Newspaper of True American, October 17, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 17, 1839 Page 4
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IMýSS CARDS. Aleer/tandlae Rr'krr 4.'1;1; ,t13 )qu;~ " Nlkt`1elitU4n .tflrmhalt, __ K. 4 : n·(· ll) ft·-l' cr tIiF l(·.Lllr· a. YP. F iiI.AIA B 00 1r1ýirw CobºsI [arblbrs/ PVu. 3, Ini.r E .,,. . ,, ý AVI onilontiyon.. b a od rottuppltor Cloth !. [n¢, falru lated titr rlue e""',"' trnd. l'l en.a tr s Iin large, Ucrchurl~ta forum llo counnf rl canl or RFlied at tlo honost notiru. IWrsvRAi 'E COMYPANY OF Nlt} i, H1EANS,. Thin Coumpany are nOw preparLd to tot,, 3K AGAINST PIRI, Nrt.3{ 11 eannsl uiding Canl tCee 'Iles 4lrlal., Ilnv nz Iti.^Ri. E N. ""0 l--; -":Ui) b. nl O lmooto., or vit t'eb fiIt I)i ..i ' _ ý _ .r,_ inpitiu ulxs et CHAMPLIN &OPI *SOOhEIuS AND I Ft. I.tSRS IN I'IWjtiONS A'lt Frael'· . '79 and 9foln O"trec rNowC OltOnno ..f 1d'oiit.OopISIt Nf. to WWRNITURZI WAREROOPnS Nn. 5A, ti- tffll n It, r.ft WIUJA31 it. fAttNliof, uootl rro-ttittlly in fifm ft1.1 rttttoht ood hiloa pobic tht het io muY nmirt,t rorotn..R .lr ottot 1I~~l ~l d ent ofF Furniture, .nch ea mahogany choir.,~liTL 90tl.ed~todor moplo oodl ffaintt'J fairo, u~elpl u (bnr brdrtcut , mnllooaenv andl clot.', tnlllc 'loll ion., i ? Illecu ll, toilet.,6 secletrlrr·c , .rifle; wrv oticrrnl . 'olthooroany aootl tn tiny, of oll t/1Wdr, lonkil;alt h NIL. Yure t.fttked lify f,o -putiof with grttf FASHRIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & 1LA1)1)1N, RAVE a ofstaotolft Ot fffply , 1' tlolt lltt r pratlatnml'a the.+ý.. f til; inf t,,t stele~, nt NeI ~· Yorkei -- of Not N..h LZU0t 6op19176 PRINTING ESTAHRLIhIII;IN. No. 53, Magazine Street, P/ILELP4tt f1;IitEb;.w IJmPR!EI'OR 11'1 BANKrl NO'Tit ENLI:AVIN( "WDON WRIGHT HATCH & EI'SON H VE moped ot htftNtl i Nlnal a Ivno tn1IICI ill , their boll.. ;~ ~11·.1 ill.N."w 1'n1IP br de pgse l rar,, in nill ( intuý Ia k..N,,,, 9ii ro, RPPill, n!'1 I I:ýchn 1Ir, 1 I.t'Ii,"x r. ~I l ,ýIpI.LI'1 *~ t Ireftoptooofohnof houf nnr ýiolot itst tu ;,tor trll tto their enlr; thir rpm env o ltt 0 ,I Ite p)1PY r i will \CllllIC( Illlll ir .tll.. Illi lll tl ,ol-· II1 1i(ld. I. S Utnits. Ollit.-, ,o,,ore of ffoy,.t O, Utnler Str 3USH & ALLE1'IT NOf. 1, t ).tIA~tON If rlt eerie (If t. (' rte.a';.I t c r....? sl..\i: IMPO fr' E Rý GadI If I) O f in I" tt·n ,!l .,,,I llfij-JI Yerum-y; )re"sie C . e u' l'rlaýlr I lk. Cutlery, FIttoj , of lr, r+ `bin, l to, Ltltltt!!t P M tty ltb 3 111 t 1+,y9 I (Cravi Nf W NT . hEl.L, No ff't, Chaftttre otff cri rodt filltftooo,,it of tONY t,, fh 1 v t lrtfft price 01)1 I It)tAl Ff19 IN AI1IEJIICAN &. ENf3 19ISI1I CRWN CLASS, No. 3 CAROitOLLO tOrRtlEr T To JOB PRINTING. or OVERY DesCl:irTtiO, IP DII LY,y HANDOMEIo y AND CII EA PLY EXIf'I:TED AT THu OFFICE OP THE Trae A1nerican, ST. CHARILES STREEI'l, NEAIl P1OY)RAtS. m23 I t r r, ntr sole Iv .1. ail S1 ILL ,& /hIf)\t,\, 3]nceznlt TO." "5 '''"S bolos. Grout holy f~inn 4.1 etrovni U .hetngainand '25 h!ae .Jnktl ,,m -, r I,rwn Idartings, lanindg fronm ship Clarle on, fine r*le -a- I II1r___ Ili Eit & Co, RA: in --i0Goal 10.e . stdid, nod 15 dn. nly 2i1d. J. II.1 IV Co.71 Po lrns Ft. LOMBARI) & CO'S inreatn ne ol New O)rleans Li, e of Packet Slips --4'1' new line of sh",s hak been rxpree.lyhuilt to r.. h'ctw..... the albove ports, and will bu frilnd of snit:dilro drn(l of water: aeeomniodation for pasorngeOrs, ad every effort will be made to give generaI antis action, IThe Lane is composed oftho low Inoitng hi, ls: Cherokee. 415 tons Cat. J lhrding, Carolina, 41111 dIo S Lemist, Charleston, 374 do I) IEldridge, Colnmbiana, 625 do G Banrker, soaman, 240 do J Ilower, Bomlbay. 625 do D llumphrey. The above ships are all now, of tile first lass, copper fastened and aoppcred, cnonmmanded by tieon fgreat experiocc, have largo ncnncomodltiooo, ilth sepnrateo lades cmil; every attention will be pMd to paseangers, and the vary neat of stores pro ldMed for them. The packets will be towed up and down the Mis uisipp, andl tile strifest punetualiy olacerved in the time ofBniling, and aIoulid tihe roeglar vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good will it all cases be aubtituledl. A share of patron. ye is aelicited, ann tile age.nlr pledge tllcmselves to Inonnmodlat an much us practicable, to receive AM forward goode by a sid lice nt tie most mnodcr. te charges, and to advance all expenses on goods oiped, if required. ln shijps will leave the Ist and 16th of every month. For freight or passngee, apply to thie ngent. J A il IEIRlITT, 82 Commnon st. N. B. Allanlcemnients wide on consignmao.ts to Mesorn. A. C. Lonmbard & Co. - nov27 IR Ti kWS-Tn soreunbncnes have pnucured aIt a grneat e.pens. lhe righIt il ptltingu n irg n omuls in tiin city. lThey re Odllpred n o to lhic buildings, warte uases, and prlvnte dwellinse,lnd eelnbrine at once cheapnpess and duroablity, and are pernoelly fire and wanner pruf. 'Terms mar Li knllwn,nand a model seen II our estaBhslmnenlt, opponme St. M\lary's manrlket, Tehanitntilns el. oct 2 E II COGSWE.I, & Co r b-X IA. ;iti" O.N l'lIL, al.ttl.nrnit--,. ni J y Al.tlS n WHITAL., .560 7,t L S S6Iu:LCID, u d4 C4,,(nude streret, bctweln Dunmain and St Pallnp, kreera constantly on hand an extensive n.asrurtnll ofifleots ald irogans, and ahIoellNew Yur tnanllfaIC'nllre, lliro en. wolenler and children of irl ner, winclll be winll di.pso ul st very nIo.Jerale prilep. Famnl!iesof his oa qlintance on sendinc an order will bhav their wnshes attenled to L S SE:;OUR Ill t':~ LE.t- 0-b i.Io, I ,olbs ea ch; 1I1Pint itn 0 einn s lari n s I ao.- Vermlli n ; 5 bls Copal Vlm niah; 2 " Jseirn I r CnI) l 21 packs Goeld Lear, 5ri0 ian Silver do; itii do Dutch Metail. WINIOLV GL tSS. Amcrirca, Et glish aned French 100#h botes, vrnrlnOll iaes nrid lulirie,. Boston broe n do.d--u borerr , colnsignelllllnti, will be old low. Also, a Eenernl assortment of ol' roololse nlllld role, feor sale by A W SCAi ES, No Ii Carrel street. N B. Alabama notes takorroi an t i r and liisiprimi notes at't . receierd at 10 per cent discolllt ltfr good.s, aripa pr i tofdbits. ji I Ir VFl>1t Geoa irreIndn- ia-ni-leno f I .ivn wrtn-rl. toire h aortd, i i pio tiu in bottles it the lone prite of 30 cents each, coenJiningr tie ntrergtlh of three onnnee of Liverwort, inei lea tile irtulln I mrlltv thr rot- and herbs known a.oln Irg IIn lilns a n ellica:io in curing plTmonary ion .i ,lt intst. Thea u rieulld ·lleces wi nllh ins nrertllenl tllhe ine of lo is hnerl maleIln lsrl wloever it hts ldr ll ilnbrll; dlleed. ma e t:iroed the Coanilidelne and r.rlle a lions of hepetabhe, lpy dicians, for ihe erllrs of igtio colds, pale Inm the aien want n t restr, spillng o blooll, livepr coirpolint, &e. To awho it nraly eonCer. Th i id ato certiy In, we have in our prc eice frequently I rercribed rl o (ord. MIr'a nldoin" Blomrr of I.rverwnrt a d Iloh l, lw a decided goard efiCt: we en l tbrefore, fromn tne krnll lodte of tie mntrirals it is mnade firo, lnd cbsee.ailrun and"o. xpeirice, recol.nulrn O it as a superin . lnpri oORtnr, or tise nafcns t e io oftile luNlls o.r wlicll it is m notndei. Al.leiit I' 'W1.i.1 S, n. 1. (CALVIN F.-I 11it. ). Memhe,s of tin Boston Medical Assoeiation. eMaltOa. OkAtolnt 25. sda by 9 JARVIS & ANIDRIWS, nI, n, lnnn I ii t'a t t . 'I9E l: I 1vl-W-iihii Cenat Isne. received end lir Stol.ib IIERIIO(IEN-E, I::i)WN & (:.e S rs y 3 " N o 9 "l n ii r'. COAL -ire enhlenelhrri 'ia 00 rno i,,,n i hend a '.ree supipy i f Cnne I nnnl Lvtrp'.r l rn..i, in bulk .f C e rni r quin nn, w ihi, I nieWn n r nie 141"' in inn" it r ; ,air, had, is. .tnr rn im " ,n nitio utie r. N n +Ri'' r ,i aiit ,. w i, .,r- i pn, ll na sialled rn. _,t 0.l . i l'il.l . N aEW GOOD--Sim &ons Har & co asr eow tn 'e aceiving from on heard shipm Yazon, anti Sa"atogna f -Isdbtriq Cuneanrdi, Raf New York, a great varliety of gouds i their linc, which together wnh lt heir ell e stock ton ihan, mncker their Iasonrt tut 'er.y: .Ile. 1l'he h, lhw'in. ellnlt)J a ipstl. vic: cl Itt ;te..r..'tl.', tuek aunl dreaCsit . ne le llhrn ino ofall dtvarilt nhi dia rubber, silk and worestd e lnsti ro, t .irers, tue on & fiae elatic apRIlellrs lonet fco aid I. i ir alltc ies, ,Sedlidt pow3drr. powdei pait lland boxelxa toilet swdir, pocket toks and ellti, needle books, shell, pearl ieory and ItUoc, htead olllualaet,, plauic ral baads, necklaces anl ncligees heal elahe de, lead neeklaces, cut class asd ploin,ceed,silver ea gilt Ultads, Indian hends, bells al d plunmes; istol snd large pow lee Ilakr, shot belts, Ihrse, bolt. pocket aud d ueiliur Jiastle double adlslngle barrelled suns, Bowie knives, tnd ldirks. scissors, shears, pocketlanivcs, snard chains, and ribbons, waist buokloe, cloth, lnir, tooth, nailcnla,, crumb. alne, plate, dour nsld dusting brle.hs, Coltlgne, Florida, lavender, rose ald bay water,a srlte:l eas.elea, asd exltneteul Mccassnr, hea, andl e, aid Ward'si ve getable hair oils, esnvinr n a toilet soaps oat lt ds eriptiona, ladier' andI gretlet eoti' delsk and eteas, hair rielets te frees and Ibiratll, plain, fincy and olusical uork boxtes, ilain anld ilt ,igured,d cot alld Zent hl tgac, pear and i voryE l sit on, shirt ntdds, gole and silver pencil cases, toohlp ac .s annI tweezers,i date andegilt leket, reinilaet iuatirc to sier, raiasel teeaals haninbles, hooks and eyers, hoaeir s, imitation frit, slk nld red ink,shon bltacking, vilia lnd giteihrdribbed And tlsin perussiun caps liui ti scented csi tens, erl and sihlselre and, lashar paper, glne hags.h riig w'ti % es i walkin ;aeaplayst gatds, fei a gHod, plnod pnhgint gwoolhv &e.i.. o e ore toethr with great ariety of other anl f s he rti le are ofBred alo whleuale or reetil on m .'omrnodatinr Nt ' Shell coLn o rep .5ir-et HOYLE & .tAY, loust, Sig,, al NtiiiamGN E a P ainters, No S Claronalt lrsmert, twi doors lfrom .. l to street. Iatialsos atl thae tllowsing wcoill d IaIesnlrll.le, ens ecutltl it a mssterty e lss lse,. s iO lS MAII n .E.L. :nary, gytias hlanck olll gold, Ok ke.i:dlcle en Aisc,, Pnetin, triealettl or venid r hoqs, Carledt slIlle, Ilhl aOne, hIss Eye ty n, Darby .talite S:nlts t\-ooA, IPotomlet, ls It Wolo, ira e ar Itlrdello, Te''i'rc, Itaian White. rom ess ie or astlaok tiac : cas InteaclrOctella, la.e Wo eisd, Amerl il a Grley, Ash \tit e ttOak, th . t •e be. CIUlul EInlt 1. lo-eitts en tIe see, ci the sWapll. Piedal, nil,, igl s.rolutl vnrimshl, &. ou., lantltilort slte. I tilNSTI't IIS. HEAVY (tl)OllS--hat, sstiusra a .nil Ibndle iron, wele Rsarlttl . Hnol,, snllrll aild roee i'ln, nail rods lal1d pslo1 Cils(terl',(Gerson, sleema, blisirvdl, ltsring, sheet illsl sClIwley steel Ilotllsow s lrte, cut and wrsuhti n:ts ls e ndsltsnIkes Zinc, blockl tiat nlill :sllelgritl . h.les, slt kettles Cllin cablesls,ss ors hoe I, It- a.rd trssce ( :iss,, ors mills Aiit, is; icr.. I lilearesas eim, bellws SItiee, steht- lstigsnd ls, lesl; aehot - ,-el,l and coklisillg- sivnfe AI I IesI I ltsllal oed's eand ehl su tes t illnle shoveli I ltk nd plisl e sllle hiIgIs, sier:ld winslow hoosks g sllst Ih is ets.Slhtenp, id her xSetis I Ir e le it i taitlssllts lger, listesstsl ia tisna Blstl eld sla hleet g CIlsse .,,e Nat al sttltotn s PlehIes, iiise..e s eUlii s ccerlelilel Iway s ese hC.ed, noti wlties t, slfsraI Ir ale at aiselt' sale 1, rclail, Oe, the iness t leteett lel Ieeses, ly n1u4 IkY'I'eIN be Cu. 5,11dIll treee. HO It(lltSE I t, \1.N\1N. - HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER h e NI . se tlmp setreet. t\hes hsalh llhlser ilstel Iellnle, Oel 1, Varni1ee. .srt. nt:I %Vi h, w o and t 'i,"nlr ei, llr. ll . \ . .e. ic I slAte t.t.II--eeetasur qisliies, tonshsnlir lee ýA .ttrer ulid l; r ale by SitlALL t- Illt WIWNIt, mar '!s 91; leegtce ee nl SleA: I-TICN 6N 5 r I 1' C ol I l'LxT'" FASI{IONABLE CLOTHING. IN.. 6O, CLrirllre Ilrler, (le,, Deer bchlwm 13ienville, AVo': constantly on hulnd every article ai ltlln illS tbi , gentlenlm'rl, dress, nlu{de e thle i;est Illu ll, nhr rand r eset fashionaeble yle, vihich they ofe ll cash, at reend plricds. dce-l--Il38 It 13 A FN EIS S. A NEIW artdile or personls troubled fith deolise, S(called te,, Ear i nrllnlptih jnst ben received, b t ilet i lse dl' t h ell , tlle s ightestartilntlt eno outlhla hu rla v otice, ies iid llne t V co::,eP:i to tile l ltr. Anlly or e who has ever p1een u(e n Ine I koverse tio e very deis P 0oet lullst be flliy eel(hblet 1" Ilt1 dillietdtv nd,, e,, rrasnent cele t ll oeth hvt them. ecvt t n d ficl in eeividun so urlnievrlat, sirntsted. By tfhe ut eft n havring usi tio 't'rnTume11 For sale at Ji I' & AN( llON'S, Fnaty tlote. crner f . .mloln andTeh St Clarl streets InlEr hIoI E1Ixt ngIr l Al. frraLe h 1rt1 I [..E FOil. 71Al) I TFI ET(L. r llf testahlishIC rerparation andl eonstal.ll Incre oea-i t1 ,den l filr tIlls aeonl til pIremedy oIlnt , ena e tn sPrrrnIv t ie ' Icc ,, theew, has i -uce'k o Tho-cribel llt're it wn tlhe Amkprieon stllllt. AornlohcnlCtpll har Leen and( to Iropln lelts in alo the pn'iael citioia n d i ol r l. t ill tile U l el States, l. lls I polll , t ithl tile rey elup tihoe and likely to s2 li .d r lis nillo hr b.silg clasllnelhc oThl' o rtht-aehoe. t.+'rl a applied according tO directinns given on bottle, it hl1a never filette elrtonl d immediae ani Inalt relif. It ai Warres tie deCn in defectlv te1et, aof relievea that w orenek, ss hichso , brequenth renders trong ltooth liles 'heo npplicuatio ndor remedy are, silopper ned tilI roofngt no ,least g snllg t&he nuThey r opve ard ill odiherint sect ills tork in colllntry, that hsve nlrrnd-v expericnred ouch delightltfn ael snallltary eLfct .l lom. ilthe se of th.e Bnln, are reindsth sin learly land unexpectdlv, and .na.' be rengarl ' b.yh the cie ilitzed wt i as the imnat valuable discovery redna o 1rT tile wd UTEs. l'lice $1 ter bottle. Sold bv Itr 5 Cnr Cotlnton and, Tnlfitotles .nt.. SOlinr Illtl.S--ttrdrs reeiv rolltbr e l millt . lby / all 17 SlAI, & i)NN tLt N, 9(iI Mgn.ine . RULEID I.F.TTL 'EP'AfLIt{-Jotst tec,.ived n few eases of bhl anl white wove ruled L.lcer l'aper sOme try hIw prited, fuir Ilie hy juJnf'15 2, . Chartres st JARVIS e e ANDl ILEWS, WIIOI.ESAI,E ANt I I AETtALI. t I)ALERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS' OrS ..E L STUIb'S A lD.) D IrII Iar CI,.SS,, Curner Comnlon and Tl',:loupitoulan s streets, NATIIAN JARVIS. JOIIN W. ANI4IIIEW.\r A Inrarg uply o Garden rSeeds., iterroe thn growth r ND REW sIIP &-CO., respectfully inform their frieinds and th public in coneral, tlat they occupy tih new brick shop, 219 Tehoupitoulns street, where they keep constantly on hand opper, T'in and Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, suchll s copper stills, kettles, and pnlps, tin bath. ing to' a, and oil cans, of all sorts and sizcs, and all othler brass casting dollo at shortest notice. Grate biars of every description, sech as steam. bout stirrups, bog chains, screw bolts, and other kind ofsteamboat work, such as chiumnys, brooch. es, steam pipes. 'they will also do all kinds of out door work, Fetch an zinc, copper and tie roofing and guttering, &re. They above and all other kinds of wor'I in their lice et business, they will execute at tile sllortcst notice, dec27 N-- W I|RINiIT:(e HUTYI'EI,, sleaso, tnder I he inllll lllllt Cll )upli ltlll iniv+ Of .lier. Jolh cll!t llnell . TIth rStullb!i h lllllln Inetl been Ili,;ing rl. l,,t hel'l r-lm, hilli.erl roomn-.nine pin alleys .ltables, dll hnthllillg hollsp, (trent exerlionlll have hi;i, i moltle to rIicder tlhe minee colllrfrltlnl e ellll e nnt loenallt rt.+nrt. 'I hern are fifty five rmlallnell1. fl nlie., n d In1 vellienl o111 a lll t esnnrleln geld lor-i,,gl1 rglentPiile . Fier' -eli, anllld ti i-ill"n h Loa. " ip. prnvhv.d, andIl e h.rle nl hllo d of nlsi+, fIr elotillion pnlPtire, & exc~llmraill)iY I le GL 'l ha' t t~llr l of it wllim h il, l illlo pdi):llh idI lr lll lo l h1, hnt,-l i. I; n:i, l:cklnd by seve'ral teautfld inlanl., all .ilthin s ll~w holnrs s:al, s llnoilt " whlich nre Catsllalltl, ?hp;l a nlhlll, Ilorn [. (nd,annd Ithe {:Ih ndallnrlr. l I.etler Iagis i(P .p t Iai bar of lie Exthang: i:eo c!, N.1it. wllhicll Aill arelna.e ailv o lt lltlllll. cl()OJNNI,;I. . WVI'1I,:I\IAN, June II l+:xehlnnee IIotel. frlollm ll vre and nofr eit r l a s. a. Ill llllllll | nr1+4 r_ pI l t oi" f I iElrnn l l.l sn .p' -i'ti ill :--[ lalh , I'iý ul" . l'ofr e, ll·l, aed. PlacleOf* .vllt richest ro e'+o{.d Wild nmmllo TIllln ))r T sll vr.. lqnllllii are rerllprr. fullly inviteid to aill s dl mnell lilll I I i tpright pilllaUo v. ich ale ePlirely a iiPW nrlicl e. E JtI)INS & t',,, St. Clarlhe rt J| . op! Flile tlh Verandah & Exlrrne hnti·l wat.r tars "; .9 tigaliuo d, in torne, for sale hiv ne,13 ,5 JP p ;VIIITEtY 73"C'anp .1 .]ll.t)l' iRfKEL.: --I9i h-,lr.P, undml " I' ol . i'O. Imaay 1R 3,| (:,noier st I iD ahd II Beef, fIr sale by (; I)OR151-Y, i .hne 27 41 N J,.l .pr e [ . 1, V F 1· nV.i 2 ee . Ily .la rriet M arlinro t S Al.c I:e-iluche', rpmlpoiing iaq oirips concern. hnd ltne, lira- eries; hloda. 'l'nle. and I.,'g, ds, Ibl h elenry RlewP St 'llrh llllilU; f+Prllve, ls It' esell; N Tor.i& aBaltimore Packets NEW ORLEANS iD ItALTI.IORE LINE uF PArCKE I'S. This line will consrit of the following voessels, which !ive been built or purchased expressly flr the tro le, viz: Ship Seaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, " Nickerson, Irad Ferry, new o Stevens, Sol tnton hiallus, L"ltham, Brig Arcltoect, " Gray. These vecoels are of the first class, have hand. some furnishod tccommodations, and are of a light draft of water, so as to adroit of their rocciving and dischlarging their cargocs in Baltimore, at the city. Froight will be taken for ports on the CloeapeakO or James' River, and forwarded by the agente, Messrs. CLARKE & KELLiUGG, at Baltimnore expenses on go.da shipped will be dtvanced when requiredl. The rieo of passage ta fixed at $D0, ample stores oft the b. st quality will be provided. Steam up and doown the lieiesippi will be taken oil all occ(asions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. I.EDFORD, novy.7 22 Ienville at. FOR NI.'W YORK. [Louisinna and New York Line of Packets] 'HI'M Ships cnmeporing this lne will sail frio Nct' Orleans lntu New York n evrery other Mon day--comineneing on the 201h November-.nd to iuonre the punctuality in the tite ofaailiog, the lin will Iherealter consist of live lships, viz: Ship Yzoi, Captain t'lrask, to leave on the 20th SNovember. Ship Lonlisvill, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 411h I)ccembier. Ship Ilnjtstiile. Captain Eldridge, to loeave on the 1811th D.cerbher. Ship Vlcbkslurg, Captain. Woodhouse, to leave on the let Janarry. Shil'p Miesisippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of Jantrrty. The above ;re ill new, of the first clase, copper di atd coIpper filten.od, tnti onwariis of 5L0 toe.s hnrlhen, are r.f light !,.-, ., !," u''water, being built int New York ,e-i.,lessly frr tite trade. Tire price of passao is fixed at 100 dtllaril t their cabins are ftitted tp inl the omst imoproved end convenient plarn, and lliniel in ia ne:t ad el.gant style I Ample strs olthe first ilritly will e provid, stid evury regard paid to the c.nftort andtI entitre satisfactiul titt p tasengrst, w o will please take ino. tier that no berth can ie sreured until paid for at the ottico of the colsi- neea. 'l:T e vresserls ari r colmtnanded by capltahi well experiolrnrd io the trade!, wtrt will gie eve rye at tetlion and t .tt rt ter lilelnrscle to acOOntrdite. Tlher' ' will at all tiltca Le towed nlp arnd down thI Mises.i eliplli ry setr'anlllbrtrte, oid the etli clet punctmality ohl'rvd itr the tite, of 1) Cilig. mo The owntrso" tihres shii i will eot be rerpooni. bitt ftrr any iilter lparce ir lpaekage.. set by or ptt on board rtl tholiir, unlleis ie retilar bill of ladinrg lim tig:t.ed thereior, attl he t onltt itg ihrnso of thi agent or owi.rer. Irt'irrrll:r prariculari apply to J1) IEIN & A COIEN, ii v27 90 Cvmmon st ,. 1ih rl e -', t ~,,per, 1, and "nod r r las. ii O l Ifirr nd N II 'i r ',il f,. M iCllrl e t uri v sss ;re n,Cherlnes d.d i y clu rwn eltsr. rx r l d ill t .l e , is .is wh es ll , v ry i t S hipp-r . Th )'J'i wall t. to., id III, lind dwu the 1 iS.1lsi;, , Can rlest., New Lrea n , orf befor t e i .H I al I,5 t1 l ,f evoery tf 5h. Thu foll[ fWiii r vraes ls ec ,o-e siIe 11e, i i flris .Aa iain,Chnrle. Il r!ne, n'aster. lBrlg C isrnsiJ Ii. ThoriIsiml n,,l lO ellnri. In sAlim-en, J, D,,sne, masteIII r. is'r Irselshi sr ,suace,n Apia I 3J. A. BARIL LLI &C,,Gfts C, iunnn ls Ne; OIlfens, or M.. M,,rornlr o Chlhallo ostm nit I iO.'PO UNSTO ICI 'I'f U E.--A psedy isand l tllureao's I cr boor th e F velr and Ague, r emittent and iter illen f ; prpard Tte Crnip, Used ,,I te emn'l Fa nily ni v ursal u tcess n 183, yersn of tIe ig eshi rso ,abli; itris ct, as sii rtl in tge s Dr. Ifrfd; Ifob fI as v lum es This edicinae is higaly rilo 'ende.d, and chel I JsIIN &, ts. been extensively used in tie above diseases with J 1tnr.'.l I IlfxI11 131 sf gnzine .t CO.IPOUND TONIC MIXTI'URE.-A speedy and emdistinisd uessro for t Fhe proprieor and Agof, remittent and iotermsittent fevers; prepared from tnie oflgoafl rc.ipos. Used wtnh emioiot snd oni versal uecipess 183been in, y erd ton of the igheub. re itsrebil fit i n this city, as stated i t aynn bexed csuffertificaeng unr t courg of ou I This mendio psserin higly retviome andod, and sha beenor etensively sed in te aove diseaser fid of such ditingisa er even ess, tieost obst prnarietr of ie disorr. been is ducedot at offer itto trble, pub. lie sr its present form. in itse hope tiat it oiay be the p eans of rel weakeing s any oh, those whon are ufkerig unit ildr tiy. Iseoorgof ur outry. It ives organs medicine pssessi an pptvite, and whdom renuire aecorinig to tieO diretsisns hfi never failsd of eflhcting a eure, evecn u the mist obstinate stage. o' the disorder. It is uos at oll disigreuable, aid personi of the weakest stomach, onil children may take it with impuiity. It ltreogtlhens the digestive orgaus, creates an appetite, and raldom requires more than osne, or illn obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in thie medicine, nor any thing injurious to tie Ihuman constitution. Tile proprietors are so well convinced of its effieacy, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been takon in accordanes with the directions and has not eff.etced a perfict cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleoans, at Ihis whlolesale and retail drug and medicine store, corner of Iienille and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. SMIITII, 48 Conti st. PENSACOI A MANSION HOUSE NEIlW CITY, PENSACOLA. CuIIE subseriberhavibn gurp.baled tie leae and fir - nfitnreof Ihis well known establismoeot, frasn Mr t Tlylor, ile late proprietor, will be ready to rereive vi. oels by the lIt if. April nest. Numaeroas ald costly iipscrvesments will be found in the arruangeleCitClls of ite lMaesiou Houce. New atdl m ore onammoiuns I nhigi houses will be built, and Wear l b.lst will he provided at all hours. A stable will be attached to tflf heuse, with good accosmmiwds. lions flur hloses ald carriages. lbist ratoe horses and ernoages will olse bee k et ie st molderate priee., r nd soil alld ilw blvts, nil h persoll to malage lthes for tls usie ofloie.itis. Ifilliardns ned olle amusemenls vesolly Toando at Ir ehrig plfeea, will sal Feofurnidsoed, and s so lorducad ieut to isterferei itli te eonllssirs asd suiet of tle boalrderrs. Thlel wins andt liqaers wnill bn of the best Gdsily aled it) lensure o all sepplly os ich, ne gob has already been ordered, wlich will arrive about tile I st ol May. ll sdlriek lenhoard, who forimerly kepst so populalr a bletelnt Wsloinestsi city, will coudat cIis hllii elfor the prisprietor, lho, with sich aiduossfidenitly usserese the of last vinri and hiiis frie.ds genireallyfa t silh y will re.u ivi etera floS. Ile r.innlon1; aned ils.r.lhy ex ,sco t give iei)ra stuislaciiln. she lteal dtfasiigin oft Ill Lhouse l re too well krnowl s to tieed It lhugit.c rd descriptian hrre. 'Ifie tleoils atl'ut . oein ie Ie largest novel .sllltion of the (IviIIrsIntii Ilsle enerarl re'dezvouo osltile (itif squad ronfl the sihlalutiiy ofifa etfinte reoireushed aon.nlyUltv do till nliste n.einior lftonllI bIV ihe Cloiless t I reeI.Ps'frno h fuiulf; th.esuln of the bhyosnn theoneiglbiosriig islsn,l= ii ihse; isiu sslndosiniiee i nld deliaCy of stil. in41 flilh wliirillsesllsiieatelsii.sid; iiid ifs pi,'niutiy to ile best iolltlilii eltlrktis , lsie Pollnno le n ihe pre feeuierr over hli sllrr slisaces ill tl:ee liit nuetil, as fI nl l a tl t i tf L (um rretreat. I.r ,¢rst rate sets ss]ll eI irl , l.e euelsesiaclla anid Mt bile, e.d sill . t nll flimes be LlW to take ilhe paisuesgore fr lbt uss Ne Orlols buetns. r I N B ARNNOLD. :/,'n nclea, F,.b I S;h. 10:11. D (;jf entle mein sliisng to eungogs roanls for tb•ir if fnsilie t caui:sl rld ss the opriolor. t I'ensaeols er u'raffwcll T Taylors the fucsrrie luroprifctorr at en Oe: leans. 'F Sawifrr. Evq, nr C i:llsm, IB MAIlsis, Erq, Is.t Kibse, ie flsb ls; S 'l'aC Cfor, PIP' tReao fl,in Nes. 1' s--\ 1letter bi, ti receive enomsnn latsiosll Sir Iper+on-iu. is, li, e Iiotsel, is i ,scelr nt Gero Whisneiss'o oflfie, l - sh!en ciEvlsh age. iIst)Iltll).\ 1O11 '1'E PFIt NEW 0ORK. [tIP Isrisvelhrs of hsiiins srh Flsril oicsi, via Pelo,,scohlst, ies Nssts, re i'f.rses rslsit first ruse bioas wl'sil ssl 1 r lrlel Frsll h.'ssbiile tI Pesacfsle, rlt of Ins. (tosd sslese eill ollsuas he pborvile oi the ulliPsrr;herlo iP il r b inliseeiis tio itake iisenoger fruo Moblile, illo coa of the fail uce if tie blnts N II AtuNOl.D The tne:lmlionrt Clhmpsi leavef si o lehile tor Pessla relsn twii, se ws.k fh "fi I' "- I tON MI.\RI FARINA'S COI.OGNE WAT'ER s rtIrs r +rr Isftis csIperior Colouge- wo0re, jost Ireceirssd la nifr sLisl b thssslozen or isiglis hosnof.. lIs ,merlic:ran risIll ltlroeb itolet liders, powder Sii..s anllnfxcf.luIsinysallf toilet sopfp ,rsllslisicf washl ha[lls, nilk if rlose, ..osllnie col erasne, sxtric o I nsik, lkIpholhli.0 \info's vegesablef hsir oil, iuminII nsu, isllllesle pCiue, l-l'ssidsl n dIiLIItlr rose uilld bai WIters, ci'r s salrs, danricillns perfsumery is trunks veet Sble r ol liquiI r,e,:e', thlsrine olenOrris toosh waso, elotl, hair.lssu )Is :li] ile i fIi lsuhesl-l; togelher wit li s-lld r" i 7-Ic lt w nhles ire :ti tol. ,hili, landiing ftr, i hs p t'herl S lr fyrO sole by It I Illlt I n i t" f --.f .t;Lll (it \. ,,..e~,,se- '-5 dozen le l.,, '' -,, h, Royal College of Physicans, London. IIflE original Vegetable Hllgeinn Universal Medi c.ine, prepared by W lsskit, Esq. Member of tile Itoal Clollege of Srgeeons, Licentiate of Aiothoe c Oar)'sliCmny, Fellaw ofli Bit Conrl Societv, Surgeon to the Iloyal Union Pension Asnouition, Plaee, Waterloo Iltidige, and ferIa teal Pupil of Guy' ansI Slt. Tlnunas'ls liositals, London. This valuable medicine, tile result of twenty yearrs' experience andntis snallele4 success in the extensive and iltghlt tt'esaetablle practice of the innpriely, plttro nisied b the lotltsv atlnd otilitr, ntlI is now itilontttecd to the notice of tnh American iublie, at the earnest so licitatio .f a nlmbher ofgentlemen of lolng and high standling in tile profession. It is hoped, as a prelimti nary step, to check the evils and fatal cousesquences arising fi'om tile nse of tile nmerous and deleterios noelsttms toisted t:5es the pntlic iy the aid of fuiricated proofsof'mitraculousot:is, natter hfaels, byhy set of le erce ar, unprincilied Ipretenders, so totally igno'ant ol omedical scienee, that it impossible the monstrous treiosisn c an ly longer go down with the intalligent ;enlle ofl taiscosnlry. Tho.r tills, milt andtnml geable tn their nature, should be kept in every family in cases nfastden itllness, for, by their Itrompt sdministration cholera, cramps, snsllns, fe'.rs anil other alotrating complalntst, which too often prove fIoal, many he speedi IV cred or iptreventel. In lfct, all those who value good health, should neser lie without tlhem. T'Ihe are solt' in pasckets at 51 cente. $1 uand $'2 each, hy every respee tbsle idrngist, s.k.hetllsr,sand oendorof medicine ii tIs United Statest I Ie ta:nwlnas willt coionus dlreetios, ttegetler with. esutttnnialssl of plrolissionnl ability firmn the following esilsut gentlemen: Sirt Astlev oopet', J Albllerlet, James Illstdell, M. 1)., tV. achk, M. I)., J. Aston Key, A. Frampton, M. 1)., and nomerous otllers. The originnis ay e seen n possessin pos of thel General Agent, by wloml thle nleiie is imported into thiin ountry, and to whlonl all applications lobragencies must be madce. JNO. IIIOLTEIN, 129 WV'.elly Place, N. York, Sole General Agent fior the United States, Wc. For site by a:sppointmlentmn of the origiital prol itoier. iy SWAIN 0 IlnuoTIIE, I)leggisis, N. II Cunal street, h( eneot Agent Ifor Stashlle n Lonuisi:ur. jul v8 BIIIIY II .Lt.i C& co, Sc '*lagatre siler aeeta .w rreeeivilng fronm ntllil. Ntsnlshviile, LInlisville, ienhiste.l, Eagle, and other late arrivals railn s:he e ':-ierl cities, i latrge and new selected assnrtmnent IIsl.s, Boots, Shoes ad r ll rogarls, ana itlistg ul'ofglltenwn's fine eslif andl loroeeo boots In ro qntsolity; do buf'll, olll stout woa pegged o sos o rntrios tqtalities, men's ftion call'f snt at nlll loec rIwe. pu os and brog ss, bhksukini aloes,, bheigtnats silswels: men's fite eif .lull idkippedse igged stIoestsll Irogns i do bosts; do stoi t kip auk i wasliaiegntr shet s lh brosans; gentlemen's best .intlity enll's.ectl shoes, I'lgano and Jack I)owtings; do calls and .M\orocco ia ot!e Eeaines sanSd brog lis do cllI seall e ns Sost'd s io I stiiats shots astd slii'ps, dio calf, sho' rstt" Stasl .twgsI t .a lew article; do line calf, se.i and smoroncco qtl:t'te - ots; Ioys', misses'ind chilrellh's eoCg"ed and sewed , 'togastss, oesstlisis s of lt'rssinllitsatnt1 kinll. Also a generatl assornwlI oet Inll's stnl was and Ilga.nss lnd sihos, together wi tel 10i(,tt.t gtgo trwst quality, resstet brcglan, tnied in the iL Itoh,, mnde expsasly fill' plansttsionl ae; a gentel as. I s of lm esl's lil.e an ud s1tont kip ll r h "ss eits Ir'g llls , w rt a rge jantitty of an inlirior quality s, 4set :.Ial s twa triogns l. [salies' fine calf, seal, sorono asnl gratl iwell, lnti p imp sole lhoes: do line F esl .llu(cco nsnoIe l llkd nl Se'nd slilppes; t roailn shoer, wilh lmit without lheerl ib calf, staid nll solot tle.ler bootel:s llo I'rleallta slhoei It shl kinds and qusitiesi do iasstitng thresgassn; so gyiter .ill n ifoxed heoene, Slis.Ders' Iastings.sristg SIta atl 'gaorL Chilr.en's C ilor e ad loeaesa n lt c slring t In - b " t; sanul broots, en. ,nlenlletn'sfinefRshsiontsle ittck silk hl.hs; a to tanek on Is tirabt ve le of e us a rs f o i ier qatheity s its o ittetit It, ram edlo; enst lats n tor( hri men's e ine tiha ne d th1: k disnis sort napped hots, ait rew orticle. locs"t I:.:e size ihtats oa dsifleree:t t, lillatis,; do.n sit ie., t . l."n 's an d b ,:}'r hlack nu ll d h:J w o o l hk l,1 o f %ar: ir l s sluit pl', wit i:) al' i Itsi lllllultn mts osa s ' a ll ll Ull' s"n 5 cps. I his i 'ssnk tlens st t ll be ,'eph',sish,:d In the ar of slltot snelI on ceonlulllliS l elrnns . teon n -a dNO MuaRCunr NOR COPAIVA A O1 T Fix nonl[; ago I hal lhe lllis:iilltle to taCt 4- 3A n U re t Itl nsei, for- nhich I h n:ye a , td s . s e nl ditde for a Br i n Pi tlhee ll ll v di (nt cure m,, so now eoitthlen datte 1 e polf crls.i hi n etL eas Het, andl t ecxpi-t Il tt cure ll 'e at ti the diseasesgt ose.rea, oi aes to brea out ine largetin cer to tile namelr tof six or eiih nllete ]i teg, tsts all1 over Icy facou, and sore s throat, anlllldt tniihl. o t work at ItI sreellt lilstis on nLournt of tlhe dlisesle; a (er t o1 tilhe righllt sile of the Itlroal. I Man .v aipotl.myself oenstileny tndert th eacue of I)r. Ileel, olf Par to he pereetrly cured JOtls ItIAN. feb ItI ly I Do CERT'IFY that tle abeoti nle et;oee id CenPwi w ' t ilnk I)r. Iluel;l adll noie' eev r I a ln , t it til nla li ciIhtlle | bare taken nkeiIm io ati Rlr I e u i "e m. le ltl t all; tieie'el;:re I h ie.' t n 'f n ic. i l ' r "rs ; eloe no titll ' s llo plly'v to Drlie . ItllIc , ('finll Iire etteeweei l}. ihl n, and liii .-qrt',', . lr. I'lihy will iall a trtui dui ,rlin r ten., t p,)ll illt, ,.I 111. Ili\.N, Isinr etaf=reg. I f a lly O n e .a n t.., t t e e It (, c a ll :a t S.N . ,II I;lti, I .I ' IN N )i' .N. I'ee (tleian . F h 1, 1:1. It , I I CI JuJ/'YUHL/J//E'I)M'().t/ .VFl';() Y' '!" e i'/,"1 I. The ,ith I'/liei,, n; ROWlETr' TPI.tIC::, Iit' I.:t.I sT T O neieli isInI' eiliii'e' vi. Ale', t",.,.' ' ei,, Callt, lOr, at, easy neat lhn(ls1'o |ll.illlinL tile aVr.r:tge ,i p I Oi' stto tl , e f Ih:l:lh oe hill. ' o, o ds. i,· g.l:s chased It lll'e t'e t di l is en i in l l"t e re,, iil',, ts , r ralriOtlb lU nolslllelt d I an,h'' fill l i n cnn pl v 14 1 . $ ki,. im' ae Ia' I, thle hesat i lr it ill a he e.mii llelllle . Ul' tl1x lie-i guortel antr )lucie' wilhin i hilests eiti e bm i otiinll IltIi(Inltiep I andl size nltt tre. At attven'tiinent in the hotik iis ii nearly the ftl~ow- iI ingwords:E Tliheglt ililnition this wok las reecivei tli'iughlil tlhe tel, Iraiilntive acts iirelixel to tile title liage, is a et. emmnmt ,t~lion in its .lllllelnlllnn adlll so otleloniu srie, iI leililg it leiseeee ,, m-nlore tlIol y- aynof ll. \ertis i Ierl ,trers citdrns.illd vi,,nn of smnei o its pt. c~iIl~itie:- lillM:~lle ll Iiitlrest illa beeo nic is. li' fitt lenldt cilnlliilel withl, wlhat is e ui v:ilet ti lilll'. teen sets Teal'e nhull iolle, exlllillel inl tile prless thirty fiee tinesa n ll eltienl e,, 'ttt'cniype liletetcll tlhirtlty-nne titles, frnlm 'l allinl it nlist be evident even in thile skeptic ( ally nil te Ile.sonal nllhe Ile tail elf proof in llet Inreface) that the wa'k nmstt l)e narith metically infallible, rand in Confilmetion oaltli s blicfli preeeminm of two hunth'elld nafi fty daollars, is now ofner d fnr teile decetiion of a eror Iifneetet in the present ir fifth etli.i, ,ias in tlie preaeie, miakltig fie aige lp.eelnns aflereel for the seam.e err.. r si.e..iete fihn't pnlieatien in t ie geol. I&lce. One of the most einsilicunns ifeetn'es eftile tables is intlhe airtangement of tile 'eilnea .still i Ientts wh.lii for exltediiti.ns, rafernne oeil lerslieeiiy, with ille Ilele oftte side andt inlex, eiiinot hle excelled andl the tIi)y ty and easie with whia the interenl ca lele fbenld to tihe exlent ofgeneral hlsiness, withnlts bling el'si ms ilsbesilesa eonveniencelen s essi, thatintl e eslm: - -ion of some oi file mnost ennlletpi( i ntl plr tieiell usi ness men ntd pllblice ofi evI wleo have made grteat nse of thetwork, it lins been listint il uishi l ei i l b hoolal appellatin efofna tlaste tenee pc". Aiil eonsiderli- g the inlallilbility of tle mteltlhs origiinelly adoptedi i l complnsint, tilewit ll a*ew iek, Ithe lalIi'adcluytI, tnlier ami ealtsety etlle exaenilmtinies, t1l1 tests fte cvery eilittl.t ii lhas assed in lthe pt's, enlewitetatlieogilte w Iole is ill stereotylie, coltsitlerttg. in sllrt, lie positive aeeuancy ecured lliy the inlpreeedellted llmaS el , loottl , tile yo I lumehas heen lrllihtu ane enmlhatically styled ,' the most wonllerfll honok t Inle woslkl), most .el'taillh" nn, man. c namean fighre work o'tlhe same extent, .Liel sinne tce guiigelnl lng o lio Il as lad the stnle nuth 1 be arie vnariety tf tests ill lte same illllmber of etliters; no, nuitde hInlftle titnlbier, as is clearly slhowna i tile ilesi, astest and saen i ardh it has hbeen tried alnl lr'eeed i innclealle tlhe tbtk andl pulblic fmies in tile .Uniltel tlatres. nt i I he public geOlt'Ielly, liring tiile long pieri.n of tlelt}fi e ifti.r', yet no error Of lle ral nlllstites as eIer btic I'elllld inl I "lit, alIhengh contlillu anlly clallenged by ithe nilt'r nf very large prgemniins T'he in, ect exrsresely aleptell by ail tile aounts oflnaiw clt sevlral ntle Stales as the " alle of ealcul:tlll foe.lantlte itlelrest," isHlsn liy laie for Iollk inlteresI neentslillge. tle blllkis Isedt mell an s lhe rse,:l i lers, it; tee utiles if the S h.tieers, aed it Coiw of tan lllu ell lln hlllll ellser, ittle list atllt eld of elh hlnnk isin 'in ireillt efter'rycli ritts olciizels in everl eibiae' te of lee United citSteeps. It is moreover well kilwn Ite, blet its eartly cleck, it Ills o olbetl ileeetetel large lieors, eeloeg Itter titer were mrade, eveer Ittile mot. t e:li a'eind iy t eci mpen eltlt alitelnlseilllln It'a t it l .etelilltee i 11i e 1ntei absollte ii e cessitly 'oritsoas; ihav¢ehtlel exlte nsiyely nsised upn so evident, it.... .,, I,,.e., its ,.; .t,,n ,...s, ,told its saVieigs, that, s.errrl "'etarsae,,, wilhilst thie edition wasscaree, nill nelo of,ee grlnltt.inlhe hr' fcsellol :lly ie picked ipait fnt $in lto $25 per co,, a, sollle |ersnlls I~lne re iel. '. decla.ell .. l ieal n s etnldd heqoted that tilh a woul er :iey n 5l 111.aey t a $ ) foira ee), Irnotlo heihaelem r leed aeress t and. it ieividulal itl the laiter inisteanlce I.e''ieg at tie nmetr iinlte rxliliitetl nalislaeil lr."i to y i e -t, llies et-,lter nt iitlhaI to inl it was itrellv wniri h i:ii leniee) turd nmloe tllt el i fl t lee .i. l'e i I tee ris e.IIIe liac, lie lbeiing a ter rith maeane in el ti"eb ieene. It is likecwis woirlh lle - otott n i'cc ed Il '°I t inmltve n, hil, len i thi tre iut l(e' fiae ei k g .eelev nod a.spieially w1eillco of tlhe xtlent a nd imllllp)-r lnce nl these in lolt, thalil Itlhis honk or its lilke ItIIIt lIlre'Ill ell intihe lh sle mtller ieiar,) ii)ie tihe mose coieilcl ct calell lor ill the w.le , :llll i(rt. - i It i- i'l t-I l nlOst contililyl unllt.r bilsolen eolere.inin en I "elf sltrets, itc worlc, aln lnmlt) a ecrl rieit )c,.e hin Ile IIIt iti plic Ie fsrwlltea t dear At alny rinlgc, as ti'e pl) t'.tlee d i iiI lIrl pi re |lip l lans Ilalt t 1 |'r 'l'a.Ct a1n11 . caiu bI e e Ihe sleret;)lle iieles et' hit ilteklle, n k laec Iee hat l tee e thlen)-, Hwitlllleir elllr lldl..I l taIlinl.V exnlilla i ii. agailt fit ', for Ii~ ii. 1, t, rnt fit tlhey iee (ey *ntlerciseiiie-ee )raeiaall. rp byte-i beeo peu nedety, eXcpllt wh h .c i n 1e itet-c Anplle eaelloeeeteOtleoliellliei, I'tllskslandltete ite' - enti ilhietul'ielee Iallow tee iamle %hiell t hi fill as in, the ti'i ltreeedi,,; aedilio s cot i an t leeh - I fernltitiun coloersieg tle. eii ln iafiel imi ilioe efeu eiiut.I. tgilliter l~es tee dins ;ifeyl:iele .et It icn::mllls tnll to rcin al it t.a tIIl, otwilltnlllitin lhs uyenlienlmnn e 'lil wr'k. hllcl i was lblihllenl Ife'iyl intelest tabltes welre i .aiheaainellll lai"s aIi ellis be yeal nalllallnac, has beenll s exllnsive .lly 0 to liberally [ patroiiied, ient not let so . :leei as pelid te ih terit.t " tie hetay Ios nf ni.,)l- ihlr Iinmthnnsaml d lhlr. bcside, n11i sarl oaiime ir 119itt I8ite , suerta intent alntte ilegIf ti. ,ciisatinie cii le.eo eiinnt liii, i ellm edilian of 7MK.4) aopllies,_% rnnig chi'll' ly i'"rok it I)lice- a tionl at ltt tihe, at a Ill nderI plice,; Itn h" nothin- of +nlupelctimtlollrlldlitIfr ahlmot aline-time.J. of r+e ti, ..til naecifice. 1 It,,. e , ile .....or si"l ce lie.iil tha tl i isnellltlnent ndll ge.nroeile lo n tle lullE liic i .Enlctillli aI nalen of lle.eflene e and IllnreenIei I', sale Ib the I't'eIneee l Iie'el', iccr,e Ihi UeiEndue S"ates.h et, l'., IA n i' IF i I nsii t cercen-1 revt Sper hl i i.iM'is.ieilpi, fa.a Nee lecrka Ia meea.e snren of In et Itie l'bnltl'i nlae it ,u- .C s , .. nInl~ t5 Cn. 2at {tt II..ltl ) THE FLORIDA LINE From Mobile to AvgustoGe-. leaves Mlob'l every day natlree b ' loaek. p I per U S mail hoat Itor lIll's Lodion , abhove Hl.kely.-t.hettet loor p ist coaches to Pensora.v-thlltr',o s'emhonvt i Lrgroine, wherethbland rote ioreurlllled-'hncee via Marianna anld Blrowl vilre, Fln. Btinbfidee, ttolerton ., I vwvtneville. rneondersvillh & Louis villeto Augusin, Go, onnveetine regularly with tIe rail road nrt to Charleston. nand the steam abcket' to Now York, Norfolk, Phil tdelphin, etc. a1 te eaemboat are the best for the service, atnd Srile nnvigation presents lore advontages tlan can She found upon anlly ateamboat route iv the soutli. Sern region. The ereat improvcenents in tbh roote have bern f prodlred by lthecon-trutetio ofl ifl miles oft new t rold, by the Ipropriierors, viz : fr.n" In(Grange oo a LFavl tto Balooru, no arm of Sonta Ric , Dly, to SBryant's Ferry, on he Chsnraborocthee river, env Smiles above the Cnwoerd, or 14 above Ctedar UIitIt a swherebty the navigallon ao the river, nrd tihe ce a seqaent detentions, and more recently the ivont Svelient erossina at the Cowflrdtt tre entirely d avoided,aond a floe road from N lariaona direlt In Bainbridgt, instead ot trhe roundablnot rroad vi Chaltahooehee, leetenint tthrtdis'aneo about ftry miles, and ic':reasig the facilities more than Ioiee adav a Alec, ae rnnrll line of two horse stavrge everv J other day 1ro1 Irak ki.iaville, via Prrry ta Mo.en, Sas acvoCnetig aitl the line to Savannah and a Darient, Geo. S A mnail stlnmboat olies rgularvly betweenc SBninbridle andl Apalahicals. 'lrnvcillrrs wa.ihitir to reall anlly olllit o l Cllattah,oche tir A)alarhl; cola, eoan take st'romboat at Itrolwntvilre. Mobile to Pnoanola-LLnnd Rou'e--DJurin tlre lirte oeocuptel ty Ihe repnlrs. ol twatr, the proptr,. t... of rite F"eidta tt... tot. a tirr, 'I for. ollrte pit loaches overy etter day kbetwcen Me bilemicd Pe.netoc,. Pe Pvst.rers wtil lvoevr Mlltile at 3 cl''ck cp m. , in the It iS mtl hont, aod proceed hto loil', Llcof Sinfa, where tour tortte coach will tio in waitirty t elcnvey rlleml to tile rxo'cllr theL Of ,r. Cl.hartler l llli, I 14 mile ditatn, whlere thtey wil fild Spleasrot l necUllllllrli llllll to tile tli hlt--locavilt axl tttrnitttg, tihe will carivir to Peosaetlr early i v the evtwnlog th', aoviding tie tdisrulc fort Ia 1i 11h t trv llhin'., Oice at Ih.I Monsico n flue, lIMbile, nod Col. S lilts' ltoei, 'llstiro to lt, whiere' tlrot Itt m sa ht, vt IlTeO'IfI'tON & (o. ,, I JPiano rblre lastly'rfon. Williamn Smith Ienders rVlave,', I .he chi, fns of New Orleans as a tan ehr of the planaa lorte. 1lr S I.avlr,1 been emIplo)yed wseverna y el , u.s .e acher ,I mnuic in privlate anolles in II '5rn,I and a o it several ofl the fetnia le sl innllllla l rls i Its vivinit1, ca.not 1,u hope . amerit ,heir ca onla iaa ae. Ile is raermind to rlfer in a tev IDr Cl.pap, tlersra aeasi &' . Ave ry, IH ndrson &. ni",as a a''r aarmll. iyc pn.- l "apply at Il C bu"okstore of AlhexanderlarT ,we' . 49C in stanl erals and .lldic'iner. J fi r". res, t lht.e l,'oell I hllllsilt ,, this eiv tsor ihe ipur lose o traallL I.ctiL' a i a u eral ' i hle I)il , a.ness* , Ie' is now re' ,lvinir n hill s .1pph of Ir'.sh and a i e rti let. , which h' wtIll sell on iheir,' le r, ciT y idr esll ,l,, a'nd thios,' of the Interi'r, t I,ht..i l, , iln rt l ill s la. d : l i.1h r , he 'will ' I '; r inadea t ae.'ls sui ch n, h ,' e never be, lort ,'eon ,.ITr l in tltll elnv. Hils ,iron -,i is h rdi II i"cr'tlh , I lidl 'l h hI . I ,Ineso . I' , sto k i ill ,or' ·(I g atll !etl l d i' na few woII, ks w~ll he r ,-n d.t !or Ibl-jlle". A!I g'ehlr. tr.),n: heP C.o)uIIItry, an,! nIronl I na , I 1- , ' I, r , a.- tlal' ofl(:r aaaaa' Nlaali19 Cn, a p .t i - Itla- ii:.-.i: AA' A , i ia "'.F -. :iii A -iaai l; : W 11(1l1TY ST'()lll:--ait Ihr signI of the hloldn coaii, 5eI l '1 Chlli('e - .lP,'. Thf1 ,'ala rriy er, hlrlv rr c'i ed, hil,: :"i4l1n to .ir pr:,viol.s ' to.Ck on hla nd,a Il'1 sntl ni,,plet ':5ortm'05 of nts les in their line; vi.:: roat,, perimon rv, Jrw llry, hrushes, hllciný glasses, C6lll.11 Inl-ltotll"l :r , "tllPtlll IIIIIZ)lI a plaIhwln ml k. wi quilled hacll k, Ini rllilld,dn' sii, n , si , a llll and neck, lral0zilial I', ms of evpery description I'ogst which i art s-ome M!,.ieIn a pnltiedr, IvorIy Iconbs o" everyl ,.teri:ihnll, horn, , . n Id I ()tlll,"1, tt.,h'ler w til]It gle ller l'1Ic ll a-- , ol.rl leara la .hi rI' h anal h nia '. - hlul, o t-,,,nd n"a e. hw(r waterr i d ver-.izn i t 410"th ' 'reen lion, i holllll. m ted ( nltit, e\lrt'ofa -l rllntO' lJll~ . I" 1 Lap.ol' al aaa , ia.h nve'' , t i l ind is c e as:lll , doliilla t \Ianle . o Il nd rIle h oelih nu 1t " I olrder lwr , pei r plowr, 1l(r e 00 te pi a ilfl srll II hes IiI - nillllln piol.. i '41(41 ro.lT,{,rri IIa d e horhille truth waIIsII 1(l, Io pawten s, l Ith li riTLn ,l riltL a .1I l wlll ( i f J I' \\'l'lll -II- on,, III Ii lle l II t I0Iod lt i lhllonn hIfe s'itt 9ll0l llP t ' o htell'lI' d rel c ril, la uli tn - " iv tJ' o 'f p tlilll% v " .ttl, ch rhnillimm s., ill ,mih li,-- ,iklrl , , Ilver thij-aa ilk-? Ia nod l d, lot ,I l andt i ,,lll ,d llir{I h. . tlOl ,ý ll:r.-- 'lhllh, b ih, dl ust i,_,t~l IC llll, Jl,:Ilbrth,{mlnior, tai, A ia'-h, oa th, a i, c, h, Nla il, ia iana i , 11n.' 4 ie ers, n c-l. r1|lfl aa:aa <a(a n'llan .il-L. t flal inh 'a; r a, ah(1 a' a;I. n al a1: aaeaan ala !iana olao-ala' whil a ( llli til' (,fnth rr I ill a il 1 ll d.i rall d, 'a41 .i. ion f a.,,n poilu · d,-k. nI ,'.1ff .i~- .(e., n",1o'"1111111 lry ,i," ,( l fin e,'l ;, ,emlia h w'ork aia,,a ,,.- a ta - a. I il I rII y llll r tilll m l ei , ll . al hlay .illl y L VorNiS.. -;rl' llur lln~ i. . l, ll Illie ,tir h vtl r -ilal Iy ,i p lahted ala varnod a aca. ry i.aa+ar n and tricand 'e. i vl(, 'i l.r-,.h ,i ailh l alla, I aa, ntll ' b . p e l'. alina . aat, trl a' eli . Idlian aalry ls . a, I ' ir I , i.,hnd e rul ian aa aa. ht a.n d b .llllllll r olr r', nod sp .i ,si i: tnidhhes, aI e 11'', hl.n aA er p l 'r , () la'y l a illl .a ' 1Ii a I leb - clTo, A. u rlfllat' alaet . aan nie , o lrinll. ind ll- llg i , i I a i.laa'arl aI" yai- I," eayaa I ~n'ayyy L 'n i fril' lhIaa m rc an carrll e fb i spla , payi ng raI i ds b- or'l eib l 1"O 6:rlll \ iiiiit l ,I II. imllitaltionll lllllll laE,'a, aallali f i al aal-idlll, kunid ' a, ' nln nrral' Iayula erl.a+', Ie , aaraan'., lilll '~ a 'i I a nd llhwkiu' rataor ,(Ia ald a mn alnli.e i'ne .,, frk, i i,da h di , do witih n.r lanI alat(' Ie la iaaa .a-iI alland .ilver(. Id lUi l:a .la'r saIa a -' 'nri a,aIt r l'athra , dlain it a ll lorgd 'irln , I liekn: , e, and dl errillkig cup, wih llltu gra varietr y ol ,th per tI ennlex ofwn h h will .be r oh lr tash oran! ly, elhan eel. U 1f2 fl1lnlh credll. l f19 a1(aN4 A l, ,. & . 4id 710 (a.liryrtaya' Sa'Eaa' O1 an011--a00 n9 aa-Ol'nb purre 11 inter a nSp .ller lu Oil, ill jnad. iy l hd a o l ale l l .3. I'.3lV& 9 f & ANI),IE\Vn'p. \ho al'a'ea I)rag, tll, ll c rnefa, C lan-i- a lad h aip.' an . ol'n 1llal" a l'aa r a].,nraed henAa lay o I , ,ued u ern h . ,,.. ...a.. . fi -. y\ C alea n, a. llle le C oln, dto foth p i t prrsm a . lr hp i r ihte n ltin Sirlh. anlsa iha Imrea' l a C at-rfa.n 'er!' a-aIl'T, e. EacVtictd e oariely d rI lie pariea har ns dn e h nd t , oaIy ' prob s snal -'rc ln n I)'LhA N(. i. laI all to . ll lceaa lar Nlail ' I nd prices rlan i l Ih har, A, t(,h'"'·'"" :,,Li i Ih r i ,alp Ilaanh an I Te 1a1, i .ra' r nolallln Ia reent, wi'lh n a fair a l, I f 'a"lcao vall ishl ailly Imi, wish In a ry. Aamon .r Ih varni.ces tr, tIhe oech Nr . o , Warv,'l not to l ch uinga even i n iliyta wTea. a a i blia vh rlish for i lrs ar d ,heaal Ina c :hilnies. Tile tianplarellt varnish wvilhout hmeli. & &el. n8 II Ia()NNAllll. r I i.OUcI---lra andin, g fa t l teannaer Independa . elne, aa l e aiI. O la tN S1y, ni :f r4r1 New I.evrP.. EIIlenll Raazar Slroi hsal -'a'iref aseasin a , genuine articleb jusa i r arcriv ard by eat 3. a IaErb ,E & D'LANI:a I lCnanp a. f in 1-54n1r , !{,lan",,- aa l5i ga l.laallaaa n i ahale aaaaan naoas all onil i aeh, ai h I hlra e ail tor tiln ani h '3 aaOGERa & IIAaia, TIIOrN, n6:I tranl.r sl '- I oh t to xpraa - hl- iisnn l ell tn ;ll ks Ia 1ae pa.ln SIP:', far Li aaa lihelnl anll .tOl l e d!hi Imea irpd an ih'e ,la c mla enelaanrigd Iomea-l. Tian ir t arity. i oll an ia-a. p.' pa'llt r a ln Iha e a pa l a . oi)lei ri CUoiamlal n sll irl'In., i.,li ala lil d ileaalr an na.nan, Iior onyl nla lthyrr n b , velnlder; tlPilhler 1s 1i e cu neollrleed with nnlv h te.,' Iin Ili..r ncInlTY-- caab t he ass plr y at I .lilic th;t la , 1t i'inl aalial, an ill AlOry drpmrt ia I& tahe nef a io. hn ar.d in Ithe . lliaen' ci' .,nf f t ,aua oraeaa in, " !a ,o tihla oal'ftly a,,la , ,n tl 1 e nlaale ,,nel s. a 1 " , - lrl, i d Eaal. ndY , aaR., Ia' ia llaan a nllla i. ll,,a Ialr le.xi sliate-and l itag ll aa nl l l. ,es aa e I,,i l ,r'aiay a , I ai' d f,, h'le aail a:a a l ea a ila liidla g ii a h a lul snrtlrt nt II Pvery nrll.l In I s aeed laillin, ul ;!e~nf au qualihy, and i1porttied lairecd by IO TIIE PUBLIC.-T11e u-l derslud im-m" - S studied under l r. Sa l.aa ida of Ci harlestoln, Noatih Carolinaa, alla d for an lna n yoars his. alss istanLlll i the prctictleO of illldieilo UIId Iurgery, aBs the ouIr to ofin r lis.i prolr iollll nInrvinys inllisa city.d I' a .aures the la dles uald ni etlemla en h Ihna tl a nl I.'la' pro piltL ttenlt ion will bi iplid o, thlh calls whlichl aily be mllde; and allso Otors hih sIervin es t, thef ulolders ofl'.-lave, being (:ell cleqtihltd wilh tlev Ilisam ea Oll'n, lio I o thenl , t ving atlended tlein inl .1 c suglr hlousO in Chatrlcston. The I'emous anli.bilious pills a:ler the composition 1 SProfessor Su, LLte, withl direclions, cII be had I ;, the undersignell. Tih etl ct whirh thee hv, h irodulced hi thins and other eities, hlas been n'_'le d d ,with hill sllccess. to wlliell tihe hest of, oi'bruco oalst be given. Allpply at Noi. 1116 ,l',a. ilnlo street. JNO. 1['LO[(IN " IlVi.{Tl.F:E-"--The partncrurip of K.ll..v, 31,,n,, &Co olf New Orlean ; \lisscnl, Ilurris "tl" l., ll Natchez; nid Ilnrris,Kellhy &.LCo., (il' I(odnev was di solvred nn •e)Isl ,I' n' .lu t, i'p to death of Sallmuel ,' pfasu Joe 44ll 'the Irtl+-ir 0 thc 0i,4r:l. 'I'liulld(r- unde ll . s 11Te1"lViil pnatners, will I. SlIr-rE d TOLBEEA R'S Science of Pocetnsbip rrceieed,and D o for sale at their permanent Writing Academies No. 8 Chatrcs srevel, New Orleans, 189 BIttoadway New'York, nPanphine st., Mohile. It ispnrticularly designed tcrI private learners, and schools, tnd i ca eculated fior persons of all ages. Iadies aild gentlrlemen are invited to cll and examnlirr the svalem I(or themselves. I.aersos pre given at ach Iliouaes as may si tile eonvenoiece ofall, andrl to classes frledl in any part of the city. Ladies will prefer itca receive 'essoesa at their own ref sideneso. Persns payine an tree of lessonsare desired o attenth' "..r- ' 'ra veil either wieh. • . .-.K r. {BOTHIF, fR. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FORn FEVER AND AOUE. f EN years hve not yet elapsed since it was tirst regularly enbmitttol to the public; but it Ias attained the Ihighest reputation; and has sop. planted every other medicine for tihe Ague, whrecv. er it has been known and appreciated. Already has it been carried in every direction throughout the United States, and still realizes ware than could have been anlicipated by its most sanguine friends. Thousands of persons hlavo not only been relieved, but restored to health and vigor through its ngen. ey; aned they now cheerfully testify, at every op porlrinity, to its tdeided and supreme effeiacy. It iis composed of such mledieinal principles as are calculated to renew tite hIoalthty action ofthe etomn ij ach, liver, and other importanlt digestive organs, tihe loss of whichi harmonly is tile ilmmediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. ces a n ontiro change in the condition of the system, and certainly destroys tihe native liability to relap. ses of the affection. When the Ague is attended e with any other complaint, the employment of the Tonic Mlixtu-o will not interfere with the treat. mrent of the other di-easo, hut wiil even afford as. erntnnce by furnishing strength and vigor to tile body during the course of treatment. These who make use of this medicine may be assured that thiere is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury. or any other tr article in its composition unfriendly to the human constitution; being entirely a vegetable extract; and they may have additional confidence in the use thereof, whel they pereeive that it has tile e Ifeet of a gent!o laxative about the time half a hot. i th: full has been taierrt-in consequence of which, there is no part of tie mledicine left to linger in . thle bowels to causea ostrtetions, and other evils, arisinz from the use of many of the remedies now otlierted for the care of this aiHetion. It has been used also es a prevenltive, y many who were sub Sjet to a periodicall recurrence of the Chills, anld it I has invra:bly warded Iof tire apprehlended arrtrer. a lrObseree! T'le roprietor, ftlly satisfied withl the , unparalleled acrld universall ruceesse whielh hlas cot. a stantly attended a punctu;al and regtularr use of thle STo'nic Mixture, in all cases of levee ntld Ague, to tiels warranted in engaging to refund the price to all those who have taken the medicine in strict ac it corlldance with the precribed directions, without having bre-nu perfectly and lastinlgly cured. Thle subrclibers are te rslwhlesalo agents for the Southll \VWestern Stales, and have now on hand six r lty cas~s~ of this medicine, which is warranted fresnh anid gencuieo. For sale at tile manufhetured prices JAlt IS &. ANittlEWS, I 7 r hlrc esale t)rr.-gints, ci ... -,v. .. t _. ccccc b,. e,,,_ i.c,_h ,,.ic ,,,c hc -,ccccr t`l0N. 1MARY tK lIt Ki NI) respectfully an. nLunces to her I'riends antr Ito public gene. allyd hat a is rareard to a.rrommoda t themolll at ti, ahove establirhmient, and hlpos frman her !xirtions Io rmadier v'sitors rolmfortrabl), to receive a notl ancoa fo aformar faivors. Shlo ilels confi. lent that per.aons vlsi lag Coviagtoan during the Itmor lnlrllaa s, catannll flal abttr a;CCota)lIlaltonsaa than shi ca:n allord themn, on mor,, libral ternms. liar hoase is pl,;eas;latly aituated, and well supplied with every rPtIVOIIIIence; the bar is furnislhed awithl ti-- maoat choice Iltlqrs, &c. ill short,she promises "at atlllln shall bl wnatiang (o1a her part to give itir saalllalCtallll to all who may patronize the lississippi ad I, astamana latel. je3 IcILLO. W WNAItL.WOO)D SCRIEWS, SAD IRONS, &e. /|IIlE IIOWEL. WORKS COMPANY, No. S 238 Water, near Ileckman staret, New York, have received thel past reasonl. and are coar.nsattly rveclving large and extensive allitiol to to te stoark iof tile albove gods, which nIow consists of the ollowing assnltmnetI suitablllle for the southern and western markets. IIallow ware of supcrior quality, consisting of about 150(1 llone, viz. Pots otf 2" dil rent saiz, 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, I 5 a aze. from 3:8 to 3ll gallons, I ellles, I sso-a ,a farom 3:1:1I to 11 gallonI , It akcpasa or OIvons, 7 dalla rlt ozes, Tea Kettles, G do S [ilhtd, - a do (' ,v, r, d ipid,'r=, 2 do ire 1ogs, . (; do 'agaa Ibxes fraaa 1 1 4 to I 13.4 inches. \'ar"d a l ara -, 21).)Itlli grao , irun and brasn=, from -a aelh, No 31 3.a itah, No, t of a superrior ,l4 hity an I finsh, and le.s talna Jaha'as ialportede Sali t Iraa, a:sorted, il a'.Lks of about 500 Ilbs for l'. al' a t l hauttar'. Irons, atoartad. S.hal waights, 1011 tans, aasorted from 1 4.4 toa for laIntntinoe, steamboats, churches, &c. I made tia order, Also staalllasatl and other machinery lmade to ' The a.ove assortment of goods is particularly vrecolumned,.d to the, attention of Southern and \,,sternl llerchants, anld are oflb red for sale at low prices, and upon the mosllt liberal torlns ; it il be. lieved in he tlhe largest and best assortmlent ever aoitred for sale Iby airy oane Otablishnlont inl the Unllted States. Mecrchants. ly forwardlirg a request by mail, can have a pri'aed circular. with description of goods, prices and terms, f-orn whlllcb no deviation is ever made, ferrnished by return of mail. A orders wl l r reeive irnmmediate attention. New York, 1838. Je3 i. 1 I '~ l fumeraies. Indian I)ye, for colorng ta-e aIlar ; Bear's Oil, Ruslnnns beat's tees',, (pla-oramn,11 Mclhaw's Frea cle \Vasll superior l earl powder, hill while, cream oI roses, vegetable ra neo . Onem -ot rosr, loi salve, kreaasle tooth wash, oaaahnlc dentralier, orangel II llwr water, powder otpuffs and boxen, A narwano chrnr -tl, all ly putII ll p n lour ounce vials, Pres, It*n sn'Is, 1"'line e, krea orte t-ooth ach drop , hairt iroll- he , E atht ala resl l ai corll a, Indiann hair alR l, aara-ro nvaroyaatoaa-ea (ruaaa aaea.&e. Far sale by C. J. ''RINCIIARD, , oa 3 rer ot oal and l mron iars ;i ATiS--Ii eatri drahb Iualiol Ilatr various qtnlilier I brdroaal larior ana loan ara landiang fronm ahip Sr. I,. oaui, for m-la I a I 111t in; . - . t'", y7 31 Miag-arzine ast .or.1i)Utt- -5i blw loiataang trusam aae hoat Baton oIaer, aer aa ly l t ltisYh lsta w41 New L.eav Ii t'r Subrscribers, Agarnla fir thb extensive nhouse of W. & S. Butcher, aetRfield, Eatnlad, nhave jusr reeived a very exUt~nsivec sert of cai.e aa, -nOiasting o nable and al nsert Khilves ra er. laesaeripti o, P-en, l ccl.t, Iitk, rnd Speacr ponelr ltnirea; R.ezors,9 ais Sors. Edl- 'rIs, &ar&rc. &ec. whi, tilrev nre preparcd S.xlhibit to the trade ior or-, s. Ter sc and oenditions 1 t l e k ows at the s no i llt titn in 6 J. Ir. It :IN & CA(Ntl-:lN.n0o Commn c. NE'\\W ( JIt 1S. ..... . . . . IN|I\ .Si, I.ARNT 7'l . i m.--Arer no re g e shnlp iIlollta, Rot- arlt, cearrv Andlew, Iligl an-leri, Fnart .llad a eaerta il-la h Idatlteara aving e- a tan Utntlhel and pokterv istovls; pl:,dn, ribbhed and spit cltssinT caps; caIp hodrs; suaisa .rs, blrazrs, pen.r yies; (-illt':, Inmmreri:al wad other sle l ens; Vi.'o ""; Violis Stlintcs; sheli, loa- ci1 ho-s combs; wa ers; ka c tal lllll ha : a lller a a i ; halir llr ids, frca O alll re-k rigalelt o pa. m li-eSneait redlc Froadeoch -olloe i:.ter-, winle s acalcrassen oil, imitatin, de; anticer 1II hier:ls. ril; portable deskr ald dlesiotrhg cases: tpast ln cill sha iaun d toilet glass, s; coanler n il.lslt r ol crea Ilnmsit's :tllanne d .- n, la rd honahesn ar.ellOl|; whit-, twiu; Iole acnd shaving sollps; aoile an d r, c 'olsieth w tsh ballr; s'ene satin otlshi*les; ptrltalnlts; .ft''eW weshi oos (tie bhe mhiostrea ,tarklot s; ilard bacr ; ((c a it hnoniks ad walletts ;o n . iell tll l ; i al, a s1pte litle sod c onll o gOaE -llla S-a: cali slseld Iclrs, 4a'taeln-rdo; Itflls lutcih csr Irlaia s;il ;lar ap-c-ils; (rtenus, &e. &, 'Iale abror aill :ar- litioIn to our lfort-amea sat-k of oim. arlict-.s, ikes-a.a o- elllllellllt vera aa npoltet. Foro tl whont-aIle (-r rolli c l; as the siga ofalaa Colida Colmbt 7oa (:; oro ah streell·t . nI"|. , Int t ; A~b~~ a lt tla.I -l I'.s rta, IU, l iam Ifot (.ltarra ltr*ee, N," (IrtleoaLs. I \v, sI ;Ia-li":-aNTi C-. C l.lllrlers af Parencl acdl I anI c ra ervlae tooil c ore-, pinohersa hea :Itl cl'r I a ar - - 1a- aal, aira lr. creams , aar r owles,. tlIraaa, JlIra-, Alr-ree-r, wanh 1asinc nAa ewolt. aot h Ia, a-hts l . a-t a i.alh P-at anaI plain Frtench andl American r gla. warrt--a!,ltar chmlatt)-ltae bI-n-onadec , jellierr alrlals, e i1,c e-a rah:aln, .a.lllr,- h wlta- dorlro-llars-a, ioiiii ar-ra.ntr ccrcacssesspeeler retsrnslehetlarln Iainr shaad a-ad ihasses caatcle shades, alh cl els, iec. l.€ r pl+att|, hranzd c al cd britanln warcet.-oar Iore, liqga r rtend-, cake Ibrokets, eandlstielts, Iraen-.h , I-ceooa, ladlesa co n rbd tea otr, aam g r cre;a-lso la-rpa lapatned rltc, as-slral atnendre, and ha',eilam.orl,l ,c.linel relllery, Gerannn ler pl,,n oald lork', -a,'thlr wrth a rree l vnrltcy raf -rllchl , i-r flnllp eS. rrltr nllllas, ptlnlersr, hotl Is- , and trabhtcas fcnrllit-heda a :h dnltkcd ati the nmor t rrea sco ode tiarrc O- patl r , ke- al a- o, be canver)o.d eyII!, cslray a an.- nrt of tlhe rosllelrv. a\le,, arliac.trenrlis- cns oal tr. nng c 'N -e,''a- l , iLhohnka-.a, Itrnnrl,, tnae1r r w"I 1 -,in .-. snee,, liri, cn--arts,ella. -i h bndl rehbae - ,ar r R.i'Inaa i ac-r. RI -. a IA , -...., -' ,.. . MAIL AI60'A.Eir~roo.0~lI' fl~,ue EvarI lll at 12I 81.B Weelooll M~il, ( Ill' rooro i~IolovAY We!II·III Nj ta fy dt~le' CIIII'1e01'rr itoaday, Wedoooard 11051, 1,0101 .Stoodloy,Ilv 9, 1'. hI. 1101' ovoll' Iood0ltr, Tlblrscduv, a Thre lnke Mitt!i Solooloo,\l~ 5. g'.n ala Clo'ooo..oero ltomarly, We~llaoday E~XI'III!9S M~All.. TIMES OP ARRIV~lY., IIEPAILTUI6F DIITA NCE &ce. of the Exproac Atoll, bete"'o Woal 81011 111 New Yllok-leaoiag Mlul~ilO doll.' It 3 P. NI. NllttllWOO New York daily at 5 P. M 'boutdwaed. A rve Arrive NaeihwoeI. [liotaao. 11110ltloI~lura'g Moatgomesry.Alo. 2710. Iii ma 211 12111. Conauobo, (I.~n 114 NI 0 3ao Miliedgeallce. Ga. 2 123 144 2 p'. Ia ITlIllOlllia, SC. 74011. I16 17 1 Inloligo, N C. 54 215 2 12 W\aorrcnoo,Vo. 12 n. 85 61 I 7 1'cet~lbO0a.Va. ll pIll. 83 10 I 1(icloootolVa. tom. 21 3 64pm Ftt'lI~otiekdlru tg, 8 67 7 Ipm W hialtlloo e, l' 64nr 318 41 04 I'llielInll 1, 64 am. 1110 It New Yourk. 2 o pl. 10 0NortlllwOOl. toulnilsf 101111111100,I, III till,,. 01010 000U 10011l11.iOlloyo 111,1s t7l 1111010l~. RZANAIVAY frl- Il 11 1:lr~,001,11 kclrl 1110 lf Ileria t··lolretaloa 1110 01(111 of 311111 o~f A 1121101, 01111· lll~le ~ l lromillgn IOPovlnlel ran-rI, aaogooIlly 00111 nneCIIAIlIYM, 0110111 17010 lee f IlfO 0111 8 foe 00 theeeohouro hi t,n 01.00vr lI~llol, 01111 11010 111111011l d ilaea ilhid olloel, l;11lo lli~l o10f ia11ol0. .a·aio110Er aby aeecen h1I~r; IrIlnl0o1111a111·l le rel~tollyn~aOrila 0'I~l I,·ll~e lliTl lj ll 01111 011110 l 11111,0ltl nl Nlootl~rllofovReool ooonllololaboolo rr llooc,,tionla glialt t'0000i~llglr Ililrl~i~llfllidllog~rOl I ell IIaoaS 111110 p0010111 a 01110 Il1lllL Oilollr of tIls IllI will )II I OfOurrd o,golll lllOl. IlI10le bon rnl toill IE paig 0 mrl~lilaio Iliill 00 111)2 Cll olIIo nlnl of~llbfee of hen 1111111100rie 111 01 Illli' urlllllee, & rlOomaoO 1 I~legvi e, d Ia nlllko lI,10011t I Illn I~,ol 111110 0111 11 Illll1llEItlgII II 010110, II 101100111 1111111 f00.111110011111. 11CAPTAIN Nthh.(IIYA'1"l;~s NM. NIOO.EI.s IIRattlijo1 Rolfe lo. boll lltl lOIlP11 l·pe ia 2 rob,. I Cuntttriop,garo 0 S'il~lCO C 611)10 ~~llo.l~ieitlr i. I.ooa kttooio, 1ly ()Hlalloill IRXloojil Ito, I,~al Noy, I'. lood Rolklo,n 00110110111.\ · '1AIollt~ i(a8mioa~, I r .Ohelppotl 1,01'. frill,.1, hoY l,,llloolf, ill)!]. 0 , ('oo1/1e1111111 Ilialmyl~qF belo. Ioooolate.I frolo 0r Ilr~nloIf ull~~ No. 71.1f lollor. ~~i~l itraec,.il ol o V~la. 1 & 411 1110 1110 1Hll10lll~l~l, 11011 001100111I dJilOol) I If Ii'lto,.i71oon Il,ota', lImit, Il"~1o'·'' 1101109 11111 PElllin h nihlinnnla03. ir 111, 30 i Atoeot'. F~eaoh ood lioXlis)1 Ihtotoanllao. Aa.oa.-A ho 1110 I~oo1je of~il Ctal,o'aIc'h ~ronoto a Glllllt rci111p00001110100l'l 11,b lO7 i~lt, Oi~t &0. &O.3 &l'.1.~r INIa :K'c hN fatif:. Ac. ]I N)OCI K'w I31PNFttftI, ) F'liD ''rr( U ()I P (hld.+nih', "\hrj rmdP ne , f rtlh tlil< u ry of 1 t ' Nlit f'+h i r d ril n A lals l ti. to file "till" t((Il |lial.rti . l i i', a i rc,.nill. lva i cy af f rlua, iplae Illll'imll adhded I It., ,:)1 1 1, i-,, , on fil . 3f ller n |lrllsllltlifl.+ U ll.ltllill.· ran :tr ui.,. .1tl t.lh nilwth Ion., lI h.f l i u(II TII 't IIi. ," ' ~ . ; , _lni a. II 1lll`in " "iills Ilrrt. .'nr11-llr) 111 JI hl, t 401.1, Ihertos *l llln, Ini 11HI, inr laniJ i Jha, ',llll t' inr o tChe i It llh l rge.'.ld ol l a . c ici, lll.l tii theP vi I l M2;}.. W'll, i , i , v lfir ,yll u 4i'I In Ili c p. .piacti ca I c I...' nci iei. i:rle .4 hla then pill ntils'min eirshicrnllrn I . r 3 h tl A l lin .N the n ui ao , C.lll. l i Iiait . li. i llPyll.lad Boyst EI,*i)'," r' or ltl i ly ani on Al ..r~sbane: Atni+p'hn . lin, w lllarl, Sni' l. lluI hin r' vm litIii, Alta Iu selite ii h O ihr ,cioal n r.l lnart af. e AAp ticlanz a i -t. JuIlre ruedrd null i for sie ty \a'l I'il EAr, nous .1 a c ru a i o d I rII, ' Lli '.rdL Gllntl(a "t (jOl .,( l'I:. ,Ir nllm tud tt I'h hllll I'roll tt, I) i, ,ilh n~~i t ~1 11 I1 ,ldoi' i , Iait l l llrlll l . . I a r' , o Il t s,.ii. ,yll, a en -) (iT h ,I , I).r, 1 S e ii AND ' I'S""lht r T 'll ieo Iu b I a , as hia Cr "i t .. . a. " ' , Thel D rr e l ",," ro rt v for ties I t if •n -l,, , t\ , o, aoih . r ' nl N ew'h Yl' ok, i ,, I ndI I I w i ke p con s o ma le t hei ng" b t li bi iingr ti on", a 'spas r 1nP a 1i ' i t -i C. I "a ra' l, ' ui , r ii l.0 a ,, ii , kc er volu glanal gt'.iy.' auth ro " Ia r y en ccain, in N IoMl e i aor mni ;ol:1 oaltor. , thre an ' e'i" . t1. :.'la,ai'a vt',ciia al ,aii,, o a n l tliicls (. e. ,'q' ' ,itra , t 4. j ,ahe ,a d 1 , i ,, i,"c pa.1 'Jail ree siialiian for a le by W ac iiEAN. P St i'i ' 'a l't,, , l .i L ' I, .I' . wa d l fii e', . a il 'crr.c. t ii, ,' c i ai dcr;e .. ,. . .id ..oe I hi ila i ll.ciil, iil c Ila l, Ia cici ts.p p1e". ' n..I . r'x, . . ... ........l:...... of Rars ,i rms luo ar a aad . abrmlh e a.iakiag aln aila d II' 'lana a'•., dc i.l. ' e ., r pi" te Si e ... .ria.cli.,iu aahl, c.d.. ... a.... .. , ld ies, P Ye tii eIl,l lll c dlrr,l ll· ice, rl, l oI IP nnr h t Ivh R r A p... a,,,, , ...... siei ' Pi'ii, i'r e'... . 'c, ci aSc d c tic ,2ttl vit " J -NE manre aG7. K',, rt ,d ', aIivl orsni I- ]mid ,lops. LeU lll , t icrla p ll',lc Ilr).ia n -Ii arnicii IClle CiaO a ci cai' i ia nllnl ill inc a i.eU abc a w if, Ael, ti ca l ccf cli.culc asc f iiiIIIha, b. a elrcaac c an- llld lprriiiw ct pia ' ln ii.ll inrsin Fr i j icaIe iuliac GIi a ot F live e aA' ec Twlh Ih red.i i',''. iiN'are. . u iaa( ne h l i cnn c nilcd ti Feve r l and d, In the tir es l rve , lha lhng aVeg allai t icaia and i ir, l anl , de'tr' i ou i bane a l ii e Ir l , l il II thi erti ahl Iii i iii i giic 'i llii,..e aie ct i ia(i;l' fii Jon, nc a NEii r Ie iro iaa iUPI.rhlt Io Illralc ilarv iltll c od lirenlia ii a Ii et r aild .\ pnci. h, Ile l iic Iiil bpl.iy hi ig r a'e g ua nr iienl, hi iicv hie lk en 'illl e IIe h1lcliarec1 en t fevn pe lc l eaini tr ill cl, c ia a iu i inv ali .i II prei V II r 'lal'e~f a , i'ic'na . I .'iaic llly I. e c+ ns! tu i hslilineh, lli( '.n cit el re'liih i i thieeisria.llie ot s pate I'einca ciicillr n aihaciciiicll lvalqllati,itcdh lcffr n tT.,rrsilrnw",, bu rll in ll v sellt S(+s o tili ' reac l or * iiisinclgiacec. ' I'.,i clila'iit In ric.'e with clllc ver Al n ulft,, i ". ih i+.v 'e ip rele ed. Inllivhiduilx, iI,t ,rr Ih,. ii t . fchi c & 'li li xilre have. en po.dlL! tCin lN lAnl llt l ii' Wctof ie isae IlIl hlveecpllf i Nli e i va" ac1 1 lllll l hialre pi war.ceaf e. Tiiarci icctc ca ir l aa ne.'ccdiei, ihfre iic uiianir. fer . tiric in in ica'r n ", I cail riii relc e.Thr" dnntly r l le . 'h l the Agtle, i very evi II a, far ilce a, gaeCrn ill a IIca Ilo c , inlae too Inlli c lPr ic..te .i l pe tllle to rnlelic a clieii, cl d c, ia p dclly e1 nc. teiei i c -ih i ilil vc olenicei lhe Tliac .llixch re is Ills, rent oi ,vtlrr, onel--so ilint Ii p,.r nel, dlllinte Acehir afinaii Acil e Ma aictael Tcmbc eind thne fil iiac lliiienhn ii hc lhl .it . lih'q Ia iv del tli IcIe tclaen. i'ac igrc y rvhlehlaci , ci r owed ., 'lh ,,ulatir icic siiTr. wIIe i a c l di al n c r tl ect cp rin l ri~lalun ll. of Ie illedicine, fltint lls d ily offered II .pr p~ lrdll onlvhs Dr. Jhllll R. I[oo-And, at hih b nl ,n ii d, aiarkl pitr ia , r' t il cad Pecia. The nhnia:rgldcccn i the e llcc ,.als nac,.s for the cc t e cleiac. nlod ias l e set a te w crih e, at Ii lhic n prices. W o R e had as retil uAr oric K Apauthe.cri *a il A cI c iliy. Nc" ho|cesilettI Darnugietsi ';lAItRLI CIIl. Pi EC F; iVii.-cT-ttae, Cii o mholtllllou i treet d Fposai thIe po.tome. Thile tlbserillber. r Io ow receiving frothl their f-ct toriea in n.c York, ci d wrill keea constantly o ihad a gelciral asortl'b·l 't cMi'iabc M nl e Pah i.c eL ofollpenir woIrkliorunslllpl and Ufllho latest patterns. made of lhi bestI Egylptian, Itclian, Irih and Alnerian nlarhlo, Also, Monnmenls, Tombs and tzraveo atones%, n'.+hlerl ad plain sills and lintel]. nmarble laciig,, hIllearths anld boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Rotonu &. flydrau ie Cemeot and Plaster. i g Ilair, together with a spIleadid arsonrtnmet ol b ass imoutlleo d aLind plaiI Grates and! Russia Iron rares of the newest and nlmot approved psttorns. Leltering dolle in thle neatest manner anit at thts rosvt notcee. They ylve first rate workmen te rZl;k" " AIN & STROUD, --. .. ýýt LIF.LIS NEW WOr)RK,c.--The American 7 England, Iby the anthoro T"'A Year in Sipaiu," in vnlmenrs Noble [)el?.of Womnnlen, in 2 vole T'he Yonng \Vifc'a lnook, a lua, ll ,n mnml tall lnlle rnd dometstic duties. Jult receivel and fcrrsale by WS 1. N1'KEA N. sI.-t T )\t'lt Ii ,

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