Newspaper of True American, 29 Ekim 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 29 Ekim 1839 Page 2
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nrr¶cKap.cM TIE '34ih11819P. 8Ic2v Peeler! a ýlrMS , T!--~s u ~ ~ ~ y' AAUa~fM * -M is neosest rei Mon. ilf ndoal,.t3 P. M. laseoll * .h1rives Irreuibltly theea " or Vias ;C*0'ail is c100s l very b a ý io. Lt a·aatao.3 roianai *Ricer .Vail I. sen1 lrrrgo W'Wi atnian~boaio ltwi ae week. fSl~nflux OIL0o RIVER MAIL. andClse t oclock, P. M.Nnn CMAST ALm.. - n Cloacot 8Bo'clock. P.M. is h the honor of infhrming hle fliends C· 6A'9 111 ndh publitS keoteral,that he hast taken IhI 316114 .r Carrolltop, where ho trolls he will receitv '-elhsio~20 hhis Iholdfls sod "ll lovers of gn..d cheer Peivata,ýri- leeles hulk handifotoety prohided for by ItqflK&Utle hlhtehsiad. Hie in willing In rater iVairo5 tdtent, ith folkillon or individoolsa deolsmo 1'aJtttmA01Iift onr tenrrllton. 1020. MEW ORLEANS CANAL AND IIANKING Co. THE1l ironj teabbot Relseco will leave the Basti al te beodi sof tho Nowe Connt, every dlov, leOcepi Mndaaeye) for lie Iakeeane Orlowe: Dleprt at 2 A. 1. Relturn at 8 A. 01. IkA.M.ý I 121 P.M. PM.I0 4 P. A1. 24 1'.33" 9 P.MA. Andat 05MOND-hY$:-.. Depmnt at 18 A. At.j Relturno 0121 P.M1. 2 P. M. 3 4 P.M3. 21 P. M. 9 P.3. 61.7 98 * I. CHEW. Cash. Newesr~reao.emest. * - NANHVILI.R RAIL ROAD. ?'h46 voontieve will ro to the GreatPr *muacla no ile 15Ih lent. as fldlowo P o -RS, DA 0 tYS. Deportre, . Return. Bne l8 A. A M *~~ ~ = .M ll ll. 4 P. M. 6eama 1". ~r.PM. .0 * n -r SOeDiTf to Li.t Ibtnirhe'se Byouo. *03niity~bek -i (i Hl 0 , Call 1 '2 A AMA 1 9 -P11 tnLsllrouschge P M 1 6 P M - *J.A9ZF..S lI.C.OLDWI'R.g., alnrt lth;t1839 Pirieuslrt. NEW OR1FA83S 4 CAIILOIILTON RAIL ROAD 1Pal.lrlE.,W'lNTFEu AnaA1cEMr.Nr. R. oLa, ,oma,,-ce' A ell H f t33,'rr.r, 1 ,19. `'ROM .too ROLLTQN, FROM NEW O oLEAN', Anna der nt :, o'clock AM. Himn Cara' RI o'llclc A.M.. Lauwt Ad l, I;- ·oliv , t PnN. 3 P3M Hors Car, oa IH29u Car, 171 the eon ll.3 at rule atae hnrnaa j3(c tfa3 day. Yard 1 a',I....h 3' M~uh.' Lo,,mtla w 3, e C 3.,3(lt.3 i 80.Le, 'as 'benelised ore 12· o'clock PM.,. te'trip. Aft..- It0'9,k P.11M (23 Car duvt pin4{de tbtmelvet e~ecbdrutor luan'Iwsitire dkgetooe not t "''P. ft" l.t`1,' 'rr ':, le'. ýRý". " i .ie -1 t e : ,.k S19 1 . . .39.3 1 ,,aa ()u 9.aa. ,.h. .... 39 33ý :. .1 II.,,a3.a, '1..t" n: ...f. 19 Ana . . .. IS NaC),t hI,, 33.... .. t9111. .3 . IhrCL 3A C 8 -pali, e , I1 a~"p ".rn~~3i.ia. w3-.,j.t,,t 0 , .;833 . L II C 'j iOlctlaalM,, (hr a., N e w h o rk, On r 3 . . .I .....,. f a NtyyI. n , a d ....F P*3133 .hlp Hd r o a d .. . . .. aIa,.- t.t.L3a,3 , Oc .. ... .1 Mtta~oh do... ..98 .iverlwwir Sept..:...... 2 *askri~ S cI ~ I .vr. do,.... ... 20 CL. TiANC3.- . - 3 Phip a'~gdna.P, intw0 .fiver Oat 61, p39. Ski L33 3(33!3Nrm I.HG.a .for H p. y, Plrre; SeLa 3, y Ed, 3 112 Mob.a. and 33(9eJnl, H Lo 33h Ils·~erU~le k a~ el J 11 Aa"hhridr St31' e La ttl, 1.t*Ha " Wa t L uitil 13,33 01 1. 20h. .83g. ma, .h ,,ua.-. 33 TOW hn~t 805thl. Theresa, m North ~eut pas, Irevin fease·yed to see her tow. returned to the cit Y li 'hi lea W;uoe.a. a3·rqui Soli, oulr. rid.-r E231 rAnt.- if 1 R E3ro Ppu t MRllO. at 4 yw. SBarqnell Nb.- 3t333 Br'13'k,, L3d3y,21 fg.m 2ltimea 15th ins,, to 4 cb..t DO,1, An 3.Hdy, pore , J , a, k. 81ooluor H~l1. n(Mieau u, i Finch, rom at F. LOUIS mea~ner A a. ueta, Gc Ft, fm V chr. station fm Mouth of ()life eelrketNlverio[, fm, I~oeirrilte EXPOH'1'.. We.laL. ll. i Tiwluleon..Cargo 1796 holes ot n .ltava..ph3..-, ship Bnrrdilcl..CargO 2,3 otto. Q (ilaag I1 ON. a er shr 3 'Iry'h..yg, La & 33333y bran da, urine.lard, groies 3priion.,lur aw'i3d rc h333. I'ssurow.. Per~chr Nary Elks--Cargo 10 his four 1 fierce eeke. er. 14111 pu CulI."n ps ·oke ore, 50 . tLyEII~g 6u a a. T L,, 3a,1.P 322333 i3tle R ap .C -I 31 6., r a 1. IMPOTS.hl l l)t1 c d 33' blk' ,~ ... 3.333 (43j o ll36 a. .C 3 .3o i. 3.-,t 33 "2 a a & APr h i Ei O 'k d3 bet toorde I. Cargo 23M feet r~ 13pTcelure. if. lab33..jae.4333a l h Fl".3- A :3(.36, some Cottyu, S bas Imrehhdeit I to A I &.1 An ItICEII'fS OF I1KOI)UCE -lit AIk),lL.yr rla Auauull·.Ce~go 292 holes Cotton as D D M 39 r& 33342co, ,,333 , 251 { 3'.ege,, i Taylor, ,ar ., on 43co, 3I,', 40 A3int.,,,, litH,. H9.-, 177 'iJ. Godi jA1m.,,a,3 tick, &1 rH,:3 PeyroF, A 83,eil4 Nuni,,, T Trpkrlu 4 W .ttJ5 N & J hick & co I Urclo b co, 20 l &~~~~~~~ W,03 B.,3 D1a ke3. ~ .3, Wat. lo, dl, 9 0Fraxk; u a Henderson, 18A F,,llon, aI Buckner, StllenRin Eo. 10 J ill Storm . ala .Bt Luie..u r H tl. aygo 41 a w heel . 41 P8,- uu lln. J.A Maro,3 , 220 L nt.. a , Li.d -~n~(l bl· I'.,...ana,,, (.~aaawa.Md, L 3. 8 ~b . I , I kreggl ptekta. I hone, I04 a, itoats W E lurone. Itbr ates ae, ,ee3,, Ipc IIe 92,3333: 93(31 99dC3t 3,,,J 3·. lJ A N.ne3. bbl 2Ti tongues- '1'hnyer en. 9ggia lead J 11 Field & Ao, 26 hI. pat, 93 Col .11a13Y & Eider, Si (ase, Itetasn 3 H 3aGp.;, 6 lee 9~l~olow s ool lward rout, 1029 L~L rpplea, Ice lows, bogs*c. En.l Mon3h oap(.to. Hlp Ml33mar3 (1,33 I33?33m"Ca,, Ia m 33 ull3 3. 1,. hJ.1 12..,lr,, 3 e k«U 3, a3.,, I,, . 2.J 111, le, e Ikry*.1 oullluuls W iaro4l n e(,k·I Dole 50l ur, iln.6llr:. cu e gu "'8116-r.0 U14',r a (:nlr.32 lr.u4, d ti .10 N D Ctoler, 3 I Lueletee, ii & Asher, 16 'P el Llava lCt , 1 Wards. Ncfliut & cu. Y3 L,.ckbtrl. It to .U 1 1 eel be1,1 Jigne, 4 Ycut leeI a LO· 7 N t \'hili A a .57 Wsw Olli tkR de fcbbirp ·, I L r dcl :,u U,', lorll. ester s Sward. Inn holaesotnlrtt l.. Pr rlt.uwsr.'l' clIt .C"Y" 1W P, I1YII/III 7 "It'1 Ugdce &.: eatlgale, tL pa Lagp bl bilg, A'e,.,all, Itu Pr 811 auVldte. I lJirey . ;,e 41 c o. Cld L u 1: Bedford ir.,, ollywll 4 I".ddrt'l'ate Ilopkinll 7 (iIIIIzJ. ,1,& ris u.J&YV Uc; A I. A$Jt opn reo u.,P , ll s ulsro 4 F"'·H(·y·. Kirkwaa. lt arala attly 4u Hsrt H/ Devereu·. 1licbardldult· at. At rowu & WW UL T.Hell Hriieoe r Mct wcbl~nl.Y N., e,, 11u Car", , J HaWaaM G M Welk. C R Kewredy, Hlrir le 4 Pai, Jluklorc, T E'Xreiae 4 Ier"hi Per stoalnor rls'la of l*l n.. U Sander., An Snada, ily eh,. ( WoHIlub Cbo CItr.Iuuwar Ln·Iauluu. Ile '·l'1' ; MeInlIuatC; 81.e.. tool dro.V T let ,, Crbllrh, {V 11·T I~ly At 5 ckif-·~~ 1 Kett,, J"-"p~il. ~ l~u; 1 "'c; tluurhal. Labrliee. that P er ote.1IN r AuUuIl..M, Joue.:Y ph ovelr; Stroud; WiCI; hubl Wlaaw;Iku; ellu,; euthhrl..j; {Vomit sh; Phelps; MO,'. can ShI·L reports ship Lursdul cro Baltimore; cad thin- Mae ýc 'h'ula'r, Z.4 P nl9.YIld(*i. iut L~d iver. 2 ----· --act fbM 'I'I.Eý-pwte,.? Madeira hattls in store, for sshlr)Y OL' AMYYACI(& . 0 .3 Rank plans LJNibUN P I ok ploro L d su a riquality, fwraaleby '24 i CCA"MA L 1 ,3 iouk pisoo J 's','A'»'1?=--Lexiuiitn Durvto in half pound 1`r euiaiera, Iodiug and 6.r Pall ho II 1 NNAJ1.1 e21' !!DIIIY*!t-fa'n d'rlapigoakIn.* LA fihlalEYh.V alblrlo lawF fas by o IN)RS};YLt , 41 Nix l rrpte 7` .A>; Il-.q' kegs I.Faf Lard Iauding ranm atrasabol S1 'Vb d-kem turnraln 1"r ) Mrn & Fion 019 41 A iv ýrva *JAf-.o k.4. .:rjr 11 orloslo, ý1 I~ T}"eEr Rn rrerririu. fmmwllyN S- &d Francis "7 !k bu,. A up rtalIJ ass N)IIIoO(1 rwU el W islwgl g jýti+Ird1 s, ,""d f'nrr· id bttynr, a vow l):lclrr ' 1~ur.(ookit,5,·FiL lintne. r, Fwl-ull~.' M itdth I1MYEKEUx, ,I -..I. by. - b F -Rai lr J srl trd,.iu stun,, f, 44 No I.errr H I`E H1 tV,'% $l'ti.)R- *1OI.OOr no ao.,udi.g en aoL. Cb dLrno. d 4 loalf b 08 rooBLoNI: Irat n8 33 Vra Yler 6t. TAIi TRUE ,A*EiOANO I,: ý t,' D QLD. totee ii"umflcdttpakig. ' PfBLUSHED .Pil*, Ti'+'Weekly & xV .kly. ii '11 " Ir ' % K LM: A1 :11 n TjESDAY, OCTOBEI 29, 1839. no m o io tor intention, nfrom tim it of anexlt month, to pub at Iihlh dlily metrorologieal tables, slewing the temtlpers. lrde ture nnld the aspet oftIe weather, and the difference betwt enthie mean mai apparentl tittle, mnd tile course l imthe wind., and, weekly, tihe fall of rain. Times tabhit will te prepared by Mlr. D.T. .illie, whir ego- has, for tile iprpoe of maire correctly aseartnining the quantity ofw.ter that faells, invntlod ageoge uIoUoa acry simple but slsperior plan. The correctnesa of tlhetr tables wich Mr. Lilhte wi'l inrith ans, may be reliedl upon, as hli time i devuoted t rtling cironomleters. We shall also occasionally furnish other Insteirolngtinl M. and anslmnnitiea informatiom that may interest out readern. "Good.-A young friend ofoar's adnmirntg the vignette oil time Mew issne of tllre dollnar Bankl shin plesteri. lends hichirepresentl fortune reposing on a strong box, re the marked that it was mosat appropriate emblem. T'le ceise money isat oil oked up. orhy enter A eoetrtporary pres says, ithatJ. N. latffil'spreach. iot ing, as ion bern replorted, is ot tile cause of the oua. 20. pension of specie payments. - No! but PAIosos' leaving ile PULPaT f r tile TAEat CO is!!! latin 'cepi 'We am aoppy to learn.' soat the lostion Alin of ehlesmrdrap'ltlto a large aineleiiig olftl-e tIoot resipeeC hlcy nitd IIuIFet aUbsontt nt ir m.rllaei of ltis city waslelad eat nigilt, at which it was leasolvea with entire unmmai ty tl call uIion tle bnnks, in thie presellt exieenev of nlf+ire, lo step forwnrd a nd filrnist Im relief n Ieh' li. immediate demads oif tile commauniy reIler impers. tire shiuld e granted. A generous 'otplliane wil tilis invitation by the banks tny eabl e tirhe lerchanla Ito go IhrouIth tie crisis witl Iterf'ct safety. Notlling short of this will meet thie sterin Icessitires of the case. Iet it. thele ie a mnoral lirmness evinced by the banks, altd we shall avoid insolveiov. Othrwise,. all c'tsses tt'dcbloro who miy happen to owe but mot fifth of thleir prope ty, will bo driven to ea melancluly stile f Iebnkruptcy." COMMUNICATION. "/1 e have been requested to correct the report ftlh'l coase of Iubald l t el versus rirt uZV, (triii in tie Circulit urtCourt of mtte United OState, on \WVeda day bulast whicl ft rilpp l eee lldsanray't Guzetta¢,) it thle fulloentg ipar Mi* ars. Dlr. l'roubat, for tile plalntitf, steal tie caseO, and ti. e ante oalt of the clainm1, a icll inclded irlterestcttalcu. luated teoarding to tile law of ti it stle, ilthough, lie said, ile etr having beei mnadl in new York. 'T'lIe plaintiffs wollll le,il tihey asked it, eltitled to itere'st A ri lltara mretreemapar muu/olaal oll tt U I aler the P N tcharge il tile Coatirt when tila Caue wau sitot Iloitto. , ltie ijulry, lie slutel tihat it" the defend woutl Iaythle anttounm of the pirincipal iithllout atn itterte.t it . woUlI hbe iutlaly received. TIhe tldle poinlt in tile car was tt si ec a litn to lte nuoficietl:yllfete ovidencv On th It Ulotllh dltitatlltiatt. AD ile e.idellcre was tniken tinlder a I:tllllllis.i)n Io Ntew York protl iaterr rattries,ai.nd tle lltaifi's aIterk was the oulywitcstenLxmtined, lie esiliiedl that some (ci' lite entriesa of te tohod sold laiti bela ia't t ldl y biy ma e mtihle plaintiffs, ar im iar, an ,atehlirii.ldotiy Ihim, kt (tie witnes;)tand thle deflndualt's couoan obleeted tilt thii.raw not admissible, bui tile iduintlff htutoclfoi tgt t have beeo examinied att to lttmru utarire. Titio CourI , hmwever, aa ros-Iv orerrurhd tile nhajecti , and tile jury fbuand tie wirleoatount claimedt."-U. . Gazt. The New York Star tious speaks of tlie operation oe affIairs in tIlat eiy:- lays "Every stale ill the Union, nmore or leass, purcia.nor. fo tto New hurk, amd lte city has debtols in eoery state. one tease oeourred yeaterday, and it a only one oUt of a Ii-i. Sdeed, whiech ins a pracltea iltilstratiota ofth tite irs. A merchanr t frol the intaerior of Polnasaylvsm arrived here wtitl $4,i10 in Peltnsylvania morey;, lie celled ln a job. Iven big mheoua,, and said, "you mave oy nota fir 14 lt :r Itto will beduerina folwdr .. ,, , .'ii, , t ,a ' ' " t, a , r', - tlt,, 't, .17 lonigmismopjytf themwit: 1 City a ...d C ... e I'nno cs are gh no. -- urth l.'-.wla.Teppen, bltt.Pused .igllu r Huiz anld lignur IMualer, tIm two Yjpaeishl pa.+elt_era onl bualrd . tl.c Armimed. tu be amrrenle~d ell thrwn i 1to p~risoll at .t~i nil of cuthe Afrnca pirates of' tilervegsel, ·lie oil : luwiug is tile cepy oT tibe writ : .2 '11mel uple oafltm Smite of I%. Y. to time Sieritof tile :r City andiuouty mN. V., Uretia: f ilaetatd vol, --, thai you take Jse, or m.ala aue, otitrela called Pipit alien subjects otir le el (ue ol tlailh it' ie bshould hbe ta ud a I vror county. .rtt Iin afely keep, o thatu have his bodly itlure te e Justices t-f the, Superior Court of ite Calt at tilet Cty Itli, i the .i ktatlo ity, atn the titld i'oidaty in October, i39d, to an swer ulto FULAHan A.frican t ldi Tib, t leaol' treiapass and assault kir itlsely iltasrisonillg, beat Ae sgnd it(.,trltiu. and inoitding tie stml pLil.titi to Shis dnamnogesa, tw.-iamusand dollars, as is said, a id Ilump al y a tea and theane tIlli writ. W i tiets, w allltltel Jones, Esq. thiet'Justice of the sauid Court, Iat tile City (lull in SO tohid City, thefirst Mondaty A. Oclutbec,1 iLia A. A. CLiNTON, Clerk. Sign, d, THEO. EiDOWICtE, Att'y. Cek Endorsetmml--La.t the within defenldanit be heldl to bAail! itt $10.11. Pigmled, S, JUatei.S f. A Aitiar writ wua intued oat ofIte C Italatonleans ,gaintr Mlnntez, nid I"talpsau camt Ii tie toille ic viith th towrit, and whnl tlhml strlngers atked peraastsit.o l togu tm J mile Spmanish Collsul, itey were riefusaed, 1I tIeta tiagstI Scan be permitted ill tnlt cuuntry, wllele slave proptlety is recugnized by the eonslitutio , IIa wlcre a l -rgeltr. 0 tito uoftle Unionl are s ave sitate, Ihali as nio htroeoeitg p wl'at ithe conlseqlences may b. Two ai lr. chanlts carrying tlheir Iroettmy inoua one ptllrt ai Ctuba to nuitler, the saaves rise, alld llaur.r tlhe c.up a at d cookeat,et,.eaiatnl w and w ti tIte itpoacllelrs, tatld Iatsaty a tuake their lives-rubt Itle cargo, ndat Coit llllt ol)e Uel ailpiracy alnd il-tder ot the hltigh teuai By apoiuvji II dentiul event, the crinlhlas elt capltured by ra gten.. I Det vessel, brough into oneoeul r u a rt , an re s.1a pr suncd. While iyet i priso undr , s -c re+ Ii befor ie ed iu lof on t euItlead o Ite, il aipiiation tao reoluen II.aio t heir ttill Wllr oter, thrcae uwlerr blngcs i UU' ""Ctl~ lll~r*•ld IllllLrt IllrII+I s-IIU I Oi twaIat,ntirangera in our ,.nw•tvttta ta iti tttttltttstt. ly preserved, tnr: tr Heted II tlttthehtta, t it,, titth suit tit 01 utf ile very urilinaills, alltow priln, chged wit ur der and piracy. Whlnethr bLis outrage tin c viliZallon i d oela ll k ieep lese Sllais gentloette in Ip isia ,a tl at if lhe blacks or givle uIp, as they will li, laey shoulda - not ilPpear as valmi alie sout IIennatteudns to ie tebn - ht is ewnderfu! that tile writ was nt issuedtby the abo •litionloiu in tile lnwoe of Ciatnez, the chief itate and murderer: it ,ighttit UI well have beet dene in his naOne aI in ile nllleUo tile o ther o Iwo tAtri, mie , wea ire muone, kbnuw inothiag ol~lheu Ilamer. A uil ,i mtow gonaig on imtaenteofuuroourts agninstuiaillinia ,iulli, onetat tia. t Idntll for tiOl c ttlg nWiy nttegro ftoltnhil 0lle ter O lld isucing~ him Io r~l J bil of iiiol ey to a uarge ulna!lst nt'1 ad Ilw blaclk iirintts andeorderers are niltlo ittttra'es tvercy milliem rltall WIOtI mithe; itld robldtald itamettirend en tt uraeiara,saud bare iaathrows ithtt intot itriat sitn nder roloaacomlw. Whait inullhumis ta leo ti tot ebabo litlateiom ibateod tt Itatab I l]e btlikr our tl1attelr--tatO ive leln ibe poaseilll o|+ htie country ttlli is gutert. pcm Intlt1 |l+Solll~ds+,eI sri InI'Verv OiOIiV ] i tlr eqk llke. ea gnhi t w 0 b ll iealcer . i 'aan t I a ltatu ttl i .ed at it.t tiat It elyt th iat e l Iitr tliarrtIt t Ita tar ll 1ttIt, il ir th. Rlle~rl~ay r llnl se "lu'ieaffur ';lc .s, +lt. i,lurh e at J eclt ittdignaaul non tIhregltotttthlaIt iv. T 'In o tt a eCllr ll~lllel are rolbt*+t lo tll ir I', l~r +!, z 111 1 n IIV III rI daired hly taeat ag ou .tsageat, tntlama thetIr errl fart e li ttmnltrdr n reullttw totr wth., vit ' 1 illlnerti . I in ot is oatargauu ...a..t. I' .la. arL. IMIPORTANT TO IMPOLTE'RS. The Now York Express pulalles thl arloexoed opiniou of Chancellor Kent, oi tihe sulbjueet u thle late Custom Houte seizurus of gd, ds ill tle severaol At. antic cities. The oplinio, it will be reen, is agalint the legality ot lhoeo seizures. 1 lie questions subnttled to Chancellor Knit for his opolion, wore as Ibllows : let, Whetlir under the act of Congress 1799 tlIe importer of guods (other than wUolluiu or cot toun) hal u right to rqutorr of the uollretor the appruaiemeat in the maollecr ,ud form set torth in thtlteot, or wethoer thuat act is repealed by any rubsqIout auct, tod whore are his presaut rightos i case ut s iurs ? Or does tIue act of 1839, urc. 3, aiply to any good uother than cotton or Woollen, 2. Can the Collector under the 78th Sec. of act 1799, seize goods, after they lhave been ipassed regularly tluouglh the Custoo llouse, udler Ithe Ilapectlun oflthe prolMr oflicuri, ild pviul the do. ties thereon, and can the dutiao on said goods be recovered hack trogih the Coullector, in case of sei zure? -,ý 3. Whether then peenu. pruudi liXi"po Ihte claimant of guods, sccordiog to 7t.t section oL the act sof 1799, unless tl seizuro is miade in pursu. .aue el that set, or can thIe uanu proboandi ie in Sp-. ca on the claasi,.t. unless the selozure be "mde in cofalbrmity to the sct of .199, eae..ptibg, of c1OUn woollen e and ottoou under the act of S4. lise the Collector any power to clharge duo tiesu oh wlht Ih naoy cosider the actuaul value" lt the place of olirtotion, instsead of actual cost, on goodst whichare obtuieil by pure.bose . g anl the jlusCognolei O tit appraser., unlest pp.inoted sjleuor the 'ot of 1.799, bo cuosidered primI jucie, evidenceO against Ithe goods, ao ias to suake uattt ,o 'ati on tle toar t the govorument,. aid cao it b julsiesut og tou thejury. OPINI( N OF CHANCRLLOR KENT. I have roosd sU1itd Cotldset the aUnexud qoMc. 1. t all waiit tLoe ld qtlilhsn, Isiv to ob onreo that I do not peoehive in tile act of Marel 98,* . dhi.2 (being the original Rod vary voil. ýle lneaheuli* oollbeiaeju of dutark ane ri t ? h .. npoit,6rigoodb to requiltest te .'lloact or the 14th n.t ly', s e. r , Ze ,..i it tho duty ofth6 Colleetorwherp an'ad valoren - rate of duty in impasod iti any joode; wares and m.eohandtma, imporal4 inta-the United State., to cause the actual value thereof, at the time pur hlraed, and place firom which they were imnportod Yinto the United States, to be appraised ,If it be - the dluty of the Collector, under tio act of 1832, to cadae the goods to be appraised; then, I think, that - the importer has, .under that act, a right to call upon hbn to perform that duty; and the importer ought not to nffoer any injurious eonhequenees whatecver from the neglect of it. The act of the o- 21h of May,. 1830, seetion 3, relative to appraisers, ra applies only to articles of importation subject to ee apprairement, but the nubeequent act of 1832, teeel to be general and unqualified in its termns as to tills point, and make it imperative on the Col. lector in every case to have the goods appraised. rho lid. In Inetwer to the secoud qoestion,I nil olwinion the tat the Collector hoa to ticht untler the t;Ah section, ery orany hler sectio of lie act of 1799, tou seize goods eslter they bare beeu passed regularly tlhrouglt. e lC e lout House unduer tile iteolOptun of tle proper emear, ale nd paid thedutires thereon. There woold be no eneu. r-rite n thle pnrceha.- of goods, and no ed to veno.on oral n T) racy if goods ere oi liree fromn arbitrary rlirsere tilllery selzullre, when Ille duties Inve bee Ipid lid our Ite goods lfaIiry paed througlh It governmeett otfiers iuto thd general-tlusse of the criteoultling eoloatnrce.u Ihe country. T'hci ct of 1i99 gives tao color for e0h in ct trr assoattlion of pouer. All tile powers roohnr. ite red upon tile Collectorttaler ia tilt; 67th, igthaul 7re, l1t setilols t l Ille act of 1799, evidently niaptla only to r- goods wile in trentler ela under the oltroul stlle mCus Hoos delttaheagtta .dtl e packages uabltroket ot lif suggled itllo tle cota,ary eithao lata ate d ties. lie rigiht of se..ure is Ior concealed goals:. o gotola euelpested to bite ott cealed, and whichl ale saubjet eh- to duTy,lthal is in etes,i shlero Ihe ie- Inave IIolbWen paid. 'rilate iowr of exailaiiag invoices ad avere Oe. toinitag true cutttea, natd a Ie tr ito coSt If gooln, to witen t le goods atre sat jdice, or onier the coLllfOiu of tlie Co.tltnllt IIouseP, nit It is tao lule aicl Tile uculaii nalirae ale closed, aaa dutido pail, atd e lla t oIdealI p. serl, atd tea goods ldelivered ofer ilto Ic Itnls of tl e illl r or Icbl.scr i .............iul to no n i at0.d of seize onta sticilol. rglll T ttircg i llletationth ercse oa flbe reul~~enl,..I* /rower 1,l naisllre, u andBlll~ldV to o r e i ari dio el tlulaag dotaicil, only Uc ,lara elataor to goouda asaugglrd or Cllat:eaeledl, igs~olaletce to be n withoullt Ilnlvutert I" da of ties, or whltile e goods Nare till alcdrr tie Bandas of sie at Colletelor tn packt ges. I ai nat see ally tlalagii eillima n. ilae 67th, af;, or 7lst se tioaaa ol ila at ol 1799, tlut lagives tc e iqtaoisilorial power, Eac Cnt in tile TaaII CUcas t have Insteiaaoa d. ,rt l.tatnano t tao t lle t rl qti tieastio ta a t f atitaot tlt Iaillcaensle.ieliotl'lttloe o a01to pmet1oatdi is n ruw aiv taUe The cllt i lollnt, whltaa Ile ao eizure is a o tt Itt I rs nta It' to tIle ae, and Thatl is w ll tihere is locioialna (loal tatl tY, esa jantt alnju l bota tide) o a' iand aier anTlay otad tlhe Itakaeges allbl'oken, r wbero gotdas are Po . rteICald to ine oUlltceald ill evadelte ti ditt I uter cases 11o otn appreoedtal tltt Ol onaus protnladi is cast on IIe clni • olet ntale, tiae'ar 71it loa ll t o Itltnact "i 1799, nttr aughtl it lt injatslice be iu Uar ll.ller ctonn, .aad Iea. reantlawy it it Ch cast oil ihe eltillimll ill tllese two cases is, because file coldaul tlle i t toter Is roined in lt ith o I tihe Co I lector reasonoabie grountd itfr sospicitn of Trued as to the nit enTrv feld Invoice, or sh IthBe COltcealmenl . od 4eoIn answerto thea4a 1 aa ettii o , h o "cinion nhat' le tie dutiesa ougllt bl challoalg utlol Ile actlal ct of g1at oe talaotadl y In db niacltase. Iftl/e tunatttijea st Ito st liiisls ile tri atela t lo l vOtalue, lnd ta im an intelidedh by lie tile notls of 1751 ald 1833. Tlae o15th neclitll of Itlt act atof l4,1i J ly, 1532, (tlte late.t act uat tile tljoeel) n thaaly declres tllt Tlle nt valora roa 0s toa le deuy i Ittlp goLii sllall t e a tilmllt edl t paonl tile actin u cost if arlmally pnirclasdtl. 'rllis is ] e roy vIIaue nwcat bv tItanle tac t, . ltln it actora i cta caI bho .(-a-ertal sae, utd . h"talprisersn atatt take it farte aclttal cniu. Any otlhr los ...e u.. tia. . i...e iInlter . . t lae uljatt rll nd otpp siv eill, t IIIII st reso le Ttlte. p sitive lae"Iltit l l"IIlel rci w c I lave re reedl to aIt deca ire. 'i lie at of 17;19 I;{J , 66,U I m le eth l tual and r'eel colt tilh-, goods ul tle plhte ofl exportation, the tes of ile value, and llao ly is conlstrnetion oly n he. IIt tteanels lie recouciled atllt Imaede njat and ncunitnt. i 5. Ia.llTaswer Tlle 5anlthl qlleslir, I iaa 'ojliUI o a Sthe jttltgaltntolf Ite p raiserpunles oie duly appoite, is lttho muoniant n; ItU i lduly laltoilttl'a sAid ilte be dIly called ipen to alrperaile t gtnls, o ltelr t pt'araisaloent would behprianfaieie evidene I tlhe prime out of o ur until rebuitthd, lto aO , evidlece o uaj r of I atlttt lopiioit aially, ill refererce ts a part llf Ile ltld quesitin, atia it goods be ulauwfllly atal without ,te waroant ,,y law a.ened by the Collahtor tile ill mtirler A lat.l is action ol'areopatu or trover ogaillnt tim Ime r violatio ofpropperly. But i duly seizeal. even ro.s l t ,lle duties h ve been m ;, -' ' . " :i I~l; · .I- ·, ' .i,. ; ·· :: ,h · • ·· ,· S uu.... out to embark on enarc the Stur, for New Orleans, wit lln an cqunin. at tance named Abraham Samlposki, a polish jew pod. d lar, ofabouht Ittinonn age, Tilhe Star was lying at Sanchor in thelt middlo of ita East river. Nathan Sand Bernard Cohen, Satllaoski and two friends, got into a entail beat and were on thleir wayto the vessel, when oam5poskl' pulled a lomded pistol out of Itis pocket and *, made fan tritA it," esay9i h It -ould :".,i ot lun' bade." +x. .v..s reyuoat6Id to go we. Wttn his pistol, to wlhicl request he acceded, et the alnou tino rctttrking that tt wnas, all tu ftun " The booat hand not, Ilowever, proceeded ontchl fartlher, wahen he again Itrodoced SIte pistol, saying " I will s oot it." Bernard Colten becume aslarmeld atd said itL deont, deut." The pistol was diohargled and its contentsL lodged in the left breast of Nathal ColThn. The wounded aonll wae taken on board a stoam boat lying near Whlltlehlall, where hlis wound was exaTiaed by Dr, Stearns, who pronounced it a dangerous one and advised iis instant remnoval to tsw hospatal. At the Ihospital he was atto:lded by Dr. Ed. 1'. IRichardson, who stated, on Site aete mortrem exatninatlon, that lae found ithe ourface of the bodly to be very cold, and tCtat tal wt,,und was in thle anterior part of the clteat, just below the jutnction of Sth clavielo wallT the oterauua, and that I It was larga enoughl to adnmit tha little finger. At eachi act ofrespirotioa, thu air passed in and out ofthe wound. T'ile puatient complained ofsevoere pain in lia back, oppoasit to the wound, but was in periebt o namand of his l hcuaios lieo was Oxa. mined, briefly, and said that it was ,, all acci.. dental." 'LTho wounded man had beetn an alpprentice in lIte Stole oftiaaaon Conttat oi 313 Grand Street, frollnt whtoaT ie ran away, about tlareo weeks silce, .td a nad gote to live with an uncle, residing in IloTaton .otrctt. "thio jory foiund, tlhat Nathan Colhon had been Il dargcrnuluI wontrdcd by tte accidental diselhargo A 0h a iiant.l, arelesoly used by A. SaTnpltsli. Saloposki is ia 1rised, but will probably i., dis. C' clhlaged to-day. 00 At eFreain our Mounday's Edition. The lail anrrived yeoterdvy, bringing dates from New ribYork to ilhe l7ibzitoi . g Thle At w York bnlks stlil adhered firn I tio their der n- lterr lllnilon to continue thire Iaylnet of their debts inl sr everal vessels had cleared fLIr thli port and may be ed expected in he couurse ofl twu r tlhrue dUays. to fly ie tRManchester we Ihavre received Inte French pa npers. 'I'hei ew iiLIIS be.,i rnthfiiptrd" 'lle Ilwpr lirP, llhowever, (i , Iltrabires of our lierliill r I(us r. STie. etllllr )'yeste rlday i'tll li l ey before was l ulilei w or. ' rit if, h i ever, lllcontinuesl l hol llo r ug e lhave ienll t,Id If on1 1111o r o cuses of yellow fever. "I he (.uelrar tllllphllillS thaU lnolle of the pap]ers lhave tiaken iii tie .uljei tIt of li te le i(w of the Ge.nll( nl Council, laing a l.x oi ,dl aRierchjiindire ami produIce received aid nllildptld. It is bull a dayl or two since the hlw wilas promllllll d; Il as it is i'vusl illlllr i t rJen, rild rh. roiustitiioality ; i wilichi Ippers by anllly Io b dioubII d ir i uLi t re .on111, litlle lime 0 us nerl.salr? Ir illvestiIate l ellubjecIr llowever, our f er. 'vent ilpressiol i-, ut thie lw is unlcoslllitlltrsoal: it is an iipor. dutly ; the maIner ill wlhich the lux is to be oelleted ii, mIIrIPoverP, onerous on ie erant lllll: it is lbesides i.,puhtic; f r if pul ill exlcultio, Iny the three ullllllicip liies, it . ;iI eventually drive lre shippllig and gllhlol:. tilhe trade lop to Lfayellre; adi tihe citriera of ouar lil;le c-it,arerolflly'olire to thia lust fuel, and arealready p ulrllleprirg tO iimee o iba r iUillillgeIi, by an,,e, ig facirlirier to veenols r aI t inly i loen a illOrg lheln. We .ihal take hould of tile oulijet in a day or wo. a Why the Nerv York Rlaks will not Si op, and where. Ifre tli Ne w York AlMerchloa will tail. 'he Joulrnal of Couin .rce says: . "Accurring to i le Star, 'the Chancellor hie dedlared int is case of sualaenaior, legal iriwe .dies will i Ib furbrwiith tker, and lai h Ire hia iuatleirniisei N llYl'Dr. Dolila Houglrrr, Stabe Geslogi.i of Mrlih. igdd, iao lte r aprlinted Prrufsiar ofNalaml Philo o. iphy iI the Univerrily of Ihat stalls. Dermading Sjreie,A sale of real matei, under in a mortgage, was mnade a few days vine, in tliis h ,ity by the Plieriff. and purchsed by tho frin~sl of tli morlgagor fo his ua, and on pay.nt being j tendered, Lhe morltgagee refused to . ci any thling but gold or silver!-PAil. N. AUtriaUn. Accidret -Ae two paaengere tLt moning wu going il a.omiall boele the ship Star, lying elan. shor it ths Ene Hl. ver, bound to New Orlbn.., one o.fulbille "'sall pistol whilch hald I iNd IK two or three times Ito fire ol, and whI,, hl we ll , alsng aide ol tile drip, in doing wnoie king t'o to tnoslock, it icr t olff and tbs ball Ildged on the in brelot ofh Ii a bllow pla snger. Thg oilier Woe taken to tile polie ottie.....i6. I eed ea da.-If are to; -'el,. .se rl S dite Philadelphi a Natjlpua Gasette, blool | i t boe llebuglin uStIrlorn hope antd a' 'sbp i a1f eter;ittua the hiruic Semi. Io. tMolpapct intjmtw that Gun. Taylor, Sc A e oida 1o1 d. has basn authoried Sto iport a.n asornt oeti ,frot o Cuba, by tihe Said o which and 7000 regulars, of whom the 8th - ioantry, ill the artillery and tha msond dragoons, d many of whm sri on the Canada frontiesi, ora a part, t in hoped to sabdue a hitherto conquering a tribe Aborigines, who have proved theinelves too i much for uoin he taectie of eversrlad and IIswamps. We cannot believe the blid lond part of thid story. It would he a dingrnoe-to our eontry, thogh in keeping with the frosiou= 0 polities of thes power.-N. L. Star. I, The ihitr of the President at Phil adelphli was ltended wihit laenltsale accident. A elan lied a seriuls bayonet wesond at Kensington. A child, look ie.g onut oa R.nsd rtory window to aer the protueeaio. A ndwi wan iled. An tdd man was knlked down and erio over by a railroad ear. Anoteher wa serioualv Sijqured by en nonibu. /lneofall.eavncade wen kbaudl Sinjutrd by oiny thrown fron a lrn. A por black mnu e w vioinrtL kbted bya It rse. wll boys were ran , over bh a ebuple nflo.,f,.ea, on horsubaek, anti badi - Injred--ed a good marny had their Itm ketd picked ill the crowd. a MONEY MARKET. d1 a NSaw Yoaa. October 16. SThde nlearpten r o M rttn l Walletea tlr. teeter.s l terr laol brehbtee every day. ned thoee sha iherin enter ti plediear thu loer hanks would nt be able to eontinne " eyreijc Yme tad lring tle suspenalion ofttose Santl oefta, are nowseondeat ofa happier resalt. Specie coingdin er. R am Canada., o which there I sueally n drni,. w lch 5 pro.n r ity tqtl attrined to the IAritish Commissares there, havin - en' trpplire wih dollas from Mexico. Agan, an opillinn e i alei i round..arned.ed w have rea teel to beiave it i correct. that our Bauke may rely pen s the alutanee of the Gtreral Government i hopld alley Ied it. A whe eslure caxlled fur hy he ilteret oflthatnted States P teasury. as woelle a y thloae of she regty, and tlasly the Ptmte. Intus aad Rhnk o. AmeriL.aareotperin tredraw t n Enlnltoa at 9O per cent., ane their drafs ure. we larlon, alot feundd o abslipents of Seliei. hut an open .re ditu. In the dllnOrnt Etrrged on ans rrent money tiers Is little variatioln. Estern remain tSmhe Ieti. ex.l.t Norwich. Ct, d wlihll the Broke,n refe. Ily tlhe P'rovidlance Ioat ar rive yelaerday mornie, wee lent ank threta et arureedeemlie - elt their lotea up totaoae otr tnante oeubne hidred dol fars inrperie.anll tser lltor is t ot run tapn Ilto. United SlntesSaukof et'nlnvlvlait atote at IIe lr cent lisaount tali.......e. nk ilt eti ptal eneno. U..b ..noae ith Iet.eet. the eat paper. 2 p clent a molnth. 1 rocket shlip CIIARLt.MAGNE, Caolpt Jnkee , ftOll N 'nrk, is diaehArgiln ololnete llrnjalie erelrl,2d Municipailily. COllsigllee of lte cargo will o ut are l.t elle od Ilhe Lever it r.aeilpt of beir ooedy. Ilo'l 1'+ I'EKP.t I. Itlt Il V, tl Cnmp et FOR NEW TOilK--IReguler l'heket. Iliers' Liae ofl'acket..' T1i In soil li, day- eair o mnorrow. Tie A I elegnit fiet sailing packet ship ALABAMA, Ierry, Iltoalster, ilning two thirds lof lit eargo engaged, will sail as alone.. Folr the freight nf3 l lbalcoon e,11, el n otra ceg, taving elegant .nor.ea,..aa.otine., a.pply to' hie enatatn na bloard, onle tier llouw I re vegrletable Innerket, or Ito edi A COII EN, 9 ate,'onnoi et 3AISINy, GKAOPESFIltS & AL.OtONgtS- 24O n L lanboxes, 10111hs f ido, 10i10 q ror do BaonL, I{ ti bins; 55a, Ioes luacetiel It.inin; t00 drus' Figs; 2110 kp evsil d20 plats G.l'ntest; "25 bes colt sheslled Aln o ld. now loiaadigl n frolclloner Levin Jatnel, nd.r sel ly `2)9 AIIIJAII FIISK,7I COletnoat aI . W AS brougnht t thsle mice piriaso oftle 2d 3luci p a li tv , lh - Ill . w in ,. l -rea , v ix . I A negro wlneln nanled I.1TICIA, abut 4.5 yearn of age-nya shle Ilnl , ln tMrs. lurrelli. I A negro awonntn moaaed LUSAN:I:, aoeti.30 yearn of lnee-sas ite e olonealra Mr. Nienal. A egro n.lo uaoeed l'llt)OIAS,abybout 5y) veers ot age--eao he baonea Iao .lr. Bertrand. Thl'e ownerse of said elaven will pladse cell, prove property, pay crngee, and take them away. H I. HAIPFRft, t.9t Captain otf llhe Wnul, ONT tid nleo.eso hi la geoole de l eeondo Ma nictnpalita, ion enelaves sauivant, savoir, Un .negreas notmmnd LIrlICIA, agd 4i ann, - disant nppsrtenir a Mrs. Barrelli. Une negressn nomnae SUSANNE, agd 30 ann. o disunt appartenrir t Mr. Nleaud. Un negre nooum, THOMAS, ng6 50 an,, na disnnt appartenit . Mr Bertrand. e i :.. ... .f~a.... ... ... !., pi;e3,puvce prbopert, lay, onl abke tlm awayol erwaen they sill he sold at as tinn by PA adilolte, llUlldlie nueatlner.

J I. WINTER, 0=tt9 I.toat. NightWnatch 0-NT tIt conduits I l'enelo de la neeonds Mul tnieipnlitd, In oeavanx nuivants : Un lheval but, Ia erinilre Ia quueu et Iksn pieds notires, marqg par.Ia I ola. no uana ear in derrtero ganll ee.. apgonol, ayaht 14 mainn de hauteur. tn petit titalon saetre, I'oPal dmrite aveugle, 0n rayon bhne sur Is front, anut 13 mains dt hauteur. Leo proprletairee des dita ehevaux sent prid 4 de venir h I'onelos de, Ia 3ban quartier de In Muni- I p:tlitd 2, eitu6 au coin des rues Robin et Anaon caution, raurn o avant Is Santedi 9 Nvembre, 1839, aln do lea relamnor et lea retirer en payant le fraits, of ils soront venoue I'ePgan par P A tuien lots, onganteur public. J L WINTER, d o29 let Lieut. de In garde d unit. ( o AME ...ICAN " ........ -- be. u be uhnor r. ,ftu ! arunl !.. pro,hle, Illmz -e haverseirdderkmed late Ac alpotun% Wllc we can safely warr Io ha ue h goad f Alanly wI atsoever. o We execute il kinds of work, either in _mploying an Mlineral Bitumen, (othIerwit AnphIaltalo) or Ve!giohle the Bitumteo , according to tie domand, at ths fudlonrin hot pricer: AL $4 prynrd, with a laver of briks eldgewaymly 61led tuL and coverle with Iitumneo. r 3 do. do. flt, and coveredj .nd hie int*ertices filled wiL hiitumen. a $2 2. d.. when the brieoks re funrlidlted and laidl a, dowo. ci. . $. do. oIl pliu so i. W v ve likiewise received dilforrent Msot of sonoti in wiiult w:l allow IIs ti cuke the lsurfaces in sich culor. a, otihe ero.foav tt orVingS witlh irders ay deiman, ci tiCer i plain, t lack ir wlite or brniwllh or in olat bollds of varioos colors. in 'ie Sevsellrs Ao hlo i highly apireciated which unodoutbterdly Ius eaostd 0n ndirido residing en lers to annouinee bhitallf Alt ilo sole agent Iholding go Atiuthltin from the oinllltCO v. Iftn we calrl Asure tihe Ipulic, tltt thet ScyO.tles Covllllea y )as no ngenl here, ioed tlhe .Allnl Agi.o ivi as snell calnes fruon VIdl-ld-'l'irorrs (wWill~el'ind ;) moreover, this litter (Company h.s bet one agent in SAltnercl, wlho is lr. ('ovhls, tlict iuttlenltat woo in New iOrletnt ilot ahliortlt"loe ego. It is rellly iniitoble to iree it written wilt gravity, Cli t lhie Sev-oesllou AsphI lltlt itas Cite pillerty ot ren w deritg pitch Olld tar ncoerriIptibtle. lut, rllayv wlht is pitch anid Inr ?--is it iot ilieorrup lblp of htsel.'--llideeId, a its ionelinenme, tllht ihlsteld ofrlCeievin its eorrullttl. hty fronll the Asphaltum, it ciIhllllllnllcut e thal qlarlity to it i. Ilalre, wlt call o hlie mnittllg of this striltng clititi[l I S Agill illl thoIllse distiitlioisi f Aolphaltttm ire. ,osed on no gmlrod.,; Ier we alo, aid ipropost It ot ithto thi t-C., itht all ort- iF rviiluus substance, o ter old r fi.t rel r ottr loaded with clcareolu inlotternre eqll II g,"d Iet collillOe bittln. Tl oecr.t lie i otr rali f ide divertom, the bditicttitt to I ii ICl'r d wih ecltL iid.videlly tehire binig SrUlglI tC ) aitod. I.l:i ,SUI't& I1lt'I', °:!lf- ttiunprt ti Ntt. 171, (i-fi o at E. IIH,53 Chartres..,. lt. l. i.& J. IF'VEIltI:.UX SNo. ii, 'i'(iitPioLrIr;A STI:C:.', S A.Nt)PA(rl'UI EI. of 'if , t('upplo r . t el SIrtlll W'aer, tove illO tore, tIi . ofor or n 11o1r , Still Vollllt, Tli'ar evetlthil Iadlhest, ,to Also, otn httd, I eti. i ln el. tott ,iron anil lrma IGrtlle ; PaI'rntr illted olkint Slove r .i nitmflirg wmal or Ion!, AInd ll"] thie Iasllte ll d mosU1lt aproted ll patterlls. ltrosrutlilg otllll Seit rle t .ftoy rlotpt tlrpltlrrn. IIII1I "i~ILs .III I11 erII tiilthe st ether il i+..Incu WollJ (,rutes, I' in or Coppe.r lipip or ottitlerri, tttV tt1id itv theitr at iantige Ct icll l!l, exrollille fllu.ailllQ. Ill,. corered.. ill,"i",, .opr o r. in...y ..rt a filit city on Illt h Iosl reall millsh+ telris . ATU1 nliel lld ,.o gleral eti lllhit of Jnptattnr d wnro F U1'I' reeiredl, lJil nltlrteii .,.. hirge t.ill g..ener.l st , ertinntof Jp.l.,u "d ware, n.oth as Blnilk oxs, I ToCaoiater I(r, t.oiie -r, &c. MIARTIIN II &J lDEVFKEUX, i6 " dI . |chl n lp i lo u ln s .t MIAVOUIAI.'TY OF NEW ILI. rANS. t1IIE price of f tiar i to Ihis d(iv $60 itper Iorrel I. i Airc-dhig to tile Iorib; tite bhkers wil give .5 otlltleeulfread fitre tncettt. dnrir. te week gitt. iag on Mlonday next, uthe lll hinit'int. T 'ie Iin ws of elond qllllalily, Coroif thllre fie l lt, ti lesll weigh 2 per cet melllUlla, vi: 431 oullnces. o? I Ct oNOI t, Mtonr. rIp Fl'TY D( ,/l.Al A IIt W A Ill w il, b; paid to ally Iterron whowill Iead to lie recovery It two bolxes, I markedt dimt on 'I' M, whielh were hatuled Itrom hip p i AlatMmao hy drsy No. 173i, or lite the rcovery of five tean. nid two Irunkn iltrked IIt L, htuled fly deny N1t. I4--Ioneofthr ii e ol tlsooat . li Apply to No. 90 COtallnl street. o26 GAS LIGHT AND BANKING COMPANY. at GA, Do.ora5or , Oeplobhe 91st, 18139. al CrcOK aC Irlhe price of Cokhna hoobee fixed, h fr e the ao enig se ll Ont a fifty cantsnll r Iarrel, its the Gs W\orks yard, std, takael in qiualities of one hundred barrele, will liedelivered free of earog. woh The saupriorit of the Coke hOlror lel, ed a..y ,f r aanitio -'l fop e rtmnantunpleasnlt Asell or ttmoke, tit oenld induce vry family Ito mnake uto it. ben Coal will Ibe furnished a tuian regulIar cusntotolner. rdsnorrtecnlvid at the Gfl .t FIc., Bask Alle.e 41 VW WELI.dI. l ltlary. fl FIVE HUNDRED DOLIAIIS IREWARDn. tl ýY virtue of olithority vetd ill It. u0l0r ignedc - g • 1nllrtlnliaincl orf ihl,e ('unclul ii! ill. 171h1 a1; liln 1936. I Rewsd gf FIVE. IUNIRIRD DOI.I.ARI is. rreby olrsdl for the ettpreltreaiot atlld tontvicli.on of ate loreu or 0pilretsl faur lltg fireC to tu lylo swisllh. ii ilul 4e nluicipaiml, J. B\lWlIWIN, I Reco.rder. sI Rewlorder's Oftie, Seonde M1i8i, ipaiiy, 'dra New Urlaauur, L)luber7,1839, . .. J .a.ST REET TUEAlRE. Phia Tb ening will .ie perfu nned ROR ROY; onR, AUI. LANG HYiVNE. I' lHelen Me gwrt : : ": Mrs. STUARt'. Blaile Ndl 6 l.e ' : Mr. HOLLAND. Aflte whlih-ercond time, THEIRi1ISH LION. Mrs. Uierula Firigig : : : rb. STUART. During til piece, an IRISH JIG, by the Company. flDaolerJn, at Ipast G-Perfu.oancea to commence at 7 o'elcek. CCU WAsINOGTON BALL ROOM, "ST. PHILIP STREETi aETWEEN KOVAL AND BOURBONo STRERTS. IHE MANAGER of the Wasllingt n Ball Roomm respectfully informs his friends and the public, that the ealve mentioned establishment will open for the season,on Monday evening, Novelmber 4th, 1839, by n GRAND DRESS AND MAS(QUERIADE BAIL, and will continue throughout the season every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evening If each week. Admittance for (Geltlemen, $2 00 New Orleans, Oct. 24th, 1839. BAZAAR. Crrner of St. Charles 4. Common street, EculiANacE n oit.. I-USI! & AL.AN Wllorld recpect'clly call the ati mntionfcilizens acond slraogers to tllircompnlew m .riltneni o (efientemen' liona cshirlts, Ia conllrie, witn linen fronts. Ilshional a linen froui: linen col lors: silk, cottolt ad nlerilla under shlrm no drawer: canbriien and silk handkelrchiIs: Ibalk al d fancy erfa vatsle in grelat varilety: stocks of everv c dseription: gain elaistic uoli eotian e nlpcodrsc : silk, cot,.n and lhread ,glanve.: e.elmoekin glo..a: uallo...laa ad cloes gold fAlso,-Splendlid assortlcent oflodle nnod gents v rie tilg desks, dressieg cases, lorl olico, Iperfueliya, cut. lerv, nod ri:h fabcv gcods. novl4 T W. COLLENS Ueited StateL' Comeciisioacr. Appointed by the Federal Court lt Now Orlenns. OFFICE No. 109 COMM1ON S'ItEET, (Exchange IIntel Ilb ildnis.) SAID Comnlisionlr lakc s cnlflvi;t odelcr nod Iby vclrllle lthe Acts olfClcngresscn , pase li hr Fll.rc ary, Ili2i Is Mnrel 1817; ltheJI liociary Act cf1781, n ld lllel otis of Clogre .s, in ll 1r c ases mliae an t provided. Said Co ncoiccsioner hnco r s e ab er o el r ce1 lintdd ries Ii rlls l lllIti)lll I el'oc ilielr t .ria Il.nv stood iloe eaven'csl serultiny u "the ablest l.awnera pril II AN'l'dltl.-lFive or c ixCgod wc) lod cliop )erl t( W Clt cord w~lodi i Iheinlndtle+ vic., Inli Cuv_. tintll, ll IA o lllohr i ide of I dk,, I 0'l11chlr'l'l, Illtf 2. ils caistcedw ,)c , lllean.lnd it very clO.,fv sci. n i . lr tlmcc les t'iii l. oiul, c, . A hi ber.c price . I Ill il" loibnl'lll' l., ol 39 Cunoll, cll r Mll gazine st I IJSSlNi froL, ship l, als IrI. G X ' lullked N S A, 1N $. An lll il'illh n said hx" will o pi ee return ii to N. 90C n . t 11 wl , lllllllr shall Index illjail, irt dliver to Ilite owoer, hire. i'i.rh,' li ' 11110 , 1 :3 1 1-in 1 0et, the pRll ePpernernnc, nb ), lhe i'iddlr I hieig Said it . Inl llo w ell enllil < b eo a ill th li.d mni,:i frplity. f9 SP. FREEIJMA &N ., CI .Ll, 1lagnalne.lreel, " are rueiah ille thir sllpplis of IIall nmal Winler larly throglloglli tw seoatle. 'I'hir as'ortentl being large will eni ill'latem to sulply imrelents frnlm the iconlry, a00t the i.hl-o1rst 1n1:e; lcr ale wiholrsle &rertail, oil necnlln0nuolino treplS. _NOLORRLD I'IIN'IN(; PAI'E,4--N-w landing S mfrom lship Adclade, all in00ice of floe colored Printing Paper; it 'S.,a i ', l "xfP.."' " .:. - '. .. ii. .. , .. ; c',' '. - . + I,','. 'it I' l IN J,. I'IC" cs VVILLr,,IIP ; uinlll$d by the Leg.iilaiv+ A\.lnlla uf Floridn. ,CII:diIllII+ & li 1,1111'loN ,1h1uecers. 1001,000 thkrie, al w I.i eelirnw Prh: $1; .lfO O11l. 7elliag prire *"11 It'r tick'lt, auro aI.vESTEIl &0 ('e., 151 Il Irotiw a, rlr\E 1ORK, le, Sul. igIt.l. do "IPThItrrciriits ' oh the ilt ,e Ilr'trhake,,.ill le- ,It iouitoed hi the .' lil, Iliu:o Ct. l fo, "itizen's nsi rid Conoolid.lhd Mallke, i ew hutr" illho i,, tN Ont i In:- LoutisSchliidtl julullV v.,,h J. It, |.riul P i oll. on- C.llellke r ofllh ll"/,ii·; I li ii l +1a. n ltl + i.1 ill II 1" 13 U (ally t'ahier ofll ho (r',fiitrir'tl l d fiitllkt 1h 'ru, l . Slos se per net Iwen,"if be : I,,e . Oteciirenll, E.eq· Nutl. Pub,, antite 21 y INa oil ,t i l, n , >o el b It icljs Ir ++ er,'d t i thie bove Iltol r llltlli t It l 'lltlrif n.lnCNrell.ri a Tornee, four tile security ofilli lortatlllIe prize illo. den. L Is New r'ork thl nnlliet will Ite dle istel i n th, Pbhriu Baonk itt it, Iredilt litke allve inlrled S City nt Brlks ofNew i(rleuua s ' TIhe Public ar rrirred Into thle acts passed beIlle ood A. Malrent, Ee,1 Not. Plb. rlt l tito to r tipro [rles which mir Ilce Ithe reolitPite plrizt s in l Lottery. WOU PIIZSI, e (fllow.w,: t Prir-Tllat ir tgirg icel three story br ck led building, knttwa Is tie o I t1iAii:, iu 1nazuistee. eauringg 286i i iet 5llltlll h 4h lt4 lo oil llltl, t ile st 146 fieet 6 rtiti' otrte t al nd III lBet i1 hitt lic oll ll t nllNhe st. 'his buildilig prduoct IIow a rent of$ i7,1lllll nIerlanulll, otlia be not in ihollo11)6 l fh~iirshhKllir. I)It lf I ." lilt, op) ITUree honks, and in t r It to idi lte no, thI orload of tile "· St. Chlrlesi tl thte ity Iotefs. Its retts will, itnn etc few e rrs b ro, .i rt -e to lilly illt l lttot dollars per Iittttrtimted at $700,000 ~ Ptizn--Tlint rlei lnl felar +lit, brick Iail~lh. toig knortn tr Ithe 1'i'1' iI, 1tioeitrl t Bis o +i alHtel, o.ute, ato Ithe -mlrltl-l l nl 'nio RanI Commolnrt sis 1 lirllie l lrl lielt )t t "It ti111i m aII S ne"il 1I4 fitI It1 mie ,hr (I Cm 1" I in ''ills+ building rlta inowv fur $.25,0110, mnd bellel inellmlslt celllral part i of tile city, call hrs Ibe increased n- touthirtv Inoeusad d17 I 1h."irt a' l. nt eli . E.ttluratd at $500,00 Prize,-l'hT three story brih:k we Iin lllhouse, No. :ill tll Nalllt be street. to odjoinillltg tie Aroado, reted it 1t r- i las dlltr. Etlilllatitd Ot I$Ol000 IPrize--'l'h lthroe storv brick drl ellilng 'I Iuse, No. 18, adtjoling No. 5, o: Natch etz strel, rellled nl twelve Si o hrtldred dlltaro. ESthrtoied tt 1,00 y Estitneted it $20,0111 u,. I I'rize--'llie thee t re tory hrick dwoll +g ei l irt , t . Io , t tli tioitINlo9 oiirUU Netrherstr. realcel a t twelve hand.III red dilhliat. Fotiiraledl tt $21,0001 Prlze--To e Ilwcllnt Irlhtte N.. 43 inltl.. rilnat cunrllcr o1f Jl ni.. e lin (c:d L iec thoitet ointt, ic (l l .11 t ft fIml0l ll 1 10C, I tr -t., rfut leir lllOll l Ltrlahliit lloreel, Iby 017 l. eltl r lll d irt ( l~lmitohtoa rael ; relttt i I. - ' ttee Iltitloreod dolhotr. Ertiattitridat $20,1100 Pril--'flle tlRwelll.t. IroE ONO24l solriilt wer il:,err oi IFi si et Merlal - llrHA nrii:3Jilfr t 7 lln s on t stll at rL2ir-i 7 illties oii Forllklhl otreelt by 1.27 l lllf l (t 0IIi c P.I de hI l on (in tl l' iutlSt" .ltie t' - lt't c I a fi oeni Iinldred ilallnra.. EIltilmated at $20,000 i tPrz--Te'lr twoo torv bhtiok wi 'itg hltto r No.:130 uu bye t treet~a, I,etaueu cll U rsulllhe and lhuslpitiJ streetst, cam. ri ng 2tl 1 fel II i tilee il u l yult , i s ity 1t7 f tl 11 ill lies ihi depth; ront oebl ri $111'11 per . roto. Sa r lni ihnted it $5,000 stn Irier--250sllelres Clluanl illrhk stuck, ati $101 tllrtici, $,5,1100 Prize---oiii rhrra , Cttiltileltllriul Ballk stock tl lOtoeach, $o0,o0li _ I Prirt-lSO oharlts MehlllicI ' rlrd ''r.a dero' Iask stock, aut $1110illil each, 15,000 3 Prizes of" 10 shares oeach, City Ilhik, 30,1irt1 . 2 Pirioes of 51) ." IExchlgrge, 10,1100 2 Prizes of 3 2 " is .ighlt, 5,000 r Prizes ol I r t io AleciaIllih ad "'radero' 3,001 itit 20 Prizes oIf l0 r" Itiiial Slo uts, o 0,11110 ott 10 I'rizrs oi 2 " (tas I+i1,t,o 2,1iO0 IO Prizes of I rt Iltk rof Orleall, 20,01 Po GOPriosi of I trr Utllirlll Iltllkthf Floridia, t1,5010 It shlill ,to lit tlihe oprlli nf the'l wrilller of prie0 if e Ilek ttihkr eithellr to take tie tiock iltslf uor tIle par i .irtlue Iiretol in cash. MO[)E Ole IRAWINO . 100,000 tickets, frooln Ito Iii0,1lrl0, wili im puo in ores whorirllnil0 ir0ris ort witih thre iblrikr, ill il t r; in o nt - .trtry clntbtir tr prioc .r blllk will liie riwn. untilnl ca tire irilasaore Ioltermtinl eav. Iootl r t all boluloie e of nHrul. baer ihi Ith wlhul--birnksk Ordlr, ti,rillrio tover Irril rwillt rli ireeivre:!.. t I e. lrsof udlttr tllrt Verinllh, curtliiilr oif' st. .hrl andilr C11nlllu n aitrPrels, nlld at .O. 101 (Cartreis roltreerNew ini , (rrioeti, omtiproltilY fiorwardtti.t tirriors froo t, nd cototlry. torn ptlill, clolttitnilng rliitllo llrolo r ith Itsnr. gir Ierotifickht' rtiiirtd, tdrhhlrsenl rr it!I,4IID'51 ' IIAILIli'l'O'!, Now Orlians. a ti I A ..r.....l; ... will It,-rvid do tl.. k. t oIa Itorhidla cic tsngerng 0 as mauy tr. desirui tu wilteso ties it r llw inig. - . J-initikrovill, Fhl. April, 1839. noy 1 i7 EHIPPING. Wo. Zurope.: t FOR IIAYVR.. Th1 A I fast ailing shtlp ELIZABETI BRUCE, Capt Hggins, Italrnr the greater port-of hbr cargo, will receive deapatch. "T. ..r ,eigh of 2 o5 bales cotton, or 'naiae, appl~y to. eai L H IAI g3 o.mion eat FOR HAVRI. lfo The A I fast sailangt ltip VESPAIAN," Capt Winot,, barvig part of her cargo eon S gaged, will have delpatch. For freight ofl .tl bales cotton or pasnage, apply to - - 8 L II GAIE, 93 Coummn Ite FOR HAVRE. rThe A I ship COLCIIIO, Cnpt. Knight, m a ving port l hera e engaged, will re vncive imnediate despatch. For Ireighi of S2ota baleos ottOn or passager apply al' the r'2 LE H aI. A E, 93 l ('nn at SFOR 1 .VERPOOL. aT 'he A I foal nailing ship LOWEL., Capt Pratt, will receive despatch, thel greater Ilar oI hercargo engaged. Fr balance of reiglt or paslaage, apply to rsRl LII GALE, 93 ('fnmoan t FOR I. VERI'O)(L. To Sa iln naturdaly tAe 2 1t. - t a e'I oe A and fsit sailing 9 , 1 I IIINET. C.t.rra iti Litunill. will atil I I atlo renv Iaext, lavitlng her cEtrg engaged, atd going oil board. For poasage, av ing IaLndsoln, aeoemlodo t lintsR apply to 17 a ,EVI I1 (I ( .EI. 9:letootmn, at. Oe I. IVERIlPOlI.. '.t- 'he A I fost sailing SIip CGIRARO, Cap. t t i t Gross, ayinig most ao n er o argao e' ggmed, will receive itmnelh ftdespatotll. For friglht adl I. II G.A, 93 cttnom Ctt FOR I. LIVERILPO()I. Thile A I and fast Hsiling clip CAIIINE', rit I.iaop ll, will Iha ve ilnlundiate delnIatoll, If- aving tile greater part of her cargo ecgngged. 'or freight ol'q00 bales eullnit or pTo" e, apply to SI GA E, 3 Caollllnoll street. Coastwise. NEW YORK AND NE\V O(I..ANS IiN:. Id will sucoeed ,mti l other iu the Iblllowiug order, via: Ship Sit . Mary. IL'G ',.z . IW 3 r, er. N; Ship nlo, F. )lr kio,, l dV ionlll ma tr. T o Shi p s I are a f li cn r, J S Wi lson , libeler, S htln i l tti l OF n o t l il t, oom s o ri o rtrll e dr tNew rolllp t utoi G r lth to iu lll, mi 'tt ttgl t e retoes tota nti'laIit , w J ee e n tel to New t ipFll, l'' I .I+, O1, I IKi, m I tOe . r• TheO s, Shilllp alll ll IIfI he. .hI ! f irs " llII hove l 'c t .Ii li .. . :w i OItt l tnrptns ii oobtt" e f .r t o ll ,rt l o u t. h u i pn tSi'l rie, ta o t t:tlllaliy e olum a I- I te rttst , t lltloolit , ill he ts e in det pn Ih iioks nd r , Cad taita J s l otu loer, Sor i oatahe i t otea r t no d ood. g Igtaoge, Cappytn I to (knat e,S I. noptait lOatt i l, Jre\ r i , .el lru· -- -- ( l·lni on s \ ,alh n l pus . f r," ', 'S, p--1 ottoa I Ilooa ltcooe.I 'The a oh i e thip o or , t ll ,fi llo fi tt u n, vo p p ter d d andcoop orViisteae,lad Ctoo ll.'in J T Nket r ', 'r .' lr. . +·, h, C uplIii ..,,lv.. ' ,--. ' .t. .. i ronn W ood. g 'rerui,, Captain 'I'ranian. , T, o, totatp taoe I ,eavt ,o ano e at Nor SltlrP t -- Catlllltaint tliorto.d 0i 1111 NWhi - CII Vwlcisali SrTlle abol o I O tllr t ,h a llllron ltorll l rstt l as l-*' o Ba rd, i n coolf+e o atoir ll, Imotn wtent lilit i le luj ll -I 1 e '3'It' lot t E Y tlR tt d. ,o to l I t o wtat,otol 10wo. trkt Iniea out t oep nt ts, Toa, r-,re ,v re/envy "s irreJrom each Port, firlli trt e io t it Ibls llmilt c omposed of the eb ow iltoot is, bilo ware ne w seale will leuto at a t ao l i tr trttallplrtaton aud at t he lowe rs lttfttleihtoh 00ip N ako, l.'apt.ic 'l0ra0 k. "ti o io .lrit pi,t i I, tt aoo .uooisoo le oo Allent ad Sarot ogt, Haholaway. i o tonnacil a 0 0 Il ridgtot todl iqoo r l hloo , f It ict iltl llto ot oIt o00n r, latdt b N 11., o r .. r li Irn e vIhe i g alt, )ono tio fur tt l elgl.rt lullt t o Nt t i l ll t abl lo ao to o o expt nl a, t taioolla r twot r. a l . " ..1tt ritt of t ll t wnlsag e is fl x ed, at ito , w ill , riO er, or coifir al Ioillo and Ig Ito u 'l fm in Ihn riP. The nll thie grlea tesit lpn It alitya ob 1rved as to Iherl Iajy Na iling. Noilther tlt ownrl re or otlnoitt of i tese t e.ei oa "ll be rspoto itotle foir joewelry, i.tllioo, peiou ho e, el . " ... tot blttcll r wat o o. g oogloo... r, h.ol. to wore, alorble, r grati'eo , coolarogo at, too It I ioo a r steel, or for.. hit ltr, p e .... packag... ...t byto puot on iird of thel~n, uless t'golar bil o, r No tollok tie f th l e, 0llll tieh valt, tlooreofexpresse l it Fior freight or pasatge, appoly too Iemt:: ! JAMES Ii IIUI .IN, 7.i Cha nillo FOR NEW 'OlIlK--Peg.ouh, .aeket. Ilolnres' lie - of o Paoketo. 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(Ian (it. ii innlll np.ii li~b'?.. _ ADMS & Oil ['r-At.[, FU ' ICIKriItUlll, A ril tlr El Oll ( iiu c i i la ding., nl31 P tAtlltAI, 33 'iw Y NI-tt'~llll IBEIA ANDll~~k I-RtN~irt.IN ttlr k.iJ) i3 In .tnik I'1J31 0tII O IItIA, Captallntilllwfllwill 'IhUlld-pnIntuinn .tuna y nltrn on liil e'i Iek tur c `,yuxe uer',ti PL ut ' 133 frei gh t or n age a ply1,1 har, or' I 10 111lr41 T1 ')1' I.AI I)I.A\\', tali Cnmpt s1 Freightr will be taken ir4P (tI o'uex ºan it Inluiila. v Yllu, and1 forwardeIId lit lighlt dTýrlalhl bunts I ilIIU uI IIB lIa. Fma1011t in-ill aln, iab taken Fur plttltiinu a cthe Alinsintipp, Wla-h New UrleaI.l 017 wu roams a tmnnsenuud flur Il itinn bln linl street, al thie Firll-,,., hlla nittti-i- ()QeNO i Camp I ItEN'I'- r iNa N. 87 New N~w veg (.. oe I'oasesaiioL !vn inuvedislnlHIl I !vll 10I 1 '1 t*YO: &IIRl'ii t ol erner Cuuunto & 3 11".urine s PI _ O E.__ur prt TO uteri, Nio. 92 e (Nneenon ntrnetll, biilg the nectnn, tthrd asod OI fourth sto~lries. 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Ia MIunlolpalitl No. 2. S La Nonvelle Orldnsa, 24 Oatobre, 183. - TA I.rougltl to Ihlb police prineon olfie 2i.Mufil t ciplity,a negro gil namned CAHRA about 13 pt years of agn; says she bilaonis I. r lunt. r, 'The owner , Ia enldtlave will please call. prove prop. iat erty, pay charges, and take her a.iv. l L HAIRPEIR, ul_ Cnllptain of:l;tmlValIb. I L a .6 ulnion§ kIn gIooe le In h enndo Muni Iht6 une joune ndgre e denviron 1S an., naeo. 1'. mno SAHRA, olle ditapparlenir A M.Hunt. I.e proprib.aire do la dite enclave eat pridde" e - m nir In reclnoer on prouvant sa proprid6t et on pa yant lea frain. T. HARPER, 12 act Capitaine de In GuiCe. . JOTICE.-T-lhe endernigred, hnvin bee i duly at. p1ointedo by the Inhornlole le Pari.hCouintina mll h Ior ile Parish and City of New Onrlean. Colmlriwna on to eotlln;toe lald assesr ibr dlamge aInd ma. illg mUo eonliluniag't. 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Shakesneaare: banutifu l aanbtzn Iedition, 7 vol. 8 moe. j Witlb enyrietyof stanaalnar llad luanl'e works. r, . a hE JOlINS &('a. alw rner St ('barlsm nd (olnnlll a . - -------.nnn ~ AMERICAN AIIANAC-IlI hI:LC- -Tlh Ala.. Ka ricdn Allu. u or, RBananaiHbry of UesFtJ Knowledge, fo'rto10, Il+stu,, I Diaraies funr 141 large, ,,nll and in Inoekel IanokD, lai Itegiaotr, cullllaiillu blank fal evlary day int th yllr, anUd .lllllncn, illleilaalt-nr Ia, avert, mao at Ianaainaa. E JlaIINS & L.q, S aal-4w ea rneraSr St Clladen ahd Comnsat ý.I AR I''IN's RE1'OIt'I'S'?(NI)INE _. B a. t t)un isuur Esq.lh of the New Orle m Bar. Tk uaanderaiglrdn pualiaihers of this tew anld importalnat Work, beg leave rhI ialfrm 1tia raliecribars ndl gaeulla )aIn OflIeI Par of Ilija (it ilnd it hU sate ao fLoisianta thalt lfr first volmae is now radly lur dislrluliban a.4 arale, The a hola worka, ia laurf vohlmesa, will be tl, an Idlted on, or brfIle tla 1511a of Jaluarynnex. 019 JO4NS & Co, l! cornerr StClarle. naad Cadlnntmn a Ill01WNEhY IalaaKS..Haaaag0o Kiaag; r,~~ 7'h I Siauagnliur and ile I)warFI; ly lat 01,1 Sailne, aa tihlr atIag'l'ough Yurn ',NaVaal Fnanalliiag,t &.a tirhe lMa uboutr'foweaa;r, Curgliua Webbe, llloro Glannces al lilte, &c &c. O(pialaaaa tl" Latl "lr.angBaahuu ma Ptailiea lloblra Law, Bcience, Ealucaliona Litlernure &uT&o a -i+, VP-ante Sina, dnn nja4,' A at leudid editioa aa Ilail Ronokh, in ,ae enryal Be vira. Irte; illuslralted with 13 abeatllfla.anoltarigat Jaaat ,rreired ard futr nla by A 'l'OWAII, 'EW NOVEL, Jw--pair anollottlt, or Illedavaf Kilg Hlenry 2d; an Historical Rannenee;bv .tlu Miller, autlhr a"iaf ,al-an (.iwer, &e an i The Litrla toauvlalntr a nta ~lalalil far 1810, ediledljy Wit E Byrn ton IReaq. atis meo~ llished wilh 13 ntgrar appag now Sup, ply of Zebia, or letters ltreM Palmyra, 8 rjl''abulal " lettera frolt Iultel, Jausn tepitad and bar anle by .421 ATOVA e4\ apa - •' \Vn IEI)ICAI W ORKORK ),dical and Top[yryl. .1 iel Olaervatioul uppon fhe Medrranean uion Portougl. Spain .aidhllet couotrierl: nb u omcr, M. U. . N &c, JIMC I ·IeM leeeIsd(lurale IT o2A ATOWAR, p i N LA W 4 OK.b. LPrt or the PlsbyaeMlt. X LAW Case; ,tre ...mmgn.w+,lt,: o, po.,.,,.. 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