Newspaper of True American, November 2, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated November 2, 1839 Page 2
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- (9W a 4rh~labew al' .r £e tefe IlR-O THYEAR 1119 Praeident, S. 3. Perum: 'bkat viae Pasdaent, W. I..'Hodag, 1r;q Ihaynd docf. . Ju». A. Merle, Eml; r Ewaaliaee of Appeals for 18319. iia Uic', - Jaawa H. L yeriel, k. C. rn,,a ak, Al'UhI"i k'a P°Q Snribe, alu llmlsn P aa aal Tl'6mllaaa, mail nl omallaa~a.. x'7l'4 6r~ai trefle.eMail cilosed eaery day at 10 .akco A 41, Ia due eavrr)Jay at 4.P I. lte ak tC.IfHail iia~traaiago~,, La.) i. taa'd vr aaylayj, Wadenasday and Friay, at 6 '.clack, PA e1. a dpi aiary Vaasday, T'ursday, and Saturday, attA ýTlimet Q Lsaisv or Riaar Mail ii clotd every Maln *d~r~.ulsdaeaav and $atarday, at~ 3p. MI. I anal aa ret tined Ilv et aan ainbojttsArriveas irregalrrlaythsrcn Blasqa a Weak. . -o TIE Bagaa &iat~or'Caaag Mail in dl~r Ivr Taainan ad PniFrida,, at 8P. M. Id seanl ands erlurand by uanahoa a~. Vhe.Aezn aadia oa Rred River Mail is sent irrega. rteamhoata twice a Wreek. LttUravALLE am RIVER MAIl.. . taadiav, elLU IL aearay and jClasat 8a'clack,P.1. * COASc MAIL. Sata td , Caaoeaat 8ao'clock. P. 8. NEW ORLEANS CANAL AND HANKING CO. tlHEirnaa tealnboat Relheea will leavete eBasin L. at the heatl of Iha New Canal every tidny (except Moadaya). for the Lake, an follows: Diepart at . M. I R.A.n at 8 A. BI. S It A. MI. ,' 1j P. AI 2 P.M.I 4 P.M. 51 P.M. 51. And on MONDAYS- Itpart at 10 Retrn at P 2 P..M. " 4 '.M. 5} P.M. " 9 I'.M. emay 28 B. CIIE, Paslh. "Y tNew Arrankemenat. NASlHVILI.E RAIL ROAD. The Locomotive will run t the Great. Prairie; com meneinag on the :5th inet. na fsllow:- wEEK IDAYS. Departure, Return. 8 Aa . a ItI A. 1. 4 P. AI. 6 'I.. Ai. o L Bran Ae 1 l. ILa anhe's Bvou.A 12 A S 2 I'P 1 to La Branches 4 P 5I 6 1' MI entst24th,1839 JAMES II. CALDWEI.I., ei 24th,1839 l'restde,'t. NEW ORLEANS & CARRILOI.I.TON RAIL ROAD. NOTIC'E..W.VrEa AaRRANGaEMNT, To commence on the lit of November, 183I9. ICROM CARROLLTON. FROM NEW ORLEANS, arke Car at 5 o'clock A.M. ior Car at t o'cck A it. e Cara at 9 I Hors ar, - . .aa n edo far ono~t s 81 Thae erns win lea at ther tataeo httrs it the week (lays latttlic ' I.. hen t co l ive ll a a~til Sa'taeek PI.o by Atiny dofe for ah Tip. After I o'k . S. SOd rtLged. Peryna gaieg by the -teMa e Car auat aaoide1tlaalaee TIE JACKON AND LACOURSE TREET CARSUNDYS: leaeill ve at the hafJa ao atreet tura at in the k A.y.,Caa satll I O'elao k P.a . eAt hlf-pa .t 7.'tala k they aea Cnnrlleton eaverath etndeerty hi7'alk, P.MI, it Sow Orltlc P M ecly tour wli leane there at o ''aiaah P... An aetra henr Cnar nan e obeainad beinth 1e theaeck P.aiaI wil Ticrst the. onductr hes positive dir enion wi not to icea Nveoleny in lieu tereolln RailCKON AND LACOURSE SyREETCARS tog that, 1 9 insteJd of t aOIIN I tAhPeO . ' l leaC there at0o'ei k P.M. I. i tLAAUe D uLAUh the shione, onr aotle in tthects, "ks ftl"din iotet at Car&rlhn, ar heIrrolla n hI r e Priat tien ill Rod Compan dtly p ld fiv Ogiiobra l Itd n tb9 ltal It wllg tJON tIPLl ao nrrangnlenlt with fat mities r individuals dtsirlus ofpaasing tle lA lunlner It( Carrollltlo. 1120 CHARLESTON MARKET-26th ult. 444444..Th, 44 has b ,,,, j44,., 44444le ac4ivi4y in Upland $Ines our review of the 19th loot1 , when vo talke into co,,slder. *fine the4 limited busi44444 44hi44h has ben dueI . II4 ,444a46 ade `44r mon444 p444. 04 Saturday last and on 444444a4d44l I4ule day o,,4I, presen 4444k. if~o demand 44 I,4ied, slid , uch lots as changed hands wre t aken~ at oesenleld poke..r; hat o,1 Wednes.day444444 44 s s4,ime concsion in 444 or o4 L44444 owing to thle extreme depression in thle mmre~y market, unll in 44144d supply on nt,4 , since w4hich nhi44e 44he 14444 of 444 I oae(94[In.s) bothb of theold and new little bcrn take,, at 4444444per44 decline4 The 444444444on4 oe.4 :-4 444F44, 44,t4 9 3:4 s19154 93 9; 54 44t444; 86a 1) 4556 4t44 4,4444 4.I4 4114, 444I 14 at 111; 369 4 t 12; 1111 at 12;; 10945 41 I454 141 at 004; 5194 441 1:#;at1 41444te.. 412 ent4 er Il4. I., Lan,4 C4tl.4 4, 44,4,got 1444.44le.9Fen I,4,n ha44h4en44,44,,, 4 prices 4464(44444ron 35 to 44.and 27 stained do. at 1444d 15 troll per In. B4,4..Th,..4le4 4fh4 4h44k ho4 e bhero 3 n',, w5Mic4 has taken nearly all the old stork out of Ilse 6;rl haonds. Allulll 45 tierIs sold at4$3; 365 44 34; 167 041:4; d 44210 ut44cs at 34 per 109 film. 441444444 t44o 444h44k, at the 444,4644, the 1e4 crop 4ill b4gin to come fre4ly to 44rk44. TUESDAY EVENIN4-Oc,,,I44 45. The. in no a4ieviati46444444e stole o 44444444o444 m4rk4 , 44,, pressure is as.severe 444ever. 0, first 44444p444, 3 44er 6444 Jutr month Is airmail, and little could be donle even a that I1I.II raleof dtscou),t. In stackss thet.·nlsetionl tts hove bee 1,0,1 U*S. Hank close4d firm o i6. but ether 4:o4ks were dull,4 sad ruteri~enedn s light defclinle. Pt inditlfcu t to laote rates of Domestic Exchange, they nse 44taa 44 rapidly and constatly. Alargo hoo,,oo, has b., n dope t4 Ph4il4dlphia Exch444, 44 94 amt 4. s,,d 444ll4441 44nn4444 o4 N4 4 Orl44444 an0 , 44444 ile 4 t 14 44444. Hills on.Lnndoln ofulldonlbld rlha.*rlsr are offering t 00.3, end eo operations made. Hctvcou two and lione, hundredd thousand dollars have heett re, eived in cola from New l1 ,.l A com4444444 of mercha.t, and trad 4,4 w4it4d on 444e 4,,,,,ks today, for til a purpose of urging Ihenrto receive and pay outt SaFety Fu4nd bu44k44not44 at44444. The444ba4k4 ha6 e 444444 4.s ',,d444nitiv4 4Iply. 4. is som44wh44 t ho4444' to expr444 s 4444 to444 on44uch mihtt44rs, 4ithou4 moo444444444444 nc4464444444444 w xha position of ourhsnkL than is to han obtained bl Iy the -psidle yet via venlture to say, thaut tfruch m, urrangeelat canl Gh a !sat rdneisteutiy vilh more poo00ngc lallta, aI it eel lrllly desirable on genleral grounds. It would give an lmpotusu to the nternolcoinamerco of thes state, now lnaqgrrlllg unlder The 4mb4rr 44444444444our 4 444nr 44, 01 4444ri4444t 4444arket an in 44444e of l44444ure4, h4l4444hl44pp44d ,Iould ad4d largIly it) the amount h4444444444444444ge4 444. II 444444441y 444e 4re4t de. .ideratunl r at te present neutral, w hen el ll th resoure," of the country oIught to be brought foo word to nice[ the emer" gascy. As u, Iheenlirs solvenlcy of the country hankscr us a body, we plresume no 20,11, can h~e fell.. The ruecs of uncurrellt monery were withonut alteration te. day, villa lhe'.lrgpliol of Philu11eliphi·, araeb was inl demslnd .flrom 900 11 per cent. The S olely Fund unit State Sevuri" ty notes 0000 ,at bought as freely to-day,. but mornr filll the back-f nu·aothc artotoekr ,rls Ilrn thewan of an iale'lll·IO 1. Hlill. 0f thril.ttO I·'lk of KEo I Olllnerlrk are lake~ as usual. those of the l'oanersr ' and "leelllrllrc' Hankk ofthat city at 111 per cent. discounlt. (fO'l0l'l'l':S-lSo Pupr l and .Made~ira JIutIIF in More, ! Ji( n'.4 3 [, , 4444n'4 84444 4 l CC444 g4 4 A CK & C, 3 flan4 k ,,44. l$1 '000er NHIit-1 "o and ·ILllllpltlrlHa.Pbf L A N D - 334 41 4,, gsI n 44444444644444444444444 , 444444441444444464, 444 t'hera·kee·, for vale Fy Gll){S: o19 -Il New Leven b INy, ~ n n 444444444 om4444444 44h4 p 4,' It. l i~ ,; 0 o Sulphate)~(t of (twinlli,e, i11 6 no, and I Oz viola, f url wholesale or. retail by BNA l, 84 1447 644 4 4444444. 44 64447444444, ulss `v T1tRCII-Prepllrml xpresnl L for Confertionnr·l & E7Indies' ilneoso*. J1IIt neuived by s iil Bll e IIIl, still111 for whulosalr o rrlailby II I31)NNAIIEI., 447 444 4 l'chu444 4.,4 44 ,4 `+OLU)" SII.V1.I( AND TIN 00)11." fir llpnniilr." NtEnglish Dentllists' in"Irullllrlll Herif0, 0tor I and 44444444,444444e dese4444 li4. 4464 dnd444.6.444 . J44 64 r4444 ed by 47 4I 444 NAIIE44 4 CA13 4\ &l~llo boa a QIXrPY burlcllLSI wg,. Co1@p, 5 yers old 100 In SJ boles gross Hein))` 3911 pieces Keneltucky Ililg~illg; 306 coils Hoale RIp;70r isGaa nr ni 1 ;g 1,8 57 Cotumnn I.c ýJ ANS- 20 Ib· bbh witeHend, lirdl tali,,ruins 05 05 or cafe by G Itt11tSEY, _____44 New Le4vee ýt UGAK HlolJ$EMULA4ýE S-40bOblel in stole for º8 nxleby ' JL'HAY ER &L Cu,. 74 Plovdras at D LCE-81 bWs in store and fa, eats h· 05 J THAYER &d (.'n, W~V RAPI'I PAPER CC544 re44Ac ,,,30 le44444 I, ·io00o WItl'yieg l'at:rr, landing from brig Geo.l R~uanrandfor al· by J'I'HANER &Cod 05 74I Pore biA 50Ab-1 ,,,(4, f,4 5u,44.64.4644 44e64,, 44t,4o 115by - J T'HAI'ER Co. * .74Podra4 t [LOR-01 lsuperfiue fillor, Ilmldr fFrom new ]F wheet forsale by _ G DORSEY, 03 44,New4 Lev4 e ly 4.for644by44SEY o3 44 No 44L44e PORTER-32 casks Barclay's Brown Stout Porter, seta by Hv I C CAM M A CK & Cut a18 3 Bank Places (,t7ININ4..-A 44444444 , f 4444 in4444 7014c,, 64444 11 claim sales H C:CAMMIACK &C0,c 628 3Blink Place IX;'A'NE o Na Yok, ill unNewYork at d 309 and 60 day', for bale I y I P LA IDi"AW 66 Camp 1I1TP t 5T5 I J THA4- ER 44444, o44444444444 TIIE TRUE AMERICAN. FAITRFUL AND BOLD. at Offitdal ournatll o the 2n lunlicpgalit. ia PUBLISflED F" Dnaly, Tri-Weekly & Weekly. i N l1W It I, LEANS %: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1839. I' Yesterday, ALL SAl.'rs DAov," l tout Saint"'-was celebrated as usual at the Catholic burial ground. The 1 usual display anid ceremonial of prayers and mlsses ( for the dead, decorations of tombs with Ilowcrs and r burning tapers, took pace inlgrlld styl.". The inn. r preestleness and moral of tilhe ene waOl, however, de stroyed by Ite crowds of loafers, negroes, rowdies and all oanner of people, whol fllcked to witness the scene ; and while they gralttied their curiuoity, noisily manted the solemnity ofthe scenle. THE CAMP.-W-tth is to prevent tile little Camp Street Theatre fingl going ohll d now 'The company is very good. 'here is lr. Iarrett, first rate in genteel Comedy, and funny enolgh too, ot.casionaily, urtOln, always correct and chaste; Ilolland, louons, himself. SMr. Mlorton, with perhtaps not power enough, but re pectable; the lively, and rather too inched chip of the old black, Samt Cowell; ir. Archer, not brilliant as an actor, but not easily to be surpas-ed as a sinoger. 31r. De liar, who only needs more care in his dress, and more labor in his studies, to Iecome a first rate melo dramatic actor ani generally nuseful. 'ihose of the olfter sex, Mrs. Stuart as a general stock actress almost unrivalled. MIts. De Bar tolerably good ill nnost any - Ihing,but negligent and too apt to keep the stlage wait ing. Mrs. Smith most unjustly unpoplular. Of the newones, Alias Verily of bright and sparkling eye e10m cry, 1r. 1'aret and others, now o Ile and expected. GEOoGE STRAwIntIDGE, Elq. q s 'resigllned Ilis seat on tileh ellech of tied Suplle Court. lMr. Strawbridge merely accepted tll loio.: llto preellt tile failtre of at court in tlhe We.tern I)itriit, and we lenitn from Foeve ral lawyers, who attnded the clourts, thIIt he served lonllg en h to catltc tlhem to rerel his determlillali 1 of reaiging. 11 - t1 We have in our Rtending Room, two Ileautilltl sketch es of PErisoln' propellers, and a contrast Ietiltoll a tteam ship with side wheel, andl the propellers. SoVestall, in a day or Iwo, bnve maull lpecilnens of tihe Staten Jsiand scienitie granite foir exhibition ill otur Reading Ioonn. It is represented its olpetri ,r in evry 1. respect to all ether qualiie, IIIand ile qlllrry is said to be illebhllltiIle. In it Im tlo a dvel tisellnwt in reieliou to it o ill be jlliiieinhll ocur pper, TIIE .NEW' \ IL.RF.GE DUTY. New Or!npen is esroetilly a t lllllllerial city-nlorel exclusively con nercial Iitlnllly lother in the LUnilonl; tfor, in the oltllreities, m naftlll oltlllie ol'variuu's kin da are carried on to a great extent. Ilere we have no manll fnclories--comnlerce and trade areour only reliance the main arid almost only supplort olthe city. Uolln eree Ilen, should be liberally eancouraged, and great adlvon tages given to it by our municipal councils. not only becanuseofour dependence upon it, but because of thel rivalehip which exists betwen this and northern cities in a commercial peint of view. Our cit hasi long been dependent ,upon New York--the advananges ofa a direct intercourse with Europe have herltlofltre been colnpala tively beyonl our reach; et, it is admitted, lta this is the natural lllllorit of tile outh anlld west. Wle aIvr to contend against thie wralth and powecr of New York. ow can we tdo it to ndvantage, andl wilt a prospect of sutlcaes? Not cerrtinly by laying newn axes, new duties, IInew iposiiltols lpo colllllceree-nIot by ovrr'loadig oullrmlerch.nills with oneroulls ihlarges, illncreasillng their expenses and dificulties. It seall.a, however, that the Iihad policylof putting taxes upon eI Irlde hIai been the policy lereatoelre pursued by pre/crarence, ty our admind istrntive cuncils. A:\ ougt t ,ll m'rerantile membert' 'lllr alnulll ip l todIer t hba ve, i lln laln inllsmLnc .s, foIrnlme a strong opposaitioll, yet wel.ln t hat tllat e prlinlill parl of ollr rpevenue is nide up oI t o l tilae caltati e atour city. Every a nrIle of IPIrlalnlise is exed oer and over ag^ain,-it is tax, :. Illp in tihe way oI wr: rflitg yol wish now alain on ath tnatat by special \ d --,"' .ed oil tihe drhl by way of I ldray licease,-it is t. a the t ta house mit in the store a it ta iit W lter the stll le Illl llol ts not been flllnd otll to tal lX it res't oIIIll nto o s. All iour city tnreis nul lduties upllon collnlerce ale high, and, , I son insinnees, exorbittll-whl oI thile other hand, thile ifxes vhi:ll till l upon plropePly ere comprnatively light. I le Pohe pla y to I e iptsued by a great uulnulerial tity ? It .tclns to us that we haro ld , o t'k in ear n ret.eact to open flacilties t tinle nolte of IIr u stPi tswith nt od or black stone--keepl Iltem ill good altdr-futin-tl nlodiolns \whves to the shilpping-secutre Ilhtap dly+.. ag--nlpose lihht Ibntalia n unlu our mretliut---so that leasing the btlh nis in i ly direction, gooda s nity be imported c helr dlirect, and firllished to tle pIcople of lle Great. Vlley lt a1 a ' et( h t heapet, orI at Ieait e cll'all, as lta' in transnportdt frlo t1 N , York Ib' Iheir a i alls atd tail roads.. 'he new Aha lftlaai.e dlaaty now at tellplll d, is a violatilln i oullr true ;policy Ilandl intlrestsl- it i i as the eatia of tlhse who o llnot underlntand or dl nrIaat is mpaataise wilh lthe nerteanltlP portinn of our city. In our nrxt numLten r awea ill tllkn a aiew of the legul question presented by this new ta, land we holpe to show that it i ,as illegal In it is ilpolltic and illnexlpe. Idient. tA reat ilmeetina- oa lthnat alalal:llltai' alid Trudels warns held in Ihe Park, New o'ork, on the 2"1, v, illh the vview of urging the tbanks to ta paalt'l spetiee peaylreats, or to ltend tehe tilllte of their I-'taun.. Note of thle ilpaper 'xcept tile Herald, givtesAt any aII. CIut of tihe meetin.llg, anid tatll is no ridiculon llttl a RTgarhbl , thatu it a lltrda ita crirleet inlftrllma tion. \\'e uierlta nd,it I oiwever, th it was resolved, t that aialesa relief wa's aflrllded hv the banks, to an1 extent sullffici. t t prevent a cOltilullln l of thle groat ncltrifices, thel merhnllts tlnd Isll et pIelled to tubllmllli to on(I aac lt fIlthe ro 'i, of llnner that they would cease an t hto htan teir ubligLtion, or pay their not,,. We shall doubtlelss here fall aeeonts ofth'e oelet g no day, with the deterllr ilatloln of the I.nk.. _Wne cotpy the followie g just tribute fro Ia the lee of yesterdal y. Ca'l. ONE'. Jia l,:l'l t. WHIT",I'I IThe s uth ha t' I t'ill it) let I t l oe Ia ofa n t at I , n y nc1i ei ," ill J I tell ot , o· I b i ll r I l lll.l( i I w11" I ll :r i ltella Ilt llll t llnllh l+bll IIII rt l l ll." Ialillat r n ePIIIIIa Ilht . d' Clal lllllln lil a it l I tllr ltaer td ri.laly i o1d W'tllh bIu le 1,1" 1111n · 1a at l l llein I t ars nal de ot - I tea t I tt· a ttn t a ilt' at l ll ll h o o aI lltlt aIIa 'e'ae tl lllt i't e i Ita blt I a l a inaaa tllli-s, a pri ta ip tlt. I e'al'ea'e ait I h iea -t' Itatt woeo or tea l h ot nIllll,. ii Ii1. li;'lho iii . 1+ T dtolt F s . il Ii npo iaI pillll t ctllal lll , ill I I e 111 tt a glihe l bclr i it loI; II1erl s ......',l a n l )Io, It buy I: b.. cot. "t i i. llllf r llit (tat i lns dtar t 1'. Ita't'a I t b et latin which hlcatlly ill0, -tri ate l tal p er a r edto Iae tiekla " 'en of Illlt . t ta.rlllatt a t t ll .e " IIh I(Iatt \at liCl tela er a"a ve s aU et ine ,r tvea, et a .,,. , 1 .....' Irnm the Charleston Conder. We recomnlend the tbllowing to the attentiol of our readers, as corntaining a judicious and correct view of the course whih out to be pursued by banks in the present trilis. " The Disacusoion is the ver) light of Truth," Ifs1o, tlhel thel bar cealln,,t xlr the nlerelhnt to Iuake every saertllie to -U0.00te tlLthor if thlu du not sustain it lrctrhant, who, 11' he ha liave thou. sand dollars to lmy to-day, and nsoteitsthat Il, ntote be discounted tor thalt sul, and together with a good aond e'llttttnt etLitreur, leavet twOetytive, hlooutstd dollrs w ol of gotd ptoperas oeullatl:ral, is told thatu they or, very .orry tolu ha tosay) tiat ilttlllllg Call be done ltor tlttto the proselt tllprr eodenled cr,sis. \hlat iare hlnks chartered for if thLey are not to be an accoolnlndatioll to tthe coin. tnulllty' Ald the more especially to the ilrcan. tile cl.essei, in sacrlificing who , 'T'rade aRd CIrn. ilerue are frustratedL. Iltants are created for the pllrpoLe otfloaniellg loon ev, (spltellly wvllon rhoney. eualllut be burrowed :rsehohern, ;lad wotrn they aeac,. to loan on good securIty they forfelt all claim to the countelance ofl' the colllulllllny, when under a suspenion ofrspcio tiLaymLetos especially. They eisLteLded en de at, ag it order to aceorntoadate theL crnmlultyla it wous supposed--hut Los that 'ren realzed 7 Far Lrom it: 'lTeir dirscounts are more contrateLed than previous to the suspension. It is brllvedL that three loutlrthsof till, meorhants olthlis community, who do o ot ow u two filills what they are worth, are. Iow f ron day to day apprehensive that their obligations lmust beo prtested, and with dgraoded fereengs they with alte worn looks pre. veltIt by borrowg iof friuds lifroday, autL,j.,ti g ',,. to oalitgions to petrsonL of far lo solverncy IlOaL tIhemselves. float they muet oinv;taill y be tn'end toL lillr.;citty., for not Olly the.nlcitatton, but thll abilty to lotl willle eLx Ilhanted. '1 Itre i l0 tlini no r soullreo lelt but at Usurers, whu, pernapn oeunanrls .n nterees of oer dull.ll per day on every one Ilundltd dollar-- blt what prudent than dpro submit to ouch extortion or ar eveon to'thlroe per cent per month, (a. very conlon.O exaction) and nut expect his credit Mlusted. The as fadt being "known, what board could consistently, ca in tite est of times, afterwards discount Ids paper, b and not besubject io avote of sensure- from Stock c holders, and'from the odmmunity ? But disastrous as such t step and such extortion may be, there are perhapso sne sensitiveo inrcantilo men, who would b submilt o it, could they be sure of'obtaining enough o to carry them safely and thoroughly out of tihe pro. soent impeding storm, ruinous as the price seems o to be. The directors of our banking institutions o Iaveo n awlful responsibility resting oni their hIands, persisting as they do in not discounting legitimate a buhiness paper. What is the mo rchant to do l Must ho sneak in to the Usurer's ct-set to be flieeced, or must Ihe submit to equally ruinous, but not such disagreeable sacrifices, by realizing ntnsaey on goods (t (I has thelu) at auction I Or must he let his notes atd accptatnces be protested 2 The last is tlhe most honorable, as well as prudent course, espo. cially liar tile solvent merchant, and it requires but tite moral courage for a dozen strong houses to form a compact to proclaim in a circular, that in consequence of tlhe banks declilung to discount good business opper with ample guaranty, they find it implracticales to meet their engagements, and therefore alsolve to let their obligations lie over unpaid unafl such period as their assets can be made available, and recommtlend the satne policy to the trading and commercial community generally, t rather than make extraord nary sacrifices. Who acould blamle them ? No one. m sincerity, because fit would pre.eovae the very best and uanreduced . means otf p)aymlet to all their creditors, and mtore. a over it would be doing only what the non-Sipcioe paying banks aro at this anonlent guilty of, while they are at the sanme Inomeutt withholding frotn a r. leflering conmmuity tlat rteliel which tely are d bound to give or to return to specie. paymtents Sfortlhwith. The same rcemarks apply to the specie t paying banks, who are e-'o'tlhy of all prise it they a can go on andtl redeo ill gohld or silver not only their notes but their Deposits also, provided they discount real business paper for the legitimate wants of thle communllity, so as ota to prostrate STrade anld Colmerce. And as to Iteal Estate, to what ebb tmust it. 1all ta ban lmoney cannot be had for butntess. paper of uondoubled solvency, with tollateral security upon it ?t It" degradati.n is to at come who had abetter el it ? The banks or the e people \? ' Inst n ot eat stt o tenacious of tile lhonu or of our barks (a pecially the Inon-specie Ipying it institutions) amd 'o unsympathising and callous to tilhe ftu l lthe lperpl exed anlld sltlrng ll lg mercanultile community. ltooling at th, dnkest side of the Sbanllks, they Iat| butter hles their charters, which thlley canll get agaill if the conunnity are mlade their lihendi, tiian that l ankiultey and ruItnhould I- be tile fate of tile (at iresentl) nlulberless sa 6 VENT' E3.1I(ClIANTS. The "S'e (Gull."-.\lpplrhenio1s hIlvinll beeln ex messed in sltle of the Iothlhi prlin. r'.spectmg the of tle`t l ll 111 ' (till|,' 1 in the . x ril tI. - ",,1litio, ... t alilla y . i . . lttt ... Iotat I , r f h -It-u ' the l u't d h'lera u atti . e l a tClern erli dat I ,lt pra t t to pulblic h the iei) t exltttn t I II o i hir lette ad, t tod ito lihn N:o v Ic i' lratilllnlll la t i.l llt. \1 lltat I i Olllllllltn dll lnllr rorof l'nlh ,, July ], I r;l. "Thi c LrCea(;:;l' tnid l'" I.i l1t ilh' [left t)rll tt a lhi r Ilor t k Ihtle l t ot sliv. 'lt'uhe lloltl nlnlritd I1t Vlilll, isalnd t once titll tl Mivt , hIillg Inatle at lllllll ill I orlil oll r. oil' (",o,-t I(II.ll II1 it _nltl olf "Willnd; IIdII 0 Ihlllll 1 t ole gu£ lll' rhad ni ll lrliv to V all \ itV ; lllisl l l Illas ilth iu *11| e , leIt l u lt r ll oit lir t'heIr aS;ll tv, n llll l kinl i llto c t lt llll tIlh Ionsrall l ll h dttlx i. l rmin our pa ,, t fg l odlr stay at i 'l mr,, I lid Itut CUIi Ther u tot o t t e." pt Tie Siti itrat tllile " IIPetenills it no of the in the pllltinglllg (·i th', thatIll l tos havI s I elltllnI ngld llhng - itt to rtl hoc .159,00, A inr to ile bents over uI coutrse of heur rnoit Rood,--A trhic of 31 cr,,ued a n insg otllo bnho' ( cl)oloo1o' op tio lt iroe ton the Inil g lrald iit itht ll tlldy lns ot tIhe ICl In l rllllOuglo lobelt Y. ItIt , 11 i'n It fI w f p( ne d olnst, I -ll l lilllly lL,11 o b ltles of collllln tiet Po ioter ate biuight dowi cnhr throt ttt ain tO'tllP IlV tatlt, ar 'etiootot titrottg Pt Jta 't I. Itto atllltt cntio" ttt trt ptrttdye i to ttotkao, a too onu r tato qeltoe ti)utio As igt t g ay t itro Icto tltl an r ilta lllt, wer t l.rl Ina t tile Irnl n oi \ tr llt "d . i con- l id f 3!1 c'srH+ Ililll w ill} ipi\lrd, oI. + i tilt) hltle Jllt II teiuisi lltl lnln I, lll' llt .1111 7%.1S Ildel nstI n ill il l '111o llllc llp hi Ioh aL I IIIre +n t Ii. t fI *up irt'iht oo, tto t illdliilol ll Iotto t o IIg.I te a t. IIto Hlore r l llhllllilll ''II*IICI+.· o lllr Ihn. Itl So e 111t1o ril ne. t\uthlll. cttu Illlth e rlo ' llUcl, --- lll oio,.' tom e t ho, l tlltl lhn tl. 1 ," . i - 11 =ll l lu laio ,Ittcu. h , 11e :,_-I wh mliii Ise door'. 'loltv· inilt nl t o, hl i ol t ine r1 iCll lllIeo Ill ill ocu nutlV siV he' Il hr hi' to ll t " \ 1 l ll., hi Imay heII o I ltlnh ed'llll ht thllo,' :(t1·1(!o . til' he II h," ,lI."c /l+ 4'%'1'1 othlo In '1) I/i+. 1hi j<inl l: l ,11.1 l l 11" h11 to 1 h ' io !p ntl lt t.1 1- 10!1 11 detl iliZ i 'lllll ll11 illn, filt n oI'lll lllilll I1 willl '; ear, hfoIr Il,' lxltrv o Illt I1il ,".t bIraII( .rl r liar The 1ltmi,+tad.-T'l'ho of the ilmlpl'isoned P'Iiratev <K tle Altllti a , leas Ito htrllet hearin g tills toy bel'ore Judge Iiilis, oil n tlotllltln to discharge tIlcre. 'Tlo Stlln, lhieh iuulillls In faort t'huh dant, re l'legally reeplnnih e fr tlhe alh, gcd crlui.s of the prosculltalon Which has+ illntituted againt Ihem.' Not at till. It is nt sllheer' c. e of .lsol illmprironllln:nl; Ilhe arrest was Iode hy the I ll. h i that Iltmri.olned Icllns, likely tu be tried and pllll. lsht, d for Piracy and murder, c,|Ln thrUw tlt, via hims of tLeir periTdy ietoin to PiSOn, is toO absullrd for iliscussion. . As nell might tLhO higllway robbCr throw into the same jail a tth hini,.elfllte Oinly oVi. idenllce lloll unwhoml his colllvetion rests. .V, '. Stlar, 3,For;'ý rot:l o l'. NAr.t'.-- I nt nltears v a n ,,pert ot t i 1a'1 ll s h, n s 'f ' the I a 'uL ll lit vlnll e i' roat I litennlll, ia tt 7 1 - n shil. Il.lllll aloullt , ll m a,, or :1.{1~ lu .. I tl tlimbnt r, wt Iblabhw uld lo u -ll + _,l00 olu.r of .s . ' t lt'a l vsa . i . taII lot , aa allaal i ll ' I 'i I t , aa t .a , lunaina,' v a lad nod n pakll .1 ar dmi hte I ''t aak l eeta:rt . lr herer ay l il I i l as I- 'Ar l t' t'lrnl kt a itftll e alI rtnn e , ia e 'i t i n - atl .'a. e-, ala rcnt lt hit' . \\I r b c het tla.'l J o.a It lhnllitll a:ll ll :.el+l t I, ' llt Pf ol blell < F"orida, i o,,d with amt l l tia ' v . lk t alllmil, to i r's rver, ea'la e'li ial' dtr raia u- of the Na' a vy, 'al h i ' w'll-e ei. S lao y ' i' 'hr tut ' ,r i mopaa I " looke a ara atd is nott ,aak. , h r1,ua ,,i s p,, en r , lit' patp.e, I n . bh 'tul I lh' e v,.to ok alamab r o Itewlr E l d i, al' s inae Idev lllal 1o li p,'pllulr.b -- h tOldl ( i ..l j a att w ll t at adith 'I a L id lt i an t 'n, teo vnal enbh , 'nd It a , aht IN bto ilan chlp y, c ai n of~ll t ,he st ' m o rt dayT Sand' i a alltl v i. , s taPe olllct n rata i t al. i t en'iy l Ias rea . ille' Ilkel.. to! not r o rocured . t nni + ler TIe (jrv 1 rltnlll'l Ih I rsid 't la -ya without ti ha, t as Ib' at tracts w o anp d, a a alll a t al i al I' n l it iaai llltnrlf the l , Y Ilt alva \ soi ' ' ia n atd. a I i tal i t llaldy , nalal on i Ic: nod, W hil el lf aa-I nito s till t l a I lit tws d, lcd ib S tl'Im d nto llai, l el n ana mlllr ae. aTh. 'x u r,, a'd s i, ta I d ,ai It. , '''b a Ia" te,l .ai'i,l, . l, hl, l ati , t t e ,hlll't. o hltoh ,I 1'011h ized honle If ,he auld , hIre i alncu d,,,ll Id a ale tI.,lI, b to, tonle. Igaavl illa"ltt. at ,, al n t ,aa iv ' o, ,,k Ira. .,d f I':u,:l.ol d ill,! ihl,, l Inllrh+i- dl'l t'I·I wb lawI l'llg, a ta!:, ,r La'e a'.ce s-.ti 0. aJnidt . T yJo r t. o e son i n t/ , B uff +lo C o t at tI cil l ,ls lrer liser. IA)ll N'T"AItI.E ()(:CU)R Nt~l: --I'" utlr ).r8,3118 drownVled lyI slake me l lvhlg;alw. \Ve tare ou th b att . at tr. It. ;ardlner, or Itih stiln, a l i \\'ia t tat (v y t'alinto fan.r tlt Ilwa I ttar tn. tieul,+r , II,' sags: -,On the 11 tit h t lst, w lI:l" o o r retrl t ri p tai Irll l ('Ila cl.go, le a s'o ,d at t ll - i atrl a is t 'lc l tlai, re, have It a nchor OIv an inId aill tec btlach. stn ti daail t t atve Itan ltalld a boat'sI crwt , onsi-tm . of t('apt. A c. A 1 i=.s, 1,,h rlltin edr'l, clerk V. tta, a rat nsta r ,, rG arown atae Mr. Jolhta ,,' the at g neral a lent on tile annorin gion luplpll2I cllttln of Il-he ]ttalllboat 'Plrow. ridge, a fstra anger, I lll and a o wn s ana id t lly . Wenllt oi b lore l y that hlapta Ia ,in, s ca no tle I vt to d a ( ao a;llld at w a'an . o'vcek at ilght ber, nawe rat lempted to rlun u o Sitin about hal wayn afiom the shore, thle boat tw'hnitud, and all wdern instantly buried in the lake. It was l sou d, w that '' cuStld hardly drl .tinglish eacn otu ,r. \e ch r in the V:er I wail seinlzd twith bot ll llnd.-. inlmy lily celrieoth ll byt o i w ia . l attempted to disngage Icyll itf Runm int, but I cou eal n t, tad 'o , tllt tg ather. t at ' tllatt tled i nto I .cld o lle t he l a tl n 'l lla alloald y ahn lia desperate ,', at a.aith my hands anta et, freeg at n . i at. alitn' sa' Itt l a aiO at ll!rt ;a l a vila . LAonag ta thle anltlarf chanad throw an oar in iy l , ItVray, wl l l c TZ':d, end it gave tau v+ t i lle llI e. Alter aa fl,a t I a throwll laainst tle yawl, ndl y mu h exerti t to g ine. At tll . Tlie r rye s tilaeprnat of tle boat. Ito turned out to be Ca ptan t(ai: Atabti a ti tn Iwasnd tna h I a, ll .ltt bt t still s atr'g enough to atc at, tae t tawanat of thle Iaoat wtian prevented a myat , aaitg watha d oeatl hoa rd aaaaaa Int ln eaptaint at' nao' how orothevr regain. Oa'et ut . Afnt,,r a di Oal eant tI aokt, Ind 'wat g tttta. I'r. yd in ia t a t hl' a lon e by the ('aptaa n, Wla I tatlo IIe at la an t'haaaa bneg n tiIanrho'tatatalatt, a aVhaa att this a 'tuation, the iody of IIr'gavan ftt atal Lt. tat aacalaat caught h'a , d o t, but t t was w;sat ud ('ia t t f c, la'in .s. d, 'Gardinter, ctll oa ,t, I at omaa If tt had beetd b a.alaltng a~: thc Itae ' tha tteaita_ among whom was Mr. Horhge Hungerford-tlhrw w a line, which I caught,, aml the buot was pilled on shoio, What followed I cannot say. When I came to, I was on board lthe little stoimboat Trow. bridge, in theo.hnlds of 'moy rescuers, as was 'the capltain, and olive;" We farther leorn froer Mr. G. that of the hnats n ow tour were lost, viz: Mesers. Randall, Voa burgh, Brown and the No wegian. The captain of the Trowbridge and tihe trang r, saved them selve- by swimming. All those who perished had on their overcoats, and those saved had pulled them off to aid in rowing the bout. Mr. Brown was not found; he find in his coot pocket $3,600 in bills, and $4100 in gold. Mr. Gardner, in losing his coat, also lost $900. --, 'ATE OF L U- IAN A-Fir.t Judicial Dis trict Court-Friday the 11th day of October, 1839.--Prescnt the Honorable Charles Maurian, Judge, Louis F. Cunonga vs his Creditors. No. 10993, On motion of T', W. Collons, Esq. Counsel for Janue I1. Caldwoll, Syndic of the Insolvont's eo. lato and on filing a tableau of di-tribution herein, it is ordered by the C.urt that the creditors, and all others interested, .hew cause if any they have, within ten days from the publication of this rule, why said tableau shou'd not be conformed and hotmologated, the funds distributed accordingly, and said Syndic discharged f.ote any fu:thor lia bilitiy in tlh- promiscs. Extract friom the Minutes. ALD SIDNEY LEWIS, 112-3t lepolty Clerk. I Tl'A'T DE LA I.OUISIANE-Cuur du pre.n ier Distict judiciaire, Vendredi 11 Octobre, 1839--Present I'lionara.o AM Iliuchalnan, Juge, Louis Francois Canonge contro ses Cr6ancicrs No. 16993. Sur motion de 'T. W, Colleni , Avocat de James II, Caldwell, Syndic de la falllite do l'insolvable, y it le tabinou do di-tribution ayant dtd ddpos6 eni SCour, il ost ordonn6 par la Coeur, qua les erdan tiers du dit insolvable on touten utreos personnes intdrteados, aieno t itdduire les raisons, s'il en ex iste, daln lea dix jours qui siivront la publication Sdo co rule pour lesquelle les dit tableau ns serait pas confirmti et Iihomologud. Ien funds distribuds, et et le dit Syndic d6ehiargd do toutes responsabillilds. Extrait des M!nntes. ALI). SIDNEY LEWIS, S n9--3t Deputd i;relficr

FOR N EIV f )lill-L-gi lar I Pal c te. e lolra'8 Li"ne of I' liket\ .' Ili To snil on the 4hh inst. Th' l )cket shiI: IA ItA.\lt, lie~ry, nus Ithe balnnce it ilher cargo, say 151 hals col it.n l,.p r the I 'a ll n( bonlllrlld, two iiers below I e V,.gerl eb Illl l ket, .r to ni: A COlliEN, 9ll Crintltll to Thel pocket stip ViTckslbl will succeed the Ala i -nhua,nnd sail nn her regular day. I I(A U I(S-7 r"i hllIlr,H Ii,t; 5 brIlsdn i eLtic A Gi'; nal , I., brl domne-tic Bramdy, i i store tar " l by J A'rIAIA R & t'.,71P'ydrns st rg ltE -~ l lhel n I, :.Itttwehintg, 1 I5 do c.oedon', n_ d a sixty 13 IbO boxcs Gunlowder Ten, in sltore for aslt by r2 " J TIIAIYER & Co,74 llPo'drals t '1t I'lEIt,. CANII I t.":-- Iti I Io xes in atu r.le l il le II v n! J ':'IIAYELt & Co, 74 I'oydras t" S'R hiýý OIL-'!I rn.s in l ltwT , dT sale byI n . J TI [l.\VI":l( & Co, 7.l Plydras st ý '0.11'--200tmxe, l(ubbhts' $ I Soulap ill store, tur n J' I'11.\ ER F& Co,7 I'y4 orrn st AIIADDEI--6 inskt i s-.iret, fir saole lbv A.[ J II Illh hIt . Co, 74 I'oydrany st 11 US-20 Ibs. Iiulint ferot Ilare, 3 alnt by 11 IS(ONNAIbIl., `e u31N ti '1U bTAL)-lI iti titiiniters, ft.. Lexi.iiot , -r au-i p erior anrticle, Ior ale by II BON)A htEIL, t " 4:t 't'ihlpall i u hl st I ni I:\I._ .h: & \ I'tl;Illu : --A i tm.orutitii of differ. l .. 43T al i ns st till ____ Ilitt3ittulinia """ 1 Clil lll ilna ,t 11111r sale b . "3~11 43 '1cchnl itoulasn st r lane ll ln:ssur;.-u;tlelea;;ll of, '1'.lli'ts and If I u Sllk Ulnlrrrlll: I lll *e.1, fur side Irv Naval, )lilitnry ` l usu'iu hl' bl IUulrs, l 1,31 I·:xebanglle I lln"·I St ('ha'le, sl i feIn ,apply ill 7 (I jk,, V li Ii ' ,I 1 ,1 . Rlllitmy &. 1-ll-lli1111111· IIIIIr1 , underC SIC. I 1":xchaugr Ilulul, X1 It hatlr'ttI t x 111111'), Ce--.\ lII1F(: au-I 1",enerul a Isam IIIInr I (I " 17 St is, t'oliars, S, nel.; \ "\ I I n:,l\1:rrII Inr* U ill tmimis r I ll I·:, ·l;, n EP IIIII', an l '~h" l i I I':'t~'rla., 31bl:ti r, \ : . ,·loo , e aIII"I· I gat.....- IC-~ 1:x,'1 1 *yt'' ____ "_ I, ,l , g Wl +t ~ ~ ~ ~ I toil 3y II.:; ' r N LP\' I 1, IIl·illtary & I'r-l l,. · ln·el~l;i Vallee-, under ,r3! F. z 11n_ , I I. ¼3~1 I I 2 .,iss e i i I- 1,1 111 , ,sn II,_vr sor IA II I el W l1e 1 . vi a i n c h e v e r y rl u l. ,"t I~ u , I 3 II I io I3l] e1 Io t:, t~ll . I h f l'; . ,i:,t,,,, 13,23e ua ) II th e I .t!·11%0 1" and , ! , z 1 I1 11 1. 1 or sale by LI) ":11 1·.11 )1·1 :1 151' &1111 i ( 'o.r~· r u Naval, )lilin I:, C F ohon I , · , under - a!ril I'. -IIIll·lr~ll llld \\ St ('hide., 1; m· Ilu 33,,,,, .1{1 -11 333 It 5: 1 U 11' II 3 F::·101 333 slr;re A I' I I'.l Iii,, k, 1 N. Nhll , 4 1e 1 sTh,,nn-u o:)1 1'1·: IEI(I.,,.A\', jiC,,,,s il. t' ~111, b111,,,, II,.,,,51 _ *. .-i e.k Leee a IIS(I:'-5III I. 'ifn & In11 1 ldlx, y naitt,.,,I I"It..., Ie LeI , , r II 'It" ttttt I ttI,,1, 31 I ¼":K-full e'IIIII, Ir,,, , 13b 11 P 2,,. &1 N f, I,,,,,, 1/:1I s 1"'111 1 1.r3111 " & ,vr I Pa [ " '1 a1ru 151 i t I Id e 1 , , l l- t t '1: U t1111.1 1 3 IS,,1,I' .WP) -11 c III- ,'1011e11 531 l r IT I.311 3 1131·r 11.3111 4, o I , 1 , Iil\\'SF: \ linens. 11 srtn~nt~ "Tr, *111 311 49lu.s tor aeb LA ltlttllttl:\ · rllltttsgo ,, I ftt,. ,,1 ·,,,,, ,,,I,,.. o1 flO 1 1 l . t 1.411).1 \\',, lb..,,, 1 ' 1_t TF31hn p11I, '4 Tr1,1a FI',td ,, 00 8 I 2',)IIEN, N ,,,,, I'i 's o- Flllrlr, Merrly Andrew uu Il igh!',nder l'lll le yicul t ud. fl~ at CI ' , l'I N t *,,j' nl]l os!' ttlnlandant .lt huln. It : 3I 44I 2& '1I V\ III , 4I ' CAlnl,, r ,; ý " bnxrs, 1(11111 b",:f is, 10111 'l' amer da hlnll n~ Ill"al, ni"ns;554 ho r." 24 ,-ostrl I uilins; 1(111 drums' Figs; 200' kegs nali~(·il 2 p d I·I nprII 2.i ba ssntsh le· lm n no aaig It, m L'~ '"'r Lvin Jnr l, ad farsale _a"-!1 111IAS FI K,5 1, ,t Is ;ý1T.IN1,1 .1("l1 1 l!, al' Tin , tllc.lls: aii and Sheet~ ' 1 Inm \\nr ,bnv,"is ;ulu, ml l:"r or sle, S ills dill \\'o, ot, on,,r Irl,,, ., Ladles~~l~~l\ r. l1n b~ ; It o man, ull (lll l (II, rote., and i a'' p"'` el] pa tterns 'll-r~nl in I g In-l Snit 1; oi;, f Ibr linp· urpDntlrV 01 pie rhmlrnn ill] t t", then adv ntnge it) cull hauls "Is,,p II1R ·\Pf b Tin, Capper S III, ic i tlu s any par tI uII hand, n several uns uIl·nc,.l Ili laplnnrd ware t T t't'I' rr,0ivrS, nml tlt null!, ,I ,,g'und Ce e "/ aut"aen l .I '"nI; iann cll, -II.IR. \ ' s~~ I r itlr tl ,, IlE ~ nl j pF , & r.i .26 'I'chn pli loll na 1"t. IJ ~RI)- 11 pr ice of {lou lr Iv.ia: this da , :gill pl,, bar,! s, 1ondg~naity In. of time fir fll c eps, sha~llll woigh 25l r per cen t none~o, viz: 1:31 nonce, 4111''1'1' UlI) 1,1.3 hy REWARD will be pa id In tt ,narked di,(, and 'I' 11, as hill l nl (kon·.To A wire hailedISE. ISe Irmashi haze andtwo ranks mnrlcrJ 11 It 1 .r, hauled ly dra Nni. 131!-Wot n 'lle abasegaols I ,'in,; mne Il Ila 1 Appy t Nn !11 (amm t ,ree- _ o2) CARMP STREET THEATRE. lirst appearance this easoan of J. H. BARTON and G. UARRE'T. This evening will be performaed 'the LADY OF L YONS. - Claune Melnot, (his firt applearance in that lharacer in tlliscitv.)"i': : Mr. BARTmte. GCnerl Damaes, : i. G. BARRETT. Puuline, Mrs. STUART. o After which, of RAISING THE W\VIND. Jeremy Diddler, : - : : Mr. G BRRETT. Feignwould, : : : : S. COWELL. To-Morrow,-THE GAIMBILER'S FATE. t Doors open a t I past G-P'ernformances to commence ct7o'clock.J-] WASHINGTON BALL BOOM ST. PH'IILIP STIREET,  aTWEEN ROYAL AND BOURBON STREETS. TJIIIE MANAGER of tihe Washigton Bull IRoom respectfully informs his friends and the public, that the above mentioned establishment will open for tile creson,ou Monday evening, November 4lh, 18t39, by a GRAND DRESS AND MASQUERADIE IIALI., cnd will continue throughout the eason every Mhnday, Wednesday and Saturday eveningof each week. Admittance far Gentlemen, $"2 00 New Orleann, Oct. 24th, 1839. BAZAAR. Corner of St. Charles U Commaon street, EX CA NF II LaEL,. UIUSH & ALLAN woali resleclfully call the ate I) ntellt of ciizs anl rngrsrugr cl thcir icccmplete assolrtient l (;entlelllcen's lincn chic.i, do emlcr ric, with Iinen rounts. lSashiontble linen fronts: lineln coll cena: silk, aeeloi ancud mcerinll ULler shlire and drawers: cambric anid silk hnlkehrrchiel: Iblack and fancy ecta rats in grreat variety: stocks el every ldescrittioil: guoal ellstic and lcotton Ulclclceders: silk, cctton ndc l hilread gloves: getlahoskin gloves: ulbrelllas and enlues gold mounted° Alao,--Splendid assortent ofI ldire and cecsa wri. tingdeask, dressincg clccs port olius, lerfumery, cut leryanel ricll fancy gouds. T W. COLLENS United Slcte.s' Comcicsioner. Aplpointed by tile aFederal Ccurc it o.few Oilllce:us. OFFICE No. 119 COMMON S'1'yTRET', i (Exchange Hotel liielclinge.) -I SAlt) Cociccic ccicticiciemtiehicciir cceitccr ni byI er.7 la of tie At. s if t.'i'cragrcc, lcacsrt i"ttlc Fte'rec-i arv, Ii2tle It tMacrch 11117; theJildieicry Act ofl89,t acild Itller acts of :Conlgress, illn such ctc es matie and provided. Saiid Cccnicnicoefr iHet conscilrabcle ecleriencee cand l ielieircns el'cl.ti lilllcc cl cerliiiceu wllciclh h va Ituol ithe severest scrutiny of the ial est LawyelS II kV AN'l'l+Ui.--Fiw+ or six tmd..,oI choppers, Io I eoll culr we !, ille nill 'cd ccll ) reiiei J V t. inigton, oni the other scide of LIake I'lcleticein, about I "5 ilier Iellna New cOrleanc, cd a very hcahhv kitlo. tieon. A colforctclce Ilouae Ilr hldegilg will lie llrnicl-. ecll theln cratis on the priemee ill which the, ctanu cook and bodrdl Iheleseilvci if Itpv lehousee. A lcbrral price . pCrord will be plaid.ll. A,4 le .... I1'. R.i) IIl; & IttIO't'IttFt, o- :39 Cu,,llnnce9Ion eclier Me-agazine at ni 8SlING freell ship Arkiaonsci, oie box ilrked N IV &S1. Any pierson llvilg said box will Ili e return it to No. 90 (coilltion srct. 015 EN DOL.LARS RI.:WARII)-Will bIe paid to o whntlalaever shaii IOlgecc ill lil, or deliver tio the owuor, lMrs. Wid.ow Itlcrherlson, 3c 5 Iaslc strcee, Iche Inulcatt woman IIIUNET'TiE:, iaged Iitaiec I2 yeicLrs, cc good appearance, lilut the t iridrlle heighith. uichl cuf lotto woman tits been Been in the .d nlunr.ipaliiy, o12 c tALl. & VINTEIRI CLiOT)HINt). J P. FREEMAN & (lt., Ne. ,I hieicnciee ecrect, Sare reieiieicin r tecir clplies ofi I ali ted \'iItcer SClthing, ani will conlituol to r teei'v shipments regu ar larly throlglho) u the 81eaSI ll. Their assort ent btig lar.e will eu alle Ihi wt ol I llcct ii ,rl nls eroln the counlrty, eltlia -leee iccrt iit al erih;rl t s le whollleral i & retail, oi acacmmoatill iUgllc terrls. S'T'VlI;S--l.alcdiig from.ship lheri IIcI r; II 'hila I c dulphib, a lanre assorltmentl of cIc kinE iloves;- nlso, in s lahrr. R elil"tee (ice rtecici shebllrr tIc IIC'huch le, lall nd liar It( oi, iv ia.. e " h MAI(1TIN 11 &J I)VEIIIIEIX, 0l0 i 'i ' hnlpitoulhl t tIrt et GRAND ItEAl. E'oTATf; LOTTERIY OF PIROPER'I'Y, Satlvaltd in New Orleans, TO P1 DIRlAWN ON Til 1 It t:ECtL:ER, 18:19 IN JAC' eON VI'LL. 1.1, I"la. Unaller I p lleui lierniitndene oa Il I (the . li llll I I14illtred b, Ihe .Lel'gm lll0rl. A - dl'lllld f I ,Fri I, t5I'f111 T' & li.311l.TON, f a inrgera. 10(1,001) licker. at.lD. i$ .e n iP r. $1,100 01) 0 p'eli 1g, p ilc $.' )la, r IC ,kl t. St LVI~SI'I It .& Co., I-' lr F i fe. Ntll" i'RK, 7 "Ilt , rfc..eil,t. or f th, ' o, thi ;,'.kcts ~,I he, e. iulhtd ill tile :l l;ll , Inil,,, ('tlrrIlllhl 1l" izen'sau Prouisze-hatd Jointylivceh t . Ih . I'vrorv ll b urc llk eC.,ldl R ll elll / '- n '; lll b II e .I e , . I'I ldnlll I ll+ ualh' t .shier Il.f h u-eie,', ed Bank, J . I'rIi s ,;= h(ldingrr nown 1111)AIf a, ellr allll la'w'l h,,e .1. c ]l-,rea, i I.:,) N . I' b Iotllte 21l M.1 y Il:9t. , aild Il rll- prope; s tllllmllerrvd to fte r Illl Illendilln 'll enlm t i EIir atlr ul 0eraed, I Pri see, f t ur tiv he Iblllull'lt lri' hal In Ne York the m ill he depie in the Backs uf New Orl ane. The P(iflic are relired In fi . ncres passed heflc A . |azn r irenlu |EI l. . N oe t. I( lil, ii rlfl(l o n n t e pert perlis. awhici l eiruet t hiii resll ctite pIrizes ill firh Lottery. 04) ItLRIZES, as (lft0.,: Prize-'Thet manre, ticert lreei or br eick bmudding, knowni as fire A IfCAiD.:, in al.azille streat. Intalreiilng 21,1 feet 5 trirnefeei 4 lirs oil Ierllzile t. 146 feert t iehe, on NGrahir streelt, anrd l(lfI tie II inrhei, IIo Nlli.chf at. Tohis theldang l odue, ntw It ran ifl n olr7,01 i0 erailllt ,ll d i eleng ill the oh st flolrishing n lr l of Ie aet i , up fiiite lfire,i nii i o, i nd i n ihn Ieiiaiie n i.fhgorhoor) of ihe Slt. Chaerler allll rile i'ity liItel . Its relsd will is r very fe' , reIra increasel to fily thisiiated" dollars per Inollnul. Estilnated at $700,000 Prize-'l'hat eli ent fousr to, v brick btuild. lug known a, the f.[I'Y HO(il'(.L, hir ierly lf holt'is laitel, siiriatl ati thet corer 1of1 ln and Ce(rsn ts I I leslrinn g Ii"llee t i, n I'lll7 t ll Iso1 aril 4ldfr el III iinches on ('iiip at.l U this huiling trre.n le fur $r5,fItIII and ilfeii .g ilie iite ril e."iial it.r, of tile airy, i.l shI, orll 1 increP eId t thlirty IniOln.llail fllrll lnr ipr air nuut. Istnted at $50),00l Prize--lThe three story hriik idwllinl b ,Nllllll. . 30 'at NIIItPhez slreP adjeomig the Arcade, ren ed lt hIndecd dollars. Estimiated at $.0,010 I Prize-- Ih tohree slow. bkiehk weIlligu hoese, No. 1 R, ailjiiig Na. 20, a , Nlatl ez satreet, renilld at te lv e,' i htndred (Illars. ial'tiinitedl it 20,0l0 I Prize--The three slory brick dwe llrg Nrer. hezst rel'edl unc t lve lhunl redil olaars. s rli-titlaed tac $20,000 Prize-- 'he dwellnhe l S Ni. 23 north ,l PII oerner Ilf llsill ani (Cllc tln hinule treel., ecalltllrill f1t1 fpIc frinrlor io lain slreet, 4il fect lioa, on. Irnhnklin ireet, by' 1217 fi'et diiih mii I tlihoantiniiilr a areel ic lll',i d if fif. teen hndrd nlllas. Etillnatr d nl $21,1100I P rize--Tlte dwelling hose No 2i4 suitfh iwest cIrne r iof Ill a f t lree, I 01108 lri0.0:1r f'et 7 c' t e Uion Ito"" iik 32 frt' 7 ireli the ranklih ret, iby, 17 icee rl I incfhesR l11i (h i- C t rllherlllor crees; erledr all f tPell hluadred diollrs. Estimatel at $20,000 Prize--''The two alrtorv brick iwell ii hos No.339"on RaI yal street , Ietieen 1Ur0lineh ( nd m pil orairllr lrer er Inra.l Ilrill ll.eIt 8 l e rrne ra Irn rIoal at, by 127 fee 14 inhes i an dept h rnin c D at $1020 per tan ll $0.0 Estimated at $15,0001 IPriae-250 share Canal flark stuck, at $101) vllct, I$l,o,0 I'rize-i0shllarcs Comellllerc.ia tlunk staock $I100eacli, $20,010 I Priz--150 shlares Meenile a' arl T'r der' latrk saockr it $11)(I llacll, 15,000 3 Prizes of 100 ashlires eachl, tily alllk, 30,0110 2 Prizes of 50 ' Erehange, 10,000 2 P'rizes of 25 " is Light, 5,000) 2 I'rizea ol 15 ' " lceehanis' and 'Traders' 3,000 0O Prizes of 10 ' .Louisiina State, O0,000 1O Prizesrl o a " (las Light, 2,000 I 200 Prizes of I elank iofOrlrans, 20,100 f00 Prizes of I "( Urio, llankof Floiiia 15,000 It shll be l t tiler f ption ra tfr f willnllrse of pr.,er of hank slrks, eilther to ako ihe stock itself or he par va:1ue Ihereol ill cash. UODE1 ODE I)RA\WING. (00,0001 tickerls, fro I I tl 110,11110, will he put arin one rwl.arl, nd I(O) iriae, with the blalk,, in another Ito evl.y ilalllber price rr blank will ha drawna iii 'al nie prize.)iear determined. leaving tha bhlane of n.are beet in (hr whcrl-hblfrnks. ()rders frllltan hove Iloltery will he reerivdl at the offie.e unfer lhe Verandahl, orner oii t. Charler lind IIennoll slreets, and at No. 101 Chartrr streert, NPew I)rlellrs arnd promptly forwardedd. ((rdens from tie eaollnry, airt paid, conlaining raiinrrnces far tie elim her oftickes reqrllirFd, addressared Ia !CI11MI(D & IIAMILl'ONJ New OrlIdMs. tYrA ,lteamhnat will he provided aIn ike In Florida euch plssengrer a i may ae desrtlr a to itness tihe drawing. . Jacksu.ilh., Fla. Aplil, 1t31', ay I bHIPPING -; Coastwise. FOI NEW yt tRK-To nuil on tite ilh November. as New York cud New Orleans Line. C rte riegnk ipocket shiipCiAII|,iMAGNE, of Call JaIckioo, will crrry tcittIS 120i hales c ollon, l i hall' of w.ielt is ready ito) gmiot board. For the resider of freight oir pltrege, having beautirfl uraiiheid tccooohdrttmtns, tplny on boord,. n oppo itb Ilenjamnii lreto, or to o3i I'E'tiII I.AIiLAW, 66i Coap or FOR NEWV YORliK-Pegtdar Pocket. Holmles' Line of Poackets. To euil ion the 17111 insannt. lThe clrc llt rcoitlrec ll nd cnper folrlteor pnecket shii NAdlHVIII.EJ . ltirktesso Isiter, will primltly sail nus advertiscd. For lreight or tolis e, oe lh it e cltiia t iirilic111o1ltllletl tSo aipn y igit Ithe Captai o boardl, orlptyile tic Vegretable.l h ilet, or fn tor. W tt ItIN , di 010.110 ;lmllltn on at __NEW Ol(A.NO ) NEW OlKll.ANS' I.INE V, liS I.INi will hom o itcisid rf reven silttv which .hip fit. lsUrv It \V u'Onlter, user. Ship i ro , It. I) Wcckirh rlle, tilati er. Shili iirprthlicrr.+, J iS Wiloi, notiter. lhilp A bllnlll I,: (' Imrl bll ll ter. Now shill t 'rolikliort,J j Rlcusittlll, isPier. New rshiip Marv i l% ti 111ilitlt, it . i3cc rrte , lolvier. New shiii Faitfieid, \V I. Lyoir, master. 'i'hese Sluhips irt . .f ilthe i .te clns hi,.ve iaucnmo dations for IclccingPr olqllrmsrtpce d fr clmllourt ard IOlV 1ernd li n llr it IIIIIc n Clltleillt ild. '1 le .relest ionlllniullilit wil hie i hiriiCI illn de sthe iip 1 fIR em lt avlensw, nItd PVIellV rasollnnhale s. aoll alo riatltolo exll ttlnl l I to SI II I etm lll r lly e ris. For freighl I blr m.psa , nige , aIppl to) FOR NEW YORK. H O.lES' INI, OIliN. I'ai..l'I'S--T o il - very ether +Vonday. l111i Linei tts e iioai idn if cmi ships, viz: o. I N'reaie, -- ishlhvl, to \aVtr I.L.yr, - W\tcld, 1,, 11it A-.MatcA, - tcnry, Fet. 'id the itl shit s arer of te tileirst r te o prr e, d( coll'l l ',sl ,.tlln II aving benT bll ' ilt n n New f'ork expirrtssiy fir tic nit Iri--ititt ate of light r[i unirht oIr Iwsl.r, a ul p lrc ill. p nildl l c.rss fithe , ar wLTllhoult anl, I eteilti l. '1 li I, i nilll tt ill , illl tlel (i lin . hweIll e xltieo l l 11 ihie- e , tic tt tnt il d1t ls. cxert h elrlP Ii Ir ( lll llll),llt-- th' i, ill Ile ciis ),o t oil d i hI I otn W tht l e.r l i, Ia 1 , ii tll t pi lll llry th 111 eiu a tr i..' They hlan.v hiall on !;, flmrlis,|e,! , clllon, t nll , sh , t I llst lrv* )i" f irl tiiarcv will he ...c ' tli, frii.hcord tl i ol y Ir l l ailot e lilcll I hIIi 1. tisr l-lllr l I11 sltislil )all I'lilt lri t' : t io p is llll i fi lled l t l i ( c"ithni it W tiie i ir liqior. a 'rc r ni uit-r los - ot s l i pi y J tn, t i Is2 A ti ill IN, !iII C'Oi mmon tet ihollow ware, uluii- i i l nlllilll, Icooplerltr, i f till, or Srust Iofil on or steel, olri ret.slponsllileh ;icr s iiy olt'kaP y r parcel, illalesis r,. blr hll (,folr glll i" signed Ihict JClr. [[l.ou sia ml N .\iw Yr., I-ine of t'ickels. %'e sail re.glt/rly its +tdrerltst,,l/)"001 each P rlt. i W iin nl hnr, in Iln l I IiIIs iil mllllll .,li ti ,t c it tir r trol i ciIctflll¥illyu uuleci or. i tht i tlic, i lnlr toh iti1,ll.hho'h will allow t ii.ibieina t lcl oIic'ii if-m thii-c pi rt Ot.,.r week dilrl thv - ,ir, t ns Lt I " i rm lll l tihllt-. f fittrtitia , itirtlili tilt.' l i hi X0 t' i l uies ' lcHi i " MIts-rSo l i, t" t i ' i l i rl . Io i isi, " i Alln. 1, ", lrato . Ila• R all y. STh e . vbio c i s hlip s ti d i st tic n -, t o i e r t i Pil il( in v, w "ior eXl 0 m- lit r i he llt , ii n',with l-I,'ciit oe 'I'IIlln lll(.nn I l+ nl a IC- , ,,r. lll il eol',l il lldhl lll i+' ai d replu- i,' (ll' i l l- r- . rei llr l lli lllln n li l.i l - i- e th, rl-i l thuil r Vlll h(.p ' lll 'ld, ande·l, t ll ,' lllarl tll. 1 tt I ..;note thu eionl, tnlt ii - I - II-I - r lii I mI I r, in sI h III I II ,'. T hII S1 i ~ii -l ii.ti im-no'- i, ii' ,,.. .I of. i o- i d ' the' me+', lil thie ~rlllertl plhrim iiily :.,, ,- r d i Iaiis o theie , . I nlllr lllr . lli l ·t i .ci,+.r tl·: , , l ... III on esl , il .'ll (lr +It bl+] , l or 1"" l it\ hotli-, p r .elllll ,'klio l o I roii n .r a111l oit b o,) : o,1 " i 1b fi, i ,+ F ,'lll otr i ll+ o I·tlll.' rg site :::. :: _. ! I \\ll:. I I III;I.l.lN , 7 ('nm l ror the Interior. o FOR I )I SAl i.1 ~ I i l l Illl I . I' , (ll dli I C t-r to o ,,: , .. . Ill( ....I.. o. I ....... . o... Mo n Ilav llll nolll0l t lho.k, Ie lely. ,' r I r· eh Ao:tI . l . , al ; {li ns t at 1 T h.111 TT. 11 . 1. lo' \, on ( 1 ' \, I .) I' It I Im'll - 6. T ) )C1114 01I' CI11 o . r opp, h," t'u. o.lon lh.o.s sre fr l11ext nidy nor II , tlo, , t ,k.ok . orfreig or 1 co 1rt) r-.on , . ,d 6,;o n~ stf r FO IE [ lTl"ll l I 1 .i'. +r(1' ll r \ II, UI (. 'l IlT o r o ono lot' T. i . TTld u T oar,1 r l olN , o lti.' , O L Il,(' 1.ri.1ot( ,rk. 'I . tto n rP I' 1 l.IllII''ftn pr wlltr , I ' i, n I , arl t eIsI e te, ayel _dnlllu l _I, _ d :1 oI 1 ,1ll. +" .. , . - A Ti o ll..T --, o lr l oo11i l o ir l. e1 l1 olrh, A I,~; a lyolt J 111 WA181 '11. s , I 1, tte Fo e hoe.h, l ' o tllll a. l Ihh . 11 11' ll. it loIo ' I.) ,I. C 11 lICt o\M 17 N & V ttoCit 'Io,,k.,f |l( alnk l, A.N aocr,. iPols l l iien ,,l, l t n . ., hr. ,iply to 0'l2 corner Cmn &hIa- N+.a\llQhH at St 'O N I . Th N "pp 1rVp,\I 288's, o t.1 M - I ICIN ES lN) 1. .....l. C·.hIII ,,ll ,,r l I Oa.ll h \\·01 nl l l \111 l, ng tthle II eoPI thir al i ndl1l1itl I u. l( hl(e r , P eo tn .i n oI rll y the C~, n Ir elll r. b ill v oI SI. IICo CAl ) A ICII . Ti Iv r' ,\t l sAUecial B i li l .l v ew G $10ft no eI , I ti/RII1 . r kI ( )tt l n t a1st ) 1 o:19. ne I,1 th' ln. l"CIonsli date te ne cntsion f+ llfe Ah I-, Nw.o\(I. Oi llen, lm)nici llrt lll n t olo 1 h1 Nll l . I l ' No i e .l llj _o 88C to IIll I, I t N 11 C liE Wd A Cl I /'1 KIF NT-I a -ld..Imed hir Wie LN,,.71lrei r ol itLh rg , eniII.N I l tit 11 , J o tn l 1in, 3I 01Iti N11h.1. T oral e bi+.4 h ( rV I n .ND tE Of Ip11. N.. 2nod yofl3Cop . 4 oull l not ot ll nIf .oia , T .. n o. 9n . LI lIRNCA" & HI oinei- $ n " - N n rio ' nhoi oatl 'll'hlo, io0n t 1 ~1 tIh NTrv OS tile n8 rI ilth, et pl e N. b i lil hu Itl edo wlsar will be pahIl fir Ihd five of | tl'(' f .Io II. adn(eei e all y lltlo'ltllle l -. Ifit. I d( t .li ,e, a h I ;t r l/ll ,illllt A ,VI B IUhl. IlN ,'.l c Sli l a 0I0i dEAl) 'iýl\:+-t ii1 ll I'IO d Ce I the th A1) at,) Bries c.p.taalnh 1 .iHtl , ndred and Fift U2, hurs b't Led leIan, I Nt o.r n . hil 'od u fil i]3, One 11 1 PIo r Ci.ale by nk pt' N w OIrle,:W . No. 11137. :..-+, , , . .. ,. o, raef rl en FIIly 1(I1, fill thlc. "ecver of ns ote im . lp ll.,tllP r Ie rme £ lli |,,h,, +I... SECOND' MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. [_7ASi'tghtrougtthol.oliue prison of Ile t d Muiicl Spalilt, thie following slares, vis. A negoo wolnlln ltamed- I.I(I'ICIA ,a.ttlhut 4 5yearso a ago-nays the helon. a to Mrs.' nrral . A negro wolthn inmedl I JA NNE, abolaut 30 years or ge-n-s y she beloteta In rir. \eSiroId. A negro mall nametd 'I'I(MAS, iabout 501 years of age--ay ha blonkn to Sr. oerltrad. e owners of sanuid slves will please call, prove property, pay charges, and take tlh n away, 1 I.-HARPER; o9 Captain nrkthe Wntca ONT 6t6 oalndon ab In goole do laoeconde Mou nicipalit6, lososelovos sulvant t sovoir : Uno negroesa nomm6 LI'IICIA, ag6 45 ane, so disant opportenir a Mrs. Barrolli. Uno negrosso normm6 SUSANNE, ag6 30 ans. so disant appartenir It Mr. Nlenrd. Un negro notmmdn6-Tl'lOMAS, ag 50 ans, am disant apportenir It Mr. Bertrand. les propr6taires doe lts dit eclave sot pridea d vnnir lon rottrar en pay~nt los frais. La NooIVeloe Orlaal u28 Octoliro, 029. II S HARPER, Capiaino do la gnarde TAS brought to Im pmandcr.f the third ward,2d V alotoiphltv, t.h fnllowilog Horses: A lry II(iSI;, .iblnek mrne, talil nd feet, saddle mnaked en the welters-Spanish brand ontihe left hind qurlter--stant I hant I rigllh.ig A raltl sorrel llld l tlnF, blindo nflhe right eye ahirestripr. on the ftreheod-sltands 13 lhands high. Thllto otttttR (tf rill Ilthrsl., will Coil ot tltt paun. of 1he third wnrnnl, d Mltinispnlli ly, ihllotledl|ll tI|e Ltnpr of Robin alll Allnllntciatioln streets, ep oir ibefore Salar Idy, Iho )lit of Novemtlter, 1839, prtve Iprtperlt, Ipay :roes and tlake theono a ,tnvtoll iiee they rili be al a a t all liln by I' A (itilloit., pIltlic nutolnller. J L WINrTllti, o02 Int L.idjt. NigttW-alrth ONT dto condutits I'enelon te Ia secondo Mu nieipalitt, leas chevaux muinv ntis: Un cheval bto i, h crintibre, lat1ueua ct los pieds noires, llanrqud par la sellel, et nursi str Ia derribre gaucho on Esptgnol, nyant 14 mains do hnrtter Un petit rtebsn snare, I'ooil droito veuglr, on rayon b'tne .r Iu fronl, ayant 13 mains do Ihauteur. Les proprtdtnirre des diot chevnux sont pries do venir it I'enclos de in Sme qunrtier de la Mulni 'palit( 2, situd ou coin des rtes Robin Pt Annon ination, sur or avant le Samedi 9 Novembre, 1839, ntin do les rbclotaetr et Ion retirer en piyout leo frail, on ila soront It i'egean p r P A Guil. Ioto, enctutlteur public. J L WINTER. 02l9 1st Lient. do In galde deaettit. t)'It'I,9-All prersans itldebnid in Mla.r ipalito r No. 9,', tro hereby I tiftd to otmor hrard nift I othe pat meltt, On or belioo the fir-t Mondayt inl ven Ier Inext' ' rre' blyh to ordinlllll e ofll ( llllll Co inled psse' ont 1hIt, I 1 r inulnt,-- he T11'hnltcr Ilr il( rl qlluirell Ii, place Illolclaimls Intollt edj. t It I l o tot ill lito e 'llt h. SII Ott1, Jo. "'irttnotrer New (fOeao, Oct. .I, 18lt3-urt 'Jdld luhicipality AVIS. I ON F()I IEM I 4:N'i ue Jo i R solhti( d . Con. Ssoil Iad le 15 coutranlt, totles personaelllc illn derlt(s It la Mluticipalit6 No. 2. oont par eoa pr- sontes notilita duo fire paintentt osr on avant oIn premnier luntdi e Novrmtbro,--t ce tempnsle Trd sorier etant llbgd tdI placer on procbs toutes res Squo~ten nonll adjuries,. TIIOS. SLOt, Jr, u29 "l'TI'rlsrior de li Munliipalilt No. 2. aIn Nonvtellr OrItns,,24 Octobre, 1839. .1 I , m.] r,, lI otoItl I t lin: o prilson IIt'lL'd tMol,rlt r.ar1s of nIe; anys shr birna Intt Air t11. Ito Th t tllr o t tco tlllt rotl elrae prove prop I erty, ty cabo.g.s, and It lk hoer w. 1 ttl6 oteno t ltg lgeole do tl Secondo Muni _ lt( j or j dne ngrrs-o ad'environ 13any, notn mte SAl 1A. tlIledt appaurtenir I M.Iltntt. Ie tororl .atrl i aI l dtle relt eit rsli6 dlo no - ntir la recllnamr uon irouvtt Ia ipro.rilt6 et pn ps yant I os ttis. T. HARPER, 12 oct Capitano do In (Galda. - ()I'I(i E.- Tii iillltdricn l, , Ilill beIen duly Il . i,.luIt h1 bl thei ,m· I~ lnur I,. Ilnl'.ai.,hlour? in n.i. itr 1II, Palrislh nm l h ,I t \I l. 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I Oll . 11h it~ ih i al il llt c Ilionv e l hnIt baril s i 3 ll to dolth dil t. iT . i P t. ite Tl eFI. in --llhl ni(4 \iJrk ger a Inliica allhly A 1'X Arilell-lllr, ,tl 5lllllr l,, I.est' et nIIIllys. 1II;) pliliat'ioleI u i liae i oarllP lls du I o(:nllic de In l I' uicial lil(, j, firu ii velnd i lt elrcn n I , a 1 ti rallt - peie I r t;i p ich Ilti iilit , t a laeall tw I -o i t hi i mia e.. v il.litv, .lle l'ulloiv'I.hlav , ",z: A I l' ii, u n lir l tlrliano) or tharp, by C i Ifll itfi ill bh uullas ai o in ren r 0 She i age, elv 11 iii.f, fiddlera n 'hi.u o nersr d o the b npp will pena call n t lhe 'l$is llu, rlnvl, pIrlll r ntY .ll ll , l no Ino, 0i iii -w/. I .IIt a Iil l ', o Illa I tli h e \ It ll. cailnd iio 1 icll ifi t a , Isclerv e+ S uianal t Vi a, Ila litt ri ra tit r t liltves ai nt priaii - do II3 . at Tl a1P1. 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'lthe \Vllc , ept1.5 P''r ''1O1 NIIU.IIr I'fi.p pallinlnent for null '1'hlls l0 i is tIcl, Io yoly.,le, und tile; balo htd, ty '1' 2101 silI ll , o) tl it S n;; llicr . , : I llr olser-t i I 1i1i limitll Ihi 'l J)Tl+, llb· ballad elle , or y'rbuirg; le )'alit 7'elltoiit;

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