Newspaper of True American, October 31, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated October 31, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE_12_ CENTS._ NI~W ORLEANS, THURSDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 31, 1839. No. ~O43 T r ms aIRRI - - e I e-- - _ urTaoiwuuvy ege r r nurnod Inrrnu ti I....- I . U C I N A CORDIAL. I THE TmuF atrllr n. llFv , uvý , f AI lt Akk u.or u .o ,.r...r,ý.r Terms of the Newos aper Press of New Orleon ultanilttluusly agreedto at nnl /onurned mtein/ ol' tle I'rnprttorlo, held on itrh Iihh of March, It:N?. Socutc.trrotos.--Pwelve lIDollars for ithedaily pa or tanolI n, payablo ,tr lni-:tllmlnlil inll dvrno re: ten doil ar flr Ilat tri-weekly eountry plapr. pavable omr oear ilnlrtovoirc, where no rit reflreren'e i. griven. Fire d lltr folr Itlv W eirkly; ltvilr/llr i: Radvoree.. N, .th rt.ription will be dioconrr tinuoed until lrrnare geo anr ettloed. In caie of di con tilllanu , one wtetk' Ilotier in o nrilta mutt Iit it anrl' y ivetll, ipreviou to tlo apirotin of lhsubscription. - Aovicirrsioo.-OI sI dIllar pIPr r.lllre for tie fierl tn rtiohn,nd alfn tha~lt price for each llequlllrrert one11 a·i, naterlal ahloa .tri) lrroln tho origil./l advoerrirmo n will le cllmarglod i anto' r.en. YonuttLr Auvrt·r tIknSrf t lt .-\lt/ ' rcrr!aa al/nd 'rra Tr, arty dollars filn English alonel, rn.l i sixty I'or Illl IItn ·IPa-h; Rlalnks, Illlaraln , O):li,','e+,lnnl tllh', r uinlnt , orn, or CoInmmisoinn /to I rchanto sixty doll3rrn in English no, and eighty fo r btlh Ilng r agct. ilaralmot.. O lrem ,lar -NOTICms nll BalI nrg lthl attention of tlre ptlllc to salos t n proprtIe ra: ,Su t i eua otr. ne.l. re. /pi e t.r wie ll Ins ew. ,nn Bo llet p i* 4 o' i 'so lir Itsite !II i ts , io, ti,, " , , , ' , g. i ,1 '1,"11 11'1 Owin rt. , lth im ll/ns i- losr *u lin y , .:1 , ,.r ioerti , thv r . o v e o i I t c t In t a . ne s f perSo, . w..... 1.'1-, nt 1h v no e pi n ,rre taol' l. sor/t t 1/t/, r g,. t ,. I . ,,,, //llloho ule laornoo too ieorti.ttrt. re. iteo/;t. o* !i; i eto,.,, wi/I ! oftorged dno /rliol t/to prie rlll: rrllr ollrtel ttl, or Sittin l otmrlrr v t noe otre t t oo I n irrr it . . l . . Ih . 1 0i , r it -uii; N tNo ll., and 0imhe l .nt e f tIS lN. Itntrn y o! e, I'te-,. --ieai hilt r irrrr I, rir'ttiiri erir t t uatt ro ant e rr i r rtst i pt inr tt'r dwel 11h 1 saso. t bpaeers. c iharge $1 L or! i. TH[REE SI.1 IS JOtfR/iNC V F/O.11 'XEit' Armll i.trrn lltrine.r rl t allo e rlithtalrrr Itr Itnr tirr n i.. urill be tharged doublcn e t rice c uicti her rllmtim n wti lli r 111n t ,l r' tin re r lnen iry I y lilt i ' f byh i np rt i ai r n ooter r nrllt l t fere. Irn jo/nll it , let tt li.e t a lle itIt' knu r (nlI i rat ahit ni ,ln c tic al rt. tree e i! r IIv'r li li h*atitrt hen elhem l.r t te a o vre ri n t o. i r tp/ r e :ueh .tontt iav. . en/r.e r itsma loe dn .im/r r . ro," rrorrdrn. ipree nts aoad. J. (' l: ;a. iI 13l l . I. ) Y. I f ci+ , J(J 1N .\llI G i l Iisoetrtterfl a r h l oe' re t/rII. 11 i gn t ll'N i er 4 eoo!s , a 're '.. - \'re . sh,' I ,'Ir islied, a ny els ho nir m .h tr ifll,. oiho I o llta t tie tll tl'wt II i r ar io. gr tl' In • ".i(ýia cd) .L 1i: 1.%6.1' !\( .. rei .rr tllh Ilr t r ill o tre t lt Lo eo r iltrl linle ri ott . pir. n ldritr tire ritrrI ,-e s t paid - .torer Atillr iOWGIRloiitlll SIItltRINGt' ttre.--r e o r iofrit n l' v irr. ill/ ir t l at . 1 11 .' " TIiREE I YR I I)nI S 'I. J 1"N tllO1.lI'AE It' R1, EA NS. A Fi ll.n pr i lr of i-n cng tlr hllnrlt halln ihr 1 e- r. t relgire t " i toi t l/ i.. Iritlol: , l l/ ilh' i.t gerneal, r : lie wtillot . r i i ro . fir 't t of nefr oelutils at a 1llnln eh Jt r e hrliltrl. ioprSveaents m ndt, whiet lalr d a ll l i l d il rapdstel lrn . for c ; pl etills, wh ill Cla hle the aab /rrl ill sllnno eIslll a llltc l ll.vr iiiillitt r thil ihI tr i re, an lll ato lai a tr ila oI tLch bettdlr. IFaliliai c n e aceliit ldatld " lisga u lldh LI r -hoe who prefercnls have large cabins etached from •-he mea uild ing. It id deeoed unuae~satry to u an0Ibing in portico tar of the chan emler ,I ther w'oerf a , it is gellr'lly ,lieved that they arre nt / inferior t t tv int h outh erl r.State . r All t2lh e a ln t that r glrall' d at l eri ll h Ii ill t f ll ttills . T1 Ieat/ , e hrat O t i art l f tito ountr iTonr l , tr ai Tea etal .t dr, and will h ie in asIt! ait-dni u t.c t ev . alprin'g dur ig the whorle ' leasn. "T he llatlibel will .vail hin n.+rll'of this uppirtunlty n tii r u i iis i tl ii o t eli beral en prt givr n ht n Iat ,.nrh . end Irp e Iv the e - rie Ihe · Inmta ud iuni, to U .Erit a A hhrdNl &l ci~ o ,•n Ii Iren t r olll n tiii t llll i NO C IM. Ici urers tO d whrolesIt ltetr iit't1 iaddleryor geod, r re irttii.t re.t e lnr.i r Itlle arrrv.ll roll llllsh a ro l,, i*rr otl uddli lt ie, iht.+t l, o+ro , t 11 r xt r wiihcu lJ ll, I I 'it t tll i M li, i. ll + i t''0'111i r lo l t l oor tit rll tl rrd tin, trl n gt ll tl'r r. eotl,,l tIl p Citor rrr N-r r , itrri' dot/rttO ' o rrir,' tl r . x''t I doIt . ia//l d,, IAti/i h ' h e / ," 1111 ii 't r..r tr o tinr,' t , ;.rl il ,! v.,+gu do 1toll, fiats, ,i,,*,,'" a,:d- r,<1, '.alleys; ,,l. decal e slCle all l -is-rh . ' tI llts'--- ll .,1 116 b Ihlll NI) IUAI NO l.\AY DL.J.)INSO)Nt ,Ii :,? I ..i In treetfl c.,n f1ites ht practice to thi e I to tull .liltl e) VItII ' cd Diselse, l l ai l s - dlT , r lt i , otla s. hr.-Johnson, fld'oIIln u -,leh'C e ,f IllLl 'ye;rt ia II. pitats 00 curope, duvuted to me tr ,,tmon of t'enereal Vt-eas.., and flain his Ile tý ) ase.,s|v " ou thlt particullar urlllll 01 Ithe pIlillle-.l n, quoro ers a lfe, pely ond elleiuail ule to per-, i a are tIoubled wiitha y of the filtlh'l ing disacses vit: (ionorrhlea. (Uleetl, .licit ., CI.ncies, Iouho, Seojinal Weoaklhes, .lAI"Loions ooflth Itllddor, Iidinyo, Liias, Urelira, Prlostrate iland, Swelled I esdicles, Eruptions on the Skin, Sore 'TI'iruo, Pains in tle Jointi; Anl thn onlhich! generally fill", his disease. Reclent cases cureI ill two or floe. I, ly) wilhll t itle use of ,le rc r , i:ntirrplliun Ito ii Il tIn.ssa'rI Of uille, timo in the mode of li inig. A Ilellld ll tl pre, e t Vae lrell I)o Iease can ile 'h talnlodof ll r.Joh'uon It i+ ,llll n the ,cpe of Ith I.iolauLolrry, to cnlehrlotd fl're'hllI i 0 I00 nd wart send hi' iro damn" so siaoen o : ainn ,i lolhic te servdos l'a itn;;Wnol ellrl ill Idt L f',oCh Ar,,l. Sid blhy L). Johnion Yt hi, uali.e. I Woni lavillg ay OatH.tion of Venlureal Ilijoase, , n bout tkilir elt... yge', or remol.og to i rt'unL v, woullll do we.i hy givig DOr.Jihiso,- a :ll, in p),,lcr 7 ,eldi eisi olf hlii ll' o iin tho Amlii'LLt tI0i0 0 .I o ao 'i put o ip with writelr directinlld ft ltlir tne. / OfRiceopen rom7in the ion mrui until 10 o'clockt n ight. AllaIINTr:Ir' aiYs:' f'l : tIXi. Dr. b ,no"tov, It ia tgre tgtoit oif t :.l!i s - r(o s w opinion ttllni in'-lrnth lof the idIliease thaIt affec mankhind originite in the i tom ch. 'l'hi.Mixir our aedlll by htn wiilh It lt iiiupre'dented iucnes ill Its lirivato nlld public iramci ht or niwaids of rrlv yeors, for Ihe remll'al of he IonlIoig diedasoni: Lalsl ofIapelite, F.Iatlle cy, Di.toliollll' of rholole ohl,Pain hio thu sill,, leoiovtcso Ill tle Iletd o ill ino clid natilln tIi leep, trregulhoity ol rtoe Iloltl , oll i ail uanos where Indigenstionr a IiuaoiVllintS it tfound to Thais medicine ru.t N ot b onnlnirItI Oinor the holt ofqllack inllrtlmnt nw hefore thie linltinc, R il is the uile inlmntien ofith ablest ni llll tonu cienalliic urge)ln Eroe ever lrOldce.llllnd IIt serel of elparinlf hi rlan plurebased by tile agn t g ior hiTa vl lr.y h ul, It in tgreenole nod potlnles to tile tIan, acts as Il ild alter ietor.lwray tkeeop the Imowell mri!e, iliiyflrts vigor and eArtnelagllt It tlhlayst e and chelriiulnoss tn lle lniuld, drllln lew bolul- rlollve e IIIIt I lllnfillleC al es on I)v rslu'ais or hldigestion, anod pieloiareven rtnl at Ray fture piri d. NEw Yon,17tlh Angoet, 1838. :l35l Mldisoi- astret. SSls:-.-li noni trlalIIoeof lediig ai sedelntary life, I lhave bee troubledal, lolro or ls, wiah .odigc.oliln for ion yesirs; br tho lust thrse years lly sufferhng Ihave been iilupl.lnrtlble. I lave tried several lillyshninus, and Irainnberofliasok iledicilhon, withollt deriving ony beneIlt. I despaired of tver ohaiillng lny perlllllnn mliof, and relsined ioynelf to Ih na iat Ilhopelens doopuir ws peroontld bie nay frieldo to trv Abhenot bud lIyeltepol liai r. I havo now filishled he fouutlh lia. ilt. and know not lhow It .nlpret nlvi a a iriliotl of it. wonidrfil virtlleo and alte altirole it !s i perfuraitd ih resiOi'1 IIa.ala l ialilt h o:llh whiclh . t ilgh oit aoir ever. ,menl me hlt f dIozen bottles n in and exceUI toy hobnks fir toe blessiillSa you Ive a a erred iy re stnoritg Ion to petltoct hinlalth. I remail vours, JCOiI l)NIIOE. . N Attlit lart oflhe irigiinial lilles oirrecrd illn .t lllt g.lrohl Ilah( ofit;e. I)riii:ed ill nlcillolce noah a, e-,luliol alilmO Illll*,a' of Itip.lrleiitaliv,'o, p,0 Is,!l:itll y I Iv',U '1. I t" , iuu t rec.iv,,d p nd •,-.l. "' tI.l:X TO\VAIt, J tI i'" l' lip .i t IEI1I IO HRIIOI DS. H AY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiction.-This ae traordinlry cltmiesl coimposition, the ront of scienee, and she inventsn o. a colobrated iened enl tmoll, the iltrodlot .n of which to Ithe phbli was invoeted with eho solemlltilty ol a deathbe obequest, loos silnc rainoed a reopulttion tiloo.rolltlet mltitaining the correctnes*s of the Iolnontt Dr Gridley's laot confcssii, tlhat " hIe ldare.d n lio withlout giving to posterity the buelit of hiii Sknowledgeo on this lhuject," ao;d he tllerelrs : bquoaithed to hlii fiod oancl odttoendant, uioilno l Uve, the ecret of hisii discovery. It it nnw Itrt.d in the principal hospitali, an thel privatel prllctiC in our couiotry, first all not qrtainlv to f le ctre o thIII, Piles, oilnd o extnr .isvely alnd ctl. itlly ias t b Illiu credulitl , unlec wllhtrt its oflfee.s reo witotsoed EIternilyp in th tollowtng complaonts: For Dropsy-Creating eotraordinary absorptin. ,it once. All Swellilns-Reouiocin thon in a few hours tirtoi nmitit--,Aete ti-r ro:Go : ; quie :tt I, 'hr , .,l 1 t - t, I 0 . : a. o l...,r I'l, , ... u ,,':. , . \ I 1.... , , ' i. <. . . ,,. ,., . .; .... .,. ,+,. .+: "rl To I'oL t4-the i: .'li .I1ilrtin toi.t rI rsonl wl l wr ll u' . a b. ttle of |f,=y . a Lun e . 1 / 1): o, .itt 111,1. ot.I .o~t ilooto t itry fii r Ihe t lI'ihs, ltil ret lrn tlre Ieli p l, h ,ttle w ilnhi bei tl i c Nred Nrh i -Il l are h tt l olosiiv -rd i prOlri tor t o lt le l ti11-,i; Ian L Outit o it l tholl randu solh. 1ot oon I,.l b 9 IIIII0ICn .1 s-IUI. V*,i .It ht otin et c ri stc tst n o t , SPro"th°r tlt O thills who 1 ll tlh ar110 I:lt,, shui e: holit thtl righnal t r i sors. t C.t UTIg ( )iN--N,.I n oI i0 IgIt l f e int w1Ithp t it pl nd,,tid ongr av,.I w,'.,li,,r, an whlcli =. lifis i~¢ ,'t id n d .hi l ofi the+ .Ag"Onts. 001 et lOLO IN i1-\boY. Sdl wil idc . 1 rituail, hi:, C'l/ T l(:l' . v1O. tlil, Kt Iy olnet.I I ) '"I <;lt nll e:vt, r] t.l.,l yiilll ti lt, I.I' ( l,,,1(·. r ln r:li ?v. fo(I I al i b10.1 l1 Cll i It a 'Io gn lNl Io Ir , •t-.; Spitieih e Ittl t·l o irtoo IIt,:lts,·Y hI,10' i tiro !d cdt itrt: i sr,,N .'ic,o.r'' ,od-stl] ,... , . . ......... .. ... .. ... .. . . . . 1 . , an +t lote aUoipoo t Clots~e 'I 1i . + 1 ,,f %! 11, ~ll- ll I'ii . -i lll~lillrid 'III((. J ll (i4'Il II ol so illow II ,iI lIIWIIt ilIrto IFtJ I tlP i hi , allt : l,' ,I I0c01, It I I'bios, stith 110 ilttwlttl toco,,O ,lv,tu s ,i ,, ii l<,4 ld ,,h ln e ve Ir, c s, ,s t-. uri II1II llIt, 1,11on COOr \rii ii 1910 111~ ii 11 - IhlI, fl. I IIs t il . .,i, notl'k 1ott II to N It iiI. I d; ls ni . aish nit lis i . slllll i ii sllrogoto , h alll noll iuh . a nli der t II ull' II It'lk C ti l ellrlt ! 01 i 1., ting llls tt|l 1 l'r h t l riot d IinBl; t rloort ci!nlllanll eliller r,,d nln,'vrl itild E'l+'lrfg andII I dtkl-: chuilnorls. M+Ik4.-webl told sum l ar. uncS~( 51+ ,i, T, Glk antld ct.ltol lnot +li rve and+ dr,|wets; finl Ithllin nid cnot I hirtlt , wo n litoh- n ( a rlhoo ,tl ii realftld; Ivry I ,Pii rl II id plain hal ldl,. + k N tilrl Ire)llas) ; Ii t .; rtit llt " t ,rll , ilt n ( ovls -lli t tlollll ll , itl" h e kidI ftr wi-dIi linri .1, b i ll , .Ac.; Spraltlefit'hd Milk an~d r~liarn ina hdik;, lnhin rured a l embroilered C rllot ic do.o ; ilko ,ct |I .119 I w La I m t iot, otrt-siw itd rl o I ted shelit IH.III li~l lll Cr·if lllq I Ilr l i . rfl .(.(ll l llll~ih llY,· l i lld Wllll, c,.tli hfailt, h,,it 0; 0 all 0 f 0ih00 ltley tido r h1w f ot ) nli r to Ih lllll ' r hitot It lo e l N(it t, ltv. l.ady, .a npoa.',li u.n ki n+w ..iRm. s . .... em ,,,en d ... ,Ie ...... a ... .| .ldlid an~d (C , rle.. 1.,i inihed rlo bIIt IIh, - ioHots I he t ,o reosI and the toiottntic l ic Noo IotA thn pboot No inhanio iloo gioed it iotytlt-l ced ttIto tIfllrtic 'yol to Id L., tinlt lnl tudl Rt cll litrlli Ch'llll ISlltil l llto d dol ilculllln lo toltter or r lnlig w tls nIpiiili olll t el IhP11 i +'l vs n!burn, ol n, t, rl on l,.i iraklv heal and al}l,, I1 il: ill *ns o t he· It, P t he lllli I Ima i llu It!'s f111 slll li.a w illl Non ri i c.ltl; te. 1i is rletoinomliendeld ais ;Ii em ll int hali n 11 so,.p 1 ,,r corInlp,,tilnd ( ar .eni ll e, m ee, 1or b allrlllllll in ll++e Hlill consPlexo1 re'lv nllp freUIckle*,and : nparnn 1 reshnes au·1 W.I ET*TI dellenc II1 fre k +.a whlld lhand, o wl b inaryhllP+ aoll jei d tll .fiob v +. clh :II':llll\ Lt.:i II( · l~l. " 'li+ is 1I)II llllll.P dIl~il r.ll :l +U llill . .t I+li |l id l'c hlll, hC l;l~ I iv W lh IInle 11n1 ol1111.1 t .i 'o gHIIIh rnll , ilii rlle p t]xp l. lure of w wi nI I il llc tlhe ,,,. k ac n dt, t,~ ha,,dl, Ii.. ,,,i-* t ll d or1 hl'rd trilid lltJ Ih:lcl la+'glilll.l. Ill lll·it 1111aClll Ol+ lll)lrl, l)ivi hil: rnl~l? l+r. o li*.llll~ l. , i u Il, l ilil:reL· i(ililt I ulit. . eIrled d Ie I tr llvr t I oif mo erell illc i tl Y hueIL Ilsul lry lll eve 1t. aistV. al l ent s 101 S ,hi w II,,I:hl ndl ret, aPil at No. 9', Cu rmrllt e . F. .1 EI'Ol l . Mtoblh e ctr , o theill rl Itll .inml llll lu l I;ll t.\i: M <llllvr : ,.I Ii.l~l olhlll·(· tLO SL \ill.,Itt. P· I Ill _j'E Cii tiPiCllI i~lll Iheirll I'i·H iCi +. "+ Ij rhUIII JIIV L r IhI Ihtomiboul t p er I't'cll h lalc h , t I{I)..ato s I m ,nI 'l\(1 . ;'iai M\|llrianiia, (.lhatm ins clle , (lIblrlerly. M oiunt \ .. |lol) lHainblllid ,., |)lkll uil.; llnsi nsh, allc .isll lonuis+ valli+, |1n ,tus sla. +\ I,:ss., t:akht;hins senta t :1 1Mc. 1,il. is hn llt dange.rp, ,if hilig thli'w . t oi O l. hsi,,. hit lllrt earne byl t'}VlhTr .+o l++t'll.i -ll "atersts0 as th FCL~ ktit Il| LINI+ as hilt ouIII lilcn leri, anld utider, one¢ coi at througoUitlll and mllay I'0.1 W1+I+1 CEIRTAI+NTYf Ut o t u arlrlivinlil+.lilt Au ut it "tim |:+ls+||iet , ltlrollgh all weath oie sho lluhih occurtl. Tlhe Grea;t New (Orhkn,..lie is+ .:' lyl.II thll roul|. The Agetisl Ior accllliilomm b |thll, Te-amis, Coi.lchit..ilid lthiverlf rlet |lot slurpa~sw,. The .,mooth. harldt, laturat~ll i'indsl, the moti nthlls allbr~d the Ir:.deltr spueed, tcert:int., counlibrl, aril .. pitara ing~l sur1ie.t.j + oini ........ I. .. ... . withth 11c e:il Ro+.... "ihai estil, S. 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Arruk anny reep.-ltagri ahycfclan the question, what it the Yu 'llc; It to say then tfl1n phye cia e rouomul ad t an ..I v JI. ally what bc, r e Jdeucr. eau we have of its tuvaluablr. e \t.,ee llui , er in tlte have Lo n received and referead eb eon beglvslrt b r ` Il -l-it e ll dllll.e. of the "lost remarkabl e,~ I, LUCINA CORDIAL. L E ll tl11 , 1L ta ell, It Ih IXia t ..E L'. 111 t.- at] Uni tt a.tata' ra etta 1'tt-l li, l ·1,i h lre hd, irht(u'l ti or pn i illu hlli · t in ,. e. nti r lt· or I -t'll Ta he i " t IBnl, le 1 IItr dhi alta raa In I 1 r. 'cr, fll d ( tl i lt Ili C(,dlel ' to r e eill h," e.0 '1 mll nt lloI't . ine " I-al t ltah , ll.tar ,-art i'' lnae ll. [ !V rihl Io . 0l I it chnner h e cosnl ace ,d l a , prlrln hv'letn t I I ace1:i t v i i thiell wt e a t }li , sneer of Rrllaplien l ' i a n lll n ve Iha a- ' la re r it ar ai a . It Frer Iit .rom ha t dI r ri t Innerou c i n-i rh tih hitr. re ctabillt in rrtpplr't ant aihe virraea of Oldridtia I Jta ' i, ir ,l .\ratiti, Ilte i lroprietorl.' :.., I . 'l7 Riead the f 'llrINgl": Robirt Whaiir rtaa, I,-t. Iar tr lavor r f .i"hila;pla tl la th , li L h ph~lli l ri t l aorrl ata J .Olldrid ' 1 n lla i e th i' ha i nit' r in t - er i etnart. iarnt ! W-lnirata roa the Faq. at Maontrrd I it i nca a litreiy .rt.a! a ll ila tra it, arai Iaarof i,: ot" whirh - t ' IIa n ih "'l' il at brinr t u.s var.rr . ard sn ltil s _, to 1whl tfavorid ilt le and sneers oy elltartlai r.- ri ana, In rla t oi Ihrrn hif t ha i rrllnl a e thal nenvv ink'(l e s hlI as l- ar = th.o na. nf . t hair. m wI. h II -ol ilI ArIntstt , tiartl ln s 'r. OaIIrt allPthes in I I'i t llth alln C t.,l)I dr ' ·i1,n of r lhn n Iti t mitt the hairt fratt fIt in" - i ffnt n hdat Iral a . liea n n, aitll, I N few hottha til htre. A it aaill. It l ikewise pr tdhatv eaetrowa an ti w tiskers; revnt tie tairl f r bit clrllri e trad mhias it curl It attirlvr 3nd Ifahu, are -h~o, httty ae proprietort {IT Read the t'ullnwing:- iRoberti rtarton Esq. nlates Maor ta f Ihiladr lph ha lert(ii na hI- t tae 'at' beloiw, to the h1i , lhart t ar of ,hr. la lowinJ t .rl Itle a ahn. thll iund trltl-t I aiere a ri'fv tha t wea ave hl i the 11s , I. f Ial~ui01fi a tinc' v aeret tt J. Idrad e atita 1V IIIA II TllA'rhIIE- Seniar, Methoat iti t l inita er in St a earl e( at l r.e, No P,ii North Fifth tt. JOAlt N 1- 'a i|- MAtt, I aI, I-t,, tta eitat JOHN - I- . tJr.i 13 Archaattart' . a lla aiytars ata e, and the otthers it t rot tlht n 30. Cilv I- f & lhiladtelphia l a, hhiirrt \.,hlrtn,. 1Mnnr oi r r aida a - y 0gr Ptlrir fug R'hlr,~anle Agents, \ew Or~lrna.|. hui i, 11. I). by 11ililin (aic , field. Prt 1t ,a ihl the a ,.esa ity , iluairiaag ! L ',~t .d. Int ucl. , iu lucouriang, withl a cura fI. ar., I. Ai ' raa , '1h:vaia i ll, , IliacssI I s thle ma a u""t1l ll dh ic n ,n11lh11 1, Il' Iot ii rn I e mllnW k I11.i SI. andl li ot Ill IIII at U 1 riv.d o w ,n inwononr e than ii COUhlC;Alh lls ih n; - lrh eN'. h' aciol d by the e L Juri Ir i l r .--,, ar e. "itl- I, iI e1+,tl hok ,insI will be iro tLe , ohe' , with c,.a Ill tllt. i r llll no n~l lll" It i , Ir | e' i t+ llnlli, la lnn cl ll!!1t :lllr ll: lln i bntnlrlh ,,i ti luIj,"c i, it I'l. ex Iu , td I . t ,r ho u d (r shie it, I. ' hie e h no huv , 0:,t d ht ,Io nr etl ictth hll\ I' . nII v rec a.'na I ,i it I l' I ncylUl r i I irull , an d two t i , Illh h uIli ýnunc1 ht/ ll. n, , 1 nhII Ieort y u nl 111'1v hra il t u-,' u Iil ril·r l- " ( --Lc petit i l,.t lClouri Des Do es. I ll ai l l a'' i I, at n . a gazi a '.la la .iiell. Ia' a l h 7.,-. 1o It l," Ir l , h Li i., + n t ,i v tl. nl o l i,:,, he w ilf 1.u111, an m ,v r1,r .111h.ll(l+, 14.J ulr', ,tI \ , 1I, l I la .a a ,., a l, i i1a Illla i lln.aa~ l I , lh oa hN, ll d C, N I . 3,. ' i Cla 1 airlr sa h s la , Itlla ia ,i:1 Ie iti y Hl %-i.el t.1 , I re. J.";"ie :aud .'%l r>. · t nl: ,l alnal afl nd a dlllo r a, a t11 , 'I tl nthlr. \I: Ju bl, e - : I u,..T. hei.n.u, hIllei I ht ' v r iuse ch ,"s hlut arlll a,,, 1 ll rd i, :at laaula:""at r'"agaaI aa aa'I \ 'I ,,I' l ala i ' i , h i ,iC s e ,, a 'llt , I I,-' l ilt/ i ulllll le tco lhin . 1'rht; , i iiV il I the u -liU l l ili of lthe . Wi-:e ,+ e, tl r wtll r,++ wr r,l, l es a ,'vs In e advantaa uu ly ila ', !y city 11a th .r . . 1 tI*, d z- n ' r aIn t i' rv hrn: l e a d nil ewhure'i, lna, lt akiI bI , v a ri ,a l +liz4 t,' trv h w Alhaa t'o p "all'ar ala nnaI, a . i'alnai- al a' iOll. t AaaaI'a W',, 'a aa geea; Ilaaa'a Iaeaadaaactia Abblat'a Yaung (lhrltian Dickl', complete, n We, ak,?7 volulmell l anill aia lloe's PrIlvate ltDevlitioas, for sale aI t LI aliay I AILEX. TOWAll. 1-A'ir..AS-a bals Jacksaaml, Inldian head 4.4 Iuna ra ir ateering,Sl du Grelat Wltternl da, bl do

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Swatll Pi in the ondiaal'sl All aapital aurgical o'attanantans 5ra. 'I'lta aasidant pk.aaianinua ian Jr alasddealsnalowhala aphlcation for aiaaion ust boe imade llnor to I)r C A .usaetanoer'g, No 1i Italpart streetl, apl I v XC.A NG E l. ra nstia 'e Ily 1 .,'I A l NtF'R,3 r yrat, :. "THIE TRUE RICHES OF LIFE Is HEALTHI VE' VEGETASL rit 1f/E KNOWN thatt health and the ability to S or the roat Dr. P t t r lth ioe ta tIII ftt ohis Iu a i lua blo ment!il. io, fIri nt a is kn.\ ,'d+ rt thIs, u tn n llll systeni, eriVo l frowh a longZ ,l extitnaiv pr.a ,'r., hasi aarrived to IIt 1 i t r I atI , to t t1' h gr0at and pri. .arly c.tulll) of l n'll l ti (s .sIr s is a d ranZelll ent in the 1 tllll o tlns o! ti iiv, r, or no tther woilds aLu 1t . eronw.d or dmilnnyhe ! o oret't.n df the i:llr, :Ia.I tatt sata J y t hC 10 1 o eivi l, th, t Iit1 I "ti i ealra th at, ttaia have to" a eb I itl1 ,:ar'ht. t 1 i . at h r t ltdi wie th i !t a t ettt hflow of ile a is o io la' aile , t prt i ot ale a di_'l iei eI is Ilveir'lr i d ll t lly perf ", u, L.,a ..t'l. h,' nII:eI.I w :,k itilcaaaaalhalQ ll al, ItaL'llo a rallt otp itloattlllyd the fo d tnll al at I lntll, s -at l to h to nollt pr,)per y ex. lihory, so atlt d,att atity oi i tt, impurt ,o th l d i at to of iall disaset , "Is a rat bor t abrt nr. ity.o Itvry liaoe t ot rollcts ion the suliret a will pLercelivel s at illpurity oftho blold is a ,)eon. da y not a pratlnary cotpn ltaint-toe, fl' et and ntia the Icause of d'aIoo. t.t :en thie ft'uhlions ofP ra hIver are d;ranged, and the flow of bile increased, Sarried into the er.lulllatlt, tlld becomties intE ed wi h the blood, as in jaundice, when t,,e p ltient shows it in !his couritenanev. No' this impurity of blood in caused by an increased flow of bila, and to renedy it, you tlaut corroet thoe eraratioan of the live , and reree t to a l eilthy state. Dr. Peters has spont imuch -ie in experiment ing with different vegttab e medlt ,net, fit diseases of the laver; and anow offera his Vegotable Pa I , aas the bet, aost conevenient, and cheapest aeodi. cine that can hie cprpared for general use. Dr. Peters fl2atters hinselftlhat his long ex eri. meating with vagetable medicines has enabled him to discover the true .nd only subatitute answering all the purposes t mercuria a without any of tlheir altto daat evils. One great quality of his vegetabl. pills is that they have tte alteorative principhi comn bineood with their cathartic, or operative qual tie, so that they not only cleanse the stomach and bowels by purging, but they regulate the over, change theo morbid secretions, strenolthens tthe d.tostive organs, purify the blood, invigorate the ctrcolatiotn, and give tune and energy to the ner.. vousi system. 'They are mild and pleasant in their operation, and c nvey almost immediate conviction of their utility fromt the first dose. They can taken with safihty by persons ofuny age ; and the foubLh, tlthe infir;t, the nervous, and thel delicate, at strengthened by their oper.ation, because they clear the systen of had huiolnurs, quiet raorvous irrlta biltty, and invariably produce sound healtth. Tlae Vegetable Pilt are a sure remedy totr Jann. dice, sick and nervou headacheo, dys epsia, costioe. nes', sickness of the stooalll, hIartbuin, all bllitous complaints, fevers of all kinds, and if taken at h colnlomncement will invariably chock their pro rross, and save thle patient frol a protracted and dangetol iclknas. 'I'hey are invaluable ill nor tue aral hypocondrical atlections, loea of app' . Lite, aild ia I Ollmpla Itis to w\Ieical fu ales alolln a u subject. The:y operate as a mild and speed, purge and are a safe and cert.itn remedy fur worms in hdildren. Smeo 1 have introdluced my Vegetabln Patlls to the pIu"lll I have received nltnuerous certificates oft Iil eCuperior efficacy ill curing dieasoee, a so, many lettrs troal rospoectale iphysicianrs, who have uted thlln in their practic. with tile best stlccesr. I alight publish a small voluntl of cortificates but consid, r it itltoneceary,oo as tie medicine a 1il ieconlmend Itselt to all who wi 1 make triia of it. 'The t bove palls are In boxes, contalng 4i pall- cacth. Price, 50 conts p, r box, Druggist antid country merclhants coal be sup. plied, tat ihulesaa o or retail, at Dr. Peters' priaci p.I oriice, no. G65 Pydra~ street, between Magazine nad Ca.:llll st. New Oileaans ALoO for saln by G. N. Moroison & Co, 11 Caoal street: P P Ioalto, drugygist 112 ohl Ltoveo, betweel n tli t t o itarklst : air. iBrto hier, dru.ty i.t, at the \V'thingto. market : CJ T'a tinchti, drug. gl-t, corner of C lal & Bourbon ar treta: G A HIee'd & L'1, drugratle, corner of 'IThulpitout ll & ilod etrlats : J Rossi, druggtst, Lafayttu city. ilP. ALLIGAI-)R LITU. Mobile to Augu.ta, via Florida. tesavos M`Ibile 'I'Tusdays, TI urn. Sdays, and Saturdays, ptr the S-. o sp, o dd tea ier ha po, Iit x. rept inl Cltl of ot rmIr,) tIo P ac la ; . thone per stenn: Le LRLoy to Lta (Grae, anlld lIU t. enl fr nTore p-st coacn-s via 1l .iri'oln, 1ro lm Irvi o I' l IL. tierion, i trla " , (.Outltt'. a d Parry, to .M i. , The (;hl.lll nill o 5 Ils c cph lluld oer ,ar. ith wl new Spper L a ll r i., copl .d c l ueer pa t ee ll Nl ]'ht le Roy ht- ttln thoro u-Ihly l'paircd, bha e-Iellalnodios Iartl as handsl. . ll ait anp r uhue beau illt Sanrata .l a SIoud, anltd Cl:ata. •.altchie Iioty pre,,oll the t lost I lu eresting s;tellm i. vi.gatt. in tl a South-i t ullg at tile satntt Ie tperl ietly litnd Iotke li. h1 I Titlr not tla rlast d tin Iay .uate in ike counltry ; thea ditaer, lt a uila, caroull and attIa iThe bridges hrretotore dangerous have It cn newly built, :.o that lg t lterns l not inter ari The atting t hiotms. havo been i. stly chatngrad, alld arue now as good ais n any rud 'i the bouth. It t: generally kaown that tihe excll:nce ad hardnObns ml Ih o od t l lds ela the tralins ti all set sons to make great speed. Their aoatht as e.. cures the travoi or from the orthnlary titlaLgul it ag. travellintg 'i1hu Lio is now c rrwing its passengers ftrotal Augusta t Mtbilt ta faour days a. d twelvi houtr-, or to N. w Orlcans iot our days ana twoltily hours. Going to Augusta, the lino is Snx dats ndo soeen hours. lit, t ui actttally emp loyed "ta travlling is the usato as it the othesr directio, Lait the difference ofm time on the oute, is caused by a day beiting lost in Pensacola, waich, hiowever, is mtll by the op ortunity t gives ofcaeesng the Navy Yard, tla old Spanish Furts, eltc. The travel or also sleeps at Macon, and again at \\ar. teton. This arranlgement will oAntinua till the travel turns northward, when the line will be the s me from Mobile to Augusta, as it is now in the other direction. This Advertisement contains s a plain statrrnt of oets, utei accuracy of which th, piropriteors gaurastectoeaels passeonger in thu penalty of hin stage fare.. miaps oftho Lmeo may be soeen at the Exs hange Hlote, New Orleans, and at th MManaion Ilunae, Mobile. Fare through frost Mbile to .Augusta, 9,! :: The line extends, by a branch to Talilhast ee. at Chattahooohe, the line connects with the teamboat carrymSg the mail to Apat achicola aln St. Joseph's. Office at the Maision leuse, Mobile. ml? 0 BOSTWICK, Agent, Mobile. I a' $ A 'TIftIR, 31 Gravier at LIF CK e.rItVek --Jui received n superior article of life presorvors at the Baner, n BUelH . ALLAN SIM 10IOI0 nasks Tih -anto n Lime, landing from Iship Ptenuvian, for ante ho 0p 10 S &J ' WIIITNEY, 73 Camp at t :A l' -l-llvdi.,lic ant ino Rnast r scls s yt h at r o7 " ItIA II)& A.R.nIt'OW.7 t Itis-' assorted bhauoed, for sale by apIn. I ItBII)(;t". & no 1.-I itserins. a SPERM (AN'ta... u u, r.. a..... "sla . A Il lttafL, li i-s,- . " ill-RI N'# SPECIFIuI OINT'MENT l '.ne great colebrity of this lnriv.rlled C In. position, erpecially in the Northl rn 8Stite, leav,. the prilpritor bui t I tle need to say any thing in its I:vor ; ft r It i tai Icon enerally conle:a ded to it, that it i- h-yoad all conmparison the b at remedy for exteru.,l coul, linits that h=s' over heen disco. vrnd, lut , e,,d e sped. aIol ,taltainv of its ope. in i if rperly applie a i i t lprl Irtll Oe n I lPowlraitie c loro, brl;le k atl I(eal a hr. e in file d ,. w. aldiay aed! per.ectly curt an ulcer in two wleip t aitd iil,! iroost dtlcperatec caees of white Seltltl n 1a l 'i ll 11t - lll b i llmi ,!n have ben . el troyt'u d iby it i iin Its lll two l ntlls. I , the bit'es of p oi s Clilous retilles its tfic yv is truly eurpri=lng , al e.v,, II thei hit , fa rabid dog, fur if appjlied In t.ile, ttI ptt er, of attraction are sc i wo derful that tlhey will at on l arrest tihe poison, and thul prl. vell. it f tore irvidmng th system: . It is likiwips e i i-, ri , , .t.a ti ," i .i-t ....itt,, .,, 'i t ,i - -,- .' l- - ' t ,-- - tice ia. , ,r:tel s Ibui ta-oi. -i Ili . , , alle, to . ...t .. umeo... ., .... CLNF I :u ilia --A othhae toad mast cl'.olual -etllt Ir ,'xur :isr ·,r\t'l·t I'rr .lh- rt'll'e oi ti.-i(lltlnlu l wis Gn) tS tIi iilt- itc\ stii iii to,el ctl e tl . tiued,in ,s II l.t lith, I t ti, eltI tii if, tuit tia. ic-t, :ic tyheethi i be mcc i i oi t tit pre nt- 1Itoe iie. Ibveim cin e cia nbi ts it ttti, steth h i- the Miyh3 I Ilite mOi Itie st-c s.ienia e A n Sltllutl , El i It Slll i te n tle thilo. :ti ,t, " ice , ,cet p titit ,at ti Ue pc eti o icit r .c ty. ec I ',stl, it : attieM ieel oi e e te I ll "a n ollllge o its liet e ittit , ai cl it itI uteit ct ucI itea iar l e, i. lillelt llt sin. i , it laalt e trllt ,et It dishlke hlc l t neatc h silcitllte l raagacct a 'tte, idpar f Ite diy,'eree thelai, dlltecuiedc :llroldl iln l' ilth l ba es ettlielA, atill ite lle i t, ri eltcitet-it ~ le liSt, the cei t cl t , istaie. tt ills he piiccen tt act i e ctis caha. i o f ti llter alsa r' ton s, hri t 'in tr h , isr It ll rlltc y st. , - tI Ihi lslietiselci otel st Hji l t ii ien ,llle cittd t t tie.i tiest id e ltl"enc e of tl e ll, os t cel rl,ltcd ale c i ihe Sc ll lhy, thet p l ase rsedlotci till teil pieintin o its The baov in cly e ctti ay billn everyi I'tan t ci Se'tllon, ro lic , , Sprti on t o tile S Tiinti tI+ td e, . he.tilcn' h semiet - tetltl o c A ltcttm . .s lS'se s i tatl xie ' I a ve mthde ,aour Iltrge r its Io in s ir elni sti d withly ihrt ulbl e Itac the I lotl hetilltle i-ln toh1 o lMie it oli e oT. Ihe most luble ihyt iac iaelauslt l iemelldie it ttc lp i eotidy ux th rp li hch, d cion e in I'rolio it ei ace , I ca~ l p 'llc e eery hriliat is e, hi it l, t-o tdli s ouCit tutie ulll c u npl ical int et itetu illS ex Ie i, si t stli tm , c li . " t sii. It wa co Iib.. lIe rmitG II Ilh i(aeit t eI ItIh Ct , Pll ci Abern th ie Sall V 'il iiie'ietiitiniin ill obti i eitt c tiul cili ' l c ,ili l i.r itient ii i ti ,Itisp e, sall ote i, igeti fe+uc tict . tlav g l lea in s it linted my tttimine lest ld exp ii e tof the vllt ch hale prop acia g thor pre llcculla thi, lainve xplh isUlles oder their deaerge, i a y lllpigle r rit bt i thel insehllrned hereafter PreIlCred i biy J i it t'or., CuheiI 'I'FSTIMONIALS. ml All* 1\ nper,I Sil t, to u eOt' Ihns trt"irll; o eii laiill a oLen ' lp," o8Pai tent Alli ctly . ih The t' wich I have mal e n ationed pepahatio ins a vto bhe kntle tsl both marle and fenale, in itlresult icesh proved so II dci" fveliaylid tht dil o not hesha ote fil creor1f 11 eig. it one of tie toosil valuable it lefio bacttlo rleds.llin deser oloured to thae thpll I nod ill mu bebh, i\lav bh-1li c i d i rs i rcm n d n ure n r,. The nnin.+ success which h1as allsned the 81dmnis. Mother. hFiromt G Ill::it, M D, Physictan to CGu'a Ito The striCt teat which I tote gi'en your medoicit t ti ttog nt)I otttoe t, All its inlv:iJle stu.ct es, tlhus ti, wi!l induCtte i to persevereI in its luse., and I ldeet l ii but a::l t fjjllstlee anl of duty toI add ttny feeble testi mooniAl in contt lodation of itstvituel. rotn Il C1 Thonpson, :to1 M) IF 1, S L. I return you y'inert. thanks for tI oe valutt:ble pre se oit o tf tlr lo t u t flor the clt r of Glnolllnl'lto , g lll. feel lgr:telll that Von hat e at l :i tIt l lbought a nt tdicin 'tol utse tt' hih wilt l p:'v a deo ideratmllllt t loit so ght li)t in the oedica!: Iwe hl-n cure, slpeeldy aid el've" l ln cu. t in r.gto, 1 lho Itý,be. Clm. It lttioll't me,.rtet pleostl W ere it nrecPs: r-.y, tht e proprietor cIn'l here l'lr'litl iIn.nI oinIre tests n I qllliills t'I :dln'n as con tltllnla toY to a Itil a b u t v; b uh t t ,u +,s I In t i t g re a t tsu c . x s hl Ie rtI th e t:,tt & txpen.e, :tl which it ][:is heenp tlp:w.ed, ,till pronte+il gre.tlest rcom.m"lnaltion union; Ai dilc(,ml ig pll p 1(bli,. One-el mm.endtrnatistl this prepa' ati~n unoiot s ahbve all nth:rs is its cn t, portalrt lorm-- pt up in po!s-th11 ltde in wthich it ally le tlckel beilg both a+.,' all ple ,: I nlt--i-ts l tel, I t urello r , w ith n1o rextriction l 1it.s i or co inemn th liolr c businrss. Tra".lrlrs esteeri, Ol. i fit dt thos on.,Ihih ne highl) ,It 1 lidl, -and too n o o tl .t : It he nip n,'sited withll iprparation pi sseseeui the nid v: l,Itn which t hI it' ,. t ,t [ * 'a a . l'. o iol!o h ,. i l! . th tl'. nt- by 1\' t St li!!'l" t St \ tot:o. tt' t t .su., .t }'t o ('.,,t .1 .t.o.1' to r olito:t'o d lo i, I'.,i t Iotod t' t -' --t to~ to nr toý u loot tol t Otto'- d oo o do, tlo T: l neu n l,.t 1otl h;t t , : 0 o.t1oih and r o, h, o d. dl I t lls b Sotnd l .Wla rl ,lto' nillot d tl ut ot ln eo nl, 0 0 l tl po t ioo t tt I 'nt aIoId 1 t hlotte , to' hooottt o to t S':toot, l i'. tilt wtdtw ott-- l ol 111 alt ototr ent , imla'- n t d ica: l po cket h, b.k atoco. ;ImA'- .l t'g ,s hotl p totk t * ho ak 1h.h' llt kto nltltoo ` oIntolllo,. tg rd od 1 ow nn tt I,rea , lnru t tof t Invl ,, r w. o llk j lt l00i sol ati: nd&n Insnett otoau.dill cood nod tTt. l IV r oe I n, t l. t hl.ra lll u urllllmenttr ot llo pper lllln ! o nootnil. t l'he hton h llo ilnd Co lnt th j tu hl a , t ,ht h e o ff r ltat 0 - , ' Il 'rel at ithe t n i' ttr cmo t ' s , . ountry, Fr-err .h a!vt 'o C l tand tin paper, l tt ty'l n; it n i 0,I :ln',n, , n pd kcommon, 'niladn lthis glazUoI ll ,nninedz.. die dor, F'renl h landxraol' , lire h,,arih, I*'nlF, &c. I, velvet end a ssnrted da do,, ollrerto ostlrrll ,silk frenct , and g thonll , net q1 lT ties pnatlerne and prlc , wllorlsted tringlles l srlal pattetrn. ai and colorrd. S iaSlnoulllsn, liltet tlt, plino and .rk led, cotton drapaery InIalin KApl IC and twilledI, a.or.v d o oltoor.. ew styleol needle work fot r f ao t euhiont, toar htol cuter, , e new styIle o bell paller, raiseld figured lndt, gilh window ornl" 1ent1 of all patterns I lt did * art, g oil eagles b al an l nd ar e hers, &c, glast knobs, castera, hnir cloth, figured and plhamn, n era snesrtment of rnva f r chldren; prel k cE d andd tassel. , worlsted cord and ( to ut, a general Inretm ient of uhoiolleru lon d paper huh.ratgr, conntatdly on ha,n and f ,o Pale at the Ol,,'.ea prcvs at No1 41 "R. yal and 64 Cuatoo N P- ".-nose in the ciTY or from the country, arti re o.cI'cflly invited Iso 1ail and elamtue lul I irantr!ve ( Carpets and curtains made In the " iest fond, r style, roos01 prepared at the si(rtr rat nnorc,, a,,d all kends if upholdestery work tone with neetaess and dfrlp rh. oct t n,,i h STET ON & AKV ,ItY ti uraier at i 'KAs ILId and r tuire d nud r e a lake maxnan old Ior sale bv X TO1W1 4af tram r PA \ NI EA. aOLD BY - -- a !'or. IN A7c7l,7z z Mut l'7;roup7it7o7a7S7. P i. theae o,'life lrr'lu lu i:,t. sr, t n;a ear kiu- evil, 00nl -l shonrý flat r ,alll. t, rll.cula:rly .i-ris ad p ,gLh :leebIut rl I: * buo+a, u t. ,., td thr,,at anld <itrils.k11' of , l.? r.rly plun. Icver n, • +r .,Ad I t rrn o el-ma·. fnlu I ++ pIle xc, b-IJ In+'.d, +rrl Vy,+ bd-1++.. ~ s!lU).air~, ryal, cryip - +, * "o,:lh n, ;ld e 'rv +a;',ty ni cu IlneUtl :llotuun U 11 et In"' cat .rIb, ,aal Iad,, Iluc. r li,.g Ir. an r y acrid hllu llrnour ,as n u1!r .nn:, ,,~ai J r. r,. , (r rr J n oi s e nl.. doe un.. ~,:, ....... ,i," his,, rtu :c ,, o ..,, ..+u ", .. ...h" .,d ++,v :1.I '" I) o ll+ · + II*"hPP I·(Ol" o + 1 i ,F, "llI .I ulli i-er Jh.Iell ,. ill. J ..y V .Isis a~rtu of the vethol. curIIIt1"u1.. :,. 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