Newspaper of True American, October 5, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 5, 1839 Page 2
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1Viee.l'rdbiti W. i,. H I.ry" e Otl) . i , do. Jrm. A.. '1,uell .I q, ' Greantee of.Atpal eitt at'. tdt, a. •0 " " "I.: .-i na itiAek, - A , ij t it Fis'k, l' iueebnltee of .Iltbelrt'iutarl'te tad tr . Maly. J ohen Helbr l tl-ll,' -J.lihr Ca l.'nI t rtu d " .. a t.. , l cilgl ln " W'tn t lo atll I i'pk I F " Th-. le lydern u ."' P. A. lhuai y. " - "" J hi m . h ula ..i .. . byetaa ilut 'ea eliltb -_ _ . N'ea rGft EnelrMnt'cmmence oIst dtiy at 10 't'cl k, A. eA. .Iit dil.a v rta t i' i i t .I Ii . M bamic W itua .ohv- k, ) rid- at . F eli rk, A. Mi Odde every 'ae.d rhllts:y, nid iotrdv, ital .". : h Loihierille or Ri.€,r- Mail io tllrl . 1, r,: M on. d ey*, Tuelnrtlaar a d C'tu.v, at it P . Ik IsIn Wl relurnPd hy 'Atamh:.uht. t a.rrivs ir'reg-ahtrly lhrPe eimes a w tnk.. The Bnany ,,lrJU or Consrl uMnt is i-rd evert Tuesdany eud Friddy, at 3 l' 11. it t* 1llll '' r elt lb y Iateaunnn h t' " The Ahe.ctlarin to Iaed Riuter Mail is Sell irregu ot tby I utllll liOlal tAiCre a week. WrnlsdHv Ins & Cloo no 8 t o'cltAck, A. M. N IeleltArd ly t ,UAaT |Atll.. usrlth, y ed. CloseaeS 8o'ockl. P Al. isasEa-e I , . or - a And h le ntl5l- ill gn rallt hill I lii ti" le hotel at Clrrolllto ,' where -ho Itrluts itwill r"eeive 1h1 cnll o|l I h!f l ,l frl· I.s n d il .l lovers Ilf O.,I cheer. Private Ilrli-s iwill ln I. ltl. . rly Itro)rvhhd fill bY taiviuf little *o:lice Itliehadl . le i willin t, enter Into arrulglnrllts with fitlllilir* -r illnd ivi duals desirous.1 JX'ea .lrrutnge.nenct tj coutnetre I 11:30. NEW ORLEANS & ICAIRIROI.ITON RAIL ROAD SUMMEIIR eRRnI+%\I~IPLTs Foil THE+ W:EEK II \¥S FrOml C lrloll.on, } ,tlolt .c: e )vle ll:l s. HRo e Car. i I4 o'rlo: , -A. tl.1 loar 'ur n at . o'rlolJ'k A. AI boeoe lotive RI . " 11 .,l lO O ", " 8I .. 1 - t IRaacEYiaFa FUR a l.ll)* I: Theeiwill 'eettt ata tateaiama hourititita ti wi k di.tbiy Saiiy hoiat,i'nili o'tlock, ai. t. att Now Ori"tt t Ia.ctlour tlil a'elor k, P. A., After 10 o'. ahnrka Rnr can bae ortiitt byl Iy. w daol Is, for the Trip ; ifealled fur aiter I o'clock, P.M. 10 dou. Ie t will be kharaed. Peraaastuoing by the Stonm Cur court roridll themrnclvn elca Teckie, as the €otldudti r ius. poitive tirections u ait to eteioe aloay in lieu thereof. aor the accotodatiaon of persons Visitillt Cnrrollton. ill le 5 o'clock aa r. lnda hn d. t lVloti wih iat, emlai there'4lll Ill s osclack ltle car tlht Ilio IorI to)a ' It't li arrolltot l 6it 'celot k, will etOcall until a oe clo. thc) cbv allontl g thltc .oo tour taeiaot r, p~.lllca lI e tltwc titc e Naeafsl Otrd oi s e lu s ii Whited Stains. THE JACKSON AND L.COURSE STREET CARS LeaclLen heide ofJat ks.l n street li atit aloi k, A. 1.. I;10 Itreel eaat6 ,cak IIcltt roll ht llrty. At aI tC i k thy- 'till lom nellco rotaters tla 1 e vcrh I:1r hall lner, Illltllit 01 tlock. P. At,exepll tat aIlt i. of PaI y Ctii 1 a st tat:t lc e l o' *occk.i the cacr wIlle ioa there at,.1 . 'stcc k Pa. l. It ii p llat lllc'arJ ricc ta. c . tl it l gr iltl slllli will not put Ibeir feet illooi tile uhioai , r c lltali, iIi tile cars, well Ltdit s are pres ellt. Otlce N'w Orlacns antd i arrolalto I.ail It.adt Caoallmty, JOI". I AI'SON. Jaly 2tth 1839. Chietl'ug. N. O 4 C it SNEW ORLEINS ('ANAI. AND IBANKING CO. 11 HE Iron $tenlnbt nt e. e cl, vc will leave Ile |a inl I t the k caadl ,f tl N.ifti (llttlltl, etve. t dty, (excettl l ionidaye) otr the I.auke, a fittowsa: t leiap1t at 5 A. II1. R.l.uc at 8 A. 31. - t l A. 31. t 2 1' 31 a, P j 1' . 31. j And on iOND.\Yf:- Depttrat 10 A. AI. etirclat 12t P.31. " i P. 31. i P.M. tay B3 I. CII'WV, ('ah. A' a-New A rr ..eetea. NASHVILLF IIl ROAD. "IEK A tYS, Deporlure, • Return. P" t, M. t0 A.M0. 4 I. M. .A SUNtAt. aou iat llt'tie'u raotl. o La lrlnclhs lr A 1 9 9 A M 1.2 A 11 Y titli to La Branches .1 P 1 Ir; I" 31 J. M1"?1IL. CAI.I)WI,,+L, 0 - 1- ~- - b rlet .,Srt W ........ t l .pt1 '- i NTw Afirk , .. T -s t . t , " Z ti.uL hl ,........ :chr 't...t. H n hj.. i"t to ·A . IE TI. rl,:l. - ...d ... 3 I,. Me a. ......... .I 1 hI V eR P 'Le t. , s I o.. . . t 'I '4In . 3 1"i. i' . .i. no P PUHno. OF nkl t r iI (oi c • :CLJ.blA SCN.:S. 01ct. 4th, 1839 , bil HOrnoL, Jonll ; on, l 4obd J ir ASheprdi ge Pellr ranlg EilalPrrel. . lCurrtuo al stl e01 y 481 o, " 14 of ari ()ct. Itb, 183!) TCo nt. tarke Tromas, fr o N E C pate hltvlle etowed o * ships Fl Irtli', (.hinpI. rPtlrrll *o l e t y -1 t ) h li 4 - otoN l lndt brJ it t l o. t .i'tIii til. . iiri nlpl.t.a. IU A Dl. l eporttsotl thlthl tI e i lgi4 , ,3'-- 1o'b.g t , t .bip Z ur ,vlerrLl, lio Llvr ol, lh AugI to L H htuht,i...e . , i' i~~4. i r: Br IgrnEili all, us 3'?dnyrf, oil .Mah lga, to Cu~uhla Lapeyre - Blemeir nn l.elre~ll ordll \\,:hH.. niu 2. Lo lir l'th lllr h rlllge w,,ter. l+.,l. h i \'l-. llri h Ilhelmer Augusta. Burnest. lt itt,.t I nl AleUller I,.Ulna, Cl aibornt, rdn R,'d Kivror r wKOBILE..;rhr salb frrl e Oli l b a il i ) dl i lllN 1 3l 145t't h S llrr l L I rTl'rIvR( r:. . Pa .rrllr p111fi, .(;,,g o .le bales 9 ls toill) in S I DVE (l' , tl.. r th e. rll ll O t ni(j.akii ill tSO Ar I lI t till it he,. i. t Ip ill ikt1173ak' i au t ihin .,, s dAI.p I..I'+,r I ' t t F'Iiility l, elll €;- k- al , I. tell I Wllle, P+uh ,Ih-·llm31 1. Ill bIlh,.c· rk.LI '.";7j ,I)P \ S y i'h I t,- t I,('Ulll l- I,,r . €lJ . Pr Lou +--P r +*lul., l,,,ibl bi33'+ 7ol 0l~lll lls lI1" I. ltlhn te . lllll F .' I .. J4\IN.' ,Ie , + 2r i" , l it Ih len Itall, *) I' ,, . 14.14 41' i k etlonl B l Jsr lV llrlll I Io :IlJ +• '!·( 3 k... ald ()'llk. II . l'ill. . 1 G l, N ( l.; 12.t.. !( V J IIs. il ll. Ctlll l llll t+P ll kl l. IIUI[I I . ..I i Flll. ~rnillr[ tat lolBilkl n. 3:111U Arllll \ i+ : ltt+? l+.a.l k , Ptl .'i tl I .v .. ell 43it G NIII)IIII++, n)1,( %'. M~11*1 |lu 1· l,+, -+, Ithu+ :I "If'k , . - NI.r l P io nll~lor . Il.l ,, C"5 tl ifl,+ i' lltol ;I Lr: sk all~ Ilsll oI ++1 Auble~lltt +NI) ,( I:l a.l ulr ;.1Ie+ IlI I . .rI rll•cI+I f Illalllrri+ (o I`1 111. llJ ii lr.i Iirt i'1 I CII Relhl/ll~l ' Lrol tlllll .1 \.<·''! I l (; ir.l ... Ti'illr i G lr l)ll-lr IOll, l~I Inlll"L.~l rll'r'+It i +l , . I {ll I .1I · i t~ .rllk J d UX I)- E ltn~ utl l & c. h, :I ,l itll~r . nmirOlllceua Oilrk b l~l l,le. ~ pei~his L Uil.lle , lll bl,;llll, ilr lfl`( pI I 1 Ro l i~alll l'l .re) I I It,,/r IIllll( Ash r ll ." O..J')i lml.. Cn(lle r/tt 1 Wbivlc l+snlilllr , FPl~l~. ·L.B 1IhuiIir+,15 AD I~llhll :. <' z.t9 Alll~ ll+. I •ar ep cl, f en k out ilZte. I:It sl Inl".? rl.lka 37 to..llu 9d Rir. , sbll li er--Pi c,r wta ld Iluuma~lr. .¢' oa rnI m. .lo ]8III (; ioeal. I : Bae IaI, IIaPr & · Iatrth. · r tr Iri ly l ulls. Jh3 a il I l nI. lr •il:Illli li ,1 i ] PrIlr ii Eald ilo ,l? ul~l~a k ·l~l,+¢r4, .Il·;lll [o, (yll- b aeiver ..~1 ctllln sery lo, gld IIa l lrll i~ rll~t ol~a rico. l~ra i+ Il.unrll & II....oh r.., fl '{ l.ea AlsI f llllio£ d 'liie a nd .lrlllll~ ,!ln,r-~· Illd t nlr* r i i I er Ith delmsl rruulslr fa:i mahe, I'o i oi~ri I"fi n .: li, n"' Pc~ - ullbrq ldsl lllervi,::ha..lll ~ Ial~ le l|. il . clt v~ riey lnle;.k C Pvira v srl . .il 1;.1 5 .plic te~lll Ill "tl. )Plh(I(IdlIrs Sl[ . (' llh . l t ~ l .i+ un o e,. J . CH~O . • . . " A (tof-..| + I CLl.(llla l llll of lldll*+ Ilt|. ll."w S In.D +.k ldr.+llli~in rr Ink-i |omrllr[ o llre ,+,,lg Z ~appoYltl~bnte r I la by teFe eral C,,rt tlp New Or' sr.rl; an ie 1 + lgxchi~arnteHtl I:1,.i~~t IICII Il).)H iihdo l rler Itct~., of (.llllny .. ia Illr~ ctl~ t..; I lllu· ril. i llld TI. lRU-e .JV·l.Psl Ial'rl~yt I ip, ur- t~llrll. |.tor 'e 41 ,Nw l.evrt L ()v U IL--7(1) Illsll. ,erfinle L".,,I I.-iI .l Frlt . I ,, " 4 ,'.w ]'l,,%.. I .l i ~rri.., for - ·7ale hy " .1' 111 + .\l( .., P I .J+It 1';: 'eir I and iti ' :13 I~lra'+r1 .......I· I( 1 1Ilb :I I , ( :(i 1 t II'1;I; ;:1111 ; 11,i I · ...... Ii:< .''. : " t..+ I.,..'o !'+1 'tIII TRUE AMERICAN. PFAZTBWUL AND 9O D. * tncital 5ourual at t)e 2b jlunaicauatQlt. *' I - -t IS L E Daily, T'ri-Weakly do Wi ekilp. SATURIDAY, OCTOB1ER 5, 1839. IEMlOR'T OF CHAITIrY HOHPITA I.1-(Y-4.111y, 4'h Oct)--W nadmitl~ld; 8 of yellow fever, 4 deothl ill) to 8 Theh ma~il arrived yesterll11, put itsJ in poO'sl·Pli+o of dntealoJil, Nrtt" Yolrk of th1e 25th. 't'ile papers containilil little? ofall intIeet, eXCepttthe great fire, the ttttttivula of wh~lir;; we ¢ eve in tlnuilierllolullnI Files appeaprr to ha f ile nr,lcrulr'the llullre, ruinI it IIelIIIIITC ourr riliipen to be on thle Iook NeIW that the Sauna. compnratiLlfi ell little to do, and we hopllle shor~tly trill Ii,. a plrul Tha inendiriesore roIing in ou ci3y, otre cttalne no dnebt. Ct~111 Thegrai is tht' it tA vIhLe nat motels. The etileit itapon ott thetabi Atinist, ani the mleatns otee thltf; t e etaliat p ttt laws, ti eIo A r tile tuioht er, Iid pIreV. upn1'. tllte-n ted. L~et some1 of oalr spirited t o ting men . Ilr;il, anld form it poirol, that t i ll secure safety ' . our v tty. Wea received no papers from Mobile. .A ge\ fintlemanll contitnuedl wilholut nlly hutement. Atg 1~herfireo 01 url~d ther Ie of Wedoesdny nightl, which deslrtroyed theu city hlotel and e Ccvrrul ho)uceeC in I)oephjin street. We are inldebted to the? clerk of thle ste~llll,ont Cors~i call foAr fries of Sr. trouia paplers. Thle Colrsican reports~l herie':S I l""rl thle P1tIII IIIIIt LrpIIIIP t I+rilll No. 37, it,,,,l St. Lullil to this plaece, snuefiLed anlld sunk.ji I')eello. lilrl.-' t ile Supreme, Court, all file JudgesJ S'III. tlhr fare, isl course, owing toI thle prevalencoe of the ouli '1'Ire Gazette states that thflere are mIlore cases tile,, it, 1837, althlough it is nlot near no Tfuul. The slckoessl is ascribed to the unprecedlented drought that t ins plrevail ed for many mouthtls. The epidemcoic in flow abating.R Alllollgtl le death~ls, we recret to b~e obllised to an- norunce that of our distinlguishled friendl W. W'. Boweno Esq.· n tt G Died, at St. M-artlinville, UlI y I)ebellaonito, of th'e tr Orlean~s Theatrr·. Dr Sir OPELOrLSoS, Sept. 95th, 1833. ii t oohen I landed from tle stealloat, 9 n iles cfrom ()peloaos, and rude into tow ton Fotridty, wtock Iago, hlore was not a single case to sickelo ss in k or bout it. p iuhin rhe last 9 days mo, e tha $) a0 cas Ihve oclcrad. all Inally of tleIt have lterllinatR ed folltdy. a TIhe weather is exc,?.ivly hho ilnl he dy dand dry. Ive .ry thing is oorchld aol irt oup by tlhe scorchilg rays - I ofthlloln, o Illot I dutl is deel s n bto ,itii a,, rises I'1 likecloulds i.o a ot.rmr. The sick...eso t.. I. r.lit, has cept lbecome rrogro d and alartnilg tit thI Suplreome i'ourt oldjoullrled sine die yesterdao, tile stoood dacy of its eas. li (t. Our excellent ond iospitaole ftietd \Wn. W. Bowen Elq.died vrystPrtldav mollrnig, at 4 o'clock, atter 4 day's illness, ofta riolent congestio fl'the h'ngs a d liver rand hIlgh grade ofrfever. Ie was an emient me0t ber of the lar, possessed of fine tahlets, hislh litora ry and extnrlsivo e legliattaoioeoteo aoll, was greally es. 3h. teemed as a gentleuan, a scolar and ecsIellb.nt citizen ool and fiend.\I witnesred his last moo chtoo and his exit frolnthis world orfbutle anid prnlad, polllp and disnp Iointau*nt. Itowasawilt inexltrossitle pain o saw to e S retltllltr cloe of thle earthlo ,rter olf s go1od a noito Stantd oes able and useftl citizern. "mJ ThereareseveraIotllers, oflheitEf tirizensore·l,. Iin ot the point of death. I otoi t Io'"t'ter .nd Receiver orfpblic nIonlis ore down withr the pre ailing skks, I. and uPoll tlhem drlpairedl of. Nllhintg is likly Iv se 1 themo, exceptthatlr the are good loeofocos and sub trea Si surers. T'Iy screly ever rdie, and never resign.oTf e ; p [prevailitg disease here appears to be a hi,. gtra ol I' ,1 billious and congestrive fever; and oe or otwo cases ire pronloulced vellh~l fevelr. A German is ai o o huve i r. /ditd wtith tle black l vomit,pouting t tt dark lara nnd hblod to th lawt moment. Many t ses have viohled to . Otndietl treatmentlwhen o pll'et Ilyr.I an otoj mplv T"7 hllie cropIl..seoin good Ill tile western pal t .fthe >uilte; ..tltott cttoost and sltgr are t ubhllllllnt and tie tornler of 27 3 lillliti qqaliey, ..11 i T roe _ret ,drou.lht i, thie ,It..'etn ptrt of lits Pate.I had inlchr , iju red tihe crop, Ultli sever tl ree,,nt heuv rl tl it i o j tlll e itg t, retiltl rest otre the i tie ttlI datuol, of toerm illionvilh , Wtaes Ihtl I iral " tileller, who ptosso tlrihrOlolh th tt t owi on oie 20tc ' lt.t t rl sage H Iou-.tonrelorted Ihat the .Mornin-. Star oflIlo itsilllhand allliolllced that M.exice had r'tcogllised Ibe inldepen~- < to titce otf't'exaso, anl that tie roost w.1 'lehltioto ooi ,It when he lelt, by the ilrig of ar iolo l foo lem tl oalf. Ir II Adjutant General P. F. Smtitoh revit Ied tihe 13 Iyr e I g'r.nt Vertilli invilt on the 2nd instant. More than / 600 meilen ailtIearo.d utioder arll. Wilhelm Vogel has been recognized by Ihe President I t ofthe Uniteid States a Vi.e Cosul to his jlinjstly thie I b ,r itg of l'russia. +- I. 1. . f.Tlillbnrv sq has ben elected Prsidnt of tile C'itiizen ll anok. i s In IlIearcelout we re illloblitill tfthe fire, frotm tIt N. ir- t Y. torier thereois a ttslke. TIle Iilding hbelongedI ( il t.l Ile -rs.O. alOnI.\h an and II. & J. Q. 15mar. The in- } 4 ns8rilr le on the b ilblin. alnnll tion td tol 07,,s511. O1r Ot ItO 'tiot o or thti e Iltllkt l t lo rto l I I t.i lil Ot t' e IIIii ag ot t t.i.o.. f t le N tional, whito tt o totttrttlite ot. A ofblic ,r eeting ofoib fiiurts of \ ' n" wac Il , Id Iith tl of otiew rfottishlloney tiohuil' hill a Iew •r thatr,, stlillt mo re rplel id trhan I.. last, Au'zrirl a Vespu cti lotio returnt IoNew York froot Il . tt It lul Ihou.hg lle wes terlt oItotr IliSgloV lo ligl 't d w'ith I itoi t. rl.......ptin ... .. il ,h+. id ..... i,,o iassetd t r n b.....h tl 36 are Ierfrmuingat Cllrlton, U~n. I" ' . . . . . . • t oho'o'toIUlberofoi- l'e aoaeloeot of Ito ,.'to (-Cit,m rtar t..... oI;! ;: Sales t. o. olotik ,lk,--N,o l.ook L't,-1_5 elslr .. ot 1 10; 10 do. at 1111i; 50 t i , ]0d f. n,/ On th rth f la-I mo t ', tttlizaoetol I'tiscilrt, 3aIgh-t Si tr ifl'hrlnl A CAluoper, ot' m+alrlitd to Robert Tyhlr,t " E s q . , f V i g in i . , r Ir\Voinferfr.~n P "t .. 1 tnt tf'iat ot t o rtrlttioIt otthiot • to Th .r.o. . t ot 'r forY 1 x1 . I , tolr 'm h, Ir I1 1 ill i-Wtt h at'-te t n Itio oto t n |.r vllll| Ih llT d nl a i'ltr nI ' , n I o u . pl\t, 00000 ettu ortriotttttttttrd itupn a 11t, it Orttrtt tttl tIlrO -e ' Io '-.l to, I toP rart,," ' ott ilnpo' rtltll a lllllt+'ellr n Illhlll tI,"1.eI llll.Ck s.'ll.,it bus1 llb,, filllly IInde pllicil~ly de~clarel d blis'.£.,s..-[ Bus Al as. 1\1111 hl Fromolho e xitto'trt,,i to.) I loo• Ottrr it t's.' itotl 1,o' f lo wito .......rttle It tot iie O'it't o ot ....... tioVliz i."'~ , 'of l+ eha sotr lll, lelrr t ohlotf. \io salltl, ' eer. wt1 . r Ktuoto rI:t s"tltaoltr I-keos Iltt i:Oltore tilttitiot',d ItEfrtee wto goatl' Ito ;'law, u lllul Illnl new Fa1 leu i1iid i.,v [45 1. ZJ t; i i iiirnl~l il, )l~ve eln( i,,, lla lnfU I. II(l trill te tell --\lo ho i II " " ,oototttoo fI', arlllllnn+.Pnent In Ihelas i<, ,. lr. \. er..\IP~ ~ loot' re l totol torit, ln tVto, , I v i t x tltot is l t +,r Ihettctt t dlisittgtoiohed t'ovestrI trte n wt oCo"-0 ,0' tl thre el i ir o ".tlve l~ll l • y e t I v , Illlll i~lll( ! TU Ismportooan--A Inorellleot orllooso ,, Ic oiodP In rPe,. ood ll" ... L I) .. .... .I.:.l ..... tll, .... .. . . I I ..... ".. ...tlll l bII FI.~ rt . . i1 I oy, will sto ol sl atot to'- i o r ,+ '1 ior loostot \" oaaro'loold hot Illol etollord0 to Vt' R. II. PI Iee ,lll /)RY I B )· " ii 1::. \\al ,' Irlll ' • ll htle -,lr frioo ndo ilo iadonc o,, 00ioe li"htof hill ' erot bl12k optllllol. []3 Itit toot Itoootc asfo'l otcrrrotfoo nootttro qooto l loow ts n hiet foi.o odo le o rrf oot ait sot too " I |l'i lll..... ·('~i .... .il and 131......' .+.. .. 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Lure -ln 1 ( l(' a ll~r.v ire i itl l e vli .II( + e: r! ylhjdl rpl.'rlre olr rre orz. hy .+rlv +,I a' xrlit rP l, t le 1""FJ IierillllrP.hl Amrlririn i If' tl ai+"o fn • , ) tarsd d rli.[ u. II.poo 000 hrs- ·i ITe .4dfrionoso -N e 'a tdrd.-- roo Irr/rr I1r, otn tohe rr rt-100 tof toot ortto'd- too oot'. tfi '--tr ie,'' r r 10.rlotl t oalllrl thI:.ind ior. s ol,[lllolll o ssl o dolol \ d I 0 sl.'ill l 111·11111*ii '+ l*lill a1ll~~ll i I + l .i '-'... ,.. :hal ,_.+ toto, ooo.-N.Y+l lroo 0, h,l I.' tl i, From the New York Codrier of Septeonher 24. Dreadful Conlagration. TOTAL DESI'ItUCTION OF THE NATIONAL TIIEA'1'tE, I'JIREE'CHURCHES, ANDl - EVERAL DWEa.IINGS. " About half1. st 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon our ctizeona were. aArencd by the cry of' Fire,' which was fiundl to be causedh by a dense colu mna qi amoolte soOni risilng front the roof- of tihe National TI'latre, at tile corner of Loonard and Church stretcet. it a few mintoos evety part of that bearo Oi'uf celliebo was in flaceos, and so groat- was the hooat ttlat the roofof the Afrlican Bltlotdleat Chourcll, on tile opltpoite side of Leonard street, was, in a few minutes, also one slieet offire. Thlis buildin was, withl its contenrts, entirely destroyad. On tiho other side of the theatro tile work of destruction was, too, i proTgoruss. 'Thle cupola of tile ncw IF rchl Episiopl tlhurch of St. Erprit. at tile corner ot'.Frauklin street, the htlndsoelost building of its clons ill America, took flire, whch soon spread to the wood work of the ihterior, which was lsoe de.troyedi. Tlee dvourinlg lelcen was not yet itavld itll its cotlrse r tilt woode rot cl tile Rlfolrltedi Datchi Cihurchi, i trakli street, tootk ire, tand tihe entire buildclg was shortly a scene of utter destruction. Such a siglht as thle conflagration at this titte I resented has, perhlap, never beftore been wettlcetseed;-a Lathore ard hllreo large churches II a blazoe at tie esnoe tllnutlt, alld eacl tnot a tstone's throw distant fllrlllt eacl other. 'Thle brick dwelling Iouse udjo)itcng tile theatre, No. 17 Leonard street, also took lire, and was conl. pletely courstloed, and ite two aldjoluing bulltings, Noe. 49 and 51, nearly destroyed. )n LoUoard ttrert, cnert IudlJrrit.g tihe Africt cihurchL, tite dwerllhug lrltse o. 57 was entotre, aild at lralll house, 'to. 60, partially dritroyed. Ou F'ranktll treet, besidese ti two churclheo ubove inlloled, tile tire large brick dwellinlg ihollusc, ot". 99, 101 alie 103i, etaiJght firh rl ticee ipoIg tnd cerlncius, anllud w\'or slightly damaged, though, frol, tile liithtrfullecs ot ttoetr conlstructlll, tihey eret sated faort rlll IThee were aolt ill title r lneeir ol tie blre t oult cr e of s all ll bt ll digs, which were coumellld, ad icenlle twenty or thirly, Io variuuo dlructtos, were or re ebor I.s ilntjred by tite roolf' tahkit lire IItUl tile fItlittg rildeirs. The National 'TheatrOl was erected 1and opened nirne years sltce as an Italian Opera louse, at a coot 0f' ,$lt0,011, thie grouad let costig bhessoeo 10i5,000. ''Ibc Opera eorLtnmted for three 8e.s(l, cwhei, tihe hou n re teas lfr a tiue cloued, and in 1831 it was op ed t Nrti ieti'nl Totrc by Mosers. lFlynn 3 & I !lb!, tl be occupied it fir ron reason, iner it \ t againo closed. I thie fatll of 18l37, Mir. Wall,,i b-ieoo thet lres.r, at ;t renlt of .l10,i0ii) pler aillll (previous to whIcIl, howeverY t ito-Ad I'tIllenc )et1le r revcral noourtl c a nllrdor the ItlOtegtrulcut o 3rI. Itlr:kt tll), ald in Ila tads it his remained to the present too,. c thle Sprng of 1t38 tile proplerty was irurchasod of Ilhe oregina proprieitor by Ofessre. Jas. 1., llae ,ott cnd O, Manu. rir, E-q., for $70,)000. Mr. flaokett's share after. wards passed through two or three honds, and at the time ol tile destruction of the theatre it was the joint property of mAessr. Mlaurin & WVashington Coster. They were cscured in London for $40,000 antd in threu several oflices in this city for an aggregate of $15,U00. The loss of f roplfrty to Mr.Wallick is very groat, and it is the eeore to be egroieted as he hlad oot a cent of ilsurance. The racoors of the coepaty, too, Ilave sOo rely, 1lltld Itltlly Of tnlh, havY lost their entire stock of' wardrobr and pIroperties. tie the stock of scelerO3, ctardrrobr, pirlereeties, &c., ill tlre then. err, rIt vtery ltw aricelCes of VclUe wore seved, except Lire bouks and p)alpers n trhe office, wlitch twer all ll rtlernately secured ounjured. Mr. Chas. Kean, rlrt Ihld just recovered liol t a severe illceess, was to ihave aoared again loast veniog, adli thle antlgbo l easecn er lhe ltfit iact otf Rlcharld ll, the i tile ire bro.o out. tlr, Ai oot, yesterday ornlllg, eolebt te oettir,- f his valuarble wardrobe to tile tleetre, but frolru tihe tortunate sitoation in wllicl irt was plar, we It ae. ruamne to believe thlet it w'aes cloverd tIo ea ety. fie Fretnchr Cihurchr was, as we have before staled, oneu of tile most costly ald beautiful Cdliec, lU tlhe Uteled Setates. It was collllloeed svell yerco sllcer, acnd has been cemleloted btoe two yeare. It is rearl to hoave cost upw-ards of $200,000, was built lf telere tmaerblc, and stpposecd to be ectl.cly lire, prol--r,,'-,l,, ie fact, ti. e case, •o w oxcrpt seomo wooden orllaontots about tile dienis, whLere tile lire tirst caught. Tile works of thio sridletrlre orgat were eelltlrely, and, we learn, afeleuy r-rollrved. ron tIe lo t i iio nlation we could procure, y it, the fire or1gt ,0 ti gas riuie, whieh is situ. eloer itt-l iai oline inrllir~en On corlo of olih building, liiie, bene1th tic tgo. 'l'in gau IIIn,, it iappeiaru, nfti itr as esanlg, and tihe door being closed , thie coui .iet- n,,t"" - was, Iiut oni eO uusioili toIk place, aCd Thle te ire Iwas thus oOnllllliuiint cd n Li th culntlsotiblo al of materlal, alrolullnd lre flowever, as is usual on slclhl occaselion., a report Ia soonll spread ullllon the Iulti:ude, thatl thie olgl Sof the lire was an tiicendiary, but the result of our goiqueries leads us to beheve that tOie cause we tave hl ere assigned is tile real one. 'ul. The dwiellingthnusnos destruyed were cornlpara el- ; tively ot iitlo value, aid imot!, oeoiepted by pour lcr of fainhe, neOrly all if whom ha've lust al their ifur nItull, iotlltnollg, n igTc. ITo aiitunt of insurance, or Itlif any was fl1Cted upon tIUe churches or ithe build. Ilgs de.troyqd, wte were unlble to lear. T'he ote olire appratus of the Fire Department was i a u Iil i most retched, dt:ap dated codlldmln, and nIItwith.I st;llidllig the firtm1nn,, exertcld tl iiielsve to the ,lItut, rit- ciortS to o00, l i O n)sIICn Cu e, hbut of - 'itu colstabulrlary force of tile city, who :re re. mllirldl by liw to attentd all ines, were no tile ierto. Sult oa icclasioil musti (i theII , its iis to , oti, Olie ea e pin'- jo ltr-niIsoLIg 'Ilrhe Oosegleno wms t at a l gron at ? nillall lrtiles olvolul were snlle aid car. Ial. I it oi) by t hieves a ind o Iers, whoi were nut ls Ilul-on u llr o ilwln un l;l. T ul, - r :In, The o Journal of Coln oreo, ofI Tuesday after nuoen, has the hilliwting in referuonc to the oses. "' lite liro y-estcrday allornoonl was mlore destruc. tire Ihan alln previoollu fire OI t oils city for soIIe I toot inthti. n' n hic ascelrtained that InSurante had th o beol eflcteil iin thin city oln the iroperty destrovod to nOat leti ti ftillonlg tItounuIts, st or nll of w. oh w t he ;t Iotad Iss. of , Ol 'Al'lmthatro, it, tix offices oQ7,50(1 h (III thei l ch el ihi, inl oie Ollice, t0to0 u Le"cture RA)om, do (it 2 51o1 i the,, Afri n ti l C.hurch, itn two Offices tt01 ' god OnI) a d.ncllg tnoue, 1,31100 7, 1,3'10 .Another rom p'ny had $5,0101, but te are t, I It tt, -avo i what bti lld ,. T.Ita, t 1 Ii i Lr-i d, iat Ii,"1,rm11 I nIt, soy i the t'rio n I church had in lo l hsuel e l to II : , ntoI lll .'l t I 10. ' he grtul' r te t lo!h by iny o ,: c ' ta y is .15,75 1. 1r l,,.t .I ', s I'er, t i'oee.--.t spelnn, an - tlh 11 < l :u , , ·I , .1 , 1 o(l l o n, J vu x ',,lll d n ,ll r r l , 'd I It, - re hh:l . -It,1l+ 11 l ,,I 'nIl. jIi i tle ..n-et ;l I elo l ;O tol'l'' ,f l t ,llll o i I I ,v{ing bir, h I hoa it..rlia , .'all lr h,1e I. 1 r, l, nl ix a I'd, e e la t en"I ftio.. nII " o'il e, ne%, it w i t exhh e t I '. 1 l. ,ler tld. r, t l t- h , h rm ,1 rul Aor to sn. Inoi ia i o rto l"I lt'h lotatt'l t ' I Itla'i o lllllll .' 1, '. I l lrbl, l r ae . b otiril. e ic l. toIu ign.onpj 'I tot,-." | h': {l l (Ift'- L-re' .ill ll' r ,uired ire we a alllllfl t il , 0 i-, h r l I t'i e ,'i ll' c , ir - tl i, out,-, : , ni,,'lir h,, n rb,,t o, o,' t Ienty e I ,o hl tI to Sloo ilitio Arll i te+ni ,.lptie, der g the _ 'J l 11," a. .I · hat : at III.I l: S II CIlIo o d 5111111 men, to ,lwh,;o% ~ , 1ltr ,, , t. l;ip fthI nlc , A mi but t, ti, pnti IIIr nI' i. al Wit,. Augln,- I t, e oi ift.Olii it b ,h i, tll, ,.x l"sl , ltoj, nc J ot n:i, , ,n of the t 1,-ri lry . It W e¢ ,"g t I t leIiituo lllgl·,,iPllt Iiutt reriarm, h • pith,. hop,,:.tooh . the o. a l . I I . t h,.,d s, , ,,III, s . i? o o_ ' I', x i ,, ,. , t I i ,- 1 u i lt,u-iou to I, ,nt ,, cl J IeI -n 1 , tInllll Iait 1' t l) 111 l'ehilr lext , ' 1. h" .t erell1 not ll,. ttId Itt+ . r ,py ilthe Ipri ' ,,,ed ag<f fi! ,tI I e-I aiilya " 't ,!. l ,0, s Ile ri,, ll liOiO iin t :l+tt, I i) ,gad b, ...... lt A b .... ....c.n. . f n ineq. P I p yl o ,1" ,I lil~ll,,leao 11Will IIthe 1'es I allhl Mlildde d Ii ' rling l loth-/h. to'n e ;u t , iI-- ,. t Ie'(po - hit to)rr ol ', . , 1 , Mrai'rd fit a )i,'tte fron -e R eta c Ihltin t.,. Im t,-Iu g,.etnln,*ot has I view a projte o r tre:n' , t li i,:g e ll tI I ,,l d Olwrd for ahnt , ire, fr .'h ".ilfa ""ulr drl P r by ., its- .'o 1er+ F'o.r tn-tn,- nil h,,' Si, ran it, i, f i ii lied it,) l ut s ia o hldd L fi,rwarh. 'I": 1I aII, LIP IItll·llhiu , ( .I I{|e pin, fle .+.vloii • e delay II n opu1ts I ll tl hroo,.f 1ie, t I?ý.--.lob. r . 121n1 ArrantIeI r {,'+ rnCt I. 'rlsljl l ( '.llC purll..+Toer R /UD I r [to t],.-hl"t I, t'r ,cr iJ vn hLi , as }i, earsw + wsell . I- fill, lr , l' lilt, ,{,',.whole nver titl, ,., ltalion If(C . I I on( ll h 1 11 "{I t'1 r l? h+,l d t 1 CIre ;,! ,-, trinrt of | Iit ll car, co, de'Ir iu , e tll r r,. ,or h rI- o( them lllol, t r\ g rt f "el ei laa 4 vi t )l ,h I,. ,I " , .tlm n " f " ,11 p rt h. , po k, 't in " 1 e'l x,111· " i rt , 'q, ,,.IlIlye'lt Int ' , .lo l,+lh. ,..1,1 t,' r +," l . i t " i~~r ctttflod ttt.T ytitcctt'tge. NVeytt, iC. a ver ravoit it cIkitlo.Arijie idlotie, Argiv itl dn ittitvo pnctv. Lot to cpiiv l Illy4 foot to the tulil-'t'ett.nttay eyotet; T'bt PRiNCtPICt\tt thcopB ttotttlie (ty Iioencl4Joobotot ill t'ic the ergalatittit olttli~: t'vtlreacto npy itnt~ocibe, veel'"teitig the ecotio~ly o~llleitillltlc tl~neitioc. ia Qibovtit 'Ilito vale bepcitto' thoal rnui be git'ci tod isltEttittot,l Oltblc nod' le"·r too; toalItl y oWivlint tololcoi'rp8tin 1834 1 "toll .r·j i lin~cii l ICod i-tal ii tiv tra,~l etlu t'eti't tltlt itnlottttttic Iaitt-cat.1· tivlmctiti al tcn tittll Llr liii' ''cdcg(UIIt lflRItt: ICI 1 Itl to ito l tll ittlile c c betrlit itt tu bIt, e~lleld tit cC) th bu lii ll Aitslivlll Strltieiltiitrit , 18 l~ it'bijolteil icc.· cI ititti ii~,· slm tuu Ili(J II ?II1;Ul e tutu ecl rirt-ei ie iloo itc.II~ I(Ctue lll? cIll~i lolll ll, tt t~iteticotcll al ti~e ll c'~ii tt iitti)uiittiulli,, · h111·Illi 1·I i euutioti) ictil cc) l~ lr i l'it yl lie 'ti l itita lII I t'1 tC-u-I·I IIII Ii i l tit 'ltle let I' r it lit :P iitcluutts lte Peu-IIJIIktIItP liuu111itti cllll·I~l~ III i t'~ I tlecial SIT\- ItIIJ le~itudeu I ttle, nlai ii ls.l ~ lii;' il1111!11( hut· itt toel~r· 1 i i-ltIt11114 . I·I'C ll'CccII ""' I'I1(II ill· ;1111 thu1 iii'~ -.I· 1 1 :i( l i11, : 1 · tislt ' iils l·l trt i-uttttct i'ti iittititetit-i- lIIII i l:lu l Art' tll~ l whlichl ly, in ll Iritin4 ('onyuest ta, hnia -fl'oe I ,st accoun ts ,lytlo 1!I orally hi,:h io t ,st ti11+ llexli - a Ihr lpi .0'\ .. ...........ittet dt afottherl ut . i . f Mil... T'i ,r rr ,rgli bOttie Itpaprrt r -lrte (fet " il calra)e tir rrrR•tIb r t llerart rr. tIti rt h t finlaUte, ha ralwdI " wli t- l-utirir Ilt dos llloral lsa est dflb u 11ti lt tr o dei ribr. I lill:ria f r rI l tiat'rl r' P-utr+t oe il.''l or r 'rries withbll , Litra tif Ittt rfrt ' ln htgt r lr'ri'"ra h \ rr. Ii , r ltr .a+1(1 , ner . Le irs t, IIce o !I' CIe l l·g, rs f the' exe "Ill U: tII it, Ii ill .i... II'thvthf,, lhIl d.lltmee.--N 1 t \m+]:, I, 1837l, I t " 113 ll c" c'll, l al tr ,11.11 ,, l II \ i."ir~[ i;. 1 w oll I it. coI iI' tle i'lle llan,] t ll llllllh all, 11 . t1 Ich "I ", oho rill, I (:t"' , it r f h t the 15!, I lr h !h,:I .1ll. At~. I) n / · tl a arer C r i +I 'ilnl'li, :11,\1] 1 (Ih ll , a ;i rjiciY The 'I .' ,ives lred r ll, r ci it e t iret himkap en d I l a ik rle n with Sit ooh .s Its ll i nil l.+oil ,, o++ tdr llldjlll t ilt 'i~lll'llrl'l'. l ip IlO rrl (lII.D thu ruJs it I, Kean, or If, tolol In' tcool) %. tae lotion states tha n ll rri r lha r Il rrn v ,t ,ttIrii l. in r,. it na 'ttri appttea s ith l the It.rit .r , rr k n ilrt,, h v, , '.tet .. Mau. t rlhdlrx lllll rt e mill,+ rvi rlt r ' Ip ·it elrrestcr f -rur lr troop r rlle rlr. The n, hl.tltors s , crll "ed 1 Iy ir tin ylr in llr .id 'a .et p ',,e tihruill th,,hir c' i' ry artrr I r oIt Ille ,irr 'um the still irhiililI.~ I l i , it :al i exposed No fewerth inlion 401 i r,,,+.s+. peris<hed ol .... tl . .. ..h rromn S ,iki ....... . a e,000r nn llnr hr. atrndr ihr ir a lnI e i a ry i e I re tucr. ie tre en ann th ir e rrg al ti r te rLtter in l nit iTu r late io hr lt, ill( r i t o e rnrq-arterra t i t rr. Tltl I'' ntives are ,pi res.ented at ; n ll , frank, tinily 0000 rarr.e, ,,;,i,,-ri rr r ...irr.trtrre. ur.elt r r. tsre. bt a nr o wirr ole wi ll di ir r i t owar-r 'rrrirrrrr iti, i t oi i t1ry Ire ! be Ild ndtbett rt ll t trre ltrer l - itr a IIIr r le "alleh er,'- T enUi- I +-r rrAt tetat, hr I.ira retill i. 'tie had h e i ow l rO c t e 'illt, e n ll -i s iitrr oflhr exp r,',II ll 1hrt Irol tilee n greatr rtie'. ser saertion. A p .ir rt rrs r trr rrr .ert h rl r -rrr i( t y rre -vte (tiretto rare nlerhtir'rrnr r r r' r Maj Tordd whr wae II - ctoei jt 'rdl etrr" g , n i 7 t I by r " iii il tot (puteate i 1. I." ill a e lll t llh o de .Io n '+: gllpl tt~ ,rci. uth,lll htc, "`-"' ·I, ,,laCm lle te m otllt.. ,tdr Chas. I r-eus. Nto c+red it eas girvtrth rmrd t nir te rt .er. I tlln r 'r.ul wi er-.l rarn Il tinrHtL r eiti r l ter'it. ri. t d the Nro nrllr'er'ntiire'tt I nie h llrrr tretrn r ir rr trlr e ir i eie. l cII[ , e, lhirlrie Itheie l wa t hr r telr Ir terg aitr ni that uitde Sitr d i ,leiteh Kerll tl i the rr Illtrl rr i ll t I. t. Ii et I .lr tSrre erre . stiil alivr , r ,tr rhirt n it ri, , Tre ' I ,iir-rtrsh fiorcet re it l r neig hlttrr i r, oflett r. halt Itr+r 'tr gr otlrer-il i<. te i r'llr-etrh iprrecllrr ittr+% rrlrr'L rrlr r r e tranrr e-rq yitiy "t i Iltat Iiite I IIrIn v ofl t ih t pcrv .l+ .o_ "l'- .l a - t rr l rttirr rr] eill er i e writ ir ri i r-r Illa rrned Inrrrn 'o nre g ld. to 'k reaained in · t Ihe p+.u ,sno o f I oo r I oop. Brefera r i rt rr rti nsthr- vtrrr trtel tpai . tirt'i rsefard r-rrt rtirrl "even remarnrie rr i tacti re tn til re rk. ris "f li G i t. t t wer io I , a .r it was exper ted, rr 'tr'art hi- Ill,.t l,+ wF 1t alltlI . 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'l'.' ,.+r It ;'.u I \,.s , v, I'r "; ,,L , I l i I lh lillr I (1 iO rI' :l.lI, .hll R , 9 Itll-N LI lb'1 1 1 The. ;!i ,ll ._Nl· 1 Ii! I·:\Y \\ ();K, (III 1. I'll'i.\.'- 'Lio I . l "e A · ,,l l; t ii ii . h' i'!" d t o i v I ii1 SECOND MIUNICIPALITY NOTICES. \ýFas |+')+ lit | '+t I li . .d 1' tlt taliid w..d, 2nid AotrrelARI blind, ai star fii her liot , uablut 15 bhtldl hitth, . .lt'hc iwier :o"f tuid ptpeliy wm ,l ele i tr'll fit the potllni| I t :Il wardl, 1i.lS ideiiiwitiy, ritmletil at the cllrller ofl Illittl eind An .itipib tii' t i trp,l rto, I'over o plrty p.ry chlzrc.(. and lil + Ibke hr {.t'ny, V , or Iltli 'o 19tJIh Uc. hlobr next, 3I3, J ,b elt shlg will be sold ait fue liul Iv ..A Guilill ine, jpubli .nllcitnio'r. 3 ". . ..1 \lv i'VINT j:I, Itll ieul. U Li ArilotrtI, llMrchloaid dd Lel.i iot unetis. (' .. I'm loaenlllnunit ae ordontlliancd du Cotlncil Iohlo d . i ic iplll i c, jr lirn i t hren.dlt it I'lronll It Ie 13le I.o r l M illittr Iitiq le lctu ietto kllyr ulr le' it evni ,tl qi e 'mcIiy pai vllllel' avlltlll. JNO. it, BUl'TlER, S i5 • , . whllr'. 2d Inutnpl'y. iL a 6t condu4 t t In C:o tle Ie Polite do l So. - C condo Municilpu!it, les .sclahav suivanlllt, if Voit :- - I:)WVAIRD, ag dl'elnvirot 38 ains, oi dinnit hp. partvnir it Mr. Pascal. Uo rlgre nounmtd DBEN, g6 d' l'nviron 30 ou 32 ailt, ii dliant l lppartenir i flI. Jonles. UIlll griil'unio nonIlitxio Betsy, Aigde d'environ 18 i 20U0,s, tll, or dit lilro lsa protpri6it ren doites asclivns solt priOt do vltlr tr.s r etirer on pIrouvallt letrs propri.'I s el o ll piiy,'it lot hraoi. 3 not T. IIARPEl, captl. do la G(arde. I t1. I; aon gtt i r ll t , i lite prl lo of tae 21d auni ip til~lily, the dlowvil i osl t t., t v, og: A bhtt k Ir n i a'l e'i i titir. l l -t l of I ge, alos he be'longia ilr I'adia A i ,i rgo i oiO il ll l i a y h t 'o t l o r 3 2 y e a rsi o f a g e A gviliia gill rn ued lotsyv, uhout 1|1 "r 20 tpetr of NigC, lIts ity a i ii :rle I'he owners of the oabve, piaes' will plcuase clll it th lrio1111, prove proert, ay ing , andllll taike thelli t i dOi ll y ltRi ' lIt , Cl ati tai of the Wli tch. I lIao i i t cond tiuit at i Puste d l 3no. distiiot do la 2do. IlOnicipaltit t, UI,. i J it MENT unir, 19 11i mains drio liaut, m:tr. Iqu par nmla s.l silr o idos, Le proprifilv ra t prid de .ear in rtla,.er ani prtlos du 3, ,c district Io lit S. o'I I l ll ulnicipali 6. 1s1t6 au coin des ruls Robin tt AnnOnaintOln, on Si d' i nu 12 vetobr prochill, ,l, el i,'tl'it plin recla i I, rl le slnra lt dit jour , ,I e n 1cl( 'll:lInn par . A. (GillJ l-tte, encat ur, c tlrmli t1 it' l lo t I a lei. ylt 1 ,d age, saes he l'"l ag, - ,)Ir - n 11,. i, 'h tih e r ul a ,aid sl .w'..,,I p ,"t , ll 0 1i the prim, o, Io l"."lrln'' ypayeb"lr X nod I tr, , him nwnY. d II I II Al I',,,l l i " l u ilplity nabright mulhult l lan.e 111t ed ANl ,Ilt. S()1 , ibuIt . l or 21 i ) oll r Ilig. , iIIIa le is lire. lThe mttnllr will iIlase call, lpro, ve pro erly. l vn rr ge anta ( t i nit or tiie (ial 't er 'I ilS IIAI I I' :I. '0a-"'r ig 'il iao'll a lilllt', Ibetwen I ofvi a nltt (iryt nltrt'tl, Itlllrn'k i , b lled IIIIq ': abo ut h tI 9, lllr h . n + i g ihl'l, l bill f .Ifet ,wit, willth if ll· i ll Iltc t I ne oifi' hI',ni. The Iwll r llo said o rstI will please call ilt le p aIIll'Ii, p tIi'r IIImpllerty, i)'rt ('hurIlll, a1ndllalke hiiii aIwaIy to0 -r ti nr a iaturdi v il t,,- ,'III, to 1i. *1.'n It,. wil be sold ill aultlioll Ily ' 11 0:dof eil ii, p ilhh , i.i i.loer, S II I'E rI , '1b', I.8 L \litP lilitlll. r crbf tt llIin tiae, % A a" Ei l'.1 i,,.,,,] .. . , , IJ,,liacks n, n.+ Ii i ailcrs d glle , liltow .nplh id, h el ilr i h ralln. + lv l ;ir - h, hei+,ll+,.;r I -It il Jllllit- Sl'r l l l llllllll 11111)111 II bet r. lo lb' Hu ai '. ,.-ha l.h u t0 e ,, prove pro I r f lrges rha ,. rtl a til .h ..,ill i P t , oI, II 10 r lhi 1rio l "l t ,, h. I d I , I a on,. 1111 4l l . I it I I.11 h ll i . I1 i I<I,)1 w , ro fl ' "11 ! ' Id ;r I Ilill t l diot 1 ri~" rlel l lt arelil .I 13 . 1,ll i . A I rl,," h,, tp ,air - llllll l J I. I II I I, 4 t o. proL' ioltl sat 'l . ... l ,1 ,ir l l ll \ ll lr. \1,, ,,.. I't , it +:r , a It,,,: a + \1(1% 111'.1. l,'1' 1, I' ,I''l lralv It J111- 1 r,, d "p e t at. ,, 1 ,1 . % illi i, . J1 ,,r dT o r 1 Lp m ,1>I, ll t ha llu'j ~'1)[ 'L l"-.1 RL ta i.,r , " . ,vt . Ih'a ,b. 1 t' h-at 1,ih o, ,,,, p ,,h . \,, o ,G , i n ýi" .f oilo, 1ubl I I+ y ill II i I V)i.. l I I II. 1 E III. 'I' 1ait 'n 'o. 11 al e IIl I ?\\ t1· i - .c, le I , t ,, , Irn ': " ,..,. . 'r Ira mai ,. I 1, iL--ll " 'iS I,,II , ', ,p)i t ,i ,.. de \ J ,Irh. rdl" l r t I l t , it i Io,, iT.i L ,. t u rIU J,. 3 If Si (11o.1t l lE , i, lli- i i ue. i . 11S I . lt111: t i itlll i Vich S \', : ", L , .iI . , a l II. . i;ai, I, .' ,,i, ;,' ,.o . lodyv. . h1, creditors. 'l'h, re hr .+ or b, . 'tioner v a l. tif..d to appear it, +..+Pir 'M r: ,,o 'ouriel , , rn ty llse I, . 1 :1::,' ' ,l,+t 1 , ti...... . It eke', .,I . ... Or n :,?, #,+ lth, "" th . pco i ( ne lth')( .Tl o t I burr Ct InIlU f t ro lei In a I r I 'll+a " ,iar al " t,ua " L t l': It ,C II H'1 .lL:, Clerk. n t N, 0. III'."Lak Wd'lIuaa artIIula+ nl dSte. " vr Ioud i 1ou : I 'l. th',''I ra oci l a 10 h tr , l, - I m l" tI I , lr l)r lelurs t raisOnal SI l e l , r v I I.r a ll . llli r. d;N ,,orur s ilt us t , o e it "t ItthnS at eI 1n.. S tdlu : ot lta , pro ,>re otire e lsr ,o pteron al e l Dlo pro lt. ala S u II Pn l;a:n rl,.l airr paLarIcaIlaatad" 'rIo1 a t"n lIro d oril qa'rep re. cr .l,. r dso ,,i . art c ars a i. t a ngr n le o J.ll. llrl ,a A tiaita a.Il la, jaualu 9. Fi L'a'riAr I )1 LA 1 lI) aIII. I I 'LlA, or ellin d . E trtEL dO t l r dlr NAr District . i chl,.ir ictS'. 1I.. [Pa.l a'?ntro sew ure . la -.L't rcrh +lo desd pro prIlll,lrte r . II. PaIg aro aa t li t6P ao epn allr .i :(IOr C luar por c 13Itv a ltr d s.e erl taul r -' ola dd trend qu'n + a+.cnbli, de.. di n crZ . tt ars sit lieu " _ ___ I l I 1.1 IIt lXNC .Clerk - ,rit- soort asp ,u es, Jt . I . (,::s' well 'tII i'a " p o tr r e p l e s en tu r h."s re ra l ie r s u b s t li + ' dil' ('air, co 13 Sl I e lllal li r l lt a17 I?'i a I'. L ILA-.NC, olp. Crler SI TATEll OF LOiiNIUINIANA, o 1 ~'a Lolt nrcir alr Cot r ha t N I: e-Orlens. y av l,, 8Cr ditors aLd Ilie Crtilto o' 3. CaoaJa .tI1h fu ro tllara 'If t ll . prtiioner ard eolifeed to a ia "on d ril'lil t ll re lllta,r ilr l o lt a t lley, , tl nt| 8 1 .l, t lrka Esq . 'I aolll r, r 1 '3 h,9 at o , ''rscna k l,,a'l ,l:h it IliaC tle he trt it a'I ,t'l I.k a. I. fora tohn Utlepu r:l'lat "llvant allat ian i ila ait' ., a'alady , anu na t itl .+in linl t all j'tdiaiIl Iroti'lltga ag g ot s i I ,ria nol l pr ert,,, ure tnya,,. I) J o'aalr l'q to :.i ', il'" aii, tr: .. .. I..... the abilc t Ia'redi... ir Ihj I abcal-e 'al. iItaa . Wit t l y l rln. A ` ll I ,, j urt e Coti toren.,i lis 7t '.183 9.t E l)t . r lIU:iIE A7'117. A C1', ( II "ep.Clerk, ETAT DE LA LOUISIANi A Cour nercial Court da Nle -Orleans. hNo. 1065. --Jauatit Caat llia (an atal d'arreltio., . E Chn roias to rs ptilioe C iredi o ntor nof J C 1 l ra (reCators el the paoll ttioner are pold too) rlbe a ppl ar in r tr l curt ol Saturday, hbra 1839, hl ' , 'eItc, bera3l, 1 t 0 'clock .tat , Cathe rc tl Ci o it aa nt dtlla itori It Iactl onaiae stody, alti lis, persn anla l plroplerty arL t'ydla. n la d ileb.leior,' Iatln laot, qo. spitda tol'areiaroa cit tino sly order aafrthe Court,nr N Orllean, I 7th Olc 1'833. El'. GARI)EIRE, . s... - r Clerk, auses 6'118 en olut, pourVuiv Ie petitionaire tie tiou. i il tellllllps toIrses eOtlrsull jot iei'res cOntra

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