Newspaper of True American, October 26, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated October 26, 1839 Page 3
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...Ut Cstaome, in actual uenastoy, vs.BlOrtIeditor. aiM . ruditors ofJ. Catanie A Co,. No. 1181, STALE OF LOUIS1ANA-- Coni.iereiaIl'ourt 1' elMw Orloans-By order of the Honorible Charl~ Watts, Judge. of our said Couvtl,.oticeis --reby.ppblished of an order; citing all the crili.l tes ef~pstin Cutanie, an insolvent d btor, peti. .-MA.l te; the benefit of the lawi made for the fdfia-d siolveont debtors in actual 'euotody, to npeapr>it pen Court on Thursday the 14th day of nolinli s next, atten o'clock in the forenoon, to heow gaec, if-any tiley cart, why the prayerof the. etitimner should not be granted. If. Kenicott l squiro is appointed to represent the absent creditors. New.. Orleans, Clerks office, October 22, 1839, a"84 6t E. G;ARDERE, Clk. Justin Castanie an etlt d'arrestation v's. ses Crdean cler at leo Crdanciers do Justin Castanio & Cio. No. 1181.. N-- TAT. DE LA LOIJISIANE-Cour do Com. Smerea do Is Nouvello Orldra--Par ordre do 1'llonorableCharles Wuatr, Jlgo do la dite Cotr, -vis est par lc prct donutou6 d'un ordro sominlnt 0ouo le cereanciers do Justin Castanie, on debitcur Insolvable, dimuandant 0a joter du lBddfice des lois faitia pour secourir lea dtoilters insolvables on Otat darrestation, do. coin mpartatre I Jeudi 1.1 Novomnbre prooh'sin, devant Io juge t. I'nudinl.oo, a I'efflt d'ex. poser Iour motifl d'oppolition r lla demando du Pe. ltitionaire. Hl. Kennicott eat noinmd pour rdpresenter lea C.dancier absens. Novello Orlians Bureau du Grcflier. Ie 22 Oc. t~bre, 1839. o94 ft E GARDIt RE, Gflr. S TATE OF LOUIsIANA.-First Judicial Diatrite Collrl--Charleo, I'rlalge, i oeiternl nuloltnly, vs. his Ctediiors-r-No. It,I8tl--It is ordered llhut the .redi meaof C.harleu Parlance, il IItetliirrnlr, Ie notified Io be '-d appear ill ql ela eurt an ''u,.sdtay Inn lath ,d' No - • vendsr, at 10 o clot:k A Ml, to Ahew eatIs-, ifCony tier Iare, wlhy aidl pelitioiler so.ietl IlI ino oae the belllil of iis laws nlade itr the relil ou f instltlte i debtors ill ne. lail euslody. Wiress, Iho e Illnlerl le M l Ituclallan, Judge of said L. . . derle, hin 17.1l icober, 8di9. i,2t--twl2t JNit. I.. I.IWIS, Clerk Charles Parlng tllllintelllllt dtteloU centre ses Crdlancicrs. LTAT DE LA LOUISIAN E- -Cour du Proe. ter District Judaocidire-II cut ordornl qun lea erdanciers tio p6tltiorltiro Charles Parlanlgo. sot notifida de conrpauraitre par devant la Cour, M.rdi Ie 12 Novembre prochalr, a 10 Ioeuros du Iantir, pour alddirire ls rui onc, oils en ott. totr lesqolles I !e dit pltitonnairo ni jiuiruit pai du I6ndlico dles leis pasere pour le totlugornlt dos dlbiteurs it.. solvable on arrestationt. Tdmoino 'honorablo A. M. Buchanon, jugo de Ia dite Coor, cc 17 Octobro 1839, SignCt, JNO. L. LEWIS, 24 oet-3L in 30 d Grellier. STATE OF LOUISIANA-Co.u.ercial Court of N.ew Orleans. The State of I.uoiuiulll'i'Tl tll whom ilhrse pre eele s irnln cauni, retolltg :--\liereea Allttewt S Iltr ker, iavsig pro cased al raloe lolmde. vtller i lripi oif lhe perioh of New Orleritl Ila pirlrty heceisofier dercriledl, lhas uIpiedlto thile ltlk rf tlis Cours, ihl.sheotitce the deed of t al WIa Iecoded Oli the ninth day lo Augusl, A. II. 1839, filr Mliilnr a u or Adverlisellielt ill eOutoln/cy to lAIllAt-ftlrU I.tlgiola ureof thle Olh oel I.uulsilllutt, nrtleti, ".n Act fl tIr it furthrr assurao e oe ttles lu iureltasers at juti;ciul eale;" oapproved tlro teuth dy of ,lurcl, 1834: Now, llherefore, klolw or, and oll pernons interested herein are hereby cilte d admouiohrllh, iinu tlo llae o the tate of LouisiRn, and of thle CooiUoercil tCort ot New Orleans, who n llllet i ally right, Ltile oi r clain in and to the propery hereilufler adscribed, in Clmse qene of yllY ittirtoutllllly il llr (onrder, tecree or judg nlent of tile ttlrrt itlllt r wllh tire sual was ile(I orI any irregularity or illrelity in the cppraiosementl lnd odvertiseetlelts, lill l, or llnlller of a., oror ir any other defect whatroever, to show enlse, withinl thirty daysfremth tiedA thisr Mltoition is first inserted in tie, puolic paoltr, city tile sale so made should not be con urlned otd a humotlogaoed. 'Ihe itd ipruoertly was suld bly tlie aheriff of thIe itr Oih soreesid oil tite twr:ey-rthird day of July, A. D. 1839, by virtue ofa decree ol his Court rendered on tihe hierd dayrtfJune, A. ii. 1i9L, in r til entitled Atdlrew S Basrker.fur tile use ofte Atchofalaya Itoil Road and Banking Coipaony vs. JohI G B(ahks oid Rohert Chew Cammuck, No. 775 ll the )hrcket of this CUtotr, at which sale Andrew S lBarker Iecoam e t purchaser for the price of seven thousand thdre hundred snd rifty dul d(sr. payable cash. Dl)ecrtion of property, as given in the Jtudicinl Con cyaneue, vlz: A certsain arel oir roullI situate in square number (orty cight, Ituulourg Ann iUi lllllnorlning tle corner of Conltallce andl Is re re e , e lleaslring onlle hun dred and swentylt er IIIII oI C(On.tance street, by ioone hundred and twetlcty pal rt ie1 peirotur l.attcorse street, the whl e heltlel parallel litnes, together wlth all ttoelrticn rieteionto, tli. t.,teerttottt tehlonging. The w orin, s per it plll tlde IV Ii L.aloull, dlltl tle 15111th May itT17,antd deptosited il Itt lelite of 1.T ' Caire, lI|tlness the Ion. Churleo WVaJlJudge of thle said Coutrt, Ith, tenth dayof Octber, in theyear tolf L. r Lord, ton thmatsuod eight hndreoid and L t, . Ho111l , U II the sixty-lIotirt year olf the Iti - "tp dele e, ot t Illto UniteJ iSt.ties. JOIIN E. IHOI.LAND, .15--3 i ; :1lll, Itii Deputy ('lcrk ITAT IE: L.A LOIUISIANE-Cour de Couln l icrced, It. .otuvCllc Orlil6ana-L'Etat do la Louiiane a t~n, cux qul cs.prdentutes con certtnr-Su tuht : Attendu puie ANllitEWi V S. BARKER oyenti achelt. anu tiveentIi lit pIr ol Shorlll'do a ia rolt-s' e It Nour, lie t)rlians, In proprlidd ci.epres Jderlte, 'ert atlre, ;Io grlffu do elotto Cour oil la ltn vou.+t Illt c'lllu:it t ie u oleoulblnt jotur d'auoit do I'araie 1839, poor tin aIs contorntuftott0 it un dc:o, ilt I leg,.trlattro Pte .at d la Lu biinoe, Intltuld b" Actel poullr coillrmer lee titres dos acqute rcurs aux vetlo jutild:lalres ;" applrouvd lto 10 Mars, 1831. Qtu'il soil counu, tl Ltotels lprsonnes inttreosdc onlt pir as piretis ct llllllle oottn , au nomnl de I'Ilat delas Loutsiane ot de la Cour du Cuomnerce do tla Nouvelle ()rldan-, qni poulrraint avolr droit t la pr, jrr.it6 ol-,tp.ts dterite, onl onutiquencu d'un d6fhut do torme dans l ordre, ls ddc:et ou l jugeo mlent do lt Cour, ton vortu duquol Ia vents a 6d6 faito, ou de tou e err6gulari 6 ou illdgalit6 dans 1'cstlmltiun, l'avis ou lo temps et to mode do la vent0, o0 pouur unu autro cause qltelcootlqle, do fairo voir, dats trottejours a datoer do la publica tion do cut avio, pourquot la viente ainri fete n seo rait pUe conftirl6o t t ohIt.iUlogu6o. La dite prprltnid fiu vendue par Io Sh6riif sue dit. le vingt troi-ibio jour do Jutllit, do P'annd0 1839, on vertu dun dti 6dret do cotte Cour rendu to traisintme jour de Jotit e lo I'annu 1839, danrs ilftire de Andrcw Si. Bafrker pour 'uPaagetde lAtchafalaya Rtotl Road and Baitnkitg Company contre John (G. Bl nke and Robort Chew Catmanck-No. 773 du Docket do ctelt Cour, a laquelle veoto Andrew S. Barker 'oost roendu acqqdrur pour to prix do 0elpt mille troi ut cet ctqlisanto piastres, payable iption do i~ prop i6td d'apree io transfer ju i re, savouir : certu In norecau do tArre situd das l'ilet ao iero quarauteo uil, faubourg Astionciation, 'ormtant l'encoignure des rues Constance et La. course, mesurant eellt ving pieds da faeo a Io ruo Constance, uar centt vingt pieds de profondeur et face k la rue L acoours, le tout entre les lignes ealdloles, onsehloe aure toutes Los sm6l1iorations & . qui s'y trouvent. La tout d'apras un plan ri par B. Lafor drat le 11 Mai 1807 et ddpoed d: is PofuoU de L. J. Caire. S" mtoin. I'll.otrab.e Charles Watts, juog Cour, do ladite Cour,'Le dixietue jour d'Octobre dA Vlmnnd do notre Seiogneur, mills huit cont torelte nseo, et la 6li4 u atnn6o de VJndepn..onet des Elat Unis. JOHN E. HOLLAND, 417 3t in 30d Deputy Greflier. STATE OF LtUI.IANA-Firot Judicial Dis trict Court-Friday the llth day of October, 1839.-Preent the Ilonoraldo Charles Maurian. Judge, Itoie F. Canoagc vr his Creditors. No. 16993, On mtotion of ', W. Colloe,. Esq. Counsel for .Jamqs II. Caldwell, iyndic of the lsoelveont' eC. late and on filing a tableau of distribution herein, it is ordered by tho C urt that the creditors, and .11 others interested, shea cueoo if any they have, within ten days from Lihe p'bhlieatict of this rule, why said tableau should not be conformed and hbooulogated, the funds distributed accordingly, and said Syndic diseharged f.oet any further lia bility in the premises. Extract from the Minutes. ALD SIDNEY LEWIS, o17 3t in 30d Deputy Clerk. ETAT DE LA LOUISIANE-.Cur du prem. . ier Distict judiciaire, Vendredi 1 Octobre, 1839-Present I'ltonaraem A M lBuohanan, Juge, Louis Fratncis Canonge contro seo Crdanciers No. 16993. Bar motion de T. W. Collene, Avaoat de James II, Caldwell, Syndic de la fallite de I'insolvable et le taboeau do di-tribution ayant dt6 d6dpud en Coar, it eat ordeon par la Cour, quo lea crdan ciers du dit insolvable on toutes autres perseones intdresdece, aienlt adduire lea raisons, e'il en ex iste, dane lea dix joura qui suivront la publication do co rule pour esqtuelles le dit tableau no serait pao confirmtd at homologuo, les fonds distribuds, et at le dit Syndie ddcharg6 do toutes responsabillitde. Extrait dea Manutes. ALl). SIDNEY LEWIS, o?7 3t in 30d Deput6 Grellier FLOUR AND WIIISKEY-54 bris Flour and 36 n brle Whisk.y, landing from et boat Ocunee, for Rle by 0'2 ( DORSEY, 44 New Levee - AtIL)--1t00 krgs sneerior Leaf Lard, in,rfor l salen by ,2.t a DOItSFY, 44 NLw Levne JTUST IRCEIVEI)-An invoice of Blantk Itooks, naJeatracltred ol' flr Imper, add bound in ts veary Ires walt o 'ra , "aa.rty for tie ritvtrade. Blercbauta and others ar a itvited to cati and eattiine them. e. ~ A i'tIWAlt, 49 Camp st l tilt)1tOa'S PApERS--Suprr Reveal Rnoal. Me U-t tl.r..nel t'saket Post. Just rtceive4d Frolr oele Ity _,L" A'I'OWAI,49 Camp nt SAlit)--1840 kbet supnerior trd, laodiog firo / alta, .iat I'arago, for aly by L-,l1 Di DOItSEI', II Nu. Lra, en MANSION' HOUSE 178 bWttl, V.IrEt|. iE riiglsod, pronser. peoprietornf do this wel i: .knnba uwomniblshment, cali led to MaAsion Iloasa situated in Obapia strlet, No. 119, have te Ihonllr I ItInqousme I1 the piublic, that their gielteot tape tmd at .tendlon wl5 be dedicated Io renter ecolrtble O l,ersolt Iwho may tler dtem with their patruoage. I'tn h d m Vitntagea loe Taesed by thle houue for trvellers. (or itt o kcoalty, odnvenience, &e art ko well known that it i at1 ulttmcesalj to enumerate theta. sept Q1-y CUNEY & FULTON. et MANSION HOUSE HOTEL, d la Habanna. " I OS infraseritoo nuevon propriotarias del hieo eonadido establcirnionto nombrado MAN I, SION HOUSE, a.tuodo ll la callo do la Obrupia, Num. 119; tignon el honor de anunciar al publioc qua lus enyorea cfucrzos y atenciote seran dodi cadas B cbuplacer a ta personae quo lea icfvoruz atn aen ru patrocinio. Las vcontjas quo posoc di. cha casa para los viageros, tanto par su localidud, I comodided, etc. etc. son tal conectdas, q'ec es ilu til e umararlas. 21 sat-ly CUNEY & FULTO(N. MANSION IJOUSE HOTEL, 4 la Ilaanne. L. ES soussignds, noulvaux propridtairen de I'6 tabt issoment sittd dons la rue do la Obrapi.i, No. 149, connu 0oos In nomn de MANSION HOUSE, ant lPhonneur d'inl'brer le 'utll ic, lu'ils feroaittous lears elbrts pIour so rtuttlte agreables aux pers nna quii voudronot Wiea lao Itvoriser do leur conliance. Los comllnodilds qto'olfru a.o atic ai eon aux voyageurs sent assesz conno:s pour no pointjuger ndcessaire d'on litire ici lc detail. 21 serp-ly CIJNEY & FUIL'ON. Reco.rders O/icr, Sdl 1On tltllll t h i y. Ir) lI)R. COL.L.I,or Agent-Yttttre Itrby nuli tfiie to co cl'r, .lll the orditwnot t l e o lic it c -rtlirty dasooi., 'tt thit dsot, int executing the 5 ullmviu (To tae to be illedl utip with additiotnnl e trrhi, a cer l il let ul grlllllld hll' lnghl. to yout ;lll, and iluatw o 'I'C lln l hitSulnd streel oI( t+II. FII Sl lllllllln tland I.Itlriut sty. Iflllelabove wolk is ln t co plllllleled withidt th l s lcnll l ted by Itole orda lllllto ce. S E KI Il , N w O r a lllllllln ,I i ry el th e 2: 1 h .:lll d . CITI Y . NILNK, S ll; Itt F.t il lt Ir1 1 t It l .il" l lt: I1 IiIl. I rl.Ill + lhurd ,r f lI)irc ttel ttttlo t I II t ttl o , b-,ti t hI day declirid a memi u-nal lividend of 'Four per calll on lhe 0alat1111 Joek .Iof the profit ofl IN, -I six [ pre oultrive.,. on or alloter 3110miny, tl 1(i, l a S hptr'.~el r nIext. It J Ac, of Nrw ()rl lnst, O)lchu lr Int. 1;3'1. rll'1E etoi oP Lir t.tor i fitxIi;NIot It t ha :UI capital a Prck jo id il, ho , t, o Il profits ,l fi Iht st - i ix I ,ll lh toII tPot .ll I, cItJItii a . lloydkh,,[,[,, I .e.), 'r ldcal rprlai -eleenlvct ie,11 l.I poicer coo'teci iOtllll(l ot I IIURIEAU DE LA COMI'A;NI" I)'ASSURAN. CE DES I OMI'IEtS I)E LA N.Oltl.l;ANS. A D)ircetion des nctionaiureds ,h ct'ou cop., , i. A a, cejour, dIclatS Uln dividemI! de 10ui01e pool cent, nur Il nmlutar.L do capital pnyd, sutir lw prolilt des six dorniers nois, 10 pour cent scra pay(+ aux actionnaires o a leu r rserdIsentan IGgaux;l, le ol apres Io 5 courant, et 5 pour cent aecrddit pour letrs actions. 3oct E.L. TRACY, Socrtt1:iro. OIFII'C I 'F Tilt; |.'II:IE A , IviullA .(1E Co,. rll ll. Stockholde rs if' this ('aoz. 'lly nrl, Illlar uy Ifl"o - ilie to ht c th I lh t ol tll tlll c 1ir tuI.lck i t. - and payuble on t0 t I Io (:t t .ctt t. ext, . ih, otlilo e ..I tile Conpanv. sept A I; L TIACI' DI A % A A It. Corner of St. Charles (, o Cotmnae seet'/, +x I'l A N g III TF. I,. BUSI! & ALLAN woulil reselcicflly call Ihe at) Alnrlllrelt ao (;ellen a tll's hlln o hflraies nd | (e·lwlr i wilo olh , trUlet , lthta llllh c e litlln ll Illln : taale,.t , lamr: tilk, enlhe alld leell erilo Uolv hli'.+n, l - Irelr l.: culllllr l and silk h klllllel k,'rl: hlel: b loc. i lot rll 1 ,an v. Ic",i oats ill grea t varity: stolks iIolr v ol vr l)llr Ept . , elastlic alln cnltall "tl+pellll ers: silk, I'I,1:. II nlll L*cu ,love: p..ttaltokill gloot-.: utbrellto c..d c.II.., hIl Also,-Spietid assortment ofladotl.sdo atid sel e ivti lingg de oks, tl t tttclo. +Sl, ptoto 1111,., 'ltol.t , ."r. e vIl I T W. COLLENS 37l9991 S9.,1 e' 9 'o,n199 , nor. Appointed by the l" .eral 9,1lu . .w ( 1h ms. OFFI E No. ull 399 ( It) iN T1IIIII .F ;1, F'oxt, ,,,,, Ife H tel lh ldmg,,) v r I7 l· ," f th .'ta u(ll'\"llo:.,ugr., y..-',I ! 111 1,I`,·rll. ory, |tl; II l tl llrt') tillh lh; JndIl lllq'WV Act . 1I(.I , , Arvill)ed I S 99il (.O3llllll9i+ ,ll989 eI I llJo,.iltd , h+ rt. " 9 l9.1 n ,9 ltood tlh auveres: :rnlllllly l the abhl.l9 I 1. l 9ril 12 FIVE II{N i) 1 I) |1(11 )I.IJ.A 11 11:\I .l IN . YI t virtue of nllth4 i"1 1 tv-,hl o, Ila . ~I -l!lti'd, I by Itl llrd Fllll t ie fl tl, 4'4 I s"11 l" 1, 71 11 J 11 1 r314 Iv le ta"N l o i ti\'I: 1 11t'.lIll 1) D9 l .I ..\l t lI rany Iplerl i I I p l, i-rt llot r ,,ting l t, lan Ila , l l I Ill: 16 rlltIL I,. 11 1+l" '.9I99999999 9 li999 9 1,9 3999 I, - Iitl9 - I ltlllls 9llllll:llll ty. . I \11 )1 \, RIecorder's (ill , Seconld Muni, iplaiiy, New ( 19rl 9as, 9,,'be?.l 999997, !8 99tt . FiA3+99 &1'. 1 INTIL1 CIl(1911NI;. P. FIIIEI lA\IN 9 CO., N , li' ulIi e tre er ing their ,1 h lh,' fl Il ih \\'.n er l rly lr lr u..hllo o l the .Is9nlll. g.Th .'9r 9I-99o9 9 +. 9I,9I 9 9g large will nlllable 9 I em 9 U 9 l9. I.9 l9 l t. '99l99 hI .I the9co l ,ll IIIt the h ttrlest 9 ol :e; iý. r, all, : ho!L-9 e ( & retail, on 99 9 ll9 oll9illlin. I . )193l'ri3 i9 '9tI.9H 9,89--9 9I9NTIN 9; PAP I.R 1.D 9I.INT :9It., INN Just receivePd a qlanity of If rie ral :,n d d,,ut lel eldihllll irinllU lll9ap e llA r; r ll , a3i sll i, lI J, ll l ld 99ur9nt' 9 9 9ri.l9ing Ink, a99l f9,r -r.ile 9 0l A '~I'I\V.\ ALEIX .It, 193 ('il 9 il C 01.()I'3 ) I'1IlN I'I3 1; I'A.:I'E: N,, h.l.. .33639s Printig; 'saler l i lt 99 of 13 . ill 9, .:;. ' r 9 at, o I9 : whichi will be 9old a9t tote h9 lw9 t r1ates. ORi 3 ALEX I',: 9AIt, 111 ('11 l3 1 t C. " ,;. ,IFPE.t'l'INI: FIRE[. A,\,,lS-'|'be .. scrihers hare iost receiv,+d Irlrblli , .a- ilLe, a T Ir'tnl su ply of llovl's Repeating 111l..- .h.t 111 1 I Pistols: alas,it ellut Is ll lirtll en ll " p ilt, hill-, I', r cussion ps, e.t. all n of Ile lira[ y tll Ilie tlrll nld nl sUC lure; for sale at G eOSSIP zlu's, Exan h'gapo Ilull, ITtiV|R:Y--L . rdi og ham'nl shi, IlelclNile. I , Pohli ta e, I rI x r li.t l rs llal cr 11 I r411a11 o I r l 1 raille - ais, H ital u l ollr , +m gler.L IaIn is, Il.' 7 Fe ! MAR o INl It &J Do VIarolI'i, \, 010 214 'el'lnlt. h nllrtt. -ll,','t ] FO031 N-I 3% 3313 111 3I31 AND 1 1,1 3 9199 9 I : l ' I'--'lil.el T ht 'st..C.nlla : kt'I l )II, 1t;ll '11i, R gil ll hilnr h 19th iust. ul 11 o'ctspul k A 3999. Iru999i9 ll re,99 l Sa9,N9 A9 lll99 D 9 i9399 W999 rt 3 L.1.39.A3 ,ui. 99',99,p 9t9 s Freight iii c ibe lak i sfr r)pece siv an it 11llll. tin e i, v lla, l aorm rd( byi lig f Ht lllla ll hI an*h lillhltlr hem lay. Freight will .Isn he llisln h fille lda itntim Oi , lhe 9 sal9n9 It.ln9T- 'nea house Lu9r9er Tl9hapitV l l 9t J Jseplh M nI, ts, verC y Sirtbleei r v t llw'. Ihuse nr Grocery, Pou s, Sion givel n Is\ *N(IZ mr, A1,l.1y to oil 99999 99rier Nap e nim t T hc_ J "u t i Ul'PI OF" NALL:4,w'ell lSXOrled, onl han ld nI d a ' rhal by ADAMl S n SrllwiI. 1,1 r 9197 9 9 ;9 vi.rst 1i4 ANLLIA ,:i------A 999999.993,It.99999999999919f V Haw r' nld [oN w pie , alfoer uet fil, I ell , lc lo lor r9llae tob IIoI . r o qu rlth iy t lta9l I 3 illts c ay9 nlw 39r999 91399 i9(99911 i9999999 993 391' 9 3.:1 u d1ia o37 6;9 ,('sap st U39+R0i;(93IA3A, 5i39itt.AY, J3,3 ict..\rl,:3'3 / . IThe Iioorable I 'herle Augutus u9rra 3 '9 Trvels in' 9, North Americi; vols d 39alall9e of Naatrre, i e yll y, l y Ju o'The Ma9n rhut Tow9,bDv ,. nli itelhe, n l atsl SHmaiilon Ki, or lhe Sanugler and the 9 Dwlr9 , 99ew novel Morton's Hope; or9, 5em9ir9 9 a 3.9Pro9 9i99i9l9 i999t,' 9e novtel ilu "t role Moo Ia Lalla tRookh, illustrated; spleudid Lo9do edi a ttioni n Ini Aninuel Mechanism and 7Physiology, hyl)r (ri Cml SBulwer's N9ess. 9llU99l19e in 2 9o99. 99v, with 99l3te3 e, Hurper'sEedio n ll J M -I ICOEl HONEY AN.D \I'' 3 31 WAX- - The ubsc riber has rceived n invoic of lhe Sabove named rt I iulean frotl ll.vtal, ,.ml otl rsl lem for a Shlln ve199 ryc resonahle t9lerlll.l99. n1i_ H 13(9NN ABEL, 433'1'ah9pi9o,,la___ 1 Fbade l39 nhee o98 arll9rwe byC 1 C TheIme's a l a 3 h99 p tin3 9 b9 J 1tr9lu99s eWe calu hove no moeri In the da99 when93 9 9 99 3ll 139. 9y9s' : by 99p99rle9 'The fair roseof K9989ll99et: hv 9' 9orner Tie old 33t999l9r Iy '1' 13h33 l9y Cidg a ring Shmw; 9 99egro 9S9lg 31o, Do, Rosa 91do do d9o do C Czlerny---p.? 373 ten h, ill9ant Itoau,3ts 6i9r 4 l99nd91 for' No. 1 eir9from R.'sihi--No. t sir 99 om B999ll9 No. 2.9lr fr(o9ll Ileliiio9 . 1a'l.9 ir r99l9 , (9arll9 t No, 3 air froa 3)aoni99e9li--No. 8 9 9ir fro9li Merced k, ante and 9larsehn990 9 r99 999 N9o. 94 air fro1m l n9izetti & u I'9 -8 .99 air from nd Doineltti Na, 5 air(foa fom 9R9ssill9-N9. 10 3 ir fron I3 9lini 399 EJ(9INS & CU. t nnl " tti ollnerr Ihlll 99i99 ('IIF1'AND VIOL-T--Th9 3i999 9i9r 993949. 'T9h3e Yin f hIr for 14180. I .(1)llN99 ' Co,. 1, 969-iw 9Olmet9 i 9St 19'tiiii ... 3 3,'99 99i9i9 9 ii LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK 31 Nutidjoritp of tlJt State of Loltaultaua. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, MANAGERS AND PROPRIETORS. l7 The First, or Half Million Lottery, and the Second, or Two Million Lottery, are respectfully preseantd to the Public. The IIALF MILLION LO ITERY will be drawn in December, and finished at one drawing. 'Tho TWO MILLION LO TTERY will be dran on nthe old plan of Blanks and Prizes-Number, in one wheel, and Blanks and Pri, s in another wheel. Both Lotteries. noder the supcrvoiion oftwo Judges of Courtso WILL BE DRAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. The HALF MILLION LO ITERY offers chalnces to 1,291 Prizes, of which 33 ,re Prizo fRel Estate and 335 of :.tock, lhiiles many Prizes com posed oftTickein in thi Gra(no Two Million Lottory, affording a participati.on ofolinanci aoso to tile holder of a Ticket for Prizes ilk The GRAND LOI TERY of Two Millions of ollars-10,000 Prizeo!!--to the full amount of $2,000,000, of which 107 are Prizse of Real E.tate. Only 9 Blanks to a Prize!!!-Simplo No.s 1 to 100,000. 100,000 'Tickets at $20-2,000,000. Schemeo and selling price the same. Among tie PrizesO in these two lotteries arc many public and private bht!ilings which idori te, city of Now OrlaneO oid are ti rdof its isihob. itants--the Veranidail, St. Charles street Theatre, American Camp ntreeo Theatre St. Ciarle Arc de Buil ing, with Ilr tls, I owgl IHouses, Storci Blilding Lots, and many entire squires of Ground--besidus Stocks in Banle aod other iostitttions ooft liStateofLoouisiano, eoeitiig i'thle wholiolto TWO MILLIONS FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. All tim Real Estate and Stocks offered in Prizss are owned by them nd in their posotssion:--tho acts of sale, with clear titles, o.r" vomtid ili their firto, and recorded in the oilce of Adolpho Moztireou, Notary Puboh, andi lffle of eonvynceo, ready to transfer to the holdero of Priz Tihckots, exci.,pt fIron i ctunitraece: The proporty is nat apart unalterably to that sole and o:tly purpose, and can, in no event whatever, le covioyed elherisot by tile .limo than to the holdors of thie Prise Tickets. AMERICAN CAMP STREET TIIEATRE LOTTERY, CAPITAL. i5,1l0,000, I.v 1,291 Pltitzls! Will hbdrawn in DECEMBER NEXT; and ic order to gratify, at an early period, tle purclhaser oftickets, theic comblination is adoptud for this Lot. Icry < nly, of 1 to 75, whereby tihe drawing will be completed in a ilw minutes by the drawing oe 12 Numbelrs from the whei:el. 67,525 Tickets, at $10 cach----675,250. 1,291 PRIZES!!! SCIIHEIE. CAMI' SI'. THEICATtRE .AND (JtOU Nu, \Vill be prize tlI o IIIlder of the let, .l tallld 3 'hl t . tul fai r st orv e relik bht ldigto ,' eiteled t llllr-tro .ut i ho ,i Il (,l!.i rer, o.Ileaep nrdc cI ýll \itt oz trelets. . . 11U,1100 l rlne tu e . lib, Wi h rh lllr I;t ,0 'hlet valuable lie, .toer e brisk store oi i11ld I.e e.street, occieiy lesr. 1 . ael \tW Ilop- 11 Priz, to th, 7111,, Ilol 91 ,3.i00 That leillllt dwel linel g houti e uald otI , No. 71 lRoeal sl o+.ellpied lee t V I;eeudeirlh .301(111 'li t I ate du l, dt welli, nd do ble lot , ill 2 11. actt 1 d by J.11 M h l 18 .1011(1 lelizv Iet Itle Isl, 2d HIIe 4th. A t ellrtire llllr ' ellt'ro lllc d ill e tlahoete erg A etll eiletione.2d M. hoct.inii lee I.ibertry, lIenton, Melpntmenc ad el'erae':hore ate. . . 14,001 Prize tee lst, .11 antd th. 'l'helt ceteotlllTr rellllr lIee t Ceeclte rr Gl mpell a d Juli slreet,eeucctied be y MIr. M1. I.uethier for dry Is, I th. . . . ,000 Tellt one ory stolret e lllt let corner of St Mary and Joul r ,.sl. . . ... . 10,001 I'rie to It t, 2 tditlh. A certificetel fhir .ill licketo in the two million lottery, lt $21t eth . . . . 10,(001 The fortunate holdier of lli+ prize null reliz, tie letppy detstiney teobtcine poessaesioetirutghi their ,' ediumlll , of tillel r incip l e te ier l of the various splendid prizes in tie two nillion lotlerv, will Il ea Prize to Ist, Sed ttll 8th. IThaet largel. Ilihling an erxtnsive lot i the cit:y of l.efyrette, Itubolurg I.ivntudais, Orllr Walehinlgton and Chiippuwa itse. 100 by 200 Price to Ita, t and 9lth. A eerttiti.ute of 12. tiekets inl tle two million hetterv, $:1I 1 ch i 5,000 Prize to Ist, Swlt and 1Oth. tI'ht one stotry dwelling house and Int, 2t1 MI. Naydes st. nexl to double lot cortler of Alel iplnlle ·7,500 lPis,e to int and Ilth. A certificltefr ir: .; ticket, in the two milliou lottery, c~t IcI each, 0,500 Pl rie I , 1 2 ll ll th. . , A'llinI l Io R acllt lot ton Vieteory sat : 3 1,d . bleing Sd Iru, lot ftireing. corner ut'f IEn glien 6,2011 P.ire to I, d uit "1111 . A cerltifiite fure3)0 tickets ill the two t oillion l citery it $.11 cIrashee 6,000 tzee lt est, ii and Slle , .t A lot ct ground on Nayndee rt. 2d 1l. being the tlirll fI 'roll ell l el) eiC ll . . 5,500 Prize tee Ist, :l t ati dtith. A cettlliccir .,r 1ci iTkehts in the twr o million to terc, It $21 eiceh; t,lO1I Ir le. t,:;r alnd Oll. .it rltilc let" for er'c-" u'kelt ill the two tiileie r'+0;· tit1 $l* . . ceck1 . ,l5110 . n To irte Iee' . 1, l ano e ch lc It c :,L 11 1 . n) I II' tlnehin t I,text tile tcorner lot of Victlory 4,tO0 t P'rize t- Isxl, :II aunt1 9.11,i .\ de i h I' ) lrll 1 ,p-i bs e : -t. ': M. adjoin .ll 22. I the rner hut ,I N es l t. .3,50) I) ,t..d 1. tI hl flull ht tt" mi , IW of St. Prizlo. in+. 3,0n)0 d I'rize iu Ith 3d anll I ii . 3 r 2z2 - 2 2l) .i-.ol22-)e222 it2 - f.,'-t2 .t 1' t22 ,r tick. ;t. i t.. t oI ..... ,,illi , 1, , l,2, .26. 2,) 2'2.,h 3,000 O l 2.i. il.1,t, 222d 3ld I 2, . h. 32 t) r e·il rl . g. llltro ( l+.Vllllth[ Ill |)t in ll f rg Alt 2222222222 2 3. h2,2.)dd hv 2'h,3rr, Th) lin, l'C i l ad EI lrr o w, '2,500 E 2 iz '2 tol I , 3 h11121]1 3 ll. A desr Irbe h uddilo_' I d. hi - l cdrner of Mo re t) a1l2 d 33olh2 I. , lt. . . . 1,900 b Priz~e to l.,1, 411 t14 13th, A delralle b 2uihhl lot 2;, feet on .ll1ntrgut )it . 3 1 hl. 4 2h from 212re2I2n st. 1,8)00 Prize to I-t, 43th ai d 7th. Al2 ellire ý).o. 22f gr..ldr , d 1. 2 L) undet b2 ll1)th22, Ie 2, I".222)2 2 ,.ll al .2t 2)). 1,0110 "lrizo 0I t, mil 1thl. A podrtil o L -ll.lllr.. ll u ground in 2dl . un2)2Od. 0 ed v 2rra.u m.) Eagh$. . ,200 A riz.. 22,' lt 22.hh .Ll2l .3).(w22.2h2d3, .31... 2'rize It Ill, 411) .2 ) 31 110,h2 A 322 '222r)222 222213322 bo.. nded by 113212,0 2il23222( 1,3.2 V g ,0 Anl eli.hl l l ote ornrl r t , | it llllrs I.i ttlefia, cit All. vt rate, 39 l ,. auiaeVtshington street, 3'4lot Ifro Ch2, ipp2 wn troe . 7311 Prize 5th . 8-l, aIt, d 4hh nd Ihh. A Ilding lot of grlo nd, eltV utf . fyet to, 3 far t c1 e Wasltnlll otnll xl e.e $ 3l 'Ill] It frou Chi 22p2nW -Ire), 7,5) Pr I2-" it, l. 1+,t, 2hh 12)1th I2ilrlina2 lt1 o1" g2.ml22, 2'hy o2f Ltfayen2e,2 :39 to 4 1, ) lfert exach. t Eln uurl l streel, Iat t, 4Ih Prize It It, ith aiI lh h---lst,51h nd 7th- Itllr, l dth and -1u-lst, 7th and 91th, $lIO S 1ix b 1tii .ing lits of grn'lnh, sitated ti llt to f)th f1rom 2)t c2 -er W 2shingto) slr,) , $2120 e ch,. I ',)10:) Pt ize to 1., 7,th anu d 11th- I st, 7t- h a rd I lt 2t--It, 8 ,5th ud21t- lt-I-1t, 8 6 t an d t-)lst,h-1) a2ld i lh -Ilt, llh 1thI I.!h lt Folu r prix,', el 0 '2 3)2 3)22in the two till ne3 ) ttery 1 2l 2, ticket h2. t 3 21) en t')) . 1,))) til 1'riz ., 3o 1, 21t llanh i 2,h-1-t- , 71,3 a1 lt )12I--|I2, 7)lllld 7 2), 833l.l-1-st, 71h ,d 101th. 1Tw.22 2ri22 .,, n.2), 22 t. 0l'ic2tt, 22 315 I I 2ti 2ketS i3) the two2 2tillio22 htrey, 250 t13'ket, 2t $40 Pri to P sn,G 3h . 1l(th-'1f,3) h i111)3- 2 ive1 prize2 , each 3 t shr 'es of stock in t2he b)t P) , lha212)2ill rl3r2ff,| 2o2)3pUhV, 401 share,2. of $1111 eillna, 1 1o 4,l 3,002 'ri.zt to2l)t, 7th )and 2 th--l2t, 71th 3 in 10thll--t, 8ti and )th-12d, 8th and 91-11, [1,Ind 9h-l , and 10 h-ld, 4trad. Five2 prizes, eac2h I0 2lmles I'2o2ntchartr3ln rln ho3 ) i2iio'k, 30I shars, lit $1203 . :,(1000 Prisze to h1, 311 3h24d 1t 2)--It, 3 5l13t and and 8th-I st, 69. and 12th-I -l, 911 and l13th-1al, and 22 h-2d, 7th and 9th-2d7th and 109h-2 9th and hth. Eigxtythres pri2e3 e ertifilone h tire ill tl3he two 1 inlli2 lttery, :13011 ticket, 2. at 8$2 5, ,000 Prisze to lties 11111 avin) 12ll-1.t, 1t h n 11 n-2,, ',3 and 4t--2,1,3 and2 5th3--2d ,3d a2)O 3th--3, 3d and2 7th-223, 3d and oth o3, :Id and 91h. 'l'n prizes, each 3 shres oF stoc.k in thi e hank S of l.ouiane , 3or0 shar~s, in $100, 3,000ll Prize to 2,, 3d Ian,0th-3 and 3 1 tIh-- 2d, 3d d 172--2l,4I2th and 5th--d.4th and 03th-'d, 4dr and 7th-2d, 4th and 0th-2d, 4th and 933--2d, 4th and 21th0-2d, 4th anid Twenty prizes, ehd and ertifiy- te for 25sch ticket in th2 two 3ilen o3ttery5r ticket53 at332. $'20 10,0130 Prize,3' t thed, 4th a)nd I', -., 5th-21 and2 6t0h-2d, 5th and 72l7--2d,5tl aid 81h-2d, 5th . nd 9t)h-h2d. 5th aand anith-2d, 53th and 11 th S 2d3, 52th Oad l2th-2d. 6th and 7th--d, 6th 2nd 8th--d, 6th iand 9th-2d, 62th and 11th ed, 0lh and tlith-d, 6111, and 11tl--.I, 7th and 1h)-2-d, 7th and 9th--2d,7th ald 10th- 2d, 7th and 2l th-Sd, 7th sld l12th-2.nd 2,. r 781th and 29th. Fire nty-drh eed pnire. e oush o r sh.r in $lohe Ocean eusurnnce ompalny,63 shar23,2 at $5 3,150 Prizes to tinket3 h3ving Iith nnd 12th. One hu2232dred end twenty2six prize, each na certific2e for 10 2I2ke232 in the 2222 miliun lottery, It26tekert,,at $230 2 25,203 P3r2ies to ticketn having any three drnwn One hundred and twenty-lax prizes, e22h threr hahre2.2 in the New Orleans g4e ligh1 2n22 ba.nking eonmpany, 378 s32res. 2t. $323 11,340 22 Primen t the let and 22d, or 33 and .33h. 3 One hun2dred and twenty-six prized, each two sharen New Orleane ga.s light and bhnking conlmety, 252 shores, at $33, . 5,360 3 Prizes to the 9th 1 e d 2 O0th, or 10th and 11th. Thirot hundred aid fifteen priz2.2 each aa , er ) il3)22e )22 ,(or tickets i e 1t22 2wo mnillion tot 2erv,212103 tick2.3a, nt $423, 25,20 Prize,0 to 41h3 an 5111-3511h and 61)2 --2 h 3,-0 )' 22d 7th-7th end t t13 and 2)224 anh d 2)tit. Fo,2lr hundred a2od f rrty-non. prizes, each2 aca2.r 2i3nea3e for 3 ticke2t, in) t3o two million lot tery, 135:5 tickets at $20, 26,160 Prize,3 to 2t 23ial 3d--2d and 5h-)--33 and 0263h-))h and 7th.-.-513 anI 81k-0-lh anl !)lt or 7th and 33th.. Fire h3)n2dred0a2d2fur3 0 Oheuaad 20)t3ar3. $,40 30330 TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. 10,000 PREZES ! AMOUNTING TO TWO MILLIONS OF 1)OLAIIS, DRAWN ON THIl OLD ) 'IPAN eOF BLANKS AND PRIZES,-NO () CM1BINATION NMIU1:EIL. 100,000 Tickets, at $20, --- $2,000,000. SIMPLY NU.IMBERED, 1 ro 100,000. The scheme nnd seiling prices are thie sine, na no additions or reservations ar made for expenises ill this lottery : those contllllgent exposes will operate ans a lr_o deductieion iun the vluatnl set on the proprerty. 5MOD1 E OF DRAWING.-lTh N lumbers 1 to 100,000 will be placed in one whlel, and the ) same nuelllr of Blanks and 'rizes ill anothr wiinel. To every nlllllr drawn from Oine wheiler, a tinket from the Bianlk and Prize wheel will I(b drawn, until the whole are drawi . THlE FIlRST DAY'S DRAWINl OFll TfiE T''\ I tilt. LION LOTTERY, MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. LI Eachl day'. dr,-iwg UlldOr Lthe luperviion ollf tlio Jhdgs. Of Celurt II New Orienlll, iiind eile w.lo opentl arlnd souealed by thllln. 10,000 PRIZES. . Thle VER %NIl.%Ii ind groundi vtliel:l ,t O.llll, [ lhigl a.nd pre-,nts it Ireat of I.I I'.et on mint 'h rlbys s irt lllll &1) lehlt on Comlimn strelt. Thei prinipnl portion of ilt' el front of the ble llelnt lrn rcltmllslllsi'li lllrge Iba orolrc rhouse ni llyd trigh b olns ad IwhI g drld entries to tire Ietel, for Which tile reluinder ofthi, ellphtndiiid edilice is des.iged, ld as uliCh t is nOW .cepi. eil by Meerm. King & Meeks, i a st,'le whIc c renders it tile last i.deriuuble hIetelp of the southg; (I ier.oln ll at$4,000 one tithe e colder - ie.lly eccllmalnteu. ed itl drawing diolne per, luar all beTd roomLS. Tie llrES e rent lANril y prUvision w in tihe le ase r to $38.,500. 01000 store oan tile acncm ient relider, it enst eptibt of augne tnlton tou 4500b to tte fue InaThe bolder n oftile urize . g. Ied'i S'1'. CIIAdllE THtEATRE AND GROUNDI), witli tie scetlery, nlachiney, le wardrlbe, Ulll eei nl .c. complete 5. 10,000 3 lThies sagniticienl Itretllre hatu1 front i " Ir:f) of 17ol feet ol gt Charlets Arcade. ile c10.i- b tv antl aceolnmodtlillls witein correplld with the .mgnitude of its exterior. uThe It grand saloon is 25 by I J feet. Tille four tierse of boes lare surnounted with exteunive gulle ries; 47 of thre boxes Ihave boudoirns rretiring lied a negnifieienl telhndel er u Ieet in heighlt. 30 let in enirtuml rece weigiug 4n 50(p1rlb,& illumed ith 176 gas lihts, and Rcost 10750. t Ithe scenery and lachieerv are uniequalled. I the continenr, enlpd the watdrome is lagnificelt. , Ple wlllees nahline hlen couil nIw tie leasedr A fr 3 years at $30 (,M per annum, 3. rIlE tI'.CH uAItLE d ARCADE BUtII. DItree GS, BA'itSy, AND GiROUND, v al ued at1,00 Lbeautifu l bIock o:tie Corinthin; order, 54 1,010 feet froltt in Caneep s, Ii y te 1 dteep, lonllt lowet part is occuplied hy liar rluums, hop, `2 lthe. and storesi on tihe. flBoour are the Ir get billiurd rontm in tile United SIates. The per ril stories a divided ito r li4 lodging rlms fnd parlour. Tie lwholrernts for l .0111 per 1100 a. T'le elltire squnIe of groud, i d nltlici .atliy, of eiehtreu building l ota or. l)rvadt streer, banled by MlelpoUlee, Hercul,.;, and Terpsichore streets.. :t7,000 S. Th6 elltire sqllare of olllld on lrvndei tree, "I2d nunicipaliht, nlat:illl:;, IiIoldg 'te, houuleud by Enslurpe, IirculeS .lld "l'erp i llrsichore stres.. 38,000 6. The folur story brick store, No. Old ievee street, t t, nlltiilh, folinlg ilby on e00 lie tre h e nlt d e t t .... 30.001 i Cetrodelet d, l d i, mtunei dtl tyet i ,ni h uie corner of Graeler slluet. 30,(10011 e. The eltie luare i groun7 l l, lrvu ,ltds .treet, rnnniecidilli, c tll'inl 13 IlrIotrs . ie 5 hmd by Eutlerle rndd leliiea istrai, insld Jtile, rille o etf I h i-er . .d . . 8,n1100 9I. IThe enlire. s(are of eroulled on lt n iilt. h street, 2d Illlll ill ity, OI 14; lots, boutldeal by lit llton tlle n le tier, & . .. . 25,000 Ill. 'ltl., entire l ifnre of rround il Ile Hrculese street, d liunici ality, ofi1t I t lot boundled byi ul'e rnpeTi, hr ite slcl'trgl, dte. l 3,000 It. Th e Pnure squ:areOl grounId onI GrnIier street, d1 illUllicilli l coullntiuin g 18 Iots, boeetl5l by 70,000 ft 12. T'he entiree iret of grouidOl ot Bentdol stIr l,2d mllullie ip lhly, contains Ii lol(t, boo). tled bly eulerpe anti Terptithore street-. 18,0110 13. Teltentire sq.are of gronndol .rhid llp. m line street,2 t ltlelUil. l itg4tlcot finieei lii otos, bounded hby Jilmtm nd T'erpsichore streets. 18,()00 It 14. eThr lltirg sq( lre t'grhl7ll on Benhon 3treet, 'd nlunii ipulit , g lnlltlillilg I lotsi .ointdell by 'l'urpsiliuoe, Liberty and El..irpnt StIee ets 1,0001 15. The twio story bildousO .led lt tn Neew , Levee .treet, 2d nll lUinillaty, calreiller o"f Rblbn street, 3t- by 105 Ieetr 12n ,00U 16. Thle squireol roulldtona llercleeInreet 2d inunielplliy, of to Int, blended bly | dlcu lee, Euterle antd FIelicity street . . 13,000 17. The lqtre efgrittgoud oin Altllen streel, 2d mU eiipt ltIlnit s, outletl by 1,v? Miier " . . 51,00 318. Tito sqllom.. i" groitn on Mlclllllomllene tl'oele, gl e.ellll e ded Ioil nnI6 108, ln 1 bV Liberty. 'iierpletul la. . . Il.ward otrts "11,000 19. 'ITie equnre if ground eil Thitlit| strell, Oll llu.iii u h tile, bt If lteit buulnldled by n.elpu io.llei Howeartl and I.bierty treels 11 ,500 2i. The trienghlr sd lt' (isfgrtot lo ii lelt 3I0n treet, ' d qiri1 if ree ltl, bitlldei d by ra 'llt ttliel, of e.e b e1 . t . 9,0100 40. ''heu qiarea ol runed e n T'hNaii street,2 d mi. i 16 Itiln s bounded by Aclll p nu e, Jtcoh udit Hownldetre 4ts i t 9,0(0'ho olne sfote building U. Juilia slre.t, neu. III Ietlun'uer ofI ' Merv steel, cmlabinin, a Ililkerv, and havinlg 25 b~y. 8 [Let . 9,)00 41. 'iei equaes ofe ge.riie ei tl ,el eleie 4lr eemt. Iois, bountied by I owardiTaidrlleuhre ill Jmerib itetelne . . . 5,100 2. 'The sulnr.l nfgriind on ILiberlv street, 'ii in. of 13 lot., boundieed by iterps cUre, biy I rd ad Felicily street . . . ,010 46.3 TIhe square f reound intBelltlll.i lteet, id i. of 7 luite, boutdedl ly Whilt, illid iMelpo ii e tll r i eet . . . . I 7l. 'ThIe one shtry buildirt and grot;nd nil 0ulia etlrect, dl' i. beLitg 3d lot frmuit Cauip alrret,,25 by 78 feet 8,000 r 28. Trho aquare of ground on Mel polluirne street, 2d in. uf 16 lots, bounded by Jac;bLI,1 Solis and 'l'errdielore streels 5,01111 29. Tlhe one story building and l l.rnlld "ll 1 Julia street, '2d in. beinig lilt O frit Cnanp street, haeving25 by 78 teet 8,0100 311. T'i llquare oif grouud oin 'iThalia street, :d in. lt 16 luis, bountded by Jacob, Solis and Mehlplnneuo streets 715110 2d m. of 13 hIts, bounded by MalUe. uliuls and Alrlpolnehe streets 610011 3'. TIe Ine slory building and lot mul Nnva. des street 2d Uh. carller of Terpsichore street 6,000 33. Thre square of ground on 'lTe leieluire street, 3d on. of 18 lots+, bounded by Solis, Slauusel and Mellponmene streets . 61000 34. The lot of ground on Allullo streel, 2d t. corner oif MlslpoloUle street, 31 hy'l.7 feet . 5,500 3i5. The squaro of ground on Melpluuene nller+l, 9tl olrof 9 lot', hounded by, llowrd, Ja. cuh and Felieity streews 5,500 36. Thea lolt fground on New Levee street. 9d w. next to the norter of Robin streelt 30 by 105 fet . 5,500 37. The square of ground ol Thalia street, 2d m.i n iof8 I ot, bouuded by Clara, allaisel. und MelllSRlh ene streets 5.500 38. Tllelot f.fground on New I evre stre ct, 2d iu. being tlhe 3d liot l LLfm bin street, bat in- 3T by 105 feet .,500 39. The nqunre of erouud un ErratIa street 2d at. of l8 hlts, bouded by Clarn,'l'hlalia and Melpomtene streets .,000 40. The lot of ground on Nayludee street, 2d in. being the 41t lot i'lru Teirpseichore strecw, hlaving 31 by 12.7 feet 5,000 41. The square of ground on Hercules street 1 d m. 1l 5 lots* bounded by while and Moelll plane streels 5,000 42. The lot ofground nl Nnvyades street, 2d n. being next to the lot irrmirg lhe cnrner ol Sd'Eughi+'u ;tlictel d ui. .7 by 1018 teel ' 5.0A. *CALPWELL, QAKEY & PRITCHARD, NA.$AoLR, %.pD PAZ'I II.I oRs .\ew Orleans, Aur, 30th, 18:3; 45. The"'i w ' ioof a 0:ey io Iof and ont 1uth I. I nold rr'l., ..l other lrul pel ty . ,11 4:. The ol ofgroge:l f o ,g Iho co ,r,'', of Apolh, ead Toto, heail, . trbt, 2d .t f'I2 0 47.'The I rti aelof'f gr.nn d :. 'l'halin streetl li'tI .'! nh. elI lult, h,fouded bv II tlle 1 ln ,A a:,o:d F'elictrv slr Iels 5,000 8. T'he twlo stonlly lri, Bol I)o d lIo o(1 i o.nhi gt llla uelll 'tl t cilv A, , I •I 1 I b. ll, t foet fbum: ChippooW: suo.,:, nod ihet4.1,. filee, rooll, y Uoiu tlou Inl dept(h 5,1100 49. The sitorol r,, I r in 'Tlia trer, adn,. 2IfI. Iot:, l:u:,oeded Iby .11:1: a:4 110rlu uenoe hlreels ald Eugl: .Im 5,01'0 5. Tle t story btoi!lg irand ht of grt s d i Nayadoes sreer, beorgnlg lo:il h loo tr T r asihoreastreet,illlVng :.2' by 127 f..t 5,000 I51. 'I'le sqllare fgroollld in Errata e trent, 04 ia stre.ot, ant l Iole leto o 5,000 52. 'The tiut fgroollld as ll,, strret,2d 2 . (oplpoite the residence ofo J ield sq.) being rts Sml tl ronll Terpichore street, and havinlg e2 1,l' r t7 f rret 0 •rtn o 4,000 ( 53 l'he squcareof:groand ,0rr0to0sreel d 0. of l lute Iounded by Engle avenue, Tinalis slnd lut ,0streets110 54. Ahlo tof ground tn ApoIlo treet, l . 4,0 eillg tIe 3d Ut fot'mITerpsicuhore street, laving b2 bIy 17 feet . 4,000 55. A lot of ground ol Apollo street, 2d i,. ei rl. tlhe 4l, froum 'Ierpoionloro stret, oh ,ig 32h by 7 let . 4,000 561. A lot ofgronnd all Victory street, 2d In. Iaviig 26 by 1(12 Ife, adjoining the lot forming he corler ofUd':gIlin t r eet 4,000 57. A lot o grouod 12 by 17 frot, being the 00 rth lotA from I,:t wiich forms the u erpsiclore street 4,00 58. A lot of ground on Apollo street, 32 by 4,000 127 tel, being tile 2nd lot Iron: ttat which fornl le corner of Melponlene street, 2d t. 4,000O 59. A lot of ground tn Apullo street, 32 by 127 feel, adjoining tins lot lorlnltg ih corner of e puloene street 4,000 60. A porlion of ground on Thalin street, d . eoountno g It lote, bounded by Solis and 0 aeunOel otreela 4,000 61. A lot ml' ground on Melponene street, re:t to thelot ferning the corner of Apollu slrC:to.33by 127 feelt, 2d n. 3.500 62. A lotof ground on Terprchore stlreet, bd . 32 by i'27 fee, breing the id from ,nt o whiclh Irms the corner of Nyudre street 3,500 63. A lot groundl oni Mellpomene street, 2d ::l.2dsfrom list which I orns tie corner of Apollo street, being 3 by 127 feet . 3,500 64. A square of groud on Terpichore. street, eontainilg 5 lots, bounded by Jacob and olis streets r 3,000 65. A lot ofgrottd t Reiel cioat trret,e Ieng he 511i fiur , that which flrm tile colner of St I Jellle street, and havinlle 3 by 127 feel 3000 30. Aieqenro of groond eonthairiogn 17 o I ,ounded by Cherry, ELrrato, Chesnul and e [lreset 2,500 i67. A sequare of groltndl cotaiali:g 17 blos ounded by Engle, telp:mOl e, \CaodE00 at I h o str . 2,500 68. A square ofgrund, lltontaiuing o 18 ,, 00 Jmunded by \\'olatu,'l'imhu, Cherry oud Errata itreels 2,500 69. A small dwelling house and Ilot of ground tjl fIet oll Chiplteartt....are, -- Feett I.I:ourtl i treet, corner tot 2,000 70. A oquaarcol zn:olo, ot, lie :g tJ lots oonlded by \Weluu:, Cherry oand T'Illia 71. A square ofgrooadoo ,coaininig 14 lts, l ,00 bounded by \uliut, Ebrat otndL Cltcrrv treets , .2,000 72. A square o:f grunod, contsioig 4 lots, bounlded b 'Thalia, Sulis anll Joole soreets 1,800 73. A sqtare ,o grollld, conoui:og 10 lots, boullld by Clat:a, thellotteneo and elartiln 8 71. ,.squaref tg'untl contanin g 18 lo 1,800, ounded lv, tb ,ll tcu,.ruee aod Erra stret 1,500 .A ,quare of grolud, contailintg 22 luot otnde lb ltruce, Erraoto, I'each eand ('lio treets 0 77. A squcarof grom(nd contaiuig 16 lots 15 bontleld by 'Nptucc ,nd I'oul:a stditoo 1,L0O 78. A square of grnllod odlitailing 22 eols Iounded by 'louch, icrrelo, Pear end Clio r streets 1,5001 79. A gutare of lolond cnt oine i 8 lots 1,500 boulded by W0all, I , tlle ond Cii(l sotr+ts 1,0`00 b1t. l'lleI' l ttri :n llrt . arle u "l'oIlnd bl)and. ,d lty I .le .l ... to l . .lolto.t.le. c s.treet. 1,500 81. AO tgt tterollld t aiolonllldng Q lots Ouiledtt Iv Ma11ue, ('lio, I ,il:C and Cnlliolp trrees "1,400 85, A slue tof grotd conlthainin 8oi lots Itouledt I oy ('il00t, aoond Ttlblia et.,o'1 1,11200 8:I. A 0t:;llt ir ol oronn t olihinlg 10 lilo .l.tot.ded rIv Edlt.lo :01: ..... II .. . o:11, rl,'(e 1,91)0 841. A squoarrlot c r,,. coneioog 21 bo ho Pr' to,1ot, d Del, ,111.,10 0dh'y il7 . t0 te, tlnolot .:o:i00 it Iota i, A ,uee l 1bded b \y atll, ,a n .]Mapi I,.ll'e . treats 1,11B(1 Ii6. A Sgt!"r.l o ,JIIn.I (lcontnng 10 lull Ionldllell Iby Peich annd Erlall(, E t 381 1;7.:1 04-110e I l'.llltllunl i:eo ilnh g 10 I, 110 lt lodd IV b:oli , Pe'tr IedoT e l'nch Sl oeeL 8118 1,8.. b .elllre of o.rtoll d ont'l iin:g 15 lat s I,tonltell ,v 'olltl, Clilo and VI all Itre ts 11111 8.. ,0 Ihtlt'tenh squo ot .,reotIt,l rIeodd by Ilevttut, teliviro and t'tlerioo ml s 011C. 90. A tria.gulelroqlliooe oi.,nlld at tbe cur lei" otJo-col, a, ltI Thai,, tr,oots . 110111 91. 0 tboo Irnbto(r m ure iof gra(d bou nedd bt '1 erpsit..ile and : s ; I e:iStS . S111 4 92. A trionogllt .llcq :ill ofo.otll d beontled ho Meold :,: t: d 9a rtt in le:: eel: t . 80O, 93. A trianlnrlar ltare of groeud boudedl, y (:liu alld Penll slrecls . 811 I 9.. A .quacr. of gruand al tibiong to lute tounded t Maple, Ventln and o i .t It otereets ,tld thIe r:aml .00 95. A lot tof ground on WnVaslgoinll tlect tile 4th font that w ith fll orll lr s the coltter te hlipoewa oolloetbllelg 41 by 1b 5 feet .511 96. A bul of glootd 00 Whsebttueen strmt being iI,: 51:5,:, from tlhot whlioh fortle Ite oover of Chilprewa street, beitng 411 by 125 feet 7501) 97..A nqunre ufgrouud tlnlatmnitn.g I totel bounded by Mlapl, Euphroeer, e, I'Pte aud Ve nlls ctreets 511) 93. A triangular qlnare of gronnd blonded by Chesnut and 'I'halta streets 400 99. A Irbleular qtlao e of eroeld boundled by MloetitPl aInd Errata streots 400 too00. A lot Iogrllonlld foroliog the corner of Jelrsey anJ Washionllsinell t er.ohi hai.g'25 fet on the frlerr andt I r' o the latter 350 101. A lolt fgnollld ferling tlie corltir o' Jersey aond Fourthl eliets in tie saitn sqluare, hlaving 85 feot on the former and 115 feot ul the tar1er . h0d. A lt ofgroundlo Jerey strreet, 25 by 115 Itee, tte 711, Irot: Ito lelo torltii: Ie ctre er of Wliigton street . . 300 103. A htll of grmntd on Jere.y treet `, bh 115 feet, Ibeing tule ftl1 rom lit e cornier 0 f '.ai. i fn sblreet 500 04. A Iriangnlr oqenllre efgrtnllld hounded by tjlio adl Sprucee stlreea . . 105. A triangular squasre ofground bounded by Peer anil Erraleo sreetn . . 00 I01). A trinngular senare ofgorolnd hound,-d by Calliope, Pine nnd Euphroove street 200 107. A tiesgltlar lquare ofgroundl bounded by Maple and Vnus street . 200 9,370 prizes I snare rrela ins Light and Banklng company satck, ni $30 . 281,100 000 prizes, 1 share noah Merlhant's Ef ehange stunk, at $75 . . 15,.00 177 ptiaes, I share anlh Ocean ltneulltte company tack, at 1$50 ,8 . 50 0 prizes,I sharne each Merchants Ieneurnceo company sto tok, at $30 . . 1,800 46 prizes, I lhrren och, Exchn:ageil Bank con. pane stock, at $50 , . 2,3000 30 prizes, I share each, Ponchorlroin Rnil ined *opopaeyntocknO a 100 , 3,000 t 10 Itrire re ebote UaLI:b, Wertrer Marino sl~d Fire lacsrnaee eOliiailt ntook, ot *30 500 Ten ,nilho. efdolelhe *P,00t!00 REGULAR PRICES. S'I'. LOUIS STRFE'P RES'AURA'I', OPPOSITE THE EXCHANGE. T HE Rub riber has the honor to inlorm his frier d. Sand he public in eeneral, that lie will open, on lr I6ihlnnrtart, a Irotnuai, where persons will t eifveod ncco-rdilt io the bill Oi' rr, rgI Ir pri ees,. vi Filly cenis rio Hreokfost, und Sevret .-fivne ert for |)lVetr. 'I'he IrreaklcT wii connict oi'two dirhrbe at option, one cup ol'f' fsr n ith mlik, hlf, bottle ofojorne and brand at diorretio. the dinler ill consiot of three dishes at option, a soup. halsl Itullt of visetlll bleed cI dinsrelil,n. Agreatloumbero If)ersosa ie henlcnmoipnl ngfior a lung imel of TIh icoonveiren I.Te ia ies d'hodltee, wher lly are ohlige oi be at rcelllr ors. T ohs'riin r has niir e p,..f ti ng ,,i,, .ain t Il i rr - ienIllw l in nctahili-hhs hlim Il u T rt.-ul ar prise, nlllu k here, per.; t so; he ,lt-:, de d to al rever Iar r etol TI ... .e ,ll t,,.r l.... nl, I rle luam l I, t r I u riv.I te irTt, indIII will ' Iu c vl i l ll oii n. 1rol.r isl11-2w" _ ICII.I. I+)OUAI . 'I () P iseartiR5- ' qthe t a1s hlg reuhir prices wll ihetre.rn be fhorerd ' fir t'ri.htn' t'pe o1 llls.l..ic now 'iork Tp FIP uOllllly ... 13 njiehoo ui .. l rel l o llld City IIolt Pl'e: Pi2cas, I crente Ib. SmutdI Tie,, .11i x ,I ll r l rgeili, 1.'2 Ii n'rir, 51I Ji l , rril. (i "ii Agater, li; Pearl, I I0 " I )rnnlllnt l Letter und other t,'p, ill prl,ir. t, 'r im-,H. rtfi, e pr • .i -+ +i ., 1(;ediT of .,,uIX lllllll ,.'; tu,,i I., w.-ish at t hi rfu. ne Tll" T n erTv,'I'edr1 m r llll"h l, alll ill lhl l, r lllk I di-n', lir u .1' o, ~ Ict,, for ew IYo rk o uacc ilotcin c at nlillc l' y 11,.t od l iII t"'" reoot florcu:h " eb hoay ,so iintih, adht . ,l on ,r,l r xlslltl*o's ia ltlo l tml e ,i75lilicireIo ktollll l, Ini ot, of l rtIJl( ll l ll. let, e u+nllll1rnailrg co. hlde -dl tXll- walsldhrll ".tllr(h i . Iolin.e ekPl l idt, wriic iopoer tinl r ao. Illll.s rladhlotio, k c.; 111 tli) ow Bowrtn. n ~l; rurr vgcm y t o eleoain tasortlT t r 1'0il '.,l 0 Tl ,.s in t her UaIIlTd Tae an d a hsill hT anl o0 tmnll i t lled in t'. Vcls;io hlr Prlter,,'irro " on iWm 'r, hoil, Ihlol ,h ~ h ,N le in'e ua Ol e of n 1 oellll un it il.ld. ,ill e, lb , t l lothe Pl, nlllll telh, ur fill. i(;Onlth(; III l- t lI: N & o. Ne , ti ,.rk..ilug. I.-, I,:I co5,-,. - ,\Y 1Ilrr'l. I.EA Il .+till 'T . it klll: llhnscrils, hawe ll'" 1'e,,lrd,,l Tile 3 l ,"llV n of ci h t,win o l,",1, 11111 ll the I n I " i,, cili h,.il oIt. 0Ill.l l'is,li l it N h i lo lll slll t l ' oupll ' ,"I c ' d• I, ,lht.r at h1Ile lowest n- rine t I,-l wlrr, 1T It t, hO .- hlil tll l Itc'l l as 0t i oll I: it li i . nrs;,Lr ,r1cd +..11ululs.o 18 bbl: "o,. t \V ile -T+,r Iil A0 rose, i 'ari I ' i're ' lion 311 v* Ise Ibow''Ull - 'ti ,.lt" ( tu '* i u,, . ,i ,, b2l i or C oN e, c &,, l l T ,,cpit on Inst [ 1iI l'~ r t-il NIilell~ld t nullt llt .l ncelr lictolrn tccl.iodtc L A "I' TO N & t ;C , N o . 3 O tl t e ', 'e e stre et, i . 'il l d . Ia tiolllO their Ioti n m r ihck,hnvel r,,eivednhrtln I n anoid, peerihill ( 11h.c le 1 wiortl,'t f ld lllll 0 I ll lllll,, by rscent arrival fl ll lilt nrlhe, n itroie, thi lut llowig (lisorinnnt oilogrd, Iciliron, io, SItel, Nail,, Anclhor, l or sale ltieuciti.llltinoTllg inl's: Iit ItDWA RE. Ilrigl Traee lhl illtns; x nllld log. Io); cone carrier CllrilL nrld ohins fhi c~law ils; bright Carolina hcc, 'Wo ~s' nc1 itL.yndono'; lriht iltr coeelt houro, llld shovl rll ,ll sirdei; Itriict Louisiano bu,,cs; rnrul,;ilo hie,; blc.k oe, hnlannier and Tti noo i ll led ,, ccre,,ntf nl kindl , lio'latedl,'a ad Io,'s mll c sa,,'; ncoal steel whit it d rooi, cot saws;' hodr'ccc-op; .per i ekieiirc and odtcle; plantatioo hells; Indin corn gills; cutlrry ce;llll, wood crewn ; teg ock; Aclrt Ian dooer chc; it ilockh; nabin hookh; steelvsrds; ook,.d pc, per boxo'n; augers; chisels; arelpiter anod cliths' tounIs generi lo; Ieigriht llcle vi. nee; and a general nsoortllet oftablc cotlery and cthelf goods. AXES. fbnt'sme anrt tlotoo tell ie.a ton' paltlerto - .tonI brtad ind hatnd axeo , hitltlll ca nt nilleof t lT ,i 'i lot I (ol ilel' a eo-; and 1511 doztlc tto t sl l axem , iilt,., i, oThe good inokhre. IlCI)N, SITEI.. &o. 1O1 tone 1ict, I','ure alld round iro t,, balore boiler "nd pate iron;lhoot iron, ell sizen Ituaein sheet irctnt A\renricn di; nheet cast ieiil, oid ccst icteel in suats and flat knre, oasortod, Soanirr'oo oonke; Cio;w y cteellote n o;I o; trat (I.) Enl ih ilishliter tdh. I toal (C:c_ tin; plate ln; sheetu aou pig leaod; shti,cll sizei.. NAILS. l500keg cnt nails, woell oassored, hrom 3 t' inches 5o cesks wlo ghtl niinle, e sp lnd r; -a(; 511 .kegU a a.r il. nails; c 5 k ktt s o ill hInore shio Tll , (no.n ill s. ANCIIoll'R, CAS'TING, &e. Atnchorti c fcit lllsize,; ,hai, caible, dill; 10110 Frenchi Ino, Itoi 0lil pilto; olcic, ,rs nnd ekillets, a large g ort nel; 1I0 nollt kel le; l l,.uoh of dllo'eren, i ionufcia o. riec; windowi gla.R aill 0ze.; 'Nocva S.t.ia o io d ,oeo , I Tarred ropie anld h'Ilu'' snto[rtcd; large andc smlli latilht rptoc , oiitl icohtl l kind, oad l1lootcnoult i tli lO,' "icill -icI or.c i l lla d I d ,d plo glig I,,tles a d it vn rieTi of; eryro article in is hii pI L chou, dlerv lit ; leaTter of al hinddjuiT rece ved ifon1t I'|litludnt1iic. 01l, AND NV.1 A-. SI Nt 1'11E, 1 r0 cnatk pure w inter t lraiiel oil, 50 hhls ,t ; I00 hlit olive oil; 1c011 Milstotoou0ldlpinch I.nd roesilt,,l 5 odu t tiii; co il is, in half t hlo ; spirits t f toit n; Trieht •roeinh; (ool iooI J 0 doIo; neatsfcoT oil; 50) kegsc ,'elllccrell'o white lead, &c. Io4--t REIPUBLIC OF TEXAS. 'ltisAsnuo I)Y DEPARTooi . City of Ilouston, 17th July I3S0. IN pursuance of a requirement of a law passed by Congress of this Republic, approved January 21st, 18391, making it the duty of the 'l'reasry to l adverlitse and cause to be sold the lots in the CITY OF CALIIOUN, on a day by him fixed. Notice is herscly given that the lots in the City of Calhoun f will be sflbred at Pub ic Sale, on .Monday, the 18th I day of Novemtcr next, between tile hours of Ten o'clock, A M. and Four o'clock, P M, at the Capi. a tot of this Republic, upon the terms set forth in s the following extraots fromo the law above men tioned "t See. 4.-lbe it filrther enacted, Tihat the lots in said town hall be oilbred and sold tfr no other cur. roncy than gold, silver, audited paper, or the pro. issory notes of this goverlnment. Sec. 6.--Be it flarther enacted, T'lhat the said lots shall he so'd on the following terims, viz: One fourtht part to be paid down, and the other three.;ic forth to be in equal instalments of six, twelve and eighteen monthIs. "* Sec. 7.-te it tfrther enacted, That if' any person who shall purchasaley of these aforesald pf I lots shal 11' Il to mak ie Iybiyatci of " hli sevc:nl in stallnlents inl elnfi,riiy with Ithlis Act, hi or they shall tfi,rlbit all c,,(h :-ns.s th,,y c ay hav 'previ. aulny pald, d lh., lot. plrchawd by s.clc defaul ter shall rw,l it to thle gnlTverntlt of Ih llo Rlepub he.i Sec. 8.-lie it farther enacted, That all persons, thasillncg a holdiccl the same. and thie Presidnct is auth.,rtzed to ,.:ucli lltes to thelu o I oon.l as tihe last in, slahgent shall have b le n lll I pa SThe salc will cntinuIe Irom dc y to day, until all of tihe Inos sh ! have been dispos,.d oft ,talolln is situated-on tlo Fnst end of scataoflr. da Isltaci, dirctlly on the Main Pays into M atagor. Ida Bay, and frot its advlsntageous positon, will probably become, the principal commercial city icn Weo,.ern Texas. A I'lan o time city may be seen in the General Lid Offitce. The several opers in this Republic,che ommoer. cial Bulletin, Picayune and True Ameician, of N. Orleans, will publish notice until the day of sale. JAMES II. STARR Seoretary rv th oTreasucry. - TO 'TIlE LADIES. Ut Ilt.110118 I.IElt)e ABDIOMINAI. StPrriITEI lliS new instrument for the radical cureof Pro Slapsus Uteri, or Falling of the Womb, by ex Lernal application, superseding the uco of the ob jectionable presary, is econfidently recommended to ithe aflicted as tihe means of a perfect restoration to health, it never having failed of perfiormin a 3 core,oven under the most aggravated circuinltan ces. It has received the decided approbation of Sir Astley Cooper of London ; Sir lBenjamin C Ilrodm ; Sir James Clark, Physiciano to tihe Queen; Dr Ashwell. Lectc.ser on midwifery to Guy's los. pitnl ; Ir Rigicy, lecturer to St Iartholomews; Dr SGrifllth, lecturer to Westmino-ter Hospital; Dr Ramshothar, lecturer to LondIon hospital ; Robert IFerguson, lecturer to Westminster lying-in hIeospit, t al; Dr Sweatman, lecturer to Middlesex hospital. snd seocior accoucheur to Queen Charlotte's lying; Sin.lhospctal ; also by Henry Dacvies, Conquest a Ulundell, Lee, Merriman, surgeon Keutes, &o. by n Dr Morrcau, president of the Academie Roaoale Ie Medicine, Paris, andAccoueher to the Duchess SD'Orleans ; professors Velp.oa, Marjolin, Paul Dbhois,Sa son and others-and cc New York by professor J W Francis, G S Isdldford, M D profes. 0 sor of cncdwifery in the university of the city of Noew York, profa. Delafield, dcit Francis, U John. 10 aton, president County Mad Society, Laurens lull president mud society State of N York, polfs Jas sMcNaughton of Albany, prhi March,. Cyrus Per. kios, D)oane-Drs 'fholes ioyd, Gilbert mitllh, Hi osuok, Stearns, Ludlow, Kossoam, Vaehe, Power, SOGrayson, Van Renseulaer, and many other distie gucshed physicians inthe U States. 0 A G Iull, Office 4 Vesscy st, Astor House N york. 0O ry A constant supply of the above instrumenls, with Dr Hulls improved Trussoa fIr Hlernia, will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A G Carpenter, Natchez; Stone &. Marsh, Wood ville; Boulth and Mallory, Memphis; W P Wilbin son, Somerville; ilall and Washington, NashviUllc McNairay and Hamilton d,; IR I. Olos, Florence J C Spootswood, Athset, A MEDICArL.CARD. AND IMPORTANT TO TN¶, AFLUCTZ WInT A tiRrtkre tue, hicl udirj ofyruR se racic a obnerr. l~r on S. Weakne., uriuLharo .I earl .,ekes", LINL thatall peLr "I' e Lt N i dluNeIde cur.Li 'l Lg.,felLLN LLLd safety. I is L'NluIn17el ILNt, thi Lhi.,mLIH NI vicim, LIIU Lt nlereal Disc."., uwlng to the m- uliit lace of i~i tersle who byhthe .or LJtILt deadyII poison, Mercury rain L t,, litigation, and cause ti, ,, tuna with b ati"Ite. ill the newt "'d Llody, dinttLLs in I'hlh,mgbu,,t id,, · LurL, dLLLAfL .beats greets, ltd II(eit nut lbshin Iaasr, till ut loop th t ra 'IehNiN. Lnd JLdNy or tLhL cIiilLtimN, LIuo.. aINL fl'lLAdIeatll ll hAI ur. iYL) to tk"Lh d.cudLul uimiIL .d !ERILY' eiLULIFYING SPECIFI C I: A renaill, saf, a n d the inn-t pee ly remeelj ". inr the pennnnllec l-d lll'eelt ul cure of vm~tn~olhic r; ": ". ""hr·. , aallral·, yr.*. .Fuliulrr i nlilitic piti s e LuNetio NLL iil.NAe kiANmy, s,,,,d, lanlli L"N PnNaIuA pItIIIt,"lrr or ur.thlr,' uId ,th.r d,.If..,', spc 1 tredL,', I,Lone,,,,,.Lpl'ui t e,'LL,. n NII',NLr L, N A I""rlprlrlu Iy, ILL,eronil LIt pLAN l11' NALLNNI, crrry aad raincy. 'l ii rrrlnlllly with l Xhm. , r"" . .petiikc: pills rnt m, t Irey rtt f i u>: AIL .IN fyilq to lIImir plrnprr·rr 1 rle "hair nlnx·1fLI. 'l, "NAi ly rrwove thetlI. Ili ..r:, briti r.l~l*(1: by Yltnar C d W ellt tsel lcrlr , atilt . Ludy, sxpelltdg th, or 1ar·. nmsl a imophr.1 of theier aslortxliiaq x13.1 uulgiUll 1..w1~ ) · rIlhlersclltlrll Ill curt' nor atry oth~er "areal, an ··1. L1L' 'lairr m. re sit; lll I1' diet~. h-r .,I' lti· or ir ,'nO netts, Jllliik , I , r1111 p1r· e cure, w llOuut I a lr I1 Iatml i riser, it wtll e x.11 t haterecen r.e to the BpfiBI .:1"~'1 w Liu utiuu L,"ol~lr r rile lr(.l.r i:,l· muds.I it, apt ou-:,:,":l ns acrruou prrveuu' L) removing the CCclolIplHInl t', yl ·Il'NllL hfl'NNNLNUlIILL NN l Al~ mir. un er lnur ltllll : 1 ...'finite to dire., the u,. ,,1 ""' lrltlll o ut IalNNIp , ere e p;-Irol , llll' h p, t; s II a IYIIE IIP I> tram ni I nrrtuo, u~lllfillliU nod ,.~ vutvrmlla . all t e ease, nuI I mthr iu unllu of nnhl .ps. wlricll lr llc l 'i, a tlVIII. Tllle thnlll .MI ~ l ,, I. it,, · thou u (1 1 tsr 11 hd the oe .,+r1 JC ul'ren "i ,.rmg. . ul uurrrtuge, are It, I (Atunll N I dIIIoa. o iLhse it aLyINNN tiLny. rl.u"H "udJs rtv . , of her .ale. by rllcl l ll. Ipllcre W the, ran.,,""t I ':"lcehl l·A they l,:r u Iree,, -ufe end .pond) sitscl "I'NLrvNN YNLNLININAN pl.Nilur ll klgNiLLLL'fLIIN, efle'tuul~lPeml~ll .r. ei itiy .ymllllpuHIIJ:, vII··· l ·. 1t limbs, JcIll!( le=. lll M Iota'. allJ ell 1111011· ry,.', melonU e.illr ul I ti ll. Usd. '1'I r"e PiM a, a ,,,rt ya plac m tin ca tu i ,f NSPE A LLN SOLLLLILN INA.I'.LLLIgL,LN I 'I.AI.'A' ':~h~,NLI11~hN lNN'~ i 1· + I1, xl,·r n ~ R L", (i( from Ul l b ill, IT. DI :1 . 1 11 .,,au ~ r;,t\' t tit l:Il~ tl:.1, (IIli':i''t..· , s t'l l 1t 'IItNLNLPNNNIIN . III I''' I 'L"I,'N.NIN'IA I,' 1":'1 I AINAI, IIPRO AIT. LANLLLIand iLiLiI . AI( '"IIIN .tY 1'nSS~tr ItR. t'A (I IN 'lll. CIitt· IN1 t A' L"'tN' NN, ortotHuru \rtNr. or" Ldel ,Pt prrtilv ct ly-41I.cIIIIIhF 1 I111 d1)1· -111·1 110-.. ,llltl~ ·I1 .,thee,1 s' n all , , :ly" ,mp~ . tue'.. suLU'f lC'?' I......, ri c~ll11, 11 I' 1au1t 1 , tzI.Alllllli:' . SII .l! III II N. I 'IN ui I iltper NIIINrIaLsI IIlitlt.L IL A I'i(L'LIAL'I f~siNaL, Iit .11r~ll u~i~ ItLIn I''ISAl'L rl AIt n LIIrn 'tihn rlt" -I,, lr eL Inbl· N'lu ,,,~v. Al:,- :, i. Il :,II othr ,,. ailiy 11 N N 1u n..N ..N uuu r.". 1'upnlvi .'1'N Ip rNua uei'. ( l.'. AN b I v. niell of ibur i. tl~l, rlelmp the I~hnrt ,:d Nr ttrl "di- 1 nllllt. thy rerr dl rearld ho.-been uever li e - 1u 1 oe... I wNilre NjN'rIsNa' y remedy II N .i IAN N ian celuiut.Are thi fr AL Ii. c.11, e bu 4'.t Nil NiN'l ulI'thry NeNNiNINIINLNrt lN t" "1 have p Icar Ilrc~l iolan '. npncir 9olrtiur Bulu earl bents lNhuriug under UIrethraI l NNN"NNYiI .LNnpN tI' Ilnt, hey "tNriNrjN'NNi d in NuiLILlNuh liNLNNI thuINIILN. . ul' I"ieNIIN~ Ni*:IlllUINNI'IN·IINIIN N. l tI~lI I ILt, N t IoN'Ntl""ll YL igie p hlN iIINSNlthIINN eel. It. LEY, II D~r Clarke has pre· errihl Yolllld'. Spclific Eaui. · Illy, found that w rl" cured in touch fel timrcnlre the h LmyI'lltII NIo.rINNIrSNLdNI'tJIag ireLI P I)UlNINNI 'RNLNNN 'ip ,lnN i IINNNNNNILInequI ad tAd nI -'I, INN HANtN Lon oa, Decemhtrl mLt INLIyNINIIe'IL yI' d I, Nl tNhNL at 'IININNrN'NpNNrc cLrt ,,u" Ahe~IN"AN rpa NINLPLI TN.fN' Nop''v AN h:N. IN N INNILw 0,L1-NINI SARSAPARIL.LA PILL OF IIEALTI BLOOD PILL. T1'I1S enr. llel t fintily pill ire nediein. of o1t .le Lac,:r cl e retl all disorders of ftile. lomac , els, tile tOllo Hell sylnopwell o1' which tire. el.llell ch , , cy, .pa-rlo·, Ioi q'f aplpeail., sica hendiuche, golddlnms folhlne. aftellr tI, lb, dliillea ¥ of thle r)yels, drOw . bain htile.. he lnue l zled b.wels, illdige.tiOll prWuds hill brute of tile liver, inld Ia €onxequent Inctnivitfy o alt, eauailig udiolrg·uialalioU of Ievlvry· |'unction o|f will It, |hl. nt i~l excellent preparatiu.l, " b uhllo e nces, Io efl' removed. Two or thrle t oe ' c .illn.w .e atle te, i lits snlulary effect+. 'Ion to' ", I: llsOedlly regul,,i ilt reollb ih i heahllty aiilll lflhke I .Lsnd killl.ey Hill rll dy hLke 4lml;Ei nd instead ne·s, heal, poil1l llld jltlllldl4.d alppearanceP. n're I ' , alnd lrenew! he.dth will b the quick rn.-lt el t.. -Iir . m Jlcinlt tcct,rel lnh to tlhedlrectlwllr crollllpulllog r+, . , "'hit e pill-..r. partLcularly eLfl ci..l,,fur Iw na. colds, gue,, hllortt + el breath, and lilt ol,tru.t, v. lrtuntry III++U ,;. slild if" lllkel after tolo fret! alllnd . + table, they lquilckly renlue the system toile autlll repo.e 'ers..s of .a ll hllllihbt to boed., noxs+ drowain klisn ll sining illnBeo..l , nrlrillg fr o s flw ol bleed te thle head, lholld ller t b le mlll lalny dagll'rouo yl.pto iwiU bb .arriud iln~ll dilltt ure. For fenllile ltlle pills art most truly nr.rep Int . all olbtlrlcitis, tlhe distrelMiIg h.en..lahe .o very wlth thle sox; leolrfi lnn of spiritn , ullnes. of sigh - afleetllnlls. bIlotclhe. pnle, anld i ulhlWle o.' 1l rive a ho ltlllllhh juvenJle hhNona to lthe lnlpiexlOn To llther. Illhey lrP LOnfdllyly.. rocn.Iu' e * Idf.' +.1 e l.lh ,P, hate, , e s.l. akll . dl ll preglal d f. .. . o .l.the llal.lnolne.sth l.lle.,N ol.ed . #.. tl l,hlsnntl, Pn.', lely apnnmll nl thy ulnite the , li t!) 1.['fI J)ll llF UilhO Lh II. l mt I-l1 ! telflittlle Iii ( str·+Ir.lll i dlet el conflIUlalrnl durilln t., lhyrn gellullllllo Il fflll n1 ordtdgtl IO agie null slld " pntlie.l l, thry hreonllr ,uitahlr I'or e~very .tr., ille; hi. ,. ;, canhbe.r",qutnrl, d ind1 I;,r elderly pe~onh.- they Wil Ib" ,+ be lItt llll o' ,lll"nlortahle llediellle hlthe-Io pre 'are Sold t No. 96 liCobtolu house sit New Orleaue. .11 P ^nI i IIOY+ES-0It SWVEDOUR'S I|YGiWAN IIEith uh:'.t;. S I r It, I~ti"ie Eni ct urtntiua r o f Evely slpol, ... I .l.llof he. S . Il. il.. l ease and tle lllillydiuld ,. Sfroml thel illll prri' n~'r| llinlent, \Vlth1 e.cll l ll. bo i ¢n llatru. a Ql n ouvrenland , dlhlrrle., wLe" h (wIt I u ýrvuiu el l O lf ll in l ) i L O oll. , 1 ., , t|flll ,. h 'lIt .i orl)h L )ly.hkno Io tlul. who Ii 're or .. S+ll'e ri.I t IhillS drelldfnlUl l dLVE·ItPllllq Illlltllly.. ! ]r IIr l.lulll ll eltnl ll u firedt I li atIli illo to I, er l u tr. th erl ~lllp fr lll tlolo free lllld hI 1.17rinllll, 'i',/I geoll lc l ht, ltl Lil .hh'h n t ill l .l lll lllc it . .. .. in t oi p dy ioi'.I c ttl a hm h a l l ,i. . .' .. the. .lllr, itli ing llibe-vlh tl+ of oidd g" 111e h that dic~tra iI Plihtv illlll e Ln liteicilleVn , Ullethler Lite tousqllnl u iC ful h1,0,;., vc~llq r.+ e llrllnkillg" or ulny oileren s 11yl~. l pllw~rr, ,.|" the tnollll ~litelnl |IUlIan e. eneebled, Bel .i' $1~wr~rr ;; 1 + IId .l.eto lionfl i +Olllld tll illl.l$. 11 ' nfoatuJ ,1,,-Iy -to,.twu to I sualld tiedf vlgnrous III It.l allnlhlllu+eh ly fact, that tloloutoosd fall hirlil , " ner-i d-Ioea, o'.ing to tif." Illlkilf'uhla+.. of IlIth who, by then+,lelofl o 0d.Eudlby le.roll, lol .21 Idl sItlUlldlli nllld ll elI lls groat Ioclor ...ndllor byIt fletsr atl I.eyden 't'l verily, he COlufi'rred oLn illuu. lit plep·l L.; akhld l iy te Jweuverv, l" hi, nia.rlll Pi ; ,, thle t, lrv i)I"hls dep oralble (.Iiitle'niut. Nevr didJa .. lecile a .lrettr l.ellllei. ll. It wa,. .uglltI n.ter Wltal ned "lll l ll uedcrl succellsCCes I nthel llltr l Ii nlltP a Cay,' ol th 4 dellIcate L conplainl, f .r lhe clur .I v hlare betlu so lollg celebrated . '|kh Bl.e of thee,. nul (illrLu;ny, ausell thleir speedy ilhrnluctiou Illu try e.olhtrr . 'T'he certailty wilh which they wore+ c aillllll o"i " 'ldll. , -;uI ll netlate ed by i)nlly tllou) ' I t; It In. tlh+ Itog llonlilll'llllll w, - lh y were the ill.+-pa Ulltnullnd thi gmlyd of tile. s llli."r, III uN ciae. jl) )') )e more ). )pLpNrlm. lhm lho"t ~"0L"11 h:, g ealllnl'e.l l' I II)Io Thl e Kll L'llan [erb I'd!. torlf pr L'. le ,"'. '.l", .. oi,f o Il`No. ' g 0,2... Ito rIll,,,, at+ bt Ilhe~llr 1.l~lllil.,ltbF dtlt..I~ll( l iltllll~ll *i.Or' TIlel lMl O.T1. IMPr TNllllllAll t III . IIIe UIii . .II, t I~II""'I1! flll(llllppll~ ,iiiIiII\ h l d.+C(gl hlll llll (rIp pll,! .lIlI. of lh i l,¥e I--lllll yl rIelll i l 'V-· 1 jllh lll IL(|" d t'r e, nor ,1 . l plhl tI. qlt'.r. I I I ' e'L'I., l lI' telllthe h gtl~l hunLtotlll e I 1i, 1 lhl ,li I11. Allll y , il' shllzhte-t -,l- pt'."1 lu lllllyl'. l II wlll li .l l 'Ic i'al i SII, Ille Ilpl~ ,l;lll l.II blllll.,I* lur whenU ILdil~ll( ItPtlbl I .I Slll.'iii . ll . 11ý o11 ~ pe lllone hll 1 moil' W'llc IIofti i , tu l :2i'.EI 11oilIN3 oo IInr IIn., C.l.e rPi ilille o n.yIP .. . ll piv tini lhe . llli en I ll.y..o. .ie . .,i 't , 'l'Iil l l - 1 l h ·1101;gB ff. n.... lLrt .l, of tll ll*l. ll.'i. p'it.lion IofiI Itll Ove l,-hey re quier o, l.P rmloll~l 1 . IIln 11 ' lllldn' .1 l IIeI+ I l(ntP l Itl .ou 1 nll llt r ll'n ii ii n • l g ,l lh r ll Ilcor sohl I ldlinI, II wllrl r, r ll or' lr lll E) I, g).5 It O l l ' , oIh blrilllI,. o 21 . I... .soe. l ol' by' ,thin .L .etou i 21 '...' Ie ,' s........noob hn. !eg11, ht utr /lTHE MrOST IMPORTA NT' HItMnN .,i - .i hEL ERAD EATY AI iElIIA th.un lcHrd IlAnkOrLII.e iLi:n' v. e , in t'll-covero d f, milnhd n fenr llln if lwlr o£, l ', yl'illrl |ltll~ln hltd iabl.¥e ..tgl patieuI%, all ,I'. xlll~nll ed wll ..ilo1 pd Ineo dvie,, neverPL bn. 'ei , .bnLyI. :::gl.t '; f ..eiuigeptti joue n ey.,.LI fL LLb)or ~ Lrpe e t I I....o'ia or L..oildp.' n dLmn~orut .nt..i , or..e yi .'benberllir .ud ball ibI toi ¢g~e; iler)..t .IeLew ~rl.W , + ..L . p.]) l e.1 i .pll n dblllilUI.. pl.lOpelllilld . nd.•.... n I pkU .· 'IL.)in frlllldlfl' t.|.nr flihlre o" inlald irL, otto, b..Lo pt.l, ..t .l.l. , r..lp . noes. y irre tn.iii ll' irieo , Alt..olls .hldilll, n, n' tllnu O iS iti'P HL iP. 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