Newspaper of True American, September 26, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated September 26, 1839 Page 4
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C~ltd ooaeMountr ý"ý,,ndealreire,as u~ C~itic ore,1 ~M?1EMAN ,& 'c,o, O i'Eb#a CMANYi N'Ei4o ORLANS t } on patyno now, proipared to tat,. as GANUVT 1133. N.134 Muosno.'o Bildng Christ at~eet. 'teat:or is L TRACY, sins Na 15. Isla. !leer. rare1, T11i1,tJ G crrL'"R-r o then Iprr Ir va P b Alh H DLV REEIX, G A PIN & OOPERI, 41AQE115AWl /E~1.R$IN PRUV.SIONS N ~ ANSI I.FEtl', 9 radlia srhoet, New Onla.. Y V ? Y !',onus snore. pet up. laer - VR I.U E WAflU OOM N.. t doy'lt eu, 'I ý7IL'"1A1 R. CAIINEO, would respectfully in. Or rthsfrlo~eadnod the ohbile that heis on ýody rcaeivitmo from Noe, York and Iloaton a good ~utaest eftatPuotitet,,uc aooimah oogany choir,, ehtl'ee jteods is Intd chairs, mapt nod shryLaatal, toohooeyo. nod chere. tattles of all toroc. "ttfto ocetotnre, Wringl ·hg, wnr,, ,nE otognny nod tcherry,' wtool. 'smdot, tooeiilg ginseera, enthce, bedding,Ac.. &c. N i. Fottgro VAUR11IONARLE aLOTRING TAYLOR & HIADDEN. NA. 1.8 Y rleh reae sreelv ILA Vi": a uoatOnt uy if ereer ott, articola go.n.g q .Uhtlnoooo tr' darot, o hd.clo utoo sotye, at New York /ý" a ý ý _dee 211 lla~xgzs LIYuOGRAPWIC PRINTING h TA I, lIlt tE NT, No. 53, Magazine Street, thena.',pn Arcd e~rra 711L. et p~i £kE, ~ PROPRIETORt TI~YJN(JIE ENG~tAVINO;C 4' 3AWDON WRXGI.8T IIATCU & DO ii eqor n."it Ot0e nnl (,Sine hetoNt, Orens., Yoe .,n fur thel eql mmse ofe,,,,mit. og~n thi pyioti,,g l Be or.,,, r&ett, 11ub 1 I; aloeloge, (eitltolkcP of ltri Cc. teo. t Id, epi- to N glElate n nal 'street. .11 to their co':;)/ll IF e ;,rer· rrfbrc lr a mtlera ofl .,car ti.,lb dlrJ. ul n,,im ,n i Inl, and all order occus. 51c, curur o liyal& Cnaletret Ji if JIAZA.4R. 3IVTS & ALLEN, NO. 1, LXCHlANGE lit IEL, throe: d SL. C/el0, actad Cooam i e,. .I ' ltO lTti; ....ld eanlcem int Freect. od Eog-iatt *l', Dteosnitt Ca-.o otel Poetoble lttck,. Cutlery, tlmiooy, Olover Sttitir, Stock,, Utbreollte, Canoor.,t F..lev Aetleter. IS EV2rvt'KY, hil am*, and Intijoc, Hook .00,0, tarl. bUi inby A ''lll l Fit, ,ayy : 74 (ire viereat Jl'W~tiY, AT WiILLEN:ALE. . tELl, No I1, Chartrret, hao thin toy ec. Tcheied o fall annertot ento of Wotiterr, Jo"elt, Iptoor, Ita'ttte nedl ;lae~ Ware, they wit l ottlier. MiO tt , e luwr market price. a ptll IIEALEtfS IN ASUCR1CAN &. E(ILlSl CROIWN GLASS, al,. 9 CoartocLor Y STOcE.T. 01 T IN - (S I JOB PRINTING. tIF EV.III' DECrIFRTIvN. EEDMT.Y, ttAN'olragti. AND CdHmP It.Y EX;C'I:TED AT THE OFFPICE O THE True .lnerfican, T r. OIIA':L::S fSTItEET, NEAR POYDRAS. erOS I H a LL. iL R& iBll r, 9 vngczsne -r _ h rt' ligr,1 . nn 25 i'a'es Jacls- tin 4-4 1iral a g. I. ling froal ship Chilaestrn, f,r sale hv _ IllltliiCF. & Co, 1 C N- -10c Ioa.La fln. 10 .l, ridue, anid 15 do. D Jln[ilersl in tore fior F'nte ly July 2J. J. IIIA Yr.t L Coi. 74 Poydral St. O imARD & CO'S Betion and New Orleoan L1 ' ie of Packet Siips.--Thli new line of ships has boe rt expressly built to run betw.en the abovr ports, and will be found of sueitabld dralt of water: acomilodations for passengere, and every effort will- I mawde to give general catis tlion, The line is composed of the fo lowing alip.: Chrokee,. 415 tons Capt. J Harding, Ctrolinai, 401 de S Lemint, ilhtliestonn 374 do I Eldridge, Coilllmb ana, 625 do G Barker, Seaman, 240 do J Ilowa., linmihny. 625 do D +-ulphrey. The above ships are all new, of the first lass, eopper fastented and eopitred, commanded by men o°.'grt exlwriencc, avoe lar.e icoieinmodatioit, with a eparate laolies cabil.; cvery lttentiin will bh paid to pa'ls. gore, and the very feat of stores pro videdl 1o thrtl0.' The packets will be tnwed itp and tlown the Mis Iehlipp,. acd the strictest y i- served il Ie .thtn of ailing, anld bhould tile rec-l.lar ressel. bo detained iii rriving, otlier shi at equally as goid will ii all casa bo ubat tituteol. A slaoe ot patroll. age is e iclted, and tie agent. plaedge tlermnlves to accuronllnldte a iucflh as practicanble, to receive and forward goIodsa y a id line at the most moder. ate e'largea, and to advance all expolaes on goods altppeid, ifrequired. Tlle ships will leave the ist and 16thi of every month. For freight or pamsaee, apply to the agents. J A MFRRII'T, 82 Coenmian at. N. B. Advanoemente mlido on consignme..ts to Mes'ru. A. C. Lmulbard & Co. nov27 at n irueat e.xp.nsee, the right plltlilng tin iron roots ia Ihis oily. ''iieya are adapted Ito u'l I buildincr, wareaoesmta, ulfd private dwellinu.e, ani eanlhlne it o'nce cillraplless and darnhbhlly, alnd are pfirfcily tire and wnter proof Termts mal be known,lnid a Imodel seen at tour eetsltlblehent, elppoite St. 5lary's mirkei, Teho- piln as.r eatr E :I .oil-tvt t .-e co .Il E~ UK c ' A d4 iL. . la. iLT, tAIL. Dialllllll .l ll , P.Iip,keje. c rnsonnlle on hand a'i xtiniive sal tV en of l nolil and'. lr I rogans, a oser,it flN ew Yllrki n'IaIf.iCure, lr nll. waIIIIlln rad ellllrecn o l a ne.r, whlcalll e will ul at very i o:lerUae pri,..-. F'eilies of hie a, q iiotancr II endinlg ni order will l,,ve Itheir wnsehc nlc dei d toI, LS SF ;OUR HllI a' LEA t)-5 bids, l.)uI Ibs I acll; 41 kegs, 1. I 2011 Jo 15 " English do-45 I-4 bills. -400 ' lull Paint Bruahen sines; I t.-e Vernlilli III; 5 bbla Ceopl Varnish; 2 "' Jpal .. I: UCoach 210 pcks Gold Leaf; 511 do Silver do; 10i do Dutch letal. WINIIusV GLASS, ALmerica, Er.lish and Freench 1l110 boxes, varinos siees and qualities. J5l.too .ro'wn do.--'Sl hboxe, econsiglmevt, will be oldl liow Alo, a generol naaortment of artists' celoln antd toeim-r sale by A \V SCA' ES, No it; Cmonl tlreel. N- B. Alabama ntes ilakei it p r, and Missiaslppi lota n.'tt received at 10 per cet discount for goods, rls lpna mi tofdrebt. jrtI i l tIIE idnuitl atndmoii Itltaionf I.ieerw,-rtciind lcie' .the ,i, is put ulp in bhtlles at tel low price iof 511 imts eaoh, cmnaieiing thie ntretgllia of tlore nu lnces io L ovmwathemati lea the irtaues Id manya other roLt aind Bheomsmak nolu onthe Indiena as aiieaCioua ill eUorii ptilml lto eAiiplainta. The u rivalled slaeaess which has nitendled lie 'tse of mhi heamttlmllla lallum heirever it hba been3 iatiai. /ared, ha le : .i:ulad Ithe Ceondelce and reLeriml ndem - a, bima of reitle'tallde lpiyoieials, fur hli cure of cougrls, evlds . pain mi the aide, want of rest, apittini o blond, lie r oo i t btm ,& e." To wh,,til it neiy eocern. This is to ertify tlht we have i our Iiraetiefe'qnlenltly pIresriled Ira (lard weur't Idiat Bal m ofaln.iverwnr a d Ilnnrehnlu.d wl adogdcied o-d effect: e cafn threfone, from the kiiw- lad f aothl materiela it ia made frot, mnd o-lmservatlun i perl*l.ei-iee, re:'aulnenit it as a l uperb in rat or theme leltiOlt of the lucgn al w.lilc it ia re atnmooe s. AI.BiK I' hVI.LUti AM, Si. D. CAl.VIN Ei .IS i. I.). MILe. ae, ofll. Beton Medical Association. Blmtnn. October '5. Mle by J.IRVIS & ANIDREWS .1 It : - nlm t itt ll f':i t -i tll'= + - i ln.-Iy HEIIOIItiE.E, B::ttWN & ('t. Dcy 3 No 9 (',iIi s'. i-. " - ' lie allblu lheri Ih e - IIII. II.. . 'i had a Iaree epptly ,f Ca.nnl and Liverpn l'c.l. it htlk. ,f atuperior quahliy, whih ibhey ofler far Pale in lIt'. tn stit Ali, elicreted hi the irl arritrvals frrm E..r Inli and th N.trlh. Cilln-.i, Lrehigh andl Peach MamlauillC-id, 'rabin k nd ern'enell, put tie il, bh·luh.ioa a ,ltirokalv 1 n' tar patly uo if which ,,ywywlU ftept,,ia of on the Heersl ti-l.rstm . tesn. 'Ordersr 1et at thIi' office, N" 53 BimivillE at Up altiri. will it. ptooulpili attreldi mo eeS .B.11 AOt'LIE .NEW T'&OOO i--Slmmon hll"t c'are dolw 'e " aCvinl fom on bolawdship:a' a.oo, Lud fat togal Ondbri Camo"rdi, from New York, a great varietr ot godsl to their line, which together withi their dbimet beok on', ieakes thleir asn rt rl c nver:., plaote. The iollowincl etlae a part, vit : ell twit,, t .-., lide, tuIk knd-lresniahcou!au, orn do of all deocriptioneiajn. dia rubber, silk anl warsted elaetic garters, uotamon & fine elatic stspemlorn, loca, lico n d Lueifer rnatches, leidlit npowtkrr,p I der cpufl add oxe,,ettrlirt prowder, poeet eeks antd wallets, needle books, shell, pearl, rory and iloreedc card cser,l headi oIalutC!tr, .plaiin co ral beads, necklances ati negligee,. bead centusc, bead Neebklces, ct gclabs anti plain,reed,,ilver nndl tilt bcads, lndianeneads, bello asld Ioltlnine; pirtol and large pew erlake,snlhot belts, hers,, belt. pocket and dtlctlimi JitIol; double and single barrelled eoer. Bowie knives, and dirks. scissors, slltnre, pocket knivel, gIard chIaille, and ribbons, waist burklre, cloth, hair, toot, nnal,comb, Crumb. shoe, lnate, Ilor and dlstingr brusha , Coltgnl, Florida, lavender, rose alnd bay water.aoasrterl rereeele, lnd extractad . ', bear, -at iql e, antd WVrl's ve geltable hair oil, shavieig and tiil:t soaps o al llde-. criptiotea, ladi.e' slid gentlre eo' leek, nnd ,lresioe ecases, hir rieglets,frizeotus and blri sl plain, fotoy nad musical work bois , llain an, ltd filred, ealie and rest uott,oo, pearl and ivory shirt do, rslirt studdo, rgol and ilerle lteil cases, toltllhplcks sd treezerr. laotei and ilIt lockets, ntiuinlatre do, silver, irass aslost.el C:imblcr, hooks Satill es, hair Iier, Isrilation ruil, blk indo'rcdiuk, sloe blacking, virlisa auiI gluitrrlbbk l and plain percussion callu liiln twine, .cnted cushl tlne,goll and nd sier clace d r.pge, latter paper, game bags, riding w'lips, walking cals,plaoo ng ewade, liok gold, plated antd gih ohrsllr o sc. " t The above, together witch a great variety ofother arti. sle are offere li t wolaesale or retail on acculommudting N B Ihellr eonbo repair.dl I O Y L UE N IA N D I h G N-, P AINtT, Iod O ,R':u m mla P aLinte, No 3 Car.eile stilet, two dolor reI. Lotanal cIi'er'. Inlllionlls of '.he aolltoeil.g woods and nlmrbles, r ettell il a asLlterlPy lllnter. Tlahngarv Egy ptisr bllak ged gold, O.k, (;holl:a .nd Aolico, 'Pollard do, i or Vrd llanthtle, l Curled tin, 1.H1at Cartred aple, iMiot o ., Birdls IEye 4o, ilv (.hralle, il ll \VooPloto c Ilair Wuood, , I)o I o Iltrdello, Yew Tiree, Itllia WhiVl,. (ltolonlnlll,. oe Blltlak -itoll ailt Iathectella, tiste ~oen Am, A wt, "0. .'y Ait bltitl (Olb, n. bk &C. Spehltooitit e. to, 1e cen -ott ,.'lop. f e.olt i1. iascotepl' i vlreiui. kc. ot'..lllI r.,ihlo'l le. II t •I1ON...l''.MI. %'!E \AVY tiJ()l)t? lat, sq,;:Ic nndl bulndle iron, cell a!· rtlvl'hd. ,lllmp, srodil antiroil Fm, ~l ::il rod-, and Ihll41 SI ,ll loro-t , H, i e h O ,illtot .li tlde ool blt cI'.1, lll t ils 2aila,, bhotlk, th,,1 tiil ., etIcltd r ! le solt k ela;i al . -l retail, ot tioel..le, tiot'. l c c,,, ore Ity ca L"hi Yt.ilil e U'.. 5:10i trvee. lli Ihl t us, Iru : ll, an l sherl. Wl'ald anlI deaill, lilts dai tw. lne SAF.ll l.lctll-s enri. .o qeti; Nav rl i lsott c i A oeull !atd cleltil t dnilltLne nLll slp hndlev ale or tal, oil ho imos iol t'rr'n, y t mar %9l9 ,llligllzln at FASHIIONAI]LE CLO'ITHIIINJ. ROBILVON O GOOSD iP ,I EN.. OS, Othe re. Mace tutu..1 ihnt-cl tI -tuttllinie tJRi). e . ,, hnvi'e.. AVE eonstantiv on hand every arilcle applelrtain tug t+ g'`lnlielna' d dree u, I,;ade in rile u est Illtne ,I1. iat|illit II .+i t'llllll:lbllo liaC llicllJ tlh+¥ (I&P~tl PU cal llelnedlltt IIpIccu. dl·<:.1--1838 D)EArNESS SNEW article f er Pterso- Itrulleud with denictst, /k (called th ar '- ' ituttlc) Ilhnn tnr beh ree, iutvd, ItIe rleltltntt ithich, ti-t-hiplhten't -rlituhltiui nln"the ltu Ilan voice ic dipltjr ctlv cc-;e:.,d tIlrl thu nc. A.ll oe1111 wihe htus ever Ilcll neilldl g·Ld tll ('onlll'l.Ve w( ith Ii Vel'V d* a o--ol, n r1t he fulli i .enI le ia - le dificetd aln p.m -lrlluau.·rc e t Plllltu ll-c- td tI ht tIi emt-eivc anll d ttL it tividunalut untrttuul at ulhcted. Ity the u-n oC t-e nic hi arT Et Itt hiu- Itetpllinll It Ph illrl? riitll. I e i nmosltscete icla hllan'enIi1{11at llan u doiln t'ied rdloubt-l l II( havillg used "l'rulmi. . F-llr sal. lt I T I. GI;I(ON'.. Fine) ptovs.eorer of (C'. mlo: n and .t Clarics ltreelts [ lilll r ht! I.,.. l leliea f ihltel.1 Illl I:1 BAL. M FOIl T'ill TFET I. *1ill|E enta birthed repetttutuun lind -nntnttI ie retcnf i •rl deniand folr tis efPlhlil Itl rlrlelv o.)1.I1" I iiI.(l-il.n l Ir Uer'si'e oe f till lhe lllt, i ln inlucedl he slbcrher noffer it In tilen Amni-ri-nn tublit-. Irltng-lllnluts h Ieenl made to t11t lv Iln llts in nil tlhe rlllicilnl cili ld t)wiil in the [Unit-d ntailet, co u tu plu ti t. ithi h reicl eenl ti rItn. llirine cnd likely ito dulnbr thlis o Irnutseing nftIt tehtr<, TItith-aehe. i ienn iapllIed ui eording to Ilirectinu rivelen on bottle, it tu t niev-r thiied i utti-ird ihn diate and nallten re'if. It arreste tile dle-n v It - lei tivt teeth,and rtliitevs |thur Fellcenutu vc lie'Iso Itreqututhi renlder a tronlg tooilh nl ss eturel Iu u ilinlt i lll p 1 i retuedv are 'hintese, ilnlsleUIt n 1 ii a h· I ; andl o Ihe large nluuhler oi Ie.ltlu s in IifFetI-II u iill:t l h onlllttr! ,enllltl hainve llr ady e. 'iet.Itn ed -int h di ei'll n ttlltden Inulir elet tl'tuom tilhe Ilne oft I n- ll int tt e rea I\ Ilo hear (Ilar the puhlit e gti) Iuiri esiinn to iu - .ingtiqrly tllt] UItenuctcr-dh, t uuII Iu liae rbe-ruc- ih ile ehi.ized eurt-d ns tit illtcl aiunblediuvrv redlian u tihle wlnllSlu. " |)llee $1 ltr buatlc. Sohl hv¢" J.t\IVIS & ANDREVS, mr 5 Cr~l~leit-l and cla hur a o0(KN Miil..--trd, rs received for clra nillle, tbe Mi all 17 Mle .L-i & Itttull. N, uti .Erugnziietn '.UI'I I':Ti'.1lI'.IPEIl:lt-iurt vd e. CnaCei nt I1IueI and WilieI WaLY*, I·Uled I.LI1T ltll Ppe S~leir il ri-,Sd truic, Iah tn ig ViD F1r 1' YS t'o. N Y: llnnrri' HI 1, jo ne 1.5 24 iln e' eHni t JARVIS & ANIK RE\VS, WIIOI.ESAI, E AN)D tIETill. Ir)eAtILIS IN DIEDIOINUS, PAINTS OILS .l'E S'U'b's Anli'l) INII.YDOIi G.IL..SS, nurner of Cnetrnlltlt anid Tuhouitmoulan streets, Ng'l¥ IIR I.rE SS NwVl'IATHN .IARVIM. JilliN IV. ANIIIEWIn. A large upply o Garden lcultl. a rranted tle grun thi of i;:17. N DNREW -MITII & CO.. re.pectfilly inttrtn their Irietdtl and tile tillic In -,leltrnl, th-lt they oeenllpy tie inew trick shllp,l 219 'Teoullnumilns street, whlre tiley' kepc ennstanlly on Iatnd CiLppler, Tin and Slleel Iro[n rVilr, ofn ever- descriplltioln, elich as cc ttppue .tille, kel , tlta d ip itre, tit tlllth. inr tu ,, uuuiu i e ntof all u t orts i uu i szes, and all ither i lbt r ie u ctu F ilu ntt ln t tllrttriu t iu l -tt,-. Il rltll hlur oi" clrn ry d - cri ttilit , iei aIts uteal . lunt etinrups, bol cheutuult, uureun lunh, a i ht, ith tkild olfmciunllh t wurl, IIlt l u s einllttys, brceeh. Ie, ritnc ilp - o:. uuudtliniuuthtntncneh. Thy will aluo do Iu1 kidis ir olt door work. 'u ll a- zilnc, copIper and till r,,-hylilg uslll gbllltrllllq, &eC. Tn'y ,bwOV alld all other knlllds oI work sn Itheir line nf, they will execute at tie shirll teld notice. d,.e27 IiIlIcat hut- i uuuT-untt HTiett--uLiut nut Ju t W-Itue I liJ l. . HISt e plla Cute-i Itum uiul iUntttel itt lttr l he I a":le lhll: M I1i" "III : :- ttu. Ihl e I lt- l llt ut . ut-, SPInt 'nllllide ralTY irllll u- ~le. n i duilu t lllc llllldillg - I i r;itu ni e ,ll romhlliart ru- n,-ll ni n a lle rs i iclenr. tllc ie atn .tli u rath nIi ,tuni tnI llll a h telni t h r -,oi r>d rbx ha g C junar. n cu.1 ir i-e u l- puct tn ,lllleln- l-u nh- n-tiC i anlll anll A -hlill" h~nllt. II1. jlr~t.ivddl'l 1 lb a ·ll t',..lnl l ld1 1 nfll~unit un ar t(i lil, rl, u-lit-c ittt PIuittu-iOll-i, lututhlu tiulrte, r tl l Il l o fI tt-i i ti.- ei illllluhe lllll i t ut ol' an t toll hru y I l illl ulrrilutiI Itt nlilultt II tut AiLe c l r ittIT-e ntih . ttt I hl'. intl t ulrt in . tl Olrl· I a i. Il'.l'.al Ihu 1111" I)¢~Itlt I- ill ilwn 1:o" tenlln. U. pr~h ho~r e l] t~E elltlhllu li- - frly Ilrvavo iI and 'l',r hlr as ll a tle.lll lhlllj u igllhI-t l Nl h lllllu, 11 uli N ittillft- Pl rnihrlal altd . rhJ1ri4uthncrtittioptoi t lent V ern-un- peexitcu upd I itt'l utete i.trItl en -, irtg all ilit-llllnluhu itt }3% t! i ee . r atml d e~l; 1 r-' er 1. 1 " Iq.I :Y I. &~r l ll I'o.. li. , lill .mII· .. I Ali TORIC lI I l- l 1 ll l iI) r i llT lllER J IR-6 m. cflecn. n ex rNs 2:t r u ln u ututehr gn -K , ihi th fl:tu'a ' t u e clOi ililu to I:ltl-lt it Ien ltrd t It I11u i Sgbe~illy flhlll 1 1t I Sent. illllql0ll6 ii, pr riunnmur icl ll-in la. rl.pce. 1(lite- -e I ttt a tll t -- tinIII e t nt tnIh uetll llll tiui pIam I·Ftl;leh tle· 2I':,ti'ltJ(Rlv . Ietr nliI cue--ni eupccir rh e en ee cIt tr n l Iti -, u i r .s i t . - Iuut i , t wi ilu.r a rtou ralr t eri t i T allu it-attn in l e un '.wld, lr iurt reire9 g t~inn'la p d.m re ihr I.pnldr by f u'3 creel JP i pien , ci" tu"i ai u-tnnll r i --utl u tue-n'r r tplaphtru hu -CuElnina, hy -i-. IlutluhI tr n95 Stun t &uee ad ahdic It liert, i-r cutle by 4 i iti (1.. Vi June o7iiIiwI..e [ i in .i- ISt ttaini tierinuane I'l AVl in reein. rch loiliiinec tincuttenr,. er, Iingihecirnl~la tcnaracrtiutecs if hr Nc~ttn Iuuuncntt l Indietne, firer n~erie; tihelien °lalentid igt.dc, Ire - h enry [inn. Suih,,-tcraht aiuh0; of TrnnelirI tnurunlne- t eectl e he lineis icpi. &r Li. t Al\[. a anew cnupplr cf Sineren Tranete inl fl~.i1 ArSi-ci Perie, Sue.. - [ady ef Lyrtns; linernicyv; Ceieittnnrl firti Sherttretul' Werikr, kc &e, lUrt read-re-I citdi" ne rl.e itt ALEX- THI)k.i. .,ch Un-ne-1c.,,re. N-Tosh di UaltiDiore.Paaetu NEW ORL.IRANS AND BALTIMORE LINE UF . "PACKE''. S, This line will cannot of the following vooessels, wrhich ale been built or purchased explresslry ir the tra to, vie: Shipi lPaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, Nickrrson, SItrad Ferry, new * Stevens, ** Solohnn Salts, ** Inlthalm, Brig Arcltect, * Gray. Threse vewses are of the first clase, have hand. saomnt ltrnihoed ccomal:doline, and are of a light draft of wiater, sitqoo adnit vf Iheir reeeivilg and dlsaoargiiig thir Ciarg,. iot Baltiioiei, at Ihe ciy. Freiglto-ll tI tabken for poria an tiem Chesapieark or James' River, anld fIirwaritded by tile agents, Messrni. CLARKEQ & KIi ELLsIPUG, at Ioaltintore: xpenses on goods ahiirped will be advanl-ed owlien irqiiirc:d. The price of pasrige in fined at t;0, ,I-teip st-irc. at'tito b ot ilollich a-ill be prceideil. Sitean up and dwI the a3liassissippi wall be taken on all oceasiolls. Fer fieight or passageo, napply to GEO. UEDFORD, nov27 S I2envil'e est. 'O)R NEW YORK. (louisianao nlld New York Liise of Packets] ' ;iii- Ships ensptoivgl, this line wll ruil tim. Nv Ltrlenl8 audlc rNei Yolrk or every othier Mou* day-coneiltt-c cig on ithe bOik Novetml,?r--a.nd to iesnrc thie pu.ctetsllity in tein+ tielofsailitig, tile III will herentlter consistuffiel oIipo, viz: ahip Y.n, ar ptain n'itrank, to leave oi tlile 0th N~lvl:mbor. Ship Luviv l e, Captain Palmerr, to l0av on the 4dii Dcceitlir. Ship tlhlutsvile. Cplain Eldridlge, to leave on the 18:th Decehber Shipt V Jiki ure. Canlain Woodhlouse, to leavea on the I t ,J. iuciy.r Ship lisalt (..ptain Davis, to leave ot the 15t oif Jiaiury. Tile :b:ve ;ire all ne, of tlle tfrt CIel~sI, eopper a nod copptr , ened. .nd n'.w;rds of 500 Ioln. cibrlwl ,l | light ru tieoghievatc,,hrL iig huhh I in .N i YorNi irlsi lcv ',,r le trl ele. Ta' t)riCe I pissaner is fixed at LIiO dellar: thtisir cnabiare hitdlii:d tiii i tse i to*t Ileiutrll oril (etlivrtirI et ! pI -c, Outh ill . ii it wboltII eehtntylu elAdni'o stores toft he fhrt qal y well be poVlcded, 'I .ev.ry rigard palid to the ucn ort an idi etlfir. ioncli of Icsellgers, wciii wvil ploe ta(ke oi i eU t: itt c hi-eth . c n el e screured Ulltlli paid liir at lhv ii elci -il e, t i iiie be tal+, P. I'l'lvc e civ.l.ts airI Cliiul:liIded by eriptaini s well 'pere.llcecd nthel trade, who wll g Vo I've v at tIeltionl anlld xerrt themllS++.Ives u n, h. fle n allllld te. 'i'iT:;. I -api-eiuiiecii ci lie( cciii, oi~n l i iilivricl-o cll at all t -l ule Ic towed lip al od( iwn tie . 11ic . sllpa |} p, nlmt~i [, 1 lo d the striteset punctunh~ty l ',b~l~nrr~ld if; tIII? ill lllt Ot eillnei. c'le i wlners (f tihese e ll s will not be re.ponsi. blh Iiir aii kilter. plre ,l tr ptekagi. grist hly at pI1 on Iolrd n' lii oliti-i Unles, a res Ular ihruili orlainiic bee sig'Lod iierelor, it ttie enitini- liiiiii al sIts ogiot or Outers. For Iitiliir perlicluoirc pply tt JD B EIN & A COIIEN, noav27 90 Cumanon st .i ur il.. I: A N. & C tiAIIESTON T PA\CKET. " lhekucli he co lisci to i ttur vtiel ,apil r , 11 i i1 i ieerl rw l i -il l ic e. t -rto ,'ue++ Il filld ,111" n ,.) IIIIII ~ ll c{0 IS }u tc l m Illlll+ilrl'e vrrl~clsll'tll'll (·11111~1·(/)e ,Ft'II, fl1 WI'm Ifrl"~ llon+tl l 11ad IT1IPrtli+ltt 1 + W.Ils ( 1 III ,,(+IIr Il, lhlnt I't'r. 'llw w 11i I c lbrl r I+), I' Ile Inlflt d< \l . Ill iIhcusco pi, .nd leirv . N nw cOrleans ,n or belo ili -I cr ch < Nt c .vr l- m -,cth. Th-e fcllowihc r. Ambin,llnCharls G r htn, mstr. lice apoal , Ji . B. U'I lllm lrr, ,llra ter. 11"1101g r hl ili n Ltc . alUi3sM , [J:I·II, h~ ~~ +.llllrt l /ll J. :+,,,~ Ill~ipr.,n· llp Fr ir, btet Irpa-so-e ,Tiplyv II J. A. BARELI iC . (c110 ii Nu Ui , ,Olran. r .I.C 511 1 m. <'+..Ch,,,l, )n. iith Clii i-h-v.non L I'+ ISNT id IITE REesi-.. Ip n ce - -tc------ur. ot uiie , lee ind A , ri tllns anlh r teiPn I elll-ftc l i en nlprvcl, illh rol t eoIIg nl re ci(c.lll t I,. d \\ ,,, ndta iter ito ticcs. 80 yp rsn ftefi ns lie iniir lii i.v the O'iia s ti am )' uIg" i cirio i s Lo r"alici llhly r + h blln ,xten;ivelyl. useldhP inl the~ abv disees w D~r. I111·1 ; holm,11 lime .'.·~ 1 r,,h ,l Ra. C [I~l dv IJ i·, l.'- :'l'hil·· g=-,,,t1( stirilga 'hi l t ie Is|r I' I it ir 1: ilehtl IU I medime pssesing reatI.' Jel, an wh'nuo. uling to s1e o101c nctit (ha, -nece eoitllAg o- hiiwitcioitiitirelevenin ltcttre-mci bsiue t oI o.&u Ii"ir -t. It cco c. acin t aI' l "- r. ir ..i SOrs 11ns o Ue DT1 I23hy 'Icrc- ir U Ii-c hienalh.n i ra atilltv ill tllln oty , sir la thed ite I ll s i il .ed orall tn t reari d an el' ltrit e t', . L elrl r I relur it re ori nr rei lr. Icctu te. cl asells, t LId Ulli o Iralie uce re. Tre9, Iy peir+ r merctry h nihes I on,,et-ll t iuca in c lii s seaicted thei cdcy anie eo tae i/n. necodinen is wsh thly deinectndn and has hI cIiI yexLeuioly necd iii IIth itlloce diUectsoc with gnii d s iieugl~tvdneiuen.icit i:ut I~ rpeiucoriui ot recll p='llR 1ct dpelil c t l Iot oft tliif eer i lo th e . healiftillg c| drei vun illcIlltl"oog t vole o rty lcioarg rtecaicggrc"gviioiiooodcioeatr .Iti: ec, ingt the dircecticto hocs bever faid iii A c aIVre, even ic the lOne itiOrianst altog hl' twleie d dr. It id r lils dtt ll diaertecahhb-, alni, (,nrsl,lus of thes weakLesl1 Mealll;nl. ilet| ehlildrerl ,ila\ lake 0t wicilth itepaitiy. II eLicit glhetic the dig'ctlvi orgocn eret LL ai "Cittppetle SI sirdUci d ut i'ts. Illurl, Illhm ollt. or ill Illstinatl l casl's, tw~o bottl,.+ to a caur. Tl' e iiro i t tl-l.l ltr ult'rc ury ic ~ l. arsellle ill !hle lriie~lit|e, Iler~y tlilly hir illjnituinra to th lietiiot i olltiLoltunit. 'telir.cieteirs art n elrl cotviociiecl i. iirie~ yth Iie, hiotu Ilgrev eto refoud tiprc Ane a pvery bhitoht chick h:ch hue takoe ill ceeiird.vle -l i tilek dirctueons lid hso cot eflik:etid a apert. t Cvee of Is the f-r & egose. A. OLIVER, cole ug,-ut tiir Nie-t Orletic-, at hia wholtkn+a anad relail druv agndl Ineldna Rlore, elirver cl' Ilitllvllc asotl Cili-rlr ictrcuct. For District A--ec.+s OIiY to ie5 T .W. 1 \% '. N I'1f , 48 C oenti i. PENSACOLA MIANSION HOUSi-. NEW CITY, PKENd.AL IA. ThTIIs sulircriho r hvicu ofurthedfalwe ienge vld ri, 'a1lll) ] 11r, rth llle . l ittor wil t leady l rer e ive li. illlc r and enibly iltnlorve hentd will be fnnd in tile terre. ngeen a uc' the na etinitti Iletoe. New t ed i t, teten, tni:he l1.dll I k. .li . re tR e rdti elu l lelllr o . ieullr a lbl it , etlllllid tI ytri . llt e wi lll act e r i l l lte d.n t c l: lT rh ii Il Ct he itilr . Ip i bie rlttnt n l.and i nt r Bllr rigt+t'. Archte t, t, r ((ttr .. Thesc l l. ati Unt i hn. e it r llt ca , e io hand.e so ti t nllhllelm lt n c eill no t i i f ell'ere C1dth. a L Tdrofa ight lrltls wPallstie as itt lgd mit l n thii ir t I tihiodln t Sel th the r caroerllllll ind B lll ticfee ll the Uni t u. rltheighsiull, tl itlk'lin atel erte thed c ht l antell e du ora J me Ru iver mouthe for war cdelet b rie t agtfsl , llelll li t-te t ! t g etlod lt th y hpd wlb e ie,,tt"i wlhn r equired.hrik li er of phe a f grll +l, ln fipt lalt $ 0,u ie r feig o r p r t te, e laetui, at i Lthe tetlli lli, n si thi nt, eg itl.h ft-i-cl,lgt-etti tld l tle N II BLEDOD, e n ovoll 2 elbt l 15.lerl3:18i. 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RINnn C BOaInDE ATylo sjtig~scxec re nliflinttitet nl. t e . jn. tn ,hlllftltrn ,itor g I-ft itttr iet I I I • ie e+ , 'tewle• oltelllcn tiiht f cg eele, nnchic --lt t wilt p lea-tin a Iet o the oll tit- Cal a N W , Y O K. I cnnte dr lvPll r anir h.t, le Ic ie tdee e ntd b e nni el ecu,, r lceceill en I icird e, eo in, Irn eio vertnn. tun tlitixe rl rp 1it ff nth ilcrt hte tlecn ne.d e I'hml htl!a and:i i j"tily ,ll r cee.Ie p o. e wh aln lle 5e th lt jly telli_ ,, l ilt h lstie prH t hhnuesCm t ie u cr er it; t e Lil o * aii I llh rl r .lll oU n riRIse of the -tint l t tt tile r dio b lue Lgl.nt. i -rel Fo r n lme r pi r e iChco l uet ar a, - tMOei hTi ..... 6 entna-AS nlneen nhrie eJ. I YV ul+n, tni . II r s t p pei JOHN II .R r HAM An=1 IISB IG lo. n hu 16 a t i v I e1 " 'm ic 'lv he goai College of Pshyliamu,, otndon, flqHtlE origms Vegutoble H.ipiom Universal Mcdi 1 elie, IemaelRtr d hy WV Miskhitti . Mesmer of 'lal I Covul .ollege of surgeolti, ltehtoe-of Aplomhe try'sLo o qmlt., Yellow rf bolt ourmt Soeiety, Surceqn to the Ihoytl Unlion lle.slon Asiiamtito, Lsiitssoe Place, \Wqterloo tridge, nmt Perpetoual PuIilof Guy' aii St. ITha.Ims's I IoHitlsl oLontlo. m. iThli vlatamlle medicino, the result of twenty years' xlril se aid oni lqmralleli success ill the cxtemisie tiatt ihighly respiet'tahle teocilee of tile pIolrietym, tallme tisem ity (he Ifeaaly out! nottiltv, moiti ihtiow iutrotlahce tocthe notice of the American ithblic, st Ihe eanet so. lititation rfa ItItoaher ol'gentlemaen of lo gautd high SAIRldlinRg in the IroLfesion. It is holpl, as a pelimi-. tlar- step, to check tile evils and fatal cotuseIulleces cisi.ig ft'cm the u,' of the I i merouis itt mlehe lons aesiritiUts Ioiuedi clc the pgmlic by tile aoll of Ihlbelontem I'roof of milacaloarsires, aml o her mleanls, by a selt ol ilttet"ellary, Illallrilelled (IIrete"dlr'ds so tot a)ll igoiollmaI oh mclieal seoici, that ic imposmible the mollttisami dmlusitbi et, any lIonger go down iil the ietellignt jeon le oftllis country. Thrle. pills, mild anl agrienHle an Isll w untIire, should he ke pt In every tamilv ill cases ofssutllen illhess, for, ty Iheir promnpt adlmiistlation choler'a, eanoape, s 1,tan, ft 's..'l SIll otiler nlaRomlulh cOihllahilts, Wl;chit tilY title. prove IHtma!, titr tIe slatdi Iv toIre1e illt l.veeitied. lIYta, all thoe who vcalue g.aod Ieithlt, should ievert be 'itmlot them. 'They are sil' iia p+ekett o t .ass;itaei, $1 al$ '2 eachl. by eeery 'res e tmlle ehicmiegislIitenlksicl,aoil seittlaloriof medioitic i tin United inales m l ie sitaodas, with noiious Iltwetioits, t~geller lilh estnolniials of profersiolnl ability ifrom ithe fithitoistg entiloeot geitllletItet: Sir Asiley Co.oper, _ Aiterithli, .'lnae. lihiaI tail, *1. I)., WV. Ilnok, .. I)., J. Asuto Key, A. lmPiiiitoi, 31. ) , uud numner(us tilees. Tlie origitlas minay e seen i possessio of timte r(;eectal Agent, hy twholll tile modcihel s imlaortedl illto his rrsllllll t am to wlonm all stlpliaotions tbragencoi.s 111 be Illi e. J~NO. III.ISF.IN, 129 Wcamerly P'laHe, N. York, Shue (;iceual Agemt for the Ulnited States, &a. For ialo bvi sPluatilltrlmett of alto eligitlua clirulariett. by wolnt . & lloaclmml, I0lhoggi-sl N,,) I I . l.ot cret, !eemt At.tent mliir Smttlee oI" LIoiaii . jul v8 SI.1i111 It i" L mii, Ni j Oi:ngncian streell.cae i ,now receiving froml ships Nashsille, I.laxirville, eon:ulekm, EiKle, al.! other late arrivlals rismn :Le 'C.rnt*ele r ii C . a inargai i nliieleitled aissoltllllet Il;.is, UIool, shoes anit Brocgsa, enllsillnp olg,'ltlelltua s nie calf alIl .1oroc bn1oots ,to d qutility; do bnllid, SIad stOllt wa. m pegged hoots ,, selritisqiualiities; Iie's fim s call seii iuid %Iaorniei 1.*.jnpant bamigaues, liueahit kinshe,, limogatsnutm Iluo~.. ll; tln lislt, alo sto ull kiill :li w ls gedsllull .ll|,lll+;: IOL*lISI J)L~lle; alf liki e~lll cH .'gled shoes:.I, ( tO IlwYliCIt li I)(,tO do icli kl1 r:. Illlcl.'I lieotell s(:litel u malhrgalis geintlhnilll'i best uilaliy amasu enaci shoes. lgai anllt Jlock liowniiigsi; do elf nd Moi lroeei u nbkle shtei aniolln bouis; ln enlf slal a! i.iunreo.I I tiii clslots oii slip-mea, ih cal, boll mtn scam wogs, Ia tew ali~iclt.; ito ruhe a:.l; se:il lnlor(cco laiel tittnlt aiis'miiisalulnidit lieis iegoeutl alit! nel lbao Ilgai lls, t l shoesoii ct ie tc ,Ol' m ulitu s It n ill . I Also at K ltra:l assolLr tellt of llm's s|lltot war anul ruci II.r.gluls nitll s ~oum, tge eroi, litih Itii l oir I gno htall s ituilim t, uirslet triou.ulllnl , iileil inl i t, I1 siks, KriHrl~lli ae l'. uly cii, u a , Imotl ,z* , w atil' tl nt1l , 'r blt l : e q ellal n ity o t no ,, sIalt .l e .q{u nhi t: Ir4ttl cloo Etllrogocs.ll, lbit s' flr rulll, H eC l, lllrocc, n.l g.iinli w l.l, pup'+tl +( sole t s ots; (li |]ine I sevl'h M1tr'occo; .'11t kid IuII u t i aeS; s ui I utai lOeia, IItti iI il titlhoiu hintil I i cnI seal naI tul sou Iat er I, til e.ti s i o is toill. (it i er t lo llk i d ml sl t u , a l|it icsr do la s l i o * t/ g til e '. ot foacullld tt.odters. 3isnes a'lislilg lllg sI(-)Ia eila,t, ol gnulll Ch.hht.eo'scololned .Nlo'tutcat tlll Illlastil bo Si.aliittd bilOts, a ae. i idilabu eaver do t 1 a slas riioo quality; do iiuion ti ram io; bllod led imtrre lainl mell'l Ilne drub iid at ak hltssia shret uainpUid |ctis, a iew article. 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Ie+ l t-e r t I lr ta , rvhin old Id h lor lb. l ie,+.:o ir+ Ilnet i llol I nt t rllI .lm t. . oliok i :i1,t l ,l 4 P llo trhe, wilt l sd a lin oe adr ter 18 comitllhi. h J tll 1)I II . i, rn, ler treert. If illy cl n w' tt to Ae lm , o t ill nt N,.1. I4 ti avie SJ(i, it t IIN t Iat. j'o tr. nrit. n at. l t ol l. s I IrR r t fi t.l i v I" J ti.1 ritleL t t ti/h.tF.1T..lrt. t . i7'E R o, l .: .v lJ t. 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Smos t .s oth t fll[ o Inool tri he to ;'.l o . ott, olt eItl'it ~ Iitot nrtftitoll Uimantl fgillr wolrk ol •! ie extelllnlt licH ic.l tl.e Isno iio . o ellorratoth hha oIstth soleoi o hI+ il ss arillt ti i llt t lesm, inllo Iltl e litiohiet of elillto s;L llO Illil't o , iall tto e llUl i ,o trl itsI ctlal l ) s lown it t i;st ikhs,tho , otst aind sa.t drdt it htotis ti , trild atnt pre. l in, erl lh l -t'' +iarllf.+ ,k :;Imd I mhl.i. 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I-s r ot Isif , loof t hdo this bod k "o its like ' lo h i sh epl ro ti i o hhe l o+ll o uileor v iont lt the moU t ed.Slhiteo.l AI e shit llis iI fh world, :ol ttseals lori, tal togsos iosvt o. f rlletolhr hisofln eordbrtet Ptpols, p f sheets, it :,I l 0i Sx'hl. p i l l s Ceol.',t t hld ar'l bl e h l e the l Also 28 (108,111 &, C"e. StI ChYarles He.,+l THE FLORIDA LINE From Mobile to Auguta,,Ge. Sleaves Mobile every day at three o'clock. p in per U S mnil boat for [lall'. Lindtni , above Blakely.--thence foor ,oat ceaches to Pessearor-lhelcell teasmbons io L.grnece, where thslnnud rotue is rerumed-therer v;n Maritoanna anl lrwneville, Fin. Uninbhidge. Pndlertor n, II ,wlinsville. Snandersville & Loti.. e vlleto Augustl., Go, e,,nnecting reuularly with he roea enre ito ('hrleeron., ann the 'ment. scketc to Now York, N.urlilk, Phil tdelp.hia, etc. Tr s-eteaeohtbats are the bear for the service, and the nt.vigalion presents molre advanlnges Ithan cat aeo found ultoln any pstupnboat route ill lhe slulh. ern reion,. The great improvements in the route have hern oroduced by the entrlctin ol fiftylv miles of new road, by the llrttprietore, viz : frolll Inforng. e oc LnFsoaere Bav,,t, ani arm of Snnoa Ros l B ly, .o Bryanl', Ferry, oan the Chot'ahoochro river, ler, t.iles above ithe' Cwtrd. or 14 Ibove Cedar llltf' whllerely the nlaviga on or the river, and the cotr. uetioueot detieniole, asnd moitre recntly the incon veilient crossing olt the Cowlord, are entirel, 1voidild, and na line road Irmll Mlariann lltire on Bainllrid4e, irntead o Ile rrtoundahllo rold vin t:hnltnhoocher, Ieeehing Ithediainnce about tirit miles, and irreaisitig the faielitiea more than Ottoe a dmy AltP. . oranch line of two hinre st.Loe evern ihlter dl.y rio II ,h kineville, via P,.rrv to Macon, (.i Iionn.ceetig with the lile to Scavannah anit A mnstill teramnnl lies regullrl bherweer, Biinblridge noil Ainahlitchil.n. Tl' ros tiesb.ll to reach soy poini no Clhallntlolchee or Anlaceth :olr. intlrl ak ote ~n al atrt o rl llrwneville. Mobile to Ptnleilln -1 illod Roe--)toring the time oeelpi eid hit Ihe repntlra or tI , the pro pre. t sre of ithe Floridl line will trun a s .e of lo r hore perl eroeile every oither day between 1Mu. tlraold i llPe llalil. P:asse, gre will leave Mdbile at 3 oi'lock .p nl, in the US mnll hor.n anld Iproceed to illill IlanI inlg, whellre a llloullr i. ee coach ll ll a . in waiting o loveyll hei r o the exlll ll ellen ionl, rll fl ir, Clhiarlhe tIall, I I 4 miltl dlr eill ii h lrhere ti h I will find ipleasiant iaccottit od. trio.u or itihe riei ht-lunvirrg ext rllll l orig,they will rive i I'eno.Uot.le s nrl) in the svn ~i thus avoidinglr ihi discomfort I il night Ir vellin . Oltie oir hi hlinnliton lhoise., 1oiil., andC"r. lhin' fui tl, hPnnd.o-it, wh Ili en , n m s e re*u re'. 'I'(+T . K'1 I &N ('.. n v I rangFote Insruci'on. 11ilham S.1-h trelers iot sP. to the reI,, azen fi Net (.Orlai'R a. a a 'ter l 1 the 1 ;e n forte. .11r .9 1 ivig been mplll,,v. d sever', '. as ,I searI e ,r 1 la i.te ,o ^ratl cil ', .. andI alill Irverlll of l+ Ite le, lll srrlhi· lllc in, I , vi il ils + l'S h,.II IIh ' Iir, 1, Iel eri , ýl,,.r ItIllllti, hlu • II " as .I' d i lr'r, to It, v D C pp.h 1Al . ,. , so, & A r r, ir, l l.n C r s . I . 1. ,)t ,:I- 8 fled I"1tid lt t! thin city Ir the puftrpoe ofI Ir.n. acti g a g ra.c.r tl l'hd, alh Driug bilinea . II. Is n, w re' rlvinta I a full a sppll tI ral anrl d getull' i n rlrll , IP a, whtl h h, a ll .tll ,n lier, eris 'IT ' tily druggists. , and , hoel' oI Ihr iInrle, "r. Ir , p vllnltin ll lr. h:ora' s and pl IIIn r-, he ,will , I*f r illllcepII: ii s. , ch a hnave n mver bp. ,r bon, ffeod it !1li' cla,. lls i",na ionl i. to don stlr lh It i cll imlll e hblil, s. II. s itk ,,ill Isolon he cnomletel , Ind 111 i IpeW Woeks wll he rto. dv fr btAiltric. lA. A' ordersa Illl t he hr ,UlllrY,;lll from llan ll 'a.tll. , a I i.. I'in , rec iving tluch urder, willt h proNly alCnded to. I 7 IIttl.l.A',E A hit ITbl'lI.Ct.Illit. ANDll V. 1 II,"'YI' ST'I'tl(E-at tlhe sign .of the guolle collth, ll 'I Chartres stre't. 'l'he .,lh.criher.I hol v re ceived, inal lition to their r vii1u ' t,.oi k oiii mui It full and ll colll 113 as'.n rtaeal of ll lnli.lrl ill lheir line; viz: comll, a.lprfiOll a i , Jtt wcellrv, l.rlshle't, ltekil glaa.e., fcnev arliele. ,,' .'+:.c: . +,tigi n ill print an+ f)llws: C)DII- aeIrate. thll, r.alcla tat Itnd p.ln itack,tis t, qrilled back. lonl rollad, drcsing, idle oI11; curl and nelk, lrazilian t.llll, of ever, descripltiton a llllllgsa which are smIe AlMexi(cLn calter,, Ivory colmbs of evry danarilition,, horn, dreine ni plcklrtd , trglt er witth' a ge.eral a. rlllaa Pa,,eiafFelll rllllhclllf d At'rict.l PEIl I:UI UE --Cohogne, In,anelenr IFlhrido, honey, ha,l roste,adil (raIe flower wafers of ever, sizn and It. criltiillll callltl.horatead Clnctle, tat,0'Ettl Illr. laa ot, I bitate at a. oe t'ill kitnlda, .h vinaig d o i , cakes l pt, acre.tiln , d o, \W ad'o t,eetal.l hair o'il, ht rt and tail lni+ edo. Plreston's.ue lli. sallnis l~in and pIrfumned illlalll ill pots nulnl olllw.lorrlq and chtlh rine tooth wash alll I tI LenIn u r', un.iIIn IfII .tgmt)T( lll1lll Uf let eardropsPllllll . siet in lillre , hlealt pls of iigii '' .Ie Iv if l r" n ,i.l-n \ ,llltrh irllllll, il:co, co llt nd it' .,lclclea, 'ilver lll hni l (., ilr,-r anlld ::oI.I Il l ltllls c llllrl Irldllllas I8h'U l.S li --('holth, hair, dust lcrutlll hearth,ulor, I lh t, ;he ' llch i la , il 1 o, h111, N ail, lla, d Ig, ei r I nind l.oillhO .NG 1 .il .l il ,--GIeni n st ti ant H,'liltht aal'.s,' Iitllli'a i, ,lla tllll Ptt ac .all.,' ti - ilnag. l, ss, h.lll, do·, with la II v li l' f. hI ll I, ~ nilll t eiii 1 tli' I llll . ,lll t IFANCY ANIt .tIIElI'I't Al'T'ICI.i:S--rnh anoe.l Pa rt lil ,, I tllllle le++;. lllld II n rt1 I,-c+ I'a1e, suol very rich a I III1( Ih 'ii d hldies work hllk h-illxl, ll d dlres ins cullrios ~Iilth Iill wilhont iianillIl+ itl. II',lcal box,, A crayoI ,nll ntlcll II IIII. c ,g III tols WII t cud Vilho tl e Ws. tmu.sson cup.,. I.tll cp chat ' eea o l id' e eaciltlls ll , lhd ll lldt' tl 'l , acr kint, hells i111 1 illll iiitla d (ol* wn1!111 IItuv-, I. II' 11 sod 1 Pcll uI'%, tiuII;11 I iedlp, tal te 'lls ...t..p a ., 't l i lllt0, c l,0c pta-t qnit .aa dit:ll all IiIl llt 'atll, dolls. IhltUti l fut, san lll plain sc:d Ieaia, silt nlld 'iher lit, llll ela.ll tlc api dcre, lld go'ters1, plantacal swad atllne, blac.kgIIaiio b*oard., doe, c.ntical vieln..e,jewsards, locoluco match 41 71) .l.aurlreast. I'EI&M tl -l.alt gahlHJ pure at e llatller s 7Spt'la ()1t, i., a.k lak aad hlols, let ade' by J .it\'lE. & INIltWElo'S, Whl e.ala I)rll. n t coinellr (' nll ln and 'elhlap anaLcal l ri. a tacett,,.taa.-A . C'oat , iII 'I t, rl, lla a it . la .ialt, t.. .. rli'le f ol,g i nll , puti up rxprvnsl hill the ti cttil trlade; aln the Ipurs t fa " each P' rilna t.rl' ellbra. elang Ievery varlty lur ihle, for a.Il by ,.c 2 RE'SI & D'IANU;. V lit.N\II.tS -The cilaaatter, laViag tat. It, ¢to. 'i hli' d at vt tiir.l-h t laand act.r: in Iw t ' arle. , I,,, rend, to .ipply th. aietea .at I tI.e pblc at general, i t ha"l t 'ai rt alll.I Ili- prices are lllder, e and Ihle qlaulhtA f laht itr.,0lttae 0 tltupattr i iti' evta brill.-11 . i, IIn - pl lhe. 'I'$ ' g le,,,, ....... el ,,r ,..I .,p· i C:- d lhe tlll t l tc al. t tll t n all ,h ItI Id U0 III eXlti.,at' (i*lllbhhc' cIl flhlll s ' ll d ,I I,..urope. I hone d II1)p . , io cni e. a T he r a r e N111. thoez 1,01 tt nlt I tiad a It a l -iall le1 I ale 'lltltta illl n fair t l a llllt ll allny trllitll boycu Noahto¥ iiii l tIry. .Alillllol tlhe vllrlli.hllP are 1h," , olN . oll rr a . ll a t ng. , i EItli lis e a T rae oln ,ta aratui wiho ti w Il. a SIc. a II .tt,' I..N 11" . ý o Uga InI.---d a:tiug i th r si. akci-n I I" , . rthI 'a n t ntta "at1 yI r, rl a . 'a I".." ran d. , l ,e ,1 1,1h i " i-t e "Ced it 1, I by [ i ll an I, E g.arrh , b . vr.,,xl thandk. s thepa i-t t 11 In 11 wi l . lll/ O rI l e h allll ai ta IaII a ac a o pr. t r. 1 n yi( tseree l l .re, 1a c Clllll, n Ie r, rat a i - tit anid ilr v. r wa ;ll 1 1if 11 hllr nv llor hen r ll he,, vender; rr'thva is a al taatato, .ed a t ii 'tat n hi vll,,I hl o l- i c( h 1nssrer flll pubn 'i a lhl ll ll clnntl'llld ,u 1s ar), dII r.IIC PI rtl, E of he PI1 cd hurl, iat. hint lt IIe erry (oAratle i.1 t i a d Ilnl E ul p , nu1 ou tuhII -,and I inp.1,led direct by 1. .I,. strlaliaed utlldr L..r. M¥1idi o t lltlltaca.lllo, oia ard, blol'., &0.' t't'hta are trst .etan,'sn tand rea'clle t o' lll en .illa t aid turpry ' s , e' illolll , [Hl alure,,d, EoIglada S tiandi and tlith .i, nll ay i'pt I t',ld t 'll 1, all b Ie·aid t.o thl, call r lL ic i aIiiy b. malllld; lt d ila' ofarI , Ii ,rvic h 1,ls. l .Ioler olr av Ieah, ' if verrt l ae irl lted .Italll thel Irsea,s ch I c I113 '1 ttis, n(llga aIate d tll gall c I , iil knad,. 'I hi 11h,]t Ci.rl y o il in d g a l Is. llt'lb i'nt al aeery 'alla l t iin ce oii d lFin., I geanu T alaiahly, and iap alred direct byc "W,. DINN. g"O TlldE PIUBLIC TH t w idc.ri tgey hatvg, r studied uln dea Dr. s tt.r laide a ' bUCl arleaat., outi Ctarolina, dtd fr ascce to yartich thia b.tL ill thn pratrcat al"' diee ad urgtJNO ry. baL t'Lai ,Nr ato allte.r hitt la'caaaaell strvlaacSt a thls ciyll 1e aaurs the ian. lars ntd gerthalna thtat ieta it prmnpil alt.latllc will ba alid Lta the calls whichlla ailly blan ldri ad alo all'ers his IdarV e.alale.a aolde rs tla. Iaa, latg wellch a.teqtainted atlal lie..' dllaeuaaa calllntll toa tait1,1 Iletingll attedlld tlclalta i i b dtlugar bl ctuo Cita llaty I. Tlr Iattcs atti blouas palls c terlthoaaalpcatioaa Pruts.e r SttlaUl0laL, a AtI alreaactie, can ba htad ,I t.'l uadartgaad. Tha elilat owatah lhey Iavta aruving d i t w ailndl plthr cltms, has butn atteattlady. catiLi the grsteLtst ialee, a Lt which the beat of taliratacus caaa bo given. Apply at Nat. 116 i1ca51. I cau .trat,t . N.1 II'LURtING. la'I'ICE---'The irlnactrahip at Kellea, .la'uat .Ca IN f ,New (.aleacoi Masat, Ilerrti &lt.., oftatcheza ad Harris, K. ley &Co., .f Itudaey, wac dioa.old at headiat ofl lay1aalt, by the death at SacaulaA . clasua slte ati tate ltarlacrs ait Ihe .irta. Ca- Otlaiat. ..h,'e '.7, 8837. DOLBEAR'S Seiene ourPenmnsip receivead,ond U for'bet their pqtnnclaet WVrtttlo Aeoelarltier No. 8 Chatores srorul,Now Orleans, 1 ttllhtltdway Now York, Doapphiito ot., Meobir. It i prtie.lorly dsicned fo r private leareners. end orlcetlso, ndtl ic EroleitioReti farlperIStan l'fall ogre.. Ladice ned lgeathlaoen ore inviatd roeall and eocamine ibe syotem for tltltnoe'rlt. tioelen ore given asteh o hl ouses cc tay sait lie iloveeience of all, and to claser formlled illllay prer of Ihe city. 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W WOol )CRES, SADC IRONS, &e. r`IIE IIOWELL WORKS C(OMIP.NY, No. 23 WaIter, near I.ckianii ntruec, Ntw York, have received the pa.t - ar + oillll, uand isr- colstail y racelvll g large and xllten.iv addietiion i , th totk of the abovice goadls, itcl tiw cn-st of tt l olltwinig nes- otment, uIittablo fur tlh btult l lld ia ae. .ri imairkets. Hl ollow t are oi f rapeiriir quallity, co.,irting of ab IIt 151100 I tl , viz, Pei-6 2 '2..ttltre, t s,'. l'r,,, 2. to ,bi; g llo , us liettl.s, 15 a l ", lefro 3., 1 . , 0 ,llar. , lIt\ ls , 15tin . ' , 7fr.l 3:i .eslto rln' , I 1,.p i,,o r OOuve s, 7 dltftill e i.zI , To'.'a Kettlt, 6 do tSkillet., . 5 FIlI Spld,,rs . do ('av,,.ed Sp'ider,, ii di OIrdlh. , . 4 dit ,re D e,, i t 'g'i t.,a"s 'fronea 1 1 to 4 3.4 al!... ('.I d,. 5 t, 7 Inwh.. \Vo, d -Irew ., 2.i.( 11: gross, iron atll brar,,, Drn :A Iulch. 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