Newspaper of True American, September 26, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated September 26, 1839 Page 2
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' ý sandetriisC Ctlfr .c t ; - 'utsr..rW.. t.od; C Td q., . ,a.. 'J.A.. A.Made , eq. at. .+asiwQ of AJ /asle for. 1113 '. ick, . ; .-onltp . Ltericrlt, t t.mmck; A hijalt Fink, ý"~ ." •. ahlltaTsnI, Wlliamn Hlcikinas, to cl1 HytJe, Jr. P.A.-lhardy. d o a c h im -h o m. , - Malil cgutll caiie. . f - r-. re OtLae.rn Mailia losed every day at 10 ": + o_'k& c Idrduev, r neay at4 P. . . tLa-. i rail (via a'ovinaton Ln. icloaed Orverv . ., ..iadls anl Friday, alt bo'atrcht, A. Al. oaliV aScy ueaday, Tl'haadn, and Ondantry, at15 , Ln Leniteelle or ' Mail in eloPard everry bhMn dab1, W'.needay, and natmdnv; at . P. M. "Is tent a rl.rllrd by nteaoatbis. Arrives irregulnrly three hBeyay Sara or Coante MAil is ccce I every * Tasndaiaad Friday, at 8P. l. Is sent and rrourned She. Alexandrin at Red River Mail is sent irregu S .1# by leaetnhoat ltwce a W.eek. SLousVILLsE OR iIYVER MAIL, Mondja', ) SWednesday and ' Close at 8 o'clock, P. MI. COAST MAIL. Sat radyd Clo.s aatR l k.P M. CA K ROLLTO1' N HOTPL.. siJ AULD ha the honor of infor;.ing i,+.fle pand the pitlie ill geatral, a nt hi has tokeno the 'Hos. at tartinllemn, where hon Irst khc aill receive Iuh mcall ot hil old frinda otl nall lovRTra of cold clher. Private fnrtiea t'ill ie httnolaotely po.d ldd for by *: f|.ltilittle n4 iice hfotenhanl. . te ia willincg kI enter itomrlraemntsta a italh Failiet or individuala desiraus * efpaeelcg the aulmlta I tttrtoll.on, l2t0 SNOTIIt'E. M r. Arrttaage cnl to tc lmenee I st A ute tg 1839. NEWv ORLIANS & CAtloR)IToN RAIL ROAD a.MaEai ARk4noaaINTa FOR TE WaEEK 1ATS. O Perom Carrolln:ona I a. os ew Orleoan Ilore Carat 4 o'lueok A. 1.tIlore Car at 5 o'chaek, A. M Lo.ctoltive 0 ' . "i loaive 7 ' " t . . .. t a .P S " .~P.M Pi 'The ears an. i l .lt ,ra ,nt I att,o;,is nstsiae weaek day. verty hoalr, ntil t o'ul okl, I'. \d. aund .ew trlena e1 c y hour selil 9 o'.lek,'p. P I. Ater '0 o', I.t n t hirt , a raean he n tnhtrd hy l.ilala 5 dal. ltarefor theTrip i'.lltt farrafter t'Zu'clrok, P. tll dol lar wll Ie lllrot ed. PecraoustOlmn t , the Ston Co.r .atL provida tlle.lrltce with TlckcLt as 'cl ft onotot,.r ontivec dirtcit~ ,n ut to receive hioues in Ift,, therelo'. For the i.ololl lnOll tof iersons t.uting Ctorolltn. in alt a o'claot t the titat :.t. hete n 't I' lft C trrollt l tt t'stlock. otiS'r,.,,tl . Ulltil It! outIE'<. thaereby nat Iong tiem ile hourto i.ty thl , ti ,ll I' l' ont I ofe at the mU.L Saetisfl Oarde in at th o Uited Statt. THE JACKSON ANID LACOI!RaE STREETCARS Leave lle ht.l of J.acksln street n t l oI'lock, A. 5., Canll - des nt n at no n' nh,,: lll t.ou hoollrly: At ,,',o:lok they will · mno t lnen r It r P l eav c ,It o1d e ry haII Iloilr, tlntil Pl s'elock, P. M XlIcIaIL' tha ill ol4;e of tnvill, t nan eal ,treat at 0j o0 alok, the tcr will t nve llro tl 0 t 'uio .ck I'. M. tl iotcnaorlyt rcqueatel that gtennren will not put thelir feet uaoll tle e.lchintl, or smoke il tie cars, whlou Ladies are prlellt. Omea New Orleonls anlld Carrolltml Rail Road Compnay. JOlIN IIAIIPSOON, July 26th t3. fChienf tlg. N. 0 4 C K NEW ORLE\NS CANAL AND tANKING CO. rlllE Irtao AteotbkOt Ritebecta wi i leave the lajin "1 at tle hIeard f Ihu Noew CltO evera dayr (extepI Ilondays) for t.le Inke, is ,lluorws: t Depart at 5 A. .IJ Return at 8 A. 9T. O t A. M. j " 12j P. Al' a 2P.M. 1 ,, 4 P.M1. " 541'.31. 9 P.PM. And on MONnDAYS: SDeport at t10 A. SI. Return at 12. P. . 1aA'.L 1 . i. Nlew .Irrangremlent. NALSII1 LIE RAIL ROAD. Thi Lcutostive w II ruu It ise Great Prairie; cum menaciug n thbe 5slth los. is hfadows: 00EE0 DAYS. Deparsurs,. Return. AX [ 0 A.M. P.." 6 P. M1. W oanDrY. IV La Bashlle'ls IRvou. oLa rancul.s 6 . A h1 9 A I 12 AM I 2 P1 oJA Briauches 4 P M 6 I'. 1 JASMI:S II. ('ALIWEI.I., SI ..1 a2lth,1A'19 J|PI'reFhslont. Llrar \V.Ia ; u-Ls s:o,, II sly by l\VOst, SI,.tor Seohr Rirliard. Galvatna. oer . s ots 'Tow sts Shark, Tl. 1,,l'flr N I, ts,. having low.a to l.i A I|ri . tlal i arli iti ud. inl, IIo a. ltao sm l es Tow hoi Arlli r.1Pa alYe from tle Isl..a, wilho brig S I vadorll op hlr W,' Y.le: rsfraro nolil o w,. Tow las·rt Il l.. II. so. a1 t al sa..on, hs -i.g tlap lowed to uas hllip sll rllal It la bitb y witlh Isll5 Tilny n .nd br• i Mlaoil. " elf, ii N J ',r• e II tile alJ iull.t. Reports nlolllillg lisslh. e l, O llFulo s, Rson I so Intr. Towaholts'tl,sar.aPron,, fron sheiNE s, hay i towed St iPhe I. " Lorss Lrol. W ls a ...OI .lliI ll... Pl. r n thed Sd ioo. I saalisslton higs. Bhr S aelloltol SilaIl'..d aIos K.OI Vt ta) I aslter. Slip Arablla;iu=oYr'.37 haysa rom Bo.tun, atL io powder bouei Brig Mail, srorol, 12 day. fromTurk's Ilalld, to the o.s. 'ter. Ship Rus.ia. IP'iot. from Ibiverpoop "tTh July, to A 8 Iar Ship Veslyssan. \i'lll.or. a 1 daye fro5 l a5 t.5 n, to the inll ter. Ship Toy, Woud.31 days5 ao1 S Yoahk. toI Peter LNsd. ulstnmFr snna 'IJlrdln.h from . i th of Onlo. I 'eamn er Fr \\ eI. A1.Uhnw.. il' Iiule it.oek. Chsrlou..... ...... I.' 8 . s ,,lalsli;'- ..17 N.". ork do. ....o.... s In sslc all, do ......... * Piladitltl i do...........117 Lotaiul eo I. : 'do........ . 7 t. II , uasasunh. do...... . * 15 flsaspusl Juto ..... i5 lllius is (Tl'o..) July ... 31 Puri do ... . " S tat ol. B ens t .... do t . :3 , I I d o ... ....... I 5s55.uiA Ag ....a I2 , uss1s da.o F(Jdc'I' uP+ NI FV fltIIF \ S. CLEAIANCLES. 25, IR3. Ship Cmhinrt, I.innnil. far ~iverpool, L It (:stn SIip Pnh,,,, 4.hbb. 1,- Nw York; A Cdr.4 Shi p Car'Ine, voplnil.I l lurtja. J R M.-ti fib, Wa.1, With,, Dup1nlc. El .nn, A Capdv,4lie -A I)IVALS. 11.51 25. 1 39. Tow boot Pnrpniia.'Drvi. from the 8 W lies, h··viag (nr": "d to*d4 h. r . r,,I., rtly .,.,f 1n to"n wll'41, ..b,. GEE WtL. er. Harriet, Naiad and 91,v -hlr Roeuilro. RI.llorts uotkin.ll ,chrG H Wette., Il:PIl:O,, from TIn, pI,4 611, illl,) t J 0,-Ill, . 82)1 Naiad, Wi)'i114,, ti d)ys 44 n1 lial)lfl)ln, 4) ballad to I &hrIgj'.lr Hn.igiug., p EE..ll.1,,,4,, toJ R'.4e c& *4.5 1(14441)4l·, . ,)ru4 CI..Cp.ay, in balla.d, t 1111 YtorITr, rtie l.)lnvi3, Il,4Ipndri l Sulnanler Ihllrlo Raul.. ýrI e.: k fin lilylO Sara 11444411,,4 Washington. 2V s.unarr , fn, .I 2(1).S - EX PO., T- 303TER0..... .111. r hip (:.bilngt 23,, 44 I bl.t Ittoo. NEW YOR K.. Per P uthan..Cua"- l'67 hair, cnlon 921 pica 45 .Than. 4 t 4) k 22a ank 2 1,.s,,,d 7 h-- ,n Illn I·llnlllla. 5 Ilnlla venal Il" 4101 444 te, 4 l ,3 Ill. II 4,4 I tIhe.·, tea11k MAVANA.: r.,.sl:hr )Vnrr Wilsl..Crg. 224 lIs etnwll,,. I St'OIt'Gd, TAIPPICO., 1n, ,,)li II Wetltnn. Cargo,, ru31 ir~ s (5,7114 Il.2 ;1414ic *AATAGORD \--Pllr·err llrriel..('nl·:o ljilalcrcoltag'\V D Larua. 51 !l0 J Iteead ELECEIE'T4"y 0£) l' EIOUCE. Ahand, l4i. 41r t4114- TI'4lc..C r., ,196bals rat26 n r ldS)4),h6 Tbomlln,, ll d.o.Al Whit,. cIH 131111, `t.. t""rd« IS I. o. P o A n 1d \1' Flu,4-,304 T Barret, 1I Ipx· mdrn S'T~a ay Mayen Snri..Prr steamelr Metal Ronge,.C,,Eo 53 bale. sEEm,, La.mI,,11 J'ITp14,.,n.. t.In ,,'Ga nI and,4,,,,er, 'IS t " V Ada01' Who,, 1.37:l do f"'lay a co. 'J94. Prslel,, Joe.. t i en. d o A .4 a. roI. l ,l7~ SI Lre I 7l)Wr.loer, &9 do R0,111. , 24 y 11 b,.o, 811'.1 FeIrmau III,,Connor .t Gridley, , da 50001 4 Vno. h,-a. I rhsnmpniglle Barka, t 'f. fllog1,I lox .,d I I tle J It l. u p you'dara.. P slms" W1Ii4ngJW,.Eo ealr,., PPta-EN(i E RS Par~taalner Trc' c--l· W Easlilla, Victtlr Wild nd 8 Pery'ooms R Pyo,',Sar:.M,.p, Luc,,t,, E WIlon, C G WELI. D1444n. I44aga, E Blrn. I1. Lady sId s4rvnt, D Haven . EAIEORANDA d Tah· nnn.r .44l )..t.ws4 I141 ng, -~--r~ E ~ ____- 11_ Vc:F..~l . t~il, .Iii ,t 11.. It )F 1I)EL- J;T*.3 1 by, a IT ., I I4LANUIIAIID 43 146vier 1tr44. p L()!lc(-Il boboo I6 o, 64)s , 4 - .1e I., 51 a _ 7 (4 D1~iI:Y, 14 I4 ew l eveL LOR-VOM~bbla Ne iia lori tr, o uen 14(4 .s 4,, Ii ,II 4111', 41,4. ne4)4e,1. t0 dFIPI:.ITtPf.. ba few doors fro. ('Dual Pil;pO.'e:1)on w gl n*ipmediatelv. Applyo )OVIE 4 (IAV Ih n.21tBI 3 Cam..&l1 V ______5__e_(___09 l c1 n in ttole h 3 s)(1sNid by . 14411" 44CKew I441 *Nr(NK I1(EKA--A ,, is,(.ire ofop s aI, 44. 4 M· diillll dentIY mud any L,1(1uk Looks IduleiUr I .441ml~' recrlved and 1r *i 1. by it A UN0-}1:,41.9 Campnt an 4w PaleI1I by A TRI1iER, , e. il myJ TS 341(:ravier. l 444 Ir U7 ' ___________ A 14TIE 1141 'IlE' TRU AMRR1OAN. *l 3 tl ? 2C-I-_ a1 AN. rAITiotL AND BDOW." *fficlal Journtl of ttir 21 tsunclpalltj. Daily, Tr-Weekly & Weekly. I t. gs t a I. A n: 'HUIISDAY', SEPTEMIBEI 26, 1839. REPORT OF CHARITY HOOPlITAL t-Yesterday, 2-thl Sept.)..16 admitted; 14 of yellow fevser 3 deaths up to 8 *'clock, P. 0t. CoTTox.--3,598 balts of Cotton have been received e i this city from Sundayp up to yestetrdy evening at 6 o'clock P. 1. We have engaged a n oew collector, who aill wait upon those indebted In lus.oand we hope withll scens. Our subscriber snhould take into consideration, that. ours, is a cash business, we have to tay ensh llr our paper, ourink, and our workmen must have their earnings on Saturday night. We have been inrlnleent, nouch too indnlgent for our interests; we are noiw in want of moIney anil a lage ount is due in small sums, touch of, it for a long lih., 'Thl steamboat Colunmbia is not off yet,and it appears srattler doubtful when slh will got off. This omay bIt fine ulin for the agents of the lboat, as the roso said to the hbys,hut it is, if not death, at l. a ts oset grievous in. Sjry to the large number of proenges wtho have bher Skept wailiig these five days. B ane lies nsomewhere and the guilty should be exposrd o t the merited indig. - ntion ofll Te''xians, and tlhose w ho trae with our sis ter republic. We have been ifourmed, and are inloined tn believe that a mnjolitY oI tie stockhollers, io'nlmbert, if inot in shares. t, w lre patftly soilinso to settle the dillcu Ity I in sol manner, as to a lltow of sile boat sailing. 'iThat ,s, dissatis8i-d as they were, and are, with the colldlc of tihe gents, they t roposed that it disilltresled person aorsuld be appuinted to that office. This ofll r was de clinell. As Itolle general meri s of tihe case, althlough we have beew in'+rlled, perhaps pretty eloretelly in r. latims to to ter, we t ill say nothing for the present, as the allir is underlotle u judicial ilves'ligtlioun, Und an ex pos. will problbly he pstblitshed. TtIE..TItu.L.t-In Nesw York Il lheIn than six Thea. Ires are now openI, and nightly crowdedl . The receipjts Iof the housts vars ing .outn $9101 to $1500. The Palk, hie National, and the Ilowety are coming money'. At Ihe laler sons,' ay tile New York [npers, thernlciplRa if the wek yhave beau itmo ense. Celeste hln proved a "sure crti." antlli was weltotled t n ttsllsoldy night i ai imlner tlha at ist ve leell highly gratifying to her feelings. The pieces in wlthichl C'eleste has appealed during bthe week have been St. alry's Eve, the French Spy. and the Wept of the Wsth-lon-wish, in all of which her acting heia fully ustaiined ihr Ligh rlputa ti,,tttand iludd exeelled any of her previout i eflhrts. Why is it, that in New Orleans this most intellectual of all amusemelts, is so little patronised. Because no have to many billiard rooms, ten-pin alleys and tippling shops. In New York, the theatrical season continues the who le yeor, whilst in New Orleans, it cannot he said to last more than four months ; fstr although the rthealre is kept open a longer little, yet generally afttr sMarch the mannger is nightly greeted with empty bpoxes. The steamboat l'Iche arrivod yesterday and brought the melancholy death of our much esteemed fiiend and fellow citizen, G;ener.l Franci Gainsnie. i It e flll in a duel wilh iGen'l. Isionier, t snator s from Natchltoches. They fought on Wednesday the 18th iner., w ith rifles at 40 p ces. The ball of Gen'l. Bassier passn d through the body of lGcnral iGasnnie, immeiately over tthe right hip. Bustier received no wound. T'ihe cause Itf the quarrel rose out of tis e murder some tnesinoei , ol l young Sylsester Rochal, tIhe iend of Gainnie, by the clerk of an apothecary in Natchlitoches. By yestcday's m.alil we eeiveld about one fouurth f outr exchang i papers. New Yorkldutes of the 161h, and I hiladelphia of the 171h Fromt lllOIt our latest pa Iersn are. f 3d 8 ptember. ('aol any one concerned in the Posi (,fle.,, or aluil Ilepartmelnt ive us a resnon for this. The oern r, papers htve relehld lse wHih the Isame Bliutos illPss, fr tho InPsl two or three mlonthls. 'Th papers do inot (otitslin on wr l of eas. LSe erol I.iverpool and Ilavre packets had arrived, but of turs, s withll nlicip ttedI dates. The U. S. aunk oh o k lyhaid lid d t par in New Yo'i, lla't the closinll of lht. : Id on Sont'irday thel 14th. T'lh c, srse ia+ explainoed in etlacneta fllm the New York and sl 'hial, a phi,, pipes,. ''le excitementt in rsalsion to ithle Artistead, haid very much sbisided. Business of all kidts exsntesively dall. " The hIaltl, of" our city cnt'inues t b)uht the stame. Thae ha kteeshastaMantted omewhbnt, b.t a chsnge ;n the weather, which in, while ac e writitn. thre:ateaing a o storm, may produce an ulnavornhlh: challge. Thiere in o imapr t nill , 'il aisaB ill otur city, and a ttmoeny ie teso ing daliy tre diltiatt tttoiile at. We t'- n <onhoeF(neller ochnge for the b, tier. ntil w\e have a ferst and olar rnlawy dtllemi ci iznll retlrn, which we cannot hope fur ulltil the Isl t Nlovember. U l. S. Bank Shleek.-- the lauisinanian nasertel, in i noumber of yearerlay. thIat Ihe U. , Bunk etock wash a Spar. Now tith is in direct diree t contrat.ition to all a the papers frum New York and I'hiladelphia. The SNew York Era, of he 14tth, Ih most violant Loco Fouo . paper in the Union, anlouncese the fillowing sales as having take, piance on Ihe 13th. 2o 139 shales, 1i05 250 " at 5 days, 105 50 " on itt, 1(15 100 " 3It days, 105, 100 " 30 days, 1( 44 Inl oar last nunmer we stated that, "U. S. Bank stock in 'hilahtll hin hadI gone up to 10ti."--Fur thIis. we tr were tlakenl 'o task, hy a wild Loco Friend and subscri o aler ol ollrs. Let us see whether we wrere corlect or nlo, in olr slat.ement. iThe Pttli.eiltit Nat. Gag--tle, oa Ihe 14th, quoaesa Sale, 3.3 shlares U. F. BL:tllk,'l'oTeda, fl 0o, 105j 2 Jo " UGA The Unit'ed Staney Gnzae~t, 14t|h- t J tin . a.les 131th, srshim U Banik n oedaada., fla'n 106) aaeeta ltebttnta t.. nti1('ta, kti it i Nulth Amlo eric , , Ia- e'--1 Sales 13th, 25 rhnrea, U S Baink, Monluay, fla, 10ti c S 15 do I{61 Now we havent t nt inqt.otdt, nor neadt an anor.,elI ar:elnalt. Wten.e da,,eslh ttt. Igiiarian oblain iha-u llorlty tttr ltlllg ltatl tt. S. lnnk rta rk was at pai rt I atIlliaoi ttattte Lantt.-ti t her tttt Yoa k Titin.rtmtaot es aty , he ti tee be atnltiteken gr ,kr , r atatt I'\Vm. learn a t ht ,' x-(i ,,v~r llr t'Vldd+ n"I (;nI l ' e an fl Ilrt sot.d n atIaIti.e t Ike aentrialanayat Smre nie*n ra h e i br en and on r urd ",nythe hnatee ta!L, i tt....... t......hen n ,ttwii. .. l.. . kl agthie aaisae dteet th ae n,,ait I I,, Ie r ' er h +o, +l~l + IceIII(II. ·(illOIPI~ < n fllC~ yllElRI'III a d will ee s inbhhr Io Ctlllltltlet hert wt lrket I i' ttltlll, l iele h, Or-¥ce llel lL . . . . -- - " " Ih a antTIaI ntt. VttI. ttirr.e--ltt. ,lhtwine ar tlhe remirk antOslnatear. ill a rltlcl.4 l tee 0-1* IoLL inlllly uink,, F ereaneh ataitettti(nthe ndnn,, a Tikra Ii.ntagins line ttanoe ,Alericin tlttaraeltr sec, Ire. at qIelllly tlot.++Pd hv tmrv.·lltr , Oil wh)idl [ +I I I'all, I-~n I w tcllo n, a d:r . an e nltiaervtl... I ,lh,, o an n ., , tatlelal witlltwtct Ite, Aht ,i.e .t...... Iaretad l'ni .alft Wrl ertl. Is trxiPlltl.D(:e 31111 revllrlele I al ;" tlll I al11 h, verty tur Ie al VlP eetll ii t t i i ii|. seqlllle ile t ItI, t lte in tnele annttlladersit,lla whticta ,v, tln sat eetrt ilt tt b~esto+++edI UplI it--hi trl~lth I klllw tI) Itn' II1 III Jill I . l n ut htO e ell n ll ati el t,, h a t. i att n ea, , i, te t li , mievtrtla.ell t ltritle iie a t r Pr h illt hlata ".'rnnue". i aT lotres d Ioti a lll ll tarl , o ll attti tlwe sat wllicl| l.llr llneqlilllIIPII aIICll U rl lrlt II~rT I)[P er . p llft is I nI -eellrtll; i ,rher i ttt r I h tturn dona et nh o lit .tttttettee t, ttt tittllllla i.nenath, IIn; ite r areechnl, Iit 8 ~ernsdae lt(at "lhre al L ead iaa c tathega* tate g 1anatta Ian, diaind at o ia n in a "' ntrttr -Eae. tls ' eidsie 5 sa t .\lrl l' ii ", l ItJr |elm llUallZl.. oslilt1saetket,e,!ses tttn;, 'e~,entlataeeit.;'bln leaneati ttelt~ capienitatenta.Inteal,s ..t Iarns-- r " I ch ejrateallrett hieae~tf is gtgnaen e.e rlat lnee. .niaal a tg R CIe literaaur no t tteeraaeiv ,e I raittll r t, a ti, te t I S fastice s , ttaaata.e! eIahte i r ltte at itt hela tas IV lle lcbpvl I hu .p ¥+ l1 IrP rlle cP( : IllP HlallrCIIlit~iEal~ll-pi + cii]+l Il~)lleP),H €+ ', ie Nsnlet mase asgn ahaetig""esm 'ltn"ask nI than Cat detttdttaatha,eeu lte ne l .ta liat e {(an i ll fl will *rrlll+e bir ,.hlr+lll~ )' ill t +r lld anr ov r~ Iull tlhenai11nt \Iwluclh lln I.Pjol tel g 'Inl iruu c rnal ._1. vl ly le t~lm~l.ll+, ~ llh~lh d°'+"'h· ie 'l'h. c~s |,re:|s'It Illy V II-t'l e~llllel'l t[)Pl il. .hlthl |.tl~i re.Illr oAlls ;+ "|ras dts I la nllp a Ca E,e kt.|l ke, so I~t as a Lacellanlo|,,,,hn ca|+ | + A |llelutcnn. a,,,charll..e nrdip,l hvI.I- rv,l 'rs u in wl+I 'ci VAIIVWIIni tlI |tIIII, "E~lrQer qM,., idcri," a~rid J ca ·nhlP.. IIP,rstcne. e.I |he .ob r~rlae .,me+ al |r mmat,.n~lo'Pa 7q if1 1 w,,j-i 1.III FOI· * bmr' lc lll BIh,,.idl |. pr..,+ tff~ny ~c.,o,,Iy--pr,+I1 d .f ( t. ,'o ?, .-r- [ '. rea Pllelirfi---~fi+ llt(.rPylfl~rat- rlsre~ll_ fit+nu /i cll i.Pntr~iper+, ood filr.'+tp, .llnr Ib ellry -rli I1 i~le Irpsnd /I' + ·Ihouhl | br· €)fits w Irdly ei Et(IPI.e o. ll .I5 ilellelP nllld ,lf h.+ ;in|er.. lralbe """' Ury of ta hFru o |' .dl falher and G6mnd,+r! /I ae ¶NOV+ |glirlh wm.|. *'an" iv+- Iho e' iiram n "- .. / olel ........nlllu re .... .... ,,e o,+.+nu ...,rr.:- oo. C" " I ' .. " ,* I S"AvA AN l, S ep .17. . FILO0M ttOlgtDA. S- $ the ateater.Flerida Capt. Nock, ne yesterday reerlt'd the Fgoe Florida Advuocate of Saturday latr publiushed at Jaekdnville. "J AorOtvl LLE, ept. 14. MOgREINDIAN NEWS. A gentlmenn direct from Middle Florida intonrms I' tint ott 28th ult., While a party of reguitar attarheld-to e Poet near theSuwennee river, oere eaested in httile ling a bridge about two inilc, hroe tihe Fort, they Werr fired no by a party of Indiana, (toe number tiur infi'r nnat did not know) ad six of their nutmber killed. iThey werer. ndrr thle ceollmnd dfa oergorutr, we I was amonlg the elein. Thry were relliedrby a Iprivate, anrd althouregh inferior ie poinr fn ouned, re to heir eavageirn, - usceeded in beotior the Iltrdiea' beek, sod ecurine h ilheir deadd and rwounded. Six f lter numbter.,lt.lnte.r. etl ealel a tttdotttt nl d retrlenld, ithe lndiienl )ttrtrrt5. entd iriog u thotelrem. 'the oeeleed.'dll, hoeer', ifn gttillg to tlile Iort. lrlrirlyn " rt rt in tehe Ilirerrr tie tl rtnl' It the tltle dirtonro e. "The crlltllot t ofthe re, - ldre in rit ihrbu: er b eoc rie tn gcagctote. i.i olut t.- Iave t ePn eery brave a.lld orldier like. TFteetr tr I,u lhdli. 6 Wot oere seen to full, being borno Af by their eorlpll. The ainkitg at/lfy --In itie nihl f orte trI, nofJuner lhe ilhrtllrlalll l elie vil age or Frderowk were awa bened b- a lurIre lIt.OnUoa note a ndt sa ct Iofrerl .qttHke, whilrh gave it itotent hictk to Ull trl irlifrllgOS. g11o ralml nllthie clnorn of llis ha ,l le shick Abev hot er td illlll tha steret tni sr r to thP tr terrtr It at tie lole rvmiy i rllel wi to', of ire ioume ere ei'rattd irr bheomPe Iotetrd frottll he fl rt te tttntrin ; ft thotI tlh Rletllk eonidteratiro; ad woas cdlrllt.Ig Ill wardl thi gt.l, t. '.re errlr it lroe prer e.,lt war extroell ellrll It iey .lo IIIe. w ole rte ntti tg o i nd Iballl tile I of hIeir IiO t FI werle tossend tI, whil e sme e crrtrk ldown. Illrl lort littme hirt were ftlrned Ion tlialt pllrlken elrf llce. e itevmt all d rfl lmar le s , allnd br ad and very reulur racks, whith gatve it rile appex.ree roft terroe.+lte+ twe refie a Itt mn t arllet or rsmall laker, hills bud nriten ade th elrevaled stlto lt. Iet I r lime tlotr,' filled witl water to well or htil.r crch. 'lhlo nndulntug Inotlion go f tit-f grht. nd oldlud oeventvl IwO hour., after whii:th it grrrnlly ceeed. Oltre rilt;, PVPetV hIreu.ea ale dnoaoeed, o.tIt are totIll dreoltrov eli: altoterll teceellar c arc fill titp. 'I ltnfieldusrdl kilthen tnrPens t whie h i ere neaurest Ie to ite unllti olld etltrtl(ie llltv I itiler op 1iorn the villt e. l ar e rare - fered amost tol'al[ iinlpp)i"ty~ no ersons hake Ile i" ell. I)orilthe r fho et-tftih Itie eactoalls i iiveli are ornuo Oit: thiey are norl'o hli rllll f g Io rtlllr lilne irrrr.t, 'ITte sinking rf itll e Uclco iraie nodrarholf+ long an e2,I1 lrrlrs broria. It o III1t VPet klhowr nwf litr Ir vell.ry Iras been rh.ved lirw, rd.L-/la..burg B'nuco Inalle. Gltass Wlotks atr Sndreirh, leaerarle.ets.-T.'Ire ynrs li nd bllltdllltt o1t Itoti1 It .tl h llll.l id e ( Ce' e OTE t r firoUld. It elllltll, t o itter o io ted stdi rwe tt*ivtL h w"kllmell, wh, ithr tllleir IAllalie', oecupy hoU dwilin; boll e l use. trt p r t 9 ( w o ll l. o r i,3v00 tru s ;red ie-t,.T 11t11 ,Ail) pounds. ; i+ 'ln h, 4,1 l,00 +(i oh. .,Anl pielr, 0,fU d 0Il,<lundl:. TIh ,. coea. s c ,i~ P',:J n . f let. I fttril r tol, ,t-,0 td.l. oe k x t, 4i and IO0,iO0 Iush I efs fc etltum to n o. t dl. sevenh, tores tI Intot allltlrr are ool for ickinghi Anne llladoP-r. 'l, tolntoUlr Of glr as rto w narmaacnlto'rl, to $3!:0 i OI ll 'er lllilllm ;si i ,,le e o t , i , i to silly ooh, r w an . tU r tl1 oll o r Ill m ttlllrI trlr, o t eirl tI oI e i o ireol Ito itt ttiritt rtiu of hrtred tio frrnt the r teern enr- t1 ine, i tll rl lm r llrtl rili. r. t-m t ier, . rr r fol rr rei sIhiti .1/0Btnrt is -alt, , andallte t1 ie ashIes is bletoohed, , 'to t eri ri'h cat Itc i.:s la d ilent thelll Aucrr l +int g tu the el ll it m iby this st t i.]l'a Ou PCeIIInIII v, llith csl earied Ilt l;gi every de terlloeo., iti suiCieut Ito Iay a Ihlndoedilledo/dend un Ithe toack, lt'ooiden Paeemeatn.-\.vorkeu, are onow cngnged in pavlr r lr stree, hetw-ir Vetnt rhu anWo d prut't ,. reelts wittyellopinre w lirecks. sinilar t Iltse uoed it Walnut srheet. IelWeenI ock Ilnd I Iterd,ond w alreo leuron tilt Sruct otreet. herc beet 'nTent AIII Eteventhrl, is oho ounl! tu lie paved ill tllu smle ,fnlier, Aorth Americ cn. It onother colultn will ie fliouni ont extnnct fter ite Jourllal ntf .u lller l.e, , tiOlllllg II tcrge ale Iofo lr ilunrre.. ohree ol ntlllttrdh.ts Iolank "htck ot,\ew Y tll k , o il n a tlrdn v n ia , rrlll o ll. .,t P A n . T h e e a en in this it c1tyillth. latee little errent,t 11.}, atd otere wit nuth illn wlhch illdtclted co ten ercv to d,.pleciaoioo. hn.New Irrk ir ros knoenoAbut th: rhi o'ted Sare Bnkll Ihi'fuscl odto draw o Enoluod,llot extirogeo e lthen rror to ItI, butllhat coutld r hove rttlliti toe ;tork o u covecly. WOe hote hesrd, hoewvuc, thtl a ht rge amoulnt atihr U. S.IBtrunk rrtuckII.hh bed n hypoth eeicedttNcwl 'Yorkotd ito li ltrItITnIlr, titer eole Otto tanoloerredvor l eethefayetilt for which it was . ecI city.-[V. S. (hoe. 16t11. Newt loRe, Ottdey 1i111, 1'. 11. I'the apiearcanoce t r ntrrt aturcreirtslcedov err morefgIottotvnnd u greatelrcotntcet irrd w dftha('cau6" drineeotciorittor tnno trxlh t ll irth yettrhcrrtd. 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Asa vry alge IalltOl liet ourcirI.auI llla t l liHa ll d I"t l llltn lt .? tvn hl has always lleretloiore cnll ree vre I a d rvery. fw il" i;e " df isctaooo , the. colnftl'iul n dlll pn nrr tsn, 't 'all-de aof n lluglel uur lleah ,all wilh, had C r lv l d tllll le a tlnld tf all ~lg. ad tIl ir l-lcl Ullr tiuy L~ Ia lilt d l Ill wld Warl Illa d nll edl i thelr ll. rl , lr - ir cure trllla kubtr'lall, I t. t a Ill alciti'n , I fI 5lId. c3r t 'II l)C(Ilrlera'a an III Il.~lal Ia~· 11· tIC·L IIV· C~l t ; la IIaka 1 aV Inllo n le . t I a 'l l nt 2 ) , llctaa (k 11 v," r flip r u qU l nce o1 u I u,-r+, - tr..f nee.1' lhe c,.u nut - i 11. , •,I r fe N. T"urk satlay ivt d Huns,, n-w uthdue' . art. I),' revy air., nL-en.n, w 'na ioamr1 b ,'. fie .fit n,.d . | ,,lh t ,ruh s, ly hlie Ie lote- fni'ot cl a' -m .I h a Irlt i rla ia..ce l l llisill ,r llalnd ld ns Iir 1, ns d aral i, filr tcelpal entallsahal a hl s. l i d meat l lllln d11111-r l III 1111111 I a kl alrrr.cuhI i u ra ' I a h lnre ctcole a xa l . lJ ir, the IlC l ul c t lour Harc k - I'Pk PIIIUll 1 tI ' I.1~ IP ITI lilI I I llaarle lcriclnrs ile loI lln t w ill lie vetry poC w. ,he LItllcik t g u dll ul l ull F -I fal e .r wasl dolel hit at n very , Ctilhr1111t llllliang ( lilla Iglad,I. ai) Illrlv la - at. lhuaa . hidc , Ilea.d + raktlate rla.rd, a inaally kle al I" tI 0. A lt r I i dl er, da t ded e o re s lzehSAAt-ne 'id l.t, nai soleswere lllhina elV i larr laill allCm ;+ L )II lla I kascrrl raa rllW rl han I'bm-1 end It par, II1 ing l d c"' Inn ;to I Ile ri.·euo I- tidily equall :un cl ccsll: ltl . rltllrd. C n ,tl la n i lltlll(l lle nlac e w lrhe cl.aeaalllil r ' aii y 11 llin d ilari a e pellkay Sals Irs l n I t-I5 tamCdI an l 'all , la d I ill now e g.lll I lk'll lrllnI llr I.e h.; set era Iar. it ll fouri I trnp¢ Vltrdu.r ts an In~ll-day w..iInhgte su',plIes I g-. ,.id o 'rr avast tut ! hnwute +, ý' ('ul nul . IL.,. la.k fot er In" earl Q eeu oil al lhlllrmdl ilalr r Fll ll nxt. ' ale i ll ns brilll u n Iotllillg lurthelr of anly i ftereat. 1,u ik l n oftllettera l dated as "SAVANNA It S1tL .--rellot dlna rehed here this allllrllill, hv P rthe . l rll llTt ell fro n IIIll lck reek I l orid, lainr llaan la hal se.rall caresalf Ieol Fse ter tllaea , a ld t rWll ur three dealh. I can I voc :or the rlliorreIllea of this repoltI bl t thik it nmo t likely to Ihe corrcl" ke l I t lal ls l . l ll l cllrl llllri o ila yellll aI h d l dlll' a I 'e g ter hi.kI'll ek a i t t l7il; ; fir w ilde. I; ri ' 'l'tlxtl -ui V a nra in ' IIIii like lac It'. n IIa luI ider nlI SOf, lip. ndl i tken it aill r lllh rh ie l.In, wlal l. Is v. u a' It "a like ahhe ,,arnl o l a alill. . t flin .a. . ,r c1r1ue, oIri l p a .l 1111 t vinlsllal.lg tt111 but Il nrull llurr - alll ilke the best f e lllln d r lm anlld ill ul wlll il I 5 ' a nlI ,siirlllmdl tcrad tr ill}Ie right , mt; l pirit ye t otl la l lllr a ala . l rllIIII I ,h llt , l •11 Liln,, ,.r kl'kili',,,r Salit u', fir ruci,' ufl'--re gn, o or rallll ll ack; nudl lh,,l trvan unted nod g ol' ',ar' tiag. Ii.balt, the dil rcu ld t nare a lf balaiaa . I + The ldI ys C te oI ' rrr" aa er '-d,-.,.r., ite L a ,iod lo--'Il, I allxe I is tile d sllflltlllgcr nll wlie ell 1llllnl 61cation Protnl Mr. EI'em ze~r Wa+rner, of IB;leher v.'n. tJ M far, It the l. lsidlare Gaze Iluider lul ur l hcAugut S i"il. k Ianr lll h Ianl mdr rII tle la tl r ( . 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" 0 blluia aIr I W a '0 l lla. /.e I v hle tr II. m hl v uot lne ss and a" ig at d ,+tml .lh is at~ - a +-1 I, l~us n l~th Or' Ir'p lhal,. 8,1d he had her. ,,f._ ' elll r l hIi I tree N llnl lhisa la"l.'r ln l uelll I ha very Illl llllr som~e slo o fi.|f, thtuaxend do/lal which oli.e "e dern.-" I+I|NEZE It ItRNER., Riot in Nlualrenl.-A,.IIIce ill, 1t1 lie b eenCII I~l lft I l. iCalt t 11yJ l h, n a ii I l a I i r h Iaen IIr luyllcr s ll ll lan I fIlt~i - i.ollVII i, cnt i ellhl dIl IaI . i llr dll . lre II l ntitall I N . .n th'd .IIo, . . c ,.lad , t lrra . .n ,o . aser'llc ir-. . ll, j 1 IIhlr Illnllll ih n a i f "il 111 " 1 full llsIn il l ienr 111ine I s A mon-, ,tike Ju P a-.I. E win Atwaer, fio erlo of this v1iciiy,. iol, w reat.. to team, received aseehver+Iw o,, .... Of " -+.av ni ".t i , so en O • v " ner.""+" p .... ... stll, a elll l l llalm (nII ll |nj lsorror, nar : au ru il n Niv¥,--'lhllere is snlne IronlhlP J l ntwesrss. h I a1,d 1 rln.,, n a , sadlu i nec,, un a t's rr..s .mko*.ls Bllard In l ('llaueii v. l lr II was s t . Cha lasinsde'Nlths '.,nn ,..anAl dPe llsi"dgsas dlIsIned,,• i'" IilIlhl,, nIn. Calhs , eLf t oa v illhs, Ihal s a i he o,, s I tr ree.alf l nfa rf rtd, , lh wnte II Is lver5 t ll.e: . plter Iialhnrd. whitch t'! int., the !tolll + ofl 'a r W n" blrake" i l-,en it is saidll1m d e cat1t lllhm in a ~llet. II t pll ln { Int intion I~ l r'le Set-l.reL rv ii. o Ih N av (yii iiiI(. fie Cll eev wan tha s sclllle,'to h,+ve C;oumdhl., ilUlard tredP "hv n 1(l slatherI rnarllt. This wns relfuZ d, anal his papor sent rljn h a kk ,w ish u hll er in lim a liig tha t n d u e l w ou l ld . ... s in ¢ the _uUilsn-.- h.... llplI" Mr. ll.dg .... "Jtleall P.eed LO C m. -Ua llald, nho rgfutd a, , andf- i 0 o l . rI tlt , 1plr afnuir I~rr '11 Irerrea! • i€ . .) r ( ieutenant Colasl0Angeratceih hrs preeted to the urlo.m Lf the Unined .ittep Suervice institutonn, rie akelr.ito oTfNa.,luse Iarer thoeee Marengo, wllich1 he rode at tihe battle-of Wa Clbonr. eA I oT.lCI.L IVoa .--erlelsn partiDe in" Sheffield have just obtained ia patent fore rhe nnkhig oIf a'ubatahee o nearlyirealnmbltlg ivfrv, and u eippliOah.; to all th prtp eae ufuthat i'eluable naterial, tha it ilhnoilt tm il o pu e detect the dilferenee. tr'e Iarve not oarearces aeen tie mock ivory, but vi ore told-thar ii onel ininanee a corking Etener ford aiquantitly ofellale gien iot to Ilir, euniotirg pertly l'the ileti o an eotpounrr , and Spartly ofivy, tand thnt Iye ted -them in dhrfing tin S lnivesP. nldiirvdhimi work jithout dirttverie tlre d difference. We nnar stand l th an itainttron ruotoiec i le r r oi earte iura of li t , real nri-,.le. It IntL i e exlecrlte. Itri e;ore, lit the qadr lIpe ant I II reptilef+r a htic o tartis- Ive. rlutlro nen i ntel tfor lthe peirreur it .l t.relr. mte rottvtned, trill ,rnert. orlh i.r "ir ale It their grty." itie former oin I ia snakul,alJd tie latter it i. culruaT1.--Iii. Attack onr the Fort Faifield.--A eorrpo.ltent nFM r" Briggs l tire .tleehanlce ' tewr ninol, writei froetl Blin. gor under dlate If SePtenet I.ct 1. tit otttite Ptb intet nIn Slterk r as imrde oi F'rtt Ptairfiel. by a- irrred prltyi Iof'llluenoe. TIhey eral up title testlehkade at 3 t'clitlt in tiIe itiihritnUt-aned it being dilrk, wrcrleerse pn the -eelrv beftire Ihev were diseoveredl. lie alleeged nti tired-reluoadedr and fireedlollr routta . Tl e Ilt eit nie.m., fled witll reiei l.tairon tittrnr first fire of the netlitnetl Iiavilebehilindtl rie tio Qleen's orie, thlrree straw birte. one Itlr hur, and a lot of powlder--tite whole v.ltedl oatr 18,il0--N.hlitIe leos o th i tte tewa monly Four ear. trige.-,v ,tlerd Il 3 ternts eat L--learitga balance in fever f tile etatt, 1"$S 7,88. lMr. l.reLinugll in, the ritiell Supirintendet, t write o better Io UH. FerrmI, in cuolllnnnd Ie'th Firt--re ,ro i ening tht rlitr irtI t IttiI a Oialtllld teile att it lie rlisllllt I wlrtott lea.e, and as.urieslim tIhIrehltlruld be ae Ilrtllr r tiint-lr'nee. r It i tti rintd t tlire ell hth l noses wtrllaaetlit rot ttiglr icie-taero.. i hi , bIrelsit bIy a " bullet--ani anolter rws silfltly woutieded.-- Bullat Aler. JSur. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. "'IeeoE ,, 24Lh Septeonrbcr, 1839. Tire Council met puIrallnt to adjnurtlletll; pro seat [oll. Johtlrua Bli-dwill, prerident, Aldorirlen Cauliwel!, ldioyd, P-oteer. itgers. unld WhVlitney. 'ITer belrg ino quoruml, tilre C.ulllil wrlas uil muioua rljourlted to 'l'uusdaly tleat, tile ltt Octo. ber, at 5 o'clock, I' M. - JOHiN GIBSON, Secretary. Reordaer' (eourti. Reports of Day Police and Night Watch. Seprt. 2, 1839. i riehael, Peterl Blel, Jaeiet OlcAro, Ber iatnl liitak, Eidward tel Itgtll ar, ested t uult i inn ill ltl astreete, diseharged. Alreltael Dlrffve,rremted Ior tit rbin the rte Ine nrd tilreiterllnlr nit estrike trlo uilair att aiai'e tIUUlld to ktel trie Ipeace iin $5U1 Sep'. 2.:4, Edward Met;wlev and rrat Fh'nlhm , i_% ell'li tifr all Iseaurit ld bhltelv, butlrd Itti lleCrliltal t 'ouit in William Spencer, for a libel, honnd to Crhninal Cu rtOI in $ .OO. S t o e at~ n ,lin f, a li he , W n tA n ti h on O D or , v t oa r restr+Itir dirturninitire ere, diecehrged."

I)Jtilnltr anid JlInt isyer arrested iound lyig in tie sltret, disclr hgel. 'Trits. Ariinrrtg, arrested e a dangerong and so.l ritus pI rton, diseiirerdl. Jale+ OUlvlen, arrester) for stealing wine real a slave bouhtd to Critniinal Court in $500. Selt. 24th. Lnuir Parish, nrreste for diturblling tire peace, dis ThostNitbet nlJrtsth Wise, arrested foutd I ring in tile ttree ,dl ciia r ed.l lmliin Jltnes, atrr-ehd amit a dnngerou t and t utpi. ctius eierniie, cllltmiiil d ttn vaterant fr ttii tti ill. JdItll IldilllOllttrre.ied a.t atdsnttour rlid eutpi eiius lerston, and alt iir tllroullt.itng i person bhutd to keeI tile petre iii $1Oi0. DIED, On Tuetdly moroitg, at I ; o'clock i t thk IIretdecer o her sol ll-law, JO ll11. taI - t. ELIZ.tZltETtII CIttIlI.O aged 77 year, foraerley of New York cily. N. ti.--The Irtllto,e papers will copuy tire n'-ve. "I l I ' l • - 'I'lI i i 'i'i. .lip )hlepaistia, Caqtl. Hittll , frmi int o Maute ,th-ehalging opP.1he I the Rnll lio. ,. C gnre(, a 'e. till. I arltCularly requested t. alttt d tllo te re epi of tIlcir :e ul g6oo =, 1.1 UAIl,:, agellt, rule tI| 93 Cilllt nI t m. AS broucglhttfile peaca p rison o hr l ulrur-~ at lplilv, ho h u lowing! .hloesvlz: " lI A Tulllll Ino n llll)lla d f dtwL rl, aIbou . 3P2 earn ,fagr, an id Rasa liP belitgi t1,eIT A A Iit A At gr.. giTrl lllllid .a h ,i t l 2brll a arelcB 01o eag, tur nullp h Irlol tiolll Mr PLlluOllll,r. r, Th 't c lerdcl of" sa il tl RI, 1++. wi.l pt rnre oc l tl telt pri- . rd l'b prUve Irulerly',pay cllurree nolrd take I]IPIll ua s'. and 11 " IIAiii ,.It, w 26o20 Cap0, l fr t ll utchi l -- " aFll Glit I- t "ll' ,I IIla I lot. cril cr of C, l - • SI Ie !~l henlno 1 r4++~lli ".1 11- ' l-lf T ll l I III .I, •I -PI fi a i rlc e JAi MES.+ I r 11 i b, the 1 I .Ih,.' i , r , r l c.,rhtr +, ro d tih ' I ' " (Iltlul.e ·' l ttll 1.0! I k P It , ( +i Ib s , I . fu h ueli,,liO llur y , i llilllIllpri, bm I,,,',, 'hnp c.,"" r'- moo. J, .S lli CAI t. L,,,\VLI rally o N erfwetl ou, fored. y 1 G RD SER , lr re. n 6 4" "niew ' "ad.- J AirD- kn fa saperiot Io t' lard., wlitr a by tc.a Pk6 4N.. ...- L-e' Itti- luIire Jiakr .l prai , l e c tat I e)rcrk. is diel ch rl.gila l unitie li allc ra I - i lark-ht. Conipglcer i'P tl tll t.... atttttd ttt tiia Levee t... l. e rccl ilt . . f'iluir I " i.. 'rE l:EIt I.AIetI)I P OPl, Ittdn of LoursuitC ontre ea per t ,'f o il r ( ! r le :l ll -- l l. I lat - FI l ' k t' i. tiiiyaa. lti.atrc.itars. 'Iiea credl tors uaf III; e rlnnr R i.. re l d r in , cttur, t ta 'I'tlluroty tle , 7t a e rr next, 1 0 at lltoi ck Ia. a. to nllw ll Y WlAe the lr0!iiia k r caulanot Ilear. tr e blenrfit o lie iaws tI S i r rte eaief i il oIrnl dr l ttma i lictitri In 4u v ll l I l ae L l err ea'otaa aa in(dma it air all jittitil praceediana tek Icgainst aiJ per.on an d cirr ly , r stlay"ed. Fe- y order of thte courl. tar NEl). G CARDER, Cierk. y a N- Orleanns, Sept. 26, 18CS --2w17nnrt. ETAT d Pr Io L ut-a-ne-f_ rnrmt No 102--rorank Wil.oa actualot In data. ecn ni conatra ses creneriers--L carecanciers du paei Ito- linllire aant notlfi, da c lparaltre on e nur It ouverse Jo li le 17 rei Oc bllra prole hain If 10 Ilr eaeres dn matin, paor f ira caloir leuro roaicar na lip I err t a I p q ilia'ilii i lac 0 laIa T 1 o That ennafie des leia. fitte Iour vi r , ani i, ecar des Yi dehiteur a insolvablt, en diltlesttiaon ctualle eat n iral. itteldan telts pnliraloita eollere i s persc et rse n h propritea asll asaanlds. gi" Par ord e d In lral, a- IED. GAIRDERE, Grefflir. SI Nnelle Orleans, Sep. 26, 18 9. o ARD--7O kegs breat leaf Lard. far e hvby 12 DiiRrIL'y, on. s"! 4onNaw h e ve 6 tast Fi\I.(l:lic Iris Trash Iltir Sr-iCxri Bilfa na- ra l Ore tlall ' s4 41 Ne w isrev.e i j'XCi-;I.I.ANI, Wni tKS--'TLe tite, ar Pb,, I. 18 'i ir'a Ucf India: a h.iri ry ollrti , extrilal:-iry frSt irrh vrn y rfanssn tli, cir ( t eit Bttea, firkd r on Fless: l.nnd n dllSi&i't I ,1i-ull l's (0lpnlu ereio l IDielir nary; I.trtt L.ondon i h-i t ta rity V i lIThaT .llAl Ciaill.te w'(rk. . " Il JIIN .-'.o f fial--a w P Ua a lr d t (ta'crl-, cnd ayh lllfl ll ai , ll IYS I'I'' I·, \bO,(KS--e n aaticf l ,\hnon Foefur 18407 iithta de c Prm-ai-t 4 aa t l llt-tic a lnilC i antilot a tt.l llut' t Shipmtnate r't Asic l an t nr I s24--3ot coraer St lChallai. uall ('Con cln Terical Notice.--- t rite .Ts A Nti ViOL" T--p Th ,clit oa all,,;- t he Vi- I S1,2-Pe-tw eoraer S. Cagat rlr . aiid Cltnma ln tIlr cia.W Nest ak cc Ity Inter atlone n Ccniract oi Na Y M ola 1. Lingsoils Sale, ew edition by rand - I I'a|Jy i'n es\l'ncy Illsr itiE. Pri e lie eer ir l itr. Io leP r r y ce Tnht gI-,rea ill JPe art n alt, ni nnatn.ird fnew / e kll npw I-n.o w'ar,* inn Iheit r":pb it Ih" i sEd-wll o I-ften landitulr. Sre. W Irk I LAND, eTeal rrr Tino e-3N. W orner r , Chrl Ae. 1 a8 Co.mon tn Si p lleatricar Ibiot e ce T hcclolreadila timc lecle.r vItabaker w ih meb eH. ! i Caldlw+ll,Nfw Orlea ns, anr rP.,peiltll yt informed -th/t n atO.- bloa i l .n @ rintice l ill a.lple rIla T ia . ealsr. Iaicg heLollsrsille Jornal, rineinnasli WhiT , New O 6 lecadt pjulihl nir abore thr t e ns Polol. wy ard.r per eelt rlore, via: 0olnecee. i te "CO. GENOI., M5s.qr. LOUISIANA -GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCKi 1. 3]rt. t tte Stateo at Loafainma.; CALDWELL,+ OAKEY & PRITCHARD, MANAGERS AND PROPRIETORS. f7 The First, or'Half Million Lottery, end the Seconds or Two Million Lottery, are respctfoully presented to the Public. Tle IIALF MII LION LO TERY will be drawn in December, and finished at one drawing. Thel T'tWO MILLION LO prERY will he dran on the ,ld psn of Blalks and Prizes-Numbers is one wheel, and Ilianks and Prizia in another wheel. Both Lotteries. uedeoi the supervision oftwo ludger of Cnorte , WILL -BE DRAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. Tho e iALF MILLIOe LOTTERY off'ers oh t cr e to 1,591 Prtzee, nfwhicl 33 are Przse of Real Estate and 355 ofl tock, besides many Prrizes cam. posed ofTick in the Grand Two Million Lottery, affording a I,::rtiip tion of lchancesr al., to the h.i der of a Ticket for Prizes' in . Tihe GRAND LO TERY of Two Millions of Dollars-l-1,000 Prizes!!-to the fual amount of $2,000,000, ol which 17are Priz lof Real Estate. Only 9 Blanks to a Prize!!!-Simplo Nos 1 to 100,000. 100,000 Tickets at $20-2,000,,000. Scheme and sellng price the same. Among tihe Priszes in tiesa two lotteries are many public and private buildings which adorn tIe city of New Orleans, and are the pride of its inab. itants--the Verandlah, St. Charles street Theatre, American Canmp sare, Trl.etre, St. Charles Arcade Buidings, with Uctlte, [reellig thr sea, Stores, Buildiig Lots, and many entire sqIares of Ground-besides Stocks In Banks and otiler institutio- s o thle State of Lo.isia.a, amoivinog iln the whusole tore TWO MILLIONS FIVE IIUNDItED THOUSAND DOLLARS. All tile Rea Estate and Stocks iffered min Prizes are owned by t' em ned ill their ponseanion:-- he acts ofnloe, with clear titles, are vested in their firm, and recordad in the office of Adolphe Mazurean, Notary Pubhic, and iiffi.e of covoyeances, ready to transfer to the holders or Prize Tickets, exevptl firm ieteiivbraocet Tihe ireperly is net apart natilterably to that solo and ooly purpose, and can, in no event whatever, ibe conveyed otlerwlse by the firm than to thie hllders or the Prize Tickets. AMERICAN *I .- - AMERICAN CAMP STREET THEATRE LOTTER Y, CAPITAL $540,000, IN 1,291 PRIZBS! Will bedrawn in DECEMBER NEXT; and in order to gratify, t an cuarly period, the purchaser. of tickets, t e combination is adopted for this Lot. lery nly, of 1 to 75, whereby the drawing will he completed in a few minutes by the drawing of 12 Numbers fromn tilm wheel. 67,525 Tickets, at 110 each--675,250. 1,291 PRIZES!!! SCHEME. CAMP ST. THEATRE AND GROUND, Silh be prize t thle hunter l'lhle lot, .d and t3o d1 ew ali i. . . $150,Il Thatni,.ol tborillor nlira rolrtk tlodidcg called I rov,ri ''cli holtel fortg lIt, curner olf '( ai) o. d otle cRz rll e . . 41,1101) Prnze. I 4, ,t, l, I trit.I . CI Thal vin tolle lie I.e o.41rv I k itCre r ni (1di Le e. .eete, i. copied by .le.r.,l Ii &vW top. t'riz, totIII , 7th, h a,.m. 9ti. . 3 I 'l'hamt ele.oIt dm+eluhg ho,.e lot. In.h, No 74 iolls xlri'e, O ir y t' o yi ,drlh 25., ll1111 Prize I. lh*, 1011., C Ihil , : l.1h.. Tllt ti, o ,rv d,,,lenh de.ll!ni and double lot in l2d il. ,nc.urmm, by J y II 11t 18,00o All r. tile equo . .d'~ro,,lllll ll In llollrdeg cn u,. i til. di l. inorir llEb *.iheny, lenmon, Mel orl.ltlt mc llId I'rln,lllloro is, . 14,o100 Prize Ir lCr, Co1 Itnrd il,. Tt'll oler -trory sire :rld tI l rorlnr CaIp nlird JIlia +lnlr,ouop.otrd :.y AMr. Mi. IOnltiicr for dry goo e. . . . 12,000 I'rze ti It, r d nrod rtrl l. 'Thut on dory -~lre and lot corner of St Mary and Jolh,.. ..10,00 . I'ri C to Ilet, . and7th. A cerilficnllr' or 5110 ticketr in thwe two illion I ottr,, l *$O e. hI 10,1100U . Ih hIrlootIonu llrn lder 4of 1111 prize"ln. t ri ilize th ".. h h a p pI I tin y . to .htl i , p ,+x. rxx i t rol l rg h Ithe v rioTri.u slllid pIrize ill ti e twn o inillr ,ailori, niIt e ten lPrize to Ito, 2]d antd th. T hatl tlree hlllihlg nndl |,leolsve I€ e in tlh \oao.lligtion ad p'hypp.wa its. 100 by o200 Pe rize to Itt, ',1 tan 9th." 9,0(111 .\ Iertifl ai oft 4.'5 tickll in the two nlillion outter,' $111 tc t 5,001) Prize to Ist, 2nd and I nth. taydto ± . x ttol i,, do,.l t lut Urel' of 31al ,lott 1Itttoo'tI t 7,54)0 Ie ir A cerrIlictiit fo. :'5 I'cktlt i, tihe two million lotlery. Ttl 4..1 each, 6,500 ]Prize is It. a2d an, 1'21. A dit) lline Iltae an lo Ion Victory at. 341 AI. t- ein. ' r4 rn loI t If.ltnotg conrtter of l'0lEnt. b.iro at. U,=11II tgel P ,z"' to Ist, 3,1 oad, 41)h. Ia rlen 'i io li',, r 1 .) tickets inl the two t illioOl 00 4u(ry, ,ttt $! ,lvlc 6,0,0 P'rlze st, 3, 3 nllld lt. ri. A lot f rrlound ,n Nvod ,slti. t d MI. being tlla h. tld h. ltb n h plrll ,o111 n1 a. 5.5011 P .ze Io ,lt, .lI 'and GO5h. it A eeoltl',on, tr',T2o Ibck.t,, in fhe o Illo o o$'rv, ,I .4,,1 , 0 Pr to e h I -t. :I amnl .hh. 1A two -tl.,rv h ui, e ab n. lot, 3,1 i;. on lD'eongbi.n 4ot..r, .,loP erner lot of V1c.4ry t- Prize to, l4at., :4 trb t. 4,l:io A d'ai al,le I,, ., 1'1 , on chrr st. `,11M. adjoin. r P, i, ll -lz:e di \;,,: l 1on 4 1hh. An eghlIy situao'd building hit oro R.liious st.l.d \.1I.i lot frlloml ha oi orner of it. 30 e tt. Jnlne.4 al. 3,0001 P ize l tot, 3d, and Ilh. A prize ,nlli-tllg Ioi a etilicnle f.r 150 tick er in tw mll hr, yat $111 each 3,0011 r A dexinrale budding . t]. Ud corner of Mno reAr atld l1I, otrtllIl s. 1,9310 co r 't rioe tt Ist, 41 t nn0 61i . A AdIirn' e Iouildl lott ;1 et oln l Monlegul 4t. : . 4hi 'rIn \1lor 4 ll Sft. 1,8(10 4 f' Prize In lto, 4-h uo'd 71h. er An 'Intre gqaRe off er ..ll(, 1 M. bounded he by Cli, Pent, Irr al, I Wal o at. . 1,600 Is Prize to lot, 4th and RIth. eA po' tioll t' .qlgrP ol otgrolnodid 9n . boound. l l ed by Id':rrl,)o and h.,4letNtt. 1.200 4o t I'rz. I, t-t, l,414 ,i 9th.44 A Oquorx o, r,ttlno in 8d .M. boounded by Ita pl, l'itte ,,od Ch6 ,,.tO, . 1,400 4 I'rizo In let, 4th and 10111. a Anl tl4g h'e lllh,, lio IoI, 0ilt 'to L i. l.ivaudai, - ciylvflO.natter.e,39etos , Washington llreet, 2 3A ,l rom Chipaw4 1ed t 1751h l Prize Inll .l 4,1 and I lh. h A bnihli ,g I4, of ort tndt, oty oflr'lyelt', 3 't , le i to ni tolilntol rtet, and i hhtlotom 0 ( hilpllawa streel . 750 4 Przo -Io It. 4th aad It, h. Il Fenr hlil~lila. i, af groundl I ii IlrofLaflavere, at es :19 io 4o1 f'tt e.aci II o I Fourthireteltt i 4th L 1 tfrom lot t', rnr Jotr ev t 4", ntI'(ItO o;ie' 2,400 Prozt ttt It '1,th nod I0th-lII 5 Ih ttd tth- 2. lot, 11 anid 84th-trt, :.t, and 9tth, $ 40 e ell, Si, blihling lots org nlld, •i (:td Ir io 'IIlit , fom Io" orrer WVa-hngtoln btret, $3.0 P i. to lt,,:,h Ina d llItl- ,.larh nd Iohth , -t-,ts 344 i ,-1-".hhottuld7ho-lat,61t t alll ell'-- 1,r c;lh ( II: I 0 h. Fur triz -r 1 ' erti44t,-t in thetwo , illint 4t lltterv, 3111) I,4 kst , , $ h o ottp o0,4u1, 4,i4z, ,, 1 i ', -1"t, 7l - Th nd RIh-- IA1. 7111 aln 9 h---I l 7t dl 1,. 11,. rilh Two prizo , .a' h , relsill, , 4 or I- 5 t' i',,r ,'oh .. 5,000 Piro, In t,fihndl(llh-'s;rfihmn,1illI- arh Five prtrl z.. ti ,ll shllares ,l f 0lo k it Sil n P - f tll h t lill r i;lroa eo lpu ll , 4 llures, ,.1 ,h r t19 1 1, . lll aell, 4,0110 ( u n l iz , 'o 7hl. a "d Ilh--la.),th and 1.l--la1, 8 1. 11 an IIth--lIa1,8th lond 9111--2r 1 Five 4trtt.oo ot 0 o4,ottt yt. I'no tttt'ioooooj tol,) ,t,,4 t'h. 0 o to,' , t$44t44 . 3,110114 J 1 1h h -- 1 .t :) h a nld 1i hd- l t,- O1h n ,l l Itlh --]od 9th), ill ,,'t , , 4 Eigh p, iz,, nathl, r oIifiete ot"f50 tiokoet. in the t wo I l , rv 1 in k,'ts, $2tll .nh. 8,000 Prt 4l i h ol a 1211--ot. I1,4 ttl Jul - .-24, :1.4 .-4111--21,:htl and t,51h--td,:d si, an,I 6th-- , 3t]1 t] 17tl--2.,d anndand 8111- 3 2 , 4 : ot id ,9ttit. "m tot. or z '-, 1aoh 3 share n ofonoek in the hank ,o Lot.iiao, h 311 .hltre . at $ 09, 3,011 Prize "i 2 I, h1 n, 1044th -2,1:41 and Itt h , .04 , - .1 .I, 41 4 and St1o-"11h d, thhs I ndI ] , d7iol 'Jilt 54d 4Th ot4 4lttandi th-and- do, 'iT PtIe'v prize, ellch rl eerltiolnle fit, 44t tickhe , in tr, twOt tliliimln htlerv,.5'Hl Nickl-t., al .0 !0,000 1I1 P'rtie o tIo l ,e 4t11, i ad lth-2,i, 5dr ando 6111---1, 5.h n 11!It17th-2.I,5 Ih ai.t oR1 a9t1-- tI..5'1, i811'1 Ittll--44 5t111. it IIth I ,- ro t], lh -rdd to I o t1--d 7il and 7111--4] k11 ot tI-2h , 0lh -nr,' 9 rt-,1, ltih omtl I4 0- ot an . 8- 7,a , sI Ih- - , th and 6 0th-60s I, ,011 r and 817h--71h .nd 9111--and . 718th 8 h lnd I 01-- n 1h,7tlh .adI llth--2d, 7thand t'th1--andolt, 2,40 81o11" d 9 11. Sixty-threo prizeo. each one haore in Ithe t iOcutn tllllot llte eoottll,otv,.63 -thnlto, 04 .5 3,145 11 Poizeso lin o Ike.o having 14111 nd otl 124. Olo )oottrtt Intl tWottot oi prizou, otil ahi 30 cel'tifi,o:nt far 4'4 tickhto i the IVt u tn lho 4 d lottotot, 181' i'hoo.nat $80 25, 111. osoon Priops tu likerts hoavi.g any three drawn allnlherl. One hundred and twentt-.ix prineayech three 2 ihare in Ite loow (Irl4,.s p;' lighl and baohkio.g llittnto, :t78 a3'nteto , t $341 41,340 4 Pie Io Iho ho l-t nto t .d,,,r3 1 o nto 4dt1. . I Otlln hlndrtl d lnto WteolltV-oix priztP, each Iwott a slomtr. N'ew Olorl,-t got light and bhokittg 02, eo.otoy. 2..'t.hort, t.r $:), . 5,360 oiz,.o 4,, o ,[If0 9i1 ~ttt' 414144, tor 104h anal I4 It, 12h Tilrelhumldrd :,fld fifteen prize-. c rh it ter. ,,," li care it llnin ti;(.P i.l Ihe two millihm Ilnn ter,,.l) li:,..tio.o tl$t, 23 i00 'o PFzeo I,'hh l ondl ,ttl1 Sh and fih-6tt 1 htI and 711t-7t11ll ad 8111to ol 81o ll td 044h.4 2t]4 04llr h0,, Ir'r tnd fott o-ll e orizt en'h ollo r- lmd *tifta for hi,:1tkplo 4llin l4h two million lit.t torv. 1:25 tickho. lit $80, 26,460 d'oo Prioesoo Itt it'd :-1-2d nnI 511,--h and 61h--41th nol 71h-5th and lt--61h ind 9th0 For 7th and l1lih.. .ise O.idrtd nnto lofy Lhonnatd dollera. 0540 4001 TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, 10,000 .ZZ Is AMOUNTING TO TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, DRAWN ON T'1E OLD ILAN OF BLANKS AND PRIZES,-NO CMIIINAI'ION N1UMBERS~ 100,000 TickeLs, alt $20, -- - $0,000,00 0. SIMPLY NUMBERED, 1 To 100,000. The scheme and aching prices are the samoe, as no additions or reservntone are made for apend s in tllI. lottery : those contngent eOxpesse will operate s a lar e deduction fliu the valuation eet s, MODI (OF DIIAWING .-T'lo Numbars Ito 100,000 will be placed in one whlol, and time sam numbher of Blhtoiske amd I'rmzs in anothler wheel. To every numbher dr.wvn fron one wleel, a tishet frot il, Biamk ..d Prizte.lel will no drown, until the whole are druwn. TIIE FIRST DAY's DRnA\rI 'l Or 'IlE L .T al) IIL LION I.1OTT1It y', MONDAY, JANUARy 6th, 1840. 3Each 11.t1 Y11 wl~lg ullgler hde th llnrvirioll olftwo jolgr uf ('.ut ill 1111 O'i9rrott. he te LI olai. u.preJad s.d 10,000 PRIZES. .'le VI .\D II l d r.l, ed *$330,i(00 'T'h , r . I Fd ' -p hr I ,.dill,,, iI U n-o,lr riO , m l ; - Ills rn 14. f, t ,Itn p- n t I rl s n r,,,1;, { 1:).t , 1 , I, ,-t... I,," . T h ,I lt. l l'll ,l ,.,e l, it ,,I) lht frllrtl . I r baPo on, ,, ilt , "u.1 ,w.r e ,nnf ,.,l uI· I I I Ih Ill II, Iw. ,ll rvi,,,:, ul, r t h ,hI .1 . ,ud ,, v, dI '-,, 1 ·l- , d , 1 ..oll I . I5 'c (I(·U, III. render it thl. .,-.,t I,-°hi oohl r" ho, i f,, ,n;3 I "r-,,i i. ot, llof z *., l ,e e a wo,,,.e - 1 $ 0, r , 'o,, , i.k.., I. 5d y oy l lllst I I. . (I~I Ir1 11 • U. it$3 ~ulnl. I'lrl s Illyrr ,l lllthea ' as. mot ,.dll r i, '. ' 'la1lr o flll'l)) ll l I. t {ut $ 0.8,U l in lt hlltlllunle holder 1. ". II S'I' CII n Itl.E.. 'rail Cl''ltl' AND ( ilajU\I) , wa lh IIi, {tr lif , I,, hllle ' l ,dr ,, ',a',',rI,, ...... i lo 0a ,00s 1'I'kk Ia'i iCir,, Sal'lara III.'it l.a'aar- 3 I r1 11.l " hulrh'+ rlrel, wllh I .drI· IllII J fronl f 17, ftc . St('hnr, rc .'r. I IhP cnl.n i ,,illl, t . ld.11 01 i. . l r.. t 'rl,'I' 1 he, grasld )tOOl i8 %5 1, ] 9 flit. The Ilur t{ bIlxl' ' lnn' .11It l l1tll del oallh ext¢'II viV¢ 4It1le arlr; 47 o a.Il b,,,%,- Il ta r loud lIt retltrg r lO lllm . I I I t ,I Is o Ps f t h e t| ,II ci t 1 ). . I'"d ta III . ''llicirnl i a {14 ..o rl, 1. , ecl lf III Igjat, 30 aee ill aIr'llll.'.,I r''r,. rase]nal g .ra I .11l I'. +lhlln¢;{[ wltll 1707 955. ,ch, nod I .i $111,7501. 'I'h eaa 11m Urr n "od mI., hli ',,ao , I II?, h'r? \.. ..ll.",I'+ ell -.... th ..... . ll h $" , I ',,. :n:"'ic 't. for ; rot, ,'ltrll at $ t I, i.a r a. ,) 3. 'I'lli: S l ll'.CII 1111 alIt 11 11 11' 111. DI \51S Ia rlls, ,Nil GItIOU,\al, als) usd .; 151,0110 A hI'art aIa lt'k ,Ih h 'oi,,llia,, ,)d r, 1 feet l'm, nt Oil 1'".ll.., ...... . I.. , ., . .I ... ,. .... riet rlc, ll OlJ t'ul p sr; r t, I~ I. 11 l , , p r, 1 1 ; I011 n i,,Sl't, Ip (' r .lrl tdv,,l I h l gh. 'Jnim lo.,.P tol( r, ,,ttý coied is bur ruun , 1, .Itls I~lhal). h 1m .; o, IIIa ~u , r " hed n llr ,000 le t lull,~rd nrnull in (ll tilt. [;lll' tsl.lll·es '1ll + s o fI t ' r, ; 1 " tl l .*, r II I ( nlel e ti t , t /! ( ' l t o t r o lo m 500 . nltl). ' 'Uro, pu le $15,lilii po tO. l ii '. ) f 'i,.l, hl i l i h ,e ,,4i v ¢+ :50 ,tr00 I,:r~~~~~~~~~~ s3201)1,C.,I0~io~ u0 ,Dy d. 5 '1'I,"" p ti·lr "lItlloan' o ( TpIII hI ) llr i 15 0 lt~.( i,, d oll nl+.g o, l , i, ., r iu n no on-d Io lg I, ., .Th ,ur ',rrlto're, "0,.. ()I ( 5 ( in 1 C;iIrtlIIl~llII 1. :I I+ (. :1 I ~l( +illlht.l~ I llllllit4.+ 501 ' o i lr r i ,il .t I(i r , 1r . loCil+ .. 1in for'rOcr of : I I I ir 3(0,01011 +.''h ,'ili,e -, unr, o,'grou d a ec l .' o )rvn e'+ 3(I,0rd I 000 l it,'' b d (o, '' Ii'o 13 [t I, Ib o -n dd a y .v ltt.+ .. a~ll r, l e s -,Uh'+++ eels, an ,+m iie f" lie hlltlbod . . 28,00" 9. ' he1'0,," (· E" J'III (of £.r, nd os 1feelll rs 00.srlrl, .. c Itoollll i.lil .l ]li ot0 , by 3lelllml+um," 0)r. r , & ". 25,0041 l ). 'I h,- .llllre -qul nre lof rlr nd in lerc tlll e. 'ls e,"1, ., - umcl oel~ll+ ofhl I .;"]I nlol '01 JO d by 5O0 ter e+ Terp E : r , r . 2,02:,,E2000 II. T lltle p -qllrlreolf groutlnd on (;ravier ·Irert, 2,I Itlolunllolly, eolllolllll og 18 lots, ) htunlde y; 20,010 I o. loThe ,,Oite oqU1,,t. of ,Iouod ] t )nt1oOn -trlll'h, I2 lll:iotlillo t, ,CI , ,li I o I ~g 1 + 130 +1l 100led by oortldob not lh(,'·rll, ho, re ooel,, 1.8,0110 lI:I. T oto e olirl e .f ,rlt lllo on elpo. It). Tht Io g''qiolofiio, nllctool oit 010001, mi l rer ]l o It llnt t llt ilo l , on llbdo I.m 3 t3010 00 Lohdb" ho,o and FoIi' tor,, It toro . irP . 12,000 1t4. 'IT0," e o,re 4q'4tort', t. ttr l o u by b),-It tr te 2 ) 3u,111opt, ito, oui n ttoi ,,og o18 lt, I0 bunded by 'T',rp..+chtot', Libelriy anid Eut~rle '20 etstottpo .143,00(0 15. The two lory hi.,e, nnd lot it Newon I00 evee s.treet '2,1 ,.n.,itiplaly, c, rner of Roubins sLdreet,t9 by 33,S Npl 12,000 0 0t. The ,qore ofg rr6,n o.n 0rcu es 0 treet,1 2d oonit:illtl1ltt of 9 'tu, bo.unded by lorcu. '5 1, E-utrp0 and Feli(0 ity stret,) . •12,000 y". h (eure grllnldo on lgento streeto .d Olmilpllulv, of 14 t lo bo, ned by t,,,,, e - 50 e"mlr n11od Liberty cslet,, and tlehlille ufthe t+her pr.rly "0100 8. 'l'The slqlure atf grolulnl Ion M eli),,omene 2tl'ee h i, ll tiii ,oIittll ,' 1 I 'I, boitutd d by Liberty, 'lerlloiuh,,re'u dlR I Oe.rd rolerite ] l,00110 10 1. T i qurte fgllll unit ThalI i0 street, 2ootnt,1ilonlll0t, .f Itit Ot"t ',0 ttt by tt,,o it.. .o, i0,..)t'otrl ,2 l l lh yr r,0 Cg 19,100 0' cld l+t '.le ., oe .. 10,0n 4 00 . "The0 -,o sy hu.ilmog d,0d goond on Jo04 ltlelt,. o, x" to he c, r f .'a ,, otr- . l.,l t, h5t 7t" " l 9 o 10 '.2. 'I'0." q1) ol o ' :0 r ( l on ' li Rslys t. !'I .1 , h i, ebiul.hd Ily 00l ,puoe ." Jacob 0o lud lI .w,d i rei+.+ 9,0110 .3. 1 ho ,,.r . ,y boildlinr on Jultia siredt I0 xt ) ,+ I.olt', .rl INo 1 It,,o i ot t,,, COtll. tlllll ,g u00 J( tottoglll',It% .( IIl, 0,1000 dl l. cqioioi tlll ifotl 1 e,,,.,il , il~\l~~t .. ,mett. Thot 2.1 itiocto- ooorio,,,lr Ott , "I t", r"e ,I 1I .0 ot b t e t i o(, t t o n t 7. o 1 h",iolo llI IIIII b11 o tll l lllnl;ll 6I , I 00 II J uh. t ,l.s, 3,t i o l, tiong-od lol br n lotIsl, 0 l:.lco'o oo ;,. oo, 8,0001, 2 ih : lll.llo OFII lo lull l ,n Iel.lrl "t Pet,.d 11n. of Ili 1 to . '1111o1·( Icy Jacob, ofis ti. rood J'er-i2e slee 8,000 t0Jt T"he o.roootry or go.o,.id ttI g.oond on lil tbree, Id oi. h oltg 41NoI tGota (.ctl tt stIreet, t ttohol o- ol 7.,lbleat 50 by 5.000 3 . 'l'he , oqiar+ 'f " " ,u d e 'I"l'hslia -r+ l ,0 _d I. ,fd I t; ,. s, bluou d by Jaob~O , .lo l s l Sul Oi -t h i , t l o n il b), c ite t t a , ' by, 305] r~llt - 7 7.5,500 t:,i 'Io re r+ootIe.rtmod on Tclia stlreot, Sof 8 ilts, boun dby Canrol, Sbaaoils hod ot,i,,i he ' i , etts *t"6,0t 34.T0 o. 'b' rhlllh e ll .o, Inlydog n tuo, N2va iPe ltreet 1hI I. ct rllPt it f'I't lltlopsic e o tbre t 6,000 334 ) ,0qolaore olf groo t00 erp sotret Oit .eel, id .t, u18 htil, b oubded by t lis, no Iaus iLt l fieII .Ipllcnl en e . 5trees . 6000 34. TIhe tll oflOt ld oil Iptlloo street. 2I 000 . corner of llltulo, n h lrtet, 31 bcty tI7tot feet . . . . . .1 y 27 b :15. The itlllrte of grlttollt on Mne 5,00 Iene tlreebt,.r cof . 9 lot 2, loundedbfy 3 Howuard, Ja , Co.)) uuld Fe~lirihlY ."oeets 5,500 of1, 36. 1 hio: Iul l.glfi, ulld in New Leveer DIrect, ,i o. xt tlo te curueroufl ubA reel, 30 by 11 1115 Gi et 5,50. .n 3:17. The squsre of ground'on T i~ Iltr~o, 5,500 Il nO. 'if 8 Is l, bo"ulllle|d hy Clara, 1lult+ el, by iii 1I01 ,tIIIIens l roll l5,501) 38. '1Tiore Iot of ground ot Now I core streef" by 2d tn. bei.. the: d lot fronm Robi t streel, hav. it;," 3=1 it,. 105 far 550tb :19. T'he squire ,.f :ro"dUII "Erra .' .tratt 5,H00 e 2d1 ,n. o1"18 lon, Innnd, d by Clara 'l'halit atd by firl t+ wirm me,+lreats . . . ,000 " 411. "'The Iot o'ernund on Nevsdes slreet, 21 Be ,n. being the 41l lt Bilt Terpatichore elree', havi.g 31 hv 1"-7 f..t • 5,000 chi 41. T equaN ro.ofgrlould on H hies nllreet. d.t.,151 Lot, l:ounded bly whit, ' Mello.. moll+ streets 5,000" Of. l'hr + let ofeorund o, Nn..y'adees an.. j cot nh hbctog neIxt tol lhe loi flir |ilog the coe~rll of "'I'ryl.+lh,.Pr e.e, and havlug 3; by 127 N feet $ , • • 10.00 43. ''te qlllnare ofgrnltnl on T'hna sutreet, I 24,J t. of 17 fill, hnounded by Cluara; Aellp,"lnllp 5 'lml Martin l arlle, l 5,001 Fir 44. The I1)1 o fground, canrcer nr' Viatury antd d'Enghie, streets, 3d Oh. 2 by 108 feel 5,(411 CALDWEL *,V'e O r/ sate. . A ug . 30 18; 181 9 . 45. Thi Ilorlim 4' qtlre n ,f gnround on Thalia ren,e d n. i l it3, 3,., bo,,ood by lliuul anld CUln leo Ilo., Ilod lllllen pro pet ly . ,o0o 4i. 'I n e l non u )gluuhP foUrmlng te crner of Aiulllo 4ld a'Tllrlls.uhle e rrc s, 2 d In. ut.:1 by 27fltI . • 6000 17. The qure ogrond on 'II nl, a menh 2| 111i. 4,1.5 itl-, ht thl.u by .n.1.U l ,, Clan. ron InIno, ,r..e a 5,000 .8 Ihn noo O.~"Y)0rik obl,o,,,,ndj,,,,on In' , oi, , glul hi , Illy ) i.lh.l')t)lo bing 03) [11. )untt Llll )3 o.)v Oi r Irt:l, aInd I0ll0)g 4 IIf nel s ,lltllll y 211 flu l 1ll 1( 1ii, 3, * 000 .I. . 1 o '3.n .. ll golo)l n 'l'halnm reers, 2d on. " o16A., b..,o wld by ilonu uun,h,3ll,o ollle ale.l. ...d n .dg Sur, 1,· Toiel' tllb. -lit I:ll ,o.g oId nil I)gnround 0i' h " r .Iho 1 II 3 1v1: ,< f1y ,.7 lenel 5,00o o|. l i e -t11,rl 0ol gll)|cl In F rrato Irvel, 2 m of ,!31,,1)-, luunI r n )y .tor. fin unit lord Illl *Ilr~let.llll) i IIKII' UltP+IIIr . * qol. litsrtlon,, nou .vnn 5,000 5'.. I iol I", oI lngo,od .o plpDll eirrot, d nm. (opl,-.,il,+ [w.. ralenlSle o,1a Fii'ihl I++.q.; 1,0111g t ble oo ,nl l on )',,pr.. ha.* er., of,1 h ll . 4Oby in . 4,000 53. I - qu, ill~mr.- nfg (l l n l.. ,rll e • dr I 53.13 qnnn;,,.,,,...)go,n).)no3.,,ilulrr.,.Yd , nm of I - i ,i b3 onde.d by 3l'lnl o otonue, 'l lbina anlld 1' I. I Ieln , d , 4,00 54. A lIa .dgluod.. . do m).ioner, 2,In i.. 3hI ul l Irucll 1 erl"n hol e el l ee-e i hii i n gIIII 3' o , 'o7 otel 4,000 55 4 hls o, grot ooAlllon AIoo otre. ,,d in. Lri iL 111,. 4i1h).r In | t w oj , Inro reo)oro ,bon,,.g 32 by IOi h i . 4000 5).. A ni nfl,n.nd ,, Vichony aireel, 2d on. Ibr,)FIe.nglsnon,nees 4,000" 2'..Odnltoll by 127n dJS). if le beaboing th llt CIlli O l'L.) lll rl leel , it010 41nh lo frono ~ol, ofhoh lrlnhn ,h3l. ae r of So.:1 lnt ofnoon,,n on Apnollo he., 32 by 50e I i~i.og thoe .od lill InIl thal whi ourinon thle t'(i er o ti e 0)0l0l l a fe0 l, .d ,,o. 4,000 59. A hIool o ,gul ul, Alprlh3.. .,r l, 12 1y I3S t)lo, iJlln, og 1le IJul nUrlln inghu dornr Ufr Meol )0, n,) .s 46000 3l))Apomoo~n~n,)oihon~,.goj 611. A Illr ,ls ol grouL.d o, n' hulia at 'el, 2d ou. Ullnlllllllg II It, IhlndllJ.d ) null. an d Ma111el ~ * .'l 4,000 alatlllluel .IrelI i61. .A ,lt s gro , nRlllld OI hl rnl) si.ell t Ill'I! j(, tihe lhtt lrlliU+. |e Cooper Io Apollu olrr.).31b, Io, Ina, 2d .. 3.510 60. A lotn' p u0O0,00 epsch~" re, 2d o11. 12 lh) t.I.","I, b, iog tOe 02d Ir)n. ohIa 0wl l0 oIioS ilo uorler toolI \nodr' ired' 3w00 63. A lot u' grloolll dllo Ie o.;OIIII ,lre, 2. 1.0.2t bllloo 1h,-t wl,O, 0ollllo ,he cniner uor AP).I., o.eet, belllng :. Ilo 127 le 3,.l0 A 114. A tq.on., .I tg ,uo d ol Terpni.l .om oirenl, OnLnlllni, g I ont I , l.drJl by J.culb ad 1 0o ,I Ot)I l,,') . 3,,00, .15 A hil ofogrtnd on IoelCi.uu+, Ir. e, lIriog Ir.. 51o '.)il h.o Il .I woo. 1i r0L 0he00 lll0,el u1 JL Juo ldtb, cond rlulll 3. h .Lt:7 00l 3,000 l67. A nqlooo' 1 glonolln11l bcId..glll I I~ ,), Il .0.ned o o i ( 00ll 0l0. 1.ll ll, 1 h.".11 nlod hlso loolee o , 6;7. A nqutrm'* , I ground t'Olutll Icg 17 i,+;I 2,00 I. " lll' ll . s l 9l vll p 11 ,I I vvt bi A .qot o11 gland, ici hitting 180lo,., -e0f 7~Qwi irelt I' go b h \\ A itilldtt 1ii |lb ertly d lln itb rrata 6:1. A walall d*v 111 e n ue h u.alnd hIot ugrun -.0 61) leel Iu.L \ iIpa. n r.nlt, -- Ices IIu uro;I slr,.ev, 'trunwr ,.t~" 78. A iqu.rbe oi gould, tuntaititlg I lote z,00 bltundled by \%ulllul, Ctherry and 'j ihei Il7UndCItr C TII1Jellllili 91~ o·l 300 71. A eqt.are oigrund, cul'otiniig 14 I'lo, iouud-d uy \\ull,ul, tsrralo anld Lb.rry st r ee t0 72. A square 0f ground ciu. .ng 4 l, lots 0 buuededh , , I'lmli,. ltuht..nd -.JFuc eeta 1,900 t73. 4 cqllurr o t grtlalt, cUnl.tOug 10 Iota, buulndu Iy LCI..., Alelllumfe.. nod .s.)tllu eete1,00 74. .\. quore tl g.,iul d i i tttitg 8 J ;, 1, hluled b.b, Cbituult, Tilbah,-itruce ad ,rr.. lu ,,heel to Iet. 73. t tqare f grotund Eonlainua, 22 hllly bouuded bA qbaenlul, trdlu, COhtlute aid (,liu 7.reAv q d Fi 1 71i. 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