Newspaper of True American, October 8, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated October 8, 1839 Page 3
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SHIPPING. Far Europe. FOR IIAVIIE lTh A 1 uaol wailing slhin, ELIZABETI S111111CR, Cuja 1liggmoo, ltaoiog ~th greaerr hnar of har cargo, will receive (JFputch. . Fr ighit of 23 C alei .otlton, or Iwooige, Apply It 128 L II biALj,93 Cuatooiooo FOR IIAVEK:. "h'liw A I la-i ooaibng shit VESPASIANV, ·CSlRWw.cil,I~l oiing pasrt of'Ilrbrgo gaged, A ill have ilepoiotc. For freight ufiiD lathe inII)I or pnl(*roge, applly to *2u tII . AL E, AL Ci3ooooon st FUR I IAVIILIS. 'i'hl A r' oIll, COLCII 10, Cnpi. Knight, hlg vio 1(01r01 her oargo eongaool, will re jive io iOOtlihltc diloloatl,. wur iraight of ooloton, r p loagO, Ap ly to .2l *L II ((Al.E, 9t low'o~nori s FOIE I.IVEILI oll.. Irk, 1'wA I onollioniftiig sloip IOCAllloE '.p PratoiLiill oaill ec l e c teeatler Ooorl nooa I rA. arocuue. Foor bullowao loore ight or ý~esge, appl y to ·, la.llllll, e18 L atolilli oIl' lEV 31CommoIE, I lOIL I.IVEIIP Il Lt. T'o Srri/os Snturdep thle 210.. 'Pe A I n limo aool jag Sh1p (illIC-1il), Ca1. ___ pta lair io allojwill mil on So urgOyi nga , .-iL~lavllla her Largo PrnL' nu u, And going on 01 h~oard Foir hanwejata olvin Ilpto la, tIwlooghdiA .a1191 slvwoa l Loto EVI IIr(i \, !Oonln Olilo t The fts Sooiiig AIShip (I11llA1, Copo. lain Glros, hovibog m0osltl of har (alga rogag.d, willreeive ir eiier th.oielight rpalea Cgrlloorg lwoorlpoossge nto o t i to mllA L 11 A L ,,93I: cl~lllrlmt street. FOI , BREMEN. The a,,S dliogll A I Shipl III(:AA :Ulpt. Slmilth, howing lot riod hauls f ertr carg ll ogug ed, wild receive dnotleowl ol OO maIOnejO, ni05,oo 1 aahlkai O'cclltlotnni .'ply ate LEVI GAVI II E. FOR~l I.IVEILptul , aoigl 0 a1Id0 11(1 111Wll l'oooooooo rool.lleli rI'ho lirrl cloln hia test sailinr g Ilriti1AE lop rrtcht. . Fotloa o illr (nowiau r o djaor Aol eeaetal~dlrianr for 1 obi t pU Jlaeo rs op ogig all ~ ~ ~ EV LEV II( 1E.lC,o,,on L/II IV IIPOILE. e 'Plolet cAl todfol fotilignilIrio FAIMiNE, Capt. llisoll, will rleceive imtmedliate dps lspaving her cargo enpgraged. aFor raooggool. Foving frdehof t llhoolnte io, no lolpply to .e I. II GALE, 1tCooa,,ononlat FOR I.VEIII'oOL.. The eA I And foot sailing sllip) CAIIINET,~ Capt I.innnll, wi~ll have illllcrliate desrpatch,, hating the greeter part olf Itr CArgo engaged. I orFU heihth of 200 balsa cotto~n, or prince ., apply t oI .49 I. II (;:11.E, 9:1 Commelnt lolroot. Coastwise. FOR NEW YORK-Regeular P'ckel. Orleans Line. of Paekete. 7'u. ail on Friday, the Iltt iece. g Th e leant fnst sailing Plkel Ship IC. . AIUI,(iEE, will Iloitively ccili ellveh, ,ha iecg pat .ercag eggegd. Foe the n8 A. (I0lEN, 911 ,. 11111 cC. FOR NEW YORK. Peltnkr of TCURCIDAY, the 1t111h ilt. New York and Nee Orl-ean Lice. 4 CIIE fiee Al Ship '('ROY, Cept Ilotehedetif, wB ~ ilt tefice, cdl~eeieed. FufeeihtciltlI~ 301) nhl l :c.Cotten,, r , fo peeccp. Ilply o hi. c cct SI':1ER I.AII)LAW, 08 NrE YORK AND N1111 olIlh.ANS LINE. TIHIS LINE w uill h~n 4 11IIceI) of .l L.t( I jipl,, whichl Ship St.eya, It.1 ileecldel, master. Slop' l'roy, It. ilukeklld, rff; master.,, .Shipe Riepuhhcan, J 11 Wile,,,, maser~-. Ship Aed c,, EK CCrnell, ecarter. New Whille Fraleeot, J (; Russell, master. New ship Malry Kiciel ,cI, It .Ih-Cercc nlestlet. New chip Feirfield, W I.Lon. master. The e Silp Cr., li of Ithe firl eks I cl--,e nrrommo dieetio n.e Ifrpsengela surpased for ctmforld mal d 'oln'eitPne, anec d aly ltc eltilallded e i The rrenee'cl plllelclu l tt will he o hseaavedl in despatchh inl then it s ad ·crtic() , and eve. - Unlsnnable scrumII tielcti,,c, reid td el1e., adl pllciiceiigrel a1 'I''ll IEC \l 1'1 1111. x11', P It VmnI st FOR NEW YORK. II OL1M S' LINE Kf OF hACKF:rS. 1711) "I' ne1111 evee,'e,' 9lluedr Siae I·e It oLrt. ell first class Ships, lcocleicmllg of~ lirk-erlra, ite htail lE II Mell nie, SR .elabjlle C Iallelehi t' Ihy Atkeeeri CI epuiulS I "(l"", Viekrherg,('apt.,, J lecher, Inu~muw, Ca lain . \\ ,n "y. jetuure, CIaet i llIle.lll ()Aeouc, liapilleeta IIeltlid (kRIdYecee, (I1Iil li'lf .ene shipe -- CIllllill i',cellltu Thee She;,e I* llue,+ llllllll t iclassl, IoCtperr ectitel pleietl lelell, itill woee.I ilttl SIc ork ex (Irr1. IU Ike )*(lee arc A-tl,,ci Ire .4f Ii:t 'feIIIel owe (, cl· I nvlat r iab tlellle crasc tII lar without delu littl. 'Thew Ilpalkehtsre co mlllilnded ll ll'l'l iliepleitee wetll ex peIte nlec inhe lrcd,-eIi v ie Aced' 't exert, eilhelt hi elte cc ltipltee. ll s CI)lll ) twe 'N,.no lLjI, h eie hled lyt tiee-, 111,1rI feeT IlT ,eec a Ill, ir orlnl I tier ll i T *q ·I!I: y will alwaill he ll u ( ilT dD a mtlq glery I'elI"eee wee,', e1 c, Ie th e co efoei ten e',Isie t ',ct Ieee Theee preeler e,,*,h l t,,ece,-ejal ate,3'I, wlitcc elhet ie ijgre thelte ptit, ar III lyt . l)I FOR N ~5·:y YORIK. l Net. York.tIudNew ttrlna( t Liner. The nf qtr. riot' -hilt l'a(UY, Il bt'ttdurlt. I pte ttelt l le.tlaeail n.'- ajb etoh freigt r-l T n t,'ttts.lae hl ttlrg ae:t fm 6illld tel uinwu t tal tae aettfi n Ittt .. t iaeea In il IIa' f 1L~I .1P I l 1I .lllAY IltCntpla lt . '1t 1ilt t, NEW . e aIK ll, [ee llouisiaef ald Naewlaa dl'ret eilej l f )a t foech ee rship- e. , tI al lfn e tdee. ' tr..rereeill fetilit, 'al an errly tteet lrkela ltleeeletaee treltt.,t atllwltrl. willSlruitw leae, bring tytaicr ulhed Ifrni- theipbort.ver week prileethe vte',ile n, l ln li~litie s for traunpurt utio n and at the lo welt toea affright.r Ltttoiile ils HutlorIe flvr r nitll lr , "' YP YCdridg e + Siehakepeaete, Patiaec Thlte aIya ewtip , ae nilrell ef tie., calaee, peprrelr ateeltolper rfatened, of. r, litleel reegt olef tacrand bttiltienYew Yoehrkerpreasly tllr ltaeetadeitltalegante accmettelec tieet Pa. Ifor tegare g .,el. and eetoeaded bey uej rt[a etapntiet erte etaters. Thle priter ella peasage i felxd tt*3l, wilthut tine, t liqurs, ettpla sletate ijn every other partiaclar aill te prttaided, tard ttcvertttettlltete giveet toe pltnaaatathe Atetof thaneI, passi'ng w tellio. jailia line., The lthits till at all . Iae te toe IluIp at l dlwnl th ite ver,.. cad the grtatest ptnttctlityoaecrvred ta ta haIe dtty oe wailing Neither the ttlera oatrati of tleteearals will he reapttaiblrffor jaewlry, buleliotctc"re.iaa ver r apIlatedI wcae, breakage of gltass, hlalowe twar.', tearhlelrr grtitie, aaoperage o aa t, retattt iroent tee seas, tar far cay letter., parcel te tekagers etlt by or put f. lteardl of thia, uanets regutlar bills of lading are fean foe the came, Afal the valaa thrr ocveaaleapeaa Farfreight orpat eage, apeply t oa JAt S It lUlI.I.N, 74 Cam Thefirt can.\s And ~t-siingSchone J.AII'ElI, Capt..L Ilet Id, till ratte.i veea. patchi, Fo freight t' leeeage aeply tee 1511, 91 f Maetaa tee --ui-- a -.l -.-- -----ll;BH~;CU For the Interior. FORl IIAYOUII S IARA Reg'ubit Pakettl. 'le -rltetelte teassener Ateaettbfatt J1 'l lLIANT. tense lilarsftstear,I wi.~;~eell latfie. Netr Orlettet reary l'Jra lteerdee at Ill a clote A. M. the Ilayau Sara & every Setta la tlItn oel'ch 1 A'I tMning fat ecat elatew. %a tty. Feor' tripleght te Ittacege aptly I Capt. 11dµ felttd5 AIAIMS & WIIITAI.I. iIt SKEY-l-OOttle tetetilfid Whitkley, in slara Y o ale by U ItIlU kSIY, u l e 44 Nae Leaee ýU~-_t rstaheal, o lin tore at,.1 far Well 41 Nta iaaeve jUTr lER.-CeI kega Buatler in ltre, feer -alte by 13 G tIP 0Ifp.Y, tn ?44 New I roa - I KANS- O ~bhe ewhite Itetete, a flrs rate atce 137 Par tatle by (I I)IRSEY, 44 NettaLeree Yeeieelat ajitlieg ttatert leeelica feentt brigGten. y til iral : JTHAYER eln, ~JtAR~-hllBdit LoafPSuarr, ine sare end fee sala 8 by, J T'HAl'FI & Ca, (15 74Pdoevdracece riICE-1Ilt tit sttetre andt Itte Asa i I 'IHAYEIR& l'e, eýll!sARItOI$E11'L I(LASiEI":-IO0thle itt store tar 14 .14;toy-. 3 Il1bYKR &Ctt, YýI 71lPtyetlrcc te SNITEID STATES OF AMERICA.-State oe Louisiana-Parish and city of New Orleans Be it known by this agreement, made and conclud. ed this fourteenth day of June, 1839, before me, Horatio Davis, a notaty public, duly comnmiessonecl and sworn, in and for the parish and city of New Orleans, that'in conformity to the law approved by r the legislature of this state, on the tlirteeclth Marcl eighteen hundred. and, entitled "an act to authoriszao linited and anonymous partner. -ships, and for regulating the sade;" 'Tihere is hereby formed a limited partnership whcill shall bq regulaned in manner and tbrm foilowing, viz : 1. The name ond style of said partnership shall hbe--" T'e stecamer Brilliant Asasoiation of New Orleans.'' 2. 'This association in formed for the purpose of rlncming the steamer called ihe Bril iant of New Orleans, as a passenger and froight boat, lor hire, on the waters ,I Louisianla, or others of or onl the coast of the United States. 3. Thile anelolnt of the capital stock of this assO. ciatioe is tthirly two thousacnd dollars, dvilced int, forty shares of eight hundred dollars eacth. The whole of which captital has been paid iar ready monry, said *amoent bring thle price paid by the hercinalter named t embers of said association tior tie original cost, r,)piirs, anid alterations, made to said stica,'cleat Ilrillia, t. 4. 'Tlhe nalnoes of the copartners in this associa tion, land lloe allllllt which tihey chave respectively coatriluted to tlhis limlited partnellrbiip, aru as ltl lowv z: 1. Duncaon F. Keonner, of tieo parih of As. celliol, for three sllare, two thousanid and four hundred dollars. , 2,40o 2. Ilenry Mct:all, of ithe sam. parish, for three sllares, two thousand ad lour hunlld red dollars. 2,4100 3 John Slidoll,of this city,for three shares iwo thmosanid and four hundIred dollars 2,400 4. Christospher Adams, jr. of this city fur three .lares, two thousand and four hundred dollars. 2,400 5. Wil iam HIanlilton Avery, of tiis city, for three shares, two thousand and four hlun dred dollars. 2,406 6. John S. Preston, of thie parish of As cension, f)r threeo, shares, two thousand and four hundred dollars. 2,400 7. John Stephlon David, of the parish of St. Jailll, fur two shares, sixteen hundred leotla'r . 1,600 8. Juihn S. Armand, of the parish of St. James, for two shares, sixteen hundred dol. lars. 1,600 9. Paul Ileiert, of the parish oflberville, for one share, eigllt hundred dollars 800 10. Aaron hart, of Pittsburgh, for seven. teen shares, thirteen thousand six hundred dollars. 13,600 $32,000 5. This parteership shall commence on the day of date hereof, and the operations of tlo satme shall terminate, and the concerns thereof shall be wound up at the expiration of twelve monthes rona the date of this act. 7. There shall be appointed by said association upon the meetig of any five of tihe stockholders thereof convened in tie city of New Orleans after two days notice in one of the public gazettes of said city, a board which shall consist of three directors, to be chosen from among tie stockhlolders of said association, and in like manner there shall be an agent appointed for the samc. Th'le board d7iof dtrtors of this imnsttution, ahnhave fiela power,sl cc authority to mak e such rules and by laws as may not Ie inconsiatant with this act or with the law afore recited, upon which this partnership is founded and specially they shall have power to direct tihe imcode ofrunningsaid Moat, and regulating her voyages or trips, timces of de parture and return, rates of charges, &c. The said board shall also have the power to investigate the accounts of said boat, as well thro' tllemlnelCes, as through tlie agent thereo and generally to super vise, control and direct thlie course of the employ. cmeant and the administration of her fihds, and to that end tlhey shall be aitorised to give all fitting and proper instructions to her oaent, officers and othere in the employ . The dlrectoac shall also have the powers to fill up all vacancies (ior nc sxpird term) arising in said board, froc death, resignation or etherwise. The agent of said boat shall reside in the city of Now Orleans, and shall under the by-laws of said board, collect the debts due to the association, and if any there should bi in suit i thile naIe of said i association, and also ill like lannler dlburse their funds, for nccecary expenses and clanllll, tlld un der the like dirretions keeop just and true books of tile iaceolllet, dealings and transactions ,f said ns-e soiat'ic n at the oItlic which sallll be selected by the said boald ill tits city 8. The tllrectors iof sla illoilaeition shall continue in hltice during , tlh teriI (f six mllllltlhs, frmlll the day of their relc.llll ialld untill the lectioll of a new board, ald suuch at w board shall, if'possib'e, be elected ollCe \lik icr notice n as alOiresaid, acnd prior to thle "\pirtiion of the tern, of tio older preceding board. The agent shall remain in ofice, at the discretio I ofi the bloard, and tili board shall detoermie hi hc cotipnsation aid thie lam er of pay. 9. At the period therein before determined for tile cxplretlon of this co-partnerlhip, thle affirs f thbre.lf shall bI. sttled, and Ile same liquidated and woud up by the test board ofldirectloers of said asaoeetatol, or the surryvoor or sviuvors ofthem. 10 The person, .o trusted with such liquidation shall cause to he made a full and collule Ibtlance sheet ofl the delbtes id credits of the easoeiation. and tlley shall well and truly discharge aUd settle out ofe tile luods of the association, consisting of said boat, her earnings or proceeds, the lawful debts oflsaid association, and when all the debts and claims of ard against said association shall have been fully paid atnd l isch:lrgced, thiy shalll leake a ust anid equalt re parititon amongl the tockholders! of said association or their lawlt representatives, pro rata, of the stock respectively he d by thee, of all tht, ru mmung lifuds of said partnership; and for the purpose of e clit lIg the lIquldlattmn of said concern, til persons who shall be tlhaet lqudlators of' the same shall have iull power to sell said steamn boat and her alllortenalces at puilbli auction, alfter advertisement during once a week in tile usual alnner, at sucl credits and oil such Lerm and con. dltion as ae -o theIc shall appear advantageous, and slai have also flil power Ito caste to b discounted without recoorse, al miotes, obiegationsand credits wlhatever, hbelmging untot aill asoceiationl, wheo thler arising out of thoe sale ofsal boat, lher etarn ilgs, or othellrwise, provaded such discount may not Iec malde at a rile exceeding teo per celt per an- A noin, or even to sell ithout recourse and at public auction after Ithe usual notice, ll notes, elaimsll and credits, belllngig unto said association, on such A teremse as thtey mlcy thlink lit. 11. The lavl nds oft proftits, if any there shall Iee, I llie y aid ta' soe iatcio , shalll, after paying all deIo,t, a arges ande xpensesl, bo d, ciered at theend It of evo.ry six months succeeding tho dutie thereof. 12. ''lhis act of association is exporessly based upon tle aforesaid act olf the legllature of this State, approved the thirteenth of Malrchl. ighteen haunded and thirty s.ven, and the aforentamed i gneibers of this liilited co-parters'ip lerebv declare that it is their intention to avail themselves (ion making this association) of all thet privileges and immunities in the said act of the legislature colltemoplhated, and specially of the privilege of I exemtptton fir cn responsibility for the deblts and obligations of sid association beyond the amount of the par valuel of tel sttock by te:eml aespctively held, as culltecpl.tced in tle eighth sectioa of said a t, and all priviledges granted or responsibilities imlosed by said act are to be taken and considered as embodied herein. 13. The said co.-partnership hereby elect the city of New Orleans as the place of doeicil of said as. sociation, and determine that the master or clerk on said boat for thle time being, or either ofthem, I shall be tile agents of said association, so far as to sign bills of lading, to bind tile said assoeiation for goods received on freight on board said stceamer. 14. The stoekholde s in said association nhall have the right to vote by proxy at all elections for directors, and to appear by proxy at all meetings duly convened. lThus doene nod passed in this ofice. eon the date es above, in the presence of Bartholomew Vails and Theodore F. 'l'lleincnann, conpetent witnesses, idoliciled in this city, who having signed with the b I parties and co", tile otary, Original-signed John Slidell, Winm. II. Avery, HIeery McCall, John S. David, C. Adams, jr., J. S. Armant. Aaron Hart, of the city of Pittsburg, county of At eghany, State of Pelnnsylvania, is to these pro sent presenlted by his son, Jesse Ilart, of New' Or loans, as per plrocuration her, unto anexeld. AARON HAIRT, Per JESSE IIART. )uncean F. Keoner having left the city previous to signing, is here represented by Minor Kenner, as per letter hercunto annexed. LDUNCAN F. KENNER, Pe'r MINOR KENNER. Paul IIl.bert having left tie city prcvious to signing, is here represented by Bernard Laudumier, as per letter hereunto annexed. BD. LAUDUMIER, Pour PAUL IIEBERT. JOHN S. PIRESTON, By Isaac T. Preston his attorney in fact. Thie words " f'ourteeuth," and ' of June, 1839,' interlined. B Valls, Theodore F. Theinemann, loratio Davis, notary blic. I certify the farogoing to be a true copy from thle original act extant on mly current notarial re gister, in faith wllereof I have hereunto signed omy name and nflixed tile impress of mcy seal of ofllice. New Orleans, June 20tll, 1839. Signled, HORATIO DAVIS, al8-2w30d Notary Public. I i.Ts rceeiv.d I lalge assorueet of seunlller ltocks iof various patterns; ijnen shirte'f fie e lualily. (t10S011 SI' ceo, 1t13 Inxe'lllece Ilotel,SI Cleorltc ot 1.-R)--70 krsJO ..e L.alrd, ic sile etreslt fcr tale .L by l; 1t. t0EYe fe 1 NeW, he. LOUISIANA.GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK Jfp 2uttorit't of tf, .tats of lLou(ftana. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCIIARD, M4NAOERS AND) PRorII'TonRS. F' T/he First, or Half Million Lottery, and thIe Second, or Two Million Loitery, dte respccrfully prsentod to thIe Public. TI e IIALF MIL LION LO I TERY will be drawn in December, and linished at one drawing. Tih e TWO 11 LLION IO 'I'EIRY will lie drawn on the old plan eol lanks and Prizes-Numblrci In one wheel, and D:ani:s and P'ri.ra in another wheel. Buothl Lotteries. under tihe supervinion oftwo Judges of Courts, WILL BE DRAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. Tire IAI,I" MIII.IO' LO fTERY offers c esi to 1,291 Prizes, iof ,rich 33 ar Periz-s of Real Estato and 345 ocf ncek, Ien.ides manny Prizes comu posed ofl'lrtck"is in lmr (;reard l''wo .liilio Lottnry, affolrding a lpartieiprtnm .f clhacera als o to thie holder of a 'l'lckt for I'rzraes in lThe GRAND LO I) TRY of lwo Millions of Dollars--10,000 Prizercr-to thie faull amount of $2,000,000, of which 107 are Perizs of Real Estate. Only 9 Ilariks to a Prize!!!-Sinplo Ni , 1 to 100,0110. 100,000 Tickets at n$20-2,000,000. Schemrao and selling price the same. Amnor tlie Prizs in t Ihese two lotteries are many public anld privRat, Ili'dings whicrh adorn thie city of New Orleans, anor are tl r prde of its inhsb. itanls--tiru Veramdl,lh, St. Chalors street Tlheatre, American Camp streero 'i'heallre, St. Charlesr Arcade IBuildirgs, rin, Ilr tI:i, I)tweiinig hoises, Stores, ttuilditrg Lots, and rarny ertire ri.qares orf Ground-brrsidas Stocks in Itarmin iad their ,rstirutiors of the State of lnoriniarla, arromrrling mm the wIhole to TWO YlLLIONS FIVE IIUADIIED THOUSAND DOLLARS. All the Real Etate anrd Stocks oflrced it Prizes aare owned by thoem ad rl their Iporaenino:-rho acts ofNsah., wth clear nitits, are vestlel in tlheir firm, and recerdad i, tie offllice of Adolph. Manzureaou, Notary Publmo, and office of corvoyienars, ready to transufer toi tie hIoldrs rrf Prizi 'l'rckrrs, exemrpt front incrirrralrrcc: Thi nroporlr y is rea aparrt unalterably to tllat solo and o:y plurpose, anld eai,, in o evenlt whatever, C r .cnvr),ed oIUtherwm iryb the frirm tha to tio Ilmrldera of Ihe Pr t'r Tlkeoto. 0 -------- -- ---__=.7 AME RICAN CAMP STREET THEATRE LOTTERY, CAPrTAI. $540,000, IN 1,291 Pi)ze:s! Will bedrawn in DECEMBER NEXT; and in order to gratify, at an early period, the purclasers of tickets, the combination is adopted for this Lot. tery rnly, of I to 75, whereby the drawing will be completed in a few minutes by the drawing of 12 Numbers fromn the wheel. 67,525 Tickets, at 810 each--9675,250. 1,291 PRIZES!!! SCIIEME. CAMP ST. THEATRE AND GROUND, Will be Irize to the holder of tie lst, 2d and 3d dosn uers .. . . . $150,000 TItt eubstantal four story brit:k building cal1let Arllstrue_'s hotel, forllllllng thet cornes r ofC(au p ald Natchez streets . 40,000 Price oto 4th, 5tih and lilt. That valuable five story brick store on Old I.e vee street. occupied by Mlessrs II V W IHop. kinri . . .. . . . 33,000 Prize to thie 71t, 8l and 9th. 'Thlt elegant dwtlliog lo lio ul,: ll lot, No 74 R oyI sotreet, 4'ep id l by C W s o .drich 25,00 Prize to tlls 1hh, th and1 a 121. ,'lhl oo story double dwelling and double hlt iA a l Mi . i e .upied b y J 11 hla wl . 1 0,000 h'riezf to Intoholt, 2J h and 4hh. Ai entire suare y ll e tlrolo ilnl otlllollre ri Annu heirtioned. d M. lerhed hV I.iherty Bernton, Melpnmeln anlld Tlerpsihllr sts. y 14,200 Prize to Ist, 2d and 5th. "'b'at one tory stoore and lot cllrller Calnlp and Julia altreet,occupied bIy lr. 91. I.autolier fbr dry goods . . . . . 12,000 lotPri e Io t st, ,1 and 1fth. lThat Ole story store and lot carler of St NMry and Jul st. . . . . . . 10,00 Prize to Ist, '2,1 nill7th. A certiefate Ibr 51 tickets in the two o milliun lottery, t $'0 each . . . . 10,000 IT'e ortlaate holder of hi' prine art realize Ithe nI1t i e stinty to l)Ottai ptc oo'oea.eio , through eir elldiurm, of the inr i le t pe ortioi Iof the vaotittt spllell n dl prizes it tie two luIllion lotr, wicll be a- l t 'rize t Io lt, 2d and 8th. hlat Ilrgte hilhl tintgc exteinive iot ill tile citytl If-aol.n -otte, luloat. or Ii audlaio, eoarll r Vashtintpgtol al0, (CIItpo,tWa ate. 100 hy 200 reft . . . 9,000 Plrizo. n to l t o ', I tld2d 9111. 1 oelolotilto, 00 oft 45 tolhkets in tlhe two miillioln 0ttery0 , $2(I , 0' . .a 5,00( Prize to Itt, t t1 , nd Illtl. T'Iat oe stoory dwellnl Im'use Iand lot, 2,1 1. Neoayode st.'next toh dotlh lot coroer ,tof eo. ,.ae .7,500111 I',iltze o I r. Yd ima I ! lhh. Prize to lit, 3dl and l'2th. A dwelr lg lionuesldt o n \all st.rv ot.3d M. brill 2,1 t ort lot f o r ig c orner of t'En. J ,, 'z to t I , ,1 and l th. A rrloi tt ' llr ;10 ttllhokst' ti i te etwo I n tllio loll 0tv, i$201 o tillch 6,000 I'rimte o t oo, 3. atd 5t11h. A lt estfgrond ot Nayades ot. _d l1. being loe 0 third lot tram Meot elll ll I0. 5,5 Prize to Ist, :h, i an ith . A elsitialte fir(li70 lcol o oill he tw1 o mI llr onUlo 00ttervi at $3,11 1 Prize 'eo Ist,:o oo nd 7th. A berollrtictot o ':. : tilelooto in ti tHe wo, tl 00 llio ollacry, oaI $210 elcah 4,15001 toPri o, h Isl, 31h and Cllh A sto try dwrl i. li ) Ihw 1 in Ind t, .d I1. on I)'ooot.ogicn ot. next tie loa ier lot o s Volctlroy Prize to aot, rht d 91th. A t f'sitlalh oh t oti.l)iho I st. n `sl . t t1. adj ,i At t1,, t ou-nerIt f N coty avol t,: . o. 3,3111 lo itts t o lt o ,: tl a tl 10th . t. Soplo bo. S t, i a frol that onl aorer of So . o Joiat < iP, t. 3,000 cto in tir o stllhon oclohrV, at $r 0 each 3,000 a I I'rize tI I 1, ('oill at dl IIth. (i nllre Iig re lso f grot land IIIt a l l l ol Al eoiotstio. o l2d l . h tludr t by Ctl osrro,ls at li.. Cloo suut o t it Irrato sty. . 2,5100 Prize to, let, 111l anid 511h. tA o'irh building lth 3d. M. corner ttf oo, rel l and Mlct.ut llt ts, - 1,100g 1 . lPrize t t st, thh Iland tIth. A tlIsirll ianooll otl ootg lo 0, t I tll et o llMo notegut Prize to lit, dll t nd 7t h. Al0 sthre aoo7 ' of tgr,.uI, at.h M. lounded by Clio, IPe,, lErratl adt 11oli st-. . 1,600 rize to lIst, 4td h ln l 8 tht. A p1o'Iotanty square of ground in 2I M. ouad. t'ri',3te Ih t, 4h1 ant 9. h. 'etc too too dot 0 tos- ts to.0 A s0at,00f orl oao in '9,2 1. lmaaol"d by Ma. pc, hme aOud ('Ilt, . ty. 1,1) O0t toroir. h 1, dts41, and 10tth. it, elllig e l tblalm_ [l llt hi, filu l .a t I iv lla -tai% city of l ea l , ) 9 <ltll Va.hhintll w tr, te, 8 s Prize t, Islt, t411 l an d tsl t , itlh Ilolttl 1lso--ods, tooos autol h-7500 A blulhli' lo t ~f gro mlt, ct ty dots l.a fooett.l, t f to.oit \ ,V m t'hot an'es!', ld Itb lt froth ,I o ' I-olt . ;t) 720 I'riz i, .. h1 a 1'111. L Nallsollss h sI llillo lots llof sotol .l sil, o fly.ofoletoe, : t') t s -ti,-. ea so, lsoik so F out storee , ln t t , - th filallJt onr.IrJe e te , at $1100 c)toh 2,1)10 I ,oita to. tnt,111 otd l I th --- el,51h td t'l h Ist, otsh tIol lh-o .lo , o tl h aond l tsi, $ .1:0 Si bl dling Inlsll o frf llneto i filen llt o lt o tlthi frte tot corner Wa.sioglua sirtes, $3110 ih, 1,110 I'izet, to o, stl a nd 1th -1,- ,5,hsh .dl lh hits n solo t os I atn-sd tI- , it at2 d 7tslo -lot, s k OI , S alo ,I ottoold Lt2 l ll l alI d th- I, llth and 8tlll-1m, 111 ,nd 9 h111. iFour prizto , e-otltl , oortiisealto in sle two'cslillioll Iottl ery, 10 t ookelc, f $2(0 r lesh , 6,0110 l riz, It. t, t i tl and 1--l, ills sot, 7tl and 8h-lat. 2 7th and 91th--ls, 7th and llth-1n. lo prizesct e, r ia s.crtilcak e loa r 125 tickoet. lot le two rnill o Ilately, 250 tickets, at $20 e.,5,00110 Pries to Ist, . l th--st int tn,6 - thrO n lhllt SFive prince+., e,t'l 8I llakest of ostock in the Ioostcltootais 0 ralraoaI coptl ythto', 4)1 otarean, ats $011 each, 4,1100 orize, to 1st, 71h noohl l hh-- t,T andl 12th-lt, l8tb tod Ilth-Itot,3t, aS d 91th 1 losIt, Ol anhd 11to. a , ive .rizee de, caoh fi tares of pIlns·lac rtri rtiia t stok, clo hllrso lt f $110 . 3,l1000 Prize to lst, 8tot and 1l1t--lot, 61tt, atod nI lh--l sl, 911 a.d loth--lot, s9th and l)th--lot, 'Otll a ned I . I Eight prizes, sach r cortificnte of50 tillokets ilIso lwot million Ihttery, :011 tickets, ot $201 cch, 8,01110 Prizer to Ito( l'otoooatl 121o-lot, Ilhh and t Lo-2d, 3t t 41-2tl,9,u andl 51st --odle 6,3l aed lit-t2d, 31 a tlt b--d, 3dt ansd tll- 2l, 3ld and so 9. 'ea prozies, ellyo :3 ahares of osek in the bonk of I.otiia 1, 3 t-tlloa'or,-, .it $1000, 3,0011 Priz t _.,1. :1d std Illth-2d 3:1 and I tlth - 21-, oso amtl2--'21,4th asd 5th-t-,-Oslo cand O6th-Jdl, -.lot otl tHta--tsl, 4dth and 8th--2,, 4tI ned Sot--dt, o4th and 10thl-.d, 4Lth aud Twentoy prize', each asoc lltite for 85 tiobast ino the swo mihio ltoner y, 5000 tickels, sot $41 10,101101 Prize. to tile 31, 4tb std 2ll l-do , 5thS and th-2-d, 5tth stol a7h--,1,5hl a ulld 8i11-1d, 5t sd 0th,--.lo,lo, ots lltloIbs-oil, (io .tooll last- 01, 601, sntoo 1 1--d2I1, till oed lt2ot1-d I, 71h Os!, otl oorid I Its-dot, olth esldolh-aeod 2d, (oo los slt Ioc Il ll so l Oso ty-crio p-ricsa, aclls cootificel l floe Ill t eho 1oo tld s Ice . i -llll son 001r 7lot olIItod . . . . . TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. 10,000 PIZZES AMOUNTING TO TWO MILLIONS OF 1)OLLARS, DRAWN ON THE OLD PLAN OF BLANKS ANDi PIlIZS,--NO COMllBINATIO, N NUMBIERS. 100,000 Tickets, at $20, - -- - 2,000,000. SIMPLY NUMBIIIIEED, 1 TO 100,000. The schemo and selling prices are the saIe. as no addilions or rrarrvatloas are mande for expensee in this lottery : thsoe coiotalgcet exlpenses will operate as a larC deduction roa the vl luation net 'n the r proprerty. MODEI, OF DRIAWIN(;.--T'h Numboru 1 to 100,000 will be placed in one wheel, and tlae nam number ," Illo la I a Prl aln inn another wheel. Tl every lnualbrr dtrawn'o I roonlle wheel, tikU frnm the Blak ll ald Prize walll will hadra. n , until trio0 \ohcc; r drawn.. T11E ItInS'I' DA.Y'S DRAWINGt or lIIE TIT 0 311L. LION l.1OTTEIt Y, MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. iL Each day's draewing uder tle aUpervision of two Jldges of (turts i ,New Orleans, nlld tie wheell opened andi sealed by telm. 10,000 PRIZES. 1. The VEIOANI)AII and garound, valuet at $500,000 Thl'is nluable anid sledlld edililee s 6 storiesa high, nadl presents a front of 145 fIet on Saint Clharles sareat, and 10I feet on Conmonr, treer. lThe princip l portion of t tle front of lhe base nt styolrvtmprtises n large bar or coff.e Rouls nrod eiglht slmrt, andi two grald entries to the mtie, for whi ch tire r, miudahr ofthin .phendid edlfce iy dteneelld cnd as Flllet. Ia fla (nlw eIhin. ell by Ml3esrs. King & 11k5heks, ill a slvle wlich renderst it the mast fashionuble Ihutel of the s ilthl :300 person Ceall t o.e litle bIe ouven ilently a:ttannllllled e illh drawileL rooms, par. ltur, anih bed romsn. Tile ilent rent aveln ges $1.0,1110 purnnum, ail heconee intreensd b provisios in the leasee to $33,500. ThCe stilres Oi lhe sintaa ,ttl renders it sn.en .'t ibr of alllnntnlttitl to $15,0001 to tile fult tunate hider 2. '111l: S'1'. CHARLES TIIEA'l'ItE ANI) tGILt)IJNI, will, Ihe scenery aebitte'v tardtlle, in, &e. cn nt;lete. 500,000 This naguilh:itict structure hsa fitn, tof t3a ret oin St lhttr les street, with a depth & front of 17 feeot on St Charles Artade. Thie capiaci Iy anld nttttonlltdntils awitlhin eorrelltetud wil th ene laignltde of ile exteriorn. The grand ealoeln is 15 by 129 feet. The ltor tIhrn of boxh s areta lurleutulled with extruive aglle ties; i7 o the- btxea have hItudis o)tr wt.tnligll rpnts. In the r ene ent the dton e is asupin. di a r'r., lniciret chandeter, 12 f ee in height 3 leo , i eiatltkirolence n , i.ig hin g -,50tt 10 <i, tiluee.:d ,thl 17ti gas lightst ant cst $l11,735t. Tlhe aecol' re tllid ialle net ore nlqunlled Ion t t contiu e, i thie wartrote illrts mgniilcent. Tlihe whol eslntltiislllOte llt ould nttw I leased fur t vear it l l $ ,,tIr tl ier ,tnttrlNt. 3. 'tlll11 ri. Cit toIlrESa A lk dA)lt IUiI. III tI5 , 'l 1,i\TIit ANI) iItIOUL N), Vl., Ca . . l It . I' l i i u l 1 51,F oi 1g ,0 104 tA hatilh l Ml. k , ..f .te uri,,thi, on rder, I5 freet, font en i a li street, nt lie) d''tp, Itoea e t h tI lt a t. rrl es A rad st, , ltti n Itiglr. Tlte 0 h.wer Th t is cureped by ,ar roomes sho,,s oest bllHird Poo,, in the llrllel Shtas. The p ler sttties le tn i th e t i n t,12 lmagtnLe roote streel, bountled Iy leli llletle, Ilercu iao, ai 'lerpsichote teruet.. 5.7,100 .5. Th.e entire s ,apr of grnd on Irvder, 2I n ic I ipllll itay, t ol tain Ing 1 ldot, l. T, e h uded hy Eutri, Here u s Toud trOt 1 ichorr itre Is . . . . . 32,000 I i tet . f otr s lo a brick store, N t. ( 1, LI. Tel. ire s, 1st t l ilrlll , ro n ll0llng to 000 Iniitt ith .i1elii0tg 7. The itwr story atw.brick. llt o Ne t h e et e o ( uicaipayr strreal. . . r 31),0011 8. 'IThe e ure square of groundlllo 1 lrvdres stetl, 2dI mustlici, li nts, onltal 13 ots, hleisu led byt Itr ile Rld tierculae streets, an d tile til e r Od' si e it ill l ll r .. 2 8,0 00O 9. i . The. ntresnare of Igrotnd oa ine reule dnre el, 2 e Inlllieitli tV of 16 lotsl , Iulldltt l Ibn 1(. I'Th" ellire sqloreu of rgronulnl1n Hercules stret.t, 2 t nllrllit, t, of 16 l jrt s ,0o ed vtain Euterpe, TYe - l ne's.tree ts & . & 2 ,000 II. eI'h,'rlot,' squIareolt ,grU ll n o0u Gr 0vier .tree(, " o l,,ll,lh p lity, conttlllt ning 18 lots, ueetledl I -- . . . 20,000 12. The eltie a e snof roolun of nd ,,l llents, - led hy btterl> , aun '{rerpsichore stleets. . 8,00I I t3. Thnetr toire sq uttre of grond, ett1d e t - oll'e stcust, l o~I n icinlttt n e wtll tainieg t6 lotU , ,oalu"(h,4 by li ,uto ateit o 'tinori re streets. 10 ,000 14. '1'i, elntre lsquare of ground l lleton ,lrer. l I, . lllUnivlpnil eldlllllllllg 11 hotn, o(dlIU(ed bV ')I',iLuIne, Liberty alrnd Em, tuL alel"o n • .r" o o 1 ,['011 15. The ltwo stor house hnit oti r New i.evnt slnret 1d tlrn u lit:ipal il, cTrter uf t u.0biu leet, : e Iy 105 let . . 1,000 1- . The t qtt l re-f-"t roIt utt , to tt rett lesstreet , "II llllll oi'tIallt V, of ) hlls I)(llllo LtL, I)), IYareu. :e-, I:tllefr n d "lintilts te , . . 12,000 ,'d Ill atm'illltVy f I l lm-1 boomedll e b ,l rl polsellr ",, l Liberty stroets, anld of the :llh r l.r erl'v . . . . 11,11100 treet, .,d nrtlici tli.ft ,f I13 ltt lltti lll{bo s d I y t.itberie, .Terll';ih,,r n, )1 . lare n . trI 11e. - ],11)11) Its. 'Illh P llalr l fgrunl dhtlllg I hin d l stren t, Jl,,uttie ipa t v ll f It I.t t lalt i.tte,' by 31a ,tI ..... tltrleett, tl t...... 15 lots, ounded by W h(llv 11: sted Elite'hlenOI-e . Is . . l,00 t1. The hend sthry uihldiig aou grd,I en Julia strent,2d tii. ,,xt tl the corter of L'amiia slreel, f125 hiy 8 hy t e 9,000 14. l'rh, eine nof eroutud n 'Thalia street , and J,,) Ihnesn, bi, . ..ded by .e)lnpl0e, Jaeub u ant lhw ntl etre ,tt . . 9,0110 I 23. '{'h itlnae tiu bulhding an Juliea ternt, next to the tl, heter o' ( rvy stieel, eontaining I u h tkervy, and aving t. byhig 7i et .l 9,000 2i. 1'hle square f gtlllond It liltitelotneae sltreet, 16Itis,b.tiided by tt oldedIcTe1.p1iehtre and Jlucli stoels, 2,dl i. .9,0011 25. Thee aqllularel gloud on I ibtrlh v street, Jnt hi. ofl 13 I eis n bnlcd by4 Terlsicltfae, Ilow rl uitu 5hlie 7) streets . . ,100 ait. The squara.r ~fround o Ileg :n trt el, 3d nt. 11O7 lote, ouunded .y) 'hIte an lli tadpo melnu stht.t e,50 2t. TIt..e ttog bulttditt atid grTud oteee, Julia slreetl, 2'1 Illn beig 3d lut Irtonl C.mlllp s're,'el 5 hV 7{{ liet . .8,1)110 2U. Th'be sqtare of ground on M3lelpol Rene sltle!, ,L Iii. ill1 Ilets, bounlded by J cudb, Solis nl 'tericlltre sltreelat . . 8,0001 "9. Ione one stotry ltihiud and n rtt nd otn" s treel, homing.5 by 78 teet 8,1h l11. The square o'f gruundt l n e 'Italia clreet, ,td i. lif Ii; tis, bouud,:d by JaeC)t , olit s and Hellt)nR.t' sIteels 7,50 31.el Tetultnugnofrl)llln d oth T'{hallha "sh'eell, o2 n . In1los, boundlled b 0110antl, Sllis ald ittnlhne stree6ttetsa 00ee 32a. Tfee I Sltoy butilding a, lot o, Nay - a-. o0 Iae stfrce 2{ lU. corlertf T'I'eltichre ll salreet 6,0e 0 3e. 'eite horen* grhuhd t1 'alndsiiclore t , :d in. of t18 lots, hotuded by St.liy , Mt n, antd tM, lepo ulel It stree at • 6,000 31. 'The, fi htof!"lOunl1d iln AIpollo street, 2,f ill h c o r ll r Io f 1 ,:lp o m es e s lt le e t, 3 1 b y 1 2 7 :35. The sgonr ro of grou nd i;,| 3ell..... n ,500 ahlllRald Fnliltay IllC 5,500 'It i. lex to I tetll tt c tla-u lollilt i reeat, 30 ,by X ..l; lle TI . .. . e "o.groun'. 11d . .. 7' lia su le s ,l 2,] III. ill' 12 hl,,ts, Innlolned by Clara, Ma11h el, ono 1 Merlotll etlr alleS rl- + 5,.)01) :18. Ther hI,I pfground nu New I evee slreet, S:3t bv 1)5 f~et . . . 5,520 3J9. The st tllro t1' rounlll ulla I.rr at: , stroll, ,\lel mt,,P streets . • . 5,0() -I4.1'" ITh llt i r llrUll ou NaIvatles atreel, 2dI i1t. bleing the 4t1. hs1 h It 'tuu Terpsichore atree, havinli 31 lv I"27 ,. t . 5,000 ,I. The squ, are+ ofgrounll| on Hercules slreet 2d a. ,,f 5 duo,, bounded by while and Mellp lnet."ll, strews , . . 5,100 nIi. bIing next , lthe {lotl orllig the i mell sle o 'l'rp~ehue trel, udh~tit~ 3. h I'2' i y110 ce a1RU Two , niiliona ofdotlara 2,01N1,(H11 CALLWELL, OAKIEY & LPR1TCHARD, kIANA;rk A1ND PROZLPIE.n. ,\"rwo Olltcunr, Au,,. 3Utk, 1b39.J ),uuos I nod LClnI lreers, mid utler pro pe ty . 011(1 4)i. 'I he lot oIf grt ,l(n I;rlllill+. tile rumr of (, 47. The eqtre otd o lgotld Ialll 'liia street ,000) "d m. oil1 hl,, It-, ioded by 33luu.0 el,Clara and Felicity inr e , 5,000 48. T'he loo dory v brick hIonse flndh tll on feo fius Chip)rewa sretl Ull d having 40 eet front, by 00 luet in depth .5,000 49. 'he sq ure tlll.'on .gteo in Th alio tree,+ melllel rets llnd Eilgil Illn 5.000 511. Thi one story I y uinlgg aid let of grund I,0 Niyades sqtrel, being In e o:i hilt fo'o: °T2rp sic ore street, hIoud 32 bIly I 27 feet, 5,000 •51. The square ) "gr 1und in Errta m orer, 2d mn. 1' (313or, WlOlolldeld by Maltinl aut '1l'lnlie lilt. sArli lled lI.gP, e l lle . 5,000 1r . The oilt fIrgruTltld ,l p td o ori ,ere d m. (upp il d tho resldele of J Field ,q.) being file 2di lof.rl, Te.rlqichuro street, ando havhlg ; y 127 loot . t 4,000 in, 30 I lus de bohe y Eo gl avensue, I'llnlia and 0Walnut sicer,00 54. A Itt io ground on Ap),l Io street, 2dl. 4, heip lil ,e3d hI t Itool Terpsichore street, having 32 by 127 feet 4,000 55. A iot ol'grouidll ou Apllu Rtroent 2 , 4,000 heh . the "111,t J'rllul l'crp"i chllr.: sltet1, huving 32 by 127 ici 4000 51s. A lot ul.rond ,, Victlry tee , 2 m 4,000 having l 26i ty li 0? o li ,dV, d ,.limn thie lot Irming tea corler otdle, 'Eg. ,street 4,000 57. A lIt ol groutnd :1"! bV 127 fert, bheig tihe ith hot Ilnl ll;tit wich inrllnl tihe co,,rnr of Terpsi hTre al ot4,000 5., A ulrt uille grouid, in A olh;orie 32 by OT 4, |fle d c . 1 l ee tel . .. n... 4,000 59. A tlt of groundIa 1,o Apulilu stet,. 3 1 y il , e.Itj.'l .b .,. irtlld oItt form ili cr, lro Jlclflr.ieu st et n , • 4,000 i0. A p oriuu ol'roulnd o1n Thaia ll lie, 2le tl. Coullllln I ilg" l , l ots, I o lldd t lt and M1. A o inl ar , rf gro und b'ou re 4,000 next t the lot btrlll the oufe, rou Apolle strte.1,321 n 17 feet, 2d I. 3.500 62. lA Io t ull . g rou d il 'rrlli s.treet !d o. 3:2 hy 27 )i" ln, b ill tghe 2d fIom that wlm'4 Atrws thue corer o'undostaininreet 30:,00 i..1 Alot T grolnll d 1u, ael Pellre streetn , 2d 1b1. d 10 .) 11 ,1ltic h l.u. I33ln, e cuoner of 03h. otroe 1in ro' 127 oint 3,500 nit. A lsqur0 of . g,roud uin Terpsichore street, ltntilh g 3 lots, boul.led ibyI Jaclb 7nd .ulis sbt retas 3i011 u (0eo 1.5. A lot ofgrou nd il lI(ehgi, tr tel, r elg Jtlles rlreI ull hVlIo, 3! by 1]27 feet 3,000 1(0. A stuare i grounrd coulnlaii 19 Ile, bunlioded by (herry, Errutu, Cheesnu a. d Cllo slleetl2,500 i7. A s.quan ll,, grIound contuondlg 17 lou s bo d y Eagle, Jlel laure, i.aoul and tPhl i stret 21,00 Iji. A uare ofgrl d roIoigr iundnig 18 ulotn, lotn,,d .} 0\Vohluul,''h, , C 4herry and Errnlu strleets 2,00 6i. A alldeln huseoairundloudgro Ed 1, ,, street, ornller iutl 2,00 btreats , o .) 21,1100 71. 1 sl t1are of grullnd, r'onitiing I4 ]ots, buunoed 1,b y \\'3llllu, ISrralu alnd Cherry straeets ,000 7I 2. A square ,I .llolnd, cullta.iling 4 Iota bon ied ho 'I' halir. is ahl Jacob Inreetu 1,X1 i,3. r ob b grct iLorntlld, 0u3llolillllo 10 Iot, mUc by l lr, lpl5Uene ald lnrtil 1)1la s . 1,800 74, A sqrure I ghrel od1, contairllg 18 Io , Ihounltlded by Cllcale lh ,'I'lul +ll" Lce atnd Erru to streets1 1,00 7 .. A step Ihf glround contrini.ig 122 11s Iuuildeld by CIeInb, ni toc, 1,lue anod Clii s nreet o ,.1,811 7 itb. A 0l pgrolnd, I onlllailillg t 2 luo ,0 bluuOdlo Ibey ,ll rq, o Erl...., n P .h .nd (:li ate, ls , 1,500 "7. A squaire o glgl'ound Containing 16 lola [Jllulldo: d 1y 1}pruce and PoachCll 0(10ha 1, i00 78. A olua.. of' gro.,tlll)d o lltalillg . loi2 luunded y I'e, Erryu, , In,.er and C(liu 0Ilreels 1,00 i 79o. A "ql el of O ground ltlll LcOullliillinll 1D lol , ],, eld by i,. \\Ul, M ph, an.I I oh e.ilrelI.. 1,2 lld hy Ilo'alll.lo and ,)t,, I[) .nl3lel 0.Hllll 1,210 ) hIA ".' joule oI-o..o..l el.otsssis.Ing 30 lots h.dideJ byTlllp e, C'lio, lIttU Ulod Calh:lpr 0(0I, 1,11)1 ' . A .jltfir.1e t lllll eoglrl.iliontiing 8 lboo blelu lldl I r., ( lllos.) 1uud T n,,h:lt , sle ) 1, IX bhe N\e' orle.ns ,anl 1,200 85. A square oIf groutlnd cnllluniilling 19t ulut bIuunded by 11 all, I'h ,aid Mal o ntrr.i 1,00 [2(0 86. A sq llare of grloullld culllutiuig n I 1 h1ll h ,ounded .by Peh1111a d iErllOlt nolls 8(,011 87. A 0(7lil l)0) i t0)lnd l'tnIh tio g l b oli , botlndted by l:li ,, fleatr std I Plehl street. 81) b. A ,(jlot'. U0 gro.1Illnd '.ontall.illn g 15 loIsI buuuded 1v i II , Clior Wall 'o.,o.Ireots 8100 89. A u r nll.n potIlle 00,3 ti oiu ldod b Helllton, Felic.y ,ad L'trlp. troel.o 0)(1 1- .Ai. t0 iho) Il r s(Iul 01,f.rolUlld nt t 0e ) Co, n 1r Ai'J acob blld 1 .. it, 0l rT I i b1s b ;01) 91, A tili lUllllr r tll ire f gronldlllt hIoun ded by 'I l'posich,;re at, ),olo strots 00 3"J. A tnlllltl+sq.pur,.e IIglflolli bounded hb" OlelPilliiitI I Ipuma( a llid lin nleea . 801 9:. A trioinclor soluore of gruolnd bounded Iby 'lio llId Peach slr'ees o i. 9.. A sbttie o" ground con inhbng 10 otst 00d it," Caliblb bb0 9'5. A lut of gruui d onu \'ashil.b 15, irel (:Ihillp, wa trole, lleiig 41 b IV 1 ,5 fort 750 0)i. A Iot of ground .on .\.osiionglnn Irrel hlbng the 51h, illml ihai which torlms Ith cuulefr IChv ill,.stI itree, beilg tlnt I .5 f 4el 0) 97. A sIqatlore oiglollnd t:oll:nino Ig 1lollo 9 . A ritl91ll'lr sqlure ofp groullnd hounded rall i 99, A triitu~ilhtr 0m fIi groulln'rOllnd bounded ey Maunyel lilld Trrata streetsl • .100 boi.., lot ,, r,0) .OI d forto ng till. corner 30f .Ide111 llll J \Vtlshil hlllll l l ,lhtalilt g i ·'B feel Itie ,ll 0 l,.rn i,, , lltd 11 . an l bil l ll itr 350 101. lhot o'grloomnll d ubrnling tihe corner orf Jersey lind FOtmrlh sleets ill lihe samlle square, Inlyi ng :5 li'et oll ile folrmier xund 115 (set on thile lltler 250. 101. A III 21 ef ground fnll Jersey street 25 by 1 lt5 loe Ite 7th Ira)n) the lot lur3li5 the corner 0 .10.0 A lot olr.otund ln Jersey streel 25 b 115 feel, .riusg tlnIh frotll tIle iorller of WVah inglon iI 'lleet 500 104..\ tri0 +uhl0br squareoofgroundlbounded 1,b y li ,l ad .)'3.9Ip e e 3110 10, A tr,.lu,,nor a,,,oo .e o dloun bonedil +0 I0ih A triolle nlacr srm oeofgrond hounded Sby I~nl lpe, Ifine 11and I)p roue aTreet 200 107. A tsliannlr saornl0 l o grOllod, bounded by Milla)tp ,n4l iII0, . reals `011X S!,:70I prises I share eachI (;'o Light nod illllg Cll, oUo no lly ll no lt $:. I81,300[ 201)l rize., I sllhore eauh MercLhnl's E.· c llle shunk, n1 $7I 15,1100 177 I)pries, I isoh OeiLeasn Insurncen .:oololly ot:ork,b olt$ . 81,0001 4p1 prizes,I . -lar, each, llon ngolan Inkeonn.ur eollllo: 3t$k, 0 .I , 1,200 30 prozen, Isto . oboeahl, Iol' :lanromulrl Roll 1 tOprie1, I3share eachI WeslVron %nonmmnrll l I .Ino........ n ot,, nobolo, O, 5.0. I ew r arrraem ag The I).sit.v Paper is neatly priloted with small typu on at ntri:a, douldll Irmd.tii sh1eetl, at $12 PB'""r, annllU| +;lble*III i~iial~lell.ll iTI Ud·Ia! Ce· nlapter a tno d;pyalcs, 10n ainablly in dvance, where no city reference Is given. The WEEKLY TRUE AMERICAN, made uip from the daly papers, durinl the week, will be hent ,o sub. *cribers who pay $5 pcr auiurn in advance, and to none olther, unilecs an ncceptabl.e city retirenet is givenla. ubscribers respectcully soletated. JOHN GIBSON. NEw OirLEA.s, MAY 1839. 13TAIS UISI I)'A.11EltQUE- EUtuE do Ia l ouliane-- ,i 16 et PatLrae de la Nauvclle lirlea E -- ae qtlariodeCa jour l loaic dle juin iie I'a IIatl hIlt cent trc-t-l: Iull' Ie so xant, troise eule de l'Inti peldtrn Icc lte tatls-Uni t'AlAdrvu6 e. PatrdevWa t HolrJll, ])avis, lnotar£1e +ub~lc, dJu mlent collolniU lion e | t ,ls+,+er eneldll( d ells ,.t ollur bel vilc it Iiarnils L d ih Nl) v.IIlc-r.l idns, ilqa ldid clnve~nl act fiorm1er ulte hOPll ,3 limlit60, conlfo~rlnd mn n xi di t-iat oait do l'nctI tae la cvl-lature dc lcet Eltat, pa lU 13tl h latlre I n, l itulllt Ia I ActS lvur aato l-Ur lea Soctaidi liiiiid-i-s i t alii',y, alen et p,,i r tI gouvernlllmvn d'icelle- ." Une .io. s idid ]lu ible !'t par It,, pgrimealll. lturnelde, laqucile aera rtlde de l nlaiinicer.edldaai u avl. to+ savoir: co. Le na t i Ic titr di lla diir Saiced 'era: 'L'Assciati di Buateau apctur lBrdllant du I Nouvclle t 16O d." 90. Cctte aissel. tisn evt OrlllBar de ns Ic but de fir le cav glliar I: t eiat Ca Yvitcur a iU saUd ln fird* ltitl. di la N ivclle-OLrlInn, colnllltc aliteiau i, lpra..nlUl, elidI frit str les iaUx d in LiOulbiaille ioi retiUrn illltres eCau des Etuts-Ullia ou bur c6ies ise Etas Unis. 3o Le aiiitant du c-ipitilv ecette As-, ciati c et die trlnti dulx lUl ih piastres, dislre nll quarante actlunlde bit l lilt plastres cliaqtle. .La tutalilit du iavdit capital a d lvidv el clptant par lec Inllul r s dle Ill itc A ilssocti IIn ci-pres noillllll.u* , lie dCit ioIIlllt i tnl ll ni lli ul lal( prix prii itil dlu lldt LiitaellU I illant et le dl rises iee lr 18. piratitil l 1 aiitnlratiilil f tea all niivdii bateau. -I-t Lits I *IIR d.U asi cldll v et t Illontant q tild at i I' tI C CLI\vIII II I a|rtnd dans cUtIL ,Uci(td hnllill t+'(,,.t LOIIIIIILU Sail: I. Ilcican F. I.. , tic r, dea la paroi - de 'A CCIsIIon lor trtlca aaiiaiir, I aux tullefII llrl: I , ai nt I ctrr'L, 2 40U0 2. ellery Met'all dv la ,usdte Paroisse, iplo r Irml.s ..ctlolls, dtu. Illle !|uartre cect pLact r dte, aa00 ans, pour trois :ctluals, dc.ux iala quartre cent pistrIY s, 2,100 4. Chi it,phcr Adams, lile, de la Non. vcelic Orl6ians, lnr truis nactiols, dcux tiil le quartrt cnt e .alstres. 2,400 5. Wdhian, Hlamilton Av ry, dv la Nouvello Orlas, i our troisactiloai, dcux - mile quartr, ccnt piiastres, ..400 6I. Jollll S. Plrenta, die la ,aro sse dle l'Ascension, poar trois actioarc, dcux mille quartr cellt pli;strec, 2,400 7. Johu ateplhen DIvid, dle la paroisso Si. JllueF, liPr deux acitions, miillO six cent piRastres. 1,600 8. John, S. Armnaid, de Ia susdite pa reases, iour delux actions, lilo six cent pinastres, 1,600 9. Paul Id6limrt, de Ia pa'oisae d'lber villt. Iour iune actiin, hult cent paistres, 800 10. Aron, Hart, de Pitsburg, pour dix sept cticos,. trcizc mdll six eaat piaalstres, 13,600 832,00 50. ctte soC:adl commencera le jour do laI d c de i)tretSInteY It nas oldratlons so terniine onl ct see alffaires cl ses c oa1ites seront bilaneds et cls, a l'cxpir itiaa dis douZa neis qui suivrol.t i la date dill prils lllt ace. (a,. A unce rdnician de cineq mimbrcs de I'As socilliln, collvlvlod d'alres ulle annonce pubhlolia pead nt deux jourral da uue dead gas.ttes dc cCtte vill,, it sera nom aad trois IDirectOUrs, pris parmiI es actionnaires, Ihliuals Diceltarc coatposront le burtau d'admicictrdti n, De la untnae maniare il cratt cholsi uu agelnt por la date socid 6d. it. lo bureau dos I)ircteurs de la dte Ansoci. atinR anura pin pollvoir t atoriLt6 de tiru e t iat 6tablir des re,+lcs eoI 10g.lemllll 'llt ui 11o scroll! Ipat convraires i u tirsl, nd actL ou hl [oi preii ilctei vertu de hlqt elle c(,tt+, saidte est d.:ablie. 1ie au rent t i r- l ciadcaal de r6giEr la aatninr dc thre naviaucr 1l. susdlt hatelau, d6ipener le cours dt ses i voyages, l tclemps iii so ddpart ct do son re tour, d'6tab ir le t rix, &kc I.e lit bureau aurat alassi le droi d'exanmiler les COsitptda tlu aucit Ilatcau, siiLT par lii adilvne, o)it ipar 1ag1i-t, e t Ctgd..ralemlinei t de c-,,rveiller, con trilcr cEt lriglcr I'clploi et 'ladliisitratioti do ses fondls, eta ce but ilera autroiba+ d donner le i,-, structions sit'l1 juagera l'aginct, ux Oclfficitrst autres I mp.[l;oy(,e, du -'udiLt bateaa. Les dlrccters aerelnt pialrcillaelirnt altoribds rel plir li .. ...v.cac (Io.l.r ei tliis Ios. .ix. pivrt) qul porronlt ciurvcnir dans Icur noaibre, soitd pr rnoertl, ddtision ol alllrcnlelt L'agent du dii bateau r6daidira t Ila Novllcle Orarlas et suvant les rialellvens du lusdi bure;l, collectcr;a lea dat a tes dues a la suciclt, ct poursuivra callins ci litligre iU non tie hIl dite soci616, et icarclllelllet rri glra les ddt,blrs de res flhnds pour toutes d61iellscs idcaet salrts pour fhire face l loutes rcdtlanations juitet ; Lc cn cndarlita aux dits r6dglelleUi, seronlt tEnus ; des livres jus!.,s *it exacts des cllllpcs, o[craiions et trallsactaonl do ~I ddte Associattl ii, dana l'fice : qui sera chloai tlanls ctte ville par le dillt biureau. 9 A "pioaqte d6icrnminde i ar ti er cunt actv pour la durte de calte ls ocidid6 derniircmtn 6d.!u oI plar tl tInllba oa les lelllbrccs surivallts du dit Ib uatu 100 , Les plersonne s t qui oera confid6 la srs dire Ihqidatimo f.iron, u to kat cmIplII dens ecs.ti Itt dle c rdsh d.' Ia soci6to., e rt hl tenus d. , r6glcr ot de payer bien et fidelments toutes les junts dutl sdea do Io association, lesquelle. dot us seront pydas de. lilnds dola Idite socidl6, so compsisant du dt I atnuu, sos gain Ct I ddfidccs; et quand les ditcs dettes nra. t 616 paiydes, i s r. - partiront d'une maInibre jus o , 6quitaile entre le. actionaires ou Icurs repr6souilans I6gaux, au p prorate t 'curs actions respee ives, la balance des foinds apl rtenant a la dite association; at Ufin d' lf·cetuer la dite liquidation, Ios persotnes qui -o seront ihargoes de la ditse I gnidation auront pllin c purnir dle vet.d c.dlo sudit baieau a vopeur, snr' agrds ct et apparaux i I'rencon, pli.ts oni avoir Boin s' avis prdalidd le ndant une seainie, dt la I, lllie u iSt6o, a tll crsddsts et i telles on odit ions qii I nr I tItral ii It Ioln e abbI , s, t iunroll al ni plal ptoilvol d hair, e-1 pt"er sans ruonurs tuoa ` nt s, ol'hgatllo et cdllits qil mconlllqens apparte, I onot it I l sac dlie, n,-it tn 'll T ploVluo. nllL d lae v I dlle. ii dit Ibtte.ui de lr s b6 dlices oin at tr i lle t, pourve ( t, IIq - le fit escomptc lin r i pas itia Illn n fax auu sl d e dix Ipoulr cell: per an ll i t h mInI de vllnd, alln rstesr et a II'enian, pFles le o vnls 'ilao itaus bll-ts, r. id ia cs ius It erdi si pportenacnt i Ih dite usac ,6std aux ternes qu'li a jug-eron oonvecllb'e . I'. ('t note de sic;tdidt r osl ioxrssd -i inla stir le s-dlt atcle dIe la dginluture do cet inat, approui d Ic 13 Mars, 1837, it los socittiaries ci densus noa- I iids de clo .ioctidd iniis6i.e dielarent, par lea presentics, q'l eist do l ilr mteintion [fo ti.sant citti ssiti] do sieo prIvalinr do tous les privileges it iL nl tsit ol)llt lu dtlls le t di t icl t . i o la 16gi-la. tare, et particnltremlt di prlvl.egoc d'exemiption de t\ute responabllllitl poulr lea dttesn t obligations deo la dite .rCidi6d au.dtel dun inis int de la valour (au pair) des actions possdddes par chacun d cux, comlnml it -t iprds u d.sin la huttllle e suction Idllit acte, et Ionu iirlvlCges aceclrdhs on res),l itsabi itdes 1npodo6ec par le dl;i act dl.vront 0tre colnaidr s io inloci ilncorpori s idn le prsentes. 13. La tdlte ,sc it6 - it par ls prI6sentes Ian illo I de la Nouae le Orlo:eas, p ur son domsicile et d6.. clare que le cap:taitloe o commis du dit I atcaux, peindit qu'slls se-ont employds tels, ou l'un des dleux., lronlt les iagents do la dite asnOClationii, Ol I ce qui i .llcrll iat sgnatulsre des collnllisstclllst I obhlgeront l dito soidid1 pour los mierchandises I rcuei a baord du nit -dit bateau. 14. Les actlonaires de la dire socidid .luront Ie Sdroit dlo ioter par procuration dons toutes leos dic i siol pour directers eL do i o foiro reprdsOlnter par iprocuration danls loule leo r6ulnins dunlt coll. voquber . Faor cat 1ias.s en I'tude, la I Nouvelle Orl -ins los niomnos jour, nloi et all que dessull oni pr6seuc do lHarthelemi Valls ct Thid-dre Fiavius Plhene main, tilnoins domi, ilids eon cott villu qui oat sigsln ve los lsrlis ct moni le notsuire. Original sign:d-John Slidoll, Wmn. I1. Avery, Honiry McCall, Julohs S. David, C. Adans, jr., J. S. Arnlltnt. Aar, n Hoart, do la vi:lc do Pittsburg, coinot6 dea Alilighny, do Ponnaslvanie, est dalls I s ird eILtes reprsellnt6 par lonil ti1 Jse'1 Ilt do la In Nouvnlll Orltldsa, d'aprbs la psocuration ci annexdu AARJN IIART pour JESSE 11AlRT. Duncan F. llennon ayant quittd ha ville avant do signer, est doan les prdsentes reprcsenic par Rcn.. non lil. , par Ittire ci annexso. DUNCAN F. IIENNEN pour MINOR IIENNEN: Paul IHllert ayant quitt6 la vill avanot do isigner, cst reprsisenti dana les pr6dsntis par Bernard Lau. dusier par lettre ci annexaae. Bn IUIDUMIER. pour PAUiL HIElERT, JOIIN S. PRJfSTON, pour ISAAC J. PlRES 'TOiN, son charge do fairal. IB. VALLS. TIlEOD. F. TIIIENEMANN, IIORATIO DAVIS, Not. Pub. four copic conforme. Nouvcle OrlelOns, 20 juin 1839. Si.nt HORATIO DAVI.. 17a-21ps-I m. No. Pub. SIl1X:II:AN;E ou New Y)ork. Bills on New 'ork nt I T1 and iO daysy, ir sale lI sct P L. lII.AW, G6 Comp; s eotree .4 'AND IMiORTlHT TO THE AFFLICTED WIIII DW I:ANFrj. R ft1:A 'I'Iyl oil ,:aerulll iirn re, G.,Ialriu ki ( e411 t closr ns) A Stnctie c inleludntg )Iaticnl mllls r vutiutl. n :4r,, lml 1 f atfrd..,a. 03 .kli'ay.,arly abs. , 3...I..'th a...113 y ne 'II otitull all a nIIIaDll top -nee. w (1Jlrl -e,,rtrcry an(Id ·IWI.I : Iz? It I. a Illrslrlel.rr ,eels that1 thlrnr·~ld ill m Wile, t o Lill VC ..Ilaanl I)~aat,,, owlloa-a the uatkiifrdm",I, of Ilhtee wh yi.l3-oaa." of Ia.3I.. d ial oiof, 30'3.303.,rainteCn It bilallll, r l uillS U1:elilli oo will, L Ot5(1i on t L[ I. ....I 'ace~ u o ydim, Ihe.. 3. tpOl.3 31..- r, ebe,,o "1 iom~ leeds. lelll o,, IIhil hiu ellll·Ol B I'll at rl dillh n geel In "1, -fll r unit d. Cn d·e~y n( rle r Ellltlt arson ll .II a uod nI~I1 Iullelluly rienll l pat, :. Illrlod e1, Illair .1,.' II Il ranir llle ,. id " I' 'EILIII~Ll:1s J b(·1110 L YI\C. y renEEly I tA 1'11.141.~ 1.1rnse anda.3 3,.t.p.-.a'3aly rme- 3..) o,1Wi0333 3U fnlr the 1'r lllll:, It Inlr llecl uul ru ut v eoe,."a1 b clr ease, :1M orrbn~~~n,,Iert,,,o ~ l, ,.,,,II .em w' ,,a+.,p i.t , b. u t I ' , ,U 3 I m , 3u hl, , . l3 , 3. r i3.Il, i',a iiyl, - lii, .. .,illt . 3It i. elder ~rtl Ilall · or at, llre, i n~d AU.l Ilien'ttl of .h. UIu i nary l30l e:IrlrL ealy33330 ll rll33-af.,-33,,3.,3C,al P..a'1 .-)3.-;rlor,..I.P.33.,.i3-. l-Illrl ~a-.,rr'u " Pot .3,, L 33-Ionio~ alpace of throel dal, lit one smolt1I plill. Ikea ,dies wp It e.E e~y rrrya.1.ll 'nlity. '1 Ilc trrraill ullh whtnh they Ilrl? cutll, tl p.3a,.3..3ll0,la,,33.iai.- iol h d by e.d v thou.ond,. '1'h4 +p rl'cli.. pill-~ roolt nut evlrrv pa. IN, le of iul~id lous I"ulhll. purrt i .03 .. them p.., .3se, of(:11 .. 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