Newspaper of True American, September 28, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated September 28, 1839 Page 4
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.°^ U$IrESS CARDS, MAM'U~ 'fspy, `, tF~a ,,*1e Hru er 4.' Cu'izmiuaon .7i erehanag FAEIA? & 'o.. E7o . 3, MhlgeIrbfla thr n SVU rensta th on Iiad a large ourplo of Cloth mar keulaotd dor theCountry trol. i'heir as. It oq large, oerohtnif front the toultry can Ittiahehorteat tIotiro. IXS tfAN E COiPANY ° OF NE\v ORLEANS. an T1C4aompsanvnr now preaared I toabe a *a.s AGzAIsT FIRE. j No.94 nlusson's Building, Canal e.eet. t -E L '1'IIACY. ,. tw Orlana n Is.183a8. l reer.larv. Iv EL ritiry I Q_)i COPPEH-,t h l" h I Copipa Idr car, by i !' Thnplimuhlasst | *RbOSis.094 AND I IEt. I1:S IN 'IWOVISIIONS 9'a.nd13$ Jliea .treet, New Orleans. 6 SYy2. l Sores 1).i( up. mr r 5 ... LO1 11ti.ANA I - VWRNITIfRE WAEHEOOMVS N's. 53, ianaalle errtet. WILLIAM t. CAIiNES, wanll respeetRflly in t rm haafrlaula and the public that he i aon- - y raseivinsafrm Nw nlik enld BOlston a r.od I a.tsIeotFurnirne), sarec as mnahogauv ehoire, l *:d e :tads maple anl raedtailred htai, aple and 1n'y bedsein,t mahoeer.ny and aherrc tables of all jdpticnu,, hueu-, '..lers, ecanetarv, tvritiag 4H1 wanItrr.s,!. of mal.tage and cherry, wash tlnie, loaoking ;glasroa, talheen., beddiag, ce. &e. NI. Furniture packed fr transportatioan withb grat "rMI _ _ ovl3 rPAl ION A.L I CLOTHING TAYLOR & IIADDEN, No. 53, Magazine Street, AIIcN$ LIT OGR ,AP1HC PRINTINO E )I'A llll.l1 ENRA VET, nrl SAWDON WRIGHT IHATCH & EDSON HAIVE upsrcl anliui in NStr Orleans. toaxrtina - equal a Ivalnrta., ith theairh-bs alllln a el y olk, Ibr he thrptae s f'eelcrving aa ill painlili Utahi Nate,., oala, Al.uls a, }: :ch:r g1, taert-t; an o. Iro.Lsiat, Ch.-. s hiltl otl.ur i t;t)ua:rat Ia 'sa,' re qtl:rI-h e tit , I a ornillrl a g, , ; all.i Ia r i . Il e a ;plt p lo viSln n t o, . t" r salfe kcrl .; w'all, !t las .1n, i,':tia).S t ad to thernae their FI',rci ten embrace te aotes of oner fie brtnal~lt| anin, ia'tlttilna, and all ardersa will be beacuted wich a!ratutntda,, nni on the ustnal "me. Ocifoa, comier at toyal & Cunul stree;. LBAZAAR. BSUTSI & ALLEN, NO. 1, EXCHANGE iHOTEL, 'orner of SI. herles and Caommon sts,. -tNEW ON LEtANS. SMORTERS cnd Dealeus in FIrnch asod Etci-h Prrfumannr-; D.enalaga Ca.eartd Portable I tske, Cuatler,. Htiar. Olates 4 hirts, Stlock, Ubrellans, Cm ,aa.nd Fclv r Aeiatel. s,5 . Tie-il', Iliis, ale ..l Indiant Banhk .,, arct lar by A illEit, *3 74 (ir:lvler sta JR C.i itY, AT \bIIui.EsA.IE. - W0d . I.-t.L, (n illt,tt tac he a ti, !ny re, Seeved in ftila asarttrart of Watllche, Jeatlr, sasone, Spat-an-lw and (;inas Ware, they will lie nter Uth Iawtaeet alarket prie, lapI 1 IDEA LElI:s IN, AMERICAN & ENGLISII CROWN GLASS, NV. 3 CanRO'ner rT STRET. O JOB PRINTING. IF EiRIt DtiS.RI'TI'T. IUPE.IiM.Y,nANDsOMELY AND CIILtP'LY xnCI:TIEIti AT TRE OFFICE OF THE True almericau, r'T. OIAItu.d:8 STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. a ll M .LD , &. CO BtoIn0 N, iSe l reans t heelings ilnd 25ileln Jcklson In 4-4 Irsn Lsinge, loudi froe shipsChIrleslonw, fr iale bh I + I ItIItIGE,, & Co, l ALC)N--iO l(kis Ilill-. 10 du. Sides , and 15 do. U S Boulders. in Ntore for S`ale by ,tay Sdi J.'I'IA YEli & Co. 71 Podras St. tOMBARD & CO'S Boston and Now Orleans Li, of Packet Sllips.--'lhio new line of ships has been expressly bnilt to run betwaeo the above porls, and will be found of suitable draft of water: aecomnlodatione for passenegers, and every effort will be made to give general satitiaction, 'Thes Lne is composed oftlho fu lowing ships: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J lHarding, Carolina, 401 do S Lemist, Clharlestor, 374 do D Eldridge, Calumb ana, 625 do G Darker, Seaman, 240 do J Howes, Bomlhay,. 625 do D Ilumphrey. The sbove ships are all now, of the first .lassc sapper fastened and coppered, commanded by men "f rent experience, have large accommodations, with a separate ladies cabinl; every attention will be paid to pasoneirse, and tile very rest of stores pro jided for tiemi. The packets will be towed up and down the Mfia sllaspp,, and the strictest punctuali y olaerved inl She then of sailing, and ashu!I tile regular vessel. be detained in arriving, o lher ships equally as good will in all cases be sulfstituled. A share of patron age is solicited, and tole agents pledge themselves to aseonunomate as nuch as practicable, to receive aul forward goods by a yid line at the most modor. ale eoargea, and to advance ant expensea on goods bhitesd, if required. T'e ships will leave the tlt and 16th of every month. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A MERRITT. 82 Common st. N. B. Advanetments made on conaignme:;ts tIs Mers. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 -~TON I-illS'1-T'e o u seribers have p:wanted at lreatl expense, Ihe right of pluting on iron ioota in hlts city. They are adapted to pubhie buildings, wvarelluasre, and private dwelline,land I emllilnea t once cheiapluess and durnhility, and are perftilly fire anl wat.r prof 'I'rmns nma Le knllow, vand a malltl( sen at llur eeltalislhmenlit, oplowiit, S. Ji,. 'ar. ilirl.i tiet,' api'iollnhlo a e. II e2 E II ('(OGiWEI.I, 1& C. I.Xl. .iio.F,, ia'. Pltl .... iai-,l ..--..i. DumIln ,nli S, Pihllpy kapnti eilnstantly on hanld S an i xtlenivi assrile·l1 t, of ud brognal, alnd eishLoe,to Ni YIrk ;maialllfitlllre, for men, wlnll and ellidre i til liar, whiclh lhe will dil tiouse of at very nao.leale pri -e. lFanmilies of his i q iIiainceio serie an order wi. ii:v.o i ehsa-isbeheli iaded ri I , SSE ;OUR I1 l't (f.til-5-his, Ii0lbseach; 4i kegI, 1O0 200 do 2.5 English do-- 5 I-14 bhl. 100 0I Il r l'at i lIruslh ari -us siz+s: l ei..e Viernlli ,.i 5 bblsCopal Varnil-, l "' J a p l a a 211 packs (illd Leaf 5(1 dio ilver dui; 100 do Dltch \lletal. W+INDISIV (il..\St , American, Erglish and Frenahi t1011 boxes, variouos si'e and qualitie. I IoOteli..roaau do.--50l blxe, neiiig.ell:t, , will be Also, a general assortlent of artists' colors andi tole, for sloe by A 1V SCA'I E, No Itl ('uoal street. N B. Alabaria noireS ake i ait pi r, and Ilisalespi pi notes wl'l received at 10 per cent discount for goldI , orin pa n tof debts. . ju I J. bound, io ptiititi iin biille at thie low price iof 5( enatso iath, ccollaiing tlh itreligth of threen ounlces iif Lieawanrt, besi fls llntiirtuea ii manuy oilier reits and helba klnownl iatng iti Iladuias as eiicacious ill curiag i putlnloary e omnp1 C aints. ! The u a ivulled success which has attended lhe ise on this inestltulalbli IalMnim wherever it ins been intro sifced. has olisnited the eoalidenco and recomnleinial lione of.respectnble physieianll, for the cure of conas,i, oelds, pain in the side, want of rest, spitting of blood, liver complnaiut, &e. To whtn it n y conrern. This is to certify that we have in our practice freqrileitly prescribed irea Giard ser's Indian IBalsnn ofl.lverwori a d Ilosearhondl, wih a decided good effect we can thereforr,from the klnow ledge of the materials it is made froml, and observatlen ands x pierirllce recoitiairn it as a eon eriil" prepaerntln or theb se s of thlle lun'as fir .. lll t ia "e innictde4. Ai.h It I' VfII.IA. ,1 , M. D. (CAI.VIN EI.I.IS M1.11, Membea of Ihe Boston Medical Association. iBston, Otober -5. sid ,by JARVIS & ANDREWIS, ,s11l9 s 'lr- 'iaon isl I'.e:titll,. vs WT--l' ýhI-I* -as Ii,,, receivd i*.,i fur I olr-by HERIl(J.IE.\S, H:al- td\\ t tI'). may3 Noi9_nin",, . Co 5l. - I- e sawihrri.sher. 'avo I e.{.ll , uI hel n I,slters a paiv nf Ca-nn l snd Liverpinl coal, in hllk . ,, rlllil rl,,r qanalsry, Whll(h tIhe) oft foru sasi, in lo, to mii Ilr.ihaei. ,P. Alte - :r',etel hr ,he fir ti rrivle , from Enr 1nl ".". " N€'" ,' .tnn tI. Lr.hip, and PPr.ti .,Ionla i , .', hrk C* , and l cre. re-l, ie a' ,i, h g.*h, .tpri.eel flr liasly i,s,- l ' of ..' nc tfIv will io,i-a..l on ti,'r mioIt ro -Is.,r , rc--. Ordrl*rr all a, ,her. lle. N,, 63 ltOnvie , UP stairs. ,iilt ti , riinp'l, alnd*e ,i e.? I . t, A ROS LIE N EW. OOOMI -Simmons Hart & so are now -re calvinig frotýH on bchrd ships Yazoo, and tan4,g flg aidhbril iCM. ia, from New York, a greatl varity at0l goods their linear, which together with their formes stock on hand, mlakes their ansonrsa elvery: t plete. The following ounlpooaocnreavio: I toll twit, .,,rt,;dPd, tuek and dressigcomb, Ikanl do of all descriptiono, I t N dia rubber, silk and worsted elastic arters, common & tine elastic suspenders, loco foco aodd Lucifer Inatches, ieidlitc powders, powder pfibn and boxeo, toilet powder, pocket bookhs and wallets, needle books, shill, pearl, w very and rtoroceo card rases, head ornaments, plnin eo cal beads, necklaces anl o._ligeco, head chains, hbead necklaces, cit rglas nld plain ,aeod,ilver andl filt beads, Indian beads, bello and pianes; pistol and large por-e re flaksn, shot belts, Icorsc, belt, pocket and doedling .istols; double sand single barrelled guns. Bonir knives, and dirks. scissors, snhears, pocketoknives, moard chaino, nnolibbons, waist buckles. cloth, hair, tooth, nail,cocob, Iru tb, shoe, pliat, doon ond dasting brushea, Cognegc, , Florida,lnvendr, rose and bay water,asoarted essences, and exratrcts, Meccasar, hear, ntique, nand \ard'o v' getable hair oils, shaving and toilet soaps of oil des- I Sriptions, ladlie' and geftlenorn' deskc and dresing a I cooases, hair rieglet,frizOtesC and broidl, plah. fancy ond I nsicalwork bexr , m lain and gill lgured, cot andm M ao vt buttns, pearl and ivory shirt do, spl t Studd., gold and silver pencil cases, toothn cks anld otceerecrrlnated gid gilt locket, ceinllcret do, silver, IblS aclld c teel icnlblea, hooks and eas, hair pino, cmcitaatcon fruit, blk and red ik, oso ilackici , violil. and guhitarribbed and ilain porcussion caps, lillcn to sin, scented cncs,gollond silver lace and frnge, latter paj er, gaet Iges ricin'g w'ip, ca lking coe, piluvcngcanld, fle Stld, dapn alnd gilt jewncllry Sic. T'1he obove, tnllrr oiti lli reat vmoiety re oither arti lea are offered at whollc.aul uorretail ool accolnlld liug N 1 Shellr conrmbs repird k ,OYiE k MANY, holnus, ihsne, walcd kOccc.tocticc P Chainters, No 3 Carcle stl.ccct, two doors l'tom Il ltOL his l tof t.le ollowhiig wcc ods dl mnc.bleelt , onntiJ c cli ion a cte nl:cllcner. l1 etcs wcnd cat nal. .. MIlhogocy, gg3 ,tina Ihcllee :nscd gold, oh (lak, (;ialla anld Acltito, Polhlacd inc, t ntal oro Vc.udlniqt, at Curll dlo, , er, Cllclles maple, Ilolr Shie,. lIcrds ci an.d, d I):ar by (lnicae Satin 'ood, Potomaclll:l Hlair rood, Dove or Ilurdello, Yw Tree, hcalica Wlcit,. I: oro inlllc cll c 5licack L lcolla S lsae oWoo, in AnOri Vanc h e;rc, As+ Al Whiwe caku, ic. ~ls 5c. Lccurlcdl tlcn, G I olceioccoc c to Icc'aoste it dmlcciccc. Paticas, Hciits . ahlssc coalcol cc l lc. (:. onl c llcc l c c li fur" Sl.. 1 .I:(O.c 'iE;I'r SIk. tl I'VY (c7ic t'd--ilnc, cqu:nr I lld Illllll ce iri n, a cell ooiccllcd. litccc, tccccll accod rcli cccc:cil dccle a11 plu (lcllhccc Ny Cro'wley stt'e'l cc hallc oc ccre, ccct acd wcrc nht l .ils add ipi c, lle ,llcockticcc til ll ctrc, ricll tcll e, alllchcles c, O C ic t I trccce haiccll c,, Il c'r:I ill. or Wire, sheet:l ; lphnd rlll 'eI"ua l; dluht AmeI rcs ltoll llctcclln clclShr cc esincl shoaels ' IlMoLk ccd pic0ic hinges, dcc,.cocl wiiocw hcoks pal i Collcns, Iccctalcepsllld cll e o tiel es c'cicccl ' Icccnc.Mll c col'hLgc, licccticc tccc ile htlpocllilsheathing icop.'r; .icacccl stores faicts, linseed ca d spceccm oil A fnllassootecnt eclf latccdware and ship cloadlery, salwyl on land, oad whlich ioe iflbrecd f;r sale at whalel sale or retail, on) tie most ccc licVcello teccn', by m4 n LAYI fN!l k Co. 53 Old toeveo. , HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER s, No. ti CnIp sreet. llWholesnle Ioealer in Paills, Oil, Varci+hea, trshales, oc:ll \ Wicdllcw nrd Piccuro Gila.n Se. _c. todAF eUG.tli--voriua qunali ie, collhat tlllll ill t aJ str. anod fr naleby cIdALL , I4lllccWVE, m,'. .. 96~ iligazic__e et Smar :.' y..,: n.ilngnettsl IAS-IIONAHLiU CLOTI.ING. 1ODIoBLVo.r" ,A GOOD IP'I.7V ff5o. O., Cinrtre, Strces, I l. oir bhrt w t ienl ilntle, 'LAVE constantly on hanld every article appttain Ilhg t: g"nlltln'ii'n'.leen, I.;ide in then a nuI. ter and illtist inlhininatltit itt) t'2, "aich sile, oalie its eslnh ant rededl lric . dec4--1838 I)EADFNEISS. NEW senilo te rperous iroublea d with dearnel , t(:lled tile Ea 'l'rulnspt) hans jest bnrecived, tv the sItt 11t h iallt. thlle lififtent artit'l-ttion of the hal • Ilan voice is diiclnativ cnlle d te tot ear. Any aIei wit tis t evr n ara tl Ilvit- L it i-elle i' tith i nra dilne I)@pNOiU1 nll11 ie fuliv slilnihle in Ittn dlitfinultyl s tt ntli i~nrnrn l cl~elnll rxiel-ellred e t ot h lt v titnutllttn t Iltlt Ihd . ihu - liiduals To .nl~rnttlllaat'l tin8intict l. iy bItt' In n I I sna ipJrll p thi a . tl ni. ~lit'v(iYlt*" in I~r mort aceplica havo I\ av n lldolle'itlhelr toluIts "rt lhavig used ti l'rumlntei. For sail: at 1' F' GUIONS,~ ltann nntoe.eorneer of tnlllnon and at Charles streets UedEr slie Exilange liotel. 1i4 13 BALJI FOl T111E TEETH. r 'iE Estnhlinlletd reputation anttn eonstar.I- :rea-;nL I detit.ndfar tthia eflbtt tul re sidy of pia, nnd ppn sortives of itile teeth, hsa indlced toi sulb.r tcristar oner it il tilt Atalnricans rtblc. trrall-nip.elect bv tIeel indh to spplve tat rants ill ithe pinn trl cin i a nd s to ie ill tile tUnitd tles, t o t s t o i lsace it ith the ren'h (t those ulffrinc altd likrdy tstimonir this inns shretivnte qltines. aItt Innitik yasaima, bai nlsrl rlsitg l antll ael Ie,'l'o tl-lalhin e ,hePn itiplized wl astdinh to dirvetinrlu dicoerl 0, tnnllentt resti,'. It tlsno arre ts tilt dceai Is dntlasmtiv tetile nindi rtlieves thnt antenns , AhiNhs retl retersa 5t~trnn tott tl..tlaa ls njplTlientitmn stal renedy nre tinltttetitnnltetn, an i~ot unplesnnt; and tiln large mnatthar ofpelsnns, ia dinerent 'trotionts al tst etltolry tIat lare ailraidy exierienerd eesh delinhlfu tnslaaluttary enlts Itol tie usa aftIa Btilnt nars ready sto har ifnr tie public hagoo) their tlntnonnv to its InIr a rivalled qinlises. Ist is att Indian rtemadet, itbtaitmi-id Singnlarly tnn unexptepdly. silleantin n' Iscinr htl by the nit ilized wstlid al ntsi nntst valtable ditscovry Sredman oftile weelds. sail nt a or usits is nai I'liee 41 'er boatle. Sldr by JJAllIS N ANDRE\WS, M'l, EDN M Pl..s Nt--itttTntttt lnrei ors .mills, by Sattl 17 SIlLL &, IltisWN, 96 tagisine J -. IIULED L6' A Al PAPi':II--J st si-tec rivsdahew oaners ofrhlllme and lle wos e ruled I.ettr ape someo very low p~riced, tLir ale hlv 1)8VI1) FEL' & iC. NY 1e-lalionersV I;l. jmas 15 4 Clirtre st JARVIS & ANDRE WS., WIIOLESALE AND tRCrIL c DteALERlS IN SIUDICINES, PAINTS OILS IV F E STUFFtmj5J)I1,' I VIDOU- G LASS, thoraer fr s Commn anad Thaoupitoulaa streetst, NA'T'IIAN JARVIS. JOIIN W. ANssISEWS.9 itA large nytlly n Gardsen eeas n nIrrtnied itliC gsnslt a af 1837. ANDRE\W sMITll nl C n. e respeefilly inforin ti . thtair frisnds ansd site ;uhlie in rsneral, that they occsa y the new brick shop, 219 Tehonnpitnlas tl rent, wllhe they keep elonlstantly otl hlanld Copper, Tin and Sheet Irou Ware, of every description, sech as cmpper stils, khttlsn, nd I pipe, till bath. illhg tul s and il tcatlln, of all sorts anid lzes, and all i uthe'r brass tasting dslll tint hortesn t nollac. Grat bars of every dperapt;oln, scllb as nteani . Lbot titrup, hog lladlai, screw bhlt, eunothels l kind ~osteamnat hnaworki, such as clillneys broeehi ae ttsteam pnpls. SThey waill also do all kinds i Of out door worki such a- zite, c npper and ti t roofing anid gutterie. &e. Tt y .Ihdva and ;tllt olier kinds of work in Stheir line n t" buslinss, they t ill er'oeuti o t- tlt li Sf-srfeat noticO. dt n r 7 :r r llls wr! l kno'n ;vatlllrl an h tIt- is no' opea nt r Ihe _i. -.,silutift lt a ainu t~llt',i-i tt'am ti-ttip'l ,tltHrO ueit ;Ilr. d,,hn~ Melto~lleti. '1 h· ,d!,,h i~lhlnrnf lia 1)~llel~rl SYI\ rply cimiderrah)? inmprfIEll by\ n Ihll/l(ll: [II buthinE. I~lhlne rutllll,,I hll roollll hll~l/Ird rlllltllmtlhl III p~ill alleys, .I~d 10 1e F 0 : s i mll I etII~lill 1It I b i itC a Ir~ll t em u bath htt' o. frilen ratn .,atieanrinat htihten t ve ll itar ia b iaskl ii yi r -i ".llt an ea lltlhai l llnell . fe ills i ts ll, and t-bin tittie, h ntl a'ratn ie, tnalt i lll a II huts Ii.d Srfithpstentt,r netii -i n lllltt i, P e riiei a. b .lf h it'hal Ian of it a t:in h-1 it s hl tel v i' fI' al - fth,· I I11:imtt I./' nd hI k ell bvy +.ev,,ralj he~ull'ffl irland%. all be 1 ithin, a li w hollrr +nil'. nlno,.f wb~irb nru ('at [Mlllnt!+ d A Leltcr i~a~lps l itor h: lar of the ExcIhang ;:o ite . nhh id'e sis ahat,,. 'ties at0 'ietm elO. 5ta i ln't , i Rt- AN, litn Inticn afitti stat • . NW VI1 ++&t;> Em¢.a.l PARIlS. Srg! lIE subs.erdshei shave ) r~ repel ,ed per shil ("harles p L fl'om Ila vle alld f t r :lr nall a hlntllll' l n .ienrt Is met nof I i'issl tes a'on-itilgl i r:--niarnf s, I'iaols ' f IRosewood, (Tnrnllcoa n ,la(I rllc illaboga ylly i.'*l} . S Ilhrizont.l Planls of ute rielpst rtse& otid and mas. iat elli l- rirht Plnnnelltlei 1n n In. i1 .:-.lcl rot'+1 c ll Irlll . e llt tlyl ii ·i1|111.;1 i Cil~ d 1", th+P j e,';lebr o.te a ebr .. I 'L Il I .t' fP r,% l .. t ~lh~llclll+.J.llcua Hl, n r,·r..o ll+.p rllil~raitr arllol n~r~lll i whIch Ifact cal mial nllohilng1 to desire ill regard to the bea Uryo otheir tonlel. l Tinhntlthetireana prtfaisera ofienmsi ar reyport. fully inviled ii call and ein h tin slt seit up ight its pian t si II tenill t -ll lll n-· a Ileta sIt InP 1p JtllwhS r a tef1 , '. Clharles st. Ja S nppif tle iVerandah d IxPhaailap hotel n I) ICEitbiATRt'iS I i n ,H ATE" JARS--h ma' "r hhganv reirierrursater Itiintel do, 6 14 gallon walr r; ?9 gi ll , in;lo . frl e !i i a nAl+3 , n s a3 I' J ht ra'' , l 73 C sspe,, PI t,,r, I ;: r-E I -ih. 'huts, landi,,g . eessnda,l:.. Tennolllilh t E W mivr ; lvrluhy s. n. ltay lit r3.entlti eer 9 ty %Laoft5 hstaIalvly; tr-e4it+ntt .i1.Ih eMnI ,-lssen ert si!esby f; ItioS ae, jne.27 4 w amp . Fleas IiOVnceIina.-esfs larriis h ts i insslu ie' at he it iesnsai sh-llps .r Jle . nF i lla' Nlrli, Ameritn AIdnt,seteir an.iiln Itlian "'alintel ,.gens.h tllnry I(.v. e ., h,-nrlvrart, sllho, nf Tr,,. rlr t,, th.. '-':;· Il 'CLrll+ IhR .MiEsi(-il-Pi, kP .-e. Ar,.bha Pas~e, &'. ,Scerita ti!e W\eianl+rer E|llaitis whmlSi i--tn.g ireest +,lalrsvnrs ; Aliss Latdh sf lyn : l.frihy ; Criefiot i Mtt~pr .mherr, ne,' " \IU·r l~,,rk Cc.:. '+'tu rnxeet.,i utd ii ' r ,wile br A N Ir'A, i-r n e.'asad arath SIRS; ft I Torkl&-Saltimore Packetslj NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OF p PACK ETS. a This line will consist of the following vessels, which have been built or purchased expressly ior e: the tralo, viz:: Ship heamann, Capt. Minor, Bark Mary, , Nickerson, Irad Ferry, new Stevens, ,i SSaolonon Saltus, a" latham, Brig Architect, i` Gray. These vessrls are o" the first class, have hand. some furnished :eccommo alaions, and are of a light I draft of water, su as to admit of their receiving and disiharging their eargies in BDaltinote, at the city. Freight will be taken for ports on the Chesapeake t or James' River, and fierwarded by tie agents, Meosrs. CLARKE & KELLIGrG, at Baltniore:r expenses on gohds shipped will be advanoed when required. The price of passage is fixed et $i0, ample stores of the b st quality will be provided. Stieam up and down the MAississippi ii will e trken 1 oil all occasions. bFr freight or pasnage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, norl27 22 Ielenvil'e St. "r)Ol NEW fRKI. (Louisiana and New York Line of Packets ] T'l' ShTips composing this line wrll sail from New Orleans and New York on every other lMon day-manoinecing on the 20lth November--and to insure the punctuality in thie time ol'ailiing, the I line will Ihrealter consist office ships, viz: I Ship Yazoo, Cuptain T'rask, to leave on tihe 2i0th Novemllber. Ship Louisnvile, Captain Palmrer, to leave on the Sitih DIcembelr. i:trip untsvill'e, Cpltain Elrhidgie, to leave on the Srith Decrorher. :SIil' Viksburg, Ca pain Woodhouse, to leave on tie 1 t JI itiarv . Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th if Ji .nte ry. liThe abcve are all inew, of the first loasr, copper i. anid copper 'tricned, end tnwards of 5i00 tens burthen, are .r' lighIt draugiht of water, bring built in Neew Yotk 'i'prersly Iir the trade. The price Io passae: is liedl at 1r00 delinrs: their cebieis are filtnd up in Ithe trst iproved and convenient plan, and firnishedi in a neat and elegant style Alpeo stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paiid i tthe cnmliirt and entire i stirsfation otit pllengers, whi wil prause take no. ilieu thal no bcirtl c:in be srecured untilrl paid ihr at the offce ef the, crleigner's. I'lThese vl..els l arn co:mmanllded by Capetnins well exprrerllcd il the Irer'e, tir o will give every at tenltiol and xert lioermselv, se to aret lndlate. ''iter will at all tti'l ts beowerd tip ad down tihe Missis sippi by steamlboats, nrid the strictest punctuality olserved it; the time of sailnog. The owners of these shii; s will not be responsii. ble for any letter, parcel or package, seCt by or put on boari d no' them, unless a regular bill of lading be signed therefor, at the counting house of the agent or owners. For firther particulars apply to J D REIN &'A COHEN, nov27 90 Common st nov27 90 Coonmon st 4j PE w t . I .1;ANS & CIA I".'I'STON PACKETS I1 'h Is I +! C rlie o S rIof ur ves'Ise lil or rho first clasr, eopperrl and ropprtr frr. en e.le 1,, and of mI,,[) ' 1()0 nlns8 l)l tirer nIr wIll un olinrsllre errolll nd tions for pv)s.Pse er,. 'Phe se vessr.Ir-re romi (nlnnded by epnplilus w el onxperietnced In lird. r, woo 'vii Live every at tiol n, nd x( rt rhernselv . to arc .ormn al .. lhl Sshlpper,.. ']hlorl . t ril h, towed up an1 l oIvrl.wn rlh \ Irslp, nd !e:,vo New Orlrnls ~n or r relort the 10th and 150h of every mron thb. 'The lllow\.'r111 ro vesseIlsro tol p eo itr Ih o., I , I : linor A rohian, Chat'hs nG. rohn, rina.ter. lei,, C ,apinan.. . .B. 'I'hn .poir n, 11m.aier. L Brig Almer;a, J. Dane, mrl;ter. to Brn Rog,,'r \t ilb ,is, .. Allin -r:, tags:er. For Irright irpreae,aoply in J. A. BAREL1.i [L & Co, GI Com on . PI. NCew Oilern, or il. c M,,ordeeni,C hndsnn. tllt I A SCIIOOI.CrI A I"'l"S Ind l llT'I'ls rR n i I l.eCed. 2 r v tlr i llo rtineau's lr ',, Or k t ,aner . novel, in2 tole ''he Croppy , '.ythe ('lla Fnly r11 Marn. allt, thie 1lhiantonu ",l ; C" D)r. l'iral; Mlalhn Ilav`., vlnn ..n It ! • I J.1IHN & Co. : rorner St Ch'llas I& C' s tIXCIoI:NE1 ON 1)'r0too N-fri r ool by tnoo I IrIoIIGE, Irtl ,agazine t RIUSIIION E ANPINALL'S C OI'U UND TONIC MIIXTUIRE.-- A speedy and celloin llrl obr the Fever and Agu. , romitlent and interoillrelt fevers; preparod frolm tile orignal rtorecipe. Urrod w;th minlonot and 0in vorsal su.e0s0 0 1oi39, by iers0ns of the highelst rurprctability in thinr c,y, as btated i U the annexed certificates. Thlis mcdicirn is highly rcromoromondd, and ha been extllllvely ueed Il the abov, disease.s with such distlinguisheCd sucees, that the proprietor of tIo rreelpe haIs he iend · cOtd to offer iti to thre pub. tlic in its present form in the hope that it may be d tir means of relieving many of those who are 0 sutlering under the scourge oo our country. It is t a mrdicioe posressmig gooat viotne, and when used Saccording to the directions has never failed of r effoecting a cure, even in tile most obstinate stage , of the disorder. It is not at all disugreeablo, and persons of the weakest stomach, and children manny take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requires nore than one, or ill obrtinate covoe, two bottles to efftet a cure. There is neither mercury nor 0y arsenlc in the medicine, nor otny thing injurious s to the hlnlr n constitutiuo . The proprietors are Sso well convinced of its tlioeacy, thrst I hey agree or to refund the price of every bottle which has been taooan in accordanls with th directions and has not effcted a a perfttct cure of tho fever & ague. os A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drog and melhcine store, corner of Hicnvllo and Chartres rtreots. For District Agencies app!y to jt5 T. IV. SMIIThl, 48 Conti st. I PI:NSCOLA MIANSION IIOUiSE NEW CITY, PENSACOoLA. S IlE subsocriber haoing puTnrlsed tie olease nd fur S nituroof this well known astablilllrrolt, frlorn ll, at Toylor, tblo late proprietor, will be ready to rereive tir Sters by the ot ,.tf April nesrnt. r, Nrm'rous and uortly, i prrovements will be tiuond in the arrhangelllitls lof lhle :Mansillll MouLse. New t all n' more commod( s tliosi bullling itMules will Io built,lhand .ar. unnn b ht will be provlIed at all hours. A stable all will he ttr ced Ito lhr hllol willl igool accrrmllmoda tilll fr ho-.rses i nd carrrirges. ii.oi ra.te Irorse nlld m. clrrl.tge will also be kept t1r hire at moderate rrices,, crol rLrr Pail antd r ow borlrt ttsr l, etOllS to mtlllge Iherln for it, te lIFO Uo v -Itl:r.. llillt:lris andl tllhel aBllllurcllnl and t o onndrllted rO: not tot i rstlrre wior tle crrllrlirlrt nt ist, r trr atolrrerdv uorbr.retr rtrt hn~w il arrire io sunt iho i-t el r a trr. Mll Frederick Il:lruarl, who . rr f rly kelpt so pottila i Saot ldlO at Irn li.rr-rtotn iv,rwill conde ot this tIel for 'Ire propriretr, oho, ~ith o nch aid, loufdentl[ nsle i w , ltlrt s 1 111inst1 ,;r, l oa l hrI, frir"rnds grlllerIllv. tIal l hei v 11 w 'll n 1relc er. 0 0 posI ible .tlntllon; and Ih.rby. Ib r° '1 h° local adv-1.rge, of Ili s boost are too well klnown to neId lt iengt. ued de.crtplie in bare. Tile ,acts Ilat Prlnlclla is the lare.,S naval rtnlhio of the I iovrilmerl; thle L.enlral renleztotls o the uIIt' squadl 1 I rolot; the olu sirv ot i!, c tlilarll re orthed conosilltly du "- i fillF Ilia illllllu er Ill~lnltb,. b, th," C l0o 't t re.CrP n fltln Strhe luf; Ihe ,t' of h o hay and the rneigboohrinr I. islnl- and riiers; the bunldanrr and odlicacy o, f the ht, ti- with wh ch the wlte.s al ound; uind ns pltxhluity I rt tho est oulllltle Ir n rkets, dive IPersenoln th iere i-ertnerr over r ll other r plr les in the'. Jatitulde, no a ea, lllllvt and deibihltnll summerretrero t F'ro t rate brots rill rut , be.o te 'en.escula anod Mo : bile, anrd will t 1nI timlles heI t le tio lta+e the*rs from llll i Nev OUrl~ous iorats. •rl; . l -eSUl, Ii|h,13:3. • tU: o ntho,:,n wtlhbil.g to enage rems for their "e (smilier., can atcdr tihe r. priotor, aort encou.ln, rorrr tI- or Sewll 1"Tl'aylor, thre orner pr:,pa r or, at iiev ( Or ,s oe leans. ] R,"f,.eren es. S T Siandfrd, .., 1h C t'dnou,, I. lic 4l1in, F..q., .t. Kihbi, in Mob le; S T ':1.lor, P Lier, 1q, in N. Orl +.n he I' S-A letter hra, tn rrecive enmmluniralion, f.r I persos t the ' hne hotel, i= r placed at Geo \Vkitman'o onlice, A Sit CI:ll:aes I'xrbo ,ng,. lie FLORID. R)"i': T FOR NFW YORK. a T raJInvellers desir-lla ofl t hking the Florida rolte, Thlvia PensorelaI ,o ie Xorlluor, ilnfrlned tlhatll rsl rate h boats wil oni:l n ill v ru fri l. .lo ile toI Penae,, l leavin_ Mutilh. nld Penuacola evwry ether lav after the Ilt onf \lay. (Lod .afres wiltl IIIvays )e prtovidea o N the Fblcrer;tor be ill ireadlillrn In laonske ener.r froa it .Mobile, in caie oif thl faiul e of tIe u bollal 111 101Ott. N 11 ANO1,T). Tihe sleam!lnot Champioln laves Mobile for Plena coln twie. r a w..PIr frh O il Iv 1i EAN MARIEF F.ARINA'S COLOGNE WVATER io a 2 cases mre of thlis rllerior Cologne water, just rPrliverl allod Ir a rlp I hv the dozen or sitlgls bottlo. , A1o Anmericnn a,11 Eiench torilct imwders, powder rulll andbonlx, |=hn ing n11d lailet snap, oslruellc wash r balls, nlilk Iof r)ses, ensnmeie rold eratlm, cxtr ac o lolruk, ktphon, Ward's vegetahle hair oil, poomatnuo, lreu led r I rsm , Florida. oavendir, rore anld bay waerP * Prer.noo. Ir's rrstrlls> rlc. perlunlery i os trulr, vegeto. In oe Id liqlid rou , t:htoorn e aod Orrio toolh wool., ty cloth.lhair tnolh, 71 il and t!,:.h !,rashes; together with ll combl aud jr'.vrirr br oro'r Ioov ut wholrodale o,r r. p ail Iby l on NS,, IoIAR'TI' &rCO, os tIpo, 711o hartra'rstree rt, I)I.Ur: -" II L?-1', hdr. lltnaiuI R . b l,~io.t Pg- ti"t' o drillso landing fri, rt boop r'rrl-oron, fonr sale by 0 " i B130 DGE N_ C rTr) rro.rA.rlr o t 2ror e to I ihiro e l oot, `ýr ý" Ilorrere,1 Royal College of Phylceas, Londo ,. VrllE origipnal Vegetable ligeisan Uinversel Mech Sacoe, prepare hy W Miskin, aEq. Member of li ltwod College of Soegeo.os, Llceatiste of Apothe- 4 cars'sulpilm .y, Fellow oI Bolt Court Societly, Surgeon to iLe loyal Union Pelsion Asoeiation, Lancuss r Place, Wnatertloo itdge, Ileal Pespeitul Pupil of Guy' andll St. 'Ihomoas's ilospitals, Londol. This valtuhble medicine, the result of twenty years' experince acil unparalteled succeess in the extensive aoll hichlv resperlable practice of the roppriety, patro- ' cfited iy the ieaultv acd nobiliti, and is now introduced to the notice of the Amcerican jpblie, at the earnest so lieitatioa . f a number otgentlemen of long and high claulli.g i thie profcnsion. It is ihopied, ass a ielmi nacy ctep, tW lcleck Ie evilts and acttI cEoouSelcene rilsing from the use of Ihe llelo.roos ndo deleterious IostuImOc oisted lacl ,no the public by tihe old of fabricated iroofuof mtiriteulollolsciir, andl tller frauis, bya set of *iertenlor , Ucprinllcyleil pretenldlers so totally igrlrntt Oi medical scienlce, thait it impossille the Uollstrous dhlaafionl cn ally lolgcr go down with the intelligent ip.ll oflhtlrscout lvd. 'I'htsb. plills, mll duit agrLeeable in their tullre, sol.uld he kept in every family in eases ofisidden illness, for, Iy their proompt administration, cholerI, atnnps, all.a,.,s, fr,-s nuit other alar,'.ting eo rllaibtts, wsicch tlou olen prove tItal, may he speecli Iv colred olo leventcil. flfctl, all thos who value good GIeaelh, ahdld never be witlolct theoi. They are soilt ic o uetkets at 5, eewet, $. nod $p a.chl, by every iresee cIc1e druggiLt, b,.khseller, cl ecllcerof medieine it, tfi tidoell Stlaes, i I b, Ceaelos, wVith coplouas ceections, tcogetler with: esctuomiols of perofesiccol chility fLrOlt tlhe ficlc0ig eltneclt gecntlemleor Sir Astlne Cooicer, J Aberlel , ames Illldrell, I. I)., W. Bck, a ill.., J. Astoo "Key, A. Froampto, lM. I)., ad alimerous olthers. 'lhe origics s eacy be seen n possssi ofrthe (;eIlerl Agels, by whool the nledlicle is imlorted into this rulounir, ndl to whom all applicatiow s Ibrogeooies Inut he made. JNO. IIOI.lEIN, 129 Wecerly Plcee, N. York, Sole uelerael Agent for the Ucalie States, .oc. For sale by appoictnoect of the eriginal prolrietor. Ibv twiw IU IlsuoTrIes, Dlrlggicts, So I Cllau atreet, Itepcere Agent sier Stalthee I of Loiis;iuas. jut ha II I'lLtY It l.Ek &w C,,. No 3 ilsagolzie treet,rsee 1l rocw reeeivicg frloc ships Nshlille, L.ouisville, Ke.l.lckc , Eagle, aent other lote arivalls train :the a c :.lerc cities, udrogea.ll deuw selectedl iasIortlcent .it.0s, Boots, Shoes mand lBroganlls. Eonsis ticl'go t llemto 's line calf anld Morocco boots do I1l qualiey; do bltP", sacd stout wan peggel hools o vcilus quialities;c n 'rcii' tno calt sotal ilsal blnrrcie I.ilo llnsL a shlO1lI bullekslio sllheoeS, bIrto,) aIt srllplet s: msel's line cal' cit kilped pegged sricesudl I rogsue; dto cemts; dlo sclot kijp acl wax peogeld shoes t cel btrocsc gecctlecen'sl est qulaity alfueccvd alloys, ,oga .cllcll Joeck L;wOlc iengs; do calf suandt iormco t I tcle shimis and hlbrt.ics; do lfto sealcc aoild MUroeco: c 1t li:u shoest acd sliicoas, ol coalf, hlit la seat Wlcgs, a leW ralielre o lille ealll ser.l oll lOorlocco qluitlle in; ts locs', nioaes' :clll iell'l eapegged anl c well I gocis, smid ihs of h lleceer qoualite n ol Also e gewcral assortment ii Ii nlcal' aOllt war Ond .,itl Iceguclll c alid shoc), togelhller wUith llc0,iOec ticl oti jvlt h laqlity, rtuaclt blroguc, collect il t. I.ilkS, rcoc iexpc'r.scly for 1ilciciOuice clle; a good ais. ti cnioenl oi Clmen's ille a.l is kip U set lclbFrgLlil, i w oar uie., atau e . age u quntity of e au ioll qualicy r stc ncilo:sld c'g.iLbioganm. I.allies' tfie erIfts sacl, ma::oeee mll ailo wellte ll n ploclsl ol aslioc; ioe fille Fhecll iurl'eo oan kill lnlo So.,td slilloe da loar Itshese withl caI without heelgs Sellf, seal tit stlottlot leather blooteecs; do 'rccellla shoe. I loll kitids Ia 1cqlities; do lascting brogans; tl iter olccal l'o.ndl hoces. lMisesa' lasicig spri g gslcHea:ccr oe ganl. Childlrenll'l eo ed lMoroeo ai lalltig lero ho t6, andl oots, kce. sientletnmea'siefiaoudtioale bltck silk hatsl do black on I drb beaver to o f a sleperior quality; do imitaimel t am do; broad and nditor bieim men's fine drEb aNtl L Ih: ak Resiao shlort nappied hiats, a new article. Voolbs" Itt e size hats oe dillercIut1Iqualities; do chillre't . ,l.l'aand hbcy's blaclioclli dral wool hils of variou-. u Ilpes, with general assortleit of boys' aod men's sotl cops. 'Il Its osolsmeit will be replelishcd barhe itrrival of ecU It lceketshlo thite Ruo ilnaedl cities, tll of which ail tb soldl uleaccllloltlodlcectilenlsm aeg I--If NO-IIER URT' NOR COPAIVA New Orlens, Ncv. 14, 1837. TOc'T six monthlt ago 1 hlad the inial'slune to got a s-erel diueese, frc o hieb I have alpllicd ti seve- i li dlcItors ir a curoe, and they did lot elue ilc. on now oi the hbove date I lot Iyeeil undlerthlocle of Doctol Iluet, alln I expcetl Iit tl. cure irn. Since Ilht tiole lthe icloe gteol wore, el as IIto hrek out in large ulcers to the nlllnber of c i or eight on ee h leg, and all tvot ,lc iaco,.cnl s ere tiroat, ancl noti able to work at le pee- t lcllll. 11l ccounteollf the diceise; lorte llcer oni the rigit side of Ithe Ihrot. I al now putoing myself eoefi1e.ltly under the cure of Dr. Huet, rParis, toi he perflectly cured JOIIN DEAN. feb L4 ly I )o CErITIFY h let the above mentioned disease is quite well curt d io l" non satisfaction, for which I tlnrk Ir. I utet; adl inoteaver I asillre thlt tile anedi- I' cler I have takeln Inalla mlia liltt and did not injllure In health tit all ; Ilhre lire I adviso nilt f Ifow sullter- rs 'll lose no till adll apply to Dr A. Iluer, 1'8 Canal lru"t, lttwenon I)ltDllllnl anid imlea'L. I)tr. Iltet iv atthin tl om !! aa','loCk, A Al, unilt 4 1' ,1. JOais I)li.AN,. lb ravier street. If any one wallnts to see Ille. cll at N. 411 t;l'at\ e

T O p tuch is nti n adhad an ,t vcrage 'l'ime Calenla lot, or casyv nl'tlllodIs fo tilling the nvl-age imle oln storage, notesa ~l ha ili or bills of goods, n laen rllnt. chased at ihlttifent dotes, an1 Ilifet'lt credits, adlil tr \In'ols on Il, unc; bsid e a ln'ful nal cmu lllellte hanllkillng "rinme Ta' lI, the Ilbel lat caen b a etltrived. or that i rllresnll ntir ,llplte wiltin tile s;ton eoltlulend compass, and size ot'tl,'. I in. a. 1etr a ensent in the book is in nearly the follow. rhe high distinction this work has received through heli ten legislative acts prefixel to the title pge, is a re eonmmnendationi intself so noltotnmon,, ant iso iluon - :oivee, th t nothing is necesarr more than by nay ol adl Sverttsement, to give it conldnseld view of some of its pe ctliarities: as fer instance, the Interest has been compat. d eifrom,and compared with, what is equivalent to four leen sntnefleale onta e, examiued in the pressthirty. fioe turs, os, n priardl lrom tereotype plates tested thinrte-one t ties, frnm ail which it mnst be evidlent even In thie ke tic (e'eti'ialiy on the pe.sonal oflthe le tad.rl"s trlofimn the prelfre) that the weork mnist lie arith metienll infalllible, and in confirmation of this beliefa is lreilm oi two htlunored andi fifty dollars, is now noler oell i'or the dletctilon of alt error olfa cent in thj present or fiflit edlitio, as expressed ill tile prleface, making file Slarg. Ir.eni ts altered i.r the same eror sincet Ihe first IS phlication in the year 18y9n . One of the most eonspiennos features of the tables is in the arrangement of tie Time natd Amounts, whilch for expeditions, roflrence otnd perspieuity, with the help ofthe side'iald index, cannot he excelled; andi the sally tv and ease with which thei in:erCes calln te foundt tothe extent of general business, wilhntat doinbling of smlns is hesides a convenience as esseltial, that in the estlma tion of nome oi the mon competent andlt Illrttercal busi nsa maen antl public olie.s who ' aveue nengaraieat uie of ttaewonk, it Ilis been liitingiinanal Iths thte Ilnntolie applllation f lt' a "master place". Anl considelrill the inifallilility of Ihe ntethol originally adopted il eomntosing tile /work, atll the ext~laOlllillnallry nuuber ant d r var'iety of the .exainatio..s, and tests of every edition it lisl osnse in t'll prels, enowithltanding the whole is inll stereotylpe, enlsidrtlg, in sh6.t. ihe positiverctura.te ain most wnd'tlfui l book iln the wo I"sII most cert'ainlly iI le i .an nam tn figure .l'k lfllth same extent, which ra. since the bginningll l ationt, hat ha the same nImit 1 no, t'or nne half the nutnbir, as s cleally slloi ni in thei its; liile as te't atl sitailard, it has inen triled anil d, prced in nearly all Ihe bnkank nd pultli flic(es in the t Un: ton Statr, anllll b thle llplrlic goierally, dlllll the ill long pe mriamJ l' thirtmtio. totie,. vet oI errtrt of ilar eld It l l illlS am tev oir mt'el tilll imll)l rill althtoln ntt Olllilllt alm1 lyh eliall'g.illa by tile1o eitmi'of C'Vi'' ' it lar 'a1aii tiuIs. The lIa k.ia ia a ina extnrtshi adoIptedl lay oliatltleona'ls a J ofltnal steilfl onlll SIilen a Ilo let Iollt ol eollalllllitll r Ilrsiltulte ihltlest," a ;nll by lw lt bllank inlllrest, at ccodiing s the knk is used, oold as way be sern in SI l'rt, In I ."c ttion a of the luasrllllsers, d Ia few of lte sbsequetll lll I al sers, ilthe list attlhcl ll of lthe Iiolltk, ell r in lo t'.i,'tl 'ef el'l class ol'ciliz tn ill verlyquar te 11 is ler over well knlown lhat, hits earlny check, .. I it ha:,s o ntlitdctcted InrgI- erriors, long 'ftenl thiey wetre . ald, eIll by Ilthe mast itl i anld imost olnlmetort a nillmeliians t its .:sefllllin allll the Ma.bitine tin 01 cesas hvlir it us, have bean extenslevly insistedl upn, Sso evident, increl, navo been its adlantagers, anI its tI s.itilgs, Iat, t erov il e ,'l,' bigl, lst the first editionl ' anto ollm of int,ia er:ll autlbr iof senolld Iland copii s were soughl t lot, sal e to Ia golte t distance. and pu'elased t1 var.iollus prliEl-, as hel could occLSillllon S il y bn picked tup at l .on $11 ta $25 ieCr collpy, nll some lersons have rec.ll. v dechlnt, "''d illtlall'-. could be quoted that they wouhl tpay $Oit, $1)0, aln $StoI for nr e"i, itI loltt be lad ftro it%, sal il ll.n dividu:d i inl te llatler io leance prtic' l ' tle i t oile s ltai la l thtame, r lI a rlxhliteit ltisctaotr'y pro' , to saest't'al peri'onsl pre rseat that tno him it was ra'lly worth that anonley and tore t!i atngh lit' tangio al' hisn r osr ialtal tiar, time bill; . .sro rich neiraild in aniblie office. It is likewise worthl of not ce, and ilndeed proper to i iepre , that such1 is Ihe nlature o"f igne work, and aspecially when of lir t.lent and ilporannce of r these i a Ina, ll tlat hl this inok or its like iet' n prepar Sel intllhe aI nlll anloler voll, by tlhe llm t con1mpetent alculstor inl the 'worlld, ani alierarls pri'tld most autiouly 'noirr his own orr'ecrtin of proof ntleets it wou.lti, allmet to a ,oa tlinly, have been insafe" Inr a fleruoe,and dear at any price, as tie protfane dariicu t lnrl explaiins ltia1 aso'l erlctl nol i vaiale haveitihe 6a t teroity pe pnotes of thils worklaert mm e, thtat to aeonre le tell, wialhdaeir iumercus all exllrtrlinay exanrilla Stionsagaislt ti.e, firtlhr h geart.l belntit, thley are (lly I .ltdertiimtlnat) constantly kept a t i place of special aattt, encept while use I in priutinq. attettdirectiotas to find batih bnatks andl statuite itoo. est wih sefis anres, foalow the pr'face, which, in this fith as in lthe to preetlinag editions, cntain mutch in Sferntatiom concerning the two lawfld m lodes of comput t iuginter sts, tee d.,vas of gaanee, ke. It rentimans only to reenae k that, ntwito standing this r unconmmonly costlyworkw w aork, wlii wiapublishedt before ,h interest tables were.intllonue. in dollars I aId cents be a yendianailmanae, has been so exteusive sllt dso liberally it, ltnuroised, it has not yet so maul as paidl withintleres. t', trehray loas of onearly .llo tlhousand dll lllrs, besides - sPIx yraeti nrs n time from 17l9t 18), sustained on thelfirstn It, edtlion of 7i(K) ti poics, rising chiefly from its publica I tion at that titte, at nt ullnder price,) to say nothitg of conmptltlionu or Iroflit for almost a liie-time of caren, toil, ii and sanrifice. \\ herefol' the author still relies on ihe diseroment andl generosity of tlhe public four acotinu: aance of prel'erecer and iparourge. For sale by ath S PAinri at Booksellers in slte United Stlaes. 21 per &hil Mliseistipli, from N ew York, a large as eertmrnt , Pett,,t HiBLt and belt Iols otre alnat I n,.v 2% (IOSSIr & 10%. tlt ý'7harls H·etl THE"FLORIDA LINE From Mobile to Augusta O"e,. :leaves Mobile every day It three o'lockl. pm per U S mail boat for Ball's Landrne, above Blaely,-thiencon four rost coaches to Pensacora-thence soeasmboats to Lagrance, where tholaind route is reerned-therce t via Marianna and Rttwnsville, Fhi. Bainbridige, Pntlertonwn, l.arw!:insville. Sounderville & Luis . villeto August, Ga, eonnectinr regularly with the rail road ears to Charleston, anrd the e!eamr packet- to Now York, Norfolk, Philadehlthia, ote. Tto slealllbboats are the best for tihe servier, and thire navigalion presenat mcore advantages than can i e found upon anly stealnboat route in tile soutl. Sern regzion. a The great improvements in the role e hve been f produced by the eonstruction of fifty miles of new t road, by the prr.prietore, viz : from LaGrtange on LaFavette Ilavon, ni ar:n of' Sana l Roa Bty, to lI rynnt's Ferry, on the Chatrnhoochlee river, ten r miles above the Cowiard, or 14 ahbve Cedar Bluitf whereby the navigation ol Ithe river, and the corrllr i sequent detentirlts, and more rw'rnir ly the ilnell j venient crosrsirg at the Cowford, are entirely SItvnided, and a fine road frot Mhloarianna direct tio Bainbridge, inhtead o tihe rtundahbut Trad via Chattahoochree. lee leening Ihodistance about forty tmiles, and iu: rlaing thie facilities more than O, ree day SAl.n,, a l.rnceh line of two horre etngeu every J other d.y |tor t Ht lr kinevllr', via Perry to ilMaotn, ., G onnretilinrg wish the ie lir to Savannath and as Darien, Ge,,r re A mnil tealnbatr Ielies regularly between to nBinbridge and Apalarchirola. Tl'ravelt ri wishinge I to reach any point on Chattlah)chee or Arialacht eola, canl take estroetoit at Brlwnsville. lMobile to Pncs.rocla--1 ad Ronte--During tlie time occupied iby the rerpatra lt ntatl, ilh proprie. . tora of the Flrtidu .t.e will run a line tl four Shirre petr co ches every other day between Miu hile alnd Pensaecla. re Ptsaenters will leave Moiile at 3 o'clock, p m, e, in the U 8 mnl boat, and proceed to liall'e Land. at inl, wlhere a tour horse coch will I e in waiinlg to convey them to tohe exeelletin houae . Mr. Charles llall, 1 14 mile distant, where they ill fif nd a pleasant aceomntudad t10rn for ihe Ilight-leaving S nIlxt mlorling, they will arrive in Penater olo early in the evenlng, ihus avoidlng the diacomfort ort Snight trvellino. "o OmGwe or the lMansion loausr, .ltile, and Col. es litn' folelr, Pl'esarln, where senrae tilmS be se.u ret. <tttOCCKl'ttN & ('t. era f S Ptnano Ilarurlteon. a, 1'1illiamt Sntllllh t nders his eec rvtIes toar ti e eiite er zena of New c a teachner of ithe plan ei forte. hlr S hIingrV bhenl eminplryrd severael yents ;iso teacher or f ltoett inf private f nall es in II la Orr an and nlr nri several of thle female *tticnrrtes in t'a Vii , cannot t but ttre to mierir their c nftitd neae. he le i a permttteid r rferfer to rev Dr Cl.pp, Mneso s. Set.son & Avery, Henderson & ;;ai.r.o. a , It l.'. . ter , r tlase iapply at tee broketore ef t AlcxandrT d'we, 4 !C .nprt rat' Drugs aned .Ilrdicines. Is; J r, vaerrll has located hlrtlanetr this city rta e, thlepurpose of transacting a genleral t1holesaIele a- Drug but iness. lie is now rer :!e. vin a t full ais ppl t ol Ireash and genuiie arttt ler , which hI will sell o- on liberal ternte To city druegiset, tad those of the interior, toi pllysicians, inert ants and planters, ek he will Ofler induceenrtes such as have never be. 00 fore been ffiererd in this city. His intention is to ll do a satrictly legitimate businces. 1lit stock will soon be t-mrrnplete, and in a few weeks will be rer. dv tor business. All orders Irom the counlry,)nd t'rafrm merchants of tl t' city, receiving such orders will he pronptly attended to. f nrt 2o N' 39Cnmp nt W HIIE'1'T SIOIE--at the sagn of tIan golden comLb,lu 1) Chartres steiIe. The subscribers have re ceivedi i, ,liion to theirprc vioo stolllk on IhanLd, a full and cnamplet assortmelnt of articles in lltheir lile; vial: I combs, plrflllry, Jo'ellrv, IbruhIIIs, lockint giaeol., ierty articles,0':. I.,sltin in part as follows: quilled back, lont round, dressing, lid'l pluff curl and neck, Irazilian combsa of every delrcritilon aonllgst whiah are somie Ml )xicn L alters, Ivory combs oft every daeerifpton, horn, dlressing andI packet, toIthler with a IgEI I'UF IEIIY-Collne, Il.aseIdohr, Fllorido hIoney, bay,rose, and oranIceC lwar II wal'rs ofsleryLsiz.eand dos criplion, caml lornted Cologne, lxInt'aoof iorgamot,l IanIy soaps ofall kinds, sltavia' do ill ato es and rios, crea1 sonl, dio, \Varid's vi rtle hIlair oil, bears op an I tiluedo Ireotll's sinltllin; salts, plain l and pre itedi . J)t\V.I.II ll'-slotl, IIIIthe latest od moII c t lshiolns basle + clt+, eon.-+istintg of white anod red t'tl' linlu, topll ' p " jet eardrops., tet ill tilnllree, hruast pit: oflt are." ,+l-- e silver tIilnll silver f 1 c11I d0 1, guiI ti dIIIIh ,Ird chll hmi, IIUSIIE.S-- loth, hai, luat. tc eru hi'll , hat, flesh, tooth, plato, comb, Nail, shaiing, shoo and whilroewash Irul s.L. LOOKING (;I.ASSES-German stalin anId toilet e huss, insetif ing and lrench dressinc g glaasse, hlona do, with 'n aiirITv ofitLh)lrkinds tail enLlnratlI, FANCY AND) VAILI'E1Y AI.R!ICLES-French and Alcridal plortable desks and drerasing c.ases~, stonic very rich and lalrt Eliuislld ladies work hIIx,. iaaddres rlg casey wth nsd t ituo llot Imuasic, nllrsical boxes, Ac r pluted pencils ulll leads,wood pen·l:d fur t:larpentvrs and Scrayons,nllantl clnlcis,guantml. tiis.tll with alld wilhlut - enaes, ercutLIstotIn , pl lL.rcusdion cpIIl ch:utgeIIIIIppIl - scrntwdr iers, I hot belt, aIllle Ihag, I laste btlgnlillItot' ta setts Ianbed , rt', r kind011 lg, bells a1 d I u nlllll, S fillucand counllon klllnves, razors anlld sissors, tlliibles, needles, pins, silver plated, steel and eoln lo specta Soles, pIocket polts and wallet, ut various kinds, visiting nrdaLalld card calses, jplaing corlds of Irenchl, Gernan and A.elrican manluacturo, dolls, imitationl fruift,snu Sboxes, prlitc of vaioua kin~Il, Sj mdrs,' P1osrero't, En.lerson's, Hillman's antd Ilawkin's razor tlrap and mllctallic hIones1dirki, fnt'y bead necklaces, do wlth ,-Ie drops,tol watches, pcear n butteos, powder flasks, eu;apd plea seeid beads, gilt and silver do, gum elastic suspen Sdersnad garter, plain and sword canes, billkgaIa trun boards, dice, optical vienes, jewsIhrps, Iocnferc match SeIaad drinking cups, with a greato vriety f olher arti ies, all ofwlufn hI will be sold for cash or city accpltau cs eli on '2 Illllnon credit. I S 1313IC:',i, & co. ae 4d 7t (t.,nL trosais. l ') l ()to l--0 15l) galuslla pure winter d i Spertl oil, in casksa nd Il ls, for f hr n by lJARVIS &e ANDIEIFWS, \Vhnlelials t)rugg ss, curlier C InILInLl an.d 'itclap is Ins streets. ,,r r ' h Colhno i r, lramn, IntrtUllrv, de.-A arsii:,: ol II artilce of cololnepl, pupl erx I e.tlylly It he tal; the nd; also lthe lurst F enrlh P lerfnerc, elnra he ll ery foar Ithe 11111t , for aell by ln veit 2 RES &. D',LAN(;. AItNI oSIIES --The iull.tcer, havinog latly eota rs Ilhliohlld a volrlinh I nIaIl ctIII I n New i )1rlo0 llP il .iread to9110 tilt loiLters nd l fitl pubhn c in generIl l bVho htllesallo r re tail. Ill Ire n'Illodlrll Pi an S tie qllty of Ii pnroduclas o lerorlu t liuv ever brol lB 1 to tl platl:e, TIlh'IeItILImItn ealploni, llto hlllrpe in ld Sit ile lollnluftetvr baP IRen at ot. ad of d llo 1111xersiv i n e rtbli'er; t Ihrf is kid in I';ur Im. 1 'hoe, disp h ..esd c to .ell at tlle orllr of Natchlez hll Pclbl~l, l ldton1 st, Ir =hall bepilelslllr, ilh a fair smII pl of aly vssll t ion I l ms, eh ih to h u . . \ntnl.t U ilte vas rli s or s I i, it carso Nu. ], wnrranied eeo ftrc tDge evexit, h uilive wa Ii er. 'P IIeblCk vtlrllnih fr o tld rut. s i dI iteanIr Luc &dc. 8I IIEIXtl N . , EIwo,. I Iel.Ue I,-'II Ito/I-ln II lreal, Ins pen1d In-e Estat ,-un , it ,lz,-r St.lle.l- I'IC'1Canr. a, I I he tn , arllte.t lriL r, PslV , ed ht. if r,. 3. R &:t,: &s i)'LANn., It) Canp s, ,ll , ,nt - ,fu , U .-- - -, ,i tole, ' d -~, - - ,"l o t -' e' ,1 o1. q ttll ', d ornad dr .1^-by ,111 3 lOtIt;ER'' & lIA \k TIIOIN, 63 .Al,.,r -lr .:ESII S\R 'N SEED) -'In. ,..-cnitr I 1., for the hhCa ro l n , unort be her h-s vipd s1ince ie a'- 0lin 1 lll(l .d I lle i heo in In ls it ily. t. s 111, s.tle proo :k pet, roI Ih A seed storeh17 Culnolln t-ln,."t, hu b- I :e vatlo fer ot:, i hi e rs he cs on , ed sr iii no, h,,u-i, ily st I e assurer. tli-- di e 1d .llr Ie lnhc :h,0 l It s t ,,l nIl Lr clllOlS I I e 'ry dPP lrlllllt l tr II III se I d ttl e1 its l i ahe clltae il, o.filln lllto l tc lrlit:e a it, .fll ni onn 'i tn't ,I ItollI tI' m, 1 .1lll I UinitIt IIattat IItl.. 00 11! oid.d, Enogl'ton, I:citnld aold Iuh no ther i at 61t/ 1 k- ,tdr IL wiltne l l T f'l:1 ' wlhis t e111,il sI 11 11a i.1s I h ate gll i tl d ntol , ' 1''In odwiloll t, Ie brese lltd Inc 1Rr. "nd l pI e ie na y r. l gn y oa11lr o No. a hIll as1. on qu00l0ty, and Impurled direct by hi 9Vi re Jd . DLt NIN. 1[O 'TlIE PUIr LIC.h-Tlohl.-criy;Id. hoviog ti Lstudied ullnder Or. Sccl.nidt f h Calnrllestcll l 1 outh i Irolin. and ILr 1o0na0 yiurs Irie assistant ill I LIthe practice of medieiln na d all srgery, 111a tIhe IIor rolto offer his prolenaslst o rlt v ill tLhi city. s Ile arsures the ladles sad gentllncn that tha7 In ot Sp)romptL alt(ntliotl will be I.tid t, tilh calls wihich °T- may ho eade; and also offers his survicua to the rat huOhelrs of'slaves, being well acqua~inted with the Ih'Ihlasels conlmol to themn, lhaving attclldd tholn In I :.e sugar hiuse in Charl'ston. I l' 0'i1: fiilia anti.biilloo pills o.tor th compnoIition l la'ltronlossur Snllottal , wIitlh dirCecOui1, can ha had Sthe unlderlglcned. T'le efclct whlIch they have nr. produced in tlls u0nd other cities, has boon u.tellded his vih tile greatest success, to which the of it- ctforences can bh given; Apply at No. 166 Slga. 11 sinse street. JNO. At'LURING. jIN I)'ICE--The parlnerslltip of Kelley, Masont &Co A of New Orlean ; Masoll, lurris &Co., tof Naltclez; 1re nd Hlarria,Kelley &Co., of llwdney. was dila,sed oan c- I2lot of May lust, by the dealh ol Samuel A Mason, Ily Jne otahe plarners 0 the hlir-na. It. 'a undersiglled, nurvivilg portenrs, will be charged le twith tha setliog and olesing said busiless as lfulowe: an Levi ! Harris will attend to tih settlIlg ot'iho businesa a- of aloel,Harris& Natchez; and Ilarric, Kel of eo & Co.,at Iodlney; and Heanry Kelley will att0nd to ii, henetling ofthe boinesn ofKaelley, Aaaon & Co., at li, New Orleans. The names of the several firms will heb : I used il liqidalion otnly. Those iudebted In said firms are earnetly requested o. comae forward and make arly ettlelaenats; and thoeM having claiol will please preent thn e withonltldolnv. lFd ItE Y KELLEY. ol -tvn. J3ne 21.t3I. DOLBS AR'S Salience f Poemaalip reeeived,and for ale ate teir pearmanent Writing Anadonia. N No.8 Cfatr mleat ,sr New Orleans, 1 s9 lwaidayi New Yorlk; Dauptlale at., Mobile. W It is prtieularly desai ned for private learners. and slhoole, and i nalculated forper.oeas of all ages. by Ladies sad genalemen ore invited tocall and reaesni the systen for thelrselveA. Le*ons eare given at each houses us ainy suit the conveniener of all, and to elnases formed in any part of the city. Ladies w prefer itan receive 'areoanatn thirouwn ef Pernsns payian ea a tlra of lesson re ldesirod o attor..' b ': c. y is roell astanhe waih. a .3dlI BItOTIIb.R. IROWAND 'I TONIC MIXTURE, pFen FEVanE AND AUE. STEN years have no t yet elaped sice it vwas " bit regularly submitted to tile public; lbut it l has attained the highlest reputation; and has ullo. planted every otllert medicine for tie Ague, wherev er it lase been known and apprcoited. Aloeadyl l'as it been oarried in every dlreetion thronaghout Sthe United States, and still realizes atre tthan eould have been anticipated by its most sinlguino frientds. S anThousands of persons have not only been relieved. 5 but restored t heilith and vigor throughl its agten. ' cy and they now cheelrflly testily, at every ap. I an porlnoity, to its derided and supreme erolaecy. I; is composed of uclh menodicinal principles a are Scaelculated to renew thle ihealty action of lathe ItoI Ssal, liver, and other iltaportale t digestive organs, laes loss of which harmony is tre ianliatse cause Sof the disease. It is apparent alm, lthat it produ. ors an entire cilangea in the condliti, of the system, Sand certainly destroys te native liability to relap eBs of the r lfection. Whec tihe Agtue is attended e with any other aompatlint, the eoiplyment oa tile Tonic lMixtuen will notinterfere with the treat. nent of tahe other diheaso, uint will evet etlnrd as. l. letnnee by lurnislaing strenoth sand igvor to tIla body duringr the couse of treatment. Thleso who r, make use al thllu medinine may be sueared that . there is no Arsrenic, Brks, mtenary. or any other a artiele in its coulprsition unfriend'y to thie lhuanitn os COsntitutiol; beinag entiroly a e extroct; l and they a layenve adnditional confidu nce in the guse thesref, w hentlay perceivei that It Itae hln elt Ily fet ol'f a genro laxative about the time halfl a bet. d tIe full Ilha blnn tsken-in coosnquenco of wlhich, tllere is o part of thae medicioe lea to ligner ia ol. borawo te o icas obstructions, aid othear wvile, an risieg roe r tise .of enay ol the remedier s now ao tred for the cure c this afl'clona. It teha bree useid elso e. rCventivali by tmanIy ho TO re oil) j.te to a periodical recurrencen ol'the Chills, end it S lbaIs Ilvariobly warded off ti appreheided attaict. S)baeroe! The Propriat-r, fuolly satisalied Aith the .nlparallel sld da univCerosl oucenas elill hs c, on. a, ntly atternded a i und uanl ned regular sl! tl tate T oie Mixture, in all cases of Fever nlad Ague, an tiaels warrnllted in engging nto refund tIe price to nall iliire Who ihave tlaetn the nmedicito in strict tae .f cardanoe wlh tile lpr.eribeid directions, vithoutl Ibavig htr llerfieftly nad iltlingly CtIrrtl. 'tlla sulllcrliers are the lwhlialtsale magncts for the South \VWsnturll tale., lad Ihave n\, on anlld eix Ir tys cer.s of this anedictne, wlhichl is waorranted freshi tie and genuine. For sale at tla Inaauaaaetured prices h JAIIA IS & ANIt tII VS, ell I Wholesale l)ruegieis, vn _ n o v'd? ... C u ,m m o n 'kT 'Ce l itl p -tai i ln l r ,et-t Mbassmsppji amid Lous.anlna hutel, ceneaNGrON Lt eIRS. MARY KIRKLAND respectfully an. i I't nounces to her friends and the public gene. ally that she Is prepared to accolmodate thenm at he above establisalment, and hopes froln her :xertionsto renhder visitors comfortnhlc, to receive i continuance of former favors. She feels conft. dent that persons visiting Covington during the uznmer months, eannot fild better acololnodatiols 1' than lhe can afford them, on nlor" hbllral terlOs. lier house is pleasantly situated, and well tupplhcd with every convenience; the bhr is furnlihed with the Ioent choice liquors, &ec. in hourt,ahte promlises "oat nothing slhill be: wnllting ll her port to glve tire sallslection to all whno may patrolnzo till licrisaippi and Louiseana lHotel. je3 i-TLLUWV WARI -,T itOD suitEvWs, -SAD IRONS., Oe. II'liE IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 2 38 Water, near Beck,oane street, New York, have received the peat .nsealls, and are constantly receiving large and extenslve additions to the sleck of the above goods, which Ilw Conslts 01o the ollowingl asn itnlietnt, suitabloe Ibfor the outhern and Sansternl maIrkets. Hollowll ware of superior quality, cosislting of aboutt 15110 L tns,, viz, P'uts of 22 allorenit sizes, from 2: to 50 gallons, iettl's, 15 sz e, lfroIl 3 8 tee 30 gil.lse , li tllies, 13 .1'., lllfrom 3:H to lb ga un, eI enpals ,er Oavuoe, 7 d,trf.renlt lszes., Tea Kettle , G le skdlet-, • 5 don I Fl.t Spieders . i du CI :overed Spidaedr, 2 dlo Ord*d, . 4 dc *'re Dogs, G do Wtagon boxes Flroel 1 1 4 to 43-4 inlches. (C.rt do. 5 to 7 raches. Wod Screw-, 20,0011 gross, iron and brass, from :8 me. t, Ne. 3 in 3:0) .ich, Nu, 21 of a. lpe rit r i l , e hty and tlitasl, and los:e tIeat JeeLeo's ilmporteItl Sad Iron:, aseortnd, In casks of about 500 lb e for cIt e eet e s tel hattor' Irons, assorted. Sa0;h w, ttst, 1,U tons, atesolted tfrom i 4-4 to 2016,. Bells for Pl eltations, steamnboats, chorehoe, &c,. nmado to order,. A!so steamoehatl and other machineery made to Itirder. l The above nasortmnentt of' goods is particularly d recommenoded to thle attelltioll of' Seouthernl alnd c' Western merchants, and are offered ftr sale at low n prices, and upon the most liberal toerms; it to be. libved toe I thie largest and best assortment ever otrhred for sa!e by any one et.abthshment in the United Steles. Merchantse . y forwarding a request by mail, can have a eprineld circular. with de.criptlon of 1'eeds, prieeeaad terlns, f-onl which no deviatione is ever mlld, rtIS lned by re nturn of nim All orders will receive immnldiat attention. Now York, 1838. Je3 L IV Glenn's Pefumeries. - I dian Dye, for colorina Ite Ieeir ; tear's Oil, Ruelsnns u near t's reese, Ipoiiatini, 1,1elea's Fie, cle Wlash, sle erer pearl powder, let, whlli, creult, - If roeser, vee,,mleehI range, lie oee reese, lip salte, Skreans e lntli wtnsh, carbonl del'inlice', eoan.e is l ,wocr wet r, pIwdeor opulf antd boxI', A ,In ran e 1, charc al, i n,.,ly ten cput Il i l tur oen,:LCe all , frea,. ll 1n, o llc*s, e ,eo ,e r k eaoe i ln t fee he o l , holeha i ebll.hee, E lCll h dre t' , coo elllle ; l lll eo nuet r o ,111 Swithl a valltey ,1 oither pnreutn, rle., . I" or she d Iy C. J. TRINCIIAIRD, oft 3:S tn r nci ` I 11,-I-dle: cne,- dia Ruin'l hnts, snria queditie. 1 I broad hiiiln sdn low ,. r'wn hluhug fon rilil S Si,. l.o is, tin a.d,' by l lSillIn; . A t',, mo7 131,1s at S I.l,'I li-:2 b!a lI dnula g truan -t,+n,,c .: t liaton *1 Rouge, lfr saol by G IitSi'Y, int 7 41 New l.e v. *l01l oehSakcrieersc Agents clr the exter nsre a i ise of I \'. & ". Ll chelr, Sherfield, eine,lnnd have jost reeived a very extensive net o tn e, a., consisting of 'able alnd )easert IKnives 1e o -' descriptionll, len, 'ucker, Ilrk, and Speanr eIdlet lnivesl, e Sl -ore, Ell;- l'ools,&e. c. n. & elieh theyr are pre1esred o exhibi to the traeh lr ,rdlel'. 'nerms and conditions ill be nllitde kolloal n aIt the. i tn mllO J. I). REIN o A C0I11'EN .90 Common st. . l\IIt'-rNS, II lTl'l'"1 CIO.-Are now rceceiig, e lper ship Ii Hntsville, 'lagle, SMerry Anrhew, Iligh sader, Frin" llllche lld erman oile Ilhe:al phyigcrdls: iter, elt CeIl picket pistols; plain, ribbed and split S cussing ce;p: cap holders; scies rs, lietIoem, pent. S Vpes; tillott' cllnnettrcial and othelr steeld)pns; Vio + ! ns; \ie'li .Otariogs; {,hell, ivory and ho'n colmhs; wvafe'rs s! ki, loetad he leeer ptnrm.teS hair tlts, lIrofi t n tll , ack ringheIs; uegro 1,0:.; Gernlai :,d ll French cologne I waterl. Rnowlad unecasser oil, imitationl dlo: anti lue I. Iled hears ait; ponlrtable desks and dresLing cases: plst e thckig; steia te1and toilet glatsses; irro'rs; oi , cal glssess oiil Hexies; lentiae etand,, hellslnd lemed; a cero.elona ,it.. twine; toilet and shavitng eaps; toilet at orer, e slllcte wasdh halls; seen;ed alil raloCshiona it pool sta l; II rew clshlollt; tileyV i l ll chainsl al inecklines; bllied alls; I OeItCket eeoks mnat w;dletts; i Girloll honles; razllor stle ; fine t l eOnllnll glllt olstic usltlend er, artersllo; lls lesci. rtc mlatches; ll. Iver v ecils; Creyona, dec. &.c. 0 'hc atbove in additilon to our former stock lof lieln ntlhs, illakus or sor(Inllllllt very c noplehte. For Bsl l wh, clelae or netail; as the sign ofithe (iuhlen e Co. l,7.a 1. tJh ue 'Ir ,t e ltr e ie . tI t ,lO. 1 36 CIlln:r's lree rere , New (Ireans. ir \11. S ,' liEAN'I' & cf,. n.eIoIrera of Frenchs V. en· IlI elst l,C.lllen and Elarlhei ware. are It no.' Ini-a1'n n.wV ad rich llatterns of IreaILCsfo, It dninet and ea cerviees, Itilel actn, pilchers, tella SIlanld tcotll e trleps, tripiee nule,.I C11r$ae hIIctIowlles, i1 lIlate, di-les, etree.s, wareh esin, anl . eowes, l oolt b e1! . II' 1. 'e Rlcn ccu and plalinl French an Amlrican glas. n wart-- olets, l et i lllspaigne-, I-mlllllde nl rl;,jeiee, S i lar.,t ~, iellli, erdiale , eUlllr* r Iowl s, e dol nitc r. o tIrumblers, [rerV ihe's, ec ere, epitcheteloa. ps, d Itnp shr:ad and glasses, catu, shadoersult cel ,' ers, re. Se. ver plaed, broned and britania wares--eor tnrs, liqo, r tlands, cake Ibaukets, cand!reicks, I hranchrlle, pou'an lhdles, coffe and Iea nt ,sugae,e r e; crelat. lamps japannrd nlras, asrral slandr,and en hae in, ltmp, hine cutlary, Gerlnnan silver spoon. . and olrks, icetlher with a greatl variety ifarles lfor fml:y u1e,. ilcerehanss, planteer, hlt. Is, anct re-ll hol.s, fullrnlihed w;h goods al Ihe most r a ssone.ble pacts and rpa ked i.n n a i be conveyd wrte asits t eanyp Proetl she conosry, o Also, pl eIecrearIe glassware. nlos '1, t'onuarrerei'lrrcs rad Planters. N.aro cl ,t blalnkt iss, flnnel, lmnse.s,, wrl d sthrtin-,, tneli , neatl es,ha nikerrhiefs, &.e ," r&-. res.etd ,, I r -r'e Is o by Iho rouhec. Se. l I'A Co MAIL ARnA d mnaswN'a' N.lhern Mlat , Due Every Dy at 121. N Closes . e ry ally at 101 A. 11l Weter il, Due every Sunday, Wehriarday W osern Mail, Fiday byP.M. by Y 1 h Ct a t every Monda , WVednoeda 'oam, l, and Saturday by 9. P, 1 . The L Alai De ever e l'uPvdo, Thursday, a 7iwe LaIeMad. Satnrd), 1y . via Closea every Monday, Wednoeday EXPR-ESE MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAl IEPAR''UILC DISTANCM I&e. of the Eapress Mhil, beltw'- l Moiil and New York--leavina Mlobil daily at 3 1'. Ml. Northwar New York daily at 5 P. M Southward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. Time lleturn'g Montgomery. Ala. 2 pon. 198 mn's 23 I 12 In. Cnlmnbue, Ga. 111 81 91 31a.m Milledgeville. Ga. 2 133 14 p. n . iot auminle, S.C. 7 ailt. 163 171 1t tiIleign, NC . 51 215 2 12 Warrenton, Va. 12 m. 55 11 y Itersbur.r. V. 10 p. 83 10 9a. rn it iichioamonVd . V 1 am. 21 3 6i d l've d i , 8 pm 7 l1p m. Wsrederickbueito', 2 pmo. 61 61 II. Bialtimore, 5 38 4 (1t SIhilodelplia, 6I an. I00 II 'New York 2 po. 10 "j I: :1," . t 1 .3 h. or 5l] 2, re Northward. Coming Southward, the tili. is tix hour len.; being5day anld I7 hours. a D ANAWAY frm.l 19 Ceroudtietr coiner of Hesvi u 11 earlelns, onl le night of 3(1.h of A net, amld was eren rhe next norlnilg in I'ovdrnl street, a negrl boy ' nenled Cl (IAllI..,St alti 17 vear. 1' age, an i S fe" SIor Ilhereabouls in hle-eI, very b'laek, aln htatien imlned Sinent in hits peehe, owe of his loes it sore, nerasioneta to by arecent hurl; hte land ii whllt lie wcltl anvn a wlhit 1. 'cuton or linen shirt aid whire elitton ti tioluind. .l Monaers of vessels and sme:m boats are cauotiond a it geint receiving or harboring said legro, as well as all o utlher persons, as Ii II uennIt rigour of the law will b, t enorCefo cgAitinst them. TIhe above ewnald will lie palio Sfrdelive:iag hi i inttiny of tie anilh of eliher ofh th or mannicipalities,or at 169 Caruellelet, coiner of levi. II secrt. sept o 1 undelr tll liorn of tt uboi ei i Cal'raerll, ntleIoae I- diiaulved. 'i'hl shubOriber will liluielate the atlitireo it. the eoncrn in this city, nld reqllirl. all ip soni inreb . II, ed to miakre Payment to hitin ol ond nil ths:olhavino in claiml, totprsent theln for ettlemtrt. . I, ang8-,t II i;AtIl;'IsON rw CAPTAIIN Oth %tt 'R'i NI R'."S ' NEW NOVEI.S in Ratlin the ItRefer, byv tie aitiler of Pltor Sinplie, 3 i i2 vrol. 4 it CumminaF, or a Winter at Scel:fs. Ilni"felit !; Lowe t Styria, by C(ptainl Uasil Ilall, lRoal Navy, F. A L o rd R o ld a in , a ro m al aoii , b y A * ll tll (C u n hllal li l l n,I r] i " Sheppard Le. wrilten by iielf, in e ieam t. t1 ,1 Compendious lliitoryof.tetly, Irtelahltedl feor to, origina l talhlli , I N titloiel Greern, in 1 vol. fou o ring No. 79 of rpilleo'a I a:mily library. V,. :lt & 4 oI the n'l w 't ntile tr nd unaiftrm edition lit if I'oashir.toi It'ine': Il'rns. !'s Irench anid nelrlitb l)icfionary, ini I vol, 3ro I Nt 'nVulrlI' eneach arit li/ttsh lIieinnary. ir.s--A fiw rnme culoie-',, Cotnv'b l'Phrenology all' "il, with chI.nsr, Iilliard IttltLiionf af-4 nl '2 Ie2i inchn Ies Giiloll'a iliiproved mlliitlie cl'iusp ionluile'era, weilght &c. &e. &e. Just received, ao.d l:r eelc by et. in31 DENJ. LEVY. PINNOCK'S ROME, &c. pINNOCK'S IMPIROVERl EDITION OF in. i oldtnaith's Abridgment of thie Hi;toury of ie. to which is pretixed an Intrlduetion to the ntudy at Roiuan Ilistorv and a great variety of valublel infor Cr illntion added ItUirolughouit thi work, on tile linner Institutions and Alllilutliriie of tihe Romanuis; with no n i crolou8 biograuphiiil ola .luntoricol Noteu; olid qites ft. tiboii for elnoitllllllli the rIll ad of eich i ion. II. ae lastrated wills th ahiitIiv toig iiogn ilal woodt, by Alieoriot toe Py.ocn's Iumroveil" Ediiuui of lr Guhl.uiiili'n Iistory a. o' Ilnglal, llfroulll e of Jeliuat C taar to the Icd denthi e' tieorge 'td, with a coriuntatit'o to the yea I1 At c1'. tlhl que'i llllon for e.lllalinan at thnle end t l ach et tlon. ,plt ,.olte a vreinI Itl of aIlulo bl ifllluerms tea io i'ld ilirtuehior, tie norl. Coaii inig of tablhe VII ol (Onllttllpllr' 8 vereiga in d ellilllDnt liearlon hir Colliutt etluiir Iltloroiti. IlirlsL l title NOa 3 tirt, mutianr.l' anid laiieo'.oirf the fN('. An outlineuC D hille (ollti Olr, Lc.c. tel'eilhthtleeSby olnlly A llugne (ors¥I' E .ITI T r l ' .l ll nt)u.v Y, Iland an Aarolgrlttn o. of Keilh'l New Treartisre olt tlit re fl" tjlnbes. Na irk. A iii,rirc ll 0ii dillllc, u t, it adiltiielr a n ll ildll tf et llean illy aaIi n in t OIex lIuOt ii lli .tall It. ino:lltUI lpoert fl tle Alt t tiit bea Alrentec. l.e Juv received anl d fior eile ilv W\'1 .II'KI'AN aiid Iouv i - crllt, cli' (: mllll And Cuuolllll D sa I uv : .a nd - con tr, o r .a mp lli'' ttd lfat SI'o.l" i., . I, w all l tIIIIIIU , Ill I .V llitrll , I'olr', S '1II]I)I.D I',, wi,,Ith Ih,- lt.pp dix iUI u(,h II1 b nal IlEd Iy CP .' ll ,Sll l m'' ', ill I :' valV, I arlal , '; alllnl lnoullell,I I.I , it 111h It ri o,, r ol I'I ]1. aIlltl ,. !e' CLL it. ' lts:oe, Esq. lq w ear' tel, a, ll Inllrtl'olal a a,y .i• 'T'lIE l'31SY'; 'l Tul'.bv ,thol h ,r o "f ilt lneas. Mary ull' lrgundy," Pc., Iapew ed til .. tils wul.,ple lad 'li'orrr I, i ha,.re a', sha 'al ' I. 'b i i lie plro,.,r u '+t',th r. ,11 '..""Il I'u1)I 'Inelr wll',, n lll 1M1, 11, r. ~,in .1Ie hnICnr hI lla ' I ,1'l '" !i~ c i lI ,I .lllll ' I' I ar, hlr 'I' 'i C ', s fll a rml•l 'a o n. let', ilir , l r 't l ', t r 'eaas n. r ,.l aul e, l'a: 'I l I''ej r I ,l 7I a <,r n pI , 'alld , rir ; -;l ar i ,. ;ea-shar p I11 .,ke .... . . .. ..r, . .... s t .... . : s . li... t.e.. .. ... eg al ot mr I l lbst, t1141n, mIrls,, sllb I heetk uI i d d'ugrlsp ", ' cib ' lles n\aalt, rl, lt h a t ba. h ae s ll." hf.ilPr , c llrril oo lth lwht. l'li ' l , a , Ir l iayudnl _ tl't tl16zr , hl, w: r Pre t : ,e d, h ' * , r it ,. h ' P , rf da and re. I Y I in t * ,., .r,,rsd . , : n , ut I,.,,. du,,,i ,,legse. ne Hlll l e Il w)t'a r, lit I + elJ t bllrAd, buvkwlelat I, l Ill'i and lln llJ ,arl, iI I,',+ý a or ill.I t' h,,I i ll + N , l .li ,'',I i ,ll i h l l s I T , I llsUI t+, U •. aII Ia I c ornal Jol lr BC. CL alpenate,'l a .aild k ea r'' r I . .i ,rila If unrihl lt h" i l' ,l,a &Q, , d, n cub. b, R eW . R tl d llll oll er , lt ,l bt "i, d lo"s'aea ie psale Tl lh hn e N Srk 'aill. ', r w ii , k rl aotii anlrtl ir hia d, cha ,nrll" t ootht washt l,\ ,der l at,. l - heles, io,,u enr ili m+ alnii nl i , I'i ,a I e- lt. s tenlll l dll allhe l ll't i'H I" ' ,ti. " al n t I , d a i. a ., Ilalr" Ia"tlal Alrs, I el onnI I f od s a ntePs, 'n Pa Roman Illar I'ydrl C Pmen r and Flasera, 'II Ih ll 'l, h 'll hiL'' It,,., ,hd' llieuit li I Old. i U llr ali , I, ori t',. In s i' ! a yalln t o f oc ' I, J')NE S, an ,'emn atd a', .. In hera ean RlulI inagnVega Iale lllolla alallla flalliilal llliualaaclllca( lal ian1.6 rats oa b ath c we, and a oee a llaa nu -rove ad p attes. Lt aaing reI ula io il Ia latl t l nl I I' dlal u aIit t tialln abl.,Ih ' It aole I anlldacan prcalll' 'lail', y ilvrallaiang hr:lst tch,u, dTgiveyn velish rIl t e, rksm enst Ite. the Iael l in, , !Raa hlil - ,i e mrd er,ar Io crea:. fl iaerladisc.,a , bll tllllhlarl,t. cl," ,na , lll n severar l . ga ail e ldialt , amn , in ilseafilS tlh cs e c Ywllltl wh War r h,,I" ,i a l: it nr h re laliaidliala, nfallr Il-ae I-e, 'lh 'ni;T Xiaixlure, h.ra i ban axlposed o ln ri I le U bl.L (evu(P of toh dlI.leas. and hlave l 'alled lllay .lao ,llll eaan . . wha. llaesm bay ' the a crft;lecfe nlallall alaaai,,h t illsare i iaWays carea s; tied hlbiliylv to rrr'lllmra ' The deeper ail f iilllaal ia lapeu Ia:f rhe A ue allP i a 'er ' rildrar, fo. a tile ,tcr l will slllon bacolmoa ol fllch prullaale Ito I l ae hle to rlnalct s ilh Ue,li'inr, 'tad ataallily fll a ln h. tillu o " ic a i aInOllrale ,I t ll : "u'e 'ha 'l" ii (lixauna is aol'card ni .l uh a rea38)aaanlde pr;ce, htslplala it alhin a; Il, trealr l'v a1lrlne a-- ao Itlclr Ia o anlld lelrliltutl t alIrc iar y FlliadlihehithlaSlilaaaCailart naltill al . ir d alle,l'ault llahief,s fnl quy l tla dlybid to Ihem,' else. V lyel hlcrnllll y bt lillt, d. a 'Ia ,lnhli a'rlre-p. tlI ,tlll onad agamar the npaa Srious willlittu l hiul l litdillal'a tlat aule daily offIered II preapalednnl B1 IIIr. JIan I. Rowand elthis Lal, a hors, ra ta a ar ,lt e ' I'i ilad ! aaia. 'I'11++ stilhctb:rlbl.r Li n Ilaahll'lh ara::tn far lhs her, a - ato , lltlle. and ill nllby tha er n r, at Iahin priaeu. 'l' b ae hl at retail nlaoa' I Aputhllariat in th. city. JAIVIV ANDRFaW',a \Whllearle lDr uggianl, _ cot Clano,naa & ''alicaoiioulal a a AIIIIL CIII[MN. Y PIECE W rnaEIICn. S I :ultoalloals ItreUlt aposiua (the poat-office. a ihe t(lar'riror8 llr' Iaow receivinllg fron Iheir fae! torie, i Neraw YuorL, andl will keaep connriultlly un hand a glnlleral assortlllllmllt i Maarla Mainta Pieorm aiafsua aaaor walainlurlll,rlt aIlid ul I l lu htet piltlern. nladla of thta hal Iyet+l,tlan, Italialn, rich and Atllarl.lll Illarbio. Alllo, iluliaulalaall Tanabs and Grova Stnlll , i lan alcld and ll inl iills aii d lintel. nlanrbl !aucillgas hIlalrlla al;d hot;lldury atolna planter of PLaris, i,,naaa & Ilydraulie CIaelnat a.d P'laster i g liair, togetheIr wilth a aplendlllild a"Oralent of b anns analantld alld lildill (dGrats nal RuIeia iron lalaes oflha le'et alld Iallol.t approvOd pptlarne. d lbltrilg dolla in tlhu nleatst manlnner alid at Lt. rtlt olailclu Thlley havne int rate wurknlen tI u.. work. IAMi"' AIN & STROUD. II (I)(LL'S NEW WORK, &c.-Thr American JEI aglal, Iy thi nulltanrof"at anr in Span,'" in Noble Deedllof Wollen, in? voils.. The Yolna Wifr's IBolla, u nualal alaol rel oaull ind lllneaatil: dautiesaa. JuiA receirve', nl Irt a ). \I'KAEANI. 'I lh'is't (la lca la'.l',-laa;n''ra PhIa -l, I I all. llllli ll u 'l, ,pl' , Ir a'd by I,. I TOWAIi I'+