;1 ,:21 Asch treet. .et'1it ] T tlft ',itir , n I ), · 1 n. ni:nce t J iN " ilEI' l1i IA 3 lrE ltntt lll'ql 1,+''tIV '.+: .'+l h'2dflllnn, m. It lil rl no ',,n lhltllr lhrelo+th, I:I h,)vt'I ..}tirll~ il~ are mnr PLhal ·1 xer +taY' n Ii.·++11· otllHr$. ntIt Isls.I thal·C 30.~ [lir nn the .haynr. St.:llnu .n ealth ,,f PeliMt,.v ain;. I, RIobrt 11huran, . Mvllr r +l" aid city of Philhde. ?d'. t .I Pllt cl l lll' · 111I TI'e / l~ h~ 'lt rd~lil 1.1 II V. nllfl II WII+.-.. lpi t inlmnieth,'¢Pt'nttinttn Otht"t t .1' i r Othm , Etnl nt' er!',rd riti ' + th e tetalt-IVnn d ann .n N:Eh nl l't it it i hdII l to the sn n t ile d eri. lift e. |In it illl .. h , I have hIrul'Ltlo slet IrV hanI I'ttd I ttne n in cnh iitg tit be cited, thti "ti t d'iv oi .,.l·t111.+,y, ,r. neLn,. S.] "it llEtT' WVIIAItiT1Nnt vnr. Ol'ntSElnI \ tat tli'h bil I tle dl the t;..mtl e lial m ha I * lti'ndli ,I - rn.iltlnn d wrlpe c r, oie wn hich is reprnesen t ed the FrillI ,f\ia.:lit'ln, & I "olt ' t I ol cnt Le Jnt1 rit Itt e th. I le nll+ltt for ArR i tri tn. nnu-']t cil i, stliree n, illr \hithhn dtiil-enntnenll~ it' .llgll hc ((ilntnrv. n h .\'ct ntnt t itI &AN'DRitWt , in1.9 \h besah. oretflls, Ne~lw Orleas.. a|AHRIU;.Lc. PI.[YSIOLOt)C..IO41.TY IISCtL.+ VBl ;+'Il']. TJranslhated f'rotm then French of Jealn Du. hoi ,"tl. i). iv Vill ntia j i Gre n nel.I. IPart tit t ein t tteism .siti nti Marriage n i I'llrEt d. Inlltuctc tn s illnc ourtingi , itI a cl re I -r Part l. i ' i - l Part . th i * * * n i Mnrr'affe Phshiolocally lisc.sse, is the most useiul, and ide.itledly the I nnst t in'intlerin ork Ihat wl e ever reaI , nIt wlllbrtik up i-rnt rakeLsalnd spinstrti nllI make t mlnle illlore nairnil nnd n tlt woltn,- nhan in.IIY n-ointill l lllla he a n v rie t- l to-ll etllltld by thi e cn ul t of I J, e.--Lrt .|~ulo.£atere. This is a treat book, and will be prohtctive o mucll gollinlthl e ctllnllllilntt, It ii Intr it cIn antints mutl rtl'anzl. hln1tlagP1,11 ht~lt Iht-n lh. UII1·Ct i.I itft extlst,, ntld lftho I'Ili,e? h:.d1 \\riltln IIII it, he cmltthl u(t hauve treanltld iit itlore d lC iL titely. \l ne Isinel iaily rE iiiiilll tlits ' I n ctt ioh r n ',ou i tllrtin,e n i ) tn e e llil n i tlltngladil:n iid A elllemll .n tht tnlln hIe ill qru st l Ipra nor ,--l e petit ('ourier D . IDmes. t ti lnnndittn- nit btwnetl ciagt zinn alld Carnp strret. Pt'e h.. .'rh Jame , er ity''ll arnlv* d Iti t is at iv%. he2+ leave., to i llrnll illlbe vi lm ' l lS ,t ,w h1,111Ius ihat he will ipi n an dlll;id lllv n Mh lldl . 14,.i o ,I ry III ,,. iiNo. I- l olllo Ate sti-ni dit - 1i-ii ilnttr nlll-lif iII n d innl jl ta;lletob r, wl hllo ihl hI h b ll h,,hose R1 nll ullagei. will h evr t thllltry alltd pl rilyf alnld w,'t wi p 0 I c1 larg iit the departllnI tt at tile young~l h-llirP. it iillttn lnenill t1n1 e bn nli t tt. tlcn t"n, tl then vlrhi tl brltn l thi- it'. i .n lllll II,-laner hinellnl Ihlt 11. wtil '.te nt,' i, lre un lisfacllian tu thos~e whlo inllny hlllollr hllll wl li ther it outi len,'e, llL v ty Na~ilis &, C,,, No,. 3,, C rtrei .... cer , r, re;,, c+,iving dadly fr.,ll Ih r lintul+ ii P ecphin,i, 0e egant anld c,,mplete ;issortllenlt tll iiuh t-stn tllli acit| 11mbaltll hice lotlhinl<. 'Th++y Istvlic ihe atiien rioln iii ih- p ihlic., astl hte+, w1et w'. rrairttd' II salying. Ihal atr, ;11d <t'li.ten cl.1 nnolllt Iiiraisth theln zrlvts ama u advamageous,~~. l y· In any tity inl the | Unhiln." N. t}. A few d >z-n .'leaant ivnry handle um breIIas, fr'olm 3+1 t 3iin"cjIr~hes. A.lso11 ; large lot While pint Ip:l,,ki il bolip% vYriou. izePl, vierY lInW Abbu's rne Smle;Abbont',IFaily M I,,,'" A 4but' ll'Y to d I oo 'ood; Itoin. s It todogji l.ick\~c uurplllr e \\'mks,. 7 rroloolllr II oo.I. it,,'o t'rovt, Itoovtitv, for lttle ot 49 I.:n I, ltd lv Cnn l t, ry t1X U\ I 3 A ' ttlota %r 1, 1 1 4 toot 4 4 brown Stlthiting-iio doJ (ieat Weston. if,,, iU trr j (:rentl rtrllr Jo, ,tu tIntsttr 1)1i'.7,IL Hý Cl)IF'l'··l-JuIII I.CCiIV d, ill Morn 1i~ 1) case nvsutte.,l' 1I it ill 7to Iii),,heel , ;II Xill illlhr, in1 ifl Id Fom love 0 X') IAf i : t Pttt1,"i~' I., l or sleh L'\ tAN l EOo IittliKE, tub rmtole III:I it~tltKtZ ij Cttmp at rR FNRNLIN INFI IDUAR I \11 F: public al:; re t5 : pcl·Itull v Itrhr lllat t0 at fnl ins luuutt I rL rie'. · Ot Io tlriot ut n roved rIoan, to a u il nl and m I~ost all l lirnlrie si illation, in the I luulullr dorut:lin, upon th o rotllO 4, tone t It Irounthe 9lisot I.e tiolobingtl to lurpi I omnstttt ma ! it o it shyillv into ilpirt tuirtu'o , o dottar tres clatdt., Sorl dtlcrtdotlottolir uto rho ideetir l is iuppi 1 with tee mleost so illotll Ilttrntit mule and11 feme;?1)el nutn-,ad speakinlg thle v: runtsre moutdo. Iurto Its C Privut lom:18 II1L he had hXi et n 0 Nite or tol dol '1'enusd ill the Ilrinllry wards,; aw dnllnra por drt, tiiuve, slur tu dotl~ars. hots(( PonI in th~e (lrlllnl) All calpitall surgieal operationsn extra 't'he. re~tdent IpyciciP:a in r \1'eddeutnnt,torl lnl. npphcutuioll folr udtuialslon nurl fie nrado. or it, I r C . 1 I~uretabere, Ng, S I; in lllpart -[cet. tt · 1 I \1'1.\\ :};o u.o.,tt t "ththo le1 -- (I m'.'1 . '1 11 1 in 1 "TIIi. l''UI, ILICIIES OF LIF. IE IIEALTII' W. KNOW that health and the ability to labor, cnnstitutes the wealth of tloe great tnmas of the peop e in this, avt in In t other coun tri es. To pretserve, thereiore, that health by natti ratl mean. i a gra.d, moral and p, litical scheme to ti lltil which, requires ou toltonst attention Tllo unprecedente I popla.trity nnd uriver,,al up. approhati. nt which this nmediine has achieved throughou tthe United tSttes, tie C:anadla, 'I'rexa, lMexico, and tie' West tldies, filly justify DIr. Peters' in warmly and eonse entirusly recommen. din. thetm too he espeial tnot ice of the afflicted. Peter.' Vrgetable Pi Il are t e saobst, nost rfiee ital! amlo economtli:ol remedy it' diseases of the uim:ion estitultot cn, that It s ever been discovered. Dr. Peters, the inventor of this invahlhable medi. cilto, from his knowledge, of tie I unman systetm, leriv.l from It Ionty. and extensive praclice, has arrived to this cneclunoion, tit't lthe great and pri. m-ary causes of oottt d.slciee is a Le, raemnteoc in tile functions II the liver, or in tother words all in. creo:sed or diminished secrettin of ihe bile. So well is tills ut lderstood, tlhat it. i c.lnTo n for persons to say whe'n they f1t unwell, that they ere hilio, mating that l tlhey hav too imtch htdl on the sttollltIh. Otn the other hand, twhell the flow of lile iv dimirushed, the process of diteo tin is imperlcelly peroiret,, , too pa'ient beec les weak antd emaciatedte, bl.oecrset tonorishlnentecontttoed int thle foo tlken into thie at mcllih ic not proper y ex. lraeted, and the food is eojected in a rotde state. Dr. Petere is conofilent that the itoomeoa Igrieant Theory, so called, thatt, * ilnpuritty of lte Iblod is the cause of all dli.'ases," is ta great aohsrdily. Every on,: oe reflects oil the suhbjet a meoomet, will perceivoetlhat inlurity of llh blood is a see on. da y not t primary complaint-the tffect and not the cause of discsle . When thie functionsof the liver are deranged, and the flow of bile increased, it is oflie teakn up b t the absur oent vessels and carried into the eirculatiouu, nd becomes ninig ed wi It thie blood, as in jaundice, when the patient shows it in his colntenoanee. Nowv this impurily of blood is caused by an increased flow of bile, and to remedy it, you must correct the secretioes of the live', and restore it to a Iealfthy state. Dr. Peters has spent much time in experiment ing withll different vegetal'e media:nes, fior diseases of the liver; and now offers his Vegetablo Pi:l-, as the best, most convenient, and cheapest cledl. cine that can he prepared for general use. Dr. Poters flatters himself that his long eox eri. menting with vegetable medicinees ha enabled him to discover the true tond only substitute oanswering all the purposes et mercurit s without anty of their attntodant evils. One great quality of his vegetable pills is that they have tIn atiratlve pfrincipl, colm binoed with their cath.artie, or operative qual tces, so that they not only cleanse the stomach and bootels by purging, but they regoulate thle hler, chlangeot the inorbld Eseretio~n, strengtlhens theo daestllve ortc lts, purlify tile blood, invigorate tihe circulatioo, an I bive tolce stld energy to te Iner.. vots sysptet o. Tl'ey cle mild and pleasarnt in their operation, and c Iovey :lmott immediate conviction of their utihty flomt tho tirst dose. They can to takeC wi att;ly by peorso olf'auy th.t ; and the feeble, the infirm, the nervous, and the delicate,.- e strengthenelt hy tiheir oper ,tion, becaso they clear the .yitem It : adl ht:mur,r quiet norv its rrita ilyy, andi in"r 0 0hly produt otou',d health. 'LThe VIeit ible Phi are :a snore remetily tor jtln. dice, sick and nervousc headacheli , dy repota, tcstive. ne0.s, scknes otl. eo stomteaI, lhooarlthmll, all bilitns complaintslllt l, levers i'f ll kinds, and if taken at iIt nilllleleellllu nt will invariably l clock their ro, andll sve tle patient fro t a protracted and dantgertois scklintss. Tlhey are invaluablo in ntor vlus andr e b pocolldrical alltelintls, los of appe. tlt h , anld a: I ttlllllll tlll to tvhii :i females n! .ino a t lsutjeto. IThey operate an at miltd and speRdO purgoe alnl are a ealo aild cert li ltenely tlr wonrllls clhildren. Stnes I have introduced Imoy Vegetablel 1l11 to the pll le Il hve renceived tnrlllooulls certificates of t.eir elperior eflicaey inll curing ditasee, also, llmanty lettero Iroo reoesp:etaicle physicians, wh1o have used thlon in their practice with tie beet u might publish a small vcolumle of ceorlficate , but consith r it otunecessary, as thei medicine wmill reeommenod itselfl'o all who vi I mnake trial of it. Thice above pills ;ire tit boxs, containg -11 fpill each. Price, 50 icenlt por box, Dro;gists anld conllllltry mllerechants xan e sup plied, at wtholeotse or retal, at Dr. Petrs' princi ptI oltiee, tn.oo5 Povdrass treot, between Mlagazloe ad C.mtplnl at. New Olr!easll ALSO for sale by G. N. Morsi'on & Co, !i Canoal stlreet: PP aeRollie, drnggist 112 old Leovee, between tie two markets: Mr. Breelmier, drtiggist, at the Wushinegtoca market : C J Trinlchai, drug. git, corner of C.,al &I )orbon streets G A Reed & Co, druggists, corner of Tehcopitoulaa & Gorod streets : 3 Rssi, druggist, alhayetf o city. ml i ALLIGAORiI LINE. Mobliie to Augusta, vit Flnide.. , Leaves Mubilec Tueadays, Thurp (jz --A days, and Saturdays, per Stel ap!cudid steamer Champion, (ex. cept in case of st,.rms,) to Pao sacla ; thonce per i stcamer I.e Rny to La (Irang, and thence four horse post coaceies via Mariant , B libridge, Pill. dartoan, lerrion, Outlaw's, a, d Perry, to Macon, Ga ; thence via Milledgovilic, nnd Sparta, ao War. renton, tlna co per rail road cars to Angusta. The Chamnp:on IS hta clcudlid order, with new cp*' r bII rvi, crppcrnd an c i pper fastenaed. The le Ioy' has bren thornghly recpaired, her r 'T'lh bran dill Santa IRio :t S.olnd, adll C ateta. watchie l.ay pr'',e--nt the most interesting steam na. igation in the S nlth=-iing at the samet.,me perfi'tly land locked. 'lh' Toanles arce not sainass, den any r ute in thel coallry ; the drivers, to a it man, careful and atteni The bridges herretelre dacnteeos thavan h e newly built, so that higlh waterts d not eter ere 'Thlt eating houlaises have bcn nas ntly chanlged, and are tn' Ias tgcl ia oln any rod in tile Seouth. It is generally known Ih' t the acetllenco aedll hartn te ai li roads enable te teams ut all ia sns to ineake great speed. Their mse uthnt ss se. cures tthe trave er t'fron the eordinary tatigua eof stage travelling. The Jine is new c rrying its pasgienger l-oar Augusta ln Ma.bile in four days and twclve hour-, or to N w Orleans in tour days and twenty hours. oliing to Augusta, the line is six days Snd seven hiours. Thlc tnime anctually employed in travelling is the aitnn as ic, the other direction, but the dttlerence of time on tihe ratte, is aenused by a day being lost in Pensacola, which, however, ct celt repail by tie up ortunity it gives nececi'g the Navy iard, ti o o!d Speanisl Frtls, etc. The travel cr also sleeps at Mconi, iad again at Warl. anton. This arrangement will conItianu till the travel turns northward, when th", line will he the a -'re mrom Mobile to Augunta,t as it as si iw in the other dirctioi. This Advertis.mcnt contains a plain statement oacifte, tihe aeeuraey of which Lint proeprniere ,gau ra tecintnct passengegr in thi penalty of hc. ctage fare. Mapa of thie no may ha aren at the ex, hang Hotel, N, w trtrle,u, and at tha Mtaanatn Hose,a, M, bl in. I l are thrlough from Mobile to Augusta, r47 50 'rie lno extends, y ataranch tcc 'ralials.eee. at (Chatta.ouche, t'.c line coennects with the ateanboat carrying the mail to Apaiachircola and St. Jon 'iI as. Office at tine Macniion Goiaec, Mob le. mat? a) iOSTV'WICK, Agent, Meicle. 1 i4 - - . 5 . .. . l - sa-e Jvq - - -A t L i ii ill'tt it ltERS-Ju-t recerew a superior . tit:e ofl iit .ls.nvenr' at tlie i.arcit a_1 Itn'il II , Ail, IaaN -Illyl-lll a"lke homaston Lime, lil.ig tren p 1 a.J J' Wtt'til"l'TNEV, 73 Camp sit - 1lS llt.'-Ilvdntaic and tmnat tir eie hv L iter" t ittEA n ItAIITtIV'III.y,7ltanki 'l'ar* n.' .orle braelei, c icr asale by apt 21 1 BRItEIt A, i 134 S a iit ,t ytlticv icha ',I ices t [-iAKlRIO(JN'S SPECII'I.; OINTMENT 'T,,e great celehrity of lthis nrivalled (:.ln poition., e.pocially in the Northern States, leaves the propriator but I tile nlleed to -ly anly Ihing in its hor; fir its l ; ha. been enlrally contnled to it, that it is beyond all eomnparion the Ic at remedy for external complaints that hant ever Icno dliseo vered. Indeed toe rpced uad certainly of its ope. rati Il havo the app-lar.n'ee ofl' iraclel ;i aie nrse, w uudl, corns, fevierores, childll..ins, wehitn swne! lings, bales, piles, spiihder a" d snaken bits &ei. imrnm. diately yield to its appar-ntlly supl etrhuln tn inlfin. alance 'hlu.t if proi.rly alilied it wdi remanave an inveter:tc n corn, or break aol heal i be in fire days, will allay and perfectly cur.; an uolcr in two-, week*:; tinl the most ldesperate case of whiie o sau:llinlg !lat call Ie illl agioll , linvl a i bi-i i dcslrnyed by it in loess than two months. II the bils lof pol snnout reptiles its oofficllcy is trualysrprilna , all even in the bilte fi ralactl dog, for if appilied in tille, its powera of attrlction ;ir sa o woui.lrlitl that they will at once arrest the poison, and this pre-. vent it feom pervding thesy.tlon It it hkewirr greatly superior to ally an:dlcillo Ilorulctofire disco. vered Ifor the chmfed backsr lcnl bs lof hanrsc. fo r tlatters, ri: g wornas, chialpp- lip, atint i inhort tIr ,very external bodily evil thl. " my filll th It o lot of ml.n or Iheat. The propre tor has received at lotast e tllhousan e.rtiticates 'nlid oth r documenlt, in thv r ol'f 1s , S, neific Oontnianent," uowards ,f a ft ihunlldretd of which awere written by relactiabhn iliollclel of the iMetdlcl Factaly, all hbreathing theu ainn eulogy .,in satislhetion. Pro ared at 129 Lilbery street, Novw York, and for sale at 65 Plvydraas trct, New Orleanis. nmaretG if • ItIIOttN'S Cmninund ExuieKo ofCi.uiba a p TIIilita -A ncetmin, sea, and movr|l m-t d'-ever di.env.ered for Ith, cure of c inlia rrhla, t,ie, tls Sticitures, %t'hire, Pihin ithe halit ck o)ls, stumn:, weiakllei, of .r ti s kidiiie, gr.e:l, scoirbtlic cl cianieie, &te. Iin it t I cni t ctiont i it nili h-ic w poisesina thi e lnecfn titand Itltie itue ofhci theo oic now ili'rd to 1he public, tor . prf e ietor has but to r ti'l' ih t, iilllll ls iI~ll oifitls rell dlit i'nn I e i lli lt pnillle " tile ..c ithe al cls y in Ei iouoti-. il T ih lcn 1in t tint it 111i lie d alre inttc wac en i t nil lifet eil' i t I u nll l tl tl h, lrun i itof Cronpsition o thicls prevllti l llt ulh of its ncy'llt lro m e th,. poci',hk .aiprh paiiron tru lya ea illsn n I ll c la nni its , ililg ni'eec apclinit , dcciii 'btia - of tucld iu he bgcttk s a uic mostc , enmitlent ol oinm:llt,l inlt lici llV whticon td ins tie hillmll iiv lri It Tl Ts i hi o IllIe w HIIr r hasll ud, uul ah alvsi5 eli'e:lit 11;'k;11.1 Bcm t'I hr I t lat e milln ctilste celelr ltld I)r AI llltl ll i b illb'h na-e vone :fetin, pa- d iot n istn tIlcl II iiu acst.r i On oi in li' m I aL d isordl ered. ' taI e ofl,,yeh ,ie" l h vig e mti linellt is. roa'ldi lelt sb mitre ill the teltl" h I,' n re i nH e l oft the most scieiln tin ani of itSulc hie ll olnl e i he 'li . tEill , ct druhein the iom osition of istr pi'inaryio l ie.enanrs elr lcaie aiulder thiclunIt oktBin atin it Iopeati in tlait dnlic anstud pwith prcrlice.t ieits ic healiollmtnut ill ilte of the above disoaci. Tche iost eminuut nIy sicicnsiicei siceonrlof the prelit ent day exprestu ,n hor'l , Ceri ap prThaion in (litmr of Set ourpalilla whil its pr e in the varitci of lssi uiot male nmd f ine, institutiots ha es be Ia, Ond still ctcttciuen vearnc y extelsiu • It wiitn a iii roelll ieidy heith the celebrated I, Abtl otheitae in all proiloing it on ae of' tsle te iof hrdigestive fundeicious. aingi bti en olbmitred to tll tes li ald exllerie ei l hIhe otm expetleb ce, ted a nlthe 1inCetiy, I.t iale :X, leilst it thoei nostirh let of s:un xhn un{ npiiei t elclsueuay il e,. el.e uncder mhell cp:nl by adop ting it both in th itr lublic and pri'ime it ae t o e. 'To heir uh creo tions w ,ill lit I suillcee lls eo ll esared iby J aI Tro'r, chfemist Liondn. P'ie $1 5 Oecr pot. T'f'it'IO n NtIALS, Plrrn A II S.linne, Esq. It S. St.rg'o to ise St ThnIas e ll sh, Ciln id. lac-,' nr0 An.n1.u.m ca be n-i-t to coalinlcnn iiirfnat- . ti ics, inn Th e tiol which I ii aliie in:e ii' toluii' niut ictll e ll t vmari well doese rvtl male alid fl si'le, iln it re'lsou forltl e yoienn irciinnacih{ e ioIg SPRC S, mne. ol. Havint beon ihll t'aolllled, Ith 1 dOii yr E hesltate inev pcanoesoa violeit onn the mum .t cl.n le al d ic ileo lei elemedies eiVtiron O olctimi thte pnn hti nc:lld lanE illn ich, urel eind pieled cn e plae every nni it, . ftw llst it doel mnslf i dllt oll to Sutatt tnnlleast I fIo iU sanly ex-. pelie blot nli from pefivat. "eomn n se w Fronm itW tlanirn, IM i S, Physicia to en laoe 1i Mlanctatanio Iilenhitienserc. I take great pieiaes in ailnlian0 mv testimoi an ike t ailrlole pl', er,, : ...... f your ,r,:. nml,, wielshnigyna y hn he successyi eo s i fully desslei- , iii aii aicle ina l- l foa the l noit~and exnpese i.lcuinem ic bkingiil. it to snuchninli piety .t ielftlmt . Fltr iV fi c,,per, i c S, Sam ge.l n to Gnc 's ties The ccli iiii ti at s .Meituhe has iitinn le- i-n ciittie thie 'e disnsie. , hnll en1ltnsliat tie ahat it has oily Ito aie kneeon it; he truly -ijnea.ieteil. May nhe secess coo il wel c i aenee inOliil Sndeulic spedily ac-p cy y'c for /yntocr valunable p'el-rauiio. renna Sii A Coonilac, F S P It C S, i./c. Ik, Ilaving anoell icdecud til try E.tIIct ill an ell canesef violent (ionia-inini'nol.awhich had hiieio bnttled evety res-criphiin aot niisiircd inn nn m, taiint foun sureanid ieiadv ei'ecedl inn it, in c few das heel mn.nIfiu ii'hnmn" tiaenn staoe'that I nnnw in oy in-A tiae both ntnieti' a. icot pcivanrnevnoeeou and in le n onhera. Fann. GNV Ilair, M1 1), Physinihn to (tn.'s Ito other. From G WV Blair, M I), Physician to Gn.t 's le rThe strict test which I have wgive your medicine among mcy patients, clld i ' inlric,le sutccese thun thi, will ine'e me ict persevLret ill its rLse, andl I ell)l it hilt a' act of listicmc an of dcllt toi cc dl feele lesli m clial ill e lloc elll ticlle of itsiltelles. From 1. C Thompsoe, I) F It S I. etun you my sineerr thahlks folir t e valoacl.e pre seot( o oll Elxtletl ithle enret ofl (ionlllha, .e. I "etel tdltr' von lone at lat brolught a medicinte into Ilse cccidclt will prnve a delsidelratllu long sought liar il the medicuc. wo l-l-a surel, alc.ely an eIllicttettl cuce ill elses,,r f the lllve tclass. It :idor me grccat tice:lelcl.e t.l Iltishitcg to dIu; c. rt'l the va:Lllcle qcclities oa t nult Were it nrcessar.', tloe plrlllc'tm ctmcotl here l'Ul lis loony more testinrminis tl ully as con:nl-rdatory .Is the sloe; bat trusts that its geat srllccesshlithe:c thle care & expense at which it ha;ls been It c-lecl, ill .i cpceits g~leeatest recomlllllclnd tion nnot} t do scelie g pub lic. lOne recntmnllll titlion tis pvlln lt:llioll . jlju s ollve all others is its tiemot, cc e t tc I ctm-pt1t III Its-ltt merle in whlch it al he taken, beiln hIlh t-hoty l I plelanmt-is ttastel . ltu' ,with n restrlictin ill diet or t cenlinnentt lilo Ittinscct. "TlitvelleL.s especialht ctouhl fid meditcint hihly I iseliltt, lnd ought uceve to be tnllltiroided l ith a pr1elratio possesllsig tie adl vmlantages which tl ir; lll e rlost loihin Accl.enlnc ving the Medicine is : pamphlet crplaon. tory of l'le diiltecent stI.gc of lthe disease, without tenc ext. eharcge, contaliitg full tclld antle dlirectiots. Foe sale by SICKLES k CO. oIt l h i.4 41l Canll sttreet. imly' c (;rnlctc r-cLclie's ccookey clnlllnlr's h,.v t, 'l'elemnquc IPorlnv's Fre:nch slpellirz lnk Elclish I rllher., half and fill bomind WtVllclct rllct'ci Ft rnc t til e (; cltclll cr t" \s~i',+ .\ a~hi oru bucd le rihn Fw,.ll'+ aedhc:d ,o ,is ni<+l lDahnll' arillhuntii- Bill on t 1a, . l.nadv'+ mehcal lrckclt hIock (;lenllccc lletI'e m",lic ' ,lel pI crkl tl okl, A |row nnd er,:, supply ,f the ahoe works )nutp ' csdivled lnal opere l" for oh .,, l ll terlm by II A 'Towa , lt II' 'em t PI 'P!Iti!, . 7It' AIIPER I-ANtiN+i ,ST>.cI flhccrc .ichcccclc ii 1,. \lcl<:ka , - w io l c' ,st c i1,cltt.ictcclli 1t lu +, Iii ,II 1 the cl cclic t iii g icrll, lh.t he hla ndc enIl . Iv retrlvfiv l a Iu nlli arsor:. lrmR nt of Ipholl r..Prry andI clth r haIlnc ict . The I, II .cinc c i, rnlters a art c his stak,t . hiich he offers fi r .c dco ni wholl a s'lie lr c arti c on cce, c ll+ecctl acoinadccltc tarcis I-o n"h velv-ot and satin paper, laecer sa I. :;'o hcll c, clnnen cel eolll on, Pllldll el c .c ll nd arl uIl lal zeld dIl dc, Frenlc l nl , pe, firce hnrds, Ihl fIl, ic. dol v.lvet rlndI weaet(· d do e.l, mllOrl'llole dlco. lo+s ilk f, c inc and ,, In,, o, I qult diet Is plllrnll ll(l n le price-, ar ',m d fringes rn - s rrll d p : eroll , p in fn d ellcolotrd l eil onllll-! Itnest style plain ind C olun tt+d, ctit l locaenlry ull inll 1 plan land Itc illed, ni -orlted ,lchc'c ,n w. stylrot neeldle work fr c efa cllshion,, o.tstl I Icetir,&'c ney slrd I l hel pet rs, r:ls, d hie resI acnl plain, s-olt window ornaments of all la terns I ocd lies, g llt ngles baal ;nd spears, fctucher, &'e, glass ktebsc, cc ere, hl r eclt, figured antCl plain, n lroe ellsortent oftt i.y- f r chillren; lre sadlk cold and tasselsei, ocstd ord tcr and r,. selta a general a-lt ent -.t , upleltlslcto a d pc |perl hl.lchgings, const'llly on hallll and flol llle at tlhe lowest prices at Noe 41 FRocsal and i4 CuI-t tt f1c]te ast. N Il--Permcso in the cty or from lte ct ntrv, are rea.p.ce lliv invited c- call ant l1 n;i ne cc r cheotse!va . Carpets andci crtcinas codle in the rest molld rn ate le, rooes pepanretl t the tcnrtt est notice, and all kinods It uphlldectery work done willh nealrses and d spcllirth ct 3 s.l.ed Sid,.s and Shoulders 1cc110 kegc loot qoalitc fal 10l brhl ,less I'ourk, tor solle hby 'api 5 T'I'TSON & A VIi lt ttHi nvier al - jld'tffi -fto:,eand Iqeaie- m+oceacT-d caes he'..lch'crllcrk v mll arohir,1 do hqurnicie elecae, end lake Inalln, lald tior sale bia JAitlVIS & ANDrEWs, l:al corner Colulllnll & lThoupiltlhtol set+ 11 oplendid c rtitle of fillitrd ftllo occl tIhceks. IIUdII & \I.I.EN. sprll E.rellante Hotel,trnr lt t'h-rl. it (',anaIt , c t i J.+I's ileitc.i.Jccoc tccrt e f lc.,u i I I. u rant' a ne·I. o, aokl-ndjgo ileok. n cl l' e sal I", ncac: \oao i T '.11t c c c ac,; cr II111 I+0L), N'- " A\A(CA. :cta s'lsý sax '0 !'or. o"' Ntllc!:', :1am.4 Tro, toor toitl' too (lý'] I11P t~l~r t rn tl. hruut , ý.l:,d >c¢,+ilal or k~n ý , and' e rllt~'r º i i. or roort t)l oroou't, to,., ,roroi.orF ,it .,.,o o t IIic null mc rlaur l Ifis. .,r, 'h, Farb. rlv eau-j-r n' p ,,, P . 1." a (it•onO- O P oIIl.o Ioo Ijn or1- Il~oro.l' , I . oroooo -' oho o ' eoory d- -Ito nnr , t 'oo ..o r -o1 ..- - tiroo r ,!,.0r.00,", t0"e' tal, pih+.,-c dd hrrd .( ur~v," I"d'". eI=HHII¢ n r"."r "*'' !' rr'l" * Il.lin bn t. h@rc· : l a "r,ld 1..r." t 1. ,1r....I Y ,e l+.' i 'rt,,,, v i !i·,I, :lll l hr~lO ll +%', I.+ und ., I,'] . 'vip", ,t11 11 p .1".+*1iW 111 `tintO. Ioo 1.^ "oO., P ,o·Oot amt rIntllllll l y H dIICI r , u .. . -1 ' r ." t~'.I~ý" Vil 11 ,." U11. 1.111·· . I iio .kI n.I , I, t , -in ol r I' I tll 1 ourog th0" (,It' lltul· llulIo,,I wu h r l , Ih+Pl. b"-o )l. i\ litl h'.' InJUI.P I]'., ......... .... . n ... ..... . ""' ....n .- a -" ?, " h . . . ;:tIr , '. c : '} ; 01' 0 l00 o t.)] ,o or ', Itltllj n, !,r of + ut 1 1-11 e ' kinJ. nl.t ..l f tlr n l bh, ll p I tnh h , t. , r, ·n-t'r* . m,) , r ," ,+) n. d ct nit(, : n l , v:t ,ti ) · llr lls l 1, 1!,+;,+, r r p- - !n dh . of I 1)' vlll ly. t th Petot, :h I'+; b. . "I P \+.n Id .r \,! , n ,, k 1,'f , tn .ul,; eit+ firirot. -i, rt, t, rr'.ttn ,o , VN f .. u t, 0 r', r,00' t , ",to r . TO TM00 rUr ir :tlollo-- orln h ovr llolot k ,, ol tn," l. .0". /),..,. ,h th rlnL ,,i-r•: Ill ri i ,u,ll )(u vunl ,l i+ -t),n ,- lnt i+ 11, 1 ,. n'. hbPr ,Lt In !Wnl ,, o O:h toe y , 'to' t, ' ,,It h.- \,, o". !l'r r' ll h.o llr .le ill, e lr i· ,r i f. , I+, . o P 1 tr'e , t ,t, i it. Iooo- ott t Slln li ll.l0 l 'to .llo llt0l0 ,I0 ', :, 1.1 0t . . , .t1lll001 i, . PI t oI tI II.-o (r i a)lh l ' , ' ill to11 o 1 , u 1." ,.os.. oloilhtl. ll i otooootoooo-n'Irn .rl«, I .o too'x.o oI o 1111:10111v 11 1)1.1·n(1.·. I! r , I1I 1 11:.' r·l~lll· l i 11 11:jl n ' ll , il l, l ,,+ 11"g . 1,if ulld ! .;d I. it-, " t I/I+ l " I - ) .u -, " ir l, in, Ii:,Iirfo . a ofn l r iii+h -, I.t, u,. t". ,.,,, .hl+. , rr l ::o ,+ ,, ' I lll. l le Igli1,ittll ·ll' il·.ll + I l·CI+'+ ,llii i If I. II .O . +tl li'i, l tU, '+ 1+I I~Ill'l 1IIIt'+'llll'..+tllPl 111"P l/11 1 ,I II+ .' l~l1· 'I· I fIll. :*iI ,, I = I I.," I , l I l , . • vii p t... , ~ n ) ". tI l lorllr --tlnpn nit lll i X .l I .llll,,"l.ll,,-I.n. I . 11511 1 1. +. It llr I[ . l It. +llrco...ln i tlh l.lL, r, " ll)" I-Irr ,,i ,l , t II, ," ; ], ollo o.tollt iUt ll I 'l, -., " . ... o: .0 ! ,.,,: l. l 0il'rlr ollll tillo oroo, n i, ,t ll.. • . . ,.- li. -.Idrdb ,- '1.-w l* 0000 T lll- h .-tl oI ,o ~h I l l.o' r 0 d ,,tnly ,,+,'~r u1 0. l, l , I,. Irm l ,:d 1", ,', pr 1-,' r , u, thia.t uI,,'.,' ,', . ,\th In, ' . I ,t,"" , I. I+ - I'iz' .t111 .,,, l I1' ' li·lel illlli11(-l"I. li o.l((llp.lll, +II· *l l,,,ll 1111·11 /1(·, ,,) 1~'l Iok lcllt <)+l "ie " x lhl lln \%II,)l ..L.. . 1".':ll.l n h,.p 1. n x El, I 1..1 I 1' rli IPclttitji l'lllpP 111. 1· ! h I 'll . ) 1' +/1 ·L iI +Ill,. i l ), I~t Ii-n ~ll I ,ab ,' J~n by n" 1 $ nPtl , ithtr.r-,akhin . ' i. , + +; 11 1 11 na11 Ii,,trd th,. im > ,o' , 1 t al ...la1:1 t . g . I ,u + .,lP ~ , .\lI. Il,'hilt I nll, mmnn 5 , I ll . l n , o tl , ,h 1 lll l tl l ,,'i r * R '( , In aUIl llo i. l'.d tJ t ,t n , ,1h.nh' . ,.t i.'"., -t ,, ,t "t It'll rlli ltlii r, l l l. I . i1 1.. "i it I th ~ I\ , " I. Oil |l,.11· I .I hll,' It'Irr- o : rl'rn I ' .l..., :1r., n1 . . 1 ,I"I·· -t t11,u vl,-,t".-,. ý ,, ."I chr1"': r . I, 1r 1 ;e r rar llr r'"r \\ 4.. ..:". ..ý. .1,"..,I! ..Y a. I Ii]ii l lll tLI ·I ll· II.ll) tl ··(lilt~ .lll 11,'l 11tllll i, ·;i Ii~ll L tlI ir',if I'II+1 , oo tll I o n ou ,u t loI o l .t Ito . h , , ' ', otI . :iorr-1 oo. oooom t II"oooIo.. ,' , lv o -. ol ' till t . I ioI i.", It , o chllll llllly )1lll! tn th.!ll nu,., .P .. '· ·( lllU I P14 11 i· ie I '+U( Sl'lrI Ci al n o,¢ tho tll . 10~" tIl, ,,.I i Iinlt" oollo It i" ro o1o in+t,,. l+ iI" , I lil!, t l ln t lIi. . I..1 n' I tI , h o l Il :lllld l++i u l +II ,hl h t!+,' jH t I .u" t el rl i ,l i.t • i 'n. I ,.,,. I. n r i' .r n " n ;",.,ft, ,, ~ýn l, , .Aklt +)l. tof t!,l. - oult, I. .,Id :., I a ",)) I",, . .i+,+ .. .. ..t) tllllie , r"I ',l" l It l rl' h+, I> ila' I. oll.-t "-I'I il p, tL. k . . 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