Newspaper of True American, October 31, 1839, Page 4

October 31, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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I'ISINES$ :CA4>N N .tin~~ r4NW1 '3II ju~drt. jAraui t Ctitna: rods )'rrhAn f dam' 3 , Wtnipa.rFl 7 It, n.3;·;U~uilil(?t-rsrrev) ]°K lriFttF jtiiF ai~ia lttrge f ply of Claili r a hl~walet etud ir:ýý ouriroy te .. Il~eir as. -, tFatilittlt~bo~o tia r rrhat frata tlhe country cFats F 8aP w Ji1d itQIF3C loraltnoice. k eYN rE COMPA o~lrriT " F NEW OF.E I CRLEANS. T*IFIFmlCpiF are nuFi pretlarei I tal.k flls~s AGAINi'T FZEfl No. 14 Muacatt'a ii uildlng, Canal pl~rr New (5ileanr.,, flay 15:{i, 'Lýarenf;: rr i " ieFil 4 Ji till x tHIAfIFLJJN - COO2PJThI , Gal U It, ANDl DEIRl"It3l IN iItLUVickIONi 1NO. 9 sltd 8! Jutlia i:,fttee, NewF Orleans. Lip and Stitily stores put a1t. aint S Lollltil lNX i--- UaNRITURE -WARERIOO1S Nn.. 53, Qirttrvdle F·ITI·PI 'Lý.r4ikbi R, CAl3NEe, aould reeptitfitllny ii T firm his frimorrla and Ilre . public thatl ire re rcn e~r'llfly receivin frowll Nuw York and H eston a fCll,· e000tmetii Furitue, uvh ie ahoanyclitsi.' 04 6 t e dd~feeds mapleas I nl~aineie hairs, nnrpl re and('~~lntl·L( erl amnlgli I~llR sharr hlit tii t mahogtta Fad c!.errI tablle ,f ifll ekripFtiuF tefu, rtarr wakin, daaka, wururyht~c e of ntenngplnY and cherryr, ""'Alb ranea, loIFFnII fiaFFFF, fiatihlert', irdiltn, &. Sc. Nil, lieraiF ir packed for lI-llnt1irtait withl glrant FASHION&SLD CLOTHING TAYLOR & HAI)DEN, we. 14. he-r, .g, Mstree IRAVEF a eanaFFaurjIly I F rcrew Frnclu It frr,;i;:n to gFlltlgt a's drIFgs, it tht ltiiiti i nt l.etyl, ti i'. 1it OULUANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING RtiTA1i!I SII 'llN'P, SNo. 53, Magazine Street, htPPOitPi h iiitti'; ARfadt. 1L WYILLIF.llI &ldEEIz1', tIC~'Rfr 'icnli RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON AFhlIF olpened aitllrt in Nlw iii tua. I flil ilg-?rr.i I 4he qual Ianllt ttt .witllh thir bI ae ill New Turk, air tae p) IInrp f r(glirt i n I- h n 611nds Blls III their rnige ('en hi-tin'ra itl 1 liii a" eherics nodt oilielr imps; lusP(t papers, rrynl ring eeur It% ssggntne Pol~geire; un hae 1114 I pl" nnilvnfu th1i safe keeping fit all te diuprsn nru" itt hercre hir prieselirc tenel fZj ieundlne hani ill. ilillrutiou.", and all it .rde·lrr Ibe executed w~ill, p!rnpollludedl· nu r n lb neuul !sane. Office, coaier it layail & nnat ttiea;. Jrl7 rf " --- 1i.17AAJI. * LIZA I? tti ,1t SIZH & A.LLEN, 0 Ni. 1, t'ICIIIANE all:rl-L, .'or fSi. ('arl it an.! Crmmnuon sir *~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~E Pirtlli.1eigaetti tutu it-cl 3 1I'0:L'FEI 19 nudl Dcnlcra in l'rleir h ad Ftrg''j L Perfnni""ry' D·esainge Cu-·na l I~rlle l .nli eryt IitIi it I. ~'i ;:,.`ta p+, IIIII ieesnrt Fin' At ele,1d K ?If re by c byIla v, may:l 1Grv 3s aF.L ;I.- t%*i a7 V Wlf i--i gty~vtl1 tIiy If tii lii Clitititti rt Irsthi t , c 4'(r""tt" i ý!ltaele'sl n Ndr( la yt 13', n-r, ii ctlc iiill lIe tollj erl9n theP Iuw,"t nlr ket prier. PllU 313ii F.LI:t IN AM*IRI CAN & l:NCL[Žii Ci:IIOWN cthl?.t, __c. --t: nulEi~ atl rrliEi. nl JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY OCcsfrirTICY, aPE1EDI.Y. HANDSOMIi I ANIF rteiAPI 3' IIXI:eitrlrLL AT THE OFFICE OP THE True Jnaieriecha, T. ('VIlALIS STREET, NEAR POYDR.AS. 1 PA( Star-,i fi an ltt r St i l slr i ou Sl Tl1A3I. k. COW it 71 ilI'tlt zt Si. it\I y'l'It5-'L" h le GrruýF'uls do; brui elicirlting; and~ 25 11,11' Jackson f n rr "I Il,.l~le sherlilngr, lauding fans c htip l'lharlirlonl, freak by Il I A(. N-"ii l s:+l, Hums.. 10 du. Skin-·, and I5 dn. Nhlulders, in Stara fir Flnlr by Jriy d" 0J'1A. ?t C.. 71 Povcllrns ftl © Li, osAR O dt, CO'S Uoston and New OrleansI SLi,. of PackelShips.--Thls new line of ships has been expressly built to run ietw'on tim above ports, anid will bo found of tuitable draft o1 water: accommodations for passcngors, ald every efllrl tll obe mle to give general saltisection, ienb tn Is omposed oftllto f Inwig shiels: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J HIrding, Cnrolina, 3 do S leli.:, Charleston, r3 do ) IFidridge, Colunmbiana, 605 do ( Barker, Seamnn, 240 do J "luw, Bombay, G25 do D Iunmphrey. Ten above i are all now, of the first , l,a copper fastened and poppered, eocmlanded by men of'great experience, haver largC .covece niodntioe. with a separate aItdl enbiet; erery atentii;Uill be I pad to passengers, and the very test of stores pro vided for them. The packets will botowedc up and ]ulwn the 31ei nismippI, atln-.thl strictest punctuaoli y n'c:erved in tie Liman of sailing, nid sheeou the : tc.lar vessel. be deltained in arrrving, other ewhils equally as gotr w;ll i all cnasa be substitutce:l. A hl.etrenl cpitrol am is solicited, nod tio agernta pleteig tl,ecioulve. to 4neonillnollte on iteuchI plreetietbih, to reedv, dld forward goods by a id lien at the most oender. alt oharges, and to advance all uxpori-es 1e1l goods stippoed, if rqquired. Tile abips will leave the let and 1Gth of every mpynth. For tiriglit or paitee p.ptl to the agen'l 3 A 51 FIIITT, lc Cgamlmoet.t . N. s. Advanlceientt on counsigmilit. to MeasrA. , C. Lornbard & Co. nov27 -.t Nll-tfiPce -t-_ , t;, . , i, cc .- , at a gIreat . op , t i1 l t i roons in iths cicy. They g are dit ertd to pluthI btuildingo, wn reiltoson , otli ,rlvo te ldwe:.lll: ; ll nroo ine tit once cen c press aI llu ly, illl }. tld are perrfotly Jire and wren r pree f "'rmns maI Le kltnown,euantla .del seen our t ehlloe t thlnlll, opposcte St. ,\lary'n marl, , 't'rlt ie,,nl. . l.c 2 " r (- Iv E,1:5 v Co X14 ky ill. to 11111' iI LS oEttmJLIlt, Nc, e4 Uccet,l screct, te:cciitc Duitaion and St Phlllp, keen cIn laentti on hUtI an l'xtrensive .aOcrllte e'lll of beirt) s anld t irolgatne,l and ehoeEI i.New York :ntIlr acre,ie (me n. welllll nid enlldren of ail one., which he will dlspsc 6 el o at very moderate Families of his Iteqeoinantlee n Frendine ne r!or r will hnave their wliahe attended to L S mI' ;O(1iE L Ill Ill LIEtJD-6 bbla, I itii Ibs t shel; 41i1 keg, 100 O0l1 do 25 Euglish do-25 1-4 bble. 41110 " 150 Paint Bruihes, various sizes; ObblsCopal Varnish; 2 Japan , S" CoEch'" 20 packs (lild Leaf; 50 do Silvern do; 100 do Dleh Mletal. W|NINOW GLAS., American, Erplish and Freneh 10110 boxes, varones sizes and qualitnce. olato.n rouwn do.--500 ...eee , e.eerte.neite . ill r oI, low. " Als., a ener al easort1nllt of ttislr' erlllllrs and rcole for salie ii A WS eCI 1":`, No le ,to. C lrect. N B. Alodana notees aket ut p r. it a i 31ipri ' note.e"sanc' recvied at 10 per cent discount for c,cci,. orinpa n. Itl'debtiE .i I Iw 611115 tist ice DllU ntjn hll:ttle at the low price ,c f lll herltf known amlong tse Ilndians a llnicaeiuuc in curcc, plallolzary enjplain si Ihe usuaivi! d sueeias whie has anrrtneleld ile ,cr t of Ill.t inostrnlahie latanil iilteler it Il.cet Lce ilutlrc To whom it mny, ei .leern. Thii s is to ertifv that w bane in our praetlie fetrletetly Iprtrribed rlec Gtod sier's Indian Bltlt'l oo f Liverwort acd Ilarloun"l,t ite a d.cided good effret: wo can thee.fot f're thee ti'enl. Iedge of lethe meuterialo it in madl f'rne, .cd hc i, c anoo and: x peri,utre ,eomeend it as a per r, .cr Ioace ntide tlions of tile Illn,.l fr whi iel" It i 'v e ,noc n'le'." Ah.RER I' Vl I I..II i .1S, l 1. ). CALVIN El I.IS 11. I. Memtbeo.sfthe Boston Medical .tasoeiatiit. Ioaton, October 25. ehal by J t RVI.' & ANOREW i.a , i Grnam t I 1'r l S ii' fY T 1I hceticait 1iti ceinet , 1 L hl '' e sn lt;;. teen e ,l ,Ienv cnsu ,. . ,d t .rza .p.) a nn t I and Livrpal. liC , raul' . J,' a n "i,t l." · i w l' r. i i r l qla i, i u ," s,, n , . Ii . .uriA" . Ai-" ,,,,,ec:tted hi,.r b ih ~i. ., I-,¢ r ,., f ... lcateiecl ctxn cJt.e,,,n :i~ . I'. ihcl cc 1 ,. e-t ci enuecallte Ccci ',firit'nt 1 , c, h rhe,,iad r. sun -h I r ia,, fly ,) -- o w=,I e t h v w lll 4 ik p se.. l* ou ^ , ). . .. ' , - Or dehrsiti h a '.,:.e ir ct'e, /. 5 v e' stair,. weill er eet, t' av.ert c d ite eis I. A- 9 S-(,.-_:t " Seeivln fIhrom~n hcanliPhlp Yazoo, ted Sartogal 5idkrkg Cllirdia, sdl New York , arnt ri J.d nthetir llo, wntlia|t.ogethur with their fonl et taCk n hLd,.iuakes Ithe asr. rent very, petas. 7'he fillowlhg eumlmser a poRrt vii: , ell twii5t u..r.. ;hle taclk and tressincastseo ]ornlp oral dteeripsttn, hn i rnbldrr, silk and worsted eldastic garters, catolon'& ne elasdic snensJner lateo fire said Llucifer iamther n i ditzm po wdtrs, owr pun l ibox es, toil liost e rd. , ronet'n ookau antd ants, teedle bnks, shell, pearl, orsyaldt antleerlo esn aer, heal a.oao1.ittepn o-t tl hthcecklattes anl aneglgees, klnd cht tsbcatd eckl tes , ren o l:s i! w ltaltie , erde il ter taI d giltbcad, InditP beads, ell nsit pl el. e- pi tol tt o iltrt i psow Lerfnnsksrhot lie!, ht.rtsel tltt· oclet ilt dueitinet iatols oulle rnd siglle barrelled Uan, owLe kiaes, and dirks senre shesrs, pocket ktivea, c.ite ehtias, n wd einet P ''Icacni', .1%rhboosn, w i btk E gyptiot ~lacr te aI d c0 tnb L;tI'ihlk, llldcr, r,, e Il and A sa.leosa , ret llhs al.. a[:i.csl, Iti ,ait I lute ttta t rl t\rer al Its 'tr lt ' lksl, . t.til lenteuits 'IilIlI iack btt , lte l n tis itl f e, OlAlt tdi , ties Unti, st o , Ilthne ilertia iL (,v .i ortI1 I t a tndesll o , ol i .tllll Bi~rvr iDetB'il ('[t'.o.( tolo'il ,fIesll l!* III eezH e l'.. dalt',l~il ''l.'lu k .tteltl.uiatc iige .ticiier tl~i'iis ni ii'. r . imble., Imok r iallack P es, i rn .,% 'lilatin l f iret illa k i lt r etlick's Itcetlt iietttltu "It ceiitls'..tIetc.(il Ier irt.. ,j OdYlbi . e 1111 ', tietae:iuc s c Pli ,ll, in l d 8111l ' ale d ti,'ih l 'ittt'tiih rlaic m i', n e il r e. . e 5"111 It l ) lata., amliltji ,.,,l·/ ti! Ai. " ii S IT e I o oe , l lhril l I ret arii ieyo lr ti I es alre offeredl bt whoh,l sah, or reta~il Oil acceolzlnutldtiiag 1erllls. iN .B Shell eo 'ietl i re sa s ctir.:l, bneonL hn iontl , fIs tn,. wa I is nrlrll . Illir~ cpa, Scro :ll and rod Iron e, nail end los n plunl, S ,iii l'llS YIIte!.ES, Cci, Gietmt sir,l ie't', k i, l k stro ,id ICro st"e le. JHllh w dowe, ,r h s ,el', i It, Ma e i t riod Stone°s ti lt I tic s Cis'. It l 'It i. II' isors Ixl. ,I s al':( tr. )aye;'miv ti1til\oodsIIP Isoslle ]la'ire\Voh)l'i'i it Ii's .'l t'rci A.. * s, t! h11 l 's or t Ie i sh Ndes arI lhoi ela IIvok.t pl we \ ltu linges, hoor "wi.'lo h'' ltt's ticleiti O itc.k ht' e. I Ii hI tIs-h, A thill' Ii ltent of b t sO ilt ois dittl a ns ho anl .:, tidb whic. r t vn l.: d I.:i r I1.. (: IIOU!SE AN IN ANE No. I I cc'!. atih Inst'dtsic I- t-c -liltI-- -- - |!o h1 11 it :1 t tl t ai l IIE r * (lll N.t i 1 e ' I th ca t i ilht ll I l %\ll'. ;.llb.~ li[ lr., II[.lllll IIl FI'. : l (J- h LIOlh51 ws i C ii iittt'tinttt. , iltt i c ', lllll cit'tcill.le leii iic i I llllli ,Ss lli·IU JIlllll'P· ;lhtl i-:1 lllul.l\ RIIOSIII. I)UhSll .I (oki s Illl hll Y1ill~t siN , I wO i ch I e111 l olr. i I'Ol 1 A lhl'i 1ricll01 I Pl l : I Iso sti lt, t t i it nit Iilition ,f mAn voice is. 'i tic ct e i r ' il]n.!P 1%. 11 t1:i i ttll titll : ll'e I,['71, t iii 't rii" et tai·ti t t il iiI i le iis f l :ll !) hvng-. use t Tru I\t Eu so. 53O, : te , i I (. I . :m t .. I 't1 "155y e t re . t t : n t l tV. I lt - estrt. el I ri . lt.trd ' . b I ti st II .\ ..:· c.e-lan;,~ ,v ~~, l h,,'d,i ..,v ,,,t,; ,.' ;,, !,.,,t ,i, in : ii n . lllxl ret ed1' ly: 11!P"., 111: ]e ill tm Illb regar lll b ther ?LIIl ).I ot lz -,nwlrld as th m 1e , v /aliu l. Ibey dic ory i l l, a l oietl llrtd .ricr t . [\ir .rti, le fo r ,,' Ir.r Common an d Ten 1ih , ibllnL. lllth iis . f llich.l-(I th,. III? Ih:,- l lrticl,.Itio ilfliP h1( Il- [ ,II*6 C'~ilU a,. l~ voice is ). ii~ll~ i l· ill.;: l·~lCe'~t o ihet'ltr.ll Any· ol l.Faoll,, IIIlnr~lnr beflv a,;a .i[,le of lh e dl licllt. nl;,I ,.n / oivt dna i o 1~ llll A'llll~l~~llol Itllltlelll. \Iv I(Illtl i·i II.'I t |.lr 'l'll l' l i {t thI a obje)liF 11( n111 11. I~eilllrl\ i}.illl,,I I ilie le IPii~iii S It' tic|llVoe *Itill. ii \. :illlil ll,,d'bei Lu-- lll ,[.. hli • 'r1 [ 2.llell orPr* n erI1 ol'(..lll p n allJI-( ll(' IIt Charh's .'-tr, ,'t:. [ 'l··l ll(|t - ,[H. I';x. i lllll( ·lltl, t't1 1·3I1I~~i il: I f. I ] I*." ;[ r· )iiI? i' l " It n~l l'(ll· tall -III I i :jll, l. -lli I il ll ll/l~llll. l h:vr lhols tiefl Ii-ii nl' Plll elIV 11 B I" I ) I , and .r ofi1? II· (i l;t I,) 111[:~ i, A11,~ i ·)1 tlni elir, lrlll).~lll V t llt lv, L; 1 I~ei r l~llr l,l~, }. l~ l vla ItLII i i IIIIIII )lfe V ,11 • , ' t el i j lLlll I1 II tl (i L II .1 \.l'tt , I1II: I1. hII I' (en t L\'t 11 i 1hle renlirl id l·h Iho s r4f.lile 11:. I n hk.'ll t LJb l" I~iBCU lTll b/l'll:..ii, $ )"1 ] jo ll'l ..., Fnl~l;l.l . " l rlll ,lllr l~l u rle rlleve j. 11l ..Ir: VIY . Vlllt. l E'.,, i.{i lI I'llt V tllr t 5 11' (lllr. l:"Iy1 II ex ln l 'I.[i,.. i,,I - lll, h (]t -i·lh II SFII !IEl III I'm: I''11 .. N'I V~ oioo i ·n jlotn lr) i c2.1C llr-m- · I \1{VIS 1\& ANI I WS,..__. XYIESvL A0 ' I NDO lill!'1i. IloL.IICfItI IN1 MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS 1)16 SE 0 Coi'L'!'''.I,1 ·: ll'I,\'I)(UIR '(;!.."7715' tooer of f.'out awl oo'1, onoupitoooo tee A lrva uj'p'l u Garden ýr rrdy, · n:lrl..llrr"l I:: ,IO~ tl; uiI i;:i7, _ URER' 9>n1TII & CO(., rX'I'cIINIA( Icrt l tX.!hefr Arigid- an h . 'I:I .ot; o !iotofoo io'onoy liotnll oohe leihe keep o) r110 11) tC oilhand ,I Tll ond Shi, et Iron XX'oro,', of vlery dcI cripl i rch as c 'Ippc sills, kolll'os, oood I1001ps , too hool o I nii In -, nod o i l cane, of all -ir is and sizes, and allCCII ulo~ ra csin oneA hoiloo'oto, noton c o,,I Erat ooo,o, of niyooro dcrIpto,ooI, 'oioo nn-Iro ho r. i L upII I 1 h , L ,I. I' mcy Iloll 'oIl o do ohll indls of. out dleor work, sch aoioo':c, onpper and fill ro..oInog nd golgollotrino, &c. They t.IdoIoaiod oIaClotder kinld of ork i tI..i, Inooo Oa, LtCy will ex0cu0e at tboo sho..rte,! llotice, ho-LI o. 1',%$, Io Io'.*oclloo s' y ll' 'ooIoooIIi.wIokwvuwoe~uIplao ~ no peIth 1 srusrnt, uniiier the imrnrllllilnlr L II)Plllll'llrlPIII tit 11\r. J~~lln \lrcl ntmlllu I I 'I he Iestnihl.Llll:. Illl beenI veto' rlllosid- Il'l l, unpnwr rd Irv u IIII1h 111 I huihlllles z'iiioo roo m, Irao ! rot o nlo. il.liar room ni 1 " Inn ;.Ile, iIstlnOlesOOOd' oIoo'iol , o'o ('i"Oon rlyoo Ilene bee .Ioll oI r hndeIIom",o'+ roool., C h..o inooo tin.ooolo v reenet, 'I It rroo a o- fi0'li ro( m, for f00th. i'o . nlo rirn ! Vallint o t h usesun Feelt'rr.i glillF ·l l eT illII' ne·III I. A, -III t 1s1ui, An fiN hinH 10 at+ arv 011 ...I ndi11 e1, gn t it · That p Iart of it phil··il i hew ll li: "lrl· y i t I():II 1.f. th~l II.,t."I i; i.'n.l dbII).N y = I. Io IX'I I'IILIIAN "'~llou u le~ 1 IIII-ri x: ,11, 1 1 w r1l ann (';.1,,,;; 1 N op loInmt, IlIl l I-ila0 ':, 'l ll II I'h Il bol,'v teI, N. I) "Mall I illr ,",'1 " , n oy oi,"noooooo lI ooooooo IIooooooooJ II'.oI. l· Io o','ioo d 11".\' 'I I I IIbo' Io o'.Iooo .S, r!{ I·~ ~ll : l rr·,l? ti"l- 11·i ! j \11 ·1* 1'11·, !,Pr litl'l r lllll 1 ofoIl"o·lli l .·r oo'1 'o I t ''o nIll l h r ll 11., 11 I 'll lI on 0 oll Int'thu B IeIh st llS-lin nd l' It nI I pi tI'n~ite+ o ýý '1.( 'I , P il in-trio eitl+ nrr -It nwn nfrr tired I., theR 1(III~II·/( L~lr I ~ II .1 o ii ol I C loioop -' a Iohe~ II .1.1 I'I 'LL0. Il,.. 2 oo I ooool. oo f1n - rle c I It,1 11"1e1n Irr* ·411 i y t OVFIo0o'I f-. metn,0o 11 o loon· Iwoc, IIPI*II1~ 'ol 'OoI'0,.'. boo'.Iil l~ 1.1.'R. ~t10'11)1 ooo,'' It'"i! lob s-1 A1' 99 Rudolph. =ie NOVEL 111 !1! \ill`.' ll F~~l IIm,; "t. 1' ;-r I:IPll l1on 'io'co'o n U-+ alr an .11 '. I' l l ootn n~~, N Toga di Saltimore packets NEW ORLEANS'AND BALTIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist of tle followilg vessels, which Ilhave been built orppurchased expressly lirr the trea Ito, vie: Shrip Seaman, Capt. Mner, Bark Mary, , Nickerson, e Irad flerry, now , Stevens,. " Solormon SualitUs, I aLthalsn, lerig Arelntrct, Gray. These vessels are ol'thell first clas, have hnnd s onl ftrlurilhedl :ccornmodatlions, nild are of a light draft of water, so asto admit sa i hsi ir receivitg and dischirging their cargrs' in raltimore, at the city. Freight will be lieko n for llorts l sln the Cthcesaptel i or James' River, res tir artr' e let ! ilt llllet hIt'ssrs.CLAI IiKF & KEIJt iLtG, i t Iilllllllta . x p e n se eo n g ooi d s shIdlilll)d w ill b e ad vt w w u ,d i%'l i reqttired. T'he le rier tof p' ssarg is Iixed at St(, i(le's r'rthtl b I' t qiihty wt il tr i vtie . it-t ea;t uiip :tnd downi thS Mitirsirsijpi wtit le taker, on all occasiolls. Fi icr lri.t or tstPrgc, apply ti, GEO. DIEDI:ORII. ior'Cs 7 Si. hol vil'e i . A .& & Ig:)R N VW \'O)RK. [Lioltlsr tititd New' Yasrk Lit i' Packytsl I' I" Slllps laco pongli thi l i Nll t llteit i'rt ! lw _ i lititilt| lid eiw York oi itto Siterit 'ti''0 day--c.Inuni cilqr onh II t th.e 0h Nov li ill-ii J ((· i s'.ro rh putipt ir'l't b lit u lr ls'ailriti , t" i i: n. will hIr'l ,llr coL.I) ; >t of rire llll , VIE: • .hip ,z, a, pltahi Track, to heave on tie '20th; tlilt Lieilti', Ctptain Pal'ianer, to leevo on thr liltl )ca; ·lllli Ii Ship Ih i le. Is .pain lts h ' ,' ti' t' ave oit lat' ].tll |Jictqll ll~r.. 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'this valuahle mnediine, the result of twenty years' explerilee nndl unlpardllcl'd. success in the extensive anld highly r spe.-tnble practice of ilhe propriely, allt'. iised ly the li'lt nnd nobulity, nid is now inti ldueet to the ntice il of I American tinbli, at the earnest so. lieitalion* *.l' fa numlber ofgentlemen of long and hligh sttmlit; in the pro|ession. It is hoped, as a prelimi Ilnry stlell, to check Ithe evils nld Itial consequences nrlsingi fl1 thlle isl nf thle lnlerous alnd Ideleterious nostrnmu hmister! ,. pr the pnulic by the aid of lIhbrieated I'Eproofls or mllilcOul ,:r,.:1,, alind llhelr fIlnds,l by a set of tooI . lunplimlplel pretenders sno totally ignto.o t ol nlli l science, l l:hat it inlmpossible e nlllrslls llllhil I vIan any Ilget' Go downI inith the inlltllitgenl lpeople of thi cont..y. T .,hes: pills, .ihlb :l ann gr .ea1ble in t ;ir Iirll e, shOllll i. he kept i lln evetyly ll in aill sell 1t, ittt11t11n l , for, t l 3 t beir prompt oiltmitttisttitOn chlel:l, Cr:Ips, sp s tl! i"'s t t' IOt herlll O th all..lillg conllainli , whieh tool oilIen Ipnov-lthtal, 1:,vy bke slceli I V >0001Or I lrevenl t. Iln t00, ill (loso who v;ltn Good lI.alhIs, shonlhl nerl be witlhonlt Ihemnl. Th'le are soll' in p)Ikets at So cent , tx1 agd : ca:ch, hy etl''Vy respec t:hlle Ih'tr.uistl l,k 1ll. er, a v111 lllll ' tllten llicinll in LthI Unit,!e b(Sl:s. I I I,: (:nit .las, with coli ous dircltions, togIelIe r. x Il' w i sth u inis of profl'tsio t a vility from the lilloawi n ,min t fm lehmn : `it'ii tt A tley t op,' r, J .Abehr tlh: , :.linw I'.luah II, M. I)., \W . lhik, MA. '1 ., J.1.\sbmo Ivev A. l':nptohn, M. II, snd numerons !thtl'l1. Al:l.l, iily ll'hI Ithe m dic. SI oe is imp rtSleI intol'l thii ' .t'y\1, nal to wh m h o.lIl apliEicltions ollralgeneies JNI>. Illitll:l,:lN, I0J \\:.+ely Plhre, N. York, II ''t' I I t It l ''ll, I'1'itt I I Sele (.un al.1 ,.mfInIt ' Unitet 'it es, A IFor l et hi llllllntml t of the originai l Il n'lll'i il h o ,' wVAI ý _ I 'IIh1rl 'lov, )llll· g i s, Nr11 It lll l street, I wenl"ll' ,1 \ .1 II:IA Sl' :hllr h"' ll l ill s;:,,lll,. ju 1t t 1.1i 1t, l i t 1.{I'. c,, :" .. h aing r; | atm l, ore 1 '"w receI rti i ifro. ' ships N sh,'t lle, ltmis' ill', 1., hh,'ky, E .,gle, :10,! other tle nrrivals h'm :, m lttt't chit e :.iiri o w ! new selev Innsll'i,? 11UI lof mo; ! 1'. 1" )1n L P lll Wa II Ml c m lII+ II Is rI oi i a11 liies; 1. ' I el ' , li r:ill" IIf seaIl i..wd Mlllfi t .hoe. pn ps1 I nod hlw inO , bmIt, ksk; i hoi ll s IoLe, I hiog ts: I I 1;':h, + lt ll': ,th, I (ll : l I t:Ilol nI hi'i :111, 1 t o . ll l 11'' I pa l 5: illlt,~E i (II: I 's l l CI I ' (iti ll tlll" tlllklll llle ,I cope . ,; I o h)roo s 1o c ou', k 1,, ,,,".,. t I. 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Iol IN I JO.. Ui~hIFY.) oto~rr~r'rrt V'~IoST ET~lt't 21 a/t n of sen e-- _I l Ij l l +\ I. t ii't 000 ,0' tI liiOOT I+P. ( lrll' ~l() xhlt· is111115 Ij(ll :i+, l \l +1 lilt IH t ",+lllie (.;ll. !.)i(·lll . I ,. .ll'+ ,l'l faror ira IIta P+IIr rrra. jIar tar 0l,' nlt.lltttr ) : l l llt., . l l ( Ii .' t +.t , I, ·· 1I11 ,t ·\~l. ll + +i 1+i; i~l, Is ,+ tII 'l <'. tl e. :tl1· ,I . ;le ,,l m I , . . c , + , t: r. 1'in 1 . n a l i' x l t I i r; . Ia b i r , II\ai.fii..' lh,. I t'l l h hll . f,, t '.,, thu l ]th e Ie is i;, - r'i rrrl'll t +ll ' I ll !tro I I l ie , il l ii 11 thI h lll ll 01' 11., ill :Ii': llh, i I1<~ l~...r· 11111 t, I hV1~(( :1 1,1 ;:)11 1 11 6:(( c'lll'.l filIl t +~111 )l:t't'l +,1•~11.* Ih( +: 1~ (l t+ ITII' iltl+. (It;I·I '.I l'h1'ht'•li+'h .+,\·1. 11 h" t 1S1lli. 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Apllll y aIltU 1' Al h WVn. liINN, 1('O Till. r PUBLIC.~ The undersi",s d. , having - t uuel d unde r Dr. Sr lladi ohr "r w ti h tl,"str , (llh C:aro, ina, adllLe foLlr sole .ylerT h ai sall t lwllia t lo Ie Irl stior of lllOllU(tici(ne a d nreI ry, hais theillt ...,,i Tro ills in tlll iu 'iI Ipolcl n pi t [s rare v in tily cu thd prompti ttent ion will Ih se at tpai it, ti , ells, 0'1 11 holders ll .irve , bIeing+ well act ta lllted wilh the e i lligtr house in Clharhestln . Thll' I:tlllo anti-blhous pills :it, ter tihe nlplii os! ien a, Pro+ltiio ,r Sl tn llu ttc. illwi i llllre.l i+ il ll ca tn beIleIstt A 1 hte undersignedll. Tho eHaet+L whitll lhe!'y hivel I ,riotllld ll·d ioli hl and ot1ri , cliics, ihas k,'ern t'l:tIl +de zelbr etl c nlb1l o glll ven Aill pll y at No. 1I;116 ,t-,,i iol street. JNO. I'LOR[i(Nt . O'lT Tlt "---TtiheL artncr.+hip oi lKe ey, lhy h-l " _Cl + hir. l.l faltl vhlus Itlhy le til d ulllt a Samutel A lJ ull 11t;,%'1 t' V I I i f + TOLBEAR'S Science of| eeemnnhiip reveived,nna Stbr nole at their peraneat Wriltngm. cnltewios No. 8 Chotres alrvat, New Orleans, ta189 Itradway New York, Dnasphine st.,lMobile. It ia unrioIsrly desiged oale privete learners, and echtoell, end is cnlerstated fLr persone of ltl anes. Ladies card genelsnwa are invited toaali and eoamine ithe Vsyster rort lheetlre es. I.caoosn are given at e3eh tsriona, Uo staY writ tho errncveierreo of all, card to clorsen 'ermed in 'nay port rat sihe eiry. t.atiars who prefer it can receive 'esnns as ttheir own rcf riden'sa. I'rresr payini e n rse rf elene nnr edesired o atten,, -'''.. C ' tn seallta!seseovarll. f .. tlitOTtIsrt. ROWAND'S T'I'ONIC MIXTURE, F;,n FEeER AD AGeL'E. FEN yetrs have not yet clapead sines it vwin li·st regrlarly seabitirted t to U ptrhlir; Ibut it Ihas ttainedr tile higlrhest relutaltil; rnd has sul plantid every other Iredicine tor tire Agae, wa'trr.e'v. er it has btrees ktron and appreciated. Atrerdy has it baena carried in every strertiorn !hrnurrghout the Uniited Starter, lral .etil realizes acorer thlaal could h'r:lvro en ii eie trr ieltay mio t ralrr.aclgallilOe friellds. T'lIrarsradtatf rat' rreraons haver satr orcly haa'a'a rraiiraved, bnt reatared t I'lh aI sand vigor lhraugh its agas. ey- IIar tihey now e ar:erlnlly teetal:v, iat rvery oip lrtiicnity, to its tridd nal nd supreat r l t1a' atfliacay. I. is .earrH.Ieaa of suels medreilel s ricipl us are c alentated to reraew thit healtrty nctiarts artthe irtoala aIcl, hvsr, and othellr imlprtrarnlt ligecrtive ergatls, thl lass IaI wllta a h haraTroray is thie iarlllnlalia : c'ellC of tha disease. It ii nplarent lcar, that it produ. c as a c currr' ciarta" raI the caaditiaa ata the eysterr, raira aaaatinl" destroysi Ias ltlivi e liaiailiy to rtelap a is oe tahia't. atallla. i aen tilara AgXLrea is ratte'Lce Klath aray ir e lie armpilrinrt, trhe atalrymraet ic the iTonaaaic Malllr-a wrill nt in,.rticro wath r h!le treat. rartra 'af the oth aer di- ras, hut ; 'l ]'vear allrd tar. t trtll a*s lay Illlr lillhi gll aslltll t rr vta g i ,r ta thas ' h dy dr lllrrla. the 'oaira'se of trTecatmnit. 'T'i on' who alrt I use a' h Io hi rl i iatincirr i ary Ie isceurae d ti. theer is ra Arseaire, florks, riteas pui. er array arthei arti le i its aa 'Il illiatcrir lnfrrtraaI r y ar the hillllriI Ica*' ra ltlantlr; caina ensic ely' a ver'aiablae extlric; *tlad trhey l :ay halesr a .it naalhll l aroailarlia arlas' I u.i thrIrcf, hail tilly p1erseivr th Iat at har. lorlc a, 1 l l| sa at a\ la a I Ve. a aouta thi e tii p hallr l r la . nll futll Itast bIirn t,rr'sr--itlr Lrira i'ieqec o. which'Ir theiaa is ria peat ar, thre illla inira lefat tao hlarg r ira n ow .I: to tl.larse bal'I raaina , air d other eviat i.lred t'ir t al h cure orat tri o lic.; ttirs.r It ItaIs IT L 'i also a revtllliace, ty ins ay waria were ola jrcel toa a pierrdica a r seare' ace s th r rhill", ari a t Irha. t aarlila l r ly ward td aff the ti arat'I ril ar . a . tJ/illra e! T'i' ' I',' aaialitrl'tily ra. rtlll il aiaht ;41 .,'trv~ t'hl,+ Iltl l:ltlV~~l, llt.(,s.+ h hi eII·I j)ll~I.I 41 'lllrl'lell d t nd a ll ll'tvl5 al ra :i ci cr:s alir ' iI- u , l hi taire .anxcare, is all e-.ace of iel'v'e ureal Auar, '.la a, c waerrit''d i eng agirgi r t rIo la/', ad the ar'cri ta il arcsar trhs Iravi raker, thair ra tc'rai I- '.c c rdh .c walla i111le ara crlrl ),ad rari'rlec In,·ll wa ihoeI r 'lr'i gwin arara 'a aa's'ly iraldlaeaati ,.laaairiaai s aIl Ia) ,l .t l age,'d o t '[+lth W eil)ci-iHrn tire, f ndIp a e % m ih ,,.. ndll [+sr ix y a+ of l'hin ie'til' i, whirh aa warrint d fre.h itl tFili h 'or 5e tl t s alll llr'l lia d arcrt. a tt ta \\ i h,,th th"'l'' ll al 'sri ii a ai ri cir ic o ns t eit n t l ir aa. ariaY rliatk.alNa' ria ptlly ,n acirers ta brr 'cl,, .ara i aia' icr ' ( gir .,I ra ,, t l a t I, aa.aaaa er r rha'.l) arsiriast a'h- air" ,i, Helr lioui., is. ipl.:asantly ieitul ild, aini w('ll .uppll o~ld a '''th ar'try slclnv itare i tahe a teraIs thro1ind with 111t lO.t ch ie l hlr 1|isurs., &( . iiin ]lrPlt ~ ,ll~, ,,. .,tlhig shlall r waitlm ra a' i r pa rt tar giw ii t., crto t vIal. i,, plm3z l II.1.LLOW 4 WARE1, 4411011l $l'SCRE'S, SAD IRONS, &r, 'i'1I 110 WELL 4VWORK1S CIIMPANY. No. gI3s \krirr. I,,or I3.'312'I'I1tre2t, Ne York, ru!VIlr llg largec and1 cxtcnaive 1nd111 1 ins to t he sock~ at' fle above good., ,d*. \1.11( 11 11 v 1· (:n1.1t of tile, nl!nw~lng nss~n,l lltlnll, alu~lllll? li,r oho : llull hurll andl Krlti,"s, 1.i v z'.I, iron, 3 .32 t't I 1 i nlyC 1 13 ''- or Ovns "13112 , "' N'l I, A"'!.,- .2.t"'2 S, d1o2l13,,..'2 It \:'o ·I "~ ,,.d ý!:ids I C ll . lr:, :1 d , r, rII( Ilru!ý'-!I,. c .,. 4 d",~1· ·· ~~~·~i N11o V.,). 1 1 .14 -, ''.''"' ., `IV) 0 )11 gr., ll aril hv-; I ron N. ' 2 o 3: r ,N , "I' of-C). ~ I, !1y ,II liit ,ni I,:",t;.,o I,. ,," "'; ,.op.,;illl~l11 1"-, S1 s' \, ":g 1 01 .. ,, I.... I 1 t 1431. LL-h, l3. 2,2 '11' I r,2,,,,, Iv r. 113 32 I .3331*· ,1 2.''I'3..'.2.', 't,',. tl''2l22 2'33I3 * '"t''II' I, i·, lI e . sh o Ill rnl o f !,- !,z11 i . I '1 h i Ii · 3 01,2 'I:m. ud"! I ' t ",, 22."o .r: SI.. I(J1· ;,ri,"r ., r:od npon II~: n .I I:43 i l .21111 1 0," ·\ioi i ;1 rd to o Irl a 1 2 '- . 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Tiara a(lthart:res re nR ow atec attteiviag from Ilahir feee lorinx ia Naew Yaiaa.l llld will keep conltaantly on aillnd oit gLtaeraOI ilt OtIeaI.cnat.l' i arble Maooll Pieces ofo'alacaracla abi aia aillta -- and of ti latestl potlerns. alealltl of tho Il'ht Egyptlia , l Iwlii n, Irish so d Aaerttrca ataraaaarble. Also, MIonumon ts, Toots and r'ae ISltera. , aro,. ded aand ,lain sills and lintels, aaarblo laa.. g, I...r. a a an d bou. alary tone, plaster ol a Pearin, lltaan &a ll yrauolie Craenlt end Plstr.i ia Il air, notglarth wil' a spaleadlid e a torlant os one aaatelaacr lad Ialaaa Gllrates and lItssia Iron tersn of a l lleaon es i i d aalot a yppr oo d pttelrnls. 'astarieaa dnn ian the neatalaet mantasr and at thi rant noltce . laThy lane first rate worklosan to 'N`j.r - hIN & STROUD. I'l l - xao\J.iiVI,&,c.aagaha AoaericEW dl:pl ylld, ey lat hornl"A Y lea in Slpain," i at lh ataaleon l ntruct, i'.`.avole!t l'lh e'-l+.t. : bor-' r k, a al' h r acrl o mora l rale oarea el d.e, .,aatia l lrLaae. lt ('rcrlti' andfor a . by aVI -mo''KTo be n Id • rvl S~lisiii~t~del u a paain~ : a' id itl,

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