Newspaper of True American, October 24, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated October 24, 1839 Page 1
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1¾.~'PCSII~s`--- m~r-,, *12- ENi _ I~.n w _r -ijrci. ENS NEW ORLI:EANý, TIIlunSfAY MORINING, OCTOBER 24, 1839. V t,-I .2 Terms of A XI ebnte Pra oI N-r -re III TURRIIOIDS N .I ' ' '1ll ununin~u~l nn wl n ofxu ~lliirn~l ný, lýý ýr _ - -.- - --- I ~ l ýý ewi ý . . . r r.r n e r llt iwin ri ...................... - . --. .. ... ... .. . - . - --- ._ Terms of he/- etoraper te ress of Newo Orleaan llutniot.lulv nIOgreoed tIo Iltl nl.jOell++ l lltling of1 tho I'rtoprietarn, hih on thala :lth of M\ranrch, 13:17. nnslontPrrt.v.-Il'wenlre I)Dollars for the:daily pn sr anon to, ptyableo n.tlli-atnually it all lvInce: tot dollaurs thr tr tri-weekly eountrt I lpler, pnayalle one year in tt,llallteae vwhero alie city re leratlwo ls ,ivell.- Five d~tlltr ftor i/a, Weekly; povahntt it. adnttn,. No s lbse.ription will Ibe discoltitled until )rrearrtages are. sottla.. in ease of di conlltilult:e, one wetk's llltice So tritlrg Iluno t o Inv:lalttt y given, previtus to th apirtion of subscrilptito. Anve:lrlrasto.l.- Il dtllr perotllatLe for tile first nsaortion, and half tl tt rice for eachi stlnqurt otne: ann material altlration from the i rlll gital advert lirtienll will be charged as a n..w one. YnooKLt AVEnfnel't.ts.-ilerehnnts and Tra ers, oaty dollars fill Eogl ;iah aloneh , on I s ixty for both Inn g Iangn (nko; IItotaho, ttottettee l)3di :', t iote! pbtlic inltitlnto.n , ftfy dollor in Enolilh onlv, otI, lghty for botht laugtnges; Shilp roa tSroutlonat Fuc ors, or Coinalitiolln lmorehantll- t oxty dotllar ill Euglish no, andeiglty for both languages. MARKuoAso , OtnttrAnY Norlttces, and artiClesenll ing tle attelltilon of the pulllie Ito notle Ill n1 noerty eord,: of poeltgern, Ifnefito,h&. &e. will I., nn largt l one dollar pert quareq for th hrst insertion in each lan ln.oo. Cot+Ionlc.Toxn,' ttr Allvertio.etla.nto, of oany perotn. Sat .noture, when odaaiooiile. llaIo tIe cIharged tohiuble, ant in advnatee. A dduIntion of twety.nvfe ptrtent. will be made to ,Auctioneerr, SherrlT, Iatnitern ta \\'ills, n!J MlarshnlI on sales oIf real sotlte, pultishlld in botih nllllutgtt , and 50 per cent. in lughlish alone: 10 pOr cenot onsuols nt other pcoporty. Au AvaRl.etnons ant of the diree,, linr of buIinets of the advertiner, st10.t as legal, auction, andt lantsh a+u .alnt, runaway s.ves, strall itlltln( &c. &c. will e tlleearged for Seln.Otelyt and t Iltthe oalilry rateo. ltlinrotnl onoe noto, llll et:lil nll oc ttiý' n i.,wll i No alvertisoematte tf honkhruplcieo will te published n any case, nollle paid rlir previoul to innerioli, or paynoent g.aneono'td b It roco nlnailtl "e'rsott ill town. Tnnt'lletll nod nathanr ijnte,+o tut tollnlolotll, , advertisinite dailyr J thie easotta to be charnted $11033 itr bugli 3 h a fo0r, olnd $153) ill Ioth Inttgoo.en. All tnatlol nal ei atll t a t' t ott.lii:tt 'o felr tnlitnrnl at/tee will loa doolblo the tprice t,.f n:ler utlvertise lnrie.g to the ilnateaste losn tlitard by newspaper p'rortioor, taey have catte ito tie ntlttt.itnt that the tno Itm of p.r;on whn'-o :ntelltll.- have.It not beall lld willlil rh lloe r~lllthtnel It lern taoIu t/,Itt, alto/I Ilt,,l ll, w inl thei n 1 1m oelve na t no nt o ,on.'r o ,e , r p rin t i/ r su cht iNas lerl cus nl rtrdrnuvwr. ISignet) J.'. Ito: Sr. L/t0l.S J. II.ASYON, J lat FtdIItfN, '. I'. R'E . Jt~tlN Gitf.N. , TIVel y PressO.--W\e, ltI. tE ndroireedt, agree to abide ohv th ilhove i cnditiuon, ant far aIl they are alpplicablIe to papers. A 1 R it (Signed) A. 1t. 3.% tIwIE\CF:, i5) so suhb.criptions are takln th.r lent tha: 6 month+. Letlnre must.ion 1it cseo, ht. otat paid. HARROWG"&T SPRINGS Mlatte.gttteerv 'oniov \ Itla lllot 'a. TIIREE .SA IS J OURNE Y FRP1OM F. ' ORLEANS. SI" IE l p rr tnI ethcr l at tl to eata lisltt ltttet ast htta th e a L r tutret, "o ni tt nlli g tto hitt l ri/ u ,ol( ,i I,, bht ingeneral,ti,at .letiall tein radi hte Oa l the rbet dn of IMay t reer.ive amat;er', lIe tot/l alo state fi,r the b,; t' neftt of those at a di-t' net, that titee avte t,e'' Iii',i'' Smprovements made, and ,oheres otw going nt aitd in rhptd pron;,ren, for al,n l, eti tl iht t llh a ill Iil he tlit' tbalrr her t oI .l.cIn l ,e e i m ct h a r('v r ul tt inlr t an cllrln lr Its A lld 11 the. .a lln, ti e r tlh hatter. g il y l-'an ir Wiia Io t,',a 't' . Irll ilh t gt . l or m t. r tlto.e Ini ha o'I haet thi i at'hed freti tanr t tatei L nl I ei wll e ien', ft t s i·.enan ,e at l behtea thtt v t . .i . f i tii , " t rn S.aterni All lhe itti ' ohe'k riha n er llettl' fota ,dat \lal'nturtin ('ict' W It ,' fl a t aht o . 'e e ptar t ran n n c,at. a tn I ' oI t b t I to t il n, nteithll' Int . Sprenl doring the whoitt, ,ton 're onolitt tayittt oti d nn nlttnk e r lht very liherI t nellttart giVet tint lit - .a 1 unntIi a tid I,' I~ . tt' ',r :t;lt o nml tlt.liml. a1n n"' itt n lihnt, I p/tronnttt" tt: plea tn+1.'n-.t a.) 1'.t lt . t. t ll nrlu + u 1 ,^J-i.rl i klllev,, Il ý:c In ,Illl'rr t d.tld, ur le rea. l. 'a -l I k , 1IIu I It.= fl l, IllN? ,l' II Ic IJ t' 1 I" -t r ,11 .. .. l Jle II IJ, 01,I13 I 1.'1. ' IIII Ilir ." 51 ·i ' 0l ·, " " U cur 1.lIlan du d, d. \I. i 'r , n u tn, S U . d a oA' , l. de nnIStIC booe le J, n~ Jai I: _ ,-h ll de Sald leh. ,,I Il . r II~ t IR l 'l r " m Ill, 1 orep herillifio trunks b rass o-at ; 0a''.r "10 1, t ' dotn. :'i : ,;itltzOtOl piartl . b-l c, "tn,l !.a... ,', swih a n' i Pt'++, _ hortns; blind I'res an ins; S O tlr' c1lh ol l, .rD iry .'o - o ¢ot c losi tIr) 'i ' o and rhd" ar,_,.d hiIt 1 o il r. II0 I; ni al roclid b c. s' -r. p ,no ii d Itrllsl l t "a,,CI pIllled brdoas an-rld steel brldlld b-tp iIr v ry L drI ' . e ll) eto t t' .lr-; wit h .l a c oplltl ., e I, o I_ rt ule t oh e.ry ''I ey whipll ao co', u Ild tr cle hll roull tdLher year, by prekerlrnt m N.-,w Y'rk, Iresh suppia to rhkeep llledr stlc. ii l til: ead c leta'he r-; . i l KUUES, DAVIDSON & 0o, rap 15 Cw il st. NO CUtlE N) IPAY hD it.JOlind hSONs andh lili S it h caltr la L s 1ne s r lus pid IlI:Ice t.l ar,1: tlhe l ,|et o , Vel ;nl.l Iisdas, i ln anll i 0 dll relln t anus.l Dr. Jlthdo, telro a rIetlelet of l any ye.Oarr ti loull piols "t iouroept dovoteti to rih trean's t >f Veoneret plated,'.ad bra to hist Isprr tl reOlivr derlacti e 1on pated, brpe asy and rlteen l urrp t sulch dersyn l a ape * 'olrr t wt 'i uI ta o tri tollot s rtb ent of v r: a noRt . tojh110''t i rlt Siol b tla" t 11s-- al lt, riilh they o rn taltr 'a r 'l e .cc ul I on terlll l m . They wtll alto, cttlll t i , r , orl cl ve tllrough the year, by p"t ke .rte in N..w Y ork., Ir.h aiupphti to lke I their tock mir " no st O lli to llele. t18 15 Cbiaiil rt. "0 l . r Ilt o t ir to 1ttoo)ot . l It) u v i le otr .c , L u ltiner hist ptctt I ot to toI l treatllt l lif Ve) ure eii oef re, i r all itr did';r,'l t h ir tuui. ha hl Il llto i'uroe u dal ted to t tlll c t 'llaf Venerel o.o.oPo- It' lo d I)lir i Io no lre.It .tlr +iv pI actie In ftqt o a ntr.ol r ur th -lll th Ol t- Iprtl it] in.L, totc t infel, lpire t aft l ir lUat l o d re to s.uch 0 , 01 ll Iu m e tlu r tlld th I'v aiyl th fitl ottl o il l oasUrtopl Iri t- 1.1, orrhueu. tilen+to, Stin' to et, onto ce , |lUll.., Senimd F thetk tlur+, till" .theu a (ftlan cshl ert Le ii. -y, lo..inop, Urithrl, ItirIluot e Nai, 1lr. nteld 1e I0t En kind ori t as t ih thle stoma ch. Th-, Pains l lx r th .alw i by hn w hN o'Yooosti t trogoonted at ll And thn: I; ::nr, u.+yut m us htit+:.l =ent1rtlly fill-w Sti - di.t oo-e. o. l iliau.r, t It ll'I o r ttoo, ltilt . I ith ltt th. usle riv 'late .,i r, in Lru li.o l t cltt e ltro o, lt l' r u er' - lioPn i tlL tthttI Iiol i it, on in 't trnrll t 1 a1 t ili o+ l .oht.n'rofqe rt'k, e. t'ol ,t-real i ttttlruO cton io1y ot ,edf ct. Ilr.Jou ih toll. It ro Iooi ti e tlo cy i 1 1)'000 alian tolU Ttti, I ,Ire tlity o." tre U t y rgo l, tand ltwan l kbUtry Ilntkr d ttlr t'. I: Ielre rl 0 11i1l irt t ion it aerved st'orn itr odilgarn t t Iotr l t. t a t ti'.ttt li. t nta i eroi v S inS ',r toin' of" VI n'trea| o liott , er.d I x tit (aki veng edvicae, or trelmo in. it. timle c.LthC hontlld do well by giv'ing. Dr. Jnl nsled ll+O 1 tll, its pr) opeSr hiled oina too u elr cn ure II e U hoo rit b t tiltlor ic e pt aril rtn pwit w tlw el direct l)on of b1r, o th 1o o ,t I tight.i O urotsolo ev broduced, nd the secret oI '11 's ui it aii-. bpurrlt d b . t ti t gr n u , I vf . ,v tere C 'l.' : t Orllnl l|ta to t il ln "-hte tlt, t the dirmiane d n th tl'el mankind f riw allr el Ie all, v the ,mth 'l'hi+ lr'hxtr ,. "a, by hlsi with lth llst pt t revtllo a rtetrd .Il cass in Lutl r pelrIt i l llld bli pllnllie |. floe l i i of| forly e tIh n e qu.,ei ot Sd, l|, flmlltn' oil' the iead waie r l leloI nati bn t r o.h. , Ir.ngu arit . leof i th I eI , c li, a d i ilh ate ears whlore ,lig lu ai It thr earst habit i+ llring ,l oll whis lpedr.t :. mast niot iends l do ;tryu ) tmer t hIor oDysluck Ile )IrU l txi n I t h tv l), n pille e taeftu it ho til,' E r u lr p e le bled n d Iou ha ei of prred by r t aut.always kI. o the b.) glste lite s reovlg itnd have bee trouhled, li re or Ice, Pwith l ligectian fcr wan perset hy uil y friends to try Aberneth, in 19 Cuupant II) RIOR IFIOIDS. SjAY'S INIF.IFN'.--N Fictiln.--'lhia ex tr.aordinary chlonical conmpsition, the rceult of ncienec,, and the invcentin o a n ,ndil et n 1an, Ile iintrodault n of which to thle publl was invoet tl witl the sOlimnilty of a daiIthhd beaqut', hails illC gained aeplutltinn inpairallil.hl, filly nsIlaLining ItI correctnl s iof the i laiented Dr (irillicy'a eonfkaion, that , lie dared not rlie withlnlt giving to posterity the bunfit of liie Iiii.'vlud.l g n teit subject," a ,nd he ath,.rii tI bltaiilthed to his liind lanid attelndalt, Saioi,m Ilays, the secret of hrs dilsaovery. It is iinow a ed in the principal lhospitals, aid tI.o private practic. Ili our country., irst alvl i lons iolrl,illlv fo tlhe clre of tie Plh, land so exiia , lively and i hi sinalliy as t Io bI ,l eilllil v, Il eF 'llre it ef,,le..a alre witncessed Externally in thI tullowing complalints: For Drvapsy-Cruataing extraordinary abaorlpti.: Iat oune. All Swellings-- tducing tlihrn in a few hour Rhleulatiasm-Acute or Chronic, giving qlulc sne.. Sere Thront--ly Canaers, Fl:er rn+ or C(ol l. Croupi nad WaVlluoping Coull-E:xterllraly, and over the Chelt. All Bruises, Sprains, and IlFaurn,-Curing in a few hour.. oros iandtl'Vhethr frCe or loin stanlding, and felver sre. Its operatioins upon ad lt lad clhldren in reduc ifg relicunatic swelling, and loo+-ing sougihs iad lightnilims of thI cheit ty l'ilx.ltio' of the parts, has Ihnal turpris.i . iylld ll l:oelpti)rlo . ''il rnalmlan rell Irk ofl thiose who have ui.d it in tle PFl,. i. " It acts :;,e a charF, ," TIHll P1'1 I:S-Tht prlce, Il is relnded to any I1rF-o who will uIe , bottle of Ilay's Lciatent lir Ibo P11a., aill return Ithe ImD y Ibttle wiithml bing cuared. hl'hs, aire thelm pnsTlive rdrs, of ti n prrlacetor to the Agno1; and out of Iliay Lolt. and ls mold, Iotll i hla blaen uiuell llan. l.+ ,u .f ightl iinsert I :lrti lltit o l I I, I IntIr, but prefer that I hl oe whe eril thei artL., s,,oul ,.x" hAUit t Xhe inri i.!, p armh mml+r a a C lU+T'ION-N~: ,an lie ge.nini w~th it r, pl*n tagd mngr.lwvd v.raippr, Oim which i, my um nmm Ild wh , li o 'tleil retail, by CO.\lSI~ i l('K & Co,+ N':,ve Y",k, aml by mone Uroggd ii n evgry I ,K It 1u the 1',~'on. 1'r',r sr) ,,, ,b ,,e Walh"eale Amn's, cornea r of 'um nun &. Toi iitouitia eltoot, amid by the Aplthuce ries gI nrall, i jaial 1 N ( llIl .'S &. Co. N 3ilt ('ha',+i-. ai,, el, ;,le 'co .,, \ r+ civin ;and (op-+la,)I..r h ost .plrn'di d, sl ,andt, I anI d aIns.+h',i e 'L : t,.. ot f ,t h .r tIn na 'p e - r l' u I, el, , i, ci ma r,:r, : ll l et is, h lll i, ...,C ,, ", "' Fi n . , wt rl FO ~1 Y,, i l, , d n nm l , hillhl a Ii rlllla,, ll h r(m ,;, ,)r ans, : an I I, irlln . rI; an .ve a .d I'lol hl ..'r .nel.llrTE anllld eh+ib, i 'l lo,. I'I i ri'' Il. .-Wi l'a I i .i' ii llna . Iy aru r' ir. ll, , idi i ,:ll III etII; rm l lew .nl ark, t lw or nil g t ,l', l I mh o r" , WIn hn lilll ' ,I Ind l n s ie l a , h wl:in , , -rr I.· l.I x t+ hl.l. . r v ¢ ,h ,wII 1 11n. I, ,- r 1 ll l th,, ot. ( a ,he rlt. ,1 l drI nw. r ; 'l ) v , a, n di , ,1. ,,, ,+.),i l ,,, W 11 ,l ,z i .d 1, rl i, 1,r,1 i' ' r ll I; 'v , ' l' " · +' u,," , d l r- Il n r - .. . an I t " I- "-, 1 1 r , , - 1, i ', . n I, l,,. , 1 , 11. a ,, 1, , n , 1'l, m. ý,I , ir~ll4, + ,C ýI "r ,r,:I f 1 ý o t, .' ll l ýl tl ,( , . 1 I . 111'di+9 F"' · , tl n I,. rl, i +l ,,t ,,'t lltli IiII , i dll lre , 1 h., ~ 111 .,+,,, ',i .F',,t . 1' 1- t, co,. ,ll1,'11 11 11 , it l ,' r 'IIm 1 4 , .11 1 I rn . , . . m 11 ,I 1:i ' r, n .l1, . i i..l, ,+ . , I l , i Ir 1a: \ ,, , .. . F 1li, I'vl l I F. 1 J 4444 444444 4..)44444 44411;··~l III~ 144I~l,444 ').4.'..llll~j! 1 I1'lI::11., I 1 ~'"'' ll11I1 l(Y(II·llilC·11 ILI·:llllllll~~ ~ ~~~~~'4 ,-~hlI L IU]III . 4 4,l~lc 4o 4,rl.:tr Ilu:, llllll,.~~~~~~t b 4' 44,4444 4.clr444l ~ 44) lII .1yll~ :1I(II L vl~~~~~~~l44 '.4~~lla *'lll:lll 444.. 11II( 1: ~- 111· 4I1I)44444444'. 44l,44 4444444441III, (4.Hll~i.l· I' 44,444.4 '4 4,4.44 P444l II 44444444I *li. 44404.4 "'41444444 /I~·I I' I)A IIX~ I IluIIIIL Elllerl~ll PIII I '4,4I 4..l 44l. '.44ll rull·a 111111 il·iill IIII~1 1 (ilI 1)4 44SFlh ,.,l 4.,u..,,.. 444)· 1 .44441111 (ltleSI) L 44.4l'.444.404 44.4'4l 4'cu.4 H 4 44444444444444 (l~~·ll~ l~ 4.4 L.PilI.40444444444444444.44,444444444,444.4444.4444444llnl 4.'o4.4l 44444l44· 4 440lc0r. 444.4l 444'4'4*4 N.t.o 0444YI·I:S. i44444444'lr.444.4'444± 144± 4(4444±4444 4444l.,44.444444,4i44.44044.444)'4444' 44444444444444lnlll~ llll 44444± l 40444444444 d a l;~lt, ·~llll1 1IIIdIIe~ (2,44'.'4,44 8.42. .~ho.4ee 44lo±~dH WC ..o*k 4. 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I lotlice, lo. b ay tular atrltat, betwcaun Mgcaazyae Ihad C.tCllala ta. uae Otrle.a, ALSOl dor i.nvr by . .rr a.itrnen & Co. 11 C'ta a ltrect: PPl larlietaa,-aseart fliclad Lavtrac t betwten talta tao atracheta: al1. IT, .e-atCTa, drug.Iist at tle 1aaiataoa acre th alt : ChJ JIrII, caaLa iltlcrg. cLtit, ecrnert i It al & ltalalaut itreet*tll A i +rl a&laC,allerucaias calrer ti' T'heaaltaulla r & aL a. iecl 3tre ltaa: J R ai.di, druaalg;t rtLiy .tto .city. Mobhtlo to Augu-it, via Fhlrird.' o'o...L. av,., I ible T-dayt, Th:urs. .;- day, and Stturllay., per t.e 'I ;-.'= 3 _l,. n .p.c od:d stt.u.L er (':,,na plut, (ex cept int cln ct t rnto' to Po ovcolt ; thetnce ptr steamer 1.u 1t.,, to La (irant e, and co four horse post cuoacilra vC. .'l.iriana, B.,mibridgo, Pain. d,'rton, le'rri . Oul,' t ,,. n d P rrL, to teon.rd (: t ; thece via A" h ,ie,, ao'I S%,.erta, 10 W ar. ,retllot , the e p r :r i, rto.d e-r i to Au.'n110u . 'hllo Champ oI n I 1"i ,intd ord).'r, Ith.r new 'pper bold r:, c ,ppl.rr e I d a: p?,,r If ,toned. The lto Ri y il I,,b ti, n thloI iOll p:id hll Sen tlln odationm re ara; I.a nd.,une i ,. m1:y o, ,r. 'iim bh'i- io'ul NlalOt, l .io.I :(oCond, illd C' .ioct 1. watchie tiay pre-: lt the nlot rintere ting steL na. vigation Ito the ,8 ;.-'oir adt the a.tet tile porth etlyr land loi i d., 'lI t ' lle o am arte Itll ,trpassd oin aty roi ute i tihe country ; t!i dlivere, to a .ulan, careful Und tatt u tie. The bridjo I vrhetlore dinirour have b eil newly buil, o th'it hii h eaters do not inter rio I 'Ther tilng r ouis, l av.. be n (all slly cllang ,l , I and are w alu groo,: ls "l ally lrod mn the Sorulth. I It i (,iiurally klo ivr that tie tore.ilnce and hlr ill" ll "otnee of leoads mb tb lest teus Lt all ,a I sons to malk groat slopd. 'Thir slmlouthl bb rer i - cur theo travel or lrout die ordlllry i trlguo of tage travelling. The Line is now c rrIyig its pa..arngrg from Augvata to Mha loo in fmr days a:.d twIevo hour-, or to N. w Ole,nIr.I tour day aond twrnty hours. Going tgo A:gutta, the hoe Is ix dtlo d.nen hours. TII toure actuillty eip.y,:yd io travelling es the s:~ine a i, trie othter dirt c, lo , but the dittlrence of'i tio l or e t,,o ue, is caeid by . day being It,st in Pen.acula, woinh, hiiwvtr, it[ll rephid by too up i(iom ly it giveS t'os, o" g tho Navy Y.ard, tlt o o!, hairih olts, etc. lThei travel er al.o sleep, ut o i .rcoi, aid ; at i' atr Itr ltoi. 'r i tli orr mnll otilt rw li onti .ue ill the travel turns nor thward, ih;In to i nn will be tei o I fr Ll '.ibla to .tgntia, as a is n w ti tite iother deirlln. This Alvtertiement con trins a ptoin stalt ,renttl of 1icts, the accuricy i ' wr iich i.: iproprietors gauraote cturo:ipao-oigiri th: penalty of tuIs stage lar. flaps of the L ne moy he rien at the Cx hange Hotel, N, w tlrletas, anod at t.: 1t.sioun llousic, Mobilo. Fare throrg.h froom M.,ile to oAugota, $1'7 30 The lie oxtends, by ttabtranch to T'ailahasee. 'at Chattaniooeeo, t .e line cr.nnects wahi tih stleamboat carrying tiooe mail to \pa achicola atnd St. Jotseph'ts. Offite at the t aosion ar ioui, Mobile ml7 O BOST1 ICK, Agent, Mobile. I ICTEi-30 iICtes tlor . a:.A '4aI',1111, 31 (Gravitr t "ii'i PtIFi-Itt lYFIt--Ju-i r -icett a.u'p.vr S rticle oltlit, prrsr very at ,rS Ihr zar r 2 it lit .I ALL IN (.I s' trp l' Xrui'lr, lrr 7 ,ti v bt r/ tl -r ' it l'l t it L'e , l, ootan i'lai. alpl 21 • Ii i ko t I 11 a-,a.-h Ptu iiiR ;I L- .. , S ll r, S AIK lO: ,. hl'F.,_ MP.E UINT.EIJ;NT-. 1t o c:,tlIr LIy ti uIrITIalbad (C.r . thell proptrietor I, it I Lio+ sited to, u y .1ty ti).ulg it+ : Is '.vor ; th.r Jt haI i orn+ huriy concededh' to' it, thataL i, byorid all cOui.triso: hl'J )sr rI C)e-y for exnl,,i al compl tulkts HLat IL ever hle a JaLv:eo : -hidued t ; s d . 'an erta Lnty oi t. | op - raI l It IInv the aI pp arat c, ofl ) r.cite ; as u e, r11 ., iw und., c.+rn<, inverbor,:., ch.,ldbla¢nts whl!.e swv ': Ungs, inle;., pdes, spider ,L 1 .:ake bit,:. &c. :rmine. d ta'el ' Iy tio tl e appb r.eity uphrt b ut I nfl- - once ThuJ~s if" pr,,p,+ y ,.;phod at wil rem:.:o :e is ))ur ..tert corn, ,) re:.k d 'l ibe a . bi e Hi .¢ !days, w,i ailay and pei enh.tly car., at! ulcetr :t)t..l . ; d t hL rII I tI t p ,it' ,u 1:' iu/ c-tu 'u twI hie' u nl gi r tbl;Jt- caH)n ib. i gil'· t, ~ ,,'tl i b du troyet bi + 1 I¢so ti:,an two', monJlths. Inth bi .; 1t4, oJ" pu) ,. tus+ r't ptih.H hit ,,th+e;eC :. trjly- u arpl'l:,£ng , an: , rhud uui. "'r it aiphe' .n -tuyiut, i) 'p-- or attrau- tiuu u rttt w)lut derult 1 ib vegt t'ur tLyp ct'ht backu ,t tlmbs Lu- rse., Mr lit letterut ,g w "Lf/t'utI u1 h u,! Suuutr t' Ahiu tin. ',dl vii t.'tt -ut it., utiu-u -L I 'rl +,"liltS ( r Ir l tr has reL.:eived at lenet a t( t,),jl l :1. , ,t'th.t ,l th r d cui is t r hi: II+ , + .c)+.x (ItllGl,>il,"1 t ).u.vard p t+i+ h t lnr J t It i I,.;,:i,, ii, '- I -i,,.,, ,,, 'i 1~--i'' 1 ii . i.~ ~l ;+ I . ,,, ?H ,, ,., - , .It,, ill bY r(+. ,,,.' I titP)+ i;,, lh,+wl'+ r+ till. illclit J lo al ll . t + + 1 i L l ml +. i.]+l J + . ll.llit+ )+Isg C· l'.J . aI,,l 1"9 L tt,,ry +trl,, +, N+,'.w York, +and +of . Jt 0' 1 [ , l :r,. u l',.t.N o. O.'..,,t n Ol·: t[ d eI ll tlr cIth IGlitiu u S -S'ri t:lr bi , I t .tat t , t nei i i-t. , , ui .. . i r. 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" she )oito I'hlirhus maIt e tall s i is OI f tie liahlll s , conesl+ !)llt; hl tIle tl~·l~rl'#, : lmll'l. ( l: ill; L+),lucll I(I th rt'l-? bu Tita U i I i'tlu t l ihitt ~l1 . ' ll Ileti'tyli l l' l lm iln thill preel'lio ll t lhlt. 'rhe , b: w ol w i nl e co bil Ilt l'l ethl i .l i A 1ii " i tl h ltl augd l I Utpte IImov. Ih lmot cie titclic i 1d lIlllur le tiEillt lIa o.ll Each i) It the composlon of this prepar non Icr t-itIt ol ¢ tl .. ... i'odain ......... n ...... . tult" "ttt rluhhhig, ul l Su' llPasi ·( ·h+ Iust I h lllguihlt expluctal tionsl po silllus; ln at It1e1 HsameIlll"l a Iht ilha::mla ti f11 "t itt: tlllli.. ol'lhe Iablliov diseas.. The Illtoht emilent phit )|1\siciLal.s anltl iillr llillh Io the: ll'rt' cllt day axpresti dlle:l( cide:d Iup L l'l li~lll III tlll l..(l" .l' eljllh:lll!· llls l)nIlrlCllh ll Il·t' ill llil. Ittt Sil tiniuipv, F~S!' etniLS. PI h slr l vait I th.cL ittl llll itlltt it' I beli|llllO i tinl hl I tit ti . h i tl tit rI IXl il t , i iii t , Iiutt i wast C a lit - or' n fr, m c , lisordered lh t u lc i th'eiltitg" l+ ii l Uitt c \'h.'l'¢'tll :lljl :l'·il~ll., :rodiii})lllr I1.ctltlt III )lt,,L Iqull·I(.ll II 7 1. ,' ·~l I11; 1 l i ' )lltl'e I Stlit-(l lL t',li e~lis I)J ICS l~llgl o8tb m ost t'e'le'bratd amoI I lucull i, }ll sill e expi'swd thtis sai tat~ionl tof its e'xtenor.dlinary .:ltletvy iln evel' public ad privat' V nat"ice+ Thet' h otatons utill h in1 t'ir teiL h rcalif;'tir,. i-telp ed bly J Ii Tho lt, Ct he illi I utullo . i uic t tI t it ii I.'' ti St i r Fr 1 . 11 S'lnton, sq. i 8 Su, i'groni to tile I t T. + h an s IIos it.I, atd Le l. e.--,"o Anla'liltotmliy S The trial "which I hatve siutnt (Jl of liiur ireprati)uihnh prose~d $o hihlhh I~.t iiouralet, tlat I d1, nott hl'shate its I tlouii-iti ut o ii 'f tX iii ii-.)i ile u ni i iiii io. 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Mayl? thel sutccess " " Sir A Co.iplr, 1+ 11 S PH II( , &,'. &e. : hbeel indhce.d ti t1'. your Eurnetl'~ ii seve'nld ' .st'ol" viohen' ont r~ines,:. wlh.lh hatd hitherlto huilled t.-In sel f ..'iln uthxt boutd Ito staire that I nolw ink my++ prl.c tilel bot.h pulu|ic; nohd prlivate rlconannd~it mtllt use Ioll Froiml ('- \B"lahir,.111), Physician. to) G;.'s 11. Th trict te'st which I hav ivte yourl mOl.iedhint hill 'an ac't of fiutice and oft dulty to u.hi my) hfe, le testi moIltnial inconu)ml endill;tioni o)| ilt+',ilrtu s. 1"rom) I.C 'ThomsnlO, 37 1 I" If S L. |i'leltlrln)o i at sI ncer gl t~tl( haun s f"or to su abllllle prle sllt of1" (our" Eurnetl~~ 1"+1 I~the ar11e+ of Georr'lhual ke.. I ' 1 llle lllrltl i 1.l yoll hateatl Il a st biroughtl a ne iitril wil eintlo uset w hich will p~ro)vt• de..islet ihtim hang soug~htlIor in thit nledical waslll|- as r, l i. spee y sui+ lil ci+,[ tr:ial| cullt Siln usesi'. I tile ab v l all\l I1 s.. It atlti'lds Imleyelat plh':sure't i piublishinig ho tlhi woldl. the .:uluall e qutalitite otl olu , xte'nut \Vtrt, it intces.sarly, the prpie.Jihtor coubl hlelr ftulni.|l iiimei nbut t' ust'.ill lth t its IIreat I1.etesshlit, lertlo l.-1. the a & einetnl.( ll M!ichl it hias beersl p t'parl'el, w ill prti'J ts|. It, we iiIl dal t ~ion +thit prklllIehara ion eq €as, abore . 11 or ,,nti~wnen t~n Ifr1om businlt,., "Trl.iv llers eslpecialll i,.11fi. h. imi ne, highly uselhl and1 o~ught necve' tl 1 n|,t vhd , ith a p~rep):wlation a~ssessing thve at , v ertge whl ichI~l th pr et" one l chli :mb nll e Ia . ....cha.1 i(i.g11ll1 s +,<p h . 3'i".I'; co . 4'. "l u ý, 1'u_ hohi f:1, .h.h it,,, l,,-+t, Kh: li..'l Iu l S bt, 1"ee,,,' , \\ ,.,qIn..ton 11hat 31 r n : nl,, r (i hnIII .-- I, . it, i 'i e rI)r ltllla i i,"llle.u' t.lh l n ll'l ']( ,crc u i Ji e ,Il l .II .r anlr . . 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I·. ~ur Lrd roral' l Ihan la " S: l nl.-\" rll'n ll; '" .f u,'h' ltrx) and p", pry r 1h1: llltll:ZY, .",ll lll 'It' Oli 1'rin 1 atIJ t "ll III ll ..i itr'I I'h ''eus at Nol .I1 l.', : nur 64 Cu-tiIll I . n in the i. I" or fnn- Li ect untry, - ii.r'- i u lli'lled I. ;rl ,ii i .r. col amine for I h1-,rr', " . lCarl ll lllls a d rt il nllllllde Inl [heI alt 1 r.1 ,.alvle , rul s+ pl'e lU edi at the ryt >t n ,', an. :I n 1 kin''+ ill -i h.,h l ety'+t y ,,rk "..r, w EI, ll ,.b t.P.. n +n, i:, Ir 'o. +ct s ,, 'it t ·. - i. du it,. t . ', - 5 Cu ti |A. d c - ,I \ n- ° h 3 i'l r+ I~k,'llllhll . +1' t , . le by Il JARVIS & AI EtS, n r n er + in ll., I& T oaule Ihy 3.II'I 1/lt ,, +t+k .n j~ nx I'r,+X .!. 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L~r ,~~ AsP . 'd r l p. 1, . , .. pi' tll p o h p -J IAI IIwh.t . II St JOot II , ri. . . , ., IlU x. nlc I it the Llfn lo 'I O "t'',I~.LI Aud -.z -IA ' trls·r~1PUUICXIFhapCI11L 1 er r IClrpntt · rr4lcl r .' :11, ~Ilan t·l'e Pe l u bLII lean,:. hei r ui is~ To cl-fl vo e t~ h, uor ruIe''In". f 'rl ilr whill h el+.l) lnI,.: I 'fl.., n 11t1,u 8 1I 1 o 11· J, :r -U o1ectCJ . il a fair ea" mrsn ~1 rurx N h n I. lr till hn ln - ,-d li'r e. t l~tiu 6ir h'YhC il t: of 1! I> , (.ulnt y, and au l Ir Illt u, gtxiull n t.r,., IIIll.l llln, , , , , 1 1 , Y 1f eu^4: ofd )C IIH'et rureI: 0"+ e It l, ilN II!( . l- W --- - f them-, pIII IJII we*Ujtilll,,il'a rl . t i. prop U l,, l nl (irr - - -I...... .ld lTIC II. I tI( . to o-t hr i i· i plu, and , II1I!I·uc il, TC i.... ..... 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Nhn would , rs tile 8 · Llll , Iln+1 ivr, r".1 111. k" 11 tee note xo U ',r Pit ItI·· c.I) IIt.* the, 1 i d · I11 r'I 11rmP 'l and pia. :.I r1m1u1 u 1 c O·1/ d1 1· L EII At-fi ner a Bl l l uobl a !I, ot lnclug I' lr r1,11 ef., lll i t. Tuo ) :: H". -YO F oiluth.l"r rru'""he-. ;o.L. J uIII· r-e 111 1 In tjlll~ r ylll thu hlx , uu~e>, I" rel u N ulr rs. rl agel rnl tl ae lorla\ sg., I,,, '.r. r~" ·, unllicll a ltorira rda itr ii-1rtr i lcu~eutll·. 1l r,li Ir*,. d bllll of 111, cur." I he ·I: i: ALIIllu""n, .o ll l-, rn the pati,"ut h '. J l u r r 1 1 n , u u l o u r t d a h u t t , le ni l l e~ s a p p ., c u t g l, I n c al m a -t el lllil l l 1W t el lI . '" ' 1'v 111' lu proper du ne,, 1111111 Iu lluu> l al)P U li + ::. ".: nl rrxa , r" uud out'l II Icru : n Ju hu chtlat ra etlr . I!., m,' P Iil'c nod , _)1 L~h li . "n.... )1l llr l 111? rcc , .,I~-il the~"cr '.un u, nllscr h u ,. i lb c, lia. to the>".l~ '1'::,- - I1(I11 ~ l 1. L ,11 I·IIUt.l highly - .0 is . . · >;,: .,,t ll l· Illr iI; ·*I i ed ,, th It u zJ Let ý I Iu."t " l'r nili e m ira l.?. 1: ·,·+,,. I rr u Irl" l Ixy ,dee u ,I,,f,1u. u r L l lfi'1 li, k t.k , ill ' l b it blKr i Lt L. h ,tlraph\ on t par a <.i .. I . L i t _, can ~ h Il I IFnnll e s a i h , pr v:lli [ lll, l t m<l'n Ir, l"l\ a I 11-ai lli ,d, a I',+u V,-: i. , i. I i, . ,,tI u , 11e ut 1t , I a iti F :,lt t r"«at llit iit l' /t i t I) ll·.f III'1i *1 1 umi ll i r i i , h .' r +ll I ll I," e 1 ur " l(· tl v e l t . , Fi·CI II· t . I - i. t k gi., t ..a tt tut i, at la reti ", lrn.o 4tiu.Il lic,. N '. t+\,' . ';,) I, -e.- - ',,lc+ab t.t. a rotrl in 1 t n h I ih , . 1 , ,1tii "Idu " 3d. -., - d U d h.,: -I l v I. , EX 'I e I, ' "- it,1 it',, : lIrv J I 'IHAw E an , 3-I n (;+ lO r.-lNe .. S" , I 4il4rti n e y mJ T.1H le i lE Co. 71 .a. t I~ a. t rII ir{ at thC ha ;,,7 itn i me, ii. 1) tI tNEtY7, a4 Ne t 1 ,1 It F: -O1 L t I IN': ' O " In 1 I,r: . U " Lr tl F l iv J Il eAY I t: , aur ;+ S ;" ; " tiate K1 li ia d a{ ala vita, a' t hei a tattar a at it r 841 ,tr 1tOne1'5- 14..:. 4 .'r I'+ K) l: 4 > '7, 1i ' \ 1\' ;1'N ,73 "ortp .t PIlnl..-.10 P l, .,,:... t,.,t lrn t.,", at the ht.xt e'++[ tone 14 " 01 Wei,.e

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