Newspaper of True American, September 24, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated September 24, 1839 Page 2
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Now.Orleagu Chamber of Commeree.. OPrFCERS FOR THE YEAR 1839. First Vice President, W. I.. ledge, E1q. Second dn. JIn. A. Hlerl, REq. Co;n .ntlee rl" Appels fr" 18.,. H. It. i ,enack, Ahijahi Fisk, P. O.S e, a n ll "adhimpson, Coen til.e of Arbitration f r the mont1 of Moy. John Iled.lleet., Johln C Hrrismn, II. IW. Holtiogt a, Williamn Hnpkios Lceh Hliyde. Jr. P. A. iHardy. Joanhime Koh. MaInl Regulaliosm. "L. OGrea Eastern Mil is cloeh:d every day of 1O o'clck A. M. I due eve'rldoy at 4 P. A t. 'he ILke :}ail (vio (-nnnto, l. I.) cealosed every Menday, Weleeeklsv end Friday at 6 )'ct ck, A. l. m, dueevery I'uesdo% T'hursdoy nod Satursday t 5 p. , , i m S t .a , The Lanuoille or Ricrv Mail is clorI every Aln dyv, Wcdnrelday, and c.lnrtde", lit f P. 11. lI gree alld relurlnud bvystamboats. Arrives irregularly thrne times a week. . The IBJou Sara orc coasl til is closed every. Tuesdey lndl Friday, at l8I' I31. Is sent asl retlured by eteulnheetn. The Alexnrir;ol Red Rier Mlail is sent irrego dly by etc oaliltc w aiv o weePk. I.OUAIYII.Lt~ OR I(IVER MAIL. Monday, ) Wednedey and Close a l 8 o'clock, P. M. Eiuorday, ) COAST MAIlL. ,darlly, and Clescaet unclock. P Al. CA ItOLI. TON IiO'PEL. VAUI) le ofiee h rL inf ieg hii ft. d a n "i Ita lhlic i:i giet ,ni th' agtlie ii iktken tie Ho.lI at ACrrdhli,,nei, wherle ih'rust hl will receive tile l, of his oid fniln ISt lld ill lFvers olrEod Privote trtires rill htI (iiiii:iily pnriidrd fur by %lgiv0C utilte nltice nlolielheh n. lie is willing to oener Utlo eerlogeelotl; li; lln iiiliec or irdividuals dcsiirns Oulfssie eilll ei II s nti Carrollton InR 120 . Jezo Armri:panelllecl ion.ecie lr Aeget 18:139. NEW ORhIFANS L (AIlt)lOI .ON RAIl. ROAD RUM-eI IL . RH \ ntelctc. tN'IS FiR THI: ItiK DA. Frirm Ceilc*ifl')o i FIe wI O r en,. HreCarInr4 ',l.. A. d ltereci (rt rt e 'ciic, A. f . i l . .. ' • . ,, *i i " . i I " d , .f ,, , , .. . alttsI .M rPIT'FC SUNU DAYS: henrehwillheac ie I i n ir not ie.ri th weekir dayi - I o'eie k P. M.rclii .1 -0e e lloo i4ire will avo arrollto rer' hour, 'clock pll ckIiiI. M. anid New Orleuau etely.hiur onto 9 o'uloek, Pr. ii After l0o'lforeek a k ille i ar anl n o a el y enyixo 5 .olt laFor tlle Trip; irjlhee f ter io'clock, 1. M. I0 dol are wiell he'Ii rhar el. Persolln oin e'hy the Stelm Car must provide thema t el .. Illh Tickot, as tile cod uCtor huer oti*e direltiol notII to -eire Iabo t In lieull thereof, Por the nrccoliceniic of ,erens virsiting Carrollton. ii kLe 5 o'clock who ri iolt wish ito email there uo ail 8 o'clock tile er tha I nn heretofore left Carrollton at 6 o'elock,williro.lhnillalll fc i 'cickcekerebly intem • tl hGourloei loy tile plal9. t walks ill t re of tNle mo.4 l q atifF.l Ordlccn iiic Uite sild 8 itotec. c TIle JACKSON AND LACOURSE STREETCARS Leavethe hIo-wl of Jackson street at6 o'clock. A. M., C ausl treet a fito'6iec. k and run holrly. A t 8 o'clrk hey will / 1ommeuce in Inia, reach, and svery hsll hour, until8.P o'clock, P. M ,ex eep tliol that nstead of l eevinr Lanai street at 83 a0 - Dock.the al r w il I v av thlnr t 9nr'cick p.M. Q It ,. pat:.,'arh, rriuente,tl t t gentlemne will Inat put lsico Sea:v Olll.llls sad Carrollton Rail Road Coonpaony. l OllN IIAMPAON. joly 9t1, IF'.. Chief IElg. N.0 4 C, t NEW ORLI.\ Ns 'ANAl,-AND 1tANKING CO. "I l E In i .lrn mlllho it I( hlrec .a n ill Iw ave the ahsill at the hr-J -f'Ih' lh: N,'w, every day, (except Mondnay) 6r tIIeP ,ake, n= filnwg: Delart at i A...l. I(ehIra at 8 A. M, I" A. N " I_,+ I.. M" " 2 P.. 4 P. . " . " 51'.31.| " 9 P.A. And one MONDAYS:- 8 Depart ait 10 A.11. " Re!urn at 1 P.M. 2 " ' 41 P. M. 5 8 . P. I " i P.M. ay 28. CRE1, (Weh. A'e .lrrngRemienti •NASlev I FL IL. IL ROAD. _==_ } l@, i-) ;7o$ -sir-1-Pýi_ r -1 Tbr L urun~llulfili r a' II run tollrCi~n If,, rme P ir eum mencinb· wn file ;5th, instr. n fll.a:-. DIpleritiw, RetuArn,. A. I 10 A. M. 4 P'. 31, ii f '. M.. ."uvuou. to La i iaa(III'JI i nvou. mol.aB 0 AM31 !I A 31 12 Y 1 I 2 P M to La lranc.clh. "I 'M 0 P 51 JAME0:S II. CAI.I)WEI.I., N.. l,, log itPresdeni. I'OIi'OF I W (ill FA\ lCharlzaln ·· PIpL ..... .....t.. (VaalrhPn n ept'........t( New York, d .......... it Cinei n 0,a t,. o ..·........ t'Idlndrlph.n do ............ 10I I.onlrl Ili, do .···....... 0.2., l ..yr IN..l........... '1 n ISt I.p k d. ..........10 Harsulno'h Ido..,... ..... 1 I I. 101Arpo0 July .........n Iem lr . J y. .I hmni..... . Ruston. ept .,d ., .' Ion m, d... ....... II 'hiprill , Aog ..... ... I Its, 'u h h 'I...y...,,j muloI.'p OF lV II.IluuAN. Sept2I, 1530. Behr Mary $plW'iglna Iitu,.P,,,,b ' West, Mnrtu 1 Schlr Richardli Nal~ (illV, oo iLEs. Neater Sept 23, 1137. IiArIgV PerprtJ.Fpl,,, r-hron I to I., city wIl . hill V..t .b~aloftbe ar n t'r -.d ,nt" at 0 AM. Relwlrta no vI III'i1n I1l'u .T'w b loit i'itIup .... ..C.., o nhe p j, ".th brig S-u lad-and ae br ýa Luol~ol. rep~orts -thing ew.ICL. Tow lieu,1 Itwl'oai. 111·d111111 rom do pII) Pe\, having towed1 dornsi .o .uu..001,.uI...,,,-. . ,,1,,,y.. ed inaiirid. (Ina h l~llur~d , the bunr. I'ow boll'l'llcer. ''ro will. rem the N C\- pa's. Lav~in: tower) to aoa ship Oennlcl, art,,, oed to Ilr r illy ith shipl Ito.ain, and~ to, Iit. p rrd I , , ' wnh IlIln IrabFll' . eft the bar II the to nl·t. kep)1 11 lottilB ulryl krit n.lvn..&I.r t'rsIln uuiil Iops flomu It,..... dL. -Her. Slbidm.-AlliC,'. l' .gtuI, . K.Iu1lu..u IV.44 t h.,..r. HInp Ar C.ll,.; *1har. i bI.s flro Il.. o., at At..-o. 5o 007,1i. MIuih, P re, 17I i' . ."1 2s hp- i.. -k' 71.w.. hto il 2 hI. NNlat.g.~hn~,m., 91urk, hoist,. mIS di. l' -2241 h Ju ly. oA sr ker. whip \'0. y;~ioostl · ,a'].0,-, ` ,1 Jaye T ina Rh-Culla, Moth,' toss. bar. P24ISIWvt. Mi1III1Trlll 3'uv, 1 o111 ! ,:;Ivf out NOW ork, to n'()J 1. ~d "m.l'e. r mnn .pl. S a I lIl..t IIIn FO. ofn. (steingfiot.n.47iot,.. .0cr' , ih.".i.. fgn rnll O'rI.tflhoIn. l", tuh.. Ih.. M... lIn. llkt..1,...'....,...., IL?)' A 11py.t ..%. II'. '. P IVFl 1',' S bIA IlA , rrki. VUIIInII 1 te 3( Irma T 01014N -A"'Iortol~l..r ....lLr oll-h..uw n irno 'dslnl,,. M l..... .... 'piy... "co +','p pr. Fo..Cnr m 11 1.0ll oolahi TURK'S 141, INll·, .I',-r brio, .,110. . Cnt~n aa I m, I Inhrhan. B1 IiJO'l'14R.-l511ke0. +r!,r 0,cluo.. W .cuon.t . in r- , tor-noltlip I' IO, I.o rkha, t. Ilu4r 0ad', 1. $RO01Nk0Al..42O4PwrNof brneo..aie..frol:. q ltFl~ylc 10II ,Oud:' at (IF. .'R( t 'C Aiou Il z rlll· n..l'+r Metals (00160,0.. rl. IR: Ina it w il ls. TJXVXNA & Irhn, S dF I.l'ME", 'II ".-.-nn)l , ti o fou. 0du tander. Mnr.ot ar A11',,, ht, 4 hob- bptto'o, I'Wi1h11. N&JDrs, ~rr l r eel, r J() L' 111011110 C. dour Ztldosir,.. FM RFSSI 149 cI1, Ill-ya,4i6 o and ,t,,inZ, olD 10.0 II IIIA NI)"· &.--lolf· ulto" " I. m.I ACOO'frallr, I I it. 0,0h. In,"1 it n Frradny. 5 ra. r, 1(o socks pu)to u 2)00 rad cabage, t uodr loner It. wer LitleR r ..Prr.t c, ar W n .e rg 64bae, alon Hurke, Watt a ea, 47 do I' Shannon & ben.~ cruck PASS 11 NC F.L· 33) il It. ,~ ipl.Sl~i Inane K M illoy I":m cu, 1 ard I. ln .nali, Ples,,] an owgglurOl It'll,,' wt Lloulr lip k Iarrw 1 nwa t mw of()life oly 70 n. watr, n fi1llio,ýf Pwrto iy 7raet is he .tlcsriraini vu l 11.11 a W A drEzl -A u, n , i Inelli I ant rinrl arndv perriio 46 act ai Pn~tare The aitna'iLon is nn rlligibi ~,ndnoe utal hnot ndwet non eraica dburinit A Ind ofaRn ort If woM~d be.clarferrre *u. AGGIO AD 1 \IF IN' 3,6ua 1enock F'Cols f-ý 11'pý b' l a*a*r ba`, n all-r. hLv rile Irv gna It (i a- I iºOi~; Es I'4 new IIIP. F bll. 0 17 ti OOIJ iEY, thew J llhd f lll'i IFIVO ItEN' -A .-en, urt uldr.o elngi otal sen oa, 3 nratall at i 1TT1'R1 6r i Pli (:,1Wrlor iinttal, "for.'ale ebyl BR(:' inar, d ,"lS I IY milt) i,: llvok Iodrl I of I1III~Jrjui ,i liyjt rlrvda u ,I ,"b PIlE TRUE AMERICAN. Official joua a ato tle bllJ unir(calitta. PUBLISHED Dallfy; Tri-Weekly & Weekly. Nkw OR LE.AA N:. I0 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1839. The sickness in ot r city has most certainly very I. much abated within a iday or two; yet we still persi-t in tlie opinion, that it is mowre owing tt the want of sab jects than any changl, in the caeues osf the dieaee. a e 'learned ,aesterdy ofI two or three ohl e.tiderits 'e the city swht were taken : one ho his been in the city neir twenty years. d The Physiciane, and memiewrs, delegates fromn our Howard and Samaritan Associathia n, have been received in Mobile, l with reit welcome. We receivedtnowMobile paper, bit have %learned that there was no ilemprevi'ltent in the health tile' city. iThe alelarrived very hlte yeiledtie, lthe papers censsaitd.very little ril.terestl. U. ..Nlatnk : tck had gene' tl; .ibaO.l int Plhiadelplhi. Tie ilections in l'erIumt hnave resulted in favor of SIle Whigs. Joleaoon will he eleterli y an tjinril of Ite,and there witllt ben i hi, majoritiy t both t rtatcacer Sofa the Legialarn lre inlnrle hias goetart he h llildllrai)ll b 'il illere.aed iTer. late Efcglith news al tl his hetadtr ittle effect el the'northers mcitirkt .. NO taritatiol il the tckh atltret, or is uri.a y, ally iutteirt. -'.ottol, wah n little tot tel \'e wlt thtt a 'lnttae ill t ioat prices. Flour dull Wied on Frilde igllt,h tle lh11t illratu, of troe pre. aciling epidmtg nc, I). J. Cnawl) E-q., lt ttit Ntew t r tntean liar. oral t crlan cty ',; it ch Leg iflatfure ufwhich ,mtae h, was oncer a tlceln aer. " Ale. ainHen ti wa.+ getttle tr itt tighly rl tec lable legal elclirltnlltts, alll ItttiIIC estletlltltd fea·lr tia blacd oulers aend.t te gtsl qualinl, l his heart. Le Ihas let a wilbaird seranl childlren. Texzas.Tle i nte rcotme i aice t tion etwae'oer voueng r sister lteptbli altd lhics city, is too frlequaetly itler.. erupted Ity the little jealousies anl hikckerintgs of ittse who pretend to lie frictlds uf'l'axot. Some, too, who cretend to he Friands ofthe infaent atte, cannotr lose sight a of their own analn interests. WA haave bee iaauced to Ihese retarke, froam ite detenttonoFthte Bseala packet Coltusbitl which owing to differesaes atlongcllea toeks.ll l,ra had tile igets, thas been kept iere thre or fhir cday longer than she should nivebeen, thus disappointing Innny who had engaged their pacsMgesgoI boatrd ther, Tnd lctse who had rommuniaatioa n to Inake with eorrespondetas ill Texas. Can this greet evil be remedied. It clay Ies by corn petitiln, and we are very Ihappy to learn thlct, che New mYork,sad another, the Neptuale, will probably shortly hbe plnced in tile trade, independent of any tilhr lines. Ill default of tha ntartiag onche Columitia, l anly hare taken their passage on hboed of lte Enlreasurio, asnong - otlitrs Comodore i re m of ithe lex ian rNavy. PISLAe TADE.--Frrcln all aceolnts there is very little doubt that several esasels lre enlployed int carry. ing slnaves roe Cuba to Ilaexa. Ihi a short time it is pnesiLle we may here it in osir ower to fllraish same interesting itaformlation on this ieulahject. J. Fensmiore Cooper.--'rhe trial aoCel. Wohlll, for ail alleged libel on tilis wartlry, hias leen postponed to tile Srlinlg term oftile Circuit CoUert. The ease was ttronlht up, and lonaiderable epperity was eviniedtl e tween the opposing Ctllialel, all account ftyllfch WVebb wlinls thome t his puicer, andt in t sli cotnete S, scourgee the handesoe Mre. t'lie icgeliani"att in tlhe Ceerest, buat most jsl manner. The ctltduct of lenhnimtre (onnoper, siiat his retcurn from Europe, has tisg itettd all is tiiettia, and Ithati large iorlion lthe piutelic al, elelerslty ontiired Ilist wi linge. Bly hia iclated pride and egregios anityil, lie has rendeled lhilutelf contetiptihble. The Abnlicionisls are mIatking Ituchi of ItIe Artt iltad Piruleschouner cate, l.utoerly they had been quite chop fLlea, bit nt w Ihev are fall of tiil antd ettert ; oc. eopied ill prlidig colt eis for tle wrlsthles; fnrliiIsh ille them clothe. and pltrioviltn. Besidies till tIit.ritey are striving to warp the Iaw to their ctt'n ent--lte re lanse of tle p isoteer. Tice matst activt ofrtthose Itl.Pls critical devile is Lewis 'lpital, . o ill lt g ler tlblielle illn the Jocllrntll ofu'etonteele, strivcas o work npon the. attyslllpitiea oa tly e public, ntppetillm to tile passions and reja lites of anc, tt illtltce then, lo act in vi.olation of tile tl td pultie intetesrst, tttd shield the pirates nd nrderers frot meriled itlllin . a imert. jr Anunas.--e hive r eceived fro, Clrey & .lu, pul lit.ers, tilrCtugh Messrs. Johns & ei., two tntilas ttI feil The Gift, teitedl Iy lisa L.eslie, is it shtnlenti spci menoltheAnterican atafhabok.nittkhig. Uiisrpattsed, whelter we collttier ita iltter, its typogrenph, itr btind itig,andits mnagniiclenttibehiihnlleane. The preeseti number conlsains , ill oft ahich lire exceediagly bateal tiFul, ctd, witl eate exception, all by AltPrican artists.t dFour iy Stilly, one bly nLeslie, twe Iby Notlnti, one Ihy Corasgs and ole by StephnsllltT. cThe tngravers t areChency Forresi Daniforthl A. Lwrison, Andrews and I Iteae. C The scotribuTIrs Ito tie presctilt nuIIter are, it. At. Vnl'sh, Cllarles WVea Thonlpt;ill, +iaa Goiltdta ', G. G Si inits, Park lctijcnai l, Nhe . "igci rnecy, Stren t, Ieu i tea, larend, tllas. Wtternti; Ihirwooia , I' S. N..ilelt leettlesr. EuircItt, 1ien t.t'thete, a'owe, :i,.as Iet', Alia. hltn. Ihrdie. Pitt I-i htttflttnient, h lThe Violet ci a melle' antd ltat ea:ltta'ive, jnls'ti'eC i nlenii le. Itilete al tt, Il atio , I.NtLeliht, re well tisI i. aa llow mtyIhstt , 1)t,,ttr enl! Ne\V It:r"i a ,tt atheIItIvean l tll, of wlheller the g, tellsna ltit will I leltr llp il In uril t T iu or ,elrs. tir e ei) €alrk il 'c- her i? II, sli g t" e l rtill hel n lllllt e n ltlal iti ottll tlit r tc ei c 4n derry n hler itl. Itfll " to unlh i Sull l(hler" S:, I" i tell b calire eiltaer {. e t r'v.-el t ; htitttt n fit t ll it rJll .ltel., If the t Pcltr.c hin erailtititre ,te llrct o tit "teI ttllitf. slakislarith" r-l, I . ,v CHa.--Tlire lurnet iltt. iilt ii;iisier. fi (Cnot n which is to Aplril lst., mloltes thint she i .r plllltilmu ImI to traile onllltin P.s. (Culllliumisio r |.iLinn h s nut tidrieiil Mndarhe hunts m t liverinprevitr the lir. crtpe f fureignPre and all itt 'rcmrr- ", w ti hl Iinit.). Ileni, r idetarlnd tihe n,lIIIII· l, II-, I in - i Uu i hlnrd the sl:ips. . l t I tiiillll M3ttettqVn It (.il, tnercllr nlL,carry n itlltill i rrll r irhUllll It eir n i• , l lll were ou be ixrlunnl iiiiitedles.i (tinl Il-IIriiI Ite tirnhni to gie.lip ilr lie -pii . Thi i - Irti.itnh jecI hailfl , sit lhe rleqlld t tifl,., : Ih o (the i tio, . In nt ulrrelnderr.d ii8 l , 'ithe A .llletillll hd de1ie l ,,,o r. Eilit, end ....t t .,i .r. ins, , CIntent, 15lt stiett.. lie. ilin~t'sirl ttitnntittiu ii he liver the whIr uip Il, the Cliti-ri .tesri'r iii.n'i. It is vnleted at ttllinllllr -terlill l it hlile ;lpc exist oFt at iulde nlfi nmtl ll.-l b. TWVENTY AIIIES'tIcE-EIiF;tII1 SilIOi'. The trtltpswhichwei telrre i . ..t lrat ini tnelltihe di.lurlalnice n lt if lltll In Amlleglllln h I v31.y 1ld., have ado10tied et!ry derisiv.e' measures Till I II ..,'o re. sisterdtheiralthurity. Ahilt t venty iillth rirglheahrs hnae ber mde ines ei ht or teni hiivt riIght abt and severnl wlllrndll, otnlP i Wthiii is i Iiiexipelr ed ti recover. Severnlll tllliPPch ween r lllrll m h )on 1and nh. err torn up, h illhe trtolit, whose owll Ionr I haril eisel adnlillttCe whlt;tt dr llldllle-i h id il ItI is iiti. r ls itid ill IhIe n jlisrl lltl Iif le inulllltl hllll i 'rme w r i-ll ltt destroyey d lll lhe plitl. "I lh ir sevrr e tle t llllt, it is said,Ilslln worsur thtl erxig rllen l rle l 'ed. Frtlll tihe ew l'.ik 'irenrr. The Right ojf earcth.--ly ceritanil .V ntin of tile " Slave 'I rtlde t penm lrlire it i lil,'' whrIh hlis recently pasrer] he Britibsh Parlhiiamnlt aul p reriv-id tin ietyrl ¥antlonl the rightt oi stLllg fnuetgn ti n'eln, i tig lJigh iselle, ilirmely riuier ii ti.r^,t II titia t r Iei shti ril' wer, btie blee- re- rtid. "I1n+ iretelled right uof tleret hs ilrier Ieems mnlmriiishi rIir (;rplt (ltitain; thwugh it irhs tit, in Piud It itu iimr ,i.ri. !jutle rcule, ae legards tis Lt* elltlllllY aO . 1 U tll eclos tf bteltn war, t hichhiir wrs sI,. of theg.r eatl Ixciig tusuee 'Tlhr ierw law vestis a di-ehrrlltrty t.rer ill hin gtserreael tr autlsurieut thr earit, ald tde rltioul Ui Uevtrel rverle,,ly irttill cullisrs. IIt is ill keiumristii Britih nt-vernmeiitifief thai Ih, rlav traele bewpepu til Spa.iish West llldies tdt the Adrigul tceOL, hitw Iieru illdiireclly prilstled Ih the IU. Sf. dugallnd Ilnitlihasii been-Lrllnieduo ten b nliulna as rjtliusi'-le ipreltxt flr ilte ri-titlsof lir arrugTnllri prelresion. But while usa enuitll e hrXilu If r uro. ......, which frm... Inrk.gvg.......... same oher rtrule, haw thue irerlllld nr lltilllituinil lllt grjtl to l'e brnlglhl iu qa.lOert--thul e tenAt rn t i ,inr gretPll lllritille rielnl has tlt rebl e ci .e u it ,s u Our srrlir..urr, ele rtgerds this Irstnrtruff o I gUel e .+-lhile we tlls Ilas n .n Il.iUiletriln i .whihl t 1"nis- ltln ilterr'lt of rtie ttuin by tt ielijt hirniup is lterlrtesfin its mcniipnunr, ii the cnd-etjr if lie l e. ieri:-sirreiusints~e w oustilussti treorisepteir lied steWtir Wne-il-s Ihe have iee theic IIVm II I I.t.e. Ir liter-sin e l,,ni tlhet..tit i ,ttderu I"''· 'Wee ., All rev. r" .-I will nrtrr $ ,if ci, I the ,'chi l t is 11~ e it + n., 'lo' -Im , t rm .4.t..r .lll,,,l,. h ,,,, l~ ~ ,, II, i l flu. tII'tl+ ,,+ Is +l tO llrrl vrl ,J1r, . +,,llltl+.l+ 'ha thnre vae, ' mdeain iand search oure ails 1h the tronn non highway of natinl | n We b)rookno-exelusive privileges their, and can t o more permit a IBritish cruliser to overhaul ol'ga.dl shijps under thia'oesnlned prerogative, thian we would opae oer do/rs to the sear wareant aof London a angitrate. Yet, wliilewe set "ur fae nagainst this arrangant elain, it is nut dalv to Inok intu'the neanae wlric Irn letan In nl onrevival let ia right tile wrong, newell anu'rpel he ins.slt. t te eall, en, non, the goaernm ear-not an pally grounas, hu oil berhalfnof Ihe houtorofour canr. nml culnry,to vindicate that contnry frtn, the stigata tader which it at presen lnulrs. Wn eoleunly calth a on the udminitreti,,n to investioate the charges against trheir officer, ho are ecII(lsd from all quarters of the union, anId lhiclh eahT lar sns.,ames a latker haurac ter. L.el hem re.fleel, uItlea nwar might be the result of their disengeunats coat rse, ald let them retrace, far once tile rooked path of lecatplion, and shiow by a nraimght irward unscrupulao a erkaminatio uf the abu seas hareeda uon tlheir lavcrtte, bltll at hoine a d a brend tnat tlhey are icalble oafeadnorsnig an agent who cornivar at a trallia they ire bound by urt en trenlies to dicuunteaance and atnppress. Having thus ecpresed our opinions winth regard in ton bill, ns well aItef what sallold be the course of our government in relation to it, we append an extract tfoan a spee. il mande y jihe Duke of We!. 4hogtcmo during the Ipandecy at the ubjlent in tile ltouse of Lords ; and ples the pretestof ihimsell and s ritte of his brother peers against its passage. From these doceumnents t will he perceived thla the aisslntieale took a just and candid view ofthe subject. T'he )hkea ofa WtlI ngton said - "We are taking a very dangernts course it insiuting upon this right of neerch ; ail we do this when o:m on e ofthe greatest judgee that ever presided in aCourt of Adm aralty, leclared his epi ions argaitslt il, exeraise of tile right of search in timo of pence ; and I do think, than, that re ughlt to he mtost cautiouis upon this subject. 'there can, my lorcds, be no doubt that, however the public tiolinag or the ithlbie mind may in the Unit. ed States be dlividd on the subject of slavery and tile slave trade, there is no individual in the United Staten wnt thas neo the strongest eeling iupon til e ni/jict-tle right of search by their merchant vessels by tile vessels of this cauntry--nd also, thnat tih exercise of this power nust he areeintn It i tnder these eircumstancesa, my lords, thatn i eoncltde bIy rreanmlonding to til noble lords op aoitio Ito consider well this iutject bhaore'theY proaced fits ly to c rray Ilthis hill itt, cxrtiout. Moelday, Aueusete a PROTEIT. Aglaist tie third readig sflhe c/lnre Tread 51ti4 ptre.iaio Bill. Dissenlttie . 1. Becaiusie o conomuni ation has been made to thin s lnlsti bIy maena e froln tie Qullee which ecan render nieceaery, or whiich all atone justify, t li Iotsee it aeruneing to the proposed enactments oa this hill 9. Because those enactments au'horizod men. urne and operations of war against the subjects of a foreign power, Portugal, and their property, for hreacles of treaty concluded hetwen liar Males. ti)' royal predecessors and Portugal: and taor of fences eommittcd against tihe laws of Portugal on Line hig. seas and on tile coast of Africa; and pro. vides that subjects of Portugal and their property, are to be brought to England or elnewhere in Her Majesty's dominiona, to he adjudicated by Her M-s. jentv' Hight Court of Adnmiralty, or a Court of Vrce.Admiranlty. 3. Because the enactments proposed in this bill depriv, a tiase foreigners thus t hbe adjudicated of all national proteaction. 4. Beause tlrey authorize the detention at sea, the bcarding, tie demnantd, search for, ani exami. nation a, thCe papers of all vessels net at enea by liar lMajesty's cruisers, or any person in Her Ma. jesty'n service, in direct violatilt of all the treat es tnada willh each or nearly all the powers of Eu. rope, of regulating a m,,tual right al search by ships of war of merchant vessels, for the suppres. sion of the traffic ca led the slave trade. 5. Because tii/ amendments in tile first clause oftthi bill leave tihe objection to thile exercise of tile right of search exactly wmers it stood in the bill beh/re it was discussed and altered in commit. tee. 6. Becanuo vesrels sniling under the flag of any nation may be detained, boarded,. searclhd, tte demand fitr papers maden , (which uniut be inspect ed,) belbra the illegal or predatory character of the vessel detained can bea ostablhsled ; each of whlich anes at'ofdetention, boarding, demand, msearch fir and examination af papers, is a violation of treaty as between her majesty and eaclh or nearly all the powers iof Eirope, as applied to vesmsels sailing under their flims respectively. 7. Because tile exorcise of such right of daten. tioln, boarding, searech for and examination of pa. pera of vessels on the high so is, to time al'peace, lies been declared illegai by the highest judieial autlhrity that ever provesided over tae English Cou t of Admiralty. S. Because the exercise of such right is liable to lbe resented eltd relaliatcd by all tile owers of t/e woarid, inciding those witlli whim liher majesty is bohtnd by treaties; each athtirizing restricted and regulated mutunal search ol lerchant vessels in certain nocaht/ia, in order to suppress th traitic called thie slave trade. Wellingtnn, Redesdale, lIawarden, Ftzge laid, Beverley, Ormonde, Glengall, Canterbury. LYWe itake from the Journal atof Commnerce a noticeextracted, no l oubt, fron the recent En glish papers. We ask our contrymen attha South to read it miore than once-to consider the purpoas and nonsequencn it carried out of enale o the lhrea proponitions contained theretn. We ask tlhe to look forward to thile period when a free State of the description mantioned shall be cata. hlisn/d in Mlxico--guaranted, no doubt, in its intngrity itd instttutions by the British govern. nl n. We ilst th/it also to consider with whaL portion of tihe people of tihe United eStates the anotice so presentecd is likely to gait favor.-N. Y. -Slrtr. Slavery it Teras.--n the Britis ln House of Caomnmons Mr. O'Connell lately garve notice that early next anessin hi would meov a resolution that it is in tile o/linion ofat Iis House tiat her Ma. jesty's Ministirs ought not to advise lier Majesty io recagnize thi independence oft lte State calling itsell tile Texas, unless wilth tle consent of Mexi co, l lwhic/h tiuntry it loaned a part ; nor sunless thie abolition ofslavery, and the makinag tlm slave trade piracy, wore necesnary provisions in its contstitution, also tin address to liher M.jaosty pray. ing thtia shei would be graciously p/eased to give Ir.ectittn. it hir lni/tieras to make an agreement eirl lie ( iverruucl.litli Mexicot, " t/m placn at ier disposai nrltlotn of the inooecupi/ d territory or. lteir noir hero htlmary, to b ilsy t aptrtan ams ennde. tnletllt anyl/I/ai or II free state, Iir lersons Or Con. or. " Prenticiura .-A fael low by the nane of Edward A. 'l'huul s he;s bh e I; reying h1no4alf to young girls in Ienesse when he had wives.e sewhere. Ca:tch him.--tldison Banner. ITh gairs tlaink, that 1he is very easily caugtht, btut l4t so easily ikelt. I perceivo, M lsro. Editors, that you speak of Senator Wrlg!la, of Now York, ao ateotporate. I have rSet n tor believe that the Senator is a total abstinence 4iman. X. SIf thalilt be the fact, the Sontor, s sonno body nays ofa dial el' 1milk, must havoe thLU singular in. culty of getting blue upon woter. The Whllig need not trouble themselves about Col. Johnson. We 4an assure them, tlhat he is very well santisied witl hla prospects -Emporium. Perhaps the Coollel liken prospects as te does wotmen--likes then Ithe betteor tile darker they are. We are ready to do oteo bidding of our principles. Nat. Free .Trader Prilcipals you menu. It is well fIbr the people, that there is a party to throw lightt upon Uleir interests. - New Ere. And to 4nak, light of their distresses. Tile editor of the Glhbe to Is a gross falsehood, and the 'lenton Evlptriuam t alls it '"a feather in this cup." If every Iohathat thLniecreant utters, is a new foather, he may soon expect to be stuck all over with tlialthers. 11.s Inight as wall be tarred atnd feathlered at h reo. 'ery 1epori.otMt.-ino Fatn tv Kenble ri l lit ilne go" In IaualOl alld New TY,rk, hl" eYerey lead was trn Sot.ilth helir ealin and Theauca. KveryC rea cI hrenlhed Iay her was sayltF evdery faslolte se aad was a jewot everyd lilea l Ita r lace ews i a ruebo,w oa reven t 1tit al' Ier olaigvet c... .n.. the e.iject iol pelry S.e i wa;s4 in 04404 lot werek 4e l as Mlrs:l Blltler, wil two IIii cl0idldtll, and a 4lll4rrY imid. d he hIuetd ut 4, sup. 4l4d IllI. aud iel Ilo ton who lt 4 i he eirc4un441 lat Meing 0 ,leptcltI itl. it wooS the 4c4te brilliant Fanny Kemoble. nrthtmplotoo Ceaurier. Stea ling Slaves--The Noorfolk eacon of Tues. aoy last sayas -Frederick Locusa the slave of Wm M. Artntrong, Esq. who recentay abr.eonded, has leon lo und on boaard the oscllo.r Thtaddoeus, whicll sailed hence for New York a few dayh sitce, and put back in eonsequence of tto bihd weather. The secretion of lsave on board of Northna vessels is becoming a very conlmen offence. (iaaTcaLIa.-- We oae learaed. av tote aerrivato Ifrlll this Repuhhce. that 0n0a4thy n4d tdi snion thratln ed ils p,olilicl exialtellce A belitter nta fltainogs, hIw.. ever, ISll boul losuccell. On thllre firtofJor, ltto analllleo l 4teaO, 444lyo f 14 0l00e ati .I4naelea tollblit. oell ail tlreo tol ica4oetitunllt., htthl l is maarked wit patriotism a4otIlolithcal wisdolma. Fernaandao Ivilla isI 1'rIlllrn 4l,4l J4U44 Joana de AvciPIr;4, Vice Preoid4.t., 'chre prat Co.,l Ilticaa aa Vero l'az, whlich hd separted Ittmselves 'r,, (. tae onlrdeertlion will, it is a h4 e4d, enjoin it, 0nd1 44ul1 Ihevr strength in union.4 . lr. lt ll e . llo. ur ao:co,4, li4 hedr t It, ritt, willt it room New York, for tiatl.s at,. s .ao. as 4140 ickh04 oso.., 4444 the m0ost II0IV it Irularotl fair hi ta lto o ndertake IIi-joune0y. liJ tIll plomatic chra.Oclerwi seurrrim a rce protrolctionn fa.l lll atuat it 0oal0a'ir. setjorl ", engral, ifn l.v ioloearllll 4sl0tlieln dns 4444d 40l ll p a 4l4tn j his trolv,,l ill h,' illlterio., b.v4whbrlh Iho. w04 41er a,'ill,4 re4 l teotll.l e . a ll4 earlaill4l 4 1atld itlmlrll0l4 ed. --v rroa_ CMAL Kre.-'ma thbe onhdite ahieo teach na by the Liverpool, in the rllt that Charles Kean hIa won the hearn JMi a Avgelic tuarRsde Coutta,,'he daughter of Sir Franeia IstBrdett, mod the principal devi sea of the late Dula hieof tt. Aflane where first huf bamd ta them rih baoker Ceutre. The Dachede, wrhen r. Caolet married her, was n sactrea. At Ihis death ahe otalined an itltneaea frtaune, which she left to ti.e Bardett, upon aonditeon that then voung lady slool ake hernrme. Among the andefinable subtlenese of Ateling uhieh awakena the ten er passion, Mie Bu - dett ponlant for t'eethe actor ,nay have originated in her grtiluds for the aethes--or at Ifnt her ftigationa Into e Dleht for learving harr oMeof the greatest Iortun-a in Engllad, overe ant the aristo:rati prejudices ehiieh Indion of-he birth entersin againsttle thr e tatrtlel pro. fehion. The f.,llowinqijet d ri from forei n jour. eat,allude tmo the lady a partiality for Kean, which it Plmarte sue takea n pains tol tle. "Conceal ment, li.e t roae in the bud," has nothing todo wit her "damask cheek." •TRAGIC LOVE. In a box near the a aila a lady in tesra, But nt for Ophelig ehe weep,; 'Tie you:tg HaaeL egngages her hopen and her fears, And di7ell in ter lehoughts wten se seleeps. Ones to Om-rick a lady ofran rank Lher heart, Enrapt with his lRomeo'r grace; Bllt te sapell was tlisereiel when she found that his art Coul-d in Sewbb every feature deface. Ifthe humps which to-night erotked-hbaeked Ricnhrd mlust war. Should eiste' .r fair lady's diadsin, The ateplatne he win. and teim profits hc'll sfare, Atoneeamt will offer rt vain. Reeorde ' (S Court. Reports' of Day Police and Night Watch. 8opt. 1,9, 1839. A. MoDeJrlat, Miary Malay, arrested, ffoun drnank & Gditnrbtig-the prace; diseharged. Bernard lior.ey. .Migret. Farlen, arrested, fatnd lying drunk; didelmopet ; datmes D0niel, areased as a uepiciotta person; being ouehdd for in o dieclatrged. James Carllwell, J,.VWlterdtin; nrtrresfd for fighting and diatmbi'tg thie pacae" Jitcharged. 2 lehft- Theoines Pw'e, Margaret O'Nail, arrested for theremeeing. If tetson tnd dietrnr.,iog tli Iteuee; bound .tkeiep thin poae es, Mh*3ed1 Eli-a, f w c norreimel'tor eslting and strikinga while te. tn ; bntl d to er m ia .etJtrt t.$3i 0,, AnnKell',, nereuarti itlt daunka d . eircnrged.. l'jfs Urelkert, ft' ai raaqed , ncharged willh aecret. Chs , U'Do tlell orra fo( nd tIruab..nendtiptur-a big bte peace; bued to keep the ieaee in $511). ltt--21ary Riohrdson, M Rev, arrestedr for diaur bian the peacei oth eotlmite. d.anwraren; the for' m er foe 3O days, and trne Iat H or te a na tlis. I M. rgaeetNtael, arriwmed a an a" bnd.ted woaten and rMmised o a vagranllt fur 6 nmm tis. Nt2ephe r .o melilnitnm Ma7rry, arrested for fighting & diturming tei peace; atrry dischargeed ; afio boend 'to riminal cotrt in 0280. fte'Amot MfCa;rtv Victor Gouze, arraeted, fordietur bintg tht peace ; diohitar.fed." John-ttchtannaa , William Watson, arieetetl uas ra pinuaa Jharacters ; htoth cominitted as vagraits; Wat on feor30ilaye l, Bucbeandait 6 months. StMary Jape Young, arresled na a sppiciuus character, ceanmitt'ed as a vagrant for 30llJays . Ot The ship Veapaeia, Capt. Hiniaon, frtn Bosto, iadischerging opplsite the Rail Roadl. Cotsignee are particelarly requested to attend to the rereipt of their goors, L Hi GALE, agent, s4 93 Common st LARD-700 kegs best leaf Lard. for tale by x DORSEYY, s24 44 New ILevee -LOUR--i- bria fresh flour St Charles Mill, foe L sleby G I)ItORSEy, s24 44 New Levee E XCEI.I.ANT' WORKS-The Thlts, or Phinsi. gare of Inllia: a hirsory ofthat extertrdinary frar temity of arnsaein, tby Capt Steernan, 2 vols. Walker on Clias: Londt, edition McCulloeh'n Cothercial Dictionary: tatest London L.audoo'sEm.ovclnpedia ofartdening: London edition Sir Wm Gall'r Pnmlejmna: ar entitl London copy Milton's P'ardiaa Lesr, witlh illstratioas by Martin, London Tytler's Unirversal History: 2 vols. 8 mn. Shakeepear: Ibeautiful lasten cedition, 7 vele. 8 me. With variety of standanr landrvalab'e works. E JOIINO &Co. 24-S3w caorrreSt Charles antl Common fts AUTICAIL WORKS--Nauttical Attanac for 1840. 1 Bhunt'a Coast Pilot Blunt's Sihip-maater' Assistant )E JOHNS & Co. 243 earner St Charles aM Comemon sts IFTAN VIOLE- T-The Gift for 1841. TheVio G tht o~ir 480. T E JOHIN- & Co. 824 -4w corner St Charles andCotnt,., sts N.EW WORKS ON LAW-Pothier on Cttnt.ot or P. ane: ltongA ,S de,new edition, by Rand Pale on Agency':... Chitiy'a Practice: 4 volea, complete Hillirtds Ahrilment, new edition,2 voie. Peter's Digeat, aet nt 2d voliomn DoI. Irltriae, vcl 13th n.d empiete tets An a gorleral .oesrttnett ofll rttollnrd l.oaw ooks, all new law works ,f mrit ercttnliv received-also, Freaeh and Spanish Works ofjuritprodtnace. e24-3w corner St Cltrler and Comlnn era 1 S-Just received the tollowp lne 1 ypieces: New sings with ) piano firte accompan imnenl I bade mitrs not farewel: Iv C P C Tlhere's a time a hlappy tillt: hy J Strauss We eatll ove an more: In Ihe tln, when we went (v l.styig: by Sporle The fair aose of Kiltane,: lv s (;lover The old Reelthet.r: ty T H layley Ching a ritg elhnw: a negro song New pieces for thle Pianot ftrte. Hltnten-2t I(ondotfnron tle Htgetnot--noe. 2l Ehrlilch-The Greek Gallopnde Johann Strauss-Philtonele Waltre for 4 hnndn Do. Do. Rosa do do tdo ti C Czerev-ti)p. 173 ten b, illinnt Itoedoa for 4 handa No. I airfrom Ro.sini--No. 6 air frromn Bellin No. air from Bellini-No. 7 air from Caraffa No. 3 air from Donizietti-NN. 8 air frome Merced ante ant Mlareehner No. 4 air fromt Donietti &L Parini--No. 9 air from Dnnicetti No.5 air from Rossini--Ni.. In air from Bellini WtVoleott--"l.e Melanle" 12 Waltzes and Gallo pades, for flute and Pano. Nne . I & 2 Blnatehor-Wood tp, quickstep, ftr the Guitar. 24E JOHNS &. Cu. 4 .Stationers Hall I L , 'ITCF-- All pereona boctngo . ai .. agg in, IhS; i YnunO Men's Howard Ase.oiriton, are requested to present them ionodiately foreoninnition, to the sulb 0 mnriber, earner ofCoinnon ani '"tllchoupitoulas o, rP.t. t J W ANDIiW\V. r stl .'reasurer shfllm As.--citin . $100 REWARD. S. A cEdiTTER hl,.Ie oed to te, ob.oerieet containing FrurBlandired nod Filly D nre, hs h(ern stolen flAt their loIx in theiPlu..j ,I in hleicityv vi. 'dro. ll1t nt ,o. f the Commercial Biunk'.f New Or d leoans. . No. 2.5011 od 393. One $l100 note ofhhe I lank of I,in, i . No. 990. On " - " City llank o New Orlns, A. No. One I of 8 ub it r hOn m20 " Untied states tonk d ,$rtI " " Consolidated sciati n Ani $10 in New Orlean. muni.ipallty .ollTO. f 910. Fifty Dollnar will be pn;d ir Ille detection of ithe t oIlhe, and Fifty Dolloaror "ie trenordry of the money. JAILVIS & ANIDIEWS, Salt1 cornerC.nlnmon and 'Ir ouapiltotula ll MAYORKAI.TY OF NKW. .RI.EANS. qp EplHE rie aoffluer yeine this dn'e.i5ttpr te barrel t ae.rdSiug OIn ls tearif, a toi kers will give :,2 Souaesoofmbread ir tteelltcelt. durinc thIe week beg it nig oa Monday nexl, tile i231 TIhe htnavesfnoo oecondqoaoliy,or of three fir en centsncainll weigh '25 per cent oiuor, viz: 4. ooneo . 21 . C. GE'NOIS, Moyhr. 20e--l UE UTN MANSION HOUSE HOTEl,, rHSillE unhlrsigned, present'properieiw, ol this well ' nnmmwnetalt.illsltnt, eniled tint ouoi.ei Haole, *aitmnel h.opitp stnes, No.419, havetlhet o deer - ellrutncs ton ts .iubl oit thotr eirgeentoea are and at S teionln tll be dcdiiene to drndenr colotifrttble dereotm whi Snny .vr hem with ltherir- pJrngcte. ''1 he nd v:ntlgel pn.oeqa ned by sll.sehouetur ravelners ftt its .lona voldnnlue. ,e&e art ewell known that it is oAnecesoSryo iuomerate ten Sio e -'. . .p1N- CUNEY & FULTON. rept 1--lS -. MAniSION HOUSE HOTEL. I OS ni.fuasritus nueo. prnr trioar t del bion Ui ponopideatnlehcimilto nornbrado MAN. SION IOUS, a tuand oan in call do Is Obrapina Num. 119 ; tienE el hooner de anlutciar al publiio qua st mayore n uerzona y itenOionea oarin dedi rIadet't Eonplaoer b Ian pereonan qone leo favorn can not an pntrocinio. Las vnentejas quo ponen di oho ncoe port lousviagerou, tanto por au loialidod, Yomodidad, etn, etc. san tan eorecidao, qte es inu nil enotnorarlnn. 2Lkan.-ly CUNEY & FULTON.' MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. SE8 soussign8s, nouveaux propriltatreo de I'6 tab inentient bitu6 dons In rue do Io Obrapin, Neo.'149, connu auoa In nor de MANSION HOUSE, not i'itonneur d'informeor le ub inc, qu'ils feront tons loura efforts pour ao rende agrenblies aux personne qui voudront bien ion fovoriser de leureou;mnc. Loscommoodidsqu'onffre clanonei. non au voyageurs soont 09e0 connues pour ne pointjuger ondonsaire d'ntt faire eci In detail. l1 mep-ly CUNEy & FULTON. SASTOR OIL--O10 birl No. I while Cactor Otl o uperior qtality, now landing and for sale Iby JARVIS .& ANDRUEWS, st-mtnia coner oftCommon & Tchoupitonln ato . Theolt rJsLI NlYlec . l'hte Iadies tanl tidntleleo engaged with Jaoer H.I. CnldwtlI,New Orl..nt, aOtreap+fouIly inhgtecd titn the TuraTRE cill optelfer theseaio in nol Seplnher 1 net.--porsoe, in oeg.oDlatioo will oplIy o G, II. H~r reit. Esq. Now fork, or iy lettlr to 6e ropritolur, New Orleans. 1? The Louisville Jounal. Ciacinltlti Whiig, New York Everino Star, and the Spiit of tile irimee. will pleuh pulisht tlte about Ihree times eaeh. By cede oftte Proptmilor. (iu IIO. LLANDo 'I'rhnreree N. l - -9 . Cl(Moot. 2 p u.". . LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK J? Ultttority? of tte state of 1Loutffani. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, MANAGERS AND PROPRIETORS. OT The First, or Half Million Lottery. and the Second, or Two Jlillion Lottery, are respectfully presete.d to the Pub6li. TI e HALF MILLION LO I TERY will be drawn in Dcember, and finis.hod at one drawing. The TWO MILLION LO TERY.will be drawn on the old plan of Blanks and Prizes-Nunmbyr in one wheeool, and Blanks and Prias in another wheel. Both Lotteries. under the supervision ofItwo Judges of Colrts, WILL BE DRAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. The IIALF MILLION LOTTERY offers chonecs to 1,291 Prizes, of which 33 a.r Priz oflReal Estato and 3d 5 of 3tock, besides many Prise comsi posed ofTickrs in the Grand Two Million Lottery, affording a participatiun of ehalnces ale,, to the ho!der of a Ticket for Prizes in The GRAND LO I TERY of Two Millions of Dollare--1,0000 Prizes!!--o the full amount of o2,00D,000, of which PI7 are Prisne of Real iEtat. Only 9 Blanks to a Prize!!!-Simplo Nos 1 to 100,000. 100,000 Tickets at $20-2,000,000. Scheme and selling price the saome. Amnon. tho Prit s in these two lotteries are many public anal private buildings which adorn the city of Now Orleans, and are lI pilde of its inheb. itantlse--the Verandah, St. Charles street Theatre, Amorican Camp atreoe Theolre, St Clhrlrs Ardoe Nuildings, with Htto).. Dwellin Hooane..or% Building Lots, and many entire squares of Ground-besides Stocks in Bankh and other instittionos of the State of Louisiana, amoomling is the whole to TWO MIILLIONS FIVE HUNDRED TIIOUSANTD DOLARS. Alltihe Real Estath and Stocks offered an Priaes are owned by them , nd in their possessio:-- ho acts ofsale, with clear title, .ee vO" dd in their Ijm, and recorded in the office of Adolphe Mazureou, Notary Publhe, and offico of eoovey;tnce, ruraly to tratitfer to tire holders of Prine Tiocts, exempt freos imctlmbranc:n Tile proporty is set apart nnalterahly to rtlat solo and o:ly purpose, .tid can, in no ovelnt whatever, be conveyed otherwi' by the arm tls, to tihe holdors of tle Prizi Tickets. AMERICAN ad CAMP STREET THEATRE ,g, LOTTERY, ag CAPITAL $540,000, IN 1,291 Pnizes! Will bedrawn in DECEMBER NEXT; and in for order to gratify, at an early period, the purchasers id "of ticktts, the combination is adopted for this Lot. a oey. realy, of 1 to 75, whereby the drawing will be completed in a few minutes by the drawing of en- I1 Numbers from the wheel. r- 67,625 Tickets, at #10 each--8675,250. 1,291 PRIZES!!! C SCHEMIE. an CAMP ST. THEATRE AND GROUND, Will be prize to the holder of the Ist, 2d and 3d S dawn numbers . $150,000 d Tht shbstantiml four story brick huilding called Armstrono'e hotel, Ibren e tie corler r- o'inop and Natchez etree . 40,000 Prie to 4th, tlt alnd 6th. .- That allalle five Stor b icrk store on Old Lee n e- vi street, occupied by Meonrs H & W Hop king 35,000 r, IPrize to the 7th, 8th and 9th. That elegant dwelling horee and lot, No 74 Soyal street, oceculied by C IVW oodrich 23,000 Prize to the 10thI, nIth and 1211t. That two story douale dwelling antd double lot inr d M. ncpied by J I Hall 18,000 Prize o tie Istn, 3ld nd 4th. An entire sqare ofgrouodl in fauoo tg onn.n i'ti in. 2d M. hounded by Liberty, Benton, Melpomene and I'erpsicloro sts. . . 14,000 Prize to Ist, 2d and 51h. Tlt onte aory srtoe miad lot coerner Cllp an Jalin atnroet,occuepied y 1lr. MI. Lallthier for fo dry goon.a. 1.,000 S Prize to let, 2d and Ftlh. t'hat one story store and lot corner of St lnry atndl J t lio t o.. .t10,r10 i. I'Psze to Iet, 2,nnd7t11ill. o. A certificnate lir 500 ickets il the two million lutlery, t $20 e achb 10,000 tie fortunoate bolder of titi prize Inoe realnize on tile Ihapp desetiny to lobtanin posoesioit,tltrolgol their metliom, of tie trtciple i ortlin of on the varieu rplenid prizes in the twoi million llervo will he- in, Prise to lst, 3d1 and Silt. That elrgee blitiling an1t ex.sivle loin t le city of I.fayette, loIuboarg l.ivaidnie cllrro a. Walhir,gton nd Chtti,, wa ate. 10t) ly ti21t feet . . . 9,000 PIrize to iot, 2d nd 9th. A certifi, ate of 425 tickets in the two millinn lottery, $0 eachl 5,000 I1. Prize to Istl,d and at1h. Tht nole store dwelling house and lot, tlo d ,1. Nayadeat to duble lot corner of Mel ponene 7.,500 Prize to Inl, el and 11 11. A ceeriicale for 3u r ticketo is tlhe two million io lottery, at $'lencih, 6,500 Prize to 1I., 2d and 1It1h. A dwelling h uslllls lan d i -it Vfict ory1 I. 3, 11. Iiag 2id from nlot foirtingt cornerai of 1'lon mr ghir o Al 6,300 Prize to l ot, o: nd -ith A eertifiei, q flr 3e tickets in the two nil lio 0 lotery, at $'11 ietch . . 1,0)19 rize to It, 3, lllld lth. A ertihntee fre270 toinkets iln to'e hoInilliun I'rize tI lst, d nl ol 7th.. A erificalte nor 2:'.5 lickets in tie h illioi lolter', at $2 reoch 4r.00 Prize to It, 3d1 and ilih. tt A two utory dweilwrti elrs and lo , :It l,. ot n I'Enghbien et. next lie corner Ilg of l'etlcay et •4,000 Prize ts let, 3d nod 9th. A dlesiralle lit ot Tl'erti-iplllubs ate. '1 31. Adjoui iloe lt corner lot erl vNte,;at. d t i 3,500 'Prize to I t,:td and t111th At, eligibly situated tuihleig lot on I, 0lig0ioo Jaoes Iat. : 3,00 Pizief Ito lt, 3d and ith. A prizi elnsisting o f a enertificte for IO. tihk ta inm tie two moilliin Ihlter at I$211 ore h 1.000 CI Prize totat, t and 12-h., d One enlire requre oRgrouod in filaong Adn nnnoeition, 3d M. blounded Ith ('berry, lT ,n liha Chesnnt oodd Ercotos . ... 5,Sl0 Prize to Irt, 41h and 5ilt. A desiraile building lot, 3d, I. corner of Mlo m rea and M eon eut sir. 1,900 Prize to isr, 41i ntnd 6111. A desirl le building lot 25 Lert on lMontgut nt. 3,l MI. 4th fonm Mloriati et. 1,800 Prize to Ist, 4th and 7lh. An entire sqanre of gt.oend, d lM. ioundcd by Clio, Peal, Erranl aol Wall ts. . 1,600 Prize to let, 4th and lthi. I1; A portion aofa square l'ground in Od 11. ilanld. ed ed t' Errao od Isgle teL e. • 20 Prize to lat, 41h an, 911h. r thai Is lot d111il1ttl Oil,9 10 A sigt aar , e gru ud in 2d . hounded by ti ,' inte pIthP il andn h ChSum.. 1,h n I'rizt tol I at, 41i ud l and u . .Atili liite uildinteflo, sitytlL ia,eeti.uri., e 3ls Wat ifio . .llo .c, ni llllrlll F l'ri' toac Inh 4h ret1, of k I n thI e Pria e to h St, 4111 anId Il ,S , l t d. 1driz to Ils.4l 7h and I hIIi. :i9 to 4il feel . each onIl IF' lrl liler., Ist i 4th From loterllper Jer v sg Pet, at $57) roawn 2,100 let, 5t1i neid 81i--l , lth enl 911t, $itii eSin hlilding lots of eounl, silsellld tret I fit fromn ot corner Wachigtoon ilret, $3110 each, " ' • • 1,83 tl) ize to lot, 51h ind 1,0thb--l 1 d I It i.d I --t t, 51 1t)2l 12illh-I i 6th and th--Ilat, 61k -nn d 81h--lt, (th alnd 8t111hi Folir pri'sl, CaPl tia cerlofiflc I in.lie two tilion l loer, 310 tickehts, $t 21 O1" h b 6,010) S Prize to ]st th til l Ian th--11, 7- i anti ,, hi-alac, 7t1Iend 9h--all, 7th and 104h. iof Tw.drizes, eneh a cerifianle foer 1.5 ticekts * itlthe two millios loltety, 050 tiehtkels, at 5N •eat. . . . . . 35,000 Price Io Ist,6 h tnd 101h--lst,Oith ntol 11th S ive pricer, each e hllatels of nlnk ic Ihe Ponlnt1'hntrnin railron I uOllliil,y, 40 slharer, lat $ e1c10 each., .1,)100 Periniro l it, 711h ald Itll --tIl, 71h nod u ta.#,m! llh. "and Ithh--tat, 8lh and 9th- It,,Bll -andidllli . Five prizes, each Ii al oru of I'otllllrltrill railroad sleek, 0 llshares, l illt$110 3,1100 Prize to Ist, le t ad 101s --it t, t111111 nnd SItl--Itt, 9 Ii and 12lt-I so, 9lh andi 10lh--I At, It)i, erl a,1h. Eight priers, each he crtificale ofll) tickelts i ti twvo million hlllterv, :11l) ticIet, fl $211 ria , 8i,00) Prize ills let, Ilith adil 1ltH-t, Ilit oilnd 1 thi-- 1, 3t anndl 411t--,1,31l anl 51t--2dI,3u ald 6th--d, 11, and 7t11h--d, 3d alld Ilt- 2.1, 3d and.lth. T'e lleriit-., eaeh 3 shares of clntl in the Illbnk of Loaisiaon., 30 slir', at $100, 3,00 Prize to 1d, ld n:llInd 10LhI-l 3 ald I liii 3d, 3d and 1t2--O.1,4th loti 5hli--d, 4sh nld Silt-4d, 4lit nod ?7it--,l, 4th aiil ltth--l, 4th cnd 9th-- d, 41th and l0tli--d, 4th and lilt,' Twenty prizet, etlh a certificlle flr O5 tiekets in thi Iwo million Itllterv ,:i'tll li-krl, th nl2 10,000 Prizel . tlldIi, 4o h anlltti-1l.--td, 5te h and 6ih--d, 51h nd 71h--24,511 11i!81h-21-°t511i 21, Silti nail .lut--d. 6i1h intl 711,--0l, 6iht nltd 811t,-2-ld 6ih onl 9tlh--d, 6thland 10,1- 3l,i7lh nn'l Illd,-- d, 71hiuld llih--aid 3,1 O1h atid 9h, . Siny lilreer olrioen, achl ote l.hre in ie O)cn ellssrtlncu eolnlltne ,6"l ohores, ot $S 3,150 Prizes ot tickete hliliog h11th and 12toil Ofe hlanered noid toeIai sit oia pl ereh c etniflesle 0,,r 10 ticet, is nine Ice uli'liho 2 Priles to tiokets oeviiig any tlree drawn Onle hllsudred nnd tIolt-Sain pricee,eoch three nImre. in fie New Orliltlua gas ligllt aad -: lbooio gcoollltllilno $31 . 11,340 une Illllnlred anei towonev-sio ilriesn, reel, Iwo flatre New Orlness gct ligl,t and bhnking j eualptantyO dnboren. r $3I, . 5,360 Ianizce tonOnhe Ilnsd 10th, or 80th eand11| ,lhh Tilreeb hladred nllgo 6leen poricou. eschl a ePrr lilleaon offoor tieknts is the Iio otillioli lot tlre, 1200 tiskist.,. otll 301) Porize it, to' 5,,ll -Si nn d Oiln--lh slild 71nh-Tlnhsind 8111 aed 81hnn "otd .th, lifeule flue 3 liekl.s, in line twa Indilliali li. lere, 325 ticketsoat on$0, . 6,100 I'rieeo IIt nletnat :,I--d a.,l 31hal l-- nitil 61h--4ih, and 71th-51 ltnadflth--61h aiti 111- ire hnidrn-sU en d (ert fouoel;d dorlqcu. $IbO mon0 IRA.Nk LOTTZ2.7 * TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. 10,000 P.lazl s " AMOUNTING TO TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLAi8, DRAWN ON T1HE OLD I'IAN OF BLANKS AND PIRIZES,-NO CI)MBINA'.1b NUM3.Oaa.. 100,000 Tickets, at $20, - - - O9,009~, , . SIMPLY NUMBERED, I To 100,009, Tin rhel coe and selling prices are the . an . . nas no ddition. or reservations a0 Ia.l6 a.i p in thi proprery. ,,t contn.gelt expenses will operato as a lr,ge deduction from, the valu iesm o MODl: OF I)RAWING.--Tho Niumiler 1 to 100,000 will be placed in one wI.el, aa4tl.on. number of Blank, and Prizes inll sooth r wle.l1n o every number drawn fro. dhi whNe la dl from the Blank and l'rizo whltl will bhe drown, nm unh whole ore drawn. T'1lE FIRSTr DAY'S DRILW INI; OF tliE T.ilO MILL LION LOTTERItY, li MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. D5 Each day's drawing under the suervision of two Judge: 10 of Courts in Now Orleu0 ., and the whealt opened mlld sealed by ,hem. 10,000 PRIIZES. 1. The VERAND)AI and groundl va lod at $500,000 Thl:i valuable and 1 p0 lll l edilihc is 6 stories Rhigh, and presenls a Irut of 1,15 f, vt on aint Charl, lree1100 and 1IU feel of Clnlf I t rel.i role princ pa portonr of Ihe frn, ol' le ba e K etlll ow leery eOlrIIt- large, hor or coff:,e houI e and eiglll IIotrs aR d iIwo gr, 1 allli e 111 ltel, l r which l le rlfin ll dtr ft'lh; l.ip nl0d t edifieois d a. asoo l I , fow , cc1I - 0 aed by le.oro. King V. Oloek,, 11 n al ie which) render. it tIle nesat liltitionablh+ b le of If,, ROtllh; 3ll11per1llnlO cllatoile lie be l i vu ienllv aecam mlll ted , ilh dra n, r1 ouuls, nr r10 . Tihen.,- ri'. II 11 .1 n T rII: rlt Arni - Sl s I' ll . eran, 11 i ,1 1 l bee 111o01 ,11' o all ,. ry llrO rv1i00i ,n 251leni s leseot '$:I31,1, Ti' 1sto1res n thlh la ,,.l erldhof r- it a,l'. llr ,tb o" allo 10'Il'llllll i U $4, 110 1 t fll0 u1 IIft 1l IIIte ol' er Otele l ll$ pric r.. (Itlo )UINId with1 llr, .IItr , n llll m elllll y, wardrb, l n utile, l.o . (III1 I4l0,0'1,110 01 11 Thsl 0I7ina 0il 'e Ite l0(.:III 7 i (lot11:) . 1) 1 . 0 of 1711 feet oll S't ('hnrl,. . re del . .'I he c1 0 a ci ty nlnd nc trnl l9lito lllu0 witllinl r.rresllalll with tile I n nitud .of iylo' . r.,,r' r. ). e grand , oo aI 'I 5 by .1 I0 ) l0lf . 811h0 f1 0r tir1 1 Uof boxP s ire sure otlue( aitll PXIIII*I.-0 g aIle 10 rils; "17 ll f 1 it,1 br1x0ts h0nv0.1 humdJo ,r r1lll t roona". Il the torye bJlt ei tII I,' I,, fl NI - ,"), 3 r 1s1t nl cllire ll(.l t , I 21 1 o .. g1111111 iihs ee d ",, h 176 lt l it,:h h d, I +, li. . . , hle streer , l nod lir.ll n 1i11 lll t 0 al uu, ,u lled 17 the lanseol , ndelit the wtreer, ts man0ificn. for 3 , or tof at nd I$3 ll0or, trii( te 3. '1 11e 001 . C 11 1:1. N\ I 1;('9l E 111111,. l0 l 0(Ia, rl1'0, ,o NI) (;1 )llll 1 10. val000 led I il 0 .110 I ,01001 I m 110r010s ,101 00l '1 ,&l. A l eautilul block 0 10 fh' ('or,,Ihllo ,,+ o rer, ",t fetfroo llo nt o l l lr. o l I,. , I . I0I 1.0 r 0p, I a 10n I ne o (hoo llArt,"l A ,.lm o -.i o l . 'TlsI 0,lower b t ill lc, . 1d 111111i11t- , 1r roo , 1, 00 Ia 0 , nrll oil l n c1110 1 Il, a ,lhe b Ir 1 1l I'lln0 1 0 } 11 'l 0 d g dn i b ylrd ro lo ll ..l'o ne,) S olt.'. tO,00 .I 'ler It o ll;r Io, lr, it ,le lll Ol llllllo 101t Itlll I11 rlo " o1 I t111" htlehhe , 1ot =115 7ltldl l. feria -chore.l noo el .7111))1 'e ".,.v, llhPI. l IP II ·llll! · Icrt ll ll.lll lih ll '. . 'rl'ol qo, o n 01 11 ll a li l1c . Iht I I, * r) 1 il hts, ll lo I Illll:llllt : II rr. l o 'd 1" 1.r' 0 olr e lll'0110 p1 I1[ ., . i . . 311.1, 9 1.00 I. ITh f'e l3lrhvo110. 30. 0 .10,01, .11 11l, l 1 l lillllts" I 11ill,, lllult. l O il lrcr, lllhh lel lrll~ 11 ii .1 uh1011 0, 1 t1 t 10 0 1n1C rono'1,,0ar r , "!d1111 ldo, rll. 11 , tIle Itorof (7nr ire i, ter t 3",l (00 street, ) 1 111r11 t oll , ,"a 11,1110v 1:1 bIn lb~ta llleo of l . . . .. 213,(0('O 11, Ho.r' l1Ooent gol oo q .round on Il rc1 1 s 0 l sre , 2,) IIItIII iCil liI ll 1i bit-, ,U1l l lltdl , I 1h1, ) l le t S m lr , t t . . . l5 " ,010) 10,. The mllim oill 111111 1 01 grlt i l oll l ol I~ on llh , Jit lll str C t.t l 2 Ill .lt0 0of l toI1111o0 :,111 0e11 Ib 0 1 Ellr , ' 7rI, erp H0 91)0, fo Ia s, \c 9)1,I00l I tI. Th entlllire squaeUlr oI (00llll, l fin t Jrnvior lclt, 251 l olli llll lily 111 Bllll I8 lots, botlnle, by 1000:.8 srI eI, 211d 1 llltOlooillal) codh 7 01 I.1t blll0 - lied hy E:ulerpe said 'l'erpsllre . rv . 180,000 54. T el0ire sqluare of grollo0 oj ;1 Re0 0tio d byT'I'arpsihehI , Liey anId..irt 9,E, 00r0lm af . . " - ],f 0I; 15. 1The 1wo 1ory ue and lot New S.L v eo xIrl : . i',I ,nri: ill,,llitv cort,.rtd" I of llob 18. The tllllellC I of" ,'ro lund o ,n lII ,ioe; ,, 2". 'The .uar,+,' m f roooo,1d ,If l t tinr0 01.00, 21m n it. lh , 1 f 1,1 t- boo ly , 0111 by 01111lll o 0om nt( a d 1,b 110 Otrot. nd Ihr I . o 51 I i.lbr, ol'lr I 0 111 I00 booillil s i , " 1 1101 0 21 , '1111 it r lll Ill I O If I t - i lllll l. by O oul llp .... enr ll . I "nar 1ad I 111:e hl, lle tla 1I 3;'.. 2'ISSI, The 00'ovitg r .e of graild.o 0,000 and I';t1 ' pirla, , 1 1 a , 11-,010 20. IThe ooi lluro Isii' b io ,in 0"n 0l0o oa Johit llo.I ;, . It lIIl.'u Itol Io cil nel.ll r lf t o('olp -rele, 11 2f 5 . yll 78 . lt l - 9, 00 22. The qa lllor f r| 'rulr t 'Ta I sar tl. 1d m, . 16 1, hI etlldd by ,lel pomu.fe, Jucub aIll 1owa0ld tr e , 500 23. 'Th' lnlq e ery buihdnl , o J00 i rl.l , 00 nex. fI h tIe ct0I, r ol 1 ala..1 le1 3 llllo i 01111g anhpokero , to having .byi3 ti., , 9,000 slreet. '6 oots.,holu.ded by llwar ,111 I 0 slchure ~5., The siIire ll t r,,ut ,0n I 0 bery s1' reet, a td an o I Ol0clv l atrlortlt t11000 26. 'l'h . 1e01 re I 0f g rot nd o n A opllo n street,2 2 0 00 10 7 of ti, Ollated by White a1 tl yelp5 23 . T .-o e Ilartoll of grood II o I elll p ll ell freed',n. d t. ot ,110 t bonlnllloaed by Jaco, .0oi,. and fler+i 'hore ste l . 8,00I 29. Thele ger I ihor o od olin h a dtn oo, d o ,) . fJulia 1tree, d I."ol. l lolg lth lot fy t ll Ca tp teet, haviog l5 hy 7 o f oet 8,000 30. The lquar, of ground ,n "l'haIlia.. street, i d n,. 0(l' I G hues, hoalded hy Jcllub, Solis ad iolllttfllle f tlr el . . . 7,00 31. "l'ha sqare c ground on hal9 ai .Istreet, .d1n. aIlll doqlll' llro o 0hl 01ll, 1. 0 ad Al pl.ller 00 . . .. . 1010 34. The Ittfre of grolund .doO TNolpstc. ore yeel,, :id .ll. tl o I foutn1 lollDioed y .ti,', ,autlS I anad 11 el0 l ne Il ree) 6,0oo0 l 3l. 'IThe lot of q ngrtound o lInloL troet, 2, MO . I5rIter ,I f elpaed b 111 tru , 3el, bIy 127 1 flea0 l' , . 5,5000 I "15. The Pquere ofl ground no Mlelrr.e sLteel ,ld lo a. 9 lot-, bouded by Ih oard, Jn. cob and felicity treelx 5,500 J36. '1 he lot of ground ln New L lles s lo 11 l, 2I in. next to tI e cor erof ulobin strete 3 by 105i I . .' o 5,50 I37. IThe -quart of ground ob Til0 a street 5,0 2dI in. 1f 18 huts, b nlundd by Clara, lutnxel, n--iltrli ppa ele nlrel550 38. 'I'he lotr of ground an New I eve streeth 5, 2d t. br ine lhe 3d lot froml ubin str..el, hav ins,_ 301 by 105 feet 5,000 I h.lelpumeae streets .4.1,0110 411. The lot of ground oI( Novadea start, 2d 2] havi.g, 31 by 1"-7 Ib, t . . 5,000(Ie It'Esllls strlel 5,000 e......... y ...v CALDWE[X , OAKEY g&o PRiTCiioIsr A CALD\VEL~rL, OQAKEY & PRITC RD.B .%'eor O )c~ins .ing. 3Vtl, 1839 Irrrcp·. °°° rrpir ahtll r 43. The pnrliot of a alire of go and no T'holia rrelr,2d at. of It lote, hounded by n aune, and Clara strellets, and otlher pro perty . . . u- i S h40. e lot of omand forming the earner of At Apollo nusd l'rpesa:hure etreeto, 2d n ofle by tea 1271 i.P 47. 'rhe equie of grountd on Thalia idit -2d tIt. oft15 los, bounted by MAuael,Cltra pld Ie'olicity tree ts 5,0 48. ihe two story brick nlours ant lt aso 00 Washinglon eueet,city ofl.fyet)lle,being.l 10 fees olet Chippewa street, aneJ halnrt 4 Iool fronlt by 001 leent in depth o .. 49. 1'he square lat grunl in Thalk ewies, 21 nul. If I los tu,ounded by Martin era IMlpp nlelne sltreelt end Eagl avurnue . 0 511. 'Toe line story Itilding and lot of iaroalld on Nyadee nesree, lei llg Ihe :3d lolt fou Terep. nicltert trereehaetng32 I)y 127 Ieet 5,010 51. 'The qutco Of tgroundl in Erraso otret,e2c nf. of 13 lois, Ibounded by Mrlin and 'Thalia lin ntrrel,ond l'.lagle avenno . . 5, 5ri. 'T'he lot ofelround on Apollo ietectd m. lo I s'itr thle reldlentte of J Field Erq.j l'hicg ll r 2tl lot from Terprichere blreetl, anl aviog - 32 by 17 itert 4,0100 5:1. 7'lh equare ofgrounl c ErrAt stoerree, d Ill, of 10 lot, Iouundc.d by Engle avelue, Tlhalia aI ndWaltlnt urreets 4,00 54. A Iot of groundon Apollo stroet, 2d cn. rei.g thle 3d hul frotm l'erpslcltore street, having 3.2 iv 127 foet 4000 55. A lot of ground on Apollo street, 2n m. lIhlne tlhe 4111 fn.m 'I'erlte ioltororre ltr hlinagaa by 127 1,- et '. 66 51i. A lot ofground onl Victory street. 2d II. hlettg 26 by 1112 tette adjoining rite Jul forminig Ih ' Cl grn r ofd'Eng he tell nret 4,000 57. A lt rel gruuud 32 by 17 f'rt, being the e11 erI faotm ittle which forls lhe corner of '1','rpe'hore sleet 4,90 :l. A lot of ground one Apollo atreet, 1t by 127 Ihrt bring thelndo Iot lronm lel liehl ..n ie1 ' orter e &r.M1eotcce onc,.Fd t. 4,000 11. 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A trilunglln requoareofgcrou'ndboundedL ty Clio ,oce n pruce streetsl 10W, A triangular sqtualre tfgrou.n hound h Ic , by Peaer endl Erratu treets 10. A trialngularu toem cI'ground hoapded Iy Calliope, Pine and Euplhrosytla .lr ass 6 107. A Itincllclnre eqluro oflr enud,4 gldo ty Mploluand Yenn Ultreota . " . 9,370 prizee I shore eaneb an Light ala Bllklng uomlpany stck, at :'O ll* N 20 plrizee, 1 shre each Mereaiius', En e hln nee aIa:k, st $7 5t3- . 177 ptrioe,, share ueach fkeen tuntuuate comIpanytioll ck at $50 $ 1it itrize.,I shareeach Merchnn'a lnsura.n. coultly Floek. at $30 I": 46 prizes, I, E-ehangse Boseo` . peno otuckh ne t50 '" .u iil 30 l'rizes. I klhr Le -nh P+.nolmci~t~ll~ II..,l , -,,,Irny itm0 k · lt I00 . 'I,.I L Ilreinel I ebhrn o eh, Wesrlrtn Ma4riso god Fjre Ilnsurcawp golepqtnr stokck, at M M0

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