Newspaper of True American, October 31, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 31, 1839 Page 2
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SRdmIae w il Ire chIrgepd. ~I!}MW going b7 the c'tonretCar mact protvide ihemaelvo '#Tekkot mi tlt- , eedacem tat ceazive direoctio,. not mrkmmiym caecy ao liie titeccm TIE JACKSON ANDtLACOURSAE STREETCARS Lwa., the Cinad of J.'leIuia'stcccCt ct CII oclck AM., Cocci Iimcehclh node eecc hil.1our, untl N} c'clcck 1'M ecacpt. ' Iltltkn Ie, f lerig V.1 co tretat 114a'clk, thecc, Ofli ace lce at S 'ci.,la .M. 'It is paeC,,,,'arlc re'qeotlcd el-ti centlemec Cciiil cmpu Cbt~eefifnputCheetceaehiuu. cc icoke ic the cad, whena Indies Nyaempmett. Rail Reed CCmpogi, SOClebecpJ, C1iB. JCSHI. c lN lI RsOIA. * c - ChicCE cg N.ic, A C.R.C. ~ irlrnl irw~r'M unJ. nrh, Rh) .44 l\VRniwo, IA- 4 Mew lurk, I h .d .........2144.j 4.,i. ,, Snhl..i. ....-...... < O... 44444444r d(.......) 0.'. I I iverpool ,pt. " ...... 400.. O i* I nl....~~~a '4 ll· Hmulmt arl w'll·\s) Ort .... IN ei do'...... .... IE . . . I*rmdun. d .,... 4.... ,, Verbrt'e. Orkt .........41 Italic de...... 4<2 'WMtr la orth. I ikr. 3to, I.. ro4..4 OtU 0 ll, 414. F~·Ohnrhm~danrnr, In..4n 4 (h-4n' n.20th, 3520. d Itii Sarayn Inth~taay. Nl'nrO. Magee R Sb, areminetr., Deeonaus AIRIVAIL:; fit' Ybrbeat Tnnraesa. Pauld~r tmhe T Onr 44hip . 1.4457 0,7 f.u l. hck. , Maine rouradw atdr Zn, i In Huasa e "t14ma. Cliknrao in Re Kise .+ ae J Du~pre, Gordan, in Belo Racli Ul** lm4) rra,,,'Wilsonn. , f Vicksburg Sarn Ar rrel .odno, no Vi SIH rr Cltpc ,e Wm I'arI.. Morrison. f It Louis Hlpoar Tor.oekii, Gillet rom New Ibck Octoher90Eb 1808 n40~*nbnr Wu~n. ni. fwin V.k. on toNrg n eaeia tndn~ to e nrrinno.fn.a iheotr d I nnjn whhnhlp Star. Iii th. bkan O0 29k, atnn.n Unponr. clt ime-glo in th river Tir knns Lin., Riddle, frnm. 4.e $csn West Pw., 1.r1a Pr.rddto se it hr ton., rItanedJ tothn city milk he 4nCn#nh tnniaýnt..eceein to the Pnnddr House. Len she hIorth non. 'a 8011 notin new isn theri. Tow beat Mohican, h alie. fro the popes. hbarl w a casled to no with liar tow, "turned to the rig, with Ili IWi ; Via k.4,,40, kJkn,,,brkin Mon.y  nd Harmon. Loft ith the nMkvr tiA. Report" mnthjin the onln not in Ship Sitr, Sin l.t. 8 day. and. S bun,, fron Nen York, to Ship 4.4eo., COnl.e, anoyt Grom n Pkilnlmoh, to Da", . Ship Ononoin r, 414ker, i ny. finJ nln.. oUog bhip Vinkehi , New York, to A Co. Brit osnr. rinot. 49 .ye f.l.a Tho ,, onn to 4 Bedford l rkiAiohi.,ar, blay, 44 day. 44,4 I4.iim,.r. toG Redford '$lulcy.I Harman, 9 d4aynm' l1'u.Ie.Ind.4 to mulct. Se~i.rE. n Dn,, i,., Suily, rt. 9t I.uui, FfNnio.Pr nhl,, neso.h,,, Irad.L." ll. Fttuaier Pak In,$t,,csh, f l, r.. dsenvlei Ohioifes .tr S.hnnor. .knrret m tit Im .ou Btam,,a II loll., Ferroll, rnt Netrhs. 54.,m t Tmiiu, Chia.un, let Ale~nndrai. I'XIf' lt41. FEW Y, ...pmr.hi,4 SOienln,-Cag 5941 h.t,. h in. rotte.nn,. 3011 clack. ruin, 1 keg, 444be4,4 4 4444 tet0tce is Snn l ~rrIlrllnooao. C,,g, 430 hi. Sot,, 493~l 1eatlaad* sundr Indite * NJJL**.. Pom er othni$4nnc..V.rC , ISO Is iour,. 191 bI suodIp.,n4 ,,oqlke uInhat inIh ImeutI, IMIPORTS.t to sundry onrilog ne-,,~ ·~""·U "'""· S· -.:. rperhip Vicksbr·. ,la.lo aesnsd aenlhw dine. Wooo,,dry contidne 'AL444nenu4..PPr hkip Omro4..C,.,om44i4rted a.rches. dlind, 0.nndry 4.44444npe*4 . ...Per Loin ArcbitnnI.Cargon.,nporte meshes. dire, to ytndry cotujpnlca POOL.nnotrni.. In. chi' 0,,. At powdr 4ni.gtine Tnonmuroa-Ppr brig Mosly, .Carg,, 4444 csk. 4ire. to 0Rmlfirrd trnn' Jm.ono..Porkiig I..y..Cing 30iuhuletin ..It * inEC61TEn 01O I00l410.. 749h.I44,ip;.I'tr 44innr % ickohs.i..44 l 24 4,nI le cotton FIc, 4ll4 {n444ndao-.. lotn 44e. W4i4 4,4 . 431d N a J Dick, 101 L~mklhr l t Talnnn.n:l:l~ll.evrrich ko; 111 Hr~n. .Or.r,.ennn 4 Wriht, I3 errifield,,,,, roi. 07 9,.. ,roa AAlmr.I, Lwin, &'Chan4,,,i. 10 T rcn,,, 14 * Cnn.n0042,iiloyrj.4i4,44i.,,,, 4.0 Hylll ~l c. 42fni 00n Ceurwr Is Oy. lte. &A10 I44T4 St4 Aedi 44 Whitty I n 14 S tIdoas S~rn,30 VaWdwetl r Iiichey;5 Huckner; Stanton &r SnnWta 'oiiily.&i4444.i Ratan,,n I bure4u 4040,4444 $ttrlý8ae, 1 Imtea hidese J D Naugle, 4000 dolls in e pee;. 11 4" 4r,,,, 444 ll iA ro4 do J4 Onoori co . tot' Per*tevtaer Mo& n 49.. 440 A4uI71 4, .po.. :1I0 .t.ngor.J P un.. 41'4.kebrn, I2 bigapple., II nch. 40444.440 J 6a.r4nr4 40k). npplto,3 k 4..kit 44ll4 andnions OV Wloyle, 4790.riown P. 1~, 401) a, four A Ful4.0 . 9,o 01. ol4 , .pn!ed nnn..DnnD.ooIoa , .oi ; . ter 44l to t 44n.4 alnloard n enio . J & W Dwyer . rsr Ellen .Pigs 100 btu m111 pork !4.njnA5, 4I 5 holes otton LocnhEni, 4044 l 44 .rtnon, kin..C hlb7 n.,., p 90 b.,l Ouk of Cottono Cannon( Grld1o 12 {v Ro. 1E04.·**SBnd ,LnSI.,y ION Inman,,. 4....Ah.4 A ..nn4444di.95k0·W 444t4. SO4 4. mnolann A Iitarddl., 34 nlaamnn0,G y and Lecnapopnin, nundrien to owners on " sU Ro.nge-Per ntonnne 7T4n-C. rgo 49 ilen cottn4, Renr Asher. OOH Laudantry. 91. Lnpe,.ter". 44 Sn, At I48 44 (inarndnin, IniL. 43hl.nnnnr,) ?44 ..Pnrn44P5o.r4lindn..UCarni4r h.inn k,, Finok pia44b disgrac,..0 est &Fri~. hni401 444.4.r Per Wkl. Nmnr IA thnreni..tIa~o 8 bdca cottrn - 15f1ninnS.. Arthur o sCP.4oR I :o, 40 P Aloni. ,IN a ea. 98C C ºektd(LN&Jll9 Disk. 10p PerA Ha A+M~clt:Labatd WalkerSSCorn.4 Idridley, 30 L·nkPAmnd 4on, 5 TayIr and Gnrdner, 20 W Bsp4. ,3ddo In., .I94 go d Fhnupnoo, 454 Sorpr 102 Dark., Watt And TXon;o;hwn*4nVrn10k40 SnnA i1.d rl 8a.· rnItorirn 444) Shonk day IA oni 1 BN.On I ngfhinn carp .Akonnig S a" . C Bet. Usrillil sldrin. H A Sherbert eetiharlewWapma Wal;Glwmr & BinMhednon, HIh& Wnoa.41;,.L 3I0.( WO 44 Eah. L ,g434. aL & ; G R " W k~wt;Srk" a Mc(nbbva; 000A Good. 4 * dLtinOnc A HCmrnf Jiftnypr, .oar Jem, M 5.ghrdn Ca: OJ G 1NIn4 Wiyun. 44 Grnnytal.4.0 Jjr rad b" tondiW.Itipn W Mhpipi 3, R. k *NK W acNl On ,101 WnI4..A litSyItonJ AMbS cr Wi ai ai l * Yny4. l qc nqw~rSnidwn W4kn PnnOnn&.Jquno,.1j NIM" f r Mo ..ý Glamo; Se In. PPolrdA Or eins; M # V.4.o, D OooqlCaeren. D S n tanA .wD angd, w~t see II& BSnoir p Cngs.3Iib N4 P Mr ! cad ed. Mr. Finds. Mir s' ..µaa "s'}rj I. Ce#P ttd"rwe Mc. lttlt i B2 · fi Y A "H HYnkrllR; I F H nll4· I I wrle, I .11 Kryytwl s F..M G~h eSrh. W' L , ree I I. tht sug. EMORANIOA , Min sire,.. wud tn o he ol at a nerd. , vey lsw aoJ but hji Yet *^'Pu l nI . raw, Sff.atI . ..t t* .1 . Vniw slt . Daily, ¶trlWeekly & Weekly. ".i1;V OR 1, EANm: THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1839. We are authorisd to announce that, at the solicitation of a large number of the citizens of the three Muniei. palities, Mr. WILLIAM FRERET Ies consented to the presaetation of his name to hin fellow cilizens at the next ensuing election, as a candidate lor the ollce of Mayor ol the City of New Orleans. Nous sommea auteriads c annoneer qu' Ia de mande d'un grand nombre der citoyens des trois Municipalitld, Mr. WILLIAM FRERET a con anti h se prdsenter comme eandtdat a Ia place de Moire I la prochaine Election. L. U. GUittslr, at the solicitation of nimany f hit friends, has consented to a candidate for the o liceof Mayor ofthis city. I No candidate caen be sno this til the regtlar fee is paid. t- -'r , t ,iii jer < l, - et'; l,..Nh, : ... ., : i .. . ,, t ,. a, , ., John Gitason, wain aios bean i. l .. .. ., rerary of that body, andI who, for s tland been remnoved, hay not beai reinste l.btacaih have reqqired his reelection. We do 'n " ljbe h morat present to ente- :ino the merits of the queAtion but will let a day or two mare intervene, and then wn will give the subject a cool land dispassionaIe investi gation. Tihe lhip Star, Capt. Mallet, arrived at the Leveeyes torday, bringing a number cl passengers, fainiliar faces among othleri, G. II. Iarrel anl J. H. ltartol, who re tarn for the winter campaign at the Si. lCharles. Now fair good acting and good plays. Thbe Star made an . tremely short trip--she wat only right days Ironi lan, to land. No passage lheretofore. miade betweeol this pIt I and New York can beat this one. Ily a private letter from Mobile, we lenarn that lth suspension hoa produced little or noa elCet inl hat city. Business begins to return, every min is pruting hlii shoulder to tlie wheel with r.lnewed vigor: alley nre making, in every section, ilrellarations fie tll, t colimin season, antd seem to abrighten a ith fair tlnltiipatonld o the future. In Mhobile they are bu ily employed in clearing awha the rubbish of the burnt alistrit. ;i and it is to le hoped that, it a short time, noWll seIat lge of their great canlaa. ity willexist. We are ilndebted to theclerk ofthea saleamer .lonsoon for St. Louis pnpers of the I8th and 19th in at., and .ilea. plhis papers of tle a251h. Tihe Daily Evening Gazette onltaigls n aecothlt o the reirule, at St. Louis race cutlrse, of all the fiaturoe of the gnllbling table., consieiting ofsix rualetin tables two faro banks dtc..,valed at $:NlH),, which were cur.e ried to tihe city, and burnt in tie yard of the ,murt house, inl the presente oft a large crowd otcitizenrs, wlto hall nadstuliled to witnles the sacrifice. The G(lvernor of llainois Inld clled r n extra session of the l.egislaure, to meet o:l tllh seconiad Mlud ill DIrcendat r. The lank of Missouri.-A.. a meeting of lthe hoard ol I)irectore, wi wis deterinlaied ntot tI suapend-and to make on change in thI pol.ey hitlerto pursued. .apecir.--$7lI00 arri'ed in, town yesterday, from tlhc l.aswl.tffiaa-spnllegd, Me , in wnguons.-~St. Louio Repaubllica. In a altercation belweell Mr. Robt. Loughbridgeand Mr. Cramner, Mr. L. was shot itn thle heed and breast, and wa, nor expected to survive.--Mr. C. was arrested and lodged i jail-the cause of the dificulty nis known.-I6. Bollny Black won the purse of $1,000, on the 4 mile day, beating Crowder, Buckeye, and others. Thornton Grimsby, Esq. has been nominated by the WhVigs, as their candidate for Congress. An interesting young lady lhas applied to " Old SoI Smirb,'t as appears by several letters publishedin the Republican, to appear on the boards of the St. Louis theatre. ,umn the Memphis Enquirer of the 95th, we learn that all tie Nashville banks had suspended specie pay' The Fariners andl Merchiants' bank of Memplhis, lad followed suit. Thile Senate of Tennessee lnad phased a preamble and relidtion noninating Van .uaren for the Presidency, and Gov. lolk for the Vice-Presidency. The ,IFiat.--The officers mwr composing the BranIch Mlint, of this city are IH. C. CAMMACK, l'reasurer. JOS. M. KENNEDYI, Superintendent. lilt. IIOKT, Assayer.. P. B. TYLER, Coiner. ltII. IIDDLE, Melter atall Refiner. Il We would have no objection to notice the Weeklv 'iarnes,providetl we could got a glimpse at it. Correspondenee of the i1. S. Gazette. I.ATER FROM EUROPIE. Niw Yoltto lonnIo 2nd t, '. Atl. TIh )achrel tl'Orlean,, i-navre pnrket, is below. Site brings actounos of a lonr dater, by two or three da.,. Her papers are notyet received t the newspa ofFICes, but passangers report nothing new, either po Iitic it or colnnerciul. Amtong iu n Ihpansoetgors ili the DIthe=ase d'Orleann, art [thi- Hln. Genrge M. aolin, Minister to Itosie. hi, ildy, children and servants, and Samuel Irusnhenar, .lsq, Money'is ecareer and scorcer. I did not think it pos. siltle rlia it could be nore no Ihaon it was on Saturdav, but it ecelnas l-re is a lower rep t an the owest d'upth The best nllciolrler'+a moe is doing .t frotm f a ner ernl. dinelont per "i,,ontl, and dificult to fit plrceasero even Ilr thatt. Foilures are spoken of, but I hove not stficientt infornmaIon to justify tie in giving nmline. U. S. oank shares are n trifrlll rtter at tie Stock - celilsa; or'eenlt ealanres ore mOlln h ower, minay offlered lnat inrlyrs the little that wls done h e .n0 at a decline of 2 1.2. Solnte re ofe anks Iser cineli tnki in ollec ione in fulare in Pltiladelplia. ntiniore, lunfalo, anld all the sonthern and western sates.n nclninge on PhldldIhis antd lulti tneh hhil ta ilnlpro veil; ntt' nlhtanaen taken as low as 10 tloe fair quon. tionl w.nld be o10 a I. Notutein doing in eschl-nae outll of saltimore. 'liladelrpia mtonmey ik anm soon. thing better, being freely disountsed at a discount of 12 a 12 1.2 per cent. We have again tore diffienlt v with ottr counlry hank paper, now the princinpal mediunt of nircloation, many mo t anks which received tiett, oIaving retoed to do no an longer., i, nr d, hwever, ,t hi df ficuhy wilnhe int temporary. T'ere is not lhe lnet probability tha thtte N. York benks will su.pnd eperie payonedta. on this yon niay .asitwn generally very till. W'oalern flor Ihat dr. elitoi to 4t6. Memoirs of RnOtopChinrc, written it ten intoiule. This is tlhe title of an amuaingljeu d'epirt, which lantely appeared in i. Temps. lThi journal intro. duoeo it by stating that one day a lady told tle Count ie ought to write iins Tetnoirs. lIte next day in bronght line a little rell, nevint ,I Iiave obeyed your ordnrra here are tony temontire," fre aenliog at tioe nuteo ltim o thi ihllowitg brilliant natire upot ltuman nature itt all age, oaid aespeai ,l!y uion the nr:mnner antt euntorns ul the praesent d.y. Whether Init Conot ia or is ot an apocryphal peannang-, in totsttled,. A certain Il.bliogrnphie anioeri ell. Lon 3i p 1168, is qulnted--wilh whitt eorrsnetton we are unable to ovriiy--whik h is matde tu any. " wheno Count Rotnopttoine cante to Pario, it causned oltt a littie surprie to nce, in tim tlaooconu Tartar. a wit and a courtier." Bat le.t ear preface allould be dioproiortionted to a ten sto ut ?unrtoir" we p 0 1Oil to tit asubject matter. "'Chep . I. My Birth. Lt 1765, an the 12th of Matchn . ienttad on the lighlt of day. Tie} mua nrtol ioe, w.igledl ltle. bapti.ed elt. I wa hornt wlthlut knowing why; and nmy rejoab wI itoul knoowitlg for winat. Cthap. 11. My Etcuealiot. Thnn taugLht m 'all aort ot thinolg. atuotalinrut, of lanluoom oethal, by dint of intpttpluta and qo. ekbry, I anomotiff p-rnad fog m ntln of learoing. lly tead hn'gnane8 ibr.nyr sfid vo ulouo. at wliiot, llowenag*, £ ha, ha1.t tii key. Chop. ILf. My Tormenta. I wn. piagn.d with teott.oe, a itlh tiloro, u sou UUld make mt olothn - Chap. XV. Phionse keen depiried of thr ati i the -aoat;e a t foliu l*ity 'Clihp; . V4 snorabl, e At thinly I gave .d'?= a ..". nly,"leead. t for p UblhcopiolC--at sixty tho 1...,when I became a tar philosopher, or an legOtist, whioch come to the dame thins. Chap. VI. Meral Portrait. I wer ohati'nte asa mule, eapiioo aa eoqUoettele, gay as a child, idle "e a marmot, ectiven nlBonneperte, and all of theoec in torn at pleasure. Chap. VII. Important Resolutibn. Never pos sesing a command of my physiolnomy, I gave loose also to my tongue, aid acquired the had thabit of thinking aloud. This procured me some "amusement and a multitude efenemiea. S Chap. VIII. Whet I was, and wht I might have been. ias w oenoibleoffriendship ani of enfidence; oml I Wanted nothing but to have been ero in tt.r golden Safl e to b:ev stood aonic chance of rbeing a perleelly aim pie, I. e. i eood man. Chap. IX. Respeltahle principles. I never wao -cgaged in any calir of marriage or ofgoaip. I never recimmeadcd either a cook era physician;connequeqntt L, a I never altemptledl tile life efany inaen. Chap. X. ly T'entes. I wo fond of small soeieties, eofawlk in tle wood; lll an involuntlnrv rveneration e fr the ean, ein its selting has often it ,leine melans eholy. As fIr eolora I alwanys preflrredlun; hl eatin., Ineefand horseradish; is theltricalr, cariedytatd fanes; in Itomo beilng, an open umln expressive counlenane-; s hunchbacke, of1bu hh sexes, had a charm for me. which ! calllmt explain. .Chap. XI. My Averion. I lainys hal a ,oitike to Paols, ceundrele, and female intri.a.etes who pre. nd victoru; I was dilegiteod with lfetation, pitied audnted dolls ofboth seneo: hoted rate, liqeere, meraphy. iecs1 and rhubarb, atil etertauined a positive alarm at iusnee ond r, ad dIgs. i'hm,. !IlL Aennartn o,i ,. I wair fir doeal Iltle. . ;n i i,, rt'.! :, l ", ,~ r . ' ; r· t ! e, . r ý . . ~_ ... . . ýF, 't. ,I }+ ,.1 , I... .. , n ..... ,, ..i·. , d la+,111 h'ha.. .Xj . c I. Poc, " . o . n o r i lu e'-v. ,tr" ; t- , ; : , r "d; 4:u;li *n ·entle,.lun, ens n. ·.ha, +. ','. · i++,T' lo . ~l.:::i+ ,.~~ · '· ,,, · .he i'tl. ;% ) c.ýUlll, iri .. * . l. *l,.l . .: . te ,o1 cI !6llteel of eursrl;el hrardl trnt, escaped rIm tr e i c-nldhole; exlrnet olsuhrtle +lisons nnd orfswel nromnan; iropresenlnlive oflhe devil at tlhe Oellrl of hllllerl nnttlrot Parr, in the musk of Chrittian rlhnrity;--'ollie, wcl., SI fearepd in my youthlceepc terder atrt ar, a erIvRl p~sed Sin my ohld agR. it is to yttht Ir L dedsinate tiente r t ir.r My good friend, I umi at last not of ywur longs; for I min dead, n.d thereor eaf. W n, . d illo l that v(,, enjoved i somea dvrltalrre--frv yolur nrowd relose anr fir t'lt lof humannity." L toviCg thua rreceted tell our leadera tile Ibody of tire ; work, we mest e!ll tihe pith irrifthe postscript, crns.itinig f o ieetrctehllice'i,cl rrrr ,,,,eclcrr. un ihe Cert t'iid, we ase to l', tirt he rinited ter r ",to eldge tore neellrtelly of threte grreartr ,l Frrellr, 'left letd Rsnid Plr .n tie w~int:r +eACIrll." I~ Upon: 11r, g +eslld 11 exp mll. SPhotierdte c wrtr + tierorrct the st ftile.c peterd o rleillpctilln, eqllal +to san Ipor ee ,ro l eing icehll lhlrhcdr c thellj in r irelpt' wth several ftoeMisro Ic'rre rr, cor. ee was not n prince, replllil ecnllh re hlriei.l'urolre rrturer rthpr iel ea'in ilt llt winter Pecir.ui" U n lir C pIrelllnedrto OnplainI., he eontirrcl.'l torn wtterc cfurrto. or ti e i lfr peror of Ilnon,ee n "I,'casio.., Icr grne te W lllh Ih tl ice ithpi ciplei lite o it c telise. Nerw mih rerlllrnrale ivitl hin veryu olde w1 'e,"r. dl t trne ,il rtntr' tIe ptliine.;' fouIn~l Inlrchr d heartrily, moll eollgrmtolnta ld tile. Pr~ince ol his nerooratoro hlrrgccrrtred intrh trtmerrcrc rnl N. 1. Ariecaect. Tre I arorne iorrnlftli rt e , ea.rI.-I'tll. phecole.c nun, amreoll r irlr.drtrecor rr, ,ru r .rliRt ttt Ar lice rr gi.'ire. &i. o therrel'nlrirr it. Trhe so..... r r Niar Orle.ns. IiWrltcerenv aes htll ttri!e. tilft I cree ofr I i telitnlolln P le lir lr re l t rrr 1 rcrtc1 rlio p ll - JO i rensa. Ter tllr ol tler li.t rir n r fl t~elir tr relllh l r. c.crr, ld cwIIIrrg hr tIi lflercer rft;hi,'rt . b the+ it ti t hoodlll oo (In t ie r IiEI ar Id~llleI)tlhe otft Ier hpr It h re night.rrrlcrrr it thcr lr rrr itrl, l ti cc , h fun itthete mes rrners in v rrrrIclrc, Icrrr ouch rreirrlireI rrr jcrcdgc, ttre eplirric lrcrtcc,,cc otr.twe' rcircr ithirrIi ntry ah tier rrlght ifre cIrr-1:rr ccI, of rrverchr, cI tilesyearsoeoh. slit cnerrr. tor, li ll e lfle t eyd I c d l)ll Iht chaelra Ih lllaell ri hc o l t lr, tettJte altracted so nmch. at wI , i, thi" coo ', ,rr connae. Id wieh eaetrh.ity+ --h. 1' Jourral of oInrIrrr,.r. I l_ _ I) - itrocettangn of (onttci . SECOND MUNICIPALITY STcesRs\v, October 29th, 1839. Tile Counci' net pur,,aont to ntljurnrn¢,ut: Preent,-Hloo. Joshoua BIldwin, Re'order:-AI. of drmen Caldwell. Frret, II:,l Lockett, Peters, R-gers, Sevwell, Whitney and Yorke. to On motion of Mr. LUckeot, John Calhoun was appointed Secretary pro. ternm. The Jornoal of the preceding meeting laving h been read and approved, A memsage from the Mayor was received, enelo sing an ordinance of the General Council relatin. to the imposition of a lax on merchandise anm ud produce, which, on motion, was referred to a spe itcial committee, conmposed of Messrsr. Lockett, Freretand Whitney. The following weekly report of the Treasurer was submitted: SECOND MUNICIPALITY. WEREKLY :rPOT O. Tite TH R eeUREnn. By Balance last Rtiport, $4,848 19 Aieount reaeived esine, 37,4:19 89 Disbursed this week, 38, 6682 8 l)isernt~l Silta north, 38, 66289 Balance this day, 3,625 19 is THO. SLOO, Jr. Tr. New Orleuan, M.,h Oct. 1139. A petition from Mrs. Kelly, praying for relief, was laid on the table. A petition from Edward Fanally was read, and referred to the Committee on Claims. Mr. Caldwell, as Chairman of the Committee on d Street and Landing., reported the following reso lutions, which, the rules being dispensed with, were Staken np and adopted. Resolved, That the prolongation of Wharf No. S1, agreeably to the plan of the Surveyor, be forth. with commenced, provided that the cost of the same shall not exceed two thousand five hundred dollars. Resolved. That the Surveyor be, and hlie is hereby authorised to cause to be made, a communication betw. on wharves Nos. 3 and 4 of earth and rovered with shells, sixty feet in width, provided that the said communication, together with the wood works which are to protect it against the effects of the river, shall not exceed the sum of sixteen hundred dollars. Mr. Rogers, as Chairman of the Police Commit. l tee made the followingrepo t, which wasct o pted. The Police Committee respectfully report, that they have examined into the charges of insolence, neglect of duty, and frequent intoxication, prefer" red against the Sergeant at Arms. We cannot find any proof of either insolence or neglect of duty upon the part of the - Arms; on the contrary, all the officers of the Mu a nicipality.speak most favorably of Mr. Parker's attention to his duties. With regard to the charge of frequent intoxication, after an examinaton of all the officers in habitual attendance at the Municipal Hall, we cannot find I that Mr. Parker has ever been guilty of intoxica. tion during business hours, but your committee are not prepared to say that Mr. Parker's habits are what your committee would consider temperate. All of which is respectfully submitted by your com mittee, who request to be discharged from any fur ther consideration ofthe subject. DAVID JOHIIN ROGERS,Chairman. II. LOCKETT. 0. WIIITNEY. Mr. Peters offered the following resolution, which, the rules being dispensed with, was taken up and adopted. Resolved, That the salary of tim Secretary of this Council be, and it is hereby fixed at one lun dred dollars per month, and all resolulione contrary to this are hereby repealed, except that of the 15th May, 1838, allowing said Secretary three hundred dollars per annumn extra compensation for the per. formance of certain duties therein mentioned. The Ctouncil then proceeded to the election of Secretary, the following gentlemen being candi. dates, viz: E. IItRRY, PEILIFOt)l F. SMITH, F. WII.KINSi.ON, R. R. LYON; T. W.CO.LLENS, HOIRAT IO DAVIS, A. C. AI.\SWORTHI, I.. I.I4AS.I Elh, General Persil;r F. Smith was declared duly relct,:d ,it the tirt ballot, la having received six votes; E. I erry. om; iB. t on. LyoI,- oer L. Loe sier, ontt; Jolam (.bonn, our; On itit, oi th, Cmntcil a tjourned until Tues. day, thi 5,ht Novemnber, ut 5 P. M. JOHN CALHOUN. Secretary, pro tem. .j'' Tin ltnhet rChip VIGKiItUIcG, frm N. York, will etmnTtnipe re nesclhrtt ig , a tiera beltw the Veelanlie markeh. Coutslgneea wslljlin atitenl ti receiving their ettld: 031 FOR NEW V :Rk--Tl sail tot tm Eh8h November. New IYork nod Niw Orlean- Lite. f TheeeIio ttIIaH "t eta I ltip ClhA KI FIAG NE, Cl apt Jackhm. will rtary aboul I..80 ales ..n.n,n. oar half of niMiel in ready tgo ca hosed. Fir tsi ra ialu, of freight ti pasoage, having beautiful tantirhed acommodations, apply oi board, nppaiaIito Bej.atiniiee 6tQ.nltp tol of1 .g I.AIDI.At,I6 ps+1m |' FOR THE AITAKAPAtS, (Bv eea.) Ibheretispacbrtfus1'tcsgICHiz t Capt. (dilen. will lean, the wharf olDJeais ('ictito itotie aetct, fmn" -w'z . ia lil usrttsdiate laodioge nn nhe TeTlBe, 'set S.nudavgsiluring, at 10 o'clock. Ftr freight or passage, l5y0s in board or in P I.AnDLAW.66 Ce. -p .t Tit TOneehhhi will herrafoer depart ever hei deays ."bs!ne it lie ittItrhit,. frim. I t of gnola 'in.ut iml" a beee-coned, it opplti'!uott01 to ,the itt it7I. 31.' " " 43 Teihapitoul.s . M UUd ARV-nl i atasterie, fradtsLaaington, as. L .. perior aticle, foibr sals by I i ON NA B L , oF11 " 43 Tchal itoulas at 3L.ALICS I W U.IlH'l''S-Aot asurtrmenn of T lfer R7 et rsaes aeS prices, raeiaeo from Poris. end lor male by IIBONNABIL, o ' 48 Tehapitoulas at SINSEIl OIL-In jugs and barrel, landing and l for saleby H.BONNABEL, o31 43 'l'chalpitnlane at MBR A sgA iaen sasrament of Talreta and ,ilk Utbrellos,of all sizes, for sale ly GOSSIP & Co, Naval, Military it Fashionable Hasters, under 031 Eehange Hotele, StCharles at rRU NKS,&I c-Jn l taling from ship Cdlarlemagne, .n frsh supply of 'runks, Valises nd Han Cases, for sale by GOSSIP& Co, Naval, Military & Fashionable Hatters, under ,31 Exchange Hotel, St Charles st ) IRTi-0 Ac- A larg and enera r asotlmet or Shirt. Cllears teaks t Hoankereheos, of ariou. kinds, lust received and for sale by G;ojSIP & Co, Naval, Military & Fashionable Hasteyr, under 031 Exchange Hotel, 3t Charles ast PEONIEES-A law oases a Pogees, aof the latest ptteras and abet quality, fr sale wholesAle or re. tail by GO151p & Co, Naval, Military & Fshionable nHalters, n der o31 Exchange Hotel, St Charles at SAT+S-',it subscribers hkae received and arere elying by every packeta l arge sapply o' Beaver, Roaia, Fur and Moleskin silk Hats, of the Inlto faish, ion and best manufaeltre, which they offer fornlspoe. tiu to the citizens and publoic gesorsly. Far sal by "GOSSIP & Co,, Naval, Military & Fashiounble Hatters, tiader o, Exchsngeo Hotel, St Charles st A AIL)--80 kego leaf Lard, in store. for sale by ,; ' , 47 11 ,lot L ,Voe o d snt rplr be t DOlMr l l ', 1 i IlL-4 V,44 fe Leve, jnel. Ier.--1..",' Sarrel+ iorsmmd hUAN , a 3)0,n;1, -f + i lPAI;NI." CDiR-.- ltn, . - ý,,'i.le l td i l In frn tiv rhlto.r l' . . sales . or Pllt 'ek It eU.A ',L ov ,, ra C OItDILA BllI tROPE-121 ,cpai C. 1 irdl. Bait LAN--2tvO0 bales Irlae New York IHay, leding s from ship ViRcksburg, and for sle eb o1, A COlIIFN, No.t'l1t1oonmon at IAGI-loll A-NU ,LS--l'ht iSllle of Ithe Neote J a poet a llthe t"oo nlc.s oa "lrSlla gtoti l l I, nlvtddly illutotrtedn witth eleveal ollgravilloga, rn, ldrttttwingl byv A E Chalon, l.I:. Iit. A. Fvri~lalship's Oferiig for 181i0; iO plates Ackerann'o' Forgel tle Not, 181) Just re,:eived, andi lot sale by A TOWA ,. ot31 ,49 nCamp sI Pl+AhlAO, C ,0t1i--A lot oo l".gte, I lervyOSlt. Decattvr, lohrrv Alndrew nl Htgltllnndev Playng Cardsl.of I:nrtlltt't, i"lrt or's satld 'vord's onunf.'i ret Will Ie sald very low It close consignments, it Il ied for soont. o3 A 'I'OtW\VA II, 41 Coam et 3 Po'kct ,hitp IlAl.llI,(-NE, Calla Jakop fo'ot N YIork, is dlialcargipglt oo)toasith Blojo .tti siret, 2 tlltlic i lalilty. l'tloioolleeo f thl'h, cargo will pleas tlt tentl ,oi lle .over Io r.cetiptt of tllo"r i)gods. tR1 NI-'W Y(lK--Iegolar P1t0 et.0 'Iln ml,n il Ie ,l vI`k ' k t n r 'rih A i 't..l rl to[l ot' sailing piklo ,t thip AI..+\IlA3 A, "lerty, mItlot r, i ne otto tlorole olf Iv too vgot etogoogo Aill o tt ll n "toi. t For th lt tnight 41f'. ll haoeis (o or l it et lnvitg al'a llot oCto ollllllllovoo ot OlnO ttio t, 0 l.I) toote t 41 oot lhotontr, rtI 0 tier below 1 o4r tgehtble t , or to oI J .t (tII,.N, )1 C(llmoot n it R AiSIN2, tlitAl'i:S, P5 &, A....5 NlO-t-14tl 1 1 loxes., 1 11I11 llot I" oh, IOItt iIIloao orv lo t It l o ot. lil,1l 000 lo h ava oltooi tI I Th'lttlain.II oti ' I 00o l loll I i 000000I' II( ' l w ntll ill+e ,l lr t n i .in #, e I r r lice; lfi' uol9 AIIl.I ll' iIS.(.,7 tloy'ov,.I % IAS totO.ttl toot tot'ot, poitso of th , S31 ,ootoi. V palIl, It follo.in_ 'lnves, vif. A negro womin I0 000 Ir.ITIrlA, Ishooot I It- o e f ongr-- ayllvs -he" h, l. o 1 +, .lr+. liorl.t1ll,. A nnt.glvIolooto ll ooltIood o L .IUjo 't.1N,. i t0 :o ve0.0 r, ,of se.e-n ty-os .Ir. le 1lo ot, I,, , oIr. tcotod. A '.' I lo:n ino, iomool10d TI01'1\A1 , l5ul a ) at wers I0 age--~a, s It llllot ons1 to Si. Iltrolrod. Tlhle .Wlilr+.t of aidl slasves sill lalaoC rail, prove plroperly, Iay charges, anllllnkt tlalk n looV. IH 1. HAILPE., o029 Captainv o Itlle Wnlt-l ('NTdid nrn n a Ia geano do lasaoootdu 1ou " sic'-plild, ls esnnves soivant . savoir: Une negroao nomad LIi I IA, ugd 45 an,, so disant npIpartlanir a Mrs, Bsrrelli. Uns negress nommd SUSANNE, ogl 30 ana. se distant appartenir It M. Nocaud. Un negis nommo 'rIOMAS, agl 50 san,, so dicnt apslrtenir It Mr. Bertrastl. Lee proprdtairoe des dits saclacea so0t pride do venir lasroalrer en payant leens fais. La Nouvealle Orl6dns Is98 Octgbre, o29 H S HARPER, apitaina de In garde / rS broulgllt to tile |ound of tt i third w ar , ::t V Munloithtl, lhe folluwing Har's: A d lo iORSE, hlack ,nor, toil nd fee, alcddth Smarkedon tile welthre--Spoishl brad un tile leftlhiu querer-elannds 14 hands high. B A n aoll sorrel slod HOIFel , lill ofl he right erve Swhiten trip on the forehend-- .ands 13 anods hig;. The owners of said hIr.e, willell at the opo d si tlle third ward,id Municipality, sitaed rlt tile ornt of lohin and Annunciation streets, oa or before Satur day, the 9th ofNovember, 1839, prom e provemrt, In, chnrgee, and take thee swrayotrerwise they will sold at auction by p A Guillolte, puIlic anuteo eer. J L WINTER, d o29 I1t Lieut. Night Watch NT 6te conduitsa ll'enelaos de laseconde Mu niipnlitd, Ie chvoanx suivants : Un aheval bai, la erinibre, Ia queue et les pied. a noireu, narqud par Is nelle, at auaei sur Ia derriere gauche en Ewpagnol, ayant 14 mains de hauteur. Un petit dtalon snore, Plolt droite avcugle, on rayon hane scr le front, ayant 13 toins do haIluteur. Lee proprltairee de dits di hevaux sent pried Sdo venir it Ienclos de a tShme quartier de Ia Muni pallid 2, site6 an coin des rues Robin et Annon ciation, sur eu avant Is Satuedi 9 Novembae, 1839, a afin do lee r.olsmer 0t let retiree en payant Iee Sfrats, no ilt reent vendun A I'ean per P A Guil. lute, enanteor publie. J L WINTER, 0o9 glt Lieut. de la garde denit. M EIt(ICAN ASI'PHALTt...-lVe have the h:oor tA inrtun the puhlie, tuatweIavereceived Aerican A epltturn. whicb we con arfely warrant to be as good s any n hatsoever. Weenecute all kinds of work, either in employing Mineral Bitumen, (utherwise Asphaitun) or Vogetalle Bitumen, aceording to the demand, at thIe fuliewinig prices : $4 persyard, with laver of bricks edgeways, filled ant covered with litumen. $3 to. do. flat, tnd covered tnd the interstices filled witll bitumen. $2 25 do. when the bricks are fnlriehed and laid down. '' do. on plain soil. We have likewise received dlffrent Ports of entds which wil allow no to manke tle tsurfce in such color, aothelpersont favoring us witllh orders naydemnandr, ei ther i: plain, black or whito,or browtiht or n plt baond of variolls coltrs. The Seysell-s Aspetaltoumo is highly appreeiatedt, which oun-tIhtdly has ceased en inditvidtul reaidilg hIere to antonee himlself as tile nole agent holding Aathnltum from tole Company. BIut we call nasure the public, that the Sevseelles Compotny has no agent Ihere, atd te AsphaltUIn given o such i ennes froe: Vul-de-TrnvEra (Switzerland;) nmoreover, this latter Company tnHs hbt one agent in Amenric, rlwho is Mr. Cayluon, whlich gentleman was in New Orlenne bit a short time ago. It is really laughable to iee it written witlh gravity, that ttie Sevoreleac Asphtltuti: l: to ile nroperty ofren dernlg pitlch and tar incorrtp tile. Bult, pray, witat is pitch and tar t-is it not illorrtut ptihle of itif'?.lndered, t is so amuch lno, that instled of receiving its corr .tibil. iy fromn tile Asphaltum, it eomlounicatesthat qality to t. Hence, whlat tan be tio meaning of this slrange clhlemit 1 Again, all lthone distinctions of Asphaltum are Ibased on no grntndsn for we ayr, and propoee to 1nt it to the to-t. that all sort, tf resnots suhbetance, coilther old or frerh pure or loadeld with caleareous mrtnttere eqtnlltn good It ctmrpooe hitumen. The secretlien in the pne. purotion ,of the rlivers ingredients, the :modificontint ItoI, operated willth each trken indlidunllev efoe beri.g hrouglt, tn eonlptpotndl. LEI.OUI' & 111.I1O, It.,t.parrtt No. 178, ctl-6r or et E. L.ehto::, 53 ChrtretC ot l. II. & J. I)EVEREUX, No. 26, TYuLpIoTct.Ao Sornot:,r, " r[ANIIFACTUI3EIt11 of ('ypper ned heet ' 0Irtt Wh're, toave i storetr, old oflf orL a , Stlills, Stt r \Vollne, Sllrn Kettlee, Lnll: a, &\. Alte. ton Ittnd, Iu.sin ltrieel. Cc.l Ir.:n and ltnre Oratler; Partntllr end Cokihl. Snlttci for pnrntr g wled or ron!, aild of tile Ilant ann d imlen upproved pnlntrln. Bross ruilinl and Stair rtds.ttfnv ltcne or pnltterna Butildert end tlters in wunt of (GirLtes. in or C ttlter pipes or guttern, nma Gad it to heir t lva tage to call aed rkm inn tl *nl+o . tol.f covered with Tin, Copper or Zitc. in ny part of the city, tn ttaetmost ren.ttttttt':.terttte. Ale., on hand, agenerel aesortutet t of Japanned ware - U'1rrcrireled.and ttr selo, o ltpie tld gteneral ot a ertltnent tf Js;:nlmcd ware, nueh as lank hoaes, Tea nnictereo, La tps, &re. MARTIN H & J )EVEREUX, O __6 ._ 6 'I'ehp itonla r t IMIAYURALT' OP NEW tIRI.EANS. 91IE prie of flour Ilin, this dev $5 6l per 5 bnrrel nacerding to the tariff, ttthe b;kers will give :"5 une'en of bread for ten cents. dulring the week begin nittg ot Monday next.the 28th itt.tant. The loaves of euondquoliy,oraf thltree for tan ets, shitall weigh 25 r cent Otlare, viC 431 onesee. o26 C. (IE'OIRf1, Manor L IFTT DtI,I.ARS REWARD wil, he paid to any Sperroa who will leail to the reoveryr f Itwo boun,J tarkhd dita qqd T M, wrhiceh werea hauled tram ahip Alnlema by dray No. 17.6, or for th reeoveery of flve bso nstt two Irunkh mlarked II R L hauled hy dray No.- .l !-.oae eftte alte 'gendc thn iorn"n, + Il tlnd. Apply lI Net 9(0C, oC nI ate. yn I CARP STREET THEATRE. This evening will be perfothmed THE ROBBER!S WIFE. Rome Redland : :. : Mr.r STUARi. S Aler which, THE DEAD SHOT. Ileetor riinoid : : : : Mr. HOLLAND. Louina : e: r. STUART. -Doers open at i pat 6--Performances to commence at 7 o'elock, !l WASHINGTON BALL BOO, ST. PH1111P STREET, aBETsEN RnOYAL ANnD BOUaRB STREETS. J IIIE MANAGER of the Washingt.ln Ball Room respectfully informs his friends and the public, that ithe above mentioned establishment will open for the season,on Monday evening, November 4th, 1839, by a GRAND DRESS AND MASQUERADE BALL, and will contiane throughout the season every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evening of enac neek. Admittance far Gentlemen, $2 00 New Orleans, Oct. 24th, 1839. BAZAAR. Corner of St. Charles &r Commaon street, EXCHANGE HOTEL. B.US E & ALLAN wotld reepectftlly call the .at) tenth)tt of citizens and strangers to thelir complete aamhnlien of (Gentlenen's linen ohirt, do cahbrin, r with Ien trots. fashionable linen Ironat: linen cl aore: nilk, rotton and merino undoer hbirls al drawers: cambric and ilk hnndkercbiefs: blacnk and fancy era vat in great variety: stocks of every description: gun Vf: .", ,i colt O n n n.rnrrr!',- s1lk cottov nrd I,',,p--. ,l l . .lr d c ' ' i, o do ,. I - ti ,l.,'olr, ,I3 or.r+ r-ons.-, [ort ono, . r l'. r cu'. Unnadn nod-I .. point d [y i h' ..r .,l ,, r o \ . ,', O I, ' CF · N.,. t',I "',! 1.01 10, 11 ;,"' 1, a, LUSH, 1 1 ' i ), . I ,oi," JJl'r ,l inrV Aor i ,c o ir , nd other a of Congr , a in such cates made and Said Commirssioeer hae considerable rexprlenc;n ond .ses nre om ofcaptlim and cer ficale which t.rt ttood tilhe snveresn scrutity of tialeast I.nwvers. i A;rll I - 2 W ANTEUD.-Five w INT six eoId hoo , nirpIren, to 1 et:rd w~oi ltbe 1 hl:lttc riviitv r'f Cov g tcin n, on tlhe ther idl. of Lake IP' orolrtrr, i, alon t 25 mil'e from New Orleane, cld nc ery h-ailtho situa tion. A cotlbrtabi lorse for Iel.lgio will le irnilh elt hor ris on othe premises, in which rn Y0 can cook per cord will ceraidl. Aprlv rIo 1 It. . Ill .B: & IrVI'IIKR, ol :l9 Clccllon. cmvincr Magnzine ct I ! IS SIN . frro shi ip Arkri'ons. our. box ocn klkc N v. &S t. v- .rson hnnrviuo :ool Iox will Ipnse re urn it to NoI. 0 Cllllllll .0 rIIT s eel. nli IT 1tN tO.I.AR IFEW\VAII)--Will Ihe pIrI to whlrol rr rfl )il"sh loll " I lbo- r - rd 'r iv.1 l it ,he 'Wnore Mr1. \88 lhu' l lo'[ , lro o I. inin r -lrto , lih Innlall:'t n W r i l I}IUNET1T. I'., nI d o l ,n ' 25 y ,,r. r ' Goo. d np l'rln c, .Iatl it the on lll' hri II h . Sa Id mo SI~ato womnn Ih«+ beeotlelln in Ithe.".d m0m.'ip.lity, n2 I '.I,1. \. lIN I'I:t I') N 1:.- - " P. FttI'IMAN S C91., Nl o :3t 1htraTh rt, Chutllilln , and " ill ln llllo . Io rlrlel,,l• llil~ l llltltm . 1+¢,,i. l rly lhll tlel lllhl tiltl'b .'ll...II. ThI . ir lt.0ll0l((0r 'Ilo"'i lurke will emdtlll dIm c. s1,1, d m. rlos11 c [looot he. Ic tnlrrrrr Ii: hll t ll .r .l11cIT w''hohrle tlr e rntail, .cn l ll n oo e .lll-r ('11()1.,lI':l. 'It l N\II I c\l'l;T'-- N.wc 'o r liro /,) Il'nno sllip :\ tir, rr I rl ir,,l i, e r ",I, l, '''int gl'',' r.-r l s,,, lt o'f I',iot,' lre'np rd" x 1 whch "l ill i l o ll ll llr, r rIh 'll rr r S3 .I.E Iq)\VA Ix I'V I; 1!1 ('1nm " M l I'I \ II :" ,I 'I VI rItLI.X , 1_l . t, 7 olt irprl ie tllmr run h Lr t llltRNiD iE 11, r.E'I'or0r LOTTERY OF PROPERTY, Niti ictd in New (Oreene, TO BEI lDitAl\N 5N 'iTHE Ilt I)iFCEIMBF, 18i139 IN JA.ICKcSONVILLE, lhr. Cuder ite periutpllselln e of the lC ic o sners 1)p" pojled I. the I.egislative .is'snbly. of Flarids. NCIl.11i1T' & liAtMILTON.I Managers. S10it,000 ticket., ait $15 hee prsi ic. $1,50000. elling $_0 per ticket. i''LVESTER & ('o., 156 Ilrnoadwa, NEW YORK, O ,da e A geit, e Pri 'eTI a reciis lt L Ire I ii" ket ill b-e le ic.led iki ie Call". t ,C' t , : nd r. . d t la , i oe a , t iea lt in tllfe nan fi L+ouiShndt jonl with . It. Perrnalt aoally0 P'lr ' er thd, riee t icck, ,d A. laedoh ii ii tualluv dshier ot'the li(lllr., mate d tta i 1c 're0 as per acc licsxel Ill.e s. e,'lluUi, Es, Ieq. Nut. t)sii. .lll le P 2.ll ay 1839, all e rea e l i n .lrr e hee udle cil fiic<' Cle edei mIa uflcrmbt d, cc I'rttees, for (lbe security Ioflhe lifirtlatle prize il. dens. In New York the nonier will be depoinited in the Phoenix Bank to thec redit l the sove ti ted id Ii Beaks of New (Irleauo. 'IThi Pkblie are relferredl Io tie acts passed befire A. tloarmsun, Eds . NRt. Pub. ill relae tn tcth lnpap P[rirsmhir i wellblea llhe reapeioiLe prine in the GOm PRIZES, e fllowtula: Prize-Thlat magnificent three sory brick hbeilding, kown an the AHRADE, ill flagdeince street, neanurinie.g 2 leetr 5 inhes Ia liale e on Magazi e at. 14i i tet 6 inches C m (iGravir sa reet , slind II feetl II inches on Na.che, st. This hcihllig iproduees niw a rent of$37,010 pernnn a,a.d bdeing ill the mIllOstfl'ushing part If tie cit', npposie thre.e Ahn ks, and in e immediate tlnerleorhoncd f tihe Sr. Charle, and the City Hotele, Its rents will, ill It ver few elr be increeseod to lilly Illusinadi dolllars per canniet. oEstiimated .t 70110,1)00 Prize--''att elegact four an v brink build illg kllown as tile (I'I'Y IOLEI.L, formnerly Bislhop'a Hliotel, ieuated at thte errher oftimp nid CUi, aon as ilennlri ng l62 feet ote ('ualnna t, and 146 flet rI) inches on Canmt, st. 'I'is luilding rents inao for $2,0111,. nd being in tile aiost eed tal part of the city, cal shmort y be increaned to thirty tlnousnd dullars per an. ncuc,. Eattinated at $SO00,01 Prize-The three story brick dwelling louse, No. 30 on Natbrez street, adjoining the Arcade, reslted at 12I hundred dollars. Estimated at $20,(k00 I Prize--The three s orcy brick dwelling honsP, No. 18, adjonitg No. L20, oil Natlllez street, rented at twelve hundred dolllere. Estiimated at $20,000 I Prie--The three story brick dwelling house, No, 16, adjoining No.l, on Natcheest. renued at tweave fInd red dollars. Estinated at $20,000 Prie--The dwellng house Neo. 23 north. east corner f Basill andll Custonm. louse streets, Imnlloring 40 lest frlont ic Basin steoct, 4lo feet front en Franklin street, by 127 feet dieltll on litoelllesu ae street; renteltd aII fi teen lundred dcllaie. Estimalted at $20,(000 Prizc-The dwelling hoe No 24 slouth- wet curier of Bag r reft, i leai - miring 32 ert 7 inches on lBarin st, ia2 fet 7 inches on Frnnklin street, by 127 leer 10j inches depth on Can. tol"ehouse street; reanted il iteen hundred dollars. Esmiiated at $20,0011 Prize--The two stil's brick dwelling hneae No.aS9 on Royal street, ietsen Ursuline aad Ilespitl, streets, mena. uringdl1 feet 8 inelnes on Rydl ri, biy 127 feet 14 in:htes in lepth; rent-. e at $1ii20 lper a UnI l. Estimaled at $1s5.11011 I'rice,--in:,0 ,lbres l'uusl hank stuck, fit $111 01 ccih, $"23,000 I srize--2111 shrllri Cie'llllll'iI BaR k lEchk $1OI salcll, $ 20,11II I elrizs,-150 shnrea SI'elleitic4 nd.Iltx. der,' BIek stck, at .l$111l each,i 13,10l 3 Prizes of ilt shres eahel, Uity lltnk, 30,0)l, - 2 Pries a f 510 " Lxchae- 10,00 2 Prizes of a:.5 c de, ight, 5,1)0il Frizesra l 1I ' " leclhaics' and rde' 1,0011 I 0 Plizes of 1 ' . I.'ouisisn.a atnte, i0,1f00 f I0 Prie c ,.df " fin Light, 2,000 e 200 Prizer of I ..lank of Orlean., 21C,1)1i i00 Prizes of 1 " " Union Batnk of nlorida, 15,0000 Itelhll he ltit le option sftl, winnlers of prirec ef ailk nestkh, either to take the stock itself or til par i alue Ithereol in cash. IMODE O" DRAWINO. 100,000 tiekele, from Its 110t,l00, will I e pal in one wheel, and Oil, wilth the hblank, in anothler in very nulllber e prize or blank willlie drIaWl, iatil el Ie I riaes ame determinedl, eaving Ilte h alrnee of num hers in the wheel-blamik, Orderc fsr the above Lottery cill be reratvel at the efle uniter tlhe Verandah, eornrer af .I. Uharleeis ad lnnmmun etretal, and nt No. 104 Cherlrc.le.ttrel, Nw IlMeans, aal promptly forwarrded. Iders from Ihe culltry, poslt paid. eltaining remilttllces fur Ihe tl aln-. er of tiekeic reqnired, addresad to - OCIIIDT & I&AMILTON ; Naw Orlent. I V, A reaml,nat will be prnvided to cake In Il[,iride ' stal pqcsitngers as may le desir,eu t, will,'c te 'Ie lceescnmilr, I-la.Allil, 193.. ,,,' I SHIPPING. __ Por aEurope. FORIL IIAVRIE. A Th A I fast csiting shlli EILIZABETH BRUCe, Capt Higgns, ha.oing lhe greater purl of he~r argo, will receive 4lepoleabh. For hIeight of 2'5 bales cnlbo, fir Ieoosrr. apply to 1,28 L I GAr ,,93 ('bnntn at FORl IIAVRI:. Thie A I fot soailIng ship VESPASIAN, Capt IVinosn, having ptrt of her cargo en gaged, will hove Fopr freightof201 bales cotton or passage, apply 1to aPR O I ftV . o28 I. i ALP, 93 Comenan at lOR IIAVRE. Tire A I ship COLC01 O,( Knigbl, having part of her cargo engage,, will re tcalve hr di ite sdespatc. For lreight of ~.)0 hales cotton iir pass+agr, applytIo 114 I. H AIE, 93 ti aonr.nnn str FOR LVEPOOL. The A I farat toilingahib I.OWEIt, Ca+pt I ratt, will receive dco.pateh, Ill, greater part iol herearrgo engaged. Fl'r bolance Io ireglIt or parsigoa, apply to sl28 I. H iALE, 93 I'atmon pt FOR NL VERPOL. F To ai/ on Saturday the 21st. A hie A 1 nd fast sailing lhip C&IINET', Co prein l~iirilla will sail on Slturdaty trxt, h bviai hoar cargo engAged, arld going 0o board. For paiage, hoiag banorna aeeoooaoda liona apply to o 17 l.1SI H (11.R 93 comon at. FOIL LIVERPFI)I.. SThe A I fast railing Ship GIRARD, Cap. tain ross, having notst ofher cargog n ;aged, aill receive ianediatl dei apnrhh For fIreglrt 11'150 ha)l eles a l+tllo or postag.e, .p]ply to . t r 17 1. 1 I C A l. O g "3 , nmt n s tre e t. , ps Ie no f l'; "tr Is; . .jlt' } ' I. I o rk, F ....t ,, .ling . till, - t .. +, an ,j t.l rl], ill have sallt.- ka e toI newI fitOr ii,. lo'"tor tat of htenbor o orgot'ang . toa 'oastwzn,. itr pa sca.e nt , l,, Ih t T I +';-\ f w g .. ixe 'na l',, wil ,, .. w n,, Krrt l t A gr~e -o e o enl..j.nese, cove r, on sin.lll nl ss on .. .. ;,i,., , oL ll f t V o r til l wets i St. hr (., It tV Poster, raster. 1 hil Trnv, It. l kid, eritf, tnl at, r. Ship ::IKh, liclt.tJ t. tilton, tt0n..r Sli It trl, I CorLnel, ttastt er. Noew h~tilt I'rttnklflrt, J 1; I, esmll iawse, lNert -hi* Itt rv t Ing-hdI It lhCtrra , mater. "Tlen,., Chip~a f. i+ll o~f tihe fir's ('ils, :.I,,e ave,' + + dt V lit, l rn,'l.tli-: s I t-V t ' fa lh tiV niS at 7l bit 1 C'llll''t Illl'h'lllilv w i11 be IIl,.. 'vel i nll II I 1 I I h "tillg I ~ en uhc 'rrti'ed, aII1d irve v it':1;l++ lell~t u nlt ii ott i t l firt ll ,+ .i l, t. 821+ ]',i. :r.Ifl ' 1 ,A 111l, r\IX', '.; Ta,,,l -t F'O)[ NIEW YllRKI. ill)l+ I,11E ' LIN1 E.:<i I ' \ KIT . ". ýtl•)+_,*m111olonli ,'",o', ylh, 1,his no,,l '0.-1h i1,.. e1 fG t at . :'1,t t., xl.h.1 ! 1"t" .I ..,l, rnell.v, !'n111n10 I:ý 1,ni"H,, . It'l ,+, (a hlI - 1JpI¢'¢111, C pt" l~ l*N .,i - I'irh Frr, I ", .t 1 1,t , , !,++/ r~1+,'+ , f ',I III \11,i 1. .Ir I- r" h, I - ,1 I,,t 1- It Ct - L. ' til p a l 1.NI 4t I- . ()[I a .'+ Os I " Ml~'l I ,,, kit a\lr l .h~t. -- - t 1'r, i.t,,t \'' I,,h, T h'Vi x 1, -b,1,, .hi 0' all, ll 1.1 1110 1i1-1 1ot.+,llp "11r,,l an d 1 .1' - ..1"nl' h ,l , I . ' n" I'r,•ll~ t 1 .,11 , , \11 , rk l'x pT tle p r t-oC 1 roarli,,-- t e : l 1, I ,1 atl 11t s I ['•"r PIH+ u11ll'l-I Il, n1r.,1li', .'lll. 110 !n,1 th l e 0 h'.l, l s rllt i lla, tht l i,t ,o It : li o :txo . ,'ttl rt th l.'lves hl . '1 ýU ., 11"I'h . .,,:I stt I.,,tl ttl atl t ' r. I ', , l tod 11 ~1,IIl,+ '.V' . :l l 1,1 11 l',".,eytl?" .ll a1- Ilad lt~i~ .e(. I'h,'tltrrl nnh,, toa1( at1r1,I t r-in ,.litt 1i .tf i;- ; I1 s t tr..., 1.tril te 1n.l e j v ~t.' I 'tri l t ,i', -io Ita l-h ,. ll eVt ,lttr ,1 1llirtr a IIosd , th or c ttr1011 tt ,1 .t i-ta 'er l It " ro I lr ttai r t ,lr hot Ih I lt l euato h, otlr. 1 t." tth, to ta t 'a 11pt.:r,. III~~tI:'n1 " ' ..111 ("Ihl I I relft. +J + .. ' ill J 1 t' n II ln ' f Flt' I N" . 71 C a a t r,' g s t e 1ia, . , b I, llt, a' l,, io, t, r ''t''tt. - olll 4. 1; . ofrin fir rust 1,, i o tn oir 11,1: toir i ttrtt Itoar llt ia ptkattt fir 1 ,n 1' I,ntl1n1 h ard, aslantllr ;i r 1,. tr hiii ,f'Jltllll hi tirild ih t t t1tti I l to tIti,', t ri o h t. tar10 r1l. 1'1)1 NI.:\1'V1 )t hh;. old u-,.o,, anl ,,w Pork I.i1, 1,1 I'ttka,aa.t rlý lll,: 111. 1+ ii1 Ilhlni nlulllt 'l .,i p-e'P, ait'.. t t w,. all ealrl, dlll) .llak10l Ih,, IiI .11', 1 h IV 1"V, in aU l, 1 1 6'h w ill all,, 1. 1 ,,t LinI1'h .il dh al~ .,h' 1 i'l+,lr Ihl.+ i,,11 i.. err • +;'P ,k duhlr .hl. li y V r, 1hl1i1t11 ii, pe'rl ,ll i Iill'11lllPes for Trllhqllllrttllnll +111 Itn tiler hon 1"I xi - fit ti<'i.]ll 01hl1. \ urn.,i . ('. ;Hllo[Ii T :rl.k. I,. i+, ii h! 1 \ h. ll1' . " rnralo.n, f la£t WlalnV, " Itohi,.,, Il.-, "' ':hlr~l<ge " hkv 1""k~l*++, .1 Palmer TIh,' al,.oer ships 'l,` , "f Iha In .1 11, -. r|perlld and 'n+1)11 f* 1 I r-in~ld, ill i li,.|ll +{raltl. It wn t1. an1 bulilt ill .\''w" York rxpr s~e. to, thflle Irl,, 11,,11 e Pgn I ++c'unilll dll ii n 1111 r |lltP il~en tl- iiiid I'lln rlllllell biy ti le and1 'xI ,l ialcel mlinlters,+ ',t'le prh,*. ,f pa+ssage in fiord at g111, wi h< i wine,. orTli I iira r, Intiii11 .ll+to s iln everv 1tlh.', liar i al will he for.,, ided. Ilnd Pve.rv allenlllhl g.iveln Iti p|11 111I 0 r1"11111.r1 ..I thane p hla~inlg In anoel fro il t+ he lire 'le 'bins1r1ll .11ii all tonesP he Itowed, ia)lllad dhown the river. alld Ile, gn,,.lelq ipu tlclltlity uhcl~rvl,d tL t114 heir tiny el Neilher till+ wnwarc atl" r~lnain, of tils vessels wil he re..p ,n-ihle for j*,welry, l'mlli<on, lai' ,'( l.e sil ver or iplat, ware W bflrea~katge !f ihn,,, hii ow ware, mi rllhh or !emtlsl, (cooplerager Oll till, rusPt of ironl or sltee~l, llr for)llnv htelers,+ pd'rtcel or 10' kaga s-t by ovr pult oll ho( ednl if themll iiihsoi rl'golhl bill,; of Ind l.; are ta~keIni ne t he nonIIe, III.II the. valhe ih~rr¢,llllxlre++e T.e F+or freight Ior` a~pply to ......'2! J.\,I3I.S It IIUI.I.IN, 7I Cna ,l, at FIOL NEW Y()RKi-rIegular Pa('ke]. IIolnles Line of pa1tkels. 'J'u salil o)1 thel 17t h1n 1elnt. ._E. The elegant .l iplert-d andI rap per flastened P.ll~"ckel shnpNA.NItV'Il.E.I II rkne.a+.+ toaser, A x..+"E ill promiptly sail ase adver! .l.o. For freight iir il-e.olt , hav.ilg eleg.ant act:S ai l iil i no ap i ipl t. o Ihn !..upltlio iii boalrd, ap, )osite Illy V¢ehealeh Mar+tkel, ar In A !:')II [+LIN. 110 110 (:1111o lln st For the Interior. FOR BIAYOU' NARtA RIeogula I',k*et. c~o-'.. will leav New ()deans every \rrVrvs d to'. No trt'o' .ooo Wed lt It o,'loctt. liJtr Ii (oava Sum &rv'ry tolordav at Ill yot.'oekA. MI tokkigt ito. rl.'ot u,, on ,,l r For height or pooog.e otpply to toplit. Hoy on1 000l 'o to I',"h!0 ).tiII3S & WYIIITALI. Anld all iulllle~lit landings.· FIIL'ortt Kml~tt Ito1CfU(A ato'eolO.,too s lltttl t l the anin Copste 'ttottt 11o o. a sIh. toet, o n~it . Y itnl t 1 OOO t 4 o'rltk, k loreotole For reightt fI ' 110 1 17. ·I·'.1T mlnl-i on tlp c(·old floor suitablle for r Ilc1 I Ih 'rt ow? N; t 1 et'm IIIet III th t 000e, IIIn u, Olr. n I'O ENTStre N. ;i Nw I.eve s): 1!aF Po psi ssion give illlllPlinr h· v \pp ,Iv t ol. ornr Common Maga ricllmll sill 7' IIRENTr-It oatopai tot tot, ooNo. 95 Ito Colnlloll rn11,I, b,"iu II Ihr .rroull, third andn it toutth'to o.. A1p1t olv 1, I .hrt Ill 00, or to o10 I t pool It A 0O't 1',to, 4.oa,' rý\O ICI': \'1'-( tin - -.1, ' ol41rr n,' . (' ; t ;m \Vllr Iu I~"ou It l' , 01 nl~t io- .o give Om .tt :l-'o, 0 nlob Ihr ok. ;',I tt file2 tY 1uoý .1mi, '01 A pl 't.. oog:l t~oo. 0l t~ ti~tlt~ o -II I I , 11.1,. It t t '0 I /ý i ·ll 1..\'1'-.k i,ll, ýIVH I _. no r. No.-_ ,,t1·1 1'h rr _ Id-trev AII ii , t o I.loc ,tlo. ii i..,tt ,i , or')'.-.' 0100 , n f I . N tl , & Orottt,: .j\1 Ih: '-' o f Ilatei ll NoO.O . 4lel C..oj n: r: w; polnlllr msr, il, giv e,, oi l~l the1. N llrO PII. I noo hlr 'Ill-b anlldlt ~ltllnoo . toov klarge an aoooeio. *loeol mloledtatoto her 10001 optlle I., 01102,tl 39(.ll1.l,l,ooll o U~lrM,,Oe o Sot.. '* 00 IIK'l''-'l't"o hooo.' dotter Toloepib~loooa etoI S t arIttot otlroelt loot olotltole ttoo Coffee H~l~ooo or rotto.y. Postoinig n gimom o <. lNeooto~o. AApply to II LLtJN'oAllL; 'UAI L RiHI' A) t oAntIngG Cto3Ili0.hNV : (iC: Dstorry, Toove.h (mIoIJor1 2Ir.I 3g & o La.. cnrarrnt', alazazine a all (Gammon St hconi t ng not two'a yl forms, in onle otwh iort)osefke plane. Gee weke oeoa d fur nlol, e, -f to qbittee p aof he ommdity.1 Ite Okeloret. toi 5 t 'l1'jil1.l lt 0 0010010 &llt ttttl otoO.l ot dttoorte e, 1111 tl'ltl , er oet Cojo car 000Il lO lSl t.lI it. t',ooto. itt(eej hot gienoollet toleo'gootApplotote, t, f r theull nglt l It.' lie 0 ffi.r. Retok It W. i It Gun Wok Iad e 1d, "k000100o SECOND MUJICIPALITY ,NOTICES. .'OTlI:--All "prraou" i rebind. to. Monttipiiiy " e No. 2, are hereby notified t l cplmea frward ind make'lpysenloio or LtOrb tire tir-i MAtnday in Novem berCnext, oreealhly to ordslals'n.orf the Cobneil pnosed on tis 151th motls---lihe Tsslsarer being required to Ilsece all eleans unailjutred at Ithat sinl ll n suit. 1'HO. .LoO), Jr: l'refinurqr N6w Orlenne, Oet. 24,1839--.6 'rH I Mlldipality AVIS. C ONFORMEMENT a une Il6solutiortda Con. soil paoc6 le 15 courant, toutons personnca i-n detoid k la Municipaliti No. 2, sout par sae prd sentes notifies de faire paiement mor on avant In premier landi de Novemlbre,-h ee temps It T-d. sorier etqnt oblige de placer on proeab toutes reo qu6telnon adjustas. THOS. SLOO, Jr, o29 Trdsorier de la Municipalir6 No. 2. 4~4i Notvolle Orld.ln,24 Octobre, 1839. AS oulaght It to ie police Iprinor i the 2d Mloni cipalhya s egy o girl nsod gi IItRA, eaout I3 years o geo; say srle belongs toIn ir Hlm. The owner a I'isd ilave will please call. proes prop erly, lay chlargen, id take hler away. H 1. HARPR.I, od'2 Clptain of;lhe rVch. ILO a 6d6 on a gn do Ial dol Secondo Mni lt6 ttne jesne ndgres a d'onvirnd 13 san, simnn nim. SAHRA, olled d appartenir a M.Hunt. I.e proprid:aire de la dite esndcla eat prid do ve o nir In meclamor on provenit an propridtd at en pa yant les freos. T. HARPER, 12 oct Ciplloine de Ia Gando. I OTICc.--The u rndr lgned, havino Isen duly ap Spoinlnl bv tl Icotorable t~Ie Paruh Courta inran for the Parish andl City of New Orlens,. Cotiommseissiees In elntuaice and anoes. Itbs damage and expense ofotmn ing and eonliniing SI.'rlToumsn nael in nlrcighl lia. from .eellteto In iaao tintiol niroee, hare mcrae their netilno unld I +~e~r'r to acll s alvls s eodep rs srr.- lctt . ntr., +Isofsaid tour let ill i ts ,pelirs, of all who , ant may roict., . t rr- or .'s .10:111, ronl A.hj a iipr lit. ".)i1ce ic ros h Irrne giver, crrtt i estimn:e Int nott riIttistils ht p I In ed subt 'r retsir As. - nil p,,..un + so.l .oti· d i, p, tip, ray :nItrc! .«lll L·J.1 t Il l ")p Io jectio1,1 if',',, int + lrro e. tI.:,,I,,,,nt+, ad a en a ! i ,;,., . . ( "'We 'l.r. ( t, rt, , , I ll, I $ I ES sounsign6a nyntt 6lO dilement nomnmd par . I'honorable Cor die Paroiss, dacns et pour ln parolseo et villedo la Nolveille-Orldnse. comnmis nionnnires pour eatimer et 6valner lea dommagescet dpcnses poor 1rgr oir eat continrer In rue St. Tho mans, en ligne droit!e Ie la rue Suzettne t l rue An. noncialion, ott fai rour estimatison eit nesseameht et ont ddpood vOaitcs nOplice, ainsi quo Ir plan dons tIo greto die la dite Cour, pour 6tre .inrpecct6 par toll ceox y inltdc.srss. Et avis public est par lt present donrrd, liun Ix iite estimation eL narssotenelt aerent prrselllti h la dite Cour pour itrt conirll Inrcrrdli, le 20 N... volncsre o 8 I9; et itllesr, t'per onlotn inlllTrret.e6, dO11ae quse!ques protit6 a itud e stur I mle S't.-l'Throms, l otsll ilrag , st t par I " prt/t.'si'c sortifiss di i rire Icurs objecrti.nst, ..'i e outl, it .litu estslrna tion it ;rase.sllenol, le n.lJr ir du N,vwmbre, pro - r t'avellr..Or i p rors, h, 7 ,etoNbr, si 19. rth , I T I I IS, ' o onl ai n) irs . l' l .' 1. 'I' lI:--'' 1 1 1 1. 5i5 1h 1''.--l r, rlu 'l.rr l rrrP. \, I I. : ,,.1 I ,,lltr ', lt'll i, 1. 'e+ l ll te a i s. 1"i.ll p1111 it, hll.l t nor l\ a i nsr I, . I ,r . t i ti .in ,llg ( l t'env her n l ,lI Iln aI . O _ ll ditle. .1rre \'r ri r. rJIt st r".11 rIt, 1 'S l rtrrs . i 11 .,t ' sIII s I in s ll l l , ll r e I n Ih r 1 si r r' i rls sr srl s i ' Ic .l, t ,l i . I r r ni Il-sr, rin r lea rr o nrop r nsrl egs'n , oc. ; . l. A P N, ha. ldt' Il'.God, . I,' it. . .r.l.t I r. . ,l_ ir pr'r , or , ssi i 'i.. I rs's ll t lhlhwurl . , , : . nlt " r ll .ti l ll |.I', ,"',1,. n Ia.n 1 L) ?t , ul . 0 . . elrsI'. illl rss+ . s .r airl,, i i o , reit a n Icnds , s IIIIll t r,'t , dss s Lc el'ay . ftgdr l'eniro o I In. re nom1. RI:, age .,'hvirn' 30 on'39 a e :ll ,.,,,i h ,bunt, 1/111 n o U& , glfr,,.,. optr e r y. osto 'iesnriron 16ai Inso i.royr, otllo ra ie d.,i encl.e Poolent pris dao venr lle tettlllcr enrrissttcLsiearca pvoeldl6.I.t e, rn ioyosR le teat it. 3 ocl '. I IAI R PEIR, l. do Io Garde. , , 10 h, 1191.l In ++ the ira , lrim ,,f trh ".':, uu,. tii Iv Ill u,,li? oII Iiiiiii .ll llll I sae1 llm |.111~1 w d ,l ~ :i;. year. ,,' n-,' It' Iss.rsg-I Mn\r ai - 1s i T'l rre loys oft I clae r,,i '''n-e c oll sit the yrit ta, prrte Ilt.rrl srl, pay el'l sria,. tsi' lis no act,. II 1.1A11 P'I. ll! ,t ,eJ i t,.no .. ' I,,t. l' i., iPrt rrs, ai sts rd ,.S . s s l i1hlphv at brltgI l lllltl4 nln ll,,Ul13. AhhUI. {. Si()N,.Ii)oit '2Ir I yrsttLsrlrst I s.e ir cIi is f 'I e. T'I owner will call, pr)ve prperltyc, Inc r|hrsgesando ak Ine lilsLL awYe. II . 1A tlil.K, Calrtisr t' tire \Vnsr' P'1el'_ Per 1 HO.1 hAIIPI':It. A .e.+. A t. lr osie Psssrss lsr I'mlsiist iisrlhi ilsv. 1V ciTnted stc lle, sWH rInslt'n ard (jirtc atre..s daP.rk ItUy tu IlJIOIa, arbeastnsr 5l Ishands ligl,so Io liltll fetl woiis-. wills o risr sestcot a oie o1-1 1heem. ''le oawo'r ftBoid Iwr.e will plenm calIl at Ith' poslalprrce plopnrty piov ehorns asal sake Iisn naway on tlr Sbotre Salurlday l s IM, ir.t. aloh sb warl Idl sold at aoeiOll 'by II tisilsloue,pibliec aslleisecr. 1 4 IIARPEII, Cupt. slf fk Ws'Is. eptl . Per 'I'tIUt IIAlRPIL. le !m r r PRIlNl'TERS-Jn m rr:eeirvid, tih sh N. O,1.,. L Irran arH,'Fyypo Agerwy,3 3 Calllp etretlltll,., L~l Nat. 1, 2 anti 4 Super-royal, AI~tldllm and Card Presses. it rati rule, Stands, Casio, Ate. Also, a very elrasi.v asaai.,iiv.,iaf Nwa oud lot, Type; the latter Iriclei w are *elling ai reducud price,. IAWIKENOE. & 111.1". CityItaprs-Natichez Frv V Tr.wlTdv, Ravvrdl Ofima. Miss-rlulullig 1cer, and Tele'cgraphl, lluwkn.n (Teasl,) will pleaie il hnvi ii.iue li2eiie P RINTING P'AI'ER AN II PtINI'ERS' INK Juvi reciived a qJuntii y of vi'limeialand doublr meidiumv Prlitiviv Pai'er; viI, avfruply ii Johnonu and DIurvnvvi I'rintii,g;lik, vvid fir vale iii oAmI1I.I.EN All X'KSO-' n 49'I'h Cvsvr I'hmrai gvar if India: a hisiiory viiivnt eviroiivdinary fear. 1erllily of Orstlfia on, by Ca{{,l Steernall, L,' volts. Walk.r fiIl CIhevi Lovnvir edition ftoCullvvli'o Cviiiiiercial Diciinariy: latest London. edition Lavudvn'i Eivivilpvdii ovIGadednivg. London edjito Sir W~il GvlleI Pviejoii: apli.idiA London copy Mdiln's Pnarndioe Loea, with illustratijns bi, Slnsia, London Lyvler'o Univeral Hitvry: 2 volt. 8 mo. ihvkeapeirr: biivautiful Bliiiin eiditiiv, ' vols. 6 lao. Wjiih vn y.riiy vi viiandard anid valuable works. E JOHNS &Co. ,24-3w _vorne Si Chiarle and Common at, A MERICANt; ALIJANA9C-Dll KIES-T)re Ames titanl Alt,~nac, or, Ilespolsitlry of Useful Knowledge,, f'or 1840, Bostons Diaries for lc4l1, lvvoe, nvial) aid in ivckitl beokl Daily clogiov'nv, ii i.t v blanv fvr vover day in the Yvear, andAl viovva, iiidivnpeo',nble ivvirr.v man of huuain-s. E JiHNNS & Co, 22:'1-,w cornv r St Charleavndl Common avi nR AR'N'S REPORI(TS :CONI)ENSEI By J Bur l ton I Inaisl, Esq. of iih New Orl.,va Bar. Thi ulndersignedl, pu~blll her of this new awl important Vork, I, ie leveIiniform, th. 'vvbers.. and oofIL toga fif"I, lot ul'livif vitif ill iii ite 0li, v of L.visiani.,. iivt iilv firi vll,,, is now rvvviy v orlvinlrihaibvv anil nsle. The whaole work, in four col ulnasrs will be couwa plated on, ia iiilviv' itie 15thi v J Diaur nvix is JOllI 4& Ca, "In l nrnlcr St1 ChI~rle, Illlc :10 llllnl et,' (ý,I11E NW I('(KS- nollo Kng;or,1'h Iharof 'l'ugh nnl v F'nlnlijp,' by ca The ii liboui 'I 'Ioi hI_ Cvvvqlvun Wvbbv, uthor oiv (~lallcei uivv il, &cv t Opivmin ifi Id v IlA iiivl"iv oIi PIliteuy, lieovigy, lvnw S ie fyi, viiil, i l A i i, ~~sll~lllli i4i (.aa~il~( pei) t 1lui~eiti. oi 101l, ltovk,vis in ,uiii vrluoo nt uni t,; ,Il.s,,,,., ivivv i I , ls iu liiil ' rctavilo n, or 12utt received and for s uTOby A, a . ii 1ý11:W N(1VI":1., `"c--Fair I(IILallllllll, or thel (I· tit hiiiiliS,, ii lviii u iie, oc ."viIsi eieaiiand Son,,,,, -i, 11. U. 4, N. &, 1 , editedvIey Wn n Biu. ta a.,a yelishe(d will, l eng loving""IB· new Sup. of1 %etlllilt ,n, r letters Ii,,nl I'llluyra, and rrabur, or +etter, I'm it, it au,,0 Jtiat Iecoi.ved amt f or sale by A 'OWAIt, 49 Capp at ii Ouiccu: 'IlviA . iV,.K- lrdicil and Topthain . AoiilGvvuuivlv,byvavll MI.Ql~ill.,, *a l oi'nlv 1 filvihidiiiiaa; O lsrato agovAiniii upntellde tniu t uiion ortugalj , Sipii, avvid o,,et ea iev5 mudri b ndt Rt i'lrn.r, ii. i. U.eS. N. &o . Jufo receied, Alta sa , o12A AV'OWAI. t49 Copai i EW I.Al OOK-V; itplatnvrt ofite Pre.hy.. rih L ( Spvivr'.: Ioiv thei Cv.,;ruinuwriiiploo Penra·vr, .iai0,i Levi,, ohe iid , trt o J a.iviiiiTidd and ot her uo. l rt nhlby ;nllurl M iller, a membera W the PhI~iladephi ell lhB Ba,! Magee on Atonementm and ýnrrifiee, a new edlilion, )l2lvllumlrc,8ru from 11a,411 vgtnun ileditiil wiah nhmavi, colirri tnu, saold autI ijlov. Jaist reoeiio and Inc sale by ol'E A JT~ Iln 9 ('a, IU EV MUSIC-t; PI MaoOUyrier--The Illega lI Spring'o Gratin Waltz; 't'rinnllphaal Marsh niche; .ouiniana Legion, and it large asaertllut of tint latest inglisb nullI Fnulch manic, for ppi ", guitar, sad ethic coma.,, Si ChiarI.. and L'oillavn ate 1AUTICAL WOR$f'Nautjvol Alum,,.r for 1s.80 *' Blaaat' Cgns Puilt Aloe is Sbiy-llnrtei a .\rairctrLr aI--3ia'v ,li-~rPou Stiaa lowen.r

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