Newspaper of True American, October 10, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 10, 1839 Page 4
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.ir-w. nfi. t H 4 Cre's}' aoCa,;nn iso h t Jtlercharo , Ito . c., sti r trodA . Their s. 't'tuela en to r II jrcopred to t l]lo Noito aooeoooootnehnt' r Coe a ~' :F HAMPrIN &ij COOPfR i t AND t ,E IN 0 ViSIONS , ' . 79 and m Julila otreet, New Orlen tan . a t bmtuonily, ltgldi, t, Cnnnp l . t.r .t. 5 No.. ,53, Bieillo street, N W ILLUAMN R. l AR NE, wouo r. e ectfutlv in ote o urnitnre, sch to mo|loego y clotiro, I . etot d e ktot d o 1 i O ter e d( lrsi , tenpte anl r aeo te mat a o lo .oc .t o llhE itatot n li S l . 1tio lan , t8 tlt s streot S yew Orlens. ri wad l Foeaiftre' put, u de. chrr S ESTAOLISHMENT No. 53, azinrille Street, LIUAIAI R. CA UN ES, woulde rer pecloutllin ` from hm s direrddss ad tho l hte ic thlat he iscon WLt. IRfFuitre, sn as mP TOy cirs, piAI a : nale ant pai red chaire, ple a.n D atl'ed, l[boepeocoogano n cktllooe tnO lesOetrall :· arttel to n o oborearoor -ets, Ie cretnry, , n ritirn ]n4. Od$ice, Mcooer of agay Cat oter, wash - IIIr,.lon poing pitaar*,enuhers, rcdding ,&c. dec. SFu p d frn ith UAXLOR & ALDDEN, NO. 1, 1 EXH C ANG. IHOTEL, Co e taontu' o dress, Oteite latest i ylee, at New York, Clttonomtd dFer A nd e on to ein sRO | o orehe oterot JOB PRNLITHOGRAPHIO FEINTNG. E Noi . 5e , ND O0eagazine Street, il , ln, te ye l tAVT opTned a ofRfce n New OrP , oJTE in bir the lnrrrus e of engraving anJ plinliig Batik Notesn E,,EL S NA R . onBills of t. allge, C# a n 'l onf poms its. MsPORTEn s othr Demportant pipner, renem ringlsecurity kers f ll, keoepigofll plates and omprlP lnna enktruIst O to their o, e; their o ltoneL nseir e t efp E ItUlreS oe fnr Sfelvehunre byukhtl institutions, and ill o~rder will he execue d ll wihIlnlorliiotpl i W li, aw J lewelrya rut. Or tie, collier f (lyal C'anal stress, .T TE FICE C ALL TH NO.1. , ,o XCHANGE IIOTE(., OFrr EVery Dll a C RIoaan PTrinal I(twit Cu.lery, H Anir.t L Gl NDve ShIirt p, Stocks, UyXITrella Triee .IIefler'tyfla, irl. C LIO.OAS S'rItlEI-, NILR POYDR.AS. , Sone, ,pera n ( as Ware, they will . . e D6i f 2.-. mn OlliGriit F' I l.( 4-1 G I BArinDi and Cilns1 y lomlt ind 4N 4 Orolwn dlsringtu latdiog from lthip lii, (:lim tnli tltr Fl C:Iam ati &CO iS asten and Now mitOcl L berof1P3cke Ships,- T now rine ofsip hoe lien expressly b4il to rn 9;n the avst pa arles, od nII 37r-4bead of r llable draft of water: ariv lelltironl iloll for i li-sc litiwu, (rold iv)e ellwrt till m d o ," "ii iii Li lg t l t;t; "mitil 'I H n .uroinili. 41)11 l' S l' o,, _,. arlnet(I , 374l d. IT E lIdrleidget L aNamn, 21 (1,o J flo"wr. Tie oabvPc c'iiii - are T of w ow linet i liep of brant experience, havb largoe bctonthuedatibnns, iiv a seplratl e o lah e cal i; . nvery attentin will ' e aet rvnlllltu- i ccci: . *uiimiliillloy iil't ild to iptisoctwori, and til very of stotres pl vidod for tiiciti. lThe packlet will ,i towed .Ip l.landllon lthe li Atiiptl, and tlioe ttictt 1 pun uliuti yv~'ierved 1it the theo of sailing, and sonl d titi iilire tlav vecot.l. bi detainedtu in arriving. otl lr shilo ll c illy . s 2u ll wl ll il ull ciass be s utiuitd. A Of ILutr I. 50 ,is soilicited, un1I the iag i liCIptlA tlHlei illvi t Cauolmrttohl umch as prIicticable, Ito receive aitl forward goods by a id line at I[i i. u o dt r. stn oillrges, aitd to advance all jmIUpen-s no goods .jlnped, if required. 'I'h1 ship. wll l. ve the , It and IGth of every month. For lfrieght or peasnoe. riply to tllle ngte. J A MIE 'Rli.Ti, l l Counin Ni t N. R. Advavcrmeont tade oil to Messes. A. C. Louluard & Co. nov27 buTldne s, watrcillhase, t le1I riva n dcJw telnllu *,a ni ra30 ne at onci e chit e nmisd ailll dlr.lltlol., lndi are pirfloly tirhe and water t proi.n d 'firms mni I.s klhnown,iian a lodtl sieon at our estiabllishmentt , epptnitne Sit. ari's nim .ri e i,T T hltopit lls it . ,"I l E II CAllts H , l Co, bky Al) l.lS & t'1It I., J.olnnLoWtt , SN le ;ted srallt, ll'tlweiO Du lrn nandl S Pi pi keei.I constIinlyion hndlll aol lxt ive taltetorlt i ltlof ban and a rt gans, eod 01ner,o1 New York anut.ftlcitre, utr IoIe, wouen and c.Aldrel of il oago, iw lcil hine will dlospojse at very el~derntep rie i ,. Families of his ai quTantaotc on sendin. an order will hdlve their wshebs attelndd ,to it S SE l 1itIl Illi1E LEAD-' tibbll , 15ilbs eich; 41i kegc, 111 " 011 dii 25'" Engliiu do-25 1-4 Ibhlr. 401) " I 'e a ,nt tlruclhro, various sizes; Stldo Copal Valtish; 2 "' Japan 1 Coacht 20 ipacks Gold Leaf; 50 do Silver do; IH10 do Dutch Metal. WINBDOW GLASS' Auuerican, Erglidis nod Frerch 1000 boxs, varonos sixes and qualtiie... PIrton t lronu do.-.01 boxeus, colniguellllt, will be old law. lso, a greneral assortment of ar its'C . ouid s ttild cots, for sale by A WV SCA'I lii), No 46 Canal street. N B. Alabaman notes takes at p r, lnd Mlisisispi noles antJ received at 10 per cent discount for goods, er inpn i t tof dbta. joe lw 10 euaine Indian Bal.,nmof s ivenrw rut a IIo e I lund, is put op in bntttcs a0 the Itot price of 51) cents each, contaioludag tt otrongt'o of tlhreo ounces it1 Liveiwort, hetl-esaine virtueilut ollimy other rootto iiola herbs knowa samg tilhe Indians asellicucious in curing pulmtonary otplainat. Tha uridrolled success ticht lne anrecedl thie loe of atsia.t mbtatbls tntnam ocherasitr it Ilia tie", iutu. l -ver doplinlt, e . To whom it my concern Tlis in to eli vti tt w have in our protice frequeitesntly v.reied Sirs Gchd aers Ina edin lan u rnl of ave nl a lrtitrolndo, anl l a decidd good ffect: we can theaa liey, fin thea ikow ilda of the . teerials it is arnlo s fron, nod gcboeoitin randound , re ortan an it bt el s thelow prear or hens atlletione of thae lu.lng sre lieh it is ii Iietrtaus. At.irtue \ ts. D CALVIN E:.IIS I. I.. e le mbeis of the. ulotui au.tedicol Assiointion. IBosan, Octolbe p y5. -Jley iAIIIS & ANI LREWS, 1 oel Io 1oiOioe 001 e eat i lbly s I ttLtterwr.\4, IBrl1'N & ill. stay 3 No ll9 ('tlic. COAL 1tie soboesulut-et 'it oa ,'. en, .11u hatid a teres aiiplii if Coonrl .aul Liavinpal coal, is ti-ld. t e0turigoure qonlervol ii Io they iliin fur Alat. eatihi oterll it ite f irot nrrinls C._ nit F:i land sall' i N.vrltn, Cit a "I, i.-erbat" Irt'artiht NI utetuinit h·itI. tiotia r cul andscreeln, pf obp li-t- will ,llietiusOO on i tI ls oSt ricIo I-es traiii. (lI lcrs (vta Ii ieitl other, N ' 5:3 I~li.-totiubc ,'tsllee.uIll of lv )ultilol a'i, oil i-i ti. EW GOOi)S--Simmons Hartt & co arn now 're .g awving from on board ships Yazuo, and. aratognI s nkricg .n:conrdia, from New York, a geal varn etft - g(oiRrn their line, which together with their formet stock on ltnd, mtakes their assnrtL enL very .n plete. ike tollnowing p uoapos Ileart, vie ell tnnint, I.,ri, ic, tluck andt dressagIint e, ornlld dIno olall lterisetins, l n- NE lin n.bhllr, silk nld wsortrd elnstnicl s, Purtl; ,illllOl t l& lilu elastic snrdpendce r, Ieoo 'fiteo tn LIectili-r enlrlPtes, Seidlitz po'dee.n, loncdt, r ndlo, c1n coind lone l oe wi pocket Irenks eo d n allrts, ueedlr Ihoo,r e lvll, lelarl, Irory nlnd Iere acurd etnse.mne,dl dine planet e l- tho ral bnedse, ltekles unl itlic.rrel, eard aliner, Lreli netkloces, nrt glass eiod pline srrelilrer nnd gilt londs, hNdian s thbell.-co rsrl pial, Itel nd llge .eew erfllkaiehOl Ibeltlt, holCse, nIlt. poket nid dneilinl dtola; doableandsinolle barrelle lrnt., Bo n e knvlro . lned dirks. nrisoarr, slicrcnl, llpelollo, nioe::lcard cn!,lli lntd rilbons, waist boulenckh, se hirh , n IooothI niileollllll i n crumnse, plate, Itoor ud dilthie Ib' usais de ol,', iev I'oln'idln, elar;edrr, re'e oa lll ole'y e nte l -ee.e ll'ler lat.e coI' . I, o land ellll eal t is, ee dt.-,ii lhell lll llu itone, :i \Vnl'|' vu- 1is eriptinn osi, n P mnl 'lolutlemlloo ' dekn' io, dresne l el l cares, hai" l ie olei s,frir.mtCII , :lcd I le s, lean, ci ey G nr ,l l lu.sical work' boxe(s, plahn ;oi I ilt lilred, coa la nd e vAshl hllirita, penrl nlu i illr rollhilt k suldlS goll kx nlld s n'iver s t olresee toohsk athck t I Io . Paients, ilt al nild tilt IlItekl etn rln lll lelll'e e , r, assos es. e ie li tee'n ll lilil~ lel~ Ihlllo ksl uIId r'.l:·, hair IaI , uliiln )n t 'll nitblllk loo rep trlk,.ed rlard irn, vioins anl rotdrs, ra plob nn ilel t phain permenil capr , liela , win gt' ented et an nlllgI iro liensk , l clihoers i, n ebille'n ii til n, i l n eelo Itlel ' le ll gilc jc-ceen lle-e & , " Tile allove, togct lr n wit.e fri varlty otin other artlLi Il enl aenoered uot whlesacle or runll oil molnlnodaeillng N l Shell coinlb reepneirl HOYLE l MiAY, Iloo, seIgn, nlll Ornlomlonla oPaintes, No 3 Csarmnlele seet, two doors from Us astreet. N Imitaions of tile followiag lneoods illld nilrlestr, ecutad in a masterly moanert. .elenognny, Fpy5pti laeleook and gldI fOail, (salin nind Aseinoe Pollars do, Orienlr l or lord s liq llne, Cunrled in, Jasper, S urled Maple, BIlood Stonle, Bhrds En.v n, ln by Geeranite S line Wnood, I PetaLolnen, IHair Wneli, j lie oe Ilordello, S Yew ''ree, lealian Wlie, Corolleannle or tIlhk Sitllllla silld !Ioetells, IRose WiVonld, Aoler'i tll Grey, Ash Whilllte Oak, t.c. t : te. Cmoled Elm, . Specimenls to be seen at the shlnop. Paints, oeils, In glass, eopal vnrmishi, k. oik hand d for sdrale. ml i IItON,STEEI,& IIHEAVY (tiOIl)--ltio, sqnln fr end bendle iron, well assorted. hloop, reteill anid rod iron, il rodlsad lhugh ounnlsds Cast, Germns, skelolr, blistel'd, sprinlg, shet nlelld Crowley steel r, Ilollnw ware, rnllandl wroulhl nlilsn lllnd slkes ti Zinc, black tie, mill nlenid gal.lld sileetis salt kettles LI a, Chlain noblen , ale , inos h On, log i 'ltrneee clains, oorne mills Y Anvilsvies, tlnnmers allol oellows I Witre, sheet, lpi snIl bar Iled all ot Cfeahl, aredl eokng stovres Ames, IHowlanld' nland other spades sndI slhovels of Sl ook andi llote hinge, door :n iled window hooks (:ollu Ihi hrsp, Itnn, l oleher fe ese I'ar' vndel lnille anih crdag, lines eind twhie e I-ol and sheie iirglln copleLie'; Naeid stolres P L'aiees,lihedni eeenSIlel oinl nilb A flll ssoe nent t hnreilewre anid lship ehldlenry, 01 always onn bhel ,nd wihich tre olfred fir eedn at whlenl sie or retail, on thi e not on i lein tirnme, by 4in LAYTON oh Co. 53 Old rLeers. S ttOIIc i'I' CI'a n NON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER r No. I2 (:tamp strreet. Wholesale enaler in Peints, Oil, Varniohen, Brushlers ne:l0 \Vindeow and Pietutre e(;l)ns &n. r.e rivulle t LrUid - SUusl-eicearo ,llcoiie., Inlennlllltven ie _ tore ad f r sal b y t IIALLi ,' IIlrIW NE, Ii ntearn ' 1) li lng nilele it t FASHIONABLE CIO'T'H[NI. ROBLXSO.V # GOODUl'I. ur ENo. S,L Challrils lr nte,l n- IlOliee' aI er leeleow bienville, ýAVIo constltlly on hIad every arliele ae i lrtin II rng tnr tseiyee ll e. L'e nId ;Irade in tilne e ilIlltns o a lll Ilin lot lieneolnubla stl)!e, at hich thiey outlr If,t caln, t rnlled uc lepi'es. nen l-- 1133 I I)EAIF.NI.:cs . A NEW nrticle fLorpnr o o lldohled lh dafnes I s k (strlledl thle Ienr i'rllll e le, les just Ilieen rce ivcd lI.. the olsi cll|' o hhih, |}i v -d l t arll'z ia lllilltilli ll o iitae hi - Eolna voice is disunict iv cointl,;,!.:e to lnthe ar E..lg . tileo " Whle hitsl ever teeA Obtrilgr'I ' III VersPTF %1 ith :o ver"y ilea ceee , eneene n leye e o i n-Ie of Elioe dilicilv uil ria bnrr,.srlnl't xperirlm el bot h oiv helusei. es mond the ill dividilnl s io llllrl ulltldl 'v Illkl tell. y theII I lissl off r , I Elr 'r Ilce eee t e hi objeetnlu is eutrelv hlt aterl . " lie : mosnt sceptiell heave ele nvs a, ane' ld'e llllleeir e ouiht. i e haviug tused flir T1rumpct. For sale nt SLOllI' TIJ e .ll i ,tnle e'. one . rlleeer lr(e:pnyltceinn enel Set Cl ealeel e -rt'tns oll e enOl "I IIt eee'. ile I ni lr sllll ht Il ll n tai nn aI d n nstatlll l, i eIlIlilln Hi e'vlltive e' o Itf t he Ih, tasill indliced thr, .lllJ,.cribol ' n. jolf j i ' Po dllJ. llricll ll pblic. A Prln,$:ntes IIlv I o beee lieelll tc eo eeeeplv jIg'o l ill el e'lle )rihncia l l c iile l - anld tow os ill t i ; I = II - I, S. as ioto phn' it ithi se Iri. , llihJ ir, I ,,l11'-c to lli,,tions _iv u m l t iiliil lt 'lil-,*, itf ils.:o arr,.-t, t r i, , r:, r lr d1 d;-'ll j l v YtIlil d ni l sllrs- r, iil , 1 ',"'l il n ii : , IIn iiot 111- i.l'. l (,i ol On .r 1.ictne v ,llecce Iee l r ' e o-,l ,n' II, - in' . o, en r, en I, ,, rIl r I! ' a llr lhl coo',I) t'lle.e ' tle eli eell- ic le t - .v-ller d qnil:t·llt . It is ,l e illlltl Ihmice .I yn e lell , ee ieec t. x' c l is l I hcc et c-sc' le \c " ,"cc l I lic r l '' ec c 'r cI c] cs Elc cccl e e d i·ccc r ' v fc h c ce I I.ce. Ic lll. odb ki.lN\1' &..IN \1'S _ l' ,lr il I F -c" , ,, 11 e l othc 'e'e,"I l,++ ' ll -I=l ee S tllI nI \ll l.I -Ie I il I Ice fcr .c l iril;c - ib I lll l 1. ecel 1 \1e 1. \Icie llloea , , II .Ire lil' 'e in, s ill Il l ri n , , N ,v 'Ileeecn JAltVIS & ANIiit1'\WS, lVII II. 1.. , .I NI I' \ I I:T Ir.1. .irexl, I.iS IN MEDICINIYs, PAINTS OILS I) TS'd " 1'tI'l'. ) . i.'f Il. ,V) L I% (;l,.'SS, tIrelerc l t((cn n:t' I ll' il. ll ctO lan tllCe ts, NrI. 'II.N J.1RVIS. .ItlIN \XV..INIlI.EXS. A large Ulppc o -llarol S.. .', a ne'Uctc d the I r(w [l N D VREW : MITlli & Col., rceyeciu, .l ly - their friends and the chuble in Cetr.I, thati they occuly the nerw !lrick shop, 219 TeIouplto.l,ts street, where they keep constanlly oil hand (yipper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every descriltion, such as copper stills, kettles, and pumps, tin bath. ing to s, and nil, of all sorts and sizes, and all othler brass osting done at sIhorte.t notice. Grate blar of every tI eripliul, d Ichs as steam. boIat tirrups, hog cha;lills, screw holt, anl I otheor kind oflsteambat workl,such as chimerys, breech. ovr, rltane pipes. 'eriiy will also do all kind, or out door work, s rch ae zinc, eopper and tin rooting and guttering, &e. They ahbou and all other kinds of work in their line of business, they will execute at I the shorterst noine. dec27 Nh.\eW l clllil'lIcT i t'c'-;t., o11 -8 - - i I'e as (icc A tslr'ai, ilhts. Sellr,- well known waltelril Il'e is n IIow oe foen r the i;lslll, ll ln d o r the erllllat l Iea t, lillatndlel e i H r. Jollts l I . .lil|Ola ulll . I' l , ll l i - iiiitqt ihn, beenIi lery onushridlelrllllunpro vebll %" ilhlli tlou: builhinlls olhine r lm, cf romeeailliar, . noelc ichn pin l llesnd, m t s, noi d eln, lic I( Fe.... In.a t I XCre hi , l, s.bcrcc inm de to render tlhe i ,lone on t.llnlrelllll o i:1111 iiii al'lIe2 ll re.ara t. TIheIre nrrr Ift' tie Itlll o r t· uin ies foc ill llld ll, vep-itllt oll t Ilotlue ulrrlitugrd f1l" for-i. lgl lllre lUC . I erll+' , alil, a dlitl illi ho t Itl, ll', i ll 'd, a ditll i lll e .tll lt I A Letter Ilag is kept tllhe Iacr If the Exchlla I! telN. O.wh will releive e. Wil)' Ihl'l 1i tcIN ON.NIici ;.Ii &. \ci.VI'I'iIe.rIIAN, junle I1 Iscxctltn Illel. N V- - i'L\ IA h'N5 1'ltc.ll P.AllS.-. r1. i1cc. silcvrieeis h ive jtci rein.t per Icerhip ('urhii 17hi |1n llo re landtl rhll lr ,l ,b It blletll itil l i.+nrt-t mente of 'inllllo teos consisrtin inl;--Pinilor., liholme of lcelleloold, Clrnerus land rich mcucltrogncev wc1t1c1d. Illrizntal Pllanos of the tieln, t ruseiold ailnd nmhlll i. ePr.i u Priaol Pinlnofoieor dla lo. Iij'lI=e-e -ircrrcccr.r teoc'nt i reearilccrclleel hv tile crleirctcrd d iccchrc I' T ll.IE 'El &. X....f 'rii.,nll on., oie., rc Deaocre, ore, efn e uc.rric. elnieh wl sl lecrl.l PXl res-l fir i Is by hlcc I' lhvnel &l Kcc.,,nrnner, ll.h r.e eaulrve nothing to des llire in regard io the be .uy of vltlir rolll. lThe minaors al prnolfaeore of rusi e re relsprer. ,flly ihvield to call snd examine the semi olapi;iht pilanos w)hich are ertirely a new cnril.ric r F JOIINS & Vo, "r. Cltarles el. Jt oplposie te the VerandaLih I& CIxciuCager hotIel )i EFIIcEIIA'I'Olts & WA't'I"It JARlS-t6 Ine L hogany rleri eraor , r pinted dl,, ii 14 gallon water in t ."t iiglioe. n ,h illn;,o,. ii6r stlp b, . i+3 1 & J P_ NV'l" 7+ Cailip st ILOT iltnl' lit--i bhl. ,cl fol st atc Illuulph. For sale bhy A. 'l li, mlay 211 :It Gavier t W lld II UBee, fir sale by 1"liyOISKy, jue 27 41 \,. re S IIEilf i tlier tclir -i. "l e .. .. . . NA OVEI, in vnol. llv Hlrrierl .lrticen Ia Ilcg ihe tear'u rttelr, r rila I Ift o N~ c Ih Arlll tile I iiriaul, frst series; nldeianh ,'rclc acrclecrr b.-erch Al o, a inew rF !,lIp, o1"f tFle ll,' 'r'ralvc lll II r .'t t A obira Pale, &t. Ftollrenoh tle \\;andller'r Elviall,.y alic r iiciice iIc'c loilee-rn ; .11c, Ic tr la .\LLX. -1 r lu % I., ,uc '7 11 cani , N X.orL k & laltimoro rackets I ri_ 4t a NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OF .l'l:Pa PACKES. F :a'I This line will consist of the 'tiltowinllg vessels, ' which rlvr been built or pureased ex' cprotssly lir et the tra , vizc, Shi .r..ant.., Cao t Mitr e.. so Bark lMary, Nickerson, tot S raid erry, nw , Stevells, t lic " Solrrmrrr ailtUoB " Latham, ra str Brig Arcltleut, 'r Gray. TIr.e .. vesroel are ofrl first cl .a, lav haIond e rorln lrrishedrl :.ccolnrnorlrltioltrs, nod are of a light l p drafi ,' "water, so as o admit ofIhCir receiving and orl, disc'trginrg their ouArgoes in Baltimore, at Ihre ciy. e (e~l Freight -ill be taken for ror. 00 tIre. ( Che.rapirakr e ,I1 or Jotes' Riv r, arl flrwardnd by tin'i ugrents, Ito l.e..r.. C-.LARIlKi'i & Ii ELLt 1G, ot .. lal inntor cxteirAreo rorot lrds shired wrill be advanler d w.llenr .ereqliirril. llrr prire oi f lrssige e fixed ar t r illt c Inlhplrtitores oiof tLht b t qloallty wrill be providedlrl te b t ulp anti:d deow tile .Miioesiplri will bIU tlkli r /o all lCcSioin s. Fori freig lli oir pnasage, apply to G.FO. tI I"Ol D niov27 2q. Ilie~nvil ' sf, t 07h F1')R NEWI\ YORlK. [(Loiisinna' anld New York Line of Packets] ti ''TII' Ships composieg this line will sail f'rot m New Orleans and New York on every other Mon day-comnmoencing on the 2l0th Novcmlber--and to insure tile punctuality is tie time ofsailing, the lin will hierealfter consist offive ships, viz: Sil' Ysoo, C(japtai Trask, to leave on thire 20th Noveomrber. Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th December. Shrip llluntsvillce, Captai Eldridger to leave on the fltir December. Ship Vichsbrrg, Capirin Woodhouse, to leave on tlie 1st Jorrronry. Siril' Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th If Jarlrlry.rrry The above are all new, of the first class, copper de and copper flrrtonedl, and upwards of 500 tons bIorthen, are of ligirt draought of water, being built in New York exprecssly tir the trade. 'The price . of passaRge is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitterd up ill ihlr Itost irrproved and convenient plasn, anld finished in a neat and elognt style- Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, br and every regard paid to the comfort and eotire stisfactiuctll of lasscngors, wiho will please takre o. tice that no berth can be secured until paid for at thie oiFco of the consignees. Those vessels arecommanded by captains well cexperirlced in tIe trade, whoiQ will give every at tertior and exert thcmselves to acommodate. Thev will at all trnrrvs be towred up and down thire Missis p iiprli by stearroarts, 0td tie strictest punctuality oburrv'er i a tile tiirle o" feiilinrg. The owners of thcseo slhips will not be responsi. bli frrr rnvc letltr, parcelor p ckage, scot Iby or prt onA board of tal'r, urrles a reguhir bill of lading be sig:edi tIherelor, at thle counting house of the agent or owulers. For furtlher particulars apply to 3J DIEIN & A COIIEN, no.27 .90 Coemonst t N El rIRL I'ANS & CilAliI.ESI'fON PACKETS lr - 'Ihis lille corists of loutr veCoclrall oe ll.Ie ti r clp ered and corrtyrr last. riellle, aid of rblollt 2O o tels burlhcn, wi. ridse cinmodirliocs for p:assengers. . 'hese v sselr nrr crllAlalndrld bIy cilplioinlcs wel I rx rienced In th r, rie, I lwh wll rice ever)y at I Lii on, s tid irrtr r I Ah:'n l tes to scertntcomll rdrlr r the t'rshiplrer<. T'hey will i' l lwer l up anlid dAwn Ithe li.rsisri;pi, Sld IlrAe New ()rlerans r or before tile Itith and lj15b f every mii-iith. TheJ following r ves rels crllrnlrlle the l rnt" 'ii r A : r rig :el rabiaCrrltrl es A . rlon, master. 1Icr' C rIa IJr i. l iInpr uin, sluter. I irKg .1 1m an j. Dr , aisi' eirtr,r [ItArl..lRg r \\Vili/,iri o .l. Allihers, masl er. Fr etrrri rrrpor vosaraeppl i Jt A. UAREliTHl 0CI, C, on c Ni rS OIleUanse or .I. ,rnlr raCohhiI t'h . r eo I CIII.Cl. 'l"rili hidIuirTrleFo il'llt rlolc v 5i i i.i thi t~' l~lbrrrrrr ot v .rro 't.'irr : C pr Irl l rr lll'l'l rrr~rFll rl l ThI1PUilNI TONl,('IIrI FXla.lryirgr' hrvand che tihn lol~ fo theFvrp n ge Il llll h 1r h IbI , Ir pilirr rrrl lhrri--'A I r ri r llr'rr; hrly , ' hrIi [i; tIr rce A iir arir 'r rll\V .. 111 ilV , ,lil " T . J. 13 1 & C I t 11 1 IOr ON$ I O I t( X'1'IIiE~i- A olpeerly n' ndl ccrfnin t e to t t Ilo Fover olicd Ague, rrolitrtrlr nAtl irrIerrlliIelt t foverc; prolartit lirolrr Ihtile Oertrlli rl l T Irr. U.ll'd wtlr c Iitrie t r rt l Itlr. 181h:2, ty r oile r c t to tA iigrt rclr't:'itibht i'lrr tl: city, ras salet in r e llrA i llr:oI: Sort li; r ee "c This n tindictino is hlidlhly reclnltchlltll.d, atnl has 1 i t,. cnt h ir'r* l, rl inn ti trr thelr disel s esr ith o el 'i.ll4 d d t ait fci ore iric of h , ri rrllieI or trit itt th 8 to 116 ! ci Tim rotlrt'rrirri' i ;li ii l itr t'h lt i lnri l II itlr t i ll inc t ! 'iitic L : i, ,i itiri'rlllirn'i~rcl t;. ;¾ oi'rIiu,,ood , c ; .i? j:lr'+ I.'ll !. itiit~~ the'1 Il t',lll'J 111·It, ) , l/ i lt + :l~lili'\'. It , t l it III t rll ', . i tl h rl llll ilr ,! I,,C ilc c ' ;,, ttl'Thldill ijr h)I I , i '.ii [I·TS i )I s I bI i i.'+CI +r : 1 I·I i. , ln it 'lir .e IIrc i cy. t · u re i ot he il fever & agt ,. I lrtrrlitr mrr, i~l; t r:r'lirrrir', ilt, Oty liii,+: r~~r iOIVR sole riot for Ntr w Irla, curlr' l li ll t r vll e t i ln' d C' llcartr t s itre eit r c . nit.lll+ 11 I l runtii~li lione lit' hit' f ii]lilP FrD tiictiAvtncrret'atp hrlcercg'' i 1 Inl tli. l h . 'lltiP tn l ier t a t ri hn ii- 'rrrvey Iter hc''I I" I[l:lli~ Aoli'e allt' 'Itrilo PlWN aoL . TIANsIO) HSOU_.E E\ 1 I 'ITY', PENS \l'ttA. fill' s l niT bscarIrl.'r]; avhj. i l l l ill I .lb st o ld fltr i oII o f I r till" Iswelll k Iu nII t at li- l e nt, l hIlf l . I lII1 tl 1I IIto t III to11r , I ill bie re dy to ref ta v'o lI. tt'j lo I II. , It e I .t ,. A" . p .ril next, SNu enr l , n.I d lot :;ly" ill illlollnnt wi.ill ie f nllllll in thil h arrarl'e tlll oll f "ih 3l1a ion nItIHse. New ali ni t IlI ' { l l im : lathinlt hotsles will be buill, allll ar1 bi ' ths wiill le prlovided tIt ill hRo rrs. A rt bhb+ w ill Le athtclwd toC ltv ht~ll' , wtho Wi elll coh;lhn til ns tr horses null ca lrriate,, l 'i:S I rate nhor des al carrniage will also he ~ept fin- hire at noderatc prie-, trial sti)lls w lion ', with poisonleP s to llnlaielltIt the l (or thu itslll o v, et". lh ' t. i nr I . anldl iith lnlllllu l lll/tlnm Ut 1:allyh i, ul d al t ll u erit places, will al lo lr itrib he il nIdli +o tm lhiter l :is a tll ot I in trl're with tlls d illll ,l owIll q lltlll of the hurders . lThe winela Ill l lio l will h o1 the llhest q illidl, anld n onsure a tll su ply ol i at) it I. so has already beu ordered, calltf, witswlrs {lit ll . h t nl .\ av. ,th' wrde{hriek 1k, tnrI, v.ho fo~rme.rly kelm ,n popular nt hotetl. lt orthtl'tl tcity, will con ItrI.t thisll + hu l fo~r the proprietor, who, with s lun, ltidtonfidently , ors tike viSIIrI of last year, a llllll i friends golnernlly, that theily will receive usery p ossi" atttention; land thcrehy ex pers t Pi _ inF,-u,,+a crul +.:tti lac lon. The Ioc, allvnt oa tl s Ihoum are taoo weIl known l t I) Lned a leggt. ced de cripti'n litre. Trie blefts l.llt ['enattulb is lhie largelst naval station of the ove.rulnlent; thfe enernl renldezvous olf the (l's tqud run; the salulariy of its clmate rerlreshed COuslnut vtu lt(n, the ,minir mouths by ile coolest I reesaes 1 1 lbP. Itif.; the eutylly of -tll ay ha'v ani t tlhe neilhbolrin , ihlad bmeets; the aLulndnce aunl delicncyif thlt 5i=h with whIlch he cntors .ond; ol its proximity to othe Lest Seouthel n IIrkets, :iv. Pensacola the prt tlo'ren metr all other pintes in the-e latitudes, as a health amd deli hthil smlumSerretr+n+t. V"tt rate lbots will rtit h'etwxee t Persnnenla allnd 31 bile, and ill wt all times he ile.l to take the p eags-nrll, fromt th Net OrleanlSboats. Fl . l, t3 N 11 .1rNOit). Pens.ned.s, Febl 1 :th, 18;I8. [l Geuti'llle wis hiLng to engge rosnrl for their -,nllllili ,l':lll .ddLle+l the Ito riO t t 'lusrc ar t llh -r M\Ir Sevl"Il "T' Taylor, the f trmer .rlrmtetur, at ric.v Or. leans, Rference-. TI' Sadbfi rdl, E'sq, Mr C t;Illum, 113McAlpin, FFaI., 1,t. Kihly, in Mob.le; : T 'T'aylor, P ' Rea, E,,q, in N. Orhllu ". . I S1-A lettel hbg, to receive colmlllnicantinsll forl persons it lhie Love hotel, is placod tl (inn \Vhittnan's oftlice, 1 St Chnrle. 1Exnlhnge. FLORI A liOUI .'tOR NEW YORK. i)_ Travellers desirous of aki.g the Florida soute, vi, Pensacola,to thle North,ae uinformed that first rnt Iurts will onlstantly rull iron. Mobile t., Pensacoll. leavinl 110bil, mtri l lentac tla every other day alter lhe lIt of tita. (.ood ttem, will alwaty, he providhd e, the'bert hebt ill lremhll' Inc.,t ta~ke+ iluS~ellgery fled Mobile, in case of the faluhrte oN th boats N II AtI.:t. .)l . The ste. Champion I.aves 31uloile for eien-I coIn twice a weak lh"b v J RAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WVATER i '. rases .rarero this sit periotr Cologne water, just received and for gale by the dozen or sinite butll.. Also Aierican aill French toilet powders, powder riutfs a nl ixe=, ,hlvilnn"1t ilet sonl ,coslnercwaih balls, tilk of roses, eosmelie cotld 'rem, extr tie, o alulk kep hep a, Ward's vegetable hair oil, po|latumnl, 1.1.111 idt lacrs+', F.lhrida, hlveudahr, role. itn boy walters, lPesrtha'e ,ait,, .\lnrvill.. perl'uner~v ill tr u l k s. ve,;etn ble y Illiquid ran+tc, Chlorine nti Orris tooth wash, chlh, yhair, toolh,usfil and flesht; together with. un ndditionnl supp ly of fa-hit).tdl. horn: and shl rood~. and jewelYr,for sa rin at wholesale 1 r r, tail Ivly 6 I I 7t1N), i+\lul'rr' Are I, j jU!y t; 7" 1) 'hllrtres.. ret.I. • itil , tll hH + I I,+iI .... , ip ('hnrlr1,tlnl firr .ai+.l Iy .,l llo 1al JU I II )(;11111.",31. Icu lt(,-,. I + 4.l ,.Ij, \+). loynl Ceoli'-eo of Phyvieans, LOIdon.l l Illl orFignal Veg etie lsgcH a I t livero l M edi c oln e, preolared by \ V M isbii, Esq. M emoer of e110 t oll ogth of Suo rcons, licentate of Apothe r li. n 's~o v I'.v lo'llto ow Ito lnlo o.tul Society, Sirgeoon I, tCl the lto.ot "Uown lecuiooo Asootiattooo L ot.ouslnCo l'lace, Waoerlho lhidgotg, bit Perpttoal Ploil of Guy' utld St. tlhooos'o ltos itals, l.ondoI. Thois vaohllole medicine, the reslll of twenty years' 0ex 00er 00ne onii uinorallclod soccess in the extersive c toel t h ih stoeelble tolloeotieli of the proporitly, palro to thle Iloice o tf lloe Ancienl, llollito, at the eanioest so tlicitaoioe fa umder ofgenrtlemen of loo adl igh standing oi the ueotossioo. It is hoped, as a prclioi-t linry slep, to check l!lu evils anld l'tat couseqnllcnes arising i ,ons tiolt Its- o f tile lnero(111s blo deleO erI u o ll0b 1osh'1us oslted rth.trI to plubllicO l toIoe aidt Ol fabricated Illlroof of nlilolull]OolS':1s, l lllboltllr fraids, h) a set of u lrlcenlllal' l, unlrinlcpledt pllederll s, so tota10ly igllOl'0ll ol mldil scienllce, tlo t it impossible the monstroos delusion can rely hongte go down withl the intelligent peo[ plu ol' hlis co~n try :. ' h'lh ,e Fills, Inih and agrI e eale intleir • atu ', shoul.d be kep .to cry 'v:faihl in uses o lswhidll illness, lfor, by tbeiPr plrOllll ,t hui~linistrtion, chohastl, conig,l, spanus, th o'-*. mud otheT ala,'".ing oI P ai0silltS wich to1 nllin prove thtl, lnay !,e soo eli 0 1:Ic0 tlIlr levtclllltd. I. te., It ll tl su w lo vIllue O llodll litll, sh.ould newr hie wilhout themu. Tlhcy are soh' iill plr:.cku's fit 5It erllte,~ sIalll ,.' clell. hv ever)- I'esilue t h!* 110'l ootI,.it l , t.o' lnllk ii ve,,,b f ;01 1 h:i0. i , tht U-itootalhe o I lf e onodas, wih coill osodrectioos, eih. eotnaonias of ol'sionli ability 1t111 Aberl~lclhv., :iallnt.t Illluudt~lr M.· I$., .V., M.· 1)., .o. Astoll "i(v . iramlllllton I . II, oAd uIIlerous oIthers. ITh worigillis t ao1 1 steo 0 ,1 possessionol o tlle (en0e1n1 Ageot, by whonm to, olloudihne is imported 11to this e.outry, sol 1to w1hom al ll alplliOlatio ll Ioirlgenios l11us be nlade. JNO. IIOLIIEIN, 1-. Waoerly Place, N. York, a Sole Generol Agent for the United States, c. For sale by applointmeot of lthe originsl proprietor. bIy SwAIN & IlhsTxan, Ileuggilts, No It Canal street, b -eroe. Agent slfr Statthcee of Louisilan. jul v8 EMIIRY IR LEE & co, No dMogazIoe atreetare now receiving from ships Nashville, Looisvile etollcky, Eagle, sod other tate arrivols (rom the ort.oreo cities., a Inlrge and new selcotel assortmoent Itsd, Boots, shoes and Brogans, a onsisling oflgent'lemeno's foine calf soand Morocco boots do 'ld qualityv; do buld, ado sloat wax peggedl boots o ariousc qualcties; men's fio calf seal and Morocer he,u inpum'ps auol brogans, buckskoin shoes, brogns ant s lolleo s5 mel's fine calf and kipped pegged shloesandc I roelgala tio boots; do slcot kip a00 wa0 leggeid shoes eoItbrolgst geotlomen'o hcato(ottjolity Ooli'seweoi shoes, It ogans oao Jock lJ)ownings; lo elf and lMoroeco 0 iokle sboies and broganst do cnl, selt asd Morocco, hI tio shoes and sltipl.s, do ealf, bulff n(l seat wngs, it lew article; to lle ocalt, se.l andll moroeco qlluarte - lots; ,oys', misses'nd cllildreln's pegged old sewed bLogans, and stloesof every qoality aod kiml. Also a general assortlocll et o Ie's stlolll wax nd r.Ovlt OleorColts 0lnd shoe,, logetller with 10,0k) pteirs t gro hest qoality, roossct brogioos, oriled in tll Ilmks, atde expressly for pilntation usei a geod ;s. Setmenlt of men's fil sol alOlt kilo russell broglos, a II w article, sod a 0oge quaotity of a ail inloerior quality) rI sset ald wiIax brlogos. ' Ladies' fine cll;, seal, molrocco sod grnili wielts, aild poomi sole shoes; 1do fine French Morocco and kild runI y ooolltltsliploers; do roglo shloes, witol and withouot tleel0 I olt; seal nlld lsout oleather bootees; do rooetlla sloeos i. lIall kinos ioid quaolities; doltstiog orogoos; ido gliter S o'an Iboxedl bootees. Mlisses' tlastingspring shtoosano bOtganos C(hilhren's coloroed Mloroco ood lastiog bro h. osand boots, ke. Gentlelmel'sfiol'ushoiooabl.e bllisclksilk hats; do blaek oan Idrab heaer dol of a suplerior qitdity; do imitatioi I1t ramdo; broad ano nanroaw brioonoeon's line dnlb aolo hth CSk Russila short npped l ats, a new artite. Yollhs" h laue size hots of dliffereot quitlites; do childre.o's. ,lln'sol boy's blackl in dob wool hats of various slupes, with general assortmenelt of boys' anold men's ostL raps. 'I hls assortmenot will be replenished by tie arrival of etchid elcketslrom the aoovaoe i0uled clcs, all of which willbe sol oil neeommollating terms. 0ug I-tf NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA eow Orlenllo, Noo. tI, 1R:37. A BOUT six olonlbs ago 1 had the mistortune to et r· a screlt dlseas- , tilr llicl 1 Ill have a1lllied to lere roll!lldioctr oL L CIoCtl ell Oiltot olc reo ftowi on tile above dlate 1 Il ll .oil elltnder t itcare of l)oettorl lluet,anld IeCxlpct himi to eure ilia, Sillee that titte the disease got worse, so as to break out iln large nieers to lloe ntllllber of ix or eioght ol e10 1 leg, n01ill all over· loy fibH, anll Ore throat, aud lo t able oo wolrk at ler i o beIetally O i IledolloiIo f 1oto dioeto o are o llocbE oI. the rillt side0 00f l1 throt. I lt l.w 1 tlir:g olyselooo eoloofioolltly iolldertleo cure of )tr. tluti,if 11ri1, to be perltetly cured Jtttth D)EAN. i feo 1,1 ly IDO CERTIFY iait ile iwhne m l cltonl ,lis ns. is t g nite well cured to my own sIt:tihe'ltioln, fo whih i I lllluk l)r. Mllt;nll alnd lll(1i1er I :sI r. that ti, ell i ("illur 1 htver twilll nodill"l'-: IIII, ni l nntl tlhl did t in t i£l e tllr m nrallllh nt all; ]hot'el'orre n v I llyi'l, n v fHlhow stlli rs tt I t's no time xrand ap I' Ito Dr A. Illnet, I. C.mnl I -Irt t,s illa-meel )lost illt' iI(' Ii( Ioidlt li lll rl''t. l)r. hllu lt s -i ol m. r n;t llf ll9 o'cIllk , A I1, u il I P . I'tay . il lind a t il'ne lh:t, I tOh' ; n (llll nlt t.I If any one, waunts to Ite ntiw,cul it c NI. itSl(lr0 i .Ii's III' .N. NJlw Orhitlnns. Febl 1, 18i1n3. 1fit I I Il JUI)'PUBIl.sI'uoiE.' I sTERE'OT ''. PL.'Ii'S," RO'.I.ETT I'l' Till.El:S OF INEST:~ll 1\o w hich is new adldted an A .ter. - Time Cu hutln. 1 tor., or la.,y 1llhodr l.s ll' the 4v time sto(rage, notesl of hawd or l ills of +ll Iglls when ar hseld at different dates, an dilelr 't credits, anI liflll tn t; hesL ' I fl" tOl io.nlni nang "i me T'1:i i e', the' hcsl l rant I Cal i{III ll 'l l. of that fi gurels a:t pr mutte ,. ithill ti s lt: _ lllll c I..o+n ands izet'of la tpe. Atn : t. ne srtisementl in th,. h.IIk is i t h. fllliuw inguaridsn 'te hli, d iiltsk lli,· I w I k hc,, ,.c, i,.d 'lI h Ir d r ,fl 'l. Iib:tI , ,ilt ll , iln; t. E ,l -" il II wL p nI ' *, i t air imt ' (;'li ,IS ,i, ,, t '. h , . , I h , v¢ II: ,4 ".o".h1, t o m oa;t a hipiltIo . ,i" + , o tl' h, r tu itI. , ý c o l '.rii+ : I'+ : , rJ.l i'ilI lt'i la t" ' i imB .. ',.t I, ,s u l" s-. midm sn cinn''wi bgwo soesstiksl, slmtm i' the Enthmu ,l' i'hi :i.i ln i 't 'l t i h . i'm" i m.t is . vi t n ' i i.r lh, i iti, h I ln.l ',SiS i il- , pl l il 'l, ili th l -t l I i s 't it-e yu' l l- S, 1. 1 t '1 .lko ll.tIl i, '. , 1.. e S as 1i nt i's the ,sik . ' t.i , i,,,, II l ,, i r , : ,li I I ,. ,Ir ntoili o n il'im : ir.ts, ','l l ti wet ko hi, a ' I' l nti lly hi li. lilh e i : :lli oit t'o ill: ll it ira h,'l isl" prstc reatypof l It lldelrnll. 7 il a1 16 I, lhe po'.siti -e accurallc y I l ' dcIl ti tll ,ok i t' h 1 Ilk; " l. l Iltl. , s I mi cnfih n meili sl'im rl. . ,iit int. t . e . m'rmef i, t n, niI Isincet he bnns ntm ' .III., I ha 11 he sLI me Ittts g' n'; tis. - ',isin m Irnfi ll , d . ( 1 t "' ln"'m "1nn i. o t"' ihi . 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I is Is cl il i ls tw (In 'e oilr'e d iu lIllte y all the ai k Hml l k I a liy i i, li", in iIie i ll pati etiltl ilrs ta lle pil)ti c lnrll . i lkavimll h at toile mlle longe risibitnd is'iliSf ti'rY ir'il, to itsn il e rsoim o sf i nr It is li:t iol is si n lt is n ot 1 il y0 l e, f linll ' mlk i to0eg It t a rding e thet Buc k is ue dll ,se ll lr i llgue w es e enrl in hmrt, by ..e ualnes i' thi e s' h rihtt, an d i lew o f the ubseli uenllts Itur lits ls, ilnn e list :it the msllt of it t enok, I n calioin esii'sl in te wilsy rhl, otcitielr s m il lt cerLlllo n 'nstiouly n i'stt r hnis owfn i rectis n of proof sii eets, it nould, tlnmsit a n cnteiorisny linfly enit usif fjis ie tI O: l l se Unit ed St;li. It reie, 111oder at il kgni ii l s' iti Il s rI'ee r iiheck, iwrt has pn oftcu ereted t "i , sln sn no ;e, :.'et tl sL ollall, lell Iby their m neltr s ll till t ll oollintar t. m ill Iedien injsisj) costily'm ktll, s in thlce by shecial a inl- eli tl Xia lls t' ails bI kIlLnss, and t I ahso i.tu e ine eessity for i ts us.; ha l. the e xlprellSth.e., whsisceh in tisi, sftias ig tha t wlseoel'rl yr:e whteist the first ecdition (L wlgnsiIu coI e ndtin. h r o l''itl aot X erfsen lcodu.t at i inuter ts t{, n tee s they could o'cli, . lIt renI ns lcke to le'rk .1.( , not1 itst$25 per co h, nid stllnterst tbles bl r·e ilt.erou-. .s iy d olllars and ients b-ll hl hea qlUoloedth tht hle i vD ull pay 5s0, . llar0, lalll .i) six ieast.ol' inlse taollc |tip to vlal, sh tinel at the usne einllte xibiton of dt soih riSiry gII' to several prmi p rbll$ic| - rtiollst thl t tille, it wt I 'te.r wrIIc l w to lia ntllhll"" alll Soreni lollgl· In h stile l.. Ifltiti aere ht.aabhl.r tin , he and aiseeimlly walnd n r i h of the taal ilnorlan ce o fI Thce In Is, ha.rlt hd tits ho .k or its ike bens Ith.epr rell i ltihe usuia lltmlkl.' lalt, brs tilhe ist eOl tllenl ictalllnlllnl i th t wo nrld, aild all|cl.llw Js tilllltd i t . l lariu ndr h oi. l' ... c tf proof sh el . it aat'( (/1011(1. ' a, Cc, St lharlte. hote!li THE FLORIDA LINE le h Fromn Mobile to Aegusta,Go No. leaves Mobile every day at threeo N o'clock pm per U S mail boat It for ilallsa Landanar, above Ulakely,--tieice Iour rch not coacheas to Pta:lsnerro-thenet st.unbonts to 1o 1 I,:granre, where thaanld rto is resumed-lhence ths v Marinriain nd [t Swrasvil',, Fla. i.iihoidne, I pInder,!,aovr, IlnawIinsville. Snatnderesvile & Itoll. con' vil!eto AlgustOn, ( on, enectingl regularly wilt of ilthe roil road cars io ('harleston. nod the stanmr Ind naekete to Naow York, N.arialk, Phil.dlilliin, etc. 'a ':,stearnboats are tlhe best for the service, atnd - nll ,viiaation presents llore advlYlllv e than can a he fouind upon any attailnoat route inll the suh a r rn ,ior,. .I llt ramag t inmprovements in tile roite hve breen l produred by the construction of fifty anli. of t iw,' rt road, by tile propriti ri viz : fromle l(Irann 011i S ,lo'"a'tt lienyoiu, ,in arn of dita S lot a lay, to ha lIIlrynllnt' Fein'r, on the ChnartnhocheI river, tn ilie S l'lbsnabovelthe Ciwlordt. o ar14oltnc('edr IIifl' or on whereby the naviga'lto of tilhe river, andl theI co - n ei sauent doea tiot ,a, an, more rsecanttl t li i ..con. vernent clossing at thoe ow(: frd, litre nilirily I avoided, and a fion roae r id (rot larintal irt I t i Itlheinbridel , insih nd f the m ml(h1 t r ,·ou dn o c vin I t 1 holn renttr , lssc r tin r te ndistance aboulit t e lrtn a ntiles, and ina^reasing the facilities nmore thll s, oncle ditday t, Al v, r..rnllnh line of two hinrsretnrer eeverrtr J othelr da.y tai II ail kinville, via Ptrry to Malonin a I., ei aonectign, aillt the line to iavannah anld t us Datrien, Get. l le A mInal stea'nnt'oat Ilies regolrllv lhetwr'tl ni to Bainbridge and Apniohliiaolv. 'ITravell rs o ishiig Ct s It reach anly poilt oil (ChatlllllheI r Apialach:- a ola, canll take saro'olllat at Brow llville. at Mobile to Pensacetlu-1 and Ro:e --l)urin..lte le time occupied by the repairs lof loais, the proprle. r. torea of the Florida line will run a line of lItr " ot, horse post ecoalhes every otilier day between luMo bile and Pensacola. tre Passengers will leave Mobile at 3 o'clclk . p m, o le, in the U S mail boat, and proeedei to Llall's Land- to he ing, where a four horse oeaeh will Iao In waiting to a convey them to the excellent house of Mr. Charles c. Hall, I 1"4 mile distant, where they will find a is pleasant accome modations for the night--laving u o next morning, they will arrive in Pensacola early e1 in the evening, thus avoiding the discomfort of Ii n' nighl travelling. II nId Olice at alle Mansion Ilouse, Mobile, and Col. tes line' llotel, Pensacola, where seants must be oseu a ea red. STOCICI'ON & Coi. nov I o ta JPiano Forte aetlruclton. -s William Smith tenders his services to thle eiti, ter zens of New Orleans as a teacher of thie piano ell forte. r S hanving benl employed several years a aa teacher of music in private fImilies in IBiston, nI and also at several of the female seminories tn its i." vicinity, cannot but hope to nmeri their conlhfience. li lie is jpermitted to refer to IRev Dr Clap, Messrs i SSteson & Avery, aHenderson & ;ai'te. a a Ftr lernlt, &c plehsre apply at lthe boukstore of c it) AlexandlerTower,49fCamprt act 2 I tI Il -. . . .. oin Drugs and .Jleldirincr. Is; 3 sevoslt ha lonnealcd hiitnselt i thiis city Ior t ahIs rile pnurpose of transacting a general Whitolsale I er- Drlug business. le is now receiving a Iuil siiply ln of aresh and genuine nrticles, wnitch he will sell n- on liberal terms 'o city druggists, and those of the interior, to physicimno, merchantls nd planters, ek he will onffr inducements such as have never be, I on fore beenr offered in this city. Ilis intentioul Is to Id do a strictly legititnate business. His stock w il I so' lie ecoamplete, and lit a naw weeks will le ran dyfnr businesv. All orers Iarnl te clltllray, and ,s front merchanlt of II is city, receiving such orders will be promptly attended to. of Ot '2 No 9 3Camp at el'W HLE JhA\ DU O1) 1 An comb, fo u' Chartres stee,. Th1 subherrhers Il. re ceived1 iua E'lition to their previous stork 1It hand,a illl at 1 and n plelt: assortment of articll.s ill th ir linle; viiz: 'e- combs, perflut.'ry, JrwellrvI, Iruhes, hlckiio glasi','l. I tI In lllu y art 'oa .Cirir, · ouitiill ill IrtII a flllows: tr! Cif tllt--tortoiseoshell, wroutit nhlt tllin tut k,twica ate qieillhd back, longi round, dressing, ill:' putf, . url tand ra neck, IBrazilian tibs of every deVription nntlllll) et whichll aret some exinllll pilaters, IvorY ci of every he itdtncript IIlon, hollrn,ldressing nt d atu l'eI te erw ia tit 1iat, i t.y, ros, atn orange Ilower wa.ers of ever size a11nd d:es i cripltion,l canl phraled Cologne, xltrne tof .Ill'uarnot, I n st aps t fall kiu l, shi vin .iot itll a .n d : iIl uii i ncrelllll s .lle o t dur, ti ol n l lle hair i t ilr , brliiiriiu iiit 1 i lt - Sitil ii n.r l.ll' sunilli n llntui r , t luf ill diIII1 'r rllllle I loller low ier - ear| p aw dr, iowt I "er1 ildan bi txi o-r r. nLttun in) pI t and roils.or ns nd hlrin tol, ot lr . a sh wil ia , nlld I tI \di 1 , with n : lelll l.ll ll lt i) or a i teiarditopf, iie in firtled ,wf Ili It- pis1 a r -"- i " riv a 'ttIni tn i lr l nl f w r in . . il: i iiII nod - i, . llkh', , lt l',lll'.-- ('ll, h, hair,,hl.u t tc il. l'Un1,,Ih,,rth,,ll~ r, wi ,, I h all , !let h l1,tih l, n h I , sioil , u t llllt . In ,I - .h iit)t I ilNi f i. C a rf,%t,'hfgp-tirn 'iilo i t I.0t1 tfI all Ile " 1o, wi ".aril i v i,"iv L'Lll r kinds . otlia ,1 iii i :, r i'hI. Si .\N1:1 ND .\ '! :\' I I +7('1' +\l 'lt'l.!'.: --I rnh G"o- c d(-lli; llla II h idli ll 1 ilhl 1 1in1illi 111,; a -'llilnr, ,1111 ,fer i p i ill, ]en('il mlhd Iraillll ld lelll'll. 1111· 1··o ' i,, 1r ll r' :1iiii n. r n lo ull I P t t, u111 , h it I 11 :1 " , i se ), r1 1 hII -l li illlt I ;1ft a ll ' ill_+lll " 1e;i sl'll-, ho li;llln n h d; o i -f .r,\kll' 1 1 11, i il 1,:111'... w . in o ' rennl , I11ItIII II Itll , r 5. alll III1I 1i--l Iif111;1ii'-i i It-(.~ 5l'l o , Iill-, -ille'r pl.eII ,, tll" l i a i iiiii11i11 ( 1" 1.11, - i u rli. , biil'e k't Iiih l) I n11 i i allll. II I lrill- IiIi,-, f I l-ltitl 1 .:r.- i',tl ,l :tultll 1' 1 pl' t to: , [1 : .1 ! ,.I I'ýll 'l 1 h, 1I,11.:0I ,1 .II i ,tll'f." lll,'!t'I ' lll .,illt I. nuat f lildllhll l ]no fI_1_ t if . 1 !nit \ i 111 i. 11, 1 1 1111 11. 1 iI .f 11 - I 1 I,,I I i ' ii l / 111 ,,111 " ihl, l' r I' , _ 1:11 e1',-1 ' il l,'it i:t+ I1d·'1, 111m. :: Ilillllllll - rl i illl - IIl , iiiii l i!1.- I i i m' i iLii ,1 i i ;I' h i it . Ii I + i .t·h Iti i ti i l t l i, " l~iii ( ."I: A ,+,. IIt!,": i _ I . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .+ -. I lp I Clii-1 o 1, 4., It,, , . I 1 1ii3ll l 011.-I l1 h II i iii ýl n *1 - i.. clll I col llo_ , l utillll 11I. ti l. y . o I I 1 . t elllJ ; also Ithe F '111 1 , 111, lit -,-r I" l e, , cemlr, < r! varietlly fI I c 111111 lfl.'- lll , 1% ,.el l\I C IITI'I' l'l 'C . ]i'I N ;. i ,'I l.\ IO Ip.l Il. i-'1''' .b ' "'l,= o ,', ha.'4 & , ' A ,,: . S h i-ll d :t ,l Irll - l Inlll lllllt j l, ill \I )i 1L "b i ll.ll, tll -11')Cly ' I' llilh' ll lli l tIII' eli lic ill l ;lll.lill I b h' I llel al.e or ro l. Ili prives : ~ o. 1,IIh · l,,n' n l. lbe ,l y '.ItI hil \ prd net, tI II: tlail % l:,r1I T h ni ber. I .ft I It - i llr t, aill I. li, l I I'll lhl:li'it't'.l Tilll * kll.~lit'1ll l PC'illl 111:1 1" 11 I lll 11 ~ r~111 ~ ~I ~ellll l.' IInI'II I I 'l· ll iltl II I ' ill 1 I ' I li tlll , ' p Bw.lll lth ke.d i lli nT l 'l1, Ill ill - I I 111 ill the 'rner &I ..alti le ltll rllv i ol, ,1 shallb tll.llie,'nthd with t lair ,.al8 tle'of p i" i , lh~·v III.I. nisll hI'V, .r~vele' ll'II tl Ill IIT' i -llti a le p lhe they ma, 0 i' h to try. .frlnglt the at llllhl. Ntlo. , aII lilllllll il illtlli ih l etlr ll ill lllioili ni l .l Ult- 0'nd I n ling 1 ,n sietuII r II f depenl ld I 11 e, OC d, ale I l )' 1 1' . 'I , I t e lll hlll'art:eI l. 1,*1 1 , l 'ellgiwl IIll'll 1 (1 1'y III 1 rnl d 1 5I .,v 'L v' . 5e0 qoalne , nodmart e r dirvec byf .NOt 3. T I';lIC-1 & D'L.NeI, Ill ('anlp s, Soluth arat I n, nd f lo110 earhi hale ritpe i llmdel all of .e1ric in star, nld flor sale by n:1 iHOGT(. lII. 'T1' & I\ITIItIRN, 13 .latnr si 1;1411 -(A.l-I ;N :ll/,.-T h--1'- -. ,,i,.<.-,er SIs lro exprless his rateleul thanl.s rI tile pit,, ir, for the Isheral lisupport hle .ntleeivad '.ice i o conIileced buLinellsl in tis Cily·n Ikin e le pro pllie r of thle eed stlore, om o Co ct, I: t no anld llnever was agelt Illfor anly itlUIlhIIrn sel vendr nither;oin is he conlltcted with anlly hu, I lhire ot.ntlry-but ie assullrl es the public llait hio, cuaPeliions ill every dtlhdrtmein oflll thei o betl III olrs, ill Ile l lilterellt ellllrlines li ope arte I sa,,iil po hat of ally hou ill the nitlle lli llbee. 11t till.l pirts r eios, plants, c. frolm the mot rxlstl ened r.lsesctabl e ursriens Aply st .i t i1 Flioa. liolland, EnIglland, tl otlaul liand the io Ihem state..- and it willatr nli ..e a i. i rn rest , a" l II is hle study, to receive, in ti. hI, pr,.,ot stouk, large anivals of every dh srlpttiol, rmall, tie _,ro.,tIl of 13:;8 niso, en rall .d trlb lt Ire s, ul nil kinds. The public may rely osn indig a lull as sortment of every nrlictu in tole ced liar, ol genu du qulliey, and imported direct by WIn. I)INN. S1O TlHe PUBLIC.-- The undersion:d. h.avIag studied under bDr. Sc).hnidt of Charleston, South Carolina, and for some years lis asuistant in tile practice of mledicine and surgery, ha tile lhonor i to olter his professional services in tlis city.o Ile assures the ladies and gentlemen tlit the lmot prolmpt attention will b paid to the callls which maIlyl be lmade; and also offers his services to the holders of slaves, being well acquainted with the dlieases comlnmon to thcem, havilg attended thelle in ,t.c sugar house in Charleston. The'l Ihtaio'l unti.bilious pills after the composition o f Proflessr Smnollette, with directions, can be ha of the unldersigned. TheI efect which they ihave prodced in this and other cities, lhas been attended with the greatest success, to which the best ofi refbrences can be given. Apply at No. 166 Matra. zine street. JNO. 1l'LORING. SO'I'CE---Thie partnership of Kelley, Bolt).oun &Co of New Orlean-; Malssn, Harris &Co., of Natchez; nI I [arris, Kelley &Co., of Rodlney, was dissolve,l ol he'21st of lluy last, by the denth of Samuel l A Matson, one of the p.rtlners ol the firms. 'T'he, under.igned, surviving plrtner·, will be ch'rged withi the settling and closing wuid l~siuil,.s as fulluas: I.eviC llnrris will tltlle to the setlling of the |lllaiiicsi of Mason, HIIrris& Co., tl Nathellez; anid lnrri,, Kel ey & (Co.,at IRoducy; anld ilenry Kelley will lattellnd to lie settling uoflthle businless ofKelley, Jlall;o & Co., at New Orleans. The lnames of the several lirmslll will be uliI in lihitidationonly. ''l'one ildlrbted to said irms are earnestly raquetled o .mallle fsr ollr anild make early sellletuenl- anl llllhese hI vin. ,ltaint) will pleasei l ne. 'It them w lionrl delay. . IIFad'IY KLLLII'. _'aow I )lrtli., J tne 217, Ia37. T'OLBIG% ILH ' Schn'o o f I'elnans hill receivrded ri No. 8 Chultri stlreelt, New ,)arlelfu , 88 ItI ho\ dwty r New York, llmmmhmitr r t., Mb'il m Ls.itIiv; emivmmmm immtmm,, t imr itmilhd ....t.II mmmimn,,l...... h ie is rmu lrly n i ted Ii e pin tae li; orye u.t mit 7' Icetimom nd vr temr meditci for ertm Ai eu llmuoem r Lr ie has od mnow are nd rinted Aml iretadiye hasv' euie e'lnr 1n1 ryi l dirct iin stauhot Ii. I Uieswlit Stllaeilr stl, ill r eli or a ". o thr thaecir I 'wn r n ues pnd;, :v ... . ..s ....e of l . e. en . areleired ]1 I 1a+.,o1, • "' ''. " " Isi vei l e lhev s w lh. I0Ob\VAND S 'IONIC MIXTUIRIEa e'ut re d o lin n ig tr its FntN. 'r:.o y; aN yeary now chnot lly vta estie ce at tvery (1 L firt gm its reglrl s uednitt to thlu p i eFic bt it I: cale altained tieo r igl est reiltlatioli o d has slo - Ile anl, liver, a.y other m eilmporta l digestive or nAg le, or itle It bn. Ik is . nul apret cialld. At r it p irdu. ehs it betirn carliCd in 'tvry ihrontin of thiroue syst It the Unitdettidillv dStiLs Il native e liasliy thn ou rld brt a o h tin m antli totiL by ito tl te I. n l nites friendco i,' 'lhoull anyd of ptersons hlitve ro ot y lpcllon relint v, hii 'otli rMtoixlue will teouth ivni wituohmhr hviI treat. I N,, oe; on they now cheerfu, lly testiyen at everd a. y o body udurimg toe course of tionmieunl. Those who ov - pnorticle in its opositdion unl riedly tite fluany. id ancod tpey may rue additional conidoes in ti ae g use terdof, wenw tl.hey perloleive tllal it has tho en- ri i fctofiva gentd o laxative portabount digetive orglf a bt l tie oll of hic been armon-y i the ion mmediae of wice of io iseo ar It isof te redicit ne lefto, tht it nger id. earising virn mllluto in tio e condition of tie des nowm, notel ertin tle core of ithis aleetion.ability to relau ll je f to a periodticl. Wicrrele of the AChills, attnded i S ms invaly other dem laoit, the mpplloyment dd attack. ' olmier e ite Propriel rot ilily afee tiid the treat. m of turalloled oilerd niversa, ut ccss which Ias cin.rd sstantle by a rliiod 1 u nctual an re viugor tue o tthe body during tie course of tcseatmnt ToFever and Ao maloe swho of thi t medicine l iny be striedct ti V there is no Arsenic, Barks, Moer-crmy, or any other 0 orticle in it compos cribtion unr sendly wi the hulou constitution; being entirely a egetabinge extract; and t bsrey may additione esal cnfidentse ior the g use tereof, whten they perceive nowt it has the of fet of a gentui laxFor satie abot the time half a bit.- il Stie full has been taken--in eonsqelee of I which, there is no port of tile medicine left to linger inlt time bowoie to canen obatructions, and other evils, Sorising from tin use of many of tim rtoeumediees now otiered fmr thie cre of this ilectio. It has botelen sed also as preY enti, by I y who were ubully in jet nonceri to dic er friendse of tile Cpulls, nd itc g tins invariably warded offtlie aplreihmomded attack. i Obseree! Tiie Proprietor, fully satisiied with the o, onpornllueld lmid universal llecess which has comm. allntly hattended i punctuald to reommlar se ofthm at I onie c Mixtree, in mnl, asen of Fever and Ague, rse warrions to rendr visitors oorg e refd ie price to all cot w have t le o i lm oedici o in strict on. V lent tordne wier t se prescribed diiretion, wrinthout having beeo pIrfectly and lastingly ocred. Tihe subscierlbr are te whm, olesale ogent for the South Weseo n Stlel s, nly illat, and owe n lid seix IT I tcome ofvry iin medicine,; tie wi is warranied fresit t nd ge iot c o ic l tor, &. ime nalrtlmiclredl prmices I". JAIttIS & ANliltFW4, A i l w hlht le Ipart, og i ves, i ovre7 o itme r n i iemll m ho mpi nu tIro i vet, S li-istilpPi Ia i sinsi-,i oniilim litel, rý IR O'[ONS, Lc. I, itRS. MARY KIIcKLAND repectfull New Yor. vI inon r ces toe hert friends and time public gt Ily that sinle i prepared toive aiccommod te hem at iof te above esoadisi mlmcrt, and ho1 iSe s fr ti her m r oelowing lo render visitlors comfor taiei to receive m continuoance o' former ivors. Shlie feels osnti. l en llt hIt r1100ons. visiting daring the I mmmmmmmr mmmntmml, eiloL fimd iiltovrr mienmnimmumdamtiomme iothan vi can millbrd theme, nomi mu itro moal .lins. lher oise, 13 I z,;isanly situmd, i and well ni i ) llld l1 with tevery monveniteitm. tie liar i rnished with l.: tim oat choicem t orens, &. in hortse miss u, mtnat niutg" sdiall rI wanting on lii part to give tiro alisfation to all wh o y p 1mitronizou tile h weightI, 1ARE, lVt) SitEtmWSm SAlt Iu HI E I1(1WE,1. WOiiiiKS ('IPANY, No. I lemm m ImWater, micmiti emklimm street, New Yorkl , r e teiv in g va rm u n d emt i e n ivm a ddm tim n s to tih e . o c k of tih e goamd, wh.ih noiwo cslmu iurmf the allowing is anllm Suitable fot r tiha sothern mand ,it mabmut 1r51111 I is tin, Pits i nt a mtmitimr e mtsimm e m, fronm 2:0 to 51) ga.llonu ,I an- Ketuhs, 15 S,z,', !cUi 3'. to 311i m li ll% S I' Uh- I . i S, m rim ii: iii n mr, m .lih, 5 . . 1i m (I uved Spidhrs, ii ti itlI It ri id imimi. f - 1 (tId m i lI , I mireti , . t do a , h 1 il rll [ 'a , .l txs ro l 1 1.-1 to '1 3- 1 inch .., i i .'1 , N, . l i lo . ,,- , ,, i ~ a" .Up'r ,s Slt ron, rt , it eh o" abtlm 5 1 I for '," Smii tmmi ,ig mmlm, 1 mimi mm mmm:-, a- i. ltd 1'mi iii I i I tm i tin 11 ,Is 'r m 11 m ,III . it i , cmm !m heu, &P. Iv a ,e :ortan ' . I , I i ' 0, i. i ..r.''' ride o r c al tlw r,.· mCIIIII I.I .dI t. th,.! :(tt,.,I,)1 111 ,, 1 ... ·lth'r ;rodI I. '.' , .r~tUl,,n tit' m ,.' h ,, ~d ,,lu. ; it i, Ie.. \i`,,'.,,d I 1i 1, ,, r 1,?1111· I..!l i( 1t) : T1 1 ll,,. .,. ,tt lllr:lt (,VlY ,,:·. ''l l. L " .ii -,n: I! l iy .,,I,) u',tll t...·1 I .l-~I)I: lll Il I lrl.T \l,'lrh sets by h ar t ur rdi" a r,'wue.t hy in'lilPt,Ia .1, ..\ I It, ,n', d ,';i InhIlr. ', illll~ I i l'I U llj ll ' ii ~ 'l .'ltl· , '' ', I "'l"·rll I r r' ,,i ' , ii. . 3s e '.l ll'l' ISI, I a·ti- l, 1~.i (1...,. 1 [ llt J I, l[l'lll(· N . Y .k, l-' II '. lj 3 Iii A l(\1[i,1;; . ~ 1).. '. f~ , rI 12 tl~lb ' , 1 -(lI!,:r; llr' 1::( 0, ''ala·~ Ia, I -, 1 01 I habi' " i' * io,t ri' u ilte aol iriaa ani o lw sA in unsi \, 1 . i9 .I Nh 1(1i i N 0llll t 'lli ' l,.0 ' 1 I', . ,,,,,:l 1"~l ,t. ·i l~ltl i,)[·l· (II, if[. [,).tt, lil; p . Jll'l, I''lrl ,ri I ie , : 1 .~· tt;Illlllib· h l 2,', .,-l· ill 1,1 I Iq'I'I , nl ,lhl ',lr 1 .r4ollll, F nlc :11I (;(+1-1, i1 7(IIl'ls Iill a zieth cit s,w,'r. , e~[r, I,,,.l.r I ,+l,l~lr ~cslll, .,+ , I(lzl, ;Ill" ? l l ll, , (t I- y iilbter ,,l , Acen t f ,lr t 'she exte liv ior . A11i, iiiS. & hIil , r, X ShII & lCi( ,.-ArrI, n 1a hvl lrS ncl , .hi--. ['] i.IIP;-hl l f, . i, ( i,,11 s, 1,11 i 1:·· 111 r ,,ll, .%111 ,1 .ll·~lll[, IIII tLidlll: [''r'l l'll'l '*' I1ILI .,: F IF. r ..,ht( :Ill(~ii~ Illl~l IIII ~)l~lh]i ..(* ,!. "~l· i I.( ;\llil-l .lBi01 1)I I. .1 . },I( iii S ti~e lbl [ltin ioIjlll. (I(:L II CI:i l~llS H Itl 51 I rl ai- very, l e e:n hy It II A1 i r, an.'. 1 oig In~~i] " aria, Ito ~o. 3!lbiC ·llll; v liiYi,- , il,,'r.,:L*l·(I)h; UEISII i.l· Isi II~ lilll~i. 5il anLt ~lli~ Iril.) iirno'aliiii I V aol" a< It li 'w ,ihltii.oaar; .lllil lii, v"i~ Tablle andll li ollr Kni's of ..... dmerilion, .Pen I'oekrtal Dill. ·:llll 7i ll' ipll tlilll l(Ii~,sIlleI Cllrlll 7a'4 nars, !', J, l.1.., +' N& A'. & E. N i h 1h ,r i+)1, nn ' o texhlr l ih a ' i p.cit. Ibh'Ill . kl d lis llS .1i I. I a 'illul 'a. 'a l I rcii ll n rlll r s p en V ack,~ rl""ing negro pull; Gr man an d e;s i l I. l ogne ili'ia'isil I I/alTT els.s-. lioil, i'i','iw.a ar 1eh :n."41er Milllr Ih.ia;Ui RYaS I&']in h .&Iwtlr idI Ih 'hilt- hi.airt i.i ih r abiidr( SIn l res.h ii' cal'i lllkea asl~i.lhs'ila iiil' tiall;ati'k.l signi5 u atililiaiIrihtl aurib, Sla 0l (Zires s ( ri l vis a ICi nriau lnr, a'rJ boille aln lel e i. l~,IT NIinhr. 0111;IAAu N Il ; V lll '.lrll, ; shl ll I .onI~ ~l l .y l i - Ir s; willl 'in s. F: .dn hitae b nal thin a and l'rslha ir r wrld . aIlrlie G ui anIllnde rlla trnliapsr , lilol iarola, chm alhur e naltil 'aspndr, ir aireso Utilsru, aea man, baa sir, tlli. Al sas, Ian' in a w fork s art aesc ians. ",n .rianriktisan on.I to e .uiu.. l i n I ns . Utr, il agld , i Ik'l't t i le l, dihd. jlslier l, alalls.P, .,iri''',, n r' sl.a.lil. a Ia, I l aiill iaa. d saren g e rliollnlaa, t alil , shalt asi i 11, SERGi HA NTllilwd al l c;; Iocet port er of waents ra d Enl Ilhhll in it a p..n l earity e arll l r I'tlr F.etI P Eils; C l't:'yf llll , &Co lllrr Ilnt.c . ai r a lo irII r alli rl d toan Ii itaaitnl it ths rs- le. irans liqane asmu das,i'aha ashre l ne , io"ls es, rhisle alr, ' nans,lI Is/Iha, sal and Loaal r ll na ~ gr, 3stoo r t slbnswn er N (r nns. Rich u1,n SIla.i':nT Frnc a.. Arurricr of Frenc warrsuarlaailur rlpaaarhir. au'n-aar raaaiesia iari, a Isnala, Laah liua aler, lcrrilea al oar i enas tirl. ti b ll ina1,. tllrv l his cl er ilsi, millh e ,kl sal alini. ada Cand ilda'anl/shnaiaalrra thnali kdanr aan.ahh ril ialvr aitlrai ly, tariat rra. i anl bri a wrU esc. torA lisa, st0 nd , aa' hask. raid I irch 'II Ilo n I ; Iid hlts affe and Il uti n ua' s, ceaim ,r,..-ei, ap dli ern ys, l ta hla ' lands lan hangn shade atnd g l..ery, Ganrman slveroa salt ne lets can s. ec a t, e.rhoes n so1let prated s, ar 4 pae~d and hri anib wcrnvey* wrlCit , ately Is aylj lartes o trf se iond ry.ol Slg r ctAliso, apili ecSria let' l Ia\sw a sre l slnds, 2n lC .in .nladinu (k ian n tron hi ,lNegro urse.l nere ans, IIinhlrwi , hltntls,1 wnd ag(.ill t~l, rh t.-slied s w alh ev, , Is ;tt th iiol rh efs s iihl ten iel sd ag11 i b'et 8s t Ivi re eoth~ ll c orrls gl s uwale, n Churusl I MAILE AItlKAAl..SA .lN'I' Northrrn M il, ! I" l: It " ut 1 1 I A . nt a .nr l II"Ta.ala l'l, ll'- rll.a ia , a ll !, A. Al W'estrn Maail, Iar e r y, Weaala,--a.a ?h 1, a M a l et f rri ', j. O ,frs l., . ('lust, ' f(und Oh1SI.,r h !,ly5 I 1'. AI). "' vib n (: loses a v ery l Alolly, Wedllnesday EXI'lESS MAIL. . T'I'IMIs O ARRItVAI,,1DPlA\RIlI'U I(i DIS'I'ANCB &r. of tih E:xpress Mail, betwrl r, - Mooilc and New Polri--lonvht. Mobile Stil'' at 1 '. Al. Norlhwrar New York daily at 5 '. Al o.ulthward. Northward. istmanc. Timlc Ietrn'g hntnnw rv, Arli Ala. a y pWOt 2 da ah al o S111; ' , (Ai n.IA , I I l lu9ll t! I l Ir M nilhl vilP.lierllP. . : aro Il, n n r oa t. i (alula llli. atrs'(. 'ji a I a li:l 171 I tl I' alnglaa n. 11'a 11111, 1 0 'l 94 N.2 1(i, Iomall a', , VI t. I nnl. 2l (i.1 I'lrlrld rie 4 glllr, I 1 7 7 II nl. I d imor e, It 1:12 1 74 I"I l A N e Yor m r oisk; 2 put.' !11) Pt l SN ' -r 11o. or 5d I 1I NorwllavnAan . ( aroll . g 5 , 11(1. l.d) the al is six Io r laaaINN ' I N l 1 50t:Il I 10 aan nl A NAa VA a in't 1Arn ('Ir ot the r f A leviry Fe l% o e i c llxt i rlli lill ill I rn all'eteI n tI It'gr bil .y l named IIAII.IS a ,Aout 117 yeiltr, of n6 r Ini .i f5 or therl oua s ina hilha vara h-oekaand hts an i t illlent nllahs s ee l.h, lll . Ii hi12 Item i s, c"i lInI Slav i d Iitl l ihnr td fii %s.h11 hi w l ultn Ily i white litton r linllel shirt a hl l . (r a n111 tIl talo 'l M1 uttrs of vesscl. nod11 eirr: in }elal. are cnxtiolh'd in g.inlt ra erivi ' ang d barborana aa df tlala- na s well An alr Cothr]ron~r tituI, a .lll a InImos t r"e..i Ir ti e lw will y a n e lll e: allga n illsl Ihlll. ' 1' Ir lbove re ard W ill3 le i i I a latuniripaailie l,or at I:l C.ornldle l, c'aripar tit Iln cilo II 'teet. l liolt "i ItII T 1: -T Ihe c aaarlb. a ahni a- -er atolbre S 'i -i oa- under lhe firm of IluCaa a &. Ga rrea mla nn, s beeo dissolved. h'lil su aacrhal r waill l ir aaint e t ie a alilro Ithe e ero iI this city, a l a require & nll perslona indeb I, ll o lmnke paymn it to h li an all Ihosohnvinr anlna , toaa re lllt thltl, . alng O-7t II (iAlllttI l'SON. I "API'IN al |.IiIYA'i"l"S NI-W NOIVF.L, I Rnlllirt the .cefar, by lthe Iathor ol Pl terl Sillje dlo in 2 vols. t Cualaminas,, or n arintrr atl S'hlrns aallia-fihla :la I.oLe Styraa, by Capaaiaa Uaail Haill, lRoyal Nanv )y, '. .. I vol, laord Roalaln, a rlallanace, Ilvy Allaaa Caaaalingl amI no ' lheppald aLet, w'rilttn ly I;innallG i "a vol. S' Compedioun lis/ ryl.r o n ly a traneslatelln froata "a origiaal Italmn, bly Nialhnaiel (areene, in I vol. fr S laing No. 7 alhr rlla le' linaily Iibrary. Vols. 3 &o 4 af the new tm a na a leta nlldl Illilallla editiona atl of WIasnaAioa Jrriaaa's l'orks. Regaar'e Ienah, and Ean nh Iia-liionnary i I vol, 3v Sa0u'enl'n I ,'eanaa and EnAglish Diationary. Alan-A Itow ama .roaapivsrF C b'aOlaa1s l'.b)n] nlOg " ltienzi." lar, Sulrva vr'a a a aaiana-sa'. afaapla -oaria-r flan al ita, wilh .hainx, llillinaia llalllw 21--4- a.ll 'S I-S inch as (iillotl's i pllrovle dmlll|l I' aa,jalma ed -paers, n.lnighla &c. &a. &r. Jat iaaceivela, falr sale by a a t. l31 aaNJ. a , EVY. - 'lNNOC: K',SI ROMEl., &c. SINNOCK'S I 1I'I{(WVI) EI)I'rION OF a to ala h l is lrl i edll ii I trh olhll.til Ia nae :-tllIdy at i too Ili, tr an , na a ret variety of vTh ui ( dr" itfur n Ir al It l l adI d thlro llglla out Ih a l ll ak, oI n thie alllllln,r ala'illllitlllt a Ia alll 'alll a.ii,e af fhle a 1.a1a 11a " with lll Ia Ve m mlll srllll iogr lhli, l II1111 |*lolslril'll I NIot, ; 1.1tlld (ly ell al Hi all a fii rxillllll. ll r ia' hiiae i' aa ii lli sPl-t'll Ial 1a a lalrllla o n il I lla a lla'-ala l W^, i lno b% \tlllaarOll la. af aalelaaa a llaolnaa Illnaa ln-aaaaa-a f lana-a, ,l i1'111 t ll" r tiinrg d, ,lilt nI 'I llllli111tlillll o I III1' e'1l ii II I'S. \\W ith ll It'Iiool Ior e*' o \:lltlllll tillll il Ith- r ;ld o ear 1'Ii -rrlllt1 . 11".-h i' It vllriv'lv of IIII [II ? f 11 ilul(ll'lll. Biolt added tilr 111o)llo the no11;.. (1'HI.I.llI. f ii tbleIO IIa , a a111111a1111a.laa aa aC-a' r i i . ' allll ll Il o r lostiollt.i ll fl rn" . l. Ign . nll l. 1 II llo ' pIrrs r ai oa Co',llail tioan, na'. L'e. i I' Alll- Ngr GuY,' IEI.E.tMot rIJ ' oI....Io(FRIY I ', Itl I111 .n.,ridgtllleIR f , 1 if R id e NO- "'len. . e tllll . t III '.1. oi; fc I f (ilobc:.. NoI o l 11 1 Iii r i, Ia l sl. i Sll, 11.11 | 11 l "t t·,fte AN ri o :! 1 A riii iiiiiiiit0.11 . otn oft fits a IIaa a ' I I 'IaI l a, C ASaa 1a1a 1.aa II 1'1 iS a I\I. a I fill llla .ll lh- , I olII o Ila- iii- l I-n II il. :io I) illi , 1 1 ,, , a .11 1, a',aa',,- 1 l 'a Iarala a a 11~ \ 1: 1 i, aaaa11 lll aal. 1. 11a: allh IIIsIa I "l ho I d ---u --.lal a 'aaia 1; , , x , e l , II 'I ll': " 'I.IV I IIv i a111 a11 , \ 1 ,1 nlll o, ýI 1) ,1 11 'o" 0'0 01'' , a. ].o m,! a11. 'II.· a I ll tik .lill ik fo 'I'lh Ilrl aa ", a : . a '' ,.y lb.0 ir ' eM , I -I 'I. a ' - .I. l a: i--a- " -h, I--a, -1, W ,I a,1 :;1 . 111 I1 11.. ! i'I,'; I .. . i . " . I II I - a ay, a- 2.., . a -aaa o a , I ' ... O : ri - i ' ; I .I - t thlri. 'II I)lu_,-, l .(lr',f , i, J- i ll, ll ll' a ail l laair ' 1 & rr ,' , n ,, h . .<l ..... n n <. ,,I," 11 Ii,. i iall,- a1a' 1 .11 ,,ili ,II ,l.,) ll ,1 S, . ., 1a, a 11 .1 .I I ;,I i - ,, . . . . "L , . .. " ,t ' I, , IIa" . ,' 1 1 . . ., I al,, ~.aI -II'h b * l. l v. ]{+ Iiii·'a 1.1111 aaa (a ,rll,, I,,Lan,,,,-,I I:/)uii VII l,.-i (ll 6111 '', IIr ..1lull il l .t lirll Nl t tit \'ll \i'S ' ).'i (' .\IllXT I·(El: .... For tre[tment crad crare n(' //c F" 'rer t nd .l: ue. I r i in I rcih disa N i 'l'ev , I)rie,, rt e Tonic . tin r ne i svi er, oii I o h1 t i ii,rhir Ih :v 1 retitr. e i'e.., n v,, l .t Int Ia thenil ! £'.i ho, e i . u Vege Ill, b I.ltr : ii d bfl e vlro t n nlr. II lehor' i s 11o111 ii is. n al e in .vrvdicslhs it lun h he n olea.witlh hn t aInn {r t hnl e ,· lll b y th e l"it er ] ilcn t on ai)ii in sv a lid . It ' re rvit,ii rrotlj e)ii1viv di i. lv,, ionsev 'bvijIV'v th vii ..1|1 ion1 .-oon regain.:l is , lnc t llne IId. tl " reta . II atSltb li*b ·t' l o :llll 1 1 ll ,lil·II 1llle t+ lll bly it .i rlinR , Il b sl llalst lll4e . Ih ,+ 'i I +le ill to1 e!1. Ilf t ll s Ol" Iastr. 'lv vi ioll Iiecii rllho i hiiivlv.rviiI V I II pvo I tIeni' o orsan tlhe bl si I, |li eae Ibin s d oi s ' rl v r iacre Ati lLOetii lir s bi' ili rl}lvlNi hly .l esE tiWe several .r gIlf llvqv t o 1 ion ll io l th sll.le l.nfiIs tie vi s'tie.r Tith v i baever athires ntl l·lwi o t lily v i . o prl sse . tils i ls, len( t iia, oe ill, ' I Iv x, iotntrey haveo lenll p oIseral l a oilllrll et 'if Of the ,bl l lle P ics andil Iuvv r.pir w d "I , s i ,i in)d of i eltnitii whiereas by, th i s(e oflthe be(E11ii y l'tLaI n, I-therei I ri lv vs nred r ve n tni ml'ru1i blPt lihi~leild to rp"qlinr llsP. T 'i . lngerl fll lrqll cnt st ases aof b ol e Ag , r is Vly ,'ih nt, for e P tti, Rlllm ill sll ll m t lie o Imnilc pos ater i able loi r iatvl li th Iedicineh ale IIivdvid vsoltvlll a vii tiul tIll -rich iaee 3 anet n Tht is i llllln lle l lTil l ixtur i basl, " t mloulhnt red an lahe nici, a is t van itsi Ihin 1 t'e oetallhe e well ol o mot the a p oor ,alln ,s tilt or . Li beer iinhioiv in Ii vith ii n .es it dnn inilh ti tie rthe n oui lic . Tiii ei . whilv Ivilisi It.ellg oiv ,lltloi, toI 'lio vti:els veiri vTicivn i ii ,oo ea i r' , ll..sof W l ent , J, +l i. , c til.. . tnl ho v pllae. us oe r ious oiim okae m oea hinl alea ri ll.ordl Jtbar re iv i ior. 'a'lo 'oy W o'Ir titl oa A1 iprp it,, h by i , J. h It. Roo, Ct . t hi Ale r l a rl tb i tls, d ltlghshnew nilP fi . 1 TI he .tl ,s rl .rs |Inx tilhe wI,. sae nl e: to laBr th.e Itm e l rn litt(. J atlll bin i& e rItt s, at Ap h oler ti cili t. tive, oiv Cvuillllil & lvTicho+iiiilee AltlllM CIIIMNEY PIECE, S IoiiitomhoaSe streei, vlt'posito the pot-olfiee. The roisoerible ore nowi reeivinig from their Ian tores in New York, end will keep ionstantly oe hand a general assortment if Marble Mantle Pieces ol'superior workmaeit and oa' th tt tio l tternm. made of the best Egyptiin, Italian, Irishl and American mnarbie. Also, Momninents, 'ronlibs and irave Stones, inoulved and plain sills and lintel., marble focings, hearths avd boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Reman & Ilydrattlie Cement andl Plaster. i g flair, together with a splendid eesortenent ol b as moented and plain Grates itld Russia Iron rates oftht newest and most approved patterns. Lettering done in the neatost onivner aenl at tIe eroot notice. They have first rate workmen to ), . ', work. v \vii w 'o AIN & S'I'ROUD. I.ID;LI.I.'S NE\V X\i ilK,&,.-'l'h,, A.ivtican C Elglail, tiyllbi auithlril ".tA Year in Sipvi," in vlllnumes. Noblie [)e'ts.of Wo\\'lllli, it2 vn.d.s 'rile dYoulvn \\ iivs Ihtok, v nrelalll l II.I). l'UI r leJusi rerciv,., avid tivrsth iy Wl ..I I IIY. i ll IS' tlI v i t... Itvivl\i-ioviv 1v 'lvi-. " ,I.+" IJ iA l l ilill, tit, n it . v iv .la l vi , "',' , Iv It I. 'lli A. t 1j ,v

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