Newspaper of True American, October 14, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 14, 1839 Page 2
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id ha m O~lbe C .r ea a.w. DVFICRIR FOR THR Y01R tb't0 Fics Vie V'rea .tn, W. I.. H..dge, Erq. Miecoad de. Jo.. A. 11e lc, Esq. Cg""ti jof Apprnlof~o. 11898. James 1lick0 James1I. It eric 11.1', "amtdack~, AblljitJ Fidk, P.O. yorb,, nrl I'lmnlrnn Mafil 11Regaltiede, Th " firerar,.mrOri isll CIIc rclrt Jy atO 10 *clwh A. 11. [.,dJoe crq day at - P..01. Ise 1461!V w e ay e (win owl Ynr fn, vat Go inc knsrd P1(. ladmeecore oodl~sls IIrl: Fln,otli, l',.lok, A.of. * a, 'I'horodey, and SaturIo:,, .18 . Th LraiseAZe or Riev erfail in clo',rd .rever Moon day, WOV.,ao,.Aav ncod 9atolrJo, ,I :1 I'. ?t. l* seal amdreterood bttca . Arrive irreguoarly thgrty ilum alrch.~ r o o· ~nli le~ r The lrlIeyo &eaor·81 Coos MoltI loo#,l rorlnd time a we. a T giaytd Frelec, atO A P .. 1ta (sentoI a criorted The Aleaoqadrje of RId River it dent irrtgO hlry by atealbuahtotoaice it weak. I.nOV.rILLK O RIoYao MAIL. Molodo, Wetlaeaday and Clore at ' uoocltI' .M. Metttrdoy, COAST MAIL. T Ueday cu CA 1 0 I.o'(I O Nell k.P M. VAUI) has the honor olfinoroing his frileal, iod thlu pallc iI general, toat he has Iake Ithe tetrIl t eromltno,, whore hit tru.ts Ae ill receiv the caols of his oi AnrnIen olod aoil loves olfeolld cheer. Private parlitr wilA he Itnndaul..O ptltilted furoby giing at lttle nfllter ItleoleLlod. Ali onillittg t nlter Iuto erIt torom. with t,,iliej or illdividuals desirnous .fpaesing Ill.. .I(IttRm*, at l .rrrot ll.· 11( I"p·*risn llu· auulmR1 a t arrmlltu. ýý Y4, :+ NOTICE. J~p ArrnBeared to t'enmrsr I l ..4purl 16.:5. 1412V I.IIIEAN1.. C&RIOIL).ITON RAll. Io2(AI) SUMMRR UK??)ORR·tTS YUR Tilt WE.A DlATA. - IT *'",..k *Ir~~~~lt I~ Ilr I' l lr··k A * I I list- I e a l~ocllulotira s ', C roln - I SSS**Y.ur, emit. 46. .1 I l·S P. N. a9d Now IiI.,e t*S 2r e ou .MI1 Sso'.kwh. I. Ml. AA.,I0.',I,,.k hoe., rn,,,, be obainedI by plyi,5I Ie. Itaro fur the rip; iflled Ior afar 12 o'd,,,k, P. M. 10 dul PacwllMlo ill With TielEu, astIIheO cAndu,.n r haUOUITnvE dIrecti.TC l to tr. N * ,,.p in ti: lluho. FoIyr 1hE2 P32nor* al. PL 6 L 2,;.- viitin I CArrlt on. in N221' o k' Ri. t AN's mCAN lAtS It a, m(inh (:ou il 8 I'elorh the r. 2! 17..u,,a r tofo llton.1 "'ahwk I w'" re",-i until I1 ,,an .22., thereby llnwiig hon Iea tour toaelyny th e .12a! alka il, "0e o. . he ,nuI P mrayifat Verde., in 73, United l.Ct,,h TIIE JA( 'DCN AND LACOURIL STREOAD. MR LaavetMw· h,"ad of Jak Non stret ,t 6 "',),rk, A. M., C2,,ml tiree1t L) }.,'·lloi.c nd wi11 hSeaty. .4 G1 NI r.irk ike)1 ill eonlrurlen to leave 1-h -11.1 arl,"ry hull hour,, said F l'r'oel. P. M rEarrrplinatht inrtr-,,l of Ira,, . Earl,! Strain at yj a' clock. th car will leaM. thes at AM. clack P.M. }I}" I i. pa·rllntlarrl nq.Certrd th-l arliamell will net put SUNDAY.eet ulw. I Ie ra·Ihn.. I ir SIW h,.' , whey L..o,, are: prrsoll. Odic- Nrw 011e1" and (:rruvlltol Roil Ro-d f mln~atll la~a~rmJOHN 6 AM 9 AM, July hIrnlie9. Ch ef t~ 4 PA 6 I4 C1 NEW Oc)RI.E\. CANAI9 AD ItI. CAI2VEIIC, at tig e Ih,8l d" h79 New Canal, 79r· (Inv. (r'ed; t Mnn~llny) filr lbr l~ake,n: If.Illla·. I~ a. 1t" I . St. l " ( '..11 I'J. 9 P. At Aad oa MONDAYS~:- Depart at 10 A. At etr a 21PM 11. " 9 '.:11. may 23 RD. CHIEW, Casrh. Newt Arrangement. NVASHIVILI.E RAIL ROAD. Thes Locomotive will runt"I thle Great Prairie; cum meneing on the .5th f actr. as f llow,: Departlure, Return. 8 A. A. I I0 A. M. 4 P. M. I'. M.. SUNDAY. to Ln II~anehle'" lnyoa. to Lanranhra 6 A M 9 A 11J IY 1 At 2 P to is Branches 4 I' Al 6 1' AI august 21th,1859 1'rmrldent. Ch.rle,.on. Oct .... .....7 \r nlh,,oon Pept. ... 70 New Y,,k. Oct.......... 4 1 Cin7,,., 7o...1 ,. 27 Ptil77dtph.7p, -1.........0.4 I I.,oi.ille, do..........26 17.1.7,rr ,., ........... 471 St. 7.g,. Oct ......... 4 8..t,,h. do.....i . 341 .I ,rp,, .......5 Houstol.n ('lee..) Oct .... 4 ai d II777l7. 71t.d..7tk7.... 2 I··rir do.......... 43 N.hs ill.eoit ... ....31 I77.,, 37 e.... .....22 P(i'l1' Oh' NEW OAJ2EAN>. CL.EARANCES. 0ct 74th, 1639. IRrigwan, eeell, Philedslphia. Plaster &h,6.c,,,. Trainora.Mobile.. J I A.hhiri.1,, Sehr flurkeye Riekenll· li.Ier·ion, 2!.,te Polaecr· A.IIIt. Maginot.. llluna·, Master ARRIVALS. 0r. 1.4th 7033. Test boate Mahican. Ilratio.'(colm the North Put Pr~... 7..7eg preeo..rd to .ea ithi 77, it,, ,,d to the city wish .hip ram1 rig Christiana· and Sehr Sabina. Left the bar a77t.he 11. Noihi,,.new. Tea ,.t07Su,,T7k,,Tho.. from thTttwn, with .hip Con. cord. I.of. .t.ieg at th Turn. Slhip Sea. GOdde, 20 days fromr New Yorkr, to Brander, life Slhip Conclord, Lecrlr, 20 days from N.*bborylort, 1o her Prig Christiana. Eldii~o. from Round Island, to ma~ter ttohr dtbiu7,, More, 4 diy. from R7gged Istiod, to Rf Ge. king t en Steamer Empress, Rvussel. f. St Lti.7. E7XPORTSt. PIILADEI.PIII 7..Pr briP 7, n--Carg, o.0 7·.s Iatd. 229 h.Mar cotton, 24 hlm mlolasses, 7I caw. lala·, 13 ban,,. I00 empty luk. NOBILE..P.t cbr Seeu..Fargo , 7040.s, corn, 20 do br7n, 16 7.7 .tsgar. 60 sack. potatoso OAI.VE0TON..Per. .hr R.7Ehye..C,,.g,,0c te. of mcoerii,. di.e II.hVANA.rr polcere Aii.,,, ..C. o 400 hi7 0our, 770 bales cotton J77PORTA. NE.WYORtK.. Perhip70...C.,g .uorted mow7,a,,dit. to sundry rooHCe·e. NEWBIIIYPORT.. Per shipi, Co.d...C.'v 770totto., uinna. hoeiqgi, to m..trr RROUND ISLANIht..ti, hrg C7ri.t,.,,.. C.rgo ,a:,.1' oder. RAGGED 790.477)..P., ta, Sabinii-Cargo, wt it t (.7o, Ding & co RECEIPTS OP PRODUCE. St 5.e,.7..P.,.tr ,,.,,,,,, s.-g I lion mdw. RunCs. D.7dron t c. o.t do Smith, Hu,,77d &r ,, I do Wa, rman, Wood L an, I do WhijtitgA Star7. rape t7d b77gg777(7 G tm key.O2 cia. pe. 710 bhi 0our, F,7,.7t7, Roma n ,an. 14 do Hgldd, & fl.11. t,3 pig. Iead J A Merle A an, 40 hi. dour. W L' lor."oce, I bus curd. Norman. Steel & to, I Ir D Pigs had, Godhitey. Laurie Domnl.tI67 k7.g. I.I..7J 71 Millr. 6 h7. I 7,ttl.itI, W ZLtka7t &iico, 130 sack. puta...,, owner on board. MEM6ORANDA Nothing new Concerning the ,i iw. W HI79KEY-0-100bh:7 er.ifired Wh.iskey, in,7m7,, ,or ale by ( IJ)0R77Y, 05 44 Nrw Levee F LOUR -7011 bri; fresh door in scum an~d for sale ..y G 26 770EY, Iforteoli b, I C C.h3177I.OCK & C.,, s`93 77lah I'l,,c _________ 771'7.3d.7..7 J A9 a.d 60 day., r , Aide l7,Y7,d 7~ t.44 '~i7,w 6'8787.JI77."'A I7777 Camp77.737,7 flaT . l,7v JI'flA'ti7 AV &it Ac .75 7*47t-WCpiu Ilall,·ln*'s Irum brig G.",-. as ? 4 I'm l dl\CK rG a, b b ~y 3IJ"THAIk de & E 74 77'077, .71 77t R ICE-SO bit)$ in store andrk Inr s a lc n ok c 053v.7 7 4,,, y .a h~~777 7777.7o £07II.\V Oh' Icp RD;RU-7.9 kego .ea ds o.prrior, for 7,af gt [.5 - (-f 4F o n new lv ~ ~ ( f7(j,(.o(7ae7b' 7.REV T 113 44Ni 7.,..e 7, \{ HIIrKF.Y-2907b7r l.7.,41,, hone,,,,,,,,,, Geor,1, " gd £or smil, b7, 7. 7)r'RSFY, 2 i3 41 New Levee 113 a"~ ~~~ C,( rvPr (jASI0 Y'tf 11.-I 77bie. Ni I Ilj,7:r. T ,,, Oil o£ JARV7S.o ANSII7LpVh 241-77i.r corne,,_*£7o~tntttt&'£777,,7p1,,o),,, at 77 B .071N,.-.( ..,,a77lto 7,t .7 i7.g o t7 ?77777877e77 R latin sal.. I CCA.71.77A(K & Co, r .5o 3 170,777 Place W (7(Th('I'F. HAVANA 747362R-:070 7O,774 n707 07 taudin17g ea SCll. Cra,,le, sod f7oe saby 8 G 17LONCHAOO, on 33(iruviebrat. to 77ýY,,go' ol J Co7Ew, 5,itiod; 1( t 0a..r,, i.emir! 3770 7te77A Kenttuc7y R O..ggi ell op.; 7.7, 7118377,77 1777e, 7777707777g 170.0 815 IJrlrr h Pi d loo r. ,,rrardfartaleby RIJ(IIFYuS v iTS 6 5 Cums Ft. 4i,, 05 3 a,,. II..... ofi~ClAKI B a for mral·· by V5 4 Vr La're or TIHE TRUE AMERICAN. FAITaL.1 AND BOLD. Official Sournal of the 2b ILtnnicyalit.. PCBLISIIED o Daily, Tri-Weekly & Veekly. i.ALE OR IEANs: TUESDAY, OCTOBEaI 15, 1839. We received n partial Northlernil and prti:,l \ .iWesurn lMail yceatirdav. 1 he Boston dates were of tlie 21st & Sept. New Vask, Iliiladelphit and ialutitmore 4th O t., and frollm Chli.leesUto, none. 'lhiis ii the Ientiful regu SIrity tofthe n tile. Vie sholnid Ihav Ilotill ofthe ild, Philadelphia iof thii Gii; ltltimre of itlihe 7th and Charleston fl the 10th. No pullePr from WIVashitigton City. Sales of the Unit-d S.t'as Blalnk stuck was isld on the 4th at 100 c llh. Ianendiarismt.--Onr town city nabounds na this mn. menat wilh crowds of the most suspicious looking f.l lows,w tho are seen pr. ling and snehking aboul, listen. Is ing to gentlenun's converantion, and prying into doorn e and wil down, takaing notes to assist theml at somne fture time in house-breaking, rubbery or lnurringl. On Saturday night, ail atltemptll was Illada to set fire to ra house enrmnr aof olsea and Frenchmene streets, lt the a third imanicipelity. A quantity of cnimlusti;ble n.ate Sriale, rges 'tceped in \turpentine, ntechn., pieces oi dried sponge., &c. were found on the roof. lThe attelmpt was filritnately soon diclovered, anud tIh villainy of the [) inrendiarileebr this oneethwrted. Another allemiplit haeen irad:le to fire Natchez. The g corporation of that city have offered a reward of two Ihousand idul:rs for the detection of the villain. Inisurance offices should never take a risk ont housae, It erchaudliue or furniture fir mnore than their real value -the value if what the article insured would bring ifit were at the isme ofinsuring to ble sold fr it etn no longer he doubtedi, lant manny have resorted to the insurance offies to obtnai money, by setting fire to the:r pr parties, which they eoelld not ell for the lnme amount in eash, nor ervn upon credit. Strung suapieilons hae been entertained aai.nlten. I dry individuals, ofrising money in his wl, a'llnd indeed warrants are now out ageinst indiv'duals, wihI are acecu s.ed of having fired and having procured the firing of their own housee. Let nut iutalnlcie offlices, thust, in these hard timee, lend people into temnpttion. ,Military Patrols.-For the last thrre eare thieh-pe. pie ofthei seclnd mtunicipalit, lave heren freed fro n thlat enti-repuclican, disgusting and dangerous piece of police methinery, an almed pltrol. I'reviously, as we twalked the streets at nlight, nren inlly might be met with a bitch of three or four ignorant alnd snaucy fel lows, with their chteese knives, reat toi insult anrd out Srag any citizen who might not hol inl enstrtnl uhmi iOt. ito their commlllanlds. Frequelr, then, were the Ierawl and fightt, arising from the insolent conduct of titpse igttirauit soldier gualrdtl. t'lhet were pliced in or l-enltres, ti pr eerve order, at the d -or I! our bhll ronlsi i and all plncee of public aolselelnt; theI city al.lpanred i alvays to be mnler mnltial lac. Nothing was ever im htre tobxius t to he Altllilen rlortion ot u r popul tinn, and n onle act of the cou.cil of the seclnd clunici. pality was ever mnlre popuiar than the ordinllnce they peaeed enlirely abolishing the City Guard, with their cheese knives, and subslutiuion therefor the present Night Watch, with their club and rattle. Armed matn are unnecessary to enforet the execution ofour lows, to preserve peace and good order. The Atneriean people have an ilnlte hute towards It mil itary government, or the interfe.unee of the nmilitary, except, when called upon by the civil autlorities, to suppress insurrection tnd repel invasions, or put down a riot; and, except in such cases, thie making use of the nil tary is repugnant to our institutiuns and our laws, ias well as our feelings. The acceptance of the service of military compnnies, therefore, on tile part of the Mayor or Recorder in wrong, and instead of proving a benefit, may tend to disorder and breaches of the peance. Indi vidual companies have no right to give their service, without the order of the Colonel or Irigadier General, and such orderecanoly be given upon a legal requisi tiue for the purposes stated above. We hope, therefore, that our civil authorities will die. pense with the selvices of all military bodier, until actual necessity requirel their aid. 'or the protection ofll te city, against all disturhers of peace, hotuse-break. ere and incendiaries, our 'Watch, with the citizen patrol now lormed and acting, will be all sufficient to secure safety and quiet. The Orleans (Guards have generously uppropriated the funds collected for the annual ctelhrl.tian of their anniversary to tihe ichlcof ithe sunffrers by the ircas at lMohile. The inhabitants of the first municipality are bunily engagecd, in imitation of thell scilnd, in collecting ultb. acriltionn for tihe suffering lhlbilians, and the third municipality had a meeting for the same olject last night. The Council of the Second Municipality will no doubt make an appropriationto the saine iobjetr. The Benfit at the Intalp last night was far from being as good as was aeticipaltd. The house should have been crowded-it was little more thlan h.ll full. Mlre. Stuart, late Mins Voan, will maske her first ap pearance this evening, as Terese. Mlesars. Riatclif and Marton have arrived, and will Ihonrtly appeaer. NrGRO CtoRvac.- For years we have been trying to 20 induce our authorities to put down that greatest of all Sphublic nuisances and den for hatching plots against in, their masters, the Church in Grovier street. Cutholic a. servants sttrnd mass along with their masters; why cannot the Protestant black attend the churches of the whites. There are placer, we believe, in all the ehorch en appropiated for them, where they would at least be io b'nefited by listening to gool od dice, whilst the place they are now permitted to attend in crowds, anld which, by honest or dilshonest means, they nu-t procure money to support, is niothing more nor len, than it show Ihop for their Leanty, and a lint hedl of complotting. It is against the law ; it is against tih interests, tile well be. ing and safoty of our populatiton; let it be put down. y Another Great Fire.--.Letter were received in town . yesterday from Philadelphia, of the 5th inutant, stating l th. a great fire had occurred there, in that part of the city kntown the South Wharveos. the most business part of the town. The lose was etliaated at $l,200,000. We are indebted to Col Nichols, our Senator in Con grees, for .ndry Congreesiional docunenet, for which he has our thanks. ýr - - Eatraet of a letter dated New Yolk, 4th Oct. 1839: TaHcATRICAr..-On WrYdnesdny, l.lis Vandenloff mode her dveut in Julin, in the tluncltoe:k, and made a most decided ilit. I saw the whole of it; and have never been nmore agreeraly riprised, as I hod tiit heard her very highly spoken of, and her friends here, very wi'ely said nlothingl. until alter her ap; e rance. It as a beaouiful and original perfurmttnr, and if she can suls. lain a few pamlt w th eqlaol abli ily, I coniidter herv tl he head of her prnsfeissin. Her per-ont is ry pet u.I, nd j her dlepoltlt lat d l like;-s' e has thatr ir, r. nal.ty, intenseness, that I utn aure her father could not have o taught her. Nrow PUI.ICcTlnts.-E. I.. .arey & A. lart, liro' Acesern. I. Johns & Co, have snt us " The I.iterary Souvenir for 1840," edited by IV. E. llrton. 'I he firt remurk we have to inake of this annaal is, that seven out ofthe tllirteen embellishments of it are the sine, ill some cases itlh very slight allerationn, of the Gift of 1839 edited by Mti Leslie, alld pubtlis ed bhy tlhe snie goitlemen. The exeltion of the Souvenir in other resp,'cts is very beautiful. The prose contorts are all hb' %% i:iam E. oturton, and the poetry ley Charle Wearst Th.'nson, mech of both very goodl, but Iltheo le hook rthr ifle'itor to the Gift of 1840. " Fair Rosaund, or, The Days of iing IHenry tile , i tlhe rt,'I', of a new historical ruteance,l y .'flholenn Milller, autheli of .' o Ifoy ton (to..wer; " " lonuiesl of the Country ;" " A Lay in tie Woouds," &e. It is, perlaps. I not equal In the It of thiis aulthor's productlion, but still is full of interest and abounds in thrilling incidenet. j Steamshtipsand"Liners'.-Our iteunrlhilps are mle killng a stall tortune ton lte, pooruge aloe, tram 8200Uo to 310001 each way over. inr wl'l hurt ry on MrIl. Co-. eat ill eetablliulini Itic lilce lir tll. iN itiisi goverletinr t, frun Livertipol to Tl,Ihfex and LotiJon. lIesanwhile tih enterprising Scotch melchalllts at ilasow ohave is in ' I nsroms contemplaotion to build one oifl e tenmot enor. 7 monus stleam-packet ehip of iron ttgo gtist nmls an hIuhr, l aid errv off all thle emigrallrog pollulaliin. St be. e tweeltI otl d thi otlie.r, Or " old litters," no brati. - fill in model and aemmloiedaion, mntlllli sullemli to sine devastating, upreooting ttarclh of sciene,,aiud becontent rt to tbecome the epeediers cane,- e of coron, &e. reer. no vitg always some beautiful snlte rlnt no ftr sucl as e * the sea and tile shtp meirito do.:, ntdu.. it .el, eoan l-o ones and cracking bneeze-fr s it, . ort.. ,n,',t t . hi, out a few days longer oil finit ,lel,. wa. ,, I ,r,, ,t - A tor thle sake of tlhos ieneotiolrn :ie nlllc,;-. H ,1 ..t quiet eabin, and exeimultio fri o rusc - iiic nvi tei at ponderou i hlichinel e llold Iv r-onlecultd clieis an III saloons, however rl;rgeouely dteorated. T|hle lcallt f blisineas, loweecr, nte-I erarifenr in tihe "tentt-god Ibe- le Ibr all uthrbet. Moreis Mwltieawlis.-The greeat sale at Prince's nur Meries, at F"lushing, Long Ilolnd, took place on the 3d i -Oit. The crowd thot attended was Im i ense. The trees beinlgo n superior quality, commanded lair prices. The large ones sold from 28 to 37 cents, and the amttJl Sat from 18 to 235. Sold in entire fields, all to be, count. ed, large and emlll. Sotme very fine trees, frnm roots atnd frmly branched, of which there wern about 8000, sold as high as 52 to 53 cents. The Alpine and Elate twed sld at 17 tot?5cents. Tile total nunmber sol ex eeded itwo ni:lions,and the aggregate nlounttexced ed $38,009. RrlitfJnr "obil'·.--A mneeiog has been held in tLis city by the chizlns of M luile now in New York and a lt' s nriplion ,t $400 nie or the refo e o sufferer. SAnother nmeting in cellred, tllat the .ymnllret of otrt I tlllt ilzens e llln e tppnlileld to t lr a t uarig sitrterff o e r .ity, doul h y nthere+ting I us as behlg in greal part tlntty or leloot from our tttn ilt ulttinn. All wno Itl r tle tteariCs tIn o tta0hld n foerwrd anl ton I, ritlntt.ttettlline to ontr people, wlt ave in e tlth been d prievusly afitlcted mudo It.d off awful dispeltstion. 'lernearr but tew ilro instances on lecord lf n rem. nant of inh:bitanls of2 0to or 3t10l0 being utn dorwn with nth ban Ilnspllrhlg mlrt liev that which IoIn tt n el tir to intelt;Iv of ,enlilcttinl poison imptorted itto tihe urrtdrnetnto ity ol Mobile. Sit will profie by thin ttonortfltl lesson o lot to tlte einoomple tf ter p.rental cirv ofNew eitork, Id in futre hnv rigorous quine. Leine regulatinoln It In,t lct her gailst thle fenel Io, : Ils ine thois su jee, Wollth prevai allrnl ouud her1 . t l: h tar. P TILE NSURY NOTES. e+ftonxar¥ l)PeAtoTocmeT, t Attoitnber b ,c 1183.e. 5 Anf nnlt ited u inder the provision of Ini eact n Oct. 1 ,18:7, viz: 10,0(:0 8t 0 00 t1 SOf that insue there hbe been redeemed 9,707,,78 55 tf I.ving outtltte ding $191,421 45 hI o l btIto Mass- retedr III,.-o there hals bee n i~lU-l B nruter set ,f thit ocsh, , 1330, : 85,7t9,810 01 Of that issue there taln bteen redeemed, 5,4 8,373 IS Leavieng of that ie.e out etan22g,, : : : : : 1436 8 p IAggretre of lnt and 2d i noes onttandhlrlngr 511,858 31I ''he itssues ut-dtr thl pro iSlllt l , f tile act of Ile 2,l of lurtch, 18319, UlnII|III to : 3,857,276 21 if Of Ilint trote 'llrelne is Ibe,,n re'dtlmed : 661.750 00 c Lercri-g untltlaott g, : : 3,19t,526 21 Makiilnkthe t gorgente tof otIl 'utetenling $3,'t0,:t81 5S I.I WOOltBURiYt , Ser'rrtotl of the TreasUry. 1t_? The Atmtotlr.e do not cootplail they bane g glot,od llndoltl, anld goose ering a foir Irice, & there i0 n brisk a.ttecl thtnugh,.uot ttt city, the great tea tale ,rst nd. . ona hligftl ot s iletor y towne .n; there t i no' crclts; u0,11," tallse and y.', we ore ilbrnmed ýIhot the eirgoes o, Id 90 pr en,. higher thaI at trtvi ono t sales; the difiictl.ieh hl tinCltl+n mliay hove had i.' influence, Stock oct lIce-,n ancdn vesterdhi- t- . e C ' up dhtteot in tile . tcny imlnrk l seenl t.d nave 1"til a slentdr ilfllel c inl the "it, ollon plriod tbing rlt,. d by tlloqe nltite of .'otI Ilt, nad o. e .......on .of. I tlee .. A hotg n. Ise protier le'ointcaong hrokers to serll stock delivera it e Id f ll a, llPo be, thef er they Ilner it or not, it r t ot st be a fit tllllliloo ohdI plelllootll ei boo ll e t ld t r c ttrre nt n Itn i ca , b e IbIo o e d n s l m i ltto f r e i n hlr e o l e (ii . + 's to c k . T ' i, , r exp res 'lys nIre rooI ect',oIe roleCr fiide. Tlte far. iaer feel i-t lhbtlnl,-o l ltile mnoIety narket--the ctun to v Ibuks, brig t.llt hInns m..+v tn whewlt a t i uur ale quite lowo--.\'. }'. Sltr. TIlE NEW T'IIEATRE.. At .nadjnlooeld netingof tite frirmoi ,f l1r. WYnl Slack, nitd a new ilotrollolinn l'beoare, hehld it the Astor C Ilouse lanst wn,rinO',S tl. Noln i thle Chir a report a frclo tile otltlltlitrtee ltel,, nlltlpinted at t I rehiols meet inog was. I'toented by Geo. iandftord, from whicb titap. p'ered ilia Conollllnillee had fixed ipon tie bpae bewen it nChtlottbre andI Rld strertt,,ot Bllr ttono, its te most eligiblorcite of le lrtproposedl the:t.r. T'trCitmtitee re ported that the ourn ot $350,:00, includlng the ptrritasnn oftbegrounoll ilandb,,illng IthereonI tegrther with the cost ofthle ptoplsed theatre, wiltll nleCessry r lepnses, p woull be thIe olOlrln to be raised; tlint nrrangem.,tso bad btern ndle il,. the proprietor of tihe ground elrel the su $ oi $201t,00 wasc provided fntr ad t. Int ioe ftthenr otlrUl of .lt0,O1 101 n!y renninetin, I.e taken in S. ''hley ftlrltlher reptlrtedl tftt stth .ere lhe ndvat. ogrles of tile lcuitn, oilld ouc tIle itenos liht tie lro S neerd e lta hli ++l l ni t wr olld plo es e of eyiel d ng I ro fit o tle hohtersnof ehck,tte they ere'ftully wnrrniteed i pronllillg a divldlond o.ll tleast ten per elll, per all unlil pontIhe illveStnlP t. llThis report, atter nolnre explantorv remnrkn font Genetlral Snlldlo.d wlon ntniltlmu, sly acceptlct: after owkibh r. \\ allttck, who was perect, r otse and rde dr, ervf leeliltngnd eloqten adtress tIo the lieetine, in t itlltc IIe advertedeO thttefi.rts le tod made for tltt establslthnltellt ul'a thzre in Ntw York, :tllt preotoed, Ibal tit this projecttt l his friendse.ould Ibe carried f, wr(: tt notnpletion, and it sbould plh'oe t(ret, ns Iltd been tinlllltlell o rtConfide tlh thIlare t tro dreIlitl)ll le uuldeer Iall Ilia enerrgles toraerv outt tle plIon, whicho Ile npvi lIs i cllng rlll ttfflll e t Nattituntl TI'tleuu led $ inlldeilted. li,. \V1lack'1 remarks Itrec receiveo ) wio r t? i warest ap t I'IIe. A -bolntriition was itmmedittety opened, ald wIhen the Imntitrg noljotnrnetl , mole tIho a te bahlotf:he rIrollposed Io tonre Indtred Id ffly IIttllsnnd dollars hod Ieen ltakeI ) by the nttt lntt hr tpre.rl, it ttares ol five Ilndred dolnlsl eoil--lid it colllllttet wla rit-e., Ito soli, it eI)stl.tittiOlt frt t he. cilizl it ,of New 1O. It loe ke Io tre balance. 'hle mll:rtill wolR e olotPntly otadlrtserd iv Genoernl Sonn,lfld, lr..J. Pre ot. Iatelll aod I .. I,. W'alldell,IEtni c after wllich tile nicitcr ltlIn Illoito nd, rlolrtd. JA*Is F. )TIS. i oeetel re. . ._i ubt RIerdrter Ome, secend Mnnicipanity. Reports of Day Police and Night Watch Ocb.oer I1. i Peter Mtinor, C McKennev, F Monolies. G Robin nn, arrearleId. found in the dliffermt strees.-Discharged. ve ii B \\'llet-anrreed, fiund lying drunk.-Cimomit, ied for 3 d lav s a vagrant. Tho ('l eon,--arreled no A suspleioue claraeter. p Comlmited as a vagrallt fr 30d av. nd Ilugh alias Josaph Kelly, Jeames rnrdy,-annreewl as daoiermla and auspilins clharaciera.-Cnmuittea eacl for 9 months a vagrantl. Lewins Smithll Cddinglon, Davnidea Linsey, Il Man. to ann.--arretedaa dangerou aud sunpiciona ersoan., all Coddlingtnn comlmitted for 9 months.-Linsrey and Man. net eon foi 30 days each, aosvagralts. Octoet r 12. i Jame Croa, Mr and Mrs Garryev, Thaol Denis Lucaa, hy -inch arrestled fr disturbing the peace.-Diasehrged. le James McGwan. Cornelias Sheane, JameMs eehnnao Patrick I'enleranerse,-arested. found on tLe atreets eno seriius.e toplaint-were discharged. be Cathanrine MIurrav,--arraesrd as n wuoan of ill fame. ce Commitiedan n nernant for3darlvn. N lBrown, CGiles Findllnv.-nrrested, and enuld giva no a ccount caaofi·l seves.--Each committed for 30 days a i vnerxnlllr. tap thller,ie Kine,--nanested. drulnk and dilstrbing the peace.-Cominold ana vagrant f(lr30 daye. RESII.T OF TIE I.OUISVILLE FOUR l MILF. RIACE! WAGNER TRIIUMIPIIANT! cn The Great Rarce.--Knowing the griat anxiety felt by our readers In tiis excitinlg cicotest we hasten to lay every n nrliiuiiri , in ur piosasession, befiLnre the. 'Ths fIe ilowr.g iiteretinig anccolnt is frou tile Louisville Jn nurial of ih linnostant. . iThe elots of ilhusands are einging i) our eare as we, sit dowu to record tile result of one of tlie mosta spllndid races ever run in Anctrica ! The champion o I.ouisiana is tlhevicor, and nllly has he won hia lauraIs. cI Rlut ite Grcey Ilgle, of Kentucky, has thas day wo Iplace in thc annals of lie Turf, tlamigt highte eravied by tile lieu ae hnresu ole wnrll ever saw. lia t erinor naance io-dsay not oly thrown inl tiel sade nny ever hefire ioade in thllis soie, but in superior to any race ever Lbefilre run south o libe otoianle! 'f iiliiii all aIImllige of tilhe talent, lmea and chivalrv l of tlte stotic uas never scn, asI w s pe.,rrn"td thi in lly e :,r ilia Olkland i 'i l cie. Krtniicknii e st la igi - d isons cand hIer oet d, lcltniiclien wnre galleleld Ierl ill one ltleroleas gals].a. No lIes thaIno tuo ohoun "y elctrialns wic reu ciu tlhe grocndiwh il e mul"Ite. is in Ci. slan-l idw' ihullcIIeellccloserd ilpnee .,-uhl lil,; e Ioa tha:l te tlhou nid. iThe was infi + ": r a I and the i l, . i iin to lie liouasnd i I, which eliel horse flll sh l is hein r Iito, b.t oiuollr oi utl icame tli thie ilst-lhngner,n f ilf iiana niiid Grey Ea. t qle u r , mtcllid Ilweis li nae, of Kentitcik. E crc ori seen ed iclinedu to Ilck his favorite, and cniiilde,: hble tlcuts were laid i ut \VWgller aginst tihe fiell .as current on all sides, u hile G(rey Eagle as barked feIspcy agaalst a iy others Kentl:ek Ihi.o .y Tle stirnitug uite ofli hlIe roug t linughit ilia heorse on tile terack, a fiw nlulltcs before one o'clock. To 'irv yIEnegle was awalrded llhe ucrak, while Queen ala y wvas s I placed ai d. nd \\ oagner on llthe oaitaien. At thie it if , the drum, Wagner boinded off with the lead, like a uouctlin deer, Qtueen Mary being scastl; oil thesee id nsr ialahnu keye ant tlo beaulifull QOeen chlanged f pilaces n aI sui iafr lr isawkeve took tle track. Nean I liI' head oftie estraights oteicl in friiti, trey Eague gon lp third, next ti l VWgner,lut Itswkeye ell to the siiid. .r Uii tilie back part the fild eally closed, WVagner l1.1 II ig Ito tlkey ; lie lls Iter nafleu-fotei u hl li d i 1. aie slen mu the nimmimmi, fttHnyr~.lminn secemml· intdtd1ineui lei Sirv lidt. tliltle vlllliti, piisitia ln e irrmml IiIe Stlird, hile .until tih ii..r.. ens... alleie .I. Oakland Illonse, wner rilehy lnerl,lid a drespera etlrliggle eln e uend. T'e rnire to ilenc tile lerlination il tlhe illllr Wae tirlneidiuc, V\'glreOlnillomig first to tie tolid, iwitlh Qcurte l M- rem.mond, and Grny Eagle Ihird. eSoon lmrmcolmlllenaing the leurt mile the a Idle oil Q. een 1alev slilplred tiol hr ter d er ier, ad llletan was out. Ilawkee, too.o Iavingiul iiiIli auh work So far, seemedl dispin ed to let the ithers fight it onut iv thiemselves. Iull way down tile bnack pnrt, (irey .agle cauglht up tihe rulnning as ie olther delmiedi and Illulmat i ilct gallant elfurt. Opposite tie house lie gt a litt Sin front lid lmlkPe llike a wsnner, ni tile boseh liIn!it by tile eariled ilutiiride, ltalde thiaelkinl ring lurciise aiiiound. \%IVlen nlar tilc la..t etllrn, \gnIer's riler called i' o ;lie itbIle anilllm , sand olter a mtlun beautiful callitest Il.,me mc tre judges' stand, hewcnl by two leigtl ii i:.41, thehest lineever made i(F K letcks. Q.,oen S hlar, a hiso ws 31, pulled up inile If the listance i t:lmanl nd wlkedIe, whoiale li.ahkee was, eehnleally, betlf. ere." " "' o S illme result of the l eel appeared so indicatlve of the I're.tit l'the race, tlhat ay idds were (fderpd on Wag I ner, bht ml takere; the Kntuektckinis could noa bet iHgaillsl ttlir own ii riasei.; many Iofliet I wrer, to get ouolf.: tiihlt place, jlumped ioit afllie frying pan it ithei firey Ii nck,,; (QUme SIy i.ragainst Gley Eagle. 1 All hree hum.a, s n, ld tif fline'i, anil Grey Eagle's frut aII ,rll nure. ~lieUC Jic camea uji to iie Clnlesl in a •'l,at hl.t l, l .'r meal o h inr and applause, was eli ,id nran t, li nit . "l'h, starl tir Ihn illd heat was capita hVagnar i leI ITh , dlnl,0e ailf a sne racing etnid. Grey Eagle I,.inf ",,.1 st .-ell lil: hle -ier aiter ehnl!enged fhrilel a- lead, and after n firee brush cane in front. Seeminqly Id icl:irited by the heetr ofllis liends, (iery Ehagle kept np iin ki;lieng etroke in the nt elplendid style1 cting first it thl1 el itlcliih Walner td. 'T'hr.ngiont the e" tirie 2nd idle the "gallant grey" kept p his raie, ear lr ina n h ranine g at a paro the t soa ghi atte oue of -feslre sheresrins.' Tlhe ttee sesnrad re goodb tto lat, cad tio ote dtealed it rtae be inerrmaeel but eo it was, tou the :Id ll-ai . Near the )hklautd Ilnuse WVagnrr set 0,h1" wlok tll di or to :lie, sad at thle fturtl turn lit collar. a ed Ken'ucky'n clatailn. tItwn t thle stand lhe strug ele wns t elte clart, alrls tappedll nn buji sides, and S iwlteisweat~ltik. (irey Eatele amle ito ilae stand tltl a lengtl ellhen, anl .nl, ateor ldrew eut clear i0 front. Fora ienP tle chmeera ere delleMing. Half way nolld tle Inal etile, Wagnsr onne nmre lried il on,' hIut Roit wee lToa go.' .ike twin blltl t hledsra rtasld lite Iest a tnl initr strnielt work, niad it wi iuniamilsl e io osai an trich was ahead. The feeliagn of the tsulnsenda;f aotindividuanl cnmpoeing the assemblage were wrctrght up er to tle highest pitii; e.nh jlakey nwt plying lsel ntl iae rb'er-ech ieor wate r iieni d dnia. Iian h Ileal--new in Wiener, nitw Grey Eagle has the ndnlaltae--a deafen. itg atellut, a thlril adf etin,tin iand the race Ia oerl Wg en ne wins by a nerk in 7:44, tile bet rae aeer reon outh Roellle PU thlolnc!-Pieanone. S Frolllm outr Iunday's Editiom. I MOBILE L UFFERERS. Ataneadjourned moeeting ot tile Geural Caonmmitte to en caive subscriptions oli the relief ifthe auffrerr by the late Ollcllntlne. at Motnlls, JAMEtd iI. CALDWISLL, iei., Preidenlrt. PETERI .AIDLW, EIq. Vice Prelident, and C. WV. C.ed Aic. Esq. eneretist the Ineeting hanillt been called to order, th utdernoa oer ganlemen reporntd led psid lathe Troealrer the following anoulalt.. thlae snrkd Cith a. strihsleti g iu nddittonteo amoult anlready raneiled, and te others newa s ulucrlpliolt. J. W.Otilwel, and 0 91356 2 Johl Davi. ite000 J. A. tieand, Ja... h menid aeoy, a ni Pieraeehaennn, 5t lO0 Robt. Cpeddea. 4S O0 me. at. Watson, d 5t0I Wm. SMcMIlc a Jr t25 0 itam'n. Loeke, i3 30 clobt. Laytou, 1S5 00 Thomas Lidlaw, . lil 00 C. J. Wltlhier, 17t Toal, 64,:93 7S. OT letion of Ihe Preslldet, Resolved, That this Commitv a reltern Ithnkl aorthm vry 16 prompt maller in whirb their applicatliOel faoe suberiptinna - hae been trt by the cilirens they live yet had en oapekao i ily or nclling uponi and that they ill ontllnue their fforts Sto ald to their lilst, until til htee ther report on Itb adjourned ireneral Mesint on WVednelday nera, at 7 o'elock. ieolvred. That tile offer ofJohln Gihonl, Eq.. propritns of th Torue Aerlicn, to print all publicatolla ofthe Committere l well ftrtheir puilic proceedinas, as ire the Benefit at the Campamlreet Thseale oil Moaday inet, ratuitously, be aaccept ed, wi:h hetheahnkl o this meetinlg. Re.lred, ail motion of Robert Layton. lEq., That the suoo o- f va(a of the fulds already oillertel by the General Coin. mtltle, he tear pnilScd to-morro (Sunday). by the President and Vice Pereideal, ito thes Mayor alnd Aldermen ofiMobile. Iesaolcl.Thbat the proceeaadligs ofthlis meeill hi publilhod in the newcp.per. ofthl city. ol)n moaiolh Itaolved. That thl nletrllng doe ijonra, to iimeet alla oil Tuedany Ilexit, al olohack, P. M. d (eitned) JAtIES It. mAIo.DtIE.It., Preident PETER I.AIDL.tW, Viae Preaidenl 7 C. W. ('Aneac,0 secretary, toIlett --We rectived esltrlty the lMobile lMer. yt enti!e Advertielr ot ilhe I Ith insent. Ti e firt of Wlork edn iy eening was tIhe work o an i inceldiary; it scommenced inl e small frae tineellont, wa hich eoma nieated lto It house of . . Ienry, and c crossed Franklin street, bhrltiog lthe Thare, end in all r. Ibbot thirteen ht:ln e, iors estitilted nt 20.0110. Tie leracoalil says, our city is rainedr. Tie cat;lnn tof Montgtmnery have held a public ameting lto expres lheir tn palhy with hle Mtobi!ian, antd lves treiamiedtte $5)0 raised by A public ultetlig ad bt een hltld in lStbile, and a er C IIlmitI 1o nlllloiutel to -tlpetilllelld tile execution of the vgranti t latna, and with other fan l pterne to act in arrestng and ponitling tile heartless villiansw'ae now Tainfest the city. it Ire Manilltn Iluse lte broke att in the east room of a wtg ne f tehat Itailding tiatuig Colei stnret, and whiebh was then being painted, and had not bieen oue-. , pied for seernal weeks. ther rereain no doubt that it i was the work of an incendiary. a Stny pn reoll have been arrested on suspicion, but it ais dolbtlal if sulffcient evideoce con be obtained to con Tbe mail yesterdly braaght Phliladelphia .apere of 3d, ualtimsbre f the 4th, Charleston 7th, slid none oirae Now Ytrk or Belton. Great etomplaitls are malle in parti of Carolina, of a the elitets of r the drgil ong l tnilecatttlt crop. Thre town of Aiker , on thle llt instant, was visited by I scvre ncalllty. A lilu dilsllotrnlla ce. ereniu on Socculrle des'tielug iSIbotU50 hoausles; IOad eetimlted al d $7l,fO00. ltocrealltl, a nar a.s hlnrd flootn, il tllrlted a enlmplel' y annoniert Coate.nre; f I.t tls are lerlee tn onae \ Whig--two di to le heardl lrnct. The L.. F'e wilI have a snoojerit ill the Ass ,nlbly nallo. S I/ie o "teadtehitot/or ie dee . Tilt fullowinmg pargraphl b is b n thile ever preciselye correelltsBllelin of yesterda. 'The liheralit at lur ftllw citizen, Sir. CIldwell, in tendering tihe gtlltnilus tim e if his tlantre for the benfit (ille slfflrera alit Mobil,, ilenservs all Iirasle. Aciatedt be It like spirit of tetitclenoc,, Jimees Ii. Blredltve, I nsq., oa term collector, hae itf ltiied the conlmittllee that Iris lit o telnllluts are at Iletlr service tree of charge Ihrl teret llrnnictatiol of suctiline, (ir wliat-ver he mev senlt ftilr ie relief t Ottr dliaisesned neighlbrse. illo.l tho feelinqene.olly omnilasted, we antiipale a lheayV sobeIritllla t liteaatoll t oijeelt by ne eitizellns. Seldab has alaeitn Imalmltetecd ol ,iltulin ang poitefl ly Ito tIhPir t ylllmathl l, cld to iL calls New Orleans Ilways reainilds. Now, it is Irun tha tle Mr. Caldwell has tffered, and will give a free benefit, fotr tle relief of the tllbile sufferers, aI on Mlnday. But it in tlbe very resere orlfa thalit Mir. d lreedlove offerad io tran prt lllplis, or whatnver they mnight send to the same soffarers tre of charge. In et pily to Itlae ctnlilt a wil wailed laon bil oa the nsub.. jent, fr. llreedlove etated biat his boats were not ren ting It Mftibile,and he could not take any thing round, unless tile extra eapensnes were paid rletm Pascagoula to Sthe doomed city. MIr. B. alao refuted those firemea who wished to fly to the relief tof Ihleir Mohile brethrrn of thebrske, on the satlegrounds. IMr. B. alsocharged for the passenagers of thte Sanaritan and Mlward Cam tittees. In fonaequence of the reftianl shover Mr. Pierce Shllanon immlediately offered tile nommittet bt charter a scbtooer, land crry tosver ally lthin tie rnceaitlee mlighlt wish naeead, The ship Rlbicon arrived yesterday fromo Harre, with "00 passengers on board. it The Ambassador in 12 days from New York, for Nat. 'Ychez,brought 80 passengers. le &aien Island Granite.--The rery beautiful sienitic granite quaroied on Staten Isslad is coming into gene.. at neluseasubuildingone. Itisnsaid to beequa tothe t sienile of Egypt, both in beauty anddurablity. It is a. compoed of quartz, felspcr, and hornbles, rc., in fine groins. T'he ocrprotmn of Trinily Church siouid d build with this instaead of perishable sand stose. N.. V. Herald. e FROM THE NORTH. Tle sletam packet fcorgie, Capt. :oallins, arrived lnst y eveuin Il th, Nolok. " totIc slhe saItld aln Snird0y o rllnll rll g. Wt as ra indebted ;o the ttitrnoes ofr, fohr he t oon ol the N. I'. te n.Veo. Star and Mtrnot g l oe ead, of then3d i nt, iu aguticipo t i o the milduooel tuoc Ti, bghtt tlheon Cntll dll IIt 'hrooe Iot0h meorill h onave hen tltis toening.,nt al.fits 7 o'clock, tor rSavalnah. Ait New York on Ibhe 2u inl.t.200 sllar-s U.i. Batk oluck sold at 101, so 10 datsi 5b d. 101 so 15 dale; m 0 d .101e o 3 dayr; 00s dom t U, w 0 n davre. C oooereton Courier. CASE OF COCoIO;LORE ELLIOT'Ir. 'Ihe Army ild Navy t.hrnuicle copies. te ijt. Iowing Ih tat whic: tipplored son ltime ago il ttle New York TItoe--giving the first infornation tihe public received on tihe Mtt, r to which it rnfers, Tile Court ol lqtlit y, whilh wtsa ordered to in veatigate thie charges brought against Commuodore Elliot , have stent I their report to the Secretory tof the Nvy. fune majority rocoronlondod that ie shto d be tried by a N vy Court Martial-Com. Stewart disseoting therefrom. It is rumored, no tte autlority of persona who Iheard stuch of tle toestimoly, that the bray charges ,rought against Ettott to tite public printe, and openly urged ogainat himi on tht floor of Con gross, at itt last session, by Mr. Naylor, of this SState, Mr. l'ronttss, of Mississippi, Mr. Pickons, of South Caronhna, and othens, were sustailned by Sthu atrongest evldance. It is presumed that the Secretary of the Navy will npeedily order a Court Martial on tile ease. The Clhronice rentarkh The inlormatlioo conveyed by tile first paragrhplh of tte above extract could only linas been obtained irota one of the metmbers of the Court. Mnmonbors otfa Court of Inquiry are sot bound to secrecy respoeptitg their proceedings atnd oltilons. an are tlhose ofa Court Mlartial ; he.e the stao - c Iltlllts withll regard to tile opinion or raconmocsnda. tion ofthe Court may be correct. Knowing that much anxiety, as well as curiosity, exists in tile publo mind to learn wtat t.urther proceedings, if any, are to be Ihatd, we have tltadet itroquent mnqiries. Frolm what we can gather, A tihe IRecord of tho Court has not yet been exaamised; nor will it be, in all probability, until the return b ol'the President and Secretary ofthe Navy. i (The statementso contained in the above letter are known now to be correct, and we understand lhat a Navy Court Martial will be ordered, atnd, tourthler, that tile recommendation of the Colrt ol tltquiry meets tile goneral concurrenace of the ofi. cars , fttlo Navy.)--Ed, oflle N. Y. Tinter. PCAAMP STREET THEATRE. MRS I'UART,1late MissiVOSS, W 1Will make her first apperance, in the character of T'HERESE. This Evening, Oelober !5th, will Im prrfrlnrd the Petite Cunmedv aI IY NEIlHDOUILis WIFE. Mr, M Swtnerlon, NMr Keppel nd Mr Brown,Archer MS Cowell ad rs romertot, : : Ar Smith lI re iBrowl, I fiofi MraSmlith . : Ilinkie. 't After which, the celebrated Dram,, in three Act , writ l' e Ic be Jolla Howard Payne, Eeq. called c THIRESE-The Orplmn of Gr,,esea. f ( erwin, (the Advocate) : : : Mr I)elar p Count de Norville, (so orf i Countess) Archer d Lcavigne. (aFarmer) : : : Cowell e , as Zephyrina, in tite Comedy ofTThe Lady and the Devil I"Dooraopen at 1 past G--Performtnee Ito commen.e at 7 o'clocik. Irtr eens ol'iekel may be had at the lBox Office. Open from 10 till 3 P. M. itEGUI.AR PRICES. ST'P. LOUIS ST'rEETI' IIES'rPAURA'', OPPOSITE La n THE EXCIIANGI,. ., eI HESr oubrilmr ha tM honore toairln rllylIriends C. and ihe Ibl iin genrel, that he will open, o lie Sl:eh inalart, a Rta.lellratwl, were persmna will be erved id cenrdiegtIr the hill of farete,t regl ar lricee , viz: Filly elrIs fPlr Breakfast. and Sevent-five cenlt for l Dinnerl. The ebrakfast will conaist E)tw disi!er at od epliont,on cupofroffee w ith miilk, halfa Inttle ofw ire anol brand at dirmretior. 'be liennr nill cotnist of t tee i dlishel at opetio, a eaep,. halta bitIla of wine and Sread at diesretion. 00 A great numer ot persons hnave brocom ple;rine fCr Sa long time er lie inconvelience II a' thler dc'howe, where they ore obliged ti be at reener hoor. The 00 enbscrilhe hat the airpe if IaYing ohItlev Ili hat inrton 00 venietiee in etabiahbig hi, leeslatnra at ruel.r prices, and vhrea permute will b.e atlteded to at ever hour of Iteday, at arheaper rate than at Ihe talde d'hotee. ie aubcrilr bae also eleant nla,,noa fIr private I tea l dill execute city demnnde. 5-2w MICIIEL DOUAIS. L' rhDEr. s=T i./-% iVAIN-' e GUAII)-Atend ma aeetilg this venict,ii (ilthe 15111 int) nal 7) o'clck. he at the Arntory, with fatigue colt, rap aml arie arm,. h. By order of Caplt Jnrdv, o 015 S M CR(., )KE, Itt Segl-p {./ M I85ING frmn ship Atkotlaaa. .-i - I -ox IeIIlkd. h 1 &S$1. Any traon Ihavig said Ifx will return it to Ni,. 90 CIrIIIIl mn htrutn, ,l15 SATI"'T LTEItIARY--'tl'e I.irerarv Sirvei."; rThe Gil; Thle iais;The IV; i DetraTeliC Almine; ell for I 40. nFaireRosalmud, a new hi.torica naln , e, v Miller at Urdine, a celebrated romane, from the (iGerman ofl Lamllatte Feaqak ad New York Joernnl of Medicine end Surgerv No. I, wilth platee;a new and valunle I rrio,.enl. Brnughatm'sr SIktches, 2 vln ; Itmcrln 's Steatnte. lo man, 4 vel.; T"ortesa, a ply v Wii- Pre, colte's Ferdinandl ntd Isabella; Waverly .novrli I uOmiplete 5 vlre, 8ea--enw su' "liCe ti Fer aele by E JOlII'S & C, a15--3w corner St C'larles & tnllllrln cita SPEtIM( ANI)I.lS--100 bones Judld'e milacan r tlur,' landing frnom shlip Sera, for nle iv At5 rr G IL G i NCIARII) 33 Gravier t hn board eelr Wm. ' Jeter, Iving rear file 'r'riangle t ., stree. fr cale b G'h UIILANCIIAIlD, d 15 t 33 iraver ia E s ole at reln cell pricee, by eats5 _ S G l t.. ' II A i), 33 crarier st "of I. N'. (ON NIEW' '(.--n( lha i 15--31t 50 (.lllC p lt a 815 J TI'HAYI. r& & or, Tl Prle dra s t 'I l EA -40 nllchit Poievnhrr:, l" d0T rd.l.rna Siren sa. C.aiisater, In pirinl anil Gunpowder; sixty 13 Ibas. hoaea siunpoe d eren, in store, for sale by e15 J TII'HAYEII & C'o,74 l'Iclrlne t JEPP.lR-O 0 .ge in stone, lir ealetly In c15 Jl'lAl ElI & 'i,, 741'p ydrna.t Id D NIITN5O--40 Ies in loret, fIr nle by s15 J 'TIIA'EIl & no, 74 'oynlra ait itSPEIM O eL-ISclak Sperm (eIl, in store, hfr vale a"by JTIIA I'ItA & Co, e 71 I'o)ydres at t UNNY BAtI;S--2) balen two buaihl ti;uny Bags, lý in storet flr "ale bv sis J I'IIA YER & Co, 74 P.vdras nt ARD--i0 ki rgs supcrior Leul Lard, in eter, hir of L ale by I. I .RSEY, o015 44 ,cd I.verre 1rom ` A'L'E (1F IOUIdIANA-Colellllreeoi Court of New Orloans. Tie Slote of Leui.llao,-T-'.'o ll whm lnee p of st s110 I come, greetin :--\1 heroas \ drew l iar. re,Iln vieg i10.lhntodo at r snle olv tile heriffr of the parntol Iof NIrew (OrlPeans rio l:ereiaoter ldescribedth, ias It lied toI t eOterk of thI e by (nourt, id whote flhet h decnd if sro wns retorerd hon Ile t di y of Aug .A. i. 13,131 f ito 1 aoot or1t ato Adrltllne ent inl eCallllertrldllv till dct Jif te o .f isfoth d ur of tile Sale of Lo.uitlf, Urn IJdI. t .\ ttr ft the fllrther uesur llor Il les to ffr'olr iti I de r lto r i nlh,;'" approvl.d tIIhe w th t y Il ( "lnrI , 1h 811: dour Now, the rfore, klnlowl " ,n ull ecl',uos in" e'.,!ec one herei r are IerahY cilfed und a ,l, ,+ " " P ill e .r DI will the.nlue f isi n, l d oflhc (no ,of llhle re iOa ('Dinrt tDfI Nrw (orlea, whcllo el l iup uny ritht, tioe fr riceu it c ll aoi to I pl rl. h erbi t rfl, r I. ct11 0oT 0 in .I s1c rquence r f rnv ilrllahla y nu re orlr, i r're or j1le , t llea lr of le Clllo t Os ,1 r"1r lth I l sal,. Ul w .ade ort i d ny irregularit' or illesboio i e n d) PiIentcs IIn Ia n aC:Y dverl lllellV+ lU li e, or Io l nilt er a , or lr ,+, oltherdefect what-oev er, t sow cn r e ti. o flry Idey.y froll lhedaoy vil filliti+li l is Iirtl ilo o s tvd illln 0 poi pumlic lepers yU,city le Os no onoll ahuld hini ot te col tAd firmed end hlomollogatd. ' rhe aid properly was sold by tle ltcriff of 1he li - SO ilf eforecuid 0 t thle telltotytI doV ofo Julyo A I) of f1839, Ivy virtue oft decree olr hls Coourt'rell, rll on 1, er third day ofJute, A. i. 1.319, it n olliltenl;lltld Aldrew oe, S Btrker,fr the iste o. the Altchtlilayn r il lod a lnd ie a llankig CompnlllI vs. Johlll IG fanks ald Itoullt tChew Canmackllllll, N,. 775 f the Dlckelt o ths Cll .lt, i wly t ht,iclit - e ndre t, Irhkehr I bet l. Ill th Iurcohaser f r !hns e lhe 11 f elle otrltloutolld thlrel huolrl.d ill nil I, dol. lars. payable cA ,h. will escription of properly, as given in ile Jldicial Con veyanee, viz: ra, A certaiu.nlrcel of frluw situate in squnare nlllber Mr. lfry eight, lathllolrg Anllllllciillon, I0or1l g tlhe corner he lf Collnton ace and LacLur1 e slreels, f Oelrigrf ooel ln. ( dred and dtwenty telt rollot (in CUo.OlCo sltr.le y f e u- hudred and tiin Vy feet d re enp l Ind llt 1i Lnacour e lstb. tret, lhe whllte betvee Iprallel linet , tlgether wilt all ls improlvements, Sic. rltClnOllel beLhlfing. The solwhole ab per t pinllsnde by h I atfo, doted ile lsth tod, luy cttfi7,ed delpositedin file ,ffi..f 1. I T Caire. to fitees thle Iln. Chnrleu nllrt. JuOJLle nf tile sail ae, Court, thli tenth day olf t)oltroe, ijlf th yer lof Irn L. 8. our LIord, one lllhuatlId ight ilulfreld and thillty tle, anl in le srixty-lfourthl year of tie god lndependeoee of file Ulited S.atsl. 01- JOHIN E. ILOI.LAND 115--3t 15 30o&S15n Ipttt Clerk Tre fIAYUItAI.'rY OF NEW tOItI.ANS. fewI rII1P. price of florr hreing thie tiny $6 171 per harre] ceording tohtr thile frif trh balkers will gile :313 tO le oulnle of bIrelad fr te rllents. rllrng the werek brgin. lilig oil Mondlay next. the 14lt lillntan. 'Tie h1evenef eeonlllqunliy, orof illee lfor ten eets shull w. ,,0 1 5 per oeetnt re, viz: 4 eolll cet. wit 2C. 1ENOIS, Melr. . .New ()rlennfOcll, t. 1I1tI. tIl39. 'IVRDER No. 2--'The Wnehirgtrn IlBltllirn will 'Flearade lou i.tfayelte Square, 281h illt. at nine n'Oloek, 8. 11. pirecisely, Ifr review and) ielsMction, by tie Adjutnlf and Inpector l;+.erI P F Smitl o.By order Maojolr F IIOZEY, iASH DAKIN, Adjutnt, I o12--1 Woasoliletoo liottallion old (1OLT'S IIEPEA''INt(; FIRE AR013--T'l'm uh. scribrTs have nust ree ived Ierslhip N'a.hville, a fiesh suppply of Coil's I{ peating { tines SShe (;use & Piatlts; alr, a, general lssortmnlet ,f Sht,t, lolls, Par cu0sion Cepo, &. all of the tirsi qlualliy and Inanulac lure; for solo at GOdSIP . oCo'e, Exchange interl, 'I-- -- - -I - ne0nfno12 _ St Clflrles Rt A N/ AN'El-.--ive or six good wno .I ehoppers, to fr Colt iorlOlllriiflha initod1eelo vic . f C. Id Ilftol, 11 the other side of " Poll ll:., 10t el0e I 95 ailties f01m1 e l rllt leni:lIll , nlf 0 n ve1ry 0 il0 h i0 ) 0 1 tion. ,1 r. ulfiolrlbh hou1 e, f1 r tb to ing" 11 I he 0urni0 ell them1 trati+ ou lhe protsrle, which ll bife can cook 11 111r l t ,.lIq ves l I thv .IhoIo0. A liberal price rk pererd will biepaid. Apliv tfo 56 '. II Illt, & BIRhTIII:R, of 39 omnmonl clntr MagNa3zine .t A '1't) I ENT--Stare No. 87 New s[. Puesion given imllellint lp tO ' It IIYDIE & BiROTII+',l l0 T rT Clroefg IloolIrn the ii item stolry, over til 0icr0 o0 rf T I{ lyde &I ilriher i , ,orneronlftlazinn n Coe mn llllq consist lug uf two eapflIt rlonl, ill ii rrf w ltl 1 is l fre place, ILand wllate fr1 oflOfel f any 1kind ;1 111 0ejesio tivu imediate. Forterins tip1Inu S . . IIYDE & Braflet I e. 10 IiiN'r-A fire proof 'l'ou o 0 or lCftton Were. ll.i010,aeared1 Mary'o mferkle, po.1rnl.o e 01i0ell 1, iu,,,l'intlv. Aloe, ..... lat fIh . se la .in, 01) Ihe1 110 - ' ollating. Appl o o93Cae pt II 1093 C pe I 'r f) RINTI'.--The uper part olfeore'No. 95 is l Colll-llon lFreel, being fth leer n, '1thrd D l m, foirlh s1ories. Aiply on ile tlPlonin, or tta .o0 II CCA t lAK&C. e f 13tORN1-A 100 tory 01000 No. -- Stllnf t e L 81tleel, opposite lhe Sr Churl.e Hotel.' Applyfo t all o5 I1C CAM IIACK 4 Ce, _ _ _3 Rank feet _ I sltreet. A pply ho It 11HONNABl.Ii., I. tFroe, possessnion given on file lnt Novemhnlrl It ". natl hbdivilded 01d dfll make 2 lurge andr desirble/ehl counetig mln. Apply at ofA TOWVARe 9Clonpr t r , SNEW LAW OOiK-eport of tlile nr slt.i0- I L i r Illor-iChu r: tore COllnlnnfll: e. iaofPaniel Ivs a iOR-,t thte suggestion ofJitrrn freo-d 011 ohreo 0 h. , tiene. Juotlreceivedon1lfor ealefby bHIPPING. Foro Europe. tORI HAVRE. 'the A fnii eailing ship ELIZABETH ItIlU(I"+ tliF IligmH hlivitig he greater i'nrl ihiir ccr'cgn, n ill receive ticen)cich . icer ieigit , bl tlll I patll.. ply o -12 LiiiIt/l .,,93( iccocic)lissi FOR IIAVILE. h'I'le Ai li'ft saibnlg shi VESPI'ASIAN, T'ht \Viinltsconving prt ieit hIr ceorgo en graedt, uill cive denicriich. Furfegreit iofmr Itrles cictcal nr patsi ege, tpljlll toi .i 1.LII GALE, 93 Cmitn s it FOPl. IIAVIEI,. 'rThe A I hsit) LC()tinCIII, ARp. KnighC, hI vinlg poart cl ler iergo ellgngeJ, will re ceive ilarlllellhtte tleenlch. iceur iriglit i . tialeds coitno or iasag, sinpply to .24 L I tiAI.E, 1)3 C nnio'lon stre O(Rlen Lin of i';IkPts. 'ie. A A1loat soilig shilti LOWELL, (hpts rat'tiw lll ret'tdtccclctepitcilic great ir pori ilic trori ei gavcgd. VIrei bcl a ce eul cfrei ght Cr pciscuge, oitly in l0 " Lit IIAI., 9.0 'tcmmen et S IR OI1V i ORtKlti)0.. Pakto T o s .11 e 10th. in' lnnrt. ITo cd ril o on tlceirdcy the 2slt. :; '.tThe A cII aic cISI slihlg hc1',C stit.EI\.'T . F 11pLInl wil bc cs.i i ciio eetIn hiry nehi, -nlcot ivir c ,r 'I c r i ul sc, i Iold gug ilg : bicncc. Inclr toLncgC', hlccVntlcg lctinllctlclci Itccolcnllindll t licsnl eclpili . 17 I.Eht ii (it, iii iotcccii] 5. fl 'The A i lfi ctilinL Shi(, n ilRAIIt, Cs1. i eS tstii rcticor, ic Jii innisc.Ice cascgtesr. ei he lain (uross. ohavn nrlst lof , haveneHrgonmm E I Cillretciv e itntitt..iitte cieicitctc: h. For cruighlt S ict l ile i i'll, or ilnst lc e, itititn i o r 17 I rt(i tlt' l ,13 ecmoint street.h Ii€ }{I.t'ERIt'(i)cI.. Tri herp t I cld l|l mililWlp CABINET cI' I t i nl ', will ilinve itlllll iioa i 'Je*ltslcht, h n he cre tci r rlc Itti cticg ellciigogrii. .ir fleinlihc 0l111) iccien cuolt cli, te p onto-c'.., sicicis o S5 L Iit GALE, 9tl{ctclinc'ion stret. Id Coastwose. F;O1 N NE W YOOR{--l(e.-ularPacket. OllniIE' L'ine ol IKckle T.Ih. J',cYiten tntrdniy they tlmth ict. A he. n t t ' f ccIN ii hi n I, . Iiiyin tyn ru ve nio pI a , to v ll . tier e ntire cstr i·o ,lgsgoe I I,.r }'U"lgll ()1~i?', ha+ h IPUg I el.+ lt ceulnlnlludailln#, lip ply I. i il( A. COIIE'ti, it Colnc lln in. or r Uilt pEW a iclitK- i'epl Inn tAcket, lll T es i tplille. I oi nte I I kacke re% rrcr 11 ui, n I tinlllll ilnt nl.' gntiTh el t'clctclcictrc I nd cIcicic, r fslteci,'i ,cc will prclllllc l ien ii t a lvertid. Icr frcighi ior pccstiti, Iihnvilltt nic'.nlllticc Itr lll llccc lltlcic O lyjtn to the Ccjtiin ccc bohrn, ,)ilItpI.. iit7 f' Vfeincthle ttrekcti, or A 5tiiit;N, t)]09 C0l~ll~sll'ln at lulLR NiE\V YI'tlII, Pakeit lf 'TI nlltccc,. ltc * 10it' illt l. NewJee ' td Yen tts o t ne Line. .. TIiilEtiluci \1 -i- ilitRc l'c tc ii)cch'knticccii, .3tl ticciu es Ccit..tltn cr fu}t.tciccccc, ci ttliroc no cicctoc. i'tct ·higci '12 i board lnr to I 'EtI'Et L I.AII)IAnW," ccc (i ccci, 'Apnice tcptn1ctc I t iril cI c ti ctttt.tcc ,I-, ee h whit, l PnwlleHtt,'t' etu Isic lt-clc n Ic t iilhlt lllt Oltccc Vii: SlNiecit t S tclrvc It \V it` r Ilt'il'ccnnIt. st N ] icp'lcric, It. iut)kltihh ref.I i £ -Iel. 'i'hcoclt'ihicicclnc J cci t'.'he in clo lccinnc'ccmio t ".iccn t c A ccbnrl . cccl~rn, ccit cncn (cc- cccfri. New shi tn r. rlchrlc J Ii l lt l . Rr. New clhil, + Mrv Iti Nt-lanV, Ii ih Ct rrents le.r. Nlw alhi . Fallrli,'bll, \V I, 14.u masllellr. Thesi Sislll ttrcclll cdt Vcc hedr h e a crcnmmoI dlatltlll* for ,llsen~' ,,t un .. lms, ed , ,r ,,,lnf.rt .nd t c Plle l etienos i c IIv icplunllac.ccc . ' le p irel ctllttc I t,tjltclc wl ItII ,)I se, V e In i l ! t-h Sin!. thell lf adll~lrti- l·dl urll Pvciv re~l ,,nllllle acesll mollnlltlt~ crgtell{.~ e It shlqlel'Slc anld IPu.+e,!g.ra . lnr freighct cr p Its-n , acc pl c r t 91 Ict ltcTEIc I.-- tccccc Ii t(illceep r FO'0l NE.W Y()I{I{.. c ccccccPct' It O ilt'cc s ccc . . I . . h, . . .l . .. C i 'l \'nh~lr l tll cc 1t I. dIII"L IIicicct l h i el: tr n IC.hlls . ipI-,in ,,n.+ ll.,g .f 1 h I cccc .I I , c +Ulllc l llt cc'tt cc . c cj )Fitleicnti ,ct(nn iclctccltcctcdccinrit I |'t c/.st or tic' I|lil cc ]tusker, i' .cc, I.It\c N ltl ( tl it I llll .t ti c I C l ll .+il llll'lll . i ) ciiitt' , tc oit c I citiic is ..'I Tl · )r +'ty r ,i lli'/t,n l ---- ('a' I .l~ I lll~ \V{.,!ht l P. i"'·.'l X.I. tl ht]; -- --··II I (+till 1111)L .l.i ,it.r I/ IIII·Y · Th I c I ,ndict- )llclcc ccIn q di \l n A - )1 t iE' , +s . L 8 )l ' t'· }(,r Jl f, II ll,,,III· I ·llt l ++tl~l . iJl i t I ) .1,, xt. \' +r. ,x. SI., +ld[Illhv. .s Iiil+lIT l.-iblv:1 +l.1·o:+s11 iiii. [+ll IIYlttli dl~el. lu''ri,,.iit c'cclcccccci.c.a.-,,,,,.. I, fc it'cccngc ci'e p I r l l ilt* I i c c I cIc1i" c ,c t ci, ' i' d,,i th c plticulr a tll 'l l.n L , iin Iccci T ecccia, hihcc't llt, t i tI riI ,.d'++,+, icilcic' ,cl 11c cci 1 4 o 1 rll'tA I Iilnl s ll llr i / I III rl~l lllll el ,,ll i-i 1 h1 i i11 In.lllP 1id o )l r(la , I lllltlll()h++ +Uh t tlllle .r~i 1.ranlelT[)1 . O rlier.+e. i fIll! SI trr~ lil4rP 'I lt ,q,,li h '+ li 'tIl~ r VF's NEW YORK. r [Louisian and New York Lini of Packels.] I /o nora reglr y isa et o'r talondful each u bort. d 1 "L Ilsrsss t II iss' lls l (. I . tsll f rpsv +lw f tillt shst I lh t s ss m.s IltrN n .e -k wiltlst Il's h'i . ' an ell y ((Il n v .;l 11, iH N n H I l -ll I N,7 l 4e i C al. ahl'ht IJ will a ll lllt rn · b ing apaII. fnlhl rd Ii+ f m fh i ll , evller lfor Ir ~ ossltlllll" and at he l o st"I sse I r-,i'lslt. noII ris i h llt . " I.oniei.le " Allen S 3araaga, lniaraway. s" l untsville, "' I b"dri ' , i q hakes*'l are I' al er i p Th'i akoe iposl sre al .i f thit. ilt .ls'sot calIserud s3 al sllu tl' tr stel tei ,td to.u lip i s st.ii o wlter , an I. builh ill N, w T'.rlk expres-l v fa,r the Il'ild ,wih elegllnt dIf il.c llhtltlll rosl"u r publls- gew.s al ull t o udt.d bl artl arl exp ig llcld iTastes Thiirrce fpssaNs fixed ' lls t ,s withcLs t sine or l iquorsl nslsl s w ts', Irtokug i p. g patis lar ware lbe plvid, sr d g euit e, t'ts'apusg n Isll rust iffull ira saliIe fill anty lIetteris, srse l -rtp ansb os.- fif e ty rir patd lii l gr tl lest IucIthlh yl s e d aregul t er d yl s of oiini d t re ve r plaeds r, rekae las, ollow warest s u mor beigraist, cosltbar'gu oin ii, rust gof irs orF s al, or Aor nry letersr'r, par ilt r ka -t y or tlllken r ten samnleat th.+ valur tlhereofexpreled. e'2 JA.',; J It I IUIi.LIN. 7. Csamp at Por the Interior. w ll u/rrs.' J'ssk ,'el. d ne.sda} au I' o clack A..11. irtvha , , bla &eters Saturds. t (s1 i'(sl k A. sb Ink.1 T tl h: C ,gj Is w2 0 I Sold'lv 1'.,r h'\ight our pa,.'.nge al, dv to C'apt. liars oul IsoarI r to 'l fn25 ,An D i~n1 15e & \\.III'ALL IEI1iCIN.l'3, PAISt AND (s115--2o0 cases "er o.-eo It 'it , ,.t,,s I're a , 111a bol 1 13lit blt Irso : lliS : S st, r i Iss do l sse, ul h 5 do Arrruwrool, A,.s 3n to .itlniurtt 1 I-loxes Sinre h I 15i11 kie-s N. I , onl 2 pure 'ilhe Lead :t311 askb E:s. lt.isosld Osil For sale I,' J. 1.'18 & ANI)KEWS, :8 cO Cu)lll m:lCe . TClt pilou5a. t I1 ItE sIhsIuri! ers tsasisss rt"esisi Ied ti agecs f Iss Whi, I.'ed, iss ssas s sftihe larg.usl and best ns s u ' fucttriss'.lli',r it ts slea ssibtu, country m'y t cs ty s eI'lterrs, l' at the Iesl o l~t m tl lllprites, warrult it to e as guu.l a it s asticle as ca s s be f-nd in the cits tIt JAI.VIl & ANNDRIEW', Ih a3 11a Nss I &.3'rth'ltpitiulus at /'u .EXL'ELI.I':NNT WSORKS--'h'l, 'rihg, or Il'u I pe Sgaors ...i Indi ... I t'irloy oftlhal ext r rdinsrd frsary is tertlitIIft usslssmS, i slcnt S Sellstslrl, 2 vulU. s oC \Vslker on Clhes: Londss, rdilisn Si'Culloch'u Culsssneriul I)ietionars: lrtes LondoLss Cu edition sI.udllrlo's mlspl-esltlis offIardesing: ILondon editions Sir \VWil (;is's PI'mIejann: slsenslid LUosItn copst i Mliltn's P'rudliu I~cst, with illusstrutions by liartis, London .a 'l'ttier's Universal Ilistorv: 2 vols. 8 ran. pri Shakesspsrs :t htreltulfli ll t I;'tu Iledition 7 vsol. 8 mo. Co Vith a variety of standsrd anud valuable works. icrr EJOHNS &Co. a, S24-3w earner St Charles antl Comusosuts d'e N It,0BOKS--"''li, Cropp," p I Inle Iy ohb O'01n- dd" N otsilssiy; tsirt lisiiss' cehlsrsl'd W.tiWsu, bhy s Ri dao P James Esq; Itle Natal tistos y b li tti U. Staltes, by pr Ilir.t ,t)IIs,:l nd s 11's,,by '''s'ob Er.No.2 PO JasUk iheppardt, by Aihssl.rlssh; l'hrrnolol v iFt,, I n( fn 11\. iss.iIr , ; .i' s .is ' is h t' -",p s It SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. AWAS brouglt tI he pouue of t 3d ward, 2d tuni S•cipuiily, a bay I"', tilnak inone and lail, IH falt black, a star oll his face, with cellar and saddle nirk, and 16 hend- haigh. The owner ol' said Irapeity wiil plellm call at the rpoundl olf the 3Jd ar, ',d nunicillnty, situated tltlh omner of Rlbin itd Atlunciution iatreel l, trove Iprop erty, py charges, and take him awa, on at blefoTla: urdy tilte 2,11n of OIt. 1839. when 'lie will bi old at auction by P A luilloite, ihllic auctioneer. I L hI 1NTpR, ols It I.ieu. nghe t watch aAS rougn l toa he police rion of te PI lri iA iluniill onegro girl n.nend AIIRA, about 13 yere of age; as ibe ellnga. teo Ir ItHunt. l'e ow nler if saod lavee will leasie cal, prove prop erIY, ipay elhargeI, und ake her away. n11, lLA IfLI, I A o12 Celptuine of.lheWatch. ILaa6!atnd a la geneol.lo (Isa Scondsllii Sit6 ono jaunse idgrei o d'environ 13anms aionm m6o SAIIRA, ole dit appcrtenor b M.Hunt. ie eIropric.nirecle la dile enclaven rat prid do vsa air In ruclnamr ea prouvanlt se pro1prit6 en oa pa yosant lea froil. TI. HARPER, 12 oct Cupitaino do In Giade. I nt'lCl:E.-T-ihe ua disicien l, having belne ln d aly t 1t ointed by ie. ilonr, ort n trltte Pari.,h Catlins atd for the Parish oal City olf Ale Orleni,L Cominilionern it uatllatle onld assess thi lllge and eIlcense ofapeno ing uand continuing v i. 'rIl'l mnirreel i l it 0iraigit line Slinm l.9zetta to InUnto.iititn ltreels, liner tilde their ettiouutes and ileeoaPr llitnudc Ilahv Ide llait edt ru.e op -tiheri'f, ingather winth l l ipun, ill e trilie ii f the d'lerk ,f aid Cuurlt for Ieth inlectin oif all wlolll st ima And public notice ia hereby givem , thnt maid entimals nld aanle.alant ,rill be ireientlhd I said Court for Cno fralllltiun eoi WiltincallU It lte h NrlalllNvm r, 183, and all lertill, iilterted r in Il oirte eatentd ot StTIhterei Irnel or ilt viciluilv. ate blrev rulotified to tslLetlheir oh llijt , iaif lii'le. e Illave, Ito iSaid celiilllnt mtil eatl on or L.;lre thI; lnlintllll day of Aovenicrllllaelnt %% '*illiiu I.. Hodge,) 131o. Wlliam T. I lePl, ) New Orlenolll (, c11,39. AVIS. L ES sonulilill. Iytln 616 dieldrnleen nolfntll par I'honolaoble Coir i Parienss, doear el por Is paroias el villedo In Nouvelle-(irldanst , acinai inllllnire pour oltilir t een vu er lea dotlnreagnle tlpei.oea aue ilurgir rct continuer In rue St. The. nlat, eon lillie drailo dc la rue Slettno ttla rue An. noncialilll, ant Ihin leur stliation eatl ll r ie as onn e atnt dlldiad6 vaien eopillsia, sitii quo to plan dass Io Lgritlle d It iten CPour, pour 3ire inllleted. par loan ceux y intril-a6s. t puvia p)ulic i eas pair I prasona dlonnd, quo ia dituo eslilatioa n ctnaectnumeot raerolnt p neIIa Is aIs dite Cour pour titre collfiralnl oriredi, le 20 No. rolnbru 18.9 ; es tiiitts, Iesrloinle ilntIesrnildasalu quielqiet praoln a . iluba Lur la ruoe St.-llttptea. oe sOla vauislll; ara l tll i 'r en notilies do tItir leiur ohijetaioi, i'lis ell oat, cetle latima lion et aerl onentl, eI 9aie .juur de Naielnlbre pro. Nuuvelle.Or6'nll. nL 7 ieloNbre 1849. W. . L, I t()C)1G, J lB. (;ENOIS, Cununiotionnirer" o81i31o V. T IIEPIP, otlhery.-- In I pii lllIln l wlll n alil rl l o l the eruncil Ill'Ide i itd IiUn iitlllitv, li+h , o, i o lt inL • iproeeld ho the, It Ill llhil'lii, iogci,, el "io win loty nIW lying on t IeI Ih. I.*' te fll n isnl l II d ll' "i u ire ciii, ti a: id.iitt. J tl u. It it'l ' ,i i -i_ _ h ri lll r- 1 2 l ii id llaniiplty . lu .Iaiiu.'ru i .im. Ia ad, i ,, huedt -sd, led A alrenloIt', II illod, manai lhCe nll dh ul 15 lII i ll i i ij .ir i i al liil iii-iii ll I8i t all oure i t sitllt I ii.,,-e u, lhla , l 'lll iur Ih' l ,v. i I . tll h es laaI u nwt ii y w l 'I i.ii li ,iii'ihi. -U ,.. I.I l' t... , t Te-,,u,, of til, eid -atti,"td. *Lo Ionnlil anlitauwan da Idi. lnI A sorrael .11. al1.,'iall, aid, a il u er l. l, but 15 '|'hl ol ier of said, ip,,lper v wll lllpnl roll at the lllS-I NIao li norel nd no n da nlit' . (," roov tr, a p ry p' 1 neilac d k. Ii r wa o or heot It9 1 III lUll. swllll, l., In ,In h elll t bN ould n tit au-i t lu ls Iy( / lP A F nl u l l u t ul l , p iu b l . +" o n e s l c r . J 1 V l. 0 I C .It, 1 at lle l. I L adit eondul ita-u Plltaulo du Soo1 . d at let de la 9th o. n iWii ien rlil i ic, Uia e laoi N'l' al ral, ii neit l ne ia ile o o froaia a r cliiu iP I 15 ill l (iirill h l iit. Lr A irorai.ilricati prii i, ui. r In r6.ner Ian 7 -.t J. 1.. VI I T'VIli, Ii. L nut. i T T- -- - -.- --. :f"...... .... .. . .. "i te I % Il i· l..,· e1- I NAPUL. At Ilr or .lll.ll ,. I .,tthIi. tb l hr |'yrrs lIf sgo, A g,;$ all- Igllllie Uorl i. at out ll8 or 20 )ars tor b.-rconden Mun cip I, les escllav le u all as I a a 66 '"o:t a n t.'r.. ....e tl., ie de I e.. Ilr'r l t c tv r .rc i. ,lllr t- r I tI,< p t , a , rl+ e d e l. wIl .il v na I' a su-. - U IY .II ta, sT - vlr : as .ie.rldo lt atopp t.. ir .. l.eonc.. d I illv g;sm o, aniilrt IrCta)y, Agdot d'rltviron 18 ,I. f A 0a s ll. o" I I m, 1it Ib.r{+ ,[i iru' a dII a it , h ir il.'l.r. Pont prids de oVeInlr la ourer ell prolloY.llt Crl f roprtdld Its e tay'tot Ca |roal. , 3oct T'. IIAILPEIR, capt. do Is Gards. I ASr ll, h Nligts h ni, ,p hr i.'t n of atter e It'i ei f 'ha ownerof ,ul ,l slave ' il it-nL rIll Ilt thIe pri. i o l prove prolperly, l)a chre, ir llnr tikl hlAu away. It'I S tAilAP.lRt, I a TCap',,ttir of tho Wa'sth . S a 1"" lo Io dco rat liht' Pr'II et, o ler d m.l d i llra iIl.r a bgh llt i irl.. ANdEIt .I nI IN.e, qIIIn ArrtI 2Ne1, r,.'l.. i. rIeer T'ho ownler i ti l'arrea clI, proeprrlelr. ta ehoreetssdi Itake bit ai ay,- i ., itAIftEdWt, ( , A inhi ouf h* ptite i ers E l'_A Porl) ill tAIlI'ER.. . t A.5l.ri~luuh!t tI Ih,- Po:d ,I ttllIad 5.Cd| Cirdly, lo ilua lhs irn Ino ifi le, d ,tolrpri trein d fitted Iure i, anihk t r aiy II Erhr IIa(rt 14 r ri hads 7 ight, I.. hl ti f t hllltr, .thl I ar;oor rut in as os t elll. Ihi'r, oiaWlr l O I , tiI o,t r w ell eeaIrsr cll at flt I'rni. rayt d ij,|olety, i h..t ttaitrga s take t ia tway tit ir irlore Sa urdily the 14th incr. lhrn er will be ould at auciiOna by II i t ;ullottetlltblie auetieer. If S IIAI'EI, Ctt. olaf ti \oach. sept - ---Per 'Il i.S l. _l.lER. SEIZ. br.ughlt to ir t,'olir Pi si. of the d au d V nil"r liti, Itol fo wiiloig l r es, vis: ,1 A ogro IIaIll llnllodJcollell 1but 81 tyears ifk t rpc le b.lugst oIr, nl. Irealir ll. A liu ail honle al JMll ,oharotalll n years de of rNlII he Ileii.lllto M.r.Jaaie. .I eIorh'irg no . d JIo . about 18years1 of ag.Isys slp blong. It A r. \V, l * .. A I-eIn gill rli.ld llorgotloi, aiIut 18 year ogf ags, a s\ax i'hhe b'leoI go ~ir. i. Ir nl.hl. hl'he uwit ,rs otr aidl allavte will please c ati the pris Snln S the '2d tAIhu rittlit'', tprove irtoIerly. pay chrgesll nl ake thri.l away. It S IIARPEIt, allg 1I Captain of the Watch. A VIS. Arr6 par In Police do ta Secoads luoi. cipllit61e 9 courant, trouvo entrs lem Inllin do thgre Itoarron, qoti a ua dres arcats dodit Muo. nicipalld6 It chlevnl bayr c0airo quinze psoms de hac, t.!a d.ou jiatll do derriore blaar, at morao. 0a0i qu'u, chlarrette No. 731. l., propirietairo vaudtrats prouvor so proprised payr les Ira toi t Ires retirrr. I1 S IIAIIPER. Capitaito de Watch. 'T'V'1'1I: ol I.s' L'ia--,m.rral( Cort of Noe rle lll-FiNo lihk ,Vllron ill arltallc-. dy Vs', hI. tr+. talr. 'I ie ,'rrlihr of iodhe pealiiner 1ir l |lrt.l ,+Ir Ille r, uPIII I0 'el<,k . ri. to olll w c oause ,it:g.11 l Ilil lperolntl .lid oprllr ttr y erl. aty. rd. Ne'lw Orlrnne, Sepl. 0, I :19-3,w 17ee1. ']'ATP .o. l, I Couii..ia. d-Cour C..t.rrit -r-h r'o. Ii Cu0--, rank \\i 'iI on ituollolnsat dte., iu contra see cr'a'eiors--Loo crainciere du iLti liolairohe hnt Iloti.ri., d eorrparaittr on tert ,reverieo Jeudi lo 17 d'Octobre lipichPi Il 10 Nhures du maoin, pour falre valoir t eurt fl ilot s',la en orl, poniquoi lo 1 6titionail'e t'aura pa lt bdnbefice des l trs, pour vonir au setours dis. ddbiteurs ilnolvables on dclenliou actuelle, at as attendant touts poursui r e centre sa perlonne et is propri6:6s sent alrrdtbs, Par ord e do la roart ED. GARDERE, GCretir. NolrVlle Orso.t i, Sept. d6, 18:9. f TAT1"E 01 I.|)UI1IA\A--I" Ir.I Judlecal DIulr·.e rr Ja'tI-- lI'o 17, ds ,ioh ere iltro-h'l e eiol h'or It I'udo'. IInoail 'llo, o Ir.f v lielted Ita the -'0.oto I lr t.hep oqito of d h, nlithirs It t' odered -ats do. .lo...lad poardr i.r.. 0 ake I0 e at thein m ddh io) ao . itaolrl ro tleotio soitio oThurdays Ilhe !;olI ITf t loher i, III aRIl 10 (i'trlock A. Ms. Is the Imurpose Pf diirrlud_. i te llli' "'isatd Ptgeo; rad Nille tril liad rolr O rty o Seip ed. 0I I 8: lllwe . i'sA .dl t, rO.i l ...u..,. the ol c'editors i- ihsr \VitlWhm tlhei on. A i t a i shanall1'n, judge ol iTl . oilllt alorei-.i Iis 131h oel leiirrl r 18:I9. s 17 1171) 1' LF.BLANCI)ep, Clerk TAT DE LA LOUISIANE--Cour de Die -- trit dou pr.emier District ,ludicaire--d. iy. Pagoe eltro sea crd,tiCeitr..L cessior des proo pritter doi S. II. .Puge t aut d16 acceptl pear Ih Cour pour I' do see crbarciers -i eat di. crtd qun'une assombl6e des di a crtatciers sit lie s t. grflit de J. D. .Marks, notrire public, jtudt hIr 1 d'octohCb o troroiro h 19 eirores dmlelrial Mif. s d6liberer sir les 'altire' do dit pigs, atl ePn otte; tot houte proeodure oontria i porsltnneat gatpros rJ.OtCs sent aupcrdues, Jo . P. Caswell esat n sM d tour ripretrntcr le ro Iancier ahbaonlo. Titoin I'hlonorable A. M. Buch-nn, J. is deg "ito Cour, co 19 taptemhre 1839. 17 'ep P. LIEI.A.CI¢', Gelr,

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