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October 10, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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new.Orle a . Chamber of Cemuasee. OFFICERS FOR THE-YEAR 11139. S Prenidesnt, S. J. Pelers. Fi's VIce Peident, W.. I. udge, F q. Mecossi ido, Joe. Moea, Eq,. • CPmmilsgI e of Appeal for 18:19. James Dick, Jusmne H. I.vevi'h .'C. t'annicJ, Ahijleh Fisk, * . O. ..ebe, • oal el "'h n tpn "t Cum.o.ste of dbilratioifr fr e emoh of May Jonn ledltt "ess o uhn Ca. ikrrs nrrI i. W. tHluieltim, Willisen teilke., Emeele Ilylle. Jr. P. A. Hardy.f S Jorelei n _Knits. " M1il Reelslous®N. T Ve "fiee sfrE rn, AMil in O lnr4S evell s i v niV A 10 o'clock A. M. Is due ev,,rylay ni 41'A;l. The Lake Mail (via Crovlngtdn, Le,.) i=".lnerd reerv Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 1 s'elock, A. M i. is due seeryl'uesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 5 ATL.atreI or. River MI ine ored evein . Mon dty isW neseday, s ud itunrcday, at 3 P. . i s sent retures d by steamboats; Arrive. irregularl three TAe Baueu Sara or Coast Mail is elosd every Tuesday sd Friday, ,at 8 Il M. is asent and retnurlnd by otaahoatns. The Alesadria or Red River Mail is sent irregu holy by steaoanthon twice a wek. LovEIVILLe On Ina VER MAIL. Mrtlavser, 3 1 Wedneisday snd + Close at 8 o'clock, P. i. eaturday, rn t P. COAST Misc.. Tuesday and sat 8 o'ck. P M . S CARROLL-TON HOTEL. its AA AUD has the lhoor oinf infreing i.-tienda Sani theiloebli in general, thate he r taken tile Hotel at CarOellton, where lat-rusts Ie will receive the calls ol his-old friends and all Iuvrs of e.r d elser. Plvate .arties will li handusomely prvidled for by givingasittle nstice beforolend. He is willing ta enrer la arangements with families or individuals desinros afjIasing rite eltsmer at Carrollon. m20 NOTICE. . itw Arrangementto e omnence let Anugst 1839. NEW ORLEANS & CARRIOLLTON RAIL ROAD SUMMER ARRakOEMInsy FOR THE WEDEK DAYS. * Prom Conelton. I roets n e Orlene. Hor se laat 4 o'eclock .A. tHon Car at 5 o'cleo, A M Loeaemotivre 6 Locomolive 7 ' 8 " I9 P " . , " P.M The ear- will leave a the snle hours a ill the week day untl I o'clock, P. M. whe* a Locomotive will leaveCarrollton every he rom~ll. o'claok P. M. and New Orleans evely hour until o'cloca, p. M. ARer 10o'clocki o horse nre an he outlaned by payin 5 dos Iasoertbe Trip; ifealled for ner 12 o'clock, P.M. l0 dol I swill h rharged. Perssoaoing by the Stearm Car musnt provide thelselves with Tickes s tle coandutror hal positive diretio ir onsi. noa t t Meseiove nmwy in lieu thereof. - .or the accomodation of prenons visiting Crrollton. in the 5 o'clock ear. rud who may not wiuk to' thereoni til 8 o'emek the ear that lit heretaofore left Carrollton as 6 e'oek, will remain until I6 o'cloek, thereby allowing them ne hous o elljoy the plasaunt walks ii es of tile mont buatjil OGrdeno in Lte United Slares. THE JACKSON ANDLACOURE STREETCARS Lavetle Ile sad of Jackson storet n6 o'clock, A. M.. Caral tet at lit o'clock, ae. r llholerly. At 8 o'clock ther will eomlenece to leave each and every hall hour, until et o'cloek. P. M ,eaerptnlo that ienterd of nveln Cn sreeal t at nej o'0 clock, tile cr will leave there at 9 o'ei.nck P.IM. tleIt is particularly requested ghial ntgenamen will not put their feet ulln the eellhiont, or. sroke ill the ars.. wtkeu ladie are presllt. OlleNe w Orleans and Carrolltoe Rail Road Coonayn JOttN HAOIPSON,ir july 06th 1839. Chief llg. N. 04 C. NEW ORLEANS CANAL AND IRANKING CO. 1IHE Iron Stenpnboat Rebecca will lcave tie Basit, Sat the headol' til New Coeld, every lOYv (except Mondays) for the lake, on fellelws: S epart at t.:,. lIteer ate 8 A.oM. o .P. a. 4 P.1M. o 5 I 9 P.M. And on MONDAYS: Depart t 10 A. . Retnern at 1a1 P.M. SP. nl. t 4 P.M. may 28 . CHEW, Costs. New Arram.ett. NASHViI.lE RAIL ROAD. 'Iee Looreee will rarl t the fi'reee/ Peeeie i c ir ee rieee lliee, l Reieliree 1o 10 A.N. * I'. P1. i 1'.11 to l~a Boinerlee's i .hi .. 3A J: i ll 1i1 I O i Ineea .t 411110 It I* ,i i. i I- Ii . . : 7..... . 'l ,. 1,d..... ... Phdnt . ,r ,ph , J .: :........ 2+ , I.,,.i., i. H ,Ih ...... lu .*,u .lI, t o l .. .. .. 115 I ' u r Iv .... 9(1:9 (ii" 18t1%? out IC :\N .lu .t a . S tp , . .'. . u .. . . .. ... Na,,.,r,.,. Id.., .........1I I lw e, e, . ......3 .I ,l rn Jule ... ..... ! I-º U T 'IP' NEt 111 11,1,;l; | \, CEI'ARANCES, Scllr Exit, Ellis, eP'c(r &ln. o.t eth, 1839. AIrRIVAIS. O- ( t. .8th 1839. Tau To tronr ''l,,, crr 8. I ng8lic. from thie r nhli-hIllrlo, olt, clop fille,)n Prl, allrd ollr Cahedoilia Itullur llo,. Elhp slid It rig at Io llhluri. lilntla ie Pars, Kitts, 14 dyr trelll New York, to the daritr r. • chlr lIllledonht, Poller, 13 d.rLaysll, to II C Gil Steamer Rullker lhill, Powell f l'i.k rllr.,g rteauoer Agllls. Jiholreock. f, PFort ..d.,d.. - lXPO'Il''., Ehoir...:ro,h, lt oark, Ieot, berend. cur.o, roe. 4c I M PORTIo. NI W YOlRLKI..Prr'.hip Ville l'o.Pri...Curgon, on.ollicd llllrcblla illo, TAIAOI'O. .Per chr, Cledonla .(trgo 17D1lllll'e. IattctItc d8 hle. .ar..perella S. . tIo e C (;l'durln-:elte. RCIIlT.IS'rr' OF I RO:e)UC, Vickretirr... ierson:,oer rulltkcr roo AI halce .eI don Burke, bo.,tter cood1 IrNrr0ue,'u ,,,., & 88,ar,67 Itol wl t ¢ FPerriday a.t. 111 OlI) l. Irr in,. 4,.., la Pyyrt.A , r. llet &co,ANa& J Dticka&cu. s ,5 1.,lllhetl , ,'tllllln, Is Merret8, Jelllll.g&co, 4dHnkoer& a.tot, 5 r,,a ti,, Sotbltoe t.Nve,:o A H Wo.lace a co, 45 W 5 Ilal, 31 Id., Flrnklitl I clld nrrun lnGlnv., C Ilre lllnl,, 9 Jln llno. I'Ial Itord Go ( .erl:,. 81r, e1,, I 'e7.aso 4+ c, .. , r .la -c4 llo.ternll lSmaith & Votorlrnt.7I.ynnlotd B rll tr o.rn, 6 J Wtriglh. I luleateml.e Oakoy & co, I roll corl.ting Arl. Irho oter, 5 1bl. toer J Caulles to Fort Adams..Pe.r ,.eaer Agne..34, h.le G M tlee, 7 Mj Whit" ,, o. 41 Teylor t Oarda .r. b J orlIour, 8 I..abetl & Thompon ,Sr Adams * Wtritrlal, 75 Itt erao, Frriday & cr CONSIGNEI":$ Per Ville de Pnri..E Underhlll, tcreeotr, Jones t co,. V. I funlneoro Wrood 4 Simmort. WhirWritdgt & co, .lhi ling 4 lark, lirycold., Byron & co, Bailos & co, Aldmi,. , Htrroell J & IVDwyer.r. ; S L.hlt, i DuoII, , RGgl4llllf eo, Prle.tly&, J C Wgnller, M.ldrt 4 Sieerson. Frier oonDale & co,,r I.edlu. 4rco, J t tI kitlr Prilcllard & 'IT. Part; p Mlahur,, A Tote. Nuoent 'T'urpki & IVato t. .Colt c $mith Voorhee IIP F Klllllr, Jtrlc. 4 Andrew. GoLdfrey, Leerie A- SmnallA I.ofear., oedfi Id, V David, Vlim ,r. co leirne & Iurloidc,l'toole & tarr ern; P t io llhe,. WLtoo tell 4-o, Pollard a Goeer,W I oare. L nse.. Ricllardr,,, f arelau IVool J Harl & co. rrl-oic.rfllerq & Dengoes, lwil I* frelling. lrea , Hopkll,., illto a & Siull, lender. on 4 Csel m trneou.tek. nde J& o, & VWire a cE Merrfield Pearon & co, J Doll.l., I. Shall .r, J W vekLano 4 co. R I PI Jo,, Willo. & Gro-jean. Neale & 81eyer, lobadl,, & Jac+ Iuelime. VaSlelnllll.e 4" Co. &Gdlll*Ioak & (idlard. Shal1 It SrOWllFC ,rtloll. \II MaeaulyWV Gran: A Kir~k .& ro -GOrant, 'N RicbhardConoly & Elder, I'eyroux, Arciuel 4' uo, Hiler ,&, W 'Iropium.i PAOSENGEld1 PerVill die Pari..P Cnrltn r Lady. MrI Coyd, lad ch ild I Mern Smith id I ubord, 4: ill sterae. r, MEMORANDA Rtverl still very lu.ow, ud no propect a. rim. IJAZAAR. tweerof St. CoArles e Cormmon Ireet, EXCIIANGE HOTEL. LtSl &t ALI.AN wre.ld respectfully call thboe art entillll fcilrzeoc tand slrtnllgre to tlIPirl;Iprtrrlert manetllurnt Il (telllloell' InrRn ,+irtle, do eonrbrie, w~l lsbn ,llltrol. tl lrofalonae linen o roIrot: lillen co;. Jarr: tilk, rtclt(on and merino nllder d Iirts and drawers: caOltr', and silk handker:hietf: blako nid fncny eota vats irgreer vorirly:stockos al evert d.scripilro: gutu *lautiearr corttotl Bouopeodrrd. lk, cotaii non Iu thread giooes: gents ioskin glover.: umbrella, rod canes eould mounted. Alao,-Splendid assorrtment of ladras lid ogents wr. lingdeesk, dre.tns cases, parl oiio, p4o"ucer+, cot. lry, and rich flr.cygotde. nnvll 4 7 W. OOLLrnf S Uoited oaies' Cotgmrlcaer. Appolntled by the Federal Coon at New Orleans. OFFICE No. l09"COMAION VTRL, (Kocolnrge Hotel Bllrdings.) QAll) Cotnmioiuonr takes affidvi uder it , oder dy vlrtll.- of the Aet. of C'mgease, passed :eth Ihlb'ibro sty, 1.2iu rlt Mtareh 1817; tieJudiciory Act t117Rl 9t and tlher ctr of Congressa, in sucht eates oLe r and I provided. Said .ommiointer ha ceonsiderabl e exlrience; sad ul.ies Lrmro r.csptil,.n and rertiliate rwhich iryar stood.-lhe seereSl scrutiny ofhert ablesr L.aWyero. ptil IN .', " SARD--09 keg., l Lard, re a ri or e C I%'Y'L y G piS is o 41 New Levee . when, for sale by G IrOISE+i, .3. . 4J£Noovj.o00.e V1 's1iWISKImY--20bl i mdinr from rleamer Gerord, . Sand for ale by Gi I)tlRSjYV, S44 Ndvw Lt'rrt gTONE LIMlE-60 casks 'h / hoflut, tos fte, liotme, tp arriw,-or dae by Ski ULANClIAItJy, °8 .t3(. rvlierrst A. i OR'l't t)L1.-l0 -rl . 1t l whit. C.otrr- Oil ot t J oeUlriorquolioy, nraw laring tnd for sale hy JAkVJdJ ANDlRW4,g 1J aRl..m4e ea c rerl'rOlrte nur &Tchroupoiuilas' in .L AdTh.l.--A rrlllrotuf Bagcinrr7 o.o. . I'o p eltcnahle H CCA.lAIACr.& Co, a 8 w h Place ( _--IOT'ElK-3'2rGe dro rv'r.S ot .o, . faauleby I C UIA.AL K d Cu,. go - 3 Bank Plao.e P1I 'RHUE' AMEIKICAN, FAI1TNFR. L AND 1BQLD. Official .Tournitl of t~c gb futtniripatitj. PUBLISIIED. )Daily, ¶T'i-Weclc &a WVeekly. THURSDAY, O'CTOB lER 10, 1839. (|urnistehreil of Mohieleiu.lebeen mst s.verelvei.i ted during tle past seas.n . They have lad a d I clttng epidemic, and Ilackleg uollitili'lis lihave beeil amonlng the in, reeking their vengence, by sreting fire to their city. On Monday they succeeded in firing a I art of he city; We have no papers, but as far as we can learn front persons who arrived, and from a letter receired, it appears that rone third of the city has been burnt down. Thirteen quare, or about foutr hulndred houses, have been destroyed, the fire still raging; filteen hundred persons throw"l houeless into the bltaet, nad the loss estimated at about $.500,l0l. Tiuly, Mobile has been most sadly ouflicted. Mr.Plie,we did not suspect you of fbricating the story about PIarsons. We merely stated that we could notfind his firt letter, and that such letter would be quite inconsistent with the one we published, and so it is. "The True American" does not perceive the neeces sity of taking up the cudgels in favor of the huono ofour common country, against the French writer in the Bee. We are perfectly of opinion with the Louisianian, that the lMorons are a disorganizing sect or party, atnd that tlhebad treatment they have received was drawn upon themselves for frequent violation mtll contempt of the laws. The American government had nothing to do in the matter; anud tilhe state authorities of Mlissouri did no moretlan call out tile militia to suppress riot anil a resistancetothelaws. The French writer of the Bee does not appear to be much acquaninted with the subjcet, and is evidently much more learned in the theoretical jargon ofliberty, thnutie practical operations of our systemoflederal republicanism. Every man hasa con stitutional as well as inherent right to the enjoylment of his own =eligiol, but ofcourse that religion miust not be in opposition to our laws. Alutiny.--Cpt. Stevens,of the barque Irad Ferry, arrived here on Sunday from Baltimoie, had three mnce in irons, whom hlie delivered over to our public author ities for mutiny, in resisting his authority during tli voyage. Our news collectors-we mean tile collectors of news fir all the papers-are such a lazy set of rausie, that iteir have neglected to report this itetm of intelli igence before. Ilon. l . C. RIPcEs.--A meeting of thie voters of Louisa couoty, Vn., in culled to instruct tie delegate elect fiom thits ounty to vote for thi Hon. \We. (R Iviyes for the United States Seinate. Virginia is in every part aliveto the impr trance el Iaeserving nim pairedl tihe principles hich have been hinled ldowna to ler by the very fatlhers of republiaenant. lealtlhoftlhe City.-We Ihe i or son time. past etn joycd very cool weathler, and yesterday we icd etititi wllitrv telnperature. Tlhis fact, ieinPiett wtith tile continued favorable exhibit in the weekly bills of mlrt. ttl:ty, strongly iduees tho he tlat tle ele is ibotll ttl t isa ar i d healh Ill t ,ni e l e tel rh a t re to cui city. 'I'Thertahillin v friton Srager'rs Fever, trI umnerete e el Iienconsidenhle,,,mpnlrrel with that lf 1831. In 1838, the first report etl lell frten Sitrangeli Fever, was fer the weerkcudia the 25th Aeugtit, nti tile last br he e week iilin thie 17th Noeel'er, iii all 13 weeks, tal io iatenh rthe fcnl ro hat call dLril thant eriolld, was 352. Tile iret repot t if tranger' Fever, this sunmmer, was for th weeitk reing tile 1611t Jinee, ule tie last ler thI wIeek edliing thle 21 SeI ltn er, ill all 16 weeks, oad IIthe wlhole tlumber of delrs frolll thaIt cause, during thIt pteroio as beon let l1o5 lp to the coresresponding date, lt easr, i 1ie, li weeks, ti.e mortlity nfrm Stranger's l'ever adl reat hed 2t2. Fortle three suecessive wereks last past of Ithis suaaner, the deatlls frotm .trieeL'P ItFever have beet respectli ivey . ',--fr Ie cotheel reptliig Uweeks last year they were 68, 1.31,19.--Charleslon Courier. I fl [rri or's opinions aI 1hr.--Tlhe clelheere 'ietne IIugine oeftarv.v, te of tie bravest itu mast ueeeessrful aIlriorseor teMlt l centurvy, di 't g trallY bigera r irnilitary relown, ,ead fetil r )f t e l'et t "ni b"ltuaot ill early life, seUIS to ilie funned an ollhn. ed etteitee, ftll.lievileaiee, ie. tle latter I... if l eis Ile -ell ee)el1eo dictated ey lis cueler jutleetl anl o I "rl ir lele . lie sa id : il" 1":,. ih lr-t it relltlwn sonletilntee insiluates itself into itll Coutaa:II lltlodCrt1i" Ile .lhol'al/OnallPtanr w s i t il a ethilell y illsll - tii eIL.r* .<l lrl l endilee Ie - iie l ;ill~r llngr-- alld Peollt eopl c Oit ie r drier , ii , a till eiie lilltat lendto e i e li' . oIe , bttlee, ,. /.t 11 . II e hlnt ill I,,Hrr he is IIoVel-r` t.,i rt, 1u · t,- h ,, I w i-It tlt th le eeni eoiler, w ieeo sec lehe I , 'ieh i oa p r i ii lltIe h ',' Iiteea I ri .e. \\w" lea lee te •l llll hi. not Ilhke o t ll stlek ink to s lliee li lll ('Ila l Ier mpro. :2L VWe ler raonn til, Uel):,nat e Journal Ifo t fileh P Ilio 1tuabh.rd II. Ulantud has been pp, ed I" Jtef ric . Sl sl oll os +1 p11. l t ll "i , v, ,rn 1 , .r d r -. , .+g r liw110 r f ilia ,,n Jrie oa I ;aylnm Ie. J - it. ioe ,, ico i ll , dJ ,,h , o , the ,l,,., Ja It I it iil ,r iiht) r i n ie f ll:l, l ri , u.1 le,,ri, i c, 110e il II1 ".1\uI " i, I' . per, T0o11 ron ia n o o Ilo rt .aot r 'h 'I o ,ril. AII thr l ir i sl ag1 r: i re ,c dlu, ro y tor eli rl Itio.n d Irs, I nai . l dsi y Ie iv f nu Careo lnaa d titeir nl lll lltcll. {illsr (-Cwc-tumll l £ they merl - i th - tlt t s.te e.'s: me ghllnnthr's re ioalues of thif oi.hy, wlhre -tnMs a llentu t cse IIl l I bn.lli.l o sll Vi, lll, ll lll l d f ri (lo - o ort o lllIl eUll nie d ll 1t a I Ii oill r I~ i tF nr i ie lv is Il. t ln :ill parts of (ee,,e, e l-prain ll l t ,..+ i t we' O ut aill in, lon obIl tainitl e l.rttli I "le Im ea I a,1 te Greethkjon nlv s wel itma il I, le h. Our g.h rlu t il IerP , fa ill tlye Ce llu r I fla ioll (;IPet., u t. I eI s fo lll r l urrelho ner i, nan Pll ell ) B lllre t o rme th]ln t f.0r t oll l atre us i tn tlll tr e a l (I eIIIi, 'e tl o Iu ro Ad nv a lsl dId Ioer toxnioci t I cior ndre bee ie olagu]izof its crimec w commttid. Ifn o iar ovurc ac'ieet e. I(it iryL Mo thue tli tlsja d eu l that flaw grover n. Ioelbituloferece o a aur Gnl il ,u rt of e•i; t lited, auin thre ,I. rld b a i re uiflenls t ti, r ulitVprits. arinecn it be u oid b ctin o th r eilll aiwhP EXhnt, n n ro er ow n I, o , reolhaso is I dprlivad uleld bo fireet hf , nouvm poer l1xt.-h-lteUi. St. o oil.--PIres plwermul id . teal arguver fal, ora.t ir m arinid, til riably buris well if the lern tur es oti heir tbe teal lnhe ri in wtnse p Ii c , hlre n lre iln ii- poor s )Pit] whlales. All ,+ IrUia mp r.ured nl umtemu ple, l erelie nod le wicks r hIverir ithp t g Very ,1l tlip," ate il ltrm, is, thefy atll be uree u, rer d n .iled iau." by .lack fini ill wtich s alOl wnonr our unt a fiiliey cent s lr gollldO.--N . 1 Suit. The case of t.e Armistad--Thu decision o'Judge sTholllson haas narrowed dowi, the cauo to very tmall dinlesioens,vi: tilie court iul no cogizarlcolu f Scrimes commitlted on board el'fforeg, vessels. If the court cnt s t unish,tla y tile crieinalsc are released -so says ho'abolitionists, as least so they wilsh but they meet with this dlfieu:ly; tile Spanish govern meent.undnbr special clauses of the t.aty, claun tbfre e fugives n OS Spanishl property. "They must never be givon up," says the abuliteonisls. lorw an it be i, prevented? A treaty is doesignateld by the Consti tution its the supreme law oftb~e land, and we have| a recent case io proof a vessel bound from one poort ole dn United Statrs to another whith slaves isa east away on one ofthe British West India Islands, anyd tie slaves were moade lice. Our goveornncn tI idelnydid tile value lf the property trus taken fro n I heirrightful owners, and the British government paid tlye tloim. low can we, with this very roli cu t act starirng us in the taee, refuse to surrender e1 to Spnisli c utiz asl--tuelr luoperty t'ls fou nd on i opr coasti ? A biracy and murder Iavo been corn. t mittedn on I oard a Spanish vessel-our courts can.t nmt trd the crime-it follows, tihat tae ullrils mrst b be Ihanded over to tile nation under whol s flag th eyrilme wats coIn tted. If tbeir ouillrtf acrult Ltd a r cased, we Iave no.lhing lurrtl to . .y in thle .....a It is thus thant law takes precedenc of clamnor tl and falal sympathyll, and well it is for us allet te A one branch of our Goverlneut, at leastn is free foum personal or political control. The scenes late. I) ly ocurring in Hartford are calculated to make the most melancholy impression ucon the people of this country. Piracy and murder frequently oc. cur on the highl seoa l the culprits are caught, Ibroulght iefore our courts ofjustco, and are triedt conv cted and executed, alourdililg to law, without aM any exitemet.--'l'ohe momIvet, however, thecsaua ai Eranes are ammnitted by blacks an immense syml patly is immediatelly created, eminent counsel are th employed to defend thelj , their prison , warmi , withl kind friends, wire are loaded \wit cl othing and to provision for their use, and no mluter how many re innocent white men,women and clliidreo they harve nmrdered, tbe law is bent into a thsousand shapes St to. procure their acqulttal. Do teo abolitionists ae intend to offer a preulium to the blacks to destroy ml ofsympathy which the blacks of the Armistad are so generally receiving. It is a .hocking and a dange. ha rous example, which the Northern Status are per. Li1 mlifllsung to be exhibited to our Soutlhern brethren, of and solething mut be dono to chleck the course yn ' which the abUlitioniass are pursuing, in evcrydurce, of taon, tn assail Congress on the subject of Slavery ter in the D.strict of'Colu0.bia--to demuand the paessge Mg of lwaws relalive to domellstic .l.,very io the Several Inil States-to strike, ill fiet, at the proveo ms of our Ili -'onstitution, an'd the very Uuinn of the Mtate. ter -1 hey area party to Ie watched, and one1 eore dan- ,ff gc lhan ally suj:,et now .lrcuseio.. between tadt ,:urttendwg plattUcs.--N'. Y. Str. ° m: MUIF OF MIR. CONSUl 'I TISrT. Dear Sir:-- 'uvna Sept .lth,1839. Enclosed you hare a copy of Dr. R. R. Mad din'. leffer to the of the 6th, which I hope will be puhblished : yaour respectable newtspaper. ''Thi.gen tlelln rendered great and benevoletl services in the atllir oftile crew of the American ship Wil'itintm Engs, that s, Itch itio has bteen uanrl nhotit in eolnteqlltunce itf lthe neglct -of the Alntricp.n Cotieul, and it wouold be tijuest to puts over nets of kindneass i silence. a til, deart ir, Yours, most truly, I atn wei'l ifinrllmed that only one pair of shoes \vere llarni;hetl Ill ,.e Ipor lsutf.rets by the Almericnu Cnllul, dl'it Ithlia whole liltt' they were in prison HAVAir:NA, 6th Sept. 1839. Dear rSir: In rlely to your letter of this luornis g'e date. respecting the steps taken by nle to proncure the libea tion and othllerwise assist the men of the i Wm Inltges." I comply with your request, though unwilling to have to' speak of any trifling efforts of mine in their behalf. In the month of February last, I heard of 8 or 3 men, speaking our language, and, consequently, either Eng lish or Americans, being in the Cabanas, worked in chains with the other felons in that place. I went the following day to ascertain the truth of this account, accompanied by Mr.Nornnman. I found the men alluded to breaking stonen in the broiling asutabout nootulay. I think tils party consisted of nine men: six of these told ome they were Englishmen, one a Swede, and two were Americans. They all said, however, they had come here in Amlerican vessels as sailors. They wee all remlarkably well behaved, decent looking men.- They were in rags, and, with one or two exceptions, witllhout hoics, tile wnt of which they complained of greatly;--they all looked sickly and sorrowlul enough; and the hardshilps they were undergoing, and the de spair of ever getting out of the Cubanas, were sufficient to make them so. I then gave them what assistance I could tord, and promided not to lose lsight of them.. They said they had nothitg to expect lifrom any oiter quarter; they had received some time before 3 or 4 pair of shoes froml the American Consul, but they hald been wtrn out long ago. They had been in the Cabonas 6 1m1onth1, and were condemned to different terms of itn prisonaelnt, and hard lahor of . 4 and 6 years. It was quite evident to me, as a medical man. from their looks and reidi.nt exhaustion, not one of the party would reach the end of tile 2, 4 ald 6 years labor, under the burning sunof Cuba; some of them, indeed, trould not tire the smmerr out. I determined to do all in my pow. er to get then) out, whether they were Englishmen or Americanes they were strangers, and they were in troutle, and as far as I could learn, there was no one to get them out of it ; nd this was quite claim eoughi for any person of common feeling, who might have seen them in the situation I did. At that lime there were two British vessels of the lin here. I immediately vwaited upon Capt. Ienderson, of the Edinburg, the senior cap. tain, and begged of hlil to apply for their liberation. He promised me (after statlng somedilliculties) to do so. HIowever, in a couple of days, I found Capt. Henderson had been matking enquiries respecting these men of tihe William Enge, and had got a very bad account of them. I know it from whole. Moreover, he was informed they were by no meansi in so bad a state as I had rep.. resented--that they had received clothing fronm the American Consul. It vexed me a good deal to find whiat trouble had been taken to prelossess Captain Ilenderstn against these pooul gen. Ilowever, I did not leave him, ittill I prevailed o him itol present a memo. rial to the Captain General in their behalf, that is to say of those who were Englishmenl , filr thore would hove been au impropriety in applying fir the others formally. iHowever, in his lotter totthe Captain General, I begged of him to state to the Captain General, thlat two en who were not EIglish-the Swede and the American, Issne Clark, thoughno not aed in the memoril, were of the same party of the William ange, and that it would be a hardtship if the others were liberated and they were left. I then ruade out a memorial r them ancud seat it to Capt. Ilenderson. 'The only apprehension lie now had was on account of the lad character lie got ol these 111011. In filet, 1 feared his disinclinltiont to taking thetm on board oil this ccount, would prevent the lletoreial being sent. I therefore wrote to him ou the 5th March in troseterln:-" If you tllink the service will not "allow yt rto take these IPen on board your vessel, ' should they le liberated, l will indeillake to send the "to America ; andi, to remove ally apprahe-iuon of Ihe "Coptain eceneral, as to their beinlg t large befoe all "opportunity oll;rs to reyrove them, I will answer eor " Iheir being t'loselyr kept till a vessel in found to. sell "theml a,\ ti Still, hle wever, I grently hope there inllt e" I all Uilllpedi tta t:o thellir ehi'i lllahswed ll o enter the "serogvi.e oll t nl'ilrli lb lmtiol . I I a It llite f lt i ,i that e II "i. lll e tllll Ir l oll I i eIil (Cai ptilo (i ;ltei , would " I 1 siteired :is IIa aIttter thaml h li i . ,llency wI oll ' nll'eas+ to liegi" you it niceteill tot. Thei, e " cr p oiple leggei i nht h:.rd tot lend far IIetn w.,i yu, and how' eau ll I le etad m f bo he t hiler fthu Iby pill ' lillg Ihir Imelo.riIal intll yll h -ll. .-- e ttet i rial wasu kindly set, with ia very •trIIIg letter, Iy t .aIpt. IHIPletn ler l to the Captllain Gey n ra. i , lllll e i.Ilt, t It n t' till lridgellet o ti 1 t ierlllI of cllillllle t-(,ne third tfhe tie t l tlIhey werl snliln ie( d toI wis Italk n oil. '1'1i applit 'tin. The tlinig tlhat senIled Ito Ule sow to . e' I dilll wa , ly el blin g i thesl e tli to prlocure sl e l t ter diet t th lle priiison liow lat ie, lrlt lso literehnlth in, tI sste-y-tiill, ald give them it better rIhc, atiul all ltntes, ltf sI rivt ig i hrol II h the sII II i tir. WIt hLt mi y lfllS a iwcd lse to do, i did fiui lit cr to t.ine. I sent clothing liar nil, so 1%r is shirts, s aiies, Irowser., le., oud when I tftud the expuite pressa little too sh ii I e, isedit at stnll t' b 1criptitn of about l n ollllr ($17) u Imoni h, fr will .' ever teri they ilight re I:in.: in toit.iement. I paid thei tihe frt monthn's sullllts:liltilo , and Iefore Ih lnextalnu dlle lle hy were released by the exers.ilns, I believe, chielly of yourself. Whatever as-i.t-atne Ihey got Iroui tine, I beg dietinlly to tell you, wllet lr ill cllotheJ or mnlly, ly lvy written directions, was oshbred amoegml lall, EngliSlh mid Ameri. ansLII alike, will find Iby Ithe two dtcueuIett I Scld yeil, Inlly-the rectipt far the cloths signed by IItradf. t uand by a copy o(f lly note to hi. I selll hls.' hecull se I heard ro11 yei hat Clark had stated Itroadfbut had not shared the thinls by miy directions, Iloa] furth, r in proof, such not living Ilb case, I semd yo, I!roadilbet's letter i tole ripetine tihe nlonev lland ,urr, verry ttrul, Io Ferdinuandi Ciark, Esq. l . Bber far___________ th t. Itiki o l av Sud e tbeilh v SIEIIe C.AIIT\I. OF UiiE UNITEID TATE.--Tl e f eulla I lla e Iclbast rurll by r e. Gdoioes, at dill. Srer given hliac It lP oedh : "'lfc City .f'..hinphis- ay sioe speedily be t e United t Rtes w.,tt Iwrr p. e'ic; l trio iavoru e locution Ti h fic.onts(lli, e . lee desliln-th "ment of the General Ouvenrmlgu. Louvo w gn i of B onttti. SECOND MUNICIPALITYy The Council olt pursuont to djcourmnent; pro. sent lioe. Joshua Baldwin, preosdent, Aldormon Caldwelt, IHill, Lockert, Peters, Rogers Sewell and Whitney. '1the Journal of the preceding meeting having been read and aeppovod, The folloaiilg statement of the Treasu. rer was submitted. SI:CONI) MUI.\iCI P.tITY. m W.EKLY iteli'Ur ci lfile TIlionrUrt re. to tBlualce ILast Reporli, r1,978 h5A A iiounI, tIeceived ieomI ,9,19 l 03 D)isbured ibs fweek, 40,12 I 1 U fallauce, o :i,57 4w;Jd Tnded nrl te w o hee pI 00 New Orleanc, 81t Oct. 1839. T .S , J.r. Two pctilions, one from Fire Company No. 5, and one frone No. 6, weerefe rored to the Fire Coin. A petilion from Eueno (Crrlin, was referred to the CiUoit'ce on Streots and Landings . A comne unication from the Sorveyor, in relation to tile plan of Ithe property of Joho llagon, weas referred to tihe same Mr. Caldwell, Clhairman of the Committee o I Streets ao d Loandings, mde tile following report, accompanmied by the annexed resolutions, which,, ou iw otetioli, were adopted. ' Your Committee beg leave to report that, for somee time plat, say from the 23d Sept. they line lhad under consideration a offer tor thie action of I tile Council, to repair tile pavemencts and side-walks of the Municipality, from Sam'f. L. Horgay, whicl d your Committele, considering tle great e.periclco18 ef the said Sam't. L. filrgay, lie laving supterin. tended nearly thie whole of tile pavement of tile Munticipulity, th nk favorably of, and hiave deter. sined to recomsmend the same for your adoptiin.. L o tile eins, tite, tle offer of James Wright, re. lerred by the Council to your Committee, u:d the off r o1 Dennio Crgan a, d Denis Lary, proseso. teL to your comumittee em Use sitting oftho 7th I tn. a ellenow el ted 'or your coisneeratliei. The offer.of Crogan &.Leary is for.$9,0 per •annum. Tl'Iai of Sam'I L. IIorgay, for $8,000 per annum 'That of James Wrigh , for 7,500.per anunm. After a patient inventgnte or f Fthe umerits of tle several proposilions, alnd considoring tihe exper. Slance adverted to ol Mr. L. I urgay-tho tact hlint I hoe has hlselt, under his owni eye, laid nearly all the pavement of this Mullniciliity-yiur Conmmit L e are of oipilnioU that the contract ought to be I awarded to tilm, and therelure beg leave to offer thie following resohutionur IResolved, T'hrat the oflr offam'l. It. ltorg.y, for repairing and keeping ill order tihe paved Strnret and Side-walkas 'fthis Municipality, for the sums of eiglt thoulsand dollars per antorlu, be accepted. Re olved That the Surveyor I e, and lie is h rre I, by authorised to contract with Samn'l. L. Iloirgy, under his letter of Sept. 23d, 1839, before tile No. tary of the Muliciplity, for tire repairing of the paved Streets .and Srlo- nalks of tihe Municipality now in existence, as well as those to be made within the period of his, said fHorgay's cnntract. Resolved, That the contract -hall exist for five years from tihe 15th day of October, 1839. tResolved, That said contract shall be in conlor e mity with the following specifications, instructions and conditions, prepared by the Surveyor, and which are hereby made I art of this contrrct. Instructions concerning the manner in ewhich the pared Otreets and side walks which border the same, as well as the ride walks bordered by curb, gutter and a taced support, as well as the brick. ing of said aide raelka, shall be repaired and kept in good order, within the incorporated limits, or - those that may hereafter be incorporated in the e extent )o the Second Municipality. o Those repairs will consist in reinstating, in their primitive line or level, with the convenient solids. ty and regularity, any curb and gutter stones, paving and paved support, passages, bridges, brick.. ing, guttern bordering and crossing the stteets, or crossing the side walks, which, by any cause, if should be sunk, raised or displaced; in order that, at all times, tht ftommunication may be easy and commodious. T'o that rffect the undertaker will t constantly employ a sufficient number of work men in order to execute with promptness said re. pairs, and if, 24 hours after they have become necessary the undertaker has not completed them, tr tihe Surveyor is authorised to have them made at ir the expense of the undertaker, and a certificate of n the cost of said repairs shall be delivered by the h Surveyor to the Treasurer, who shall deduct the amount from any payment to be made to said Under. taker; and for each neglect as above specified on the part of the undertaker, he shall be subject to a pen. alty of fifty dollars. d All the necessary materials for said repairs, such e as round stone, square block stones, wooden blocks, C curb and gutter stone, small shells, gravel, lake sand and bricks, will be furnished by the Munici polity from its ordinary depots, the hauling of which to be done by the undertaker, who shall use n with care the requisite quantity, and who shall be responsible for all waste of said materials, and all r loss that may occur from his negligence. The undertaker will comp y promptly with the o requisitions of the Mayor, the Surveyor or Com r missaries as to the work to be done by him. T'he said undertaker shall not be bound to repair tne injuries occasioned to the streets and side walks by either the Commercial Bank or Gas 'Light Bank, or any other institution or individuals, exceptsuch as shall be done by order of the Municipality. The unuertaker will be held bound to make a i, report in writing to the Surveyor's office, of all d injuries made to the streets and side walks by said Banks, or any other institution or individuals im. mediately after the said injuries shall have been d committed, and in default by him to make such report, Ire sha'l ihe held to repair, at his own ex, pense tihe said injuries. The said repans shall be completed to the entire Satisfaction of the Surveyor, which shall be attest ed by a certificate of that officer before any pay. ment can be made to the undertaker. In case the Mounicipality shou'd not be satisfied with the undertaker, it reserves the right to annul the contract without indemnity. Resolved, That the securities offered by Sarm'l. , L. Forgay, to wit:-Wm. Forgay and J. A. Turnell, for the faithful performance of his contract, be Iaccepted. JAS. fl. CALDWELL, Chairman. SAM'L. J. PETERS. EDW. W. SEWELL. Mr. Peters offered the following resolution, which was ado.pted. S Resolved, That tie sum of four hundred and eighteen dollars be paid to Leloup & Blot, on tirhe warrant of the Mayor, for bitumen used in repa ving New Levee street, between Gravier and Corn mon streets. On motion, the Council adjourned to Tuesday ncxu, the 15th October, at 5 o'clock, P. M. JOIIN GIBlSON, Secretary. a ll. .... l . , TI Il. .T-Olu'upvrr patl iistore No. 95 tll rs ('o,, u) on atrees, Lein;t'le recou , third alnd Sfourthll ,lour,. Alil u.. pl,, r to y T _ II " IIIAtCK & Co. thle L 'I'l oui t',"l i- p Ir lltlllZ Ilclc" ol-, fron . it)¥t

,Iod +i . ,dllh, r, a, I itIi) Of ..lSt . tll liio mit',u Vil - ,i l, Ill 0 nlll , lar l,,o;, l,..l ic. F .r . olr. b hl' IIVI I. I I Il , il lt' , II rE.";. Il i v I i11d in 9y7 l IK, ve ii Il c 91 h11 ih o { F ti.'IIII T J. II I t .l I' Vi , ll r Jlrr. -. ,,,r."'i ,O i" nd i ioii iv, { 'pil v ,l i rii llw O I lliev o, i ,e I ri i t rIrl , ;L ll h ovil e k l ul. ,'t o3 GI I, tNI'II,\811), c 1 hin I . riiu, g e. ii tl,, t oliid i a ll lll ' fnl~ r e ; -d I 11rte '; hllt pI il td , ill'. week c 3g ; t 11 y cois Nla -Sit ; li,. oi n i, r e i llr ho - 7, Shred W Iorend t<, k+ale byf twhoe hirh FhKnelia. MIi i. - l io1 - r ieih; l REPUBLIC1 II. 1.' OF NI: TEXUltl.KA NS. ti o II N14 A bEIr,0 kIi',lr " i ilo d litl ll. I nlld in - 7lr: he on s non'. x AI:piV It+ II Ib n h \hu (;I , e .e ";or : : Hrr ap lotll pers, r hull wei .-o pOer lCEpr ' o b hai down, and the other tIre t , to[" b ln e al Intakr.h. t o i sit, l twii l ve aInId ,o i iiiiei ,l h r l i . ri t d"iNri e e " ai el a I trn aply rtie N 3 S t l :the g tern et, oflpl, the Re u - Iee. 8.-Be i tl rther ena cted, Tha elll persons, kI iif u5 enr i Tcll,,,i, , N I I- ca--3 l ONl(lI.IN Sc IIOIIFEIITS, Ciirtlore. AFAI.L & XVINi'-:R CLOtI'tINlJ. l" P. FREEMAN & 13)., Ni. 3, Mu guion streT, a. oarre N ceithe, is thll hoes I Fivill e oi Wo uer lllrF in e nwi ll ltlyIl h 1 r ll n ;y lld.r ta ll ol Ti+ iithi h o1r n dails da, uo6 til [ aii a lhiont aiiuiatl Ile dolI .l Ilnl)e lee rd toe torwhlhvin. d. retail, do d ecv ,oalllylo t i.a(n Pet of . r " dn T-e Ilrsonvder ill theeisr thiswea u eolithre Ilo jir.lil a uletine, a-uyeini, T rle Ai ic - an o s b.alred ut g33year r u p pie-- s ba ce(}o.eualae o and Sn the Ijtaiil, ofrinkin., I will pauy $51 a ou hi delicety intjil in the ity olN. U-ldea}. tAE 4, CL. VALKRItE. S s7 Shieurif ole nio.riarih of ltert elieiasa. REPUBLIC FEhi~kuS - SCity of lluuston, 1th July 1830. &N pursuani, of a reqireolunt ofla low pnssed by SCongress of this Iepublic, approvod January Slt, 1839, making it tIe duty of tiles Treasury to advertise and ncause to be sold tile lots in the CITYl *d OF CALHOUN, on a day by himn fixed. Notice is herilhy givon that tilhlots in the City of Calboun I will be oflorod at Pub ic Sale, on Mmooday, the 18th day of Novimbr net, betweoen the hours ofi Ten o'clok, A I. and Four o'clock, P M, at the Capi. I tnl of this Iepublie, upon the terms set fbrth in the following aeklcts froo thu law above men-t a Seeo. 4.--Bn it fnrthoer nsuorted, That the lots in 9sil town shall bh offered aod sold for no other cur. d , rincy than gold, silvor, aud'lod poper, or the pro. miasory notes of this government. 5 Soo. 6.--UB it further enacted, Thalnt the aid lots - shall be sold on the following lterms, via: One fourth part to be paid down, and tho other three f,rth to be in equal inlstalnentsof six, twelve and oigthteen maontlhs. "Set. 7.--B it furlther enacted, That if any person who shall purveliso any of thes aforesnaid at lots, shall f ii to smaoe payaloot of the several in i stallmentes in conformity witl this Act, he or they shall forfeit all such sums as they may hav. preyvi. ously paid, and the lots purlcased by sucli defaul ter shall revert to thie govorinout of thie Repub lic.CI Sec. 8.--Be it further enactPd, That all persons, aliens aotexeelted, hahll hoca tile privilego ofpur. - heasing and holding tihe saome, od tlhe Presidaent is hI auth,,rizal to insuopatnlts to thoern so soon as the Slast in, stalment shall have been paid." o l Tle sale will continue firom day to day, untilall nil Sof the lots sha'l have been disposed of. Calhoun is situated on tihe East end ofMalhagor. da Island, directly on the Main Pass into Mlatagor. do Bay, and from its advantageous Ipoitilon, will probably beeome tihe prinuipal comntercial city in in Western Toexas. an0 A.Plan of thie city nmay be seen io the General 9 Land Otfice. The several papers in this Republie,tho Comter. - cial Bulletin, Picayine and True American, of N. Orleans, will publish notice until theo day of sale. JAMES II. STARR. n tie~rotary of the 'TreasUry. S GRAND. RE IL ESTA 'T LOTTERY OF PROPERTY; SliDuted in New Orlejis, 1'I)IER DRAWN ON THtI Ine IDoUE iMER, 1839 S IN'JACKSONVILLI, , Flea. Under he superintendetce ol the Coneeissionln ati. pintled bh the Legislative AscPembly of Flloildo. SCH3MII.T' & IIAMILTON, Mliuieger. 100,000 tickets, at $15 sctheme price. $ti00,000. SellillRt prie $420 per ticket. SYLVESTEe & Lo. 156 Ilroadwan, NEW.YORK, Sileb Ageonte. Er Tie receipts of the sale of the ickets will be ile oesited in the Canal, Union, Carrotlton, Citizen's and Consolidated Bksh, ion New Orleans, in le nette of I.ouninSehmidl jointly with J.. 1B. Pernrult acally - C.irtier oflte Citizen's Ilrek, acd A. Baudoie in c tnllyr Cntier h fllte Cuondlidted iBank, es Trulsees, aso i per act pasmsed mlbefre A. Mazorcau, Enq. Not. Pelb. on the id S. y 1839, nold the Irolerlies tranfierred to rtee above nemtilned gntleeulen or aoatnubered, as Tretrece, for tihe necurity of thc fortanate prize r l dere. In New York the motnie will be derpoited in the l ormteix Banek to iie.redldt oftlie above Itut ed S City aeniek of Nrew irletus. The P -tithe are referred II tIe acts peated Itefite A. Mallerllue, Ers. Not. Pui,. ill relation lutol ii rip perties whkih etibraeo tbe re•etctise prizes in the t.ottery. 6100 PtttIZEt, an flltower: Prise-Thot angnificent three tory biriek building, known as the ARCAIe 0, in Magazine street. intestrian 286 feet5 inches 4.tines on Magazine st. 146 feet 6 iuehe oe Grevnier streeo, and 1il feet It inches on Nan;cer ot. Thin building produleu now a rent of $37,000 per ainul, and being in the molt flourilhing part of the city, oppeoite tllree banks, and in tie itmmediate of tIhe St. Charles and the rity Hotels. Its rents will, in a very few mvens he incrased to fifty thousand dollars per annul. Entinmated at $700,000 PriN-.-'hntelegant four tole brick rbuild. tug known a rithe CITnY aHO'TEL, formerly Biahop's Hotel, situated at the cornerofCamp and C uenmon sn menuring 162 feet oel commoen rt, and 146 feet 10 incleo s on C eamp et. Thin huilding rents now for $25,000, and being in the aost ceelral poart of Ite city, can slirtly be increased to thirty thoueand dollars per an nula Estimnated nt $500,00 Prize--The three story Ibrick dwellinig hoesoe, No. 30 on Natchez isreet, adjoining thIe Arcade, relted at 12 Ihuondhed dtllnrs. Eslitated atl $fl,100 I Prize--The three etore brick dwelling house, No. 18, adjoining No. 20, o Natchez street, reitad at twelve hundred dolr. Etimted t $0,000 SPrize-lThe three story brick dwelliTgl house,No, 16,tdjoining NotIe on Noltehezret. reined at twelve huirl red dollarn. Estimated t $20,000) Prize-The dwellnin horte No. 23 norrth east cornere ln asrin and Custoll ihonse streets, mncasurilg 40 Ifeet front Oil Basin tret, 40 feet frontlt on Franklin strert, by 127 feet depth on Custonmhouse treet; treted it fif teen Ilundred dollarn. Estimated at $211,000 Prize-The dwellilrg Iouse No 24 nouth west corner of Basin street, ntenR uaiog 32 feet 7 inehes on lBeia or, 3lre 7 inches on Franklin street, by 127 leer 100 inches depth on Cus tiomhounse street rented at fiften hundred dollarcs. Erstimated t $.0,000 Prize-The two stort brick dwelling helse No. 339 on Royal street, beltwee Urnline anil Hopitr strreets,menans uring 21 feet 8 incies on Rloyal t, by 127 feet 14 io::les in depth; rent ed at $1020 per annum. Estitnated ot $15,000 Prier--S5lehanrer Canal Bank stuock, at $101 ecll, $t5,0060 Prirze--O 0 2 )hmares Comeercial Boek stock $l00 enCl, $20,000 I Przee--i50 ohares lMeclanices' end Tra P iers' Bd ik stock, ot $100 eacll, 15,t01O 3 Prizes of I100 shares each, Ciiv Bark, 30,01tH 2 Prizesof50 ef xcOange 1ll),uO0 2 Prizes of 25 , Gs LiLghtl, 5,000 2 Prizes of 15 lecrhrnices' .nd 'T'raders' 3,000 20 Prizes of 10 " I.Luisiarnt State, 20,010 10 Prizes of 2 " sIns Ih, 2,iL00 200 Prizes of I Ber B rtf Ofrierc, 2t0,1t10 01) Prizee of 1 Ullltll altnktof it shall :e or1 tire opteid of the; winnern of prices " colkthocks, eilther o htke tlhe sotk its.lf or tle par v rlte Ioereol i rush. 100,000 ticket,, irrrrr 1i tr Irtf o 10e1,, ill rbe ri introe very iumber rti rrie ior Irtr,,k will lie tirIc ir, I tie pirizer s are deterrrir,r l ie ha rvir'. rIllt balitite ,tf .tt...t O)rtlero forthe rabove ir11,ty r Ir rr e It tt ir otire o leti e Vieri lllull, cV lltr r or f o t. (o'lrr:r s ad C o n ltniI stlreet,, I ld ait N o i01 hl li r t'h rtte r "tr N e w irleellSn.e Iamtolllp rtly lartlieerd. t()hd'"rlr, ir e ith lo ,lllry. post I)t ,id, com It inin rit ital· . n liec u nr r o iiero i k e i e rttr q u irrI d , a h h -,s d ot II\iD I' . I.iAl'II+rTO, Nrew Orinacr. h A lettnhreonlr will li- ltovor ' Ie fir IFhrirlto eceth laleeoger lys a v irrti.i rrto e'ilno s r o Jaeksoville, i Fit. April, IIs39. iouy I M-\NSION IIOUSE iIOTEI., iAVANNA, rl HI : rentl , re'rr-,lel, I itr1e11 l i eri o rir otll .l we ll k t,,wueeta' r.llleldthe . IU sllnn ImOage, silltttled i t hrtr ri .itere, Nii. I Ill, illr e tI,,I Itr r to .n ~o u ,1m ° Ito tl hi.r11, ihit, I h, t relo r,. ,, ., a - tenioo w ll be rh'lir':·,i to ) r1 hr ro4) , i r ,t,lWe iwr t1I who Wi1 or ehlem Ir iit IIerir tI Vr co. Tlh d villnlot tr IoIrre esdltv rhI rro l,, ~r r i lttr l . for i ,h seitl ."1--lv ".+. " FI I'I IN. M AN SI N ,,IA No UIO US E 10 ' 1':1. , - 1 lit la ilre nna. L OS infrasc r it os nolre i prl.opri, rt nrlr i,)ii iren 0i ennoeidro ealthliec ieico entolritrorn r tIAN. SION IIOiUSE, a tudo er il enllu Ito tl Ohrepia, 1 " Nuin. 119; tieeinel lronor de anlluciar al piullieeo qua sull mnyoresl eloreros y ateoncionec ronr dedi- ; ridae li eolplaceer tL lis c lereslnn IlsC Ir olVorl.- e . oan cnn patroeitio. Ltas ventojot qjflpo en i, ella cras pars lio vingeres, tanto por e u Iocalildad, , conitodlrdad, er. etc. suit to n colclodae, Irie o. tIu tilt onuuIornrla . Ii .1 net--ly CUNEY & FUI.TO'. M- ANSION II()OUSE 1101EL, ild lilleanne. x_- L Es souonignda, nnrvoo ux o ,ropriSta rnoe o If S talb isaoront situd dons la rile d lat Obrapi., No. 149, connu aouo le norn doe MANSION HOUSE, 0nt Illhonneurd'inoforolr tole ulic, qol'lse feronttous leurs aeflrts pour so reldl agreabl i na ux personnes quit voudront bion loes fvorlser de leur confti nc. Los comoiodit s qu'offre c tloe mai. son alo voyageurs ,emot 0assez c0tuos pour noe ,le pointjugor nucessairo d'co faire :eIi l detail. 9i 1 yep-ly CUNEY & FU;f'ION. oal Iccorders 0jioe, rlo I)R. COI.IE3Ior Agen --8 r hreh..ny Sol I fitd to rtllnlfrm with tile ordinines of poatci ill et, thiry d fromn Ibis duae, in executing the followilg Tr 'I'olol o.ol, to le fillod up will, additionl earth, a cer , Ivin ~oo Ioold.o giog to you, oud Oiltololtd oo og lntoha pit ulns street, bltcoen Stol meo s and Marke!t ht. I|Ifoho abooe work is not eo 0plotse0 wilthlin thle spoc. i fled tin,,., you will be ubjcct to tile penaolties prescri bed by tie ordenances. SE KIllAUli, is Comomissary of tile 3d Wand. S New Orleans, Sept. 28, .139. u CITY BANK, New t)rleans, Ang. 31 1839. id FHE BoalrdF Directors of a Ihis I-titronn lve Ihis . d doyyderclared a emi-nuu, dlivolen oIf Fonr per cent. onle onlaoh c aial tok at t ,e profit of the laot si mlloths, pSlyolle to tle sthi:kh I lers, or their legal re pres nlativeo. on or after aollldy, Ihe llh rSeptember neat. R J PALFREY, septl3 Cashier. OFFICE OF 'HE iFIREMIENS INS. Co. of New Orleanso Oltobe r let. 1839. 7IIHE Board of Iirectors of hol c0 1puuy Ihve tlhis .I day declared a dividnd io fflfeen oer eeIt on tlhe Scapital stock paid in, from the profitsaof tile lot six o monlos 10 per rent, payable to the stockholdoPrs or their legal represooentatives, on and ofler io 5111 insltont, ald 5 h percent to be creditedlt to their slack. o E I.' I'RAC', Se'y. BUREAU Dg LA COMPAGNIE D'ASSURAN. CE DES I OMPIERS DE LA N. ORLEANS. - T A Direction dea actionnairos de cetto oompagnio a, cojour, d6lolard an dividondo de qluinf pool n oent, our le montart du capital payd, aur leo profitl doe six derniers mole, 10 pour celt s0ra payd aux actionnairea on le Ior reprdaontaun Idgaux, le oo It aproa ls 5 courant, et S pour cant accr6ditf pour Sleurs actlont. 3 ot E. L. TRACY, Secrdtaire. OFFICE (IF THE FIREMRAN'a INSRaNCLE Co. or N';w ORLCOAC. II lrl E: Stockloloders of slla Colampany are hleeby no. S1 titled that 111e 111h instalmeo. t on tei lcr iks duo I and payable on the 5ilh of October next, at the olice el the Company. sept 12 E L TIRAI"Y. i. FOR RENT. w Tti e T e Lobscnber intending to ch, meg the BatSlon at tecornler of Cmoll st1reet and St Charles Arcade, will renatsiot plenldid rool as a bro knr office or dry good store. lt calliuetv nol tle Bonko, the Exechlango nold ollter hotels, anld tlhe Caomp street and St Clorles 'l'ealrtas. oakes it a most desira bloe locatiloo for any killd of bsiness. 1['P Also, tllhree stores in tlh Arcado fior relt, well sit uanted for cunloctionary, milleoarv, Ilrber's shooos or o.fi0oot JAME- I| CALDWEILI. TO RENT, a Counting Ioomo in the 3d I story, over the sl.r0 of 'T Ityo o d LlrBoloher Coroorof Mllgazine oad Common oo Ss. collslstl g two aportnllenol, io lon of whillh is a fire plOace, ond well adaptel for oat olfico, of any kind i possession given imomodiately. Furternm aupdyo o t o TI. R. ,I YDE & Brotler, aonglo2d 39 Comnaoo o or 0 a0azinOjSto. \O RENT-A fire proof Tobuco or Cotroo, Ware. 1 House,reer t Mory's market poses.iob n riven imomediatelyv . lAbo, oo. at ohe Iletv Ia0t, li o0 the. .eU oolao Iadneg. Apply to 93 Coamp st 03-loli CAMP STR T THIEATl RE. This Everting, October 101th, will be performed S the perettn of tie P00 It Lt. I) t . IL . l,1rb\,,, " . Cowell Flatler Luke, Arn:her I ertmol, I''sliy ilngilell., .I). Biar Pot' ni, *,. flis. lDe Bar tathlemn, .Smi th To cnoc. le with the laughable Farce of 'IllE ''TWO%')tl(iOIt l l;S. (Gregory, S Cow, ll Air Urogory, Iltddyv Joh, rull, Archdr Fall'helle, Alr Ite lBar SiMrs Gregory, Smnith 0 In ellearnl, and will shorllV be ipraucedl, a new Petite Cmedyl, ill Actr, called I ANI) MY DOUBILE. Onl Sunday next v ill be performed the celebrated ,MeIoI l)rtnl, o f 'I'I HE 'OI'T Till I EVES. 'I P lre ip.ul'c e petftklny ilitrlned, Itoat All tSS I'IVA', litlfe Aliia VosA, Iisrngged, innd will slhorlt loak her arIpperantre. lktIlorsm, ple ast Ioolul --'erfrurn,,ee o culnmenee ut7lo e ar n r m IEW AIUSIC--Jut recivdl par Adelaide, frot I'hiladeolpllia, the rollowing Piano nUoi'e: 'fre i haIII Lnblntus, by JikLon n, with t n etloeIn pnnillont for the org, n o ''lhis earol ia ti Ipllnet for you, lure, ahd tee; a bhal lad, by 'I' Anorre Coone, ye Dietonsoljatt a sacred song, by& D Duton love forever; romnnoc for piano or Isrp, by C Meineke If thou Ihs eruhal'd a flower; written by Miss Ile; ciomposedt by C Meineke Thte Munkey's Weddt'ing;by .arco, theo fiddler Oll Resin tile 1Bow; a euthern ballad 'Thle nice young AlIn; ot e oic song Air in ii (;rooialo in Egitto Oallopades.-''rnolese air; We're a' Noldin; lTe lTells of St Petersburg; Lo Petit Tl'sebotr; Horie, sweet llAotl. iValtze's.--lobin Adair) Over Ite waterto 'Chrlie; When IlHwrmny wakens ; Ito nz dee Vaei e 'Iragnlo ; The' Cotampbell're are roing; Aurora! ('he Sorgeri, Itravi Coet tiara; La Pyeattne; Isabel, or tile Callhuchna. G P M50no0vroer: irt*ad Il.rndon Spring Wihtz New niupply of the Spanishl (tiotar listreltion Llonks nby Otto'l'orp, ood o greot ntaIlorotnt of all the new piano and guitar pi, Aers, o by E JOIINS & Co no--w cor of St Ch.rles ano Common sts N EW WOItKS--Uo'e Skeictlescomi;lete in I vo. umie; illusrulted witl twenty plates by (;to Crniks shiank. Th'le sle work will ,,t plntas 'lhe 17tl No. of Nicblola Nicklebv Memoirs ofiMr IIemnn's, by her 'ister inrs Iliglnes Illout's Practicn l Exposition of thi Epistles to 1he seven llllorches ofAsiu. lMcn rloll t Svte t of bnrtdeoing ,doldllo's lirtorn b iant ardlening Jlst receivedl ad1 or sale by .A 'TOWAR, NEW" ISOOKS-Curd lr-tlrghntl's -,keltcbe of I luleallen io Geore Iin. Secolln series Catpt Marrvalt'a l)ierv, 2 vols ValIrerrilon tllmlnrriStge 'Pile 'l'lggS. ior Pltoosigort of India. on interesting hiitory of 0n extraordin0ry fraterni y of 0Mnns sien Niekleby, No. 1g; Bon's Skeodres No. I to 10 Jack Sieppard, N b. I Flora's Leiconll, (;ill and Violet Ilr 1010, enlmbossed and hadsloltely bounlll For sale by AI.EX TOWAII, ot 49 Cnntip street NEW AND FEXCEILEN'T WOltKS- Roers PI'Ioysiology .logy: Dung Medical I) cli nrv Grier's 3,'cha liles Ce €'nllntor Atcliok's t'o'kti'l l'nqlirer It.efe r+"s A teo nt ,'t, ir tlctCllo,'k'n Cokiuatnwrcild I)iotionary, tnltat L.onlm edit,,o llllllltllt ll I' 1.0,lion SiIr WIII I;ell'n Pnit ,npli \1'ilkillsOIn' IEgyplt, wilh phlol !Londo edition Jtl l nreeiVEd od ilt or alv by el ArLEDX 'I'OWA , 49_ Camp st 1 lill, ia r Ale x of he se' a3 vats ,. ,t +ketlImiti,",teit ioell"', l L'tdIh ,1 0ro ('uses, Iy tuIs"ellv tRni 1 Atiludy, r v(le-lOw,,,' h'w book. : JO IIN. S& *Co, ..-- ,v .. e or St ('" t r+tsl an l" nlmmllll n e1tc NE\V .11lX1lC-,lost rre'ti eu n fallowinlgnew nIi"ece,: N'ýler (II;It h ll ll, alean fI,? Je a eomptlllllll \ ndsl ' nll ot IO el t 'l c il I(' I' I' n ,/hel· lll ll ,: II ('o? ,e iont lto,-,: by t hpIfI le NThe' nol lo- -',o,: h 'll' 1t,,ioi N iNew pie,. ' fior 0ll Pi' llrllF re Johanitn :'lr..+Hu --lPhih).,,,le \%'nI1t.'P bir I hanmt,. ',i' No 10",:,. N'h I lair t l lu , I .ei cI &l P i -l-.ll N . 9 air i r I m No .. ar zdr I, ll ll+,,sini--No. III air front (;llih, I.. • .IINS , It]ll) "' tui1u r 1,1 7. Nil. ; I. ,i I' l I : N11 i c Ii, NI Ii(i 1 - 1'no;.. ".n, 1, uliea.. .n II..te(l "u e ll .1 -i- Jl \\'ni , J l, Il. l l, k. u :,m, iii.' \liron,,; llr 1,,1 , l',,h a ,. tme \ Hll .+il f lh i,,. \l. ,rnd l erhlio , f \ , . I r .. .. Pa in 1 n ,. 0ii , l lnl., I n.',. a ,,I tlloeta Irkn,.I Itevol, N. Iill , ,or. . lu. Nopal r" , , 1i121 Ihl ,; , I I Jx e ., ri, .. 111,1 il'.\1h ,, I,, tCI uu t a i i i rnnmr , Lux o, I e n ll llllnll hdiI. - . i- -I-ica, I , .lh'l ,ii, , I* iihI ieg1i(c'ue., .clelll c d , I+ tii .-- ',n..i, ". ', ri. i,' I. i'e , , , i l,, - ii' , (;irenimo. - 'l'he \V'nrk. of Schillr, (l ih', K erner, irllnir der ei tl o r ti gu iiNl ell on, Dkie rll,+ a l(l triT llir I . m rk , r f af' teiril t,,.llrllrly l'cceivetl. F JOIIN', & CtO. Snel3 hl, or r St 4:I; rlr t. ',l lvn Sl Ir Ir F "1' .\N I \'I ,iT-',' eii, ra i ry T r ie li lo l- hr .iie, JIi ;c: I it,c Lo J-. 1ý I _h_'_ (''xt I 'l I.t itie lunt's hi.a"l s ,ter',a is.iht, SIJuIIN.S.u& . S c-'i-3v orier St Ci(harlels hNtl (.c:Inil)l siis I ITIIA Ilh NVI.'AE I'IIcliiER4 A9cvicca atn f Thill llwarf, a dr tle p,, Iv hu elb. I!e se d TI '1he Aulhor's l'riml in;. id n 'u , ,4 i g Assirstsnt iThe pnlu hl ihroalch of Orinillnl l.iperhlnre, No. I. Ce N. IJtiIiINS & CC.. Iii e olicr r .AIr rles, aOi (c.coit nllll c i- t '". NEW XVOIIKS ON l.AW-l'othler ()u CIonract of ''Yle: lung -u, S de,.ew editioa, by oonln ras P ale by AKIgSlWCy L(hitiy'a l'rrltice: ,I vols. completa. I hillarns Abri -lllnl, , new edltiion, 2 vods. Pi'ter'a Ilige-M t lil nd i Ii volue 1i1. nitpcrils, vol mli cLiriola ii llc e t y And iln cacrc l icxictirci- , ic o iil .,l ia al lIn. HIooks, ell cew c- c-w, rks of in.rit. rigciily rceivcd--alco, is Frech aid Sianish I i\ dnc-l,. or E JOIINS & C, es i.|--;w ornler ,t Clrl. c rll (lllln, .icn etI or gsrs ofIndl:llll o nislory.ofl hat extraordinary fro, tercily, of cnas. uills, b Cae t Scecnroea 2 vols. \Walker oi, Cheoc: Locidol edition McCulloch'a Cuiomilreial Dictioary: latest London ediltio, I.noodoi's cleycyclloedia ofGardening: Loindo edicioc Sir WVii (eli's Pulilcjaca. sppiendid Lodulu copy Siltoii's Paradise Lcst, with illusratians by Marti., T iTvtier's Uliversal History: c2 volei. 8 . Shakepelclri: Iblieutiful Blootcin editioi, 7 vod. 8 ioo. ileh a ucriefy of standard ilc vaIiiih'e workh. s24--3w cornecr St (Charles lnd Olllllon SIate Ece ppy," s bile I y flip O'Cccy Sr ftlntily; I\lolloiir of celebrated Wlanll en by G R Pi Jlacs Ii l o; icuiral Iastory othnr Ud Sttei , h by J Fullicluru cooper ollr%% o 'f re S ck, N, ,irtlhi ,Darts and Marriages, by'P lilnok Eeq, Na. O Jack Sllelprd, by Ainsworl h Phrenology in the 'ful Sy. Just received and for sels Iy r ALEX. TOWER,49 C(.cp l I NTINTINi PAPER AND PRINT1'ERS' INK Jnstreceived .uantity of Imperial and doube mehlin Prilting Paper; alml, a suluply ofJohnsonll nd I)Drant's Prilhtig Ink, sntll lnte by ol AI.EX TOW A R,. 49 Camp st C 2OLOiFLI) PIRIN'TING PAPERS--Noiw ladiig SIrcc ship Adelaide, an invoiee of fin colorei PerintiingPperc; olso, i tat of Prisicg papsri27 42 wilcli will be cold at thclweest rates. c3 ALEX TO)WAR,4 CaImp cc I [fEI)ICINES, PAINTS AND OILS--250 cases . 141 oassorted 5Iledlcine 18 bIbl No. 1 Wli\Vhie Csir Oil 1I0 esesc Carpenters Preilasallos 11 cases Rowcnd To'uaic Mixture 13 bbls Epsom Saltsc 10 do Flaxseed 3 do (;r dll 5 du Arrowroot, An 2 cases do Blermuds 31) do Olustard 20 hlxes Stirelh 15011 hkes No. a d, 2ipure White Lead 30 caski Eng. Lin.eoh Oil Fc ^ r sale by JARVIS & ANIDrEWS, cnil car Coimmerce & Tchapicollas wicu `AIT.u--11f sleckeomon, T11S sacks feon bioaid S sitil Conscitutioc, frol Lirverpol, fir sule by SIIC CAMMAi('K S&c, Co, .o5 cc 3 (lank I'Place flU (0:F5NI'--A ",-ll lory store N - St Charlec lcerl , ellpoee ts, i Si Chirlch HIhii.. Apply toc I C CAMIItAICK 'Co, u 3 Batik placeo SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. SlOI'ICL--TIe dilereigyed, lavieWlg bern dilly ne o I.l i.te d byh tlc lh. 'rube lie P ari.,iCor ~l n ild lor Ih Prisn lad City l.f Ier O()lr e , Col oi i. oers e o unni res p'1 ou r a est Ime tan r ange ant i ex l doraminages ino s cti in iuie airl.lesr Ih.imo id eI nierseura ine ri and Cinlining ii1. : hiriini riee ilen t trhi liane Etrl i blic . ll to Anilnto l Ipreln gter, e. Iond, tideeir shtinln andl nremslliellen and h l, I teS "d n a r pv I rtrii ; ii, erhcr with le l 11, il ia l lh oie , 1f 9e iIlerik And Lublie natie is Iherebyv givrn, nthtnaid etimnate un iseesienmt will be reaace d lil st l Lonlrl fIrt c n lsrtin l on lallesdllay int he, 01.jh Nle N oler, Im3!, rnd all IerPIare inlcrleaCd i" pilllieiry etiiilaed on T'linmme slruei ,,r its vichiniiv, ir hIlren y noli ,d Itl inlke heir oljectiols, iflany tlev ihaver, ila l sa ilimntienl,dl .nrest Iieni oil r before fi ;, "hinlh inly of Noveltber nIex. Willih i I. IlodgE,) . IIt, G iondi., 3 Coemisiioners. 31o, WIIio 'I'o . llepp, ) SAVIS. I ES souaeign6slnygnt 616 drumont notlnll6 par J llonornhle Cour do Paroist, dmOns at pour It llaroiise et villudo In Nouvolle-Orlhan.e, cOmUlllria siennaires pour etinler et dvaluer lo daounlalaout at dl6pease pour Bhlrgir t corilinuer Ia rie St. Tile. alse, on ligne droito do l ruar Suzette ft Ia rue An. nenciution, out fait leur estimrtion at nssesgelnent at rnt dposar viaier copica, ainri qure Ia plan dart Io greflo Ide l dite Cour, ipour itro inspcctdl par toll creux y illtd6reeos . Et avis public eo t par lo p deant lonnel, quo In dite ealtion r t aanssnelront seront pr6saduos at Is dire Cour pour Fira eonfirmt6 mereredi, In a0 N,. voahbre 18.9; et tout,. peraounsa ion6rdosueir dna quequeso propri6 6r aidetui ur In re St.- 'lhutmnar , ou son voisinagec , aunt par Io priaont notiids de'o f- airo eurm objectiol, s'ilt en Aon, ae. lteo eslira lion et anUasemont, In 9urlo.jur do Novernbro pro. chain. Nouvolle.,Orl6nns, I 7 octobre 1849. W. L. IIODGE, J. 1. GENOIS, Commisionairo,. o8tw31o WT. IIEPP, NO'rICId--'T' Stevedores, Ballast Mrlreant, sand others.--In compliance wifh an ordhlaace of the ecouencil of tlt: 2Id nlunieipaliy,I shall, on IlIe hlihh instl.. Piroceed to ie sale oal publie ouctlion, or ll Ihe balllt now lying oo thIe Levees, if not remorved thlrefrom pre vtons tn that date. JNO. R BUTLER, eS--lid Wtiarrtnger 2d meunieipaliAy A.araiaoeura, tnrertlmndods Lcrte et nulsei. C-n. fenremielit on oJ rdonnanci r u Coneil do ln d uniicipnlhle, jo fern i veml ro a 'e eannle l8 dn couraIn lotl Ie Let.i acr elclenln ilu lea Leve{, Ini ns iern Jim 0nh55Yi: niUIl, l.O IINO.R.'BLER, no ot.whr'f. r2d ilouarpte h- hroeglil It trho porrd d4 Eite third wait, Ind W Iouicipality, A orree l MiAREI, blilI, a ster o e tier ce, hboet is hlildo high. "'llaieOntir oa , sil pripary nwl ilceoeul nitti, peond ofttie 3d1 ward, ld nr ieitiinity, aiteate ort the corner of Ilobil ind Anneciaei;e mtreei,cprovepro. I'ry, paey chargrs and take ier ewev on oir lefrre 10h ti(lubeler lexr, 1:19, when slie will b lde hat auc-o lioun by P A ililltetle, l.lublic neuctileer. .. JI.VLINTEIR, I l.icurt jL6iL i conduit au Potsa du 30ro. distrit dorIa 2dc. Municipnlitd, i Uno JIJMENT orel, ayant one toileo nu front. a pe prlo 15 umsain do haut. La propriltaire eat pri6 do venir Ia r6clamor art poste do 3me. district do Ia Seconds Municipnlil6. situr au coin dils rues Robin ct Anonnciation, on prouvhrt 0o prprid6 et an payant Its frail. Si d'ici nau 19 ectobro prolhnin, e le i '6talt pan roclamio, olla sera Ia dit jour veodue l I'enc par J P. A. Guillotte, eneanteur, conforl6mrrent l Ia hi, 7 oct J. L. WINTER, lor. Lieut. 1&,/Elt' baeio ite pollice paieon ofte II22 muni ali ,iy, I hto ~illtw g slavoe, vir: A dluck n.in3 nattoed Edward, nllrar 28 years of age, aoy- le l'lengore lie Piaceal A iegria 0. enamlc.d Ben, about 30 or 32yearn of ag, ast I ihCe eiongs IIe 91rs Jo e. A gritlc girl nlamed licsrey, nbout 18 or 20 y.ars oh age, rlot see is aire Theti wners of the sabve slaves will please call ate te ri ee ... I... proper3y, llny chargee, end take Itrc.r II 1, ilARPErg, Captui rf trhe Wash. New ()rleaniiP, toCt. 3,1839. S L dt6e 'dnditj Ina Geooie de Pelio e i Is S-. . conde Municipa!it-,4een eaclave. .uivant, sa EDWARD, Agd d'environ 38 ens, no dinant op partcnir it Mr. Pascal. Un nagre nomomie lIEN. Ag' Id'cnviron 30 ou 3 or, ooe dirant nppartenir a e 1 Joes. Ille griloinnu rioliiindo Bletuy, bgbo d'enviton S18 a 20 anse, ell or dilt llare eIs iropriCta re es doils ESelavos Sontr prids da voilr iu rtreer ne prouvalle curo pproi CIda n , at IIpayairt lea frai. 3 ct T. IIAl'lElt, capl. do Ia aOnrde. I l, It, .le; irMe, e .1 ' i re :durdl , uet 3'3" l tIII' .i h1 11Do.. err 1tahl, e hel .rnl i'hl lr IllclliLth i 1111? · ,+l+ Ill+ ilill .at +wi~ IH I a I ' iiii i te pnrllfl e n `i `/v, l ,r .iý" l, vnh :r 1 .n ,,, ,, lh.r tll 1,r 1 IV " iii, )ý l I l. llll iiit I u i lti 11i.i,, I .ll311 It. , "'.l r il l 'l, ll.. ri t ll, lo ,, I r,"It ,.,at. 1,11n, In\ges,' l :i " h im ?~o. II .,4 11Xltfl'l. ll, I I " i ti , o r a ll+ whit is AS l 'llt in \lallh' Ill 1 , I It h 11 a ll;i t l"llra', It Ia In l ,.IIIIl III.; lI 0 i) I,,, IlllllL p' t, 1 1 pl ce Rll 1,y 1-t 11 t I itCI . " u ng elrt , 11v nh th tillll a l , ni, ofll . e 1a t,+ i i IIn Sa I AII,, , I .a ,I el ir lrb"s I Iyaa ralalaga al a a.lll',ia'.a. lloaIar. , ' a o ai o " I 1,,,' 1+ 11 h,,Il'! 'mi, al ..lnI.. '. ol ii, I ll allllaaaa ;,, I a iaaJ ,l l II illl. 1 laita Rl 1. pli(t6r ll ) h l c iurn , iro r e r les maI" i nh' I .,1s h, ' vl;mi , , .+ r. , r t,, . , . i ull'unlia harl 3 i ar, aj aa i a, rl i, alra ritI cll l. 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The rd str of lt ulieamino rdo ppea matron, hui L N Gi r cot for'aTh tludil Mr 7atlt, l dbern jcoal, ade aclock e b. lac, ht morn. tahy lu' pellcar lat l nct lae he ri o f e1. d 1 S IIIe IIPEf, Ca'iaoine do IWathL lgailai . ade frh l-ee.eael' lolalall and inii aayead. a, By order of thle courm. Fla. tiARDEE, Cloerk. Neaw Orlraas, Sepl. 26, tl9d-2iwlToctat. E-TAT de In .ooi,,iaue--Cnor i N. 102--1Frank Wilson actuolleanent ddre. nu centra sel a crdancirs-Lea cr6anciera do p6ti tiotanire sent notifi6a, do comparaitrl on coar ouvorta Jeudi to 17 d'Octobra prochlain & IQ heurce du malin, pour fairo valoir lours ratan, aIde on nt, paouquoi ol In dtitionalire 'an at pea In 2 bon6fico des lais, pour venir au aecoura de dbitcoura insolvah, lcaon d6dntion aletuell, at oL attendant tout pouraulite contra an peraona at sea proprialds sent arrW6ts. Par ordre do Ian our, ED. GARDEIRE, Greffilor. Nouvalla Orl6ana, Sept. 26, 1839. 1TA'' D;LA ILOUISIANE"aCour de Div. E tract du pretnir Distrioct Jnudiiaire-.S. I. Pag neontr soa cr6anciros- a c..... .an i do. ,o.. pridta do S. It. Pago ayanttt d6 accapad par Is Cor ponur. l'avantage o la ti crtncieara -I ent d6 crdtd qa'une nanatbl6e don dis crbanciera ait lieu an greal'e d J. BI. Marks, notaire public, jaudt 17 d'octobre prochain, 819 Itoures do anatia, afindo dd6liboarc n lean aliairca da dit Page, at on atten. dant touta procdour contra n pcrarsonne ct sa pro. prii6t6s ont auapcndues, J. P. Caswell cat aname pour repraesntor let cronciers absnao. 'dotoin illonrablo A. M. luchanan, Jugs do In dite Courn, cc 13 Soptmbra 18:39. 17 ap P. LEBiLANC, Greafler. Court--. I1 P'age vsc. Is creditars--'t'lt,, e'ioi aofS H i'ae' lroallrclty, llavolng la i..eiaao a. by tlih Court for Ia e l'aacia la ha s a rif ia. ra a ; it ic arclared that Smnaceting oat lis said tr'aialata, alaa ulk palate tf the talico aol'J i tarks l:llaa. atlaary Pullicl oa To ulaiall the tail of lctlaolber no x, at 10 o'clock A. t. for lla arpose uof deliboratiog ont the aflti en fsaid Page; and ta tlh ealon till alal judlicial plrcCrelin as alrnast hia pr lo mid properlo, ar aty ed. it J PaoaYl, Eaq. i. i a22l.a.aei to a.. epresc..t ato nb ....t..r..liaaar. in aita WitVhnesas the iin. A lit Iaaal.iiilaa, jatadge of ithe t'aira afl'arsaid, alai 13 Elaa Spllltr al r, ilI2l. I 17 17. ' LELt.LANUC tho. t l'rk,

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