Newspaper of True American, September 28, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated September 28, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 12, CyNTs. NEW ORLEANb, SATURDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 28, 1839. Vor..-4L1 y. 2 Tenrtrr of the .Nereop:uper Press of Nelo Orlean tllanilltltesl agreedtl l t oft allielrooed tOnetiny of the P'ritrietor+,It dl on tllh 13th of March, 18:17. .IUIIClurlOtro - w. "lto Inlitre ftr the d:il pa or dale I, lpaylle le otieeltlally in udvncea : tell dollars ftr Ithe triwektly collntry petpr, payable one S eatr it advlelee, where ino city re'erencc is given. Firve dllarts eer the Weekly; pavahit ir. anlvaclce. Ni, Sibscriptioi will Ihe di.tontlineed until arronraget ore eotlled. In case ol di ecotineance, one week's notice is touot a.n ilariab.y given, previolus to th apiration of subecriptions. Aavarrltsto.--)ie doller per tithro for tile first nlertion, ani hal" thitt price for each solerquert one: atn materil altlratiotn frol the original advertitemetl will be e.lged as i new one. YAtRLV Auvonetstan.-Merchttn. and 'rra'eror, arty dollarst f1 Eln;is lt loe, and sixty for both ilan g ret Bank, Insurence O,,l:en, tle other aimiar plic 5 llztituliou , sfifty dotllrs it Eoglish only, aod stlgty for both langages;ena; Stip and Siteumlo.;t Fee era, or Clol.iieitiot. toercllohote exty dollr in t-nglish ae, and eiglty tor built latt.gages. MARRItaG.S, O) otRc ne NOTCES, and artlelcs call inag t he attontiot f the pulict t males or property, ardl. of passengersc, brleiti, &c. &c. will be belrgeu vtre dollar pe soquar for the bret insertion in each tt l .n o.e. C.M.MetICetaeo, or Advertsemvnltt, of any perton s mlture, whten adtliaoitle. shall be chlarged duuble, aud in advaoce. A deduution of twntvrivt e er cent. will be made to Auctinoleero, Sherif, Ietintecoh t.u."llsand Mlarshals ea s.ale of real esrate, p ulihllhe in huoth Innguage., eed 50 per cott. it l-aglteih nlorne: tO per cent. on sals e' ethltr prolerty. AuvaetltISEaOsT out of th. direct line of hltieaoen ef the aldvertiter, sch ti legal, tuction, oted planltt ea siales, rtnasay nlaves stray anintltlt, &t. &c. will be chlarged for sea. teely, and at the ordinary rates. A YVTIITItIaMEatr nte tiecifiet n0 to tilne, will be Ihblillted lone tontt, tad Ictarretl uceer, litely No advrertisen.,ttu of beatlkrulptties will be ttthliouhd n any came, I lees paid lilr previolus t1 insertion, or pavmrtet gutaranteed by i reteetilelt ttreut i ton. 'rtattr aned otler piaeces te"t, tdverltinng daily Jto the toottt,1tt to lhe eherged $100 for Ltgtiait a loue, attd $195 in bthl I:talgunltee. All aouneotnceltoetto et Ceelleitiaiot flr ptlitienl oh.te will be chargeld dotble the price of other advrltisc alente Owing t ttiti itmecne loso cuetainred by netvtpnhte prorpieloro, the tre to eo t e. ct c , nat es uf pct ttlts nhe.c ae coet itt lat e ao t It e ,l i lpait witin one montoi afteor eneettt e L be mt e bkuovJ (so for ot prnetieahltel to eld llllt'iIev llli atittig theeanelvet tert to a o ertt.c or Iprn fet tl UCIh aileaaent o,itoltet in h .ae e tcr relttee,'te petrrnrtlt. .1eigiteli') J. C. Ito ST. 1...\lI:S J. IN,.YO' , I'. 1'. IE'A. J, C. lItENI)EVRGAST, JOIIN GIIBSON, LU ;MSI)CN. IVreekly Pres , - t\Ve. Ih.tundersieod, agree to tbitle by the above conditionse as lar as they are applicable to weetly papere. !Sigtned) A. t. LAWILEiC., l Nu nuecriltitul are taklen for le tllattl 6 montht. Letters noot. in i eaare., be pst pnaid. "RtRORWGATE SPRINGS ,,Vut gonery C ctlt¾ M teal"ti . ITREE DAYS JOUR NY FROM NEIl' ORLEANS. pIHr E preopriet.r of thi eatillisnel t a the plea I aurelt auntl ntt If to his liijcell llls i le public d ii in geneosl, tlt he will I it rad lieabvli thie firet duv of an Maiv t receinva viitere. lie will laeo latr e for thet:- II ni' of loith e a a.di-rtancer, that tlhere hove leI'li arge impovemertas tadeo and ltoer iw glnll" gel Ict nd ic pe eapid proerets for c pletic , thuh wtill cnable hi' absear br to a col t Imi la te a i ue h lttorer tt Cl er than't heretuofre, andi t tie awn, talm Intelh blreltr. Fanilt ca e he aecatdll~ll(tdtd d itt gtid roomsn , or ir hore whn ierelel r cat htave lurg' ciltils eiached free ' , the mnaiti bedilig. vc It isl etilaa d tIlt eerl.retY I' s. anytlhtillg in paritleC i tiar oif the ct nrrtel r othel w.ltfrrrs, t ., it it getlrtaltly belie,.d that iler art. nt nllerluir to env in the Solllh rnn Stotro. All the nlttueulerulttl tlt rer grtelalle ferdld Watlerng ititere, will hc r ft llnd at hi.T. rl' host llsic l hat ttis patt o it - ctitltrv otr fllttIr . t been etK I l.itl ad rtill he in t'l-+t atettI c t e al ttI - tr tDriarla derlttill L hol aht siu ll l 1c 1 ' he s lth e le t .c will cnilo l, alf I thisr opil tcity i rteturS a Ils , ttir t lisl; tithlk a fl tl eertlty hrib tol s u p por t giv e n h i w l e mr a n . od i n oe s low, th e O f ef h " ' lien. that hsce beentmaded i p.ltitrtngt ttnd tetrttdlln hi ITea aetetitedntithtt. to mi ett a libea Iprmet t f everyIItit p ar ileen ean .a r sat iles retele Jn t . r C he n i eeturrn a nulll·n f e hi' pre nt q ex Ie t ev ddl 1. m L dth h, e ,, ned ly le l l lon uI an te DI.-de ArIrt ie =iilt far ddl- t ,, - .I 1' h it I. g nt ,I s t eir illy, :ll- 1 It di'"'dpt L tok ed n ue c s, ap . i y l to , wi .V aerally fol w , y.tiel a A(, 1 lr , tolII on d tI r n. di 1I ,, ar 11D 111 1 t l'I d" AI ir r mtd iiii ·ne t n ld0 lm v ry t. .n hl7 dt, t i l'e. t, t Iters ''Ib t i t It slinc, ntraia ilid etie l rt a ntd '' i t . ce t I t etncrl P end lwar we Iilh s la ttei tll t; he, t narts evtr I a ti letstt tlhrreet ifn' . otl tI, Ittt ellct illouir h. ereptehtp"iarIes and ar eventsrern ace ht trin etartl nere c 1'lnt e-tre Iers e y nI t trtti n it Ih i ogler for nd 'r o l , a;Pllnlllllll o n lll'In h le lllr ser, aw' p ,ckcia trul il .N . ' % Ik, w rn; rc i stpplil l to rle bh d , rlr s i tec a mlsl and e eh tnple e. s, " 15 CanalJ. ah. or ine, ic practct he Illheailnlllit ic Vs nred l in 1 d tlt ' rrlte; rt l Otry ll. .t lt ri. Ttgr. rt.,hr a retiplrreee otrt m eny yearin ellr i rll l lt u r duvontc d to It re tll.lllll 'lr l 'ihoeaa, ato l oelot eit lrt co e l dlcrt olltrnIC gh tli t i t yen', bny p te I te rc tIt .Y I Ch tppl) i r es a Le teplollbl et liIi ilyl' ltc l ll[re dclUlm idpaie. V :-e OUEDlllrrhlell. il l VIDSII&., ll l: l , Luho, D It JOtiNSh )N, .11i1cl IId , IIni ellr I elei, c.n El fines ltt ill rctie r l hr Ite ir lutn I ill heerea l Dine e, ill ll l tts dolh ttt tttl a. DrJ. Jhnsefrm I t)rcdll teCI.flay y)reasi can inoh. plin , ut Ir.h, letttl It t irl tn teell rln ;ip oet Irea thatl. rtlrtv ri elrtiih I o f he llrle siur gotlltectrl ae s.fed ep edy l dl lrtie l*tveral u llh ir tllc ill pr hlh h re sroubat .wrl.rld lol n ll thti Ftellh tAtrtt vit LSetl by IV l,;er lllr , At i. lllt olie. 'Itoder pidtrcens, Iltillte, 'ltr tlr' e utetl i iit"lral r' iaL, lt l lI el i , lle Erkptic. s n ia tiebitit er o elohllt S ilo t ITie h t t al inthll e Jo le I, vig r. Jan ll, a prpr ei Ai trl lur ttttir ellrlt i llthe .. rt l ic 1 111 geCntr liu ftlrt I Ritre nelnrcn F o eellorl 'I tltsi Itt see of wlereee, itt .ire t clll it lhe It I.utili , notelllra t)ai e o ef .o.Jl 7 .ai Ibt uIr lthe u et ip I0 'clk the nopild n lt d hrlngt-leeth er cf lc tjtpti.t, tht awlhhe mserid asdrigttlitlo lr Iltlluhnrh 'elle F .li ir t. SiilI by |illl withdtc tI. t 1 Itll[er .,dn d i u ht ,r illt s yeal, I'r tht roya9,' l Gin of he dluwiu d elleei: Lhaseiofeoffrtlittt, FlalulVenere, aiSlnlltitsl, utha hlamt do .chlPi Iy giig ,r. i.teItonoen a oell, cd apro ittc i cisn tat nore he i st otit r it utiveto l bin t i pt tun o w ia medrcint dt e t dt t rrrllt e i their Ie. thb ,laer ivniopen ful"n lt 7 e lld lueletigl iCioi cl ur ell at 1IteaUlcS Ieliall to)iPthe li-ta L8 t lli:l . i lel.lrnriet i e tie c tIt huttla ltee, llllI~lelh a tr on lio t opire linto It IIli tyl hll, - ad t h ei f h le sa to te e iint ifue mehitd ra igi b, tl I hel l .IrI le te .te t C hal]lll irt u iytseii I.t rligmwtlon, tmtd eprev'dented a rtun et eyin utoro pteriordffrty yeas, fer t-he rCnutl uc lefdllcaiotg deary iile Levs bcf perubltt, mlarel er Ih' with lietlife fSurm bhellPiltsu ill rlhitni.b le. I hi v t ri d avcr l Idly nici l, otiii tl. I dcsle pulregd oul vriy ol te ilhlisc a end'in all eaer pherue aod by matiy or a elnie IO tr Abri nehd t' TI)u redlirine murt ee hr now tlrenht eheuogth bent ofi, atekllnow o , e ow to nlprfe . nlvte ir, ioa ofi i th Eurdpeelnel pirolle and thn nlihale ietllof pnerirmie in toeripeh m.urad Ibyhtheaeth wltict l: t IUglle out. f ivre.ltetl ' ehR llethe a dzeln orteloe i rt e nilld eantd teotngi tI tt I yo il, p a't d cterf n hea teth. 35I remadie voura . Seat-It cnoeeqe-oeeef a edeintry life., I ne Bee ti \Ohltd, Fn lore riiae, titl i, orfrecord ior bn the il. Ieral d p rd aoltf e. Pr ied i in acy prlanet yethp rplti nn tlli lh Iir. i leae n Itilted she foutti, P.t woderthfl y, irtes. A the ctirelte it !i rpefeivred iand y obsleh 0 leign you haea TOWAI, 38 49 Campnfir IMII.g t0RRilOIDS. [TAY'S LINIMENT.-No Flction.-This ox I. traordinary chelmierl colenpaition, tile result of science, and the invenl)tO ,t a celebrated nedill col mnan, the introdu'l, .n of which to tile public was invested witu tle eolemnatly of a deathbed bequest, hoas since gained a reputation unparalleled, fully sustaining the correctnass of the lamented Dr Gridley's last confession, that " ho dared not die without giving to posterity tile bhucit of hie knowledge on tilis subject," and he thereolore bhqueathed to his lidrond and attendant, tulo:.tno Ilays, tile secret of him discovery. It is now need in the principal hospitals, and the private practice in our country, first oanl Imost certainly f, tile cure of tihe Ples, and no exten sively and ofh, stually as to bafleo credulity, unless where its close.s are witesseand Externally ill tIl followlng complaints: For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorptinat at onllce. All Swellings-Reducing them in a few hours Rheumatisnt-Acute or Chrolnc, giving qtlicw Sure Thront--Ry Cancers, Ulcers or Cotltn. Croup and Whooping Cough-Externally, and over the Chest. All Bruises, Sprains, and IUrnoo-Ctring in a feew hours. Sores and Ulcers--Wlhelitcr fresh or lng a stauditg, and tever sorea. Its operations upon adults slid chillron il redue ing rlloulnalit swellillng, anld ovso lionng t:lugl.Is ntill tighteass of the clhet oy lelaxatin, of the parts, has been surprising beyolnd conceptiotn. I'lhe commonluo rema3rk of those t orla have usd it int ut I Piles, is a It acts hke a charm." ' llE PIL ES-'The rice, i1 is rarundad to any r person who will use a battle of Ilay's LUnimentl for tile Plue, and return tIle tempty Itttrlo wtthout i being cured Those are the p'ottive otdet n ll'of ti pprlrietor t ttie Agntllt; and lut of inany t!ou Ssands sold, nlot one al;t b cn unolllcrsl lal. WV' might insert cetrltlnt.ltuo to cay lUt'tll, but prtefer that thlee who sell the article, ishould ec habit thie Tri.itta! to patrctIa:ers. CAUTION-None calt be genut'te wthout It .splendid Ongr;avl:ed wrappellp r. nt)J w Inh! IS lly rillIP, y Ssad also that of the Ago'"ts. 1OLOI)\i0N IlAY'.. S,+hd wholesdle .anl retail, by t't)+OS'T'O- &h . .o, Newr Yothk, amld by oaie ahullalt Itl I:.:ta tow) in tLha UnI For sale by tho Wholevale Agrnte, Worllor urt Coln llon . rl, 't'ehonitoti)l laatrectt, anda by tile Apothecaries gtncrallh', i, I ° ORRIS & Ce. N,". 311 Chatu. na . a , :ose ..t, .. OaI r vceivid n ahlld al.eni ll.. most r o ian dl, 5u arantial sail ho"ineh na le i er k of Clothing e111 1 a ulilll ,'ll sllll I~l) q i 1tt( Itt. tllub l c, lltrlllIl, It uhive ever al hilhhUt. i ii lh,. :nark ,et, contll y:rl IV tr. :art of the hllwu. te rl. l.: bluel hl in hh I blare, ! bhIc 1, landen hr , . l ,, .i. V ,Io idi i .i and solid.r o ne nt itdr''' . a,,ad; I J; anov and:i p:ltn h;lm k ,l -Irellrl R ld .Iall, I:- alll )llu l$n , I":iu'ti'ls n d t l'lt' h 'iu' 11cyt l liil c Ilk r oi l Ia , iIn v lI.: real .It w MI - -. llire.s l tel ; e rln g lish Ia l I fr ,n I h l: I s a y i n il n 1 '-: n s en d ri l lnI hdkl-l ; ci'heni , sliak w i - w nd m r,, " ,, I pe ldua -; ch n:l n'i', r [ mIll, 1 l:h 's --d, .wel hl 11 1 il hII, and .tiu I rhlirt., w ilthII 'tioito'm, a, 111.11' a :nd r nll d : " ,rd ' i" , ul : :l n l. d i I; lk lo hr , bellas ; , ( It + '+ p in (I' G o - t ti t a h,. 8:111 tl .irlt + l , I't. t :1 t e L id, fr w e ldor hi 'k. . r.;S ,r I l li l Ilk 1': r :,l lo 1na; l lt ; lim it Y il''t h, ·I t·1 . 11·'ý 11at"' I , , ta ,ni ' lllN,: I,,~. c " m !le t\ 1 I,. i"adle~ 1''I ldl: ad CiJ+J r I nn, ltitle,'l r l' l : a l' , ,+i il+ l iE I rls - , llld II'th ati ,. l , Ii : I :l'lr . u ,I : I a lln , I . (.. l l : N v. IT,: h : ..Is n ig- fu.r i lru er it ,I,,i" nt ll, I 1 'll'ea J i '11 c 1. l :1' Pun('l l+ b Irn ll't . In, e nl.: IIu , i e :, I Ittc . Ii * l ": , I .; 1,, n:" l ,. I ll nL I Il l, S,,;t;' e+l l s:.-I 1,,,+, i t: , : "t . I t1 I u U.1::' : l i u i 1,,, t ir , l t . I l l " .d [+ 'I ' 1 1 . . I 'r I- l 1, 1 - I. tii , I rell e: e t fn l r ] lll i t , c', )'s, II I i "Front mlobkile (.lolil .t to I 0444 1 4141 4.'4(.,ll ). e L I': .\ 1,0 .4lo1l4414'4' 4l4 4h'4 4,I1., 44 ,4444,,4 l. t I t4Lhe4 il '. 1.i' l 4 ,o the l ol, k1ll .I4'o 44 . I h ll4l4 , I Ill4 , 44 i ;xl II a ho f lno to lll;Ikl.., oI I :onch [ to clIlc ll'e ll stum ub ats (i perfll ar s. I N Ce.l. ltCo i I , \at I t L ,ob , :alt It OI Clt m . U tla ((e4e 4Ier o'll. I nt) to C(.efr 4 lut:', .oavh1 the.n via .lrl'aoo, UC Iunllouclh'r, (hlorn1.1 A-ol t \u:* n '.,) Ilain41n h1!ge, I'4 4n4t44; I44k44 tl4 4 44 oui44s4 ville, to4 .\ugust .A pIassenger' takin' l ; b s re,' t :t . t,1* bile ils in lo daner ofl being throwI ot or losing h ht iieletenc b) other oo lfli ll4 otrest, 14 ar'b1 e '1L.Oltl- I 1)A. . LINE, is but ou concernr. ti under one co44 l I J", throughoUt, and ma) - ret wa 'rH ErtNTYrT upon hl-" arrb ital t Aug Sta i 1time sI ecif ll , lhroill all tI ot h. in "1' a ;Ind N \' 4so 44 lI 0es 4 )4t4le 4 li44 lo( , 4144t44-14 41i1 tl 'O le s, l dltl h oc lc lr'. 'I'll! (4l4 eat 4 tw l4 l l ;l4 s .44 Al i is carried 1I y this route. The A.gents for le.4omm4odla all tinll, LTeam, Caches and rivers) are not surpassd p Ilei 44l4l144y, so4t41r0 1ountry. The sl.o lllOatl, htLI, lnatural roads, the ,lfe and inter i tig wUter navigiationI, thE time anid acommodatiotin , Lford thie traveler peled, certainty, co14, t, n11 a k pleas illng varielty; colnnectedll it were with the Iail lRoad be Chalrllletol, S. C. and the steam pll ckelrts tlo Noew Yrl.k, Ih troelerls caln reath New York lilos Nr. rle:ms LE4a T44. IIt fTh4-\'ashiling.tI. city inll 1L. From Clhatlahooehee, Florida, we lo44 a4 Ilralc Lile vi4Q4ui4cv lll ' a ITll1iissee, to St .14i'ks, 4 0lur o0st oachelsl, lso4 twi ll1lne4ch0 luroo IlIokiis4il4e( one to Nlilledgeirille, ad onelto acon, lighlt twoh Ilra l acll4s. S'T'O(K l.(II ri . ' & SArot'otr., 1tillh J3n.1 I 835. 4iliceat ,Mansion l1ous1e Mobile .1 a I1)istllce , New Orleanll to Mu.ile, 15ll mile .lobile to Augusta, .ilo * Auu1ta to 1.4lilleslo, 1 ; S (3ll4l4l4.4t4n to N.0w York, 9l00- 8I o '1Tim, .Now 11'1r'n to 1l4obtil(, 44 hours Mlobile to Augustal. : CIi'le(ohln lo New York, . %lTkig 16i miies per tlay,. or 7 mIls per huli incllt N. I. I blit leave to ilinform the In~lhhe hat th over the Cla1aho1,oetsw4anp uoll, 1 lard a1 bol creek HIll'ave j t beenl el pleted vy te generall:o4'4l4 - 4 ment, (theI uliy bstacles pll rn ti ng 44il4 si this4 sal I ati ll - pleed1vlotll e lt4 hlo4lk lppily I'reonrLd; l 4 , Ihatvettlh pleasure o 4e 4 4m4g 4 fiu1m re 'lle'rs tha1 tle4 coach4e1,h-r. s-, Idrivel's ll41l olll4 s iare of theu 'rst o'llrder; and as to the Swaltelr rllte firoml I'ensacol.ot oCedar Iolhi,; it is adlmilt. ted by 1 4ll w11ho hlav4 tl' ll4 Itl.'roulh it to be ulisUl'lltl4 li Georgia halve(lsolbee4e4irt4i4'eled. J A1 C1 IAKI'.l. i SJA1MES'.i, Clia. TYRRIELL lll 4It4 r ok JINU TIE,(1 S : Challe '"',r l., II,or tha flilter lllood, ly J m!es. SChavel4v, o.r the 4i4 4 II. nor, by I.4m1 1luh1 4 Lady ' "lhe, ley, or the\ W\o. all of Ilullor, CLhvI l,4v.' Lord Ilrlll~onlgham, ikchesof PunlicChurllateril 2 vol.. I I44)4rge 4h4 114ir1, 2 v oa. Nichola9 . Ni:klehv, No I I. o Joel: 0 lieplpe'r, Nol 1,43. Admb Bll'otdulher lll4 4n o'ch!racter,b J,.rr,Ill. e Imsbel of Sicilcy, by I'uctkernmlinn.n P Ilal t11 Kock : The lihrber of Pario. S (Conl:ealmenlt, new Noelt ll 4 volll. Fariu'4 IReign of t"rlur in lParagualy " vo. rPi4ci4lal, by 1ai , ihle. Th, Ill4444nol40, (Captain Kyd, n a4l4 4uppli4.4 ' 1Richelieu, by ulh r. ,. nl ,C.. 40 o. 341115S, lCo. july 30th-. w. cor of St Chrle, &ll Comon uli N12 IO1U,1"14 4S 1 (,I 4t.ashin4i44 ' P,irilt'l4 , witib . lac .ioile of hi, pot lic .t4 c , i .sn 4 lri4l4 th4 l i44. I SI olutiioniry\1'or. I lhoio voluin $:1j t4g4 3'nch, wili io iNo.ll at co.,l prico" thn prucPtrda ol llhw pubhr+:llti,+n ar Io r lle l,.nt,-tl ¢,r tl irle t of Ill+e \Vnahil.ltoll .M nuallu I.u |,+our d SeIool 4I44d 4 .11 l)r1phalol' A-vihm4. hI 'kil la t ntionllla \VWork ughL4t1 to he in th4"e Iand. 0 of evervy Amilriroai; an4i4 eitor1 of the City andl y counvtry plpers wtilt entriht4 1 Io tbnt benevohtlent- ojct by givi'ng llis advoertiemrnt u f.w 4 -i"rtinm4. K 1J()I1.N . CI). A4en,. aug. Gtit-Im. t ort Cb1 larl ,. clomnolll 1 br NE\V IMUSIC-O, Native Ml1usic:;14 '['h lavent I! 00 1 I'nla r4loilhi. 4rovi4 Ille;1le 4nvr. I),p14ir, 4 0, duntyoll r0l4onhIr4tlr 4I b44iifnl gla1 iln th4 D14an4( 'y ulnollCe 'The Whito Fl4r.e of the Pe4 pe(l '; 'TThou .cois anInd ) Iuve tlltl ort n4er il4 , l4 Il.t b.lils S r ri i1 in hlo g.elal Iuutlutii: 4)llea A milr; Glood Nig 'I'smeI. aneelllS uiI paut ing; I ar: not for a.rioo., n e 1'fickl* II Iluo04ll; 1Conoe, cl4ni4, tllou art 'n04oo it row; A Liib on thn co4ll4n wive, by4 ( II ItLocill; 0i(4 in watched for hilm; o me let fill a teor; Cm0e to11 I m a mnrhiomng;O'er the waterhby mmonliiht; Th.r,.ere' no hoote I like .lv o4wn, arraled for Ihe htl4I v ,T L.4lrre. IRoyoal Wja](ZeS, by A Fheckhe; Queeii Vichr0ai4 Cour4 Qtballrille.. Just receiveod d for ,ale bv d19 11 C.4S4:V, 19 Crlamp et 'EW MIEI)ICAI.IIIE4TIONARI1Y.-41 nnll4-4n'o New lIedical D)i.ltinnary, inneSnlper IRoyal (vo iVol.-Duulgli.!on'aThuerpeul I'o4o1 44Hul 'l. Plhsi. 00 nlov.--4)l0vu. o1 n 'oonles, I Vohinl4.--[Kbule Theoi. is I,:' ,"" ':" hHlln:lt.. oin New a04lllli4 just r.eived, by Alex T)IVAR.. i4t .1 I'1nnll pi0ro.'l D)EAFNE~SS. fCiUT1'A VEGI{'t'Adllll1$, AN IS\FA.LlllrJlS RISIIEIDY IIU FOl I)L:IF.. ESS~.-TI'I l rcut eucerr. which hnr1 ulllend je ed [heI uJppllle~l llll of tlli, tllatlhle r lldy f~ mine lmrIalldred caHeEr ill the \VL·,llllllbll slp(!ll*.l (for . Jisusea of Iho *ye t l , d earla Inr, , -!, I~ tct! t1: rllnll l have lllpllt 11L ..-I by Slli~ d ub we(ll :u ltolll th ll owilllw ng Illddlcul g~!IItII.IIIC I 1, Abarnll ItIlly, Sur A~tley CnIIIp)I:, rb ItU.(U*I, l rU·. I, Drak e and I. So g Cllnl An riot, Fc. nod otherr a: ti~tb and eurgc.,ne, ilpnio to fiA none..II nclcllc.1 svll nee, who Ilno used and recommendedld~l it. Ti,.le ,,, fame ofiho GYLIa VI?:·ailo, th1I,,uIhu~ t Prancll e andd /t C~lll· ",n v clll~cll it, proey Int~ro-!uctln n n .in ,l~cr " enlllllr ·11 y ntr ll. i -tp,, id ·IIJ, aDIE T were ,, ·.lltrd to Ur T.-V for front tiall posts, Imtac.,rlalnoor to ,Ilo Ilrcum. Thes c rrtu fitly oil, aluIl ilia Gu(;UII VIrglttillll e V.L continuallyI rt npphed ran 1,.: att..-led Il jl ,ay IllII. I-Ind.. S1C· -rIIh I1 1) FI·*l.r~h, and Leopold KIIIg of the 1trltt.llll. cl~ i:rt~d ou Url ml Tnylol, the title nllllu sorn ry Ailrl-t to thrrl Int'j t1. ·I alerec IIp Ill. lat. to: llll Il( LII· 1011. to brut,.g or tit......llli . neared iiII,,,'l lit y :1 fav oir r wil Il i l, ,pe, he to ncl tll n lcnllr.,ge applly 1, is rci:l.".ly. I.u ýn1.nlcullbLe,., u i wll a- to the it IIICIpI.I III of the three 1 Llag- hry tie tug Dgr', Iln 410 jr-) or Ices douII twere, rottord ed id am of cfe R of Iv II·· (I'r·I Ic'I 31 w et., · n-IorrJ to 1 1c rlnlF ··I ,~or tnollror pct fu, med n. the suns to1I the *Iutl, of Flsllcr Ill t "C'. 1111t1a1.1h11 for thIOIT I.Ullbb·l and 11i, JL·IgI' of true they I11 trt,'eJ. a ; 1'r I roof fits l I!icr)·y t'arll raulit the fbllllnng lcs~rr ,I. hr2t blrcu, ll r l:I·11: t ln loldl, tllll ll could n ut l Ilrnr Ilr lll nl ofOIIUY· I 6ft·( ro yot Y III-I lIuItII 'J',,,, itfiretlU h i t Il(. et. 1I1II- 1.r1I illycoig npnn him .nt. n nu ý. ber of year., during which tinvllilll I, tllll Ilu op1'I,:1I to I·1II$ EuI TI .d ·AIl~ll ,,d Illyrll i:,l~ I I, lli a lolo n,,eruir" i.Iamiapph-J r I:1I:1 hl Il lli 1II*iI 1III1I~llr ll l CIIII(I i+I to I L"Z grl. ( 1 1 1 . " I·Io·I·tJl·lll n. of U, [4t .. ~l~ke rleltln- i",1 r'.. I'd and app lielllld Tll?.lnl'· Uiltt l \-Ig$ It i t., il .I l r·) ne to I, tlrli Ile, had tint uUcCl :1 LocIII,·I buttl." Quit l III( rllld I hr~lr o t" y 3I I n. Jmr t I r11··I 11 -:Iii I tin r II.II~n vI~lldil I`1 ,t D Alnlrrw", II' I·:cl ,I ,lr: rey r it., G. -, t , Eelg ltlillr-- LI II~ ulv p, mice, : rlii. I the, 11-1.1ta1d)-1 find1 It to be ·) (111 1.; Jr ll~lid:, llld li"«lX IIII) 1I I( . e~-, ln lll lC I Ir elll . *ll .:! l' IIs ,",uu',.l., ·· I I· I, III·I fo r car, pIll ud'.- by (IcnIII .I I II 11 11 E(IIII 1.111" 11116·Icll t.du i ll r pn, 1( and 11111 il -I·( ) ilII ml UT 1. got rili-~l."~_ It ru i ,v it u"I n"in c t ote, t,,,. .1 ,,·p itih ryh~etcu~it i ,." lu t~'.. b rl·\lur prod u.:""., IILII'Iy cur .-n .! to ,.,.n Iolllr·. I)' i\ J ilc l , wl ·r:-llll nlllr o . ..arc, -p* ·h1r1n under J,"alulor n u: L.II I ) 111d ·I, II UOI· ho. ait l tll bll ,I III· rlIICI n lll will r}, j "I.D nlllr. . Rlld 1 II.Y hit ring 1-y the ll 0 ,.f t n re nLl e A I(I 11 .. : e lu lll nlI n I1 1I; ,rI I -p«,,k·* e o, Ile, l nLllil 1;,i n trg "t ,iir ~", s-I nII,"It liaid rnl uJ i 81t" 1 h,.d out a ulle Elll pteporý vs r,*r lly rt. 1, al fli cur Ito "I'D aasnlr-s and 1 n, ul t xnlem ll lnlf aa. that I I 1a 'o never I., Yr. 1i., to lVcll,( robi,. 1'o1 u m.,, l b)? .Id blln)Trtl O Il he, for I but ..IiIUIIIC pi r, n, I It, I butt rPell .rd e, cry vll*0 tin that " canll I.II 1y hit I..11 I .1· t. any urdil till fnr that lll orM.pla If S,, ,,( hi i rl lllll the ,~ e*~r Lure u \ndr iuo of s Ipr lle Ie'Ificao 11.i 11,-, SA · \ ,1. I .·; l of Vl· cll r I RntdI·) aver. nny bllrl l·.. ted . V_ II"P"'I . I U tr ( I , r r . . . u " t . Irr hen I a i d bI1 Vlre he .,,d Ili,~ ~r" turd uu tlc bite w..e ordecrlec Iy r tot d totk II oo of he '1'b.., rn l11111 , 41 F· (t ring l l ol illl" W ll e wu(I. 111e11 11) in thn 42 R ........ i, ~'", truckd :If tn 1,1. lai,. f 'at i., unit h., n",m1~cIIIIl so ever .,arr. After Ihr o- ofuo e bot tle of C ( fIuln ,l'cr'Tr 'lbd~ b« w.'ll pr Irv Iltly' c Lrrt nII.~II UIU I Dlr G 11I ,·I.. /II \r "rw«Ilr ,. bit 1,d 1-.- 14 ycnn d I11.:ae lv d r I v1 11 b;,rug ,. nnncunl b uag~l hntlr. t ýý- or rl"Jab, ;llld .+tc .no ,.,. 1 Atl..tC l ~Ilid , fu ",,, ye tlu p paO ,t n illtmlll prve itr-m , a I I · Iru r --______ - _____- l b1 Ill1.1 I1,1 llll l h It I IC I A1(LI II. Bl10dP'll bo. n1 i * III (' Ilrr·t tl IN II.l(l ' l ib I1 'I1. leT'- II ~~le - IlIldIl by,ol~l-l lyl IlllAkIII III' U(L 000.(11 111(1*· I- I. -.ll II,.I.~I.' banLbIbIo.I11 1. nIIIIPCOId I el· II II ,0 IIo ..I 11 flllllIll·IIp.· gI' 1 IIdI l'I(1Il llli!·! L· i I UIJfLR O TI:I'IIIT BLOOD Y· : ·1~· . ~ 1 -I 001·11111 1 b I ,yl. 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SI "rlff'IfIIi~fIf·r~dr c~rii~lorl:l f~ ~ i--'i'Ii'ifi ·Ii if~"''II' f'~iufifl'f'ifi If' fi f 'l~i f if II/ffl ffV'Ii 'fi'f'1- II ;.-';fffll~lill ll~I ll/P Ui'fffif C' ''" llll1)· li~~l~r( I'''fft'",f flltli'I'ff I~jlffff l If llff'ifi'fi'If ~Ici'i. 1iia g i I I~',~ici 1 I i~r l~'"'''l ''C fff'ff'ff ffi'iff''' iri i (I') I' · ffff'ffffflII SIi ilf.filf'ffff iiffiifiliff i ii;if'ff.if i p ,i ' Ii"jffffO lir g i',i Illii fili'Iif' i' lii Fiffiff. SItaelt, arc hIot t v the proprietort. .i P-Retdthe ,filowing:-- h Robert Whurhn, Eq Iatoe lcvor ,f PhI' ilngl'nl t dr. Ihas terrilit a na inv hb eel below, It the high c!lars cE tet of h( e fillhwin ecntllnlt . vt. Thel ndtrlited tIln hereby tt"ttifv thnt ,ehave usedt the Itrt 1,f ('to hiln, by J. Ohldridce nd an haive fold it highlyl erviebl, notonlyv , ia preventitve uti Sao inst thle lillingll offuf hair, but nlao cerelmn restor !I live. wi S WIILI tA' TII ITCIIER, Senior, th Mehiodist Minister i'n eit (ieore ctI rce. at Noi it North Fifth t. tit .IOFIN P 1tiltI,31 Atch caret. hil Jo)IN 1) Till )11., AM It, 18), tltaceotI Jr)IIN S Fi'll Y ,Itii.t Sproc'tooret. di. JOlt \ ,1RI), Jr, 1`i.l3 Arch treet. n ht it knwllnl thlit hle f" the slt Oc itnert are morl C Ithaln JIl years if a.e, and tile ot!lers not lens Ihis 30. :c t[Frh. the t.Mior,.)odd ountuonneallh ofPentvlv , t. I Ci'vl of t'hilailoth'i , t tit r 1, Robert tihortonn. lMayor of aid ,ity of Pt'iode. Ihila, ol h ,rl·v rrirv Ihit I ntseoll atqlointed wihlll \t':-sa JI't I llo- '.'Otn S' orih•,, and otoltt t 1tt Curth', o t v huse natimes ear ied r to th o.dnve crtlifieate,tlht Ithe cll °ore ent'elner tt` ' c hlrlIcr altd rcesi cta hitt t l ld it's 8itch filll credllit ,h, h ft h givenl tol the rai] cerl ificatte, te h In winet swh rcof I have herleuntlo aPt my1 hoont old eltusld the seal o lthe city to be Rixed. Ihio It 611th dtv of DIceolllhr, &ce. [I,. ,,1 RO)IIEIRT W\IARITON, Mnvnr. OItSEI{VE that each bottle of the Gn(;uine li.[n lmv t l a o llendid eneraved wrapper, on which is reprenarna'r I the Fell ,i\i .tara, Ibl dSole hll hel nnd retail by the rle aeentt foO r Anol it rice. o" Flel' lhe streel, i: r o laiden Lane, line dloo i bel Peirarlstreetr,nud by mnst druggistsand perfurmers I St ough hecontr. AN W, m9 - Wholesale Agents, New Orleans. II tltRItAtIl PIVlYIOI)OGIItALLY DI.SCUS- P SKII)ll. TiralHtited li'rom the. French of Jean Du- n bi, 1. 1t. y hv W illiam Gree. lieldl. Part lot. i)ll tilth lt'ner ityv I \lo rri' ge I C SPtrt lid. Instuct.ontn incouroing. ,ith a enre forIt Part 2d. " " " " " ,dar'a-ol Phy'iolopitcallt-y ttiscitetd in the moont I useful, and d- .idedht the lmot inter, rling worlk that we rter real. It will break up miore rakes and pilstert , and llllke llllre Illore manlrled Inrn an womnlen than anlly ublicationt thalt hasever beeC sanctioned by Itu court / of fOtent.--La Mfonnteure. Ti'l et, ics a rut huhk, Iunt will be productive of much 90~i1r d in thle clllllm ont. It in true it CO tlllain+ much el .!lnneer l tpl tlage, ulltltln thte tiuhj.ct it it, i tu+to , - I ttl t tlh( o tlpe l td it'eln on it, ie totld 1lo Ilav: - tret d it ollnre tllicately. W\e e.pcially recomlmend c It¢ o"' I ltcl llo it t t11 Courting,' to te alttenltion of ull he vonnglat ilie ad ,-nlthio 11 that mIay be in quest oa ire atlleri .- e r P r Ctotier Des De a zl ton. I"m ..!c :t , n1 P,dlha; l t tiotwoen ltagcalne ando t. 'aml stl et. ritce 7.5c. l'IIUl 11i IlN-IFRIEINCIH and ENGI,ISII. lIr J im, s. rectnltl v t ri a l In tt i it h, hee !rive to oitrm 1 the ci t Izen ot Ntw Othilns hallt he Iwlo Jprel an inact' nitti Mon"d lo. 14.1 Jlart ,at \.No. h 13 I'ulato s I e s rot, tor i,-* titrntttrtuon Ot youth It ltth tsxs. it- F"rtnht and Ent.h,, Itn ohich he ed will be Holy aRetetld bty 1"rs. Jlleso and a.llrs,. h 1el.h t, wnO tptc k both ibsC lnnottunct llitI gro at l tt t te Ir l nd p il' ', nod wh.ti wtl laie cht trgc o! t ol de(l' tlimlt lIt o' th,- youn-; In,,Ir . t tat M r J!,n,. will ive hl./ .hole ,ttl, ntin to the I It valriolls h b ra c ,I ,ldlto,, rnlod til ters li-ll ia that ht tt li t llrll ie aati dtllon t, the It uc s, nay hinor hilm w.ith irrntIIdI " nihlce. nov I N- tItI.IS & C, N. 3t Chrtre at tc , 11,, rc. ' e. ic: viIi tl ,ly n 'lolb n iheir h usllll In 1II ['nll l h l 1t , I M r'e nt andii e. l ,,iL tei asslrtl o nt of I ui t mui: allat ig Io and ti. ll onu l, u lot tlh oli t ''il v te III attu I a m , I I I t ire . 1!b rl, ,s ,hi,, ar: wiarr tlt, d In rnlinyli I hat etiartrn l s anid rltizenst c.nnoti Itt rllm thIl Ii ¢,,, , ,vrb" . r ild"hil aý°J11=1j 111 alit, IIY 1" 1 I v li " N. B. .A few d .,n . l. I nnt ivolr" linl il itn SI''odd 'a htahollh ."ehul I'eoth+r lod Atb' ('urlot nr S:tou,; i bbot', Famlyt at lolntc hec Alhhit's Wav to do tiod; Ioln,"c Illroducttloll ore Abbot' Young Cbr.t tian tey Ietk'- cmlelote Vol o k t o7 steoUlte of IlIonh ltloe'o Privotte ) vUotiotns, tor :t at 410 1111 Cnanp at, by omay 1 ALEX. TOWAI. n'"T 1ATS--5-I .ate. Jackotl, Indian head 4.4 tLdI bI nl li *leeting .,oSo du Gileat \ etdrn doit , 50 do ion, Ltol.ll Ito .li itlcoclinott ,tt 111Itt' I.t . I I.t t. I'ot 13t M r.ino t od i d , cca esa..ts. td ir I, i to till oIlooe1o,to I 611 itlc:CI ,id S LUCliE . C', &c. tn9 If 8 F'ron Leve od. E m! 1tE lItif.iStololpstt the r R AN LIN INFIBM ARY o r3llnE publt are rtpectlutic I tiiottoltnote ttthl ins Sar tuion is erected on te omot improlved plo int ott- I, an otyllld Hoste adlirbi e slltlloualillo, i otll Ih .Olla ble IratiKlit. oplt tihe rihlo ld, olte inile 1rulil 0de Mlisi oe0 'Il'ie htildg igi g large.a moltcomunlodiousv divided ble into lttenttts, for l 4epi0: selprut0e ditferent clastue, e od t tlcrent disacoto. et, T'e instrnution it suppli I with thne mtrot skilful so enf aotteltivu tulle and femele uusles, and aipeakt n tle va oay rllls nlodert languageos. grt mrivute ruon tn. bo hbe ad hv genllemln at five dol Inrs peI day, ionludinit attteolu.l:ul ih.. 10 't'erme ill the or iot iny l. trdso dollaro per do, Slav.o elso teU dolleot. Stmoll Fo.x in the ordioo.s Stords, fitC dull rs. tote All ttpital our ic l operatlltlot extrs. tho e rehident pl-os'ca. ii s j r t' eddeto, to .orhoo for aplllication for odmosaloll must be mads. ur to I)r C A. Lucoznbcrg. No 17 Laollart street. apl1 •T iF' XCAtlGE ... ncini .....ataight, for.ot..... y i, i ,ds1m A TRIER, 31 (;il, vr , "TIIE TIIUE RICIIES OF LIFE IS IIEALTII' pc VIC KNOW that Iccaih ad the ability to PILL VEGETABLE h ti th tcc KNOW that health and the ability to, labor, constitutes the wealth of tih greata To pr.esrve, therefore, that health by natu Ito rad mcin t is t cr thend, ral and ip litical scheimic tn fulfil which, requires ou utmost attentcn The unitrecedculte I popularity aond lillvertal ap. throughout the United Statce, tihe CI aldai, 'l'xac , Mexic"o, and the WVcc t l .dI s, fully justify Dr. Ptccrs' in warmly' and el cn ttiusly recnllllc n diner them to thic spr cal i otice of the aftie'ted Peters' Veget,,b'e i !s aIsre t ou etf .ct, n lst o f ee. teal dlll M nCil lenllldy 1th dlheaskeh of the IIull il cO lllintul nl tcc it hc ' tcvc r been c iccc ,Cll vered. Dr. Peter, the e ic tor icf' this y uvalualu maudc". cillle, lfroll hls knllllu .hedge of t!, u+ U yllli ll te.)' m, tleive. froim a; lllong anod pra.el+ce, Ilaln arrived to his conclu.e ca, ' tat the great land pri nlc y r tccc'lc.o mUct d cic es i iccc c iccc i c ald rcct i thel. U ctiu s oiul tlee liver, or lit olh r wLi ds an in. crreald ur dhunniAhe,l secretion of the bile. So well is thils ullderAtood, that it is cainllllllon for ci periollus ti siy c hen thly el UIweI.,I tchat tL'.c'y are licl;ou-. ilealil g tliC t they have ltoo c ecc bild: ,gil a the setoyaccl. 01 the othc hcc d, .hty e tlf e flow i' t of bile is dimlilihllou, tOe Iproes ofII di 'i.c In is " i ncrefcctly periori, r,, e it. ,paient bec dec, weak l and eatcd, bcas ria c sihinent cctc Ltned it h the lulel tllken intllle It uI i's noUt proper y x.t . tracted, ald tou food is .c:oted ill a crude state. Dr. Pet;er is rootfient that the f.+,nmus II .,n ! Theory, to cplld, that, " impurity of the blhood in the cause of all dlseases," is a great absulrdity, pi Every one w o reflects on the subject a mom.ntr, i will perceiveIIthat impurity o'thll blood is a seon. ou da y not a primary complaint-the fleet and not it te cause ol'd~iscus. \l.\,n tile l.c¢tionsul the liver are derange'd, ad the flow of bile incleased. it i ' often taken up Iy tihe absor ent vessels andl I carried into the circulatlou, and becomes icing ed wi i theli blood, as in jaundice, when toe paltent ashows t' in countenaccv. No v this impurity ol blood iA caused by an incrcased flow of bile, i, I and to re'lmedy it, you m t correct tie secretions of the live , and restore it to a c alticy state. Dr. Peters Ilas spent i oluch C iine in expercnent- p Sing with differouet veggtab e Iledlnllles, ftr diseases Ct I of the ihver; and now otffer Iis Ve'getable Pii, . Ias the best, moc(st covenient, and cheapest iuodi. cncl that can Ie prepared for general iuse. i)r. Peters flAtters himselftclat his long ex ,eri. meeting with vegetablu mtediclnea has enabled himcc to discover tile true nId only subIithlte answering t all the ipurpolse ae mercuriat witholut any of their atle diant evils. One great quality oft Iis vgetabl, I pills is that tihey have icce a:erative prtncipl. com bined with their cathartic, or operative qual ties, so th.t they not only cleanse thesto.mtlach and bowels by purging, but they regulate tile hior, chanllge tie ullurbld eccretions, strengthelln tile dleostlve organs, purify tile blood, invigorate the c'rculation, an I give tune cnd energy to the nor.. " 'iley aeo cmild and plcaaant in lchoir operation, and c nvcy llloaut imtnedlate conviction of their utility from tche first dose. They can e to take with oafety by persacons nfany age ; and thie feeble, the infirll the nervlous, and thi delicate, c e' strecngthece'i by their oper ctilo, because tlley clear the system of ,ad hum ours, quiet eorv uas irrita bility, and inlvari clpy iproduce cPoutld health. Th'ie Vegetable Pt a are a sure remedy for jpun. dice, sick and nervous Iheadachc, dys epsia, c,.tive. nes-, aickllnes of !.e ltlactllh, ihorthuclcn, all bilious cmccplaiits, f!evers of all kinds, and if taken at th cmmnencement will invariably cheek their pro gress, and save the patent from a protracted and dancgerous lckne. ' They areoinvalulablhe nl nor vous aind hypocondrical ltlleCtionr, ls ofUl apps tite, and a I colmplacintl to whicl cl fenales al..ll a e , subjelct. They operate a a cllld ind speed, purge and ;re : safe andlc certln ic l yc'y for worlcns i ci'ri . 1 have introaduced my Vegetable P1c1 to eJ the put he I hvoe received ntlteruaia certificate ice, oft oir eupurirr elcarcy in curing disenace, a so, I tc mlany leiters Irotl resnictalde physictata, who oil have used ilhem in their practice with the beat Stlotght publish a small volumre <f certificates, i but corsreilr it nneca.a ry, as tihe edicine waill ea rcullmerac d itsellf to all who w I trake trial f it. Thle i :above pills are ill boxca, containg 4li hr pill. each. Price, 50 cents pcr box, Druggists and coultry merchants can be lllo's plied, al whulesa e or retail, at Dr. Petler' priuci fe p r ohlice, no. G5 Paoydras street, between Mlagazne it nadl Clp siet. New Orlea.ts h ALSO for sale by G. N. Morrison & C&o, 11 it Canal street : P P' crlie, drulggist 112 dhi Itveer, it between the two markets: e Mr. Brneriher, druggist, E at the Washingtoer market : C J'rrinchali, drug. gi-t, corner of C elm & Bourbon streets: GA A SR:ced & Co, druggiste, corner of Tchoupitoula' & Gtrod trects : J Rossl, druggist, Laftyette city. ALLIGAT ['R LINE. Mobile to Aulgusta, via Florida. . Leavs Mobile 'oueday, Tl ur. o. A,. t_:1 dy days, and Saturday, per tile . - tsp''endid steamer Champion, (ex. tt clpt in case of t i mt,) tot Po saeola ; thence per v I letmer Lo Poy to La irange r and r horlea fcrr horse post coaches via Mariana, Batnbridge, Pti. Iderto , Berren, Ouathw'. a d Perry, to Maon, i Ga; tecae eva Milltdgrville, and Sitarta, to Wlar. reus,, Ith-. ce per rail ro ulc .ars to Auguhta. Th[l ('halillllrlln is inl sp.llt d oIrlder, wit Inew co.ppler borll re, copprerlodatd c ppr fastened. Tice It. Roy Ihas brn thoroughly repaired, her :accollllodationll are iall handsomelll . any be t. iThe bean ifllt Santa IiRa Sound, and Cructa. e at'hie llty pr.elt tthe most .terrtc'etinhg tetit ea. vigatilt in the Soulth-- ring at tihe sarait tlle perfectly lhitd hl:ked. I t Toao are not sr,.ass ed otn anty reut in the Scuutry ; tlhe drivers, to a eman, cTreful and attcll Thl bridge Iheretoflre dangerots have Ir n en newly built, so tlht lugh wateur do not Iltler rem ralltu Pllg ouses Iaie breen IIorley ehlllatPd, and arte Ilnow a good as ,1 any roe.d ill the Su.llll. It i:r geelrally kleown that the axcell'.rcl.e and hardnelrs r ,l IrI roads enable tie tr tramrs ut all secl sn. Lto Il the i rieat rpeed. Their sotluutllni se Ir. cares tre raver o 'rola the ordlril;ry laligtre. or nt lge travelling. rThe Line is rnow a rrying its pasngere trolll e Augusta. to., Mobile in four days a. d twelve o Il our-, or In Naw Oilanus in tour d'ays ,d! twenllty Ioutl . Going to AugIusta, the linlu is tix d:tayli I. rid sevuel hour. ,'l'hi tte actually employed ill travelllng is thle lr:o a i 0 the other druection, Lut tihe difference of ltimle on tlne riout, is t:usted by day ibring lost in Peesaeolkr, wuith, however, is iell repaid by the op ortuIty it gives ofaecig',g tie Navy Yard, tllo old Spanish Foirts, etc. The travel or arso alreips at IMcon, all agai e t s. ar. I9 tetllu ll. ', tlhi arran rlgement wi ll c lrntln e till tile travel turns nortthlward, whill tit'. 'inle will bI tihe ar .e fromt Mobil to Augutate, as it is n tw in the .4 other direction. r This Alvertisenoent contains a plain statmeont of fecte, the necurety of which til proprietors gaura,.te toCeach paaacnger lrn the penalty of hlI I aago lar,. . Maps of the Line may be seen at the Ex' hangs Ilrttel, N, w O)rleoas, and at lthe Mlacloioll Hounc, Mobile. Fare throlugh Iroen 1 trile to Augusta, $47 50 'rtll lrle extends, by a branch to Ta'llahasse. at Chattaoll ociho, Cc ooe ceonnects with the stoarlboat carrylng the mail to .Ape achicola aild St. Joseph's. Otfice at tle. Malssion iltseo, Miob.le. mli O OS I'TWICK, Agent, Mobile. rd ICa.-tU rosce race, rnr sale iby l a' A 'I'ttI.R, 31 Grerier at IL rIt'I,:,t"RVEItS-JIe-t recetveatoa sperior articie of life preseovers at the Hzanar, '22 IU-111 a AI.L> N l, I.i-iitlt .lasks'I'hmnaston Lirne, lalldng from Lp ip Peruvian, ar P lNE,73 Camp at eptip c &JP'W IIIT.'cRV,3Campat eJ mar 27 EAItl II.tRi''rOW, 71tank Pier. ,3a'...ltt.l :.\.\I t.ES-dur btrat; sepert Condarriee. ' iasnorted braade, for sale by apll 2t 1 BRbII)Gi'; & ('n 134 Mlarezine - PERil C.NtIIt.E'--1I boxes, irang ' trtt l, n 3Virbeaurg.for.,alnce A lillYIt. Jine I' 31 II ARRISON'S SPECIFI: OINI1IFNT Tn' grett celebrity of ltlhit ultrln.tlled (:,n position, espcjieally in ite Niortheurll Stte, ea o tile proprietor but I tile need to ri ay a Iy halg ill its (:Itor; for it lin beeU renera.tlly cctedid to it, thnt it is beyond all colpiaratntl tIo I sl remedy for external eotpltntts thaIt ht.t ever lccn disco. vered. Ildeed teo rapeerd atl cetrtaioty oftits - Ili rati nl have the ppeaira. ea of miiralcler; a ai'l, rs. w nod, ettcorn, ftaer stirit. elttfiblldlans, uthite .we!. tiogs. blhl, piks, rpilar a .id s.nak htes &C,. i&mme. diatelry yield to iti ap oatrentiy teqrhul n i infh. I ni oince 'Iihus if propetrly t;,pIled It e tll rllllm v t Ian inveterna ecorn, or break ind heal a I ie in fi. t, itiys, will t ll'y ntd perlt ctly t:nra uit ulcer Ilt i..v. w o week ; anlld the itust dlslieratle eaLs ot whi~t ,iC swlli ng that cat be Iuatiltdi hiva , baa i d.sraryed tid by tt in less thin two tiontht. a:: the bites ota pto siton s t rit tile its t flUcaicy iR truly ,ierprlinIIg, aI ev tn in the bait. , ' ra, d dog. "ltr if apied in tiae, itr towearr on attractio, it 're n, w ,idri',ttl tha, they wil at oncll arrest thia poini, nld thu pre vent it fto pervig i Lhgtltoyttte'. It it likew. y U greatly .u teriur ti , au:y ItIlta.eCIe ierrat..fare disco. vered t ir t chafed tt ekl aid hlta b,. of rset, tar ei tettert, re *g w(,rais, chaptltd hps. itt a uhtitret fur ,very exLternal body evil illi .1tay f.ia llto *bittlt ' a 'Tie propri tor Ihs rcecived it ila.t at tlolnml, d certficate and t ath r docu.iints , ii fttv r ofet ir n S , e c fi c O ( i elntII III " u p w a rd t. uf .t o u n d re Jd o f " [ i, \,whICh- wI.erE writtenI by rTespectablbe an erII ) oI!) tht *1 ~llitcal Ftcklihy, ah brcatthintg tit: tame *.nd 'LItist i itt it m.~ PIo irt t all 129 Lib:.rtyv sItret, New York, arnl d I Ir sale at tt r. I('ayra ut, New Orleau.. Sirctres, 1 6 :,f " ai ! te ~ k s a t iti i' * , t ii ti tt , •t t clI'i L itt e .Iti i ti -luct n ,i . ,int i n l I : tll ii i. iiitu of t tilh It aIt n w tlit l' ttot 1 Ii, , n th r a.tist 1 tio n i'tsU1 rthe tttirt i rt tIh. onllcl it it l 'lt i illr nlllltio~r I.I i'lc~l lll ll' l I.t I th. 1-its| Plill~(·1w lt i lt" liB" l ·t' L oItE n o n . i l l i t l. " I l I S I I u e c e I l i. i iC Pc t t h S) I i eti/ i .l 'l t al.l n itt. l atthl u t it alll l al , m - lt m h e .ir igaid ainetutrd e ipa iitveahinta, tabte such c illr h lucrcdll l~ll*. u 'iI' . )ilih llll.ll~L'e' IlltYI Iitellllt. i tlC IIn ' l lelnc~ ill llu llt·t(}l'lbill· je. 'llh 'p ol r le ol l c e IldtllFIltS: , y S ur' o t. Gly I'lLtl -s e o u t t lilOt t lltt a titiltlin. llpltll I olt"e aitller iltieta tt rg, oi ti.l tl hllll Stt tit it tItitllt Sabut I itit psietl jllli. Trheabttt nlleti a iartItllteI nttili ·reeentaiaity Iilll arettlltl h u tt i litrtitvtiell Ih llol r aiaafiae iriiiti tie ittiaii Of ttiai.rLll'i~lilt s t la eit,(y ?toutltt altioleiiNllatellt cSO |l,Plllttno illeIt itit O , rit laetiatto Ittatiati ne Ititi agR rot e :.itll-aea a tetle a n lltolg i siyel i lltha ill" t adninistbcr )I w~llld II pc "loci cee ain tpltcattttilet ttglnl I 't curevel ll selnlt l thle nltltellle, lltr Il~lr e cl~ lllurlltl ! .tllgeil blr ( " tleplcetlily~r t eltlllll:I }rels thei .eit',e up ! io toa t P ti ' i oa ro t'e,, iLhi .ho lst itstt rlit itn tile t trot hsii tit a ude puiblimet t citt ilt tstitt uiyt hgs lIe n Itcrellld stlnl CI'ltlltllUel IveryU extell,-:iI, h wls ttial a. I aallt remey I eele dh rty, VePiltal l llll I i i't ;flt:l lu ll ll i UO ' s nl CHCI btl 50lllle | tlltlIilICoI tiltl K'Sils ·~ll~l lll e iOh liar I""" "g l bee .ullr ll- to Ihe lust ll:ltl! ,'..le i{l~lent: ir }[ Ih I~eeir{} o.el uli~rll t o }i tile ~lul~llllyl tllt'. llt. eill ll'.tl .lle IJInnccidel"e t esl • \a,1,IB"~ rvul Itri~lnce itIl}ll ill( hli ubI licr enrivnt[alllc I I'tte "llr ThiPClr o1. er~lionl wil.I~ bc !II l e rl~ elccl Il~ =[l. P'llr 'l ~ llnrn o..llelll i IruiiiIl vl. r I flie,1 50 Iicrl·- |lot.~ ~pe u: II l~·lt Fr,,m A~ I!Suonc, FI':soIS, Surentrgtlu tol)' the :L(Pt'l" l lsp , ,'--' A to . Ptrhe unifor surcess wheichlt I hes r elodlt~ed- .adinis- e tie: eive diseases, hal tully setitfied toe thet it has 0t1) we to te known tc Ihe trulyv e .Ippreeltod. Ma.y the succers A. you so werll deseolve, a.plf and speedily rerlp. you li dte Sy'mlr vatI.:ble p'elir.ition. m YFro Sir A Clcee, l IIS P RC S, c. &e. ee n Ilaviltg lei .elhccd to tc cc yoel ttXl:ittcl ite 'tele l ci Al cases of e iotet r o(horecer, which lhad hithertto i aled n, ecelir p hrescrliiiiii as.i'istereon by me, lavii liNa nn sure and speedy cures ellected by it, in is few days I i;el It xe1llil dulty Yuan, to stale that I now o ane prat Oet if"e l;th public tad private reeomenee o and use le i I a, other. 61,o From G W Blair, M 1, Physician to Guy's tlo et pit:d. tle strict test whlich Il have givet your medicinel amongll nl patienllt, and its ilariable c sc.,- thus f:ilt, m : will iudlce ine to ulerseve e in it Ilse. aIllt I deIm ii enl but ll et of llslie anilll of dllllY it) ladd III) lifhble Itli- nti monial int omndcn(paion of tsr itr.tus. in Fro, Le C Thllonpon, 1) DF I S tL. Ir.tlll cr r ll te i nlle rel thauiks fio t vtlllelIe te selt oe 'toutn Itlt.ltl Itr eitt ct' of GoeeOeltliit . Ie . cIry feel grittelll thIat yoI l late at tIst brolght a melicinl ih, into lse which will provei a leihlerltumt IlIg soutlilol tI ) ill t l.taesl: it i lly Abo v lils. It ell'ritls mr, gcli-tt Iellla r iii pllhlishhil to the w orhl the ttluahlecllitiesofl iii et ecit necessary, ti e proprietor coulh here futrnisl It llmany mor testimlonials equllt y as eommlendltory as tle t'l ilote; bllt trusts tlc.t c itS great eeccssleit l ertl he cnl I & expense at which it Irhas b oteen p tpred,l m ill ,roveits v greatestl recollnenelaioin among i dllli eiscrnl publiec. One recmcnien:tatito this preparatiio enjeys above o e all others is is tsetr, portalb + orm-pt-ut up i pots-th e a intle in whlieh it mar hIe taken, beingl oth casy asie t plea a:t-iitstastelt cnature,with no restrictitonin diete eor conlinement rfrm blusiess. Tr:vellers eecli.dly p would ifed this mellicine highly tushetl, nld ought elettr ec to be lnprovitt ed with a preptt atit seeeossrsting the atl It v:lntages which , present one conlletn "II leio eeeeteeeeeng Ccv ileMclietor isetecettelet eceleeil- t tor, of the .tlcgs oltlletd lis.resr, withloiut iel i FFor ale hv S1(I{I.ES k Cl). I S T rch ; orv c fvllci n. td ioeecdite i ecTtlt cicftI it'1itct kileteto I Coml-'r n r 1 , ir -L.e lie' ct,,t.eeo el, 'ms. k, to Telecnque I'or , Fl ' nch srl:l l , nIo: hbookt fInc lieh I cla irer, haIl teil full hic ncuc ! " Want,-iurt's Fr: nth t irnc ,ilhne W'eeemee .Itshinlc lan lhl em it Ewetll's !edici el lni ll l)0hll' nrithmlei,- hl5l en the tiervesc Ludv'l meclltil pocket oIok I l lentl ln'. Ill"tlieltl Iokl et bck M.esul s lierriter-( 'rlckelttl' -il!S brook Hale`e ontil S"teetne nA n.le all IItere. iply of the e ll).e workR justl ce it0 and oltle nl f1r oaftl on oe te ' v m L'PI'it1IdEI iFIY .- t'AlILt I--I ; "AN .INL. 'Tu,- . Ilenery Stll-eeli th, t crmeCerly J. C. scc. ks . j ,l m ,,e, rsp"eoCIl'.l lv in, Illr hus fel on , le ae s iir c n Iners, that lhe ltas ncc ll i4 , i ) lreceivinll n nr l a ,e e raIn- lorltm nt If IIIilplief)" i hl, cI i ir lIn , c itlelel. T hle I lF w1in e llleie l ei' c pac be ellc ce ecetiaslee ccie lor ,lreal Fn thec e.t cco ec nl dti us, ec 1. ccnro vr:vct ea.nd sri, pipers. ic,,tl.II .1 oI ha lls cmml n! rcdl enremeni Plcllalrlhi., it a tc nlin:c h diec dIe, F renc it ltllItnd 1ers' lleh e. it h xrels, blnt,,i &., do vclv r and tr ,:reerie d-, ol ze knat, re llIk fllule cn cllt_ lu. g i e i ..e l nel, ttrcic and pricte , wi rtl r.i Irl lg"e n u rtFled p ttelll pll inln and ctr e reenlel . -ns. , t . n l iect csl.e plate ull l colofie ed, t tiln, drapel ryc" usslln ipat,, and invilled, i t ,rted c-lr-,new I stt'yleoi Ieedle work for n,' fa con':n ln t : it,: c tvrr.t, &c neow atlie tol l , ul reu , raot ,d iey, s end plaine gilt wndw orenam.det t 1 nl pnll, 1. And tizee, gilt eagles batcei tnd e eeeetl s, s te I ft Sc, glas knlobs, asllers, hile r e clllt, urd Io re pllln, a large selorltlrent ti" Ilvs e t r clli llll la lare lk clrll iand tassel.s , wol tell ld t,(rd AlJ iiid . tsels, a tenerl ae[eortmente I utl,il tero r Atll paperc l harbhinlg, ct nstantly on ilnrlt and floo u n lhe t t Ieowest prices at Nes 41 Rolynl tue 64 Cute Icc .loue tls. tO N B-Persons in the city or from iie country, are respecltully invited to lanll nnd eamtne her O ,heosll!ves. Cnrpsets ald r ainrlls mlllle n lthe id ltst modern arle.. rotOlles prepared iat the tilott est nntice, anil all kinds of upholdestery work Io o with nIstosess nd l:eipslell. cet 3 BACIIN, I.Altl asld t'Ucis-lo illcttieic Cutonmtti tcured Sides and Shsceldoer ,il2ev keg. first qualit Laidl 10il brls tlees Pork. hor oelo bh et 5 je I'ET .SIN & AVMI:It I' O ti vier ei It i Ltut'C, and hquornce and mno- case, - L Tfihel Trkey gnll rabic, 5 do Ilq,,o. iceliptc , anl t lake manua, anlll lre sale hIt J \liVIS & ANDIREW', a' l corner Commllnll & Tchelulllllcllule stl SII..l.,tl BAUI.Lt jet. I'IIe-'Kti,-Jultl rece; etea Z"splendtld arlicle of Billiard Bdlloe aind I'hecks. BUSH & OLIEN, sprll Exelhnneo Itetrl.eo sthwelrles'e (leoemnn et ee I ha t:leeer l slrge inceoice of and s iu. rant'1 ncee, eskIndt ne iek, llll for siele lyV. .i, an;A "trIVAR 4ti'smp s. IFri A1,N I .N'S rAA (AC;r.A NOW lTa~f~ , PY !'Or. 1 N.tclz rsd'lr Throuponitouln' FO" " fort- of rl,+amati~m, le~ofuln et kin.^'. Iv sclratlra Or hill emit, Inclllllilltcnlrry Irt I tl-l Iite .uJ mercurial dioir'-. I.a.rsiularly ý lcer o ndJ oRffecrt , of the ,olloolcar.rted t ro.t lud iaori'll of "every d,psrripto., tI.r ,r ar olld i tterln-ll I'(-. sAr, prr%, .l Id ho+d, ,curo., hil,.:. <hruri n·re eye !ax. i ll, trh", -nI a, ry v-rn -tv olf r.fa eoUl ,ll""c , Iac ~ear..rlh, hleyd rlh itoiocr'eoJ'g fom aloy ncrd o p):,i i n the .(.llllch a"Id J tr~cp-i ll i ,edtl r~cr gfuor v' afi""ln+ .'t,}l.. f ir I-h fn, (.hnri. e illP,;llm~lionl p1i( .uu| r.Il l,' den,li ,. cn.,d i.. h t,.rpll Ilr f l oo f II. , ., ttile Ihl I. ,i,o,* l roI,, bo oooooO , d h IY "rho ohu,,,nxw~hI.r A ooohlor offoornolu,o ,oO v' P0 l {'ra m'" t r )j~l rr :, ir: . :.; ,llhll'l lr . |t1 t"el'· l lrr m c llo:lln n =u Iu all Ithlp d,.ru>., hbolul idrl, rlf m IO "01, th lord, oo'oor sib:,cult, , b,,osor, ofolst~,to r klnJ. :. " t .,f thr ;t!,lr, rfllnpl:,ille· rrryllire .nmlll tl :.tentl llli1Jlr~zllin,)l x Inch+l tL) rlrc ul,lnlllol,Y u1 the pi ill. d~cnte L, I.. rnrlI ,u,d 'or ,,,oo,,or ho r 11 ,IDANS1 ' P'ANNACEA "od bnrooll) Le t pooliro b rTO TIJ-0 PU0LIC, 1l .y r o. it is IoI.,o yrooio p'heo ,,, Il theirn. l e ctLI III limn·ll pll+,l··3llllrlt I "r, ,IC \lal? hllllim h o" .. tile nl~l +rf elof thc ,n l r, l , rs I uu il r* r"!nr* l tall; ! l!, to x-T, i~P (it prt f[ . t- , rsl ill Ih I le i lC I .r $ y 11:e .lal.--tl~rcly overlook ood Iolp'r t",. Ls, oi.'ot tnO 1-rchand1, 'to enld-Ir~hA euoton' GsAP((h ll l++lleu ht~o. l ooooI;.i~ ho. 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