Newspaper of True American, October 3, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 3, 1839 Page 4
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I S.C S ,;,T.' 1'. Fltls'ý EleN 00o. 4 c Iy hland a ltargba appy ..P CClhal ,ý.jýI wý lsr tiae cnuaian tfaa iadcl' heiris. Lt ail Mon biota eO. h eu~r u la ntt >' I- otico. 4 ft2iSfltAN E CO IPANy lIohr n ( thn v ee net pnlseenredm tno (k JUsKIS aG41Ns T P.ZRa. I(k kICt:. Na..24 31 uasa,'. lasIdaaag, na steer. N1. COUrl'tiutni v f.. I, be i . ýPn 1 r·nr 1.1)O I't e tlrfiaintolegt Af AMIiNt & COOPSEI, - Sto:o ltS At ,C l)E eAt Rs IN IN POVISIONS 1 S Na. 9 nud SJJilia tMrer, Nen' Otle;ans. C S Fm , ily .irni pt t up. rar 5 " iOtIISI4NA IPU TTURE WA EROOMS L . c3, hin la sltriert. lII.t I- II :CAIIE S, wot, mmml fprr tfllly in - 'mhmtills ,: hor m, imi b d l llmmbi mmat hei r.- col1 I, aony mm..m fm NLw Y-rk allnd litelomn a oi I mnll f IFrm ilmlmri, all ah immlm .llgmmy ilhairs. £+faq min I(f. U+ c ldln+ mimil Inie lll ied chir, ple ponnd ",-q r h:dl.taim d mimlgm.,lr m nl ckmrr tallem mfill V.a..8 l ·a, ,s a1 mmtlm . mmImm ll a hrry, wat ii N' , lIri lllrmim e imam m t n fI'Oli r allnmlmmrltmm o t itlh great rFASkIONfLfL CLOTHING "I'AY.Loi) & IAI))EN, I i no. 14 ('haiter . lm rtee l I:mr Vii ' .1. .,t f m u ly i"lm ml mlir , article lertk I Itm mm md+l ' "I+ t+., -1 the arc',) ei It l .t. i 1y)rk @U lTANS LTHORA PUIL PI.Ii NTILGNT No. 53, Magazine Street, nrl --WDON WRIGHT HAT..R & EDSON i A I V_ AV e apperd an -flier in N,,1w I hrla."L. pa -so ir "ng lJ/ 'l'a 1 9 ,h 1191 A . IUh llfeir 'lb-s 1 i ry y t k . -Cjerk m.m i; m ocher m lmm irtimm pap Nmleir r, m-[ rill: s ur.m r m , salfe keeh inlm g oml all ImlmaC I "u- ll mpresi gltns ekl'rmmm L o ro their catse their rpei , ru em ree ii ia s "of 1- oar file huldred bankit , it e titutlolat and n all rders W ill be executed wltt lmpimImptilcm, and m mmtmhe usual /rml. Oflice, coiner uf ltrom & Canal slren., SX•BAZAAR. " I : ssu & azz.., NO. 1, EXCIIANGE OIITEI., 'orner onfSt. ' .riles and Common sts,. RNEW Ol(I.l":ANS. N MPO .I'ERS lind DeCaersr in., lirech ..d Englimh I Perfutn^rv; I)Dreill g Cae anlld Portable. IRieke Cutlerv, Iomiery, (ilove.s flirmt, Stmckim, Umbrullnas, C e.*;lll,'.t FtIt''V Articles. d5 I'IrIJCKiY, 41l om, end In~aurn Bank in\uim jtfrmmld i my - . n 'rI, -- 3rT' l I. 1 F71., S zo 16 ChTrtres Fr .Ih, c iny ro • crivrd a full namsomtmmmtm OF \Vmhmllrm, Jewemmrm , m-pmmtn', S m mmmmlr m lad lilnu a im-e, mimi will he mmmlir. t v. the-_mmmcFrmtmlmm(m rice. - a I" I)F.AI.Et IN , NUElIC'Nm & ENG mLISII CIROWVN GLASS, ' NP. 3 CacxmRmmt.m.'F STREET. Ili JOB PRINTING. e iEnrcY DEScRr.11O., PIPFM.LY, IItANDSOMEl.y AND CIIEAP'LY i XICIeI-TEI A' THE OFPIOC OF TEID * t'le Anerican, '. Oil.\ L: I Y $ ESTIIEC:, NEAR" POYDRAS. in been Greu f na r r ~Pre mls endi ocdarn Jackssai tien .4 Icr. Ch alieI ston, l.,lldn- Frool nhlp Ch3rl7 o s fd r"ale b IAC )i-.t. s I6liu . 10 iu Sider, nd I do ..______• J. rhI'A Elb. &. C'. 7t |poycdraa Pt V e. OSItARm I a c O'S loton and New Orleane .4 L c dl Packet Shipe.-o-Wlie new line bf schip hen beon epresCly buillt to f iCtutwhoo the ilabnR Ihers, and will boe found of ouiitle draft of actcr: copnlrnoundaiound for pperdngcrs, and every effort will ba oeadi to give gemeeral atinaction, Ithe Toe is composed ofwii i ltt wieg- adip: " Cecrokeo, 415 luca Capt. J'lasrding, Cerolihe, 40l(i do S Ltemiula, b Cetarincstmni, 374 do hi) Eldridge, Cohlulb.anu, 625 do I Burker, wSeamnll c 40 do J lrowea, [Iolbicay, 6.5 do D) Ile u phr:y. Thrabove rhloijla re all liew, of thie flrst olase, otppcr csteicd.alld eoppered, cullulaided bye mnc hge inot lpcrlonece, he ]r I anr d cconmodlioer wiIt a CepIcrate lacieeteiblc; c~nry atientioio will be pmid to ptreoreigers, nead tleu ,ey etly tof trcs pero ridedtor tieem. 'fT paokets aill b towcit up and down elmo Mis eteSiPcei lacid lice ljriCeIelt lceleUtoally cccVcd in aUe elce oi. saililge, alid sloulel tlie re.tlar eearenl bt dacdielcc in arrcviccg, oleier ipe eqcaIly ns oug t wic of tll conse. bo nubstilucedl. A shiare of'patroe eais so iheliCcicd, r. Inn agreeea pledgpe ticmemltcn to cccilnll ouate asno IUllni as pracicnleli, to receive aced inrard gootl tey e id iee at te eisolt reader. sne ohar'egs, and to odlanceo all ou eteiee ou goods sippepd,. if required. TIe syipa will loave Ice tsl and thll of every montlh. e oir fieghet or ptasage, npply tc tleu ageecte. J A MFRRIIt C T, S8d2ce.on n at. N. I. n.AvaclePeielosle itkeedme coilde Utiillne.t. to icnss.e. A. . Limccrd" & Ccc. . ie vil n-i i icu.iorien vn ilsa it lio h h eil c.. ' ey eic cI i m, ilp l ,cir*on iof Illlola lu Ilis icl· .. TIhc arcmiiilt ilrdi c iii i, l ccuh:i a cry miri ce dcli i I intllh e2. ."lr,. 1 ,1, s'·., C I.,I nper1 h d tl as n rlI. d.rl i w,' lla ,,elicci.iim,.vi,.vm, si re ir.5h ' l at:.p, he- Ihe :l h. ii,.r i Oc., 'l.r s it h t ' i ".litt'.'l i, <l. "Aiir. - ii,. li¢ . ''l~lnt i ilis cii c. i ~~~~~~~J'..f 7 (r v+r.. • . l.; .E~i tuL{. m -I i t.C;.iucimia s it ,, IiicIcm O ci Ii * ,,n|; cimicicm .ii, no,.c, ccIm,.,i in 'cliili l ilinpectc •l~ " x,..lcitil ·~.ItbII~Il( (I i. l'[.t.,l jlll!,l il~llBlgaii. itlld . ciii,-, l .c wi "n.r h In. ilcia fl l life hi r c iIi c ' i lllll'lli • ,e i Cllilllt i iv ili cmeiv . \cic Ch !i : ci I11 icIt (i.i UI a, .erv ,,.e l,,: 'rl~iv,.. I,'.iim,lv. ,,f lll., .., 'l 11111a11(,.11 COIee.d;n.'~ a, .rdrr 411 kegs, Il)"l " .ill.1 do 2.5 ' " En4lik koo eol I n Ubls. 400 Iooo.Vo1enoiolliooo; a 61,IoCoopeo Vornish; "' Jopan 1 ,r Ubaccl 2IpooIopck ('old I.ef; So dlu Silver d.";; 111(0 do Ijoutrch 11,et. WINIIU.) V'*(.I b11, Erglijeb lood I'ro'1o 010111 (boone, v000000 100.0000 an0d qnl~oitiexo. (too .rn truooo do.--OII buxoocunignloneaO, will be eld lo. Asoo, a go oeln olror.on(t of arnisot' ollours a,,I to!?, for sale by A 1V SC A'1 ES. No 16CalqC l reet. N II. Albeba'oo n0otOer Ion b at 1. r. and Mileoiaeippli uo roool'l b r iepivell at "40 (001 0I00diOsUo.Io for goods, mw ooo 11 ooul'debr. Jo 11w ~1Goool emileifo lhda jIfleoeoofftoo'rroo'ri odll~oc loluolnd, is Iot 00(p in botltls tot1lat lo00 pricooof 50 oAOo eololo, conloiaoooo, tbe ltrollgth of three ounces of t.,v oioo, Wei ei 1roob9oooo utoo oIfloonoy olher rno osooll h 4,o k00000) 011)100f11 I,, Lndians as rlfieaciuua 0) Curillc (tpnhll 0 1)y complaintls 'fo u niot1frd otgooooo wooil,, Ihonto ded theol ue of this ioeentonoblu lalrolun vbereoer il h)' been intro doced. te oolustoiooeld the confldence stol rtcn0,,oo nda (lone of respctalble phlysiiuunoe, forlie cure of rollog, .oldIl, (0ain 0n (l0 ai000, wanto ef rent, 'opiliog ai blood, lveer rooboIualotiiO, 'Io ll who it finny c'onern. 'his Is to eertirv tloot we bour in ooor plrctbice freeouenov y prescribed Aflro cardl. eoor'o Ilodia l1,looooo ot'fLoderw a .d Iloarbelooo, oillo a obri.leJlgo oooc iffooo cnrlolOherefore, tlaoon the kbow. 'ege.. the0 0000'ial it is .,0110,1 (00r,00,n0 cbflSl~r1o00 arru t tj trienctaimrucullllenl it am( a 8Llj~eria° reparu~l.tiUI or le e ilnetious of oile lunge ( 10,r w00ich 0 is rer fIbHE 100.1 '' I' WLLI ',M, SIt IU CALVIN EI.I.IS II. i) Meoonoe.oof tho Boston Medical Alociation. Boston, eOtobero5r. oojebv Jb(IRVI(& ANDREIVI4,; 001 (( 00010 0 lJle0d a (((" .PIO0ll o ll Cooooo l nod eLiverpo.Il ol,e in 1.111 . ~! ...." n000r quoloy, wl birh tlhey olfr hoe 100n o=toai II.cha, hoe.onool r ertin 001. 1)0100 od00 ~ r' Ir . Ir-'r L n slid, li " ooo l 'l( f , · ""-1'0 fr 101j 1 n - 't I 0·f wl· c'. n, "I nrr,. w.i. 1'r y:-.p, ltl a 1, 0.1,"r" ", N EW GOOl---Simmons Hartt &eaa etre now 're-_.' c. iein e from on bcord bhips Yazo, etnd Sanrtugeý i1dbri (l.nelrudn, frtr New York,e' greatIl variety o geods tntheirlihe, which together with tlherifetorae dtock on htnd, nakes their nssnrt, entveryw , firte. ThL Iollnwing compose n part,viz: ell twwi r,(.,,r:, .;de, tnek ani draeingeottth, hortn do of all euarript hict,l a die rhbber. silk nlael worutdeleae tie arters, eoloa, G,. tint- rietoie aellsettders, I .cnt, .-o mid Lnejir niitlhes.. Neidlittb: piowdere piowdertttlt nd osrxcr , tlriletl' wder, poeket btea.k awl eetileta , needle Itlaok shell, pearl, Irady ar d i'mrc o aectrd nioes hetd ' rllnu-et,, ,lain o ralt tad., teocklnesra otl negligeet, bead chnins, bead, cat dlleoa nalct pltin,eccd,eiheer Ind gilt bends, ,,dlana bel, bell- and plltlce. pei.stl and l arge lrpew Jer fl.cks, atht belt., horse, balt. pocket and duelling jistells; doublcandsingle barrelled guns. Bowie knives, tnd dlirkbi. ese ra, . hetrer, wth ket knivet, gutrd helatin, and ribbons, waist bu,.kles, cloth, heir, toolt, haileeonb, l truellll. sho, lee, thoor and daetig brotalo e, Culognie, Florida, luavtter, rose and hey watt r,atsorlred e o.e.rns, antd atecetel alt teastcr, bear, natigtce, cOd Ward's vc getable hair ,ts, sharvitng ntll toilrt tops ot all des erlptions ladie':' and gcttlccPams' dcekant ld dresaintt, Ihair rieglets,frizelns and brcid, ptlain, faev ald nauaieal work bIoxes, plain and gilt, figured, ani ead retl nttltte, pearl nld ivory shirt do, shirt Studdc, goldI and sihelr renil cerred teothpiickt axnl tweezers,plotel ,end gilt locketo, ntietlattre tdo, .iler, Ilras taltstttteel rthitnhles, hoacktad e-e, hair pin, imjitatioe fruit, blk and redink, haoe blaclkiig, ,itlons and getitean,ribbed and plain pereitsioll caps, litan tinc, swented eophl enea,gold d s siher lIce mted lratge, ltter paper, game hags, riding w'tip., walking eonteo, plavygealdad li.u gthl, Idetod nttd gilt jbwelltr &c. iThe above, nt.ethr withl a great ariety of other arti lea cre ucliredlt t.wltocles or retail un eeucm.tudatiuig N B Shlell coobt rapoir.d lx ' onell COItN u repair.,1 SOYLE ot 1AY, lHouse, .511, owl I 1 al'ute:, No 3 Caradoelle stlreot, two doors from Canal swreet. llnlttions of the following woods and no'obledsel eented in a mastorl.l manner. WOODS Mtoi 1tum .E Oak, . G(idlla :uIw Antico, S 'Pollard do, Orlientl or verd utdique, ICurld do , laseor, Calleld Maple Illtul tomne, lim.s Ive to, latlby Galnite, Swisn \.H'oll, Ptncnlcm. Hair \wood, Dove O lr H'lodello, Yew Tree, II:Jnn 'White. (lCorolulle or Illckl Sinia:ttlol nld lrotella, Ros. Wtood, A&.ri oan ;roy, Ash \\ Iite Oak, et. kI ke. Curled t hm, Specim'ns to he steen at ithlt shop. faints. oils, glass, clpal v:traish, e.. on lIald litar stle. 1s, 1 ItON, TlIEE,&I IHEAVY (il)tS--lalt, i ualll - and hundle iron, well assrted. (ltolt, scroll had rotd ironl, unli ruds :,rd , Iough r otools o('st, Gerano lshear, list.r.d, spring, atld Hnllnw .rae, rut and wrumlhlt rils and spliks Zint, bhok tin, mill m ls ,o l ol sto .es, so lt kiettles Chin calbles, tinchors, Ils.o :oA il, ilo ts, Ii t in s tll t.t heillows rWire, shleetl,pig and baer lead; shot " eCoal, and cloklgll stoves Amles, tio land's alndl olther tlsdesaid Rshnvels Hook and iphte Ilinges, dloor lld window hooks C:ollinls, lullnts, Sallrp, andll ther axes l'ar'd and 5tllilla cordage, lilnes and twine BIoltland sheatlhitg coplel; Naval stores Paints, lilnsed ald spt'rm oil A lfullaslsortmenlt of hardware and ship chtllltllery. always lon hand, ald which are ioffered for isale at whlet sale or retail, oil the most fovmable t'ermns, by s1o LAYTON ko Co. 53 01iI.evee. IOBBUKITl CI,-ANNNtN, SOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I' (Caull strteet. Wholesale DIealer int Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, oi3l Willd.ow and Plioture Glo s &o. Neo . AVJ tore d f.rsaleby SIIALL t BIle IW.NEr otr us o9 ti 1 lgozilne o t FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBIDSO.N GOOD uPLIX, 5NO. .S, Chnnrllc Soe ,r rc t oi -Oil Irrio ll' (.ir w [lie nville. [ AVE eoinsallly on hand every rtircl aolertllin L ihg tog geotlllhl.ulton'o dret, orsadol in thb lost no,. I tor and most foa hinirileo ty'it, hicht thcy offer rot do li3U - A NEWr article ibrpersolon IouIllo.d wilt de!lile.t (ealledo tih ELar Truninit,) htt ilas tj Iu.eo received, hy tse iseI of tollichl , Tl, t slightit ar.ti.ttll ion Ihe h - ilan voice is delncloiv ove;.di, to o file .tit. AttiN otlt! who flnes t ltever Iftll ittolgett Ito ollvr er itll a vlo .to i mu oo be fully stot tl t of t t'. dt il liettoi an 1. lrr-Fluntrleapterienhed bolh n v lilelnelvld am deill, int dividalol r so Ulllitrl llontl ntllihuletiId, l it. ure of i ' Fur o t lrul pet this ol.jeo'tioltis entllet'ily il .illy. . O lie notrl sceptical e aoll ao oys a alldUlltlllteir otloubts ti I haovig used o ltl 't'rumaipe. For sale at T 'I' F GUION'S, F tv sre.orer ofo o a oC.ootn aond St Charles slreetr lrolr the Et Not tge Hlotiltt. l ttl. hrl II: 1 It IN'I'Ati tlI B11.1LJAI FON 7/'lR E T AEE 711. "I|r Eestlllishrd reputation and hountom.ll hlcree-;l, 1t domit d for tlths etftt tit, reto edo of ptt., rlad pro A searvve of tlha cel, has llhdleedthed the sicribr offer it tor ftie dltlorh an lpublic. Aroin O olto titithat been Imd, e to suplyv agents ill alrthe Iprinrcilcl cilci Isutd Ilollos is, I it Uilted etlatls. so as to lpl ce it ilthi the reach ti t hose sllfferhin.lll i likltti to solioe this illto Ilnrltso ig of ill ac oles, o t tll so s e. \Vlo n apilllied cctrding to dtirectiotls ivo n ono rattle, it a s o ever tuiled ii sc ri n ir lll!,itd llll tlolletoli reli f. It olso arrest. tlhe deieav to lefefolv teeth t and relieves that shreness vhiell'st .requenlh renders a trlig tooth nstlrtss I'le apllientiun us;I re Tlrdv are sillllle, hlnuo ent, ll ind t o ll olsart t aldor the large ulttber of peLotllns in differentt scto ll I of lit ulllltrv, that have alrrady experielnced 1ill.Ini delihll'li and saulitary efTfets oionl ite us o f lrt llelot, tire rcady tointohe r rlion te public god), thei ir tesli utnliv to itt til rivalled qlnlioles. It Is all Inotit u reiidr, lti lisll singularly a.l uilxpeleedly, aild o Iult he! r( Io.t . b the civilized world as the m0ot valuable discvery " reotulntl iof thes ,oods. S'l'ie $1t oler bole. Sold iv J.ll\'IS8 & ANDIII\V!E , oltr 5 Cor (.unlo1tosooo ttidt lO'.ot '. ScORiN MlI.S--lOrJ'rs received fr iorn iuilit, by I ap1t17 &II.I.L & IIIIOWN, i96 lagttzine -t " in-ULEI) I.ETI It liPAEl'IcII--Jst tecrioedl a fiw Lo ases oflllu b d t lt w vite wie ruled I.elter Iaollo Selolo very lot Iried, ior slle by r 1) IVID FELl' . Co. N VY Staion.r' lladl, I ijun. 15 24 Chanrtre. sl JARVIS N AN1 lie S, y IIOLE.tAI E AND) itE'Atl. LtiAIlERS IN . MEDIOIINES, PAINTS OILS L. IVE STUFFS .AIND IVNLDOIV Gil..SS, Is " toonler oi uollotllOand Tt.ltoupituulat streets, NEw oaySri , .a , oo'toNATlAN JAIVln. JOIN WV. ANItI.EWS. d A large upply av Grdell SPet wallrranted i h e g(ro tlh In of 18137. ,e i NhIIrEc MITII & Cro. oresp.cltflly inoIrm i . tlo ir fr enlds anod the pullili in t'oterl, that it : hey occupy thle ew hrieo or llp, 2o 'Ictlhou'llitoul.ts slrootcl..whre lhey ketp riool'tnlly oln han Cpopper, .' ITin aril Sheet Iron WVar,, of every description, s*i, ans copper stills, kottle ;ttied lllltps, tin halls . ing loo s aid il oCa t, of all s.rtn s and 'cs, and o ll otL' brol ssmil dloLt it tO bo rh'.t nolieo. r rate ilarsl o.f very dtorcriptiol, sle.tcl oisl all. - t boat. stlt lsl, lto' clat llt o tortt, bIOt, inttl, olite kited ol. oltlicaiiot tlith, as chulitlootI bolech. t i l, Stea llp ipe.. to 'l'hey woill als( do filp kinds ooo dor work, tI' lelut a zit e, orl rer ld in ll oofit aid gutlerhin , o t. Thely Ibolve ttd oill other killltI work i their linle of llasiln es, they wr il t. utl I ,l the or shrte r rft igtite. dici-7 P lilloilolllkott or f il t hll .t'.ll o, o L Li.o.'.fotl o v~l' , luside rullh inlyltlvd by l tol, i tihld Inibu tildllgs Mini tgr ilrh f ttllitttl 'oo t i nt allei s, " Iu do to r...der (lll10: ;,01. nol:f., lrb:e 1 : 11/1<.>' .le .... resolrt. "'Ih lu nre r Vii. tile tt so n. litrt llllt t s, atl. col v otil l notl h.oueso i'l. lllo' 'ot,, o o llll nlt. I.ciln snil, nill fi-hhne(l elafs lor:. iilnvid.ltld anid nlll e ghtlll bnind :tf Imusi f r el,tlill-onll It han s t s, S ('s ar.iOlls, n dis,. ,2ull. Is Ti ' ll rl Ipof it is h t i s t, li nloilehtdv iol frotnii of he h otel . is ol o ltt otked ht slt rt t l It il u llol t(tgt, allt fe .itooin a t'fw hturssit il-, Ottoio whh'h tireCatol I'latid, thtti. lahnd,! Ihlorn Ih!, otlI othe t'haodallurs. ttd ,1 L.eoter lingisl eptat ttlilno'oflith Exeoant ltto l, n. . lhiclto ill treoet tils a o'll 'llt l ,ll' p i 0 J ir lI F oil..llill e li,,el. , t \t~l lcoiE\1NI tAS .lttlf ll Oti(S I rg II E aUllbseri ellUS MlShe.isl reeiUed perskill ('horses , if of uItolod, lool,,tl ana roeh ,ahgaiy wooot. ril l sltoiltott Pi tts ofoitehtott.It rsloed ootld ttiltlo. 0 Se o i ot itriht t I'iinnof.lltl lld dlo. of .i ' l e t illrlltl ll r t I' to LIo Iltlollllttlt itred t lv I he selhrohosd tl oot(era 1" PLE\'El. &. to., of Ptorit, ull ottn.. oni tl.'ot to, t or of a Itt6otItoito r .ooh sod s,· oslo oleh mo ol'ot otta' al)oia, 'u ,tttstre it rogrrd l, toe ol l llilto tire ttttlirelv a tlot ool· it It '. SE JO~ltI' & ('ot, N. Clltrleo so. 5)F IttI(IittOIATPOtS & \\i'I'Elt JAIlS-- tooa _____ lo " J i' otIt-.\tR', 71t Conopot 00 l Lid I e alo hty It i tl)ioiSY, IE It Illa I 1 .. . ... . oi iorstoon'n,tral *hasulsorio.iclt liilu' N toot lnlSoosiosn |ilJil llrootitol ltorie; tlcllioi oo " olol nd I.tgoods ho" C'I ,,LtllolRo. ihItit-ioltpoft o. t of " ril.o,.ol 0er ttt!ot I'yt ,b.etit' Tsavolo in Efl00 SIh h lfloiot llnllti'r; Eh'!,t't I-# ll: oo,. io It'. .\LCEX. 'l (:\t,\h. I jit' :2 II 00.'al| l.:. Trk & Seaitimore Pckets I, NEW ORLLANS AND IALTIMORE LINE'uF . PACKETS. Tias line will consisti of te following vessels, which rave rbeen built or purchased expressly for thtetra cl; viz: Ship Peahnan, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, - " Nickerson, Irad Ferry, new ," Stevens, " tolonon Saltts, "" Latham, Brig Architect, " Gray. These vessels are of the first class, have hand. some trnillohed ;ccommldationll, and are of a light draft of water, o as toadlnit of their receiving anld discharging lheir cargoes il Baltiineoe, at the city. Froight will be taken for ports on the Chesapeake or James' River, and forwarded by the agents, Mesars. CI.ARKE & KELLOGG, at Bialtmlre: expenses on goude shipped will be advant.ed wlh.e required. The price of panoage as fixed at $6, I ample stares o' the b st quality will be providedl. Steam up and down the Miissisippi wdll be taken oe nil occasions. For frecight or paosage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov l. 2 lienvil'e st. It,0R NEW YORK. I [I.ouisicna and New York Lile of Packets ] It Till: II hip collposiel this line will sail Crom Neiv Oirles aind New York hn every other rlon diny-emilnieneing on the 20th Novenmber-and to iesure the punctuality in the lile of sailing, the litn will hercrlter consist of live ships, vi: 1 Ship Yuzoo, Captain Trask, to lealve on the 20th November. Ship I.onisvilie, Captain Palller, to learnve on the 4ei Deceetller. Ship luntsrville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18ile Deceomber. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Waoodhluse, to leave oil time ast Jaonary. Skip Litietiptpi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15thi of .h eaury. The above aret all nw, of the first class, copper dI anld co)pper a. tened, oand upwards of 590 tols burthlen, are of light draught of water, being built il N ew Yoirk Iexpressvly for the trade. Ta're rice lo passageo s ixed at 10l dollars: their cabins are kitted tp int tlhe most tiproved and etOnvenOirnt ,llan, ald linhted in a neat land 'elegant stytle Amplu stores af thel firt quatlity will Ibe provid.d, t rand every regard palid to tile e tnfort tand ettire ostit ,ctiuatl I:par.engers, twho will please take Ino,. tie tt ht m ijrh can io ncherud until paid for at tet'' olt.'e tf the tkie.teo ntstf 'I' vesels aor. e llllcllodetl by ecnptains well expe'rienclled ill the trad;e, who will give evel at teliteon an d eart thetneelves to acontlndate. 'T'lle will at all tiuie. be towed )up anlld :6wn the Missil. ipai by lteamhoats, atld thie strictest punctuality observed ini the titte of sailing. The owners of these ships will not be responsi. il for lany letter, parcel or package, sent by or put on ooard of thlem, unless a regular bilt of lading be signed therefor, at the counting house of the agent or owners. For further particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, Nl\. Um.tASORL AN &CIIAR.IESTON I'ACKICTe I S This linie conststs of oneur vesele, all oel the first class, tetppered and coptpr fast. ened, sid of aebout `ll -o iti burthen. Sllh llltIs onel aecommodations for passenaers. Th'lee vessIsee roe corllnlltadd eby enpteins ,el PXiperlenCel iii the Itrade, who will give every at tenlionl , and exePrt he elvester to aC mlll ,dlll ate ilt ississil pi, and leave New Orltealns u t, or ielotl the 10it, andl 1ith of every moth. 'lThe followi-, , vesvels ecaupoe the liene, viz : lrite ArabianChareIs GL rJn, master. Blrit C ,aIpmaJ. 11. 'lfThompson, master. D.lrg Ne11ene, J. lDonne, nmaster. Ilar;, Ir ger \Vlleais, J. Allihers, m stner. le or Ireacht or passace,aply toi, J. A. BARELIL 1I & C ,(6 C n .m t. New O-lean, or 1e . t . L. CIIOOI.Cil.f T'f' Ilad'.Tales filt I I.PCelad:, :t vs .|mew ceblrba t.d I \\I''lln ''he Croppy, !v the (O'l na Famiy I3te. a;t tileet I 'intom Ill pe.le IIo-I: ; litee itt leaths anI ilcoeeriges Ir. Illrld ; I1ollll 1 ' v llu es iets FrleeI y III J+leiP . ilThel ' I gtl ee t |g ran . ; Caoptain ei I ; liulwer's e ice liiu IF JittIN &. tCo. t!: Coll' , St Chals ale t Al hl Si.. N-tl-Gt\ t\( : UN -lS'l' i --fr sole I· -. . _I tst ' I It litte 1 31 gnzile t IlUSll'I'ON & ASPINALL'S I (!Mt 'lOUND TONIC a IXTURE.-A speedy i and cureo or the Fever and Ague, renlitteot anti intermittent fevers; prepared feo~ the original recipe. Uaed w;th emneent and uni versal sllcerss In 1832, by persons of the highest retpeetability i'l this city, as stated i n tlhe annexed certificates. Thlis medicine is highly roeronmended, and thas been extensively used il the above diseases with 'ueli dietinguished sueee.s, that the pro.rietor of the recipe hals hirn ilnuced to offler itto the pub. lie in its present tform in the hope thlllat it may he the Iocelns of relieving many of those who are esufflring under the scourge of out eoultry. It is a eediciee possessing great vitue, and when unseld according to tihe directions has never thiled of eflfcting a cure, even in the most obstinate stage ,of the disorder. It is not at all disagrecable, and ersonS of thile weakest stonach, and chlildren mayily take it with impunity. It streogthoen the digestive organs, ereatesa an appetite, and seldom requires imore than onle, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither Iercury nor arsenei in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its eflieacy, thet they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordanco with the directions and has not efil':eted a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his wholelsale and retail drug and Imedicine store, corneer of' Bienvllle and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to ie5 '1'. \V. SM11ITH, 48 Conti st. tit. PEIS._COL A MANSION IHOUSE NE'W CITY, PENeC.IG(IIA. ir llIlt ubsaibhr hIavhig ureiahsed lthe lease "ecd ti.r t I nhae reoe ' this well kncown aseabiiekient, frea tilt. i lavlr, the lute pr. prietor, will te rleady to rreirtve i - I li .e. i_ ' Ihe ]o , il li teoti ". N '.i l 'as a i ese ly iini rovemets will tibe found inl ; theut a of <- J. . "the M|n sion Itlnote. New u I Imiiite eu. Ia:modI l l at nlbin i ull se' will ie hbuill, nel ar lll l th-I will he provided at mIll hoursl. Al SIta lI Sl.will bIt, atnlchtd to ihl. t tlier, "ilte h good aelotnillda. tiu:s f.r horses ll iartiges. i sie rIate ae 'sets antl earlilgesil will alsol be kept ttfr hire l at m eder tl iin l es illd sail and now bout., m)ith pctsols to manage lthain four thl! tuse of val Ie. Iliird!i aned oihel nLolmusa"meIs II...ldly ý,uuad at hlriug places, i ill nlobe f irni-hed, . i o eolo td, lllll s n1 lot to il, trlre willlh thIe co l It n,1 qtirtof tlhe boarder . TIhe winel.lll d li Ils will bi of the lesl, qualily, and to ensull re a ull supplly f ' !.", it r'l .o 1ist alreatdy bIleu ordered, whicU h In ill u air ie Ileut the l ul ,t . l et t I. .lr 1r, d,.rick Barilnard, ~ he formerly kepit No populhr a hbte!a t W\a1,hinxton city, will conduct ihis h,, el Ifor he ;"r, frintr, w.ho, with 1 u .e ui ,.t llt-m Idiay llsure they will rleeirve very pe,.o ble lrtention; and iher, by expe to git, general satistac tiieon. r he l lndvaothgea of Ilh 8 hells ire too wellt k ,vtl[o need a leligt. oled de-criptli n herl . Tire fie ele tl-ai I'eneuacola is the larltl st naval statin of tile ti.g ih e Stll EP 'ir nil lh a by the coolest I reel:es fren.'ll nI the GAuhl the heltm, of the buy and the eeighbomurin i-land-ud li\itiers; the abundanchue aid delicacy of ithe '-1 wil which t e I n ters .o lullld; anl iis proximity le It ltlI ndu ideli the l Ullouier rtrenl. I.rsi rIlel bo ts wiellri el' ee v I ei I' llur i aenid lo -, arom illhi New Orleens . it Rn.ll . Pininlobs, Feb,lt3. SGenltlemen w~alhing to engage ooeens for teheier lle.vle elllleteeelsaetdrtlteerletleete ltell ile eeoicl, I.r r Sewell T 'Taylor, tllei forillr eprietor, at il.. Ur.i leanis. i ! T Salf,,r,t. Esq, MrC tI ulIhun, f .tI eAl in a r.i,, I .I.I Iblbh iit jl.ob le; .T Taylr,>r PP1' Rea, Eaq, inll lt1. eit ie-A lotettetr as , Ito receivti e elleom nie aioll fore l tlh l r e tllel I, i ,laced t Geiie eil n tn'hee l|ce, .tt tt o are i tad' e chge.a ill'I+I A 1{In 1'' FOR NIEW YORK° I [i iTeac edi.lili hlrs detsieteof Ieakitae the I lorhti elco tgl, heere will enst le run ifrn. bile i, Ien-bs lNe ll i Pe clavr ,thr dCl AI*et LIs Iothe setbeeiber to F e itl r 8:dits3 . o I3k. paislnir- ,fui ,fl bieile, 00 a te ol the f aiotllt e i e eithe ee at e e t e.1 I 18- rk mere of teis superior COelot. watert t us receiee aele for ale h tlie dozaed or ciugh.l .ete. .\-o Aleoite eid l' teieg tilet Iwdert, powder h llet e ilk it l ov.t , i oe a tie e ohl t reti, itirl eti Cuiek, k,,ee lheh, tee rd's vegealet c ht ir oile e otieebteee inthhah" toothlillavid >'tleh irlhee hlgeolher wiel lnl el l eicneei.+ ,lr Clarolgleetacer, toil Ito.yl. . 1rnnfi e' or pht sieans, Loiodnnu i rt1ib ,Orignal Vegetable flejpi Uliverl Metlti I n "j''iee, prelrel , by W .., E tle Mntmier olf iht Il ve Colltegettd f oureenwllesceiate, ii e Aplttee ear) 'a Uontntmty, iFellow of Iloli Chburl Sotn y, Surgenl to thle lotal Union P'eAnion Asocintatil; Lanettster ltlide, iVaterla nlricdge, canl I'le(tl tauPtip ld of ;u i' .ati St. l'hicnabl's Ilnpitals, Ledon:l " " '1nlin vl~aithle medeilte, the result of twentya years' experiyt .ee alld tnkahllelel astoesen in the extensive aml highly rImespetable prasctie of proriety, paltro. tlite.tbv the toeultv alld noilitv, etll in now ilttrothleat to the notice of tieo .American ipuble, t tihe eatlrest so liritlio i. F culunuber of elttlerl tel of eOtll all hiet lallirgin thle pirofeasslon. It is hoped,:as l prelhlti tieryt Itec, to cek tile evilcetd ftatt ett lclseenei areising fromtlw tlhe osof the Itlmel.oos alnd dlelelteiolls iot tcimalltlletd exi tt tti plic y tile idi oftfabrieatctcd toen0fsof mil.tieioc,sc tras, oti othter 'lfltmls, bye set of mIlleenlI, unlilrnetple pretetetiers so totally iglnolelnt ol mtndiol sciencee, that it itimpossibl e the molstroul ulhltsitlt eanll act llt.ger go doewt ih the inltelligent e Ier eftol'biEs c"nr.'_" Tlhee l(tiis, mihl a:nd agr.eeble in their ntttre, slhouhild be kept in every tfamily an catses ol'fsulleln illless, for, by their prompyt laminiltratiton, choler,, sp!ms, fc'e''s s atlld otherl nlarstillg cohplainlts, c hlieh tto often prnovte littl, lym te speedi ly curted otr pr.estted. In toct, all those wiln vt telu good health, should never be witholtt them. They alte eltk' it ptckets at k I, oeltst , $1 bcul $2 eaet, by evety respet tattle l gllgist, ltm,ktelleit, atd tentltorol cetlicine, it .it Unitledi St.tes It ,e Canadas, with co.eiolus ditletions, with, cstlnaollntina professional abilic ti fm ite follcn iog ellillent "gclllctil: ir Astlev Cok;per, J Aibelrnetlty, .ttonle tttlltc.let,1 D., W. Wiock, M. I)., J. Astoin Ie)y, A. Framptol, M. U., and utmerous othersI . The originalt may he seen in possession of tthe General Ageit, by wheo, the meticinte is imltorted into this coeartltry, and to wtUhom all applicat ins foragelltis mustlbe lmadte. J.(). ItO.IlEIN, 1.429 Waverly lIlee, N. York, Sole (illene:tl Agent fr tihe Uttiled States, &e. Fer Fole AItt :b lnpillltc t of tht e t ariginal roplliettr. biy FSvttea duiitt.ccEtro, tcggi'ta, Noa It Canal shteet, -,etltr Agtcl t, fl St;tthec ot I.ecuis_;t._. jet I HI t vIIt I.:F1 "& o. , No )it ltgariie sttelal'e, r| i,;ec . tving f'otsim chiplS Nashvtille, Iotoisville, IKe.t!ckl , l.ogl e, ot:..r late arrivalls ranm th " cities. latrgo anti new selelentl ssortment !'.tot, (loots, Shoes nldt Uroglnso, clnsirlto gttet'll'stn calf stnlld not'o boots ito . llity do butltl, and ilstout wax Ipeggdl lools o various qaldities; men's fio call" seal lurl .lon'cl, rhe. puntlts nodi htoogalts, Itltkskin shoes, blogans am i .plis hen'si llie allf alL kipped1pl e gged shoes.In I og:ts; dol boitIs; to sltuit kip ntd walx It:wgeI shoes Iotgt:lots tloo J tack )toonis; dlo cnlf anol lotorott I oklc sbol s elll brog'ast s uo calf, se l an l nlrocco,. I lian s.illes and lipplltsi, do olf, bulf snir seatl wlngs, oew article; do tine callo, se.l tnd Intretctt qu:utt t' oti; boy's', misses'null chiliien's It',e d and so. edll Also a geerall assor t lt t of WIItI Sttutll Wai :II A lto 5I 0III o'ot to ll o oll fs Iol i r t 'rog motes andl selts, ltgotr i1tt itlo, I 1,11 paitt t:gto 1,51 qtuality, rosstt t brog:ns, uiled in tilt II~ks, mocle expr*-ssly for plhntation use; a grued :w. lIw aootic,, nd t l arge quatihy tftl t lld ineriorl glel' r. ssuet oo wao brogans. Lbadins' fine callf, set, morocco and grain welts, tIt ptimp sole shoeits; tido line "oechh .1te'tonl ad kill rnt I'tl.tisllllttlie Ior l i o ho l s Iho iiiesi , wit wlk l wi lttthoui eoels; It ttlf, stil uiot stout loathet+ bootes; do rtltiunlla stoet SI.ti kitnds ttttld qualities; Id lastintg brogtns; do giter-l. oe'all Ifoed bootees. Muisses' lostiugspriutngslhtneslltl obl ganL Children's colored Mloocono and lasting bltto L' s aInt boots, &e. lientlemen'stinelashiotabltlo ilteck silk hats; tdo black osn Idrab beaver do of at superior Iqualitiy do imitatli ito ram do; broad and lnalrtow brimi men's fine dr.1t aitd lI: ak Russio short inlipetl lats, a ineow larticle. 'Yoiths' lat-'e size hats of dilterent qualities; do chhildren's. Aln'sand by's black antl drab wool hts of v aiOUls tlu pees, with general ssortment ofl' boys' a ll men's I stIl raps. 'I o tssollitent will he ireplenilis il' h ito lthe aR ivl ol I Ca, It paketstromttll lle oue :ned ;itis, :all of which w i lI e sold II acommodating trmsnlnlil il. lu I-- l' NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA Ncw i)lejela sIVv. I4, 8l:17. 1 A 3BOL'T sic months ago I hid lthe ltisoilruitne tio got n slcrttt diteasr, foIr hlichl I halve altplhid to t sve ro do)torl for a cure, and titt didl nlot vr ioI)ow oil tile above date l Iput IIynvPIl iel'th.! root of I)o)1·lo1 Iluet, and I o xplgct tio to cllre toe. titce that time the diie.a got lworse, st as itn break onut ion larce Illcters to thle l lnumber of six or eight onll e I lellli It l oI)ver 'ly taco, nlllod s re oilllOlltlt, d sillot ll ito work ai t Ie it Iresent thiue oil mlount of the disease; lar.e ulcer on tet ight rid otlo tht totl, itr1 m . tin uyclf c llni ttl o o t tntr d tnh c tle of iDr. t11 ot, otf ftl " to Ie iPtrf., lt cured JtlllN IlLE N. fel I ly I I 1)O CIoII'rlt 110.F thllt tll't t htoe 'll IoLt i'o ll disIns' is 4010:' w't ll cuir, d Itto I 1 n s tO , . 0O't t lit I tila .k li 11lillt; anid orli oi ver l t 'Ir,.lt I ,hiiih' di cne 1 hoeltt, t tk,,tt t to le t tlllttotf and d .,ttt hintir It l ine lno till s it t apply to l)r A. IIu etk '_^ !',tll I tI rt ,tl, I tleen ll up thio n,.lnd lo 11llo n' lt l , Ito llnet is y t holtsI fronlim !o 'icl , A:\ 1. c itoto o 1 i f .' Ihey wilt ~1l th k o to 11(o "nh 1 i ll t ott i h, i ilo t. "oJloil Ih'toi ' f11+ aly a want to ,rlle o, call t N ,. ft is;, ;t.i No' v f Orill li in 1a. n :li, . ILt 1n 1 1a I titt(. I)oi L nlltl c on i0i : ,,,li l.t ' ..+.I1 I' ,l- ;h ll. 1o to o Ito ge, st 0s otl to tiotbi , fon of ,itolIs, t, tts t Ihllsed t doioreOnt lllols On lt 'ti :iteo i roetLtfs, io itr vatrio s ni oanaltt itttlr., n' o i ll' ilond ioo nplt'e hsnkling' fl' e T ga i o, the Iot.i hlI c.n be cl ,tOridll. itoltt nt t ti glrets ca i o l t cil within aIo osoc .o enl t l colp. sil Willo sizt oftt ti p.t - n ae to stisentt in thto bok is in ,tnct ly the ~iflow The hligh distinction it,is work has reckted ihronoi the teti ' l 'gislatise o ts t etlo t ledt t hit e titll Ipage, is :t t -il oiatendatl. itt n itselfe ston unomLmon, i and sot coicllu site, th. thing ls neceTarl" more ihnll bt y iwa i of Il I'elteis ntol tottil to a rot, 'n ofcltW in the its rst Oe of roill most o lmareic wi lltuh featue o e tive tbles isn terln selltHtalcdlalleOne, examinelld in the reillsih'lt fIre tltl.o ueitn rIltleron itealeonl e I lates tth ehl thlr)enty- of gnetl llsines, fr it hoit h ouIliSt b evidlt IeJeni l a convenience (es eitll tial, tlho t lt o Ihe o o I tIofioonfih he . e Ito sto i t hat t l't k ilist henahl - b oeti ealt ahtnfllible, oittd in conttfrmttih ofthis btLlltif ottplolinm it'two itndrdtI a.ll ttt'r dollars is now otttittt cnloti for the dcteol +tin oll n ar'or ofa cent -ll ih: lprsent or fifth tdolllnte a press, Iirinotilll ninerrl ta kici flie miotliclalltn Ithe 'll. .tnok19ilth t OIIe I fl i ho mi st cotes rlo iuii lls fu i .ls turies c le llbles is inthe :rognm nllllg, i lltoe I niirldn A tAmns, wi c f nlr eXlpedilit Ii +lfthi· ien a sll en icul Il" witl i Ihell Ithe siae itisill Ie no. tilo't excelletis d l nlee ills tIe ty ainl elas with wrthile;h i: itcrttl cau Io ftito noltothe rexten of gener all bhinessi witlhuh i oublil s nIns _is Lnheshli s, eonvenlencte spl essntlal, Intll in rllh ell I na tion oll s'ome of the most competent and pr.aeti~rl husi. less meool .ip blic ottit exll wrho hale nu oll IIr ots of th lork, itsnlo he O et distiguihed hn rt o otolt .lot ta ll' nt ll ii cl Iofa "n slli r pits ". A I c l s d ' t, li hreainalllr e illti er," istlle o bh l orlwh ban, k i tlres, i accll gllgiS e tlhe wor k, ins luse xl:Ii as Y li l. e I4 eelle ila i t ailtl It'.tle ioXit lnll ll llsio l i ld , lest til f et I otoF lt i hasassedn to thserh"s, ctinthhsitnattl the whole ishik l e tis cll 'o1 i t h sl.l 116 it ilt tl oitiveCI q.lltu tit I, imo1 ilre ve sell kno".n otll t,: ls titts tlul , c ohec, - ito h as b enli ,I " t pth l:agid eiiliho llr, Ih e i o IE elle 11 he Ie moor cos n neiuo non xttoct0t0tttitl' i'nooftry toit sineli the I,~ hllnl.g efte :0100i s l l h . , b tl h none 0,,Lm b susing; sha~iet, ofs t earot, in ist it- ftt itst 500itot' asotsillce, an l oit' of t l il , tt i or t io utt l'b of eit in Id st'o Igesoois t,'g i cl t'ard, itLt bn t toandc c ipluilild l e llWo 'y' h I tahe I Lk to o (l pI1 I0 c 00 aIs n thIe .t'oo 1a i lant', it oto b' lopuli o let , to L d uin Ilhe cu tlltO hai s +\etrl bIenl ll lle liu it. gr in lt io h I hil - -'' it ally a tg I y the i nt 'oi t ' rtitg tan;opi r c ti t hi n. (,flw tl silui ,lh t fll oe S l .e s the" rll l ollf) a l l hlle t i Stingiot ttu itrces, " t s al alo b) lw fiur bk iltcls to elit, i lbt ole u nm eroflh ihclO , 111 Iotost foew Iitn Ihe i ,I'' 1 ll0 l n'p .IscIIns fo t'tl'ltn t c lIo th ' itlt -llt iOt ".trlf l Ii. tlthis l lt itl +the o Iwell Lont that, bltl hs rt"itttt lilost Sdit hls o of ltiii d otectedo Iiing ortion. fot ots i tittw e I miae, enll Iy the a c tin y hwiintn urt 'll : m stll - c()t lll . hot oit ttnc lti,tn , t tsa tt ittoa n i "o, att thre rtlollo itet 4 c sst O plor i ns , tithllB I e L bo atntt l 'xitll, i. h istcn' lo i o to'to c il ao. tin h alvt'k its t o lit tilt rtll tillo n itst fi hl n theatn, I ctt- ylro isago lll iiosii thIont fi el tin I is tion cc, t in o in h inot, a gleat itl so r" oll mllt d ot I ol pies weril sogt i lllot I i|, s e lia g i t i.OtitA t -. and pi nreraed tit so ilirllii prwice-., Is hihtv -tlll ccstlllion aill|)llly o pickt!, ' flla lit ifromn ,i O Wl $25l IcL+ copiy, :nili, cI re mi s h oileOl yhoo Iht , ,t mt pl |i i. l I lhd, ilandin t l f oIll a en ml, ioitltl ie hnl ltot hs lo litl iolithrdI l l tis lttier ini ll itrae )ill hit'l l o linto i t olt ie os o i , snt that to hhnt it wos redlay aOllh tht inmoney antd morlt e thouglh hi ofitingflll {cry thousrbl Bluhe, lie beitnl g al e') riich toI ln in "nll i E fltlc. ;0 i m o . li . inpre.e, itht such is F ilre o ilnl.wi. gencradlh tillo at:tecially hn uerof the ux,00 an riylll I+;atin o el in the anuu l ne| ilolyV, hn the muslt competeint une ohfutor hi the world, anronirlei . l. scl tritt.y mt as rlail exl iinS. ilut s ellerstict ain hde hUie iths. ' m"J Sttl' o c pl nt it' s o th i .ikl hien nos e this t tos eure THE FLORIDA LINE " l Frm Mrobile to Auguatla, Goe. leaves MobiLe every day ot ltree So'lothek. p per U S mail Iot for al'l ~ adntn, above luakely.,-thetr- c for lclaches I. Per:lsnec'ta-theltlltc atembllatn t L.agrnhrnet, oietrelllhnla ta nate is resuleatd-lhertcr v:Mattitonn nod trentsvii', Fin. Iliabtida, t lnr oortltw Ilhwtinsvalile. Sntndoersvile & Ltttil. villeto A ululatri, (as, conneetig retularly witth. Itr rail road cars to Charleston. nld the rsearn tacie ' Notw York, Nirftlk, Pil.delplthiao , etc. '.srteanlllboatl oare tile belt for lte service, nndi tile linavi~gltion presents Htore advanlatges tltan call ie ftltiod aIptUo aty Lttealllnoat route i thle tla thtt. e re re,_,iotr,. 'ITre reat improvellpentlt in tht roete hlave i)ern prolut.ed bh the construcltioa l ifty illtiirs of iet rond, by thie lreprietoro, viz : fralll In rulltne nit inlnFvotte Hatiu, ant arm of Santa lRoan Ryi, to Ilrynts'a Ferry, on the CItortanhonceht-e liver, ten tirhs above tlet Cwtonrd, or 14 nahove Cednr UIil, i whelebty the inavigattln al the river, antld lh cln. atinete'ti detenltinins, and mere receltli c Ie ine'c veaiettl trosing at the Ctawltridt, are e.atirely avoidll, na tl a fine rcad frotll ilarialtlla ttl',ct ito tninbridge, instead in the rlnltdlubant ratld via Chattahontttee, lessereitg theditrnnoe aboht f-riy irtiles, and ic.rtsitg tie facililte U e ill Itoane adot Alto. r . r-tnth line ot two Ihorsre ntages ecvery J ther da.y riot I alknlville, via Plerry ttt Macit, an ittneeoting witih trh litte to Saovannah and Darien, Get. A mail steamboat rtlies regularl lt-tweent SBaittbridge andl Apalachiiotln. 'roav-li rs wishiiig a Io reach any point oil Chaltehoohehte or Aulacll: cola, canll tnake sate-anooalt at lrowltnsvllle. lMobLile nto Pe~lsactli-I aulld Rouet-Durin thile titme oeetupierl y tihe repairs o btoati, tie ptrtea.a It.. or f the iFIridta Iin t aill run a line ot llr htorse tpost tethes every olther day bitac-ten Mo' tealenid Pensacola. P I'asott ers will lenve Mhiile at 3 t.'cletrk, p mr in ih+ US.a InnRtttat , lnd prIOCeed ito IhiIll Iraltld i n , re a lo or re catelt will lt In 0 in ailin- It o ciIIive+ rhen t tile he excellt houselo Mr. Charlhsl ll - 4 mile s lalt where te will ial Ilisant l ontoIddtoila fir" atle anigt--le.ving nuxr mortningr they. ill :,rrive in I'ensaczolaz early' in the evenett+, tlas a,,.iding the discomfort v+Il 1 Ilshl Ir vellhna. , O liv't at ,ite ,larisitot [ouse, M ,ble,il' and Cu-, Iins' 11,:e', PellSa1 'lnl where tslH s m+ illust b ' sbllll r t ,' . ,TOCin] ON & ('- ny : ... .Piano 1,'rte In.slruelson. . , . J' 'it . Iitoinsoiint.. W illiam Smith iteniiris his rseti'Eos o iitheii'ri . J zens ui Ntew (ilMas 1t, s a teailhtr o 'I e ,,'111 forte. Sir S hlaving bneeun ilI', d several ~llts is in tianhler o im usi in privi at a it lll llll' ill sl In, iand ailsoultl vevIrall tIhe ILfeile i sl.iin i9tl. I I t vi,Im l cann ot b ut hoos 1,, i l Ih ,i r coi dII na . e II< is permitted to rfer to lRev Ill C.'i pp. el, fi Si'i:soni & Avry, I 'nd, rsmn & :ni'is. l Ir t.rls, &c ileaeI npply at tslc hskstore pl c<. Al(xanlllld, l'r e' , n l.4 st iiii'i Dr,'gs and .tl'dirni.s., S 3 h .,, vast has hleale d himsL iiL so t!lis city for t! thisepurpose of tranlctinllg 'a general \VWholule al Drugi t sllnile . lie is IUnow reci i ving it full suP ll of fresh and genuioe nrrivles, which he w ill sell on liberal terni m To city druggis.s, and those of - the intelrior, to phesicians, merchants and piantrs, he will cffsr inducementls such as have never be. I forl been ,iif red t sieitts iil. His intlntion i toi Ido a strictly lelilillnte lb siness. I~i stink i ill souon Lm lllcomplete, IDll ill a few w eeks will be revi. dl!t ir bullsiness. All o rders irnill it coOlllrl,awl tfr.n merchants ofl i- city, receiving isuch ordersin will e pr.lnptli attenid.l t. i. et 2 "N,, 39.iiuampst h :1 IOLESALE .%N tT AII.L. .ll.lli I ,i .t Iit lITY' STORE'-at the sign of the gilden I comb,3ll1 '1 ('lartres swleet. The aubcrilbers hanve re cit ed, inl :.ltiou to their previouits ,tock on haid, a full Lnd t'lo llnllhft. ussOrtlllll o"Ill'tIdie u IIsin llh ir line; viz: tl colmlbs, ilr m)".r v Janwl,h,, bruhlles% l, l.kilng glasses, ", C()1 iKS-io- rois e shill remuh it ian llin iti k,twiit,I qillted bnk, loln l rolld, ressiti , sidi e pul curland sick', l rn iittln i lncombsi of every isripllllion amongst i! w<hich aire Solme Mlexicln palltters, Ivory io)lthbs of evI'ryl P E li 11 ii' i r olgr, I I.nveIer, hFlorido, hoiner, h hav, ros,., and Iorall1e flower wall' s oll f every ,ize andl d, - lll ll. t lt lle l'ollap o ill kindsl hn llv (hin ll t oo in cake. anId mI '.i ! crea n lou', do, Ward's er.enahle hair oil, hears ann. u tigt, tdh. Ir r,sto 's ,smelling salth , plia in u ,d p rfnllll rd .I 1:,&TpI o vdvlc t powder, sll iiiiwt'r'iioi F nor i txni I,~ ,IIi iiiil liii itlnll roll,,orr- illld th l.rin,' toth I wi ll al DIII n -,, !,.", it ai n tll;!l lls,)rlllllnl of JE1:\\'I.1 IIR -s-mn,' oii h l ts nd l Illt fiihioum lIe ,its, mlsll~i.lel llwhlitle and red conol in , It ". ' iv I , : h Ii'lii.." 'i tll I l l IIv . ,' h~ I , f ., ) n h lm ,t. ,- l s : r ,I .. . l Ie II i~ lll : d iI1_ l , o haLI I.n )IJ IN nI k;I.n Sles -1- ,'nlrand stllria mtin hoile, ".rditt' -i uie, aid dlI, t\ I; I I" t 'i, l+ ll i i ', i l , ri ' ,t i l i.\ Ilil I '.l;I Ii' )llil l ·-l1 i lllll drl'.-I+' (·ll-l'4t S 11l1 l .Iasi A porni unil l ll, I lll.s : li nll le . rtl lic + r In i hh a - rklth','," C, r. tr !, t-; v ali. i t I hei , r '1 i llll o il uttl ll rllllu ll al , i0 , aln'l iId im sidii 1e d , X vil' i and uiu iiiio' ,', latii an r ,I r nl l initnd pw r ansli tn ir aiollklt i ll I ril, iin~ sio1 otiii s -hot c sltk,sidiant ni ,, pas i hola-tuo th l tisksg, il. llll t'ill)-. IIllll.-s il lll ssgnntt'nlnIuot'lu . iiii ntt iij l ros,s\ I epitic' l u ,liisill t jl!u Ias'-- I ':ln itys i'll' n j thl oi st Iss1 t ii ILn i s it.Pe Ir II k ul. 11311 ell- , nd Sli,'nld v l n.o1 kllivi's, rnl.ritn iii l'i .ois, ii i:sll ,'>, Iedl u, disI r , sile o in ecrt s ~ I nm1 ' ndlll d n I p l l (lons, sck.t h tel.. a eid ttislleln, Iof .- ichrll iniA, ,,,ling1 Iotr, l or cl +,sg , pli uI a,- ti rre ,t hly Is it n to a I id ra tln'ri the l sL esll t l n le, hil' . umtati f , mtsl P inboxes rtyllll i ltins sits e k i ld , I, t li s tl ll et ' Eil lihrU sInI1 in ailsu I lawsu itf u'l s in azor s I o i real li hoprpdirks, t nv Itl ad tnel, ls , dspu i with ..ri idrq ultl lit *dhri, peiarl bI ttlitos, owder laskr, ih u al rrll el a is pill ,ld s uilert di, llI ela-rtic tilers ud de- anld gtt iart 'ers plfin l n a ntd aTeh 4_ li t.ui, s b -in, Lbnrsrl dire, oe fien ld vieunes, jiews sh pe of ita varn h e nd drinki I i s' i , with n grett a iety ol thlllr nrli cleo, all ofwhi(h will lIe old for casc h Srcity icetn ces Ti 2 niut eiofs redt. sils ithI S aGNS, & co. iSlu'',un. OIIl,-150ul gall prinu e intsier d iSprnl Oil, in casks ndu Ihla, for sa e by Vlmlesarle Drugg sa, cornrer I' IIl|1 Uund T1chap ]' 3iI. l i thn N .._Di l i l lr - (Colicur Wflater, cr.rlumrry,1 & c.-A aSl tleUlr article of cologllr , put ul, expressly for Ihe relall trade talo Ihe plurest " ench P,,rfulma er \ rniblr cini t every variiey lo the toile. Iior s Ile hy , 4t 2 REFIS & D'LA\G. VA INIIS.S-h-'l'he m ,rie, erI hving lCtldy aala. lliald . a v risall nlaifilur in okew rleans, is reltd. to supply Iher plillnte rs ancl th public ill generul ibn . t'in lie t uttr eln . Ill prit es are isii drate s nd tIi 1111o i& (c i. T'll l er i .itls e ini o, I t l slte intl- d lls ith nlt i if ry h has een it too: it -ad oI ilel H t o'iv I nrlll tuJe.l l' ll lli kid it. f i s h iost edsill ,.lad tin, li pt Isle urlr i s iathezri and e lul:lll tluls s s L ir, sIhall hi re end lll a fair si t llllle oif an vat rlsh is hit ii i'u , in Is e 1 . otlln' ti i ll. a iii.i rul·i .s i n leso c,'h o.I. I,, ir lllid iio inr ll e Ii:i tr iu i ,e , ,ll I il aiiiv. TII iblt 'ik v iirni l fr snl t. i ii -Is a in |,li ethuisiC.+y. T'it' l sal sieom iit lish wni h i t u.y , I iAn. lINN. s udied Is dsr Dr. Snliisii o1ti at 'totosis,. the psattienl oi ssdieieotondstgtyk tIs h hnr iso oi es his pr -esisist nresu i, v is ity. I l a 3. IE tii Ies & D'LA\ getl It tae op st nollm aIo uir n hu.;- ill .h lr. p i td htJo hc ll r, i . i s i Ies Itsl' Issl. t lh TitlulMi. Ikei nsI s."i. s ii be I11i.y In s i xpr l lss ,l ,trasls i rcs et l Ih II the i foltr lh sleaes, being lppl ti has .iiited sies tce r elellllt lull' d Ih i iis 1 1 Iiss h ils . e tlltn. e s 11s psi niitr., tr o Ihe seettlo. si direti 1si, cl , hb ,d Iiii nlld i isvr s n ti 111er itLi, ; s no:nlh ' e lut lNed v'; Ien tl 'r is n. Apihe s ,lli a 1t N 11's. inil ill F I Il'*t'I~tl -h'I'l n 1i stillnlh Iip1, Esill, lltae ncsl. ir u in htllal u l lIs inss, ll tis I&Cuu o o ,lll i ilr e II.aII dI is not of li li O nb t d' Itse isay, to e si' ideo Is sn I Io utihat ', .illl ,'less inU l1 u lsles l 111Si1s . S l ts1s1, I and r rslt, l el , Nurseries r l rtrd <,u I walell , c irnrc, Lilith d Is i gl and, c lhihaind usid the i stat'lt- ,llu d ,l will ai all laines N e hllh Is nriU si n, tiI I rsillh otl i H3 ; i leo, cllgo ll .d ruie Ire C, t aill kied. lThe pub iiTe n rely ofil tidieo g eaI will it au qual , and iilus ued diirct byy . studietd siunder Dr. Sc.idt oC'charleston, toethi Carllina, ind ft solne ynltrs Ilis assistut ille ao oiu'r lainis rillmlas ens rvties irll uss tely. Ili a.sure. th ladies and gentllmlnen lhat thle l.8 promnpt1 allntion will bo Ipaid o the calls whKichi IlCay be Imadil. ; and also oltli:e i r Is ?,1 o tli( iu!6,'drs Uf'slaves, being t.ell acIuainlled wlll the i di;:eilases oUtilllllo0 to tlin,1, hlaving ai ndlleln d lheni in e. s 'ugar hollusler1, lU llrhcstlln., ' i 'l l ii , 1,, a15ii item bilhous pills a 'ter tlleeonlpolition PIoli'.s..,"r .lItlletto. with directions, eaill be had , thile eid. Tliu cttiet w'vhichi tlhy hlilve , rodtuccd iu thi. iltld Mtller cities, has beelu a'telinled vlih thle icntest gl alosL sllccess, to which the bl,.t of zethrences call Ia givenu. Apply at N'1. 166] l.aga. zino ltreel. JNO. \I'LORING. (N TICI':---The partnerllhip of Kelley', ,luson &CU 1 If\ 0 New I Irieu-; .Ill, NiUrris &6,l., ufN IiotIez; lid Ilirruni Kcley &,Cu., of Rodllley. <as dislollved onn hie: llt il l a lasl , by t I. Illlh ol or llilcrl .I .elaon . i:ro ofi2 llt. i otiherll l fi. e sl. 1 '. i l:da )(I ·iII·-*' Jlu ".:, " ,193,". fTOLBEAR'S Scince ofPe.nm.oellip received nd L for ealo at their pemanelt \Yrlitll. AcruaIoties No. 8 Ctotre" s.leut,.New Orleona, IU9 J Ir.dwuy New Y, ltk; D )phhba at., Mobile. It is portictolnrly deoig9ed fi r privat, leorners, alnd sLoolst Iand is cnleiulaled for prr.o0ns eoIl al nes. iltioen td gtItenlle0ten ore invited to cll alo r0a0itmie tler evo:iaI fili themntlit. .cioteasnn nre givcn at .ach Ibor s o a s Hny lait lte /onllveniece of ill, and lu claoes Ilfinoad in nay prt_ of kthe city. L[adieR wat, lrefer itpoa recoice esoaan at ithieiraw rel silencee. PriMine pavin: e to rse oflesulna are dlesirad to yttevl" "'° " €' ,atn elo s ther with,. 35ýi '..). s IOTrt, R , ROWAND 8 'IONIC MIXTURE, FOR FEVER AND A ^,c. 'B PrEN years have not yet elapsed inceo it waie first regularly submitted to the public; but it han attained the highest retutation; and has sip. t planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherev. 11 or it has been known and apipreeiated. Already I's has it been carried in every direction throughout it the United States, and still realizes nxore than could have been anticipated by its m t sanguine friends. 1 Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, , but restored t healt andi vigor through its agen- N, cy; and they now cel.erfiully testify, at every op portunity, to its de.idwd and supreme etficacy. I: is coiopoved of such medicinal principles ns arc calnculted to renew the healthy action if the stomn- I_ achl, liver, and other important digestive organs, i the loss of which harmony is the immediate caune i of the disease. It is apparent also, lthat it produ. eos a irn entirechange in tIm condition of the system, and certainly destroys the antive liability to relap- I see of the affection. Wien the Agre is attended wlth any otilier complaint, the employment of the b Tlonic Mixture will not interfere wtili the treat. vi meat of the other dirpsIe, but wi I even af.,rd as. I statnnce by furnishing strength and vigor to the 9t body durnlg the course of treatment. Those who make use of tllis imedicine may bit aseured that tt there is no A.rseni, larks, Mer.try,. or any other article in its conposition unifriend'y to the humani s constitution; being entirely a vegetable extract; and they may hare additional conildence in the use thereof, wlien they ptereive that it has the ef di feetof a gent:n laxative about the lime hnll'a Ibut. I tie full has Ioen taken--in connl'a'nce of which, ei there is no part of the miedwin"' .lit to linger iu t I the booel to cause obstructitns, aild other evils, arisiing fromn theuae u~of ttIy of the remedies now oflbhred Ibr the eare of this antlictinn. It has been I used slnnonir preventive, by in iiy wini were sob it ject to i periodical recurrence tii hl Cihills, and it C has intvariablly warded loff thte apprehrnded attack. Obserlce The Proprietor, fully satislticl a.ith the atparalleled aild luniverea! ritcctaes ti'lch hea cn." , 'ntiitly attenlded a punctual and regut~ltc use lo tht To'I'ie Miexture, in all rses Lof L vier ndi Agaue ' bi's warranted in engagingl tro lef'.[d the price to all those who htave tLaken the mei'tci.te in strict n t' c ordance withll th prercril.d direcithns, withilou having been eIrlfctly and lastingly il red. i Thie soublrherbrs are the holesaile agents for tlu Sout W\Vestern .tates, and have now nit halnd six "i it car.s of this medicine, which is war iranted frus. it and genuine. For sale at the manufactured price U J.\\LVIS &n ANtiltI'WS, & Whilesale I)ricegieit, nov?7 cear CmlmnleOi k 1'e'Tlnlccittuute eer. ine t I IiRS. MARY KIRKLAND) respectfully an Ilnounces to her friends and the public gene ally that she is prepared to accommodate thlium t te abovr establishment, andi holts frtan hir sxertions to render visitors icormflrt;ltle, to rcin , I continuance lof former favors. She telsr conl. lent that persons visiting Coviitim during tcI ilummnler mionths, canilot find better ccutllllll tliois I' than stro can afford themn , on mri hbiral terim. ler hoise is pleas'antly situated, and well spplid with every convenience; the bar is furnished wil thoe lost choicett liquors, &e. in hliort,she promit 'at notillng shall bh e wanting on her l:rt to gigu itire satisaction to all who may patronizo tie lississippi and Luisttna Ihmtel,. je3 i hLIOLLOt IAtCE, WO i S ,IttEWS, tAf' IRONS. &e. t; THEll IOWELL cWORKS. t'thMc'ANY, No '"038 \Water, near IIekmalan street, Ne'\ York havear received the past season, and are er. ui' ttl; raceivlng large and exlonsive :thhtit te tIhc s'irI of the above goods, wetict now r,, m ut ihi ollowing a:ssnttlitcit, suitiil,; ti,: the soudutihern nt xe.ternl markets, II.v r"llrow warc of r iiupr lit ' ii bllilt 15I tonll E viz, Pots ioft d ditil'ln t st : . ' L S : i to 50 gallo aetth.., 15 s z', fret,, 3.. 3. 111t" IKettles, 15 uiz.s, fi r c' t e [I II'p t ls or Cit rie ., 7 i' ." -., " , 'r s l ,t iI t h'sp r, t; ,o h kfI, -, - rlJ Ih *, tIre 1) t.ils, . +ti ' 'l t l att l llhexes I ;r,,'n I I t I- i li l :1 1 t he . :- ilnch, N 3 t. l 3t ) ti u ,l li tlcai 1 Ioll l tic rir' I i hly an ad ti sh, an it I .. t! it J ciie'L tll lll teh'it S re Si Iron, assorlvd, in kilc ofl abotl 50e the Ib for , T.ue r's otrd hattt, '. li o11a , ts.ortlr,. i pre sh w igi 1ti10it.oi ,ltldl irril Iiroit 1 C4. to eIhs for Pl'nitatio.. s.t'oials, churchles, &.St mticad, b to olrder, r The alove assortment of goads iv particularly - Westorn nmrchants, and are ol:l't'd fir satl it low Sprices, and upon t mIst liberal terms; it is be. lievwd to be tio largest and hest assortment ever offered for sale by any one ostabhlilunent in the tUnited States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can, have a prinend circular, with descripton of aioods, pricesand terms, f'ont which no deviation is nver eiede, framished by return of mail. All orders will roeceive ilntittediate attention. Niw York, 1838. je3 L IV Glenn's Pefunmis. Indian Dye, lor culor ng tle 11 r i ; i l ie. r's (l!, Russinns bear' reeenp, pI a O I, MIcIDhain 's ]re, ole Wash, cuperior pearl powder, IlI whie, c'reaml ,if roses, vegelable rouge, ottl of r,'. hp salve, ikrenate clOtlI washi , cl.a b i' dentrllllice., ornge flwer water. powder puffs and boxuee, A Pit ricnl churcoal, neatly put ui,, I,.i 'n ,n, e iall . Pr es. t.n.1 stlir, rC llo.le, kil }s * e i) .l.m -l* e lshl ni hall brushes, E tihrhll ldr.s ,lý r.-. n ,, I'ih h r ci, ,illhavon, ly uip the u, p.' , ,.& 1. r -.,d i 3 ', r n (. , :r~ I t ,r ciit Af t h iy ' I 'i, t II. . . . H I ro'd brim: and low eowu, iodli:tg f am hah II , l, i r li ' I bytic I li ill ;ii , . (' n,.7 131 i1 se zi!w n t t "i' t "i;l i ot i hbl Iudlg ' ,',o -, ',,, ..1 ai f Jiiioi, h 'r se by . i i ii'itom 1Y, I '7 41 ',. I., It\ . & lhilth r, "l.IN i. I'l,!ui l, h.vo jilil ' c ived ii veryi Xl in.. N ,lli ,iI. ,: i -,. i in Iab,!e Frlt iessert K."lt' of o -" t c-t pltilc , Ier' lc h.eli ,, I)i ltk, i.'Stalr p'iI, \llis'n, r k. a S :i" ol* Ghihi otetll r adi. t rlr h. -I . 'a'tlll llee a ild l sil;tiins tk ; 1 reoi, i iinbeni k:u l leiiinit llt: t . ii o r, ofllil lllo' olo all ill c. CO-, &ni.; 1lI k1 1 ; p e r II. IIl( .I : IItIah i I r;e.,ile o n e inwo rs g1· '.ulr t iiiic viei l , Italitil nc ,i ti ,'o t'i'nl' lli fl IligiI - ll l l. de , r ll C:lra ll {m lllll(; um dou,,eh.Ilt'l·( Il:. i ii crds: tlre , b eht it c pt inet ihllce l ii p i., s nd splht r Vnils ; .. l, itiiiti i., in . N ,c; i.. .. Ik llll iin i'o Ii lller c liic i'ti h.icir hl'inolio 1 flol ald + :rck Inhglelt; negro pIalir (;'l',.l .ll tl ll-iI Icvum'h cot1r1 : tI. Tiille' R bo s iand lll t oll lvll u'. lO R m imitati * diln do li; : iue il s hemars ni r)l; p tletalh lletm itt .llru Inl,.; c:Ises: arest. bhcklin ; saiiltlil; all tIhl lle n ohes; l lldi e nllll al - C ol el ii , wh ih i slillm to ili e ilit m ',h iie Oap; i lt Thc i lilRlse ivi, 'itio illti l lilmrl s'tek nl it' . Unill. t, : Akesl e :iiir eili ,el ibn' 1fi lletck I olrlts; : (;I,:, rrt 'st'r'. N * 'Sw ( i riii ni i l ", ' o i 1iii i ll' lhc iilld · .. , ll l,.l i Ti.. S.II : I \NII & +o:. o .nio.- . a, , lf r. nc;h 1 an. 1;!nIhah Chani and 1trthe , w.r. atr - iow ii op ini: new a c' i ih iitterns . .f h ireh.o l'. ,rei, aln d I r l l,,; jn.rviclil Irnl t s ris al. h,, t, a ' aIl cll.'c u Is, t, t., c ups clll' ,re ms, l ~ lcn plies, dilhes, fairc l tl wl. faciai l an! e, sFs, tout blah., ae. ate. t.el cut, nd pll, n Il " I ,'h lil \,I trical n g asr ll S I ware-- _ hhet's, , h: !n; , -. ' "l-. ) tllic', clla llt e i, wine" ', I-. , ,.,'r ,. ,a ..~ ltrs. s l,;r e la t"ed" , "..rtiIz, d n Irtn ia war "'-- a-" I tor-, di. ,r .l. mis, ca. n.,kes, e. ndii ncl s, bral iheo , oo , ,r h i, I l , il, nd 1a p t t, :cgtr- , creams, lnulis japau.t d Ira c, istr:f stood a and ha'ging lamps, till ' r t, (,rl rn a Ivor n,L u s : and brl.s, toget. er with aigrt., variety ,'f ficl, s h~r fllnlly oce. ],er.hants, piani ers, hor. s, oild oe:,holab ls, Inrni-}hed o h P ,, do at It-e mn,, ra s,.n ble pricts, Pill i pa, ked so ,, to bh," c ivey, d wiih s-ifely t, 11an p.rt niIh,, coup r' Als., npwthecnr, s' _las,. are. n"n, acs 1 T'i'1.\ ,\ 1r t~f1 s MAIL. AIt(lA.ci4~h~,, &. Northern haild I'IlEva.r DaUyVt Il2Al.' j ( 5(. s Every day at 101 A..!t Wester n fail Du everyullmldny, \ . ..M bJerwn n)/W Cl.,nns rnnu 2londnnv, WVeducada i'n , ad ltrvlr 1c 1 1. I TI a n/eiu I sus ucerl Invlny, 2rcdnnrduy I,._ EXPRESS 1111.. TIME', OF ARRIVAL,IEI'AISI'SJISPI I)ISl'A NC: I &c. uofl th Expreas M11,il, Saue''-, 25ile inil1 N n, York-leuaing Mnobilpe dil. Ia S I'. Al. Nnrrlinar New aurk daily at 5 1'. Al 'Southward. Arrivea Arrive Nortlhnari. I)iatnace. l'ime Ileinrn'g 2limntgaaeryAla. 2 jim. 191 in', 2:1 h 1lan. ('Ci un Sm, (:a. 11a l 1. .91 8l am M12illedSg'ville. (ls. 2 188 111 2 1p. to CoiIumIbia, S.C. 7ln o. 1(3 171 111 Iinleirtt N IC. 5l 2'15 112 12 \1nerniuon, Va. 12 mn. 'a' iI'ila'nimrg. Va. 10 pin. 8:1 111i 'in. re l 1ielmainu, \Vu. I nm. 2-1 fi I I S'R drriknSit, 67 7 ;p p in singlun jnt , 2l pil. it GS I a5ltimore, - l 10 :Si Illu 'll'hleurlpnlaia, am. 00 11 (aew Trk 2 ptI. 90 835 Nailbinund. (iaiingniiliiutha-aS,iza tittn is six h Isi hii; i lure um71i banrs. flR t 1t r. r ill, h91 i'0ronilot )'1000t'u of Ilevis . ' Cli l du ll lllll lligii lllt ludra.i lecr lle g u ri n s ieen ho next ))unit d g to I'o lrm, i ntnit twid illlin l s i dl lihS sl bylleOn ol Iis s is RIrP, w, 'nIIionur hy iileceit hIrt; hhad in tllli I Ihr " O anri n i whli. tllltoi l or lillcPli t il ial w nlll iotn ntl l -Ullt- ai \lntlneit fll VInessets innd e:[, iitI o t ifnte 'tiltlion0 , gtlilt Ipr-cii iinIt r hi rboi-io C iddnt, cnt I11'rl yii Ii rrother iPl Ols, als 11the nwI rII u oJIf,! tihlaN1 h il l YIei. n orced 1gtinlt ttnn t 'i n ' I i n, wl Mai s te.oel. Vnl il hlllllcfr ltue firm ol I) ls & ( arre n, n l.s bea disn, lviod, iln ,tni+ 'be" wi ll Iilnid,,e the aI lh " thineioce.r, inl this lity,ad Il ret, I r . s t e I rid kOrinl y ske yl e .rl o hlg l nd dal iwinn t lh + pi, It no lin, 7n tillll Iit, i (·'li l/.1 ,ue. l1-- 7f t : 11!i;. it ii N CAPTA. IN 31.I1,"'VAT;IT' .- 11/ · I.W . t(l II. - lin e K erh I,,. ie r Itt dlr r S ,i , ' nllnlllln 9 " A \E IIfII"e c t Sch'. m 1 n ll i':lll. I,."n1 ., ii, I v l . .Lor) lt'nlh +, It n lnt ".'. I" .it \ ; i l ! n nv , I r~ of ii/inn. I IeI n , \l i pt.- 1 i a, t i i ti-lit 1 tin~ \n I ,Jl " . ll : I IIIi I'. 1: r /i1, l l,,arv. ',,',d'+.:I & ,I fl, ewv ronlph.l ,, i ),dill nt i;.,' rdIlit\.n Lf 'll +hI+. rll rtiiil· .I ,I i t ri II Ii'c, . Ott-. I mr~·li it I n iirtulittn tietnm 0o0,'r'4 I'lti"eih aii,/l liiuu/tal LhrIt,.,ry. iln I u,,I, It,, 's Ira.'i,' H I :/i It- ln Ilt,,e, 1 i. ll ll--.-. "w lll ll m , . It. ' of .'ow),,' IL 'I.t lll . .v itr, w ill t I , lfll'21- no'm I-_ i h e, I it I l iltll it fr fu ' I by I10 t liti- r' i i al J i ur illhltllll t , 4S ll Xllt ll mliIorv ll d I _r t Il. V , r iatt11ioll added "lhro l0houl 1 . w n, / . , o l i the , 0 l0,6 u 1. . , . ., , to t e Sl l - . \\in 'I i llt i . or I 1 t I, iae lIei tiiull+. lie· ah l. tl varii-It it vldma, biu l ,+ di, ol IlIl hlll ·i:1,"1n \ ielrl.l. tI. l Iig1 i I. I a tt I-o 'I is expll 0 )1 . oIl r Ill) t i, ' l I ln innt-o a d llll ' f ite a Il J o l r Jf \0t',el :p/l I)"1 1!1, Ie b i t, I I N II \I; I*I'f I', 1'I.\ýý \ .. il\l lll t 11 1 ;iT: I l\' I lli t ' , +,- ", 1 1 . i,,,i , ·i 1 1,i . I' , , I ' ', I ,,i-i l 0iii 1,. i "': ii.+'i' , , ( lull, l tJI- ii l! ,11.i "l . I h ,, ,, .r0 , ,"J \;I,.. li+ h + i* Ilvl tk I-h,; r t l:' ;. .,hl, I.t, l lh' • r n,- ,R,....... d 'b io, n alt;ull poison '. intdiens, 1 i t! u,,,., hib la, teli e ,nIi t nf rent.ul~ lil~ · he J. 1RVIN & 1,, 11)Hq n,",u ly t 1, r11)- 11 lilnll aacguinsins xlo t ,lh+ + , e'+it .It tuln - RIhu m nlllll Cl llll1N.i bi ,,t i l lt Illuit ' raii in hto. tuch ou.d 'ivrs Irelt, u he ,o m n pe ula WSe. tsIl l l r as I ar n rii aiy i hIu fau itt-lll fll l iillltl+ 'l -e e w. Yor ill"s, are wis ittl t -i ed .toly osn fi h~," hovl sl h 11 ie l itin. I lI , I' : It lllis ,aft I ' r sl u t ol i+ll 1 o-msl t llt u,5, hr ,pprlRtlell h eIrT ol n , d i al the . ,i ii , v i If tit . ie, MI.Is of e neweap I..s y mt o m , a, lo t d t rt L f.fg l L "t 'S -es ,,f i , ,, iv Wy.- "il.i n,, for obl N LV P lt r n art lhe.g.'.tum ,llt.-t tl.tit l I al tnit .l' i t i Piet e It '' ,i? ct.ll( a'rlistlh t ll'il ~ itl~·l1 l , l' tI . 5it . c I, t i :e -al t ie- l TIii. lt'1( i' ,5 r is tlý,;l' l llt i.m"I n r r.:sonsillh lt+ ri. l ; to IIn l,r: i t Iti'I I' ir V ,lI it.h -- it lt - Il,' l l nil dr t tr ' il i ,elo~ ."I +nt lli, t.l,ý lir I t ri , 11 d ois IIV I elt elryletllU II'f helirt]l ,S IIr ' I .lt1~" e / i ,'it 0' u ll i , r ,. , ii e ll+ ." l ra t lll·, . +lti rI'jrip a itn 1, "'this L· u l i O . thuII .si i.':,loll, t hil'l i ytl pil· I.'u r',, k ",rl l . t r·.tr l,;,, ' .I Roo:h lt li elrlll i nal lll ,ll I'y Ih er ne, at \\'htlesall Illl ti, tirriu Now orlk, and will keep cass "illy u ma o th, het 2 lti Itn, l . ,, Irih and 1.IItt LI.1 N I:\\r V T ... ,e ,.an .rl - ,I t, iJ .1|1,

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