Newspaper of True American, October 8, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 8, 1839 Page 2
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New- rOWIIuC Iiha.bocrofr waOIUacra. O1fllOI UOS' Volt THE. YEAR 18.30. Flsllore-ideast, S. j.. FillregO litrasosgloe of .ippe00o f/r'Ilt~f JaoIe. Dick.a 4 nu ILI.neih P. (). ollloie, 5al ijsls Fi'Inpk n (e9o4olflo,. of -Mlrolio f r i/o. 0I.InL/ of My.I Joh10 IlI.d let,n, . John C1 HrioV.. ltigv Wlia okn, III lJs d.I. P. A. H11dy 4olisitial Kohn. " iall flo nlattiaile . Thn.Grear Bi! i ern Vail in clnm d core tiny at 10y T ir nit n i. illeI ciloe, 0110 Moenlsy, WeVoloondty ait~ Fridy,o lt a'rtsluk, A. al.. -I dno~eoo~y I~uosda- 'I'hlruoo,ls sod Satraa " P. Ai. The . 4ginisnlll or Riper, Mjil ioolt It oory 91n. dOi,9V WI/Il, sind osstso/olS, a t r. P. 11. Is , aludroturnsd b sumlo. 10/ Arts~o irrgularly three limes a o'rrk. Z'rhoBayo .Srra oro noSr 31r 0 1 is clurrl evrrv T~o bsy /IohadFrIday, 3t i ' M.! l nt ! ml re. ' rnod by eoio,/,,1s. The Ab~lnn'.10 I of Red irer Muif is soot irrega I·uIy by etsn, i honts t si 0,1k. LOUTr ·rrtol.E: on o vs MAIL. Mora~al:y llylFih, )t1 1 dkl ll tlIP Wodoroday and Close a o'lo/ k, '. M. COAST MAIL. Tuesday oid Closest8s o'c/IskP H. CARROLLTON HOTEL. VAUD has the h0ono0 ofionforming and the public is qeneral, tlhat he has token the Hotel at Carrollton, where he Itrust he will reteioe the calls of his old Friends and all lovers of good cheer. Private peltn oill he handosomnly proooded forby 'ivinga little 00oti5 beforehOad. He is willing to enter into aroagomenht withll fanilies or individuals doesirous *fpaooing lohe eusomer at Carrollton. m20 NOT'ICE. Su, Arrangemtenl o comLmce I *1 A.jart 1839. NEW ORLEANS, CAIIROLLTON RAILROAD WINNER ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE WEEK HAYS1. From Cerulroltu. Flinn se Orleans. Horae-Cer at 4 &vI,,ek, "A. U. Horee Car at 5 o'elclck A. A Loco,.,,ue, I .L8,otive 7 " 8 8 .2 1 1 11 t 3t w 4 , . . 5 8 ! ARRANGEMENT FOR UNDAM~ The cae. will Iea.e ,I IIe l,,a 88e 1hours as in 1e wek dlys 1111141,1!l ' kI.l. wheu n LocomPotiNe will 81,88,ltl n aver hoaolr, until,8 o'ciuclt, P. MI. and Ncw Urlemisl cvcly hlour 8lil 8818,11k, P. 85. AI8er l0 o'dk, n h,,,ro8,cKnle , ll,8d,,,, by pyIying5 .4ol 1t.8or the Trip; i8,ull14fofter 1 o'clock, P.M. 10 dol 3.. will ihe ,h8,jgd. Peloo.osgeig by the 98,nm ,.C, m81,t providy themselves nilshB riekot,,, 8881, 88lduA,8.18 p1siti88 1 1lretiu8,8 8 to receive monery in lion thereof. For the 8CCOm8888 8 olf 1er81Ons visiting Ca1rrollton. il the 3 o'clock ,lr. ead who 88y 8ol wis1h to remain there u, , 11 8 O'c818k th1e ca thlal '88 h 1eret1fore let Carrollton a1t 6 O'clock, wi18810ill m lluil 61 o'lock, tLhe,,,,1hllowing them one loaort,,ol ,jy te plc. 111 t w8lks i8 o1 e of the1 mee8 Banef6ul Ga4den8 in the Uiled Sltats. THE JACKSON AND LACORSSE S'IRE.TC ARS Leave tlhe loud of lclikoll street at o'clock,. A. At. C; at: 1 Street at 88819',lll,,8, codl rU81 loly. All ,,,lc,,k Ilthy will commence to havlle each had1 every hanll hlour, untill Pi O'clock,, O N. M.,ex88Ofll ll8ha 8lldcit8fll ,,ovi IICal stretp.t,8 o', clock, thle o~te will leave. there ut 8 o'ci-kcl I'. Al. l It is pa rticlularly eequcattel that gen'elalenI will not put1 their feet .l'ollthl cushions, or smloke inl the cares, when La~dies ore. presenlt. Otlioe New Orleanls and Cairrollton Rail Roadl Company, JOltN IIA11'ION, Jully SOlh I138. Cbjifl ig. N. O 4 C .R 'NEW ORLE1NS CANAL AN) IIANKING CO, ý11HE 1,o,, 9 ,Steamhboat lse c ,ill lea1 Ithe 188ain SEltll8e Rlenll fl 1theNe Cllanl, every dly, (exept 110848y8) 18or te Lke, to follo.,, Depart 8135 A. Al. Return at 8 A. M. Ill A. 3!. I 21 P. 19" 9 P.11. 3 4 1'. M. 5111.111. " 9 18. Al. And on HIONDA1'S: Dleport at 10 A. 11. I Rtturn 8113 t'.9I. 1 1'.9t. " 4'.11. may 28 B HW ah New A nollae,,l, . NASIIVILLE RAIL ROAD. The L~ocomotivev will run i, ll be ('real Prairie i e u tensing i~n thle 55th1 insat. ue RIIlIw,:- wKEK DAYS.· Departure, Retard.l 8 A.. M . .11 A.M. 4 8 1'. 18. f, I'. M. EuuunA.. to la Il1llra11,e'1 Rnvou. toLatnran ll 6 A 91 9 A 31 I2 A91 3 1091 tO. LaIolBrache 4 P 95 6 I189I 1 JAMElSl II. CALI) WVEI.I, a1gu8t 21111,1819 PEsldent., m ,,,.. Cllnrluvna F'p1 ...., n; \Vn I sh·LJIIIEIII IPrpII- ... ofi rhdo l Ipl, :. daI.......... · 26 I:.auf~~v. ll. do ........ .211 Haitit..rr, , I .ll............ :'. St I.sllrvll do ~...... .... 77 P~n7,1. ,o . . .. .n' Ialrrrpa77~l J11dI .. ...... ý.ý 11 r..s .... [OJTl'I' OF NEW 0IL \11 I\S. 3I1kip t1,,,. 10:7: i'hlflI.7771,,,1l0, .1)x11, I '7).AC tr AIIIVp 2.ll, I)Cihl wr Yl 7u l V lclo 1.7 .c.! 1221 2,'ll P h lIll; llW lIs 2 3 121,) 1212221 (21r1g22241,''v 7yl2o12, 'I~le 2121." 112y,21,,. p,,,lede.3 11,1,1,:lld IIT·1212231127712.I;A,,1, Sims1. A, ýn,],sl.a 2ak PI 7(2, Lo2ma 2 212 -I r Ileig uu, 1a1 o, 23iI·i,,.\ V.,, Il23127. 1' Lo23Is Na.tI. AI:IIt VAI.a. 1)III1· r~UTI1:~ lII)LIIBWlllltl OrUli· illd ittPS I' I IR ii .t.. .I .lisp alrrraea, tip hi_ ri % I !U' "r, I, ,ý LI+ rcf and -hr toxll Ilur (01,70 1 t1 the ,ti, let o i , ul and ,',airs. I rircrl , 13;.7 31Ui,~ 1f the 11,. 57 d .p N F a , t31aIt ,, 7 ln,, agru aaon au the 1,.,r , I .o ft fir h her , , Eoe fish , 't.. at 111 . FI33oplADEL·i'llIA.111. IJ*llll'222llPI22-C2gl IIl~l21,2 121U , Ne WP R n, I i .221( 1 fenlI 5 (V pa I 2 . Il J %3.Ildymll ~yl~llki to sw I her largo, , rtu ru d to the ci ty .,if. barque hers lry. se1111.40314., ,jcl, the ,b1r,, t13,1-,724 , &a,,,, luck, A M 21Nothi 1g1new. 2 2.i 3 7'uw Irons I' po,,r, D., s, fm Ihn Ne if, C,., pas, ho ing B g2 77, l 1771.22 dxy. flat., Newport, to22 112 It 1 2il2 Sp Mixtfcu'I',ccro Itusaq:77 J.,yn f. u,1, \o frai. to Cuculn.- i C ar p Lro. C, !nstet, Ilarrqs o ll ranlo l(Vi, iln, IS .,e 1 rln 17 ioad Il ia, o 32323 ON., Per fg dan.drl s NEWPOR-43n1, 22121132 27i Iiyadgn an and+ p0,,,c,t '"oI-s sUaird `NSWk Cn,.2.i.lnnh o rl,·ep a' , MAp3;ni ..zPrl,, p. F,r,30nuicor;,uCy NruO,oil, n, Snrr Ailk. ll) Cools,2 , Ill Ce.uNi Lid,;, , i, l c177, Ilary, s 1 3 3ll .3,k 1217y to, : Jad.31.ind &ply A,; f7 Ha ind Hracules. x hr off II,! , n, 777,cale1,aa spoe p 1322oZi;21d . 7 Said Cl 4aIn. ,er 32uld22 .inrn d 2ll, cal23l the and .Inea u idrr '.f , ,t;lem nd i eel siat, 2o 11 2 322ric, tande·· tkr~~~ 223313; ··~ l uralin nftn'ale~ Ln,,y,,su wit hon uul, ftsh nale ine trut, lien 77l cabrc in ilk handerchifs: blck stll fany era vA ARin)-09J k;'gu atv ra Latrd, 233k 212cri ktr on:l , 2 ULFI:B NI. 11 C)J~(1i t'I'ltSLY, .1 adl sl? u t ottn 'sp1der: silk, colt,,,, null tcread FLOUr 3513ts .odk, 22n egl i Flubrll, s22nd canes old 12 tulent, 32 le3 UtltS Also,-Splendid assor tment of lathes and xClrie lri. v eriy, Hndr13s' u i.3n i nch flancya w,(.3aaa,3, bloOJII a9YI. C~il r lnulr sgr. I Unid e 4e Nealawn' Appoit21,.2eal Iy th Sea or U l 12,NCwIrlAnsjJ) _________ 11 7aentIId v (Aal)L) (Il,ioner 32 ak uIfd3it und3 , Canr Ill7 y a jnl ry2 nka 3,,ll ;di g 187 1 11.1 223 3 .78 2 t$,lnnrn3 'H OV .1CR&0 03 F a'beut, for sale by 2337223321111 G 'alunl forsale by t ORE, t 03 4 New er. m Il `V ON LME dlleaakl 'l'hol,llslnllFre-ll limee to , K7 arri at.,f a pale 3y ,(; d fLA aIIAK y 72 $'8 J'JGrav~rrst rt tAtt'oU..aa.1L-10 rl. No. 1 wltiie Cnsdlr Oil ot tt L/ cupleriur quaglity, nobw lauding Wad for sa rle bly or - JAI(VI. 43 .Na N .DREW, vi s21l,lni0 cornetr oft(:olnlllc 4. rcliullpilouluj stn n, Il l~t1 I3StVlo ;1 3H C A IACK 2 Co, .e s`28 :3 llnpk Place all t1RT'EK-,3 iaaks Ilarclay's Brown Sioat Portelr, w P rFot sale b IC.CM1(KSoG,- y sf8 '3 (talnk Piece tr ·ýpr ···--'' hbls ·· Illl Ilanll, a very anpsrl lor ar. s tkle., l'Iildmg frum.. alea npcr ieirillmlt k, f r role by tt$8 ) 1r01Vi:', :14 ew Leve EI E A I(.-ttl (1 pig 'tit jr~d _1aa11n In lm ulalrbhua' It, RKitraai, *ral IbrlalY bLy - 1 Il 1·11 J 'IilAvEn h & Co. 74Pondroa'sl sil LAKU-511 iry~p of sperior rt t tar, f;r .ult. by 1.26 -41New Lrvvlr Ill A 11D-7811O ksg. bra: I.' laid fu axle by t r.LI 14 New I~rce II t'I'IR TRUJ A-MERIAN.C FA1TRFUI, AND BOLD. a fiffial '.Journal o[ tihe 2b .t.ltnirilpftlite. PUBLI,1IIED Daily, Tri-IVeekly & WVeekly. I% +s o: g, o : y L A : o ITUESDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1839. A fire occnrred io ,unr eilyon Srndauy morning, ia the. cner of C )tnou "ml SOt. Pe cr streets, which dertrvy ell sroral hI b dings,-Etaels llnd.worlk shops; lln erug the rest several hahdsoe new h louees, tle. propelty of FP. Freretld I'.()..orlMc. Mrs. ('lmpell, who fHe - .pied thie corller hloue, hasi lost a glel deal by he fire, Imost of her furniture a handsome new carriage, alld a line horse, w liclh perished in the Illll.clll, and re( i rance. Rainattlast.--The wilt had s bon Ibr severale days froml the cas nd yelva<t: rd, wll.l+ til t: I new moorUn llne ia lftl rtlil bow long this tuns continue we tlow fot, but nV cxp e I 'c t ssatiln vll It clanc.'e of winld to henolthi, and cold eoath r, Iand.I nuy-be, a flost. h, for a Irnst! Mrh. CLAY.-T-'he administration press. very gene rally are seeking to produce the ilpression that the chances of Mr. Clay's success are not so great as those of Gen. Harrison. Our Whig friends are very silly to place any confidoence in what the Globe,or any other' Loco Foco print choose to say upon this subject. If it a was really the opinion of the (Globe, that Mr. Clay stood no chance, it would be tile last paper in tile world to undreceive our party; but tile adeinistration party are well aware of the almost universal attachment of the Whig party to the great paciicatour. Mr.Clay will mosot assuedly be nominatedhl by, tie Harrisburg Con Svention, becouse it is well known that hoe alone can unite tie opposition party...: • The Whig party haoe not cnfidence in (Gen. Iarri onI; they believe him to be a good, but e weak old mlan, who had not sullicient influence at the last election to seenre tile vote of his own state. Louisiana was also lost to the \Vhig party, beecause of tie lukewarmness felt for the candidate foisted upon toe; and now, t Gen. Harrison cannot get the: state of I.ouisianu, nor Kentucky, nor Tclelolese, nor Marylrand, nar N Yor Yk, uur Massachusetts, whilst Mr. Ciey is certain of all those states,besides Ohio, Indiana, Missitesppi, Illinois, and perhaps Virginia. Mr. Clay is the favorite of the Whig party, antd of eight-tenths of all the oplositirt party: why, then, should lee be jostled or bullied off tIhe track ? n The public offices, anti tle counting houses and stores of many of tile nmerchants and tradesmllen of Natchez have been removed during the epidemlic out of thie elty, to different places in country vicinity. 1 The Free Trader of tlhe Irt.October states, that the fever has not proves so fatal as in 1837. An intelligent physician calculates that, in privale practice, the num her of deaths do not exceed ten per cent. We cannot find tirhe authority of the Picayune for say ing that Mr. 'Parons hald intended returning to thi - stage. The filowing is his latter to tihe editor of tile I.ouis t ville City Gazette, published on tirhe 17th ult., and it is certainly pretty positive, and itf tie account given by the Picayunere e orrect, would place Mr. Parsonsin a very inconsistent light. Mtt. •IAlSHALL.: Dear Sir--Althouggl it hs never been nt cus trln to pac y m elrattention to t ille toruaors, yet tie une low tf.oa dlertllall re ecultlltlO t itt tile first pace, Ianve le ionltctioll erel to return to the ptfessiu lli oave reco:ntlly ob lllldelll ee saeel lly with tile eassiting grace lrf God, will treer witllll font either Ie e illrecle or olteisIle'y-lookig Fir lev io ward lot hereiatlereteaftCer- deemein it mt ltee eliar glory to serve in the rhaks of ta e .o d c ee+s r rt stt ad to be liuut alwlt s a faitllful sohlier rf tle (cross. Tire eiopprelrension of er fieords a oleu et veial ont-lc-ht lIsl those at oce a dislance so ol raw w cunclusius, pleased lcol to ivc this It p tee in Your pa. ipor. H l sp.ctf'nllv y torrs C. II. PAIRS.ONS. Ata mceeting ofthie fiirndsl'of Mr. jerees W. \VWallack, at tire Astor IherIse, New York, it was resolved rto rnI) aort Mr. \Vellack's copllalnyee tar tile preseet, at tile the atre next Nloh's gardlen1r, l ireot', cendl to raise funds for tile irn drietiate erection of a 'plendid Ilileing, suate rinr to ny othler of tie kihrl, atnd conltUmtllerate w illc tile increasing piopulntion of New York. A corattitee iau been arppoirttd to procure a c ithable lot tre tiroidwaty, ttand n1r,'rt will be made to purchase, th kClte Iof Weash eiegtoee ilhl. Gee. I:OBisfr V. I1.lYM:, .flSIoth Carolina, AId at S AshI ille ot tIhe i l hh, l.. ol bilious I fver. 1\1i r Ils in, it is fi'red hy :mm. y, ~ill ite the great . lSou lllleri fi lia , im i i! Io," d. \'e c ythe I wi ,g fr ll the N. '. Nar. lIftrue, il IL n di co r un xt . nt Il itluol.l toI the 'hisliosphe r' r,1 . lt ditor--r a tr e llfr, w h .ts )- i nrou ht r 1.. "7ashes 7i 7 . 1ai nil 0 'l' 7 71 77t. 7,ll 1,.t r77 ',Ies hld o'r i1 'll7Ph 7 I',I71y ' .77'7'77 1h II1I . Ill ola l. , p'r1 il ., pIaper liAnd la-lubu ord, o o any kindthat it preve r , eely. . w I g • sli t I.u 1i n | l, , ,1 r 'le d rs7 71 h pel I Th Iis i '7777t7t'1 , ci r i Ihoe ' h 7 i7lll' d to t71 77Cmtm( 1i of ile 771" fcl 771 l'e((ce ino I7- 7777 no771 fil7 i t'h' 7 experi etll7 o't aill7 11 , o Vhleh 7 ect11 7 11 ile,7 o ' xpg " (jt')]llny, I l by whv al h1c a Ic tl ,tLIt ii [' r : n c7o11n 'hd h lke t71 o i 7' r t7' prl par.It7 o. of their 7 1 UPIv ll 7 o I 7 dec77la ions, , "I ht large t 777bIoke7s' 7 7ab 77- ''e's i 7P-77 Ir hn, nhedv nl pd it or thir ackagesb , 13.c, a nd CoWl . owl ille, o thel i q l rd re ecli,| ei v I t e alpltofri/ll onlIlline of d Pll" tas o i orc lerfe te Ctyin fire I , i.h I . t .'tG rr w 7 7 1.q . ,,,, 7 Itcoe. on th. e u7 o .lt his f., t (irqu 7 te ,pmo, 7o b7 7 ill methold. ihe d Ii dtle mod ofl:t bu Idng , 8.3r "l, w their ]l bl o e -ulo pretmiotber Intl lT t i ad re.uitved thnis t nw diethel vv with [he se t errd B. r il. Sweo prof elanh"o dhil.rst ine mutiub may be um]ers er aaot apl l tnu 7mer krp tf won t r b'id I , roots, o ,vc ie, lta mo 3c , " Ihea , r ier, i ncurti 7, l.d xes, f ond whnitver is ua td igro in t o o t h,, theul " o- ,rtain i O tnll dem criptin, gn'',l 'll' ' Inmb er lagth a etr i t. terlt Il h tIolu i tl- +nid a e a ie s pail ,llT t l es W I srt hleb i oliu llllre, i e , le tcanva , to be empuby co fors 'w r - Ip (s jc7, r7 yhfidgh, C:.t ; I7ayo of ,7 the1 f1r sm·ld po i te b. ,ll . orailS ,el dn . r,, ; r) ( tle' ,'oer . ' l'77 i-h' ns, Ilthe d, .ratiur l fer t o eal.7 s alhwd- r ld" 77 ca, 7.7a7 h I rakerm , .t ,e. te.fisof u" .'ir d lwoer, ldtsbli^ 7,,r boxu.g e t 7 ia '. pte , gou, 0.'. acoer7 , nine,, dta y ki ll o n terin sa cil tonl1 ,il ne i I te cl llla , , - c id· 7nt S 7l77 l eisir it lt 'v b le, ,t i o le i luc a be c 7inporttth d,"-o'ery slould Lotr k7o77 u th 7l7 usd, n will .Lice teby publitlh.hiln tlltab ve i yo paperr, nI11 perwhi ch see ic jlay ie req77 , 7irel. I e al 7 17111 -7ery 7e7pee7li7 V lr7 1.77J1": I,.'A7II'.(7 I',. o 3OBIL'L, Octoboe 4, 1839. John Wi. Townsend, Esq. has recoived tel aop ioid t t of ostmtie aster of orthe Cityll oi th place of S. 11. (Iarrow, l'.q. We re-.publih to(-day the report of itterments which appeare7 d in our last, with the add tion of ithose on tie lour lIast day o tle mouth, not lro i vioutly published. The mo 7th o 71September, 1839,' and a Iist of the noralles of thouse interred ~oa be J one of 7el h 7neholy interest in ub.-eque77 yoar, . The 7total yumber reported oil tide sexton' btooks, t from t7e lot to 3tLh upteniheorin.olusvo, is 3S0. 'Thero is a growin g o7 pinon that the worst of the elpideic is p '0t. 'I77e numb7r of 7'd7th a7v0rage077 7rather lots than it did a w7 tel g ao--whichl s 7 ic rt- I a ly acc77utmed Ifr by tirl 7h1niniab d noumber ,fsub. ' jects, probably three-fitths of the very tmoasl popu - lotion havi7g b7een more or less .ever. ly 7ick ; but1 therre 7-e IeI,eced to be li7-:wer cases, sald thloae' imllnre nlllag.;7b7. '7Th is alrds7 ( to residents th7 o 7-t7orage7 abs7lltes. 'reo nleW cotners, tl1e disease 5 would probably be as malignant as over, soon at-ter a .t htdl bueen rla terally 7modll7d ill the case of re7i dentls. Since our h17 t we 7 hav lost 7some valuable 7 el1t7n--svu al of whom7 died in1 ti7 country 17 which seems, just nuw, to be hardly nmore healt y than otle city. Our obituary 7gives a nIllIanchIoly record oftlhe decease ofwo.hl.y )popular and es-i illallle nen. n 0EV7-al 1ire,, one quite extensiv, have addd to t 7- , tli lr . +e s ,if tlh i c ity ini ec e o la r otI s [. O n S a tlr d it y y mhlt[e h retaii t7ll7ps. e-.telldilnl o'rul l'.m77077 tt.n to) Law. rell7e s 7reet, oil tile Iio1,h nid7e -,1771, (7711 7blt e 7, was tolally detroyedh, t Igeter wih a mlll building 77r t,, 'I oil HI 7lllll tll 7 tIr7 t. T'ile iluldilgs wereaoll small 7id '1 valuerless, but being olccupied ,wstly by poor laboring peopde, tite sullfripl produced m us++t "be denlorable. e 'Ie'7re was sickness too, i.io1nw ItheIh,(l i o11 p C; had Ito e t7rlme out ho77 al7g,0 Ih07 flies,, 7F1'Inw 7ill regret t 1he Lo7se Ii1711 old, uOnightllv alnd tot7 erillg lell7llltl-l I Ilhlat disigured 11hI pnrt of t7ti l1wn, bu tlhere 7s o uo i .i.h would not rather th:v vhmould I7ave 1tood m7a.y I1 year,, woltlsI, o.s as they wele,llllll lly 1 p1 t Iof tis di i. l7,l'0e should,in Ine7hee tlrlaes, h '.77 1"ull7e ofIl III 7digeht si 'I Ihe fi7e 7 ill be Iltmlrl77l77-le 7n87177g Zle7hem' fIeP n, lortn oIlretCthlg incident. S. V. V. ScJhUylVr reee I y ("i ef EI'.go'o7, wa707 ting tick with( 7the yell7 - l77e-, at 177 1 7hour-7i7[h7eeuu7'ry, when the alarm l1L Il1 rung. At 7i tli, w,,I know',,' 7o-i7I1 he i-77, 7 It'.'7 7d o d . tl rd ,r 7ed7 ol smlde7ly inh I-i; bd--his elast n7 , t7on-77 i7 0 iulelY expired. The otsuumt was i ut-dlal+ y b eight to dt townlun t.ld lo'lli1 Ibrother firelllmle; a1 it lile whsn ire , were' " mi' at "l" in phiiantl rostic exl errIons in Pe w h ic h h e Ih li ld Ile e n e c n ,p i ,' O U s , a n t th e ir 1 111. It' I I,' tff','-.t I 7e7lemn and tu1 1 hine. " , Ott ondlilnyevienanganoihthrfre iebeenrer, leseeeriten sire antl distressing, -b Involvig greeier less of t rtlI. 'irty. 'li'e lirge-cnrpenter' alelp ruad Ix tarre, rl.areg. ,n to Mlr. IHuleliosan. int il southern rIart il tliecity, oi r the ship-yard, was totally consumed. Late in te night a small'i the ipper pail of GoerluIlntael., Ia eouple a nliles.i.rin tuol, wi.altn, urnead up. 5till Anolier.--On Wednelday night last, aboutl 10 o'clockl, anotlher dstructive coiflagr.tion'broke olt, which was not subdjied until a numlber of tho most valuabl buildings and a great amount of prop.rtity was destroyed. The fire originated in the wooen, warehiouse of Gwinn &Brant, immlediately in tile rear of lheir fulrniture store, wlhch fronts on Dapphin street; tlis warehouse was'filled witl f'ur. nituro and uther combustible material, which was all destroyed. The lire was from thence comnlu nited at the brick warehouue ofB. & J. Newhouse, sltuated in ilet rear of their furhiture store, which Iuronts o W.iter .treet ; this warlohutrrwith its v.. u.tble contents was l alo destrsyed. The store o 'iwin.n & Ullradt, oa liuihdin, was next detloyed, frim in whihl tile the extetdd to the brick s eor o )auinphil street, ocrtlaied ty (io, )at iu and Owen amt (-ialdl which were r llari ly l -lltler, with tie principal part of their conten-. At this s.age of t!he'dleseiati , it I a(s supposed tille exertimos of tei firell elllo nesund itizensll hl d succeed ill llre.tingd Ir Itllter prIogressia d anny of the Iretor'ed holle; -lloltIV hltlr, Ihowever tile alarml we,4 given thal tbte Citt Ilhnel a oil I aoylt street, eats It firllllet- d il a f.;r proved unavalitlg tat save this valuatile budding, ,rhicli wats en irely cotsuted. The priling l tlise of the Re;istelr, which is Ionly separaId by a narrow iulle y-way from the lowl, es rcaled das bya i iltaclc. It is ,Inposlle Itl lil tme to fari any eet:nrue of the loss sustumed, but it n-t Ie very great. \le r hear th soe of tille sttersl had extent. TIe lhiefsnEfcrrer are Mrs. toldtl, trli oweud tile city hotel; Mes-rs. (:wine & Blrandl; .Wetl nnd Gaould; reo. Davis; Jathant Clark, aid Otlesrs. Niew house. Allout 3 o'clock on the morning of Thlrsday another fire took Iace, whicil destroyed a old framer buil ding on Cednr street, between (overnmrent antl Churchl IThe fires are believed to have been the work of incen diaries. The city authorities ata ineering yesterday adopted a resoluhnrm,ofiring a reward of $1000 for the detection of those engaged in setting fire it any bull dings within the city. lIST. AIIGUSTINE, Sepyt. 18. They alppear in good health, but somewlha downcast,la sea voeyge biing a new fring to them°. A rplurt (wee rape nrhllaiied) is publialledl, that Gee eral Taylor Irns oltfrel to release tie r llie, Irovrided 13 ofllte Iurderers at Carrloosalatchie be delivered tip. I, eo.Iuh, seetinluation re war us eost 20 or r30 rnil lir.and andU ilr :3U Iihudred lludials ihave Ibeen kililed or captured, (100i or 150 only have been killed during tihe war,) that i, to kill or capt ure tin Indiln costs ten lblllllals i tellars, rlid during tile tear tile lives of it leaIt 10t0 whliites tleve been ernriticed ill turtle or by asssssirirrior. Were these tldians tlhen released, it wlller ost $1.,il0ital and tile lives of Iwenty citizens to rcllrea tia terl.--lLerehl. lVe understand that Col. Downing has written that lie was politely reaered bIy Ithe Prerident. NMre P'in. setl tol rinl thlit tIe largest lposaible nvailable fore wouldlle sernt to Floridla to fiiisr tihe war. Until tihe Iltentions of( Gverrnrent are officially publlishetd, the thousand rumlors aloat are not wortb listening to. Ibid. HlRAuI.t OFFICE, .1. Augustine, Sep. 25,1839. The steauner Thnmrois SIIInd, Capt. Frederiek, ar rived on i ldavy, 2:, instaint, anl by her we learn thlat amtn Jonesor i staill in the neighborhood of Fort Lau d:rdalel wi ll tiet i ,ll rir r wiah ak great proe fessions of li'tendrtipawliIh is irobablv i ll talk. In the Ierald of to mnlrrow we sll I give till tihe pnrli lara wlhicl we hive received lfron offlicial source, and perlolls who returned it Ibeloail. The Late Fire.-Tliousanis visit tihe rilns. We Ihale rarely seen such general s llrlp y us is .xlpresarel lite the suttferert. The wrels lnuo pillars of te French (Clhurcllh are inot us iutch inljured as W1s i Lrq suppod twice Ihat to repair it. The original cost of the cd rfle, exclusive, we ireslrr e, oattie, costh intelioi r r urnt "e, is staei to oave tbeenr 80,(f10. 'the Ialhl of the Dlutl Relormled Church are whlule and rllllrt. TIhere tar hlit $.11 0 ir insured, aid it wallt require 1nr,0110 ti repair tile buihilillg. Thie insturnicIIe e ln tili- C ansi.t. r-v it $311)0, whic will covrer the rebnildirg. t'hie insenrance ne hcrti SIIte Atiran Clurer will, it is loltghllt, cover loh loss. An inveettigatln into tile ori-git of tire fire ill tie Na lionelt T'heahe hlols i ernne ted. It aitrpeilra ill s etr lin Iuta gas hd i:lnot!l ingt t) d till it as here was IIt light i ;lrnillg under tihe stage, and tile fire broke out - der tile lont ligtlls, lit lltre dlitslanel fli nllll tle git re.trn. Opinion gior arounad tiurt te ire Laus trie tVrk oI ati in ceidliarv'--N. 1. `tac. We regret to hlen that fun aVedtii'rstl r igII r.ilytier after Iligntail e ririemllr A rerusta hrld rast oil' tloin tire rwharfat \8'rli ngtiIg , she t.oln illuo tullist, will thri llrallllrte t PlnliX, wihil iehilies br lweeu 1 I ity the i l iut r t" tie I'ltolltae. T I. e culllit was c o vlolenlt ithat tie lnlellix sunk itl taev Ifttlll et. Slei trir in Ibtrdllil ti r 50 nssergere, whore with Irheir Iaggage, were takel on boart of tire Augusita. \Ve Inealrd no alriculars lid dro Ilnl kllow ro whill p rie,- bhte it attackhed, r whetier, ir fiet, eithir traty is ai lgerhle with iitentlitltul wroung r culgablyrti IIn.lileein . ee 'hle Atulllat. tr ar little ijillted thlat she tiade her trip as usual.-Frederick-turg Arena. I'IE'JEILlUl rIttCES. T im roprieti r'a I'tl $.. hn-1., h e. . t c I I'. I, Ilirc' g c ,\lre n -I i-l, iiv %Ii'at W, &I, T i s wt ' r l li, I ;ve r s hld , l ohare11 , .I .ars old, - - ' i -l- t' heat, hlle.j 5,.; I ,i I tt, luu l .c li I fll-. . 'I-- 1.. 1 ,t! 1 i- h h I s c - 1 h)ci- t hni, Lntas ,,,t d y .3are- t ,e st hor t ho e ni n s not hi' . o it inid- Ii I beyi i in, , i i I? \ilTl'H .'l 1111 4- +fine- i+]1. l LL Y. I t' I ..... 11. oti- l e dihsc b iliii )I ( tee. It. ,g' o ,is' ,4' IIy O' oe, b ni ' do lt I. ole. Iortl larrso IlI iiiIh nr theaen, aii, n Ih aIhu IIe b' - Jlbdi a ry y to Dic t rc loi. ,e - by .\11r, u] + Tcihar-r e oll a, i 311.o . s ' ,in , lt 'i. 5i Sll'hi Wihia Iarnidalets nll d 'Nv lk ih'lel hay Iwnlgu oe i a hiv P ander Kilc o lTi l Iie 'e.--lItel/e"r o .d ''e tersla tr /I es .-- i h derl oda ti . h .ic hk the , ha,, vy l utalir n d in w benes w aIh ch;- t. r ult'I' FI I. I i l, ayn. `s( ,- Ipd heart,. 7 iIs51. t In hIo oruer'is O Ellle, rtcond "TlnnIIslei rnlly. Wh iah cite ici.--liethredh. e o lvt, c k l'u lk hid -e.ldd rrieted tier .Ilorikl a triu . a n ii kel, ithe a i.C id lh a i "a aoe in $R i. orillS oi lltn oI Nalcl iirik-fecleaid vns CgerGen. A rnml sis icileo p yrnso , slnce,- I ll elt d w i i elga a fllls or a I tleeacl.i c lia $ 5\ 0 . To'lr, P.Jtrik narn ho. ke -- o Gry--er r C ar.l . , f whi c- - u-ta.iet . e id G, aritir , lcaiida foril Ciner- s 'id ubnlic ly l adede fIr.C d lamr I y c -i d actihe arl' e sit,- fol cini oesitia-t 'Iri-e il lei l iu I' l iasii' tlln.- f/i'c tlaigi il f r plimer I iit' I .e Ilieu.- ]o .ad ti Criiu ;i al i hid he. al4 e yV-arrested itor of 'letikti wo any, tati, in tir Slati, dr. Clay itrbibtg f llt trc.-ngetl o rimll ii, oandl i in i lo e we suppo e C hat. treaiv eahiiiaa irel-incrid in at met seine o' ight. - licare -m orhie lefoautlritiinrlI agnludkilly tiitel Juie paper, the fienllsted, cl airgca i i ftill of be 1 ure d at.i.r-charg ad. Johe lqainIon of pao e ander, anri Jet.- LMartinilr 'Imte ilopreonion hlia beet.n ens- ioly urgienloat. II , ,uon ,r 'htve; , nry n C lay , , and C thoorile \ \Vim paty ln --arrs -ted (at reqnedt) for distulhing th a ltra!,.- a ielld tloerhloe-arred tr t the lnor ohbllio i ch urgllocllra fi rre . onid it - 'nann n Dilrie cC ietly The bearrison editors think that Gee. Harrison is stronger mn Te tanth any other Wig ca- - dsidate. Aill thle Whig edit ofrEnsf 'l'enmscrseo sayi W (ieiea ieh ed npnith cirtbanfonl. conillii unny, I' that, in their Stat of Mr. Clay, ileby far tiale strohinges of the ·hig candidate c and we edose tchatn. their opiion is entias edio at least somed boweight. 5r. Lrso at icle from that stoerng and Gflctia o Whig paper, f the Knoxville 'ioe-: it ines lllt tde eloquence of truth and argumlyofu-Louisvi50lle e td in other te, that theon of te dsar . Cstinon the rcWhigs dave sustaaly ined ia ndennes. se tluse lici ly the result ofe Mr. Clay'tsunphnlarity. Tia is nrt Whig eantle r epop y o nded w frClay from tale -u asp.ons of their or iponents, and avowedn tbea. elves ad h decided fienld o pst batle , g-riumpha nt tle with thrld at ofi l r. Clay, ande the overwhelmingc. i maj'l inioritya of 1100 vote',r wllie received over Gen. Armstrong two years sineoe was feited eae lothig, i50. Look at Jflnciairson, and aCoek, and Grbeen , oand pCarter, in which counties GonCarter, tble wyhi 11 dateo lo thress, pu eeablicly aefnidedgMro, Cla e, I anied nwhloeclr i te ithemselves held u his naewhi I as thbe choice of their party. These eouanties elect-lay ed Gee. Carter hy a majority of between 1500 and i00ej otes, and iaa very one of theGino i. Cannonh ildieid tile unpopularity of tlie , i ieCtuile d tates. I oanr? e assure our flendt at a distance, that lii orn and ruty ne afd ito calumny which have ey- n ry Wigathert rmi bal fie lds of past batonlles, aguin toi be huraled ader. iClay, aver blmt their whll iil ircei oThe miions of poawer have over lgedone their clairka pahlly phati ben awakened among nee kied te iowards hod who, like the venerable pnerVashingtoa, has re.i ma oned in itce fmids rolha storm ofl balls whiio i side with the wlatch-word OFlI E 'sit., ins rie d riuld n Cuh a leilder ll a neliver bent thle "pliant hinge people would lash their aiu/eri to.obedienoa lie i to' t#.e pcople fir veare. a~nd neve,'r .lr.|ia Iron th tl post of falterein his duly. Do ever subdnud--inurced,but never or r ootl,f o has I.dhed inio the hottest of tl still alolt. ing hisabttla.cry of'Neesr deepde of theReepnblic,' and spreading dismay among thI trained bands of the oenemy.VWe repent it,he is just the man the Imople of Telll aeseo want. His very unanb will awaken o thrill ill enthusiasm throughout tleo Whig ranks, from Carter o Shelby; because it is assoc ated with all that is nlobto and elevated' and inspiring. The timid will no longer waver-r.le inditff ent. will be splrred to zota, nand thle active will catch a spifit of constancy and arder equal to the imnlpor tuace of the tttiggle. (v0e us; th111, Henory Clay of Centurky, and the fait of the Spoilers is serled iun Tennesse.. Font the Freadeticksburg Aren,. KtIns., 1IN,--Our commlunity has heo1. fior some days, interested in the case of a free coloured boy, of about lIiyenars of age, belonging to Worcester, lMassa huseott, ulleged to h0v0 been kidnapped by Dickerson Shearer, and sold in this place to Fran ils L. Wilkinson of Cartersville, Va. We give the following paiticulars, refraining bfro any remark which! might prejudice the case of eillher before the exanullllnilng cuult. Shearer ar0ived with tfe boy, on Sunday hight ithe 15th inst., and spent days in the Farmn. er'a Hotel. OnI night.'Wilkinson or. lived from Richmolld, in the mail train, which hlcavws ther at 1 A. M., Carrying with him, the boy. On Thursday, tile bhy was missed, anti suspicios having been excited, upon the affidavit of M. T. ii. I.qplconmbe, thle Mayor is0ued his warr:,nt, and iShearer was or es ed, and, after examination, coin. milted. On tilmesame evening, Mr. Lipsconlboe, having voluntered to go in pursuit of Wilkinson, was furnished with the necessary docuraents, and r took the train for Richmond, whence, the next day, he traced Wllkinson to Cartersville, where he had him arrested, on Saturday morning, and oonveyed hither with the boy. On Monday, a furtherexamination was had in the case of Shearer, and Wilkinson used as a wit. ness. Shearer was remanded, and the examina tion of Wilkinson postponed until to.morrow. Shearer is a native of Palmer, Connecticut, where, it is said, lia connexiuna are reatectable. lie has been for four years mso, most of hies ie in Virgnia, andl was occasiollnly a olltnactor on the James River Canal, nabking Cattersville his holm. He says the hboy hoee na001e i0 Sydlley O. Francis, was givenl to him by his father, Joh 'ranccis,, of Worcester, Mass., until he lhould arrive at Iie ageof2l. The boy aye hlis father agreed tlat he shoul hlo to live wibth hearer in a store, at a'olmer, Conn. John Francis is said to be a shloe maker, ald now reillesat Woreester, lass., tile proper uthorities of whivil pnte hlae h been addressed oil the subject, by tile mayor of Fredericksburg allnld the Co oellwealltl's nttlorey. As yet no answer has been received.. (realt credit is due to lr. I.ipcombe, to 0hose promtpt and1 judiciousl action the arrest ef tile parti0es an 111L recovery of the boy are justly to be osribed. FIVE HUNDRED DOLI.ARS REWARD. LAY virtue of authority vtsted in the undersigned, by an ordinauce of the Council of tle. 17th Jne 1836, iI lotewsnd or FIVE UNI)KRED DOLLARS is ehereby oiflred for the anprehension and conviction of eany person or prrsons for etting fire to any louse with in ctin Mulicipality. J. BALDWVIN, Recorder. Recorder's Office, Second Municipality, New Orleans, October, 1J 839. lWT I' E HAVANA SUGAR--300 boxes now V loiEg ex Sceb. Crecle, and for sale by S G BLANCHAIID, o08 33 rnvier st. ix I'Y gs oi St. Jago Coffee, 5 years oid 100 S bles Gross iienll 300 pieces Kentucky leittnug; 300 coils le; 75 coil Grass Rope, and 211 bliugs Pimento, in store and fr sale by ABIJA I FISK, o 8 57 Comolnnn t. ST IAY thAYI.TY OF NEW ORI.EANSy r3 E Irice of fleour beian this day $6 31. per Itrre Si filrrding to tih tariff, the bakers will gire 413 ctunces otfred lilr ten cents. during tie wnek begCln nig oil luntlav nexo, tilthe 7th instata. T'Ie Iovesof second ldity,ior Irc three for ten celits. shil weigh 25 Sper cent more, viz: cal in ces. o5 C. GENOCYIS. Mor. r --N') o hie, u oitiddle-aged or ehhy IIeel . red we n, to loke chargtCe uftwo chihldele. IApply at N, It St tChrles street, eopusite the. Ex change Moitel, o5-3t rl 1IIl IE--A litet rote cook; apply to iI BONN it BEIl uo5 For TchnpitlmJas and Natrbcz et i" i c I o 'I'ccc i ncc uai street. Appty Iv II SONNIII. , 5 cor 'ohanpitouto aat 1 i t J Nu ci/y et NO'I'ICI .ers-.l b.uhvire claiis ltaoinc e hiet iestt | utl .s s .1 baker, nro l eq t hd themn. i No. 3 Old [cvCe,e hbere tic fiet of Nove in r ti l all Sdperss indcbtrtad t. the said estate are rteqused call oc d iay tile lm r immedlaely.n So5--3t CiNKIiN & ROIBEITS, ' os. I FAI..0. \0 INTER CLoT'llIING. JT 1P.1FR1,: IAN & CO., No. 3,31 Magazine stre.t, l of rtceiuing their suppolie ts ofFll atd W ier SClothioing r .trcill tronut t e r lecive sbipments le,n luoly tllrtllout the seasol. 'lleir assr(t e n bing Inrge cill cnabd , ticnl to sulpply Ine, rhnt s ti ,lct th e coutcry, t le tiortest noticeP for siul wllealco retauil, oil cc7ouneo wtin g tercms. WIIrI'E LEAD AtIENtY. TEr soi Slll, rillrs halvino recetved the a clllcv of I \Vhih,,c Len, 11 ioloosoe cifthe ill'e(cctnllnd beiIct mIonoi foatorio-, ffer it tl sucleoalhoats, coulltrv ne citc y dealires,i ct the lwi.t larl<tet ptrievs, npui warratlt i to bce is goodi Sa ll rs t rl e s call Ih e f1oun1 ill the city, JAILVIS' & AONDRIEWS0, n3 Ilc Now 1 &3i'fi.;l oitclclcnit s Iat 3 8(-II oI,1 III' I.uh ,eN acne Irisi.tnn i ll d s s I nIotlh r ici Itehis ala-h- wavts cmo( l e , j u il r n. ce h as ,snce .h r d. i g u, h. me. alK iphn i n bei 5 f:e tt II ninls i hll lll te or tr e o e e n, alll te Slia d shri IIhe .a Id II lc:III , t I e-- o c al i cu lltc ,lllllll all u the I lo l {1 h eb e d I w lpt ! is lie hist d'livry iojn in I , d r hte of r. thler i-. J JN '.(C. II ' A I.i K!i t a SIrt, d ri ll f tly , 1oithe i'u lsll o t' ll .lilaol . 'REl't' OF TI"XAS. City of llultolnt , 17thI July 3i11, rN pursualc e of a reqirenc t cccitclaw c mccud icy _ |'.uim,.o oi this RIpu'clic, approved January 11 39, makig it tio ciduty of the Treasurciy ito LdVertid.eald c .als to bht sold m ie elot in the CI I'Y 1OF CALIII IN, of a day by him lix ii.d. Notice is hereciy given tihat the lots itl the Ciit, of Cailhouuc i ill be etirl irt Pnb i¢ Sale, ito Monday,tihe 18tol. daly of Nouvelt er hc'la , iitween the liours of Te. *`o'clock, A . andi Four o'lock,. P M, at tc.€ii Jpi. tel or this Republic, upon tile tnrills set ort l in the following cltracts fron the law above men " Sec. I.--B it i frther eonuted, That the lots i lsaid Iown shall be uflured and sold for no other cur. rincy tlalic glld, silver, audited paper, or tile pro. cIllisoary notes of tils governmlrnel. .Soc. 6.--lI it ifurtlhr enacted, l'lhat tlo -aid 'ors chall be s d ion thle follwing terms; viz: One oliurlh part lto ie a nid odI, aid lthe otler tieeo. n ft iIl tl, be i u real inst ailel of nix, twelv.r aul cegllteen Iounllrhs. '" SIc. 7.-Re it firlcer enacled, Tlat oIi f any person wilo sha ilcl urcihaseay of these ulbresald lots, shaell f il to mlakc paymit of' the neveoa iln stallnienls ini elfurlnie witho this Act i hlr t cy shall forfeit all suchll licn ;,s they may hlay. irevi. nusly paid, alc tlie lots purcbiset d by sucli de.l l tar shall rcet sllo thle government of thle ipub lie. Sac. 8.--Re oit urther eo acted, hat all persons, aliens not exclpted, ioall haven te privileege of pur chasing and holding ti sname, and thice President i auilll-.ized to issnOpaticnlc t tlcl eto soon as tihe lastl in, atolont shall lhave been paid." Te sale will cooltinuo Ifrom day to loy, util all of the lots shnu:l ihave boemi disposed of. Culhoun is situated on the Eaus end of Matngor. do Islori, directly on the Main Pans into Mlatrgor. do Bay, and froIn its advantageous position, will probalbly become the principal commncrcial city in Woestern Texoas. A Paion of tle city aiy bNe aeo in tie General Lnand Offie. ThV several peorse in this Republie,the Conrimer. cial Bullctin, Pilayuen and True Alceriean, of N. Orluans. will pubishi notine until the day of sale. JAMES If. STARR. Secretary of tim Trcenasuy. l'tI) TIlE LADIES. ll thULIL'S U'I'IERli AtD)O)IINAL SUIPI'ORTIR ill ld lS in l intrumnet for the radical cure of Pro Sloapus Uteri, or Falling uf the ombrn, by ox ternal oppllietion, superseding the use of the ub jecctnabl Icprrcacry, is confidently rcommenoded uto the aoflicted as the mions foa perfect restorntlon Ln hlcalh, it unever Ihavig failed of icerfriiing a cure, eve undr te ih most aggravated cirecmsitan cos. It oIos received tihe decided approbalion of Sir Astley Ccolper of London ; Sic Belnjamniin C Brodie ; Sir Jamnes Clhrk, Plhysician to thie Quoein; Dr Acshwcll. Lecturer on midwifery to C.Guy's lies. pital ; Dr Rigby, Icteurcer to St larthiololw..w's I)r Grifilth, lecturer to \VsctminitnL liospiali D) IIamnsbotlbam, lecturerto Lonudon hospital ; Rolcort iFerguson,lecturorto WVestminsterlying.iui Ihospin, al ; Dr Sccatlmno, lecturer to Middlesex hospitail. and seeior accouchceur to Quieenu Cnarlottc's lying; ; al.o by lHniry Davies, Conqlcst a Bhluldell, Lee, Mlerrilan, surgeou Kcaotes, &c. by Dr lMorreau, pircsidlt of tlhlu Acadeoiie Ricayalo .ie Medicine, Pareie oad Accoucher to thie Dunlehc I)'Orlacns ; Iroloesurs Veipocu, Marjolin, Paul Dubois,Sc. setin cnld others--and in New York by profcussorJ W Francis, G S llUdfori, M [ pirons. sor of midwifery iI tIh university of the city of Now York, peroti. Delifiold, and Fracins, U Jobn. ston, Iprcident County Mid Society, Laurcns IHull presidont ticd society Staloeof N York, tiuole JaL McNaughtloun of Albany, prois Marclh, Cyrus Per. u k:uis, DOaco--Drs Thou llByd. Gilbcrt Sinilth, Ilosack, iStearns, Ludlow, Kisaani, Vacil, Power, I G;rayson., Van Renusslaer, and many otlher ditilln. guishod pllysicians irtlie U States. A CG Ilull, Oliceo 4 Vesey at, Anltr IIouao N York. it Ir A coi.taiit supply of thie above intrnliietas, with Dr tull's inmproved l'russoe fir Ilernin, willg be kept hy SICKLES & Co, N Orleins, A G Carpentcr, Natchez; StLnu & Marll, Wood. - ville; Booth and Mallory, Meisplits; V P Wil!;n * nic, Souiervile.;'nIll ae[d.Weashliugcoc, NAololle;i MNalira.y iiud ieotlijn du; R ftL [l.o, floreinice J C Sic~,+-odn,li thenn-. GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY: OF PROPERTY,. SSituated in New Orleans, Ti) lIE DRAWN ON' THE Itt OIrCEMBIER, 1839 IN JACKSONVILLE, Fi.. Under tihe Superintilennce of' the C.nlirsirlneir inr - pitied by the Legislaiive AaAnnllb of Flhrida" SCH1MIDT'.& 'HAMILTON, Managera. .10f.,000 ticketei at $t5 sllemne prlcr..$1,500.000. Selling ptbie $210 per ticket. SYLVESTER & Co, 156 iBroldway, NEW YORK, SSrole Agenrn. i7 T'rhe receipts of tile sale of the tickets will berde posited in tie annal, Union, Carroltonl, tiilizern's nd Consolid.lted Iaoks, inl New (OClenii,. in tile nem, of i.nouis Scelhmidt jointly with J. It. Perrault irnlly Cashier of tihe Citizen's Imbnkt lid A. llnudueliu e itinllyv cahier oftho Consolidated IlBnk, as l'luslers as per act pnassed'bl'bre A. Mlazreati, Esq. Not. I'lPb. ui the r2d Many 18019, nud the proelrties Iransierred iI thIe illlove iieiltilmPed gentlemen liaanomhenbred, as Trt stlee, for the security of the fortuInate prize hol ders. Il New York the motaiea will be deposited in the PIlhenix Ban:lnk ito the .redit ol tile above rmledl r r lr y Butrks efNnw irlears.a The tt'ilic are refelrred It the eals passe(id heine A. azllrreau, Elei. Not. Pujl. ill relation r o tile p perlies whilr elmbrace the respelrtiio plizes inll le I.Oltter. 60W1 PIRIZES, es lrollows: Prize--Thalt l gniicetll three story brick building, kneown as the AtII(At)Iii, ill Mlagaziue street, inesenring 286 feetr 5 inhesr 4 linren oen Magaznre at. 146 feet 6 inches on Graver streetr, and 1ll feet II inches ol Na.ehes st. This Ibuilding produces now a rent of$37, 000 ierununel,a erl Iellig in tile most flourlshirg part iof tie city, oppdsita three turks, and in tie inmmrediate neathborhond of tIle St. Charles and cile Cilty Htoels. Its renlts will, ina very few verrse be increased to finy thousandl dollars per annum. Estimated at $700,000 Prize-That elegaat our antotay brick muild. iug known as tie CIT Y HOTEI, formnerly Bishop's Hlotel, situated at the cornerofCamp and Common sts measnring 162 feet on Cnommon st, and 146 feet I0 inches on Camp st. This building rents now for $25,000, and bel ini the most central part of the city cana shortly beincreased to thirty thousand dollars per ane num. Estrsated at $500,00 Prize-Ihe three story brick dweellieg house, No. 30 on Natchez street, adjoinirrg the Arcade, rented at 12 bundred dollars. Estinmated at $20,000 I Prize-'F-Tbe three story brick dwellieg Iouse, No. 18, adjoining No. 20, oi Nntehez street, relltad at twelve hrindred dollars. Etimnatet at $20,000 bhouse,N, 16, adjoining No.9, on Natchezsi. rented at twelve hund redl dollars. Estinated at $20,000 Prize-The dwellnt bhorse No. i23 nrth east erner of Basin and Crustlr, houe streets, lleaeenring 40 feet front eri Basin street, t11 feel frot ,rn Franklin street, by 127 feet deptlh on Cuietolhoksee street rented it fif. teen hundred dluarse. Estimated ret $20,100( Prize--The dwelling lnoure No 24 southa - west ce+rner of Basic street, leas uring 32 feet 7 iceines on Ieain St, 32 feet 7 inhes kon Franklin street, by 127 lee 10; inches depth no Cus ltlnhl.ese street; rented at fifteen hundred dollars. Esltilnted at $20,000 Prize--The two story brick dwelling hruse n Nos339 o Royar l street, between Ura rline anid lH tarittl astreets, reas urine 21 ee 8 inclles on Ieoyal r, by t27 feet 14 inlbhe in depth; reat edl at $1020 per anntn l. Estirrmated at $15,000 Prle--250 shares Canal Bank stchk, atr Prize-`-Oi shares Commercial k r lk stck rr$ (10S lle, $ll,00oil SPrizP--I50 shares lMechanics' anri Tra ilers' IBank stock, at $10t each, 15,000i 3 Prizes of 100 shares each,, rity Bank, 30,0110 2 Prizes oi' 50 a n Exhcallrerge, 10,100 SPerizces ol S ( n s Lirnght, 5,000 S2 Phizesclti a Mcni, nd 'l'rra ,,rs' 3,000 Oi1 Prizes of t0 . I .or uiianlSrotate, S2llrrtll i0 lroze' f S2 iae t r.lrght, 2,11110 200 Pr ies cof I I iernk of()rleens, 110,v11(1 1I 101 trinze o nf tI Unien It.uek of It shallr he at the option er tie winern Tof pries ,of Sbank solks, eitler l o take tle sltuek tselfe r tie par ivalue tlreou in rcsh.k i MA IOt) Oi E I iRAWINT. o.0,000 tiketr, frroull I ll 1101,1100, will Ie p one ho rrl, o alnd 100 r n.s, witlthre bln k, irll aother to i er rrrrltt er u rize or ,lbr lk will it,, drlwr r IIlrrrlr te lit izs aren Ilc erllliUd, NUavillt [e b rovol. of tleana I er ir thle l,'hel-- blailks. (trders fortellerrvo r Lotry will b,& re.i(ed at rier office ruudr the Vleranldalll crrnr r I St. hrarrles and Cor.llernlll rrle.ts, nled rt No. 1ll( e',, s-ree rl r-e+ {Jr cllus, stil r Oll promptly frwar, hvd. Order, fr'i'Oll thle her o tickels rtruirePd, adhh'essed to, [R .'. A tearlhlaller will he plrovided trlake to e loride yrch ll ititfer nits may itod sirfi l itrlllnerra lik raclsr rrvilre, Fil. April, err9. t¥ny I e'MANSION I r)USE IlOTEL,, al.111: irm,'rnignrr ed, r IIrr !elrlrr tllrrr roree f thlir well n knovn Ieslahlidsh.,lrll etlleld III1' +11 sio llousae, i silt alr Io t)brapl rIre ltrl. r mi NO. 11 rte r, 'tle rlu, lreo i ll l tllll , e )lli, tha htt t i will hel'*,,ditten 0i c' h Ier e l unrarertlrreirnrs h lo Iona I 'v or t lr th %lll Illl h ir I( tr1,1' noe. Th,"ile if io<.,l .,o ,,,, i .....'.. .. nr,. ., 4 ',tr [ kll it , hat it i s tt i. m -- ri I 'ItNot, lli . fh' to'.tlrr ,MANSION tiiOUSirt tli 'In:t, a llfrru'bro,r. i) lfrscrier rrle, nuimuero jr riau tarlrt !l ben cooidl, , rltrrrrirrurrto rrrrr brarrr it AN. SILN Itt)USE], s toad, rn lr calhr e l.r d )rIrrapra, Ntiiil, I19 ; li,.lmen at helier de allllnomli.lT iii ui''Ell1bt le sits lllya Irer etlrerZro y iltelci(lrrr r rrll Iade, c an:l c rn .u rirtr 'ciiao . Los vniltjcs qle ,o' e lh.. cI a cLsrle Ler trr I ro rvigCrus, tillltO pr u ,t er b.rll d, CellUOdlldI etC. eta. ol tal colieclrdase lle es illtr-i til eeumlurarlas. S21set-ly CUNEY & lFUlLTON. MANSION iOUSE IIO)TEL, d nla Iliaorne. SES asnsignfa, rnurvrauex proprid.riree de I'. ti alr iseen,,e nitrd dons es rue ro h ()rrOrapir, No. 1.19, cornnt ,ous In u dter MANSION lIeIUs ., out I'ionnerr d'infrrrmrr le 'nihlie, quirl's Ierect tols leaers eltirts ipour se rerdre anre.bleslr e 'nx pErsunnerre qi vorirunrr t Ili:n Ias Rivortc ur de I i lcrr crlri tncc. ts Clllolnrrrr lil6r qu'aOre c rta ohlai. Iol aLlx n leaganr .nelat oasse co'rlnutla ll or tie pciltrjurer til :essairn d'err :lire lci tU detai. 9i secp--ly CIUNEY & F'U'i'ON. " ~ ~ ~ ~ ' - - - 7'7,: - - '3 "."'"I'f'-Y NtJ.LX I VU, i Rtecirders deini,,', F1l0) lI0l. COLIE1,er Aget--Yu are ecrlby noti lhirty dIays fIom Iis date, in exctaling he fIllwiaig ,,tder to wit: To .,u-e to be filled up with ddtional earlh, a cer tan llt of groundi buluugfing to ou, and aitittef on '-'l'b.illitl lll .c s lreet. hPlitP l I i.1 t.ll nilld ili rko sta. ifle alblve, work is lIIt eopllcled within tii npecf. fled time ylu ill bIe Fubjeet to the penalties prescri bed by the ordenanees. S E KIIlt diii, Comm:ssary ullf the 3d Wald. New Orleans, Sept. . 3e, Im3t. CITY HANhK, New O)rleban, All. 31,1839. li: Boarte d of Direcors etIi tis hi - eititiij hiv his i. daydecalredi a , eeli-allu l dividenr io Fu ie per cent. oi tile captainlR stock ,lf ii pofit Iof t laest sfi SU dr paalblrllle In Ithe t+uklholCers, or ther legal e presn ltlive, n or after hnolldu , Iher liht Sepitemlber lenr. I J PALFREY, eept3 Cehlier. OFFICE OF TtiE FIiIE3SIIN, INS. Coii. of New Orleans, (clOher 1et. 183d. r IltE Board otf Directors ofhAih .c r rlty have this 1 iay declireed ai divid'nd o i feile iler cent n tile capiral ltck ipaid in, Iron tile nfiltsi of thi Inst six slltlls 1ff per ellt, pnr able to tile .st 1 lldecca or their legCl rer'sellntivesn, nil iindI ifter Ithe 5th instatllll ai 5 eenr elt to Iel creitredt tl ceir alcik. oi T , 1. 'I'RACY ree'', BUREIAU DE LA COMIP'AtNIE D'ASSURAN. CE l)ES I OMPIERS DE LA N. ORLEANS. T A Directlion deactionnaires do celit compagnie 1 a, ejour. d6clar6 un dividondo dt quinat pout cent, surle mtnuntnr.t dui capital pay, sur los profits des six deriicrs mois, 10 pour cent sera pay6 nau actionnaires ont a leurs reerinelana 16Igaux, le oni apres In 5 courant, et 5 pour cent naccrdit6 pour ltirs actions. 3 ocl E. L. TRACY, Scrdtlaire. i)In'c c oiF TnHE IFIRIEMAI'S IaSUA.NtCa Ca. iF AcE OORLEaNS. IEl Stllilckholecrs of thlis Compyl, are hereby no Sitilied that th ile IUlh iacslalet oin their stock is duo eil pvalale oin In holth l e icllcr lean, t tie ullice el tile Ci;lfnni. rept 1i K I+. TI'RACY FOIL RUENT. t l The snlrlmsrber ilntendig to eltalge tie s iiiuual oceupIatioI of the St CIharles Arcide Ilath etalon, at tIle crrilar of (CilII stieet aind St Chtrles Arcade, will ent thaut atplelldid roll i en bro hers office oir dry good store. Its ctonigeie t thle flanks, the Exchange and other olitels, and the Usurp street and St Charlces makes it a most desira bile icatiin fir any kitnd of Itsaiaess. ai Aclso, three stores in the Arcade for rent, well sit unted Ifor cnlalctioiarv, inilleuary, barbher's clhon tr o ..ices. JAMES II CALDWEL,.. 'I', RIEN'T, i. Uouiiting Roomi in the id iTIM stori, IoverI thI star. Of T It Ilyde & ltllciri corlertiofMagazinie ind Coinioni Sn. censitt itg uf two "npartmeinlte, ill oee ifi whiiih is a fire I lae; ul well utlaApted for In oIIltfce, of ally kind; Iaaensiun; gihen inmmnediately. For terns apln v In T', IIt. HIYiDE & Brother, n.ig .21 39 Cuntmot n cicr Mlc.nzie StSi. rl'S IRENT-.- firs proof T:uhirco or louton 1Vaee. oilust, lne.r St Mary's'ntarklt , p .smess o gCivep iiiediiitle.. Ail, en at ie i ieee basin, olt the I'n u3-h ,tut NEW MII -jrIC-Jort ...ivl-'tpoar -A.elhide, from . Plildolel phin, tim lollowing Plao nnuoio:o. ''e beom Lnt tdanlu, Iy Jnckson, with an nccom. piolnhmnl foir the organ J This earrt ir ihe planet for you,lure, nod meo; a bl: Rod, ty T Mnr . C'mlt ", ye Di'uonooliro; a nscreld non hby I) Dutton I'1 tltink of tho,l olve, rul ng bIy Air Ulamlpter composed byJ II Ilewitt l live forevet; rouUntue or piano or hari, by C Ofeiutike If thou iua drnih'd a flower; writte by Miss He ian].; c( U Meu. frfkr c ITio hlolo'u 90 oddig; by Staeuo, the fiddler 0111. Roin lo Bowo; s euithero bllr d o h ie our lo nlll an; cmi song ' f' Air in il ( 1r0ciau 0n hogioto Gallopades.-'l'r)lerole air; Wu're a' Nnddin; The Ibll; of St I'etersbmg; Le P'etitT'l'hnabour; IIo'nIIr -.abi Adui; Overtle wnterio Challie; \l eln IlarnmnV WNtKeos; lot dIRea Vnelhe i 'I'rngot,, The lloampelll's .e. oooling ; Auroru ('lhe orgersiI Il nVi ('Ioslo (turn; Ia Ptysuinne i; Isabelt, inthe I llc lltl. GP ' anouvrinl: (toaud Braldon Spring Wallz New supplylor of the Spanish (ollnsor illtrlllion luolks loov o'lo Thorop, ndol a grearuot u(oe tlllt of ll the nlew piano and gbil'ar pieces h,i v i': JOINS&l , & v5-Iw or of Si Cllnles aind C.ollnnol a C IN E1V 'U"IA- u P 11Anoruivrer-'Thlo ll hBrta o S . Tring's m d \V'a:tz; 'l'fin o1ph0nt March of the r 0Louisiana Iu.iol, iaulid a l. rg uullrr tent ol IIa lute-t c E-+ h l lI o n d Fleio rei i, fi olilor llng itart, nl other il~l~llLleO|lli~ l:l1115l1lt'10I ttlI] " I 00 JOH1NS & Co, li-3oow ere tvate uilrus Co.ort l( on eta A4 oVoo f lt l oo-I'i i oi l Ild o ioiiuiouIr rnCfI & a 1. langhsh, Iand ishalone ('odl o0' i taelli, of Ir io it,llloil as nua vo C'uimou'n Coass ino u 10 Curlie,, AdliralI y Digest oEnlih Cooonnoon o .i w Reol)orls, 3 voYle Eden oI) Injulneihme IEdnois CfIIuoery ot1 l ,ari English (Truown Caier, by hRussell, RIyan and Mloody, 2 vole Long ott Anles, new edition by Rand I arlino', Relport, complete, the large original work, 19 sole lnssaehausetts lrlort,l 17 vole Peters' IReporlts, 13 vrlo, eluldensold 6vols Do. Digesl, let and 2d vol I'thier on Obligation0 , vUole I)o. ol t(ontrsactR And all standard English and French workn on law SJOIINS & Co, o3-3t corner St Charles and Commonnn I NI;W 1 O'v: S-1 -Bei fuketches compleoer in ou mefillusortod with twenlty plates by Geoo Cruik shnook. iThe olllle work witout o lates 'IThe 17th No. ll Nicuholn oo Nckioov Mlemoirs of Mrs lleuounn's, t. her sister Smlls Ilogles 11Hunt's I'ractioal Exposition of the El istles to It seven iCnt es of Asia. McArualtns Svstelm ofl(:ardeleittg Louudon's ullurbn (ardenling )Just receive aod and Ilrsaley A TOWAIR, ol 49 Cnamp at NEW IIOOfI -Lo., I;ro uoogfo' Sketches of CIaýutles. of (iurge Ilrl. Second sueries Unfit 1sorrvatt's )iaryiou a io W\Valker on lntermarrilge Thfe ThIuggs, or PhIanigurs of Ildia, an interesting history of all extraordinary fruaterity of ssaas ilr Nicklehy, No. If; BIo's Sketches No. I to10 Jack Shepplru,, No. I Flora's I.exioo, Gift nod Violtl for 180111, mbossed oo unil sollunioly bounl Fuor sale y Al X TIOVWAII, ol .11) (:llll street NEW AND EXCELLENT \'VOIRK(S-l-ogerr IN pysiohogvl I)unglisoIo MedlicaLl I)ictiuonary 9 Grier's noech cius' Calculatior Adeoek's Porket IEnlulrer I.eferi's Aurcteolcture lc(:ullock'a Coommercial I)icioonry, laesut Londoun Sir i\V (iell' I', plono f Wilkin ' Egopt, wth plate, loldal edition Jlust (ceiveud aul fullIr sal v 9 ol A IX 'I'OWAIt. l49Camp st ATESI+T PIIHLI.It\;'.lIO)NS-'T'he Naval Fo.nd S14 ling. It lille of the sell : vYlob 0 Jack lI mrpprd, h Ainsworth, sl vod • I n Iloz'. Sketches, ruI'm l vl in I r l U I.illl"0 Mrs Iloemans, by her -ir 00lgli00 (town (l'oe,,, u-sell, Iyan and oouody, 2 vla--n InIefo a fok. " ol--2w roe St('hrle: IIC d (l n tlloni It I)EW nlol.SIC-Jot rooi o t hal:wio newol S iee: New P on. with p l t n pi ) rte IlCOlll)ll ten lbde as not h fiolmnewflh by t' ou' Ci n ]f 'lllN 's a ille. Ia plyll y tlly Inn1 bi J fr lm us In 3l irtirs whren wleo iveWild (lvhirg: h Sprurle The 1 ir rIJ.)H e Kli+hmw r: b 9 S 1 "Ii love0r 1 Thn a o .in I, : Ih,v o0 o s0 i glt l ChiII oloil oo -I 'ii ' lo I f1tI f ol .',' nNew y ilces for thI, Iainltk, Il tsrl . ]lllllteil--7 lwtl lll~n tha+i...odo llttg lllots-· no)i., 2 lirm'h--The l a re e I; lhlunde Johailn ttr,,nss--I'ailnm"e \VLitbee T fir -1 handl rI' I hooloo I Folo' n It, b o I ofooli, do t h doo C(F f r,or -- ,. 373:I .l nll lli l t Kaltol 1 bIu.sLi No, I air fro l ioooo o ii ir tlo lllo IIm No. o ir Iuoo ' uo ll llif nI--N . 7 ir r n altl oo INo..I d ir on ) I lait00 ti & 'orini-N-N . It ir fr ml I lT niz.ttii Ni. i0 air lllre It ooioi--N. , III ir froom IefPlolti 0 1Iool, tt--"i.,i Mellno e" 000 V \ ltzl' oI lldtllo pfdo ', f'a o lll' a1 '1,1 a ,1 NPlO ..os, I & 2 11l wc hor-\i n rd f tol , oo luioekh', for ilo f, iar. I 10 11N t,, 1o0. R A I I'A l"., D ,ty i .\.....a. 2 vol.,-- I 'u o'i l, chreo .o Io II i nllod e I t. I ,o th oyl lfoo oI,, Io'a' s oonol ;oketches of the foo II .ll' oo lootl. T he I l f Ifol,'s oil ', It 1l. o flohol 0000010'v Ad, ' oooo tll olfI t hel "o', f ( oo And aoill Ibor o ol, t 'h Iil, ' IIo'o, tXl·i N t n, -I- 'N 1 I_ ff111 'tO r 1 I t li t' 1 ('h th iI' 'o ll" Olla ti 1 . 1t;I.l ] , I ftoL:\t' AND t )olo If , i's N (iN IouIKo 114 lJ ab i ichlSlluk e ;'lrili nIIIl+. ',nr t e, I \•li1hlh' lint, r,- , 1'o~oI', . \ ,1 , ii,.quh.u ela rII , il a lsh., % Aot trl o o'..ol i lloto o.o, 1 ,.1 Ioo1 , .. Valr Iho, ,, a1 . ma Ia r. a 0lhe oun ,il o.,o.-o l oJltl t'ofhll I0 il0000000 ll0 r, 100000 hoili, flltl.', IIn -ol,,, of 110,0-000"10 h IIetlu itilllor , o o 1 o.t 1 1 o N fll 'lhnol il ,,l Ii l ll i,, o(ooll ,o l i t i, - l . I d '.\lo t h• , It oo, l ie ,• ..+, il r . lni% L u I0n0li0l00 .- i IcIntlhIt 00 , 1 ll9, lao ~l, t ill 4,- , +\l,-d, 0l, I o.ot, ItooI;- f, ' ho-'to l lo ll-i, Orl'lltlllO lof hrlou Ihl,,. h,,d nit Na l,' ni I'l in s. o .io oooor,,' loo , , .o0r10 0 l lr '1,11 .1 1111iv( ab l ltn'1 0 tn0 l o. fL-' l'h to '. . k , o Sl' til l e e ;I l ' l ti" , K o erin e r, i r IVerld e llelllnonr I 100m11rnI o l .li" ntoo illtlla'n anlldl (;cIamellos. . ' I irk, of Ieuit it arty itlooriuyu. I': JiOIN.t & ('.& - l[;' tn il ol rue tierr 1(r .'1, t tn ' Atl "t ? 4IE T A N II Ir1 7illli'-+- ,J11 i f Ii '|'hel V ' 1"ht lnt, f 1 'ihil t0. I o' J OIINoo& u to .,1 J-w clorner S (lhoo .o aF d (ol1mNo no & 1l "___I____ I I'' 1, 0-iK l-Nf ul .nl 00000 fooi.o0ooti , lhoa''s f .t Ihot ' olunt'. ohilro o1sto o '0 , s liot'ot t 1'othiuNS & Co., i11 0'.:0t0A 00 N CoVI.rTIEfuThl Al onoues ofo I N, NEV WORKS OI N ()S ..\\?-- thieli l on Contract of 8i ;gQ~.1110; ,,go b~eeio~ yhia t h Is rlv. YsIi vos I nll ,llu 1 olo oe d oo,'J v Petecr'. I li~rrl, Ist it 1 2,1 o11111111 a e a ro rit, rIlcyor,, rll ohived- Ioe Preach aod Spanie, Worksb oh jonrir rlee,. Ir J.II( S J &Co. t s'!4-3w cornerr St Chalrley and l (.II111IIII Pt gIXCIaIr O i ' i iCi'rnh thugs, or Ph oooj J aso ui:Ithtor,, ofibot extraordinary fraoI. Ierbyty of assassins, by Coy, Stoeero, 2 vols. ] Wa.ker oo C( lor: olollalleditio 83 (',llohooh'. Commrcial IDictiiony: Inllst london ediliool loo,,,,oF'a EneljdiI. of ur oh gon~lit hlediti Sir Will (tell'.. Po1 jaooo l lii Lood copy Iihion'o ParadiseLut irith jilluj I tor .j, by Ma.rtin, LiondoUn i o i lvtler'a Ualversall listor?: ? POIH. 0 Illn Wltho a yorieny t' standard tol halr~ 'i rkw..r F JOHNS &Co. R?2l--:3w cornrr St CIrharlesnd Coaition sts N irooiyfcelebrated Wome by G I P Joameo Eey; thb Noval Hisrtry of tbe U Slater, by J f'enainrorn Cooper,uohiorofi..,0e 1q0y, &c, Ili Iiia,i)iatiatnd 81m'riagi ,hv'i' IHonk h iib No.2 Jack lgippord, by Aiisworth ; I'hrenology in thfe 'fo ,Iho Jost received and for sale by a ALEX. 'Ib'WEjj,49Caorpt ,I(IIN' 19(; PAPErR AND PRIN'T'ERS' INK-. ,Iost llceived ilt elrtih g ih f hInpy l nn I -ouble median, lllI'rillillL Paper T· l19(1 it supply LIJ~IIIIL1ml and oALEX 1 T AR. 40 Comp lot C 01 )RbiD PR!INTIlNG PAPERSi-.Nus mording tee shiuigjo Adelid, on invoic of fine coloreil P'rintin~g Paperrs; also~, a 101 of Pointing I aper 27 x 42a uuich will be sold it file Ilowes rates. C oh ALEX OwVAju,49 CLop ot c !1jlI)dI NS PAINoTS ANI) OILS-250 cases a 111 assortled Me~dicine cne 18 bbo .0,0. I WVhite Cooitr Oil d 20 ciase. CarpentrroIirepon.miom d 2'1casles Rowonds 'I'ollie Mixotur P 13 bils EIpso, Solta p I0 do Flhioe:l 3 do (ro doIo 5 do Arrowroot, And 2 casesJ do Beruluda 30 do lustanrd 2l0hxres Sarnc h 1511) keps No, Not sl i. pore White hLoad o 30 raskr I~ng Lin.,oo! Oil C For oole by JARLVIS & ANI)rEWS, os2) ur Comouercer&Folunptooul,,or sy u SAl' I jit ucks oak.ouron, tl01-i sacksfinionbIioard i A7 ship Lonstitutioo, fruom Liverpool, for sole by It II U! L'A8181A(' Cr.c,, IV MA r35 3look Moo..s In 00000, iiiiiit 0t03e Si'Cloirirs hlinirl. Apply to Ill' (CA8IIACK *co, 3 Hank place ° SECOND 1IUNICIPALITY NOTIoES. IIOTI'CE.-Th' und rsige'd,.having beun duly ap L Poinrtd bV the IUo noraiblP lir Pari.hConlt in anl hor the Parishl and City lf New Orlenna, Comlmisiuonets to estimate alld assess lt'e dmgnnte and epnssae ofopet , inll aid eontinuing SI. Tllu sn strnoet ii a treig ibl lin fromni lzetl to Annunniu tion street, have made their estillate aid saeadmente eadt hnvedepositul a true copy thereof, togebher woi thle plan, in the utime of the l;rlh "of said Court,'for tio inspection of all whom it mtay concern. And poublic notice is hereby given, that said esftmate nrd anoessament will be Iresltenll to said Court for clln firllnition on Wednesday the 2lth November, 18:9, pad all persons interested in pnop rly situntd on St Thuoms e trect or its vioinif, are hereby'notified to make their ,tbjections, if ay tey have, to said eainni.ts and anonesn' otti Oil or befoure the uith day of Nniov nber paIl.• William L. Hodge,) J. H. Ginnis, Conomishoiners, 131o. Willim TI'. Hepp, • New Olenatns, (hk. libi, It_1-- _-', S Ej S sousignis byant It6 duerimnt nommds l 1a I l'onorabln Cour'de Paroisse, diai et pu.o la paroisso ca villedo la Nouvelle.-Odans, nnrnamin sionnutires pour eatimoar 0t dvaluor lea domrmuuo elt d6penses pour l61argir ct continuer la r.te Bt. Tiho. , man, en ligne droite de lh rue Suzltto i lai rCO Au. ne nonciatinn, olt fail leur ostitnlition at nsseealnnoost It e t t dpos6 vrains conpies, ainsi quo In plan data Ir tt ereffo de In ditu Cour, pour ltre inspectl& par bnll ceux y iutldresods. Et avis public est par o. pt(lsent daont, quo ol dite sitimnation et ai ssestment serout praulnlds h nl date Cour pour itre conlirnit moneredi, lo 20 No.. vombre 18 9l; ct utouti pceronals inlttd6rsdea din quo!ques propri6 ds. situis sur la rile St.-T'homas, otu son voisinagn, sont par to irdront notifids do Ikiro leura objectiouns, 'lla on onl, h cnots estina tion et asseasemont, Ic 9meS.jour de Novunsbru pro. ch, i hn. Nouvelle..Orlanns, le 7 octobre 1849. W. V L. L. IODGE, k, I. GENOIS, Coinistionaire.. o8tw3lo W.T. IHEPP, NOTICE-To Stevedores, Ballast Merchantr,aml l others.-In compliance with an ordinance of the council of thie d municiplity, I Shall, on the 18th inst., proceed to the sale at ublie auction, of all the hallau now lying on tIhe Levees, if not removed terefrom pre violusto taiht (lute. JNO. It BUT'I'LEnt, o5-10d- Whareinger 2d mulnicipality AUX Arineners, Ilareands do Lete et outres. Con. k . l firmeme!ut a utre trdonnance du Conseil dela`jd municipotlib, jo fe is vendre a I'encan le lt eumeera tout le Leotrn aottelleticitnur lea Levehns qula esape. ctliov avant. JNO. I. -BUT1'LER, e o5 whr'f. 2d mucpte'. AS hbrought to the pound of tihe third ward, 2nd A sorrel lARE, blind, a star on her face, about 15 ohatds high. 'The uown r of saidl roperly will plnase rcal an the tof olnd of thei 3d ward, 2d 31uooicitOlity, situate at the corner of lRobin and Annunciatim streetse,pov pro poty, pay cherges anid take hen away, on or eafno 19i4 Octolber next. 1839, when shel will he aitid aI nit tiou by P' A uiillotte, public auctionleer. oea- Jt. WIN'T'I{t, I sttiout. *La t0 conduit su Pnsle do 3me. dilttiot do Ih S2de. IMunicipntit6, ed Uno JUMENT sorel, aynt une -toile an front, a peu pres 15 mains do haut. Le propri6taire eat pri6 de venir In rdolamer al poste du 3mne. district do In Seconde Munioipalit6, Ssitu au coin dos etrbii 01 Annonciation, en. prouvAnt sa propridtd ot en payant lise fiis. Si d'ici nu 19 octobro prnohain, elle n'dlait pal reclumndo, ell erna ln lit jour vendue i Penean par P. A. Guillotte, encanteur, eonfordmnlent l la loi. on 70oct J. I.. WINTER, let. Lieut. E/ ,:ltI"i brought tot le po li trs of to 2d lunoT2 - II cipliltty, the .ollowing olaoi"e, viz: A blas nhna noadl Edo ard, saount 28 ears of age, says ie Ielolgs to ir Pascal.I A ingro man noad Iiall, about 30or e32years of agr. say s 1h beClongs oi itrs JoItlu A goitli gill ionaed Betsey, about 18 or 20 years n o age, Nsys siou is firee I'he owners of the above slnves will pleaseO nll t tl e prison, prove properly, pay charges, and take tihens away. Nel, I, ARPEI, Captain of thie Watch. New OrloilUr, iIt. 3, 1839. -La 66 conoluot t o Goeole de Police dol la So. conde Municipa!itd, ltc esclaven -suivanta, sa, e volr: vit EDWARD, Ag6 d'environ 38 anr, so disant a.. partouir I Mr. Pascal. Un nogre nommni BEN, alg d'onviron 30 ou 32 ains, oa disant appartenir i M. Jones. Uone grilfonne nolumtmto Betsy, hg6o d'etviron 18" a 21) aos, ell.o dit libre Los proplrilta res delr dits edclioves anllt prio s do venr leoo retirer en prourvat leura propri6i6a et one .pa Iyant I0t fruia. 3 oct T. IIARPERt, ca1pt. do la Garde. 1 7) AS lhii Ito. loniee.lpoinitoo. pi he it o oi oe nin o ioi , o l itialto 0000 mooeil d f owoll ,Olo abot 3 s ! yelars i, lolp." It - Illo oII l1 IIo b g tng to 'rol el i. '' .lloo ooole o. ,aili l l va ilo l l .o al m the pari 1 , pove' properly, pay elainrgrs tol te lioleo away. r.i (.tlllsliill .f II,., \1''.['h /' AS .1ag: a ti el b I AI 1 o% i1t It. Pulilty a brg n i iih n i, uInI l A. I I t 1, )N, .In o r l v +l 000,0 , 00\0 a . 1. e T i"inoowinor w oill pleaso -ll, potv.ooiiho,lt. , ooo oohoro .eal :1S lrought b.oate, n aco '1 1.nI. 0000na. (0 t t l aii ololo tie oatrle a nor . II e IIe ,ti' ,tI .,i loot , oootll,,s ia ,.a1w . " . iThe ow virt ib I IIdo h lio o eicl at tioee ri. I oo" t fl Sbo nt o pl Ii..ll v 'iooo luir .. I k n, r ' , , , ane di '0 ii roi g to bi I t,.oo i ler j1 o ,o l,oi o ft lsaneottM u . oo Io.dlo ac ' i ' l u ln I li olo o io .io ,a, (tA mulntoiooloono vnmJoooo Alib I ten years oltoojs LA ioipltl Ioooooo Jain 'lilt_,io r I f ilnetoIR s Oltlonl uiihII'000003 tIoooh I]htillllIIt ill: t.eloiinof im t .10 iotno o .oi .1 Ot olilAoriill o I ni c at oit e prito of l a O l a . 1j lv Son pri.a s ' i" ah e ate n o Ih31o 1 L ai . ol e (;, ;t In g oll do la Snoodsay1.uiicie n, cI pali it lt t co n l t rov en sl olnl, 0000 r: in n,, n ilolnllmro a i noli ni, AIbEI.I. tn erc d) onairOn n a so lls ai,,nIsI r In Ur. irJ| . Anonio. SUn .nebgrlrm nmllllir .AN''111, gu ) t o Id l for f anst di .L anei 1p00000i h9 Ar No. 0 i. At 40 nos .lnri-tint il pilll oiot.d 1 Ofll Mtorrli,. Uo j sh, ),ti, Races ttmne """C IEL Jg." . i . , I.n hctlrpr en p1 nul le, fr v,,. S Ii. SA. II ARPt % 0I'I0-\\ io y toe lilice Ioflle 2ai n eio o lhiio iilo l roo n h lr. iI io In.i ol l lot:o d o ill.o oictpliiipg Ao lioi Ight a Iloo N lo se u fint0 pae se ds. Iclt, two hloit lnigs d olit. ,l Iandlod o h.on s , 01ra enee hs leorIor ent paoao lon volnideain onoovor a pepj o, ayer Iohaioso 0 In e etinna. II S IIA RI'IEI, Capitain the Wo\tch. AVI. Arot pr l Poie-- de- .ndoMuul ' TlATE of L.ouitsina-tin eooiia l Cort of New ' i lI--Frank Wilson in actual cu tody vs. Iis creditors. Thie creditors of lIb. peliionsE eranotlifd to ntlpear in ,pen otlrnt nli'Thearsdy l*e 17i111 Ittlobr Ilot, at l0o'cluck .it. to. to lliw tun. . vlwY tile petiliter Ishuld not hate the HeoCfit nfi b. i .ale for lte relief o lt ' il.llj ieolt debtleo iln acttu. cusiltotty, a i ll te iio Iitoe all jndieial proceedings against ion poer, sliod troperty irl stayed. Ily oldt!r of tite tonti. iEl). A RIiDEIIE, Clerk. New Orleans, Sept. 26, 18 19--2t lt 1l7ot. I'AT to 1 I.rouiione--f our Com..c.iale. E .o. I02--Fralok VillO uetaollotoetnt ddte. nu contro soe cr6anciors-Loe crlancieru du p6ti. tiotlairo sent notifids, do comparaitro on cous ouverle Joudi lI IT d'Octobre prochain t 10 heuros du matin, pour faire valoir leurs raisons s'ils an oot, pourquoi to 1 dtitionaire n'aura pasl Ia btn6fico des lois, pour venir nu secours desl d6bitours insolvablos an ddtentiot actoullo, et e o attendant touto poursuite contre soa porsonne t lea propridlt6s sent arrctds. Par ord e do Ia cour, EI. GARDERE, Grefflicr. Nouvollo Orl6ano, Sept. 26, 1839. TA I' DE LA LOUISIANE-Oou a do Div triert d premnior District Judiciaire--S. 1. Page contro ses ortanoiers.,.La cession des pro-, lri6tlts do S. Ii. Page ayallt it6 occpid par Is. Cour pour l'vanltage do sos er6otnciorn -11 cot dd-. crer6 q'unte lssconbltea des dis crbanoiera s it lieu nu greffe do J. . Marks, notaire public, jeudl 1n i1 d'oCtobre pruchuin, . 19 houres dIro mt in, nsio do ddlibbror our Ics fflairoe du dit Page, ct on attenr danot touts proaedure centre as persotne et seo prO, pri6t6s. cent aUspeaduose, J. P. Caswell cat nomtli pour representer bes oreaneior alisnons. T6moin I',onoranblo A. 3 . Buchanan, Juge do Is dito Cour, co 13 Septtebre 18:19. 17 asp P. LIBLANC, Gretler. .PTJE OF .tU'ISIANt-,,irsc Jndltel Distreit 3 CLourt-S Ii Pagt, no. his creditors--tile cessont of S l 'ae'sl proprty, tiaeing britt acceptet by Ithe Couert for fbt bielnfit of Iia creditors t it is ordered that Sneeoling ,of Ies said aeditorn, dtio ake plate rat lie Uftce of J II Marks oEii. Nioary Phbiic, oil Thursdllpy lhe .7th of ()0loher ictt, t i0 ol'eIoik A. A. fur Ih. Inurotlse otlf deibrtliaigl til a Itiefu .Is oil I page; and a tile mean tfis ill jutleiial rltoo tittttgs ttgnito t his lerontll oltll pirotrt , trIe tlYed. 1) l'.Iu.ll R1eq. t..ltpotillttd to oittoot ottt lu, nitt . c... ,re . s hliis WVitltEsn ttt Illn. A MI IlhI, hlon,., jitl-e .of lia t17 pt lP1&i.hItnrfl Op, Iryb.

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