Newspaper of True American, October 19, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated October 19, 1839 Page 3
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Council, Seconad htmtcipality. t .ODINANCE AND l IlI:(.')llTI)NS Al)DOPTED. TUESI)DAY, lOth clptnhber, 1839. Resolved, That the ( ,riptrollor he, and he it hereby authorised to'adjt litoe 1tI leases.of tlie oymter stands, utunmerati-d in a'rosolution of 271h Auguoet, from the 15th instant to tle 15th April, 1l40, In the hithest hidder, in te thttntt terms, and in confornlily wi t ,xlit o I (Idinancrs. JOSHUA IIAL WV IN, lRecotrder. Sent to the tMaytr, Septelmoti r 11. Resolved, T'ihat the Trouasurer pay to V. Stehlon, • on the warrant of to Maliyor, Four hunlred and sixty dollars and one c et, Ilr matking IlenceO ati.d repairing Wltarves, agrieaUbly to the SrvYor's OtertificatO. 7 JOSHUA BALD) WIN, Recorder. Sent to tihe Mayor, September 11. Resolved, That te ''rceasurer pay to George Doane, on tile warrant of the Mayor, T'wo hundred and fifty dollarn, for IlLkllg dulplicat copies o tIie Stle tox roll t.ld tih tax Ihills lior 1839. JOSH UA HA L)\WV IN, Recordelcr. Selt to the Mayor, Septetmbet r II. Resolved, Tihat the sulrn l Three ihudreo d dot lars be paid Ilugh Grant for a 1ma of tIh IuclCI. pality, prepared for tihe ''Treasucr's ltioe. JOSIIUA JIAI I)WIN, ccorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sitctember 11. Resolved, T'lhat from und after the ipasagne of tki resolution, it shill not bIt Inwil for iany person or perrons to dumollash, or cause to be deilli hlod, any fat boat or other craft arrivcitg wllithin te lil,. its or this munioipality, witout first obtitnog the receipt of'tih Collector ofl e vel dues, showing that the whlarlag on irich Iotiu lhas been paid; tnd anty person or p10rous contra;rtting thlls ordlinance, shill, on conviction, be liah , to a fine of rtom $25 to $100, recoverable befure any Court ot colttad tent juriediction, for tile bn0lefit of this imtici. .pality. JOSHUA IBAL DI WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, September I I. Reolvted, Tieat the resolutionl of the 211t Mlay, 1839, relating to tile extennions and inproverlents of wharves itn front of' this ilunlicipaiity, be so amended s to inoludeo wharves 19, 2?i and'21, and thL tthe contractor for thie wharve be instruct. ad by the Surveyor to compleliteo tile scamo it their order. JOSHUA BALUWI)\V N, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Septembecr 11. TUEI$DAY, 17th Septentber, 1839. 1. Rensolved, 'I'ltut, until tile yater staLnd here. tofore psrmitted by law on the Liv e, it front of this Municipality be leosed, all reoloutlons and ordinanae rstrantting the sale uof uysters within the limitaof this Muletility, liom tile 15th Sep. Stmbar oto tlto 5th Aprilis ench year, aro wleroby mnpaended; it icing horeby prohibited a tol oye. ters at said stamls, under a penalty ot'one Ilundred dollarn, rconteroblo tn any court or eonpeotant jurin. diction, for tile heie'it of tllia Munielpalhty. 2. IResolved, That, in cnse tthe aid stands o now leased prevleouas to tliLe first 1 Ociober next, far not equal to Lthat produced Inst yuear, by thl beise of said standa, Lite Surveyor is Iereby io Structed to oauae to be rttulovud, without dtaiy, alt the builditlts and sheds onit the Leveo, iiin frot of tills .tlunioilihly, hImerltonre used for venditg oystrre ntd biult. 3. IResolved, 'lThatil, in ease said onyltr stands loe not leasnd ans in hlrttlll lltvidtd, it rv.itr toi thu lirst ofOetober exto, tile It l.ntg of' places or the enx e aluive sale ufoynter, wiiluti tids t ounieI alhte, be aliollohbd. 4. lteulirolvd, Thiit the Comnptroller, withl the op probto.. outhie LI'tIcI, C. .t:ttiltOe, be, and Ito is hlereby 'lillliyatltllltlt.ot,,, Itott Ise i)yqtttr Mnttds tt'uronibly attith t itittik i f the ineottilreove lutton. JOSIIUA h.\ ll)W\VIN Iitechtthr. Seit tl tii. 9Ility, , tt -,.ltlitilitr I -. Resolved, lThi.t . 1i(l ' IIIs force, pro vll/thlll l.for tllklllyr Itlli,) /III- Ii~~ llltlll! Un . or horletld att l.,li lln l lllk j Iet i ll I i I II cnl d r ( poicbt y /3t Il - 8I In 1 1. ti t th \i etir III Iliii rl li [r,, 3 T i'l E1"5 ) .\ O, I - t ( h bi.,l.,r, I :.1 I !!t:7°l{"t'l' IIII 11 ... ...... .. 1.·...... ... ,u I s . 'I 'I... . .. • Ill t, . ll 1, ,r l, Ii ;,, I .... i ,sII. I 1SLO III· r- (l·ll' h i: ' "Urrllkll. I , ,, 11, I''I ,·i t',-iiiii ll1.·111· Ior1 iII tlll11,1.,* (Il~l·VlIS tllb hi(:* I-t \1.,3, It :ll). tAIl i111 till :lllllll tll .Oi ) I II. lI\ IN. -it,:rd. niillllt'i In ul~tle .d'l \ li i ,lr l (1 1 'hall ili. , rllu pla ll ittr n ilt. - I I. 1 Ieio I i.e iit i il. d,.5 hl , 1 i 8p the 11 ithl i oite tri py tl l.ii n, ti o hllp ,L it tli in teo newlparlper I, i lli ereds oif fnthe ore r ,f ls blu l hle lte rmy for tolhe bamen t, I n d i allil t il 'ly i, li. t r l lr" to pay ixpottine , toil leu1 the 1iioc*edstinto itt1 handsouftha Treasuoertf lte It 11ltequy,tuerthtt betonit ul wlittit JOiSIl.:\ Ii.\l l\ I W W N, lecordir. Sent to tie Ilayer, tih tot r . ttosolved, That the .tlbr of thliitt Vit to for. nish this Muuieitalitytilt ll0 * yellow pith planks, 28 to 32 ft. long, hy 2 1-2 ti- 3-. itchies thick and 12 otobaut wide; oi d to haul tihe sae.t at Its own enpute to oily poitt ott tue [. vee the Surveyor or Wihtrtiger tita, direct, be acceipted, the prico to be itaid fur thei .aote at the rate ol 22 per titou. eand foot, aiter ie ivet rt. JOSHIA i.\ IDLWIN, Reectirder. Seot to tcii M1;tyr, ()tttotter 2. oesolved. That the propusition of the Carrolltvn Rail Road Company to make the enclosures and eide.walks around tile property kn wn as " Place Gravier," dated 31 Set. 1839, be acccond tou po wided the same be madeu onformably with the in 1truotions of.tam Surveyor, and that this permission halJ na..deconstru'd to nimpair inl any manner the .nimcfthis Mnwicipality to said property. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder., i Sent p the Mayor, October 2. Resolved, That, i:i the opinion of thll Counlil, the coundiioins on which tho priviloge to lte cortaln Millsint ihe St. Mary'o and Povdras Markets gra. tin, accorded t, I. C. Ilotcchkiss, have not been complied with, avd that thereforn all reomlution. granting to said llotchkiss asch privilege.; are herebh repealed. JOSHUA. BALDWI\N, Recorder. Sent toe tce Maytor, Octoblr 2. Reaolvod, Thathlencforward no such privilege shall be given to any indivedual or individuals tihe sale of fla, like that of other p rovisions, being I loft open to competition, undereicting ordinances for the legtrlaioin of thie Markets within the limits of this Mnnicipali y. JOSHUA liAl.)\WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, O(itolber 2. loesolved, That the Surveyor be, and tIe is hereby ihbsructed to repair the gunwale way oin Front street. JOSHUA BALDI)\\IN, eccorder. Sent to the Mayor )netuber 2. Revolvcd, That all articels now in tilte depot of t'ois Municipality, talten"from the iLove in corse quence of their lyol .there in cootrvIention of the ordinance., be sold at pllick: aLuetni. JosSHITA 1~AI.l)WIN, Recorder. Sent to the lMayor, Octb[,ir' 2. la:.ol'.di, That t!le Wh!la.tigl Ice, and he t. reby nth lrsed lo10 ai v eio theil urticles naii0'( -ill thlth regoing reuintiton for tun days, in two newtDlpairs, in Ehlgls1 and French, til} salc at publi nIrllioll, it pay all Iexpenes oll titi sam}ce, and h ndll tlhe l roell . into ill, llnlldnl of tll 'T rlla-1 u-tor ,f 'th- o l nt:ipaly, for thle benclit of tlhos I 1S111 'TA ;A LDW IN, liecittio r. Seal in the Miayor, October :2. Rleov!rrd, 'Thatthe carryiin away of earth fr)l 'r thebatllis in I'itit ofi tlhi . 1u yic ipality shall he lundl only by regular layers, i ginnllng fronl the ollt oflO I,,rrut lt Iplillt llof the m Trgilal line of the ote¶ r l al-cendllllg toa1,,td tio exterior hoir tier of tire lop of tite Leve, il erder to f ll anll ullntt.lllll L ilo m til 1 l"L o no tIll river; tile rhoine aidder thes tupr'rntenlel of the Co ,:lsoa. ros oiftle lititute, who will act h. tilhe directlions given by the lrvior. cr1}e1rdnlra th iiw, ordinances. .IuiLUA I;AIi)\WIN, lRecrdcl, Seilt, to .thi MayWtr, O)ctober 2. Resolved, 'Thtt evrf pir..ll or p)rlons wholU siall lrot cn:L C Ill with the preIedin;lL dspoyeitiUoLs, or \i oli 1 tll littsu tllo cl ni ly with thl e t i elolr ilitll t utll!I is=. telll,' - Itll he b l,I" c Ibt , al hi ts I 1. `~Sll ,. .. to $20 foreach cutravention. to the benefit of thbis Municipality, and moreover shall be held hIable uor all damages which shall Inore acerued. JOSHUIA BIALI)WIN, Recorder. Sett to-the Mayor, October 2, Resolved,-'That eighty-one dollars 25-100 bu paid to.lsa. 1'. Btoyd & Co. for IIerse fltrnltshed for wnslting the stolutn; the same to ie pa d on thi warrant of thoe Mlaor. .TOSHIUA IIArDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the .Mayor, October 2. ''ITTESI)AY, 8th October, 1839. Resolved, lThit the ot!lr of Sam'l. L. Folgaly, for replirlng anld okepinlit order tile paved stre!et and aidciwallklejo'this lunicipality, for the asun oe eiglt ltlousanld dollars per annum, be accepted. Rt.eolvod That the .urveyor e, and he s heore by authorised to contract with Samn'l. L. Forgoy, under his leter of Sept. 231, 1839, befire tihe No. Lary of the Mlllniciltliy, for tile repairing of tilhe paved streets and sole..wults of tile Muni ei pality now so existenlc, as well ao tlaose to be tmade withmot th, period of his, said Forgay'r, contract. IReomlved, That the colltract hli, exist for years lirolta th 15th day ofl October, 1583). lResolved. That said contract shall hie in confol milry with the liollowing specifications, instructions anl conditions, prepared by tile Surveyor, astll which are herebly made I art of this contract. Instructioos concerning the manner in which the pared strilets and side walks which border the samte, as trell as the lrde walks bordered by rurb., gltter anld a I nad support, as well as the brick. ing of said aide -'alks, shall be repairedr and kept in good order, woithin the incorporated limits, or those that Nmay hereafter be incorporated t tihe extent of the erond Mutniripality. T'l'hos repairs will consist itn reinstating, in their primlitivo line or level, with the convenient solidi. ty and regularity, any curb and gutter stones, pavint and paved support, pasag:a., bridges, brick. ing, gultert bordering and croosstng tite strets, or crusalng tioe sled walks, which, by any cause, sllhold be sunk, raised or displaced, ,n order that, at all times, the rolnllluication may lie easy and comnmodious. To that efftet the underitker will constantly employ a nufliient ntmbt:r of work tme.n ill order to execute with promptness said ri. pairs, and if, 24 hours after they have beetmie necessary thet undertaker has not comlpleted thein, the Surveyor so authorised to have thern made at the expense of the untdertaker, snd a certificate of the , nal of said repairs shall be delivered by the Surveyor to the Treasurer, who shall deduct tile amount from any payment to be made to said under. taker; and for each neglect s ntaah a if oiiothe part o tile undertaker, he shall bae-. ettm rapean ulty of fifty dollars. All the necessary materials for said repairs, such as rounld stone, square b ock stones, wooden blocks, curb and gutter stone, small shells, gravel, lake sand and bricks, will be furnished by tite olunici pality lfrut its ordinary dapots, the iaulirtg of whichl to be dose by itle undertaker, whol shall use with care the requisite quantity, and who shall be responsible for all waste of said materials, and all lose that may occur from his negligence. The undertaker will comp'y promptly with the requisitions of the Mayor, tile Surveyor or Comr mlessaries as to the work to be done by him. The said undertaker shall not be bound to repair the injuries ocaesioned to tile streets and side walks by elitolr the Commercial Bank or Gas Light Bank, or any other institution or individuals, exceptsuch as shall,be dune by order of the Municipality. The undertaker will be held bound to make a report in writing to the Surveyor's office, of all injuries made to the streets and side walks by said lanks, or any other institution or individuals ion. nodiately after the said injuries shall leavo been committed, and int delault by Iim to slake sual relort, itoe lall io heldl to repair, at his own ex. ttanoe tile soaid injurias. 'Tle said repnaors shall lbe completed to the entire eatisfaction of tlhe Surveyor, which shall be attest ed by a cortifieate of that oflicer before any pay. llent calln be madei to thie undertaker. In case lthe Munwipttlty .hld not bio satisfied with tthe underltaktr, it tser:ve the right to annul the collntract winhllot indu:lllnlty. Resolved, That thlo setcurtiCe oftihred by Sanl'i. 1. tn1agy, t 1 Wt-. , lo"rgay and J. A. Purnell, Ifor ti, l ih t -, bl l.l o rl ottllnr ,l t his totlra t, d bl accepted. t I.titt tll I AI ,I)W, IN, t co rdt r. p) ,l.g \e. t I.ef ,' .trent, betw- a ;rtrl'r a and I ,,'il t, f th ' Iallyr -, (),*til ' I 1 i . II .\ZA/Ali. n-e - lk Iun.n inr li,·P,.':! , I,,, \IA .\- ,:,,., I . r ,..P ,'g ,d r..lI.,,t, , . in at H i- : n,. l l -I l nllnl- l 1u 1I (',lla - n d- P ·(~-*,rl. i, i: .,1 I;··iltl. ·1 ,Vh1.1 Jll, .lrl'· Ill) (.'lltllhrl(., P ' - anni o nade minn i pnn (n-t -l111 l l l , .. !.l- Illlll '~rt 111-11o1) -, - lln : -IIiI in i i n - , T W. COLLENS In nn/e Wle'(Cornnnannoncncr. "ll~'·/111 111 1·lld1 -1-1·11·. llk; lltll.,l+htI':ll l~+i'flt,+ III+'X 4+l'l At nnnin., I 'I .. n. l-e i -r l -nnrih n nn- n ln tn-na I e -ii,cl. ll gcll(l l0 t. lltll a,+-I,.,IF:: ulln·lk.* l. tllli nlllglld~ II \+I, ;+lit,.-: ;'h{.·ll iiu-L~ll +I.,;lllll~lllll'litl)· 1111 el~iiallt++ .uhl A IIII1, ·-h.>- ,i+,,+,~l~ i+,: ,,:',-, jllrt olil., I+Cl I'll+<IIBP!, c itl- i I(I r lllll l Il j (i \ I II. TFI nW. 11 COLLnINS 0 lir~,lrr .,hlhrs' (.'or,i,~ll+\tom:+.+ (l'xq hu;..,e IIohl lihhldngs.) A Alll'enn) n n tl ialIll) n .' k-I n nll ilnLLlnid n nitnir le l hin .r~v, iB:. I+I/I \ I·Irtlh I·II)Zr( Lh .lulitrllis .+cl111 1 ,+Iti, A onld tll, ac-nn o (nn Iacn , iI na . al'll mI a n lllnl' nld lIrovi~l,+,l. rjell~l C'IIIIIIIIIN.II)lerIIOF elll+ C.Olllll(erht+ exl )lerece; ; tluod anlh ..v-, n narnIlilly of ilt ableat l.wynra .. FIVF Iii NIIIIFDI DIlAlotIB i'%AIIS.Il:Wi.l ..Y virttue of n ority nstntd it ni. nndet --gnnel, A IJ byii. lrlhlance it." ,, 'oun-il ,if Inn- n~ith JnnlnlP 136 a. Rennall lni oF IVEr IIIJNIII FIt lIIlL AL. in hl.renby olerdl for l he n llllrelleniolnlalln d n Llnnllnin n 'nin tlfr A I s y fnao l n--n sl inrmln -nttinllg fie Illna ll- ltls a inth in Inni )Iuoiciplalily. 3. IIACII)IVN, lle.nnrdcr. Rlecornler's Office,PSecond Maunipaiily, A New Orlanno, (lctnbalna, '1839. FALl, & WINT'I'R CIOIIIING. J P. FIREEMAN & CO., No. :3, Mgozine treet, F are raceit ing their soupplies of' Fall and Wooter Clotllilln , a lnd will ,llltillu e to rec ive Sill lleltR regu lrly Lrloghlout thle oeaaos. 'Traheir a ensslne elor Ing IOrge will endlA lIN.o auplny ilnreAnlllos slla im Ihos ryunnry, t nlle hatermst laOtao for Oale, wholeole . relrMil, t IieUtIIIIOUloaltig lerlllt S c I )IINTINIU I'APRIl ANSI PRINTI'I.:It' 15k- L jlllareeein ed o lnaanit t Ifllllloilan d l,,llllle oltIuil' I'opee; al.I.,'. a ooppnly nA'Jnthns, a-t Iluranln'o Prirtill iniklk and ,fr 'ale Ihe aS1 A I.lE:X SI )WV'A II. .II) fnnlIo n 'lOt.tlItII I+Il'lA SI N I'APkEiS,-NowV lloanillo SIroln ship Ailelaille. mna llalOicL, illfer Ini. lnreln Pril lt n egsla'i alo,, I lot of 'rieni l'gpr a ; X I wia rls old wl T he oasr ed rna t rlesla.t ,: __ALEX reX Irit l S)w A I,49 Cole r tOl.ol"S IEII'E.ATINt; FIRIE A MISJ--TIhn. .ol, roeihRra have inel eeeeivnatlerin, n .l - ill, u fest aaolply of (Cell'o IlaSeninseaiag lli ,l,.. lna I & P'ianols;alhn., a geacn-na lslearlaileat nflen .ll, SBnall., ' cusion CaiI a on. N.all of the firs nqoaliln- alld IanllalllC ture; Ir sale 01 (;O .10 . k ISo'e, Eolanng hIln.- l, 1 Lt CImllra st Tt) fo11thip, Ilerculenlroe IShil-a t Nolrlhl, limoarge a-" oallsnnnmn-nnif tha tno.nco; atsco, iiI El,+re, I q Ullhlrity UI ?hvS IV.l~llil[ltb fllr Ch1UrCh rn, Ilullhun lod.r ton mo.on,,c. d&c. Fo, onl' rl h .lIAIrI'LN H&J I)rVIE:IIIIX, sovel ini <o10 R h ·'lltte hlilhl ll:++ L odlon -Ani l, N11 Ie1nianF AND FIt\NKIN, (.l k.) I liuIwer' N lhlllt in -Pr, willd nrt ni iponn H arpe 'sed n a laIn n H N S Con l -w o SDAriILI tin1 nonunln en ngl l rnln-a tall Illnn lon.N il a 'I.h'AXk eald l l n lnll.n lOa nl dl . , l.g ll il.. T l lhll ll ldaan it nn I . a Ianr I nn'l~· nollu~ll nnonl nn t ii'nnl~ lor~nlalonannai 111 1 1'neo Ion I! A\ Ana ,nln-n I lI r~, v il : ll'l - lbr llr~e t hvI(- elill(ht t l ·Cll, .lh o ls.itill<,ltl b, 1111 r I'IO 1 I -l:¾ l·'-·.-'lt Fllt. EII1tICl-ll r '/' IIICha ,il.+d 6:, .l T. S(;Il,+rt,+,. l(tJ+++,'.+iOlt giVelld SI+ trlelllllel. l\IIl' tU II lAIN,.\ a I II, 1 <117 'l~lti N2 itl' JlP.: iii1,t ·Il'l'llllJil Olhl .~ ,;t an..i I. ,l A~l.,,nl.. a.l i ........!...hnq -m' dll l Innh ' A .Il.\- 11. S II ll r I ., h. Ir , , iII I1 l I A al1'.l t ll-- l.j A ..nnasll,i ,+il m- .. lll i nn A IllI "' l ]h t, inn. I m by I.; IF lllll II of £ i tlln I . I lllC i 1111-S 'llv.l ii ll L n-nu~t' ..ltI~tk , Tlnninlttt-,-; .lIi. h !+rohc c i AliitlInc .' uinn. ii il,I Ine. lnn,-i o v, I bc I.rnn ~rnn 'o' alln I,,nn-anlint nnonnlnn- l'-nnnli , nnollhI"n II i -.lner.- ltlil n N n I I . lnnnnn-nn in I'nne-nlo., I -l a - I ;., ot I'InP n1n inon·:1nntnanl Li.(~·~·lo \Cl~lPi dcL,.,I~ n-n ) lllltn~l ci. rtie Sn fa~liolie mau11II J.BI' il~i - I n-- nInitrnnl ancl no Ifen llnn IIInllnnl I. allalonll - .t ns I IUIIL. LII'IOFS N ~ 1"+ \A - IH. .lll,lul' Il~l~lll'll ir~~'s lllll ill( I~ll?-'(l lllll IIII1 I~rf;i.'l.. hl l llr /IU i ,,,,, ......' , .. .....,, . ..... III - r lu7 I t+. .. II1: Ill A 1I. Id. :Il ' ln-In ,a itlan,Ihln .t LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK 33, Stutbority of tftj State of Ltouitutana. CALIWELL, OAKEY & PRITCILIHIJ), MANAGIERS AND l.PIR.Tfrons. 0T The First, or Ialf Million Lottery, and the Second, or Two !rltliin Lttlery, are rrsprctfolly prerattld to the Public. 'TI e HAL,)' MIli LION 1. ' TERIY will Ihe drawn in ll Dccmbrr, and fininlhed at one drawing. 'Thel WO 3O 1, LION LO F'I'E$Y will be drawn on the di plan of Blanks and P'rizas-Numbers in one wheel, ald Ianks and l'ri, a in another wheel. Iotlh Lotorits. uildol tihe slnpervision oftw' Judgecs of Courts, WILL BiE DRAWN IN NIEW ORLEANS. 'el HiALF MIILLIO\' vi) I"I RYl flrs eh 'neos to 1,291 Prizes, ofl.vhilh 33 :re Prizes of Real Estate and 3355 S h :.k. besi Ito manty I'Prliz comn posed on"l'ock ,s in tho ra d 'T'wo M1illin .ottory, 4.ftlrdieg a participaition if oh.sose al,, to the hnolder of a 'l'cket ito r !' irt, i The GRAND LO I 'ERY of 'w Millioun of l)ollars- ,000 Pr tel aountof 00,000 0Priz si-tuo tI ll aiouon of $2 1,00, 1 lof whichl 1ll7 iare I'rozs of Real IE.tate. ()nly 9I Blanks to ia Prize!!!--Simple Ni I1 to 100,000. 100,01)0 l'Tkllrrts at $20--2,(ll100.00l. Scheme and selling price the same. Amo" tle tePrizes ill these two hinst ries are many pubce an. private lidlings whlich adorn tilhe city of Ne:w t:Irh, a, aed are thi, pride .of its inhnb. itants-the Vtortirah, St. Charles street Tlteatre, American Caol) tiree 'I'Ihearlrr, t. Charls Arao Iluildings , i i tnh II, t tlef, IweilIo, gl Iilousns, Stiores, ltlioglie ots, and molly irn srlarrss of u rosiind-beshidils Stocks im lankls aond othr:t Iot:.titttiios 0of thie State of Lossiti , illllao lllmtitg Itl tIhe whle to TWVO MILLIONS FIVE IIUNDII Ti) rIIOUSANDI DOLL.AINS. All the Ro Estate and Stocks offered l i 'n Prizes are owncll by t!oem and in their possession:-- heo actsr fsale, witlh , ear fitiss, *, int thi r firm, and recordedl ii tlle o tice olAdolphio Mazureau, Notary Pubho, and noiee of convoyaners, ready Io trranfer to tilo e ht '.ors ,,1of 'r.,i T'.k,ts, rxept fout, incntlnirc: T proIrty is t at poart unalterably to that sole and only purpose, and can, in lo evoet whatever, be conosl ved Uhierwt by th t itill hanl to tO Iiiholdere of ie PI'rizs 'I'tc!etts. AME RICAN CAIMP STREET THEATRE LOTTERY, CAPInITA. S5110,000, In 1,291 ]Pr.zEs! Will Indrawn in DECEMBERI NEXT ; and in order to gratify, at an early period, tile purchasern of'tickets, t combination is adopted fbr this Lot. Icry nly, of l I 75, whereby the drawing will be completed in a few minutes by the drawing of 12 Numbers froma the wheel. it 67,525 Tickets, at 910 each---.675,250. I 1,291 PRIZES!!! fr SCIll EME. CAMP ST. T1'IIIATRE hat GinirND, Will Ire Prize I the huller offte la4, 2d n.d 3u ttavn umnt.* iw . in Time .ubarsatial fnour ne1r k buildint - called Armntron'as hotel, ~llettg the crter nrCamp l Natchez abu . 411,009 Prine tl 4111, 5th ntd 0th. . That vllableh fivne .ry irlick stlre n t' nlil I.e we street. oucupied by AlesrsmI nl Wi Hop kili . . 33,000 I'rize tio he 7thi, ih oaud 9th. 'lhInt eleanut iwelltag lusier ani lot, No 74 Royal 5 w stor yudl o l e s Cw II W ( oubhichl 2l 1 I000 Prize It , th III h, II h and 12t11. C That lnl story dole' dnwelling alnd duuble It ina td . reoccupied by J.1 Hall . 2,01800 Prize rto the It, 2d and 4th. a0 An entire square figround in faulurg Annun- Ih ciailillnuutd !. hounled lie I.ilbrty, Benton, rl TaMelpomene and T'erpsiehltre sirs. . 14,000ed Prize to let, 2d nltl 5tth. Tha rtue rtory rrllle u t Icrlot corner tCup ald Julia alreel,ccupied by lMr. 3l.l. I.aallier for N dry 0ndia. . . . . . 12,000 In Prnze ro Idt, 2 uadl'rt". g, a That orastlllry store and lot cornerr of y ary I') tlid J lil ta. . . . . . 1,001 A certificat hr 5(111 itickeht in the two milliaon o lottery, it $201 etll . . . 10,1100 2 'hle frlllulrtu tt hlolder o.fthis prire Illll! Th P liZ e the hIp I ideetiy tol obtailn posreaeuionu, hir)uel their iiinedit , o| the principle poIItiol of Te rarllu splendlllid rizes in thie two Illliolll lotmrv, will be a-- of ' rize Ill I t, a nl di l RI h. ty That Ilrgt, buitht',l' and el tensive ui t ia tihe city of I I.t;eyette, t oliooi rg Liwllv aie, comirllIt Wltlliigtnatn l o( hllplliwr its. Ilu0 by .1'0I u In), '2) 12:0th. 1 n feel 9,0 11,0 1 P r iz e . t I l, 1 2 , i i l .a 9 h. " .1 corn i', ate of 1-, tie l s in the tw o srillin d Iotttery, ($11 h . 5,000 :o hai oltio s ry l t' b i ti l 2t 1 I . 1I,"I' N v un', hen t. n, I(.t,, ,I, ,, lot ,-urher ut .11 ,:1- III pOllll'llf 7,500 '1 ', iZ.l' o I'Il -',! ,otl ; Tllh. i A relnlltre 1.i 0i5 i is in te i million iu lry, itl $ tl ++illh, 6,5100 Iat jat Iti , id and 1"th.i a 4 " . it l tllll it ll ' . .ti\)It ,.o Vi or\ st. ,1 1 it. h,.iue i.d ire,', hi t I'l )li. e ain - 11111 lll I ll Ito ) at6,20 I',z ," To 1I',.1. gl.]" hh, to .1 t, ~hl f, H ott o tit'l t o,'ll ot lltr I ilioi A l it oI g ull6 \ c , 11oil IiI ein. thie utl Ilo l, ,, il ¢ o1 ,"~ I. h.. ,,J1011111 I "'.i' I , tii , ,. t1 :'Ilal til i 1,h. t i ' A ier t , rllI , I t lor , ae,, in ., r , . t .I 1,5011 bl On > ,'I''ik n atlnid I lttili fll ll [1fI o It I I . Mloi (1 a 'll'i.r1 , _t. o,1 t rl,,, u,. ln o t . 18'0t 0 a n ,t ,i .h , tfudii 1 , 0 0 it lr. i , t . Ii, iii lii tth. h I At ledj ih 1.,; too I"."~ p-~ burr ,1 r \nnd I. n IdM .un 1 lln lilth t.l er h t ,, WIa hl, i oii :t . Io , ,51111 onl 'l a si i 1. 3,03110 d l , tir lat i tn1 1, ~,1 i iit , h a hr tl A IItrtiZl'' I illl ! , o at i ,i l 'It' tr' 10 1 Sin it ent lliren llre lof on ),ll. a i tatier, alnded irollulm n, 2dt \Iser I hiid hy slinrt), T3ha Slilh, 'ant l IE rrlail hit a, at 1,10 hi Irlizat to Iat, llth nII l -I1th A deirati n hla,1 ' i o, ' ,let .tn de un t l i e . nr 'ite to I l1.41h ,nd thh. da 10r entlst 7 ih and lth. 1,013( b( A ieeiralbe hulihhIttl oLt 27k f.eet on Ml onegutrlt FiOt t Iiltlt lt( tit l rti i lttltr 'it sit.' h i lt,U 4 n I'. 1. tir t0i it ta. il t , St IPrize to W d. -it, ,,,li 711N. A ,n entire Sagn e oi r," und. 7i M. iUthundetl by IClior Ie a iL, E.rrelo oIIl Ieall s'tk. 1,600 f Pir e to Iat, ti l lnlI , . A pbrtol at atill ot an , o i grounid ll -11. Ith und. ed ipp rra and Etgle itt. . 1 20a0b Faat Iailns stare, ,it rand, nity a lelatt, at Plta 11 to rt aci alt h Fa lth.ine ',l ti'4th I. Asllart' of round illnh d .11. bo nded by 11a" Irt, llii, landl t'h . l. at Il nb tll ,roo Fer, I In. tlrli at ,i -et, d1 h end I ith- a Aet ,i hle hntid O nit - I , ith u l r. 1,va1, $ai. city f lt al veittea3etiad, 't n i tal it \' (lit t, Pu li t IoTt , ilt nd 1 ih. A buihling lot of ground, city of I. fyette, 3 2, Flrt ol aeshiur toan street, uanll th ho, t frol Clippewa street.70 • . 5 P tria t ar t ir W t1h41 ai111. it i 1 Four buildi1g lots of ground, city of Lafayette, i fIarm',ot orner JertIv rtt eeal $a10t11tteah 2l100 Prizlo st,5 t-lir fhh-l. a, ilbl r nd trlih-r Ftit i tth llid ithll ietl 5t1ih ntt 9hll i $1i0l i $t e h firont lot cotrner W sl' hinlgton iatiet,$3 0ll 1 i eacith, 0 ttt, at 0 S-- zo il, 5th and ti l--l t, t1 h -110 d h- iti and Oth--7Nhlid and a91h. Foulr Irizer, enh ,tll r.tlifmcltIh iln the two million lotlerly, 31l1 riekete t n$.1) el h ) ,- 6,0 0 i'riz, to Iot, lnd wild 1211-- I , 7-t , and In t wo itllit IIutter', ` il5 ti ikels, at $I1 20 e5h,,000 I'riztae to ,t, Ii t h-d l rt-h- Is h1111n- 1 Five prizes, each 0 shates olu ock i lire at $11111 each, .1 ,11(101 l'riza it t.t, 71h anod Illlt-ta.r,7h anit 1 ,l-l 1st,-11-t, L utld h111h-- Iotl, unh liit 9Ih- % r ., 7th nud li th.. Five prier, eachd fi hirsto ot n Itchartraiu railroad t ci , 3li siharesi. it $l 1i . :1,1)00 Prize to taoll, an, 1 i ttIt 1 I1h-- t, t1111t aw I I tl-I ,I, It tl h ud 1 ,2h-I et, :11, wa Iil 1h11,1 he9th a, I Illn. i t I t I' milli. n lot )ry, a! lilt , I nnt, i t $1 211 nch, :,11 11ti P ize. t. .1 , l 'th at d ' 12 )h-I2 1. Ith itld I htt l --li iiil, ti -.I , t itt i-- 1, d- , l i th-2dl :i andlii ilh-- :1, :1d li iid 7tll--t.11- , :3d i 0nil 1ih " l Ii t a e erich :i1 I Ihlire of s'II) k itll.t' e bin k oit- I li t- , llII, :11 H llrlsii, lit i.$1011, :3,0111 aI'ze to 2i), diwld ,-2,illth-i21 itl)nd I11h 211, lI a'lI d 12--II 1, i hh tll il-l. I-ll- ',1 i il,)a 11h--'d, hhi, kiwi 7 t1 =-l at, hhi t .li i , L' ii.-I to hlil-" ;l, Il t ndl 50h'all-- a t nd atI t IIh,-'-d, 5th a.I i l :i- and I I it- n1t , I11111.nd it'd-h-- 1 l oh . h - ,1, 1th hlalt , 1 i 1n' llt- iit 9th --i Itil itl li t - - at)t i'll d uti i tl llt I'+1 I )ll'l t I , ,L i I .]j( h tv .n. i 1r.).., eIll , t i tl it i ' ta .o atinta Ih , I in a t.' tio It' is j lll- i three drlll a l ld 7th- atI fh and fli t id liii'1tihe 0'll l I,' n lit;tu, fr Ina ,II 't t Initit a - r 11ia It tieS l tt aha L it o r. a a eiltInt. Ittllnt'nt. Inralh tnd l-nd I-I lll tt L d t ,,,,i a In I atni I0h h h. R.A.TNLOTTTR TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. 10,000 RIZZES AMOUNTING TO T.\WO MILLIONS OF I)OLLAIRS, DRAWN ON THE OLD PLAN OF BLIANKS AND PRIZES,-NO CII.illINATIR N MliiL'ER8. 100,000 Tickets, at $20, - - - 20,00 00 0. SIMPLY NUMBERED, 1 To 100,0010. The scheme and telling pricee are the same, as no additiot s or reservations are made for expense( in this lottery: those contigenut expenses will operatt :at a Iaroe deductiont lIoal the viluatit neott oi tim proprorty. MODE t)F DRAWING.-Tao Numbers I to 100,000 will be placed in one whael, and the same number lt It rka ald Prizes in aItther wlhel. oo every nluttbet lrdtawn from one wheel, a tiuket fromn tihe Blank and lPrize whtme will bu drawn, until tln wholu tre drawn. iT FIRST 11DAY' .1 DRAWING OF TlTllE 'r'o bMIl,. 4 LiION I.OT'nTEtltY, I'll MONDAY., JANUARY 6th, 14..0. ; Lt' Each d."a. dra win. under tIe sulprisio uof two Judges Ap uof i(:ous in New Orlean, aud the whenls opelned tuld 127 italed by Ihellm. I 10,000 PRIZESS. Aul I. The V'ERINA EHII anl grnttd, valuod tit $500,000 W 't his v ln d cl +hn ut) itoind i edii res tories frlt l.iho sld prelts at o ron of 145 ft. te urt oaint Fron CiTmrhils 'ni;, il eel l10 tleo, tl(i oti 1I street. 4 'rThe principl poriun t iteu o f Itrer thce haieu- 2d lnenlt tory cofttrisolnrge mr b or cofl::e houea it and eight stores, end twou nd entries to til 5 h ool foie which the roemainder lthi.m splendi edifie0 is denigrltei d, liullo nt sch is now oceoi. ll tl ed by Meecocn. KiUg& Meek,, tin style which rendert it the mtst fshibioble hoItel of tl, m., soutth; 3i0 personetll atl one line bI e onverlt- li ietntly tecoIolllrd ted ilh drawing roomln, plr Iours and bedt room. Thte present rent vev- (op ge $30,lli0 plerannltn, nlr becolmes i,renald t he Iiy proviTsiro in the sleases Itt 38,500. The I itres tot the itolleni.retl uder it orepotiblep of 5 n.g intIithel to $15,000 to ithe finttnate Iholder o. ofthit prio yI. nsdt 12. TH'111 S''. Ci hRI.ES TIEAT lot AN) 5 GIi() tJNI)t with tile seetrvy, nacl ineryt, tei wardrb,,, llIoic, Le. ollllletre 50(10,000 30 Tin mangllitiLiellt structure aaIt frontof t130 5 tiere t Oi st I orlen streett with u depth tl foot ltn of i7tt Ift ', t it t Chlirles Arcdeo. Tieltct ci. btt to nd a t ttotllltttlih1tion t within correpotitnd with tlie ill niolot, of its exterior. TILL hil grloid l oulooll is h. by 1 reeit. 'Thie four ttilr t' of bou re neurmot nled with extensive gile- 5 ries; -17 o th boxes have botlduirs or retir,tnogp rrnlls. In itlre oentre of tihe h e t is sspni. T iiuto d '0,11,, 17 , d ll n liT TIh scener r antl oa, ll uerv aleg lun, ,lod ledl I,,i 5 llr t ll,' 1t, mil toe wit, d't e I, It m ,l llt ccl. 12 fr d iti r~l- l it i lt l $3 ,0 ! r lnllllt :l I f3. '1i11l i t'l~ II ,lt , AII \II I'] i ll. rt , o INtt :t 15.V1'1t110, i Ntt I )l 'NI),vii 31,01 lvl4ll bt u hal u13(1,01 11 lelp In 'I treti I, ' ~h tee The o ~ ttti i tor ' b 0t1''ii ct' tt, i, 1 a . e tin t r,.t 1 r ,rt.l 1,, te, I -te ~i.,. I ih. " , 00, ita o i =ii .i I... , 11 ill,,, , N.," the 0ar- 010 t +l t belhl,, rll l i.. - i~ ,hll ll 1'm " I d;a+, 1te,, . T':11 , : It Tll Te l o t o e im.ltl h r t od ,tt 0ollot , tc a tti,,t . I 1, I'blt " ,l lt i l+• psi ll.,r c, t' it,- l"of i , 2,1 ,1l: il n i p l 'ite, etriee hto ,olo In' ho t. ,, I )" ,, S ir'tt et, lid 1,hl I t . c ie Itoiit ,,,1 . 'o IInieg Il i,t~to d I'erl"v,'hI , - t,tIi :>71r00 ti ns. 1'1, e I rIeIiIt ,lh otv cain Ro but l . r; h , h Ju

hoto, btUedt , hi f'apihritttot, HlrcuIlet s t Io'oty t IRtu neh a,. tlint , tt. 2,to .s tI l l tlO itt t Itttiitniire, to A i hl t toe . ootild it t-d t` ot 0 v i'i l ti, Ito tvI eCUIn t h l* i ttlo n titi tI i . o thoo "iot 't-ot ' . " . . . At0l0 bt I7i. rIho I ntr ir. ofw gtoitk an elpot.eill i It Ithrte, f irll' lit frp ilt.roo isetl. 3od .e 1. ,0l0lI I h. 1',i" n qnno lliirt, f groinolt o nT t lil irvl ,h+ b tlr toit, .t' Iyaniiol.dh', of 16 no i , bhundthe d b by t toe.iport n,ooo ei e.7,0001 it II. 'I'he. tnl'te sioo oqitr. tf crtltllt l ii Ilercien. lre+t, 2dl i~nlli ulote, ht of 1I lute io nded fby ito oondllldte'p - . - , 20,000 Iu 1'2. The e'tire m flaore bof groand on oeltdon n s re illellllt, l `31 ll0 elll, contains Ili Jlt C b ,, - ];Ii. Th entire sqare ofo o n tinnoe .elpo.on b rne street,fn I lll7ell tillll n i ng li l , bounded hyv lent,,n sl. 'rerpsicllhor.e reets. 18,0 12. 'rite cne ti nf gro*nd ont lh eolon s stret. 2d iltnitilplitl eontaiing In, lotioo bounded by 'I'arpsiclilrr, Liberty allld Eatlr[ll o 15. Tie ntwo otory htllon lnll lot on New Levlee street 2d ll llli paillalil, corlner tit' Runll" 1h street,: I9 by 1f15 fepel 12,0001 1f, 'IThe ltnnreiof glrold tol Ilttcnleta tct,t bu "d nilouiil~iltliy, of 9 1s, bloUlnded b) IMortE. er. el, tllterlp iand Flelieit streets 12,00 0 17. ''lhe oqt.rle ig ground on Benton streei, tld ilnlcipalitlV of 14 lots bounded biy Ole l ioielltn-,II[n Lib rty streets, l ni d the line of thetn tlher prlolierly II,0001 I. 'l'ie rqluoe of groundl ot oelot Minec, b itreel, 2di nniiillllil uof f0 lots, bollnded by str i.i terlt, 'ierp slae ,ore tald itwy rd Islth ee I11000 0 19. "'lhlc quarw, oground lul 'rha la stree, be 2d tenicil lllv , oflt1 Il.,t bounded by Melpe- j erte, lo'anr atoc Liberty streelt 11g,000 tt 0'1. 'I'It the hI to fd on lia.t . tIoI .treeI ld 10l. ulidelt, hy unedl ll W it e I aioli Ehlwte' lr2 . . . 10101. t0 0 2. Thu one ltory bllnildinig Ind ground on Joli te illtsel, d h. l hornr to othe crloer of Csltnp bi atrerl, of l i i" t yby 70 . 92f,000 12. 'T'he eluoreo,,c ,r t ndol Tn M el hit irm, 1ofll dblluRboundedtl Ilby Ineilip Jchorb Oin tlto otlicoirlee 9,(700 0 23. Thu e saetro 2 uildingr l on streeit, etd oll f tef orhllr oied blry srtert, uoret, Ilting i n lllillnry Ia'ndiln byr 10 " eet 9,f000 i2. ,he sqluare t 1i ' ground i i Menlponmtene b d slle0 ,16 tuuLtblI boelnled hy Huwhherd erlpuetcho lie Jnll i art le'lt' , . .. it,000 25. The qune iryll ground o rn Libery street, oli ,,Ill.olo tlots, bIouIdled n y''orp ithure, ftlo by I lit r ti, t ' id t 22itoy t e fe 011 26. The' squir. Lt' groundl ol Mletlon e street, by 3d tit. ,~1 lots, {' llhlded b, y White h ul, Melpu "9. TI'heolnislory Iblliilding ntl grlund tii 10 Juhlia lrsel, 211 tih. Iei.l h l lort front C utup ' sfr.esl, 5 h I 78 feet 0,0,; o fi 2l8. The squuare ofi grtulllal in Thl lt lrullt "treet. d" In. of Ili lets, h ounhed by Ja u C, Sjoli. 111 111Pl '1'erp eienPne, stleets 0,001 'I ., l'h IIiiurter l grolund n Thli a ltreet, dcl iii. ~111; lt -'s, hotlunded by JacuIdl oil ti s 1nd It 7,) mll. ofIP 10 (lrtsllbu d by 11amel, Sois u III 32. T'he one story Iblliulling and loon lava.' des. street, 2tL iii. clrilter olf'reb r liCitifllr streelt 6i.i01) ;13. Thle sqlnare of greluld oil 'el'el psihlhre d. ,;i.i. 1tn. ill In.l h 18 Illltllle d e by Solis, l) lllllllsel l anltl l3le'l piii te'iue sLI't i 1,0101 1 :11. 'TIhe: tIt of l ic, l+ tin Apolhllo sl ret, ,i . J I;5.1500 The ...... , f c-,u. , ti, l, .. . ,n : stllv. r, 2.11i. ti 9 10t., i ,e)ltm le y II )I tld, Ja. :I,,. Ihlel l,' .tiu- 0v clel I,. o .( s , Slll I, i 11," i ll ,'llJ " II', e,: · . 30j1 D i :t: Ih ~1 tu l u u,. tnN1.w I e+,,i• slrI 211 im by Ill-, 60,511l1 :!!t. '19I 9 ti' e ,-' i .r ,,u].,,,1i ,, I;:rrlI , s1,.,t: L ,I ill. i.f IB 1"'%u, l i ,I d by (·I ,'llil Tll i IiiIl h l lllill . e lcru7 :.t .t 2, I 1u. br'ily the I.! h, I'I-Y 111 ~lin Te.l pslmlt; h, 2i,)n I 1. . " 31 ty 1"7 fi 'tidvd .( ' w 1 . .ud U,0{ le hll'.t~ ll rie ,l ,t se . ,01111 12. Thehot d'In rou i ill n Nnlnild v s: lt, el.I i2 wl : Murtin ilre, sh t . . co net of G....-1\l fA . u.l (AEY fi l'RITCII1AII ý I A .It;'. 3J 1th, 1933 "l'4.lia 1lrne1,2 . o of lb o lrit', l l ogct I, do alll I ld C.lui o tr.rehi , at~d , pd- ti ty , .' ,0100 .11 41V. "-r' llIt ofgl..lcid farmihg the clrlner , f Aptdllut ud"I'er icilhoe streets, 2d lo. 013' 127h'4vt . 6 4,000 47. "rht ..qunrroftgrCnnd .no 'Ihalia Itlee, r , 2d 14o. oel5 lIt., lluLded by .tlllosc l,l.aa ua.d d 0 'licit slr oes . ,0001) S 48. T'e lw, o lry rh, kh,, ' llur ellhlt,4ti ol N [\Vualhiu llCv i l4o, e :ilv tl.lll l4elu , d lle'g0i II t i feet f loa ChippeUwa street, mllU 'ua~u 4I1 last dee (retl, by 2011U f rtt It) d.,ll i . 5,000 t4. The squar l te l 1groun I il ''hI.dia i ree, 2d ah. of IUIu,,, bund'led by Siroian a. d e ellp u lenre elre to uld LEagir nvl e 5 ,,0(0 t' 50. Til e o te slory building .nid lot ufgroud Vl' i6 Neyades .treet, beilng tile ,;s liot frtlo T - Tr u lcurelstre.e, hu vig 32 by I27 fiet 5,000 tic J i. t'he squre l'fground ill Errulo trreet, 2d a en. of 13 lots, olIIon,,4 h, y Alarli I and 'Thallia lie otrelia, ud Eafgle avenue . 5,000 di 9. bThe lot ofgronnd on Apollo aerret,2d 50. (ollp44o.h tihe residecee of J Field Esq. beig 18 ti2,e <Iot fuo "T'erls ichore lreer,,uid huving r Sb.y 127 cr . 4,000 do 5;3. 'iho - rnr ,f.grotlllld ono Ernlto streel, 24 Ri in. of IL4 let, bu, edeld by Eagile .enue, '71" lii I ild \.'ll u tree.l. . - 4,0110 54. 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L~qi Ii ior.,,efi,\ t--i \rrielld .tl STATE Oi F LOUISIANA-Cotmmtercial Court of New Orleans. The Srt otf ILotisia.-.-To all w<ion i - these pre sentls shiall cuoo, ýI-et.itng:--WlVoeree Andnew o loar kIr, h1vi1 r ipu n 0 er. at r aol. iudi- by the ;h t( of he l l-II o -, o N .- o ,,o Ill.. l+ . h*rellllfter I..l <.rlt--uIdh ap- p d eo d Io fll e lltek i, . ll.-i C rt r, ill , 1.u, , fhl-' the dal tl of sale wals e ,r olhi 110 tle 0ll1illlh11 d;I 1 . ,I ll: II. l, A. I). 111', hior a A I.oilIOul or All llr ll~ll I i llI..1 o ,.rlllll V to al A. I irlllr l ge.l.-l tlirel lf Ib| n 1 d f l 11 111 , enl tilll t "ll, .l .0l ll l1t1 flllrr t'' I IIt r I L ll 1 t l t h Cnp a0-100 I o lut tio al IId, l rl , l:lv . 1. ) ,m 1 ,t ,al 1. illhl, eia;f ilr ll I J i ,, 1 , I, lll I o, , i r 1,i lI, l ll a ld It, r tr l, e ol, ty hercla; ' 1, ,-01 o , , (lt, n R 01 , 1"" l I I n1 in , l o mo Ir 11 h iiu m frI I +r I (I m alt l (Jlllw I'rem IllI t (I1 ,IIh . lllv r ~ 11 hal ,1 10, h I tl"nth' ;,ll lltl, ', 1l F I% I I'l', ""+ Ii +I ly llitf I , l di.- ' i,-,- .o n'n ,I l,11 ,1r I-,,. oo, oI I ...ll -r I tlin o Jr ..I. -..l , ,.l r oo xllJ oltlllel If+ I b , ;l l v r1, be . Il e h clllclhl. -11hn1lll.01r, ' Iftil1 hel' "11,h1 ti uan tll hlllo ui l o III-rtllo ' it- i11h i n 1 rl JIi ,, rt i llOa ,I o ,e lO. n ul t ( .n ' I'h O Fall( I:,.llorl,,+ by Ihr n,]dh lh, o f II,"l . J,' - I ll |irl n reld o11 till txr.; h I i ll i , i llof I 1,, 1.II. F r iol i l am, , A. o i010011 pr our ,l 1 t S nI red 11awl ire Inc iit, lee I rinl 1,a t (11 ,11 1d Alt1roluqouo A JDrElf li.l li.l ,E11I,,. t hew .l . I.f . h u \ 775oo 1 1 rit r ,f"l tlnorlldoII ( p'0-Fll, I i t1IIn. s ~!,"t .1 tl ( l Ch. ark Ie r Jt' 1110 nlle t i llt l hale f.r rt i l.,1 11 hr No aru I V l l 1lld thre ro, u I hdrp)lr. , ll lilt, upo hrs. III,, bo: lt' ,1,-hI. n Dl-drtl, l rolut adrou I+ IIl 1'.the Joo o pu tll CloIr 0 - dlorltollI I139.1 p "a aoo uo ,l lroiltuol 01.01 0l Irv l'l; r do IhoL. Aorl odad. tldlll ,II lo ni O J ',u i 0I 0 0 jodI·lIlq +. oal uroo . I't,:t~lr-c .ll I0ll, 6t-l,.ll'.2 J o I, l t la l die iia (u ly I.v lrotll ,o t (ouo -leh, ' 0rn0lu ,ol ' 1 rlanded anld 1 urlTl fit O lep nl, roid 1,r I t iu.a , Il' an,,r, lihrt %1 h,, L. ,l" I..ern P ra l,'t I 1l"." I | ,'++thlt/"r wall ad llte , - i o alr I lno 1hd C. tr I.e el llto tou o,"l II 1.t ole lo(pr au , qlotl l,d rai otuo| Jour. 0 T (' lot IoI'nreds ll I .. o : h urh I o., e rsJ dto o n IIt h at ', rl, tldo l , dtoo e Is r f hler, ill til anio; io t at uid l" A c ltc plour rll m erl- l t'itrlle hlldl e li nda . r.l t hx it t .- Iltl0 r oeI I I. s ' " t oud dlo1 l t1111 , ,ulO l ,' o nr , auet ,ou toll ottr -o u tll } arool t ho, do rot ri llldao peete rrojrn 0il dollt ordt Ia p. lo a d1e 'AT uI1 L:1 LIoUIrIAN --Ctnrde l m < o:J ro codt IOr, Nmqvelle OrIa ite arl flitat de la .I slllx si, l tflly Ien ux 6c it lu tn c rr Ilncl s con - I Ln dit oa vepr pridlatvoodoo paurt . SivC-rot? aso enel, ront-Sull ur d to Ador do onO Atteud s o uo ANDREW S. PARKR avant ic aclet d o ri e lnt opr lle f o ir.e pa r 1 nt'du I ri a. I ro Ise de la Nouv ale Orldans, I,, prolrn It ci.aproo ! dacrite, n'ent adrecud nat grql ffe to carte (;liar oil hl ,. Ila v .l oei t hlrol ai !e o d o llr oet Judo Id'a lt d dor 'a o ru d1839, prua ldlrt d contour drlent Pt e ItlLru oi l .le prj aour o J in dluer cli, dcs acoc ir rCurs aux ve, judcialre ;" d porroutio d0 lars, Qu0il0 oal connu, ettouloho perg nAs i0000 do la Lr pour Cu dlr , i llcdlrllle, do rIa Nttoveole, tan (.roltI og i aiomntac dodroit l t. In por plo It ai-o or r, Jo ello uot lo Alenic d'ul meUt doe h I 0 00r, o vertu du to ,l o Jti vnter ra 01 &'O'qtilation0, 'rovio ou to tomosl et 0o 0ode do la faire voir, dsne trentejuurs Ic dater do la purlica tion do cat avis, pourquoi In ventle insri ain ne s rait poas OlntI..r et homololgu6. u La dito proprio 1d ut vendui par le Sh - riff sue. Io dit, Ie vingt troi-i1mejour dt Juillct, do 'annde 1839, ell vertu d'un dmret de cetterr Cour rndu l IroiF i me jour de Juin de l'annlUe 1839, dans I'affair do Andrew S. M.krLer pour I' tI U Atcll.olnya Roll Road and Batnkiog Company eontre John G. Fnks and IRobrtn Chow Cd lammack--Nt. 775 d )ockuet do cette Court it Iaquello vete Anldrew . IBarker to'et rendu acgtdrour Iiotlr I. prix de cuep mille (ruin nou crFelea nto piastres, payable I Decripllion de ol prop it d aproes Il transfIe ac UOi cerlaiu de torr sitn ds 'ilet nulmero nllrant huit, faubourg Alt t ltlonCtion, torlant 'eoucoignure dos rues Constance et La. cours1, me7urant cant 3ingt pit, de l fre t(la ruer -onstanceo, ur ceJt vingt puedl de proalondur I t Lace - rue Lorse, lo lout ootre eo i r ignes o 1 e parFlleles, ousellbl avuc 9outes Ics amtrNhuration1 &c. qui soy troulvcnt. .o Ctolut d'opr-m u1, an i Fln s I'oldI ltt~ , i, i. J d (, o tir o. I' - 'Comnori, it lol,urt b e ur ,ol r:lu Watts, J1 ge C1l0', d0 o adle (llr, h e isdixltdu, j,r i ,'Octobre do o t 'it aIl0 u dor o olro S uic!l, I.rllo o o. 1 h * eiolut ic uhlor.eud f toa li.m· alllt de a , x 'hldtlra c nt e des Elat UII.s. e JOI1D E. IIL)Y LAIN, l17 3t in 30td Depuly (rof .lici . S A 'lA' OF LA' 1U7IIAN A-,'i'-t .hiieial Ilrs, - , - It ('oulrt-- "rlday the V 1111] ay oI " ( ,:tober, t Il. 39.-Presuet the lonorable CAaries liaurian, , L1ouis F. Canon g vs his creditorse No 11:'.u3, ()1 IlIlUo l e T., WV, l(:et'tIns, E4l4i. (A lltlldlle Jl fo ,aumIII, C lI. dw dell , Syncdic oftl de IIs,''ett' u as. t ile ; llland 11 filing y t ltleat l of dl tirilh 111 :ll 0 i 11- , It i t . rrle tV Irhe C(. urt that trl e lcrt"i1ors , c i1ii alt od tere iunterented, .hew cauler' r any te ' ll n e, , tUl[Jt tn dl.)r f'rx ltl he u .ibrtitllvo t l 1, lllu t a tlilo, wiy)c r llll r I;d e squlu slho l , It Ib cni1un ) srl , t Quld llscllon gatedr tle fodllo 1 dilrlbUhe d s f :e((rt!illb ,eyt atll lenan Srylndic dlachargol .olu atlly rs l.thoer ia- I i Sbihlly iii 1. th ,-lr otosts . II Extrat l'rom the Minutes. AL[) SIDNEY 1.I';\\'I., o1l 3t in 30d Deputy Clek. ' S,'I'A-L1 1)1E LA I OUlSlA N E-Ctmur du prels. ' _.4 ler Ilibtlct judicluire, Vendre,: :l I t.) ,ttbr. , '] l039--Iresent I'llonar'db A M cllllil~lllt.n, .luge, louls Ffantlcois Canonge ulcntre se, Cr6.'lllcivtr- No. 169!)3. Sir motion de T. W, Clleln. Avw:,t te Ja+mes , if, Cald wcl, Syndic de I. Ifallhte d"t I', Cour, it oist ordonn6 par la l('u r, ll)lw les cI r ell- ' tiers du ilot llnsolvable on toules autreo per.ulltoe illttftcs s.o s, ulela l ,t odduire les rllln ullte, W'l ell ex- I ite, dAlls les dix juurs qni suIvruot la;t )Lpibl tl~ ou1 - de ce rtllo p or leeluelles le dit tahlo;it nse scra t Ip a s e o lln i rlld tir e t h o m lllO Og t . ,]L s f olln d S (ths rib a ds, Ie t et le di1l Syndllil dtceharg6 do trutes responsab1l ll,tde.I Extrant des Minutes. ALD. SII)NEY I.I"WI1, u17 3t in 30d ])epu16 c;rettier I A l.I l-- l b ils IL oaf S-or t.ll o r{ Cnd for hill 1ni bIy J 'I'TIA El &- Cu, XI 5 -71 P,,drus t ICL"-8 bill i - 1ure and f rule & A (L)- k.g. le. ra. 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"L.ecturer nn Midwif'ery, at }{arthlolomew'l IHn, !t.1,' Dr Clarke hue+ prescri|,ed Yoland'. . ,.ifir .hlutiei .,,na 1.y' palietellbri!iii~ rlrl InhrgoorUI i Dchlxruo, lel UJ ,, hly Xeulzd ihry wetl. uroad in'h le.. tin, than hei, ', a+ ul y u~}' h~i,1. ed, %+~ILL6.,:n .IT pri prl' uno tiriil. ,'L'lili.r t, ul 11|llll i tl I. a r n~ledy+ illl4,1.i +,.I. all? 'u~1. thaUt h£ x: -,,, otre t,* le-c'ritic lur hl ,apaient+. 1 o.'+1o.., IDecrlllh~rr2 ." |)r (.Trnil hlrn~hv ..e u t,rt.+ Vu'l nudt'a N|i , e of i ,, , llu)-l l_.| rI.,llli.%, and oli- thaL t, n (,u+ .e U,,,,l 1,, Ti"Jll alevw cal be tebtalllld onl~y it, No. .!l Cu~tull; r, i1£ Newx Urlet, .l.. SARSAPAR1I.LA PILIL OIF 1 E ALTIII. ,I;, BIia 0o) PII1,L. rII18excelleif..ily lpl ill ,ern. Je lliedicine of Itola t""., :. 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I 1 lle. n they grlly p'urge o ell . d.g" th n. omiol.I, ll i '.I.'el ,,,, a ind ..vige th il co .,.'Iitrtj.onI * 1 value good healthll should never lie a idnuul theta, n1 fy t1` blood, r,"nmvue ubrtrusliarr , and give th e it , ."'.., ,I fIII. vicar, healthy anHd hill.!, ing nppearanle. P*.·., ,,~ Ipletberic hilller, w h re sOIjjret to headlache, eidd:. · res. oOf Plchi. -w urallss, or have t ell. great a flow .·.~·: ; thes heiadhhltlllll tike then f hCequ·IIIly. 011141101 19, of all age-. nl~nv LI t, IhrIIn n :lu ti r, n. t boy do , +)I ainy % mecca rII'· 111n BOATient BIII BIqu1eLLS. ester till" o dirti. " uld ',"· kept I'I, S c .fT I "ermn I.. l,, ,al, ('Di"'.. I ue r Pest Solld at I. li tiu.lon, hooI t, N"oss Ut~.' U ('((NI) '~ItI) O'I:HO /'S IH.'GI.''.N HEI.'p !.d . n ,(f/, t OOOAllj'l.,bO"xtdu..* N r. v .1eto ior o M most t118 Iill.Uy philllri~p t hews.. II, sadthesoydir ,, s .1 "I'·r I,.'.''ll dlxll u...d Sitl L'Itrisvttt',uc·l {{'.tIei".!i omolo v , lrion a . 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