Newspaper of True American, October 26, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 26, 1839 Page 2
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Stti.t e w dill. be hhnoas ety. l vla: d by. eha He . willig t en te *NC .se htir t far ii eno r inhividu desirou s fu i tlshe ter . at ratrolltna. 9 A NEW ORLEANS CANAL AND IiANKINO CO, THE Iron Acaistboen Rebcca will leave the Badsi + ,t the bead por tli N et Cantal, Every lay, (exe ptc rs ) ur ithe ,lakeias follows: iDu ^ AH.m% turn at 8 A: MOD --is IIO-NI)AYS- - LDepart ct ias -M Ie ollr, at 121 P.M. 'P.l; A PS4I. 54 P. P II ,. 9 P.M1. aay S4 R. CHEW; ,'ns5. Ncsew tsessyeeeai. NA;1FliLt .4 AIL ROADa. ' .,otnauetiis dill rutn tss the Gr.etPrairie; cut. laI llg lahe a 5th int. as falluws.: P. Al. t Pat . M to LafBranesbrhi It A aL ) A A rt2'loek ,M . A . . 2 • r ,I l.Ita Hh lachen .4 ip At P ol p t JAM.ES I. IALDWE EI. , Onyetoll tmi ,t i 9 Presideeet. NEW OR l bAN& CARRO IllTON RAId. hROAD t'ttth'E..WIoERon ARoRaEMEnT. Tuh a eolnoe on the tm t or Nlemsber, 1830. reaOs CARRLTOI.. rR NEW OsLEe as eeame lhah at S olnE A.M. Hone Car nt ti o'clock A.M. LoeMeatt e, 0A - Lockottve, 0 I 10 . 11 Hta hCa,.t9 . . ilna Cree tta - hin ea will lea.e a t o the Pi. turs a in tle week doys tIIW I elo lr the..whtsh a LonL'srsoive s ill tlea Carroslltlse ha r unil t o'cloe M ,. , and Now Orlasn onnsy rour Aanentr l Home Car eca be btaiem d boere 1tla'vtsehk P.M.. try ta S dollar for the Trip. After 12 e'cla's P. t. , nr. a. e ain by the & Ste Ca r nast provie themselvse with TlokceMas thse cstd*tont hat posiivo direesiess newts resie eeey is Rele tnpoa. THE JACKSON ANDLACOURSE STREETCARS loasesthe head of Jekson stseet at 6t o'elock A.M., Cassat ttAc ar "o'etds1e.. O IhAlf pa.t7'o'leock tIsey eossense to oer tsehnd . daer ,e all hoea ustil Pis'lohk P at., exsept. la, that. aitesest e(5, vijnessanal street ft 81 o'elects, the car theitr tl: psetesrly reque.ted sthat gentlemo will not put their feet u ri e tahieta, ee stske its tIts coan, attes ladies are pc.esent. Ode. Neto rlcetsn & Cn rellso ChiefEugiteerN.O. A C.( .C. |,n'lr.I. Dolen. Chdrleo.n. Oct .........129 I Washitnn Oct, -. ....17 New Tork, (Oct ......... 1 Cinei .tli, do......... 17 Phtladelph;* do...........17 I Louisville, do ......17 Dalt rtmo do ........... 17 8L. Itois, (lOt......... 17 UL.aunak. do...... ...i Iiverpoool opt .... t.. 1 Hotpn (T..) Oct .....18 Puri d........... 18 otMi.. NPtlo to..d l.•... I [.ollt. ]o, ....... a.hiPo . t t ....... 1DHr do ............ FOf'I' (IF NEIW ,I1E1ANS. C1.EAIOANCES. h t o ". Octt%, (39. Ship Aribrll.,-Roo.; Iltvra, 1 .I1 GWle Behr Fred Arn.tP fIgh., Franklin M3tutit A It IIVA'lS. O T..ot OTlotiooIt ttlott ot· (t. 02h, 18:31. - rowl~oet Mohfenli( Hona,"o. fromnt he North Erast |'a.o. leviplI proeedeod to te. qile light, tarneed to tOoile city w'Nhliips ioolCtaltin n nd CIIurleotltn, and brtglTom P.vlle Oliva Brlnehood clro Witve. Ltft Iha bar on thl o rtotitg :ofth24tthist. Nothintnow. ShkpContatUnoo. t'itndor, from Livorpool 5th SepL. to ii and W ,Aidero. • Ship Cthoolooto, Eldtige, 25 doy. forot toiusto; to J A 3err0.1 a.n.nit packet Coluambi;. WItdl, fro Goalv.toolo, to llmiti & Vnohooe. . tlrig oltoier Iletn Wote, 8 dJays f ithoImntllon, o o to l tar *ii.r.tom Poyoo, Rolbinont, tO Joys hooTl Ttootootooto tehr Vnve, Johltot, from Gaoleston ttIL instoat, in ballt l to W;Uch t to Stotmer totbt Morris, Gren, fm Alexandria Etoomer loit Weltar. Kelly, flit Vlicksburg to.temer Bokt Hill, PowePII, fm I'itohourg Sloamer Shuklpoeare, lorllout filt Vickatlrt EXI'OR'S. Ilovro...Perohlip Arnhetlo;:. Caro 2106 Isle tuttoo FITooNLt..Pr tihr Fred Ibatllat tlP'ORTd. ToOM.ooto..Peor h io Olive lrantlo..Ca rg OO o00caks lime aod 1-.2. 5 feet iultr, le order ...............P.P brig Tolls 1'aylle.Caio 1(000 casks liteosd fa s opo lu tla ter ..t.weoa...'erellr Wave..Caroto Coo I ll ottk S qrovoroo -. Pt Rooanler t olulbin.. In ll t Llorooo?.Poe: ship Coei.illllid..t:oargoJ44 tuck. salt E0ha.s Klron -assorted Illdge• . . booroN,. .Atship C.ttrtolon..Cargo orto Jd nlorchl - dire,.ao.tos.,ytoniguete. a9CRE CEJPTStI~r OF PRODLUCE, . unria-Pr *ealeenter Bo o l.oris--Catrmo 12 hales eot lo M Whle & o, .131tJ I levetich, : .V IW Flower, 78 WV - ySpTp Blair&&ateoltfold, t37 Rltktla, Abcrtothy t to, yI1 ollitl, * leo.4 xt Dtoteo, 5 Peyrout, ArteUll & cc 18 A Rirarlwie A co. 4 J 11 lIlntlghe A cl 1 o Vlptkbit..l'r steamer Dau toVaoler..Caro 852 batms -ots plyfe., leck 4- co,17 IBurke, Woat co, 55 WVrlght iJ WfM PIeul,9oo lambdth "'4thotppon. 84 Allott Alher t oo,.l A J Dennitoop.o71 KeyMot 0 Roberts, to Talyor - .l.odlter.58 lio3t uer, ,t8.ton to o, 56 Fratk lin t Htender *.jj t toUdl.Nokooo Wright, 1 l.yno.. ttorrto 0cc.1 SrJ Looh 4 o 3ilokoyo o., t:It J A.tok, Olt A II to t to I lt iokll otor.Jldly. S Curoit. oVita, It dt -trritwOJe co. 13 M PIeoant.,, I% J C Bell, " Gard wtx, 6 Frierson Dale; 7 G h1 Imr ke .k.*.l'er toloal.r Hunkos loit .t , , I, o.,l0 s o.,f "ttl n Btrke. Wan iilnd co, 1 Franllkliln nlld Jletdenu "1 N htnd J Dick.l. 5 l Lalmoliot aott ''hootdoto. 790 I.allder. M, Ro..ota ad sOlrioot,40 II El lace t 7 A otid. J Deli.toqllt .01Le r.nddotAher, .IO Tyltor nItl Gookiio, 18 i W Zack alin I PAtnddol, nd P .lird .8 Mrih.ld. Poea.on ad to, 6 .oreet, Turtpllt ott lw t, 6,Jotnilg aI co, t, lowe M4 Crenakhw Vokktrog.. Po, vttIMr n8t.hspero..Car. n 1S Ioale cot to nd dJ" Delodio.itolt L.5N IOIto.rr, St;t.on ed co, 1:16 o.ark, Walt r a o rotlMPo t. o. o Arrinoal otoro, 39 Foraktko aolloendro.n 2Nt oaod JIHtk. OtlJTaylor and (i.diner. to LIpJJath t Io1poootd 'r .jolt.. l.e l IItoBeto 2 do mtoX. s a.ud . Vooheeo; t.ounk., I to:teo, ortnkliu utd llettder CONOIGIXEE.8 Pu ship € hrleston..olalt Abher & to, J Aleix, Adim. tad lt--.,-. E A Rrdieo, Btq & tw*othtvo.T, I P.a. I Britge lu.aer. S.i0t.tln o aoo LCles, 8 D tvi. o eo, C Doan, For .WdL, Frot 4 o. Go6dftioy. Laowrieo , Bo. Hlsa lnd Woteonoo, llod..oon& (.ies, It. it Iloees, Go. Lightl W. Hoins Ipklsart. Rear.s | logfl.aa. I aylgaq. 4 co Wlloo.M doootoo A Eoooo ltp.. o...t.ogtoo, Ss-. q-. ooto" J oIdty .,co, J A Metit. MArd toid w', Normaootd* Stola. Proosotl. Jove. Atoa. Peter J.odoieJN-ohberto. E Bproa.oo. alto, end S"Vorov.o. looueb, RioLtrd o e." G Hark T~lia'aad alhou'u J V16irn a" Co. R H Wldta. tY tk, C Wogoe., RII W·olr,* Whitney & ottwl GOH Welitgtua, Whoeeloto a Keilthand oweWD I lr.e. Je II ttad o. oluho*oooettdct, . I.dd.. - idoe and Jcquelino , o J Vi.. Oaoid t.o, T aid I Ilottod, ind Gridley. II oand tV Anier. . teloou old Avtery, J. lioll Oi .3.Ms Alicg Fol.o of A llo & LttLy. 1' J-ll Neobditt oJady, "te, J Iveri 11 """'ý o A L oy. M··rr. 1 .00 lralodo. tooto.. toodl. .odPi art ioiddo , HS Pt, .f ltrtino . J lod trht T C.Wr y. C Calomt.~, il pr~l~S~~3~~t o~o. III' SktooI. K-ae "Per Vkl) reuataua -Mr.-6re3i1" Savage, YV 9k .n al It iPato;t.rOot'aobio .ldlod e to no. a too d rhild it nr. -o w-o.D It lloork ood oNoatslo',toitre ie,,,,lo Davidsot P "tot., .atetiot; DI'k.lon. I.rolltloo: Huttoi, Wnothdll tllllr.t',:otaadalo.Liml,oOoNtll Altlrete Hlrt. tid al'il.l a .. ,rke, INniu7., 'VWl.-;, h trtotdtnrd, Iltdeo ( M JIMOANIIDA ne.... optta. ttoe*..oloIth. Kotto, oh too "NO sW. af4 Iht'atr . lelef .f e .*ill too'. . l t Sri ttOliv oIotuuohtruh sk. o o IHluil to Ie .ahbri 7etlaolp d ýý OotTTIoeo--o.ibriol toodeit hto lle in itjt• It )l,- ot Noby••o t oLoAooMd(:K ,tCntto t w-41 3 B|rsnk tal. e U111fhl I1,h W N'TR' f ettrior t9.lityy. for sal. by u24 1i.U CA MMAZY & . ,, 3 .nkpl,.ce a ' I I'/ I *'A . -l.--le'gulh L ,.ugtarJ. in h.H" pound 1 JP 1 'oltieiuottla NlingondTfral 'lv 11 I N ,1 ItF r"),' 0o, 9, Nutcht'z rnd l'clklttuuln.', at l PI1 TUItAI IdeAN. f .lital , at .1 tt21' ltncipatitt. PUBLISYED " Dilly, Trl-Weekly & Weekly. 1...' : ORI LEAN.S: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1839. Oar winter lesidents and strangers are ariving in great numbers: the city is eomparitively active. alno', as far as we cal learn but little real business is yet, doing. , About five thousau.l bales.of cotton lave hbeen sold on Thursday, Friday atd yerterday, ut a general de cline of alont three quarters ofLa centt One small lot of aTavorite mark, we heard was sold yesterdlay, seoue shy at l.l. tilers os high as 15, wlhich is at-least une and a half to two tents over the Inarket p ice. Considerable tusiuess lhas seern done the last two days in Flour, which has bese bought on speculsalin at $7 a $i7 5,4fir shipmlent to Enropn. Tihe money market is sill tight, owing so sdtao to the inlcertainty as :o tihe ullilarte course that will be pursued be the New York aunks. Supreme Court.-The term of this court, sitting sa Alexanlrin, closed on T'uesday last, after i ses.ion i two weeks and a half. The're were iupwatds of thirty cases tried and decided; indeed all in which the counse eminloyed, were ready to try, were heard. Owing t, tlbr sickly stateofthle country, and Alexavdtdia in particula several lawyers left cotr tIhe first week, making ffidn. -cita that they were ill hourly eplprehenswns frorn tIl plevailing sickness, and did not deemo it safe Io remain 1 Two or thllree of the Iuawers inll ttendance, actualli I beome riek,u and onslequrnlly their tlsrse were con ilnued. Thie Cosrr, btuorever, xpressed itsll readiness t .sit and hear every causLe tiht ,as ready for trial; and nmtwitlt-tanding thie sickly condition of tile country alplied itself writh ea linching diligence, to the discharge fritsnduties. When it nso.itpened at Alexandria(thr 8ths insltnt), the sircknerss had ubntld, but on the clnin sane of the wares wat lilr, it was on tie ilenlose There wele three and four deaths every tweouty-ioul hours foir the last eek, in a ptrpulation of not mole tlha to or three hundrrld'souls. The Judges and Reporter of the Supressle Court, re tureed to the citye eusruday, in good health, in thrt steamer trrbt. Morris. On Tuesday tle 23d instant, when tihe Robt. Morri! .left Alexandria, the wemaher was tarms atid dry. Ret Riververy now--in sne place not more than four tee water. Thie cotton crops on Blayou wnfuand Ited Rivl er arn said tlobe vry fine, and the season favorable i pseking. We are indebted to Capthin Crnkling for Itle Rio dI Janeiro npaers, and Faslmoulth,Jlnulicu, paperu to the 18th "eptember, iuelluive. 't'hese papers conelill ntlhing of interest. The se sr. Sabinr, Moore, hadt arrived heree at Falr By tile steam packet Columbia, arrived yesterday, wu have Galveston papers to tihe 1Oth ilnst.. From the Morning Star, we learn two facts, the first that tile population of Galveston numbers more ituls three thousanl, and trhat, with much wealth, there is at place of public worship. T'he Galvestonians hate a theatre, however, end this proves that if they are not fanatical,theyat leastcultivate the fine arts. Houston and Galveston have been visited by the yellow fever. The publis officers were busily engaged in fitting tip their offces in Austin, the new seat of government, which is stated tobe rapidly improving. Three newspaciout hotels are being erected, besides many private buldings, Board is at two dollars per day. The following extracts shew the scarcity and high price ofprovisions. High Prices.-The merchants and others of the Northern and Wes:ern states who notice tile re5 ports of the state of the markets with a view ol selecting from ansong ito em some one ia whici they can eosurs tlhe greatest profits upon their venture, upon seeing the folsowing rates for the nscessariss of life ill this city, will be induced to direct thesr course hero to their own advantago and our relief. Our market is now literally drained--there is nothing like competition, and consequently prices hauve become exorbitunt, as will appear belouv. Step into a provision store and enquire for flour, bacon, sugar, coffee, or indeed o;ny thing else, and the reply is ' We have just sold the last to a gcn' (leman going to Austin.' Flour is scarce and selling at $75 a 80 per bar. rel; P'ork per bbl. $.80; Beef7l70 a 80; Cornmeal $6 a 8; tSweet Polatoes $6 a 8. Irish do. none ; Corn in tlhe shuck it4 per 100 ears ; by the suck, none; (:orlee per Ib. 0 a 0O cts.; ?iugar42 a. 50 tes.: Itutter, in market. ,1 25 1 .50; in firkin, none ; Eggs, per doz, $1 50 a 2 00 ; Chickens, per doz. $10 a 18 ; Lard, per lb. G2 a 75 cts.; Muo lastes, per gal. $1 50 a S 00. It will be recollected these prices are in our cur. rency.--Houston Telegraph. The Houston peop!e have made a draft on us sinular to that mlade by the Austinians on them, and we are now on the threshold ol' flnine. The editor of the Morning Star gives the 'remoni a House credit for being tolerably supplied (from Iliuston we dare say.) We return from market belaire day-light, with empty baskets, suck our A paws all day, and thec go to bed in tlie dark for want ofcatdles ani oil. Whtile rlsrsrs. Niles atln Babcock, of thre Houston House H, tel, sit down to their beefsteaks, roast pigs, and terripins, and llaywood'a table groans unaer tire weight of fish, 0 sh lsband bowl, fresh butter, eg s anld vegetables, our publicans and sinners can lMdly find where withal to make a plain, substantiul dinner. Gfalesetonian. Casii S'rntrco.-lThds little old favorile as not so well altrllded as it shollld b~. Thiepices selteted are very good, and the co ipnllay, under circumstancllnes, reapocta. hile. Mr. StuaLrt is a c alll inilg acress, still ilproving all acquaintance. Mr. t.orton is respectable, Itadclifte mnuc imnlroved, and yllollg C(well quite eiiarr,itand evingitg a disposition to rise in his irofcssion. The Iernandah.--'lhis binutiful t Iouse has Iunlergone, durinlg trh dead season, r n Ihurl gh relpair and cleaning, and is now daily receivillg large acePssions of clstom,l well deservel, tor it is kept in a very superior sat le. We accepted an invitation of tile host to dine there oil Thirsday, and were Iandsomely ei.tertauirnd. l'lhe viands were not only excellent, but served hat, which is ia bad lecolmmnr ndation, and the ilchahberlin was old, nt d iof a very pretty bouquet. Tihe house is ihst filling up with boarders and slrangers. When next they die sect s line, it t, green turtle, we'll pop il again. Speakinrg of the suspensios of specie Ipasmenls by tihe Phiiaicltphia banks, tire N. York Journal of Co onrceo uses tihe folltt ing language: " As flr New York, we know ere, that thie aus. pension at Philadelphia is entirely harmless as to is. It no more disturbs us than the waters below Niagara di tar, and endanger tile quiet of Lak Erie above. No iran ever need fear being broken by tire rlns of hiis rebtors. Until thislaw is reversed we care n(tt for eual enlions etcept as philanthro pists and lovers of our whole country. New York hae cast her ancher upon truth and is sate." NEW YORK, Wednesday, 16th Oct. P.M. Our baniks maintain their grourd, and there is now a prospect almost alounrtig to a certainty, that they will continue to pay specie. Thist con.. vietiort proceeds from Imany circumstances-aute is the certainty that the generai goversmento will sus. tait therm with all its resources, itf tlhey require it; another is. that specie is comring in fast, even from Canada, to wlhich we generally send specie, but which, in consequence te e lritish Corn mmissariat mnaking all its disbursements in dollars imported from Mexico, now sends us; and lastly, that the ,Bank of the State of Now York and Bank aof America, are Arawing on England at 9 1-2 a 10 lper taut. plrelriun, to prevent any exportatiol of slecie by tile stelamer which ss1mm on Saturday. Tile Chelsoa Bank and tihe Wool Growers fiank, botll eslallished in this city under the lant General Basking Law, stopped payment entirely two or three da.yeago, but their cormbined circulation does not exceed i10,000, for which stocks to three times the amount are pledged with tire Comptroller of the State,-and of so little oecouut was this oe. currellco considered, that I only learned it acci dently to-.Jay. r Thre Eastern, New Jersey, and all tire contry banks it tlis State, express a fulli reliance o til eir atility to Eontinue. 'Tire Providence are, low. ever, an exception to the first nallned; the Nrwiceh [Cl.] Bank, it is said also suspended. Philadelprhtia and Blitrtnore notes cosititnu at a discount of 9 to it l per c ont. ThI'le Liverpool Ipaeket wtlrich sailed, lb Urited States, has 11,I00r astrl ng icr specie on h'le market has improved a little this nr4ing, U S; batrk share.s r.ol at t0 a 81 ; Dele war*-and lirasor .6 a 57; Vierkburg 34 i 31 1 2; K-tocky 71 1-2 a 72; New Jersey i. R, 6i; and l'aatati Co. 30. There are but one or otw arrivals, and they of tsi or IThe paraI:e sllitp Pl'eldenf,from Loudoll, oSept. il0, will be up by tIe tue thi s is belre tout rea dcl.. aAr . r-- I4LDd., . . :, L Council proceeded to the antmber of iti Commoni Council( when it wee s inteo ed tlintihe object o6tiein lroin n, eeeiu'wn, that Coencilseblh the Malya (Maj. .Reonch) 1111e ,) euorder, (Snmuel It auah "uEsq.) houhld prIiced it' the Icdino orftio President of the United t rtee, to pay their respects.' A. procession. was then formed Four High Constnihlen, with their staves of oflice. 'he lyor and It ecrder. (,:rkfs .fCoiineile. Preidents tlfC (onuit. lembers orf elect and Cot.neno Council. On arriving tit :Slderson'stHotel, Mr. John T. Kane intiroduced the awnvoro to the Presitent. The infrohdu. lion being over, lin Mayoh r thus addrebsed Mlr. Van Jtlren : lMr. Pl'teident:-On behalf of the corprotion of Phil. adlphl0, I welltoume v| tl our city, uaud aassure Voh it affords tile tiueh graliicntihtl to dirsohtng- Il(m duity del egnerd to Ile. We welcole tot, , sir as the Chief Mngistrate of the tnllionl, who sneeks to ltitigle s ith his fellow citizens, rwi rttel'eiIiet llhse noliltirl disllncteios whichl DeI)ritnlh s to fitililtlte the lbject tof yor viit, we shrll doall in our po~r lin aif to in a free inteirietrse with oneur ellui itizens, woilthoui t paride or cocunitiv, tohiltwnethintk. nvIllll lIe tticltlhinl oo, t in it oould Ile itlutlonittetl with ri lll i t l oltvi. 'utl wille ti I t r llllllle ik less ofour welcome, because it is {,'111 ered withloul oselntlaltlill . in sincel itv, sir, we Igui bid yolu elcoule. To which the President replied: Mr. Mnuvwr:-1 regret that ofliciol ho-iness, ealling ife ilnlloerit.sely to the sent of gtlerenlll to-inlorow, t will deprive e the I plesInlrin ii ocf a nep ting to.oIl kintl ' offer. Y Iou do me ju tie in lnbelievinu th unt.r ypleasure w o ll ho n o t i he l Jlrl ll aed an ' rpl ld e o r ce. tnoUl i v . gentlemen ssociatedI with yon, mt; th.nks tii r the evti leulles oIf kiineni ,hlih vIIc., l tIlet. h4lve eXllil.iel , T'Ihe Mrnyor then illlrhil nd tile Rlelrider tlll the PFeide'lin.itotfii II'IciiIIIll, l. l t le ler lthe illroduIed the emllllbers of thei r.spe rhamniier. \Ve iiiticedt in tihe room Cvnovirltr Porter, ex-ltovernoir iattl, Ilon. JI Jons Sermrtunt. and I erelt it nlhoer ofoth(ir I'iliE 'ns. 'The I'itesilent t ill` Ih. olie city this nIortlil, lt eight o'clock, eit visitedl Ihe severtal pices ,of anuse lelllt lust pvtling. THE PACKET sltIIP F':AnKcOIi'.-'lihiott Cullel'Iilh jlst frnln lheP lllinle oilllhetr hllili'rll, Messrs. ettnlllll Illl iConist"ock, now lies alollngside Blurrte'ns wharf, whore we visited her vnsterd.v, tylt.e invitation of her hospi. folrt i i'icll'ned IortiI e .eo Yilrk IIl New ()rli'nts lille. Shie is ofl'lll l it l l t fIIP rontilemi e its tle hlan ili iie-n tweenll ei l and n il Inll ill ( IIn C Int' s'hlllhP IIIthat IIle nllill sliinll tier il r lllrrngt lndtlel, h II r toni, stll.ealoon heine, hnxevtr, a trifle longer. No, xepnese Ihas been spiired in the denoration of her am n le cabins nod ile well tester l skill f t elr nslrelltot tlfrn ii it snllcieiie cmll lvlote Ioftee exeellCPniml' oIf her mod(lllel, ltie thit she is e hs u, which was w o t andflir e anme firl. rIn sen i d Blip, ultlder tile Inllllt'"teire Pl of a skilftll selllltlllt we ehould li, Il ll.mot t a -cllrte, ePveo' lltff iae Ci r of.tnr.IO ' ns if snugly nmored itn a blthlt'the Aislor Ilone; whh is pretty niieli tie oitlime thiig its ent)ing tiiit toe should hItveo feat ol li6tl ii the F rankfirt eilt Cnt:. J. is. coolnerss and - ·tive on ttle ua.tnnr dlteki, iun lri.. c olle i ni exl lili's coureley Ito lillg tile hiinors if It'. tcoin in Fiil, tin Iter. Tlhe Frotlkolt, we lt erstanll ; .ill sail fir ttew Orleai s Iti tle:lein t illsta, all d as lie enl ltl itltlt l f aii tos etnl ers is tdlon w n arl n at I e 'tic wFlehvar wishes to ll Jge ItI erlll in nIle If her • g liee j stnt. r, in., wouhl llo we I io naply of nun. ", TIle fillttng irithlre dimltellsions of tlheIFtini kflt: SeIi . .g 151 fieet. b'eatlth • 34 feet, 6 itnthes. D)epth '20 feet, P inl :lIs. I, Length i ,,c,,li, In,,¢k 70 " (;entleltell'e Saloon 511 " Indiis' do. 16 Forecastle lDeck . 21 . . N'. t'. Times. a The tPhiladelphia u leald od Senlinel imnfor r t ut titi ieMr. Pnulin, ond the ldyv who lineolmnnl ied lin in hia balloon excursion, LtoocEn it the middle of te Dela. mare--tlhe queerest plane tolandon thait we ever hIeard eor rerad of. 3) From the South Carolinian. h THE OKRA COTTON. S In your taper of Iht 13th ilt., writer cllinag him aell'At Old Frer, cr,'ondems tie Okra Ctlon., whicr . e raised from a qanrt t'aered, whichl coa Iwo t dlllar tie did not get Okra Cottlan seed, but a varie. reem hblig it, andalthiclrl should be callrd ITwi, ot Okra IlThere two very dislilet variPtics of T win or OIkn Ctatllo; sueo alluftlcharcteriticsr of each I wil pain to out. 'The one a llel Okra, was discoveared i Aloboaka etinfirst venr'a Petit (illfseed. It grows Ill gaarrllv it of ane tall realk--rsonetines growing ats hik a II tori' ie --with very short lianb, twhich tare 8, o ore hat two to c , or . I hve wan tell ihosmns o B ormsinane latol. aSom li , o ti n llo,nr lrle r 0li bus pt oatl fler he ground, turn i wa jurn o r tgu d arllllel the Talln arIelllt, hearLt g fLll as i oes 'l'he other vaiiat,o or twin eittn, is said to havie bhal is discovered tl a lheiserltrit. It iasoo utte atlike lilt Al amlna Oktr, wlt t Ilectiltl the sameR It n IaoutrI atilf wnt piltth, bW the ort deklra andl Petit i(;l.i have llWati' let it nite hatllIe uti or I fbet l illn e t are longl r Iown te )kl, alnd enot 1 I lo as ti w o piel td brelemeetolsl .inlg i h:tnt h ht to r o her bhlls anr hhoallltn le h o vrt l hllle ) ills aI i sh i ste v o e rls tlk k n- there III trP I ne Ill. loso i ia thll l ati ill e in 1 cllh x.i r t lllr. liver Ito IIe uolls ill olle llllel. d There in .leoah defnhed thlre lneer in only seedt The c krt seed in th t Bi -le e ' r ed ut t'wh ci dallier, green , n, ldllme aild ail od. ..N. lprst, onlOts 1 e oncell-e ee tlle tt., pllllt tigrttaini, eor ileI0 okhlnd Idf seeda will etar iIIni t l.u e r IIo ftllr the nleir. 'lie ll.r phia tidlng al 'an-a.idee th at' . Old Far ii,,r i no)t ,et (1ro) ttn seeid: Cii1e etat,, 0r; 0 aold i Ttll "e llll aanl , Al r T 'P ollrs a l adLot ; ald ill llid e rnIor noi ar st aeetl i eln mlha llite Chesl erkilnd is n w ·o it, CotIll. I k, l.i l t o)II little ,'it. it lhe lTple i )eld : I heaV PPeetatti talllksi ittearleta, vety ttIl S filld rithl boils; an ly u (ilbjecI notwp is, to currcl Stitue ' ti ll ot b:ltll IIt t h tkra there is one ojettlion, which I lill el l. lt down. k The retedy, it a ip tp i, at-i 1- o ,5 fiet. 'Thei sitllk ritarssltronie er, il balls fill 1il ler gedf , Itit Irt hcittle i, in rese d lttal yt it. As it l be rhgreat craow ll it h te land, iei eld will bai b e . oi r lh fllll ll Petit Gull. It is ill Inn k o l t l l rl ved Pklti nli c .tete . A YIUel l 'l.A1 . I'El , A 01t1"non1. I'il·(ar·p.--Olle of the Lisbon jolurlhls orbu i tla!il \,.tl -" a Alea"r lnb uItngrlea aile latl ill IIp.nLs tle swmiad yulla r irlflhtle borwh il t- fntillyurl acmiltii"cgliemte--lr ion nw dhal kin. pi all tll oif, i t Iltll et- olttilibl, darlknelss IeTitle a Iyou-er"? An tnIstorrtae rhe r ostrainpart viciouns ard y pislloll y, ttt h,et li leerhig elall ll ilty uponlt Ilte , r cl.e vs--nl t Ih llnlllortI d,.1o11 a 1 dt II o clsd fis l UIle's, uiiid Ih, renti oll Ith )1 onii tllu p)illn.nll oer d ho ,e cgnt +by I..n g kn min ser. Cor nee ians ill t litte , rze a.i-l Scor,a rntrr'n M~ed tete toi. le lion, e. el il in.t a ,.{ illllid illlll e llrd TFII u'r lhh va inl p i pllo a imursel u - a l ll tt. ' e A Jack Tar' Idea of a Laeraotiae.--The foi lowing dea.sripition of a locomotive engite by an hont est heartdilar, appears to aI raherldroll. 'Tlher is sonetheling, however, romo ti and sentii nlenlal ill is langouage. n ' Why, blast the thing," raid he, ', there is no thi tg al psltope, above board, or manly alout it. atch a ship now, awilth her canvass bel lying nt, laying down to itjust enough to lhow the Feels the breerze tossing the spray front her bows, and lifting lier head over tre seas as if she stepped over 'en-- lhere's somethling lie e life tlre-lhlat Iook, as if tihe brains Goad gae ts laid somethirget do tlth it. T'lthere's something niolla too about a h aora,-lhc t.p an IolIe knew he was going, aad was proud ofhia dcty, and ahb to do it. But that d-- --ld Ilbber--ahll that there eTcern is only the curse ii he Bible carried out. It comes intaiu.o ling, sceakine along--crawling on itt belly like a It:lundring log snake willh a pipe in its ntouo ik." A Tiro Wleaded Snake.-T'lhe ffollowing very eutranrdliary stateltntt w find i lihe Leavens vortle, [a. Arona of last Thurday: " A viry singular looking Soako was lately killed on the fiarm oI Mr. Jamats Winkle. It wao about two lett long, uacoammonly large in proportion, with a p)erlet hiead i eaeh end-ftlhs bohady. It cntld crawl both waay, but it did not spaear to cual, twist andl stnighltte as muchl as snaokeausually do, becruao ito dhuble head afflbrded an extra advan. tlge over all other sahket. Ifit wisaes to go a different direction, it need not turn rotund, It only Iadi to criwl witl Ille other )load forward. We be. liuve this ist the only snake of the kttd ever knowa in America. There it a story told in some old Almanac, of a gentlelman who once conversing with King James the Secald, ot the subj, ct of apparitions, demotens, &e. it Did you ever sea one?" inquired the Kitg. "lYe, your lMajesty," replied Io "last night '" V What did you see ?" i Th devil, yoar Majesty !" "Ha! in what shlape did lie co e " T tOh, sire, in Il his uasual and natural thapo that of an empty bottle !"--N. Y. Taller. I.,-tghtor lshotld not be resralnodt on ordinary occtatona, but if oneo wishles to do so i he can by sueking in Itia eleeks. Dean Swift made the dis. covear, and wans never seen to indolge in eachina. tion. It is I.rdly necesart y to say he was die. peptic, Th'e effect of .llaic on tlealth.--TIe. influence of teusic ion Iho mindt is sot refilning, and tends so nrucl tn beget f'elicgs of kindneea and Imnvto. lone, thus bLtntielial!y aff'.ling the hIallth, that no systemt of eduealio cani be considered complOt whlich doC tate Ilro; tli this itoaas of moral train lrg. Musie is tugh.t ii moat sehool aai the aeon Citcar; ,tail it is to this cireumstanooc, among ulh e,. tlht aa 1 coaceive, the superiorily of tile ;ermeales aud Italians dver otrselves in thiti entet isamainla atlributalble. Besides. are we nut equally I tthei, Sateons and Intembterofthe great Ger'. Can t ftmily: and are net, theroLfore 6ur itatuioral b aupakilhtti: origiaillytlmdam02. Thanoltionlthat b ear colllltyllme hlave cenpalatively u, "eoar for 0usi0" 0s ait tnfounded Irejudiee. Our .aturaol d Itreu:atty arices salely freln the tat a oft eulaite. t.A1 nt. a a" epml.veryy prudent ye .aly,-nd we lolieve ohir, "did to omdit,, tfti aorojn rt had bend: ,ndd.'by several of ourt f Walk'rardb, torderaw hills t lt d| a ft ,erithouses im"tlondouno in Aeolal fura:em.nse bI.thie Liverpoolu t emebhim,, and hot that the hai*'wi hei at to . 'Ihi-ia- tte very thing that *.+a ten.t thed; and it will eure, in we thinkhut:botkn i tahe mbtennee of thei tiH,.esnt noble poeititnt.". Itelll doaw.4,t, a geeetJegreeif not entirely, wirth the induleomentom shtiprapte, and munt greatly rengthen t!ebanks h l adding to their mieton, while'it leasens Theiadeponites. . lighty thIueand d.tlnrs ir a erie were drawn from our baeks veoterdaey, y the travelling agent of eertrin Ihek and elhrokera--suppotod r be fIr Philadelphia accoont. Whnetis tihe ob;eet ohi.l We slould like to know. I t would appear to In better for our PhiledaL phia neighbors to tby their own currency at tern ee cent diseount, lrtan to take our ipeie away, whten thley have no noe fir it-exaept hoen.rliog. .Stocks, aori llhe seen I dejeur enterarciul lead, rose hsieher still yesterda, epecinlly United Slnten Balk srirer. 'Tis is spior sil IoI hare breet iler rimLllt ofa hliel entertained in Philaelphia,t hat the IBanks int New Y lrk eannotr continue to toc specie nrtlleit lo er. It ins believed hre thin the lteitpn operatians in thin tutek lave bern for Prlilutlellri raccornt. We Ihar no Faith i sucnel ppculationa. Large alooulns of specie ttrr daily arrivig it thie eity. Ferom tihe Philadelphia Nora Ainer:can of ltlh inst. Public Mreeting.--A lao irge noetig of citirens tws held i. ldeprt nd.ertn'eSquare l Saturde ofe Uftcr n, agreenbly Ito atrdjurnnrnt,in i rer to heard the reporl of a r LCIontlee appolterd oln \oerlnedya last lto i qrie imlo tiry eaulsera rlh hIave. IrCthlrcrl" tie sale s )e Sion. e tioe rneling was rrrgazed hIy callttg Frederick StenCer to the .Uiair,. ld llltfinr some halfu ahzea Vice Presillenll nt d lrcrrlarl., 'h'i ! reportl anld rrsutl i cllso clered, rec tor.,nlelr rd fil'. irearrlCe r 1 anrd moersioe tu or t p tre roe retsnt cer si--l ihat lle Atdllltr Uenerl'l fuinri l le l e(;tnrl-nllr tat.llement of tle tcdition of tie hnks ofllris cit --tllte t.cciolrture.tit alrpoint o comr ittee to vieit thebt'itnkt alal Witnke it rell'url of lll-ll exllninalion--to di.suo Is.. lllhroe thi, mislinlll it alll biltlltder $5--e arnern tl ri qltoPlillg b te lnlk iIt pay otir tolltls ofFi5, anh tie united tlrere Bllnk to rder.ell ler tean dollar nlotes--tllt. city ctrpurrtietr trtt to inrerto.'llt - I iitizens tin Ie iy uptongt:lyue, tind ttol hrl their inflanerIn stluacin tofe anl mi1ke wti hIel in fiineon a ispcteii to lbe elngOds o the tublic; and evist the n rerre lcr nhe fraletrillg, and lrrech inical illeresat, ill jut troportion, during ite preseotr crirrls--ied uoiting er corttie= oi fiftene to ilrep ire aor alnddras to tlie citizeIs. U. S. Boank Staock.-lheo salos of tire U. S. Bank SLtoee, at tie Br oers' Board yesterday, amtnounted to 280 alies, from $80 to 80 1-2 mostly deliverablo ahead.. In fact, the sales for canr u n t ounte to oly he shares, and at thie so. cond Board, we ari told, i greaot wai the disposi. t lion to purclhase, tlat 83ac bid by several btr. kern, while but one lot p wuofiered at 85, and that Tie gatme played itn Ne, York with this stock is a bold one, and ifsuccosfrlly carried out, will realize an immenso e tn for he projectors. A ear. tain leading house it Wall trect have been sellers t , a very large extent ol stlk, deliverable oahead. d It ie strongly suspected, thir through thle influence .of an etiterrt house it landon, backed by the Iirelings of tloe Lartdoor *tnoes, they were thei cause of thi bills of the U. S. iunk, drawn ulon Ilottingeur & co. being pstestert. lrntnerlate!y r upon tire suspension ofou BDiks, trhey raised a huie and cnry about te U. S Bank. and eclanred it h rbatlmrtu.t. tthroug tIre arioun partners of the Ihouse and ttheir immediate , nlexionr, trhey pos sess a cortrolling tnfiuencrm the prinelpai banks in New York, and have notmmnd ofa portion of the Wall street proas. Itlis supposed that they are short, to se tihe termof ti brokers, several thousand shares, and ther design evidently is to keep up the paytment of epcie in New York until tihe Liverpool deprts. If they can attain this obh. jert and keep their paperefilled with articlos itm. pugning the faith and solency ol the 11. S. Bank, thie steamer will, probabll,carry out a low quota. lion for the stoek ; and bi working on the timidity of tile London tockhtolders, they Iloap to buy their shares far benlow thleir mloual value, and deliver thlren i New York at at enormous profit. The steamer once off, thcire c it aecoomplished, and their banks will then suslmic.-Philadelphia He raold nd Sentinel. From the Bwltmore Chlronicle., The capital ofa nota' inort its wealtl . it is the produativenoar ofcapital thlt constitutes the wealth of a people ; idnorry, ingtrnuity and enter prize are its true riches loalen it-is tlhat Fraoeo nnd Germanry, who now hold in their coffers trat of the coin ofthe world, fare not so rich as iFteir coin, instead of being r oarded, was let outrpne interest eihor to bore. rnotuil rhiroad, or oprators at homte, wlho would increase its value by ningliitg and working it up with raw material, c crroulate it for Io e labor of internal iln rovel nen, Vilen that illustrius satesar an, Pittll (illustrious boeanus tihe origmatr of nighty political thuories, illustatiltg that hris aind wans s practical as linve. live,) lint nnountaEd tihe Ctartling u measure ofa iusposit, of specie patymernt by AIe iBak of England, oalrn arod cltlretrnl ion et Iloteo, lInd .rnmong al rThe to.ends of Great Britain, wore sur. passeo oily by thi elut atiou of firelgn enelrieo arnli telrrrl disorgnrizers. But drting Iheo WiOle tirme (25 yuarsn of tihe sue. penEsion 'i pecio liayRtents bIy tie lBankl of lintg. lrrd, hicrpaier never clIell tmore than llee pier entl below tlu value of gold and silver, .ld yet tiis three par cent Hac a.ufciient indtcetnrnt to lirrtg back grod anld silver tfronl tle contirntt to Enlg. land. A. soon as tre precilos rlleltasbecolhre rn article of demrrand, (Irke other ortieler at other tintes, mere strictly in their inature articlrs of iera. nhatodize) gold and cilver wllt find their toy tack to Englednd d n eAmerica. In tihe eaejitne, all classet vll direct tihrir labor oird attenttn ct, the payrnemtof tlhrir dobts-for it is tihe inlrett of men to pay their debts--credit is value-no ttr coan do nothinrg witilout it, and ie who wants futile credit musrt ply present debts, as fast end as wil an ho i can. iach a thing as a unanimousa and rmurta. nor.os eoa fnt ol'rrankindi to unite in one eneral bankluptcy, would uxthlbit ln unheard of n omaly ott the records ot the worr ; it would bue arepug nontl to tle rniral selltra oflimlthiltdio, ia tt opu. nation of ilysical ,crrcses atd efifees, whih are always togetler n the mrai (such is tihle orr andl wirlsdom eof an AInghtiy IRuler) seen in althose things to Iet to tle reeulit of duty a intoa. rest, in otlhowurd, ol'eoif i'resorrlatio n, uto which ncithetr soeietirs ore individrals coalong ex'ist. exist, t ra.irordirary circumtances, but above alc i, cidences, su:h i a tie manner of the distrihutn 1 the surplus revenue of the Unitedi Sttose aoni the individual states, tie scarcity of erops i all land, tie goat speculation in cotton estates u cther rtaatteo- in toe -ou Ih and Wear; the rnnrr imtportations of foreign goods consequent upor Ii great exportation of cotton, by which drafts a importatiorr. wereexpe.lcrd t> be met and paid the immense sums borrowed for unfinished inters improvements, the abstruction of labor from ao culture and manufactures [,¢hich latter dcli. t courseo t nder a reduced tariff.] and which la was app led to those unprocuctive improventme the inevitable rise in cost of all articles of au tern, ; the importation ofthree articles from abr paid for too, by the very moray borrowed for pu lie works-these causes altolether I say, have c incided and c-.operatled to iir g about an nuasua if not unexpected state in thtaflhire of the work but more e-pecially in thoie ,f tihe United States rilt Ihill sole olf b ago begnR th rceate at the vet artrtrerts the ase rtlat braugh tellrlll bol ceases rrlliilre.ll. ' e iooilret Ilac Ircrrally arriver. TI rcrirrsis ay he palauil aurd rritica,snsl tI some (ile pian rluck) very othrmrisg blt thisrery tltalrotl ir th ftnr, ranter of ttnc aloitlt.r:te.-atd nsaw a Irrudrett, coa calrattrd firm adlrirrtttrrlitIr the publrte inOtitrrrrtr Ibrbecratren mtd sellrdenial te rbe tart ol tirecredisl oifring lire andl of teaity ad r couruglaont tcl til dsbrtr, witth lasoety, ilustrsand good filltt It partel ogrther wilh thie iratlrurve I r tptliage of tel boeservation, wi.ltie aid of tit buortieo of Pruvidetc Ii, tile ahndaet i-ld of thle ertl, will agaik reteO riis freslh elaastic sd aigaoeu reonie to ease end pro: perity. ieratl umlrers lof Itis atirn noay be wheedled nt drltriralt, and eaasleprereted it eraionul fits of trr bulnee aslid iaruttle, bill It eelre but lirs; sItd lie aih calculates o ul co utimual vi olel r and crimre, or frae J will fird himself abandoned tun"ararian" drsaolatros Every oil woman-with s fepi igwlhrel for her all kbows thar threre is sorlno uwUrse off thll frerooll and would protles. stalt vucifurisy, againt aiearisa diviieuln af rer property. iid wols.rl, miiale a-so f.rtltie,wi have theiir eay. I rttlerre i, to tturl ipprelrerione eaprera.d, if not dr, at tire suspenroit o speie prsyrents.--l'he great ouvrriensce Ireiu it, til ;ant of a cireulasting rtesiusvould not Iave reetr s tecir felt, ifthebarintka s had poser to isiae ssal notes s it ie, let tile City Coporsun iset themsl and tilt bankts ledest, Ihen in specie. "Fdittg them to snewerl all the purposes of cturrrecv,e shiould he satilflld sad specie would nst freely, demanded, frtmn the very ercumttstance that iseeie,uaid he Iad iir trem ii dermandred. Their droonirats should be toon small t+ cttrlpsntet and oafford a preturl fir collecting thenr togrltee, for tile iurpost uoeuan upont the hbanks. Wiit regard to tle . sttagor of tire Ba.ik ot tile Uoited State,' as itis tUO Iriu tptantly anAla.t coadin the' Joural orf Csnart.e of uiew York r feel as safei:l ther litl rleotck I owrerer; it is just as e .. trinaicelly valuable, wher the mrinrl priceis.lit as at 7'i. If its eirturte ore tood is not tha bank that has ,urpended, an tuch as tl rst, rwitot its money is Ieaued. fitdrlgetce will onl:ake them tore solvent and Ire nmre. irterested It be teat. Suplposing even tie rival in tile ftreignt market , Mr. Jatndun, tile agent of Prime, Ward & Kilrr, sehoufurr pire together with tie French hlouse of iltiras ac Cu., auid bring down still further tle price of the U. :Uank Stoctk, how arlen tshotld we experieUcs and Witls tile convraon of the gold an silver oil tho contireuotr the U. S. Ilak and ,tltter otoik Tlie tolrtptaiottould be toat great, od tIri irufitu tor sure, not to te;l tile curpiditv Ofl th wners of nprofitablae gold; at shat arle a d nexri rrsed flranier, I). A. Sritith,ill ire founl to ie rigrt ohen he elerted that a Iftople fifteeln ll i itas Of in. iliitants ere capabhleI of earn and tlot ar, by tlheir borh, (olfll sorts.) two milliolorf dtlrsa de v; more han sio hundred mllrionr ayr. Cet Sauch people, illiat onehr renolred traudulrt, ba.krupt asf idle, y thes mas.hinstanils of imatm lirmited, nolorivSeea itratyig store of vetton, tiTfvict, r ore of strptegiie han of power! "Let tile igr tr Nw ySork tot Vr-hlesa Diddle sohstiptrepteirtit tit tn tmoillion. of Inllitrs .ien they stood ap;ed srlnidt trllratilroion ad de.pstrt In 1l35i.i3repo(,it isrtil|tthe p.vlae ,fs NoT .s " rItE rL r tt". SECOND, -MUNICIPALITE. 8dance di Mardi ler Oloobre, 1819 Ibusolu quo Ie foyer sat -at dmaltim'requis d foalrnir' sux COmsniomosre. do ld "Caspe *sg6d ride d'Amortieenment, tons renseignemeane -qu demanderont lesdit're'a reliis ment aup r6elamations do Ia dite Caissed'Amortissements pour romboursement do pavago, fait anthriiure lment an premier Mai, 1836, danes les Imitep do cotta Municipalitd. Signs. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Resole qu io Wharfinger eat at demeure autoricd at donner dix jours d'avis, dane doue Gazettes, on Francais at en Anglais, aux propri6taires du lest t qui so trauve actuellement sur leea wharfs et sur lee t Lcvea on face de cotte Municipalit6, d'avoir a. l'n lever; au ddfaut do quoi, le dit Whatfinger eat re. quis d'avoir lto vendro dans lea cinq jours qui suivront, de payer les frais et d'an porter le surplus aux mains du Tr6sorier do eette Municipalit6 au b6enfice do cenx s qui il appartiendra. Signd JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rlsolu que l'offre do Philippe Vidr6 de fournir . aette Municipalitt 400 planches do sapin jnauae de 28 a 32 piede do langour, ur 2 pounces et 1-2 2 3-4 d'opaisseur et 12 pouces de largeur, et do lee transporter osur tels points do la Ldvo que desire la Voyar ou Io Wharfinger, est aceopt6a, at qu'il sear payB pour lee dites planchos $22 par mills pred", apros leaur livraison. Signd JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. R6solu que nla proposition do Ia Compagnio du rhemin do ier do Carrolton, de faire Ics e antnurages ct les banquettes ataour do la propri6t6 connu soua el noms do Place Gravier, soit accept6: pourvu Io tout snot fait conlbrmn6mont aux inisructions du Voyer, et quo ceIto permission no soit point inter prddlo do manibro a invalider en aucun facon lee rd6lamations do cetto Municipalita our la dito pro pri6.6. Sign6 JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdsolu quo dane I'opinion do ce Conseil, In coe. ditions solon lesaqualles Ie privilege de servir do err. tains dtala dane loe mnarehds Sto. Mario et Poydrae. gratis, a 6t6 accord6o a D. C. lopkins, n'ont point tid romiplion, at qu'on cons6dqueno toutens I6.olu. tions accordant an D. C. Hopkine do tols privi lges, soent at dcmeurent rappoleos. sign6 JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdsolu I'ravenir aucun semblables privileges no soront accord6es a. aucun individu-la venta du poisson ainai qua celle d'autres provisions, 6tant laissd ouverto a I'enchhre, en vertu des ordon nonces exis antes pour les r6glemens dos March6 duns les limites de cetto Municipalit6. Sign6 JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rd6olu que tous lea objets actuollementau ddpot do cette Municipalit6 pr.e do la Levde, s'y trouvant en contravention aux ordonnances seront vendus a i'encan. Signd JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdaolu que I Wharfingereat requis do donner avis ci-deasus mentionn6s, pendant dix jours dans daun Gazottes, on Erancais et en Anglaie, pour Atro vendus & l'encan, do payer toutes lea d6penses que cola occasionnera, d'en ddposer la balance du produit dans le maine du 'resorier de cotte Muni. eipalitd, an profit de caux a qui II appartiendra. Signd JOSHUA BALD WIN, Recorder. Rdeolu que I'enltvement de Ia terre de la Batture, en faee de cette Municipalitd, no se fern que par des banes rdguliers I& commencer du pied du point lo plus prochle de Ia ligne marginale do l'eau, en remontant rare I'extrdmit6 extdrieure du rebord de la Levee, afin de former un entablement unifornm depuis de la Levde jusqu'au fleuve; le tous our Ia surveillance des Comlnlssaires de la Batture, qui agiront d'apres les directions donnd6o par ois Voyer aonforemdment aux ordonnances. Signi JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rliolu quo teote lee persaunnes qui no sen con furmcront panaux pr6ecddntes dialSpiti.ns ou a ui refuseront do se conformer aux directiona par lo Voyer, o Whoa finger ou aucun nutre ildedil Conlm.iririles, serunt sujettes a. uue amnlno de $10 jusqu' a $20 pinr cliaqe contravention, an b6dudtico do cetro Municlpulitd, nt do plus seroil passibles do tous dolnmages qui pourraient bur Caiiir. Sign6 JOSIIUA IALDWIN, liRerrder. R6o'u qoe quaire vnle. et euno piioetres :5-100, seruit panys a Janice P. Boyd & Ce. pir tuyaux fIurnis pour laver les ru-e, laquello summe dcvlaa dire payd6 sur I'ordre du Maire. Sign6 JOSHUA BALDWIN, Rlecorder. CAMP STREET TiHEATRE. do This evening will be petfiormed t THE SLEDGE DRIVER. ho Cotharines : : Mrs. STUAr. a. Alfter which, i TIE FORTY THIIIEVES. i1'D)oorsopeln at past 6--Performances to commence t 7 or'eluuk.J] WASHINGTON BALL ROOM, e oST. IlHI.IP STRtEET, it oTWEEN ROYvL AND B0ocRano R sets. rg ,Jllll MIANAGER of tile WVaslhingttn Ball Rooma rerpectleolly infLrma his frielnds and the public, that Ihe ablove mIrentioned establishmen t will open for the Seasson,on .lotldly evening, Noembr.t.r I4th, 1839, by a i(;!ANI) DI)IESS ANL) 1IASIlUEIRADE BALL, ad i, il Oliontiullll thlrrogIhou thie reason evey ,Montldy, oa dodncsday and Saturday evening of each week. Admittance fir iGetlotenn, $2 00 New Orleans, Oct. 24th, 1839. St'I'ICE--AII pterson irrdeitedr to olunicipality d i1 No.2, are ery noarilied to enorte blrward anr nokepayrrenot, on orbelore tihe firest tlllto y io \room her next, agreeahtv to ordnlsnec of tie Council uatosed ti thie St nlllstnrt,--the T'rTeasrer oe g rrruireqied to Iae all claioms unadjusted et s t tt ime in sat. T'l. SLOo, Jr. Treasurer New Orlens, OGet. 24,1839--o26 2d Manicipalitv MAYORIALTY OF NEW ttRi.EANS. r|I E price of four beie; tlis day $5 611 per barrel i rc s ordlug to the tarinf Ilre bakers roill gier :5 oureoas of bread fir ten Cel ts d ring the weak begin Ai oirol Mornday next, the ,8thr iltunr. The nves of r sreorod quality, or of three for tell cetr s. ilall eigh O Sper cent oore, viz: i43 ornces. 0 o2i C. GIENOIS, Maeyor. " lIlu" DteI.LARI REWAIRI) . il. be paid to any I perron whao will lea to tile recuvery i ter boxes, arked dioaond 1' ., whbich were tttleod tortm t hilp tolbama by dray No. 1736, or for the recovery of five is ass and two runk mlrked H It L, hauled by dray r , !- llone. fthea iol are gos to. IanJ. Sh oApblv too No. 9H Coammon street. r 6 ire to . N . & C I. DEVEREUX, o SNo. 26 TCHARPIT TUL.o STREET, ANIiFACT RP S uf /'in. Copperr ad Soeet oIron Wre, l . alsore, atlofl'r Ibr sate, Stills, 1 Woetoe, ouesr Kettles, Ladles, &c. It lee, on band, Russia sheea. Cast Iron and Brass o, le Parlnor andCooking Stvestfor btroig worod Sooa, and of the atst and moot approved patterns. I.ras railing and Stair rods, of any ahujre or psttrns. uildero asna othersin want of Grates, lin or Copper Spi or gutrs, may find it to their advaotage to call h iofeovered with Tin, Copper or Zinc. in any part of e city, on the moert reasutdle terts. A .aoltand, ageneral aseortenrt ofrJapanned ware SrT received, and for asia, a large astd general aor I D I.roment of Japansed ware, such as Baik boxes, I Tea aniste, Lamps, d&c. I MARTIN H & J DEVEREUX, f 02ý i6Tthltoteitr a st 4ts LIGHT AND BANKING COMIANY. Gas Dr PRTNENT, October roIt, 1839. StNO.E fi COAI.l'bhe price of Coke oa beeo fixed, ttoe Ga0 Works vyo , aod, takeo in quantities of otro ttlundrel barrels twil bedelirvered free orcartoage. The tuperiorty of the Cokel orfuel, beiog easy of igsnitsolasd free f.l.t anll unplesatr t smell or nrtoke, thosld iduco every kilnty to take use of it. Coal viii be furnished sn usual to regular telstnoars.e Olderereceived at tle Gas Cfico, Rtalk Allet. osIl E WWELLS, Secreoary. SOUIIIANA DRAGOO0NS-ATTE'NTIOx-T..e0 squlroon will assembler bnilSundav rest, 27t in. stnot, at 8t'elock A t, oil horetbeck, or dill. Dres med accnutrenento-I,iforfm withtot epao. letters, whitn intlrolns, saddJ clothr without )ot lrttas teun, and swords atdl pistols. The Dlraoons will laket care In lave thieir pistols illn priins uoner, e tire; will be uted. tehe iaeirlnar oflthe eaUdrolu are waLrled it ie ItII- oUC tl, he s for nou.plmtorarnce ill te eniorced. 0 . " lr order of hs tCorr ,rndoer, CIIAS. ECKIIAIIT. - '24 Orerlv e orp't .NFEN DOI.l.ARi REWAlD--Will Is paid"I to A wtiorrna er shall aldg in jail, r deli,,r to the lna eatero, Mrs. Widow' le olertson, 35 lratit '(tet, tkhe on Rtluttllwoaos an IILUNETTE, s.ed rlrtl 23 yeoro, oti Luod appeasrace, about the middle hsigh'. 5Io I rl alto woman lIla.beneel! b intheL Iumlir'it'al i. vl Por 3azope.. FOR IAVRE: T .h A I fat sailing ehip Fll ZARETH BRUCE, Capt• Higgina, having th1W greater por. oflhr.oargo, will reoive drsapatlch. air Hiight of 225 bal cotton', or a~ashle, apply to 28 L II (AI.E,93'Ctnmsoott FOR IIAVRE. aI ThI.A I fast sailing ship VESPASIAN, lf " Capt Winaon, having part of her cargo en gaged, will Ihave dospath. For freight of200s balrs coiton or po.sage, apply to a28 " . it iALE, 93 Ctommn st FOR IIAVRE, 'The A I lship COLCIIO, Capt. Knight, lhaving part of hler cargo eongagd, will re eeive insnledliate desltchl. For lafreight of -A baltes cotton or pasnnge, a p ly to osi4 L II IlAE, 93 CstnsO ato ',hoT A I fast aniling ship I.VWEI.L, Capt Pratt, will receive despaetch, the greater haot f,, t hercurg enagaged. Fur balance al l reight or p..asage, upply to "R L II GALEF, 93 ('ttntnn1stll FOR I IVERI'O)OL. To Sail on a aturday the 21 al. T ''le A l and fliast ailitg Shi CiAINET iCatnata Linill, will sail Sot strdny next, having hasr torga engager l, td going tIn I blard. For Ipasage, hlavilg hlnsttaolsa ooeensnsadns Stiann apply to 17 IEVI H (ti-I.E, 93;1 c mon at. FORK In VERPOltltI.. I th A I fast auililng Ship GtIARD, Clap sin rsiss, having msast ofass her cargo engage, w ill receive inmmealiatilla desath. Fe r freiglah oll:d) bales Cottolt or tpa stlsge, nply ) to s 17 . II (.\1".l:93 crmson street. FOR IIEW YI'ORK. ITle A s d I sailing i A CABINET anvtg the greater' purl oflsr earg ttl egatged. For feig ht of' )O b2l0 a h llllllllsm l ,r l)orai t L, n I, ?l) tO A5 1 II. (aAIE, '3 Comoia street. Ooastwise. New Sht --- -n lOll NEW R'(tl ltct.oolar I', cket. Orleasas li anel 1ich'tle. pV. srhre o f Soihtury (the I :uh tofa. MUIIIE"J. IhJ.Burnes, nm-ctcwill po. rlfely aanill n ti abvcs, haviln her ntllhit L0l'Ot l eRCge laor Isaalagtt only hltaillg selegat a'aosll, usdat houts, alp o Il A. CO)IIpN, l90 (osmItttons ast. FPRt NEWV T11511K. tarket of 'TI'lltutRasA , Ih, Illa t iSt, A'es York and Ns w Orleoan Line. I TIIE lSim AI SIis T'I)1',t"t ]l:ks' salssn; will nail as alvertisad. For lireig,t ol it. :3lis l les C o tto n, o r f tr p , ssa e ,aaaa ll, o o 06 ('ampI . NEW% YORK ANI) NEW OHNI.I:+N I.I.sE. rlTlllS I.INE will l,,, eIm, osad of ++,vet ships, whtic will ancu eed u.+al• o1 er ill tl )o l6lawig order, viz; Ship Troy, It. I)uCkih lls , mosilr, Slhip, J ,$ Wilson, m-r. Shlip Aubula n, F (' ll,.aster. New lship F'rallklort, JO R(asell, masnsr. New shil Mary Kinglasdl, IL MlcCerrce , oawer. Noew slip Fairlishld, V I. Ltola, ostolscr. These S'lhips arc all of tite firs canal, wee arcolIlmO dlationla ir passenrgers unsstlrpasset for comforl, uno d '['he /-rete Illlpunctualitv will he (,htremved in aesp 'teh ing them ats alvlrtidalls lad eprya reaslolnabe acca Illotlletioeln elldemd to slhipp rs Itnd+ l asengers. I'or freiglt or passage. a ,ly to _21 _ I'1'R AI' L" I.AlI .W, ,1t'lC.p ap FOR NEW YORK. IIOIMES' LINIE (OF PACKES'I'. 1"O sanillsnctnallynevery sondtl ssre ecs pot L l'l is I .i...l'. P.I ta sIt... b'rieelni.r......l to allero en firstclias a hlipat'scotiisg of Whiip Na/avillr, Casptaion Vaotl. Alrknsas, Captain , S Dennis Alanbama,. Captloin C C Jerry, Orlennss, Captain S Beara, I'ickasburg Cata, in J lounkes, adleta, Coaptain .,\lally. Aaslrillre, Captatin A l\Ool. laosan, Captin 'I'rtslllllls. )ctastl/(sr, Calptasl n t .lls ilt. Neo SPhtp --- t'alxa WsnVdallouso.. Veon .Nh.p - Ctat.,ain Niholas. The IIIahe ships mea al l e rl ci 1 ltla .oIp' l ", t' 'l essll, catr b'fa.osla.l,lltttl w05r, losllia New Ynrk en pre~ssly or this trains--Iltry sret of lightt drgts ts ss wa t'o,lllssd i Iatta ls-IIII IaII l r ros bc lat Tip will it deI el 'etera lee inie r.,',ttlssstad slll Io1,0 rls ax lol oxnelvl"s to olromnlllllll.ntu il. Thet v'11 01,0t I 00y, tbe rw.l oat n dutlv llle river. I1l1IJ+i ll o,.,m )lly nd ia ,lt r lir d Thl'hoy hlavl hirass t stNil lslls Io t s' I 'tl 4(nIe s I I t i l tllln s Itsllr a aIt I sl t a.IhI v aa ill , ai t g i on fllll, ll0 t every altenlioll lat lld t' aIla o lllltl l n d sali.+l'tlltll I ll The l"ipoke of the ' .lli i i. 6Jxe,1 it $111, Wvillro,, wi. c + nr liquor. ,r l'urtlnrr ]mrthultrlT jpI, I h A C01 1 ,1 lg 'l'tt' chlips n, eotl ;w s .'·l el ,a',i' ri ,r Itoe ka , f enss, hollow' ,0o ", t marbh. os r ..rsa' t , ,'r.-a'. ,t fins or parcel p, ,t O , bonrl , ·l|. l,,._. ,,!. ° e ill II1Illg he signsed tLheeo , l it, alls allice altll'a so'tSta. [Lo.ui.iana t ,ll A Yew rk l.inr f l'a,'ketr.] 1 illre Shilus, III I I More ne"v %eFell will e p II III all Burly dus, snaking, Ilhl, ,,,, . 1twlnlh h v- ai oiw hie' will allow regef iurlng diPe,rcied from his pcart ever week ,luriny d IIh, yellr, thfin Ifilii prto t i Ii c liti i 1, lits, punt yi "h he. Lr o u r p ih U I A lle u . " I i llolo illC , " " Eiltrig T1hc hul e +hi .+ V re all ,Pf IIl,, fil.t Palnk.e :copper s auud ri oleper Sti Line,el, a is. r iht of f Pte, i or and telllfricller ollrl, r Tihe prlic orf pIhslge ior fips ell apply toi I e wI I or liq uor, . untpll, _to,... ill ev,,ry otl h r arlit'.lJr ++ll be plaideil , anld everi Ullnlllll .iilt l m Ino le I, o ae. rs .t tot pn el gr, •ein e lf o ei re T,, e'ltiitie, ie ill I Lh A) 6li, C ir i . i III sll will It I ail tllll a elinr lto U l l ell row i e risv, Foi reig•t ,c t , . ., ald lhlel greaute st Innctmdlli y (b.,"l a d u tll IleiP , daI Y aI iuilili i Neither lth, ou nurg or a Cellhi llas o nI tlh'e P,' ena will be repotuoiblel r jnwelrv, i lonlli, prye(uE. stic rlo esil ,er or pated ".:lrtl, hreekllee of glus I Ih,,llow· wore i rhtle, or Grloitii, coo-lerue c C ill rC i t of irlKly ot cIPa, or f our nv letters, ipdiel oir ack is bellt hbv or take ltir the imuse, Itnd thtlel e Ih . le fre sse. For freight or the TW e, alyl or to In:r 2 JAdIES II HUI.lN. 7.I Camp r l FOP R NEW YO()K-Peglar Packet. elohtne,' .ine ol l'a'k ets. - - The lennl opier e ill ad.n r I I oc tllon re id acket shlip NASH VIt I.Io . . t rkiy eSn &eceey t ill lt )re lc Ail il atbiverl tid. ' ",or itoreiglo olr tn'i;l.sna, hallln ele alll or poot nl.lo *io is a pp ly tot I iiii epiniu on buoard, ,l+ lp .e il e Vegore i h Alarket, or III o r tof ' 10 i 90 C(-'nnIuT aIt For the Znterior. FOR BAVOUI SARA Regubtr iPaket. rilie splenldid ISSenger ntielie+t BR-LINLPtN'l, Jiesse Hart, musae will leave New Orlea*.r every ,edl ..'dLait 111 .nclolk A. 1. Ibr BlayIei Sira N &evero a Saturday at It, .'ohuok A. 81 IUkiing tmn t I t dowut o. Sundtn. Fr th eigh or passage aplay to (:aptn IOe. 1 o't I P e e oro tor to 6L ro- AOcrDcM & WlhtTAIaIa FUR VICKBIIUB, AljJ all ilml edite p le dine .s .t The @tea.loat hce, OC H U CA aAC ew"__, will & lea lullit. 4 do'lock~ precisely. Forfreight or,,0so, apply or bard, or WII, il9 Aec, p LAIDIoLAW, 66 Casupt t av' Two rosuira on thoe eerord flor suhtablelo or., offices;applyo the aremiadesdt NA,. 21 Ctoap atreel, at the Fireluens' Ilsurance Office. nl,2 I 'i RENTo T-Store No. 87 New s latoee. PossessionIttenim dllcely Apply to TiPt HYDE &" BROTHERI corner Common & Magazine sis TO KEN'P.--'rK.e upper part of store No. 95 ~s Common street, helng the FeconI, third sold ILlo fourthl stories. Apply an the premihes, or to otO C CAMMACK &. Co . Ij0 RENT--. fire proof 'ubcco or (:ltont WaVres SHo+eieneurlS Mary's market, posses+; oI given ttttn edi lely,. Also, onit atthe Ie ew basin, oil the I'eu :+cola lnding. Apply to 93 Canmp t oP.--hu lO EITENT'--A four story store Nit - SN ('lCarltt 1 treel, opposite the St Charles lultel, Apply to o IHC CAM HIACK 8"o, 3 Bank plae. - street. Apply to II BONNABK ; o5 - .ur'Pohnpilwloa d Nacltei. Litt U' OIEl'--The 2nd story 4f'-House No.49 -Can, 1 r Street; possession giren tot I ht ]. NOvtl lt'r, It on h divided l ald witll miake large alit dset,-able outtitg roomtt. Apply at ST'rOWAI t'o I1ioot'lorn P16 stntry, over Ihi. nf"j It Hyde & Brl Ir !0l. clirnerolf llgnnine'iuld CLIUlI}OI S11 . C. l|.nit., .gilf two " plartmente, in hille of wttiela in a tire jlinrr e ndt.well, ni o .ciei. of aly kindl I uoca siiu 'ull inuuediatrla. For erms n p a ltltl-v 'T.' It. It ' tE ".1 Ilritur, it1ti ,',il :a'.i tt, tulietu ctU 5'a1 ;l, i t o. 80ONDMrIUNICIPALITY NOTICES. LTAS hrougat to lime oIslie priion.of the 2d Muui Y dipnlty,os'negro lrl nanmed SAtRA, about 13 years of age; says she belungs to lr Hunt.. The owner f ~hidsiarie wn lldei e call, prove prop. arty, pay charges, and tyke her iaway. ' H- ilARPEti, 1o __ Cnptnin oltie Wcteh. iL a 6 attend b ln geolo do ia 8nocondoMuni liMt uoe joune ndgree o d'environ 13 ann, rioln. mde SAHRA, oils dit appartenir h M.Hunt. I.e proprid:aire do la dite eclaive cat prt6 dto ve - nir i. reclamer on prouvantt se propridrd et on pa yant los frais. T. IARPER, 1] oct Capitainio de la Gatde.n NO''ICE.-"The underaigned, avring beern duly nir poIinted Iby tle tlunotdrable lra Parit.i Cctnt in nad for the Parish and City of New Orlennt Cpmmisinoners f to esntiate alitUnl tasses CI da ige and expense of open ing and continuinng st.'loaumns street in a stra ight line froam Matell, to Anannclationl altet, have made their - enstimatet Slld nnsesneall ,and lvet deoasited to Irte copy Iltaerel; together with the ilane, in the ulicen of thIe Clerk tof said Court, for tih itslectioi of at l whom It may ColcPrn. t And ubllic notice is herebci given, thatasuid estimate and rssessmunt will be pre d mid oturt fur ann SIirlatiil to W iednds len ItaLIIa Naractir, tli9, and all seiSos interaptcd iltlaroaltrly stuaitead os St Tl'homat objctionrs, if any itee hIave, iftu sid , ltINt tatt and .ssss. met onu or before hIr nillh dayoif Nlveber nerl. ro William l. Illodge) J. It. (i a ontis," Cnmsionueters. 131o, William T I. lepp, r Noa Orlenns, (0. tIIl, lthi. AVIS. SES nus"signdsy nyt Ct6 dutemant Ilotllnt s par It on'honoruble Cuur de s.aroivi danus el pourl.a Samroisse ea villtdo In t ouverlll e-tltnnst cs Otis tionnuires1,ltr estinttraetl 6valuer tsa donlnlttges ot dponsnes pour lnrsgir tt contLinuer In rue St. 'l'la rlus, on lignn'droita do la run 'SSnetto .ta rtn Aa. noneiatiat,, rtn falt toer estimatnion t rnseenasscl r. r et ant ddylist vaits uncpins, aitti quto I plan dtln ton cclrer d lit dite Ctur, ]0our dtrt intpocti . par tons ceux y ilttresaits. Et avia pttllii east par Iat pritrata dtnait, tiuo i, ilite oaslittiast nati can lattattt serolt praittdnl n Iat date Cour pour dart cifatirln6 t.t'rcredi, le 20 No. vomabrc l8. 9; ie toutoa-'pcrsotu1t int6rsdedhs tiava qlu!qucs proprid 6 it us sti r la reta St.-'IThu'nas, aru son voisiniage, sent par li trisaent itttifids de Ihiro lears objcctions, sl'as en ultt, n cacto estiana tion et aasstsaoamet, 9,tic.jour do Navenlbre pro. chain. Nouvellc.,Orltans, le 7" tctobri 1849. W. L. 1IODGE, )) J. B. GENOIS, Comnmissionuires. o8iw3hlo W.'1'. IIEPP, at iftlu oI'a ttedsl,,,, IttllaEi fdutc am t Sothrs- lti cnotte wah, il ordinant c t "he; c tu n ail al'h td l tiaitirt,,,, t Iaan hcf ull t st., Iueeal It Ithe sale nlt plutlce tualclon, of thte Iallas nelw ylan ititse levects, itf rnt lrllnvel Ierti o t, re Vilast h ate. JNO. ItIto'I'I.ETH , A--grl gI an Vd r!it geray, d l oar iicipyas h tli A trten rs, ir te I.etel et ihtase ceall a l nLadellt atttata htnlot)ntirlloe du Cunseil into 2i. Utlncipli c~ , jt inrist vetdit ten I'tbent le I Rtau tll tout Iod Lsnl c u iuellital sur leas us lelsves iIlere sets, ; ne n BEN, ag .l'evionupt 3e'. a1s, at dilnnt tppctret tia Mpn. r tJones. a Ut griffltn lia ntolltm tithy, l gli. es : envo & 2 gr, Ine so ed t abro. 3 or 32 years of vnar Its I reelogr o Iro t r Jona at A grifle gat named UBcnto., ahout 18 or '0yearn of page yan ees f is.e 3Ile aowrct n of tr. ille tlv, ap. do I e call Gade. ies prioe properry yp. y cIac ai. t.o m altike tIwarlll away. It 1. IIaA t P ' Cittao tar W Iath. Now Orletsaln (ict. :l , I t:l!t. L a . t cot dllt t ac (ca nlo de Poilice the a e t condo Municipa!itd, les enclave. lair'ors, an vore : Un ngre naontre BEN, ig6 d'cnviron 30 ou 32 ans, no disant appnrtenir 1 M. Jones. Use gritona o nonti, atatetly, tg6t d'eaviron 18 it 0 ans, vile ae tit htbra. Los propridtnires des dita esclsves sent pride do teier lea rotirer et prouvatt leurs iartpridt6 oft el pnyant lea ra is. 3 oet T. IlAit'ER, capt. do In Garde. .7AS brought to the Iohice pris.n oflthe vd un iCi W paliia, a inn1sil) 1111111 ua llolta d Edward, slhoal ti_ years Illf ng, oaycs I Ist beongs it Mlr A D)elpi. T owner e said slave will pase coil at the t, pate on, prove prolerty, pay charges and take him swat . IIc IIAPtIti, Saf' (Caislpain "rf Illb \Vatch .•3 Ililavlll lly bright olonltlO hlhI1~l. nnnl|)t1:1. A :) i owner will lca..c culil, pt.,vc pr.letty, ayv Ihnrg ,.+ as lake hint away. II .i IIAI I'I-I,:t, s. thll tll 111 bh tweh n I'{.sl .d lI 1101 liirn) stre ts Jilllt h CIII Id r lllltl l l, IInw c oIh, ,1 I a r I. 1 rL igh .II Im . I eI f.,l ; b ltv M ut1,1 n i) 1 t Ite 1 4 rot ..1, . .. I+ tlhe '. 4 ITheo+ t .ll ","I N" ll[ o s ".Ih , l. i s· col! fir 1I1 sold t lI au,"tion by 1'II,, polhh< eii l(i l ,l. It i Ill,\ltl'l+It, (.,' ,I.t..1,1,f \\ll'(.J Sel)1t 5cr 1' 11' t.: I I-lll'C . "e ºýI ) -- Itlt 1.'lh,,. ·, I a1 8+l 1 .1], 'a , I 8 b. . l i|ii i o .1 + ,a· ,t I .1,,' , 1. .ro lII'~~~ ~~ nyuI IIl''Ttt ~ l·BI.'r 81till Iitl i l ll 1, 1: \ 1lt11 I ~8r+- ,r I 11i - mrl ' :,r, : .i I eliirg r,r,,a II t., will toole'.:iri.'lt ,r, ," Ii iII.,rwr \4 XC'I';II+I+LNTI \\ I Ili)K. _'rIs`I. m, "l'h .,+ J' : J Garsl of Ilhn. n; hli~t y ofJ1~,t e fa t . . .A It . aa (ItChem'.tr'.-al, l S )II li. rul , 1. Ill ella 8i llll tANI l i:...fllllll ., AI.II1ILII(IIIU) r:· a. l~keaoaaihrnc L"; tiodrfirI . It ir WVm ( 'll'~+ rl~ujutnm: +Itn h 1 Lon1on to ala:alcl' C:~ll l aacrl a'a aMPIIII? Cceuorua mallV. 1ilon' r adisb lr.l, witl i lnslr o by ,J l.iar Lonffdonl T? I,, )le's Ul)niversall IlislOry: " l 'oLe. Ian,. tihltkcenpllr: le tIft ,heaton Od Ul , 7 vol. Cno \Vir& It 1 arirry olf .tolllr lltldN a velllblea wlIrk ,. SJI')HN. &1('o. ill --giw u rnrr Si I ('Imr eal L'lunn 'lm r:I l ,bt h. ..t, or. uu l.- 'osl itrr) rf UheatI"t 'il 1oiiga. BloI 14,Iu Uinries for Ii;-IU, bargeo n vl an i1 p ocket looks;- Daily_ 1i Ito et-iS l+ , n. . Ilhllnll n tlllll ny ev lrv i nay t I hle e a. tr, aud . Allall8+n+ iudixr gpashblo to erer¥ Cu "4of oi u.l *o. " EJO ,I&i " .ra , riJ'_-.v_ earlner St Chartn s r nd (ala(l se NI t NE llfI-iS - if r 018 . ..1 bI','IN'S ,I i'nT) , T :O'YI, . EI, By J Iar "ii t o IN' Ihtral, .. J q, ofo L iluu.. Na .rleo . lr. r "The A nat i'r.oule lr abj lla of ý,. n, . 1 ,lIrtnIt .1i \\'u,k0..IuqI:,+ h .'t. ato inform lhv , d i 'ri m ll ft.' b.el I,'sr t'hifs .'it, .llld ", Iris, : ,. ' t . ý . I hht l h flr a l volale I4 l.- ' ,, i r , it .81. Thle wlhole work ia ftl In,,ll. . i b¢,i 'plu ed u n, or a lint e thego l .- 0 ,., " ,:r r o 9 u cl rner .t (',.., t:r ; ,.a.,,,, i1_+ 'co Ilo(II: uE.\Jl(( ol1l - Ks" . a,"i- 'rha L nAughlr andtle Dwajar be, , , : r Tolr Th' ,tlea about 'a l wnab) t: ,'s :h , ',",. ,lllo lIr o I:luoice, a Liae, &c &, Opimosn., r of La lrou('.':' l,·:,, w: I ,E,- ",-,n,,-j, . ILaw, Yeiellcl·l,]:le, tlUCI· II. |+I ,, ,.I ,.,+ . ¢.+. ;, lam . in aA A rrleu dfl :ditif lll 'l',ih I,,r , , , . u .,'ý ill elu rnte, w i ll, Ii.; I .,,," Jn.ul eeeiveda nd f.ttu i, " "" T-E .. t" . s" ", .' ,, M nE W N O V V . -e-L ., '. , + ,, . . , +' . v d , Ki. a Henryi L ella. ,, ,, -, , r afufbatotluurlo l .rfiaif 'Mila ollr, la o atln ' Iu aI0'. rrui~rl ta .r'ai. he)'t toioltol a lalk of ll i-t w+ a' , ri , ' a ni.r "g ,, ' % . . ppl~y uf P'.nohia, or etear, ,,., l't-,S . . ,",L.; . letter s f r liu ute, u+ 1. o ,. o , , o e , ul A ',' Ib, EW Mi )Ia.l a ,.atg l. ., . i - +''l If thal O lservenrl'y . -in ial, tic. Oill P rrugala a lua i n, . ui. . l,"ca li. " L. oler, M. DsaU. e J. N. . , " I. ]VFW LAW l.lOlhI l-,, ,t . Wi a a C abrcl: Ca we; ta,,st , , r e ia, al i l' eugal ural ra Jclll a acJ a;ta A a Aabhel Grrnt d , '~" :u . , i ?as 'ot r ' ,aP er uf ah e Pliladelpohi Bac ,Coiarh . r. s, ca-+ a l. Paeoige, a new edaic u s ii: .,al, eI. ; p ia '1, I.·.hla Ildon eition, wit i ll, iiaua r tu. .,t c r' i. ,aLtLf afda i tlioe . Juaa t reeived a lurl t i r, ir. , v o102 A ,'tt. \ .{ .1' (':,op ,; NEW ML.9IC-+o,,-+- -. hbilad Ip i lu, i l .. . . 'ow ". .......t ," . . . h1 ' earo aaoi " '.l : II ' oa ' :ir, h ,lno fealas paaalnlmll fll ,,,, ,r~arl * omo,ye Dio l o ci -l lita , s acred orr oal., a II Ufh loata , I'bll' thank of : d, r, oe, rp ao,g by Ma o.,"., .thr eom poecpl L( .I I , i ,. i: l hove fl~revr ,I- it t ,r piam o or lhn. " l y C bleineke . if thou hue crush'di a llu.+er; writtell by lina He. man,; lomlposed by C IteiNeke r The Monkey'I WeddigK j by aeua, Ihe fiddfler Oldl-Rosin the Bow; a southlern balad 'Plie'l ce young Al.a;el cuboic song APr iin 1. ra iat. o in E.litto Ga/taI .t.--''rT olaee air; We're a' a oddh. . " e iege ;bf 8i. Pelerburg; Le Pet I 'l'¢.bItlr; H eniLaCa,--Robin Adair, Over tiho water to 'berlie" When Ilarmonv wuaela; Rangy doe Vuche 'l'ragnla ; "l'h amphell's are Ogrlling ; Aurora i Che orgerai I i Come tp.a;l La Pusanne ; wi hb e l , u r t he C u e h u eh a. ': ' ..' ' " G P Marouvriern Grand Brendop Spring Wlla. New supply el'the Spaianh Gutter iaoerrte ill - BUaaks by Oil,, Torl,, npd gFreat o.seorleant of all the n+O pollO aaid glil r I~,iCes. h y " E JOHNS &t Co , .o--hv cr of at Chaurles and C.molun tita " I 171 MIJNIC-tl 1' leruuvrier--'loble Brnod Sprinag' ((rand W)'alIs; 'I'ritnpliant Mlnreoh uflh ,loukllua Legiuii, elll a lutge as.ortllm oe i i l Ih1c t E:llliz' h allld Frolah iiitl.lur i r piat,,t gulitar, al d other I lrllllule l I.. t' lllyIsv o(s | ald. h . u:3_-'{w_ c ore'r .St .C'1arli+. and Cm~aon .stn 1rrl· 91i J tlO s l,.ll l <, . 1-' I -3.)* 351.l7lllls- ,',l h Ist l'. _I- Jw em art(. .'I llhnllra dual l IIII1IIV ldt

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