Newspaper of True American, October 10, 1839, Page 3

October 10, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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bHIPPING. For Europe. FOIL IIAVIE Th 'le A I fat sailing ship .EI.IZA.IIETII RIUC(K,Coptt IIl!igur', haviig lthe greater patr i h tr cargo, wlil receive desipatch. .l l.eght of 2l 5ltletr otolllll, tlr ilata.l, applly to s28 Lll UiAi. '93 {.COmOlnlelltI . FOL IIAVIRE. Th e Aot Iulipt. nilug slit. VESPAStIAN, Calpt Wiloil, ,hnviltg torl of-her cargo en L gaTged l ill have oplotllt. For freight ofll0 bales Irulton or pioo.oge, ae ,lly to 1 o II Ai LE, 93 Camllln at IFOR IIAVILE.. The A I hip IOl.Clll, LCapt. Kngiglt, lhvirrgI pirt of her curgol ealteo, will re cdive illedilte tllattllch. I'or Iroilght of 2.ilea eottola or pa togetI. atAply to a'4 I. Fl iI.F., 93 C.oreliotl at FOIL I.I tIrPOOI.. ile A I fast sailinigip .LOWRI.I,, Clupt Prant, will receivl dspailtch, lth great.r peart tl her cargol'eiSgaged. Flur bulatce o freight Utr ptaO8age, apply to oO - 1l11 tAI.E, 93 t'linoin Ii.t FOil II VEtrl'i.l,.. To Saoi aio Saturday the 21tt. L. 'I'.Tle A I lud at sailin g Shipll R . N'I',il, Cj Clptailt linill. , will snil ao Slrtltrday itrot, thatiltg bhr arlgt lloeno , lrlla gloitrgg ltaro. Folr patig, Itinll hn u talt rnao e rac ,lnmodl. tinth Itpply to a17 .V II II G .. !t t.:,0lcli lt. FOIL I.1VE+ ooll'Oi.. T the A I fart ailll Stllip taGIRARi), Cipi ti irlres, hav Illlgr t of lter carg o ngakedl, will receive itinreolinta t sllrtch. ' For freiglll I. ila Colttl or peraaage,l a nly ntto a17 L . II GAIn . ,tte er amoil ltreLt. FOl I L IIEN. i T lasaneig A lit t I tlhip RIGA, ioptAl. ed, will receive dlrellactrh. N pasage having hatoolliiii o Io am lielqllo orlanly o .LEVI II GAI.E. arg241ih 9. Comollllllon at FOR I.lVFiltt)ltl.. The il Trnt cal s nt hast roiling ItrilihT ba.loe PEIhIUS, ICo (irt(r0l tt1Iri t ake 2a Lnleoa~fettalltnta will receive inlalrtli I. ptch. Feterelllr o r passige tiit hnladoallle *aiaetaah oia 1 cnable taaell t era,sppli to LEVI Hi GALE, to 15 ( lll Cotol t ltr l. FVttL IIAVILE. The firet cleas and fast ailinek britg FAIPE, Ca. Madlison, will receive inamerdiat die. pts aving frir cargo egagl. e For passage, having l aa ondcell atolingllgti Iaonnoapltloy i a .3 LEVI H IAI... l3Commoan at O FOIL I.IVEILPOOI.. The A I and folt oailillg ihip CAIIINET, CLpt innotll, will have inltlleliat dsptlch, hieIg the greater part of hbr cargo elgoged. Ior freibht of ll0 bales cottll, or peanear, nlpply to a Il II (A].GL, 93 (Collnaon treeol. Ooautwise. FOR NEW YORK-I.ltulatr Paicket. Orleono line of Packeats. To aitl on Saturdny the IlotJ i.n,. The eletgant falat eitilln I'oatket Sthip OCt. SMUI.I'EE, J. Itlurnes,, will Ionitivelt tail aantiovoI havilg her entire Carlgo eragedg For paneage only, htnlag elegant oeclltltodatiotaa, uIp ply r o10 A. COeEN, 90 Collolln At. FOIL NEW YORtK-Peglltr Packet. Ilohmsa' I.inte of IPToketa. Tou aill an Ihtr 17t instant. The eleant Porg Ipretl a lnt roiper fatlened packet stlit NASHtVI I.I.E. Ilarkneo. Inmater, will prompttlyttail lni nalvertisod. I'or freighl .-plungea, iling eloegant icOlnlnlilat tiono, alirtly to th. Claptain ot tarJ, olppoite tle Vegtluoltble Mkel, ehr t A CO) I. U N. FOR NEW YOR01K. Af ePake lt he t tl illh hi t.i Saw·o Ys.' nsd Ne.' ( Orln..' I~n... vi THE fine Al Shilp TRO'OY, (Cpt I)okenldorffl, ' w ill aill a .dvertis.d. For Ireie ht "ll t. tII o300 Imlers Cott l, ar lf plr..nEu, aptly ll I'E'IT'I( l.AllII.AW ,~* .5 liI Cfttalll t NEW YORK AND NEW O1.I.A N I.. F. ul FJiTHS IANE will hI ha c'amao.Id i "even ,hir,, , which F< w I scee rl I hll ( r ii f olu: nlu whg order, viz: j Ski; .i. MK.rv. I u W lucr illnlastir. Shi 'rrl.v IL Ilh~ckllh rff ma +,terr. I lew ship llral kfortl , nJ G tr ssell, llls r r tl (trious for pmanagen.*m unurtlllli - d trl) e' n r nulllllld)l t in d e1r cvnicn le. . ll ably CIn.lelllnanil edl'. T hie ro nlte lt e..ltuJllth wllI. le h,"e. l h'd.p. h i 'lle th siuf Flv rti.'.l d, a'I. OIvIa r n.'l.lllill+ ll) ( ll m drtillln rattenltled to shIp IC n11111, l.t l - ag+, e( rs. N..o Flll, I IV Ih W, 'a ' oa ft tlf2 al .... . * lft'.'.l" tt'I,'l' 'IftI' ft'lL ,\V t, lf tt~q ' fip t F(R NI;\V YlRlK. I 1b *uI.'n-muli I.trt Mon1if lft t ' Kl.'ahtr.m' T his .in el Pl a< k,+t'h ba+ e h.+enl inlrcre lsl'd 11t I i - a rll frlrlelil .~'llll i+.+l·Ol~ltairlrl+ lf Ill * khlp . n sas.ille.' ('al l EIf f · iftel lrlon++~mr lll lrlptln L.. ,'. (lhllhni~l Alkbm.a, ('nplain F: C Ilerry, Orhclftft, laptahit S Sear, 1irkabrh.h , laj(tiftnh J Ink,6'r, Loweuls , ( pllllnin rrlllllitll. (On ille,', Clllltalill 1c'II cal (Oemu/r. 1(Unpinh Inill. New ,' hip ---- (alllllil \l+'dllt'holsP.. Nen Nh.p ---- 'nfltlnIi NillaIa. The above hllll. Ipre: all fI thtie lirst cta<:, '-lnpl'PreI , ·I~,~l (~';,l":r Inrlenel,i tll<| were? IIIlh ill N.I+W York I.1- I pr*svf~ h#I ,ftad--th ,.v iil..I I,, NaL'h Yak ft t (I Wt 1 r land almsnllt ilnlvariihliVr bIores the bar lothotl dl·el - po re naft~ trolftt re l.. -( l n .. e o.l'a n t.h k'rl.l. I Itrt . Ir.a' srtiusla p l nhp. I' . A e 1 (t11 he EN, ll rlll11, lltlr ll + .iv~ t 'tI t,.* (\i llI1111/l 1! .,tx+ h l~t+l II Jlj l CI tl lliI 'Iowll Ilev r, I1IIIIII1IIIIII · . ll l y~al( ( aaa. ,,i,'lrlfl ttll . c i'kv iJlnn til~ll~lalll ll,,Ivr t'llll+lt*,'l. tY llll~tSl~lillll ll' ltl sor i ie snors, sl tYr in fg kt Fu~r t'urtaer panr~il'nlars +tl~pl,, I. .+il , lllltr.,bl ..ll (:(lll~llllllll lrec~t ii To'''h+ ship regularly IIas nart'lllllltle j'r elrcklge IPr i saLt+ ho l.dw wrr, aai lthf ctaft llr, I fth·I ll tiiltw or nlrl s .fi~le. or sLYIm: 1111r r,.. ),illlbl e FoIr IInv iI'~lkllt. ior p srehl It, ot (asrl.f tl nIea re.f l:r flill bjfl..h Ift y 't Sin llaerrl lhl!. tlht:P el'the+ .tll tll. a [Loui++iaInanll ISlew York I~illl II( P~ackets.| I we reulrly iraerLiledm hro t e lzit PorL. I ftEse ftift.s sll 1h, aft. all 'li th.e1 rll.'+t oftllef telllp-rEd accommoda~ hit ion liarlfe ,een-ersand il conued ·and serayl .t ffl tkl untu. ti' alilfs ler asth 1 ftj. I tr I tllil fl week h lurihi N lh yeYr, .nl.a.y ailhP l rlllf t s a.n ilitihgaas fotr trant rtalhiownr li at the ofllitfest ftnfltillt. TTlip s'i.' a.saa n flarin Trasft. r ft. l.j Ms a s~pl.' ttt..f ftt "lt ftltft ebeft .lflttf'15 t +' amm'ile ' . '+ Alen , Stf r ,asI f J f it li Ira i l lirfth.'i le an Its'gC'sI u 'svlftilh., ha.,e.dftL Elhei.' In a N'ilShss'llllft'ts.eI"aapei, a a+ses 1'esssls sO¢ T1he allove amhilps tre *tll .If lIt++ fT I~rR. ebmcqlpe+d bsd ssliper sssilstard, ltl liaht preu.llt oa ,+aftr, an.J Ialltli Nl Yslrk esopresly aior tpe ralse.i Alh B..rllte lind eaerim'e r the teiero. assllfrs ler., aeelar P aa bsket . ' f.flb fThe bfs'e ft ptshellaft lfixe agtlft( bit laditg va|+. ,or liquorq nlopl a stre; lu every llh,sr paurtb.ulnr will| tkn IWavsdls., saws every dltcnt.i'la give. a )lol'eaj'r.'ed euollurt el tho.l |mtlaillg [41 ael~l fro in tlhe lin,+. '['he I.hilH will lall eII mms Imle tlw~ up aml~ dlnvl the river+.; arnd F ire sre pulsuaigt obserd ap tolr'ir yty If ,sailing feitssr!l wnr or cAEinS o Iee v.N.el TAill e rrpoe~ible for jeweFlry, hlOllli.F. .reti~lS ntone.0 .il ,eror plaYcd ware- brekaSre otif gIes beollw ware, i.Irbleonr g silte eo..lasrage oll till a rust alF r for JleAsforny ltr prel Cs lr nckan re een by or et ilt 0 board o tm, uless relr ills Cf l.dianaraleT rioen fr i Mne, the vnlue terifPoree FOR AOI SARAE. l(n IrIlalnsL atnd lJtt s9tilila aChl.'.'r - A wiPI ft, .'.pt INer.'.'O willra. eire dWa ptttldy 7 'or i reighl l or p ptanfgf appjly to 'f Io IS GALE, Lhc - h 3 CrllWnuk star.el 3Per the Znterior. IPOR nA¥O~lr SARA RegUlor Pnekcl. e iV le (ls.'sdil pnhyengar I ld D bRS ot , iIW-.114 brIL.ANrTe, Jeslsi tlfrt nsaitar, , . will luve Now Orlea.evury Wed eFNLa-.-' - lm_-eeok A. 1\. Ibur Unyotl Sara &,every ,nlu~rdyl. el_ Iq 'eluek A. Ml Inkinlg tilt clal elm~1 ]Own Bunday, .'or nreighlt nr passage applly to C:ult. Ilart .)n board or to B EAbNS-SOh we.ftM a, WlIITAIaL ·I~l~lK1B--I00bb~s rectified Whiskey, in storeI rot Sft bhy G LDORSEY, 05 ,14New I.evee .11 ale by G I)ORS[,.Y, o5 4 New Levee a.5 44NowLseve ]'. p+.~-L~bd~i~?--+0bbln ab, t ..... , .......icle, ~J Tr enle by G DORJEY, o5 44 New Levee RAPPIN(i PAI'ER---ill lrla.les nlaolla, tOO als nanlslle.WVs;pi'.g I'sper, landlig tI'no brig Gea.. Rynn, sd lbrhsalv y '£ltANER &,Co, o" 7T1 Ponylrnsst tJtiAR--50 bbla Leaf I Snaga, ian . sftd fo'r .i-I'e )by J 'HAYER & Co, 5 TI7 Puydrsss s 'lCE--Bllh hbs iai sloe. snd f..r asl. hf J 'I'IIAYER &, (5., 0.574 I',,p sa. sl **I STNITED STATES OF AMERICA.-State of Louisiana-Parish and city of New Orleans Be it known by this agreeoment, made and conclud ed this fourteenth day of Juno; 1839, before me, Hloratio Davis, a notary public, duly conmmnissioned and sworn, in and for the parfibh 'id city of New Orleans, that in conformity eo the law approved by the legislature of this state, on tle tltirtorthb March eighteen hundred and thirty.sevn, entlitled "an act to anotoriszn limited and anonymous partner. ships, and for regulating the same;" There is hereby formed a limited partnership' which shall be regulated in manner and form fillowing, viz: 1. The name and style of said partnership shall be-" 'The steamor Brilliant Association of New Orleans." 2. This association is formed for the purpose of runiing tihe steamer called lle Bral ilant of Now Orleans, as a passenger and froight boat, for hire, on the waters of Looisianoa, or others of or on the coast of the United States. 3. 'lThe amount of the capital stock of this asso. ciation is thirly two thousand dollars, divided into forty shares of eight hundred dollars each. The whole of which capital has been paid in ready money, said amount being tie price paid by the lhereinaltcr naned members of said association for the original cost, repairs, and alterations, made to said steamboat Brilliant. 4. The names of the copartners in this lssecin tion, and the amount whiclh they haveo respectively contributed to tits ilutited parttarsolip, are as fol lows, v z : 1. Duncan F. Kenner, of the parish of As cension, for throo shares, two thousand and four hundred dollars. $2, lo0 2. Henry McCall, of the same parith, for three shares, two thousand and lour hund red dollars. 2,400 3 John Slidell,of this city,for three shares two thousand and four hundred dollars 2,400 4. Christotpher Adams, jr. of this city for three shares, two thousand and four hundred dollars. 2,400 5. Wil.iam Hlamilton Avery, of this city, for three shares, two thousand and four hun dred dollars. 2,401 6. Jollt S. Preston, of the parish of As cension, for three shares, two thotsand and four lhundred dollars. 2,400 7. Jollhn Stepheln D)avid, of the parish of St. James, for two shares, sixteen hundred dollars. 1,600 8. John S. Armand, of the parish of St. James, for two shares, sixteen hundred dol lures. 1,600 9. Paul IIobert, of the prish ofllwerville, for one share, eight hundred dollars 800 10. Aaron HIart, of Pittsburgh, for seven. teen shares, thirteen thousand six hundred dollars. 13,600 $32,000 5. This partnership shall commenee on the day of date hereof, anil the operations of the san0e shall terminate, and the concorts thereof sihall be wound op at the expiration of twelve months Irose the date of this act. 7. There shall be appointed by said association upon the meeting of any live of the stockholders thereof convened in tits city of New Orleans after two days notice in one of the public gazettes of said city, a board which sliall consist of thlree directors, to be chosen from among the stockholders of said association, and in like manner there tihall be an agent appointed for the same. The board d71of dirtors of this onstitution, ahnhave fulla power,sl ec authority to make such rulps and by laws as may not be mnconsistant with thI. act or with the law afore recited, upon which this partnership is founded and specially they shall have power to direct the mode of'running said boat, and regulating her voyages or trips, times of de parture and return, rates of charges, &e. Thle said board shall also have the power to investigate the aecounts of said boat, as well thro' themeolves, as through tile agent thereof and generally to super vste, control and direct tile eturse of the employ. ment and the administration of her tunds, and to that end they shall be aothorised to give all fitting and proper instructions to her agent, olficers and others in tile employ. The directors shall also lave, the powers to fill up all vacancies (for unexpired term) arising in said board, fromt death, resignation or otherwise. The agent of said boat shall reside in the city of New Orleans, and shall under the by-laws of said board, collect the debts due to thle assocoation, and if any thoere should be i suit in the name of said anrociation, and also tn like oannoer disburse their funds, for neecessary exlplosote and clanlis, alnd in der the like direrctolls koop just and trtue books of the accaounts, dealings and transactions tofsaid as sociation at the office which shall be seclected by the said board in this city . Thle directors of said as-ociation ]atll continue in office during th, term of six oionotltas, from the day of their election and until thle electLl of a new board, anl such tln w board shall, II ipssih'e, be eleclted ote woelk after Ilntie. as ootor said, and prior to thle oslopr tion of the termt of the older lproedmchn' board. ''lih, agent Islall ruet'oo in office ati the discretio of the board, andl the! board shallI determine fis colimnioIntlun and tie lmall:r of pay. inl i the sanlc. 0. At thle p, riod thereio belore dItll trintod for thue expiration of this co-partoership, the a-llirs the.ortt shcall tbe settl ,d, and the I rane liquidated andood woald up by ti last bnoard otl'ircctors ofi sad association, or the suror or survivoo ors oftflhet. 10. The persons so trusted with such hquidation shall cause to be made a full and complelte balance sheet of the debts and credits o'f the association. and they shall well and truly discharge and settle out of the tunds of tllt' association, conisotig ofl said boat, her earningo or tlroceedv , the lawfl l dtlats of said association, and whln all the debts and claims of andl against said aassoeiatioon shall have been fully paid and dischargeld, thety shallh make a ust and eqluoal rl partition at ton the stockholders of said association or their lawtil reprlesentatives, pro rata, ofthe stock respectwvely he'd by them, of allh th re ,armsug f.nds of said partnership; and for the purpose of el ecttig the liquidlation of said concern, the ptersons who shall be theo hqlodators of thile ane sthall ao t uall power to sell slid steam bunt and her appl0rtnancet s at polublic auction, alter advertisement doring once a week in lthe usual lmanner, at such crelitt and on such terms and con. ahtions ta o tha n sall appear advantageous, and shall have also toll power to cause to Ibt discounted witlout recourse, all cotes, obligatons and credits whatever, belonging Ullos said assoCi;ttioll whe thor arising out of the sale of saidl boat, her earn. inga, or otherwise, proviiled such discount may not be i.lde dat a ratn exce oo ten per cent per all. nuns, or even to sell without recotour and at public I auction after tlhe usual notilce, .ti notes,claims and cre.its, belongoing nto said association, ol sucll terns as they may think fit. 11. The dtive nds t of profits, if any there shall he, made by statd association, shall, after paying all deb ts, c aerges anld lxpe ses, hl d.clared at theo nd of every six mouths succeeding the dat thereofat. 12. 'his act of association is expressly based upon the aforesaid act of the gature glat of this State, approved the thirteonth of March. eighteen thundred and thirty o, ve, and the aforenamed meumbers of this limited co-partucrs'tip hereby ideclare tlhat it is their intenou to avail themselvese (iu tmaking this associaton) of all the privileges and i lmunities in the said act of the legislature couteul!ated, and specially of the ptrowlege of sxeutption frotot responstllity foor the debto and obligations of said association beyondl tlhe amoont of thle iparvalue of the stock by tohem acspectively held, as In thie ciglhtlh section of said a t,o aod all privcldgcs grattod or rcsponosibilitios t imposed by said act are to be take andl considered aC eatbodied oheroia. 13. The said co-partnershlip hieroly c!ect thle city of New I)rleaos as the place of dooticil ofsaid as. soeiation, and determinae that thle master or clerk on said boat lor the time being, or either oflthem, slhall be the agents of said associatiou, so far as to f sign bills of lading, to hind the said aosociation for goods resleived on freoight on board said steamer. 14. The stockhloldtoe in said associatiol shall Shave the right to vote by proxy at all elections for directors, and to appear by proxy at all mecetings duly convened. Thus done and passed in tilis oflice. en tlhe date as above, in tlhe presence of Bnartholonl w Vails and Thleodore F. Theinelnann, colapoteut witnesses, domiciled in this city, who ilaoving aigaod with the parties and moe, the notary, parties and me, the n tary, II A Original-signed John Slidell, Win. II. Avery, Henry McCall, John S. David, C. Adams, jr., J. S. Armant. Aaron Hart, of the city of Pittsburg, county of Al eghany. State of Pennsylvania, is to these pro sent presented by his son, Jesse Hart, of New Or leans, as per procuration hereunto annexed. AARON HART, Per JESSE HART. Dunean F. Kenner having left the city previous to signing, is Iere represented by Minor Kenner, as per letter Ilereunto annexed. DUNCAN F. KENNER, Perr MINOR KENNER. Paul Ilebort having left the city previous to signing, is hero represented by Bernard Laudumier, as per letter hereunto annexed. BD. LAUDUMIER, Pour PAUL IlEBERT. JOHN S. PRESTON, By Isaac T. Preston his attorney in fact. The words " fourteenth," and " of Jun, 1839,' interlined. B. Valls, Theodore F. Theinemann, Horatio Davis, notary public. I certify the foregoing to be a true copy from the original act extant nri ay current notarial re. gister, in faith whereof I have hereunto signed my name and affixed the imprpei of my seal of office. New Orleans, June 20th, I ..... Signed. II.ORATIO DAVIS, al8.2w30d Notary Public. JUS ' received a lntlueg- aaeiomeni of sunier stocks of various patterns; ilen shirts efl'ine quality. 0G 511P & reno, m13 ' .chnge llitel,Si Charles st .ihRI5-7Jh kegs na-.Lard, in store sod for sale " It)i ItSEY, ei9J" y , New L^n e LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK S lp S utljority of tjt State of lLoulrania. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCIIARD, MANAGERS AND PROPRIEITORS. Il-T The First, or Half Million Lottery, and the Second, or Two Million Lottery, are respectfully presenlted to the Public. Thie IIAIF MI LION LO'ITERY will be drawn in December, and finished at one drawing. The TWO MILLION LO' r EItY will Ie drawn on thie oi plan ol Ilianks and Prizes-Numbers in one wheel, and Blanks and I'rit.s in another wheel. Both Lotteries. under tile sapervinionoftwo Judges of CourtsI. WILL BE DRAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. The IIAIF MILLION LO 'TERY offers chances to 1,291 Prizes, ,of which 33 are Priz,,s of Real Estate and 335 ol Stock, besidle, many Prizes com. posed of'l'ick~s in tihe Gra nd Two Million Lottery, affording a particitiiptin o chances ale,, to tlhe holder of a Ticket for Prizes in The GRANI) LO I'TERY of Two Millions of Dollars-10,000 Prizr.!!--to the full amount of $2,000,000, of which 107 are Irizes of Real Estate. Only 9 Blanks to a Prize!!!-Simplo Nos I to 100,000. 100,000 T'lkets at $20--200,0,0010. Scheme and selling price the amine. Anmon the Prizes in these two lotteriOe are many public and priva t buil ings which adorn the city of New Orleans, and are thr pride of its inhab. itants-tho Verandah, St. Charles street Theatre, American Camp street 'liheare St. C harles Arcade lunildings, with Ilrtels, Dwelling iluusee, Stores, Building Lots, and many entire equaros of Ground--besidns Stocks in .alnks and Iother institutions of the State of Lonisialnn, amounting in the whole to TWO ]MILLIONS FIVE IIUN)DRIED THOUSAND DOLLARS. All the Real Estate and Stocks offered in Prizes are owned by them nd in their ossrssion:--the acts of sfnle, with clear titles, are rested illn their firm, and recorded in tie offlice of Adolphe Mazureau, Notary Pubbo, and nllico of convtvyances, ready to transfer to tile holicrs of Prize' Tlckets, exempt from irlTerabrrnce: Tie property is net apart unalterably to that sole and ioly purpose, and can, in no event whatever, be corneyed otherwslu by the firmh than to thie lholders of thie Plrize Timkets. ---- - - .- - .-- -- - -----I~_ -__ -____~ AMERICAN CAMP STREET THEATRE LOTTERY, CAPITAL $5640,000, IN 1,291 PliUZEs! Will bedrawn in DECEMBER NEXT; and in order to gratify, at an early period, the purchasers II ofticket+, the combination is adopted for this Lot. tory rnly, of I to 75, whereby thto drawing will he completed in a few minutes by the drawing ol 12 Nulllers from the wheel. it 67,525 Tickets, at $10 each--?675,250. Il 1,291 PRIZES!!! SCII EMI'S. CAMP ST. TILEATIIE AND (IOnal, Will be irize to the holder of the lst, d-oand 3d .. . .. ... $0,000 'fire t r.r o t ial fii story hrihk l, ttildirng rl-tri i rnt slr ,ll,2'* h, Ih'l, lrlnl . AIht Crr tr ir ri rrf nllu:o Iti Ntol trte'ichz streets . . 10,000 Prie t,- tit , ti5r, ad 0th. That varluble live story b, ck store on Old l.e vet streetl, occupied by Messrst II W Hlop kie .. 35,000 Prize to ithe 7th, 8hit aod 9th. ,000 . Th'lat elerglltt drri nlg hlture, uamtl lot, Nol 74 Royal itrt'a, ortupihed y J te Goodrieh r 1 ll) ' Sd M. , ccupid b J t It. 18,00 I IPrizellto the Il, 2d foidl h.l . an All ertirOite tstr Lof g ero tlnd in tillhl lrg moillio . Ci, l 1. houlhde d t, thi b IPilerly, lrenon, ra e M ,lel t rtel and ti t prichltre erat. . . 14,11 el Prizee I let, 2 r irin .Sri. ri That ilre sitlor sor and l t cllrner Calti alltlh Julia stroeet,uccullpid by Ir. S. Itl. l hier for tet dry gat t nto. . .. . . .i ,000 Prize to alt, 2d and r th. g That on rye storyre andot cerner of S Mary e an lo anrd J Slil ats .. . . . .. t sl Prize to Ist, i ai, 7t1 . A cerliicate lir 5S111 tickets in thle two mIilliun of herery, or $20 I cotiht . ... 10,000 l ote fortto e holt r ,fthio prin.e rne realize the hup" d dsthiny t lo obtni, p1os0slionihrough ihtir. l ielldlelfllll l thi prir;ncipili potrtiont of l, vleriitit i ie ado i rizts in the two millionl lottert ,t l t h ti- of Prize o t r slt, 2d lnd lh. t 'Ai larg.' ihldine nind exte nsive Ilot in t ih wa ,it y f L .fayLtte, .lul rgt It.ivttdat s, i ornr gr W easltig gtatll i nid hllu wi a rit. Iti,) by il of feer . . . . . ,0011 Prize to ilt, -, and 9ti . Str A ,ertihi,'t nt ' 1 t rck ets i ti te. o millioian I Prtize to It,',d and ll.ill 'itt lit e sltry dwellingte hoii se an lo t, 2,1 r . 'I N ortil , sl.t i nte t Iot tIlr i, ot h cornet r of SMI - t ' '0 7,500 50 A iu r r," I t, t to a ottI to If. ilr A ,Itrhlin'tt tir :3.t-, N ickl ilt thte two million 3 1, z , " Ii t, ! an 1 , ,a , l d lllt~ I t,,.t at 1lt n Viy t Torv or. 3d1 0. beuiln 2i Iranu lou t fIof mlig cmdri ot b )'Eli fe sl. 6,201 on r',ize to l o, t ttd I-nd Il d. A Cerllir:,le+ for 0:ti11 ilotk*ts in the Iw o m oillion be hlottery, at $kT! ch 6,l01)01) u lir,,i to,' s i, : l t1h. 11 . . 10 o A lot 'groun d oi llni Nlid . 2d 1 Mbeing tht l t hir hll Ir olll o,,,llllllran e st. 5, 111f r o i'lrize to t I 1, :h and ih.ll A e tt ili , ftr' 2711r Ii k,, ino ic I ttI . t nte ili 3, o h io r o ei e iit,:ld ai d 71h. 0 A cl , il'tlle for _ 5. tikel ts il lhl, twol lillio I ,I rv, I,, .ilT Ii h 020,-el4,.500 10 1 I'ri ,' It Itl, iid sad r h.tai ltrloto' I I llt Irhe' n t i,h i. c I.otrttlt o f Vi to orry r ot i e o,010 Iho lot ti0tt ri ii It i, to u,, l 9ot',. 1 0 I Adeniable lot o n' C ' lrp -ig t, l st .2d11 . iadjoitn Itn ille a h irlt, l re" f t, i s N va r l t. 3,500 ho Pize t Irt,t ani d 111111th. 1 An elisithl a itnd a biin, ih g Ihn o~ h, $l*iciu si. I td t il lt froii hat tinue rlr of S. St JAT mot: , r ' W. iti h tred t In. l, S Ist, ',i r t and li th. I' ti ,, t , 7t : n id r-I 7 tt ll i t Sitn A priz e,- i sitl ofea" ti ei air s of l r f15t tick. ts in the m i rillhon h oner my, n $' i each 3,000 t Prize to o l , t3,1 nd t 12 t1t. h 1 lne slllr - s· l r ,llllle o i llrun , fl' oIulre .#i tln , (' he, ' .d, I hrrlo a.1s." . 2,5111 I Il ref I l itel l e j tll t s t,it. 1,90n II th i 10 l Prize tm tslt tit i i4th o 6111. A desirlabl Ibuihdingllnl h eet one .ltloltrgut Prize Iti i ,t l ith o ri tl t or. iAn r t ttt, q uiee f gronutnd, t r1. ltoled a y ('lite , trr , lla n i n it l rll te. 6l00it ti-zt, oto Il, 4111 amt -Ii. i A pllrtioni c 3a ,g hi r es ol grou cd in td M. boUnd.k e ll Erraiilo aied Ealh i a t. . i 2- ,00 l SI'rizl 1it) In, ,h tnl 9 th1. st A l Ullr l'ruiilnd hit 2d . r olitle d lt y Ma. ph', I lei.n111. C oIi nl . 1,0001 L. Sriz'd "i l Isl , lilth al d lW . tl h .A~Ill l ihllli l inef C III(eilte. lilol olt- I.lhlto ni.,t atd , i .hlilo o it, ip . 1tl 5t.h nllll I l i tI' t i lot, 1 th I d I thll - o l 1 lt t fit -n t \V,Sithir ol sIrtt-o, Stit h aid frto- 2 Pl rizt io In , ith a ,i I th, 2, I andil th- i ' 7 los ofl, lhUdl, 7il n ifLull thy , of froll rtl tlcrner Jei isV stt l,tIiII t $ 9i l i 'll. 2,1100 Iri#r Ito Istl,;dh nll illh--l l,.l 11lnun 71h- let, 5th and 8,1h-lst, 5th as~" 9t1h- $in 1) I each h Si. buildiing luts of r, llnln , ,iltultel lt to (Iti I h Pro i t o lot Soer s., S tigon slrot , in a1thl each, 1,110 Ilrizel- Ia t,S t ileo 1 lith -Ita t, rir l.trt d Iltir- lt, --,t, 51h anI 1i--lst,we llth ad 7x h--hiz , ie h a niI Ufll--lst, lhi alll a iln9th. " iFouir ,riz r,. ttric e iiietein ItIe twIIo millionrl tfuller. ,11 r ickt , l l h ac r th $ i rto n I'rior it tm Is titi IIth a t 7l1i and f nhh-- lt, 71h and t!h-- st, 7 th and ith. n d lwo irit- s, hi.,1tIl t irtitilRat rt hr 12.i5 Ilckts a in Il twoI Itillion hte,1yt t 5i ticklets, i It$ - ea l'oi a 5,000 rr e of,,e Iatr,6 h'i I Iith--lrlolr h .l lh -- 3,000 Five irize.sI,, iach I; hlslhlsS tit' stoc.k ill Ihl; PoIhohto hi1 rtilrottll oImipnhy, 11shlllartie, at 6lll eiitatll,, 41,1110 a Prize it 1st, 7,11t and ltih--I-t.t11 anidl 1211--lIt, 8ih ullo l Ilth--lsi, Sth liid ih1- I st, th lland a itih. o - Fiv, prirzes, each (; i hmrl s of I'ollPlsrcr.liln railra sthe ctw 10i s yrs.,, iet $111 . 3a,1100 t Prize to tiS, *h tt altd 12th i- Sti, Stir atdrt It it--st,9 Sti nllld Ih-d,-lsth sad otIIIIh- ll, 9th adr I-,llh. SEight rizires, erhl ii ecr-litile ntlf50 ticketr i thel o(Ir ililliSin loiti ttery , 3) ikets, at 21rar,1lii i ,000 IPrize tir1d t, Ilirit- nlf t1 h--lto , Id Ih alind I rit-- tI,, th-iil tt.hih- i-Shill 511h--t d,,3, ai 6tit-2i o3d lintd 7ilt--d, 3d ant- Sih-, 2dIt 31d Sllb. !lt. a l i rizesr, reach :1 r lares olf stock i the )tnk I of I.iair ,tiui, 1) 0shr . 'e , a $2 0 . 0,, ,000 Prize to "ie, :hi alid 10tl-- d t I alllr I ih- l 2d, 31d alld 12--2,1,411, and :nli--:d 411i iand 6th--2t iNh 4 to11ea 7h--.L, 1t atit 8h-od, 4h hathio !etap--2d, 741h and oito--da , 4t a ll , T Irwenli p toirze, enlh ct rtilicale For o 25 24ito it the Iwo milii, n 2 l2n ery,SIo I ticket t, al $ 1 10,11 I Prizes It the 2i, t tlu and r12th-2il, 5th ind th2d, ill51t and 1uih-- . ca ih iiamd 8h--ll '2d, 6 aiido tfh-2.1, a n iel ia0it- d, r h iitiitd Ilth- oll , 61h i ld 1 1200 ihata , a th 5 l-ii -, ll t 2 olifiole foe 32 niohen, in Ito two million7loth tth alr hni h . OFine holdred alal iheanwrlldysl delr en. *.ll tllto - RAND LOTTERT TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, 10,000 PRIZESBi AMOU:NTING TO TWO MILLIONS OF 1)OLLARS, DRAWN ON TIlE 01.1) PLAN OF BLANKS ANI) PRIZES,-NO C(OMIIINA'I'ION NUtICERI. 100,000 Ticlreth, alt 20, --- O2,000,000. SIMPLY NUMBERED, I To 100,000. The scheme and selling prices are the same. as no additions or reservatllons arr nmde for expenn,. in this lottery: thtuos coitiigt exponsIs will opermt, as a lar.e deduction Ifro the valuation set on tile proprerty. MOI)E OF DRIIAWIN.-The Numbers I to 100,000 will be placed in one wheel, and tile same number of Ilanks nl Prizc. ill another wheel. To levory number dr awn fro one whool, a tinket from the Bllank and Prize wheel will be drawn, until tile whole are drawn. Itt', ..... . ...Ir ':r.,, ti mONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. p SE-ach day' drawug under tihe iupervlenn of two Jlepls A of Curtl II a. Nw Orlcael, iand tiLe whellIl opled alld sealed by teIlll. 10,000 IPRIZE S. . I. iThe VIORANtII) A cII al .rondI, valueid at $3*00,00 0 T'hii valuuhin ll e ead sicllp l hl juli1li is I sluries fe hligh, and presellts a Irollt of 1I feIet in Saint fr Chlarlem stlreet, alnld |1)It feet onl ollmmoll street. and ei.iht lolt, td two I raI eltriie Io teilhe rendlers it thew it flilnlliUnlble hotel of l ih, In lsouth; 311I persons cal l at oit1111e tilne he wavel,- pi iently ellcnlolllaed itlh drawine Ilms, ptlr lours nlld bed roUollls. The prl:ellnt rent avert- (u grPa $30,0!0H perannum, and beconws illl-ae dll II by provlaons in tile lease, to $31,51)00. Thi 32 lstores onl tile hasl llenlll telldera it sairsl.itlrbl of augmlenttiln tou$ 15,000 to the f ltulate holIer III ofthis prize. ar 2. THIIE ST'. CIIAItI.ES TIIEATRIE ANI) GRiOUN), withl thie scellery, clncllhlery, le wardrobe, altlic, &e . 2pet 500,000 31 T'isti magnilici ie tlllnructllre Il i lf frlnt of I:10 feet on St -hllrlel street, wilth II depth &l front be of 1711leetonil i Charles Arcand. The i:caaci- by Iv and ncollnllllntli ila within co,rreslpond withl tile Illl.gnllillldl t of its tllrII 'T.he lTh gratad ,alotim is 25 b I. etJ r. The Ibur (hie,4 II of boxs tyre a liroiumte,l with extlesiit e tlle ries; "17 of1 the- boxea hlaVe bol)ulldolrs Ir r+tlling I roomls. Ii tihe eilltre of the dolei is soip.nli. I 31) feet iin cireuil lrelce, .ePighiniig ,51iI lbc ., I illum 7 w tll 17ii gas light, ald cot $111,71 (). tll The scenery nod mnachinerv are unelallhd on 1r' co lntinlt· , a d the wtltrlrel m is I m F cellt t.ll ll t. for rear iat $ li01n.i pier l nnu 3. TILE S I'. CIt tl1IIO AR(CADE i UIlI- at, D015;, t.Tit', AND (IRiU\N), vatl SI ted a. . . . . .151,11)1 A heautiful blck of the('orithiv, order, 51 rte feel frontII on ( llap street, I" Iy 17 deep, Ironll a get bhiilliaurd ro o ic d .tt e . ' j The Terpsi, cue -tii iiii iiie5i11. in i itlieur. Tlher wihoe creli , for i$ii5,111 per lie tIic a ltom, ictie ilir il.... Sl3,0t0 .i The ti, squr a iilo re of roediel licdtl d lni'i olih of l e.ulelil llfglllIg lots ult Derecuhlc S ntreetl, bolll ilu d ,yi *lu iclllll l c II d,.rul, by'ri, nd I T rpsichol s I r i rtr, e . . . . . 7,0,II000 5l 'h, lIilllr Pq llllille IOl k llIIIute, iuiu .iedh-y c stIreet, 2d um plln ,lcip litV t (lli ll0ll h l bou dd mlhll Meloore ltrle'lll . . c . . : , ,000 a 1. The ifour uorn orl'k lf ore, .rNl;. 4rl Levee stre, et, tat It hipdlhl Irtllllillg alt .o il bo Ilnton stret . . . . .be. 30, 000 '1 7. The l trt I, otrnrew hricn nwelling hour.e on aronde let st'r . dlun icipa lity, l llli , i t t lute, t lhe c tirn e i i (:r tcii lter , i . t. 30,000 Ii 8. The enltie ,quate of ground on Derydes street, 2d un l unicip lit , cujntail, l 13 lots, loun-i )ideld by ELteIrp I and Iler.ulesi streets, ll.d the 80 linle oI" rie f ul i iliri. t . l 8,006 3i. Theenuire sqluare of Lgrolnd con Illrlle be Srnetreet, d Illlllailici l , of i lot , b nllllde tl byS nMe d pom l lret, & Trc . . . . . 15,0))) 10. The entlllire qllllre of grotlllnd nll lercules s tlret. , .i .l liti lcli ut' iii ita, boullnled by st 1. The eutwio s.torellul grousnd l o(;ravier be stteet, t I illlll pali aliy, onaining 18 lo,01 boudledl bly "- 20,000 b, 16. The entireC ofgouiIef groun l or; lRert, ded y IEuterpe and l 'elic iore streets. . 18,0)00 y i 1:3. The tllire lia iret, of rllnd on )len o . t rnene stl-eet,ld ulllllloa. i mhtv eonlhhou g 1 I6os, bonlllled ly ndb B leto an 1rpsiclOr sre ts. 18,1)000[ 14. 'I'1 e enlllire sL ofiiIIU l u ndollll n Uioiii t liion

strePet, .l 2 ll lltm i l li lv co tlallllllillng 18 lots, ibounded by TItrpsie Inie, Liberty anud Eutttrl ast reet s 1.1,0110 Levee street, 91 imuticipalily, corner of iLubin h street, 9 bIy 105 Ihee . 12,000II 16. Thlle square or ulntion Ihteulces street, h. 2d mnieipaliyry, of ii lus, Illuded by Icorn cu le- Entere and I'elicitv streets 9?,000 17. ThI' lls. ,re (11 .iu.iiI o d on l ent on street, bl iii nlunlcipalitul f II - b|11hounded Iy Mel. 11n I ,I e I i c II p t ii stlrl ,, s u c t i i ie l llft t ,000 e lllr proerili i t . . 11 ,000 street, SI n ll lulllliiuliiiu 1 by li eIedt , byhr 19. t'l'e sqi i elll .rl gir l Tillll lll i tlm , stree, 1unlitiphty, .f Iet; uhi', bouneltid by iiet lt, 20. The ltr.lglr snr+don Agrolul dol IteA. ul starert, f m 0'3I llh o1, boundedt by Whim7 b cand l.lieelle lle It ,11) I00 2I. 'Thle l IIII lr'C lbliliing nid groutnd on J nlia sht't,'ll thlll. ext o tole Orll T, er f Calmp I sreet, 015 by 78 Ibt 9,001) 22. 'he I, squa, of rol ul i o. n l cali street. i 2d t.. o 516hls, bluuded by Melp oatne Jacob ild iiiiellcll iit ,trell . 9,000 b 23. eT'' vt ole ru oil n JuliN a street, 00 n3xt tl the crner ii . ailv oitel, containlg a akerv, iol haviug I5i b iy 7i t it t 9,000 Ml4. 'l'uhle siluare 70of grotund a. il el 8ren ltreet, 1 lati, lllllluIId by liuwardi Terpsiclore and Jacob atreel, i ti. 9,000 25. The tur oigrll luulllud on l.iIertv street, ar atd n uI.eieilv stre,!ts Vic ,000 16. the l , ; re ,f u rt i llllc i l B llt n street, Is icih. otf7 Iuo, cotullndtd by l \e ite. ild Mlelp. lleFciistciui 8500 b anllnl' Toraibhre stletls .,000 ( 9'J. Th'e ole IItoryi ulildin and i gi rond n Julia street,3dl in. Ieilng .ht lot flo, Camp l street, having 35 by 7;1 eet . 8,(100 c )). c heSii l g l 'trf ,ttl on Thalia streeit, edl II. of ti lots, buludcdd l y Jacoh, olis and I lelpulaelm streetls 7,500 "1 i. The squcre of eectirl ol Thalia sireli 2d in. ,,f 111 hots, h.uhdod by ,lanluel, Solis andI I 102lponlte itrles 6,000 de. street 21I a gll. sartr of TcrillhhiwIP street 6,000 33. The aqllllre oIf groundl t 1l'','Ipshihlore ,teret. 3d il. ii 18i l oti, blullted Ity it ,it , a.lntleliutl a tll i telplUte streets . 6,000 31. 'I'lle l, t ofgut oltid ,ii At i oIlul sti eet, ',i in. corner of J lpueulle street, 31 Iby 1't feet ..l 5,5 100 :5. Thl e square of ul tullt I, 1 1l1 lllllelll eohanllu I eli ity l 17leet s . 5,00 , 36. 'Itclo cil g tld iNew Levee soret,l d i11i. nlext ito ie eiorllerf i.tin slreel, 30 lay 1 37. hequrof groud ...oil . I'll ;lia , street, 4 i2d t. iouf L8 Ilots, budled Iby Clarat, Oletittel, l 318. 'I'The lof 'groumd on NewPW I eves' street, td Mn. ei.. tlte 3d Iote 2rl0 Robin 0treet, ha0 Sin" 31' by 105 l eet . . . . 5,5)1 41. The tqltllre ltfgu d oit l t En rrt.ll str,, ec idI it. o•t8 tie, bot llbudlt by C ar.,'i'ha ll 2,0l00 .Melpuonnne streets 5,01.) 411. Tha lot ,,f ermullld oln Nnlyndsl street, ge1 having 91 by 1'27 rte t 5,000 4I. Th'Ite a.tll larc Iof6l'l6)tl (Im Ionlercleuh+ street ld a.l I ind by w5 1lt, blelpo itus strel es l ,5,000 4`2. The o11t nfgrund ml Nnyandea s.het-, 2d in. bluiulg nxll ni, lthe pu forming tlhe colrller ol t'- r r1 r',ltri W rI11'IIRll slneree ·.,I If; lv IIU feet JllnlV Iwo unurrotnRuro· "j, V III CALDWELL, OAIEY & PRITCHARD, 3 ANAGERiIAND PROPRIIEroRS Nern Orleans, Aug. 3W1 , 1839. 45. l'Te portion of a 0qO1ar. .f g.ruod on lh oli olreel, 2.1d I. oI It, Io., I,,,dIIll.I by lllul.I and Cla,, trlets, iand oher pr; pet ly ,000 Il). 'Ilie lot of grond or f, o ile ornerof ,m, Ap.llo o.d 'll r ap-ool,.l.c ti.r', 22d o.Illll:1.2 by 127 t .i 6,0011 47.d an The q e o n n 'lin treet ,0 41. The two ,oot,,d o briok lhoe lld in ol Washingii eoeet,,civr .o1 I.aluye te, iring haI feel flol Clip .wa sireo:t, ind lhaving 4 re eer front, hty o01) e ret i dtepthl 5,1)00 49. Thoe lo ure oungronunl io T'halira trrt, d in. oif 18 Iot, boundled oI Martn ago!d 1 - niche slreets and Eagle Mnu's-t' . 5,010 n51. ir on story buihling and lo of grna 0 n Nayodes lotreet, beiong Ihe 3d 1 l frot, Terp sichore street, havin e:0o' by, 127 n., y 5,000 51. The sqtare of grund in hrratoi street, 2d n.of 13o,,i l,,outlI,. by iMart and Thalia lil r l( rin d 11, , r I oal e a uvellule .,.000 L9. Trie lot ofgrund oiL Allolh sirel, o 1 2dM ouplplsitt the reidoele ofJ Fiehl Esq.) beiag t1e 2d tut frolTerpsihore street, an hl , 0ng 3il mltq127 et nl ho o l.II Inv 17re t e4,O00 24 5: l'1'^ lsquare of ground u r Irrato street, 2d ol. of 18 lets bounded by Engl avunOe,'l'l.lia v and Walnut street 4,000 54I. A lot rof grol undlo Apolo otr.n, 29 ,. beindg til 3d ct feiom Terpsichore street, hiaving 31 Iy I27 feet 4,000 55. A lot of ground oa Apollo serest 2d m be(ian.g the IllI t'nll'1'rp-ichore street, Laving 3` by 1O7 Iee r 4,000 5"r. A lot ufgrll nd oil Victory stretl, . mi LaviLg 26 byl IlJrolot, ,idjoioing thie lot 4,000 57. A Ilt ol 32 hv h .7 f it, being tlh •hh io flonil whichl lourms lhe lorller of 'erl iho tree ste4,000 5U. A lot of GroutI onI Apolo streeto 32 b'y 27 th2,e "2nd hl I uru) lohat whlich lu oro, tilh Ter uso lepnIeue tel, 'd in.h 4,000 39. A hht orooodoulor aofl Iguot bo ly l5 o d p t n127 foei, adjoi,.ng tlot Io Irllliog g fI: cortlllnr ~ of Ilnelpomene nlrit . 4,000 60. A prontio f oft.rtd ,ll TInoo lhl street, d Il. elonllilg II lotoo b OUlllc l ,by oli and 0 lunllllole tirr s . . 4,000 oil. A Iot 0II ggond on H ll mn er stureetl, 0 ne100t t1 lthe 1h1 fboriu1 t 01e d ce0 of Apollo re'o,7 l" 117 ffet,2, .in. 3.5000 i:2. A lot of ground n00i Tersiore streetr, Iii,. by iltot, b'heig the 2dl from oIlei hif,,) iTrlno tile.1 of Nuvne.I street 3,500 102. A lot of ground on Mel oene street, 2d b lnt2Lfron thalll th, wich Iob11ile ScurnCr t) 13. A square io gulr n ou dTerpn hounre Sonis stree ts . 3,000 if;. : suare of grqod eol aioh,.rig I!) lots Ioomoded by Iherry, Eorrtu, and Chu slrelt. i . 2,50(1 I;. A s( uare 1of groo) notlill tog 17 lots, 0onderd ty lilgle, elp IIlene \tligtI and 'Lk. A olnre Oftgrl kea l..o caing ts ,e 28,50011 bouudt'd by \Vtalutl, 'l'htlral Cherry aud Erralo d atreets ,U00O 6i9. A soll, dlnseli S ouse and lot ofgrotnd 50 eOt ol t.'hil, . I l) so ret, - feethail iournl, streeto Corner a . ,o.,00 70. s leI ol gronad, con g rlllllilln I i ots bounlded by Waollot, Cbherry old ''halia 71. A stquare ofglolnd , .(Olllloing 1.1 nlo, boondhd y .. o.. ,,o, I...o. , od Cherry strell , s ,000 b7.outtle I) ' Il'hliago o olil nod JacoT b streets 1,90000 73. A sllllm of groundll, COltllitlilog 40 logo, hotl.ndod by (larl', .I.\lpuooneL aod Mlartin lreets ,1,800 74. 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ApIoo I ground ool Jersev strLee, 25 hi 115 itelhe 1th irlll o lthe lot lforing tile eorner 0 of Vosihtlgh'o,bo $ . . 1t011 1(3.. A lit of0r0und oin Jersey streel oo by 115 fielf being the 8111 from tile corner of WVash ington slreet 50. . 10)4. A triangllhlr square ufgroand boutaded by (Cliot alld Spr, e sreets . 030 0 11.. firillllolbllr Slslare ofgro'lttld bourded Iy pear alld Er'al streets 2l t. I11. A triangu~lar slquar? of grouLnl hounlded , .,lh l, .pe, Inae alld [lphro.;ylle street 200 107. A nI inngllr sqaiiiile ol'.rOlllld, buunded by olaple nod $lls strets . . 200 :170 3 prizes I saro e each (;o, Light atd Illnkltll r company stock, at $31 0 2 381,100 21i00lprize, .htre eahll 1erchunl'a Eo-a oehnre silk:k, at $73 15,(180 177 prizes, I share nocll Ocean Inlulllnle o)lllllponlv etk, I I $50 8,850 60 prir,.,l shareenoth Moreohalt'b Insurnllce I Tom tliaiy itock, at .3 s• . 1,8IX) 46 prize., I share each, I".xehangs Rank con-. STime Dlir.r Paper is ieatly printed wilh small typl on an extra, douleo ined.ul shedl, at $12 per cnnoul, pIlayaboen lIl ianluaolly in idvance. Th'e T'.alnw'.eKLr 'uapr, containing lie reading mlatter of' two d.ilies, 10, payable in advance, where no city reference is given. The We\RKLY 'Jur AereicAn, node up from the daily papers, during the week, will bie cont ,o sub. scribers who pay 85 per annum in advance, and to none other, unless an acceptable city refterenCO is givesn. Oubscribers respectfully solicte'd. JOHN GIUSON. Nr:w OIRt.OtA.s. MAY 1839. 'I'A'IS UNIS D'AMERI1QUE--Etitt de In l, Loulane-V- i 16 et Paroisse de la Nouvelle Orlearle-Co qoartIozimle jour du imois der. jin de Pan Inil luit cent trente nuf el le so xant, troisi. eme de I'llndi1pendance (Ide Etats-Unit d'AmCdriqo. Pardicvant Horatio Davis, notarice publce, dit ment Iconllliosile it lssoerenlid d.dint itpour la ville, t ip.roisse de la No!vIllc.tirtd,: ns, IIa n d eonvien de iilrer une soc.`3 liruitle, clnforll. inent aux dispo-it onte di act de la L` ,i-lattIre dt cet Etlt, pais 6 Ic 13tli maris 1837, ilntltuld 'Un AcL" pour autori-cr leo Socidt6d Iititd's at anony les oet p, ur le gouvernomeU d'lelle-." Un.c sr.. ci6t liaiildce et par lea prdsentcds lornde, ]squelle sera rig.lde de la maniere ed dans la nerlll sulvan te, cavoir: Jo. Lo noni et le intro die la d ite Societd 'era: "I.'Aeoiciation dl Bateau a \'apour IBrillant do la Nouvelle UO I6:le." on. Celte issci itlien ent formll do ns le but ide h'iro nav guer Ih Ilbaeau ti v llelur ionhl 10 I rId hlnt, dl Il NouvellleOrlean-, cllllne bateau ie ipne.geis, riile fret clr les eaux dl la Louisiilne on toutes autres qoaux des Etat-Ulnis on sur coles pe Elas Unti. 3o I.e mionant du capital do eette Ass aciatien cat de trentll deux Ioil pia.ltrs, di, id oi lluarante actiosnedle tbit ceilt piiistres chlllle. Lo totalith du osudit capital a 'd Ido en compltant par tls lenllbres dt la shtl Assoeati i ci-aprsl nolnuim6s, le dit otolatnt t.lla nIonoie que Il prix priniitil du susdit bateau Ildllant et les ddp. ses ipur rl - parationrs almliorations fattes au siditl bateau. 4u ies nomes des cassocrid et to mlontant qu'ils out resipctiveonit porte danos crte socrit6 llllitd emt CoU i suit: 1. Duncan F. Iollonr. die l parolwe do I'Ascensioi pour trois actionlls, eux mnlle quatro e, nt piastres, es 400 2. IlHenry Mc('all do la susdite iparisse, pour trois actlons, dcux Imille quarltr cent piasntres, 2,400 3. Jo-hu Slidell, de la Nouvelle orhI. an., pour tris actiosii, deux llllle quartre cent plastre 0, 2,400 4. Chl i tiipler Adalms, file, ildo l No. volloe Orldahs, pllr trois acotie, delx nlil le urtre cet plstrs. 21,400 5. Williatm Ilamilton Av ry, de in Nouvello Orlianso, tpour'roismactie o, deux mills quartre cent piastres, 2.400 6. Jouln S. Preoton, deo la porO sec de IAacension, polr trois actions, dcux millo quartre cent piastres, 2,400 7. John Stephen David, de la pIroisse St. Janmr, pour dcux actions, lillo six cent piastro., 1,600 8. John S. Arman:d, de la susdite pa. raisse, pour deux actions, mille six aunt piastres, 1,600 9. Paul lldhert, do Ina paoisse d'Ibher ville, pour une notion, hut cent ploatres, 800 10. Aaron lart, de Pitsburg, pour dix sept nclions, trcize niillo six cent piastres, 13,600 $32,1100 50o. Cttle snc:dtd commencera Is jour de la dae des presentea t es opdrations so termine. ont et ses nlu4rltle e i ses comuptes seroIt IalallrC et cles, I exlpir.tion dos douze mnoi qui suivront la dalte du prdsont acte. Go. A une rdunion do einq iembres de l'As aoeiation, d'uprel une annonce pubido pend.nt dluxo jours danls ue des gazettes Je cette ville, it sera noinu6 Irois Directsors, pris parmi es actionnairee, lesquels Dircoteurs eolposeront to burenu d'adiinistration. D1e la In6ne naniere il sera choisi un agent pour la dite socid d. to. Le bureau des Iirecteurs de dl. dito A=soci. otion aura p'lein pouvoir et autornid do faire et 6tablir des re'les ou riglemens qui ne seront pas controires au prdsent acts ou h la loi plrdeitdo en vertu de lacq elle cett, socidte est dtablie. Its au ront le droitl pdcisl de rgler la muaniore do faire naigloer le susdit tatlu, d.e1.gner le cours de sea voyages, le temps tie son dpart et do son re tour, d'dtab ir les iprx, &e Le dit buceau aura aussi te droi' d'cxaminer lop conmplte d susdit bateau, sit par luii Iitline, silt par son agent, et , igddralement de ac rveiller, con-i tr61er et dririgTr I'cmploi et I'admniiestrantion do sea fonds, et ca e but it sera nutrosed it douner lea in structions qu'il jugera l'agent, aux oflicitrs autres lulpoydrcs du susdit bateau. Les direteurs seront pareillementoutorid.s c reml plir lee vaucnces (pour le temps nonu.expiri ) qu pourront survenir dens leur nlutbre, soit par mort, llmission oil nutrement. L'agont do dit bateau rthidra a lat Nouvelle Orlans eto uivant le i r6glemens du I us.dit bureau, collectora let dettes dues h la socidti', er poursuivra cells en litige au nom de la dire socidltd; et parellement reglera Ic ddhours do ses fonds pour toutes ddpensos nodees. saires pour fhire fiie a routes rdelamations justes; it en conformitd aux dites r6glemens, seront tnus des livresjusocs it exacts des coniltes, opbratiolns et transactions de la dite Associati.xni, dans l'oflice qui era clhoisl dans cstte ville par le dit bureau. 9o A I'6ioique ddterminue iar le prd ent aete pour la dlurie de cotto soeidt, dercnereiment 61u on par to lnuclbe oul les leulbres survivants du dit bureanu. bureae. ' u10, Les personnes a qli scra confido la ses- ti ditu liquidation feront un d6at oeplet des dett ess t ds crlditls Id la soci6te, et s, rout tenus de os rbglor ct de payer hlen et fid dlemnt toutcs les justcte ts dt o i dtl: association, Icsqutlles det us aeront payesua dea fonds de la dite socidld, so caomponsanit do dit I atuu, sos tain et Itndlices; st quand les dites dettcss aura. t 66 payues, is re partiront d'une itmnisire jun a t quitalble entre at les actionaires ott Icure reprdacrllan I6gaux, ant p prorata lie d urs actions respeclives, la balance des ci fonds appartenant I la dite association; et narin d'ifectuer la dlto liquidation, tes personnes qui ani seront cllargeis de la dite I qnidation nuront plhin en pouvoir do vend e le suIdit ba enu ia vapeur, see agres at et apparaux a I'encan, apreis e avoir b, donnd avis prd6alble pendant one semaine, do lIa b maniere usot6e, a tela cr6dits ct a telles conditions it qui hur o arai raint convenables, et auron aussi plein potuvoir dl siire cscomlpter sant recours touo s a not, , obligatios e t cldtlts quelcontques apparte. p nant a la socidid, suit qu'ils provionoent de lan vento du dit blatau do co. bd.tilice os autrtlltont, pourv t que o tlit escompLe le soil pas lait a tn a taux all-dostess . dix pli r cent per all, t s isnos e le vlndlrte ans r ctlls co a I'encal, slnpres le ..via d'ltstge i tusll Ih1ti ls, rdel tatt itll et credli s I appLartenantit a d ltlle suc 6tdd aux ternls qlu'i a jugeronl cotnveuele . I2. Cet acto de lsoc:e: catt xpresod6 iern basd our le sctdit acte de la liirlattlure td ct l.ital, approouv' Ie 13 Mars., 1s37, et Ies stoctitarcns ci dessus nom. m ss da cetlc soi.clt. Ilhmitde dealarent, par lea prdsentes, qu'il e lt do leur intention [on fisault a cottc soeiid]j de e prdvaloir Ie tolls Its privileges 1 ct itmunl ttdes voulus dana le t acite , c la ldgi-la. ilre, et particulicromenlt du privilege d'exemplion do toule respotslabiltt pour le deltesa t obligations de ln dite seri6t6d au.dela du mnlauttt de la valour (al pair) ues actitons poseddeCs par chalcun d'eux, cotntin iti eatprdovu danns ia lhiti.tse section dudit acte, et lous prsldeges accordds oil resp nusabi'it6es itmpou6es par le dit acte devront etre cousiddr6. Co lelll incorpor0s dans I. prdsentes. 13. I.a die sc,.tdi (lit par les presenIlll Ia villo de la Nouve Ie Orleans, poor son domicilu et d16. clare qe l capitaine ou comlnis diu dit I ateaux, lendallt lIqu'ds suront elnployns tels, ou l'un des deux, serint lee agents de In dito atsnciation, enl ce qlli c lerne la signature des COncai.osoles etl obligeront la dit soicit:6 pour lea nlarchandises retl'es a I,,rd du Ius.dit bateau. 14. Les actiolonaires de la dite socidl6 auront Ic droit de rotr r par procuration dens toutes les 61ec tionls poItr directecrs ct do so faire repr6.enter par procuration dan lout s ea r6unlions dilnent conl. voqules. FaiL ct passd eon I'dtude, a In Nouvelle Orldans les inces jlor, nloi et anl qu dussunen prtsence de Ilarthclelni Vails et Thtd.dre Flavius Pl'iene mann, t6moins domi, ilids en cette ville qui ont sign6 avec les partis et moi In notaire. Original aign6--John Slidell, Wmn. II. Avery, Henry McCall, John S. David, C. Adams, jr., J. S. Armant. Aar n IIartl, do la vile do Pittsburg, omtd des Allighany, 6tat do Peunsslvanle, est dens i, s prd setes t cprepresent par son fils Jesse Ilart de nla Nouvelle Orldanls, d'aprbs la procuration ci annex.ce AARON HIART pour JESSE HIART. Duncan F. IIennen syant quitsd In villav sant do signer, elt dans lee pr6eentes reprdaentd par RIen nen tile, par lettro c annexnc . DUNCAN F. IIENNEN, pour MINOR I VNN EN: Paul lihehrt ayant quittd la ville avant do signer, est repr6ientid dana lea pri6senes par Bernard Lau. duealer par lette ci annexeo. Bo I.BUDUMIER, pour l'AUL IIEIIEBRT, JOHN S. PRESTON, pour ISAAC J. PRES TON, son charg6 de faire. B. VAI,1S, 'IIlEOD. F. TIIIENEMANN, IIORIAI'ILi DAVIS. Not. Pub. Pour copic conforme. Nouvelle Orleans, .0 join 1839. Signs HORATIO DAVIS, 17a--ps--lm. No. Pub. I o' SIANtE oui New York, BIlls st New York at 4-1 39 and 61 days, Ior sale I v a?4 P LAIItI.AW, 66Camp asteet M F, DIUA L (:ARD). AND IMPORTANT T''O THlE A+'I"lIC:TED Wi'I'JI DIl A TRFATIS.,F+ii Vencralhs.. RolnrrlllPlerr Bill Stricture, icllllrllld p lra +rvaal onlenntwti on LrRnllllJlJ ,eaknrrn xrising frotult rnrl} oulper,. that all perpolln caln uhturnl inn it llur. Co rat wIh .ne, mlrr.F¥nr l asillily. •It in nra ll.lllcholy furl I ,lhlit thn,llalld, fuli V~lcl Ill++ to tihre, Ve-. aoreal Dlaeua owing to tlis h ,, t1ll+klllnlhl. oi illlttrillle olleo Wile hy tille; ue of dhal d(mally nll'lloll, lercury, yul the Celo .titutlll, ItI.I 'itll +P I ulcr.rnlhlll t ,w lth h eitle" l t e ,i.II. , ,face " aldbl yo d inn l hl nll Ihr"glbl +l, le o in lllha enlrr% leafllsoP,, .tia:ite lnets, l nod ,'+ , n Ills 1 l+ilIlbloPI I, til tiltlllClh lge *rnl d+blhty Hllxn dllcay O1* lia e.nllnnlllllinlll ullsll ,S. 111, nv ]nllcllolydelltl pall : e, e.rie( , tlhir~i, d, dl l lll uff rin@+. PERKY 'S P+Ulslp'\I{II.I .,Ill; Cl[InIC IIJ+.I A cre ailio,.afe, alnd thi+, o"-t "|l,,dy rellledy !tamr + l-Pcl oul fur hllle ]erlllllllll lld lld'rrll;ll culre ill geee Ir+al ilJ llnrn , p Orrll;l' flcleet, nlrlrclltlfl' , +Cllllt,,,i We+kllwr h , ]IillI' ill 111 tlne: ulBclnllJllr ,*fthc kl'llleyr , r st!, II n l ,,o 1he, : , I II , 111 lrri hr Iiel" tile i·.,lcIr oor nl"IrU. olld PI ,-· 1 " Of rIhr, llur nlalryv lla.. l ,,,frrelu tltlly Ilertorlllllr..i pro / l l urI f lel -it CheJI(b lt space~l o~f thrrn dates by oll,.,.-muIIll pll tilre~ h pe,+t, wi n pll'll++ Lry illla f.rtly. "' lie clrfniiry willh whirh they arc ontl"nU ally adl nrl lln l cul II, n ttr-tel& bly punyll ttlttllm:lllh<. The a1'ecfil. 1.11· ruto ut evelvry p:, tlt'Ie I" oII h i ll.lllU n )obseei purlr fVlrr g ii th~lr in irr,, l ,lr+.l th l llwhole .none of Ileid . "r 'y tl~ll oli Iy r,.mote the, ( hI r., , hut r ill r oll t lio tPby thl. r netI ill tile differ. - Pill flllr .lo t lon o thi e body .xp ,lii p I)1rh+ -IIrgrop " h taml rt, all s sill It n rrctll o riih a dll l l h pe--`l.lll ibl llr t o rll h ml brlkrr 1, wnbui·( t Ibr l~,,llg 1, · ·, . 111i~~1 rlun ar loc v~ry. Tkry rr" tie, ac ,llCl lA or lyhtr lllohl w l ll 'III- . 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