Newspaper of True American, October 24, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 24, 1839 Page 2
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yyn cha , · I-I . loned reerny day at 1O 4O#F~er1*te oLa.) is closed every satoad Sturda, at 5 t is closed every Mion ayiy'e s P.- M. ' Iansehl , rwtvj ris 1. v nl3 ves irregularly three "s losed every tl1ýa ' a aent aiulnrotourned 7T7 Al~i. R is seat irregu larly by dsoaoalros Lvrltd a`: IL. I'dP., &t,~ e O~j lock,,PI. MI. 'clock. P. M. (t 54 ` Ao' t~t ,r.", thdhooibi'df ag hi' friends l/ nnty " 0 ~ rah , atakeen the Hotel at e-t:irl, v 1 ill reeive the c 12t, J !,i4 dan ! ) 'ndfiord e i ( d cheer. I'veaet- )' ito o 'cil .Ie Its, sided for by tiring". tittle ;` ,'. .'foooha I igto enter Vale rlne":;n·· it fa ioo t ale dosirlous NEW uRLt.. -_ (:AIAL A. '"INQ CO. jI'Il. Iorn >..ii'cItt Relate "are the Bati r n the I-. , " r ,hfs Ne r ay, (eacept Mana ' 'i. I""" I " 0,a0 folow - llrl rt4:. 0. A1. R et A. DI.. I.M P. Mt* 'P.,. OP. 31. isc' A. MI Iot t 121 P.4t. 4P.M. ".by ·n CHEW, (;ooh. 9 -11.LE ROAD). 'lbJIae saetivotoea wcit ta'))th :rh Geeel Pirie; coo". . Ildbut at n tite :h tiis io Tolto D e ooca Iettito. Depaeo M: 14. AM.1 I'.oa M.'' I itloroo. ý:`''T " a t~ltnx.. -1. Ln llrall·10·6 nnvou. l.tiO aUtchta 6 . " M 9 A M1 12.' M4 1 2 P 1 "mJ1tb tf I(,CALALt IIT augtt 2us 1t hOiB Poesident. N4EW ORL yA SL CARROLLTON RAIL ROAD. jIVOICEL.WNTmTo ARRANGEENT,. ilo o0tmmm to h 0 the lot of November, 1830. ' TR.M CAI·PLtLON. · ' FROM NEW ORLE.Nb. ,3~nO Car a o'clutk AM. IHuron Ca t 61 o'clck A. Leaomotlvo, 8 - loootomooo, 0 - 2 -- PM. 7} 6 7 IlonOCar, at0 . IHone Car, 114 AaRANGEMENT FOR SUNOAVA: "Tlie cars will leave at the .Rlllo hours as in tire week days unttl I .'cluck P.51. who r .olo:omotive will leavl Carrollton arm hoooar untl 7u clock, P.I., Rod Now otoy hour :.otil8o4dook P.M. A, ootoo.Ilot Cur eto ohtot'd bobrlore 0 o'l.looh P.M., by S·ying 5 dollt. fort the Trip. Aho, I2 o'olnck P.M5. 10 .811rn ill he tttooood. Coins by thoe "tootoCar moot provide tlhemselve With Tiheet, to tile. condo, for h'no )ohooiro diectio .1rAo m ioh " THE JACKSoN AND SICOUIlt; t STREET C.IIS .Lose oth het d of Juodifo street at Oj o'lock oA.M.. Coal tmotot.t 7 o'hak. Al half-pestl 7 clohk thty o otaoooe to Imoo both onds 'tory hall Iour, until81o'clock P 11 , xcept. Her thi, ioototot otlottvio' Canl stroeetot ?j o'lock, the co will leve othortn oto9'ciook P.PI. - it'tto' rerlooooto thtttgentlmelo n will not pot their foit upot thoe coioot , or ootukh ho the Laoo, when iodloo are presentt 040..e NtoOdooo & Carrolltooo Roil Roood Coooojoopoy, October t2ld, 1801. JOHN IIAPI'SON, Chiof Eu0itgoer N... & C.IR.C. s uim.I lno..E 00 Chdrloooo. Oct .......1...01 Woolhingto Oct,-. .. .10 New Yorku....... llIIoiril, l......Nrsl, oct ........... 101 Cininnati, lo..... ..... n) * h~~o~ltoItl.ootiitillo, u.....9 Iltimre t i............, ItI So. L roio, Ot ........ .W·otonuh.,do...'.. ....IS Lvooolool t.,pt........t 2l Seoo-tot ('Io...) tOot .... i Parii In......t... O18 Bostoo.. S tn .9....od.d..... 9 . l o,. Pll...l.... ulldnnr. dn... .......2,1 tAlotojtto Oot...........Itt Hoote do...........41l FOR101 OF NEW ORLEANS. CLEAIIANCESS Oct 2OtI, 1630. ReboChotlotto. Muck. PtotPoolo, AIeatto Stottoo Otduoo, IlHrris, Apaloohioola, Matter " ARRIVALS. Ott. 231d, 189. Towboat TigerC oCowll, from S Wpopa; htvinig towed to Fee ship. Orroioltto oo Troy, roturnod to the city ith slhip Oatoo. ttig Raymontoond t hr Boston Pooket,; lef the bho on oho2St ist..onlt t toeat; reports tothing in sigLt t, the hof s11.thip Chtrleoton at Y W pato: nothitg new in the river Ship 8,000,, 18 dot. from Boston, to moater Boig Raymood, Looantollor, It days froot 0'hoootouo, to G Behr Itostoo Pochot, Hincklty. romt Galveotoo, to motto, Steamor P Miller, Hotto,,fom Grootnd Golf Steamtr A FoBilioo, Joht.... Month Ohio St..mer Jtto Joy, Mloooto, ft Litlto hook Steamer Mojeolio. Mlooottoo. fom lt Louis S0.teer Cltlbornt. Ilorrott.Ih Natcheo Stromot, udolphl, Wtlson, fromt Vickburg. EXPORTS. PENoooOLt. Por bCot Cboolott.-t54 hhllo floo, 443 tog. 0orn. 30 htoo cofe.o, lotst tgor, tirt. ro, mhi;.kty, baoon, hood brsod. tool..... 01:0000. butter, g'oso, s0010, tottcco, ofrtt, At AOOL0OnetoLto P0, bte000000 oae,...00 tIIt pokt. IMPORTS. Tooomooooo-0',r brig Raymood..lO00 cake limt, to Geo Itodfttd. G OLoooooft..Por solo Bostoo Pobot. .Imulol to order t ECEIPT'S OP I'ROI1L'CE. Grnd Gulf-Per oottootr Olltllr-torgo 505 holet ottoi N iiil, Trrin &(Wott, t0t T.ylo, & tiurdino4 II I Bogbto 8* Burk., Watt &, 0, 56 h' . l Nod, 8 J bioht: & ht, 6 IV *Flono.4 Hallt & .io, 60 Curti, .& 180 . Mouth tfOllio. Pot stlomer Fuiloer..O'oogo 30 htloes coo tbh BcLkoer. Stnntou & T,.66 Lookhllooo. Fent- &IDooooeoo o 6130K Cootomk& 00,o SbMototo 1180 l, 79 t oslor o Asher 6 Bradt,, McKonno.. Writht. 10 Armor, lb.a o tholkor, *W Reltt rt. 47 yootooo ct,, 9t IBurko. b.Watt & 0:5, l at) do douttA Fultot 3 Slotes cottot, Sllr ot ld I L:tal IV 01 Beal. .undridt. tounoooi, .ittle ItIook..i'etoatoott Jao J.oy..Ctgoo 10 toloooooooto,'. FHOI~dooh tt Naototoz..I'., ollelimr Cloiltrnot..o'nrgo t-5 boa , ollcul lotoktt, t0, at.. t Co. 256 Ilototold. ,: run o 6 o, 212 1'tul k. lint. It,'ondn, 17t0.t'eo:,oo. Ferriidayo bol, 135 J 11 tov m'0h &oo. IOSJAlotAoo.tt10l':.Poon., Aotil rt,. e"! A it. to" o".62tpak, WW:,1& co 30 0J1.olll..('1 r. 22t.,,,.t:o . 4 tOa*doaox &o, 400hey 4,boo;0 I ohtpttt I'rtyoux. Act( nt ." [ouo-Pe 0tioiit T.oMohtio.. 0',. tO hale cotton o D Cooper, Skhool rat lt t. UO.'h.oomo.o. otts onhoa , 3tt htg. to sorher tt uoorl.t kest tort ttodfmby. LOurioO todil. Viokotoo Pt, otooO0,0 Itomto'j"h..ooruoo It bole Loton to NoIoinois l 0not ruotlm6tt o J Rood. 73 a l?:odotllotrl'otioot; 71 do Ke tA b &Jtttttt; I tTto do A & J Denaitott & n; "A0 do Ot en 1O Ittito'tN804I V~ttet 33toM'rrit. JItt1ooee 'o h l; liuniu. & Wail. 21 N & D I~k & eo: 99 A .11 \\V.1lice If co; '"S3irocwin & +nhldlnUc; T. Burke, Walt V co; :1 Fallon & 20taoo Tor. iodl.'yhno0y & Lo;t6 It ,Io Ilymoo B 1 too; *ttlor o BPfkAhtr t .t' PIF ltttklin A It. :,tt oo; 501 'oyroo: Atcuatl a cut sundric· R Swain; J71 Fluid A cc. VO'AoIGNEEO Pmorhip Sroono htomfljtot..Asosool miteo, tW it Fullt: lsel, nytlt sad I.iLtoeriet WI:ttrilt otS&tco LCi O,,oa; Wm0: Wooo ao on; Ito.e ott Stgootottlo 'toll I Ic; G 0odfry, oot tie M Small1; J A Mrla At ao; J ewalll I J.1 Von & W Lonot Uoot , 0 LBot: ott Xo ::tmldo t Voho tt 0 I Itolhoto Lambelb A 'Irhunprol; ; yyildt. Byrne 4'o; FB Ih"I.inzrcl 00ýýppýý J tOto o Loobodio* Jo. oulita; F JI Wald; Jloo Dtl0l ooy &0 o Oly ;tt Ill:: I , sod Ilbo,; fitroo, door. oolistoloo ri~obti; AIoonrnt;t(i tovoo&lo ,, hrobamJ Harotwll 8 co; Richord u, Watorman A Wood, G Dorsotoy; JVAiIb t cttt irtoo00dJr, tht,; J IIPHto.o o r u. Fooruit; W4 CTumpkinl, & cu; Ai 11-lrp;;(i J frost; Kindesr A Head;J WOllill.t vant oko o& _ o aA cai J 0 ['told, B CdoppI,gadu rudor. Foo.bip Sltotot, from 0ptn..A At, Moun. D J Mao., J D gttIritptun. otie tot 2. P name,~e Rodalph. k · k,, ug... i W Brits, Jlfyds ormin;G~.n;OJ m.ditt uuo.It. " MIORANDA No 0000 of ts boot.r soO~tthifohotr..ttilS lhor. P i1N1O-4--- ntfr aeb pUIN *.-O.4j8oYo __ - m15 J HAVEk-&.('o, 74 Puyllres of TFI131KFY -o-kItkY 85.tttti~tI Wobooey, in ottrn '' -~ . b I b~ily .t; it) E'dY, oJ 14Ntml.t'ooo: FLOLAOI[Y 2 t· fresh r iii str 1111for aS 44 New Levee W Z KAI Plllif PAPtIoA-20f 5300000000oul.le, 201) tt ý to mingleWooppto Pope0 Iatdotnn fromt hbrig iGt. Ryan, ttoHirsute e J' lAYI &R&Co, try .7-'1 Poydrus ot 4UININS.-oItdmdbg from n11tl JlolRicnt, 200 ot Q Mulphotoof Q uitt.eii in o6is ond I joavila, boo uo anlhvr reloil my H IIONNAIBEI 017 . 43 Tchtloaoptjtolo ooponosl t tor CS fonfetioners & .Jttotoo.o1oiood'bby shipifuhbc orand osatail by II ONNAIEI, Lootoot. V.'oo Tcoekrectogof Lw - 1 W3el bfarpluual8',iºn Jut eceve by N'IA KA A I IL, ci ?'E-& I III in o roao f tno. 01 s15 3 '0)0.000YE0a PAITRP UL AND OLD. ýiiv Official 0ourital.of te 2' & unicipalitg.. al, Daily; -Tri-Weekly &. Weekly. "we N1 WV flIt LE1ANh: THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1839. 0 - In the report of the proceedings of the Council of tbe Second Ilunicipality, published in another column, it el willbe seen that the Secretany of the Council, after a serving that body with zeal and fidelity for three and a ra halfyearc,hasbeen summarily disnmiosed,without.havbig it been heard in hild defence. Thecanue of thin dla.miaol is .iply thia. At thei ti meeting f tilhe Council. hIe., e !.o , loal, tile Secr ary I h preferred eharges against the Sergeatt-at-.trmi, and I the complaint was te:errerd to the I'liceC (,nllittee. ()n Saturddy lost tile Cootnlttte Iwent into the investigation and during which the Secretary, being undler oath as a witnoess, made an a-nerlion and repeated it three several f times, and was nech time llatly tollltradolted by the a, whose conduct ans the subject of r investigatiotn, and who was not cdlled to order by the Committee: provoked Ieyond endurance Iby thie ins lence of the Sergeant-tt-Arms, and receiving no protoec tion from the Committee, the Secretary gave the lie to theacenasedll; wherlluplll tile tColllitten Ibroe up, and reorfued to continue tlhe investigation, tlthugh thle I Y Sncretalyimll diately state d tltetltntflll , lntnltionl f l instilting the Comtmittee, and wouol, if the Conulnitter wished it, withd:aw. Two of the Ahlermern,.lesers. - Caldwell ad Gloytl, were presetn t te examinatlllion and voted ugainst the report. In Ihe Secretary Il teen guilty ofnlly fault, it was a t venalone, and tile, punishlnent has been as severe as he thinks it unjust and illegal., ie ho1uhl, at least, have been permltted a heanring, ,or llol d to eplaill. We otate, for the informtntion of our absent friends, that tihe weather here is at present cool, and the health of. the city in perfectly restored. Our citizens are returning by scores, and we see many now faces. Vesels are coming in, nndevory - thing beginsto look brisk and business like.. We have received the Ocober nulmber of the Ladies Colmpanion, a periodical of great merit. It contains a beautiful engraving, and one un. n. dred pages of matter-such as tales, ancedotes, poetry, &c. by good authors. The October nuUlber oftlt Turf Register is oe. fore us. .It contains the usual gtntutlan of intelli, I gence relative to tie turf-races run, and to be I run ; also good articles entitled t Tlhe Euglish and I American Turf"-" [low to buy a horse," &c. 0.." co.--A corrospondclitt l t tnas will I says:-VL miso more tibacco his Sear than any ate in the nion, and it is or great value. ''lhe crop of 1838 amounted only to 25,i'00 hogashads-this year it is estimated at 45,000 hogshead. IThe entire tobacct o orop of Virginia, i. Kentucky, litbryland and Ohio, for tis year, ts es. timated at 115,000 hogsheads. Last year it was a only 72,000. Pronunciation.-lThe pronunciation of the stage was once standard, but lately it is absolutely ridic tlouu. We should like to have aiscore of actors inform uis where they indl any authority for pro. o ouncang du-ju. They say not duke but juke, ur and one of tiem said a few nights since, , Cast hilml out to ot uIpon hlis jug Iis!' Such pronuncia. lion inl our opinion, is of jubious authority. N. Y. ID)spatch. Singular Phentomena.--Wo are informed, on good authlority, il ts tihe litlon Jouronal, that cap. tain Thomas, of the brig IEdwtard, of Alexandria, at (D. C.) arrived lt'T'riesnle i Sity last. le1 states, tO that it passing south of Sicily, le sailed over the r spot which twas occuplcl by tlhe volcanic ilanld i 183:1. After sailing about it5 miles on a due east t course, lhe suddenllly perceived thI water all around Shim to be white, as if the bottom had been chalk or corol. It woa so who t tlhat elery thing appear. ed bright with the reflected light, so that one might see to pici up a t pin on dock, although it was then c. a quarter beitre 12 ou' ock at night. Its extent u was about 258 feet square. loe was struck with surprise, nld sprunlg to seiz Itho lead. but before he In could sound, he had passned over tie illuminated esurteoe. A form Yt:crs' FAr,---T1hcc .11j t of t c narrative is a touLg 'womanl of t'he pe list: ol l m.I.+m . lt p:re' nt ill her 191hi cccii, hluiciiccng sicll h ulll l c iitc iV. 1,tll bauo t nilcyerc l ha I Iriill niccilcil1 c IcICI bnd he.:lic teI most prominent si ltemll oFl'Iicih w[Iv it eadche of thc eIII I ntllli l wn tIIre, vlery invll tera.te a d dlllicutl l lod .tail atllit e rei ing i ne ofiv ',Iol cllg th ed i h·ltes . not tlhe tbjeet lnfll+ letti"rl hdr-lls[ dIIY p/lti ll fals n ire iprper ly LIi er ii hthe rvc inC f the hl Ie l V.iCiU h d it lt eno iulglllt m ition thal i a lltt slll' rslt ont hel sptn -l I e hroe iltlenld with wacier il the lnd--ut Ilnhii or tI liver alld howes wee c o lppilr s ld IIto b e h e . f 11 wasbase. Ator heng sreeni by tany edlcia mto , r.nd ulderlgooinse variou inode o uns Iele t for eLv r frrce i years, itlclotily atmnelhratiun dI hr w ne oiterm i Isa ,tuldi lly udsitted by eit tsillu ell ic ltl e nd t, han t the ol., I, )1 ti l tll r. ted in h ta t mighIt be pro-ledl on the, bllly at that periud ol li ud sheIr tIlh subject of thie cate ito wA(Nmlholr . A I!, tile I shoe wa fromlll 1t I_' Isc arrs ofage, ier ap petiti ld Olnplelt, l), failed. and her whole settund cbr, beg1 m h be derived froillll i s llh II lise i nll c t tIea ful of hot o.f or, sweeteneld wilh tlolltelll plO llli fl l of llr. I 'hIis c qtdullllnt it was let. thre tillleei nllcc , i ilc hnoL, mtlleh a m ilou ltllfl of olid ie i le or millie. ,e, C r thingIe hlvill e uwallowd i Ieing inlhedi:tly ejreted fromt e waclice witho weexrt(icon of i ih tcle Tixtture'f r,', Thuer and ung- 't'here migh, illleigt aIt elog init.+. vals be a slioght devition from Tw! abtove I single Aoutlllllellll o d tc i otie ncccl, l lnl rested Ol tle ItO Ilac ; utlt willl, it eXll elrn'll llrll, 1 Illlls| FIIv tilt' e ol r ulllbve nixir owhisk d y,v c lllor alid gCr; nll elo i her forPit wa slender, yet she grew ill slullre, was Ile- i er clltilled to ied, nor wilhill do-or t, e t lr it Iw weeksl, when the spise belomnci Mighlly clfcected .o e cws obliged to C oleC aI rceiilldll tl IIsIIIon tIo prevent curvalure of tile spinal uic ll. ultlce it slla lt t Ai PiOCti ss n ,of tilinae dat diha ler th rllll c errr Mre llten coullClhacomliuh. nt se ollrl m l itee Ionisnw wnell lle, ni I lrheaort . The ill n h e llclllont sO III twr the dily use u lc ,sdc r c pc src c.teldfc t banel Iha i-ihllse i ls as aLse lld i as the oilbr lll fO h. ell hr ieo. .tcllhogh a Ic stlealhe titer, nIiothige c o mes wro icc llhi e is-hctiiie i soliid or hi cailiti onrd Ti ci icto. I8 aln (tre et iecil .y t ie 1 ruth d lilt baiii e i ainetI l nll t eai be oe-tied lc t thu d faroilk of tic rdng dt ollan, who rnd r- ;te,,ble--hv tiaee ii, heb l y ssccetoertid Bll top I nrhood. hso, ,vwednr or t h e s uit:+l'l( I, e. iedf r ed bl Visit the vo nrrg I. rliunn - InliVC-m 'lic .ll -. It/ cccc l dr'ctiriser. -lIocrelfIno . of ~forancoi. SECONID MUNIC(IP'L I LIlV. easuctt.o , J '2i2nd Oclaobr, 1139. The Council lnet, purc alt lo iltjornellll l'lrecelt, Rutill. Jtishtll Baldwin, t'rle.,elrnt, Ailhr mn ecaldwuel, o rzer.', (t~cuyd, lili', Loccett, ftc, tori., RIogers cadlll Scmcll. ith ee .IourieIl of iia two i.pecic! iogs meetingse SECOND ti N 1MNIIPAITY. M r. Caldwell itic-irce of ahe, Clicurit cccii siv le d.' h.-t l(,'p m.t, $ and he is l SA;it1oint recd.t.rel am-ntC, tI ,' t Te 157r t)isbcrscid thcic ri e'c, ,ii, .I; c i lal:aci c t li, lle ', I I ] -I tt . 61.0ct0, Je. 1'ri New Oic bice, diliid Oct. 13tl, A Petition of 1:. Johlns & c'. w'as readic, wiIenI, on motioniciri ,lfr. Loccckett, ih rtoles beinig diapenllced Ilt.eolvdcd, lThat hll. (Council dIc ulbscribe obr onec copjy ,Ii thle 'i.Csndicell iedc Reports oftcile Si1prmctllo Court oi inicclaibyilc J. lurtlr n i Ha llrrisoIil pub. lislced by 1i. Johins &. co. A Ltultliloril o" ccertai boat bIreaker., cvael refcrred lo Ihi Collrrittlec en Streuts alld Landirngs. Mr. Peter., Clhairmlan of tihe Comllittee on Fictltciec, iepolrted tllh allowingcr resolutionsc wihich were rtakeli uI anlid adopted. lst. Rolvcdc That thise ofic:r of Win. Rell, to conitrucet and o ,ileale the new vegetable icarkl.t, at thle junetion ,if Ancnuneiatior arid Tetlccpitoulcs streets, by thie 15th day oi January nenxt, for tile sulli of tbil'on thousand five Illlldred dolularsc, be, and tle ;lice is hereby aIccptecl,--said Bell to pay to thie Muricipallty fifteen doliara per day for every day beyond caid date, duritlg wlhich said tmarket shilil iol. he ircliohd. 2Id. lResolved, 'That thie accurities offeredl by said WitV. BIll for tle faithful perforlmancu of lii cotratel,--to wit, Joselph Goctz and Nicholas Murray, be, arid they are herueby accepted. 3lr-. IResolved, That the Surveyor bt nd, i lie is helcby aiuthorized to coitralect, tn ii blt"lf of thisj Mutilpa·lity, with said Win. Bell, conformatbly with thoei resiolulions, and lhe specifelicatio i Ios made by said Berveyor. Mcr. CuIdwtll, t'hairm llti of the Committeoe on .ilreoit cl Lucaid ngo. r, ported itie luillowig, wtlical wsre taken up, and adopted. Rcalvcd. That thiu ill.ytcr IbeC and ie is hereby atithuriscd tc u draw Itii c.Irrc cc ti i'- Ith rerCaureCr of this :frinicipality,' in favor of Nth ihoeir ¶17 for tiue tmaof five 4utdred and njrieteen do lars .1 S 6.4 ontes, for 259 feet 11.iclies Gunwale-wty, iOw oomenoejang at the alinement east lice of Cedar IOU rrqeet, thence towords St. Paul street, said Nichols 111 giving a receipt in frIl fbr said work. C Rersolved, 'I'hat the Petition of J n Cobollero, l asking permission to make a cross-way of flag stone, oppo.te No. 32 on St. Charles street, ti theo o Exchango hotel, be granted, provided said crosh way be done at his own expense; uad.aunder tite su perintendence of teo Surveyo. - Mr. Rogers, Chairman or the Police Committee, i1. made the following report, accompanied Iy a Re solution, which, the rulos being dispensed with, was adopted. REPORT. The Committee, to whome w'o referred the Lu charges made by the Secretary of this Council, Er against the Sergeant-at-Arms, have the honor to in report : That they have met in order to investigate and inquire intf the athrecsid charges, all parties being preselt. Ti . Secretary os called on to substnn. rtite the acusatlions, which Ire proceederld to do, Sher, himselfi berr g under exailnutioon ; but, in the t course of a short time, the conduct and I ehaviour of that officer beeanle so imprloper, indecorous, disres pectftul and insubordinate to your Committee,rthat your Committee thourght that a proper respect lor themselves, as omernbers of this Council, eas wellits a al for the Council it elf, that they ought to adojourn,. r and did a journ. ud relirt to the Counl thIe i reasons why your Committco did not fulfil the task t intrusted to them. Your C, mriniltle are of'opinion that the conduct of the Secretary of this Council has been so die. respecttitul iinde.rnrus rnd insubordinate to your SCommittee, acting in discharge of their duty, that SIhe ought to he removed froi that office. Your e Colenllttlre will rector intl no details, but remark. SI tht if the officers io this Municipality cannlr per re form their duty re..rtfuilly, .nd unless there be ( . proper and resprctfil subordinatlon, then, the soonerr this Conucll gets rid of thraI the better. I Your Clrnmllittrrn intend' to carry out the ilves tigation of these chargeos agrist the Sergeant-at Arms, and, ii they aer proved to hbe rue, your Ie Commitiee will recommend his removal likewise. cr Your Corllnmittrs recotmllrlend thoe adept ilon of the following Rieeolutin, atill of whlch is respectfully submitted. - at' Signed, tDAVID JIilIN ROGERS, Chairman. II. LOC KliETT B. ?1ilT ''N eY, e IResolved, ''Thal t shh(; hson he, and he is hliechy e removed from the utlie of Secretary to this Cour. oil, andl said olice is hereby declared vacree t. Mr. C:hhb\tll aske:lfor andl a tairned permission e of the (Council to inscribre Uon its mlinllte his rcao sons for votintr againt thle Irl.,eluiou,-viz : it. I vot eali t the irrs.rlotlon to dismiss the SSecretary, ibeca i tile inlvtstier.lior, of the charges is, made by the reho e , l erlieo Commiltiec against hui, has Ieerr i:nst.itir d r y thi l Clln il, hr ld because, s Scertary, h. hIad no plI r to speak lbr himself. . r.or etrir ofrr inveu r atiorn, in miy opit.ion, . Ioulghtt Io hanve I' n ll istitut , that the S cretary , mi'fht hav, xp.1ained bhowll." rrr. Glbuen wllhdra.w, on motion of be Mr. Polers* Aldermanl Rtogers was appointed Scre. id tary, pro lern. No mo.o 1Ibu'- n : u he in Council rd our cd un til Tuer.da, tiia . . . Rt . M iDAVID JOIIN IIOGEItS, I. i Secretary, pro tenm. lev, tk 1.'u.o .- .p 4."ll. N , , " Common re .l t. GAS 4.l14;I T 11NI) I4 ANKING (4 M3l4 ' '3 1NY. i is t1J, t lt t v r, er 21-rr , 11:19. ' `.h f I. l Ihel in, , ll ' i ,t u l ill r l;ll, . ';tla l. ' l tll heti;,l hal : ,,' l , I t nl eb Iv, Ird , ,l i e o c'Iutietlloll '. e (..... h4 4 4 41C..Ž. .4 . ... ..), I I • " 1 '/', 7 il i I , ~k .,i ' o4' i,: hlre 1r, r ied l l the ( liII (A ve, ll) I 1 II\ Il l:E \1' \VI:II.:' , Se(e·r y,;t. btI -o ,,t ,ol wi!l n , ll e t, a 0 ),<I l\ ntx, '2 tlrlm sto t, .a t : ,', I. 1,. .-\ ll+ ,1 , I.~ , h llk. f411"d , l ,l. p'h, 1)1, ,+1,u ,, l .11 ,al l :,t+" I , a1,'i teir' pi-tot, in plrl. n ,,r !", . :,; , h' Th ,,v illl 1,h 1i-0. T NI .. I(. . 4.1 1 n, l o. - vr Ie p m Sln+ r t ,, " \I o , i, I 4 III ll he.r4 ; , .'14' r l 4.'l4Se4t't " Ar"eNte - I'l L IN d . tc ::1 O ld )en e -nll-l,l il I l h1 p-, ( h l'e w ,.CI v, 1+ili. 4 .%l \omo'1, Il, Ill vll tl, li , r lll , Iha In , lnl l th onr h llcltt lllhe lll III.r II a hli ~.4 n . , ,,; 4 , .1 l lu,. I4 t,4 :4t -e1, Nail- ..l4'4h4r4 fur ,tl .:ir" olt i {I:"" u .illl ;) l to lts o'I - II .\ 4IT)\ 1.4" . n 21 r ll. ., Ir .flr .~" m1- ; '1 ,tll 4 ia l llnl r :i nino1 r' ' t ard '4 l lh, l'- 4 ri:ht ', 4t4 t4 4 h4. 4 1 as ld 1 h ls 4 4 n tiadpllel-; h ;li" h et Illliilll lll i h e ; l r lh .u ll t )l; sz lnck (4 41oliul 4 : ,' Ih. . " ,.t1' .1o i..4.' 4 4-lllx 44h444444 4lll 4h 44 h44l rll e, hll1mm n 1111t II I , le" d, n m1 t ,led to, ri |IInIc es, 0blco ko n .t l ck, , o t , llde., an-d (lr d kinds; I4t.,o , . . 4n"' .. I .l. ,,, .i.. ...ll ;4,, 4 4. . 4.4 4ilt 44 ,4 11),:r. rl1l4 t:',. - 4. - 4 1, T. - , ' , and a l ; th tl n,l [,,t - ,h" ia,, , ion o ,, stoiy g" ,,nh-; t.onesI It,, l eh. l, k-:.i ll, in l lolln lon c r,.;s v ortd i ie,- io ho t, . ,1,44- s nd pi w, 1in '; a44444 1.44 e l.44 iaer ll ter' Io l le allle; +eathe Taht lh l( ,t h lI. V -11.4). 4 l'4:44.44'S'1.4 4 14444 r44444 1 44444, 444444444 444444 IIl)j l', braid an I nd ih o lll n + n, i lthr .l lll srI hnehl o lf t II 'i lAlh; ('ol-0 i s.tx ai- lia iln l 5) di eull ( cult l tl e l l xes, m d i1 ey (4 1 her g Ill In l.,1',1 i r1 . 'r1 1,, &. C .41 111(h r 1o1- It i,, nd tl lr 110 1 lour l it 1C(, n otli I e ho ihr .n dlll ! 1 hInt il, m ; ho p io , rill sizl -; lt l s hoet irIn;1i A ofI usts an ti ; oh I el east I .I.... rsolv t sle bt or i q t III ,, n ll h- . --il tll dl a·il,' Ih,,t; tl. l SIlt~ itl, it, I .ill ey +( tll1' a' r;(.+ ; <. . In,.lo ,Il 1..- (I.) l';n+li-htl li llet ed ;r . iiittllca t all; li nte r ' f t lad !,if, 1-111i S11111,111 size r, 50:0\. kI n il ' i ,il % 0 ell I n dL uaII ,| iillo t ftlilt' i het; ;, 4 li c -!- , , L t 14 4 ill lll it nd4a, r4; 5h 1 k" 44444 gar 4 d4 ,l4ll4 : o 4 k4 s 'lil4t c I4l4l4 hlt, l il4 s (r4114 1'n.o.4 A , 4A tiO14 1 ;1 , (',4 4l4I(i4 , 4c. nhlPm tail ll ize,; cl 1 nll i bh a, ol; i 11t)e 41 "'reohct ot, to 1 ; p . 4; s 44ih 4 4444ll,.[4kilt4 4 4 u4 la e lr tie'; rit lls o ~ .izet 'Nar i ,rs oni Sel soJnes; id t r- sl4or4. ('tl.,e , na il t ue4 .4 ,t 4sOC t 4d s ,44 . .II'( 1 ANDI11. . "''44i 4l' 'l 4,. 4444 .•ii.| l lt I, 4 44 4 L ll ll 4 44lll444t4 II4' i i. 1M anilla ,,pc , " lelhl t" n ,Ol l , Iill solll oll l. tl rllla r l 4 ,l4 li 4 44 4l,t4 .l4l. a in 4Ugll h ill e n4l ld iI v llre4 4I4 l oiv rrn' le n ' e Wht . .pt e 'hl llle1 lile; le ather u a ll illd .u par d 1 p r l e Isnom ' hi I lll . ha n r o U (411, AND N.V44 44 'S - ).14nS, rD easi - p. e ~IiteL+r strm t lio'u , 50 hl, df; 100 hbles <2d -.dt :,I q 'l'unt llI oiI; 1I{, s hullsi e, il; d Ph ol11ve ,,,1 ; Io i1, t or; 511s lo:lm itI Iarn r,. enl;r 5 IIo fl r t . hlllh Eo iAtD Rll.lno i Otrff d lleil,(? iII; 5 r. ke \\'Tlla l hL, IfW Ih . boalid l Ir. o i'-- tf .t,444 4(4II'.l.4lliai4 4 I 1n 11 4 t 'roy4, V . UI . I(o lto1. and Ih'" ( 4r1,4iop of'J. ('a t ,iT n 44o.4 1o. 114 1. .4"AT4. OF L4t 4 T i 1.4 41. A-44t44 hn44 er, ii C4ourlb 4-441 f ,4 r 44 1 i4 ---444 y ,,Idl. 4f 4t4 4,nralon 0l (lh in i \\',l1 , , der gor 1 ollr .1o, h ba lrte , blolice io tors ',|lolte l ,:nistanie, Iri insovLent dtebhto, pn c. r n,11I' (, i 1o v ntl at A .l il tl, , cuJ stod , toi app,'r [u ln 44e,,, 4'4J4ll- oi 4 '1'htllday I 4ll 14114 (day- o4 1Io,-r h-. I .'II,-r l o+,,) S", •loci : in tI lf foI re , tI) o ll, - h -'ll 1 t', ," 4It 4 lI 4p C .4ll 4, 4y t 4u pray4I4 er ul4 4l |' titta , r _!,Yll d l )ll,lo 0I no lg,l ,t( . I.arl le nni,.r"11 l' ,ai al-m t dIs a li enu c ntre rsent the ! nt C n c r.. T' AT DI: 1.A L(. ISANIANE--('mour d Prent. 4 rior aic d, lar mJu-i-nr e-I 4U. i(I orhdln 1 our le crncier' u ,. ,t : ( ion'ir s. Vat rl, s .g dor! a dgo, Cotr, lotii, s tdo colar plro e l t d ant ordrl C Ou, Ol antdi 'o h1 Nv4 4l .e~Ltu 4 proc a ll, . 10 I .ure4 du n4til,4r lm d iva',i, donmnir L nt a juur ndu b d.h6ices loids loihs p oi'f pour (1 rl0 ig me dt s ond6biLurs inl . la ltre C l, tc 17 Oc, ) brl 1.1 3,nb i e am , dvit I I JNO. I . 'ffet d'.E IS 44- Ioo. .)" L .4(.:4is 4ureau 4du G,'4L41r. lN ,44Oc t1,r4," 103D. .01 6; E- (;4A1I1)ERF, (40ir4 , i 1'.\(444 tUl1 4 I.('i..\.\4.- I i444 t J4444,4l 1)i444c4 l,).tdo4 'h, 44r 4 1 44,.rh 4te_ t, 4h44 44444( 4. 4 o4 e 4 I44 4 Sr AT IE l,:\ LIOUIIANE---Cm4r du P4r-m. 44 44 4 I4nr, JNO. I. 4 4.4VI4, E l o 1d.:--31 1 N 31 4, 4 t4r,'Ulir. EaN DOLLARS -RtEVW D-Wili be - .aiht ,C . .wbnlevr tal Iod. i, or Delianr to t owner., Mrs. r ob ai"Strasin streatile mulatto woman BtItUNSTrE, d about 95 yepnr of oadtawppeairoano aoet the .tld helighth. Said Inn a ntto woman h be eno in the 4d municitality. 021 ' S '- Jul D OTI'LES-Porter and Madeira bottlen in store, for L sale by . H CAMMACK &Cno, o4 . BRank place ONION POItTF.R of L aerinrrqnolity; fnroln by iýn I 'rAD-Lexington liltstnrd in half po-und 1't canisters, leding and forsale hv II DONNABEL, 024 n e tor: r'Nanthen ad l'chapitonlal e tat NEW MUSIC-U- P Mnnouvrier-The Braloln Snring'.(ratld Waoz; Triumphant March of the Loininna. Lefion, and a large assaortment f thle latest Engiarh anl Fient h mustioutanrfpin guitar, and otlter inttrallelltc ,constantllly on hlando h " • E JOIINS & Co, th o3-3w earner St Charles aln Common ita N EW WORKS ON LAW-Puthier onu Contract of Pa Sale; Luug on Sale, new edition, by Rand Poley ou Agency at Chitly's Pr'ctice:. 4 vnls. comptleto 11 Hillinrdn Ahriaetent, new ediltion,2 vai. ' Petr' Iige.t, Is dt 3nOd oIttll l)o. Reports, vol 13th and complete nets And an general mentuf anil standard I.hw Books, nll new lav wotlrks of mrit, reglarly received--also, - lrch I Spo'anish Wuorks afjnrisprh.lnoeo. 1j E JOIINS& Co. s24-3tv earner St Charles and Common sta $100 REWARIL. ý I.EI'TTER addressed to the subhrilbern containing .Feur llndred and tif'lnv DOltueltals barn stoleni froa their Itox in the Prnt Olfice in thlis city, viz. TIo T $1110 atlea of the Connnercial Blnk of New Or lean=' it o. e ndl 393. One $100 onte ofthe lunk of L.aouisiann, E. No. 99i. One " " " City anku of New Orleans, A. No. S 103 SOne $20 " " United ttttea llnak t) ne$1l " ' (uonsolidat dl Aasociation And $'10 in New Orleans mtunicipnlity notes. $150. Fifty Dollars wvill be paid Cfi the detection of the Sshiet, and Fifty DOulltra ler the recovery of the money. JARVIS &c ANDREWS, a s0l orlea Co11aoun nad '1houpitoulas ass I- AT' iS'l" l I IAII-Y-'tl Literuary So ,ttie; LJ Tie tit ill; Thei Violt ; The Democratic Alnimanuc; all fir 114l0. Fair Rosmoad, a tnew historical tnovel, hy 31Miller Uhdine, a ,helhrated ronma ce, trom the German of I.ellmlle Foo llh i New York Jonratrll if Medi-cine und Surgeyv,No. 1, a with IIai;, II; tw lllld alnablo I eriodic l. Illlrottghllllul'sa Skllces, 2 vol.; Ilolugham'n Statles. ans",1 vela1'P Ttesa, it plny Ibv Willic; Pres complete 5 ais, u vo-new supplie$ Flr ale by E J()IINS. &Co, a --3w corner St Charlue & Common eta EW IlO)nKS-"ThIe Grohpy,' a tale by the O'tha I, a i r t t rtlllyl ; I is artllhi ' celebr.ate . oI n el IIm 1I' aes I~I~t.Er. S OWER,4 atep at I; J Felllillmtl< ' lt..'o p er,auoh1lor ufthl+ Spy, 4 . " Di . ,D)ens nnd 1arrtenos. Ib "' T look Esq. No nlv. Justt eette and fore IE\' Lt I OOK-lt-Repnrt of the iPresbterian Clearcl : ane Ithe C:ommaonwaltht of Pm.sarlva - nia, it thl, uI"'Ctiullu of Ja,.Uei'a alodd and othters V. &nlJ'Gl,,l cntitl tithe,, tic ha ,,,,l 3iller, e a I mber of the 1 I tiladlphtli IIt ; Metarse oil Atoettenlet and Sacriflce, a inew ediion, inll votlmef, vo from tie 5th Indon i edition, wllh llllelos correctiuns and addi tionll. Jtml ruecied ind for Fale hv O12A tIW)\VAR, 49 Campnt 1 eI,ldllhn~r b," vhrllled l fl]r I'r-inln . °['g ll. al IHrnce'a SPlv Y~ul\lkT,'llP F~oundlly, .o. ]3 (.itlnllbrr$ areel,endc j'ily Iu 'll 'hice: I il ic 3 tietirs a lb. ..long Pricm 41 I .niiitttlrhir, U. ' ~I 31inlihn, ll li Ag·lbr, It " cirn e tlhr nlo 'her rype ir prooprihr. These are the prIs ,u n, vedi t illf asi m nthl ; btl l we ;ishll al ihir tilme Io ino'llurlilr riri Iredil oTC lh pll chilasel , atnl will hlllerer ret Illnllk. ndidrount f er eer! h io t l w ' , k a cci ltanhc s a t l in e ty dr c Vf s, t l d 10 p e r h,.,cet.'lrit'rltf cori.r" \Vcr Il~lul· Imv,, · ,c lv d'd Io ,r 'rt rr ler ext,d nsd , 'ee ls. i·011 il.ll ;·ll hlif;lbel~lt kmll.l andII */ZPs uf linillllltllillll let. bI'. I no lich vll . h ext, a-to nll|Pdewed, Pxlended, ,Illn,+I. r.khl * .h.,ll. r blnt:L . tllinoderu thinifra .l{ll ac, i-t. l Io elr. e tl.wi , a ltl. cI fL Ce tc rie y ot vh, iill11,1 aiirt.... flQri,:il .1 ,e Q in he U Ie. ;-.'hles, J, .tb-o ille~lll:1 v ll riulllrl Ilh1I'·l. \\·t" li..o hur. ri,,--- r·I. ( ·''l· ,l~ll ....... ! i t;thil i )I............ CU fur. ilrtiulg Srh it trs rl n i l pa ter t i who r iitrll h this ' ldver ri-e d'ir 'hreel ti i t' l iret.ile lot ol olvllbllr.183 , lil-n hi, bh.I lt..Leil. Ift. r c nl.tulldrt ti re, abld ut 15d w l t wd 'OtC cait at thre I ti ll, ,·t l Ih,:h . I -Idl.. illt ,1""""1~ ~~2 thus1:~ ~il·l II\iciipaility, situlate at dIe 1 and n unwintio elle;l 'ts· o vpro. * NeL Nt,.iI. icctl I . 1 r:ll ii. I\>I {.,o llllhl it in, IItI(III (It~ll"the Cthid W ld i ILa Pli clnduit il l e l 3m disi d la 2I L.or.lC rcArI, lottlnd,i" lrOlhrIa, drno oint do Ia h2ado, hl1unicionlit6 U.,. J31N'T' sorel, anaet unoa doile as front, a pun l pr ,, 15 mains i 1 I • lut. IL propri , airnih est tret dl,, renir eIa rdetOloae alr ionise iis3 m,. di( rict dI la Sh e i nilo Municipalia, . nitu ar coui t de rous Iliintl ll An0nonlition, on Sprouvnllt sa proiiri eti n pyan los fiai. Si d'ici ur 19 octoblre pirocllain, nile 'l6talit pa. rerlarde, eloe ser le dlit jour vendue it I'eucan par P. A. Guillotti, orneantelrm,conlbrmdrent al la loi. 7 owt J.. L, WVINTER. lar. Lieut. 4AiNt.trS, I.Ill1) ODENTI A.--Has Ibleell "1 . iil. hiah here uaid ill the north with unif.rnlt, st. ceer. I h elrnnsini nad whilening t lh l h, cut tand lretvttlllll i tile 1oothnche; preaerving Ihle iunls, l,,r" llyg ih, br.eath, and reliving most dislcerses oir hit the Iiouih is lalbile in eiier tihe aduh ,r infant --(ice te rptonillt inixed in a wine cl.naslul pure wa,,er, and s,, nphldl, to the teeth ill usunl mni IIe, wilh i bti, ,,I , will efr'ectually pre. vnrt sc rirr , and ard oifi that cxcruitiating pain, tile Ioloth ache. T\TE Ii iFLOUISIiAANA-Parisht of Orleans- CoCur ofl Pr.bae. T 'I' ll whirm Iheise presents may collerorn i reelir t . Iuo, r i. r rnl ;hat rer s 'iliiam llnr'lkey, ,ree .lent ol he t ii lcrn .irll.,Kc.,thasel lied ioi rhe R, ttoitrd Vill ,, and ht r tire irarisn' &t cit of Newr.l. , anc, and e.t\ incir Clerk of the Crourt IIE tiro eS r e bi, and |,trhe Poribh and cir eir Nea Irh, anr'crr, rr rsaid, h., a MONITION .r A DVER I.rilS li.i.NTr , in I r nittril' iiiy I tl I the Acl r rllr th L.egishlatre f , thll Siate ,nn lnh *, .\n act for the furher as,,r;|n,.e i , h.t ,, iopircihii.,ranil udici,,I Sals,%" aplioved 10hi a. .llrib, 11134, otlieP in herE byI) givPen r all rr.thlIi trr eyl rrllrirn lrhlt Iry virrue of, and in Medelne ,to not ord, r of sah' froml i cour sllrl I la t rbavte , ,n and 1 or t,,t plTri. h and , i a N ,w (Elea! , beal ; tlh/ l olr e h, l eth l ird d,) Ap i tt, t, il, 'tIh hit n rlc d nnt d thirp y picl i flhl ren,,eil d in~i theti nltl r of lie lare Na lhatncl ('cx, nrh'' mmcc, ,,I othr, isOpher Ad itcuenll. y.lllch. ri rc''r dttors al snld ocl:ces. san , N rltln,,, I (! ,. de, eastd, which orrder ' Iil!€! l .e ;ill e e rrlll oI iiir.lllhI(~ I lu I~lr , llll~ ~ r ,t1{,¢rl I,, 'Ia cil t iw t n ll te cirertdrit Ir 1h e del eenritn pduly bhe nistriri nlc'l i h i ll ili lrd day ol l ebh roePr l, lelllsn h ,dF,,Ir l r llV n iy c rie hi, tefrio II.11. lC,.,rr, Ecq .. N'ory P[bbe, llac d otlo afner t rle i tal and siil iiutb i n rrin lo i oe i ronm , Sli Rlegister r .\ llt did iis, N for i sale r ar ,u lic Iioin on rhe nr I i, any uof Mayrr, rneu heursnd polt, ndred ait chirt' . e .i ht e, fai r Wioletr n otey tahresahl srti'i tc siat ' o the late No rthr, nir l Ct ox, decel. r, ' i lnde, iriptry herrinaher der crio pelr'rItns drultdCte.nntd iry ail nlilhal rre ackeyn an thv , lst~ n d ht i, r thereonr fior the rute rice :ilt! a . l ionfllan o i v~ete n thoualnlld doler la . ecrllni Drul e roer Itnorol, a given in the Judicial rirrrrdcr ,r.X ,rt i, ore' .jl?1·Pll r,,,I rtrr' .11.11 ll alt II~lll J( i enotlll A ll and sI ngl uir tw.,, ,'ertain |lo, of gronndf Ioet Il. ('er with rhe uih cl rnd impro eloentie thtereon, anti ,a11 ,he righk,. irivileges, customs, ways. ,rvitui de aind dvine i tic heru a nd o bamir lnrirlt, onr eeny ien alloretiijll aiu stin the subhurb Sr.11ary, ,, thi cir,i n t"hl ~esquare bound, ,,d bv P,/vdras ', Enilazine," Lafnyetle, ain,| Campn nIells-s anil tiree nenona coedir, Err oppon tldreedtlr aod e~c, saened by ape nUnert neln ant cclI tin . a y ro e or. io.ltir ee eritnl cran dcrawn it y Foeroerick a eghr rllon Deputy la.r nder i enernl, uOder dolunde and ahee lre ited ' ot -ril, and r lr eonliuc rih d eigon t lUande, eoI nl roeguatriry and depsliy ed in Ir heoppilee or r1. B. ,de Esq.noaro ta, i aial, li fonr efetree, or whIch w lo s anon tellech, wIherr, aend meahuro ' each wed ltidoe d et ini hr o alehetrw wlnh li hinery data oirarm rho po~bticctr~trr larotl why rho solo, so froant alor aaid PYdrs stre, by soixty.three feetad eleven l nches and six ucr an wir deptih, etween pari otl a'rid pooahaaacr. ltvl hnels, American neia t ur o e. aiaaa I'ermirs--onnr rc llrJ d uo ors credi. . IUSrappro L.d endorsed note e.ured by c. peil mErtss ag rnllp riudal p[reto Wil.ent. 11'hermoeh~, all persons who can see up a ny righl, ti le, or c eai, tn aud 1,o the lated ground and anld bushlinge herein descrtbed, iu consequence of tnf,,rinality in the o.der. dceree, or judgnment belure re'ict{e, and uinder which ,he tsale was nmndei or any irregulariry or iealitiy hin he iappraiiuments ,or atdverialuleinents in timne aed maltnwl r ofeele, ori ior any) oth er cause or deferl whelluever, are here. b)y cited and qdutniabhed ro show wirnhin thirty ,lays frolm the pu~bliecti,,u ho1eiJ why Ihe sale, e tilde its aforeleid, should liot hel cnirUl ratled ali hoiuehloated inl accordailci with thel npphisatmio ol almid purchaere, . .IVaueee iny heiid and !he. seal of suid rourt ,4 P'roibases, th}, e iconJddiv'ul .1ly, 4. .II.I ., • [L. 8, ( W%. I'. C. DlUPLESSISl, I ilay' 11141 Ins lRegistct o W ills. CAMP STREET TREATRE. 5 Thi evenaid will be peyformid THE HUNCHIBACK. Julio : : : : : Mrs. STUAmR. . After whlich, . lyp NO! oR, THE GLORIOUS MINORITY.. pet lrDoora open at I past 6-I'erformancee to-commence no, at7 o'clouk.J wll WASHINGTON BALL ROOM; da ST. PIIILIP STREET1, me BET'WEE ROYAL. AND BOURBON STEETS. to VJlHE MANAGER of the Washington Ball Room in respectfully informs his frionds and the public, that the above mentioned establilshtnot will open for the season,on Monday evening, November 4th, 1839, by a GRAND DRESS AND) MASQUERADE BAL., and will contiue thrlnrghout the season every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evening of each week. N Admittance far Gentleomen, $2 00 B New Orleans, Oct. 24th, 1839. T M EDICINES, PAINTS AND OILS--50 eases assorted Mlodicine 18 bbln No. I White Castor Oil a 20 eases Carpenters I'repnatatlla 20 casee Rowand.o' 'oi Mixture 13blSib Eplom Salts tO do Floanned .3 do Gro do 5 do Arrowroot,¶AOI Scasnes do Bermoddt 30 do Mustanlrd 20 boxes Starch 15M0 keen No. I aml 2 pure White Lead 30 casks Eng. Iilis,'oud Oil For sale by J.AIIVIS & ANDREWS, s28 car Commerce &e Teh1apitolsol sis 'WIII''T LEAD A(;ENCY. 7 IIt abloerihersn Iavi reelved t'i e d agency of -hiteI.eLed, froen me offtle largest and hlest i10U0- fietorieo, offer it Insleanhbonts, countryand citydealers, at te owest larir l prices, anlld warrant it to be as good all article as can f be fioud in the oily. JAIVIS & ANDREWS, e3 Im Noe l &3 Tchoulpitolns at GRAND IREAL ESTATEI' LOTTERY OF PROPERTY, Situated in New Oriane, TO BE DRAWN ON TIIE l.t DI)ICEMIIIHIIE, 11139 IN JACKSONVIJ LLE, Fla. Under tile superintendece of tlhe Cl,,e,,ieei,,nero ap - lotiited by the Legislntive Ass"mbly ot Florida. SCIItII)"tT & IIA\IIl.TON, luoatgere. 1011,000 tickets, at $15 ,lcheme peire. $1'0Q 0008 - lrLVEISTINI & Co., 1511 lroadnr, NEW 1O1K, Solo Agents. SThile receillpts o, tile sale of the tickets will be de posited In the Calinal, Union, L.rrollon, Citizen'sand SCooliolldlted Ilinks, in New O(trleln. in ile nmlol f LouiSel Scidt joilntly wilh J. Bi. I'errolt acoally . Ctrlier ofthe titrionl's Illlnk, and A. Baudouin ne r tunlly (tashier oftlthe C'on,lidated link, as I'rustees, I as per acf passed h,.,le A. Mazurcau, 'Esq. Not. Pub. I on the Sd May 11;:19, ard th e prterities ttntlesirred to tile 1,bove mentioned gentlemlen ulncaumbered, as Trrtstec, for tile security of tlhe frtunate prize hol ders. Inr New York the molier will be deposited in the ill Phoenix LBan to tile , redit of the above nameed S Ctty SBanksh ofNe:w trlcaus. td The Pi blic are reirredl to the acts pnssed belie A. Mazureau, Esq. Not. Pub. it relahtion to the prop perties which emltrace the reslpeti 0 prizes in the Lottery. - 600 PRIZES, als follows: Prize-'T'io lmagnificelth thllree stoi brick building, known vs the .11CAI .lt, in Magaznle, -llcui. Inet.,tsrhlg 2li6 feet inh,+.. 4 titn.s oni Mngal,,e tot. 1461 t vclt 6 inehel on Gravier ost el,. sand liI i!lel I incElles ot NoUch st. This building produces now a relt f$:i37,0(0 erIIIU lll, nhd being i nr tle t i)st O tllte i leo o palrt i tf l ile lt citry, opprr.iti t Ihre Ie banks, alld in tr thue n -r lit un"t Iovlhbuh of thdL St. CIhailo aIo the Clty hoIels. a s It C wii l ill, t eroo few v,+l, b1 t' Prize--'lh/t ,',llt lllr e lo, vl, r l ak $l 00ld. o e lii kt l't th', re ('l Il, Ih t'0I.,vi Iadrmerly lt the i chotel, rilmtthd of S ll he T lre t lof l ,t 111 k 't1 11lln111 s and l ilh I ll t i to 1 ' lfllIr ('i tllti . rI I dt l le r d t lllv ior $2,ti110, lil lid ent; m te mo10 111 - 1llor o l nle0 of the 1cty, t u"shustrt ing be m et, tIe .to th iy lo u e rand t hd lur , p . .r o r . DIoen. e l E ntlu atleIt ulat $5011,11l0 Prize-Tlhe" dole shy vorick d, ellint lhou-, No. 31 ;ill o n ratliz dtreet, dl.ljig tlhe Arcaiede, rntd o '0 id hJllll IId lllh Ur . lretes ilu ted it $20,(1110 I Prize-The thI.o slIo bric k dwelling v,', \0 t IB I t riin g No. i 0, ovi PI tchal tr) t, nar temd at Id lt $5. te htiuditr dudIIrS. J llltlm tltdl at $I .1,0110 r1rize--'l'ls tIhrre iclchV brick dlvrllll d flP oll-r h, \o s to, Iltllldlllll tlt c , hu -ol S red dolare I.ll litcllat $2I0,0000 Prize-The dio clltg itouso . .1 int turt. - atn currer f f RtsiM ahnd C'uictslln la bouse il+l'tl , mottltitrinTg 41 iee't troot oll Kanslltret, t. feet Iron on lt, ll.khlth tteet, by 1127 et deIlplh on 'Cu Otu lll.,ue direct; reltd vli 6f'. ten IP UiITCred doIt lo. L I titlialed tI $211,0I0 11 l Prim--iellc dwelling bouse No l4 soutll 1 fartr 7 lnltes onl Franklis street, an Iv L tf7 Iec 10 iiclhes depthlt o Cuio tar toltioee otcelt; rested at fifteen i. Priundred dollnrs. Etitllteod at $20,000 Prize--Te two slotv brick lweclling house .I lo.J9 on Rllyul treel, between Ins UIrsuline slid Itlositl streets, intels h urilgIf I eelt 0 cen sio n Royal st, hit 1;7 eet I-I i -tlecs il depth; rant S ed at $11120 per nunn. g Estilllated at $15.000 sat Prie--l50 sharels Cail lalnk atouck, at lie $Iu l ouch, $125,100 e I'rize--:10 iisihares Colmnierciul Uank stock it $100 vithll, $20,0o0o e I Prizv--150 shlres Oltchaltiec' aid 'Pre , der,' BIlik st uck, at $100 each, 15,000 3 Prizes of 100 shares ea0lh, l.ily Bank, 30,010 2L'rizPs of 50 " Exchange, 10,000 ' Prizes uf ' " " (Gas Light, 5,000 SPriztoes l1 ' l echanics' and 'I'Tiaders' 1,000 ' 0 Prizes of 10 " i olloislna Slant, 2011100 S10 Plrize tl. 2 " " l light, 2,.100 200 Prizes of I " " look of Orleaas, 20,111e0 S00. Prizoi of 1 " " Union Ilauktof P'lurhtt 15,01i0 Il shall te at the option fitll,. m Willrdr a of pr es" ,i S1011bllllk rlllCI-h, ill l. r I t. ohke t. loch ilt. ,lf or 1the . . r -- , 100,01111 tickts, tfrm I to Ii t 1110, Eill he put iin one iheeil, intl ,01'1 lie,'. witl lie hi.l ks,i in anoth Pr; t very lllllulmePr ni pric ori" bI t.c will hPdbllr l untfil t .e pritn. ere dkt jilmlll, i ni thie bio la e of nUlsl bers In tlhe whiel--blalks. Orders fir the abve ILotrsrv n ill be received at Ithe otfihe ululr tiile Verandah, corner 1of S. tCharle, atnd Cunteen sreets, and it ,o. Iii Chalrtrl t tre:e, New Itrlhnn , and promptly tlrwardd, t)rder, fronm the er ueftickeils ,iuirid, ldlldrteled to II'll 111)I & IIA.lII'1.ltON, New Orleans. t[? A stemuboat will be provilded to take to Florida' iuch pan'Segetr a. may be desirous to w.tness. the drnwinig. Jtacl.smuiilhl, Fla. April, 1839. nmav I'O T Eil LADIES. D1)1l IlI'nI.' UTI'ERO AIIIDOMINAIL SUI'PORlTEIt T IllS new instrument for the radical cure of Pro Slapses Uteri, or Faling of the Wiomlb, by ex ternal application, superseding the use of the ob jectionable preosery, is confidently recoIIniuended to the atflteted as the means of perfect restoration to health, it never hlving failed of performing a cure, even under thei llot aggravated eircuntirtan ces. It has reiceived the decided approbation of Sir Astley Cooper of London ; Sir Benjamin C Brodt ; Sir James Clark, Physician to the Queen; Dr Ashwell. Lecturer on midwifery to Guy's lies. pital ; Dr ligioy, lecturer to St Bartholomews; Dr Griffith, lecturer to Westmin-ter Hospital; Dr Ranisbotehant, lecturer to London hospital ; Robert Forguson, lecturer to Westminster hoapit, at; Dr Swealman, lecturer to Middlesex Ihoupital. and senor accouechcur to Queen Cnarlottc's lying; in-hoslital; also by Henry Davies, Conquesta Blundell, Lee, Merrinan, surgeon Keates, &c. by Dr Morroaet, president of the Academie Roayalo Jo Medicine, Paris, and Aecoucher to the Duchess D'Ortansi ; professors Velpeau, Marjolin, Paul Duboi.,Sai son and others-and in New York by professorJ \V Francis, G S Bedford, M L) profus. nor of midwifery i theo university of the cify of New York, prolS. Delafield, and Franeis. a( John. ston, president County Med Society, Laurens Hull president ined society State of N York, profl Jaa McNaughton of Albany, prois March, Cyrus Per. kins, Doane-...Drs Thos Boyd, Gilbert Smith, losack, Stearns, Ludlow, KiEsami, Vachle, Power, Grayson, Van loutisalaer, antd many other distin. guished physicians in the (I States. A G ilull, Office 4 Vessey st, Astor House N York. I1t A constant supply of the above inltruoumnts, with Dr Ilull'a improved Trusses fur Hernia, will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N OrlOans, A G Carpenter, Natclez; Stone & Marclt, Wood. ville; -Booth anid Mtlliry, Memphis; W P WilP;y: pou, Sunio rvillcgllall and Washingtlon, Nashillo; McNairay andHiiamiitr do; R L Blis, Florsele J C ptoenwuad, Athens ..The D.ILt Paper is neatly printed wiitlh imall type.onn exltrn, double mediunlm sieet, at I81I per annumn, payable semt ennually in advance. . The Tai.-WEI.Lr Paper, nontaining the .roading matter of two dailies, 1,0, payable. in advance, whore no oity reference is given. . The WEaKLY Tavu AsniErcIAN, made up from tihe daily papers, during the week, will be sent to sub. mcribers who pay $5 per annum in advance, and bn to none ether, unless an acceptable ilty referenee is given. Subscribers reepectfully solicited. JOHN GIBSON. A NEw ORLEANS, MAY 1839. ON cr0 PRtINT'ERS-Just re,.civle, at the N. Orleanse F IPre-s cllt Type Agency, 37 Camp treetll ,merinl Nov. ,2 alnd 4 J Sulr-ryol, flediim alud Cald Preases, Brass ride, Stuode, Canos, Ao. Also, a very extneive nesortont of( News otln Job Type; the lttler article wpe ar, e lling tit redllcd pl ice. or LAW\VIENE & 1111.10, City ppers--Nocite Freie Trader, it.oumor Tiel, - Mie--I lellig,'cer, nd iTelegraphi, Ilouston, (Texn,) will pleose iltnot tioro tillle.r. " 02-3t TO Tt I.ET.!. Twi o rooms on theloeloqed floor suitable foL offlies;o opply oI the prenis es, NIo 21 Camp b nareeI,at the iremnicE.s InurInce O(fice. no22 i F LOUl AND WIIISKFY-,5I brls Flour and 36 blrle Whiskey, lailillng tliro , uennhost (eOc iee,|br cTile y lo (t l(RISE'.l44 New-c I ven SAlt)--Il010 ktegs rtpilel I.en I.utrd,'iat slre,ffor .i s3lev b 2 (i DOIIsFY; 4, lewv-l.N vee IUST I:li.CEIVEI)-Ai invoire of Illink Ilooke, a it nufact urell file plr per, adl oi lill ll vPiery Ileal nllndller, rxel ire ly for hlhcivr tehr Mnrchtn ols slland othrstreB invited to call and exle hle t nhe om. UI i)SON'S PAPElliS--S.per Roevl, IRlnI, Ste U int 1and Packet I'ose . J stl r.lved l anll for sale bIy .`'A TI'\' A lt C t19Cilipi) AMERIC.IN A.lMAN IC--)I lll S-The AmI-t I riL l Alnnnec, or. 1(recoasitor of Uslefiul Klmlwied.e , Tfr n14), Ii stoot Dl)lnrie tor I ri,,lllhl ilyo co,,ill( ld lll t'c l I, til-; Di ily lte istc r.tcom titinah nluk ir evry u t le i Ie t/vnt end A , inldispen... , Ir ever. on . . IIusiil"-.!. - ---I, JI)IIN 't & ('o, __ --_ ertl4 r , r Io'r let ltl sllnol .itilllllnlon ets n031AYllTI..l Y OF NIO\V tulll.l OlNI. P rglll: price of doir bieine this dhy $f( lI plr hbarrel Inec it to.tll l Ilo tthe nr all; l1i bhkers - ill give :41 . onle,.i ofhreI d ilT tof rea fo Ii cen, its. n iI- I % ." \el., I .be iu ning )I2 tttexit, the :1;: in- ltI. hei I.vs of I SSecond i ul lity,ol r oif lll lre fr it n 'eo ts. khall wRigh 2!5 eiIhnt , i sp en i e. .i , c OI$ s.l \ ,or. Pai,,te Ito'nned 11y tv, id Sloe , I, nlew it.hle-- sr lour, cooki ccng, Frfl -li, i \ . 1'.r . Mr i & F f I )1 I+t t': U I. a If lld Ilup ioln. .. .nt, n Ill hingr O ofr, bot aply orittonil, or 1 A oif t I I 'l9 l1.Al* t A, I, dor e nh p b I, .a-ý tetu.+ ue Pa rogo., fir ,h' b ffl! (; Itils:Y, 11 N ,e to"' tIISKFS--5Il billd in at-. h.. oil' bh O Altl- 3 I3:t ke.gateroI I. n rd lillllo l .rln emhllat I Cherokee, for sale by l; Inl iK.I:Y, o19 4o1 e-l !.,t ell I AR'IN'S RI:PiO) I'S i-t l)lN.,0 ell ly J l ur ll tn IInrisonl, i R'e . ol the N,'1 W I )lhb n Iahr. The ll tr-ill , pllahll i lhlo oi thl 0 . e tli-nt l ih111.lllh+e 10f'r e l i In Ill4 h"dlh . 1" no glll , ilello . lot the Par ofl his thit and in h.b 1 ,t:.n" . Louis ions. IllIt tI1" frot Co l(it# ii now rnit Iv for ,lisbtlhuii. tl[nd sHl-. 'I'l o hol~le wolrk, i.. i lu, r(; nor,. l be loll, pleted I.on, or b tlbre tle I3lth of J lntllll , xt. I: JOIIN.' & (Co, 01il1 i orl r r t ('h tll le- tlod ('olllnl ll)n ill tI )l NEW\ 1 I1(IIlc . - l Il tl ..... Kltg; t.. . t'lo,, Son • .ll ir Illt tll' o lt h · lre . I)Y, 11,, ()1l otli ur, nH tlh r of "rITnth g rl , 'Natal I'I onlling,' &c A r. 00 The ?Inn b ulllll Ila ; .' ; C.inelinsil e ., L lauthor o I(:hn .l s It .ihe, \r c \ Opml0olls of Lord Il rtoil lon o0 00, t ti Thdo ology, 111 llIllll-IO Ill" tl tl(lil.ll IIIILII O lla ',l11t1I Th, ,0 .1,1 lw, (cScience, Ed uc n, I.itoi-utur, l ll h &hc i 019 4t(lllo, p t 10 ST. I1 I l ' I . iI I t \U i vi', I! I )sr'TI 111ill: I:X 'IIlill I(1:. t It E Ill ll i r . l llr l h1 1il,111 I lb lll ll , I o l I r. flr s I lv I l n i. f l+or I rr .e.lkt , tlu l S h. . ei t II, .." II ut fi.. 'P;ita n llll Il-l lll l i- l, 11i0l 0ll~ 111,+ 11. not l0 zll tlllo ile, i ll i 0li0t 1 0 0 I·I l i "1 fl ,,, 1 iiit l t+ 1 Il . lZ: Iho _. The, br,,kl. will c 1 -i.t .f t lvtt ih"st l t i ddotll. ,ll,, cu o ei" ii h o11 . k ,l, haltl ,b' ho'e l0h0f 0 .iN M)f d a r l Ii id ll 1 i. n . il'l ,!int, r ,, {tlilt ll <lw I erIr hst It )oI , a soup. h lf n b t11 le of l iinetnn I va,++,ld l llt I lll, . ldilp. illl... .... l ...... iof.. . Iill A -re It ru a t er of ier .,.o Ih 'e hI n oo''n,, fir nl Y clu; e f. 0. -1,.t Ino ,tlo , alllt .O i , Wan.Cnu ·lcin c.lahli .hu lr h.. Ir-i.nuIIr is vni r .illlr prile.t, anld hlr c persons w ill h l ?rt , Nd o t o e l tr - t I -,,l, "ho enbtc i hl r has Ii i l o'e l ,tI ontc for private pirli.e, al& t will exlccutTie ilI'y hlO., I! . 1011 o15--2w " 1))1',\1.. ISSING from . hip A, Mieens. ... .. ilo l ,.i.,,,I .nu N. $S$. Any perslon Inlvinlg .adl blix ~ill pllalse e return iii lto Nlo. 90 Colllnlnn ostreerl. 01 TOi RENTl'--Store No. 07 Nw lr.ver Met. l00 I'Posession give li )llletitly. (,\ I o u1 cr II CIomm & IfR|)Tziin ,e ()[. cormer Cotlnllll)ll r Angt.z.le sin 'ro RN't.--TlIb pper part oif tor No. 95 e (s Comllomo ll, behig lIIhe FoPuoi, thlrl d I? lfourth stories. Apply on lhi iseli sem, or to _I j l . . .. . I I '. 1 i ,I bA t I Co. Ii\l) KI.:NT--A ir pof TI-i.lre or piltien iuare.. Btour, neaur.l St llllVL. IItrkl l m Iar , p Iossessi ul /ivell ir I snei llll I. At.o, ln, kit ill. s Is w I as ill , an thle lea sacla landing. Apply i itpINN : st ., rl:-h-hils iiNaiht fI iO RINT-A Toutl sort .ore NH..- S.t 'hanrh. slt, o11 lposile IsIe i(hrhles Nllhl. Aptply t 05 I C CAM.A I,.'K t Co, 3 llnk place I1I L ,N-- Aellig h hsat i i oloim hasiil. ), 1'--he did storyi of (lhse No. 49 3lrt Sr tr.!'; Ilos 3ess i,, in riv, a( IeIIIhII 1 N guvzIem Ir t csa I, dlaisd lern ied ll mke I l rge anid desiable tiio A ooms l pll r uli.ei ilV at T|s '1't a i\' b It's rkt p 'I' ItE.'I', . (.(pieh-I l.+1onl an tlh. :1I Rn trlr', o rfil' llh tIC '," T I 11 f', li \ IO1",, hI" II City o corn oIlliitie, 17th July 830ll I.lll-I ig oi r two i this Il e ,lie, approeI d Jta i re, nedariiss atd cdei Iitihi bsoltle lo ind poith C!Ylo is l. e gdiat ely. tht th lis i tlll e City st Cal u 'I'. It. I E , I ,+ " . ...rotlll e nau .'' ?"1 3:) t:llitmmo nll tl'r +'+ll,+gazioe Sts. cut co)rd woold )li . I . lll ll 'ii:L1t| , s eill ti , i I (:af l) inpeaif Noe te uil er i-ax, lic I'iona h hairlrsllr llt 'cllhA I llll n 1n o )I' rii'oek t Pll 3ic it. h s ,Jv lth l C tol soi o isia Rtsputile, itpiios this testis set forth an sIto hCa llsitg esaiti eis i, 1 whah ll ll(as ahen toot .a.. t a I .....l h .... . . if shi s'e ..ouste. A' l llltthrao ilats SSoc. 6.-illt t sfater ieud, sat said Aps istll o sold to tls follluollg teems r' s llOto faurth prtto bs said doti, aiid the other tisro. REPL'BLIC ()F 'I'I:TXAS. ']'REAS' flY DEPARITMENT..T City of lorustn, 171h July 1830. SiN pursal1.eo lla rerqtllnrllollalt ofli ll\w ipIssed hy S('onrth t s of this ita tsc, approve sixd January pst, 1839, lkingl pit hase inty of thse 'aTareay to adveotsri sha caus to tao bosd the lot l Illn te l isY OF .L LIIOUN, on a day by himn fixed. Notice is hereby given that Ithl t .otis A, 11 i or Calhoun wiall he flritd alt lh i Sul, oil heonday, the 18thpri. day of Novomber next, bethwen thle Ihurs of" Ten o'clock, A M1. aud Four o,'clock, P M, al the Capi. tel pao thid, Rpd lic, ulolp tir terms by t orthl ill the following ext to s ifrm ertie l abf lbe nob tioned L Sec. 4.-Bo it farthtr enauted, That tal lots ill alaid town shall be oallhd and sold or nu tho ofr cur. csi than gold, silver, audie, ad paper, or esie pro. tlissory notes o thisat g to erlmll sos. Sec. 6.--11t it furtiler eniacted, That tha said oi shall be sold on the folFotwing terms, voz: One urth par to br e paid down t , Mand te other tMlrec. forth o.ay ill rqual i nstahul.ta of s ix, twele wild iglstern Tlonetis. '" See. 7.--Bo it further enacted, Tfat il' any person who shall purchasa nay of 'those aforesald lots. shall ofil to make ptayn nt of the sovd(zl in. stalmentes in cpforlnity with pthis Act, he or they shalall foreit all suel rwns a they may riavo oprfvi. ourly paid, and the lots porchased by such efatul ter ns,ll roet t otio the gvrntil of th dy of pub. ~.c. 8.--Be it further len.tcd,'rhat aIl person, liens not excepted. hall hiave the privilgof of pur c hasing and holding the salnoe and the President is authorized to issuepatonts to thoel ao unnll as the tut in. stahnent shall have been paid." The sale will continua from day to day, untilanl of the lots shall have beon dislposed of. Calhoun is situated on the East end of Mateagqr" da Islapdi directly on the Main Pan iuto Matttgor da Bay, and from its advantageous position, will probably become the principal colrnmrcial city in Western 'Texas. A Plan of the city mU~aybe acnl ti lifo OGalnea Land Olse. " The mieni- paper in thtis Ropoblic,tho Conuerio. .ial Buloettii, Pieey t. anu d True h .terican, of N; Orlens, w'ill pubhah notice until thib day of sale. -" . ...AMES1'f. S'rARR " , %rc.,ry of the "rletl.ty. SHIPPING. S 'or -Znrope 1.)1 PiAVLI1k . The 1 foot. mailingV ahl .ELIZABETH .m RUCIH, Copt Ilipgttor, hyitt the greater _ parl ofhejr cargo, .v I -receive rodpatch.. or. oregLtof 2125''blloo coaln, nr pInasase ll ofPlto s18 L fl (Al E,3 Ctommon atr FOR i.AVRk. The A I f'a.r 'il og ship VE1PPASIgN, Copt Winsnri, hoaing.prt of her cargo o gaged,will have despatch. Fbr ftelglh ofti l~ ei ttot. of passage, nIply to Ar es.- 1. H lALE, 9t Ctmtom It FOR HAVIRE. The A I ship COLCItlOCnpt. Knight, holaig port all hlr cargo elgaged, will m.' celve itmotediate desaltch. For fretght of 250.baleslotton or Ipaosnag applty to i4 , flI CGAI.E, 93 Corn-non at F1OR LIVERIPOOL. " Tihe A I Ifobl illngelhip LOWELL, Capt Pratt, will retteive dcnopnltl, tllic grealltr plor ni therearg engaged. Forbalutce ol freight or pntaug t'appty to n y .1.I GAI.E, 93 (Common at SFOR LIIVP.RPOOL. 'o Sgil on Saturday f.Ae ilt. SThet A I nao (oIht oniling S.lhip CABINET, SCopanit Linaill, will .il on Satturday next Iavincg lir onrcro rneaged, atdl goinlg em honrd. For pd.oaeog,',Ivili Itnlhdoteo aectmtnoda.. tion ap plo it? LIEVI II i lt I.E, 9t colhrmttt.t FOR IIVEIRlP)ll.. hL'li AI fo t sailing Ship GIRARD,Cap tnitl (:ronIs haviong o mit ol'her ccrgio tnigaged, , will reeeive. ihnommdliate Iclo-tp.hi For frlghlt of 150 bale, Cottonl or p hllga p rpy tomotrt. S17 1. I I (/.t LE, 9'3 e,+t)mon st reel. FOtl IiVEilI'OtL. The A I and fi '·sailing tilsipt CAIIlNET, oiapt Linn .II, oiill. hlv it ie rot ttodepalclr, lonit l tro cratelr lart of hr ctrgo, ,tggeld. For a5 L' 11 t i . , 1.1 olllm on street. SCoastwisc. 1FOR NE\V tYOIIl(-R-lgttflnr Packet. Orhl ant Line ,'of tlt okti. o'u sail o Pattlurday the I'th ifn. . t 'ii fhontr flot 'itlig ,,it AtitO(?t' . I: It;Eo ,J. Ilta rra , 'ittt,' will psht velrt Natlil n· nll-t.y, I ngvl~t 'h·I i r g nlllit' P Ct rgO t r.olgra &.d Fi or p"n ng' o1nly, 1hlvia nelgapmtt ac;onlllldlsthea, ap ply itt i tt ',1. iCIIIIEN,90 Cott ... ll,... F u"- l.'t NEW' YOtiK. Pl+rket lf T'n lenullt h, 101h t In 1fat. New to ourk nttd Newi O)rloa Line. 'T- _ IE ThiF Sit 8 lfItOO',it tt Iltokondh'tll t will .ntil it a rlverti ii, r fiCriight l 2 I . r :Bo l ter, 0 b osh . frno, apply arI h,.r Ot 1, l'E a' p.t:+ LAe , oI " . lit ('oamp ' 1. NEW YORK AN_: NEW tIIII.CL.AN'L.IN.E. t.IllS IINE: will li aotm., ottih evenr. dhipt, whict will w s!l ell Io h otbr iit, tlh following orler, tin: Stip St. Murv, It IV [Fialot, timstf. nShip ''l , t . Ihel, nt idI , I 0 nIer. lt ip Alt t ,l l llo (. Oollltoll t It Wtcar. p New o I itt Fllito orti, J i ouI It, I.ol tfn ler. a New nh,l, ilih, King-land, K .lcCerren,saetaer. Nowv 01,h1, TFai, lihlll, %\" I . Lynn Ieaier. . S "'he " ' + aire dl of I ll 10 tiler I .lll ,hve arrnmme doti l t t n l t I tn''l t+ aIt ill ilt atoi N alr lftmfort erit.l vI lI]V+Iliu n IIIrrIe In l ly. t1,111111 ti e,l. he IlL? 1'real h"t'l p)lltll'llllyt ? Waill hIr. tlh ntl tell in despntelr It ; Il (lng tlur, ,,s nP l 't l-lt," an( ,nd +,Vriy r, hll a i e ac onn Ittr ftt 'ig h t t r p to, t ,- e I l ..tlc d, / Fll.n-I(... . 1 t L',,hTlitI.: i,, .l ttp.t FOl NI';W YOR K. g IIO I0'8' LINK. OF PACKEoTS. l 10 satil luit rwuull c ,ry Mlo ldar flora each l prt. Im 1'i .ioh, e k,,e kt-r btl,"c increeased t.Oo l- oo. ell filtlr+- 0, h0 , " ),., llýl.]. lll - o 1f Shlip .'%adl,rille/r. (uln)IuoI Wood. .Irla/,n.a, l1nlai I E lN ellic , .lhna, (llllptli CC Ilerry, tr/+'lx, 1'~ plll ntlll l :'rla t, .l , liph' J 3 t1 nker, lashrr/D, , O', l on bhlo . ý+" -.Yrr Ship --, I ?lai n okll , dhou. e. iNew haip -- ('IpliI NiehIhih. l tlid vp dr tl sl,,, ýthe e ulrr r f ols c il tNo eork el Trews lfor lofs Ir, ' hi ir+ ah d it $Ui)l w1ta ho f wnl e or/, rtl it up a illl t t)lu u illllr IC wic lhout duell ' I1·I I t o ln I· n' 1 are 11,~ ,wade,/ i h, t cv in.1 tpll el Ioi il- c',,ciiItt, ', , ' ; l Iict tW i' ll c l Idlr ~ n , . th i. .l. 'l~ll + . "opill l a'l', l i' * I allt urlisc ed. . ' IT is hc v, ,+ d ii i it i •lt li. th , r i,', r.. ciclic d encd .! 1 1.. " h, I , l il ',li l w il T1 1 hI e ,i I kll i alllau .V :IV, Ilt.Pi ult[ll Ipall] h, the v,,,ull,+'t r d n lll lishecinl of I s. lItw \: fr li, lllU/lk e Iolte' cI:Oper/ dc ar e.e fituin p 'o sast reglrly t tdrrta fr mss Irl le tll, i Ittll l h I, III oI OSe of k1h1, follwine 1 llo .rtpati l p tc t rt.p st A COf hEN, hiIp i alnt , C tain a'mrk. " Alle-issippiC Ilrobe. " IhoCi. ,,le " Allen. 'The., nh o 1w rei I.r t aIll l, f lh, gg l hul oor ereofp l or pncrall l pu .ii l oo ' l,, oIot l i;ht arr uh blll ofl i w l er T" pr,1I r t ,hae o ic ll ixr d t 0d wio oi t wfol . lctlllnl +r t el I)h+,-II ltl++tll I~l lll!fri o in Ihl linco rlta [bllilla ill ou ;all litlnr If e lnol' IIe p o nd down the rirr, Sand thle gllnliter Iuctillltlllfy o I- t.rvd las to their dlayy CsTlililltg • 'r ' r 1E bow i \1,,l i 1, brl+:i ll_.t, o i' SI1o. o h eoll ow luc . - marlel r fnr:it l ll, , rb , wo llrtn. ,,r wll. ell t by r or •l ait rtity , I y l ,.. i , nllf brll r lill l ]an ldnll hic tiltl , Il l; . 1 ne ri ill t pal. h- d f m th in lU e pore l o y el r tlh vr Il l" l "l i p t /ll eIi. SIp 1 a•tor Je \I. Iv II+LIN,74 CCmp Trk. 1-OIL'NIEWV Y ~)f.K--P- lIr Packe.l. IlohI, ,n' I.ine o llcke To ui - ,hd 7th ~ti leat . I:or the , nterior, ci egu lc~, r Palmer 'th/tr' u in hip. ck A'. o1 I w Iln c.aeseoppeswn e ointlo 'r t ic t/ rpci, suge i pplt ld o C pc Hof aeraat il't tI-It ''n t cl~ei - tllll a c lil J ckusa tan, with n lteom.. 'l IIIIii 1 iii; t ch pc csc oere a s i''oc i( I, - p ii jo to' lire. The o pos d 'II t l t p d li river,""I" II t le g ehrl t ,, r ntl h, l o. ' r ian s tr thir p, b y C 'intloer ;ll 'ivcicio. hit ttflcjof tIhteer esel will ic lie r tilhi 'o ci. illp l i, Oltoeciso v e, n al- r Iet p, a .---'l r olere i r \iu ' re ai ' Nc hodiy . Thi a Bell s or e, fooir ,t [ rp plyl ,ltr rlr t of ireilT . Hotho, swu ero bI cort'a flat ol esu . obin Adair; Over l h tere owte t. c sarl'e 'le RN'FN 1% IhiK-t' eo olr lPlacketn. "h, ' I cro '.nl ;u Rh n d e1 . eet. GP M n rier: rl n e Ir llod c .pring feareae4 4e l ci t wlip \Nii\iILl/. llcckoeac. maelee. .. will ii tct tic +co~ccciccc. I'tr frighe ,j n' Ptw 1 i, f ! hIIo l crle ct loml i l or.e, apl ' | I 1 X ccI.I+ lNTI' t I RKS-: l i'heT r hoIgeabl IPal. J gatrs olr india. hilory fl thatl exlraor I nlry EN. /lf ic ior Cocomon ml LIvr llFor the lnterliora. M J.I lllloeh' 4 (-1h.lrli l l i 'il. Iryn Hart ea er, es Ioi' ll i.clopedi avf Ga.rdnio Lclond oan levery lct,'I t cltPodi llck A. Al t lo.. l llilo c dwln , L.,d& WdoniTALL' I ll:\V SltllliC l lllcot peno hir ti ylera r, / r eO. 'loictict I cci/iiiwtco Ito Juciiovc oltlcfoaecs,. cbioc cSl ccdt.e pt/ cil ar yocl r lca , lae; a harhi t Ic t C , N. '1c'cd om aba ifcl c I I It lcil lier .tdi tlt t IvcltOc toob Mia ItIs 'I/ic' lltc/ct'oSC tItt lici;ll t'/ty' c tohte i clte ti i ll itt ii r tttccit nlttt n E (c/Ic/a 'it : c It, dcc ll cit; W''c c a' ''odcti' The ito/Ics -ltaictc Adairo Ovccoilco waoer toChnrile' Whelicit Iflctilo wiccoocic R oco odes.Vaches t (:lie tiic licgcoit Iaiccc l1c ecru eu La e'c (i/ P I1,liitiic rct'c Iciod 1 I Bot Spring Wilt; nto o ndcit/t t Ic' ciii. ' iticitit c rcoatcc act$ If cltNci &tse. 1 :w" oller t 'balexandI'ccctoccc t -

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